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April 1, 1982

$590,300 Added To Firm's Assessment

Adjustments In the 1981 Grand List by the Board of Tax Review have added $727,470 to the town's net worth. Assessor John Petueh reported the revised list now shows a net tbtal of $280,416,989, an in-

A TOWN COUNCIL PROCLAMATION citing Monday April 5 as the start of "Bloodmoblie Week" in Watertown is read by Chair^ woman Mary Jo Cicchetti, left, while Mary Olivea, bloodmobile chairwoman, looks on. The annual community bloodmobile Monday will run from 1 to 6 p.m. at Taft School, Walk-ins are welcome, (Valuekas Photo) .

Council May Ask Big Cut In Education Budget

The Town Council socked the Board of Education Monday night with the news it might ask another $225,000 be lopped off the $9.5 million education budget for 1982-83, The announcement, occuring at a joint session between the two bodies, began a 90-minute session that left several members of both sides in confusion. School Superintendent Dr. Richard C. Briggs said a cutback of that magnitude would "cripple" the Watertown school system. "What's the use of us sitting here?" to discuss the budgets, wondered Board Chairman John Mills when the proposed trimming was announced, "We might as well go home," Dr. Novello Ruggiero, head of the Council's budget committee, said the governing body had "targeted" a mill rate increase of no more than three. The combined administrative and education packages total

about $15,8 million for the next fiscal year, an Increase of 12 percent. TheExpenditure would require a tax hike of about five mills, officials have warned. "We felt very strongly we had to keep the tax rate down," Mr. Ruggiero continued. He said the Council already has recommended $145,000 be chopped from Town Manager James Troup's proposed $6,3 million package, Mr. Mills said he couldn't see where further Board cutbacks could be made. The phone bill has increased $25,000 over last year on a new service the School Department is unhappy with, and legal foes amounting to $18,000 and climbing have far surpassed the $5,000 budgeted. Dr. Briggs, in defense of the budget as it stands, said the key issue Is quality, "Tire issue of the quality of education having a bearlne on the (Continued on page 20)

Lisa Krady RelatesWell In Copping1982 Crown Lisa Krady hasn't even entered college yet, but she picked up a valuable prerequisite toward her career choice March 27 by winning the 1982 Miss Watertown Scholarship Pageant title, A public relations aspirant, the 18-year.oId Watertown High School senior related very well indeed to the public and panel of five judges in copping the crown. She competed with 11 other girls, eight of them classmates. ...,„ Miss Krady, the daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Wllmer Krady, 85 Delhurst Drive, Oakville, won the talent portion of the pageant for her medley of the Barbra Streisand hits "Evergreen" and "The Way We Were," Talent counts toward 50 percent of the scoring. The accomplishment is even more noteworthy and satisfying because Lisa was just recovering from a two-week bout with laryngitis. It wasn't until last Thursday night that she could hit the high-range notes comfortably. The young lady with the contlnuous smile that would defrost a refrigerator was prepared, though. Mrs. Krady said her daughter was ready to toot her flute if her voice was not up to it. It was, however. And with

Sewer Extension Approved After Heated Hearing A town meeting with all the sizzle of French fries approved in a split vote Monday night a sewer line extension to service a Greek restaurant and a planned Burger King at the junction of Routes 63 and 73. In a show of hands count, residents okayed by 46-26 an appropriation of $22,335 to extend the line from Candee Hill Road some 385 feet across the junction. Although $17,500 will be taken from the Water and Sewer Authority's sewer extension fund to help pay for the cost, the town will recoup that in assessments charged to the restaurants. The smaller balance will be charged to "genera! benefit," but town officials pointed out even that sum will be made up in tax revenue from the two businesses in a year or two. "This is not a giveaway," said Councilman Joseph Cuttltta, who supported the project. "We're talking about current dollars for current problems." . Chairwoman Mary Jo Cicchetti

said she checked with the local McDonald's restaurant, a Burger King competitor, and learned it paid $4,395 in taxes on its equipment. Alice DelGrosso, a former member of the sewer and water board, said the project "has been held up too long." She recommended the entire cost be footed by the extension fund, Mrs. DelGrosso questioned the "inequity" of the two. assessments placed on the firms by Benedict Associates, a professional appraising firm. The $17,500 reportedly would be split: $11,000 for the Greek restaurant, across Straits Turnpike (Route 63) from the Carvel, and $6,500 for Burger King, adjacent to Westbury Ford on Main Street. William Moskaluk, a Park Road resident who owns the small Westbury Plaza complex on Main Street, lamented he paid a $10,700 assessment on the • (Continued on page 20)

crease of $15,9 million over the previous year. He estimated the extra revenue garnered for the town by applying the current 35,15 mill rate would amount to $25,571, The three-man tax board,

pianist Holly Cyuriesko providing the accompaniment, she sang her way toward the crown. Lisa admitted later her voice wasn't quite the way she would have preferred it, but it's doubtful more than a few could tell. In addition to the trophy, Miss Krady, the Sarah Whitman Trumbull Chapter, DAR's "Good Citizen" for 1982 from WHS, collects a $1,000 scholarship and other amenities. She is leaning toward attending Bethany College in West Virginia, where her brother Michael (Kip) Is a junior majoring In communications. He and younger brother Christopher, as well as the parents, were assembled In the second row In front of the stage walkway. First runner-up in the pageant, sponsored for the fourth straight year by the Oakville-Watertown UNICO Club, was Kimberly Testa, 18, She performed a self-choreographed jazz dance to the music "Fame." The contest's only other singer, Joann Bavone, a 20-year-old junior at Central Connecticut State College, was chosen second runner-up, and did an amusing classical number (Continued on page 2)

headed by Republican Anthony Sebastian, heard 54 separate appeals on assessments. It okayed 34 reductions, ruled "no change" on five, and increased assessments for 16 others. The largest increase" $590,300"was attributed to on amended tax return file by Sealectro, Corp., of Mamaroneck, N.Y, It has a Watertown plant on Callendar Road. The boost brought the firm's assessment up to $1,5 million, Mr, Petuch said there ap. parently was a personnel change at Sealectro, and the original appeal filed overlooked new machinery, equipment, and furniture in a recent addition. The net worth of motor vehicles increased by $134,800 svlth the addition of 69 vehicles since the Grand List was compiled. Real estate value increased by $26,640 to a new net of $210,831,324. Major personal property and real estate additions, according to the tax board's work shetis, were as follows: Charles S. Hungerford. Jr., Woodbury, $97,440, five-lot subdivision approval; and Maria and Mario Manclni, Cherry Avenue, $23,060, property omitted from list. Major reductions were as follows: A. Robert Panasci, Cheshire, $21,390 for duplication; GTE Products, Inc., Park Road, $16,650 for clerical error; Watertown Golf Club, Inc., Guernsey, town Road, $16,730 for repriccd acreage; and Woodview Associates, Ltd., $22,400 for an added discount factor, Woodview's Cobb Street housing project also was hit with a $3,190 increase for coin operated washers and dryers.

"< t .,1

THE 1982 MISS WATERTOWN, Lisa Krady, seated, is surrounded by a very lovely court after the completion of the March 27 pageant event at Watertown High School before a capacity crowd. Miss Krady an 18-year-old WHS senior, won the talent award and the $ 1,000 first-place honor. With her left to right areKimberly Testa, first runner-up and $500 scholarship winner; Kathy Hayes, Miss Watertown 1981 • and Joann Bavone, second runner-up and $300 scholarship winner, and "Miss Congeniality" award recipient (Valuckas Photo) -

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Page 2 Town Times (Walertown. Conn,) April l s 1982

(Continued from page 1)

1982 Elementary School Lunch Menu Brought to you through the courtesy of

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The next meeting of the Sarah Whitman Trumbull Chapter, DAR, will be held Thursday, April 8, at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs, David Long, Northfleld Road.

Quick, like an Easter Bunny.,..

Miss Quadrato, the Watertown High chapter- president, will be a~ candidate for district vice president. Miss Curzio will be her campaign manager, The state conference will take place April 29-30 at the Parkview Hilton in Hartford. Eighteen WHS chapter representatives will attend with their advisor, Ann Coy.

The following real estate transections were made from Friday, March 5, through Friday, March 26, according to warranty deeds filed with the town clerk's office: March 8-Edward J. and Carol

DAR Schedules Next Meeting At Long Home

Miss Ruth Stfockbine will have a display and talk about early American quilts. Assisting Mrs. Long will be Mrs. S.P. Jaync and Mrs. Donald Carlo, Mrs, Lloyd Hughes, regent, Mrs. William Cleveland, and Mrs. Jayne attended the state DAR meeting at the Sheraton Inn at Norwich March IS. Miss Karen T. Therabauider, state "GoodCitizen," and Mrs. Timothy Welch, "Outstanding Member," were honored and given prizes.

Cenlecoia, Watertown, property on Sills Drive, $63,450. March 19"Giovanni CoUbella, aka John Collabella, aka John Colabello, Watertown, to Nicholas A. Colabello, OakvlUe, property at Van Oman and Cornelius Streets, $20,000.




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Page,18 Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 :


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dered that all claims must be presented to the fiduciary on or befdre July 8,1982 or be barred as by law provided, Kathleen B. Navin, Clerk The fiduciary Isi Olga Berchonak 19 Carter St., Oakville.Ct, TT 4-1-82 * LEGAL NOTICE A certified lists(s) of party-endorsed candidates on the slate of the Democratic Party in the Town of Watertown for election as DELEGATES to the convention(s) of said Party specified below is on file in my office at 37 DeForest St., Watertown, Ct. CONVENTION(S) State Convention Congressional Convention 32nd Senatorial Convention 68th Assembly District Convention 76th Assembly District Convention County Convention A primary will be held May 4, 1982, if a slate of candidates for any or all conventions is filed In accordance with Sections 9-382 to 9450, inclusive, of the General Statutes not later than 4:00 P.M. of April 12, 1982 by per-


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State of Connecticut Court of Probate District of Watertown March 26,1982 Estate of PAULINE SAVIN, a/k/a PAULINE SLOBODA SAVIN The Hon. Carey R. Geghan, Judge, of the Court of Probate, District of Watertown at a hearing held on March 26, 1982 ordered that all claims must be presented to the fiduciary on or before July 8, 1982 or be barred as by law provided. Kathleen B, Navln, Clerk The fiduciary is: Peter Sloboda 694 Buckingham St. Oakvilie, Ct. 06779 IT 4-1-82

Annual Fashion Show April 30

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sons other than party-endorsed candidates. Petition formi, Instructions and information concerning the procedure in filing opposing candidacies, may be obtained from Waiter A. LeMay, Democratic Registrar of, Voters, 180 Westbury Park Road, Watertown Ct. • Mary B. Canty, Municipal Clerk Watertown, Ct.

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