1971 - There are a few of

in UKZ>UA Y.NQVEMRER 19, 1970 WaMsd—Mal«-Femal* Help Wanted—Malay .your entire fee an. rain.-you. Within 2 years you shoul » a f u l l y n u a l i f l f i r margin clerk, ahi i s . w e said previguslv, t o p notch margir c l e r k s . j a r n $190'a week. That does no nclude' tfwijf fluarteriy or annu" bonuses, The~-oppty" is yours.


.PERSONNEL AGENCY, I N L , 35 West 43rd S t f Between 5 & « A v c T E L E P H O N E : 986-3IOn '•

A-OK Agencies




New York .Hilton


AUTO Mechanic Taxlcal 29 St. Brooklyn, ES 7-75'

garage (51 E.

larpenrer-Expd, Finish Work'

.". •"

Excellent salary. Hospltalizatiori S Medical. Reference! required. 445-2096.


Bank Personnel OUR C L I E N T WHO HAS

Branch Offices thruout N e w York State and Metropolitan Area

A«COUN 7-5656



seeking to employ additional clerical ALSO notch person needed t h r u t r i a l ballersonnel for their day and night 'op nee. Exerting lewelry manufacturer, ihifts. You will tiava to start work in 'ou decide the hours & days. ^ he main office located In downtown 947-0680 or 947-0745 Vail st. Area, t u t if you so desire :HRISTMAS POSITIONS.- APTITUDE ou may later apply for a transfer to : -BOOKKEEPER OR FIGURES. IMMEDIATE DISCOLUNTS he branch nearest where you live.


xpd A / P , Receivable, cash disbursemt: receipts. Gd handwriting, $130 wk rs 9-5, gd bnfts, call M r . Weise 838-5588 BKKPR F/C J165; NO FEE-EVER lldfown Construction Co. Plush ores ookina for person expd t h r u G / L . Hrs )-S Excell Ooty. CARNEGIE Agency 342 Madison Ave (44 St) 661-4105

E 42 St. 50 Bway

Room-304 Room 1001

7 W42 (at Bway) Court St., Brooklyn

441-3450 233-7770 868-0385 834-8600


Mortgage Officer

Responsibilities w i l l Jnclitfe: Local con- 1 venrlonal lending, residential arid c o m mercial. Out-of^state F H A and. VIA lending. A l l phases of mortaage j e r v l d n g .

BRADY Agencies 59 East 43rd St. 132 West 34th S t . 175 BROADWAY MEMBER OF

Choose Your Shift! 9 to 5, 5 Co 12,12 to 8 MIDTOWN'LOCATIONS Convenient A l l Transportation


ACTION TEMPORARIES "Forirnmediare Placement

FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN Use Entr at 236 Ouffield St Interviews from 9:30 A M

BKPR ACCTS RECEIVABLE Mature O.K. Good starting salary xcellent oppty. Fringe Benefits ~PLY 1430 Bway (IQth Floor)

'5 Boradway Nr. Cortlandt BKKPR, F/C • East 43 St. iNr Pan A m Bldg 12 West 34th- St O P P . MACY'S Ladles sportswear .mfr, t h r u G / L , pay Member o f E r i n Associates roil taxes, collections. Salary open. Call 279-7WO 590-200 ANK ASSTS/TRNES


Ffeje's a cash profit sharing plan,'Mos :lerical employees'receive a Xrtias ponu if. anywhere from $500 to J 1 , S » de pending upon salary earned d u r i n f t h year. , After 1st year of employfnenl bonuses commence and Increase' pro sressiveiy.. , *

CLERKS No gxp Nee

1 O O K K E E P E

& AUDITORS S , . * G E N C Y Directed by a CPA


•APPLY' P f f e o N N E L . DEPT 130 West 54th St (off 6th Ave)

o G/L—new car dealerppty-sal open. 655-7000.




75 BROADWAY Nr. Trade Center Editor-in-Chief F-1500 exp 686 5566 32'W. 34th St, Nr. PENN STA. We need those who wiJJ b i? Easf 43rd St. ' ' Nr. Pan Am Bldg. B U R R O U G H S OPtK-No. Fees • oble to work even though Douglas Herberich Member of Erin Associates KELLOGG Agency I i 2 W 42 St (Bway) Managing Editor AUDITORS TRAVEL BUYER (SR) CLERKS V / / W O TYPING Charles Towers FEE P A I D , EXPENSES + S12-18M Heavy exp w i t h subcontracting, nigh olume production; screw machines and TIMES SQU.ARE Agency 25W14 Rm Id itsmpings. Must have strong estlmatPhotographers rtg background, m l n 10 yrs exr>. Excel OUR CLIENT, ONE OF T « E j l M S Auto Svc Instructor salary, liberal benefits. Send RESPECTED NAMES IN THE f l N A N Stephen Wickersham Parting esume or call 201-256-6010, M r , Kauf, CIAL WORLD, IS IN THE MARKE; i E D M Corp, 70 Od Turnpike, Wayne, lor QUALITY AUTO IMPRTR FOR CAPABLE W I L L I N G , INDUSTR! N.J. (30 mln Lincoln Tunnel*34 St NYC> Marc Ehrich Must have thoro knowledge of current OUS INEHVIDUALS WHO W I L L ' N O ! ] An Equal Opportunity Employer automobile practice & exceptional abllil BE AFRAJD YO D E A L WITHflTHE in imparting knowledge. The work Ken Straub OPPOSITE SEX—THE REASON B E I N nteresfing, envolves considerable travel Buyer Trnes, Fashn Schl $100 has; immediate openings -in ^ • D E P A R T M E N T YOU W I L l T B & possible location.' iSSIGNED TO W I L L P R I M A R I L Y - p E A Reiner Glawion Fee Pd. MURRAY H I L L Agency 12 E 41 f/JTH SECURITIES BROKERAGE 1PER Send resume Z2226 Times FRONT OFFICE Stuart Dixon CARPENTER Salaries to $500;plus; AUTO PASTS MGR .nk too formica lavout man. Exod Adviser For Bronx Dealership. Salary open. BANQUET. OFFICE ' Merit.increases regularly nly. Apply Norwood Products 2QI GodFORDHAM CHRSYLE'R PLYMOUTH in Av, Paterson, N J . !410 White Plains Rd. Bx, NY. 654-3401 :.: CO,PAYS FEE ;..J Frank X. Scott ,To'p.benefits include"' .






BOOKKEEPER Exp'd thru G / L . For progressive Oil Co in Grand Cenfral area. PHONE: 687-5522.

METHODIST HOSPITAL OF BKLYN 23 6th St, Brooklyn ' 780-3319



L, T/a, A/R, A/P-Payroll-payrol ixes. Exp'd all phases. Start $190. esufne. M29 Times

'elephone orders, 5V2 days, $105 wk- ieals, 8-4. • PL 8-2S3S. ASHIER Restaurant exp. T'AM to 'M $100 Rafners OR 7-558.9. : .- CASHIER, restaurant experience.. T AM SJ_$_I25 Danton Agency. 1S2..W."42 CASH4ER—Top Restaur eyeplpgs S I M Carter Agency, 152 W 42,.Roon> 5)0 CASHIERS Rstrnt exp nltes of- days. To. $630. Albert Agency 250. W 57 Sty IHAUFFRS-all size trks -$125-178+01 IDWARDS Agencies, 73 Warren St, NYC HAUFFEURS/Drlvers (AH types) fo $156' SEN EVA Agency 25 W. | 4 , St., -253-3400 HAUF-drlvers, op l i e , exp, c i t & " B t f Pd. Chase Agency, 676-Stli CHEF , Vanted Hungarian & European cuisine; mall hi class restaurant. Dinner only. ;all morns MO 6-6627.





Plush surroundings In Executive Office of f a m o u s New York Co. Greet Impori' ant visitors, answer push button phone ind keep office pleasant with flowers ite typg helpful for occasional report







Weather Vane '71 Westfield Senior High School Westfield, New Jersey

Don't 1 get sluck in the typing ipoo Bresk the bond 8. get ahead. All client wants is a person who T Y H B curafely & has a good head- on i shoulders.

CLER]3 Essloffel limt i Esaloffel GewurU 3 4 Taasen Konfektioriiertor Zuckeru Itehwuaigschlagen und fuge hinzu: 6 Eier, i Taase Orangfcrisaft, iftrlng zum Kocben und kuhle bis es lauwarm 1st: ,T Pint Honig, 2 Esaloffel holssos wasssr .§~9*ftft«n gen«btest Oebrauccs mehl 1 Suloffsl Soda KT ofsn w r auf 350 l d©u Petg von elnem Loufi'el euf eine Backplatte. Bacxe iX* Kuchen bis aie bellbraun slud. yenji at-gekuhlt, verzieve sie »ifc 2itronenglasur Oder welssen ValHissen.

' -"lujfat in the cenooi. nsy te >i vn itcr '-t oti.er i:raivia"• .1 any legiilar (aecti.i^ of the StudL-nt Jou/icil., •nay b« »; visitor by anprovH] of tn^ i* allowed to ufAiuk, tut not to vo*o. P) Advia^re. Ih» Sonool i*lncij>al, Aealcioot PranelpaK a) and xhn Pam*.ty Advxe«7(s) to 'lo« iitutt*at .Oooaoll. chAlJ. t« aon-> voting neab'jra. The ?a«iilty *dvl»»r(c) ehail M nosinatwd by tht E*ecutlv« Coralttee of the Stu-ient Ojunall imd approve* by th« frUicipul. The Adv1eer(») ehali b« •elected Mid approved no liter than May let for the tollawtag y»«x. o. Regnlar Heating* of tht Studunt C";ncii uiiali He held at least ono» a njnth. B) grdiu; of KuBtneBc. All natt«r» scneduled on thu Vendj ehBU bf h-iadl»d firot, f o l l w » j by K»tlon« fr-» the D»ltr.«tcr-, 'f.nr T-t-h notione uey be mido by the vlmtors. The ort"«r ->f t.ialn»er o;y b« changed by « sai^orlty vot* of the Counoll. c ' .'iL'VSS' The qtiorum noceaeiu-y Jnr r. r n t l v of O,«. ','ounhe.ll bt two-tlilrito of tn« votlrw aienbtri" O

?"" Ktuaent Council Bfiall (J.VI, the

} StAidant ^ouneH only



to rurt"r.\fi~.-

conduct elecVtont, call M e trne», ocrdt.ot buaincgo MJI« '•'!.« r*«i-. i : w , :-. rsnn eot in th« W t int»r««te -.f t>,» rtuo-nt.


The Student Council Sr-ction _1. Membership. A) E.iccutivo Or ticers. The Executive Otlicars of the Student Counci, i.halJ be th'- Preside; t, V'ce-Preaidnnt, Secretary and Tro urcr. B) Drlqqatca. The tody of the- Stuofint Council shall consist lcctoci D'-logatc3. There shall bo one Delegate for oach rcpc > Visitors. Any student in tho school may be a visitor at any rcgul-ir meeting ot tho Student Council. Any other individual may to .1 visitor by approval of tho praaidont. Viaitors shall bo aHowod to speak, tut not to voto. D) Adviaora. The School Principal, Assistant principal(s) and the Faculty Advieorts) to tho Student Council shall to nonvoting raombora. Tho Faculty A6vlaer(3) shall bo nominated by tho Exocutivo Coounittoo of tho Student Council and approved by tho Principal. Tho Advisor^) 3hall bo aolocted and approved no later than May 1st for tho tollowing year.

Section, 2.' Hcctinqa,. A* fi^gMlar Meetings. Regular n-etinga ot tho Student Council shall be hold at leaat once a month. B ) Qrdor ££ SuatffQaff. Afl mattcra scheduled on tho Agenda shall bo handled first, tollowod by notions from tho Delegates, alter which motions may bo ma do by tho visitors. Tho order of buainea* may bo changed by a najority vata of tho Council. C) Quorum. Tho quorum nocosaary for a meeting ol tho council ll bo two-thirdo of tho voting uwirfrcrH. 5.. Outiqa anjj Powtr». A) Tho Studont Council shall hav-.> tho powar to raiao money, conduct elections, call meetings, conduct businoss and pas a rttaolutiona. It shall act in tho teat intcroata of the students and the school. B> Tho Student Council shall taVc ov«r th* powers of tho C o m e r claae councila. it shall acquire (unds and supplies ot th«ee council!*, which shall be appropriated for student activities.

EitaiwHng Coaaittees Section 1. Bxccytivo £gMfti£$£2, ** Mcnjbcra^ip. Mctsicrship of tlw Executive ccnwlttcc- shalJ conaiat of the President, who a c t s ta chairman, tho ViCij-Prcsiucnt, tho 5

1971 - There are a few of

in UKZ>UA Y.NQVEMRER 19, 1970 WaMsd—Mal«-Femal* Help Wanted—Malay .your entire fee an. rain.-you. Within 2 years you shoul » a f u l l y n u a l i f ...

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