2002 - There are a few of




Quo vadis.


Sayreville War Memorial High School Dr. Marie Parnell Library Media Center 800 Washington Road Parlin, NJ 08859

Faculty members show that there are no boundaries to their abilities to enjoy the activities they pursue, whether riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World on the Senior Class trip, getting together for an end - of - the - year gather­ ing, or entertaining students at a Renaissance breakfast.

There are no boundaries to the new and wonderful experiences we will encounter on our year long journey through education. Grade level assemblies, sports completitions and technology classes will all serve to ex­ pand our horizons.


Table of Contents

Juniors.......... 70

Student Life...... 4

Sophomores...... 86

Freshmen...... 102

Faculty........ 120

Sports....... ......152

Activites......... 196

Senior Messages.... 238 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3

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Student Life "There are places I'll remember all my life, though some have changed." John Lennon - In My Life

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jjutuM,Pnom \__________ MAY 18, i m It was their turn to shine. The Juniors were only the second class ever to take their Prom out of the school cafeteria. They had chosen the beautiful Garden Manor in Aberdeen. It was just a short ride away to a night they would never forget. They were about to start another new tradition. They were choosing a Prom Prince and Princess for the first time ever. The honors went to Dan Guiick and Dominique Bencivenga. The evening ended all too soon but they will have the memories for EVER AFTER.


... a new tradition continues

"EVER AFTER' became a true fantasy for the Class of 2002


This one begins a new m illennium. The first Pep Rally of the new century. We were caught up in the excitement and the com petition. We w ere, as we had been so m any tim es before, students and teachers su pportin g our sports team s, cheering on our class representatives in the tug-of-w ar and getting ourselves psyched for the football gam e that w ould be the center piece of H om ecom ing that evening. TheTug-a-W ar w as won by the Juniors, who first elim inated the Seniors and then toppled the Freshm an to be­ com e the day s Tug-a-W ar cham pions. The class cheer com petition w as w on by the Seniors, after all this w as their last Pep Rally, and they surely had som e­ thing to cheer about.




Jlomeaumncf, OCTOBER 19, 2001______

It was a cold autumn evening and anticipation ran high. "The Spirit of America "was reflected in the class floats as we prepared to celebrate Homecoming 2001. The Candidates for Homcoming Queen shivered in the chill. Holly Cooper was crowned Queen and the Class of 2002 won First Place in this their final float competition. The Football team lost to Bishop Ahr 6 - 2 but nothing could dampen the spirits of those who turned out to enjoy this special night.



Class of 2003 ~ M OST CREATIVE

"T h e S p irit o f E d u c a tio n g u id e s o u r F u tu r e ."

"A m e r ic a the B e a u tifu l."

JttflT E Q


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ir'fcjn,fifii. tfc p i 1]


Class of 2004 ~ BEST IN SHOW "F r ie n d sh ip a n d D iv e rsity - U n ite d W e S ta n d ."

Anysa Holder, Jen Katzman and Takeysha Leary greeted the judges.


H' i

Class of 2005 ~ BEST INTERPRETATION OF THEME " O ld T ra d itio n s N e w B e g in n in g s."

The Spirit of America was evident every­ where.

Wtt I

Katie Mesa and Ryan Watters. Lauren Hornecker and Jorge Gener.

Holly poses with her escort Jay.

The Homecoming Queen candidates got into the spirit of the Pep Rally before their transformation for the evening. Left to right: Holly Cooper, Laura Haney, Lauren Hornecker, Katie Mesa and Patti Ryan.

Laura Haney and Rob

Patti Ryan and Dan Haag.




V We wear our colors proudly each year at the annual pep rally. This year there seemed to be more spirit than ever, perhaps because we felt more united as a nation, we were more united as a student body. Our unity gives us strength and that strength will remain with us throughout the year. It will see us through whatever comes our way, as we do what we do to the best of our ability. Senior Class Advisers; Mrs. Lucy Bloom, Ms. Sharon McLearney and Ms. Sarah Rodis. Freshman Class Advisers; Ms. Michelle Murphy, Mr. Rich Sanford and Mrs. Anne Kurzweil.

Students Council members register their classmates to vote in the school election.

Ms. Pelligrini poses in the film studio with one of her video classes. Student Council Advisers; Ms. Marianne Kwiatkowski, Ms. Lee Vozza and Mrs. Kathy Jaremba

Students got to use real voting machines to prepare them to be responsible voters in the future.


Junior Class Advisers; Ms. Lynn Baber, Mr. Gregg Palmer and Mrs. Libby Feldman, Sophomore Class Advisers; Ms. Amy Kochel, Ms. Donna Amato and Ms. Tricia Jayson.

STUDENTS AND TEACHERS GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We displayed our patriotism proudly in the lobby to help boost spirits after the attack on the World Trade Towers.

Mr. Brown takes time out from his busy schedule to donate blood at a Student Council sponsored blood drive in the auxiliary gym.

Faculty members chose to honor America's heroes, military and police, this Halloween. Back; Ms. Amato, Miss Baber, Mrs. Feldman, Mrs. Bloom. Front; Miss Kochel and Miss Maldonado.

Members of Student Council go all out to perform a welcome show for the Freshman Class of 2005.

Faculty members get dressed in their finest attire to chaperone the Class of 2001's Senior Prom at the Sheraton in Parsippany.

Ms. Lee Vozza not only advises Student Council, she also takes pictures every chance she gets. Here she shoots some Pep Rally photos.


14 CLASS OF 2001

CLASS OF 2001 15

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n a lu u m d a /u e A ,

... m-IpnqettUuf

. . . H fr A u M e n d e s i o ff o u n , p ie e d o m

*7key bu ed to- liAeaJe, uA, but they jfCulecL. W e w ill niAe j^iem the, nubble, dlsumcjeA, a n d pAoudeA, than eueA, bef& ie! tf-oA, we one A m e/uoa; we one Ifteedom ; we knew, n e ^eaAwe knew, n e luuuidaAieA,. 16 THEME

fynom oua eanliedt memony, we have, alw ayd keen told th at tkeAe ate duled we com, n et knead, lined we can not cnodd, an d koundoAied we can not padh. Me toe yo atony, in. oua own w ay, toyiny to tedl the dydlem. tide pudh the lim it*-, even- do yently, u n til wo know- exactly w hat wo can an d can not do; u n til wo know- w hat the dydtem- w ill te a lly lean.; u n til wo know w hat the linutd te a lly ate. On-dowethouyht! We bane leagued a hood an d cAuel leddon thid yean.. 9 t id a leddon th at w ill chanye oua lined. jjOtevoA. IdJe hound out th at thete ate people cu t th ete who think th at they a te akooe the noted; people who in theiA tw idted denteahjndtice think th at theiA caude id akove a ll otheAd; people who think th at violence id the andweA. A nd we dtand in d tilte l^ ohtheiA annoyance an d theiA eo il kecaude we a te the innocenld. W e w ould neuen. cnodd the kound aAied ketween yood an d eoil. IheiA indihh^AncetowaAdd-lihe leaned ud cold. 9h take anythiny h/iom the eoontd oh “9 - l f "le t it ke the yood. d iet it ke the heAoed an d the patoiotidm th at indpite ud. diet it ke the koundledd dendo oh pAide th at we heel hen, oua counlAy. diet th ete ke no koundoAied to oua indiyn ation an d le t th at dende oh outnaye dniae ud. diet ud not accept koundoAied th at w ould ke p laced on udkythode who ate ktinded ky hatnod. We Loo in a nation oh koundledd tedouAced; le t udude them. W e can a o a il ouAdeloed oh koundledd

knowtedye; le t ud akdook it. Oua h<*tehatheAd died to yive ud koundledd j/teedom; le t ud emknace it. diet ud dtand B oendleM . VaAiiety - tke. S te f. Sq u ad ituuud the dweAAity exina, cuwUculan. aciuUti&i. a e a iia tle to- the. iiu d e u i body-.

dtoony in the keiie^ th at oua hutute had no koundoAied, only the oned we choode to im pede upon ouAdeloed.

BauuMeiA. CnUuuAaAum - tu u k ettati tz u A d iO p la y tk e u iiu fp e A t ^oo tU eio

team uutluuU. noieoae.. THEME 17

SENIORS " I think your already leaving, feels like your hand is on the door." Matchbox Twenty - If Your Gone



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... r*~ ..f r ' i



Czarina A guas

Sally Ahmed

Samena Ali

Islam Aly

M elissa Amedeo

Demetrio A m og

Carly Amorim

Kate Appleby

Scott Armstrong

Dmitry Arutunyan

Qadeer Azizi


Dom inique Bencivenga

M ark Bender

Nicole Bender

Corey Bennett


What do you think? f


What’s the best thing about being a Senior?

"The best thing about Senior year is the great par­ ties and the great friends."

"The best thing about being a Senior is that the year goes by so quickly."

"The best thing abo.ut being a Senior is getting out at one o'clock."

" Being able to look back on all the great times ... and anticipating the good times after."

Anthony Silva

Jackie Griffith

Jim M atsukas

Jessica Parsler

Dia Beshara


Kevin A. Bloom

M egan Bowden

Lindsay Bowen

"The w orst thing about being a Senior is that all you have is one year left."

M ike La Fontaine

"The worst thing is the bittersweetness of every ac­ tiv ity , th in k in g h o w it w ould be the last one."

Kate O'Kelly

"The w orst thing about be­ ing a Senior is leaving high sc h o o l a n d a ll o f y o u r friends."

" The worst thing about being a Senior is that I'm go in g to be leav in g Mr. L aughery."

John Steinbach

Amanda Zrebiec

Carrie Brennan

Harry Brickman

Antonio Brienza

Jennifer Bright

Christine Brophy

Elizabeth Brugnoli

Nicole Budney

Jessica Burkard


Gregory Cavanaugh


Daniel Cesare

Tony Cha

Patrick Chan

Nicole Chm ielew ski

Matthew Christensen

Ashley Ciam arra

Richard Cierpial

Jarrod Clack

Christina Claude

Cory Cloud

Christopher Coccaro

Thom as Com ey

Meghan Conlon


Laura Cofone

Christopher Colgan


TATTOOS - A TREND Popularlity increases!

Stacy Evers has a butterfly and flower on her ankle.

Ashley Ciamarra has a vine of red hearts and a rose on her lower back.

Senior tattoos have become a regular feature. It gives students a chance to have their 15 minutes of fame. Their image choices are a means of personal expression and their way of pushing the boundaries.

Dave Delaney has a scorpion on his arm.

Nicole Stovall has a claddaugh and Celtic

Matt O'Rourke has a cross in memory of his baby brother Zachery.

Robert Conway

Holly Cooper

Michael Correia

Jennifer Costantin

Timothy Crane

Eric Cristosi

Theresa Crooks

Michael Crowley


Heather Djan has her Cancer zodiac sign on her arm.

Ryan Watters has a cross with a shamrock for his Irish heritage.

Steve Gitlin has a cross on his right arm to honor his religion.


Steve Gitlin also has a sun on his left arm with his initials in the center.

Patti Ryan has a cluster of cherries on her stomach.

Bryony Cruz

Brandon Cuttino

Boleslaw Czachor

Chad Dabit

Kristen Dahl

Brendan Dash

Scott De Caro

Joseph De Felice


N adine De Freitas

Michael Doll


D avid Delaney

Danielle Delfino

Vincent De Nota

Kyle Deutsch

Jennifer Didik

Heather Djan

Dmitry Dorofeev

Sarah D ovidauskas

Thomas Dumanski

M ariana Duran

Victoria Durnye

Al-terik Farewell

Jessica Ferreira

Daniel Fiorentino

Bruce Eosso

Stacy Evers

Brad Fassett

Ian Fernando

Matthew Fiorentino

Brian Fitzgerald


Frank Genua

Devon George

M ariam Georges

Angel Georgiev


Angela Moat's tattoo is in memory of her Grand­ mother; the cross is a replica of her rosary.


Vicky Piliaris has heart on her stomach with the Greek flag to honor her heritage.

Cristina Reyes has this tattoo on her back

Kim berly Gesell

Sabrina Giam paolo

A gustina Gimenez

Steven Gitlin

Katie Golden

Edw ard Goodell

De'anna G oodson

Michael Gorski




Joe DeFelice has a cross on his leg in memory of his mother.

Brian Hansen likes the tribal art designs and has three tattoos.

Dwayne Thomas has his mother's name on his arm.


Reginald G randin

Jaclyn Griffith

Daniel Gulick

Daniel H aag

Elyse H ajdusek

Meryl Hamilton

Laura Haney

Brian Hansen

Ronnell Harris

Michael Hart

Brian H aslach

A nysa Holder


Kristen H ubela

D agm ar Jancovicova

Drahomira Jancovicova

Kyle Jannuzzi

Stephen Jaram illo

Jam ie Jarusiew icz

Roger Jasiak

Khuiram Javaid


#1 Basketball Fan KEVIN BLOOM - QUIET & CRAZY Kevin Bloom came out of nowhere this year and set a precedence for "fanmania" like no one before him had ever done. Known to be a somewhat reserved person, it seems all he needed was a little encouragement from his friends to show himself for the "wild and crazy guy" he became at basketball games in the 2002 season. Usually in the third or fourth quarter of the game, Kevin would leave his classmates from the "Psycho Squad", descend the bleachers and, swinging his shirt overhead, lead the fans in a B-O-M-B-E-R-S cheer which culminated with him ripping off his tee shirt to the screams of the cheerleaders, the shouts of the crowd, and the utter surprise of his mother! What a wonderful way to close his high school days, with the fun and camaraderie of participation in the support of the team in a winning sports season. Kevin has always been a sports fan, even though his participation only started in upper middle school when he began playing baseball with his friends. He played roller hockey in middle school and has been participating in local leagues for the past four years. He also has been volunteering as a hockey coach assistant in the middle school for the past two years. He is an avid Devils and Yankees fan and attends many games with his Dad and his friends. Kevin has always had an interest in meteorology but is unsure if he will pursue it as a career. He is leaning toward a career in History, his favorite subject, perhaps in the field of education ( Mom would be thrilled)! He has been accepted to both Kean and Montclair Universities. He is still undecided as to where he will attend college.

Viral K apadia

Michael Karaban

Kristin Karbowski

Danielle Kasperan

Flyer Extraordinarie & More JENNIFER NEWSOME - NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! Jenn has been involved in every aspect of student life since she first set foot in this building four years ago as a not-so-timid Freshman. She has been a member of Student Council for four years, serving as a Sophomore and a Senior Executive member, as well as Secretary. She has chaired many committees and was founder of the first annual King of Hearts selection. Away from Student Council Jenn can be found Cheering for the Bombers' teams and dazzling the crowds with her flying prowess. She has been on the squad for three years and has served as Captain for both Football and Basketball squads. She has been selected an All-American Cheerleader for three years, which has resulted in trips to Paris, Honolulu, and Orlando to perform. She was selected to cheer in the Snapple Bowl and to attend leadership training camp. Other activities she has been involved with are Prom and Float Committees and Spanish Honor Society. Jenn was selected to Who's Who Among American High School Students. She was voted "Most Active" by her peers in the Class of 2002. In her spare time she has coached the Morgan-Parlin Panther Cheerleaders to two first place trophies. She plans to attend a four year college and major in Spanish, possibly with an eye toward education. Although all of her teachers have had an impact on her life and have taught her many valuable lessons, she would especially like to thank Ms. Kwiatkowski, Ms. Vozza, Miss Baber, Mrs. Bloom, and Senorita Kwiatkowski for all the help and support that they have given her over the past four years.

John Kolarin

Joseph Kolb

K arissa Kozlak

Jam es Krainski


Sonny Kuhl

John Kupsch

Sze Ho Kwok

Jennifer Labruzzo

Shilpa Lad

Michael La Fontaine

Loren La M aster

Laura Lasko

Takeysha Leary

Tiffany Lee

Kelly Leon

Christopher Leonhardt


Jennifer M alaspina

Ronald Mancini

Frederick M arshall

A m anda M astorio


Dan Haag's black 2001 Toyota Celica

SENIOR CARS Here we go again!

Three’s the charm! This is our third year featuring senior cars. There was a line across the parking lot the day that photos were scheduled. There is just something about that first car that makes it unforgettable.

Kevin Bloom's green '95 Saturn SL1.

Lauren Mayer


Adam Maysonet

Ashley Ciamara's black 2000 Mercury Cougar.

Ryan Me Carty

Lauren Me Donnell

Katie Mesa's silver 2001 Hyundai Tiburone.

Tom Dumanski's white '95 Chevy Blazer.

Anthony Silva's white '95 Pontiac Firebird.

Nicole Burrell's '99 silver Pontiac Grand Am.

Gwen M essinger

Anita Mettle

A ngela M oat

M elissa M onestime


Paul Monticello

Stephen Morris

Daniel M osakowski

Michael Neilson

M awulom Nenonene

Jennifer New som e

Daniel N g

Kerri Nielson

Timothy Norek

Caesar Noriega

Joseph N ovak

Ryan N ovak


Kate O 'Kelly

Matthew O'Rourke

Isaac O lavarria

Bonnie O ldenburg

Dana Olson

Lisa Oriolo

Christopher O sm ulski

Monica Pacheco

M arta Paliw oda

Eric Pam paloni

K sham ata Parikh

Mona Parikh


Steve Toth's black '94 Ford Explorer

Brian Kenny's green '97 Chevy Cavalier


ute's black 2000 GMC Z71 Sierra

G aurang Patel


Monica Patel

Mona Parikh's silver '99 BMW

Tulsi Patel

Scott Pauciello

Ed Goodell's red '99 Ford Mustang GT

Krisztina Bartus's blue 2001 Ford Focus

:.K m v r

Mark Bender's green '95 Toyota Celica

M arisa Petrocelli

Michael Phelan

Stephanie Smetana's black '88 Ford Ranger

Shardul Phutane

Martin Piatek


Peter Pietras

Victoria Piliaris

Thomas Pirro

Ryan Piscitelli

Mark Ploskin

Matthew Posik

Lynn Pulvermuller

Stephen Quackenbush

D avid Ramirez

Christina Rapach

Cristina Reyes

Paola Riccardo


Tiffany Rice

Jill Ritter

H asan Rizvi

Regina Robinson

Edw in Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

V anessa Rodriguez

A gatha Romanowski

Traci Romer

Arielle Romita

Lauren Ross

Patricia Ryan



Jamie has been a lifelong resident of Sayreville. After nine years of attending Catholic grammar school, she began her high school career at Sayreville War Memorial High School. She has been active in many extracurricular activities here. These have included National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Math Club, and French Club, where she has held positions as an officer for the past two tears. She is also a member of the Varsity Field Hockey team and a co­ captain of the Swim team. Jamie is a regular on the Principal's Honor Roll and is a Renaissance Scholar. She was also named an Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholar and was a recipient of the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award. Since she has always been interested in science, two of her favorite classes were AP Biology and Physics. However, AP History and AP Math have also held many memorable experiences. When she is not in school, Jamie works in a civil engineering office. She also coached Pop Warner cheerleading for two years. In what little free time she has left, this Simpsons and Spongebob fanatic likes to relax and let her crazy side show while spending time with her friends. In the future, Jamie will attend a four year college, where she plans to major in biochemistry. She would like to thank her family, friends, teachers, and coaches for all of their support She is looking forward to many new and exciting experiences.

Samir Sanu

Andrea Sarvetnick

Dennis Scheid

Destiny Scheid

Salutatorian DANIEL FIORENTINO Dan was born in Livingston, New Jersey. He lived in Parsippany until he was almost three years old. His family then moved to Sayreville where they have lived ever since the arrival of his only sister. While growing up, soccer has always played a major role in his life. Dan has been a soccer player for ten years with his dad coaching, most of the time. Although he has tried other sports, such as track, soccer was always prominent. He has recently decided to break away from this sport and pursue other interests such as academics. Not a person who likes to be in the limelight, Dan appears quiet in school and is never loud. He tends to think more instead of speaking. However, his close friends know him to be different. When around these people Dan is himself, often talking too much. While with his friends, he enjoys going to the mall, the movies, playing pool, going to the park, driving around, and just hanging out. While in high school, Dan has participated in numerous activities. With one of his major interests being Math, he was in both Math Club and Mu Alpha Theta. His favorites, of the other activities he was involved in, were the Spanish Honor Society and FBLA. His school curriculum included various AP courses including History, Biology, English, Spanish, and Math. His academic achievements have earned him the Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholar award and The College of New Jersey Merit Scholarship. Dan does not consider himself to be the "typical salutatorian",which was apparent when he stated; " I don't know how I got here, but it's pretty cool."

}ohrt Sem ulka

N eepa Shah

Jeffrey Shaute

Heather Shedlock


Shannon Shotwell

Farman Siddiqui

Imran Siddiqui

Stephanie Siegler

Michael Simba

Lenin Simicich

Amanjit Singh

Zaneta Skibniewska-Tesar

Kate Skwira

Krisi Skwira

Eric Slack

Jason Slesinski


Jessica Sm all

Suzanne Sullivan

Stephanie Sm etana

Kenneth Smith

John Steinbach

Elizbieta Stepien

Nicole Stovall

M arie Tadros

M ichael Tarter

Christopher Tesar


The officers of the Class of 2002 are a hard working and energetic group. Involved in every aspect of student life, they have made a conscious choice to be the leaders of their class. From Pep Rally and Homecoming float, to Senior Prom and the Penny Wars, they are instrumental in spurring on the class spirit of their peers, while making life a little easier for their advisers. Their assis­ tance is invaluable. But they are also members of Student Council, which involves them in fundraising throughout the year. This years officers are; President - Nicole Stovall, VicePresident - Patti Ryan, Trea­ surer - Angela Moat, Record­ ing Secretary - Jeff Shaute, Corresponding Secretary Katie Mesa, Fund raising Chairperson, Holly Cooper, and Prom Committee Chair­ person - Brian Kenny.

v r

Katie Timpson


Senior Class Council 2002

Jeff, Holly, Patti, Nicole, Angela, Katie, and Brian pose with their gifts after a holiday luncheon with their advisers.

Richard Torok

Stephen Toth

Holly Cooper, Brian Kenny and Nicole Stovall represent the seniors at the annual Activities Fair.

Rachel Towlen

Officers and advisers pose during the Senior class meeting in the auditorium.

Daniel Urrutia

Officers pose near the bleachers and with their

Cristina V argas

Brian , Miss McL.arney, Ms. Rodis and Holly review

Julia Vasilo

M indy Venta

Joseph Wands

Shauntele' Weaver

Jeffrey Wilner


Jessica Wistuba

William W lazlowski

Juliet Wong

Brian Zas

M atthew Zezza

Michael Zonkow ski

A m anda Zrebiec

Camera Shy Rachel Bobbins Tiffany Bracero Cheryl Brandt Alice Bull Ronald De Marco

Sandeep Desai Philip Dimitrakis Ricardo Franco Darren M orrison A llan Obace Jessica Parsler

Robert Phillips Emily Price Christopher Rhoades Anthony Silva Gilberto Souza Suzanne W agner

Shana Zulin


#3 Boleslaw Czachor Boleslaw is a fine product of the Sayreville educational system. Hard working and goal oriented, he has taken almost every AP class that Sayreville has to offer. He is active in sports including Winter Track and Boys' Tennis, as well as in extra curricular activities rang­ ing from Math Honor Society to Odyssey of the Mind. He plans to continue his education in college and one day earn his M.D. As his high school career draws to a close, he would like to thank the entire faculty and student body for mak­ ing him the individual he is today.

#4 DiaBeshara Dia is an individual who has bro­ ken away from the norm. Aside from being one of the first students to take night courses as a fresh­ man, Dia has represented the stu­ dent interests in a campaign to es­ tablish a youth center in Sayreville. When asked what he liked most about high school, he responded, "the prospect of graduation!" In his free time Dia enjoys building model airplanes, reading, and do­ ing other dorky stuff.

#5 Meghan Conlon Megan is a dedicated student, as well as a modest and compassion­ ate young lady. She has demon­ strated her interests in choir, Sayreville singers and Math Club. Her proudest moment was being appointed co-recording secretary of NHS. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys reading, shopping, and listening to Billy Joel. She thanks her parents for their patience and love. She wishes all of her friends success in their endeavors. She will greatly miss Mrs. Mischne's ad­ vice and Srta. Kwiatkowski's in­ spiration. She plans to major in Spanish and Math in college.

#6 Patrick Chan Patrick is a hard working indi­ vidual, who approaches life realis­ tically. He has enjoyed his high school experience and has no re­ grets. Pat is active in the Sound Crew and Math Club, but is most proud of becoming Treasurer of the National Honor Society. In his spare time, he enjoys playing gui­ tar, watching movies, and utiliz­ ing his olfactory skills. He is grate­ ful for all the inspiration that his family, friends, and teachers have given him. In the future, he hopes to succeed in a business or com­ puter related career.


The Top Ten students of the Class of 2002 are: Standing: Kyle Deutsch, Boleslaw Czachor, Daniel Ng, Dia Beshara, Daniel Fiorentino. Seated: Kyle McLeanas, Patrick Chan, Meghan Conlon, Jamie Jarusiewicz and Lisa Oriolo.

#1 Jamie Jarusiewicz (Valedictorian) #2 Daniel Fiorentino (Salutatorian) The Top Ten Seniors of the Class of 2002 are young people with unique and diverse inter­ ests. They are chosen for this honor because of their academic excellence. They are the stu­ dents with the Top Ten grade point averages and they are shining examples of what the educational system strives to achieve. They come from d ifferent cultures and back­ grounds. Some are outgoing; some are shy. Yet they are united by a common thread, and that is their love of learning. They are the ultimate proof that there are n o b o u n d a r ie s to what you can achieve when you set you mind to it. They are the best of the class this year.

I__________ #7 Kyle Deutsch Kyle is a hard working and dedi­ cated student. He has been consci­ entious throughout his high school career achieving various accom­ plishments. One, of which, is the Bloustein award. Kyle was a mem­ ber of the Boys' Varsity Winter and Spring track teams, as well as Na­ tional Honor Society to name a few. He will be attending Syracuse Uni­ versity where he will be majoring in computer engineering. After col­ lege, Kyle plans to pursue a Ph.D. and then go out to begin the rest of his life.

#8 Lisa Oriolo Lisa is a dedicated individual with a variety of interests. She can be found on the hockey field under tons of equipment as the Varsity Team goalie. She is also a versatile member of the softball team. Aside from sports, Lisa is involved in National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. Her favorite memories from high school are Lowes' movie trips and "doublelips." She plans to con­ tinue playing field hockey in col­ lege while majoring in biology.

#9 KyleMcLeanas Kyle is a quiet, but genuinely car­ ing and thoughtful student. He is a scholar athlete, who is a member of National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta, while participating in soc­ cer and track. He was a soccer cap­ tain and received All-White Divi­ sion honors. Kyle was also Trea­ surer of the Math Club. He be­ lieves that hard work truly does pay off and feels that nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it. He will continue to work hard in college, where he will be majoring in biology.

#10 Daniel Ng Daniel strives to be a successful person. Throughout high school, he participated in various sports such as, golf, soccer, and track. His extracurricular activities include International Society, Spanish Honor Society, Math Club, Math Honor Society, TAG, and TIGS. Dan has consistently achieved good grades. With commitment and hard work, he has made it to the top ten and is thankful for the help and support of his family, girlfriend and friends.



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Kri§j£*\ Dahl ^Cfiris Tesar Czarina Aguas - 26 Louis St., Parlin.

Samena Ali - 4 Thomas Ave., South Amboy. International Society.

Cross Country 1,2,3,4 (Varsity 1,2,3,4; C ap­ tain 4); Winter Track 1; Golf 1,2,3 (JV); N a­ tional Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Soci­ ety 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; Math Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Peer Leadership 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,4; TAG 1,2,3,4; International Society 4.

Kimberly Allen - 82 Canal St., Sayreville.

Crystal Barone - 207 Pulaski Ave., Sayreville.

Islam EL Sayed Aly - 88-6B Winding Wood

Krisztina Bartus - 4 Perrine Ave., South

Dr., Sayreville.

Amboy. Cheerleading 3; Float Committee 3; N ew spaper 3.

Sally Ahmed - 5-20 Skytop Gardens., Parlin. Science Club 4; Math Club 4; Interact 4; Inter­ national Society 4; Im ages 4; TIGS 3.

NICEST SMILE Lyons S t e v ft t Q ^ jn ^

James Stephen Barna -14 Dusko Dr., Parlin.

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Corey Bennett - 23 Sunrise Terr., Basketball 2,3,4 (JV 2,3; Varsity 4); French Club 1. Jean Bennett - 76 Deerfield Rd., Sayreville. Soccer 1 (JV); Yearbook 1; Girls' Track Man­ ager 1; Girls' Soccer M anager 2; Boys' Cross Country M anager 3; Boys' Spring Track Man­ ager 3; Boys' Winter Track M anager 3; FBLA 3,4; CBE 4.

Sheila Bennett - 541 Oak St., South Amboy.

M elissa Amedeo - 62 Price St., Sayreville. Soccer 1,2 (JV); Softball 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); TIGS 1; FBLA 3,4 (Secretary 3; Treasurer 4); Co-op 4 (Treasurer); Math Club 3,4. Demetrio Amog - 19-13 Skytop Gardens,

Monica Batista - 9 Parr Dr., Sayreville. Paolo Battifora - 30 Embroidery St., Sayreville. DECA 2; International Society 4; FBLA 4; CBE 4.


Robert William Berardi - 9 Oxford Dr., Parlin. Football 1,2,3,4 (Freshman 1; Varsity 2,3,4; Captain 4); Class Council 1 (Vice President); Float Committee 1.

Elizabeth Ann Bertolotti - 4 Winsor Ct., Sayreville. Marching Band 1,2,3,4 (Section Leader 4); TAG 1,2,3; Theater Society 2,4; Pit . Orchestra 4.

Mital Bava - 586 Main St., Sayreville. Interna­ Carly Amorim - 6 Rodio Ct., Sayreville. Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2; Pit Orches­ tra 1,2; Choir 1,2.

Kate Appleby - 56 Creamer Dr., Sayreville. Scott Douglas Armstrong - 66 Luke St., South Amboy. Footbal 1,2,3,4 (Freshman 1; JV 2; Varsity 3,4); Winter Track 2,3,4 (JV 2,3; Var­ sity 4); Spring Track 1,2,3,4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4; Captain 4); FBLA 2,3,4 (President 4); National Honor Society 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; TAG 1,2,3,4.

tional Society 2,3,4; Interact 3,4; FBLA 3,4; Basketball M anager 3.

Kimora Mahalla Beaupierre - 10 H aag St., Sayreville. Step Squad 4; CBE 4; FBLA 4; French Club 1,2,3; Interact 1. Jennifer Bellas -14 Gorczyca PL, Sayreville. D om in iq u e-L au ren B en civen ga - 93 Buchanan Ave., Parlin. Yearbook 1,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Cross Country M anager 1; Winter Track M anager 2.

Dmirty Arutunyan - 35 Robinhood Dr., Parlin.

Mark D. Bender - 41 Jensen Rd., Sayreville.

Chess Club 1.

Yearbook 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2.

Qadeer Azizi - 61 Zaleski Dr., Sayreville.

Nicole Bender - 29 M arshall PL, Sayreville.

Dia Amal Beshara - 52 Driftwood Dr., Parlin. TIGS 1 - 4 (Executive Member 3,4); National Honor Society 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Inter­ act 1-4; Peer Leadership 4; TAG 2,3,4; FBLA 3,4; Math Club 2,3,4 (Secretary 4); O dyssey of the Mind 4; International Society 1 - 4 ; The Forum 3; ACT 1 - 4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Im ages 3; Science Club 3,4; Light Crew 1-4 (M anager 4); French Club 4; Boys' Winter Track 2,3,4; Boys' Varsity Spring Track 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Band 1 - 4 ; Arts High 1-4. Kevin A. Bloom - 15 Cheyenne Dr., Parlin Yearbook 1,2,3,4 (Co - Editor 3; Editor - in Chief 4). Rachel Bobbins - 64 Lantern Ln., Sayreville


Co-op 4.

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BE^f HAIR '°*0s


( the many hai^tyles of )Lauren Hornecker <*° 20 go 20 ZOSOSOSO ^53>J Dan Haag

Megan Lee Bowden - 62 Richards Dr., Parlin. Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4); FBLA 3,4; Spring Track 1; Baseball M anager 2.

eo so°

Medzit Canoski - 104 Winding W oods, Apt 5B, Sayreville.

Kimberly Carling - 219 Main St., Sayreville. Lindsay Bowen - 4 Siedler Ln., Sayreville.

Co-op 4.

Cheryl Brandt - 971 U.S. Highway 9N, Parlin.

Madeline Carlson - 9 Gavel kd,, Sayreville.

Co-op 4.

DECA 2,4; FBLA 4.

Carrie Brennan - 273 Stevens Ave., Morgan. Cheerleading 3,4 (JV 3; Varsity 4; Basketball Captain); FBLA 2,3,4; DECA 2; CBE 4; Prom Committee 3,4; Float Committee 4.

Jennifer Lynn Caro -11 Perrine Ave., South

Harry Brickman - 185 M acArthur Ave., Sayreville. Math Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3; FBLA 3.

Amboy. Varsity Spring Track 1 - 4 ; Varsity Winter Track 1,2,4; Field Hockey 2 (JV); Span­ ish Honor Society 4; Stage Crew 3,4; Musical 3; Athletic Trainer's A ssistant 4; C ross Coun­ try M anager 1; Prom Committee 3,4; DECA 2; FBLA 2,4; Class Council 3,4.


CUTEST COUPLE Dominique Bencivenga e° so eou e«a .Dan Gulick o 5-n.

Nicole Elizabeth Chmielewski - 8 Vincent St., Parlin. Basketball M anager 1; Softball M anager 1; Choir 1,2,3; Stage Crew 2,3,4 (A s­ sistant M anager 4); Cross Country Manager 2; Football M anager 3,4; CBE 4 (Executive Board Member); National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Float Committee 1 - 4; Peer Leadership 4; FBLA 4; Science Club 2; TIGS 4; Boys' Basketball M anager 4. M atthew Christensen - 44 Delikat Ln., Sayreville.

Ashley Ciamarra - 63 Zaleski Dr., Sayreville. Soccer 1,2; Cheerleading 3; DECA 2,3,4; FBLA 4.

Anneberkie Carrasco - 217 MacArthur Ave., Richard Cierpial - 32 Buchanan Ave., Parlin.

Morgan. Field Hockey 1,2; Track 1.

Sayreville. National Honor Society 3,4 (Presi­ dent 4); TIGS 1 - 4 (Treasurer 3,4); Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Choir 1 - 4 ; Sayreville Singers 1-4; Treble M akers 1; Light Crew 3,4.

Christine Brophy - 95 Pulaski Ave., Sayreville.

Betsabe Castro - 31 Roll Ave., South Amboy.

Elizabeth Brugnoli - 3 George St., Sayreville. Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4).

Gregory Cavanaugh - 74 D eerfield Rd., Sayreville. Golf 1,2 (JV); Band 1,2,3,4.

Christina Claude - 80 Canal St., Sayreville. FBLA 2,3,4 (Executive Board 2); Interact 3,4; TIGS 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; International Society 3,4; Science Club 3,4; French Honor Society 4 (President 4).

Nicole Budney - 54 Hart St., Sayreville. FBLA

Daniel W. Cesare - 5 Cedar Terr., Parlin.

2,3,4; DECA 2; Prom Committee 3; CBE 4 (Executive Member).

Tony Cha -13 Gw idzak Ct., Sayreville.

Alice Bull - 9 Krumb St., Sayreville.

Golf 2,4 (Varsity 2,4); International Society 2,3,4; Interact 4; Math Club 4; Science Rules 4.

Antonio Brienza - 28 Cori St., Parlin. Jennifer Lynn Bright - 37 Hoffman Ave.,

Jessica Marie Burkard - 64 Kenneth Ave., Parlin.

Nicole Lynn Burrell - 20 P ulaski A ve., Sayreville. Co-op 4; Float Committee 3,4; Stu­ dent Council 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4.

Jarrod Clack - 68 Buchanan Ave., Parlin. Yearbook 2.

Cory Cloud - 58-2B W inding Wood Dr.,

Patrick W. Chan -17 Mochen Ct., Sayreville. Jazz Band 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Math Club 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4 (Treasurer 4); Chess Club 2; TAG 1- 4; Sound Crew 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4.

Sayreville. Basketball 1,2,3,4.

C h ristoph er Coccaro - 32 K archer St., Sayreville. Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Spring Track 1; N ew spaper 2,4; FBLA 4; TIGS 4; Math Club 4. Laura Catherine Cofone - 2 Keenan St., Parlin. DECA 2,3; Co-op 4 (President 4).


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MOST A T Ii^ T IC Sarah Dov39auskas io 20 20 °U BqbBy Berardi Christopher Colgan -160Main St., Sayreville. Thomas Comey - 35 Buttonwood Dr., Parlin. International Society 2; Im ages 2,3; Cued Speech Club 3; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Sound Crew 1.

Meghan Elizabeth Conlon - 4 Creamer Dr., Sayreville. National Honor Society 3,4 (Re­ cording Secretary 4); Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Sayreville Singers 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 1,2,3; Stage Crew 2,3; Math Club 3,4; Tennis M anager 2; Drama 1; Musical 1; Who's Who Among High School Students 1,2,3,4. Holly Cooper - 23 Byrnes Ln East., Sayreville. Michael Correia - 1068 Bordentown Ave., Parlin. Jazz Band 1,2,3; Golf 2,3; Arts High 1,2,3.


CLASS ARTISTS Rachel Towlen John Scrihona



Brandon Cuttino - 32 Winding Wood Dr., Apt 3B, Sayreville. Winter Track 1; French Club 3.

Ronnie DeMarco -11 Robinhood Dr., Parlin. ;

Boleslaw L. Czachor - 15 Holly Dr., Parlin. V arsity Winter T rack 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Boys' Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 (President 4); TIGS 2,3,4; O dyssey of the Mind 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); FBLA 3,4.

Kyle Deutsch - 22 Van Loan Ave., Sayreville. TIGS 1,2,3,4 (Executive Member 3,4); V arsity Winter Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Spring Track (Captain 4); TAG 1,2,3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Peer Leadership 4; FBLA 3,4; O dyssey of the Mind 2.

Chad Dabit - 46 Roma St., Sayreville.

Jennifer Didik - 3 Jensen Rd., Sayreville.

Kristen N. Dahl - 17 Kearney Ave., South Amboy. Varsity Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Varsity Spring Track 1,2; Varsity Winter Track 1; Float Committee 1,2,4; Prom Committee 3,4; DECA 1,2,3,4; Co-op 4; Student Council 3,4.

Brendan Aaron Dash - 60 ButtonwoodDr., Parlin. Football 4; DECA 2,3.

Sandeep Desai - 302 Lakeview Dr., Parlin.

Girls' Spring Track 2,3,4; Girls' Cross Coun­ try 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Winter Track 2,3,4 (Cap­ tain 4); Chorus 1,2; Sayreville Singers 1,2; Concert Band 1,2,3; Indoor Colorguard 1,2; Stage Crew 1,2,3,4 (M anager 2); Images 2,3,4 (Editor 4); Math Club 3,4; Marching Band (Section Leader 3,4); National Honor Society 3,4; O dyssey of the Mind 1,2,4; Span­ ish Honor Society 3,4 (Secretary 4).

Jennifer Constantin - 49 Merritt Ave., South Amboy.

Timothy Michael Crane - 20 A pplegate PL, South Amboy. Baseball 1; Yearbook 1,2; Co­ op 4 (Treasurer 4); FBLA 4.

Scott Francis DeCaro - 88 M arsh A ve., Sayreville. JV Winter Track 3,4; JV Spring Track 3,4; Math Club 3,4; Chess Club 2; O dys­ sey of the Mind 1.

Phil Dimitrakis - 87 Miller Ave., Sayreville. Heather A. Djan - 4 Farnham Square., Parlin. Step Squad 4; Swimming 1; Track 1; French Club 1,2,4; CBE 4.

Nadine De Freitas -19 Delikat Ln., Sayreville. Mike Doll - 89 Wilson Ave., Parlin. JV Soccer

Eric Cristosi - 17 Elm Terr., Parlin. FBLA 2,3,4; Math Club 3; DECA 2; CBE 4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4.

T heresa C rooks - 8 B yrnes Ln. W est,

Vincent De Nota - 102 Albert Dr., Parlin. Varsity Winter Track 2,3,4; Varsity Spring Track 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Math Club 3,4; Chess Club 2; DECA 2.

1; Winter Track 1,2,3; Spring Track 1,2; Film and Video Society 2,3; Echo Lites 1; TIGS 1,2.

Dmitry Dorof eev - 4 Dancaster Ct., Sayreville. Track 1,2; Swimm ing 2,3; C ross Country 2,3.

Sayreville. DECA 2.

David Delaney - 54 Buttonwood Dr., Parlin. Sarah D o v id au sk a s - 62 M arsh A ve.,

Michael Crowley - 22 Oakwood Dr., Parlin. Danielle Delfino - 13 Surrey Ln., Parlin. Bryony Cruz - 3 Delikat Ln., Sayreville.


Chorus 1,2,3,4.



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cISO s ' V >■1 320 *0,0

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MOST M U $ ^ A L -° 2
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K p ^ M a n c in i

Thom as D u m an ski - 23 C ream er Dr., Sayreville. Light Crew 2,3,4. Mariana Duran - Light Crew 3,4; Sayreville Singers 4 (Librarian 4); Mu Alpha Theta 4; Images 4. Victoria Dumye - 42 Marcia St., Parlin. March­ ing Band 1 - 4 (Section Leader 2,3; Drum Major 4); Jazz Band 1 - 4; Concert Band 1- 4; Pit Orchestra 2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,2; Stage Crew 2,3,4.

MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Holly Cooper Brian Keppyrs

1,2; Stage Crew 2,3; Light Crew 1; Variety Show 1,2; French Club 1,2,3,4 (Treasurer 4); Film and Video Society 4; Echo Lites 1,2.

Daniel Theodore Fiorentino - 28 Luke St., South Amboy. Soccer 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; FBLA 2,3,4; TAG 1,2; Spring Track 2; Math Club 3,4; Film and Video Society 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Matthew Fiorentino - 18 Highland Dr., Parlin. Rick Franco - 24 Driftwood Dr., Parlin.



Kimberly Gesell - 36 Pinetree Dr., Parlin. Echo Lites 1,2; Theater Society 1,2; Light Crew 1; Stage Crew 2,3; Variety 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sayreville Singers 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Soci­ ety 3,4; Peer Leadership 4. Sabrina G iam paolo- 1 Siedler Ln., Sayreville. Echo Lites 2; TIGS 1,2,3,4 (Executive Member 3,4); Images 2,3 (Editor 3); Christian Fellow­ ship Club 1,2,3; Make-up Crew 1,2,3,4; Float Committee 3; Prom Committee 3,4; Field Hockey M anager 1; FBLA 4; International Society 2; CBE 4 (Executive Member 4).

Bruce Eosso - 40 Eisenhower Dr., Sayreville. Elizabeth L. Galione - 28 Rosewood Ct., Stacy Ann Evers - 11 Kendall Dr., Parlin. Marching Band 1 - 4 ; Business Theater De­ partment 2,3,4 (Executive Board 2,3; Trea­ surer 4).

Sayreville. Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; TIGS 1,2,3; Stage Crew 2,3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Cued Speech Club 1,2,3; Science Rules 3; Cho­ rus 1; Echo Lites 1; International Society 3; Renaissance Committee 2,3,4.

Terik Farewell - 98 W inding Wood Dr., Apt

Steven Richard Gitlin - 25 Miara St., Parlin. Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4 Katie Susan Golden - 25 A rdsley Sq., Parlin. Edward G oodell - 86 W hitehead A ve., Sayreville. Baseball 1,2,3,4(JV1; Varsity2,3,4).

4a, Sayreville. Basketball 2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3,4); DECA 2; Co-op 4.

Joshua Edward Galbreath - 64 W inding

Kaityln Farley - 56 Richards Dr., Parlin.

Yacha Genfi -20 Delikat Ln.,Sayreville. TAG

Michael Gorski - 46 Pulaski Ave., Sayreville.

National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Field Hockey 1 -4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4; Captain 4); M usical 1 - 4 ; Track 2.

1-4; TIGS 3,4; Interact 3,4; Peer Leadership 4; Float Committee 1; DECA 2.

Football 1,2.

Wood Dr., Apt 4A, Sayreville.

De'Anna Goodson -123Jackson Ave., Parlin.

Reginald Grandin -116 W inding Wood Dr., Frank Genua - 33 Nickel Ave., Sayreville.

Apt 1A, Sayreville. Football 1.

Devon George - 310 Oak St., South Amboy. Student Council 1,2; FBLA 4; CBE 4.

Jackie Griffith - 50 Such St., Parlin. Class

Brad Fassett - 4 University PL, Parlin. Ian Fernando - 79 M ajor Dr., Sayreville. Musical 2; Yearbook 1,2; International Soci­ ety 1,4.

Marian Moheb Georges - 22-8A Winding Wood Dr., Sayreville.

Jessica Ferreira - 58 Kendall Dr., Parlin. Cho­ rus 1,2,3,4; Sayreville Singers 2,3,4; Theater

Council 1,2,3,4 (Executive Member 3,4); Float Committee 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Span­ ish Club 1,2; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Film and V ideo Society 2,3,4; Spring T rack 2; DECA 3,4; Variety Show 3.

Angel Georgiev - 21-8A Winding Wood Dr., Sayreville. Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Math Club 4.




,0 ^ 0 2 02 02 02 02 0 2 0j:

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*o- 'A 30

a-iaTOWi©^ W p2 02 <..,. xvO 02 0202 -% So

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1rZ3> <3> -c-> c:

MOST LIKBGY TO SUCCEED .«>*. ^^gJ^Jarusiew icz Dia Beshara -''23" -O

ACTIVE ■le<>
Dan Gulick - 8 Dolan St., Sayreville. Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Varsity W res­ tling 1,2; Peer Leadership 4.

1; TAG 1,2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; FBLA 4.

Daniel Haag - 466 Main St., Sayreville. Base­

Brian Haslach - 394 Main St., Sayreville. Foot­

ball 1,2; Student Council 1,2.

ball 1,2,3,4 (Freshman 1; JV 2,3; Varsity 4); G olf 1,2,3,4; Math Club 3.

Elyse Anne Hajdusek - 2314 Bayhead Dr., Parlin. C o lo rgu ard 1,2,3,4 (C aptain 4); W interguard 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain 3; Captain 4); Stage Crew 1,2,3,4; TIGS 2,4. Meryl Beth Hamilton -19 Scott Ave., South Amboy. Varsity Gym nastics 1,2,3,4 (Captain 3,4); Cheerleading 3;StudentCouncil4; DECA 2,3; Prom Committee 3,4; Peer Leadership 4; Film and Video Society 2,3.

Mike Hart -15 Canal St., Sayreville. Baseball

Anysa Holder -18 Smith St., Sayreville. T. A.G. 1-4; Interact 2,3; Student Council 3,4 ( Board of Ed. Rep. 4); TIGS 2, 3; Winter Track 2; DECA 2.

' ’' ) --pJCr *-*


<50 ?r\ Drahomira Jancovicova - 61-1B Winding Wood Dr., Sayreville.

Steve Jaramillo - 15 Albert St., Sayreville TAG 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2 (Vice President 2); Spanish Honor Society 4.

Jamie Jarusiewicz - 228 Mac Arthur Ave., Sayreville. Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Var­ sity 3,4); Varsity Sw im m ing 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 3; President 4); Math Club 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4.

Debra Holovinsky - 63 1A Winding Wood

Sayreville. FBLA 3,4; Gym nastics 2,3.

Roger Jasiak - 86 Snyder Ave., Sayreville. Varsity Wrestling 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Foot­ ball 1,2; Soccer 3; C ross Country 4; Student Council 2,3,4; C lass Council 2,3,4.

Lauren Hornecker - 747 Bordentown Ave.,

Jethro Jean Toussaint - 240 Oak St., South

South Amboy.

Amboy. Im ages 2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; Interna­ tional Society 4; Drama 1,2; Stage Crew 1,2, Library Council 1,2,3; French Club 3,4.

Dr., Sayreville.

Jillian Suzanne Hone - 9A M archut Ct.,

Laura H aney - 37 N o rth E d w a r d St., Sayreville. Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Varsity Basketball 1,2,4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4 (Junior Executive 3; Vice President 4); EchoLites 1,2,3,4 (Sports Editor 1,2; M anaging Editor 3; Editor-in-Chief 4); Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4 (Vice Presi­ dent 3); National Honor Society 3,4 (Food Drive C o-C hairperson 4); C lass Council 1,2,3,4; Float Committee 1,2,3,4; Prom Com ­ mittee 3,4; FBLA 4; Stage Crew 1,2; American Legion Girls' State Delegate; LTC Delegate; Say N o To D rugs 2,3,4; Students O pposed To Sm oking 2,3,4 (Chairperson); Yearbook 1; TAG 1,2,3,4; Variety Show 4; Homecoming Queen Nominee.

Nicole Alexandria H ostettler- 11 Glenwood Ave., Sayreville. Concert Band 1,2,3,4 (Solo­ ist 1,2,4); Spanish Honor Society 3,4; M arch­ ing Band 1,2,3,4 (Drum Major 3,4); Jazz Band 2,3,4; Sayreville Singers 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3; O dyssey of the Mind 1,2,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Stage Crew 2,3; Pit Band 3,4; Drama 4; Im ages 1,2,3,4 (Editor 3; Editor-inChief 4).

Brian Hansen - 356 Main St., Sayreville.

Kristen Alexandra Hubela -10 Tanback Dr., Parlin. Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Varsity Spring Track 1,2,3; Student Council 3,4 (President 4); DECA 3.

Ronnell Harris - Winding W ood B8, Apt 7B,

Dagmar Jancovicova- 61-1B W inding Wood

Sayreville. DECA 2,3,4; CBE 4; FBLA 4.

Dr., Sayreville.


Robert Johnson - 12 Swider Dr., Apt F ll, Parlin.

Aleisha T rene Jones - 7 North Minisink Ave., Parlin. Interact 3,4. Bryan Jones - Skytop G rdns B24 A17, Parlin Bai Kamara - 97 W inding W oods A pt 6B. Sayreville. Varsity Track 3; French Club 4. Viral M. Kapadia - 20 Senna Dr., Parlin

EchoLites 3,4 (Editor); FBLA 3,4 (Executive Member); Varsity Tennis 3,4; TAG 3,4; Span­ ish Honor Society 3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; TIGE 3,4; Golf 2; Science Club 2.

$02 0202 02 n>' 4?,

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r o <=> <2, tV >

r'5 § Q2

0 2 0 2 -

^=> *? >


BEST DRESSED Lauren McDonnell Matt'Zezza ^ Sq „ „

Michael Karaban - 7 Wick Dr., Sayreville.

Dr., Sayreville.

Football 2,3,4; Track 1; Golf 1,2; French 3; FBLA 4; Math Club 4.

Joseph W. Kolb - 33 Lavern St., Sayreville.

Kristin Karbowski - 28 Walling St., Sayreville. Jen n ifer K atzm an - 19 R o sew o o d Ct., Sayreville. DECA 2; Spanish Honor Society 4; Student Council 3,4 (Executive Member 3,4); Say N o To D rugs 4; Prom Committee 4; Stu­ dents O pposed To Sm oking 3,4.




Karissa Ann Kozlak - 48 Dane St., Sayreville. Chorus 1,2,3; Cued Speech Club 1,2,3; Sw im ­ ming 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 (Corre­ sponding Secretary 4); TIGS 1,2,3,4 (Execu­ tive Member 2,3,4); Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Christian Fellowship Club 1,2,3; Peer Leader 4; Who's Who Am ong American High School Students 3,4.

Takeysha Leary - 4 Giera Ct., Parlin. TIGS 3,4; Interact 3,4; Winter Track 1; DEC A 2; C o­ op 4 (President). Tiffany Lee - 34 Tanbark Dr., Parlin. Library Council 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 3; President 4); In­ teract 1,2; International Society 1,2,4; TIGS 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2. Kelly Marie Leon - 206 W ashington Rd., Sayreville. Field Hockey 1,2; Chorus 1,2; C o­ op 4; FBLA 4; Track 1.

Kenneth Keich - 884 Upper Main St., South Amboy.

Jam es Krainski - 17 Wick Dr., Sayreville.

Christopher Leonhardt - 43 Jensen Rd.,

Football 1,2,3,4 (Varsity 3,4; Captain 4); Bas­ ketball 3,4 (JV 3; Varsity 4); Baseball 1; FBLA 3,4; Math Club 3; TAG 1,2,3,4.


Brian Patrick Kenny - 1 K u berski Dr., Sayreville. O dyssey of the Mind 1,2,3,4 (Head of Team Selection 2,3; Treasurer 4; Captain 4); Images 1,2,3,4 (Editor 2,3; Editor-in-Chief 4); Sonny Kuhl -18 Pulaski Ave., Sayreville. M arching Band 1,2,3 (Section Leader 3); W interguard 1,2,3,4 (National Team 4); Con­ John Jo se p h K u psch - 54 P atton D r., cert Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2; Prom Com ­ Sayreville. mittee 3,4 (Head Coordinator 4); Boys State Delegate 3; C lass Council 1,2,3,4 (Junior Ex­ Derek Kwok - 111 W inding Wood Dr., Apt. ecutive); Peer Leadership 4; Sayreville Sing­ 5B, Sayreville. Swimming. ers 2; Stage Crew 1,2,3 (Stage M anager 3); Float Committee 1,2,3,4; TIGS 1; Jazz Band Loren La Master - 31 Oakwood Dr., Parlin. 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2. Jennifer Labruzzo - 7 Ryan Ct., Parlin. Gary King -15 G ordon Ave., South Amboy. Shilpa Lad - 17-5B W inding W ood Dr., Football 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4). Sayreville 4. Max Kleyzit - 35 Scarlet Dr., Parlin. Math Club 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Span­ Laura Lasko - 38 Driftwood Dr., Parlin. Field ish Club 1; Spring Track 2,3,4; Winter Track Hockey 1,2,3,4 (J V 1; V arsity 2,3,4; Captain 4); 2,3; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Chess Club 2; Jazz Softball 1,2,3,4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4); Basketball 2 (JV); Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4 (Vice Presi­ Band 2. dent 4); FBLA 2,3,4 (Assistant Treasurer 3; John Kolarin - Bid 92-A pt 8B W inding Wood Vice President 4); National Honor Society 3,4.

Daryn Lewis - 8 Merritt Ave., South Amboy. Laura Lindson - 35 Dodd PL, South Amboy. Jasm ine Livingstone - 7 Parr Dr., South Amboy.

Steven Joseph Lopez - 22 Holly Dr., Parlin. Football 1,2,3,4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Winter Track 1; N ew spaper 3; FBLA 4. Courtney Jay Louis -13G avelR d., Sayreville. C lass Council 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4 (Dance Captain 2,3; Student Director 4); Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sayreville Singers 2,3,4; Float Committee 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Talent Show Committee 3; Drama 1,4.

Aiqiu L u - 94 Canal St., Sayreville. Math Club 2,3,4; International Society 1,3,4; TIGS 3,4; Interact 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Echo Lites 3; French Club 3; ACT 3; FBLA 3,4.


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B lip ®

ScoiH^auciello __________ -______________________ ___

, *o$o MOST CHANGED ^ • ;«r> <-> 0aobo^ots>„ao & Jen Bellas RogetJ^siak 1SQ ?rt

Justine Lyneis - 4 Swider Dr., A pt B4, Parlin.

Ryan M. McCarty - 2 Iroquois Dr., Parlin.

French Club 1,2,3,4; International Society 2,3; TAG 1,2.

Baseball 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); Football

Erin Marie Lyons - 81 Merritt Ave., South Amboy. National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,4; Track 2 (JV); Softball M anager 1; Float Committee 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Stage Crew 2.

Lauren McDonnell -10 Jackson Ave., Parlin. Varsity Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Var­ sity Cheerleading 3,4; O dyssey of the Mind 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 2,3; Vice President 4); Peer Leadership 4; Echo Lites 2,3,4; Prom Com ­ mittee 3,4.

Jennifer M alaspina - 30 Carter PL, Parlin.

Mike McGrane - 7 Cypress Dr., Parlin.

Ronald Mancini - 9 Jackson Ave., M usical (Student Director 4); Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sayreville Singers 1,2,4; Theater Business Department 2,3,4 (Vice President 4); Improv Troupe 3,4 (Secretary 4); Drama 4.

1,2 .

Kyle McLeanas - 1 Baumer Rd., Sayreville. Soccer 1,2,3,4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4); Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Echo Lites 1,2; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Math Club 3,4.

Amanda Mastorio - 2 Beech St., Parlin.

Brian Mathis - 17 Holly Dr., Parlin. James Alexander M astukas - 3 Upperbrook Ct., Parlin. Baseball 1; Basketball 3; FBLA; TAG.

Christie Mauriello - 24 Hilltop Ave., South Amboy. Cheerleading 2,4 (JV 2; Varsity 4); Varsity Soccer 1,2.

Lauren Mayer - 23 Deerfield Rd., Parlin. Cross Country 2,3; Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4). Adam Maysonet - 7 Ash Terr., Parlin.


F ash io n Sh ow 3; C o lo r g u a r d 1,2,3; W interguard 1,2,3; Concert Band 3; Variety Show 2,3 (Crew 2).

Anita A. Mettle - 46 W inding Wood Dr., 6-A, Sayreville.

M elissa Monestime - 74-4A Winding Wood Dr., Sayreville. Spring Track 2 (JV); Winter Track 3,4 (JV); Spring Track M anager 3; Ath­ letic Trainer Assistant 4 (Varsity Football).

Paul Monticello - 71 D ouglas St., Sayreville. Baseball 1,2,3,4 (Varsity 2,3,4). Stephen Morris - 3 H aven Terr., Parlin. Darren K. Morrison - 84-2B Winding Wood Dr., Sayreville.

Thomas Merlino -10 Deerfield Rd., Parlin.

Daniel M osakowski - 33 Price St., Sayreville.

Katherine Mary Elizabeth Mesa - 25 Buttonwood Dr., Parlin. JV Soccer 1,2; Cheerleading 2,3 (Basketball 2,3; Football 3); JV Baseball M anager 2; Student Council Representative 3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4 (Corresponding Sec­ retary 2,3); Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sayreville Singers 2,3,4; Improv Troupe 1,2,3,4; M usical 1,2,3,4 (Student Director 4); Drama 4; Arts High 4; DECA 2; Float Committee; Prom Committee 3,4; Say N o To D rugs; Students O pposed To Smoking.

Michael Neilson - 2598 W ashington Rd.,

Marlon Matamoros - 90-6A Winding Wood Dr., Sayreville.


Gwen E. M essinger - 8 Lena St., Sayreville. Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4 (Duet 2; Librarian 3); Sayreville Singers 1,2,3,4; M usical 1; Stage Crew 1,2,3 (Manager 3); N ew spaper 1; Prom

Sayreville. TIGS 1,2,3.

Mawulom Nenonene - 47 Glynn Ct., Parlin. Football 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); French Honor Society 4 (Vice President); Track 1,2.

Jennifer Leigh Newsome -189 Morgan Ave., Morgan. Cheerleading 2,3,4 (Captain 3,4; All Am erican 2,3,4); Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Sophomore Executive 2; Secretary 3; Senior Executive 4; Homecoming Chairperson 3,4); Say No To Drugs 1,2,3,4; Students Opposed To Smoking 1,2,3,4; LTC Delegate 3; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; DECA 2; Echo Lites 3; Soccer 1; Float Committee 3,4; Prom Commit­ tee 3,4; Who's Who Am ong American High School Students 3; Renaissance 4.

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Suzanne Sullrgya Ryan Wattei's ; Suzanne gets adoring^io^ks while Ryan gets kisses fr^j^sbm e of their

adminer&u so


Daniel Ng -19 Astor Ct.; Sayreville. JV soccer 1; Winter Track 1,2; Golf 1,2,3,4 (JV 3); Span­ ish Honor Society 2,3,4; M u Alpha Theta 3,4 (Secretary 4); Math Club 3,4; Echo Lites 3; TIGS 3; International Society 3.

Kerri Lee Nielsen - 746 Bordentown Ave., South Amboy.

Aa 5^

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Mrs. Bloom and^Sffa. Palmer with a few

’°*>of the students who admireThem. So So ?n ^ a. _ ~ZS^ Z° 2 0 2 0 fR ^ o ^ O IS O ov>


So So

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___ _

Lisa Oriolo - 7 Senna Dr., Parlin. Softball

Jessica Parsler - 1072 Bordentown Ave., 1,2,3,4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4); Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 Parlin. Theater Business Deptartment 2,3,4; (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); Spanish Honor Society French Club 1,2,3,4; Echo Lites 3. 2,3,4; Band 1,2; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. Samantha Parsler - 43 Dane St., Sayreville. Softball M anager 1; Chorus 1,2,3; FBLA 3,4; Christopher Osmulski - 65 Creamer Dr., Float Committee 1,2; Yearbook 1; Stage Crew 1,2,3,4 (M anager 4). Sayreville. Spanish Honor Society 3,4.

Caesar D . Noriega I I I - 250 Lighthouse Ln.,

Monica Pacheco - 72 Kierst St., Parlin. DEC A

Ankita Patel - 406 Lakeview Dr., Parlin. In­


2,3; Co-op 4;

Timothy Edwin Michael Norek - 11 South

Marta Paliwoda - 20 Heather Way, Sayreville. Varsity Tennis 1; Make-Up Crew 1; French Club 2; Sw im m ing 1; Yearbook 1.

ternational Society 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 2; Histo­ rian 3; Vice President 4); Interact 1,2,3,4 (Mem bership Director 4); TIGS 1,2,3; Makeup Crew 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; Library Council 2,3,4; Math Club 4; FBLA 4; Tennis 2,4 (JV 2; Varsity Co-Captain 4); National Honor Society 4.

Edward St., Sayreville. French Club ; Chess Club; Theater Society; Im prov Troupe; Cho­ rus; Sayreville Singers.

Joseph Novak - 46 Dane St., Sayreville. Ryan Novak - 27 Patton Dr., Sayreville. Base­ ball 1,2,3,4 (Freshman 1; JV 2; Varsity 3,4). Katherine Claire O'Kelly - 14 Henry St., Sayreville. French Club 1,2,3; Float Commit­ tee 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4.

Eric Pampaloni -16 Kendall Dr., Parlin. Var­ sity Wrestling 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4). Kshamata Parikh -12 Gardenia Ct., Sayreville. Yearbook 1,2,3; Interact 2,3,4 (Recording Sec­ retary); International Society 2,3,4; FBLA 3,4 (Executive Board); CBE 4 (Fundraising Com ­ mittee); Science Club 2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; DECA 3; Theater Business Department 2; French Club 1,2,3.

Matthew O'Rourke - 241 Armstron St., South Amboy.

Mona Parikh - 4 Dominic Ct., South Amboy.

Allan T. Obace - 25-4A W inding Wood Dr., Sayreville. Soccer 3,4.

N ew spaper 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3,4 (Public­ ity M anager); TIGS 2,3; Interact 2,3,4; Interna­ tional Society 1,2,3,4.

Isaac Olavarria - 79 Hillside Ave., Sayreville.

Vinit Parikh - 15 Gardenia Ct., Sayreville.

Baseball 1,2,3,4 (Freshman 1; JV 2; Varsity 3,4); Basetball 3 (JV).

Science Rules 3,4 (Treasurer); FBLA 3,4; Math Club 3,4; International Society 1,2,3,4; N ew s­ paper 2,3,4; Interact 4; Golf 2,3,4.

Bonnie Oldenburg - 333B M idland Ave., South Amboy.

Michael A. Parse - 16 Cypress Dr., Parlin. Football 1; Varsity Baseball 3,4 (Captain 4).

Gaurang Patel -1016 Solook Dr., Parlin. Monica Patel - 2 Tutty Circle, Parlin. ACT 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; International Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Rules 3,4; FBLA 3,4 (Treasurer 4); Forum 3; Interact 3.4 (Activities Director 4); Im ages 3. Tulsi Patel -13 Gardenia Ct., Sayreville. Ten­ nis 1; International Society 1,2,3,4; Interact 1,2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 4; TIGS 3,4; N ew spaper 2,3; Science Rules 2,3,4 (Trea­ surer 4).

Scott Pauciello - 30 Patton Dr., Sayreville. Football 1,2,3,4; Winter Track 2; FBLA 4. Joshua Alfred Raymond Pawlowski - 549 Main St., Sayreville. Drama 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 2 (Musical); Set Designer 2.4 (Drama), 2,3,4 (Musical).

Dana Olson - 24 Hart St., Sayreville. French Club 3,4; Costum e Crew 3; Stage Crew 4. SENIORS 63

Anthony Payne -14 D upont St., Parlin. Film

Christopher M. Rhoades - 22 John St., Old

and Video Society 2.

Bridge. W restling 1,2.

Ana Mare Penaherrera - 33 Carter PL, Parlin.

Paola Riccardo -1315 Solook Dr., Parlin.

M arisa Petrocelli - 2 School Dr., Parlin. Year­

Tiffany Rice - 24 Sunrise Terr., Parlin.


book 1,2; N ew spaper 1; Swimming 1,2; DEC A 2; FBLA 3,4; CBE 4 (Parlimentarian); M ake­ up Crew 1,2.

Jill Ritter - 9 Raritan Ave., South Amboy.

Michael Santos - 22 Highland Dr., Parlin.

Michael Christopher Phelan - 6 Glynn Ct.,

Cheerleading 2,3,4 (Varsity Football 4; Var­ sity Basketball 3,4); DECA 2; Prom Com m it­ tee 4.

Baseball 1; Winter Track 1; Yearbook 1; Span­ ish Club 2 (President); International Society 2,3,4; Interact 4; Tennis 4.

Parlin. Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Base­ ball 3.

Hasan Ali Rizvi - 24 Chesterfield Way,

Samir Sanu - 44 Winding W ood Dr., Apt 4a, Sayreville. Basketball 1,2,3,4.

1,3; Spring Track 2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3,4); EchoLites 2,3,4 (Sports Editor); Film and Video Society 2,3; Yearbook 1,4; Peer Leadership 4.

Christina Santos - 123 North Edw ard St.,

Robert Phillips - 623 Main St., Sayreville.

Sayreville. Math Club 2,3,4; Echo Lites 2,3,4; Science Rules 2,3,4; International Society 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4.

Shardul Phutane - 815 Solook Dr., Parlin. Tennis 1,4; Track 2; Golf 3; Science Rules 3,4; FBLA 3,4; Math Club 3,4; Interact 4; Interna­ tional Society 4. Martin Piatek -175 Parker St., South Amboy. Football 1.

R egin a R obin son - 16 H arm on y W ay, Sayreville.

Edwin Rodriguez -17 Borelle Sq., Baseball 1; CBE 4 (Recording Secretary); Prom Com m it­ tee 3; FBLA 4.

Andrea Sarvetnick -10 Gavel Rd., Sayreville. Sw im m ing 1; Varsity Winter Track 2,3,4; Var­ sity Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3). Dennis Scheid - 72 Cleveland Ave., Parlin. Destiny Scheid - 214 Sunshine Ct., Parlin. Softball 2,3; Sw im m ing 2,3,4.

Peter Pietras - 6 Scheid Dr., Parlin. Robert Rodriguez -17 Daisy Ct., Sayreville.

Jennif er Schneier - 50 Jensen Rd., Sayreville.

Victoria Piliaris -1904 Bayhead Dr., Parlin. Vanessa Rodriguez - 38 Fouratt Ave., South Thomas Pirro - 20 Quaid St., Sayreville.


John Scirbona - 10 Lapa Ct., Parlin.

Ryan William Piscitelli -1 2 University PL,

Janet Seaman - 76 Buchanan Ave., Parlin. JV

A-4, Parlin.

Agatha Katerine Romanowski - 91 Norton St., South Amboy. Float Committee 1,2,3; JV Basketball 1; JV Softball 1; Math club 2,3,4; Library Council 2,3; Winter Track 2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3,4); Spring Track 2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3.4) ; National Honor Society 3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4 (Vice President 4).

Parlin. Soccer 1,2,3,4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4); Winter Track 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); JV Spring Track 1,2; Spanish Honor Society 3,4.

Mark Anthony Ploskin - 2 Sw ider Dr., Apt

M atthew Posik - 413 W ash ington Rd.,

Traci Ann Romer - 8 Stella St., Sayreville.


FBLA 1,2,3,4; DECA 3,4; CBE 4.

Amanda Potts - 29 G w idzak Ct., Sayreville.

A rielle Romita - 190 Main St., Sayreville. Gym anstics 1; Float Committee 1.

Field Hockey 1,2; JV Basketball 1; JV Softball 1; N ew spaper 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3,4); FBLA 2,3,4 (Secretary 2); Math Club 3,4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 3,4.

C h ristian S em p le - 91 D eerfie ld R d., Sayreville. Peer Leadership 4; Student Coun­ cil 3,4; Soccer 2; TIGS 3; N ew spaper 3; Span­ ish Honor Society 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Float Committee 3; Spanish Club 2; DECA 3; Yearbook 3. Neepa Shah -10 Scarlet Dr., Parlin. Tennis 1;

Emily Price - 62 Holly Dr., Parlin. Lauren Ross - 3 Exeter Ct., Sayreville. Field

Interact 1,2,3,4; International Society 1,2,3,4; Science Rules 3,4; TIGS 3; N ew spaper 3; Li­ brary Council 1; Spanish Honor Society 3,4.

Colorguard 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); W interguard 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Concert Band 4.

Hockey 1; Softball 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3,4; Captain 4); Spanish Honor Soci­ ety 3,4; Math Club 4; Float Committee 2,3; Prom Committee 3,4.

Stephen Michael Quackenbush - 202 M adi­

Patricia Beth Ryan - 6 Delikat Ln., Sayreville.

son St., Morgan. Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Film and Video Society 2,3; Football 1; Golf 1,2,3; Winter Track 3,4; FBLA 4; M u Alpha Theta 4; Spring Track 4; TAG 1,2,3,4.

Cheerleading 2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3,4; Captain 4); Varsity Field Hockey 1; JV Softball 1; Class Council 1,2,3,4 (Treasurer 1; Vice President 2.3.4) ; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Say N o To D rugs Chairperson 2,3,4; DECA 2; FBLA 4; Heather Marie Shedlock - 6 A sh Terr., Parlin. CBE 4; Prom Committee 3,4; Float Com m it­ Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); Span­ tee 1,2,3,4; W restling M anager 1,2,3,4. ish Honor Society 2,3,4; National Honor Soci­ ety 3,4 (Secretary 4); M u Alpha Theata 3,4; Graig Sadek - 5 Rodio Ct., Sayreville. Inter­ Marching Band 1,2,3,4 (Section Leader 4); national Society 1; Interact 4; Science Club 4. Concert Band 1,2,3; Jazz Band 3; Stage Crew 2,3,4; Pit Band 2,3,4; TIGS 2,3; Winterguard Michael George Salum - 87 Albert Dr., Parlin. 1,2,3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; Peer Leadership 4; Football 2,3,4 (J V 2,3; Varsity 4); Winter Track TAG 1,2,3,4.

Lynn Pulvermuller -17 Kenneth Ave., Parlin.

David Ramirez - 2202 Timber Rdige Ct., Parlin.

Christina Rapach -19 Jensen Rd., Sayreville. Cristina Q. Reyes - 4 Exeter Ct., Sayreville. Varsity G ym nastics 3,4; Basketball M anager 3; Chorus 3.


Jeffrey J. Shaute - 116 Merritt Ave., South Amoby. Football 1,2,3,4 (JV 2; Varsity 3,4); Peer Leadership 4; C lass Council 4 (Record­ ing Secretary 4); Math Club 4; FBLA 4; Prom Committee 4; Float Committee 4; Homecom­ ing Committee 4.

Shannon Shotwell - 20 H aag St., Sayreville. Colorguard 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Winterguard 1,2,3; Theater Business Department 2,3,4 (Vice President 3; President 4). Farman Siddiqi - 27 Skytop Gardens, Apt 17,

Nicholas Solovey - 80 W oodland Ave., Parlin. Winter Track 1-4; Spring Track 1-4; Marching Band 1-4. G ilberto C. Souza Jr. - 27 Macarthur Ave., Sayreville.


Imran Siddiqi - 27 Skytop Gardens, Apt 17, Parlin.


Amboy. Baseball 1-4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); French Club.

Matthew Tripod - 6 Fisher St., Sayreville.

Stephanie Siegler - 14-17 Skytop Gardens,

Anna Stanczyk - 500 South Pine Ave., South Amboy.

Anthony P. Silva - 22 Patton Dr., Sayreville. Math Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Chess Club 2.

John Steinbach -15 Begonia Ct., Sayreville.

Lenin Simicich - 31 Church St., Sayreville. Amanjit Singh - 18 Begonia Ct., Sayreville. Varsity Tennis 2,3,4.

French Club 1,2,4.

Kate Skwira - 20 Cam den St., Parlin.

Elizbieta Stepien - 37 Hemlock Dr., Parlin. Nicole Stovall - 252C M organ Ave., South

Kelly Unkel - 21 Dunlap Dr., Parlin.

Amboy. Class Council 1-4 (Recording Secre­ tary 1-3; President 4); Student Council 1-4 (Say N o To D rugs, Students O pposed To Smoking, UBU); Wrestling M anager 1 - 4 ; Soccer 1,2 (JV Captain 2); Prom Committee 3,4; Float Committee 1-4; DECA 2,3.

Spring Track 1; Football M anager 1-4 (JV 2; Varsity 2-4); Baseball M anager 2-4 (JV 2,3; Varsity 4); Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Stage Crew 2.

Dan Urrutia - 46 Calliope Rd., Sayreville.

Suzanne Sullivan - 26 Ash Terr., Parlin.

Christina Vargas - 105 Harrison PL, Parlin.

M arie Tadros - 67 Winding Wood Dr., Apt 8A, Sayreville. Images 1; DECA 2.

Kristi Skwira - 20 Cam den St., Parlin. Eric Slack -13 Florence Dr., Parlin. Samantha Slater - 28 Gw idzak Ct., Sayreville.

M ichael C. Tarter - 623 Main St., Sayreville. Football (JV); Spring Track.

Christopher Tesar - 61 Hartshore Way, Parlin. Soccer 1.

Jason Slesinski - 14 Greenhill Ave., Parlin. TAG 1,2,3,4; O dyssey of the Mind 1,2,3,4 (Team Captain 3,4; Secretary 2; President 4); Theater 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2 (Librarian 2); Sayreville Singers 1,2.

DommickSlomko-9SpruceLn., Parlin. JessicaCatherineSmall-15Hope Dr.,Sayreville. JV Basketball 1; Varsity Softball 1,2,3,4; FBLA2,3,4 (CorrespondingSecretary4);CBE4.

Stephanie Joy Smetana- 161 M adisonSt, South Amboy. FieldHockey 1,2,3,4(JV1,2;Varsity3,4; Captain 4); Boys Basketball Manager 1,2,3,4; Light Crew 2,3,4 (Manager 4); Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4;NationaIHonorSociety3,4;PromCommittee 3,4;Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; Marching Band 1,2,3; TlGSl;ScienceClub2;SoftballManagerl(JV);Peer Leadership4; Math Club 4.

Football 1-4 (Freshmen 1; Varsity 2-4; C ap­ tain 4); W restling 1-4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4; Captain 4); Spring Track 1-4 (JV 1; Varsity 24; Captain 4); Math Club 3,4; DECA 1-3; Stu­ dent Council 3,4; Peer Leadership 4.

National Honor Society 3,4 (Vice President 4); Spanish Honor Society 2-4; Chorus 1-4 (Vice President 3; Librarian 2); Sayreville Singers 1-4; Treble M akers 1,2; Arts High 24; M usical 1-4 (Student Director 4); Drama 1-4; TIGS 3,4; TAG 1-4; Im ages 2,3 (Editor 3); Who's Who Among High School Stu­ dents 1-4.

Julia Vasilo - 4 Oakwood Dr., Parlin.

Diana Thasites - 31 Karcher St., Sayreville.

French Club 1-4; Stage Crew 2; Theater Business Society 4.

Dwayne Thomas - 54 Chatham Sq., Parlin. Basketball 1-4; Football 1.

Mindy Venta -14 Orchid Ct., Sayreville.

Gloria Thomas - 13 Martin St., Sayreville. French Club 1; Sayreville Singers 2-4; Chorus 1- 4; Theatre Society 1-4; Improv Troupe 4. Katie H. Timpson - 2 Anne Terr., South Amboy. Student Council 3,4 (Executive Mem­ ber); National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2-4; Math Club 3,4; Choir 1-4; Sayreville Singers 2-4; Stage Crew M anager 2- 4; Musical 2; Improv Troupe 1; Float Com ­ mittee 1-4; Prom Committee 3,4; Who's Who Among High School Students 3; Variety Show 1,3 (Stage M anager 3). Richard Torok -35 Robin PL, Cross Country 1,3,4

Kenneth Smith - 1112 Solook Dr., Parlin.

Christopher K. Tsang - 79 M arsh Ave., Sayreville. Math Club 2-4; International Soci­ ety 3,4; TIGS 3,4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Echo Lites 3; Spanish Honor Society 3,4. Christopher Umbrewicz - 3 Alpine Way, Sayreville. Improv Toupe 4.

Zaneta Skibniewska - 61 Hartshore Way, Parlin. French Club 2,3; Yearbook 1.

R achel Tow len - 34 B ro o k sid e A ve.,

Douglas Sprague - 194 M anor St., South


Michael Simba - 236 Gross St., South Amboy. International Society 3,4; Film and Video So­ ciety 4.

1-4 (Freshman 1; Varsity 2-4); Football 4; Win­ ter Track 1-4; National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2-4; Mu Alpha Theta 3,4; Math Club 2-4; Film and Video Society 2,3; Light Crew 2; FBLA 4.

(JV 1,3; Varsity 4; Captain 4);JV Soccer 2; Winter Track 1,3,4 (J V 1; Varsity 3,4; Captain 4); Baseball 1; Varsity SpringTrack3.

Stephen Toth -11 Glynn Ct., Parlin. Baseball

Float Committee 1-3; FBLA 2,3; Film and Video Society 2,3; Stage Crew 2,3.

Nicole Vetere - 8 White Oaks Dr., Sayreville.

Deepinder Virdee - 40-1A Winding Wood Dr., Apt 1A.

Suzanne Wagner - 493 Washington Rd., Parlin.

Ashley Wancea - 502 Sunshine Ct., Parlin. Joseph Wands -10 Swider Dr., Apt E5. Sheryl Ward -190 Grove St., South Amboy. Field Hockey 1 (JV); DECA 3,4; FBLA 4. Ryan Warden - 33 Quaid Ave., Sayreville. Varsity Golf 1,2,3,4.


Ryan Watters -108 Buchanan Ave., Parlin. JV Soccer 1,2 (Captain 2); Student Council 3,4; TIGS 3,4; Math Club 4; Peer Leader 4; Say N o To D rugs 3,4; Junior Prom Com ­ mittee 3. Shauntele' Weaver - 50 H aven Terr., Parlin.

Jeffrey Wilner -14 Brynes Ln. West,


Iqiozvno boundaries

Patti Ryan and her parents have "boundless" pride on Senior Night. Lauren, Christian, Bobby & Meryl show more "boundless" Prom fun. Joe Kolb shows his"boundless" support for the Bombers!

Sayreville. Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 4; Math Club 4; Interact 4; Tennis 4.

Jessica Wistuba - 16 Parker Ct., South Amboy.

Wiliam Joseph Wlazlowski - 8 Strek Dr., Parlin. Soccer 1,2 (JV); W restling 1,3 (Varsity 1; JV 3); JV Golf 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; International Society 2,3,4; TIGS 3; Mu Alpha Theta 4 (Secretary). Juliet Wong - 250 M organ Ave., South Amboy. International Society 1,2,3,4; interact 1,2,3,4; TIGS 1,2,3; Library Council 2,3,4; Make up Crew 1,2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; N ational Honor Society 3,4; FBLA 3,4; Math Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Tennis 3,4 (JV 3; Varsity 4); ACT 4.

Amy Wrobel - 47 North Edw ard St., Sayreville.

Esther Yung - 37 Scarlet Dr., Parlin. Jamie Zagata - 32 Quaid Ave., Sayreville. Cheerleading 2,3; DECA 2,3,4 (Vice Presi­ dent 4); C lass Council 2 (Secretary); Solid Foundation 2,3 (Co-Captain 3); Talent Show 2,3,4; Float Committee 2; Prom Committee 4.

William Zamor - W inding Wood B24, A8B, Sayreville.

Brian Michael Zas - 25 A sh Terr., Parlin. Track 1; G olf 1; Light Crew 2; Yearbook 3. Matthew Zezza - 4 Orchid Ct., Sayreville. Football 1,2,4 (Freshman 1; JV 2; Varsity 4); W restling 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2; Varsity 3,4); Spring Track 1,2,3,4 (JV 1,2,3; Varsity 4); Student Council 1,2,3,4; TIGS 4. Michael Zonkowski - 42 Nickel Ave., Sayreville. Soccer 1,2,3,4 (JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4); Spanish Club 1,2,3; Winter Track 1. Amanda Zrebiec - 35 Nickel Ave., Sayreville. Football M anager 1,2,3,4; DECA 2. Shana Zulin -13 Sunrise Terr., Parlin. Chorus, International Society.


Carrie, Jill, Kristy & Janet share "boundless" friendship.

Tom Pirro and Marissa show their boundless affection.

"No boundaries" to Dave Delaney's Pep Rally spirit,

♦♦♦ The lengths to which we will go to amuse our peers certainly have " no boundaries"; Kristen ,Katie and Patti are evidence of that!

"No boundaries" to the spirit of these basketball fans.

Pete Pietras hopes that Katie Mesa thinks that there are "no boundaries" to his muscles!

"No boundaries" to the elegance of Bobby, Jeff, Steve, Gary and Anthony who are all decked out for the Prom.

Samir Sanu received a boundless number of hearts to become the first ever "King of Hearts!

Dwayne Thomas and his mother, certainly a love with "no boundaries." SENIORS 67



JUNIORS "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Don't stop, it'll soon be here." Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop

r ' I ?w /j

fa# i j J


Rabea Abbas Stephen Aich Asel Aidarbekova Kristen Aikens Justin Alberta Zohaib Alvi

Ahmed Aly Jillian Amato Dominique Ambrozia Gabrielle Ambrozia Douglas Andre' Gary Andrewshetsko

Ellen Arigorat Louisa Asamoah Nancy Asante Sam Asare-Boateng Manuel Baez Dustin Baker

Brielle Bandola John Bartlinski, Jr. Antonietta Basile Amanda Bassiely Robin Bennett Jennifer Bergfeldt

Maame Boansi Matthew Bodak Ashley Booket Melissa Braun James Bright Heather Brown

Jonathan Brusich Anthony Buono Mina Buonsanto Nicole Cabrera William Cahill Kerry Camerer

Rose Camuto Frank Cardilla Yvette Castro Farah Celestin Root Chan Kristen Chapman


Michael Cheung Jamie Chrzan Jason Ciak Tracey Clark Matt Clay Laura Colacurcio

Michael Colandrea Dominick Coleman Allison Comerford Angie Contreras Rafael Contreras Cory Cook

Jessica Cox Stephen Cox Vincent Cruz Jennifer Da Costa Crystal Daly Jill Danku

Matthew Danku Lauren Davern Michael DeCandia Matthew Delfino Kenneth DePascale Nicole DeRisi

Reena Desai Phillip Dimitrakis Michael Domanico Daniel Domanski Alexis Doukas Matthew Dumanski

Thomas Dziubak Carl Elardo Stefanie Eng Michael Epstein Veronica Esclante Melissa Esposito

Michael Esposito Julian Esteves Ellen Evers Matthew Falcone Kathleen Fallon Jessica Festa


Ronald Fox Nicole Freeman Richard Fruehwirth Jessica Gadaleta Nicole Gallagher Frank Gambilonghi

Nicole Gandero Mital Gandhi Sheetal Gandhi Karese Gilkes Andrew Gonzalez Ignacio Gonzalez

Lamar Gordon-Holmes Christopher Grankowski William Griffiths Marielle Gross Rebecca Guarnera Crystal Gutierrez

Kenji Hamanaka Shana Hartry Shawn Haslach Jennifer Hayes Wilfredo Hernandez Christine Holland

Jordan Holmes Theresa Holon Justine Holzer Michaeia Horvath Tara Hromyak Daniel Huff

Brian Hutchison Melissa Intiso Maria Iqbal Junior Jabbie Marissa Jack Christopher Jackson

Richard James Michael Janela Elizabeth Jurczak Janeen Kaufman Brinder Kaur Lauren Kelly


Lindsay Kelly Robert Kelsey Roger Kemp Saman Khan Kristen Kijowski Raneem Kilani

Steven Komosinski Joseph Koski Jennifer Kotula Kevin Kraemer Robert Kriskowski Laura Kuczynski

Michele Kuczynski Sarah Kukulski Dennis Larsen Brian Laughery Michelle LaVigne Jessica Lawlor

Kenneth Leon Kaitlin Lepre Y uk-Fai Li Randall Lilley Patricia Logan Christopher Loughlin

Jamie Louszko Stephanie Lukac Rachel Maas Kellie Mahon Gina Makowski Michael Malley

Dennis Malopolski Corey Maness Laura Manning Alex Manzo Yangzi Mao Anthony Marchitelli

Carey Marcchitto Stephanie Marshall Danielle Martin Kyle Masterson Lisa Mastrangelo Jamie Mazurowski


Bryan Me Donneli James Me Girr Megan Me Leanas Christopher Me Sweeney Dara Medina Xavier Medina

John Melia GeetanjaJi Melwani Roselyn Mendoza Albert Mercado Joseph Michals Nicole Miller

Robert Moccio Anthony Moniodis Edward Mount Stephanie Mudd Kelly Murray Megan Murray

Timothy Myers Ravneet Nagi Aishwarya Nair Lauren Naples Aubrey Navarro Sara Nicholson

RENAISSANCE REWARDS EXCELLENCE SX v reville W ar M e m o r i a l H ig h S c h o o l r e n a i s s a n c e

^ C O G N IT IO N P R O ° B f lr * Students of all grade levels who attain A' and B 's on th eir report card s are eligable to attend.


The Renaissance banner is hung for each recognition breakfast.

Luis Nogueira Patricia Norek Kevin Nunes Herbert Obeng Sean O'Connor Geraldine Okwuonu

Nicole Paley jay Parikh Eric Park So-Jung Park Jennifer Parks Pamela Parks

Thomas Parsons Jonathan Pasquali Jayson Pastakia Dominick Pavone Meghan Paul Geepy Pe

Craig Pereira Marc Peterson Meredith Phair Matthew Pogoda Kristen Poole Victoria Postma


Senior M ike Salum and the Tom Gorman Band also per-

Seniors enjoy their morning breakfast break.



Charlayna Proctor Alysha Prybylko Steve Pugh Shadi Qaqish Samantha Quintas Narwaz Ragoobarsingh

Amit Rahman Carol Ramiio Jonathan Randise Megan Redding Douglas Render Robbie Reyes

Carolanne Rice Anthony Richards Pamela Riley Gustavo Rios Enrico Rivera Megan Ronan

Jessica Roy Lori Russo Piotr Rzepka Sufiyan Saeed Christine Salazar Keith Sanders

Roberto Santos Shaun Saunders Christopher Sbar Linda Scamardella Andrew Schurmann Hiral Shah

Mamta Sharma Kelly Shaute Kimberly Sherwood Brian Sibilia Tina Silva Renee Siwaldo

Chelsea Smith Kevin Smith Hiren Solanki Elizabeth Sorenson Kristen Spanier Latia Spradley-Bess


Tiffany Starek Sylwia Stec Lukasz Stepien Sylvia Strzelecki James Suit Julia Switzer

Saad Syed Christina Sylvester Bart Szulczynski Nicole Taite Jermen Tanious Tiffany Tarr

Sara Telidecki Robin Tengelics Clement Tennaro Jordan Thomas Jessica Tirpak Prospero Torres

Jason Townsend Eric Truchan Katharine Tyszkiewicz Matthew Unkel Lisa VanFossen Gabriella Vargas

Nicole Vassallo Steven Vazquez Jason Ventura Charlton Vergara Cathy Villanueva Isiah Villanueva

Melissa Villarreal Ingrid Villegas Roger Vincent Nicole Vuono Nadeem Wain Angel Waldman

Robert Wancea Yifan Wang Paul Wcislo Latif Whitsett Natalie Wika Jennifer Williams


Kiel Williams Rhea Williams Adam Wilson Lauren Witkowski Michael Witkowski Sylwia Wlodarczyk

John Wojcik Justine Wolfle Thomas Wonaszek Greyson Woods Rashon Yarbrough Aneta Zajac

Nada Zaki Kristen Zakrzewski Melanie Zaleski

Camera Shy Christian Adler Kimberly Barnhart Jenilee Bengochea Eugenia Brennan Terry Bridgett La-Teea Butler Kenneth Christensen Robert Conway Mohamed Eltantawi Latoya Evans Bryan Feret

Augustina Gimenez Stephanie Holzer Melissa Jankielewicz Khurram Javaid Edward Juhass Danielle Kasperan Vahid Kolenovic Gino La Rocca Crystal Marte Diamond Melendez Lance Miles

Katie Tyszkiewicz, Dara Medina, Mariell Gross, Antonietta Basile and Gina Makowski are ready for the Pep Rally. Kenny DePasquale is dressed to impress for a DECA competition. Helen Vassallo demon­ strates creative locker decorating.


Maciek Mrugala Edmond Ndrecaj Christina Neville Barbara Nwaiwu Daniel Pawlowski Arthur Peszek Gregory Polgar Danielle Quartz Nicholas Quinto Stephanie Rodriguez Denis Ryan

Ami Shere Diana Simicich Dejon Spruill Letrice Thomas Kristi Thompson Nicole Thoming Alexander Valverde Helen Vassallo Ashley Watson Bryan Young Amy Zack


Class Council Vice President, Will Griffiths; Adviser, Libby Feldman; Recording Secre­ tary, Matt Pogoda; Treasurer, Kristen Aikens; Corresponding Secretary, Kevin Nunes; Head Adviser, Gregg Palmer; President, Matt Bodak.

Class council members and Mr. Palmer enjoy the Pep Rally.

Council members sell refreshments at one of the home basketball games.

Nicole Paley, Will Griffiths and Meg McLeanas take care of the hungry masses during the OM Regional Tournament held at SWMHS.

Kristen Aikens conducts a class meeting to select Prom song choices.




‘B oundaries... in everything

Meredith Phair takes control on the basketball court.


Juniors get crazy during the Pep rally.

Pam and Jen Parks along with Jen Williams show off their class rings.

Julia Switzer, Jessica Roy, Kenji Hamanaka and Tara Hromyak support their basketball team.

Juniors go all out for Halloween. Sean O'Connor shows his boundless musical talents.


Juniors push the


Kristen Poole cheers with no boundaries!

Crystal Marte and the Step Squad show new areas of unbounded talent.

Juniors show boundless enthusiasm at their ring ceremony.





Sophomores "Who knows where the road goes, where the the day flows? Only tim e..." Enya - Only Time

tr j



f m m mm*


Edgar Acevedo Camille Adamski Abiodun Adiatu Shady Ahmed Kiran Akhter Christina Aleman

Humera Ali Antoinette Alston Amanda Alves Megan Amato Danielle Ambrozia Ibrahim Amgad-Hamed

Neil Amog Jessica Antonucci Jose Aponte Maribel Araujo Melissa Araujo Archimor Arigorat

Michael Assenza Nadi Atalla Lynda Babo Wayne Bachonski Brian Baker Matthew Balzamo

Alicia Barile Candice Barker Montana Barone Ryan Bartlett Jessica Bauman Kaitlen Beilina

Andrew Beshara Scott Betzler Matthew Biesada Danielle Blekeski Katelyn Boisclair Eric Bondar

Christina Bonura Christine Borruso Natalia Botas Kristopher Brus Alison Buchanan Kyle Budney


Pawel Bukowiec Michelle Burkard Ryan Burlew Megan Butler Ashley Buxbaum Gina Calandriello

Rene Caldeira Emily Campbell Allison Capik Keith Carne Jennifer Carnevali Michael Carroll

Sandhya Celestin Kayleigh Cesare Vanessa Chafos Kevin Cheung Kristina Chiappetta Farooq Chowdhry

Gianni Christopoulos Carrie Ciejak Ashley Clack Charles Colosimo Craig Connors Ronald Connors

Dominic Conway Danny Correia Christine Couzo Nicholas Cristosi Katelynn Crosby Christa Curry

Amy Danchisko Tyra Davis Melanie De La Rosa Ryan De Lauz Roger Delaney John DeMild

Marlon DeOliveira Kimberly DeRisi Tawana Derrick Shantai Dixon Jan Doroba Wyatt Durham


Timothy Enrri Jennifer Escribens Jane Fallon Christine Fatianow Melissa Ferro Amanda Figueroa

Luis M. Filpo Christopher Findlayter Colleen Fisher Dennis Fitzgerald Kristen Flakker Pamela Flores

Courtney Fraind Megan Freeman Michelle Gadaleta Robert Galante Anthony Galbreath Johanna Garcia

Jorge Gavica Lynda Gavin Jillian Gazeko Plamen Georgiev Robert Gonzalez Jr. Scott Gozick

Christyna Grande Cliff Grandin Letisha Green Kimberly Griffith Nichelle Guadalupe Salvatore Guerriera

Omar Guidote David Haney Travis Harper Nazmul Hasan S. Moho Hassan Wessam Hassan

Kristian Hasselbrink Marquis Henderson Darren Hermann Lindsey Hohner Ryan Holder Neil Hranowski



Tara Hranowski Christine Huegel Alicia Hughes Kristen Hurle Michael Ikola Ammad Iqbal

Brian Jackowski Sami Jaffery Alan Jawidowicz Eunice Jean-Toussaint Jonathan Jenkins Kelli Jenkins

Corianne Jensen April Johnsen Shawn Johnson Terry Johnson Heather Jones LaWanda Jones

Alicia Juhass Karolina Jurkiewicz Nayab Kamal Lauren Karbowski Robert Kascin Amy Kellar

Karine Khachatryan Salman Khan Nedaa Kilani Eileen Kim Nicole Kincaid Bryan Knittle

Gzim Koleci Sejufudin Koleci Vanessa Kotula Daniel Krainski Steven Krever Roland Kula

Rachel Kurzawa Smita Lad Richard Land in Sharon Lasko Sharene Lavender George Lee


Second time... —

Sophom ores settle into their second year at S.W .M .H.S. with a new sense of belon gin g and great expectations for what the future holds.

Kristen Wistuba (left) and Jackey Smith and Alexis Tsirkas (above) are enjoying their elective Art class in Jewelry.


Ingrid Lee Kimberly Lewandowski Matthew Lewandowski Reanna Lewis Jessica Limatola Nan Lin

Brian Lin Lisa Litchkowski Jenna LoMastro Daniel Lopez Daniel Louis Gina Lubucchiaro

Brian Lynch Kenneth Lyons Isneet Madan Gabriela Madera Charles Maderal Jamie Makowka

Paul Maldonado Steven Malkiewicz Dennis Mancini Megan McCormack Kelly McGrane Tiffany Medina



Lyndsay McCarthy Megan McCarthy Sandy Mejia Richard Mensah Michael Mento Mary Metry

Joseph Miller Danielle Mitchell Diana Mitchell Nicole Mitchell Anthony Moat Alicia Montemuro

Christine Moore Christie Morales Richard Morris Jason Muldoon Shereise Myrick Ali A. Nasir

Raven Newcombe Justine Ng Ryan Nicola Thomas Nizolek Kristen Novak Christopher Nowak


Cortney Nunoo John O,Connor Ryan O'Connor Seun Ogundokun Lynnmarie Olender Kyle Osmulski

William Ott Jasmine Pagan Isa Pagani Patsy Palma Mark Pampaloni Arti Pandya

Michael Pangilinan Sherin Parikh Min-Jung Park Dipam Patel Sheetal Patel Sara Pauciello

Cecelia Payne Anthony Pereira Domonic Peteroy Vlad Petrache Jamie Pirro Aimee Pitti

Trevor Polk Mark Poore Christopher Post Christopher Proudman Judith Raba Elizabeth Racki

Dustin Raisch Danielle Ramirez Jessica Ramos Kevin Rapach Michael Ratajczyk David Rauth

Lauren Reingold Carolanne Restivo Joanna Reyes John Rice Lindsay Ritter Roberto Rivera


Ferzan Rizvi Tammi Robinson Shannon Rochford Jackelyn Rodriguez Eric Roguski Danielle Rowley

Melissa Ruszala Patrick Ryan Larry Samsundar Danielle Sanchez Shanira Sanders John Santos

Susana Santos Felipe Saragiotto Akilah Saylon Michael Schifman Carmen Serignese Crystal Shah

Niyant Shah Sonal Shah Tithi Shah Maryam Shaikh Sana Shaikh Ibraham Shalaby

Christine Siarkiewicz Fyza Siddiqui Mitchell Siegler Jennifer Simcox William Simpkins Anirudh Sirohi

Edward Skarzynski Megan Skulski Jacqueline Smith Jennifer Smith John J. Smith John L. Smith

Vanna Smith Dheisy Soto Mark Squillace Rossini St. Louis Nicholas Starace Anna Stec


Andrea Stefanelli Marcin Stepien Stephen Strauss Jason Summerer Katelyn Surina Blake Switzer

Johan Tan Amy Tengelics Shea Terzino Heather Tisch Rochelle Tissera Jeffery Toth



n a *

Alexis Tsirkas Nicole Tuesday Roopa Uppalapati Ashish Vaid Rafael Valentin Daniella Vargas

Nancy Vargas Brock Vazquez Giuliana Velasco Tanya Villacis Ashley Villafane Justin Villanueva


Class Council The Class of 2004 is halfway there. They have settled into the routine of high school and have established themselves in the S. W.M.H.S. community. They are busy with fund-raising for next years Prom and planning for all the events that will occupy their time over the next two years. They have constructed floats, and competed in class competitions as representa­ tives of their grade. Under the leadership of their advisers, Ms. Jayson, Ms. Amato and Miss Kochel, they have set a good foundation. Class officers are: President, Daniella Vargas; Vice-President, Ryan Holder; Treasurer, Kelly Jenkins; Recording Secretary, Omar Guidote; Corresponding Secretary, Akilah Saylon.

Mrs. Amato works with officers at an early morning bake sale. 96 SOPHOMORES

Omar and Daniella represent their class at the annual Activities Fair.

Aldo Villarreal Amanda Wahl Waseem Wain Andrew Wajda Ariel Wan Matthew Waranowicz

Andre Washington Scott Wasnak Keith Whitney Kyle Wiewiorski Jason Williams Robert Williamson

Kenneth Wislinski Kristen Wistuba Rafal Wojtowicz Amanda Wong Keisha Worthington Stacey Yannich

Ryan Zawistoski Joseph Zezza Louis Zezza Brian Zupko

Camera Shy Jennifer Bailey Shana Baron Renata Batista Michele Burke Vickiana De La Cruz Sabrina Farid

Meredith Fischer Giselle Fortes Shannon Fox Donna Grimshaw Finella Flonovich Daniel Inskeep Sean Marks

William Mazur Patrick Meyer Arthur Montague Reynaldo Navales Alain Perez Jessica Raub Miguel Reyes

Johana Ricardo Daniela Rocha Kareem Shahat Brittany Stovall George Tadros Modupeola Thomas Nicholas Vasilo


Sophom ores settle into the routine, [earning to recognize the Boundaries....

* i





FRESHMEN "What made us think that we were wise... We were merely Freshman." Verve Pipe - Freshman






Zain Abbas Clark Abesamis Bianca Acevedo Kerri Adams Diana Agostini Imtiaz Ahmad

Brandon Aich Jonathan Alegre Christina Allen Amory Alleyne Gabriel Alonge Alaa Aly

Kyra Andrews Linda Arthur Robert Arvanites Christopher Assenza Calvin Austin Nasrin Azizi

Robert Bachonski Demar Bailey Timothy Ballard Joseph Baniowski Adedayo Banjo Daniela Bardesio

Leonid Barkhatny Kelly Barone Jeffrey Baske Gregory Bassiely Lidivette Batista Mihir Bava

Brian Beavers Rebecca Bellotti Peter Bergfeldt Alex Bertolotti Daniel Berwick Joseph Blaszka

Eva Bobowicz Amy Bodak Philippa Bonsu Laurah Boswell Aires Botas, Jr. Perry Botchway


Danielle Boyle Peter Brereton Jarrett Brown Nicole Brown Kristen Brugnoli Adriene Bryant

Phillip Buckley Fernandez Cajuste Peter Calciano Meghan Callahan Raphael Camilo Timothy Cannata

Christina Caputo Anthony Carey Joseph Carr Tiauna Castaneda Christina Cerverizz Jessica Chan

Swati Chauhan Beverly Cho Kelly Christensen Amanda Ciccia Gina Clark Matthew Clark

Jerome Cohen-Artis Ann Colgan Donald Connors Kristine Costantin Alvah Cox Laura Coyne

Jeffrey Craig Layne Cronin Diana Cruz Christopher Curtin Gregory Czachor Monica D'Addio

Gail Daly Rudy DeLaUz Christopher Demko Annette Denion Fausto Deno Kateryn Derevensi


Sameep Desai Jeffrey Deverin Melissa Devita Shyam Dharia Rachel Di Giacomo Panagio Dimitrakis

Pete Dimitrakis Jeffrey Dingier Frank Donnelly Samantha Dooley Brittany Dusko Waclaw Dziadosz

Paul Eginton Alex Eisenstat Krystle Erickson Paolo Esposito Laura Fiorentino Nicole Fischer

Shurnon Flavaney Laura Forsthoffer Edward Fou Jarret Francavil Kevin Franklin Frank Franzese

Michael Fratto Erin Gallagher Giovanni Gargano Michael Gary Afia Genfi Rachel George

Mina Georges Justin Gewirtz Alejandra Gimenez Jessica Graham Jeffrey Grandin Cynthia Gray

Stacey Greaves Bonnie Greenber Howard Griffiths Kelly Gruytch Jeffrey Grzyb Maria Guidote


Amie Guild Nicole Hart Brian Hatala Kristin Havens Shannon Henderson Anthony Hendricks

Claire Hendry Melissa Hernandez Diego Herrera Brandy Heyboer Christopher Hinds Deshawn Holmes

Raymond Holmes Alex Holon Billy Horn Steven Horn Thomas Horn Eric Hornecker

Sidney Horton Lindsey Hughes Matthew Hundeman Matthew Janas Caitlin Jarmuzzi Joseph Jarolim

Jack Jasiak Subhapr Jayaranga Daniel Kanaley Charlene Kantanas Nidhi Karingula Jennifer Katz

Christina Kelly Matthew Kenny Mourin Khaleel Kenneth King Nicole Knight Christopher Koblos

Robert Kolb John Komosinski Kathleen Korth Jennifer Kosty Candice Krall Gregory Kuczynski


High School Halloween FRESHMEN GET INTO THE SPIRIT! The freshman took the occasion of their first high school Halloween to let their hair down. After two months of school work, they had a chance to be a little silly and escape into a realm of make-believe. They were going to be someone or something else, just for a day. And if you've done i t , you know how great it can be to have a little fun now and then.

Donnie McCoid had an eye out for adventure.

Kristen La Master Brandi Lahrman Randy Lahrman Jennifer Latz Matthew Lee Jason Lefkowitz

Samantha Leitner Robert Lisinichia Stephen Logan Brittany Lomeli Lawrence Longobardi Jamie Loughlin

Hans Louidor Christina Lozada Matthew Lucas Courtney Lynch Allison Malaney Frank Maniscalo

Aswin Mannepali Amanda Marconi Jennifer Margres Adrienne Markus Corey Marshall Gilberto Martinez


Amanda Novak was cute as a kitten!

Looks like too much cafeteria food for Antonio Ulyak!

Lisa Parks shows off her leopard spots.

Kristen Render is a Devil and Meghan Watters is an Angel ... NOT!

Amanda Zuczek, Courtney Lynch, Eva Bobowicz, Brittany Lomeli and Jessica Graham came as Cats and Angels.

Matt Simon, Eric Saltz and Ryan Torok are the perfect Nerd squad.

Melissa Devita made the most adorable Baby

James Mauriello Elizabeth Me Bride Patrick Me Carty Donald Me Coid Morgan Me Ginnity Abbyson Medina

Kruti Mehta Natalia Melgarejo Monty Melwani Melissa Menden Pamela Menkes Stella Mensah

Patrick Merrill Stephen Mesa Bridget Mesina Melissa Meszaros John Meyer Katelyn Meyer

Lauren Meyer Terri Meyer Anges Micula Michael Miele Brian Miklaszewski Honor Miles


James Milligan Krista Mohamed Scott Monestime Jessica Montanez Michael Morales Kimberly Natoli

HeatherNicholas DeMarcus Nickson Kristin Nielsen Amanda Novak Joyce Nwaiwu Daniel O'Connell

Joseph O'Hara Sean O'Kelly Devin O'Loughlin Andrew O'Neil Lisa Oberreiter Vida Opokukyei

Vincent Otero Kara Pagan David Palmer Nellay Pandya Ha Na Park Lisa Parks

Kushal Parmar Samantha Pasewark Ajay Patel Ami Patel Janaki Patel Veer Patel

Joshua Paul Steven Payne Kirby Pereira Paul Peria Karen Peria Kamleish Persad

Dana Piscatelli Adam Pita Kurt Pogoda Jessica Popowski Renee Popowski Carissa Posik


Thomas Posik Carlos Prieto Esther Prudent Pavol Pulak Joseph Quartararo Samuel Quezada

Caitlin Quinn Mahmud Rahman Daniel Rainier Nagal Ramadan Frances Ramirez Jenny Rangel

Julia Raymond Sean Reeves Laila Rehan Kristen Render Michelle Reyes Andrew Rice

Salvatore Richiusa Sara Rizvi Jessica Roberts Brianne Rodgers Arnold Romero Kerry Ronan

Michael Ross Michael Roy Patrick Russo Kevin Ryan Thomas Ryan Islam Saad

Daniel Sabo Crystal Sager Jamie Salazar Eric Saltz Victoria Salum Elyse Santiago

Erica Santoro Scott Sarvetnick Jenny Savarese Erica Scavone John Schendel Stephanie Seeger


John Serences Kurt Serge Anthony Serignese Deanna Shafran Hiral Shah Neil Shah

m m jt ic a

Jenna Sheerin Brian Sheridan Abigail Siaw Sadiya Siddiqi Haris Siddiqui Kieroles Sifen

Matthew Simon Ashley Skipper Emily Smith Jessica Sosnowski Anthony Specce Karolina Stachniuk

Sean Sullivan Elizabeth Szamreta Jessica Szpila Chantay Taylor Christopher Telson Alexis Terzuole

Thomas Tesar Vivian Thomas Melissa Tischler Ryan Torok Isha Toyen-Fuentes Allyson Trapp

Anuja Trivedi Nikita Trivedi Ryan Turner Cathy Tyska Steven Tyska Ramiz Tyumbelek

Antonio Ulyak Ceanna Urbanski Joseph Vaccaro Roger Valverde Jason Vazquez Kelly Velez


Stanley Vergara Nancy Vieira Lance Viernes Kimberly Vincent Jasmit Virdi Colleen Walker

Ashley Waresk Christopher Watson Meghan Watters Alexander Weiler Jessie Weissman Eustace Westby

Amy Wiewiorski Alison Wilhelm Adam Wilner Amanda Wines Ashley Wines Jason Wlazlowski

Michelle Wojaczyk Timothy Wojcik Marissa Wolf Peter Wonaszek Melanie Woodbury Henry Wortley

Kenneth Wulle Valeria Yautukhovich Sharon Yehudaioff Amanda Zack Ashley Zakrzewski Shaojie Zhuo

Matthew Zielinski Amanda Zuczek

Camera Shy Daniel Blok Michelle Callahan Wai Sung Cheng Craig Deutsch

Holly Dudley Mahmoud Eltantawi Alexandra Fernandez Alexandra Gambino

James Kilcomins Briana Mallory Monty Melwani Amanda Nazar

Sherry Nulty Frank Passarelli Samantha Rando Erica Sadek Jah'nair Sass



Class Council Advisers Mr. Rich Sandfort, Mrs. Anne Kurzweil, and Ms. Michelle Murphy pose with some of their officers.

Class members help with a morning bakesale.

The Class Council runs the rocking horse raffle.

The officers help introduce the Freshmen assembly to the "UBU" presentation.

Recording Secretary, Kara Pagan; President, JenLatz;VicePresident, Elyse Santiago; Trea­ surer, Kerry Ronan; Cor­ responding Secretary, Tina Kelly.







FACULTY "I can be your hero, Baby. I can kiss away your tears. I will stand by you forever...." Enrique Iglesias - Hero








Mr. D ennis Fyffe Superintendent of Schools

Ms. Carla Sutherland A ssistant Superintendent

superintendent Student Council officers Kristen Hubela and Jenn Newsome are joined by Mr. James Brown, Mr. Kevin Ciak, and Mr.Dennis Fyffe for the announcement of the float competi­ tion winners at Homecoming.

Mr. Fyffe reviews the dis­ trict "mission statement" with staff members on the first day back to school in September.



Mr. Joseph Myers

Mr. Alvah Cox

Mr. Arthur J. Rittenhouse

Mr. Michael Poll, Board Secretary

Mr. Ronald Van Tine



board of education A

L Mr. Kevin Ciak and Mr. Curtis Clark give blood at the Student Council spon­ sored Blood Drive.

Mr. Clark congratulates Juliet Wong on her winning flag design for the SEA sponsored School Flag Design Contest.


As with all things, the longer you do them the easier they become. That seems to be the case with Mr. James Brown, who came into this position only last year, but has made the transition look easy. He is always visible, whether keeping the crowds moving in the hallway of the A-wing or checking on the condition of the cafeteria. He can be found talking with students as well as hurrying them on their way to be on time for class. He also finds the time to attend many of the sporting events that are such an integral part of school life. He will once again, this year, attend the Proms and chaperone the Senior Class trip to Disney World, all the while making it look easy. And that is, after all, as it should be. If he is not at ease with his position how could anyone else be? How would students be comfortable with his authority if he were not. There is a quiet sense of resignation about him that lets us know that it is okay to speak our mind or to just be ourselves with him. That is what makes the difference between difficult and easy. When life is comfortable, life is easy. Life at S.W.M.H.S., with Mr. James Brown at the helm, is comfortable and we can all rest easy.

Mr. Jam es Brown

principal »T.“ Mr. Brown addresses the Fresh­ man at the U B U assembly.

During one of the monthly Faculty meetings, Mr. Brown takes a minute to chat with Mr. Bob Leschek.

Mr. Brown and Mr . Anderson watch a football game with stu­ dents Dennis Larsen and Bryan McDonnell.


Mr.Brown shares a laugh with Mrs. Marie Ilarraza and Mr. Steve Anderson.

Mrs. Ilarraza and Mr. A nderson attend the DECA instalation cer­ emony with Mr. Brown.

Mrs. Ilarraza laughs with students at the Senior assembly .


Mrs. Lucille A. Bloom: Introduction to Art, Sculpture & Ceramics, Cre­ ative Crafts. B.A., Hunter College. Yearbook Adviser, Senior Class As­ sistant Adviser. M iss Mary Huguenin: Introduction

to Art, Advanced Art, Art Workshop, Commercial Art, A.P. Art History, Art Appreciation. B.A. Montclair State University. Odyssey of the Mind Ad­ viser, Head Coach Freshman Girls' Basketball. Introduction to Art, Advanced Art, Art Workshop, Commercial Art, A.P. Art History, Art Appreciation. B.A., Douglass College. A.C.T. Ms. Lee Vozza: Jewelry I & II. B.A., Jersey City State College. Student Council Adviser.

126 ART

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Mrs. Judy Sforza:

Mrs. Libby Feldman: Accounting, Ex­ ploring the Internet, Word Processing. B.S., M.S., Temple University. Junior Class Assistant Adviser. Mr. Neal Golub: Marketing, Entrepre­ neurship, Marketing Co-op. B.S. Bos­ ton University. DECA Adviser, Mar­ keting Co-op Coordinator.

Mrs. Elaine Hall: Cooperative Busi ness Education, Office Management Systems I, II. B.A., Montclair State Uni­ versity, M.Ed., The College of New Jersey. FBLA, Co-op Club. Mrs. Susan Jaysnovitch: Advanced Computer Applications, Advanced Internet, Exploring the Internet. B.S., Rider College, M.S., The College of New Jersey. FBLA.

business Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Jaysnovitch watch with pride during the installation ceremony for FBLA officers.

sWMHS Mr. Golub poses with Marketing students Nicole Tuesday, Eileen Kim, and Melissa Ruszala.

Mrs. Feldman enjoys the Pep Rally with Board of Education President, Kevin Ciak. BUSINESS 127

M iss M eredith Herbert: English 302, 303. B.A., Rowan University. Make-up Crew Adviser. Mrs. Mary Howlett: English 102, 201, E.S.L. Read­ ing & English. B.A., St. Peter's College. Ms. Diane Hyer: Reading 9. B.A., Caldwell College.

Ms. Linda Jakubik-Tanchyk: Reading 11, 12. B.A.,

Kean University. Mrs. Constance Jardula: English 304, Mythology. B.A., Montclair State University. Ms. Tricia Jayson: English 102, 202. B.A., The Col­ lege of New Jersey. Sophomore Class Head Adviser.

M iss Amy Kochel: English 102,402. B. A., The Catho­ lic University. Sophomore Class, Assistant Ad­ viser; Costume Crew, Adviser. M iss Mary Elizabeth Kolber: English 402, 403; Jounalism. B.A., The College of New Jersey. Echo Lites Adviser. Mr. Lewis Kravet: English 104,204,404. B.S., Rutgers


Mr. Tim Laughery: Reading 10, 11. B.A., William Paterson College. Boys' J.V. Basketball Head Coach, Boys' Varsity Basketball and Baseball Assistant Coach. Mrs. Judith Mischne: English 302, 303; A.P. English 1. B.A., Douglas College. Suzanne M. M uszynski: English 102,202; Creative

Writing. B.A., The College of New Jersey. Images Adviser.


Mr. Gregg Palmer: Reading 9, 10. B.A., Montclair State University. Junior Class Head Adviser. M s. S u san P ellegrin i: Communication Arts Through Television 1,11, Independent Study. M.A., Montclair State University. Film & Video Society.

Dr. Michael A. Piccuirro: Theatre 1, II, & Work­ shop, E.S.l. B.A., Rowen University, M. A. .Montclair University, M.A., Kean University, PhD, Drew Uni­ versity. Drama and Musical Director, Theatre So­ ciety and Improve Troupe Adviser.

Mrs. Janet Scordinsky: English 402, A.P. English 2.

B.A., Douglass College, M.A., Kean University. ACT Adviser. Ms. Dolores M. Sum inski: English 101, 203. B.A.,

Montclair State University. M iss Juli Trailer: English 202, 403. B.S., University

of Alabama.

Ms. Patrice Troutman: Mythology, English 304.

B.A., Messiah College; M.A., Wayne State College. Mr. George Vanderbeek: English 302, 303; Mys­

teries In Fiction and Film. B.A., Adelphi Univer­ sity, M.S., Queens College. Mr. Jason Wingerter: English 102,103. B.A., Geor­

gian Court College. Cam era Shy: Mrs. Susan Mills; Mr. Richard


Mrs. Suminski and Mrs.Scordinski check over materials at a staff workshop.

Miss Kochel is busy grading papers. ENGLISH 129

Mrs. Bal helps senior Stacy Evers with her college applications.

Mrs. Marie Lake:

Supervisor of Guidance. M.S., Indiana University.

Mrs- Kingsmore, Mrs. Bal and Mrs. Hefelfinger sort through test booklets.

guidance Mrs. Kelly A. Bal: B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M. A., College of New Jersey. Mrs. Elena M. Burrows: B.A., Geor­ gian Court, M.A., Kean University. Mrs. Janet Chizm edia: Student

Assistance Counselor.

Mr. Daniel Feldman: M.A., Colum­

bia University. Mrs. Janet M. H efelfinger: B.S., Lock

Haven University, M.S., Kean Uni­ versity. M rs. Lenore M. K ingsm ore: B.A.,

Rutgers College, M.A., Kean College.


Mrs. Patti Borak: Foods and Nutrition I, II, Gour­

met Cooking, Parenting and Child Development, Family and Consumer Science. B.S., University of Rhode Island. Mr. Charles Dem skis: Auto I, II, III. B.A., Kean University. Theatre and Set Design.

Mr. D ouglas A. Passaro: Architecture, Elements of Design, Engineering Drawing, Machine De­ sign, Wood III, and Independent Study. B.A., Kean University. Football Video Technician, Win­ ter Track Assistant Coach. Mr. Richard Sandfort: Wood I, II, Auto Technol­ ogy II. B.S., Montclair State University, M.S., Mem­ phis State University. Freshman Class Assistant Adviser.

home economics & industrial education


M iss Dawn Lindgren: B. A. & M.A.T.,

Bingham ton U niversity; M .L.S., Rutgers University Library Council. M iss Sharon McLarney: Peer Leader­ ship. B.A., Rowan College; M.S. Drexel University. Library Council; Senior Class Head Adviser.

library Librarians hard at work behind the front desk.

Library Council members Tiffany Lee and Laila Rehan repre­ sent their club at the an­ nual activites fair.


Mrs. D enise Brown: Nurse.

B.S., New York University. Mrs. V irginia Kania: Nurse. B.S., Hood College, R.N. Brookdale Community Col­ lege.

nurse Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Kania watch the entertainment at a Renaissance breakfast. Nurse Brown explains the Heimleich maneuver at an in service workshop. 132 1 1BRARY / NURSE

Mr. Paul Caruso: Jazz Studies, Music Theory, Concert Band. B.M.E., M.M. Rutgers University. Marching Band and Jazz Ensemble Director.

Mr. James Craft: Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Voice Training. B.M.E., Westminster Choir College. Technical Director, Sayreville Singers, Treblemakers, Vox Humania.

music Mr. Caruso plays with the band at the Woodbridge game.

Mr. Caruso con­ ducts the orchestra during the holiday concert.

Mr. Craft checks the sound system for a performance. MUSIC 133

Mr. Eyerman reviews HSPT Math.

v sk

» .<


. . a . .................. L J& jr . . . .





mathematics Mr. N icholas C ifelli: HSPT Math 11,

12. B.A., Rutgers University, M.A., Jersey City State College. Varsity Soc­ cer Head Coach, Peer Leadership Ad­ viser. Mr. Richard Eyerman: HSPT Math 9. B.S, Pennsylvania State University; M.Ed, Rutgers. Mr. Fred G ilfillan: Computer Pro­ gramming. B.S., Clarion University. M s. Barbara Johnson: Algebra II, Probability/ Matrix Algebra. B.A., Montclair State University. Mr. Robert Leschek: Algebra I, HSPT

Math. B.S., N.J.I.T.;M.B.A., Rutgers University. M iss Stephanie M aldonado: Geom­ etry, Algebra II. B.A., University of Pennsylvania. Step Squad Adviser.

Mrs. Carol F. McCormack: Precalcu­ lus, Algebra III. M. Ed, Seton Hall University. National Honor Society Adviser. Mrs. Patricia Meyer: Geometry 9,10.

BA, Jersey City State University. As­ sistant Director Theatre Society. Mr. Richard Nemshick: Algebra 1, General Math 1. B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.Ed, Widener Uni­ versity. Chess Club Adviser.


Mrs. Vasquez helps Cristina Vargas with Calculus.

Mr. Robert Preston: Geometry, Algebra 1

B.S., University of Scranton; B.S. William Paterson University. Assistant Football and Boys' Spring Track Coach. Ms. Sarah Rodis: Geometry, HSPT Math 11, Algebra f. B.S. William Paterson University. Swim Coach, Senior Class Assistant Ad­ viser. Mrs. Eleanor Schneider: Algebra 1, 11. B.S.,

Brooklyn College. Math Club Adviser.

Mr. Gaylord Sohayda: General Math 1, Com­

puter Math 1, II. M.A., Kean University. Ms. Annette C. Sowa: Precalculus, Calcu­ lus, AP Math. B. A., Douglass College; M.Ed., Rutgers University. Mrs. Jennifer Vasquez: AP & Pre-Calculus,

Calculus. B.A. & Ed. M., Rutgers Univer­ sity. Mu Alpha Theta Adviser.

Mr. Anthony Wilkinson: Pre-Algebra, HSPT

Math 10. B.S., University of Michigan; J.D, Yale Law School.

Mr. Cifelli has the attention of his HSPT Math class.

Mr. Gilfillan's programming class shows their skills.

Ms, Rodis' class plays math games. MATHEMATICS 135

Mr. Hefelfinger goes over the rules of sportsmanship before a basketball game.

physical education

Mrs. Linda Carney: Health, Physical

Education, Peer Leadership. B.S., Con­ cord College. Mr. K ris Correll: Health, Physical Education. B.S.Ed., Ashland Univer­ sity. Girls' Spring Track Head Coach. Mrs. Patricia Feltz: Health, Physical

Education. B.S., M.Ed, College of New Jersey. Girls' Cross Country Coach.

Mr. Larry Helwig: Health, Physical Education. B.S., East Stroudsburg University. Golf Head Coach. Mr. G. Jaw orski: Health, Physical

Education. B.S., Montclair State Uni­ versity. Boys' Basketball Head Coach. Mr. George N ajjar: Health, Physical

Education. M.S., City College of New York. Football Head Coach.


Ms. Janet L. Ryan: Health, Physical Education, Driver Education. B.S., Westchester University. Varsity Softball Head Coach. Mr. Bill Scarola: Health, Physical Education, Driver

Education. B.S., Murray State University, M.A., Trenton State University. Boys' & Girls' Winter Track and Boys' Spring Track Head Coach. M iss Tammy Tanzola: Driver Education, CPR &

First Aid, Health, Athletic Conditioning, Physical Education. B.A., Kean University. Athletic Train­ ers' Assistant Club, Football Managers Club.

Mr. John Tyszkiewicz: Health, Physical Educa­

tion. B.S., University of Chatanooga. Boys' & Girls' Winter track Assistant Coach. Mr. Leonard W. Zaleski: Health, Physical Educa­

tion. B.S., New York University, M.Ed., The Col­ lege of New Jersey. Wrestling Head Coach.

Ms. Tanzola explains athletic training to her class.

Coach Jaworksi cleans the backboard before the final home game.

Coach Najjar gives James Krainski his trophy at the annual Touchdown Banquet. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 137

Mr. Krzynowek explains the lesson to his Physical Science students.

Mrs. Bill's class is in the libaray for some research.

science Mrs. Christine Bill: CP Biology, the Human Experience. B.A., Rutgers University. Science Rules Co-Adviser. Mr. Mark Cicciari: Physical Science.

M.S. Cornell University. Mr. Tom Gorman: Physical Science, CP Chemistry, AP Chemistry. B.A., Rutgers, M.B.A. Fairleigh Dickenson University.

Mrs. Clare M. Goscienski: Biology, Ecology, TAG Program. B.S., St. Peter's College. Interact Adviser. Mr. Brian Heineman: CP Biology, General Biology. B.S., Cook College; M.S. Ramapo College. Spring Track Assistant Coach. Mrs. Gina Heineman: CP Biology, General Biology. B.S., Cook College. TIGS Adviser.


M iss Mary Beth lannacone: General Physical Science, CP Biology. B.A., Douglass College. Science Club CoAdviser. Dr. Monika Jaeger: CP Chemistry, General Physical Science. Ph.D., Uni­ versity of Konstanz, Germany. Mr. Robert Krzynowek: Earth Sci­

ence, Astronomy, General Physical Science. B.S., Monomouth University.

Ms. Marianne Kwiatkow ski: AP Bi­ ology, CP Chemistry. B.A., Douglass College. Student Council Adviser. Mr. Greg Milan: Physical Science, CP

Chemistry. B.S., Trenton State Col­ lege. Mr. Frank Ortiz: Physical Science,

Physics. B.A., M.Ed., Rutgers Univer­ sity. Mr. Matthew Pazinko: Physical Sci­ ence. B.A., Rutgers Univeristy. Fresh­ man Football Coach, Wrestling and Track Assistant Coach, Peer Leader­ ship. Mr. John Rickie: Physical Science, Chemistry. B.A., DePauw University, M.B.A. University of San Francisco.

Mrs. Ffeineman's class constructs the digestive system. SCIENCE 139

Mr. Robert Hudock:

Humanities Supervisor, M.A., Trenton State College Mrs. Woolf goes over an assign­ ment with Amanda Figueroa. Mrs.O'Connell has the class's full attention.

Mr. Kennedy seems to be enjoying this History lesson.

social studies Mr. Stewart Cress: U.S. History I, Current

History, Social Issues. B. A., Fairleigh Dickinson University. M iss Christa DeLucia: World History. B.A., Kean College. International Society, J.V. Field Hockey Coach. Mr. W illiam Doll: U.S. History II, Street Law.

B.S., University of North Alabama.

Mr. Joseph Goscienski: World History, World Geography, Comparative Cultures, Survey U.S. History I. B.S., St. Peter's College. J.V. Boys' Soccer Assistant Coach, Football Announcer, Athletic Assistant. Mr. Steve Gozora: U.S. History I, Survey U.S. History I. B.S., Millersville State University. Mrs. Kathryn Jarem ba: U.S. History I, Survey

U.S. History I. B.S., Kean College.


Mr. jam es Kennedy: U.S. History II, World History. B.S., Seton Hall University. Mr. Peter Nicolaison: World History. B.A., Trenton State University. Mrs. Lorraine O'Connell: World History II, Survey U.S. History II. B.S., Seton Hall Univer­ sity.

Mr. Donald J. Pryor: U.S. History I, II. B.A.,

Rutgers University. Mr. Robert Szabo: U.S. History II, A.P. U.S. History II. B.A. Rider University, M.Ed. Rutgers University. Mrs. Angela Tomczyk: U.S. History, AP His­ tory I. B.A., Douglas College.

Mrs. Mary Beth Woolf: U.S. History I, Survey U.S. History I. B.A., Trenton State College, M. A., Seton Hall University.

Mrs. Tomczyk takes time out of her busy day to work out in the weight room.


Ms. Golder, Ms. Amato and Ms. Bulla wait for a faculty meeting to begin.

special education Ms. Donna Amato: HSPT Math 10, Math 11, En­ glish 405. B.A., Kean College. Assistant Sopho­ more Class Adviser, Christian Fellowship Club Adviser. Mrs. A nnabelle Boehm: Reading A, English 105, 305, ICS Biology. B.A.; M.A., Kean University. M s. Diane Bulla: English 205, World History,

World History ICS - Resource. B. A., Kean Univer­ sity.

Mrs. Christine K. Gola: English 205, Reading A,

Math 10. B.A., Marywood College, M.Ed. Rutgers University. M s. D ebra Lynn Golder: Psychology, Math 9,11.

B.S., Kean College. Mrs. Anne Kurz weil: Reading B, U.S. History 1,11, Survey U.S. History I in Class Support. B.S., Lock Haven University, M. A., New Jersey City Univer­ sity. Head Freshman Class Adviser.


M iss Karen Adamson: Spanish I, li.

B.A., Drew University. M iss Lynne Baber: Spanish I, III. B. A.,

Douglass College. Cheerleading Coach, Assistant Junior Class Adviser. Mrs. Maria Doremus: Spanish I, II.

B.A., Waynesburg University.

M iss. Gwen G rossling: Spanish 1, III.

B.A., Fordham University. M iss Heather Hodsden: French I - V.

B.A. Rider Universtiy. French Club, French National Honor Society Ad­ viser. Ms. Christine Kwiatkow ski: Spanish III, IV, A.P. B.A., Douglass College. Spanish Honor Society Adviser.

Ms. M ichelle Murphy: Spanish I, II. B.A., Lycoming College. Assistant Freshman Class Adviser. Mrs. Lori Rosen: Spanish I, II. B.A.,

Rutgers University.

world languages Mrs. Rosen shows her endless enthusiasm.

Ms. Murphy gives some assistance to her student.



secretaries w Mrs. Patti Wlodarczyk

Mrs. Maureen Graverson

Mrs. Lori Zakrzewski

Mrs. Linda Appleby 144 SECRETARIES

custodians A

S S M .U



Mr. Eric Pieklo

Mr. Joe Fitzgerald

Mr. Victor Narkiewicz & Mrs. Arlene Hoyberg

Mr. Fred Bartz

Mr. Bobby Grobelay

Mr. Edward Kwiatkowski


Mrs. Ortenzio and Mrs. DeLeto serve the students with a smile.

Anne Cosentino takes a break from selling snacks.

Mrs. Black is serious about finances.

Mrs. Marggie Caro and Mrs. Shelly Jenkins.

Mrs. Diane Bansemer and Mrs. Mary Jo Schendel keep the students well fed. Mrs. Pat Lieberman serves up food, hot from the oven.


Mr. Ron Morgan is serious about his hallway patrol. Mr. Clarence Tay takes up his post outside the cafeteria.

security monitors

Mrs. Patti Wlodarczyk keeps an eye on things in front of the auditorium. Patti and Clarence watch the cafeteria.

M r. A i

Bolk does cafeteria duty with one of Sayreville's police officers.




-Y i: i

T« r



T T V 'W '- 'D A OT- ]


— — “ --------





J j SPORTS 153

Mike Parse gets out of the way as Jeff Toth throws for the out.

Doug Sprague focuses on his swing.

Isaac Olavarria comes in from the out­ field to make a crucial catch.

Steve Toth puts a good effort into this swing.

Dan Gulick sends one into center field.


The Freshman Team

The J.V. Team

Ed Goodell winds up for the final out.

Although the Varsity Baseball Team fin­ ished the season with a d - 13 record, the young Bombers proved to be a very com­ petitive and enthusiastic group. Under the guidance of Coaches Cifelli and Novak, they defeated number one ranked John F, Kennedy on opening day but fell to State Champion Roxbury in a close game later in the season. Michael Parse and Dan Gulick, who took Co - Players of the Year Award, provided the team with the motivation and competitive spirit needed to work hard and produce results. Captain Keith Gulick led the team both on and off the field with his desire to be successful. The Team looks forward to an even more successful season next year.

Back Row: Coach Novak, Keith Naylor, Sean O'Connor, Justin Misana, Ryan McCarthy, Ed Goodell, Coach Cifelli. 2nd Row: Keith Gulick, Steve Monteleone, Ryan Novak, Mike Parse, Dan Gulick, Steve Toth. Front Row: Issac Olavarria, Mike Phelan, Jeff Toth, Doug Sprague, Paul Monticello.


Steve Gitlin drives in to score against the Tigers.


Samir Sanu gets set to land another 3-pointer.

Senior players with their families on Senior Night.

The Freshman Team The J.V. Team

The Bovs' Varsity Basketball Team had an out­ standing season finishing with a record of 18 - 9. At home in the "Bomb Shelter" where they were supported by their loyal fans, including the "Psycho Squad", they had a 9-2 record. They finished 2nd in the White Division and made the final eight in the GMC Tournament. In the State Tournament Semi-Finals they battled to a heart­ breaking loss against Trenton. Senior Samir Sanu earned All Division and All Conference honors as well as the Coaches Award and was picked as a Division 1 recruit. Senior Steve Gitlin took All Division and Team MVP. Senior Dwayne Tho­ mas, who spent a good part of the season side­ lined with an injury, was given the Coaches Award. The Team has excelled under the direc­ tion of Coach Gus Jaworski who completes his third year as Head Coach. He is assisted by Coaches Tim Laughery, Amod Field, Shawn Currie, and Greg Jegou.


Back Row: Coach Gus Jaworski, Steve Gitlin, Corey Bennett, James Krainski, Samir Sanu, Steve Pugh, Pat Ryan, Coach Tim Laughery. Front Row: Dwayne Thomas, John Wojcik, Cory Cloud, Junior Jabbee, Archie Arigorat, Al-Tarik Farewell.

Jim Krainski and Dwayne Thomas keep their eyes on the ball during the State semi-final game against Trenton.

BOYS' BASK I 1BA I 1. 157

Sarah D ovidauskas shoots for two points against Perth Amboy.

Laura Haney, Liz Brugnoli and Sarah Dovidauskas en­ joy the benefits of Senior Night.


Freshman Team

J.V. Team

Point guard Melissa Braun calls a play.

The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team won the White Division for the second year in a row and advanced all the way to the semifinals. Led by first year Coach Caroline Corino the 2002 Lady Bombers rolled to an impressive 15-7 finish. With dedication, hard work and outstanding leadership skills the Team finished ninth in the State Tournament and placed fifth in the County. Liz Brognoli was honored with a second team All White Division award. Sarah Dovidauskas and junior Meredith Phair were given All White Di­ vision awards. Senior Captains were 1,iz Bragnoli, Sarah Dovidauskas, and Laura Haney.



Gabby Vargas goes after a loose ball in the game against Perth Amboy. Back Row: Assistant Coaches Mary Huegenin, Rich Gluchowski, Mgr. Aubrey Navarro, Raven Newcombe, Shereise Myrick, Jesse Sosnowski, Tina Kelly, Mgr. Cathy Villanueva, Coach Caroline Corvino. Second Row: Mgr. Jill Danku, Meredith Phair, Liz Brugnoli, Sarah Dovidauskas, Laura Haney, Kristen Zakrzewski, Mgr. Patti Norak. Front Row: Marissa Jack, Jenna LoMastro, Melissa Braun, Gabriella Vargas, Daniella Vargas, Shantai Dixon.


Jill Ritter, Carrie Brennan and Christie Mauriello lead a cheer at the Pep Rally.

Chelsea Smith performs one of her stunts.

Team members huddle together for warmth.


The team shows off their flying abilites at the pep rally.

The Senior member pose together one last time.

The 2002 Basketball Squad.

The 2001-2002 Cheerleading Squad contin­ ued to flv, flip and tumble their way through the Football and Basketball seasons as well as the many competitions in which they partici­ pated. As a result of their outstanding skills and the dedicated coaching of Miss Lynn Baber, they were chosen to participate in the half time show at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando on New Year's Day 2002. The All - American Cheer­ leaders are Jennifer Newsome, Patti Ryan, Lauren Ross, Jill Ritter, Holly Cooper, Carrie Brennan, Chelsea Smith, Janet Seaman, Mike LaFontaine, Lisa Mastrangelo, Michelle Burke, and Jennifer Carnevali. Football Squad Cap­ tains were Jenn Newsome, Patti Ryan, and Lauren Ross. Basketball Squad Captains were Jenn Newsome, Lauren Ross and Carrie Brennan.

2001-2002 Cheerleading Squad

Back Row: Coach Baber, Carrie Brennan, Lindsay Ritter, Lisa Masterangelo, Chelsea Smith, Keisha Worthington, Mike LaFontaine, Jill Ritter, Christie Muriello, Jen Camevalli, Megan Redding. 2nd Row: Jennifer Bergfeldt, Jessica Limatola, Christine Huegel, Ashley Watson, Shea Terzino, Kristen Poole, Janet Seaman, Danielle Sanchez, Laura Colacurcio, Holly Cooper, Lauren Naples. Front Row: Lauren Ross, Patti Ryan, Jen Newsome.

Holly Cooper gets into the Tomahawk Chop cheer at one of the home games.


(Bays’ cross comfmy


Team members stretch out before the East Brunswick meet .

The teams shows solidarity before the start of the meet.

The 2001 Varsity Cross Country Team had a successful season. Almost every mem­ ber of the team won a medal at the Shore Regional Invitational Meet much to the pleasure of Coach Tuacon. Senior Cap­ tains were Rich Torok and John Barna. Team members Will Griffiths and Kyle Wiewiorski took Honorable Mentions in the All Area Meet.

John Barna stretches while he awaits the start of the meet.

2001 Boys’ Varsity Cross Country Team

James Suit is happy to see the finish is in sight. Back Row: James Suit, Will Griffiths, Stephen Payne, Jim Barna, Randall Lilley, Coach Tuacon. Middle Row: Greg Kuczynski, John Schendel, Rich Torok, Kyle Wiewiorski, Matt Lewandowski, Jarett Brown. Front Row: Shyam Dharia, Frank Maniscalco, Stan Vergara, Mike Ross, Ryan Torok.


Vanessa Rodriguez looks strong at the start of the race.

Team captains Jennifer Didik and Vanessa Rodriguez pose together at their last meet.

qi% ls’crosscomtmy


Team members pose with Coach Feltz.

Team captains Jennifer Didik and Vanessa Rodriguez introduce the team at pep rally.

Sara Kukulski and Lauren Kelly smile for the camera.

The 2001 Girls' Cross Country Team com­ pleted a successful season under the direc­ tion of Coach Patricia Feltz. Team members receiving Honorable Mention from the Home Neu’s as top runners were Senior, Jenn Didek and Freshman , Ashley Zakrzewski. They brought home 15 medals overall from invi­ tational meets. The team trophy awarded for Most Outstanding Runner and Most Valuable Senior went to Jenn Didek. Other trophies were awarded to Kathleen Fallon for Most Valuable Junior; Sara Pauciello for Most Valuable Sophomore and Ashley Zakrzewski for Most Valuable Freshman. Seniors Jenn Didek and Vanessa Rodriguez were this years' Captains.

Veronica Escalante stops for a water break. Back Row: Crystal Shah, Ashley Zakrzewski, Kathleen Fallon, Sara Pauciello, Veronica Escalante, Lori Russo, Jen Parks. Front Row: Sonal Shah, Nicole Knight, Vanessa Rodriguez, Jennifer Didik, Sara Kukulski, Lauren Kelly, Kristen Neilsen.


Patti Norek shows the scars of play.

Kristen Dahl charges the ball to maintain control, Megan Bowden assists.

J‘ IE D D ttO C K E y


Lisa Oriolo watches the play up field.

The 2001 - 2002 Field Hockev team closed their season with an impressive 7 - 8 - 1 record. Under the guidance of Coach Lynn Taylor and Assistant Coach Christa Delucia, the team had its strongest defense ever this year. This was a direct result of the greatest number of experienced players in nine re­ turning Seniors. Strong leadership was pro­ vided by Captains Kaitlyn Farley and Laura Lasko. Kaitlyn Farley took All County, All Area and All State honors. Laura Lasko was given All County and All Area. Patti Norek was also All County. The team looks forward to an even better result next season.

The J.V. Team.

Back Row: Jamie Jarusiewicz, Patti Norek, Jamie Mazurowski, Heather Shed lock, Lynn Olender, Laura Lasko, Kristen Dahl, Stephanie Smetana, Megan Bowden. Middle Row: Mgr. Kristin Havens, Jessica Antonucci, Kristen Aikens, Gabby Vargas, Colleen Fischer, Cathy Crosby, Mgr. Justine Ng. Front Row: Jennifer Latz, Nicole Vasallo, Lisa Oriolo, Melanie Zaleski, Kaitlyn Farley.



The team practices before Homecoming.

The 2001 Bomber Football Team finished their season with a solid 5 - 5 record. The loss of 18 Senior players to the graduating class of 2001 last spring took its toll on the team. Thev had some outstanding games and some hard fought victories but the loss of so many experienced players could not be denied. The team played well under the leadership of Captains Kennv Smith , James Krainski and Bobby Berardi. All Red Division honors went to Mike Phelan, Bobbv Berardi, Jim Krainski, and Kenny Smith. Berardi also made 1st Team All Area and 1st team All County Krainski made 2nd Team All County and Smith took 2nd Team All County and 2nd Team All Area. Coach Najjar was proud of his men and looks forward to more solid play next season.

Managers Pam Parks, Nicole Chmielewski, Kelly Unkel, and Amanda Zriebec take a photo break. The Freshman Football team .

Row 6: Brendan Dash, Matt Unkel, Scott Wasnak, Gaurang Patel, Sufiyan Saeed, Roberto Rivera, Sean Johnson, Ashish Vaid, James Krainski, Scott Armstrong. Row 5: Dustin Baker, Matt Kenney, Dan Krainski, Craig Connors, Bryan Haslach, John DeMild, Mike Karaban, Rob Kelsey, Rob Moccio, Dan Huff. Row 4: Carl Elardo, Nick Starace, Sean O'Connor, John O'Conner, Steve Lopez, Scott Pauciello, Brian Jones, Sean Marks, Mark Pampaloni, Gary Andrewshetsko. Row 3: Junior Jabbic, Gary King, Jeff Shaute, Chris Caccaro, Mark Poore, Dan Lopez, Matt Bodak, Jason Williams, Kevin Nunes, Ron Connors. Row 2: Matt Pagoda, Lamar Holmes, Dejon Spruill, Anthony Richards, Mawulom Nenonene, Kenny Smith, Roger Kemp, Mike Salum, Carmine Serignese, Mike Assenza. Row 1: Matt Zezza, Bobby Berardi, Mike Phelan, Steve Toth, Kenny Leon, Steve Aich, Rich Landon, Kenji Hamanaka, Dave Haney.

Dan Huff hands off to Dejon Spruill down the field.


The offensive line sets up for the next play. The team comes together at the start of the second half in the game against Woodbridge.

Matt Bodak blocks for Dejon Spruill. The defensive line takes the field.


Dan Huff sets up for a pass.

I ■ L

The team blocks a punt by Bishop Ahr.

The team members move down the side line after a play.


Jason Muldoon tees off. Montana Barone swings the club.

172 GOLF

Brian Haslach follows through on the ball.

Ed Mount watches the progress of the ball.

The 2001 Varsity Golf Team finished their season with a 9 - 10 record. After closing the first half of the season with a 3 - 7 finish, they managed to rally in the second half of the season to end with a 6 3 record. They had eight wins out of their last 13 matches, qualifying the team for the County Tournament. The team also experienced a first this year with the addi­ tion of females to it's J.V. Team. Seniors Paul Carbonaro and Eric Slack served as Team Captains. They are coached bv Mr. Larry Helwig.

The J.V. team poses with the coaches.

2001 Varsity Golf Team

Dennis Larsen putts the ball. Back Row: Coach Nicoliason, Adam Wilson, Kevin Nunes, Brian Haslach, Chris Proudman, Dennis Larsen, Coach Helwig. 2nd Line: Ed Mount, Bryan McDonnell, Paul Carbonaro, Eric Slack.

GOLF 173


Senior team captains Lauren McDonnell and Meryl Hamilton pose at their last meet.

The Girls' Varsity 2001 Gymnastics Team had a promising season. The team is fairly new and is striving to improve its perfor­ mances under the guidance of Coach Denise Marsch - Rupert. Even though no honors were won by the team; both Jenni­ fer Hayes and Alicia Hughes placed at the Novice Meet. This year's Captains were Seniors Meryl Hamilton and Lauren McDonnell

Ashley Waresk and Jennifer Hayes pose together.

Back Row: Sherri Nullty, Kristen Render, Mery] Hamilton, Lauren McDonnell, Ashley Waresk, Amanda Ciccia. 2nd Row: Coach Marsch, Allison Trapp, Alicia Hughes, Jennifer Hayes,


Dan Fiorentino drives the ball past the opposition. Jason Townsend, Ryan Piscatelli and Kyle McLeanas, are in the thick of the action.

Rob Galante makes a critical save.

Julian Esteves gets control of the ball from his Woodbridge opponent.


Ryan Piscatelli clears the ball.

The 2001 Varsity Boys' Soccer Team had a successful 8-10-1 season under the direction of Coaches Nick Cifelli and Joe Goscienski. The young and building team made it to the second round of the County Tournament and the first round of the State Tournament. The team will be looking to it's Seniors next year to provide strong support for the sea­ son. All White Division players were Herbert Obeng, Ed Mount and Rob Galante. All State honors went to Herbert Obeng; while Rob Galante also took Honorable Mention and All Middlesex ( 3rd team). Seniors Kyle McLeanas, Ryan Piscatelli and Ed Mount were this year's Captains.

The J.V. team poses with Coach Goscienski.

2001 Varsity Boys' Soccer Team

Mike Zonkowski set up for a shot. Back Row: Coach Cifelli, Kyle McLeanas, Mike Esposito, Jordan Thomas, Mike Ratajczyk, Mike Zonkowski, Mike Colandrea, Adam Wilson, Anthony Moniodis, Brock Vasquez, Coach Goscienski. 2nd Row: Manager Melissa Ruszala, Dan Fiorentino, Herbert Obeng, Rob Kriskowski, Ryan Piscitelli, Ed Mount, Tom Wonaszek, Manager Alison Buchanan. 3rd Row: Julian Esteves, Mike DeCandia, Jason Townsend, Rob Galante, Kevin Rapach, Dennis Malopolski, Manager Sameep Desai.



Laura Haney out maneuvers her opponent.

The Girls' 2001 Varsity Soccer Team fin­ ished their season with an impressive 11-52 record. They won the Team - Sportsman­ ship Award. All White Division and All State honors were earned by Kristen Hubela and Laura Haney as well as hy Kim Griffith and Nicole Gallager. Kristen Hubela also received All Conference, All Area Honorable Mention and All Middlesex (2nd Team). Seniors Laura Haney and Kristen Hubela served as team Captains The team was coached by Mr. Steve Fischer.

The J.V. Team

Back Row: Christine Cuozo, Lindsey Kelly, Meredith Phair, Jessica Roy, Kim Griffith, Linda Babo, Coach SteveFischer. Middle Row: Nicole Gallagher, Melissa Braun, Antoinette Basile, Natalie Wika, Kayleigh Cesare, Marissa Jack. Front Row: Rose Camuto, Nicole Gandero, Laura Haney, Kristen Hubela, Allison Comerford.


Lynn Olender practices her throw. Sarah Dovidauskas throws the balJ back into play.








Julia Switzer throws the ball towards home plate. Laura Lasko keeps her eye on the batter.

Melissa Braun sets up for the catch.


The 2001 Softball Team posted the first winning season since 1995, ending with an 11-10 record. Under the direction of Head Coach Janet Ryan and Assistant Coach Lynn Taylor the Team qualified for the State Tournament for the first time in six years. Senior Captains were Lauren Switzer, Ginny Brazaitis and Justine Robe. Both Switzer and Robe made All White Division, GMC All-Academic and GMCSBCA Senior All Star Team. Switzer also took All Conference and 1st Team Home News Tribune. National Fastpitch Coaches Association Academic Scholar Athletes were; Ginny Brazaitis, Justine Robe, Lauren Switzer, Laura Lasko and Lisa Oriolo.

Destiny Scheld makes the catch for an out.

The J.V. Team.

jjki c'



:WsM t


Back Row: Coach Janet Ryan, Kristen Karbowski, Destiny Scheld, Lynn Olender, Jessica Small, Coach Lynn Taylor. 2nd Row: Justine Robe, Ginnie Brazaitis, Laura Lasko, Lisa Oriolo, Sarah Dovidauskas, Julia Switzer, Melissa Braun.


Amanjit Singh works on his backhand swing.

Peter Rzepka has the ball lined up for the return volley. Boleslaw Czachor has his eye on the ball.


Pat Meyer moves in with a strong back hand shot dur­ ing practice at Kennedy Park.

The 2001 Boys' Varsity Tennis Team finished their season with a disap­ pointing 1-15 record. They attributed this to the fact that they struggled after the team switched from the Red Divi­ sion to the White Division. The Team will also lose three of it's five top play­ ers to graduation this year. They are, however, hopeful that next year will find them a more improved team. The Coach for the Boys’ Varsity Tennis Team was Mr. Hank Connelly. This year's Captain was Amil Mody

Viral Kapadia tries to save this volley.

Back Row: Mike Ratajczyk, Amil Mody, Boleslaw Czachor, Mike Strzelecki, Eric Park, Coach Connelly. Front Row: Shawn Kerr, Brian Nakielny, Pat Meyer, Viral Kapadia, Peter Rzepka, Amanjit Singh.



Stephanie Marshall concentrates on hitting the ball.

Juliet Wong returns the serve.


Samantha Dooley takes a break to smile for the camera. Saman Khan uses a back hand to return the ball.

Sylvia Strzelecki hits the ball with a forehand.


So - Jung Park serves the ball.

The 2001 Girls' Tennis Team had an improved season. Finishing with a 5 -11 record, they beat their previ­ ous record under the direction of Coach Hank Connelly. The Varsity Team players who finished in the Top 11 were: Ariel Wan, Stephanie Marshall, Samantha Dooley, Saman Khan, Ankita Patel, So-Jung Park, Sylvia Strzelecki, and Juliet Wong. Team Captains were Juliet Wong and Ankita Patel.

Juliet Wong demonstrates her forehand.

Back Row: Saman Khan, Sylvia Strzelecki, Ariel Wan, Meghan Callahan, Samantha Dooley, Stephanie Marshall, Coach Connelly. Front Row: Juliet Wong, Ankita Patel, So-Jung Park, Sheetal Patel, Elizabeth Szamreta, Janaki Patel.



Bryan Jones, Scott Wasnak, Nick Starace and Matt Biesada relax before a meet.

Rich Torok attempts to better his long jump distance.

Steve Lopez gets ready to throw the javelin.

Vinnie DeNota throws the discus.

The Boys'2001 Varsity Spring Track Team finished their season with a string of record breaking achievements. The 4 x 100 relay and sprint medley teams both took 1st place at the GMC's while setting new records. The 4 x 200 and 4 x 400 teams broke school records, while the 4 x 400 tied for first place at the Central Jersey Group 4 Meet. Matt Bodak set a new school record in the javelin with a throw of 182' 9". Seniors Anthony Reid and Jesse & Robin Mesina also com­ peted in the National Scholastic Meet in Raleigh, North Carolina. They finished 13th nationally in the sprint medley and 12th nationally in the 4 x 400 relay. Anthony Reid won second place in the 200 meters at CMC Championships.


w m .'

JEmrot.lt • R H

m m Will Griffiths is out in front during the two mile run.

Back Row: Coaches Bill Scarola, Mike Pisano, Matt Pazinko and Brian Heineman. Row Six: Mgr. Jermen Tanious, Matt Biesiada, Scott Wasnak, Andrew Beshara, Abiodun Adiatu, Rafael Valentin, Waseem Wain, Kyle Wiewiorski, Mgr. Jessica Festa. Row Five: Matt Pogoda, Nick Starace, Gino LaRocco, Jason Townsend, Will Griffiths, James Suit. Row Four: Matt Bodak, Ron Connors, Steve Lopez, Randall Lilley, Tony Richards, Sam Boateng, Lamar Holmes, Matt Falcone. Row Three: Kyle Deutsch, Bryan Jones, Dia Beshara, Matt Zezza, Kyle McLeanas, Rich Torok, Mike Salum. Row Two; Matt Brophy, Scott Armstrong, Nick Solovey, Derek Pugh, Brandon Krainski, Kenny Smith, Vinnie DeNota. Front Row:Dan Zaleski, Jason Jedrusiak, Mike Rodriguez, Darren Sinclair, Jesse Mesina, Tony Reid, Robin Mesina, Leslie Ogoe.


Vanessa Rodriguez maintains a steady pace in the mile.

Laura Haney is in front of the pack during the mile.

GVRLS ‘sem eTRA CK .

Andrea Sarvetnick is in good position during the 400 meters.

Jen Caro gets a good distance on her long jump. Jen Didik is in the lead during the mile run.


Jessica Tirpak watches to see the distance on her spot put throw during a meet against Colonia.

The Girls' Varsity Spring Track Team had an outstanding season finishing with a record of 5 - 2. Team members Heather St. Amour, Nicole Vassallo, Jessica Tirpak, and Andrea Sarvetnick were selected to the All White Division. The girls were also White Division Middlesex County Relay Champions. Under the guidance of Coaches Jerry Carney, Chris Correll, and John Tyskiewicz, the team also received the sportsmanship Award. Senior Cap­ tains were Heather St. Amour, Nicole Lilley, and Lauren Tyskiewicz.

Kathleen Fallon, Natalie Wika, and Nicole Lilley practice their hurdles.


Kim Allen gets ready to throw the javelin at the Colonia meet. Back Row: Coach Jerry Carney, Sandhya Celestin, Geraldine Okwuono, Shereise Myrick, Laura Haney, Tracey Clark, Raven Newcombe, Meredith Phair, Akilah Saylon, Ariel Wan, Amy Tengelics, Coach Correll, Jessica Tirpak, Coach Tyskiewicz. Third Row: Victoria Bellamy, Vanessa Chafos, Nicole Vassallo, Lauren Mayer, Jen Caro, Kathleen Fallon, Nicole Gallagher, Veronica Escalante, Marissa Jack, Kristen Spanier. Second Row: Christina Grande, Natalie Wika, Vanessa Rodriquez, Jen Didik, Sana Shaikh, Vanna Smith, Sara Pauciello, Carol Anne Restivo, Patty Norek, Elizabeth Sorenson. Front Row: Alicia Hughes, Nicole Lilley, Heather St. Amour, Lauren Tyskiewicz, Andrea Sarvetnick.


Kevin Kraemer comes up for air during his butterfly race.

Coach Rodis enjoys some water time with her team captains.


Matt Bodak speeds through the free style.

Team captains,Matt Bodak, Jamie Jarusiewicz, Bryan McDonnell, and Destiny Scheld.

Coach Rodis gets a ceremonial dunking from her team after a competition win.

The Swim Team had an amazing sea­ son, winning their first meet in five years. Senior Derek Kwok won first place at the GMC's in the 50-meter freestyle and sec­ ond in the 100-meter freestyle. He was named to the GMC Bovs"lst" Team . He was also a qualifier for the Meet of Cham­ pions. The Boys' Swim Team finished 6th at the GMC's. The Girls' Team also fin­ ished 6th at the GMC's. Freshman Kerri Adams placed 6th at the GMC's in the 100meter Butterfly and the 500-meter Freestyle. Captains are Seniors Jamie Jarusiewicz and Destiny Scheld, and Jun­ iors Matt Bodak and Bryan McDonnell. Ms. Sarah Rodis is the coach.


Laura Kuczynski competes in the backstroke. Back Row: Mgr. Ravneet Nagi, Mgr. Jamie Chrzan, Amy Tengelics, Rob Kriskowski, Alan Jawidowicz, Matt Bodak, Destiny Scheld, Derek Kwok, Sonal Shah, Sharon Lasko, Melanie DeLaRosa, Andrew Rice, Coach Rodis. Second Row: John Meyer, Amanda Ciccia, Amanda Zuchek, Kevin Kraemer, Megan Watters, Scott Wasznak, Christine Cuozo, Bryan McDonnell, Nichelle Guadalupe, Caitlin Quinn, Crystal Sager. Front Row: Kristen Spanier, Robin Tengelics, Tricia Logan, Montana Baron, Carolanne Restivo, Kerri Adams, Lauren Kelly, Jamie Jarusiewicz, Megan Murray, Veronica Escalante, Laura Kuczynski.


Andrea Sarvetnick practices at the hurdles.

Rich Torok shows his form during hurdle practice. Nick Solovey is on the straight away in his sprint practice.

Jessica Tirpak broke an assortment of shot put records this season.


Vinnie DeNota gets ready to hurl the shot put.

The Winter Track Team had an out­ standing season finishing with a record of 5-2. Team members Heather St. Amour, Nicole Vassallo, Jessica Tirpak and An­ drea Sarvetnick were selected to the All White Division. The girls were also White Division Middlesex County Relay Cham­ pions. Under the guidance of Coaches Brian Heineman, Doug Passaro and John Tyskiewicz the team also received the sportsmanship Award. Senior Captains were; Heather St. Amour, Nicole Lilley and Lauren Tyskiewicz.

Ryan Piscatelli gets ready for the race.


Scott DeCaro practices with the shot p u t. Back Row: Matt Lee, Boleslaw Czachor, Kyle Deutsch, Greg Czachor, Coaches Brian Heineman, John Tyszkiewicz, Doug Passaro, Steve Quakenbush, Rob Arvanites, Tracey Clark, Scott DeCaro. Third Row: Amy Wiewiorski, Vanessa Chafos, Scott Armstrong, Craig Deutsch, Nick Solovey, Rafael Valentin, Lisa Oberreiter, Nicole Vassallo, Rich Torok, Geraldine Okwuonu, Sameep Desai, Dia Beshara. Second Row: Jenn Didik, Aishwarya Nair, Asel Aidarbekova, Jessica Tirpak, Jen Caro, Brinder Kaur, Lindsey Kelly, Ryan Piscatelli, Vinnie DeNota, Sara Pauciello, Greg Kuczynski. Front Row: Nicole Knight, Mike Ross, Vanessa Rodriques, Ryan Torok, Frank Maniscalco, Matt Falcone, John Schendel, Nicole Gallagher, Andrea Sarvetnick.


Coach Zatesfa’s Tinaf Season After 25 years, Wrestling Coach Lenny Zaleski will be stepping down as Head Coach, to explore other career options. He was honored by his assistant Coaches, Chris Beagen, Matt Pazinko, and Bob Preston, who gathered many of his former wrestlers to pay tribute to him at one of the last matches of the season. Coach Zaleski has had a positive impact on many young men during his time as head coach and his influence will be sorely missed by those who have benefited from his expertise.

Rob Wancea eyes his Woodridge opponent.


Eric Pampaloni strives for the pin.

The Wrestling Team had a respectable season, with many members winning their weight classes even though the team did not win the match. Senior Eric Pampaloni won All White Division and took the team 's Outstanding Senior Award. Outstanding Sophomores were Mark Poore, Ron Connors, and Nick Starace. Outstanding Freshmen were Vince Otero and Peter Brereton. Senior Captains were Roger Jasiak and Eric Pampaloni. The Coaches were Mr. Lenny Zaleski, Mr. Matt Pazinko, Mr. Bob Preston and Mr. Chris Beagan.

Vinnie Cruz wins his match.

Back Row: Coach Preston, Marshea Barrow, Chris Telson, Jon Baske, Ron Conners, Phillip Buckley, Nick Starace, Coach Beagan. Third Row: Will Griffiths, Pete Brereton, Jeff Baske, Rob Wancea, Mark Poore, Mahmoud Eltantawi, Dan Lopez, Eric Pampaloni. Second Row: Mohamed Eltantawi, Anthony Moat, Dan Krainski, Anthony Marchitelli, Mark Pampaloni, Vinnie Otera, Roger Jasiak. Bottom Row: Amory, Alleyne, Randy Lahrman, Vinnie Cruz, Sean Sullivan, Leonid Barkhatny, Pete Bergfeldt, Jason Summerer, Andrew Beshara.


Activities "It's my life. It's now or never. These days ain't gonna last for­ ever" Bon Jovi - It's My Life

r f


Academic Competition Team The Academic Competition Team can be described as a "Jeopardy of the Mind" group. They compete on their knowledge of facts in all areas of ex­ pertise. Several of these competitions are in the Tri-State area. They include the Bridgewater Raritan Invitational Tournament of Excellence, the Rutgers Academic Challenge, the Knowledge Masters Open and the Allentown Great Adventure Academic Open. To its credit, the group has grown steadily in size over the past few years by fo­ cusing on having fun while practicing each week and attending competi­ tions. (Captain of the team is Victor Catania.) Their Adviser this year is Mrs. Janet Scordinsky. Officers are: Sara Nicholson, President; Mamta Sharma, Vice President; Heather Brown, Corresponding Secretary; Ravneet Nagi, Recording Secretary; and Sheetal Ghandi, Treasurer.






The Cooperative Business Educa­ tion Program is a course that gives students the opportunity to learn about the business world through hands-on experience. The Adviser, Mrs. Hall, finds students job placements in their field of interest to prepare them for future business careers. The officers are President, Takeysha Leary; Vice President, Ronnell Harris; Kelly Leon, C orresponding Secretary; Edwin Rodriguez, Recording Secretary; Tim Crane, Treasurer; Melissa Amedeo, Treasurer; Kristie Skwira, Historian; Marisa Petrocelli, Parliamentarian.

C B E 199


Chess ChiS i

The Chess Club consists of a group of students who meet regularly to ex­ pand their knowledge and skills in the game of chess. The group is in the process of rebuilding after having been disbanded for over a year. Under the direction of their Adviser Mr. Ri­ chard Nemshick, the students review chess games from the daily newspa­ pers, attempting to understand and improve on the moves of the profes­ sional players. They are learning strat­ egies and improving their playing abilities.




The Chorus performs two concerts annually, one at Christinas time and one in the spring. Their varied selec­ tions range from classical to rock, all of which are performed with skill and precision. The Sayreville Singers are a select group made up of chorus mem­ bers who have auditioned for their spots in the group. They have per­ formed at numerous functions around the community. The highlight of the season was their trip to Walt Disney World in Florida to perform. The Cho­ rus is under the direction of Mr. James Craft. Officers are: Kate Appleby, President; Ffelen Vassallo, Vice Presi­ dent; M ariana Duran, L ibrarian; Ignacio Jose Gonzalaz, Secretary; and Patsy Palma, Treasurer.


Christian J‘eftawsfdp Chub The Christian Fellowship Club provides students with an opportunity to meet during non-instructional times to learn about God and study the teachings of the Bible. It is a nondenominational group which meets daily before school. Guest speaker from local churches address the group an a regular basis. This year the gruop participated in Prayer Around The Pole in September and National Day of Prayer in May. Their Adviser is Mrs. Donna Amato.


Color Q uard— The Color Guard is a unit that performs in combination with the Marching Band to enhance the intricate patterns of the group. They maneuver and twirl flags of various sizes and other equipment, all while marching, stepping, and dancing with the Marching band. They are instructed by Vanessa Borrelly-Vega, Colleen Reagan, and Joelle Scales. Captains are Lynn Pulvermuller, Shannon Shotwell, and Elyse Hajdusek.


— The Concert Band is comprised of students who must audition for their positions in the group. They are all enrolled in instrumental classes to en­ hance their understanding of music. The bands perform two concerts an­ nually, the Holiday Concert in De­ cember and a Spring Concert. Their Director is Mr. Paul Caruso. This years student President is Eric Saltz.


i i i



Crews The Crews are the backbone of our theatrical productions. Make up crew creates the illusions that make our young actors into whatever the script calls for. Without the Sound and Light crews, we would be silent and in the dark. The stage crew is responsible for all the sets that are needed to transport us to other places and other times. They also hustle around during performances moving props on and off stage and setting the scene for each act. And last but not least is the Business Department which not only sells tickets but produces the program, sells refreshments and provides the ushers for all productions of the Theatre Society during the year.




DECA students attend the annual installation breakfast.

DECA is the Distributive Educa­ tion Club of America. It is an associa­ tion of marketing students who par­ ticipate in State wide competitions. Competitions are held in different categories such as: Apparel and Ac­ cessories; Hospitality Services; Travel and Tourism; Sports Management; Quick - Serve Restaurant Management and Full Service Restaurant Manage­ ment. It is an intracurriculum organi­ zation; any marketing student is a member. DECA Adviser is Mr. Neal Golub. Chapter officers are; Laura Cofone, President; Jamie Zagata, Vice President; Ashley Ciamarra, Secre­ tary; M edzit Canuski, Treasurer; Lauren Hornecker, Assistant Trea­ surer; and Nicole Burrell, Historian/ Parliamentarian.


Latif Whitsett and Laura Cofone relax during one of the competitions.


President Laura Cofone leads the members in the DECA pledge.

DECA officers; Nicole Burrell, Lauren Hornecker, Medzit Canuski, Ashley Ciamarra, Jamie Zagata, and Laura Cofone.

208 DECA

‘Ecfio lites The Echo L ites continued its quality newspaper writing this year, covering ev­ erything from interesting news stories, to feature articles about SWMHS, to great sports stories. The Echo Lites acts as a voice for all Sayreville students and fac­ ulty, including columns such as the Cre­ ativity Comer and the faculty corner. Con­ tributions come for a regular body of staff writers and Ms. Brand's journalism classes, which focus on producing good articles for the paper. The paper is led by a solid staff who contribute many hours to ensure the paper's high quality. The editors are: Anthony Reid, Editor-In-Chief; Laura Haney, Managing Editor; Loren LaMaster, Photography/FunPage Editor; Mikejanela, Copy Editor; Laura Colacurcio, News Edi­ tor; Eric Truchan, Features Editor; and Kevin Nunes, Sports Editor. Ms. Brand is the adviser.


Future Business Leaders of America provides the students in business classes with the opportunity to develope their vocational and business skills. They are provided with on the job experience outside of school in order to strengthen their self confi­ dence, develope leadership skills and better understand the business world. Their Adviser is Mrs. Elaine Hall. O fficers are: President, Scott Armstrong; Vice President, Laura Lasko; Heather Brown, Recording Sec­ retary; Jessica Small, Corresponding Secretary; Monica Patel, Treasurer; Melissa Amedeo, Assistant Treasurer; Brielle Bandola, Historian; Laura Colacurcio, Parliamentarian.

210 FBLA

~ ~

J‘ rm cfi C(u6 ~


The French Club is endeavoring to expose students to new cultural experiences. Members partake of French gourmet delights such as crepe suzette. The Adviser is Ms. Freidberg. Officers are: President, Marie Roguski; Vice President, Jen Fitzgerald; Treasurer, Tom Roguski; A ssis­ tant Treasurer, Amanda Rossiello;and Recording Secratary, Jamie Jarusiewicz.


Film and Video Society consists of students who share an interest in the art of communication through televi­ sion. It's members gain hands on ex­ perience of film and commercial mak­ ing by using video technology and recording equipment. Under the di­ rection of Ms. Susan Pellegrini, they are often called on to video tape school functions. This year in the wake of 911, students went throughout the school doing in depth interviews with classmates and faculty members to get their opinions of the tragedy


212 FILM

IMAGES is the award winning lit­ erary arts m agazine of Sayreville WMHS. Its purpose is to provide a creative outlet for students who dis­ play talent in writing or in a wide range of artistic media. Students who have an interest in creative writing, arts, or magazine layout are encour­ aged to apply to be on the IMAGES staff. The staff then pours over all of the art work and literary material sub­ mitted and chooses, what in theiropinion is the best sampling of work to be published in the magazine. The ad­ viser is Miss Suzanne Muszynski. This year's Editors - in - Chief are Nicole H ostetler, Jenn D idik, and Brian Kenny.


Im prov Troupe ~

The Improv Troupe meets regu­ larly to practice improvising theatre techniques. They work toward mak­ ing their members less likely to be nervous in "sticky" situations and teach them how to handle themselves in the event that they "mess up" on stage. The Adviser is Dr. Michael Piccuiro. The officers are: President, Chris Lanfare; Vice-President, Daryn Lew is, Public R elation s, Victor Catania; Secretary, Fredo Hernandez.



Interact Interact is a service club. Members meet once a month. The club is spon­ sored by the Sayreville - South Amboy Rotary International Organization. This year's projects included a Junior and Senior Dance where students spent time interacting with Senior Citizens They were involved in an Aid for India relief fund, the interac­ tion newsletter, and the Student Ser­ vice Auction this spring. Their Ad­ viser is Mrs. Goscienski. Officers are: Juliet Wong, President; Esther Yung, Vice Presidents; Kshamata Parikh, Re­ cording Secretary; Crystal Shah, Cor­ responding Secretary; Sheetal Gandhi and Ankita Patel, Membership Direc­ tors; and Monica Patel, Mamta Sharrna and Rauneet Nagi, Co - Directors of Activities.


InternationalSociety International Society is a club that endeavors to promote cultural aware­ ness. Each meeting introduces a dif­ ferent theme that serves to teach mem­ bers about different cultures. Mem­ bers participate in hands - on experi­ ences by sampling the foods, arts, and customs of various countries and cul­ tures. Officers are: Esther Yung, Presi­ dent; Ankita Patel & Juliet Wong, Co Vice Presidents; Sheetal Ghandi, Sec­ retary; Dara Medina,Treasurer; Shilpa Lad, Public Relations; Ravneet Nagi, Historian; Mamta Sharma, Member­ ship Director; Jenny Mao, Assistant membership Director; Aiqui Lui, Chef; Amanda Wong, Assistant Chef.



-y -


L J m



* *

Ifn i If

The Marching Unit consi ts of students who play woodwind, brass, or per­ cussion instruments, or who are in colorguard. They begin practice in August before the new school year. During the school year, they perform at all Varsity Football games and in local parades. Moreover, they have a competition season which culminates with championships at Giants Sta­ dium. This year's Section leaders are; Drum Majors, Nicole Hostettler and V ickye D urnye; B rass, G reg C avanaugh; W oodwind, Heather Shedlock and Liz Bertolotti; Percus­ sion, Brian H utchison and Nick Solovey; as well as Secretary, Kristin K ijow ski, and Web D esign, Nick Quinto.


Library Councif Library Council is an activity that pro­ vides students with meaningful duties before, during, and after school. Mem­ bers of the council stock and keep shelves in order, check books in and out for other students and faculty members, and keep order in the newspaper and magazine areas. They also coordinate the move­ ment of the audio visual equipment. The council participates in a variety of com­ munity and school events such as reading Dr. Suess stories to elementary students and collecting books for the annual Read Across America. They conclude each year with a special outing. Officers are: Presi­ dent, Tiffany Lee; Vice President, Ariel Wan; Treasurer, Esther Yung; Assistant Treasurer, Sheetal Gandhi; and Secretary, Mamta Sharma. Ms. Lindigren and Ms. McLarney are their advisers.


Srm rn

i » atm

M ‘ athCfuB — The Math Club is an organizatio which students who have completed Plane Geometry and have gotten B averages in math classes are eligible to join. Members of the Math Club take tests to participate in the Math League Com­ petition each month against students in other schools. The members who have the highest cumulative scores are made officers for the next year. Each spring, the Math Club travels to Arleth School to teach fun lessons to the elementary school children to pre­ pare them for the ESPA tests. Their adviser is Mrs. Eleanor Schneider. This year's officers are; President, Aiqui Lu; Vice President, Max Kleyzit; Trea­ surer, Kyle McLeanas; Secretary, Dia Beshara.


!Musical-. Crazyfo r‘You Cast List ,Wilfredo Hernandez ......... Cristina Vargas ........ Ronald Mancini .......... Helen Vassallo ............... Keith Carne .... Am anda Figueroa ............... Patsy Palma .Dagmar J ancovico va .. .Matt Lewandowski .......... Gloria Thomas

Bobby Child.... Polly Baker...... Lank Hawkins Irene Roth....... Everett Baker... Mother............ Bela Zangler.... Tess.................. Eugene............ Patricia............

Cow girl Quintet Kate A ppleby M ariana Duran Cori Jensen Loren LaM aster Valeria Yautukhovich Cowboys Tim Norek Sherin Parikh Paul Bukoweic Brian Baker Mike Domanico Mark Ploskin Josh Pawlowski Dancers: Cynthia Celestin, Ashley Clack, Brittany Dusko, Kaitlyn Farley, Ryan Holder, Drahomira Jancovicova, Courtney Louis, Erin Lyons, Alison M alaney, Katie M esa, Devin O'Loughlin, Kristen Wistuba, Nicole Vuono. Ensem ble: Jane Fallon, Christina Grande, Lindsey Hohner, Jennifer Kotula, Jessie W eissman, Karen Perla, Crystal Shah, Jenna Sheerin, Liz Sorenson, Jessica Cox, Laurah Boswell, M egan Butler, Jessica Chan, Lyndsay McCarthy, M organ McGinnity. Student Directors: Ronald Mancini, Courtney Louis, Katie M esa, D agm ar J ancovicova, Laura Lindson, Cristina Vargas.


Cristina sin gs "Som eone To Watch Over M e."


The ensemble brings the house down.

The Cow girls show their stul

■ If ■ s n i /

s .

i : i '»t f■j jfggj ; * i i ■ ■ * € l7 i■ fv3 \ - •jV ri r * l >c 1 ' H f n J i i ' W ^ J r J W ^ H flk flS U l i J H H 1



M u flip fa ‘Theta Mu Alpha Theta is a Mathematics Honor Society. Students may be in­ ducted in thier Junior year if they have received an A in every Math course that they have taken up to and including Precalculus. To cel­ ebrate the induction, a breakfast is held in May. The President is Boleslaw Czachor and Co - Secre­ taries are ; Bowie Wlazlowski and Dan Ng . The society is advised by Mrs. Jennifer Vasquez.


National Honor Society students have many requirements to fulfill in order to be inducted. A student must maintain a 3.25 grade point average and have leader­ ship positions in at least five school ac­ tivities for two consecutive years. The elegant ceremony takes place each April and is a credit to their Adviser, Ms. Annette Sowa. Once they are inducted, members must perform community ser­ vice. In addition, they sponsor several charity drives during the year, collecting food and clothes for the needy. They helped at a Holiday party for the needy, and at the Middlesex County Council of Guidance College Fair. Officers are; Presi­ dent, Annie Carrasco; Vice - President, Cristina Vargas; Recording Secretaries, Meghan Conlon and Heather Shedlock; and Corresponding Secretary, Karissa Kozlak.


Kristen Flakker pomps a shrub. O dyssey of the M ind is an activity in which students creatively solve problem s by perform ing 8 minute skits that include original scripts, music, costum es, and art­ work. Tearns prepare from September until the qualifying tournament held in Febru­ ary, this year at Sayreville High School. The Structure team placed 7th; the Techni­ cal team placed 2nd; the Vehicle team placed 2nd; and the C lassical team placed 1st. Colleen Fisher won a Good OMER award, too. The next competition was state finals held at Rowan University. The Technical team won 3rd; the Vehicle team won 3rd; and the C lassical team won 1st and a Ranatra Fusca, the highest award given. The C lassical team will move onto World Finals in Colorado. The adviser is Ms. Mary-Theresa Huegenin. Jason Slesin ski is President; Lauren M cDonnell is Vice President; and Brian Kenny is Secretary/ Treasurer.

The vehicle team with their adaptation of "The Scarlet Ibis." The Classical team prepares to perform. The technical team performs at the regional competition.

Aldo Villareal and Eric Truchan draw the backdrop for the structure team.


Kim Sherwood & Jenn Didik work on a vehicle team sign.


Peer Leadership is a class that can only be taken by Seniors. In the spring of their Junior year, students go through a rigorous selection process to be accepted into this program. They are se­ lected on the b asis of their leadership abilities as well as scholastic and discipline records. D uring the tryouts, they perform several group activities while being observed by advisors Mr. Cifelli, Mrs. Carney, Ms. McLarney, and Mr. Pazinko. This year there are two classes of peer leader­ ship. All students involved are required to at­ tend retreats in both Septem ber and February. At the retreats, they do trust - buildin g activities. Once a week, they have a "break - out" day where they meet with a group of freshmen. They talk with their freshmen about issu es facing teens such as drugs, rape, peer pressure, self esteem, anger management, trust, and boy/girl relation­ ships, and are there for them at all times to help them with any crisis they may encounter.


Quo ‘Vadis 2002 Freshman line up for yearbook portraits.

How many times has the question been asked? Q u o V a d is ? What does it mean? In keeping with this year's theme, so that there will be "no bound­ aries" to your knowledge, we will an­ swer that question, once and for all. The phrase is from the Latin, it liter­ ally means "wherever you go". We can only assume that it was chosen as the name for the yearbook to impart the idea that everything that you take with you from high school, m em ories, knowledge, friendships, will be with you "wherever you go." We have la­ bored long and hard over this publica­ tion. Yet, especially this year, it is a labor of love. We want you to have the memories, good or bad, they are your life. Cherish them always.

‘Vadis 2002 Staff Editor-in-Chief Kevin Bloom

Adviser Mrs. Lucy Bloom

Support Staff Nicole Brown Michelle Burkard Becky Fuentes Allie Gimenez Marielle Gross Kamille Guidote Joe Jarolim Dara Medina Abby Medina Nicole Paley Esther Prudent Shannon Rochford Jamie Salazar Elyse Santiago Kim Sherwood Sharon Yehudaoiff

Photography Normandy Studios Mrs. Lucy Bloom Mr. Gregg Palmer

226 QUO VADIS 2002

Dara and Kim work on correcting copy for the activity sec­ tion

Dara, Kim, and Kevin help the photographers with underclassmen portraits,

Dara, Mrs. Bloom, and Kim check the Quo Vadis layout.

QUO VADIS 2002 227

~ ~

Science %u(es Members pose for a group photo.

Science Rules is an organization whose members strive to promote an interest in Science in the students of today for the advancement of tomor­ row. They travel each year to an el­ ementary school in the Sayreville dis­ trict to assist the students in prepar­ ing for their ESPA test. Guest speak­ ers in science careers are invited to address the members. Funds are raised so that science related trips may be taken. This year a trip was taken to the Liberty Science Center. Advisers are: Mrs. Christine Bill and Miss Mary Beth Iannacone. Officers are: Co Directors, Mamta Sharma and Sheetal Ghandi; Publicity Managers, Mona Parikh and Shilpa Lad; Secretary, Reena Desai; and Treasurer, Tulsi Patel.


Step Squad The Step Squad poses with Miss Maldonado in their new uniforms after performing at a Renaissance breakfast. The Step Squad is the newest addition s to the extracurricular organizations at SW M HS. After dazzling audiences for the past several years at the annual talent show, students decided to take the step squad to the next level and have it given the status of an officially sanctioned club. The Board o f Education gave their approval and the "Platinum Soundz" were born. They have been visible at many school functions throughout the school year including Pep Rally, Football and Basketball gam es, and a Renaissance breakfast. They have shown great energy and dedication, putting in many hours of practice. They are hop­ ing to eventually become an official team so that they may be able to compete in the future. Their A dviser is M iss Stephanie M aldonado. This years Captains are: Antoinette Beaupierre, Sam Boateng, and Ashley Watson. We congratulate them on a successful first year. And we look forward to many more years of "step p in g" to come.

At the Pep Rally the Squad claps...

...and stomps, to the joy of the crowd.

"Platinum Soundz" on the sidelines at a basketball game.

Stepping at a Renaissance breakfast.


Student Councif

Student Council is the core of S.W.M.H.S., in school as well as in the community. They sponsor countless school spirit projects; charity oriented endeavors and out reach programs throughout the year. Officers and class representatives are always in evidence throughout the building busily performing their tasks. Homecoming, Pep Rally, Penny War, Earth Week, School Spirit Month, and Teacher Appreciation Week are only a part of their many worthwhile accomplishments.

[student ceundtl




1 *

§h |

aM tttu den t itu d cn t Council

Back Row: Ms. Kwiatkowski, Adviser; Ryan Bartlett, Sophomore Execu­ tive; Laura Haney, Vice President; Kristen Hubela,President; Marc Peterson, Junior Executive;Ms. Vozza, Adviser. Front Row: Gina Makowski, Secretary; Jennifer Newsome, Senior Execu­ tive; Brielle Bandola, Treasurer; Anysa Holder, Board of Edu­ cation Representative. Council members assist with a blood drive.

C o u n cil P io u d !


Council members participate in "Read Across America."

‘Ever changing ... hut never the same again! After giving over thirty years each to the students of Sayreville, and more specifically the Student Coun­ cil, Advisers Lee Vozza and Marianne Kwiatkowski decided to retire. Their guidance allowed the stu­ dents involved to be a part of an award winning student government team. Year after year, they ar­ rived at the high school at six in the morning to oversee the many fund-raisers, class competitions, bagel sales, elections, blood drives, hospital visits and so much more. They were an institution unto themselves. Who would dare try to fill their shoes? What awesome role models to have to emulate! Yet we respect and understand their decision. Traveling is a pastime that they will certainly participate in more, once they have the time. They also expressed an interest in doing volunteer work, always so un­ selfish. We will truly miss them. We wish them a wonderful, relaxing and fun filled odyssey into the realm of retirement. We are ever changing, but with­ out them we will never be the same!


Senior Representatives: Back Row. Meryl Hamilton, Ryan Watters, Katie Mesa, Roger Jasiak, Laura Haney, Matthew Zezza, Kristen Dahl, Kenny Smith. Middle Row: Nicole Burrell, Patti Ryan, Holly Cooper, Christian Semple, Nicole Stovall. Front Row: Shauntele Weaver, Anysa Holder, Jen Katzman, Kristen Hubela, Jennifer Newsome.


Junior Representatives: Back Row: Daniel Huff, Dennis Malapolski, Brielle Bandola, Marc Peterson, Matthew Bodak. Second Row: Gabrielia Vargas, Laura Colacurcio, Chelsea Smith, Kristen Aikens, Kristen Poole, Linda Scamardella. Third Row: Heather Brown, Natalie Wika, Allison Comerford, Kelly Shaute, Lauren Naples. Front Row: Gina Makowski, Julia Switzer, Antonietta Basile, Tara Hryomak, Jessica Roy. Camera Shy: Anthony Richards, Lamar Holmes, Ingrid Villegas.

Sophomore Representatives: Back Row: Ryan Bartlett, Kimberly Griffith, Ryan Holder, Omar Guidote, Robert Galante, Daniella Vargas, Akiiah Saylon. Front Row: Kenny Lyons, Kelli Jenkins, Ashley Villafane, Cliff Grandin, Joe Zezza. Camera Shy: Keisha Worthington.

Freshmen Representatives: Back Row: Afia Genfi, Christina Kelly, Michael Roy, Michael Lefkowitz. Top Row: Frances Ramirez, Allie Gimenez, Jennifer Latz, Michael Gary, Jefferey Craig. Camera Shy: Courtney Lynch. louncij.



Spanish Sfonor Society Spanish Honor Society offiers, Laura Lasko, Vanessa Rodriquez, Patrick Chan, and Jenn Didik.

The National Spanish Honor Soci­ ety consists of those students who have achieved an A average in Span­ ish III and IV or an average of 85 in the Advanced Placement Spanish. The society's purpose is to promote the study of Spanish in the middle and high schools, to expose elementary students to Spanish, and to serve the high school and the com m unity through cultural projects. Their Ad­ viser is Senorita Kwiatkowski. This years officers are: President, Vanessa Rodriguez; Vice President, Laura Lasko; Secretary, Jenn Didik; and Treasurer, Pat Chan.


Members of the Science Olympiad team.

The Talented and Gifted program for "exceptionally able" students is an integral part of the school's cur­ riculum. It offers an array of activi­ ties in the areas of art, science, hu­ m anities, and technology, im ple­ mented by student motivation on a pull - out - of - class basis. Its activi­ ties and offerings include, but are not lim ited to, Panasonic C hallenge, Bansai Garden, Science Olympiad, Stock Market, Mock Trial, Governer's School, Viewing an Open Heart Sur­ gery, Arts High School, Knowledge Masters Open, and the Renaissance Recognition Program . Mrs. Goscienski is the Adviser.

TAG 233

The ‘Twelveth Annual‘Variety Show Once again, our talented students enter­ tained a sold out crowd at this popular event. The twenty three acts that performed were chosen by audition. Every aspect of the performing arts was represented from classical to heavy metal. Vocals varied from Broadway show tunes to rap. Dance was covered from ballet to the precision move­ ments of the step squad. Members of the Junior Class who announced the acts of the night were: Jill Danku, Laura Colacurcio, Matt Pogoda, Natalie Wika, Sam Boateng, and Kathleen Fallon. Sponsored by the Class of 2003, the evening was a successful fund raiser. Sam Boateng performed U Got It Bad" by Usher.

Ryan Holder sang "If That's My Baby" before dancing with his group.

Nicole Vuono danced to "Looking In" by Mariah Carey,

Antoinette Alston and Shereise Myrick sang "His Eye on the Sparrow" by Lauryn Hill.

K. Brus danced to "Remember the Time."

R. Torok was front man to the Ice Ice Baby performance with members L. Simicich, S. Quackenbush, and S. Toth.

Ashley Clack danced to a Britney Spears' number.

The Venice performed one of their own

Last Minute dazzled us w’ith their excellent routines. 234 VARIETY SHOW

Kate Tyszkiewicz sang "We Belong" by Pat Benetar.

Paul Monticello went with his own compostion "The Saddest Girl."


Anthony and Carmen Serignese covered "Good Riddance."


2 0 0 1

Alexis Doukas performed "The Rose.

; Hosted by the Class of

2 0 0 3

Shaun Saunders

Heather Djan sang "Foolish

Lindsay Ritter danced to "All Rise" by Bobby Mason.

Dustin Baker sang "Water Runs Dry" accompanied by Sean O'Connor.

delen Vasallo sang an old classic "Nice Work If You Can Get It."


"High Potency" teamed up for "A.M. to P.M."

Matt Pogoda and Jill Danku emmceed the show.

Crystal Marte sang "Foolish Games" by Jewel.

Without a Doubt gave us their rendition of "Don't Speak" by No Doubt.

"Us Three and Dr. P." performed "Without You." VARIETY SHOW 235

TIGS (T e e n Institute o f the Gar­ den State) is an organization which promotes a drug and alcohol free life­ style for teens. The adviser is Mrs. Gina Heineman. TIGS works with middle school students to prepare them for the challenges of high school. In addition, TIGS has brought sev­ eral dynamic speakers to the high school to share their own stories about drug problems and encourage stu­ dents to avoid the same mistakes. Executive Members include Karissa Kozlak, Anne Carrasco, Dia Beshara, Vanessa Rodriguez, Kyle Deutsch, Montana Barone, Colleen Fisher, and Sabrina Giampaolo.

236 T.l.G.S.



Winter Q uard

The Winter Guard is a unit that performs indoors much as the Color Guard does out doors. With a series of skits, they use their rifles, flags, and sabres to execute intricate rou­ tines. The group calls itself "EXCEL eration." This year the program per­ formed was called "The Storm" by Vanessa Mae. The team participates in various competitions in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area MAIN Circuit. They participated this year in the MAIN Championships at South Brunswick High School in April. Cap­ tains are Seniors Lynn Pulvermuller, Elyse H ajd u sek , and H eather Shedlock. Instructors are Vanessa B orelly-V ega, P.J. T anker, Izzy Delgado, and Colleen Reagan.


— —_—_L—-—-—

Senior Messages "All that's happenin' here is the long good-bye." Brooks & Dunn - The Long Good-bye





I 0

‘The. S a d cjOod6ye I th o u g h t it w o u ld he e asy . I k n o w n o w I w a s w ro n g. I tr ie d to f i n d th e rig h t w o rd s T h ey d id n ’t seem to com e a lo n g . W e ’v e sh a r e d a h a r d a n d try in g y e a r

W e’ve a l l le a rn e d to he stro n g . L e t ’s n o t fo r g e t th e g o o d tim es M o re w il l be h ere b efo re lon g. T h is is n o w th e f o u r t h y e a r T h a t th is p o e m is b e in g done. O f a l l th a t I h av e w ritte n T h is is th e h a rd e st one. T h is y e a r w il l lea v e m e em pty W h en g r a d u a t io n s done T o r, a s g o e s th e C la ss o f 2 0 0 2 S o g o e s m y y o u n g e st so n . W a sn ’ t k in d e rg a rte n y e ste rd a y ? I s h ig h s c h o o l re a lly g o n e ? T h e w o r ld is o u t th e ir w a itin g S in d y o u m u st a l l m ove on. ‘B u t a lw a y s keep w ith in y o u r h e a rts

W w

T h is s p e c ia l p la c e a n d tim e. S in d a lw a y s keep a little love T o r th o se y o u leav e beh in d . W e w ish y o u a l l th e h a p p in e ss T h a t a s u c c e s s fu l life c a n b rin g. W e a lso w ish th a t y o u w il l a l l R em em ber th ese f e w th in g s L e t no one s t a n d b etw een y o u


S in d th e d ream s th a t y o u d esire. L e t no one k i ll y o u r p a s s io n s O r p u t o u t fre e d o m s f ir e .

W e c a n o n ly h ope a n d p r a y T h a t w e h av e ta u g h t y o u w ed . I f y o u h av e [e a rn e d th e le sso n s M ow o n ly tim e w il l te ll. S t a n d by a l l y o u r d ream s S in d a l l th a t y o u h o ld tru e,


y o u r fre e d o m is in y o u r o w n h a n d s S lm erica is y o u .

§ - L u c ille B lo o m -



HEATHER SHEDLOCK We wish for you to always see the goodness in this world; to do your part in helping those less fortunate; to walk hand in hand with those of less talent; to follow those of more knowledge; to be equal with those who are different. We wish for you to find your spe­ cial purpose in this world so full of choices, and to help lead those who stray. We wish for you to become your own individual, to set yourself apart from those who are the same. Our daughter, we wish for you the self -confidence to say no when it is necessary and the strength to stand alone. We wish for you the approval of yourself to love and respect every­ thing that you are and will become. We wish for you to reap the fruits of your talents, to walk with pride down the road of life, to be humble in your successes, and to share in the praises and joy of others. But most of all, we wish you to be happy. For when you are happy you have the key that will open all the world's doors to you. Whatever you decide, whoever you become, our love for you is un­ conditional; our arms and hearts are always open to you. We wish that you will someday know the joys that only a daughter can bring and that all your wishes will come true. We love you, our daughter. Mom and Dad


ELIZABETH GAGLIONE Elizabeth, Our little girl has grown into a beauti­ ful young woman. You have done so many things in your life that have made us proud. But the one thing that we all will miss is your smile when you walk into a room. It only seems like yesterday that you were playing with dolls and watching cartoons on Saturday morn­ ings in your pajamas and now you are ready to step out and fulfill all your dreams. Love, Dad, Susan, Julie and Emma



Steve, You are truly a shining star; you have brightened our lives and we are very proud of you. Fondly remember the many good times our family has shared. Remember to cherish and enjoy the present. Always be optimistic, have hope, patience and look forward to the future. We know the road ahead of you will be a wonderful journey; we will always love you and be here for you. Mom, Dad & Jeffrey


Steven Gitlin Steven, We've been through so much but through it all I'm glad we're still to­ gether. You mean so much to me and it's not going to be the same next year without seeing you in school. Even though we won't be together as much, I'll always be here for you. You made high school so much more fun with all the laughs. Good luck in college and basketball. I know you'll succeed in whatever you do. I'll miss you and I love you so much. Love always, Jessica

Gary King Gary, Congratulations! You did it! We are very proud of you and love you very much. Good luck and God bless you in your future choices. Love ya, Mom, Dad & Kenny

Megan Bowden

Michael Hart Mike, Congratulations! You are forever our # 1 son, brother, gran d so n , n ephew , cousin and friend. We send you into this new world with pride and our love. The Connelly, Hart, N adal, L aB racio, C lark an d Kren Fam ilies

Stephanie Joy Smetana Dear Cinderella, It is hard to realize that you are graduating from high school. Where have all the years gone? As you have been there for us we will always be there for you no matter where you go. You will always be our sweet little Cinderella! Congratulations and Good Luck!!! Love, Your Sister, Ju Ju Bean, Rob Tree and Rob, Jr. IV

Dominique Bencivenga



Count on me thru thick & thin Our friendship I will never end. When you are weak, I will be strong, Helping you to carry on. Count on me I will be there. Don't be afraid. Please believe me when I say, "count on"; You can count on me. Remember the memories, live the present & believe in your future.

I don't know where I'd be without you.You've helped me with so much in the past 3 years. I want to wish you the best of luck in college. I'm gonna miss you Mickey.

143, NIKKI

Suzanne Sullivan

Mickey & Donald BFF

Love, Kelly

P.S. Don't ever forget Cancun 2000!

Kate Appleby



Congratulations, Mouse! We hope the future holds wonderful things for you! Always be happy! Stay smiling! You are beautiful, and we love you very much.

Your future is an unwritten sym­ phony. Our wish for you is success and happiness as you use your tal­ ents and creativity to make it a mas­ terpiece. May all your dreams come true!

Mommy, Daddy, Michael, Jackie and Justin

Love, Mom & Dad, Ben, Ryan, Scott & Sandy


Stacy Eveis

Stacy, Congratulations on your graduation. We are very proud of you. Life has so m any things to offer, enjoy every day of it. M ay all your dream s come true. Love, M om, Dad, Ellen and Tino

Stacy, I am very proud of you and I hope that all of your dream s will come true. N o matter where the future leads you, I will alw ays be your little sis. Congratulations! Love, Your little Sis, Ellen


KEVIN AARON BLOOM Little Bro, We can still remember the day that M om went into the hospital to have you. H ow long it seem ed until w e knew what you were! We have had our good times and our bad times through the years, as all brothers and sisters do. But know that we are alw ays here for you, "W easel", as only family can be. We can't believe how fast the time has gone and that our "little Bro" is all grown up! H ave a great time in college and continue to m ake us proud of you. G ood luck and congratulations!

Love, Janine & Michael

BASEBALL'S rOLDEN/QLDIE Because of You My Life Has Been Changed In So M any Ways I w ould have been the only Redskin & Florida State fan in our house. I never w ould have visited the Football, Hockey, and Baseball H alls of Fame. I w ould have m issed out on all those trips to Disney World; The delight of those Sunday driving adventures; The annual auto show; Your help cutting the grass with your little mower; All those trips to Fort Grumpy. I w ould never have become a hockey fan; Bought the Mountaineer; Built all those Star Trek m odels; Attempted to build those tables. Santa w ould never have left any notes. But m ost of all you have brought more happiness and joy into my life than I could have even hoped for.


FHE SPORT QUIZ rest Your Sport IQ


Dear Kevin, It isn't alw ays easy To let your children go. I've said you were m y "san ity ", In case you didn't know. When the others drove me crazy A nd turned me u psid e down. I knew yo u 'd alw ays have your feet Planted firmly on the ground. N o w orries and no heartaches; A gift from G od above. The youngest of m y children, Who gives m e so m uch love. The future's out there w aiting With dream s for you to seize. Go find w hat it is holding But go with caution, please! I'll alw ays m iss the baby boy With the sm iling rosy face. But I so adore the fine young man Who stands here in his place.

All My Love Always, Mom


JAMIE JARUSIEWICZ We look at you and wonder where the time has gone. You have grown and matured into a beautiful young woman. We know you will find happiness and success because we are confident in your ability, your self-knowledge and your values. Our pride in you is unsur­ passed and the happiness that you bring us is unending. This is the time for you to celebrate the accomplishment of a dream you have worked hard to realize. M ay your graduation bring happiness to you and prepare you for your next venture. Enjoy what college and life itself will bring your way. A nd know that you are treasured and loved very much. Love Alw ays, M om & Dad

Dear Jamie, Thanks for being such a great sister and role model. I'll m iss you when you go to college. BOOIZ!!! Love you lots! Holly


KRISTEN DAHL Dear Kristen, I just can't believe where the time has gone. You're on your way off to college. We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! You are a very caring and thoughtful young lady. This is a very special quality that someone has within; this will help you excel in your future dreams. Always believe in yourself. Good Luck in your future endeavors! Love Always, Mom, Dad, Heather & Shawn

To Our Granddaughter Kristen, You have grown up so fast. Those days as a baby just couldn't last. Years have come and gone. You have sat on our laps And given us hugs and kisses. Your happy spirit, Your loving heart, Your special kindness, Are all a part of the wonderful granddaughter you are. Love Always, Nanny and Pop


LAURA LYNNE LASKO Dear Laura, Time passes by so quickly ... The absolute joy that you bring into our lives only grows deeper with each passing day. What a delight it has been to watch you grow through the years from a tiny baby that we held so dearly in our arms, to the beautiful young woman that you are today. Whether on the playing field, in the classroom, or home with family and friends, you bring out the best in all of us. You have a rare combination of spirit, intelligence, beauty, compassion, insight, and ... of course, your sense of humor! You have touched so many lives! Your sister, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all adore you and wish you every success and happiness. Believe in yourself as we have believed in you. May all of your hopes and dreams come true. With Much Love Always and Forever, Mom, Dad, Sharon and Matthew ... Spanky, and Milo too!!



Dear Jeff, Where have the years gone? It seems like only yesterday that you were born! You have brought us so much happiness; you'll never know. Your smile, your laughter, your seri­ ous ways and your desire for perfec­ tion have shaped our lives. As al­ ways, we are so very proud of all you have accomplished. We wish you the very best in any dreams or goals you have set for yourself for the fu­ ture. We love you so very much, wish you luck, and remember we are always here for you.

Love, Mom & Dad



Don't you w ish that we could go back To the happiness of yesterday; To the beginning when nothing w as for sure; To the days of long ago. We can't; they are gone but We still have the memories. The sweet taste of yesterday still lingering; Tomorrow is waiting. The sun m ay shine. The rain m ay fall. New memories will be m ade But don't forget The memories of yesterday. Keep on creating. Love, M om, Dad, Tim and Matt



Dear Lisa, You have brought us so much happiness! We have enjoyed each and every softball and field hockey gam e; as well as your concerts, banquets and spaghetti dinners. Whether on the sports field or in the class room, you have alw ays set your bar high and worked diligently to achieve your goals. We are confident that your form ula for success will continue in college and reward you throughout your life. You have m ade u s very proud! Love alw ays, M om, D ad & G reg

Lisa, We're so prou d of you and wish you the best in life! Love, N anny & Poppy


VANESSA RODRIQUEZ To Our Daughter, Congratulations! We are so very proud of you. These seventeen years flew by so fast and we tear as we write about them. Your childhood days will always be embedded in our hearts. We treasure the memories of watching you grow into a young lady. Remember the many elementary school projects we worked on together, your kindergarten gradua­ tion, the dance com petitions, Girl Scouts, cheerleading, piano lessons, track meets, and the nerve wracking driving lessons. You've taken a different path through high school and have worked very hard. Your accomplish­ ments are a testimony to the many talents that you possess. Thank you for always giving it your best, for always giving of yourself and for being the kind of daughter that any parent would be proud to have. You truly are our princess. God bless you and good luck! Our love always, Mom, Dad and Anthony



Dear Marisa, We remember putting you on Bus # 38 with your brothers. Now it's time for graduation. Time has passed too fast. Follow your dreams. You are our beautiful sunshine. Congratulations. Love you always, Mom & Dad Marisa, I love you. I'm proud to see you graduate. I hope you accomplish all your goals through life. Love, Popa Marisa, I can't believe that you are graduating already! It seems like it was yesterday when you got on the school bus with me for the first time. I could not have asked for a better sister than you. You have made me very proud to be your brother. Remember, I will always be there for you. Good luck and congratulations. Love, Pete Marisa, My little sister, congratulations on your graduation. You are a special part of my life. I wish you success & happiness. Love, Chris



Our lives are about to change once again. You're going on a w onderful adventure, exploring new horizons, dream s and life's miracles. We, however, will m iss your crazy antics, your dinner time stories, and your ability to make us laugh under any circumstances. You are a dream come true for us. We will m iss you so much. Call before you stop by we probably won't be home! GO SHORTY! LOVE, M ommy, Papa, Lance, Teddy & Lambie



As you step beyond your youth, You will cross the path of many. Face your future with a smile, For it is yours forever. We love you very much and are so proud of you, Mommy, Daddy & Taya


If &

MARK BENDER D ear M ark We have watched you grow and mature over the past seventeen years. We’ve witnessed your mischievous side, which at times has gotten you into innocent trouble. Your gentle side one o f thoughtfulness, kindess and giving. And finally your creative side, which is one o f your strongest attributes. Your creativity when designing new ideas, especially pertaining to cars. You have designed some very unique effects. We know i f you put your mind to something you will accomplish it. As you have done with many different things over the years. No one knows now where your road will lead, or what path you will choose. We want to however wish you a lifefu ll o f new and exciting adventures. A journey that is safe and one that is always a pleasant learning experience and above all else, much happiness and contentment. You did and still do now make us very, very proud to call you our son! Love you always Mom and Dad




On November 10 th. 2001 The Marching Unit became The 1st. Place Champions at their East Coast Competition in Bridgeport, Connecticut

T h is Year the Graduating Seniors are..






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4H 1 J

True friendship comes when silence between two people i becomes comfortable.’’^ ^ I - Dave Gentry - M.




I B L Ki W H O O O ??



KEVIN BLOOM Kevin, Congratulations! I am very happy for you and I know that you will succeed in every­ thing that you put your heart into. You mean a lot to me and you'll always have a special place in my heart. Wherever you go and whatever you do, I'm always here for you. Never forget you'll always be my baby. Best of luck in all you do!! Love ya always, Renee A.K.A. Your Baby!

And I Have You Rain has drops Moon has beams

Sun has shine That make youmine.

Rivers have banks Hearts have heartbeats

Sands for shores That makes me yours

Needles have eyes Elmer has glue

Though pins may prick To make things stick

Winter has Spring Pepper has mint

Stockings feet To make it sweet

Teachers have lessons Lawyers sue bad guys

Soup du jour Doctors cure

All and all this is true. You have me and I have you.


Traci Romer To M y Peaches, The night of your Junior Prom w as a special night for both of us. So w hat I'm saying to you is that I love you and will alw ays be there for you no matter what. Love alw ays, Your Baby Boy

Danielle Delfino Danielle, We all love you and are p ro u d of y o u r acco m p lish ­ m ents. Best w ishes on your special day to our beautiful girl. Love, M om , D ad, N icole & Renee

"A Night To Remember"

Meryl Hamilton & Ashley Ciamarra

Nicole Burrell


Dear Ash, I can't believe we're graduating this year! We've been through so much together these past 4 years. I truly don't know what I would have done without you. You are my best friend & I love you. Mer

Mer, Congratulations! Thank you for ev­ erything you have done for me. Good luck in the future. I hope we stay friends forever. Love, Ash

Katie Mesa Congratulations Katie, We love you with all our hearts and are very, very proud of you. Love alw ays, M om, D ad & Stephen


Nicole, Congratulations! You made it, and I'm glad I was able to be there most of the way. These past two years have been great and I'm grateful for every minute we have had. You know that I always wish only the best for you and I am sure that whatever you do, you will be great at it and you know I will be behind you every step of the way. Thank you for everything you have done for me, it means so much. Good luck in college next year. I love you. Love, Jay

Steve Gitlin H ow time flies - from an ador­ able little boy to a handsom e young man! We love you very much and are so prou d of your accom plishm ents! We know that w h atever y o u r fu tu re holds for you, will be spelled with SU CCESS!! Congratulations! With all our love, M om, Tony and Alaina

Joshua Pawlowski Brian Fitzgerald Congratulations! Josh and the Class of 2002 Best w ishes for a successful future. Love, Mom, Dad & Dan

FITZ -NSWITZ 3-19-00


Jessica Ferreira, Kim G esell & K arissa Kozlak

Through the years your friendship has been among those things in my life whose value could never be explained by words or measured on any scale. There's a special sense of comfort and security when friends have been together as long as we have. I know that I can always be myself around you because you know me so well. You know my thoughts and understand my feelings, sometimes even better than I do. Your understanding and inspiration have been an unfailing support to me, so many times, when no one else could comprehend what was in my heart, you would know because you know where I've been. I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO ME TO KNOW THAT I HAVE A FOREVER FRIEND LIKE YOU! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!



When you were just a child, you were always here by our side, filled with wonder and curiosity, trying things for the first time and wanting to be so grown up. Nowadays, you're mostly on your own - planning, doing, dreaming, and reaching for the stars ~ and that's how it should be! But we want you to know that no matter how far from home your dreams may lead you - in every way that matters, you are still here by our side ~ right here in our hearts, where we'll always treasure you as our little girl, and the beautiful daughter we love. Love, Mommy & Daddy 266 SENIOR MESSAGES


Dear Holly, We hope that you will always remember that wherever life takes you, whatever dreams you follow, and no matter how "grown up" you are, you'll always be our precious daughter... and our love will always go with you. You have always made us proud to be your parents. And a life filled with happiness and success is our wish for you. Love always, Mom and Dad Holly, Well, I guess my little sister is not so little anymore! You are about to start a whole new chapter in your life, full of new experiences, challenges and emotions. But as a person with such ambition and determination, I am sure you will be successful in all that you do. It is a whole new world after high school and i hope you make it a great experience. Good luck in college, I know you will do great. Love, your big sister, Kelli



Dear Nicole, You made it! We never had any doubt. Where have all the years gone? We are more proud than words can say. Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, never give up and you will succeed in life. We will always be here for you. Always keep that smile. Love always, Mom and Dad

Nicole, You're already graduating and going off to college. The time went by so fast. I still remember Central School in East Brunswick. I always wanted to be with you when I was younger. But now I'm older and so are you and you're always going out. Even so, you are still always there for me. I love you. Good luck in college. Love always, Mike


Nicole, Congratulations! I am very proud of you and everything you have accomplished. Even though we can't stand each other sometimes, I still love you. I will stand behind you in whatever you choose to do with your future. Just make sure you follow your dreams. Love ya always, Rose


Dear Michael, You are a wonderful young man. We are all proud of you, for all you've done and the person you've become. Keep up the good work. We wish you continued success in all your future endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad & Vicky



Leisha, Having you for a daughter has been one of the greatest blessings that God has given me. You have filled my life with pride, joy, happiness, and love. 1am so very proud of you. Your achievements and accom­ plishments are something to be proud of. Remember in everything you do to put God first and the rest will follow. I will always be there for you when you need me. Love always, Mom

Lee Lee, Although I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit. 1 am delighted to see how orderly you are and how firm your faith in Christ is. Being rooted and established in love, may you always have God's power to know that this love surpasses knowledge. Look up and forward, and know that your fu­ ture begins when you believe in your dreams. Lee Lee, I am proud of you. Remember 1love you and I'm with you always in spirit. Love, From Daddy through Mom



! ' i is c

Ry, You have brought u s more joy than we ever dream ed possible. A s you venture into your future, please continue to: * M ake w onderful, lasting friendships * Sm ile through adversity * Stay "g ro u n d e d " - standing firm in your decisions * Celebrate life - prou d of who you are * Rem em ber alw ays that you are loved! Thank you for m aking us feel successful at our m ost challenging yet rew arding job in life. We are very prou d of you M om, D ad and M eghan


TRACI ANN ROMER Dear Traci, From Mommy's little Mush and Daddy's little Princess, you have grown into a beautiful young woman. It seems like yesterday that you were just a little girl. We are sure you will be able to achieve your dreams, even if it means changing stumbling blocks to stepping stones. We are very proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad P.S.'You will always be Daddy's little girl. Twe (mini me), Congratulations! I am very proud of you, not just for graduating but also because of what a very beautiful, sweet, and special woman you have become. I truly love you and wish that someday Domi and I will have a daughter of our own and that she'll be just like my little sister ( who sleeps standing up). Love, J. & Domi



Sarah! In every fleeting year you have never ceased to amaze us in all your endeavors and achievements. A bright future is ahead of you and you are the one who accomplished that! You will always be "OUR #1"! Love Always, Mom, Dad, & Katie


Dearest Dominique, Congratulations on your graduation! We wish you love, peace and happiness wherever life leads you ~ Always remem­ ber to listen to the music, it's always playing in our hearts ~ Isn't She Lovely - Because You Loved Me - Butterfly Kisses

Love you - always and forever Mommie, Daddy, Joseph & Angelina



KYLE McLEANAS Kyle, When you were born, we were so amazed by the wonder of you. You continue to amaze us and despite some difficult challenges, you showed an intense drive. You were always curious and still are. You continue to look for ways to improve yourself, both as a student and an athlete. You have set realistic goals and have attained most of them. You are compassionate and truly care about people and their feelings. You have strong values, maturity and wisdom. Always keep these qualities; they are very important in life. Now that you are a young adult, continue to grow as a person. Set your future goals realistically. Keep the compassion you have for people and the drive and determination you have to make yourself better. Be confident in yourself and ALWAYS keep that smile! Always remember how proud we are of you and how much you are loved. Good luck in everything that you do. Love always, Mom & Dad

DE'ANNA GOODSON De'anna, Some people see eighteen years as a lifetime. To us eighteen years seems as but yesterday. It's like you've grown up overnight. "Yesterday" you were a vision of hope. "Today" you have measured up to our best expectations. We can hardly wait to see how proud we will be of you "tomorrow". Love, Mom & Dad To My Little Sister who thinks she's the big sister. Well, you did it! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments & I hope you're looking forward to new adventures that lie ahead. And when you set out on these adventures of yours, do me a favor? Remember I'm the big sister & I'll always be right there for you. I love you - Congrats, Monica


GWEN MESSINGER Dear Wendy, Congratulations to our little princess on your graduation from high school. We are so very, very proud of you and your induction into the National Honor Society. We can't believe how fast the years have flown by. After waiting for you for so long, now it is so hard to see you growing up and maturing so quickly. No matter what your age, you will always be our precious GEM! Love you so much!! Mom and Dad


KATIE TIMPSON Kate, It seems like only yesterday when you were born and now it's your graduation. Soon you will begin a new chapter in your life when you enter college. We know with your determination and drive you will achieve your dream and become an A.P. Biology Teacher. You are the greatest gift that God has ever given us. We are so proud of you and all your many accomplishments. We wish you all the love, happiness, and success that life has to offer, for you truly deserve it. Thank you for being the best daughter any parents could ever dream of. As you begin your life outside of S.W.M.H.S.: We hope you dance... We hope you never loose your sense of wonder, You get your fill but always keep that hunger. May you never take one single breath for granted. God forbid love ever leaves you empty handed. We hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Whenever one door closes we hope one more opens. Promise us that you'll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, We hope you dance... ALL OUR LOVE, Mom and Dad


DESTINY LEE SCHELD Congratulations! Through these past 18 years you have learned, developed and refined some great qualities; compassion, honesty, responsibility, empathy and most of all sincere dedica­ tion to those who have touched or entered your life. As you head out into the world and all it has to offer in the years to come, I know you will not only succeed but find a way to bring love and happiness to all around you. I am so very proud of you. Follow your dreams and never lose sight of what it is that makes you happy. I wish you much success, health, wealth and happiness in whatever field of study you may choose. I love you and will always be here for you. You are my heart and soul. Mom



JAMIE ZAG ATA Jamie, Where has the time gone? Just yesterday I held you as a baby in my arms; today you are a young woman soon to start life's journey. You are such a fantastic kid... Compassionate, loving, and caring ... a constant source of joy and entertainment to all of us around you. Never loose your thirst for living, laughing and loving. You have made us very proud of you and for all these reasons, you have our support and love forever. Good luck in whatever you do. Love, Mom, Dad, Zack & Judd




Dear Laura, Loving you is an absolute joy! You are a wonderful granddaughter, who has never ceased to amaze us with your many talents and abilities. An adorable little girl has grown into a beautiful, gifted young woman. We feel truly blessed that you have shared so much of your life with us. Our memories of time spent with you will be treasured forever. We love you and wish you the best the world has to offer in all of your future endeavors. Congratulations on your graduation from S.W.M.H.S.! We look forward to sharing many more memories with you! Love always, Babci and Dziadgi

Every now and then we find a special friend Who never lets us down ... Who understands it all Reaches out each time you fall You're the best friend that I've found Through all the good times, and even the bad, I knew I could count on you for support. Even though there were times when we didn't see eye to eye, I knew that you were always there for me. You're one of the few that can make me laugh even when I'm feeling the worst. I'm going to miss not having you to follow in the hallways anymore, or fight over the radio with in the morning. Thank you for always being there for me and occasionally finding "room in the car"; you know I'm here for you. Good Luck next year - 1know you can do it! XoXo *10-5* Love Always, Sharon

KRISTIN KARBOWSKI Kristin, From the time you were ju st a little girl, you have brought joy to our hearts and laughter to our lives. We have seen you grow into a beautiful, secure, confident young woman. Our w ish for you is sim ply thebestthings life can offer: love, happiness, and self fulfillment. (Wealth, although optional, w ouldn't hurt either!) Love, M om & Dad


KRISTEN HUBELA T o O u r S p e c ia l D a u g h te r; Y o u h a v e a lw a y s b e e n sp e c ia l to u s. F ro m the d a y th at y o u w e re b o rn y o u h a v e b ro u g h t u s jo y an d y o u co n tin u e to d o so . W e are so p r o u d o f y o u r ac h ie v e ­ m en ts, e sp e c ia lly this y ear. Y o u r h a rd w o rk a n d d e te rm in atio n w ill tak e y o u w h e re v e r y o u w a n t to g o in life. A s y o u m o v e on in y o u r life, a lw a y s k n o w h o w m u ch y o u are lo v e d b y u s a n d y o u r siste rs. Y o u are a w o n d e rfu l siste r, a w o n d e r fu l frie n d a n d d a u g h te r , a n d m o r e im p o r t a n t ly , a s p e c ia l y o u n g w o m a n w ith the w o rld at her fin g ertip s. W e lo v e y o u .... M o m , D a d , L a u re n & K a y la






Congratulations! We are all so very proud of you, and of all your accomplishments. Just remember that in whatever you may do, there is nothing that you can't achieve if you want it badly enough.

Wow, I can't believe that my big brother is actually graduating. Now that I think about it, I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be and I'm going to miss you. I'm not going to have anyone to tell me what to do or try to beat me up anymore. 1don't know what I'm going to do next year without my big brother watching everything that I do. I'm going to miss you a lot. Good luck in college and everything else you do in life. Thanks for everything, I love you.

With all our love, Mom, D ad and Melinda

Love always, Kelly



Anne & Cristina

rn y 4 3 w g , y o W

iV o v iGm

Whip out the glow sticks!!/




Congratulations! We want you to know how very proud we are of you and your accomplishments. You have grown to be a caring, compassionate, young woman, talented and witty. We love you more than words can say. Now as you pursue your dreams in college, continue to believe in God and yourself! Reach for the stars! "You can do it!" You have already fulfilled our dreams — as you portrayed the roles of Bielke, Janie, Julia, a Narrator, and especially, POLLY! We watched with pride as your passion for the theatre and music grew. The countless after school and Saturday rehears­ als, as well as the many Sayreville Singers engagements (which for you were a labor of love) became a way of life. Most importantly, we are proud of who you are and the kind of person you have become. We are truly blessed with you - your empathy for others, fantastic sense of humor, and strong moral values provide a constant source of pride in our hearts. All Our Love Always, Mom, Dad, Nana and Charlie






This is always the hardest thing for Advisers to do, to say "good bye". It is also a time for mixed emotions. We are glad to see you grow and mature and head off to find your places in the world. Yet we are, of course, sad to see you go and leave us behind. We have worked together well, for the good of the class, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Think of us fondly as we will surely think of you. Congratulations, you are all the BEST! With Much Love and Best Wishes for the Future, The Advisers of the Class of 2002, Ms. McLarney, Mrs. Bloom, and Ms. Rodis 286 SENIOR MESSAGES




Wow! Where do I start? I mean you are like a dream come true, like a star that fell from the sky and came to me. There are no words that can express my love for you. I love you so much and wouldn’t give you up for anything in this world, not ever. You are my world. Remember when we first started going out? Everyone used to say to me, “I give it two months. I’ll give it four months!” Well, we showed them! These have been the two best years of our lives. Listen, Sweetheart, I have a little poem for you... God sent you down from heaven above. He sent you down for me to love. He picked you out from all the rest Because He knew I’d love you best. Congratulations, Ashley, 1 love you so much.

Laura, May the roads of life take you far, For our paths will always cross. You’re special to me in every way. Our bond can never be broken. Best Friends Forever! Love Always, Jennifer


Jen, If you shoot for the moon and miss, at least you will be one of the stars. I Love You, Mommy


la u ren

McD o n n e l l

Lauren, You ha ve turned into a beautiful young woman, inside and out. We are so proud of all you have accomplished. A s you begin the next chapter of your life, stay true to yourself and follow your dream s. We love you so much! Love, M om, D ad, Matt, and Bryan


MATTHEW FIORENTINO Congratulations on your graduation. Remem­ ber to follow your dreams wherever they may lead you. Love, Mom & Dad Michael & Adam




How can w ords possibly express what you mean to us? You have been a joy and constant source of amazement to us since the day you were born. You have alw ays been loyal to your friends, a committed teammate, caring brother, and a wonderful son. We have loved you and been proud of you every day of your life. Your determination to never give up, your sense of responsibility and fairness, your intel­ ligence, and your confidence in your own abili­ ties will help you reach your goals and succeed in whatever you choose to do. Know that we love you, support you, and will be here for you always. Love Always, Mom, Dad, and Stephanie


JACLYN GRIFFITH Jackie, You've grown into a bright and compassionate young woman while keeping life in perspective. It has been a pleasure watching you grow. You can't imagine the enormous pride we feel in you and your accom­ plishments. You are going to make important contributions wherever you go, but we will miss you. Reach for your dreams and you will always be happy! All our love, Mom and Dad Jackie, Ever since we were little, I've always looked up to you. Now that we are older, I feel we have gotten so much closer. We have shared many good and bad times together but they always turn out for the best. 1 am going to miss you so much when you're away, but I wish the best for you! Congratulations and Good Luck!! -Li AmoKimberly


STEPHANIE JOY SMETANA It seem s like it w as only yesterday, You have heard your family many times say, How fast the time has really flown, H ard to realize that you are all grown. N ow you are ready to end your SW MHS years, Along with your 2002 graduate peers, Off to college soon you will be, Eager to fulfill your own destiny. M ay we wish you Success and Good Luck in all that you do, Keep reaching for the stars and remember to alw ays pursue, Believe in yourself and your dream s will come true, To attain a prom ising career and a bright future for you.

"SO L ID " God Bless, Mom, Dad, G randm a Julie, Grandm a Anna, Kenny, Julie, Rob, Robbie, Aunt Diane, Uncle Bob, Bobby, Brittany, and Nancy

SAMANTHA PARSLER Our Sunshine Sammy, You fill our lives with joy and excitement and are never at a loss for words. Your strength of character and sense of humor will alw ays carry you through. A s you finish with high school and start on your journey, remember, you are not alone. We will alw ays be there to help you achieve what it is that you are reaching for. Love alw ays, Mom & D ad


VINCENT DENOTA Dear Vinny, We w ish you only life's best. You've worked very hard to reach your goals. Sometimes the road w asn't easy but you stayed with it and succeeded. We are so proud of you. Love, M om & Dad P.S. I knew you w ould do well! Brother Mike

NICOLE CHMIELEWSKI Dear Nicole, It seems like yesterday when we brought you home from the hospital, this perfect baby girl. Now, seventeen years later, you have grown into a strong, beautiful, and independent young woman. Sometimes I look at you and wonder where all the time has gone but then I realize that those times aren't gone. They are just great memories that can be looked back on with great joy. Congratulations, on a job well done! We are all so proud of you and your accomplishments. We will always be here to continue to support you in all your future endeav­ ors. Always have the courage to be yourself and you will be able to fulfill your potential. We love you so very much and wish you all the love, happiness, and success in everything you do. Love, Mom, Tom, Grandma, and Grandpa


MICHAEL ZONKOWSKI It certainly has been a "long and winding road", Michael, but you have survived! We have had so much fun cheering for you in ALL of the sports and watching you grow into the terrific guy that you have become. You have been blessed with a charming personality and a great sense of humor. These together with the strong character you have gained while struggling through the rough spots, will serve you well as you continue on your journey. We wish you much happiness as you venture out into your future. Know that we will ALWAYS be here for you ... ALWAYS cheering you on!!! We love you, always & forever, Mom, Dad, Cheryl & Dean P.S. Remember ... " I just called to say I love you."

KRISZTINA BARTUS Dear Krisztina, What can we say, you light up our lives with your wonderful ways. As you can see, with a little work you can accomplish anything. We are all extremely proud of you and wish you all the joy and happiness life has to offer. All our love, Mom, Peter, Eniko, Grandma & Grandpa


COURTNEY LOUIS Dear Courtney, It's hard to believe your senior year is here. It seem s like only yesterday you were our little girl. You have grown into such a beautiful, caring, young lady and we are so proud of you. You have come so far, and we know that with your determination and persistence, you can accom plish anything you set your m ind to. Reach for the stars and nothing can stand in your way. Be happy and enjoy life! We love you, M om, D ad, and Dan

MEGAN BOWDEN We have watched you grow from the cute little girl trying to keep up with her brother to the beautiful and sensitive young woman you have become. We are very proud of your accomplishments. We hope all of your dreams for the future come true and look forward to being with you every step of the way. Our love always, Mom, Dad & Charlie


Megan Bowden & Kelly Unkel Meg, Well, Hun, we did it! We're finally Se­ niors. Since kindergarten, we've been friends. Even though there was that short time in middle school where we drifted apart, we managed to pick up right where we left off in high school. We've been through a lot together, from chas­ ing boys on the playground to chasing them on the beach. I guess some things never change. Thanks for being like a sister and my partner in crime for all these years. I'm glad to know that i have someone to keep my secret and to get in trouble with. Those are the two things we do best. I hope that even through college we keep in touch and remain friends forever and always. Love ya, Kelly Unks

Kelly Unks, Well, babe, what can I say .. we've been through it a ll.. we've gone from learning to tie our shoes in kindergar­ ten to chasing boys around the play­ ground in elementary .. then there was that blank spot in middle school .. but we picked things up again in high school following guys around school, on the beach, in the mall and God only knows where else .. Some things will never change .. our friend­ ship is genuine.. you are like the sister I never had .. nothing will ever come between us .. not even college .. it's scary that soon we'll be signing above our senior pictures .. You know I'm always here & I love you Hunnie. Love always, Meg

Lauren Mayer & Jessica Small Lauren,


If someone would have told me in 9th grade that me & you would be best friends in Senior year, I probably would havelaughed. But here we are four years later with tons of memories, ones I'll never forget. I never would have made it without you. You're my trifflin chick, my partner in crime, my "sister" and my best friend. I love you.

I can't believe that we've been friends for four years. It seems like just yesterday that you were coming over my house everyday in freshman year, and now we're graduat­ ing. We've had so many memories and there's so much more to come after we go to college. I love you.

Love always & forever, Jessica


Love always & forever, Lauren

Kimberly Gesell Dear Kimberly, We are so proud of how far you've come and all you have achieved, overcoming every ob­ stacle placed in your path. When you go out into the world never forget we will always be there to love and support you. As you look back at all the good times you've had in school, don't look at this as an ending, but as a new beginning. Love, Mike, Grandma Alice, & Koriney

Ronald & Rachel

| Friends F o rev erB K T l


Jean Bennett H ey Sweetie, I am so prou d that you w ill be graduatin g this year. I hope your high school years were fun for you. I'm so glad that we met each other and started dating. We owe it to Jen and Alex for getting u s to go out. H ope your senior year w as the best. H ave a great sum m er and good luck in college. I love you. Love, your m an, Eric 6 - 9 - 0 1 forever

Kelly Unkel J

Kelly, You have always been a source of pride, from a bald headed baby to a beautiful young woman. Where have those years gone? We hope your future holds everything you are looking for. We know with your strong headedness and determination you will get what you want. Know that your family will always be here for you. Dad and I for love and support, your brothers for protection, and your sister for someone to tease and bug you. From me, Kel, a special thank you. Our relationship has been one that most mothers and daughters don't share. We talk, we laugh, and I use you for my confidante and sounding board. Thank you for your love and support. Don't ever forget that you have "two" guardian angels watching over you constantly. Love, Mom, Dad, Donnie, Danny Matthew and Jaime


Kyle Deutsch Kyle, There are many things in life that make a parent proud, but none could make us prouder than we are of you. Thank you. Love, Mom and Dad

Thomas Comey Thomas, the world you enter now differs greatly from the one you were born into. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 have forever changed this world. The events of that day have placed a heavy burden on the shoulder of your generation, and your task looms large. Yet as we watched you grow in your short lifetime, we have come to realize that you have all the qualities needed to enter this new world. You possess strength of commitment, faith in your fellow man, and hope for the future; quali­ ties to be relied on in a time of crisis. These qualities will not make your task any easier, but they will make it bearable. They are the cornerstone of your future, a future that has no boundaries, only prom­ ise. A future that is whatever you want it to be. So, congratulations, Son, you did it and you have made us very proud. Good luck and may God be with you always. Love, Mom, Dad Aimee-Lee & Patrick


Erin Lyons D ear Erin, Life m oves so fast! It seem s like only yesterday that you were this precious little baby sitting on our laps. The best of your life is yet to come, Erin. Search your heart and go full speed tow ard your dream s and goals. Rem em ber that we will alw ays be there cheering you on and supportin g you. Love to our little “pow der p u ff", N ow and forever! M om , D ad, and Kenny

Stephanie Smetana & Michael Parse Stefie, H igh school h as come and gone. W e've seen old friends go and new ones arrive. A nd now, it's our turn to go. But we both go a little m ore m ature and a bit wiser. A nd, thanks to you, I can leave happy, know ing I start a w hole new w orld with you by m y side. Thank you for being there for me. You know I'll be here for you. I love you. (your) Michael


M ichael, For three years now you have touched m y heart in w ays unim ag­ inable. N ot only are you m y best friend, but also my crying shoulder. Whenever your sw eet lady needed som ething, you were alw ays there to listen and som ehow m ake me smile. From you, I learned how to love som eon e, b u t m ore im po r­ tantly, I learned how to love myself. You have treated m e like princess, m aking me feel so com fortable and safe in your arm s. I truly believe you are m y guardian angel. Even though you tell me not to, I w ant to thank you for everything you have done for me. Because of you, I will alw ays cherish these four years of high school. I am so prou d of you! Congratulations on your grad u a­ tion - we m ade it together! I love you! All m y love, your baby girl, Stefie P.S. A s alw ays, "I'LL BE"w ith you as your #1 fan!

Patti Ryan Dear Patti, You were a happy baby, child, and now a happy young lady. We are so proud of your ac­ complishments, academically and athletically and we know how hard you worked. Love you always, Mom and Dad Dear Patti, Congratulations, I am so proud of your accomplish­ ments. As you have matured you have grown into a beauti­ ful young lady. I know the fu­ ture has special things in store for you. I love you, Tiffany

Lauren McDonnell & Jen Newsome


Arielle Rom ita

M elissa A m edeo

Arielle - Your journey is only just beginning, savor the good times and learn from the bad. You're doing a great job and we are very proud of you. Love always, Mom, Sam , Chelsea and John

Scott Arm strong

iniiir mu i mm


K arissa K ozlak

iiiiiii r

Whether active in sports or excelling in school, we have watched with pride as you have grown from a boy to a man. Love, M om, Dad and Lori


We have watched you grow from a three pound baby into the smart, beautiful woman you are today. We are so very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad



Kyle Jannuzzi

Kyle Jannuzzi Kyle, Congratulations! I can't be­ lieve how fast the time has passed. M ay you alw ayshave a h ap p y and healthy life. Your life is just beginning so enjoy and remember we will alw ays be here for you. Love, Mom & Dad

Kyle, Congrats! I can't believe your a senior! I wish I w as graduating too! Good Luck! Love, vour sister, Caitlin

Kyle, Congratulations! You've m ade us very proud. Good luck in the future. We love you! Nanny, Aunt Pat, Uncle Ronald, Heather, Todd, Danielle, D.J., & Samantha

Jennifer Katzman Dear Jen, You've always been like a little sister to me. Congratulations on your graduation. I'm wishing you much success in college. And may all your dreams come true. Love, Danielle




Nicole Budney

Dear Nicole, The sun, the moon, and the stars are all out there for you, just reach out for them. You can do and be what­ ever you want. We all love you. Good luck and con­ gratulations!! Love, Mom, Dad, Shanna & Kyle

Laura H aney

Laura, You are a gift of love, that m akes yesterdays sweet to recall, and tomorrow a time of hopes and dreams... We love you, Mom, D ad and Jon 304 SENIOR MESSAGES

Paul Monticello

Paul, You've always made us proud of you. Since you were a baby, your smile lights up a room, your laughter is contagious, and you've brought joy to so many people. No matter what tasks you tackle, we know you will succeed. Congratula­ tions on your graduation and best of luck in college. Remember, keep smil­ ing, be happy, and enjoy life. You are a gift from God. Luv ya, Mom, Dad, Jeff, Steven & Nana P.S. I always said you were destined to be great at whatever you do ... Pop

G ood Luck, Laura!

Congratulations! Lis


Through truth and lies...sm iles and despair A hug - a laugh - a "H ow 's my hair?" Y o u know I'll he there till the end My sisters forever, my true best friends


Mandy Mom


‘It was dark?!




r |C f/iy " , Sandv




‘So the cow says to the fish.... I don't like them spider eggs! I


Edw ard Goodell



When you are playing on the baseball field you put your heart and soul into the game. You are so determined to succeed. Your dreams will come true if you have the confidence in yourself that you have on the field. Eddie, I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. You are loyal, caring and responsible young adult. Congratulations! Love always, Mom


Lauren Homecker

Lauren, No words can express how proud you have made us. You set your goals at a young age and have truly followed through with them. You also learned at a very young age that life isn't always fair and to cherish every day and make the most of it. You are and always will be the twinkle in our eyes. Hold true to your beliefs and you will succeed in anything you choose to do. Thank you so much for being you! All our love always, Mom and Dad


Bryony Cruz My Mamacita,

Life is too short. I wake up and there it is; you're all grown up and ready to take another great step in your life. I can't express the overwhelming feeling that 1 have. I am so proud of all of your accomplishments in the past four years. It's been extremely hard, I know. But I also know that you were able to overcome every hurdle. That is who you are and will always be. There are many more obstacles coming and I am certain that you will again make it. You have the will to do anything you have proved that. May God bless you and keep you. And may you continue in the same faith, morales and values that you have now and you will succeed in anything that you do. I love you.


Jean Bennett Jeanie, Where did the time go? We went form going to parks, learning to walk to graduating high school. We are very proud of you. Reach for your rainbow. Enjoy, laugh, and be the best. Good luck in Berkeley. Work hard but don't forget to smile and have fun. You can always count on your family. Love, Mom & Dad Jean, From being kids to running out the door to school, we are always together. Remember all the mall trips, get­ ting lost (101). You will be missed at the high school. But now I'm the Senior. (Hee Hee) You will always be the Big Sis Love, Robin Jean, I will always follow you around. We will have our times! Don't forget I'm the youngest. Mom always says yes. (hee hee) You are the greatest and I love you. (Mimi me) Emily



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Count on ME 1,2,3,4,5 SENIOR MESSAGES 311

Frank Genua

Frankie, Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all of your achievements. As you go out into the world, which is so full o f challenges, we know you will make it a better place. Always remem­ ber to do good, be kind, and most o f all be true to yourself. Love always, Mom and Dad

Frank Genua

To our brother Frank, As you graduate from high school and face the challenges o f college and your future, we want you to know that we are so proud of the man you have become. We love you and will always be there for you. Love, Doreen, Jacque, and Candice

Frank Genua & Michael Zonkowski


Brad Fassett Dear Brad, It seems such a short time ago that you came into our lives. Remember­ ing you flying through the air, hitting the ground at soccer, wondering if you would get up! But you always did, with a smile on your face. There have been so many moments of joy, and also heart stopping ones, watch­ ing you enjoy yourself. You have grown so much and become some­ one to be so very proud of. Congratulations! Love, Mom & Dad


Nicole Stovall Nicole, May your future bring you as much joy as your past has given me. Love, Mom

> Nicole Stovall Dear Nicole, We are all so proud of you and all you have accomplished. You work so hard to achieve your goals that it is clear there is nothing out of your reach. So keep reaching for the stars and all good things will come your way! We love you, Coley! Love, Dad, Dana, Brittany and Allison



Tiffany Rice Dear Tiffany, Congratulations!! YOU MADE IT!! We are so proud of you. There is nothing you can't accomplish if you try your hardest. Don't stop dreaming, just reach for the stars. Remember we love you and will always be there for you. Love, Mom, Dad, Danielle, Dina, Carolanne, JR, Joey, Shauna & Brianne



Congratulations!! We know you can accom­ plish everything you want in life. God Bless You. We love you.

I've seen you grow alot in your last years of school and I hope you continue to have avery happy and successful future. Good Luck.


Elizabeth Gaglione My One And Only Daughter - Elizabeth It seems like only yesterday when I took you to your first day of kindergarten with your hair in a ponytail and your lunch box in hand. I don't know where all the years have gone. My little girl has grown into an intelligent young lady right before my eyes. Words can't describe how proud I am of you and your accomplishments throughout your years at school. You have succeeded in everything you have set out to do - 1 hope your college years are as successful as your high school years -1 know they will be. I love you with all my heart and soul I couldn't have asked for a better daughter -1 LOVE YOU - You will always be my shining star!!!!! Love always, Mom


A gatha R om anow ski

Lauren H om ecker Lauren, M y little sister, we do fight a lot, but I love you so much. You are a bright and loving sister. Congratulations on your success and good luck in col­ lege. I will m iss our late night talks and staying out late with you. But m ost of all I will m iss you. N ow I'm going to have to call and tell you everything on the phone. I will alw ays be here for you. Love, Heather

Dear A gatha, We are very proud of your accom plishm ents. Our wish for you is a future filled with good health, happiness, love, and success. Love, Mom, Dad, Rob, M argaret, Chris, & G randm a

Lindsey Bowen Lindsey, A lw a y s rem em b er how much you m ean to us. H ope you reach accom plish all your dream s. We are behind you

100% . We love you! M om, D ad & Kelsey

Lauren, Thank you for being the lov­ ing sister that you are. I will m iss you next year when I have to take the bus to school. G ood Luck in college, and enjoy! Love, Eric

Kristen Dahl Kris, Where do I begin? We've been through so much together! Good times and bad - fun times and sad - You've made me laugh and made me cry but in the end I realize I'm a lucky guy! You have gotten me through some real tough times and believed in me whenever 1 needed you to! I love you and always will! If in twenty years you're reading this and we're not together, I hope you will remember it all! I love you, Baby! Love, your Stud, Donnie 5 -1 8 -0 0



Amy Wrobel Amy, You are a very special person and we are so proud to have you as a daughter. Alw ays remember how much you are loved. Congratulations, we know you will succeed in everything you do. Love, M om and Dad

Congratulations. Good Luck in the future. Love, Jamie

Gary King

Amy, A s hard as it's been to be around you while you were maturing, you've grown up just fine. I w ouldn't want any­ one else as my sister. Don't forget I'll alw ays be here for you. My w ords of advice: be your­ se lf; an y o n e w ho d o e sn 't agree, wasn't worth knowing.

Gary, The past three years have been great. We laughed and we cried but even when times were tough we got through it. I cherish all the m emories we have together and I hope there will be many more to come. G ood luck in whatever you do and remem­ ber I will alw ays be here for you. I love you. Love always, Christie

Love, Rob

O. M. SENIO RS *jas,oK*uxure^*% K,*jet^*^chel*NicoU*^ole<,lc».vs*t>arijvv*

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Jam es M atsukas To Our Precious Jimmy, Congratulations on your High School Graduation! You have filled our lives with so much happiness and pride. You became a wonderful, fun loving young man with a terrific sense of humor. We are so very proud of you. May all your dreams become a reality. And may you always feel the happiness that you have given us. Love You Always, Mom and Dad



Kelly Leon Our little girl has grown into a beautiful young lady You have always been a ray of sunshine. Reach for the stars they are right within your grasp. Love, Mom, Dad & Kenny



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A Abbas, Kabea - 72 Abbas, Zain - 104 Abesamis, Clark - 104 Acevedo, Bianca - 104 Acevedo, Edgar - 88 Adams, Kerri - 104 Adamski, Camille - 88 Adiatu, Abiodun - 88 Adler, Christian - 72 Agostini, Diana - 104 Aguas, Czarina - 20 Ahmad, Imtiaz - 104 Ahmed, Sally - 20 Ahmed, Shady - 88 Aich, Brandon -104 Aich, Stephen - 72 Aidarbekova, Asel - 72 Aikens, Kristen - 72 Akhter, Kiran -88 Alberta, Justin - 72 Alegre, Jonathan - 72 Aleman, Cristina -88 Ali, Humera -88 Ali, Samena - 20 Allen, Christine - 104 Allen, Kimberly - 20 Alleyne, Amory - 104 Alonge, Gabriel - 104 Alston, Antoinette - 88 Alves, Amanda - 88 Alvi, Zohaib - 72 Aly, Alaa - 104 Aly, Ahmed - 72 Aly, Islam - 20 Amato, Jillian - 72 Amato, Megan - 88 Ambrozia, Danielle - 88 Ambrozia, Dominique - 72 Ambrozia, Gabriellc - 72 Amedeo, Melissa - 20 Amgad-Hamad, Ibrahim - 88 Amog, Demetrio - 20 Amog, Neil - 88 Amorim, Carly - 20 Andre’, Douglas - 72 Andrews, Kyra - 104 Andrewshetsko, Gary - 72 Antonucci, Jessica - 88 Aponte, Jose - 88 Appleby, Kate - 20, 244 Araujo, Maribel - 88 Araujo, Melissa - 88 Arigorat, Archimor - 88 Arigorat, Ellen - 72 Armstrong, Scott - 20 Arthur, Linda - 104 Arutunvan, Dmitry - 20 Arvanites, Robert - 104 Asamoah, Louisa - 72 Asante, Nancy - 72 Asare-Boateng, Sam - 72 Assenza, Christopher - 104 Assenza, Michael - 88 Atalla, Nadi - 88 Austin, Calvin -104 Azizi, Nasrin - 104 Azizi, Qadeer - 20

B Babo, Lynda - 88 Bachonski, Robert - 104 Bachonski, Wayne - 88 Baez, Manuel - 72 Bailey, Demar - 104 Bailey, Jennifer Baker, Brian - 88

Baker, Dustin - 72 Ballard, Timothy - 104 Balzamo, Matthew - 88 Bandola, Brielle - 72 Baniowski, Joseph -104 Banjo, Adedayo -104 Bardesio, Daniela - 104 Barile, Alicia - 88 Barker, Candice - 88 Barkhatny, Conid - 104 Barna, James - 21 Barnhart, Kimberly - 72 Baron, Shana - 88 Barone, Crystal - 21 Barone, Kelly -104 Barone, Montana - 88 Bartlett, Ryan - 88 Bartlinski, Jr., John - 72 Bartus, Krisztina - 21, 294 Basile, Antonietta - 72 Baske, Jeffrey -104 Baske, Jonathan - 72 Bassiely, Amanda - 72 Bassiely, Gregory - 104 Batista, Lidivette - 104 Batista, Monica - 21 Batista, Renata Battifora, Paolo - 21 Bauman, Jessica - 88 Bava, Mihir -104 Bava, Mital - 21 Beavers, Brian - 104 Beaupierre, Kimora - 21 Bellas, Jennifer - 21 Beilina, Kaitlen - 100 Bellotti, Rebecca - 104 Bencivenga, Dominque - 21, 244, 258, 274 Bender, Mark - 21, 258 Bender, Nicole - 21 Bengochea, Jenilee - 311 Bennett, Corey - 21 Bennett, Jean - 22, 265, 298, 310 Bennett, Robin - 72 Bennett, Sheila - 22 Berardi, Robert - 22 Bergfeldt, Jennifer - 72 Bergfeldt, Peter - 104 Bertolotti, Alex - 104 Bertolotti, Elizabeth - 22 Berwick, Daniel - 104 Beshara, Andrew - 88 Beshara, Dia - 22 Betzler, Scott - 88 Biesiada, Matthew - 88 Blaszka, Joseph - 104 Blekeski, Danielle - 88 Bloom, Kevin - 22, 34, 61, 246, 247, 263 Boansi, Maame - 72 Bobbins, Rachel Bobowicz, Eva - 104 Bodak, Amy - 104 Bodak, Matthew - 72 Boisclair, Katelyn - 88 Bondar, Eric - 88 Bonsu, Philippa - 104 Bonura, Christina - 88 Booc, Neil Booket, Ashley - 72 Borruso, Christine - 88 Boswell, Laurah - 104 Botas, Natalia - 88 Betas Jr., Aires - 104 Botchvvay, Perrv - 104 Bowden,'Megan - 22, 244, 295, 296 Bowen, Lindsay - 22, 318, 319 Boyle, Danielle - 105 Bracero, Tiffany - 22 Brandt, Cheryl Braun, Melissa - 72 Brennan, Carrie - 23 Brennan, Eugenia Brereton, Peter - 105

Brickman, Harry - 23 Bridged, Terry

Brienza, Antonio - 23 Bright, James - 72 Bright, Jennifer - 23 Brophy, Christine - 23 Brown, Heather - 72 Brown, Jarrett -105 Brown, Nicole - 105 Brugnoli, Elizabeth - 23 Brugnoli, Kristen - 105 Brus, Kristopher - 88 Brusich, Jonathan - 72 Bryant, Adrienne - 105 Buchanan, Alison - 88 Buckley, Phillip - 105 Budney, Kyle - 88 Budney, Nicole - 23, 304 Bukowiec, Pawel - 89 Bull, Alice Buono, Anthony - 72 Buonsanto, Mina - 72 Burkard, Jessica - 23 Burke, Jessica - 24 Burke, Micheie - 24, 261, 264, 268 Burlew, Ryan - 89 Burrell, Nicole - 24, 261, 264, 268 Butler, La-Teea Butler, Megan - 89 Buxbaum, Ashley - 89


Cabrera, Nicole - 72 Cahill, William - 72 Cajuste, Fernand - 105 Chauste, Fernandez Calandriello, Gina - 89 Calciano, Peter - 105 Caldiera, Rene - 89 Callahan, Meghan - 105 Callahan, Michelle Camerer, Kerry - 72 Camilo, Raphael - 105 Campbell, Emily - 89 Camuto, Rose - 72 Cannata, Timothy -105 Canoski, Medzit - 24 Capik, Allison - 89 Caputo, Christina - 105 Cardilla, Frank - 72 Carey, Anthony - 105 Carling, Kimberly - 24 Carlson, Madeline - 24 Carne, Keith - 89 Carnevali, Jennifer - 89 Caro, Jennifer - 24, 283 Carr, Joseph - 105 Carrasco, Anneberkie - 24 Carroll, Michael - 89 Castaneda, Tiauna - 105 Castro, Betsabe - 24 Castro, Yvette - 72 Cavanaugh, Gregory - 24 Celestin, Farah - 72 Celestin, Sandhya - 89 Cerverizzo, Christina -105 Cesare, Daniel - 24 Cesare, Kayleigh - 89 Cha, Tony - 24 Chafos, Vanessa - 89 Chan, Jessica - 105 Chan, Patrick - 24 Chan, Root - 72 Chapman, Kristen - 72 Chauhan, Swati - 105 Cheung, Kevin - 89 Cheung, Michael - 73 Chiappetta, Kristina - 89 Chmielewski, Nicole - 25, 261, 292, 306 Cho, Beverly -105 Chowdhry, Farooq - 89 Christensen, Kelly -105 Christensen, Matthew - 25

Christensen, Jr., Kenneth Christopoulos, Gianni - 89 Chrzan, Jamie - 73 Ciak, Jason - 7.3 Ciamarra, Ashley - 25, 264, 287 Ciccia, Amanda -105 Ciejak, Carrie - 89 Cierpial, Richard - 25 Clack, Ashley - 89 Clack, Jarrod - 25 Clark, Gina -105 Clark, Matthew - 105 Clark, Tracey - 73 Claude, Christina -25 Clay, Matthew - 73 Clervoyant, Lewis Cloud, Cory - 25 Coccaro, Christopher - 25, 287 Cofone, Laura - 25, 311 Cohen-Artis, Jerome - 105 Colacurcio, Laura - 73 Colandrea, Michael - 73 Coleman, Dominick - 73 Colgan, Ann - 105 Colgan, Christopher - 25 Colosimo, Charles - 89 Comerford, Allison - 73 Comey II, Thomas - 25, 299 Conlon, Meghan - 25 Connors, Craig - 89 Connors, Donald - 105 Connors, Ronald - 89 Contreras, Angie - 73 Contreras, Rafael - 73 Conway, Dominic - 89 Conway, Robert - 26 Conway, Robert Cook, Cory - 73 Cooper, Holly - 26, 267 Correia, Danny - 89 Correia, Michael - 26 Costantin, Kristine -105 Costantin, Jennifer - 26 Couzo, Christine - 89 Cox, Alva -105 Cox, Jessica - 73 Cox, Stephen - 73 Coyne, Laura -105 Craig, Jeffery -105 Crane, Timothy - 26 Cristosi, Eric - 26 Cristosi, Nicholas - 89 Cronin, Layne - 105 Crooks, Theresa - 26 Crosby,Katelynn - 89 Crowley, Michael - 26 Cruz, Bryony - 27, 309 Cruz, Diana - 105 Cruz, Vincent - 73 Curry, Christa - 89 Curtin, Christopher -105 Cuttino, Brandon - 27 Czachor, Boleslaw - 27 Czachor, Gregory - 105

D D'Addio, Monica - 105 DaCosta, Jennifer - 73 Dabit, Chad - 27 Dahl, Kristen - 27, 249, 261, 286, 318 Daly, Crystal - 73 Daly, Gail - 105 Daley, Steven Danchisko,Amy - 89 Danku, Jill - 73 Danku, Matthew Dash, Brendan - 27 Davem, Lauren - 73 Davis, Tyra - 89 DeCandia, Michael - 73 DeCaro, Scott - 27

DeFeiice, Joseph - 27 DeFreitas, Nadine - 28 DeLaCruz, Vickiana Delaney, David - 28 Delaney, Roger - 89 DeLaRosa,Melanie - 89 DeLa Uz, Ryan -105 Delfino, Danielle - 28, 264 Delfino, Matthew - 73 DeMarco, Ronald DeMild, John - 89 Demko, Christopher - 105 Denion, Annette - 105 Deno, Fausto -105 DeNota, Vincent - 28, 293 DeOliveira, Marlon - 89 Depascale, Kenneth - 73 DePaul, Jennifer - 28 Derevensky, Kateryna - 105 DeRisi, Kimberly - 89 DeRisi, Nicole - 73 Derrick, Tawana - 89 Desai, Reena - 73 Desai, Sameep -105 Desai, Sandeep Deutsch, Craig Deutsch, Kyle-28, 299 Deverin, Jeffrey -106 Devita, Melissa - 106 Dharia, Shyam -106 Di Giacomo, Rachel - 106 Didik, Jennifer - 28 Dimitrakis, Panagiotis - 106 Dimitrakis, Pete - 106 Dimitrakis, Philip Dimitrakis, Philip - 73 Dingier, Jeffery - 106 Dixon, Shantai - 89 Djan, Heather - 28 Doll, Michael - 28, 263 Domanico, Michael - 73 Domanski, Danielle - 73 Donnelly, Frank -106 Dooley, Samantha - 106 Doroba, Jan - 89 Dorofeev, Dmitry - 28 Doukas, Alexis - 73 Dovidauskas, Sarah - 28, 273 Dumanski, Matthew - 73 Dumanski, Thomas - 28 Duran, Mariana - 29 Durham, Wyatt - 89 Durnye, Victoria - 29 Dusko, Brittany -106 Dziadosz, Waclaw - 106 Dziubak, Thomas - 73 Dwyer, Amanda

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£ Falcone, Matthew - 73 Fallon, Jane - 90 Fallon, Kathleen - 73 Farewell, Al-terik - 29 Farewell, Jules Farid, Sabrina Farley, Kaitlyn - 29 Fassett, Brad - 29, 313 Fatianow, Christine - 90 Feret, Bryan Fernando, lan - 29 Ferreira, Jessica - 29, 265 Ferro, Melissa Festa, Jessica - 73 Figueroa, Amanda - 90 Filpo, Luis - 90 Findlayter, Christopher - 90 Fiorentino, Daniel - 29 Fiorentino, Laura -106 Fiorentino, Matthew - 29, 289 Fischer, Meredith Fischer, Nicole -106 Fisher, Colleen - 90 Fitzgerald, Brian - 29, 264 Fitzgerald, Dennis - 90 Flakker, Kristen - 90 Flavaney, Shurnon - 106 Flores, Pamela - 90 Forsthoffer, Laura - 106 Fortes, Giselle Fu, Edward -106 Fox, Ronald - 74 Fox, Shannon Fraind, Courtney - 90 Francavilla-Lyon, Jarret - 106 Franco, Ricardo Franklin, Kevin • 106 Franzese, Frank - 106 Fratto, Michael - 106 Freeman,Megan - 90 Freeman, Nicole - 74 Fruehwirth, Richard - 74

G Gadaleta, Jessica - 74 Gadaleta, Michelle - 90 Gaglione, Elizabeth - 30, 242, 276, 317 Galante,Robert - 90 Galbreath, Anthony - 90 Galbreath, Joshua - 30 Gallagher, Erin -106 Gallagher, Nicole - 74 Gambilonghi, Frank Gambino, Alexandra Gandero, Nicole Gandhi, Mital - 74 Gandhi, Sheetal - 74 Garcia, Johanna - 90 Gargano, Giovanni - 106 Gary, Michael - 106 Gavica, Jorge - 90 Gavin, Lynda - 90 Gawroroski, Liane - 30 Gazeko, Jillian - 90 Genfi, Afia - 106 Genfi, Yacha - 30 Genua, Frank - 30, 264, 312 George, Devon - 30 George, Rachel - 106 Georges, Marian - 30 Georges, Mina - 106 Georgiev, Angel - 30 Georgiev, Plamen - 90 Gervasoni, Marcella - 86 Gesell, Kimberly - 31, 265, 297 Gewirtz, Justin -106

Giampaolo, Sabrina - 31 Gilkes, Karese - 74 Gimenez, Alejandra - 106 Gimenez, Augustina - 31 Gitlin, Steven - 31, 244, 264 Golden, Katie - 31 Gonzalez, Andrew - 74 Gonzalez, Ignacio - 74 Gonzalez, Robert - 90 Goodell, Edward - 31, 307 Goodson, De'anna - 31, 275 Gordon-Holmes, Lamar - 74 Gorski, Michael - 31 Gozick, Scott - 90 Graham, Jessica - 106 Grande, Christyna - 90 Grandin, Cliff - 90 Grandin, Jeffrey - 106 Grandin, Reginald - 32, 291 Grankowski, Christopher - 74 Gray, Cynthia - 106 Greaves, Stacey -106 Green, Letisha - 90 Greenberg, Bonnie -106 Gregory, Tianna Griffith, Jaclyn - 32 Griffith, Kimberly - 90 Griffiths, Howard - 106 Griffiths, William - 74 Grimshaw, Donna Gross, Marielle - 74 Gruytch, Kelly - 106 Grzyb, Jeffrey -106 Guadalupe, Nichelle - 90 Guarnera, Rebecca - 74 Guarnieri, Vincent Guerriera, Salvatore - 90 Guidote, Maria -106 Guidote, Omar - 90 Guild, Amie -107 Gulick, Daniel - 32 Gutierrez, Crystal - 74

H Haag, Daniel - 32 Hajdusek, Elyse - 32 Hamanaka, Kenji - 74 Hamilton, Meryl - 32, 264, 280 Haney, David - 90 Haney, Laura - 32, 260, 287, 304 Hansen, Brian - 32 Harper, Travis - 90 Harris, Ronnell - 32 Hart, Michael - 32, 244 Hart, Nicole - 107 Hartry, Shana - 74 Hasan, Nazmul - 90 Haslach, Brian - 32 Haslach, Shawn - 74 Hassan, S. Moho Faraz - 90 Hassan, Wessam - 90 Hasselbrink, Kristian - 90 Ha tala, Brian - 107 Havens, Kristin -107 Hayes, Jennifer - 74 Henderson, Marquist - 90 Henderson, Shannon - 107 Hendricks, Anthony -107 Hendry, Claire - 107 Hermann, Darren - 90 Hernandez, Melissa - 107 Hernandez, Wilfredo - 74 Herrera, Diego - 107 Heyboer, Brandy - 107 Hill, Tyquan Hinds, Christopher - 107 Hohner, Lindsey - 90 Holder, Anysa - 32, 262 Holder, Ryan - 90 Holland, Christine - 74

Holmes, Deshawn - 107 Holmes, Jordan - 74 Holmes, Raymond - 107 Holon, Alex - 107 Holon, Theresa - 74 Hotovinsky, Debra - 33 Holzer, Justine - 74 Holzer, Stephanie Horn, Billy - 107 Horn, Steven - 107 Hone, Jillian - 33 Honovich, Finella Horn, Thomas - 107 Hornecker, Eric - 107 Hornecker, Lauren - 33, 308, 318 Horton, Sidney - 107 Horvath, Michaela - 74 Hostettler, Nicole - 33, 290 Hranowski, Neil - 91 Hranowski, Tara - 91 Hromyak, Tara - 74 Hubela, Kristen - 33, 282 Huegel, Christine - 91 Huff, Daniel - 74 Hughes, Alicia - 91 Hughes, Lindsey -107 Hundemann, Matthew - 107 Hurle, Kristen - 91 Hutchison, Brian - 74


ikola, Michael - 91 Inskeep, Daniel Intiso, Melissa - 74 Iqbal, Ammad - 91 Iqbal, Maria - 74


Jabbie, Abu (Junior) - 74 Jack, Marissa - 74 Jackowski, Brian - 91 Jackson, Christopher - 74 Jaffery, Sami - 91 James, Richard - 74 Janas, Matthew - 107 Jancovicova, Dagmar - 33 Jancovicova, Drahomira - 33 Janela, Michael - 74 Jankielewicz, Melissa Jannuzzi, Caitlin - 107 Jannuzzi, Kyle - 33, 302 Jaramillo, Stephen - 33 Jarolim, Joseph - 107 Jarusiewicz, Jamie - 33, 248 Jasiak, Jack - 107 Jasiak, Roger - 33 Javaid, Khurram - 33 Jawidowicz,Alan - 91 Jayarangan, Subhapriya - 107 Jean-Toussaint, Eunice - 91 Jean-Toussaint, Jethro - 34 Jenkins, Jonathan - 91 Jenkins, Kelli - 91 Jensen, Corianne - 91 Johnsen, April Johnson, Iris Johnson, Robert - 91 Johnson, Shawn - 91 Johnson, Terry - 91 Jones, Aleisha - 34, 271 Jones, Bryan - 34 Jones, Heather - 91 Jones, LaWanda - 91 Juhass, Alicia - 91 Juhass, Edward Jurczak, Elizabeth - 74 Jurkiewicz, Karolina - 91

K Kama!, Nayab - 91 Kamara, Bai - 34 Kanaiey, Daniel - 107 Kantanas, Charlene - 107 Kapadia, Viral - 34 Karaban, Michael - 34 Karbowski, Kristin - 34, 279, 281 Karbowski,Lauren -91 Karingula, Nidhi - 107 Karmin, Edward Kascin, Robert - 91 @ Kasperan, Danielle - 34 Katz, Jennifer - 107 Katzman, Jennifer - 35 Kaufman, Janeen - 74 Kaur, Brinder - 74 Kellar, Amy - 91 Kelly, Christina -107 Kelly, Lauren - 74 Kelly, Lindsay - 75 Kelsey, Robert - 75 Kemp, Roger - 75 Kenny, Brian - 35, 252 Kenny, Daniel Kenny, Matthew - 107 Khachatryan, Karine - 91 Khalelle, Mourin - 107 Khan, Salman - 91 Khan, Saman - 75 Kijowski, Kristen - 75 Kilani, Nedaa - 91 Kilani, Raneem - 75 Kilcomins, James Kim, Aileen - 9]

Kimbrough, LeArrn Kincaid, Nicole - 91 King, Gary - 35, 244, 319 King, Kenneth -107 Kleyzit, Maksim - 35 Knight, Nicole - 107 Knittle, Bryan - 91 Koblos, Christopher - 107 Kolarin, John - 35 Kolb, Joseph - 35 Kolb, Robert -107 Koleci, Gzim - 91 Koleci, Sejufudin - 91 Kolenovic, Vahid Komosinski, John - 107 Komosinski, Steven - 75 Korth, Kathleen - 107 Koski, Joseph - 75 Kosty, Jennifer - 107 Kotula, Jennifer Kotula, Vanessa - 91 Kozlak, Karissa - 35, 265 Kraemer, Kevin - 75 Krainski, Daniel - 91 Krainski, James - 35 Krall, Candice - 107 Krever, Steven - 91 Kriskowski, Robert - 75 Kuczvnski, Gregory - 107 Kuczynski, Laura - 75 Kuczynski, Michelle - 75 Kuhl, Sonny - 36 Kukulski, Sarah - 75 Kula, Roland - 91 Kupsch, John - 36 Kurzawa, Rachael - 91 Kwok, Sze Ho - 36

L La Fontaine, Michael - 36 La Master, Kristen - 108 La Master, 1 oren - 108

La Rocca, Gino Labruzzo, Jennifer - 36 Lad, Shilpa - 36 Lad, Smita - 91 Lahrman, Brandi - 108 Latirman, Randy - 108 Landin, Richard - 91 LaPierre, Richard Larsen, Dennis - 75 Lasko, Laura - 36, 250, 260, 281 Lasko, Sharon - 91 Latz, Jennifer - 108 Laughery, Bryan - 75 Lavender, Sharene - 91 Lavigne, Michelle - 75 Lawlor, Jessica - 75 Leary, Takeysha - 36, 250, 260, 281, 279 Lee, George - 91 .Lee, Ingrid - 92 Lee, Matthew - 108 Lee, Tiffany - 36 Lefkowitz, Jason - 108 Leitner, Samantha - 108 Leon, Kelly - 36, 322 Leon, Kenneth - 75 Leonhardt, Christopher - 36 Lepre, Kaitlin - 75 Lewandowski, Kimberly - 92 Lewandowski, Matthew - 92 Lewis, Daryn - 37 Lewis, Reanna - 92 Li, Yuk-Fai - 75 Lilley, Randall - 75 Limatola, Jessica - 92 Lin, Nan - 92 Lin, Yu - 92 Lindson, Laura - 37 Lisinichia, Robert -108 Litchkowski, Lisa - 92 Livingstone, Jasmine - 37 Lo Mastro, Jenna - 95 I ogan, Patricia - 75 Logan, Stephen - 108 Lomeli, Brittany - 108 Longobardi, Lawrence - 108 Lopez, Daniel - 92 Lopez, Steven - 37 Loughlin, Christopher - 75 Loughlin, Jamie - 108 Louidor, Hans - 108 Louis, Courtney - 37, 295 Louis, Daniel - 92 Louszko, Jamie Lozada, Christina - 108 Lu, Aiqiu - 37 Lubucchiaro, Gina - 92 Lucas, Matthew -108 Lukac, Stephanie - 75 Lyczkowski, Paul Lynch, Brian - 92 Lynch, Courtney - 108 1yneis, Justine - 37 I yons, Erin - 37 Lyons, Kenneth - 92


Maas, Rachel - 75 Madan, Ishneet - 92 Madera, Gabriela - 92 Maderal, Charles - 92 Madhira, Raviteja Mahon, Kellie - 75 Makowka, Jamie - 92 Makowski, Gina - 75 Malaney, Allison - 108 Malaspina, Jennifer - 37 Maldonado, Paul - 92 Malkiewicz, Steven - 92 Malley, Michael - 75 Mallory. Briana Maiopolski, Dennis - 75

Mancini,Dennis - 92 Mancini, Ronald - 37, 297 Maness, Corey - 75 Maniscalco, Frank - 108 Mannepalli, Aswin. - 108 Manning, Laura - 75 Manzo, Alex - 75 Mao, Yangsi - 75 Marchitelli, Anthony - 75 Marchitto, Carey - 75 Marconi, Amanda - 108 Margres, Jennifer -108 Marks, Sean Markus, Adrienne - 108 Marshall, Corey - 108 Marshall, Frederick - 37 Marshall, Stephanie - 75 Marte, Crystal - 75 Martin, Danielle - 75 Martinez, Gilberto -108 Masterson, Kyle - 75 Mastorio, Amanda - 37 Mastrangelo, Lisa - 75 Matamoros, Marlon - 38 Mathis, Brian - 38 Matsukas, James - 38, 320 Mauriello, Christie - 38, 305 Mauriello, James -109 Mayer, Lauren - 38, 296 Maysonet, Adam - 38 Mazur, William Mazurowski, Jamie - 75 Me Bride, Elizabeth - 109 Me Carty, Patrick -109 McCarty, Ryan - 38 Me Coid, Donald -109 McCormack, Megan - 92 McDonnell, Bryan - 76 McDonnell, Lauren - 38, 280, 288, 301 Me Ginnity, Morgan -109 McGirr, James - 76 McGrane, Kelly - 92 McGrane, Michael - 39 McLeanas, Kyle - 39, 270, 275 McLeanas, Megan - 76 Me Sweeney, Christopher - 76 McCarthy, Lyndsay - 92 McCarthy, Megan - 92 Medina, Abbyson -109 Medina, Dara - 76 Medina, Tiffany - 92 Medina, Xavier - 76 Mehta, Kruti - 109 Mejia,, Sandy - 93 Melendez, Diamond Melgarejo, Natalia - 109 Melia, John - 76 Melwani, Geetanjali - 76 Melwani, Monty Menden, Melissa -109 Mendoza, Roselyn - 76 Menkes, Pamela -109 Mensah, Richard - 93 Mensah, Stella - 109 Mento, Michael - 93 Mercado, Albert - 76 Merlino, Thomas - 39 Merrill, Patrick - 109 Mesa, Katherine - 39, 264 Mesa, Stephen -109 Mesina, Bridget - 109 Messinger, Gwen - 39, 275, 276 Meszaros, Melissa - 109 Metry, Mary - 93 Mettle, Anita - 39 Meyer, John -109 Meyer, Katelynn - 109 Meyer, Lauren - 109 Meyer, Patrick Meyer, Terri -109 Michals, Joseph - 76 Micula, Agnes - 109 Miele, Michael - 109

Miklaszewski, Brian - 109 Miles, Honor -109 Miller, Joseph - 93 Miller, Nicole - 76 Milligan, James - 110 Mitchell, Dannielle - 93 Mitchell, Diana - 93 Mitchell, Nicole - 93 Moat, Angela - 39, 321 Moat, Anthony - 93 Moccio, Robert - 76 Mohamed, Krista -110 Monestime, Melissa - 39 Monestime, Scott - 110 Moniodis, Anthony - 76 Montague, Arthur Montanez, Jessica - 110 Montemuro, Alicia - 93 Monticello, Paul - 40, 304 Moore, Christine - 93: Morales, Christie - 93 '• Morales, Michael -110 Morris, Richard - 93 Morris, Stephen - 40 Morrison, Darren Mosakowski, Daniel - 40 Mount, Edward - 76 Mrugala, Maciek Mudd, Stephanie - 76 Muldoon, Jason - 93 Murray, Kelly - 76 Murray, Megan - 76 Myers, Timothy - 76 Myrick, Shereise - 93


Nagi, Ravneet - 76 Nair, Aishwarya - 76 Naples, Lauren - 76 Nasir, Ali - 93 Natoli, Kimberly -110 Navales, Reynaldo Navarro, Aubrey - 76 Nazar, Amanda Nazir, Adil Ndrecaj, Edmond Neilson, Michael - 40 Nenonene, Mawulom - 40 Neville, Christina - 40 Newcombe, Raven - 93 Newsome, Jennifer - 35, 40, 266, 287, 301 Ng, Daniel - 40 Ng, Justine - 93 Nicholas, Heather - 110 Nicholson, Sara - 76 Nickson, DeMarcus - 110 Nicola, Ryan - 93 Nielson, Kristin - 110 Nielson, Kerri - 40 Nizolek, Thomas - 93 Nogueira, Luis - 77 Norek, Patricia - 77 Norek, Timothy - 40 Noriega, Caesar - 40 Novak, Amanda - 110 Novak, Joseph - 40 Novak, Kristen - 93 Novak, Ryan - 40 Nowak, Christopher - 93 Nulty, Sherry - 110 Nunes, Kevin - 77 Nunoo, Cortney - 94 Nwaiwu, Barbara Nwaiwu, Joyce - 110

o Obace, Allan Obeng, Herbert - 77 Oberreiter, Lisa - 110

O'Connell, Daniel -110 O'Connor, John - 94 O'Connor, Ryan - 94 O'Connor, Sean - 77 Ogundokun, Seun - 94 O'Hara, Joseph - 110 O'Kelly, Kate - 41, 321 O'Kelly, Sean -110 Okwuonu, Geraldine - 77 Olavarria, Isaac - 41 Oldenburg, Bonnie - 41 Olender, Lynnmarie - 94 O'Loughlin, Devin - 110 Olson, Dana - 41 O'Neil, Andrew - 110 Opokukyei, Vida - 110 Oriolo, Lisa - 41, 253 O'Rourke, Matthew - 41 Osmulski, Christopher - 41 Osmulski, Kyle - 94 Otero, Vincent - 110 Otero,Yahaira Ott, William - 94

P Pacheco, Monica - 41 Pagan, Jasmine - 94 Pagan, Justin Pagan, Kara - 110 Pagani, Isa - 94 Paley, Nicole - 77 Paliwoda, Marta - 41 Palma, Patsy - 94 Palmer, David -110 Pampaloni, Eric - 41 Pampaloni, Mark - 94 Pandya,Arti - 94 Pandya, Neelay - 110 Pangilinan, Michael - 94 Parikh, Jay - 77 Parikh, Kshamata - 41 Parikh, Mona - 41 Parikh, Sherin - 94 Parikh, Vinit - 42 Park, Eric - 77 Park, Ha Na - 110 Park, Min-Jung - 94 Park, So-Jung - 77 Parks, Jennifer - 77 Parks, Lisa -110 Parks, Pamela - 77 Parmar, Kushal -110 Parse, Michael - 42, 300 Parsler, Jessica - 22 Parsler, Samantha - 42, 261, 306 Parsons, Thomas - 77 Pasewark, Samantha - 110 Pasquali, Jonathan - 77 Passarelli, Frank Pastakia, Jayson - 77 Patel, Ajay -110 Patel, Ami - 110 Patel, Ankita - 42 Patel, Dipam - 94 Patel, Gaurang - 42 Patel, Janaki - 110 Patel, Monica - 42 Patel,Sheetal - 94 Patel, Tulsi - 42 Patel, Veer -110 Pauciello, Sara - 94 Pauciello, Scott - 42 Paul, Joshua - 110 Paul, Meghan - 77 Pavone, Dominick - 77 Pawlowski, Daniel Pawlowski, Joshua - 43, 264 Payne, Anthony - 43 Payne, Cecelia - 94 Payne, Steven -110 Pe, Geepy -77 Penaherrera, Ana Marie - 43

Pereira, Anthony - 94 Pereira, Craig - 77 Pereira, Kirby - 110 Perez, Alain Peria, Paul - 110 Perla, Karen -110 Persad, Kamleish - 110 Peszek, Arthur - 43 Peteroy, Dominic - 94 Peterson, Marc - 77 Petrache, Vlad - 94 Petrocelli, Marisa - 43, 255 Phair, Meredith - 77 Phelan, Michael - 43 Phillips, Robert Phutane, Shardul Piatek, Martin - 43 Pietras, Peter - 44 Piliaris, Victoria - 44 Pirro, Jamie - 94 Pirro, Thomas - 44 Piscitelli, Dana - 110 Piscitelli, Ryan - 44 Pita, Adam - 110 Pitti, Aimee - 94 Ploskin, Mark - 44 Pogoda, Kurt - 110 Pogoda, Matthew - 77 Polanco, Krystle Polgar, Gregory Polk, Trevor - 94 Poole, Kristen - 77 Poore, Mark - 94 Popowski, Jessica - 110 Popowski, Renee -110 Posik, Carissa -110 Posik, Matthew - 44 Posik, Thomas - 111 Post, Christopher - 94 Postma, Victoria - 77 Potts, Amanda Price, Emily Prieto, Carlos - 111 Proctor, Charlayna - 78 Proudman, Christopher - 94 Prudent, Esther - 111 Prybylko, Alysha - 78 Pugh, Steve - 78 Pulak, Pauol - 111 Pulvermuller, Lynn - 44


Qaqish, Shadi - 78 Quackenbush, Stephen - 44 Quartararo, Joseph - 111 Quartz, Danielle Quezada, Samuel - 111 Quinn, Caitlin - 111 Quintas, Samantha - 78 Quinto, Nicholas

R Raba, Judith - 94 Racki, Elizabeth - 94 Ragoobarsingh, Narwaz - 78 Rahman, Amit - 78 Rahman, Mahmud - 111 Raimer, Daniel Rasich, Dustin - 94 Ramadan, Nagal - 111 Ramilo, Carol - 78 Ramirez, Danielle - 94 Ramirez, David - 44 Ramirez, Frances - 111 Ramos, Jessica - 94 Randise, Jonathan - 78 Rando, Samantha Rangel, Jenny - 111 Rapach, Christina - 44

Rapach, Kevin - 94 Rataczyk, Michael - 94 Raub, Jessica Rauth, David - 94 Raymond, Julia - 111 Redding, Megan - 78 Reeves, Sean - 111 Rehan, Laila - 111 Reingold, Lauren - 94 Render, Douglas - 78 Render, Kristin - 111 Restivo, Carolanne - 94 Reyes, Cristina - 44, 283, 315 Reyes, Joanna - 94 Reyes, Michelle - 111 Reyes, Miguel Reyes, Robbie - 78 Rhoades, Christopher Ricardo, Johana Riccardo, Paola Rice, Andrew - 111 Rice, Carolanne - 78 Rice, John - 94 Rice, Tiffany - 45, 316 Richards, Anthony - 78 Richiusa, Salvatore - 111 Riley, Pam - 78 Rios, Gustavo - 78 Ritter, Jill - 45 Ritter, Lindsay - 94 Rivera, Enrico - 78 Rivera, Roberto - 94 Rivera, Yamil Rizvi, Ferzan - 95 Rizvi, Hasan - 45 Rizvi, Sara - 111 Roberts, Jessica -111 Robinson, Regina - 45 Robinson, Tammi - 95 Rocha, Daniela Rochford, Shannon - 95 Rodgers, Brianne - 111 Rodriguez, Edwin - 45 Rodriguez, Jackelyn - 95 Rodriguez, Robert - 45 Rodriguez, Stephanie Rodriguez, Vanessa - 45, 254 Roguski, Eric - 95 Romanowski, Agatha - 45, 318 Romer, Traci - 45, 264, 272, 273. Romero, Arnold - 111 Romita, Arielle - 45 Ronan, Kerry - 111 Ronan, Megan - 78 Ross, Lauren - 45 Ross, Michael -111 Rowley, Danielle - 95 Roy, Jessica - 78 Roy, Michael - 111 Russo, Lori - 78 Russo, Patrick - 111 Ruszala, Melissa - 95 Ryan, Denis Ryan, Ebony Ryan, Kevin - 111 Ryan, Patricia - 45, 301 Ryan, Patrick - 95 Ryan, Thomas - 111 Rzepka, Piotr - 78


Saad, Islam - i l l Sabo, Daniel - 111 Sadek, Erica - 111 Sadek, Graig - 46 Saeed, Sufiyan - 78 Sager, Crystal - 111 Salazar, Christine - 78 Salazar, Jamie - 111 Saltz, Eric - 111 Salum, Michael - 46, 269. Salum, Victoria - 111

Samsunder, Larry - 95 Sanchez, Danielle - 95 Sanders, Keith Sanders, Shanira - 95 Santiago, EIvse -111 Santoro, Erica 111 Santos, Christina - 46 Santos, John - 95 Santos, Michael - 46 Santos, Roberto - 78 Santos, Susana - 95 Sanu, Samir - 46 Saragiotto, Felipe - 95 Sarvetnick, Andrea - 46 Sarvetnick, Scott - 111 Sass, Jah'nair Saunders, Shaun - 78 Savarese, Jenny - 111 Saylon, Akilah - 95 Sbar, Christopher - 78 Scamardella, Linda - 78 Scavone, Erica - 111 Scheid, Dennis - 46 Scheld, Destiny - 46, 277, 278 Schendel, John - 111 Schifman, Michael - 95 Schneier, Jennifer - 47 Schurmann, Andrew - 78 Scirbona, John - 47 Seaman, Janet - 47 Seeger, Stephanie - 111 Semple, Christian Rae - 47, 257, 280 Semulka, John - 47 Serences, John - 112 Serge, Kurt - 112 Serignese, Anthony - 112 Serignese, Carmen - 95 Shafran, Deanna - 112 Shah, Crystal - 95 Shah, Hiral -112 Shah, Hiral - 78 Shah, Neepa - 47 Shah, Neil -112 Shah, Niyant - 95 Shah, Sonal - 95 Shah, Tithi - 95 Shahat, Kareem Shaikh, Maryam - 95 Shaikh, Sana - 95 Shalaby, Ibra ham - 95 Sharma, Mamta - 78 Shaute, Jeffrey - 47, 251, 270, 283 Shaute, Kelly - 78 Shedlock, Heather - 47, 241 Sheerin, Jenna -112 Shere, Ami Sheridan, Brian - 112 Sherwood, Kimberly - 78 Shotwell, Shannon - 48 Siarkiewicz, Christine - 95 Siaw, Abigail - 112 Sibilia, Brian - 78 Siddiqi, Farman - 48 Siddiqi, imran - 48 Siddiqi, Sadiya Siddiqi, Fyza - 95 Siddiqui, Haris -112 Siegler, Mitchell - 95 Siegler, Stephanie - 48 Sifen, Kieroles -112 Silva, Anthony - 23 Silva, Tina - 78 Simba, Michael - 48 Simcox, Jennifer - 95 Simicich, Diana Simicich, Lenin - 48 Simon, Matthew - 112 Simpkins, William - 95 Singh, Amanjit - 48 Sirohi, Anirudhi - 95 Siwadlo, Renee - 78 Skarzynski, Edward - 95

Ski bniewska-Tesar, Zaneta - 48 Skipper, Ashley - 112 Skulski, Megan - 95 Skwira, Kate - 48 Skwira, Kristi - 48 Slack, Eric - 48 Slesinski, Jason - 48 Small, Jessica - 49, 296 Smetana, Stephanie - 49, 244, 261, 293, 300, 306 Smith, Chelsea - 78 Smith, Emily - 112 Smith, Jacqueline - 95 Smith, Jennifer - 95 Smith, John J. - 95 Smith, John L. - 95 Smith, Kenneth - 49 Smith, Kevin - 78 Smith, Vanna - 95 Solanki, H iren-78 Solovey, Nicholas - 49 Sorenson, Elizabeth - 78 Sosnowski, Jessica -112 Soto, Dheisy - 95 Souza, Gilberto Spanier, Kristen - 78 Specce, Anthony - 112 Spradley-Bess, Latia - 78 Sprague, Douglas - 49 Spruill, Dejon Squillance, Mark - 95 St. Louis, Rossini - 95 Stachniuk, Karolina - 112 Starace, Nicholas - 95 Starek, Tiffany - 79 Stec, Anna - 95 Stec, Sylwia - 79 Stefanelli, Andrea - 96 Steinbach, John - 49 Steinhardt, Juliane Stepien, Elizbieta - 49 Stepien, Lukasz - 79 Stepien, Marcin - 96 Stovall, Brittany Stovall, Nicole - 49, 314, 321, 322 Strauss, Stephen - 96 Strzelecki, Sylvia - 79 Sullivan, Sean - 112 Sullivan, Suzanne - 49, 244 Suit, James - 79 Summerer, Jason - 96 Surina, Katelyn - 96 Switzer, Blake - 96 Switzer, Julia - 79 Syed, Saad - 79 Sylvester, Christina - 79 Szamreta, Elizabeth Szpila, Jessica - 112 Szulczynski, Bart - 79

T Tadros, George Tadros, Marie - 49 Taite, Nicole - 79 Tan, Johan - 96 Tanious, Jermen - 79 Tarr, Tiffany - 79 Tarter, Michael - 49 Taylor, Chantay - 112 Telidecki, Sara - 79 Telson, Christopher - 112 Tengelics, Amy - 96 Tengelics, Robin - 79 Tennaro, Clement - 79 Terzino, Shea - 96 Terzuole, Alexis - 112 Tesar, Christopher - 49 Tesar, Thomas -112 Thasites, Diana - 50

Thomas, Dwayne - 50 Thomas, Gloria - 50 Thomas, Jordan - 79 Thomas, Letrice Thomas, Modupeola Thomas, Omotola - 50 Thomas, Vivian -112 Thompson, Kristi Thorning, Nicole Timpson, Katie - 50, 274, 277 Tirpak, Jessica - 79 Tisch, Heather - 96 Tischler, Melissa - 112 Tissera, Rochelle - 96 Tone, Lindsay Torok, Richard - 50 Torok, Ryan - 112 Torres, Prospero - 79 Toth, Jeffrey - 96 Toth, Stephen - 50, 243 Towlen, Rachel - 50, 297 Townsend, Jason - 79 Toyen-Fuentes, Isha -112 Trapp, Allyson- 112 Tripod, Matthew - 51 Trivedi, Anuja - 112 Trivedi, Nikita -112 Trpisovsky, Cheryl Truchan, Eric - 79 Tsang, Christopher - 51 Tsirkas, Alexis - 96 Tuesday, Nicole - 96 Turner, Ryan -112 Tyska, Cathy -112 Tyska, Steven - 112 Tyszkiewicz, Katharine - 79 Tyumbelekchiev, Ramiz - 112

Ulyak, Antonio - 112 Umbrewicz, Christopher - 51 Unkel, Kelly - 51, 296, 298 Unkel, Matthew - 79 Uppalapati, Roopa - 96 Urbanski, Ceanna - 112 Urrutia, Daniel - 51

Vaccaro, Joseph - 112 Vaid, Ashish - 96 Valentin, Rafael - 96 Valverde, Alexander - 112 Valverde, Roger VanFossen, Lisa - 79 Vargas, Cristina - 51, 281, 282, 284, 285 Vargas, Daniella - 96 Vargas, Gabriella - 79 Vargas, Nancy - 96 Vasilo, Julia - 51 Vasilo, Nicholas Vassallo, Helen Vassallo, Nicole -■ 79 Vazquez, Brock - 96 Vazquez, Jason - 112 Vazquez, Justin Vazquez, Steven - 79 Velasco, Giulana - 96 Velez, Kelly - 112 Venta, Mindy - 51, 256 Ventura, Jason - 79 Vergara, Chalton - 79 Vergara, Stanley - 113 Vetere, Nicole - 52 Vieria, Nancy - 113 Viernes, Lance - 1133

Villacis, Tanya M. - 96 Villafane, Ashley - 96 Villanueva, Cathy - 79 Villanueva, Isiah - 79 Villanueva, Justin - 96 Villarreal, Aldo - 97 Villarreal, Melissa Villegas, Ingrid - 79 Vincent, Kimberly - 113 Vincent, Roger - 79 Virdee, Deepinder - 52 Virdi, Jasmit -113 Vuono, Nicole - 79

Wortley, Henry -113 Wrobel, Amy - 53, 319 Wulle, Kenneth - 113

Wagner, Suzanne Wahl, Amanda - 97 Wain, Nadeem - 79 Wain, Waseem - 97 Wajda, Andrew - 97 Waldman, Angel - 79 Walker, Colleen - 113 Wan, Ariel - 97 Wancea, Ashley - 52 Wancea, Robert - 79 Wands, Joseph - 52 Wang, Yifan - 79 Waranowicz, Matthew - 97 Ward, Sheryl Warden, Ryan - 52 Waresk, Ashley - 113 Washington, Andre - 97 Wasnak, Scott - 97 Watson, Ashley Watson, Christopher - 113 Watters, Meghan - 113 Watters, Ryan - 52, 262, 271 Wcislo, Paul - 79 Weaver, Shauntele' - 52 Weilcr, Alexander - 113 Weissman, Jessie - 113 Westby, Eustace - 113 Whitney, Keith - 97 Whitsett, Latif - 79 Wiewiorski, Amy -113 Wiewiorski, Kyle - 97 Wika, Natalie - 79 Wilhelm, Alison - 113 Williams, Jason - 97 Williams, Jennifer - 79 Williams, Kiel - 80 Williams, Rhea - 80 Williamson, Robert - 97 Wilner, Adam - 113 Wilner, Jeffrey Wilson, Adam - 80 Wines, Amanda - 113 Wines, Ashley -113 Wislinski, Kenneth - 97 Wistuba, Jessica - 52 Wistuba, Kristen - 97 Witkowski, Lauren - 80 Witkowski, Michael Wlazlowski, Jason - 113 Wlazlowski, William - 52 Wlodarczyk, Sylwia - 80 Wojaczyk, Michelle - 113 Wojcik, John - 80 Wojcik, Timothy -113 Wojtowicz, Rafal - 97 Wolf, Marissa - 113 Wolfle, Justine - 80 Wonaszek, Peter - 113 Wonaszek, Thomas - 80 Wong, Amanda - 97 Wong, Juliet - 52 Woodbury, Melanie - 113 Woods, Greyson - 80 Worthington, Keisha - 97

Zack, Amanda -113 Zack, Amy Zagata, Jamie - 53, 279, 311 Zajac, Aneta - 80 Zaki, Nada - 80 Zakrzewski, Ashley - 113 Zakrzewski, Kristen - 80 Zaleski, Melanie - 80 Zamor, William - 53 Zas, Brian - 53 Zawistoski, Ryan - 97 Zelazowksi, Mark Zezza, Joseph - 97 Zezza, Louis - 97 Zezza, Matthew - 53 Zhuo, Shaojie - 113 Zielinski, Matthew - 113 Zonkowski, Michael - 53, 312 Zrebiec, Amanda - 53 Zuczek, Amanda - 113 Zulin, Shana - 53 Zupko, Brian - 97



Yannich, Stacey - 97 Yarbrough, Rashon - 80 Yautukhovich, Valeria - 113 Yehudaioff, Sharon - 113 Young, Bryan Yung, Esther - 53






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