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Top (/top/) > Business (/top/Business/) > Shopping and Services (/top/Business/Shopping_and_Services/) > Hobbies (/top/Business/Shopping_and_Services/Hobbies/) > Models (/top/Business/Shopping_and_Services/Hobbies/Models/) > Radio Control (/top/Business/Shopping_and_Services/Hobbies/Models/Radio_Control/) > Cars and Trucks (/top/Business/Shopping_and_Services/Hobbies/Models/Radio_Control/Cars_and_Trucks/) > Accessories (/top/Business/Shopping_and_Services/Hobbies/Models/Radio_Control/Cars_and_Trucks/Accessories/) Axiom Motors (http://www.axiommotors.com/) - Source for RC racing motors from various manufacturers. Also sells ball and thrust bearings, tires and foam inserts, batteries, and other RC car parts and accessories. Bad Horsie RC Shock Covers (http://www.badhorsie.com/) - Offers a wide selection of RC shock covers or shock socks for keeping RC car suspensions in tune for longer periods . Fullforce RC (http://www.fullforcerc.com/) - Specializes in American made parts for various RC toy cars including BAJA 5B & 5T, Mini-T, REVO, MAXX, MGT, and the Savage series. SSRCRacing.com (http://www.ssrcracing.com/) - RC car parts store specializing in precision machined aluminum parts for Traxxas, Ofna, and Team Associated toy vehicles.

Top (/top/) > Games (/top/Games/) > Video Games (/top/Games/Video_Games/) > Massively Multiplayer Online Games (/top/Games/Video_Games/Massively_Multiplayer_Online_Games/) Empires Online II (http://www.empires-online.com/) - Free multiplayer web-based strategy game. Site presents a game manual, video tutorials, and a ranking of top players.

Top (/top/) > Health (/top/Health/) > Conditions and Illness (/top/Health/Conditions_and_Illness/) > Cancer (/top/Health/Conditions_and_Illness/Cancer/) > Journals (/top/Health/Conditions_and_Illness/Cancer/Journals/) Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) (http://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/) - Offers peer-reviewed original research coverage as well as news and information concerning cancer treatment and research.

Top (/top/) > Health (/top/Health/) > Medicine (/top/Health/Medicine/) > Medical Specialties (/top/Health/Medicine/Medical_Specialties/) > Oncology (/top/Health/Medicine/Medical_Specialties/Oncology/) > Surgical Oncology (/top/Health/Medicine/Medical_Specialties/Oncology/Surgical_Oncology/) Surgical Oncology (http://www.so-online.net/) - Presents review articles that help build and advance knowledge in surgical oncology and related fields.

Top (/top/) > Kids and Teens (/top/Kids_and_Teens/) > Sports and Hobbies (/top/Kids_and_Teens/Sports_and_Hobbies/) > Radio (/top/Kids_and_Teens/Sports_and_Hobbies/Radio/) > Ham Radio (/top/Kids_and_Teens/Sports_and_Hobbies/Radio/Ham_Radio/) K8ZT (http://www.k8zt.com/) - Compilation of ham radio resources. Includes information on ham radio training and licensing, links to related organizations, photos, maps and charts.

Top (/top/) > Recreation (/top/Recreation/) > Automotive (/top/Recreation/Automotive/) > Makes and Models (/top/Recreation/Automotive/Makes_and_Models/) > Toyota (/top/Recreation/Automotive/Makes_and_Models/Toyota/) > Clubs (/top/Recreation/Automotive/Makes_and_Models/Toyota/Clubs/) Old School Toyota Car Club (http://ostcbpt.com/) - Presents a gallery of members' photos, forums, information on club events, and contact details.

Top (/top/) > Reference (/top/Reference/) > Education (/top/Reference/Education/) > Special Education (/top/Reference/Education/Special_Education/) > Inclusion (/top/Reference/Education/Special_Education/Inclusion/) Inclusion Flagship (http://www.inclusionflagship.net/) - Inclusion education advocating initiative under the Education for All Programme. Presents updates, reports, resource materials, and events information.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/Africa/Business_and_Economy/) > Agriculture (/top/Regional/Africa/Business_and_Economy/Agriculture/) Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association (http://www.dairyafrica.com/) - Dairy association focusing on Eastern and Southern Africa provides details of chapters, membership, directory, calendar, newsletters, reports, papers and conferences. Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Project (http://www.eaapp.org/) - Find details about the project including information on components, centers of excellence, communication and contacts.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/Africa/Business_and_Economy/) > Financial Services (/top/Regional/Africa/Business_and_Economy/Financial_Services/) African Microfinance Network (http://afminetwork.org/) - Association of microfinance networks in Africa provides details of membership, programs and services, achievements, news, resources, job opportunities and working groups.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Business_and_Economy/) > Agriculture (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Business_and_Economy/Agriculture/) South African Bee Industry Organisation (http://www.sabio.org.za/) - Industry organisation offers information on membership, board members, constitution, value added services, honey and honey products.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Business_and_Economy/) > Financial Services (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Business_and_Economy/Financial_Services/) > Accounting (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Business_and_Economy/Financial_Services/Accounting/) Trainee Accountant Society of the Western Cape (http://www.tas-wc.co.za/) - Find details of the constitution, events, committees, news and activities.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Business_and_Economy/) > Legal Services (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Business_and_Economy/Legal_Services/) Cape Law Society (http://www.capelawsoc.law.za/) - Statutory body responsible for the administration of attorneys in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape provides details of exams and admissions, resources, documents, member services, blogs and library plus information on locating an attorney.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Gauteng (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Gauteng/) > Cities (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Gauteng/Cities/) > Hatfield (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Gauteng/Cities/Hatfield/) Absolute Farenden (http://www.absolutefarenden.com/) - Modern self catering apartments offered including details of facilities, attractions and reservations. Hatfield Christian Church (http://www.hatfield.co.za/) - Church profile including information on the congregation, sermons, courses and training, books, pamphlets and volunteering. Hatfield Plaza (http://www.hatfieldplaza.co.za/) - Shopping centre provides details of the mall, shops, entertainment, exhibitions and location. Hatfield Culinary School (http://www.steynsculinaryschool.co.za/) - Culinary school provides details of courses including professional chef's course, cooking for fun and a ten week part time course. Grosvenor Gardens (http://www.grosvenorgardens.co.za/) - Self catering serviced apartments offered including information on rates, bookings, facilities and services. Khayalethu Guest House (http://www.khayalethu.co.za/) - Guest house accommodation offered including details of the rates, location, breakfast and facilities. Moloko Club (http://www.molokoclub.com/) - Night club provides details of facilities, events, floor plan, corporate bookings and contacts. Hatfield VW (http://www.hatfieldvw.co.za) - Volkswagen dealership provides details of vehicles, finance, quotation, services and test drives. Honda Auto Hatfield (http://www.hondahatfield.co.za) - Honda outlet provides details of new and used models, service, parts and accessories. Whiz Kid Academy (http://www.whizkidz.co.za/) - Nursery school and creche provides details of the location, programmes, application form, fees and newsletter.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Health (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Health/) > Associations (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Health/Associations/) Down Syndrome South Africa (http://www.downsyndrome.org.za/) - Organization working to improve the lives of people with Down Syndrome provides information on early intervention, education, alternate therapies, disability grants, conferences, general information and guides. Autism South Africa (http://www.autismsouthafrica.org/) - South African organization focusing on autism provides information on the condition including details of services, membership, workshops, registered members, process and private service providers. South African Veterinary Association (http://www.vetassociation.co.za/) - Veterinary association provides information on membership, members, activities, events, resources, animal information and careers. South African Veterinary Association (http://www.vetassociation.co.za/) - Veterinary association provides information on membership, members, activities, events, resources, animal information and careers.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Science and Environment (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Science_and_Environment/) > Organisations (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Science_and_Environment/Organisations/) South African Archaeological Society (http://www.archaeologysa.co.za/) - Society formed in 1944 provides details of the history of the society, news, branches, activities, membership, grands, awards, publications and resources.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Society_and_Culture/) National Alliance for the Development of Community Advice Offices (http://www.nadcao.org.za/) - Offers details of provincial forums, community advice offices, partners, resources and regulations.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Western Cape (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/Business_and_Economy/) The Cape Bar (http://www.capebar.co.za/) - Legal council provides details of membership, documents, directory, committees, and contacts.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Western Cape (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/) > Cities (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/Cities/) > Athlone (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/Cities/Athlone/) Ali Baba Foods (http://www.alibabafoods.co.za/) - Outlet specialising in Eastern ethnic Halaal foods provides details of products, research and development.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Western Cape (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/) > Recreation and Sports (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/Recreation_and_Sports/) Ashihara Karate (http://www.ashiharakarate.co.za/) - Teachers a Japanese fighting style of karate. Includes information in instruction, mission, history and products.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/) > South Africa (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/) > Western Cape (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/Western_Cape/Society_and_Culture/) Anthroposophical Society in the Western Cape (http://www.aswc.org.za/) - Society profile including information on activities, library and events. Cape Mazaar Society (http://www.capemazaarsociety.com/) - Society information including details of history, activities, tours, appeals and products.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > North America (/top/Regional/North_America/) > Canada (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/) > Ontario (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/) > Cities (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/) > Georgetown (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Business_and_Economy/) Foodstuffs (http://www.foodstuffs.ca/) - Sells specialty, health, and bulk food products as well as nutritional and herbal supplements and rare teas and spices. Also offers cooking classes.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > North America (/top/Regional/North_America/) > Canada (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/) > Ontario (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/) > Cities (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/) > Georgetown (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Business_and_Economy/) > Automotive (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Business_and_Economy/Automotive/) Halton Automotive Industrial Supply Limited (http://www.haltonauto.com/) - Parts and supplies source for the automotive aftermarket. Offers items for all makes and models, imports and domestics. Silver Creek Service Centre (http://www.silvercreekservicecentre.com/) - Comprehensive auto repair and servicing shop serving motorists in Georgetown, Ontario and the nearby areas. Georgetown Chevrolet GMC (http://www.georgetownchev.com/) - Dealer of new and pre-owned Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles in Georgetown, Ontario. Also offers vehicle leasing services. Georgetown Kia (http://www.georgetownkia.com/) - New and used Kia vehicle dealer. Also offers replacement parts, automotive accessories, tires, and repair services.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > North America (/top/Regional/North_America/) > Canada (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/) > Ontario (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/) > Cities (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/) > Georgetown (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Business_and_Economy/) > Computers and Internet (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Business_and_Economy/Computers_and_Internet/) Aztec Internet (http://www.aztec-net.com/) - Internet service provider with decades of experience in networking, IP security, and wireless services. Also offers custombuilt computers and servers, equipment upgrades, and facility management and support. Champ Consulting Services Inc. (http://www.champ.ca/) - Offers networking, database management, personal computing, desktop publishing, and computer education and training solutions. Mocoda Interactive (http://www.mocoda.com/) - Creative design studio and web solutions company serving needs of small and medium size companies. Offers web development, graphic design, and hosting services.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > North America (/top/Regional/North_America/) > Canada (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/) > Ontario (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/) > Cities (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/) > Georgetown (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Business_and_Economy/) > Construction (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Business_and_Economy/Construction/) T&R Paving (http://www.tandrpaving.com/) - Family owned and operated company providing road repair, driveway building, winter repair, parking lot construction, and snow plowing and removal services. Halton Hills Paving Ltd. (http://www.haltonhillspaving.ca/) - Provider of commercial and residential paving services based in Georgetown, Ontario.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > North America (/top/Regional/North_America/) > Canada (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/) > Ontario (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/) > Cities (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/) > Georgetown (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/) > Health (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Georgetown/Health/) Halton Healthcare Services (http://www.haltonhealthcare.com/) - Presents directions, physician recruitment particulars, patient feedback, and information on programs, services, staff, and physicians. Cornerstone Health (http://www.cornerstonehealth.ca/) - Presents physician profiles, patient forms, contact details, clinic updates, and information on the range of services offered. Bennett Health Care Centre (http://www.bennetthealthcarecentre.ca/) - Offers restorative care as well as recreation and leisure based health programs. Dentistry on Sinclair (http://www.dentistryonsinclair.com/) - Family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry clinic in Georgetown, Ontario. Also offers endodontic treatments, nitrous oxide sedation, and periodontics. Diana Dental (http://www.dianadental.ca/) - General dental clinic offering implants, wisdom teeth extraction, bone grafting, and sedation dentistry services. Heritage Orthodontics (http://www.heritageorthodontics.com/) - Clinic offering orthodontic services for children and adults. Offers braces, jaw surgery, and Invisalign teeth alignment services. Still Waters Dental Group (http://www.stillwatersdental.com/) - Provides cosmetic and family dentistry services including professional teeth whitening, smile repair, and preventive care.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > North America (/top/Regional/North_America/) > Canada (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/) > Ontario (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/) > Cities (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/) > Halton Hills (/top/Regional/North_America/Canada/Ontario/Cities/Halton_Hills/) Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce (http://www.haltonhillschamber.on.ca/) - Presents an overview of the organization, business directory, news, and information on membership and events.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > Oceania (/top/Regional/Oceania/) > Australia (/top/Regional/Oceania/Australia/) > Recreation and Sports (/top/Regional/Oceania/Australia/Recreation_and_Sports/) > Martial Arts (/top/Regional/Oceania/Australia/Recreation_and_Sports/Martial_Arts/) Ashihara Karate (http://www.ashiharaaustralia.com/) - Offers information on the sport including details of training, grading, products, news updates and history.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Destrehan (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Destrehan/) Jesse Duplantis Ministries (http://www.jdm.org/) - Offers information about the Covenant church, a JDM store, meeting details, current projects, their vision, and gives the TV listings. Flames of the Fire Church, Inc. (http://www.flamesoffirewb.com/) - Gives their beliefs and vision, prayer, upcoming events, the Sunday and weekly schedule, and contact details.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Donaldsonville (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Donaldsonville/) Ascension of Our Lord and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Churches (http://www.ascensioncatholic.com/) - Gives the church locations, profiles, the history, the ministries, bulletins, the Mass times, and school details.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Hammond (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Hammond/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Hammond/Society_and_Culture/) Crossroads Church (http://www.crossroadshammond.com/) - Includes a welcome, sermons, contact details, an introduction to the pastor, and their beliefs. First United Methodist Church of Hammond (http://www.fumc-hammond.org/) - Presents the staff, the ministries, details about the preschool, worship information, sermons, and a calendar. Holy Ghost Catholic Church (http://www.hgchurch.org/) - Provides the Mass schedule and presents the pastoral team and the parish council, details about religious education, a bulletin, and links. Immanuel Baptist Church - Hammond (http://www.ibchammond.org/) - Provides the worship times, news, a welcome, the staff, events FAQs, the ministries, and general information about IBC.

Abundant Life Church (http://alchammond.org/) - Find a statement of faith, a service schedule, a calendar of events, podcasts, and the location and contact details.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Houma (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Houma/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Houma/Society_and_Culture/) Victory of Houma (http://victoryhouma.com/) - Gives the service times, directions, daily devotions, sermons, information for visitors, the staff, the ministries, the church history, and their beliefs. Cathedral of St. Francis de Sales (http://www.stfrancisdesaleshouma.org/) - Offers the location, bulletins, parish news, worship information, a mission statement, the church history, and the ministries. The Life Church (http://www.houmalife.com/) - Offers information for newcomers to TLC, events, a welcome, sermons, prayer requests, their beliefs and values, and the leadership.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Iota (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Iota/) Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Iota (http://www.stjosephiota.org/) - Presents the staff, a calendar of evens, sacraments, the office hours, their mission, and organizations and links.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Many (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Many/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Many/Society_and_Culture/) Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church (http://www.stjohnsmanyla.com/) - Includes a newsletter, directions, the church history, news and events, links, the Mass and confession schedules, and details about the Saint Terence Catholic Mission.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Marrero (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Marrero/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Marrero/Society_and_Culture/) Greater Mount Calvary Church (http://gmcchurch.org/) - Provides information for newcomers, outreach, the Sunday and weekly schedule, the church history, and an introduction to the pastor. Grace Baptist Church (http://www.gracebaptistofmarrero.com/) - Includes the ministries, contacts, the staff, FAQs, directions, and the Sunday service times.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Maurice (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Maurice/) Amana Christian Fellowship (http://amanacf.org/) - Offers their missions and beliefs, worship information, a blog, the ministries, and details about their school.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Minden (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Minden/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Minden/Society_and_Culture/) First Baptist Minden (http://www.firstminden.org/) - Presents the pastor, the ministries, an event calendar, their mission, and the worship times. Minden Baptist Church (http://www.mindenbaptist.com/) - Find a message from the pastor, their vision, a church profile, contact details, and Q&As. Eastsdie Missionary Baptist church (http://www.eastsidembc.org/) - Presents the ministries, missions, announcements, contacts, the service times, and a mission statement.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Louisiana (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/) > Monroe (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Monroe/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/Louisiana/Cities/Monroe/Society_and_Culture/) Christian Life Church (http://www.clcmonroe.org/) - Gives contact details, the ministries, a calendar, the staff, a welcome, and the service times. University Church (http://www.universitycc.net/) - Find a welcome, the ministries, contacts, their mission, the leaders, and worship information. North Crossings Church (http://www.northcrossings.com/) - Supplies the location and contact details, the staff, ministries and missions, events, a blog, links, and information about their services.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Michigan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Business_and_Economy/) Burnette Foods (https://www.burnettefoods.com/) - Food products that are typically packed under a private label. Includes product list and processing locations.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Michigan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/) > East Jordan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/East_Jordan/) Lighthouse Missionary Church (http://www.lighthousemc.org/) - Non-denominational Christian church, offers service schedule, ministries, missions, and sermons. Mallard Landing (http://www.mallardgolf.com) - 9-hole par 36 golf course, with leagues and a driving range. East Jordan Plastics (http://www.eastjordanplastics.com/) - Providing plant trays, growing pots, and plant containers.

East Jordan Public Schools (http://www.ejps.org/) - Provides a district newsletter, links to schools, and calendars. East Jordan Sno-mobilers (http://www.eastjordansnowmobilers.freeservers.com/) - The snowmobile club is a non-profit organization that promotes the recreation of snowmobiling for the entire family. Harvest Barn Word of Life Church (http://www.harvestbarnchurch.com) - Non-denominational church offers their beliefs, ministries, events, and worship schedule. Faith Lutheran Church (http://www.faithlutheranej.com/) - Includes a worship schedule, beliefs, calendar, youth programs, and bible studies.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Michigan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/) > East Jordan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/East_Jordan/) > Arts and Entertainment (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/East_Jordan/Arts_and_Entertainment/) Stonehedge Farm and Fiber Mill (http://www.stonehedgefibermill.com/) - Shepherd, spinner, and fiber artist with a flock of eight breeds of sheep and angora goats. Offers roving, batts, felt, yarn and finished items. Otis Pottery (http://www.otispottery.net/) - David and June Otis work in stoneware clay and porcelain to create both production and one of a kind objects. Karen Walker Studio (http://www.karenwalkerstudio.com/) - Photographer specializing in family and high school senior portraits in her studio or on location. Jordan River Arts Council (http://www.jordanriverarts.com/) - Offers news and events, a calendar, workshops, featured exhibits, resources, and members.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Michigan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/) > East Jordan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/East_Jordan/) > Business and Economy (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/East_Jordan/Business_and_Economy/) Jordan Storage (http://www.jordanstorage.com/) - Specializes in providing safe and secure storage for all storage needs. Jordan Valley Outfitters (http://www.jvoutfitters.com/) - Offers canoe rentals, with rates and area nature attractions. Fresh Exteriors (http://www.freshexteriors.com/) - Specializes in roof cleaning and offers other exterior cleaning services as well. Ed's Used Cars & Trucks (http://www.getauto.com/car-dealers/michigan/east-jordan/ed-s-used-cars---trucks-3098/1) - Offers listing of used cars and trucks for sale, with details. Glen's Market (http://glens.spartanstores.com/) - Grocery store offering weekly savings, pharmacy, nutrition information, and recipes. Busy Bridge Gifts & Antiques (http://www.busybridge.com/) - Offers antiques, collectibles, and unusual gift ideas. E.J. Shoppe (http://www.marysofboyne.com/) - Ladies casual to career clothing, accessories, jewelry, and tribal sportswear. Murray's Bar & Grill (http://www.murraysbar.com/) - Sports bar offering food and spirits, full menu, summer outdoor dining, take out, and catering. T&R Yamaha (http://www.tandryamaha.com/) - Sells motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, mini bikes, and clothing. Murray's Body Shop (http://www.murraysbodyshop.com/) - Auto body and collision shop, with photos.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Michigan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/) > East Jordan (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/East_Jordan/) > Health (/top/Regional/United_States/Michigan/Cities/East_Jordan/Health/) Grandvue (http://www.grandvue.org/) - Residential medical care facility for seniors. Maple Ridge Dental Group (http://www.mapleridgedentistry.com/) - Three dentists provide patient information, services rendered, digital and laser dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. East Jordan Family Health Center (http://www.ejfhc.org/) - Information about services, providers, health, and information for patients. First Choice Physical Therapy (http://www.firstchoicept.com/) - Offers free physical therapy evaluations, information about services, and a newsletter. Maple Ridge Dental Group (http://www.mapleridgedentistry.com) - A team of caring and experienced professionalsdedicated to providing the highest standard of personalizeddental care.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > New York (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/) > Bridgehampton (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/Bridgehampton/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/Bridgehampton/Society_and_Culture/) Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church (http://www.bridgehamptonpc.org/) - Features worship times, bulletin, ministries, visitor's guide, beliefs, leadership, and membership. Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Church (http://www.qmhrbhny.com/) - Member of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Includes beliefs, history of the parish, Mass schedule, events, and office hours.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > New York (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/) > Southold (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/Southold/) First Presbyterian Church (http://www.fpcsouthold.org/) - Presents bulletins, newsletter, leadership, organization, Christian education programs, online giving, sermons, and directions. St. Patrick's Church (http://www.stpatricksouthold.org/) - Roman Catholic community. Features Mass schedule, sacraments, staff directory, ministries, calendar, online bulletin, and directions. Southold Historical Society (http://www.southoldhistoricalsociety.org) - Features membership, properties owned and maintained by the society, online museum shop, list of officers and trustees, newsletters and directions.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > New York (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/) > Water Mill (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/Water_Mill/) Water Mill Museum (http://watermillmuseum.org/) - Features exhibits of local history and a native plant garden. Includes details of the facilities, photos, upcoming events and directions. The Pondview Bed and Breakfast (http://www.thepondview.com/) - Offers guest rooms with amenities and a cottage located on a wooded property. Includes lodging details, photos, reservations, rates, and directions. Water Mill Community Club (http://watermillcommunityclub.org/) - Maintains four buildings providing recreation and venues for special events. Includes descriptions of the facilities, club history, calendar of events and membership application.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > New York (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/) > Westhampton Beach (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/Westhampton_Beach/) > Society and Culture (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Cities/Westhampton_Beach/Society_and_Culture/) Westhampton Beach Historical Society (http://www.whbhistorical.org/) - Presents mission, bylaws, area history, membership, ways to help and community links.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > New York (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/) > Regions (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Regions/) > Finger Lakes (/top/Regional/United_States/New_York/Regions/Finger_Lakes/) The Abbey of the Genesee (http://www.geneseeabbey.org/) - Roman Catholic community of Trappist Monks in Piffard. Includes profile, biographical sketches of deceased members, requirements and procedures for admission, liturgical schedule, store hours, and information for visitors.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Ohio (/top/Regional/United_States/Ohio/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Ohio/Cities/) > Saint Clairsville (/top/Regional/United_States/Ohio/Cities/Saint_Clairsville/) East Richland Evangelical Friends Church (http://www.erfriends.com/) - Features beliefs, history of the church, service times, staff profiles, ministries, sermons, event calendar, facility layout and location map. Calvary Presbyterian Church (http://www.calvarypresbyterian.net/) - Covers beliefs, history of the church, worship schedule, ministries, calendar and newsletter, outreach and resources. Thoburn United Methodist Church (http://www.thoburnumc.org/) - Open and affirming congregation. Includes worship times, pastor's profile, news and events, ministries, sermons, location map, and information for visitors. St. Mary's Catholic Church (http://stmaryschurch.weebly.com/) - Provides Mass schedule, calendar of events, ministries, sacraments, history of the parish, weekly bulletins, newsletter and contacts.

Top (/top/) > Regional (/top/Regional/) > United States (/top/Regional/United_States/) > Ohio (/top/Regional/United_States/Ohio/) > Cities (/top/Regional/United_States/Ohio/Cities/) > Sharonville (/top/Regional/United_States/Ohio/Cities/Sharonville/) Sharonville United Methodist Church (http://www.sharonville-umc.org/) - Covers worship times, upcoming events, ministries, calendar, announcements and directions. St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church (http://www.saintmichaelchurch.net/) - Provides Mass schedule, sacraments, upcoming events, ministries, committees and groups, bulletins, newsletter, and directions. Creek Road Baptist Church (http://www.creekroad.org/) - Southern Baptist congregation. Includes worship times, beliefs, activities, map and directions. New Life Christian Church (http://www.newlifecincinnati.org/) - Non-denominational congregation. Presents beliefs, leadership team, ministries, small group schedule, gathering times, calendar of events, sermon audio, photos, map and directions. Church By The Woods (http://www.churchbythewoods.org/) - Multi-cultural, multi-generational, independent congregation, formerly the Sharonville Presbyterian Church. Covers services, history, Taiwanese Ministry, and location map.

Top (/top/) > Science (/top/Science/) > Technology (/top/Science/Technology/) > Energy (/top/Science/Technology/Energy/) > Renewable (/top/Science/Technology/Energy/Renewable/) > Organizations (/top/Science/Technology/Energy/Renewable/Organizations/) Virginia Alternative & Renewable Energy Association (VA-AREA) (http://www.va-area.org/) - Association of alternative and renewable energy developers, contractors, installers, and other related organizations and establishments. Aims to enact pro-growth public policy to facilitate progress for the renewable energy industry in Virginia.

Top (/top/) > Society (/top/Society/) > Issues (/top/Society/Issues/) > Global (/top/Society/Issues/Global/) > Aid and Development (/top/Society/Issues/Global/Aid_and_Development/) International Land Coalition (http://www.landcoalition.org) - Global alliance of civil society and inter governmental organizations provides details of governance, members, council, regional platforms, secretariat, strategic framework and donors.

Top (/top/) > Society (/top/Society/) > Law (/top/Society/Law/) > Organizations (/top/Society/Law/Organizations/) > Legal Aid (/top/Society/Law/Organizations/Legal_Aid/) Legal Aid South Africa (http://www.legal-aid.co.za/) - South African legal aid body established in 1969 provides details of activities, events, legal services, publications, careers, candidate attorney applications, board members and legal aid procurement.

Top (/top/) > Sports (/top/Sports/) > Golf (/top/Sports/Golf/) > College and University (/top/Sports/Golf/College_and_University/) > NCAA Division III (/top/Sports/Golf/College_and_University/NCAA_Division_III/) > Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (/top/Sports/Golf/College_and_University/NCAA_Division_III/Iowa_Intercollegiate_Athletic_Conference/) Buena Vista University Men's Golf (http://www.bvu.edu/athletics/sports/mgolf/) - Presents coaching staff, headlines, team history and records, roster, recruiting, schedule/results, and statistics. Coe College Men's Golf (http://www.coeathletics.com/sport/0/6.php) - Home of the Kohawks. Displays roster, schedule/results, awards, head coach's profile, and recruiting form. University of Dubuque Men's Golf (http://www.dbq.edu/udathletics/mensgolf.cfm) - Presents team photo, roster, schedule, coaches, and news headlines. Loras College Men's Golf (http://www.duhawks.com/index.aspx?path=mgolf&) - Find headlines, schedule/results, roster, coaching staff, statistics, information about the facilities and recruiting form. Luther College Men's Golf (http://www.luther.edu/sports/men/golf/) - Home of the Norse team. Displays coaching staff, schedule/results, statistics, photo gallery, team history, facilities virtual tour, and videos. Wartburg College Men's Golf (http://www.go-knights.net/index.aspx?tab=mensgol f&path=mgolf) - Home of the Knights. Covers schedule, roster, statistics, coaching staff, team history, archived stories, photo galleries, and recruit form.

Top (/top/) > Sports (/top/Sports/) > Golf (/top/Sports/Golf/) > College and University (/top/Sports/Golf/College_and_University/) > Women (/top/Sports/Golf/College_and_University/Women/) > NCAA Division III (/top/Sports/Golf/College_and_University/Women/NCAA_Division_III/) > Empire 8 Athletic Conference (/top/Sports/Golf/College_and_University/Women/NCAA_Division_III/Empire_8_Athletic_Conference/) Ithaca College Women's Golf (http://bombers.ithaca.edu/index.aspx?path=wgolf) - Home of the Bombers. Covers roster, schedule, statistics, and coaching staff.

Top (/top/) > Sports (/top/Sports/) > Wrestling (/top/Sports/Wrestling/) > Amateur (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/) > College and University (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/College_and_University/) > NCAA Division I (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/College_and_University/NCAA_Division_I/) > Big 12 Conference (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/College_and_University/NCAA_Division_I/Big_12_Conference/) West Virginia University Wrestling (http://www.wvusports.com/teams.cfm?sport=wrestling) - Home of the Mountaineers. Find news, statistics, schedule/results, roster, coaching staff, and recruit questionnaire.

Top (/top/) > Sports (/top/Sports/) > Wrestling (/top/Sports/Wrestling/) > Amateur (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/) > College and University (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/College_and_University/) > NCAA Division III (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/College_and_University/NCAA_Division_III/) > Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Division (/top/Sports/Wrestling/Amateur/College_and_University/NCAA_Division_III/Iowa_Intercollegiate_Athletic_Conference_Division/) Buena Vista University Wrestling (http://www.bvu.edu/athletics/sports/wrestling/) - Covers headlines, team history and records, coaching staff, roster, schedule/results, statistics, recruiting and photos. With video. Luther College Wrestling (http://www.luther.edu/sports/men/wrestling/) - Displays history of the Norse team, coachingstaff, schedule and results, roster, records, recruiting form, photo gallery and videos.

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