19 - There are a few of

, " • V - "". —

-Afterthe intermission Loma-Wren played "The Little Shepherd" by Dfr'• - B.athM /War -Boiid1 drivft'

Seventh War Bond •-..','. ~ (Continued jrom jxtgeon/e) i-h-Quota U $625,000 ful for the violin, 'oello j n d piano.

Home Jfrom India

oontinuea through June 30, has" mrum*

waltr Ii. elaborately ornamented

. one twuat understand Russia' der the Czars," (Frederick Ingvo] authority on international affairs, the group of townspeople "attending :- the first of his series of four -lectures on international events ,r*lati!rtg'to the Dumbarton -Oalfg Con topic was '.'Russia;'- the Enign la"' u I. llie __^yieeting Fjriday•evening.in,-the town» tSiip rooms." \~r"J Sponsored by the Village , ment ^Association,.-

TMfli* W U in t v

1 HMMHUI * • T # * * • *J t ffi»T^^^^*^^Wh^^»™

-W)Unced yesterday b y Robert E. ICrflno/^rWfil w ^ f f^nffrtC* chair-

Clubs Meet front stage one)

technlciaB.. tEt&fd «Sas. ia UJie Navy, and is nosr stationed m Shesareal HeiahotaSories.asag, jk/T JBidtasd, Vawoa, AAJK, sea of Mr. and Sfcs. P- .Vacomis of 1S6 d from Coc&raB,fiieM a i M w w i .

to be informed on current events. All _lhome on furlough after serving baric rhythm depicting . the pagan the opening of the afternoon gatherseats in the meeting room in the municipal ^buildin ^building were sold' before : r~^ ^~ Walter WeMoe.' WrjSJKJPU'V-5. has nielpal The ensemble generously played ing. the Hump from India to China. - "Friday's lecture. The Collect for Club Women completed a year of .ttmaiaaiog at Bartthree encores. "Clair de Lune" by He - was' overseas for 29 months - Mr. Ingvolstad "pointed out that i Debussy, "The Waltz of the Flowers" be Iedj&y Mrs. E. K. LovelandL presi- mouth CoHeee &s& and his unit "holds the Presidenfrom Tschalkowsky's . "Nutcracker dent ol the Wednesday Morning.Club. stty and Is nova&rtierttWortJj, Texas, tial Unit Citation for getting supSuite", and the "Londonderry Air" Following this there will t>e the year's in Tarmac teatoaag^Si She Naval plies .across the Hump. • He has arranged by Kreisler;-The heartjrap stewardship, report, a two-minute report on. actiyitieqfey-each-dab chairMrs. .J. J; Turelc will- present delight at these beautiful and familiar a-vocal solo.; country. encores. ;•.. ..!"..•'• Mrs;.Arthur A. Catlln, northern Mr.and.M«. F . A . SSthoJs of Westvice-president of the State Federaunder i a e t*afg-«tissht warnded-by ?our per cent of the population, that the topic, "A Weak LiriE** Mrs. Carfrom page one) class and that U i '

Do your drinks get asihist


ra ts.}:--'-




Andrew Crisanti



illiam Herbert Reported Wounded!





Out of "Arsenic an s i z e s


• ':' '''' "

Let Us Show You On« METAL CLOTHES POSTS, - S e t o f 4 ;.:...-...:


Seniors Will Present





:..„..„ :.



INSECmODE PUMP, for whitewash^. 4 spraying, watering, includes two nozzles .. X •






—Citizen A Chromclc




ons Already

weroert have not' heard Higlr Labor Cost from their son since he.was wounded J On-TecpmmendattOTrof W. J. Fredr but uiey have~been instructed to send ricks, chairman of the. building and his mail to the same address, indi-

Leave Apr; 28

••••••. ' 1 0



School Board Drops



Reeves Advanced

awiaiavenue, was'wounded in action on (March 24, according to a War Department notificationtohis famjfe, The telegram informed them that their son was slightly wounded

Crnnfqrd has gon« "over the top", H^i g P n u« g »i A w & «c W f ( ' l ^ i o t h i n g b^j' Education Tuesday night decided hot At the suggestion of Cranford dirig arid shoes for .the United No.among the top:.100 weekly newsto .take, any action now on the razing Chapter, 3,/ American War Bads, the tional Clothing Collection, it was anpapers, in the' nation."in \ h e . of Sherman School annex because of Township Committee Tuesday night ounced -..yesterday by Henry' W.. amount of War Bond advertising the high cost of labor, ptfd a resolution requesting local Lov-ett and Charles M. Ray, co-chairr Mr^F-redrlek—reported'-tha aI men oi tne local committee. War JLoan Drive. This newafirms who specialize in this type of alcoholic beverages to close on V-E Up to lost «ight, a total of 23,138 pape£-4lso held the.same honor work were not interested in.razing Day. , Township Clerk J. . Walter pounds of garments hod been-shlpped during the Fifth War Loan Drive; the building, and that a Newark firm Coffee was authorized to contact the the warehouses-in HJarrison. and asked $270 tu tear ihrwn lirtrUolldhig ablisnroents ana secure tneir inother 4hree to nv* tons await sortSend-off ceremonies will be held and $720^0 rough grade the property. want to express the most sincere operation. Saturday morning, April 28, in the ng and packing at the collection de;|}9 ^ ^ g ; " lias rive will continue through April 30. outstanding support that you The cast of r Way: from tight to left, back row—Jack quota of selectees from Local Board ..Approximately 10 tons of,clothing ..and yonr sponsoring advertisers •-'Mm Harford, Bobert Merrick, Dick Putseher, James Buraash and Bill Introduced and passed on first read- 5,reserving Cranford, Garwood, Cfark.was .authorized to receive bids for gave us. H helped the Treasury Glaser; second HVW—Bill Rauken, David Olesky. Robert Clement. . were gathered on Sunday hv the ing in wWch tiie Ucehse fee ior the ^nd Winfleld, It was announced yes- aiterifaon?"necessary-in the first.floor Frank Coons, Ted Isles and Dirck Lohman: front row—Miss Alice exceed, ,|ts quota by a farcer lousc-to-house collection, which was operation of Mich macWnes in theterd&y' ' hy L. (B. Hazzard, chairman. of Cleveland School- to house the offiMathews, director, and Janef Raubenheimer, MOlicent Croft and amount than in any previous ttndtiotcd by the Boy Scouts. The. township was. increased from $100 toA large group of selectees also has ces of the Board of Education, Su'••'• :'..':*'?TV5''.T Barbara Leon. . drive.. We thank you roost.sin-'_ A'v.tfj:V..')-. pervising Principal, and District Clerk. $500, The fee on music maichines been orderedtoreport for results-far exceeded expectations and" A number of otlierTihSHgej; and recerely. the collection depot contained literalvWlTremairrat;$S« per y«r7 tlon physical examinations on that pairs also witlvBe made on the first . ,.-'i.y. J( .,..•-, )yj ly a' mountain .of clothing o i well as ' Also Introduced and passed on first day. ".' . '' '•• •..-,•• reading was an ordinance regulating Those ordered. u p - for induction floor. A supplemental bid will be undreds of.palrs lof shoes. .:. . taken for repairs on the second, floor the'uae of poisonous •&%Jll SIM, The canvqgs was directed by.Scout f pi^ y*n . w L " " " •"" ; Man'*-* i ^ V tiling of-^the-cor' i n ' t f i e Frim CruftmtE. osridors, changIng~cIaissr«, IS O«»»«s ttl. year., .• • • _ ' The plant was approved some ley and James Wyatt of Air'Squadron ert Clement. rubbish or trade refuse may beWllllain UocSj, 20B CUumbU « « . Miss. Lillian Eastman of Rahway .Clark ar iormitty ffo« Clafk— Presentation on ,of "Doodle's Doodles DilemDilem weeks ago-by the Township Commitbrought in from outside the township From Ted Isles will appear as Jonathan tee and the site has boon selected as William H. Vrederlcta, Wectneld was engaged as an Insteuctor for the m o » the Junior Service League play Members of the Lions and Rotary and placed on the local dumps also WUtord A. Bucy, 15? Westileld »»e. ensuing year at an annual salary of for the children of the' community, Brewster, homical manta^ of thethe westerly side of Walnut avenue Clubs assisted in driving nndainloadEdward Vrtrably, lUhway was introduced and .passed on first Fro« p OirwftaiV— • ' . . -• • $1,800, including bonus, She has awill take place tomojerqw at 3:15 p. m. family, and DircR-LSfirnan will be between the Lehlgti Valcy Railroad ing the .trucks and In stacKriu the * * satiH tiH i t Anthony BUtfene. U l WIUoW !««. . reading,--Th*"** *ora permit (Continued on 'laat page) • . Albert W.Toth, Bfr Fourth •*»«. in the auditorium of Roosevelt School seen as Dr. Einstein, his .accomplice. and Raritan rood. Mr. Fromm ex- clothing-in the collection center. Arg Jtnv Burnish will appear as police will be $5 and will-expire oh Orange^ a'venuc. ~ Tickets may stni hibited defctches of the plant as thefangemonfa1' ".'by lieutenant Roon Frank C Gilmore of C.' Applications must be on file with chairman. frnnHniurd. on paps meven) 7S nnv- r^nnrtwl tft no-the commisslon-wt-la1hnn Mny B, lovers of. Cranford lit order,tosecure lice Sunday that a new fishing box, a larger membership in the future. The' .vacancy occucred here two. containing three" reels, several fancy Blood Donors Needed flies, a scoot light and other equip- weeks ago with H i ! resignation o Thomas J. McLaughlin, Jr., phar- Admission to the three concerts to There is an urgent need of addithe winter end spring ment, was stolen Iron* the bank of Postmaster William D'Arcy", who held macist's mate, 2/c, U. S. N., son ofbe given" during tional blood donors to All the quota t*'*1™* n n 1 y ""^ Individual at the Thursday—vlBi dte flit Biver- the office for 10 years. His wife, Mrs. ip—Engineer—and—M _Mc=. hy . side- Apartments between 3 and 4Rose Marie D'ArCy, Laughlin of 223 Locust drive, injured tickets are never sold. The program Blood Plasma Unit of the American now -actimr during the invasion of Iwo Jirna, ar- for 1945-46 will be announced In theRed Crosstothe Cranford-Garwoodp. m. on that day while he was out postmaster and is a candidate for the Thomas- G. GiUey was nominated , rived home last Friday on a 30-day near future. This is the seventh year Kcnilworth Chapter, it was announced in t^e river casting for trout- Much permanent appointment. The basic salary for the office is for president of the Cranford Lions Youth Week in Cranford will begin of the equipment was new, Donald convalescent leave after 10 months' that the concerts have been spon- this week1 by. the Blood Bank comClub at the regular weekly dinner active duty in the South Pacific. The sored here by the Community mittee. gistrations may be made on Monday and events are scheduled having received it only a few weeks ,$3,400. In addition,' $300 a year has meeting Tuesday high.t at the Chimeach day during next week, ending ago a3 a birthday present. local sailor, w h o was attachedtothe (Continued on last page) CRanford 6-0071. by callin ney Corner restaurant. Past PresiFriday, April 27, it was; announced Fifth Marine Division on Iwo Jima, cert Association. dent John E. Allen presented the rethis week by Patrick J. Grail, chairholds the Purple Heart award for port. Election of officers will take ;man of_youth-service-for tbe'Cranshrapnel wounds in his right chest place in. the ru>ar future. tord JRptaryMj(^»bj_..sppnsgjs;,..V*ed II**

' worth h


pg to. ,- crsmfbri, a recreation- Pear Sir:


be given to returning vjcleTntvt ui

the present conflict.' Through donations and • pledges from residents, benefit entertain* ments to be giyen by civic and social organizations and contributions from industries in thefunds for their



morial Building. .: . •' '"•'.•••'•«"• AH 1 D• * • " ~ J V l i t: M a y o r M . J . tverzin a n d Pwenllwortn residents, are t o b e congratulated o n their ef-

•as Seoor CfasiTHatter. Published Thursday at Cranford, NewJTersey, by The Crajifora Citizen a«d Chronicle, Inc. .^Official paper for' Granford, Gahvcod and Kenllworth. Subscription Rates S2:00 "a Year in Advance



* •-°1^-

portunity to TSrijO3fconcerts by musical taleht ^iation to their carhmunity that hla« ttdt for-* of Nation-wide acclaim presented in this gotten them but is making provisions for

a corps p of workers who are, contacting jbying families in Cranford -, g families in Cranford __ underway this week for the fourth season season .closed last week"




fnViVi h^

radishes, "f Its, the sport wiHprovide much enjoy,n\en>:, same lamiiy m order to uumyleU) Uibii life cycle, S o . j series. The subscription price'has and we prevent them from doing this by stirring the soil relaxation "for millions of •aijsed in order that top-flight artists b t the t h plants l t to t kill the th young larvael Its recent rejection of the deed to the The Boardof Education at an adjourned meeting , about asth they hatch,. throughout the Nation. Montey^h* : voted-'te?flta»^ ed for all three concerts in the have been employed there three years under tenure calomel to kill the larvae as they feed. With cutAnd thi$ spring, top, basebafl will apparently tfelt that the operation of f^thenutftleed^ %wnA>rtlnwn1 fnrnHlfKi^jK;,yini'ioWOOt" • and1 G f d ^ h ^ ^ h l h «. XJdncert Assoicfiahon presentations . . . r t l l - «~ . ., , . , tenure received reneWed" CoTfa-fltctsrwltlroiilt-to ments &n J nevertheless is its functions. It is a plants as wet set them out, or we treatthem to poisoned public duty of some board or body to .in salary and $1,200 was set as the minimum, pay for bran bait. a money-making scheme. No high- *««* « n c e ',™-' Th« local school, 1 ', ' -. a Cranford teacher. other -furnish adequate playgrounds for the * salesmanship is employed in obtainschools in the vicinity, discontil Cranford. police, led by Police Commissioner Ed-. Both of these insects are chewers, that is, they bite "youth of our communlly: rt mund P. Sullivan, Police Chief Carl A. Massa. and off, chew and swallow some of the plant tissue. If we ie subscriptions since membershipi i$ a *P° because of transportation PUTTY KNIVES SCRAPERS i TINTING COLORS -

ord 6-2540

107-5 N. Union Ave.


-ill •It! "^ussmf


irfctte in BiqpAJ-fynt wnthnrc "

to babies under oneyear of age, and' 30-day morning period. The club will j59jdilsahHdkbtA4a>cta thgseroad thiirsdas^of^saEh years of age. will- be served after eve marriages, was annoumjga"' births, ,12 deaths and to air. win Mull, report.


EATA&AI ' VI •!» •*

IWl *tiHSs|


79c BEN MOORE PAINT— -Inside or Outside

Egg Plant -Kohlrabi -Flower Plant* and Onion Sets


Agrico 5-10-5 HOUSE PAINT

100 I*.

Complete with 3 Reversible PilloWs . ••

Get That lime On

.. ,,-* ,•


^We~have a Complete—Line-ofLIMESTONE

including Wheelbarrows • t

jjrs^ A Seed Mixture to Suit You and Your Purse.



•" — _


•....;... •..•....•f..:.-.\: '.•-. ' • • : - ^ ^ - ^ - - . ' ' v ' - - v ^ . - ' . » ^ ^ i z ^ ^ ^ ; ^ i I ^ ; ^ i ^

^ .

. "*



~ •


• •


most resilient, guaranteeing plenty of relaxation. The three reversible pilloy/s are also included at this special price.


fine furniture since 1880 flora open Thursday rtfghts UtMtf 9 Vdock

" • • ' "• . * * j . ' . T T - ' - . ' c •'•


. . . * .

wine or blue figured fabric and the reversible, comfortable mqttrets is button-tufted, hand-stitched and generously filled :-viHh1flyeir-:coHorrfelt. The nwtchrng coll bpx:spring base is y

", •



By day an attractive couehr by night it optns up quite




^ . . . . . . .

conveniently to make two twin beds or one large double bmJ." O N O U R BUDGET P L A N This studio couch Is carefully upholstered.in a long-wearing -








- - - . . - .



MID-WEEK PRAYER, PRAISE AND TESTIMONY .' ; .MEETING r " x / ! * « ? • ML W«daesdiyt : • . • , ' , - ' : ; ' ••:.-.,".-*;• • - • " . » : ' • . ' . - ' ; ' > • ' . • • • , • : ' - ; • ' . T j v T . y .




ICSPFTALTTPAINTS" Plain or: with asbestos Gal. .59—5 Gal. 2.50


vS'A ySJ

' - ' T h e cKiftr Jhygftne^nurse wadei 1

Cranford, N. J.


:__ ^ for all Concrete and Brick Surface*

Mourn President's Death]

7:45 P. MHJEsaiigdistie.Se


l> , *

Lettuce - Cauliflower - Cabbage

~~ 3 . 9 1 sth


and exclusive patterns by the foremott dcMgner*. .

Franklin D. Roosevelt and her fanjtly tuberculosis, whooping cough, There were -four persons bitten by. on the death of the President.- . The club observed a jnintite of silence-at dogs. •

Blended Whi«key


• Gal. 2L95-rQt .90 Porch and Xfeck Ehsmel Qts. 1.10

-^ In color*, patterns and) quality that . include—


Fertilizer and Garden Tools,

; .

above sl«ncejBl»iit«§ wilLMtfy to •eat to tu for Cluulac.


Seagers MJLKW1P. S P. M. «• »P.


3 . 9 1 sth-



A t its meeting last Thursday-night in-ihe-Cnsino.J-thcjCrnnford DemoClub- authorized- the: s e , 23 .cases; German of a message of condolence to "Mrs. measles, 12; measles,. 7; mumps,



$25.00 Valuation - $ 1 ^ 5 Additiotial Valuation . 1%




Coats, fur trimmed ~ Overcoais Insured and Stored Men's Suits Dresses t



CRANFORD HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM AdmiMion: $2.50, $1.50, $1 (incl. tax)

The best axed for fiir» in town are arriving daily for admittance toour fur storage vault!. .

Wt^ •r

Six,cases of-scarlet fever-were refCga in l-rarijorcTIast l-rarijorcTIt month, acCortlinB CTHfieTfifarch report of HeaR Officer W; J / Willsey, submitted to the'BoaM of Health Monday^ night. CVthei*. contagious diseases -recorded




Six Scarlet Fever


3 . 4 3 Sllr

IP"-- •'.- '




•m m ••


SaladJowl Set

o^SSmitt^^f^f'^enoo^TiqpiSg^ the besfui music in theirbowie com; - ball in the. local school tikis spring! r *n|it it \ for a sum.far below that required in wish for Coach Biionaguro and his iti^ijiding a similar series in:New York City, successful season.. ••, I:' '•}

ASPHALT DRIVES n p k .Tn»". nr "Swaneo Biwr," fritt "the Top Hat Club in Union City &Ahell be wrongurday ^vtnlng. There will be g. opinion o j f he Southfamous ..colored quartet,


"the special eftnmfittee~ seiect a new pastor. J. A, Andrews, G. B. Daniels and j . F. TiSt w(«re elected trustees tor




tion througHout the busfaess center but .rental char*., n o w being paid-are so high that purchase of equipment may prove an economy,

of the Auxiliary.. ^ .. . Church.-:JAIL three__trodps participated. _and_ BerUie Three speakers wTD;t£nteTpart^to~a-rWednesday- Be*echerL 2nd lieutenant of. Troop 2, won the prize for verted Into;'a municipal buildiiig;" Morning Club, program of iCiyic and \welfare iristruction receivlrt&-ihe most merit badges. Rahway ahd Rutherford have-each- . Wednesday in the. library. They are: Edward Mondone a sp]entlld job" in waking over tenecourt, overseer of the poor; Mrs. Elizabeth Kaltan unused school building' for mu-' wasser, R. N. of the Visiting Nurse Association; and ; - v, nlclpal offices. • *rs Police Commissioner; J. Edward Wolf. (bi Would j t be. adaptable to ,, Ten *eam Ago vatlori as a hospital - -Appointment of William P'Arcy, Democratic nVrlptflfty"7tf iiiiir pepulation-with Municipal Chlflrnranriis-acting-postmaster v4»ere-i traffic highways i and some Id industries succeed Elmer G. Houghlon whose term expired Febm haVce sotne such lacilities ^° ruary 25 • was announced "this morning effective imCould it by a reasonable exmediately. The acting postmaster has receive^ the endorsement _of the Democratic Club. He wiakeshis home a^ 403 high streoi Mr.- HoUghUm wjmpleled.42 By. PEED P . OSMAN years ih the local office last Monday and during his . . . . .. . ^—• '• doubledand fee \itfork at the'"postoBice HTOrg-than ttouuled. Joseph W. Wyckes of Trenton, well-known humor'""Tdi SlioiiM the windows'be boardist and"philosopher"and radio entertainer, will be the Insects will soon be here to plague ..us and-.to.take a heavy toU'.of our vegetables if we let them get away ing the development of some possible ^vvHh-ite—Fortanat6ly- parish house. Musical l onW l school athletic field Walnut avehue although local was featured'and consisted chickon ' dttje ft dinner di i t dof broiled f period sinefe }ts use as a^school ___ fp-im mny use the field-on Saturday afternoons pro- __as a main dourse with ice cream, apple pie, chee&c-and In* ceased.ceased. Our -last consideration ''•"'• '" coJree~as7TB:e~d«;sseTtr ~; "~ ^ • ing vid}.nc the usual fee is"palHTti advance." was given to the martter about three • BH^t and early thte mornlriK ISO Cranford men . . , ^ ^ ( n g after the regular meeting^* the Board fo Hea'h y e a r g a g o w j , e n j t -was determined to ' heard the starting gun of the 1940 appeal of the Boy leave it in It? present state, with the Scouts of America and began the house-to-house cam- Tuesday and traffic signals Were the subject of di-

proval upon the continued interest for *ari» aeddnt. BwUon «. S o lea* than two f inaleator* ahaU Crnnford and Mrs. Lclnnd Davis of erhood of Calvary- Lutheran Church work togHhcr U all Unua. durlnr tha rdaaai«c * ' 'cant anH ilnrinjr the lnHliU »*ntlUWestiicia were the judges.- The win- Friday: at 8:30 p. m. Mr. Kelly will ««HI I < I W Wamlne sicna shall he plaeed^JU lUl spenk on Sic. manpower shortages on nine works will -be displayed at the mtranrra nf IwUdlnc t» ha. furaleated and k*t>t



•sss Asaf -.>J4




__^>.^iu_.j nut Ninlrol

faction K. Calelito cyUilOa _ . _. the purpose* oT UOt ordinance, as a In durt foirto. whtoU'ttP|fan. ooittjag*.^^*^

'.'H TT'T'T Trn TTT in-T—

HHiioa 3. Applications, for permits aU»U be nfsde In wrltlne to tlie Township OwuulUea and Mrs.- William R. Sloan, wife_ of the ilrfll ttate Uie mine, of the p«ttj>(i « b o pioposa* retiring'pastor of the First Presbyterto' brlnK waste clatter Into the totrnihlp, the type of waste material, thtt location where It Urian-Church,, will be holored at tea r>ro|nuuHl to dump name, and aliallbe aeeampaB- Tuesday from 2 to 5 p..m, in the nudil«d by wrUlen authority of the owner of the land «inw>nUni!-u> Uie dumplns. ,. '" torium 'of the First Presbyterian n I.- All applications, alisll, upon tbsllr Church.' Mrs. Sloan has long been a forrad tn to the Health OMcer Offlw -and a In?- jneforred'

I o Ui» w nilis ftliall w luaura u«jl ,if .W v dmaplnlf V r served as chairman "of the prayer -not reauTt ill a sanitary, liesjtl), Mfety or group. Members of the organization Denaca.r -1-—'• ^-- _ . . '. produtt Buuur»c«ured by the ury .Beftlo'n .3. The. penalty for any violation o f are. giving the tea and all friends of ejranfcW A CSienleil.Corporation. thla ordinance Is hereby fixed at a tine not e x « U B U"Jkav person or ^ • ceeding ISOfcOO or Imprisonment not exceedine Mrs. Sloan are cordially invited to Pd daya, or'hoth.'ln the dlscrotlon of*the *«BVI«. attend. ••.-•• trate. ••" 8|tiie4 on «n o m u n > u^^v> %^ . J. he uanl. before, nteaslss Uie fumleant. All Mil I * eeialdiwd for Dnal eaauijta. iftar Cletlc full of timely information. • Craned, hostesses served t e Township Clerk. exlu-tball be a*eunly locked promptly after pTblle heirlSriir a- «^cU1 meetlnc of jaU Dated:.'.April 18, 1015. April IT, 'inn. • the Rucsts. Mrs.E. K. the funueant ha< been released. : Township Ooaunltlea a,l Munldpml BuUdlnit. Section->> In no ease shall a alUrter period Cranford. N«sW Jersey, on . • t' of the Wednesday of the need'for citizenship among Jn than twelt« (IS) hour* tnterreM betweta Uie TUESDAY, MAY 1. WtS. b

T o Speak Friday


fie or cloud far the control of - - - • wbu. Tlil» ordinance tliall not ippl luwof calrlum «f»nld«.when applied t>] IKIIBWS of alHaeB-«uil« capadly « |,IJM. liarboraca or *nclos«d runway* tun*, for the euntjol »' rodoiU. U«

sparkling with life, to th» Uut •irxAalcfor you'r* but Serve)'

• -J:'

pancy of pnmlm and In mr-eaie ahall «udi J. WALTEB COFFEE. l p m u, „.« Women's Club, and zations, nrwiiUw ha n>-ojrupl»J the night of lUw day_ of Mva. WIUiaiH Frodrlclt, nrwidrnt nf| At, the- opening pf "OTe affernoon fumlearlon. . the'V'r'A:, took an active part in session Mrs. M. B. Rankon of Cran- Sort Ion ». . Prior tn releaae of fumlgant In Dated April 17, liiS. ontluillillnr.thB entire bulldlne WUM be «»calod the ritual and program,! The Roy. ford presented- plnpo music and Mrs oT all jpenuns. For the purpose of tills ordlr TOWNSMIP OF William w Slnnn. • .nniitor of the vhea' nayw; attached honarii are • conaldered a» one' illdlne-v.»r»"6rro*«lu< ttr IP I tn fumlcitlmu fjerforun) IB eosaaetloa ttUix the, oMznntntharof affltwa uc tnujilayMt bl:V, th J. WA1TL» „„. Public Health Bervlce; U. B. Departueat of Use nmmahlp GlerV. InWHor. Predator * Bodent Control Dirblon, Ftah Ic Wildlife B«r»b5e: DeoartanHi. of Health | Dated J April 18. 1M5

Georce VV. Wlnnns of

chairman of radio, discussed radio as the greatest educational medium.Mrs. Robert Van Iderstnic of Tcnnfly, chairman, of International relations, took as-her topic, "Our Evolving Peace Structure," Mrs. Arwjir A.' Catlin of- Maplcwpod, Northern"vicepresident of the State federation, told



' • •' •'

' Phitdapotlt


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Yoik hove no Idea of how I ovety your legs can look unlll you try Velva Leg Rim ; ; ; dellclouily tmoojfh In texture,- ecay towa, • dependably fait color; It comes In three shades, to wit every occasion, complement every costume . . . goes on In a |lfry. Waterresistant, sfays on until you .. wash It off, wins compllrnenti from every beholden

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Our Troop* in Germany, Belgium, Italy and tno South Pacific Are Giving their AMI. Won't You ALL Your Watte Paper?

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