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Dr. Johann Büssow Orient-Institut Beirut ([email protected])

Curriculum Vitae Education 2008

PhD thesis in Islamic Studies. Title: ‘Hamidian Palestine: Politics and Society in the District of Jerusalem, 1872-1908’ (supervisors: Prof Gudrun Krämer and Prof Ulrike Freitag; mark: summa cum laude), awarded with the Ernst Reuter Dissertation Prize 2009.


MA thesis in Islamic Studies ‘The Political Elite of Palestine as Mirrored in the Newspaper Filastin, 1911-1914’ and MA exam (mark: 1.2, ‘excellent’).


Freie Universität Berlin, Cairo University, University of Bonn: Islamic Studies, Political Science, Jewish Studies.

Appointments Since May 2012

research associate at Orient-Institut Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon. Workload of 40 hours a week, including management tasks such as co-organising an international conference in Cairo and a workshop in Beirut, editing of scholarly publications and coordinating the creation of a new website for the institute.

Summer term 2011

visiting professor for Islamic Studies (in partial replacement of Prof Gudrun Krämer), Institute for Islamic Studies, Freie Universität Berlin.


research associate at the Collaborative Research Centre 586 ‘Difference and Integration’ (financed by the German Research Foundation; see www.nomadsed.de). Workload of 40 hours a week, including the coordination of an interdisciplinary study group on ‘Power and domination in nomadsedentary interactions’.


teaching assistant at the Institute for Islamic Studies, Freie Universität Berlin with a workload of 38 hours a week, including the teaching of two undergraduate courses and various administrative duties (e.g. student counselling and coordinating the introduction of a joint BA programme in ‘History and Culture of the Middle East’, involving five university institutes).


project assistant at the Institute for West Asian History, University of Erfurt; preparation of a translation of Birgit Schäbler, Aufstände im Drusenbergland from German into Arabic (with Khaled Safi and Hael Maarouf).


Teaching Introductory Courses for Undergraduate Students  Introduction to Islamic Studies  History and Society: The Early Islamic Period (7th-13th centuries) Seminars for Undergraduate Students  Categories of Social and Political Order in the Early Islamic Period  Classical Islamic Political Thought  Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Societies  Modernization Processes in Central Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, 1798-1920 (with Vanessa Ogle from Friedrich Meinecke Institute for History)  The Politics of the Notables in the Modern Near East, 1750-1950  Arabic Intellectual Debates around 1900  The Modern History of Iraq, 1800-2000  Law and Politics in Modern Syria, 1800-2000 Language and Reading Courses for Undergraduate and Graduate Students  The Qur’an and Qur’anic Exegesis  Arabic Biographical and Autobiographical Literature  Muhammad Abduh’s Risalat al-Tawhid  Documents on the Modern History of Syria  Documents on the Modern History of Iraq Seminar for Graduate Students  Muhammad Abduh’s Theology of Unity

Awards Ernst Reuter Dissertation Award 2009.

Memberships Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient (DAVO)

Membership in editorial boards Associate Editor of Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (JESHO) (Brill, Leiden) and Nomadic Peoples (The White Horse Press, Cambridge)

Organisation of conferences and conference panels ‘The Arab East and the Bedouin Component: Features and Tensions from Late Antiquity to the Present’, international conference, The American University in Cairo, 29 November-1 December 2012; co-organiser, with Stefan Leder (Beirut). ‘Nomads and Colonial Rule’, international workshop, Oriental Institute, University of Halle, 9-10 March 2012; co-organiser, with Astrid Meier (Halle). ‘On the Move: The Middle East and the “First Modern Globalization”’, international workshop at the Institute of Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 16-19 January, 2012; coorganiser, with Liat Kozma and Avner Wishnitzer (Jerusalem), Valeska Huber (London).


‘Die Syrische Steppe: Innen- und Außenansichten eines Geschichtsraums’, workshop, Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, 16 May 2011; co-organiser, with Thorsten Schoel (Leipzig). ‘Contextualizing Bedouin History in the 21st Century: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives’, panel at Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, 18 November 2010, coorganiser of the panel with Laila Prager (Leipzig). ‘Geschichte und historische Reflexion einer Beduinengruppe: Die syrischen Hasana zwischen den Zentren des Wandels im modernen arabischen Osten’, panel at Deutscher Orientalistentag, Marburg, 22 September 2010; organiser. ‘The Role of Bedouin and Tribes in the Formation of the Modern State in the Arab East: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives’, international conference, Orient Institut Beirut, 10-11 June 2010; coorganiser, with Stefan Leder and Massoud Daher (Beirut).



1 Curriculum Vitae - Orient institut Beirut

Dr. Johann Büssow Orient-Institut Beirut ([email protected]) Curriculum Vitae Education 2008 PhD thesis in Islamic Studies. Title: ‘Hamidi...

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