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Public works facility soon to be expanded


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After school program keeps children busy What'* going on after school? Are you looting fur in enriching cxpencaoc for >our child'* afternoon1 About 100 Franklin youth have been involved with all u*t* of creative thing* to do uftce Sept 19 At the htffcj and Recrt*Jw« AfletK&ui Program the children attend cither five da>i a week or t*o d»y* » wtck froes 2 15 until 5 p m IV*e«l> gttagt arc «iadutg to*« liwn the fail K-UK*» wiiKh r»a Uvm S« IV to Ike 2) The pn^tttm uket pltct in fhnc

$ PUy & U « m Workafcop, te great I *m\ gt my picfcM taken ,*3» Ehe newapflpavf." a*y$ Dirvid Pavarv

fourth through uith graden, aad MacAfee and P»ae (Hove Schodi f « fml throogh rJurd gmfcn All three bcau « p r e « thest err ill vc ukflii Bvih fM cod new g»mf» help to

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December 22,1963

The FrmMn News-Record

siness wo &

Four veteran members of the Authorities Association of New Jersey (AANJ) have been elected to honorary life membership in trie association 'In recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement ofrnernoer authorities and to the association." Ejected to the honorary posts at the association's annual meeting in Atlantic Ctty were: Jeanne C. Decker, executive director of the Somerset Rarttan Valley Sewerage Authority of BrkJgewater; UWQENCE M. QERBER, executive director of the East Brunswick Sewerage Authority (Mr. Qerber Is former director of the Franklin Township Sewerage Authority); Alfred A. Porro, Jr., of Lyndhiirst, an attorney specializing In authority and environmental affaire, and Gal Quabeck, executive director t>f the Hillsborough Township Municipal Utilities Authority. Mr. Qerber and Mr. Porro were among the founders of the association in 1970 when It Included less than a half dozen authorities. Today the association represents most of the state's 150 local public utilities concerned with water, wastewater and solid waste treatment. There are also more than 150 associate member firms from the allied professions. Mr. Qerber, Mrs. Decker and Ms. Quabeck have each served two terms as president of AANJ, and ail are currently serving on the board of directors. The four life memberships are the first to be awarded by the association.



^foP:Ai>coyWetding * "i,d|yi8lQrfofTheBOQ _,....,.,. Inc. The announce^ jnierrtpwas made by Arthur H. jSchjtftz, vice president-gases, [in^jis new position, Mr, Snype ?

p*rt u ; • ck>*n sod m the " U u k Bugk 1 Buy," *od will vUftte ts approximately : 13 performiikx* in New York sad 'Hem itney lie tt ta rat thinl yt*f o/



On the day after Christmas, And not at all strange, Are the crowds flocking in With their gifts to exchange.

ikactB| UUJKI ti the School of the

7V/e/> //ev cvre too bright;

New ieney B*iki ta Soaiervilk wtwtc tut toKhm h*vc tnchxkd kmcyk Cut&m, CciJja Clitic, m i km Arnuo New hruy pedomaacw will i«ke *i the i*«pct Mill FUybmite m Dec 30, »n u t )cxt\ iAS fend ti • thin! -JJCM «t ft« t*K>e Qnrt htmut Lit ttltaMxi to tut tchadl *Ui J ith tn*-d»fWffil ia tn txheatui *.hnl\ik tvt tV .*' be i* itt)** *» * htt { the HwsJLttfl T»*»twii«p (.1-Jl», iad the i

Their slippers are wrong; Their shirts aren't right.

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geted yule to deter those i pines tod ad interstate y to use as ipptied again : Department D. p anbw mixed hijghly un3f. in a warm ne, maintenance one tree wits fcir after the tuning signs the spray iog, be incre4»c4

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The Frankln Newt-Record



Clerk integral part of the fund-raising effort also repcived a phone call from Sean's mother. •- ' • > "When she called me she was crying," Mr. Fericy said. "I asked her, 'What's wrong?' " At the time of the call, Mr. Fericy was preparing to launch a "death watch," a last desperate appeal for a donor.

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' my wife's got/dinner in the oven or 'something." ;' But instead, it was Mrs. WillianJ, t who told Mr, Grippo that a liver had been found. I * M H was a very moving and, emo' tional period of time," Mr.; Grippo said. "The workers were tired and "It feels pretty good," was the discouraged./ understatement the Rev, David "I announced it right before the play Olsen, pastor offrom Community Baptist began. If there's a heaven, this is what Church, which has provided financial it must be like," Mr. Grippo con- and spiritual support to the WiJIiards tinued. "The play took on a tremen- throughout their time of crisis. Mr. dous amount of meaning. There wasn't a dry eye in the house." "I wa> stunned," reported Rich Ferity, "Mr. Cannistcr." who as an

Child care offered at center


The Creative CMd Center on South Branch Road in the FUgtown section of Hillibofough will resume its two- and thre«r-n MUIIC, finger plan and kits of fun are incorporated into the cipchcnce Tljc Creative ChUd Center »$ a state certified fc.hm>l *nd often pr«»rhix>Jcr» a f»>uhTc, cipJ«.*wivc WKUJ and ai;*kftuccipertcncr Special »tUrfw•


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obituaries by Mack Truck Inc. for 35 yean until his retirement in 1982. He was a member of Veterans of " WINFIELD—Rose 0 . Lupo, 80. of Foreign Wars Post No. 2290 of ManGulf Stream Avenue in Winfield Park, ville. . died Dec. 16 at Somerset Medical Surviving are his wife, Grace M. Center in Somerville. Van Derveer, a ton, Milton A. Van She was bom in New York City and Derveer J r . ' o f Neshanlc; three lived there for most of her life before daughters, Loretta Locklear and Grace moving to Winfield Park in 1940. Mclntosh, both of Somerville, and Her husband, Joseph Lupo, died in June Vandervcer at home; two 1968. brothers, William of North Bergen and Surviving are two sons, Joseph Jr. of Robert of Jersey City; three sisters, Brecksville, Ohio, and Raymond of Emma Walsh and Ella Riechert, both flilbborough; a daughter, Marie Eick of Jersey City, and Marie Brinkcrhoof ,of Basking Ridge; two brothers, James of Shelby, Ohio; and 11 grandchildren. t o s t c l l o of Florida and Biagio Arrangements were by Speer-Van prisciiello of Long Island. N.Y.; and Arsdale Funeral Home in Somerville. jtcven grandchildren. ' , Arrangements were by Hillsborough Funeral Home.

Rose G. Lupo

Myra Elshayeb Milton Van Derveer, Sr.

FRANKLIN — Services were held Saturday for Myra Hulmc Elshayeb. 64, of Gncr Road in the Somerset section, who died Friday at Middlesex GcneraJUnivemty Hospital. SOMfcKVlLLE — Milton .A. V»n Bom in England. »hc resided in Deneer Sr , 63 died Dec. 18 at home. Alciandria, Egypt, before moving to Ik « u born in Jersey City and had Somerset rune years ago. Her huitNind. Gakl FJihaveb. died h>cd to Sorucmllc for 35 years, Mr V*n Derveer had been employed tn 1967.

k A

loo t r t inrited to join wit* Ui la srorvhip i t

l ^ f i ;9JL



~A ranm sunci w uosts An u t a r

William Leshlnsky FRANKUN — William Leshinsky, 88 of Bennetts Lane, died Friday at Oaks Nursing Home, Wyncote, Pa. Born in Austria-Hungary, he had resided in Union and Irvington before moving to Franklin 26 years ago. Before retiring, he had worked as a butcher in Irvington. He was a member of St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Church. His wife, Clara Lcshimky, died in April. Surviving axe several niece* and nephews. Services were Monday at the Gleason Funeral Home. 1360 Hamilton St., Somerset section of Franklin, followed by a 10:30 a m, funeral service at S(. Andrew's Church. Buna) was in the thuith cemetery


Lynn L. Learner


MANVUJi: l>nn L 67, of South 15th Avenue, Jtcd Thuns di>. Dec 15, 19S», al S«*rf\ct Center us S«'rtier>iile

umum Sunday, December lttfa 10 l.ra.

Surviving are a son, Kamal Elshayeb of Somerset; a daughter, Jihah Hammad of Hillsborough; • brother, Frederick Hulme of England; and two grandchildren. The morning services were held under the direction of Bronson and Son Funeral Home, 152-156 N. Main St., Milltown. Burial followed in Van liew Cemetery, North Brunswicki


I n tota D. Van m 725»S45

He y>a lK>fri in oi hn lifr kJ lived in Mm»illc He frtutd three > «|t» | *» t l i b iw Ni.tRsvi! Survh If*,

Cant, tmifc.lwn a* Paw* Ewn

of 45 N. 20th Avo., died Monday, Dec. 19, 1983, at Somerset Medical Getter, Somerville. , , v. B o n m Fianklin Township, he lived in Manvflfc most hia life. He was owner and operator of Perbach's Tavern on Soutn Main Street, Manville. A communicant of St. Mary's Bynotine Rite Chiirch, Mr. Peraach served in the U S . Marines during War Worid U. He was a member of the Maavflle Veterans of Foreign Wars P o t t 2 2 9 0 . the M a n v i l l e American Legion, the ManyiUe Elks and die Manville Rod and Gun Qub. He w*s a lifetime honorary member of the Manvilk Volunteer Fire Department and belonged to the Somerset Services were held Saturday from County Taverns Association and the the Fucillo & Warren Funeral Home, Eagles of Somerville. Manvtlle. He is survived by his wife. Ethel Burial was in Bound Brook Cemliiak Perhach; three sons, George Jr., etery. Bound Brook. Brock and Jeffrey, all of Manville; a. daughter, Linda Andersen of New York, N.Y.; and two brothers. Joseph and Peter, both of Manville. Friends and relatives may call at the FRANKUN — Darren Twyman. Fudlio and Warren FenenJ Home. 203 infant son of Floyd and Valerie S. Main S t , Manvilk, today from 2 to Twyman of Village Drive in the Soone4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. n*t section, died Monday, Dec. 12 at Funeral services will be held Friday. St Peter's Medkal Center. Dec. 23. In addition to hi* parents, surviving mt hit maternal grandparents, Fred tad Violet Fraser of St. Kitt. West Indies; hi* paternal grandmother, Emma Twvuian of Yardley, P« , u»l hit IMTtcnul great grandaxxher. (Hcndary FRANKUN — Andrew Miktnkk, i-undeiburg of Alahoiiu. 67, of Jerome Avenue tn the Somerset Service* were Dee 13 ai II a.m. lection died Sunday tt Socnmct fuun AivJrrnin huacrtJ tertkx, 201 Medical Ceaier. Somemlie Safldfofd St.. Hew BrumwKk Born tn Bound Brook, be livtd in Bun A) » U IS Fnmkliri Metnt*ul Somerset for die past 62 yemn Piil, North Bnuu*K.k. Before rtttnsg ia 1975. he * w a lift truci. upentor wtth OAF Curp , So»*th \kMt*i tittxA, for W! ftMt Mr Wikiaxk WM aa Army vtiet*a id Wurid War 11. amJ »** a tatmbe* ot MANVIU i - ( k « f e Pwnacn Si. VFW Kjtf 2290. Maovilk tk alto bek»yed to the Sooth Hn*4 Bridgcwatcr. Mr. Learner was a U.S. Amy-Air Force wteran of World War 0 and ft member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Manvillc. Surviving are his wife, Dorothy; three stepsons, George Heim of Franklin, William. Helm of Manvilk and Robert Heim of Bradley Gardens; three brothers. Orviss of Burnside, Pa., Dallas of Barnsboro, Pa., and O a k of Falls Church, Va.; our listers, Grace Sutton of Middlesex, Bemice Learner of Philadelphia, Alice CaWwell of Nanniglow, Pa., and Mary Moses of Princeton, Minn.; and four grandchildren.

Darren Twyman

Andrew Miteank*

George Pernach Sr.

j an hii »tfc,, Re tbet Soncth at Hutxh UruJH»Ki. taS Sift-

CHRISTIAS m stxvtca

cy Mileanlck of the Avenel section of Woodbridue: three broihers. Walter of South Bound Brook, John of Middlesex, and George Mileskf of ManvUle; five sisters, Julia Nagradzki of South Bound Brook, Anna Swncbyshyn of Bound Brook, Sophi* Biniek of Bridgewater, Theresa Tangolics of Highland Park, and Sadje Stine of Bound Brook; and two grindhcildren. Services were Thursday at 9 a.m. from the Conroy Funeral Home, 21 E. Second St., Bound Brook, followed by a 9:30 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Mercy R.C Church, South Bound Brook. Burial was in resurrection Cemetery, Piscataway.

LaHa Walker FRANKUN — Lalla K. Walker, 39. of Phillips Road in the Somerset section, died Thursday, Dec. IS, at St. Peter's Medical Center, New Brunswick, after a kngthy illness. , Born in Max Meadow, V«., the resided in Somerset for the past 14 years. Mrs. Walker was a member of the New Brunswick Church of God. Surviving arc her husband. Kent W. Walker, Jr.; a son, Kenneth R. of Springfield, M m ; three, daughters, Vivian Walker of Springfield, and Glenn* Walker and Utoia Walker, bach *x home, two tiiiert. Dorothy Dufta of SpnngAcid. Cora Elizabeth itolliday of Wevt Vugbu, throe broken, Peter Motlidi) and Robert Lance HoUtdav, both of Springfield, tad lame* Leruy Hruak dnvutg u kitkf ttf y-ou&| (be afe» erf 16 *nd 24 A we«a ftpon trf the Saffetso (kartal of the I ru»rd Si«tt» (ouM ta 11 ptntosi it*. IT*M- tn the tkatfe rue fur t» the {5 to »4.y«*rolil t | « ltsr (t*».« far du» uk*tt*K it ttxilk Kc»kflu — akut S O II ! K u taz*feltiW

to htn


Hrerr *» wt of QK utlt U K R


**>cs be c* i&t A tr^R* f «.-ii.i of d

Ac W*

"We atr *-»fm;iailj « « t m i l u.'r

otoi a.



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1 V *H* "i- _• '\-A s •

* - . • » •



The Frankln Newt-Record

December 22,1$83

Senior citizen activities offered There are many things planned .for Benin citizens in Franklin Towship this coming year. Nutrition centers in two locations are now in operation: Quailbrook on New Brunswick Road off De Mott Lane, and Phillips School on R t # 2 7 in Franklin Park. Lunches are served Monday through Friday at non and a small donation not less than 73 cents is suggested. For more information call Quailbrook at 545-9067 or Phillips at 821-8333.

Clubs are open for new members and activities are offered: creative arts and crafts three times a week, Swingin" Singers on Monday, aerobic exercise on Tuesday, club meetings on Wednesday, special events on Thursday, and Line Dancing on Friday. Trips, jaunts and mini holidays are held throughout the year. A monthly calendar is available through the Department of Parks and Recreation. Call and ask for Lynn Lazzara, (A .tor of senior citizens.

Senior citizen officers elected For the needy

The shark of Franklin Park

Gifts donated by members of the Franklin Township Senior Citizens' Club, Inc., are presented to Helen Miller, director of Outreach, Franklin Township, to be distributed to underprivileged children in the area. Among the gifts are 10 bJcydes donated by Nancy Masterhouse. From left torightare Helen Miller, Rose Tanora, chairlady, Ed Kubiak, program chairman, Nancy Masterhouse, John Tanora and John Geoghan, chairman.

ution mklln atlng Troop urch. bers. effort ©nts. Social rtght.

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The following are the newly elected Treasurer. Sophie Babula; Assistant officers of the Franklin Township Treasurer, Joseph Kraft, Senior Citizens' Club, Inc., for the The installation will take place on year 1 9 8 4 : President, John F. Geoghan; First Vice President. Marion Tuesday, Jan 3, 1984, at the East Kelly; Second Vke President, Cay Franklin Fire Hou&c. Jonathan Brown, Eleven ball in the side pocket rebounding off the opposite side Strieker; Secretary, Ceil Garfinkel; Ai- a member of the club, will be the therefor setting up the eight ball to be In line next to the nine ball so that if you hit the cue ball a bit to the right....Pool games are one sistant Secretary, Rus&ell Pfeiffer; installing officer. ol the township recreation activities Dennis Hudacsko and hte friends enjoy.


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public health brief


-recipe of the weekOLD FASHIONED CARROT CAKE

CAR SEATBELTS - WHY BOTHER For many townihip residents, the holiday ttason roetm travel time. Your car m y take you to the next itate, toe next town, or juit to the nipenqarket, H» go, don't forget 0 u*o your car*! Hrfew belt. If you're not .Wherever you fattening your safety belt, you're taking't tremendous ritk. 44 and Motor vehicle accidents « n the leading came of death among i in motor younger. Every week, about 900 people in this country are k vehicle accident!. Every day, almost 10.000 others are injured oo our streets and highways. Statistics project that in the next ten yean of normal driving, it'| almost a certainty that you will be involved in a motor vehicle accident serious enough to injure or even kin you. However, safety belts out die number of serious injuries received by SO percent and cut the number of fatalities by 60-70 percent In other words, not wearing a safety belt doubles your chance pf being hurt seriously in a crash. A common cause of dead) and injury to children in automobiles is being crushed by adults who are not wearing safety belts. In fact, one out of four serious injurie* to passengm'is; caused by occupants being thrown into each other. Riding with a child to your lap is especially dangerous, even if you're wearing belts. The cotliskxa force* are great enough to easily tear the child from yovf arms and throw him/her into a hard surface within the car, or out thfOBgp fee window. la fact, there is a New Jeney Uw effective this year which contains these roquiraneflti: (1) Children under IS months of age must be in a federally-approved car seat when riding anywhere in the car. (2) Children between 18 months and 5 yean of age mutt be in a car sew if they are riding in the front teat and must be secured by a safety belt if riding ia&c rear seat. What's your excuse for not buckling up? 0 ) "1 don't need a safely belt when Vm traveling at bw speeds or going on a short trip." FACT: 80 percent of deaths and serious Injurki occur in cart tnvtliflg under 40 MPH and 75 percent of deaths or injuries occur lets thin 25 miktfroej home. In fact, fatalities have been recorded at speeds u low u 12 MPH.

K i

(2) "If I wear a safety belt I might be trapped in a burning or submerged car." FACT: Fire and submersion account for less than Vi of I percent of accidents. A safety belt can save your life by keeping you unhurt, alert and able to escape quickly. " ••'•"-/ f: - :f (3) "I'd rather be thrown clear of the car in a crash." FACT: Yourcnsnces of being killed a n almost 25 tiroes greater if you're thrownJromthe car. The forces in a collision can be great enough to fling you as much as 130 feet — about 15 car lengths. Safety belu keep you from: y (a) plunging through the windshield / (b) being thrown out the door and hurtled through the air (c) scraping along the ground (d) being crushed by your own car. If you're wearing your belt, you're far more likely to be conscious after an accident — to free yourself and help your passengers. (4) "Safety belts can't prevent me from having an accident." FACT: In the event of a sudden swerve or a fast turn, safety belu prevent the driver from sliding across the seat and losing control of the car. -(5) "I don't need it. In case pf an accident. I can brace myself with my hands."d frecn *m*tf of icaeaafk fespectt ta Ac »fe*cb « tairi*fc«J for

employed ia the ice cream industry, as well u supplkn and sale* perweael tavolvtd w«h itafcWiim. cocoa and chocoloale, sweetened, packaging m*tm»U aad proccMiag equtpmrsi Cotsnc Kuxwi will meet duly from 145 a s to 4:30 p m k Room K» of the Food Science Byiklusf oo the Cook campus Lafcungory wxt wiU include 6 e tc*uag of milk, tnsaftt aad *.«

un ma for buttertal conical, making hx cream mi* and frtciiag tec cream A field mp to a r**t>y K* crtjun tnaaufaetanng pi*al u alto pan of the coune. The claitrourn portMJfl of the ciwnc will co«r the eo«|JoWk>o o( nulk, Kc mam and "toft" *« cttam mi%. mgrtdicau «*ch M i*«tt»eti. freci lag aad h»nifBiB|. and rtlaiftl B *

• 4 tablespoons sweet butter, cut up • I Bounce package cream cheese, cut up • 4 tablespoons confectioner's sugar • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract In the bowl of a food processor or an clcctnc mixer, whjfl the butter fi*r two or three seconds, add the cream tbccM; and whirl again briefly. Add the powdered sugar ami the vanilla and blend for a few seconds more Makes Nrnough vaucc or frmting for a l)x 11 cam* cake

Sunday u the deadline fu* rtgt*tr»l»t« for the ooune aad fnayiwcat o( the $140 fee. with ciaollmen* to be Itnulcd u» 25 a?pi*ca»*i iw fxgn Utltoo v* adddtuoal iaium'ia§H



t*"> t~'f«IHtf TW T*f«r»


Raiders start with 2 wins and 1 loss

1 sr * AIM "lj«vm«t tnsf «*•»

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f ^B WWBP IIW8P SH?*? p P I W #'**! Wi!w

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1WB p n IPKOTHWK WHL w^m^. wQ£ sPiW


' ' .1


(Continued from pa** H A )

Oilers 7, Blackhawks 5

High School Basketball

Harry Snijc«k, Hit Jrear'i P.H.L. scoring leader, netted the puck *U limes last Sunday to haod the Blackhawks their second low. Carl Hanapan of the Blackhawks •cored twice, but the team ju»t could not stop the explosive Sniscak. The win wa» the first of the season for the Oilers, who were one game

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behind both the Blackhawki andJ/the1 Canadians. The Blackhawks, Canadians and this Oilers, (the only teams in the Westerii Conference on the Senior Division), all have a record of 1-2. "I The Penguins left their "Mirks" otf the Red Wings breaking loose for v dozen goals to up their record to 2-1;' '•I:

Penguins 12, Red Wings 2 The Penguins broke loose foe a dozen goals against Red Wings to up their record to 2-1. Mark WUbwki and Mack Pschar crushed the Red Wings hopes for second place in the Junior Division by scoring all 12 goals. Wisbeski scored twice in the fin* period and five tiroes in the third for • total of scven, i a?

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A complete collection of hand painted, hand blown opal glass.

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All stylos feature 3 way switches except 3 lit© chandelier


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Hillsborough girls droptwo IULLSBOROUGH — The girts baiketball team was afraid of what would happen tgsinst Kami like Vorhccs and South Plainfkld without Cindy Christy in the line-up and their fttn came true. The raiden dropped then ftm two games of the ttaoo to South Pfainfkid and Vorhec* this js*u week. On Fndiy. the Raiden toM to South PUinAeld by a icore erf 40-W Jutay Gtll ncocd 14 poinu whtk Sheiky Butfcr scored II HiiUbortXigb kd ifter the ftr« qua; tet, 9 6, bin could t*X toeUi* the ofooiiuoo, f»lliftg behind by 7 »i the





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The Rakkn came back at timci but it juM wasn't enough. On Tuc**i*y night. Hilliboruggh faced a tough Vorhm team ttui km by tkfcind 20-14 »i the half, the Rudrn vtntn'i tbk U> ttutd the p Oae bit of food ae*» for the j u th*t Oady Clmuy t* IOOO k» come j y will be pneuctaf *tih thu * « k inJ mty be bttk la hot up looe Depeadtfii oe tiki bet doCh*. the it*r lur*f


Thanking time' the trxJepondort CoSego fund o* Mew Jefi UfKlt? M»Ve, Of Esther ( o m c t n i i k «-oiSy Uiiiu it f iji I t l u r x i t A n d hefe it n (md De* t-ftst-rf, u*-.d who!

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Am you Mtisflod with your major and with your progr«ts in coB*9«?

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(«09) H!H>.(IIK2 U H f kcU eggi, chopped ! c » i k » | c (S ounce*) creitn .hfes*. U'ftrnoi > -.up iitxty KJ«r


Add to your retirement security. Andsubtract from your Federal Income Tax bill.

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a toastex-ovea whik the but this year the chicken ducax hat fresh herb* in the garden. chit ken roaut Heat oven to 325 F W*sh and dry ubviatcd that (xmibtliiy But 1 muii (16 2 inch piece* comread) confeu that we cn>oycd the §uperthe ben, inside and out. Place neck VS cup butler, melted nuftct hen we »crvcd for our preview bone and giblets in uiuccpan with cold 2 cups yellow, suxxgrouad curawater to make Uotk for gravy. Sprinkle lunch juil M much as we could. Kin Walker ux» the old fashioned methud meal hen c«v«y lightly with wilt and pepper of coating the liin *t*d*y tvulc) trvcnvbk » fairly cu>*r*e u*t> ittcxl to 425 To** the crumbled bread crumb* itic sh*ki*> I J X 4 fi< a t>cn » t i f | lt«k bakiflg p . n«ur*J 6 pvMjndt -be *u?e to girt • frevh with the pepper, wigt «ad w^ory Stif of ihe butse* Melt rrtn*iiua| buacr in hen. wit * fmten hen in Vi u> | cup melted butter . tn • beitmv metnt fn*n the Una fusts pndiB,f i->tl $ — ICC CUB£S - FAFBI SUPPLIES •



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1,39 Farms

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^ Tur! Grade 'A' Grade 'A' Fresh

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ButterbaU Swift Premium 10 to 22lbi Froian



Assorted Flavors



Stuffed Turkeys



Western - Tender

Axelrod SourCreair

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Of igmol or Coffein« Ftoe

Coca-ColaJDiet Coke or Tab

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Ktt'bler Rich n'Chip8

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