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XXX1X-NO. 48 Vi il

CARTERET, N. J., FRinAY, MARf'H U), 1961

Intent utadCU* thm Ut, 0, OrttMt, «. iT


^i^^j^^j^f^^^ip^i Confab on

Democrats Golden Jubilee in FallFace Fight Schools In Primary

CARTEHET - Raymond P Bonkoskl, flft Pennsylvania Avenue has accepted thr chairmanship .of the 1961 Rrd Clous Fund CampRlRii. it. wns announced today by the Perth Atnboy - Ciirterel Clmptvr. American Red Crocs. The Carteret quota hus been set at 14.400 and according to Mr. Bonkoskl this quota is necessary to continue the Red

CARTERET • - Plans were September 9, It will be held on formulated this week by the the Community Center parking planning committee of the St.area. A big name baud and Demetrius Center for the cele- professional entertainment will bration of the 50th jubilee year conclude the week's program Will Meet with Boro of St. Demetrius Parish, ac- The actual celebration sdud- Hut nick and Sullivan h cording t uled for Sunday, November 13, Council to DiwuxH Stek. to Chairman Steve' i""Deraetrius Day. a soth an-] Endorsed bv Party; years annual post-Eas- niversary banquet following the m* W f . . • n I'utuiT Needs Here terThis dinner will be held on April rededicating of the church M e W a t t e r s . m R a c e OTOM s e n ice. f'ARTERET — To determine 16, one week after the Ukraln- .which is expected to be reno-1 CARTERET - Democrati '' Mr. Bonkoskl appointed ihe nerds of school facilities Sunday, April 9. The vated and painted in the in- will face a contest In the April Boruuglt Treasurer Alexundei i. I he Board of Education will feature the tradl-;tcrior and exterior. The dinner primary, with three candidate! Combo as head of the Industrial is inert Inn Wednesday night Uonal food prepared by the} will ba. held in the center and films for the two available .iit Mgns and Special Olfu Division Mi. lrled to meet with Mavor Sisterhood of the Blessed Vlr-jwill be followed by dancinii. ;posts . Soinr Cotnba previously served as phrn Skihn and members of Kin Mary. Rev. John Hundiakl Tlie Junior Sodality will holdi - flower Red Cross campaign chairman Horotmh Council to mapwill conduct the traditional;their annual Football Hop on ._ _ „.,, lncumbMidi CUP blessing of the food. The names ol tin workers Thursday N o v e m b e r 23 '!ents, who have the endorseFor the SOth anniversary 'Thanksgiving Day who will assist in the emnimiKii Kolibns, bonrd president ment of the Oeneral Demo'in iionw, will be announced shortly that whenever iie'v,i yrar ' t l l e committee plans a On Wednesday, December 27. jcratlc Organization filed their mi the Mr, Bonkoiikl ha.s torn an IOII.MII:: developments '-,'0 up. afull week of entertainment the committee will hold Its first petition!; with Borough Cleric »Cthe Civic leader since moving tionaire be obtained at thestarting with the a nnuallannual Christmas Cotillion for Patrick Potocnig under the to Cartmrt several yours HUO. nine ii permit for occupancy is Ukrainian Day on September 2, high school and college stu-designation "Regular Demoifi e \ i - While employed locally at the showing how many chil- with a concert consisting of two.dents with a dinner and danc- cratic Organization." ili.ii nn In the family and thebands and a full day's activity, ing to the tunes of a narnel the Hudson Pulp «nd Paper Corp.. .•, i i ' t ;i :es. It will conduct an outdoor bu- band. A highlight of the cotil- Thomas F. McWatters, will «as In thr Engineering Drpt. he run as an Independent Demo,,,1,-fl I developed « deep Interest in his Tlns plan will be Helpful t o i z a a r b e B i n n i n B L"1'01" Day, lion will be the crowning of acrat under his designation: m b e 3 t h r o U | ? h 8ui a home town. i . a d tlie Roard to map future needs"! '' K* y. 'Continued on Page 2i "Democrat, Regular OrganizaibiiK .said. I, i n t i n fiiSince moving his family line tion. He has the backing of the . : t , i t r < t t.> from Irvlrmton, he hn» h candidates are Steve Trosko, [St. Joseph's annex and St. oujh TrraMirer Alexander Comba, chairman of special gifts and Industrial solicitation. Jr., 5 Lexington Avenue and j Elia.s School to determine where „,„„ friend and congregant to John B. Donovan of 7 Sttnet i:d CART sidewalks are needed. E R E T - Sol Price, make a contribution. ;Street. not i Comba Vote Rises president of the Synagogue "To celebrate the Passover Hutnick and Sullivan also 1 B r a t h e r h o o d of Isr ic;l :;eii floor The Middlesex County Board « l . alld Seder without assuring that have been endorsed by the ;.>, vou p u t ;of Elections in a letter advisedl F r a n l c B r o w n ' Piesident of every needy person can par- Icounty committee members of mi tl I've that Gabriel Comba. elected a1 Lovinft Justice Synagogue, ticipate, surely diminishes the party. Both are completing 1 snhlnB wood'member of the board February will head the annual Pass- its holiness in the eyes of our their second three-year terras, !.• buy a piece 14 has been credited with 13o! over Fund Drive for the Jewcreator." he said. Rabbi Morton ... Buum and Jewish Commufi'v i''i> and Hutnick is chairman of tha votes in the 14th district at the! lsh needy, All funds will be distrib- police committee and Sullis wife. Bermce, will be M u r e , " describing ti;.: goals hiuh school, instead of 30 asj Rabbi Morton S. Baum, uted to the local needy and van heads the committee on at a «H-acquainted Picture on P*tr ?> CARTERET - Girl* Stout originally recorded by the dec-, spiritual leader of the Jew- to Jewish refugees in North recreation. evenrnii on Sunday, March of hi* pastoral tenure In CARTERBT Hoy Scout tl0tl clel ks i:. a h a l f a Sunday will be observed -H the ' - Walter WavemakJ i s n Community, urged each Africa and Israel. Petition as candidates of an. Troop No 06. sponsored by 8t 19, HI 8 P. M TIIP reception Carteret. AT s o m e I i o * •Calvary Baptist Churcb, this •Secretary wrote that an in.v — will tx> held in the vestry of independent fusion ticket for - Invitation* imve been exJoseph'* Church, held l u aniO,iliA«ed t o of the voting machine! ;ne Synagogue Brotherhood tended to thf entire Jewish 'Sunday with all the Protestant spection [council have been filed with : it On one nual Charter Prewnutlou and • i( hrai'l at J12 Pershlng commupltv to participate. Kill scout* of the community ;»•-.»> t" e warehouse showed that: the County Clerk by John A. Court of Honor at the St .lo.iileiiin m a n Mr. Comba should have been jAbatemarco, 33 Birch Stree,t Rabb,i Batim was recently K U e s l s wph's School Hall •lii .situation Sunday School will be lu-ld * .credited with the hfeher total.| and James W. Farrell, U, Rabbi BHUIII 'Mil slio* a named leader of the Jewtsli Thr a_dre__ ot welcome *•*, hc boards in "Obviously there was some-! Arthur Avenue. community in Carteret.. lor film, 'UiiAmerican r.it out :n given by William Wul«h. Troop __ , - j , ^ ' L l l l n B w r 0 1 1 K " Kollbas c o m - ; B „_.,_,.• servicej Committee chairman and the m e n t e d i)the renowned Greta nounced that Gabriel Comba lil|KI|l|t«| t! cpted for live board unanimously pVssrd ""' 8ouimi/ti. sincere thanks and apprecia- m ^ ' . b ^ w l 1 1 bj^wrlconied U) l l u L a w C ( i m l I l i t t reryt Robert Mas- i ^ ' ^ o f t h r ^ u t i v o vice p r e s e n t of Ameri- tenet Hi,h School a at 8 P. MJH. Ross, who was vice president, J u | J 0 , . c»,Ou ° " I n >«'t' l to lll(> l u i a l I n Iiis let ana^-r of busketbnll and ,'°" ' businessmen ters and George Btima. conter of resignation y t ,mitlav mor mor- : B o : l l c 1 ican Cyanamid Company, point-The musical will besponsored! ducted trw Court of Honor I bill! UMIIJ Thnmas has nl- IIIld c l v l r « l u l " ) i i w h o l m v c t h l i s EvcniiiR MeinbershiplMr. Comba stated, "it is with ( f r |1(%f>d l 0 s n s 0 1 L l u l e \I. for re-i P 'iiiii,s.Mon was munit'd to;i'd out that New Jersey is the j by the a t ^ rolled Award* preanitTl »re us fol- . iiim.Mui.-ed the fomball * »« P° ' ,[ U wsal under the •adership of!1'"' Colurilbus - Cleveland PTAJnation's leadiiiR chemical re-|Department of the Carteret a Kood deal of regret that I lhr U d y 'earns for the 1961 «"«'; tool ,-HMIIHi' *ao president (if thi ||to use .the Columbus School]search andmaniifacfurinR statelWonuin's Club. Proceeds will be tender my resignation as presi;Mrs Adams. s0 1 h c June li for a dinner honorim?;employing 82.000 persons, andiused for the scholarship fund^ent of our organization." "An First Claw • Wesley Crttrl -ipo'ii* h Cliii), H member of the [ ; Brownie Trocp will ' A :>fd for -or.s, who aie fo*JMrs. Mary Dowlmu. Principalicreatlng annually p r o d uc t si which is the dub's local project jy°u a " k n o w J w a s latently HIUI Stephen Suto Uitin. rword. chemistry clubs. l("r 'nese by the church c i piny and sportttelected to the Carteret School Sfciond Cl*»* fran. is Bra- color « UHid. and a.sM-mbly com- ' "W l thr announcement wiii"be"madein' Columbus School who retires!valued at more than $1,400,- for this season. 'li:fi into some contributing fmmw al the end ol the -school year 000.000. iiwwic/, Thoma* Dur;(b. Ch.n 1«> »>i»'J'' II.- is .spoilt editor of maiLslup Mrs. William Babies and Mrs.J B o n r d ' a n d ' rts w a s s t a t e d p r i o r AS 1 :,i' found DeOrare. Robert Den-w Thom.7 U l t u ' ; Ftoxc, Jr.. co-chairmen to my election. I intend deforRafter serviiiM on the ;;chool N t w Jersey ^ chemical i. to herIU DeRow. Robeit Kafifll, (inn e C:>/ak will mwjoi Hi projects completcdjaPPointed the following com- voting all of my energies to Wur chairman, helping make the Carteret Donald FiiiMmmo:i' Jttme* ixiii! Imtlfs at Seton Hall :be held*rhursdny-March 16. 'jKnlibas umeri Board members; a n ( j underway in 1960. and!"»ittees: general Vets, Frank Brown's witn tho t 0 Mrw. Andrew Lee; tickets, Mrs. Public School system one of the rortln. Ronald Ore«o«, \V,tK>r 1'i.uci tv PifMdenl of the planned for 1961. rank sixth in best in N. J." Since it would t«n or three Store, Insurance.' Tonulit the Men's Fellow-t i'committee jKuselman. WllUam Wn» and Junior Aihlen'inent unit of the U. S. Total industry ex- William- Flanagan, chairman, ol M H 1inl clllirc a be unfair for me as president wen warned Miib Sacred " " ' " "" ' '"' h t ________ Mrs. William Beirne, Mrs. Duke penditures for tlie entire United .William ZUia. K have divided responsibilities ;• hotiv that -iHeart. two lmn_'; Suciis Bar :7:: '° p ™T 'ie Calvary Juniorsj States is $3.5 billion during the Silvesti'ini. Mrs Jay Wagner; which would dilute my efforts, 1 r •I'M i* In-| Tenderfoot liin»/io I. Cue ;i\>n>.iMlion, he l.s a " and Catena.. Tony* Shell »T.;j« *; "" ^idersl,,,, of M r ^ l ' I H ^ t r i . ' i publicity. Miss Irene Synotwo year period. 1 feel that it is only fair to the j ' . i1 to wa*h iChlara. J r . Stephen Htu'he.s, n[ '; • 11ack ii'ain. cln'ini.strv vice Station. U S Metals, Murthn Ouy and Mrs, Mildred! 1 U l n l L F I M I l l I J Ku-'and latin .club.s Mi: "97 projects bv 57 companies wiecki, chairman; Mrs. William' members that I resign." PaiLs will hold meetings twice But the notej Patll F KallU, Robert Wi'.stvaco Chemk'rt! Co. 1 Fleming, Mrs. John Vanderblca, . O a r ) ; Mestf ! Jowpii »;>• Mr »ud Mr> (ji-oi^e >/.ak in 52 different N, J, communiu month be(tiiiiiinn this Sunday Mr. Ross, who is a charter II H COIH'lllflties were completed last year mark and Mrs. Jerome Enot;J Mulrhead. Kevin O'Shea Oor-41 Locust a l x t i ut 5 P. M. Thr meetuiu.s wi.ll be club, ha ^»id Plcaw _ _ or currently are under con- HOVI-HS, Mrs. Theodore Liv-u-u,, a n e x t l. e m e l a c 4ttn Rutherford and Kenneth Strphui PBIIIIKIIS^III attend 7'held the and «ri' nt'i'ded. and an uinent need chairman; Mrs. Stanley Ciszak ' y ^ e member of CARTERFT — Mrs. Minniejstruction." Klipstein stated. auiKl;l v o l L Hcn Thompwn. ll,.- l'iir,ersit\. ' Willi H rosli'i- nf club and well knows t i n Martin presided over the regu- "In New .Jersey, chief in- Mrs. William Hepworth, Mrs. 'the T h t Cttlviuv I Flr»t Aid merit budiies w.r follow the hiwnil iii(i.s prcvr.un, 01 problems at hand. Te us will hold u >• tf.i- first Urn* George Diken and Mrs. Carl! lur meetuifi of the Third Disterest of chemical manufactrwented to Andrew B a u m - H b . u t m t i r s mchldrs \aisity l a "u>'-s t u a; u ' a i " ' l t pi soclni evenuiKi Friday. March • H ' d wh»t we Brack; usherettes, Mrs. Thom-i ]trict l«idle.s Di'inocratio Oraan- turers appears to be in the iiartner. Kenneth Kom,> and h»,Un>U and b^i'lmll. aS.,weli ttft:ii«lw»ibV for fiianam-r to this' 1 7 - ^ l Patrick's Day qilal1 n,rbni For the jAndrew Kublc* 'ld Monday evening. category of general organic as Poxe, chairman; Mrs. Jo' ih«- Spanish and avoid flub.s :n ' Church will Start there will O n ''''ittii.v. March _4, a film our .ere made to hold a chemicals, with a total outlay seph Lemaszewski: refresh. entitled '"1 Beheld His Glory," run li ' ' P i l r o l •*•.r'.' the largest In the mid (Viurch next Km',,'',' (•iinp.mv's histoiy, Rum Laud, cling t o t h e tmiiiiii .. ',!,' r!•:iinnnii of the board, and T. nf C h u r c h World H. '• " M Thompson, president, rci ••one Q r e a t Hour of MI ;i-.;;;>:;\\ annual statement, 1960 ;m c h n r l t y Is n o t Just n i,,.' ,' •>• F• l mincs were S19.2nO.978. attitude, i t in a n imix,;:.,'. .•'.rr.;iarfri with $16,587,910 In i i . t r i i T i s t l r of •nian 1 ;. lfi.MJ They nddfd; n h i p t o Christ. T h e s;: : , 1 T:.is amounts to S3 47 per 1 tie d e l i v e r e d i n EURI: ; , sh.irf. basfd on thi1 average in A M , in Hungarian „'.' ". •v;m"i>rr of shares outstanding ,,cl(vk. S u n d a y Sclioni ,, , d'lrnz I960, and to $3 44 per • i i M i n n i i o n c l a s s w i l l tji•.••• , v ,;!",[ir' bas^d on the number of n pillar hour of 8, •luiif^ outstanding- at the end Youth FellowMui, of the year. The 1959 earnings 'itiiin m e m b e r s of . . ..(mounted to 53.10 per share i|\s f r o m sister church. oulstandiiiR at the Hose of ,iilv i>n F'rlday, Marc; r19.i9." n, )!• < h k n Hnll,1 i Thr company's total income A week fnim Stniti.i• Ifor i960, they said, was 8253, Micch lit. n e w Amnic;i: ; 758,008 as acainst $203,124,613 in. . . n ; m flofiS will In- ,| in 1959. B.iTH \VXIVFR«\RY: .Trwish War Veterans mark BS yearn nf scrTlrr. Thf rrrftitlv 'd d u m i R t h e moriiin K . The letter to shareholders fnrmid ( .uterct l'n«t is joinine in thf observance A proclamation to mark the i>v*nt A HuiiKailan style s.i , , pointed out that 1960 marked n ; ^ isMicri bv Mavor Strphrr Skiha. Shown from left to richt arc Sid Hrrbst, adjutant; ;rr Will fOllOW t h e sr•; . . the eighth consecutive year In S. Halk, senior vice rnmtnandfr; Mayor Skiba feigning the prorlamation; Irving Isaac, I:: 'JO i n Bethlen Ha., which the regular annual di- AIDING CONVENT: H w s t r numbers of thf Mothrr's Cluh of St. rib* Churrh totting rr.idv liakrd eond« and commander, and H. Maddow, junior vice commander. f p i o g r a m will comim i,, vidend-was increased. for the wrekly «ale Friday for the benefit of the ronvrnt. Shown from left tn richl ir witfi Mrs:Mrs. Mary Muchl; dress, This was followed by easier since she works all day,' in president,Mrs. Florence Ambrose, Mm girls dressed in International and did not .want to put a Mary Thorn and MlM Snntrna Costumes of Girl Scouts, and hardship on any leader. , (ii«bri»n. cantameMa. Guides throughout the world. •i.e a short( Mr«. Mary Thorn, minting vtce:memb«r Proeeedn will go to the Hassay, Ann Marie Hassay, CARTERET — C a r t e r e t < ,,netiiry respec-. building fund. nehhle Sutter, Cathy Farrell, 8porUmen Association will ..ii-M-ntcd with a| A bingo p»rty for the vetPatricia Riesling, Gail Abbott, hold its fifth annual dinner ! 1 ,:i of thi- society. er»ns at Menlo Park waa slated Cony Sutter, Janice Roeg, June 10 in Bethlen Hall, when ,:, oiMliman alsofor March 27. Donations of; Crystal Carle. Front, kneeling, the athletes of Carteret High .; wnikliiH staff caicen will be accepted. The nJJ-1 Patricia Connelly, Debbie O'- Schools are honored and most ,,;i|inTitttion for ver offering was awarded to! Donnell, Kathleen Ringwood valuable player trophies award•i iiysMiuice m the Mrs. "Drnila ?reeman. ! The following girls took part in ed. Ronald Helley Is chairman. :. ,sc who received The honor guard will sponsor the. color guard: Marilyn A drive for members ls un-.!:-. B'-ny Caia- g dance In the pout rooms on; Brown acted as the guard ser- der way under the direction of -niiiv Dnvis, Mrs. May 6. Tickets may be pur-' geant. Kathleen Macaluso, Walter Gaslor. Welcomed as ,: M;s OrHce IX-VhMKl from any honor nunrd! Katherine Graham, Barbara new members at the last meetEvan, Beverly Hanna, Doris ing were Arthur Benson, Elmember. Stellmach, Sharon Norton, mer Csimbok, Myron Dacko, . D»v breakfast \ social followed the mivtiux Linda Milburn, Karen Stock- Steve Kondrk and Elmer Res'.:.,-. 14. with Mrs with Mrs. Mary Thorn mid Mrs. 1 ton, Georgieann Macaluso. The ko. ..in n> chair-man. Margnret Schon M h o s i c . ^ . s i flag salute was led by Ellen President Fred Gasior apiMKiuit will be T h e next meeting of Hie eroup Swanekamp, the Star Spangled pointed a committee consisting ;,,• -JK-irty lor t h e will be held otv Monday. M a r c h Banner was simp; by Patricia of Lewis Mikics, Steve Nelson ,'ti-i;! o! the Na- 20. a t 8 P M In the iwist rfM)ins Kratochvil, the Intermediate and Walter Gasior for the puro! C.ittlohc Wopromise by Patricia Baumgart- pose of formulating a policy ne.r, the Brownie Promise by and procedure for the awarding Tito Arrv$twl in Mitrcia Uhl, Welcome Address of a cash scholarship to an was Riven by Crystal Carle. Re. athlete at Carteret High Extortion Plat freshments followed provided School. Final action on this Robn- Small, CARTERET ,j, m m n . 0 8M . by the hostess neighborhood, matter will be taken at the ! N V JOHN "MOOSK" IK)NO(;HI K: custodian of the Nsitlun Hale School is shown above liavinc a G5th birthday party at the school. John is retirini; this .!,• urged to M «|| JL and served by Senior Scouts. April meeting. after .1 long servlrr with the School. John has the distinction of being born on February 29 and has few birthdays to celebrate. Present at the dy ut 7 1 5 P M f^n'or at Rider College, accused wrrr (i«» Horvath of Uje Recreation Department, Bob Blazwick and Don Sullivan, Councilman Walter Sullivan, present Custodian Steve GIRL SCOUT WEEK — The The next meeting of the Carn,,iv T»ur*dav T»'ur*dav''of «"np»cl'y 'n »" extortion lo: Trnovsky and the girls from the Class B League. to br arfollowing is a schedule for the teret Sportsmen Association Hf.lv' Hour seiv-'P ' | many activities planned for will be held on Friday, April 7. the He has| Girl Scout Week, March II cr J a I f c et :t t Jr. Ska pink through 17: Flag Raising- PTA TO MEET Evaluating Group •Id 11, 10:00 A. M., Borough CARTERET — The regular liirmit Tu«d»y niitht In Oral Report (> I /?fl J March Troth it Announced Hall, followed by refreshments meeting of the Washingtonj Joseph A. Cn*olr, Trenton CA served at 10 cents per girl at Nathan Hale School P.T.A. will PI A 'arrested l u t Sunday by Deter-! CAHTEHET — Announceof the Evaluating Committee the V, F. W. on Pershlng Ave- be held, Wednesday evening. . . . . i ttve S K I Andre* Oalvanek nnd 'iii'-nt Im* uetn m.ulc by Mr. for the Carteret High School nue; Religious Services, Cath- March 15, at 8 P. M. in the i tleet * » ' » / « > ' U l . l , . e l l V f l Charles Kuwt) on a1 and Mis Paul Skapiuk of Ciarwas submitted here yesterday olic, St. Joseph's Church, 9:00 Nathan Hale School auditori-.T — A tni'ctiiif of c h t r g e of extortion, was held'field of the eiiKauemeiit of their . S(m b o m M] a n d M afternoon. A. M. Mass .All girls ftlease be ium. •milv F T A. »:11 be ) n j l , 0 0 0 boll for the G r a n d daughter. Lois Ann, to Kims J. Joseph Kopin, 18 Chrome AveiThe report was [liven by Raythere fifteen minutes early to -c.uive board It a charged that an a t The bride-to-be, a uiaduate ; cents per girl; Protestant, Cal- tertainment will be provided by Schools, chairman: George W. I' M U-mpt wa* made to extoi t »500 o f ,st Mary's Villa Academy, Watson, Bernardsville, vice' Son born to Mr. and Mrs.ivery Baptist Church EdwinlMr. Dick Lane, a magician. sale '*-i!l be in from Norman C Walz, 30, 53 sioatsbuin. N, Y , is study Inn ai chairman. E d m u n d Kurasiewicz, 113j . —-, • fii'i Aade moth- Atlantic Street, a former rr- Fa:rlt'Uh L)ickin.M>ii University, The committee is made up of Roosevelt;. Avejiue, at Perth,! ^"""^ ho.-.|);!Hlitv for the corder at Rider for allegedly Kulhi'i'ford. She is i-mployed in 1 educators from New Jersey, Am boy General Hospital,! :akf(tst SllllduY •>f A v e i i e l -

t,Kirians Honor

(,roup Officers)

' *





%M 1 \*

H|\1 1

" " •


RUMMAGE SALE Week of March 13th


Colonia Chapter of Hadasaah

Deserves n i gets mr careful atteitioi...

ii with the utmort •!i>.Muiial precision ii can depend on us!

monthly nic-iin.: last Thursday


We Deliver - Call ^1 1-5325

L PHARMACY "\\\v jlloine of Service" Avenue

h t u e j j e r n completed lor ihr .tie pinIv to see a broad:

For St. hints CAKTKKKT

[si-it Sundiiy in the parish hull'Amboy Oerieral Hospital, followiiiK1 the 8 A. M. MassJruary 28.

mi I'oiiuiHiiiimi b r i i ' f t k l a s t

wiiy pl;iv. All members who tune puich.iM-d tickets arr askrd to contact Mrs. Mllheelit Simclav morimv-: foUAwinc the CARTERETj - A total o | 312J M Muss at the* St. Elms public choolj children have I Mutelv. diAirmun »( Mr? Jul- '[ n . D i t i hi- bct'ti iminuni/.i'd against poliof ima


C A R T E R E T - The Holy iciety of Sacred Heart Daughter born to Mr. and will hold its annua!llMrs. Walter Ruskowski, 42

of Elisabeth who is connected1


A white il:;lileil t h e

I Helen

Kni , SCK fbr ^lie evening wen Irs, Margaret Keif's,, Mrs larnuri't Ji-nsen and Mr? Harfanyi,


' v . duriivj tl..' four-dav olinic con- \

f (h( , [ n . (UK,|il(i


^ ;




tlu , m i b l l .

Michael Yarcheski.



Official Proclamation WHEREAS, the Jewish War Veterans of the U. S. A. was founded on March 15, 1896, and in

Salt Some Awcy!

this year celebrates its sixty-fifth anniversary, and WHEREAS, the JWV is the oldest active war veterans' organization in this country, with over 1,000 posts and auxiliaries'; and WHEREAS, during its 65 years of service to


''Aa, the people of Irish birth and •'••I celebrate next week the day of their ••I'm, St. Patrick;

":;i'-Ki'-AS, this has always been a very im• in the lives of all Irish in Carteret 1 -""Knout the United States; '"


-AS, we the people of Carteret are 'f important wntrlbutions to com:""nie.|s being made by the Irish;

PETE'5 Notice tof DINER Residents of Carteret Now Open 24 Hours i Day


POTOCNIO, Borough Clerk

Americanism, by combatting whatever tends to impair the Efficiency and permanency of our


1239 Roosevelt Avinue WEST CARTERET

: u

•';• "ifciREFORE, I, Mayor Stephen Skiba, "' the authority vested in we as "if Borough of Carteret do hereby " f week of March 12 as Irlsh-Ameri-

its country by fostering and perpetuating true


'Girl Scout Week is March 12 to 18 . . . time to pay special honor to the Girl Scouts for their high standard^, earnest efforts and fine accomplishments. This, weefc,' and every week, remember thati they're counting on you to do. you? part, through your support and encouragement of Girl Scout work. '

ROCKMAN'S LIQUORS If you can't oome in, call Kl 1-MW 'or FREE DELIVERY 10 A. M..TO5 P. M. ALL BU»E8 STOP ^ ODR DOOR Randolph St. - Ptrslilw *v t'AHTKRET. N J.


STEPHEN SKIBA, Mayor of Carteret



Attest: PATRICK POTOCNIG, • Borough Clerk

free institutions, by encouraging the doctrine of universal liberty, equal rights andtull justice to all men, by instilling love of country and ' flag and promoting sound minds and bodies in our youth and by honoring the memory and shielding from neglect the graves of our heroic

Slart saviiiiji al First National - 3 PERCENT INTKKKST . . . coinplHt- hanking facililH.s - Slop in soon.



9lo 6

Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Oprn Daily 9 to 3, t'riday 9 tu K Drive-up Window Open 1Mb » tu 4.

dead, the Jewish War Veterans has helped to create a better world in which to live: 1



NQW, THEREFORE, I, Stephen Skiba, Mayor of the Borough of Carteret, do hereby proclaim the week of March 15 as Jewish War Veterans Week and do call upon the citizens of the Bot-' ough of Carteret to join me in expression* o r felicitation, support and good wishes for thl$ : worthy organization which hds played so great a part in our country's development. 'STEPHEN SKIBA, Mayor

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0 BI I U AKIL 55


McDonnell: lour now, Stanley. v u * ehvttr roennber of the and William; flwuitj of the Weatmin«t« Qeorce.

Cbolr College »nd hetd ol the oiftn »nd composition departGEOROE Kl'RlXZA |m»nt for a number of ynn^ MRS. ANNA HENTHELE AVKNEL - Funeral serrleet'AHo, he fcU been « « J W « ISELIN - Funeral *rv«w for Oorge Kunjcak S3 Mere-:Mualc at Princeton Bemun" K Mi*. Ann. Hemhet, i7 : , w Avenue, who died l u t flun-Iilnc* 1934 In 1»51 he rellnBird Avenue who died Ian day, were held yesterday fTomiQulahed hu port at the cnoir Thursday wer» held Saturday .1* QUSUM J. Novak Funeral College to devote his entlrei nwir.n.Klrom the Thomas Jo- Home, 419 Barclay Street with time to Princeton M Prore»or, Min Costello Funeral Home, cervices at St. Andrew's Church of Muile. For the past t»emy(i-.ni Siren and Cooper Av"» l n . hu " d / h e „ , ? Ihr deceawd was the wife of H c i f n KurucM Maffla: hla'Churchea throughout the eaai-. ,r Uu- Ott^Hencheh. , t< . p father. John Maffla; two'ern seaboard.Foi-thepan ni— sisters. Mrs. Mary Ulecka andlteen lummer. It has toured « ; ! Miss ELIZABETH BOZEK , M w H e ) e n Dragan; and four'teiulvely in all nity UOPELAWN Funna; MTV- b r o t n e r g i J o h n , Michael, 8t«-i Canada. Cuba. Mexico, mala, £1 Salvador, Honduras,] ;r. OK- living Kor- AVENEL-Bernard W. Freed!.,, Hurry W^k w111 be |man, the Avenel chairman for .;'. ]:ink of Esquire Our-Ithe 1 9 6 1 Lo ge ^ 'appointed as section captains, Tuc»day| J g m M Atkinson, 1 0 4 D a r t m o u t h


OFFICE AIDftB TO MEET " Reading Fire Mary Wilton to Wed St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. Ferrtnte graduated from WOODBRIDOE - Tonight Auxiliary to Meet Avenel Med StudentSt. Mary's High School, Perth at 8:00 all office personnel of

! A v e n U e : Mrs Waller Beclc 56 H°ll' b r l 5?4,Co*y ' Corner; and Mrs. Charl«*


.,,ts will be! 15 "/*' " C o j y Corner. (list major1 M r - *r«edmanp majoring In ' , charity stnorgai- Oovernment and History, was Cum Uude from V'i Vlincr API"" « . Bttl« graduated Masonic Temple. Rutgers University .He was l chair selected by the Alumni Assocl a-kt-d members to atlon as "The Outstanding of the Class of 1956.' returns a Graduate t ™ honors in ...llnr COHl- ° l ™ r . , -• "Who's i „ „ . eluded election o,ege(! & Un) versltles," President of Student Council, President of his Clasn to Elect *nA "f"1^1"" «* Wing Com,,,1,1,711 (•!" " ' mander of hto AFROTC unit . . ,,, Monday ritftnt, in conjunction with his de J m e Bm-i«r'ee' M r Freedman also wa BERNARD W. FREEDMAN l!lH11( ,1. commissioned i i d ln> I the U. 8. Air l hold a 1858. ,or man has been active at a mem Reform- years as g pilot and as an Ad- ber of the executive board o ^ o t 0(JmlnlBtrative Officer In the Air the Woodbrldge Citizens' Com mittee for a Charter Study. Command. ur place and all Returning to Avenel In 1959, With his wife, Tina, and their ,,rj,,,\ \,) attend . , - . . . . . . _~~,.,~ .... S',i year old son, Mitchell, he accepted hlj M position as a teacher of realdea at 60 Cwy Corner, Ave,i, man. announced Government and and History History In In nel. ' •: " " ' , ; , fltre d l n . Government ':."": t i Jformat*™i school system. Con- Anyone In Avenel intereited .„,, ,^ tinulng hLs own education, he In helping this campaign tor Is attending the evening session the vlUl funds necessary to ad to of Seton Hall Bchool of Law maintain and Improve the ; ln Newark. Recently, Mr. Freed- Woodbrldge Red Cross Chapter I.UTCSl. Is asked to please call Buddy or 'ina Freedman at ME 4-9436.

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oAUMAKES Foreign & Sports Cars NOW OPEN... \ Now Uranch (or Our Patrons' Convenience 121 North Broad Street Elizabeth, N. J. Spfiial factory trained mechanic* (or both forn.ii mid American cars. Completely equipped fnr iill major and minor repairs. All work fully -u;ir;niteed. Only genuine factory parts used.



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St. James PTA Plans Chinese Auction Sale WOODBRIDOE-A Chinese Auction sponsored by the St. James PTA. for the benefit of the eighth grade graduating class will be held in the school auditorium Sunday at 7:30 M Mothers of the eighth grade •tuderiU will be hostesses. Mrs. Armando Zega, Mrs. Joseph SUagl and Mrs. Albert Hermann are co-chairman. The mothers of the children iiwcUss 8A are asked to please send the prizes to the school by tomorv. and the mothers of the children of Class 8B are to bring cupcakes the night of the auction. LEARNING TO COOK BELIN — Girl Scout Troop 13 of Iselln, with Mrs. Arthur Clough, leader. U taking a cooking course at the Public Service and Electric and Oas Co., Metuchen, under the suld arvce of Mrs. Mitchell, home economist. Scouts attending are Nancy Anola, Peggy Clough. Sharon Davis. Lillian Olrgentl, 'Angellka ffoher, Sona Honanyan, &lnd« O'Connell. Susan Schrleber, Kathy Scott. Gail Shipman, Sharon Witner and Margaret Wood.

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Crowed 'Em I p O. Man: "Got away did tip? Did you guard all the exits?" Policeman: "Yes, but we think ho must have left by one ol the entrances."


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Bumble Bee Tuna v Ib. Frozen Pies d7 0 , JUNE'S ANNIVERSARY Split or Quartered 33« Facial Tissues > ^ 3 9 « "• 59« 49< Chicken Breasts of SALES LEADERSHIP Chicken Legs Meats! There's no place but Safeway-for Cream 1961 Shoulder Lamb Chops 59 Pineapple Juice 4 6 4 c


infant was found wedged on an G. E. develops device to desalt 18-inch shelf between the dlesel sea water. engine and the tender. Her mother, Mrs. Charles Moody, 35, who was driving the car told police she did not see the approaching train.


BED - PU8HJNG FAD Lansing, MU'|i.--It seems that the latest collegiato kick—like swallowing goldfish or crowding in telephone booths — is pushing beds. The pushing of a bed along a road—any roadis the idea, Michigan State police are on the alert to de^l with any highway bed - pushing.

Furniture Repairing Restoring Antique Furniture a Specialty US North Street Woodbridre, N. J. Tel. ME 1-4393

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Sale will be Ijeld Sunday; April Road, celebrated her eleventh 30 and Monday, May 1, at the birthday by giving a pajama center. party last Friday night at her home. Her guests included her BABY LANDS ON TRAIN grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Decatur, 111.—An infant glrljBernard Marusiefski, Llndan; was found alive but bruised:and Miss Lorraine Yacavina, after she was thrown from an! Miss Cammy Clark, Miss Caroauto onto a moving'locomotive lyn Lee, Miss Kathryn Kleban, of a freight train which col- Miss Amy Mack, all of Sewaren; and her sister and lided with the car. When the train stopped, the| brother, Marlene and Joseph.



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Air-fondiUouinj; U'irni Air Heat Industrial Exhaust System MiXtir Guards IOH IltKK ESTIMATES MK 4-JU3 or ME 4-52*6

ISELIN—A coordinated edu- COLONIA—Trie VFW Ladle* cational activities meeting of Auxiliary entertained patients Sisterhood of Congregation of Lyons Veterans Hospital at a Beth Sholom, was held at thebingo party, aided by members home of Mrs. Milton Eig, Leslie of the Post. Plans for a Roaring 20's dance Road, Colonia. Plans were completed for a to D e h e l d t h l s Saturday were Passover table to be set with all completed when the group met the traditional foods at the at the Post home, Inman Avenext regular meeting of Sister- nue. Hot meat loaf sandwlchei hood, March 27, at the Center, were served after the meeting. 90 Cooper Avenue. The theme for the evening will be "Free-] II YEARS OLD SEWAREN — Miss Helens Medvetz The annual whit. Fi nh ,J ' daughter of Mr. and O O The annual White Elephant,

4-1815 Iron Railings PJ^ITFORM & 1 0 2fl STEP RAILS

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315 State Street, Perth Amboy TAphoju: HlUcreet 2-8787 Opm «vwy Friday until 9:00 P.M.

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DINING ROOM SET, mahog- 17 YOUR DRDfKINO has beany. Table, six chairs, china' come a problem, Alcoholic* closet, buffet. Good condition. Anonymous can help you. Call $200.00. Call ME 4-4612 after BI 2-1515 or write P. O. Bra 3:00 P. M. 3-9 253. Woodbrldgt. 33/2 - i/30 FOR SALE HAVING TROUBLE with youi RUGS. NEVER USED. PrlrtW sewerage? Electric Sewercothome. 9x12. 830.00. 9 x 15. er removes roots filth, und '535.00. Other sizes. G.E. vac-and stoppage from clogged uum $20.00 Oriental, S 112, pipes, drains and tewtn. No 55.00. Also some wool hooked no damages — rapid nd braided rugs. FU 8-2028 or|and efficient. Call Tony'i 7-0498. Plumbint and Reatlng, MI 433/2 - 3/30 8007. 33/2-3/30

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79 K. Milton Art.. Rahwa)

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ed for members of the Safety meet Tuesday at church hall;talninR to elementary school IPatrol. at 8 P. M. education.


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Rummage Sale Sel for Deborah

layrt.tr Is the aim of the department The vi'tei-Hiis department IK meeting with Hie chiuniian. Mrs. Rolyrt KgBn. Hov Avenue. Fords. tonight to mnki Iray AVKNElr- "Husband'? NiRtit"• faxors for the New .Jersey St.iil.iwas the theme of the 8IM*r-.ji o m ( 1 for Disabled Veteran.1 ill honr] Congregation B'nal Jacob M r n | 0 p H r k M I S Kiiiin HIIrro-rtlrig. Mrs. Hy Frirer, p r e d - n o u | i c , 1 ( | , ] 1 P Pi-Ojtun> w'-'rr ms*ti< by the ^ p foi ihr Union County year (rtiid on the furniture More trlp.^home for menull.v HI 1 Company. He WHS pre Mrs. Steve Kaplan and Mrs. J u d ^ , cliiwn for ^ • poloroid .

The CrOW's NeStHushand's Night

Held by Group


w!;:ru^ TZZ 'T

OMONU 'Hie I>eborah i.- -ill! i-pld H rummage i.n month. Mrs. Constflnv :-l«nte. chairman, an. ,•••. Persons ndshltifr to . .I-.- d clothing or houseiclos may call Mrs. for pick-up service. than MO members at"thr- paid-up member.'jvr in ROselle :Ti:t(m«l director MrsodVundi'r reviewed DebHo>pn«l history and • » finf is belnu sdd.iVfrd all members to !.!iiir fund-raising ef-




.'miir> . Henderson, ch*nmnn. Imported •< h a w bwn collecting >uinps and no* have c;t(s nl'.u'h will bt dlsM ilit next meeting.. ! ?..-. H 30 at the Legion R»h««y.

Mi,,.r«tZ.««™». Mr.. Sl«.« H«l.-.tl» A.,-1 « " " • " •

Holden, daughter of Mr. midjimson and Mrs. Joseph HevzEH.-.ti'i candy .sal'1 Mrs. L. C. Holden. 117 Harrell'feld are co-chalsmen. Tlcketn W B S set for luesduy by Mrsiin. Avenue.. Woodbrid(?e, played a'will be Isaued noon. ,VJa«/.a sailor in the comic opera. New rules for the Mahjonit "H.M.S. Pinafore" recently pre-League can be obtained from nin An aented by Eta Lambda Sigma Mrs. Henry Plnkus. chairman D d l I UII society on the Heidelberg Col-JMrs. Leonard Schloswr nave »| ]ege campus, Tiffin. Ohio. Mtesjreport on Israeli affairs, Holden Is a junior music majori A ll torah fund pledges are tol and a member of the Concert;^ i n a l t h e M H r c ( ) meeting.! WOODBRIDOE—New Ijohi d 8 t d t Council C l l| Choir and 8tudent fund dessert mil be' f 0 ] . a d u | t r e a d m at Barron Tll(, representative... held Tue«day at the center with brary include: Mrs. Edward Stern, chairman -vuhn Killed istory", "Hour of John R. W. Collins, radioman „,„_ ,. , "Come With Mei third clftte, USN, son of Mr. and) A melodramB was introduced,, . _ „ • ,'.MV Hero" •Short1 Mr--John W. Colli™. 290 H j . t t j ^ M r s . H a r o l d M n l u . v i c e ^ of Engiand'. ••Ml«har»:



Ri:• HIM (Hivcrnor Meyiici prnclaitned vpstfrd^v «s N.Uion»! OUT Shown «itl> him HIT'li'fli Mrs. Allierl Iliil) r. i>iesl(lcrl of Metunod ( hapifr » n i Mrs iMl ('hail, vice-pn-sidfnt and ()RT Day chairman.

Books * School 2!) IT A


Chunh Plans

''•'s'"""f Horn fVinrr 7 0 Hold—





l"\ffpt MondaT id Squad Auxi'.;*:"« »lli '.•M (0 11 P.M. — The executive' COLONIA The United | 1 0 , d barn dancr Apr-.: 2f »i enel School 23 PTA Church of Christ will hold a Bet-kinan Avecue Squ»' of SpriiiK". "White Nile", en by Mrs. Fnink Blash, Foun-;fpt- s tyir with auctioned off ar- 'Thrush Green1'. ata to be broken by the chifder's D;iy chairman. Adam.sk.. Smith Street, Wood-, ^ Also, "Last of the Just", A nominalini: committee wa.s.dren. bridge. waE one of the student; H M t e s s e s | p M r S ( . h o l o B . Ar. E.T.ptror In hii t l s h v u r '••• "Doctor Makes a Choice",!selected to pn'sent ft slate of rjona^ Nutuns will direct to: !I;M: Tilt Ji»if l i t rr>7*i' Symphonici ser. Mrs. Mallna. Mrs crjpductors of ••Epidemic".'officers at Hie school Tuesday. . , -Caribbean," »ith ; "Know Nothnip", l h e pi 0K llln with i Cr?»r.' Band concert last night, at Mrs. Meltz, Mrs. Olmer. Mrs. was August Otte. John Shults. and Montclalr State College. He Charles Grill, Mrs. Sol Glass, •'In i> Summer Place". "SerretlMrs. William McCarthy of the Kingdom", "Corinth- |Iiari , ( ,d ch;iinmm. Others a r e l D o n jjuttnyj. Jr.. singing sones conducted "Autumn Leaf", by Mrs. Abe "Rise and Fall of the Mrs. Joseph Kelly. Mrs. Daniel!nf checkoslavakia. Chile, and 1 ."if a^ot: '^npon*at irtirlc of Wagner. . . Lillian J. Vincz.l Rubin and Mrs. -f'.r^' n *c:n»n O*TIS i6 her Third Reich". Duiihnm, Mrs, Bla.sh. Mrs. R° b -Ireland. daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Johnj Herman. fliemta: rtag. LOOK AT YOURS I! » vorn out. un.v.raiVincz, King George Road, Fords A program on interior deco- Books doimted by the Bnsi- o l t FlanaKiin. Mrs. Charles ness and Professional Woman's Barry and Mrs. James Sinner. 1« on the Dean's list at Cedar presented by Carl Club arc: Am vour dl»nionil'5 m>. bn'.| Fathers' niRht will be obseiTCrest College, Allentown, Pa. . . rating was lively "Snakc Has All the Lines".'pd Tuesday and attendance -.ABct. then WATCH MABT vlu L Some of the young men in the| f=rore Its original rr?»l btftiitv question and answer period en- "Cavalcade of Europe". "The prizes will be awarded on the Township who were enlisted in, Joyed. M M . Robert diirlne our MAHCH RE-6BTTING j Nightingale". "Last Command- basis of th'' fathers' attendanse the Air Force by Set. Carl' B tu-ize donated by Mr. SPECIAL A b*»uUful new M I We Are Enemies", The proi/inm vvil leature Dr. H :lllg will at T ~ ; I i _ : r - • : • . Dunn, will be happy to hear Mrs. Roder proRram c h a i r m a n , ] i : ^ , , ' Brwht "Rher' 7 . »Dln^ 5,orr. • L. Moss Woodbridse, optomethat the sergeant has receivedreminded 1 next BE ALERT TO DAMAGE SUITS / /iu1ti> a nmmntinn H P IK n o w l " " " " " v u "members " " • " " - the "111 "-',";ifor Richard Thorp," "Perle ,|trist. who will show a film and Tour l o w ; cos-., lncluoiup m e e t l n g T u c s d a y w l U b e hPld non c o m m S e d officer in ' ' i"Mv StorV. "Dont F n w t t l , , . , l problems, of the : a i is oniy . . . . O d i s c u s f n l a ', If you should accident!? "i non-commissioned otiicei in a l ^ l c ?m>ms8cop« - Colo) a daughter to Mr. and Mre.J Leonard McGrath, 103 Grove; Avenue;. . . from Sewaren, a1 \ *ipi 5tory I of tb« Dewrt War! daughter to Mr. and Mrs Alex• FOXHOLE IN CAIRO" ander Katona, 528 East AveHNOAY, MONDAY, TirESDAV nue;. . . from Fords, a SOD to Mr. and Mrs. John Evan, 76 Tnnk Sinatra - Rita Haynortli Kin Novak Oak Avenue; a daughter to Mr. JOEY" Biid Mrs. Robert Wilson, 282 First Avenue; a son to Mr. and Technicolor Mrs, Stephen Matyi, 131 Wag— and — ner Street; twin daughters to Marlon Brando Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fastuca, "THE WILD ONE1 45 Snydar Road; a sontoMr. and Mrl Michael Swlst. 94 Pitman Avenue; . , from HopeIswri, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hruska, 86 Harried Avenue; a daughter to Mr. Carteret, N. J. Kl and Mrs. Robert Fisher, 14 Clyde Avenue; . . . from Pqrt NOW THRU SATURDAY Reading, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ellzabetb Taylor • Eddie hblier Sajvatore Perrotti, 16 Stiles Street; . . . from Avenel, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Gene Katko, Also 17 Ash Street.

Life Insurance Estates



DINING ROOM Open to the Pul)!i< ,,i l.uiu-hruiis a n d D i n n e r s




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!>< lh


Sunday from >M P, M. to Closing (Midm^' Authentic Neapolitan Cuisine


MrtDE SPAGHEITI—La^na. «»»'" wa |'ies • _ Hot or Cold Sandwiches

150 Elm Avenue, Railway — PHONE

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m Our Diner Dully From S:JI » •»'•


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and Ivrlusively

Independent-Leader Carteret Press Edison Township and Fords Beacon

0 (I


A Newspaper Dedicated to the Best Interests ol the Residents of the Communities We Serve.


High Speaks

Plant Civil Suit Target

Agency Staff: No Politics

WOODBRIDGF - An action his been filt'tl by the Township II mist. Tyson Corpatlon and tin WoodbrldRc Plastic Cor1>OI ition i n Suporior Court. MIMIIK to restrain the enrpoihnns from usina their prem;is fnv "any manufacturing •pin poses whatsoever'1 and nn! oirter "to dismantle . . . illegal stiiictures forthwith." The Tysdn Corporation and tin Woodbridf(e Plastic Corpnnitloii, according to the compl nut are "related corporations."

WOODRRIUOK -- Nn em* i>|nvi* nf the Woodbridue Re[lini'lopniciit Agency will be nlilr lo Irlentify himself directly mi" intllreclly w'th any political ] activity or prom am. i Such n resolution was passed 'aftrr it was Introduced by the jchairninn, Rev. William H. jPiivnc.


h( .

Xudrnt Council of Woodbrldfe Senior Rl«h v " , ii .iibmlt s» column each wefk written by I • '"" uudnntsiit t h e nchoob

Bv VIRGINIA SCHEIN Fditor-in-Chlef sc hool newspaper is the voice of thr' : informing Its readers of aetivi-! ( l l l i l l [unctions, it presents thp student ,', \vindi rnables teachers and parents to ' .,, h l mto the life of the high school pupil. ,!'hV".-;iti'i" '" Woodbrldsje Senior High School Mini N'nvs—student-organlied and teacher-

According to 8. Buddy Harris, m i chairman "available lacts , indicate W o o d b r i d g e Reli®N>w.s was developed in Wooclbridgr development Agency might ba school through the foresight of a few thr only agency In the East and • 11,,, il nicnibers and Its sponsors who realized possibly the nation that has Dunns 1959 and'I960 they adopted such a resolution." ,i v m m student publication. From thoi obi lined permits from the The aaenry anticipates the niiicfi sheet in 1934 to the six-page nrwsRiiilrilng Inspector's office, for CHARLES S. WH.IJ'.V. Jit. hiring, of personnel on a full i complex of facilities. i,,,|;iy. the All-Hi News has progressed' VVOODBRIl)(iK — (Mrlcs time or part time basis and all Scolding to thr Building i{ still retains its basic Informatory; li; I Inspector the permits were S. Willey. Jr.. proposed presi- full-time employes will be .inted on the basis of a map dent of the new Mercury bound by the provisions of the ,-,.-.fold purpose of the All-Hi News is to "win? the area zoned for Federal Savings and U a h Hatch Act which prohibits emi,, entertain and to enrich. En lighten ing lmht industry. Residents com- Association, announced to- ployes from being active in a plained, however, ihe permits day the $1 million subscrip- political party. - iwly of school happenings is the fnreThe resolution states all iv in violation of the zoning tion required by the Federal |j,l(1tmnsliips between student and teacher oidiimnce. which lists the areal H o m p a m l I ' o a n B a n k B n a r ( 1 agency employes are restricted ,,, individual .students are Improved by the as B Residence Zone. for the insurance of accounts from the use of official au:;!r:Tst in various articlps. In this manner, A PRF.UKW n( ) |h MVTtK. Senior ntudfnt nursr^ at Perth Ambov Gener.il Hospital arc Rittins ready for Monday eve.Several efforts were made to up to $10,000 haii been reach- thority or Influence for th« purpose of Interfering with an " ™ * BdinbtrBer'g Mmln l'ark. Mi ss Knes Valentino. Woodhridge, right, is chairman of the event and, reach an agreement between ed. \>wv becomes not only a source of enter-' i " u " « " Bfv(> I. M iu «Jf I'n-lfcr: South River. Is in rharifp of refreshments. In the eenter. Miss Arlene Bedle Old Brides the residents and corporation, Mayor Frederick M, Adams, election or nomination for of,it also enables ft large high school to be ;i but all failed when the former chairman of organizers, ex- fice, , ." AH employes are al*o Holds the announcement fnr Mis* N»ney OUen, Woodbrldne. Miss Valentino and Miss OUen wo graduates of Woodbridife , i The newspaper's constant striving for insisted the buildings be torn pressed his appreciation for barred from actively particiIlllh School, MIM Brdlr and Mis* Preller are graduates of South River lliuh School. . •,l. AILURI IV nuking the first contribution. Left to right are Zismund remove snow from their side- Woodbrid.se G o s p e l Sundaj '.'.'.liter K.iimn-iUh, Bodl, TMordJnt secretary; Mrs. Toluk. hit A. H. U> t V

Woodbridge National Bank Our New Buildup a,,- l l w M o w t A mid iJau-y 8u«el. Upp.-luwu Hull Orpo.lt



Scouts Troops


helin Woman toConduct i a ry Space in Communications To be Feted CPHouse-to-Hou&e Drive i B'rith Theme icks Slate To

Old Fashion Bazaar Set By Troops

ISELIN—Mr. and Mra. Wll- PERTH AMBOY - The apCOLONIA — "Space in Comlam Dangell will be honored at pointment of the chairmen of ISELIN—A new slate of of-imunlcatlons" will be the title!« , . v « 0- o c Members of ,he annual ladles' and charter four major divisions of the 1861 -A'YK WHS elected at the last of the program at the next Loltmta ISeIf 92,7if5 IH3 working night of the Iselln Lions Club United cerebral Palsy Associarriiiiu of the Ladles' Auxil- meeting of Colonla-Rnhway! Class Badge Saturday night a t the Park tion s campaign for 130,000 was COT-ONIA — An "old fash» announced today by the asso'"««-« oj uinn 8 iv of isolin Post, VFW. B'nal B'rith chapter, Bernard' Hotel, Plalnfleld. ,| t l 01 >1)S 4B and 121 lonerl bazBftr." sponsored b^ ciation's President, Mayor WI1-, COLONIA Joseph FenNiimin were Mrs. Charles Ulckman, entertainment chalrCommunity Mr. Dangell IK Lions Club the (till LScoutn and Brownle< ,\r\\ i.1-!' Ham C. Cnmpbell of Plscataway nelly chairman of the local cinsrliciik, president; Mrs, n w " . announced today. with bRdne president and he and his wife nf Neighborhood 4. will be held ^ownshlp. iwicncc Hull, senior vicr- The program will be con-, will be presented with a certiat I lie Hoffman Boulevard I'sident; Mrs. Vincent Seaducted by the Bell Telephone Spencer Oreen, 74 Krhool, March 18, from 12 to ft 1 ceremony ficate of appreciation by the y (iizc, junior vice-president;.Company at Temple Beth I. , f campaign * u n a Iselln Chamber of Commerce Trieste Street, Iselln, again will P. M. 't br k >w 11 l Mum '* n Morecroft is, Blair Svlhra, treasurer;; Torah, Bryant Rah, yant Avenue, Avenue, R ah, consisting for the charitable work through - chairman of the house-tomid made crafts, books, and f is, Joseph Strasser,, chaplain; way, at 8:30 tonight. All B'nal! the Lions Club, Polio Fund, house canvass which seeks to puzzles will be some of t h i Hrlli;:-ton, Karon DamEdward o n B r i t h members, wives and1 E d d Dzlombak, D l b k con-iB'rith Jun r Hlgn S c h o 1 Marsha) veterans' units, cancer dress- raise the major share df this Items on display, with a whlt^ ntl >if.tn.i«: Mrs. John Tybormv-'friend's are Invited. 'fid' I i Sorrentl ngs group and for transporta- year's gpal. The drive will be elephant section for adults. guard; Mrs. E d W The program will officially tonight, tion ol the sightless to their launched featurei M a r c h o f M o thers, $1,513.66; Proceeds will he used W . ,., Tiwma. mlth a klckoff dinner at the various meetings. hrrry. trustee for three years; _ rldwlde; c o l n collectors, $49.66; specllghtfurther the Scouting progranl ,t ,., sMVc candle Am. Joseph Garbfl,,trustee for Woodblrdge Vocational 8chool Lions Club members are 'or Girls. of the Woodbrid(?e Township wo years; Mrs. ",' m y WHS conducted by r Cam- commiinlcatlons by way of lftl c o n c c t l o n $ 1 3 . 1 6 ; tee ner S , Olrl Scout Council. ' ,'j , trustee for one year; MIR.satellites, "Project Echo", and! ,' immsky, with all elated over the success of their recent minstrel show In Wood- Freeholder George J. Otlowinrbo, .secretary; Mrs.'Camuisi, the , man-ln-space • program, Assisting Mrs. Peter Carlet Bkl of 249 Market Street, Perth titl i t t instructor; M ! "Project Mercury." chairman, will be^ the leaden) , l l l t .,l by the girls bridge and report other organizations are requesting the cast Amboy, will serve as the chairof Troops 122. I l l , 184, 149, 83, . ; Hl hospitality, historian; to recharge. Refreshments will be (TI U man of the corporate division 21. 253, 141, 107, 88, 192, 37j ,',ilwll'i. Christine W - to |Jtat on a show for their units. .dward Frederlckson, Mrs. served after the program under P n> Ml Iselln Lions are planning to and Mayor James J. Flynn, and 148. ' S | i n c v fwrson. Nancy * ; * ' . . \ Slgmund Smolonjthe direction of David Cohen. also of Pert hAmboy, will head nd Mrs. John Polan, col< Traberman, attend a zone meeting In Mor-the clubs and organization dl Also being planned by B'nal Audi fit MISS ANGELA DITTA MRS. SPENCER OREEN warers. Sue Abrami, gan Inn. B'rith is a/'Rumor Clinic" to ,,-!,. Almto. vision of this year's CP drive Committee chairmen i«p-!be presented for the Plalnfleld On Sunday, March 28. at 1 Carol Henry COLONIA — The Colonia Di'll.siJM. Dr. Paul Zlto and Alfred D local. State and natlona pointed are Mrs: Sherry, com- Chapter of ORT, April 3. OtherJunior High School Glee Club ,. dancer. Ka- p. NT., the Dons Club will' re- Antonio, both of Perth Amboy .,' \ ;., , M i l l ! ) with member- will participate in the annual, Marsh mime 1U paper drives. Residents will be co-chairmen of the pro level. He Is the functional heai munity service; Mrs. Sanfotd organizations .ii'dliiiil'-. Carol of the Department of Publt Luna rehabilitation; Mrs. O.ir^hlpT'orso"or more rtm'alsoAll-State Junior High School wteln. Susan are asked to leave bundled fesslonal group. Affairs In the city governmen bo hospital; Mrs. Driombnlc,ltake advantage of this planned Choral Festival Saturday at Thoma, Carol paper on the curbs. Proceeds COLONIA — "Peter and th« H,wlM ThlB is the third year thai of Perth Amboy. legislative; Mrs. Luna, publi- free program of B'nai B'rith by Wolf", starring Rodney Blanch, IM cii!!""11" Corallow will be used to aid the blind Jersey City State College. Mrs. Green has served as chair city; Mrs. Svlhra, membership; contacting Jules Bluestone ford and his puppets, will be ',,',„/,niski. Diane Peter and the needy, This Is the second year tha man of the area division, i Mrs. Joseph Strasser, youth HC- Anti-Defamation League chair- A total of 1,400 singers from' COLONIA — Miss Angela' featured In a benefit perform* •i(1 niunr Donahue Dr. Zito has beenid entitle Dltta, 189 Cleveland Avenue, l«i 23 schools In the state will parmember, of the Board of Cfrec tlvitles and poppies; Mrs. Tym a n ' s,iin> Peterson, Susan ticipate. Each club will be given scheduled to appear as featured ance sponsored by the Play-! tors of the County association with cerebral palsy work, borowski, greeting cards; M«S.' "Business Is Better , nicl Marsha Ruben thanjan evaluation by a well known soloist with the New Jersey Bell school Cooperative Nursery, It she had previously been chair graduate of St. John's Unlver ofl a new commentator, Mrs. Mildred Chora! Society In a benefit con- was announced when the exk ,,i ,)ii,nt, Miss Thoma man of the Iselln area for elgh slty In Brooklyn, he receive* tn H * fright* TY 7 " "7 ""'" -"•"—• " 8 his medical degree from Lon ^ f „. -J? D's-ifund raising endeavor by B ' n a i W of Phlladerohln Pa . |>,.ti'i,son; adventure! jcert sponsored by the Middle- ecutive board met with Mr. and years. Last year she was ro trict are Mrs. Sherry and Mrs B'rith. The plan involves par-1 rniiaoeipnia, Pa. ' ., • MISS Thoma; child sex County Family Concert |Mrs. James White, Hickory chairmnn of the Middles?. Island College of Medicine a» Luna with Mrs. Garbo anticipation of local merchants Road. Association, March 18. 8:30 •• Dm/iiiiskl; musician,! County Cerebral Palsy Televl spent more than seven years Scamorza, alternates and ts intended to stimulate the O. S. Navy and the U. Mrs. P. M. at the Metuchen High Scheduled for April 3 at 10:30 and reptile, Miss •Ion Committee. :v COLONIA—Boy Scout 2Toop Delegates to Counts Council business for the community A. M. and 2 P. M. at Koos AudiPublic Health Service. He School. Ml.\s ice by both students and Miss Dltta will be are Mrs. Polan and Mrs. Huiij 44 Is In the midst of a six week Mrs. Green has been treas- now chief of surgical service torium, Rahway, the proceed* ,i(. tht dancer accomm eachers in their efforts to patrol competition with points urer of the Federated Women's Perth Amboy General Hosplti with Mrs. Smolen and Mr.si will go toward the Housing panied by Mrs. Greta Frankl, i|is took eight le«make the festival a success. The Devlin, alternates. Fund. Tickets will be sold only liven for attendance, uniform, Club of Iselln for 8 years, treas- and consultant in surgery of the Frankl School of Music] ,.m dimeing under Colonia Choraleers will present] the Perpetual Light South Amboy Memorial Hosp In advance, and may be oband patrol project*. Prtae* Metuchen. .,[ Mrs Kay 8 y m Co ne11 i program of four numbers in tained from Mrs. Stuart Lind, ' Daughter, of Amwica tal and Roosevelt Hospital fi be awarded to'Tte " wlnnlng| " ••.noun«d as follows: the American Board of Sui tals and civic groups, and sponjArlene Cwiekalo were birthday Motherless Child", "Simon the Heart Campaign In Iselln, Mrs. Gerald Oreenberg, 1437 Igeons and the International Quests at the party-meeting of Fisherman", and "Sound of sors annual concerts In the Brentwood Terrace, Plalnfleld. niul shrrl Den-1 Richard Oaulard. *enlor pa-i Freeholder otlowski Spring and Fall. The group, 4 C U b a t .Music". more thantro. ...der; Oerald Tarver.l p ^ T t f th" American Pub' TH"?"T™ ^i?™™. ISELIN - The Home aa nfi Mrs. Alan Paskow reported ndiLI™,™^ f l ^ ^ , ... , , , I home of Mrs. Joseph Rapacl- Miss Christine Zipag is di- jcomprised of 65 singers, will be of the American College of i ndv Brozaiuki.aMlBtant senior patrol leader; School Assoclatfcm of IselmioH. tkiw Avenue. on the following tentatively Co.. nf Perth Amboy, conducted by John Bunnell, [> v ninn Daren Car-Wllllam Spencer, scribe; Rlrh- has been active in cerebral Surgeons. He Is active In the School, rector, and Stanley Slegal, at Its meeting an-| A h a t S Q c i a l w a s h d d a n d music supervisor of Madison planned trips: Montclair Art Holy Name Society, the Rosary accompanist. ;i: .; M»rsh. Marsha!ard Skillman, quartermaster; p a l s y w n r k ( o r m m y y t R l s nounced an Easter egg hunt' •««. .< . w ! ' in Memorial Post of the Knights Township Schools, and accom- Museum, March 15; Rahway winners were Michelc CaraSaturday, March Abnto.iDrrw Tumbull. librarian; Rlch-addltlon to other civic acllvl- of Columbus, and the Catholic will b.e held panied by Richard Stannard, Children's Library, March it; „ _ i vella, prettiest hat; Andrea ard Wwn&koakl. bugler: and tifs Rutgers University Agricultural 25, 1 to 3 P. M., in Coot r s of the Telephone Company. War Veterans. .,£•, rj? T' iTomczyk. most original; Sylvia ., .ire Mrs Ru- William Marquardt, Instructor Experiment Station, April; and He headed th'c corporate dlvl- Mr. Antonio is a member of Field on Middlesex Turnpik won the candy guessTrallslde Museum and Zoo, case of rain the hunt will hc|f L 48, Mrs Char- p t trol leaders are Frederick slon in the last two campaigns, ing game. Diane Sehlmpf won held Saturday, April 1. ;(i.(t Mrs Ch'orgr RCi,jht. August f>Vk-o. and was chairman of the Building Teen Dance Members April. of l h p I the sewing project same. The Playschool Cooperative Mrs. Wayne Travis, program and Mrs Derby Lawrence Plattwl; aiulsUnt Fund Committee three years Joan oCwiekalo atl nthe w l t a l 0 p presided r t s l Q e Q al e This Is the third Nursery, a non-profit, state acRolls Closed by Club T ' ' " ; n patrol leaders, Anthony PPCO-'HKO. and headed the chibs and year that Antonio has helped chairman, introduced Captain' Mw.rrt Barrett n , m » and \ Z £ S m e e t | n K w h e n nrst-year pins credited organization, will sponrale and Charles Dree.ion 'organization* division In 1957ihad up the professional diviISELIN — It has become sor "Open School Month" Sfoutrna.ster Herschel J. Tar-:Otlowskl. who is in charge of gi o n ne i s a (jraduat of Fordwell, Hoher, Linda1 met at the First Presbyterian necessary to limit the member- April, when enrollment' for I>T ver presented badges to ea^hithe Welfare Ut'iiariment for ^ m TJnivei.sity' and was ad- Jin First Aid Squad, who demTrudy Strasser and ship to maintain proper chap- September will begin. Informanew officer iMiddlesex Counlv. i.s a member; m i l t e d t o l h f N e w J m e y B a r onstrated the new method ° ' | ciiristlne" Agnew.' Joan Cwie- Church of Iselln with Mrs. Osartificial respiration. A ques-i car Aberle presiding and held a eroning at the teenage dances tion may be obtained from Mrs. the The troop mett* at the N«w,°f Board ol Directors of thej t n l m , He is u former trustee will receive her silver postponed Valentine contest 1 Irving Elan, 101 Hickory Road, tion and answer period was1kato 1third-year Dover Methodist Church to- ; Cerrbral Palsy Association. ^ pin at a future Prize winners were Mrs. Albert sponsored by the Recreation The group meets with Mr. _. ., Rosary R. C, conducted. Department and the Chain O'night at 7:30. Thl* will be the third con-C n u r c n a n d p r e s t d e n t Of the Mrs. William Smith, ways meeting. It was reported 14 Wertz, prettiest valentine; Mrs. and Mrs. David Krell, 418 "—"—' •fcutlvp year that Mayor: Klynn! 8t . V l n c e n t A(. P a u l S o c U ; t V i and means chairman, an- hours had been spent working Jarl Markkesen, funniest; Mrs. Hllls Woman's Club. Therefore, Princeton Avenue, Rahway, Mr^. Laurence 1 cll lr lias sieved as chairman of t h e : H o ] y R o s a i . y c h a p t e r . Stephen Mihalik, most original. Mrs. Constant Shissias, chair- March 14, with Dr. Seymour » - MEETING SCHEDULED clubs and organization division . A gift was presented to Mrs.man, announced the member- Lesser, guest speaker. to draft held April 15 at Green Street how to dress a baby as part of Markkesen, past president, in . iitution and by- COLONIA - Thf PackCom-!of the fund campaign. A life Firehouse. ship for this season has been ROSARY MEETING School 17 PTA jt n>'tt«e and Den Mothers of Cub ; long resident of Perth Amboy/ appreciation of her services to Named as a nominating com- the child care project. closed as it hat, now reached ISEUN —The Rosary Altar Plans were made for the fifth i'd when t'he i'x- S c ° u t P*ck 30 will meet with the mayor has devoted a subthe auxiliary. mittee were Mrs. Nicholas Pa250. Society of St .Cecelia's Church r 011 1 11 .',. mH M 0U d tt y »i Charles Kuima, Westhill Road, utantlal part of his time to William Bowitz, president of civic and [internal activities on Special dance contests are|will meet Monday, 8:30 P. M. March 15 At I P. M the Lora Lyn Dining Room, the Boys' League, was Ruge, Mrs. Warren' Rees, Mrs. Maryplanned and plans guest speaker and told of actlv-|! COLONIA-The Colonia Civic E. F. Bobal, Mrs. John Ryan. Rahway. will meet also being completed for the St knoll missionary, will speak and Plans were also made for the itles planned for the 1961 seaImprovement Club elected six Board of Education represent*ei» to March 27 party meeting at Mrs.son. He thanked the auxiliary Patrick's Day Dance March 17. bill to the membermember* to the Board of Di-'tive, Mrs. David. Rashe, an- i home. Birthday members for their and i nounced a committee of three, Rapiicioli's i (ur ratification rectors at the last meeti guests will be Diane Schimpf, league registration. Roy Mundy. Patrick A. Boylan named Bernard MoOarry chairPerth Amboy; Donna Caravello, Tentative plans for an afterand Francis Poley, was apman of theboard. corMetuchen, and Mrs. Rapacioli. noon movie, an evening dance pointed by Francis Wukovets. wew John Members elected .sei-retary, rcported. 18EUN "Parisian Holiday," R-Epstein, FU 11979. Mlgacz. co-chairmen. 1 '

£* J?


". L L°*T , ,. °'

Students Enter Music Festival

Benefit Puppet Colonia Singer Show Planned To be Soloist

Scout Patrols In Competition

Hat Social Held Easter Era Hunt ByfflTeenettes Planned by PTA

Prizes Awarded At Unit Party

" °

I \ n. Draft


is Named

B> C i v i c ClubS'^"" "^""":'*' ^""Charlesifj ! ™!:™^ .^""JSL^'l,?-**

'Parisian Holiday' Next Offering of helin PTO

/ £ ! rJITn^IW

? . i '"

••••II ruLvd to pur--*y" Mr. SUvens and John Bl- Mr •»ii-* projector andiilco are dolrm the clwreoura• s Birthday," itar-jphy. Proceeds will b* used for :"rj:-Tiii, cartoon*, the «.-hool library . i objects win bc'i Rehearsal* are In full swing Saturday's mat-i»jyi a u believed that the cur

Jrent effort will top laat year's ' •:»«• prcaident of "Broadway - Off - Limits " UiMim u First' • • P i l r l a | t n Hoitday", is fasl ;-'^ix-.»k on "Saf.e-; m o v t n J [ i c h u c k ( u n o t comedy iU t J l r April d , n c ^ i a n j sinning. ...! The cast Includes ihoM- who 11 did such an excellent Job Ii laat year's show, plus many new face«. The dancem arc Uro. Alice MlgUorato Rulri Devry, Sonny Fauekcnitelin Viola Johnaon, Muriel Slmms Mark-in- Callahan. Adelaidi i • :uucli ctotr law Rosaetti, Phyllis Redl«. Torr 1 ' " • i iliul-ln, Oui Stcvena. John ZUoco. • I-«U o( bloomVocal «roup includes; Midu * 'J *tll ( t p n n Tomma3«o, Dorothy Lyons. Bll < • ' wiihM b*»uuLyoiu, and Floyd Parln. Taking leading roles are Elaine Thorner. pill Thuckera Rouann« P l a n | « b a u m , Dor Slmmi, lilUan'(i At Library

Newcomers Bobcat Awards Marciniak - Getting Rite Welcomed ArePresented He Id in Lady of Peace n

roMM n f t M R Cub 01115 PORDfl ~• Fifteen Sunday afternoon ' ^ ' u r i ' h ^ S 6 , Scouts PORDS -— Sunday received Bobcat awards from In,Our I^ady nl PI-HIT Church. I I * *• * • received Bobcat awards from, ,.. . . . . ,™ ,. heir parents at the first Pixck Miss Patricia .Lorett-a Ann Ciei-

f,n:ua in. mtiiiut,' m f « l n g of the newly formed ,. - , ,,.,.,„,,.,„,, o...,,,,, , n s o Hie r n w i l l a .Vii.^imary Cu- „ fc pT k . . , . »«!•'. Wil-Daniel Cooperman. Gregory, hnd a 'bouffunt skirt Members who wish to attend. i-rs". "Men Of Mcd,,.,', lui.i Pi-tfiVi;. Mrs. Evert KuUnldi. Richard LamberUon. j . . , u . ftm t h e B m , u i l l A n symposium at; •American Negroes", • n dl(1 Kn^son. Mrs Am* L Gioss.CHry Nahal. Robert Sherer tarlans", "Explorers f(,, tUw,nip vPil of imported Douslass Collie Saturday from! n ™ , t ,ched to t 10 A. M. until :i p. M. may conPi-ople".' "Dana Girls li^i and Mb, Ha.o.d Hander- chrl» Taylor Of Den 3 with Mrs. * V l0 .«:. H,,d Mrs WUUwn Robert Bcherer as Den Mother, ™ *B; ^ , J t a c t M l , v ch-.t-,- b^.nski. 28 The F i t z g e r a l d N Hi 0 U-afiut;". "The Aim Robert Scherer. c u b m a a t e r . ' ^ ^ ™ ' " ' . ^ Z k Dunbar Avenue, for details. lii.ili.caard. M.v VW.lmm Kar| ,1 Ijeague". "Bartholom,, c ] ,,:• M: mm Mrs John spoke Of the v accomplishments „ , d . h o n n r wfls M l s s paintings W clubwumcn ropie-, the Oobleck Dr. Seuss", •li Mrs Adolf L. Uhiman. of the group during the past c^g]( A m ) 0(11| s l s U T o ( l i e l l tm« all the clubs otthe Newi Birthday to You", M;^ Dorotln C Lalimian. Mrf month and outlined the alms o[ l h f brldsua',| -Missouri Syn- "Whoa, Mule," and "One God.• h e a d d e d ' ' I f banquet will be held sald ported the spring rally of the Mothers of the filth grade no more of these . . . and, with- u u have scheduled" a Christ Miss Janice Pearson, director; idaughter Nebel. Mrs. Peter Rafiiii Lutheran Women's Missionary students will be hostesses The.out them the TrooH may be u i ^ . c 0 l l ( e r e n c e f o r S u n ' d a y a t of mU sic for the Fords Junior ^search in recent years has " .ri- - - I ' m afraid I'd lie'MBv 10 in the education center, Mrs. Samuel Harris, and M;i| Leagues will be held at the new slate of officers will bejforced to disband for lack o i g ^ ^ ^ l . ™ ^ , ^ * H1([h S c h o o l wi]1 conduct the'u^overed new ways to improve improve aboi about it to my girl friends. and the annual fall- scheduled I Peter Schmidt. Christ Memoriul Church. East presented. jsupport rt . . . and who will »uf- Uuei . an C n u r c h M c o ,. d i n g t o a l l ! G lee Club at the festival Brunswick and 13 zones of the —^|fer—your our own boy! Is this what aa ni nmm0 lUn (n,cpeml Mp r ni ,t hbvy RR pc vv mErl tdnonn!i ^ Atlantic District will meet in Purim Masquerade It. Stohs, pastor. I T O r o \ n i i r T TAWASS you want? l T 0 Atlantic City May H and 18 tv/.^Wii/o/J S/i/iirW/ivi i be discussed willi CONDUCTAtCANVASS "You can prevent, this by T n e « meeting nf m B n q when tUe theme will be "Am- Scheduled Salur(M) h t 6nd Jolning the g untht m e m b S -bassadon for Christ." FORDS - A Purlm masque- M o t h , r g C i u b v i t h in the next 1 ^ ri! theme ri' ? to " *'' Ho^e. for the evening « * *tn«e will be held Sauir^ ^ £ „ £ ^ ^ m o n t h , tfntal. w e h a v e a were MVS. Cooper, Mrs. Jacob day night at 9:00 in the Me- d n u m b e r ()[ m o t h f r s Joln ,,^ Re5S,neyer Luthtlan Melder, Mrs. Martin Jensen, Atuehen v u e Jewish Center, Grove;we v i U ^ e , o r , e d l o disband, ot M a i v e r u e i L . x„ chairman of jcidi-d not to plan for a Charity| Mrs. Victor Panek, Mrs. Mitch- ™ ; sponsored by the Kari-' M a n y of o u r oldei . members are t n e Y o u U l conference Ball this year Instead a house-: ell Smolewski, asd Mrs. Mary tan Valley Lodge, Bnai B rlth. l e a v l l l g l h e c ) u b after m a n y . M l a n U c D i s t n c t Larson. - • Samuel Radan. ^ ^ m a n , an-! y e a r s of R C t i v i l y bl-cauBe their m b e g m a t 2 : 3 0 a n d s e r v l ( . e s to-house canvass will be con-! nounced music for dnnclnn dueled during the remainder of 3:00 P. M. be furnished by Russ Locandro i c o m e m , n T h e y m u s [ b e re. March, Red Cross month, Marlene Sorensen and mid his orchestra; prizes wlllj l a c e d ,{ w e a r e t o b e a c t i v e Nothing flatters your foot Kocsis of Our Redeemer r, .» , ,i,« r io >« Dc awarded for the most ori- l a n d C a r o u Qur s u p p o n 0 , t h e A l 8 e n a n fie will read the opening F l ™ c e t 0 ^ " Kimil costumes; refreshmentsi Tl . g o U ons more than a high reed-slim devotions, after which Mr. _' ' will be served. Tickets may be purchased at the door. COR "It is true that the Scout- Kocsis, vice president of the heell This pump by Life |master is gettliiR more support Suburban Zone, will extend the return to the general assembly tumes are optional. than ever from a number of the welcome for a recap, and the afternoon^ Stride shows just how FEDERATION DAY fathers, but at the present, they; After the main siwaker the; program will close with a fel-[ ISELIN — Mrs. Herbert Wil-'cannot provide the financial young people will divide into lowship supper and vespers. i pretty • high heel can be. liums, president and Mrs. Clara support and social prom-am six groups with the senior Others attending will Includei Poster Newman, representing that, we' have been doing . group under the direction of Rev, Robert (srlesse, Spotswood; the Woman.1* Club of Iselin will and wduld like very much to Rev. Ressmeycr. The five jun- and Rev. George Zimmermann,; •utend Federation Day at continue to do. But as we have | Or groups will be led by RevJBloumileld, who are pastoral Hahne's, Newark today.' Mrs.|said, it's enthely up to you-- Charles Ertman, HackettstoWn; advisors to the district board. Williams announced the Club:Rf«ne«ibfr w e are not asking ^ev. Henry Von Spreckelsen.; Mrs. Henry Hoist, Mrs. Jackj will celebrate its 30th minivers- for help for strangers—this is Union; and Rev. Daniel Rein-Wills, Mr. and Mrs. HowarUi ary at a luncheon In Iselin (or your own son! -heimer, New Shrewsbury. [McCaHen will attend as cqun-| ary Public Library, March 15, at "The March meeting will be After the group discussions,'sellors of the local youth held at the home of .Mrs. R.JRev. Stohs announced all will groups. noon,

to Unless it Gets Members Jr. High Glee i Fords Optometrist Tells ;Hat Social Set 0RT D ^ Mccti Club is Chosen Of 'Save Vision Week' [ By Ladies Aid ^ S

Walther League To Hold Confab

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liilenutioiwl ('lurgc Plan



HNS T Main 81., Wuodbrldfe

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O|>, 11 Kridav Till I) P. M. HIU- rUthIM, is UEUl

If you are a qualified and registered voter of the State who expects to be absent outside the State on April 18, 1961, or a qualified and registered voter who will be within the State on Aoril 18, 1981.-but because of (illness or physical disability, or because of the observance of a reliprious:holiday pursuant to the tenets of your religion, or because of resident attendance at a school, college or university, will be unable to east your ballot at the polling place in your district on said date, and you desire to vote in tha Primary Election to be held on April 18,1961,' kindlv write or applv in 'person to the undersigned at once requesting tfhat a civilian absentee ballot be forwarded to you. Such reauest must state your home address, and the address to which said ballot should be sent, and must be signed with your signature, ahd state the reason whv you will not be able tn vote at your usual polling place, No civilian absentee ballot will be furnished or forwarded to any applicant unless request therefor is received .not less than 8 days prior to the electiqn, and contains the foregoing information. Forma of application can be.obtained from the undersigned. DATED: March 2,1961 •i

• ..

M. JOSEPH DUFFY, COUNTY CLERK, County Record Bldg., New Brunswick, N. J,

Elizabethan's RANGE-OF-THE-MONTH is Hardwick's new M* model—complete with the modern "burner with a hram that end* pot patching forever and free* you to ?»••'*• «t relax anywhere in| the house! Just dial the perfect tti-pcrature fur each cooking job and the gu flame autoinatlcall.v raises or lowers, u necessary. No cord, no eoili. ImaKir.v custards and aaurcs that cook without comtant •tirrimr . • no burned foods or scorched pots . . . masked potatoes t U jtay npny hot without (ticking or burnint . ... amoki-lM ^bacon-frying at 300* , , . foods that can'tIboil over! Thi'm . . . A great deal of time — must be spent on the diamond 14 to get It Into proper condition Score by periods:

fli tlnilthe St. Hamnrskl ' ,,,. i m . s l Penh Am- Slsko r Y O " I--;.milV rally fell ftnrl thr. >' a St. Strplians In i «nmi' G P nt inrBulowc/.yk ii 3 15 ,f.!mn,Luk"cl1 was 'ilgh man 1 2 ,, n,,.y took n 15- Otlo«Kkl 4 with 21 points, followrd by Al 3 1 Mnkk»| with 13 and Ron Ha5 period onMaJewskl U f ,,si 0 -norski with 11 point?. For the 0 lnH.tiiv; by Ron- Jankowskl 0 4 "Km. Koby HUM Rudnlrk ench drlvi's by Hand 0 2 in oied 12 1. 0 ;,ik:i Cirnici: enjoyed Ciech 4 0 8 Holy Family 1 a 2 m over the tall Pliik«BVane G F 0 lur Knn Dacko Jess a 0 Dad:,i 1' sMuU'd shots to — 2 mr ' 26 1(1 «•> VTItroka 4 0 ,"„,,, period bin Ed Carteret 15 20 14 H - 6 0 ! L u k a - h a 3 «•!,„ .lands 6'4", liOt Arnboy 10 22 17 13 82 Hfimorski' 4 3 Hit- Amboyj jMakkni .... 6 -1 The final 411.411 t i c .... 0 2 .... 0- 0 •

Darabs KOMby Kolibas Tavern

P\yB A Kolibas Track schedule shows seven D a r B b ' s home meets, opening dual meet ^•111 take place on April 18th

Foresters Top Darabs, 53-50

17 18 11 16-62 . S J » 19-36

C A R T E R E T - T h e Foresters nosed out the Darabs and still have slim hopes for a tie In tha JOSIE IGNAR— Bowler of Senior Basketball League. The the Month — In thf lli-I.ow Kolibas A. A. gamed ground by Bowling League. .losie is rap- scoring a forfeit over the Faltain of t h r Lescheks Dairy cons and hold a full two-gams It lS Last week both clubs won: and has an average of 150 In lead in the team race, with only 0 0 their games The -St. Joe» No won league play. 6 1 team, with four players i two more games remaining to Ed Carmlchael. the rest 0 h e , * 15 scoring in the double figure 7 be played on the schedule. county schools are breathingj , rf fourlh 2 marks, slaughtered the Holy, (I Joe Nardi'B 17 points was ft I easy and are out to even some _nl t h r M w l n 8 - jFamlly 77-12. big factor ln the Forester victory. Joe scored eight points At the same time Price's de. . ... • Princeton rolled up a big ho {in the final period to keep-lilt feated Columbus School easily.! 1.' won over CARTERET-Some Carteret 267 In the first game. Helen' " J e ^ a s e b f « a m e ! 227-13 7 1 3 lead at halftlme and held be on Apr 10. against the ln the game. •45-27. with Ralph Antonello Frosh-8oph-,teams and players came o u t ' r o l l e d » terrific 655'set hitf i t h who h beat'?_ b ] f L! l ) e v .?, ! ) r v a r d teftm l n t h e by a 37 to 31 no-hit-fame pitcher, Darabs scoring 17 points for high games of 267, 188 and 198. well In the Central Jersey | Carteret last year. South River! j score as both teams remainedi CARTERET —The St. Ellas' honors. o1 Barne O F \ Women's Bowling 21st Annual As a result of Helen's sensa-; n as a returning no-hlt pitcher! J ™ y collected ' 16,basketball team won its eighth ' i In a deadlock for first place. St. Joes # 1 1 Qreenberg B 3llal pinning, Pinning, her team inei thplol.« I- n . . . t . i ;an another . - . . ...i_ I mint* fnr th» winners nHnnorc and «nrt game in •_ 4ten starts i- ,__ _ . _ I, tloiml the| win-!Points for the a l 5 0 in'Dustal biuimi yuming, her ner team, team, by jdefeating a F T Don Davidson van high Touinament, held at East Babies 1 2 Rod Stuart ran a close second the Ramblers, 49 to 41, in a Sharkey Furniture House, leads; ner in Beck, most of the county DIPaulo 10 0 !'in the Group I Division with a 2 0 scorer with 12 points and AlJBrunswlck this week. 4 Zabworskl with 14 points. Brunswlck thi k schools wil have good players regular Junior League contest, Helen Uszenski, one of the j team score of 2741 Helghchew 7 0 H R l g l e r tfor-d 14 points for the| n Joe Comba rolled up 13 points The Saints will meet Holy Dolnn foremost women bowlers in In Qroup II competition, the returning. !Ki!H MtTtinit head Hefferan 11 1 Kertes 1 0 1 Family next Monday and & vicwill hold Its'' ! the losers. Yale blanked Dartmouth, 14|Cenlral Jersey, set a new tour- 1 Carteret Lanes are first will a' A m e r l c ^ 0 . ::,:.nri--up Sabo Sport Musco 0 0 u tory will knot the two teams ', 'o 0. In the first period. §port Night," tomorrow night The box score: ... l-'ux pinners emerged Wolfmuller 0 0 nament record when she hit!team total of 2303. Terebetsky l ifor first place 20 The box score: at the Legion Hall. The Hlgh| ... with a two-game OTUelly 7 6 PRNICETON I Bob Sklba scored 14 points School basketball squad, coach- Markowitz __ YALE — 8 60 21 ; ;:;(•! i :IM(1 their lead to *,.'or the winners and Tommy es and the cheerleaders will be a ;( hull mimes. Paced 35 7 77 Davidson ., 16 Foresters Barney , Chodosh tallied 20 points for honored. Something good i s i n Holy Family Iv.ih:.. who bunged out |Mantle Stuart F G T I*1 the losers. store for those attending, beG ,-,- liiuni's of 219 and Chodosh * ! 3 1 Litwlnskl 7 3 2 The box score: sides a fine chicken dinner, . \n\ men won the first I 0 Sczesney 0 1 1 17 Nardi 8 0i ST. ELIAS those present will see some fine iinr- bui dropped the Scrockt 0 0 Siddons ... Marek 2 0 2 1 1 Sklba 7 0 14 Brodelon | entertainment and music for Ferenchlk 0 5 4 The All-Stars beat the For0 A. Comba J. Markowitz 2 9 1 4 8 KordIck . :Kilyk 4 CARTERET — The St. Joe's;dancing, the Legion have gone In the senior league Sii'im.jski stiuivd for Coanshock 3 6 Lazar a esters 6 0 9 3 o'Woudhull iMelech 4 ^ the way In making tomorII.III with a brilliant Nlemlec 1 " . I ' playoff and will meet K o l l b u f u L ^l 21 4 461 1 1 r, Fitzgerald 0 3 Koby B D e p a r t > w night a memorable one and a ^ T a v e r n on Monday In a 2 out' 7 ^ w l t ? B T 1 " „;. palm's of ^03, 201 Herenc 0 3 11 '4 HARVARD 3 Bialowarczuk 1 Czubati 9 37 ent r f f &X plaCe l n w e salute thl fin of 3 series for th Uiee playoff playoff, ™ ,^_° ? ° * « organization II.. KITHI I'ffurt kept DARTMOUTH 1 the Midget League "B" divi0 6 Rudnick their generous gesture in; L l n 1ermann led at half .time. aton. by nosing out the Aces, ^ h ofor • i- close all the way. 4 „ _ 23 7 53 12 Homlck tie-'J- Comba 6 1 13 n o r i n g tne"school ! ..>: cune thi-uuuh with Priced • 20. but the AU-aiars to 13, this week. 'Rlgler 20 9 49 Score by periods: 2 0 4 record T i ! ii crucial game, for O Toralo RAMBLERS -.. 4 1 9 Foresters 12 9 15 17—53 Brown's Depi 4 0 !,.,,;!1 SiCO 2 V. Millk Chodosh 8 4 20 Darabs 0 0 0 8 11 14 17—50 2 Recreation Leagues nearing o - Wyskim-ski 0 1 1 3 - ',u .|) was ri'coided Torre 1 1 2 4 Resko — Lafferty m a two-way tit the end of the basketball sea0 P11 t..-.-.o took Mutual P ' m the second half race. son, Senior League games are 0 Semunza had 13 and Dan S«1 :.-„ tamp. Letso 216 3 3ejBarnaba Both clubs face each other complete and in the playoffs,1 8 0 14 3 31 menza scored 10 points. 10 17 910—^{Pascal 3 1 , came throuiih with Teleposky 4 Princeton in a crucial battle tomorrow League champs, Kolibas Taverni 2 4 .? Yale •i !or Antiln Michael Haas 0 14 4 10 9—:w winners: K e p i c h K o z a r 6 17 13 !altars missed a clean sweep bytrophy; First game, Monday, Magnificent five, 69 to 29, in 0 Schreck J... 0 ! Johnny Klndjiprskl scored Syiiowleckl's - 16 14 the Group 4 title as predicted vs. AllM'"uul Homes. itadfcioTIZZ- 3 *IA sinale Din in the final game, March 13, Kolibas' 13 our points for the winners. thje Junior League. As a result i»nd is a favorite to go all theD. Medvetz ..., 5 Joe's Market 15 14 iStars; second game. Wednes10 •"'"• wiiuim: Fox over'uebroty 5 flosing IMO hv hv 496 497 496 l 8 The Royals wijm their fourth Greenwald's by 491 J. Lltus 4 15 16 All- '"• Holy Family is still l e a d i n g Uii nvfi- Ajjrlco, Ver1 ame of the sedson as against by 491 496 L y , March 15, Kolibas' vs. J. Medvetz ..., 3 race by the slim margin qf Sahulchik's f ... 14 IB 6 our losses by topping the Cel' '''iinu. Patten over 23 Tli« qold fetar Meat Market £ / f Helley 3 full gime. IBreza Bus y... 12 18 8 lcs 20 to 12. Ralph Peters J f to ^ecpnd position b y ^ " 6 - Junior League *••"Dacko •- 7 0 14 Swlngler was high scorer with 4 !Wielgolliis_l 2 0 4 ten points. The victory clinched Dartmouth ft 1 « _ i i . i__ 1 Columbia Mitrokft 2n n IA the title for the Boljbetts ln the CARTERET—The team race Princeton 1.—.1 2 . j _ 85 Lultach second half. 8 in the Carteret Commercial Hamoi'E-i 2 \ The Caldwell Stars find the Bowling League broke wide Ooetz 2 Prlncejs each were given forfeit open this week as Walt and • in,. losses as they both failed to ap- Gene's scored a clean sweep Makkai Only Direct pear for their game. Ruela .. victory while Babies Furniture I K-l V and I'lM, Sisko Team Standings lost three games to Orohmann's in Tuwii. CARTERET Insurance. Both clubs were Monday from 9:00 P. M, GALL 31 7 69BECBEATION DEPARTMENT deadlocked for the league lead lour S« KI 1-7885 * Girls Class "A" U«jue Tues. «:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M MAGNIFICENT last week, but the results this Slides Praca .5 0 10J Standings as of March 10 week And Walt and Gene's Saturday from »;00 A.M. Serving Ypu Day and Night 4 leading by three full Kames. I 3 4|Bobbetts Sond-r I t Nfton to 9:0(1 F ) 1 Kozar Caldwell Stars _ 2 For Walt and Gene's, Joe Campbell 0 0 ._. 2 REDUCED RATES FOB BRAND NEW TUBES Koneeki was high man with Debroty 3 1 7|Teks A Division of 2 CHILDRBN 8ATUKDAY8 \m H t . wfeUe Teny Skxypocsk) MaolorkowsW 4 0 8, Princes -.-. CH0DO8H BROS. & WEXLEB, was second with 367. Eddie tnm »:M i.M. to «:M P.M. Any 21" Aluminized Picture Tube 13 3 2* Mayorek and Steve Kapln were Aeeunte Senloe Ke.id.nt, of 26 8 10 22—69 Diner — Walter, I'll h»ve the blj guns for Oroiunann's Holy Family Sln M 1946" 2 6 11 10—29 lamb, chops with potatoes, and Insurance. Magnificent 4S3 AJdPOY AVKNUK One John Chomiji-i leads the sin have the lamb chops lean. VVOODBKIIKJK Xt» sir. which glei rac« with an avtrai- of 24 LcffertB Street, Carteret, N. J. W-SUuPricf Include* Installation In Your Home Lumumba removed tu Ka182.52. Pbuuo MK 4-DVHZ way? tailBa prison. ALL WORK FULL- GUAKANTKEU 1.5,19

Helen Uszenski

|against a good Metuchen team P r J n / > p t n n V\Vp 'Most of the county schools 1 I H l L v l U H 1 IVC have had indoor track teams, Riving them an edge over Car-^ tcret who compete strictly as an outdoor unit. With the

Wins Game 46-36

Dartmouth Five! R o l l s 6 5 5


i\ Men'

ictors in Fight For First Place

JAll - Stars Gain iTie in Midget ? Playoff Victory; Basketball

Carteret Burners r! In 2-Game Lead

All Stars f i n Seventh in Row Kav Istok Hits Big Came of 210

Electrons, Main

;i Office Set Pace T. sem »


iSitars Shop-Rite Moves Into Lead

^arriors SewUp Cub Loop Race

Lukach, Ru^la Lead Victory

Teks Win Upset Over Bobbetts

Walt and Genes Back inLead



NOW! The finest, fastest





Kl 1-5450








3 Nabbed in Raid

I hniinidi) Club Plans Family Picnic

On Alleged Games


Shorecrest I

WOODBRIDOE — Two men ..eve held under $1,000* ball w e ll dressed woman is C A R T E R E T - T h r i;l0(, •iich and a third unaer $2,000 ..pcsaiiiy the one w"«itlnue» very close In l n o „, yesterday as the result of a lot^ n v raid at the Marcus Trans- oavsthfrnost for her clotlOT. c r M t Mixed BowllnR , i former Company Plant, LeeS' For Bood dothes com* in mfd- The Ni«ro toners, ins,,,/ Sees ** well •« m M"-\*™" In w upm ,„ - ' Hi Avenue /this week, still lead thr IBrp Arrested wprr William E « of the luxury class, woman to bo veil d««ed a nwnjln of O M - M m r nv,,. strent. SB, East Orange: Char- A A wo

CARTERET - The Ukrainwn-Amei-icim Citiwtia Club mftdr plans for tlieir annual! iamily picnic mid fall dance a t a mortini! lield In l h p c ' u b : rooms lH.it Silntlny. Stephen jlTamowski. president, named .Mlchnel Bnbeiirhik and William Molnveiz us cn-chRlrnwn and „ a small budget 61. foi1 the picnic which will be and styleII. Lt. Arheld on Sundiiv, June 25 at clear of fat thur Donnelly led the raid asplace Kit/: iGrovr 3. West Ciirteret Park or less classic Tta '.listed by | and appointed Myron HolowiCilrell chuck and Richard Lounk to InnUI HIIIIMT. head thr dance committee. The pntplnoe exlfts , j mnce will be in Bcthlen Hall tlirv were DeVtto, with Lynch in d[, IIIWK l'ATIENCE 'on Saturday, November 25. The market ' ' n Iiuld's Orchesim IIHS been cni Neiiihbor- How Is thatI lncu- " T ) , r woman who se*s wellsltlon «nd Jadarh ,„ Kayeri for this aflnir. bntnr doln? that you bought?" ,, . ' " ••"• •" sistinu of John.Romanetz; Ml- let your dop have a tjood lons, m j m ,t e on the move. Reroem-llovrd (tame. You can sit pence -;_ PARK TERRACB- « e l l t l ;H Rose Ann Kel.y. 48. 49 J J J 1 chael Holowchuck: John Qlu-,run? Those, leash-bound walks b e l .t n f t t a y o u n g fog has lota of ifully I" your easy chair, or on; :IJ sczyk and Jolm Raczynsky] tolyou takn him on might bejenprfry' and has 1 four fast lens!* park bench, for this'one. It; •son Street, was found support a memorial monument!enough for .you- but a r e ,l J^J fun and healthful ext0 u '"" exercise •*'- y s f^ rind X I I I U . an m i open \/fn,ii field i i L m or MI &]provides f - in the attic of her home to be erected ln Washington, not always fun for your petl ^ | , j B l i T STARvv; P s e r t e d stre< . t a n d l e t y o u r p ^ m\^. [ or your dog. An * n ( d l s . D u l u l h i M lnn.~Joh, D. C, for Taras Shevchenko, a Unless a dog Is sick, he wants; nftVe -a g o o d r u n "j^^ exhll- towel, a leather strap, a piecp;last n «n « i nrrat Ukrainian and » ftUm-rai uKiiunmn poet H K I »«m "iaratlon, that feellng¥>f bound- of rubber hose will do, Let yourpy •*"•''; died of starvati. u-, thor. and a champion ofjarouhd this winter, as he has inijess freedom, is a bis boost tolpup catch the end and pull andico\erea DJf ^m rjrtcctive rooming house in Duhr: tug you to his heart's content jon return ™ — - ^ h u r P o l l c f c^overed thH Ukrainian liberty, in commem-tsome mild winters. |his I his well-being." says dog au8 t e vTobak. e _ and; u . A :oration of the 100th anniver- And cutting the lawn will be thority Clarence C. Pawcett of Remember your dog will lwvetStevr Donnelly a u u L«H.VVITT •• • • Doilliell> ana more fun when you're playing sary of his death. ; much more fun than shoveling the Purina Dog Care Center. Bates of the Prosecutor's staff, bank and stocks worth ?! with him than when he's left snow, I Most puppies love to chase reported a glass containing a safe deposit box. 1, But watch out for those,after and retrieve sticks and all alone He's happiest when poLnous licuid was found a- lived In a s i n j j ™ „ APPEARS IN PLAY I he has something or someone heavy, wet snows of March andiballs, This is fun for your pet CARTERET - Miss Joanne j and fine exercise too for to respond to. Symchik, dtnmhter of Mr. andApril. Mrs. Joseph Symchik, 128 Edpar Street, a student at Montclair College, was one of the dancers in a review presented lr

a l



HOLLYWOOD BED Extra Firm, 3.3. Complete with Decorative Headboard.


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at the COIIPRC by the Home Eco-

nomics Club. She was also chairman of properties and scenery for the show.


MARK SILVER WEDDING CARTERET —Mr, and Mrs Walter Kostyc, 5 Mary Street celebrated their silver wedding anniversary Saturday, March 4, with a party a t the Club Markay. Approximately 100 guests attended the affair given by their children. 'Theresa, John Lawrence and Florence,

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Snow Woe Snow — friend or foe on your garden this year? Nature's own mulch has kept the soil uniformly cold, preventing the heaving of plants 1 and resultant damage to roots.j This has own a consequence' of some regent warm, openj winters. But Nature overdid the snow | bit1 this year. Raymond P. Korbobo, extension specialist in! ornamental horticulture at Rutrj gers, Razed over his own gardm and tried to imagine all the damage that might have taken place under that white! blanket.


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Snow mold, for instance, is a. fungus disease that, can killj grass that's buried under a; drift or pile. The disease is worse under a pile of packeddown leaves under the snow. If you'd known the snow was coming you could have prevented snow mold by spraying. with a mercury fungicide last' October.

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Seedless Grapes «^ 29' Western Carrots Potatoes *** Froken Fnh ty Lent Swordfish Steaks * J * •^39Fillet of Cod Fillet Flounder Extra Large Smelts -23M.29 Lobster Tails Cod Fish Cakes*** — Lentem Specials — Swiss Cheese **** ^ Bordens Chateau 2£, 79« Cheese Food ^ 2 i 7 S


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Ifecker Hits i(/ Obscene literature

u w a n ians ValerieConard lear Talks Wed Saturday On Key Club

Village Association

I . The need for a .'., the obnoxious and ;,,.,„„•(. bciiiK sold In ;,i,,iilmo(l stores ' ,,,n hy Kenneth ,.,,,11.11 director of ,„, m-vn\ MtrvaLure ! ' | ,, ircint. meeting ! ,'l vvniimii's CluU. ',.,!,,,. « i m wus intro-

I in- M i e r U l l K . 1 ,,11(111 11.11, Mi . Berk-'

, ui write thfilrj


11 HI|iP'»'t Of

on ,,,, :,i n,is mad by ,,',„ liain.ni. , i,.,i.,iHtlvt Lunch.., id Miirc l!0 at the TlTlllon.

were Day.

BIMV (Kl.KBRATES B l l t r n i l W State officers «m> nr»«, n i t i. i «• ••. ,* . h i p B i H i m . . n d ProfrMlon.1 \V«me ' , i'Th r H H , I n i l , " ",'">nna Oalvanek, Marleifc . «l h.Kh school students. ,,s vn, Bernard Raymond P ™ * edvetz, Marianne PankJ, :n."ii purposes are to provide \ m b o y , was his brother's best darllyn Patrick, Cheryl LUCM, v.^iMonal guidance for k U l . m n n . T h e V e r y R ^ : . ' c a n o n ilafcia Sherrard, Oeraldhtu «IH>IS iiiKi lu-lp them in spou-Oforue H. Boyd officiated at Sanders, Beverly Harned, Lirisoim;: worthy activities. the double ring ceremony. la Wilson, Carol Kath. Joyee .Slcjilien Ooniberg, Clark Mr. and Mrs. Raymond are. Kohler, Vivian Taylor, Pamela Hii;h s V J. Tayloi m Ft U n t i l rd,i! F'.oyd E. Horlou St PrUTs-bin; —Mr and Mrs. H. B Cliff Road, wrrr I lie guests




Another resolution is also

»'i». ,,cbill for S t a t e highway » « > • ' removal t h i s season h a s ' » ' l l ) l l f s wore seat b(-;; stai reached $4,500,000, Koscor P, >•• Kahdle, « W Mai. to the J3.600 000 CoM "U.^ionn- of Health. d, l : [ i .

pending before the Legislature by the same authors to create an 11-member commission to Study the Arts in New Jersey whole cold W ati,er sea- New Jersey ^ «1 to promote cultural endeav- ron of 1959-80. Mi. and Mrs. Arlstldes:ors of Newthe Jersey society. . . F i n e s f r o m I"" " ' " * ' « ^ >'•'• ht'd 6 8 a s atiHiiM Boccio and sdn, Joel, Brooklyn, LOBBYISTS; — Lobbyists In- j l u f l l 0 $500 or imprisonment sKino t i m e la.st \i•,,• were weekend guests of Mr. and. terested in the passage or de- _ t o [j Vr years, would b e 1 ' " Mrs. Joseph Porzano. Worth feat.of measures In the Legis- m p U , d 0 I l t to hit-and-run d m - Qu»'"V 0 I ™ I f m ••••• Street. lature haw been subject of m b y „ b i l | pending In the l»»11P!l , i n " e w - Mrs. John Hovhanesian,concern of lawmakers for many Legislature. . . . The office of ini|>ro\ea oy a PRINCIPALS' NIGHT: "CoordiiiatinK for BetU-r Relationship Between the llnme and School" was the subject of a the State Division of Veteran*' s | K m J " r ' ? panel discussion sponsored b\ th? Wondbridgr J'aront-Tprtcher Prpsidrnts Council at Principals' Night held last Thurs- and daughters. Linda and Joan, years. day. Above, left to.rlirht. are the panelists. Mrs. Eugene Kiel, president nf Srhnol fl I'l'A, Port Readtnit: Thomas (i, Des- [Jersey City, were auests of Mr. B u l m f a s u r e s which have Services. New Jersey Depart- CAPITOl. mond, Assistant Superintendent of Schools; Mrs. George Heath, moderator: Harold Mullln, Jr., member of the Board of land Mrs. Anthony Verllli. BOnd b r p n m t r o duced to regulate m e n t Of Conservation and Eco- will soon Edneallon: Mrs. Helm Kofhler, president of the Presidents Council: Lincoln Tamnoer, principal of Woodbrldge Junior IStreet. j l l l P i r activities, or at least re- n o m i c Development, in now lo- miles o\ »mie lines Squire them to register with the catP «] Rt 222 West SUte Street. HlRh»ajs I School. 'secrrtarj- of State, have failed Trenton Twenty-three s t r u c t . " ito be enacted into law. prlnci- a t 8 t e employees recently dl- census isdetermine underwa> In Street. hn. to Sponsor announced by —Mrs Mario Ro»i and Mrs. Officers Inducted Wily due to th* opposition of vided $640 in awards Tor SUR- !•• t 0 animals mhir, Mrs JeromP mut[Ui) P a j e i Louis Zehrer were the luncheon jjostions to save the State equine Sale Mar.'I Berkowltz, fund raising v l « F r i i i e a V l n n t o 7 t u d 7 a n d V e c o m - : t n e ' l o b b y ' s t s ' By Local Lodge guests of Mrs Walter Keim. ,^,, to This ypai a concurrent reso- » money. Education w siuay ana lecom ,. w „ (inrden State . . . Tin COLONIA A rummageipresldent Forest. Hills, L 1. last Thur.«- AVENEL - Many guests atintroduced to tennial by methods the State, appropriate to lution This has yea,been a concurrent resomone>; . Commission ^ J ^ C f c l l War Ce,^ ( . ^ w^ l l h ^ n-tannod ^ ^ e undertaken sale, sponsored by the Colonia The group meets with Mrs.Dmend -tanneri d»y and later in the day at- tended Friday'? meeting of the six-member study have 12 members if a pending day Elliot Liroff, 2 Devon Road, counties and municipalities, to create a Chapter of will takje to look into the measure I K adopted by the present afti-r a wlntn tended a performance at the Pride of New Jersey Council, WOODBRIDGF - The EptsMarch 13 at 8:30 P. M, encourage creative -activity in commission Sons and Daughters of Liberty COpR\ Cliurch Women of Trinl- place March 13 - 17 a t 1438 Music Hall in Radio city. 111 Avenel School 4. They in- t y Church met in the parish eluded Mr. and Mrs. Nathanel n o u M . wit .h R P V William H. Morse. Mrs. Ella Belt?. Mrs. Schmaus leading the opening Lulu Brown. Perth Amboy; p r a y e r Mrs. Marguerite B a r k e l e w , ^ w m m Fjnn presldmt| Mr. and Mrs. a n d M r j w i l l l a m Q i i r i s district Franklin Reed. Milltown a r i d , ^ ^ member, reported 011 a AVENIL — Miss Santma Mrs. Lillian Shutte. Dunellen. they attended Cantamessa. Metuchen. was They saw the installation ofi j n elected president of the Lazy two officers Charles Siessel., Mary Oootiett* Club at the an- treasurer and Mrs. Siessel, 18-' Plans for Mission Box work nual meeting at the home of month trustee. ' was . discussed .. . ,and . .Mrs. GurU,. Mrs. James CTBnen. Rahwa* Mrs. W a l t e r Weisbecker, Christian social chairman, read Avenue. Plainfield, state councilor, was " o t e f

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