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Issue 12 - 19th November, 2009

Georgia Frobose

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Printing examples using silkscreen, lino, etching using copper and drypoint. Mitchell Barnes

Natalie Shilling Melissa Shilling

St Marys District High School

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Dear Parents, Students and Community Members, First an apology to all parents/carers of our Prep – Grade 5 students given their late return from the Launceston excursion on Thursday 29th October. A number of unexpected factors led to the situation – this situation clearly highlighted the need to be able to better communicate with parents should there be an unexpected delay in the future. Protocols will be reviewed with respect to student excursions and transport arrangements. On a positive note I know in speaking to staff and many students that a wonderful day was had by all! Our attendance data continues to be a major concern, particularly when I have a strong belief that extended non-attendance closely correlates with student learning outcomes. For your information a snapshot of our attendance from the start of the school year – 14th October is as follows: •

4444 student absences have been recorded of which 37% are unexplained.

The daily attendance rate is 90%

72% of students have had less than 15 days absence this year

20% of students have had between 16 and 29 days absences

5% of students between 31 and 59 days absent

2% of students more than 59 days absent.

Sickness, family appointments are a reality. However, I would ask if at all possible that families notify the school should their child be absent for an extended period of time – I have asked the administration staff to contact families where there is a 3 day consecutive unexplained absence. I have included in the Newsletter an article on energy drinks – the purpose of this article is to provide our students and community with information on which informed choices can be made. On behalf of the school community I would like to extend a sincere thankyou to Dick Adams [MHR] for organising the replacement of the Australian National and Aboriginal flags. It was great that Dick was able to make the presentation in person – he spent considerable time with the student leaders gaining a positive insight into what is happening at the school. Our automotive programme is also enhanced by the generous donation of a motor vehicle by a family new to the school, Eric Brown and Kerry Anne Clout – please accept thanks from Ian Summers and his band of mechanics! Student involvement in a range of activities is synonymous with this time of the year – the calendar included with the Newsletter will provide an outline of upcoming events. Please do not hesitate to contact me should further information be required.

Regards, Brian Shepheard 2

Artwork from 9 St Marys District High School students were entered in the Youth Art section of the Royal Hobart Show. The results were excellent. Avalon Chippindale was awarded the 1st prize for grade 5/6 with her painting and will receive a certificate and $50 prize. Her drypoint print was highly commended. Hugo Wallace was awarded the 2nd prize for grade 7/8 for his conté blundstone boots drawing and will receive a certificate and a $30 prize. Nina Ling was awarded the 3rd prize for grade 7/8 for her self portrait painting and receives a certificate and a $20 prize. Dylan Spriggs was awarded a highly commended certificate for grade 5/6 for his mosaic pastel. The other students who exhibitied their work were also of a high standard. They were Elizabeth Booth, Zoe Greenfield, Eliza Payne and Otis McDermott.

Nina Ling

Avalon Chippindale

Dylan Spriggs

Avalon Chippindale


On Monday the 26th of October Business Week commenced. We got our groups together and decided who would take on what role and positions, we listened to people from the community who spoke to us about running their own businesses. On Tuesday we really got down to business, with our first decisions due. By Wednesday we got into the spirit of things, planning our advertising and keeping up with the decisions. The sleepover was a fun event, with wood fired pizzas and fruit, even some pancakes to go around in the morning, and little work was accomplished. Thursday was a stressful day with both radio and TV ads due as well as our final decisions. By Friday everyone was exhausted and flat out in the morning preparing our oral reports and trade displays. After they had been judged and we’d eaten as much as we could of the food Mr Stonehouse had prepared, we had a song from the school band and it was time to hear the results and go home. We all had a great week and learnt a lot about managing a business. By Tom Hunt


From the 26th of October to the 30th, 24 students from St Marys and St Helens High school participated in Australian Business Week. I was in St Marys team 5, which consisted of Tom Hunt, Joel Bennett, Indi Douglas, Sarah Brown, Mollie Bantick and Jess Young. The aim of Business Week was to give the students an idea of what it’s like to run a business. This year’s challenge was for students to take over an existing hotel business and transform into a successful chain of hotels. The idea was to promote Eco-Tourism in a Hospitality industry. Our team chose to focus on the eco theme, and created Canopy Lodge, to enhance the Eco-Theme we chose to use different views to the rest of the teams. Although we didn’t win any prizes, with Tom Hunt being the exception and winning the best business entrepreneur, we came second in the simulation, providing we did work together as a team. Overall the week was great, we had loads of fun and learned a bunch about the ups and downs of running a business in the real world. I would encourage any student who is thinking of doing it next year to do Business Week in 2010. By Eliza Payne

On the 26th of October to 30th 48 students from St Marys and St Helens participated in Australian Business Week. Each school had 3 teams consisting of 8 people. Australian Business Week was a stressful and challenging experience. A lot of teams found it difficult to cope with the pressure of having to have your decisions in on time, of course it didn’t help that the computers wouldn’t work half the time. On Wednesday the 28th of October students were given the choice to stay over at the school to do extra work. We cooked pizza for tea and pancakes for breakfast. The next morning students woke bleary eyed ready to work at 6.30am. Over all ABW was a great experience and although it was stressful, we had fun being part of it. To students who are curious about participating next year I would encourage it, it’s a great learning experience and you will learn a lot and have heaps of fun. BY Caitlyn Viney


On Wednesday the 31st of September, 36 grade 8 students boarded the bus for the destination of Coles Bay. On the way we stopped at Friendly Beaches for a nice enjoyable walk along the beach where some students jumped off sand dunes, dipped their feet in the water and DJ even got a blood nose. After the long walk we had a bit of lunch and got back on the bus heading for Illuka Caravan Park. When we finally reached our destination it had became very windy, which made it a bit of a struggle to set up the tents, we had people moving camp sites two or three times and we even had a few broken tents in the end. After cooking some tea and doing the dishes, everybody walked down to the beach for a few night games, even the teachers joined in. By the time we got back to camp it was time for a hot drink and then off to bed, a few people were noisy during the night and kept most of us up. Day two came, we had a few early risers who got up at 5am, and by 9 o’clock everybody was dressed and ready for an awesome day of activities. We split into three groups (for abseiling, kayaking and bushwalking). The abseiling and kayaking groups headed out first on the bus. They dropped us off at a dirt road and we walked 3km, which felt like 10km, to meet the Aardvark Adventures people at Blue Stone Bay. They told us it was too rough to go kayaking so all three groups just went rock climbing and abseiling. We had a few brave people that actually went down the 60 metre abseil, some just sat and watched. By night time everyone was a bit tired, so just a few of us went fishing while some stayed back and relaxed. We were all in bed by 11.00 and fast asleep (well so the teachers thought). Day three came and it was time to clean up, pack our bags and head back home. We wandered down to the beach and played some games while we waited for the bus, which arrived around 10am, we were packed and on the road by 11 o’clock. We stopped at Bicheno for a few more games on the beach and some lunch. Thanks to all the staff that came on camp and put up with us for two nights and for everyone that organised the camp. By Maddison Gale and Georgina Williams =)



On the 20th of October grade 4/5 and Prep/1 went to the Pyengana Dairy Company. We left school at 9am and got there at 10.20am. We sat down and ate our recess. Then with our buddies we went to the calves. They were getting ready to be fed. We met a man named Guss. We got to pat a calf. We also saw some others. One baby bull was by itself because it was ready to sell. After that we went to the dairy. They milk the Fresian cows twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. We walked back to where we had our recess and got some milkshake and tasted some cheese. The first one was 6 weeks, second 6 months and third 18 months. Then we said thankyou and went to the foreshore at St Helens and had lunch. Then hit the road home. By Jayne Cooper.


On Tuesday 20th October grade 4/5 and Prep/1went on the bus to Pyengana Dairy Company. We left St Marys at 9.00am. The bus trip was tiring, it took us about one hour and a half. When we got there we had our recess and had a quick play on the playground. The lady named Lyndal took us to see the calves. They had forty calves in one area and thirty in another area. They had a machine called a calf-ateria. It has forty teats and the cows all drank out of it. My partners were Mia Pribil and Charlotte Lockwood. Unfortunately Mia kicked cow poo on me, yuck! Then a guy named Guss took us to the milking shed where they put the suction cups on the udders.

My Favourite part about Pyengana Dairy Company ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Following that we got to try some cheese. There was a cheese that had been kept for six weeks. The other cheese was kept for six months and the oldest has been kept for eighteen months. I liked the six months cheese. The prep/ones did not like the oldest cheese.

When the calf sucked my hand; Tasting the cheese; Having a milkshake; Going for lunch at the St Helens Foreshore; When the farmer showed us the milking shed; The bus ride. By Jayden Webb

We then got to have a milkshake. We had a chocolate flavour and vanilla. We all got on the bus and went to St Helens playground. We ate our lunch and looked at the boats. We got back to school at 2.30pm. By Lily Emmerton

The Pyengana Dairy Excursion - My favourites list: On the 20th October grade 4/5 Smithurst/Hunt and Prep/1 Gee went on an excursion to Pyengana. We went to the dairy farm and we got to taste some cheese. The first cheese was six weeks old, the next one was six months old and the last one was 18 months. I liked the 6 months old one the best.

The Calves; The dairy; The boats at St Helens Lunch at St Helens park. By Haydon Dawson

We got to pat the calves when they were feeding. When we got there we had recess. They had 30 calves in one area and 40 in another area. They get milk off the mother cows at about 5.30 in the morning and about 4.00 in the afternoon time. After we finished at Pyengana we got on the bus and we headed to St Helens foreshore for lunch. We spent about 1 hour and a half at the foreshore. Then we got on the bus and headed back to school. We got back at school at 2.30pm. By Jacinta Kringle. 9

Work provided by Prep/1 Gee class. On Thursday, 29th October we went on a bus all the way to Launceston. We were on the bus with the One/Two class. The bus took us to the Gorge. We had our recess and then we walked over the wobbly bridge. After this we got back on the bus and we went to the Aquatic Centre. We all went swimming. There was a big red bucket that tipped water all over us. We went down slides and it was awesome. We had lunch at the monkey park and played in the playground. We walked to the museum and we saw the dinosaur bones and used all the science equipment. Some of us made a bridge to walk over. After that it was time to go home. We sat on the grass and had an icy pole and then we got home late. Written by Prep/One Gee. To all the parents who were inconvenienced and worried about the late return of their children we sincerely apologise. It took a little longer than expected to eat our icy poles and get back on the bus. The excursion was definitely a worthwhile experience and a wonderful time was had by all.

Harrison Gee

The Aquatic Centre was great and the Gorge was cool. The museum was awesome. We went to the monkey park. We had fun at the Aquatic Centre we went swimming. There was a big bucket that tips over you. I went swimming with Charlotte. There was two pools. We went down the water slide together there. There was ropes that you can pull, we had fun in the H2O me and Maddy sat under the bug bucket of water it tipped over us. By Amy Graham.

Tyler Wallace

We went to the museum. I went on the wobbly bridge. It felt wobbly. Outside there was something to echo. We looked at the dinosaurs. There were big ones. We had an icy pole. By Isobella Larby Charlotte Lockwood-Roden 10

I went to the Gorge and we had recess and after we had been to the gorge we went to the Aquatic Centre and went swimming. I went swimming with Amy and Maddy and we played mermaids. It was fun at the Aquatic Centre and we went to the museum and then we had an icy pole. By Charlotte Lockwood-Roden

Ella Rowntree

On Thursday we went to the Aquatic Centre. We swam. I went down the waterslide. I went down the red slide. By Lochie Cooper

We went to the Aquatic Centre and it was fun because we went on the slide. I poured water on Kane and Kane went down the slide. We went to the Monkey Park for lunch. We went to the dinosaur bones. By Harry Madden

Jet Read 11

East North East Athletics Team Recently a large St. Marys Athletics Team was chosen to represent our school at the annual ENE Athletics Carnival. The team was chosen under extraordinary circumstances. As you know, long periods of wet weather did not allow us to mark our athletic oval and surrounding grounds and so we were not able to have our athletics carnival prior to selecting our ENE or Interhigh athletics teams. We thank our students for being so understanding of our alternate team selection process this year. This year’s team consisted of: Grade 3 Lachlan Gee Henry Napier Max Morris Charlie Brophy Jarrod Mason Michael Larby Georgia Hodge Freya Prebble Chelsea Kringle Chantelle Hennessey

Grade 4 Hayden Squires Lachlan Bradbury Jordan Riley Luke McColl Joey Nykiel Monique Polden Catharina Smith Hannah Thomas Lily Emmerton Maddison McKimmie Courtney Middendorp

Grade 5 Chris Arratta Hayden Dawson Dylan Spriggs Chris Madden Jacinta Kringle Annie Evelyn Jayne Cooper Teaghan Smith

Grade 6 Jesse McColl Cody Dutch Sam Mitchell Chloe Perry Avalon Chippindale Ayla Harvey Cortney Thow Ebony Bennett Pollie Rawnsley Ebony Duke Aleisha McGiveron

There were many good performances. Lachlan Gee collected a couple of first places in the 100m and the 200m, Charlie Brophy won the Turbo Javlelin, Sam Mitchell won the 400m, and Avalon Chippindale won the Turbo Javelin and the 400m. My special Courage and Team Effort Award goes to Cody Dutch who not only ran his own races but filled in many vacant spots in other events. Well done Cody, a true team effort. Thankyou to Teaghan Smith who also filled in a spot and ran a really tough 1500m race. I also have to make a special, yet humorous mention of a certain Grade 5 boy who wasn’t even selected to run a 400m BUT decided to line up with our nominated runners in the marshalling area……….then went on to run the event ...AND WIN the blue first ribbon!! Well done Chris Arratta!! Well done to everyone, we had a wonderful day. Karen Bramich—Team Manager Fitness Squad Information – 2009/2010 Beginning Wednesday 18th November, @ 5.00pm Mr Lynch is offering to run the Fitness Squad again but has changed its format better to suit the needs of all swimmers. Gold Squad Who: The older students and interested adults with a high level of swimming and fitness ability. Training: 1 hour to 1½ hours twice a week. Students in this group will be expected to attend ALL sessions and contact Mr Lynch if unable to make it on any given day. Aim: to increase swimming and fitness ability, speed, endurance and competition skills. Cost: $5.00 per person per session. Silver Squad Who: The younger swimmers approximately grades 5 – 7 and interested adults who have a high level of swimming ability. Training: 1 hour twice a week. All members MUST attend at least one session per week. Aim: For those looking to improve their swimming/fitness level and who wish to work on their competition skills. Cost: $4.00 per person per session. Bronze Squad Who: All interested students from grade 3 and any interested adults. Must be able to swim 50m competently without stopping. This is not a learn to swim session. Training: 45 mins to 1 hour. No requirements to attend a number of sessions. Come as often as you wish. Aim: General fitness and swimming skills. Cost: $3.00 per person per session. When participating in this programme, the pool rules MUST be followed at ALL times. 12 on 6372 3900 For further information contact Mr. Lynch or Ms Cook during business hours

Learn to Swim Program St Marys District High School Association will be coordinating a Learn to Swim Program in 2010, if there are sufficient numbers of children aged 4-12yrs. The program will cater for beginning swimmers and those looking to improve their deep water skills and stroke. The instructors for the lessons will be Auswim qualified teachers: Samantha Anderson, Hazel Buchhorn and Hannah Spilsbury. The program will be supported by input from the SMDHS PE team. The program will offer 10 lessons, 1 per weekday, commencing on the 4th January until the 15th January. Times for sessions (from 9am – 12.25pm) will be allocated closer to the commencement date, once all enrolments have been finalised. Families will be notified by post of lesson times. Lessons will cost $70 per child, with payment to be made in full at the school office by the 7th December. Cheques/money orders payable to St Marys District High School Association Inc. and left at the school office. If you are interested in your child attending the Learn to Swim program then please complete the attached form and return to school with your payment. Numbers for this program will be limited. For further information or to arrange payment details, please contact : Tanya Greenwood tel: 6372 2187

(BH) ......................................................................... Parent/Guardian Name:............................................................................................................................ Mailing Address:....................................................................................................................................... Contact tel:......................................................................

Child/rens name

Date of Birth


Payment included: Yes/NO amount:....................... 13

Previous level of swimming achieved

Northern Tasmanian Regional U14 Boys Basketball

The U14 Boys Northern Regional Basketball Team Trials are on over the weekend of 28th / 29th November at Launceston College Gymnasium. From the sessions a final squad of 20 players will be chosen for the 2 Northern Tasmanian teams which will be participating in the Tasmanian Tri series in Launceston. This series determines which two regions will represent Tasmania at the Australian Championships to be held in Canberra in September 2010.

(Booking forms available at the school office)

Players selected will be required to attend trainings most Tuesday afternoons and Saturdays mornings from January until September. In addition there will be 10 boys selected to attend the 2009 Tasmania Camp with players from the north-west and southern regional teams. They will receive expert coaching from Regional / State / NITP Coaches in Tasmania. Information and application forms are available from the office if your child s interested in attending.


Special Note: It is indeed unfortunate that your School has missed out on a special performance (through no fault of our own) BUT ALL IS NOT LOST I ask all parents & children to support our Dance School by attending our MATINEE PERFORMCE on the above date. It is our final show after 21 years and we really wanted to go out in full force—the students are pumped to give you a fabulous afternoon of solid & professional entertainment. We all have worked very hard to put this show on and your support would be appreciated. 15

Invitation to Parents of grade 10 leavers to assist with the decoration and setting up of the venue for the leavers dinner. If you are able to help out please contact Melanie Morgan at school on 6372 3900 Black and White Day Fundraiser for the Tasmanian Devils.

UPPER SCAMANDER KENNELS & CATTERY Loving care for your furry friends

Bec Mason - 6372 5157 or 0409 253 504

As you may be aware, the grade 4/5 class held the Black and White Fundraiser for the Tasmanian Devils on Friday, the 16th October. Many primary school children were involved and we raised in total $120.10. We have received a Certificate of Appreciation and a letter of thanks from the Devil Island Project at East Coast Nature World (Bicheno Wildlife Park).

ØFloor heating through kennel boxes and wood heating in the cattery; ØDogs enjoy 2km walks each day; ØCat pens include outdoor areas for snoozing in the sun.

Sunday and Monday 4-6pm Tues, Thurs & Fri 8-10am 4-6pm Saturday 8-10am Wednesdays by arrangement Home pick-up and delivery available on request.

Many thanks to all who participated. 905 Upper Scamander Road, Scamander [email protected]






16 Nov

17 Nov

18 Nov

19 Nov ENE Combined Athletics LC enrolments

20 Nov JAM student to L’ton

23 Nov SWS St Marys & Fingal

24 Nov SWS St Marys & Fingal Fingal Association Meeting

25 Nov SWS St Marys & Fingal

26 Nov SWS St Marys & Fingal

27 Nov SWS St Marys & Fingal

30 Nov SWS St Marys & Fingal Clarence High School Band

1 Dec School Association end of year Meeting and Function. SWS St Marys & Fingal Speeches and Elections of gr 6 & 10 SRC for 2010

2 Dec Leavers Forms to be finalized Parent Orientation SWS St Marys & Fingal

3 Dec Final Reading Together & Launching into Learning SWS St Marys & Fingal Best and Fairest Count St Helens Presentation Day

4 Dec State Primary Athletics SWS St Marys & Fingal

7 Dec Volunteers Afternoon Tea East Coast Choir Swansea 9/10 Exams SWS St Helens, Bicheno & Avoca

8 Dec 9/10 Exams SWS St Helens, Bicheno & Avoca

9 Dec Leavers Dinner 6 & 10 SRC 2010 Elections SWS St Helens, Bicheno & Avoca

10 Dec Class info , reports and booklists posted to parents

11 Dec Presentation Day 1pm in Gym East Coast Choir - St Marys in the Gym

14 Dec Grade 10 Camp 8/9 Excursion ??

15 Dec Grade 10 Camp 6/7 Excursion ?? Fingal Presentation Day Bicheno Presentation Day

16 Dec Grade 10 Camp

17 Dec Leavers Assembly 2pm School finishes for students

18 Dec Last day for staff.

13 Gray Road, St Marys, TAS, 7215. Phone: 6372 3900 Fax: 6372 2543 Email: [email protected]



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