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Coast Guard Patrol Boat Locates Submerged Plane-In'.Which Three Died

Single Copy Ten Cents

First Aid Prize Surprises First Aid

Engineer Will Not Approve Tax Map

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This picture was taken at 9:20 a.m. this morning at I*lghthouse Beach, Keansburg, right after the wreckage of the plane that crashcd Into Raritan Bay last night had been spotted under water and the first grapple hnd been put down by the

holmdel Voids Seaman’s Proviso

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Coast Guardsmen. Sgt. Joseph Hall, Keyport State Polloo. (extreme left), and Chief Alphonsus McGrath, Keansburg. l ‘o lice, (second from left), supervise tlio operation white twa Coast Guardsmen and another trouper keep up a semaphore signal communication with tho patrol boat crew.

Holmdel Township Commit* tec Thursday signed.tbe con* tract with Municipal Revalua­ tions, inc., Mnplowpod, for a reassessment ond tax map for tho township without a proviso in tbe $20,000 contract that the township engineer should upprove tl)o tax map before pay­ ment Is made. Otis Seaman, Long Branch, township, engineer, had cau­ tioned the township committee that Its municipal engineer should have tho right to ro* view work dono on a tax map before it is approved, J. Frank Welgand, Keyport, township attorney, .related he h a d sought to get Municipal Re* valuations. Inc., to accept the proviso but they had refused in enter Into a contract with any such clause. ■..... • The attorney'averred the tax map would have certification in that it would have to meet the standards of tho bureau of engineers and railroad taxa­ tion of tho state division of taxation, so tho .township oould yield safely on tho point of the municipal onglnpor'a, approval. Ho was positive tho revalua­ tion firm would consider any suggestions Mr. fl e a m n ij would have to make, M a y o r Jnmes H. Aokorson saw Uio situation so tight on gottlne ft revaluations firm, of roputp to work at-tho figure tho Maplo: wood organization offered, the prudent thing wns to sign them up. IIo and Committeeman John S. VanMater, tlio t w o members of t h e govorning body present, voted to e n t o r Into the contract. . Pay Architect's Fee The committeemen voted to (continued pn page thirteen)

rrcnlddit lto.v f), Mntthcwii of llin Mutatvitn Townshlu-Jflrst Aid Hqiinil. (lrft), hHow» hla pleasure and Kuri>rlno nn Im uoccpln tlio hill or nalo for u TlumiiiMin hunt wllh a Knott Atwutor 10 liorno power outkonrd motor ami Carry Craft Trailer from Hr, nnd Mrn, John llynn, 2 West Prospect Ht„ ltlvor Onnlcni, Tho squad dlnpoxr-d nf tlio hunt on Iho oo-n|>orittlvo lilnu and It was won by Mr. anil Mrs, llyan. Thoy, howovor, wanted tho limit tinofl for rciiOUO lMirPukcs bo presented It to (ho hu^ uU lo help tho Volunloora In tliolr work. The draft U valued n( approximately $1400. ' . . .

Ambulance Crash Injures Squadmcn

Open New Store

MHS Cafeteria To Be Continued

The Matawan Bruneli of Koyport Cleaner* will move Seek P.O. Location Schools To Open. on Monday from 110 M a i n Into new and 1a i t o r A. A Vortells, N e w a r k : The . officc of the Mon­ Matawan Twp, Rig In HI. Half Sessions Will quartern at Ml Main St. Tho Real Estate Officer of tho mouth County Superinten­ new storo will fonturo mod­ Cliffwood Collision Decrease Its Use Post Olflce Department, lias dent of Schools, Freehold, ern facllitluH for miallty und announced t h a t proposals this week, open­ Mntawan Township First Aid Despite tho fact Matawnn • Wreckage In Bay Not announced name day dry cleaning wcrvOld Bridge Residents will bo rcccivcd up to. a n d ing days for all school dis­ Squad's ambulanco was In a loo. Clothing taken by 10 High Buliool will ho on h a l t tricts In the county. Parents Located Till Morning Spurn Wait For Sewer Including Sept. 15 to furnish collision at Routo 35 and Cllff­ a.m. will bo ready by 5 p.m. Bcnsloim, Uiotoby gtoivlly . de* quarters for post office pur­ who plan to register t h e i r wood Avo. Sundny and bo bad­ Koyport ClotinorM started oronuhiK tho need for pupils to Three Bergen County men children for tlio first t l m o , The State Department of poses In llaclct. ly damaged lt had to ho put out In business In Koyport In obtnln.lmiehea nwuy from tliolr mot their deaths in a p l a n e are advised to call the clerk Health. Informed the Madison . Facilities aro to lnclado of operation. Tho’ tlrlvcr, S. II. 1010 and opened a b r a n c h own homes, 1111 attempt will bo crash off Lighthouse B e a c h , pf tbe ooard of education In Township Committee by letter £500 square feet of f l o o r Dllks, 32, Clllfwood Avo,, Cllff­ Ntoro In Matawan In 1020, mndo to kuop tho hlgU school.. Keansburg, at 8:35 p.m. last their district or the school Monday that closing the An- space: a lease for a term for wood, and Edward llyan, 30, Thoy were Uio first elcanera I enfetcrln going, Mrs.’ IU t li 0 I night. The bodies of two of the where they plan to enroll houser.Busch yeast plant and five to 10 years; heat; light; Plnohuist Dr.. C l l f f w o o d In tho aroit with delivery Hoyle, chulnniui of tho oafej n e n . were recovered when their youngster^ to get regis­ the Petor J. Schweitzer Co. pa­ power; water: lavatory ra* Beach, both sustnlnod hack In­ truokn, Tho business wnn In­ torla couimlttce, Informed tho they floated ashore in a'muti- tration dates. per-making factory In Spots- cilitics; v a u l t ; plumbing; juries nnd required medical at­ corporated tn 1047 by JoHoph iMntmvmi Township Board ol lated condition l a s t sight. Opening- dates for sohools wood would be tho only way of heating a n d lighting fix­ tention. Tho driver o! tllfc auto .-Hleacl nnd Ills soiim, Hunuiel Jftduantlon Monday. ......... .. : r Keansburg Police believe Uie In the area arc as followBt ending the pollution of t h e tures* Important considera­ I Involved, A. O. Luvonocn, 40, aud WlUlnm, Thn schuol plan used t hi s-, body of the third man was pin- ' Keansburg, Sept. 4; Ke y * South River at t,hls time. The tions will bo given for a |Leonardo, did not report In­ The (deaners ftmturcN a year will permit tho t hl i - d, ncd In tho, wrecked plane. • port, Sept. 4; M a r l b o r o state body did not consldor reasonably central location, juries, He wns ablo to drlvo completo laundry service, us fourth nnd filth untdea in . There was an all night .Township, Sept. 9; Matawan, such a move either “ practi­ good daylight, and accessi­ hla car fvom tho sccno e v e n welt as dry oloanlng, luclml- MivtawftH lfl\is)wonttvty BctuoV . : bility to rear ot side cnthough It' .waa smashed.' ln lng bauhelor bundle*, Hhcets to got luniihcs at the h i g h . search; for the wrecked plapc, Sept. 4; Raritan. Township, cal” or "fair,” ln that b o t h t --.y . .•• companies ;]liave entered .Into , tranac for m a i l s * > ; 'v nlong ilts-right.nldo, Tho left anil plUoH’ cwaen nnd •which "-.apparently submerged Sept. 1C; V n l o n B e a c h , aoheol onfetoi'j»r.: Mi*. . Ilo y J*., < contracts ’With thp Middlesex ^ I n - ’A w a t t U q n ' front of the ainhiilanco , M li a , af bpinnjrlttum, “ Tifl»r»^^ttfShed.tSetti6ns or'a Sept..:4.'""' '.’'--';':".;-.... * a ii r . --o■ County Sewerage -Authorities showing- all urea* included in ’ W ith Dr. ,4 •wlHgvan;d landlnB oenr .recov­ H lm an ■ baUur0 d.-Jn, naoovdtitff [;■> Cuj’C. uro^ ttom' tf hliri;1'iu ‘O' i».nr»r the proposal, location of pro­ J , Edstli' WllklnBon nm1 Pa­ to', use the ■facilltles.-of ■ ” th o tninihintiiig tho lunch s e I \n> ered "Indicate it to have been a Dr, E . Bernhard onnouncos trolman , Rnlph Wallace, town­ Monday through Thursday) provided f 0 r them liorotuforo Bouth River extension of tho posed- building thereon a n d ; B&echcralt Bonanza. M,o a e 1 0 A.m, lo fl p.m., Frltluj’, tho start of his general. prac­ ship police, who Investigated. Raritan Valley trunk sewer to abutting streets, alleys a n d In their own school, she nutcd, ;35. The main part of the plane and H a.m. to 0 p.m. on Sat­ widths, and sidewalk widths, tice ln association with Dr. F. Mr, DlllM Informed, tho offi­ urday. 0 a r r y off their Industrial -was not located until 9:15 a.m. Hnrold Dolnn, ohnlrmnn of; ' For further Information, cer tho ambulnneo htul come wastes. The sewerage system today when'a patrol boat anthe athletlo commtttco, abUilu* contact Mr. Vertclis at t h o Into the Intersection with 11 s ts scheduled to lie open t h i s cbored by It until the equip­ ed tipproval of a plan for In* Federal Building, Room 233, siren sounding warning. Thoro ment could be brought out, 150 Madison Planners Bar fall. siirlng nililctos, The lnsurnnco was disagreement between tho "The current suffering of Federal Square, Newark 1, -—.yards offshore, to raise it. .. Is at 111 per plnyer for football Browntown Water Co. the people in the Raritan Val­ or call Mitchell 2-2020, Ext. drivers, according to tho po­ and II,US per player for ollinr One man has been identified 243. Information also may be lice report, as tp whothcr thoir ley and the Old. Bridge a r e a upprts, lie estimated tho totol positively, as A l e x a n d e r s , Madison Township Planning obtained at the Ilaxlct Post traffic lights wero grocn or particularly Is one of the con­ oobt at about 101)0, As tho Hillman, 60, ntdgewood. T h e Board voted' last night to op> Officc. amber, sequences of the long delay board paid out $1300,10 forjttli-____ Nominations Mado other two men reported as Mrs, Ann Russell, J13, of 20 pose the application of t h e flitch' seems to have been nec­ lotic injuries duilnv the piisl. .... .having been aboard on a flight Center St., Mntawnn, wns re­ For Citizons' Group essary to accomplish the coun­ school j ’onr, Mr. Dolnn believ­ from Virginia to Tetcrboro Air­ Browntown W&ter Co. to draw ported yesterday r e l e a s e d ed the new Insurance highly port in Bergen County w e r e £00,000 gallons of water daily ty project/’ the letter recited. Plana for oloctlon of officers desirable, It pays up to WSOI) from Perth Amboy aenoral The reaction of Mayor John Hans Jacob, 54, Ridgewood, from Deep Run- Joseph H, Ed­ In Soptomljor were made hy Hospital whero she was taken for liny ono Injury. and Dr. Howard Yerker, Ridge gar, Highland Park, township L. Chamberlain and the town­ by Matawan First Aid Squad oltliignn seeking to form n per­ I'ralses Athletlo lllrntitcir wood. The trio took off for attorney, was asked to appear ship committeemen :to this let­ Sunday noon aftor hor n u t o manent, Indopoiident commit­ ter wns that the "sufferings” at the public hearing on the Tho nthlotlo illreotoi', J 0 h tt the Jamestown festival yester Driver On Revoked hnd lammed a brldgo abut­ tee for bottor nuhools In t h o of the pcoplo of Old B r i d g e application in Trenton Sept. Carauulolo, draw the praise of day momlns and were return* ment on Lloyd ltd,, one.-quar- Matawan Township 8 o h o o I had gone on long onough. The List Third Time lng home when the crash took and also to . contact the Perth tor-mllc south of Churoh St, District at it meotlng li e I d Mr. Dolan for having gulttcd ; Old Bridge Fresh Air Associa­ Amboy Water Works and the plale. . The Hussoll car wan wrooked Thursday ovontnu in tho MMfi- the athletic program thi'uitgh iv Keyport'a anil-speeding cam­ Duhernal Water Co. In the' ex­ tion members at the meeting tight fhmiiolul situation 1 n 1 1 Second Plane Stopped by tho Impact, Patrolman Wal- wnn lllgli Hcliool, were ln agreement when It paign went Into high gear with pectancy they, too, will be In v There had been a s e c o n d Tho mooting was1 iirodedod your, Mr. Dolun deolnred that laco rcportod. had reached a point where the tile fining of seven drivers by plane in the parly thnt l e f t opposition. film entitled only 141)00 lind been nllowcil Cars driven by Joseph B. by a s h o r t The Browntown Water Co. cesspool-llke smell was pollut­ Borough Miiglstrato Seymour Virginia with an additional Coward, 18, of Sli West Con­ “ Schools Far Tomorrow" (liter roi nthletleu und «he school ing the air so that paint fadod R. tCletnberg Aug. 14. The three persons aboard but that would draw the water for the course, Clllfwood Ueuoll, anil whloii Ocomo llensler, tempor­ lin’d ‘ Itatl lo borrow 1100 at the and peeled on houses nnd sil­ campaign had a further result plane stopped before the time Crestwood development t w o verware tarnished; Crawford PJ, Caroji, SO, llose ary clialnnnn, oalled for re­ oulset to complete Its equip* Irrcpar of drawing n driver who was of the accident at Lakchurst mlies east o f Route 9 and a wood Dr., Cllffwood B e a n h, ports of vnrlous cominlttco ment piir'chnios, meaning It 123'Broad Bt.. able damage to the health of on the revoked list Into the po­ . Airport. The reason for I t s mtle south of Route 18. James collided on Lakeshore Dr,, olmlrmon ns follows: conntltu wns starting tlio year with tlio Koyport. A former resident of residents and a possible need lice net a third time. athletlo recclpls account n n d landing was not known t h i s Tortorlce, a former b o a r d to abandon homes near t h e Patrolman Oeorge Nndler Brooklyn, N. Y,, Dr, Bcrnhnrd Cllffwood Beach, nt Its Inter- tlon and by laws, Frank Png- tho appropriation both oxhauil.' morning, but It could account chairman, disclosed that t b e rosldcs with hlB wlfo and child seollon with Went Concourse llaio; ways and means, John cd, Mr. Dolan said that M>v for the companion plane being Perth Amboy Water Works has river was foreseen If every­ stopped Floyd Brown, 378 Tex­ Mr. Cui'c'y reported he was go Nicholson; publicity, thn ltev, thing Is to be held up until the as Rd., Morganvllle, tor going In Keyport, caruoeiolo, by thrifty uso at somewhat off course on t h e two wells tapping Deep R u n opening of the trunk sewer, Dr. Bernhard attended New Ing west oil Lakeshore Dr. and Francis Osterslock: nomina­ Hate receipts, lind mnnaged to too fast at Broadway a n d Virgfola-Teterboro. run, accord- tbat only are used ln case of York and Long Island Unlvcr wns making a left turn I n t o tions, Mrs, J, Vlobrock, All re­ liold tho overall deficit to Front St. Tho man could not "Practical’’ Bolutlon emergency for fear of provok* lng to Keansburg Police. Went Concourse whon t h e ports received will bo filed for Joseph H. Edgar, Highland produce a driver's llccnso, sltles, having graduated with I'j;i7(l, First aid squads and f i r e ing salt water Inftltratton. 'Mr. (continued on page thirteen) honors ln prc-mcdlcal Btudlcs, crash occurred. Mr, Coward future roferoncc, eaulpmcnt were called to tbe Tortorlce called Deep Run the Park, township attorney, com For the coming year Mr, was going north on West Con­ Tho nomliiiitlmis commlttco lie attended the Italian Uni' merited thero was, a “ practi­ “ sacred w a t e r Dolan wns more hopeful, . l(a scenc last night from Keyport. township's verslty lor Forelgncra at Per course through tlio Intersec­ nuhinltted the following namea West Keansburg, East Keans- m ain” «coming in out of Nine* cal” solution. Ho said lt was a Put Under Bail For nakl thnt Ills request for 110,­ ugla, Italy, receiving a diplo­ tion. No Injuries woro roport­ as candidates: President, Lou 000 for atlilutlos had been out burg and Port Monmouth, in Miie-Bog. l i e foresaw D e ^ p state order to the two plants m a in proficiency ln the Ital­ ed, Pntrolman Wallace a a l d , hi Pa/.lenza: first vice p r o s addition to Keansburg. T h e Run surely ruined by 8ftlt wa* to truck out their effluent ln Centennial Disorder to 17001) by tlio 101)007 hoard, and both cars /ero able to Ident, anorge Hensler: second ian language and In courses bodies of Ihe two victims re­ ter if pumped out dally at the tank wagons until the t r u n k Complaint was signed by of Etruscology and Italian art lcavo tho sccno under t h e i r vice president, the tlov, Wll but Hint there was 1000 on sewer ts in operation. He askproposed Browntown rate. covered were taken to the Ryown power. llnin J. Hutcheson; tmasuror liund with whlcli to start tho (continued on page thirteen) Mark Franklin, Prlmroso St., and lltoraturo. (continued or page thirteen) (contlnucd on page thirteen* Mrs. II. Lnwton: recording yenr and no heavy equipment He continued mcdical i t uCllffwood, beforo Magistrate nccrclary, Mrs. Vlobrnok; cor­ needs, as were required lost Holmdel Twp. Schools dles at the University of Bo­ (continued 011 page thirteen) Luther A. Foster, Matawan responding secretary, Mrs. Jo logna, Italy, whot'a ho receiv­ neph flmltli. Township, Tuesday alleging ed his Doctor of Mcdlctno De- To Opon Sept. 5 John Nleholson moved f o r Roady Distribution that Charles Drchcr, 40, South grco and .license to practlco Bchool* of llolmdel Town* temporary adoption of tho pro Amboy, attempted to pull the medicine In Italy after Intorn ship will opon Thursday, Bopt. posed constitution nnd by-laws Circuit For Sorvice complainant’s wife, Ann, from lng at St. Ursuln Hospital, llo &, New pupils may register at to lucllltatc holding oloctlon of an auto In Cllffwood d u r i n g also attended -tho obstetrical Centerville (jchool, Routo 31), A new, large trniiBfonnei', officers nt the next meeting. the Matawan Township C e n- courso of tho Borbonno ot the on Wednesday, Thursday and This move was approved and pint ol Jorsoy Central I'ower University of Paris, tcnnlal Celebration July 6. h Light Company's expansion Friday, Aug. 20, 20, and JO, be­ lie has been associated with tween the hours ol 10 n,m. and (continued on pngo thirteen) project nt Its Mntnwan B u ic Magistrate Foster reported the New Yorlr Polyellnlo Hos­ Otatlon, was energli'-ed recent­ township police have been 3 p m Pupils to bo rcvintrrrd Campaign Caravan ly and a third dlslilliullon cir­ watching for the license num­ pital and the Victory Mcmorlnl for kindergarten must bo five* Brooklyn. cuit to tho a l ea Is being read­ ber of the car of the offender Hospital, yearsof a«e on or h o f o r e — — i------ --------- Hen. Malcolm Forbes, Re­ ied lor service I since that time nnd spotted Nov. 1, publican candidate fnr novel , Census Report \fr. Drehcr this week. He de­ Because of increased enrollThe 1)000 kilovolt ampere nor, will tom mao) M»im milli nied tlio charge when brought William Cahill, • secretary, mentfi &ovcral clmnca will lie transformer replaced t h r e e ln and was put uinlui 11C00 reported to tho llarltan Town­ on doublo fiOHslons, Parents County cumm'inltles toils) as smnllcr units toiulllng 3730 part of "O perjt on Doorbell. ball to await hearing. ship Planning Board last nlglit will bo informed by letter con Ills rarnpslgn caravan plane kvo, The project In part of H Uoticrt J . Coley, Keyport that Iho municipal census wns ccrning tlm ffr&de ond Umo of to lio ir Mntnwan at ! p.m ♦OS,(100 expansion project at and John Jones, Third Bt., 75 per cent completed and tlio claftsea, nnd also concerning this afternoon; In Keyport ot t h e . Lake lllvil. nubslntlon Cllffwood, both were fined‘ $10 data was being turned over to the change jn bus routes neo II:U5 p m nnd 111 ICeonsbuig st lyhlcli helps serve Marlboro and IS costs for loitering while Community Planning Associ­ csffary to meet the new clfiae 4 o'clock. Township, Matawan Borough, , Madison Township, Mntawan drunk Friday on complaint of ates, Inc.. Princeton, the firm schedule. Teachers will meet Wept. X Township nnd 0 small section Patrolman Ftnlph W a l l a c e , making a Master Plan for the Rogiilor Monday township. W r. Cahill thanked and Mcpt 4 In professional ses­ township police. of Keyport, llarltan nnd Holm* del Townships. Two firms, Sheffield Whole tho 43 enumerators for tbe vol­ sions to prepare for tlie open­ 'Jin- Matawnn H i g h fjchool unteer work on tlio census. Juck Mcdnlltaid, hay dlvling of school. i sale Trucking Co., I.yndhurtt, office w i l l bo open for tho nlon inaimger for tho local util­ and Shore Dairies Inc., Loch registration of now pupils on Notice To Matawan Township ity, said, "'Hils projeet Is deB&L Director Arbor, paid IS and $1 costs for Monday, from 10 n.m. to 13 nig tied Ui help slny ahead of Taspayers operating trucks without brake At a meeting of the officers Tho lax offlco will bo cloied o'clock noon and from I P.m. the Increasing needs for elec­ lights. Keyport fltate Police and directors of tho Boroimh to 3 p.m. tricity lu tills rapidly growing were complainants. Savings and Loan Association for ths hal.inco of tho annua) J. Jobkon, Cedar Hun, paid held on Aug, M, Kenneth E. vacation period from Tuesday, New Voik Inrnplka K s p itn area, When It Is completeo. the section will be served by a “ Are Yea T le re ?" tt joa'rm ziof, Uwa r n 'r a th« m l , ono n a n l n t i the ■P#ft.cul»r *10 and ts cosU lor speeding Conklin, )r„ was elected to /Vipt. S, t h r o u g h Tuesday II #4 plui u n r o u n d trip third 4100-volt distribution line, «»le, lihown tbarel which took plnee la Jf. i . Newberry’., We»t Front Bt. Keyport, at J p.m on the (lardrn ntatc Parkway serve a i a director In place of Hept. 10. Tneulay, when five ppond bag. «f •■(»r were beLar »*M for ttc. II reminded m »nr of the and lllehard Bhepheid, Dunrl Ttta W, Hor,ell, who resigned, Frequent ssrvlce oonvenloni and the sub atatlun will be ex­ Charles 1, Kelly d»r« of rillon htf when % *t«re w .. w iling (agar without • caopon. economical Po, Urn* achedule panded lo provide additional Collector • ’ Wednesday, an rren ireater « r .» < watofcrd Mw click for Wi« »llc W » l bear . 1 1 p.m., len, t i and IS costs for follow­ due to Ui* pressure of busi­ Up-21 adv. call K«)rport 7 0JM power supply to the area," ness, ing too closely. when Maxwell II.u ie coffee could b« p w d u u e d for 17e per P«und.

Keansburg Plane Crash Kills Three

Tank Wagons For Foul Waste Asked

Dr. E. Bernhard Begins Practice

Deep Run Water Tapping Opposed

School Committee To Elect Officers

Record Traffic Fine In Keyport

“Are You There?”

S f^ - T H E

m a im

are the parents of their first child, a son. born S u n d a y , Aug. 18, 1957, ln Monmouth Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Klee­ berg is the former Miss Irene Applegate, daughter of Key­ port Mayor Charles E, Apple­ gate and Mrs. Applegate.

Couple Married At St. John’s

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Wedding Ferrlck-Bissarro M is* Gloria V . Blzzairo daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Se­ bastian Blzzarro, 8 Hudson Ave., East Keansburg^ be­ came the bride of Eugene. Ferrlck, Centerville, at St. Cathe­ rine’s Church, East Keansburg, at 3 o ’clock: Sunday, Aug.] 18, 1957. ^ Thp pastor, the Rev. ThadU* deus J. Wojclehowskl, officiat­ ed at the ceremony before an altar' decoraled with w b i t c gladioli. Traditional wedding music was,played and sung by Mrs. Herbert Tombs, E a s t Keansburg. organist and solo­ ist; . Given in marriage by b e r father, the bride wore an ankie-length gown of pure s i l k , fashioned in a scmi-princess .style with a round neckline and short sleeves, and a houffant skirt with lace inserts and pleats ln tbe back. H e r lingertip-length veil of French Illusion hung from a beaded crown, and she carrlcd a cas­ M R.i MBS. CHARLES If. LAMBBECIIT, JR . cade bouquet of white r o s e s with ivy and stephanotls. Miss Wilma B. Anderson, Miss Florence Anderson, Un­ Mlsa Theresa Blzzarro, East d a u g h t e r of Councilman ion Beach, niece of the bride, Keansburg, was ber sister’s Oeorge W. Anderson, sr., and maid of honor. Her ankle- Mrs. Anderson, 214 Henry St., was a Junior bridesmaid. Their length strapless sown was of Union Beach, became t h e dresses were blue, ballerinapale yellow and white eyelet bride of Charles H. L a m- length nylon over taffeta with organdy, worn with a match­ brecht, Jr.. 201 Herbert St., Un­ B e r t h a collar necklines of ing organdy stole. A picture ion Beach, son of Mrs. Fred­ white, and they wore match hat of pale yellow tulle trim erick Price, 47 Houston S t , ing picture hats, and carried med' wltb fresh cut daisies Newark, apd Charles A. Lam- baskets of yellow roses a n d completed her ensemble, a n d brccht, sr., 922 Fifth St., Un­ blue babies'-breath. she carried a bouquet of long ion Bcach, on Saturday, Aug. Oeorge W. Anderson, Union Atom majestic daisies. 17,1957, at 3 p.m. in St. John’s Beach, brother of the bride, .Edward Johnson* Middle­ Methodist Church, R a r i t a n was best man, and Frank East­ mond, Keyport, and Harry Al­ town, served as best m a n Township, Ushering were Carmine BizThe Rev. Norman R. Riley, brecht Addison, Clifton, broth­ er-in-law of the bridegroom, zarro, East Keansburg, a n d pastor, officiated before an al­ Michael Bizzarro, East Orange, tar decorated with white gladi­ ushered. For her daughter's wedding, oli and white asters. Miss June both brothers of the bride. For her daughter's wedding, Laughlin was the. soloist ac­ Mrs. Anderson wore a dress of, blue lace and net over taffeta companied at the organ by Mrs. B l s z a r r o selected a champagne color lace after* Mrs. Rhea Vaadermark, w h o with white accessories and a red rose corsage. The bride­ noon dress, with a matching also played traditional wed­ groom’s mother chosc a dress feathered hat, and dark brown ding music. Olven ln marriage by h e r of steel blue gray silk w i t h accessories. The bridegroom's mother wore a navy bine and father, the bride wore a gown matching accessories and also white afternoon dress, a n d of white embroidered nylon net bad a red rose corsage. Following a reception at fascia accessories. Both wore over taffeta with a two-tiered bouffant skirt. Tho empress Buck 8mlth’s Restaurant, East orchid corsages. Keansburg, the couple left for Following the ceremony & bodice had a square neckline wedding trip through t h e reception was held at Crystal and puff sleeves and w a s New England States. For trav­ Brook Inn, Eatontown, after trimmed with a white velvet eling the bride wore a b I u e ■which the couple , left for a ribbon forming a bow ln t h e and white silk organza dress back. Her flngertlp-length veil wedding trip to Lake Placid, with white accessories and an of imported French illusion N; Y . Upon their return they orchid corsage. . will reside in Centerville. For fell from a Juliet cap ot pearls The bride Is a graduate of traveling the bride chose a and lace, and she carried an Union Beach Oram m ar School dark g r e e n sheath dress, Eastern Star Bible adorned and Keyport High School, and with & white orchid. bronze accessories and a corMrs. Frank Eastmond, Key­ is employed ln the test bureau tage. ot white roses. port, cousin of the bride, was ot the New Jersey Bell Tele­ Thje bride was graduated matroh of.honor. She wore a phone Co., Red Bank. She
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; SUKIIOR FUNERAL SERVICES «f rvwrtel Sqaiiy *od b W y . . . ttc»d i ta.nw«t ti» tridiM of tin f is B « « i

'DAY FUNERAL HOME I Ml Maplt PL K«rpori r * i KSyport M ttI

Births Low Mr. and Mrs. Walter Low, 123 Woodland Ave., Keansburg, are the parents of a son, born Monday, Aug. 13, 1957, In Mon­ mouth Memorial Hospital. . Mitchell , A son was born Tuesday, Aug. 13, 1957, in Rlvervlew Hospital, to Mr. and M r s . Douglas Mitchell, 12 East Jack St., Keyport. Church A son was born Thursday, Aug. 15, 1957, ln Point Pleas-

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«•] .. Nledswlckl A daughter was born F ri­ day, Aug. 10, 1957, in P e r t h Amboy Hospital, to Mr. and M r s . Alfred Nledzwicki, 16 Dunia St., Old Bridge. . Hart M r. and Mrs. Roy J. Hart, 114 McKinley Ave., Laurence Harbor, became the parents of a son, Friday, Aug. 16, 1957, in Perth Amboy Hospital. Brown M r. and Mrs. Walter Brown, 401 Stone Rd., Union Beach, are the parents of a daughter, born Monday, Aug. 19, 1957, ln Monmouth Memorial Hospital. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. M u r r a y A. Friedman, Hasbrouck- Heights, are the parents of a son, born Saturday, *Aug. 17, 1957, in Hackensack Hospital. T h e baby weighed eight pounds, seven-and-one-half o u n c e s , and has been named Mark Jo­ seph. Mr. Friedman ls the son ot Mr. and Mrs. A r t h u r H. Friedman, Matawan. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sims, 210 Park Ave., Union Beach, are the parents of a son, born Sat­ urday, Aug. 17, 1957, in Riverview Hospital. . Ganson A son was born Saturday, Aug. 17, 1957, ln Rlvervlew Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Don­ ald Ganson, Cheesequake Rd. Old Bridge. Langan Mr. and Mrs. John Langan, 27 Compton Ave., West Keans­ burg, are the parents of a ~son< born Saturday, Aug. 17, 1957, In Rlverview Hospital, GallopoA daughter was.bom Satur­ day, Aug. 17, 1957, ln Rlver­ vlew Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gallopo, 705 S i d n e y Ave., Union Beach.

Engagements Vona-Conway Mrs. Ursula Conway, 10 Wal­ nut St., Keyport, announces tbe engagement of her daugh-

Funeral Services



Lawrence Keayn Lawrence. J. Keays. IB Lantona. Way, Laurence Harbor, died suddenly Baturday,: Aug. 17, 1057, ln Perth Amboy -Hos­ pital. .Bom in Bouth Amboy, he had been employed as a driver by the Marathon B u s Lines, South Amboy, f o r 30 years. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. M a r t i n Keays. South Amboy; Surviving are his wife, Julia (Sebestansky) Keays; t h r e e sisters, Mrs. Mary D r a p e r , Mrs, Cathortne Munck, M r s . Alice Pierson, and two broth­ ers, John and Martin, all of South Amboy. Funeral services were held Wednesday at 10. a.m. at the Oundrum Service, Home f o r Funerals, South Amboy. Inter­ ment was ln Cloverleaf P a r k Cemetery, Woodbrldge,

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John Holobinko, Sr. John Holobinko, sr., Keans­ burg, who died Apr. 23, 1957, left his savings In the Keans­ burg National Bank and t h e Keansburg Savings and Loan Association to a son, John E . Holobinko, Jr. Ninety per cent of residue was left to his wife, Lillian HolQblnko, and the -re­ ant Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. MISS T1IEBF.8A Ii. CONWAY mainder to Mr. Holobinko, Jr. Mr. Holobinko named bis wife Carl Church, 7 Mini Rd., O l d Bridge. ter, Theresa Louise, to An­ and Henry F , Gehlhaus as ex­ ecutors. drew Vona, son of Mrs. Louise : Koch Ambrose, Union Park G a rMr. and Mrs. Alfred K o c h . dens, Wilmington, Del., a_n d 365 Route 35, Laurence Har­ the late Theodore Vona. bor, are the parents of a son, Miss Conway attended Key> Mrs. D. Holmes Ely born in Perth Amboy Hospital. port High School and is em­ Funeral services were held ployed as a Junior supervisor Saturday at 11 a.m. at the W Griffiths with the New Jersey Bell Tele­ A son was bom Baturday, phone Co.. Keyport. Her fiance H, Freeman & Son Funeral Aug. 17, 1957, in Riverview ls a graduate of Wilmington Home, Freehold, with the Rev. Mrs. Gustave Aslund Hospital, to Mr. and M r s. High' Schijol^ and is selT-em­ Roderick N. DeYoung, pastor Mrs..Loul3e (Beck) Aslund, of the Keyport B e l o r m e d George Griffiths, 36 Telegraph ployed. - 79, of 135 Seventh St., West Church, officiating, for M r s . HiU Rd., Hazlet. ■ No date has been set for the Mary L. Ely, 7B, Keyport, for­ Keansburg, died at her home, wedding. Watson. merly of Freehold, who died Friday, Aug. 18, 1057, after f Wednesday, Aug. 14, 1057, ln long illness. First Lt. Shelley F. Watson FIslcr-Donglicrty Bom ln Newark, she had and Mrs.-v.yfatson, Fort HuaMr. and Mrs. Harry Dough Monmouth Memorial Hospital, chuca, Arla.i are the parents erty, 58 Bayview Ave., Keans­ Interment was ln Maplewood lived ln West Keansburg 14 years, moving from Kearny. of a. first child, a daughter, burg, announco t h e engage Cemetery, Freehold. boro Monday, Aug. 13, 1857, at ment of their daughter, Lor­ ' Tho widow of D. Holmes Ely, She was a member of the F o r ft Huachuca. The b a b y raine Ann, to George Flsler, she was bom ln Holmdel, the Women’s Auxiliary of William Post, VFW, weighed six pounds, f o u r son of Henry Flsler, Belford, daughter of the late William Q u g e l m a n ounces, and has been named and the lato Mrs. Margaret a n d Margaret '(DuBois) Con­ Keamy, Dennlse Michelle. Mrs. Wat­ Flsler. over. son ls the former Miss Fran­ S h e ls survived by one M i s s Dougherty attended ces Artelll, daughter of Mr. Keansburg Schools, and ls tm daughter, M r s . Andrew J. and Mrs. Michael Artelll, Sear ployed by The Bab£ Sportwear Qoosley, Keyport, with whom brook Manor; Haslet. Shops, East Keansburg. Mr, she lived: one sister, Mrs. Gar­ Fisler was graduated l i o m rett R. Conover, Colts N e o k ; Beber ono brother, Edward Conover, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Sebor. Middletown Township H i g h Box 427, Matawan, are t h e School, and is self-employed commercial fisherman at parents of a daughter, b o r n Shorefand Memorial Saturday, Aug. 17, 1957, ln Fit- Belford. A November wedding Gardens Cemetery kin Hospital. planned. Brookle Berta-Watts A son waB born Saturday, KB 7-3CM Mr. and Mrs. Georgo L, Aug. 17, 1057, in Monmouth H i b 8L * < IP Memorial Hospital to Mr. and Watts, New Smyrna B e a c h , Mrs. WUllam Brockle, 241 Van Fla., formerly of Shoro Con­ course, Cliffwood. announce Dorn St., Koyport. the engagement of t h e 1 AUGUST SPECIAL . Kleeberg daughter, Florence Roscanna, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Klee­ 1018 Raritan Ave., Highland berg; Gruslus PI., Colts Ncck, Park, to Alexander J o s e p h

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Now Jersey's

Surviving are her husband, Freehold; two granddaugh­ ters, Mrs. Richard Dlsbrow, Gustave Aslund; three sons by previous marriage, Fred Victor Young, 1101 Sidney Keyport; Mrs. Robert Rolftn- Harrison, Danville; Robert Ave., Union Beach, delivered son, Matawan, and two great* Harrison, Newark; Wil­ his wife's baby in his c a r grandchildren. liam Harrison, Kearny; two Friday, Aug. 16; 1957, on Anlello Merola daughters, Mrs. G e r t r u d e R o u t e 35 In Rllddletown Funeral services were held Schramm, and Mrs. R u t h Township when he lo s t. a Saturday at 6:30 a.m. at tbe Ferndon. both of West Keans­ race to the stork on the way Day Funeral Home, Keyport, burg; two brothers, Fred to Riverview Hospital. and at 9 a.m . a solemn high Beck, Belmar; Clifford Beck, Mr. Young said he was one requiem mass was celebrated Newark; a 6ister, Miss M a y block from the Middletown at St. Joseph's Church, Key­ Beck, Newark; 12 grandchil­ Township Police S t a t i o n port, by the Rev. John Dobbyn. dren and 22 great-grandchil­ when bis wife told him to with t h e Rev. John J. Henstop tbe car. A few minutes drjeks, deacon, and the Rev. dren. Funeral services were held later be was holding.a five- Thomas Paramo, subdeacon, pound, 12-ounce baby daugh­ for Aniello Merola, 60, of Union Monday at 11 a.m. at the John D. C r a n e & Sons Funeral ter in his arms, hte said. A passerby c a l l e d ; the Ave., Raritan Township, who Home, Kearny with the; Rev. died Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1957, Robert Biz;zaro, vicar of Trin­ Fairvlcw First Aid S q u a d and Mrs. Young and tbe as tbe result of an automobile ity Episcopal Church, Cran­ accident. Interment was ln St ford, officiating. Interment baby were taken to the hos­ was In Falrmount Cemetery, pital. The baby is Mr. and Joseph’s Cemetery. Mr. Merola was born in Newark. Mrs* Young’s second child. Italy. He bad worked for the Mrs. Jesse D, Mathews Central Railroad of New Jer­ Berta, son of Mr. and Mrs. Al­ sey for the pa4t 18 years In • Mrs. Ada Mathews, 75) died exander Berta, Grove A v e ., tbe maintenance department. Monday, Aug. 19, 1957, at her Metuchen. ' Surviving are his wife, Mary home. First St., Keyport. She Miss Watts is a graduate of (Cringoli) M e r o l a ; three was born In England and had Matawan High School and afc- daughters, Mrs. Lillian Dur- lived In Keyport for 57 years. dack, Eatontown; Mrs. Antoin­ She was the widow of Jesse D / ette Lamp and Mrs. Gabriel Mathews. She was a member Yappoli, Jersey City; two sons, of the Tlalols Class of the Cal­ Anthony DIDonato, Westfield; vary Methodist Church, Key­ . P e t e r DIDonato, Cliffwood port. Beach, and nine grandchil­ Surviving are a daughter, dren. Mrs. Edna Roman, Red Bank; one son, James L., Keyport; Mrs. David Nelson one sister, Mrs. Eliza W e i s s , - Funeral services were held Bergenfleld; f i v e brothers, at 11 a.m. Saturday at t h e Charles Cole,and Alfred, New­ Mason Funeral Home, South ark; John, Union City; Frank, Amboy, with tbe Rev. William Teaneck, and Augustus, Flor­ E. Webster, pastor of t h e Laurence Harbor Community ida. Funeral services were held Church, officiating, for M r s . Signe M. Nelson, 27 Blrcbwood Wednesday at 2 p.m ..a t t h e Bedle Funeral Home, Keyport,Dr., Cllffwood Beach, who died Wednesday, Aug. 14, 1957, ln With the Rev. Dr. Hillman T. Monmouth Memorial Hospital. Williams, pastor of the Cal­ Interment was ln Cioyerleaf vary Methodist Church, offici­ ating. Interment was in Green Park Cemetery, Woodbrldge. M r s. Nelson - was b4rn ln Grove Cemetery, Keyport. Sweden, and had been a resi­ 10 to 20 % MISS FLORENCE R. WATTS dent of Cllffwood Beach for six years. Savings On AU Insuranco Ants - Fire -Home UiblUty ■Etc. tended the/Perth Amboy Busi­ Surviving are her husband, ness College. Snesis^employed David Nelson; two sons, David Casimir J. Zlydaszyk in the photographic section, G., Cedar Grove; Ronald, Cllff­ B e il Estate Broker Raritan ArsenalV Metuchen. wood Beach; one sister, Mias Notary Public M i 1 4 IM Mr. Berta, a graduate of Esther Skoglund, S w e d e n , J l . Garden PUcft • CUflwood tuchen High School, serVetL .and-three-grandchildren:--with-the^UrSTNavy/He ls elmiployed -in the fiefd printing plant, Raritan Arsenal, Me1 tuchen, and also is' attendingAndrew Waiver Newark Prep. Andrew Waiver, 73, of 508 No date has been set for the Florence Ave., Keyport, d i e d wedding. Thursday, Aug. 15, 1057,' in Qreystone State Hospital, Mor­ Swsrtz-Aarlemma ris Plains. He was born ln Mr. and Mrs. William Aur- Lithuania. lemma, 35 Summerfleld Ave., He Is survived by a son, Vic­ Laurence Harbor, announce tor, Elizabeth, and one broth­ the engagement of t h e i r er, Joseph, Keyport. Yoa Get Clean, Quick daughter, Rosalie M. to James Funeral services were held A. Swartz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Monday at 8:30 a.m. at t h e Heat For Cooking James A. Swarta, 101 Morning- Day Funeral Home, Keyport. side Ave., Keansburg. At 9 a.m. a high requiem mass Prompt, Efficient T he bridegroom-elect ls was celebrated by the Rev. C. serving ln the U. S. Niivy, and J , Kane, pastor, at St. Jo ­ Service presently is stationed ln Nor­ seph's Church, Keyport. Inter­ folk, Va., aboard the U.S.S. ment w a s In St. Joseph’s Northampton. Cemetery, Keyport.

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THE JETS FLY LOW (Asbury Park Press) Soil Care Fays Off THIS IS THE day, exactly 106 years ago that the yacht Green thumbers who h a v e The armed forces tend to be J. Mabel Brown Edllox - Gera! Advanc* ing their garden soil seem to complaints when the jet fight­ Isle of Wight, England. The occasion was the first of the One Veai f tbe people, soil for granted. properly, tbat since the planes ficials of the British exposition suggested to New York and foi Uie people." Iti aim ta to «ervt th* oeit interest* ol M alay an and vicinity: to preseol all oi the newa ol tbe week wtthool O lu oi prejudice •Thinking that many of y o u are our first line of defense yachtsmen that a pilot boat be sent to England to compete in lo a clean aanc cooservaUve manner rapecU nn the tnaftenible r lf b u would be looking ahead to oth­ we should be grateful to hear the yacht contests. The Americans, led by Commodore of om citizen*, and thereby mafcim itacli worthy o< tbetr confidence er dry seasons, I went to a them going over In training John C. Stevens, accepted and built the $30,000, 170 ton <• Recponaibtllty tor typofiraphlcai e r ro n la limited to tbe coat oi tb« soils specialist for any sugges­ ; tpacc occupied b> tuch error ' ^ vessel called the America. A good breeze was blowing at flights. tions be might have for build­ :: Entered aa tecond-clau m a lle i at tha po*1 ptflca a! Uatawan. H J., On the face of it, that argu­ the start of the "Squadron Cup” race and seven miles from ing Improvements Into y o u r under Uie act of March 8. 161ft" soil. ment can scarcely be refuted. the start, America was in fifth position. At the !ialf-way « Well, said our Wallace A. Obviously, the planes must be mark she was in front, a mile ahead of the smallest British . THURSDAY, AUG. 22, 1957 \ Fonf Mitcheltree, be ,was glad be flown if their pilots are to de­ cutter. Although becalmed on the last reach, America nosed across the finish line 24 minutes in front of the Aurora with > I ' ' * , had mulched his own garden, velop the necessary skill to especially around tbe hard-tothe rest of the racing fleet trailed out along the course. make them effective in emer­ -replace ornamentals. C l e a n gencies. Just as obviously, THIS 'N THAT . . . To many, the words Bcrkcley-Carteret cultivation plus mulch pro­ since most airports are near mean only the name of a hotel down in Asbury Park. The Editor John Fischer of Harper’s Magazine is not be­ vides a soil surface that re­ heavily populated areas, some words, in reality, are New Jersey. James, the Stuart Dukp guiled by that curious philosophy of life which deifies the ceives water much belter than military flying has to be done “Common man." Writing in his "Editor's Easy Chair” hard-baked soil. of York, early in the 1660s transferred his n.'w world hold­ over those areas. Mulch Aids Soaking column, he says: “Our whole way of life now is based on ings to two of the Stuart favorites, Lord Berkeley und Sir But there is something to be the theory that only the mediocre and ineffectual deserve Or In his words, you get said for tbe common civilian George Carteret And in honor of Carteret's defense of the " b e t t e r Infiltration” with to be especially cherishod by society . . . . . viewpoint that the noisy jets Isle of Jersey in the Parliamentary Wars, the lands were “So if a man is stupid, lazy and feckless enough, there mulch and also when your soil often fly lower than necessory called New Jersey. Berkeley and Carteret, a two-man well supplied with organic is nothing our society won't do for him—particularly if he is over cities and towns. In some chamber of commerce, advertised the place so well that matter. More about that or­ comes from a long line of stupid, lazy, and feckless ances­ ganic matter later. degree, varying according to they attracted to it men from England, Scotland, Long Is­ tors. -When he has a job, the union sees to it that he is time and place, the complaint land and New England. Later a division of property took Mr. Mitcheltree said be was is a valid one. The military place with East Jersey going to Berkeley and the western never fired for anything short of the most outrageous slop­ able to save his mulched pierwould do well to heed It, and portion to Carteret. The latter’s form of civil government piness and shirking. When he doesn’t, a relief check is Is, rhododendron, laurel a n d to do what it can about the sit­ modeled that of Virginia while Berkeley’s dominion re­ always -waiting. If he absent-mindedly begets more chil­ viburnum by taking the nozzle uation. dren than he can support, the state takes care of them. For of his hose and running a sembled that of New England. Early settlements were Such action on the part of Salem, Trenton, Gloucester, Tuckerton and Cape May. good measure, we ply him with subsidized housing, free stream about twice the thick­ the military would be wise 1medical care, ond the tender ministrations1of social workers, ness of a pencil around each even if the only objection to Items About Folks And Things We Knew In The Lons A io IT IS WRITTEN that all things must come to pass.. . . end we entertain him lavishly with free television programs for an hour or more. He sacri­ low jet flights were that t h e So it was recently with profound regret' we received1word ficed his annuals and let his , carefully tailored to his sluggish wits. planes are noisy. Actually, the lawa go, too. “His children become the darlings of the public schools, house to be erected at Tinton trouble ls compounded by the that the area chapter of the Society for the Preservation Forty-Five Yeara Ago If you use a sprinkler you which primarily are designed to keep,mediocre youngsters Falls, to replace the structure fact that Jets ai£o are danger­ and Advancement of Barber Shop Quartette Singing In have to le^ve lt ln place at (Issue Thursday. Aug. 23, 1912) America was relinquishing its rehearsal quarters at the old (and their parents) happy. Here little Willie Jukes is least two hours at a time to The Keansburg carnival bos recently destroyed by f i r e ous. If a Jet Is flying low over a populated area when some­ borough hall building in Keyport. We first became. ac­ taught ‘life adjustment’, including how to dance, play the have lt do enough good. attracted large throngs of peo­ which resulted from being thing goes wrong, there ls al­ quainted with the antics of the SPABSQSA during a getclarinet, and drive a hot-rod—but rarely does any teacher What about using dish water struck by lightning. The plans ways a chance that it will plow together with Jimmy McArdle, noted cartoonist and creator insist that he learn to read and spell properly, because the and wash w a t e r around ple Uie past week and lt will call for a one-story building end on Saturday afternoon into houses or other buildings. of “Dr. Bobbs.” Jimmy was vitally interested in the ac­ effort might bruise his fragile soul.” plants? Go right ahead, says ' . Mr. Fischer will make many people angry. And the Mr. M.. but be careful about with the baby show and baby large enough to accommodate There have been enough inci­ tivities of the vocal organization. He said it gave you a dents of this kind in various chance to sing somewhere outside the shower and that every­ reason he will make them angry is a sad and ominous one— putting all dishwater on one parade. This evening there will between 45 and 50 pupils. parts of the country to show one enjoyed singing in a barber shop quartette. The local plant to avoid possibility of be a children's grand ball ln that what he says is so largely and increasingly true. Twenty-Five Years-Ago that It ls a thing to be feared. the New Point Comfort Danegetting grease Into tlie soil. chapter is moving northward and westward a few miles to (Issue Friday, Aug. 19, 1932) Certainly the military does Detergents don't hurt plants, I J118 a 11d tomorrow St. Joseph's Church c h o i r not want such things to hap­ be closer to the main body of its membership, which is he says, but if you want to be ‘here wlU be> water sports and cautious, use half waste water*011 “ Mbit of life saving from will broadcast over Station pen. Action should be taken, drawn primarily from the Cliffwood and Madison Township possible, to change areas. And so the melodic tones of “Waitin’ fA The Gate” Freedom of the press is a basic freedom. It is the and half fresh around a n y a burning vessel, followed by W NJ at Newark, Sunday even­ wherever flight patterns so that t h e and “Sweet Adeline” no longer will echo from the ancient mardl gras parade on t h e mainstay of all the other freedoms. Yet there has been plant you’re trying to b a b y aboardwalk. ing, Aug. 21 at 9 o’clock on the chances for such tragedies will walls of the Keyport structure. May their tonsils never a growing fear that this freedom is in danger, because of along. Tbe New York and L o n g Edwin Bent Hour in honor of be cut to a minimum. Our so­ fail ’em, SPABSQSA Din. I Gypsum For Heavy Soils governmental restrictions on the movement of the press to Branch Railroad wants to fill the Eev. John P. Burke, who ciety embodies enough disturb­ Maybe you have a h e a v y sources of information both in this country and abroad, IT WILL BE standing room inly, to coin a phrase, clay soil and it’s baked as ln the salt meadow north of returned from Europe Wednes­ ing noise and accident poten­ because of the withholding of information to which- the bard as the sidewalk. tial as lt ls. without low-flying tonight at the Second Annual Monmouth County Republican the Matawan Station atd r u n day. ' pubb'o and the press which serves it has a right to know, Jets to increase both disturb­ Fund Raising dinner at the Berkeley-Carteret Hotel, Asbury The droffght has been good Its cars over a solid embank­ Thirty-three properties upon ance and hazard. and because of proposed punitive regulations aimed at news­ for such soils, sBys our soils ment Instead of on t r e s t l e Park. Herb Shriner, popular television, radio and screen assess­ papers and other publications. specialist, It has aggregated work, as at present. It will'be which taxes, sewer star, will head a long list of celebrities including Lilo and: and curb and sidewalk AIM AT SCOFFLAWS . The American Society of Newspaper Editors now has the particles, made c r a c k s very expensive to fill ln the ments meadow and make a s o l i d assesment were due were of­ (Perth Amboy Evening News) Emil Coleman and orchestra who will entertain at the din­ -Issued a Declaration of Principles, This states: “The Ameri- and crevices and such t b a t embankment, but lt will per- fered for sale at the borough Scofflaws are the constant ner. Principal speakers will be James Mitchell, Secretary ‘ people have the right to know, as the heirs of Magna maybe you don’t appreciate at mlt faster trains. hall on Monday. source of annoyance to munic­ of Labor in President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Cabinet, who Charta, the inheritors of the privileges and immunities of the moment. The annual dinner of Wash­ Shortly after 0 o’clock last ipal magistrates as well as is a resident of Little Silver and Malcolm S. Forbes, GOP. Tq help such soli further, he the English Common Law and the beneficiaries of the free­ suggests, put on gypsum at night the whistle on an engine ington Engine Company No. 1 an expense to municipal tax­ Gubernatorial Candidate in the November general election.. doms and liberties guaranteed them by the Constitution and the rate of one pound to a at tbe round house was blown of Matawan was held last payers. J. Marshall Booker, Middletown Township, chairman of the the Bill of Rights of the United States. '‘ ‘ Motorists who Ignore l u n - Monmouth County Republican finance committee, is toast­ square yard-over the lawn Incessantly for a few minutes night at Bahr's Landing, High­ monses for parking and motor master. He’ll be sure to count nioses. Tickets to the affair “lo exercise this right citizens must be able to gather and around your ornamentalB. and the unusual noise at that lands, The day of the "b ig " car is vehicle violations c a u s e a information at home or abroad, except where military There’s no danger of burning hour of the evening attracted over, went for $100 a plate. Toastmaster Booker sees tonight’s^ if reports of auto mak­ great attention and lt was but a few deal of bookkeeping Biecesslty plainly prevents; they must find lt possible to anything with gypsum. minutes when the lire bell of ers are to be taken at face work'In court clerks’ offices, annual dinner even surpassing the most1successful one hieldv Digging organic matter Into . publish or relate otherwise the information thus ncqulred last year at the Berkeley which broke, all .records .for/at-'Washington Engine Company value. And since they h a v e i -wlthout prior .restraint or censorship by government; they the soil can help plants sur­ was rung. The fire was :ln mentioned lt, motorists w i 11 consume the time of magis­ tendance. ■ trates who must issue war­ must be free to declare or print it without fear of punish­ vive a drought, but it’s not the Frank Anderson's basket fac­ probably recall seeing fewer rants, and occupy the-bours of wbole answer, according to ment not in accord with due process; they must possess the Mr. Mitcheltree. C o m p o s t , tory along the railroad track powerful machines on t h e policemen who must s e r v e ANCIENT LORE.IS full of weird and mysterious happenings means of using or acquiring implements of publication; they peat moss or whatever makes and was raging fiercely. ' highways in the past t w o these warrants, forcing the ap­ which are alleged to have occurred when the night winds Should have freedom to distribute and disseminate without a soli easier to rccharge with In various parts of the state years, or back when money pearance ot the offender. whistled across barren lands or violent storms lashed the obstruction by government or by their fellow citizens.” Many magistrates have coasts of foreign lands and threatened villagers huddled for ' moisture, and It’s certainly de­ ln tbe early part ot S u n d a y was plentlfuUflnd a lot of fel­ lows wanted to splurge. The Society has pledged itself to resist by every ap­ sirable. But you can overdo lt. evening a severe wind and struck out at scofflaws by im­ protection in simple huts. There is none so weird as the Early Friday morning, a posing heavy fines. And there occurrence reported in Union Beach several weeks ago dur­ propriate means every enchroachment upon the people’s right If pou decide to dig ln some rain storm prevailed. Hall fell cow belonging to Don Brosky, ln great quantities ln Burling­ ls no argument that such pen­ ing a recent violent electrical storm which lashed the entire organic material this fall as . to know. part of your drought Insur­ ton County, damaging c o r n Morganville, strayed from Its alties are deserved when guil­ bayshore area. A tree in the backyard of Mr. and Mrs. pen to the county road, at and other products of the land. ty motorists flaunt the v e r y ance, spread a layer not more T h e Shrewsbury Township about 3 o’clock. la>>r that ls made to protect Joseph Kolodzie, Park Ave., was struck by a lightning bolt than two Inches thick over the during the storm s height. The bark was split on both sides. While the continued dry spell them. soil surface and go to work. 1Board of Education has achas had some effect on t h e Magistrate Edward Modze- Then gradually the stripped tree began to turn crimson,' There are few poets who have not praised the gift of That will be enough. I cepted plans for the new scbool quantity of water going over lewskl of Sayrevllle has ap­ then a redder hue as if it were bleeding. And if you. ran. deep. There are few wise people who do not cherish it. the dams both at ‘ Matawan parently had his fill of the ln- your hand along the bark, you would notice how moist Just as we need food and drink, we regularly need deep. A STORY FOR Lake and'Lake Lefferts, there convcnlence and expense of it was. A week later, our informant said the red blood Without its restorative function wo would not long survive. still Is flow enough to give evi­ putting up with these offend­ color disappeared and the tree appears normal. Surelv Unbroken wakefulness is a high refinement of torture. dence that the waters of the ers. Currently it is one of the chicf weapons in the mind-and lakes are ln no Immediate dan­ 'One day after filling out 15 there must be a scientific explanation for this weird phe­ 1personality-destroying techniques of Soviet Inquisitors. Yet, ger of being lowered to a point warrants for persons who fail­ nomenon. If you know, drop a line to this column. ___ Inexplicably, some people imposo lt upon themselves. ot unsafcty as to the quantity ed to appear, I decided lt was : After certain periods of wakefulness, varying for in­ of the water to bathe in. time we did more about dis­ ; dlvlduals, the body demands tho relaxation and re-vitalizacouraging people from Ignor­ Ten Tears Ago By Uargaret & Lravy ing our summonses," the mag­ tlon which only sleep can afford. No drugs or medications (Issue Thursday, Aug. 21. 1947) istrate said. He did Just that. can supply a substitute, though sometimes, in critical need, A bond issue of $25,000 for He has prepared a f o r m a l The Beach Plum Girl : they can trigger the mechanism which Induces the magic of the extension of water mains complaint wblch ls a combina­ Q—Are cancer and leprosy Q—What does this program deep. Joanne and her sister, LaJoanno looked, then stared, to streets In Matawan P a r k of a warrant and a con­ related? cover? . ■ Scientists do not claim to understand the full nature ond verne, hurried about the boach "We're below the high t i d e and Cllffwood Heights was ap­ tion tempt ot court citation. T h i s A—T h e medical program function of sleep, but they are unanimous in proclaiming its gathering empty barrels a n d mark I Soon our picnic benches proved on first reading of the new form will charge all scoff­ A—No. Leprosy is a chronic, will be covered with water!" ordinance by the Matawan laws with contempt of court infectious disease caused by a consists of seven" parts and necessity. So ln your program for preserving your health driftwood logs, sure to allot ample time for sleep, that "sweet, oblivious "We*d better hurry if we're "W e’ll have to move them Township Commltlce Thurs­ and may result ln heavy fines germ while cancer is not in­ covers clinics and c e r t a i n contagious. Its said Layerne. day night. antidote” which speeds dull cares away and returns us to going to make these benches Magistrate Modzelewski ls fectious or Matawan police cracked to be commended for taking ca ise is still a secret, tbe an­ care of tbe cancer patient; the in time for the plcnlo Mother "We Won*t havo tim e," said wakefulness and life, refreshed and re-invigorated. promised us,*' s a i d Joanne. Joanne. “The tide soon will be down on speeders on borough the time to study this Irritat­ swer to which is being sought education program bas to do streets during the past week. ing problem and for doing by scientists. in g with the alerting of citizens to '•It’s almost time." " I brought my wagon over Four of them paid fines of $5 something about lt. We will be Q—Are there any c a n c e r cancer dangers and the serv­ As A J Ollv she was WUS pulling pUiillib a u drift­ |i w , . ■ each to Hccorder Leroy Ber­ Interested In, a report on what detection clinics in New J e r ­ ice program to tbe making of wood log across the sand, she Joanno turned ttrourld It gen last night. Publisher Tom Anderson of Farm & Ranch magazine noticed a girl sitting by a this new form will do to cut sey? dressings, providing of medi­ was the girl by the be a o li Three more American war down the high percentage of points out that “In 1914 state and local governments spent 70 beach plum tree. A—No. Every doctor's office cations, transportation of pa­ plum tree. "Oh, thank you, hero pigeons, Burma Queen. scofflaws. If lt ls successful, lt per cent of all money spent by government. Now 70 per ls a detection center ln N * w ‘‘I wonder If that girl wants sj1(. aaid before Laverne could Jungle Joe and Capt. Letter* should become a standard pro­ Jersey and some 2500 physi­ tients and Information c e ncent is. spent by Washington bureaucrats.” Then, to make to be friends?” sho said to La- sny Btlyt)-ing. man, tocent arrivals from the a bad matter worse, “A big part of our tax money never verne. “She looks lonely. Let’s Xhe girls mado three wagon Chlna-Burma-Indla war the cedure ln a l l magistrates’ cians have expressed a will­ ters. courts. ' ingness to glvo health examin­ Q—What Is one of the great­ comes back to us in services—but is lived up by the swarms ask her to help us.” trips up the beach and b c k. atre, are back at the Signal est obstacles to overcome in of bureaucrats whose hands it goes through.” “Let’s not," said Laverne. soon everything had b e e n COrps pigeon breeding a n d REFBIGE&ATOB DANGERS ations by appointment. Q—Does New Jersey h a v e the fight against cancer? President Eisenhower has proposed that the states "She’ll only get ln tho \v a y. moved except the biggest loud training center at Fort Mon­ (Asbury Park Press) any clinics for the treatment mouth. with such other w a r assume responsibility, in wholo or ln part, for many projects Let her play with her o w n of rocks, A-~Fear often causes a per­ Every so often our readers of cancer? Joanno pulled at tbo heavy bird heroes as Q. I. Joe and are shocked to learn of t h e now handled on the federal level. If the states will do that, friends.” son to neglect seeing a doctor “ Perhaps sho doesn't h o v e wagon. Laverne pushed. T h o Blackle Halligan. A—Yes. There now are 48 the taxpayers will find thnt they will get more and better until lt is too late. Tben, too, death of some youngster who any," said Joanne. But La- wagon didn’t budge. Joanne A five-day suspension of li­ played hlde-and*seek ln a dis­ clinics attached to g e n e r a 1 in the years gone by m a n y service—and for less money. vcrno had her mind mado up. pulled harder. Laverno pushec cense for iPlo's Bar and Orlll, carded refrigerator, accident­ hospitals ln this state w h i c h thought it was a disgrace to Joanno and her sister ar- harder. Still the wagon didn't Girard Ave. and Gaston St., ally locked himself ln, and suf­ examine and treat patients have cancer and so m a n y ranged the driftwood logs on move, Oak Shades, was voted by the focated. So often has t b l s who are referred to them by waited too lonff. Todoy cancer Aramaajunc tho empty barrols. "The buck wheels are stuck Matawan Township Commit­ tragedy occurred that C o n ­ doctors. lift'i Darkut Moment Is a rscognlzed disease t b a t “The benches are flnlshedi ln the sand I" cried Laverne tee Thursday night after a gress recently passed a law re­ Q—Are cancer treatments will usually respond if a diag­ "Let’s try them out,” said Jo- She had taken off her shoes, hearing on charges preferred quiring refrU'erator manufac­ expensive? nosis is made in time. . . MCIVIM, W tC N <1tMJ GCT 'tTnoUGII M0WIM9 anue. lier feet were covercd with wa- by Chief of Police Adolph Men- turers to Install inside release Q—Is leukemia a form of A—Clinic visits for t r e a t * "iflfl MWM I MWT ‘rtXJ to S K IP DOWN TS Sho jumped on the bench be- ter. Eel, alleging that the manage­ devices on future production.. ments and medications - a r e cancer? Hie vjomcms exaiAnoe w r m a ew e. side her. "C rashl” Barrels, "Let me help," said the girl ment of the establishment was So much for the refrlgera most costly because of t h e •ff ie u c u y o v n v w r a c k g -w a t a u n t A—While a tumor In the or­ log, and Joanno tumbled on from tho beach plum tree, violating a restriction against tors of the future. If tho law type of treatment and t h e dinary sense ls not present In SM-LYS (HY P R O 'S a a j p TAKC.' nrthe sand, She helped Laverne p u s h playing a music machine at ls observed they will be fool­ C V fR lT S A fR K SL /T JT R . WWLB MJO(W , lengthy duration of a c a s e . leukemia uncontrolled growth “Some benches wo mode I” The back wheels camo f r e e the place after 11 p.m. /^ARTrie oec Hive eicrte o c rn c ifjo dozen proof. But the real danger ls Cancer geneiully then is a does exist in that the w h i t e said Joanne, picking herself Soon tho wagon was high up Twenty-thrco vsltlng f i r e to be found in the refrlgera great financial burden, cuames Pius ano a scxcf C'mperiacks. > blood cells no longci respond up. • - on llie beaoh. An0 - fc M O ftfto W I WANT \bu Hotoe ALL ' companies attended the Fire­ tors wh‘ch have now reach’ d Q—Does the American Can-; to tho forces tbat normally "W e’ll have to put rocks In "Hero comcs Mother w i t h men's Night of the L i b e r t y the age for permanent retire­ » Y . we-fce- G o i n g T o w a s h regulate, their reproduction tlio barrels so they won't fall the plcnlo basket,” crlcd Jo Uoso Co. at tho fair on Thurs­ ment. They have no safety de­ cer Society do anything-to help T fte W IN D O W S AtJO BCAT and maturity. The aisease is over,” said Laverne. annc. day evening on the company's vices and, discarded ln the the patient bear this cost? Tfte RUGS, AUD,IF 7rieKcb regarded as a form of cancer A—Yes. Through tbe Service Joanne and Laverne r a n "Mother.” > a ■d Laverne lot at Route 38 and Atlantlo Junk heap, they make attrac­ ■true, CLCAt-l 1 TtC C$LU/\R of the blood-forming organs. Program of the American about t h e beach gathering "This is our now friend, May St., Keyport. tive hide-outs for venturesome Q—Why don't the *vhite cor­ heavy rocks. They fourd some sho stay for the picnic lunch? youngsters. No ofie s h o u l d Cancer Soclcty, medications puscles In the blood kill can­ by the beach plum tree. Sho put her nrm about the With big turkeys such good discard one o^^tliese outworn dressings, and transportation cer ceils? "Do you need any h e 1 p?” beach plum girl, buys now, why don't you put rcfrlgeratou^wirliotit making are furnisher4 the midlcally in A—Tbe chief functions of asked tho girl who was watchJoanne looked at Laverne ln come turkey .meat In y o u r suro that lr*to no threat to tho digcnt patient without cost in Ing them. surprise, Was tills the t m n e freezer for use ln casserole life of a child^Perhaps tho slm addition to nursing and homo wbltc blood corpuscles is to Lnvorno said quickly, "No. slater \yho hadn't wanted to dishes or imkeyburgers? Ex pleat way to\make sure the carc services where neces protect t^e body against bac­ teria or fcerms. They combat than) you.” Sho hurried oft so make friends? tension service home econom­ d 1 s c n r cl e d\box ls ron- sary. infection! but have no c f f c c t fnst Joanno had trouble catchShe hcurtl her mother fay ists suggest this recipe f o r dernd harmless\,is to remove Q —What is Uie Cancer Con­ on canccr cells. Ing her. "O f courso, Urn moro tho mci' turkcytaurgcrs: Put one cup of llio door. *’cxt best precaution trol Program of the New Jer­ Q —Is bleeding always n sign Soon they hnd enough rocks rlcr." She ran over and sat on cooked turkey and one small ls to smash tho latch so that sey division? of cancer? to fill each bnrrel halfway, one bench. onion through a meat grinder, if it ls closed It can be opened A—Tlio Canccr Control Pro A—No. However, blcedit ll WHEN rt OoV 10 A0LC ’’They won't tip over now,” "Come on, Blrlsl" Joanno aild ono beaten egg; shape In from the Inside. It will lake gram of the New Jersey Divi­ • VAce-nm opchmo ■aid Joanne. ' chllcd to Lnvmno and t h e to flnt patlles and brown In fat but n few nlnutes but lt may sion consists of three p a r t s should be promptly and care­ . ’ SCHOOL WITH A 1 Suddenly Laverno started to bench plniri girl. "Tills bench In a skillet or placo under the savo a youngster’s life a n d niddlca). cducaltori, and serv fully ^vesttgated to determine I WSOfWJffOF'Rcuep giggle, 'Look whoro wo built u junt right for the three of broiler. Serve between toasted spare the refrigerator's owner Ice phases of a year-round pro 11 It lS'due to cancer, ^ee your doctor for a physical examina­ tho plcnlo bencliesl" sho cried, tisl" buns with pickle relish. a lifetime of regret. gram. tion before lt is too late. PubiUte) m i ) rbursday at Keyport Monmouth County N J. By BBOWn PUBIJSUIMU AMD PHINTlWi CUUPANV

“If A Man Is Stupid Enough . .


lAtoking Backward

“The Right To Know”

In Praise Of Sleep



Washington Takes Over

Three Showers For Diane Dennis M a t a w a n P e r s o n a l I t e m s ’

Miss Diane Dennis, daugh­ ter of Councilman Ralph R . Dennis and Mrs. Dennis, 18 Franklin St.,-Slatawtfn, w a s honored at three showers re­ cently. She will become t h e /bride of Robert McQuarrle, AU lantieKAve., Matawan, on Sat­ urday, Aug. 31, The first shower) was given Aug. 14 by Mrs. Tfiomas Den­ nis, 156 Freneau Ave., Mata­ wan. Decorations were m a d e by Mrs. William Bradley with the gifts arranged under a large .white satin_ sprinkling can decorated with' sprays of tiny buds. The table center­ piece was a bride, her attend­ ants and a ring bearer made of cake and standing ln a pro­ cessional on a gold cloth. ' Guests' present were Mr s . Dennis, Mrs. Joseph McQuar­ rle, Miss Carol Lambertson, Miss Josephine DISanto, Miss Ann DISanto, Mrs. Clifford Reeves. Mrs. James Clifton. • Mrs. William Clifton, Mrs. P. A. Redmond, Mrs. James Red­ mond, Mrs. William M e n t z. Mrs. D. A. Schaevone, M i s s Maureen Dennis. Matawan: Mrs. Benjamin Straniero, Miss Rose DIBlase, Cllflwooti; Mrs Clarence Holf, Keyport; Mrs. Clifford Anderson,' Minnesota; Mrs. Andrew Yusoff, Freehold, and Miss Bhlrley Hertle, Haz­ let. • . Gifts were sent by M r s . James Adler, Miss Ann Hourihan, Mrs Jack Sherman, Mrs. Angelo .Scalzo, Mrs. George Meinzer, sr., Mrs. William Bradley, and Mrs. James Har­ rison. The second shower was giv­ en by Mrs. Michacl Smalley, Fords,, and Mrs. Benjamin Dennis at the tatter's h o m e , Ambpy^Ave,, Perth A m b o y , Decorations were in silver and white and the gifts were ar­ ranged under a decorated um­ brella. Thirty relatives a n d friends attended. .The third shower was given
Mr./Mrs. J; Thomas Entertain At Barbecue Mr. and Mrs. James Thom­ as, Matawan Ave., Matawan, entertained at a barbecue Bunday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anson: Mr. and Mrs. Zane Anson and children, Mi­ chele, Zane, Jr., and M a r y Jean; Mr. and Mrs. A r t h u r Waltz and children, Thomas and Winifred: Mr. and Mr s , Douglas Taylor; Mrs. J u l e s Hauser and children,' Margar­ et, Patricia, Sheila and Nettl. Also Miss Em m a B 1111 a; Mrs. Spafford W. S c h a n c k; Mrs, Dorothy Blllla and chil­ dren, Peter and Mary: Mr. and Mrs. John J . O'Reilly and children, Phyllis and John, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. John Guile and children, Patricia and John; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thom­ as and son. Craig; Mr. a n d Mrs, George Leary and chil­ dren, George, Jr., and J e a n ; Miss Chris Blncka, Newark; Oscar Butch; WUllam Merkle; James, Jr., Russell, L i n d a and Keith Thomas.

Miss Jane Pengel Is Honored At Shower Miss Jane Pengel, daughter of Dr. William H. Pengel and Mrs. Pengel, Matawan, w a s gueBt of honor at a s h o w e r Tuesday evening given by Mrs. Conover H. Burlew, Main 6t„ Matawan. Miss Pengel will become the bride of Daniel Putnam Miller, Fairfield, Conn./ on Sundoy, Sept. 8, 1957, at 3 p.m. ln the To ( e r Hill Presbyterian Church, Red Bank. Guests were Mrs.'Charles E . Hunt, Brie lie: Mrs. Leroy Close, Keyport; Mrs. William R. Craig. Miss Carol C r a i g , Mrs. Conrad Johannsen, Mrs. Joseph Dernherger, Mrs. Wil­ liam J . Rabel, Mrs. O e o r g e Doubller, Miss Irene B o 11 e. Mrs. W. Oliver Diggin, M r s. Spafford W. Schanck, Mr s . ■William H. Pengel, and Mr s . Philip L. Neldllnger. Gifts were sent by Mr s . George Barbanell and M r s Frederick K. Dederlck. Read tbe Classified Ads.

New* Of Yoa And Your Fam ily I* Agpreclmed At Any Time

Mrs. George Hamilton a n d children, Glenn, George a n d Muriel, Jackson St., and Mrs. Myron Dallenbach and daugh­ ter, Judy, Broad St., recently visited Cowboy City, Farmlng­ dale. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spira and children/ Debby and Jeff­ ery, are visiting Mrs. Spira's parents. 'Mr. and Mrs. Rich­ ard Teague, Ravine Dr., prior to moving to Minnesota, where Mr. Spira has taken a position with the Minnesota Manufac­ turing and Mining Company. Mrs. Howard Jones, Ravine Dr., has returned home from Monmouth Memorial Hospital, where she was a surgical pa­ tient. Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Read entertained at bridge Sunday evening. Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. An­ derson, Keyport; Mrs. John L. Chamberlain, Browntown, and Mr. and Mrs. A. Edgar Palm Prize winners were Mr. Palm and the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Worsdell K. Pearson, Jr., and children, Sal­ ly, Worsdell, U I, and Edward, returned home Sunday after spending a month with M r s. Worsdell’s mother. Mrs. Ste­ phen E. Kramer, Rehoboth Beacb. Del. Mrs. William R. Craig enter­ tained the Thursday Dessert Bridge Club when the p r i z e winners were Mrs. Richard EfSmaim, Mrs. Leroy Sickels and Mrs. Howard Erdmann. Other guests were Mrs., Joseph Baler, Mrs. Ralph W.‘ H e r ­ rick, Mrs. Rensselaer L. Car­ tan, Matawan, and Mrs. Evart Silcox, Keyport. Mrs. Edwin II. Dominick, Mrs. J. Franklin Dominick, Miss Mary Llsk, Mvs. Jay F. Hostetter, Mrs. Ralph W. Her­ rick, Matawan; Miss M a r y Em m a Stack, Perth Amfeoy; Mrs. Leroy Collins, H a z l e t , and M r s .E . Murray -Todd, Holmdel, were guests of Miss J. Mabel Brown, Keyport, at canasta, Aug. 14. Mrs. Frank Bliss entertain­ ed the Wednesday Luncheon Bridge Club. Prize winners were Mrs. Charles E. H u n t , Brlelle; Mrs. Conrad Johann­ sen and Mrs. Joseph Dernberger. Mrs. John Mohai^, Middle­ town, formerly of Matawan, en­ tertained at a luncheon a n d bridge Friday In honor of Mrs. James Hauser who ls moving to Silver Spring, Md, P r i z e winners were Mrs. Frederick Mauer, Mrs. Howard Woolley and Mrs. Everett E, Carlson. Other guests were Mrs. Doug­ las, Ward, Mis.iVictor Fredda, and. Mrs.-George-Barrett, Jr. Mrs. Hauser was- presented with a gift. ! Dr. ; Alfred J . Casagrande and Mrs. Casagrande and fam» lly have moved Into their new home on Edgemere Dr. Mrs. Qeorge Hozlett ls visit­ ing her mother, Mrs, George MdLatchle, Coudersport, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bar­ tram entertained at d buffet supper Tuesday in celcbratlon of the 11th birthday of their son, Paul. Guests were George Melssner, John Nelson, E a r l and Joy Bartram. Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Currie attended a cocktail par­ ty Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morten M. Han­ sen, Jr.. Brlelle. Mrs. Hazel Buchmann, New­ ark, recently spent several days as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Dernbergcr. Mrs. Donovan E. Lent a n d daughter, D i a n e , Groton, Mass., are visiting Mr. a n d Mrs. Paul Egan. Mr, and Mrs. H a r r y J. Kahn, Uxbridge, Mass., were weekend guests of Mr. n n d Mrs. Joseph Baler. . Mr. and Mrs. John H. Alt­ ken, Kirkwood, Mo., are visit* lng Mr. Altkcn’s mother, Mrs. Lawrence J. Altken. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Mc­ Keen, jr., and children, Craig and Pamela, spent several days this week at the summer home of tyr. and Mrs. Theo­ dore Drummond. M i d w a y Beach. . Mr, and Mrs. Edward W. Currie and boqs, William a n d David, returned home Friday after a 10-day trip ln the New England States. „ Mr. and Mrs. J o s e p h A. Dernbcrger entertained at barbecue S u n d a y evening when their guests were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson and children, Laurie, Thomas and Paul, Short Hills; Miss Emma Layer, Newark; Mrs. H a z e l Buchmann. Newark, and Mr. and,, Mrs Frederick K. Dcdcrlck, * • Mr. and Mr*, Fred Emerson and son, Douglas Glen Cove L, I., were guests for 6cvera! days of Mr. and Mrs. Jean Cartan.

Mrs. Alvin J. McDonald, R a­ vine Dr., spent Thursday and Friday in Philadelphia. H e r daughter, Ruth, who is attend­ ing the Episcopal School of Nursing, Philadelphia, return­ ed home with her mother to spend a . two-week vacation .vvlth her parents. Mrs. Elizabeth Wolff, . As­ bury Park, was a M o n d a y guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wells. _ Mrs. Jay F. Hostetter ;spent several days as the guest Of M r s . George Hostetter at Stone Harbor. Mr. Hostetter spent the weekend there., Mrs. Philip Neldllnger entalned at luncheon and bridge Friday, when the prize w i n ­ ners were Mrs. William R. Craig, Mrs. Peter A. Read and Mrs. Conover Burlew. O t h e r guests were Mrs. Spafford W. Schanck, Mrs. Gerard Devlin, MrB. J. Franklin Dominick and Mrs. Leroy Sickels. . Mr, and Mrs. Frederick K. Dederlck were Thursday even­ ing dinner.-, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Little, B e a v e r Lake. Mrs. Paul Bednard a n d daughter, Diane, Beverly, are visiting Mrs. Bednard's moth­ er, Mrs. Marlon Parish. Mr. and Mrs. Peter A, Read and daughter, Miss Margaret Ann Read, had dinner Satur­ day at the Brauhaus, N e w York. Mr. and Mrs., H. Glenn Rod­ man, sr.. Binghamton, N. Y., were weekend guests of Mr,nnd Mrs. H. Glenn Rodma^, Lakeside Dr. Mrs. Spafford W. Schnnck was a Monday evening dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs.-Nicholas Barna, Dunnellen. Janet Kirsop, Bethlehem, Pa., Is visiting Mr. and M r s. Alvin J.-McDonald, R a v i n e Dr. : Mrs. Ruth Hibbert and son, Lee, Orange;; M rs.: Ann L e e ruid Miss: C a r o 1 Lee, San Francisco, Calif., Wero Satur­ day evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs; T h o m a s T. Starnes. Mr. and Mrs. Leo M 11 t o n and sons, Lawrence and Rob­ ert, Westchester, N. Y., were weekend guests of Mr. a n d Mrs/ Anthony Farlello, Wash­ ington Ave. Mr. and.Mrs. Paul Egan.and son, Paul, Mrs. Anna O ’NClli, Matawan, and Mrs, Donovan E. Lent, Groton, Mass.. at­ tended the weeding, Saturday, of Mrs, O ’Neill's nephew, Ed­ gar S. Frlcke, The Bronx, to M 1 s 8 Linda Glgante, The Bronx, at the Sacred H e a r t Church, and the reception at Tappan Hill. Tarrytown, N. V. Margaret. and Alvina Mc­ Donald returned home Satur­ day after spending a week as the guests of Mr. and Mr s . Frederick R. ’ Holman, Wanamassa. > Lynn and Donna Smith, M il­ waukee, Wls., and Barbara Stelglemcn, Riverton, are vis­ iting their grandparents. Dr. Conover Burlew and Mrs. Bur­ lew. . Mrs. James O. Harrison and children, James and Sandra Ann, Midland Park, are visit­ ing Mr. and Mrs. Rensselaer L. Cartan. Mrs. Edwin H. Dominick, Miss Mary Llsk, Matawan, and Miss Mary Emma Stack, Perth Amboy, left Tuesday for a trip to Canada and tbe New England States. On Wednes­ day, they will attend a p e r ­ formance of *’Hamlet,” at tho Shakespeare Festival, Strat­ ford, Ont. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mc­ Bride and son, Walter, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. J. Franklin Dom­ inick attended the Thursday evening performance of "Hell* zapoppln” at the Neptune Mus­ ic Circus. Mr. and Mrs. O e o r g e W. Clark, Broad Bt., attended the fifth annual clambake given by the boat owners. Saturday, at Mlhm'B Boat Basin, Monmouth Beach. Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Staer, sr., Ravine Dr., have returned home after attending tbe Nova Scotia Festival of the Arts at Talamagouche. They also tour ed New Brunswick, Canada, and the New England States. Mr.; and Mrs. Bruce Koop* man, Caldwell, ond Mr. a n d Mrs. NlchoJas^Stranlero, 24 Edgewater nftJT attended t h e 10th annual reunion, Baturday, of the 88th Division of the U, S. Army at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia. Both Mr. Koopman and Mr. Straniero served In the 88th during World War II. Mr. and Mrs. J o s e p h A. Guadagno and son, Brendan Edgemere Dj\, recently spent ii few' days at Fred Warlng’s Shawnee Inn, Shawncc-on-lhc Delaware, Pa.

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FREE GALLON OFFER 5A^EHIKJEPROHTS OH ONE PAINT P m e it Tkh Covpom at A«y MARY CARTE* PAINT BRANCH A n d .R e c e iv e . Free C . n o f P .in * V ^ ilh E a c h O n a P u r c h s ie d .

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Susan Chapman, Matawan, entertained at a party Satur* day evening when her guests were Janet Kirsop, B e I h 1 fiem. Pa.; Lola Hitchcock, New Bedford. Mass.; Ruth McDon­ ald, Kathy Flynn, Sally Prlch ard, Gladys Hyrnc. B u s a n iDomlny, Carolyn Morrell. Inga : IjOCw. Robert Mount, Walter ]Shlrbrr, Orant Bcharff. 8 c y mour Smith, Todd Fung. Ed­ ward Crawford, Karl Fisher, Nell Fitzpatrick. Nell Wilding and James Arace. ' ( O r ^ iU 's t

Carol Metzger Feted At Shower Miss Carol Metzger, P a r k Ave., Onion Beach, was the honored guest at a s h o w e r given by Mrs. Gloria Houlday, Mrs. Eva Gleason. Miss Betty Klouse, and Miss Pat Mack. Thursday at Tourlue's Restau­ rant, Matawan. Decorations were In white and gifts were placed under a white umbrella Miss Metzger will become the bride of Robert A.'Bogart, Leonardo, at the Holy, Family Church, Union Beach, Satur­ day, Sept, 7, Guests were Mrs. I r e n e Weinman, Mrs. Marie Walling, Keyport; Mrs. L il S c h o 11 c. Miss Marilyn Nlcol, Matawan; Mrs. Peggy Naughton, P o r t Monmouth; Miss Marlon Mc­ Lean, Keansburg; Mrs. Eileen Vanderbilt. Gifts were sent by Mrs. Dot Buckmaster, Mrs. Helen Po­ kallus; Miss Winny W a i t e . Miss Marcia Hushour, M i s s Pat A. Bmlth, Mrs. Harriett Ruehle, Miss Myra B r o w n. Miss Kay Emens, Miss Terry Conway, Mrs. Pat Simonson, Mrs. Florence Cammerano, Miss Pat T. Smith, Mr<$. Em­ ma Fvleberg, Mrs. Edith Cam­ per, Miss Pat Kowtko, M l s s Rose Medcr. Miss Emily Votopek, Mrs. Mao Ball, Mrs. Lil Hodgson, Mrs. May Conroy, Miss Betty Glllete, Mrs, B. Gillette, Mrs. Joyce B a 11 e y, Mrs. Bernice Coll, Mr6. Doris Quimby, Mrs. J, Bindley, Mra, M. Hoy nnd Mrs. Vlvinn Nel­ son.

Shower Honors Mrs. Rinkcwich A surprise shower was given Aug. 14 ln honor of Mrs. Hen­ ry Rlnkewlch, 336 Maplo P I. Keyport. by Mrs. Benjamin Wolf, 10 Heckelman Pl.y Union Beach, at Joan Irene's Danc­ ing School, Mnple F!„ K e y. port. . ■ ; :. , Gifts wero arranged In a large decorated bassinet. Dec­ orations were in pastel colors with a large stork as the table centerpiece, Each guest re­ ceived a novelty basslnot as .a gift, A buffet supper was serv­ ed. Attending wero Mrs. Bhlrley Walling', Mrs. Myrtle Walling, Mrs. Loretta Nappl, Mrs, Bar­ bara Rlnkewlch, Keyport; M I s b Jane Poduska, Mrs, George Meyers, Miss Con­ stance Wolf, Mrs. Camella Eiccardl, Mrs. B. Covert, Union Beach; Mrs. Sylvia R o s s o , Matawan; Mrs, J. Bruzzano, Mrs. ,,D,, Bruzzano* Irvington; Mrs. J. Bongeolannl,\Mra. MUlie .Mlko, Mrs* -Sara; , Meyers*. Newark;, Mrs. R, Lubormon, Parlin. Gifts were sent by Mr s . Catherine Solah, Miss Esther Luccarclll and Miss Ann Luocarelli.

Miss Barbara Lennon Shower.Guest O f Honor Miss Barbara Lennon, Key­ port, was the guest of honor at a surprise garden shower given by Mrs. Charles 8. Zim­ mer, Matawan, and Mrs. Wil­ liam Edwards at MrB. Ed­ wards’ home, West Concourse, Cllffwood Beach, Sunday aft­ ernoon. Gifts were arranged ln a wishing well before a white satin trellis trimmed with pink nnd white carnations and ivy. A white satin sprinkling can trimmed wtth flowers was sus­ pended over the well. A buffet supper was served. Miss Lennon will become the bride of George Rlncar, Mata­ wan, who presented her with a white carnation corsage. Others attending were Mr s . Bruce VandcrClute, Cllffwood; Mrs. Allen Lewis, Mrs, Daniel Rlnear, sr., Mrsr Daniel Van­ Pelt, Miss Sharon Z l m m o r , Matawan; Mrs. Edward Vaccarella, West Keansburg; Mrs. Millard ED. Rlncar, Sayrevllle; Mrs. Edward Slocum, R e <1 Bank; MrB, Harold Simmons, MrB. Donald Simmons, K e yport; M r s , ' John Slenger, Keansburg; Mr s . Troyelus Schanck. Freehold, and M r s. Myron Bailey, Holmdel. Olfts were sent by Mrs. Wil­ liam Neldlngor, and Miss Mar­ ilyn Nlcol. ■

Birthday Party For Jeff Joseph Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fried­ man, Matawan, entertained at open house Sunday ln cclebra< tlon of the first birthday of their son, Jeff Joseph. Guests were Mrs. Ida Ovslew, Mr. and Mrs. M a x Slatkln, Elizabeth; Mr. a n d Mrs. Alex Titerbcrg, Mr, and Mrs. Max Wi‘xcl and dauglv ter, Arnlce, Mr. and Mrs. Her. man Pinker, M r s . Bcnsio Friedman, Mr. and Mrs. Wil­ liam F r i e d m a n , Brooklyn, N, Y. ‘ Also Dr. Leon Ovslew a n d Mra. Ovolcw and daughter, Janet, Olenslde, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs, L e n l l o Rudolph and daughter, Cheryl, Rahway; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F r i e d ­ man, Mr. and Mrs. S i d n e y Friedman and datitfhU'f, HIip I ly. Mr, and Mrfc. M a r t i n Bhaw and f.ons. Steven a n d Richard, Mr. and Mrn. Donald Lcvlian and daughter, J u l i e Mr and Mis. Arthur Bo in ­ friend and dauKhtrr, MaicV,

apartment , signs •..Ural ttnlnie M ntlngCatdi for tUM office. jU lf ftt IhJi’office, '

rise Shower For Mrs. Fraser


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MATAWAN JOURNAL Mrs. Madeline Fraser, Keyport, was guest of honor at a surprise shower Saturday, even­ Aur. 22. 1057 Page Flv» ing at the Keyport Civic Lea­ gue Building. Hostesses wore Mra. Madeline Emmons, Mor. To Enter Novitiate ganvllle, and Mrs. Gwendolyn Washington, Keyport. Decorations were y e l l o w , green and white wltli a stork as the table ccnterplecc. Gifts were arranged on n table docorated with i basinet ns the ccntertlece. Each guest re­ ceived a miniature diaper us Trinity Bplsi'opal Cburch a favor, Refreshments w o r e Main St.', Matawnn served prior to the,opening of Rev, Bernard McK Garllok. gifts. Tho Tenth Sunday alter Trin­ Guests were Miss Eleanor ity, Holy Eucharist will bo at Long, Mrs. Hcstoi lt o w s e r, 8 a.m. ■ Mrs. Louclllc Crnnshaw, Mrs, Barbara CroQd, Mrs. H y I d a Keyport Reformed Church Crecil. a n d Mrs. Johnsclce Warren SI.. Keyport lilll, Keyport; Mrs. Naoml Rev. Roderick N. DeYoung, Emmons, Mrs, l'lorcnco Jack­ Pastor son, Mrs, Hnf.el Baldwin, Mrs, During the months of July Pauline Washington, M i t t : und August the morning wor­ wan; Mrs. Helon blmms, New ship service and an education Volk; Mrs, Jacquclelno Arch hour for children starts at 10 er, Mrs. Audrey Bnldwln. Jau.m. Following a 15-inlnuto nuiloa, L. I.; Mrs. M l n n l o devotional servlco w i t h tho Pearson, 8ou!/i River; Mrs. HAIlllARA LUICIIINQUH ijoneregatlon, tho ohlldrcn will Clnra Harris, Snyrevlllo; Mrs, bo taken to the auditorium to Ethel Scott, Now Brunswick; A surprlso party was given be shown a movie, film strip Mrs, Evelyn Wilson, E a s t ln honor of Miss Barbara Llllor set ot slides. Tho oduoatlon Ornngc, and Mrs. Gloria Heg-? ohlhgor, Cllffwood, by M I s ■ al hour w i l l conclude nt 11 glo, Boston, Mass.' Maureen Shea, Miss Kathleen Gifts wero sent by M I s b Shea aud Miss Ellocn Wonncl, Ucthsomane Lutheran Churcb a.m., samo ns tho conclusion time of tho worship hour. Par­ Mary Lou Ball, Mrs. Florotta Malmvan, at St. Joseph's Hall, Maplo PI., Keyporl Rev Frederick Boos Pastor ents aro invited to attend and Ball, Mrs. Laura E in in o n s, Keyport on Thursday ovonlng, Mrs, Hortonse Grey, M r «, Miss Lulohlngcr graduated ln Thero are two servleee on bring tlio olilldren. Nlcoo Hammond nnd. M i s s Juno fcom St.- Mary's ' II I g h Sunday; Matins at 8:90 a.m. First Presbyterian Ubureb Avenol, Dundrldgo. ; School, South Amboy, nnd is ’ ana tlie regular service at 11 Muln Bt,, Matawan entering the novitiate of Mount o'clock- Sunday School begins Rev Chester A Galloway , Saint Mary's, North Plainfield, at 9:45 a.m. Area Poultry Farm Is Paauir tills full, Rcfroshmenls w e r e Bay view Pro, bylerlan , Churob Tho pastor will prcuoli Sun­ Eligible For Program served buffot slylo. Cliffwood Beach , day on tlio topic, “How To Ap­ Those iiroHont wero Mrn HubRev PrunolF Qsterslock 1 proach [email protected]," at tho 0:30 u.m T h e * .MorgailVillo Poultry urt L chIIu, south Aitihoy; Mis* Church school classes start serviec. Frederick Bopp w i l l F iinn, Morganville, Is among Lorollii Durante, Miss Margnrat 9:45 n.m, Sunday, F. How­ bo guest organist, 8 u n ct a y many Independent egg deal­ el Hnllernn, Miss Fi'iuion Vc(tard Lloyd,-Matawan,—will—bo Sohool ineel».al 0:30 a.in. lor ers, co-operative murkptlni! chlo- Miss Margarot Shunalmn, the euest .pi'enchet at the 0:45 nursery, klndejgnrten nnd pri­ nssoolattons nnd producor-ve. Mrs, Mlehnel Cox, all of Key­ tailors ollgllile to oonvert lo a port; Miss Joanlio Kane, Miss a.m. morning worship. mary departments. new prOBiam being conducted Gall- Nelson, Motawan; Mli*“ by the Now Jersey Depart­ Virginia Luloliliigov, Mt#« enr­ Monmouth Alumni To Mrs. Sally Chaney Is ment of Agrloultur®. This |iro- ol Conroy, Miss Margaret Attend Annual Reunion Shower Guest O f Honor gram, now bolng given n "tost I1' I n n, M n„ A, Lulchlnjior, run" on ogg cartons, deals Cllffwuo'd; Miss xcthel V o t t t , Mrs, Sully Cimney, Mnti- wllh a state seal of quality Wlckalunk; Mina P a t r i o I V Monmouth College nlumnl and their guests will attend wan, was i’oted nt a surprise which will appear on coiisum- Jaticohv, MIbb Muile Plomon. or packages

    First 'Churoh «l Christ. Solentlsl 81 Broad St.. Keyporl Sunday service 11 a.m. Wed­ nesday testimonial meeting 8 p.m. Reading room open Wed­ nesday 2 to 4 p.m. The w I s d o m of basing thought on constructive, per­ fect, spiritual models will be emphasized at Christian Sci­ ence services Sunday. Keynoting the lesson-sermon entitled "M ind" is the Golden Text from Romans Ul:33>‘ "O the depth of the riches both of the wlsdofn nnd knowledge of Godl how unsenvUiable a r c his Judgments, and his u»vs pnst finding out!" Selections to lie read 1 r o in "Science and Health with Key lo the Scrtptmes" by M a r y Baker Eddy include the fo.ljwIng; (248:20-201: "We must form perfect models ln thought and look at them continually, or we shall never carve them out ln grand and noble lives." Scriptural readings Inclilde the following (Plilllpplans 3:­ 15): "Let us, therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded, and if in any thing se tie otherwise minded. God eht\U reveal even tills unto you."

    First HeUiodlsI Churcb 216 Malo Bt., Mntawan Rev, Albert D. Curry, Pastor Mornlnu worship ls at B',45 a.m. and 11 a.m., when t h e pastor will conduct the serv­ ices. Church school ls held at 9:45 a.m. Howard Henderson Is supervisor. Prnyor meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, (


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    Studies Crayfish “Armor’ iUTiVAX JMiltKAl

    Excellent Rating For 4-H Display

    Graduates Friday

    Cottrell Children Fly To Alaharha

    Laurence Harbor, visited Mrs. Jacob .Gaub. Tuesday. , . t Miss Ann Molnar was a re­ cent dinner guest-of Mr. and Mrs, John R. Shafto, sr.f and family, Matawan. Monja and Najda Dimitruk, Princeton JuncLion, spent from Aug. 14 through Friday as guests of their uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hopkins, and cousin, Jeanne. Mr. and Mrs. Barth Gaub recently visited Mr. and Mr s . Max Schwende, Sellersville, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corssiette and famUy, Green Lane, Pa. Miss W i n i f r e d Lindstedt, Helmetta, spent Sunday after­ noon visiting Miss M a r i e Gaub.

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    Maccias Honor Newark Resident

    Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Maccla. Patsy and Billie Cottrell, 11The Browntown Sodhoppers Route 18, Cedar Grove, recent­ years-old and eight-years-o 1 d 4-H Club was very active at ly entertained, at a supper and Page Six A u g . 22, 1957 respectively, children ol Mr. the Middlesex County F a i r birthday party ln honor of and Mrs. Herbert Cottrell, Jr., held last week, Aug. 9. Wil­ Manny Zal, Jr. Quests w e r e Browntown, left by plane from liam Arace assisted Peter F Mrs. Manny Zal, Jr., Mr.. and Martens, Jr., county 4-H lead­ Newark Airport, Aug. 9, for a Mrs. Vincent DeMauro. air. er, transport equipment to .the visit with relatives in Ala­ a n d Mrs. Thomas .Stanco, fairgrounds. bama. They will return home Newark; Mr. and Mrs. John by plane tomorrow, Mr. a n d Aug. 10 and Aug. 11, Jerry Jacangelo and children,. N u t* One of the most successful Mr s . Cottrell accompanied Molnar, Robert and Michael ley; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mac­ Middlesex County Fairs ended them to the airport. Catherwood, and James a n d cla, West Orange.' . its* four-day run Saturday William Arace helped arrange, This ls Patsy's second flight, night. The 4-H building again paint and set up cages, tables as she flew home ifrom Balti­ Mr. and Mrs. Everett F e nwas tbe center of attraction for and other equipment at t h e more, Md., last summer, after wlck. Gordon Rd., C h e e s «the families and friends of grounds. spending a w e e k visiting quake, entertained at a barbe­ boys and girls exhibiting t h e friends. She celebrated her cue on Sunday. Guests w e r e Aug. 14 was spent erecting results of their gear’s efforts. 11th birthday shortly a f t e r present from Hoboken, Cliffthe club’s exhibit, tbe theme H e Browntown Pedal Push­ reaching Alabama. side Park, cheesequake, South of which was “Gardening Is ers 4-H Club had ' entries in Amboy, Keyport and Florida. An Art." Signs told of the re­ George Shown Honored clothing, f o o d preparation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Molnar Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mastro, quirements of successful gar­ child care, food preservation, and daughters, Ann and Ar­ At Birthday Celebration Morristown Rd., Cheesequake. dening, showing a tipped bush­ home’ improvement, and forlene, Browntown, recently re­ el basket in the center, spilling attended a picnic on Sunday at MISS OLGA BRAND George Shown, Bedle Rd , the home of Mr. and Mrs. -eBtry. TTielr ratings were as turned home from their-vaca­ out the results, a variety of ; fallows: Julie Biirjew, t w o Miss. Olga Brand, daughter tion. They visited Mr. a n d Hazlet, was the guest of honor Britt Schulmeiater, Springhlll . garden vegetables. On o n e very good, two fair; S a n d r a side of the cascade of vege­ of Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'F. M r s . Charles Oeube a n d at a surprise birthday /party J^d., Cheesequake. O t h e r given by his sister, Nandy, at guests at the picnic were Mr. Burlew, two very good, o n e tables were the tools needed Brand, Keyport, ls one of 17 daughter, B a r b a r a , Pitts­ •good; Judith Crane, seven ex­ and the other side, spray ma­ young women who will gradu­ burgh, Pa.; Jack Shafto, Miss their home, Baturday evening. and Mrs. Charles SchulmelB* cellent, three very good; Bar­ terials, a sprayer and fertilis­ ate from tbe Saint P r a n o l s Molnar’s fiance, ln Milwaukee. Games, dancing and refresh­ ter, Mr. and Mrs. D o n a l d bara C r a n e , two excellent; er. The dlsfrl&y received an Memorial Hospital Bchool of Wls.; Mr. and Mrs. S t e v e ments were enjoyed. Ganson, Cheesequake. ' Brenda Donaldson, two v e r y Ouests included Terry Alloc­ excellent r a t i n g , William Nursing, San Francisco, Calif., Toth and son, Steve, Flint, Mrs Mary Burkhardt, Jer­ good, one fair; Patricia KazlArace was chairman and all tomorrow at the San Francis­ Mich., Mr, and.Mrs. F r a n k co, Bill Lambertson, G a r y sey. City has returned h o m e mir, two very good, t h r e e club members aided In ’ t h e co Medical Soeiety Auditorium. Toth, Toronto, Canada; Mr; Shapiro, Richard Chapman after spending a week w i t h • good, two fair; Margaret Krim­ making of the display and' pro­ . The school was established and Mrs. Andrew Suga a n d Richard Krleger, Roma Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Fenwick, mel, two excellent, one very A lighter moment In tbe laboratory as Dr. James B. Dur­ viding the vegetables f r o m ln 1005 and Miss Brand's Class children, Andy and Helen, Port jr., Rosemary Huber, N e l l . good, one good; Maria Maccia, and, Bulgers College of South Jersey biologist, pauses during their 4-H gardens. Fred Gaub of 1957 ls the 50th class to be Colborne. Canada* En route Bahrenburg, Virginia Skeeter. sr., Gordon Rd., Cheesequake. ; Mrs. William Fritz a n d three excellent, six very good preparation of slides for use In his studies of the hormonal club leader, guided and assist­ graduated. The commence­ home, they visited the Thous- Carol Lamberston, Jim m y Al­ daughters, C o t t r e l l - Rd., three good; Virginia R i z z o , control of growth, a baslo problem ln biology. Tbe 27-year-old ed the boys. andlslands, Niagara Falls and exander, Judy Fitzgerald, Haz­ ment exercises mark the end Cheesequake and Mrs. Veron... fourv excellent, two very good State University scientist ls working under the first grant from let; Kay Facioca, Jamesburg; lea Wilkoskl, Newark, visited : On Aug. 14, the Home Eco­ of the three-year extensive the Pocono Mountains, Pa. one good; Janice Tesch, s i x the National Science Foundation to be awarded for research at Theresa Megllo, H o l m d e l * . the parents or Mrs. Fritz and course in nurses’ training and A m o n g those . from the nomic Advisory Council of the excellent, three very good, .two (he Camden College. Middlesex County Extension graduates exchange their stu­ Browntown area who attended Fred R. Bennett, Ralph Pol­ Mrs. Wilkoskl, Mr. and M r i . fair; §uzanne Walker, two ex­ A knight of old, fresh in newly-discovered sccond glanid Service served a roast b e e f dent pinafores for the w h i t e tho first reunion dinner of the ing, Keyport; Mocci M a y o . John Halleck, Harrison, on cellent. from victory over a dragon, or y-organ, puts out a growth- dinner. Jerry Molnar, James graduate uniform and receive Matawan High School Class of Matawan, and Marybell Snid­ Tuesday. --. Judith Crane also won third could loosen a few strategical­ accelerating chemical. A good and William Arace, R o b e r t the school pin which Is t b e 1953 held at Forsgate Country er, West Keansburg. prize in the adult division with ly placed buckles and slip out hypothesis is that the nerve and Michael Catherwood, and badge of professional achieve­ Club. Saturday evening, were Teachers, Principal a utility apron. ' Mr. and Mrs. Dale G r e e n , Bon Voyage Party For of his armor. Or, if he started cells secrete the molt-lnhiblt- Ronald Gaub were waiters and ment. In the contest for the beat developing symptoms of too ing horrnpne during the great­ bus boys, under the direction During her tenure as a stu­ Mr. and Mrs. Otto Osterberg, Visit Raymond Voorhees cluh exhibit the Pedal Push­ much time at the round tabic, est part of the year, then of Mrs. Nicholas Arace, chair­ dent at Saint Francis, M i s s Frederlo Brown, George Ervin Mrs. John O'Toole ers achieved the highest score c o u l d drop by the local when these cells stop putting man of serving". Miss M a r i e Brand was freshman class rep­ and Warren Burnett. William A. Miller, principal Mrs. John O'Toole, Cliffwood of the Old Bridge School, ahd with their entry, “ Hitch Your smithy’s for some alterations. out, the substance from t h e Gaub sold tickets. resentative to t h e student Miss Arlene Molnar, BrownWagon To a 4-H Star,” showcouncil; junior class president, town, spent a day at Palisades Beacb. is en route to Ireland seven former teachers of Ray­ Not so the crayfish. Nature newly-noted gland Is loosed. Robert Catherwood and Wll log- progress made during six provided him with his shell, so and. senior class -representa­ Amusement Park recently as to spend a six-.week vacation mond E. Voorhees vigited him Dr. Durand pointed out that years of club work in clothing. there’s no question of buckles the whole problefa ls a com­ llam Arace spent the day fol' tive. She Is a graduate of Red the guest of Miss Judy Magee, with relatives. Before sajllng, at his home in Engllshtown, lowing the fair helping V Mr. Girls working on the exhibit or smithy shops. He’s not com­ plex one dealing with the study Mrs. O’Toole was honored at a Bank High School. .. Morganville. Thursday evening. were Judith Crane, c h a i r ­ pletely out of luck, however, of hormonal control of growth, Martens return the equlpmept Your advertisement ln this Mr. and Mrs; Albert Hop­ bpn voyage party, Friday, at to Its storage huildlngs. Trans­ Miss Eleanor-Brown, M r s . man; Patricia Kazimir, B a r ­ and therein lies the basis for a basic problem ln biology. He paper will reach prospective kins and daughter, J e a n n e, the home of Mrs, Robert Desportation to the fair was pro­ Elizabeth Palmer, Mrs. Mar­ bara Crane, Margaret Krim­ fundamental research pro­ ls working under. the first vided by James Arace a n d purchasers in every community and Janet Freeman, spent the mldt. West Concourse, Cl i f f -* garet (Ferry) Gaub and Mrs. mel, Janice Tesch, Suzanne ject being conducted ~by “ Dr. grant from the National Sci­ in the bayshore area. weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs, wood Beach. She was present­ Grace Vogel still aro teaching Walker* Marla Maccla a n d James B. Durand, Haddon- ence Foundation ever awarded tlie trucking of the exhibit was Qeorge Kotush, Freehold. Sat­ ed with several gifts. done by Frederic Brown. Anne Chamberlain, junior lead­ fleld, Instructor in zoology at for research at the college. urday evening, they attended Attending were Mrs. William at the Old Bridge S c h o o l . Wins Talent Show T h e boys had entries in er. • • Stating t h a t his research the College of South Jersey on the harvest home supper at Edwards, Mrs. Bruce Vander- Mrs. Helga Poulson ls at Spotsshop, goats, vegetables a n d . Winning first»plflce in . t h e the State University’s campuB probably will have no direct Robert Sica, nine-year-o I d the DeBows Methodist Church, Clute, Mrs. Arthur Senepole wood and Mrs. Edith Irish at county contest entitles ' t h e In Camden. application for human use, he home improvements. Individu­ son ol Mr, and Mrs. Ben 61ca. Holmeson, of which Mr. Hop­ a n d Mrs. Jeanette O ’Leary, Cliffwood. Miss' Ellen M. Col­ al ratings received are as fol­ 267 First St., Keyport, w o n lins is not teaching any longer. group to enter Its exhibit in kins ls a member. Cllffwood Beacb. Starting; with the fact t h a t adds that “ the more we c a n Mr. Voorhees was supervis­ the state contest at the Flem* nature has provided the era jt l e a r n about neurosecretory lows: Robert Catherwood, one first prize ln a talent show Miss Arlene Molnar was a very good, one'good ln goats; lngton Fair next week. Plans ftsfe with a means of casting cells, nerve cells which secrete held at the Middlesex County recent dinner guest of Mr. and Store cutlery ln a special ing principal of M a d i s o n have been made to hnve a 11 off his shell by an Intricate in­ hormones, the better off we Michael Catherwood, excellent 4-H Ciub Fair, East Brunswick Mrs. Arthur Mott at the Lam* cutlery rack. The rack w i l l Township Schools for 33 years. club members and l e a d e r s terplay of bodily functions to will be when we come to con­ in shop, two. very good, . t w o Township, Saturday. Robert bertville House, Lamhertvlllo. safeguard the pointed cutlery good ln poultry; W i l l i a m make the trip Monday for this accommodate growth, the 27- sider the human case." Labor Day traffic frequently rendered a selection from the Later In the evening, they at­ blades and will serve as a purpose. Tho Idea of nerve ceils pro­ Arace, three excellent in shop, Barber of Seville on his ac­ tended a performance of safety measure for the family, ls ‘‘stop and go.” Don’t blow year-old biologist is seeking to two excellent in home im­ ducing' hormones Is a relative­ your top, ir you seem to s t o p cordion. He later was ihtroducPlain ahd Fancy" at t h e says Mrs. Lorna K. W h i t e , An interesting'feature of the determine tlie precise work­ provement, three excellent, Monmouth C o u n t y Home moje often than you go. It's Middlesex County Fair was the ings of this “ armor-changing," ly new one. Sucb cells exist in two very good and three good ed to Qov. Robert B. Meyner Lambertvllle Music Circus. the human brain and parts of ...... only an Illusion. • Mr. and Mrs. B. M^zinlus. Agent. . fashion show Friday night In or molting. in poultry; Jerry Molnar, one and Mrs. Meyner. which the girls modeled gar­ Recent findings Indicate that them compose a portion of the good, one fair ln gardening, pituitary gland-the "master ments completed as part of the two major factors in 1 t h e one very good in shop; Ron­ their clothing project. M i s s cnango are hormones secreted gland" of our own endocrine ald Gaub, three good ln gar­ . * 8ylvla Molnar and Miss Anne by nerve cells In' the e y e s , 1system. dening; Stanley Walker, o n e Chambferlaln served on t h e and on secretions from t h e The crayfish are getting a good ln shop. . committee which planned the second gland, called the "y-or- reit this, summer while t h e . event,\Mlsa,,Chamberlain also gan." young man Vs off on a house­ taking part in the. show. Judith While the nerve cclls secrete boat with hla wife and young Cranem odeJed.^overal ot her I their hormone, growth Is lnhib- daughter studying . a problem "Wueribhon "D Jue'ribD on" outfits, o n e or/jtcd. Then, Jusfc Before the ani­ relatlrtflr to oysters; In the fall, which she will' wear in t h e mal sheds its shell these cells he’ll be back ln his Jab-on the T o A w a r d T r o p h y State Dress Revue at Cherry stop secreting and growth Is no third floor of College, Hall A silver trophy will be H i l l , Haddonficld, Sept. 0, longer held in check. searching for answers to help Marla Maccla also will particl* ‘The story Is not as simple fill ln the seemingly limitless awarded to the best ln show at the Monmouth County Organ­ pate at that time, having won as all that, however," the number oi blanks that still ex­ nu excellent ln the c o u n t y youthful scientist said. “It re­ ist ln man’s knowledge of the ization for Social Service Pet Show and Fair to be held on dress revue. cently has been found that the biological sciences. Saturday, Sept. 14, at t h e -The Browntown girls served Holmdel Grape Farm . T h e In several othor capacities dur­ award will be presented to the Mrs. Anna Spinelli ing. fair week. Marla Maccia Mrs. Helen Stubbs, child entering the most out­ assisted the judges of the food Dies In Hospital Belford, Dies At Home standing exhibit. exhibits, arranging and tabu laUng results; Margaret Krim­ The winner will be permitted Mrs. Anna 8plnelll, 73, Box Mrs. Helen Stubbs, 3B, of 391 mel aided in the serving of 248, Route 618, Matawan, died to keep the tropby for one year barbecue dinners Saturday Maple Dr., Belford, died Mon­ Wednesday, Aug. 21,495?, at and also will receive a minia­ evening; all club members day, Aug. 20, 1057, at her St. Francis Hospital, J e r s e y ture for permanent possession. ■were assigned to patrol the home. She was born ln P o r t City. She was the wife of the The award ls ln memory of 4-H'building Saturday evening. Monmouth, the daughter of late Frank Splnelll. Miss Bonita Fox, daughter of Anne Chamberlain, now presi­ Martin and Wanda S m i t h Mrs. Paul Perry, Eatontown, Mrs. Splnelll wqb born In (Kosky) Ciszeski, Belford. She dent ol the Middlesex County who recently died. Miss F o x 4-H-Council, also worked with was a member of St. Mary’s Italy. She moved to J e r s e y had been a member of the pet City In 1000 and had been the group's “ ducking s t o p 1” Church, New Monmouth. show committee for several Surviving, besides her par­ resident of Matawan for t h e years and the trophy has been booth. The following leaders assist­ ents, arc a sister, Mrs. Walter past 12 years. She is survived by three donated hy committee m e med the girls at the fair: Mrs, Reid, Greenwich, Conn.; t w o bers. Henry H. Crane, jr., Mrs. Pet­ brothers, John Ciszeski, Mata­ sons, Anthony, Frank and Ben­ Mr. and'Mrs, Albert Smith, jamin, all of Matawan; s ix wan, and Frank Smith, R e d er A. Read, Miss Sylvia Molco-chairmen of daughters, Mrs. Bertha Ro­ Middletown nar, Mrs. Hans Krimmel and Bank. the pet show, plan to mall en­ mano, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mrs Mrs. John L, Chamberlain. A high requiem mass is be Rose Schlfano, Mrs. Camille try blanks to all who have tak­ ing celebrated at 0 a.m. this Colnntonlo, Mrs. Graco Switaj er. part in previous s h o w s . morning in St. Mary’s Church Invitations Received Mrs. Anna Blumhagen, all of Entry blanks also w i 1 1 be by the Rev. Robert Bulmani Jersey City; Mrs. Luoy Chas- available at MCOSS Red Bank . Invitations have been receiv­ Interment will be ln Mt. Olivet novitz, Milltown; one brother, Headquarters a n d MCOSS ed from the Rov. William Hen- Cemetery, Middletown Town­ Frank Derise, Jersey City; one Health Centers ln Keansburg, iry Dilts and Mrs. Dllts, Gen­ ship, sister, Mrs. Mary Amodio, Jer­ Middletown, HolmdeJ, W e s t esee, N. Y,, announcing t b e sey City; 17 grandchildren and Long Branch, Belmar, Manas­ marriage of their daughter, To Train In Orange quan and Freehold. three great-grandchildren. Joan Christine, to H a r r y J The pet show will be a fea­ Funeral services will be held Newmlller, jr., on Saturday, Miss Susan G. Miller, Mata­ Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at the ture of a day-long program of M a t a w a n Sept, 14, 1057, at 4 p.m, at the wan, will be among 40 young Day Funeral Home, Keyport activities Including an auction, Central Presbyterian Church. women who will arrive at the At 9 a.m. a high requiem mass sales, games, pony and h a y Genesee, The Rev. Mr. Dllts O r a n g e Memorial Hospital will be celebrated at St. Jo­ rides and numerous o t h e r was a former pastor of t h e School of Nursing. O r a n g e , seph’s Church, Keyport, by tbe events which are being plan­ First Presbyterian C h u r c h , Sept, 5, to begin a three-year Rev. C. J. Kane, pastor. Ihterned to raise funds for t h e ? A O P E N IN G S P E C IA L Matawan. course in tho study of nursing. ment will be in Bt. Joseph’i MCOSS Publlo Health Nursing The Week «( the 26th ta 31st program. Cemetery, Keyport. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are making an effort to have chil­ P-TA Exec Committee dren enter their pets In adHolds First Meeting vanco of tho pet show dato and olasses have been arranged to Beautifully Dry Cleaned Tho executlvo committee Include every possible type of tho Morganvlllo Parent-Teach pet from a pony to an insect. W AYS or Association held Its first Best in show will bo Judged meeting of tho new year Thurs­ In the afternoon by Assembly­ day evening at tho home man Alfred N. Bcadleston Mrs. Eugene Gall, M o r g a n Shrewsbury, nnd M a r k Mc­ vllle. Mrs. Prank Cullens, Clain, Middletown. N o v 1o e . Children's president, conductcd tho meet­ obodlcnco classes also will bc ing. Judged in the , afternoon by Thoso Attending wore Robcr Mrt. Anltn Lissner, Rumson Herbert, principal of tlio Mot’ Best condition In the d o g gnnvllle School; Mrs. Thomas classes will bo Judged by Dr Beautifully Dry Cleaned Antlsell, Mrs. Ruth B i n g e There are no two ways about it— Emery a .' Wlngerter, Red Mr s . Pat Cosgrove, M r Bank, Mr. Smith will J u d g e Thomas Kocovsky, Mrs. Joan children's handling nnd Steven a checking account is convenient. Lanzaro, Mrs. Gloria Preston Wood, Middletown, will Judge Up to Slie 12 Mrs, Cullens land Mrs. Gall. dogs with tho longest a n d 'It helps you keep track of income shortist tails, greatest m i xLehigh Accepts Young ture, largest pet with smallest and outgo, You pay by mail. And handler, smallest pet w i t h M A T A W A N B R A N C H O F Robert C. Young, Holmdel largest handler, turtle n n d ■ Rd., Hazlet, a graduate of Key­ frog rnces, it adds to prestige. port High School, ls among Mrs, William Cantwell, Mld700 freshmen who havo been dlotown. will tudgo tho prettiest accepted for admission to Le­ puppy, child with animal fain, high University, Botlilohem liy and costume classes, Mrs New Larger Quarters — To Give You Quality Cleaning Pa., for-tho fall semester, McClain has ohargo of Judging was nnnouncod recently. He tho cat classes and Mrs. Lorplans to enter tlia Collcgo ralno Pazlcky and C l y d e 13 1 M a in S t./ M a t a w a n Engineering, Bmlth, both of Middletown, will For Pick Up And Delivery Call KEY. 7*0102 award prizes In tho mlBcel'lan1 11 ,j'.ThU |WCCK, why dont yoi fw hlrdsi’ po^lti'y .1.1, l u l l 1, |I look through your ohuroh win Store Hours 8 To 6 Daily ^ fiJo ’S^tldby ' .? 'I'M .,, a * a . .

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    Kiwanis Gift Revives Tennis Interest

    Meeting Tonight On Softball Playoffs

    Dixie Drivers In Stadium Triumphs

    Harry Andrews, secretary. announces a meeting will be MATAWAN High’s football the horse to victory again the Frank Schneider, Baltimore, held tonight to arrange for Md., former national s t o c k field will stay as it ls for the following day. • • • playoffs ln tbe Matawan-Key­ Aug. 22, 1957 Pa*re E I eM car racing champ, t o o k his football season. Hoy S. ' Mat­ 71 YEARS OF HORSE- port Softball League. It n o w thews, chairman of the Mata­ second feature event of t h e wan Board of Education’s com­ PLAYING w e r e observed appears tbat the Atlantic Tile year-at Old Bridge Stadium mittee In charge of rebuilding Saturday by B e r n a r d M. Co.. Smokey’s-Sllver Dollar, Baruch who marked his 07th Sunday. Another driver from the field, said Monday t h e Fiber ' Chemical Co. and, below the Mason and D i x o n field was so hard that the use birthday Monday. Currently of scarifying machinery on It an edition of Mr, Baruch's Brownspoint S & M teams line, Lee Petty, Randleman. brought no results. Topsoll will memoirs ls going to press. It safely have clinched playoff, Bill McKechnle, director of N. C., took the 100-mile NAS­ be piled in one corner behind recounts how America’s eld­ berths but a recheck will be" the Cincinnati National Base­ CAR grand national champion­ the baseball- backstop to be er statesman rose from be­ ball Club farm organization, ship for late model stock se­ spread after the football sea­ ing a meagre-salaried broker­ made tonight, to determine if dans Friday. this week signed Harold Q. son is over. Mr. Matthews was age clerk to become worth this could be changed by re­ (Tom) Deitz, as scout for the Schneider overcame 13 of the afraid that if work were start­ $3,000,000 by the time he was scheduling some of the post­ nation’s “ top 20" in stock car ed under the present condi­ 32. Last year we recalled ln poned games. The managers big league club by contract to racing ln his victory Sunday in tions, the progress would be these columns h o w Mr. are asked to attend so the tal­ Dec, 31, 1058. the 25-lap feature event. There so uncertain that the football Baruch, as a lad of 16, had ly on forfeited games d u e Deltz will be the first bayseason would be here and the made his first bet on a were 25 qualified. shore area man to be a big Bob Wiesenmeyer, F o r d s , Maroon and Steel eleven would horse, walking with his fath­ their teams is correct. . league scout. Only other scout*, Atlantic Tile softballers, reg­ led for the first four laps with haye no field on which to prac­ er from the Little Silver in the Central Jersey area are the action being halted w h e n tice for play. The work on the railroad station to old Mon­ ular season clum ps, Journey­ Gene Thomas, South Amboy field did not .get underway mouth (then Elkwood) Park the car driven by Jim Hen­ ed to Elizabeth Sunday and who is under contract to t h e drickson, Deer Park, L. I., right after school, closed, as In the summer of 1886 to enuaged the Jolly Rogers of Pittsburgh Pirates, and Prank xammed the rail and overturn­ had been hoped becausc of its play the horses one Saturday Burke, Perth Amboy, who ed, spilling water, gas and oil possible use for the centennial afternoon w hin they did not tbat city. The Tilers took the ' under contract with the N e w Tho Keyport Klwanis Club has brought back to activity a sport In the doldrums In this on tho track. Hendrickson es­ celebration and other reasons. have the price to hire a Betsytowners Into camp, 5-4, York (soon-to-be San Francis­ area ever since the oldtlme Keyport Tennis Club passed out of existence. The hardtop recre­ caped injury. Then came the drought;- a n d hack. No doubt Mr. Baruch co, Giants. Deitz will w o r k ation area opposite tho Keyport nigh School grounds on Jaokson St. was donated by tbe club Restarted with Wiesenmeyer now the field ls so hard that recalled the occasion senti­ under the direction of Chuck and recently marked off for tennis courts. The move has met with hearty response from Key- still on top, the race went into unless some rain falls before mentally to mind from h i s Hubs Top Lanes, Take Ward, eastern divisional scout port’s youth and the courts are seldom vacant. the 10th lap when Schneider the football season starts, lt box as Saratoga Saturday as State Softball Title for the club and will have the finally blasted ahead a n d will h a v e to be artificially the 88th running of the Trav-, northern and central Jersey Middletown Lanes softball fought off repeated attempts to flooded to soften It up. A play­ ers took place at the Spa. To Happy Felton Day area under his supervision er tackled and thrown on .It to­ show how times have chang­ team was eliminated from the . dislodge him. The appointment of Deltz Is Wiesenmeyer finished sec­ day would break every bone ln ed. the now $100,000 M o n ­ State Semi-Pro Softball Tour­ Bryan Jaokson, of t b e single ono for the Matawan ond and was followed ln order bis body. The main victims of mouth Handicap had a value ney Saturday by the Perth Keyport Cardinals, won tbe man as lt is rare for anyone by Bill McCarthy, R u m s o n; the non-use of the field during of $3570 when Mr. Baruch Amboy Hubs, 9-1. The Amboy- , coveted bat, ball and Dodger other than & former m a j o r the summer were the Mata­ first watched it back In 1886. ans then went on to win the Plans are being formulated Johnny Zeke, Levittown, N.Y.. wan Orioles, who had no home Hank Cleary, Keyport High’s cap at the Happy Felton There were f o u r tracks In crown Sunday by defeating the great sports star the p a s t program at the Brooklyn by state and Atlantlo City of­ and Ken Marlott, Baltimore. field during the Little Bigger those days,. Monmouth Park, Palazzo Inn, Trenton, nine, in three seasons, made his fare­ Dodgers - Pittsburgh Pirates ficials for the formal opening In finishing as they did, Wies­ league season. Had they had, Sheepshead B a y; Empire a Class A game. enmeyer, McCarthy, Zeke 'and game at Roosevelt Stadium, well appearance In a l o c a l Tony Dragotta, former Keyln September of the Atlantic Marlott Joined nine other driv­ their home field cf years past, (now converted to Yonkers sports event Saturday before Jersey City, Friday night. Jackson • appeared wltb C i t y Marina, New Jersey's ers who already have qualified they might have won that one Raceway for trots) and Sar­ port'softball pitcher, struck a entering the armed services more game that would h a v e atoga. One thing Mr. Baruch strong blow for'the Hubs Wltb ^ this week. He played with the Fred Jones, of tbe Raiders newest and most modern yacht for the 33-car field that w 111 kept them out of a tie with the does not reveal is how much his two bagger In the second. Union Beach Lions junior lea­ and Frank Mendes, of t h e basin, according to Commis­ compete in the 100-mlle East* Keansburg Yankees for t h e horse betting contributed to George Jacobs, of Keyport S ern States championship race gue baseball team against the Bears, In the competition to sioner Josepb E . McLean, of championship. the stake on which he made St M fame, countered with a . Windsor Terrace t e a m of see who would show up best the New Jersey Department of on Friday night, Aug. 30, at • • • his first million. two-base blow to keep lt close. Brooklyn. Tlie Brooklynites at second base. Jnnlor Gil­ Conservation and Economic the stadium. RUTGERS P R E P sum­ • • • • Chuck Woods kept the Amboys Heat winners were. Bob Maltook a game shortened to four liam, Dodger lnflelder, was Development. mertime basketball! c l i n i c to a 2-1 score to the f o u r t h zahn, Miam i; McCarthy a n d ED SPRINGSTEEN, once -a the Judge but he found lt so Innings, 6-2. The marina, when complet­ Zeke. The consolation r a o e has been underway the past Keyport High athletic star, has when they exploded their bat­ Ray LoPresto, who shared hard to, deolde he had to con­ ed, w i l l accommodate 350 mound duties with Cleary at fer wltb Gil Hodges, first* yachts. At the present t i m e , went to Ed Sigler, Fort Mon­ two weeks with local boys been made sports director for ting power and dropped t (l e among the 32 participants. the 54 Lodges of the Loyal Or­ Middletown team way back. mouth wblle the 23-car novice KHS l a s t season, relieved saoker for the Dodgers, be* there are 73 slips available for fore tho decision was reach­ boats ranging ln length from race, an exciting contest,- was Therre were 60 applicants der of Moose ln New Jersey, Cleary on the mound a f t e r L.L. To See Dodgers__ ^ won by Loy Pltner, a marine turned down, so It was note­ ed Jackson bad the edge. Hank's wild streak In t h e 30 to 175 feet. The policy of stationed at Lakeburst. It was worthy that Bob-Kennedy, Horry Morton, secretary of the All boys who are regularly Bryan then beoame t h e Point Pleasant Moose Lodge, third. The Beachers were lead­ maintaining 25 per cent.of ex­ his third straight win. • Keyport High, c o u l d be bas announced. Springsteen registered members of Keyport ing at the time, having picked guest of the Dodgers the fol­ isting berths for transient Rex White, Silver Spring, among those chosen. The was all-state guard on Keyport Little League teams are eligible. up a run ln the second. Cleary lowing day at Ebbets Field, boats, makes this an i d e a l Md., had the fastest qualifying other boy from this area is High’s Group n state champi­ to go on the free bus. trip to scored their run, after getting sitting through the g a m e place for yacht club cruises to time ln tbe 1956 and 1957 sedan Bruce Gunkle, M a t a w a n , HAROLD G. DEITZ a life on an error. Ray Lo­ with the Pirates on t h e dock. On the basin side of the race and started on the pole who was a regular member onship basketball team of 1933. the Brooklyn Dodgers-MUwauBrooklyn benoh and having He also was & member of the kee Braves baseball game at Presto, Dennis Cassidy a n d leaguer to be put under beautiful administration build Ray Scuorzo followed with hits a special interview on tho Ing, there ls a landing stage but was led Into the first turn of1the Rutgers Prep t e a m potent Red and White baseball Ebbets Field on Saturday. Sol tract as a scout. by Jim m y Reed, four-time na­ last winter. Coach F r a n k . teams that Coach Bish Carfiart Opatosky, league president.-an­ ' Deitp played his first basa- to bring in Cleary. Dinny field with 'Charloy N e a l , OQd a 35-foot boardwalk. tional short track champion Zampello, KHS cage men­ Dodger shortstop. was putting together in those nounces. Boys planning to go ball for Matawan ln the eartV Krauss, Windsor T e r r a c e The Interior of tho building from Peeksklll, N. Y. One lap tor, can take pride In t h e Four busloads of Keyport pitcher, saved his own game 1920s when the Maroon ' a n d days. Mike Brlscese, now a should be at the Keyport Gram ­ on the first floor, will house a Steel teams were champions of by knocking down Billy East- fans accompanied the Little l o u n g e ; a ship's chandler later Petty went out in front fact that one of bis 1956-57 Texas League umpire, was on mar School well In advance of with his 1957 Oldsmoblle and players was chosen for a the old Bast Jersey League. mond’s smash with the bases Leaguers to Roosevelt Stadi­ where nautical and food sup­ that team on which H a r o l d 11 a.m.,—when the buses will < •' Ho bad as bis teammates, filled and tossUig to first for um Friday. Managers J a y plies may be purchased: res­ held the lead until the 14th lap clinic where so many were Hopson and Mousey Lawson leave, he cautions. Baker, of the JRalders, B o b taurant, luncheonette and a when White’s 1957 Chevrolet rejected. Chet Forte,-Colum­ were the pitchers and T o j y players like Hank Schanck, the final out. ripped past while Reed’s 1957 bia's All-Ivy League flash Smith was tbe power bitter. Rich Hall led off for the Strang, of tlie Bears; a n d This week, why don’t: "you Ike Woolley, Chet Weber and bar where beverages may be Ford beld third place. &nd Dick Gaines, the bul­ Springsteen later put together look through your church win­ Gil Craig. Matawan took the Brooklyn team with a single Assistant Manager F r a n k procured; ladles’ and men's The trio maintained t h e i r wark of the' Seton Hall bas­ Leonardls, of tho Cardinals, in the third. Cleary then hit championship in 1922 ln a four­ one of the m o s t formidable dows . . . From the inside. showers, and nn administra­ places while other positions ketball team, were the In­ way race with Keyport, Perth two batters and walked three Introduced tho boys to Fel­ tion softball teams to have e v e r office. These service hands constantly. structors. Kennedy expects played ln this area. Their bat­ ton. Co-Manager Bill Geiger, areas are topped by a beauti­ changed Amboy and AsbUry Park. The men to force In' three r u n s . Real Estate Listing Cards for of the Raiders, also partici­ ful fiberglass-covered .roof .gar­ Marvin Panch, Gardena, Calif, to enroll at Rutgers Prep tle with the Buff Plant No. 1 _ tltle was decided when Mata- Ray LoPresto came on t h e sale at this office. lost- fourth place to J a c k -and play basketbair t h e r e pated. ' ~ mound for Unlon~Beach; He den, from which the e n t i r e S m i t h , Atlanta, Ga., then wan'besftd Keyport in a 21team ln the early 1940s drew this coming season. Keyport _ lnnln|y_ game _ on Decoration fanned one man, but a fourth basin may be viewed. cards such as never were to Schneider passed Panch to Kiwanis Club members can Pari Mutuels Day with Blah Carhart a n d Windsor Terrace run came in Other facilities for the con­ be seen again at baseball or move Into the fifth slot. take satisfaction that t h e Hen Dane the battery for Key­ on an infield out and Hall, up venience of the yachtsmen in­ softball contests in this area. Many cars spun with n e a r meeting they had last spring Now clude electrical and TV outlets , port in the final game the fam­ a second time In the Inning, Springsteen now is mainly con­ misses occurring but ln t h e ous pair were to play lor the sent homo the fifth. for each berth, water, lee and 188th lap C h u c k Hanson, for Warren Harris, the pro­ cerned with golf and bowling gressive new Rutgers cage tournaments of .the M o o s e Tho Brooklynites s c o r e d Red and White. fuel. When additional f u n d s Whlteford, Md., apua bis 1057 coach with Keyport H l g b After 'leavtag 'high school. ag-a/n In the fourth, but t h e Lodges* although he .still will Two bayshore speedboat are appropriated, a 1200-car Chevrolet and was rammed at coaches, . already has p a i d Deitz went forth ln semi-pro Bcflchcrs countered with a run parking lot and heliport w i l l have contacts with , baseball, full speed by Dick Klank, Bal­ off and will pay off e v e n racing drivers scored gratify­ in their half. Bob Letts w a s ball. He had many offers, as be added. Yachtsmen may be softball a n d basketball in time went on, to play minor safe on an error and' Cleary ing successes ln events over paged 24 hours a day through timore, In his 1958 Ford. A more so if KHS basketball towns where the Moose Lodges league ball and sefyral b i d s and Ray LoPresto walked to the weekend, but a third met amplifers located on the indi­ third car, wheeled by Bill Ben­ squad members will apply sponsor boys’ teams as part of for major league tryouts, but fill the bases with none . out. severe bad luck ln the form of vidual piers., Taxis and rental son. Hartford, Conn., also was themselves diligently in their the community recreational in this day, long before televi­ Letts was the victim of a pick- a motor breakdown at t h e cars are readily available. The Involved with the track partial­ studies. Incidentally, Coacb programs. ly blocked. The caution f l a g Zampello has had a.pleasant sion of big league baseball, a off play. Bob LoPresto’s sin­ start of his regatta. sheltered harbor ls accessible was flown and the field slowed summer working as director player could earn more money gle scored Cleary but Ray Lo­ during all weather and at any Look through the windows F IR S T Tony LaConte, Keyport mer­ down wltb no passing permit* of the municipal swimming of your church , . . From the having* a regular Job and play­ Presto was cut down at t h e time of the year. POST pool and recreational pro­ inside. ing semi-pro in his spare time. plate trying to come in. Scuor­ chant, raced his Class D hy­ In addlton to the Atlantic ted. * 2 P .M . droplane ln the open regatta at Until then White had a lead gram in Metuchen. Delta played with the old Key- zo then rolled out and t h e City marina, the State of New Dolly Double port A.A., tho Belmar Braves, game was called for the play­ Sea Isle City, south ot Atlantlo Jersey operates three o t h e r of only four seconds over Petty Chttt 145 E . I. Vanderveer's n o t e d ers to have a soolal time Blnce City, Sunday and came ln sec­ marinas located at F o r k e d and tho latter lead Reed by FREEHOLD RACEWAY'S ond ln the two-mile event. He . RACING DAIIV • • Aug. ••Oct. 1 Jt even less. On the restart & 11 Freehold A.C. team, and also It was Cleary’s last game; season has started auspicious­ waskedged out by Art Bennett, River, Leonardo, and P o i n t the • cars were bunched a n d Union Beaoh Lions (2) with semi-pro teams in HlghtsR A IN O R S H I N E ^ ly both as to-attendance and Pleasant. The second largest ab r>'h Rumson. LaConte, with a new marina operated by the state Petty streaked past White to wagering. One area driver, t o w n , Trenton, Elizabeth, On Automobile Ev.ry Thunday I. ladlH* Dn' Madison and Dover. His re­ Wells, cf 2 0 0 boat, outran Bennett on t h e is at Leonardo. This marina lead through the remaining George Molnar, has returned a i» co H cm o N io tv u m t u m ■ INSURANCE nown as a player was such he Cammerano, o 1 0 0 $tralghtways but the Rumson has been operated by the state distance. White was second to race there. The Cheese­ Admission . . . . . . waB signed by the Brooklyn Letts, ^b . 2 0 0 driver was more sure of him ­ since 1918 and has accommo­ and Reed third. quake driver scored a sensa­ Reserved Box S e o ts . 1.20 . Others who finished ln order tional win his first time out Bushwlcks ln 1930. The Bush- Cleary, p. lb • 1 2 0 self on the turns, picking up dations for 180 yachU ranging ' (To* Inc.) No thitdrin yrxhf 16 wicks were a semi-pro outfit R. LoPresto, lb p 1 0 I on the Keyport man, who had in size from 30 feet to 85 feet. were Panch, 1957 Ford; Smith, at the track Aug. 9 *when he to swing wide. Both received T raffic Circle, Junction off Rontei 9-33 1957 Chevrolet; Fireball Rob­ Call KEyport 7-0427 that drew crowds comparable B. LoPresto, &s ' 1 .0 brought Ruth Brewer, an 8 to Transients may be accommo­ trophies. FREEHOLD* N. J. ~ Beach-, Fla., 1 shot in the betting, in ahead with big league baseball clubs Cassidy, ss 10 dated on a limited basis. Com­ erts, Daytona BojoBaits Diretf to TrsduIf.Htimf, HoekA There were 120 racing boats fort stations for men and wom­ 1057 Ford; Johnny Allen, Cor­ of the famed horse from Balti­ of the time. Deltz went in 1932 Scuorzo, If 2 0 uke1 2 :1 5 ; Un* B ranch. 2 m f A vt. A So. B 'w ay ln tho event at Sea Isle City. en, fuel and water are located pus Chrlstl, Tex., 1957 Ply­ more, Royal Brev. Molnar had from the Bushwicks to the Eastmond, 2b ^ ;35. I61 BVay 12:37, 605B’«sy 12:40; Rnt 10 aaftfc,2MocmouthSL12:50,H.Y.BusTermOZjti In tbe Class C outboard hydro­ at the basin. Train, bus and mouth Fury; Buck Baker been running the horse at Yon­ 81 Broad S t Keyport, N .J . Elmhurst Braves and later to Robinson, rf . 10 plane division, Randy Randlo, airport connections to princi­ Charlotte, N. C., 1057 Chevrp' kers Raceway where he came the Rookvllle Center team as the growing population of sub­ 13 2 4 Beverly, driving a boat owned pal cities are m a d e easily let; Schneider, 1057 Chevrolet in the money twice out of four by Les Keating, M a t a w a n , from this marina. Leonardo is and Johnny Dodd, sr., Balti­ starts. Another Molnar horse, urban Long Island made semiWindsor Terrace (0) scored a fourth ln a field of the state marina nearest to the more, 1956 Chevrolet. Most of Josedale Jet Flyer, leased now • .pro baseball a good-paying ab r 20. . proposition there at. the time. R. Hull, cf Sandy Hook area. Ico, bait and the 23 cars ln the starting field by Ralph Neiswander, Hicks2 0 After Deltz gave up active Howley, rf George Andrews, Matawan marine supplies may be ob­ were running at tho finish. vllle. L. I., has proven a good Hendrickson outraccd t h e investment for the Long Island play in baseball in 1037, he re DeBrlto, rf scored a first and third in tho tained ln the vicinity of t h e modified field. In the 25-lap -malned an ardent follower of W, Hall, ss Class C ‘alky” hydroplane basin. “ sportsman. Josedale Jet Flyer tho game..As compensation for Martinez 2b event on Saranac Lake, N. Y., There aro parking spaces for main event at Wall Stadium had run a good qualifying race . the declining to virtual extlnc Roderick', 3b Sunday. Ho outran n field of 250 cars. Taxis, U-drlve*lt Saturday. Hendrickson resides at Foxboro Raceway, In Mass­ tlon of semi-pro baseball, he Hanna, lb 21 in the opening heat. Includ­ boats and cars may be rented. on Long Island as does Al De- achusetts, July 10 but h a d ! had the satisfaction of seeing Connerty, c ed ln tho number trailing him A mechanic, is available f o r Angelo who was second a n d broken badly in a last race at his four sons play bascbcll for to Uio finish gun was Bill Dun- marino engine repairs. Restau­ Zeke who copped third. the track near Boston. NeUKelley, If Matawan High, One son, The special Wall-Belmar Fu­ nlngor, Class C hydro champ rants, movies, and drugstores wander then leased the horse Today - Tomorrow - Saturday A u g . 22-23-24 George, now ls baseball coach Krauss, p of Canada, Bill WolLs, London, are in nearby Atlantic High­ turity race, which included no­ and ran the trotter for tw o at Matawan High. More out­ vice drivers from the commun­ lands. A sizeable fleet of charOnt., was winner of the gold­ races at Weequahlc P a r k , 14 6 4 standing as a sports star is ZOth Century-Fox pree«nt» . S/t:. j en sweepstakes at Saranao, torcd boats use tbls as homo ities of Wall, Belmar a n d Newark, where there is no bet­ Score by Innings: Harold, who performs for the South Belmar, was taken by ting and no strain accordingly 00 61—8 speeding over the flve-m 11 e port and take fishing parties Bob French, Wall Township. Holy Cross Collego. varsity. Ho Windsor Terrace is put on a horse* Then, last 01 01—2 course in 3 minutes and 56 sec­ out for sport fishing the year now Is pitching in the playoffs Union Bench Lions Tho novice race was won by Friday, the horse was stcrted onds or at an avorngo speed round. of tho Nova Scotia summer Bob Robertson, Nutley, while at Freehold with Vern Jack­ of over 71 miles per hour league where he had a 7-3 reo- Irish Wrestler On Heart disease apparently is Loy Pltner took second spot. Andrews on Aug. 11 annexed son driving, and came in to ord this season with the Kentn second at Cranberry I. a k o, prevalent among moro women pay $41 to win. To show it was . vllle team and the best earn- Asbury Park Card than men, Health Information also in the Adirondack Moun not a f l u k e , Jackson drove Loses License ed-run average in tho leaguo. Spcclal — Kiddle Show — Special Roland J. Illnes, promotor of tains, in the eastern district Foundation points out, but it Saturday Afternoon at 1:45 P.M. John Pcrlna, 34, of 100 West ll] wrestling nt Asbury P a r k reglonals. Gaston LaBargc. an­ causes 75 per cent more deaths 2 — Attractions — 2 A r e n a, tomorrow night, ls other Canadian driver, was among tho males in this coun­ Front St.. KcyDOrt, haa had his Bowery Boys Richard Denniu* matching Mckl Starr, known victor over tho Mntawan man try. Ono possible explanation drlvcr‘8 license revoked for a In In ns the ballet danco wrestler, but both qualified for a placo of the excess male mortality por.od of six months for three with Danny McShane, Ire­ ln the Class C national cham­ Is that men are thought to bo .opcenlng offerees, lt was an­ land's contribution to t h e pionships on Uio Mahongahcla particularly subject and vul­ nounced recently by 5'rederNOTE:—Hatful of Bain not shown at Kiddie ah^w. Krunt-nnd-groan Industry. The River at McK^csport, Pft., ln nerable to tho strains a n d lok J. Gassert, Jr., Direjv>r oi . SouthAhbot 1-Moo , \jambstnmir-WDiiHuwm pressures of modern life. match will bo for ono fall to October. Motor Vehicles ■ ' Bunday - Monday . Tuesday Aue. *5-26-27 Today thru Saturday win wltli ft ono hour time limit. Harrison Boggs. Keyport, S V " M IG H T " Continuous Sunday — Starting 1:45 P.M. James Stewart In addition to the main bout was tho less fortunate ono. Audio Murpby Lw . ) PASSAGE' two A u s t r a l i a n tan team Tho water pump on his motor le " "Night Passage" matches featuro Friday night's failed to work, dangerously MNDUfflU'DUmmOSIB bo ug h t her (Tcchnieolor-Technlratna) wrestling show. In tho soml-fl heating his engine, at tho start la rk a ble ---lMui - sal Mtaeo ■ —i .-I. smd s h e „ (»• llnrrgtmw gfHtmfti Btk** . Janie* Whitmore nnl, tho team of Dr. J e r r y of tho regatta on Lnko George, Qrahftm-and Professor R o y N, Y,, Saturday, making his "The Young 1 W W IM Hhlres match their (trips with 185 mile trip for naught. M UiMtf, g/fl wh* ftoufA/ |i| r a 4 .. Don't Cry" Mlquol1Torres and Ramon LA pcz. This bout ls for two out t a Sun. - Mon. - Tues, or threo falls to win, Clark Oiblc Clark , yvdhne Yvonne DcCarlo «WARNEItCOlOR »«.W/UUIE^BH0J E The othor tag team match l Ga b l e d e Carlo brings togothor the VonHefls "Band O f Angefs" — Plus Selected Short SublecU Drothors, Karl and Erie,, who (WarntrColor) IMa> • Joel McCre* will mcot tho coiitblno of Cow­ N e x t W ee k W ednex day T h ro u g h S a tu rd a y A u r . V t i o 31 narbara Stanwyck boy Don Leo and Olno Oarl "Trooper Hook" balfll. Tills bout nlso will re- Rooms — with or without lEYUUXfi Ltrt-uurau STORY HE1,F1UIEI|-| Trooper H ook qulro two out of threo falls to board, c l e a n , eomfortnblo, I W O M yimu ■ convenient. B a s e s at thr win, , c n ^ H w fN C V r JE R S E Y TURMRKC I f lM i w t H M arH MetroCilw A R T I E 'S B O A T B A S IN ®MMCK Tlie opening contest pits tlie door, taStft |C*GLtt TOftOUTC 9 WINTER STORAGE — UAUMNG Molmwk Indian, Cblof D 1 tf K IR K D O U G L A S . mSSToiretfcAFKssrA ^ CMumn 123 First St., i ~it* -- -------Heart against Angolo Savoldl, West Street Union Beach LUST FOR LIFT wtocm OARD1H STATO FMRKWAY Tbe opening bout »t t b s MIPOET RAILROAD Keyport 7-0981 (r (itn « r A H io iv » iiM n 9 . wrestling s h o w g o e s on Arthur Edmonds_______ KEyport 7-0942-M (X — I •TDUr m u n t « H UNION promptlr at 0 p.m .:.......... . •'u n u i*»t Hf * ■P


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    Union Beach Lions Lead In Title Series With Cliffwood Angels ''U nion Beacb Lions got t h e Jump on the Cllffwood Angels in their series for the M o d mouth .County Little League championship, winning, 2-0, . /Monday .at , Middlesex Rd. Held, Matawan, tbe site designatfid for the'peimjuit seTles. Danny Hourahan and Billy Trembley . shared tbe mound duties for the victors. T h e y were a notch below their best • but ftif airtight’dcjfense ^nT)Lh« ered 6very Cllffwood chance. Ken Szyarto and Whitey Bat­ son worked on the mound fpr ■the: losers. . ■ —. Cliffwood heartened their followers by making an early . • threat.. With one out in - their halt of Che first, Ed Flynn and Bill Collins bit safely aud stole - I d t o scoring position. B u t Houfah&n, on the mound for ,: the Beacners, poured it on to fan Szyarto and John Howard to retire the side without a ran. : . The Lions garnered a run ln tbe ; second when Hourahan -walloped one over the fence bis first time-at bat. They add­ ed another in the third when Butcbie Keugetter was safe on ___an-.error and Hourahan smote


    a twdrbagger. • , Cllffwood never again had a t r u l y good chance. When -Trembley came on to p i t c h and Bcuraban went to catchlng, the potent Da.nny snuffed out two Cllffwood attempts to “-.--steal^ bases by a country inile < The Lions worked up to their championship series by taking on the Merchants Trust Co. - team, Red Bank, in a Boy:> . Day game Saturday. The Lions took the young bankers into camp, HJ-7. Had the Red Bank* era had a pitcher who could find -the plate, . the outcome might ha.ve been different as :— the boys from along the Navesink, slugged the oi’ferings of Hourahpn and Trembley f a r better, than could the Angels But the Beachers were In s ug. glbg~fqrm also, Tommy Walsh and Hourahan each getting a brace pt home runs on “ suck­ er'; i)itcbes>y Rea Ban* hur;ers trying to find the p l a t e during streaks of wildness. As — the bases were loaded w i t h Beacher players from w a l k s when thes^ rhlscues occurred, — the results were disastrous for the Red Bankers-. - .The Angels* .game with the . MonmoUth Beach Youth Coun­ cil.to declce tbelr series was . played ot Monmoulh B e a c h F r i d a j . it was a contest unique- in' the anbals of base* — baU-.ln. that-the~Angels. victors by a 15 0 score, were outhii ' More than that, they scored 10 runs in the''second inning with out getting a hit. John Howardsheld the opp> Sition s43e^£farougfaout,'Theort-^ . ly/time?: he had difficulty -was : ,n the'.,, second inning when teonntjnb^Beach'! filled bases with Gte out. He fanned

    iS K o r r m ftH

    The name Straub, stands for a s*>i *R K tn the pur­ chase of a a s e d car. Be guided by this when you buy yonr ^nr.- Qor cars are recon­ ditioned, reasonably priced, guaranteed. Easy terms. 1955 Buick Special, bard top ‘ ..two tone aynaflow. radio ^neater p o w e r steering power orates, A one own r er ja i This is tne one you nave oecn looking for . 1955 Buick Cemury. 4 f lo o r . nara top. two tone roaio healer dynaflow. w h i t e wall tires. O n e owner car. a smart car for tne smart ouyer. It is pncec io sell. 1954 B'nck auper 2 door, hard top, two wne. radio, heal er. dynaflow. white wan tires. One owner, clcan car. A lot of prestla«e jn tnis one. 1954*Ho*ck Bpecial. 4 aoor. two tone, radio heater, dym flow. 8 clean one owner car This is a very nice car for the fnmily. Its going to sell.


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    the next two batters to retire the side. In their half ol the second, ClUXwood sent 16 men to bat. One got on base by an error, the other on a fielder’s choice. The other 11 were walked as Monmouth B e a c h paraded four pitchers to the mound before the visitors were retired* , . The Keyport Raiders have * big post-season Merles arrang­ ed with the Sayrevllle O w l s , the first game to be played at KHS field tonight. The Raid­ ers prepared themselves f o r this chorc by taking on tbe Un> Ion Beacb Fireballs and em« erglng victors, 7-1. The oddity of this one was tbat W i n d y Clayton, Union Beach pitcher, set the Keyport batters down with one hit, but walks a n d errors were the undoing of the Fireballs, as has been the case with them all year. . The Raiders scored t w i c e tbe first time up on a walk to Frank Dowd and bad errors on grounders by Hank DuBols and Tom Gevas. The Keyport team made lt safe in the third with considerable help f r o m t h e i r opponents* miscues as they converted walks to Du­ Bois, Gevas, and Jim Carhart Into three runs. Tbe Fireballs’ only counter off Billy Geiger, Raider hurler, was Buster Tomic&’s l o n g home run belt in the fourth inning. • * ~ ...........'

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    Hazlet Fire Co. Little League Baseball Club

    Little Bigger Racc Ends In Tic

    ole pitcher, held tlie VFW safe after Uiat, THE The Orioles had no” trouhlo hitting Bill Foster, VFW start­ ing pitcher,'but tt was not un­ MAUWAN JOURNAL til tho third they were ahead. They picked up a run ln the I ’ate Nine. fl,rst on Fred Moser's triple Aug, 22,. 1857 and Don Zenl's single. In the . third they gained a 3-2 lead on u walk to Zonl, Mcndlnl’s sec­ ond hit, nnd follow-up singles '5s* ' * by Holmes and Bill Itowle. Middletown pltchors c o u 1-d not find the plate In the fourth The world premiere of I c • lmilng and walked so m a n y Cniindes of 1958 will open the Oriole batters, tho gamo lost fall season at Madison Square all trace of a contest. Oarden, New York, with a 12Keansburg Yankees (8) doy engagement fror* Sept. 4 ab r h through Sept. 15. Completely Qelslcr, 3b 2 0 0 new from ovcraturo to finale, Osnato, £b 3 1 0 the current version of the wellPerry, ss . 4 2- 3 knowtf lec extravaganza offers 3 3 3 » wldo range ot refrigerated Pletrlewlc*, p 3 0 1 entertainment, Burko, of Convery. c 3 .0 0, Producer John II, Harris hns 3 1 1 placed special emphasis t h i s Beltnm, lb QanneUo, If : 2 1 0 season oil fine music. Heading 2 1 1 tlie list of elaborate producLouche, rt , tlon sequences Is a profile vcr21 1 t s l o n of Bluet's "Carm en,” stream lined and modernized, 81. Maty'a (11 ab r h with choreography by J o s # 3 0 0 Qroco nnd Milton Cross as Foran, lb 3 0 Q narrator. Also in the musical Wcckenman, rf Collins, a ' 3 1 0 field are Walt Disney's Fantasla as Interpreted from the J , Abbes, p 3 0 1 Nutcracker Suite, fine fare for 3 0 1 c. Abbes, ot tho youngsters; a vignette of Qannon 3b 3 0 0 Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" 2 0 0 and a Salute to Qeorge Gersh­ Craig, 2b Savage, ss 1 0 0 win, • Jascott, If . 1 0 0 Rounding out tlie sequence! Is Uie precision-skating finale, 22 1 2 "Je t—300 Minutes from Holly, Boer* by Innings i wood to Broadway" and n BnSt. Mary's 0001 000—I varlan A l p , funfcst, "T ht Keansburg Y ankeu 0030 42x—0 Sohuhplattlers," B l a d e champions again Matawan Orioles (l6) make up tlie long list of star* ab r h included ln the 18th edition of Fierros, 3b 3 1 0 Ioe capadcs. Moser, ss > 2 2 1 Evening perforintaoes a r t Zenl, of,. 3 2 2 scheduled at 8:30 p.m. during Mondlnl, p 1 1 } the run, except f o r a u n d i y Holmes, o 1 3 0 0 when there li an early s h o w Bo’wle, lb 3 0 1 at 8 p.m. Matinee, have been Bsymanskl, It 3 1 1 soheduled for 2 p.m. on SatUr* L. Oarlto, 2b 1 1 0 days, Bopt, 1 and Sept. 14, and Oregory, rf .1 0 0 Sundays, Sept, 8 and Sept. 18. Staffllnger 0 1 0 Tickets (or all p e rfo rm a n c e ,*^ ' now are on sale by m all or ln '* 21 10 8 person at Lho Madison Square Oarden box office, Mlddletewn VFW til kb r h k . Truoxi 3b 3 0, 0 Ryom Spend Vacation Donatelll, lb 3 0 0 Capalbo, ss____ 2 1 0 In Catikill Mountain* Riddle, cf 2 11 Mr. and Mrs, Jolm T, Ryan, Ruby, 3b, p ’ 3 0 2 2 W « n t Prospect Avo., Cliff* Fostor.-p, rf --. 2 0 0 wood, returned hom*“ ATi*P; ia Provlnl, o 2 0 0 aftor spending a vacation visMatile, 2b, p ' TI 0 0 King t h e i r Bon-lti-law and Kerns, rf 1 0 .0 daughter. M r. and M rs, R a y . Share, 2b ' 1 0 Q W illiam s, a t their s u n i live r

    Keansburg Yankees, put un­ der "got to win” pressure by the victory of the Matawan Orioles over the Middletown VFW by a 10-1 score on Thurs­ day night, rose to the occa­ sion Saturday morning at the Keansburg field, repulsing St. Mary's, New Monmouth, 8-1. to end the northern division, Monmouth County Little Big­ ger League race ln a tie. BoUi teams ended the regular sea­ son with a 16 wins, 2 losses, record. Al pjetrjewjes, tlie little left­ hander who was a star tor the Keyport Cardliinls ln the Lit­ tle League In 1OSS, wns the pitcher who delivered t h e goods for tl\o Keansburg team when they needed It, tlio inost. He held the St. Mary's team to two hits, both bunched ln The Hatlet Fire Co. team edged oat Garden Parkway Homes In the competition for second tlio fourth inning for their on­ place In the Barltan Township league. The pennant In the league was won by West Keans­ ly run. burg Fire Co., a veteran unit, but the other six team were newly*organlted this year and Jay Abbes was the starting waged a fierce battle among themselves while gaining experience ln play this season. The Hatlet Bquad (left to right): Kneeling—Douglas Longo, John Cusano, Timothy Cullen, pitcher for St. Mary's. He did Ronald Caccarlllo, Sylvester Cantrells, Richard .Stair, Joseph Nappl, Dominick Cosano* very well to the third when coach. Standing—Russell Barnes, scorer, Nicholas Marloles, Stewart Barnes, Leonard Saut- Alex Osnato got a life oil on error with two out. Wayne Fer­ er, Thomas Wohenba, Michael Brown, Anthony Infantl, manager. Charles Bove and Vincent and Joseph Allocco, team members, were absent when this pic­ ry tripled to send In tho first ture -was taken. . Yankees run. Pletrlewlc* hit safely to score Perxy. Jim m y Burke then doubled to send home tbe Keansburg pitcher. After Winkle Collins walked ln Uie fourth, Jay -Abbea and Chuck Abbes both singled to (2) Merchant* Trust Co. (7) Score by Inning*! ....... scoro tho New Monmouth run, sb r h ab r ll Cllffwood Angels 0 10 2 0 3—IB The rally might have kept go­ Ruby, 3b. 3 0 1 Buonamo, ss, p 3 2 2 Monmouth Beach 0 0 0 0 0— 0 ing had not catcher Oeorge Convery nipped 'Chuck Abbes Kengetter, cf 3 1 0 Goodman, 2b 1 2 1 Keyport Balders (7) off first. ’ Walsh, lb , 3 0 0 Davis, p, ss 3 2 1 Keansburg Insured victory ab r h Hourahan, c, p 3 1 2 Johnson, 3b 3 I 1 . Dowd, 2b ' 1 ] 0 tn the fifth when Pletrlewlcz Trembley, p, o ' 2 0 I Collo, o 3 0 1 DuBols, of Beutel, 2b 3 0 0 12 0 led off with a long homer. Buoky Beham, Tony CJonnel 3 0 2 Oevas, o 3 0 1 Procopio lb , rf GUmartln, ss , . j I 0 lo and BUI Louche all follow' Petite, If . . 2 0 0 Breslow, of..... . 2 0 0 Strang, a . ....... ^ i 1 1 ed with hits to roll up a sec, Samsel, rf 2 0 0 Ayers, If . a 0 0 Pote. 3b ' t 0 0 ure margin for the Yankees ro­ 0 P . Jones, ss Wright ,-rf, lb .... 0 0 0 and Insure t h e i r tie for the 24 2 5 French lb t 0 0 title. (0) ' . V ' ... 32 7 8 Carhn'rt, ss 1 10 Tbe Keansburg team also ab r h Geiger, p ' 3 0 0 had to defeat Atlantlo High' Olltfirood Angels (15) B. Smith, as 3 0 1 Nuss. If ..... • 10 0 l a n d s Foather Merohants sb r h Flynn, cf 3 0 2 Hallorwi, If 1 0 0 twloe during Uie week to lfr 4 1 1 Dane, rf W. Collins,- Sb 3 0 1 B, Smith sa ' 1 0 0 sure thomselves of the playoff. 4 1 0 Rapolla, rf Szyarto, p, 2b 3 0 1 Flynn, ct 1 0 0 ■3 2 1 The Orioles seoured t h e i r Howard, lb 3 0 0 W. Collins, 3b right to ^ a playoff berth by ' . •1 3 0 Medolla, o 2 0 0 Szyarto, lb . 18 1 1 3 3 d o w n 1 n g Mlddlotown VFW, Howard, p 1 2 0 0 Batson 3b, p _ Unlon Beach Fireballs-(1) • 10-2, Thursday ln a game hold 2 0 Klein, rf • 2 0 0 Batson, 3b : ab r h to four-and-one-haM Innings by : 4 2 0 Plzil, 11 2 O' 0 Medolla, o 0 0 .rain. The Mltldletown to a m Klein, rf . . ■ ,. 3 0 0 Cooney. 2b , Herman, l b ' 0 1 had had an outside ohanoe to PIzzl, If 1 0 0 23 0 s Clayton, p t 0 0 tie before going Into the gamo 1 11 (16) 23 IB 3 Tomlca, o An Oriole ervar gave Middle­ LarosM 3b 0 .0 town two unearned runs ln tho ab r Jl HonmoaUi Beach Y. 0. (0) 0 0 first. With two''outs, Sam Ca, Lewandowskl. of Ruby, 3b 4 1 1 ab x b 0 0 palbo was lilt by a pitched hnll Pash, I f .... Kengetter, cf ' 1 3 0 Curtiss, s s ' 3 0 0 Deer, j i 0 0 and Ron Riddle walked. A Walsh, lb 3 3 2 J3'Halloran,lb,-p2 -o-o0 1 passed ball advanced both and Sommer, ss Hourahan, p, c 4 3 3 Nichols, 2b v' 1 0 0 when Loon Holmes, Matawan Trembley. c, p 2 1 1 Hankins, 3b. p • .... ■3- 0 2 18 1 3 oatchor, throw low to t h 1 r d, Beutel, 2b 2 1 0 Kampf, rf, p , . ■ 3 0 0 - Score-bylnnlngsi Capalbo came ln to s c o r e Nappi rf ...... -2 2 -1 B orens, o .... ...... 2 0 0 Qllmartin, ss 1 1 0 Farrugalro, p, lb 2 0 •0 Union Beach Fireballs 000 10—1 Ken Ruby then hit satoly, Bcor1 Inir Riddle. Lou Mendlni OrtKeyport Raiders 203 2x— -7'lng Mendlni. O rt Samsel, If 1 1 1 Slaaen, cf 1 0 1 Petito, I f ' , ■ ; 1 0 0 Jones, if . , •> . a , 0 ^


    Roland P. Smith, Senior Fisheries Biologist of the State Division of Fish and Game, Department of Conservation and Economic Development, has reported that pollution ls not the only cause of flshkllls this year ln New Jersey. While the state has- been plagued by Its share of flshkllls from pol­ lution, because of low water, there have been Quite a f c w flshkllls due, to natural causes, associated with tbe warm and prolonged dry spell -that New Jersey experienced this sum­ mer. . ' Mr, Smith reported t h a t many lakes and ponds are ex­ periencing heavy blooms of al­ gae or microscopic plant Uie which subsequent die a u d during tbe decomposition, by bacteria, the oxyjfin Js reauc: ed to a level that ls Insufficient to maintain fish life. ‘‘Normally, fish -will die dur­ ing: the night qr. .on . cloudy, days which Is w&cn the oxy­ gen values beco.ua most criti­ cal,” Mr. Smith explained. "In tome .instances tbe flshkill al­ so ts preceded by very calm -21 IS 9 water,' which tends' to provent much mixing of the water with the air through wave action. State Now Manages During the daytime, especially In bright sunlight, the plants Manalapan Lake return oxygen to the water by The State Division of F.l s h the process of photosynthesis. At night, or on cloudy d a y s , and Oame has reported to Jo­ they take Out more oxygen by seph E. McLean, State C o m ­ •breathing' than they return by missioner of Conservation- and photosynthesis and the ; chain Economic Development, that reaction begins. Manalapan Lake in Middlesex "Some species of algae also County, and 12 miles of sUeam give off toxic by-products dur­ ing their decomposition a n 1 and tributaries above tbe lake, these will kill fish and a 1 s o have been placed under pro­ may cause animals to become gram management by fisher­ sick if they drink the Water. ies laboratory personnel under There are many reports of cat­ the supervision of Rx) y R. tle dying ln tbe west f r o m drinking water containing cer­ Younger. Reclamation was puTt of a tain species of blue-gieen al­ gae which bave started to de­ project being financed by fed­ compose." eral funds under the DlngellMr. Smith said there is little Johnson Act, the division an­ that can be done to prevent nounced. Manalapan Lake was these flshkllls until we get ro- taken over by the Middlesex lief from heavy rains w h i c h County Park Commission last will dilute tho water and cool year and lowered ln order to the h I g h temperatures. In allow repairs to the dam. It small ponds temporary relief then was decided that Mie lake can be achieved by oxygenat­ should be made ready f o r ing the water, cither with fire management prior to Its being hoses or It racing an outboard refilled, because of the scarci­ motor through it, However, on ty of game fish present. large lakes these methods are not practical because of t h e large water volume.




    ’58 Ice Capadcs At Garden Soon

    home In the Catsklll M o u n ­ t o i n s , . arnhnm svillB , N. V . 1... They also visited the W U llam * at their homo ln Qoslien, N ,Y , . O il Aug. 11, they traveled to t h o Westchester Airport, a t . •■Holp Wanted" ad . In thl, whloh tim e M r. W illiam s left papor wll you about ths good on a business trip to Vtrglnliv jobs open. ‘ and C alifornia; :

    ■ -. . 2} n Hcore by Innlnssi Middletown VFW 200 00— 2 Matawan o rtolar 102 7x—lo


    28 Targets At N.F.A.A. Shoot Ten members of the Indian Hill Bowmen participated In the National Field Archery As­ sociation Shoot on Sunday at Unaml Bowne’s course at Leo­ nardo. High man for. the In ­ dian H1U group was Edward Lawton with 28 targets. Olber local bowmen turned ln credit­ able scores ln tbe all d a y tournament. Visiting bowmen and their families attended from all parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Plans have been made to visit the Bucklln Valley Bow­ men, near Delaware W a t e r □ap, on Sunday, Sept. 1, f o r another a 11 day N.F.A.A, Shoot. The shooting courso at Hlllcrcst will be'Increased from l i to 28 targets. When lt ls com­ pleted by the spring of 1058, the Indian Hill Bowmen w i l l offer one of the finest courses ln the state.

    or Plavload

    room for a holf ton of fr.IgM, ond pl.nty of V-8 "muicl." to haul It up lillli wllhovl a huff or a puff locdini I, eniy, tool Wllh one hand you a n open the llflynte and tullgatc. 'ilicn, you alio get the wmil loading area In tlio low-price field, ilmnki to l'ord • wrap-around llflpie. And, to go wllh llie Ford wngon'i lllg cain’lng capacity, yiou can get top performance from llie blggut V-fl In l'oril'i HrId I There'i room for nine big )U-foot.ri< and th.ie nsw ford wagoni carry lh.m In i.don comfort Wllh (II lliii, nlui Ihe fnr.r Oi.iI model for niodrl l'ord U the loweit prlcrd r»f the low-price three,* il*, no wonder l'ord wsgom ouliell 'em all I Wlinl't more. If you we tli while we're ctlehr.tInK nearly 3 dccadci of l ord wi^tm lro(lrr«lilp,t you'll get llie lil(jlicit trade* ...Mil sllowaiire and l»ril deal of llie ■nmuil-

    rORB ,rk*t (tort

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    *1799°* hr Ihli

    CUSTOM TUDOR fCOAH rmn mi «»i mihvi Il feiUf'i plui,

    thl* i d hM»l ItIM.U 4
    Sale To Aid Bowm en Mrs. Jone Lane, Hazlet, will conduct a cake sale at the Keyport Auction on Friday, Aug. 30, starting ot ^ p.m. for the benefit of the good a n d welfare fund of the Indian Hill Bowmen. A large variety of home made cakes and pies will be offered lor sale.

    Parkway Travel Slowed Stnte Policc reported t h a t southbound traffic on the Gar­ den State Parkway between Keyport and Red Bank w a s slowed to about flve-miles peThour for an hour &nd.a-b a 1 t Friday night as the result of several minor car accidents The flow of cars was slowed between 8 p.m. and 0:30 p in but no injuries were reported, they addrd.

    THE WORD “T11UG" IS NOT MODERN SLANG It comes from the name of • ' confederacy of professional murderers, who lerrorlied In d ll for 700 years. They wor­ shipped "K ali Ma**, tbe Hindu goddess of destruction, and as* sasslimtfon w a s a reUrlou* doty. The order wa« unmask* On The House ed between 1830 and 1840 and later stamped out. J.—“ Noe* Received with overwhelming gets of Knowledge’* — Geo. W. “god-neighbor get-together Btlmpsoa. popularity, there’ll be another doughnut-and’Coffee treat at Ihe Amboys Drive-In Thea­ tre, Sayrevllle, Friday and Sat­ urday nights. Once a g a i n , doughnuts and hot coffee will be served at ths midnight ln» a ... >■fiatC* Vf • termlssion. •V f H.( ty »Td.OiM ‘ ■ ' ■v/'

    < M O T O R S, .V


    for Ml* * l this ot099> - iu , -

    Middletown Wednesday Night League Standings Ang. 14 . * Team W L Tourlne's Tavern ........................ . 2B 7 Flynn's Shamrock .......... . 20 10 Middletown Lanes ................... . 19 11 Wilson’s Palace.Diner .................... IS 12 Middletown Oarden Center , 16 14 Port Monmoulh Esso Center .......... 16 16 Pin Splitters ................... ........... 14 10 No. 4 .................................................... 12 18 Friars ................................................... 8 22 Vagabonds ......................................... 6 25 Two Game Winners Tourlnc's Tavern over ^ort Monmouth Esso Center, Wilson’s Palncc Diner over Flynn's Shamrock, Pin Splitters over Middletown Garden Center. Mlddfrtown Lnnes over No, 4. Friars over Vagabonds. . / ' 200 Club ,J, Montana . . . . . . . . i ....... ,.219 T. Wells ............................... 210 H. Huber .............................205 E. LeBedz ........................... 204 . D. Pease ..............................202 R Fisher . . . » ....................... 200 .

    • BOWLERS and BILLIARD PLAYbiS • Crover'*

    KEYPORT RECREATION American Legion Building 81 W . Front St.

    NOW OPEN D/*LY Speolal PraettCjS SessUtt DaUy WUh lastroetUns By II M OKOVK1

    Come In a n d , a v « w h llo w o c a ls b r a ta 2 9 y N r i . o f t t a r io n w a g o n l « a d * r i h lp \ t l m i tn


    f U l wf 4 t mmiii VVH ikt }»it t i f i t l


    George S. Barrett & Son MAIN STREET

    MA 1-3100



    Cliffwood Evens






    agencies It

    Service Campaign two additional agencies. They are The National Society lot Collects $53,552 the Prevention of Blindness.

    The first Federal Service and the National Association Cliffwood" Angel s ' survived Campaign of National Health for Mental Health. ' tbe shock of a bases-loaded Agencies in-New Jersey col­ A u k , 22, 1957 Page Ten homer against them to rise up lected $53,552.00, it was an­ Methodist Men's Club ln tbe later Innings against the nounced in Newark recently Union Beach Lions last night ; by Donald M. Smith, chair­ Holds Peach Festival and even their series for the man of the New Jersey com­ The members of the Metho­ Monmouth County Little Lea­ ■\x' mittee. dist Men’s Club of St. John’s. gue championship. The score Mr. Smith, who ls executive Methodist Church, R a r i t a n , of this second game of t h e director of the New Jersey Bo Township, enjoyed a p e a c h , series at Middlesex Rd, field, clety for Crippled children and festival held at the home or Matawan Orioles won tbe Matawan, was 9-5, . playoff game Tuesday at Key­ Adults, one of the participate Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rathjtu ln n k o AtaHonalPsrk . The Angels scored a run off port High School Held to de­ ing agencies, explained t h bone, Holmdel Rd., H a z l e t flM A Iit fr all-season touristDan Hourahan, Lions ' starting cide the northern diviElon even though the campaign was Monday evening. The ladies; *•- iK S o rtU a n id e a lFallpiaypm uni pitcher In each of the f l r « t championship, ln the M o nheld during the winter, reurttft ' its rts unspotted beauty m odem were tbe guests., • three innings. John Medolla mouth County Little B i g g e r celpts were being received un­ lu x u ry A olrt foil- r fd in i, fithirtp Those attending were Mr; scored for them ln the first on League. They defeated . t b e til two weeks ago. ctiKipaahny . ySw and Mrs. Joseph Heyer, t h e bis hit and two Union Beach Keansburg Yankees, w i t h Of the more than 60,000 fed­ Rev. Norman R., Riley a n d F r tl visito tv io 4VSMMW errors. Johnny Howard’s sin­ whom they were tied at t h e eral military and civilian per­ Mrs. Riley. Mr. and .Mrs. Leon . enjo y & gourm ets choree gle ahd Leif Aamot’s double end of the regular season for sonnel solicited during t b e Matthews, Mr. and.M rs. Ro-; o f« * n tic OeUcacier made the run ln the second. top honors, 3-1. government authorized drive, land Emmons, Mr. and M r s th a n /a lo ifteM rvesbDoubles by Ed Flynn and Ken Leon Holmes was the win. 29,785 submitted sealed envel­ John T. Ackerson, Mr. a n o tm e abandonee o f Szyarto garnered the run ln ning pitcher. He was ln seri­ opes with designated contribu­ Mrs/Leonard Heale, Mr. and ■ fine foods. the third. ous difficulty only once during tions. A breakdown of receipts Mrs. Douglas Wadsworth, Mr • ftO M C O frdltm pjonthe game.- Tbat was ln tUe secThen came the disaster for for the . approved agencies and Mrs. Dyson Woodhouse. \. ship s°K O burse _ 1 A ood Inning when tbe . Keans­ the Angels ln the Beacber’s shows the Society'for Crippled ■■Also' Mr. and Mrs. A l y I n _. o n 3fOOCt tfontvtdel o tte rs yearburg' team filled tbe bases wltb half, of the third. With t w o Children arid Adults collecting Walling; Mr.l and Mrs. James ^ , ro u n d s p o rt p lu s tw atA tak/np two out. Holmes fanned Bobby out, Biltchle Kengetter doubled (10.6S1.S7: thi N e w / J e r s e y . Neldlnger; Mr/ and'Mrs, Frank _, m V im s o l th a P rin c ip a lity a n d • Gelsler to end the threat. The for the Lions. Tom Walsh and Chapter.of the Arthritis, a n d McCleaster,'; ' Mr. .and M r s • french a n d Ita lia n coastlines. Keansburg ' run c a ril e on Hourahan walked, loading the R h e u m a t i s m Foundation Hudson Carhart,-Mr. and'Mrs ■ Wayne perry’s triple and an sacks. Bill Trembley t h e n $9719.00; Multiple Sclerosis So­ Stanley Latham, Mr. and Mrs irilleld out ln tbe sixth; poked one over the fence for ciety. $8719.00; ' Howard ■ Porter, Mrs, William Matawan garnered a run off four runs. The following inn­ The'New jersey, Heart Asso­ Bedle, Mrs Em m a Greene . Leon Waltt, ‘Yankees starting ing Jack Gllmartln singled and ciation received *0257.68; Mus­ Harvey Walling, Ernest Wall- ‘ pitcher, In the . first. W a l k s cular Dystrophy Associations came a r o u n d to score on ing, Harry Cowles, Charlesput Fred Moser and Don Zenl Chuck Ruby’s infield hit. of America, $7308.12, and Unit­ on base with one out. Lou Mened Cerebral Palsy Associations Trailing B-3, Cllffwood even­ Wins Portable TV dlnl forced Moser at t h i r d , of New Jersey, $8805.66. Mr. ed lt with two out ln tbe fifth Perry to Oelsler. Holmes then Miss Terry RsMto, daughter. Smith pointed out that ln areas on Flynn’s double and Bill Colgrounded to. Gelsler and t h e where the agency participated of Mr. and Mrs. A. Rosato, 22 Jlnes' homer. Then Szyarto got a ball got away from that play­ wltb the United Fund lt w a a Oak St., Keyport, was the win-, second two-bagger and How­ er, Zenl scoring. barred from the Federal Serv- ner of a portable television aet ard a hit. With the aid of some .The Orioles chased Wa\tt ln Ice'Campalgn; those .particu­ disposed of on the co-operative wild throws by the Beacher the second. Chet Szymanskl larly affected were the Heart plan by the Keyport _Hook U * “ Field Day,” , a red-letter Mrs. George B. W a r r e n , fielders, these were good for led off with a bit.' Lafry QarAssociation and C e r e b r a l Ladder Co., recently. The com-, , two ir.ore runs. '-",-ltp fanned: Rich F i e r r o s day on tbe calendar of t h e Holmdel Rd.; Hazlet, celebrat­ pany wishes to thank the pub­ With automatic equipment P a lsy ,. ■ . By Dr. Jam e i Gregr* O* D. New Jersey State Hospital at In the last Inning the Lions ed her 90th birthday. Friday. - walked to advance.Szymariski;' At an organization meeting lic for making the plan a buc- on farms, there Is a tendency (Tbls column La presented • pub - A wild pitch put both runners Marlboro will take place on Friends and relatives called loose play became so bad they fre­ for the: USS c a m p a i g n of cess. u n l c t lo co-operiUoo wltb th* to forget about making In scoring position. M o s e i Wednesday under the supervi­ on Mrs, Warren during t h e gave Cllffwood two more runs Uc Jers*> Ootometrlc AisoclaUon quent checks to see t o ‘It that sion of Mrs. Elna Anable, hos­ day and evening to e x t e n d on errors, Mendolla and Col­ N«w ueitlons may b« addrotted to th* each piece of machinery ls walked to fill the bases. Al aw Jarsey Optometrlc As«oH»ttnn« , Pletrlewloz took over the pitch pital recreational therapy di­ their congratulations. She re­ lins scoring a second t i m e . Howard, Angels pitcher, .snuff­ 103. West 6tat« St.. Trantoo 3, N.J 1functioning properly. Often a er's duties at this point. He rector. William Fluhr, Wlllow- ceived many gifts and oards. few minutes of care will save brook Rd., Holmdel, will be Mrs. Warren ls the former ed out tbe Lions batters with LEADER IN EVERY COMMUNITY E v e r y year millions of many dollars in repair a n d fanned Dave Gregory but passed b a 11 let Szymanskl master pf ceremonies. O v e r Miss Carrie Carhart. She has ease In the late Innings. Americans buy sunglasses to labor. 2000 of the hospital’s patients been a lifelong resident of Haz­ The deciding game of. t.h e I SERVE ’ ! score. Zenl then lined to tielswill view and participate ln let, where she and her hus­ season will be Played at Wld: cut glare and reduce e y e ­ ’ Richard O. Rice', associate ler to end the uprising, the events scheduled for t.h e band reside. dlesex R d ,' held Saturday, at strain, particularly from driv­ agricultural agent, suggests a - .. Tho final Matawan run came afternoon. Among these w i l l 4:30 p.m. . ' m .• , ing. - But few give serloutf few poultry farm Items t h a t ® ln the fifth when walks p u t be potato, obstacle, and dressneed checking from time to The box score: Mr, and Mrs. J. C a r 1 1 o n thought as to whether they are time: Keep egg grador clean; looser and Mendlnl on w i t h up races, a pillow fight, a Cherry and children, N a n c y Cliffwood Angels (9) two out. Holmes cracked out a greased polo contest, a water­ protecting, or talcing a chance check • weight adjustment at and Hussell, Holmdel -Rd., ; ■ ab r single to-score Moser of injuring, tbelr eyesight. melon eating contest, a band spent last week at Seaside Medolla, c least once every two weeks. The Orioles will play for the concert, and exhibition riding. Heights.- ............... ' ■ ■ ■ But, what about lt? Are sun­ Clean egg washer d a l l y . Flynn, rf county title next week against The Signal Corps Band of Miss Linda Layton, B e e r s W. Collins, 3b Make sure the thermostat ls glasses really necessary? the winners-of the semi-finals Fort Monmouth will play at St., has completed her train­ properly adjusted; adjust; au­ Szyarto, If . ■ 1-2 ; Typical In almost any re­ Sunday between the central the field, and also will march ing course of study at the New o 5 gion I s ;a certain amount of tomatic feeders for proper lev­ , apd-southern division winners, around the grounds playing for Jersey Bell Telephone Com­ B. Smith, si 2 2 baize'at’some time of the year el and frequency of run; auto­ The Matawan team is defend- patients too ill to come out to pany, Trenton, which she bad Howard, p Aamot, ss 0 2 Dust, fog, smoke, along w i t h matic time clock that t u r n s Ing county champs. the field. The band ls under been attending for the past Batson, 2b 0 0 the mysterious elements of lights on nnd off should be : Matawan Orioles (S) the direction of Warrant Offi­ several weeks. She n o w ls 0 1 smog, ar&tound In many areas. turned off s i n c e days are ab r h cer Wilfred J. Huveriu, Jr,. who employed ot the Keyport office Plzzl, If ■i ■- ' Tbls mixture scatters the sun­ longer at this time of the yejir. Moser, ss - ... 1 1 0 himself has played ln sympho­ of the company. Make sure the seal arouni 31 0 13 light and makes seeing more 4 9 0 ny orchestras, and recently . arogory, rf . Alan Webster, Woodbury, Union Beach Lions (S) dlfficult^Sunglasses can c u t the egg cooling room door ls 2 1 0 has been director of tbe Chor­ visited his parents, Mr, a n d Zenl. cf: v intact. A loose fitting d o o r through this somewhat. The re­ ab r 3 0 0 al Group, Second Army Band, M r s . Angelo M. Webster, -Mendlnl, c Ruby, 3b sult ls hot only greater e y i will lead to loss of c o l d air 0 - -I 0 1 Fort Meade, Md. Holmes, p :' Holmdel Rd., last week. from the egg room; keeping Kengetter, cf comfort because the bright­ 1 0 The Colts Neck Riding Club M r. and Mrs. Car] G l o s s , Bowie, lb . > ' s o ness is reduced, but safer see­ catching c r a t e s ln tip-top 1 3 1 1 will do several drills, and one Jr., East Hartford, Conn., were Walsh, lb -Szymanskl,. U ......... ing as well. If the air Is clear, shape will avoid chasing run­ 1 3 0 0 member, M i s s Nancy Klley, weekend guests at tbe home Hourahan, p, c L. Oarlto, 2b brightness ls very high a n d away birds. Check efficiency of r 2 0 0 daughter of Mr, and Mrs. T. of Mr. Gloss’ mother, while en Trembley, c, p Fierros, 3b , may exceed tbe comfortable water pump, as with the hoc 0 Harry Klley, Colts Neck, w i l l route bome after having spent Beutel, 2b seeing limits for the h u m a n summer months more water Gllmartln, ss 1 24 3 2 do trick riding. The group, several doys ln Missouri. will be used and a breakdown eye. ....... o consisting of glrla ln t h e i r Mr. and Mrs. Roland E m ­ Petlto. If ..... Keansburf Yankee! (1) Sunglasses are necessary, In the -water pump will n o t Samsel, it W o r l d ’s L a r g e s t O p e r a t i o n . , _ ab r h teens, has been InstruoU'ci by mons, Atlantic St., who b a v e . only prove tb be a hardship on .. , • • — i— r fend beneficial; foi* most peo­ theJblrds but on the poultry■. • • ' . • been entertaining their cousin,' - • s o 0 Mr'. .Klley. ■. 24 0 6 ple. However, there is cohsldA picnic supper will be pro­ Mrs. Janice Wolf, Kingston, ~ O t Its K i n d . . . ... 1,, 3 0 0 Osnato, 3b ■ -. erable Individual difference in man as well. • ficoreby innings: 8 1 1 vided by the hospital, and pre­ N. Y .t for several days, held Perry, ss Make a minor truck or trac­ l i g h t sensiturty, depending Cllffwood Angels 111 042 —& pared by tbe food service de­ an outdoor barbecue Sunday at 3 0 0 Convery, c Union Beach Lions 004 100—5 upon the amount of pigment lh tor repair before lt becomes a Worth t 3 0 0 partment, beaded by William their home. Guests were Mr. Burke, cl the eye, pupil size, and "what major one. A farm truck may Oonnello, It 3 0 1 T. Barker, Members of t h e and Mrs, Leon Lnmbertson, bog down an entire working one is used to.” People w h o Much 3 0 0 Marlboro Hospital Auxiliary, Middletown: Mr. and M r s , Louche, rt • work Indoors become sensitive crew if It won't run; and re­ 3 0 1 and individuals in numerous Janies Neldlnger, Mrs. Edith Behan, lb to outdoor glare. On the other placing a scrcw or Llnge may M o r? I state and county organizations L. Hughson, Miss Cynthia Sa­ 0 0 0 Waltt; p , h a n d , the cowboy seldom take a few minutes, while to 2 0 1 affiliated wltb the auxiliary vitsky, John Brower, J a o k Pletrlewlcz, p replace an entire door may wears sunglasses though he re­ will sorve the supper. Prizes Caroll, David-Emmons, Linda 'W o paleiy odor — No skill «r lies on a wlde-brlmmed hat to take hours. Emmons. Chris L. Gross, Director of 26 1 4 for the various events hove aiperianea nocettary. Uia ft for b e e n donated by auxiliary Mr. and Mrs. Grant Frazier "Internal Revenue for the Cam­ cut the overhead glare of the most surfjees Inilda or outside, Score by Innings: sky. . members and other friends of and son, Landsdownc, Fa Family Picnic Planned den' District, has cautioned w jlli, c*flinft, all masonry 1100 100—3 the hospital. Auxiliary chair­ were weekend guests of Mr. Matawan Orioles Some authorities believe urfacsi. taxpayers that no deduction By Hazlet Cub Pack Kansburg Yankees 0000 010—1 man of “Field Day" who will and Mrs. Angelo M. Webster may bo taken on tederal In­ t h ' a t exposure to ultraviolet DOZENS OF assist Mrs. Anable is Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John V. Carl­ come tax returns for the loss rays of (he. aun, if prolonged $6 SHADES . . . _ ™ Final plans for the family Robert Huhn, Red Bank. Mrs. son, Holmdel Rd.1 , spent last of ornamental trees on their and intense, contribute to pro­ picnic of the Cub Pack 130, gal. ducing cataract. Good s u n ­ August Regan, Belmar, w i l l week vacationing in Maine. home property resulting from Hazlet, were made at a meet­ glasses remove this hazard. be ln charge of registration of William J, Weigand, Holm­ disease. MARINE High quality sua lenses, not ing Aug. 13, held at the home all volunteers for the a f t e r ­ del Rd., caught his left hand Mr. Gross explained that he noon. the cheap pressed-glass vari­ of Cubmaster, Jack Boice. The ln a rotary power lawn mow­ was calling attention to t h i S P E C IF IC ATION picnic will be held at the Her­ “Field Day” wag Inaugurat­ er Monday evening, w h i l e rule because ot an article ap­ ety, should bo chosen to suit ed some-years ago nt Marl mowing the lawn of his par­ pearing recently ln a national individual needs, not too dark. cules Powder Co. ball field, E H AMEl INFANTILE boro and Is a unlquo event at ents, Mr, nnd Mrs. J. Prank magazine which staged that a Fitted to proper size, ground Parlin, Saturday, beginning at Buy 1— Get 2 a mental hospital. Mrs. Anable Welgand. He was taken to Rlv­ homeowner had been allowed to distance vision prescription 1:15 p.m. There will be games P A R A L Y S IS Hsrdoiu wfitn axpoisd to air. stated at the organization ervlew Hospital, where he re a $700 Income tax deduction if necessary, sunglasses c a n for children and adults, with Ideal for woodwork er furniture* Buy 5— Get 10 meeting that lt provides an malned overnight. He lost .a for a tree killed by “D u t c h make vacation time more en­ prizes for the lucky winners. H ti a lasting high f l m Hnlsb. Tables, fircplaccs. fuel and afternoon of good fellowship part of the third finger of his elm” disease, joyable and protect the eyes water are available. Refresh­ for the patients and also cre­ hand. Mr. Gross pointed out t h a t as well. ments must be brought by the "ANY PAINT I HARE" ates community interest. ' the Internal Revenue Cods al­ f a m i l i e s attending. Those Before putting a shirt i n t o lows a deduction tor loss of Plant Entered, «al. needing directions are asked property only ln your household washer, button personal to meet at the Bolce home, , &Vi7V. the cuffs to the front. T h i a cases where the loss results Only $14 Taken Kaylen PI.; Hazlet, at 12:30 "I Invlt# you to try my famoui fttt prevents tho sleoves from from fire, storm, shipwreck, or An entry ot the Ross Manu­ p.m. sharp. knotting or winding around other casualty, or 'rom theft. gallon oHar and »n|oy tfi* jurying! facturing Co. was reported to Those attending the meeting D o n 't The Internal Revenuo Service other clothes whllo thcy’ro be­ ing swished through the suds holds that a deductlvo casual Keyport Police early this week were Cubmaster Boice, Com­ mad* posilbla by hugt volgm* and by Clarence Smith, manager. mitteemen Jack Johnson, Nor­ one that results from and rinsed, soys Monmouth ty loss County Home Agent Mrs, Lor­ a sudden destructive f o r c e All thnt Mr. Smith found taken man Nielson, George Kr&bs one-itep merchandising." na K. White. such as fire, storm, flood, hur­ was $14 from a coffee can used and Den Mothers Mrs. Eunice ricane, or other similar event. by office employees as their Glnter, Mrs. Terry DePolo Tlie death of trees on resi­ "coffec money." Entry w a s Mrs, Lillian Nielson. Parents of Cubs are asked dential p r o p e r t y , resulting reported obtained by cutting from "Dutch elm" or other the glass from a door on the to notify den mothers of schooi disease, docs not qualify as a south side of the building ln hours of tbelr children to ex­ Route 34, 2 Miles So. of Matawan pedite formation of dens. deductible casualty loss due to the rear. Charles Prager. West Front nbsencQ of tho ^'sudden forco” There is only cno way to Phone Mat. 1*3884 184 New Brunswick Ave. requirement. This same rule St. Jeweler, reported there was also would apply to trees de­ ovldcncc the same night of eliminate the bumps ln bumpsomeone applying n glass cut er-to-bumper traffic. Cushion Perth Amboy, N.J. stroyed by fungus spread by various beetles, Insects, worms, ter against his show.. window with a little moro space be­ without success. tween. Mr. Gross advised that tax­ fllM m o if Plymoutht. payers h a v i n g questions on this or other federal tax mat­ Fords, Chovroleh, 3 5 ters mny obtain help by call­ H ud ion i, N a ih a i, ing or visiting tho local Inter­ and Studebakuri, nal Rivenuo office nearest their home,

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    . Middlesex County Board of way safety were outlined - re­ Nineteenth Century s t y l e As part ol its state-wide pro­ Taxation has been swamped gram to help meet the.Increas­ cently" by Keystone Automo­ concessions for the deserted village at Allaire were discus­ •with 1500 tax appeals, William bile Club in answer to the ing demands for higher educa­ J . Harding, its chairman, re­ tion for adults, the evening question: How many leet of sed recently by the resort and college ot Rutgers, The State clear road do you need to go recreation committee of the ported alter the dealing tor University, will Inaugurate as­ around and pass another car? Monmouth County Planning filing passed Thursday, . Board. sociate degree programs f o r Edward P. Curran, Safety One large assessment in The committee decided to part-time students this f a l l Madison Township ls being ap­ leading to both the Associate Director of Keyst^ o, declared. recommend to the trustees of pealed. Another attempt also in Arts and Associate ln_ Sci­ ’Far too many drivers depend the Deserted V illage' at Al­ Is being made to get the res­ ence Degrees. The new" de­ upon their gas pedals to g e t laire, Inc., that horse drawn taurant on the Garden State grees were announced t o d a y them out of dangerous situa­ carriages, a riding stable, a Parkway at the M a d 1 s o n village blacksmith and a cab­ by Dean Ernest E. McMahon Townshlp-Sayrevllle line plac­ of University college. A d u l t tions brought about by their inet maker be allowed to oper­ ed In the nam e ol tbe New students' normally will be able falluro to allow enough pass­ ate at tlie village which ls part Jersey Highway Authority, de­ to complete the programs of Ing time and space. Few mo* ot the state park. velopers of the Parkway. study ln four years of part­ torista realize that at 5*mllesThomas L. Heward, chair­ an-houx they must have 1200 man of Uie committee, said Midtown Land, Inc., housing Above (s » drawing by architects Mlelke ana Smith, Chic* time evening study. feet, nearly one-quarter-of-adeveloper ln Madison Town­ •W , Dl., of the .new home office b u ild b r bf Klwanis Inter­ that concessions such as those The Associate In Arts De­ ship, protests a $425,250 as­ national. Construction Is to begin later In the winter, l l i e bn lid* gree may be earned through a mile, to pass a car In f r o n t mentioned would bring Allaire sessment, on land acquired for uir:, to be located In Chlcaro, will occupy a corner property and curriculum which provides a traveling at 40-mUes-an-hour, Village one step closer to the .development purposes. The ap­ will contain approximately 35,000 square feet of floor space. concentration In public adm in­ where there Is no oncoming typo ot operation now going on peal >suggests $288,525 would Leon Chatelaln, Washington, D.C., president of the American istration-political nscience, and trafflo. The minimum s a f e at Old Sturbrldge Village ln i e fair. However, it was re­ Institute of Architecture, is consultant architect. the Associate in Science cur­ clearance dlslar.ee must be Massachusetts and tho Wil­ doubled, at the same speeds, ported the appeal jirobably Construction ol a permanent) lor will be composed of dark ricula will provide concentro when a vehicle is approaching liamsburg restoration lit Vir­ will be withdrawn. ginia. Mr, Heward also sug­ home office building: in Chica­ opalescent imported granite tlons ln chemistry and ln the from tlie opposite direction. Howard J o h n s o n Res­ go, 111., at a cost of nearly ?!,* and textured, light Georgia business administration fields gested that a restaurant styled “Check your passing dis­ after a mld-1800 eating place taurants Is back again with 000,000 will begin late this win­ marble, with enameled extrud­ o f . accountng, management, en appeal to have a $55,000 as­ ter, the president of Klwanis ed aluminum pilasters a n d and marketing. The new; cur­ tance before pulling out to be Included ln the restored vil­ sessment on Its Garden State International, H. Park Arnold, plate glass windows. A ground ricula will replace the former pass the car ahead. Xf you are lage. Parkway restaurant In Sayre- Glendale, calif., announced re-- level, landscaped court and a certificate programs of t h e not certain of the distance or The village of Allaire was vllle cancelled. It claims the cently ln Chicago during tbe parking area will share t h e evening college and will pro­ your Judgment, don’t t a k e a founded In 1832 by James P. real estate ls owned by t h e organization's late-s u m m e r rear portion of tbe property. vide both for more advanced chance...wait until you have Allaire who took the bog-iron all the clearanco you possibly works, then known as Mon­ state and therefore non-asses- board meeting. Provision will be made to en­ study and for a broader gener­ need, then puss and pass ta to mouth Furnace, and turned lt cable. . The new building, which will large the building by con- al education base. ly.** Into a flourishing oommunlty, , The county board beld two be headquarters lor the Inter­ structlng a multi-story shaft of Beginning with the fall term with its own currcncy, schoql, . years ago that a company national service group, will oc­ office space above this court on Sept. 16, the Newark a n d church and business enterpri­ restaurant on the N. J. Turn­ cupy property at the corner ol as the need arises. More Landscaping New Brunswick Divisions of ses. It then became known as pike ln East Brunswick was Hush and Erie Sts. on Chica­ The new building is design­ University College will o f f e r Additional landscaping of Howell Works. assessable. Since then restau­ go’s near north side. The site ed to provide facilities for the the public administration cur­ Mr. Heward said that h i s rants ln other counties on the Is one block west of the city’s administration of approximate­ riculum and the three cur­ Shoreland Memorial Gardens, turnpike and parkway have f a m e d “ Magnificent Mile," ly 7000 Klwanis clubs, the or ricula ln business science. In Route 35, Raritan Townsbip, ls committee hopes that all 80 of the original buildings tn the being planned this year. It was been assessed. and about five blocks north of ganimation's 1965 goal, when addition, New Brunswick will ~ Rutgers University w a n t s the Chicago River. The build­ the Klwanis International will offer the curriculum ln chem­ announced yesterday by Ed­ village area can be restored its $150,025 assessment on ing will contain approximately celebrate Its 50th anniversary istry. The centers ln Camden/ ward A. Okner, head ot t h e He added that the m ain restor­ lands surrounding the stadium 35,000 square feet of f l o o r Currently, there are *400 Ki­ Jersey City, and Paterson will cemetery. Clearing and grad­ ation effort now ls being dir­ In Plscataway Township cut space in a ground level, a wanis clubs and approximately offer only an Associate In Sci­ ing of the property has been ected toward the. 14 structures still standing. The state haa in half.- The township has val­ first level, and a second level. 251,000 Klwanis members ln ence Degree with a curricu­ completed. The building will be of mod* the United States, Canada, lum In general business. ued the land at $2000 an acre end assessed lt at $500 per ern, light construction, air-con­ Alaska a n d the Hawaiian Students already enrolled ln acre. ’ < ditioned throughout. Its exter- Islands the certificate programs which will be superseded by the new The Ford Motor Co. in Edi­ degrees will be permitted to son is appealing. The auto Guided Tour O f Morven Second Suit Filed complete their certificate pro­ firm was assessed *3,033,875 grams or m ay exercise the op­ The company wants this reduc­ Planned For Sept. 3 In School Bus.Crcuh tion of transferring c r e d i t s ed to $1,800,000. The assess­ A guided tour of Morven. of­ A second suit arising out of earned toward the new de­ ment ls levied a g a i n s t the buildings. The company also ficial residence of Gov, Rob­ an accident Sept. 24, 1056, haa grees. bas an (800,000 personal pro­ ert B. Meyner and Mrs. Mey­ been filed against a Madison All of the courses In the new perty assessment which:-has ner, Princeton, will be con­ Township school bus contrac­ curricula have been selected not been appealed. It also has ducted on Tuesday, Sept. S. tor and his driver. Harold Sch­ from appropriate baccalaur­ passed up an appeal on the as­ eate curricula so that the stu­ M rs.: Meyner will be hostess mitt, <16 Orchard Pltwy., Lau­ dent always may bave tbe opsessment of tbe land. . " for the day.. The visit to the rence Harbor, seeks $30,000 ln portunlty of transferring h 1s Miss Sutphin Is Named historic mansion, recently re­ a Superior Court suit on behalf credits to apply against t h e four-year degree. decorated,' will be conducted Hazard Head Day Nurse under t h e auspices of the of his minor daughter, Bever­ To make lt possible for stu­ ly A. She was a passenger on dents to exercise this option Miss Margaret S u t p h i n , “ Meyner for Governor Club” a school bus that collided with of extending their programs another vehicle. Main St,, Holmdel, recently of Monmouth County. . after earning the associate de1 Air conditioned buses w 11T The accident occurred on gree, the studentB must m e e t >was named Day Supervisor of ; Nurses at the Dr. Hazard Me­ leave tbe Eatontown Drive-In Boute 35, South Amboy. De­ the same admission require­ morial Hospital, Long Branch. Theatre aJt 10/a.m. The group fendants are George W. Mil­ ments as for the baccalaureate Bhe succeeds' Mrs. Marlon will lunch .at the Princeton ler, owner, and Hilma Dem- degrees. ............................ Newton, Eatontown, who left Inn. Buses will return to Eat­ sey, driver of the bus. Both It ls expected that approxi­ Tuesday to Join her husband ontown by 3:30 p.m. are of 105 Route 35, Laurence mately one-fourth of the pres­ ............ in Vlncenza, Italy. Those Interested In securing Harbor. ent enrollment ot more t h a n A suit filed last week by Mr. 5000 evening students In t h e Miss Sutphin Is a graduate tickets and making reservajot Monmoiith Memorial Hospi- vatlons for the trip,are asked gnd M^s, panto Barbetta, ontfr degree programs .will, be .en­ ,tal and attended Seton Hail to call D.ne of the following; wood Beach, seeks $20,000, rolled In associate degree cdif University. Prior to coming to Mrs. Walter Reade, Jr., Shady- making tbe total of the t w o ricula in the next few year*,' ;Hazard, she was a head nurse side, 7-4045; Mrs. Carl Higgins. suits $50,000. Ninety-five shopping d » y a In Blvervlew Hospital for two Middletown 5-1251; Mrs. Frank If you need printing ol any until Christmas. Plenty of time years. She served as an even­ IllO, Atlantic Highlands 1-D758, ing1 . staff nurse at Hazard be­ or Mrs. Warren Owens, Shady- kind, we are here to serve you If you don't have to spend too fore. she was appointed super­ aide 1-TI^5. The deadline for Our quick service and reason long ln a bospltal as a result of a Labor Day auto accident. able pr|ces will please you. Ireservations ls Monday, visor. '

    helped preserve the buildings but it will take an estimated $2,000,000 for complete restor­ ation, he said. The committee also suggest­ ed that the trustees ask tlie State Department of Conserve tlon and ' Economlo Develop­ ment for a lease on the village so that they can run lt as a private enterprise. Mr, Heward explained lliat his committee Is Tin advisory gioup and that live trustees must approve any suggestion made by the committee before anything definite can be done. Charles Pike, executive sec­ retary of the planning board and a member of Iho commit­ tee, said that Allaire S t a t e

    MATAWAN JOURNAL! Aur. t t. 1817

    Page Elevea

    Park signs have been ordeiij?**-’ and will be placed on county, state and municipal r o a d i shortly. Temporary signs now are displayed, he added. Mr. Heward announced that tho Shore Council Q lrl Scouts havo offered their servloes for maintenance of the park. Th» committee suggested that £v»slbly they oould acf'ttiffttnlde* at the park on weekends.

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    m sm w m £ ) Page Twelve

    ■Aug. 23, 1951

    v b o u n t y F lo a ts I n Sea Day Parade

    NOTES Atoul Area ft'en and Women in iiie-

    A rm e d

    S e rv ic e s'

    A counties division, featur.

    ing floats, marching units and products ol Uie 21 units from Atlantic to Warren, will ap­ pear In th* arala "B ig B n , DayLV _p«ad«\rSaturd*y . la - greater Point Pleasant, aocording to its chairman, Free* “ T w T dertrP aul'K ingrIt wlil-be headed by_a convertible with * 14-foot replica of the hlstorIc Barnegat Lighthouse a n d "Mtss Ocean County;.” M i s s Barbara Garbarino. v , The 100th birthday of "O 1 d Barney” ls the theme of this year’s spectacle, w h 1 c h In­ cludes the crowning of t h e "Seafood Princess ol New Jer­ sey.” . . ' The Gloucester County 4-H . Qlubs will appear with a dis­ play float, representing the ag­ ricultural life of the county Cape May County Airport will be represented by a plane In the parade, of which Gov. Robeft B. Meyner is grand mar­ shal. One colorful aspect will . be the showing of unique coun­ ty flags with each unit. A doz­ en counties already bave tbelr official flags, depicting the out­ standing fact In their history. The Ocean County flag f ea"lures Barnegat Lighthouse, now an official state park of New Jersey. , Ocean County F r e e h o l d ­ er James K. Ailardlce will head the counties division of the “ Big Sea Day” parade, as host to the other 20 counties of the Garden State.

    completed basic training at Sargent In Army Epes W, Sargent H I, son of Fort Dlx. He is a 1954 gradu­ M r. and Mrs. Richard V a n- ate of Middletown Township Syckle, Woodbrook Rd., Mata- High School. Phelan Completes Coarse TJ. 8. Army Pvt. Theodore A. Phelan,-23,-son—o f- M r,_a n J Mrs. Theodore A. Phelan, 44 Middlesex St., Matawan, re­ cently completed the telephone switchboard operation course at the Army's Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon, Ga. Pvt. Phelan entered t h e Army ln March 1057, and com­ pleted basic training at Fort Bennlng, Ga. A 1951 graduate oi St. Mary’s High S c h o o l , South Ainboy, he was employ­ ed by General Ceramics Corp. Keasbey. \ EPES W. SARGENT

    Ends Summer Training U. S. Army Reserve War­ rant Officer August J, Clapham, whose w i f e , Llzzana, lives at 7 Oakwood Dr., Haz­ let, recently completed t w o weeks of active duty summer training at the Quartermaster School, Fort Lee, Va. Warrant Officer Clapham ls

    By i l i i r r i e a n c ■I 'r c c a iE t if t iis Ss Civil 'Xbfcnsc, Disaster Control Hurricane piecautlons lor N e w Jerseys householder:; were released last week by Thomas S. D i’-r.an, di­ rector oPstate Civil Defense nnd Disaster Control. Because the northeastern seaboard, ln recent years, has been ln di­ rect path of tropical storms, Mr. Dignan urges that the fol­ lowing safety measures be ob­ served: C h e c k supplies of f l a s h l i g h t s and batteries, watches, candles, l a m p s , wloka and kerosene oil. Check batteries of portable radio to be sure tbat they are charged. Be sure that articles ln tbe cellar which could be damag­ ed 'by water are moved to a safe place. Check cellar win­ dows. Tie down porch, l a w n furniture and movable objects out-of-doors. Close and lock house win­ dows but leave a couple of windows open on the s i d e away from the storm to pre­ vent wind from building up pressure i n s i d e the house, pressure that could blow o u t windows and doors. If there are wooden shutters on t h e house, close them. Pull up awnings. Close the damper ln the fireplace. Fill the bathtub with water. Put your car in the garage and be sure lo leave one gar­ age window open to keep wind pressure f r o m building up there. Check car batteries, ra­ dio, water and oil. Have gas tank full ln case of an emer­ gency move. If you don’t have a gni-age, park your car away f r o m trees or poles, If car ls out­ side, close the windows tight­ ly, set the h
    wan, was enlisted recently (or t h e photographlo laboratory procedures course conducted at Fort Monmouth. Mr. Sargent, a 1957 graduate of Matawan High s c h o o l , hopes to make photography bis civilian career if he decides W get out of the Army when his the son of Mrs, Mary B, Clap­ three-year enlistment Is over. ham , 629 East 14th St., New He enlisted under the U. S. York. ______ •- . "r . A r m y "Reserved for You” Officer Training Candidate program, which guarantees Ronald K. Mlttrlck, son of the applicant the school of his Mr, and Mrs, Anthony J. Mlt­ choice, before actual enlist­ trlck, Route 1, Keyport, comment has occurred. He now is taking his eight weeks- basic h A Meyner for Governor Club of Monmouth County has been trailing nt a training center, organized, according to Mlsa after which, he will get a twor • Helen Herrrrann, executive week leave at home before re­ secretary of the group. “We porting to Fort Monmouth -for fully support the excellent rocord of Gov. Robert B. Meyner his course of Instruction which and believe that a great num­ begins oil Oct. 11. He will bc taught the pro­ ber of Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters f e d cesses of developing blackthe s a m e way,” said Miss and-white and color film a n d Thirsty cars now can find Herrmann. to make contact prints and en­ water nt all toll plazas on the The reasoning behind t h e largements to Include the In­ Garden Stijte Parkwny. Chair­ formation of the club, as ex­ troduction and principles of man Katharine E . White of the photo­ plained by the executive sec­ p h o t o g r a p h y : New Jersey Highway Author­ retary, was that under t h e graphlo chemistry; basic copy ity reported this week that harpresent administration t h o procedures and corrective fil­ rels.of water have been set state has maintained one of ters; principles and applica­ out at each plaza to accomthelowest per capita state tax tion of color photography; and ihodate motorists whose mot­ “ rates" In the ,country, ahal- advanced photographic p r oor vehicles become overheat­ .AJlcodbudret- and still has no eeasts*- Upon ■graduation, he ed on the rood. mconie or t sales tax. i'll addi­ wJU be awarded the occupa­ tion, state aid to schools has tional specialty of a p h o t o Originally placed, only at RONALD MITTRICK increased sharply, thereby re­ laboratory technician. the centrally-located Raritan pleted six weeks, of o f I i c e r lieving the .property owner1. of Toll Plaza, the water barrels M r. Sargent's school-applica­ a good portion of his l o c a l tion and enlistment was pro­ training'recently at the U. S. drew such uso and favor in the tax load. Facilities and serv­ cessed by tho US Army Re- Marine Corps Schools, Quantl- summer h e a t that the pro­ ices In the state mental Insti­ crulting Station, Post O f f i c e co, Va. gram was extended through­ As a member ot the platoon out the length of the 173-mile tutions also have , been greatly Building, Red Bank. leaders class, he ls eligible for Parkway. Improved. Wnek In Air Force appointment as a second lieu­ A Monmouth County head­ Facilities for carrying t h e Joseph Wnek, 18, son of Mr. tenant ln the Marine C o r p s auarters for the club will be water to a car’s radiator are opened this month. Tho s i t e and Mrs. Joseph wnek, 140 upon completion ot one m o r e ' provided w i t h each barrel. v hMjook been determined. Raritan St., Union Beach, was summer training session. at M i s s ‘ Georgia Demurest, administered the oath of en- Quantlco and graduation from The program augments -water supplies available at tbe 10 . l^arlboro, has been selected, as college. ,, , .. gasollne-statlon centers along recprflirig .'jeclwtary' of ths;new the Parkway. Blanken Finishes Bchool orgftnlxtolon’f ; TJ. 8. Army Pvt. W illiam E . In addition, Chairman White .WVofats,interested.In ^orjtlng Blanken; son of M r. and Mrs. reported tbat drinking water .. for Gov. Me'yner’s re-election Frederick Blanken, 101 Broad now ls available at the Park­ aro Invited, to contact M i s s St., Matawan, recently w a s way’s newest plcnlo area ln Herrmann by wrltng to RD2 graduated from the eight-week Telegraph Hill Park. T h e Burlington Rd., Freehold, administration school at Fort drinking fountain ls located on Chaffee, Ark, the southbound side of the Pvt. Blanken received In­ park. struction ln typing, filing, and Garden State Parkway In­ Army clerical procedures. The formation Centers also have 22-year-old 6oldler was gradu­ been set up ln local establish­ ated f r o m Matawan High ments throughout New Jersey “ Mister Roberts,” tho great School, to serve and fnmlllarlze motor­ and hilarious Thomas Heggcn, ists before they enter the 173Josh'Lqgan comedy, becomes superhighway. . the final presentation, for the CD Week Dosrgnofed niile Chairman .White reported v y jj^ j.s u m m e r season w h e n lt that some 77 off-Parkway in­ The White House has ' des­ " ofcens a one-week engagement ignated Sopt. 15*21 as ob­ formation posts have been es­ . at the Neptune Music Circus, servance dates for the seo­ tablished with the co-operation .....Neptune, on Monday, Leading xoles in the U. 8. Navy show ond annual National Civil of l o c a l chambers of com­ are played by Jerome Thor, Defense Week. Tho theme merce and the State Chamber JOSEPH WNEK Frederic Downs, Gabe D o l l , this year will be “ Govern­ of Commerce. Identified by window stick­ and Howard Wierrum. The on­ llstment In the U. S. Air Force ment In Emergency” ac­ ers bearing the Garden State ly female role ln the record- Tuesday In Newark. He left cording to a guidance bulle­ Pnrkwny trallblnzer symbol breaking piny, thnt of t h o for Lackland Air Force Basse, tin Issued by the Federal and the advice "Information N a v y n u m . ls played by Clvli Defense Administra­ San Antonio, Tex., for his bas­ Here," these stores nnd sta­ ' Frances Connolly. tion. ic military training, " Opcnlnir on Bronriway In " II 1h our fcrllnff (hut re­ tions distribute maps, uuldcs lie is a ijniduutc of ICeyport 204ft, "Mister Roberts” w e n l newed emphasis bo placed nnd other Pnrkwny informa­ on to run for three years, Illy li School, Class.of I9S7, unrl on tlie Increasingly Import­ tional material lo Inquiring was employed by the A c m e parties free of ehnrKe. >( which made it one of the ion# Supermarket, Koyport, prior to ant role of Klnto and l o c a l run hits In the annuls of "Main tfoi'crtiincnltf In emerjri'Moy entrrlni' tlio Air’ Force. Stem” productions. Army Seeks Personnel While ut Lnckhuut his train­ juepnrfMlness, a n <1 t h i s • Bringing the Nopt.ime season ing will eonalst of processing, should ho prominently inter­ For Exhibits Unit to n close. “ Mister .Roberts woven Into all civil dcfenso which also- has thn distinction military oneulntton, tralniny, observances. Tho emergen­ The U, S. Army Recruiting . of being the first non-musical anti briefing on futuro Job cy function* of existing state production to be performed at training. In addition, the air­ and local government setv- Station, Red Bank, announces man 1 b interviewed and given that the U, S. Army Is seeking the Muslo Circus, Is tho story aptitude tests to determine tho ice arms, police, fire, wel- qualified personnel for dircct of the officers nnd men of fure, sanitation, provldo an Navy supply ship In the South technical flold best suited for excellent point of departure assignment to tho U. S. Army him, v Exhibit Unit, located at Came­ Pacific during World War II. Airman Wnek was enlisted for C i v i l Defense Week ron Station, Alexandria, Va. Playing the role of Mister events,” according to t h e through tho Air Forco ReorultPersons qualified In the field Roberts. Is Jerome Thor w h o guldo. of exhlbl' design or construp has achlcvcd nation-wide fame ing.Offlco, Room 8, Post Off loo According to plans, e a c h tlo|i are needed urgently. The as the star of tho "Foreign In­ Bulldog, Red Bank. day In t h e week's observ­ unit has requirements for such trigue” TV adventure series. In Instructor Group - ance has been assigned to a specialities as museum preparMr. Thor Is a veteran of more U. S, Army^Pvt. Robert A. different “ nrea of aotlvlty.” fabricators, than 20 Broadway productions. Puglisl, 30, -ton of Mr. and T h e y tnolude* Sunday, In ators, diorama Gabo Dell plays Ensign Pulvcr Mrs. Ralph H. Puglisl, 8 Ran­ churches; Monday, in places wood carvers, model makers (wood plastic or metal). nnd was ono of tho original dolph PI., Koansburg, Is a of employment; Tuesday! in The Army Exhibit Unit is - D e a d End Kids. Fredorlo member 6f an instructor group s c h o o l s ) Wednesday, In charged with the rcsponslbll Downs playQ the rolo of Doo conducting a Small Arms Fir­ clubs; Thursday, In y o u r Ity.of placing exhibitions, de­ The Neptune production of ing School at Camp P e r r y , community; Friday, in rural pleting the various fnccts of "MJstor Roberts” is b e i n g Ohio. . areas; Haturday, r e v i e w tho Army beforo tho general etaged by Ray Parker. , Tho instructors, all from tho day, public, at stato fairs, conven­ "The Boy Friend” Is at iho Infantry School's Weapons De­ A review of last year's tions, etc. Men acceptcd f o r Music Circus through Sunday. partment at F o r t Denning, Civil DcfcnHo Week showed this enlistment option normal­ Gn., aro teaching flvo oourscs that 001 governmental units ly can expect to travel to thcso Labor Day is a time w h o n in l i v i n g techniques. T h o and other organisations par­ ovcnls about nine months out the nation’s motorists o r o s s school Is conducted in conjunc­ ticipated. This Included 43 the border between summer tion with tlio national rifle and ntntcs, 200 counties, 508 cit­ of cach year. Further Information, mny ho and winter driving, Make sure pistol championships now bo* ies nnd Intorcslcd organisa­ obtained at tho Reorulting sta­ that your passport la stamped ing staged at Camp P e r r y , tions, and f i v e territories tion, located ln Post O f f i c e •’Oood Driver." Ovor 3000 civilian and mliitnry and possessions. Governors Building, Red Dank or by call­ marksmen aro attondlng t h e in the Territory or Hawaii ing Shndyslde 1-59J0. , ,JXh\p week, why don’t you school. and half of the states as well look through your churoh winPvt. .’ Puglisl cnterod tho aa 89 mayors Issued procla* Furnished apartment signs .P r o m tfcslusld#. Army^ In November 1M9, and t t a l l i i i n the avanl. tac sal* at this oOIm .

    Club To Campaign For Gov. Meyner

    All Parkway Toll Gates Have Water

    Mister Roberts, Next At Neptune



    u is . l m i u ' w io , ' n iiet|)

    Mrs. Lees Named Vice i x f l i n e . J ^ e s i u e l l l s a i provide' t h e vitally needec . larger facilities at Monmoul-. Chairm an O f Staff Aide

    D r iv e C h a ir m a n

    "Memorial Ho;plta'l. Our com Mrs. Ulchnrd Lees, Shrews­ „ , Imlttee has a'unique opportuc' bury, has been named v i c e Mrs. Franknn Lamb, A le _j a3 wei] as an important obthe location of the nearest food chairman of the staff aide freezer unit In the event yo'.i service commlttae ot the Mon­ hurst, will serve as chairman j u gation .Since the general pubhave to move your perish- mouth County Chapter of , the of tile residential division for 11c never has been asked to nbles. American Red Cross, it was the Monmouth Memorial Hos­ participate in a carnpoign u- , If you have a freezer, set it announced this week by Mrs. pital $1,000,000 building f u n d , help provide adequate healU; facilities f o r themselves anc to maximum freezing level as Bernard M, White chairman lt was announced recently, by .their families at Monmouth much as possible before t h e of the office of volunteers. arrival of the hurricane. If you In her capacity as v 1 o e Walter W. Reid, Jr., general Memorial, I am confident that avoid opening it and lt ls fair­ chairman, Mrs. Lees will Inter­ campaign chairman. they will accept and support ly full, you can keep f r o z e n view potential volunteers for The residential d i v i s i o n the plan for Investing in theli meats and vegetables without staff aide service and will as­ which will begin Its activity own. future health require­ spoiling for at least three sist In orientation of the new early ln September, will mark ments." staff aides and in plaolng them the intensive county wide solic­ days, H ie campaign for $1,000,000 Save newspapers to wrap up ln positions ln the chapter, itation to support ..(he hospi­ ln publlo subscription to com­ hospitals and agencies' ln . tbe plete .the *1,750,000 construc­ garbage, ln case garbage col­ tal’s expansion progr^pi. T h e ' lections a r e interrupted. It county. organization of volunteer solic­ tion program announced a to­ Among the services provided itors, currently underway, will tal of *71(T()


    D a n n y B a lo g h a n d H e n r y L y o n s

    E R N IE M E R C U R IO

    At The Grand Piano





    Fried, Choice Vegetables, Salad, Beverage

    LUNCHEON llio 2

    DINNER 5 to 9

    Ait coNouK5N*ne -TtMKHTUtes' maoe to o«Da-AT>«w law cost, get A d b m nsiU tkm !)

    O w n in g a C h em fs ik e o n ly w a y h a v e a ll th e se f in e th in g s You’ll find that Chevy’s the only low-priced car with any of them* • : . the only car at any price with all of them! BODY by fisher . Here you see the solid construction and close fittings, the fine craftsmanship that the other low-priced cars can’t quite scent to match. ; suojitkst stiiokk vii. This one turns raw horsepower into pure pleasure with a suptr-elTicieiit design that's years ahead of other V8's in Chevrolet's field. llALT-HACK, STKI IIIm ;, KI .WDAIID. As smooth-working as steel balls bathed in oil! Extra-easy handling begins here! TltirfJvTUIIlllNi: TUnilOOI.IDK.* There’s not even a hint of hesita­ tion as triple turbines take you smoothly from a standstill to cruis­ ing speeds. A UIC ASSOKTMKNT OF SPECIAL features. Like Safety Plate glass all around; crank-operated vent windows; extra-long outrigger rear springs; the easier loading advan­ tage of a low-level trunk ledget Your Chevrolet dealer’s the man to see. *OptUtnaI at extra eott.

    \toiu: Pixn’i.t: f)itivccui-:vnoum TUAN ANY OTHER CAil Sec Your I steal Authorized CJmroltt Dealer

    O a ly fr a n r liU n l C hevrolet J m Io t

    8.4UtlfvHy twltl end tfnwi »-*• nn, OmfttM hi Air Sport Mo* «(& My fayfhlM,

    Aog. 22, 1957

    Pare Thirteen

    Four Complain In Court Over Speed Appeal ls being taken by W illiam M. Lanzaro. Morgan­ vllle, from a ruling by Magis­ trate James H, Martin, Mata­ wan, on Honda? finding t h i s defendant guilty of careless driving, Vincent C. DeMaio, Matawan, present defense at­ torney, stated yesterday, Mr. Lanzaro bad bis license re­ voked for 15 days and p a i d (15 and $3 costs for excessive speed on Brpad St., south of Koute 34, July 21 at 8:50 p.m. At the trial, William Lloyd, Keansburg, was defense attor­ ney. Patrolman John McGinty, borough police, who signed the complaint put Lawrence Bach­ man, 292 Broad St., on t h e stand as first witness against Mr. Lanzaro. Mr. Bachman said he had Just come out on his front porch when he saw a car come speeding along "a t 60-miles-per-bour” and t h a t Its tire blew out passing the Frank Duncan house at t h e turn of the road. Mr. B a c h ­ man averred the driver d 1 d not slow down in spite of the blown tire. The witness s'a 1 d he came upon Mr. Lanzaro 'changing a tire on the car ln front of tbe S^huber gas sta­ tion at Main and Broad Sts., a short distance away, when he walked along to see if there were any sign of the mis­ creant driver. Asked by Mr. Lloyd how he could be so sure Mr. Lanzaro was doing 60, Mr. Bachman said he worked for a company that used a great deal of auto­ motive equipment, so he had had experience in J u d g i n g speeds, Mr, Bachman explain­ ed he was particularly Indig­ nant about the speed of t b e car because there were 31 chil­ dren who lived and played ln the block. Mrs Mary Dougherty, 291 B r o a d 8t., confirmed Mr. Bachman's views on the speed Mr. Lanzaro was going, s h e also saw tbe tire blow ln front of the Duncan residence a n d the car continue to bolt on Its way. Mrs. Ann Bucco, 288 Broad St., and Mrs. Jean Petrosky also recalled seeing the car and knew that lt was going very fast, even if they cojild not Judge-the speed. Itr, Lloyd sought target the complaint dismissed ln t h a t there was no exact rate of -IspSed set-in it, but Mogtstrato .Martin denied the motion. Mr. Lanzaro testified ln his own defense He freely admit­ ted. to driving a car on t h e street ln question nt about the time specified and having a tire blow out. He denied strong­ ...ly he was going more than the legal speed of 25-mlles-p e r hour on the street. He said he had stopped at the Route 31 and Broad St. traffic light be­ fore going south on Broad St., so could not have picked up great headway before a 1 1 r e blew at the turn of the road. He said he had continued to roll on the tire because lt was one too old to be worth repair­ ing and had stopped at Schuber's because he knew t h e owner had a new tire awaiting there. Edward Schuber, t h e proprietor, confirmed Mr. Lan­ zaro stopped. The defendant Pleaded lt was unthinkable he could be going 60-miies-per„hour with a blown tire. ■ Magistrate Martin found the facts against the defendant -well substantiated except f o r Mr. Lloyd's defense, a greater fine would have been incurred, the magistrate told Mr. Lan­ zaro. Arrested on a drunk and dis­ orderly charge by Chief of Po­ lice John J. Flood, B u s t e r Waters, Marlboro Township, paid a fine of $15 and (5 costs of court. A similar c h a r g e against Arthur Adams, 20 Dock St., Matawan Town­ ship, made by Sgt. R o b e r t McGowan, drew a fine of |15 and court costs of tS.


    EARS Civilian Volunteer Plane Spotters Needed Now!

    M Wake Upl Sign Upl look Up! J O IN T H «

    GRO UND O B SER V ER C O R PS C s lln rw rti- r-~ nr--

    r “ What do you expect me to do -4look in the Want Ads for some cheese?”

    Woman Accused Of Enticing Boy A 19-year-old Browntown housewife was held for the Middlesex County grand jury by Magistrate Maxwell H. Mayer. Madison Township. Monday on a charge of c o ntributlng to the delinquency of a minor. The housewife was Mr s . Blanche Russo, Route 9. A 14year-old boy testified against her. She was arrested Aug. 12 by township police and releas­ ed ln $1000 ball posted by her husband, Anthony! Earl Stanley, Whltehouse, a truck driver, was fined $10 and tS for Improper loading when a two-ton stone fell from his truck and smashed a sec­ tion of the ramp between Route 18 and Route 9 ln Browntown.

    Holmdel Voids (continued from page one) pay the $425 fee of Henry L. Kramer, Holmdel architect, who designed a $9000- munici­ pal garage for the Crawfords Corner school lot, even though funds were not available this year to proceed with the con­ struction. It ls.expectcd t h e $9000 for the garage will go la the 1958 budget. Mayor Ackerson refused a request by Stanley Stllwell, Holmdel developer, to have a map api&oMg. Mlth o^draftlss change without; flrsfc: submit­ ting it to the planning board. Mr. Stilwell explained the m ap forlJis subdivision already had been approved by the planning board and the supplementary approval was needed only be­ cause of a change of one letter in the drafting! The developer said if the approval wero. giv­ en, without waiting: for t h*e next planning board meeting on Sept. 2, then a family who was buying a house c o u l d move Into the subdivision ln time to get their children en­ rolled at the start of the school year. The mayor told Mr. Stil­ well tbat even though t h e drafting change was a trifling one, it would set a precedent which could prove trouble-, some ln other cases. The may­ or reaffirmed the township committee only can act on a map after the planning board approves it. Mrs. Maud Cross, crltio of the assessment practices of Assessor John Mount, was dis­ turbed when the assessor left the meeting beforp the t i m e lor public discussion. S h e found it upsetting t h a t Mr. Mount had given his personal views to a newspaper as part of the proceedings of the Aug. 8 meeting, when Mrs. Cross first h&fl commented on t h e figures on the assessment roll Mrs Cross charged certain views of Mr. Mount had not been expressed at the meet­ ing and also were out of order as they concerned his reports on sales of property and other matters personal to hersetf and other owners rather thati quotes taken from the asses*ment roll,-the official docu­ ment under question,

    MHS Cafeteria (continued from page one) year. He acknowledged t h a t the gate receipts would de­ crease because of tlie new foot­ ball agreement with Keyport High by which the homo side ln the annual Thanksgiving Day football game keeps a 11 the receipts. It had been spilt under the old contract. Pupils will be sold season tickets’ for all sports to set up attendance, he announced. An error w a s found to bave been made tn the contract of the athletic di­ rector, who also heads the high school scicnce d e p a r t ­ ment, and it Was adjusted up­ ward by $150 to S6200. , Hoy S. Matthews, chairman of t h c school properties com* miltcc of the board, was given authority to purchase n e w locker* for the hl«h school In the amount of 1350. This A/ill purcbace 75 new !ocke;s, Mr, Matthew? also was
    chase of the floor machines was unanimously approved, but Mr. Dolan passed his vote on the vacuum cleaners a n d portable cleaners. Four Teachers Resign Resignations were received from Miss Marie Santheroce, who was employed at the July meeting of the board to teach general science in the h i g h school: Miss Marie B e a t t y , Mrs. Alice Robinson and Miss Lucille Cavallert. All were re­ ceived and accepted without comment. Five new teachers were giv­ en contracts. They were: Rich­ ard Urbanski, Parlin, to teach Instrumental musio. in t h e school at a salary of $4200 per year: Mrs. Vivian Gallo, Eatontown. to teach kindergarten ln Matawan Borough at a sal­ ary of $3400; Mrs. Nancy Du­ Bols, Valley Dr., Matawan, to teach the first grade in t ib e Cllffwood School at a salary of $3400; Daniel J. Stanklewlcz, Ashley, Pa., to teach eighth grade in the Cllffwood School at a salary of $3600 a year and Melvin Kronengold, Dumont, to teach the fifth grade ln the Cllffwood School at a salary of $4100 per year. According to Superintendent of Schools, Russell A. O . Stet­ ler, the teaching staff s t i l l lacks a vocal music instructor and general science tf l g h school teacher. Tuition Inoreased The board was Informed by the Keyport Board of Educa­ tion that. the. tuition charged a pupil that intends ctjie Keyport training dasg-ih&s been in­ creased $100 per year. Tbe lo­ cal J)oard last year paid Key­ port $700 tuition for the pupil. During the school year 1957-58 the tuition will be $800. On motion of Mrs. H i l d a Tomasello, chairman of t h e educational committee, J o h n Dowd was engaged to trans­ port the pupils to and f r o m the Keyport School for the sum of $2 per day. William Lloyd, Keansburg attorney, was re-engaged os attorney for the board to serve from the present until Feb. 29, 1958, at a retainer of $800. The rental for the h i g h school auditorium was set at $25 a night.

    Tank Wagons For

    Bridge, was named for a term to end Dec. 31, 19M, while tot term of John High was chang­ ed to end Dec. 31, 1957, Anoth­ er application will be made. Declaring that previous ac­ tion in that direction had been {legal and the first s t e p s should have been for financ­ ing provisions, Mayor Cham-' berlaln offered a resolution re­ scinding the previous action of the committee authorizing the engagement of the Commun­ ity Planning Associates to draw up a master plan for the township. To Appropriate $16,000 For Master Flan . The mayor said the /matter will be brought up at the next meeting when an ordinance authorizing appropriation of $16,000 for tills purpose will be introduced. A hearing was h e l d on charges by the State 4Alcpholtc Beverage Commission’**''! h a t Boysen's Tavern, Old Bridge, had allowed brawling to go on at the tavera June 22 and bad permitted the consumption of alcoholic beverages after the 2 a.m. closing hour. Benjamin v Kleinberg, South River, attorney for the tavern management, admitted guilt to the first two charges and waived a hearing. He contend­ ed the management in at­ tempting to eject an alleged undesirable customer, w h o came 4n just before closing time had made it Impossible for the proprietor to check the alleged violations before they were committed. Mr. Kleinberg represented the violations as “ technical” and contended there had been no Intention on the part of the management to “ attempt to evade the law.*’ When the committee set the date for the penalty period to begin Aug. 26 at 6 a.m., Mr. Kleinberg declared this would deprive the establishment of Labor Day business. Saying the committee had no inten­ tion of causing undue hardship because of the violation. Com­ mitteeman Donald M a c r a e , sponsored a motion that the ef­ fective date be changed to Sept. 3. The motion was pass­ ed unanimously.

    Record Traffic

    on the board mala or not. The developers also were asked to contribute $450 per household for schools. Minor subdivisions approved were those of Jack W. Denholi for a delicatessen site on 90by-151-foot lot on Ernston Rd, in Madison Park; a 200-by-87* foot tract on Brook St. a n d Marlboro Rd. for S v e d a Quackenbush; a lQO-by-270-foot. tract on Texas Rd. ot English* town Rd. for Henry G. and Elsa Ostermann: a 125-by-425foot tract on Route 9-4 for Rus­ sell and Mnrion Oreen, and a triangular tract at Machlponix and Englishtown Rds. for Ed­ win J. and Evelyn ,R. Deck. Some of these approvals were made conditional and must be submitted to the zoning board of adjustment f o r hardship variances because they d i d not meet the 100-by-100-foot re­ quirement of the subdivision ordinance.

    School Committee (continued from puge one) the chairmnn asked the nom­ inations committee to carry over their duties as an elec­ tion committee and to t a k e charge of the coming e l e c ­ tions. All present were remind­ ed that it is their privilege io nominate or vote for anyone they desire. It Is expected that the offi­ cially formed committee will begin full operation immedi­ ately following the election at the next meeting to be h e l d Sept. 12th at B p.m. at t h o Matawnn High School. All cltl* zens Interested in participat­ ing ln the better schools com­ mittee. which was encouraged by the board of education, aro Invited to attend.




    aratlon. Bida m ust be made on standard proposal forma In tha m an­ ner designated therein and required by t h t specifications, m ust ba an* closed In sealed envelopes, bearing the nam e and address of bidder ana nam e of road on outside, addressed to Clerk of The Township of M atawan

    and m ust ba accompanied by « ctr* tilled check lor not leas t h a n . tan <10) per ce nt ol the am ount bid. provided said check need not be more than $20,000.00 nor shall not be less than $300.00 and be delivered at the place and on the hour above named, l li e alandard proposal form Is at*

    Ucbed lo tha supplementary specifi­ cations, coplee of which w ill ba furnished on application to engineer. B y order of the Townshtp Commit* tee of the Townahlp of Matawan, ’ Rose K. Wenzel, Clerk ' i*0 $13.77 “ •


    Deep Run Water

    FO R S A LE

    NKW 3 bcdnu«m ranch, tile bath, Younstown kitchen cabinets; long term mortgage; oppoMtc grade arhool. Wilson Ave., Onion llt'ach. Cali H. f.Ifitnt. Keyporl 7*0101. wJ22 KNYPOHT house, fl rooms, bnth anti expansion Mile. oil hot wntrr heat, full ccllar; d ote tu bvlioolii, churchea am i buses. For Information call Key* purl 7-5901 lifter 0 p.m. w jlf KKANSHUHG, llnlvedero icctlon, all* year-round homo, si* rooms, onenml-onc-huir baths, steam healed, now vneant, lot SO x 100, ono block from beach nnd pool, extra large front porch. mrwly-ducnrnU'd, li!0 Scubvccro Wnv. price >12.500, Can bo seen Sutimln.v und Sundny or dl.ii HUmUoldt 4-3SM. .WjK! CLIFFW OOD, Cap* Cod. kilchon, living room. 8 liedronms. hath, en* closed non-lil vvlh tihnnlmun ownings, oil hem. $1)1100, Carlton II. l’ollnu, Heal i'sloto Urokcr, 81 Osborn St., Keyport. Call Keyport 7.1010. wjia MATAWAN. well kept home, modern kitchen wllh electric utove, llvlni; room, dining room and bath down­ stairs; 3 bedrooms and bath upntalrir nil tin? Yvntor lirmt full j.a.llnr irnrjftfttrf'

    NOTICK TO m D D E IM HflTICE Is her»by riven ttiul nealrd htds will tus rerplvwl l»y Tuc Town­ ship nl Malawitii fnr the rr>ri»tnjcU'>ri SM Typf* ’’V" tJnd<-rdr/i!fi In the-

    TViWnnhlf, nf MatAwan Jri |li»* fit M'trirnoutli, for n totftl b-ngttj i
    KEYPOHT, spacious older typo home, 0 routnn plus 1 'i batlin, oil hot looter hent. full finished ccllnr, (arago. Priced for quick sole, flit,* iOO. Carlton II. Poling, H tul Kstiitc Broker, 81 Osborn St., Kryport. Call Keyport 7>101ft, *W



    ....... ‘lti hoine on' bua line, t a n * double room with TV; also amollai single room. Permanent m ale ap nllcanta only Heferancea required CaU Keyport 7*1440. w jll L EM EN ’l mixers, chain lawa ano rotary lawn m ow en py fiout ot day. Diid’a ftentals, Matawan 1313S-M . W]U/2U

    fl!M m l*»* tJll-m •! to*



    I * In *(*< t< «| b y d r /r | « f b u t ltie s y




    t lv * bidliu j'b r s

    '«,li| t* /nrnlth»-d v>-i|n a t'<.pv <>( tK« f/rUda t i IK*


    ■ W H A T H AS


    free Estlm atea-No Monev Down Karl* A Franta. Keyport 1-3403 ACCUttOIUNS isLW ana used; bouKM'Xold-renled re paired and exchanged N J' Mu lie Ccntet.43 Uroad Si Keyporl Tel KKypori 1*1410 Lessons on* all tn ttrum enls w)M


    IIARITAN Loiulsi-nplnR Supply lop soil, m anure shrubs evvrKtecnii, tr«en, fertiliser lime and Har­ den toola Cumpleh Inndnraplnp and nerviee ( pen II HI a nt to 0 ^ m . closed Sundays p in Call Kevnorl ■f-04‘13 or South Amboy 1*03011 Mike Artelli. Proprietor wjll IM C U SIIU N D puppies AKC, Mntuwnn 1-2503W, 1 p.m


    SO. 1-4425

    Cnll w jl11

    ' WJU

    tlUICK Koadmaster, 1030, good con* dltlon, Coll Mutuwnn i*217fl-M l after fl p m. • . 323

    1MNIUI.L machines, dlnlnu room set. tied, kltch('ii M't nnd mMiU'U. Ixiuia Coslii, [VrslilDK Plnco. Coll Kevpott 74)331 or 7-1633 wjtf

    ..Real Estate For Sale

    HOATK und m o t o r s .J o h n s o n —Sea Horxca. OUM'own Lap Hlraiie Will* MATAWAN Borotiilh; tot 73 fool b, • ISO deep: • * - * front by gas. water and nor*PlberglasM. Outboard motor ro^ pair. KinnncliiB easily arranged. C. sewerage Call Malnwan 1-318U-J. (i Gnlhrullh & Son, Ino., HU \ \ VohI wjaa W ont Street, Keyporl, N, J. * Call Keyport 1*tai4, Open every day rsrrp t Sunday Wjtt 117 foot fnmt on Main St., Keyport. DN1TF.D HTATHH und foreign stamps; Inquire 400 Uroad St.. Keyport. slucle and hlockn, plate numbers. w)aa> Cnll Koyport 7*1448. wjlf


    S E R V IC E

    GHOC1CHY business, also stock and fixtures; reasonable. < Must retir* duo to III health. Tel,. Keyport ’<* U'fin or i rnni Ire 1139 Florence A ve, Union Mooch, w jtt*


    E X I*E ltlE N ('E D O H K U A TO IiS . wringer type, $30t also T hir AND I.E A R N E R S Call Matawan “WjU **• U N D ER (3A R M EN T CO. M A TA W AN

    . »• <«
    ft JOHNSON AVO.,

    W|ll. OOD nil b uriu r i .r v lc . m «n, d t t d y Wrll




    LOW bed trailer, carrt6* ♦ i° n* Call K rytw ri 7*oua a flfr I p.m . vvJU

    H A IR D ftE S S E R E X P E R IE N C E D Excellunl opportunity to learn alyl* lug ond work In finest beauty lolon in Monmouth County. Salary plus commission. Call Keyport 7*1484,

    K KYPOHT house, a rooms, near hua HEAllTY operator wanted, alar lines. Available Septombcr 1st. Tli’ NT wllh equipment, fair condl1 Hnnuiy Nliop, 2117 Mom Kt.f ivaans* tlon. Call Matawnn 1-2010*M or burg. Tel. Kesnsburg 0*1021, Write Uox J in cara of UU» news* VfJIO* jaa paper. wJJ2* MnlDWAil 1*3279. IIQUTE nnlentnnu, A|>i»lv Single APAIITM1CNT, 4 room*, heat and hut nA U Y carrluitB with pad, good ron« tem Laundry, llio uil Jk t'runt dilUm. Cali Motawan l-lUia-J. )21 Keyport, water^ 8U|i|>Ued; adults only. Col) Keyport 7 WJ22 HILT-niTTJ carrlngo. 1^0; cur bed, WA1TUKSS, exitericncad, lood salary, $4! racoon coat, site 0, 133; also APAHTMENT,, 3 rooms, furnished or ploasanl working cunrtlUons, Call unfurnished, adults onlyj 1 block tmy'a pra m suit, sl«« fl -montha,- 111. Keypotv 7-UC4, . ; : ~' Wfi B off Highway 33, CUffwood. ltent and M iitcrnlty outfits, sire 0, 11.W each, botUes, asnortrd bnby URht ftirnUhed. CaU M atawan 1 Hterllrer, i m - M bttw ccn fl t i p,m . w y a rjnthes and shoes, ,03 U> $1,00, Call Mutnwoh 1-3107, ' III


    1TEM A L E O P E R A T O R S

    | Uruvf't-Vthnf*

    CY^'pHT, »

    ler, liu>lnoa« t'fiunm nr jinigie |M»r»

    APAHTMENT, .1 rooms, heal, not water and eicolrlu supplied. Cull M aUwan MtMa-H. wjtt<

    ■OTHEJiS T A L K B A R G A IN S W E S E L I/ E M

    UNION h e a c i i , a p arim nil. 0 rooms in 2 fam ily house, hot woter and eleclrlo supplied. Noar benrh, 130 tier month. No heat. Call Keyport l*0443*M. W)22

    T H E B A R G A IN H O U S E

    APAHTMENT, 9 or 4 rooms, clean. (inlet hnutir.. Adults only, Call Malawan 1-IUI4-J. wjia« APAHTMENT, Kryport, eholce. Joca* tlon close to trains, buses, all hurrhca nnd shopping district. Ideal for miwlywcdx or business couplo. Three (3) rooms and bath, heat, hot wutcr. refrigerator and gus ran«a furnished. Available September lftth, |33 per month. Calf Keyport 7* linii2*W anytime for appolnlmttnl. Heferences required. wJ23* UNION flE A C ll, summ er bungalow 3 rooms furnished $23 weekly; avail* oblo now. Cali Keyport 7*0(nfl. w iU APAHTMENT, two rooms $20 ner week; alao four furnished. $A0 per month. port 7-2HB8-M or Inquire St., Union lleach. APAHTMENT.

    furnished, rooms, un* Tet. Key* Oil front 122*

    Call Malawan 14210.


    Situation Wanted WILL wash and iron all lu w i of tains, also stralcb curtains tn own home Prompt serrlva Hnoth Amboy M S M

    cur m> Call «MI

    W IL L enre for rhtldrcn In own home by day or week, ( ’all Keyport 7* 67&&-J or tnquira fill Columbia Ave..


    IMV I . 41.10 . NIOIIT I • $ -1:


    60 M O N TH S T O P A Y F R E E E S T IM A T E S G IV E U S A C A L I- A T , M A TA W A N 1-4801 L A N Z A IIO B R O S TENNENT

    tlD „

    D A Y,SH O RE T O G S L O C U S T ST. : KEYPO RT K E Y P O R T 7-5800 w J IM

    MACIIINIHT, nil arouml - rnun -
    1IOOKKCKPRH, fem ile, •Kperlenred, pormanant position) 0 day weak; ... Mr n a f f e r , good saiary« * port 7*3001 wjtt


    M O n O A N V IlX K ^

    WOMAN for general housework atid Inmlnji, 3 days a week, Cali Mata­ wan i- f c - J . wjaa1 IIOOKKKICI'RU, complete charge of hooka tltni'MUth ganeral ledger sod trial balanre, good appearance, neat iMitdwriting, ai'euralo typing, Itepb n own handwriting lo P.O. H on 128i “ ‘aw »n. tii M A i.E Janitor, part time, for im«|| factory and offices, Cali during ho day, Mntnwan l-OSK), evcr.Uus Malnwan l- 2 m . w jtt SKCHi:TAIlY to manager of small factory, excellent opportunity fur nntura woman or man exiterfenced o ofilce loullne, I’Spawle of uaipg own Judgment and decision, W riteHox I. In rara of Uils ucwit>aper, wjj|

    B E T T Y 'S

    DIIE11H SHOP l^Dir.S WKAII A ACCKHftUHlEA attuactivk trrviJMi MODEMA175Y PltlCKD CLEARANCE HAI.1C ON DHF.flBEft OKKICE help, ewpeHfoeed In genetAty i*V olfice routine, dictation, typing, MATAWAN 14742-J iso main frr, - filing, telephone rtfrvlee. Write Ibis 119 K In rare of this newspaper. wj2t

    B U S I N E S S Antlquol


    I’E I.E V IS IO N S E R V IC E

    It Metioews UpwrlumU tUnti ..ntKjiies, want* U> ou> all types *' • nthiues Polls lot's, turmlure. china glassware and old lewajry 118 wav, Keyport eaii Keyport 1*144#

    B A iri'B b T K II .n il b uiu inii v.ii.lVtcUr' j li MKtkuai r'bxance Ave. K tr ttori New Homes enrages ail allaf■llr.ii* ann repairs Casv finanrlni arranged Call Mayporl f-4lft9 w)lf

    EAM1. WATWHH MOVED llarltan Township dealer in anlimiea has moved Ui 31 W alle rt HI.. Ued Hank, Estimates cheerfully given Telephone flhudyside 7*I1M or call

    M ANZO C O N T R A C T IN G C O , INC.,

    Call na for reliable TV service; U k* vision antennas repaired and install* rd We also repair radloa and small otectrtu appliances.

    V II J .A O E T E L E V IS IO N 20 E. FR O N T ST. KEYPO RT K E Y P O R T 7-3081 eejtl



    w jl*

    Ani*HAI/J »'A V »«u _ 3IIIVKWAVH A ^A H K IN O U JT l A t/U I AHI'IIAI/J MAIEMTAL )l,l) A I (HIM IH lN Y lIN H lX N I


    M A T A W A N 1-1745 K I . O I N h tk m s l* u J U n io n A v e , Urt to n I t e a r h «|Hn-iallsle In e f m i l m c tlo n ol f in e r b o n ie r ; a ls o r o o f in g , s id in g , (H ire h ani-lo au reB . g a r a g e s a n d d orm e rs. C a l l K e v i* * M IllK tf qi



    IJU|.t,t)i fille«i arid giadrd. drhrawaya c|itd«(t)d giavsled sod grsded. llluo stone, m sd eravni, mason, sand, wached grsvel. (HI dirt and top ®n|| Oumii liu ik * fur nlre Erkcl Hrtilhors, l*!i»orni li»i>d, Morgan' »H|e. f u ll Malawan t-IHtfl


    R U S S E L L T V S E R V IC E M A TA W A N 1-G070 Call any lima day or evenings.


    S E R V I C E S


    ron roun riMca E iam times rWELVK TIMES

    T o p S o il

    DON'S T V S E R V IC E

    ••-.*■ '! I>V f>,tnrnl«il'rMf'r,

    U SED CARS WSI INTKItN ATIONAI. school buHj sedt'.*; IHO, 4ii pnskcni/cr, hlnh school. Thomas Itoily. Call lCot.ll!il)U)wn ;iya;t, , w jai

    WARHINO m arhlntf very good condition, Iruncr, like now, $1A. MATAWAN, ranch house, kitchen I'filMM, with dining area, living room wllh fireplace, 3 bedrooms and hath, oil WAHIUNO machine, Weatinghouae. ndlant bent, washer and range. At* automatic, good condition, $*5. Call ached garage, fully landscaped, ex­ Keyport 7*40&J. wjU* cellent location. 918,000, Carlton 1|, doling, Hon I Estate Broker, 31 Oajorn St., Keyport, Cali Keyport 7* TWIN »Ue_ bunk beds wilh ■Pjlns “ ‘‘ . Call and‘ mattress; reasonable. 1018. * w jU wja Matawan M 1 U , ATTRACTIVE ranch, S years old; $700 down, $73 per fnonthi lot, HAY and straw; also mulch hay, cow 79 x 100; S cor garage, excellent m anure and lop aoil, excellent fnr neighborhood. Cell John Trobachli'v new iawn aoedlnus, tree* and ahmha. wjas* Matawan M737-M, _______________ Call Keyporl 7-M44-M.

    t/'jbtle at tlie TowmWj* Jli-ll /it U’>. fn, AlUntle Avf-nij*-. tn unl.t *Ml*, on ?Uf»t. 11 nl I ir. V tt , Fm f»*t rffw Uni rodl»j and television t-rtt H avll^ht fr.»v»r*f* i * iv h » r 4|| M nltw tn 11844 wjlf Drawings. ».fhef|llinl!'-n»i ui.<1 t,i l.M* and hon'f t>,r »».*■ f>ro|>-,!»-d wfnk, prrp*r«-'l bv Hurt



    Aluminum Windows Venetian Blinds

    in 35 dnys after tteplemtxir IzUi. 1037, exclusive of nucli date. H you fail so to do, judgment by de* fault m a r be entered against you for the roller demanded ln the complnlnl. You iha ll fils your answer and proof of service In duplicate, with the Cleric of Ihe Superior Court, State House Annex. Trenton, New Jersey, in . accordance, with tlm rules of Civil Prnrtlco and Procedure. 'Pila action has Iwen Jmdltutcd /or the (jurpoM of foreclosing a cerll/l* rule ut tax sale, effecting* U nde m the Township nt Matawun, In th« Cmmty of Monmoulh snd fltate of New Jersey, situate on the North* westerly aldo of Willow Avenue; which certificate ia dated flrptem l*r 5th, IftiH and wa* executed hy tho Tax Collecting Official of the snld Townihlp ot Matawan, to Uie aald Townihlp of Matawan. and aitltfnrd tn the plalntlf/a Willard Hlal*y ami Catherine H iilry , hutband and wlfr, by operation of law, and was rrrrirderl In Die ('niinly Clerk’s Offlra on Kepteml>or 10lh, lft£l. In Itook 0)1 ot Mortgaffra on pare 105; and to bar tbe equity of redemption therein: and you, th<' persona lo whom tht a n>i11re Is Hrlare m ad* parllt-* rlefr-nditut h«rnub« you are the o*»er of tnld Unda and n r e /n lw or n rupeH(vcf »fM/inr. as nerelnnl’ove rintgnati-d. d a t e d ; AtigMRi i2th. t m . I CiflANT U ’tr IT, Clerk, Jiupertvr Court 112 $13 13

    '■i!d tnn\c.ftr ** Dl M a in M iitut*-*!!, p.m t «.t *B tit M tote I t iir b w iv


    KEYPORT, beautifully remodeled 7 . room huuui\ Must be scon to ap* predate; Corner Osborn A Warren 81a.. Inquire on premises, 01 Osborn St .. -- - ■ ■ . • : Wp2*

    (continued from page one) nn Funeral Home, Koansburg. ClUef Alphonsus McGrath, Keansburg Police, found t w o eyewitnesses to the crash and he was to Interview them this morning, One report was that tlie plaqo dipped In altitude as It nearqd the bay, then t h e motor “ fouled" as lt siousht to go out . of the dive, spinning down Into the water. Darkness had Bettled by tho time of tho crash, so- lt waB hard to deter­ mine what had occurred. All night long a powerful searchlight owned by the Pot O' Oold beach concessionaire played over the bay waters for a mile out but the plane was too far under to be spotted.

    l.iv *

    «nnf¥11. (UK

    caps in itnrli fnt immediate mount inc. S hour service In recsnpinp youl casings. Uavahore Tire Co.. tligli way 33 CUffwood Call Matawan

    Keansburg Plane

    V.tM>\n*rr, *»i<1 ft

    I iltfc.5 cuiUMieti'O

    OUILD1NGS to move delivered to yout property Cheap All Hntrfovc m enu No price over phone. Ulgh way U, Manalapan t'hone English town 74321 Mailing address. b aity & Petries Inc., IJoi 181, Freehold, wjtf

    (continued from page one) Then -a check on him brought out revealing Information. Brown first lost his license in 1952. In 1054, he served 30 days for being unable to pay a fine when picked up for driv­ ing while on tho revoked list. In 1955, he was picked up a sccond time for driving on the L E G A L N O TICE revoked list. He had a 20-day COMMON LAW ft-173 Jail term then. S H E R IF F 'S SALK:-13y vlrtua of a - Third-Time Offender writ of execution to mo illrccled. Issued out of the Superior Court of When Magistrate Kleinberg jfound be was ju thlrd-tlme .of NewMeraey (Law Division).thero will gender,' rfontente o t 90. days' In b a f j g f l s $ . y ? w Jo ^ B ub^ ? i ‘W " ? ? 0' Monday, the Dth day of Soptember, the county Jail was Imposed 1037 between the hour* o f I t o'clock plus a $500 fine, believed a and *4:30 o'clock fat 2 o'clock D a y record Imposition for a traffic light Savlnu Time) in the afternoon of said day, a t the Court House m .■offense ln the Keyport court. Mo Borough of Freehold, County ol Monmouth, New Jersey, to satisfy a If the fine Ss not paid, Brown Judf.'mcnt of said court amounting to will cool his heels for ICO moro approximately $2,041.00. All the defendants' rljjht, tide and days ln the county jail or a to­ Interest, If any, In nnd to tlio follow* tal of 250 days. The drivers picked up In the t o w n s h ip of Motawan, County of , speeding drive ordered by Monmouth: Lot N os,. 409. 400. 407 & 408 in Councilman Ellsworth Barker niock No. O, oa shown on m ap en* tilled “ M ud of Woodflcld. situated In each were fined $10. T h e y the Township of Matawan, County of were James L. Phillips, 216 Monnwulh, state vf New JcrKsy, mado f r a n k Osborn, Surveyor, 101!, and Atlantic Ave., Keyport; Ar­ by filed In the offlco of the Clerk of thur T. Tcsauro, Jersey City; Monmouth County on Mny 3, lUll nn sliffol No. H In file No. 80. Located Richard Hulsart, 6 Little St.. un Kuclld Avenue. Matawan; Paul Arlcquin, 128 .Seized a i the properly of Wilbur illiam R .) Kabiift nnd veronica Ka­ Broad St., Koyport; Max Fam- b(W ul his wife. Including torhootc dow­ cly. Linden; Alphonse Faldutl. er rights, taken in execution at Uie of Central Brewing Co. and to 215 Pine St.. Union B e a c h , stilt. be sold by , and John P, Bacon, 143 Henry m A E . WOLCOTT, Sheriff. Dated July 30. 1037 St., Unlon^Bcach. Louli II. Hollander, Atty, Two Matawan men, J o h n (37 lines) 123.91 Rice and Rubin Edwards, J3________________________ ___ _ wero fined $25 each for disor­ NOTICE TO A nsEN T DEFEN DANTS SUPErtlOH COUllT derly conduct, Involving loiter­ O F NEW JK H SEY ing ln a drunken condition. CHANCEHY DIVISION NO. F-2(Mfl*60 Richard Lewis, Union Ave., STATE O F NKW JE1ISK Y W> North Centerville, was fined a LOKKNZO PALOM IIO. M l hclra, dcvlKces ond peraonal rcprcurn* total of $40 on counts of Icav* and his, their or any of lng the scene and reckless L S . tatlvei their ouccessors^ In right, tltlo driving. Ho was apprehended and Interest; O W N KIC Mltlt. LO REN/,O I'ALO M IIO . SPOUHK: bj Patrolman William Pease, intne of Ihe defendants; borough police, as tbe driver You ore hereby summoned and required to serve upon Karkus, Kan* who struck a parkca car on tor A IJurns, Ksas., plaintiffs* uttor* Broad 8t. Aug. 10, then dim­ nrys, wlioso orliircin Is 41 Hrnod Keyporl, New Jersey, an med his lights and took off Street answer to the complaint filed in a down First St. The officer pur­ Civil Action, In which Tho Townnhip rf M ataw an, tilr„ el. a ll., ere plain* sued him and trapped the flee­ U/fs and Mrs. Lorrazn !*alu>nb'>,
    (continued from page one) ed the township commltteo to call on the State Department of Health to meet with them on such a move. “They'll need a fleet/' com­ mented Thomas Miller, an ex­ committeeman who heads the association. A meeting of the group about the matter h a s been called at the Old Bridge Legion Hall tonight. T h e J. Clemenshaw Co., Cleveland, Ohio, who m a d e the township's "true value" reassessment last year was re­ tained at $75 per day for four days to defend levies challeng­ ed by owners before the Mid­ dlesex County Tax Board. A principal one Is that of t b e (continued from page one) Camp Bethel, Inc., in Bruns­ Ira Applegate protested that wick Oardens which claims tax exemption as a religious there were nine water compan­ organization. The camp never ies operating in the . township was assessed until the Clemen* without franchises. Ho bclicv* shaw llrm Investigated its stat­ cd the time had como for beU us last year. Mr. Edgar noted ter regulotion of them, looking it had been found the c a m p to an eventual municipal wa­ was benefittlng by tho rental ter plant. P r o t e s t s P o llu t i o n of dormitories to communi­ Charles Aumack had t h e cants who come out from the board j o i n in the protest city for the activities of t h e against the stream and air pol­ group. t lution In Old Bridge from ef­ Cannot Designate filreeU fluent in the Bouth River al­ As “ Light Traffic" Mr. Edgar also advised the leged to come from the Peter governing body lt could n o t J . Schweitzer Co. paper m i l l achieve by ordinance1an arbi­ and tho Anhcuser Busch yrast trary r i g h t to designate plant in Spotswood. Mr. Ed­ streets as “ light traffic.“ He gar spoke of injunctive p r o ­ was of the opinion, however, cedures If information could that restrictions on the weight bo gained on which to b a s e of vehicles to use streets nam ­ them. Ho reluted one observer ed ln an ordinance can be es­ believed toine of. tbo trouble tablished with permission of came from the partial block­ the State Motor Vehicle De­ ing of the outflow of the Bouth partment. Hiver into the Rnritan where The State Assistance Hoard the trunk sewer is being car­ informed the committeemen ried acrois the river to New by letter lt was turning down Ifrunswick. the township'* request for an One major subdivision, f o r imlrtance appropriation be- 15 Jot*, wan np[>rovrd for caiif.c the makeup of the,’oca! OrotKo Novei'o, Jersey City, tmJMance board wan contrary (au<1 .Jncfc Westfield, to regulations in that two j i t Ia a reviKcd plan of J’ rdm members had been tamed for wick Old Usioue Manor. T h e like terms and tbe board incrn board m e rv ra a ^ipulation bershlp old not include a worn the uteri in the nubdivltlon an, ISy resolution*, the, m l * comjnjg onto « ^ a trr line tbe board is running Into the Voor* the board averpfed n n d h r e * I k b o o l a l j m u s t c o n t r i b ­ Mrs, HHrn WrjahtnaMr, O f d ute v/he’-her th^y fare directly

    ■ css;

    T h e M a t a w a n J o u r n a l C la s s ifie d A d s


    M f llf l l*>ral Iruih lng sendee. Call II. WiUon ii lions, Matawsn 1 1* wjjy*

    Landscaping I^H fH tC A P IH O snd m slnlenen^e ol youl grounds A Variety of shrubs,


    PH O N E K E Y P O R T 7-3030

    fO IL

    h lf j a

    ft ) M

    M )A O


    J*)lr Mill hlfj « I *IN M»AD IIJ HOAD OHAVM H IdN MlAD *l» I II.I.

    I)| It I

    Ctnrli’f* lH l« h i« il * , r n s io n o n n d . emuret* ssm 'I «I*j.

    ANL) AHM run

    C L A S S IF IE D

    »i I O N

    D ilv e w a y s g is v r ie d . nnd


    n i'i,


    I OAD $ ft g fS V ft, s to o s ,

    b lu e

    Iiln o it o n e d


    iJeiit li'irer, shovel Mork. Ideal lor ft»«'*v*ima tiM'i tanks, vraw) spaee drain oiltliti, s^loimina poow, h»*k fill, ■ i. Irooi H iiIM Io m filled and graded a il it ftltrft** . rKir.nn r r m pruoe/I,1 iul duM'O, nreplace jdher |»ibe, (‘e» Marttn. day or \ »veh* k/gs nut t
    f le e

    Call Matawan I-ocao It•1,


    Alarm For Girl Scout Camp

    Wife Communist, Left Out Of Will A retired Madison Township army officer ana veteran of the Greek struggle with Comre^y^Uiist guerrillas, who cut his wife off without a cent, left an estate of $26,038.93. . Judge Charles m ; M o r r i s , Middlesex County, approved last week an accounting of the estate left by the late Lt. Col. John M. Moss, who died ln 1954. . In his will, Lt. Col. M o s s branded his wife, Madeline A. Moss, Montreal, Canada, as a Communist and direoted that the receive none of his estate. He charged that she decolv;d him about her political af’ .'illations and had instituted anaulment proceedings. T h e r e was nothing to indicate the out­ ' come oT the action. Mrs. Moss, the colonel’s sec Dnd wife, contested the will but withdrew the action before any -"r bearings were beld. ■ Beneficiaries of Lt. C o l . Moss’, estate^re Mrs. Kate C. / M o s s , his mother, Boland, Ark.: Mrs. Fiances E . Moss, the officer’s former wife, and their minor son, John H., both Df Wichita, Kan. Lt. Col. Moss served as ad­ visor to Qreek infantry units battling red guerrilla bands in 194Q-49, For his services King Paul of Greece presented him - with the Greek War Cross. The account wns filed, by Ona M. Murphy, sister of Lt Col. Moss who had a chinchil­ la ranoh in this country at the time of his death. Mrs. Murphy was allowed commissions of $1310.70; Min­ ton, Dlnmore and Bohllnger, Trenton, attorneys for the es­ tate, received a fee of $1250 "—and Benjamin Weiner, guardlan for John H. Moss, was alK ^ lv e d a fee of $175.

    Retired railroad bell flnfls new Job working for pretty Girl Scout Mary lane Auer, 11. The stlU vocal veteran of the Iron Horse era, a gift of the Railroad Community Committee of Northern New Jersey, will serve as a general alarm at Camp Nomoco, Smithburg. The Northern Monmouth County Council Girl Scout Camp twice has been threatened by forest fires In tie past three years. Looking on are John Brain, Jr., Youth Activi­ ties chairman of the railroad group, and Mrs, Olaf T. Hammer, ________ ■ . . 1 .. camp chairman.

    Holy Name Units Pledge No Sale To Hold Parade Of Trashy Books

    Monmouth County Prosecu­ The annual parade and pub­ lic religious program sponsor­ tor Vincent P. Keuper Thurs­ ed by the Monmouth a n d day asked all Monmouth Coun­ Ocean County Federations of ty magazine dealers to adopt Holy Name Societies will be a three-point “ pledge to the held at the Asbury Park High public” not to sell trashy pub­ . School Stadium, Sunday, Sept. lications. The prosecutor said he Is 29. The parade will start at writing to the more than 200 2:30 p.nv Louis A; Relssner, E a s t dealers ln the county urging a Keansburg, president of t h e voluntary effort to remove In­ Monmouth Federation.heads a decent magazines as well as glorify crime. committee on arrangements those t h a t which Includes members of Printed posters, which t h e the Holy Name Societies affili­ dealers are being asked to dis­ ated with Holy Spirit, O u r play, will be distributed by lo­ The 1957 turkey crpp is llke- Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. cal police chiefs. ly to be larger than the rec­ Peter Claver’s Churches, As­ Mr, Keuper said he believes ord 77,000,000 birds raised In bury Park. Ralph Pellcrlto m o s t. dealers disapprove of 1956 by at least,,five per cent. Bay Head, president of t h e smut and do not want to sell So far this year, t u r k e y Ocean Federation, ls co-chalr- lt„ “ There would be no better slaughter ln -larger commer­ man. proof to publishers and distri­ cial plants ls 65 per cent hlghMr. Reissues, said he expects butors that filthy magazines er than a year ago, says Mon more than 8000 men from the have no inarkct in this coun­ mouth County Home A g e n t 46 parishes in the two coun­ ty,” he said, “ than unanim­ MrB. Lorna K. White. The U.8. ties lh the line of march ond ous refusal to h a n d l e the D e p a r t m e n t of Agricul­ that a large group of women stuff.” ture says this is one reason and children will join the men The prosecutor also told the why turkey prices are low now at the stadium for the religi­ dealers that they need not sub­ and why they’re likely to stay ous exercises immediately fol­ m it to pressure to accept of­ that way. lowing the parade. Allheal- fensive magazines ln order to dents of Monmouth and Occan receive other kinds. He said he Counties are invited to t h e had beard reports “from tlmo stadium program, which will to time” concerning this pres­ Include a prominent clerical sure, and a d d e d , " i have speaker, Mr. Relssner said, found no evidence at any time Charles Capone, Asbury to substantiate the reports; Park, first vice president of Please be advised that such the Monmouth Federation and pressure ls Illegal and if such former treasurer of the Dlo- pressure ls applied to you, It vesan Unlon Qt.-Holy^Name Bo* shonld.be: reported Immediate­ , otetles, la clintrman of ; tfie'.pa­ ly to my office.” rade committee. He will be as­ P rosecutor K e u p e r ' also sisted by the presidents of tho pointed out that all police ln parish societies and the offi­ the county still are under In­ Always at your call cers of the county organiza­ structions to bring to his at­ tions. . tention any publications which In time of illness The Rev. Francis L. Nolan, appear to be obscene and in pastor of the Holy S p i r i t violation of state law. Editions Church and spiritual* director of two magazines shown to the of the Monmouth Federation, grand Jury ln April resulted ln Our skilled pharmacists will direct the erection of the Indictments against all three are ftt youf yervloe each altar, at the stadium and will distributors operating In t h e bo In charge ot the religious county. Trial of the charges Is day to compound dll pre­ services. Ho will be assisted scheduled for fall. scriptions with unfailing by the Rev. MarcelUno RomagThe pledge states: “As a re­ tocuracy. no, O.BS.T., pastor of O u r sponsible magazine- dealer ln Lady of Mt. Carmel Church Monmouth County, I share and the Rev. Bernard J . Ko­ with most people in the com­ walski, S.V.D., pastor of St. munity a desire to eliminate Our precision Peter Claver's C hurch Indecent and morally objec . protects Ton tlonable publications, To help Card Party Wednesday attain that goal, I voluntarily pledge the following to my cus­ Free Delivery A card party will be h4ld at tomers: To examine the con­ Tel. KE 7*0562 the home of Mrs. J . McComb tents, as best I can, of all 127 Mornlngslde Ave,, Laur­ magazines offered to me for ence Harbor, Wednesday at sale: to refuse to sell a n y 1:30 p.m. for the benefit of which I believe feature Inde­ the Past Qrands Association of cent photographs, drawings, Violet Rebekah Lodge. For fur­ art or stories, or which glorify ther Information, contact Mrs crimes; to remove from my counters all magazines which McComb at Matawan 1*0636, 4ET1 customers point out ns offen­ t i W. Front St., Kejport (N # it lo p e o p lu Nat’l Baok) Your advertisement ln this sive becauso of a tendenoy to­ paper will reach prospectlvo ward Indecency or glorifica­ Rollo A Maratbao Bates purchasers ln cvory community tion of crlmo.” Pat* Oar Door In tho bayshore area. In his letter to police chiefs. Mr, Keuper sqld, “ Becauso of the nature of the material, it ls a difficult task for pollco agencies to force removal ot all publications whloh are of­ fensive to large numbers of people. I long have been con­ vinced that, ln regard to in­ fluence of such material upon Free License Transfer children, the only real safe­ guard . ls through voluntary parental control,” ,




    RO UN D


    Lancaster Brand means tender, juicy, tasty meat far you each and every time you serve it an your table! Only the finest, corn-fed young.cattle, of specific size and weight, are selected in areas where they're raised and fattened for market. ' No fat added.

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    .. . M ataw an .

    Ft. Monmouth Band To Play At Asbury Park The Tort Monmouth Band, one of tlie nation's top m ilitary musical organizations, w i l l play a special concert at tho eighth Avenue Boardwalk Band Pjivltlon, Asbury .Park, Saturday, Aug, 31, at 2 p.m. in conncctlon. with the 10th annual ‘‘Salute to tho States." This event, tho only one of Its kind observed annually ln the United States, ls sponsor­ ed by the City of Asbury Park with tho co-operation of , t h o U, S,1 Army. It ls presented as "a tribute to all tho states and the hlstorlo part the people ot each have played In the ad­ vancement of our nation," and is hailed by governors and oth­ er leaders across the nation. ; It is said that a man drives as ho llvcs-but romombor that If ls fAUlts show up (Hilckly, oft­ en moro disastrously, In traf­ fic. ' : This week why don’t you look through your church windaws , . , From tho Inside.



    Government' Graded "U. S. Choice"! And the choice of thousands for flavor. Serve with Ideal Mint Jelly. Oven Ready. Don't confuse with regular Legs of Lamb. ,j

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    -Frosted Fish Features ------------


    „ fc l Ilb - P te - .J T P

    Frozen Foods

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    Halibut Steaks £

    Fish S t i c k s PIb„ 49«

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    F R E E I Col'll Flakes 10 oz. pkg. IDEAL- Frozen Sliced










    KELLOGG’ S 1 2 o z. p k g .



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22 - There are a few of

, M0HM0UTH C O . . FBE58Ql*Pt H*J * ■ 4" H IS T O R IC A L A3SU.. .'. i -t ' ■ * •• • v C O V E R IN G T h is W e e k TOWN8IIIPB OF HOLMD...

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