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Friday, November 14,1997


50 cents

Teen charged in bomb scares

Firemen conducting holiday food drive


WESTFIELD — Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association Local 30 is conducting its second annual food drive for needy residents of the town. Nonperishable food will be accepted at the firehouse, 405 North Ave. West, until 9 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 20. Food will be distributed for Christmas to those in need through area churches and civic organizations. Nearly 50 families in .Westfield received holiday meals through Local 30 last year. The local donated a turkey with each meal distributed nnd will do so again this year.

WESTFIELD — A 17-year-old high school student has been charged with all four bomb scares at the school. The charge was made after a bomb scare Wednesday shortly after noon Wednesday,


Detectives were on the scene when the threatening call was made to police headquarters. Police traced the cnll to a pay phone at the high school. Detective Ronald Allen apprehended the boy leaving the phone and further investigation determined he was responsible for the call. .

The first bomb scare was 1 p.m. Nov. 4. Students and faculty were evacuated from the school for about an hour while the police and fire departments investigated. Subsequent threats were made 9:03 a.m. Nov. 7 nnd 1:11 p.m. Nov. 10.

Detective Sergeant John Parizenu said the boy will be formally charged and will have to appear in juvenile court, "We are satisfied the investigation came to an end," ho said. "Too many times false alarms and especially thoso that are, intentionally mudo result in injuries to responding emergency


Santa Claus is coming Nov. 30 WESTFIELD—Snnta Claus will arrive in Westfield Nov, 30. The annual tree lighting ceremony will be held on 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 30 at the North Avenue train station. The Westfield Community, Band will entertain young and old alike with its repertoire of holiday tunes. Mayor Tom Jordim will welcome the laUendees and officially lig/it the Christmas Tree to mark the beginning of the holiday season. Santa will arrive on board a Westfield fire truck, greet each of the children and give them candy canes, courtesy of UNICO, an Italian fraternal organization. The community is invited to come and enjoy this traditional event, co-sponsored by the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce and UNICO, with the cooperation of the Westfield Public Works, Fire and Police Departments and the Downtown Westfield Corporation.

Boy Scouts collecting food Watchung Area Council Boy Scouts, Webelos and Cub Scouts will participate in the council's annual "Scouting For Food" for the benefit of local food banks. This weekend Scouts will distribute specially marked bags to homes in their neighborhoods. Home owners are asked to fill the bags with nourishing, nonperishable, not-in-glass food products and then put them out for early pickup the following Saturday, Nov. 22. Scouts will return to get the bags and distribute them.

Alumni Association to meet Tuesday SCOTCH PLAINS — The Scotch PlninaFanwood High School Alumni Association will hold a meeting 7:'M) p.m. Tuesday in Room 101 nt SPFHS. For information call (908) 233-3829.

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Boy Scout scores Eagle Badge by building Scoreboard at park By-nNAOAMWNO ltECOltD-PHESH

FANWOOD — Ian Doebber has scored big v \vith the Boy Scouts. The ten-year scout achieved the rank of Eagle alter building n Scoreboard for Forest Road Park's baseball field. The construction of the Scoreboard satisfied the service project requirement for Eagle status. The Boy Scouts baa six ranks — Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life nnd Eagle. "To obtain the rnnk of Eagle, a scout has to have earned 21 merit badges, covering subjects such as swimming and life saving, first aid nnd safety," explained Troop 33 Scoutmaster David Keeton who also achieved Engle status in tho scouts when he was a boy. "Then you have to hnvo served as a troop leader and then you have to do the service project nnd you liave to then Bubmit to a board of review of adults from the Watchung Area Council," he snid. "Once you've done thnt and been approved, then you arts honored with the rank of eagle," he added.

Mr. Keeton said less than two percent of all the boys who join the scouts make Engle, "Part of it is the project and part of it ia to show their ability to work and direct other people," Mr. Keeton said. "Ian is n vory nice young man. You couldn't ask for somebody to represent scouts better," Mr, Keeton. "He is good at teaching the younger kids," "The Boy Scouts nre one of tho few organizations that tries to encourage good citizenship in young men and teaches them outdoor skills while giving them opportunities for adventures they might otherwise not have while also teaching leadership, citizenship and responsibility," Mr. Keeton snid. The service project requires 60 hourg of labor find 15 hours of planning. The Scoreboard took 118.5 hours of labor in addition to the 15 hours of planning to construct. Ian said he worked on it during the weekends and after school from mid-summer to late October. The Scoreboard is a 20- foot, by 6-foot forest green board with white lettering and stands eight feet high. The board has 84 num-


ber blocks and 5 name plates for the different teams. The Scoreboard will bo used by the Fanwood Youth Organization Basebull League during the spring and the Men's Summer League. George Speer, chairman of the Fanwood Recreation Department, suggested the scoreboard idea to Ian. Ian said ho had a lot of fun working on the project. He said his father helped out it lot on it. "It just felt good to see something get accomplished weekend by weekend," he said. "I like working with tools and wood, something I can actually see, a physical project," Inn said. "I wanted to see something that would last for a long time." Unfortunately, the sign was vandulized with blue spray paint shortly after it was erected. Since he recently turned 18, Ian will become an assistant scoutmaster. Ian said he wants to attend college to become either a moch'anicfil or civil engineer. "The Boy Scouts hits meant responsibility and respect for the environment. It's tnught me camping and what I can do other than the regular routine of school

New Democrat expected in town ByTINAGUAHINO

Commentary . . .A-4 Obituaries

Ian Doebber stands by the Scoreboard he built at Forest Road Park at his Eagle Scout project.


WEST-FIELD- The mayor will bo adding a now member to his private council. Mayor Tom Jardim and his wile Karen Fountain announced they fire expecting their first child May 22. "Wo nvu very happy, we thought IIIIH would be a f,'!>jj(l time in our lives to start our family bucaufte I will be nniHliing grnd school in December," Ma. Fountain naid. MM. Fountain will graduiite from tin; University of Medicine iwid Deatintry of New Jersey for Public Health, She rlirl field wnrk in India this past Hummer and plans to go into international health. "I feel {jronlJiiHt ti little tirctd/'shn snid. "I feel

lucky, I haven't had nny morning sickness, yet," The mayor and his wife are MIHO looking for a house, in town. - "Wo.stfield is a family town with it great education system nnd a wonderful nen.st: of community among tin.' re^idout^und w- are happy Unit wi! will be raising our children here," M.s. Fountain said. The mayor naiil ho his preparing for bin new job by reading mtverul pnreritinK books. "[ am really excited, we both lovo children," Mayor .lardim miid. "We both have been holding other people's children for a long time and we an; looking forward to holding our own," "We'd be happy with either a boy or a f,rirl," Ms. Fimnlfiin said. "Just UB IOIIJ; aH it's healthy and n Democrat,"

and everything elso," Ian said. "I learned how to trust myself on different occasions. Camping has become a big enjoyment for me to get away from the pressures of school mid also has introduced mo to other people nnd hiking, which I enjoy, "I felt that it was an accomplishment to HHOW what 1 can achieve by managing myself and pushing mysolf," he said, "My grandfather was im ICnglr.' and 1 feel thai it is a great honor," he added. "Not, everyone can say they nm an \ing\u Scout. It is im award to be held with pride,"

vehiclo personnel and other innocent people from needless motor vehicle aci'idonls." The boy was tnkon into cu.s- *, tody nnd ivleased to lii.s parents. "We really have no comment at this tinu\" Assistant Principal Krank Scott suid. "We are going to leave it to the police."

Neighbors still want to save old house By TINA CUAHINO KKt'OHD-l'UKSH

• '


WESTFIELD—A 130-year-old " house nmy bo abolished to build two new homos. Westfield Avenue residents spoke out once strain at last wook's Town Council meeting to save the house from the bulldozer of developers*. The house's fate will he determined by the pending application before tin* Planning Hoard. The npplicntion is to subdivide the 121-root, lot into two (iO- foot. lots. Tho house at. 6'Xi West field Ave. • Btrnddlos the proposed new lot. Tho subdivision WHS made, possible because of a zoning change! in the town's master plan drafted in 1991 and enacted in 1995. Undoi' the current /.ttning plan ' a 60-f'uot frontage subdivision is possible, but if tho original 70foot frontiige was still in effect, the 130-year-old home would remain standing. Residents claim dmnfjinK the zoning will change the character of the neighborhood. The neighborhood wiw zoned down bemuse of a cluster of homes on Summit and I'ai'k aAvenues which did not meet the 70-foot frontage and 10,000 square-foot standard, NO the entire neighborhood was mznnod to the fJO-foot frontage and H.O00 square foot size, . WKSUI«III Avenue resident Shelley Do John asked for a moratorium on fulure development until a decision wan made regarding the master plan. Thi! planning boiird i.s currently reviewing the mauler plan with an eye toward chitting some of these loop boles," Councilman Noil Sullivan said. Town Attorney Charles ft, Brandt explained that until that report i.s completed and forwarded to the council a moratorium can not happen because win In law prohibits them in zoning in utters.

Scotch PJalns-Fanwood High School DECA students Joff FeJghner, Paul Valenzano and Chris Dl Fablo meet with Sondra Clarks, prosfdent of the Block United Fund Community Center.

Students preparing Thanksgiving dinner SCOTCH PLAINS .Sluilenlu in tfie .Scotch I'laiiiHFnnwood llij;h School c h a p t e r nf DKCA lire p r e p a r i n g their seventh a n n u a l Thaiiksj;ivinj: Day dinner' for Imiiielcss aarl needy families. A hiiiiie-rortkcd tin key d i n n e r

with rill the trimming will In; nerved from norm-,'! p.m. Thur.Hday, Nov, 'A7 at the Mhick United Fund Community Center, 40!) W. Seventh SI,, J'luiiifield.

DKCA ineaiher.M will conk the meal and also prepare take-home dinners l o r n Her the holiday. Mori 1 tlmu |y0 people attended the dinncc last veilr, according to Jeffrey Fcitflmer, a DKOA member.

The DKCA club ran accommodate up l.r» 200 at tho Tlninli.Hf;iviii|; dinner. Any oi'|juni/tiliim or agency wlni.se clifttitfl would he interested mil full (908)

November 14,1997


'Grandfather' welcomed in Acapulco Acapulco and has organized various camthe weekend missed Mr. Lawrence in cen- laughing. The clothes will be distributed to the paigns to collect clothes and raise money tral Aeapulco. "There was just a lot of rain, but it has Salvation Army's Children Home, Marsh and awareness on behalf of the children. Home, Padre Angel Home for Boys, Padre Mr. Lawrence had also raised money to WESTFIELD—Mother Nature did not cleared and it's beautiful," he said. When Mr, Lawrence arrived in the air- Angel Home for Girls and the Acapulco build a new home for the children. stand in the way of Alfred Lawrence's labor Mr. Lawrence established an adopt-aport he was greeted by his "grandchildren" Children's Home. of( love. Mr. Lawrence said the number of chil- child program. Individuals can become a The 93-year-old man, who has become with flowers, a welcome song and of course, dren in the Acapulco Children's Home dou- "godmother" or "godfather" to a child for Known to hundreds of Mexican Children as good old-fashioned hugs and kisses. "I can't tell you how happy they are and bled since he Was there last year. The home $25 a month. "abuelito," an endearing term for grandfanow houses 74 children. He spends six months a year in Mexico ther, arrived in Acapulco last Saturday how happy I am," he said. The retired furrier has been raising with the children coordinating fund raisers Mr. Lawrence was sorting the 16 cartons with more than a half ton of clothes for of clothing he brought with him while talk- money and collecting clothes for children and the Other six months in Westfietd colneedy children. "The trip was great and I had no trouble ing to the Record-Press. He said he sorts for 35 years. His mission began when he lecting clothes. He lives on Raymond Street met a homeless child on the beach during a with his only daughter, Lucille. He was at all with the customs," Mr. Lawrence said and folds the clothes himself. widowed five years ago and has four grand"They want to give me help, but I know vacation with hie wife Rebecca. from his Acapulco apartment. "They Since then, Mr. Lawrence has become children and five great-grandchildren. always give me a problem and this time where everything is so by the time they ask me what to do with this or that I could president of the Advisory Board for the He said he will return from Mexico in they let me through." • The hurricane that hit Mexico during have already done it myself," he said Salvation Army Children's Home in May to continue his work. ByTlNAGUABIKO


Projects by town architect are featured in book detailing problems in construction of new home and renovation of older homes. Actual layouts are provided as well as photographs of the projects. The two projects by Mr. Maso.n use common, inexpensive materials and simple construction techniques. One project is for a plug-andplank floor. Colored plugs, incor-

WESTFIELD — Two projects of Westfield architect Kevin Mason are featured in "Expressive Details: Materials, Selections, Use," a new book by t)uo Dickinson. Mr. Mason's work was selected by the author from projects submitted through the American Institute of Architects. The book offers home owners creative solutions to common

porated into the design, hide the screws that hold thefloorboardto the Bubfloor. The other project is for sun decks, built for ndjoining rowhouses in Long Branch. Railings on both decks were designed to reflect the nearby surroundings in the Jersey Shore city. One railing used a "curled wave" effect to mirror the Atlantic Ocean. Another railing duplicated the skyline of a church, rectory and other Long

Branch buildings. "A deck is a gTeat project in which to involve an architect," the Westfield architect said, "because you can got a high level of creativity in a low-cost construction project, "A well-designed deck can have as much impact on a house as a weathertight addition if it carefully extends the flow of traffic to the outdoors," he said. "Think of it as an outdoor room ,,. part of the house and the back

yard." Mr.Mason specializes in "residential architecture geared toward today's growing families," according to his press release, The graduate of Scotch PlainsFanwood High School holds bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture from Columbia University. He worked with a number of Manhattan architectural firms before opening his Westfield practice in 1991.


Hero cop will" speak tonight

WESTFIELD — Steve McDonald, the New York police officer who became a national' hero will speak at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Westfield' 7:30 p.m. tonight. Shot while on patrol in Central Park in July, 1987, by a 15-year-old assailant, Officer, McDonald was not expected to, survive surgery. His miraculous, recovery allowed McDonald to witness the birth of his son,' Conner, six months later and to! continue as devoted husband ta his wife, Patty. '.' "Energizing Communities To affordable housing, such as agen- counties. It is spearheaded by Since that time, he has Provide Affordable Housing" will cies, businesses, banks, builders, Muhlenberg Regional Medical be the topic discussed at a forum clergy, and community organiza- Center and is comprised of com- addressed countless young peo-' 1 sponsored by the Partnership for tions," says Patt Nevar, coordina- munity members, government pie, parents, and audiences of all Have you paid too much Income tax? Without proper planning, you may pay a great Community Health Improve- tor of the Partnership for and education officials, civic and ages concerned about our culture' deal more In Estate Taxes, Uncle Sam could become your largest beneficiary since ment 6:30 p.m, Wednesday, Nov. Community Health Improve- religious organizations, health of violence. An excellent public Estate Taxes can erode OVER 60% of your wealth. Learn about the latest tax-law and human services providers speaker, Officer McDonald has a> changes. Attend this seminar to find out how to: 12. The session will be held at the ment. unique capacity to inspire by, • Avoid fire-sales of family assets. Roy Smith Theater at Union The Partnership for Commu- and businesses. offering spiritual insight through; • Avoid Probate & maintain privacy of your personal affairs. County College in Cranford. nity Health Improvement strives The forum is free. A light sup- his courageous example. He hasv • Protect your estate if you become incapacitated and learn about ' "This forum will be of interest to foster healthy communities in per will be served. For directions been hailed by presidents, world; other elder-law & elder-care issues. and value to groups interested in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union and reservations, call 668-3170. lenders, and Pope John Paul II* • Assure that loved ones arc financially secure for his heroic life of service in thet • Determine which legal documents ejuny person should have. face of daunting physical and. • Increase your after-lax income & reduce your estate tax liability medical odds. ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR His appearance at the school gym on 336 First St. is sponsbre'd1 This FREE seminar will be most beneficial to people who have a minimum net worth of $1 million. Attend this seminar and you will be offered a FREE 1-hour consultaby the Westfield Knights of tion ($250 Value) to determine how proper planning may benefit you. Columbus and admission is frjiisj i WESTFIELD-On Thursday tions about their schools and t Goliege night has For more details, call 789-9591-." j Holiday Inn Select •Clark, NJ evening, Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m., some present slide and video pre- long been known"is prie of the (at GSP Exit 135-Clark Circle) WeBtfi©ld High School will host sentations. The high school's biggest and finest in New Jersey," Thursday, November 20th or Wednesday, December 10 215 colleges and universities at College and Career Resource said Dr. Robert G, Petix, principal 10:OOAM-12:OOPM or 7:00PM-9:OOPM its annual College Night, This Center will nlso be open of Westfield High School. event gives studente and their Thursday evening for parents "It is appropriate that t parents an opportunity to gather and students to visit. College Night is once again being information about colleges and Begun about 30 years ngo by hold during American Education Estate PlanningftElder Law Attorney universities nationwide. the College Woman's Club of Week," said director, of guidance, Seating Is Limited, Call To Reserve Your Place • (24-Hour Seminar Reservation Line) College representatives pro- Westfield, it is hosted by the high Dr. Cas Jakubik. "Sjnce more WESTFIELD — Tht| 800-524-6178 vide literature and answer ques- school guidance department than 93 percent of our graduates continued their education, there Gardennires will tnke a guid«( is clearly a need to provide our tour of the Littell-Lord farmste*J(' Berkeley Heights - ,oj i high school population and their in Wednesday. Lunch at ,!, Nancy Way; unintentional alarm, monoxide detector activation, 300 block Prospect St. block Hawthorn Drive. ^•300 block Woodland Ave. Nov. 9 — Good intent call, 700 / Nov. 4 — Bomb scare, 500 Nov. 7 — Arcing wire in street, ' i ' , i « i w » l « IIMWOCD PUK . MHEfBOO [j block Dorian Road; unintentional 100 block Oxford Terrace; smoke block Central Ave.; unintentional u . i i o n i iii-r I D * " 1 oiivin r> in alarm, 200 block 'Clark' St. ' ?i alarm, 200 block Watchung Fork. condition, 500 block Boulevard; • ! :



Girls soccer team donates $2,000 for school field project

Scotch Plains Planning Board will consider Hovananian development

Westfield Fire Department report


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For more information, call RHHB Toresco or Lori Vnughnn nt 789-1959.

hosts for visitors and roprosent the school at events off-campus. Alex nnd Edward received "ambassador" training last summer after they were nominated by the school's faculty ami employees.

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She will show a video, discuss ways to become host families lor foreign .students,; talk about sending an area student abroad for study, display photos und program guides. A question-andnnswer period will follow. The public is invited.

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"Hooks for Kids," now in its seventh your, i.s a statewide program sponsored by the Children's Services Section of the New Jersey Library Association.

Fri. Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9am-5pm

Local youths are named 'ambassadors' WESTFIELD — Edward Smith and Alex Winnickor have been named ."Ambassadors" for Seton Hall Preparatory School in West Orange, where they are students. The Westfield residents are

needy children during the holidays and throughout the year. [''or more information, call (J)()8t 7.SIM0SH).

Holiday Open House

Store hosts shopping benefit

liege club to meet Monday SCOTCH PLAINS — The fariwood-Scotch Plains College flub will meet 8 p.m. Monday nt First United Methodist thiirch, 1171 Terrill Road. ] Gae Fershingwill present "A (Jultural Experience: The History qf the American Field Service."

1941 has reached $1,585,726. * The league begun in 1932 as a. group of 19 women knitting sweaters, preparing surgical dressings and delivering holiday baskets for the District Nursing Association. Today 190 active, associate, sustainor and provisional members perform'volunteer work. The Icaguo oporatos the Thrift Shop and Consignment Shop on Rimer Street with all proceeds ^oinjj; tii charity. Also, the league has provided dispatchers for the WestfiulrJ Rescue Squad.

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* TerriU Road ) Baptist Church I l.VHUVrrlll HO.


Scoich Plains

322-7151 Rev. Michael Svauutn, Pastor



J:-iSiiin SniKlay School ll:O(),uii Murnlnn Worship 6:1 S p i n < Imah TniinlnK 7:1S pin livening Worship



I'mycr Meeting

Nursery Catv Provided

E, Seventh Street in Plninfield, Children are welcome to attend nrnl play while their moms relax, meet center members, and learn about tho group's upcoming activities Winter activities include a series of discussion groups beginning the week of Jan. 5. Child care will be provided during these weekday morning discussions. An infant/child first aid nnd CPR class will be offered on Friday mornings. Other group topics will include "Mars and Venus: Together Forever," based on the book by John Cray, Ph.D.; "Are We Having Fun Yet," by Kay Willis imd MuryimiK' Buckmim Brinley; "Muko the Connection," by Oprah Winfrey and Hob Greene; "Women's Forum," n group designed for new Mothers' Center membors; a crnft group; STEP facilitator training; and it playgroup for toddlers, The Mothers' Center welcomes new members at any time. Anyone who is interested bul unnble to attend the Open House should cali 561-175.1 for more information, The Mothers' Center is a non . profit, non-sectarian organization founded in 1978 by mothers, to help mothers. The group aims to tnlce the stress out of parenting by offering discussion groups, dny and evening workshops, gtiest speakers, social activities, library resources, and playgroups. On-site child care is available for most daytime activities.

Lending a helping hand Westfield Brownie Troop 358 assisted the Junior League of Elizabeth-Plalnfletd bag more than 2,000 cookies In preparation for the American Girls Fashion Show fundraiser last weekend to benefit the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless and the Paige Whitney Babies Center.

Spirituality is topic ofdinner meeting WESTFIELD — The Berkeley Heigh ta/Clnrk/Wefltfietd Business nnd Professional Women (BCW/HPW) monthly dinner meeting will be held Nov. 18 at B.G, Field's Restaurant, 560 Springfield Ave. Networking 6:30 p.m., dinner and program at 7 p.m. Non-members are welcome to attend. The topic will bo "Women's Spirituality;" what spirituality is and how it is different from reli-

ALL SEATS: $1S & $3O

gion. Speaker Teresa Lampmann>, a certified spiritual uimtwi-,





Publications. BCW/BPW is part of BPW/NJ and BPW/USA. Membership in the organization offers professional growth, individual devel-

opment, personal empowerment nnd legislative awareness. Advance registration is required. Cost of dinner is $18 per person. Reservation deadline is Nov. 16, For reservations and information, call Cerri at 2769502.

La Leche League to meet Nov. 20 CRANFORD — La Leche of Woslfieid/Crunforrf, a breastfeeding information and support group, meets on the third Thursday of the month. The next meeting will be held nt the Crnnford Library on Walnut Avenue on Nov. 20 10:15 a.m. For more information, call 757-9828 or 755-3545,




Absolutely exhilarating! m fox •, TV

-The Naw York Times






JWalter Kerr Theatre, 219 W. 48th St.

n(ii;f mil vnlicl on Slit nviinni||r>. i)i f o b K115 found in the scholarships to be awarded at its g of local hi^'h May 1998 Awards Dinner. schools, at Brand Travel, Both scholarships wure estab- WVstfiold, i»" may hi: rccoivod by lished by Soroptimist. calling Pi>l Smith, cliuirpiirstMi, International of the Americans 2H2-OK5S. and are administered locally The second award is upon to under that orgunizntionOs prin- maturi' women mitonnjj or ciples and guidelines. The pro- roturniiiK to I he 1work forct". gram is funded by The Known as tin Women's Soroptimist Foundations. Watch Opportunity Award, it i.s intendfor announcements regarding the ed to assist a woman head-oflocal fund raising events of housi'hold to obtain additional S1C.WA which arc used to fund job skills through train ing or the foundations as woll ns local eddcation. Applicants inny bo initiatives to end domestic vio- self-nominated or their names lence. can he. submitted by appropriate Tho first is the Youth third parties such as tonchors, Citizenship Award that recog- counselors, clerics, cinnniunity nizes a 1098 college-bound high louder*), ft. id. Applications and further school graduate for special contributions made to his/hor family, in( Coalition Against Aircraft Notso "With Sen. Tarricelli's leadership, we hope to' continue our fijfht against the FAA which" haf stonewalled every attemftl' tc bring closure to New Jerseys'uir craft noise issue." , n^l.h uf them, I started tmiriiiH on my own," he said, Iliw talent, is evident in all tliene session.*, purl iiudarly on the ,h>hu (hilianni at Mnyberfi disc, whore it often HOUIHIS like bo ph.yw with four hands instead of two. Ho (iltiiL'kB tho keys forociotmly, Handing out caHcndoH of t at H|;htniiiK-mHt t It








. . .






"I'm blessed with digital dexterity," he said. "I can move pretty fast on the keys." But unlike many young pianists who m m k out hackneyed riffa at top speed, Colianni generates fresh ideas constantly, often incorporating many different styles in one tune.And at slower tempos, his delicate, touch conveys great warmth and fooling. After leaving the Lionel Hampton All Stars, Colmnni loured Kuccessfully as both Holoist and leader for severnl years, In 1990, he received tin opportunity reminiscent of his meeting with Hampton. He was playing with Woody Allen's Dixieland bund Mondays at Michael's Pub in New York City, and Tonne., who appeared at I he club annually, heard Coliiiiini'n CD on the house, sound syHt.em. "The favorite album uf the inam.gc>r'H wua one of my Concord releuseH," said Colianni. "Mel heard it mill he called me and said, Tve been listleniiij,' to your CDH on my bremkH. How about me sending you u tit'keL to Phoenix

so you can he in my next gig?" " The next day, Colianni landed in Arizona. Shortly after meeting Tor me, he learned Torino's bassist couldn't play that night because his bass had be#n destroyed by the airline, ;j "The instrument was ir^teplaceable because it was specially designed for a left-handed player, HO that night 1 had ;to sight-read both the bass aAd piano parts. I passed that test,!|.o there was no audition necessnity." He collaborated with Tornoe for four years, recording fi]ye albums and one video with hiiri. "You can't consciously prepare for those different kinds of gigi|," said Colianni, "Your interests take you to where your technique is going to go," lOiUhusiusm, he says, has been the key to his musical development. And as his audiences discover with each porformnnde, that enthusiasm ia infectious. ;• John Colianni will perforpi at Wtitchiing ArtH Center, Watchung Circle, Watvhttng% p.m. Friday. Tickets coat $fi and arc auailablt by calling (908) 763-0190.

Rec Press A-15


November 13, 1997

Bridgewater (906)231-0111 Storytelling with the cartoon character. Free admission; reservations required. GUITAR BOB 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 16 Temple Beth-El 338 Walnut Ave., Cranford (908) 276-9231 "Songs from the Kooky Jar" with Robert Messano, guitarist. Admission $5; children under 2 free. HANS BRINKER'S CHRISTMAS I and 4 p.m. Nov. 23 State Theatre, 15 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick

ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW Our Lady of the Mount Church 167 Mount Bethel Rd., Warren (908) 647-3224 Now in its seventh year, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. . Mow. 15,12:45-5:30 p.m. Nov. 16. Admission $ 1 . NEW JERSEY POTTER'S GUILD Trallside Nature and Science Center; ' ' • 452 New Providence Rd.,. - • • Mountainside ' A (908) 789-3670 Pottery on display and for purchase, 11 .,ajp.-5 p.m. Nov. 15, 16. Free admission.

(732) 246-7469 The man with the silver skates comes gliding in before Thanksgiving. Admission $12, $10. HANSEL AND GRETEL II a.m. Nov. 15, 16 Paper Mill Playhouse Brookside Dr., Millburn (973) 376-4343 "Up close and personal" version of the Brothers Grimm story. Admission $7, $6. BILL HARLEY I and 3:30 p.m. Nov. 23 Edward Nash Theatre Raritan Valley Community College, North Branch (908) 725-3420; www.raritanval.edu/theatre Singer-storyteller. Admission $7. SNOW WHITE GOES WEST I 1 a.m. and 2 p.m. Nov. 15 Plays-in-the-Park Roosevelt Park, Edison • (732) 546-2884 The famous fairy tale transformed to California of "gold rush" days. Adults $3; children under 12 free. THE WIZARD OF OZ 11 a.m. Nov. 22, 23 Paper Mill Playhouse

THE ART MUSEUM Princeton University

(609) 258-3788 Gallery talks (or kindergarten through fifth grade 11 a.m. Saturday. Younger children must be accompanied by an adult. Free admission. "Journey to Italy," Nov. 15. Art and legends of ancient Greece, Nov. 22. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST . 1 and 3 p.m. Nov. 22 vVoodbridge High School ' " Route 35. Woodbridge ! (732) 777-1460 LMe show (with music) of the fairy tale/movie. Admission $6. CURIOUS GEORGE -... 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 22 Borders Books/Music/Cafe 290 Commons Way

a o

NUTCRACI McCart*r Th»»tr«, Princeton Nov. 28 - Nov. 30 & Dec. 31 - Jan. 4 M9-M3-M00 .

• '

Brookside Dr., Millburn (973) 376-4343 1 p.m. Nov. 22, 23 Club Bene Route 35, Sayreville (732) 727-3000; www.clubbene.com Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and all their friends along the Yellow Brick Road. Admission $8, $7 in Millburn; $6 (group rales available) in Sayreville.

X 3



(732) 846-5777 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday; 1-4 p.m. Sunday. Free admission. Group tours by appointment. Joseph Domjan retrospective, to Jan. 25, 1998. THE ART MUSEUM Princeton University (609) 258-3787 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday. Tours oi the permanent collection 2 p.m. Saturday. Free admission. Spanish old master drawings, to Dec, 5. American drawings from the 18th-20th centuries, to Dec. 12. Prints and photographs from the James Kraft collection, to Jan. 4,1998. BLACKSMfTH MUSEUM River St., Millstone (732) 873-2803 Blacksmith's shop In active use as tate as the 1960s. 1:30-4 p.m. Nov. 16, 23, 30 (weather permitting). • CORNELIUS LOW HOUSE/

You Deserve S**ln fc. Uicc • BRAS • Girdles • Nursing Bras • Teddys • Stockings • Panties * Gowns

Complete Lingerie Needs .• Personal Attention • Expert Fitting



Scat* ThMtra, N«w Bruiwwkk *wtth Hra orcfmtraF . D M . 20 '§0kW * 7=30 pm D*c.2l • 1:00A4:30pm 732-24*-74*9



o r—

JlS Main 1MW1M-IM4 Cloud MMKUJ* TlMl-Tlwn 10-Sl*) friiM«M

O -n O TO


Sleeping Beauty will take to the ice 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20 as the StateThaatre, 15 Livingstone Ave., New Brunswick presents Sleeping Beauty on Ice. Choreographed by Konstantin Rassadin and performed by the St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet, Sleeping Beauty on Ice tells the story of Princess Aurora, cursed by an evil faery to enter a death-like sleep when she turns 16 until she Is rescued by a prince.Tickets cost $16-$28 and are available by vising the box office or by calling the theater at (732) 246-7469 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. ' MIDDLESEX COUNTY MUSEUM 1225 River Rd. Piscataway (732) 745-4177 1-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. "Life in the Raritan Valley," to July 19, 1998. DUKE GARDENS Route 206 HillPlioiongh (908) 722-3700, Ext. 342 Noon-'l p.m. every day until May 31. Reset vations required. METLAR-BODINE HOUSE 1281 River Rd. Piscotaway (732) 463-8363 Artifacts of Lennl-Lonape Indians and other peoples from the l&nd now known ns Piscataway. Noon-5 p.m. ThursdaySaturday, 1-4 p.m. Sunday. Adults $2; children $ 1 . MILLER-CORY HOUSE MUSEUM 614 Mountain Ave., Westfiold

(908)725-1015 George Washington's headquarters when he was stationed In Sorriorville in 1778. 10 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. WednesdaySaturday, 1-5 p.m. Sunday. Frae admission. Candlelight lours by appointment. • JANE VOORHEES 2IMMERLI ART MUSEUM RUIQI •!•.; University, Gooifio R Hamilton St., Now Brunswick (732) 032-7237; Phillips® zlmmerli.rutgars.tjdu 10 a.m.-'1:3Op.m.Tuesday-Fridny, noon-fi p.m. Snluiday, Sunday. Froe admission foi nuimborn Nonmombor admission: uJuttsi S'X stiuimits, children and Hiiiijot:: i.'lliploy• (tf 1o«fl

| OnAllOonulna GM P f l r i ^ o r v l c B am] A/xoi9ofif>a Wuslt.tr $#fc 55 yams ni ayo or r^ldor w«h vHlrt rtrlvtif'a Hrjmiiw Onri COtipon p*r wuik tirdor Plus T(» whcif* npirfw-nlJit


Expires 12/31/97

I m u o l |)fosont coupon la written. GM vnhldos only | Nol viili'i wHIi any 01 nor nilor S M Q


|r 7 * ^

Plus Tax Expires 12/31/97

usl pioBorii nou|jofi tn wiifinn. CiM v(i*iir.lo« Not vnlitl wlili any otlmj olffii, 9 " "


COMPUTER BALANCE & ROTATE TIRES fwilntM, •f/Ki!pi"if< 1. iM'ir » 1 ^ish-'ji1, * In-.^ffi fionl K f « *


Expires 12/31/97

mint prdsorii i.uu|ton i'i written f JM vfihiclnn r>»ly,| Nf>1 VMII'J v/ith '»iy oltmr olfuf.



mm) C A D I i L A C,

North Jersey N


O*2 Plus Tax W W ExplrOB 12/31/97

F!I,[III.IVI; 'jvli'M-'t:., chuck for wear and lijiiks, clf Auditione 4 p,m, Nov. 14,11 a.m. Nov. 16, Actor* 5 years, old through adult; mueldane and baoketage help also; ' *

ArtePower will pfeeent Ka musical Han*ffrfnfcwrfeCftrtfttntM 1 and 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 23 at the State Theatft, 1ft Livingston* Ava., Now Brunswick. Adsptsd for ths stags by pIsywrlgMAyrtofst Qroa dunning •nd oomposor Rlchsrd DsRoss, Hani Brinlnr'i Cbrtttm— To about * brother •nd slstsr's sfforts to sam monsy for tholr family. Ttoksts oost •10-H2 and art avallaWs by vlilng ths box offlos or by calling tho the•ter at (712) 24f-74M 10 a.m.-* p,m. Mondaya through Saturdays. Sludant mstlnsoa havs bssn sat for 10 s.m. and noon Monday, Nov. 24; oohool prios Is 18, admission for tho gonsral public costs 112. ,;

(732) 297-7173

(732) 388-4605 Ballroom and Latin dance at Bobby & Mary's, Plscalaway, 9 p.m, Nov. 14,21, Cost $8; singles and couples welcome. Ballroom and Latin dance lessons at Bobby & Mary's, Plscataway, 8:30 p.m. Nov. 18 (beginner), 19 (Intermediate). Cost $6 per person, $10 per couple. CENTRAL JERSEY TALL FRIENDS CLUB (women 6'10" and taller,

Open Sundays in December

Uxw From Hovk Ttatri

(908)272-3290 Fax (908) 272-5313

How about dinner and a movie?

Join us for dinner at Nordstrom Garden Court Restaurant, and for an additional 54,50 receive a ticket to the movie of your choke at CincpU'K Odcon Theatres. ,

For An Elegant 33mnet beatings

Garden Court Restaurant, on tw6;

Steaks more

Nlirilslnim Mnilo 1'iirk, ( m l

(l|ic» Muniln.v-Frfdii.v, 1(1:00 'JiJO; •in I utility U):(M>-IO:00 unrf.SMmliw H:(HJ- \;' :. :


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C < i m c r n i > r s < > i i l l i S t . H H l v l n l i i t i S i S < i u i r i v l l l i . , N..T. Ai'nmx f r o m S . i . i i r t i l l V tvmt I'll h e r . I V I I I 1 H l l > l l l U

To Advertise Your Restaurant In This Space Call Sherri Leabman at (908) 722-5000

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Enjoy Outdoor Dining Eariy Bird Specials & Lobittr Specials

1! !y tixpanded 2nd Floor




fOAB\ V7WI*/

c a t 6 11 a 11 a n o Catering Available on ft Off Premises

Franklin Town Center

3417 Rt.27, Franklin park, NJ 08B23


34 Division Street, Somerville, NJ Phone 908-526^3222 FAX 908-526*9331

NJ Liquor Lawi iilow you to bring vour own ottr ind wlna. wo hiva plenty of gltsm.

November 13, 1997

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

To place your FREE print ad, call 1-800-783-1131 Ext. 202c For automated ad taking, call


To respond to ads, call 1-900-773-3055 at $1.99 SS, 0I1G6 «l W66_< WHERE AHE YOU? Attractive, lun SWF. 36, St: blond, harel eyes, enjoys trealsr. wMoore. SeeUng handsome OSWPM, 3 , lun-kwno.. LTR. Adi 8161

ISPECUL F, S3, green-eyed blond, 5 3 ' , 11061, N/S, 1M/D. iltacy ( S « E c e , lot caring, sharing Aril 8075

'UrjU ANGEL .SWF. 24, likes Die outdoor*, movies clc.. seeking WM, 24-33, !»tais outgoing, energetic and bipy. Mi S5J6 LADY SEEKS GENTLEMAN _6PF, 34, 5"_',1I0BM. Seek! S W M , hindsom., 30-36,5'10'-W , 17O-21O9B., -tuf/oee_ie-((eo, ernolionallyflinarKijIy secure, lor LTR. Adi 8064 ' __ LITTLE AND CUTE • ~" SQF. 1 9 , 4 ' i r . I22fbs., outgoing, fun-loving. Soaking SM. ISO l i f t 23-30. No jarnes. A d i 6071 V^lKjMTO THE SUNSET " OawtHo-earth SWF, 52, Nr_, etijuy. cuddling, farr_y activities, igairig. darting snow-mobiiing. ISO ackw SWM, 50-60, (of monogamous reialionship. Arjl 33M BLUE-EYED REDHEAD DWF. 39,5'. 1 HKbs.. loves willing out, cuddling, gazing it the i J S O honest, doim-to-eartfi, lommtc SWM, 40-50, N/S. J380 ADWljTUROUS " S\y(V2S,l»owiihaii/eyes,57", lufl-tigur*S, envoys laughing. cu-5 sports, movies. good-natured, humorous, integrity, need not ba handsome/ O T O J W 1 » WM, ca, 5'10', brown-hail . 1 , outgoing, lonianlic, Uas walking, cuddling, tomanix snd patsioni». Seeks SM. similar n!e;ests. we_thy,j_it d i v e r t V « _ i s i M f B « r e i * ; _ Adi w a • conveisatiHis. ISO WF, 3B-48, H'S, romiintig, likes laiifjliler, lun, • __ ! b&n^ spoiled, tenms. Mp 2;30 ^ GOODCOMPANY MAN OF MY DREAMS SBF. 23, 5 mom, ISO SBM, JS-33, csitng, loving, kind nnd re- SWPF, 34, 52", 105lbs., moihei, smoker, enjoys Bixkina oul, GREAT CATcili ~ ~" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ COME OUTt COME OUTI convasation, good company. ISO SWM. 3045, to spend the -ponsiyB, who enjoys travel. A d ' 2129 y ; Wherewr you are. Attract™, lun SWF, 36.5'4', haie4-syed Hani. Summer with Ad* 1455 S M l.cliildtoss.ta.iftCially.'i'moSKmaltySKUIO. For possibto LTR. Seeks handsome, Inancialy secun, rugged, ssnsiSM. P. N/S, GOOD HAN WANTED MATURE AND STABLE " Ad* B537 CfSWF, 46,5', outgoing brunette, t*es movies, dining oul. do*nlot fteatrn, ouidoots. posaiaie ITR Ada & 3 9 SWPF. 33,58', t3Slt)5., gr«en-c»«l Wond. ISO ntVaclivc SWM, to-earth. ISO 1VSWIW, 3B45, wtth „ Jim h a u l howM. •Ihdipjt- 30-45, mature, content, successfully, tinancialiy.'enHilionalty soSOMEONE S P E C I A L ' " HEYSERKHiSI SWM, M, MS, Italian, honnsl, enjoys travel, beaches, otrldoors. SWCF, 32. undy Uond, btue^icen eyes, at'itelc, ru^e turn. . _le,lTR.Aa>4S23 cuia. sell assured. Adt 3084 niavins. ISO slinVnudmni SWF. 25-35, datinalTn. \$» BO73 tun-lo^ng, pabenE. *ddi!a!a(3,M*Ti«ous. enjoys nmng. ISO GREAT CATCH SEEKS MISSHELIABLE SWCI^3MT.rfi»)uft-rnhd»a,BO#orieftlecl.Ad« 8058 GWF, SS.shapoly, leminine, allractive. mediunvbull, hon»sl, in- SHOW ME SWPF, 30,5'4\ hajel-eyed.independonl. honest, skicere.comleftgsn!, sensiw. ISO shtoCftYF. M4S,lioneEi. telutJe, ton* SINCERE CLASSY IJVVM. 38. mailium build, loves chilJren, quieL times, sports, passbnats. t!ave»it|,won\ou!s.lh-t»lfh,tonMbaekridrtr).ISO ASrattive, responsible SBPF, 4S. B O sMighKorwatd, responmovies,Call ngtiliw" ISO SF.?5-40,HIS, attoctionatc.fnr LTH fVSWM, 30-36,1. 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Ml 8037 il. dt'Vrn-to (.MitH, open p nmulfid tiWM, 45, &'&', DWF, 50, enjoys dancing, movies, hockey, bowling. ISO WM. dancing, moves. ISO oulg.no SWM. 1.-22. similar inieiesls, WHERE AME YOU? ~ F, ISO attractive, ndvonturous. a&seilivo SF SF,llor 48-58. outgoing. lun-|o«tg. active, ont-womaivman, ready I M possible LTB, Adt 2843 Atlraclive ttinci.iT I', 1'J, gtocn cyos. 107ibs, soekirnj l|/liaian F, possible iclatipribhip. Ad» 31.2 LTR. Adi 6227 „ _ _ _ _ _ _ SOULMATE WANTED 19-23, must b_ versatite. spontaneous, outgoing, lor Inendship, OPEN YOIJR ilEAHT~ QUIET poS5ilily mite. M> K',~9 _ _ _ _ _ Reliable, lun SWM, 35, UK, 5 ' U \ _20ll)S., on)oys lite, lisNnii, SWF,37.5'4*,i*m,athtelc. I , a » . LET'S HIT THE nOADt — — camping, niolixcyckffl. ISO lun, quiol KF. oga/raco unimportant. tUS SWM. 35-42. humorous, mho enjoys spoils, reading, mov- ! Hani-eyed, sponlawotis, tombnyiih SWF, IB. liardjiDikifig, Adt 1.M __ _ _ 1 iat. Friendship first, Adt 62M ' loves larujgm road tups, ISO !ravi-l parlnn nnil IriondshH In a FEMMJItPORTSFAN TALLEfl THAN STALLONE ~ ~ ARE YOU OUT THERE? . ' DWfJP, P C , 53, N'S, winning smilo, personality. ISO M for ail torn boyish Sf, 1S-J4- Ad* 85^7 UWI'M.JJ, & II". 1/0'lib , bliiouyes. Enjoys fjcK, linrel, lorniriDWF. 55. petite. (Hiljoing, honesl, «n-loying. Likes taring,div soidjoni. tfeam up Iw gamo walching, skiing, dancing, travel. NOGAMTPLAYERS ~ |ic uveniiujs ISO attrnciivn F. ?fi -10. IM htiiuu (jood limes. Add ing oul. (he siws. ISOR'SWW, 45 50. w!h same qualtiwArter. i GBF, i!9, pitlry.lormniTw:, ICMiliirik:. tiki biit:k. ISO ,illlik;tr>if, leflii- BOiiii ests.lo(LTn. AdtB13D ninofiF,wlio's honesl, romantic, nuluro, io.idy lor L l f l . Ad* HALF W A PAIR CAPTURE MY HEART Dyumlc, fteS-lraveled WWJF, HIS, hiopas to chars concerts, BW2 VOLUPTUOUS LADY~~ Oulijom. SWM. 21. 5'11". ir.Kbs., bUte-ev.il. sinokM, liumorDWPF.39.5'4", 1 ?5I1», highly-pOucaiBd, fnareialy sacuf B. lovra tliei»e,la-Bhswtfiheallhy. outgoifig gentenan, 55-65. Adi 4324 0LJ3, eiijuy^ hip hop. liiivRl. dining, muvior. ISO r.pwi,i! SF, any He, dancing, workouts, humoious, eicitng. Seeking M countet • SOMEONE SPECIAL n;it>.lorLTn A______707__ part. 40-55. WS. Adi 8??O DWF, 5?, S'5', blond, enioys dining, dnncrng. Iho shore, musjc THE RIGHT binlCilON ' and He* markets. ISO D/SWM. 52-65, w i n sirnlat interests. Ads ONEWOUANMJLN Kiml, carnv.) SWM,20,5ii", 2_5lbs., uiuscul.v,saiao c! humor, Akactve SWJPF. notveiigious, 2S.lt. dark hail, blue eyed, vari- 4326 _______„. enjoys IIKJSII;, inovius. Seeking yUF. 18 ilij. lui friitnJ.ship. jxisous intttaMS. ISO SWM, generous, honesl. Tifuncialy secure, T I H _ D & GAMES? iiblo LIU. AcM 1411 WANTED!! W . Adi 8051 SnWM WrVUF, 35, ISO D7SBPM, 35-40, hoaltliy, spinlual. reWF, 35-55, nptn nmU-.Hl, lof a Ityht, lomanlic, spocul type telasc_7on Ydti'SsiLF sponsUt, linjinciany secure, unseKish, la mily-orientad, tun, bul FALL INTO WNTEH. Uonsllip will a sell -eniployeii W tiuanossman, I)IIK>'IJIS(IKO lieu. SWM, L$. C. ^OQibS-, iTiudium build, culloi|c gi.iduale, nujr.icran, With n» SWF, 46, S'2'. Ino*n rmWeyes. ISO SWM. lor dming , s e _ H t . t i f Iriend^ip, poteblo LTH.Adt 4228 Ad» 100H _ _ ____ atl'vw, «n]uys 5[siils, ruusfe IFiO lun SF, i'l-.B, lor LTfl. Ad» OUL long w j k i i i f c s . ™vi9S, c-jt*Kxs, lots of ronunce. Adf M A M M l SMILE 2363 ^ ENGLISH JEWISH CHAP . 8135 CTfR 50,5'5", motfium buiH, wami-hoaited, lun-lovtng, advenFALLINGIN LOVE iL-ron. «*)¥3 country living. ISO D/5WM, 45.60, lot Iliondslup, M,48,neternwnti'd, nuiMing vco prcsidnnl, recu locAing.conBABY BOOMER setviiiivH values, supportive, will relrxattf. Prciois J1-.32 -I^.likos KIM, 43. 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SHARPSHOOTER! Waling st B » stagecoach,torseiy, romantic, tuccessM, WrTJ, LOYW.EAN0 SENSITIVE *S(SmVJSWCW,3S~W,na Wtfpets. Beautiful, (ocwW-WWWF, SWF, great eye&'smta, great-shape, longhair, confident arid n> manbe serts truly jxuHooKinoSWM, 35-fled values.Ad* 8tS4 ? t . ! * S , ITR A(U 8326 ~__tO,spontaneous, iilsl&aent,humorous,dowrno-eath, .CUBA,(ravel, concerts, corned;dubs, moie ISOsnrt_CSWV, 35-50, possiHs LTR. Huntadon. Adt 8168

TIRED OF GAMES DWF. 33. enjoys dinihg. movies, sports. GO DfSWM, 3040, h f friendship, possible LTR. Adi 4625 MY PERFECT MAN Musi be SWM. 3S-4?, ttond. good-kMking, 6V, lull head hair. W S. nev»aid: aKractrve SWF. 5'4\ 1Z7lbs., tang hair.teiysrrite. Admai : •

Men seeking

ALIVE AN0 LONELY YVPF. 55, lov«o, easyooing, careheo, homwivner. ISO WM, 45-65, loving, genuint, honosL caiing. lor a rmnogainous LTD. Adt 1Z37

FTFARB?UN"HY SJt'M,44Iga_tl looking.ninuntic, sell .rnpioyyil, Inintir.iallyce CUIH, yuu aru P/SWK, under 5'i', otlraclive, III, mm.inlic, rlnssy, (•aitsutHj^linaiictrtlly Bocuic. PossiWoLTR, Ad# tllTi?

e SWF, 32,5'6". IHSbt. war*) lo team M rkjd. SeekisQ v g o , e«p»«nccd motorcyda rid«f, 30-40. Eeeiom inquflet any, retatioftthip posaMe. Adt 6636

WORTH THE CALL BF, ?t, outgoing, kkei clubt'ng. movies, dining out, mats ISO DM.lun-kning,dg«vnto-oarth,outgoing,)o» friendsfvp, possible ITR, smokers, lads okay. Adt 1071

SWM, •! I, &'(!', IG_lbs,, HIS, N.1J. opeiHiiindiiiJ. never mailied, clean-c-l, ouljnlng. cnnsidcialo, ISO D/Stir. 301,torLTH. CunU l l A J J ) 7

6ASSY REDHE4D fJ^VF. 25, senous-mnded, MI-ltgurDd. 52", s«kssertous-(rto(tN) DWVM. lor LTfl. Enjoys sports, nuiel svanings, recrance' paraToo cM b t htad aarnes. Adt 8638 ^

SINGLE PARENT SEARCH ' . SWPF.25, dpon-niindM. ( u p ' ^ S - KO SWPM. 28-36. slable, '< dependtblo'. reliable, S dadl prelerrod. lor liiendship. peistote' LTH.no games. Ad» Z687

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eOUEONE SPECIAL OJ^F. N r t / 40s, brighi and b«iutiful. Seeks mate, i ^ , It,(uoccs5hit, warn CUPM, 44-52, Ijt caring and sharing. Ad*

SEEKS SPECIAL MAN Btond DWF, 47, N/S. likes raovtes. rnuseuna, billiards, diking, ISON/SDWM. 47-57, samilai ifilem5ts. lor LTH. Adt 8129 < ,- .

CL\_S_>YLA-t D W r i hartl eyes, flubum hair, enjoys animals, waging, danctig.1>.sel»ck rkfing. and more. ISO tail, humorous, nice gu)1.

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_. ; My best bti«ing 70.5'4 - ,l35lbj., . swirs, m*»,pl«y» pod. Seekir'>io:t U(J» end voico coliivJutii-jns lhat dci no! nisei tre Hlanrtnrdsof accecilnnrflOftMisn&wsnape' Th'ff P-inii^alkKt etsumes no lability loi Ida ' oniniH or r(t>lyifrvniMrdsd



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WW Widowed

Q Gay C C 111 I Stiii n N/8 NCMVBtnokm HID Mon drinker l ISO In snatch ol LTR Long lorni ro);il'.ori?hlp O DouWo tialuf

SWF. 52. awesome, outgoing, down la-earti. ISO WW/UWM. cvirg. warn, alfettion. to trare Its Me with me. Ad» 2387 LAUOfrrER AMD LOVE SWF. 43, 53'. IO7lbs., bright, very allrartvt. hi. talented, edjcated ISO SV/M. f « fnefrfsliip, liugl(_r Kii love, Ad» 4B24 WAIITEDSOMEoilE ' ' " ~ Win enjoys Koto tl« luB»sl, vAM EUI younj 00 K. n hh F, lo tfc> UK! same AJJ4B2I _^ i_EK SOMEONE SPECIAL SBF, IB, 131(15,, ISO M, under ?S. respomitj^, intel^tnt. 1« f/any 1:J tlo talk. 6rr.r} (J'JL rr^/^r; Uo QMi-Ji1 kit 47?!? SHF, atiric'iyo. nwilJin U»'d. hght tomfioion, c^saSae ISO Independent, altraclrre, frl M. race urvrnjjottsn!, 25-35: N.'S fieIc-ticd, loi fimfKlinp. A d * W2W,'11 • 30, BMar inlurnst.qualities Adi 3-11?

WALKS ON THE BEACH' SWM, 3 0 , 6 T , er^ry. lun.danring. romiroe, spcfla. m-!«r,y£le riding ISO SF. B1-3., wtio's easyjjoing, romarilic. will similar intoresls. FrieridiWp. posiiWo LTH. Ad. 8155

jiEACEFULLiFESTYLE SWF, 38. ISO SY/M, 35-4C, w_m. fiwnrjiy, Iiar)r|uil, wHI-eduu l e d , we!l minnttcJ, »nyUe. atleclioriale. j i Irav-eUtW 1357

MAHOFCOMPLIAHCE A.rrJ ijyvtitlon. Gentle, las! back, unstllith I'M, 406, Borjk& PF, trcalno, enterprising, strong-wiled, lor cornrnfttod. binding rela' lp. race lirimpoilaril. Arl» 8078

BEAUTY AND BRAINS Fofeirgntiom, US laisod, tt.ar._ni, petite. j s SBPF, 2B, seeks SPM, UlS, gente, v/ell educalrid, r»chif*en. AdH J026 .,

!VFIUT __^_ . WHITER S E E K S T I A P P T " — Ending. Hartdsorrw, youllilul DWCM. AT, I ' l l " , SCOIbo,,. Irvo, intoKfjeni. Sfiiks altiaclna D/SWCF. M-46. HrS, (of di iS,irviwj, shore, LTH.Adl 81M

SUMMER IS OVER Winter is near. OWF. ISO financially tecWQ. outgoing, dynamic EV/M.60*0, lo itingq'e, Laugh and erpi Mo lfXj.llicf.Aal 96?? ~ COME PLAY WITH ME ~ ~ ~ " IIFWHAT HAPPENS Lifts tnpy li r ettuclhff,hugs,kissu'. PWF ISO DWPM,&S-0O, SWM.c M , o r . brown lab. i * j . ojes. ISO oidor D/SF, lor iladnj. t i ^ "!»l t * t o n _ t y . mtB! snjoy Mr) la !,'•] luHasl.Atll 4CfefJ. Ad^i jt30 • BrURESTEDTcAilME At!-active S41F, 35,51.", ave'ags build, lardwottififl, Efijoysquisl SHU, M, pnysfcally W. Enpys dining oul, movies, quiet nvl1ovwungs. 150 SM, 32-4?, hardworking, druj'd seaso-iree. fl/S, runjs a! Inrre. (SO SUF. 2 t-3fi, «.ilh similar inleiesn. Ai)l 16M honeat, p o a ^ LTR Adt 9734 DIAlirTEDDYBEAH SERIOUSLY SEEKHIO bWM, ;•-. 5 i _ " , 27Bh5, vary ofjon, Imoesl. romantic, En|rjys SBF, W, . 0 ' , detifes lo mesl ieriwjs !i!JI^, 40-59. wto'8 hOfi part;,, dining, moviss, wid« nmtj ol IntoisMi ISO SWF, ?fl-30, esl. ateeU-inai., 150 a wceie icntanih-p Adi B73i LTH Adt 6074 CLASSY SEXY Attractive SWF. grwri Ryes, dark hair, wr/V_ m tl>_ arts, enjoys rju!doM5. Be boach.romanticd«ti;i5.mmic,lia*9l. I60GVVM, s.. liloral, iiroivn uyes, huinoious, tutponi.ibio,flooiinorsi'ikilily. vaned ntloicsl!,. ISO UISW, 2t-?8, Aiit 3ia2__ __ _ _ „ DONTUESIIY KWM, I'fl, sliy. rnjiryn quiri iivniiunjs, rmrjc. nwvion, ISOSWF, ?oao, lui Inn limes AdKIWOB SWM, K: ImnrJiiDiim, (.l-m, asscitivu. ISO liffiWF, ;Wt, op«v iniiKli'd, Oi-iLytjomrj. srnnkeiii okiy, lor pu'-.'iibla roldtionship.A.W jn;n ' SEEKS HISPANIC LADY rVovcr-ninitirtl, nico l_nVincj, cftMn cul, outgoing, c Union Ceiunly SWM. :i'J, SUMllHus, wull built, K/S, H'D. ISO LVSHT, M i j i LTII^AiW fl_fi3_i_

NICE GUY " "* SWW, 2B. ImncM. o.tja markets, movies, music, lelawng. ISO D/SWM, 35-55, witti sirnilai inMresB.A.I> 1165 .• ,

SEEKS ASIAN FEMALE Indian, Oriental. Filiplnu _/SI : . ?B-46, scuglil by navel matfud. clean cut, ttisygoing, klotbte, ff/3 SWM, M. 5'9', lor LTH. Ad» 8077 ^

MUSCULAR SENSITIVE SJM, J1, 6 t1, bioi^i hair, tiU_a eyes, niusciiLir, sonsiiive. ISO SJF, 21-31. s'rm. oltuctiv., wtw wulUnl normally jnswei an ad. Ad» 87.13

ROMANCE AWAITS Handsom. DWPM. 4?._ 9", I 6 « l s , odocalud, erjoys.IQ shore, dancing, romjnlic niyhtri. ISO &utt)O!ft(i SWF, 30 n M Now .lefsoy, Ad» 67_1__ _ _ _ _ SEEKING GOODMAN STiPM, EO, onjoys rnovics, soil music, ba^kolball, w ISO taiust SM, 21! -10, medium buM, lor liieridiiiip, JWH 0723 j i i ? FOR LIFE SWM. 22, G'4", ICOIbi, blond, M.ie i.-y'js, atlrflcilvo, outrjoing,

d 4 FRIENDS Italian SWM, 37, C, 175te,, good fimkirii|, in Qtind f,tia|).,i mlinc. ISO m a r i n e SWM.'30 «l) Adi 85?. ALL CALLS AHSWEHED Bi-WM, 47. Ian, oulgoing. clewi. alfeeitonaln. i ,forhlwufcliiri Adn?7i1

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WE'LL HAVEFUiJT Bi-WM, 33, IB", 14Illtt,tf.fiddly,giMWJ tooSmg.If.OBt«M. 18-

SWM, 40, 'j'f, 190tbs, Wild build, never marritid, nico-torAirig, l

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1 LOVE PARIS EVJPM, . ST,nied,urii txiild, toown haii/oycr,, attractive. ISOoiuaclive. allKlionals, lit, fun SWPF, 34 A3, »tetljg«ot.

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UUUU UU I SVM, 33, abovo avoia™ tooks, enjoys movies, tporta, comedy. Seek* tJ/S 5WF, ?.')-35, tfini/meciium buikl, lot pm*il AUI87?9 | ROMANTIC PISCES Warm, r.aririfj fJWPM, 4 . , . 7 ' , 190IW., .vidlti sincwe, fflodiuni lo lul (tBuroi), 30 37, lip.strtfui wornan, Inr sriiirnala, f ' u n i t ™ , iiuisl lirrws Adi t!3'f S W M , 30,5TC, mu, N/S, very dtlJolic.fil.iill/nclivo.flean cut. ISO H/SWF, lor woighl arid lilriocs ac1r/iti_s, Iricnil'.hiJ). rjatmg, possiNrj LTH AljdBIW

ATTENTION HIBPAHICS GWtt, 35. S, Irisnd)/, cnmpanlnn rxienlw) Lookiny lo( rnonflfll*T0 M l A ft! ___ SEEKING BLACK MALE i'iBPM. For WPM, 403, i|erillh!ri. A'JS (!?3fl FJnST TIME~AQ "* SWM, oirN/Mrj, irif.ii i(H>, ijf^lrnHsijri.'ility, ri,',fl'KiVrnj, to earUi Lo'ikin. t'j nnei s a g in SWM, IB M, I'.f Iriw pas.ilrtarolalKH1j F. Italian. 33, romjidic, wiry. gr\:oys rn'jvKiS, cor^cfls, filays, b^acnos, qu_$1 Irrw StJ ) d l J M . l'o>s bl» l t t l A U

< - bold headline


CREAFCATCH SWF, 30, SB", 5l»n, attinctfYO, cd;tcaleil, casyuoing, wm vari« R inlereiLi ISO Iat. afrilefe. Dutgong SWM, ?D 3 i




FANWOOD — The Thrift Shop at the Fanwood Presbyterian Church will hold its annual Holiday Sale on Nov. 19 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The entrance to the shop is on MacDermott Place, New and like-new items will be available for sale: clothing for men, women, and children, jewelry, knickknacks, Christmas cards, and holiday decorations. The main room in the Thrift Shop also will be open with a variety of items at low prices. For ladies, there are dresses, skirts,

slacks, blouses, sweaters, and coats. For men, there are suits, pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and coats. Clothes for children and shoes for all members of the family are available. Proceeds from sales are used to support the Fanwood Presbyterian Church Food Bank and selected local charities. At least 20 agencies will receive substantial contributions. None of the proceeds are used for church administration. The Thrift Shop is staffed by volunteers.

Stress management workshop Wednesday SCOTCH PLAINS — The Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA, 1340 Martine Ave., will hold a workshop on managing holiday stress 8 p.m. Wednesday . Linda Van Fosaen, a therapist





in Cranford, will deal with specific strategies and skills on how to cope with the end-of-year holidays. Admission is free and the public is invited. For more information, call (908) 889-8880.



^£ Picture iPaints AThousam Words

But A Diamond Savs When it comes to Diamonds There's only oneFordsJewelers Your Direct Sourcefor Quality Diamonds at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices. Always Pirn Jewelers Quality, Always At A Price That Will Please You. There's Only One IMcmtitT Anu'ricnu tictn S ! '•' "They both prepare very weB," But sentiments aside, Duelks said Duelks. "Both are very strict and the Raiders had a job to do on discipline and take no B.S. Saturday, to beat the Blue Devils from the kids. They want to win, and spoil their season. by they really focus on making "We talked before the game you on overall, well-rounded indiand I told them, yea, I'm a Blue vidual. They care about the kid£." ByMKECHRtSTEL


Wettfleld lineman Gabe Perez puts pressure on Raider quarterback Eddie Williams during the Blue Devils' 14-6 victory Saturday In Scotch Plains.

sure on the Raider offense and totaled fours sacks for the game, including two alone by junior lineman Gabe Perez. He's a great little player," said Tranchina on the 6-1, 185-pound Perez, "We're proud of him. He was an outside linebacker at the beginning of the year that we made a defensive end last week." The Blue Devils extended their lead to 14-6 on a 13-yard scamper by Osborne around the left side with 5:20 remaining in the fourth quarter. "I just followed my blocker, Thomas Lee, and broke to the outside," said Osborne, describing his second touchdown of the afternoon. "I had one guy left and I Btiff-armed him. I saw a Scotch Plains guy out of the corner of my eye and I knew I hnd to jump in there." "Jason has been having a super year," added Tranchina. "He's a tough runner. There wasn't a lot of room on that last touchdown run. He made that all on his own. He's been a groat back for urn." > While Osborno made the most of his opportunities, the Raiders were frustrated they couldn't convert more of their scoring chances, especially in the early going. After stopping Westfield on

downs midway through the opening quarter, the Raiders moved the ball down to the Blue Devil 24-yard line after a 20-yard sweep by Delmar Patterson (1153), and 14 and 16-yard scampers by Maurice Dockery and Jovann Clarke, respectively, But the Raider drive quickly fizzled when they couldn't produce a first down on the next four plays and gave the ball up on downs. "We played kind of tight, I think the key was we made a lot mistakes," said Williams, who finished 6-of-14 for 72 yards. "We had too many penalties, turnovers and dropped balls. But you can't point the finger at nnybody. I tip my hat to Westfield. They played a good gnme. We just have to go to practice, work hnrd an be ready for our next game against Kearny." SCORING SUMMARY Second Quarter W: Jnson Osborne 29 run (Jason Krioger kick); 5:04 remaining SPF: Eddie Williams 1 run (kick tails); :09 Fourth Quarter W: Osborne 13 run (Kflegor kick); 5:20 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING: WeslHeld - Jason Osborno 859, Lamonl Turner 8-29, Bob fiayfcMMM 8-20, Thomas Lee 10-15, Raheed Hawks 3-9; SPF Dolmar Patterson 11-53, Mnurico Dockery 432. La'Morr McDnnlel 11-28, JovannClarke 116, Eddie Williams 8-13, PASSING: Westlleld - Baykowskt 2-7-0-36: SPF-Williams 8-14-3-72. RECEIVING: WosHletd - Tumor 2-36; SPF Donald Patterson 2-28. Dockery 1-17, Blair Woodward 2-15, Delmar Patterson 1-12.

Raider boys claim county crown Shut out Elizabeth for first Union County Tournament title since 1992 ByMKECHMSTEL RECORD-PRBSS

Scotch Plains -Fanwood boys soccer Head Conch Tom Breznitsky has certainly coached his share of talented toama over the years. But there was something about this yenr's Raider aquad that caught the coach's fancy from the beginning. And on Monday night at Williams in Elizabeth, Breznitsky's anticipation turned into renlity when tho top-seeded Raiders knocked off No. 6 seed Elizabeth 3-0 to capture SP-F's first Union County Tournament championship since 1992. 'This is a very special group," said Breznitaky. "I've snid all along that this is one of the boat teams thnt we've had. It's a group that has come together over the years, is senior dominated nnd have worked really hard all season long. They're n well focused,. very intelligent group of young men who come to piny every tiny," For the current Ranter regime, winning the county Utlu was along timo coining. "It feois great" Hiiicl SP-F senior goalie Jeff GilMu. "We've played in the tournament the lfiBt four years nnd never won it,

until now. We've been working hard all season for this." The Raiders (19-2-2) got on the board fairly quickly Monday, when senior midfielder Mike Milberger scored on a direct kick that deflected off an Elizabeth defender's head into the net with 31:22 remaining in the opening half. SP F increased its lead to 2-0 less thnn six minutes Inter on a goal by senior Felipe Polanco off a throw in by Doug Bishop with 25:14 lea in the first hnlf. The enrly 2-0' advantage was the result of bulanced play from the Raider front line. "We made n little change up front, putting Adam Bowser in there to replace Ted Sweeney," said Breznitsky. "We wanted him and (Chris) Cnrdinal to exert a lot of pressure on their backs. We wanted to force mistakes and I think the prosHiiro paid off when we jumped on the board with two gonls in the first 20 minutes." The Raiders closed out the scoring with 13:01 left to piny when, after a handball violation by Elizabeth inside the box, senior midfolder Todd Mosur booted a penalty kick through the lower right corner of the post. The attack from the midfield spots helped sot up the penalty

for the Raiders, "I think we have two of the best midfielders in the state in Milberger nnd Moser," said Breznitsky, "We saw pretty early on that they were able to keep possession. I think when they keep the boll on the ground, there aren't many midfeldera in the state that can play better than those two." "Today the midfield played really well," said Gillie. "They were tnckling hard. That's such a big part of intimidating the other tenm." And apparently it worked against the frustrated Minutemen, who resorted to some dirty play late in the match. SP-F retaliated in one instance and a total of three red cards a one yellow were given out by referees. "They had to hold their composure once again," said Breznitsky on his players. "Especially after , the fiasco they had with Plninfield." Breznitsky is referring the Rnidera' UCT semifinal victory over Plninfield on Nov. '1, when the game had to be called with 19:08 left after numerous Plainfield fouls. A scuffle then broke out afterwards and severnl police enrs were called to the

scene. As far as Monday's scene was concerned, the defensive play of Bishop went along way in keeping Elizabeth off the board. The 6-foot-1, 160 pound senior blanketed Elizabeth top scorer Alcy Richc the whole night, holding Riche to just one shot on goal. "Doug is probably our most solid marking back," said Gillie, who only needed to make two saves in goal Monday night. "He did a great job. He's marked up nil the best kids in the state and has done a fine job shutting them down. It's really secure having him back there." "Doug Bishop has done a great job for us all year long," added Breznitsky. "He usually has to markup the most explosive goal scorer on the other tenm. I think there's been only one time that he allowed a goal on somebody that ho had marked up. Considering the schedule we piny, that's quite an accomplishment." STATE TOURNAMENT The top-soeded Raiders were scheduled to meet Parsippnny Hills in the North Jersey Section 2, Group 3 semifinals Wednesday afternoon. Provided the Raiders won, they will piny either Milburn or


Senior Felipe Polanco (middle) Is congratulated by his teammates Monday after scoring the Raiders' second goal In the Union County Tournament championship game against Elizabeth. ; Mount Olive in the sectional sectional championship the Iqtst final today at 2 p.m. at SP-F High three seasons and six of the last School. The Raiders have won the eight yours.





3 dr hatchback coupo, 1.3L SOHC 4 cyl, 3 spd nuto trans, pwr slrng/brka, AIR, AM/FM storoo cnss, dig clock Iront & rear mats, cloth bcKIs sonts, r/clof, all season s/b rnds, b/w „ . l v , tiros, Stk.ff73B0,VIN NVG747190, MSRP$11,621. Incl. $1200 BUY Factory rebate, $1029 dontor dlsoounl & $400 collogo gract FOR robnto if qual.f ONLY



U )i

tnxoa Nol IP

? yi r>( 'I V1

•ths to quality

November 14,1997



Kaslusky leads Westfield charge into group meet Westfield High's Gordon Kaslusky is in quite a groove. The junior runner, who recently won the Union County individual crown, added another title to Ms collection Saturday, when he captured the North Jersey Section 2, Group 4 individual championship at Warinanco Park iit Elizabeth. Kaslusky led the pack in 16:50.00, beating out Joao Oliveira of East Side, who finished in 16:55.

But despite Kaslusky's firstThe boys race will start at 11 place effort, the Westfield boys a.m. and the girls meet is set to couldn't overcome Randolph in begin at 10 a.m. the fight for the best team score. The top three schools advance Randolph defeated the Blue on to the group meet, while the Devils 38-70 to win itsfirstsec- top 10 individual finishers, who tional crown since 1979, while aren't members of the best three Westfield's string of six consecu- teams, also move on. tive sectional championships offiWHS GIRLS cially came to an end. The Lady Blue Devils placed Kaslusky and Westfield will fourth overall in Saturday's compete in tomorrow's Group 4 North Jersey Section 2', Group 4 state championships at Holmdel meet with 103 points. Park. Columbia won the team title,

defeating runnerup Randolph 32-

Blaubelt (28th in 21:40) and Anna Dujnic (31st in 21:57). Westfield's front five runners SP.F BOYS nveraged 21;09, the fastest time The Scotch Phiins-Fanwood in team history on the Wnrinanco boys cross country team assured championship course. itself of qualifying for tomorFreshmen Alexis Anzelone row's state meet after taking the (13th in 20:53) and Rachel fifth spot in Saturday's North Ackerman (19th in 21:09) led the Jersey, Section 2, Group 3 compeway for the Blue Devils, with tition. plenty of help from Laura Brucia The Raiders totaled 126 (20th in 21:10), Tara Bhandari points, five spots bohind champi(25th in 21:20), Sara Carpenter on Morristown, which won com(26th in 21:65), Adrienne fortable over Cranford 29-78.

SP-F girls fall in county title clash

SP-F senior James Canterbury cracked the top 10 for the Raiders, placing ninth in 17:36.50. SP-P GIRLS The Liuly Raiders also advanced on to this weekend's state nifot tiller a fourth-place showing in the sectional. SP-F ended the meet with 106 points, trailing only winner Morristown (39 points),- runnertip Mount Olive (46) and Jefferson (82).

Kostro, Heinkel help Blue Devils advance T he Kostro and Salmond scored a Westfield High pair of goals apiece and teamgirls soccer, mates Amy Coccaro, Jessica Lutkenhouso and Heinkel t • e a m chipped in with ono goal each. advanced once Nusse and Michelle again into the North Jersey McLaughlin didn't need to make tiny saves in goal. Section 2, BOYS SOCCER Group 4 finals Statu Tournament after nipping Randolph 2-1 Tuesday in Westfield. Tho Westiield boys squad was The Blue Devils, who have scheduled to meet Montclnir in reached the sectional finals seven tho North Jersey Section 2, consecutivB seasons, were set t o Croup 4 semifinals Wednesday in visit Roxbury yesterdny after- Montclnir, noon in the title clnsh. Tho sixth-seeded Blue Devils Westfield built u 2-0 first-half advanced to the semis after shutlead Tuesday and held on for the ting out Randolph 1-0 Nov. 6 in triumph. Margarnt Kostro (jot overtime. the Blue Devils on the board Senior Peter Lau scored the first, off an assist by Suzanne game winner off an assist by Heinkel, who scored herself at 29 Frank Iaimi with J!:40 remaining minutes on u pass from Kristen in the dust half of overtime. Salmond. Mike Idlanci finished with two Weatfiekl goalie Vicky Nusse stives for Westfield (12-7-1). FIELD HOCKEY saved five shots for WestfieId (16State Tournament 3-1). Westfield 8, Linden O — Tho I)hie Devils squeezed by Westfield had no trouble advanc- Union 1-0 Oct. 31 behind a secing in the state tournament Nov. ond-hnlf gonl by junior left inner 6 after cruising past Linden 8-0. Allison Cook.


' .The surging Soctch PlainsFan wood High girls soccer team needed to climb just one more step Monday to complete their dubious journey in the Union County Tournament, on a fluke," said Viking Head 111 Unfortunately, standing in the Coach Jim Revel, whose team Raiders way was a young and tal- last won the county title in 1993. ented Union Catholic squad, a "They beat Westfield, which is a team playing on a level all its very good team, and they played own in recent weeks, a great match with Clark. We • < And on Monday, the Raiders, knew coming in here that this though valiant in defeat, became wasn't going to be an easy one by the latest victim of the Viking any stretch of the imagination. crush, losing 2-0 to Union We're very happy to come away Catholic in the UCT finals at with the win." Williams Field in Elizabeth. The Vikings (19-2), who out• '• • Senior forward Jill Lasseter shot SP-F 40-15, picked up an scored just 15 seconds into the insurance goal with 18:13 left in match to set the tone in the the first half when Laura Iden, Vikings favor, while the Raiders the county's top scorer, punched were forced to play catch-up a Bhot through the left corner of before they could even catch their the net off a rebound. GEORGE PACCIELLO/RECORD-PRESS breath. "We had played them earlier Scotch Plalns-Fanwood d«tond«r Courtney Metzger battles for the ball "I don't know what happened in the season and we knew defen- with Laura Iden of Union Catholic during the Raiders' 2-0 loss Monday With the first goal in the begin- sively, (Kate) Vanderheyden ia In the UCT finals. 4-1 on Oak Ridge. ning, We might have had a little very good and (Christine) Bowers through in the early going. confusion," said SP-F Head is probably one of the best keep"The first goal hurt a little Courtney Metzger scored SPers in the county," said Revel on bit," said Butz. "It was unbeliev- F's lone gonl in the second half. Coach Frank Butz. ' ] "But you have to give the kids the Raiders. WHS ALUMNI GAME able. But I was proud of the way "So our strategy was to get on they played in the tournament. Bowers made 10 saves for the a lot of credit. They hung tough Raiders, who ended their season ICE HOCKEY AH |p"aduntes and current stujihd played a good match. We the board early and make them We beat Summit, the eighth seed, dents a t WHS are invited to ALUMCNI GAME never gave up and towards the try to change their game. The Westfield, the top seed, and with a 10-9-2 record. The Rnidera edged Milburn 1end we had some good opportuni- second goal changed their plan a Johnson, the fourth seed. That's The Westfiold High School ice attend. New Jersey Devils' fans O in sectional quarterfinal action hockey team alumni will piny its are also invited. Participating ties. But they're (Union Catholic) little bit and certainly gave us not a bad run." some room to work with." Nov. (5 in Milburn. a great team." third annual Alumni Game alumni players must provide STATE TOURNAMENT Bowers had a busy night SP-F took the lead for good against the boys' varsity team on their own equipment, The Raiders had surprised The sixth-aeoded Raiders were For questions regnrding the everybody in the county up to between the posts, Baving 13 knocked out of the North Jersey when senior midfielder Leah Wednesday evening, Nov. 26 a t this point, except Union Catholic. shots for the Raiders after the Section 2, Group 3 semifinals Sncn/. do Viteri scored off a direct Wnrinnnco Park Ice Rink, in game, contact Jon Davidson a t (954)984-2973. Elizabeth. !,t. "Scotch Plains did not get here Vikings initial goal squeaked Tuesday after falling to Jefferson kick 13 minutes into the game.

LIC ( AKD1 I ()KI)» LICC AKDI CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Ford Store: Rt. 22 West, Watchuni

Chrysler Store: Rt. 22West, Green Brook



$95 Used Car and Tru Inventory Disposal

Liccardi Chrysler Plymouth's Used Car Manager, Bob Mundy, & Liccardi Ford's Used Car Manager, Dennis Luber, must close out over 300 used cars and trucks this Saturday, November 15th, during three hours only, from 10 AM to 1 PML In order to accomplish this, Bob and Dennis have ordered every car, truck, van and 4x4 to be marked down thousands of dollars - some as to low as $95.*


InspectUu /'

Sound Impossible?

When interviewed, Bob and Dennis stated, "Due to record new car sales, we have too many preowned vehicles in our $4 million inventory and they are interfering with the new car business. We have to sell as many vehicles as possible during this extraordinary event. "Selected vehicles from our

huge inventory of $6,O00-$8,O0O cars will go for $3,000-$4,000. And a large group of $12,000-$ 14,000 cars will roll for as little as $8,000$9,000. Plus luxury cars that were selling up to $20,000 will drpp down to $ 12,000-$ 14,000. Everything must be sold in these three hours."

or our ftn! Store, %, November14.

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West, Watchung or Liccardi Chrysler, Rt 22 West, Green Brook. Bring your friends and neighbors and they, too, will be able to take advantage of this incredible sales event!

...'....V.OK!* i/ Ftr$t-Time Buyer?.. X>K\% y No Money Dawn Available^

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November 13, 1997



Thanksgiving Tur Join North Jersey Newspapers and these merchants in celebrating Thanksgiving by participating in our

Thanjksgiving Enter at any oneof merchants listed below No purchase necessary Drawing will be held on November 17th, winners ^§* will be notified by phone or mail.

. h f * ft

•'m(ifiiiiw \«gcs, regular salary tnchstses, p.tu! imlnLiy-. ami; vacations, mi'dic-.il lit'iufils; h'V diMtiiisii un .ill 1 purclwsts, S, collfpt' sclutUrMniis All IIOMIIOIINI ruiuire weekend mMilahility .Stlu-diili s a n individuaUri'd. llqiul up|niin:nih nupluvrr M t '

Part Time Job Opportunities in tlicse Are;i4!



If you'pride yourself on quality work, aitd want to 'gtotv with us... ]

You will execute inspection programs, document test results and analyze exceptions. To qualify, you must possess a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance or a relevant technical field, You must be a self-starter who can work with minimal supervision. Strong attention to detail is also required as Is proficiency in word processing and spread sheotB, Audit experience preferred.

Then We Need You Too! Permanent Part-Time Positions Available • Great opportunity to'earn extra money/No Selling ' i ;:• . * %lnfcre$in9 Topics " * ' " ' • $10O Bonus • Frequent Merit Reviews


' Wp Offer a hieUli competitive compensation and : benefits p/KRajje. To be considered for to local, ; intervt^'ptaiJMS send your resume and, eoWr letter spdclfyfng your position of interest to; Prlea WataitwuM, Attn: SKNJ119, P.O. Box 20011,1101 Wilton Boultvmd, Arlington, VA 22209. Fax (703) 741-1616. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

We need reliable employees who possess a clear, professional speaking voice. \

AUTO SERVICE TECHNIClANS-DicKtneoi-' liutcXDodga, a loatJinj Na:tti GirolinadsaloiBlijp nt'edf Cnryslor IfOtrwd lecrtrkt >;'1,OOO DOWN! '93 ESCORT LX

TDVDM 2-Dr, 4-Cyl, A\Ao. PS/PB, A/C, Sun float & Moral VINHROOO3502 Ex Condi


Honda 2-Dr, 4-Cyl, 5-Spd Man Trans, Pwr Shoring & | Brakes, Air Cond, AM/FM Cass. Morel VIN»JH5O3296/ . 65828 £.0* Mi Ex Condi |




4995 *± 4*


SUBARU 4-Dr, 4-Cyt. Auto trans, PS/PB, A/C A Morel VIN»PK51B706



Regular Cab, 4-Cyl, 5-Spd MfX, r/As slsl R&P SUng, P/DIsc Brks, Dual Air Bag, AM/FM Stereo ETH, Air A Moral' VINHWZ0273A7 MSRP $21JBI



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Chovy 4-Dr 4-Cyl, Auto Trans. Pwr Stowing S Brakoo, Pwr Winds i Dr Lcks, Air Cent). AM/FM Stereo Cassoflo X Moral VIN#P723d7t8/62O00MI E* Condi


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November 14, 1997

Record-Press 240



F/f1 minimum of 1 yr. experierfee In Medical Billing reqifred. Customer srvc, data erftry and computer skills nafcessafy. College degree a


RUNN&t: PT/FT: Days-nighiswjekends Suburban Golf O Bb. Call K!nr_9q6:686-O4t3 ^CARPENTERS HELPER Vajd NJ drivers license. Will trapjCall 908-85!vl636 C|SHIER P/T Immediate ofjjning for par! lime cashier in a Busy building malarial center. '^:Ule weekdaytiours. Some Bkends. (Mm Jaeger nber Company (9fe|377-1QQ0ash for Tom

Gashier/Stock FWT-Flex hrs. Apply in persop: Shoppers Liquor, 333 South Avo East, Westlield^ Jjtd Care A+NANNY JOBS Uiflo $425 F/T * $8-$12/nr PT ) & DL, reis reqcl, NO FEE C*ipeCare » 908-232CAHE

EniDlovmeal full Time


CHILDCARE: Assist with care of 4 children; P/T, 2O-25hfS, must drive. English req'd. 906-789-2523 after 6pm. •CHILDCARE-Work in your own home. Apply al Monday Morning Inc. 908-668-4884

2 4 0 Employment M l Time

908-296-9772 DELI HELP Full-Time or PartTime, Experienced &. Reliable. Rease call 789^2770

248 Employmeftt Full Tima

Employment full Time


Emulovnwil full H I M


GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR F/T - P/T (or day, evening & wkend hrs. Must have gymnastic exper. & be good with children. Call 908-789-3392. Ask for Jolene for interview.

Central Jersey pump manufacturer has immediate opening 'or a Mechanic to assemble pumps. Candidate should have a good mechanical aptitudeand willingness to learn new products Send resume with salary requirements to 443 Norti' Ave, Garwood, NJ Q7027. Att; D. Meyer.


Hitter SYSCO Food CHILD CARE - in my Westlie!d Services, Nation's leader in Live-in or out. Must food service distribution has an excellent opportunity lor delivery drivers with a CDL CHILDCARE: Live in. 5/7 days, for 2 boys. 1 & 2. Need love, DRIVER OTR Covenant Class A license. Preler food energy, & DR license. Summit Transport Want to made Some service exp. and min. 1 yr. exp. driving. Must have 908-598:9326 Serious MONEY! Family Se- strong customer relation CHILDCARE NANNY Needed curity. Full Benefits Top Pay skills. Good union benefits F/T or P/T ASAP. Car & exp ana Miles. Call Covenant and steady work with overTransport 1-888-MOREPAY time. Call Human Resources _ teqd. • 908^754^6161 » or call 1-800-441-4394 Gradu- for an appt. (201) 433-2000 CHILDCARE Seeking caring ate Students call F/T Live-out Nanny for fun lov- 1 -800-338-6428 Toll Free FAX ing 4yr old girl in our Cranlorrj ESTHETICfAN-Space for rent home. Lighl housekeeping in Cranford Salon, all equip incl. Exp'd, rets & car reqd DRIVERS-Exc pay. Must have provided. 90B-272-9522 Vera Call Le5lie^at^973-645-39B6 _ own car. Make own rirs & days. Srs & relifees welcome. F/T Live out lor 2 boys CLERICAL ?n 908-92^3909 1 and 2 yrs. Meed love, Part time position available in patience, humor, Drv. Drivers otfice of busy building malarial center. Responsibilities will in- School Bus Drivers needed, license Summit 908-598-9326 clude processing of paper work Hillsborougti area. Routes and general clerical duties. For /Trips. $11.50 per hour. CDL FT/PT work from your home. an employment interview. Call B-P prel'd. Call J i m , Major Benefits incl car/travel. Call for Appt. 903-276-2059. Pau! at (908)686-0073 extj>17 908-78B-9755

LEGAL SECRETARY-Cranforrj firm seeks Real Estate ssc'y to handle files from contract to closing, good people skills, WP 5.1, sleno a plus. Please call 908-275-3060 or fax resume 908-276-2669

MEDICAL BILLING SECRETARY Full Time For busy doctor's office. Must be computer literate & have Immediate opening for belt good knowledge of Managed splitter using modified lathe. Care Insurance. CallJudy Apply In parson 9am-3pm at ar_90B-654-6544

Machine Operator

Belting Industries, 20 Boright Ave, Kenilwortti, NJ. MANAGED CAHE COORDINATOR FT

POWER WASHING FT/PT. Between 30-50 hrs per week. Good starting salary. Must have driver's license. Call 201-564-93gB


906-654-4000 > i n

RECEPTIONIST Heavy typing, answering phones, must know Microsoft Word. Must be reliable & accurate to work in last paced environment. Fax resume 973- 376-0336.

Build a strong future TOE our patients and your career! At the University of Virginia Medical Center, a 600bed tertiary care center and Level t Trauma Center, you will find an environment which promotes the highest quality patient care as well as professional development. During the past year, our Surgical Services Center has restructured its critical care beds and, as a tesuli, we need additional experienced critical care nurses to serve a variety of patients with complex surgical needs Including trauma, general surgery, solid organ transplant and various subspccialtles.

join the Team \itLTA!

Center located

in beautiful Charlotlesville, is currently seeking experienced nurses to fill positions in many acute and critical care units throughout our medical center including the following:

Explore these opportunities in an environment o f professional growth through a competitive salary/ benefits package, continuing education. ;i clinical ladder, and interdisciplinary teamwork, lor more information, please contact Susanna Hreni, Health-care Recruiter, at I-8O0-843-827G or by email at scb3uff5virginia.edu. EOE/AA


ri University of Virginia y HEALTH SYSTEM

NOW HIRING!! Earn Up To $15 per hour 1.00 per hr + comm) is accepting applications far full and part-time Seasonal Positions

APPLY NOW In Person 40 Cragwood Road South Plainneld, NJ 07080

Sales Associates Cosmetic Beauty Advisors Finley Fine Jewelry Commission Shoes



King ToleScrvitt's

Westfield 609 North Avenue


Shipping Clerk F/T Shipping Clerk, 9-5:30. Shipping & receiving plus some local deliveries. Casual, non-smoking environment, New facility located in Springfield. Call Scott Conrad for interview, (973) 912-5400 SHIPPING & RECEIVING CLERK-Some exp. req Duties to include: Counter Svc. S Lite Deliveries in Company Vehicle. Must have clean driver's license 4 own reliable trans. Great benefilpkg.& paid holidays. Salary commensurate w/exp. Apply i n , person at: Protech Safety Equip., 1930 S. Wood Ave. (cornerof 20th St) Linden, NJ. Alt: Pat Sunderlin

Teachers' Aides for children 9-18 mos. & Infant Care Providers 3-9 mos. Experience helpful. Call Diane, 9 0 8 - 3 8 8 - 0 0 5 1 . Serious inquiries only.

0 0 0 0 0 0




When This CooM Tito DM If you're looking for a Job in a business that's really going places, look at BostonCoach. BostonCoach, trie nation's premiere ground transportation service and a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments*, is expanding rapidly.

UVa is prepared to offer the right candidates relocation assistance and, as an additional incentive, i sign-on bonus of $1,500, Charlottesville, our dynamic community, is consistently ranked among the top U.S. cities based on quality ot'lil'c standards. Its close proximity to several metropolitan areas and Atlantic beaches, coupled with the cultural and educational offerings of a university setting, gives you the perfect balance of work and piny.

EXECUTIVE SEDAN DRIVERS As an Executive Sedan Driver you will work independently, drive a brand new sedan and deliver top-notch customer service to our Fortune 5 0 0 client base. We offer competitive pay, flexible schedules, and unlimited potential for growth. We require a valid driver's license and a good driving record. We currently have parttime positions available in both the a.m. and the p.m. The first step in completing an application is to attend an informational interview. Please call 908-355-7351 to sign up and receive more information. Informational sessions will take place on Monday, November 10 at 6:00 p.m. and Wednesday, November 12 at Noon and 6:00 p.m.', at 780 Dowel Ave., Elizabeth, NJ (Exit 13A off the NJ Turnpike).

For more information on these opporiunilies, please contact Niln Saliba. Healthcare Recruitment Manager, al I-KOO-843-8276 or ns7cl(>irBinia.cdu. EOE/AA I University of Virginia i HEALTH SYSTEM

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

. EOE cue k

Bquul Opjuirtunil) CniplnyiT

i".'"; '.'. '_.:,* t



RECEPTIONIST Needed lor exclusive salon. Apply in person Subway Salon, 241 Millbum Ave. Millfjurn or call 973-467-0477 ext 166




We also Imve Executive Trainee and Area Sales Manugcr positions avuifublc Tor experience retail professionals.

For busy Westfield Hair Salon. Experience preferted. Great opportunity for mature adult. FT/PT. Cafl 906-233-2726

TEACHERS ASSISTANT To work with Infants in daycare, B-4.908-647-3B33




SALES/INSIDE-See our display ad in help wanted holiday hiring section "Customer Service', Kino. Tele Services.

Children's Medical Center: Experienced acute and critical care nurses needed to provide care to an international patient population ranging in age from newborn to 21. Heart surgery, transplant, dialysis, trauma, and ECMO are among the specialty services. Positions are available in PICU, NICU and Acute Pediatrics.

PAYROLL COORDINATORSee our ad in help wanled Display seel. King Tele Services

MANICURIST needed for Cranford salon. For details call Vera 908-272-9522

The University of Virginia Medical Center, a 600-bed tertiary care center and Level 1 Trauma

Adult Rehab: Stall nurses arc needed to care for an adult rehab patient population. Experience in med/surg or adult rehab preferred.

•MODEL SEARCH kids, leens & 20's needed. Cover Girt Studio Z61 -2042 LicBWO19320a

Inmedlcat Office. PCP managed care environment pref'd. Call 908-232-5858

Duties include Switchboard and Phone Coveratjt, Xerox S Payroll. Mon thru Fri. 8:302:30. If interested call:



Can you train and motivate . anyone? Are you a positive energetic individual? If you ~ answered yes to these ques-,. lions Call 1-800-836-2274, ." ext. 125 lor immed Interview. ' TELEPHONE OPERATORS PT for answering service, Sat & Sun, 7:30-3:30pm or 3:30-11:30pm. Cranfotd, 908-276-7200 • ,;

TYPIST/BILLING Start now. must be fast, accurate typist. Have "gciWf math skills. Knowledge o ( * Microsoft Word a musty. knowledge of medicaj* terminology a plus. Full btn-Jj eM package. Call Joan fora interview. 906-272-7878 «

•+» IMMEDIATE -*-2

WAREHI Crowing lood service, & carry looking for full 1 _ workers within refrigerated* Meat Dept, Kenilworth area* Send resume to H.R. Dept w PO Box 239, Arveme N^w 11692 orfax 718-634-1346 *

EintiWfllMtPMlTilM CASHIER PfT neededtoffeiafj sales. Friendly respOMirjl** person for Westtield con-" •£ signmenl shop. Will train..Very* congenial work environment)" Call Tina 908-233-5789 for g interview. .• a :

m m fMUMMIWM _a

CHILD CARE: needed for 3& * i yr old. own transp, English speaking, rels. 15-25 h r i M t , week, alt various hrs & HtMbMM Perl for college studenfc 908-276-2018 „ .„


Station Wagons within I h * Northern, NJ area. Call ext* 38 at 1-800-858-8463 S HOLIDAY HELP WANTEE^ P/T, F/T eves. Cashl«n£! Tree Sales, Williams Nui» sery, Westfld. 9O8-232-407»

LEGAL SECRETARY P/T,- Afternoons 1-5. Morw Fri, Exp req'd Bi-llnqual t plus. Call 322-7OOO. Local Filendfy Co has • m immediate openings. Our *J summer workers have r ^ turned to school. Good pay. N» exp nee. Days, eves, wkndff Students welcome. Call n o * , 201 -291-9O9O/973-335-6604* MEDICAL ASSISTANT g Will train, no e«p. nee. „ PT possible FT. Momirj|i» afternoon, eves A som* StJK Call9OB-665-0013.


18,999 4 Cyl, Power: Sleer/Brakes/WindAods, A/C, Security System, AM/FM Stereo Cass. w/CD Changer, Pinstripe, Woodgrain Dash Appearence i Protaction Pkg, Demo, 18,269 rnies. VllSff VA0O4685; S!k» 8313, MSRP $19,385; Value As Equipped $23,416

V-6, Power: StaMes/itaSAocks, WC, AM/FM Stereo Cassette w/CD Changer, Appeateixs & Protection Pkg., Demo, 14,677 miles. I/INK 4401961: SiM 8333; MSRP $29,395; Valued As Equipped $31105.



fit v.i.?.

ft9f J1OQ

vV-6, Power: S!fl«i/Bfak9SiWindlocia. A/C, AM/FM

food Credit:

Oemo. 23,137 rafct. VINIM432l95;SBi r


November 14, 1997

Record-Press Employmeal PartTime 255

Employment Part Time

RECEPTIONIST/SECTY £•'• PARTTIME 20-25 hrs wk in afternoon's w Weekly Newspaper Recovery /full-time potential lor Westiield MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Driver (or the Sorn erset County consulting firm. Qualified canE*p. necessary. Approx. 15 area. Hourty pay plus mileage didates musl have exceptional Heir- hours, Tues. a must. reimbursement. Mondays telephone skills, exp w/MS Of908-964-8929 or lax Thursdays and Fridays fice or equiv (min 50 WPM T 908-964-7646 needed. CaSI Mike a t exc grammar skills), Lotus or 908-575-6670. Excel & ability to learn software & procedures quickly. It you are dependable, organized & PET SITTER ^OFFICE CLERK P/T willing to provide a wide-range Westfield medical practice. PT, (or mid day, to setve'clients of support services, please lax M-F 8:30-2:30. Genl office in Westfield. Oanlord. Rose- resume w/cover letter stating He, Union & surrounding areas. why this job is right for you & du'iiag. Call 90B-232-5858 Owu^ansportatton. 548-8633 hrs available to 908-317-4434


Employment PartTime

MS Child Care Nursery Schools 270 Situations Wauled

TELEMARKETING RETAIL P/T Enjoy decorating & working with people. Inferiors ol WesttieldhasanopeningforaSalas Assistant. 908-233-9707

SEASONAL Merchandisers needed lor major toy manufacturer. Call 1-800-457-4B04 exl, S717 leave name/number.

Telemarketing/Salss Assi's BEGIN YOUR CAREER IN FINANCE Mortgage Co in Kenilworth will train motivated individuals who enjoy talking on the phone and dealing with people. Excellent bass salary and generous commmission P/T evening hours available. Call Donna, t-BOQ.636-2274,6x1 125.

$200-$300/wk Work Irom Home No Sales Involved Appt Scheduling VB88343222AtJ0

TELEPHONE CALLERS PT - To recruit volunteers tortile American Heart Association Friendly smoke free atmosphere Weekday hrs. 201-376-1366 to leave massage

A* Quality Ctiild Ca»e ottered AFFORDABLE live in Nanny by a state certified Mom in my /Au Pair, legal for 12 mos k/Westfield home full time or part erage cost 3220/wk J572-7S73. time- Call 23^3429^ AN EF AUPAIR European jive Experienced, loving child care in Child Care. Exp the benefits in my Union home. Part time of llexibilty Affordable inter/full time 14 years experience. cultural child care. Carefully Excellent references. screened & trained. English speaking aupairs with legal US 908-6880481 visas. Average weekly cost ot »MONDAY MORNING I N O $220, Convenient live in care Reliable, insured care for in- lor your children. For mora info lanls 8. toddlers 908-668-4884 call Michelle 908-272-7073 * Nannies » Companions » Baby Nurses Avail. Live In/Out Serve-UWell90B-393-0277

Employment Part Time 255 Employment Part Time 255



•JO CHKYSLEK 5TI1 TI AVENUE U LAN1UL' AN •1 dr 6 Cyl aylOlra^S w OD. O D p*(l slrngCiKS C K A tAR AM FM stereo. p»r wirviloc** S??l5 funk. 1 ill ctwse rdel fgls gauges, dual nws a'fbag >M i nip wtrp vrhl COv cwn wncn seass 33B5lmi STK*U2323 V1N #10/75673

"94 CHRYSLER HIS e toet t$au


>f> 1 (>HI>

'«>5 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 8 E Mmivan ti c*1. aulo Irani K.'OD. pwr stmrj'bfct.

AM.FM slsioo. I'glass. guages. an Dag clolh m l . 4.832 m i . Slit »UJS73. Vlfj

AIR AM.'FM case p*f wmd.t'Kfcl'Kilgilt. lilt, cimst? r del lg!s gauges dualmirrs rv«ip deli nWcov cloth bckls 36 589HU STK1K3M.VIN •SR1W110

ABPI11E 2 dr 4 cyl. aulo lvi -At.'cf.iKki.inu 'IH-mrr Ml oviM. fetal. tisrokSos M u j e i klyHSl «nlry a'a.ni »t> bag akim^hls leathbcliU 1BB1& N


*97 PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER Minlvan Ecyl au1d Irani, pwr stmn'biki. AIR.

»M f M sleroo f.*r mlcrs. l aot t/glsis. gauges, dual air b&Q*. Irtt wip. I wip, 7-PBBS Isallno deli v>h! cov clotn bckls. 14 010 ml, STK *U!337, VIN »VR 14S38?.


260 Employment Full Time

Needed for one day a week delivery. Must have reliable car and valid NJ Driver's License. For more information Please call Mike at 722-3000 Ext 6833

• HOME HEALTH AIDES • SKILLEDCARE » RN's/LPIfs Medicaid Cert. Lic'd'BonOed OORSON HOME CARE, INC Springfield 908-273-5349 EBSt_0ran ml.. VIN#SS027148. Lease for SIRS per mo. for 38 months \v/$699 Total Down. 1994 FORD T-R1R1) l.X: 2 dr. Auto, AC, All Power Equipment, 38,000 nit., VIN#RH210176. Lease for $147 per mo. for 38 months w/$6 uu Total Down. 1995 PLYMOUTH NEON IIIGIILINE: 4 dr, Auto, AC, p/lcks, ABS, 29,0W( mi, V1MSD222751. Lease for $159 per mo. for 38 months \v7$699 Total Down. 1994 OLDS ACH1EVA SL 4 dr, 6 cyl, Auto, AC, All Power Equip, 24,000 mi,, V1N#RMO44589, Lease lor S179 per mo. for 38 months w/$699 Total Down, 1995 NISSAN AIXIMA GXE; 4 dr, Auto, AC, All Power Equipment, 27,000 ml,, VIN#SC 107547. Lease for $195 per mo. for 38 months w/$699 Total Down. 1995 HONDA ACCORD L\: Mnrf, Auto, AC, All Power Equipment, 28,000 mi,, VIN#SA106093. Lease for $195 per mo, for 39 months w/$1500 Total Down.

1994 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO) 4 dr, 4x4, Auto, AC, All Power Equipment, 47,000 mi., VIMRC2I2470, Lease for $199 pK-78lio Diosol I. rainn, 14.MJO UVWH, Auto Ttnns, \>m43, VINIV7CX)«05. MSI1P %M,\K>

AUTO CREDIT BY TELEPHONE! If you're now omployad and cim mate $199 monthly car paymontsl

BAD CREDIT SLOW PAY r OK! Repossosslons, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Clmryo-Offs, etc... Jhoy'ro no problem with Quson City's unlquo "Now Whools" Financing Progrnml Give us a chnnce to finance youl


(732) 752-3000



22, Gfeen Brook ,E; " N. Plainfield


CHEVY 2-Dr,V8, Aulo, 4-Whl Drive, PS/PB, PW, PDL, Pwr Seals, A/C, T/QIs, Rt Del, Sloroo Cassette, Tilt, Cruise, Alloy Whls, Showroom NBWI 117630MI/STK#P5531A/ VIN«HF)t3347.


GMC 4-Dr, B-Cyl, Auto. 4WD, PS/PB, PW, PDL. Pwr Trtik. A/C. TQIs. Rr Dof. Stsfeo Cass, Till, Critlso, Alloy Whls, Mini Condi 63146MI/STKKT7525 AAf I^)#P25^28 73.

'96E35OCLUB WAGON '18,995 FORD 15-Pnss Wgn, V8, Aulo, PS/PB, A/C, T/QI, AM/FM Stereo, Till, Cruise, Uka Nawl 3251DMI/STK*P5542/VIN#THA12842.

AUTOMATED OPERATOR - 24 HOURS - 1 •800-639-9433


TOYOTA 4-Dr, 6-Cyl, Aulo, 4-Wht Drivo, PS/ PB, Pwr Wlnd/Lcks/Antanna, A/C, T/Qla, (leaf Dei. Stereo Cascelte. Till, Ciulso, Sun Roof, Alloy Whls, Immac! 67666MI/ STK#P5532A/ViNltP0t 1D438



N«w 1B07 OflANO AM QT Cou)](i w/4-Bpcl Airtolinns wrUntmncod Trncllon Rysloin, j . i u JIUU nri vo, r a nns wrlliitinncotl Ryslom, 3.1 L 3100 BFI v f lVIN# , PS/ PH. AWI'U I-TFI Stntoo nndln w/Clock A Cnen, A/C. Bee Or Wind™Trncllon Ootog. Ctuisa Ik Moiol Slk#rilS7. vrarpnMMIiMI'tHJMM'dnlilHBOOHlMSiaOUIlllHivfiOClLiHllfll


JEEP 2-Dr Convt, SAHARA Pkg, 6-Cyl, Aulo, 4-Whl Dfivo. PS/PB, AJC. T/Glass, AM/FM Staroo, Tilt, Cruise, Mint Condi 39768MI/STK«P5543/VIN«PP211486.


TRAN5:SR0RTS Now 1097 TIMNB SPOHT 8E EilondDd 4 D r wJLurwaao Rntk, 7-Pnss 7-Pnss Sonltnu Sonltnu Can Cap Chnlia, Chnlia, 4Spd 4Spd Aulo, Aulo, 3344 ungago Rntk, 1.3HM!BFIV0 t o n , PS/PU, I'owiif Slltllnrj Oooi, AM/FM Btnroo CIGS, A/C & Moral SIKI7-DB4, VIMKVUS06493 MSnP jl&.mn. Price lialB $IQO0 RohaiB. $2.000 Donlar Disc. $7H0 Cuslomor Loynlty II qimllllod.

FORD 4-Dr, 6-Cyl, Aulo. 4-Whl Drive, PB/ PB. Pwr Sls/Wind/Lcks, A/C, T/GIss, Rear Defrost, Stareo Cassette, Till, Cruise, Sun Root, Alloy Whls, Extra Clean! Ex Condi 8062aMI/STK» 7-364 A/VIN #RUB330B 1.

•93 WRANGLER '12,998



Now 1 BOY BONNEVILLE BE SEDAN w/4-Scd Aulo. 3.B L 3000 Sorlos II, V-6 Enn, PS/F'D, AIWFM ET^Storim Care, frWny I'wr Orivor Scial, A/C, Alum. Wills. P«w M m , Homolo KDVIOSB Eniry & Moiol Slk«7-7G7, VINI VHJ7B9B3 MSRP »5,2«ii PMco IrKla IIOOQ Hobnlo, t20tD Doator Disc, t75O Cuslomor Loyally il qimliflmf

JEEP 4-Dr 6-Pass Waoon, 6-Cyl, Auio. 4Whl Drive, PS/PB, PW, PDL, A/C, T/Glaaa, Fir Del, AM/FM Stereo, Tilt, Cruise, Alloy Wheels, Low Mileage, Ex Condi 6674Ml/ STMP5541/ViN#TL294316.


GMC 4-Df, 6-Cyl, Aulo, 4WD. PS/PB, PW, PDL. A/C, T/GI, Roar Delrost, Siereo Cass, Tilt, Cruise, Alloy Whls, Loadodl Ex Cond! 642B1MI/STK#7-847A/VIN#SK509316

PATHFINDER XE'17,995 NISSAN 4-Dr, D-Cyl, Auto, 4-Whl Drivo. PS/ PB, PW, PDL, A/C.T/GSss, Rr Delrosi, Sterao Casa, 1111. Crulso, Alloy Whls, Ex. Condi 39197MI/STK»P553WIN#SW041439.



CHEVY 2-Dr, Vfl, Auto. 4-WhOBl Drive, PS/ PB, Pwr Sts/Wlnd/Lcks, A/C, T/Glass, Roar Delrosi, Sioreo Cassetie, Till, Cruise, Alloy Whls, Low Miloage! Ex Condi 32614MI/ STK#P5536/VIN»S2t(MGS2.

94 SUBURBAN '23,995 GMC 4-Dr, VB, Auto, 4-VVhl Drivo, PS/PB, Pwr StsAVind/Lchs, A/C, T/Glass. Rear Do). Till, Cruisa, Alloy Whls, Siereo, CD Player, Exlra Clean! Ex Condi 77584MI/STKt P5S3B/VINHRJ71530B. All makos a models, call for Info

COLLEGE GRAM! Ask about our special , cash rebates and

Choose from ovar 500 New \ ^


And Used Cars, Vans, 4x4's & Trucks, Call 24-hours, 7 days a woek. Arranging for credit takes Just four minutes on the telephone. (Wo issue Temporary NJ Platos on the spot.)


$ includes all consumor costs except license registration, tax document & MV feqs. All prices include incentives & factory rebates if qualified. 35,00u"mi/yr 100 thereafter, Closed end lease w/ Cap Cost Reduction + 1 " payment $399 + Ref. Sec. Dep,$40Q + Bank Fee $495, Total ofpymtna $22,152, Total duo at Inception $4294, tFlnance offer In lieu of cash rebate on selected models.r-i

November 14. 1997 WESTFIELD: Office space 700)- sq ft, w/basement. Call 908-739-2562 WESTFIELD-P1 Zone. Prof! oiiice space. Pwt entrance, 2nd Nr, prfcg. approx 1300 sqft Avaii immed 908-654-3725 WESTFIELD-Praf] Wdg. 1700 sq ft, Exc toe. Off St park. File sioraga avail. 908-317-5757

Open Classifieds for the Services You Need! Eiriplonntnt full Time 240


•PARSE HOUSE ANTIQUES Wanted to Bent 8y Stage House Villa se-Sc Pins International busiAntiques Bought & Sold nessman..Furnished condo. • FIREWOOD . Dealer Space Available apartment or a house in the 722 ST. MARKS AVE Quality seasoned hardwoods Bobby 908-322-9090 Vacation Property For Rent 480 Crantord'Westfiela area to' the WESTFIELD fc>'hearth or stove period Jan 10, 1993 thru' Apni Sat, Nov 15, B:30-4pm 530 5115 per Cord Delivered 15. 1998. Please contact POCONOS Fali week or Mahogany DR Furn, sola, Small quantities available wkend & wintei monthly ien- Kathleen Clayton at: FUR COAT-Fuil length coffee table, velvet armSCHIEFERSTEIIMFARM Moore Stephens, PC al taJs, 4 BR. V.s bin, fireplace, Crystal Fox. Sija Medium. chair, pf oak end tables, 393 Madison Hill fid CLVK 5650.908-654-8371 round kitchen table & 4 near ski slopes. 90B-245-0164 908-272-7000 flxt 3573 732-386-3273 chairs, kneehole office Antiques 5 5 Q 500 FitewoodS fuel desk, twin bed mattresses, king sz bed, mahog MMUEfTMAREEK « t BARTELL'S • * LAFAYETTE MILL ANTIQUES BR furn, TV & stand. We FARM & GARDEN SUPPLY CENTER off Route 15. cabinet, porch furn, FIREWOODS STOVE Firewood ' ? or full cords Lafayette (Sussex Co) NJ lamps, pictures, china, WOOD Split. Seasoned hard201-383-0065 40 Fnendly Delivered, 654-1566O88-15B1 ftood.delvTciSI25.cord $65/'; bric-a-brac. dealers displaying affordable FIREWOOD-Guaranteed cord. S35.' 4 cord.Stacking THI ATTIC antiques, quality collectibles seasoned oak, spirt 1 de- avail 903-276-11 58 » Cafe on premises. 10am/5pm livered. 5130/cord- $70/W Closed Tues/Wed. cord. 908-756-1046 Employment FuLITime 240 EmBloymtnt Full Time 240 Emplovmeril Full Time 240 Employment Full Time 2 * 0


SUMMIT: Rooms fof rent. $90.-J125/week. Call 908-598-0522


Payroll c Coordinator

Returning To Work?

Award-winning telemarketing facility in So. Plainfield is looking for a Payroll Coordinator with 2-3 years automated payroll processing experience. Responsible for processing & maintaining a weekly payroll plus incentives, tracking of production hours, coordinating temp agency payrolls and ad hoc reporting. P.C. literate. Must have hands-on experience with Ceridian or ADP. High School i diploma required, College degree preferred. Great work environment, fast paced. Competitive salary & benefits package. Please : fax resume with salary to 30K.

World offers all its Part-Time employees: • Flexible Hours • Benefits • Complete Training • Friendly Work Environment

BUTLERS SECTWBreakiront (naliogany. 1940s, exe cond. S700 90S-233-9512 attBprn_

Roselie Park- Sat 11/22 Roselle Pk High School 165 W Websler Ave. off Locust Ave Hark- Sun 11/23- Municipal Bldg. 430 WssHteld Ave. In «, out 9-5. hotline-201-997-9535

COUCH. 5-piece. L-shape » 4piece oak wall Ltnit w;1ts. $800 obo 973 635^512

Employment FuliTima 240

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare Corporation* a leadfn^Mail Order Catalog Company, has openings in our Rarttan Center office.



A career as a telephone researcher/factchecker may he perfect for you, Work for :i leading reference book/database publisher located in your area! • Work from home durinj; business hours • So selling • PaidtralimiK Requires: 25 hours to be spent on tin1 telepiione per week, Imiui phone Imiui-tlelivcry of work to New Providence once |per week, and attendance at -i-hour UMintnt; In New I'roviilencc even'S weeks, I'ay rates arc hv piece, averacing $ 15O-S2O0 for 2S lumrs of labor. Clear speaking voice, confident ami porsisteiil lelepltDiu' demeanor and excellent S|H*1 Uiif; needed. Coniitci us between O-llam at (771

Reed Elsevier New Providence


Employment Fult Time

An- you a motivated self-starter who is reliable, detail oriented, and has strong interpersonal skills? Are you assertive and willing to follow detailed writ)en and verbal Instructions? Haw you worked in irtoiuarkeilng or customer service? Are you looking to use these skills while working limn home?

Candidates must have good typing skills and excellent communication skills. For immediate consideration, please call 908-225-0100, ext. 390. Refer to Job Search jH-107

Cranford 2 N. Union Ave. Westfleld 150 Elm St Warren 198 Wellington Valley Rd.

DINETTE SET-Cream Lacquer, ;vi(h •) chairs, exc cond, $500*0. Call 908-810-0551


Part Time Full Time Jobs

DINETTE SET-Cream Lac- DRESSER - Trp) traditional w tjuar. with 4 chairs, exc cond. rtutt mirtor. Mint cond! Soiid Call908-81(M)551 wood. SJS&^o 732-381-5359 Employment PirtTime 255

Equal Opply limplojx'r M/171JA'


Employment Parnime 255


COFFEE TABLE ItoundGlass Top w wood bottom. Askg $250 aO8-381-6522


• Flexible work schedules available. • Pleasant working environment • Generous employee discount

Please apply in person:


Meyersviiie Grange Inctoor ANTIQUE FLEA MARKET EVERY SUN B-2 30 FOR INFO (908) 654-3089 Meyersville Rd. Gillette NJ

Retirees, Homemakers & Students welcome.

If you have customer service experience we would love to talk to you!

att. Dept. P.C.

BED BRASS Brand new orthopedic matI'ess set w'wairanlies Qusen S25O King S395 delivery available (908) 249-4010 __


World Savings, one of the most admired financial institutions, is looking for Part-Tirne Customer Service Associates.


AVENEL FLEA MARKET 1488 Rahway Ave Avenei. NJ 500 Yds from Rahway Inspection Sta. Open Thurs, Sat & Sun 7am-3pm (Over 100 Tables/Vans Spols)


Earn$60to$150/Week Must be at least 14 Work with friends Itflust live in Zip Codes 07001, 07016,07033,07036,07067, 07081,07083,07095,07203, 07204, or 08830 since transportation is provided. • No experience necessary • After school and weekend hours

Mr. Cruise: 908-810-8563 or 800-260-9823

SPANISH BILINGUAL TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS MUST BE FLUENT I N ENGLISH A N D SPANISH • Sign-On Bonus • Earn Extra Money! • Pleasant Working Environment • Permanent PT Position • Flexible PT Schedules Available Applicants must be reliable and possess a clear, professional speaking voice

CALL STATISTICAL RESEARCH, INC. 90a-654~4000 between 9 am-4 pm & 7-9 ptn


Adminstrative Assistant

lly Equiped: Here's What You Get—

r—Fully Equiped: Hire's What You Ge 4 door auto trans w/OD V6 power steering anti-lock brakes AM/FM stereo cassette power windows power locks power trunk

power drivers seat anti-theft STK#7S157 AIR VINA/A66517 tinted glass MSRP $24,110 rear defrost $700 factory tilt wheel discount cruise control cloth interior • $3015 dealer remote mirrors discount alum, wheels • $2000 factory keyless entry rebate

Buy For Only

4 door auto trans w/OD V8 power steering anti-lock brakes AM/FM stereo cassette power windows power locks



power trunk power driver's seat AIR tinted glass rear defrost tilt wheel cruise control keyless entry

STK#7M115 VIWVX736359 MSRP $24,975 $1800 factory discount $780 dealer discount $2000 factory rebate





!ftV'4 W H M »O0 pv jfr^t-ni

f e e , [ i n f*r lod Wt •«> teii iv* it' •m oai ! * j * ut *UtM a ™ a i i \m AUf\t .rt^31«*V3?7t(|Mt! I3*JH > 5*' M tf> i u u f ** « UM &*••rtf?ui zrf* mfiriv w i art »W M -?f opt */? «*n yCTB'*#*i Jfl ''Ilk









1 * V t *.* tn i CO f«ft«}f i i . « 1 r/ji rjj. »« t» f U1» •-, Bl

«J* fm M no* •// I', Vf, - « l E* $ •




t • ' i i '-j - j i » V, ; • •. ",l' 732-M5-O906 800-865-0358. RAHWAY-Not Undent Mov- wants to buy old, rods, reels, MIKE MUSSO CERAMIC REFINANCE & SAVE S1003 Tile Installed Repairs & Rehg-furn, lamps, sola, vaccuum lures, catalogs. 906233-1654 EACH MONTH. With Today's proutlnfl 906-352-1836 alt 5 HOME & much more, f 1/11-16,2025 ALL LIONEL, Ivej, Flyer & Low Mortgage Rales ConELECTRICAL MS •MOVEMENTS St., 382-00! 1015 other trains. Top prices paid. solidate debt, Improve your S0O-4e4-4671/9O8-665-9234 ABLE ELECTRIC home or get needed cosh with 0WNEYCLEANIN6 910 AAA HOME IMPROVEMENT Quality work 2768692 A "airbank Mortgage. 24-hour Sp*cln kit. bath, bsml, decks 25 Yr» Enp-DAN AARON 2 FAMILY; 1816 Northgate Rd. ALWAYS BUYING Postcards 688-2089 Lie. 11500 re-approvals. Quick Closings. Fr««9»t, Ins, 908-6&4-3S40 (OHMart.ne) Sal/Sun 11/15,18 Sheet Music, Radios. TVs, Competitive Rales, Custom Claanlng-caps-rgbuild-linlngs Camerac, Toys, Military. Pens, ALK Electric Contractor 201 -379-6865 or 376-8237 9;30am-4pm Loft Sed/Desk, ADDITIONS/ALTERATIONS Programs For Every Need. Worlds Fair. etc. 272-5777 Ftasl-Comm. No extra chtrgt Sw Sat, Tw Bd Set, Lm br S Tbl CARPENTRY 4 MASONRY Good A probltm credit. No-Infor eves & wkend. Frae Est. Saw, Clothes (W1B-Z2) Baby• EXPERT CRAFTSMAN • ANTIQUES ft USED FURN ome verification. Self-em- CLEMHJPSI Ins. Lie*9732.908-75S-4030. 06X, A/C, Toys, Bike, COs 2S4 Yra Enp. 906-3227034 Old dlnrm/bedrm seta 1600s ployed. Bankruptcy. 125% 1950. Indlv pcs. glassware, Equity Financing. We Bend HAULING HILLTOP ELECTRIC Springfield * tolouse conle nts. 908-647-1959 Over Backwards To Approve 11 AAA CLEANUP - House- Ceiling Fans, Service Up- HOME CRAFTREMODELINO Baths-Kitchens/Counlertcps our Loan. FAIP.BANK hold or cantlr, debris removal, grades. Post lights. Free Est, 6»mt j-Decks 4 Wood Porch»s 71 Tooker Ave. (off Mtn Ave) BOOKS-OLD SETS-Singles MORTGAGE 1-8O0-346Th-Fr-Sa, 11/13-14-15,9-3pm. Autographs, old poolcards, old 732-968-4040 Lie #11373 low rate, (me est. 232-5148 ln8.9Oa-322-B288 House 4 Oarage Sale - Partial maga, antiques. 908-272-3999 LOAN ext 413 N J , Lie. 1-2-3 CLEAN U P S - W e lake • HOWE OWNERS*' RONSON ELECTRIC Contents. Furn., old toya, 30's anythlnrj$119 TRUCK LOAD GUNS-SWORDSKNIVES Abtolulaly Free Refairala All types ol electrical work. & 40'a memorabilia, brlc-aInclude! loading h dumping MILITARIA. NJ & Federal SEE (oral! kinds of appfovtd Lie # 5532, Insured • Free »st. brae, tools & old kitchen slut) MldranoQros. 908-574-8816 25yrs exp. 9O8-75g-56e3. Licensed, Top cash paid. CLASSIFICATION 270 CONTRACTORS in NJ SUMMIT Call Bert 732-B?1-4043 _ FOR CHILD CARE ADS HOME IMPROVEMENT RICK S CLEANUP RESOURCE SERVICES M T OLD or ANTIQUE FURN :lH»rUl*rTr|tlSlWlClt • MULTI FAMILY SALE*' 1.800-5514477 Garages, Basemen Is & Attics 16 Linda La off Ashland Rd, Glass, China, Any unusual Oil Tank* removed/ Inside & Outside SW Nov 15, 9-4pm. tVD, Sun items House Sales by Nancy. BIRTHDAY PARTIES Ages abandoned, Installed 4-12. We come loyou SalislncDemolition New 16. Furn, compular Itoms. 272^5056 or 233J157 _ tiQa-984-5360 freezer. Baseball Card, Little SCHWINN Sting-Ray banannn f * W* R*nt HI Sin * • JEFFREY HEART DJ'8 » Tykes, books, toys, clothing, teat bikes wanted Any cond Oump»tm» to tht Public TANK REMOVAL 4 TESTING from $290. Environmental dishes, videos, CDs. etc. Wadding » AH Occasions "loose call B00-7U9-9C28 Remediation. 732-B92-S707 » 1-888-267-3535 (



Everything S*tl§ Ailt


TERMS: Complnte payinant «(ila day In cash or guaranteed funds only, with *20O caali doposll required on oncti Item at Knockdown. INSP: Nov. 20 a 21, rrom£)«,m, to3:30p,m

INFO O R B R O C H U R E C A L L : (218) 6 0 8 - 5 8 3 3


Auio. AC, pwr s/b/w/lks/sts, till, cruise. CD, llhr int, alloy whls. ABS, dual air bags. 22,000 mi. VINIS422775B.

Bey I. auto. AC, pwr s/bAv/lks. tilt, cruise, cass. 3 sts, dual air bags, 30,000 ml. VIWTA271363.



OOnCAMYLEWSN Auto, AC, pwr s/b/w/lks, tilt, cruise, cass. dual air bags. 40,000 ml. VIN#SU5127G9.



4dr, 6cyl. auto, AC, pwr s/b/lks, tilt, cruise, stereo, ABS, air bag. 22,000 mi. VIWRD39O478





Sml, 4dr. auto. AC, pwr Mmf, auto. AC, pwr s/b/w/lks/sts, Ilit, cruise, s/t)Av1ks/sts, Hit, cruise, c«s, cass. ABS, dual air bags. llhr int, ABS, dual ait baas. 25,000 ml, VINIRY92B34. 35,000 mi VIM#RY792634.







'94 DODCi





'95 VOLVO 940


Auto, AC, pwr slrng/brks, mnrf, auto, AC, pwt4dr, 6cyl, auro, AC. pwr Ciiss. 14,000 miles. iWsls. till, cru+se. ass, s/b/lks, till, cruise, cass VIN#PW233507. CD. Itftr Int. ABS, dual air tugs, ABS, air bag. 55,000 mi SIPS 43.000 mi. WSI074957. VIN#RS609-t82.






4dr, aulo, AC, pwr s/b/w/lks, tilt, crulso. cass, wino, ADS, dunl air bans. 18,000 mi VIN#VU077257.

Mnrl, aulo, AC, pwr s/b.'w.iris/sts, lilt, cruise, csss, CD, llhr Int, ABS. dual air bags. 32,000 mi. VINIS1128482.






'94 OLDS ACHIEVA SL •Idr, 6cyl. auto. AC. pwr s/b/w/lks, tilt, ciuise, tjss, alloy whls. ABS. dual air bags 24,000 mi. VIN#RMO-»&Stl

'MFORDT-BlflOLX Aulo, AC pwr r.'b'wik? sts, tilt, cruise, cass dual air bags 37.000 ml VIN#RH21O17ti.



M 9,995

'€995 M0995 Ml,995 '11,995 '12,995 WUP



^5 HB Pli







SO" \S NmHil Avi l


u s h m H)H "'HtJ) I S S I I SIN *>OM " ' H O - l 2 - I t




• nillMHIJPr f'SM'ilt l("f UrfHlM tdr ty|inu* ltlliir L tl I'l'ii'-,




2876 ROUTE 2 2 W. • UNNJN

ISO South Aw. T


'16,495 M6,995

2 tops, auto. AC, pwr s/u/w/lks/sts. lilt cruise cass, CO, littr int. spt sis. 30.000 mi



'11,995 '14,495

'95 CHRYSLER CIRAUSXLI '96 BUIOC LESAHIE CUSTOM '90 CHEVY CORVETTE CNVST Hi, 6cyl, auto. AC, pwtdan deVilBMW 318i 19i>2 Conveii^t? Ve?5! 90s -753-0.? 7C WALLPAPER ! lew m i . lully loadiMl, $5500 1173 you wil notxl to C,e re W-ed li. $16 500 908 464-6?0a ibo Call 90B-276-4669 iVW 1994 3_>51 Black. Sspcl, AUDH9S4QuJtl'O-lCO0S ADtLLAC 19S8 Sedan OaVilVVAUPAFLR tfYOONNY di tjCD duji. nil P A I . 43v s spa A\\O e»c co'io ^C0^. Cuslom. new tees, mint 23YRS txpenefiCH U -.•906 e\e-v./Ki 0 4O5 908-2ir-63?7 onJ, 54 900 can ad 6pm. 08-851-0307 * SHEETR0CK4 ADILLAC 1989 Ccupa daVil-" AUD11984 Qu.«K> •10C0S » Pearl i}iay. gd cond , 172K'. BV FtWI- 5 sp-ci 4W0. t'»c cond. 16OK. 1MW 1996 ^ 3 Ro:Kisli>r SPACKLING 1120 ispd. |o1 black lots ol oiii,is. y $3S00too 903-653-14.5J_ •^4.500 Jch>.37J-49^-r711 ADILLAC 1996 Sedan deVtlFATCtiL'S TO vVAl.i. '.' •MW 19LV 318i Gifs'ti. bspa, Loaded wtikie camaga BMW 1934 :ij!)i 6 cyt. loaded •Jr. 66k mi ool Musi see $27.500.bo. lOa-654-9100 1385 S4.300. 908-."?7J-M41 CADILLAC i 9 8 3 F l e e i « w d PPOFf SSIQVV FivjiSHt'.R ! Autos For Sale uiiy Loaned' ?5K mls.vgood BMW 1985 735t. hill pwr. sunrt. 158B •vj S.tvL! 1977, 9i3s-S5&-P9S7 j ACURA •om1 S28S0 bo 973-721-7351 CD, etc cond. 1L'4K miles. 1UICK1971 E L E C I R A ^ S - J CADILLAC 1992 ELDOfiAOO r COUPt. • S-*900. all 7^«i (535-9571 1 I. hardtop. t)in. blK vinyl roof. conit Coupe • 47K. lulty hr. loaded, ong Mint coiiJ' TREE SERVICE 1155 'MB.5OS.1321 BMW 1987 535 IS, tji.mt cofiO. Delco Boss gold • 5ar kopl S3k. $9fi00 low mi sy ooo tiiru iidinoiia s orios soii"dsystem w'CD. dk. 108-354-9308 at! 4 Raling Guide. 20*-385 1167 ACURA RS 1989 In! Silver. 4 G MURPHY TREE SLRVICfc lue. gold pkg, warranty. ilr. ,iu!ii. d c BbK me cond in A'l TriH'C.TP-S!i:mp FlOH'C.! 14.895 908-241-9227 _ BMW 35i 1967 Codv-lli" ml 3UICK 197S Hogal runs * ' •ou! $.1900 90P-LM1-PP40 ARS FOR $T0O OH BEST < rnpl champ, browil root, h spd. ooks uoticl, S?9S. Call •08-686-6595 OFFCR Seized and auctioned *' $7600.obo 908-709-0945 1 ALF'A Roinoo 161 miles 1991 BUICK 198? REGAL • Mr, V6. y DEA. FBI, IRS All modols, 'Ocv. 4Ar :W\. alls. ^OOiip whl BMW 1087 325(13 tad. 2dr. A C. cass ani-ini Rims vvoll S T R t t SEHVICc wets, boats, computftfs and **. Ttee Removal. Brush Chipping uj-y .!»r htfalDd sis, p snrt lun 5spd, snrt S5K «sc cond Si 100. Call 908-598-0522. norB Your area n o w ! ? ; Stump Removal. LLXJ Sr^lMir. pkn .ilA-ys gar IMMACULATE S5600.bo 908-654-5970(cI) •800-451-0050 x C198 _ , OUICK 1984 SKVHAWK Wood S1t 9k ^Oi •?»(;• 5935 201-432 • 2898(6:'* kends) l G'i a! car, »xc running conif, :HEVY 1965 II Nova 98*» ostored 99% stock V8 $775 908-276-6602 » BUICK • 19B5 LaSobro collec- [4.000 Call 908-789-227G. HEVROLET 7?Corvelle 350 h tors e d BflK mi. $2000 BO 4 sp, 103*. new tiros, $5000. 900-709-02BJ BUICK 1989 Century Lid. duly obo908-276-5473 Iv mos __ f\ f'iSrVg Caprice"- 4 " loaded, grenl cond. 100k dr, U cyl. 78k. p.s. p/l>, pAV, am .2999bo908-270-5621. c. new water pump, BUICK 19B9 Esiale Wagon mnstor cyt, staiter. brakes, rsLoaded, good cond. 94K mi, cenl mci|Or tunegp. runs tjood, . $4995/bo, (90a)-U iq0O/ql)O9O8-6B6-74B4 days or 908-272-9361 OVBS IHEVROLEl 1080 Camuro BUICK 1990 Le Sabro Groy Z-28 3bO 4spd, MW tiiflS, vory gray 4 dt. oxclnt cond l.1sl,20K,$3O00;t)O. 66C-4089 . $4.5009O86S4 : 7494 HEVROLET 1964 Cllaiion, •• DUiCK 1992 LE SABME-82K low miles. t)d transport. 9/O . mi 1 owner full pwr ABS rjotK owr $500 9O8;6B6-4S1IO '> cond $6500 90B-2 77-1929 HEVROLET 19B5 Cnvaliar,"' BUICK 1992 noudmnstar Limujhmiios. noods minor repair * ited GOK, t)lun w'gfiiy tthi Ask $400 tm 867-0593 luku3 3 H aulu. koyiess onlry/alnim ' CADILLAC 19B.I Eldortwio /lonclod mini coriti 13 HK ml $tS,000 or tnka ovor lease t black, tully loadad, yewd comJ $340rtno. 90B.272-3553 i "• * $260iVobo 908-561-2755 CADILLAC 1984 Snvtlli Chovrolot 1993, Corsica LT (load Eloi. ctnan.$L'2!)5 OR O •1(Jr. likn now. 35K, rjorntjod $B700.90U-4C4-9170 . /OCall9O0:G8B-32GO QEHMAN CAR 8PECIAUST8 " " " CHEVY 1973 NOVA CADILLAC 19B5 SodanDoVi lo good cond, rebuilt orir.j,w/7K 41,000oiH)inalmil«3. yaraao kept, musl sell, $1600 , mi. $3500 00B-232-1083 Call 608 0764 ^'j CADILLAC 1987 Sedan OoVil ELIZABETH, NJ CHEVY" 197 ^'CORVETTE ' H la Wht w/navy fabric top, oplions. gFool cond, $,1.-1i)( nido ninv tiros GBK, poarfwhl, Sales • Service • Autobody • Lcn: $.1,935 008-789-8836 CallU08.65 & tax. 12k miles. lOt/mlle additional plus wear & tear, Total pay $6768, Residual $11,919." ' '

-4 ,5S




S i ,



$500 MFG EAT MSRP: $10,680 VIN;VTM024M

>V1 K S V


O i l


51 Dr, f, Cyl Air. MJUTM Cass. P.IAVirl,

aw cargo van

7 f l Q a A i i t D , 4 Cyl, P/SS. Air, ArvVll! Cass.

r, AM/FM Cass, Till. Cruise. •RSei.T/riiss, ^ W i n . Cloth. Mi: S4.7547.JS1WPO15829

.9 4 H2oDr.nrkt. AIR, AM/FM slBieowkid/Jockj/nunroof, 43.208 csu, Ft rack, pwr vmcttocK mt, STK #P1S4S. VIN crulu, 26.BG4 ml, STK #nT 3

'96 GMC

New f98 Mountaineer AWD


All New '98 Continental

Price incl. all costs to be paid by consumer except license, registration & taxes. Pictures for illustration purposos only. Not rasp, for typos. Prices Incl. all factory Incentives, Offer expires 11/17/97.

S0M!n>. llXOniit/rta.ntmrmOi Hthmt



9995 42,695 '14,795 •18,795 '21,995

1-888 1-888-22NISSAI\ 226-4772

AWD,4-l)r, AlHo'lVnns, 5.01,V-!» F.ltg, P/ABS'llrkl, IVStlK, A/C, IVWimls/iJm/Mlru. I'/UrlVer'n Scat, I'Vllllrtct S«nls Hunl Air i!ii[;q,'Hh. CrllUo, Il/Ucf, !t/Wiin-r, Int, Wipers, Kcyliiss Tnlry, Stcurity Sva, AM/I'M Slerc()ljis5/. Alloy Wills, T/(!la»»,I.Uir H M n * fa Murel VIN#WUJI>7/ll.MSni':,$33,53O

Lease For 24 MontfisAt:

4 Or, VO enu. aulo linns, pwr slfng/brka, AIF1. AM/FM sfereo ca^s, p^r winiJ/locKs, root rack 21751 rnl.f>

Route 22 East • Somerville

7 rajsengrr Hcnch Scallna. Ml ntvan, IKWU, Aulo Huns, 3,fl[,V-6, T/Slru. PM»S Uiki, A/C, I ' / D t l v i Seal, p/Wln
Division of Continuing Education and Community Services will offer five additional sections to its non-credit course schedule in Real Estate training starting in early November, All real estate courses will be held at the college's Cranford campus, "Principles of Real Estate" will cover property interests, mortgages, deeds, titlo closings, lions, real estate law and othics, an'i'iicy relationships, ami real estate t;iiculations. The four.se meets Now -fir,-,cv State Iteal Kstnti' Commissitm requirements for its Sales Licensing Examination. Students may select from two time slots: either from 6 - 9:35 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays,; or 9 a.m. to noon Mondays through

Thursdays, Additionally, "Real Estate Brokerage License" is open to all candidates who have or will have completed three years in real estate practice prior to taking the state examination. Courses will be divided into three segments, with 90 hours of instruction in real estate and related subjects, 30 hours of instruction in real estate ethics, and 30 hours of instruction in office management. Licensing standards ri>(|uire student* to complete all three I'tnirse segments, including llnal examinations, within a two-year period. The 90-hour "Real Estate" seg-

ment will be held from 6-10:20 p.m. Tuesdays. "Real Estate Ethics" will be conducted from 2.5 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays, nnd "Office Management" will be held from 2-5 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays, December 2 through 17. Pre-regislration is required. • Call 70S>-7(>()0, or fax a completed registration form obtainable from the ('mil iniiiiii1; Education tabloid" t o 7fM")-i(i:i"i.

Students ;i;i!so may register Ubinj4 a Yit a. Discover, or Mastercard liir payment, or mail

a completed re;j;ist.ration form to . Continuing Kdueation, Union County College, 10HH Ave. Cranford, N.J 07016.

RANALD C. BROWN 1934 Washington Valley Road, Box 68 MARTINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY 08836

f D.S. Kunmi Unity 1t5 MllnSt.Crnniord


Across (rom St. Michaels

BRIDGEWATER $339,000 NEW COLONIAL! WOODED DEAD-END STREET 4 bedroomsl 21/2 baths! Master bedroom w/JacuzzI bath! 2-story entrance foyerl




4 bedrooms! 1-W biilhs 2slory onlfilnco loyoil 13x41 kltchen/lamlly routn wiliropiaco! Fiist limo olfnrodi PS. MBR suits w/sonkfng tub t stall sliowoi!


5 NICE SIZE BEDROOMS! Is that asking loo much1.' Not f for this spacious 5 BR Victorian located in Wcstftcld. So tunutiunal with 2 full Baths and part finished basement. Maintenance free exterior. Jusl reduced!

Call For More Details.

Statewide Realty 6 1 H Co tit t n\ Avenue Wi'silipki M(i8! hft'l 3300





Brldgewater $184,700 Ranch Supreme!!

4 Bedroom Northslde colonial, with large yard, 2 car garage, and a wrap around porch, first time advertised I

Completely re-done Inside and outi kitchen 11x18 w/slldlng glass doors to 15x22 deck fully furnished B2x3B lower level. 3br. LR w/llraplc. P.S. Immaculate.

* * • * • • CENTURY 21 D.S. Kuz»mi Realty

(906) 272-8337 or (800) 575-8338

"ServingYourN*0duForThePaBt3OYtars" Independently Ownod And Operated

tj s


South SpundBrook $189,700 Traditional Colonial

2E>'counlry kltch«i) w/llteplaccl hjidliil il.mny room1 siinraoin w/0 poison "spa'l 11x28 renr dock lo pocill 19X2H MBFl gull w/lrplc end lull bnlhl 7yr youmj w/dty ulllillosl Full b'.tm* Conv. to wosloii count uxil on F1I i'R7



I D •; • 3

.-; k


"BEST DIlN i Starting at $169,900, Jennings Estates In North Plalnfleld have redefined expectations of what a new Home can be In the under $200,000 category. Just a few of these value-filled homes remain for sale.

Jennings Estates Makes Dreams Come true ForNew Home Buyers In Somerset County For the most of us, our dream home remains just thnt, a dream, because what we would like in a new home far exceeds our ability to afford it. But, a fortunate ftnv, who act quickly, will join the other smart homeowners how hnve already taken advnntugft of thn unprecedented vnlues at Jennings Estates in r North Plninfleld. 5- Called the "Beat New Home Buy In Somerset County," by Tom Boninkowaki, listing Realtor for ' Jennings Estates which consists of sovon Custom Colonials, located in the foothills of the beautiful W a t c h B Mountains. Starting at a very uflbrdnWe *]W)9>. those t h o s e three t h r e e nnd n n d four f o u r hedroom h e d r o o m homos homos •'WatchunB 1 i'' bbo a s t a lli sit to fffe a ttu r e s n ndd a mme in it t ii e s tt hh aa tt iiu r llm l il' full full; l*.s-«'rti t-nt:- w i t h u i i | k - o u t - , i n n i n t c m m c c - f n ' i n i l

Jennings Estates, North Plalnfield Only a few left - 3 and 4 bedroom Custom Colonials starting at$169,900. Full basements with walk-outs. All vinyl exterior, thermopane windows, 21/2 baths, oak kitchen, central A/C, garage, 190' deep lot and more. Excellent location - north of Rt.22 in the foothills of the Watchung Mountains. Only minutes from Rt 78,22,287 & Parkway. Call Tom for details, at Ext. 301.

v i n y l e x t o r i o r s , e n e r g y - i ' d i i - i o n l I h c n i i D p n n c wiitilfi'.v , '.'.,''' I J I U I I H . H H K I C I I I o a k I U I C I K H , . i f - n l i ' j i l n i r r t m d i t i o n i n g , g n r n f j t ' H , H j u i c i m i H H K ) l o o t di'|) t n ( s ; i m i t n u i ' l i i n m - c . T i n - li ,1 i> q u i t e i m p n ' - . m - i ' , m i l l i s IIMII• a l l y found o n l y o n i n o i f e x p i ' i i s i v o h o m e s i n l l » ' " d n - n m " t n l i ^ n r v T h e v a l u e o f ' t h o h o m e s n t J u n n i i i K H K • t a l e s n l s o c x U i u l s l o i l i f i i t l r . - u r n b l e l o c a t i o n n o r t i i o f H o u t e 22

on the Wntchung border. The ucenic setting gives you the feu I of being in the country, yet i» wonderfully convenient, with Route 22, 78, 287 and the (jardon State Parkway all nearby, And, you'll find an abundance of shopping, Bchoola, reatauranta, services, e nterlui union t, pnrka nnd recreation just minutes away. To learn more nnd to make an appointment to tour 3 or 4 bedroom models at Jennings Eatntejj, call Tom Boniakowaki »t tho E.A. Boninkowski Agency, 732-96«-n70n, oxtoriHion '101.


A G E N C Y , I N C .

929 WuHhitiglnn Aw. Grr.vn Urook, N,|


November 13,1997



New construction offers many advantages a wide variety in price, features also be a little more complicatand architectural design. ed, and the new homes agent "Buying new construction ia can help the buyer understand quite different than buying a the process and weigh their resale house, which is why it's a options. good idea to work with a real Coldwell Banker's certified estate agent who specialize! in new homes specialists are new homes," said Ms. Hamara. trained in construction plan"The most notable difference ning and procedures, materials, is, of course, that the buyer design and financing, so they often h a s to make decision! can do a superior job of helping based on plans or concepts, and customers who want to buy a it can be hard to imagine how a new house. house and a neighborhood will Some home buyers want a look before anything is built." brand new house that is comA Coldwell Banker new pletely finished and ready for homes specialist understands moving in. the building process and can Others prefer to build a cushelp the buyer envision those tom house, starting from scratch with architectural choices. Financing a new house may plans and being involved every

"New construction offers the There are many advantages today's lifestyles and often has to buying new construction, interesting design elements. It opportunity to customize a •reports Lynette Hamara, dis- offers totally neutral living house by choosing fixtures, trict manager for the New spaces that are fun and easy to kitchen cabinets, flooring and added features. And new conHomes Division of Coldwell decorate." "In addition, today's new struction often appreciates in Danker Residential Brokerage. "A newly-constructed home house comes with a warranty value faster than an older is energy efficient and incorpo- on the structure, materials and home." Coldwell Banker is actively rates the latest technology in mechanical systems so there materials and mechanical sys- are no major repairs to surprise marketing more than 200 new a home buyer," said Ma, homes projects in the suburban tems," said MB, Hamara, New York area, offering buyeri ; "It offers a floorplan for Hamara.

SHORE LIFESTYLE, LOCATION AND NOW GARAGES TARGET TALL TIMBERS AS TERRIFIC TOWNHOMES! LITTLE EOO HARBOR, NJ — Tucked away in Little Egg Harbor, Ocean County, New Jersey at the Jersey Shore is a beautiful community of townhtimcs called Tall Timbers, and if you haven't yet visked, we extend a special invitation. Tall Timbers offers the excellent Shore location homebuyers desire, with the added bonus of townhome living - virlunlly maintenance tree and more lime for leisure for the family. Prices begin at just $82,900, and now in Section II, there's Ihe opportunity fur garaged units, beginning nl $89,900. Reservations lire now being

taken for early 1998 occupancy. We can now offer our customers an even greater variety and variation of housing types with the nddillon of the garaged units," says John Mczzinn, General Manager of Buon-Vita Homes, "Homebuyers are able

to customize their townhome with more flexibility, and with a theme based on one's individual desire and needs, at a great price." Rocky Capobianco, Director of Sales nnd Marketing a! Tall Timbers agrees. "VVe. feel, and

other have expressed, that Tall Timbers is one of the most exceptional communities at Ihe Jersey Shore. You wilt be impressed when you visit our fully decorated models. And, for your convenience, they're open 7 days a week."


»ol« County golf, c o u r t * ri, ' I and Clubhoy** V TH\Jt> ' CRANFORD $379,000 WESTFIELD 'CRScredential ndvise home ownl {> l;i]iuly invcsiineni. Scpar.ilu HIIIIIH1-. (.'II rely ifiniviik'il in \ )')2. Irriiigini' your own private world oil 2.5 prime WOIHIHI iiLTd. I'lissihlc suhCharming colonial wilh updated filK & sliders 10 dctk, I'arn Rm w/raiscd Je^s to include these activitjfjs 1 1 Nc;ir lou it, bus, Uiiin, Seller limy innstik'r liiiiiiiu . \VSl-fi7'i'. (livisiim. 8 DRs, .15 Dihs, Tain Rm w/l-J A mure. WSP-MJX. heanh FP, !g Rec Rtn, Laundry Rm, Workshop and more. There will be iin • ifrrtong their list of resolutions ibr Open House Sunday. Nov. 16, l-4p.m. W,SF-7U ( J. • • itlieNew Year:

dwell R K S 1 I) 1C N T I A L

anker B R ( ) K E RA G K

'• 1. Hire a denning crew [Before prioritizing your homo's ;'to-do list' enlist a professional 'cleaning crew for a once-over. lOnce clean, certain items like the |family room carpet tlo not have to ibe''replaced. The service might !al*o point out items not noticed |bv homeowners, ! 2 Consider new wall and ; floor coverings - Homes take on » whole new look if peeled Iptunt, wall papor and stained or .uuiptnl door coverings are •unplaced. Choose neutral or Isublto colors; color'enn IK* luUInd ' fabric, flowers, paintings, frames nnd other accea;t Ilesurfiice kitchen cabl'^U - If tbo kitchen and bathiltdoiti cnbinutB urn in good condiiflloit, it/is considorably Jess expeni live to roflurfneo than to replace



Uniqiii; cuMotn conlcmporary w/5 RRs, 3.5 Hilis, Greal Room, Mnslcr Suite w/sitlinB.arca, Tower Media Roam. Anicnilicslll WSI:-7(K>9.

WESTFIELD 209 Central Avenue (908) 233-5555



C'li;irmiri{[ ;uul gtiicions 1 ISrtlrtMirn u-rik'r hall riintli niih skylijilih. 1'ontiitt Diniiij; KWJIII, ! ; ;miily Room wiili r.iivcil ttniKlliiirniiif! liicpl.nt.-, liirgC lipililli'd [iill-lll-KJk'iicn, lllljjf Ki'tUMlifin Room, ik'tk. WSIr-fiMftl.



(li,lulling ( III'I.IMMIIII (M)|
Charge Your Classified Ad!

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I65K $1195,90B-233-6518.

L PONTIAC 1993 SUNBIRO, 41K, 5spd, A/C, am/lm, 4cyl. /W 1090 CDbnolot Conv: Rod v/black lop, AC. 5spd, pb pw, $5,950. (201 >3B1-4051. BKCCond,orirjownor. PONTIAC 1994 Bormovllle; Dark green, dual airbags. abs $4.a00/nBg, 201-377-8640 brakes, 62K. Asking $11,500, W 1092 Possal GL- All pwr, 908-3B2-8792 nil 4pm ew Ifres & bat. excel cond, PONTIAC 1995 Firebird, blk T- 96k, $7550 908-665-6355 _ top.' 200HP. auto. V6. loaded, W 1983 nnbbit GTI- Classic, xc cond. 77K. Must Setll, 7K, $12,750 908-232-2268 PONTIAC 1995Qra™f Am SEAN pwr Excel cond , cass, 39k, W 19B7 Sciiocco 16v, 5sprJ, A/C. I89QO,90B-665-1341 66k, yd cond.. I owner, nc. PONTIAC i995"Trans"Am-"AH $4500'bO 973-635-7910 LM ithr, am/1tn cass & 12 CD char, /W 1990 JETTA - 4dr, rod, garage, 2BK mi, B/O cvar 31.500 mi. ac. ps/pb, sunroof. $15,000201'796-43B2 Alpine nm'jm cassolle. 51500. 90U-233-M25 PonUac 1992 Grand AM. 2dr, 1ownr. 72K. exc. cond. In/oul. $5800 b/o 908-245-9155 Intlqua S Classic ftulos 1394 PORSCHE 1907 944 exc BRADLEY GT II 19B1 battery cond, Jet blnck, must soo, pwrd Electric Sports Cnr 5B5 S6900, Call 908-810-1950 rg mi $14,000 900-527-0479 PORSCHE 198B 944-Blue" BUICK 1007 Rffljiil GN O1-773-0;57

'88 COLONY PARK WcrcLiiy Wngon. (1 cyl. onto liana, pwr ahnflinks. winci'locka. AfH. lilt. crulso. -U,1G0 mi. S1k.*_-UH5,




Mffciirv .) di, G cvl. nniotinns. pwr

(trngbms iMn,tfK l K li5 AIM. AM'F-M

f.lFiip a cyl, aulo Irons, power sUno brks. AIR, 24,402 miles. Stk#169.(. V1N#SC723411

21,995 21.995 21,995 $ 22,995

liy A consumer i

InThe Classifieds


irncotn. fi cyL aulo t'ans, pwr slfngbtKS'rtind•_l_-ioc*_. AIR. h\\ cfwse. moanrt, litwini. 57 911 mi Stk#1747, VIN,ffPY745l57

S 14,995 13.495 14,995 15,495

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