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New Jersey's Oldest Weekly Newspaper-Established 1822 RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY,

VOL. 159 NO. 32

Family service gets problems under control


By R. R. Faszczewski Residents of Rahway would be given preference when apprymg for jobs in city government if an ordinance introduced at Monday^ City Council meeting becomes law after its public .hearing and possible final adoption on Monday, Sept. 14. According to City Business Administrator Joseph M. Hartnett this policy has always been the practice in Rahway, but the state Civil Service law now requires an ordinance to be adopted clarifying the policy.

Rahway Hospital to join Mobile Intensive Care

He did state, however, posed, had asked for only precious metals. The councilmcn explainthe city cannot force those 5* for pages OVCT 10, but who are on the various Councilwoman Irene F- ed the measure and the fee forces to remain residents Rinaldi, pointing out the are patterned after those in once they are employed, five-cent fee wouldn't be other communities to because this is against state worth the effort of making enable police to trace stolen the copy, moved for the precious metals. law. The license will have to At the suggestion of 10-cent across-the-board be purchased from the city Councilman-at-Large fee. Walter McLeod, however, In support of the- or- clerk, and the chief of police the Council's attorney, dinance, Adam Mackow of will make an investigation Charles Brandt, was in- 1990 Lufberry St. said the of the dealer and his structed to draw up a high fees previously charg- employes to make sure they resolution requesting the ed had violated therightsof have not been convicted of Legislature to change the citizens to know what is go- a crime before a license is issued. state law to make residency ing on in Rahway. a requirement Although Mr. Hartnett A clarification was made An ordinance was disagreed with those who in the ordinance to allow adopted 5-4 along party would like to see the fees for the dealing of coins lines, with the Republicans eliminated altogether, he worth under $500. in favor, to lower the said it was an infringement Mr. Brandt explained the following fees for copies of on the rights of the city's police chief had requested documents provided by city taxpayers to ask them to the $500 limit to make it agencies: pay the freight for someone easy to trace valuable stolen -Certified copy or resolu- such as a developer to come coins without infringing on tion or ordinance supplied in anytime he wanted and the rights of private hobby city clerk, from SI for make copies of lengthy byists. first page to 25', and from documents for his own use. He added, "Everyone 50* to 10* for each addiContract iMtting should pay his own way." tional page. An ordinance to give city Tne Rahway Board of other than those Toted TesWcms-better-proteciion Education—will—hoi above furnished by the against thefts of precious special public meeting today objects was at 7:55 p.m. at Roosevelt municipality, lowered from metal 50* for the first to 10th unanimously adopted. School for the purpose of pages and 25' for the 11th It requires a license fee of discussing and possibly takto final page to 10* for any S25 per year for those who ing action on the ratificanumber of pages. The new specifically set up tion of a contract for the ordinance, as originally pn> businesses to deal in period from July 31 of this year to June 30,1983, with the Rahway Education Assn., reports Rocco, Jr., Board secretary.

Nuclear watte no big bong '

City residents told to dispose of oil All residents of Rahway cond or any subsequent ofwere asked to properly fense. dispose of their used oil at Individuals who are local service stations with refused in their attempts to used-oil holding tanks by ci- return oil to the proper colty health officer, Anthony lection sites should telephone the Energy InforD. Diege. Mr. Diege stated the. New mation tine's toll-free Jersey Dcpt of Engergy re- number8004924242. quires, in accordance with 4 state law, all service stations with used-oil holding tanks A spokesman for the on the premises to: Rahway Police Dcpt. an-Accept without charge nounced Thursday, Aug. up to five gallon* of used oil 13, and Friday. Aug. 14, per day from any penon. there will be a ^Sidewalk -Post and maintain a durable and legible sign not Sale" in the downtown less than II by IS inches in area of Rahway. To facilitate the safe size informing the public it paittfe of pedestrians the ts a collection site for the following streets win be disposal of wed oil. an closed to vehicular traffic Failure on the pa" ° f owner of a service tuiion to on both days: Cherry S t meet these requiremenu from Irving St. east to Main S u Main St. from may tubject him to a penal Lewfe SL to Monroe St iy of « much »i 1300 per and the parking lot endiy for the fir*i offense and trance on Cherry St. S3.000 per day for the «


Law would require city employe residency

Many people have proAdults also have problems such as drinking, tak- blems to deal with, such as ing drugs, withdrawal, ag- stress, loneliness, inadegressiveness, stealing or ly- quacy, nervousness and ing. The Youth and Family alcoholism. Many inService, a United Way of dividuals can avoid years of Rahway member agency, unhappiness and stress by can help people of all ages seeking help before a situadeal with these and many tion becomes critical. The other problems. understanding of a parA young child, who is ticular problem through disruptive in the family, counseling frequently school or playground, can prevents other problems often be guided to more ac- arising, she explained.. HELPMQ HAND - Norman Rakett of Rahwiy asto-al donors to folow N» example and gfce Jabod to heto M M the blood shortage now occurring at the North Jersey Blood Center In East Orsnge. MfL Askett gave ceptable behavior through blood al a dnva sponsored by The> Prudential Insurance Co. ol America, rteadquertetsd In Nt»«r* t »nd conThe service also assists counseling. The correction ducted by the Wood center. A total of 161 pmts erf blood w e n given by me company's employes at the of a problem at an early age families who are experienc- dnve. Anyone wishing to owe Wood ma> do so by vWUng the center's headquarters at 4 5 SjOrove S t . or can lead to an easier adjust- ing marital problems. Pre- by telephoning 676-4700. m advance, to moke an appointment to give blood. ;' ment to adolescence, marital counseling is reports a youth and family available to young couples to clarify their roles in marservice spokeswoman. A teenager who battles riage and their expectations authority, plays hooky, of each other. The group starts 'drinking or taking can also help married drugs and shows antisocial couples with problems such behavior, will find the as the inability to comYouth_and Family Service municate, tensions arising gTsympalhelirto his ui her problems. The counselor behavior of children and The-central-tiitpauh will x c i i i t o t i o j \ _ b v t h c s m c _ Emergency medical consortium p can usually guide the changes in a relationship coverage provided to his area which hoped to send the ncarcst.unit to the Board of Medical Ex7~ teenager to a better brought on by retirement. residents of Union County gain approval for an addi- scene, according to Mr. aminers. They are trained To make an appoint- through the Mobile Inten- tional MIC designation. Fresokme. understanding of his or her to provide advanced cardiac *: feelings, and assist in the ment, you may telephone sive Care system will be State authorities, however, Hospital-based units will life support, can administer development of improved the services office at more comprehensive as a urged him to join the ex-be staffed bV full-time certain drugs, start inbehavior patterns, the 233-2042. Alt fees are based result of the recently- isting system. therapy, paramedics. Aff units will travenous on a sliding scale. spokeswoman added. announced decision by The new system is ex- continue to utilize dcfibrillate cardiac arrest patients, and treat severe Rahway Hospital to join pected to be fuUy opera- volunteer drivers. the network. tional by September. Volunteer ambulance trauma, respiratory proRahway Hospital will name and rescue units in the ser- blems and drug overdoses. Coverage for Rahway j » "town 4S5oicate -covioe-afe* «U!^iprovide a : All units have, active and • Clark rtstdem* has been assigned by-the stale ordinator, 'and Mr.' "Sbder critfcti-cocapoo*Sc»nd win member*,.ot- a i r first aid; to a system developed joint- win be a .member of the be closely iptcrgrated into squads. ly by Memorial General MIC Steering Committee. the MIC system. These Hospital in Union, The hospital will also have units provide emergency services and patient Overlook Hospital in Sum- to train MIC crews. Twenty-three board in Rahway. transport, while the MIC mit, Saint Barnabas Under the original statemembers of the Rahway First vice president, Mrs. Woman's Club met in the Mathilda Knecht, presented Medical Center in Liv- approved plan, coverage for units provide life-support garden of club president, the year's monthly pro- ingston, and Mountainside Rahway and Clark was only and do not transport The problem of what to assigned to units housed at patients. Mrs. Tor Ccdervall, recent- grams to be given at general Hospital in Montclair. Each of the paramedics do with nuclear wastes may As a result, sophisticated Memorial General. ly to review departmental membership meetings on Because of its centralized has spent a minimum of 1 SO be overmagrufied. and general club activities the first Friday of each mobile intensive care as planned for the upcom- month from October to coverage from Memorial geographical position, cen- hours in training a: *>c Col- , The wastes from one General was projected for tral dispatch services win be lege of Medicine and Den- year's operation of a ing 1981-1982 year. May. the first time for many com- located at Overtook. When tistry of New Jersey, as well The morning business Treasurer. Mrs. Kenneth munities in the southern the system is operational as an additional 350 hours 100-megawatt plant would meeting adjourned for a pic- A. Kirkbright, gave a finanof Union County, in- police and first aid squads of clinical training at both easily fit under a card table, nic lunch, with each cial report. Mrs. Philip part cluding Rahway. will use a central "hot line" Memorial General and while the ashes alone from a member contributing a Prasscr, corresponding 1000-megawatt coal-fired According to John number to call for MIC ser- Overlook. -coveted dish" or other secretary, volunteered to plant would fill 40,000 vices for life-threatening AU paramedics in the trucks, it has been food, followed by a return chair a fundraiser garage Yoder, director of Rahway .emergencies such as heart Hospital, his institution had system, both paid and calculated. ~ to business. sale. this, summer. initially .sought J o join a attacks or major accidents. volunteer, have received Mrs, Ccdervall reported Mrs. Dwight Yates of arrangements have been Clark was nominated as finalized for a club move recording secretary to fill from its past meeting place the vacancy resulting from at the New Jersey Dance the resignation of Mrs. Paul Theater Guild Hall on Pier- Ohrin, who moved to pont St., Rahway, to the Se- Crestwood Village in cond- Presbyterian Church Whiting.

Woman's Club plans new season

USPS 454160

FLORAL FftONTRUNNCR - The Flower Box and Hanotng Basket Contest open to Rahway residents, business** and oroanitttions, came to a conclusion on Juty I t . The first prize winner was Mm. Qertrud Pefrochto of 476 W. Lake Ave.. Rahway. whose home a shown. John Anderson of 503 W. Hazetwood Ave.. E. L. Sctiwemberg of 1470 Esterbroc* Av«. and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vatvano of 254 Mapte Ave received honorsbte mention. Mrs. PatrocWo w l rec«*» a $ 100 United States Savings Bond as a first prtae, which waa confctouted by Markey Realty Associates, ol Rahway. who originated a similar contact m1078. Ray E o o * V Jr. ol Ewers Insurance and WBam Davis ol trte Pent-Davis Funeral Home w l be presented a ptequetorthe* conWxjttontothe beautttcatton ol Rahway. The awards w» ba presentedtothe aucce*sM contestants at t w Friday, Oct. 2. meetttg c4 the Rahway Woman's Club. _ _ «

Golden Agers' officers to be seated Sept. 2

'Sidtwolk sole

CAMTOtCONVtitaffftON MlMh.ffgM.ft Sjhown AtaJstQ Qufhttont poetd by New Jtrety AeprwenttPMt MB> y •*• W * q i *•"• IMoant Fanwlck during "*• flWrtg of *^tew Jersey Owaut." Vm the* to to be .ttfecttt ftfs monvi on avwat

Rahway's Golden Age installation of officers will Club closed the past be held on Wednesday, season's meetings with a Sept. 2. picnic behind the Rahway The incoming president is Senior Citizens Center at Mrs, Peare, and the other 1306 E&terbrook Ave. officers are: Vice president, About 200 hundred attend- Mrs. Rita Colgan; cor ed. •responding secretary, Mrs, A catered affair, was ar- Ann McWhorter, recording ranged by president, Mrs. secretary. Miss Helen Josephine Paris with vice McWhorter and treasurer, president, Mrs. Hazel Mrs. Yolanda Longo. Peart, and her helpers. • •• The guests were city The club will sponsor a recreation superintendent, trip to Sarasota, Fla.-West Richard Gritschke and Mrs. Coast Wonderland from Cheryl Mackey and Ma. Monday to Friday, Oct. 26 Lorraine Wright, both from to Nov. 6. the Rahway Recreation The tour will Wave the Dept Rahway Senior Citizens The first meeting of the Center at 1306 Esterbrook 1981 1982 season with the Ave., Rahway on Oct. 26 at

8:30 a.m. The tour rate will include round-trip transportation via a deluxe, airconditioned, lavatoryequipped, 47-passcnger motor coach with reclining seats. Four nights, with motel accommodations enroute, seven nights' accommodations in Sarasota at the Azure Hotel on the Gulf and 14 meals on a Dine-A-Round plan will cut only $400 per person twin or triple occupancy and $525 single occupancy per penon. For more information, pie** telephone 381 1851 after 4 p.m.



Gran Centurions



Regional body asks adult education aid

OM CAMERA-Rep. MsnnewJ Rnafc*^ whose i - 5 8 Teori m Railway, H. J.«

Eileen Burke Is intern for county

Flee market set in Wayne for retarded

-Approved the employ- "ootbal! coach at the Clark ment of Carol Riegel, school, Steve Shohfi, to a Charles Drewes, Robert different post-assistant Morrow, Anita Williams, football coach at Jonathan Dorothy Walter, Maxinc Dayton Regional High Samwick, Myrna Schneider School in Springfield. and Karen Vinacour, child -Accepted the resignastudy team personnel, this tion of Mrs. Lucille Peters summer. as a clerk in the instruc-Hired Lois Jenner, a tional media center at librarian; Robert Taylor, a Johnson, effective Monday, weight-training instructor, Aug. 17. and E u g e n e F o x , a -Okayed the resignation librarian, for the 1981 sum- of Mrs. Judith May as a mer schooL district social worker. -Agreed to the employ-Agreed to the resignament of the following per- tion of Mrs. Audrey Brown sonnel in summer as senior executive workshops: John Redfem, secretary in the superintenscience; Robin Eckstein, dent of schooFs office, effecAlice Johansen, Gail Peter- tive Aug. 14. son, Joseph Cerchiaro and -Accepted the resignaMichael Dale, classes for tion of Michael Rota, a the auditorily handicapped, teacher of special education and Anita Lania, Barbara at the township school. Hedges, Barbara Oberding -Okayed the payment for and Gloria Menendez, unused vacation days to foreign language classes. three former Board T-Appointed the assistant employes, Joseph Tclesco

tint, we believe it is essential to expand our production capacity at another location to ensure adequate energy and other resources at existing manufacturing sites." The company, which has sales last year of more than S2.7 billion, operates a Hubbard Farms hatchery through its MSD AGVET Division in Statesville, N.C. Merck Sharp & Dohme produces and markets some ISO prescription drugs throughout the US., including medicines for treating high blood pressure, arthritis, glaucoma, emotional conditions, infections, Parkinson's disease and vaccines to protect against measles, mumps, rubella, influenza and pneumonia. Mr. Lyons said it hadn't been decided which products would be produced in the new facility at Wilson.

and Louis Erdman, custodians, and Michael Sagal, a maintenance man. -Gave its permission for Myrna Schneider Ben Quattlebaum and Paula Seeman to be employed this summer as special education teachers to conduct a three-day planning and orientation session for students and their parents who arc new to the program for the trainable mentally retarded at Johnson.

from Italy •,

The Rahway Public Library Family Film Night on Thursday, Aug. 27 from to 8:30 o'clock will feature T h e Seven Wishes of Joanna Peabody," a story of a little girl who learns one of the secrets of happiness, "Brown Wolf," a story of a dog who has to choose between life in civilization or the wilderness and the classic, T h e Red Balloon."

"Moods of Surfing," "The Gingerbread Man," "Zoo's Eye View" and "The Foolish Frog" will be shown. Reading certificates wil be awarded and refreshments served. Admission to all programs will be free.

DRIVE SAFELY -Appointed Vicki Robe! head gymnastics coach at the township school for the 1981-1982 school year. -Authorized the Board secretary to seek bids on a new 16-passcnger van for the transportation of special education children.




1326 Lawrence St, Rahway, N J




•:•. • • ' • V u i :

Miss Riker betrothed to Mr. Wrzesniewsky The engagement of their daughter, Miss Dcbra Anun Rikcr, to Richard Edward Wrzesniewsky of 564 Orchard St., Rahway, was announced by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Riker of 43 W. Albert St., Rahway, at their home on Saturday, May 30. Mr. Wrzesniewsky is the son of Andrew Wrzesniewsky and the stepson of Mrs. Alma Wrzesniewsky, both of the Orchard St. address. A 1978 graduate of Rahway High School, the future bride is employed as an inventory- control consultant by Signal-Stat Co. in Union. Her fiance was graduated from the city school the The betrothal of Miss Mindy Jayne Rcifc, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Reife of 49 Victoria Dr., same year. lie is employed as a machinist by Wallworth/Alloy Clark, to Bruce Alan Kerncr. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kerner of North Woodmcre, N. Y., was an- Steel Co. in Linden. nounced by her parents. The couple plan to wed on Saturday, July 24, of next Both the future bride and the future groom reside year. Jupiter St., was among with their parents. students who recently A 1977 graduate of Arthur L. Johnson Regional received bachelor's degrees High School in Clark, Miss Reife received her bachelor of after completing their work arts degree in political science-journalism this year from at the University of the University of Delaware in Newark, Del. A Clark student. Miss Wtsconsin-Madtson. Her fiance was graduated from Hewlett High School Mary Jo Singer of 171 in Hewlett, N. Y. He received his bachelor of science degree in biology from the University of Tampa in Tampa, Fla., last year. He is a second-year student at the Chicago Medical School in Chicago.

Miss Mindy Reife towed B, A. Kerner

Mary JoSinger gets degree

Miss Karen E. Knapp.

Miss Karen Knapp, K. A. Woods engaged The engagement of their daughter. Miss Karen Elaintf Knapp, to Keith Allen Woods, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Woods of Panther Valley in Hackettstown, was announced by Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig W. Knapp of Clark. Both the future bride and the future groom reside with their parents. Miss Knapp was graduated from Arthur L. Johnson Regional High School in Clark and from the Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School in Montclair. She is employed by Bell Laboratories. Her fiance was graduated from Hackettstown High School. He is currently attending Rutgers University. A 19S2 wedding is planned.

THE SOCIAL SCENE Legionaires attend county unit dance

Health agency employs Ufa Undtar

Pingry accepts Scott Graham

ntuiriev Guests





1220 UUUTUIQU, CIAIF0U , 1220 Raritan Rd. 1628 Oak Troto Rd Cronlord * 174-475Q Edison •

The Summer Arts Festival will move its free entertainment scries to Warinanco Park for a special "Afternoon of Safca" on Sunday, Aug. 16. Echo Lake Park's natural amphitheatre will feature

educational challenge to an increasing number of talented high s c h o o l students. Dr. K re ism an said. Students will be able to attend CUVJS either during the day or evening at Union College's main campus in Cranford or its Urban Education.il Center in Elizabeth. Criteria for student selection by their high school principal includes a "ET average or better, cotnplc

lion of speciifc high school courses and Englishlanguage proficiency sitiIrs. Classes for the fall semester at Union College will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 1, and applications are being accepted and processed now. Addition:)1 information about admission to the college may be obtained by telephoning the Admissions Hot Line at 272 8580 or 272-8581. In the nast. juniors and seniors have mostly pursued psychology, astronomy, biology, chemistry and literature courses, but ihe students may enroll in any course at Union College for which they arc qualified.

Way to the Forum" will ' highbght ihc two act r 13 ) All festival pcrfonnanccs charge for are sponsored by the Union wedding wd County Depl. of Parks and engagemenr Recreation. They arc fund announcements ed through budget ap in the propriations. grants from Rahway Record/ the New Jersey Sute Conn cil on the "Arts in a>- —CiaTtrPatTtot— operation with ihc NatKinal is $5 for the Endowment for ihc Art*, announcement only and Local No. 151 of the and $8 for an American Federation of announcement with Musicians and through local communiu minded in a picture dustry. Summer ATU calendars and information ma\ be eb tamed by telephoning Union C*ount> Dcpt °r Parks and Recreatkm at 352 8431. 1284 St. George Av# Avenel • 636-9789


Brendo Bolomey 'studies' Union County

•MEN SS I 2 •WOMEN 1 4


A township student. Brcrxb Bolomey of 673 Raritan Rd., ts interning at the Division of Hn vironmenul Phnninp fin Union County as pan of a seminar in urban problems for students majoring in or ban studies at Union Col fcge.

tmioa ctnxuts

Any Perm

UNION COLLEGES expanded schedule of once^avveek courses.

Class** b«gtn Saptemtwr 1,1981

Open House: Sat, Aug. 15,10 a m Register in or by mail

Cranford Campus

Call the Admissions Hot Line


Courses open to all adults. Courses offered in liberal arts, business science —send for complete listing and information,

M K U a J. 0LEAST, MO.

baked traittonal CAIO and

Salsa, Sondheim spotlight summer

A Clark resident, Scott . music, headed by Michael Niemicc, Jr. of Clifton, proMTHOIY J. DTfEUO, MJ)., P.A. vided music from 2 to 6 Ml atwrn ti Iiiiihn U *mcit#W vtt: pm. A buffet supper was served atlhc end of the day. and there was a Skivak (a* ttm MCtk* mt f|itK»tnwlnT wwi, 1km tmimtmAimm *f mm Citk «Hk« t«i devert ublc with Nunecadcttc troops, and eight ninth grade girls entered senior scouts. Each girl was presented with a mementorn of the occasion. The highlights of the evening included a program about Scouting presented by Cadette Troop Nos. 756-1018 and 1235. Bernard Palitz of the Watchung Council of the Boy Scouts honored the

-.-.! fn the i.;')\e:mrtK Wx!> uf OK.* Otdif ( cn'.UFionv •*, ihc Miss Martha Fvdak M'jJeiil1". who tu'.jl 13 :i''d runge in 3gc f:'>m 13 to . 3 . v.ac ab!e to become ac quainted '*iih ca:h oihur i and {earn ^)rr.e of \\vc I educational meth:xJ.-> and ! the American ua> of life • The students. The betrothal of their daughter. Miss Marsha l of Killington, Vt., to Charles Demarest of Boston, the son from the notbern of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Demarest of Ring\*oi week's Clirk Patriot.

Miss Fedak fiance of Mr.Demarest

Richard Wrzesnlewsky and Miss D«bra Rfker

High schoolers get early college try




. / (

.'.;: I'-1

! tl>

Films and a party will mark the conclusion of the summer activities in the Children's DcpL tomorrow from 10:30 to noon.

Shrimp boots: Keep coming



host students

Marquees still light at library

Why P&y More- . Call Now! 276-5036 1206 Raman Rd . Cranford. N J.

Daily 10 t i l 6-Closod Wednesday—Thura tn 9 Sat til 5



1033Spnmjt.»k! Send me your , «

mtornution .it- . ;t




T H U R S D A Y . A U G U S T 13. 1 9 S I

Secorb 'VCarK % T>atriot


U t M C M M « I Nim—I W M U * C«t*blM


Published Ewry TbarwUy Morabfl by



C VIGILANTE Editor Publisher


FUhw.y. N.J. 07065


ostage $9 5G. Outirfe Uraon and Mddlesex Counties $ 1 1 5 0 Second Class Postage Paid at Rahway. New Jen«y


to the Editor

FROM WASHINGTON by • Congressman

Mono Zudiker asks 'real' Mideast peace

encourage production and hiring of the unemployed, and to free up money for investment. Business will receive realistic depreciation on equipment and machinery. There are tax breaks for small and independent businesses which create 80% of all new jobs. The bill also provides major credits to the research and development industry. These credits will help spark the high-technology breakthroughs that arc so critical to America's economic leadership in the world. There are also added incentives for small businesses, including a provision that will lift much of the burden of costly paperwork that government has imposed on smalt business. The tax-cut bill includes short-term but substantial assistance for the hard-pressed thrift industry, whichprovkfcs the bulk of the money for home mortgages. They wiU be allowed to issue a new kind of savings certificate on which individuals can exclude up to $1,000 and married couples up to $2,000 in interest from the taxable income each year. Another change made to encourage thrift allows workers to defer tax until retirement on as much as $2,000 a year put aside in an Individual Retirement Account Workers covered by a company pension plan, previously denied the exemption, will now be permitted to take advantage of it for either an IRA or for contributions to the company plan. It is estimated the tax-cut package will mean a savings of $4.5 billion over the next three yean for New Jersey taxpayers. It is expected they will plow millions of douan into paying off consumer debts and for investment and savings, thus providing critical funds for home mortgages. But even with these changes, for the housing industry to recover, and for the President's economic program to be effective, the Federal Reserve Board must begin to respond to market pressures, both here and abroad, to significantly lower United States interest rates.


All of us who yearn for the day when Jew and Arab alike may live in peace, in dignity and in security deeply deplore the lost civilian lives on both sides of the IsraeliLebanon border. Israeli officials have publicly expressed regret at casualties resulting from the Beirut bombing. The Palestine Liberation Organization is boasting still of its killing of Israeli men and women and children. Just last week they boasted of an attack on a bus which took the life of an unborn baby. For the Jewish people, whose faith holds that even one life is as precious as the entire world, the escalation of \wlence was troubling. With the welcome announcment of the ceasefire, we rejoice. However, it is wrong to forget who isresponsibleand who is launching a new series of attacks. Il is also wrong to forget there is only one cause of fighting, "The PLO s to purge the Zionisi presence from Pakstine." The PLO s neither agovemment nor an army, but il

12th District. Nv» Jtawy,


Releases must meet The Rahway NewsRecord and The Clark Patriot will no longer accept unsigned letters to the editor or political press releases. As of the Thursday, March 19 issues, all letters and political releases must be signed and include the full names and addresses of all persons submitting them. In addition, those submitting letters and releases must come to the offices of the papers at 1326 Lawrence St. Rahway, in order to pick up affidavits to signify the authenticity of the letters and releases. These affidavits may be notarized at the paper offices or by another notary public. They must be back in the hands of the editor of the paper by 5 p.m. on theNEW OFFICER • Arthur W. Burtts jolrwd the Summit and Elizabeth Co. as an aufetant vice president of the Corporate Bankino and Thursdiy before publica- Trust Lendng Division. Mr. Qurtts earned his bachelor of science degree m tion. commerce from Rider College m Lawnencevifle, and was lormerty

Young men receive draft signup notice

Phobia classes to be held in county

associated with a central New Jersey bank. Summit and Efcrabeth has two offices in Clark. >

NAACP sponsors forum on youth

Young men who reach only two million men in the their 18th birthday are re- armed services today, but The Phobia Release quired by law to register we would need many more Education Program, known The Rahway Chapter of associate dean for research with Selective Service at men quickly should an as PREP, sponsored by the the National Assn. for the at Rutgers University, and emergency arise: For exam- Mental Health Assn. of Advancement of Colored Mrs. Elizabeth Allston. any Post Office. To register, within 30 ple, in World War II we had Union County is now ac- People recently sponsored a director of urban counseling Inflated prkes and high interest rates have turned of his birthday, a man 10 to 16 million men bear- cepting applications for the youth forum at the John F. of adolescents at the New the American ditara of home ownership into a financial days Kennedy Community Jersey College of Medicine must fill out a registration ing arms, depending upon fall sessions. nightmare for thousands of Union County residents. the stage of the conflict, he Center at 7 9 6 E. and Dentistry in Newark. form which asks for name, Held weekly for persons In just three years the median price of a house and The admission-free forum with diagnosed phobias, the Hazelwood Ave., Rahway. monthly mortgage costs have climbed by more than 60%. address, telephone number. added. was attended by youth and program offers group sharThis workshop featured The number of first-time homebuyers has declined Social Security number and Registration and their parents from various by as much as 50%, and housing sales are off 25% from date of birth. ing, individual direction and the following speakers, who of the Selec1979. The purpose of this revitalization parts of New Jersey. practical instruction in fearspoke on various topics: Economists estimate fewer than 5 % of allregistration is to have tive Service do not signal a management techniques Mrs. Catherine Brooks "Since youth are the keys rfwnm hv tn'minc it households can now afford a new home, and thai figure available on a computer the return to the draft They are under professional supervi- McElroy, historian, lecturer to the future, we must f I iJ nf SnJSw£SSSi—wiUOTithwe^windte^inJesfrri^ simply emergencyand writer, of Rahway; prepare them now tofitthe us war against israei. ^ ^{9?Q ^ ayArf h o m c o w n e r s h i p ( principle, in- names of men born in-1960- prep a re~dn essrrn easuresr- -sion. and later years who could Mrs. Mary L. Hawkins, The recent ceasefire confronted Israel with a dilenv Both evening a n d terest, taxes and insurance on a median-priced house, has be contacted quickly if President Ronald Reagan is ma. In all previous ceasefires the PLO has used the lime educator and vice principal Robertson, branch presi daytime sessions are open. risen at an annual rate of 13.8%, and has been projected firmly committed to making to re group and re arm, and it is feared they will do so there ever were a national of Rahway Junior High by some market observers to continue climbing at a rate the all-volunteer force a suc- Registration is required. School; Dr. Irene Lewis, dent, who served as again. emergency and Congress of 10% or more a year. moderator of the forum. For information regarding In addition, the Israelis can remember the agreement were to declare an induc- cess, supporting incentives fees and application please The median once of a home in Union County has inunder which they removed their troops from southern to recruit and retain tion. Lebanon in 1978 was quickly broken by the re- creased from $27300 in 1972 to $85,000 today. The volunteers, the spokesman telephone 289-0900. monthly mortgage on the median-priced house has in- Peacetime registration introduciion of terrorist units, even with the presence of creased over the same period from $180 to $1,000 a will save the United Slates noted. the United Nations troops. Information month. at least 4 weeks time in To date, nearly six At the same ttme Israel has accepted the ceasefire the These grim statistics have had a devastating impact mobilizing its manpower in million men have registered. PLO is bragging of its weapons which can hit civilian kibon the county's building industry. Hundreds of new an emergency, reports a Failure to register is a for travellers buizim. agncultural settlements, and towns in northern home-construction projects arc being lost annually in the Selective . Israel which are only 21 10 22 kilometers away. Thus the Service felony, punishable by a is offered At Kindness Kennels, at current residents are Lulu county. PLO can now strfke Israel from north of the Litiani spokesman:" maximum penalty of a 90 St. George Ave.. Lad. Millions of dollars are being drained from the Ri\cr. Those planning to travel Rahway, many pets arc in and This is especially impor- $10,000 fine and/or five economy as scores of construction jobs are lost. AddiLulu, No. 3799, is a tan Yes, all Jews deplore the killing of any human being. tant with today's all years in prison, he conclud- to other countries may avail search of homes. Two of the and white all-American tional dollars in tax revenues that would have been derivYes. we welcome wholeheartedly the ceasefire and themselves of a world infored from the construction are lost to the county and volunteer force. There are ed. female dog who is in need of pra> it will last. But we ask abo all men and women of mation service being offered municipalities. a home with people who goodwill understand the situation from both sides and under the auspices of the Based on current activity in the housing industry, then join with us in searching for a true peace in the Midcan spend time with her. World Mutual Service the National Assn. of HomebuiWers is anticipating a 14% dle East, and not one which is based on the PLO goal of Lad, No. 435, is a large, reduction this year in housing starts in New Jersey. New Committee at the Westfield the obliteration of the state of Israel. male Collie who is an exact starts arc expected to tumble from last year's 23,000 units Young Women's Christian The Pony Express, that Mona Zudiker replica of "Lassie," the to 19.500. At the same time, unemployment among conAssn. breakneck mail delivery ser103 W. RoseUc Ave. television star. Lad was struction workers is expected to average about 14% for RosellcPark The committee will put vice across America in the found roaming the strectsof the year. A proposal the Rutgers main in public hands, all the the traveler in touch with a 1860's, made a lasting im- Colonia in Woodbridgc The slump in the housing and automobile industries has seriously disrupted the economy. The problem is par- U n i v e r s i t y model be present private assets of, native of the particular print on American history. Township, tially due to the fact for 25 years the trend had been adopted for Union County's Union College would be run country or countries he or Surprisingly, the venture The kennels arc open toward a bigger and more intrusive federal government. community college system by a special corporate body she will be going for advice lasted a scant 18 months: Monday to Saturday from I This policy led to several consecutive years o f double-digit **to save the taxpayers which would administer the on customs, weather and No sooner had the first p.m. ' to 4 p.m. inflation, interest rates topping 20%, 8 minion workers horse and rider taken off money and to provide a private assets similar to the dress. DMtCTOft unemployed and a national debt approaching $1 trillion. long-term solution to the way the private assets of Those wishing to utilize from St. Joseph, Mo., for Inilnm* friend• ar* much Finally, Congress has taken positive action to financial crisis facing the Rutgers University are ad- the information service arc California than line crews HWe ihidowi — 'they «r* stimulate the economy by pasting the President's budget Union County Technical ministered," the official asked to telephone the 1 were setting poles for the you ottljr whra th* tun ihlne*. and tax cuts. Drauc reductions have been made in Institute/ was made today continued. YWCA at 220 Oar* St. »r first l o U»ur« it government spending for next year, and the cuts will con- by telegraph. to tpend KJI jrour time tryi"t Union County 233-2833. She explained the Union tinue through focal I9S4. to prev« that lurk la »*»in«t you. It is estimated all Americans will benefit from sav- freeholder chairwoman, County Vocational High Mrs. Rose Marie Sinnott of School and Special Needs ings of approximately $140 billion in reduced government Summit. Center would then be comHere are five words which should make you costs over the next three yean. suspicious when \ou arc buying anything that uses These spending cuts, combined with the 25% acrossUnder Mrs. Sinnott's pro* pletely separated from the cncrg>. "It will pa> for itself." the-board reductions in individual taxes, will provide in- 1 posal f o l l o w i n g t h e technical institute, and Any claim about an energy -saving feature on a car, centive for the individual and incentives for business to precedence of Rutgers would. continue under the appliance or on a heating or cooling system should be University, the privately- jurisdiction of the present \ te n M M m 1OTTO •ONUt MO MtM

AUG. 7


\ .n.i ; ab litv. ••• A product of GI-A-I, 800-638-8326.


Rahwayan indicted on drug charges

Chinese sweatshirts may pose danger

Chris Coyle joins 'Chemical Caravan'



A student at Rahway imately 200 other students High School, Chris Coyle. from around the state. They recently attended a special met with professionals in inone-day seminar on dustry, governments, and chemistry at Rutgers academia to learn about new developments m the University. Known as the "Chemical field of chemistry ana to Caravan," the seminar is discus* potifele career oporganized by the Chemical portunities, Industry Council of New. He was choten because Jersey, an association of 50 of hit high interest and chemical companies in the academic achievements in »Utc. The program, In itsscience. I'tn rommm MA**—«tr*r 19th year, has cnfaied more of bur Kind of Dank"



Commercial Trust

For m **4c*ton or hmher Worrratton a l 889-2000 e«.2lO. RrqUer Mow! dosse* begin September .

Union County Technical Institute The Queer Builders


COMMERCIAL TRUST COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY RAHWAY: ISlS Irving St. (at Elm St) , 978 St. G*org»i Art. (UMapJt Art.) LINDEN: 601 No Wood Av* l i t Henry St.) 1 lOOOSMttSt. (itSt.Gtorgti Avt.) /100 Uo. Wood Ave. (at Ehubath Ave.) RanVingO!fic*i m Hudton, Bet9*0, Union, Middlrw* »od Monmouth Coum*i * DlC f




The USA Network on course. Best of USA host, Suburban Cablevrskm will Eddie Doucette, will have be in Montreal on Saturday presented college basketand Sunday, Aug. IS and ball, the Major Indoor Soc16, for coverage of the cer League 1981 champion$200,000 Canadian Open. ship game, Big 10 basketball Wimbledon finalists, Bjorn and the 1980 "Farewell to Borg and John McEnroe, Franz Bcckenbauer" soccer game from Giants Stadium have entered this event. August tennis action will in East Rutherford. conclude on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 29 and 30, with the $100,000 Volvo Women's Cup from the campus of Ramapo College in Mahwah. Many of the top players from the women's tour are expected, Union College will offer a to enter this tuneup to the tennis clink for beginners following week's United and intermediates on five States. Open. Saturday mornings beginnWednesday Night North ing Sept 5. Beginner instruction will American Soccer League be given from 9 to 10 a.mM win present a game from Fort Lauderdale against and that for intermediates from 10 to 11 a.m. Atlanta on Aug. 19. On Aug. 16. USA will Beginner instruction will present the S500.000 cover basic grips, forehand Lawrence B. Shepard Pace sod backhand strokes, serfrom Yonkers Raceway in vice and volley. InNew York. This 17th antermediate will be a review nual trot will feature some of ground strokes, serves of the nation's top two-yearand volley with an introducold pacers. tion to singles and doubles Professional boxing from strategy. Madison Square Garden will be featured on Friday, The clinic will be conAug. 28. ducted on four outdoor Before the month runs its courts on -the Cranford campus. The class limit is five per court with one instructor.

Union College to conduct tennis clinic


Outstanding! J

*»"«0 -t.r h-SaTsS


HaMVt W » » W «

Johnson schedules

Sports Spotlight

The physical examinaTUBOAY, AUG. 15 tions for Clark's Arthur L. Johnson Regional High Boys varsity and junior School fall sports program varsity soccer, 9 a.m. will be given at the high Cross-country, 9:45 a.m. school according to the . Freshman soccer and following schedule, reports cross-country, 10:15 a.m. Louis J. Peragallo, athletic director. WtWttSOAT, AUG. 24 MONDAY. AUG. 24

Girls, all varsity and junior varsity candidates for soccer, gymnastics, tennis and crosscountry, 9 a.m. Any freshman girl trying out for a fall sport, 10:30 a.m.

Boys varsity and junior CUrk's Wildcats defeated cond Flight Deigo I * vanity football 9 a,m. St. Bernards of Brooklyn, delicato and Charles Freshman football, 10:30 the American Softball Assn. Schwenzer defeated Joe am metropolitan champions, Feruce and Tony Mtnuzza, Jr. In the Third Flight 5-4 in 12 innings. The Wildcats were trail- Frank Grecoo and Cam ing 4 3 a* the start of the LaZinabeat Bumsteinand 12th inning when Gail Anjelo Bianco. Gefa opened the inning In the Husband-andwith a single. Then Eileen Wife-tnd-Guett Ball TourFrecdman hit to center, nament on Aug. 2 Low The New Jersey Nets posted from one game for Eileen Cohen Edelmann Gross was won by Nancy have a new team member to cither Mark Roth or the singled down the rightfield and An Bishop at 73, and fight muscle disease, profes- New Jersey Nets to beat. Those participants over 17 line to drive in the winning Low Net by Ruth and Joe sional bowler, Mark Roth. Galas&i at 62. followed by two runs. On Saturday, Aug. 15. yean of age will challenge Gul Gcja * i s Ibe winn- Bemie and ft* Oriowski these athlete* will be ap- Mark Roth; those under 17 ing pitcher. She structout and Syfria and John Petitti pearing at Paramus Bowl- years of age will challenge a at 63. r two and allowed H hits. ing on Rie. N o . 17, member of the New Jersey In the Women's Golf Paramus, to participate in Nets. • • • On Aug. 2 the. Cats drop- Assn. Three-Woman Best the New Jersey Nets BowlOn Saturday evening, ped a doubleheader to the Ball Tournament at Oak A-Trton to benefit The Sept. 5, Roth and the New Ridge Golf Course in Dark American Softball Assn. Muscular Dystrophy Assn. state champions, the on July 27 in Class "A" Bowlers of all ages will be Jersey Nets will bowl their Adamucci Oilers of Audrey Said, Joanne Cuc- able to use their bowling game to try and beat the caro and Barbara Fricke all skills and raise money to highest score posted. All Vincland, 9-6 and 11-0. had 55-In Class "B" Anna further the patient care and participants who beat the • • • The first game of the Lewis, Jean Peterson and research programs MDA athletes' score will receive a scries with the Lads and Miron Clancy had 62. In supports in northern New photograph indicating they have beat the athletes. Dads Club of Crewe. Class " C Jean Jones, Vicki Jesery Weisc and Fran pctrozJcllo, Ohesshire. England was Participants will be per- A special videotaping Helen Glenn. Tillic Stone held on Aug. 2. The Midmitted to enter the Bowl-A- with the New Jersey Nets, and Adefc Bencdit, Pat Von Mark Roth and all Jersey Youth Soccer Assn. Schoich. Mickey Pulaski Thon or "The Challenge." All-Star team of the west The Bowl-A-Thon will participants to be aired on and Lil Briebanh all had 63 the Jerry Lewis Labor Day stored a 7 1 win over the In Aug. I kickers Bob consist of participants obTelethon will be taking Fngland leam. Siritsky, Mike Maltese and taining pledges for each pin The Jersey team opened Harry Sithehand all had 71. they knock down in a three place during the Bowl-Aihc scoring in the first In Aug. 2 kickers Andy game series, recording an Thon on Saturday, Aug. 15. period when Willie Podolak Giacobbe, Byron Brown, automatic strike in the from 9 a.m. to noon. hit the net for two goals, Joe Chiera and Al Benson third, sixth and ninth For more information on Jim Dalton scored and all had 73. frames All those rasing how you can join the New Marc Ferzan also scored for S25 or more will receive a Jersey Nets/MDA leam to a 4-0 tead at the end of the free T-shirt. defeat muscle disease, half. T h e Challenge" will con plea* telephone 471-3114 Podolak. and Dalton stst of bowlen donating J5 or pickup an instruction scored again before to MDA to have their score packet at Paramus Bowling. England's Graham Jefferson hit from the right side.

Athletes challenge muscle diseases

Ad-Stars to perform on Sunday

At the Colonia Country Club on Aug 1 in the TwoMan BeM Ball Jack Corcoran and Mel Bumstcin, Joe Ryan and Walter Eley all had 56. Joe Cuuo and Joe Calandrca had 57 In the Two-Man Best Ball Championship on Aug. 2 in the Championship Flight Lou Petro«ielk) and Cuzzo defeated John Zac caro and L*Ty Piuni. In the First Flight (rank Cancia «nd Frank (ampagna defeated Jim thr hart and Tony Preston. In the Sc

County hikers keep pace with season

The Rahway Recreation Depl. Men's Slow-Pitch Softball League's Annual All-Star Game has been scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 16. The game will be played A hike, a swim and a at Rahway River Park Field bicycle ride will highlight No. 1 in Rahway at noon. this weekend's calendar of The 1981 alHtar game is Union County Hiking Cub under the direction of Tony activities. Garay, Vic West and Peter The walk through Allaire Kowal. The two teams, the State Park will lake place Western Division and the on Saturday, Aug 15 Eastern Division, will con- Millburn High School's sist of 20 players each, two parking lot on Mi lib urn player* from each of the 10 Avc.. wilt be the 9.15 am teams in each division. meeting place, with the

Wildcats claw back to defeat Iselin


TEAMS Linden Provisions CrcanzoA.C. Laminaire Piscitelli Excavating Monroe Inn Butch Kow«r> ' Tire Associates DaPrile Railings Waiting Room Village Inn

W 16 14 10 9 10 7 6 6 4 2

Borg enjoys Swede success

The winner of five straight Wimbledon singles titles. Bjorn Borg, has earned his sobriquet. 'Super Swede." Last year he also won his -aUowed~one-nm-and-four- ftfth-FrencI team came from behind to hits the rest of the way. in 1980 Borg won nine of defeat the Iselin AA under The Cats scored six runs the 14 tournaments he the lights of Cooper Field in the fifth, Jill Edelman played. 10-5 on July 28. and Kathy Cerza both L walked. Then Sue Marshall sending in Judi Edelman The Cats opened the singled to center to fill the and Sue Gutch. scoring when Sue Gutch hit 2 Tracy Hayden singled, 3 a homcrun over the bases. Eileen Cohen hit a ringing single to right, send- and for the secot d time in 6 rightficld fence. ing in two runs, Judi the inning, Jill Edelman The home team scored Edelman reached on a singled and Gail Gaya also the next five runs, and mov6 fielder's choice, sending Sue hit to center. ed into a 5-1 lead. 8 Marshall home. Sue Gutch Sue Marshall was the Tracy Hayden had two 10 walked. Then Lynn Krohn hits. Lynn Krohn, two, and 10 winning pitcher. She came 12 in in the fourth inning, and doubled into left center Eileen Cohen, three. 13 14


physicals for sports



Petren doubles up on sporting ability

Cable sports sets busy August pace




Tuition for the fivesession clinic is 535. Registration information may be obtained by telephoning the college at 276-2600.

^i!L^d-«inericaiiriiork— at good health

• » " *




Americans are really working at getting healthy. The number of adult men who smoke has dropped 28%, and the number of adult women who smoke has dropped 13%. Exercise is up 92%, and people arc learning to control high blood pressure.

* r


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' * * ' ' • -

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' . • < >• • $

IA$nM WVWOM TUJtt McManus A.C. Rahway K of C Dri-Print Foils Pascale Agency Market Body Truppa's Deli HuffmanKoos U.S.S. Chemicals Purolator Carl's Sunoco


13 13 11 10 10 7 6 6 3 2

I 2 3 6 6 7 8 10 10 14 15

nsuin McManus A. C , 13; Truppa's Deli. 2. Double • Header Huffman-Kooi, 9, U. S. S. Chemicals, 5, and HuffmanKoos. 6; U. S. S. Chemicals, 3. Dri-Print Foils, 13; Pascale Agency, 5. McManus A. C , 3; Rahway K of C J . Market Body. 18;Carfs Sunoco. 4. Pascale Agency. 16; U.S. S Chcmicah, 5.

ween 10th and 11th Aves. Allaire State Park entrance Rain will cancel thts event. at Garden State Parkway The Greit Swamp BicyExit So 98 as the 1! am cle Trip n planned for Aug. alternate Participant* are 16 atvi Bicyclists, who are asked to bring lunch for a avked to brtn« lunch, will picnic after this *alk and gather m Meycnville center tour of the rcMnred village at Hi a m Thr IS-mile ride The Belmar Beach S*im will c«plore hone and iheep is slated for $untla>. Aug u>un!r> 16 Swimmers will gj!her at r urthcr ilctjita retarding 9 a m on the beach to thr thr* and otf«r club ac right of the pa* ill ton r





5F0KTS Jacikhas potential of leading city nine

ys Round

Softball tournies to benefit charity

usuin Linden Provisions, 7; Monroe Inn, I. Laminaire, 12; DaPrile Railings, 9. Butch KowaPs, 7; Tire Associates, 3. Monroe Inn, 9; Butch Kowal's, 8. Creanzo A. C. t 23; DaPrile Railings, 1. Tire Associates, 13; Piscitelli Excavating, 8. Monroe itm, M; DaPrite Railings, 5.

VICTORY CLASP - Membars of the Ranway 1600-meter refey team. wttich won honor? In Section No. 1 of the Junior Olympics over the, weekend of July 2 5, are shown gripping one of the batons they pesa-', ed to victory. They are. toft to right Vincent Osborne. Tyrone Htekman. Robert_Oabprne end MttcheS Blanks.

Whether it be executing a | trap block or striking out batters with a vicious slider, Clark's Ken Petren impresses. It is more Petren's savvy and intelligence than his sixfoot, frve-indr,~255-pound frame that has made college scouts from around the country HO their note pads with prase. An illustration of his twosport prowess is the fact Petren, a recent graduate of Arthur L. Johnson Regional High School of Clark is one of the few athletes in New Jersey to be selected to the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Assn. baseball and football All-Star games. He was the only athlete selected to the All-Metro squad in both activities. Petren was unstoppable in 1980 as an Afl-Metro pitcher, finishing with a 9-1 record, which included four Union County Tournament victories for the champion Crusaders. But this year was one of transition that should not be graded by his 7-5 mark. "I added about 10 miles per hour to my fastball, and a slider," Petren explained. "I didn't have a slider last year and had about 45 strikeouts. But the difference this year is the slider and a couple of tips from Ray Korn, Elizabeth coach, and my coach, Larry Sturchio."

To go along with his athletic versatility is a 21st ranking in a class of 333 and a 1,250 combined score achieved on his college boards. With all that ability it's no wonder Petren is headed to Princeton University in the fall. And he plans to play both sports.

"Now Vm tucking my glove in during my followthrough so I can get better velocity and control. Tve ~afao been hooking the ballbehind my back, which effects your velocity, and I'm trying to break that habit," he added. Pctren's improvement helped him strike out 115 batters in 93 innings. He pitched 10 complete games and posted a 1.28 earnedrun average, *Td say Ken has-as even a temperament as Fd want in a ballplayer," Coach Sturchk) said. "He is very mature, and doesn't show much emotion whether he's 10 runs behind or 10 ahead. He doesn't get upset with little things; he just pitches and whatever happens, happens. I think he has a better attitude for baseball than football."

After 19 years of tinued. "I like pressure and 1 A spokesman for the hats and prizes will be given coaching the Rahway think I do better under Muscular Dystrophy Assn. away. baseball team Bill Dolan pressure. Like in the big announced the First AnIf your team would like can wait for Frank Jacik to games I get a lot of but nual Natural Light/WYNY to play, please telephone the perform up to his potential. tcrflys, I seem jo do good Softball and Sweepstakes MDA at 471-3114 or fill out a Softball Sweepstakes Jacik has played on the when Pm nervous, it's luck Spectacular. Teams arc being entry blank at your nearest varsity team since ninth or something, things just recruited to play in 11 nor- Natural Light store. grade. He has aba quarter- happen.** backed the football squad to Jacik has been forced to thern New Jersey fields in The Sweepstakes will intwo consecutive North look to other things to find Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, volve $13,000 worth of During the summer monJersey, (jroup No. 3, Sec- inspiration-like facing the Essex, MonHs and Union prizes, including a grand ths, Petren continued tion No. 2, finals. As a top pitchers in the county. counties. All teams may prize trip to Busch Gardens, developing his pitching Va. Other donated prizes in- t e c h n i q u e junior he's in a developmenAgainst R o s e l l c participate. with the The event has the distinc- clude Thrifty Rent-A-Cars, Westfield Merchants of the tal stage, and Coach Dolan Catholic's Larry Monaco he is hopeful the real Frank was struck by a pitch during tion of being a giant fun- a champagne weekend at Union County Twi-Ught o n e at-bat and then draiser great competition, the Sheraton Heights Hotel, League, Jacik will stand up. "He's probably one of the responded by cracking a and a good time. All par- Hazel Bishop Cosmetics, But he was recently at better ban players l*ve had homcrun the next time up. ticrpating tarns iTm receive Bantam Books and mart. Rutgers University training Please telephone and for the high school All-Star at Rahway," Dolan said. But Dolan expects more two free cases of beer and all winning teams, trophies. enter your softball team to- football game in which he "But Frank could be one of from Jacik in the future. **I know he has the ability In addition, celebrity teams day to insure time and field played June 27 at Rutgers the best. Unfortunately he has a funny attitude and is to be a leader next year,* will be on hand, and t-shtrts. preference. Stadium. using only 70% of his abili- the coach said. He was one of 12 area The mentor wants Jacik ty." gridders choosen to the Hitting .313 with 20 hits, to take an example from pitteam. The only member of two doubles, four triples cher, Mike Albert. Albert the North squad to abo be and two homcruns are not was disciplined last year selected to a baseball ADbecause of problems in bad statistics. Star team was Stan YagieDo Considering Jacik has school. of Livingston. stolen nine bases in nine atBut he came back this The Seton Hall p.m. A picture-takingBut YagieDo failed to partempts and made only three past season to become the Preparatory School Alumni session with former Seton ticipate in the baseball game errors at first base in 124 team leader. He led the club Assn. will sponsor a bus trip Hall star, Yankee catcher. because of a previous comchances makes it hard to in batting with a .326 to Yankee Stadium on Sun- Rick Ccrone, is planned. mittment, while Petren understand why the coach average, two homeruns and day, Aug. 23. played an important role in Many Seton Hall Prep the tournament crown capisn't satisfied. a team-high IS runs batted All alumni and their Rahway was unable to in. His pitching record is 2-4 children will be able to sec alumni reside in the Union tured by the North Jersey, play on its regular diamond with a 2.77 earnedrun the Yankees play the Kan- County area, and they are Section No. 2 squad. He asked to telephone the tUowed no runs or hits over at Veteran's Field this year average. sas City Royals. Alumni Office at 761-9512 the last two innings of the because of a delay in Buses will leave from for ticket information. building a new ftcklhouse. championship game. Seton Hall Prep at' 1.2:30 Forced to practice at Warinanco Park, the team's workouts have become Exdting afternoon racing. shorter, and a $1,200 batGourmet dining in fine restaurants ting machine, at Veteran's The brother of a Rahway Field, has hardly been used. resident, Maj. Paul A. Picnic area beside the racetrack. That, coupled with a Thisted, whose sister is La Unique 'Boardwalk' with Clam Bar junior squad, have left the June Barth of 784 Garden and Cocktail Lounge • crab cake Indians floundering at 7-13". St. Rahway, recently arriv sandwiches, deli-style franks and "The whole problem has ed for doty at Langfcy Air been with our hitting and Force Base, Va. much, much more. we have a team batting The chief of surveillance average of .221,H Dolan ex systems division, Dirtc plained. "With nobody hit torate of Requirements Senior Citizens dairy ting Jacik has taken it upon Detachment No. 1, Tactical $1.2$ Grandstand • $2.25 ClJbhous* himself lo do everything, Air Command. Maj Discount Ticket Books at Admissions Office. and this has hurt him." Thisted was previously ~U\ hard to hit on a los- assigned at Peterson Air 1st Race 1:30 ing team," Jacik explained. Force Base in Colorado. NO AGE LIMIT His wife, Mrs. Patricia "We pby u\ a team. We For Group rates call 201 222 5100 Thisted. is the daughter of other hit or don't hit" Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Genctti "There** no prcwure in Thoroughbred racing daily aictpt Sunday* tha year like there of 34 Looma St., Bedford Oceanport. N J • Garden St PK*v Exit 106 in football." he con M m

UCbooters ready for 1981 battle* A home contest against Mercer County Community College, a national twoyear college soccer power, will highlight Union College's 1981 varsity soccer schedule, announced today by Irwin "Wynn" Phillips, director of athletics. Union's 15-game schedule will include 11 contests in the Garden State Athletic Conference, including many home conference engagements with the County College of Morris, Mercer County Community College, Bergen Community College, Burlington County College, Camden County College and Ocean County College. Other Garden State Conferencc c o n t e s t s are scheduled with Gloucester County College, Middlesex County College, Somerset County College, Brookdale (Monmouth) Community College, and Essex County CoDege. In non-conference play, the Owls, under Coach Roger Brauchli, will take on United States Military Prep, -Sudr-Cotmnunity-Gollege-

YOUR AUTOGRAPH, PLEASE - Rrtwsy Hgh ScfxxX track coach. Robert Jackson,» a t o m . rtoN. chartmg Ns taftes with Ray Hoagland. Rrtway News-Record sport* •cfctor. a n * aavanf maROars of f w laam ha coached won merighttocompete « the National Axwr Ofympcs test week by tatag B a a In Via Region No. 1 championships at Scarborough. Maine, overme weekendo* Juty25.

and Keystone Junior College, both of Pennsylvania, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The Owb will open their 1981 season on Saturday, Sept 19 against U. S. Military Prep at Linwood, while the home opener will be on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 3 JO p.m. at Nomahegan Park against Morris in a conference tflt The final contest is slated for Saturday, Nov. 7, at home against Ocean County College. rif the

National Junior College Athletic Assn. will conduct its soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. H a n d 15. Sept. 19. U. S. M. P.. away, 11 a.m. Sept 23, Morris, home. 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26, Mercer, hoine, noon. Wednesday, Sept. 30, Bucks, away, 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 3, Gloucester, away, noon. Wednesday. Oct. 7, Begcn home, 3 p.m. Saturday. Oct. 10. Burl-

ingion, home, noon. Wednesday. Oct. 14. Middlesex, away, 330 pjn. Saturday, Oct. 17, Camden, home, noon. Wednesday, Oct. 21. Somerset, away, 3 pjn. Saturday, Oct. 24, Keystone, away, 2 pjn. Wednesday, Oct. 28, Brookdale, away, 3:15 p m Saturday, Oct. 31, New Jersey Institute of Technology, away, 11 a m Wednesday. Nov. 4. Essex, away, 3 pjn. Nov. 7, Ocean, home, noon.

Benefit of New Jersey Press Association Scholarship Fund

Giants • Colts Saturday, August 15

Seton Hall plan Yankee outing

DYNAMIC OUO • Tyrone Hk*m«n. left, and Mltch«l Blanks, fight, member* of tft* Rahway track leam which competed last week in the National Junkx Ofympica are shown practicing tome atretchng exec-

cl»M. m t w rtgtonal comptWon Htckman won t w 400-nwftK hurdlM and Blank* cam* m third.

Rahway schedules Meteor shower rains physicals for sports today and tomorrow The following schedule of physicals for athletes wishing to'participate in fall sports in the Rahway public schools was announced by Robert K, Pothemus, supervisor of athletics.

TKUtSMT, AUO. 20 Vanity, junior varsity and freshman soccer, girls tennis and girls soccer FUMY, AUO. 31

Vanity, junior vanity and freshman football and crott-country telephoning (he I n ion County Dcpt of Park* and Recreational 152

Stan don't really shoot or fall. What you see are mcteorc, which are pieces of rock or metal moving around the sun. Many are approximately the size of a grain of und. When (hey enter our atmosphere, they bum, producing a luminous effect commonly called a The 55-milc-pcr-hour "shooting star." speed limit works. Strong Meteors tend to travel in enforcement of the limit groups, and, periodically, could forestall ias many as earth passes through one, 415,000 injury-producing thus experiencing a meteor accidents and u v e up to thowtr. 32,000 live* over the next The Prctcid Meteor 10 yean, it has been Shower will occur today reported. and tomorrow. The meteon will teem to radiate from the c o n s t e l l a t i o n of TIHI. M4K( ii»;s ON Peneum. located in the norH»frm>rt»r OlAI a l l " i f > • « theast region of the sky. Viewing win be beat early in

The physicals will be held in the nurses office of Rahway High School at 9 a.m.

Keep olive: Drive 55

the morning, between 2 and 4 o'clock when the nearlyfull moon has set. The Trailside Planetarium staff will be happy to answer questions concerning the PreseW Meteor show. Those interested may telephone 232-5930.

Low beams on Sun? Scientists have only recently teamed earth's sun is a variable, not a constant star. Thus, it can dim perceptibly. A 2% diminution over a decade couW produce yearround frost or snow in areas when snow now faOs only in winter.

Paul Thisted at Langtoy

for Air Force

Racing continues thru Sept S

Order your tickets today for this exciting preseason

gome between the Giants and the Baltimore Cotts.

Game proceeds for the benefit of the N.J. Press Association Scholarship Fund.



Mall to: FOOTBALL GIANTS Giants Stadium East Rutherford, N.J. 07073

Aug. 22 N Y Jets Sat Nite


M 50


9 00





Parking unit


tells schedule of meetings In accordance with the Sunshine Law, notice is hereby given the regular meetings of the Rahway Authority arc scheduled to be held on the first Wednesday of each month during each calendar year at 7:30 p.m. in t h e Council Chambers of the Rahway City Hall, except during July and August, when no meetings will be held unless special meetings arc called. At all regular meetings and special meetings, if any, business of the authority will be discussed and formal action may be taken. If special meetings arc called they will be announced according to law, reports William S. Gurkin, atiomey for the authority.


Gran Canwttn Cbb c« Cav* poo* manager. Sal Satf»et»no. ten. and Ami Cannlb. t-r-Z 5 - ^ r ^ , ^ *n K» h^i »t tha Grm Canfcjnon Cbo on Saturday• A"P- 22. tor the Leufcam* Socfrty ol Amenca, he uon*s raised w * be usedtofurther ihe ioc*ty' a programs ol research, pebent *d_and put*c and pmfesscnal educafion Anyone wmim? to partc©ete may contact the Laukemta Soaety s Cerv N N j . a e y Cnaottr o«ce «11416 Woms Ave . Union. N. J. or telephone 687-3450

Registration begins for Union College

enter bachclor's-degrcc programs with junior-year standing. HELPMQ THE VETS - Veterans and the* famfces m cities and towns acrosjArnerKa are taking advantage ot the free c o u n s e l and claims-rang earvicvs provded by V* Osabtod American Veterans FieW Service Untt program. On* or these mob*e o m c w . manned by a OAV veterans'-benefit* expert w« be located at Broad St. and Westfietd Aves.. EUratoem, on Wednesday. Aug 2 6 .

Mrs. Misback, 50-year city resident The widow of Matthew Mrs. Frances A. Misback of Rahway died Monday, Misback, who died in 1978, July 2 7 , a t Rahway she is survived by a son, Misback o f Hospital after a brief illness. Francis Bom in Brooklyn she had Rahway; a daughter, Mrs. come to Rahway SO years Eleanor Hagaman of Cranford, and two sisters, Mrs. ago. Helen FaneD of Brooklyn She had been a communiand Mrs. Anna Lynch of cant of SL Mark's R. C Montauk, Long Island.. Church in Rahway.

Anton Boder, 85, ex-Rahwayon

Navy trains T. J. Cannon

The college offers courses MOVMQ UP • John l . Jowph of Alexandria, V L , rvxanSy K * * d tt» in accounting, anand Thursday, Aug. 26 and In person registration for City Fftdaral Sivlngft and Loan A n n . M vlc« prwU«n/control«r. Mr. thropology, astronomy, Josoph was aentor vtca pMldant and compfcoaaf oltotFirst U n i o n College's fall The son of a Rahway American Bar*toWashington D. C . «nd was tha director of &* Planbusiness, semester will be conducted and 6 to 8 p.m.. and Friday, b i o l o g y , resident. Navy Airman ning and Accounong DMtton tor that tnstttuVon. Ha wss tormerty chemistry, communicafrom Tuesday, Aug. 25 to Aug. 28, 9 to 11 a m and 1 associated wfth Arthur Andersen and Co. Tha officer Mrntd both h * Recruit Thomas J. Cannon, bachelor of arts and mastaa of business admWstatton Dogmas from tions, criminal justice, Friday. Aug. 28. it was an- to 3 pjn. the son of Mrs. Beverly A. the Unfceralty of Detroit Currently, ha Is a member of both ffw Registration for credit dance, drama, economics, nounced today by Patricia education, engineering, Cannon of 179 W. Milton American Institute of Certtfted Pubsc Accountants, the National Assn. courses conducted at New Kurisko of Claii. director of Acaxxitants. and also a member of the Mefropoltan Washington English, fine arts, geology, A v c , was graduated from Board of Trade. City Federal has an office m Rsnwty. Providence High School of admissions and records. gerontology, government, Basic A v i a t i o n OrdThe fall semester will will be conducted Wedneshistory, interpreters for the nanccman SchooL open on Tuesday. Sept. J. day. Sept 2 from 6 to 8 deaf, mathematics* modern Prospective students may pjn. at the high sthooL languages, music, Free assistance for local has traveled to communities can assist veterans and their result of these visits, DAV also register prior to in- Those interested in credit p h i l o s o p h y , p h y s i c s , veterans and their families throughout the state, bring- families in filing claims for National Service officers filpcrson registration by courses at the college's Urpsychology, sociology, urban Educational Center in will be available when a ng free benefits counseling such federal and state ed 107,000 claims for visiting the Admssions Ofban studies and the visual Elizabeth may register at Field Service Unit of the and claim-filing assistance benefits as disability com- disability compensation and fice. arts. o veterans and their pensation, pension, employ- pension benefits alone. the Cranford campus durDisabled American The office will be open ment and job-training pro- Thousands of claims for Veterans (DAV) visits amities. An F.W.Woolworth ex- Turner, who travels freMonday to Thursday from ing the regular hours of the For further information Elizabeth on Wednesday, The DAV Field Service grams, educational benefits, other government benefits ecutive who ftlps to bring quently to Hong Kong, has 8 JO a_m. to 8 p.nu Fridays Admissions Office. Unit will be located at hasp italization and medical were also filed. the word of God to the Peo- become associated with a from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Individuals may apply as on courses at either on- Aug. 26. campus or off-campus locaVeterans need not be ple's Republic of China o n group which distributes and Saturdays from 9 a.m. either matriculating or nonThis is the eighth con- Broad St. and WestficM care, Social Security and members of the DAV tobuying trips to Hong Kong scripture and other Chrismatriculating students. tions, please telephone the secutive year that one of Ave. These units arc death claims. to 1 p.m. Admissions Hot Line. take advantage of this free will be the feature speaker tian literature. generally open from 10 a.m. During the past seven Most academic programs at these office-equipped vans Students may also service. to 6 p.m. years, more than 300,000 on Saturday, Aug. IS, at Mr. Turner, himself, was Union CoDege parallel the g _ ^ A fully-qualified The project is an extenthe monthly breakfast baptized in the 1960's. He freshman aiti~lo~phomofe missions Hot Line at CLARlCTitXIATSCEXHtJRCH trained DAV veterans* took advantage of this free sion qf~the organization's" meeting of the ttizabeQT Tibsted an3~pattfcipalca~trr 272-8580 or 272-8581 for years at four-year colleges and universities, and most Services on Sunday, Aug. 16, will be as follows: 10 benefits expert will staff the service when it came to National Service Program, Chapter of the Full Gospel the leadership of a home registration information. credits earned for Union's a-nx, Sunday School for all ages; 11 o'clock. Morning traveling service facility. He their communities. As a which provides a variety of Business Men's Fellowship prayer group in MorDates and times foe massistance at no cost to International associate degree may be Worship, with The Rev. David W. Arnold, pastor, and 7ristown. O u t of this person registration on the o'ctock. Evening Service. veterans and their families. transferred to other instituFIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF The cost of the breakfast, ministry grew an outreach Cranford campus are: Aug. On Wednesday, Aug. 19, at 7:30 p.m., there will be a tions, allowing students to RAHWAY Under ihc program, the at the Clark Howard effort to young persons 25.6 to 8 pm4 Wednesday Midweek Bible Study and Prayer. DAV employs 290 full-time Johnson's, will be $3.50. caught up in drug abuse. For additional information on summer activities, Worship will be at 10 a.m. on Sunday. Aug. 16. The national service officers, The affair will be in the He abo helped start a cofplease telephone T*e Rev. Arnold at 388-1272. Rev. Michael McKay, pastor, will preach on MI Will more than 90% of whom meeting room to the rear of fee house called "The The church is located at 2 Denman Ave. Gather Others to Him." arc disabled veterans of the the restaurant, just off Exit Catacomb." Mr. Turner The Council on Ministries will gather at 7:30 p.m. on Vietnam War period, at No. 135 of the Garden and his family are members TRINITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF Wednesday, Aug. 19. Veterans Administraiton State Parkway. RAHWAY of the ncwly-fdrmcd Bethel The church is located at 466 W. Grand Avc facilities across the country. The speaker, Charles Fellowship in Morristown. The congregation will unite for the Summer Worship Service at 9*30 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 16, at the First ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH OF RAHWAY Presbyterian Church at W. Grand Avc. and Church St., EVANGELISTIC CENTRE OF RAHWAY Rahway. The Service of Holy Communion on Sunday, Aug. The fair workshop at Trinity continues to meet each 16, will be conducted by The Rev, Walter J. Maicr. At the 11 ajn. Praae and Wonhip Hour on Sunday, Thursday at the church from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. pastor, at 9 a.m. Older children arc encouraged to worship Aug. 16. The Rev. Paul F. McCarthy, pastor, will speak. The church is located at the c o m a of E. M iiton Ave. with their parents. Faith Bible Study will be at 9:45 a m and Success A Clark resident, Susan and Main S L A Church Council meeting will be held on Mondav, Seminar at 7 p.m. Lynn S a n of 9 Orchard The Rev. Donald B. Jones is pastor of Trinity. Aug. 17 at 7:30 p.m. The theme this year is The Clark Alliance Mectinp during the week: Tuesday. Aux 18, 10*30 Terr., was named to the The church is located at Elm and Estcrbrook Aves. Church, which is now com- "Jesus, Your Word Lives in a.m.. Healing Service; Wednesday, Aug. 19, 7 pjn. Sucdean's list at the University Me." Bible stories, along pletely air conditioned, will cess Seminar. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH OF CLARK games a n d of Delaware in Newark, conduct a Daily Vacation w i t h The centre is located at 2052 SL George Ave. at W. HOLY TRINITY EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH DeL, for the spring, 1981, Bible School from Monday refreshments, are planned. Scott Avc. The summer schedule is in effect, with the Morning OF RAHWAY-CLARK semester. ( to Friday, Aug. 17 to 21. For registration or addiThe church s air-conditioned. Worship Service at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 16. The In order to achieve the For further information, please telephone The Rev. Boys and girls from three tional information. The Sunday School is in recess. Parents wishing lo enroll their On the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, Aug. 16, honor, (he junior elemenMcCarthy at 499-0040. children for the fall term may telephone the church office years of age to those in sixth Rev. David Arnold, pastor, Divine Liturgy will begin at 9 a.m. tary teacher education maat 382-7320. grade may attend the sesmay be telephoned at The Feast of the Transfiguration will be celebrated jor had to attain at least a An Adult Bible Study is held Thursday evenings at with Divine Liturgy at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 19. sions, beginning at 9 o'clock 388-1272. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF RAHWAY 7:30 o'clock. The church is located on the corner of Jefferson and each morning and closing at The church is located at 2 3.25 grade-point average on a 4.0 teak. The charcfc a kwtfed *t S59 Rariun Rd. W. Hwelwood Ave&. _ nooa. __ . . Denman Avc. Morning Worship will be "held at the First The Rev. Joseph D. Kucharik is. pastor. The Very Rev. Dr. Thcophil D. Krehel * pastor. Presbyterian Church with the Secbnd Presbyterian and Trinity United Methodist Church congregations as guestson Sunday, Aug. 16, at 9:30 a.m. The Rev. Robert C. Paw Icy, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, will conduct Morning Worship, at which time the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be observed. Meetings during the week: Baptism Instruction People for Animals, a Class, tomorrow, 7 p.m.. Church library; Tuesday, Aug. non-profit animal welfare 18, United Presbyterian Women Wortshop. Church group serving Essex and PubttehtVs ratal! prto* IMJ6 library. 10 a.m., Session, 7:30 p.m.. Church library; Union counties, will hold its Wednesday. Aug. 19, Trustees, Church library, 7:30 p.m. monthly m e e t i n g o n The church is located at the corner of W. Grand Wednesday, Aug. 19. at Ave and Church St. 7 JO p.m. at the Springfield Public Lfcrary at 66 Mountain Ave., Springfield. ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF RAHWAY

DAV mobile office to aid veterans free

Woolworth's aide to 'sell' Gospel

Religious Events

Alliance Church plans Bible school

Norse, pet to lecture'

The congregation will observe Sunday, Aug. 16, as the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, with the celebration of i he Holy Eucharist. The summer schedule is in effect. There will be one service only in the church at 9:30 a.m. This schedule will remain in effect up to and including Sunday. Sept. 6. The Junior and Senior Church Schooh are in recess. Clares will resume on Sunday, Sept. 13. Parents and children may attend church together as a family dunng the summer. The church is located at the corner of Elm Ave. and In ing Si The Rev Joseph H. Gauvin is rector.

On the program will be a talk, by Elaine R Smith, a regisarred nurse, founder and director of Therapy D o p International, Inc. of Hillside. She will be accompanied by her pet German Shepherd, Phila. which ihe will use to demonstrate the programs her group puts on in nursing homes, senior citizens residences, etc.

They have had excellent reiultt with icverely FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF RAHWAY withdrawn patients, and a branch in California trains The morning sermon on Sunday. Aug. 16. will be dogs for the deaf and brought b> The Rev. William L. Frederickson. pastor. paraplegics. The Scmuc of Worship will be held at 9:45 a.m. The business meeting will The church i\ located at 177 Elm Avc. start at 7:30 p.m., and the talk will begin at 8:30 p.m. EBENK/KR AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL Refreshments will be served CHURCH OF RAHWAY afterward. For information about At the ID a m Wurship Service on Sunday, Aug. 16. the meeting or People for The Rev. Richard Mickey will deliver the sermon. SunAnimals' Low-Coc Spaying day Church Scht*ii will commence at 9 a.m. and Neutering Program Meetings durum the week: Today. 8 p.m.. Prayer please contact the group it Meeting, ChuKh lueviay. Aug. 18. 8 p.m., Celestial 1052 Elizabeth Avc Choir Rehearsal Linden. N. J- 07036 < The church ^ i -wnal at 253 Central Ave telephone 374 1073. The Rev. Ru : •» h p Gibtw, Sr. ts pastor

Dthwart lauds Susan Sara

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e Carry a complete lim of Regency Wedding & Social Announcements Including: BAR MITZVAHS • BIRTHS HATCHES • STIRRERS NAPKINS •MENUS PLACE CARDS ETC.

Preside'Jn milii Bible $

23.00 from

Atom Tabloid fl.U* M •** *( li* tvp* (*•*•>


J ' *f Clout >• t r i M p«n from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is never a charge for these services or any of the organization's programs. For more information, picase telephone 382-9311

The Rahway Community and helps teens find jobs. Action Organization, a The organization, located United Way of Rahway at 796 Hazelwood Ave_ member agency, helps provides after-school PUBUC NOTICE young children after school tutorial assistance for 88 with their homework, pro- local children age six to 13. vides a summer day camp At the center ihcy learn to CORPORATION NODCE improve their reading, PUBUC NOTICE H Sm6y CiG AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A they workFEE SCHEDULE FOR COPES in this program . the OF DOCUMENTS OF children participate in THE an OF RAHWAY recreational activities such A Rahway student, as arts and crafts and a #13/81 Ftr $1232 Susan Marie McQure of athletics. Children are pro678 Stone SL, received h a vided with a snack in the PLSUC NOTICE bachelor of arts degree from morning in addition to a the University of Delaware meal served in the afterCORPORATION NOTICE in Newark, Del noon.

Kothryn Rommel art! bachelor

UP ANCHOR • C t a * resident. Petty Officer Gregory West. toft. I t •town w*h two M o w neval sea cadet*. Robert Pomytata. center, and Edwird Wale*, afcoart th* U. S. S. Lexington. The Mo were among 10 cadets selected for intensified training (or two weeks aboard the Lexington.

Area sea cadets take to the waves Three area youngsters. Petty Officers Gregory West, 14, of Clark. Robert Pomykala, 15, of Cliffwood Beach, and Edward Wales, 14, of Edison, were among 10 naval sea cadets to be selected to spend two weeks aboard the U. S. S. Lexington for intensified train-

Susan McOore gets degree

the Compton Division of the Sea Cadets from the PUBUC NOTICE ts hereby g»en , For older children, aged that the fobrwng Ordnance was' Perty A m b o y N a v a l 13 to 19, the organization duty adopted and approuad on fanal Reserve Base. finds employment after raacangat a RagJarraarOngof tht In order to qualify for A Clark resident, Maria school and full time during Munc^ial Counci Cty of Rahway. any tours of duty aboard New Jcrety, Monday twrung. ship they must first have all Eck of 22 Gknwood Terr, the summer in non-profit Auopsi 10.1961. completed two weeks* basic recently commenced her organizations, human sercoflege career at Union Col- vice agencies and local in FRANCS R. SENKOWSKY training. lege during its spring dustry. Coy Oirk This year Cadet West atOryofRahwry semester. tended Naval Coast Guard They shipped out for Reserve bask training in AN ORDINANCE RESTRJCTING PUBLIC NOTICE PUBUC NOTICE PARKING ON THE NORTH SCE Mayport, Fla., on Aug. I, Cape May. He was there OF UPTON PLACE BETWEEN Mrs. Harriet Conger and will arrive in Pcnn- from June 28 to July 12. She is survived by two BOND STREET AND LUfBERRY Rider, 6 8 of Clark died brothers, Raymond Conger sacola, Fla., on Sunday, Now every summer until he NOTICE OF INTENTION STREET BETWEEN THE HOURS Saturday, July 2 5 . at Aug. 16. These cadets were r 18 he will be spending of Beach Haven and Harold OF 9 0 0 AM AND 4 0 0 PM Rabway Hospital after a Conger of Avenel; two selected from the many much of his time at sea NOTICE tS HEREBY GIVEN that the fcfawtog orAnara u i m traduced and pasted an frit raadng at a ra^iar enacting of th* long illness. F**rS126O sisters, Mrs. Dora Meikfe aboard aircraft carriers and Mrs. Rose M. Walker, member of St. Paul's hundreds who applied Courd of (hi Ctty of Rahway. G u t t y of Union. State of destroyers. Bom in Rahway, she and Miss Anna Conger of 82, of 718 Dianne C t , Episcopal Church and the They are all members of t heU on Monday, th* 10th day of Au»ist 1961. and th* said onflnanct wC b* taken ia? lor further conddentlon and ftnal came to Clark more than 40 Clark, and several nieces Rahway, who was married Episcopal Church Women The sea cadets meet PUBUC NOTICE pessagt at a npilar matnng at C«y H a l O y Hal Plara, Ratwey. New and nephews. years ago. every Thursday night from for 52 years, died on in Rahway. Jen«y. on Monday, the 14th day of S-ptmbtr. 1981. at dght o'ebdt Her husband. Magistrate September to June at the prcvad&ng Urn*, at which Urm and p l a n afl persons tntenmed thartfei Wednesday, July 29, at She had been treasurer 18 CORPORATION NOTICE d E R i wfl btgjvcn an opportunity to be hevd concerning th* lam* Reserve base in Perth AmRahway-HotpiUl-after-a. years_for the Church, 1961. long illness. Workers Guild. Kirol Paciunas, 89, FRANCIS R. SEWOWSKY that the fafcwtag Ordnance *m Surviving is her husband, Elizabeth, died Tuesday, Ju- to both boys and girls, aged Born in Newark,-she had OtyCWt cUy adopted and appoved on ftnal ry 28, at Akxian Brothers 12 and over. Robert Clinton Walker. lived 52 years in Rahway. O y of Rahway reeoinQ at A Reiner mac&iQoi tht Hospital in Elizabeth after a Those interested in learnMrs. Walker had been a Mricfcei C o r a l C*y o( Rahway. brief fltoess. ing all about the Navy, AN ORDNANCE PROVttHNG FOR RESIDENCY PREFERENCE New Jeney. Monday tvvntog. FOR CTTY EMPLOYEES Auyat 10.1961 Born in Lithuania, Mr. drills, parades, weekend duPaciunas had lived in ty once a month at BE A N D n tS HEREBY ORDAINED as Mows: FRANCIS R. SET«OWSKY Elizabeth for the past 68 Lakehurst Navy Base and Mrs. A n n a Karpcw 1. That retidancy patswenot as penotted by law and by th* ragiaCttyCbrk She was the widow of other aspects of military life yean. ttons at th* New Jersey Department of OA Servtcetohanby iotnd and Sdzak of Clark died Tues- John Sctzak, who died in Qtyo(Rah*vy dctemtoadtob* h th* b«st Interests o* tht» nuifc*pa&y and bt * fc* He had been a toohnaker may telephone Compton day, Jury 28, at Rahway 1927. t h e ORDAINED that, when appacabt* under law and inter OA Ser Division in Perty Amboy at AN ORDWANCE AMETONG _. with the Beibfehem Steel Hospital after • brief illness. vfc* nguta&om, aR candidate for employment b« ksaedtoth* fcflowtog Surviving are two sons, THE CODE Of 826-3828 or contact Cadet Michael F. Catabn, Jr., He had been a communiShipbuilding Co. in Staten order of prasarenc* and a l beings be rrmim In thtfaeowfeigorder of Born in Austria, she had Steve Sctzak of linden and THE CTTY OF RAHWAY. West at 87 Liberty, S L , 69, of Clark, died Monday, cant of S L Agnes R. C. Island until his retirement lived 18 years in Clark. CHAPTER* \ William Scizak of Clark; Clark. in 1965. a), mkfcnts of the C»y of Rahway. Mrs. Sdzak had been a two daughters, Mrs. Mary Aug. 3, at Rahway Hospital Church in dark. after a brief illness. OCCUPATIONS" b). other residents of th* C n r f y of Union; Surviving are his widow, c o m m u n i c a n t o f S tBobbie . and Mrs. Catherine Surviving are his widow, BY ADDING A NEW ARTICLE c). other lesUena of th* Staat of Ntw Jersey. Born in Newark, he had Mrs, Stephanie Uscouxki Valdimir's Ukrainian Wargo of Fanwood, eight Mrs. Sue Tortorete d> a l other ijulnari awatanuREGULATING PRECIOUS Catholic Church i n grandchildren and seven lived there before moving to Catakm; a son, Michael Paciunas a son, Edward 2. That (h* Depertrnenl of OA Servto* M hereby offiaaly noofted METAL DEALERS Clark 10 yean ago. that the abovv b the official pokey of th* Qty of Rahway Elizabeth. great-grandchildren. Catalon, 3rd of Clark; two Paciunas of Rahway; four Mrs, Gloria SheOhamer He had retired in 1976 it Far $14 28 3. That thh Ordbunce shal tahe «fi*ct upon (knal edopoon and adver sisters, Mrs. Catherine daughters, Mrs. Stella Wienckoski, S3. of Edison, after 2 0 yean as a truck ttsement aocordkiQ to law. Vander Pyfe of Sarasota, Fitscher of Piscataway and died Sunday, Aug. L, at driver for DeFako TruckF«r S 3 9 7 6 it PUBUC NOTICE Mrs, Marion Viscidc of Irv- F i t , Mrs. Edna Noonan of Muhlenberg Hospital in ing in Newark. ington; a brother, John Elizabeth, M n . Caroline Plainficld after a long ilMr. Catalon had been a Catalon of Emerson and Mendez of Kingston, N. Y., lness. PUBUC NOTICE PUBUC NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that member of Newark Local and Mrs. Ltfa Nienart of three granddaughters. the Board of Ad)u»tmtnt of tht Bom in Plymouth, Pa., No. 478 of the Teamsters Newton; two brothers, Towrurap of Clark wfl hold a Mrs. Edith Franzos of Post No. 34 of the Veterans Union. Stanley Paciunas of Canada she had lived in Linden RAHWAY HOUSING AUTHORITY pubec meerine on Monday. AuiiiSt before moving to Edison OTY Of RAHWAY. rCW JERSEY of Foreign Wars. Rahway died Monday, and Anthony Paciunas of 24.1981.tnth* M u n i c h Buddmg. Mrs. Franzos had also Werfidd Avtnu*. O « V NJ, at 8 Aug. 3 , at Rahway Rahway, 22 grandchildren eight months ago. M n . Ann McNelis REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS # p m . for th* parpoH of contnung been a-member of Temple Hospital. and 14 great-grandchildren. Ellison, 48, of Edison, died FOR HOUSNG FOR THE ELDERLY The widow of Albert C. tht pubac hearing on tht apoau Paul John Barbarich, 82, Saturday, Jury 25, at MidBom in Austria, she Beth Torah in Rahway. ton of tht Exxon Companytara Wienckoski, who died in of BacheUor A v c , Unden, The widow of Abraham The Homing Authority c( (St O y of Rahway. (tht 'Authority*) ts came to the United States as variance to permit tht replacement dlesex General Hospital in 1978, she is survived by accerjtt^prapQaabfar39anrbeaVoomencll twobeAoom d*«l of an eusang gesobnt *HVK* %ut a young woman, and had Franzos, she is survived by died Saturday, Jury 25, at New Brunswick after a brief four sons, Stanley Wienrton wfth « new bufctwg and lived in Union and Newark two daughters, Mrs. fltrfc home after a tonjfflncc illness. M r s / H e l e n Warhot ckoski, with whom she 5vffw Twnfcay Htwahg Propwn m ujkkml t t * » Pubic i Born i n Austriabefore moving to Rahway Upton of Rahway and Mrs. Development Handbook 7417.1 tssusd Mareh 1977 by th* Daparenent Bom in Mauch Chunk, Karaman, 81, of Linden, ed, William Wienckoski of ntw. overttzed start, and add ntw Sorrel Rizzo of Miami Hungrary, be was brought 22 yean ago. of Houtinq and Urban Dnatoprnent f t U T ) k shodd be noted that Pa., she had moved to died Wednesday, Jury 22, in Irvington, Donald Wiensign*, which u not permtttad In a HUD has tsswd a revtolon of Handbook 7417 1 on October 10. i960. She had been a member Beach, Fla. and a grand to the United States as a Jersey Gty m 1941, and EHzabeth General Hospital ckoski of Carteret and CODtitnct appacabW only to prefects which racehe approval from such date forchild and had settled in Th* applKatton p«p«rs art of the auxiliary of Newark daughter. had lived in Rahway before p in Elizabeth after a brief il- Ronald Wienckoski of ward Dunlow, Pa- H e had lived uvtitito tor inspection h th* offict coming to Edison in 1966. lness. Th* Deutiopeft Packet H .mairfih at th* Homing Authoriry omot. Linden; two daughters, of th« Constructton Official, in Elizabeth before moving 498 Capobtanco Plan. Rahway. N J . 07065. b t * v * > ] TUnday. Mrs. Deborah Rodriguez of Born in AustriaShe had been an X-ray Munlct>al Budding, between tht to Linden 53 yean ago. August 6.1981. The Developer should prepare th* propoul acconing for 0r, Uhan Hungary, in what is now Linden and Miss Margaret noun of 9 a m and 4 p m daily to th* prescribed format and must txixfe t*t ^formation and ptan. *ttt He had been a chemical Nuraltay of South River for Czechoslovakia,. she had E. Wienckoski, at home; a data, irproMemants, archfiectural and anyieeriny services, financing. operator and guard for the W W JONES. SECRETARY Arthur R . taxes and cbtkig costs, total d*>«tapmant price, qualficwons and ex come to this country and brother, 20 yean. American Cyanamid Corp. perfnot of th* oVMfcperJbuflder. ftnandal kiformanon on tht She had been a communi- Elizabeth many years ago. Shellhamer of Rahway; It &13.S1 F « $14 28 for 32 yean before retiring Developer, confonfy w i h HUD Equal Opportunity and Ubor rr cant of SL Matthew^ R. C She hid moved to Linden four sisters, Mrs. Helen outaments, hckidkiQ Exacuttv* Order 11246 and c*h*r mforminon » : in 1964. He had belonged to the Resurrection in Mrs. Blanche Judah. 85, Debnater of Rahway; Mrs. 34yearsago. Church in Edison. tpednsd t\ tht Dtviopert Pacfai the company's 25-year of 1003 Hazel PL. Rahway, Elizabeth. Evelyn Sands of TrunhanM i l Karaman had been PUBLIC NOTICE Survirvng are her husDevelopers that be reoutad lo submB. t s part of that propoul. a died Tuesday, Aug. 4, at Surviving are two sons, Club. surety bond equal to & of thar totat bid amount. Issued by an Inunnct band, Lawrence E. Ellison; a communicant of St.nock. Pa., Mrs. Dork BorRahway Hospital after a David Judah of Unden and . Mr. Barbarich had aboa son. Lee Ellison, at home; Nicholas* Russian Or- rellQ of Elizabeth and Mn. conpariyacere^lorxovidi said bonds n thaStataof New Jsrwy h NOTICE OF ACDON tht aJMrnaflwe. a carfliftod check, equal to S o l tht total btd amount. wtS Carl Judah of Rahway, a been a communicant of S t four brothers, Bernard thodox long illness. Alice Casino of Linden and Church i n be accepted. Upon th* ftnal dcilpiarjan of the Dtwbpcr. It thai b«arr BY Bom in Panama City, daughter, Mrs: Julia J. JosepbYR. C Church in M c N e b of Newport News, Elizabeth. four grandchildren. qutvnent that the Developer and/or builder, submit a perforrnanct RAHWAY PLANNING BOARD Hodnett of Sacramento, Elizabeth. Panama, she had moved-to bond equal to 100/of th* dwefapnitt coronet costs. V * , Charles A. McNehs of She was the widow of PLEASE TAKE NOTICE thai the United State* in 1917 Calif.; a brother, Lloyd Seafad proposals w€ be recafced at th* Homing Authority oflfc*. on Bethcsda, M d . , Harry John Karaman, Sr., who He bad been a member of Tuesday. September 8, 1981 at 2 0 0 P-M , at which nmt they wtf be th* Planning Board of the City of and had resided in Rahway Suarez in Panama, 15 the Unden Lodge No. 913 McNehs of Carteret and died in 1962. He had been a communiRahway at th* conduskon of a opened by the Housing Authority tor prchmkury evaluation Tht grandchildren and 15 greatmany-years. Surviving are three cant of S t Hedwig'j R. C. Authority wB ca*j**e al responsibat propoaab obyrm^y and uniform public htortrvg held on Tuesday of the Loyal Order of Jamea McNcfa of Cotonia, grandchildren. Mrs; Judah had been a and a sister, M n . Ketty daughters, Mrs. Mary Bic- Church in Elizabeth. Evening. July 28. 1981 to ccmkkr ty on tht basis of HUD approved twaktattort ottena contained with* thf Moose. tht appfcauon of Walter S Pryga member of the Church of D*vtloper>« Packet. McQuirt of Rahway. s 4 and Mrs. Helen Bast, Surviving are his widow. of 163 W Milton Avenue. Rahway. Surviving are his widow, Al propokaH must be submitted on tht dut date, m Moltd envelope* both of Rahway, and Mrs. Mrs. Rita Dering Collins: N J.torthe wbdtvtjton of lot 8 A 1. Surviving are three sens, Mrs. Mary Susko Bar- ford tfee last 41 yean. which a n to be marked as to&ows Anna Chabak of Unden, 14 four daughters, Mrs. Rita Block 462. Tax Atlas of the Ctty of artghal and two copies • *ftahw«y Housing Authority Proposal Raymond L. Cottins, Jr. of barich; two sons, Linden On March 24 of this year, grandchildren and eight Rieger of Rahway and Mrs. forOn* Rahway. dtd approve the proposed Turnkey Coratructton.Project No39P032O04*. and Mrs. Mary McCarthy Hudson, Ohio, Richard J. Deputy Fire Chief Paul she and her husband, great-grandchiUitn. subdMston. Barbara Godfrey and ihe One copy • "Department of Houst>g and Urban Dcvebpmcnt - ProCollins, 59, of Linden, died Collins of Piscataway and David Barbarich and James Joseph S. Farris, had posal for Tumkty Construcnon. Pru)«ct No NJ 39 P032OM * M i s s e l Maureen and Timothy M. Collins of .Barbarich of dark; three celebrated their 31st wed WALTER S PttYGA. Monday, July 20, in Margaret Collins, all of APPLICANT Metuchen; two daughters, WALTER SCHAFFHAUSER sisters, Mrs. Ann Fomaoel dins anniversary. Efizabeth General Hospital 163 W. Milton Averu* Elizabeth; three sons. EdExecuttvt Dirwctof Mrs. Maureen Quintan and of Elizabeth, Mrs. Mary in Elizabeth after a brief UShe had been a communiRahwav. N J 07065 Rahway Houit>g Authority ward J. Collins of Rahway. Miss Christine CoQins, both Komola of Unden and Mrs. cant of SL MkhaeTs R. C. be*. Edward S. "Rk* a Col- James F . Collins o f Fee 51260 It...8/13/81 F«« $105 28 Born in' Elizabeth, she of Unden; two brothers, Sue Kovatch of Beavtrdak, Church in Cranford. lins, 64, of Mravtag Manor, Elizabeth and WOliam P. Justin McCarthy of Clark Pa.; a brother, Joseph Bar Elizabeth, died Tuesday. had lived in Unden 27 and John McCarthy of Also surviving are a son, banch of Kenilworth, seven Michael J. Farris of Miami, Aug. 4, at Akxian Brothen Collins of Roselle Park; five yean. listen, Mrs. Grace DaRoseUe Park; two sisters, She had been formerly Mrs. Hekn Kirk of Linden grandchildren and twoFla.; three daughters, Mn. Hospital in Elizabeth after a miano and Mn. Dorothy great-trandchildrcn. But God hath Julia Aucom of Miami, brief illness. employed for 13 yean as a and Mrs. Patricia Gouah of Decker of Elizabeth, Mrs. chosen the foolish Mn. Barbara King of secretary by the Tenco Co.. Newport, R. L and 10 Hazel Wcihlcy of RoseUe, things of th« world He w a s a life-long Rahway and Mrs. Carol until the had become ID hut irandchildren. Mrv Joan Copie of Pennto confound tha Kowalewiki of East Elizabeth resident year. s and M r s . wise; and God hath Mrv Julia Hudock Far- Keansburg, eight grand Mr. CoOins retired in y l v a n i a , chosen the weak Mrs. Coffin had been a Th«rtlor« accept on ris, 73, of Cranford. died Catherine Brown of Clark; children and nine great- 1971 after 30 years as floor three brothers, Joseph Colthings of the world communicant of St. David B. Crabi*l-E. William Bennett. Mgr. supervisor in the shipping another as Christ alto * • * ac Monday, July 2 7 , at grandchildren. to confound the EUabethi R. C. Church in lins of Rosclfc and James and receiving department of capted \J* to the glory of God Rahway Hospital after a things which are Bttaaed art th« Purofctor Co. in Rahway. and David Collim of uoden* tantiOnes*. mighty; Her poor In spirit: lor Elizabeth and 14 grandSW was the widow of' 275 W. Milton Av«.. Rohway, N J . Bora in Wakes-Bam, He bekmfed t o the comttofrs la th« kingchildren. Raymond L CoOins. who I 27 panyt r5ye*rGub. Pa., she had lived in Crandom of h—vn.

Mrs. Harriet Rider, 6 8 , ex-magistrate's widow

UCtaps Mario Eck

Mrs. Walker, 8 2 , church unit treasurer

Mr. Podunai, 89

Mrs. Anna 18 years in Clark

Michael Catalon, 69, retired truck driver

Mrs. Wteackoski

Mrs. Edith Franzos, Beth Torch member

Mr. Barfaorfch 82

Mrs. EftUott, 4 8

Mrs. Karomcm,81

Mrs. Judah, 8 5 , long-time city resident


Mr, Colhis, 64



WMlH>Mik«BM • — •

Community Action gives youth a lift


Mrs. Coffins, 59

> ult Ct»w W l ' i m *»'• Color fe.bt* *ttp» « scene from the kitchen smoked, but not cook- be more garbage from cumulation of 1980. Last tump year, when the water crisis to • outdoors. Plan ed- ' ii .. Lhosc, fresh fruits and So. TtEE SERVICE ahead to save tune as BratVurst,. bock- vegetables and grease was peaking, eight of the 12 well. Cook several wursv thuringcr, and going down the drain months had beJownormal meats at once, store o t h e r fresh link if we are not carefuL rain and snowfalL properly and serve sausages should be Here are some drain The month of July did LOT CLEARING later, says Ellawese B. scalded ox blanched.** m a i n t e n a n c e tips not help the water situation McLendon, Extension Place links in a pan which may be helpful: LANDSCAPING at all Mr. Daly said, poinHome Economist & LAWN CARE and cover with water; If the drain is slug- ting out only four inches of 636-0278 There n an array of bring to a boQ, simmer gish, then vou know rain fcU, which is one inch *«ti nnum torn Ksrukuro pork products you for five minutes and grease and food partimay want t o take t o drain. Simmering as- cles are building up. less than normal. The 2&3^35 634-9038 the grill. While frank- sures thorough cook- Pour h o t , boiling month had nine days of furters may be the first ing on the grill and water down the drain measurable rainfall, with degrees was reached three item to pop into your lessens the possibility to dissolve some of the the most, one inch, falling times, on July 8. 9 and 12. mind, don't forget the of splitting and losing coagulated material on July 20. The greatest JuThe highcsi temperature other fresh and un-juiciness when grilled. that m a y be acly rainfall on record is the on the station's record for gets dtgrtt cooked sausages you use tongs t o turn cumulated in the trap 14 inches that fell in 1975. July is 102 degrees, reached can grill. links. - the U-shaped pipe The recordtow,which oc- in 1980. The record low Ju- A city jcholar. Gregg "Bratwursr is Gercurred in 1966. is .8 inches. ly temperaiurc is the 33Hardoby of 292 Maple For extra flavor, connected t o t h e Ave^ recently received h a man for pork sausage: sausage links may be underside of the sink. Last month was warmer degrees, recorded in 1978. bachelor of science degree however, the type o f brushed with butter or If it seems to have un» than usual with a mean Union College's Co- from Rutgers University. bratwurst sold in this margarine and-grilled dogged, foOow with country is comprised over weQ burned-down an on and off rinse o temperature of 75 degrees, operative Weather Sution the hottest tap water. which is 1.2 degrees higher has been keeping weather E&AL PROGRESS of fresh pork and veal coah until well done. tnmi today nmmmtobt than normal The maxdata for the area for the IM t r u s U t * W9m U N I trm* imum temperature of 9 5

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• Enp*ft Rvpoln • Bathroom t KllctvM Att*ratktni • Go» Flr*d Hoi Wot*r H M I Sytftmt • Cat Pipir»g • S*w«r « pn)inCI*anir>g 24 hr. A m . Sw,




Had Ai FJactrcM? Cat) WUWER aiGRlCLjt.B-3.PtrmtNa.57tt •MMB55. H KLS.EUCTIC Nojobtaosmaft. 100 amp mrrct chaafes. FmtstUc.llo.5062


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AIJ EJacthc Lcfa.5207. Q r wart b* run. Fm Est Aft. 4.

Auto Body Repair

ElPERItNCtD rAWTlNG ft DECORATING. 11-ftvi m t»ofern.FtM

lite Haalrng

CARPfNTtr • > W 1 i Altottioa

LJNDf* ^OR rotAt

HOME IMPROVEMENTS • KHch*n 1 BothrD«ni R«mod*4ng * K*c Room • N*w Perch** • P*n*UrM • Hvm Floor*. WoBi.OJT Ing« • Wlnrfowi B Doort

382-3570 3S8-9524


lovtst rain in NJ ire*. " «H" M applancn. punoi apb.. ft f ranh't Palfltiflftat/Citf rattit comptja koum f f M « t FuDt mi i Awact Room 135 I3B48M m PUC7I5 W-77JJ IM-1141 tf

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by Sol Grasa CallAnyilm*







John'i P i n t I Contract Tanh caanad. Bondad * I R I l i | M CvpairbT/RtLBJW tfBCkjni- Dtmo work. T i n pirt. VfiHpaptnoi I Sarntu M M . 57MBI7 yorfc-FraaFjtCillTom. U4-O77


KEN PERRY 7Jfc§771

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ALONm ELECTRIC Co*mec«l. mdeirttaL todBstnaL Btadtd, i t i i r t d . Lie. 5217. 574WL fl M M N. Parftoi - ao job too smal


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BZ FENCt • Chiio kok ( ttoU«Jt All trpei ol tenant f t * "*t 2 tf



PUWOTOMWC PIANO WNKL INC. Taaia| ft RtOM- Falj Ctrt, faar. 20% oR H i 7 4 L tf

infthere. AB ripei F m n t Quihtf Ct Hoi


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Fni* Uobtne* - Gentnl Contractor, Cirwntry, Mtsottry, i R doon



RepiifJ, Tile «o(h

Add-on, wmowv tan, C«tao, Sduit Dacka, Wfcrwrm, Kitcte* ctbiacb. PICK lint Ciilian. Rtth,

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Name Address

AK Conditiosiac & f Senxi t OepM. Al mihnA/C, i


NO SUB CONTRACTORS Al typo ol bom impfOMtMitXPAMTM0AIO KiL/Battn. Buementi, attto I DtCOUTMQ alum, lid int. F'*« « t t i l l

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THE ATOM TABLOID 3 hn*» * ««««*• 3 I M M 1 wmtkm

«M * » CM tAWAtSS;

PICK UP SERVICE Call 644-3096 After 9 X . M .


BACKHOEi lor hire. Otner open tod. oL e«twt too vnl delfttri, badn ranoaL _._ C3443S1




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***** aon. com«; U A U

KQSMO Co«t AD coocnta »orl Bftcfc I Til* Odd job!. Frtt t n c





Immediate, permanent full time PUVAH mm openings for ex-[ j n acaalBf aawa. aaniaaji B perienced color txaett.Mtaaaala.niim. < processors & «/ttriacal a a H i lag A aom at printers. Profit shoring & many CiaariaacM aacftar * M other benefits in Prt H I at mm • I n n aat mm growing co. Cdll •McaMti.CMiMrlwaana*. MVK7I For appointment


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SUKOATS • M ajt. RMMMM at' ifaaf caMv*Mi*nc# w * M V I









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Call when Item Is told.

1. 6.

St) M|. 15 411. I M .

if item b not sold Bret 3 issues, ad will run next 3 issues



»*nd a comfit*

Laata, wttX "T e l l


A*| 1J, « u . * 2 na.

RONS CARPET SEWlCt the Ptrtacbomt • Sittv o tm. flepatn linoleum. Af[ *ort luinntwd, BM710

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TUEPHORC SOUCrrOt • boar. Siarj + CaaMLWaikvttlaaaiiac awtetag CM. m CaaM PU Coal » l and about people, RAHMY • 30W10 BartkaU M L QUALITY CARE has a A*t 1) * 14. Tan. 4 f l Fan. lob f o r y o u I n Mcajk 4 can, c t t k a U l A n . SOMERSET, M I D ktNn.lm M BryMt St Mtf DLESEX & UNION RtAtatADVIIOI HuatnalML. tato.2 Fanii Yad Counties. High pay CARD, r AIM, CKUTAl Sw, Hat tana. StMar. Aaj. IS rates. Quality core AVARABUrMPRWATI •ARmS ft OAfMRMOt offers the most exWO30SRKXE.niCiwiJM.AaC. t e m l v e group Inl ) 4 1 L U T U M surance coverage R m ma mm. available. • agctMMW








1WA-. 5 & lllaajraas. fmnm.ai|t • • c m a HHM.



-TflplaiUa«"Larafj. M2«44


Model Hours: 1 to 5 Sat & Sun. (Other tunes by appointment)

O w 40B Print! R*n**F*brks a N. Union Aw*. „ - _ _ Cronford 272-4535

CM AS cavnai

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PERSON - Eisaritftcad art»rtad.bataS«ptl.7-iO-4. C I M I U n t i l . u i i U i a olp l| itar 11 I A Cartt AaMal HapittL 1075 Bnadny.

FQR0S-llBMM«f$lr*nda;.M|. HJ. 14. I M . HK * « . p»MCtod ExpariaacadTOW«caaa M M an, 2 cadtiil abw. MPAm.Cal tSOIN • 13f BMW ML. iUt-

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QUtTEKT-ZSMtMm Dr.Canct Ht£DLTTUliC«T? Sat rh. Aat U I Sat JU«. a l M S h COLORM-2UCwmaDr.(onitH * Attj FrLftSit Mf. 14-11 arDpwtqltocat.ClaHi BU371B



MACHDItST U D C H W O I l M . } Yrt EIB, Cood Fay, U BP-tSH rtlSOR Ab» Drat Tnct V Eft Hd Vu. 1 m . Mia. Eiparina Ufa.»Mai,ajRi H S

Sailing In/ouldoor TK*

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TMURS.tntUAUO.1M4 MBVHi ntU l l TISiil.at.lt tslW M L 1SB9ItactA'lO m.k 2»1J1I fA> n. 7i »r 1/0 Gate, in mm. t twin larSSMCM Maar


Batyitttat, «T laiax Cakaa law f-fn. tina. Eipr. pam-sut ir. Folomc pntem M «q*irin acaad#». taMaj. cNMcmasPUT* CMldntiai C*H Ricaud tt Stka pariaao.P/T,r/T. CartifaM aKkar w f l M nt a•* Ftmh ma, master p wet can m-mi 00*1 «k). kMMtnbM. frw to load Advlt omw aaad«dtar2 dij i o n wTCU(aottMt, ate l7Ha hont. V«f iftKtiMi*. lQ UotL M««aptr (ttfifaT No »l*ctu*t O4-51H Matm ffoau aartaj a aUrt I WMS71 mottkul lleattafttWIEWl f/T 190 V* + « 0 Caaaavaiai t m . C * Rmpapar carritt «/cai. * JO • 7 Ewrj T*u. 7^ PJB. H n Omi •JB. No COHCMI. No Sdfldm. tabnit aajiMiaja Pat T » UataJ Hctk. Ctarck. ( M N n awn Nd net aam, HMnaca Dow fcl, Edaoa. W pw t a t p etc sacwd caa,aar»ta.CaiC*ai SU-M71 B « a t i a | 10-12 h r V v l Call 1 4 p.m. Barm Assoc. BabfiitarMidadton tdaoi DfwHn rtn rn«f*U MOIITMU. •tl adasL aaaf kkaH # l~Sa» Harlwt


Call Whon Htm Is Sold iGuaraniced Reader t o Reader;. 1 want ads art for non-commercial !' advertisers only. Items for sale ; must not exceed X1,000. Price and! 1 phone number must be in ad.< * Autos, real estate & garage sale; not accepted j i r Guaranteed-, Reader to Reader Section.



tain can-

poutioa T p | CLUK-3rm.apiAitiLSwtl.2aJ flr, (325 p/na pfat I ma net*. No wan 4 wrwnotJML Tull or part . S74-12W Mb. taMAKts nq. ClO star 5. ftrr*








Got H now and youil do woll!!



1326 Lawrence St. ,. Rohwoy. N.J.


THLRSD.W \ U H SI l . \



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Home Improvement







388-9883 cw.

" £>!


Awnings PicturM Boy* • Bowi Storm Windows & Doors Interior Doors Front Doors St*«l Ctllar Doors Window*

H -c

AWNtKSS K U U r i n U


Boilding Contractor










Call An Eipert J.C. ROOFING 436-2221




i Cvtfvn A R*pclr« Woodbndge License No. 51 Free Eitimofei

• W*t

* hrtfci

If That's Not Enough-Stop In Or Glv* U» A Ctl»-We've Got Plenty More!


ui ims •» FIEE ESTIMATES *






IPEt ( All

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No One Can « v e A "Better Istmate • ROOFING & SIDING





448 N«w Bruntwick Av«.. Fords ,SZZ.


•O— •- — >-» I . .1 I

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I * * . . . . . I . ,1 ..^ to.t.i ... I '>'—.• u •( • ^ • • ' • • • . , t ) • •(...,

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Installed & S»nric«d Cot t Oil H « « I | A « ln«t«»«tio«ra

Attk V«fitlWtora Window Air Condition*** Wrvtcad

Frit Etta*



HEA1M6&COOIMG,INC Saiee-ServlceInaUMatlons t t U W i *

• Fireplace* • Gutters • Additions



4S4-2S71 7 Ba't•mo*



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~~MT3r Nicholas W. Chilakos of 662 Maple Ave. At Ithaca she was in the college orchestra and in the string orchestra, and player in the pit orchestra for the production ofHLa Pcrichole," an opera.





CANADIAN CAMPERS - Members and leaden of Rahwty Troop No. 47 of the Boy Scouts of America are shown before departing (or summer camp In Hatborton, Can., on Juty 25. The group stopped at Niagara Fata tn«n went on to Matburton. referring on Aug. 2 . They were led by Ed McLean, scoutmaster.

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Mr. Ketcham belongs to the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, the American Hospital Lincoln Hospital in theRadiology Administrators, IndM and the Nassau/SufBronx. • During his tenure at folk Society of Radiologic United Hospital he was co- Technologists, and he was discussion leader for groups formerly membership chairstudying transactional man of the New York analysis in customer treat- Society for Radiologic ment, and also served as Technologists. He is a licensed chairman of the employe of f\l^rwKinB foe 3. radiographer in both New S2 millin building program. Jersey and New York.

Hospital appoints Theodore Ketcham

Mr. Ketcham completed a two-yar program in radiology at Memorial Sloan Kcttcring Cancer Center in Manhattan. He remained there to teach in the school of radiology, and ultimately assumed the position of chief technician.

After 12 years at Memorial, he became chief technician at Monisania Hospital, then went on to serve as administrator of

Delaware cites Miss Eidelberg A Rahway woman, Cheryl Dee Eidelberg of 921 W. Lake Ave.. received her bachelor of science degree from the University of Delaware in Newark, Del., on Saturday, June 6.


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988 St. George Ave Rahway, N.J.


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Railway, N J


PAUL'S 228 W Scuit A w

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Rahway. N J

KLEIN'S STATIONERY 437 N, Wood Av«. Llndvn. N.J.

Of JOHNNIE'S l70Wes!lK'ld Ave

Rahw^y. N.J

527 W Grand Ave



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Dove's Deli


170W«Hield Ave.

1064 Moditon Hill Road. Clork, N.J. 4990459

1074 Rortfon Rd.

Clotk. N.J.

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Joan Chiiokos gets

A spokesman for Rahway Hospital announced the recent appointment of Theodore Ketcham as radiology administrator. He came to Rahway Hospital from United Hospital in Port Chester, where he had also served as administrator.


PCUE PftOTEQES - Som* of Ranwey's t u t * * aocctr stars are shown w«h canic dlrsctors, lop. Chris OBrton. left, and Rfchart Deimonaco, center, and sports supsrvfsor. W a r n Rosvch. right, at me annual city soccer dnlc bald at Green Raid tn Rahway.

Clark. N.J.



lok» Av«nu« i Colonio. N.J.

1473 Raritan Road Clark N.J,

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