2002 - There are a few of




Quo vadis.


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Faculty members show that there are no boundaries to their abilities to enjoy the activities they pursue, whether riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World on the Senior Class trip, getting together for an end - of - the - year gather­ ing, or entertaining students at a Renaissance breakfast.

There are no boundaries to the new and wonderful experiences we will encounter on our year long journey through education. Grade level assemblies, sports completitions and technology classes will all serve to ex­ pand our horizons.


Table of Contents

Juniors.......... 70

Student Life...... 4

Sophomores...... 86

Freshmen...... 102

Faculty........ 120

Sports....... ......152

Activites......... 196

Senior Messages.... 238 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3

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Student Life "There are places I'll remember all my life, though some have changed." John Lennon - In My Life

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jjutuM,Pnom \__________ MAY 18, i m It was their turn to shine. The Juniors were only the second class ever to take their Prom out of the school cafeteria. They had chosen the beautiful Garden Manor in Aberdeen. It was just a short ride away to a night they would never forget. They were about to start another new tradition. They were choosing a Prom Prince and Princess for the first time ever. The honors went to Dan Guiick and Dominique Bencivenga. The evening ended all too soon but they will have the memories for EVER AFTER.


... a new tradition continues

"EVER AFTER' became a true fantasy for the Class of 2002


This one begins a new m illennium. The first Pep Rally of the new century. We were caught up in the excitement and the com petition. We w ere, as we had been so m any tim es before, students and teachers su pportin g our sports team s, cheering on our class representatives in the tug-of-w ar and getting ourselves psyched for the football gam e that w ould be the center piece of H om ecom ing that evening. TheTug-a-W ar w as won by the Juniors, who first elim inated the Seniors and then toppled the Freshm an to be­ com e the day s Tug-a-W ar cham pions. The class cheer com petition w as w on by the Seniors, after all this w as their last Pep Rally, and they surely had som e­ thing to cheer about.




Jlomeaumncf, OCTOBER 19, 2001______

It was a cold autumn evening and anticipation ran high. "The Spirit of America "was reflected in the class floats as we prepared to celebrate Homecoming 2001. The Candidates for Homcoming Queen shivered in the chill. Holly Cooper was crowned Queen and the Class of 2002 won First Place in this their final float competition. The Football team lost to Bishop Ahr 6 - 2 but nothing could dampen the spirits of those who turned out to enjoy this special night.



Class of 2003 ~ M OST CREATIVE

"T h e S p irit o f E d u c a tio n g u id e s o u r F u tu r e ."

"A m e r ic a the B e a u tifu l."

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Class of 2004 ~ BEST IN SHOW "F r ie n d sh ip a n d D iv e rsity - U n ite d W e S ta n d ."

Anysa Holder, Jen Katzman and Takeysha Leary greeted the judges.


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Class of 2005 ~ BEST INTERPRETATION OF THEME " O ld T ra d itio n s N e w B e g in n in g s."

The Spirit of America was evident every­ where.

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Katie Mesa and Ryan Watters. Lauren Hornecker and Jorge Gener.

Holly poses with her escort Jay.

The Homecoming Queen candidates got into the spirit of the Pep Rally before their transformation for the evening. Left to right: Holly Cooper, Laura Haney, Lauren Hornecker, Katie Mesa and Patti Ryan.

Laura Haney and Rob

Patti Ryan and Dan Haag.




V We wear our colors proudly each year at the annual pep rally. This year there seemed to be more spirit than ever, perhaps because we felt more united as a nation, we were more united as a student body. Our unity gives us strength and that strength will remain with us throughout the year. It will see us through whatever comes our way, as we do what we do to the best of our ability. Senior Class Advisers; Mrs. Lucy Bloom, Ms. Sharon McLearney and Ms. Sarah Rodis. Freshman Class Advisers; Ms. Michelle Murphy, Mr. Rich Sanford and Mrs. Anne Kurzweil.

Students Council members register their classmates to vote in the school election.

Ms. Pelligrini poses in the film studio with one of her video classes. Student Council Advisers; Ms. Marianne Kwiatkowski, Ms. Lee Vozza and Mrs. Kathy Jaremba

Students got to use real voting machines to prepare them to be responsible voters in the future.


Junior Class Advisers; Ms. Lynn Baber, Mr. Gregg Palmer and Mrs. Libby Feldman, Sophomore Class Advisers; Ms. Amy Kochel, Ms. Donna Amato and Ms. Tricia Jayson.

STUDENTS AND TEACHERS GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We displayed our patriotism proudly in the lobby to help boost spirits after the attack on the World Trade Towers.

Mr. Brown takes time out from his busy schedule to donate blood at a Student Council sponsored blood drive in the auxiliary gym.

Faculty members chose to honor America's heroes, military and police, this Halloween. Back; Ms. Amato, Miss Baber, Mrs. Feldman, Mrs. Bloom. Front; Miss Kochel and Miss Maldonado.

Members of Student Council go all out to perform a welcome show for the Freshman Class of 2005.

Faculty members get dressed in their finest attire to chaperone the Class of 2001's Senior Prom at the Sheraton in Parsippany.

Ms. Lee Vozza not only advises Student Council, she also takes pictures every chance she gets. Here she shoots some Pep Rally photos.


14 CLASS OF 2001

CLASS OF 2001 15

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2002 - There are a few of

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