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April 1, 1982

$590,300 Added To Firm's Assessment

Adjustments In the 1981 Grand List by the Board of Tax Review have added $727,470 to the town's net worth. Assessor John Petueh reported the revised list now shows a net tbtal of $280,416,989, an in-

A TOWN COUNCIL PROCLAMATION citing Monday April 5 as the start of "Bloodmoblie Week" in Watertown is read by Chair^ woman Mary Jo Cicchetti, left, while Mary Olivea, bloodmobile chairwoman, looks on. The annual community bloodmobile Monday will run from 1 to 6 p.m. at Taft School, Walk-ins are welcome, (Valuekas Photo) .

Council May Ask Big Cut In Education Budget

The Town Council socked the Board of Education Monday night with the news it might ask another $225,000 be lopped off the $9.5 million education budget for 1982-83, The announcement, occuring at a joint session between the two bodies, began a 90-minute session that left several members of both sides in confusion. School Superintendent Dr. Richard C. Briggs said a cutback of that magnitude would "cripple" the Watertown school system. "What's the use of us sitting here?" to discuss the budgets, wondered Board Chairman John Mills when the proposed trimming was announced, "We might as well go home," Dr. Novello Ruggiero, head of the Council's budget committee, said the governing body had "targeted" a mill rate increase of no more than three. The combined administrative and education packages total

about $15,8 million for the next fiscal year, an Increase of 12 percent. TheExpenditure would require a tax hike of about five mills, officials have warned. "We felt very strongly we had to keep the tax rate down," Mr. Ruggiero continued. He said the Council already has recommended $145,000 be chopped from Town Manager James Troup's proposed $6,3 million package, Mr. Mills said he couldn't see where further Board cutbacks could be made. The phone bill has increased $25,000 over last year on a new service the School Department is unhappy with, and legal foes amounting to $18,000 and climbing have far surpassed the $5,000 budgeted. Dr. Briggs, in defense of the budget as it stands, said the key issue Is quality, "Tire issue of the quality of education having a bearlne on the (Continued on page 20)

Lisa Krady RelatesWell In Copping1982 Crown Lisa Krady hasn't even entered college yet, but she picked up a valuable prerequisite toward her career choice March 27 by winning the 1982 Miss Watertown Scholarship Pageant title, A public relations aspirant, the 18-year.oId Watertown High School senior related very well indeed to the public and panel of five judges in copping the crown. She competed with 11 other girls, eight of them classmates. ...,„ Miss Krady, the daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Wllmer Krady, 85 Delhurst Drive, Oakville, won the talent portion of the pageant for her medley of the Barbra Streisand hits "Evergreen" and "The Way We Were," Talent counts toward 50 percent of the scoring. The accomplishment is even more noteworthy and satisfying because Lisa was just recovering from a two-week bout with laryngitis. It wasn't until last Thursday night that she could hit the high-range notes comfortably. The young lady with the contlnuous smile that would defrost a refrigerator was prepared, though. Mrs. Krady said her daughter was ready to toot her flute if her voice was not up to it. It was, however. And with

Sewer Extension Approved After Heated Hearing A town meeting with all the sizzle of French fries approved in a split vote Monday night a sewer line extension to service a Greek restaurant and a planned Burger King at the junction of Routes 63 and 73. In a show of hands count, residents okayed by 46-26 an appropriation of $22,335 to extend the line from Candee Hill Road some 385 feet across the junction. Although $17,500 will be taken from the Water and Sewer Authority's sewer extension fund to help pay for the cost, the town will recoup that in assessments charged to the restaurants. The smaller balance will be charged to "genera! benefit," but town officials pointed out even that sum will be made up in tax revenue from the two businesses in a year or two. "This is not a giveaway," said Councilman Joseph Cuttltta, who supported the project. "We're talking about current dollars for current problems." . Chairwoman Mary Jo Cicchetti

said she checked with the local McDonald's restaurant, a Burger King competitor, and learned it paid $4,395 in taxes on its equipment. Alice DelGrosso, a former member of the sewer and water board, said the project "has been held up too long." She recommended the entire cost be footed by the extension fund, Mrs. DelGrosso questioned the "inequity" of the two. assessments placed on the firms by Benedict Associates, a professional appraising firm. The $17,500 reportedly would be split: $11,000 for the Greek restaurant, across Straits Turnpike (Route 63) from the Carvel, and $6,500 for Burger King, adjacent to Westbury Ford on Main Street. William Moskaluk, a Park Road resident who owns the small Westbury Plaza complex on Main Street, lamented he paid a $10,700 assessment on the • (Continued on page 20)

crease of $15,9 million over the previous year. He estimated the extra revenue garnered for the town by applying the current 35,15 mill rate would amount to $25,571, The three-man tax board,

pianist Holly Cyuriesko providing the accompaniment, she sang her way toward the crown. Lisa admitted later her voice wasn't quite the way she would have preferred it, but it's doubtful more than a few could tell. In addition to the trophy, Miss Krady, the Sarah Whitman Trumbull Chapter, DAR's "Good Citizen" for 1982 from WHS, collects a $1,000 scholarship and other amenities. She is leaning toward attending Bethany College in West Virginia, where her brother Michael (Kip) Is a junior majoring In communications. He and younger brother Christopher, as well as the parents, were assembled In the second row In front of the stage walkway. First runner-up in the pageant, sponsored for the fourth straight year by the Oakville-Watertown UNICO Club, was Kimberly Testa, 18, She performed a self-choreographed jazz dance to the music "Fame." The contest's only other singer, Joann Bavone, a 20-year-old junior at Central Connecticut State College, was chosen second runner-up, and did an amusing classical number (Continued on page 2)

headed by Republican Anthony Sebastian, heard 54 separate appeals on assessments. It okayed 34 reductions, ruled "no change" on five, and increased assessments for 16 others. The largest increase" $590,300"was attributed to on amended tax return file by Sealectro, Corp., of Mamaroneck, N.Y, It has a Watertown plant on Callendar Road. The boost brought the firm's assessment up to $1,5 million, Mr, Petuch said there ap. parently was a personnel change at Sealectro, and the original appeal filed overlooked new machinery, equipment, and furniture in a recent addition. The net worth of motor vehicles increased by $134,800 svlth the addition of 69 vehicles since the Grand List was compiled. Real estate value increased by $26,640 to a new net of $210,831,324. Major personal property and real estate additions, according to the tax board's work shetis, were as follows: Charles S. Hungerford. Jr., Woodbury, $97,440, five-lot subdivision approval; and Maria and Mario Manclni, Cherry Avenue, $23,060, property omitted from list. Major reductions were as follows: A. Robert Panasci, Cheshire, $21,390 for duplication; GTE Products, Inc., Park Road, $16,650 for clerical error; Watertown Golf Club, Inc., Guernsey, town Road, $16,730 for repriccd acreage; and Woodview Associates, Ltd., $22,400 for an added discount factor, Woodview's Cobb Street housing project also was hit with a $3,190 increase for coin operated washers and dryers.

"< t .,1

THE 1982 MISS WATERTOWN, Lisa Krady, seated, is surrounded by a very lovely court after the completion of the March 27 pageant event at Watertown High School before a capacity crowd. Miss Krady an 18-year-old WHS senior, won the talent award and the $ 1,000 first-place honor. With her left to right areKimberly Testa, first runner-up and $500 scholarship winner; Kathy Hayes, Miss Watertown 1981 • and Joann Bavone, second runner-up and $300 scholarship winner, and "Miss Congeniality" award recipient (Valuckas Photo) -

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Page 2 Town Times (Walertown. Conn,) April l s 1982

(Continued from page 1)

1982 Elementary School Lunch Menu Brought to you through the courtesy of

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Baked Macaroni & Cheese Crctn Beans Piich Slices or Choc, Pudding Whole. Skim erChoe, Milk

Vial Parmesan Buttered Shells Golden Nugget Com Mixed Fruit Cup or Choc. Pudding Whole or Skim Milk

Super risn Burger Tartar Sauce Green Peas Pear Halves or Jello Cubes Whole or Skim Milk




Pizza w/iossed salad Choice of dressjni Mixed fruit cup or Chocolite Puddini Whole or Skim Milk

AN OLDIE BUT GOODIE! Luscious Roast Pork Bread and Butter Fluffy Whipped Potatoes Buttered Green Beam Chilled Applesauce Whole or Skim Milk

Home-maae Meat Ball , Grinder Swet Peas or Diced Carrots Mixed Fruit Cup or Chocolate Pudding Whole or Skim Milk




Chicken in a Basket Potato Puffs FEATUREFOOD (Macaroni Salid) Chilled Peaches or Gold Cake Whole or Skim Milk

Turkey Vegetable Soup w/Noodles Toasted Cheese Sandwich Health mix (Popcorn, raisins, peanut granules) Pear Halves Whole or Skim Milk

MEXICAN BRUNCHI •South of the Border Olel Orange Juice Corn Bread topped with Whipped Butter and Syrup Home-made Sausage Patties T B » T O Pheapple w/CoMnut Whole or Skim Milk


"That's Life,11 She also won the "Miss Congeniality" award by vote of the other contestants, : Second and third places carry $500 and $300 scholarship awards, respectively. The young women were judged on talent, a seven-minute interview during the afternoon, swimsuit, and evening gown competitions. Each contestant also gave on stage a verbal speech of not more than IS seconds on some aspect of women In sports. The pageant was titled "Spring Training," and had a baseball flavor to the procedings. Highlights of the three-hour show before a full house were a country and western medley by Virginia Reiehardt, Miss Connecticut 1981; dance routines by Miss Watertown 1981, Kathy Hayes, and the Children's Dance Workshop of Oakvillc; and appearances by visiting queens from Waterbury, Bristol, Cheshire, and Southington, Unexpected Pleasure, an area barbershop quartet, lived up to its name with three sets of songs. The third grouping was unscheduled, but inserted by master of ceremonies Joseph Clrlello (also the lead singer) when the judges took an unusually long time to reach their collective decision,

POLK SCHOOL FIRST GRADERS in the classes of Miss Caporale and Mrs. Soucy recently presented "The Library Circus." Left to right, first row, are; Kristian Hansen, Ronald Soden, Jason Orabowski, Marc DiVito, Jennifer Eazarsky, Rita Nozzollllp, Theresa DiNlcola, and Brian Thlbault, Second row; Jennifer Buono, Diana Polletta, Cara Aubin, Tamica D'Angelo, Oeorie True, Daryl Canuzzi, and David Lowther. Third row: Mandy Correa, Jessica Oraboskl, Steven Pienezykowski, Keith LeVasseur, Marcos Soto, Monique Johnsoh, Wendy Persons, Melissa Valchus, and Andrew Pion. (Polk School Photo) Mr, Ciriello playfully poked fun at "my people" of Italian heritage during the show with anecdotes. Atty. Joseph Cianci, one of the judges, is the president-elect of UNICO National, an Italian-American organization. Shawn Tirrell, a Watertown

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High musician, received a long ovation for an impromptu piano piece while the audience waited forthe return of the judges. The pageant Is an official preliminary to the 1982 Miss Connecticut event, scheduled for June 25-26 at New Britain High School, The local title establishes Miss Krady as the official town hostess for the next year. If she should win Miss Connecticut, Miss Testa would assume the crown.

Sexta Fiera

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621 Main Street Watertown, Conn,

The Sexta Fiera Club will meet Friday, April 2, at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Alvin Reiff, North Street. Her topic will be "Mama's Boys."

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Baked Macaroni and Cheese Casserole Ants on a Log Fresh Baked Roll Pear Halves •MILKSHAKES!!!!!! Whole or Skim Milk

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Property of the Watertown Historical Society watertownhistoricalsociety.org Schools'Language Week

Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 Page 3

Has International Flair The Foreign Language Department at Watertown High School, in conjunction with Swift Junior High, is hosting a "Language Week" program March 29-AprI! Speakers, music, language presentations, and an international feast arc being incorporated together to enrich the program for the students. Today (Thursday), Judy Ftscher, art department coordinator, is giving a slide presentation on French art, Carol Brown Is the guest speaker to discuss the differences in the educational systems of Puerto Rico and the United States, On Friday, April 2, Claudette LaFlamme's French IV class will present the French comedy "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme." Already this week, Jannette Jones was scheduled to speak on the comparative and contrasting

Dawne Strmeckl and Jerome Ramsay Mr. and Mrs. Francis Strmecki, Chicago, 111., announce the engagement of their daughter, Dawne Marie, to Jerome Ramsay, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsay, 81 Shelter Hill Ave. The couple will be married Aug. 7 at Bowmanville Baptist Church, Chicago. Miss Strmecki is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, where she received a B.S. degree in home economics. Mr, Ramsay is a graduate of Watertown High Schoolt and presently is enrolled in the foreign mission program at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago,

Workshop On Successful Job Hunting Slated "Resume Writing and Successful Job Hunting" will be the theme of a workshop by Joan Donald, Director of Career Planning and Placement at Post College, to be given at the Watertown Library, 470 Main Street, at 7^30 p.m. on Thursday, April 22. Mrs. Donald will speak on a variety of topics concerning the drafting of a good resume, including organization of material, points to emphasize and to exclude, and proper format. Addi-

tionally, she will talk about ways to make a job search effective as well as handling interviews successfully. The program will be free of charge. Everyone is invited.

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styles of South America and the United States. Teacher Edward Flaherty was to address internanational trade, and the base system for all languages. Ted Tihansky, food services director, is preparing an internationnl menu for the week, and students are busily creating posters, flags, and decorating windows to celebrate this festival. John Fontaine is setting up a career booth for the language students. A gala international buffet supper and program culminates the week Friday at S p.m. in the WHS cafeteria and auditorium. After the meal, Denis Charpentier will give a slide presentation on France, "The Little Prince" in French, and "La Cel-

estina," "Don Quixote," and "Calle de Sesame," otherwise known as "Sesame Street," will be done in Spanish. The Dance Club and Puppetry Club will be performing, and music students have prepared the theme from "Evita," WHS senior Kathy Kelly is chairwoman of the art display, and Anthony Santolt is assisting with the sound. Parents and friends have been invited to the affair, and Chairwoman Janice Pond is expecting an "enthusiastic evening." French and Spanish "mesoneras" will be on hand to serve, along with strolling violinist Michael Cammarata and pianist Shaunfirrell, The junior high has coordinated a similar program, and its students will be guests at the "banquete," II you won't admit your mistakes, plan on making more ot them.

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Page 4 Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982

Published Weekly Second class postage paid at Watertown, Ct, Office located inthe George Building, 678 Main Street, Watertown For news or information call 274-672J Address mail to TOWN TIMES Box 53, Oakville, or Box 1, Watertown, Ct. William E, Simmons, Editor & Publisher Tommy Valuckas, City Editor Leslie Fisher, Dolores Semeraro and Claudia Pettinicchi Sales Representatives Franclne Ouarino, Office Manager USPS 635480 ADVERTISING NOTICl TOWN TIMES will miles every effort to m thai i n advertising copy b corrwUy printed. The publishers assume no financial responsibility for typographical errort In advertisemcnls, but will gladly reprint, without charge, that p u t of advertisement In which an error may occur. Regularly scheduled advertising may be canceled or corrected within deadline limits only,

Watertown High Notes By Tracy Kennedy

The Class of 1982 has been busily planning Its spring fund raisers. It has arranged for the children of Oakville and Watertown, ages 3 to 10, to have a day with the Easter Bunny Saturday, April 10, 11:30 to 1, at Watertown High School, The afternoon will include an egg hunt, lunch, and an entertaining puppet show by the WHS Puppetry Club. The admission price for "Lunch with the Easter Bunny" is $2, The senior class also has scheduled a SO's dance Saturday, April 3,8 to 11 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to wear the appro, priate attire, and in doing so, will receive a discount on their ticket purchase. So, grease back your hair, dig out your penny loafers, and let the good times roll I Congratulations to Lisa Krady, a WHS senior, who recently succeeded In winning* the Miss Watertown crown. Lisa will represent WHS as well as her town in the upcoming Miss Connect!* cut Pageant'. The various language classes and clubs at WHS have been par* ticipating in the first annual "Language Week." The festivities will be concluded Friday, April 2, with a large "International Festival." The evening will Include a

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flavorful banquet arranged by Mr, Tihansky, the school's food director. The language classes. Dance Club, Puppetry Club, and other talented WHS students have exciting entertainment planned for the event. At the recent hockey banquet, the following awards were pre* sented: Best Defenseman, senior Brad Kinzly; Best Offensive Player, sophomore Steve Martino; and Most Improved, senior BIHBarone, The "team hat" was awarded to the hopeful junior, Eric Lawlor, Special congratulations go to goalie Mark Spagnoleiti, who was placed third in the state, and the Most Valuable to the 1982 Indian team, FBLA also has collected a few trophies with its latest competition, Larry Lamy and Michelle Yanavich, both seniors, took first for their ability in Accounting II and Data Processing, respective-


$79 to $185

Lucewicz. Brian Miller, the team's captain, will lead the Tribe to a winning season. The Watertown High state championship swim team will conduct its annual "Swim-ORamft" Aprils at the WHS pool, the proceeds from the fund raiser will go to the banquet on April 26, Please try and support the WHS teams! If anyone has any Information they'd like to see included in the column, please contact me in Room ISO,

monthly .meeting Wednesday, April 21, at i:30 p.m. at the United Methodist Church hall, 305 Main St.

Guest speaker will be Robert Dorr, consumer protection director of the NOW, Inc. agency of Waterbury. Plans have been completed for the Wednesday, June 2 dinnertheatre trip to Elmsford, N,Y, to see the Tony Award winning comedy and musical "1776." Per person costs Include transportation, lunch, show tickets, and gratuities. Contact Curt Lancaster for reservations, A slate of new officers will be presented, with elections to take place in May, Plans for the June The AARP of Watertown, installation dinner still are tentaChapter No, 548, will have its tive.

AARP Chapter Meets April 21





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The following students also won first-place awards for their exceptional competitions Business Math, Brett Landquist and Gianna Focaretta, and in Accounting I, Karil Reibold. The WHS softball team is starting off its 1982 season with some powerful players, Karen Cavalari, Ronnie Polrier, Denise and LoriTripp, Diana Jones, and Ann Gursky, all seniors, are among the top starters for the spring, Darlene Membrino, a '81 All* NVL player, also Is expected to aid the team this year, "We've got a strong team this year, and we should place in the NVL," commented Lori Tripp, The WHS baseball team also is expected to pose a "major threat" in the NVL, stated Rich



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Town Times (Waiertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 Page 5

center open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; minibus to Waterbury and mali in morning and afternoon. OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS meeting at Oakvliie Branch Library, 55 Davis St., 7:30 p.m. PLANNING & ZONING Com"SENIOR CITIZENS Falls Ave, GENERAL mission meeting at Watertown center open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. INFO NUMBERS: municipal' CRESTBROOK LADIES Golf Library, 7:30 p.m. switchboard, 274-5411 for most Association opening luncheon at governmental and school deEVENTS partment offices, including rec- Cederwick Inn, 12 noon. Call REC TRIPS: April 21 (open). reation extensions 253-255, and 274-5411, ext. 315 tor informaMountain Park, Holyoke, Mass,; senior center and minibus exts. tion, NUTMEG SQUARES square May 21 (open), Ringling Bros., 423.424. dancing workshop at Polk Barnum & Bailey Circus at New School, Buckingham St., 7:30 Haven Coliseum; June 19-20 THURSDAY, APRIL 1 (open), Tall Ships at PhiladelphSENIOR CITIZENS Falls Ave. p.m. ia; Aug. 13-15 (filled), Lake center open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; soWEDNESDAY, APRIL 7 George and Saratoga, N.Y, Call cial 1 to 4 p.m. SENIOR CITIZENS Falls Ave, recreation office for details. HOMEMAKERS CLUB meeting at Thomaston Savings Bank, Main St., 7:30 p.m. Program: furniture reflnishing. FRIDAY, APRIL 2 SENIOR CITIZENS Falls Ave, center open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; minibus to Waterbury and mall in morning and afternoon. SEXTA FIERA meeting at home of Mrs. Alan Reiff, North St. Hertopic: "Mama'sBoy." JAZZ NIGHT at Watertown Library, 470 Main St., 8:30 to 11:30 p.m., featuring Funky Butt Jazz Band. SATURDAY, APRtt 3 TOWN CLERK'S office in Town Hall, 37 DeForest St., open 9 a.m. to 12 noon. EASTER BASKET sale of candies and other items at United Methodist Church, 305 Main St., 9:30 a,m, to 2 p.m.; luncheon 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. BOOTEE'S BOP HOP dance at Academy of Ballroom Dance, 523 Main St., 8 p.m. to midnight; benefits youth soccer program. Call 274-3823 for ticket Into:

W i ' r i such r o a o u f c e f u ! creatures-we may be inert on reasons, bul we're long on excuses.

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IRA accounts separately insured to $100,000 by FDIC

Thomaston Savings MEMBER FDIC

THOMASTON 140 Main Street 2834373

WATERTOWN 565 Main Street 274.2574

TERRYVILLE 103 Main Street 582-8118

HARWINTON Route 118 485-1492

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Page 6 Town Times (Watertown. Conn.) April 1,1982

WatervUle Bible 240 Dwlght St., Waterbmy 753.7942 Thursday, Apr. 1--Church Family Night, 7 p.m. Friday, Apr. 2.-Sp6eial Hermeneutics, 9:30 a.m.; Alanon Family Group, 10 a.m.; Executive Board Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Apr. 3-Coffee House, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Apr. 4-Blble Classes for all ages, 9:30 a.m.; Coffee Fellowship, 10:30 a.m.; Worship Service, Beginner's Church, Junior Church, 11 a.m.; Prayer, Singing, Sharing, Devotional, 6 p.m. Tuesday, Apr. 6-Special Hermeneutics, 7 p.m. *. . =.a MBttatack Unitarians Qoiuiuk Rd.s.Wdbry. 264.2375 Sunday, Apr. 4«Church School and Morning Worship, 10:30 a.m., with the Rev. Robert Rafford speaking on "PassoverHistory and Significance." Monday, Apr. 5-Long Range

Planning Committee in evening. Wednesday, Apr. 7--Nominating Committee in evening. =



St. Mary Magdalen 16 Bnckingham St., Okvl. 274.9273 Thursday, Apr. l-Mass, 7 a.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.; Bingo, Parish Hall, 7:15 p.m. Friday, Apr. 2«Mass, 7 a.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.; Stations of the Cross in church, 7 p.m.,- Confessions in church, 7:30 to 8 p.m. , Saturday,, Apr, 3-Mass for Hoffman and Fenner families, 8 a.m.} CCD Grades 1 to 6 at Griffin School, Grade 7 at St. Mary Magdalen School, 9..a.m.; Confessions in church, 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.; Vigil Mass for Josephine Verdosel, 4 p.m.; Vigil Mass, 7 p.m. ,: Sunday, Apr. 4-Mass for parish family members, 7:15 a.m.; Mass for sick of parish, 8:45 a.m.; Mass for Marie Sullivan, 10 a.m.; Mass for Victor Wasi11:15 a.m.; Mass, 4 CmziN DISCOUNT


Frantzis Radio &TtV,tInct SALE! - N l w ft UsgD S i R v i c i S N M o i T MAJOR B R A N D S


OAKVILLI, CT OB778 PHONI 274-2287 • 274-9B8B






: .^::-

p.m.; Senior Youth Fellowship, p.m. Monday, Apr. 5»Mass for 6:30 p.m. Monday, Apr. 5-Morning Jeannette Massicotte, 7 a.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.; Social Action Prayer and Holy Communion, meeting, 7 p.m.; CYO meeting in 8:45 a.m.; Agape Group, 9;30 a.m.; A.A., 10:30 a.m.; Evening Parish Hall, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Apr. 6-Mass, 7 Prayer, 5:45 p.m.; Junior Youth a.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.; CCD Grade Fellowship, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Apr. 6-Holy Com8 at St. MM School, 7 p.m. " Wednesday, Apr. 7-Mass, 7 munion, 7 a.m.; Morning Prayer a.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.; Charismatic and Holy Communion, 8:45 a.m.; Alanon, 10 a.m.; Deanery, St. Prayer Group at school, 8 p.m. George's Church, Middlebury, 7:30p.m.;A.A.,8p.m. Wednesday, Apr. 7-Morning Christ Episcopal Prayer, 8:45 a.m.; Bible teach28 The Green 274.1910 Friday, Apr. , 2-Morning ing, Holy Communion and HealPrayer and Holy Communion, ing Service, 9:30 a.m.; Junior 8:45 a.m.; Evening Prayer, 5:45 Choir, 3:15 p.m.; I.A.H. Club, p.m.; Bible study, Jessell's 4:15 p.m.; Evening Prayer, 5:45 p.m.; Holy Communion, 7 p.m.; home, 8 p.m. Saturday, Apr. 3-Morning Senior Choir, 7:45 p.m. Thursday, Apr. 8-Moming Prayer and Holy Communion,' 8:45 a.m.; Children's Confirma- Prayer and^ Holy Communion, 8:45 a.m.; Evening Prayer, 5:45 tion study, 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Apr. 4--Holy Com- p.m.; Seder Dinner, 6 p.m.; Holy munion, 8 and 10:15 a.m.; Communion and stripping of the Church School, 10:15 a.m.; Lay altar, 7:30 p.m.; Prayer Vigil Readers' Service at Convalari- begins, 9 p.m. um, 1 p.m.; Lay Readers' Service United Methodist at Whitewood Manor, 1:30 p.m.; 305 Main St. 274.4067 Adult Confirmation study, 2 Thursday, Apr. 1-AIM meetp.m.; Lenten Pot Luck Supper, 5:30 p.m.; Lenten program, 6:30 ing, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Apr, 3-The Easter Basket, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Luncheon, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. SEMONES Sunday, Apr. 4-SpeciaI Upholstery Company Church School program, "Walk to Jerusalem," 9 a.m.; Palm CUSTOM /•# Sunday Worship Service, 10:30 UPHOLSTERY'VM a.m.; Youth Choir, 5:15 p.m. • HometAuio \ , Monday, Apr. S-Girl Scouts, • Miflne <• ' J • Framf Repairi HI 3:30 p.m.; Waterbury Oratorio • Cuihioni Society, 7:45 p.m. Rcfilkd Tuesday, Apr. 6.-Steward• Kitchen Chairs ship/Finance, 7:30 p.m. • AnliqueiResiored.Uphoistery Supplies Wednesday, Apr. 7»GIrl 200 Monnouth Avenue, Wittrbuiy Scouts, 3:30 and 6 p.m.; Group 7^4893 for cancer patients and families, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Apr. B.-Maundy Thursday Worship Service, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Apr. 9--Good Friday combined Worship Service, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Apr. 10»Easter Egg coloring, 2 to 4 p.m.

BoeH ,-^ij

or writ©1.





Union Congregational 161 Buckingham St. 274-4045 Thursday, Apr.,l-.Cadette Girl Scouts, 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Apr. 4-Palm Sunday. Breakfast, sponsored by Youth

Fellowship, 8:45 a.m.; Morning Worship, 10:30 a.m. Sermon: "Claudia." Youth Fellowship, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Apr. 6«Junior Girl Scouts* 6:30 p.m.; Brownies, 4:30 p.m.; Senior Choir, 7 p.m.; Trustees, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Apr. 7-.Ladies' Aid, 2 p.m.; Boy Scouts. 7 o.m. Christian Science 37 Holmes Ave., Waierbnry 7S6.0726

Sunday, Apr. 4--Servlce and Sunday School, 10:45 a.m. ^





Full Gospel Assembly 1317 Watertewn Ave., Wtby, 756.1293 Sunday, Apr. 4-Worship Service, B a.m. a




St. John the Evangelist 754 Main St., 274.8836 Thursday, Apr. i-Low Mass, 11 a.m.; Lenten Mass, 7 p.m.; Folk Choir, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Apr. 2-.Low Mass, 11 a.m.; Wedding of Cheryl LeBlanc and Robert Greatorex, 5 p.m.; Stations of the Cross, 7 p.m.; Bingo, Church Hall, 7:15 p.m.; Bible Study Group at school, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Apr. a-Make-up Confirmation exam, 12:15 p.m.; First Confession for First Communicants, 3 p.m.; Confessions 4 to 5, and 7:45 to 8:15 p.m.; Low Mass, 5 p.m.; Seventh Anniversary High Mass for John Anctil, 7 p.m. Sunday, Apr. 4--Low Mass, 8:15 a.m.; Low Mass for Martin Memoe, 9:30 a.m.; Fourth Anniversary High Mass for Richard Manning, 10:45 a.m.; High Mass for Zuzana Puzemis, 12 noon; Folk Choir, 4 p.m.; High Mass (Folk Mass) for Leo Fabian, 5 p.m.; Bingo, Church Hall, 6:30 p.m. Monday, Apr. 5-Low Mass, 9 a.m.; CCD Grade 7 at St. John's School, 6:45 p.m.; Lenten Mass, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Apr. 6--Low Mass, 9 a.m.; CCD Grades 1 to 6 after school in respective schools, Grade 8 at St. John's School, 6:45 p.m.; Lenten Mass, 7 p.m.; Miraculous Medal Novena, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Apr. 7--Low Mass, 9 a.m.; Lenten Mass, 7 p.m.; Senior Choir, 7:30 p.m.

Remember some • bunny with flowers at Easter

CARRIAGE SPIRIT SHOPPE 737 Main Street, Waterfowni 274-8675

Specializing in Wines For the ApproachingHolidays & AlfOccasions. Stop in and inquire about our Name Brands and New Brands all

Beer Kegs Available At All Times Special Price For "1 Month On 1/4 Kegs

LIQUORS ON'SPECIAL Map & Liters of Dewars Fifths & Liters of Pinch BLENDSMags of Seagram 7 Mags of Canadian Club All Liters of V.O. VODKALiters & Fifths of Finlandia Mags of Majorska GINMags of Oiibeys & Beefeater .. Mags & Liters of Chatham Gin (92 Proof) • Fifths and Liters of E&J Brandy & Coronet Brandy

Happy Easter from all the good eggs at Graham's

Graham's Florist 351 Watertown Avt., Waterbury—753-1169

We are pleased to announce loger Schroeder has rejoined our staff.


20% OFF Regular Price forSr. Cltlitni


. _ -

, - - -

Thm. i fri, fcrniflp 2 7 4 - 6


Property of the Watertown Historical Society Taxpayers Work On Guidelines watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 Page 7

Trinity Lutheran 50 UeForcHt St., 274-H534 Thursday, Apr, l-Evangelism Committee, 7;30 p.m. Saturday.,. Apr, 3-Sprlng Cleanup Sunday, Apr. 4-Chureh School, 9:30 a.m.; Morning Worship, 10:45 a.m., with Holy Communion. Monday, Apr. S-Sodal Service Committee, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Apr. 6-Conflrmation Class, 3 p.m. Thursday, Apr. 8-Cholr Rehearsal, 7:30 p.m.; Maundy Thursday Service, 8:30 p.m. Friday, Apr. 9-Good Friday Service, 7:30 p.m. e



Mlddkbury Baptist 74KeUyRd,,MIddl«buy 758.9655 Sunday, Apr. 4-Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Morning Worship, 11 a.m.; Youth Groups, 5:45 p.m.; Evening Service, 7 p.m.


Evangel Assembly of God 245UtehflWRd274S7S Sunday, Apr. ' 4-Church School, 9^45 a.m.; Worship Service, 11 a.m.; Sing and Share, 6

s a v—

Society of Friends 274.8598 Sunday, Apr. 4-Meeting for Worship, Woodbury Community f>.nter, 10 a.m. All Saints' Episcopal 262 Mnln St., Oakville 274-2352 Thursday, Apr, i-Women's Night Group, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Apr. 4-Holy Communion, 8 a.m.; Holy Communion, Sunday School, Nursery, 10 a.m.; Evening RAP Program, Grades 7 to 12, 6 p.m.; Choir Rehearsal, 6:30 p.m. S

The Crestbrook Ladies Golf Association will hold its opening luncheon Tuesday, April 6, at 12 noon at Cederwlck Inn, All women interested In joining the association are invited to attend. More information can be obtained by contacting Ruth Orover at 274-5411, e « . 315.

"Peter Pan"

Calico Prints Saiel

Regularly 3.98 yd.

100% Cotton Printed Calicos, Early Friday for first selection,



Heritage Village Green Southbury, Ct. 264-6006

254 Falls AveM Oakville

— Introducing — DELI=CHEF SERVICE


A new concept in Food Shopping We Do the Cooking You Take the Credit DAILY FRESH MADE SPECIALS • Salads e Entrees a Desserts


St. Mary Magdalen Church Hall, Oakville


Also Catering and Meat Platters Available

Every Thursday f Extra Card Free with this ad

Call: 274-3419


Pf/ces Effective thru April 7,1982


April 1st S A L E

Apri!i7,h !

King William J&B Vat 69 Gold


$11.99 1,75 L, $17.95 1.7SL. $11.29 1.73 L.

$5.75 1 liter

$7.69i.7JL $8,69 1.IS L $9.88 1.75 L

$3,95 1 liter $4.99 1 liter

$6.95 1.75 L S8.25l.7SL

$4,49 1 liter

Barton (80) Bellows Gordons


FERTILIZER $6,43 $9,00 5-10-10 $8.00 5-10-5 $6.18 5-10-5 $8.76 • Milorganlte $9.45 • Agricultural Lime 50 lb.-$1.30 80 lb. • Yellow and White Onion Sets

$ 6.75 1 liter $10.98 lllter $ 6 . 7 5 I liter

$9.99 1.71 L,


• Perennial Rye 50lb, $41,75 25 Ib. $21.70 Reg. Reg, Reg. Reg. Reg. Reg.

$8.59!.7SL. S8.99l.75L. $11.08 I.75L.



50 !b, 80 Ib. 801b. 50 Ib. 80 Ib, 441b,

S4.89 I liter $5.29 I liter S6.S8 I Iher $4,69 i liter $5.99 1 liter

Ouckenheimer Carstairs Caivert Extra Kinsey Silver Schenley

• True Temper Garden Tools 20% OFF • Kerr MoGee &J3rthoCaarden PrMucts. .^................. 16% OFF • Our Special Blend 25 Ib. $33.85 5 Ib. $7.95


Bolt ends from itoS yards Each 45" wide.


First Congregational 40DeForestSt, 274.6737 Thursday, Apr. 1-Boy Scout Troop 76, 7 p.m.; Reception for new members, Trumbull House, 7:30 p.m.

10-6-4 10-6-4

. Crestbrook Ladies

Special Purchase!

Philadelphia Hoopla Two-Day June Adventure

Wednesday, Apr, 7-Royal Rangers, 7"p.m.; Bible Study, 7:30 p.m.

Mountain Park Fun Journey Is Open To Kids

Youngsters in Grades 4 and above are invited to sign up for the Parks and Recreation Department's Wednesday, April 31 trip to Mountain Park, Holyoke, Mass. The park will be closed to the public, with Watertown recreationists having semiprivate use A two-day trip to Philadelphia of all facilities and rides. to be part of Its 300th birthday The all-day affair includes celebration has been scheduled transportation, admission to the by the Parks and Recreation De- park, all rides, and lunch, which partment for Saturday and Sun- comprises a hot dog and hamburday, June 19-20. ger, soda drink, and ice cream. ' A chartered bus will leave WaThe area Is supervised. This "IF tertown early on Saturday. Acco- the third year the department mmodations will be at the Belle- has sponsored the trip. vue Stratford Hotel, with shopPayment is upon registration. ping in the unique atmosphere of Reservations can be made at the New Market available. recreation office, Town Hall AnTwo luncheons are included in nex, 424 Main St., 274-5411, ext. the trip fare. Participants can en- 254.



into." The local group will try to get more people involved. . "When you're working against a stacked deck, you have to work hard," Mr. Pond said. Interested people can obtain more information by contacting Mr, Pond at 274-3551,

Sunday, Apr. 4-Church joy a step back into history, or an School, 9 a.m.; Palm Sunday evening walk by lantern light Worship Service with reception through the hidden walkways of new members, 10:30 a.m.; and courtyards of Society Hill. About 35 townspeople attendCoffee Hour, 11:30 a.m.; C;C.C, A reserved sightseeing boat 11:30 a.m.; Pilgrim Choir, 5 awaits on Sunday for a nostalgic ed a taxpayers' organizational p.m.; Pilgrim Fellowship, 6:15 two-hour morning cruise of Phil- meeting March 25 at the Thornadelphia harbor, now overflow- aston Savings Bank, P< Contractor John Pond, Monday, Apr, 5-Flx-It Pel. ing with ships. Famous tall ships lowship, 9 a.m. of the past which commemorated spokesman for the group, said Tuesday, Apr, 6»J,C,C, 4:30 the country's 200th Bicentennial eight people are going over in 1976 will be here for the City guidelines and procedures to esp.m. tablish a more formal body. AnWednesday, Apr. 7»Pioneer of Brotherly Love's birthday. Return to Watertown will be in other meeting will be called in Choir, 3:30 p.m.; Adult Choir, the near future, the early evening. 7:30 p.m. ,Mr, Pond said a speaker from For all information on prices Thursday, Apr, 8-Maundy the Monroe Taxpayers Associaand reservations, contact the recThursday Service, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Apr, 9-Goed Friday reation office at 274-5411, ext. tion attended to explain the workings of his organization, and Service at United Methodist 253-255. the types of Issues it has "dug Church, 7:30 p.mr

Bukoff Gordons

$5.03 $8.40 $7.40 $5.68 $8.16 $8.99

Caribaya Rum

$7,99 1.75 L.

Botticelli L a m b r u s c o W i n e $ 1 . 8 6 7 J O M L .

S3.36 I . S L

BEER; plus deposit Piels

Case S5,99l2oj.cam



Caie S5.99ejcp.bo!,



Caie $5,69exp, bot.



Case $6.9912 oz. cans


All Purchases Plus Sales Tax

$6.9912 01. cam Case $8.99l2sz.cans Case $14,9912 01. boi. Case $10.59l2oz.bol.

Property of the Watertown Historical Society watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Page 8 Town Times (Watertown, Conn,) April i, 1982

Night Dreaming _ What are some Watertown High School students doing late, ly as night falls over the town? Why, they're creating a world of love and the supernatural for their performance of Shakespear's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," • Sponsored by the senior class « WHS, the play wU! be presented Friday and Saturday, May 30April 1.

andMotel Among our featured entrees,1 • Baked Ham • Hot Roast Beef •Baked Chicken Plus Many Other Hot & Cold Items "Everythingfrom horsd'oeuvres to dessert Regular dinners also served. Easter Sunday Hours' 12 to 6 Regular Hours/Lunch! Mon..Fri, 11 m4 Dinncn Wed,.Sai, J-iO, Sun. J-9

Ri.SWalertownRd, Thomiston. Rt, IN, Exit 31 - 7 miles from Downtown Wtby,

A, KORNACK1, Terry-

Fresh Boiled Maiiie Lobster $79§ Pwato or Rice

vUle, recently received an award as "The Top Newcomer" of Merrill Lynch Realty Barrows Co, for the state of Connecticut, Presently associated with the Merrill Lynch Southbury office, which serves 14 surrounding towns, he is a member of the Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors, and is currently attending financial seminars.

Saturday Evening 9 PM-1 AM Chick Cicchetti and Bobbi Rogera Sunday Evening 7 PM -11 PM Chick Cicenetti & His Jazz & Dixie ^ N

Twin Boiled Maine Lobster $14,95


Friday Night Special Sunday Lunch Specials 11:30-4 • Filet of Sole Almondine • Baked Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp • Stuffed Chicken Breast Cordon Bleu

$6,95 $6.95 $6.95 $6.95 $7.95 $6.95

• Seafood Crepe Alukan King Cmb, SMll 0 p j4Shrimp • New York Cut Sirloin Steak • Fresh Tiny Bay Scallops Meuniere

WLakewoodRd.Waterbury •tresh Boneless Trout Baked, Stuffed or Saute •Fresh Whole Clams Deep Fried •Fresh Batter Dipped Cod For fish and chips


AH orders available for Take Out.

• F «- &Sat.

No Cover

Slarts Friday April 2nd Adnltsi2.00-Klds4Sn.99C Frid.ya(6:I5A9:45 Salurdsy at liM, 6:00 & j:3S inndiyi(i!30,IilSftS;4S Moa.-Thuii. 7U0 Only


EASTER Reservations Now being Accepted




Fridays td

Featuring,., International Cuisine with many delicious Greek Specialties aunday Special-$9,95 $1.00 Off for Senior Citizens •Prime Rib •Roast Pork • Broiled Bay Scallops

Cocktails VISA • MASTiR CHARQI • AM. EX.

j jH

1 46 Freight St. iWaterbury 764-6177!


(J, Geiis Tribute, Southside, Springsteen) Sat,

8 to theBar



. Sun,

Free Movies Free Hot Buttered Popcorn

Heservilionsi 263-4555 if

1 ScoM tawfii Products I P9atMo$S9 Shavings 1 Dog &Gat Foods

Full House

(Bottom of Bin Sherman Hill)


Blue Soal Feeds Fertilizer-Lime

(Pat Benatar Tribute)

Accepting Reservations Now J w t i n p at 12,30 & 3:30 CLOSED MONDAY Will accept private parties for 20 to 60 people


Garden Seeds

I 1


Complete Dinner includes Soup or Salad Entree, Potato, Vegetable. Coffee andDemert

Lunch: Ii.2.30Tues..Sat, Dinner: S-lOTues,-Sat. Barclay Square - Woodbury




Property of the Watertown Historical Society watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 Page 9

June 6, All Girl Scout camps comply with the standards of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., the Amencan Camping Association and the State Board of Health, Staff members come from all over the United States and from around the world. Through careful selection and training, staff members are highly qualified and give sensitive leadership to the carefully planned activities. Girls with special needs are welcome at camp and have special supervision and placement within the regular camp program,

1982 Camp Season or 772-3160, You do not have to Connecticut Trails Council of be a Girl Scout to go to Girl Scout Girl Scouts announces the open- Campl ing of registration for its four-day Open Houses will be held from camps. Open to all girls entering 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the following grade 2 or older, day camp offers dates: the opportunity to explore them- Camp Laurel • Resident Camp, selves and the out-of-doors while Saturday, June 12; Camp Pattareturning home at night, gansert, Sunday, June 13; Camp CAMP LAUREL Day Camp, in An-Se-Ox, Sunday, June 13; Lebanon, Ct,. has 300 acres of Camp Murray, Sunday, June 13; woods, hiking trails and a natural Camp Laurel, Sunday, June 13; Bridge Scores lake for learning and developing Camp Timber Trails, Sunday, The following are the scores water-oriented skills, Day camp staff members are adult volunteers who receive training In program and child development skills to insure a satisfying experience for everyone. Situated in East Lyme, CAMP PATTAGANSETT offers special, ized sailing and boating programs at day camp along with a general camp program incorporating outdoor cooking, campcraft, hiking and swimming, CAMP MURRAY in East Haven features special eamperaft and backpacking programs, and CAMP AN-SE-OX in Oxford offers a reading enrichment program along with their regular camp activities. Both camps feature swimming pools. Every day camp provides daily swimming' instruction by certified waterfront staff. Every group at day camp has the opportunity to plan some of their daily activities while enjoying special programs arranged by the day camp staff, Girls can also enjoy one' overnight stay at the end of each twoweek session, and get a taste of menu planning, cooking and outdoor living. You will have deposited $40,000. The Older girls who are interested in giving volunteer service can amount you withdraw will total $373,545! serve as program aides at day Yet this is only one of dozens of intriguing camp, If they are entering the 9th examples we can give you showing how grade or older. Training is provided for them prior to day camp. yearly deposits to your high yielding, Adults can share a wonderful tax-sheltered IRA at First Federal Savings summer by volunteering to serve as day camp staff members for as little as two weeks. Peter Pan units for young children of staff members are available, as is a boy's unit for 6-li year olds. Staff receives $5,00 a day and their children attend camp at reduced fees. Training Is given for all day camp staff, and Connecticut Trails Council encourages all interested adults to apply. Applications and a camp folder can be obtained by calling Connecticut The interest rate on our 18-month Trails at 1-800-922'2770 toll free floating rate CD changes weekly on

from the March 23 session of the Some parents treat their children Watertown Duplicate Bridge like slaves-ind then bemoan their Club! Lucetta Gaunt and PriscUla j Knox, first, 37] Annabelle Fryer iiiiimfimimniiimiiiiiiiimiimiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ and Peggy McCay, second, 35Vi; and George and Elizabeth Morgan, third, 35, Games have concluded for the season and will resume in the fall. Interested persons can obtain more information by calling 274-1634,

Range I Fuel Oil (



600 MAIN St. I OAKVIUi |

Family troubles begin when the head of the house hopes to make enough money next month to pay this month's bills,

Tel. 274-3284 or 274-1220


toyour IRA ibr 20years. m

can accumulate significant amounts for your retirement, NOTE; This example is based on an annual interest rate of 12%, compounded quarterly, and the monthly payout would be $2,075,25, Actual rates may be higher or lower than 12%, depending on < economic conditions.


Choose from a variety of high yielding CDsi FLOATING RATE CD


Agency ELTON HOTEL 754-4169 •'£'} I hope anyone planning to use that low air fare to Hawaii of $499 (or if using a tour operator round trip of $450) finalized their plans BEFORE that GREAT fare went up on April 1st! The sad news broke suddenly late March 26th, Boy-did everyone here move FAST to get tickets issued at the low fare before the date for the increase, Our clients certainly appreciated the fact that we alerted them so quickly so that payment could be made immediately, We also appreciate our clients for running in so quickly with their payments, After all, we would not want them to miss out on Hawaii because of late notice from us and causing a higher payment. We really DO give SERVICE and tender loving care to our clients!

Tuesday and is equal to the current 6-month money market "CD rate. The

minimum deposit is only $10 and additions can be made at your discretion in amounts of $1 Dor more.

FIXED RATE CDs The interest rates on our 18-month, 30-month and 48-month fixed rate CDs are based on yields of U.S. Treasury Notes of comparable maturities. Once established, the rates are guaranteed until —



• • WUJUI j

maturity. The minimum deposit is $500. Interest rates on new accounts are determined each week on Tuesday and remain in effect through the following Monday,

uwici 11 i i i i c u CDWI i vvccis KJII

i ucsuay CM !

This offer may be withdrawn at any lime.

We specialize in retirement account planning, and we offer personal counseling with regard to the various investments available to help you build a substantial retirement fund.

1 |

• No fees or service charges of any kind. • Your IRA is separately insured to $100,000 by FSUC.

Have any questions about retirement planning? Call an IRA expert at 755-1422 9 H T l V H l i m B i | n i n ! 9 ' R n L 1 I V M W V n i l V S l | j m ^ ^ TI~1II *J*H •HIM "liiHiwww^ww^Wln1! I'IWHIIHIHHWIIUPI iiHuiimwui*—<+ nm in—n iiiiiim • • ! I H I I I B I I J

n i™

First Federal Plaza, Waierbury 755.1422 Naugatuck Valley Mall, Waterbury 757.9461 Chase Ave, at Wigwam, Waterbury Plaza 756-7868 364 Reidville Drive, Waierbury 753.9281 Southbury Plaza, Soulhbury 264.2444 656 Main Street, Watertown 274-8818

• n.

-•• c «.„..


Property of the Watertown Historical Society Egg Decorating pets'ptatter Workshop Sat, watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Page 10 Town Times (Water-town, Conn.) April 1,1982

"We Care" Main St., Southbury

Perk Up Your Pet '!!l i For Easter


Closed Monday Tuis.-Frl. 10:00.5'30 Sat. 10:00.5;00

Grooming Hours:

By Appointment Only


Call 2632046

fat. S;00.8:00


41 W. Main St. WATERBURY

Easter Service

7CC / 3 U

11 coupons 1

We are now carrying Craft Kits by DIMENSIONS • Crewel

©Cross Stitch


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m mw



A limited number of openings are available tor the Saturday, April 3 Ukrainian Easter egg decorating workshop sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department, The workshop will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the Watertown library, 470 Main St. Youngsters ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Frank Stuban of Seymour, an authority on the decorating customs and Ukrainian folklore, will be the instructor. A small fee will be charged for materials. For more information, call the recreation office at 274-541 i, ext. 254.

The Watertown-Oakville Ecumenical Council will sponsor an Easter morning worship service Sunday, April 11, at 6:30 a.m. at the gazebo, Town Hall Hill. Clergy from each of the community's Christian churches will be participants in the celebration of Christ's resurrection. It will be held rain or shine. The public is welcome to attend. A breakfast will follow In the United Methodist Church, 305 Main St.

day, April 3 Hooter's Bop Hop, scheduled for 8 p.m. to 12 midnight at the Academy of Ballroom Dance, 523 Main St. The event is BYOB, and setups will be provided. Several raffles are scheduled. Proceeds will benefit the Watertown Association for Youth Soccer's programs. Call 2743823 for more Information.

Bop Hop Saturday

HCHS Art Auction

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GIRL SCOUTS from Junior Troop 4310 celebrated Girl Scout Week recently by entertaining their sister Brownie Troop, 4023. Above the girls form a circle while learning one of the Girl Scout sones (Cuttitta Photo).

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Oronoke Road, Waterbury, will be held Friday, April 16. ' The preview, with refreshments, will begin at 7:30 p.m., and the auction at 9 p.m. A door prize is being donated by Mariin Art, Inc. Tickets will be available at the door, or can be purchased in advance by calling the school at 757^248,

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1085 PIJOP 1 S

Property of the Watertown City Planning Historical Society Placement Work watertownhistoricalsociety.org At Reservoir

Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 Page 1!

THE THIRD GRADE CLASSES at Polk School were visited recent, ly by Carmen Waldron and his seeing-eye dog Duke. Mr. Waldron spoke to the children on how to punch holes in a grid for Braille, the Braille alphabet itself, and how seeing-eye dogs are trained. Pictured left to right are Debbie Dotoli, Mr. Waldron, Billy Kowalewski, Duke, Richard LeVasseur, Doreen Demers, and Joey Mauriello, (Polk School Photo)

The City of Waterbury Is seeking permission from the New England Division, U.S, Army Corps of Engineers, and the state Department of Environmental Protection to perform work in Wigwam Reservoir at Watertown. The wort Includes placement of about 2,000 cubic yards of material for road embankment, about 700 cubic yards of glacial till for backfill In a 240-foot oxenvated trench, and four cubic yards of concrete and 10 cubic yards of screened gravel for the intake structure. The application was filed with the engineers in compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act of 1977, which regulates the discharge of dredged or fill material in waters of the United States. To assist in evaluating the proposed work, the engineers are soliciting public comments. Written statements should be forwarded to their office no later than April 19. Additional information may be obtained by contacting David Baker at the New England Dlvtsion, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 424 Trapelo Road, Waitham, MA 02254, telephone 617, extension 673.

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GLOBE CLEANERS Under New Management Can Give Your Clothes a Fresh Spring Look DRUG EDUCATION PROGRAMS were presented to Judson School fourth and fifth grade pupils recently by Ralph Frank, left, RPh of Bristol Hospital. With him left to right are fourth grade students Debbie Baeder, Douglas Blais, and Erie North, Mr. Frank informed the students about the psycholo|ical and physiological effects of drugs, caffeine, and alcohol. His visit was sponsored by Project Explore. (Boston Photo)

Registrar Changes

widow, has been Appointed deputy registrar. The appointment was effective March 25.

Alice Madeux, former Republican deputy registrar of voters, has been named the new GOP registrar. She replaces the late Leo Fabian, who died recently. Mrs. Madeux has announced that Concerta Fabian, Mr. Fabian's

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Property of the Watertown Historical Society apPPPPPPaPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPDPDPP^ watertownhistoricalsociety.org iethlehem News Page 12 Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1» 1982

By Paul Johnson papppppppPDPappppappppppppppprt The annuall li list of Th f ffairs i pubb lished by the Association of Conneetieut Fairs and the state Bepartment of Agriculture is .now available, and shew dates and information for 56 agricultural fairs planned plan ffor 1982...Of this total i £ are major fairs, six district, 22 22

are d designated i t d local, l l seven represent county 4-H programs, and two new fairs are classed associate members, awaiting classification after they have been held for several years.. .The first fair slated is the North Stonington Agricultural Fair on July




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A HAIR PLACE For Men & Women

973 Main Street Watertown

8, continuing for four days, while the last of the season will continue to be the Riverton Fair on October 9 and 10...A copy of the date list is available to folks who write the Bethlehem Fair or call the fair office 266-53S0...Bethlehem Fair will be held for the 58th year on Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12. This Saturday is to be observed as agriculture day at the Tom March Farm here in Bethlehem, with the theme "AgricultureLiving on a Few Acres"...The program is sponsored by Litchficld County Extension Service, and starts at 9:30 a.m. under direction of George A. McCleary, HI, agricultural agent with demonstrations and exhibits showing skills needed in producing food on a few acres...Subjects include the planting, pruning and man- THE TOP THREE CUM in Pack 52, Union Congregational Church, aging of Christinas trees; growOakville, were awarded trophies after the annual Plneweod Derby ing blueberries and other small competition recently. From left to right they are; Tom Sturges III, • fruits; pasture management and first; Brian Mulligan, second; and Raymond Zawislak, third. (Pack hay production; honey bee man- Photo) ' agement, New Zealand/permanent electric fencing... Also, candidates donning running gan, 66th House district; Loretta planting and pruning fruit trees, shoes and races becoming Shurtlewerth, 30th Senate Disraising trout at home, vegetable wanner as each week passes... trict, and1 Richard Brodeur, Bethgardening, solar greenhouses, Democrat caucus last week nam- iehemiWoodbury probate diswood as a fuel, and small farm ed Charles Woodward to attend trict. equipment...Livestock demon- the state convention... WoodRepublicans also named constrations feature raising pigs, ward, a supporter of Toby Mof- vention delegates, with George sheep, goats for milk and meat, fett and Gov. William O'Neill, Eggert, William Mischou, Jr., the home dairy cow, poultry for defeated Marjorie Bennett, a and Eugene Caires to attend the I eggs and meat and the beef ani- Downey supporter, for the con- state convention...Others are, mal...Organizations with dis- vention seat, winning 17-8... 6th district Congressional, Dougplays will be Connecticut Small School board member Alphonse las Ricci, Robert Maddox, Jr., Farmers Association, the Con- Avitablle, a coordinator for and Allan Brown; 30th Senate necticut Agricultural Experiment Brendan Kennedy iu the six-way district, Elaine Botelle, Robert Station (gypsy moth), Agricultu- Democrat race for nomination to .West and Robert .Galio; 66th ral Stabilization and Conserva- congress from the sixth district, House District, Maddox, Mistion Service, Litehfield County was named delegate to that con- chou and David Rahilly; probate Soil Conservation District, Uni- vention, but said If the commit- convention, Louise Parmalee, versity of Conn. Cooperative Ex- tee wishes he will cast his vote Jean Smith and Ingrid Buswell; tension Service and various ani- for either State Sen. William county sheriff, Mrs. Parmalee, mal breed associations...Lunch Curry or former Moffett aide Brown and Eggert. will be available at the farm from William WUIis...Other DemoMemorial Hall is the place and the Litehfield County 4-H Pork- crats elected convention dele- this Sunday is the date for the ers Swine Club. gates are Ann Johnson, county popular pancake and sausage Political parties are active with sheriff convention; Patricia Kee- 1 breakfast which is held annually to benefit Boy Scout Troop 59,,, Servings are from 8:20 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the support of townsfolk Is asked...Many town residents were interested In last week's announcement that funds are available and bids for the restoration and cleanup of Bantam Lake have been requested.,.Next meeting of Bethlehem-Morris Garden Club on April 20 at Johnson Memorial Hall will hear talk by Newberry Morse of Heritage Village on vegetable gardening...The speaker titles his presentation "Grow it and Eat it"... He Is author of a gardening column in the Heritage Villager,




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Ti m *»« / W a »»••* f%vun Cnn n, \

1 . 1982 Paat> \ .1

Property of the Watertown Historical Society watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 Page 13

Cab Pack 52 The pack, sponsored by Union Congregational Church, Oakvillc, held its annual Blue and Gold Banquet recently. More than 100 cubs, friends, and family members attended a potluck supper. After the Rev. Waldo Landqulst said the grace, the Pack 52 Boy Scouts served as excellent waiters. Following the delicious meal, some outstanding members of the Connecticut School of Gymnastics performed. The festivi-

ties were enjoyed by all, and the cubs were anticipating working on their cars for the Pinewood Derby. The derby took place March 21. The cubs eagerly raced their cars and waited for the winners to be announced. Gold, silver, and bronze medals were award* ed to the top three finishers in each age group. Winners were as follows^ 8 year olds-Tom Sturges III, gold, Rich Lavasseur, silver, and Ja-

Conntrftmt firaftiman

POOL SERVICE AN HONORABLE MENTION exhibit ai the rtu:iii ^Dwidl Sciences Fair at Mattatuck Community College belongs to sophomore Jeremy Palomba, a Watertown High Alternative School student. The display, entitled "Jamestown," depicts in great detail an early 17th century fort, with walls made out of several hundred toothpicks, and houses cut and shaped from thin pieces of wood. Nine intricate cannons are mounted on the ramparts. The whole display is mounted on styrofoam in a wooden frame, and Is covered with grass and shrubbery from a model railroad display. A British flag flies over the stockade, (Alternative School Photo)

son Lafrenitre, bronze; 9'year olds-Raymond Zawlslak, sold, Brian Mulligan, silver, and Jeff Pickering, bronze; 10 year oldsJohn Charette, gold, Gary Quadrato, silver, and Robert Souey, bronze. Trophies were awarded to the top three cubs: Tom Sturges III, first; Brian Mulligan, second; and Raymond Zawislak. third. All cubs who participated were "winners because they did their best, "the pack said.

by Fort 274.33SS

Watertown, CT.

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\V HEALTHY SNACKS WERE PART of a nutrition lesson Julie Strong; center, a fourth grader at Judson School in the Project Explore program, taught recently to schoolmates. She visited every kindergarten, first, and second grade class to speak about the four food groups and maintaining a healthy diet, and served carrots and apples with peanut butter. Looking at food group posters with her are, from left to rightJessica Shearer, Andrew Giovannlni, Erin Corey, and Timothy Blals, (Boston Photo)

THURS., APR. 1 Micriunf Class 9:3CMhJ0A,M. Senior Social IsOMiOOP.M. High School Luncheon 12:03 P.M.

FRI,, APR. 2 Exercise Clais 9:30-10:30 A.M. Quilting Clas! liOO-liOOP.M. MWBuitoWtby.&Mall

MON., APR. 5


WED,, APR. 7

Sewing Class 1:00.3:00 P.M.

Exercise Clou 9:00-10:00 A.M, Knitting ft Crocheting Circle 1:00-1:00 P.M. Radio City Music Hall Watertown Library

MM Bus to Wtby. ft MaS Senior Swim 11:15-12:30 P.M. AAR.P.Pinaor'iMtg. Senior Center.l •30 P.M.


'Basket* Bonanza The United Methodist Church, 305 Main St., will have "The Easter Basket" Saturday, April 3, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will feature home-

made chocolate candy (all natural-no preservatives), flowering plants, baked goods, gifts, ceramic items, a visit with the Easter Bunny, and a luncheon from 11 a.m. to h30 p.m.

THURS., APR. 8 Macrame Class 9:3O-il;3OA.M. Senior Social !:00-*;OQP.M. Cards and Bingo



Magraiile Class 9:3O.!1:3OA.M, Senior Social PENNY AUCTION High School Luncheon


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NEni Bus ioWiby.& Mall A.M. Trip only, A.A.R.P. Meeting Methodist Church Watertown


Sewing Class 1:00.3:00 P.M.


New Miilord 354.1050

FRI., APR, 23 Exercise Clais 9;30-iO-3OA.M, Quilling Class !;Q0-3;«)P,M. Mini Bus to Wiby,& Mall


_ _

Torrlngton 482.8808

O¥ll 5j"»i««Soi"Hi¥iCi

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WED., APR. 14

Exercise Clau 9:00.10:00 A.M. Knitting ftCrochelinj Circle 1:00-3:00 P.M. Blood Pressure Readings-11:3OA.M,

MiraBustoWiby.&Mall Senior Swim llilJ.12:3OP.M. FINAL DAY UNTIL THE FALL Luncheon at Cedtrwick 12 Noon More info at Center

FRI., APR. 16

Easter Paraders

Exercise Class 9;J0.10:30A.M. Quilting Class 1:00.3:00 P.M. MWBustoWtby.iMall

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TUBS., APR. 20 Exercise Class 9;0O.10:00A.M, Knitting ft Crocheting Circle 1:00-3:00 P.M. Health Screening-Fim Cong. Omrch-Waiatown



FRI,, APR. 30 Exercise Clais 9:3O.1O!3OA.M. Quilting Class 1:00.3:00 P.M. Mini Bus to Wiby.i Midi

Macrame Clau 9:30-11:30 A.M. Senior Social Cards &. Bingo l;0O4;OOP.M.

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FRI., APR. 9

MON,, APR. 26 Sewing Class 1:00.3:00 P.M.


TUBS., APR. 27

WED., APR, 28


Exercise Class 9:00.10:00 A.M. SPRING FUNG TRIP More Infer To Follow at Senior Center

MWBustoWtby.&Mall COOKING CLASS 12:30 P.M.

Macrame Class 9:30.11:30 A . M . Senior Social Cards & Bingo 1:00-4:00 P.M. Blood Presiure . Readings 2 P.M.

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Property of the Watertown Historical Society watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Page 14 Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982

Annual Meeting High School IA Teacher Speaks ForrriendsOf Carll Pallokat, an Industrial Library Is Set education and solar energy The 21st annual meeting of the Friends of the Watertown Library will be held Tuesday, April 13, at 12 noon at the 470 Main St. library.. After a short business meeting, John Herzan, national register coordinator from the Connecticut Historical Commission, will speak on the "National Register of Historic Places, and How it Works in Connecticut." , His topic will provide good background information for Friends visiting the Buih-Holley House on Cos Cob Harbor, and the Loekwood-Matthews Mansion in Norwalk. The visits are scheduled for Tuesday, May 4. More details about the trips will be released in the near future. Guests are invited to the annual meeting, and can bring a sandwich, Coffee, tea, and cookies will be served, For more information, call the library at 274-6729.

and Crafts Competition. Top finishers were: Maria Druan, dried wreaths and material wreaths; Dianne Bearce, staining ceramics, and infants and toddlers sewing; Lucille teacher at Watertown High Lang, black and white photograSchool, participated in the sixth phy and crewel; Ritta Cetta, annual New England Solar Ener- glazed ceramics; Carolyn Pallergy Conference recently at the ia, silk flowers, modem tole, and sewing small Items (third); Trish Parkview Hilton in Hartford. He also spoke at the recent Mauriello, crocheted toys; Cecile 44th annual American Industrial Szmajlo, men's sewing; Jean Arts Association and the 11th Dews, women's sewing; and Sue International Conferences, also Ponton, embroidery, counted In Hartford. His topic was "Fac-. cross stitch, and needlepoint. All the first-place winners are ulty Development Programs to eligible to compete in the state Meet the Energy Work Force,'' Mr. Pallokat related his exper- competition April 23. ience in high school energy education and the future it holds for teachers. April 4 to 7, Mr. Pallokat will be on the New England Association of Schools and Colleges evaluation team for Pomperaug The American Field Service High School, Southbury. (AFS) Cocktail Parties, annual fund raisers for . Watertown *s AFS chapter, have been scheduled for Sunday, April 25, and Saturday, May 1. The Junior Women's Club of The parties offer an informaWatertown recently captured 15 tive time for the public to learn first places in the district Arts about the international organization. The foreign exchange students, to be notified by Tricia Kropp, will be invited to the par-

AFS Cocktail Parties Offer Info Exchange

Junior Women Get 15 Firsts


CHICKEN SOUP WAS MADE by youngsters in Miss Palmer's fourth "grade class at Polk School as a followup to a reading story. Pictured left to right in foreground are- Walter Bradshaw, Joseph Mancini, Ken Shaw, and Deana Salvlettl. (Polk School Photo) ties by Crete Wivestad, general chairwoman. Carolyn Bates and Arlene Traver will be the hors d'oeuvres chairwomen. Dee LaBonne, chapter president, will handle the.invitations, and Donald Stepanek will oversee finances. The AFS Club at Watertown High School will serve at the par-



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ties supervised by Joan Dowd. For more information, contact Mrs. Wivestad at 274.4868,

Service Apr, 14 For J, Manning A memorial service for James Banning, 74, a Watertown native who died recently in Las Cruces, N.M., will be held on Wednesday, April 14, at 10 a.m. in St. John's Church. Mr. Hanning, who was em• ployed for 40 years as building superintendent at Taft School, was buried in Guaje Pine Cemetery, Los Alamos, N.M, A memorial service was held in the Cathedral in Santa Fe, N.M.

Advanced Life Saving Course The Red Cross Advanced Life Saving course of the Parks and Recreation Department will begin Monday, April 5, from 2:30 to S p.m. The class runs five days a week at the high school pool. To qualify for the program, the registrant must be 15 years of age by May 1, and be of good swimming ability. There is a fee. Registration can be made at the first session April 5. For more information, call the recreation office at 274-5411, ext. 254.

Litchf ield Art Programs Start Barbara Grossman, of Water, town, will instruct the "Life Drawing" class Mondays from 7 to 9:30 p.m. in Litchfleld High School, starting April 5. The program is part of the adult course lineup sponsored by the Litchfleld Area Art Council, Color and design, melon basketry, calligraphy, weaving, and a seminar on plans and plants for the herb garden also are scheduled. Registration is limited, and there are fees. For more information, call 567-9053, 567-8992, or 567-9570.

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Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 Page 15

Property of the Watertown Historical Society watertownhistoricalsociety.org A, Butkevich, Middlebury, to Merrill Lynch Relocation Management, Inc., Norwalk, property on Slade Street, $55,900, March 9-Azmi and Fatime Isaku, Watertown, to Gary A. Franks, Waterbury, property on Eythian Avenue, $41,000, March 11-Raymond L. Garassino, Watertown, to William F, and Sandra J. Broden, Watertown, property on Old Farms Road, $38,900. March 12-Ronald A. and Denlse J, Geddes, Watertown, to jonn A. and Patricia J, Tato, Watertown, property on Bangor Street, $51,000; Ada O'Brien, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., power of attorney for Ada C. O'Connell, Watertown, to Thomas F, McCarthy HI and Kyle N. McCarthy, Watertown, property at Taft Circle, $64,000; Salvatore S,1 and Patricia M. Farad, Watertown, to Reno J. and Lulgia

A SPELLING CONTEST was held by the third iraders from Griffin School recently, and the winners left to right were Danny Oliver, third place, Rene McGovern, first, and Argiris Argitakos, second. (Griffin School Photo)

FBLA Students Take 6 Firsts At Conference Six members of the Watertown chapter. Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), were top scorers in. their respective skill competition events recently at the District Leadership Conference in Bristol, They are: Brent Landquist, Business Math I; Oianna Focareta. Business Math II; Kan! Reibold, Accouting I; Larry Lamy, Accouting IIj Christine Martin, Clerk-Typist II; and Michele Yanavich, Data Processing. The awards qualify them to compete against the winners in the other six districts in Connecticut at the April State Leadership Conference. Other FBLA members who will be competing on the state level include: Cheryl Curzio, public speaking; Joann DellaCamera, job description manual; Shelley Quadrato, John Markle, Roberta Salzer, Scott Knowltoh, and Mr. Landquist, parliamentary procedure; and Linda Ciarleglio and Mr. Knowlton, poster contest, Chapter competitive events being entered will be Chapter Activities Report, Outstanding Project, Business Advocacy, National Advisory Council Award, and Chapter Exhibit.

Westbury Ford Sets the Pace in the Used Car Race 78 MONARCH-a dr., sed,, 8 cyl., stand, shift, PS, AM/PM stereo, 1 owner car In ixo. Bond. 77 iUICK RIQAL Ltd, Cpe,-th!s' ear has original 50,000 1 owner mi. w/ovary Bulok option ine, moon roof, oxc. cond. Won't last a week, 78 FAIRMQNT-2 dr., a oyl,, stand, shift, PS, only 7,000 ml, 78 FORD PINTO-ldr, Cpe,, AT, only 29.000 ml, 78 PONTIAC LfiMANS SAFARI 8«n. Won.-small V-8, AT, PS, PB, AC, AM/FM stereo, 1 owner, only 19,000 ml, 80 BUICK REGAL CPE-2 tons drk. fawn & gold metallic fawn bucket seats, only 22,0001 owner miles 80 FORD FIISTA Front wheel drive; only 5,000 orlg, ml, 80 MUSTANG HATCHiACK-blaek & gold, 4 oyl,, AT, PS, jew mMeage,_ 11 FORD QRANAQA-4 dr^ sed,, GL model, 6 cyl., AT, PS, PB, AC, AM/FM maroon w/white vinyl roof & maroon cloth Int. ' 81 MERCURY COUQAR-4 dr, sed., B oyl,, AT, AC, only 6,000 ml. 81 iSCORT HATCHiACK-4 spd., black & silver, 18,000 mi. 81 PLYMOUTH HORIZON-4 dr. front wheel drive, 4 spd. trans,, 9,000 ml, TRUCK 78 FORD BCONOUNIII50 V a n AT, PS, PB, exo, cond,, a real work, horse,

State Junior American Citizen prizes also were given out, A member of the local chapter will receive one at Its program in May,

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The next meeting of the Sarah Whitman Trumbull Chapter, DAR, will be held Thursday, April 8, at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs, David Long, Northfleld Road.

Quick, like an Easter Bunny.,..

Miss Quadrato, the Watertown High chapter- president, will be a~ candidate for district vice president. Miss Curzio will be her campaign manager, The state conference will take place April 29-30 at the Parkview Hilton in Hartford. Eighteen WHS chapter representatives will attend with their advisor, Ann Coy.

The following real estate transections were made from Friday, March 5, through Friday, March 26, according to warranty deeds filed with the town clerk's office: March 8-Edward J. and Carol

DAR Schedules Next Meeting At Long Home

Miss Ruth Stfockbine will have a display and talk about early American quilts. Assisting Mrs. Long will be Mrs. S.P. Jaync and Mrs. Donald Carlo, Mrs, Lloyd Hughes, regent, Mrs. William Cleveland, and Mrs. Jayne attended the state DAR meeting at the Sheraton Inn at Norwich March IS. Miss Karen T. Therabauider, state "GoodCitizen," and Mrs. Timothy Welch, "Outstanding Member," were honored and given prizes.

Cenlecoia, Watertown, property on Sills Drive, $63,450. March 19"Giovanni CoUbella, aka John Collabella, aka John Colabello, Watertown, to Nicholas A. Colabello, OakvlUe, property at Van Oman and Cornelius Streets, $20,000.




own run MIT, j _


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Property of the Watertown Historical Society PROFESSIONAL APPRAISAL SERVICT watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Page,18 Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1,1982 :


'h i




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LIQUOR PERMS NOTICE OF APPUCATION This is to give notice that I, Roberta H. Huppe! of R.P.D, #1 Box G-96, Weodcreek Hd., Bethlehem, Ct. 06751 hav« filed an application placarded 18 March 1982 with the Division of Liquor Control a Package Liquor permit for the sale of alcoholic liquor on the premises, 667 Main Street, Watertown, Ct. 06795, The business will be owned by Roberta H, Ruppel of R.F.D, #1 Box G96, Woodcreek Rd,, Bethlehem, Ct., 06751 and will be conducted by Roberta H, Ruppel as permittee, Roberta H, Ruppel Dated 25 March 1982 State of Connecticut Court of Probate District of Watertown March 26,1982 Estate of PHILIP J. BERCHONAK The Hon. Carey R. Geghan, Judge, of the Court of Probate, District of Watertown at a hearing held on March 26, 1982 or-

dered that all claims must be presented to the fiduciary on or befdre July 8,1982 or be barred as by law provided, Kathleen B. Navin, Clerk The fiduciary Isi Olga Berchonak 19 Carter St., Oakville.Ct, TT 4-1-82 * LEGAL NOTICE A certified lists(s) of party-endorsed candidates on the slate of the Democratic Party in the Town of Watertown for election as DELEGATES to the convention(s) of said Party specified below is on file in my office at 37 DeForest St., Watertown, Ct. CONVENTION(S) State Convention Congressional Convention 32nd Senatorial Convention 68th Assembly District Convention 76th Assembly District Convention County Convention A primary will be held May 4, 1982, if a slate of candidates for any or all conventions is filed In accordance with Sections 9-382 to 9450, inclusive, of the General Statutes not later than 4:00 P.M. of April 12, 1982 by per-


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State of Connecticut Court of Probate District of Watertown March 26,1982 Estate of PAULINE SAVIN, a/k/a PAULINE SLOBODA SAVIN The Hon. Carey R. Geghan, Judge, of the Court of Probate, District of Watertown at a hearing held on March 26, 1982 ordered that all claims must be presented to the fiduciary on or before July 8, 1982 or be barred as by law provided. Kathleen B, Navln, Clerk The fiduciary is: Peter Sloboda 694 Buckingham St. Oakvilie, Ct. 06779 IT 4-1-82

Annual Fashion Show April 30

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sons other than party-endorsed candidates. Petition formi, Instructions and information concerning the procedure in filing opposing candidacies, may be obtained from Waiter A. LeMay, Democratic Registrar of, Voters, 180 Westbury Park Road, Watertown Ct. • Mary B. Canty, Municipal Clerk Watertown, Ct.

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Property of the Watertown Historical Society watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Town Times (Watertown, Conn.) April 1»1982 Page 19

IN THE TOWN TIMES PHONE: 274-6721 TODAY!! ALL CLASSIFIED MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE, Tuesday noon is the deadline for classified advertising. Rates-, $2.00 minimum charge for the first 12 words, plus $.40 per line for each additional line beyond the minimum (approx, four words per line). All classifieds are carried in the Water-Oak Shoppers Guide, as well as Town Times, at no additional charge, EDMICHAUD Painting & Paper Hanging Call 274.8379

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LEGAL NOTICE Notice us hereby given that I failed to receive withini the time limit in Section 9-391 of the Genoral Statutes, the certifications of names of any persons as party, endorsed candidates as district delegates of the Republican party in the 32nd Senatorial District in the town(s) of Bridgewater, Brookfield, Oxford, Roxbury, Southbury, Watertown, Woodbury (and portions of the towns of Monroe and Seymour) for election as District Delegates to the State Convention of said party. Notice is also hereby given that a primary will be held on

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Statutes, n o t . a f th a n 4:00 p.m.


274.0230, eves.

Calf 274-


Petition' forms, instructions concerning the dure in fllmg Opposing candidacies, may be obtained from the Republican Registrar of

addressed, stamped envelope9 inches long to A W O A , Dept. E,


a n d informatiOn

?^J.^i?£.a.1.°±..?..:...... Jiv

thnn rentol

better job, N e w

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acounttor seniorcltlzens, 75.3 Qf w £ e r t o w n for eIwtion as V 1S C1
DELEGATES to the convention(s) of said Party specified be-


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?f °- delusive, of the Gene-

Cieiinup Raking,

68th Assembly District Conven' tlon , y DistHct Conve, Assemb



egree Escaping. 274

^ s ft nd information concerning the procedure in filing opposing candidacies, may be obtained from Alice J. Madeux, RepubU-

within the lay/staff concept. Salary range In the low.mid twen. FOR SALE BY OWNER, 4 bdrm. ties. Responses will be accepted ranch-style home on 1.96 acres in by mall only & should be ad- Taft area; town utilities; princidressed to President, Greater pals only may call for appoint, Northfleld Road. Watertown, Ct. Wtby. YMCA, P.O. Box 2617, ment: 274-6449 after 3 p.m. Mary B. Canty, Municipal Clerk ., CT, 06723, E.O.E. WILL BOARD your horse, $50 Watertown, Ct. per month. Riding ring & trail. TT 4-1-82 SHIATSU MASSAGE for relief Show time Is coming, Instructor of pain and tension. Call for app & horse trailering available. Call 974 274-1338.



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Property of the Watertown Historical Society Sewer Extension watertownhistoricalsociety.org

Page 20 Town Times (Watertown, Conn,) April 1,1982




(Continued from p a p 1) plaza. He urged assessments be charged by the foot on the restaurants, "We don't need these professional appraisers coming into this town to tell me how to spend my money!'' he, bellowed, OakvUIe's Felix Andarowski, Hadley Street, said he has lived in town 60 years and has not been allowed to tie In a business to a Main Street line only a few feet away. Only "big shots" received the breaks, he stated, Several speakers pointed out, however, the town will not lose any money on the deal. In addition to the assessments and taxes, Mrs, Cicchetti said Burger King will be undertaking between $40,000 and $50,000 in offsite improvements to the Routes 63-73 junction. Improvements, according to Stanley Masayda, zoning enforcement officer, would include redesigning the Intersection and installation of new traffic signalization; constructing concrete sidewalks in front of Burger King, and trench drains to pick up surface water flow onto Main Streetrand restriplng a portion of Main to provide for a thru lane. Vincent Petroccia, authority superintendent, said a 225-foot portion comprising 12-inch pipe would allow for eventual servicing of Straits Turnpike south as far as McDonnell Road, A few residents expressed fears the area would become too commercialized If utilities were too readily available. Republican Council members, who recently voted against Monday's resolution setting up the appropriation vote, again pointed out what they called a premature action. Councilman Norman Stephen said the resolution has a "total lack of policy" behind it, The town currently does not have a set guideline for determining what projects should be considered general benefit, nor even what the term general benefit means, However, the Council did stipulate the restaurant servicing is the last to be acted upon until such a policy is formed, and it is not to be considered a precedent, Mr. Moskaluk and Frank Sabis, Killorin Road, were both ruled out of order by meeting moderator Dr. John Griffith

when they persisted in arguing eept Thomaston, spends more Dr. Ruggiero, after the Board the final analysis who will have loudly over general benefit poll- per pupil, members had left, chastised the to decide." "I don't believe Watertown is educators for not, having more cies, The Council is expected to Mrs. Cicchetti requested the In the bottom half of towns and specific information on what bring back a recommendation for its Monday, April 5 meeting. show of hands vote after two cities in Connecticut'' education' would result if cuts are made. verbal tries were too close to call, wise, he stated. After a joint session. Board "They should have said 'Look, Dr. Briggs said the Board If $75,000 is cut, this is what will Vice Chairman David Dalton IsThe Greek restaurant, located on the former Daveluy property, could look into shaving away happen; if $100,000 is cut, then sued a written release saying the is being renovated by the Carvel monies budgeted for fuel, and this will happen,' education spending is "fiscally owner. The Burger King is ex- for out-of-town transportation responsible and prudent." "All this meeting was just a pected to be built this spring costs in specialized cases. But af"Those people in Watertown once its traffic plans are approv- ter $75,000, he said, the next nice talk, then." concerned with the education of step would be teacher layoffs, Mrs. Cicchetti.said the towns- its youth and the preservation of ed by the state. program reduction, and cutbacks people should be allowed to its home values should make Council May Ask in athletics. judge on the proposed $225,000 their views known on the effect Some Council members were reduction. "They're the ones in of cuts to the school budget." (Continued from p a p 1) quality of the town is true," the outwardly miffed Dr, Ruggiero and Council Chairwoman Mary superintendent asserted. Jo Cicchetti were holding the He said the Board budget is "Service is our Business, "just about" at the level of infla- Council to a firm stand behind a Satisfaction is tion, and because the taxpayers' $225,000 reduction. The board effort in Watertown is strong, had not taken on formal vote on Our Reference,1' the state aid picture "looks very the matter. Vice Chairman Sean Butterly good." said he favored "compromise" Watertown is expected to receive an additional half million in and "interplay" over the budDistributor state aid over what it was grant- get, while l e s s Mitchell chipped Approved ed in 1981-82. Dr. Briggs cau- in she believes the Board made a tioned a reduction in tax effort serious effort to keep Its budget Trained , would likely spring a lessening of down, Democrat Joseph Cuttitta said Personnel aid. The superintendent said Wat- he would not commit himself to a ertown is below the state average huge reduction at this time, and in per pupil expenditures by $32, neither would Republican Berand every contiguous town, ex- nard Beauchamp, a school principal.

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LEGENDARY SAND DOLLARS One of the most widely known and popular of all shells, the Sand Dollar has a pretty legend attached to it. Legend has it that these strange shells tell the story of Christ's suffering and his glory. The live holes represent the five wounds of Christ. On the front the Easter Lily - its center, a five pointed star representing the Star of Bethlehem which led the shepards from afar. On the back the outline of the Christmas Poinsettia reminds us of His birthday. When the shell is broken open, five Doves of Peace and Good Will appear.


iiiiiiiiiiii Now Thru Sunday April 4th

Because of this religious legend, this fascinating creature of the sea is often referredtoas the Holy Ghost shell. Beautifully crafted by j & C Ferrara,


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73 South Main Si, Downtown Wiitrbarj ToM.-Sst. 9s30-SiQ0 Tfcurt. "til g;30

Cardglltfs M§& iiiiMRM By t i n M i l ! Waiertory MMk-Ton. 10-5:30 W«|..SBt, 10-8:30

"Ifyou don't know your jewelry, know your jeweler,"

The Complete Shop for Children Open Dally Mon.-Sat. 9-5 Thurs.-Fri, 9-8:30 Sun, 12-5

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