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Two Road-Widening Surveys Given Approval by Local Council



Marines with 4New Jersey Company' Leave for Parris Island

For AUDepartmenls Call

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First Church of Christ, Scientist, Services Sunday in New Building

The new First Church of Christ, their homes. In Feb., 1918, the Scientist, Broad st., designed by group decided to rent the lodge Tho mayor and council Mon- •fJohn T. Simpson, Red Bank archi- hall In the Eisner building at 5* day night asked foi a state surtect, and built by Robert A, Hcn- Broad st. and held their first meetvey for the proposed widening of drlckson, Red Bank, will hold its ing there in Mar., 1916. The readRiverside and Maple aves., which opening services Sunday at 11 a. ing room and Sunday-school were some officials have recommended m. and 8:15 p. m. started the following year. to ease highway traffic through town. ] The brick, New England colonial The society continued to grow and The body also decided to investistyle building is 50 feet \vids shown in ments of normal childhood—love, ilies. The'five-room house has two calling for the shorter work week until last spring when he Whew the Indian congress met residence Joseph E. Scdlar, who represented an oven and in a refri ;erator. Mem- security, understanding and train- potential rooms on' the second —it now Tuns to six days and 48 purchased the Edwin Stewart esthe company at the meeting, told after independence was gained, said tate on the corner of Rumson rd. floor, and breezeway and garage- hours—and the proposal appeared tiers worked on the "sun porch" ing. council that the price reflected the the speaker, they framed the coun- and Fair Haven rd. It is situated on nearly an acre of to receive majority support from at dressmaking and ironing. Two Although headquarters are lo- ground. the council, cost of removing banks bf earth try's constitution after that of the members, Abbie Ann Willgerodt It Includes entrance foyer, l«.rg« cated on Garfleld st, Long Branch, before curbs could be installed. United States. The feudal system, living and Rosemarie Braun, each re- the society Is by no means a Long Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curley ef Mr. Gray agreed with an estimate room with flre place, dlnint; Costs of the Installation will be which was in effect before Britain room, streamlined ceived an "excellent" award in the Branch organization. Its program Holmdel have purchased a five- by Councilman Thomas F. Oakley kitchen, powder borne by property owners on the took over tho country, has been room, and three large dressmaking project, Abbie Ann to children covers not only that room house on Monroe ave., that the reduced time of duty will bedrooms, won a prize In the f; ishion parade city, but it has placed for adop- Shrewsbury. Constructed by Car- require the hiring of four addi- A judgment of J23.435.97 for total street. -The borough will supervise abolished. England, he said, per- dressing room and two tiled baths mitted the system to exist because the project. disability was awarded to John with a dress she had made. mine Menna, the home consists of tional policemen, at the approxion the second floor. The grounds tion or care, children in Little was simpler to deal with a few Max Gould won nine "excellent' Silver, Shrewsbury, Red Bank, Fair three bedrooms, living room, dining mate total salary cost of $16,000. Vonella of Wentworth ave., West Mayor Charles Halzcnbuehler'a it comprise an acre of landscaped landlords than with the entire popLong Branch, against his former ribbons in the gardening projects, Haven, Locust and. other parts of room and kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. re-appointment of William Connell ground, Including many specimen Cited Other Examples employer, Roger Aboandandolo, at to the board of assessors, effective ulation. He pointed out there has tree and shrubs, with over 200 feet Richard Moore and Ashley Kraan Middletown township. Mrs. Raoul Curley also have taken occupancy. two and Margaret I Ring, Joyce Pietri Is president. Mrs. Leon But Mr. Gray said the change Workmen's Compensation court July 1, for R three-year term was been no purge of landlords. The frontage on Naveslnk ave. Francisco and Mary Searles one Reisner, Jr., is president of the would bring Red Bank into line here last week. confirmed by council, which took abolition of the system has meant The property Is adjacent to th» each. Cathie Ring received four Junior auxiliary, and Miss Ruth with what some'other municipali- Mr. Vonella was employed by Mr. no action on a resolution to place only that tho landlords have lost homes of Edgar W. Heller, E. B. "excellent" ribbons i|i the flower Kirby, president of the Second auxties—he named Asbury Park and Aboandandolo as a carpenter. He tho borough under provisions of a much of their land. Thorndlke, Mrs. John L. Riker and The country, Mr. Ananthanarayexhibit, George Castlcman two and iliary. Little Silver—are doing for their injured himself when he fell ten state rent control act. Federal Dr. Andrew P. Dedlck. The new Rosemarie Braun oni, feet from a scaffold,'landing on his rent controls, which expire July 31, anan said, has Instituted a system owner is now in possession and police departments. He said the venture this of universal education for children. currently enjoying a vacation on Ann Hickey won tvo "excellent" As a fund-raising shorter week is becoming a stand- back on the ground, have not been lifted here. The Although the society will hold a it is almost impossible ribbons in the coo! ting project, summer, Due to the accident Mr. Vonella ard pattern. And rather than have state act provides that municipaliCouncil was split, almost up the salad luncheon bridge and fall to educate the adult population, he ~?ape Cod. Julia Portin one. Rosemarie fashion middle, Monday, night on a pro- the voters decide the Issue he said, suffered a broken back and paraly- ties may continue rent controls by said, show Aug. 12 at Homeevery high school student, In Braund won an "excellent" ribbon stead Golf and Country club, Spring posal to put a rigid ordinance on "I favor taking the bull by Hhe sis of. his legs. As a result the adopting a resolution Indicating In the forestry grou;. court found him to be totally and their position and willingness to order to graduate, must go to a Lake. Fall clothes will be shown by the books for the control of dogs. horns" and have council do it. village and teach at least ten perOther members receiving "very Jane Engel of New York and West Mr. Gray would leave it to the permanently disabled. He was bear apportioned costs of mainEven Councilman George A. Gray, good" and merit ribbons were Bctli End. Mrs. John Osborne is general who introduced the measure, said police department's senior officers awarded the maximum allowed un- taining a county rent control office, sons the rudiments of reading and Camcnzind, Jane Holsey and Ka- benefit chairman. he did so with "deepest reluctance" to decide what emergency required der the Workmen's Compensation it was explained by Borough At- writing. li ina Camenzlnd sewing, Morgan and an appreciation of what It the services of more men on duty law of 450 weeks of compensation torney John M. Pillsbury. Reclaim Land, No Castle Mrs. Alfred Meyer was appointed Kraan, Dorothy Osprcy and BarBRADBVELT—The Initial meetat the maximum weekly rate of might mean "to'fellow dog owners." than at normal periods. Mayor Hatzenbuohlcr reported Pointing to the food situation in society treasurer. Elected to the bara Carycll gardening and flowers, of parents and teachers of the $25, which was in effect on the Council voted unanimously for Councilmen Harold Hurley and borough well is "holding up" in India, the speaker said the country Ing Marjorie Antonides, Mildred Hall board of directors were Mrs. Everett C. Baynton voted "no," with this ordinance, but set a public date of his injury, Jan. 16,1948. Mr. the 1953 school instruction face of the greatest demands put still imports ten per cent of its classessummer and Charles Wthtol cooking and Thomas McGlinchey, Mrs. P. R. explanations. Mr. Baynton said hearing at its next meeting so Vonella was also awarded compen- on was held last week at St. the municipal water system here Schlenger, Mrs. Stanley M. Tracy, total food supply. Tho now govern"Rusty" Merrill, Ge aid Hickcy, Catholic church when a Harry Malchow, who public opinion on the matter may sation for temporary disability in its history. The mayor- attrib- ment's agricultural program, he Gabriel's Charles Wihtol and Ann Hickey, Mrs. John J. Knodel, Mrs. Benja- Councilman be heard before a final vote is while he was under medical care of uted a lack of water in some areas added, won't bear fruit for about Parent-Teacher association was orforestry. Ashley Kraan won first min Elnhorn, Mrs. Harry J. Gr.een- wasn't there, also was against the taken. ganized. Rev. John Nowak, pas162 weeks, The court additionally during the week-end to a greater five years. There Is as much land place in one of the bicycle obstacle berger, Mrs. Harold Beizer, Mrs. restrictions. allowed Ml-. Vonella $8,135.87 for demand for water than the pump per capita in India as In England tor, stressed the need for parent A. Melvin Goddard and Mrs. Vanraces. co-opcratlon for the children of No Enthusiasm medical expenses and legal fees In- can produce. He said there was a Horn. he explained, but much of St. John's of Marlboro and St. Twenty members of the Lincroft curred by him, making the total demand for 750 eallons per minute itself, The vote carried three to two, it is waste land which the governGuest speaker was Miss EugeCatherine's of Everett parishes. and River Plaza Blcyc le clubs will judgment against his former em- at limes Saturday, while the pump ment is trying to reclaim. but with a-marked lack of enthusleave Monday by bus for the 4-H nia Stogdale, executive director of iasm, Officers and chairmen of the new ployer $23,435.85. can produce just 500 gallons per Mr. Ananthanarayanan said the organization appointed were Mrs. club camp at Stokes State forest the Family and Children's -society At the termination of the maxi- minute. Mr. Hurley said he was for some of, Montclatr. She diacussed some government is building thrco steel Harry Leitner, president; Mrs. in North Jersey. Plaining to take mum period of 450 weeks allowed the problems confronting her control measure to pick up stray Council directed Borough Clerk mills to supplement the one already Frank Becker, Mrs, Marcus Tremmilk prices for total disability the court will Frank tho trip are Mrs. Thimas Kraan, of society In Its program, similar to dogs here. But he said he didn't InTRENTON—Retail Bolcn to inform Chief of In operation. Other Industrial steps ble and Mrs. M. Harold Kelly, vice New Jersey will advance one enter a new judgment allowing Abbio Ann Willgorodt, Joyce Fran- the one carried on by the Mon- want the borough to prey upon its Howard Manahan, director Include the development of the presidents; Mrs. Harold Sproul, cisco, Julia Portin, Ann Hickey, mouth county group. She felt there, licensed dogs which, he insisted, cent per quart In all areas on all compensation to Mr, Vonella per- Police of Iho Civil Defense'council, that country's natural resources. treasurer; Mrs. Albert Com poly, grades, effective Aug. 1, according Evelyn Laubmelstcr, pii'arlcs Wih- should be a set of uniform state should have the right to be free manently, provided his condition Is Pointing to the danger of com- corresponding secretary; Mrs. John tol, Morgan and Ashley Kraan, licensing laws for boarding homes, on their owners' properties. Council- to C. Wesley Armstrong, Jr., direc- such that he still is totally disabled ho can authorize the contribution ot $65 to tho "Operation Skywatch" munism in India, the speaker said Collins, recording secretary; Mrs. Peter Wihtol, Dobra Jacques, Jo- homes where children are placed man Thomas F.' Oakley said only a tor of tho Office of Milk Industry. and unemployable. post at Atlantic Highlands. A letThe seasonal price rise Is In acseph Bogart, Shclia Decker, Rus until their own family problems dog ordinance which was standard Mr, Aboandandolo was a contrac- ter from Walter Wynne, district In his opinion the pcoplo have James R, Hcnslor, program; Mrs, sell Rauch, Bonnie L :e McLaugh- are straightened out, or, In >omo for all neighborhood communities cordance with the order issued in tor, doing business in Long Branch director of Civil Defense, told the fought too long and too hard for Harry Jansscn, social hygiene; Mrs. their freedom to give it up to com- Thomas McCarthy, membership; lln, Virginia Jacques, Sally Ever- cases, until the child !• adopted, would work. April when the retail price of milk in 1943, but since that time has left Civil Defense council here that the munism. The deep religious feeling Mrs. Michael Harmyk, refreshdell, Judy Osprey, Dorkhy Fox and or until he become* a ward of Mi'i. Gray said the one In mind was reduced two cents per quart Long Braneli and is now operating amount Is an apportionment of of the people is another Important ments; Mrs. Marcus Tremble, hosClttiralln. ' Ann Tonl Cttarella, tho, state and Is placed by the Is like the'one being considered and the price paid to producers was a business In Florida, $700, needed for Improvements to pitality, and Mrs. A, Lyle Leverlch, Since Mr. Vonella was Injured the Ground Observer .Corps post factor In the struggle ngaln.it com- publicity, state for adoption. and acted upon, "It's a uniform lowered 80 cents per hundred munism, ho added. pounds, he has spent time In two Veterans' ordinance," he said, But Mr, HurDaniel Edgar in Korea nt the Atlantic Highlands harbor, Both the Montclair director and Other points In India's progress The executive board will meet toTho entire Increase In price will hospital*, one In Virginia and the nmong snven communities served slncn Mrs. Dulany expressed approval of ley said he thinks it 1H too severe, It gained Independence InAs Personnel Oflicer Mr, Oakley said he also believes go lo trie producer with the dealer other on Staton Island, due to the by the post. Thbi borough also was clude the emancipation of women night at the home of Mrs, Leonard tho state legislature's passage of Lathrop In Pleasant Valloy, Holmfact that Mr. Vonella is an cxthe sr.me as at asked to provldo personnel for one Danlcl.Edgar, warrant ofllccr jun- the two new bills, 235 and 237, a dog restriction can be effective spread remaining the legal abolition of the enste del, at 8:30 o'clock. Tho next P. Under the now schodule scrvlceman, in addition to being 24-hour watch at the post, which and ior grade, husband o Mrs, Jose- which effect child adoption laws only "If It has teeth in It and I present, system, T. A, meeting, lo which all parImmediately following has maintained n 'round-the-clock phi no Edgar of 132 Shrewsbury within the state, and which they haven't seen one yet that has tho producer pride will bo advanced hospitalized ents me Invited, will be held Tueshis injury In Monmouth Memorial watch alnco July 14, 1052. to *B, 8 T per hundred pounds Aug. tftom." said provide a better safeguard ave., Is serving with llho 25th Maday at the church at 8 p, m. Monthhospital, Parish Honor* The ruling offered would require 1, an Increaso of 40 cents/ for the child's welfare. chine Records unit In Korea, ly meetings will bo held the fourth Vonella wns represented at Mr, Edgar, «on of C't pi, and Mrs, Mrs, Lewis S. Thompson of Lin- dogs to be kopt on alx-foot leaches "Historically, there Is Always A theMr, Tuesdnyj, Mn. llohcrl McKcun hy Rocoo ftavaschlcre Attended HninbtMV William S. Edgar of tho Shrews- croft, well-known for her services when taken on walks, would bar decline In production beginning dur- and hearing Father Nowak also told ot plans J. Cnnr.onn of the EATONTOWN-Members of the bui'y ave. addicts, Is a personnel In stale welfare and Institution barking dogs and would allow no ing the early part of July," com- firm Edmund tho nnnuiil cxcuralon to Rye Parsons, Labrecque, Ciin- Division Convention parUh of St, James Episcopal for ofllccr. The records ut It maintains projocts, was a guoat nt the dog lo destroy or damage anyone's mented Armstrong, "We are now tona of Ocach, N, Y., Monday, for children k Comba, private property, It would set up a experiencing such a decline, In church honored Mrs. Robert Mo- of tho school, statistical data on on met m t and mater mooting-, and matertheir frlonds and parprovision for the hiring of a pound fact, producor prices In surroundMr, and Mix Arthur E, Slattery Koun nt a birthday party at the Mrs. Howard Dulohir was «•• iiell of f all Armyy units nts 11 Korea, Ho Tho event will mark the closing markets woro advanced July 1, of WaUnco at, «nd Mr. and Mrs, roetory last week. Tho Entontown ents, entered In t d tho th Army A I ,039 9 and ar- slating hostess when tea w u master to enforce the law, ing of tho session. In another vote, council approved Anticipating this situation I am Stanley Barrow of Prospect avo, woman marked hor 80th birthday, l d In I tho th F rlvod Far E Eait In April, served, Teachers told of the substantial the exonipt firemen's applications confirming my order of Apr, 16, Llttln Hllvor, havo returned from Mrs, McKcan has been an actlvo 1982, Ho Is a 1027 graduato of of Jo MO Cook, John Allan, Cnlvln whloli calls for tho Inoreoso of 40 Chicago, whom they attended tho workor In tho church 30 years, Incrooso In attendance In tho classes] Galileo high flchnol, San Franolsoo, Shrewsbury Community this year nnd of tho spiritual n«ode conti per hundred pounds In tho Carrurt, Gordon Forbes, John 35th annual reunion of the Rain- She hns solved with many of tho of the and wan employed by Woitorn Klecchildren. Koledn, Itay Sergeant, Jr, and Let producer price," trlo thoro prior to his (jnlranca Into Club Holds Picnic RUMSON—Flank 8s.ra.ppo Of bow Division Veterans. Mr, and oi'Kanliatlon* and at present Is O'Connor, tho Army, BGAI(I|GS tho ono-cenl per quart 46 Chestnut at., Red Bank, hns Mrs, Goorge Sonnwin of Hollls, I/. 1., treasurer of tho Friendship guild, LAKEWOOD — There were 38 ndvnncr In Iho retail prloo, In- purchased the P m k Dm and Grill wore olootcd national president Shu received ninny Rifts, which Itcri Biink Man Held were piled on a table ilocoiatod mumboi's at tho annual picnic of Fox'a Gift Shop croaios of one-half cent por pint at 20 Rlvor id, from Joseph Class and national auxiliary priMldont, TWO PIUUS liXTINGUISHKM Mr. and Mm. Hrimmn me mem with .pink and while flowers nnd Vov AMIIIIU Alleni|il tho Shrewsbury Community club and onn-qiinrtH1 conL por half-pint And Fred Jordan. Mr, Sarnppo Im.i Red Bank /lromon extinguished n nt Ocimn County park hore Satur- Has living' RCOVCK of 10 Wharf *ve,, on All' gi'Adns srn offeotlvn Aug, 1, horn opoiAtlnir tho business since hers of the Wither Duffy chapter of vandloi, Hid Krldny nlRlit lit tio homo of day, Payaon W, Lymnn wuj uhalrIhn Rainbow division In New York Quoils worn Mr nnd Mrs, fled Hank, waived hcarlnir before Fox's Gift shop at 41 Monmouth Tim O.M.I, illrnrlor Also An- July 4, .Gdllh Willlnnifl, 220 Pinrl st, Tho man, nmUleil by liMmund Cniirtor, clly nnd of Ihn Now Jniupy chap' Charles K. Morris, Mr. ivml Mrs. Miiglflmli- John V, Crowd! TuesHi, In* been purchnsocl by Mr, nnd nounced 1 hut (Inponltn on hnttlM Mr, Saiapno hurt bnon employed hlnzo, pollen «IIUI, veil lied from Jacob .1 off icy and Mis, Mavsr Mrs, Donnld BreMow, Nnled for will lierRAflrr hn conflnnrt In II- hy the Hlgmund Elmer company ler nil well. Moth Mr, nml Mm. Unwind Wilkinson, Mr, and Mm. day mornlnK nml was ordered held Mil0It (ill'OUlli It was ml out In n Cnmpboll, the Ini'lje noloatlon of Hallmurlt of lied Bank from 1037 until re- Slatlciy nnd Mr. and Mra. Burrow William WHiriinan, Mr. and Mr». In 11,000 ball for Action of the row minute*. P'lrnmon woio unllect ucnlly, Ho wnii president of I.OI'BI me members of Iho New Jersey Theodore Marriott, Mr«. K, Kloyil grand Jury on a ahargt of AttemptA buffet suppor and harboou* fol- gi'oetlnjr uiucli, tho "hop's mothod out iiitiiln Snlurday night for a lowed bimolmll, swimming, cards of display IIRB boon uoplod by ninny 203, Amalgamated Clothing Work- chuplcr. Mm. Barrow In n past Wood, Mrs, Herbert P. Holmoffiir, ed ujdiuilt with a, dangerous «mnll Urn In n. kitchen •anno nt tho OWV J'AI'UK UlllVK 8UNIMV of the nation's department stores, ers of Amcrl.cn, four years, and had national auxiliary prc*WUmt. Mr, Mrs, Harold Magathnn, Mm. HUM- weapon, and OMor(«d activities, Robert H. homo of Dr. Frank J, OofT, 0 ] Dlsbrotv, president, announced that baen «, mombur of tho cxccullvo Hlattory, Mr. Harrow and Karl null Hllilworth, Mrs, John H. Ki>lir«, Tho complaint was mailo by PaTho shop al«o foatui'8$ gifts, Mouther* of Bt, Juntos pout, CutliMnnln nvo. Damage WAR Slight, llio next meeting—Saturday, AUK. ooi'ttiiilcs and costume and con- olio War VetuuiDH, will conduct board slnco 1037. Pullvormlllor of Kvarny wore Mn, Hay A, Moore, Mrs. Kdwnrd Irolnmii Franklin White, Rcovrs In police said. Lanyun, Mil* lCmmy-l.ou Morris, Mr, Hrodow a paper drive Sunday uftornoon. nllotfod to Imvo chttiod Edward V. IS—would bit ftlinrliMim «upp»r at dolence jtwalry, Mr, Barappo l/i married lo the olaotoil to the national oxcoutlve his home, Mr, Dlsbrow appointed formerly owned Droilow's ToylnnJ They uik that ))tipor» bo bundled former Mlts Anna LoBUndo ot Hod oommlUoe. Mr, Harrow was ap- llov. C, M, Burck and Mn. Mo ICnnty, Jr., of Cooper rd,, MiddleMortitit Monty K«nn'« •daughter, Mrs, Harold pointed national Irenxurer for hi lown township, with a knlfo and for nomci. r«rm», eountrj iiinli bull Molvln Ford chairman of a nom- In Nowurli, He And hit wlfu Intend tind Hod and loft at the curb, Hank, ItobeiU. ntn bullillnii, fxlulnii o n«w, I/Oni inating commutes whloh Is to m- lo movo lo this vicinity, To an- Proceeds of the drive «o to the n\o Monday nlnht after AII Working nt tho I'AIK Bar nnd fourth coimcciitlvi' luini, term «n«y inyinrnt llln il l>mn> on port nt the Aug. IS mooting, Marv- nounce oiolr piirohmc, the Bits- walfnrn fund which nldM pnllcnlA Grill Is Mr, Hsrappo's slAtcr-ln-ltw, tueni on Wharf avc, Itii • uetptKulf proptrllti, Jninih U, MeUui Plfliwol frimiit (ooH*. Th« mniltta nrrciinl hy 1'Mrolnnn \v Tdivlilon K»n«lr Man WanlH AKHIUX n«»llnti, Mnrlnin Dxurt. in ir with Mi', Ford arfl Mrs, JftfTiey lows ma Hiving sway lirldnf, mm- In VPl
Group Director Resigns Post After 25 Years

McCue Reports Sale of Choice Rumson Place

Lincroft 4-H Wins 32 Prizes

Agency Reports Sale of ,3 Homes

Gray Favors Shorter Working Week for Police

Scalzb Starts New Development

Boro Authorizes Road Repairs

Rotary Hears Talk About India

Carpenter Given $23,435 Award

Council Is Split On Dog Controls

Parents Form PTA At St. Gabriel's

Milk Advances One Cent Aug. 1

Sarappo Buys Park Bar, Grill


Pace Two"

"Second 1Threshold" and "Dear Barbarian. !." The season of Broadway stage hits at the Savoy has won favorble comment from newspaper critics and the public, both on the quality of the shows and the excellence of the staking. The Shore Theatrical Guild reports also that the box office results have been excellent, with each successive week's grosses surpassing the prior week, Indicating growing acceptance of the program as a new center of theater entertainment in the Jersey shore area,

landscape architect for Turner At Charity Ball Brothers Nurseries of Eatontown, and the work of Turner Brothers employees. The garden Is set up In five parts, NEW YORK CITY—Evergreens, four lining the sides of the lobby and one In the center. A fleh pool holly and rare types of shrubbery e«n be found In the Park ave. en- adds to the attractiveness of the which contains all phases ; truce of the Waldorf Astoria ho- display, of nursery products. Then nurs' tel thU week, site of the 78th an- eries supplied plants for the garden. T h e Second Man' nual convention of the American The A.A.N., oldest trade group of Begins Next Monday: Association of Nurserymen. Its kind in the nation, commissioned The large garden—principal point Mr. Mclntosh to design the garden. 'Mr. Roberts' on Now of Interest to the 2,000 delegates registered for the convention—is Official hottcst-ln-thc-world out- A8BURY PARK—Franchot Tone, the product of the Imagination of door temperature is 136.4 degrees motion picture, television and stage Stanley Mclntosh ot Little Silver, once recorded in Libya. actor, will star In S. N. Behrman'a comedy hit, "The Second Man," with BcUy von Furstenberg heading the supporting cut, at the Savoy, the Walter Reade theater PORT MONMOUTH—Cpl, George across from the railroad station H. Gass, U. S. Marine Corps, son of here, Monday through Saturday, Mrs. Eva Gass ol Brlarcliff pi. here, Aug 1. received the Silver Star medal In Guy Lombardl The fifth of a ten-week terles ceremonies Friday at the Philaof big-name Broadway hltf Inau- delphia naval base for "extraorThe muiio of Guy Lombard 1 and gurated at the Savoy by Walter dinary heroism while serving with hli famous orchestra will be heard Reade, Jr., In association with John the seventh annual Turf Charity Huntington, "The Second Man" or- the First Marine Division In Korea." at The medal was presented by Brig. Ball snd Carnival et Monmouth iginally opened on Broadway under Saturday night. All proceeds auspices of the Theater Guild, with Gen, Ion M. Bethel, commanding Park to local hospitals and charAlfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne In' general of the Marine Corps supply accrue ities. "The sweetest musio this side the leading rolca. Mr. Tone has depot" at the base. of heaven" Is expected to attract been playing the lead.role and re- His citation follows: a record throng to the seaside track ceiving high critical praise for it for th« event. "For conspicuous gallantry and In hl» recent road engagements. intrepidity In action against the Performances will be nightly at enemy while, serving With'a Marine END MARINE BOOT TRAINING 8:40 from Monday through Satur- Infantry in Korea on Mar. 26 and LONG BRANCH — James H. day, with matinees Wednesday and 27, 1053, Serving as a flro team mmu Saturday at 2:40. "The Second leader, Cpl. Gasa displayed out- Brown, son. of Mr. and Mrs. Howtll Man" follows the current showing standing courage, initiative and de- Brown, and Frederick L.. Blanken of "Mister Roberts," with Jeffrey votion to duty. When hia fire team horn, ion of Mr. ind Mrs. FrederLynn, which plays Its last perform- reached tho Intermediate trenches ick Blankenhorn, both of Long ance aSturday. Following "The enroute to counter attack a vital Branch, recently were promoted to BORROW . PAY MONTHLY "Second Man" will be another Im- enemy held outpost, the unit be- private first class on completion of portant play—Uta Hagen recreat- came pinned down by devastating recruit training at the Marine Corps $1,000 $45.01 ing her greatest Broadway success enemy small arms, mortar and ar- base, Parris Island, S. C. A forin Clifford Odcts' "Country Girl," tillery fire. Although Ws helmet and mer student at Monmouth Junior $1,500 $67.52 with Herbert B'erghof and E. 0. weapon were blown from him dur- college, Blankenhorn was employed Marshall in the supporting roles. ing the Initial barrage, ho cour- as a counter man by -M. Grill com$2,090 $90.02 before entering the Marines. "The Second Man" Is one of Mr. ageously moved about the area eva- pany Brown is a former student at Long Bohrman's most successful come- cuating his wounded comrades. As Branch $2,500 $112.53 high school. dies and casts Mi. Tone In Illus- he raced about the devastated area trious company. In addition to throwing grenades at the foe, ho Mr, Lunt, one of the all-time greats shouted words of encouragement to of the American theater, playing the men and skillfully directed WE ALSO FINANCE LATE MODEL USED CARS the starring role, Britain's famed their fire. Although painfully Noel Coward played the load role wounded, he continued to direct AT THE RATE OF « % INTEREST PER ANNUM. In the London production of the the evacuation of hi« Injured complay. rades until he himself was finally Mr, Tone has appeared In some taken from his position. Cpl. Gass' 35 movies, many of which were top- gallant and courageous actions grade hits, including "Mutiny On combined with his indomitable the Bounty," "Every Ctrl Should spirit served as an inspiration to Be Married," "Three Comrades," all who observed him and was in OF "Here Comes the Groom," with keeping with the highest traditions Blng Crosby, anil most recently In of tho United States Naval Ser"The Man On the Eiffel Tower," vice." with Charles Laughton and BurDOLLY MADISON gess Meredith, SERVING MONMOUTH COUNTY SINCE 1 8 6 4 SPECIAL STAGE Miss von Furstenberg, one of |1 ICE CREAM I " Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's most prom- OCEAN GROVE—A special threeOpen Friday EvMlngi from 6:30 to 8:00 ising starlets, has been In the head- tiered stage will be installed at the lines recently, having been linked auditorium here for the Phil Splromantically with Elizabeth Tay- talny all-girl orchestra and chorus lor's ex-husband, Nicky Hilton of performance Saturday, Aug. 1, it the hotel chain. Her acting talents was announced this week by John SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES and her odd name alto brought S. Yeo, chairman of tho special her early prominence when ihe events committee of the Ocean was first breaking into Broadway Orova Camp Meeting association, and the television field, making her sponsor of the concert. AVAILABLE' a Life magazine cover girl. She has appeared on numerous television dramatlo shows and played most recently on Broadway in

iMdnto§li Designs Garden at Waldorf

Franchot Tone Stars in Play At Savoy Theater

LICENSE REVOKED 90 DAYS In Bed Bank It's TRENTON—Richard S. Hauser, SHERMAN'S for 20, of 132 Raritan ave., Keansburg, • CURTAINS had his license revoked Friday by • DRAPERIES Motor Vehicle Director William 3. • SLIP COVERS LINENS Dearden under the point system. •• VENETIAN BLINDS His license was lifted for 90 days for one careless driving and two For Shop-it-Homi Strvlcl speeding complaints. Phone RB 6-Z648 It Is estimated that American fur farms produce 200,000 silver fox fur pelts a year.



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Patrp Tli rp A

years' service in the Army, He WHEN SPEAKING OF HEALTH served with the Red Bank unit of IT IS NOT TRUE TO SAY "WE DID EVERYTHING POSSIBLE" the National Guard before enlistUNLESS CHIROPRACTIC WAS INCLUDED ing in the Army. He received basic Mr. and Mrs. Frank Calandriello training in 1950 at Fort Dix, later of John st. were hosts'last week at going to Fort Bliss, Tex. In July, a large welcome home party for 1951, he was assigned overseas to SOS BROAD ST. PHONE their son, Cpl. Frank Calandriello, Germany with the 27th AAA bat- MILWAUKEE — U. S. District Chiropractor Judge Robert E. Tenan last week Jr., who recently received hi*. Army talion as a radio operator. s-soss awarded* Harrison G. Travis, 67, of discharge. More than 75 relatives 1135 Ocean blvd:, Atlantic Highand friends attended. The reindeer is the only deer land, N. J., the sum of $32,911.65 Cpl. Calandriello completed three which has been domesticated. as damages for not being reinstated I to his pre-war job when he re,turned from service at the end, of | World War II. I The award is against the Lock, stock 'n Barrel from j Schwartz Manufacturing Co., Two j Rivers, Wis., and represents what the Old Holmdel Barn ! Judge Tenan said Mr. Travis As I am now making my permanent home with my sister, probably would have earned in I will Hell at Public Auction my entire Household Goods and commissions the first year back on Furnishings at: _ the job. '' ' , Mr. Travis, who went into the army in Jan., 1942, as a first lieu3 1 4 BROAD ST.V EATONTOWN, N. J. in another Old Holmdel Barn tenant and rose to the rank of colII onel, contended that when he returned from service he should have been* given back his job as Eastern sales manager for the Schwartz ESTHER L. MARTIN ; firm. Rt. 34, Hehndel Red Bank 6-2939-M 10:30 A. M. I The company in its defense said that Mr. Travis, a West Point gradOpen every day All goods have been removed from storage in Orange, New uate, was not entitled to his forJersey, to the above address and consist of contents of sevenall summer. poscltion when he was rejoom dwelling including eight barrels of china, glass and bric- jI mer leased from active service June 18, a-brac. 11947, because lie was an independThe offerings may be viewed on date of sale one hour prior ' ent contractor. Lieut. Y. E. Klang, group commander of the United States C o a i t Guard a t Sandy to sale time. The undersigned and Auctioneer shall not assume I Judge Tenan ruled Aug. 10, 1951, any responsibility in case of accident or injury to any person Hook, congratulates Mrs. Frank Callahan of S Riverview ave., Oceanport, for taking the boatthat Mr. Travis was entitled to his or persons during inspection of the offerings and during the former job with the company. But safety course at Monmouth Boat club. The course was sponsored by Flotilla 3 1 1 , Coast process of disposing of them and in the removal of them from . . . wMh TODAY'S AROHTECIUM the firm and the Atlantic the premises. Visitors are requested to come prepared to re- when Highlands man could not agree on Guard auxiliary. Looking on are Commander Walter A . Morton of Fair Haven, left, and move their purchases at conclusion of sale. the figure for damages, Judge Ten- Philip J . Bowers, also of Fair Haven, who delivered a lecture as part of the course. an last week set the amount. Mr. By Order of: MISS CHARLOTTE ZAMOW Travis claimed he lost between $80,000 and $100,000 in commissions. 1 Mrs. Gerry MacLcnnon and son Iceland, the lieutenant has been B. G. Coats, Auctioneer Fhone Long Branch 6-3599 Port Monmouth Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Chester assigned resident auditor at New A bridal shower was given re- Hendrtcks, Sr., and son Bobby, Mr. Castle, Del. Relatives Visit cently for Miss Mae Wolcott at the and Mrs. Chester Hendricks, Jr., George Totten, Sr., Robert Pryor, home of Mrs. Charles Uckert, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Beaver Charles Howard and Jack Walling Boy Scout Crawford on Campbell ave. The shower was and sons Barry and Irvin attended have returned from a cruise to Frank W. Crawford, Jr., a mem- given by her sister Charlotte, and a church picnic at Point Pleasant Block Island aboard Mr. Waiting's ber of Boy Scout troop 23 of Red her aunt, Mrs. William Hodgklss. Tuesday of last week, t cruiser. Bank, who is participating in theGuests attending-were her mother, William Butler of Beach st. has Mr. and Mrs. John Sciuck have MIRACLE WEDGE* National Boy Scout jamboree at Mrs. George Muckin; Mrs. Charles returned home after vacationing moved from the Glen-Moore apartW.athtrtitht Clotur* the Irvine ranch near Santa Ana. Uckert, Sr'., Mrs. Sylvester Nestor, for a month at. the home of Mr. ments on Pershing pi. to rt. 35, SALT SPRAY STEEL* Cal., had some surprise visitors Mrs. George McCormick, Mrs. and Mrs. Raymond Churchill of Middletown. Tracka and Hardwar* Sunday—his grandmother, Mrs. La- Stanley Modzelcwskl and daughter Ahsecon. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hughson yinia Crawford of VanNuys, Cal., Alice, Mrs. Chris Abbes and daughCharles Dowens, son of Mr«. Sam of Main st. are on vacation in New and his uncles and aunts. The scout ter Roberta, Mrs. Irene Alsback, Smith of Monmouth ave. Is in England. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Craw- Mrs. John Share, Mrs. Hilllard training to be a jockey at the Aque- Capt and Mrs. George Totten are ford, Sr., of Lincoln st, Headden'e Ruby and" daughter Linda, Mrs. Ed- duct stables, Jamaica, L. I. OVElt 2 5 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE visiting relatives here. Capt. TotCorner, Middletown township. ivln Hogan and daughter Gail, all Mrs. Mary Malone and daughter With Mrs. Crawford were her of this place; Mrs. George Casler Catherine of Jersey City are va-ten will leave soon for Germany 46S SHREWSBURY AVE. RE 6-4888 RED BANK son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and and Mrs. Mollie Peart, Laurence cationing at their summer home for duty with the Air Force; Mrs. Mrs. Loy Oren of Beverly Hills, Harbor; Mrs. Dorothy Demestro, on Monmouth ave. for two weeks. Totten and their children will join him later. Cal., and her son and daughter-in- Newark; Miss Marge Casler. Un>They appear every week Mra. Adelaide B.-Crammer, borMr. and Mrs. Eugene Reardon, law, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Craw- ion; Miss Catherine Egbert, Jersey within the reach of any household ford of Burbank, Cal. All members City; Miss Joan Doran and Miss Jr., and sons Eugene and James ough clerk, will return from vacain this and other newsattended dinner and the "Holiday tion tomorrow. of the family arc former Red Bank Antlonetle Figoino. On Ice" show in Anbury Park I* papers—helping residents. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mr. and Mri. Frank L. Linzmaycr Crawford and Mrs. (Lavinia CrawKaren and Dorothea Klnjr, .Saturday nvoning for their sons' of Broadway, are on vacation at build your sales ford moved to California «even daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frank tenth birthday. Cape May. years ago and Mr. and Mrs. Oren King of Monmouth ave. spent last Mr. and Mrs. John Kuehl of BellMr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Nolan through the. have lived there the past 26 years. week with Mr. and Mrs. Emil Ivan vllle and Ml1,, and Mrs. Wayne Ma- of Main st. have returned from a of Derby, Conn. Gill of Baltimore, Md., spent SatYellow Pages, Frank, Jr., will leave for home Mr. and Mrs. Roy Eckert and urday with Mr. and Mrs. E. C.New England vacation. Mrs. David Blythe of Maple pi. tomorrow, stopping at Phllmont, son Beam. Robert and Miss Alice Modis visiting her son and daughterNew Mexico, where he.will spend zelewski spent last Thursday at Eugene Mare Reardon, 3d, son in-law, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythc, two weeks at the Boy Scout Ex- Coney Island. FOR BATHROOMS of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rcirdon, Jr., of Cincinnati, O. Mr. Blythc '•"-'I".plorer scout ranch in Cimmaron. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner of Jr., of First ave., celebrated his formerly was plant superintendent N E W JERSEY He ia expected home the second birthday with a lawn party. of National Lead company, Perth AND KITCHENS week in August. In letters to hisNew York city have returned home tenth BELL TELEPHONE Present were James Reardon, Di- Amboy. He was transferred to mother the scout wrote of "having after a two weeks' vacation with ane ',' ', ' and Janet Donahue, Margaret : Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fctruazi of Ohio about a year ago. COMPANY a fine time" and enjoying his visit ::jjiP3W UErfrr Beverly and Marty Ackobom, Joyce Walnut at. Choose from an array of with his California relatives. Miss Joan Smith and Miss Linda ltv(J4X Mrs. Robert Bothwell of Poplar and Diane Reardon, Linda Kuba- Smith, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. lok," Riijhard Pyburn, Dennis Macbeautiful colon and ' " • • r L st. returned home Sunday from Smith of Second st., are visitRobins usually rear two broods of New York hospital, whem sho un- Foddin, I
Family Honors Frank Calandriello

Travis Awarded $32,911 Damages

Mrs. Callalian Takes Boat Safety Course






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That lUnds

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17-19 MAIN STREET EATONTOWN, N J Phone Eatontoivn 3*0400

RED BANK REGISTER, JULY 23, 1953 two-year-old and waa milked three times daily for 388 daya. Guernsey cows on official test have steadily increased production over the years. The average cow In PETERBOBOUGH, N. H.-^A registered Guernsey cow, Hominy Hill the United States produces only Beryl owned by Henry D. Mercer about one half as much as the avof[ Colt's Neck, N. J., put 13,763 erage purebred Guernsey on official pounds of milk and 706 pounds of test. ljutterfat into the country's bread- The sire of "Beryl" is Fairlawn basket. This i« according to the Peerless Dictator. Fifty-nine sons official advanced registry record re- and daughters of the bull are listed leased by the American Guernsey in the Performance Register of Cattle club. "Beryl" was a junior the American Guernsey Cattle club.

Guernsey Produced 13,763 Pounds of Milk

-in a bright new foil-protected package

'Blossom Time' Begins Monday NEWARK—Property taxet levied and represent an Increase of $3,211,ty New Jency'i local government! 000 over the 1952 levy against this At Music Circus oie to a new all-time high of $464,- class of property.

Property Taxes Levied by Local overnments Rise to $464,512,173

Georfs Upton with musical direction by Michael Kuttner, will be presented nightly through Sunday, Aug. 2. Ths current musical comedy, "Gentlemen Perfer Blondes," plays nightly this week until Sunday.

Old Union House


12,173 this year, the Mew Jersey Taxes levied on household goods 'Gentlemen Prefer To Feature Clambake Itate Chamber of Commerce ro- this year Increased $840,000, and ealed thli week in its annual re- now total $10,318,000. In computing An old fashioned clambake will Blondes' Featured 1 lort on local property taxei, The the tax on household goods allowbe featured at the Old Union House; 993 all-purpose proporty tax levy ance was made for the fact that Now through Sunday Wharf ave., Sunday beginning at in real and personal property ex- New Jersey grants a $100 exemp5 p. m. Ray E, Smith, proprietor, :eedi laat year's record by !31,2tHS,- lon on this class of property. NEPTUNE—"Bloisom Time," the this week announced that John LyJ03. The Chamber noted that this ons, former chef at the Ship Ahoy all-time favorite Romberg musical, year's Increase was substantially The 1953 levy against farm stock opens Monday for ons week at the in Baa, Bright, will be "bakemasidow the lncreaie recorded in 1932and farm machinery total $880,000, ter." when property taxei roae 138,600,- which represent! an Increase' of Muilo Circus hers located three Clams will be served in every $50,000 over last year's levy, J00 over the prior year'* levy. miles west of Aabury Park at Imaginable style. Thet will Include The State Chamber'* study was Railroad taxes levied at local oute 66 and Jumping Brook rd. fritters, barbecue, deviled, steamed, laied on a detailed analyiii of. the property tax rates total $13,167,000 chowder, broth, juice and cherry953 Abstracts of Tax Ratable! Is- this year, an Increase of $457,000 stones. 'Special sauces, corn on the sued by Mew Jersey's 21 counties. over 1952. Over 77 por cant of this cob, sliced tomatoes and other 59 The study was made by the State tax Is paid to Hudson county com "bake" specialties will also be availmunitles. In addition to local taxes Chamber'! department of governable. mental and economic research, and the railroads pay about $4,500,000 w u made public today by Jamea annually in state taxes. Termites are blind. W. McQrew, research director. Over-All Tax on Business The total property tsix levy In Monmouth county for 1953 waa Commenting on ths breakdown $18,918,000 as compared with 118,- of the property tax by taxpayers 918,000 for 1«52. This was an In-Mr. McOrew stated: crease of $1,998,000, or 11.81 per "Data compiled by the' New Jcr cent. The county government levy sey Commission, on State Tax Polin this county waa 13,315,000 for icy as part of Its exhaustive study D63 and $3,368,000 for 1952; theOf the Mew Jersey property tax in* school levy, $8,812,000 for 1853, and dicate that business pays at least $7,497,000 for 19D2, and the muni 41 percent of the non-railroad real clpal government levy, $8,549,000 for estate, tax,' In addition to the 1953 and $6,103,000 for 1952. amounts paid by business on' Its tangible personal property. This . School Taxes. Are Hljh indicates that business will pay In Mew Jersey general proporty $159,560,000 in real. estate taxes taxes arc assessed, levied and col alone this year, In addition to lected by the municipalities, not which it will pay almost $51,000,000 only for the support of municipal in tangible personal property taxes. government but. for county and When to these figures we add the school district purposes as well. more than $13,000,000 paid by New Approximately 44 per cent of theJersey railroads we find that the Margot Moser 1953 levy is for school purposes, tax contribution of New Jersey while 18 per cent will go toward the business to the local governments In "BlOBsom Time," Romberg has support of county government. The of this state totals $223,700,000, or taken the highlights In the life of remaining 38 per cent, which In- slightly more than 48 per cent of Frani Schubert, the noted comcludes a mandatory reserve for un-the total all-purpose tax levy. and around this fabulous collected taxes, is retained by the 'This Is a measure of the taxposer, has composed his best melmunicipalities. Since 1946 there contribution which Mew Jersey story odies, based airs by Schubert, has been no property tax in Mowbusiness: now makes to local gov- Such famousupon songs as "This Is My Jersey for state government pur- ernments in this state. Those who Song of Love" taken from Schu poses. would attempt to saddle New Jer-bert's "Unfinished Symphony," "The The 1993 levy for local school sey 'business with the full cost of Serenade," "Tell Me Daisy," and purposes totals' $204,362,000 as new expenditure programs consist- "My Springtime Thou Art" are a against last y,ear'a $185,808,000, an ently Ignore the very substantial few of the melodies offered by thla Increase of $18,554,000, or 11 per-contribution which business la al-famous composer. cent. This means that almost ready making to government ser- In the lead roles are Donald per cent of the total Increase in vices. This very substantial busi- Clarke, a handsome actor with a property taxes this year was iorness, tax base—worth more than fine voice, and Margot Moser, the local school purposes. $223,000,000 to local governments princess of "Call Me Madam." In Taxes for municipal government this year—Is the tax base that the role of Franz Schubert will be this year total $176,450,000, an in-would be endangered by discrimina- Paul Ukema. John Hensen, the crease of $7,357,000, or 4.4 per cent tory new state taxes direeted solely dynamic young tenor who thrilled over the 1952 figure of $169,103,000. at business, audiences In last week's "Student County taxes, Including those Prince," will once again display hli levied for the support of county "Local government.'officials, In- talents. Hensen received heavy libraries, Increased from 178,346,000 cluding those primarily Interested applause Mr. every night, for his senin 19M to $33,690,000 this year. This In the public schools, should think sational voice. the supporting is an Increase of $5,344,000, or 6.8twice before risking ths loss of tax cast are Hilda In Kosta, Alex Alenratables represented by business In per cent. ander, the voices of the Singing return for extravagant programs Store Air-Conditioned Ensemble, Corps de Ballet and Valuations and Tax Kates to be financed from Trenton." the Music Circus orchestra. Th» total assessed valuation of 'Blossom Time," directed by real and personal proporty inYm C M Talu It With Y«u creased from $6,394,936,000 in 1952 If you would lik* to ttlta a part of to (6,600,923,000 this year. •.•4 Banker (nod old Colonial Monmouth The average property tax rate in with you when you to on your vacation the state for 1953 is estimated by It's caty to arrangt. Just' order Tht the State Chamber to be $7.04 per siat to orour vacation addmt $100 ,ot assessed valuation.- The 'Reilittc st 'o\ir rtfoiar snieripUm .ratal, and It state-wide average rate last year will be juit Ilk* ftttlnf a we.kl. latter was $6.78 per $100. Of New Jersey's from home.—AdTcrtlierotnt. MS municipalities, 452 have higher all-purpose tax rates this year than they did in 1952, while 106 have lower rates. The tax rates of seven municipalities remain the same'as a year ago. The State Ohamber's analysis Frank Soldo pointed out that 84 per cent of the totstl $464,512,000 1953 property tax formerly with — levy is assessed against real estate Whit* Houie Berber Shop and improvements, while II per cent of the total Is borne by owners of tangible personal properly. Now With The remaining 3 per cent of the property tax is levied against the locally taxed real estate and improvements of railroads, • The 1953 levy on non-railroad real •1 Menmwith St. Rtd Imh estate and improvements totals $$89,172,000, and represents an increase of $26,698,000 over the 1902 levy, Taxes levied on tangible personal property In 1953 total $62,173,000, an Increase of $4,101,000 over last Charles Boecettato year's levy. In New Jersey tangible pcAonal property is divided formerly Owner-Operator of for tax purposes into household When you choose a car for your family, goods, farm stock and machinery The Imperial Berber Shop you call on your good judgment to obtain and business, personalty. The personal property of business consists every measure of safety. of inventories, machinery and Now With equipment. One safety factor you should certainly consider New Jersey business pays by far is the magnificent reserve of power that the greater part' of the personal property tax. In 1953 taxes levied Dodge provides in the 140-h,p. Red Ram against the tangible personal prop- •1 M.iMmirli St. Rt«J Imh V-8 engine. erty of business total $50,975,000,






RED BANK 64041

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Paee Five

drill, flnst aid and concealment and Lieut. Judaon M. Terrell, Jr., 1116M camouflage. In the aecond hour Fifth ave., Aabury Park; First Sgt. technical problema pertaining to Carlton D. Bakley, Sr., 116 Harnell the activities of a signal construc- ave., Elberon; and M/Sgt, George tion company were presented by Grlggs, 80 Barker ave., Shrewsbury personnel of the unit. township, Personnel employed by Four officers and nine enlisted During the year, four outdoor Bell Telephone are First Lieut. Rosnen who form the nucleus of the training problems were conducted coe J. Norwood, Cllffwood ave., 124th Signal Construction company, at Fort Monmouth to familiarize Eatontown; Sgt. Arthur D. Smock, fled Bank Army Reserve unit, are the personnel with the neweat prac- 103 West Chicago blvd., Sea Girt, larticipatlng in an active duty tices in line construction work. In and Cpl. David T. Emmons, 400 Secraining which began Sunday and addition, the unit had guest in- ond ave., Bradley Beach. ends Aug. 2 at Camp Charles Wood, structors from the officers' depart- Five other member* of the unit Eatontown, a subpost of Fort Mon- ments of the Monmouth Signal who will attend summer raining moutli. are Cpl. William A. Cadigan, 739 school. This period will climax an In- Among the personnel of the 824th Main at, Avon; Cpl. Lawrence R. snsive one-year program during are employees ol the New Jersey DeVlto, Til Grand ave., Asbury •hich time the unit met four times Bell Telephone system and civilian Park; Cpl. William G. Letsche, 1202 lonthly at 12 Broad st. for two-employees of the Signal Corps at Second av*., Asbury Park; PFC. our training periods, Tho train- Fort Monmouth. The company is Stanley A. Cain, 96 High st., Eatonng perloda were divided into two commanded by First Lieut. Joseph town, and Prt. William J. McCue, >arta, the first consisted of dlEcus- Frank of Long Branch, who Is em- 57 Water »t, Perth Amboy. ioni on basic military subjects ployed at Fort Monmouth, Other such as the manual of arms, care Fort Monmouth employees are First It Is believed that pheasants were »f weapons, military courtesies and Lieut. Edwin L. Brower, 21 Nave- first taken to England by tha Rocustoms. Hold ' sanitation, military sink dr., Monmouth Beach; First mans.

Appear in The Second Man'

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RED BANK 6 4 3 3 0


Franchot Tona^-Bahy v«n Furifanbarg Franehot Tona and Batty von Furtlcnbarg ar* eo-ttarrad in "Tha Second Man" at th* Savoy, tha Walter Reade thaatar, acron from tha railroad station in Aibury Park, beginning Monday and ending Saturday, Aug. I . Th* play will b* t h * fifth praiantad by tha Raada organization1! Shore Theatrical Guild, in attoeiation with,John Huntington, in a tan>waak serial of big-name Broadway playi. Nightly parformaneat are at 8:40, with matinaei Wedneiday and Saturday at 2:40.

Poems GOING STEADY They tn«*t one day a t a «oda fountain, Eaeld* they like each other; B * aaka her for d number of datea. Soon they're going together. T h « »stabliBh their atandlng as a couple: Their hearts ate full of tun; Ther know that they will alwaya b» Totather, as if one. Whatever one d o " , the other must do, Thej'ra sure thai they Were fated; » Wh«ravtr one goen, the other mu«t I O — They cannot be separated. Ha dancea all waltzes 'with only her, . Hi ataya at her side all night. Humming littlt snatches of their tonga, Wanting her, holding her tllht. • h e circles th* floor within his arm,. Her head atrainat his chest; Wlihing that she could always ba tSafe In this haven of rest. Ha ealls her up 'moat every night Just to hear her speak; Wishing she were close to him Dancing cheek to cheeki the knows when he Is due to call, • She hurries to answer the phone; t h * hears hit voice and breathe* a sigh, 'Thinking. "He's minej my own!" thty do not believe when people My 'Tla only Infatuation.

To them It la real and vibrant and true, A wonderful manifestation. But aoon the wonder beglni to fade, Like silver's tarnished hue. Each silently aski, "Are you tired of me?" "Am I atill in lov* with you J" They slowly «lart to break away Admitting the others were right: They blame their youth in believing Oil phrase, "FalllilK In love at first night.',' Then cames the search for someone new Their different paths they trod. And the only memory of their lova < Is In the book of Rod. SUZANNE WALSH, West Orange BUNNIES There's a quiet little family living In a dump of green, Th* cutest little creatures that you have ever seen. Soft brown fur, and eyei e.0 VIE and bright. Big OHM, little ones, tails Just tuft) ol white. Happy little family, la their hidden hour of green— Until November hunting days then, t more, our friends are seen. MRS. JANE h. BEAM, 19 Sunset Ave., Port MonmDUth, N. J

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rrtg; toward effort to set aside space for inTHE FORGOTTEN M A N LETTERS FROM dustrial and business areas that will en4043 Broad Street, Bed Bank, N. J. lance our economic structure, and toward OUR READERS the establishment of more and better parks ESTABLISHED 1878 ' Bf John H. Cook and Henry Clay and other recreational areas and good roads RUMSON'S SCHOOL connecting them. These things are keys to THOMAS IRVING BROWN, Publisher Rumion, N. J., July 16. 1883.' JAMES J. HOGAN, Editor progress. To the Editor: M. HAROLD KELLY, Business Manager One thing that must not be forgotten in I feel that it in necessary to proW. HARRY FENNINGTON, l'lnnt Supt Ide an analysis of the recent rethe process is better fire protection. The iort distributed by the Borough of ' Mfinber ol Ik* Associated Press Rumcon on the subject of Rumson's New York headquarters oi tlie National Th« Associated Press ll entitled exclusively to th« m e for republlcatlon of all the local news printed In thii newi- Board of Fire Underwriters hus just pub- school building needs, which was prepared by Engelhardt, Engelpaper, as well At all AP news dispatches. hardt, and L«irgett. educational conlished, for distribution, a revised edition of ultants. First of all, It appears Member Audit Bureau of Circulntion this report was distributed as model lire prevention code. This code has ahat Tht Red Bink Rejlstcr assumes no financial resconslblll moans of helping the residents to ties (or typographical errors In advertisements, but will re been adopted by many of the nation's lead- decide whether or not to vote for print that part of an advertisement in which the tyiioicrnphi the construction of new school facai trror occurs. Advertisers will please notify the manage ing communities as local law. Its stand- cilities. To serve such a purpose, ment immediately of any error which may occur. a report should clearly define the ards have won the praise of many states. problem, recommend the solution, This newspaper assumes no responsibilities for present the cost to the Indiitatements of opinions in letters from its renders. The national board makes copies of this and vidual, and all this In' terms that Subscription Prices In Advance, One rear IS.00: ode available to local officials just for the are capable of diagnostics! evalu •ix months, 13.00 Single copy, at counter, 10 cents. by the individual, m that he asking. The code covers many things— ation may convince hlrruelf that the p'roIssued Weekly, entered as Second Class Matter at the Tost* cram is justifiable and desirable. office lit Red Bank, N, J., under the Act of March 3. 1879. roni approved methods of handling and One does not spend irionev merely PoitmMteri and Subscribers in forwarding chanKe of address storing gasoline, how to guard against life )



Fifty Ycetn Ago. Louis E. Brown of Prospect ave., attending Pawnee Bill's cirRed Bank commissioners planned while cus, was a victim of a thief who to have better streets In the town picked his pocket for J85. and proposed to gravel Riverside' A progressive euchre party was ave. from Front st. to Allen pi., Spring st. from Front st. to Me- held at the Hillside cottage on chanic and Peters pi, from Broad West Front st. Prizes were won st. to Maple ave. The graveling of by Mrs. J. T. Legget, Mrs." Israel Spring st. would have been con- Hart and Alonzo Sedlock. Otherstinued further than Mechanic, ex- present were Mr. Hart, Mr. Legget, cept that it was proposed to put Mr. and Mrs; J. H. HiLadorf, Ernest sewers down in that part of Spring Hilsdorf, Dr. William Thompson, Walter Saurman, Arthur Hilpot, st., south of Mechanic, Ray Hendrlch, a Fair Haven car- Theodore Q. Walter, Emlle Wilpenter, was thrown SO feet to the liams, all of Red Bank; Mable ground when the scaffold upon Craft and Dr. Frank Parker of which he was working gave way. Norrlstown, Pi,, and Mr. and Mrs. He escaped, with a few slight David Bryon and a Mr. Werly of bruises and - returned to work the Brooklyn. next day. Twenty-Five Years Ago. Thaddeus Allaire, Carlton Keeler,' Walter Longitreet and Harry Supp A dreadful accident took place at passed the civil service, examin- the railroad crossing at Tramp ation for. postofflce clerks' and letter Hollow when Mrs. Frank H. Brasch, Sr. and her sister, Miss Catherine carriers at Red Bank. Elaine Hazard, daughter of E. C. loyne, both of Red Banit, ldfst their Hazard of Shrewsbury, and Millie lives when the automobile. In which were riding was hit by a Cornwell, daughter of Millard F, they Cnrnwell of Red Bank,.'were out' oeomotlve. The annual outing and clambake driving In Mr. Hazard's trap when, near the. curb in front of; Patterson of the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Spinning's store at,Broad and and Yacht club was hold at StarFront sts., the horse stumbled and vation Island at the Junction of the fell, the shafts striking the store North and South Shrewsbury rivers, window with swift force as to The bake was planned to be held at Sandy Hook, but the day before smash it to pieces. Eric Oisleson of Catherine at. the outing, the commanding officer was appointed official dog catcher t Fort Hancock Issued orders that ot Red Bank. Mr. Glsleson was to no fires were to be permitted on get $1 for every dog disposed of. the beach on Sundays. The memThe commissioners instructed him bers of the party were taken to the hat he' must kill the unredeemed island In Vice Commodore Augustus dogs In a humane way and not M. Mlnton's yacht "Jean," George cause them any unnecessary suf- Dolllver's cruiser "Revillod" and Otto Butell'i cruiser "Sea Pup." fering. For many years the Bureau of 1. Nowhere in the report is there William H. Hoffmire died at his The bake was prepared by Ruben am- estimate of the cost to the in- Internal Revenue refused to allow tacks" In the American Mercury by home on Broad it. after an illness White, Delford Fisher and Harry more than 30 millioli dollnrs in their ac. : dividual in increased taxes, to aro- contributions to volunteer fire com- Senator McCarthy's staff director of several months. He was born In Clay. ylde recommended facilities. Nor panies as charitable deductions for and the. ousting of Mr. Matthews Fair Haven 78 years previous In Will Rogers, the well-known counts as of May 30 • - a gain of 19.6 per Sales Program for Citizen* s this broken down 50 that the res- tersonal income tax purposes. Not do not end this case. Something the house later occupied by For? umorlit, visited the Airview Fly-; cent over the same time last year. could welsh the advantages too long ago, the bureau had a has been started that will not be Iteading about the people behind the dents man R. Smith. He was generally ng; field at Red Bank. He com-j accentance of parts of the rec- change of heart and decided that easily halted. The other is a report by the publication "iron curtain'' who are giving their Rus- of these contributions should be alknown as Major Hoffmire, the title pllmented Jack Casey, the owner,' ommendations. Two overriding questions still de- being given him on account of his on .the excellent condition of the The recommendations Include lowed in view of the fact, perhaps, Sales Management that Red Hank residents sian overlords a had time is licnrtening. the2. joint that the volunteer companies made mand answers: construction of a MO-atufather having been a major in the field and its equipment, major contribution In keeping the Mayor Phillip S. Walton of Sea 1. Is the Protestant clergy par- War of 1812. For more than 30 earned ami spent more money in 3952 than Though the revolts have, been minor to date dent senior high school by Rumson amunicipal taxes low, these taxes Fair Haven, on the basis that ticularly helpful to communism? he conducted a restaurant Bright was made manager ot the citizens of most of the nation's communities. and .vastly unorganized, one has hope for and Rumson could not alone support a being a good deduction for tax The charge should be fully sifted. years business in Red Bank and previous new business department of the high school. Tet. the Hum- purposes. Incomes of this borough's 4,200 families, the future in knowing that people will defy senior The average citizen, when he at- The Matthews article docs not to his Red Bank business venture Seacoast Trust company of Asbury son high schod], as shown In table prove It. For the kind of "evi- he operated restaurants on the Red "•ark. after taxes, came to an average |5,8(!0, it tanks and divisions and guns and prisons V has a 1952-53 enrollment of 335. tended the various firemen's fairs, dence" John Burrowts, Jr., age IS years, he adduced would pin a including 107 from Pair Haven and expected to spend some money to said. This means that local income rep- to throw terror into the hearts of tyrants. includine grammar school' grades enable the firemen to continue their Red label on millions of citizens Bank steamboats; of Naveslnk was drowned in the, William A. White of Cort's Neck, seven and eight from Rumson.-The good work and most of us felt that whose loyalty is unquestioned. He ocean at Highlands Beach when, resented .0106 percent of the wage earners' enrollment Is listed as ST8 t was money well spent in the pro- finds guilt even in demands for re- age 67 years, dropped dead while while Ashing'from a jetty, he had These incidents should serve as a re- optimum with a maximum of 480. Thue tection we- are getting, the lower peal of the McCarran Act—which he was clearing up the walk in national total, while the population itself spell, which caused him minder that there have been and are treach- figures In no way prove that the rate of local tax and also the lower hundreds of ministers of other front ot his residence; Physicians tofainting fall overboard. came to only .0087 per cent of the total. The Rumson high school would be In- insurance rate on our properties, said death was caused by paralysis erous citizens of our United States who adeouate for future, high school which resulted from an efficient faiths have also opposed. The Schanek 8. Thompson comof the brain, He was born in what picture is made broader hy a report that of Rumson, nor that Rumion olunteer fire company. Ministers are usually humanl- .was known as the Quire house. The pany of Red Bank, started to build actively or silently show intense loyalty to needs ths new spur of the State Highcould not in the future support Its With the annual fairs now a arlans. Mr. Matthews reported 151,151,000 was spent in local retail stores '• -. thing of the past for the time be- hat 253 signed the Red-instigated first Roman Catholic service ever way system in Mlddletown town-' the cause of world communism. With that own high school. held at Colt's Neck was held In that ship, which would eliminate Mldlast year, as against #44,761,000 a year ing, or until we get a change in the 8. It Is further stated In repeated law, many of the volunteer com- Stockholm "peace" petition. There house. in mind; it is satisfying to see that the Newenumerations dletown village from the stats that Rumson high earlier. are • conducting a canvass are 297,000 Protestant ministers in Humphrey J. Hayward, who had Jersey Bar association is setting out on an school falls badly to provide tha panies of their local communities for the United States and some have conducted a hotel in Robert Allen's route. This combination of local power In educational campaign to teach the public types of educational facilities need- financial Policeman James . Wallace of support to take up the been naive, to say the least, about building on Wharf ave., bought the ed for a modern secondary school slack of the revenues-from the politics. Solid evidence of actual property for $7,500. The building Rumson, suffered a broken leg Rating, earning and local spending gives the 'benefits of U. 8. citizenship. program, without spelling out what fairs. These-lost campaigns should be when he was hit by an automobile. is meant by a modern secondary generously supported by all home party membership in a few cases was a three-story brick structure proof that our region is prospering and program! True, there are owners and citizens of the com- comes from Herbert Phllbrick, and Mr, Allen had law offices on the Officer Wallace was riding his moLawyers certainly know the laws that school progressing - • providing a fortunate center make American privileges available to us. some weak attempts to enlighten munities, In view of the above ben- who said he knew seven or eight second floor. Mr. Hayward planned torcycle on the Rumson road in the the public by such statements' as efits, and particularly more so, be- ministers who were Communists. rear of a long line of cars, and :o occupy the third floor for dwell- apparently the oncoming automofor family living and fine business oper Led by Stephen J. Magura of 921 Bergen "the librarian's room Is quite In- cause the contribution direct to the Mr. ,Phllbrlck has a record as a ng purposes. \ adequate without nrovlsion for even ations It's a combination that promises an ave., Jersey City,, niembers of the bar in- a sink." Pray tell, why does a li- Are company is now a good deduc- careful witness, But even his tes- Twenty-two members of the Lib- bile did not see the policeman as he turned quickly Into Conover la. tion for tax purposes, whereas timony Indicates no general Infilbrarian need a link? erty Hose company went on an out- Mr. and] Mrs. Edward O'Flaherty even better future. money spent at the fairs In the past tration of the Protestant clergy. tend to have distinguished members address I will not go on at length, except was ing In the launch' "Sheridan" and of vHeadden'a Corner celebrated not. There are at least three plain enjoyed a clambake on the shore school assemblies on the subject of citizen to say that there are numerous such This bit of Information should be reasons their silver wedding anniversary why communism finds such near the Highlands, remarks" which lead.. one to - lose brought to''the attention of the gen,.•;•„ -^. wlUs;a party at.-Thoinas's Inn. \ ship this fall. Schools, clubs and other or faith In the author's ability to prepenetration difficult. ' First, Red eral public. Percy Davis of Riverside 'ave. Look To The Skies facts. - Cordially, materialism is especially repugnant took 'out a party of friends aboard Three houses of Dutch colonial ganizations which want such lectures should sent Isthe W. Elmer Ether. commendable that the Board to all whose main reliance is oh his father's launch "Senorlta." They design were under construction at Two Presidents—Eisenhower and Tru contact Mr. Magura, because America needs of ItEducation of Rumson sought to spiritual power. Another reason is went to New York and on the re- Willow Drive Manor at Little Silver present an authoritative report for AWtECIATION man—and many others have said there is more loyal Americans. that the minute a minister started turn trip, four of his guests be- for Irving Berk of Red Bank, who the enlightenment. of the people. preaching communism — or any- came seasick. . In the party were was developing the tract. no unit of civil defense more important to Embury Methodist Church It is unfortunate that such a poorly thing closely related to it — his Richard Applegate, Harry Smock, ,Harold Fielder, a Monmouth st. ' prepared presentation was the reLittle Silver. N. J. national security than the U. S. Air Forcecongregation would revolt. There Edward W. Wise, Daniel Wymbs, merchant, was knocked down by sult July 30, 1903. can be few Protestant churches In an automobile ss he was crossing' Robert W. Idllle, Rumion. To ttie Editor: sponsored Ground Observer Corps, popularOliver Sutphen, Clinton F. Elliott Maple ave., and -was so badly InIt's Farm Safety Week the United States where the con- and Harry A. Hawkdnt. Hay I thank vou for your many ly known as "Operation Skywatch." Its jured that he was taken to Long; • trolling voices are not thoae of The New Jersey Safety Council calls GOOD NEIOHBOM Nelson Row, who conducted • Branch hospital for treatment. A ' courtesies which you extend to this conservative elders and vestrymen. failure, at the wrong moment, could spell attention to Farm Safety week which began and to the other churches in this pool and billiard parlor on Front slight concussion of the brain af- ' Again, Protestantism's tradition This, in essence, is factual. The area.' I especially want to thank several years, moved his busi- fected his mind and It was quite national disaster in this atomic age. Sunday and runs through Saturday. Rich- names have been changed to pro- you for the generous amount of of free discussion and rejection of st. some time before his condition retect the innocent. Any resemblance apace you devoted to our recent ecclesiastical authoritarianism nat- ness to Asbury Park. Skywatch is what the name implies. The ard V. Mulligan, president of the council, to The property of the Mason Deto normal. persons living, or in East Keans- 88th Anniversary Service. urally arms Its ministers 'and con- tachable Tooth company, which turned Leon Shuaterman, proprietor of program calls for posts to be manned by offers good advice in asking that a 'general burg is purely Intentional. Very sincerely.' gregations against Red authoritar- was In the hands of the receiver, he Strand theater at Red Bank, I am an invalid with a picky apvolunteers who will keep a sharp outlook for check-up start this week and be continued petite. James W. Marshall, pastor. ianism. Considering the fact that was sold at public' auction. The bought the Grand theater at Perth I eat anything 1 mustn't Protestantcountries the world plsnt of the company, together with My wife follows doctor's orders Implanes from unfriendly powers. Aircraft through the year. Amboy and proposed to spend at A WONDERFUL EXPEDIENCE around have proved the atancheat plicitly, and I'm suppose to live on about 85,000 teeth and the patents, 150,000 to remodel and Immovements are reported by these people to barriers to communism, It is were sold to Enoch L. Cowart for least ''Falls and falling objects continue to a diet of flat, tasteless aliment. prove the playhouse. Monday, 20th, strange to have Protestant clergy$2,960. Mr. Cowart also bought the a central control station. Skywatch makes cause a large proportion of farm accidents,'! But do I? Uh-uh! Me. I got Albert Bennett, Jr. of Vander- , 11:30 A.M., P.8.T. men accused as the most pro-Red company's clock for )( and Joseph berg neighbors. Whenever the wife steps wia Instantly killed and his up for the mechanical weaknesses of the Mr. Mulligan said in suggesting a check of out some neighbor steps In. They To the Editor: group in America. Riley paid $J» for the company's mother severely Injured when the all aware of the situation and Greetings from the 3rd Annual The strangeness of this charge safe, which was empty. nation's radar system. Single planes, flying barns and other buildings for loose objects are i car In which they were riding, colrespond, each in their racial or National Jamboree of Che Boy leads to the second question: John Woodward of Moorestown lided with another auto . Mrs. Bennational way. Scouts of America at Irvine ranch, low on twisting courses can avoid radar, and hazards accounting for falls. 2. To what extent is anti-comMrs. Bacigalupi happens by, cas- In California. Nearly 60,000 Scouts munlsm being turned Into anti was visiting John S. BUles of Tow- nett was rendered unconscious and good as it is. But they would be "dead er Hill ave. They were cousins and was taken to Woodley hospital, Red asks for my health and just and . Scouters from the United The Importance of such checks is shown ually, happens to have a bowl of steam- States and 17 foreign countries are Protestantism? Protestant minis- this was the first time they had Bank, where she remained in that ducks'' if a Skywatch observer put inter- by the fact that |439,326 was paid in com ing spaghetti and hot sausage camped here. There are 109 8couts ters do not have a monopoly on met in more than 40 years. condition for several days. She had and 11 leaders representing ' the support for social reform. Why. did ceptors on their tail. The country is very pensation to farm workers in the state last under her voluminous apron. Ex- Monmouth I, B. Blake, who operated a soap a concussion of the brain, a badly Council. We left As- Mr. Matthews single them out for planaish: Was about to throw It big, so many observers are needed if the year, an increase of 58 per cent above 1951. away, says she, but thought my bury Park on July 5th and travelled his pro-Communist charge? Why factory at Port Monmouth, was dislocated hip and Internal Injuries. More than 100* persons attended . would like It. He would, too to Chicago via Washington, D. C, did he not mention the numerous building a large addition to his operation is to work. New Jersey needs In addition, there were 173,030 man-power dog but must settle for my leavings We had a sightseeing trip in Chi- Roman Catholic priests and Jewish plant in ordento accommodate his the 5th annual reception at the cago and visited the Museum of River Street schoolhouse for col8,000 volunteers to man 131 posts, set eigl days lost due to accidents. Those are costly He's "awfly" thin. growing business. Besides making Science and Industry, A tour of rabbis who have likewise opposed soap, Mr. Blake manufactured a ored graduates of Monmouth counday Mrs. O'Brien, noting Glacier Park was made and the the McCarran Act? miles apart, 24 hours a day. At present figures, but a more important result of a myNext preparation for killing Male and ty. Three awards of gold pieces wife's absence, thinks the likes Slackfoot Indians entertained us, were made; one to Eugene Upper4,000 are working at observation posts. o me must be lonesome. Here, says At Everett, Wash., we were tak- Why Is the hunt for Reds In edu- vermin on trees. safety campaign will. be the lessening of ahe, cation centered on colleges with is a chanit to return that pot en through the pulp mills of the The oldest sloop In commission man of Asbury Park for being the Protestant backgrounds and on All of New Jersey has been designated permanent disabilities and the suffering she borried. I wonder at the heft Weyhauser company and witnessed public schools? Why was her close at Keyport was the "Alfred," owned colored pupil with the highest scho- , of it and take a sneak peek. the operation from rough logs into by William Wells. It was built 78 lasttc standard in the county and to by the government as a target area. We arc that goes with them. Corned beef and cabbage! the finished lumber. Another sight- association with the National Counprevious and was still in ac Margaret Glover and Molly Lane, M-m-m! I go to town on it and seeing trip was enjoyed at Portland, cil ot Churches of Christ in Amer- years on a direct route to New York and (he both of Red Bank, Miss Glover's the dog has hardly finished his De- Ore. This was followed by. a •top- ica reported to be the chief reason tlve service. was fractionally (higher heavily-indiiKtrinlized metropolitan area partment of Sanitation' stint on the over at Oakland, Cal,, and sight- for a security holdup on Mrs, Mil- Fred Davis, who was employed average scanty leavings when comes it a seeing In San Francisco. Last eve- dred Horton't appointment for serv- in Sickle's grocery store, while than that of Miss Lane, Monroe You, and 'Uncle's' Bills Ours would Iw an ideal "bombing run.'' Eisner gave an' award to Warren knock on • the kitchen door. It's ning we had a convocation In the playing ball with Qeorge and Harry Mrs. Scotchlmoochl. I secrete the area when Vice President' Nixon ice an a United Nations commis- Norman of Chestnut st,, lost the Fhlpps of Pine Brook, who, < was;. In Sea Bright, Councilman Neils JacobWlint ever-mounting expenses in oper Hibernian sion? Influence and welcome As a closing eseh one light nail oh the middle finger of his voted the most promising colored sen commands one of the posts. He has ating our national government have meant, the wappess, "HI, Walllo," ahe says: spoke. One reason Protestant ministers right hand, as a result of the mem- boy attending the Red Bank' ed candle as they rededlcated "How you be? Atsa fine. Do me have been under fire from some themselves to the Scout oath and schools. , strained and struggled, appenied and beg- to you and me, in shown in a new report by a flavor. Grocery boy make mis- law, It was a breath-taking sight. ber being hit by a pitched ball. Investigators Is plain, Miss Jerusha H. Bordon, age 89 Leave this by me. I no order. On Thursday night Bob Hope congressional Dennis Valentine, a Tlnton Palls ged, for volunteers. The Air Force has in the New Jersey Taxpayers' association. By take, Mebee for youse, Here, take, doom and other stars will entertain us, Many of them have been courage- farmer, came in from a field and years, one of the oldest residents critics of the reckless blacken' of Shrewsbury, died at the Long formed him the air route over his section if J u n e 3», it said, the federal deficit jumped bye," A dish of Lasaagnyal On the final night, Thursday, 33rd, ous of reputations and the conscious dropped dead as he entered the din Branch hospital from shock and • The "Dutchman" drops In and a show entitled "The Cavalcade of ing ing room of his home, He was 74 Injuries received In a fall In her one of the most dangerous in America. Yet over the nine billion dollar mark, it added drops or unconscious effort to rtglmont out but O so accidentally, Scouting" will be preionted. We of age and was one ot the home the previous day. She was today finds him without help to do the job a neat $(!(! to the nvernge Jersey citizen's drops a bottle o'schnapps, If there's will leave here on Friday and visit opinion In which too many Investi- years an Institution In need of food I can the Grand Canyon and tho Carls- gators have Indulged. Thtf Protest old Scot farmers and very thrifty, the daughter of Francis and Han1 he wantH to do for his country; the job he "share ' of that indebtedness. senre up cno.ugh to feed Berlin, bad Caverns In New Mexico on our. ant Instinct of dissent has naturally His fortune was estimated to be In nah L. Holmes Borden nnd had . brought to mo by neighbors with return trip, arriving at West Trenagainst those who say In ef- the neighborhood of 180,000.. wants his neighbors to do for theirs. He is lived at the Borden homestead all The association fixed at #320,700,1 J4 thn littlest rogard for doctor's ton, N. J,, late Tuesday night. It risen Tha First Regiment of New Jerand the biggest hearts In has been a Wonderful experience fect, "If you aren'l my kind of anti- sey, consisting of 60 men and her lite. asking for help from all towim in the Met or about 110 million dollars more than (he ordors Communist you can't be an antl Mrs, Annie F, Chamberlain, tho world, and very educational. Communist at all." But thli docs Hones, enroute to Sea Girt, camped widow of Joseph E. Chamberlain, Batik-Sea Bright home com in unity, If vol state's entire 1952 state budget • • New I may be killed by kindness, but Sincerely, / over night opposite Frederick Lu not explain all that has been going died at her home on South st, foluiilcen) fail to nbow up thlN vital post wll Jersey's "share 1 ' of Uncle SIIMI'H staggering Isn't that a peach of a way to Rusiel L. Tetley. ther's hotel at Colt's Neck and tem- lowing a complication ol disease!. on, 1 porarily named It Camp Taylor, In have to slrnt down, Ask yourself if thai dehtn. "Uncle's 1 ' whole debt runs to over cloio the show? The Matthews ease should sound honor of T, Foreman Taylor of the She had been confined to her bed Ted Breton, Mr*. DeWaine Heada almoit a year, an alarm bell—and not merely for village, Ideal Beach, Js what you wnnt to linppen, If not, why 2(16 billions • • for which Jersey stands re Captain Joieph C, Barrle, a resiKeansburg Rainbow Council Protestants. For this sort of thing Harry Woodward reopened his dent of Atlantlo Highlands for SO ' not join up now? it bound to backfire. We cannot blacksmith sponsible for nine billions • -, or f 1,871) apiece and whselrlght shop on KETPORT—Mrs, Barbara De- believe that thoughtful Roman DR, RI1KB AND ARMISTICE yean, died in his 87th yosr front for every man, woman and child living here Walne was Initallid councilor of Catholics have any desire (o see White it. and added sharpening a general breakdown duo to ills 30 Oakland St., Rainbow counoll, Daughters of nntl-communlim turned Into antl- and repairing of lawnmowers to advanced age, Ha had been a seaOn the 0.5 billion dollar bill fur interest IUd Bank, N, J,, America, Ust woek «t St, Mary's Protostantliim. For any »uch move hi* enterprise!, faring man all his life and his A Study in Fire tlir; cost to each of our residents was *4(i July 10, 19M, The Rumion Road association many adventurous trips took him church hall on Bait Front st. Mrs, spoils rollgious strlfo and a weak' To tho Kdltor: wag considering converting the Mabel Walling of Leonardo and from miin.v iiiiiiilclpnlllicN, fron lust yen r, to ports In distant parts of the of essential measure! to com' Into a county itone road and world, Ai this Is written, It look* ai If Mrs, Louis .Kloti of Kcaniburg enlng bat Red Infiltration, < The struggle row) rcnl CHIIIIO I>X|H>I'IH IIIK) builder* InillcnK plsnncd to meet with the County A prowler WIM going nlrnut EatonAnyone can view I lie picture, witli nlnnn the prospect of an armistice In ofltclnUd at the Insinuation, mint go on both Against tnUIIUrKorea Is fls fni- off as «vi>r, This flint MIIIIIIHMIIII county IN due foe n IHIOII It Is shown that tin; federal dellclt WIIK rim of course, l« iltio to the mnchlnn.Other officers Installed were Mi/i Inn oommunlnn nnd toUIIUi'lsn Freeholders (or thai, «nd. Edward town peeping In windows md the Mildred Brown, iu«oclate councilor; nntl-comrminl'm. — The Christian D, Adams, one of the prominent women folk of the village were lions of that old tyrant, Dr. Hyngin new niiiBlnictluii Unit, iim.v <><|mil ur IN U|i In live of tin.' eight .venr.v slnrr Work man nho«. who, ax In well known, Mrs, Potty memben of the Rumion asioela greatly alarmed lo such an extent i Moshor, vice councilor; Science Monitor. lion, w«s lending the movement, heavier I him anything wen uliiec; I he, war Win1 II. Theme, wpi'ii years In which \vi Is qtiI(o willing lo fight lo tho last Mrs, Cnri'ln Fcrninn, Junior pnst Hint ». vigilante group was formed Amnrlcnn to keep himself In power. councilor; Mr«, Kmroa HopU, reDr, Herbert H, Williams took n In the hopes ot onioning thn guilty Till* boom IN hulug HtluiuluWxl by develop liii'goly Himiii'od llic Ktm>»n war, the Unltui TllltKK 1'OL.IO C A M K H position M tenor linger In the Wn oan Judge tha oharaoler of cording ««ereUryi Mm, Wllhelmlna quartet at Ml* Blberon Hplsoopa' » Margaret Minna of Fair went of tho Oni'iluii Htnln piirlnvay and 1U Nutloim, tin! domestic economy of allied Dr, Jihfo by the fuel lhal when Worth, aiilstant recording store' Tha "Into report of a membei' of his South Korein gov- taryi MIM Shirley Uutirwald ble dlseasoN (or Monmoulh oounty, ohuroh, Haven and Mini Ilnrllin Collls of offer of bcltoMliiiiMivt.'.' inuiHpurliitlon for conn I Hen who IOIJII.V Httilid as mil' bllter ernment spokn out- In favor of hn triaiur«r| Howurd Worlh, oonduoMlis Florence I* Morion of Fair numion returned fiom Kuio|it, ha was mtro.lle.isly tor, and Miss Florence Leltoy, war (or tho w«ek ending July 11, ihowi Hiivon, a itiiilady In flali'i itoro, whoro Mill' Mnnnn wont lo sludy our iircii. 11 limy l>« u long and nlen
Editorial Views Of Other Papers

RED BANK REGISTER. JULY 23, 1953 WHITE ENTJ5 SUMMER CAMP SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP — Arthur F. White of 44 Belshaw ave., here, ha« completed four weeks' training at the Air Force summer camp at Shaw Air Force base in South Carolina, it was announced this week by Lieut. Col. David B.

Tudor, 1JSAF, chairman of ths air science and tactics department at the Newark college of engineering. Mr. Wblte, who is majoring in mechanical engineering, will enter his senior year at the college in the fall. It F m to Advertlit in Tht Retlsttr.

Estimate New Parkway Will Garry Vehicles in First Year TBENTON—Traffic and revenue itudles made and reported by a lrm of competent engineers discredit an erroneous and unsubstantiated opinion that the Garden State parkway will be a part-time Measure route to seashore resorts ind recreation areas. Bayard L. England, vice chairman of the New Teraey Highway Authority, said oday.


NEW TREADS IACH 6.00x16 Ikntw I h * lift «f veur tfw w i t h GOODYEAR XTKAMIUAGI NEW HEADS put en with GOODYEAR op. preved nuthedi.

We loan you tlroi while youn or* being mapped in our own plant.

No charge for loantrs or mounting.'

The engineering firm, England emphasized, submitted Its advance report on traffic and revenue studies of both the scenic route and the New Jersey Turnpike
announce the


8S.0O0 Cars Dally Based on the estimated 30,583,000 vehicles using the parkway, this would mean a daily average of 83,000 vehicles using the flcenic highway during the first full year of operation. Traffic on the turnpike during Its flfst year of operation, England explained, far exceeded original estimates of the same engineers. During 1952 a total of 18,239,527 motorists paid tolls for a dally average of 50,000 vehicles. The en gineers originally predicted 8,400, 000 vehicles would travel on the turnpike during the first year. "This1 advance report\ by the traffic and revenue engineers discredits the basically unfounded claim that the Garden State park way will be a part-time vacation highway only providing safe and rapid transportation to and from northern and southern New Jersey resorts and recreation areas," Mr. England said. "The parkway, as originally planned, will be a yeararound modern highway serving millions of motorists.annually. Th< report of the engineers sustains this opinion, one mutually shared by the commissioners and engineers of the highway authority.'

'Skywatchers' Visit N. Y. Filter Center MAPAWAN — Member* an guests of the "Operation Skywatch' pott here, visited the Ground Ob. server Corps filter center at Whlti Plains, N. Y., Thursday. The grouj of 28 persons was led by P. T. Long of this place, post supervisor; Arthur S. VanBuskirk of Keyport, chief observer, and Mrs. Howard Pieper, Mrs. Sarah Erlckson am Mrs. Dorothy Walling of Keypor assistant chief observers.




GUARANTEE Thle garment le guaranteed t * be the keel matfe u>4 kaet-flttlni you can buy. If «eund uniallifactory return to ve ler replacement *r r«fu*4.

T u n Tax Title, Lltni B.c.lv.bl* Property Acquired from Tax TitU Lltn Liquidation Aiinuntnti Rte.lv.bl. .....: Account. R«cttvabl« -.. Dtf.rrtd Ch.ri.i to Futurt T«»«tlon—O«n«r«l Dtfirred Charges to Succtidlni Years R«v«nu» TOTAL ASSETS 1





772.61 81,000.00 l,tw,0« I27M98,7»

34,393.9c 3,028.00 2,e«t.28 4,351.U la,000.00

AppropflVtloni—'Budnt and Emeweney Local School Tax Counlr T«« ,..„ Adeled Oounlr Ta



1124,891,00 1111,211,00 169,861.77 180,121,87 tS.tlt.ll til,l 11,04 911,91 1180,191,11


Surplus from Operation! I IMIl.Ol' I 19,100.70 Adal Unexpended Balance Prior Yeart Appropriations 8,809.1(1 J,700,04 ' Liabilities Cancelleri M,1H 41,19 Interrund Returned 100,00 Total Surplus from Operation! and Addition! Dtducti Inleriunils Advanced Amount Added In Hurplui llevenu Add 1 Deferred Uharirii In Above Expenditures (Incurred Currently) .... Surplus Revinui Balaiwe, J»nu«r» l i t , . , , , _ . j [.Mil Appropriation In Current Budirtt Ualanoe, December t i l t

I 78,970,49 I 42,1*0,10 100,00 I 71,170,49 I «l,J<9.3d 1U.IW.II

IIKCIOMMBNDATION8 li Tint Inlireit be eulltoted In Kocorilanca with the statute, , 9, Ttiat nil vouchers In nrnnerly iworn to, Tin above lummary or lynopsls w«» ure|i»rid from the report of audit of III DorouKh s( V» r Haven. Oouitly of Monmmitli, for the oalemlar y u r Itlli This report of audit, •iiimlt.il by Joseph J, Bn, lle«liter«d Municipal A«. (•oiinlint, li on fill at Ihe llorouiih Clerk'a ofiles and may b« Insptcted iiy any Inltriitid iiirion, U, KLOVD SMITH, Clerk,

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AUXILIARY CABD PABTT LEONARDO—The LadltV auxiliary of the American Legion poat here, will hoW a card party tomorrow .night at 8 o'clock at the post home on it. 36 nt&r Appleton ave.


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LIABILITIES RESERVES AND SURPLUS Bonds Payable I 88,000.00 I 88,000,00 Appropriation R.urvti 10.ai8.BJ 10,O»!,O» Accounts PtyiblD and Othtr Liabilities 8«,H«.05 18,831,70 Improvement Authorlantlon ?,2«t.B3 Statutory trd Special Fund 19,270.02 1,812.80 Reierra far Certain AIIIII Receivable 40,812.4« 83,(95.12 Surplus 140,922,68 111,214,18 TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES AND SURPLUS 1880,480,68 I27I.4H.73


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COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF OPERATION AND SURPLUS Revenue t Year 1«B2 Ytar t t t l Surplui Revenue Appropriated I 96,600,00 I 86,600,00 Current Revenue (Oaih B.ili) 8<4,S0S,17 I1M1M4



SUMMARY OR SYNOPSIS OF 1M1 AUDIT REPORT Of WROUGH OP FAIR HAVEN AS REQUIRED BY R. S. 4 0 i 4 1 COMBINED COMPARATIVE" BALANCE SHEET ASSETS ' Die. 31, 1BB2 P « . 11,1151 CM» .. : 1168.098.18 ll0a,2M.«0 In»Mtmrat;"Tn"u.'"S. Bond

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A 'great deal of local Interest was centered around the New Jersey National Guard elimination matches,; Sunday ..to pick a team,to represent New Jersey Guard In the National Rifle and Pistol championship matches to be held at Camp Perry, O., from Aug. 20 to Sept. 7. High scorers from several non-divisional units were flown here by a National Guard transport to try to win a berth among the 14 men making the trip. Four men of the 644th, Capi Frank J. Frlsela, C.W.O. James F. McKevitt, Second Lieut. William B. Lltts and Master Sgt. Brutus D. Applegate were entered, but up to the time of this release the final scores had not been determined,


S extra-wide loops!



After a tour of the filter cente: the group saw a film, "One Plan One Bomb," and heard a talk b; William McGrath, director of th aircraft warning service of Ne York atate'a Civil Defense organ isation. Other* present were Mrs. Clarence E, Bahronburg, Percy E. Bulger, MM. George Cherry, Louli DiGiiolamo, Mrs, Theresa Erlckson Ralph E. Harrington, Miss Dorl Henrlkien, Miia Ann Hatuer, Mn Harvey (J. Hartman, Mrs. Cornelli Lawrence, Mrs. Harriet Leonard William Leonard, Mrs. R, N. NyacV Edmund F. O'Hara, Mrs. Van But kirk, John Pote, Fredrick Schwa Mrs. Mary Findlay, Thomaj Piepei Mm. Thomas Wethtred, Mrs. Marl Whitney, Mrs. Dorothy Walling an Bradford gutter.

at both shops


FREEHOLD—The" will of William H. Brown of Red Bank, who died May 9, was filed for probate last week in the office of Surrogate Dorman McFaddln. I He left $100 to a nephew, Calvin Magee. The rest goes to his sister Henrietta Allen, and brother Fred. CAMP DRUM, N. T.—Officers Rebecca H. Reckless of Shrewsnd enlisted men of the Red Bank bury, who died June 26, willed nd Asbury Park units of the 644th $1,000 each to her grandchildren, nk battalion, under the command Janet Pieper, Edwin T. Conover Lieut. Col. Hans A. Keasler of and Dorothy Conove"r. A son-in-law, liver Plata, Friday completed the Edwin R, Conover, will receive $2,Irst week of this year's summer 000. The rest goes to her daughamp. training in armored maneu- ter, Mrs. Conover. vers and were preparing; to take The respective husbands will redvantage of the recreational ac- ceive the estates of Turic E. SeaIvitles afforded them by the Spe- man of Long Branch, who died ial Service office of the 60th Arm- June 25; Lillian B. Dcnncrlin of red division. Neptune,- who died Apr. IS; Edith This year's training has Included Kalp of Long Branch, who died peratlons preparatory to field July 4, and May Arlington of South naneuvera and ^specialist training Belmar, who died Apr. 9, 1950. n. motor mechanics, communlca- The respective widows will reions, food service, transportation, ceive the estates of Vernon Whalen isrsonnel administration and sup- of Long Branch, who died May 29, >ly. A special recruit training and Arnold Hulshart of Neptune, roup was let up for men not who died June 23, 1951. luallfled in the basic soldering Pauline Benenatl of Wall townechnlques of dismounted drill and ship, who died Apr. 16, willed her he manual of arms, estate to her son Generlo. A boxing tournament was held Florence Tuax of Long Branch, Friday under the direction of First Lieut. William Dorney of Bergen' who died May 13, willed her estate Acid. Referee was Sgt. Vince Mar- to her daughter, Margaret Clayton. Artemas R. Hopkins of Sea Girt, tinez of Paterson, contender for the welterweight crown. The ring an- who died June 1, willed his estate to Antoinette Hopkins. nouncer was Rev. David L. CodSarah Shafto of Bradley Beach, llngton, division chaplain. Enterainment was supplied between the who died June 21, willed her estate souls by the 50th Armored, divis- to her son, George P. Shafto, and ion band.' Although the local units grandchildren, Raymond Gant, Rohad no one entered, many of the land Gant, Theodore Alvln Gant, men attended the tourney where, Bruce Gant, Florence Lungrcn and In tho past, several men of the Clara Gant. 344th have won division champion- Ralph Brown, Sr., of Ocean township, who died Mar. 2, willed | ships. $500 to a granddaughter, Jean i Visiting ladies of the division' of- Wilburn. The rest goes to his chllficers were received Saturday by dren, Charlotte Wilburn, John Mrs, Donald egun with a full dreas parade by ill personnel of the division to a t National Geographic society. tend outdoor church services led by chaplains of all faiths. The massed colors of the division were unfurled for the religious devotions. After the spiritual needs of tht men were attended to the post took m a deserted look as 75 per cant of the men were allowed pass privileges, many of them goinig on tours planned by the Special Serice office, to the scenic Thousand NEARLY ACCURATE / Islands of Upper New., Tork state. For the men remaining; In camp IS NOT ENOUGH/1 field day was held and the sol diers competed for the command' ing general's trophy and for awards presented to the winners of individual events. Competition waj held ih all track and (Held events and special military events were held to give the soldiers a chance to show what they had learned so far In their training.

Unlike the turnpike; an overall toll facility, motorists will be permitted to drive over certain local sections of the parkway* without' paying any toll, Commissions England pointed out.

Spring and Summer Styles

Brown, Reckless Wills Filed

644th Guardsmen lave Busy Week

Commissioner England, -who also s treasurer of the Highway Au;hority, directed attention to the report submitted by Coyerdale * Colpltts, New York consulting: engineers, to substantiate his contention and that of State Highway Commissioner Ransford J. Abbott, authority chairman, that the larkway will be a self-liquidating, 'ear-around highway eventually serving millions of motorists 'annually over a distance of 165 miles between Faramus and Cape May.


Paee Seven

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Kaiser Appoints LaCour WOJG LONG BRANCH—Lieut. Col. Frank K Kaiser, commanding: officer of the 156th Transportation battalion, Long Branch's National Guard unit, has announced that Master Sgt. Robert C. La Cour of 513H St. Clair ave., Spring Lake, has been appointed warrent officer, junior grade, La Cour had been serving as motor sergeant for Headquarters and Headquarters company. Warrant Officer La Cour enlisted In Company "C," 644th Tank bat-

talion, at Aibury Park in April, 1947. He was transferred to Red Bank in April, IBM, and joined the Long Branch unit In July, 1962. He attended the motor and track vehicle course at the armored school, Fort Knox, graduating first In a class of 88 students. Ho is employed by the Department of Defense, State of New Jersey, working as serviee center chief for the 186th Transportation battalion at Red Bank. Unofficial temperature rcadinji of 180 degrees In the sun have been recorded along the Persian Quly coast of Iran says the National Geographic society.





emale Star of Holiday on Ice Studying to Become Surgeon ASBURV PARK — Most girls screen stars while at these theaters. 'ould be more than satisfied If The Hotel New Yorker was also they could take Joan Hyldoft's among the places In which she has place as the star of the Holiday. On had star billing. Ice show now playing at the ConOne would think that all this pertention hall here until Aug. 2. This forming before the public would get one hardened to such things la not the case with Joan, however. She also wants to become a sur- as nervousness. Here is -what Joan had to say on the subject: geon. This is not a mere wish with her, "I always get nervous before iither, for she has already finished every show. I did even when I was two years of pre-mcdlcal school and doing four or five shows a day at will finish her training if she can tho Roxy in New York." break away from the show long It was her booking at the Roxy nough. with the large number of perforTo coma this far in the field of mances to do every day that finally medicine, she has not let her dual interrupted her medical training. ambitions interfere with her skat- Before this, she was able to work ing career. in her study, but this time there "I slept about five hours a night," just wasn't time left even if she said the 23-year-old star in telling wanted to give up her sleep. how the squeezed her education in began her 'medical studies between performances, as the at She Cincinnati, then New York unitoured the country with Holiday versity, then Columbia (she was and on her own in some of the hotel first refused admission here "beihows In the country. cause she was too adolescent'.'), Those who have seen her perform next came Chicago, but always it will tell you she would never need was where the show was. another profession to make her way She joined the Holiday On Ice hrough the world. troupe one year ago, Originally from Huntlngton, W. Va., Miss Hyldoft has come a long way since she first started at the Canneries Open for age of 13, Her story differs from many, however, In that she has been State Tomato Pack a star almost since the beginning TRENTON—The harvest of New of her skating career. Jersey's 28,000 acres of cannery toAfter training in Lake Placid, N. matoes begins this week and prosT. and at the Philadelphia Skat- pects appear excellent for a crop ing club where she studied under of good quality, according to the the same instructor who taught State Department of Agriculture. Dick Button, male world champion Although sufficient molsturo has figure skater, she started out for been lacking in some areas, most New York. plantings show promise of good In six months I was a star," yields. she said in her usual matter-of- ,New Jersey remains one of the fact way. chief producers in the nation of toA charming person who has the matoes for processing despite a 17 ability to make you feel completely per cent decrease in acreage this at ease, Miss Hyldoft has not let year, according to figures received her success go to her head, al by the department. though few would blame her if The 1953 acreage of tomatoes for she did. the country as a whole Is the smallAmong the big name hotel and est since 1933. Preliminary figures theater shows in which she has estimate the national crop to be 16 played are the Roxy and Centre per cent Ices than in 1952 and 37 theaters in New York. In each per cent below the ten-year avershe played for more than two years age for 1942 to 1951, Sh* counts among her most memAll of the major producing states orable experiences her meeting have shown considerable reduction many of the nation's top stage and in acreage.

Recruits Sought By Guard Unit LONG BRANCH—It has been announced by Lieut. Col. Frank N. Kaiser, commanding officer of the 166th Transportation battalion h,cre that enlistments will be accepted in the battalion up until the time it departs for field training Aug. 7. The local battalion is scheduled to participate In Held training at Camp Drum, N. Y,, with the New Jersey National Guard non-divlslon unit* from Aug. 8 to 22., The 156th la scheduled to depart Aug. 7 and travel as far as Flemtngton, where It will join up with the 114th Regimental Combat team. Together they will travel In convoy to Camp Drum, arriving Aug. 9.

Men of the unit receive full pay and allowance!, according to Tank, while at Held training. They also receive full compensation and casualty coverages us does si soldier on active duty. Meals are prepared and served-by members of the unit, and clothing and' equipment is issued prior to departure. . Col Kaiser aaid hs .hopes your.g men 17 years old and up, who have at some time or another considered joining the National Guard, would join the unit before it departs for Meld training so that they would receive the advantages of the training conducted by the battalion in the field, in night problems and In ordinary daily driver training. He emphasized that even the newest men, enlisted the day the unit departs, would return to Long Branch as qualified truck drivers. At the present time the 141st

Transportation company and the 143d Transportation company have openings that will be available to any young man who is Interested In joining the unit. Men Interested should contact battalion headquarters at Garfteld ct. immediately by phone or'personally. The office Is open Monday to Friday from 9 a. m. to 4:30 p. m., and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from g to 10 p, m.



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OPEN ALL DAT BATCBDAT COUNTY OF MONMOUTH, NEW JERSEY ANNUAL AUDIT REPORT—1182 The following .tatemcnts have been prepared from Information in the annual audit report for 1952 as submitted by Steven, and Hart, municipal accountants, and are hereby published In accordance with R. The audit report is on file in my office at the Court House, Freehold, may be seen during business hours by any interested person.

contained »»j»tered S. 40!4.2. N. J. and

of the Board of Chosen Freeholder* of the County of Monmouth, N. J, COMBINED COMPARATIVE BALANCE SHEET c ASSETS « . 11. • » « Dee. II, 1961 Caeh 11,013,774.7« I 197,081.11 Investm'e'n'u""."."'"..":. 10.S9B.0O 10,8«6.00 1

Accounts receivable

T nl.l Assets

17,40o.«6 1,100.00 1,219,7*7.50 30,435.33

Shrewd buyers pick FORD

II.I3S.000.00 322,694.74 21S.1O2.8O 1,789.45 101,765.75 11,440.90 24,100.70 JK,«0«.10 433,866.19




Total Liabilities. Reserves and Surplus


98,544,1!) 51,022.08 104,944.00

Amount added to surplus revenue ADD) Deferred rhnrges In above, expenditures

245,151.95 20,000.00


SURPLUS REVENUE BALANCE—January 1 Additional taxes

265,151.96 438,246.37 6,843,74

194,510.2 406,(40.10 7,105,6

706,242.06 163,821.50 104,944.00

I 6011,246.8 171,000.0

Sub-total Less! Appropriated in current budget Accounts receivable realized




I 268,267.50


I 431,974.(6

I 411,146.1'


TRUST ACCOUNT = = = = = Comparative Slatim.nl .1 Dedicated Revenue anal Eapaadltur.s DEDICATED REVENUES Year 1962 Year 116 Other dedicated revcnuesl Motor vehicle lines _... I IS,241.00 | 11,859.0 Dept. of senior of weights and measure. 704.00 740.0 County library tax 44,409,84 44,004,0 Total




DEDICATED REVENUE EXPENDITURES Other dedicated fund*! Motor Vehicle fund Drt't. of sealer of weights and measures County library tax Total Dodlcited

Revenue Expenditures „


>l 14.3S4.B4


I t«,«>3.00 Ii597,58 41,116,70

I 19,117,05

f «4,806,.a

I 80,811,<

' " " w ' j s ' l W r i l K I I CKIITIKY l h « t t h . I m l m i n . l i . i l i « n , | , , , , r . | w | 1 | i u , n n f • U l i m i n I present « I t u e . l a l e n i e n l ot Urn financial IMIIIUUH of Die County fnr l l i . rtir.l year u n d e r a u d i t a n d In iiur o p i n i o n c u i i t l l l u t i a uropir ritior t o n t h e •e uu«ll til ii'h« ileuimliinl from from IIhi o i i til n i ticriiunti t r i i u n t i aaii de-le-imlnril h i uuooki o o k i a«nd n d resorrfs • N I , , . I > , . J • . ui, mipleminlfd 1)/ I'ltionil Inquliy and Inveillittlnn,



Ctnwtaftly M W Ford F-100 Seriet! 6H-ft. Pickup, 8-ft. Panel, and 6H-R. Stake. G.V.W. 4,800 Iba. 110-ln. whetlbaMi Gaa-Mvlnff OVBRDHIVI, or FORDOMATIG fully automatic drive, at worthwhile extra coitl Drlvwlzcd Deluxe Cab (extra cost) illustrated.

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41,MM 1

Recommena'atl.ne A, Repented From Previous Audits, 1, That the system to control the Issuance of requisitions and purchiie order be made more effective, I, That suitable disposition b. made either by collection or properly luthorleei ehuriip-nlfa of accrued Interest on taxes receivable amounting to 117,406,II due from twenty-two municipalities, 1(11 Recommendations I, Thut expenditure without appropriation 14,.'..,14, hi railed In the l t i i budget, ' 4, That a careful survey be mmlu of all surely bonds covering officials ami employees and suitable revision made upon the complillon of such survey. Certification WE IIJjnWlY CJiHTIKY thiilwi' havr iksmlnrd the bonki and rnorill of thi TllKArlUIIBIl III-' MUNMIIIITII I.'OUHTY, NEW JBKHBY for the »»sr ended ll#remb»r HI, I9M, that ihe exumlnilloii was made In s t rordanfe wllli i(i-lirr«lly arci.|i|e.ii auillllng ilsmliirili applicable under Ihe elr riimilstKn, anil In actuidanee with the riqulnnmili of thi Dlvlilon of Loci (Jovtrnmilit nf III. l>f|mrlni»nt nf thn Treasury, , WB HJIITIIBIi OftirrilY Ilial « • have reported or commented upon "«ny error, oinlislnii, Irrrirularlly, yluUllun of law, illsoifpanuy or oilier niin-eoiifortuity lit Hi* law" fnund during lh« n . u r n «f ihi examination! and whira lietailed audit of any ncriiuiiti or I m i u r l l n n i m tint m a i l , *« havi by eximInallon iir test sal ifled uurselvii ai In thi accuracy ef thi work of Ihi r u p o n . sllile ufflclalii and liavs lupportid luch rxumlmtlon or t u t by appropriate








The object of laid action Is to obtain a judgment of divorce between the said plaintiff and you, Dated! July 7, 1953. APrLEGATE FOSTER. KEUSSILLE AND COHNWELL, 34 Broad Street, Red Bank, U. J. 114.21 Attorneys for Plaintiff.

14,102,66«.«3 I

147,499.13 73,644.22 24,108.60


SUPERIOR COURT OF MEW JERSEY MONMOUTH COUNTY CHANCERY DIVISION. DOCKET NO. M-SB91-H TO WALTER KRZlEMlfcNIECKl, all* known as WALTER SMITH! By virtue ot sn order oC the Super* lor Court ot New, Jersey, Chancery Division, made on this 6lh day of July, 1963, in a civil action wherein FRANCES KRZIEMIENIECKI, also known al FRANCES SMITH, 1. the plaintllf and you are the defendant, you are hereby required to answer the complaint of the ilalntift on or before the 7th day of Jeptcmber next, by serving an answer on APrLEGATB. FOSTER, UKUSSILLE AND CURNWELL, ESUS., nlalntih". attorneys, whose address is No. 34 Broad Street, Red Bank, New Jersey, and in default thereof such judgment shall be rendered against you as the Court shall think equitable and just.

CURRENT ACCOUNT COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF OPERATION AND SURPLUS REVENUES ' Year 1952 Year 1951 Surplus revenue appropriated I 163,323.50 I 175,000.00 Current revenue (cash basis) 4,477,979.70 4,DM,404.12 14,641,101.20 |4,t41,404.12 EXPENDITURES 13,012,043.07 13,639,668.49 Appropriations—Budget ind emergency 581,711.00 SCI. 130.26 Debt service 2,061.19 Expenditures without appropriations

Surplus, from revenue , I Add! Unexpended balance prior years appropriations Accounts receivable—M( V. Fund


Newark I , N. J.

1,100.00 1,107,445.00 5.958.82

169,851.84 4,780.52 138,181.It 81,423.93 24,349.20 424,284.24 48J,0l«.«9




17,131,110.tl I7,»»O,II«.IS


LIABILITIES, RESERVES AND SURPLUS Serial bonds outstanding Bond anticipation notes payable . Appropriation reserves Accounts payable and other liabilities Reserves for dedicated funds ~ Reserves for other purposes ...'. Reserves for certain assets receivable Improvement authorisations -..» •?• Surplus ........>•.»



MS ?!!!! 17,405.<«


Accrued Interest on taxes receivable Real estate mortgage Deferred charges to future taxation—general Deferred charges to succeeding years revenue

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SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY, CHANCERY DIVISION. MONMOUTH ' COUNTY. Docket No. M-2S27-S2 CAROLINE ALLEN. Plaintiff vt, DONALD R. ALLEN. Defendant. Civil Action Notice ot Order for Publication. TO! DONALD R, ALLEN! By virtue of an order of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, Monmouth County, made on the 7th day of July, I9ii3, in a cauBe- wherein Caroline Allen, la plaintiff, and you are defendant, you aro hereby required to answer the complaint, of tho itialnttff on or before the 8th day of September, 1953, and In default thereof, such judgment shall be rendered against you ai the Court shall think equitable and Just. The object of said suit Is to obtain _ Judgment of divorce between said plaintiff and you. Dated! July 8th, l»5S. FLORENCB F, FORdOTSON, Attorney for Plaintiff, «0 Broad Street, Red Bank, New Jersey, I1I.7S SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY, CHANCERY DIVISION. MONMOUTH COUNTY, DOCKET NO, M4AO2-S2 TO CHARLES HAYMONU AYRESt fly virtue- of nntirdrr of tho Huporlnr Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, Monmouth County, made on Juns 25th, 1053, In a certain cnuso wherein IHhclyn May Ayrri Is the FliilnlllT, anil you Charlct Jinymoml Ayrea are the Defendant, you lire hereby required to answer tho complaint of th* rialntllt on or before Auiust 21th, 1983, and In default thereof, inch Judgment ahull be rendered (gainst you as the court shall think eiiullnhle nnil Just. The nlijeot nf unlil suit Is to obtain • Judgment of divorce dlnnlvlnit the marrlom between mid Plaintiff and 1 you, AM5XANDKU THAI !1, Vi llron.l Htrtot, llril llnnk, New JcrieJi 110.112, Attorney lor I'lalntlff,

Menmenilh County Surroiati's Court Notice til Creditors to Presmt

Claims Aialnsl F.itale f ' c o l i l N N " '"

l J A m

ruriuanl in Iht nrd-p «[ DdllMAN Mer'AimiN, Humi»«|. nf Hi, l.'i lun iy nf Mnnmoulh, I Ills dny mmle, nn ilio mipli(Illon nl })* lllii|ir«l»nrrt, Wllla ||, llavli. Kill* lCkf uilli'lx nf Ihr tilnlo nf tin laid (Jnrlime L, llnvli, ilrnraipd, nntlci la hrrehy iilven In ilm iirrdltom nf nitlil ileeiauif In primnt In the milil Hnli Emculrlx Ihelr Halms umler onlh with. In ilx months, from ihli dnlt, JJttidi July 1th, IMS, WILLA II, IMV1K, It, 1', D,, Chanil I III Atlirillg llliihkndi, N, J, Rolurtl, I'llUlilimy. k.. O r i n n , Allnntli' Illnliliiid N, Alloiniyi, 11 Ml

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Million Dollar Eatontown Interchange Plan

Stout Assigned To Guard Unit

Diane Brandt, daughter of Ur. is building a house on Pine st. in and Mrs. E. Douglas'Brandt, cel»the Lincroft estates. Mrs. William McCarron is a pa- Mrs. Stafford Thompson of Cleve- brated her ninth birthday Wednestient at Monmouth Memorial hos- land, O., is the guest of Mr, andday with a trip to Metcdeconk pital. beach. Others accompanying them Mrs. Harold Rowe. ' Michael Hopkins, son of Mr, and Mr. and Mrs. Morris P. Whit- were Mrs. Wesley Seaman and chilMrs. C. M. Hopkins of Swimming comb have moved to Applebrook dren John, June and Sherry, and Mrs. John Franks and children River rd., celebrated his tenth farm on highway 35. Jerry, Marilyn and Joan of Oceanbirthday Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William Terry of port. Jeanie Jones, daughter of Mr. Rutherford spent the week-end a* Mr. and Mrs. Willard Bohn reand Mrs. Morton Jones, has re-guests of Mr, and Mrs, Gardner C. turned this week from a vacation turned from a visit with Mr. andKlein. In Connecticut. Mrs. Bernard Lawrence at Medford Miss Joyce Francisco, daughter Lakes, Beverly Lang, her cousin, of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Francisco of Brigantine, N. J., is visiting this of Marlu farm, returned this week Deaths ' from tuberculosis In from Wickatunk, Kan., after spend- Great Britain dropped. from 31,000 week. Alexander Marsella of Red Bank ing three weeks with relatives. in 1947 to 14,000 in 1952.


LONG BRANCH—First Lieut. Franklin E. Stout, a former resident of Long Branch, has joined the, 156th Transportation battalion, Long Branch's National Guard unit, it was announced today by Lieut. Col. Frank N. Kaiser, commanding officer of the local unit. Lieut. Stout, born in Long Branch in 1919, and graduating from Long Branch high school in 1937, is living with his wife and daughter at Castle Brook farm, Freehold. He will be assigned company commander to succeed Lieut. James A. Carton, adjutant, who had been acting company commander. Lieut Stout enlisted in the Army at Fort' Monmouth in 1942. He was promoted to staff sergeant in August, 1944. He was transferred to Camp Beale, Cal., in 1945. He served as sergeant major for the 754th AAA Gun battalion in Hawaii with the rating of master sergeant, He accepted a commission as a second lieutenant with the 644th Tank battalion in Red Bank n 1948. He was promoted to first lieutenant Feb. 1, 1951, and resigned from the Red Bank unit in September, 1952. He is employed as administrative TRENTON — Less than $2,000 parkway and the Intersection of cluded Louis Zimmerman, Jr., of crossing will form part of assistant in the wire branch at separated the two low bids of six the Eatontown traffic circle and Hillside, $992,297.05; Villa Con- theThis interchange that will include Camp Coles. received Monday by the New Jer-route 35. 1Grant ave, will be re- tracting Co., Inc., of Westfleld, the location of toll area 3B which sey Highway Authority for con-located to provide safer crossing $1,087,933.25; Union Building & will be built under a separate construction of a million dollar Eat- of the feeder road. Wyckoff rd. Construction Corp. of Passaic, tract. Connections between the ontown interchange and a new and Hope rd. also will connect $1,090,771.25, and Peter W. Kero, parkway and the Eatontown spur dual highway connecting the Gar-with the new highway. Inc., of Lyndhurst, $1,135,005.25. will allow motorists to enter or den State parkway in the bor- A low bid of $946,723.80 was sub- The contract also includes con- leave the scenic route in either dioughs of Eatontown and New mitted for the contract by Frank struction of a reinforced steel and rection. All formi of Shrewsbury, It was announced by Stamato & Co. of Lodl. The close concrete bridge that will carry the Commissioner dc Nooyer anOrrio de Nooyer, Authority secre- second low bid of $948,466 was of- feeder road over the northbound nounced the bids will be studied I ife - Casualty - Fire tary. fered by George M. Brewster & roadway of the parkway approxi- by engineers I of the Authority The new East-West Eatontown Son, Inc., of Bogota. mately one-half mile east of Hope prior to awarding the contract for Insurance spur will be built between the Other bidders and proposals in- rd. the work. '

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Although auto traffic deaths re-

Mrs. William Bird of-Newark Everett Holmdel was a week-end guest at the manse. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stilwell Lynn Sutphln, .daughter of Mr. pedestrians by cars in the United and children David and Sharon of Mrs. Bird was a former member of RE C-4971 States has been cut from a pca,k ofRedonda Beach, Cal., are spending and Mrs. Walker Sutphln, celebrat- Dr. Gallup's church at Newark. ed her fifth birthday at her home 15,500 In 1937 to 8,600 in 1952. Holmdel Sylvan 4-H club entered a week with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sunday with a party. a > booth with a theme of a woodStilwell. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hodecker of land with pine boughs. Charles Harold Morgan has returned to have moved into their Harrison and Michael Harmyck work after a two-week vacation. Rumson home, the former Lenhardt resiwere given excellents for their bird Mrs. Charles Meyer and grandson houses; Judy Mainwaring, an exRonald of Jersey City spent last dence. Tuesday with Mrs. Charles Con- Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barnes and cellent for a booklet on birds; Linson Robert have returned from a da Layton, a wild animal booklet; over. vacation to Wildwood, where they Rocco Infanti received an excellent Mrs. Richard VanPclt and sonspent a week. for a bird feeder. There were 16 Richard are recovering from injuries they received when the car Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harrison and exhibits shown. The committee children spent Sunday at Chad- which freparcd the booth, with the Mrs. Van Pelt was driving ran inassistance of Mrs, Helen Ackerson, to a tree near the corner of West wick with relatives. Mrs. James Campbell and chil- Holmdel teacher, included Judy Front st. and Half Mile rd when dren, Wendy and Linda, of Flint, she was blinded by an oncoming Mainwaring, Robert Neighbors, Mich., and Mrs. Gene DIGiambat- Taylor Schanck, James Harmyck car. tisti and children, Steven and GeneAirman First Class Francis Kelnd Charles Harrison. ly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kel- ann, and Mrs. Wilfred Hollander ly, has returned to Perrln Air Base, and Garry Pott of Keyport spent ARMY SALUTES SCHNEIDER Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Texas, after a leave of 17 days. CAMP DRUM, N. Y.—Cpl. HarMr. and Mrs. John Folger and Phillips. children of Matawan have pur- Members of the ladies' auxiliary vey J. Schneider of Long Branch, chased part of the Homlish prop- of the fire company and their fam- assigned to the 309th Regiment of erty on the Everett-Hazlet rd. in ilies attended a covered dish picnic the 78th (Jersey Lightning) Army Saturday on the grounds of Mr. and Reserve division, probably got the Holmdel. Virginia Mendrcs, daughter of Mrs. Joseph Phillips. Attending biggest birthday serenade in Camp Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mendrcs, is were Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fromm Drum history when ho celebrated attending the Seashore Day camp and children, Binky and Ginger, his 27th birthday during a reserve Mr. and Mrs. John S. Holmes, Mr. summer field problem here. at West End for five weeks. Mrs. Goorge Farrell and children and Mrs. William Stevenson and The division band presented a Emily and Jimmy are visiting sev- son Kent, Mr.' and Mrs. George concert to the regiment in their eral' weeks with relatives in Phila- Schanck and children, Linda and itunted-pine studded bivouac area, Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Hance, pausing during its performance to delphia. If your mortgage is too big for your budget, no amount of Nancy Borden, daughter of Mr.Mrs. William Pitcher, Mr. and Mr«; musically salute Schneider, while Harry Pitcher and daughter Karen, hundreds' of his regimental comand Mrs. John Borden of Little corner cutting can put you on a found financial footing. Silver, last week visited her uncle Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ely, Mr. and Mrs. rades supplied a background of Oversize payments take a lot of the pleasure out of homeand aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. Borden. John Mount, Mr. and Mrs. Forman words of "Happy Birthday." owning. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Pelzer of Jer- A. Sutphln, Mrs. Michael Harmyck, The 78th is currently undergoing sey City visited Sunday with Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Buck, Mr. and a two weeks' period of Army ReDon't bite off more than you can chew. Pull up a friendly Mrs. William Ryder, Mr. and Mrs.serve cummer training, and will and Mrs, Charles Conover. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wlhtol and son Walker Sutphln, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- return to New Jersey July 28. chair and let us show you the many advantages of a mortCharles of West Front st. have bur Hammond and daughter Betty gage tailored to fit your income. No obligation. moved to their home on Red Hill Ann, Mr. and Mrs. James Maher Many live World War II bombs and daughter Helen, Mr. and Mrs.are (till being dup in Italy, two big rd., Middietown. Mrs. George Gould entertained Robert Clausen, Mr. and Mrs. Rob- ones having been found recently friends at luncheon Friday at Mon- ert Voorhees and Mrs. Carrol Hults. under mainline railroad tracks. mouth Park race track. Attending The flowcre placed at the Sunday were Miss Anna Brasch and Mrs.service at Holmdel church were •-i Julia Dodd of Middietown and given by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ely. i Mrs, Isabell Henderson of Holm- Rev. Dr. Wallace L. Gallup will del. have as his sermon topic Sunday cnAffriniojeo' Joseph Browne, Ruth Browne at 10 a. m., "The Will of God; Do and George Browne of Jersey City We Really Want To Do It?" Mrs. spent the week-end at their place Beverly De Block of Fi/ehold will to BROAD 4T. here. be soloist. RID BANK; NEW JERSEY? The cabinet of the church will hold its first meeting at the manse Tuesday at 8 p. m. to discuss plans and programs for the season.

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Rl 6-3130

RED BANK REGISTER, JULY 23, 1953 of farm owners as 52.9 years and Average N. J. Farmer the average age of farm tenants as years. Among farm operators U Almost 52 Years Old (4.4 reporting on number of years of The average New Jersey farm- residence on. the same farm, owner la almost 52 year* of age and has ers averaged 15 years and tenants operated the same farm for 15 averaged nine years. FORT MONMOUTH—Two weeks' years, according to a report of the Almost two out of five New Jer- active duty for approximately 250 1950 Censua of Agriculture just re- sey farmers 'dt^lved income from Army reservists from throughout ceived by John B. Liovett, auper- work off the farnrj according to the the state began last week-end with vlgor of the New York district of- census bureau. Of 24,779 farm op- five units reporting to the post here fice of the U. S. Census bureau. erators enumerated in the 1950 cen- for Signal Corps training under the New Jersey farm owners, on an sus, 8,567 reported work of the Army reserve training program. average, are 8.5 older than farm farm In 1949 and 27.3 per cent of Among the units In the regional tenants, according to. the census these had worked 100 days or more encampment is the 35th Signal conreport, which states the average age off the farm. traction battalion, the only afrlllatid group scheduled for training. The outfit comprises employees of For "Well-Rentembered" GIFTS . the Jersey Bell Telephone company Anil Will «M«l»te4 H»mt»l 1 and the 68 Army reservists arriving here make up the largest unit in camp. Their headquarters Is In Newark. Other units are the 418th signal construction company and the 824th signal construction company, who 227 River Rood «td Imk 6-5233 with the 35th, are undergoing onthe-job training with post signal ofWedgwood -k Doulton ~k Sevres it Limoges # fice functions. Another unit is the 324th signal service battalion. Worcester * Minton irk English and Irish Crystal * The 800th electronic warfare American Pattern Glass k Tiffany kkkk ountermeasurcs company from Furniture • E a r l y American • 18th Century • French Red Bank is training with the electronic warfare center here. Fifty-seven reservists are in the school .staff and faculty group which includes administrative and instructor personnel, , The 1043rd army reserve army service unit from New Brunswick OVERLOOKING THE SHREWSBURY , has 80 men attending school here IV* mor« than ju»l food wh«n you din* h«r« — at Camp Wood. Set up as a counterpart of the Signal school here, it't a rwlly •njoyablt •xparitfhce • perfectly the group attends basic and ad' flavored food, expertly served in-charming lurvanced Signal officers courses. • roundingi. Training started Monday morning following orientation by the post commanding general. Earlier this month, nearly 300 reservists from New York completed similar training at Fort Monmouth. New England groups arrive for duty Aug. ».

250 Reservists

' Candidates for Marine Commissions

Train at Fort



-•ace Eleven

3 Colonels Take Final Salute

Army, Col. Allen also served as deputy president of the Signal corps board here at the post and Is the first technically qualified inspector general at this Installation. He served In. Europe. In the last war and from Aug., 1946, to Mar., 1949 in the Far East command. Prior to Col. Vitzthum's duties In Washington, hi was commanding officer of the Sacramento Signal depot. In 1018, Col. Vitzthum served here, then Camp Alfred Vail, attached to the officers training battalion.

FORT MONMOUTH-A formal garrison review, honoring three retiring Signal Corps offlccra, whose combined service totals 113 yenr.s, was held at the post Saturday morning. The three Army colonels making their final official military appearance were Col. Amory V. 'Eliot of New York city, Col. Edward A. Al' len oC Birmingham, Ala., and Col. Matirnlty Klath.l KltMt Cattrlng !• th« Harry U Vitzthum of Baltimore, Md. EXPECTANT MOTHER With a CampItU Lht« at Col. Eliot's most recent assignMATERNITY A ' P A M L ment at Fort Monmouth wns aa SPORTSWEAR — DRESSES commanding ofllccr of the Signal SUITS — LINOCRIC Corps unit survey agency, while SOT SMnd St., Aikury Park 1 . 4 t i a . j Col. Allen served ns Inspector, general on the post. Col. Vitzthum has been inspector general of the Signal Corps since Jan., 1952. The colonels reviewed the troops in a jeep,. Taking part were the post drill team and the newly orRobert J, Hoffman, Jr. • Robert W. Wlckman ganized bugle and drum corps, plus All work done on the premises the Fort Monmouth band. Candidates undergoing officer William F. King, 55 Willis ave., Col. Eliot joined the 7th Infantry training at the Marine Corps school Kcansburrg. at Quantico, Va., include Robert J, A graduate of Red Bank Catholic with the New York National Guard Hoffman, Jr., «on of Col^ and Mrs. high school, Hoffman is a student in 1912. H e served overseas In Discounts on all Jewelry at Holy Cross college. Wlckman is War 1. Transferred to the Robert J. Hoffman, U.S.A. (retired), a student at Center college, and a World Signal Corps In 1923, he served a 127 Manor dr., Red Bank; Robert 1950 graduate of Rumson high good portion of time from then to VV. Wlckman, son of Mr. and Mrs. school, Tassini, a graduate o[ Mat- 1947 with the Air Force.*. During «» - W. Wickman, 20 Washington awan high school, is a student at the ljist war he saw duty in North Rutgers university, and Hopper, St., Rumson; John T. Tassinl, son 18 W. Front St. BE &Q07Z-M Africa and Italy. of Mr. and Mrs. John Tassini, 63 who graduated from Belleville high In completing 37 years in the Broad st., Matawan and Lyman A. school, is a student at Upsala colHopper, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. lege.





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KINGS HIGHWAY ESTATES Located lit historic Kings Highway, Mid* dlelown, N, J., a ml I ON north of tied Dunk, IDlQAIi YOU COMMUTERS Near KOIIOOU, tmliia, but, Miens Tied Bank 0-3100 Mon. thru Hat.

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•cnted their home on Taylor lane Middletown :o Mr. and Mrs. Steppe. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kramer Misses Charlotte Dobbs of Red of Elberon celebrated their fifth Hill rd. and Anna Leplck of Palmer wedding anniversary Sunday with avc. left Saturday on a vacation a barbecue supper at the home of rip to Bermuda. Mr. Kramer's brother and flislerMiss Mildred Hall, Nutswamp n-law, Mr. and Mrs. Henry d., has returned from a visit t» Kramer. Also present were Mr, cr grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, and Mrs. Donald Pyle and chil- Fred Hall, Bridge water, Mass. dren Kathleen, Bill, Dougie and 'Sweet 16' Party The Knight family had a picnic Louise of Bclmar. Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Kramer recently at the home of Mr. and . For Ann Caruso visited at Princeton Wednesday Mrs. Clarence Conover, Freehold, Miss Ann Caruso, daughter of with M». and Mrs. Morton Lleber- celebrating Mrs. Conover's birth- J by RAFFAELE OF NEW YORK '. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Caruso, 14 Lo- man. Mr. and Mrs. Lieberman re- Jay. Attending we're Mr. and Mrs. cust avc, was guest of honor re- cently returned from a trip to Melvin Layton and sons Danny • Stiak Pimlota • Shrimp Moriitara , and David, Mrs. Jason Knight, cently at a "sweet IS" surprise Israel, party at her home given by Misses The monthly food sale of the Miss Marlon Knight, George • Cl«m Villa Roma • Chicken Maditra Maria Di Fiorc, Patricia Frcrlcha Reformed church will be held Fri- Knight of Mlddletown, Mr. and Mrs. Nell Jclllffc and sons of Nepand Sandra Levy. day, July 31, from 1:30 to 3 p. m. tune and Harry Knight of ConEntertainment was provided by n the church rooms. necticut. Miss Carol Ann Nazaro and An Miss Louise Hartshornc left last Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Allen thony Basso, who demonstrated the week to visit her niece, Mrs. Boas ntertained Miss Gertrude Newell modern jitterbug. Attending were Magulre of Miquon, Pa. of Bordentown for a week-end reAnn Caruso, Betty Ciazza, Carmella Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, 3d, Citarella, Maria Dl Fiorc, Patricia and family have returned to their cently. This past week, Mr. and Frerlchs, Sandra Levy, Carol Ann home In Clayton, Mo., after spend- Mrs. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. WalNazaro, Josephine Phillips, An ing their vacation with Mr. ter Oberrelch of Sunny Crest dr., 8 8 PORTLAND ROAD, HIGHLANDS 3 1 0 9 5 thony Basso, Anthony Cammarano, Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Little Silver, have been on a motor trip through the New England Roland Oanepa., John Caruso, Pe- George Smith, Jr. Ju$t off the Highlands Bridge ter Zozachok, Joseph Rovlto and Mrs. Donald Applegate Is recu- states and Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Diets of LibTom Shafer. perating from a heart attack she erty st. have had as a house guest suffered recently. Mrs. Diets' sister, Mrs. Everett Mrs. William Dirickson, who was Anderson, and daughters Beverly a surgical patient at Rivervlew and Sonja of Rome, N. Y. hospital, is convalescing at her Miss Tutle DeChicchio, who Is home on Bed Hill rd. employed at the village confecHerbert Disney la on a business tionary' «tore, has been on vacatrip to Caracas, Venezuela, S. A. ion. Mrs. Walter Stacey of highPenny and Susan Beekman have way 35 has been working In her returned to their home in Penn place, sylvania after visiting their grandMr. and Mrs. Gordon Frye are parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. residing In the former Roy Martin Beekman. home on Conover ave. ' ' ' '•' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hughes, forWin* makers in Italy are conmerly of Holland rd., are vacationIng at their summer home at Bay cerned about the growing popularity of American soft drinks In that Head. Miss Bertha Heath .Is spending country. some time *t her home here on highway 35. Miss Heath Is a registered nurse In New York. The Reformed church enjoyed a congregational picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Toplass, New Monmouth rd., Saturday. About 80 attended. Mr. and Mrs. John Mason of Palmer ave. entertained recently for Mra. Mason's sister, Mrs. Ashworth of Daleville, Va. Mr. Mason returned last week from Asheville, N. C, where he attended a meeting of the R, J. Reynolds. Tobacco company, with which he Is employed, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hull are enjoying two weeks' vacation at Manaiquan. Alex Her, 'who has been on leave from the Army while visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Her of Rolling Knolls, left last week (or overseas duty. Another son, Second Lieut. William Her, is serving in the Air Force in the Pacific. The post office Is now open from 7 a. m. to < p. m. • Edward Fltihugh, ion of Mn. Ruddntr of Red Hill rd., is visiting relatives at Leedington, Mich. John Lemlg, Marlpit Hall, Is con•UB-MT OR LAY-A-WAY • A I L M O M RKULAR STOCK valescing at home after having been a medical patient at Riverview hospital, Mn. Earl Dorattt has returned to her duties as assistant to Earl Esstmond, tax collector. Mr. and Mrs. Dorsett and daughter Dianne spent part of their vacation In Virginia. Mr, and Mn. Birmingham havt





Closed Wednesday Afternoon During July and August


Page Twelve

Two Long Branch Theaters Reopen LONG BRANCH—The two Walter Reade theaters—the Paramount and Strand—reopened here Saturday night after being closed 12 days following the dispute over burlesque presentations at the Paramount. Walter Reade, Jr., head of the theater chain, decided to -hut down the two movie houses after the city commission held a hearing and reserved decision on whether to revoke the mercantile licenses of the






TEL.: HE ••0131

Paramount. It was the first time in many years that the city had been left without a theater in operation. This started Immediate action, and a committee from the Chamber of Commerce started negotiating with Mr. .Rende asking him to reopen. After a week, of discussion, agreement was reached Friday when the city commission at a special meeting decided to drop the revocation proceedings against the theater. Mr. Reade then announced the reopening of both movie houses. The burlesque sHowa were the center of considerable controversy since they were first announced by Mr. Reade. Religious and civic groups made public protests. Opposition had mounted so much ..that by the time the first show was staged, pickets inarched in front of the theater. Then four of the performers and the theater manager were arrested. Finally, in its second, woek here, burlesque was dropped by Mr. Reade.





ALLEN ELECTRIC SHOP "Red Bank's Leading Electric Shop" 18 WHITE STREET — RED BANK

SEA GM1H1W Every Saturday Night!

DANCING «# With the Popular

TUNE TOPPERS 9 P. M. Till Closing NO COVER CHARM Finest Food Along the Shore Dancing al Sea Girt Inn Every Saturday Night Thru the Summer


Lincroft Officer at Camp Drum

Mediation Board Reports on Strikes

Dr. Mason W. Gross, chairman of the New Jersey State Board of Mediation, announced today that the case load of the board during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1953, was approximately the same as that of the preceding year. The number of strike cases closed (77) during the 1*52-53 fiscal year were live fewer than during the preceding period. The number of workers involved in these strikes similarly were fewer than In the 1951-52 period. However, largely because of the extended telephone strike, the time lost because of atrikea rose from 396,432 man-days in 1951-52 to 630,070 In 1952-53. The board averted strikes In 168 labor disputes involving «,221 workers. Although this represents 40 fewer disputes than In the preceding year, the time spent by the board's mediators In resolving Issues was greater. This development reflects the national labor unrest during the past year and the resultant difficult negotiations. Captain Edward T>. Hopkins of of E. I. DuPont de Nemours, Inc., The number of dispute* referred Biookdale farm, Lincroft, adjutant at 380 Fifth ave., New York. to arbitration rather than being of the 404th Military Government During World War II, Capt. Hopsettled on the picket line continued kins served In the Middle European to rise. The board handled an all- company, an Army reserve unit, theater. He was assigned to the time high of arbitration cases dur- explains a technical problem in ad- Taegu Military Command in the ing the past year. The board ministration to a member of the present "hostilities" in Korea from closed 193 arbitration cases during unit. The 404th is in summer Nov., 1950, to Jan., 1982.. He holds 1952-53 as compared with 166 in the the American Theater and Eurotraining at Camp Drum, N. Y. preceding year. , pean Theater ribbons, the latter Capt. Hopkins is married and has with two campaign stars. He has Wages Major iMUe Wages was again the single ma- two children, Ann and Lynn. He j the Victory, Occupation and Unijor issue In labor negotiations. attended Utah State Agricultural ted Nations medals, Korean TheaWages was closely followed by re- college, University of California and ter Ribbond (with five campaign lated economic matters as welfare New York university. He is em- stars), Korean Presidential Citabenefits and such fringe items as ployed in the Fabrics sales division tion and Good Conduct ribbons. holidays, vacations, shift differentials and call-in pay. softball last Thursday evening, Morganville the men were again winners, Those During the past year the board The Morganville first aid squad playing were Florence and Lucy handled 12 strikes in which the issue of representation was in- has"been active during July ans- Eckel, Betty and Mae Beal, Dorovolved. The question of union se- wering calls to the scene of auto thy Spurgat, Frank Rogers, Dorocurity, in former years a major Is- and farm accidents and the calls thy Howardson, Joe Kelly, John sue, appeared as a dispute item in of local citizens for transportation Ludewick, Orvin Pcrrine, Sam to hospitals. Fifteen calls have Rogers, Matt Kelly, Ralph Babrlionly 11 cases. recorded since the first of the ky, Kenny Miller, James Rogers, Labor organizations continued to been Bobby Howardson and Eddie Initiate the referral of disputes to month. the board. Labor unions referred The recent family picnic held at Smith. White Birch grove by the first aid 311 of the 428 cases closed. SixtyLeslie Woolley conducted the seven cases were jointly referred squad was attended by 600 persons Sunday-school session in the Methby management and labor; the and netted $425. The coin-savor odist church Sunday and Mrs. Bert distributed during May are Boyce was the pianist in the abboard assumed jurisdiction on its cards being collected. The money will be sence of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. own motion in 23 cases and the re- used for maining 27 were referred by man- equipment. the purchase of new Lambertson. agement. Postmaster and Mrs. Welch are . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Meyers and Duiing the past year, the board children Susie, Nancy and Howparticipated in the settlement of residing in their new home In Marl- ard of Waukegan, 111., were Friday only three strikes Involving public boro Gardens. visitors of Mrs. George Beal. utilities; the telephone strike, a gas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. AntiWalter J. Lambertson is on vacompany in South Jersey and a sell entertained at a beach party cation from his position with Hansmall public transportation com- Saturday at Spring Lake followed son-VanWinkle—Munning company pany. Seventeen other labor dis- by a picnic supper at Far View in Matawan and Mrs. Lambertson putes involving public utilities farm for thqir weok-end guests, is also enjoying her vacation from were settled by the board's medi- Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, Mr. the Matawan bank. * and Mrs. E. Herbert Hlbbe and ators. children Gall and Steven, all of The harvest home supper sponBogota. sored by the Women's Society for Count 4,000 Craft Christian Service of the Methodist Miss Carole Ann Becker and Miss Suzanne Becker, members of church will be held in independent Along Jersey Coast the Robcrtsville 4-H club, had fire house Thursday evening, Aug. TRENTON—More than 4,000 flslv sewing and cooking exhibits at the 6. The dinner will be served "faming and pleasure boats of various 4-H fair at Freehold last week. ily style" and the first table will sizes and types were observed Each girl received two blue rib- be ready at 6 o'clock. A fancy along New Jersey's Atlantic coast- bons and four red ribbons. table will be featured with Mrs. line, from Sandy Hook to Salem, Elizabeth Pent In charge. during an aerial survey conducted Robert Maruser spent the weekJuly 4 by the State Fisheries labor- end with his grandparents, Mr. and There are about 444,000 producatory's marine inventory personnel Mrs. Michael Weglarz, Sr., of Old ing oil wells in. the United States. under the direction of Roy Young- Bridge. er. The Division of Fish and Game, ,.Arlcne Delbert celebrated her Department of Conservation and fifth birthday Saturday with a Economic Development, pointed out party at her home. Present were that this flight was one of several Mrs. Henry Doran and daughter made In connection with the State Nancy, Mrs. L. Seber and children Fisheries laboratory'* inventory of Bobby and Jeanic, and Arleno's sismarine sport fisheries in New Jer- ter Joanne. sey, a survey financed predominate- Mrs. William E. O'Connor, Sr., ly by government fund*. and grandson, George Strate, Jr., The purpose of the inventory is of Birmingham, Ala., and Mrs. Wilto ascertain the relative importance liam E. O'Connor, Jr., and children of major game and pan species In Billy and Bobby of Fayson Lakes, the saltwater sportsmen1* creels N. J., were Monday visitors of Mr. and to determine the relative num- and Mrs. Fred Marz of Wickatunk. ber of species of fish which are Those who completed the Red caught throughout the year. The Cross swimming course at Keansinformation thus obtained will be hurg were Patty Preston, Gladys used, according to State Fisheries Pheasant, Mabel Beal, Carol WilBiologist Roland F. Smith, to help liams, Louise Williams. Adcle Wilformulate a plan for the more ef- liams, Donald Zeni, Sally Zenl, Isaficient management of New Jersey's belle Demory, Anna Mae Guerin, saltwater fisheries. Dorothy Spurgat. Carl Joseph Spurgat, Wayne Morris, Alice May Morris, William Brewer, Susan Quackenbush, Robert Quackenbush, Mary Ann Maur, Mary Marz and Fred Marz. When the men and women of th« Morganville church played


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Donald Oortey of Wheeling, Wast Vs_ spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Walling and daughter Joanne, Linda VanNortwick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter VanNortwick, celebrated her 12th birthday Saturday with her parents and a guest, Carol Krynicki of Port Monmouth, by attending the ice show at Asbury Park.



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"JitM ii Shaih


The summer religious aehool of St. Mary'si Catholic church closed Friday with » picnic for the children. , Attendance certificates were awarded, prices for achievement and project work were given and project work w u on exhibition. Movies were shown in the church hall and games and races were played. After services in the

church tha ehlldren and teachsrs enjoyed * plcnio lunch. The school opined June 32. Thoa* who assisted In inching, were Sister Marie and Sister Michaellne of Atlantic Highlands, 'William Bausch, seminarian, also Mrs. M. J. Maloney, Mrs. William Cut, Mrs. W. Julette, Mrs. Frederick Xirwan, Mrs. Paul Naufhton, Mrs. Gaynor Conlon, Mrs. George Brent, Sandra Craig and Mary E. Naughton.



New Monmouth



M Hit)KG Honil, Jluiiimm


J'hono Itunison 1-0444



Isla lit Hit Unlit* l u i t i |hr»«|h • t l n l i i • O » MOTOR COMPANY, M A M O . N ,


OptnDa)ly,Ai*M(t#yftM Sttiirfayi • A. M. to ft P. M.

RED BANK REGISTER, JULY 23,1953 BISHOP'S SELVES JUBILEE Msgr. Joseph T. Casey, pastor at St. James Catholic church, and Msgr; Salvatore DiLorenzo, paltor of.St. Anthony'B, Sunday announced that Bishop George W. Ahr of the Trenton . diocese will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood next Sunday. Families in those parishes have been urged to receive Holy Communion that day and to pray for the bishop's Intentions. •

State Guaranty of Parkway Bonds Results in Lower Interest Rate

(Turf Ball Funds Aid Many County

Page Thirteen

Report Shows 4,178 Parolees In State Earned $6 Million in Year

13th century to combat a small W.8.C.S. CHURCH FAIJt heretical aect who denied the divinOAKHURST —The W.S.C.8. of ity of Christ. In the long history of the society It has constantly pur- the Methodist church will hold an sued its primary objectives of hon- antique and church fair Wednesoring "the Triune God" and devel- day, Aug. 5. oping the personal sanctlflcatlon of the individual member.

••TRENTON — The operation ol TRENTON—The prediction that tooths will be located. on the Inlaroling offenders from New Jersey state guaranty of Garden State erchange ramps.. orrectional institutions and allowParkway bonds would result in en Engineers claim the barrier ga tea ng them to serve parts ot their Interest savings of one per cent vill permit safety instructions to entences in the free community This Year's Event It'* SHERMAN'S m i tealixed in the award of the >o given drivers in the event of leems not only to be good social first $150 million of permanent fi- fog, snow or ice conditions, as well iractice, but has a tremendous To Be Held Saturday; SPRING LAKE—Reaffirming the For Slip Covers nancing of th'e New Jersey High- as afford motorists an opportunity conomic significance in the light primacy of the father of th« famTELEPHONE CALL way Authority, according to Bayard to obtain destination directions. It if a report filed with Comlssioner ily by divine ordinance &• the head and Draperies Lombardo to Play L. England, vice chairman and also 1B claimed that driver "hypanford Bates, of the State Depart- of the Christian family, the execLOAN PLAN treasurer. nosis," caused by long, uninterOCEANPORT—For the past six ment of Institutions and Agencies, Phone either our Red Bank or The 2.9907 net interest rate of the rupted travel will be broken bjr oc- •ears the Turf ball, main charity howing that 4,178 New Jersey utive board of the Monmouth first bond issue ii at least one percasional toll, atopa. This will 'fur- vent of Monmouth. Park Jockey >arolees earned a total of (6,156,- County Federation of Holy Name Freehold office . . . the one societies announced today the start cent lower than could be obtained ther reduce accidents, the engineers club, has raised approximately >21.24 wages in one year. of its study of the Papal Social Enwithout state backing, in the opin- state. nearest / o u r home or work. $50,000 annually for Monmnuth Reporting these figures was Lieut. cyclicals, ion of the Authority's financial ad- Altogether there, will be 100 points county charities. This year, (he Co), F, Lovell Blxby, deputy comPhene the manageri visors, England said. As a result where vehicles can enter the park- ommlttee working on the event Mr. Rheaei el Red lank 4WM00 U/iioner for correction and parole Holding that the father bears the of the lower interest rate an esti- way and another 100 where they topes to go over that mark. Mr. CUiur at rreeheM • • l M e ,n the institutions' department. chief responsibility of leading and mated savings of approximately' S3 can leave—there will be only 12 Tell him hew mvah yen waul Of the toUl of those on parole, The ball will be held Saturday directing his family into the ways million a year will be realized. If harried gates on the 166-mile scenic ,783 were mules who oarnea $5,909,Approval of your loan requttt is the same favorable rates can be route. At eight other locations off. night in Monmouth Park'j spacious 463.46 for the year, while 395 fe-of salvation, the board stated that at the same time it must be recog obtained in December, when the the-road toll booths will be installed lubhouac. It Is open to the pub-male parolees earned $246,557.78. made while you are on the phont. balanca of the Authority's bonds where tolls will bo collected accordi- lic tor dinner, the dancing to fol- In addition to the actual earnings nized that the Influence of the low and a gay carnival. In keep- f parolees, other economic and mother is paramount In certain as•re scheduled for aale, a savings ng to the direction of travel. ing with the strict state law, there of more than $80 million in finance advantages have accrued, pects of family life. The divine COMPANY will be no chances or lotteries, but social costs over the bond period will be CALL RE 6-2646 mong them being the compara- plan defines her status to be one U«. NM.7»2 .,rfT7» . realized, he added. all the skill games of tht midway ive cost of keeping an offender in of co-operation and full participaMarlboro For Shop at Home Service will be in play, with a wide variety -""'^.raw David G. Wakemin, Jr., of Mr. and Mrs. Willard McDowell of prizes. Such things ac a sterl- an institution as against super- tion in the family council and its Free Estimate* • Oceee ision on paroU. It cost about Drysdale k Co...acting financial addecisions, and family have moved to a new Caaallal Front wheel shimmy wean out l i t t i , ing silver service for eight, clothes 11,200 a year to maintain a person viser to the Authority, said: "Un- home on Montrose rd. Referring to the address of Msgr. • Causes blow-outs, causes Joss of iceeiinf r t H H O l O O M l C l • Mienei S-leOO 'rom the workrooms of the naMrs. Harold Green and daughter tion's foremost women's dress de- In a correctional institution, where- William C. McGrath delivered last C o n t r o l - ^ N D ACCIDENTS! Sttet dtu der market conditions of thin per39 EAST MAIN STREIT c f tccidenis, jtil and dimiget! Stew ia iod I doubt an issue of $150 mil-Barbara were recent visitors of signers, unusual items for home as parole supervision cost only $112 week to the apostles attending the er parolee per year, somewhere Fatima Congress In Plalnfteld, In Ground 'faar heit for quick, lute safety check-up oo lion could have been sold without Mrs. Charles Lolchlc. and garden and sets of luggage are etween nine and ten per cent of which he declared America a nation state's-guaranty. If it could the RIO SANK OFFICI a Mienei a-tOte our scientific BEAR Equipment. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Luxemburg interest rate would certainly have recently enjoyed a visit from their among the prises obtained by com the institutional cost. In revolt against God, Edward J. 77 BROAD STREET been 4 per cent or more." son Stanley, who drove up from mlttee members. Ovtr Ntwbwy'i Then again, Commissioner Bates A. Fahey, president of the.federaOne of the big attraction! will be Prior to entering into Its perOpm Mcnday t * Friday fr»m pointed out In commenting on the tion, explained that the Holy Name TkiiikVour Repair M M Fir manent financing the Authority Virginia. Mrs. Charles Loichlc had as a Guy Lombardo and his orchestra. arnings figures, many offenders society had been established In the • a.m. to I p.m. "7/ie Accidenf That operated on $28 million temporary Sunday guest her slater from A trio will play both during dinner have families who become public loans, -which will now be repaid Pleasantville, Mrs. Virginia Block. and later. Dress is informal. ' Din- harges while the offender is inDidn't Hoppon" from the proceeds of the first issue. Mr, and Mrs. Richard Moore and ner will be.served from 7:30 o'clock titutionalized. Accordingly release Under temporary financing the Au-children Linda, Sharon, Lois, Rich on. A large crowd is expected, not of such an offender operates to thority placed approximately 90 and PaUy spent Tuesday with only of shore society, but from the remove from the public assistance It's Been "Quality" Since 1923 miles of the parkway under con- ard metropolitan area as well. Besidet rolls these family members, some friends near Toms Bivcr. tract and a total of more than $70 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cavanaugh and funds raised at the ball, the Jockey f whom require support from tho million in construction is current- family have returned from a visit club will make its own annual state board of child welfare while "You'll never know unless you ask!" ly under way between Irvington with relatives eceivo financial assistance from at Brandywlnc, Md, donation of $25,000. and Absecon. You've often heard that expression. municipal welfare departments. Mrs. Richard Moore and children Mrs. Philip Iselln is general Body Builder* The Authority sold its first 1150 enjoyed a visit from Mrs. Moore's chairman. "The importance of the Parolees covered by the report We tell you that our prices ere Rebuilding . . . Beflnlihlnr million bonds to a syndicate headed brother, Bud Mattox, from Massa- charity ball throughout the county,' were under supervision for various lower and our workmanship better Gallon Hoists and Dump Bodies by Lehman Bros., National City chusetts this week. she said, "is best reflected by let- periods of time, about one-third the . . . but you'll never know unless you Bank of New York, Chase National 135 Shrewsbury Ave, Phone Mrs. Peter Engelman of Baysidc ters of appreciation received from number for the entire year, others Bad Bank, N. ,1. RE 6-0B01 bank, Bankers Trust company, L. I., visited her sister, Mrs. officials of organizations participat- or lessor periods. The report broke aik. So now, today, call and ask for First National Bank of New York Charles Lolchlc, Wednesday of last ing in the fund." She then outlined he earnings down in four time a free estimate on a room addition and First National Bank of Chiweek. the organizations, hospitals and inSAFETY HEADQUARTERS cago. Through affiliates, a total of Mr. 'and Mrs, Thurston Whltson periods in addition to thoso under stitutions and agencies for care of supervision for the whole year, (or any type home improvement) 300 banking houses throughout the entertained at a dinner party for aged and children, which get Mon Details showed: 1,315 males on and you'll see for yourself that our nation participated. ./ the young people who have recent mouth Park charity fund monies. parole for the entire year earned ly returned home from Camp Hope, prices are lower • . . that you get Aivervlcw hospital of Red Bank $3,785,794.09, 106 females on parole U Barrier Gates This is the Youth Fellowship con Under present construction sched- ference camp with which Old Brick has uaed allocated monies for the or the entire year earned $104, more with Monmouth Construction. 650.72, 869 on parole one three ules the Authority plans to have its Reformed church is affiliated. Pres- construction of its entire X-ray earned $221,093.73, 820 on parole department. Monmouth Memorial first toll booth in operation by De- ent were Jeanne Hcllenbiccht, Isa cember. It will be located between belle Hewlltt, Elaine and Eileen hospital found the donation invalu four - six months earned $699,820.Irvington and Union on the section Jursa, Betty Lou Whltson, Roger al)le In starting construction of its 42, 694 on parole seven - nine Handsome dormers add new beauty now under construction. Loichle, Charles VanCurcn, Rogc recovery room project, while Pitkin months earned $859,998.45 and 344 According to plans, barrier, or Wells and John Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. hospital used its share for the con on parole ten - eleven months earn to your home . , , and allows yog to cd $583,763.83 structlon of two patient rooms In •cross-thc-road, collection stations Joseph Ferry also attended the the newly built wing. have your attic converted into will be used on the parkway ex- dinner. cept for a few locations where The fund has been useful In oth Headden's Corner lovely living quarters . . . or you Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mancinl entertained Frank Schneider o er ways, also. The Family and might rather have a room addition Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Southcrs of Children's society of Long Branch Rockaway, N. J., at dinner Satur Tennetsee are guests of Mr. and . . . gives your home a new . , • day evening, after which they ac- reported that contributions had Mrs, Thomas Comertord. Mr. and companied Mr, Schneider to Wall helped to make life happier for Mrs. William Grimes of New York more handsome appearance . . . plus •a small children, paying for the stadium, where he participated in city were also recent guests of Mr. needed extra space. Our prices aro boarding care of many during the the evening's program. Mr. Schneid and Mrs. Comerford, er took part in a 200-lap Grand past year. The Pollak clinic at really lower, so call us today to get Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kopcn ol National race Friday evening a Monmouth Memorial found such your freo estimate. There is no obFalls, N. Y., are visiting West Lanhani, Md., driving Red monies useful in the relief of th Niagara ligation whatsoever. psychiatric needs of mentally dis- Mr. and Mrs Barclay Henderson. Crlie's K 120 Jaguar. Mrs. Charles Stirrup of Whlto turbed patients and the Ransohoff House Station spent Tuesday with Memorial fund provided for new her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Ywi C*n T«kt It With You IF you would like to take a part ol research on th« treatment of in- Barto, Red Btnk or good old Colonial Monmout fantile paralysis. ( .„ Mr. and -MrjrEmory" Wall,' Sr.; with- you -when -youffOoa-your-'Vacatioii Others sharing annually In th have returned to their Lockport, N. It's easy to arrange. JuBt order Tht Register. Btnt to your vacation ftddreu; fund Include the American Cancer Y., home after visiting their son at oiir regular,-subscription rates, itnd it society, Monmouth County Organiand daughtcr-ln-law, Mr. and Mrs. will bi juit like Retting a witkljr ittttl zation for Social Service, Briar Hill Wall, Jr. from ' home.—Advertisement. Home, National Foundation for In- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker of fantile Paralysis, Red Cross and Harvard st. havo aa their guests I l l E i m . l i M i I. At vilonONS ,O»NI1 1 several other groups. Through Mr, and Mrs. P. DcAglo and Mrs. them the sick, aged and Infirm Frank Tricallo and daughter of III k i l l BANK I, : ] ( ) b 0 \»< MIPIMMOWN N I N» have been treated over the years, New York city. the charity fund providing th« Mrs. Elsie Drexcl of Fort LauderAsbury Pork 2-IMO : CoH Irrtier Number Day or Night money with which to successfull dale, Fla,, is a guest of Mr. arid THERE iS MORE TO WATER THAN MEETS WE&E/ combat the ravages of sickness am Mrs. August Hillman of Longwood old age. ave. Patrick Rush has concluded hit Assisting ' Mrs. Iwlln ai eoOF WATER ON chalrmen are Mn. Towmend B vacation from his job with the THE EARTH VARIES VERY LITTLC,. Burnham company of Middletown Martin, Mrs. Allison Stern, Mrs tfttVttTKBUTtOV OF WATER I Frederick C. Tatum and Mrs. Ed-township. Mrs. Henry Dowd and her ward W. Scudder, Jr. The ticket CHANCES CONSTANTLY» I commutes Is headed by Mrs. Wlv daughter of Roslyn, L. I., were rellam Russell, Jr., with Mrs. Mlltor cent guests of Mr. and Mrs. EdErlanger as co-chairman. The pro ward Corcoran of Harvard st. gram committee Is In charge ol Mias Isabelle Haskell, whoje fath Lightning travels from ground er, Amory L. Haskell, Is presldenl toward clouds as well as from of the Jockey club. Mrs. Joh clouds to ground. If your hoae haa large areas of Corson Ellis, another daughter o: painted clapboard or woedabpve Mr. Hasksll, Is aiding her sister. brick or stone, you want Two* PURFOSB House PAINT! It's Other committee chairmen In You can keep your house specially formulated to prevent elude Mrs. Edward M. Crane, Sr. •taining on masonry below flower committee; Mrs. David up to 15% painted surface*... and it can Marx, concession; Mrs, David Werbe tinted to light colon. blln, entertainment; Mrs. Lloyd Lawrence and Mrs. Horace Hornei decorating, and Mrs. Ira Haup Mrs. Allison Stern and Mri. James with POTOUXNOW-f? Hauck, New York commute SUPDEN WEATHER CHAN6ES CAN Many others are giving liberally o INFLICT HAVOC ON >OUft « W N . their time and efforts In the In A NOT-TO-HOT SHOWSB WITH LOTS terest of charity.

Charity Services

Holy Name Holds Encyclical Study


$25 to $5OO





LOW COST EXTRA-ROOM for your family

Joseph Wildanger Co.

•it mod-masonry



ITIonmoutli fonstruction Co.

Water Worlis

Troubled with an





shvttors md Irlii


AUXILIARY CARD PARTY MIDDLETOWN — The Ladles' auxiliary of the Veterans of Forelgn Wars post here will hold a card party Monday at the post home on rt. 35. Mri. Raymond nichardson, Mrs. Thomas Vlvjai and Mrs. Walter Burkhart an members of .the card party committee, The auxiliary will meel next Wednesday,

Monmouth ComoHdatmi Wittr Company


The Air In The Home! Whererer Hit room site, lorie or smell, there's o

Why take less than a Packard-built car?



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117 Monmouth Street, Rtd lank

RE 6-1702






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We srnv our awning* wltli Dii1'ont Orion tlirenil lor long IKr. CAI,I, TODAY FOIl A VHKU KBTIMATi:,







Phone Eatontown 3 OPEN (VININGS TILL 10 P.M.


Page Fourteen


Caravaners Visit Lutheran Church Here to Exchange Program Ideas

Jehovah Group At Stadium

$1,500 Presented to Hospitals

with St. Paul's festival chorus, was Women's Service league of Colt's directed by Thclma Mount, Neck Heformed church, will attend Mrs. William O'Connor and herthe musical, "High Button Shoes," grandson, George John Strate,' Jr., at the Neptune Music Circus of Birmingham, Ala., are spend- Aug.'17. . ing two months with Mr. and Mm. (The Softball team of the fellowPaul Kenworthy. ships of the Reformed church deThe auxiliary of the Atlantic feated the Freehold Bankers' team township fire company and theTuesday, 10 to 9.

Twenty Jehovah's Witnesses Three caravaners of the Luther orders of worships of other denom from Red Bank joined 126,387 of League of America conducted inations so as to compare differ their fellow witnesses at New "workshops" on topic presenta- ences, after which discussions would Tcvk's Yankee stadium and at tions, worship services, recreational follow on why and how such inter Trailer city, New Market, N. J. programs and service projects. Fri- pretations of the glorification o Sundsy as their eight-day "New God came about. Short plays and World Society Assembly" began. day through Sunday with the youth Present were delegates from every group of Holy Trinity Lutheran sketches were considered for bring part of the United States, from church here. The primary purpose ing across such topics as "Chris Canada and South America. Deleof their visit was to assist the local tian Brotherhood" and "Wake Up or Blow Up," which would deal with gates from foreign countries repleaguers in bettering their prothe atomic, bomb problem and its resenting over 90 lands and isgrams. As education is one such lands of the sea were aleo present. means, discussions and demonstra- relationship' with Christianity and tions were employed in the "work- government. Service projects o Raymond Bosworth, presiding all sorts were thought of and evalushops." minister of the local congregation ated in view ot the fact that th of Jehovah's witnesses Bald, "It Two phases emphasized during church's future depends on the was gratifying to see such a trethe discussions were "Youth Like present youth who arc capable o mendous attendance. The joy Variety" and "The Youth of the having an active part today. Thi amply compensates us for our hard Church of Today Are Today's esults of these "workshops" wil work at Trailer city and the many Church." Ideas were exchanged on be reflected in the league's activities hours we apent in New York obhow to vary the services and topic for the coming year. taining rooming accommodations presentations to make them apfor our visiting brothers from all The three caravaners who formed pealing and understandable to parts of the world." young people. Some such sugges- one of the 11 teams that are doing Witnesses from here spent weektions were employing the respective similar work throughout the Uni^ ends and spare time in New York States and Canada, were Nancy knocking on doors; asking if the Vaughn of Huntingdon, Pa., scnio householder had room' for paying at Juniata college; Nancy Dlckson guests for the week of this conof Spartansburg, S. C, freshman at vention. Over 62,000 accommodaLenoir Rhyne college, and Glen tions were obtained in New York Shackclford, Elklns, W. Va., a Jun and the Trailer city arranged ior at Davis and Elklns college. A1 Howland B. Jones, second from right, presents • $500 check to Jamas S. Parkas, space for 31,000 persons, the present time, this team is i Many of the witnesses here have Lorain, O., after which they \vi: president of Riverview hospital's board of trustees. J. Marshall Booker, right, president of been commuting to New York each proceed to Grand Rapids, Mich Fitkin, and Walter W . Reid, left, president of Monmouth Memorial, hold chicks ol $500 day while others flnd.it more conand after that, they'll return t Ohio to attend/ the national con- each which Mr. Jones also presented. Proceeds of the Monmouth County Kennel club dog venient to join the huge gathering at Trailer city. Thirty thousand vention of the Luther League ol show are donated to the county hospitals each year. assembled there Sunday to hear America at Miami university in Oxthe proceedings of the 21st gradford. Two members of the lorfa class of the TVatchtower Bileague, Fred Page, Riverside ave. Hopping rd., celebrated her third Jersey City were week-end guests of uating Belford ble School of Gilead. Just preand Fred Jacobsen, 126 Branch ave. birthday Monday with the family Mrs. Sophie Bieler of Bayslde dr. ceding the presentation of. the diA/2 Class Frank Wilson, son of will also be present at the con and a few of her friends. Guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. plomas, N. H. Knorr, president of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilson, Main it. clave. Valerie Cole is spending this week Robert Machette of 32 Ocean ave. the Watchtower society, gave a In the absence of the paetor, Re arrived home Monday after spend with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shaara were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Forman talk on "Gathering Men of All and daughters, Ruth and Dorothy, Nations Into One Flock." Harold Hornbcrger, who is on va- Ing the past two years In Fair of Jersey City. cation, the following members ol banks, Alaska. Airman Wilson is George Cole, Jr., celebrated hi of Rosclle. Monday again found the general stationed at Ladd Air Force base the congregation assisted thi seventh birthday Friday at an in Mrs. Wiiliam Madden of Mountain View, who with her husband assembly tents" packed as Mr. league in this caravan stop, whlcl He ie on a 30-day furlough. formal party. sounded the keynote of the Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morris was one of the approximately 201 Mr. and Mrs. William VanNoti Is a summer gueet of Mr. and Mrs. Knorr assembly with the discourse, made by the 11 teams: Walte Church st. and Morris ave., enter- have returned home after spending James Ormond of Beach' blvd., was entire "Living as a New World Grubb, Edward Lackas, Georg tained Mrs. Florence Collins of laat week at their summer horn rushed to Riverview hospital Sun- Society," Now Each time is deday after she suffered a heart at- voted to reports day, Handzo, Mrs. Ada "Wllmann, Mrs. Trenton Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. in the Catskill Mts. of the missionary Stephen Ruzlcka, Mrs. Lynn Cross O. H. Muakcwltz, also of Trenton Miss Emma Snowflack, Jersey tack. work in foreign lands. Represented were guests here several days. and Mr. and Mrs. F. Zollmann. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kloss of City, spent the week-end with he this International assembly are Miss Paula Gibson of West Palm nieces, Mrs. William Meyer and Irvington were week-end guests of at 30 more lands than may be found Beach, Pla., spent last week with Miss Mildred Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Parker of represented In the United Nations. Keansburg Man to Face Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rclnhold. Mrs. Leslie Keating and son Lei Bayside dr. CALL Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wasserstein of Elizabeth spent the week-end The next meeting of the ladies' For the benefit of delegates who Hearing on Two Counts and children, David and Mary Jo, with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kir wan. auxiliary, V.F.W., will be Aug. 10 cannot apeak English, various foreign language meetings are proWilliam Bollingcr of 80 Bcaco spent the week-end with Mr. and Mra. D. A. Pryzgoda of Yonkers, at the Legion hall on Bay ave. vided. Arrangements have been blvd., Keansburg, was released ii Mrs. Jack Swirtell of Brooklyn. N. Y., spent several days this week made for the interpretation of the $1,000 bail Monday morning b Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webster of with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Halliday. Tinton Falls program for deaf-mutes that they Magistrate John V. Crowcll pend- Clinton ave. are on a two-week va- Mrs.- Barbara Mulvey and daugh ing a hearing next Thursday morn- cation from their positions in Jer- tcr Mary of Richmond, L. I., spent Mr. and Mrs. William Bennett bf too may enjoy the many Bible talks, demonstrations and discusing on charges on indecent ex- sey City and Atlantic Highlands, a week with Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Florida and Mrs. George Withey of posure and possession of. lottery respectively. Eatontown, formerly of this place, sions. Houlihan and family. The climax of the asscmhlv will tickets. Kenneth Rauchcr, son of Mr. and W. O. Biron Fowler of Ninth it. attended the Wayside Grange picoccur Sunday when Mr. knorr The indecent exposure chargi Mrs. Sterling Raucher, celebrated who is stationed at Norfolk, Va. nic Monday. Henry Salt is convalescing at delivers the much-publicized talk was made by Carol Lamoreaux o his fourth birthday Sunday at a is on leave and is visiting his wife home from injuries received in a 'After . Armageddon, God'a New 16 West Front st., Red Bank. The party which also celebrated the here. M V I . . * ' i .P- m ' M r Bosworth incident is alleged to have oc- birthday of Mrs. Charles DeVesty Capt. and Mrs. James McKee of fall from a ladder while painting. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Ford ensaid, All sessions of the assembly of Atlantic Highlands. They were curred in a bus at the Red Bank Governor's Island were guests Sun•mcc t*ii open to the public free and bu3 terminal. The lottery tlckel given a dinner by Mrs. Aline Rau- day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. tertained relatives from Rahway are no collection is taken." Monmouth County's Oldest Saturday. charge resulted from the finding cher, Kenneth's grandmother. Oth- Robert Runyon. Mrs. Thomas Calandriello la a and Moit Reliable Bug Cleaners of several Irish Sweepstakes tickets er guests included Mrs. George Elsurgical patient in Riverview hoson Bollingcr when he was searched lim and Miss Dell Morlatt of AtColt's Neck 64-76 Whitt St. Rtd lank at police headquarters. pital. . \ Highlands ' lantic Highlands and Mrs. Mabel Mrj. A. Pauline of Princeton Is Thompson. The ladles' auxiliary of the Veter- ,Methodist church service Is held visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank. MaxJack Reinhold, East rd., celebrat- ans of Foreign Wars post will hold every Sunday at 9:45 a. m. with son of Dcerwood farm. The Maxed his 18th birthday Tuesday at a a rummage sale tomorrow and Sat- Rev. James Robinson as pastor. and their guest plan to attend Firemen were called to extin- sons party. Present were Miss Mary urday at the library. Doors will the angus sale and field day at Jane Slnilnikoff, Miss Joan Elkins, open at 10 a. m. Mrs. Charles guish a fire on Hamilton rd. Fri- Shadow Isle farm today as guests .... ..,„ of the Aberdeen Miss Elplne Brand, Robert Mlglori, Ycingst, Mrs. Edward Hennessey, day night. Angus Breeders Mrs. Ward W. DeGroot of Lake- asaociatlon. John Johnson, Bernard Levinthal, Mrs. Wade Davis and Mrs. Ruth \ Peter Sergalowlcz and Mi«s Paula O'Nell are members of the sale com- side ave. returned home last week Mlas Yvonne Wylle will leave from Riverview hospital. Gibson of West Palm Beach. mittee. Aug. 1 for a vacation to Virginia Charles Mason, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bertha Welczoreck of St. The firemen met Tuesday. Beach, Va. Mrs; Charles Mason of Campbell Petersburg, Fla., is a guest of her Mrs. Marguerite Forman was a ave., observed his fifth birthday July son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and FINED OUT TWO COUNTS member of the chorus which sang 18 with members of the family. Mrs. Charles Gardner of Barbcrie RUMSON — Mildred Baymond of Haydn's "Creation," at Ocean Grove Present were Mrs. Nellie Mason ave, and son Raymond, Port Monmouth, Mrs. Rita Bissctt of Ocean ave. Is Elizabeth was fined « « Monday auditorium Saturday. This group, night by Magistrate Arnold Tulp and Miss Margaret Waldman, Mat- a guest of her son-in-law and —Advertisement— on charges 'of careless driving and awan. daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard failure to stop at a atop street. Herbert Brown, son of Mr. andFiola of Syracuse, N. Y. Others lined Monday night were Mrs. Herbert Brown, Union ave., ob- The ladies' auxiliary of the V.F.W. Harry N. Ghezz-i, New York city, served his eighth birthday SaturM 137 IftOAD ST. post will hold 1U annual fair next speeding, $15; James Morse, 215 RED IANK day with members of the family. month. Mechanic at., Red Bank, and Spen™ SIFTS - ANTIQUES Mr. and Mrs. Louis Plochochi of DECORATIVE CONSULTANT A guest last week of Mr. andcer Hulae, Newman Springa rd., Long Island spent Wednesday with Mrs. Horatio Parker of Bayslde dr. Llncroft, careless driving, $10 each, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Conzen. Emil was Miss Jean Dragnet of West and Merritt Lane, Jr., Monmouth Dorn of St. Louie, Mo., Is spending Orange. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hills, failure to stop at a stop two weeks with Mr. and MM. Con- William Dragnet, were week-end street, $7. zen. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Johnaon guesta of Mr. and Mrs. Parker. of Oakes ave., are spending a Harvey Waters is a patient at Loll and Pound three-week vacation touring the Monmouth Memorial hospital. We alncanlr hopi it dowi't tiappin South and Florida. The ladies' auxiliary of the V.F.W. to you, but If you ihould lot* something, Miss Joan Johnson of Oakes ave, will hold a card party Monday at remember chancei art in your ftvor that U vacationing at Camp Mataliento 8 p. m. at the Legion hall on Bay you will recover It throuih the Loit and for the next two weeks. She was ave. Mra. Sophie Bicler will be Pound column! of The Register.—Advertisement. . . accompanied by Miss Barbara Gould hostess. of Atlantic Highlands. Paul Kel has' returned to his Samuel Chanowlch, son of Mr.home on Ocean ave. from Babylon, and Mm. Michael Chanowich, ob- L. I,, where he was a guest three served hl« third birthday Saturday weeks of Mr. and Mra; Albert at a family celebration. Wolff. Anna Marie and Elsie Ool of Mrs, Charles Klnney of Bay ave. Belleville are visiting-Mr. and Mrs. has returned from Palatka, Fla., A, R. DeStcfano of Morris ave. for where she was si gueat of her sonthe next two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. DeStefano and children recently Jack Williams, who became parents returned from visiting relatives in of a son during Mrs. Kinney'i visit. Wolcott, Conn. Miaa Margaret Lees of West OrMr. and Mrs. Edwin Savidge have ange last week visited her (randreturned home after spending two parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lees No matter whit record you weeks in Ollsflcld, Me. Mrs. Bessie of 112 Central ave. Bannon of Roselle Park In (pend- Week-end guests of Mr. and Mra', want • . . Niestn Music ing several weeks with Mr. and ROLSTON WATERBURY Horatio Parker of Bayslde dr. were Center hat i t . . . Popular*, Mrs. Savldge. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Wledntr of with a Merchants ° Pathflnder Magazine carried hit parade, classical. Jeannetto Accerra, daughter of Union. Intereatlna; news to everyone Mr. and Mrs. Charles Accerra of Mr, and Mrs. Richard N»g«l of who owns an automobile, According to a recent article many attorney* are advising their clients to carry auto liability limits of |50,000/flOO,000 If they are earning between 15,000 and 135,000 a year. This Is because jury verdict* lately have been . quite - high, For Incomes of leas than 15,000,.the •uiiested limit* are 135,000/ |50,000.


Little Silver Lumber says








Pittsburgh PAINT TWINS


RE 6-2800


t r~

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Lutheran Caravaners Stop Here


Matthews Bros. To Open New Agency Tomorrow

10-Year-Old 4-H Club Winner


Council Sets Up Special Ruling For Food Stand

For "All Departments Call

RE 6-0013


New Christian Science Church

By-Passes Zoning Provision in Approving Lease

To Sell, Service, English-Made Ford And Jaguar Cars

PEA BRIGHT—The mayor and Matthews Bros., local automobile council Tuesday night accepted dealers, will-hold the grand open$200 for a lease that will permit ing tomorrow of their new show municipal beach bathers to walk room on Newman Springs rd. at into and buy refreshments at the Henry st, opposite the H. B. Jones Hut, owned by Emil Antkiw. company, where they will handle The ultimate decision to do this the Consul and Zephyr, English was unanimous. But before It was built Fords and world famous given there was a lot of talk, both jaguar automobiles. in the open and behind closed The firm comprising Philip L. doors. Matthews, senior member, and It was a tough one to make, beRichard Matthews, who joined the cause It was established that the Arm in 1949 and Robert E. Matstand—originally given a permit by Luther League of America Caravaners Nancy Vaughn; thews, who joined in 1951, purthe borough 'building inspector— Huntingdon, Pa., Nancy Dickson, Spartansburg, S. C , and chased the new property this year has been operating about five years from Elmer Brown of Oakhurst. In violation of the local zoning Glen Shackelford, ElKins, W . Va., being greeted on their ar- A service garage was added to the ordinance. rival at Holy Trinity Lutheran church here by Fred Page, presi- rear and a new showroom to the front of a building which was inTermed a Hardihip dent of the local Luther league. During a three-day confercluded in the purchase. At the end of the meeting opinence with members of the local league, the Caravaners held The Zephyr and Consul, accordion was general that this was a hardship case, worthy of more than workshops and exchanged ideas on recreational programs and ing to Philip Matthews, are designusual consideration. And it was ed and engineered in the United service projects. ruled that the stand could operate States and assembled in Great this year only. Britain. The Jaguar, one of the best known of the English automoIn making his case, George Barisbiles, Is the world's fastest produccillo of the Frankel & Frankcl law firm of Asbury Park, representing tion car, according to Mr. MatMr." Antkiw, told of the merits of thews, and famous as the winner his client's case. of a number of European road races. The lawyer said he agreed that EATONTOVN—At a meeting of tho place Is operating: against Mr. Matthews said this week the ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-Plans the board of trustees of the Methoterms of a 1949 zoning ordinance for an annual regional pilgrimage dist church Tuesday it was de- service department of the new that set up a Jan. 1, 1948, date as a to Camp Happiness, the summer cided that men members will paint agency will carry m complete line deadline for places of this type to camp of the New Jersey. Blind the front of the church building. of parts for all cars sold. The new be in business, under "non conformMen's association on Burlington Members also voted to have , a line of automobiles will be serviced Mary Zimmerer, fen yean old, of Big Brook farm, Van- ng use" provisions of that law. ave., Leonardo, were discussed by safety rail installed in the church by specially trained foreign car But Mr. Bariscillo noted that representatives of three Lions auditorium balcony so that this sec- mechanics, he added. The senior derburg, tfandi beside her Angus steer, which won the Grand when the Hut's original owner club* and the club here at a tion may be used for Sunday-school member of the firm stated, "We Champion award at the county 4-H club show last week James P. Phillips' bid was $1,341, PotUtown, Pa., and Princeton uni- loosed borough property. Leonard vice chairman to succeed Hook 'and Ladder begin Monday, Sopt. 28, The first Albert A. Teeter, who resigned In Tho board will await & regular sity whore he received a bachelor Service For Visitors term will end Monday, Dec, 7, meeting before taking action on of arts degree in June, 1951, hie en- But'Mayor George H. Krauss om- May, Although Mr. Tcotcr's son, OCEANPORT—William N. MorClambake- Sunday Wlllard Browning, director of the 'Restricted' Firemen's John O, Teeter, had been appointed ris, Jr., was Introduced by Mayor resignations announced Tuesday listed In the Army the following phaslzcd that the borough owes PHALANX - Bldmar farm on school, announced that throe new Fair Well Supported night by Herbert 8. Mclnort, super- month. After undergoing basic something to Its visitors, In ser- to the board to, replace his father, Edward C, Wilson, Sr., as the new porsons have been appointed to Llncroft-Phalanx rd., owned by of schools, Thoy wore training at Fort Jackson, Miss,, he vico and convenience. He noted tho vice chairmanship had been left director of the Civil Defense counHAZLET—John P, Wadlngton, intendent Philip h. Matthews, Jr., will be the Adult Education committee, vacant, cil at a meeting- of the Civil Derocelvod from Dominic A, Laally, that tho Hut Is located off a part the scene Sunday of a (tag clam- They are James,LoBlondo, Amal- president of tho fire company, re- Industrial arts Instructor, who will applied for officer training, fense First Aid auxiliary at the of tho borough beach 1,000 to 1,500 bake of the Navealnk Hook and gamated Clothing Workers of ports the annual fair received "ex- toach at tho Middlesex county voschool Monday night. foot away from any other conces Antkiw to have a Icasa for this Ladder company of Red Bank's fire America union, local 293; Paul cellent support by local morchanti cational school, Now Brunswick, ENTKRTA1N CANDIDATE William Brenn, auxiliary chairsion and said tho beach's hugo department, Brown, perionnet director, Bondix and public," arid was a success, year. This will allow boach cusnnd Mrs, Doris Kaufman, sixth and "Although tho final figures will sovonth grade teacher, who will join FREEHOLD — Robert Mcynor, crowds of visitors should havosome tomers to enter his shop by going man, presided and stressed the ImJames N, Doltr, chairman, an- Aviation corporation, and Thomas portance of regular attendance and Democratic candidate for governor plauo to got refreshments without up stops on borough property, He, nounoed that Losllo Lucas, proprie- Irving Brown, publisher of Tha not be available for several days," her husband In doimany, whoro he was a roconl houso guc.it of Mr difficulty. Ho called Mr. Antklw's In turn, must make tho placo con- practice sessions. A film, "The tor of Nice Pnokngo Fishery, will Red Bank Register, honorary mem- Mr. Wadlngton stated, "tho prelim- la serving with tho Army, and Mrs, Alfred H. Ttosonthnl of UUAO "meritorious," particularly In form to health rules, keep persons Medical Effects of the Atom serve the bake Tho event opens ber. A pamphlet with a description inary flguros Indicate that tho fair Tho board will moot again next Manalapan rd, Mr, and Mrs. Ros- vlow of present problems Involved, without beach badges from enter- Bomb," was shown under the diat 10 a, m,, with tho main bako of tho courses and application was successful. In view of tho many rection of Bernard J. Scarsl, going on at Hi30 p, m, Tickets, forms will bt distributed after restrictions Imposed on the usual Monday night to rocolve bids on onthal are the owners of tho MorMr, Kllonbcrgor said ho formerly ing tho beach, and sorvo only from oparatlona, It Is anticipated that window repairs, ton shop In Red Bank, At the next meeting, Aug. IT, which ara limited to 125, art avail- Sept. 3. had his own stand, but It waa his stand, Tho lease was granted the revonue dorlved from tho fair able from Hook and Ladder mem"knocked out" by the 194S ordln for S200, with the understanding a film showing the new method will permit noarly normal operabers, Arrowa will bu pouted to aid nnco, Hu said hu did not light this it would apply to this season only, of artificial respiration will be tions for almoit the rest of tho motorists In locating1 tho farm, Water Company Aikg But ilrst thoro was a pause. Whon shown with Frank Callnhan of the because of that law. yon!•. Should It bo noenssnry to which Is reaohod from Rod Bank Help of 'Spi'liiklerV Mayor Kruuss said: "It has boon Mayor Kruuss diked who would first aid squad as. commentator. oporalo a similarly restricted fair via Newman Springs id,, making brought out that the mnyor and offer the resolution no ono spoke All members have been urged to noxt, year, however, tho flro coma left turn al tho Llncroft Inn Increaaod consumption of water pany council aio breaking our own laws" up. Then Mr. Eilenberger said that attend as tht movie can be obtainwould bo forced to sook other Interioctlnn, dut to lawn aprlnkllng during this sources by soiling salt drinks at the pa> though It WHS he who fought first ed only once for each community, of revenue," dry, hot spoil has placed a, strain vlllon, But, he said: "If we didn't, against the matter, "I'm man There art a number of local ptoplt who art eligible to become auxtllTO ATi'KND CAMP on Monmouth Consolidate Water FORT MONMOUTH—Yesterday Goorgt Ft, Hill of 201 Union avt., we would not be giving; our vlsl enough to offer thin as a reaolu in y mtmbert, having recently comcompany's faollltlei, tors proper ncuommodiiUon.i." Up lion, and If I could second II I'd Long Brunch, Artist-Illustrator ftt helonaod io Elmer, the freewheelATLANTIC IIJ CI H L A N D fl ~ pitted k Tied Cross first aid course. BUICS, ho mild, Mr, Antkiw, wllh (in Dial, too," In n nullce In wnler consumers Zoning Hoard OK'« Church lahool puplle of the Pios< IIIR Krtnsm mule, who Lend Lease the Signal Corps' engineering Inb hla J2U0 (iffur, is dying something Thty may he awoin In at the next omlorlM, Mr, Lawrence madr Iht «otoi bytol'lan oluiroh horn will attend oloowhern In this Isaue, cuslonioia Itcttiriuiicu Allocution mtotlnc and receive Civil Dtfentt put behind tho lion Curtain and Tho tule, Hilnter1*', yailordny won to help locul taxpayers, Ins vote, And council went along cards and arm hands, camp at Island Height* noxt urn uiikoil to uu-opoiulo by sprinkdesire for freedom put back In u Freedom Foundation medal, with ling lawns at hours other than 8 H n ID w a B u n Y T I I S lotting Mr, Lawrunec aakul If thorn was unanlniouily, Absent was Councilmonth, Rudolph Quaokonbuah, an an added 4100 for Mr, Hill, pro- "any wuy we can help this man man Thomas Farrtll who U 111Members now Include Mr. MON eldlr of tho churoli, and Ml«« betweun 0 ID 0 |i, m. Reildents of board of adjustment, mooting at tho tin good old U,S,A, rlt, Mayor and Mrs. Wilson, Mist Klmer wai a fussy mult. He •anted In a program broadcast over for this soason?" Miry Ellen Kraft will ba Isadora, Fair Haven, Llttlo Silver, Rum- homo of Iti chairman, Howard O, ion, Shrewsbury, Uatontown, MonStation WNJR, Newark, at 4 p, m, Mildred ID. Woloott, secretary, Mill Strauss, Thursday night approved didn't lllto oommunltm. So what To oomo to aomo undaretandlng Tht pupils are Lee Duttldn, Gall Supportiri Jeannettt Conway, Mri, Ewart AnObtrlander and Betty Ann Phillips, mouth Beuoli, Sea Bright, New an appuiil by Paul I, Hornier of could a mulo do? He Just smug- For Mr, Hill this waa tho third the group adjourned for a prlvatt fluid In ourCimp alian, prfvtt* nttlnf roemt Shrewsbury, Oomnport, Middle- 73.1 Broad it, to oonvirt his home gled himself homo—hiding among foundation reward, Ho ha« worked talk, That lasted over i half hour, by titiiu gradual* milt and lim»l« flt> nett, Bernard J, Searal, A, John* town township, Long Branch, West Into « two-f&mlly residence, members of an Inbound Rod dele- for Warner Bros,, Unlvortal and uri Allirillom to nl /ou pirionnllf, tton, *ra, F, B, Dtwlt, Mrs. John Seerittry W i n l i d Offer ltMolutlon Kur lirvlut without willing, or for hem* ntiiily position. Mull hHH litlllillve Lone; Branch and Den I «re naked Paramount studios, Me doe* tho gation to the United Nations. Hauatr, Councilman Clinton W, Included In othor buslneta wai mid ihllliy. Will., "Htcnlary," linn In tnilnklo lawn* only on "even lUtlni, call HII MIH, South Jirnj V, film ulrlpi as a private work, not When tha m»n tolurnM Mr, Gray His approval of a. itqutal by tht That'* tha why tha story's told In t i l , Had Hunk, (llv« • • • m i l mull- numbered" dales. rlnriliil fluPDlr, II Kill front it,, Ris Wood, Jr., Mm, Emm*, Taylor aft* iutloni,—Adviriltimml. rend * resolution. H permits Mr, U«nk,—Adimmmiai, Mri, William Briar., •hadowbrook Inn to trial a ilin "Klmer1* Talt," a Aim cirtoon by (or tht government,

Lions Clubs Plan Picnic for Blind

Men Will Paint Methodist Church

Local Health Officer Opposes Plan to Close Freehold Office

Wood Wounded On Pork Chop Hill

Install Officers At Lodge Session

Miss Ralph Goes To St. Vincent's

644th Team Has Busy Period

Zoning Decision Exhibit of Stamp Upheld at Rnmson Clufe This Fall At Asbury Park

Steppers Club Gives Exhibition

Board Awards Painting Contract

Morris Heads CD Council

Elmer, the Mule, Brings Freedom Foundation Award to Cartoonist



METHODIST FBESBYTERIAN Fair Haven Shrewsbury "I Find N o Fault In Him" will be Rev. Arthur' S. Jolce, pastor, will Sundays • July - 4:30 P. M. the sermon toplo of Rev. William B. •liver the sermon Sunday at the 30 a. m. strvlee. Miss Doris Magsam at the 11 a, m. service Sunrame, organist, will play "Fan- day. Music by Mrs. Aim* Baker, are," Weber, "Chorale in E," organist, will include "Idyll" by franck, and "Credo," Hayden. Ron- Nolte, prelude; "Summer" fey-Marald Q. Clark will sing "O Lord on shall, offertory, and "Nearer the Myrtle A. Pinkney, Faster High," Motart, and "I Heard the Cross," by Nolte, anthem. 15 Highland Av*. . The Friendship club will hold a Voice of Jesus Say," Harris*. plcnlo in the Willow Street park Rumson, N. J. The Arts and Crafts group meets after the service. Members and JULY U , 1953, Guest Speaker Tuesday* at 7:80 p^m. in tht churoh friends have) been invited to bring REV. CATHERINE MILLER The King's Men will hold their house basement. their lunches. . ot monthly meeting next Thursday The Men's club will sponsor an Sunday-school Is closed during Union Beach, N. I. evening at the home of George uction Saturday, Aug. 18, btgin- July and August. Klnkade. A recreational program ,ing at 10 a. m. on the church will begin at 7:30. All the men who louse lawns. Items to be donated are Interested In playing Softball should ba left at the church house or pitching; horseshoes have. been prior to Aug. 8. Everyone is Inatked to come out early. The busi- vited. B. G. Coats will be the e.uoness meeting will begin at 8:45, ioneer. Lunch will be served. PARK AVINUI, HURON. N. J. followed by a wienie roast with all the trimmings. BAY SHORE COMMUNITY East Keansburg The manse has been sold and a n e w home for the pastor has been Vincent Gustafson, • a represen• Divins Sarviea—Elavan o'clock purchased In the "Curley Estates tative of the Gideon society, will development. be guest speaker at the morning Sarmon by Dr. Harold A. Betlay, Paitor of Trie Ladles' AM society have •ervice at 11 o'clock. Miss Ann First Mothodist Church, Evamton, III. had the chairs In the sanctuary Shaw, organlit, will accompany reupholstered. A special dedication the choir in two anthems. Church ' . Vaipar Sarviea—-Thraa-fifty o'clock service will b t held at tht Sunday school and Bible class will meet at 9:45 a. m. morning service,

METHODIST Middletown The Sunday morning service* will continue throughout July and August at 10 o'clock. Rev. Walter W. Feigner will preach the' «eN mon Sunday. This will be the concluding- sermon In hi* series on the Apostolic churoh,. Mrs. Chewle* B, Gallagher will preside at tht organ. Ushers will bt Robert Lcker, Harold Hlllyer, Earl Helwig and Christian Elgenrauch.


BAFTIST REFORMED METHODIST Red Bank Red Bank Red Bank Sunday-school will remain open Sloan D. Robertson, chairman of "After This Manner Pray" it the subject of the sermon by Rev. Rog r the board of deacons, will be the throughout the summer at the er J. Squire for the 11 o'clock Sun- speaker at the 10 a. m. service usual time, 9:30 a. m. Church serday morning service. John Ferris, Sunday. Hit subject will be. "Do vices will he held at 10:45 a. m, organist and director, will play the Unto Others." Other deacons as- Rev. Runyon L. Wolff will preach. organ prelude, "Dialogue," Cleram- sisting will be G. Truman Reeves Music will be under the direction of bualt; the offertory, "Duet," Cler- and William Winn,. Franklin Swen- Mrs. Thomas Brereton, organist. Wednesday, July 29, the Ladles' ambault, and the postlude, "Fugus," son and Alfred C. Beck will serve Dupre. There will also be a solo, on the deacon's welcoming com- Aid society will hold «, picnic to mittee. Paul Hudson, Ferman which husbands of the society "The Heart Worships," and a chancel choir anthem, "Go Not Far Brlce, Raymond Warren and Rob- members have been invited. The ert Danes will usher. Vernon Loud picnic will be held at the home of Frafcn Me," Zingerelll. Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Carter, The pastor will speak at the 8 Is head usher. Woodland avo., Little Silver. o'clock evening service In the Church school meets at 9 a. m. The Consistory of the church will chapel on "The Salt of the Earth." The junior and senior HI fellowAltar flowers for Sunday will be ships will meet at the church Sun- meet at 7:30 p. m. July 80 at the Tha tacratJ Cantata, "THE HOLY CITY",—S«ul— the gift of Mrs. Robert Stout and day at 8:30 p. m., and then, go by church. This will be the last meet; The church picnic held Saturday METHODIST Mrs. John B. Bell, Jr., in memory car to attend youth services in Ing of the Consistory until Its reg- at the home of Mr, and Mrs.. Joswill ba prtttntad by tha Ministry of Music Niveslnk of grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wiln Grove. Following their ve»- ularly scheduled meeting in Sep- eph Toplass. More than 30 fami"Persecuted Christians" Is the liam Palmer and Mr. and Mrs. Rob- cr Service Sunday, the two groups tember. Edward Hart, Organitt-Diractor Luciui Motx, Tanor lies were present. Although this ert Agle, itild a beach party. Mrs. Charles number did not exceed the com- fourth sermon topic In the "Sermon Barbara Troxall, Soprano Myron Sdndi, Bait oore Is fellowship advisor. A church-hour nursery for chilSALVATION ARMY mittee's expectations yet they were On the Mount" series to be presented by Rev. Howard Shoemaker Gladioli In the church last Sundren la supervised by competent Mary Hantlay, Contralto Diana Dipion, Violinist pleased at the response. Red Bank Sunday at 9:45 a. m. Sunday-school persons In the educational building ay were from the garden of Billy Christian college students from is at 10:45 a. m. Visitors are welto enable parents to attend the Ichanck. ALL ARE WELCOME Ocean Grove will be guests at the BAPTIST come. morning church service. The church ofBce is open Tucs- salvation service Sunday at 8 New Monmouth The int«r-denomlnatlonal prayer lays and Fridays between 1 and 4 p. m. Howard Fritz will be the Bible school meets. Sunday morngroup meets each Tuesday at 10 m., while the pastor, Rev. W. speaker. The holiness service at 11 a. m. All women are Invited to Ilinton Powers, Is on vacation. a. m. will be led by Candidate ings at 9:46 a. m. with classes for all ages. . these meetings in the chape), with Albert Carter. Wesley Shapter will Sunday evening at 7 p. m., Rev. TRINITY EPISCOPAL Rev. William E. Blsgrove wll be the speaker. Sunday-school Mr. Webster will be the guest Mrs. Samuel W. Hauiman presidmeets at 9:45 a . m . under the di- preach on "Blessed Are the Merci preacher at the seaside vesper ser- ing. Red Bank Donald Brower, Marilyn Jones ful" at the 10:50 a. m. service vice of the Shore Area Council of Holy Communlan wll be cele- rection of Major Murlal Aanensen, Sunday. The organ prelude wil and Patricia Squire will, attend Churches in the Eighth Avenue brated at the 8 a. m. service Sun- young people's sergeant. from this church the intermediate be "Larghetto, From Organ Conpavilion, Asbury Park. ' H i s theme The Women's Home league will certo VII" by Handel, and the sen' will be "Learn to Let Go." This group camp July 26-Aug. 1, at Con- lay. leave the citadel Tuesday at 7:15 The morning prayer and sermon ior choir will sing- "The Ninety •ervlce will be broadcast over Sta- ference Center. Articles of handwork—apron*, '111 b« given by Rev. W. Norman p. m. for the home of the cradle and Nine" by Campion, tion WJLK. roll sergeant, Eleanor Gingrich, "White, elephants," food stuffs, chil- 'ittlngcr at the 11 a. m. service. At the evening- service at 7:45 who will conduct an outdoor eduWednesday at 7:S0 p. m., the dren's end baby clothes, knitted the pastor will preach on "MainFBESBYTBRIAN cational program. weekly meeting of the Boy Scouts ind crocheted work—will be for taining Good Works" and th will be. held In Westminster house ale at the fair Aug. 8, « and 7 Rum son Miss Aanensen will conduct "the young people's choir will have under the direction of Scoutmaster the Methodist Home For the "Your Hardest Belief" will be hour of power" at the citadel Wed- charge of the music, t h a organ Robert C. Turnbull. At B p. m., the Aged, Ocean Grove, Articles for the the topic of the sermon by Rev. nesday at 8 p, m. prelude will be "Consider and Hea monthly meeting of the Session will fair may be taken to the local A. Kenneth Magner, Jr., at the An open-air meeting will be held Me" by Pflucger. The mid-week serbt held in the minister's itudy, church office. Cash donations 9:30 a. m. service Sunday. on Broad at. Friday at 7:15 p. m. vice of prayer and Bible study i made payable' to the Method!*' Mrs. Gordon MacLean, Jr., pre- and Sunday night at the same lime FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, Home, will be sent through the ildlng at the organ console during the meeting will be conducted on held Wednesdays at 7:30 p. m. SCIENTIST chairman of the local auxiliary c: the- vacation of John H, Watson, Monmouth st. opposite th* railroad Red Bank he home, Mrs, R. Melvln Morris, minister of music, will play as station. ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL relude to the service "Prelude and Navesink Services in First Church of Fugue In D" by Handel. Mrs, : Christ, Scientist, 309 Broad st,, are Rev. Charles P. Johnson, rector, ST. JAMES MEMORIAL ZION METHODIST eorge McCullum, soprano, will : held Sunday* at 11 a. m. and 8:15 will offer Holy Communion at 8:30 EPISCOPAL Red Bank render the solo "Like as tha Heart ; p. m. Sunday-school meets at 11 a. m. Sunday. Church school will Eatontown Rev. Charles E. Bourne will deDesireth" by Allltsen. The organ a. m. Wednesday evening testimeet at 9:30 and parents and chilHenry A. Male, Jr., seminarian - monlal meetings at 8:15. In charge, will preside at the sung iffertory will be "Hymns" by Fie- liver the sermon at the 11 a. m. dren's service will be held at 1( An explanation of spiritual heal morning prayer and sermon Sun- Utz, and the postlude will be "Tenth service Sunday. The senior choir o'clock. The rector will deliver - Ing an! Its practice will be Indud day at 10 o'clock. Miss Emmy Lou Concerto for Organ" by Handel. Will sing, directed by Mrs. Teresa sermon at the morning prayer ser: The ushering committee will Daniel. A second service wll ble vice at 11, ed In the Lesson-Sermon on Morris and Peter Edwardsen are comprise J. Edward Wilson, James hed at 7:30 p. m. '• "Truth" to tie given in all Chri* rganists. Saturday Is the feast of S t Stalfa, Jr., William E. Sagurton Church school, directed by Mrs. • tian Science churches thi* coming EMBURY METHODIST ames, patron saint of this church. ,nd Wllllsm Strohmenger. Clara Carter, meets at 9:45 a, m. '• Sunday. Little Silver An outdoor nursery, ably staffed There will be a Sunday-school re• The Golden Text is from Psalms: There will be a service at A o'clock At t h t 9:45 a. m, worship servle • "Thou art the God of my strength that night, followed by a buffet by adults, offers Its facilities for union and musical Sunday at 3.30 Sunday, tho senior choir will tin • . . . O s.nd out thy light and thy supper and entertainment at the oung children during the church p. m. "Light of God" by Humperdinck truth: let them lead me." (43:2, 3.) pariah house. hour.' It opens at 9:15 a. m, In the Prayer meetings are held Wed- Rev. James W. Marshall will have There were 48 persons at the manse play yard. • A further citation from the King nesdays at 8 p. m. as his topic "The Extent of Our Whan wa run a salt, wo don't fool around. You «jot tha itylat you want in th* •': James version of the Bible reads: nnual Sunday-school and parish The youth eoftball team wll! Senior choir rehearsals are held Resource* for Living." Mrs, George '.\"Mercy and truth are met together; picnic Saturday at Windward ompete in the Interchurch league Fridays at 8.45 p. m. haart of tha saaton. At lowar prices and grtatar valiiai than any compatitor Ivin* i t organist, Miss Mtrjorie next week playing the team from • righteousness and peace have kissed batch. Franti Is choir director. can give you. Coma a running. St. Anthony's church Tuesday and : each other. Truth shall spring out the Red Bank Baptist ehurch team ST. GEORGE'S BY-THE-RIVER ; o f th* earth; and righteousness ST. JAMES 0 A T H O U 0 EPISCOPAL GOODWILL METHODIST Thursday. Benjamin Blom.ls coach. I shall look down from heaven." (Ps. ,,, ... Red Bank " ' Rumsph >"' Rumson : « : 10,11.) •/< Three ySung 'people 'of the youth "'' Sunday masse* are at'6, 7, I, t, At th* 7:80 p. m. worship service Services Sunday will Include ; From th* Christian Science text 10, 11, and 13 oclock In the church fellowship attending Blair confer:book "Science and Health With and t, 10 and 11 o'clock in the high ence at Blair academy this week Holy Communion, 8 a. m.; family Sunday, Rtv. Champion B. Gotdy ; K e j to the Scripture*" by Mary school auditorium. Sunday school art Connie Hoyt, Roberta Gardner service and address, 9:80 «. m., and of Oakhurst Methodist church will morning worship with sermon by be guest speaker, A song service and William McGirr. ; Baker Eddy, the following correla- for children attending p u b l l 6 BROAD ST. ««•* W. rront St) Open W. Ew. Til » R | D B A N K • t t v t passage* will b* read: "The schools follows the 9 o'clock mats, At the morning service Sunday Rev. R. Thomas Blomqiilat, 11 a. m. will precede the sermon. ; beet nrmon ever preached is Truth the sacrament of Infant baptism Baptisms are at 1 p. m. Sundays'. was administered to James William • practised and demonstrated by the thi* fwvlet ritppl** r*r tale > distraction of tin, sickness and Confessions are heard Saturdays Evans, Jr., sOn of Mr. and Mrs. 1 death . . . Th* thunder of Sinai from 4 to 6 p. ml and from 7 to James Evans of Carlisle, Pa. The 1:45 p. m, next sacrament of baptism will be J and th* Sermon on th* Mount are observed at the morning service : pursuing and will overtake the ST. ANTHONY'S CATHOLIC Aug. 3. » at**, rebuking In their course all Red Bank i error and proclaiming the kingdom Sunday Maseea are at T, I, I, 10, I of heaven on earth. Truth Is rePEGISTERED STOCK BAPTIST Jvealed. It needs only to bt prac- 11 and 12 o'clock. Confession* are Middletown heard Saturday* from 4:10 to I p. -" (P.p. 301, 174.) Rev. John E. Bates will speak m. and from 7:30 to 9 p. m. on the topic, "Glimpses of GreatThe Miraculous Medal novena 1* ness" at the 11 a. m. Sunday serHighway at sue CaralHia A V M W • ELBXItON MEMORIAL Pert attMMiitlt, New Jetwy held Mondays at 7:80 p. m. and th vice. Mrs. George Deaney will be • Park Ave., Elberon Mimkiirt t.141* perpetual novena to St, Anthony In charge of flowers and the nursBrMdarl of • Dr. Harold A. Bos'ley, pastor of Tuesdays at 7:30 p, m. Wlrekalr * • * Terrier* ery will be supervised by Mra. ;First Methodist church, Evanston, Mlnlatan PlnttMrt Bates. •III., and a former dean o! the DiYey r * i Terrier* CHUBCH OF CHRIST This evening the church will hold • vinlty school of Duke university, Eatontown its quarterly business meeting in !j» preaching a series of inspiraThe public is invited to attem the chapel. t i o n a l sermons at the 11 a. m, SunIf) th* ' K I t M meetings of this church, which ar d a y tervlces. METHODIST X Excerpts from Gounod's and held Sundays at 9:30 and 10:30 a. m The flt'st hour ia for Bible study Belford tStalner's "Crucifixion" were rendered at Sunday's vesper service at the second for preaching and Com- Rev, Dr. Robert L. Blackman's ;J:SO p. m. "Gaul's "The Holy City" munion. At 8 p, m. an open forum sermon subject for the 10:45 a. m. TOIYHANNA, PA. twill be presented this coming Sun- discussion Is held. Bible study is Sunday service will be "At Their A Bather's Paradise Jday at the same hour by the mln- held Wednesdays at 8 p, m. Wits,' End." The youth fellowship Private lake front, private bath •i*try of-music, composed of EdThis group of Christians conduct choir will render an anthem under ;ward Hart, organist-director; Bar services on the basis of New Testa- direction of Mrs. Edna Malone. A Home cooking. New aun-patlo •tiara Troxell, soprano; .Mary Hans ment Scriptures alone, speakin nursery is open for the care of Golf course nearby •ley, contralto; Lucius Meti, tenor; where the Bible speaks and belni small children during the service. American Plan $56 weekly •Myron Sands, bass, and Diane Dip silent where the Bible I* silent, Sunday-school, with classes for Capacity 20 Uon, violinist. Undenominational, anyone desir- all ages, meets at 9:30 a, m, The Telephone Mount Pocano ( M l '. At a recent morning service a ing to worship God In "spirit and mid-week prayer meeting will be ^plaque was unveiled in re-dedlcatlon truth" will find the worship ac- held Wednesday at 7:45 p. m, Open All Year '.at the construction and gift of the ceptable. CENTRAL BAPTIST 351beron Memorial Presbyterian The churph ia located on it, 35 Atlantic Highlands Ichureh, erected in 1886 in mem- Just south of the business section Sunday-school, with classes for o r y of Moses Taylor by hit wife, METHODIST all ages, Including the pastor's ^Catherine A. Taylor. 1 Ocean port adult Bible class, meets at 9:45 • The flowers Sundsy were preChurch school under the direction a. m. Morning service, with messsented by Dr. and Mrs. George L. JWclcott In memory of Dr. John M of George C. D. Hurley, general age by Rev. Hurry W, Kraft, is at Zander Mculan, former pastor ol superlntenedent, will meet at 9:45 a. 11 o'clock. The youth fellowship m, Sunday. Tho Sunday worship group will meet at 7 p. m, Tho "this church. service will be held at 7:30 p. m evening service, with Atrmon by Rev. Robert S. Judge I* pastor. the pastor, is at 8 o'clock. I METHODIST ; Atlantic Highlands Thi teachers and officers of the RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF Sunday-school will meet Tuesday : "I Saw the Lord" Is the theme FRIENDS (Quakers) at 8 p, m. .'of the sermon by Rty. Roy E, Shrewsbury Prayer montlnK, with Bible etudy, .•Williams, Jr., In the service at The Shrewsbury meeting of R will be held Wednesday at 7:4S, :8:30 a. m. The girls' choir will sin '.under direction of Mrs. John Rob llgioua Society of Friend* (Quak- followed by choir rehearsal at 1:30. ers), meet* for worship at 11 a, m 'ertson, organist. the First-day (Sunday) In the meet' FBDBRATEn ; John Lent* of Btlford will Ing house at Broad st, and SyoaHolmdel the speaker In the eervlce at V, m, in the abterice o( Rev. Mr. mom avc, preceded at 10 a. m, bj At tht 10 o'clock service Sunday the First-day school, Mid-wee! •Williams, who will be preaching R«v, Dr. Wallace L. (ialltin will -In First Methodist church, Tren- meetings are held at the meetln, present a* th« theme of his ««r•ton. The senior choir will sing house at 8 p, m, the fourth-da; mon, "Th* Will of Oodi Do We '.under direction of Roy M. Jef- (Wednesday), All art welcome, Really Want to Do It7" There wilt frey, organlit. ba a solo by Mr*. Beverly DeBlock CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY of Freehold, Mr*. Howard McCor• Sunday-school will meet at 9:48 Atlantic Hlghlmd* mlek, organist, will play tha pro ». m. A meeting will be htld at U Oolter- "My . . . how I leva Strawbarry lude, "Cantllina" by The innua.1 Sunday-school plenli tn, when Sunday-school also wll mann; the "Meditation Herlcune" AVIII he held in two sections. The moet at tho society's building, 8 hy H, N, Bartlett and the "Air" ihortcakt," jolder group, fourth grade and up, Ocean blvil, Testimony mooting wf from "Rlnnldo" by a, F, Hnndel. 'will meet at the church Tueedn be held Wednesday at 8:15 p, m, Next Tueidny nvnilng »l 8 Wall, you'll «aki tha caka with morning, July 28, «t 8:30, to leav The reading roam Is open Tuei o'clock the Cnblnet at Urn church 'ior a picnic at Jenklneon'n rmvlllon de.y« between t and 4 D, m. will hold Its first meetingg at the all—and r group, third grade nnd down MGTIIOlilST i griims for the coming tenson, .will have their plcnlo Wednesds plcluroi taken by Dorn'i Photo Bin Bright Xttrnoon, July 28, at the church Church school with cluati (o Shop in Rad Bank, at IS W«|. ' The girls' choir will reheani thost of all Kgps will meet Sundi; Atlantic Highlands Thur»d»y at 1:15 p, m, »nd th at 9:45 a, m, Mrs, Eleanor Undis l«c« Strait. JUv, Howard M. Krvln will •enlor oholr at 8:]fi, Is superintendent, The mornln bring I he ineiifiKn s i the morning Phona Rad lank 4-2273 • Beginning with the flrtt Sunda: worship servloo will bo hold at service at 11 o'clock nnd nlao at In August and continuing tlirouji o'clock, Rev, Robert S, Judgt tho evonlng service at 7:90, Dorn'i Photo Shop, IS Wallaea Jhe (It'll Sunday In HopUmber, paitor, Church lohool metis « l 9i48 fnornlnir service will be held Rad Bank 6.2273. Com. a. m,, with olitiaai for All ngert, St. «:45, Then will be no Sunday MISSION Dannls M, Lingo Is auperlntendant, school during this period, but Sun Port Monmouth Mld-woik praynr turvlot Widnea- marclil A Portrait PhotographHay-srhool children are invited t( .Rov, A. Donald Mftgsw, paelo day at 8 p, MI, •Hind the wonhlp liour, A chl an. Camarai, Suppltai A FinThe iiiutor will lit on Ills VKCIIKren'i sermon will tic ptesjlie Uwrencn Wise, Sunday-school i iiiiring the *ntlr«" nio"iitii""«f I lining for tha Amalaur A Pro>MC)I Sunday, dfior which th perintendatit. , , u u . Sunday-school at 0:30 a, m, Mar AIIBIMI, «i which limn cuinl . »'ounr chlldun will b* excused. i>r«t.ch«r* wilt be nlllni the pulpiu ""ional. Hem* Movlai. Jng woiihlp sU 10:1ft *, r PRESBYTERIAN Red Bunk "How to Handle Life's Disappointments" will be the sermon toplo of Rev. Charlee S. Webster at the morning service next Sunday at 10 a, m. In the new church. This will conclude a serle* of four sermons, which have been presented during July on the general theme, "Handles of Power." Dr. Carl F. Mueller, minister of music, will preside at the organ. He will play the earlllonlc bells at 9:30 and at 9:45 his organ meditation will be pastorale on "Forest Green" by Richard I. Purvis and "Premier Choral," Andrletsen. The postlude will be "Byrn Calfaria," R. Vaughan Williams. The chancel choir will «lng "Blws the lord" and "Tho Lord's My Shepherd." The ushers at this service will comprise Arthur T. Holey, David C. Maloney, Edmund vomSteeg and Charles A. Wolbach, Jr. Joseph C. Davlson will head the welcoming committee. Through the courtesy of the 20-40 club of the church, baby sitters are provided In Westminster house, adjacent to the church, during the service.

The Elberon Memorial Church -

Sunday, July 26th, 1953 -


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Due to the prolonged dry spell and hot weather the increased consumption due to lawn sprinkling has placed a strain on the Company's facilities despite improvements to supply and distribution facilities made over the last two years at a cost in excess of One-Million Dollars. We feel that with the cooperation from the customers these present demands can be met. We earnestly request the cooperation of our customers by following the ensuing schedule of lawn sprinkling. All customers residing in Borough of Bradley Beach, Neptune City Borough, Ocean Grove, Neptune Township, Interlaken, Asbury Park, and all of Ocean Township, are requested to sprinkle on oddnumbered dates and City of Long Branch, Boroughts of West Long Branch, Deal, Eatontown, Fair Haven, Little Silver, Rumson, Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright, Shrewsbury, New Shrewsbury, Oceanport and all of Middletown Township on even numbered dates. Also if feasible sprinkle at other times than 6 P. M. Co 9 P.M. We feel that the above plan will allow the Company to maintain safe supply levels and at the same time allow usage of all water requirements by its customers.

Monmouth Consolidated Water Company


River Rd. Radio and Television Moves to New Quarters


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A professional art as practiced by us Involves the highest skill. You, as our patron, may be assured of complete confidence in our ability to remove excess hair permanently.


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Rtd lank, N. J .


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Stanley Electrolysis Studio





BAHR'S LANDING, HIGILANDS Mayor Edgar V. Denise, center, inspects ice. making mechanism in new Servel refrigerator with Mr. and M n . Jesse Bennett during opening ceremonies last week at their Rivar Road Radio and Television, inc., at 606 River rd. where it moved after four years at its original location, 597 River rd. The shop handles refrigerators, radios, television sets, washing. machines, ironers, room air-conditioners and other appliances. Also included in the shop's new headquarters are complete radio, television and washing machine repair shops.

FARE: ADULTS Sl.OO-rCHILDREN 50c For Information Call Hiahtrn* 3-132f


George, Jr., has returned from joyed a fishing party on Lake LefMonmouth Memorial hospital, ferts. In the group were Ardcn Mr. and Mrs. Henry Drugas and where he haa been an appendec- Matthews, George and Peter Andrews, Steven McGuire, Lynn Bowson Robert entertained members tomy patient. of the Matawan Little league - and Mrs. Ralph W. Herrick of Main ie, Mary- Jean and Michelle Anson their leaders and parents at a hot st., Is entertaining Mrs. Bayard and Ruth Ann McGuire. dog roast at their home on Main T. Lamborn, Mrs. Charles E. George Smith of Main st. Is a st. Saturday evening. Little league Springhorn and Mm. G. J. Ster- pneumonia palicnt In Monmouth members present were Richard ling Thompson at her summer Memorial hospital. Mrs. C. William Wenner, Richard Nusbaum, Don- home in Pine Grove, Conn. Brady of Main st. also is a medical ald . Zenl, Robert Saustman, DonMrs. Paul Traulman and daugh- patient in Monmouth Memorial. ald Weir, Larry Garito, Peter Ben- ter Barbara of San Francisco, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. George Marz of nett, Robert Rank], George Cevas- are visiting Mrs. Trautman's par- Highland ave., entertained for their co, William Bowie and Eddie ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Buach four-year-old son Steven Monday Hyrne. • Others present were Dr, of Church st. They made the trip afternoon. His guests were Mary Aram A. Captanian, Mr. and Mrs.by plane. and Fred Pcrsing, Gregory NazarMichael Eovlno and sons Michael, Mrs. Tunis R. Schcnck is a medi- ian, Pamela, Thomas, Margaret, Peter and Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Don- cal patient in the Monmouth Me- Charles and Roseann Menzel and of ald S. Weir and daughter Susan, morial hospital. George Marz. Also attending were Mr. and Mrs. .Edward E. Hyrne Miss Patricia Egan, daughter of Mr. and Mis. A. Dudonls and son and daughter Gladys, Matthew Mc- Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Egan, Broad Stanley and Mis. Mary Scalco of Cormick, Mrs. Floyd Brown and st., was the guest of honor at a Brooklyn and Mr. and Mrs. Lawsons Leonard and Robert, Mrs. surprise dinner party held al But- rence Mooney, Mrs. Walter ShanPhoebe A. Ziegler, Mrs. Thomas tonwood manor Monday evening in ley and Mrs. Marie Hannon of Walling and Mrs. Mildred Bennett celebration of her 18th birthday. Forest Hills. and son Richard, all of Matawan; Guests were Miss Jane Pengel and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reeves of John Hettrick, Keyport, and Arthur Miss Carol Craig of Matawan and Atlantic ave., celcbrattd their son AT THE SAVOY THEATRE Pennetti, Lanesboro, Mass. Mias Jane Anderson of Keyport. Dennis1 sixth birthday Saturday Mr. and Mr«. Harry Walling are at a party at their home. His guests Mr. and Mrs. Edmund West and daughter Lynn of Broad st. are enjoying a vacation at Ship were Patrick and Paul Barrett, Bottom. visiting relatives at Pompton George Bosco, Jules Kay and ClifMr. and Mrs. Thomas Lightsey ford Reeves, Jr., of Matawan, and i Plains. Mr. and Mrs. James Drugas of of Broad st,, entertained at a narty Marilyn Raffa of ClifTwood. SANDWICHES—SNACKS—SPAGHETTI AND MEAT BALLS Macon, Go., are parents of a aec- Tuesday for their daughter Cathy • STARS OF "BLOSSOM TIME" ond child, a son, born June 18 in who is one year old. Guests were Only one Italian in 64 has an Macon, Ga. Mr. Drugas is stationed Peter and Daniel Lawrence, Clare automobile. AT NEPTUNE MUSIC CIRCUS with the R.O.T.C. in Mercer uni- Armellino, Richard and Michael versity, Macon, Ga. They are for- Ingram, Lynn West, Joan and DONALD CLARK MARGOT MOSER James Steel, Ruth Ann and Robmer Matawan residents. ert Tommarazzo and Robert and PAUL UKEMA Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Law- Leonard Brown of Matawan; Marirence, 256 Broad st., were the anne Publiese of Peeksklll, N. Y., • STARS OF "I AM A CAMERA" guests of honor Saturday evening and Eileen Donovan of Cambridge, at a co-operative 'buffet supper and Mass. Also attending AT IVY TOWER PLAYHOUSE Mrs. farewell party given at the home Joseph Carroll, Mrs. were of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brown on L&wrance, Mrs.: Michael Raymond RICHARD VENTURE GAIRIELE GUNTHER Hallarin, Broad it. Mr. and Mn. Lawrence Mrs. Jerome Armellino, Mrs. Wray VALENTINA LATIMORE are moving to 'Fair Haven. Guests Ingram, Mrs. Floyd Brown, Mrs, were Mr. and Mrs. Edward RedWest and Mrs. Robert gate, Mrs. Wray Ingram, Mr, and Edmund Steel , Matawan; Mrs. Michael Mrs. Jerome Armellino, Mr. and Craig, Kcarny; James Pugli Mrs. Arthur Carey, Mr. and Mrs. ese, Peeksklll, Mrs. and Mrs. Mary Walter Stramm, Mr. and Mrs. Gilderslceve, Keyport. , it Mrs, Thomas ' Lightsey, Mr, and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Hyrne Michael Hallarin, Mr. and Victor Papa and. Mrs. Joseph and children Gladys and Eddie and Holmes, P Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Mrs. Elizabeth Allcock have returnWest and Mr. and Mrs. John ed after spending several days as Staple of Fair Haven were unable the guests of Miss Helen Murphy at her summer cottage In G;:;jrd to attend. Paul A. Egan Is enjoying a vaca- park, Toms River. Miss Candace Lockwood of Midtion from his position with the dlesex st. and her grandparents, Prudential Insurance company. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Munson, nre CAPITOL TOILET SEATS 7»95 Rev. and Mrs. Albert D. Curry, visiting Mr. and Mrs. James Main at, entertained for their Thompson of Scranton, Pa.' daughter Jane, who was celebrat Formerly 12.95—Guaranteed for S Yean DinnERS Allen Dey of Mctuchen lias heen COMPLETE WITH CUSHIONS ing her 11th birthday at a party visiting Mr; and Mrs. Wilbur W, recently. Guests who enjoyed an all-day picnic at Beechwood were Oliver of Edgewater dr. Redwood Love Scat I Rcilwood Chaise Miss Eileen Donovan nf CamJoy Rogers, Zoe Clapp, Susan Val. 16.95 Now 32-95 I Val. 39.95 Now 20.95 Smith, Jean McCue and Carol bridge, Mass., has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lightsey Poof, a iqueen and • *pray, A wonderful cleamer for the . • DANCING • FUN FOR ALL Schaeffer. Mayor and Mrs. Spafford W. of Broad st. Mrs. Michael Craig of Kearny Is stove and other appliancei, and no 'more duit en your Schanck of Main at. are enterREDWOOD ARMCHAIR Val. 29.95 Now | J . 9 5 taining Mrs. Ella Reynolds of Rah spending a few days with her •on-in-law and daughter, Mr. and A real value. furniture. way this week. Mrs. Floyd T. Taylor It visiting Mrs. Robert Steel of Valley dr. S A L T E R I N I THE MAGIC NAME IN Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Johnson of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd T. Taylor, Jr., Now "[9* Keg. 1.19 Now 99c Reg. 98c Washington ave., entertained at a of Brunswick, Ga. WROUGHT IRON—25% REDUCTION 2 MILES WEST OP ASIURY CIRCLE Mr. and Mrs. George D. Mande- party Tuesday in honor of their ville ' and children Kathy . and daughter, Patricia, who celebrated George, Jr., have moved from their her fifth birthday. Guests were Mrs. home on Jackson at. to their re- Wilbur Schneider and children cently purchased home on the Carol Ann and Robert, Mrs. Ralph Holmdel rd,, Hazlet. Their ion, Duncan and children Nancy and Ralph, Jr., Mrs. Anthony Nucclo Master BARBEQUE and sons Thomas, Denis and Joseph, Mrs. William Haslach and son Robert, and Christel, Paul and DieGRILL ON WHEELS Tub Model Set it for up to an hour and ter Johnson of Matawan; Mrs. A, A wonderful value. T, Carter and children Helen and forget it. The water in your With Rotitierie and Michael of Metuchen and Mrs. Heavy coated yet cool, waMartin Nadlcr and children Marhote or sprinkler turns off Oven—Formerly 49.95 tin, Norman and Mary Lou of ter tight and unbeatable for automatically. Keansburg.' Mrs. Jamea Pugllese and children comfort. A real buy. SPECIAL 29-95 Francis and Marianne of PeeksReg. 9.95 Now 5.9.) kill, N. Y,, have been visiting Mr, Slightly Shopworn Keg. U*>c Now 4 9 c and Mrs, Jerome Armellino of Broad st, Mrs, Armellino and chilFamous Ford quality. dren Clare and Robert will return with them for a few weeks' visit. Val. 1.19 Now 79c Mr. and Mn, Zane Anaon of Waahlngton at. entertained at two parties this past week In celebraSCHWINN 6 ft. chinti lined with tilting tion of the birthdays of their children Mary Jean, who Is ten, and l«al«4 e»v«r»m«il Impaste* Csss DISPLAY MODEL chrome pole. Zane Edward, Jr., who is five, Mary White enamel iquare shape, Full gallon—Value 1.49 Jean had a swimming party at Cheesequake state park, Guests Reg. 39.95 Now 24-95 wtri Carol Hammond, Patricia Reg. 19.95 Now |2<95 Benner, Mary Beth Matthews, BarAT 1951 Pontiac Convertible 1949 Cadillac '66 Flectwood bara Andrews, Dotty Lou Carlson, 7 (t. chinti lined with tilting Carol Ann Svlatko, Kathy Mawith flenmlnr white wall Hyaramattc, radio, healer, I J / | C ttlch, Carol Wilson, Mlchnlle Anpole. aon and Zan* Anaon, Jr, Zane en(Ires, fully ••.tripped, ready to go. jafrfft/a




Friday, July 24 Under New Management

at the




Stars of "THE, SECOND MAN"






Air-Conditioned Cocktail Lounges




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Page Four both ritai. Uiing- charts for IIluttratlon, he alio deicrlbed the meaning of Christian symbolism. ; John D. H«ckett of Rtmison, The next meeting will be Aug. 3 manager »nd designer of vest- at 8:30 p. m. ncnti for the Holy I*nd Art comAbout 2,500,00 American boys are pany of New York city, explain** tha difference in ve»tment« worn Boy Scouti. by priests of ths Eest«rn and Western riUa at * mtetlng Mon- When a, person is struck by : ds.y night of R«4 Bank council, lightning, he probably is hit tost by an electrical charge traveling from Knlghti of Columbui. Mr. Hackett, who alio li council the ground toward the charge delecturer, exhibited veitmenta of •cendlng from the clouds.

Knight. Hear Talk On Christian Symbolism




•THE VANQUISHED" • Alt Technicolor Show •

C & GS Officers Back from Gamp

Members of the Command a.nd General Staff college who regularly meet at the Army Reserve headquarters at 12 Broad «t. here have returned from Fort Rodman, Mass,, where they spent two weeks of Intensive study and training to" prepare them for command and stair positions in Army divisions. Under tha command of Lieut. Col. H. J. Nerl, the Hed Bank C. and G. S. school is completing a three-year program designed to qualify specially selected Reserve HIGHLANDS, N. J. officers lor staff and command Frl. • Sat Sat Mat duties. Those at Fort Rodman with Col. HUMPHREY IOGART Neri were Lieut. Col. Joseph Drlscoll, Lieut. Col. Charles Johnson, JUNE ALLYSON Lieut. Col. Marion Woodruff, Lieut. KEENAN WYNN Col. Sorrier* Smith, Ma]. Harry Davies, Maj. Marvin Klayton, Maj, Morris LeVltln, Maj. John F. P, Kelly, Maj. Elbert McGay, Maj. Frank Connelly, Maj. Frank Nor« ton, Maj. Pierre Lomet and Maj. Gerow Brill. Sun. • Mon. Sun. Mat. SUSAN HAYWARD CHARLTON HESTON —In—








"Pickup on South Street" AND




"Iraoking the Sound lotriir" "'"Murdar Without T t o n " »•"•

Midnight Show




Welcomes Franchot and Betsy

72 Pass Basic Safety Test, 22 Swimmer's Exam



RE 6-9600


180 Enrolled in First Period of Instruction Under % ' Red Cross


Toungtters from Mlddletown, Evrett, Llneroft, Westsldt and hrewsbury township Friday completed' the first of three two-week periods of swimming Instruction at Kepwel park under th* direction of tha Red Bank Y.M.C.A. and ths :ounty Red Croas. ' A total of ISO boys and girls from ' to 17 years of age were enrolled ind 1,132 Itssons wers given, Seventy-two of the hopefuls passed the basic safety test and 71 the more difficult swimmer's exam. From the Shrewsbury, township group, John Buccaclo, Judith Buccaclo, Judy Bernstein, Frances Byrne, Jesse Leighton and Lee Ringer passed the swimmer's test. Shown abova aro Franchot Tana, laft, star of "Tha SacBsslc carda, issued to the same group were given Jeffrey Buccaclo, end Man," S. N. Bahrman's comedy fa ba playtd tha weak M«rvln Bernstein, Michael Byrne, Earl Cluney, Elda Calvert, Steve of July 27-Aug. I at Waltar Raada'i tavey thoator in AsCluney, Gerard Chalfln, Gary Drls- bury Park, baing araatad by William Hammantsin, ion of cel, Judy Emmons, Susan Forclno, Carol Harris, Janet Harris, Pat Jor- Oicar Hammaritain II and director of thii waak'i play. "Mii< don, Robert Krovetz, David Meade, tar Robartt," starring Jaffray Lynn, snd tha loading lady of Alan Mammen, James Rodgers, Anita Rochelle, Eleanor Ringer, Cath- "Tha Second Man," Mils Batsy vonFurstanbsrg, MGM starerlne VanBrunt and Dolores Van. iat. Background for tha graating it tha orchastra lounga of Brunt. ' Westside's 11 successful swim- tht theater, with painting* from tha Asbury Park Sociaty of mers were Merle Bradley, Marshal Fina Arts Exhibit on display. Tha Exhibits, changing wsakly, Riddle, Gilbert Davis, Jackie Jack- hava become quits a feature of "Broadway at tha Shore.' son, Rod Jackson, John • Powell Jsmes Reavy, Joe Hicks, Jame Greene and Mike McDonough. Mrs. George Whltneld, Broad St., Mr. snd Mrs, Sverre Oaorlelsen, Receiving Westide basic card spent last week at Ocean Grove, High St., are home from a visit were George Adcock, Dick Connors, attending the Interstate conference with Mr. and Mrs. Lukas Hillpcrt Nelson Claiborne, Red Daily, Rob- of the W.C.T.U. of Llchtfleld, Conn. ert Jackson, Charles Scott, Warren Mrs. Walter Bennett of Mtneola, Mr. and Mrs. John Wolcott of Scott, Irving Shomo, George Hicks, L. I,, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fort Pierce, Fla., spent Monday Tom Jordon, Jim Washington, Mau- Clara Roberts, Broad »t. with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dowen, reen Wilson, Baxter Daniels, Leon- Mrs. Herman Ertlschwtlger, Maple ave. Mrs. Wolcott Is Mrs, ard Perry, Shirley Lewis and Don Meadow dr., was hostess at a mer- Dowen's mother. Lewis. chandise party attended by 3S iper- Mrs. George Hathaway, Irving One swimmer's card and 30 basic sona last week at her home. Mrs. pi., Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur certificates were Issued to the fol- Ola Hennessey and Mrs. Claudia Swanson of Glen Rock. lowing Mlddletown-Everett-Llncroft Winning of Elberon were the dem- Arline Trepp, daughter of Mr, and "fish": James McCarron, Diane onstrators. Mrs. Wlkbert Trepp, Broad st., has Brandt, Wayne Davidson, William Joseph Luplnski of Berwick, Pa., returned from a two-weeks stay at McCarron, Paul Newmeir, Susan visited last week with his uncle Camp Mohawk, Chtrlemont, Mass. Merrill, Matthew Mullen, Robert and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sex- Mrs. Larry DeVito and son Law Seltz, Ken Sayer, George Took, ton, Kremer ave. Mr. and Mrs.renee Anthony, born a week ago Kathleen Warneker, Harry Wilson, Sexton and son Byron took Jos- Monday at Monmouth Memorial {Catherine Morgan, Suxanne Mor- eph home Friday and spent the hospital, ars staying with Mrs. Degan, Sally Brenner, Jean Butler, week-end In Berwick visiting rela- Vlto's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Leah Frederick, Patty Gore, Tom- tives. Saturday they atended a Holmgren, Byrnes, La. my Gore, Bruce Hollar, Cathy Hem- family reunion there, Although there are four main Itch, Charles Kalman, Leslie Nauss, Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeVries of Eugene Peck, Stephanie Sulger, Philadelphia, Pa., who are spend- human blood groups, it is estimated Bobby Walker, Tommy Walker, ing the summer here, are parent! that blood-group factors are capLinda Hammond and Nancy Stan- of a son, Stephsn Paul, born Thurs- able of 132,710,400 different combinations. ley. day at Rivervlew hospital. Also receiving swimmer's cards Mr. and Mrs. Carley Garofalo and were Ken .Granderson, Skipper daughter Judy, Park ave,, attended Fairfan, Dick Franapfel, Richard the least of St. Carmel at Jersey Joyce, Walter Summery and Irene City Sunday. They were dinner Durkin. Passing the basic safety guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph test were Martin Durkin and Ger-llvento at Ilvento's in Jersey City. ard Joyce. 1ULV I S Mrs. Mildred Calandriello of Pine THURSDAY NIQH." Stanley Carhart was ths director. Brook, is a surgical patient at Riv"THI DESERT SONG" ervlew hospital. KATHRVN aitAVSON Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bulick, Elton Fined $25 Monday, OORDON MACRAE p i , . entertained at dinner .Sunday for Mrs. Frances Martin and Misa Draws 3 0 Da^s Wed. Nellie Ravatt of New York city. William Coleman of 15 Leighton Melvin Compton, son of Mr. and 14. X I ave., who was fined $25 Monday Mrs. L. M. Compton, South it., ha* "SOUTH SEA W O M A N " morning by Magistrate John V. returned from Schiff Scout reserRERT LANCASTER Crowell on a disorderly conduct vation at Mendham where he took VIRGINIA MAYO charge, was sentenced to 30 days in a 12-day junior leaders training AIM "POWBER RIVER" county jail yesterday morning on course. He was chosen with three JULY l a , *? • similar charge. other boys from Monmouth county SUNDAY, MONDAY The complaints In both cases to take the course. "PONY EXPRESS" were made by William VanNess of Mrs. George Smith, Wall st., and CARLTON HBSTON 20 Leighton ave. Monday. Mr. her sister, Mrs. Donald B. Read of RHONDA FLIMINS VanNess charged Coleman had Fair Haven, have returned from a TMkalceler broken a window and a number of trip by plane to Tucson, Ariz. From A I M CartMH ana Merta bottles at 20 Leighton ave. Satur- Tucson they motored to the MexiTUIlBAV, WIDHiaOAV, day night. During that hearing can towns of Nogalea and Sonora. THURSDAY JULY IS, as, M Patrolman Charles Jones charged Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bajcar and "DESERT RATS" Coleman waj abusive and disorder- son Al of New York city spent the HICHAM IURTON. J A M ! MMOIt ly at police headquarters after his week-end -with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Has Cartel* n* Mart* arrest. Coleman pleaded guilty to Burkhard, Wall st. yesterday's charge of disorderly conduct at 20 Leighton ave.

•I+---MUSIC CIRCUS,:** •'•

Eatontown Miss Ann Stochl, Tlnton ave., and her fiance Rudolph Wolf, Jr., •pent the week-end In Philadelphia, Pa., visiting Mr. Wolf's parents. Mrs. Richard V. Loclte, Jr., and Mrs. William 8. Maxwell, Jr., were hostesses at a wiener roast a -week ago Sunday at the Locke home on Burns pi., In celebration of Mr. Locke's and Mr. Maxwell's birthdays. Guests were Sgt. Richard Labbe of Cherry Point, N. C, - Mr. and Mrs. Ruddy Sargeant of Long Branch and Patty Lee of Springfield, Mass., who has been visiting here, Mrs. Locke's parents snd her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bennett snd daughter Barbara of Springfield, Mass., were guests last week-end. Miss i.«a returned home ; with ths Bennetts. - Anson V. Ransom', Myrtle ave., Is on vacation from his work at Prawn's National store In Red Bank. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swanson of Wethersfleld, Conn,, ,and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Swanion of Springfield, Mass,, were week-end guests of Mr, and Mrs. Clifford Cadman, Elisabeth pkwy. Mr. and Mrs, William Bolvlg, Villa pi,, are having an enclosed porch, living room and garage added to their home, Mr. and Mrs, Walter Smith, Villa pi., h«ve returned from a twoweeks visit with relatives In Colorado Springs, Colo. Mr. and Mrs, B, fl. Burl, Eton pi,, entertained Mr, Burt's brother and family, Dr. and Mrs, M. P, IJurt snd daughter Carolyn of Raleigh, N, C, lust wetk. The doctor attended the Shrlneri' convention In New Tork city, MIM Barbara Kottter, daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Werner Koottcr, Wyokuff id,, was guost of honor at n siirprljo bridal stiowcr Thursday, Riven by Mia, Arthur Pierce, Hi',, and MIM Joan Korb nt Mix, Plerac'i home on Wyckoff id, silver wed ding bnlls were, hung on a ohandtller from which white utrnamorn foil to the gifts, Attending ware Mr*, Theodora McQInnesi, Mia nobnrt Hooktr, Mm, Mark Howe, Jr,, Mis, Oman Ploron, Mm, Loo Curling, Mm, Koottor, Mrs, Kdwnrd Olnrk and Mm, Mark Howe, Br, MIRX Koettei' will bo innrrlod Sundny to William Ponlo.li of Albany N, Y,, nt HI, Dorothea's church, Mm, William Wye and d»unhter J«tiet of iUltlonwood live, !mvt> vi



SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY EVENING • Prtvut Sat. 11 P. M . ("Tofct H * to Town")


PLUS 2ND l i t } HIT


ASaURV A V t . te ROUT! ««, « M , JVMHNCi •ROOK C. C. Tel. A l l.ISS*









3 DimMiiM









"MAN in th« DARK
















ivee. ai4s (iieept sat.—* P . M . ) s.as, a.ia, i.ee, s.ia Nt Matinee Batartay (This Weak Only) ' NIXT WEIR—IN PCRtON—PRANCHOT TONE.IN "THE 1ECONO MAN" COMEDY HIT WITH BETSY VON FURSTENBEHa


a MI. w i n or AiauRV Mam
















IN COLOR ON STAOE Broadway Musical Slara — Caoral Easestble — Ceraa da Ballit — Mualc Cltcui Orchaatra. Undar Ik* Beovtlful New "Blf Tap." Prlcaai ManThura., 1.10, I.W, 1.40. Z.M. Prl., Sal. and Sun., 1.10, ».4O, J.7I, 3,30. Nllaly a>d .•.unday at si40. Ta« ln<. Part. Rain ar Mine. BOX OFFICE OPEN 10 A. M. TO 10 P. M. Tal. AS I-1M0 far RESERVATIONS, tt W M T I BOX t e * . NEPTUNl, N. J. F I M M Endaat Stlf-AddratMd Envdap*. Fraa Psrklnf, -Leas BraMRi vegen er 1 . • , Tr»»«. Tke Seek Marl






AT THf l l A T O N town CIRCU

I !••»I*




* * * * GIANT - 4 - UNIT SHOW i


naiAT" »"*SL "i*

•PBJf I tlfclf t

i|t Raari al ntBL, oVawi,, rim flatonl

M M | 2 O CAST



slfl AIL HAH 20 ACH

Den'l Miss I I I A Treat ttt tfct laUra fstallr

I,«M Kmnt* •BATI

1 SIIWU. - . r—• ———«••» _ •M.««.*i!ff' MAII ORniRS raatllr Birula

»m»*n I r, M. DalMna «"<»r It, _ _ |l,t« far til t i l d •1.M, I«,M ^ T IMli WtlM SIISRI* »«nl«4 a> »" aauK, WriU •S.liuts H«l)». lasflait atMkl at »)««r wdtr) Oaafiallfs Mall, Atktif fata, X, J, fll«H (It! ISI.)








JULY 24 > IB




•••* I



"THE RAVEN" JULY 24 • 17 • 21




I l l l I MA




OUn U r DCLLC 0 1 H I !


4,000 Attend County 4-H Show FREEHOLD—Th« annual 4-H fair, iponaored by the Monmouth county 4-H council, was held Friday and Saturday at the Freehold raceway. The two-day affair wan attended by approximately 4,000 persom. Prlxe winners In the beef cattle cltM included Mary Zltnmerer, Bif Brook farm, Vanderburf, grand champion Angus «teer; Edward Oifford, Battleground farms, Ferrlnevllle, grand champion Hereford steer; Charles I. Smith, Baker Hill farm, Allentown, grand champion Angus heifer; Walter Zlmmerer, Big Brook farm, Vanderburg, best fitted beef animal in the show, and Phyllis Potts, Allentown, best showman. Among the winners In the dairy claes were Fslracrea' Heather, owned by Nelson Warden, Neptune, grand champion Brown Swiss; Rhemerk Bonita .Sweet Design, owned by Maryanna Freitoerger, Allentown, grand champion Holstein; Coronator Golden Bubble, owned by Nancy Quackenbush, Wayside, grand champion Jersey; Rycklaver Senator's Marie, owned by Roland Wardell, Neptune, grand champion Guernsey female; Wilgorlan Farm's Dictator, owned by Leigh Robacker, Belmar, grand champion Guernsey bull. The best fitted animal In the dairy show was owned by Nancy Quackenbush, and the best showman In the dairy show was Roland Wardell. The best livestock ex hibit and winner of a |25 bond given by the Monmouth county board of freeholders was that made by the Wayaide Dairy club. The Wall Dairy club was judged to have the best booth in the ahow. Winners in the poultry class were Henry Daum, Tennent, first; Anton Achwerthofter, Tennent, - second, and Han Dong, Tennent, third. The flower garden division winner was George Castleman, Lincroft, and the vegetable garden division was Max Gould, also of Llncroft. The clothing division of - the home economics show was won by Vera Baker' of Roosevelt. Vera Baker and Francine Blchler of Roosevelt tied for first place In the cooking division. Judges were Donald Kniffen, Rutgers university, beef; E. J. Perry, Rutgers, dairy; Charles A. Thompson, county agent leader. New Jersey extension service, fitting and showmanship; R. O. Rice, Monmouth county extension service, poultry; Frank Moreau, Freehold vegetable gardens; Jack Bastedo, Freehold, flower gardens; HUi Florence Walker, assistant state 4-H leader, fashion and clothing, and Miss Dorothy O'Donnell, Mercer county home agent, cooking.

Informal Dance At Yacht Club FAIR HAVEN—The Shrewsbury River Yacht club held Its mid-sum mer informal dance Saturday night. John G. Anderson and Tony HuntIng were In chtrgt of the affair. Members and guests attending wtre Mr. and Mrs. Austin Winters, Betsy Winters, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Greeley, Mr: and Mrs. John Cubbage, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Dtckenson, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ridgeway Moon, Mr. and Mrs, Rob ert Barr, Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Mater, Dr. and Mrs. L. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bally, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller, Mrs. 1>. Rice, Vice Commodore James E. Wallen, E. W. Evanson, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Paton, Mrs. J. J. Knodel, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edelmann, Mr. and Mrs. X. S. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gllbarte, Commodore and Mrs. Fred E. Gregg,.Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gerquest, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. F. Worden. Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. MeCracken, Wilfred McCraoken, Mrs. William McCracken, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav J. Freret, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Scully, Mr. and Mrs. George Plant, Mr. and Mrs. William Leahy, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Etchman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ickes, Mr. and Mrs. John O. An. derson, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hunt Ing, Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson Miss C. Herbln, Jennings Butler, Mr. and Mrs, Whitney K. Munson, Dr. and Mrs, Anson Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs. Fanjul, Mr. and Mrs. A. DeAngells, Mr. and Mrs..R. Joyner, Mr. and Mrs. R. Sargent, Mr. and Mrs. C. Theckner, Mr. and Mrs. William Howie, Mr, and Mrs. R. E. Hill and Mrs, R. H. Wyckoff.

Anti Picnicking^ On Your Trees?


If ants are staging picnics on your trees, It's a good Idea check for the presence of aphlds, These small plant lice excrete,, sweet, sticky fluid known as honey dew" on which ants dote. While most ants don't harm your trees, aphldi do. Aphldi suck Julct from leave and tender twigs, often causing leaves to fall prematurely In alarmIng numbers. Best way to eliminate ants, says D, F, Hayman, Held representative of the Davey Tre Expert Co., Is to get rid of th aphlds, Too many horns owners go afte the ants first, pouring gasoline 01 kerosene about the base of an In feited tree. Davey tree experts occasionally And trunk barks completely dead at ground level. Investigation often shows owner used tree-damaging chemicals t rout the ants, The Norway map! —a favorite hangout for aphlds— Is one of the majojr victims, Only a few ant typos—llko th large black carpenter ant and th mound-building ant—aro harmful to tries, Best oontrol (or them is ant bait, which can be bough at any garden supply houie. Nicotine spraying Is a good aphl< control. Since aphlds reproduo ruter than rabbits, It Is advlsaW to Hprny over a wldo arm, Spray' Inn only * tew troos ofUn won't ilo boonuin nphldi get around, and mny riulckly re'lnfoat from un •prayou trots nearby, Their most Ilkoly hunting ground aro luoh troos u tho applo, arbor vltao, flr, beoch, blaok ohcrry, spruoc, boulder, blroh, oypross, hawthorn, hickory, linden, pint, poplar, « d cedar and tullptrn.

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SPIN ST 75c Controlled tudi In aulsmatll wuh. •n. Cl«on«r, bfl|hl«r «l«lh«t.

feVRMY S76 Riv«r Road, Fair Havtn


Pace Six being expostd to sxcaasivt doaasj* of radiation. A control program for making dairy htrds, fr«e from brucellosli is embodied in the regulation reTRENTON Revision of th« quiring that milk sold In the *t»U New Jersey Stats Sanitary Code come from dairy animals free from SEA BRIGHT—Monmouth eircl* has been made by the State Public brucellosis after Apr. 1, 1958. of. the International Federation of Health Council and copies of the New regulations governing cer- Catholic Alumnae held It* first revised code are being: distributed tain laboratories doing public summer social event, a cocktail this week to health departments health laboratory teiU ara also dance, Sunday afternoon at the Sea and municipal officials. included In the revised codt. Bright Yacht club. Mora than ICO The revision, which li the reiult Revision of the list of diseases members and their guesta'attended. of study and research made over a which local boards of health ar« Among those present wer« Mr. period of two years by medical and required to report to the state other advisory committees and department of health and which and Mrs. John Toolan, Mr. and Mrs. groups of health officials, was a- physicians are required to report F. Brent Neale, Mr. and Mrs. Henry dopted June 22 following public to local reporting official* eliminat- F. Wolff, Mr. and Mrs. Norman hearings. Originally authorised by ed chickenpdx, german measles and Badenhop, Mr. and Mrs. Robert the Legislature In 1015, the au- mumps from this list. Reporting Badenhop, Mr. and Mra. Richard thority for the enactment of the of these diseases to local reporting Shanley, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond code was placed with the public officials may bi required by local Forrest, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tynhealth council In the State Health ordinances. dall, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Department Reorganization Law of Dr. Carl E. .Welgale, Assistant Hintelmann, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. T. 1947. Revision of the code marks Commissioner of Health, stated A. Dowd, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Harold another step in the reorganization that reporting of these diseases wai Kay, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Brooke, of New Jersey's state health admin- discontinued because it is not Im- Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Maloney, Mr, istration. portant for the safety of the health and Mrs. Jack Devine, Mr. and Mrs. The revision of the code' reflects of the community to know when Ronald McCarthy, Dr. and Mrs. advance in knowledge that can be and where these diseases are oc- George T. Hoffman, Dr. and Mrs. applied in the prevention of many curring. Children ill with these James F. McNimari. diseases. diseases should be under medical Mr. and Mrs. Edmund L. Carey, An entire new chapter is de- care, but isolation and quarantine 3d, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kelly, measures are of no value in convoted to control of X-ray machines Mr. and Mra. Anthony Traina, Mr. and other sources of radiation. Re- trolling the spread of these diseases. and Mrs. Edward M. Etoll, Mr. gulations have already been prom- Because adults are seriously a- and Mrs. Joseph E. Robertson, Mr. ulgated under this chapter by the ffected, early exposure of otherwise and Mrs. E. G. Hyne«, Jr., Mr. and well children should be encouraged Mrs. James Kane, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. state health department. The regulation requiring the so that they may have the lifetime Gerald B. McGovern, Mr. and Mrs. shielding of X-ray machines and immunity which usually results John Hareon, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar other sources of radiation will from childhood infections, he ad- J. Moloney, Mr. and Mrs. James prevent owners and users from vised. L. Malone, Mr, and Mrs. Edward Broderlck, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Malone, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Seaman, Mrs. Henry P. Wickham, Jr., Mrs. John O. Teeter, Mrs. Ger; trude Lynch. Misses, Helen Vallancourt, Ruth BOX OF Hurley, Gtorgine Fiicher, Monica Fitzgerald, Kathy Magulre, Patricia Amend, Gloria VanNote, Williab Hassinger, Robert Younghaus, Joseph H. Neale, Jack Pasel, Edmund O. Burke, James J. Curtln, Jr., Dr. William McNamara, RayAND mond Tierney, Thomas < Mullln, Francis X. O'Brien, John C. Clark, William 7. Gaul and David Toolan.

Alumnae Group Has Sunday Party

Sanitary Code Revised in State

Special This Week

, Fashion Show Winner

Questions and Answers To Veto' Problems



Q—I'm a World War II veteran To Women With back on active duty, and my National Service Life Insurance polNagging Backache icy Is under waiver. Will I get my •sMtrte—CareH—Mtl«s * PJeailrt Insurance dividends all the same? Nagging backaeki.losaofvrpandenergy. A—No. National Service Life InFar Any Make Hearing Aid headachea and diulneu m*r ba dua to alow surance policies do not participate Acaut titan down of kidney (unction. Doctor! aay *ood O tartan Kidney function U very Important to good in dividends during the period AvdlVH •wn« health. Whenaomeaverydaycondltion.aueh when such premium waiver is In Aun> * • * ! • Or • B atriu and atraln, cauiea thla important Baltan* SfMtSM function toalowdown.manyfolkeaulfernageffect. Malca Taltx cing backache-feel mlKr|ti4. Minor bla*. Q—Will my service at the U. S. Mlcranla Urn der Irrltatlom due to cold or wrong dltt may Military academy at West Point Mlcretana " " • • g ' t t l n g u p nighta orf reguentpauagel. Waatara (fntrla ZmlHi count toward my entitlement for National Don't neglect your kidneys if then condltlona bother you. Try Doan'a Pllls-a mild1 Korean GI BUI training? diuretic. Uaed aucceufully by milliona for Aits All Oakar MskM A—No. The time you spent as n T < r B,° 13"*• It'a unaiing how many timea Pojn'aglvt happy relief from theia dtacom141 COOKMAN A V t . a cadet at West Point doe* not forta-helptnel5mileiofkldneytubeaandlll. count toward your entitlement for t e n Allah out waitc. Get Doan'a Fill! today! Athsry Park a.aiOS training under the Korean GI Bill. The same rule applies to those who attend the U. S. Naval academy in Annapolis and the U. S. Coast Guard academy in New London, Conn. Q—I am a disabled World War II veteran, and I've just finished Public Law 16 training. Will V-A. now find me a job? A—The law does' not gtvs VA. responsibility for finding employment for disabled veterans. However, if you wish V.A. will refer you to an appropriate state or federal employment agency for this purpose. (NUT OR,STOVE—CASH BASIS) Q—What happens if a Korean veteran doesn't apply for GI term Premium 9uolity Only—There's « Difference. insurance within 120 days after his separation from service. Is there ASK THE MAN WHO BURNS IT any chance of his getting it after Abbie Willgerodt of Lincroft receives $25 U. S. bond that time? A—No. Under the law you must as first prize in fashion show, at .the county 4-H club show apply and pay your first premium last week at Freehold. Entrants made their own clothes. within 120 days after you leave the 'Making the presentation is W. W. Nicholas, president of the service. If you wait longer than TEL. RE 6-0103 that, your chances of getting the Farmingdale Kiwanit club. insurance are gone for good.


COAL $22 50 per ton




Nurse Resigns At Riimson


Little Silver R. B. 6-1832

RUMSON—The resignation of Mrs. Edna Howl* as a staff member of the Public Health Nursing, association of Rumson, Sea Bright and Fair Haven was accepted at a meeting of the board of directors Monday at Rumson borough hall. Mrs. Howie Is moving to South Jersey. Miss Mary Byrnes, who la carryIng on the association nursing services during the summer leave of absence of Mrs. Iris Wilson, also a staff nurse, gave her report. In June the nurses made 110 visits, and during the last week of schools in the service area conducted vision tests on 106 children. ; Mrs. John Miller and Mrs. Robert G. Ilsley, association president, will make a study of tha children's dental needs of the thr«» communities. Mrs. Jerrold Meyer tuggested that the association, apply for state aid to carry on this program. Mrs. Bennett Vroman said that 470 annual appeal letters) had been mailed and that 117 contributions had been received.






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Part Seven


Original 'Karl Franz' Views 'Student Prince



Thtra'i mora goad wting m « t for your moiny In | . g <,( | arn b \,9m Mm*f. Odf T»IM.|HOI1-WIIGHINO method mtont you don't pay lor waito porti Ilk* tht Unf •hank bono and ox«u (at (••• diagram bilow). All mtah st Saftwoy ar* praotrty pr»por»d K> Ifcar you J»! only Iht portion that rightly belong! on toeh ouf — fuff vofu* *v*ry timi.

There's still lime to take advantage of savings offered during this big evtnt. A check of the price* in this ad will give you an idea what's in store for you. Howard Marsh of 62 East Rivar rd., Rumson, right, who starrad at "Princa Karl Frani" in the original Broadway production of Sigmund Romborg's "The Student Prince," it pictured with M n . Marsh and a friend, George H. Mots, also of Rumion, at last week't presentation of the "PrinCe" at the Neptune Mutic Circut. Mr. Marsh also played lead roles—among others—in '-'Showboat" and "Blossom Time." He was at the Music Circus three weeks ago to see "Showboat" and undoubtedly will be on hand for one of next week's performances of "Blossom Time." That Romberg favorite opens Monday night under the "Big Top" and plays through Sunday, Aug. 2.

Norcross Freed Of Death Charge

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STUDIOS 17 White St. Red Bonk, N. J .

RE 4-4100

Even Apptebrook Farm h u .„<,*• b«en hot,the«,put But, the evenings have been , pleasant according to Mr. and Mr». Paul Contoii and family who moved Into their new home here this week. Very nice to have them.

Jacob R. V. M, Lefferta Charles T. Kilcomim Applebrook Farm Route 35 Just north of Naval Underpass Hiddletown Township, New Jersey

/' Wa invtU you and your family to inspect the homw at Riverdelt Farm Just 5 mlnutea from Red Bank An exciting kind of living Built by a man who loves his horn*.

Jacob R. V. M. Leffertt Oharlc* T. Kilcomim Wot Front Street near Half Mile Road Middletown, New Jersey


SNVH aau X33U1S XMOtfi XS3A I I S joatn$uod§

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It Pays to Advertise in The Register

NEPTUNE CITY—Magistrate Robert V. Layton dismissed a complaint Thursday night against Harold Norcrosi, 22, of 189 Hudson ave., Keansburg, who was charged with causing the death of his wife Mary, In a motorcycle accident June 24. Mr. Layton ruled there was Insufficient evidence1 to warrant holding Mr. Norcross for the grand jury after hearing three witnesses, none of whom saw the accident,. Mrs. Norcross was riding on her husband's motorcycle: when it skidded AM he turned from Gray pi. Into Evergreen ave. She was thrown from the motorcycle as it turned over, and then It fell on her. Mrs. Norcross was taken to Fltkln hospital, where ehe died a tew days later. The complaint against Mr. Noreross was signed by police Chief Forrest Cottrill, and the . state's' case was presented by Assistant Prosecutor Charles Frank*], Mr. Norcross was represented by Benjamin Madnlek, Asbury Park. Among the witnesses was Sgt Edward Schumacher, who arrived at the scene shortly after the aco! dent, He said no witnesses could ,b*.JoM*wl<4e,-t»stiry tewthe *peed of the .motorcycle, the condition of the road or as to any criminal negligence by Mr, Norcross.

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Keuisburg The fifth anniversary of St. Margaret of Scotland guild was held at Buck Smith's restaurant recently. A farewell party was also held for Mrs. Mary MacGowan, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Thorn «a Csnayan, the past three months. Mrs. MacGowan left last week to return to Scotland. The 89th birthday of Mrs, Walter Barnes' mother and 85th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William Flannigan also marked the occasion, The guild meeting was held at St, Ann's auditorium Thursday when a report was made on the recent trip to Canada by Mrs. • Walter Barnes. There were 44 members and friends making the trip by bus. They visited Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Canada and stopped at the Shrine of American Martyrs, Aurdisville. The next meeting will be Aug. '20. A delegate and alternate were appointed to the National Encampment of the VFW in Milwaukee at the meeting of the auxiliary of post 1963 Thursday. The delegate Is Mrs. Frances Mebus and alternate Mrs. Agnes Ellefsen. The birthday of Mrs. Helen Moran was celebrated. Attending were Mrs. Vertta Aalbue, Mrs, Helen Thacke, Mrs. Beatrice Ryan, Mrs. Martha Ruhman, Mrs. Shirley Sachs, Mrs, Elaine Hencoikl, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Mebus and Mrs. Ellefsen. The next meeting will be Thursday, Aug. (. Plans were made st a meeting of the auxiliary of the No. 1 fire company Tuesday to assist the firemen in holding a circus at the baseball grounds Aug. 18. The woman mit with the firemen Tuesday to complete plans. Mrs. Myrtle Josephspn was appointed chairman, Mrs, Donald Conroy co-chairman, with all members assisting. Several members were measured for uniforms at the meeting. The hostesses were Mrs, Louise Andrews and Mrs, Maye Adams. At the meeting Aug. 11, hostesses will be Mrs, Donald onrcy, Mrs, Margaret Fperster and Mrs, Joan Hughes. Others attending were Mrs, Doris Kronenberger, MM. Verita Aalbui. Mrs.' Martha Ruhmnn, Mn. Lillian Kahlkof, Mr*, Qenovlev* Kite, Mrs. Hazel Murray, Mrs. Pauline Jackson, Mn, Doris Walling and Mrs. Bertha Pelter. Mr. and Mn, James Gottlieb and friends of Brooklyn were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Bogart and family, Mr. and Mn, Edward White and family and Mr, and Mm. Rlohard Alexander and family of Jorsey lly and Qnorg» Breault mid 'on GeorgB of Bnynnne spent * week with Mr, nncl Mrs. Mmirlcn Alexander nf TUnuiey av«. Mm. DouglK* Vauttu, Mr, *ni MM. Andrew Knillfrovn, Mn. John McCarthy and (UuihUrn, Karen and Donna, and Mrs, Abble Sehwatil took a boat trip to nookaway Beaeh lift wiok, Mr*. Mary bubiak, Mrs. Bertha Walter, Mrs, Mary Carr, MIM Annli Cnrr, Mn, Dooley and Miss AmolU Wontworth Attended thn bualnie* meeting of th« fltur of Monmnuth M, DuuRhtiM nf America, o( Fr«thold last wiak,


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Spotting Sports Hy Cunningham THE RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT THAT HORACE WADE IB running his last race at Monmouth Park brought as much sorrow, if not more, as announcements that great thoroughbreds such as Gallant Fox, Twenty Grand, Calvacade, War Admiral, Whiriaway, Assault and other greats of the turf were retiring from big time racing. When It comes to publicity directing, Horace is the top thoroughbred In the field. Horace is not retiring from the racing iceno (far from it) but he is throwing In the sponge as far as the Oceanport plant Is concerned. Hell not be racing from office to office, offlclM to official, brass to brass, trainer to trainer and Jockey to Jockeyin straightening out numerous little matters that generally would go untouched and wind up In a snarled condition. For Horace, the mad raco at Monmouth Park is over. He won every stake race, but Monmouth Fark is the costly loser anil, as far ai we're concerned, the local entry ran dead last In letting Wade get lost in a claiming race.

Signaleers Rally Barbaro Paces To Edge Fort Dix 'ros at Beacon Nin
LEONARDO — Lou Barbaro, hooting what was then record golf in Beacon Hill's layout, led the rofesslonala In a Jersey Shore Pro.maleur tourney here last week. Barbaro toured the Beacon laylut in 67 strokes, one stroke better han the old mark of 68 shared by 3 ro. Andy Slkora and member Joe tevenson of the home course. Slcora, however, i t t a 66 record at he course Tuesday. In the pro-amateur results, Bararo and Dick Burke won top honra with a beet hall card of 61. A rrid 28 on the first nine and a 33 :om\ng In gave the winners their ed hot card.

George Reeae, assistant |>ro at ..akewood, and Don Towbln copped iccond place with a 63 on nines of 11-32. Al Welrman of Spring Mealow, along with Pro, Angelo Persglla of the same course, shared hlrd with Dick Mprria, Jumping 3rook, • and Andy Dale, Freehold rolfer, whose best ball card was 3-32-«5. In the individual amateur flnish;ra Bob Shanklln of Spring Meadow led the Held with 83-20—63. Weirman was second on his card of 693—66 and Frank Giambrone, third lth a 74-7—67. Results: INDIVIDUAL, PROFESSIONAL

Carlos D. Kelly Monmouth Slams Wins Rumsoii C C.McGuire, 8-3 Golf Champ'ship Ronnie Allen Losei Match on 38th Hole By One-Up Count RUMSON—Carlos D. Kelly and Ronald W. Allen battled 38 holes Sunday for the Rumson Country Club championship before Kelly finally won the title, one-up. Club Champion Kelly advanced to the finals Saturday by eliminating W. Dinsmore Banks, 4 and 2, while Allen knocked out William Smith, 2 and 1. In the men's beaten eight competition, Norman K. Toerge defeated Arthur E. Pettit and R. D. Bryan won over Caspar C. deGersdorff, 4 and 3. In the final bout, Toerge edged Bryan, one up, on the 18th green. In the Kdlcs' championship, Mrs. Alfred F. King defeated Mrs. W. Dinsmore Banks, one up, to cart home the title. Mrs. King, in a semi-final match, defeated Mrs. John Ellis, 4 and 2, while Mrs. Banks trounced Mrs. Nell Johnsen, 7 and 6. Ladles' beaten eight results found Mrs. Robert Atwood losing to Mrs. George V. .Coe, Jr,, one Up on the 20th green, and Mrs. Alfred N. Eeadleston winning over Mrs. Chever Hijrdwick, flve and four. In the finals, Mrs. Beadleston won by beating Mrs. Coe, 3 and 1.

FORT MONMOUTH—After trailng for three Innings, Fort Monmouth'j offensive power went into operation as ths Signalesrs defeatd McGuIre Air Fore* Base, ft-S, Thursday at the winner'* diamond. Behind 8-2, ths Signaleers tallied 'our runs In the fourth inning off ack Holden to take the lead and added single tallies in the next two frames for insurance. With one out in the fourth, George Parent! bunted safely and Dutch Hagedom doubled down the left field foul Una to score the former. Joe Bechard bounced out to rst for the second out, but Don iUft hit a triple off the left-centerleld fence at the 185-foot mark to ally Hagedorn. Don Schelfhout ontinued the onslaught with a drive over the left field wall for his third home run of the season, scoring Luft ahead of him. The next two batten walked, but the ally ended a« Bob Babiti' roller o second hit Fred Rossi, the runner on first for the third out

Giants, Leonardo F. C. Pace Shore Circuit Red Bank Nine Trounces Long Branch Republicans," 13-3; Leonardo Win$, 12-6 Manager Herman Aichettino's led Bank Oiants continued to stay ut in front of the Leonardo Field lub in the Jersey Shore Baseball rcuit by rapping Long Branch Reuhllcans, 13-3, Sunday afternoon. The Field elub stayed In the runler-up spot by blasting Whitesvllle, .2-4, for Us seventh win in nine ontests. Ths Bankers lead the ay with a six and one record. Manager Aschettlno's crew scored early and kept up the pace by acorig 11 runs in six innings. • The iants unleased their power right t the start ot the contest by scoring a quartet of tallies In the initial rame. Once the he.wy bats started winging, the Bankers racked up in 8-0 lead before l o n g Branch lented the rubber with a lone markr in the fifth inning. Les Stevens went the distance for he "Ginls," spreading seven hits that included a fair of round tripe n by Fred Apicelll in the fifth md ' ninth innings. Stevens eliminated six on strikes and failed to sue a walk. Apicelll, with three ilts, and Paul Dlllolan, with a pair if singles, were, the heavy willow wingers for the losers, Not to be outclassed by the Relubllcans in the home run departent, Ralph Manucca cracked out pair, slamming one to left In the ilxth frame with two men on and sracked hi* second four-bagger In he eighth to right center field. Leonardo exploded in the fourth rame with a ten-run outburst hich iced the Issue over 'vVhltesIlle. The Field clubbers tagged Charles Xeenan and Bill'Taylor for 17 hits hat included three apiece by Pelose and Gilbert. Keenan, who was :aken put in the fourth frame with o outs and a half dozen runs aleady In, was handed the loss. In other Jersey Shore contests, he Freehold Merchants edged delphia 4-2, and Atlantic Highlands Eagles handed Neptune a ound 9-1 trouncing. Neptune took the early lead on home-run by Ferrettle in the first rame. Tom Harrington then :losed the door on the Legion nine f ter this clout. He fired five-hit jail, fanned 15 and walked six setters. •

Hits ofl Rosmthal 0 In H Innings, Harvey S in T 2-1 innings, Losing pltehtr— Bostnthal. Umpire—Amelia. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS AB • H

tSXS E S Keyes lb. ± i J .14 l4I 1I Cheny. Sb H. Reed, •'«. .., Davis. If O. Hllle, 2b, H i t Harrington, Rsekley,' If.

4 0. 1 ,2 0 • 8 I t



si "• H

The Fort Dix nine, represented NEPTUNJ AB R H by the 3Mth Infantry regiment, ..4 0 • Mueel. ) b teed off against Hamley for four .. « 1 2 Ferrette, 2b. « ,«™...; runs in the opening frame. Bruno,\ gf. .. „., ........ ..2 0 1 ...4 0 0 Melntyre. ss. ..._ -. Vines Cioeta opened the game Mendenhall,- e. -. .. 4 • 1 with a triple and Ed Markey ..SO 1 Myers, l b ....... 0 t Mason; If. „, walked. First Baseman Jim a o Corbo, rf., If ; Greene scored both runners with a 0 o a Haviland, p. .... •. double. Another hit followed, with 2 o o Don Peterson, who hurled his VanSelver, rf o a Greene holding third. The latter Sams, p 'ourth win In giving up eight hits, e s a-Hand scored on Bob Murawskl's hit over pened the fifth Inning with an insecond. Hamley got the first out field hit and Parent! scored him 80 1 .» as Mick' DeMaio fanned, but Pat aStmck out for Ssrres In Bth with a three-bagger. A walk to Atlantic Highlands.... 014 000 220—t LaMonica kept the attack going Schelfhout in the sixth frame, hi* Neptune 100 000 000—1 with a aafety to tally Murawskl, teal of second and advancing to Two-Base Hit—Corbo. Three-vase Bill Stark, the runner at third, was Hlta—E. Keyes, B. Keyes. Home run— Lhtrd on an Infield out, he (cored Ferrette. Double plays—Cherry, E. out on a rundown, to give Mon- Lou Ilnrbnro, Hollywood ater on a wild pitch by Holdtn. 32-35—87 Keyes. Struck out by* Harrington 15: mouth a break as the next hitter Dick Morrla. Jumping Brook.... 36-36—72 Three double plays in the first Haviland , Sarres 6. Bases on balls oft 38-37—7B singled, but Bill DuBrava filed to Frank Slcllano. Hwy. D.R Harrington 8, Haviland 1, Sarrea 1. Hits our innings helped Peterson escape rt Marka. Lakewood 38-39—77 oft Haviland 1 In I Innings, Sarres 10 In right to end the inning. with onlyy three runs against him. teorjee Keeae, Lakewood 36-41—77 e. Losing pitcher Havitand. Umpires— g H UIRE AIR IR BASE 40-38—18 Two walks, a wild pitch and Joe ohn Gafone, Manasquan Schanck, Mallnlx, Baer. HC GUIRE BASE irmelj Petraglia, Sp. Mead'w....39-40—79 , A l l Beohard's grounder to second gave ohn Albert!, Jump. Brook.....S8-41—79 FREEHOLD 'ennington, 2'b 4 2 Monmouth a run in the llrst In- 'red Albert!. Jump. Brook AB R H 41-41—82 Colelln, If 1 Hlgglns,' 2b: :....i 4 » • oe Bar>baro, Barbaro'aD.R, 40-43—83 ning. The Signalmen tallied a ..i Malone, rf 2 Uoyd, rf., IIf 42-41—81 4 marker in the third on George ndy Slkora, Beacon HI IK Gulnla. t i S Fowler, Sb F l come Krclecha, Keyport No Card ...... . 4 Johnson, lb Parenti's safety and Bechard'a dou- Tiny Fedone, Shore Falrwya Bereton, ef. No Card 4 Cashlon, lb ble. The score remained 4-2 until Roddy Newman, Homestead No Card 4 Malhieu; crV."irV'7.zr.rr.'r."'.'." Oalciey. l b .No Card 0 the seventh, as Hamley blanked rack Welih, Ft, Monmouth Rurbin, ctt . Donahue, c •• S icorjte Sullivan -No Card Fort Dix on two hits. DeMarco, 3b Myrah, as ;.... 4 ' FRO-AMATEUR Holden. p. ..•..».*• Par'teau. rf. S In Monmouth's big inning, i. Barbaro-nick Burke ....28.83—«1 Riddle, If. ... 1 —31-32—68 Charley Paige led off with a walk :. Reeae-Don Towbin. 2< t a Conklin p 8 ngelo Fctraglla-AI Welrman.,33-32—65 FORT MONMOUTH and Nick Mogavero came through .. Marlu.Bob Shiner ..31-34—65 RUMSON—The final game of the AB R 84 4 T as a pinchhltter with a single Dick Morris-Andy Dalt 33-32—«5 4 1 'arentl, ss ADELPHIA 32-33—65 playoffs for the title in the Mon- Hnjredorn, 3b through the middle. Dick Fell- Morrla-Rube Selgel 4 2 AB R H mouth County Cub Scout Softball -...34-32—66 8 nechard, rf : hauer ran for the second-string Marka-Reg Applenat* Reed, rf _... '. S 0 L. Barbaro-Bud Duprce -...31-35—66 eague will be played tonight at Luft. 1 b „ 4 catcher and Hamley went to bat. L. Tlmko 8b .4 Barbnro-Ed Hlrsch 32-34—66 5:45 at the Rumson high school Schelfhout, If ... 2 Jurgelskl, If 2 1 0 Ths Monmouth hurler, after bunt- Morrls.Bol) Shankln .'. 35-31—66 2 Hampton, lb.' — 8 1 1 36-32—67 leld, with Rumson and Oakhurst Rossi*. 2b '.' Ing foul twice, singled into short M. Slclliano-Pete Arend.... 8 "... Quinn, c. 4 0 0 Pedonc-JIm Gragale 34-34—6H :ontending for the honors. S BHbits, cf. right to load the bases with none F. Albcrti-Joe Stevenson Malko 21) .• 4 0 S 35-33—68 Peterson p. * > The two teams finished the reguRoe, ef; :. S 1*1 out. Marks-Donald Houitn 36-32—68 Moron, a _ s e t 34-35—69 lar season as champions of the 27 8 11 Parentl singled sharply to score Sullivan-Frank Giambrone Cusson, p. 8 0S Dubokowlct 35-34—69 Northern and Southern divisions of McGuire Air Base .... 1 « 1 « 0 0 0—3 two runs to deadlock the score. Petrairlla-AI M. SicWano-Cua SIciHano 33-36—65 he league and started the two- Fort Monmouth 1 1 0 4 1*1 x—8 i t 2 2 Dutch Hagedorn followed with an- Cafone-Roy Geramatta— 35-35—70 Runs batted In—Hagedorn 2, Sehelf. Freehold .'.000 000 040—4 35-35—70 mt-of-three playoff Friday at Rum- hout 2, Parent!, Luft, King, Gulnta 2. other hit to score Hamley and . Albertl-Carl Lewis...Adelphia 000 000 002—2 'edone-Warren Babson 35-35—70 on. Oakhurst, which had finished Two-base hits—Hagedorn, King. Threemake It 5-4, as Monmouth led for Two-Base Hit—Fowler. Three-Base SIclllano-Anzelo Tomoalnl....34-36—70 he regular season with a 9-4 base hits—Parentl, Luft. Home run— Hit—Hampton. Struek out by Conklin the llrst time. Bechard sent across Sullivan-Harold Muiinte 86-35—71 Schelfhout. Stolen bases—Sehelfhout, 16, Cusson B. Baaes on balls oft. Conkecord, including a 10-6 loss to 33-38—71 the fourth run of the inning with a Reeie-Ed Levy .T. Klmr. Sacrifice—Peterson. Hit by pitcher lin 8, Cusson 8. Hit by pitcher by ConkCertainly, th« "good press" that Monmouth Park has enjoyed for single. DuBrava, with runners on R«e:e-Fete Seott umson In the final game of the —By Peterson (Mathleu and Gulnta.) 84-37—71 lin (Jurgelski). Winning pitcher—Conk36-35—71 schedule, Walks—Peterson 8, Holden 7. Strlkt•even years has been directly due to Mr. Wade's more than skillful first and second and no one out \ Albertl-Tony Aldarelll handed the northern lln, losing pitcher Cusson. Umpiresouts—Peterson «, Holden 2. Double plays !ikora-Don Corwlru 35-36—71 Trojan, Petruska. performance of his position and his graclousness in handling this huge then settled down and struck out ilkora-Fred Luft, Hugerdorn. King: Merrlnun 36-35—71 squad Its first defeat of the year, —Hamdorn, job. Wade was not only an asset for Monmouth Park, but for Ocean- ths next three batters. WHITES VILLE Jafone-H. J. Ball -...36-36—12 breaking a 13-game Rumson string Hajredorn, Luft: Parenti-Luft. Umpires AB R LONG BRANCH —McCarren and Finn, Time: 1:57. port, Monmouth county and New Jersey racing. . Albertl-Harry Allkaa _-...36-38—73 lth a 6-4 victory. Dix threatened in tho eighth ns o a Barbaro-Ueo. Kllastl . 4 1 AB R H Brodwater, ss 38-35—73 It was, only a couple of years ago that Mr. Wade resigned, Rumson bounced back, however, Phillips, If. .._.. 4 Jlllolan 4 1 " Xrelachn-Chuclt KegleT....36-3S—74 Greene led off with his second hit reconsidered and went back to his desk. Monmouth Fark Applegate, ef. . _ radley, rf... 2b 4 nd evened the playoffs by taking 37-37—74 of the game. Two outs later he was 'etrmrlla-Richard Mueller Klrby. Sb. ...„ _.:. ._..; 4 Monte'ro, 2b. ...............—........"-... 4 officials didn't let him get away then, and we can't understand Io« Barbaro-Stan Savage.— 37-37—74 L 9-7 thriller at Oakhurst Monday on third and scored on DeMalo's r. Welnh-Harold Jame*.... R. Pembleton, lb. . 4 Plerion, cf * 4 36-38—74 why they lost the biggest catch In the pond this year. There L. Pembleton, 2b. .... .V 4 F. Aplcelli, 8b «... 4 line drive over second. LaMonica . Wel«h-Jerry Ycllln 87-37—74 o run thi playoffs out to the limit. must be very good reasons for Wade to quit, and whatever they Taylor, rf., p ...... BoBione, l b «... 4 In the opening playoff game, ••done-Ed Force 36-39—7J grounded to the pitcher to end the might be, he's too nice a chap to put someone on the spot and Sexton, e — I, Apicelll. If. 4 Ikora-Dlck Hearn 38-39—77 Oakhurst pitcher Carl Labor shacinning. Keenan, p. ..—..*......«..«.... _..i 2. !. Acerra, c .'. I blurt out his quitting reasons. INDIVIDUAL AMATEUR LITTLE SILVER—Jacobs Hard- Aotenthal, kled the Rumson sluggers for the p ....._... 0 With the slim one-run lead HamBob Shankln 8S-20—S« No matter what public function Mr. Wade might attend, he la al« S 14 Welrman «9-S—«l irst time this year with brilliant ware tagged Little Silver Boys' Harvey, p ways Introduced as the best publicity director in the racing game. ley encountered no difficulty in the Al'rank LEONARDO F. C. Giambrone 74-7—67 peed and control, and Mike club, 10-3, In an encounter here AS it H 14 Introductions like that aren't dreamed up. His ability ia recogniied ninth inning. He retired the side, etc Arend „ —70.3—67 Manger slammed a two-run hom- Monday night. McNaughton led the Lehmann, « 1 1 RED BANK all over the country. His work puts him In a class by himself and one, two, three, two via strikeouts Peloae, lb. ...„ 1 8 AB R er for the winning runs. Both victors with two hits In five hikes to give him five for the evening. he Is known as the "atopilc bomb" copy producer when it comes to 1 1 Sthultheis, If Mirtnora, 2b* 2 * . . 1 to the rubber, both blows being cirearns were blanked after the DuBrava, who hurled previously Laver, aa « .............. ; : • ! 1 2 i b ...» , 2b. -•— :. 2 banging out columns and feature stories for newspapers and magacuit clouts. Carrol was the hitting lourth inning in a pitching duel Gilbert. Sb. , . .... 5. 2. 8 zines. Knowing his work, persons attending these public affairs know with Hsgerstown, Md., gave up nine l'X2., \C'Z'Z'ZZ"Z^ZZZ'I >etween Labor and Tommy Trainor. star for .the.losers, -sla«si»!inf,outthat such Introductions are well fitted to Mr. Wade and that a toast- hits and" struck" out ten' Slgnaleeri. 1 1 ef. ..........'.....«.....—....... 4 The return game saw Oakhurst three hits in four trip* to" the plate. Macsucea, Besides the six hits in the flrat 8 master Isn't just feeling around for words. 1.1 Walling, rf. ........ .ewls, rf. ..'..«..» . • 4 JACOBS HARDWAMi go Into the sixth leading, 4-2 but frame, Hamley gave up. only four 4 2 2 e. .....—............................... 2 Dorlek. 2k While most boys at the age of ten play baseball, marble* AB R R Rllcy, Meloney, e. ...............»..,.... 2 4 1 1 Jackson Lowe, Robby Robinson, more the rest of the way. Marx. If. _.„..._ | and all other sportsj, Horace, at the age of ten, wrote a novel. nd famed Langhorne Speedway George Weiss, Bob Lee and Hank B. McNaughton, rf. . Stoeeker, as, ...-.:. »'...........*...' 8 . B 42 12 17 Being a boy prodigy, Horace and his parents moved to CaliBrlster. l b 8 FORT DIX will again be the scene of the most Boardman all hit singles to send Chrlstman, 3b ;..„ 4 WHltesville :. Cll 111 e2»— * v fornia from Chicago and while on the west coast he InterAB R H unique event ever presented In the p. 1 Bossone, si 4 Leonardo F. C 000 100 20i—12 iumson ahead by one and Johnny Ciocta, 2b . 5 1 lb _ _ _. 4 viewed such famous celebrities as William Howard Taft, when sport of auto racing when the third MacLaughlin slammed a three-run Curtln, Two-Bas. Hits—Schulthels, Fix, Lautr, t ' 2» 18 Markey, it , t Maxza, cf. , 4 he was United States Supreme Court Justice, President Calvin Long Branch 000 Oil 0 0 1 - - Gilbert. Brodwater (2), R. Pembleton. annual auto racing fair la staged Greene, lb 2 J. Masiaroppl, 2b, . 4 L v d Red Bank 420 208 02x—IS Double plays—Brodwater-L. Pembleton. Coolldge, Sir Thomas Lipton, Mary Plckford, Rudolph Valen0 Stark, e Sunday, Aug. 2. All of the activity, c _ 8 PembleUn, Lautr-Dorlck-Pelose. Two-Base Hit—Simpson. Home Buna— R. the final tally. Oakhurst came Rockhill, 0 Mlano, rf., 8b .. tino, John D. Rockefeller and numerous others high In publle and there will be four different Costa, p . 4 F. Apicelll (21, R. Mauueea ( 2 ) . Saeri. Struck out by Fix I, Keenan S, Taylor 1 Murawskl, 8b., e. .... back with three runs in Its last at life. » cve'nts featuring stocks, midgets, bats, but with two on and two out, J. MoNaughton, 2b. ..._... flee—Stevens. Struck out by Stevens t, I. Basea on balls off Fix I, Keenan I, 0 DeMalo, cf .Rocenthal 0, Harvey 6, Bases on balls Taylor 8. Hits oK Keenan I In 8 In0 For a short spell Mr. Wade was connected with the up-and-growlng LaMonica, rf., II. sprint cars and American-foreign Boardman made .. off Stevens 0. Rosehthal I. Harvey 5. nings, Taylor I In 8. Losing pitcher— 0 a spectacular LITTLE SILVER BOYS" CLUB motion picture Industry in his early years and although he was suc- Stackpole, If., e stocks, will be contested over the Hit by pitcher—By Rocenthel (Mamora). Keenan, Umplras—Davis, Malnee. 0 rf catch of Labor's long fly to center ,, AB * H cessful on the west coase, the movie work wasn't just what he'wanted. Bltio, world's fastest circular mile. 0 DuBmva, P. • - • to end the game. Carroll, ss _ _ 4 1 1 One beautiful bright and sunny racing day Horace traveled to a race More than 150 drivers from the Annenberg, l b ,..-.. -4 I 0 Barry Ayers hit a slow roller betrack, for the first time. It was because of this first trip to a horse 5 10 various divisions of the {xipular .1. Bruno, l b 4 1 0 tween short and third. Frater came FORT MONMOUTH Pagan, p .... 1 9 0 racing plant, where the horses came pounding their hoofs towards sport will compete in the afterAB R up with the ball and In an attempt Welnhetaer, ef. ..._ ( I S the finish line,, that Mr. Wade made up his mind that this was the Partnll, •• _ I noon's thrilling program of speed. .Jay Bruno, rf. IS 0 to throw out Barry, who had alHeld he wished to conquer. Thrilled by the thousands and thousands Hagedorn, Sb 0 Flynn, If. , 2 1 0 The leading NASCAR stock pilots, ready crossed first, threw tht ball Bechard, rf 0 A. Bruno, e ; „ % 1 of racing fans cheering on their selections was an inspiration to Mr. led by Ronnie Kohler, Jim De0 Luft, lb „.._ away, allowing Woodward to score Alexander, 2b. I • Wade, who lost no time moving to the top in the racing game. laney, Bill Errlco, Dave Terrell and 0 Schelfhout, If., cf ". GIBSON ISLAND, MD.—Henry from second with the winning run. His flint job was down In the little state of Teias w h e n 0 Klna-, e Lou Johnson will take the green Both teams play each other once Pals-., 2b. 1 Jacobs Hardware 2»0 «M—10 Mlltenberger, skippering his Comet he started on the bottom rung of the ladder, kept climbing flag in the 60-mlle regional chammore this season In-the final fame Babiti, cf Boys' Club 200 001— 1 NEWARK Dr. Nathan N. 0 Rascal, and flying the Monmouth for approximately 20 years, still Is climbing and we won't be pionship, so sanctioned by NASa-Moaavero 1 0 Home runs—B. MeNauthton !. Twoof the second half. Another win surprised If his ladder runs out of extensions. b-Fellhautr' a 1' CAR. Delaney, winner of the 100- Frankel has been appointed Mon- base hits—Carroll, Massaroppi, Hits off Boat club burgee, finished second for. the Elks team will cinch the In digging Into Horace's Monmouth Park work and at other tracks Hoover, If II mile national championship, looms mouth county chairman for the Cost* 6 in 7 Innings, Fsgan IS In T. in the Comet Class Gibson Island final half and force a playoff with out by Costa I, Pagan I. Urn challenge series sanctioned by the Hsmliy, p. 1 we found the following Wade workings: as the best In this field at the pres- United States committee for sports Struck In Israel it was announced here pire—Crothars. Chesapeake Bay Y.\ R. A. and the the Fair Haven team, who won the Director of Monmouth Park's publicity since MM. ent writing. 18 first half. A win by the Orioles will yesterday by Jerome L. Kesslcr, Comet Class T. R. A, a B i t U d for Bablta In 7th Conceived the slogan, "A Great Name In American Bating," earn them the trophy as champs' Charley Miller, former midget state chairman. Alfred J. Lippman bRin for Mogavero In Tth now used as the Oceanport track's trademark, Forty-five Comets sailed In Hie of the Seaboard division 'of MonFort Monmouth 101 009 4 0 * auto great, will compete in two and of Shrewsbury was named vice three-race series Saturday and Sun- mouth County Little League, Inc., Named many of the stakes, Including The Salvator Mile, Fort Dix ..... _ 400 000 OKIpossibly a third event. So far the chairman. day aa Mlltenberger finished tenth the letfue In which these teams are which involved several weeks of research, going through old RBI—Bechard 8, Parentl 2, Greene 2, Hagedorn, MurawsM, DeMaio, Stackpole. AHentown speedster has mounts for Dr. Krankel, who resides at Inin the first race, third in the secnewspapers and magazines In the New Yoik library. if 2B—Btohird, 'Paige. Green, Murawakl, the 50-mlle midget championship erlaken, is an Asbury Park dentond and won the final to gain sec- associated. Turf historian on New Jersey racing because of th!s> con3B—-Cloets, Stolen bate—Stark. Double and the sprint program and if a Carl Schwenker, 15-year-old Pen- ond place on points, ist. He was chairman of the MonRBD BANK ELKS siderable research work. play—Hamley-Parentl-Luft. Walks by AB R H Hamley 2, DuBrava 8, Strlkeouta—Ham- fast car ia available he will go to mouth Council of the Jewish Na- guin skipper, is leading the field Brought, colored television to Monmouth, only race track Robert H, Ray of Columbia T. Hall, p ley (, DuBrava 10, Left on baae—Mon the fiost in, the stock car race, tional fund, former Asbury Park in Monmouth Boat club's point S to enjoy the medium. SlIlT If if ™:~™ »8 I 0 2 mouth I , Dix I. Umpire!—Carhart am Miller has developed into one of series by a ten-point, bulge ove C. won the series with 122 points. Biuson" chairman of tho Labor Zionist OrClaglia, l b 3laglia, l b ..."„ s II 1 His work in producing Monmouth Park's annual brochures) Aiehettlno. Miltenberger, chasing the leader by the top big car contenders In URC ganization of America and a mem- his nearest rival. ss. 1 t t have attracted considerable attention. a slim margin, finished two points lohnson, 1 1 t Woodward. Sb. racing and during the last month ber of the board of directors of Sailor Schwenker, at the tiller During off-season, fed copy to more than S00 newspapers I. Ayrea. • If. S t 1 has annexed two mains. Mike San the Shore Area.TJnlted Jewish Ap- of Aggie, compiled BS points, while behind with. 120 points. Third place Bauer, rf „.,.. ' on nearly a weekly basis, covering Monmouth activities, 2 t I went to Marty Llpplncott of RiverFelice of Norristown and Bill Han peal, Louise Worthley, skipper of Jully ton with 112 points. M, Ayrea, 2b . , 2 t t Through Florida associations took care of many eastern Wark, e. . . . _ . — , ry and Nick Fonora have "also en2 I I Roger, holds down second position newspapermen and racing celebrities, as well as political and A former captain in the' Army COMET RESULTS 20 tered the midget auto event. Fon with 49 points. business figures, whose friendship proved valuable to MonFAR HAVBN ORIOLBJ" ' , * Boat Sklppsr Club' rts. ora Is the foirher national chsm Dental Corps, Dr. Frankel in secreDon Zlfehak; who guides Bldo, AB It H mouth Park during it* season. tary of Congregation Sons of IsLucky Strike, Ray, Columbia Y, C 122 Ptte Stlne, u plon In the small auto tport, lit rael, Asbury Park, and has been rides In the third (lot with 39 Rascal, Mlltenberger, H.B.C Has hrought numerous celebrities to Monmouth Park ter 120 Lattlere, l/i „ 2 1 I MONMOUTH PARK —A mam points, with Guy Van Ness in fifth 8086, Upplncott, Rlverton 112 The fourth event on the unique active In the Israel bond drives. presentations. Pat Stlne. Ik. lit moth safety exhibit will be a high card will feature the American and He Is a member of Jumping Brook spot with 86 points. 'lying Leo, R Low. Rarlton Y. C 108 Lvons, rf. 2 I 1 Wrote "Tales of the Turf" as a program feature since the Fly. L. Low, RarlUn Y. C 107 Lopes, If light at Monmouth Park Saturday foreign-made stocks In a trophy Country elub, 2 I t Pta, r,n opening. lit Details of this unusual display an dash. Carl Schwtnker „ ft fellow Bannsna, Olson, Rarttan Y, C.104 Cupples, p Hy, Merrill, Red Dragon 108 His work brought him a post as first president of the Turf 2 t t A Aecuaro, e _ Mr. Lippman Is In the real estate Louisa Worthier ,.„,._ Z l l 4 being worked out by a commlttei Luck., Corslea 102 Fraser, I k . 1°2 I I I • .". . s lar Fly, Luck., Publicists of America, a position he occupied for two terms. and Insurance business here. He Don Zlfchsk headed by James O. Aldrlch, presl y, Tim, Indian Landing .....96 2 1 0 T«e J a ; — ' • - • • Robardi, 2b. _ „ .",".. Ouy Van Nes _ __ g During the course of a meeting turned out upwards of was recently awarded the Aztec Dave Wilson 1» 0 1 dent of the Monmouth Count) ZZZ~.~.Z.."ZZ I Hint i11, Ed Flood. Wlldwood Y. C. »« 150,000 words about the track, Including column space for 100 000—f Eagle, highest honor awarded by Karon. Llndsley rjrlot.s i „.,.. „ 2 Safety Council, with the co-operaM 002—2 newspapers from coast to coast. „ 2 the Mexican government to non- Roger Brown tion of officials of the Jockey clut Elks ..,.::.:.:::".":;..:;z:; 2 Started tho policy In tho east of distributing post cards Mexican civilians. He Is active In Ann Richardson — and civic, social, Industrial, pro .,Efrare—Johnson, Frasir. Hit " by Bill Borner „ _..„ 1 among patrons and having the track mall them as publicity Monmouth county and Essex coun- Sue Mtfh«r—Woodward (by Cupples), Bases fesslonal and service groups whlcl Lyon ..,.**....„* 1 ball; oft Hall 2, Cupples 8. Struck nut outlet, ty civlo affairs, WALL TOWNSHIP—Bill OhevaBruce Anderson „ 1 are represented on the council, by Hall 8, Oupples i, Umpires—A. MeTinker Whit ,. .„",.' Started "The Monmouth Bugle" which Is s source of pubHer will be out to repeat when the Craeken, Stlne, Bosky, Hail; Dick Davl ...'" IHZ-Z" Tht Monmouth Park show is thi licity and good will, and is distributed weekly. One of the shortest boxing bouts Bccond*100-lap stock car race of the H* climax of the council's acclden leaion Is run at Wall stadium Sat- on record occurred on May 12, 1940, Sam Boynton The Red Bank Elks entry In the This year Introduced an eight-page brochure on Monmouth A, L. Moody „,,„ prevention program for 10SZ-B.1 urday night, Little League defeated the Fair „,;,. „,., when Wlllard Dean knocked out Don Spurdte for distribution and mulling by fans at the track, Picture Racing fans will see at close rangi 0. EnKtnburger ! .V. Haven Orioles by a 2-1 score In brochure covers Monmouth activities. Chovallor not only grabbed the Claude Allen In 11 seconds at Cor Jay Patton , ,.« the Implements: of accident preven Instrumental In marie and entertainment for stablemen. vlotory In the first 100-lap feature pus Christ), Tex, Bob Hance .,.„..„ ».._..„ _.„ i a regular, season game at the high tion which art in use In Monmout) school athletlo field Tuesday, The Was responsible for most fabulous press day In Jersey Audrey Ann Wilson, youngest of county. Exhibits will Include fin of the season, but he turned In Ion, the first suffered by the Orioles tht junior skippers at Monmouth history, when a boat was chartered and top New York newstriumphs In the SS'/4-mllt events prevention and protection appara this season, sends tht Elks Into the Boat club, sailed her way to vicpapermen were transported to the track, resulting In hundred! lajit year, tui, high school and other drivel top slot for the second half ot the tory Tuesday night In the weekly of column* of publicity. The Sayrevllle ace, leidlng driver training equipment and material* year's play, Tht leaders sport • Junior race on the N*veslnk. Under his gulrianco Monmouth Park It regarded as the at Wall, will be reaching for a big first aid and penonal protectlv 9-1 record, while Fair Haven's recmost hcnrlly publicized track In America. On the first leg of Howie's, tht illco of the $2,200 purse that rides equipment, Industrial, farm an ord stands at ft wins and one de- Lyon sisters, Sue and Sally, were Snrvcs In triple duties of publicity director, racing secretary home, safety features, Addltlonn on tho rnce curd, a trophy from LEONARDO-Fro Andy Slkora Hill over tht week-end, Willie Can fect, and director of racing at Gulfstream Park, having used such In tht thick of tht battle, Trailing the Blue Jay inn, Colllngwood, «nd material will spotlight civilian am of Beacon Hill Country club turned navo fired low grois score with I activities to k w p Intimate touch with horsemen who supported Tht losers scored In the first In- were Pam Worthley In Jolly Roger it now traolt record, radiological defense, out to bo an hot as tho weather Monmouth Park, 37-34—71. Turning In the nextbes ning when Mike Lottlere was safe and Audrey In Cold Feet, Other top notch driven set to Conceived Ihn Florida Derby, now at 1100,000, and one of As the race progressed to IrRive Chevalier a battle arc Dick Tuesday whan ha loured the local cards were Freddy Merriman and at first on Johnson's error and went Larry Scott, identical scores of 36layout here In record bronklng form REGATTA GROUP TO MEET winter's most glamorous events, to second on tho overthrow, Pat win's on the windward leg, Buddy Dnvls, Mnnnaquan; Frank 'SchneiFleiv iirwuunpflrmeu to Florida last winter to wltttMs lh» Stlne struok out and Craig Lyons Burdge took the lead, Rounding der, Lnmbei'tvllloi Bant Malach, to recapture honors of holding tho 37-73, The National Sweopstakos R Florida Derby another niitntandlng publicity "lint" lie InJohn Warren, Jr., (Ired a torrl sont Lottlore home with a sharp the marker Burdgt was ahead but Lnnsdaln, Pa,| Al Koller, Green course, rocorrt, gatta association will moet Tue cluded local newspapermen and other New Jersey writers on Pro Hlkora, plnylnjf with Mrs, round to win low ntt honors whe rt,p to center, Aftor this Inning lost ground whon tacking In to day night at Molly Pitcher hoto Acres City, Fla,, Dill MoCarthy, thin trip, ho carded 74-8—M. Paul Hall, tho winning pitcher, set- short on the reach home, Mist WilRed Hunk; L*n Urown, LambertMabel Clnrk CloUlamlth of HollyPlans will be dlncusBod for th lias IKM'M clftsn to Frnsldcnt ilanics Itonn In (he operation Ltdlos' low gross wss shared by tled down and retired the losers In son, who itayod out, got « few exvllli; Pnrkcr Bonn, Freehold, »nd wood Country club nnd Mm, Robert annual river classic on the Nav of (lulfstrrnm 1'nrk, Hint IIHM seen It rise from bankruptcy halls tra puffs whloh carried her over Tom Blllott, Bloomflold, Onrnnid of Beacon Hill cnwlcil n Mrs. Harry Austin and Mrs, A, D ordor. •Ink river Sept, 12, 13, Into nnn of thn nation's lending track*. Tht winners couldn't do muoh off tht finish lint » seconds to tho pair of 33's for a now mark of 66, Oushmnn when ths pair tumid i Hem'H as racing secrutary at Hazel I'ark, Michigan, whero Identical soore cards of 49-47—03 the offtrlafs of Bruoe Gupplei, good, Dla«ln« awny for thn 18 holes, Im Introduced thn highly "ticMMful endurance races, which from a metropolitan paper with «. huge circulation and with the si\m Slkora scored mwon blnUon, ten Mrs, David Jones, won th* low ne They managed to loid tht bases In Penguin—Start Till nmny trnok* nnw pattern after, Also present* an eicluilve Bklimsr Bklnnsr '""*" Time friendly spirit, Ws.de is lovocl by nil In the molng game and will b pars nnd only one bogey In tho award with her belt round o: tht fourth but Weren't able to _ Best Ad W Cold f e e t . Wilson VijJ racn tat gray horses, 08-M—73, missed hero by newsnnpormon, fin woll n« tho trainer,-ownor, jookoy host round covorcil on lit* homo dont tho dish until tho final sosslon, Juns Drills,Audrsy Lsrry Unrein HIS7 llrllnvra In biking racing out of the ordinary and Investing truck hand, stablemen, stnbloboya and nil people connected with th course, Vlotort In flr.it round President' Bob Billion started It off with tn Tootile Mam. Busan Uyon tiW It with robes of glnmoiir, t,u track, cu.p mntohes were Herb Ber«ho! Inflow single, Vlnoe Claxll*. fol- Uckens, Olfk AUnvtsr HIHII Lou Barbara of Hollywood Conn Ghnrlns Koylar, (I, M, Hoffman an lowed with a slurp hit to loft, Mlko Big Bnl, Silly Lynn Tim nliovo tiro just a fow snmplos of the) W&dt promotional mind, Mr, Wade, Wfl'rn all sorry to know that your atoll will ho y Web Foot, Dou« Rsynor "iJ» try club last woolt HOL tho oourso O P«ffc« mid pngrH could bo nddod to Ills notlvlllos, empty at Monmouth ooniiM nuxt HCIMHOII. MonniouUi J'srh's V l Lottloro pltohod a porfoct strike tn llsnlsm, B « v ; Llnjoln H ilo t Vorlogtr, roooid, but It prnvnil «hni'l-llv«rl, Vftir* iiffn thn thoroughbred snort was Ubhnd "The Sport loss It uortnlnly jroliif to fon a tremendous; gillll (a wlmlflvrr Wayno Kruor lo get Billion going I?".!_«»«•'<• ?•!»> *»'">'•*• troph ii»l p In tlie Vice Proildont'i llo'li' llsrica llo flrod n 39-35—07 to wlpo out un NiU of K l n i V hut nn«v In (hew modern tlmii* thn sport hat taken urxHiiliHtloti you next Join, Iidst of luck (<> s. grand fellow mid k Into third, Aftor Carney Johnson Cha'nct, l matches ware nurke No nurns, John Mormn «i)J old ninrlt of C8 held Jointly by 81- cnmpotltlon, liter nil sports mill Is known tu tho "King of Hports," With top imbllclty dlnxHorl struok out, Woody Woodward draw Tinker's Dnm, Sharon Burclji up by Walter Conovor, Davo Jonoi «U4 a griillennm Ilko Wntln drumming tho »|iorl, how could It mlisT To another man tops In liIn field, wo extend our ulnccro (hanks to korn And nnmlaur member Joo Mlllott Plgbuu, John Ryan, In a w»lk and «. wild pitch advanaod Mill) llornco Is tho typo of porion who treat* all Alike, A. man from nearntr Koller of Atlantic Hlfthlaiiu1", vlioao cartoon at Mr, Wado and 8levon«on, Ori, Hob >lek«non ,„ both runnon to icoond nnd third. Ohlantl Crous«, Honry Bauer, Pett Burn it, John •hit IllO lli« iDMlkil publication receives tin "ami (rcilmtnt «i tht writtr th* "blf ihoti (o fill" appetri in till* corner. In other golf activity at Botoon and Milton A, Vrulind. Thin with a count o( two nod tw JS n»m.; >..,.„.„. l i l t

Rumson in Final Playoff Tilt

Jacobs Hardware Triumphs, 10-3

Auto Fair Slated At Laiigkorne

TI r

Comet Pilot Wins 2d in Maryland

Sports in Israel Names Lippman

Schwenker Leads Penguin Pilots

Safety Exhibit At Race Track

Chevalier Seeks Repeat at Wall

Elks Take Lead In Little League

Audrey Wilson Wing Junior Race

Pro Andy Sikora Cards 66 to. Set New Mark at Beacon Hill G. C.


Tommy Elliott Wins at Wall WALL TOWNSHIP—Tommy Elliott scored a clean iweep at Wall stadium Saturday night, copping hii performance with hU second 35-lap victory of the (took racing •eaion. Elliott itole the lead from Parker Bohn, Freehold, In the 21«t lap of the main event after being pressed all the way toy the county seat driver. Bohn also was working on a clean aweep, but had to •ettli for lecond place In the main run of the evening. He finished about four lengths behind the winner. A five-car pileup between the third and fourth turns halted the event in the seventh lap. Bohn wai

running In front of the 22-ear field at the time of the pileup. The crackup forced Bill Chevalier, Sayrevlllt; Bill McCarthy, . Red Bank; Frank- Myroncuk, New Egypt; Bill Bentley, Laurence Harbor, and Charlie Blrdsall of Point Pleasant, out of the race. Only Bentley remained in competition. Elliott was just behind Bohn on the restart and he stayed there as Bohn moved through the field of can. But between the third and fourth turn* of the Slit lap, Bohn lost ground in the race. He was hemmed in and couldn't find an opening as Elliott loomed ahead. Elliott wai the victor in the third heat and the second semi-final and Bohn had .copped the first heat and the first semi-final. Chevalier took the consolation, but had tough competition in icorlng the victory. His car and one driven by AI Pomponlo, Likewood,

locked tog-ether between ths third and fourth turns In the second lap. Their vehicles blocked the track and the race was stopped. It was halted a second time when two other cars tangled In front of the grandstand. Results: First heat. II) lave—Parker Bohn, Freehold; Bill McCarthy, Bed Bank! Charlie Dyer, North Bergen. Time: 2:63.80. Second heat, 10 lajx—Al Keller, Grt*n Acrei, Fla.; Dick Davii, Manaiquan; Tommy Elliott, Bloomfleld. Time: None. Third heat, 10. lapi—Tommy Elliott, Tom Clark, Red Bank; Bill Chevalier, Styreville. Tima: 3:52,48. Flrit eerai-flnal, 12 lapi—Parker Bohn, Al Keller. Bill Tanner, Newtown, Pa. Time: None, Second atml-flnal. II la»e—Tommy Bllott, Howie Long-, Red Bank; Dick Oavli, Conioiatlon. 10 lapi—BUI Chereller, Dick Meglll, Neptune; Ray Baxter, Paiealc. Time: None. Feature event. 28 lape—Tommy Bill* ott, Parker Bohn, Al Keller, Frmkie Schneider, Lambertvllle, Dick Davll. Time I None.

They're Racing at Beautiful




NEW GRANDSTAND FEATURES 2-woy Escalators ; Midway Ttrraet; Outdoor Lounge and Promenade Skywiew Loungt and Cafeteria

Gtn'IAdm. $1.80 tax fnel. No Rating Sundayt

Don Monahan, Atlantic Highlands Hurler, Tosses No-Hitter to Win, 3-0 Don Monahan, chucking for the Atlantic Highlands nine In the Monmouth County American Legion Baseball league, turned In the fifth no-hltter in the circuit Thurslay when he stopped Belmar, I-O, n Firemen's Memorial field. Monahan walked only two batters In tha slx-lnnlng ball fame, while sending five batters back to the bench by the strikeout method. Only three Belmar batters got on !—Bob Mendenhalt and Mort Miller on passes In the first and sixth chapters, respectively, and Gene Schlldknecht on an error In the fourth. Mort Miller, In losing-, held the Atlantic nine to a pair of hits—a double by Ronnie Bahr and a ilngle by Monahan. Miller's main trouble was wlldneas. He walked seven, fannad thret ana hit one batsman. The victors broke the ice In their first licks. Art Ralke walked but w u forced at second by Ken Ralph, Frank Gasklll walked and Ralph scored on Frank Stavola's fielder's choice, Atlantic Highlands completed the coring In the second frame, with a >alr of tallies, George, McQowan 'eceived a free ticket to first, Bahr loubled and Monahan singled. In other encounters Matawan trounced Long Branch, 9-0, and Oakhurst took a 9-5 deolslon from West Long Branch, Matawan scored In every frame as the Huskies racked up the shutout victory. Bob Plttius gave the 3ranchers only two hits, struck out ten and gavs up three, walks. The victors started out In the Irst Inning with a pair of markers >n a single by McQuarrie, a pass o Collins and a stinging single by Wnce Vinci. Matawan stretched the margin o 5-0 with a three-run spurt In the second Inning on singles by Wolf, Plttius, a walk to McQuarrle and singles by Collins and Vlncl. The Huskies completed the scoring with two runs In each of the third and fourth chapters,

Signaleer Hurler Fires No-Hitter BAYONNE—A Fort Monmouth pitcher who arrived at the post last week, made a sensational debut with the Slgnaleers Friday afternoon . by hurling a no-hlt, no-run ;ame. Oula Gruso, 30-year-old Summit righthander, who received a $25,000 Jonus on signing with the Now Fork Yankee organization, hurled is way Into the service "Hall of Fame" In blanking Bayonne Naval, S-O, at the losers' ball park. The flreballlng twlrler struck out .8 batters and issued but one base >n balls, which was to the first batter In the game. Over the nine nninga, the Monmouth outfield did not have a putout, Reporting in this week from Fort im Houston, Tex., where he was pitching with the Brooke. Medical Center team, Grasao, In his outstanding start, struck-out the side in the second, itlth, seventh and llnth innings. Meanwhile, Fort Monmouth made he most of six hits off Vic Garcia >y scoring single runs in the scc>nd, third and fifth frames. Don Schelfhout led off the second with a hit to center and took second on the outfielder's babble. Two Outs later, Bob Bablta scored him with a single to left. In the third frame, Dutch Hagelorn opened with a walk and the

Page Nine

next batter was safe on a Bayonne error. First baseman Don Luft then singled Hagedorn home for Monmouth's second run. The final run off Garcia came In the fifth when Luft led off the Inning with a homo run out to left field. Luft'i clrcut blast waa the only extra base hit la tho game as Monmouth won lta 16th game In 23 starts. Over the route, Grasso faced hut 31 batters, and only one runner reached third base. That was In the opening inning on MR lone pasa to load-ofT batter Jack Esler, who waa sacrificed to second, and went to third on an infield out, BAYONNE NAVAL _

Battling a field of ten Penguins, Skipper Dave "Wilson led the pack Sunday afternoon In Monmouth Boat club's Penguin race on the Naveslnk river. Getting off to a late start failed to curtail Pilot Wilson and his craft, Cold Fe«t. Once his sail caught a good puff of wind, Wilson gained on the leading boats and took a good-sized margin as he rounded Fisher's point. Stiff competition w u offered by Don Zlfchak; who challenged the leader throughout the race.

FREEHOLD—Lured by an unprecedented purse distribution and 50 days of uninterrupted racing, horsemen hava Racing Secretary George Enslen burning the midnight oil at the raceway here. Despite the fact more than 100 new stalls have been constructed since the close of the 1SK32 meet, which wiped all records from the bookn, Enslen has found the demand for stalh space far exceeds the supply.

Among the applications, which have exceeded 600, are a group of newcomers who promise to add much to the 30-day meeting which 4 opens Aug. 8 and continues through 8 Oct. 12. 3 3 Among the newcomers who al1 ready have been allocated space •• .1 is Danny Murphy's Dean Patch, a .ilx-yoar-old trotter, which won 29 0 0 recently at Palnesvlllo in the FORT MONMOUTH AB R sparkling time of 2:07. Shortly afPnrentl. •• f> 0 ter that effort Murphy declined an HRKcdorn, 3b 2 offer of $7,500 for his brilliant perS Bech>rd, rf. . former. I Luft, lb. Schelfhout, K. a Len Applegate, who has come Kin*. .... 3 r Rossi, 2 b 4 up with some good trotters, also TtHl.il . Is among the favored ones on EnsGrasso, len's list. He now has his stable 36 S 6 at Vernon Downs but will be headBnyonn« Nnv»l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0—0 ing this wny within the next fortTort Monmouth 0 I I 0 1 0 0 0 0—3 night. In the Applegate string Is Runs bntled In—Luft '2, Uubits. Home Tommy Mite, which came down on run—Luft. Sncrltici!—Martin, Hit by pitcher—By Cnrcln, (fluimlorn). Wnlkl the head end at Palnesville In the —Gnrcin J. Strike-outa—Gras.to 18, Gnr- good time of 2:09. cin 8. Left nn litiaca—Monmouth t l , IlayAnother addition will be Al Grjen onne 4. Umpires—McNnmura nntt Godof Paducah, Ky, who will bring frey. Time:—2:05. four head, including Frisky Hal, a If kept free from bacteria, milk recent winner at Roosevelt raceway. can be kept fresh indefinitely. Ealcr. al Martin, 2b Hosbury, 3b, Sernfln, If Caiticlia, lb Wllcox, cf Cuccln, rf O'Donnell, c Trolcl, c Garcia, p

Wilson Wins Penguin Race

Freehold Track Luring Horsemen

AB R H ~

PENGUINS Boat Skipper (Joldfeot, D. Wilson Bldo, Don Zlfchak _ A.KBie. C. Schwenkcr Lady, F. Rlcardlnn ..................... Kay 1>«. K. Llndsley Jolly Roger, L. Worthley -. Blsr Sal, O. VanNesi Willy, L. F. Moody, Jr. Tinkern Dam, T. White —

Jersey Shore Sunday's Result* Bed Bank 13, Long Branch S Leonardo F. C. 12, Whltesvllle • Freehold 4, Adelphla 2 Atlantic Highland* B, Keptuiw 1 Standings W L Bed Bank : « Leonardo Whltflnvllle . Long Branch . , Freehold Atlantic Highlands Adnlphia Sunday's Games Red Bank at Freehold Ncptunn at Lonr Branch Leonardo at Atlantic Highland*

Oakhurst wrapped up Its victory jver West Long Branch In the third inning when tha victors ohaied iver eight of their nine rum. TrailIng, 3-1, at the end ef the second Oakhurst was sparked In the big inning by Lou DILIeto's home run. LONG BRANCH AB R H Raedelll, If. • Holden, lb. ..... Roblmon, >b Ippotlto, cf, .......' Elmort, u . Thomion, 2h Bradley, rf Maaaa, e „ DcSheplo, If a»Reedea Daniels, p,

1 0 1 0 1 0 i 0 _....... t O 2 0 e 0 1 0 0 0


0 1 1 0 O 0 0 0 0


2 0

MATAWAN MeQuarrle, If, Colllni, 2b „ Fedele 3b . . . . Vlncl, I I DeNardo, c Panxero cf.

I 2 t 2 ! I 0 i I 0 : « 1 1 ,, i \.

Allkai, tt.

I 0

Laniaro ef, • Wele, lb Pittiui, p



I I l

I 1 l

Ti~ii •-Struck out for Mana la 4th. Long Branch 0 0 0 0 0—I Lone Branch 2 1 2 2 4—» Thrte-baie hit—Vinel. Two-baie hit— Coliini. Struck.out—By Danteli 3, Pittiui 10. Baiei on belli—Of Danleli 5, off Plttius S. Umpire*—Schank, AKhtt tlno.

n vtnyl and wit; Inauland with Microlire alau fiber. Sanitary, odor. h u , KUHIMI, woihible with tee* and wolir.


BELMAR R. Mendell, ef Kearni, If Schlldn't 2b C, Mendell Tllton, c. cf Bcekman, lb, Brother!, n , Rice 3b Miller, p ..

. . . . _

. .

1 t I 1 1 1 1 1

0 « 0 0 0 0 0 0 t o

It ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS AB Ralke rf 1 Geraldl, r» 0 Ralph • 2b I Gteklll, cf 1 Dclmelr, cf • 0 StBvotla, If, « I Dlxon I I ••... I Moore', tb t HiGovan l b e Bef/r e t Derby e „ 0 Monahan, p 1

Hot enough for a Hottentot? Remember . . . ft*« always winter in your refrigerator

that's why Ballantine Beer is deeb-brewed for

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o

. BilltaUM ft BOM, Nmrki X, I



Ralph. Strnek.out—By Miller 2, by Monahan 5. Baiei on halll—Off Miller 7, off Monahan 2. Double piaye—Monahan. Barr, Monohen. Umpire—Pavleh Hit by pitcher—McGowan (Miller.)

flavor that chill can't kill Ballantine brews (or flavor! For lightnen, yes! For drynen, of course! Butfirst,l u t , and always, Ballantine brews for flavor. The fine, full flavor of the world's choicest grains and hops Is brewed so deep in this beer that chill can't kill it. Every glass just brimi with flavor.

VinDyke, lb, ..: Shatto rf.


KIWI woo . *••• HOI OH

0 X 0 0 1 0 0 • e 0 1 1 0



» •


IT I I Balmir „ | | | ( I 8—8 Atlantle Hithlindt .... I I Hti

Barrsbee, ef. Pitttrion. t i • • Woolley, If. ' Garrltr, P Furlong, l b DILIeto, lb.' Kallaltad c Brandt l b Hamern'k , ' r f Glblon, if.

Good and cold. It you're Ilka most people, Beer it uiuilly •ervuUalleniperaturwraiii! from 86' to 42* Fahrenheit Ballantine Bear ia deepbrewed to hold Its flavor i t whatever temperature you like beet I


A l I • 2 t > '... t t I 1 t '

l H 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 l 1 1 "


I 2 • 1

t I I I MI » 1 1 ,1


l 0 1 "


S, VanDyke, el, I, Ullhiim, lb, 1 Chrlitonher, cf Doril, l b Mattel, t, R. Gllham, rf MnGuIre, p Afrlcano, p ••Addao



0 1 0 « 1 0 « 0 0

•-Struck out for Afrleani In Ith, Otkhunt .' I I I 0 0—1 Wait Lonr Branch 1 1 1 1 0—5 Home run—DILUto. Three.baae hit— Shatto. Two.bile hit—Woolley. Sacrifice hit—Pattenon, Mile—Off McGuIre 7 In 1V& Innlnm, Afrlcano 2 In JH Innlnm. SlnicV.oul—By MeGolra 4, by Afrlcano I, by Clurrlty », Be lea on balla—Oir McGuIra I, off Gairlty S, Double playa —Doril, L, Gllham, Matthii, Umpire— Kitrrbtrr,

WITH THICK No twad for hot % air and annoying |< aihauit fumai to,^ disturb your wnv f,j mar drivino. lf'.-T partly tailorad/^' and molded te ; •jiva an aaaet fit.' j£

Mttt tkt Hut!

runic All» SCOOPS Ctjtii rait

dwvralil 1141-41; •:• nntlir 1UI-4I; U SKI 1IM-4I l»/|i1.3HMiTetn74t;


1I4I-4I; Ma m-m IM1 Jt, PIlMltl IMMt

Keanaburg; Pupili to See GiantiCardinala Play KKANSBUna-The traok an field committee here will be hoi to 150 sohool children at th Olanti-Oiirdlnali baseball game a the Polo Grounds today. Pupils from Kiansburg and Wee Keamburg grammar sohoola am from Bt, Ann'* parochial aohool wll mtike the trip, Buses will loavt from the Keansburf lohoot thli Harvey Haddlx, idithpaw pltchc: for the Bt, Louli Cardinal!, w u no oldmtilly Jilt by a ihotgun bl«« wlim flv* yftsr* old and still cir rlei two pelliU In his body.

42 W. FRONT ST. RED BANK-PhOM 6-3440



7.T. 1:11.11 1:11.17 ||I4.1»


Pace Ten

later that It was a school of bit; bridge before discovering the misstriped bass, which had a schoo take. of silver mullet corraled near a John Boland, fleet captain of the jetty. Long\ Branch ice and Yacht club, ••Selecting a floating plug I made was chairman of the race, assisted a oast Into the school of mullet. Timely Notes On The Great Outdoors Rr. 34 • lilmor, N. J. by Ken Adams and Otto Becker, No sooner the plug hit the water there was a terrific explosion, and Results: BY STEW VAN VLIET presents I was fast to a striper which headed 35 H. P. clasa—(1) Junior, John Bo. straight out to sea at a great land. Portaupeck. 42:11s (2) Mad Turk June Methot, Sailing for Monmouth Paul Peterson Cong Other times we trolled through speed. The battle lasted for a long SOMETHING NEW HAS BEEN Tony Gaetano, Monmouth Beach, 49:05§ (3) Princes* Pat. William Mullins. Allenacres and acres of surfacing fish time, and finally, when he was ADDED hunt, 49:13; (4) Jim-Bob, Frank SeudEvent in 40:55 without a strike. Boat Club, Win* Lightning Crown tired, my problem was to beach tler. Monmouth Boach. 49:42; (5) U.R.-2, During the past We recall a trip we made the him in a high aurf. Slowly I was Frank Hoffman, Long Branch, Dns. (few days thing* following year aboard Jerry Mey- able to turn his head/ toward the LAKE WALLENPAUPACK, Pa. the tain and darkness, Miss Methot In His Craft Hep Cat 7% H. F . Class—(1) Hep-Cat, Paul Ivtry Wed.ftSat. ;-• have been hap- er's boat, Jeremiah, out of Sea shore, all the while keeping as —Juns Methot, Monmouth Boat held her lead and managed to win Peterson, Rumson, 40:55; (2) Scat I I pening w i t h Bright, skippered by the late Ray close to him as I could. Then with club, skippering Chantey,, won thethe series, but Waters drove past PLEASURE BAY —Paul Peter- Carl Schneider, Long Branch, 69:06; (3) at 1:30 P. M. lightning s p e e d Saxe of Long Branch, one of thethe help of a large wave I slowly three-race series over the week-end Hoffee to take second in the race, son, Rumson's youthful boat skip- Sea Bee, Carl Applegatt. Elberon. Dns.; (Bain Date* - Than. eV Sun,) per, purred his Hep Cat to victory (4) Jet Job, Sullivan, Rumson, Dns. along the water- best big game fish guides of hisbacked up on the beach. Holding to cop the Metropolitan District with Allaire finishing fourth. In the third annual Two-River 10 BS Hudro Class—(1) Lightning. Nell front. time. ' him with the rod tip I waited un- Lightning championships here. Long Branch, 60:33 (Dns.) marathon between Long Branch Fernando, Following t h e A group from Newark had char- til the wave receded and then ran Joe Hoffee, Nyack, N. Y., took Squad, Dav* Hitman, Long Branch, Dns. and Red Bank and return Sunday 10 BU Runabout Class—(1) Flylng-HI, sudden arrival of tered the Jeremiah for a go at down and straddled him with my second honors while at the tiller afternoon. 100-Lap Feature Jules Dlstel. Lincroft, '48:12; (2) Song vast schools of tuna, and Jerry asked us if we knees. I held him like this until of RoJo, while Ed Waters, also of Thomas Smith. WaetAeld, 47:01; big, scrapping would like to ship as flrst mate. the next wave broke over me andM.B.C., brought his Revenger home Sponsored by the Long Branch Bird, •he Jay Inn Trophy (3) Sea Bees. Rhett Boynton, Red Bank, bluaflsh at the This wag some ten years ago, and I was able to get my Angers into In third place and Charlie Allaire, Ice Boat and Yacht club, the race 69:02; (4) Wow. Tullio Celando, New City, 78:28; (6) Hot Toddy, Bob Mud Hole, where one of the things we remember Is his gills and drag him high and another local skipper, finished Husky Bud Dupree, who banged got under way from Jack Van De- York lEbnar M I 7 3 Flnelll. Red Bank, Dns.; (Dns) Kidd'n. ^humming t h e that we did not receive a tip from dry. man's Pleasure Bay marina on theJohn F. Klely. Long Branch, Dnf.; (Dna.) fourth in Magic. out four for four, sparked • a 9-6 s u n and m o o n the charter guests, so the- only conB-4, Louis Mustelle, Red Bank. Dnf.; Shrewsbury river to Irwin's Yacht "I won't attempt to describe each The'top three boats in this dis- Shrewsbury post vistory over Nep(Dna) Jinx, Perry Walters, Rumson, Stew VaaVllet •£»<"">. '» Win* clusion we could draw is that we following catch. Suffice it to saytrict eliminations qualified to com-tune last week in the Monmouth Works on the Naveslnk 'river. Dnf.; (Dns) Temtayshun, William Horn, " E i g h t a n t o f I Ir e a d m j j n ^ must have been a poor mate. off in -a big way, that in all I beached nine bass with pete in tht Lightning Internation- County American Legion Junior Peterson, who finished second Red Bank, Dnf. Register Classlflet Adi."—Advertlatmenh school tuna, "The Sport of Kings," * From the southern end of thea total weight of 188H pounds. The als to bt staged at Buffalo in Sep-Baseball league. last year, won the event to gain a in active in the area of the MudMud Hole we trolled southeast un- heaviest weighed 3OV4 pounds, The Bankers jumped off to a fast eg on the Asbury Park Press trotil we were opposite Manasquan in- "During a lifetime devoted . to tember. Miss Methot and Waters, start Hole. In the flrst inning by chas- phy. His victory was a complete by placing in the flrst three, will let. On the way south we went For some time this reporter lias hunting and fishing throughout the Red Bank two representatives ing over flve runs. Ronnie Riddle, surprise as his Hep Cat was powbeen forecasting a heavy return of through miles of surfacing tuna. entire United States I can honestly give Bill Dowlen, Frank Maloney, Nick ered by a Johnson motor and was horse-mackerel to the waters off They broke water all around us, say that the finest sport which I In the annual classic. in the lowest rate class, Vh h. p. The flrst race was sailed in ex-Fanfen and Dupree singled In theIn the.Jersey coast. We based our within ten feet of the boat, but they have ever indulged in is being fast trimming the larger ten and 25 initial frame to chase starter Bob tremely light air. Neil Clifton, reason because of the exceptionally would not strike a trolled lure, to a scrapping greenhead in the h. p. craft, Peterson was ihe flrst skippering Manana and represent- Gravllle, who also walked Jim Sig- Long big run of whiting and ling, which surf." Branch Ice and Yacht club ing M.B.C., sailed out to an early le.r, Bucky Moran and Joe Driscoll. member SALT WATER SPORTSMEN afford excellent feed for these torto win the championship. lead at the first mark with Allaire The victors scored throe runs In pedoes of the sea. Now, to help We have tried to define a true SPINNING TAKES OVER in the middle of the fleet. Miss the fourth and a lone tally in the The Rumson youth took the lead matters along, thimble-eye mack- sportsman and have written arfifth to complete their scoring. about flve miles from the finish. erel, the Piece-De'-Kesistance to a ticles on sportsmanship. For lack All this took place years before Methot and Waters were perilously RED BANK He was timed in 40.55, considertuna, have appeared on the scene of a better definition let us say that spinning entered the field. This- close to last. light outfit bids fair to making a ably slower than the 30.37 record in great numbers, making doubly a true sportsman is a guy who Kiddle, s* „... 4 1 On the second leg, which was time set in 1952. The winner avercertain that the blue-flns will be gives the other fellow a 50-50 break heap of salt water sportsmen out sometimes a beat, sometimes a run Dowlen, I I _ a 2 aged 34.02 miles per hour. c. _ 4 2 here in ever Increasing numbers —whether it be flsh, fowl or ani- of meat-on-thc-table guys. Equipment For Power Boots? - SURE! in the variable air, Miss Methot Dupree, Maloney, 2b 3 2 Today light tackle for salt water for the month of August. Second place was taken by John mal, cf _ _ 3 1 game flsh is coming Into its own. went tar to leeward of the fleet, Panfcn, ;M :. 3' 0 0 Boland's Junior, a 25 h. p. Mercury picked up a slight breeze Sifter, lb TROLLING FOB SCHOOL TUNA We have been a staunch advocate Every day there are more and evidently Moran, rf ,1 II I seaman skiff. The third boat to of light tackle for salt water game more converts to the cause of true and passed Clifton to take over Slate, p „ 0 0 0 finish, Flyine-HI, owned by Jules EXCITING SFOBT I 0 0 flsh. In fact, we were one of thesportsmanship. Some are even a first place. . As the boats rounded Brad Dupree, rf . : 1 0 0 Diatel of Lincroft, carted off the If you have never trolled for the pioneers on the Jersey coast of step ahead of the spinning rod. Fly the final mark a fair wind sprung Lambertson Driscoll, 3b ... ....... . . 3 0 0 trophy for its division. The Flying"torpedoes of the sea," bounding fresh water casting outfits for surf rods and salmon rods are tangling up, and Miss Methot held her lead (Jill, p „ 3 1 1 Hi, a Sid-Craft powered by a Merover the waves at 15 to 20 RPMS, fishing and some of the old-timers forces with the choppers of the sea. to win handily, with Hoffee moving 29 9 9 cury motor, toured the course in you have something to look for- Little Dick Kroll, Frank Farcz and It isn't hundreds of flsh they are in to take second. Both Waters • NEPTUNE 43.12. other members of the famous bragging about but what sport they and Allaire were well back, but ward to. An n0 H Thomas P. Smith brought his 0 It is one of the most exciting Highlands Anglers club will recall, had on six-pound test line and worked into third and fifth re- Moont, aa « 2 0 0 Song Bird, 12-J, into fourth spot in pectlvely. and thrilling sports we have ever when we outflshed them two tothree and a half-ounce fly rods. Sawyer, . • ...„....*. 2 0 indulged in. The lures arc general- one with our fresh water bait-cast- We had a go at Mud Hole blues Goldman, ef „.. 1 11 0 the time of 47.01. Smith, who halls Sunday morning's race .com- Jackeon, ef ......... . » 1 1 1 from Westfield, used a Mercury ly red and white feathers, which ing outfit. last Saturday aboard the private menced In a light, but discernible Bell, If _... . 8 1 0 10 h. p. motor to power his Reveau are kept bouncing In the white In July, 1936, Field and Stream boat, Eileen O., Capt. Ray O'Neill, easterly wind, and Allaire, work- Morgan, 2b 23 2 3 runabout. water about SO to 100 feet behind magazine published a story I wrote, Sr., out of Pullins Yacht Basin, at Ing well to weather, took over an Stewart, lb 3 Open Sundays 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. rf 2 00 0 In the 10-BU runabout class, the boat. When one of these "Plugging the Surf." To quote, in liumson. We did not come in with early lead. As in the previous day, Franco, 0 floodman, 3b » 3 Always Plenty of Free Parking Rhett Boynton of Red Bank in Sea streaks of lightning connects, com- part: 0 0 2 a boat load, hut I still wager that the air dropped completely and Boykens, e bined with the speed of the boat, "The method most commonly no one had more sport catching 31 Waters and Hoffee went to theWatson, c Bees took third place behind the 0 Oraville, p 1 0 0 you are in for the thrill of your used by surf anglers is to equip scrappers than, we had. winner, DLstel, and second place front with Allaire third. The final life. 22 « ' 4 victor, Smith. themselves with a surf rod meas- Capt. Ray invited several of ui, leg jaw Allaire drop to leeward, Many boat captains use a big uring from six to ten feet in length, including Leg Seeley of Eatontown, slip past Hoffee and hold his. po- Red Bank ..._ 5 0 0 3 1 0 0—! An accident marred the start of red and white plug called a an extension or spring butt, a butt Frank Seeland, Rumson; George sition to win the drifter with Wa- Neplun. (10 0 3 0 3 0—ethe race. 'Boats owned by Frank "teaser," trolled within six or eight holder and a free-spool reel con- Maxfleld,, Tlnton Falls; Dan Hage- ters fourth. Miss Methot, well back Horn* runs—Stewart; three-base hlta— Hoffman and Dave, Rieman, Long Stewart; two-base hits—Dupree. oft feet of the boat. Others, in order taining 300 yards of line, varying man and the writer for a sports- until the final mark, also took i GUI, 4 in 6 Innings; off Slate, Hits 24 Wharf Avanua R«d lank 6-5780 I In 1 Branch, collided and were so badly to create more commotion in thein size from 9 to 21 thread. man's chumming trip at the Mud leeward course to salvage a third. Innins; off Graville, S In 1-3 Inning. damaged they could not start. Struck out, by (till 7. Bases on balls, water, hang a bucket over the Three of the boats missed the "However, some one is always Hole. off Gill 3, off Slat* S. Double plays, turn to the Navesink river at Sea •tern. The more the water is trying to improve on the old It was the first time we had to In the afternoon's final race, the Driscoll- Sliiler: Franco • Boykens • churned the better the tuna like it. methods, and I happen to be one try out our new spinning outfit. Lightnings started in a moderate Stewart. Gill Bright and continued to Highlands Umpires, Hope and Murphy, southwest breeie. Hoffee moved Tall outriggers play an import- of these. Capt. Ray used a salmon rod, out In front with Miss Methot secant part in a successful school, "For our rod ,1 selected a True George Maxfleld stuck to a 314tuna trolling trip. The outriggers Temper, five and a half-foot tip, ounce fly rod, while the rest used ond, Waters third and Allaire about tenth. keep the feathers bouncing on theShakespeare Service, no drag, level light bait casting rods. On the flrst spinnaker run, Allaire fourth or fifth wave, smack in thewind reel and top water plug. With It was some of the sportiest blue- stormed into third position and held 1 whit* water. this outfit from the surf I account- flshing we have ever had. When ed for 70 striped bass in one year, a flsh was hooked, often he would off Waters' challenge on the reach, second weather leg, both TUNA ARE UNPREDICTABLE weighing up to 30% pounds. leap Into' the air and shake his On the Methot and Waters started to Like most species of top water, "The first week in October, 1935, head. The water was so clear that Mist move and at the mark were In flrst •o-called game fish, tuna are un-is one that I will always remember you could see every movement he predictable when it cornea to strik- to my dying day. It happened this made. In his wild dashes for lib-place and third, respectively, with Hoffee second , and Allalrt fourth. way. The wind was west, and I de- erty. ing a trolled lure. Over the Anal leeward leg to the We had our flrst contact with cided to make a try for stripers We lost many flsh, mostly be- finish, a thunderstorm arose, these fighting demons of the seafrom the surf at Fort Hancock. I cause they were not hooked well. drenching the contestants, raising several' years ago when they in- arrived at the- beach at about S It is hard' to set. a hook on a-biff the wind' to a gale' and causing two vaded the Jersey coast in swarms. p. m., and found that I had it all flsh, using such a light rod. Since Fishing aboard the Sally II, pri-by myself, as there was not a then we have found what our mil- boats to be struck by lightning. In vate boat of Capt, Charley Gal- fisherman in sight. In walking take was. We used too large hooks. lagher of Red Bank, we caught a along the beach to my favorite What you need is a 1/0 hook, Reut of the Mar Dee II out of lot of tuna that year. Often all spot I noticed flsh breaking in sharpened to a needle point. Highlands basin returned with a four line* would be loaded. The close to the shore. I ran to the It is good to note that charter party of spincasters. They landed tuna we caught w* never saw on water's edge at full spcod, thinking boat captains are promoting light 32, the largest weighing seven that they were wcakflsh, but found tackle for aalt water. Capt. Otto pounds. That's real fishing, fellows. the surfaea.

Methot Sails Chantey Rumson Youth Cops Two-River To Neat Championship Marathon Race



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Hotel, Motel Directory Out TRENTON—A new "Directory of Hotel! and Hotels in New Jersey" ia available from the promotion section of the New Jersey Department of Conservation and Economic Development, report officials of the department. The New Jersey Hotels Directory lists more than 200 registered hotels, lodges, Inns, and motels throughout the State, An outline map of New Jersey on the inside cover shows principal towns and cities represented, major routes facilitating recreational travel to these centers, and exit points on the Mew Jersey Turnpike. Listings In the directory Include number of rooms available and American and European Plan minimum rates. Hotels only open a few months of the year, and those offering special plans, such a» Continental plan (breakfast only,) and modified plan (Including two meals) are Indicated. Theie are by no means atl of the hotels and motela serving vacationer* and transient visitors in the Garden State, The directory. Includes only member hotels of the New Jersey State Hotel -association, and all are pleged to uphold high standards of courtesy, cleanliness, and comfort maintained by the association. Complied by the New Jersey State Hotel association, the directory is distributed free from the association's headquaters In Newark, •nd from the state promotion section of the New Jersey Department of Conservation and Economic Development, A20 East State it.

Hizlet The Boy Scout drive for funds Is being conducted In Hazlet, with Erneit E. Peseux aj chairman. Mr. and Mn.'William Urstadt are on a trip to Michigan, Niagara Falls and other points of interest: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Maher have returned to their home on Long Island after spending two weeks at their other home on Beth any rd. Mr. and Mrs. William McCormlck, Jr., and children spent the week' end In Rochelle Park with relatives. The Hazlet Fire company was called out to extinguish a grass fire and a lire in a chlckenhouse belong ing to LeRoy Clark on Bethany rd. The fire was caused by sparks from a train, as reported by Chief Malcolm W. Peseux. The flre In the chickenhouse was put out be fore much damage was done. Mr, and Mrs. Roy Pearce of Aberdeen, Md., and William Hinson o Asbury Park visited Harry S. Cowles and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Warnock •nd Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rath bone recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Irs, Rathbone and family at State Line, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen Mason and children, Gladys and William, are en a trip to Florida, where they will visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nappl and children " are Vacationing In Virginia, Miss Stella Bailey and Miss Vera Tombleson are on an autemeblli trip to Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Fitigerald and children, Joan and Jane, visited Mr. and Mrs. John Lane of Brailley lane for several day*. . Nlnetsen members of the Senloi 1I.T.F. of St. John's Methodis ehurch enjoyed the "Holiday on Ice show In Asbury Park last Thursday Bight. The Crescent club members held an outing at As/bury Park las Thursday night. Mr. and Mn. Stanley J. Latham have Teturned home from a trip to Florida. Misses Kathleen Crawford, Barbara Wilson and Wands Peseux at tended Golden Assembly No. Order of Rainbow for Oirls of Key. pert picnic last week at Olympi park, near Irvlngton. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Johnson and Mits Deanna Johnson have returned home from an automobll trip to Nova Scotia.

Eait Keansburg. A fish and chips supper will b held tomorrow by the ladles' auxil iary of the first aid squad and every ether Friday during the sum mer until the first part of September. The birthdays of Mrs. Owen Teung and Mrs, Virginia Xilloig were celebrated at the meeting July 14, Mrs, Frances Vesper v i s hostess. Attending were Mrs, Lena Candelora, Mrs. Edith Richards, Mrs. Dorii Hepburn, Mrs. Afnt Nay, Mrs. Helen Capalbo, Mrs. Bet ty Koellner and Mrs. Gertrude Da ley. John Oary Oruie, ion of Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Cruse, celebrattd his seventh birthday Saturday at a lawn party, Attending were Robert and John Beam, Joseph Largey, James Carlln, Thomas Boy, Thomas and Jan* Schmuck, Teddy and Rosemary Lindwehr, Catherln Weaver, Mr, and Mrs.- Joseph Sehmuck, Mr. and Mrs. Tid Land wehr, Mrs. Jamei Carlln tnd Mis. Florence Androskowlti, Mr, tnd Mrs, Edward Kennell and daughter Helen of Jersey Clt are spending two weeks with Mr, and Mrs. Noll McGlnloy, Week-em gueeti of Mr, and Mrt. Mediate were Mr. and Mrs. Edward Quirk, also of Jersey City. Mr, and Mn, I . L, Dowllns. an daughter Jacqueline of Hudso ave, h»v« returned home aftn spending the past three weeks » Riviera Beach, Fla. Mn, William Krueger will ac as counselor next week at th Methodist Camp Mlnory for tho In twmcdlnte group of the Methodlsl church. Mr, and Mis. John Koistir a Wwl Omnge wont foili' ds.vi 1a*i week with Mr, and Mn, Nelso Raub of South End «t, Mm, IGllMirteth VnUance, Hudso »v<\ will ontcrtnln tho CIA Jtrou 3 of the Methodist church Thur«. day. A parish luppor will he hel Wtdnewlny Ht BncluUdt'* rciUii rant by.momhorn of St. Citlhoi'lnt' chuvuh, Mi* Noll McOlnloy I chairman, assisted by Mn, Nano MoAlllittr and MM. Anna Williams Tlio ROMS liTbilltVfd In ht til moil (indent of /arm nlrdi.


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Broccoli Makes Good Fall Crop; Bees Help Lima Bean Production FREEHOLD—Broccoli for either market or processing '» & good fall crop for a. strong: soil where the grower will follow recommended cultural practices, including insect and disease control. Well-developed seedlings should be set Into the Held to that strong plants with plenty of side shoots may develop to produce a high yield. This crop will produce better yields on the heavier types of soil which hold moisture. If lime has been applied just previous to plantng, or the pH is above 6.5, it will be well to have at least 20 pounds of borax" Included in the fertilizer. Broccoli, like cauliflower, requires available boron In'the soil. If this crop follows an early potato crop where the pH Is below 5., then onehalf pound of sodium molydate per acre should be applied, either In the -fertilizer or sprayed on the plants after they ara field set, On tin fairly heavy solli cultivation should not be more' often than Is nececsary, but when you do

cultivate, use a single-tooth mid way between the row* and go to a depth of from eight to ten Inches to break up the soil and to allow the air and water to enter, advises M. A. Clark, county agriculture agent. Broccoli respond to irrigation during dry weather. During certain seasons it is necessary to irrigate to produce a paying crop. As cool weather approaches, with the possibility of normal rainfall, a sided reusing of from 400 to 600 pounds of an 8—8—8, or a 10—10— 10 commercial fertilizer will help to produce a green color and make the broccoli flowers morjt tender and of higher quality. BEES. AMD BEANS Bees help increase lima bean pro ductlon, advises Mr. Clark. Beans are self-pollinating, and in addition may ba cross-pollinated by bees, he says. Dr. Ordway Starnes, Rutgers entomologist, reports an experiment in which several colonies of bees were placed within flight


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range—about on* njlle—of a fl.ld in which several planting- of lima beans wen made. Beans of each planting wera caked In Mveral areas. Some of the cages admitted bees and others kept them out. It was found that ° where bees could get to the plants, more pods were produced, and these pods contained more beans. The resulting Increase In production on all plantings where bees were available amounted to more than 30 per cent. Many Monmouth county lima bean growers are fortunate in having small fields with wood .lots nearby, which may contain wild bees or neighbors who have bees. Growers where fields are large and wild bees not so aboundant, could consider bringing In bees In an effort to Increase production, Insecticides for bean pest control should be used early so that applications will not be necessary during peak of blossom, when pollinators are moat actlvs. *


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EGG BOOM CONDITIONS Conditions under which the poultryman works in grading and packIng his eggs have much to do with the time It takes to do the job and th* quality of th» finished product. Richard 0. Rice, auoclatt agricultural agent, suggests an egg room that is large enough to accommodate all equipment and cases and atill laav* room for the fre* movement of workers In handling eggs and cues. Ventilation la needed to insure free circulation of fresh air. Adequat* lighting helps the poultryman to be sure that he is packing only clean, sound-shelled eggs. The job can be made easier
RusseU T. HodfeUM Hours:

10:00 A. M. to 5:S0 F. M.—Cloied Thursday

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TEIXR GOOD RESULTS OF PASTURE CUPPING Mid-summer clipping of pastures, is just as important as clipping in May and June, advises Mr. Clark. Weed control in pastures and hayland has to rely on cultural methods. The newer chemicals, with few exceptions, can't be used for weed control where legumes are present. For this reason the summer clipping of pastures is the only method that farmers can use to keep woods from going to seed. This is particularly true of horse nettle. In addition to weed control, clipping insure* uniform . recovery growth and removes all old and untasty top growth. Grasses will perservere in their attempt to grow if the seed stalk* are kept clipped off.



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Luncheon from U S 12 M M 'HI 2 P. M. Dinntr from 2.S0 Nightly 'til 10 P. M. OUR SNACK GRILL OPEN TILL 1 A. M. •


ART AND CRAFT TEA MIDDLETOWN VILLAGE—The annual musical program and tea of the Art and Craft club of Middletown township will be held Sunday afternoon, Aug. 2, at the home of Mrs. Lilly Collins on King's highway. Mrs. Collins Is the club president, and Mrs. Mattie Jackson is secretary.

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Township Committee Acts on Water Shortage and Train Curtailment


Meyner 'Roasts Troast' in County Tour


For All Departments Call '

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Meyner Lashes at G. O. P. During County Roundup

MIDDLETOWN—Acting on complaints of lack of water for houri at a time in various parts of the Completing a marathon, day-long, township, the township committee tour through Monmouth county, yesterday instructed Clerk" HowRobert B. Meyner, Democratio canard W. Roberts to arrange & meetdidate for governor, came here last ing with officials of the Monmouth night to "roast Troast," and blast Consolidated Water company. Jersey Republicans for "being all In addition to seeking a soluthings to all people." tion to the low pressure, the comMr. Meyner, pushing aside a Municipalities Using mittee will also discuss the advisamicrophone to let his own voice be bility of having the company apLITTLE SILVER—Voters here heard, spoko to a crowd of over The New Provisions ply to the Public Utility commiswill go to the polls Friday, July 31, 200 in the ballroom of the Molly sion for an amendment to its tariff n a special board of education Pitcher hotel, and hit the RepubMust Share Costs so that it could ban the use of election to determine whether or licans on a number of issues, among lawn sprinklers during specified not tho board can add $75,000 to FREEHOLD— Municipalities in them patronage, bingo, big-time hours. the $225,000 'already approved for county desiring rent controls gambling, law enforcement, striped This was suggested by Mr. Rob- this a new grammar school. have them, but they will have bass fishing and highway building. erts, an attorney, after Committee- may As outlined last night at a "com- FREEHOLD — The New Jersey pay the bill accruing to the didn't seem to show it. But, man Walter J. Bills reported that to munity meeting," voters will decide Highway authority this week filed forHehim, county. it was a very busy day, police have asked residents to dison two proposals. The first will ten additional condemnation suits starting with an 8 a. m. breakfast This was disclosed yesterday at tor Monmouth county properties continue use of sprinklers until afask for an additional $50,000. The at Freehold and, after visits to a a special meeting of the Board sought for the building of the Garter darkness. He said the co-operasecond will ask permission to transhalf-dozen towns, ending up here tion has helped somewhat but since of Freeholders. To comply with the fer $25,000 from surplus to the cap- den State Parkway. with an address that ended more ital building account. there is no ordinance to en for eg law, the freeholders will appoint The ten properties sought are In than tan hours after his day bea rent control agency for the counthe sprinkler ban, police have no ty—provided there are municipaliThough the $50,000 will exceed New Shrewsbury and Matawan bor- gan. At each place he had words power, When he suggested the pos- ties desiring controls. In addition, the borough's legal borrowing power oughs, Middletown, Holmdel, Rar- or the Democrats and, but defsibility of such an ordinance, Mr. by $41,440, the proposal has the itan and Wail townships. The state nitely, against the Republicans. He facilities, equipRoberts advised the committee accommodations, blessing of the mayor and council, has offered to pay $226,182 for the reminded all that he'd be back, that ment, supplies and clerical, stenothe state commissioner of education properties, but the offers have been this was but the start of his electhat since the municipality does graphic and other assistants will and the state department of local rejected by the owners. not own the water supply It could be furnished by the county. If tion drive. government. not pass one. These newest suits bring to 35 but one person is needed to operMrs. Robert Gore appeared per- ate the office, the top salary will Tha board invited representatives the total of condemnation actions 'Candidates Night' sonally and said that three days be $2,500 a year. If two or more of IS organizations In the borough filed In Monmouth county for 88 It was a sort of candidates' night last week there was no water for are needed, the top salaries will to last night's meeting, Following properties. The state has offered affair at the Molly Pitcher last Mayor Katharine El (cut White greets Robert B. Meyner, Democratic candidate for presentations by board members to pay $663,311 for all of these night. Preliminary talks were glvfour-hour periods. Mra. Irving T. be $1,000 each. Bartlett wrote a similar letter. nn by assembly candidates Harry governor, at last night's rally at the Molly Pitcher hotel. At the left is Louis J. Jacoubs, who and a discussion period, Member properties. If it proves that rent controls Karl Jacob! asked if there were obBoth live in Middletown Village. Condemnation proceedings are Bennett of Bclford and Samuel Committeeman Frank F. Blalsdell, are desired, a county rent control is running for councilman here on the Democratic ticket, and at the right is Democratic State jections to the proposals. None were Hied M. Fisher, Jr., of Middletown, and after tho property owner reboard will be appointed. voiced, the general opinion being who acted as chairman, suggested review Members of that board will not Committeeman Paul Kiernah of Long Branch. Meeting climaxed a 'Bob Meyner Day' tour of that the representatives would help jects an offer made, by the Highway Freeholder candidates Henry Giorthe meeting with water company be paid—except expenses—but the the county. Meyner hit Paul L. Troast, Republican candidate for governor, Governor Driscoll the board in its campaign for voter authority for tho land. The Super- dano of Long Branch and Stephen official*. ior court then appoints three com- J. Remsen of Manalapan township. cost of furnishing facilities, etc., approval. ,, Oppose PCO Suggestion missioners in each case to appraise Giving the Introductions was Maywill be part of the bill the partici- and the S . O. P. in general in a series of talks. * The proposal for the new school tho property needed by the state or Katharine Elkus White of Red The committee went on record as pating municipalities must pay. as outlined by Lester W. Taylor, opposed to a suggestion by the and to determine whether the au- Bank who, herself, was Introduced Municipalities must adopt resopresident, was that $300,000 will thority bid is a fair price. by Commissioner Paul Kiernan of PUC that the Central Railroad of lutions if controls are desired. They Baptize Mrs. Lemon, 90, permit construction of a, 13-class- The latest suits filed arc: Long Branch, Democratio state New Jersey study the advisability may begin or leave the program room building and accessory rooms. committeeman. of discontinuing its Bayshore line, at will. With 4,639 'Witnesses' New Shrewsbury—Alfred ChapPreviously, the $225,000 was expectwhich rum between Highlands ami The big Introduction was saved man, $81,435; James O. Pickering, ed to provide the "shell" of a 12A statement of the freeholders' KEANSBURG — Mrs. Sylvia/ Keyport. The committee said it for Mr. Meyner. She called him room building with but seven rooms $3,850. felt such action would be against position follows: Lemon of this place—who'll be/ township—Lovett's "tough" and commended him for completed. Actually, the bids re- Middletown the public interest and passed a 91 In November—was the oldest record as both a lawyer and Still Being Studied ceived indicated that the shell and nursery, $41,571; Milton A. Finley, his resolution requesting the railroad of a record 4,610 Jehovah's Witlegislator. Mr. Meyner comes from Weather—always the number one had been reported. Ernest Orgo, $9,626.' "The board, of course, must peronly two rooms would be complete. officials to meet with municipal nesses baptized yesterday by conversation piece—has taken a who has a nursery on FreeholdPhilllpsburg. officials before making any deci- form Its legal obligations under total immersion In Riverside serious tone the pact few days, but Eatontown rd,, says a fond which Mrs. A. Edwin Burdge described Holmdel township—Alfred C. The Democratic; candidate sugthis law and will take such action Cascade pool at 134th st. and Poole, $20,940; Gulseppe Casola, $8,sion. tho enrollment trend and said the this morning's rain is expected to normally has 5,000,000 gallons of as may be necessary. gested that, perhaps his audience case the talk about drought which water nearly went dry. At the board now needs seven additional 866; Anthony J. Mlttrick, $3,711. The suggestion to cut out the first step is the designation Broadway, New York city. Rarltan township—August Kool- here didn't want "another course rooms. Charles A. Thompson, prinhas been building up for more than Charles D. Flock ft Sons farm the line and transport passengers from of "The Exclaimed Mrs. Lemon: "It was county rent control agency. of roast Troast or Meyner on report is that irrigation saved the cipal, told of the problems which meister, $3,269. the Bayshore to main line stations Thethenext step is to provide the fine. I feel good. I love the a month. Ott, $500. Troast." "It's Troast for breakat Red Bank, Middletown and Mat accommodations William D. Martin, Jr., at the potato crop, but the dairy cattle must be. met with half sessions. Mr. Matawan—Henry water." and facilities, etc., Wall township—Ingo and Hedwlg fast," he aald, "and Meyner for awan was included in a PUC deci- to carry on the work. The next Long Branch Weather Bureau to- pasturage of 125 acres may be lost. Jacob! outlined the financial pic- Alexander, The five-hour mass baptism $52,414. governor." But, roast Troast ha ture. Rev. James W. Marshall, passion In which It allowed the rail- step is to set up the county rent found a man, woman or child day forecast that the rain will end Irrigation Helped tor of Embury Methodist church, did, and Gov. Alfred E. DrUeoll road to discontinue two trains dally control tonight. At Freehold Richard Rice, review board. entering the pool every three sec- associate county agricultural agent, John Rlpley, owner . of Brook- opened the meeting with a prayer. along with him. H« aald openly on that line. Mr. Roberts said he "One of the uncertain factors ia onds. Before the Immersion, about said that—if the forecast holds true side Dairy farm, has ho pasture Of the 13 rooms planned, it was that "It's tim» to throw th» rasfeels that permission, was "merely how extensive an operation will 50,000 Witnesses, who are attenda step toward abandoning -all cals out." —some crops will partially recover. left, but he says the W«llr*ia- hold- predicted that all will be in use this law involve. A great many ing the eight-day World Society trains" on the Bayshore line. ' "Troaat, 'Phantom CandldaW" Mr. Rice stressed, however, that ing up. Harvey Dr^beidja,'tn,a,M|er Within jive years. municipalities in Monmouth coun- Assembly, heard Charles A. Steel, of Hominy Hill Dairy fsrm, asla Invited to the meeting were repA petition signed' by 70 resi- ty have done away with rent conserious damage" already Mr. Meyner aald that Mr. Troast Brooklyn minister, speak on "pretty dents who belong to the Bayshore trol. The board believes that some a, been done. . He :. said county although the pasturage had nearly resentatives of th» Parent-Teacher repeatedly has Ignored his invitabaptism at Yankee stadium. Yes- has drtadiUPi Installation of irrigation association, Citizens association, KATONTOWN — Bids were re- tion.that the two candidates speak farmers have lost a considerable' still have it, terday's attendance set an all(Continued on page 2) ofrcrops arid that'corn and plpe^ testored" It.' He added the Community club, Girl Scouts, "Boy ceived' by the mayor and council together, on the same stages, to •."The big question Is how many time rcoord for tho sect: 16.1M amount have definitely been "re- farm's 400-foot well lias been ade- Scouts, Cub Scouts, T.M.C.A., Wom- last night for a new fire alarm the people of the state. He called municipalities-will adopt, rent con- later Jammed the stadium and tomatoes en's club, Junior Women's club, system, but action on them will the Republican a "phantom canditarded. He added, though, that the quate. • trol. Due to this uncertainty, it is M,S25 overflowed to tenta and relief brought by rain should.help William Miles, Atlantic township Ladies' Auxiliary of the fire com- not be announced until the Aug. date" for falling to attend meetings difficult for the board to establish trailer* at New Market farms to recuperate. A favorable committeeman, urges continued pany, the fire company, League of 12 meeting. where he put in an appearance, and the necessary, administrative perpoint, he said, is that' the land precaution In burning trash. He Women's Voters, Civil Defense, Em- Offering to supply the equipment said Mr. Troast is playing the role sonnel and office facilities in keepsaid residents should keep watch bury Methodist, St. John's Episcoshould get full benefit because the for the system—which will include of being "all things to all people." ing with the number and size of rain has been slow, soft and steady, when burning anything, making pal chapel, borough council, plan- 13 boxes—were the Superior AmerBut, for the main part, ths DemRUMSON — Susan Price, 17, the municipalities electing to adopt certain sparks do not spread to ning board and zoning board of ioan Fire Alarm division of Ansley ocrat permitting the water to penetrate leveled his guns against Gov. • daughter of Mayor and Mrs. F. rent control. and lessening the' erosion dangers dry grass. Burning trash should adjustment. Electronics, Inc., of Mcrlden, Conn., Driscoll and his administration, Blisi Price of 172 Broad st., Eatsurrounded by earth rather than of heavy storms. Law Ends In ' « $5,038, and Gamewell company of which he said has a record "which ohtown, Is in serious condition this grass, he points out. . Newton, Mass., $5,242.55, justifies a defeat in th» general "There Is also the fact that the morning at. Riverview hospital Some Wells Dry Officials still ask that lawn sprinCRAWFORD'S CORNER—Thirty Gamewell did not bid on ths In- election." whers she was taken Tuesday af- law expires Dec. 31, 1951, and that kling be held to a minimum, beThough not generally critical In stallation costs, but Superior Amer- Bingo playing at firemen's fairs ternoon after the car she was driv- would also be a factor in setting residents of Holmdel township, who the county, quite a few wells have cause most wells are low. In rural ican offered a price ot $2,870. The and various affairs given by charup the operation of this agency. said they represented more than ing struck a tree on Ridge rd. run dry, causing serious problems housing developments homes arc 150 "acreage" owners, Tuesday only other bidder for installation itable organizations, haa been an While the municipalities that opShe suffered cuts and bruises of close together, and since wells usuto some farmers and home owners night held an open forum at the work was Everett W. Brower of issue since the atat* constitution the head and was unconscious erate under rent control will be township ally run in the same vein, a hose who do not have "city water." hall here to protest the OCEANPORT — Guy Lombardo's Red Bank. His figure was $4,565. was reformed in 1947, he said. By when she arrived at the hospital. obliged to reimburse the county "wholesale land grab" they declare Monday night's ' rain did little used at one home will lower the After recessing to look over the one means and another, Gov. Drlefor the cost of this operation, still "sweetest music this side ot Authorities at Riverview said she Garden State Parkway Author- good. While it did a fair job of water for those adjoining. bids Councilman Ralph L. Lewis coll kept the publio from voting heaven" will be heard Saturday didn't regain consciousness until the board believes that whatever the flooding Red Bank and blowing Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maxson of night at the annual Turf charity announced the motion to hold up on It through 1962 when he vetoed machinery the board is required ity is trying to accomplish. ' early yesterday morning. to set up, the same should be as The property owners—whose down numerous branches, such Derrwood farm, Jerseyvllle rd.,with ball and carnival at the Monmouth the award ot contract to permit a legislative bill favoring It, said Also Injured were Miss Margery economical as possible. nearby communities as Shrewsbury, 23 Aberdeen Angus and two dairy Park clubhouse. Dancing, starting further study. Mr, Meyner. "acreage" is sought by the ParkGoff, 18, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Authority—claim that offers of Fair Haven and Little Silver re- cows, aay their pasturage had dried at 9 o'clock, is open to the public, In other business council threat- Much of the addreM was given Frank J. Goff of 62 Maple aVe., Red "The board is giving the matter way ceived little more than sprinkles. up and. they are feeding dry hay along with a glittering midway and one-third the valuation of their ened to suspend the license of Van's to crime in Bergen county. Mr. Bank, who suffered bruises of the thorough study and if it is neces- land are being made by Parkway In a check of the Colt's Neck which was supposed to have hcen other attractions. Dinner will be Trailer park unless maps of the Meyner said the Republican admln.elbow and body, and Miss Helen sary to designate the agency prior officials. used next winter. area varying degrees of damage Larry Taylor said examserved at 8 p. m. layout are filed aa required by or- uftratton only got "excited" about Jeffery, IS, daughter of Mr. and to July 31, 1953, the board will ination proved that 90 per cent of Sponsors Include Mr. and Mrs. dinance. Councilman James N. conditions there after the invesMrs. Jacob Jeffery, 90 White st., hold a special meeting in order to lands needed for other state highdo this. Otherwise the matter will Clement L. Despard, Mr. and Mrs. 'Wolcott, Jr., said the park owners tigation by Sen. Estes Kefauver. Shrewsbury, who suffered a broken way projects has been secured Thomas P. Dorcmus, Mr. and Mrs. have been given 'several postpone- And, he asserted, when Nelson jaw and cuts and bruises. Miss come up for definite action at the through agreement and ten per cent Milton Erlangcr, Mr. and Mrs. John ments, and that council should be Stamler, who Trenton sent there to Goff was taken home by her father, meeting Aug. 5, 1953. through condemnation proceedings. "In. setting up the county rent W. Flock, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Adam prepared to act against the park if clean things up" got "too close" Miss Jeffery was treated at MonDeclared Mr. Taylor: "It's just the control review board, one member Gimbel, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Gold- its maps ara not in order by the to the answer of what was going mouth Memorial hospital. b'e appointed from the land- other way around here—they're smith, Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Ise- next meeting, on "he wss fired." Police said Miss Price was trav- must getting 90 per cent ot the land relord group. The Board of Freeholdlln, Mr. and Mrs, Andreas Ivcrson, Councilman' Spencer Patterson 'For two and a half years the eling west on Ridge rd. when she ers will welcome the recommenda- quired for the parkway through Mr. and Mrs. Louis Marron, Mr. lost control of the car which side- tion of three names from the Mon- condemnation." said work on extending the park- administration called Stamler a fine KEANSBURG—Borough council of the street. He suggested a so and Mrs. Townscnd D. Martin, Mr. Ing lot has been held up In order man. For the last six months he swiped one tree and hit another mouth County Realtors association head on. The 1953 ear was a total from which the board could decide , Residents protested the manner Tuesday night authorized Borough lution: Change the' boundary line and Mrs. Alfred Roberts, Mr. and to havo a survey made of the served he was a bad one." and procedure of assessors from Attorney Howard W. - Roberts to to the middle of the street, through Mrs. William L. Russell, Jr., Mr. Throckmorton ave. lot to be imwreck, they said. Recalls Adonis Caea upon the member representing the consent ot property own- and Mrs. Reeve Schley, Mr. and proved. The Rumson ambulance was be- landlord group and will also wel- outside this area who have set represent the municipality in pro- mutual Mr. Meyner said that the DrUMrs. Allison Stern, Mr. and Mrs. ers and the municipalities. values on needed lands. They have ing repaired when the accident oc- come the nomination of any names Residents having lots overgrown coll administration has kept from A ban on the use of water Frederick Cf Tatum, Mr. and Mrs. with curred and the Fair Haven and from any organizations in the coun- agreed not to accept offers made ceedings to prevent Jersey Central weeds and brush will be noti- the publio facts concerning stories K. Tnolan, Mr. and Mrs. RegiSea Bright first aid squads were ty representative of the tenant by parkway officials and anticipate Lines from further curtailment of sprinklers between 8 a. m. and'8 John by Borough Clerk Andrew G. he said concerned dealings of Relitigation, a stop they say they're service on its Shore branch from p. m. was decreed by council Tues- nald N. Webster, Mr. and Mr3, J. fied called to take Miss' Price and Miss group. Becker that—unless lmmedlat» ac- publican officials with Bergen counforced to take in view of the lack day night, and Borough Manager Spencer Weed, Mr. and Mrs. David tion Is taken—the Jeffery to the hospitals. Both am' borough will do ty gangsters, including one Harold "The board, of course, reserves of negtotlation for the lands. It's Matawan to Highlands. Ralph O. Williams told council Wcrblln,' Mr. Rnd Mrs. David Wll- the work and assess bulances were on the scene within cost*. The Adonis, former employee in the goventr, Mr. and Mrs. William M. several minutes after the accident the right to make all selections take tlje price within five days or Council's action followed receipt that he has Instructed the police Wyer, minimum charge will be $5. ernor's office, who, Mr. Meyner said, from such nominations as. It has else, they declare, of a petition, bearing the signa- department to Inform residents occurred.' Councilman Wolcott said the received a fund ot $228,000, for pothe direct responsibility of making In' the event the state seeks tures of II residents of the bor- that water Is not to be usod for Mrs. Agnes P. Ballou, Mrs. Dex> road repair work U nearlng com- litical purposes. the appointments," condemnation of tho lands, suit is ough, from the Bayshore Com- this purpose during the day. Coun- te>> Blagden, Mrs. Rosalind Cowen, pletion, making it one of the earliest Two Slightly Hurt filed In Superior Court, with tho muters association, Incorporated, cil Indicated. Its strong support of Mrs. Matilda. Marchl Ncwaon, Mrs. dates tho roads have been surfaced. "We don't know the facts," he state depositing with the court a aak'lng council to havs Its attorney the manager. Mr. Lohsen aald the Lewis S. Thompson, Si\, Joseph D. Council received Motor Vehicle said. "Who got the money? The Anti-Speed Drive When Cars Collide cash amount contended to be a fair assist in an appeal to be filed In ban la voluntary until a lack ot Bannon, Edward J, Brcnnan, Judge department permission to enforce only way we can learn such things Is to get a new executive." amount for the land. The court Superior oourt against a decision co-operation leads to an ordinance Thomas J. Brogan, Edwin Cowon, BELFORD—George Smith, 21, of Ordered by Morris ordinance prohibiting the use of On striped bass fishing, Mr. Meythen names three condemnation of the board of public utilities with punitive provisions for disre- James M. Frank, P. H. B. Frcllng- its 18 Smith pi., East Keanaburg, and trucks over ten tons on Maple ave,, EATONTOWN—Traffic problems garding the deoree. ner accused OoV. Drlscol of havRev,' John P, Euler, «7, of 371 reached their poak ben the past commissioners—a real estate man, commissioners, which last month buyaon, Mortimer S. Gordon, Harry Clinton ave, and Lewis st. ing, one year, obtained services of a lawyer and a layman—to set a Church st., pastor of Bay Shore week-end, according to Councilman M. Guggenheim, Amory L, Haskcli, granted a railroad petition to reTo Install Mains scientific experts who said it was Community church, Bast Keans- Fred S. Morris, who last night told value on tho property, St., William G. Hells, Jr., Clifford duce sorvlce. The petition said 1,900 all right for net fishermen to catch burg, suffered slight injuries this mayor and council an intensive Afltr receiving a petition signed Hcmphlll, Louis Laznro, Milton commuters use the Shore branch, them, and the next year a statemorning at 7:09 when their cars drive on speeders Is being launched by 20 residents of Beacon blvd., Mermelatcln, John Milton, Carl H, Man Says Wife Married ment from a Princeton man that, Councilman Martin. C. Lohsen, collided In driving rain at rt. 36 today by the police department, which scored a lack of water pros- O'Brien, Maurice Pollak, 8. M, Him Just to Get to U. S. aa sportsmen Insisted, net Ashing who attended a meeting of the sura, Mayor Jamei J. Gravany said Stewart and Louie B, Tim, and Church st. The drive will cover the entire should stop. commuters association Monday that the atraet Is one of four Mr. Smith was driving east on borough, FREEHOLD'-Mrs. Paola Procohe said, but I particular night at the Knights of Columbus streets where new mains will be the highway and the minister north attention plo Plscltelll, Buona Vista ave., The whole game, he said "was today will be given Msplo hall on rt, 36, said merchants hsre Installed In ths very near future. Charge Dismissed; on Church st. They were taken to ave, In addition, two streets will flumson, has boon named defendant how lo win votes," will co-operate, in a drive for funds Council referred to Mr, Williams Riverview hospital by the Middle be closed In an attempt to cope In n suit filed hore in matrimonial And, In the whole, Mr. Meynar KEANSBURG - The Bayshore being conducted by the association bills totaling t68» from Parsons, 2d Driver Nut Guilty town township first aid squad at with "short-cutting" raco track modivision of Superior court In which said the Driscoll administration has to meet litigation costs, Francis J. Labraeque, Canrona and Combs, SHREWSBURY—Magistrate Mor< her husband, Carlo Plsoltelll, 149 failed to solve the problems of free East Keansburg. Mr, Smith suffer- torists. Police barricades are be- Commutors association will seok ed • puncture wound of the right ing placed on Clinton ave, at Wyc- funds to appeal tho decision of tho Bodon, an association member, told the former borough attorneya, tor rltt.Lane, Jr,, dismissed a chargo of Garflold ave,, Long Branch, Is seek- highways, better school aupport, council that he has bean appointed board or Public Utility commissionsyndicated gambling and law enservices rendered before Mr, Rob falling to permit a vehicle to pan ing an annulment, " knee and Mr, Eulor a bruise of the koff rd, and on Eton pi, at Broad it. ers to allow Jersey Central lines to sollolt merchant contribution!, arts was appointed borough attor- against Donald F, Wyllo of Hous forcement, lowtr back. Patrolman Melvln Leek Tho husband contends that Mrs, to curtail pawongor sorvloo on Its ney by ths new administration In ton, Tex., and found Willis War and Edward Any, a special patrol Officials to Confer •Won't Stand Test' PUcltolll has never consummated Bayshore branch, The organization, May, Council confirmed Mr, WIN dell of Clarkton, N. C, not guilty man, Investigated for township po- Mayor lo Break Ground which plana to file an appeal with- An early conference with the llama' appointment of Alfred Q, ot the chargo Monday night when their marriage, performed In Italy "They tell you of the wonderful" lice. No complaints have been For Jennie Parker Manor in a few days, will aik the more Middletown township committee Carmen as a speolal patrolman for a complaint then was signed Mar. 16, 1952, and that iho wed htm things they do, but It won't stand made, only so that she could get Into tho the test of publio opinion." than 1,500 commuters using the will be sought by council hero In duty.at the Boach Beach aaaoola- against him, HIGHLANDS — Mayor Charles branch to contribute |o n fund lo nn United States. ' Mr, Moyner aald what he wanted tlon'a bathing bench, effort to dotormlne proper acMoaos Hoath, whose nddrcss was Chase National Bank Hatzonbuehler will turn the first be used for filing cciita, "hotter government, with both tion In reference to a proposal not, available, uhtagctl Wyllo with Tho suit, filed by Edward F, Ju< was apadoful of earth during groundmajor partlc* well reprcaented In to changa the township-borough ku, Long Branch attorney, contonda Ccitlficftt.cn Incorporating Ihp orBuy* County Bunds not permuting him to pas*. But breaking ceremonies next Wednes"SNOOSE" 18 LOOSK Runlzstlon woro signed by William boundary lino on Atlantic avi, The Wylln Monday night said lin had Unit Mrs. Msrltelll w/ui unable to the state—a 21-county party," FREEHOLD-Tho board of free- day night at 7 o'clock for Jennie Metcalt of Loonardo, president, street Is part of Middletown townIn hi* talk, Mr. Fisher, of MidWAYSIDK- "Snooia" In loon not It)en driving that riny, had Ret Into the United Stale* In any holder* yesterday sold $504,000 In Parkt!• Manor, tha 30-unlt, $390,000 threo oflloora ami four liujtcci, st ahlp, hut houses on ltd west sld« this morning in tha result nf A dis- loaned his car lo WMdoll, The com other way and so the marriage dletown, aald he credited President general frnprovomcnl bonds to the low-cost housing development to bo a meotlnu Monday al the Knlghla are pad of ths borough, "wiu fraudulently entered Into for Elienhower's 1052 election sweep orderly conduct charge agalnat him plaint. ARalnat Wyllr, therefore, wim Chase National Bank or New York evaded here on the site of the ,of Columbus hall on rt. 30 here, Mr, Roberta augtoitnd tin con- being withdrawn by the complain dlimlaied, A complaint then WIUI tha noln purpose of bringing the do lo too much pollllca by Washingcity, The bunk submitted a bid of former municipal Incinerator at Unurgo airfare!, dolegata or the ton Democrats, "too many minks, ference after council hoard a Itl- ant. According to Magistrate Will, signed charging Wardol! with the fendunt In tho United 3tatcs," •004,063.07 for SD3 bunds itl an In* NavoslnUaml tyutor Witch uvci. too many deep freezes and an outBorough officials and other real- local Brotherhood of Trainman, and tor from William Q Lloyd, who ter N, Cobb, Harold Johnson of 3 offonicllo was found not guilty Ureit rata of i% por oont. atandlngly femoua general" to opCharlos J, Shtrldan, Jr., state, rop- represents residents of tho itraat. Applo st,, Now Shrewsbury, mado when Hoath tostlAod that lie had dtnt* havo boon Invited to take WKAT1USH REPORT Ottur bidden Included First Napoia them. restntatlvo of tho Brotherhood, told They ronewod a riqutst for ths a disorderly complaint earlier thli tried to pas* but had not sounded tional Bank of Freehold, National part In tho otromonlei, Mn, John of propoaid tlm'o lablo ohungai, But, In the aame light, ha said, Rain ending tonight, with high of tin strut, and weok agnlnit a man known only at hla horn. Btatt Bank of Newark, Fidelity Kwllt, exooutlve director of tha mu- William H&rnott of Eelford was hard-aurfaolng dust raised \iy putting "Snoo»o" who lives at tho same Mr, Lane postponod until Mon of IS, low of 05, Tomorrow fair "tho payoff has biconio the symbol Union Trust oompany of Nowarlt, nicipal homing authority, said appointed publicity director, and protostod traffic. Tho borough, which does addrm, When li« was arraitad, day night a charge agalnat William with high In tho low M'l, Fresh of Trenton aa muoh aa the minks First National Bank oC Bngllah. yesterday, represented Washington a few Chris Hegenrothti' of Bast Kcani. not own tha street, has rafusad Im- "Snocit" was Identified aa Jamai IT, Mllla of Lelfthton ave, nod town, Ira Haupt * Co. of New StcriUry Wanted burg chairman of tho momberihlp provamant, and tho township com- Morrli, Th« complaint was with Dank, that lila dilvor'a llcmiid la noiilInvent winds today, becoming yonis ago, He aald Jeraey RepubYork oily. Smith, Barney * Co, of committee, Tho association will mittee, Mr, rtobti'ti itid, haa fall- drawn laat night, the men paid W not in order, Mr, Lana nought ad fresh northwest lonlglit and licans have a split peraonallly— poiltlfin,. h»v« W»IJ»,Mini "8ioriliry," Ilnx Nsw York city, and Whlta W«ld iiiri ulilllly, tcnllA to iiKMli'role northwest "On Sunday they go to «hutohi the « " : . • " " ' «»"tr, Olv« M I fnci guall< meet Monday, Aug. i), At the ml la Uk« action btcaUM It it- floats nf court and ltd. tha beat ot itillonM wltntM«a wh*n ihe h company, Now York oily. Knlghtt ot Culumbu* null ' eelvoa taxes from only ona aide friend*. • • ' ntmlnril,—Advnilnmtnt, was tlritl Monday nlf ht, tomorrow. .(Continued on page 3),

Freeholders Give Their Position On Rent Controls

Election July 31to Decide Fate of $300,000 School

10 More Parkway Suits Are Filed

Farmers, Imperiled by Drought, Find Comfort in Today's Rain

Fire Alarm Bids Received

Car Hits Tree, Three Girls Hurt

'Acreage' Owners Hit'Land Crab9

Lombardo Band To Play at Ball

Roberts to Represent Keansburg In Protest to Rail Curtailment

Commuters Seek Funds for Appeal


Page Two

Supreme Court Name§ Mrs. Vreeland, Dr. Herrman New Jury Commissioners ,"' TRENTON—Mrs. Milton A. Vreeland, King's highway, Middletown, and Dr. William G,,Herrman, Deal, were named Tuesday by the Supremo court as the new Monmouth county jury commissioners •The commissioners are appointed by the high court under a new law signed Monday by Gov. Alfred E. Drlscoll which takes the appointive power from the governor. ' Mrs. Vreeland and Dr. Herrman will mcceed Herman L. Epstein, Bradley Beach, who held the Job ten years, and William H. Jordan, long Branch, a commissioner seven year*. Under the law, one Democrat and one Republican is chosen from each county. Mrs. Vreeland Is the Demoeratle choice and Dr. Herrman •the Republican. Their terms will 'run for one year, expiring June 80, 1954. Monmouth county has been without commissioners since June 30 because Governor Driscoll did not make any appointments for .the year 1953-54, pending action of .this bill. '.The duties In the $500 a year .position are to supervise the selection of county grand and petit Juries'. Mrs. Vreeland, nee Virginia Farrlngton, was born In Sprlngflcld, :Mo. She married MIHon A. Vreeland, a native of Matawan, and they have lived In Monmouth county about 23 years, residing in Red Bank before making their home In •MUdletown. She is the mother of two boys, Peter, 16', and Richard, 9. ' Mrs. Vreeland attended Vassal' and was graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She Is a past president of Red Bank Region, League of Women voters, an officer of the state . league, and a member of the American Association of University Women. - Dr. Herrman has practiced medicine in Asbury Park for 34 years as a specialist In radiology,, and Is a past president of the "New Jersey M«dical society. He is also a former president of the county Medj,cal society and chief of medical service for civilian defense in World War n . He Is a veteran of World War I.

Horse Falls, Jockey Hurt Carlisle Cameron of Llncroft, a jockey, suffered a broken right shoulder Monday -when a horse he was riding at Monmouth Park race track fell while talcing a hurdle. Cameron was treated at Rlvervlew hospital. Others treated at Rlvervlew the j*tt week were Harvey Ervlng, SOft Willow dr., Little Silver, dog bltt; Raymond Coryell, 143 Garden Td., Shrewsbury, dog bite; David Chasey, as, of 14 White st., Shrewsbury, fish'hook removed from his lift lower eyelid; William Placek, •4, of Tenth eve., Tinton Falls, •scratched his leg with a tin can; J. Paul Stender, 33 Fair Haven Td., Fair Haven, puncture wound of the left hand, using a screw driver when it slipped; Peter Cur el, 14, of 139 Prospect ave., East ;Keansburg, possible broken left mnkle, jumped off a jetty; Michael •Oambaeo, 32 Westside ave., Red •Bank, cut right knee, dipped on a Irock at the beach; Jeffrey Cofer, WO Jackson st,, Fair Havtn, dog , Jfclte; Karen Jean McGraw, 12 WiliJow »t., Port Monmouth, fell and bit ;|her tongue; John Carhart, 200 Mechanic St., Red Bank, dog bite; Jioule Schwlnd, 28, of 246 Lelgh•ton ave., Red Bank, Injured hit •back, fell; Al Howell, JO, of River •Plata, cut right forearm on a piece •of glass; Caroline Coverdale, 1 tNavesink ave,, Eagt Keansburg, Jfell off a bicycle; Howard Porter, ;Bra!lley lane, Hazlet, cut his left ;jndex finger with a knife while putting meat; Winnls Stanker, 81 jOrehard st., Keanaburg, injured geft elbow,' fell down stairs; Barbara Lopez, 3, of 935 River rd., •Fair Haven, broken left arm, fell •out of a swing,

jPuses Red Light; ^Driver Fined $20 • Gerard J. Kelly, Jr., of lg River .st., Monmouth Beach, was fined $20 •yesterday morning by Magistrate John V. Crowell on a charge of taiaregarding a traffic light. Kelly {failed to appear In court last week Jos scheduled. i • When he asked Judge Crowell {why the fine was so high the magjlatrato explained; "The nne It jdouble what It normally would bt •because you disregarded the court." ! Sarapheno Banafato, 67 Main at,, JMatawan, was lined $7 for improper >asslng, and William A, Rlley, NepJtune, the same amount for falling Jo stop at a stop street. William p. Mitchell, Shrewsbury dr., Rumyon, was fined |5 for parking on •the wrong side of tho street and Everett Douglas, Neptune, 13 for double parking. i Milton Robblns, 53 Wallace at., JRed Bank, paid a $& fine for Improper parking. Fined « each on Tthat count were Thomas Jacoubs, 2 Batiett pi,; Jeannette Rogers, 186 Branch ave. and Theodore P, Enrodl, 318 Broad st,, Red Bank, and Richard Reid, Eatontown,

'Company No. V» Fair Continue! Tomorrow HBADDEN'S CORNER-The annual firemen's fair of Middlotown township lire company No. 1 will be continued tomorrow and Saturday night at fair grounds, adjacent to the flro house on ri. 35 here, Jonph Donato and Harlan Hogan, fair co-chairman, reported this we*k that they were "well pieued" with the program of the fair last Thurtday, Friday and Saturday. Despit* tha bin on gambling, they Hid, the fair did "very welt and, under the circumstances," oould b« considered a success, TRAIN AT CAMI' f)Hl'M CAMP mVM, N, Y.-Among lh« uctnt enllataea In the 60th Armored Division who have comnlMnd on* wreak of upoolal training hire •re Pet, Kdwsrd. Ohidwlck ofnmn•on and J'vt, Thomas L. Flak and JM. Reginald L, Wllmors of Aibury Turk,

Township Committee

Heat No Barrier As Meyner, Troast Prep for Battle

Democratic Candidate (Continued from page 1) Commuters' association asked for Wants to be 'Known,' township assistance ln opposing the PUC suggestion. It said that 1,500 GOP Fights Optimism commuters along the line would be Ky JAMES P. HACKJ5TT affected. The committee also decided to TRENTON (AP) — This is the seek a meeting with officials of time of year when It usually is the New Jersey Highway Author- too hot to talk about politics, but ity after receiving a letter stating this year It is different. the authority is "not in a! position" New Jersey's gubernatorial cannow to comply with the township's didates—Democrat Robert B, Meyrequest to have the Garden State ner and Republican Paul L.. Troast parkway bridge Dwlght rd. The —have thrown tradition and hot authority has proposed to build & weather to the winds. Both have parallel road, but the committee aken lessons from last year's-Preshas objected. idential campaign,' Meyner doesn't want to be in Army Tank* on Public Roads he same position as Adlai StevenJ. Peter Hoffman, head of public son, who' began his campaign for Information office at Fort .MonPresidency virtually as unmouth, appeared before the com- the known politics. Meyner mittee at Its request to explain wants totobenational well known throughout that post's application for permis- the state when campaign gets sion to use township roads in mov- under way after the Labor day. ing tasks from Camp Cole to the navy road, where practice maneu- Troast doesn't wan,t anyone In his party to get the Idea It can vers arc held. Into the governorship on the Mr. Hoffman explained that the ride of President Elsenhower. army wants to co-operate with lo- coattalls Is out to, do on a state basis lal authorities and will move the He what Eisenhower on a national .anks only after notifying town- scale first—get alldid echelons of ship police and providing a mili- the party Into highthe gear by Labor tary escort for them. One of the day. tanks struck a civilian car a few months ago on Newman Springs Ryan fay-Passed rd. Answering questions by mem- You'll find Meyner addressing bers of the committee, Mr. Hoff- civic, fraternal, farm and other mati said the tanks are all 15 tons groups. For example, he met last or less and have rubber cleats. He night at Freehold with the Censaid the army is seeking permis- tral Jersey Farmers Co-operative sion from the Third naval district association, comprising farmers in to store the tanks on navy proper- Monmouth', Ocean, Middlesex and ty, which would eliminate the neces- Mercer counties, sity of using township roads. Tou'll find Troast talking to ReIt was agreed to grant a 30-day publican county committees as part permit Tor a trial period to see If of a summer swing around the the system of notifying police and state. furnishing an escort works out satMeyner talks about the Issues isfactorily. hU party has developed for the Permission was granted to the campaign—topmost, of course, alCommunity fire company, Leonar- leged political corruption in Trendo, to sponsor the Hunt Brothers ton. circus on.the old athletic field be- Troast talks of the need for good tween rt. 36 and Leonardvillc rd,, organization work from the smalLeonardo, Aug. 19. lest election district up through to the state committee. An Old Complaint Meyner works out of a small ofThe committee decided to send fice In Trenton. Troast has a cama letter to the J. Howard Smith paign ctaff set up in a large suite fish company asking for its co- In the Essex house In Newark, operation In not cooking Ash when Neither candidate has given th« wind blows In certain direc- much to Millionaire Clentions. Stanley Harris, who lives denln attention J. Ryan of Allamuch. Ryan, near the plant, said the odors the who has financed for several years past few days were the worst ln crusade against crime, 25 years. Committeeman J. Craw- ahasprivate taken a page from the politiford Compton said the company cal book written by State Senator has co-operated in the past, and Malcolm S. Forbes (R-Somerset). suggested the letter. Memory of Forbes After delaying action for several weeks, the committee turned down Forbes, unsuccessful candidate the application of Warren Freeman for the Republican gubernatorial for a junkyard permit on Chapel nomination, set up more than 100 Hill rd. However, the committee de- cltliens' clubs to help roll out the cided to permit him to dismantle vote for Elsenhower In the 1952 eight cars now on the property. primary election. Then, when he The action followed th» wishes of waa candidate for the gubernatorseveral residents of the area who ial nomination himself, Forbes organlitd similar clubs. wrote to the committee. Approval was given for a trailer Ryan has a staff at work organpermit for Edward J. Carl, West Ulng clttiens', club*. The millionFront' st., when no one spoke at aire, who was a delegate to tho a public hearing. It was explained Republican national convention In that Mr. Carl was forced to move 1948, almost became the Demoout of his home by the parkway cratic candidate for governor this and expects to live In th* trailer year. ' He' was one of four who only temporarily. wera considered by Democratic leaden before they. eventually seMoW for Uncroft? lected Meyner. Mrs. Dante Daverio appeared before the committee to ask permisAnders Happy sion to erect a motel next to the Sportsmen hurrahed this week Llncroft inn,' which she operates. when Oov. Alfred E. Driicoll signed She was told to secure a copy of Into law a bill that will prohibit the ordinance controlling motels commercial fishermen from keeping from the township clerk and pre- striped baas caught In gill nets of pare an application aa prescribed five inches or more. in the code. The state's anglers for years An ordinance providing for tha have sought to make the striped vacating of Parkslde pi., Lakevlew bass a game fish In New Jersey. i J" 1 ^ V * k e l a n d o r ' In th* Lake. They got part way there in 1951 and Park section was adopted af- when a law wa» passed permitting ter a public hearing at which there commercial fishermen to keep were no comments. striped bass only between Feb. 1 The committee approved the and Apr. SO. public sale of seven lots In Atlan. The new bill knocks out the exempt period and the striped bass Hlrshberg for $100. presumably now can be caught and „«Th* jf o . m . mltte « yesterday after- retained only by anglers, ' noon distributed specifications for Drlscoll'i Future bids, to be received Wednesday, Aug. 12, for garbage collection con- Oov. Driicoll Is looking forward tracts for five township districts, to being a private citizen. He has The contract*, which will go Into said io privately for almost two effect the first of the fear, are for years, tut no one would believe East Keansburg, Port Menmouth, him. Belford, Leonardo and the Coun- The governor Is going to Seattle, try Club Estates-Riverside Heights Wash., at the end of the month to district. attend the national governors' conference. This could be his last at anything with a national HOSPITAL PATIENTS fling political flavor for aomevtlme. Drlscoll has been Interested in Among the surgical patients at Rlvervlew hospital this week are clearer definition of the relations Mrs. Edward Bruglor, Sunset way, between the states and the federal Keyport; Mrs. Thomas Calandrlel- government, He has felt tho fedlo, Pine Brook rd., Eatontown; eral government for too many years David Chasey, 14 White st., Shrews. has been Infringing on state rights. It could be that the governor bury; Alex Masslngcr, Bellevue ave., Rumson; Mrs. Joseph Karllk, will devote some of his time to 36 Washington st., Keyport; Ray- writing out his Ideas on federalism, mond Meyer, Wilson ave., Port But such activity will have to take Monmouth; Mrs. William Scatter- second place to law practice, day, 29 McCarter ave,, Fair Ha- Whether he will put out his own ven; Daniel Schanck, Creek rd,, shingle In Camden or at HaddonPort Monmouth; William Scott, 21 Mold, or 'form a partnership with Spruco dr., Fair Hnven; Mr«. Ar- some friends still has not been rnthur Strickland, 276 Maple pi., Key- vealed. port, and Mrs. Charles Wahl, 34 Drlscoll has said he'd like to Navcslnk ave,, East Keansburg, show up at the Inauguration of tho next executive and say; "Well, Medical patients at Rlverview brother, It, Now what aro Include Carmen Adlietto, Portau- you goingyouto got do with It?" ' peck ave,, Long Btaneh, Mrs. Charles Banuaca, 80 Seabreeze way, Keaneburgj Jan Klaxton, 83 Sun- Occai)|iort WSCS nycrest dr., Little Silver; Lester England, 8 Haggera lane, Fair H«- Holds Luncheon v«n; Mrs, Liberia Ferrante, 83 OCEANPORT—Mrs. Robert S. Church at,, Keyportj Edward Hel- Judge and Mrs, Lloyd N, Sickles debr|ng, 10 Beachwood av«., Keana- were hostesses Monday at a oovburg; Mra. James Larsen, Eait rd,, w»d dish luncheon of the W,S,C,S. BMford; Mrs. Harold. MoOroth, B2 of ths Methodist church In the Wont Patterson ct,, Shrewnbury; church hall, Mrs, William Madden, Water Tht group quilted In the mornWitch; Mn, Mathilda Obre, Obre ing and hold a builncia session In Pi., Shrewsbury;, Aliram Sanboin, tho afternoon with Mm, George C, 165 Patterson avc,, BhrBWabury; D, Hurley, jirmiMsnt, In charge, ?•«?? rh'ic[ttr< Holmdcl, and Mi% Mn, CIIWICK Walling, Si',, chMrmnn William Waterman, 484 Branch of the rtcont I'ummagn sole, reav«,, Little Silver, ported tht inle netted (32, It wft* reported that Imitcad nf thr August 'WINK- H'IMUNS IN'NATIONALS luncheon, all members will donate Stanley "Wink" Wllkln», Jr., ion U each'to the society, of Dr, »nd Mn, Stanley O, Wllklmi The group will iponaoi' nn nnron nt p i t Front st,, ltd yMtordiy for nodal Sept. 14 in tho ohiiich hall. Kolamiuoo, Mloh,, wfioro ho will Mn, John B, Hulia la ln charge of |«ko purl In Ih* National Boy,' arrftngement/t, tonnln lournamenl, With anothtr Alio prtitnt at Monday'* meetpmytr he won the HSiutorn double* Ing worn Uov, ttobarl 8. Judge, orown recently nt Portal Mill*, L, 1, Mn, Policy niddlt, MM, Kdward M, Bsny, 8r,, Mrs, Chnrlfs VAIITho duck wa« lon«"7Mool*l«d Urnrkle, Mi«, Hul«i\ Mt«. Clmi'lca with Anhrorlti, »nd It u bill*ve
Letter Carrier to Retire

]^iyjt<^0M"-BLQdQ '

Pictured above, standing In front of The Register office, Is Harold C. Elf, who will retire July 31 after serving 32 years as a letter carrier in Red Bank. For the past 20 years he has been delivering mail in part of the Red Bank business district. A native of Holmdei, Mr. Ely

Is the son of the late Hulda H. and Howard C. Ely. He wag a resident of Red Bank a number of years before moving to Tinton Falls, His present home Is on Tinton ave., New Shrewsbury. Mr. Ely Is a member of Shrewsbury post, American Legion, of Red Bank, and of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Concert to Highlight Selections From 'HMS Pinafore,' 'Martha' ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS— Selections from Gilbert and Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore" and Flotow's "Martha" will highlight this week's concert by the municipal band here Sunday at 8 p. m. at the yacht harbor. The band will be conducted by Pasqualc Acquaviva of Red Bank. Director Joseph Schcna of this place this week announced the following program: "The Avenger" by King, "The Sunny South" by Lampc, "The Victor" by King, "Sullivan's Operatic Gems" arranged by Brockton, "Tha Anvil" by Parlow, "The Joy Riders" by King, "The Kiss" by Ardltl, "The Rifle Ranges" by King, "La Paloma" by Yrabler, "Falling Leaves" by Seredy and "Triumph" by King. The concert will open with "The Star Spangled Banner" after the band marches along the borough's main thoroughfare to the bandstand nt the yacht harbor administration building. The band leads the singing of "God Bless America" to close each concert.

Manson Fines 3; 10 Pay Bureau MIDDLETOWN—Magistrate W. Gilbert Manson last night fined Andrew Soltla of South Amboy $2 for careless driving and $25 for leaving tho scene of an accident. Mr. Manson fined Thomas Osborn of Shrewsbury (5 for careless driving and Frank Westbrook $2 for driving without a tail light. The following fines were paid to violations bureau this week: Pinhal Ernest Ferreria, New Rochelle, N. T., Donato V. Perna, Newark; Roberta A. Banner, Jersey City, and Alan Smith, Oakhurst, $8 each for speeding. Joseph A. Barrett, Irvington; Joseph F. Lertch, Jr., Neptune, and William Crilley, Harrison, $5 each for passing a red light; Howard Hollander, Orange $3 for falling to keep to the right; Howard Lannon, New York city, |5 for careless driving and |9 for driving without a license, and Louis Marroccelli, Newark, $5 for speeding. Costs of fi were added In each case.

WEDDINGS O'NEILL—ORIOOR Miss Helen M. O'Neill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neill of White rd., Shrewsbury, and Bruce A. Grigor, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Doleschal of Patterson ave., Shrewsbury, were married July 12 at St. James Catholic church by Rev. Joseph Blschoff. A reception for the immediate families followed at the home of the bride's parents. • The bride wore a street-length dress of white organdy, trimmed with blue sequins and styled with a high neckline which had a Peter Pan collar. She wore a white starched lace calot, and carried sprays of gladioli and pink roses on a prayer book, Miss Norecn O'Neill, the bride's sister, was maid of honor, and was dressed In a blue silk costume with a matching taffeta picture hat. She wor« a corsage of pink gladioli, William Goslau of Shrewsbury was boat man. Tho couple left on a Southern wedding trip and will make their homo at Clarksvlllc, Tenn., where tho bridegroom Is a corporal with tho Army paratroopers at Fort Campbell, Ky. The brldt's travelling dress was navy blut trimmed with white pique, The brldo Is a graduate of Red Bank Catholic high sohool and was a. secretary with Anderson Brothers of Red Bank. The bridegroom w u ' graduated from Red Bank high school,

400 Allcnd Parly 1'or Bcrnurd Marx SHREWSBURY—Close lo 400 poisons intended a wdcomo home lawn parly horn Sunday for Bel'naitl ,|, Mum, who recently wm discharged from the Army aftoi' 21 months' norvlce, 19 of which w u In Koron. Tho party wax hold In the rear of Mr, Mnix'a homo nt 801 Broad at,, whoro lio hits resumed his Insurance bmlneai, Discharged In tho rnnlt or nri'Kcnnt, flint clui, he wear* tho UN ribbon And tho Korean Sorvlco ribbon with throo «tiirn, Ho fioi'Vcd n* n niCM aoi'goant with nn ambulance company o( the Third division. Ho Is n ton of Mr. and Mi*. Mnrtln Marx. HI* wile s I he fnrm*r MIAI P«jr*y WiUol of Elbiron and N»w York,


Passes on Right 4 Cars in Crash HOLMDEL — Four cats crashed on route 34 here at 12:45 p. m. yesterday—two of them overturning. Ralph C. Martin of New York city told state police It all happened after he attempted to pass a car driven by Anthony Mnscall of 58 Bergen St., East Keansburg. According to Trooper John Emrick of the Shrewsbury barracks, who investigated, Martin, admitted passing Mascali on the right while both were traveling north. Mascali told the trooper that Martin cut in sharply, the bumpers of the cars locking and throwing the Mascali car Into the southbound lane. The Mascali car shot across the highway and into an open field where it turned over, landing on its roof. The Martin car brushed a car driven by Charles F. Hovet of 32 Poole ave., Avon, bouncing off and hitting la car driven by Thomas Oalante of Belleville and then overturning, ending up on its left side next to a telephone pole. All but the Hovet car was badly damaged. Dr. Francis' Holman of Keyport treated ?..
Reckless Drivers Lose Licenses WAYSIDE— Harold Albert and Ellsworth Shields of Eatontown had thelrdrlver'f licenses revoked for one year last night by Magistrate Walter N. Cobb on charges of reckless driving. The complaint was made by Frank Wissemann of 10 Spring St., Red Bank, who charged a car driven by Shields struck his car In Pine Brook. According to Judge Cobb, the complaint charged the accident occurred while Albert and Shields were racing their cars, Fined ln traffic court last night were William A. Morris, Long Branch, and Joseph Lalng, Old Bridge, $10 each for falling to stop at stop streets; Paul Richard Worth, Neptune City, $10, careless driving, and James W. Corbelt, Asbury Park, $5, failure to notify motor vehicle bureau of change of address. Jean Baurena of Baltimore, Md., was sentenced to ten days in county Jail on.a vagrancy charge. Persons who paid fines to the violations clerk the past week Included John D. Bechtle of Elizabeth, Glovachlno Ferralola of North Arlington and George Anderson of Kearny, $10 each, failure to stop at stop streets; Ferguson Laird of Fullerton, Md,, $10, careless driving, and Rocco J. Armentl of Bound Brook, and John' D. Watson of Paterson, $10 each, wrong way on one way streets. p SKIDS, DRIVER HURT MIDDLETOWN-Dorls R. Samuel, 29, of 385 Main st,, Keansburg, suffered face cuts that required six stltchea and a cut over the right eye at T:25 this morning; when her car skidded In driving ruin, went out of control and struck a utility pole on rt. IB at the Cherry Tree farm curve hers, She was taken to Rlvervlew hospital by the Fair Vltw flrrt aid squad, Patrolman Melvln Leek and Edward Asay, a special patrolman, Investigated for township police. No complaints have been made, OI»rr,AY BOA TV SKTS TODAY PredeVlo M, Comlnj, vice preal< dent In charge of aalet for KrlohNew Jeney, Inc., exclusive RCAVictor distributors In New Jersey, jnnouneeri thl« week that all-new RCA-Vlolor television vocelvorn, featuring lower prloos and advnnc yd engineering devetopmonti, Mn to bo displayed today for the first time by Red Bnnli rlaalcra, Tim new cabinet slylos, Mr. Comln« said, are designed to complement living room decor, A now engineering development la » fully automatic rotary tuner known na the nolomatlc. u |, deilgned lo "provide maximum picture clarity and M M of roceptlon," Mr, ComIm stlil,

COUNTY BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith of East Roosevelt circle, Middletown township, are parents of a daughter, born last Thursday at Fitkln hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Caruso of Monmouth blvd., Portaupcck, are parents of a daughter, born last Thursday at fVonmouth Memorial hospital. Mr, and Mrs, John Finnegan of Circle Trailer camp, Eatontown, aro parents of a daughter, born Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cranshaw of Powell ave,, Atlantic Highlands, are parents of a son, born Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Searls of Edgewater dr.. Matawan, are parents of a son, born last Thursday at Blvervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeVrles of South st,, Eatontown, are parents of a son, born last Thursday at Rlvervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allen of Williams ave., Keansburg, are parents of a daughter, born Friday at Rlvervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bell of Hunting lane, Fair Haven, are parents of a son, born Friday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stone of Barker ave., Eatontown, are parents of a son, born Saturday at Rlvervlew hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Luther Jackson of Cedar avc., Fair Haven, are parents of a daughter, horn Saturday at Rlvervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Norfolk of Jackson st., Matawan, are parents of a son, born Friday at Rlvervlew hospital, Mr. and Mrs. William Parella of Pine ter., Cliffwood Beach, are parents of a daughter, born Saturday at Rivervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Morris of Broad st., Shrewsbury, are parents of a son, born Sunday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mra. James McGough of Highland ave., Highlands, are parents of a daughter, born Sunday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Malnes of Vineyard ave., East Keansburg, are parents of a daughter, born Sunday at Rlvervlew hoapltal. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ciambrone of Tabor et, Little Stiver, are parents of a son, born Sunday at Rlverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Beary of Garnsey pi., Belford, are parents of a daughter, horn Sunday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Wyeth of Sycamore ave., Shrewsbury, are parents of a daughter, born Saturday at Hazard hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Malloy, Kemp ave., Rumson, are parents of a son born Saturday at Rivervlew hospital. Mrs. Malloy is the former Miss Norma Paris, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Arthur T. Paris of Brown pi., Red Bank. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bache of Hemphill rd., Fort Monmouth, are parents of a daughter, born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Anderson of Atlantic ave., Matawan, are parents of a son,' born Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Klneavy of Queen's dr., Little Silver, are parents of a son, born Monday at Rivervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hartofll of Ocean ave., Sea Bright, are parents of a son, born Monday at Rivervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Buceo of Columbia ave., Union Beach, are parents of a daughter, born Monday at Rivervlew hospital. . Mr. and Mrs. George McGulnness of Marlboro are parents of a son, born Monday at Rlvervlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Cassldy of Grand ave., Matawan, are parents of a son born Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clayton of Hartshornc lane, Rumson, are parents of a son born yesterday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Heifer of Mornlngslde pi., Port Monmouth, are parents of a daughter born yesterday at Rtverview hospital. Staff Sgt. and Mrs. William Rain of Seventh ave., Atlantic Highlands, aro parents of a daughter born yesterday at Rlvervlew hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Bruce Hlgham of Asmara, Eritrea, Africa, are parents of a son, William Edward Higham, born June 9 ln Asmara, Mrs. Hlgham is the former Wayne McGlrr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McGlrr of Rumson. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Porter of Bralllcy la., Hazlct, are parents of a son, born yesterday at Rivervlew hospital. ' Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tonnessen of Mornlngslde avc, Union beach, are parents of a daughter, born yestorday at Rlvervlow hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mahoney of Swimming River rd., Llncroft, are parents of a, daughter, born yesterday at Rivervlew hospital, Mr, and Mis. John Chaptn of Park avo., Rumion, are parents of a daughter born this morning at Rlvervlew hospital,

9 Fined by Hurley As Speed Drive Starts EATONTOWN — This borough's campaign against speeders—on in eainost today at .tho direction of Counsltman Fred S, Morrla—resulted ln nlno parsons paying fines before Mnglati'ats Elmer Hurley tho past woek, Inoludod weio William Sstor of 137 Whlto rd,, Llttlo Silver, IS, careless driving mulling In an accident on Hope rd,; Thomu Sperduto of Newark, careless driving, $8; Hans Hauda nf Navcslnk River rd,, Locust, cureless driving, $10; CaH L, nlblry o( Fort Monmouth, spoedlnir, $8; Anthony Carolomo, Orango, spending, $13; Melvln 811berstoln, Linden, cod llfht, $11; William Hoi'ntr, Monmoulh Biaoh, pormlUlnif an unlicensed driver to ojidiaU hi* car, Jft.1; Chni'len Cohen, Houlh Orange, no icglilnillon, JB, nnd Ooorgo Druokat1, 30 UHon pi,, parkins: nrdlnivnoe violation, IB, Olenn Olny, 31, of SOU DeWItt nvt,, Anbury Park, wsa fined IB3 nn a disorderly person, HA wna ar* rented at 3i!)0 a, m, July It on Parker rd. T*nllca «»ld hi Wai drunk and icml-nudt,

Meyner Lashes (Continued from page 1) rest of the week they receive gangsters In their homes at midnight." Mr. Fisher said the Republicans accepted money from gangsters to finance Gov. Driscoll's last campaign, and called the Drlscoll administration one of "crime, corruption and confusion." He said it's time the G. O. P.—"Greedy Old Party"~was driven into retirement. His running mate, Henry Bennett of Belford, said he was for charitable bingo.games, against water pollution, for more state aid for education and for establishment of a state medical school. Hits at Freeholders Henry Giordano of Long Branch, a lawyer, running for freeholder, said he wants to find out just why there's been such general agreement on measures passed by that board. "It'» been as though one person has been behind every measure." His running mate, Stephen J. Remsen of Manalapan township, said the Democrats pledge the building of the kind of organization that "can hold up Its head and fight back until we win." That's what happened last night. But that was only part of the day spent ln taking Candidate Meyner through the county. At a luncheon at the BcrkeleyOarteret hotel; Asbury Park, Mr. Meyner scored the Republicans for what he said was a failure to give Jersey citizens an opportunity to vote on the bingo question. He said G. O. P. legislators had been guilty of indifference and delaying tactics on the bingo issue, and' that ultimately Gov. Driscoll vetoed the bill for a referendum. "At the same time," he said, Republicans closed their eyes completely to organized gambling in this state." Mr. Meyner said Mr. Troast eluded the bingo question until his primary opponent, Malcolm Forbes, made an issue of it. Referring to Mr. Forbes" campaign slogan, "The Bosses Say No, What Do You Say?" Mr. Meyner said there were many things G. O. P. bigwigs didn't like. He Implied there was much mudslinging in the contest, and asserted: "All the Democrats have to do Is play back the records of Forbes during the .campaign." •Unboned, Unowned' Mr. Meyner called himself "unbossed and unowned," and said he could restore self respect to the governor's office. Earlier, at a news conference, Mr. Meyner said he is making a tour of the state's 21 counties to meet Democratlo leaders and the public for advice that will enable him to do a better job. As to education, Mr. Meyner eaid he was opposed to any state Income or general tales tax to provide more state aid. He said more money could come from a reorganization of state departments and expenditures and a plan for state tax revision to "eliminate inequalities." If this Isn't enough, he said, he might consider a corporation tax, Mr. Meyner called "absurd" and "unrealistic" Republican plans to have the state ask Washington to give to the state federal taxej from alcoholic beverages and gasoline sales for school use. He said he believed Sandy Hook would be a line place for a state park if the state government departments, not an authority, developed it. He also said—and again at last night's meeting—that he didn't like the authority method of developing state highways. He called authorities "growing, creeping things" that may lead to a "virtual dynasty." The state's own departments can do the same jobs better, he said. •Erosion Political FootbauT Mr. Meyner called state aid for beach erosion a political football. The whole state aid question, he said, had to be considered on an over-all basis, including money for flood control and highway betterment. Erosion, he said, should be worked out ln a comprehensive survey with Army engineers, leading to the securing of federal aid. But, he said, he lan't the type of man to aay: "Put me In, and I'll' give you a lot of money for erosion." In his talks Meyner also denounced the Republican caucus system In Trenton's legislature as "the moat vicioua In the country." What he wants la a two-party government that will control one-aided rule, he »ald, On Mr. Meyncf'a itinerary for his "Bob Meyner day" was: Breakfast al Freehold, as the guest of the Manalapan township clubs and visits to The Freehold Transcript office, the courthouse and Freehold stores. Visits to The Asbury Park Press, a news conference and luncheon with business and professional men at Asbury Park, A trip to the office of The Long Branch Daily Record and a talk at Democratic hoadquartcra In Long Branch. A tour of Rod Bank'a stores, The Red Bank Register offices, and a reception at Mayor White's home here,' A talk to the Central Jersey Farmers Co-operative association at Freehold, and hla wind-up address here, Mra. Rita Haley Douglas, president of the Red Bank Democratlo club, headed the reception committee, Members serving u ushers were Mn). William Domldlon, Mra, Joseph O. Eiohelbaoh, Mra. Robert Starr, Mr*, Gordon Wllion, Mrs. Vlnoent Walsh, Mrs, Elmor Stout, Mra, Bruce W, Orlipeil, Mra, Jorvy Wltterseheln, Mra, Donald Wickline, Mlei Judy FlnnlU and Mls« Catharine O'Hearn.

PERSONALS Suzanne Armstrong of 131 Oakland st. was guest of honor at a party Wednesday of last week when sho celebrated her seventh birthday. Prizes were won by Kathy McCabc, Diana Scottl, Janice Rogel and Barbara Parker. Other guests were Beatrice Cerrone, Joyce Ctrrone, Patricia Armstrong, Barbara Stern, Daisy Hance and Gertrude Rogel. Adam A. Kretowicz, proprietor of the Adams agency at 16 East Bergen pi., was discharged from Riverview hospital Saturday. Mr. Kretowicz was a patient there eight days for surgical observation. Mr. and Mrs. John Mulroy of Throckmorton ave. are parents of a son born Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent PorcelH of Rector pi. are parents of a ion born Friday at Rivervlew hoapltal. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ryan of Wallace st. are parenta of •. son born Isiat Thursday at Rlverview hospital. Mr. - and Mrs, Victor Anderson of City Island, N, Y., have been visiting- friends in Red Bank and Spring Lake. While here they attended the races at Monmouth Park, Mr. Anderson operates the Flushing Bay boat basin. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wardell of Mechanic st., are parents of a daughter, born Sunday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Souvenir cards have been received from Capt. and Mrs, Robert $. Rightmlrc of Mechanic st., who are on a motor trip to the w«st coast. Capt. and Mrs. Rtghtmlre arc in charge of the Salvation Army activities in Red Bank. They report that the trip has exceeded their very best expectations and the sights have been beautiful and thrilling. The cards received at The Register office are postmarked Pacific Palisades, Southern California. Mrs. Hattle Munyon of West Front st. left Saturday to spend several months with her son, Rev. Ellis B. Munyon at Bradford, Pa. Mrs. Elizabeth DeGeorge, Rector pi., has returned from Trenton, where she spent the past week with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeGeorge. Mr. and Mrs. Gara Tanosov, Monmouth st., are parents of a daughter born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Joanne Donato of the Video Talent studio on st, will entertain at St. Anthony's Catholic church hall tomorrow. She will do the "To* Strut" and "Valse Bluette" for th* children's summer school. John C. Hayes, Jr., 69 Glenmary ave., agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance company, was awarded the bronze button in recognition of his production achievements at the 73d annual meeting of the company's Association of Agents held last week at the home office In Milwaukee. Irving M. Davidson of Les Gertrudes apartments, Broad st, returned home last' week from Rivervlew hospital, where he underwent treatment for hiccups. He had a severe attack and for several daya he was In a critical condition. Although still weak from th* ordeal, he is much Improved. Mrs. John F. Lang, Shrewsbury ave, has returned home from s> visit of three weeks with her son, Capt. John W. Lang of Keesler A, F. B., Biloxi, Miss. Major and Mrs. Henry Dries of Pittsburgh, Pa., formerly of Red Bank, are spending a tew 4ay« in this vicinity on m motor vacation. When residents of Red Bank, Major and Mrs. Drlea were in charge of the local Salvation Army activities, it was under Major Dries' direction that the hew Citadel on Riverside ave.. was erected. William Curchln, Jr., of Plnckney rd. has been a medical patient at Rivervlew hospital. When admitted his condition was quite critical, but he has shown marked Improvement ln the past few days. Miss Florence R. Kridel of Cast Front it. Is making a trip through the western and southwestern p u t of the United States. Souvenir cards received at The Register offle* show her to be at Carmel, Cat., when the cards were posted. While ln San Francisco she spent moat of her time with Mrs. Helene Monsky Cowan, former Mrs. Victor Eisner of Red Bank, and with Mrs, Cowan's brother, Dr. Harold Monsky, who Is now a very successful dentist in San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs, James Parron of West Sunset ave. are parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hill of Bank st. are parents of a son born yesterday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Blakeley of Bassott pi, are parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Rlvervlew hospital. Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. McKenna of William st, are parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Rlvervlow hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Jamlo O. Mulleuax of Verdun, France, are parents of a daughter born there Saturday. Mrs, Mulleuax Is the former Marl* Puglisi of Chestnut st, Mr. and Mrs, Alex Falder, Jr., and Mrs. Felder, Sr., of Charlotte, Mich,, have returned to their homes after wending tho past week with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pugllsi of Chestnut st. Mrs. Felder, Jr., it tha former Josephine Pugllsi, Mrs, Amelia Borneo of 18S Mechanic at, and Randolph Stryker of 46 Harding rd. are medical patients nt Rlvervlew hoapltal, Mlsaea Anne Marie and P*igl* Holier, daughters of Mr, and Mr*, Frank B, Helaer of Lake ave., ar* visiting their unole nnd aunt, Mr. and 1Mm. Tucker Magee nt Tuoion, Ariz. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mngoo are former residents of Marlboro, Mt'. nnd Mra. Oourtlandt White of Loroy pi,, loft today for a two woclta' utay In Mnlne/ Mr. Whit* IA on vacation from liLa duties In tho ahei'lff'j offloo at Freehold, whero he la under-aherlff. Mr, ond Mrs, John Clarke of River st., are parenta of a daughter, born yosloiday at Monmouth Memoilnl hospital, Mi-, nnd Mm, John F, Davis and aon John of El Paso, Tex,, nro'Vls. Itlng Mra, Davtit1 parent*, Mr. nnd Mra. Matthow Pow l r of i William st,

• A l t TODAY FOR EUBOrE Mlsa Helen Canton* of Oakland it, and Mri, Ellbaieth Burns of Chestnut at, tall today aboard tho llntr America for Europe, They will visit France, Bpntn, P6rtusal, Italy nnd England, Mlas Cunzoim la on vacation -from her petition aa booklmepor for Leon'a, olcanors and dyoti, o[ While at,, and Mu. Burnt la on vaoatlon from her poslllon with tho Metropolitan Mu* aoum of Art |n New York oily, HlKhllghts of tha ti'lf will bo nn Some fluwoi'4 have »n oror whleh audience with Pope Plui XII In la nauioatlnir to man but which Roma and a vUlt to th* shrlns of atli'AcU certain fllia whloh pollnOur l*iy °f Fitlm* ln Fortufs.1. ate tht flowore,


ENGAGEMENTS Morgan Girl Engaged To Albert Cassan

Announce Engagement At Dinner Party

MORGAN — The engagement of J^isa LaVerne Theresa Anderson, daughter of Mrs. Mary Anderson of Tyler st. and the late Harry Anderson, to Storekeeper third class Albert Cassan, U. S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mr*. Louis Cassan of Shrewsbury a v c , Red Bank, has been announced by the mother of the bride-elect.

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS—At a dinner party at their home Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Wolfe of Avenue D announced the enagement of their daughter, Miss Anne Wolfe, tp Sebastian A. Muratore, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muratore of Newark. The bride-elect was graduated rom St. Agnes school in Atlantic

~ Miss LaVeme T. Anderson

Miss Anne Wolfe

Miss Anderson is a graduate of Sayreville high school and Drake's Business college. She Is employed in the accounting department of Madison and Howcll, Inc., of Perth Amboy. Cassan, a graduate of Red Bank Catholic high school, is stationed on the U.S.S. Sierra at Norfolk, Va. A . spring wedding is planned.

Highlands, Red Bank Catholic high school and the Park beauty college of Newark. She Is cm ployed at Mid's beauty shop at Keansburg. Mr. Muratore was graduated from Atlantic Highlands high school and is employed by the Acme stores in Newark. . Dinner guests included Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muratore, Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs Vincent Collins, Mr. and Mrs. WilAvis Yunker Engaged liam Hickman, Mrs. Margaret Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis, Mlsa To Thomas J. Hogan, Jr, Reilly, Jean Estawonick, Miss Abyna MA.TAWAN—Mrs. Helen Yunker Wolfe and Joseph Muratore, Jr. of 238 Jackson st. has announced the engagement of her daughter, Patricia Finn Engaged Misa.Avis Yunker, to Thomas J. Hogan, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs, To PFC Gerald Minaldi Thomas J. Hogan of Bayview st., LONG BRANCH—Mr. and Mrs. Highlands. Miss Yunker is also the daughter of the late Conrad Walter Finn of Oakwood ave., have made known the engagement of E. Yunker. Miss Yunker, a graduate of Mata- their daughter, Miss Patricia Finn, way high school, is employed by to P.F.C. Gerald D. Minaldi, son of the "Hanson, Van Winkle, Munning Mr. and Mrs. Claude J. Minaldi of company, Matawan. Mr. Hogan is Church st., Sea Bright. a graduate of Atlantic Highlands high school and served in the Merchant Marine and also i n , t h e Air Force for three years. He is employed by the National Lead company, South Amboy.

Audrey Miller August Bride-Elect KEYPORT—Mrs. Walter J. Miller of Second, st. has announced the engagement of her daughter, Miss Audrey Miller, to Herbert F. Davi», son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Davis of Old Bridge. The wed' ding will take place Aug. 18. Mies Miller was graduated from Keyport high school and is employed by the Architectural Tiling company at Keyport. Mr. Davis is employed as a unit supply technician by the 644th Tank battalion, New Jersey National Guard, in Red Bank.

Furiato—Hughes Engagement Told

Mlss Patricia Finn


Miss Finn is a graduate of Long Branch high school and Is em ployed by the Daily Record al Long Branch. She is a member ol the Long Branch Junior Woman's club. PFC Minaldi is with the Army Engineers, stationed at Pusan in Korea, He is a graduate of Long Branch, high school.

MIDDLETOWN TOWN — Michael Furiato of Center st. has announced the engagement of his daughter, Miss Rose Furiato, to Max "Buddy" Hughes, son of Hen' ry Hughes of Alabama and the late Mrs. Hughes. The bride-elect is employed at the J. J. Newberry store of Red Bank, She is also the daughter of the FRISCIA-CUJB lats Mrs, Rachael Acerra Furiato. RUMSON—The wedding of Mies Mr. Hughes, who attended high school in Alabama, served in the Mary Elizabeth Friscia, daughter Army two years, He is a student of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Friscia of at an electronics school in Newark Church ct., and Sgt. George Cuje, U. S.. Marine corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Cujc' of Mechanic st., Miss Geary, Mr. Pflug Red Bank, took place Saturday f ternoon. at Holy Cross Catholic Obtain License to Wed church. Rev. Richard Ewing per' ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-Miss formed a double-ring ceremony. Mrs. Raymond Hellker was orMargery H. Geary, a former resident of this borough, who now lives ganist. Michael Bergin was soloat Long Island City, N, Y., and Rob- ist. A reception followed nt Log ert H. Pflug of 51 Fernwood ter., Cabin inn, Atlantic Highlands. Elizabeth, obtained a marriage li- " The bride's gown of Chantllly cense last Thursday In New York lace over satin was designed with city. a lace scalloped jacket, a strapless Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray- fitted bodice, and a full ballerina mond A. Geary, Miss Geary was length skirt, Her flngcrtlp-length born here. She lived here with her veil fell from a tulle cap trimmed first husband, John D, Naylor, They with seed pearls, She carried were divorced in 1947. An engineer white orchid on a prayer book, Mr. Mr, Pflug was born at Elizabeth Friscia gavo his daughter in marHe is tho son of Mr. and Mrs, Har- riage. ry G. Pflug. Marrlnge plans were Mrs, Raymond Kelly of River not revealed, Plaza was matron of honor for her sister. Mlis Jeanne Friscia, also Marilyn Dicrcks tho brldo's lister, was a bridesmaid, Mrs, Kelly was gowned in Becomes Engaged pale yellow, tho dross being made of not and lace, styled with a strapEAST KEANSBURG—Mr, and less bodice, a lace Jacket and Mrs. John A, Dloroks, Sr,, of Ray- ballorlna-lcngth skirt, Sho wore a nor avc,, announce the engagement wreath of summer flowers In her of their ftaughtor, Miss Marilyn hair and carried a matching bouTeresa Dicrcks, to Airman Third quet. Mlas Frlala woro tho 'same Class Martin J, McDonald, ion of styled gown, but in pink, with flora Mil, Helen McDonald of Bast headdress and matching bouquet. Kcansbui'fr, GAtfield Adams of Eatontown wai Misa Dicrcks la a graduate of Dcmarost high .school, Hobokon, bast man for his stop-brother, Wai ter Cuje, tho bridegroom's brother, and la employed by the Progressive Llfo Inauranca company, Airman ushered, The brldo's mother woro a navy McDonald was graduated from Hod Dank Oalliollu high school. bluo and whlto print with A cor Now home on loavo he will loavo •ago of whlto glimtlllaa, Tho brldo soon for an assignment in Africa, groom's, mother woro a navy bluo, pink and white oontumo and a corsago of pink glamclllns, King—Jiuikclinuii For her wedding trip, ttin hrldn wore a green and whlto print cos Betrothal Told hi mo wllli A corsaKo of while orHIGHLANDS - Mr.. »nd M M ohlds and whlto ncccisnilca, Tho dcoi-go G, King of 02 South Bay oouplo will mnko tholi' homo with two, rmvo nnnouncod Iho ongiigo- tho bride's piironla, mnnt of tholf daughter, Mlaa Mary Tho brldo l/i a grnduiitn nf HumElnlnn King, to Roliort William son high aoliuol, Tho bridegroom Jtinkolrrnin, son of Mr, and Mrs. a griiduuto of Red Hank high William H, JunkolmiM of Blmp»on loliool, It stationed nt Camp Lo< nvo, Jouno, N, 0, MISH King I* a aonlor at A l i a * tla Highland! high «oliool, Mr AT FINCIKH l-AKWf Junkelmnn WAS Krnduatoil from Atlnntlo Highland! high oohool and llIClHLA'NDH~Mr», Mabel Hoi'' I* tmploycd by Hhnrno T i n oom d#n of ill Hay nve, I* vlaltlng pany of n«d Unnlc, l « r Lakes In New York U U

Attendants Honor Prospective Bride

Married at St. James

Miss Dorothy Morosko of Browntown was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Mary Jane Campbell and Mifj Carole Schotte, both of Matawan. All wore waltz-length, I sleeveless gowns of pale pink nylon tulle over taffeta made with round necklines edged with matching shirring and full hoop skirts. Wide matching sashes ended in large bows at the back. Their pale pink horsehair picture hats were trimmed with matching ribbon and they carried princess baskets of blue delphinium, pink larkspur and white Kilters.


HARTER-BULLWINKEL SUMMIT —Mlsa Susan Carmen Harter, daughter of Mrs. Herbert Douglas Harter of 131 Bellevue ave and tho late Mr. Harter, was married Saturday to Bob Builwlnkel
Summer Bride

Weddings SCHARAPFA—GR1SWOLD KEYPORT — MIM Lucille Marie Sch&rappa, daughter of Mrs. Ruth Scharappa of 137 Broad st., Matawan, was married to William Herbert Grlswold, son of Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Orlgwold of 26 Park ave., Mat&wan, Sunday, in St. Joseph's Catholic church here. Rev. William Maguire officiated at the double-ring ceremony. Mrs. Michael Cox sang "Mother at Thy Feet Is Kneeling" and Miss Loretla Durante played the organ. Given in marriage by her uncle, John Macolino of Neptune, the bride wore a gown of imported Chantllly lace over satin, fashioned with a tight-fitting bodice and a portrait neckline. Th« short sleeves and neckline \ve/e embroidered with sequins and the full skirt was trimmed with a double row of pleating around the bottom, which formed a bustle back with a chapel-length train. Her fingertip-length veil of illusion fell from a Juliet cap of matching lace. She carried a bouquet of white roses.

LITTLE SILVER—Miss Kathryn Procopio of Red Bank was given a bridal shower last weekk by, the girls who will be attendanUat her wedding Sunday. The shower was held at the home of Miss Virginia Duncan on Laurel dr., who'will be maid of honor, Assisting hostesses, all of whom will he bridesmaids, were Misses Rose Marie Mazza, Delores Sarnese, "Teddy" Clarke, Mrs. Robert Santa Maria and 'Mrs. John Crawford. Miss Procopio, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Procopio of Leonard s t , Red Bank, will marry Charles Jakuboski, Jr., son of Mrs. Mary Smith of Oakland st., Red Bank, Sunday at St. Anthony's Catholic church. Those present were Mrs, Procopio, Mrs. Helen Mazza, Mrs. Edward Duncan, Mrs. Eva Gleason, Mrs. Inez . Calver, Mrc, Catherine Nosci, Mrs. Ida Sarnese, Mrs. Marie Mannino, Mrs. Mary Ciszeski, Mrs. Mary Lewis, Mrs. Mary Tomanino, Mrs. Francis Mazza, Mrs, Warren Apel, Mrs. Barbara Bacciao, Mrs. Millie Pellati, Mrs. Ethel Prlgoski, Mrs.. Gerry Francesconi, Mrs. Anne Shields, Mrs.. Frances Patterson, Mrs. Francine Stryker, Mrs. Connie Beckman, Mrs. Mary Bruno and Misses Minerva Colosimo, Rosemary MacAullffc, Marilyn Holland, Anne .Francesconi, Jackie Travers, Bessie' Crimi, Amy Myatt, Vlcki Ariozzi, Joyce Shea, Judy Schiafone, Margaret Taglieri, Thcrcee Ferraro, Joan Golino, Ruth Schultc, Muriel Reid, Margie Hess and Rose Marie Lima.

N E W MONMOUTH —Miss. Lois Barbara Conxpton and Lieut. George Walter Stiefbold were married Saturday.at St. Mary's Catholic church by Rev. Robert T. Bulman, pastor. Pink and white gladioli and greens decorated the church Miss Jean Kaney was organist. The bride is the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. T. Rawllnson Compton of Main et., Belford. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stiefbold of Trenton. A reception followed at Crystal Brook inn, Eatontown. Mr. Compton gave his daughter in marriage. Her white waltzlength gown was made with mandarin neckline, a fitted bodice of French lace and nylon tulle, styled with long-pointed sleeves and a bouffant skirt of nylon tulle over satin. The skirt was trimmed with a wide panel of the lace used in the bodice of the gown. She wore' a matching lace cap with a finger-tip length veil, Her colonial bouquet was white rose!, baby's breath and etephanbtis. Mrs. Kenneth Layton of Little Silver was matron of honor for her sister. Bridesmaids were Miss Wllma Meyer of Belford and Miss Alice Stiefbold of Trenton, the bridegroom's sister. The matron of honor was attired in a mint green nylon tulle dress over taffeta, made with a halter neckline and worn with a matching stole. The full skirt was waltzlength. Mm. Layton's colonial boutjuet was yellow daisies and pink asters. She wore a yellow tulle headpiece, trimmed with yellow daisies. The bridal attendants wore the identical style gown, t u t In mauve nylon tulle over taffeta. .They had matching tulle headpieces and colonial bouquets of lavender astors and yellow daisies. Mrs. Compton chose a navy blue lace and nylon crepe afternoon dress, with pink accessories and a corsage of pink roses. The bridegroom's mother wore navy blue sheer silk ,with white accessories and a corsage of white roses. Robert Stiefbold of Trenton, the bridegroom's brother, was best man. Ralph Frazier of Linden and Merle Rownes of Trenton ushered For her wedding trip to the Southern state, the bride wore a black and white costume with a stole and all white accessories. The couple will make their home at 1611 Alamo ave., Killeen, Tex., where the bridegroom is physical education instructor at the non-commissioned officers' academy at Fort Hood, Tex. The bride- was graduated from Middletown township high school and Trenton State Teachers college where she was a member of Gamma Sigma nor or It y. She Is tint grade teacher at the East Keansburg school. The bridegroom is a graduate of Hamilton township high school and Trenton State Teachers college where he was a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa fraternity.

Paee Three

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paul Klernan At St. James Catholic church Saturday, Miss Joan M. Meehan, daughter of Mrs, Charles Norton of Hudson ave., and the late George K. Meehan, becamt the bride of Airman Second Class Paul Joseph Kiernan, Jr.,'.U. S. Air Force, son of Commissioner and Mrs. Paul Kiernan of Long Branch. Rev. Benjamin Kiernan, D. F. M. of Washington, D. C , the bridegroom's uncle, performed the ceremony and celebrated the nuptial mass which followed, assisted by Msgr. Joseph T. Casey, pastor of St. James. The bride was given in marriage by her uncle, Ambrose Marks of Red Bank. Her gown of white nylon tulle, worn over taffeta, had a portrait neckline and a bouffant ballerina-length skirt, trimmed with clusters of lace applique. The necklino was trimmed with seed pearl embroidery. The bride's fingertiplength veil wasi attached to a lace crown and she" carried clusters of white orchids on a prayer book. Mrs. John Crawford of Red Bank was matron of honor for her sister. Her gown was pink and green taffeta and nylon tulle, designed with a round neckline, a fitted bodice and a full skirt trimmed with lace applique. She carried a basket filled with pastel colored summer flowers.

All the bridesmaids were dressed alike in gowns of pale green nylon tulle and taffeta, styled like that of the honor attendant. They, too, carried baskets of pastel flowers. The attendants were Misses Ann Hotallng and Joan Davenport, Red Bank; Miss Rosemary McAuliffc, Little Silver, and Miss Lynn Cannon, Deal, the bridegroom's cousin. Richard Kiernan was best man for his brother. The ushers were Jack Cannon, Deal; Raymond Mills, Long Branch; Robert Marks, Red Bank, the bride's cousin, and John Crawford, Red Bank, the bride's brother-in-law. A reception was held at Lincroft inn. The bride's mother wore a gown of light blue antique satin with pink accessories, and the bridegroom's mother chose champagne colored lace with ipink accessories. Both had corsages of pink roses. For her wedding trip to Niagara Falls and the New England states, the bride wore a light blue linen suit with all white accessories. Both the bride' and bridegroom are graduates of Red Bank Catholic high school. Mrs. Kiernan is employed by the telephone company in Red Bank. Airman Kiernan will soon leave "for duty In Japan.



MATAWAN —Miss Shirley Ann Burlew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Burlew, Jr., of First st., was married to Donald A. Limoll, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Limoli of Mctuchen Saturday at the Presbyterian church here In a double-ring ceremony performed by Rev. Chester Galloway. Mrs. Cella Magee was organist. Given In marriage by her father, the bride wore a jatin gown, styled with an illusion neckline of rose point lace and a chapel-length train. She had a Juliet cap of matching lace and a fingertiplength veil. Her bouquet was white gladioli, baby's breath and a white orchid which formed the center motif. Miss Rose Schumacher of Matawan, matron of honor, wore a strapless waltz-length gown of aqua, with matching stole and a headpiece matching her colonial bouquet. Miss Joan Limoli, Metuchen, the bridegroom's sister, and Miss Carol Young, Morganville, were bridesmaids. They wore the same style dress as the honor attendant, but in pink. Howard Limoli, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Robert Mechanic and Joseph Limoli, the bridegroom's cousin, ushered. The bride's mother wore old-rose lace; tho bridegroom's mother, a summer print. Both had corsages of gardenias, Following a reception at Log Cabin Inn, Atlantic Highlands, tho couple left for a wedding trip to the Poconos. The bride wore charcoal gray with white accessories. The couple will make tholr home at 375 Middlesex a v c , Metuchen, The bride, a graduate of Matawan high scohool and Paine Hall, New York city, Is an X-ray technician at St. Peter's hospital, New Brunswlok. The bridegroom was graduated trom Mctuchen high school and Rutgers unlvorsity. He la a member of Phi Beta K and has been awarded tho Louis Bovler fellowship tor the coming yen!• at Rutgers, where he la workIng for his master's degree,

CHEESEQUAKE—Mr. and Mra. Leroy Burlew of this place announce* the marriage of their daughter. Miss Ethel Frances Burlew, to Benjamin Splnelli, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spinelll of Browntown, July 4 at St. Joseph's Catholic church rectory, Keyport. Rev. William Maguire officiated. The bride was attired in a frock of white nylon over blue taffeta, with a white picture hat and a corsage of orchids. Miss Mildred Burlew, her sister's only attendant, was dressed in pink nylon with a white picture hat and a corsage of orchids. Frank Spinelli was best man for hi« brother. A reception and dinner for the bridal party and immediate families was held at Coby's restaurant at Morgan. The couple have returned from a wedding trip to Niagara Falls and Canada and are living In Browntown. The bride was graduated from Matawan high school. The brideattended Jersey City groom schools. Both are employed at Lavole laboratories, Morganville.



Mrs, Hilda Oaborn of MO South Bridge ave, has announced the marrlaga of her daughter, Mlaa Hacol Oaborn, to James Wllklns, aon of Mr, and Mrs, Henry. Wllklns of Long Branch, The couple were married Juno 28 by Rev, Emnnual Burkm&n, paitor of Simpaon Mathodlat clniroh, Long Branch, The bride win Rlvon In marrlngn by nor unelp, William Oranmar of Long Brnnoh, and was attended by her sinter, Mra, Edward Chirk of ICatontown, Danlrl Conover nf Long Dinnoh WAS bout rim 11, A reception followed nt Inn home of tho brldogroom'a ptronta, Tho couplo tmvo rooontly return* od from A wedding trip to tho New England itAtes, The bride, a gradunto of Hod Bonk high aohool, la eniiiloyml by the I'ntter/ton ngonoy of llrond at,, lieu Dank, The brhlogroom U a grAduAte of Long It run oh high juhuol, And la nerving In th« Nnvy on I In deltioyir John III Pierce,

WALLING—VOLZ In Kingdom hall, local chapel of the Jehovah's Witnesses, Miss Helen Walling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walling of Church st., Belford, Friday became the bride of Waldon Lee Volz, son of Mrs. T. C. Fitch of North Platte, Neb. Raymond Bosworth, presiding minister, performed the ceremony, Mis* Louise Mitchell, pianist, provided wedding music. Summer flowers decorated the hall. A reception was held at the home of the brtde'i parents. The bride was given In marriage by her father. Her gown was light net over nylon silk, made with a bodlco of net, Sho wore a white hat and a corsage of gardenias, Miss Joan Walling was maid of honor for her sister. Her gown was pink nylon, trimmed with saqulns and iitylcd with a full skirt, Her hat was white and her flowen, yellow roses, Thomas Volz wax best man for his brother, Thomas Walling of Belford, the brldo's brother, and Travla Williamson of Idaho were uahera, The bride's mother wore a light groen coatume with white accessories and a conagfl of rod roses, The couplo aio now attending tht International convention of Jehovah's Wltnoane/i At YAnkim stadium, 'Now Yolk city, Afttr tho convention they will loavo for A wedding trip to tho W M I and will visit the bridegroom'* family In Nebraska. Tho hrldo's traveling
Alfred Ewington, Jr., of Matawan, cousin of the bride, was beat man. Ushering were Fred Emernon and John Sherman, both of Matawan. For a wedding trip to Bermuda, the bride selected a white Palm Beach suit with navy accessories and an orchid corsage. The mother of the bride wore an afternoon dress of gray lace over pink taffeta, with a navy blue picture hat and accessories and orchids. The bridegroom's mother wore a blue silk sheath dress, with mauve hat, mauve accessories and orchids. A reception for the immediate families followed at Molly Pitcher hotel In Red Bank. Both Mr. and Mrs. Grlswold graduated from Matawan high school. Mrs. Griswold attended Alfred university and * employed in the office of the post engineer at Fort Monmouth. Mr. Grlswold attended Monmouth Junior college and Is employed at Lavole laboratories at Morganville. They will teslde at M Park ave., Matawan.

TELEPHONE SOLICITORS If you hlvi > Ulephont. we «l|l par

you a ulary and tiecilent eommlfl•ion, for full or put time job it your homt. Thla U an •xcellent opportunity for talti-mlndld hou««virci, •hut-lni. S«ndic»i>p«d peoplt. WHITES. S. B., BOX 111. RED BANK, N. J,

What it lakes W i GOT!

Mm. Nicholas Francis Scahiorchio Miss Margery Priscilla Carroll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Carroll of Silvcrside avc, Little Silver, and Nicholas Francis Seatuorcnio, son of Mr. nnd Mra. Frank A. Scatuorchlo of Jersey City and Jan farm, Freehold, wcro married Tuesday morning at St. James Catholic church by Msgr. Joseph T. Casey. Miss Rose DeNiicci was organist and soloist. Anthony DcNucci played several violin selections. All white gladioli and greens decorated the. church. Mr. Carroll gave his daughter in marriage. For her costume she chose a floor-length gown of Chantllly lace, styled with a moulded bodice and a fitted waist. The skirt was edged with soft pleating of nylon tulle, styled in half- moon scallops. She wore a matching mantilla of Chantllly lace,'and carried sprays of white orchids on a prayer book. Mrs. Edward W. Carroll of Littla Silver was her sister-in-law's attendant. Her ballerina-length gown was rose color and she carried an old-fashioned bouquet of summer flowers. She also wore a wreath styled headpiece matching her bouquet. John M. Scatuorchlo of Jersey City, the bridegroom's brother, was best man. Frank A. D'Amato of

Jersey City and Edward Vf. Carroll, Little Silver, the bride's brother, ushered. A wedding breakfast followed at the Homestead at Spring Lake. Mrs. Carroll chose a cocktail-length Carribean green chiffon gown for the wedding, with a natural colored straw hat, trimmed with dark green, and a corsage of orchids. The bridegroom's mother wore navy blue Chantilly lace, with a imall powder blue feathered hat and a corsage of orchlda. For her wedding trip to New England, tho bride was attired In a claisio styled suit of navy blue with matching accessories. The couple will maka their home at Jan farm, Freehold, where the bridegroom owns and operate the Jan Poultry farm. Mrs. Scatuorchio was graduated from Highland Manor school at West Long Branch and studied ballet at the Swoboda and Celll schools In New York city. For the past three years she has conducted the Margery Carroll School of Ballet in Red Bank, which had studios in the Carlton building and on Maple ave. ' Mr. Scatuorchio was graduataa from Bordentown Military academy and the Wharton School of Flnanc* of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Allaire To Defend Title Post Swimmers Retain Title At Atlantic Highlands

Gov, Alfred Driscoll Signs Striped Bass Bill

FORT MONMOUTH — Winning nine' of 11 events, Fort Monmouth easily defended its title yesterday afternoon In the eighth annual First Army swimming and diving Atlantic Coatt Lightning Champiomhips championships at the victors' field SALIS « d SERVICE house pool. The winning MonTo Be Held Aug. 1-2 in Sandy Hook Bay mouth swim team compiled 75 MEYER'S PUMP & WATER polnU to beat runner-up Fort Dix ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS— Th« ntlc coast champion, in "Valhalla by 40 points, while .Camp Kilmer, CONDITIONING EQUIP. 19M Atlantic cout champlonahip I"; John Tiegland of Spray which had the only other two Inregatta for Lightning; claw sail- each, 1951 international champion, dividual winners, finished third PAIR ACRES FREEHOLD a new boat, "Seductress II"; with 19 points. boati will be held in Sandy Hook l 1 bay off the yacht harbor here rn ohn Orelup of Bay Head, 1952 In yesterday's events the Slg"™"™ ~ PHOMI HI. "™^T a three-race leries Saturday and ate champion, in "Javelin III'; nalecrs won the first seven races on harlle Dore of Spray Beach In the program; giving them eight in Sunday, Aug. 1 and 2, Charlie Allaire of Lightning fleet Shady Lady," Jim Carson of Me- a row, as Johnny Madoras .had 70 of Red Bank'a Monmouth Boat edeconk In "Sparks," Henry Abreu won the three meter diving event Chelsea, N. T., 1949 Atlantic for Monmouth the day before. club will defend hla Atlantic coast Of Monmouth's nine first places, title, won lait year in "Valhalla," oast champion, in "Fiesta II"; ohn Walton of Brigantine in Harry Shearer of Euclid, O., was In a new boat, "Magic." Monmouth 'Dead Eye," Joe Hoffee of Nynck the only swimmer to win two races. Boat club will be host to Lightnings "~~ Bowling from Maine to Florida during the i "Ro-Jo," Palmer "Plm" Epler of The ox-swimmer' from ~ two-day regatta, held here through yack In "Spray," Sam Knox of Green captured the 100 and 200 the co-operation of the Atlantic !onnectlcut.in "Hot Canary," Dave free-style events. He also was on Highland! yacht club and the mu- hay of Shore Acres fleet In "Rene- the winning 400-yard free-style re;ade," Bob Adams of Barnegat bay lay team and placed second In the nicipal harbor commission. Trophies will be awarded by the i "Bandit" and his «lster, Marge 400-yard free-style event. In its overwhelming triumph in Atlantic Highlands yacht club, the dams In "Whirlwind II," John Atlantic Highlands Lions club and Vardell of Bay Head yacht club the swim meet Monmouth started in "Ranger" and Phil Schumacher out with an easy, victory In the borough merchants. The regatta 300-yard medley relay as Bob prize will be awarded by Henry if Lake Wallenpaupack, Pa. Kucny, John Qulgley and Chuck Stadlnr, commodore of the Atlantic Fireworks Display Harris, team coach, set a new pool Highlands yacht club, and second Sea Scouts of the ship Joshua record at 3:12. prize by the Lions club. Pennants arney at the harbor here, under Shearer followed with his . win will be awarded to the first three boat* In each race, and crew priieg he leadership of Skipper Edmond in the 200 free-style and Pete QatWith legislator* and sportsmen looking on, Govsrnor Dritcoll signs the highly controto the first, second and third crews Blom, will man three whaleboats, tone won the closely contested 50IOW berthed at Spermaceti cove, yard free-style as the Bristol, Conn., versial striped bass protection bill, which illegalixes nets in inland waters. Left to right are In the regatta. sandy Hook, for dinghy and other The race course is an area rough- iervice. The Sea' Scout ship will swimmer at 25.7 beat out Harold State Senator Bodine, (R., Hunterdon); Assemblyman Beadleston, (R., Monmouth); William Applcby from Fort Dix and Springly bounded by Sandy Hook, the naused for sail-measurement and Mackey, president of the Ntw Jersey League of Salt Water Anglers, and Assemblyman Saiber, val ammunition depot pier at Leo- epairs. A highlight of Saturday's field, Mass. nardo and the million-dollar marina ctlvitles will be a fireworks dis- Coach Harris won another first (R., Essex). • • • , • . here. Thousands are expected to play sponsored by the harbor com- for the Signaleera in the 150-yard witness the races from observation mission and borough council here. individual medley, timed at 1:48.8— TRENTON-fOn Tuesday,, July 21, ber, Republican candidate for gov- staunch advocate of conservation. You'll eee and feel the points along Ocean blvd. on ML Housing will be provided for about another pool record. Harris, who 1903, history-conservation and ec- ernor, Paul A. Troast, Senator Sam- Said the governor, "I have always difference when your Mitchell and from spectator craft, .50 contestants through the efforts hails from, Dunsmulr, Cal., was onomic history—was made in the uel Bodine" and others gathered at loved the thrill and challenge of the formerly on the University of Calif a joint committee. BMWnpUon of Racing pretty cotton dresses state of New Jersey when Governor the State House to witness the chase in the great outdoors." fornia swimming team. The first race will be held at Members of the regatta comrnit- After Shearer's victory in the Alfred E. Driscoll, with a stroke signing of this history-making bill. Following the signing of the bill are c l e a n e d .this 3:30 p, m. Saturday, Aug, 1, and :ee—comprising fleet 70 and the 100 free-stylo, Quigley, from Michi- of his pen, caused the Beadlcston- During the luncheon prior to the Mackey called a short meeting of amazingly different the second and third at 10:30 a. m Atlantic Highlands yacht club- gan State, and a native of Saglnaw Saiber Striped Bass Bill A-104 to signing Of the bill, William J. the officers and members present. and 2:30 p. m. tht next day. The will meet tomorrow night at 8:30 Mich, won the 100 back stroke at become the law of the land. This Mackey, president of the League, "We must never for one moment," way. Fabric body regatta will mark the resumption at the club here to review plans 1:06.2. law will end all netting of striped thanked the governor for his de- said Mackey, "relax our efforts to and texture reof yacht racing on one of the most for the event a week distant. The bass In the inshore waters of the keep this law in force. By all means Kueny, who halls from Kenosha, state, It will be a great and last- cision to sign it and also complifamous courses In the east. Local regatta committee of the club met Wis., stored! ! No sag* and a former competitor with mented the officers and members we must keep the New Jersey racing began about UTS, and was last Friday to discusa its prepara- Wisconsin Ing service to the people of New university, kept Monof the League for their untiring League of Salt Water Anglers a ging or wilting continued for more than 50 yean 'lons. Present were Mayor Waldron mouth's streak Jersey. intact by capturing efforts in helping to put this law powerful, dynamic and ever-growTransatlantic races had their start- P. Smith, John J. Kozak, Jr., presi- the 100-yard breast stroke and anTo celebrate the successful con- on the books. ing organization." . . . all dirt, ing and finishing points here: In dent of the Lions club; Councilman other Signalman, Ralph Young o clusion of a well and hard-earned Among representatives of the spots and per* Especially did he thank AssemEverett C. Curry, a member of the 1MB, the ••Henrietta," the "Fleet victory, officers and members of New York city, finished second. League from Monmouth county wing" and the "Vesta" began their harbor commission; Paul Joy, vice the New Jersey League of Salt blymen Beadleston and Saiber, who besides President Mackey, were gpiration van* While Alex Adamowicz had won mid-winter race her* to England commodore of the club; William N. the one meter diving event Monday, Water Anglers from all sections played such a big part in its suc- Capt. Otto Reut, Walter Schoellish. for a (30,000 purse and In IMS, the Gaskil), rear commodore; Bertram Carl Yatea of Princeton gave Camp of this state, and from Pennsyl- cess. William S. Frank, Joe Grande, all-time record for crossing under Keisler, secretary, and D. A. Ca- Kilmer its other individual title as vania, together with the co-spon- Governor Driscoll, In his remarks, ner, Tony Rlzzo and Harry Goldenberg, sail was established whan the "At ruso, treasurer. he won the 400-yard free-style event. sors of the bill, Assemblyman Al- stated that he has' always been a lantic" crossed the finish line off By STEW VANVLIET. Contestants will begin to arrive He swam the distance in 4:56.5 foi fred N, Beadleston and Samuel Sai- true sportsman at heart and a Sandy Hook 12 days, four hour about rioon Friday, July 31, for another pool record, and one minute after leaving Eng registration, boat Inspection, sail In the finale for the afternoon 4.80 1.40 lu« Rhymer (Stevenson) land in the U-yacht race for the measurement and launching. An in- Kueny, Harris, Gattone and Shear4.00 Aetful (Boulmetli) Eighth race—Pune It,000. For thret German Kaiser's cup. The best formal get-together will be held at er won the 400-yard free-style re'ear>oldi. On« . mil* and i , sixteenth. known of all yachting trophies, the 7 p. m. Skippers will meet Satur- lay race for Monmouth, with a winAide M (iowbojr (LfBlanc) America's cup, was defended on day morning at 11 o'clock at the ning time of 3:59.5, to set anothei 17.20 4.(0 8.60 Go A BU (Korte) 11.00 ».B0 the course off the end of Sandy clubhouse, A warning gun will be pool mark. Count Cavour (Lanwell)' 7.00 Hook every time it was challenged fired at 2:20 p. m. and the race Fourth place In the meet weni Ninth race—Pune 13,600. For four. For Prompt In the United Statu between 1870 will be under way at 2:30, etr-old* and upward. One mile and to Fort Jay with eight points, y , and 1M0. tlxteenth. Di while Fort Hamilton had two. For! Dinner-Dame Saturday Maraud (J.mti) 112.00 5.10 3.40 Pickup The formtr Sandy Hook boats Sloeum did not score, while For Necttie (LeBlanc) 4,00 3.20 lal activities will include plar, now known as the Monmouth dinner-dance ituitle (Fann(ll) 4.10 Saturday at 7.30 p. m. Devens did not have an entry In Jockey Takes Mount Under Wire Park Jockey club pier, north of at the Tacht club here in the *50,- the finals. the marina, at one time was th 000 administration building for 3 County Servicemen By Good Margin! Eatontown La»l property of the Mew York yach contestants, their gueaU and memHelurn from Far East club, which maintained * clubhoiu bers and guests of the Atlantic at the far end for use only durln Highlands club, Monmouth Boat MONMOUTH PARK—S.. M< Pis- with .Jockey .Eaby up, cwped Mon- .SEATTLE — Three Monmouth America's Cup races. orio's Tuscany, with Jockey Jimmy mouth Park's hurdle race yester- county (N. J.) soldiers were among club and the Harbor commission. Yachtsmen claim Ideal condition! Stout up, came back to win his day. Mackvllle, a 4-5 favorite, Was Warning guns will be flrcd at for racing here. The water Is htl 10:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Sunday lecond big stake race in seven held back by Jockey Eaby until tht 102 New Jerseyans in the 2,679 '. MMCC tM4> deep and unobstrusted, with a mln for th*. second and third races. MONMOUTH PARK—The eighth days when the winner of the Sal- the home stretch and then once passengers on the transport Gen. imum depth of 14 feet at mean low Trophies will be awarded at the modern-day running of the Mon- •ator Mile last week chalked up the colt was given his head, he C. Ballou which arrived here Cltamrs • LmHdtrtrs • Rutj Chaaan water, The course Is protected from administration building at the con- mouth Handicap Saturday prom- he $15,000 Added Rumson Handi- galloped to an easy victory over Tuesday from the Far East. ises to attract a Held of no less :ap yesterday afternoon. ocean currents by Sandy Hook. Bu cluilon of th« third race. Spleen,, owned by C. Mahlon Kline. They were Cpl. Theodore "W, the Hook, low and sandy, offers n G. N. Bull of fleet 70 la general than seven route runners, with a - Tuscany, with Stout at the reins, The dally double paid $42.40 on Gowers, 26 Seadrlft ave., HighAlways amplt parking ipae* in front of «ur plant barrier to fresh southerly breeze chairman of the joint committee possibility that as many as ten an a mile In the Salvator Mile in Nos. 2 and 9. which Invariably come in from thi for the regatta. Committee mem- will come out of the starting gate, ecord-breaklng time and yester- Yesterday's attendance hit 21,231 lands; First Lieut. Edward B. VoA huge field of 51 nominations day toured the six furlong feature with the mutuels machines clicking gel, 711 Grasmere ave., Interlaken, ocean on summer afternoons. 64-76 White Street, Red Bank, N. J. ben include William L. Bennett, closed ind Sgt. Richard J, Henrlon, RFD stake race, however, all In 1:10.4 clocking. 'A Pleasant Land' to a tune of $1,987,689. chairman, and George Worthley, others the , Freehold, have side-stepped the stern Alfred Just described Sand: Kenneth Smith, Sr,, James WolFlrit race—Claiming. .Fume 13,000. Blue Rhymer, owned by J. L. Hook bay as a "good land to fal cott,- Sr., and Howard Unferer, Sr., Issue. This year's running is worth MoKnlght and ridden by Bobby For mnldeni three ycari old and upadded, richest of all the Stevenson, for a short spell looked ward, Six furlongs. In with and a pleasant land Monmouth Boat club, race commit- $30,000 T.ll irli (Bateheller) 18.20 4.40 3.20 see." He was first mat* of Capi tee; Mr. and Mn. Jerry Hatch, Monmouths, with a winning share Ike It was the horse to beat. The Plentiful (Lynch) 3.40 3.40 2.SO T-Formntlon (Regalbuto) 4.60 Hendrick Hudson's "Half Moon fleet 70, and Tom Noonan, Atlantic of approximately $24,100. Rhymer came out of the gate and Second race—Purse $4,000. For maiden and so described the bay In his lo< Highland! Yacht club, entertain- Deflection of the high weights, ed most of the way around the oval Allies. Two yeari old. Five and onesome new racing in the Middlein 1609. ment; Joseph P. Dender, chairman the final turn, when Tuscany hnlf furlonRt, and others sidelined with a until 18.00 4.110 4.00 (LeBlanc) Entries from many of th* top- of the Harbor commission, launch- west was given the green light by Stout, Allnei 12.20 8.80 various assortment of equine' In(O'Drier.) ranking boats of the 84 Llghtnln, ing and buoys; Mr, Allaire, boat juries, may leave the post of honor lainlng ground at a rapid pace Hope 5.00 Sunrlsa Slrtn (Wall) fleets based along the Atlanti Inspection and weighing; Rod Gor- to Twin Oaks Stable's Pnsatlempo Tuscany took the lead at the three- The dally double paid 142.40 on num ben two and nine. coast have been received. Fleet* don, fleet 70, lunches; Mr. Curry at 113 pounds. A recent winner quarter pole to dash under the wire Third race—The Ocean. Purse 14,500, may enter two' boats, and the hosl and Bob Wood, fleet 70, mooring over . the grounds, his training one and three-quarter lengths In Threc-year-oldl and upward. About one fleet three. Ed Waters, last year' and docking; MIM Methot, publi- moves have been excellent and he ront of Blue Rhymer, who gavei mile and three Quarters (Over Hurdles) Mackvllle (Eaby,) f3.«0 2.80 3.40 runner-up who, In his "Revenger, city; Nell Clifton, fleet 70, registra- is completely ready for the mile way to the winner. (Kerral) ' 5.50 4.tO last weak qualified for the interim tion; ft. M. Keator, fleet 70, sall- and a quarter run. Tuscany paid $4.80, 3.00 and 2.60, Spleen Fulton (Adams) (entry) tional championships at Buffalo 1 meaaurement; Mr. Sladler, Mr. Ca- The Putnam Stable's Combat while Blue Rhymer brought its Fourth race—Purse $3,000. Claiming. September, and June Methot, whoa ruao and H, L. Christian, Atlantic a neat $8.40 place price and For three-year-oldl. One mile and second to One Hitter in the backers sixteenth. "Chantey" recently topped th Highlands Yacht club, and Borden Boots, $4.80 for show. Hinawa (Hewitt) $5.00 3.40 2.10 Monmouth of 1952, is coming back Lightning class In th* 1963 Re Hance, fleet 70, patrol and specta- for another shot' at 112 pounds, Aceful, owned by F. Ambrose Mrs. Mac (Renalbuto) 14.40 5.40 2.80 Grant regatta at Rarltan bay an tor boats, and dinghy service; Mr. While others in the field may be Clark and ridden by Sammy Boul- Yankee Beau (LeBlnnc) Fifth race—Purse $4,500. For two. who won the Metropolitan district Btadler, Mr. Joy, Mr. Caruso, Mr. Joseph M. Roebllng's Freedom Bell metls, finished third to pay $4. Five hnd one-half furlongs. championship In Pennsylvania last Curry, Mr. Gasklll and Mayor at 111, Jaclyn Stable's Closed Door, Greentree stable's Northern Star year.olds. Dear Brutus (Adams) $4.20 2.60 2.20 PHILIP L. MATTHEWS week-end to become eligible foL Smith of Atlantic Highlands, and 110, Constance Morablto's My Ce- won the Rumson 'Cap In 1952, Eat- Right Hit (James) 3.(0 2.40 2.40 th* Internationals, also will repre- Harvey Schenck, fleet 70, trophies; leste, 110, only mare in tho race; ontown, owned by Mrs. Alfred Rob- Gosh (Hewitt) Sixxth rsce—*Ae 'Clara Maass Memor. R. B. Llpplncott, Jr., fleet 70, direcsent Monmouth Boat club. ..... $4,000, . Cavcgno's Joey Boy, 108, erts of Eatontown, and a • recent lal Hospital. Claiming. • Purse Among others who'll vie for th tion aign«, and Mayor Smith, Mr, Joseph victor in the Fleetwing Handicap For three.year.olds. Six furlongs. Something revolutionary it happenand John S. Kroese's Again 2d, 104 local and Federal taxes; the more 3.40 2.60 Judge M .(Stevenson) 14.40 title are Harry Sindle of Laval Caruso, Mr, Curry and Harvey H. pounds, at Jamaica, disappointed a huge Rye Ahil Bye (O'Brien) 1.10 4.40 ing on the American road scene and powerful Zephyr for slightly more. ette, 1853 state champion in "Bay Bowttll, Atlantic Highlands Yacht ocal following when tho best the Dinner Winner (Burr) 3.80 Two possibilities are the King a lot of people are starting to notice • rader"; Magnus Pedersen of Ny club, and John Spurdle, fleet 70, Ranch's High Scud at 108, and local horse could do was to finish Seventh rnce—The Rumson Hsndlcap, | $15,000 added, For three-year-olds and ack, N. T., three-time former At housing. it. Simply it's this: there is a definCompact, sensible site . . . both cars field. William Zicgler, Jr.,'s Bit O'Fate, last _ In . .the , six-horse . . „ , . , , , . . upward, Six furlungs, Sanford Stud Farms' Mackvllle, Tuscan? (stout) $4.80 3.00 2.«o ite trend away from large, overare full-size, yet have no waste over106, although no word has been received from either stable by Racstuffed gas - eaters. More and hang on either end. Low nuinttning Secretary John Turner, Jr, more people are being attracted to ance costs . . . my English-FordPrevious winners of the Mon moderate • size, economy - conscious trained mechanics can tell you all mouth Handicap include Lucky automobiles. about this. More miles to every Draw, Round View, Tide Rlpt, Three Rings, Greek Ship, Arlee gallon . . . English-built cars have NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP — A Philip H, Iselin, treasurer of MonOne Hitter. The track and been famous for economy for years. space limited crowd of 200 will mouth Park Jockey elub; Lou Cun- and I go along with this trend! 1 think stakes record continues to be held honor Horace Wade, publlolty di- ningham and "Muggins" Feldman, by Round Vlow, who stepped tho Surprisingly g o o d p o w e r . . . t h e it makes sense. Today's traffic conrector of Monmouth Park tonight of the publicity department of the horsepower-to-weight ratio gives fast ditions practically dictate a moderate'at Jumping Brook Country club Atlantic City track; Dick Connell, ten furlongs In a brisk 2:01 1-5. pick-up, high cruising speeds. Suwhen he'll be tendered a testi- president Hazel Park, Detroit, size, snappy performer that can get perior readability . . . Europeanmonial dinner by his friends con- Mich.; Jn* Williams, executive Gets 2 to 6 Years out of traffic fast, is easy lo park, is nected with thoroughbred racing. sports editor of . Scrlpps-Howard For Sex Offenses type suspension hugs the road, makes economical to run and maintain. Mr, Wade, who recently resigned newspapers; Sol Rosen, Triangle for safer driving. Relaxing,, easy at publicity director of the Ocean- Publications; Charlie Sheehan, sec- FREEHOLD —County Judge J, operation . . . the full legroom, wellEdward Knight fixed state prison port oval, has been at the helm of retary of the New Jersey racing I have picked the m\v English-built placed controls add up to tireless the publicity department since 1948 commission, and several officials of sentences of two to six years TuesFords—the Consul-4 and the Zephyrdriving. Distinctive appearance , . . when th* track first opened Its Quifstream Park, Hallandale, Fla, day for Leon G, Jackson, 34, of 07 House, this Sunday (the 26lli), we're Hurley si., Keyport, for two charges 6— as the cars best equipped to gatai, the same year that Atlantlo ultra-modern styling will make you Mr, and Mrs, Edward I. Wade, City Inaugurated racing In South- parents of th* publicity director, of sex delinquency, satisfy this growing demand. 1 have a proud owner. William Johnson, 48 West Bergen hiving • bang-up—ALL YOU CAN ern Jersey. mad* a special trip from Florida staked my buiinew future on them Sine* being "boatman" of Mon- this week to attend the testimonial. pi,, Red Bank, ploadcd guilty to by opening a showroom and service stealing $300 worth of copper pipEAT—real old-fashioned clam hnkc mouth's publicity department, Mr. But I have talked enough. Now let ing from .the Estoy Metal Products center here on Newman Springs Wade moved Monmouth Park up to me demonstrate I Come to my compete with the biggest traoks In Duva at Fort Monmoulh company, Red Bank,' July 12, A Road, Red Bank, with all the trimming! t Clams and showroom and drive the Consul and the country with his tremendous With Army Service Unit not guilty plea to iho samo offense was ontorod by Henry Coy, Applo knowledge of racing, His columns, Zephyr-Six yourself. Then you'll more clami! All kinds of clanu— «t,, New Shrewsbury, feature stories and other articles EAST KEANBBURO-Capt, EdWhen you come In lo sec the beau* sec what all the talk Is about. Incihavt been printed In thousands of ward A, Duva of 137 Ocean ave, tlfiil new Consul and Zephyr, here's 1MKA HltlNflS $70 dentally—If you travel a lot, you Steamers, Frillem, Cherrystones, Bar* newspapers at well as megaslnes, It on two weeks' temporary duly at what I can show you: Low purchase will find dependable Consul-Zephyr MONMOUHI--A oheck Being In hli eighth year ai pub- Fort Monmouth for summer train- forFORT hequed! And dam juice, hrolli, diotv* price. $70, along with H Inltur com service at .all Ford and Lincolnlicity director, Mr. Wade'i Ideas Ing with the Signal corpt under mending her Icloa undoi' tho Sun Mercury dealers coast to coast. and novelties In promoting th* lo- the Army rtsorve progrnm, II* Is Kcttlons Awnrd |iroRinm ns a imv der! Corn on lli<> i-oh! Six KIMHMH! n l track, havt hten rocognlied assigned with Inn 1043rt Army tor- Inn to tho Kovnrnmont, Prices subject lo change without The Consult 4-duor sedan delivers linn btnn throughout tht eait at well at oth- vice unit, New Brunswick, one of picsnnlcd lo Mix, Kllzabctli Jl, notice. in Red Bunk for *l,695 Including er teetloni of the country. Btcause five units from New Jersey regional Swnolsnr of 37 (H'canporl nvc, Long BHIICCH for your clum-a-llion pleasure! o( hla numtrout Ideas and "firsts" enoampment, oomprlilng about 2D0 Rl'imrli, hy ni Iff. Don. Woiloy T, In promotional programi, other lf you can, let ui know how many QUCAI. conimnnititnl of tho Hlgiml tracks have uted Monmouth Park r*««rvl»ti. school, A MonoKi'iiplitir In ttm of' si, a pattern In Improving thtlr The tummtr training struisoa on- flours' donurtmonl Mrs. Hwoolnci you'll he! Tup room open. UNION parks. thi*Job duties with poit functions won tho uward on an udoplud sun Willis Rttntr, Newtrk Evening and operation* In (raining aront ffostlon that u dingle lesson plan fat HOUSE, 11 Whmf uvc, lied Bunk Newj turf writer and boxing col* that Include signal construction, ru- oxamlimtlon* unit crltlquns bo used timnlit, will act »• loaslmuttr, *nd dlo, photo, long lines and com- In SCIIIIUI'M olllcM'*' dvpiutniont, Tho NIWMAN SPRINGS ROAD-HID IANK 6-1500. Jimmy Itufferty, track photograph- munlcatloni support, The 1043d In Idou will result In nn nsllinutotl aner, will be In ohtrg« of enlertiln- atttndlnii the hallo rind Advanced nun! suvInK of $1,800, PHONI MIOO illfnol offlcert courio of Iho nlgnul mtnt, ISei other ad In Sicllon 2) Oilier notable* connected with icliool. ii Kill, third himotnan to. ruclng who art exptetid lo attend Sarurtjoyi I A. M. to « P, M. In civilian lift, Capt, limn In * lilt IlOKlmi Jtpil Hox,, I led n mnjiir Optn Dally I A. M. to f P. M. j Include Kdward .7, Brtnntn, «»n- iiiptrvlsor of Intptcllon for Went- IfDKiiii l l 167 K icroid hy II'ln.vlnjl 167 gamrs tral nuniier at Monmoulh Parki trit Eltetrla company. at third liu< In 10KI,



Stout Rides Tuscany Home in Rumson 'Cap



Monmouth 'Cap Slated Saturday

Why I have staked my business future on the new English-built Fords!

Testimonial Dinner Honors Wade Tonight at Jumping Brook G. C.




Pace Five

Fresh Air Fund Children Spending Two Weeks at Shore



Margaret Devine, New York city, Lions club, who Is co-sponsor of left,' one of 40 Fresh Air fund the program with the Middletown youngsters spending two weeks at Lions club. the shore, is welcomed by Sue Ann Next Tuesday the children will Pickering, daughter of Mr. and be guests of the Carlton theater Mrs. James I* Pickering of Tinton at the matinee performance. All ave., Eatontown, at whose home host families and their guests have she will stay. Also in the front been invited to attend a picnic row are Mary Alice Brcnnan, hold- next Wednesday at McGuire's ing doll, and Johanna D'Ambrosio. grove, Middletown township. MarAt the rear are Mrs.' Pickering, tin McGulre will provide soda, and holding her child, and Donald the Middletown and Red Bank MacConnell, chairman of the. fresh Lions clubs will furnish the ice air committee of the Red Bank cream. The fresh air youngsters




along fence*, around tree*, building*, monument* etc., it cut clean with thit

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Country Club Estates



In all Meat Depart"** Sites under 3 »»•

will be taken for a boat ride on the Shrewsbury river Friday, July 31, by Ed Irwin of Irwin's boat works. Mr. and Mrs. John Scheldt of Second at. left Tuesday for Connecticut where they are spending two weeks' vacation. Mr. Scheldt in employed by the Fair Haven post office. Mrs. Thomas Gilligan of Fish Hawk lane is spending several weeks' vavcation in Canada visiting relatives. The curbing of Edgewood rd. is under construction. The project is expected to be completed in two weeks. Mrs. James Snow has returned to her home in Lyons,. N. Y., after visiting her £on and daughter-inlaw, Capt. and Mrs. Frank Snow of Ave.-of-Two-Rivers. Sgt. Charles Mears has returned to the Marine corps base at Santa Ana, Cal., after spending several weeks' furlough at home. Mrs. William P. Pazicky of Lafayette at. is spending two months' vacation in Europe. She recently visited several cities in France. The well baby conference sponsored by the Public Health Nursing association of Rumeon, Sea Bright and Fair Haven will be held at the nurses' offlco at borough hall today from 2 until 4 p. m. Dr. Irving K. Lovctt, assisted by Miss Mary Byrnes, will advise mothers. Curtis and Reed Lundin, twin sons of Mr, and Mrs, A, W. Lundin of 8 Narumsunk at., left Sunday for three weeks' vacation at Camp Lenape, Boy Scout reservation at Medford. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen) C. Smith of 29 East Roosevelt circle are parents of a daughter, Stcfanie Lee, born Thursday at Fltkln hospital. Mrs. Tom Poynor of Fort Worth, Tex., Mrs. Smith's mother, arrived Monday for a vacation here with her family. Sunday marked the eighth wed' ding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bowen of East Roosevelt circle and the 11th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Kastle of Wilson pi. Lieut, and Mrs. John J. Simmons have returned from their wedding trip and are residing in Asbury Park. Mrs. Simmons is the former Miss Nonny Wagner. Dr. and Mrs, George N. Wagner have returned from their vacation trip to Cuba and Florida. Laralne Maire, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malre of Cooper blvd., celebrated her fifth birthday Saturday with a lawn party at the home of her cousin, Robin Layton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Layton of Deal, who also celebrated her fifth birthday. Guests were Mra. Richard Ross and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woodruff of Avon, Mra, George Layton, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Goldstein and Mrs. Eleanor O'Shea of Deal; Miss Sade Woodruff of Allenhurst; Mrs, Dorothy Hudson of Newark; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maire, Wllma Bott, Susan Malre, Robert Layton, Jr., Melanio Kurlnsky, Linda Malre, Betsy Goldstein, Linda O'Shea, Charlei Malre, Jr., and Shirley Haight.

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2 % 23e

RED BANK REGISTER, JULY 23,1953 WILLIAM H. JORDAN LONG BRANCH—Services will •be held Saturday in the WopHey funeral home for William H. Jordan, 72, -who died last night In Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. Jordan, county jury commissioner seven years until his appointment ran out June 30, lived at 342 MacArthur ave. Though born in Atglen, Pa., son of the late William H. and Emily Banks Jordan, he lived 64 years In this area and was the proprietor of the Jordan Printing service here. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Kate C. Ousterman Jordan; a daughter, Mrs. Cecelia Bennett. Long Branch; a. grandson, William Bennett, Jr.: too brothors, Luther B. Jordan, Long Branch and Fred W. Jordan, Landsdowne, Pa., and two sisters, Mrs. Chester Rockwell, this place, and Mrs. Harold Thomas, Paterson. An active member of Asbury Methodist church, North Long Branch, its pastor, Bev. W. I. Roberts, will officiate at the funeral, Mr. Jordan was a member of the official board end the Men's club of the church and s. member of the choir 40 years. He also was a member of the Norwood council, Jr. O.U.A.M.; a member for more than 50 years and an ex-captain of Atlantic fire company: n past president and secretary-emeritus of the Long Branch Rotary club, with which he had a record of 30 years' perfect attendance; a member of the Long Branch Chamber of Commerce and its former secretary; a member and director of the Long Branch Y.M.C.A.; former member of the Long Branch board of education; a member of the Monmouth County Republican club; a member of the Grand Jurors association, and an executive of Monmouth Council of Boy Scouts. Interment will be In Glcnwood cemetery.

The funtral will bs held Saturday at 2 p. m., at the Robert A. Braun home for funerals, with Rev. Paul W. Robinson, pastor of the Eatontown Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be In Way«lde cemetery. FREDERICK W. BRINK LITTLE SILVER—Frederick W. Brink, 78, died yerterday at his home, 1234 Troy ave., Brooklyn, He was the husband of Mrs. Llllle Kitchell Brink, sister of Mrs. Walter C. Dennis of Rumson rd,, this place. Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Brink was a ion of the late Cornelius and PrUcllla Cogswell Brink. Until his retirement eight years ago, he was a marine engineer. Mr. Brink was a member of Green Point lodge, Free and Accented Masons. Surviving, besides his wife, are a sister, Mrs. Abbey Edwards, HuntIngton Station, L I., and two nephews, The funeral will be held Saturday at 2 p. m. at the Adams memorial home, with Rev. James W. Marshall, pastor of Embury Mothodlst church, officiating. Burial will be in Evergreen cemetery.

MRS. PRANCES YUHAS FREEHOLD — Mrs. Frances Tuhas, 74, died yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mrs, Margaret Fariello of 58 Conovcr St., where she had been living. Besides Mrs. Fariello, Mrs. Tuna* is survived by her husband, Michael Yuhas; three other daughters, Mrs. Anna Peterson and Mrs. Elizabeth Balong of Woodbrldge, and Miss Mary Yuhas of Freehold, and seven sons, Nicholas Yuhas of Carteret, Frederick Y u h a s of Hightstown, Michael and Jacob Yuhas of Pennsylvania, James Yuhas of Engllnhtown, Peter Yuhas of South Amboy and Gtorgt Yuhas of Woodbridge. The funeral will be held Satur day at 8 a. m. at the Freeman Funeral home, followed by a ReEDWARD FIELD COVERT quiem mass at B ^ m. at St. Rose EATONTOWN — Edward Field of Lima Catholic' church, Burial Covert, 60, died yesterday at his will be In St. Rose of Lima cemehome, 73 Throckmorton ave. He tery, Freehold: was the husband of Mrs. Anna MRS. GEORGE BROCKMAN Snyder Covert. PORT MONMOUTH—Mrs. Helen Born In Wayside, Mr. Covert was a son of the late Terrence C. Brockman, wife of George and Carrie Covert. A resident of Brockman of Bralnard ave., died this urea all his life, Mr. Covert yesterday at her home. Mrs. was ft chauffeur. He was formerly Brockman was born In Scotland employed by Turner Brothers' and came to this country 48 years ago. She had been a resident of nursery. Surviving besides hli wife, are Port Monmouth 23 years. Besides her husband, Mrs. Brocktwo sons, Edward S. Covert, 75 Throckmorton ave., and George R. man Is survived by a sister, Mrs. Covert, Neptune; five brothers, Annie Burgess of the Bronx, The Amo« Covert and John Covert, funeral will be held Saturday afSouth Amboyi Fred Covert, Long ternoon at the Scott funeral home, Branch; Clarence Covert, Morgan, Belford, with Rev. William E. Bisand Raymond Covert, Long grove, pastor of the New MonBranch; two sisters, Mrs. Thomas mouth Baptist church, officiating. Todd and Mrs. Harold Irons, Long Burial will be In Rosemont memorial park, Newark. Branch, and four grandchildren.





One of the county's most modern funeral home* with a completely home-like atmosphere. EATONTOWN S4M!


H. Laurence Scott MORTICIAN Church Street.


Phone Keansburg 6-0333

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Deaths in Red Bank and Vicinity MRS. DOUGLAS E. CRAIK MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP — Mrs. Margaret Hennessy Craik, 54, wife of Douglas E. Crallc, died Thursday at her home on Blossom Cove rd. Born in Butte, Mont., Mrs. Craik was a daughter of th» late Daniel and Mary Furlong Hennessy. Her huaband Is assistant to the vice president of Anaconda Wire and Cable company. Mrs. Cfalk was a member of the board of directors of the Monmouth county Bed Crojs chapter and had been active in Red Cross work many yearB. During World War II she was a member of the Home Service department and chairman of the prisoner of war program of the chapter. She also eerved on the Monmouth county Women's Exchange and during World War II worked with Monmouth county women who served for "Bundles for Britain." Mrs. Craik was a member of St, James Catholic church. Surviving besides her husband art two sons, Douglas E. Craik, Jr., Los Angeles, Cal., and John Craik, who is in the Army in Korea, and a brother, Paul Kirby Hennessy, New York city. A high mass of requiem was offered Saturday at St. James church by Msgr. Joseph T. Casey. Burial was In Butte, Mont. Msgr. Casey recited the rosary Friday night at the John E. Day funeral home. RALPH J. WOZEIt MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP — Ralph J. Wozeh, 60, of Navesink River rd., died Monday at Ihe Ivy House nursing home. Born In New York city, Mr. Wozeh was a son of the late Albert and Emma Wozeh. He had been a resident here 35 years. Mr. Wozeh, a former chauffeur for President Herbert Hoover, had been chauffeur on the Scudder estate, on Navesink River rd., here, and Ave. of Two Rivers, Rumson, 32 year«. He was a member of the Freehold Knights of Clumbus and the Society of Professional Automotive Engineers. Surviving are hi« wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Dorn Wozeh; a daughter, Mrs. Morgan B. Eilert, Jr., San Diego, Cal., and elx sisters, Mrt. John Wolf, New Britain, Conn.; Mrs. Irving Koener, Great Neck, L. I.; Mrs. William Krabbler, New York city; Mrs. Clara Sherry and Mrs. Julia Benlschek, L. I., and MM. Jean Treakle, Frecport, L. I. The funeral was held this morning at 8:30 a. m. from the, John E. Day funeral home. A requiem mass was offered at 9 a. m., at St. Anthony's Catholic church by Msgr. Salvator* DILorenzo. Burial was In Mt. Olivet cemetery. Msgr. Dl Lorenzo recited the rosary last night at the funeral home.

MRS. MARGARET ODENBACH LITTLE SILVER—Mrs, Mirftr«t Odenbach, 80 who lived with her son, Joseph Odenbach, 133 Sllverton ave., died Thursday at the Ivy House nursing home, Middletown township. Born in New York city, Mn. Odenbach was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Dorn. She was the widow of Henry Odenbach. Surviving besides her son, are a daughter, Mrs. Carl S. Hilton, Paterson; a sister, Mrs. Caroline Boehl, New York city; five grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. A high mass of requiem was offered Monday at St. Fidelis Catholic church, College Point, L. I. Burial was in St. Mary's cemetery, Queens Boro, N. Y. Local arrangements were In charge of the John E. Day funeral home. CHARLES P. WILSON KEANSBURG—Charles p. Wilson, 43, husband of Rosemary Leonard Wilson, and a lifelong resident of this borough, died Sunday at his home, M Main st., after a short Illness. Son of Mrs. Mary Hennessey Wilson and the late Charles P. Wilson, he was .a machinist employed by General Motors at Linden prior to his illness, Surviving besides his wife and mother are a ion, Charles Wilson of Hackensack; two Stepsons, James O'Donnell, and Gerald O'Donnell of this place; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Kenneth Keppel of El Cajon, Cal.; three brothers, John Wilson, Dayton Wilson and Jeremiah Wilson of this place, and two sisters, Miss Elizabeth Wilson of Keansburg and Mrs, Mary Burbella of Iselin. The funeral was held yesterdiy at St. Ann's Catholic church, where Rev. Edward A. Corrtgan, pastor, offered a requiem mass. Burial under the direction of the Ryan funeral home was in Green Grove cemetery, Keyport. '

HUGH KERB, Sit, LAURENCE HARBOR — Hugh Kerr, Sr., 82, husband, of Mary McKinley Kerr and a resident of this place nine years, died suddenly Tuesday at his home, 858 Summerfleld ave. Mr, Kerr was born In Scotland and was a resident of Kearny X years, He was employed by the Bell Telephone company and was a member of the Telephone Pioneers of America. He also was a member of Scots-American athletic club, Kearny, a life member of Thistle lodge of the grand lodge of Scotland, Free and Accepted Masons, and the Royal Arch lodge, Keyport. Surviving, besides his wife is a son, Hugh Kerr, Jr., who livti at home. The funeral will be held tonight at 8 o'clock at the Ryan funeral home, Keinsburg. Cremation toMM. ANTHONT SAPPI UNION BEAOH—Mrs. Vielt morrow at 2 p. m. will be at Rose Nappl, «S, of 810 Second st., wife Hill crematory, Linden. of Anthony Nappl, and a resident PETER A. DONOVAN of this place nearly BO years, died Sunday at Monmouth Memorial PORT MONMOUTH —P.ter A. hospital; Mrs. Nappl w»s born at Donovan, 70, husband of Catherine Oceanport, daughter of the late Daugherty Donovan and a resident Mr. and Mrs. Albert Woolley. She of this place live years, died sudwas a member of St. Teresa's so- denly Monday at hli home en Merciety of the Church of the Holy cer ave, Mr. Donovsn was born at Family. Bayonne, son of the late Peter and Surviving besides her husband are Catherine Driseoll Donovan, and nine sans, Anthony Nappl and Jo- was a retired police department seph Nappl of this place; Frank clerk. He was a member of St, Nappl and Martin Nappl of Key- Mary's Catholic church. port; Theodore Nappl of South AmSurviving, beside* his wife, are boy, and Louts Nappl, Philip Nappl, two daughters, Mrs. Kathleen Albert Nappi and James Nappl, Sweeney and Mrs. Dorothy Meloney who live at home; two daughter*, of this place; a sister, Miss Nonle Mn, Dene Hannes of Highland, N. Donovan of Bayonne, and a grandT, and Mrs. Peter Shane of this daughter. place, and 14 grandchildren. The funeral will be held tomorThe funeral was held this morn Ing at the Church of the Holy row at 8 a. m. at the Scott funeral home. At 9 o'clock, Rev. Robert T. Family, where Rev. Edward R. Sullivan, pastor, offered a high Bulman, pastor, will offer a high mass of requiem at St. Mary's mass of requiem, Burial under the direction of the church. Burial will be In Holy Day funeral home was In St. Jo- Cross cemetery, North Arlington. seph's cemetery, Keyport. V. AUGUSTUS LATTOK BOSS LAURA M. rLANDEM C. Augustus Ls.yton, 87 years, of pi., died Monday FREEHOLD—Mill Laura M, 30 Drummond at the Ivy House nursFlanders, 79, a former curator and afternoon librarian of the Monmouth County ing home, Middletown, after a historical society, died Monday at lengthy Illness. the home of Mrs. William M. Hep- Mr. Layton was born in Bennett's burn, IS Monument pi., where she Mills, the son of the late Joseph and resided. Mlas Flanders was born at Jane Matthews Layton, and had Illon, N, Y., and had been a rtsl lived in Red Bank the put «0 dent of this place more than 60 years. years. She was a piano teacher. He Is survived by his wife, Mn. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Ellis Emma Htadley Layton; a daughI. Apgar' and a nephew, William ter, Mrst Anna, wife of Harry A, Isaacs, Holmdel; two listen, Mn, F. Apgar of Portland, Ore. The funeral was held yesterday Anna Couch and Mn, Grace afternoon at the Freeman funeral Hayes, both living In Manaaquan. The funeral was held yesterdiy home, with Rev. Charlta H, Noff, pastor of Old Tennent church, of- afternoon at the Worden funeral delating, Burial this morning was home, with Rev, Roger J. Squire, In Oak Hill cemetery, Htrklmer, pastor of the Methodist church, officiating-. Burial was In Fair View N. T. cemetery.

MBS. LESTKR KING LEONARDO—Mrs. Helen King, it, of Leonardville rd., wife of. Lester King and a lifelong resident here, died Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mrs. King was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Boeckel of this place. Surviving, besides her husband and parents, are five children, Raymond, Robert, Donald and Gerald King and Mrs. Doris Steel, all of Leonardo; two brothers, Leon Boeckel, Jr., Shrewsbury, and George W. Boeckel, Port Monmouth; four sisters, Mrs. Beatrice Murphy, Red Bank; Mrs. Elsie Dearden, Leonardo, and Mrs. Thelma Fielding and Mrs. Doris Manlgraeso, Atlantic Highlands, and six grandchildren. The funeral will be held tomorrow at 2 p. m. at the home of her parents on Leonardville rd., with Rev. Roy E, Williams, Jr., pastor of the Atlantic Highlands Methodist church, officiating. Burial, under the direction of the Posten funeral home, will be In Fair View cemetery.

LEONARD DANGLER EATONTOWN—Leonard Dangler, H, husband of Mrs. Eleanor VanDorn Dangler, died Sunday at his home, 9M South st. Born In Wayeide, Mr. Dangler was a son of the late C Edmund and Mary Eliza Dangler. He had been a resident of this area all his life and was employed as an automotive mechanic by the Public Works garage, N.A.D. Earle. Mr. Dangler was a member of local 876, National Federation ot Federal Employees, N.A.D. Earle, He was a veteran of World War I. Surviving besides his wife are a son, Frank VanDorn Dangler, Littie Silver; a daughter, Mrs. Eleanor Jean DeVries, living at home; two brothers, Raymond Dangler, Westvllle, and Francis Dangler, this place; two sisters, Miss Lillian M. Dangler, this place, and Mrs. Lida Davidson, Little Silver, and three grandchildren. . The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at the Robert A, Braun home for funerals, with Rev. Paul Holtrop, pastor of Wanamassa Christian Reformed church, officiJOHN FREY ating, Burial was in Glenwood KEANSBURG—John Frey, 81, of cemetery, West.Long Branch. l i t Woodland ave., husband of the late Constance R. Dasse Frey and • MRS. DOROTHY R. DASOANO a resident of this place nearly IS METUCHEN - Mrs. Dorothy years, died Sunday at Riverview hospital, after a short illness. Mr. Ryan Damiano, 44, of 2 Ashley rd., Frey was bora In France, and was Nixon, died yesterday at Roosevelt a former resident of Roselle Park. hospital. She is a sister ot Mrs. He retired In 1887 after 17 years' Anne R. Colllchto of Union Beach. service SJ a machinist with Esso Mrs. Damiano was born in HoStandard Oil company, Bayonne. boken and is a former Cllffwood Surviving are a son, Gaston Frey resident. Besides her husband, John of Roselle Park; a daughter, Mrs. Damaino, and Mrs. Colllchio, she is Caroling Lineaweaver of this place, survived by four sons, and a daughter, John, Jr., Thomas and Clarke and three grandchildren. The funeral was held yesterday Damiano and Charles Hyland, and at St. Ann's Catholic church, where Dorothy Damiano, all living at Rev. Edward A. Corrlgan, pastor, home. The funeral will be held Saturoffered a requiem mass. Burial was In Cloverleaf Park cemetery, Wood- day at 8:30 a. m. at the Bedle fu; bridge. ncral home, Keyport, followed by a requiem mass at 9 o'clock at St. Joseph's Catholic church, Keyport. HARRY L. WENZEL Burial will be In St..Joseph's cemeMIDDLETOWN—Harry L. Wen- tery. zel, 44, husband of Ruth Carr Weniel and a resident of Orchard MRS. JOSEPH JOSEPHSEN Acres four years, died Friday at PORT MONMOUTH—Mn. Alma his home on Florence rd. He was born at Newark,' son of the late N. Josephsen, 78, wife of Joseph Harry A, and Julia Laine Wenzel, Josephsen of Briarcliff pi., died yesand was a former resident of West terday at her home. A resident of Orange. Mr. Wenzel was a salvage Port Monmouth the pant 20 years, inspector for General Motors at Mrs. Josephsen came to this country from Norway 46 yean ago, Linden. Mrs. Josephsen Is survived by her Surviving, besides his wife, Is a stepdaughter, Miss Carol Grimes, husband, a daughter, Mrs. George Magnuson of Yonkers, and three who lives at home. The funeral was held Monday sons, Alfred Josephsen of Hoboken; night at the Scott funeral home, Edward Josephsen of Long Branch, with Rev. Walter Feigner, pastor and Harry Josephsen of Port Monof the Reformed church, officiat- mouth, and seven grandchildren. The funeral will be held Saturday ing. Burial Tuesday morning was at 10 a. ni. at the Scott funeral In Fair View cemetery. home at Belford, with Rev. Robert Blackman, pastor of the BelGEORGE EDWARD SMOCK ford Methodist church, officiating. EATONTOWN—George Edward Burial will be In Fair View cemeSmock, M, Who for 32 years oper- tery. ated Smock's confectionery store on Main st., here, died Friday at the Ivy House nursing home, Middle- Legion Post Nominates town township. He lived at 18 Leddy for Commander White it., this place. Born in Vanderburg, Mr. Smock ATLANTIC H I G H L A N D S — was a ion cf the late Nelson and George Leddy has been nominated Catherine Smock. A resident here commander of Sandy Hook Bay the past 65 years Mr. Smock was pest, American Legion. Election of an ez-chlef and the oldest mem- officers will be held Wednesday, ber of the Eitontown lire com- Aug. 1ft, at the Legion hall, First pany. He was a member of the and East Washington aves., here. Other officers) nominated were; Exempt Firemen's association of Eatontown and was one of the Charles Lesher, Robert VanPernls organiiers and charter members of and Andrew Lynch, vice commandthe Eatontown Volunteer Ambu- ers; Charles Mandia, finance officer; lance Corps, of which he was a Frank Cassone, chaplain; Marpast president. Mr. Smock was a garet Cooper, historian; Henry member ot the Eatontown Pres- Snyder, sergeant-at-armi; Eugene Allen, three-year trustee; Harry B. byterian church. Murtha, two-year trustee, and GusMr. Smock, who was the husband tave Husenltza, one-year trustee. of the late Sarah Ely Smock, leaves a daughter, Mils Alberta Smock, living at home. Shrewsbury The funeral was held Monday Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Button and afternoon at the Smock residence, with Rev. James W. Robinson of- daughters Patricia and Melissa, ficiating. Burial under the. direc- Meadow dr., spent the week-end tion of the Robert A. Braun home with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ladd for funerals was in Fair View at Huntington Station, L. I, cemetery. Kathy,and Elizabeth Turbert of Chatham are guests of Mrs. William Krayblll of Park ave. BENJAMIN HANUNS Mrs. Philip T. Smith of Broad MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP — st, has returned from Brunswick, Benjamin Hanklns, M, died yester- Ga., where she was visiting Mr. day at his home on Orchard st. Smith, who Is employed by HerBorn In Middletown, Mr. Han- cules Powder company on a conkltis was a son of Mr«. Bertha struction job. Mrs. Smith, who was Tuzeneu Hanklns and ths late Jos- enjoying a vacation from her duties eph Hanklns. He had been a res- at the Morton shop In Red Bank, ident of this pliee all his life. A also visited Sea Island, Ga.. parts veteran of World War I, Mr. Han- of northern Florida and Chattaklns aerved overseas 15 months nooga, Tenn. with the U. 8. Army, He was a Mrs. Robert H. Dlshrow, Mrs. member of Middletown post, Vet- Maver J. Campbell and Miss Roerans of Foreign Wan. berta Campbell have returned home Surviving, besides his mother, from a trip through Pennsylvania who lives at Headden's Corner, are and the Pocono mountains. They his wife, Mrs. Elsie Wilson Han- returned through Maryland and klns, and two sisters, Mrs. Edith Delaware, stopping off at scenic Hughes, Port Monmouth, snd Mrs. and historical spots en route, Lee Davis of Headden's Corner. The funeral will be held tomorDr. Frank Conrad, famed radio row at 11 a. m. at the Worden fu- engineer, says he built his first neral home, with Rev. Walter Felj- radio set In 1819 to hear time signor, pastor of the Middletown Re- nals from Arlington, Va,, and setformed church, officiating, Burial tle a IS bet about the accuracy will be In Fair View cemetery. of his $12 .watch.




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CHURCH NEWS CALVARY BAPTIST Red Bank Rev. J. B. Gilchrlst will be In charge of the morning worship service. Mrs. Alethla Williams will direct the senior choir. Mrs. Annie Jackson is In charge of Sundayschool at 0:30 o'clock. The Searchlight Gospel singers of Jersey City will give a program Sunday at 8 p. m. for the benefit of the Men's club, of which John Watklns is president. Deacons and trustees will meet Monday night at the church. The annual .church business meeting will be held Tuesday night. Prayer and song services are held Wednesday evenings. The missionary societies of the church will hold a tea Sunday between 3 and 6 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Louise Taylor. METHODIST Highlands "Persecuted Christian's" Is the fourth sermon topic in the "Sermon on the Mount" series to be presented by Rev. Howard Shoemaker at the 11 a. m. service Sun-, day. The pastor's theme for the 7:30 p. m. service will bs "What the Protestant Church Believes." The choir rehearses each Thursday at 7 p. m.

The Sunday-school meets at 9:30 a. m. Visitors are welcome to all services. PBESBTTEBIAN Atlantic Highlands Church school and Bible elsjss will meet at 10 a. m. "Growing in Christlikeness" will be the topic. Rev. Elmer T. Schlck, pastor, will deliver a sermon, "On Growing Old Gracefully," at the 11 a. m, worship service. Warren Miller and Hugo Palme will be ushers. FI8K CHAPEL Fair Haven Mrs. M, T. Mitnaul and J. S. Corbln of Princeton will present an Evangelistic gospel service Sunday at 3 p. m. Refreshments will be aerved. Rev. E. M. Mitchell la pastor. Lot and Found Wa ilnMreljr hop« It doein't hippin to you, but l( you ihould lo.e lomethlnir, runembw chancel ara in your favor that you will recover It through the Lost and Found column, ot The Reglater.—Advertticment. Card or Thanks

HT think, to all who In an; way helped to lenen th< griat In my d»d'i Piiiine. I wiih to u r ."thank you." Eipeclallr Mr. Braun. funeral director, H. H. Weinei, M. D., Mr. Robinson, minliter, flrtt aid .quad, lire decartment, pallbeirtri, tho.e who tent flower., cardi, loaned cars or helped in injr wiy, Albert* Smock. —Advertisement.

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RED BANK REGISTER, JULY 23,1953 Asbury Park. They were married in 1934. Mrs. William* won the final deWEST PALM BEACH, FLA.—A cree on the grounds of desertion. divorce w u granted here July 3 She Instituted suit to counter one to Mrs. Rosalie E. William* of filed here on the same grounds by Conovor lane, Rumson, N. J., by Cir- Mr. Williams. The order signed by cuit Judge C. K. Chillingworth in Judge Chillingworth gives Mrs. WilChancery court against Joseph C.liam/) custody of the three children, Gail C, 16, Joseph C, Jr., 13, and Wftliams, head of the J. C. Williams outdoor advertising firm of Henry C, 10.

In Training

Mrs. Joseph C. Williams Wins Florida Divorce

Ann Stewart

FINN FINED, LOSES LICENSE ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-Maglstr&t* Irving B. Zeichner fined Thomai Finn, 30, of Chapel Hill rd., Middletown township, $200, plus $20 physician's fee and $5 costs of court Monday night, and revoked hta driver's license tivo years. Finn was pronounced intoxicated and unfit to operate a motor vehicle by Dr. Saul J. Shapiro after his catwas involved in a head-on collision June 28 with a car driven by Giuseppi Guillana, 23, of T Sixth avc., on Ocean blvd., near Scars avc.


F. J. REISER - Wilson Ave., Port Monmouth


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Iieut, Col. Stanton WMtnejr. Lieut. Col. Stanton Whitney of Rumson, who la In his second week of training as a Reserve officer with the 1119th Replacement training center of New Tork city, ii at Fort Dix for two weeks' "on-thejob" training.











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River Plaza

Tha SOlh wedding anniversary Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Long, Sr., was marked Saturday by a surprise party tendered the coupln by their daughter and family, Mr. and' Mn. William Southcott of Manning »t. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Long, Jr., celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary July 13. Among tht boys spending two weeks at the T.M.C.A. camp In the Poconos are Paul Fox, Douglas McDowell, Douglas Wilson, Joseph Malre, William Florland, Donald von Ohlen, George Merrill and Donald Frost. The River Plaza Day Camp, Inc., and Red Cross swimming program ended Friday witli the following students passing the basic swimming test, under the direction of Ann R. Collichio; Carol Smith, William McKlnnon, Bert McKinnon, Kitty Moody, J. Gale Moody, Bonnie Lecklilcner, Alan Johnson, Donald Spafford, Mary Ann Lewandoskl, Barbara' Ann Brlller, Phyllis Smith, Richard Fox, Ann Frenzel, Richard Burger, Sharon Meyer, Kevin McKeon, Barry Siegfried, Bucky Buchanon, Cynthia Kidd, Susan Hendricks, David Van Pelt, Gordon Hendrickson, William Seaton, Warren DeBrown, Dennis Wildanger, J. Richard Kessler, Donna Lee Perry, Carol Hendricks, Donna Makely, Dinah Colker, Shirley Katz, James DeMaria, Kenneth Lorch, William Cowan, Rayme Lacy, Sally Shenk, Margaret Cosentlno and Robert Shenk. Qualifying as beginners In swimming, which includes a jump Into deep water: Pamela Hendricks, Harry Nixon, Frank DeMaria, Eileen.. O'Neill, William Quinn, Susan Malra, Robert Marko, Linda Schllehtlng, John Hafner, Gordon Bornkamp. Russell Rauch, Dal* Rauch, Mary Lu Sodan, Robert Hendricks, John Gilsey, Richard Thompson, William Bender, Jean Kesaler, Wendy DIxon, Jamea Walker, Mary Anna Bender, William Kidd, Bonnie Van Glahn, Grace DeMaria, Joyce Wocoleski, Judy Partrick, Irene Fieas, Gail Spafford, Patricia Soden, Gerald Johnson, Donna Burger, Kathy Bcke, Dennix Fox, Jeffrey Doscher, Sandra Fox, Malloy Wheeler, Ernest Fox, Judy Purdy, Judy Osprey and Virginia Jacques. Qualifying as intermediate swimmers, under the direction of Miss Daniat Hallan: Judy Jones, Donna Wllhelm, Jane and Carol Wildanger, Ann Tonl Citarelln, Debby Jacques, Dorothy Osprey, Tom Wilson, Patricia Partrick, Maureen and Kathleen Kelly, Rose Ann Quinn, Beverly Reed, Paul Fox, Tonl Smith, Richard Dreyer, Joanna Lott, Garrett Corson, William Searles, Cheser Wilhelm, Ashley Kraan and Douglas McDowell. Qualifying as swlmmeri under the direction of Miss Ann Collard: Joseph Malre, Dlanue Wilhtlm, Brad Dixon, Geor*« Merrill, Margar«t Kelly nd Linda Lott. Tht students put in a wattr ballet tht closing day 'or other members of tht classes and included high divei by Joseph Malrt. Henry DeLuca, director of tha >l«yground lummer activities at tht achool, reported to tht committee tht following ragiaterad thla week to become participants in the games' and art* and crafts under la direction: Kathryn Bcke, Mary Anne and William Binder, Kathleen Bey, Gordon Bornkamp, Barbara Ann Brllltr, William Buchann, Donna Jtan and Richard Burger, Brian Cavanaugh, Ronald. Clark, Dinah Colktr, Garrett Corson, William Cowan, Warren Dt Brown, Frank, Grace and Jamea DeMaria, B/ad and Wtndy DIxon, Jeffrey poacher, Linda and Nancy Dunn, Herbert and Bruce Elginranch, Walttr Treacy, Ernest, Richard and Sandra Tax, Robirt and John Gallo, Kenneth and Billy Otreckc, Rlckl and Jeff Gill, John and Joan Qllaey, Terry Markln, Carol Hendrlckn, Pamela Hendricks, Susan Htndrlcka, Robert Henschel, Shirley Kats, Morgan Kttn, Jtan and Rlohard Keasltr, John Ktmp, William and Cynthia Kidd, Raymt Lacy, Bonnla LackIlkntr, Jant and Mary Lltgetmin, Victor Lorch, Joinni and Linda Lott, Donna Maktly, Btnta and Robert Mtrko, Douglas MoOowill, Bart and William McKlnnon, Kitty and J, Gait Moody, Jamtt O'Orady, Eileen O'Neill, Pttrlola and Judy Partrick, Dnnnn Let Perry, Dale and Russell Ranch, John Ron, Winflild Rumaey, William fltaton, "Linda Hohllohtln/r, William SMI'IM, Burnttt Shotwtll, Barry SletfrM, Tonl Smith, Joy«nn» and M»ry t.ou Soenlohlk Carol a.nd Phyllln Smith, Donald • ml QM Snafford, Honnlt Van OUhn, Duvld Vin Pell, Lynn and Sharon Warnir, VVnynt W««om»n Mtllory Whatltr, TttA Wloks, Dm. nli WildMigar, Chttt, Dlannt ind Dpnna Wilhtlm, William, Jo«iph and Joitphlnt Ztgorikl, Robirt and Silly shank,

FREDA SALES & - SERVICE 117 Monmouth Street, Red Bank Phone RE 6-1702

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Until about 1600 Conty Island N«w York, now Ihs r m o i l o f the poortr pails of New York'* population, W M a rtcrcatlon «i»* (or the rich,






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Red Bank 'on


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REAL ESTATE WANTED DAY'S CLEANER or children. Experienced, $1 an hour. Write, P, O. Box 464, Eatontown. Will answer imrncdlately.' STATIONARY ENGINEER—License 1-A and 9-B. Age 63, desirea employment ... operating or blower plant repairs. Write, "Stationary Engineer," Box (11, Red Bank.' _.' . WOMAN WISHES day's work. Light housework or cleaning. ' Call betVean 5 and 7 P. M., RE 6-9722.* . HANDY HAN—Electrical^ carpentry, paint jobs, clean cellars, atties, garages, white, washing, slmoniii tin. All odd jobs. RE 6-0095-R.* YOUNG WOMAN desires day's work.' Also available for baby sitting. Call RE «-4110-W.* RELIABLE, MARRIED veteran. 29", wishes permanent position driving truck or part-time work Saturdays and some nights. Experienced at truck, and school bus driving; also some stori work, RE «-<"'-R.* HANDY ANDY—Painting done promptly and satisfactorily. Interior and exterior. Small jobs a specialty. Also available for various odd jobs, RU 1-0436-M.*


ROUTE SALESMAN—Good opportunity. on gloss EASY SPIN DRY washer. In good con- CARPENTER AND BUILDER — General MIAMI BEACH—Exchange for New JerSingle System Laundry, Broad and SELLING OUT—Cloelci, watches «hd PAINT SALE—30% discount oss sey property or sell. 20 unit garden repairs, alterations, additions, reilitlon, 155. Call RU 1-1557. exterior and Satone seml-g OL Patrsdios. A lot of tubei. All cheap. apartments. Corner, near Alton rd. Air First sts., Keyport, KE 7-0767. roofing, cellar rooms and attic finishing. Art Jewelry Co., S, T. Cobb proprietor. terson-Sargeant paint. Atlantic Supply BED—%, with spring and Simmons For estimate, phone RE 6-0602-J. Harry conditioned. Yearly tenants, $75,000 OENETSAlTHOUSEWbRTCER — - "AuiTt Co., 25 West Highlands ave.. Atlantic mattress. Excellent condition, $20. Carter, Little Silver. with children. References. Live in. 17K VY. Bergen pi.. Red Bank. equity. Give or take difference. Write* ; Highlands RU 1-1298-M. Own room and bath, $40. Csll RE I511, Red Bank, PIANO STU.KNT PLAN-Rcnt brand V PAINTING—Inside and outside. S i "Miami Beach," Box : I C T 6 R 1 A N DIVAN—Reasonable. Call §ER"VTCE~STXTTO N" — Fine location. new ipinet at Tustlng's. When you job too small. Reasonable estimate! Three Cents a Word HIT A 9 rialfi Heart of Red Bank, Fully equip WOMAN—With knowledge of typing. know that child succeids, apply ail rengiven. Call RE 6-9239-J. some supervision of household duties. BUSINESS NOTICES tal cash on purchase of a Wurlitser, HOT WATEB BOiLEIt-MCoal) with Minimum Charge: $1.00 HILL—Moving and rearranging turn- Write, "Fine Locat»n," Box 611, Red thermostat and inercoid switch, B«rEight hours a day. Write, "HouieChltkerlng, Weber, Steinway, or Steck ture. 150 W. Bergen pi., Red Bank. Bank. Doubl. Rat. tor Double Spacing iln. KE 6-1366.J.' hold," Box 511, Red Bank. Aeolian. Up to thr«« y e » n to pay_balAMALGAMATED TRADES—Carpenters, SPECIALTY SHOP—Infanta and chllPhone RE 6-4094-R. . Blind ads, using The Register's Free cartage, free tuning!. Tust- SPINET PIANO—Recently tuned. Uood dren'a wear, 100% location, $50,000 WOMEN—For general factory work. masons painters, plumbers, electricP. 0. Box, 25c extra. ondltion, Height 3 feet; »2S0, RE ians, landBcaptrs, Have it done by oneSXW FILING—Cutlery grinding. Ail gross. Asking $13,000, Metal products assembly; exparlence Irving Kaye Ing Pii _ Company, ! • Monnouth it.. kinds of carpenter work expertly done. RlihV to clasuHy, edit or reject 8-5329-R,' helpful. Tower Craftsman Corp., 106 concern that's concerned about you. Formerly located at Oakland nnd South Agency, 140 Broadway. LO 6-5600, Red Bank. any advertisement l» reserved by tfEW AND USED bicycle.. Service and 12x15 GULISTAN Broadloom rug with Phone MA 1-2312-R-2. iPMENT OPPORTUNITY for the Chestnut st.. Red Bank. Bridge ave. Now located at 182 MonThe Register. pad. Simmons mattress and spring, CUSTOM FARM WORK—Plowing, dlsc- mouth st. (Formerly P-T Taxlcaba.) . parti. Conk 4 Ricci Service Station, unusual in a summer colony. Boating, MEN—For work In metal prolucta facb We W'H not * responsible) lor walnut bedroom pieces, mahogany lamp 120 Monmouth at. RE 6-9737. tory. Tower Craftsman Corp., 1 0 ! Ing,, mowing and lawns cut, RE 6- WALL WASHING—New scientific streak. fishing, bathing; Even a seaplane base errom unleis they are detected beMOTOR SOOO'TER—1949 Indian. _lx table, leather suitcase. Several pieces of 1652. ' less method. GrcBSy kitchens out ape- it a possibility, Irving Kaye Agency, Chestnut at., Red Bank. fore the lecond Insertion. 140 Broadway. LO S-560O. h. p., with larje delivery compart- pottery, two rug runners, lamps, mir- ROTOTILLING, LAWNS, gardens, ama clalty. Call Myrgeo. RE 6-3471.' No cancellation! will be accepted ment attached. Used less than 100 rors, club chair with slipcover, KE 7- plots. SALES REPRESENTATIVE—OpinTop soil, fill dirt, manure. EXPERIENCED PIANO teacher, Juiliard PACtfAWLTQVOR STORE—Top notch or chanjes made In advertisements miles, Worth new $400. Will sell for 1370," location; $57,000 gross; $l«,E00. IrvNew lawns and grading. Free estimates ing for wide awake young man training, beginners and advanced puom hour alter receipt at office. 1250 South Jersey Surgical Supply. 33 THREE-BURNER OIL STOVE. Nesco, cheerfully given. KE 6-096.1. ing Kaye Agency, 140 Broadway, LO pils through September. LO 6-4996-J. 'looking for position with a future. In good condition, Never used much. CHAIR CANING and rush work. WilEast Front it., Red Bank. 6-5600, 6 to 8 P. M. DEADLINE: Good salary. Commission when qualWEAR KKAPP Aeotred shoes for com. Mrs May Hamernlck. Vanderburg. bur lvtns, 19 West Sunset ave. Phone SERVICE WHILE YOU WAIT—Save on EMPLOYMENT AGENCY — Excellent Rial Estate! Tuesday Noon. i C E W B E MAKER—Only slightly used, fort, quality and lone service. Made ified. Sales car and/leads furnished. RE 6-4388-R reputation. Spacioua three-room ofservice charge by bringing your radio Classified Display: Wednesday Noon excellent condition. Ideal for use in MOVING—Day or night. Reasonable with built-in arches and cushion inner Apply W. R. Staats, manager, Singer or television set in for repairs. A, C.fice, $58 monthly; $1,800, including furAll Other.: 5 p. m. Wednesday. •oles. Priced from 19.95 and up. Call bar or restaurant. See at MiddUtown Irving Kaye rates. Free estimates. Call RE 6-Radio and Television Company. Armand niture and equipment, Sewing Center, • • Broad St., Red Refrlgerntlon. Highway 35. Mlddletown. 0451-M. C. J. Clayton. LO 6-1U0-M. A, Crupi owner, 123 Shrewsbury ave. Agency. 140 Broadway. LO 6-5600. Call Classified Bank. RC-YAL TYPEWRITERS—New and re-BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING — HARDWARE .$23,000 STORE—Over •RB 6-4768 Household furniture, for sale. Dining bullt. All makes adding machines Buy for the price of' itock JOE L. FUNDERBUHKE. Floor gross. Red Bank 6-1)013 and portable typewriters. Guaranteed. room living room and bedroom sets; and fixture!, Irving Kaye Agency, 140 MAN—to work -in bakery., Ko_«xp«f TUTORING—By experienced tutors landing, painting and decorating. Easy terms. Serplco'a, 101 Monmouth miscellaneous Items. Call evenlngl, AT Broadway. LO 6-5600. Selbold'l ience necessary. N Seib ' " ~Bakery, for New York regents or regular Call for free estimates. RE <-3006-J. 1-0014-W. st. RE 6-0485. . BOATS TAVERN—100% location; $450 • and 190 Bay ave.. Highland!. courses, Algebra, trigonometry, geTbP SOlt—Road gravel, fill dirt, pea KENMORE ELECTHIU clothes dryer 34 Marlon st., Red Bank. LOST AND FOUND over weekly; $14,000, Irving Ktye GARDENER-HANDY HAN. Experienced, Like new $100. Call LO 6-4481. gravel, bluestone, sand, asphalt and Agency, 140 Broadway. LO 6-5600. ometry, (plane or solid); chemistry, 19-FOOT SPORTSMAN Sea Skiff, »!Call Balbach, RU 1-1240. LOST—Bicycle. Boy's English Her- black top for drlvtwayi. RE 6-3879. PORTABLE 300 amp Westinghouse NATIONAL RESTAURANT AND cocktail lounge. 65horsepower Crist Craft engine.' ExGEOGRAPHICS. Medical physics, Latin, French, English or Flex Arc welder, Chrysler 6-cyllnder cules. Cream and red. Reward. Call K t FERTILISER—For summer time u»«. foot bar. Seating for 250.. Nine cellent condition. Phone RE 6-4378-M.* Journals, etc., bound or rebound. The GIRLS, WOMEN assemblers, for history. Reasonable rates by hour' 100% orstanlc. Non burninj when used Industrial motor, A-l condition. J400; Country Bindery, R. D, No. 1. Freehold. acres; 500-foot highway frontage, Ideal 6-4244-R. . . 6-4244R. BOAT SUPPLIES—All your boating wiring and soldering on electronic a> per direction. 25. E0 and 80-pound 24-Inch drill press, Buffalo, complete HO 9-7235, or week. In'residence or supervised for motel addition; $15,000, Irving LOST— Wrislwateh. S h Uold U l d face, f black bags needs under ona roof. Everything tor Ask your hardware dealer for with one h, P. motor, Jacobs chucks, br»«let. Kaye Agency, 140 Broadway, LO 6- equipment. Experience desirsble but center "Terrace, Terrace, black br»«le location. Write details, P. O. Box tha boatman. N t » Jersey'a largest maDisbrow Broi., West Long plus drills and reamer, 1150; new IJ-in, d Agrlnlte. 5600. l Saturday. Reward. not necessary. Five-day week. Many White i t parkins lot 34-HOUR SERVICE on the repair of rine supply house. Open Sundays and , 663, Bed Bank.' ' y to *i-ln. tap and die set, union twist, Branch. ^ _ OTNcWEONEWB-With" .100%—ioTa AT 1-1660. holidays 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. Week-days company benefits. Apply Trsd Telecadloi and electrical applianeei. fountain; $34,000 gross; $5,000 cash LOST—Rowboit. Vicinity of Fair Ha- USED LUXBER-2<4'|. 2XS'S. 4x4's; 150. Call KE 6-0642, R 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. The Boatman'! vision Corp., 1001 First ave., AsDRESSMAKING, alterations. Daytime down will purchase. Irving Kaye Agency, sheeting,, good as new, at MS perSELLING INTIKE apartment furniture. We call for and deliver. Harold's vent. About lS-foot, green and Shop. 24 Wharf ave. RE 6-8780. Please call RE 6-2639-W. frocks, coats and suits made to order. 140 Broadway. LO t-5«00. bury farlc. white, cray inside. Back transome 1,000; roof shingles, factory sub-standard Radio' and Electrlo Shop. 1$ West PENGUINS—Custom built. Finest lumAdvice, estimates cheerfully given on at 14.50 per square. Wyde Lumber st LADIES' HOUSE DRESSES $1.89 each, board patched Reward. Phone Kb 6Front It,, Iterl Sank, Phone RE $• wedding costumes. All work guaranteed. TOYS AND S W H E R furniture. Good ber and hardware. Must see to aptwo for 13.50. The Red Bank Value location, 62x30 showroom; 400-foot OPERATOR—telephone. Answirlng ser preciate, 5SO0.' ! Supply Corp.. Highway 36. Belford. KE . Reasonably priced. If Inter2744. Call for appointment, Mrs. Elnanor Her. 6-0820. Center. 25 West Front it,, Red Bank, outdoor display space. Large storage LOST—Lady's navy and white dress. vice, 40-hour week. Day work. Apply ested in Penguins, this is your buy. Only dor, 114 Ridgo rd., Fair Haven. RE apace. Four-room apartment; $20,000 Thursday. July 16 from car, corner FILES, DESKS, CHAIRS.—Complete new ANTIQUES—Chlni, glassware, lamps, In person Friday, 9 to 10 A. M. Room three for sale this season, ~ Any evening, line of office furniture, Serplco's Office IT P. down will buy Irving Kaye Agency, 19, 157 Broad at.. Bed Bank. picture frames and bric-a-brac. No GUARANTEED TELEVISION servicing 6-0755-J.* Brond and Front Bt5.. Red Bank. RE all day Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Equipment, 101 Monmouth st. RE 6UP Broadway, LO 6-5600. * within two hours from your call. A. C. •ealers. RE 6-3047. 6-0330. evenings RE 6-4525.* Haddon Park. Fair HaVen. MAJTOITBOY to tend lawn and flower Edwards, Edwards, 59 59 Hadd FOUR TIRES and tubes.710xl5. Good Radio ana Television Company Armand STOLEN—From premisci, July 20, new 0485 INCOME PTtOPJiRTY FOR SALE—Keygarden, Few days a week. Call RE 24-FOOT CABIN SKIFF—95 h.. p. y F LyGENUINE PERSIAN lamb coat. Size 48. A Crupi, owner, 123 Shrewsbury ave. AUTOMOBILES condition, $20. KE 6-1402, evenings Pennsylvania power lawnmower, 21port. Brick building. Two atorei and 6-9096. _ _ _ _ _ i i coming marine engine, two bunk bunks, life 6-47 fig. Only worn once. Made to order. and wcel;-j!ndB.^_ inch. BciKKs & Stratton motor, red two npartments. Opposite new postofnee. EXPERIENCED MACHINE button oper- head, large cockpit for deep sea fishing, h 1951 STUDEBAKER—Lnnd Cruiser, V-8. CESSPOOL CLEANING and building atpwheels Reward for information leadinir Phone HI S-11»7_M. Inquire or write, E. Wilson, 88 J5. RooseREM"OVAL SALE—Entire stock of anator and tacker. (Female.) Good $l.»00. Call RE 6-3611 or RE 6-3828. Automatic drive, radio, heater, light vclt Circle, Red Bank.' tic tanks; dry and gravel wells and to recovery. No questions asked, MI ADD NATURE'S cfiarm to y o u r h o m e tiqucs at cost. Consisting of piano „, placing „ few of our hundreds of lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, drains. 39 Peach at (New Shrewsbury blue: 23,500 miles. Very clean, RE 6- SACRIFICE for rent or sale. All year wages, steady employment. Apply Adams LAUSON—The outboard of the future. by 5-0050 Brothers, Sportswear Manufacturers, 244 Four-cycle, air-cooled. Guaranteed. varieties of indoor and outdoor plants. Phone RE 6-1846. C. H,3144,* LUST — Lady's Hamilton wrlstwatch. around business, Luncheonette and china, furniture, etc. Olcsen's, 36 South Borough.) Front »t.. Red Bank. Three models to select from. Easy terms. DODGE AND Plymouth pusBenger cure; four rooms. Busy location. Near school West Wilson. Business section Red Bank. Finder We carry the best, healthiest at lowest St., Freehold. SOMEO"NE~TOMXK"E minor repalra on As little as $2.10 per week. Liberal tradeprices. Pay us a visit. Modern Rn*e Dodge job-rated trucks, authorised nnd beachfront. Reason for selling, due please call RE 6-5405. Reward.* THAYER FOLDING carriage. Practically SEPTIC TANKS, cesspools, laterals, dry a Launderatl washing machine. Please in. Used outboards for sate. See it towells; pumping and building. Jacob service; modern servlco station. Frank to age. See owner a t 1131 Florence LOST—Brown wallet. Contained $20. In Nursery Hlchway 36, Port Monmouth. new, $16. Call RE 6-18S2-M. call RE 6-4898. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ day at Strauss Stores, IS Whits it., Red KE 6-1417jR. Perl, trading a* "Atlantic Cesspool ave,. Union Beach, Van Syckle. 149 West Front at. Bed A * P or Lcon'f, Friday, July 17. XSCtfEiNElS FURNACE boiler, comShrewsbury dr., Rumson, RU Bank, west of maple ave. Phone RE ROAD"STAND~AND luncheonette, with MALE OR FEMALE—For counter work, Bank. FANS—A'ttic fans, circulating fans, Please call RU 1-07SO-J.* plete. In excellent condition. Cheap. Service," Also griddle man. Phone LO 6-2889, SEE THE NEW 1953, 34-foot Colonial 1-1026. _. . . . . Merrltt Lawnmower Shop, Also blowers. 6-1296 new.four-room modern apartment and LOST—Brown, white and black Beagle several radiators, Phone RE 6Twin screw iport cruiser at Chapman's 24 Mechanic St.. Red Bank. RE t.1362. CARBURETORS and magnetos rebuilt. DUES KOUR CAH steer hard 7 Do your bath. 200-foot frontage on busy shore Max's, Ine.,_on the boardwalk. hound UOB. Vicinity of Llncroft, Mon5822. Quick factory workmanship, Douglas wheels ahlmmy? Let us correct the highway, 3',A acres under cultivation. EXPERIENCED MAJOR appliance sales- Boat Basin, Riviera Beach, Point Pleasday night. Call RE 6-2160-R-l. Reward. TOOLS — liitroducTory prices. ',i-in. BEAUTIFUL four-months old Mantlevoc ant 5-1400. man. Wonderful opportunity for right trouble Save your tires. Latest Bear Electric Co., 35 East Front i t . . Red Syntron electric drill »20; Vi-ln. drill Now operating. Good terms to right LOST—Horn rimmed eye glasses, beupright freezer, 14,8 cu. ft., $400. LO Bank. Phone RE 6-0128. man. Must have car. ' AT 1-0891 or 23-FOOT~SKlFF with cabin, two bunks, nxle anil frame straightening equipment. party. FR 8-3172." tween Monmouth Park race track and U 0 ; 6.in. sander »35: 8>A-ln. saw 190. t-4848-M. write, George C. Koeppel A Son, 141 head, sink, stove. 90 h. p. Chrysler AND HOME repairs, Frank Van Syckle, 149 West Front St., Red Bank, July 18. Finder pleate call Merrltt Lawnmower Shop, 24 Mechanic 1939 FORD V-8, 60 h, p. engine. Run- CARPENTRY First ave., Atlantic Highlands. Red Bank, west of Maple nve. Our own marine engine. Newly reconditioned. a ^ R e d Bank. _ RE 6-1352. •helves nnd closets, No job too David Ryan. HE 6-3248. ning condition. Ideal for smnll boat, •mall, Perfect condition. $1,250. RE 6-2614. TOUN'fXlrr~COUtfTER~GIRL--_teady Ungar, 111 Bay ave, bunding. Ask for Jack Harder. Phone 2"iVlKCHr"SUNBEXM~hot air furnace, S25. FOUND—Rowboat adrift, Call RE 6-. HELP WANTED Aquaplane ' for speed boat, $8. Atlantic Eugene position. No Snndayi nor evenlngl. RE 6-129G. SNEAKBOX—Fully equipped In good Highlands. AT 1-0183-R. good as new; two Jameson cold stor5323." Octngane water Injector for Ford V-8 Apply In person, Friendly Luncheonette, condition, $150. Call EA 3-0574 after fWCi GMtJ DUMP TRUCKS. H i P doom, Hamilton Peach g l a u waihengine with sam« throat diameter, LOST—Blue Parakeet. Child heart- age 123 West Front St., Red Bank, RE o'clock. models. Used very little. One 3-yard er, model B; Bryant gaa heater, A. O. OIL LAMPS converted for electriTELEVISION REPAIRMAN—Vacabroken Finder pleast call RE 6- Smith-way gas hot water heater, auto- H2, RE 6-9148-J after 9 P. M, 6-9778. body nnd one 4-yard body. RE 6-5214. MAKE YOcTR VACATION complete with city. Lamps rewired. We call for OPPORTUNITY SHOP ANTIQUES—Two 1676-J. Reward.' tion with pay. Eatontowa Tillmatic, with 2811-irallon tank; Wyatt this 16-foot Lyman aklff. Good conBUICIC—1949 lloadmaster, Dynaflow, jam cupboards, one mahogany, one and deliver. Harold'i Radio and cream dispenser, Bowser, 2-inch flow pine; three walnut tiropleaf tables, one vision Co,, EA 3-0400. dition. Recently painted with Internatradio, healer, Wedgwood blue, fourElectrlo Shop, II West Front at., meter. two-30-gal..G * B oil dispensers. rennished; pine schoolmaster's desk, pair ional Marine paint. Seats eight. One PETS—LIVE STOCK door sedan. New tires. Private. ExcelFORSALE W. T. Jones. 231 Maple ave., Red Bank. iron lawn chairs, captain's chair, Boxlife jacket, oars, anchor, plus a 16 h. p. lent mechanical condition. Purchase of SECRETARY—One willing to do some Red Bank. Phone RE 6-2744, Phone RE «>1»5«. outboard. Overhauled and adnew car makes sale imperative. What's bookkeeping Apply in person. Estey BABY CHICKS—White Rocks, White Johnson FAN BELTS AND PULLEYS for elec- FARM MiiCHiNERY—Olvier H a n Parr ton rocker, five-piece pine bedroom set, justed this year, Used by owner apyour oflcr? Call RE 6-2658^ Leghorns, Red Roekcrosi and New Metal Froducti, painted green, yellow roses. Several nice 1 Catherins it,. Red Hampshire Redi. Alio e-thir breeds on proximately six times In last two years. FLOOR WAXlNG. Call RE 6-247S. Su- HIGHEST PRICES for your old car. We tric motors In stock. Douglas Elecfarm tractor, rtar tires like new, 1350; Bank. perlor Floor Waxing Co, Private tric Co. S5 East Front it. Phone RE S' double disk 140, 10' weeder with short clocks, mirrors, dolls and accessories, buy. we sell, we trade. Coast Auto MEN—With car and brains for high special order. All brnda from U. S.Boat and motor ready to go, $250. RE fine china, brica-brac, colored, cut and . Sales 6-D128. _ _ _ _ _ Pullorum clean flocki. No orderi too 6-2695-W. Can be seen anytime at 25 hitch 125, single row, two-wheel culti- patterned glass, brass,'copper, Iron, tin- ..omen our apeclatty. • Inc., 149 Monmouth st., Red Bank. paying local work. Kelly, 713 Bangs •mall, Monmouth Hatchery, Mills ave., Church st., Fair Haven. > TILING—Floor and wall. Samples shown. Phone RE 6-5223 or RE 6-5224. HbSPITAL BEDS RENTED—hew mod- vator with short hitch 120, power lawn- ware. • We buy and sell. The Matern adjustable hospital beda for rent. mowers $80, two-row corn planter $40, thews, 115 Broadway, Keyport. KE 7- Free estimates given. Rudy Rlakamm. 1031 FORD CONVERTIBLE sedan. Runs ave.. Asbury Park. Between 8-10 A. M. Port Monmouth. KE 6-0874-M. 26-FOOT CHWS~~CHAFT sedan crulsir, New and used beds for sale, Call RE four-row furrowing sled *10, hand corn •2 Elm nl. R Red d Bank. k. Phone RE 6-5511. A-l Gray marine engine, Sleips four* HORSE MEAT—Fresh frosen. Packed good. Beit olTcr. 56 South ave., or EXPERIENCED AUTO PARTS man. (-2614, ask for "Patient Service." Free shelter $16, power driven corn grinder 1446. SEPTIO TANKS and ceaspoola .leaned; from United States Inspected mist. head. Galley has sink, stove, refrigerphnne AT 1.0045. delivery. South Jersej Surgical Supply. $45, field roller $20, Phone RE 6- GAS STOVE $30. H. G. Cornell, Wolfalso dry walls, drnlns Installed1. EsSteady job. Pleasant working conRoomy cockpit, Will demonChopped, ehunks, mart, liver. Low ator. hil.l Kve.. Oceanport. EA 3-0452-W. timate! given. Oscar Bicker 47 Sec-BUICIC CONVERTIBLE, 1942. Excellent tl East Front at.. Red Bank. 4142-R-2. overhead makes possible our low prlca. strate. Priced right at 12.600. At ditions. Apply Frank VanSyckle, top, paint, tires. Good seatcovers, MOVING—Baby grand piano, bedroom ond st.. Fair Haven. Phone RE 6-1464. WHEEL, CHAIRS RENTED—I4aw deluxe TRAILER—One-wheel, 3-foot rack, $60. Helen Millar's Pet Shop. Highway $5. Mlhm'a Boat Basin, Monmouth Beach. $485. Red Bank Airport. RE 6-1730. Inc., 149 W«st Front it,, Red Bank. suite (twin beds), new mattresses, ehrume wheel chairs for rent. Rensonsix miles north of Red Bank, between 17-FOOT VENTNOR utility speed boat. Set of two tapestry chairs, mahogany PLYMOUTH station wagont RE 6-1296, >ble. New and used chain for aale. Call trim. Excellent condition, $50. Call RE electric waxer, oil paintings, red repp LAMP SHADES custom made. Also a 1947 Laurel and Palmer aves. Opsn daily . Rennished and refitted 1953. 75 h. p. variety of stock shades for your selecSlightly dnmnped hood and fender. drapes, Chinese rug 9x12, torchleres, P.E 1-2614, ask for "Patient Service." 6-2482-M, and Sundays until 9 P . M. Cloud Gray marine engine. Excellent condition tion. Prices from $6 up. Hilo Steiner Door lamps. 173 White st., ShrewsGood motor and upholstery. Radio, heatFree delivery. South Jersey Surgical throughout; $1,500. Inspection a t Studio tO4 Shrewsbury ave.. Red Bank. er, $300, HOUSE TRAILER—UB3 Travelo. 32 bury. Also convertible to com- MALE OR FEMALE—Excellent op'por- Tuesdays. MI t-0i4>. Supply. 33 East Front st,, Red Bank. feet. Complete bath and extras. Price tunlty for good Income. Take orders fiAlNBOV? BTHDLAND—Highway IT, Charles Diets, 794 Ocean ave., Sea mercial use, 6d Mnln St., Oceanport, 6 •TlRES—KETKEADtNG. rulcani.lng our CHRYSLER AIR TEMP oilburner. Conv $3,150. EA 3-1449-W. Bright. SE 2-0255. Holmdei, Finger trained baby parafor women's sport clotbes, piaysults. KOLEDA CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. specialty. Your car tied up only 15 to__8_preferHbly." plete with controls, It6,000 B.T.U., minutes to put loaners on wrKle we re- MAGNIFICENT COMBINATION tclT- $250. Call RU l-147t-M. r f936 PLYMOUTH business coupe. Fine jeans lingerie hosiery and men's hab- keets; color bred canaries; young Halt CAWR CRUl-fR—Chris Craft, mshogGeneral contracting. Building, reNo deliveries. Advance Moon parrot; love birds, parageet breedvlslon console. Hal AM and FM radios, any, Lapstrake, 22-foot. Full* ear your tires. No charge for loaner running order. Tires like new, battery erdashery. DINING ROOM SET—Walnut, t, t ten pieces. pi modeling, Financing arranged. RE profit. RE 6-2239-W. Ed, Courtsr, e n , cagii, feed and supplies. HO >• equipped. 95 h. p. motor. In water, service. Mount Tire Service, "75 Whit* 17-Inch aereen, Webster 8-speed record new last fall. Selling account Illness, Table, pads. Tbl d E Excellent l l condition, d i iLO LO changer, apecia] hookup on speaker. •-5357-M, P. O. Box 941, Red Bank. ready to go. Rsy Powell, 82 7th St., 6659. 90 Borden St., Red Bank 20. i at. Red Bank. Phone RE t-0484. can't drive. Grant. RE 6-131S-R-2. Beautiful mahogany finish, Call owner f-2052.* conch. Radio, WE HAVE OPENINGS tor experienced MINIATURE PtfelSCHER and Chihuahua West Keansburg. COMBINATION aluminum windows. Up at RE 6-5368. 1939 CHEVROLET tud MEDIUM SIZE drop-leaf mahogany puppies. Males and females. Small and inexperienced legal secretaries. R6CKET lStFOOT SLOOP—100-poun. BULLDOZER SERVICE, excavating, land to 20% discount on heavy duty, threeGood new pnint nnd sent covers. table yellow twin bedspreads and REFRIGERATOR—Seven mushroom, outbosrd motor, bracket, Call Monmouth Legal Secretaries Asso- breed, AKC registered. Also stud service. clearing, driveways built and repaired. transportation. RE 6-2816. track, extruded aluminum windows. A kEYiWrf W boudoir lamps, RE 6-4063. Call FriMonmouth. pump, etc. Built by True 1947. Ideal Mrs. Eleanor Walsh. KE I-Moun, Wilson ave.. Fort - — guaranteed window with a guarantsed cu. ft. Excellent condition, $35, ATday. Saturday Saturda or Monday mornings.* fill dirt, aand, gravel, top aoil and cin- 1341 CADILLAC convertible coupe. Good ciation. family boat. In water, ready to sail. RE KE 6-1489.' 0286-W after » P. M. No fee. installation. No money down, up t o1-040 5-M. ders. Trees and stumps removed, GradTABLE CASE—9 ft. Like new. condition. KE 6-070S-M. LOCAL MAN—Let u s train you forGERMAN SHEPHERD puppies for sale. three years to psy. Free home demon- ANTENNA — Practically new. Owner VEGETABLE" and seeding of lawns. RE 6-5032. 1942 DESOTO CLUB COUPE—ExcelCan be bought very reasonably, with Ing steady employment as an estimator stration. Phone KB 7-2JUI-W, Obedlance trained ilres. Dam Longmoving. Double x-stacked array. ComELECTRIC. MOTOR rebuilding la our A t SAILBOAT — Midshlpmlta lent motor and rubber. Rclinble trans- and salesman of building materials. Worth blood lines and Gialda. Reasonbusiness. Call us for quick icrvlce. portation. class. In the water, Good condition, POST AND RAIL fencing sold and plete with ten-foot mast, lead-in eable, unit. Call MI 5-0480. Recently passed inspection. Lamest commissions paid In the Inable. Call E, Bender, 603 Poole ave.. erected. No charge for estimates, RE lightning arrester, chimney straps, $26. WEIL McCAlN sectional holler for coal Douglai Electric Co., 35 East Front it., RE 6-0715-M after 5 P. M." or oil. will heat 1,700 feet of radia- Rt-d Bank. Phone RE 6-0128. dustry by the oldest company in thiUnion Beach, or phone KB 7-2128-J. RE 6-2145-R after 5:30 F , M/ «-4142-R-2, FOit (JlilCK SALti—Pede 1951 KORD CUSTOM four-door sedan. business, Golden anniversary this year. RACE HORSE-Three-year-ol.l gelding, SACRIFICE tion, $96: oil burner with hot water conbuilt skiff, 26x8-2x2 ft. Trunk ATTENTION HOME OWNEKSl—Save TWO SCREEN DOORS, three matching trols $50, two convecton, 56x22x6 Ins,, PAINTING AND DECORATING—Have Fordomatlc. Fully equipped. One own- *'°J5 Interview, csll Mr, Taylor, AS 2 . Sound, training well, tl.&OUu Phone cabin, two bunks head, roomy cockpit money b; by ..modernising your houi* porch fiber rugs. HU 1 - l l i l , er, like new; 17.000 miles. Sacrifice. KE It done now. Paper hanging done ««D,,, iwu uuit>i, neia, roomy cocapiL $15 each. Call K_ «-0753-R after 7 a yoursilt We a n equipped t o supply AUTOMATliTlJEVROSTER attachment. RE 6-07S8-W-1 or see Joseph German, We by tha roll. Exterior and Interior 6-1275-R after 7 P . M, for flihing. Chris Craft 95 h. p, motor you with all the material! necessary. COOK^TKST FLOOR WORKER-Expir: Brookdale Farm. Llneroft. In perfect condition, Ifi; also Binocnew l>tO, mahogany planking and suTwo-tone Small monthly payments arranged on ular #6XNR237!5, In leather cast. Made BARGAIN! — Nine-piece dining room work done at reasonable prices. James 1952 NASH STATESMAN; lenced. $40 a week. MO 1-2280. per structure, top condition. RE 8-3833.* blue, 7,000 mites. Complete with purchase of an; materials. Her* ara In Danzig, Germany. What do you of- auite, good condition; folding bed Kelsey, Woodlawn ave., Fort Mommouth. PARAXEETS—Young, top ejuality . overdrive, radio, heater, signal lights, HANDYMAN-Ssturdayi and SundaTi; 17-FOOfTre__TL SKlFfCCray 126. Barcouch with mattress, dressing table, KE 6-1368-J. some of the jobs you can dot Attic in- ferT Call EA 8-0012-J. for summer. Cutting grass, painting, birds, all eolori, $S.9S up; slnigain, $900. Fair Haven Yacht Works, large chair with cushion, day bed, All LIGHT TRUCKING — Week-endl and slipcovers, stmviaor, aluminum awnings, aulation, application of tlleboard in kitchCall Friday night. SE 2-OO38-M. fog and back-up lights; $2,000, MA 1- etc. Fair Haven. RE s-3010 Ing canaries $7.95 up, Mynah birds, en or bath, finish your basement or attic ANTlOUE SALE and church fair. White for $55. Call AT 1-0191-M. Sundays. Call RE 6-3799. elephant table. Cafeteria. Oakhurst ONfi 3 M. P, AND ONE 6 H. P. Lauson 3172-R, TERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY tor three Into a playroom, bedroom or den. Com1953 TRAILER—35-foot, National. Must love birds, flnchu, female canaries, AVON COSMETICS in great demand. outboard motor for sale a t cost. Fair ambitious men over 21. Evenings and plete line of lumber, mlllwork. hardware, M. E. church, Monmouth rd.. Wednesgo. My equity for $800 cash. InFor Information, regarding sales and 1938 PLYMOUTH. Two-door. AT 1- Saturdays. mate Coekatlel. Half-Moon parrot, Haven . Yacht Works, Fair Haven, RE Stsrt $52.50 and up Call saint, wall board roofing, aiding, ply- j y ^ A u g j B U ^ a U d a ) L * 2 _ ! £ J L J L _ eludea new 27-foot awning and 14" tele1752. wcod, doori. windows. Insulation, etc. COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATOR—This !• vision with antena. First come, first service, call Mrs, Dorothy Nevendbrff, 1947 STUDKDAKER Champion. Four- AS 2-5000 Thursday, « to itSo't. M. (-3010. csges $4.SO up; mixed Parakeet or a suggestion to thole unfortunate buy. Clrele Trailer Park, Lot 67, Wyc- district manager. RE 6-4491. Mr. Stoudt. Free estimates on your needs. American 22-FOO'T -P6RT SKtFF-Two years old. canary seed, 10 lbs. $2. Helen PORCH A N D E S W i n u r n l t u r i of all door. Radio and heater. Good con- gEAOTY OPERATOR—Modern air-conLumber & Building Supply, Highway 35 people who are going broke with poor kofl road and Highway It, EA 3Very fast and aeaworthy. Chryaler Miller's Pet Shop, on Highway 15, kinds, also screens, shutters, etc, ri-dltlon. Good tires. $100. MI S-O286-R. at Headden's Corner, Mlddletown. RE 6- refrigeration service and equipment. Call 0144-M.' Crown engine. Many extras. Excellent ditioned shop. Good salary. Vacaflnished with Dupont enamel. Work 1841 CHRYS"LER club coupe 6. Excel- tion, Vincent's, 32 Linden l . RB , . six miles north of Rid Bank, bea specialist. Middletown Refrigeration, 4444. condition. Prlca reasonable Call RU t MUST SELL ALL furnishings by end of called for and delivered. lent condition, Wrll kept cnr. Will George K. Highway 35. MI 6-0299. 1_1463 after « P. M.« TOP SOIL, TOP SOIL, top soil, gravel, tween Laurel and Palmer aves. Open month. Regency couch, two fireside Brltton, formerly with Wllken's Motors. sacrifice. Very reasonable, 15 Maplcwood 3620 100-POUND MUSHROOM anchor, chain fill dirt, locust posts, Lawna graded THREE-PIECE MAPLE .__ sunroom luit GENERAL HggSEWSKEft! — Frldayl chairs, arm chair, record cabinet, cot dally and Sundsys until * P. M. ave.. oft River rd., Uumson.* and leeded. Large areas cleared. Call $12S, 10-plece _ _ room sice mattress and box springs, double Call Farmlngilale 6-867 i. 10-piece wslnt. walnut dining and Sundays off. Must h s v i recent WE LOAN YOU tires, no charge, while 1948 PtiRTlAC—Complete motor overClosed Tueidsyi, HI $-0$4l. alter 6 P. M., MI 5-0163. suite $125, 25 sofa f bed b d $90, $ 0 mahogany h reference. RE $-6070 bid with box spring and mattress, two bauled, New tires and slipcovers. If youri ara being recapped. Mount Tire drop-leaf extension table $56, three- chests, dresser with mirror, night tables, FORD TTO TRACTOR "with 14-tnch plo - X J P 9 " A V A I L A 6 L E — 12X85. beep water call after 5 P. M,, LO, 8- PilESS OPERATORS" and. folders. "(Fe" Conovet Bros., aie, piece living room suite $70, levin-piece child's roll-top desk, large tricycle, 45- Service, 75 White St., Rid Bank. Phone Interested, •lightly used. used Bros "a male.) Apply Star Cleancra and COLLIE PUPPIES — AKC, Exelllint Call SE 3-0281. 0126-J. sale ind blond maple dinette suite $275, mahog- Inch wide folding bed and mattress, RE 6-0484. Massey-Harrls and Planet Jr. sales pidlgree, Sam WoulAn, Adelphla-11- 8$-fOOT S K l F f - t o be .««n at AtLaunjerers, ,,Mjrrtle_ave.._ Long Branch. 1040 OHRlSLEt^ Seven-passenger. HOOVER CLEANERS repaired, brushes HO 9-6121. i W i k k HO 9 1 2 1 any cocktail table $30, maple kneehole sleepi two; lamps, china glassware, service, Wickatunk, ton rd.. Freehold. FR 8-2482. lantie Highlands Harbor Pier 4 stall Radio, two heaters. Overdrive, Excelrebrlstlid. Allen Eectrlc Shop. 18 *rVE" BUY ANYTHING anH everything desk $75, three,pleee air foam living Other Items. Call owner at RE 6-5368." sided for responsible permanent po- PESIGREED Cockir Spaniel pups. Black. 20. or call KE 7-1145. Reasonable. lent condition, $22.r.. AT 1-1799-W. and give the best prices. Call Swarta room suite $300, mahogany bookcase THREE-PIECE BE~DRO-OM~SEf; BTdT White st. Phone RE 6-0612. AKC registered. Reasonable, ' Mrs. law office. Legal experience SHAD MAHOGANY SKIFF—17.1-foot 130, love seat $150. eight-piece knotty - coil spring and mattress, bureau, van- GENERAL CONTRACTOR, Landscaping, 192» FORD IlOADSTEK—A-rcondltlon sition with Furniture, Highway 85. RE «-821», but C. V. Burkonstock, Main St., Port Mon*"" "aentlal. Write, "B. beam. Needs little work. First $20 grading, top soil, All dirt, cinders, Two new tires, completely overhauled. 5S •?'». Wfc GIVE GOOD trade-ins on your old pine dining room suite $400, Admiral ity. Good condition, Very reasonable, mouth, KE 6-U77-J. takes It. Call at 78 Lafayette st.. Rumgravel, manure, cesspooli and dry wells Must see to realize. Call RE 6-394K-W, W, H.," Box 511. Rsd Bsnk. furniture as we have an outlet for It. Duo Ttmp refrigerator with frilling RE $-3420.' PEDIGREED BOXEK—AKC. Handsome ion, built; driveways repaired, Lionel Simon. or can be seen at 15 Glen pi., (off Lake Call S-arti Furniture Hlghwal IS. RE compartment $250, five- pte.ee wrought male, sivan months, sired by Fancy SALESGIRLS—Part and full time. ave.) Fair Haven.* « iron breakfait let $45, Burdge's Ware- GIRL/S BEAUTIFUL Columbia 20" bi-Phone RE 6-0561. Free, winner of Amirlcan Boxer spa- CHRIS CRAFT—10 h. p. outboardd motor cycle, imall, blue, large tires, well LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED and re- 1935 FORD COUPE—Good condition. Permanent positions. Fliasant V T ••OVERUSf" CHR6MATE Anti-Rust house (Next to Stelnbach's parking lot) clalty. Excellent pet for children, Prlea 'J *fi? d "Jdlt'on $200. $200 BBridge id careo for, like new, Call Mrs. Wise, paired the right way. Walter D, AnLanding. Highlands.*' working conditions, Alr-condltlonid $40. V ^V| Phone ' llv.fl; 4 RE »LI 6-2458. _ • " ap T u \j t paint stops rust. No surface prepar- 24 Clay at., Red Bank. RE «-0894. $100. RE 1-4068-W.* tonldes, 184 West Front st. Opposite 1940 PLYMOUTH tudor sedan. Good ation, no primer needed. Faints right _ATtC_~SPACE HEATER $10. WesilnT- RE 6-0658.* store. Ruby Lane Stores, 60 Broad DALUATtON-Male; . 14 . months olo. 14-FOOT BARBOUR clinker built skiff, house refrigerator $12, two lawn mow- HONE FREEZER, baby grand Piano, West st.. Red Bank, condition. Price $75. AT 1-1782-J. over rust. Five colors and clear. Family pet; obedience trained. Reserve 14 h, p. Evlnrude Fastwln. Both 1952. •t., Red Bank, Dwyer's Sky-Trak Service, Highway 36, ers, one 15" and one 19", $12 for both. Fox Terrlir puppies, fatted geese, 1951 DODGE convertible. One owner. Inner, All Inoculations. Beautifully Used less than 20 houis. Must sacrlRE e-1143-W or 453 Prospect ave,, reasonable. Also goslings, gas heater, THE COMMUTERS Win* and Liquor Mlddletown. Ml 5-0545. Low mlleiine, good condition. Automarked, $<0. Call evenings, $ t o «.«ce, $765 value. Will sell for $495. automatic, 30 gallons, two rugs, 9x12, CONFIDENTIAL—Get the biggest TV Little Silver. matic drive. Call RE 6-3904 before 5, RELIABLE WoMAN-For general house: Thomas Field, MI 6-055$, store Invites you ^p taka advanMany extras. W J. Mordecal, 83 Oak work, five-day week, »|SO to 4 P, M. BOXER—Springer -spaniel, wire-haired It.. Keyport. KE 7-2944-J. trade in allowance in N, J., on a new PIANO=Need" tuning, Best offer. RE Nu Wood celling tile, % bod, complete. or RU 1-1345-W after. Price $1,400.' tage and enjoy our "empty bottla 6-4206-M after 4130. Call anytime. KE 6-2082-W." 1963 Motorola stand out picture tele1936 CHRYSLER—t'our-door sedan. Small house, three adults, Good pay. terrlir puppies, Houiebroken, gentll, PULLEN'S BOAT YARD—Two outboird pick-up service," evsry Saturday. HO0VER7"vTCUUM — fexeillent eonvision set. See the complete line a t One owner. Good condition. New bat- Writ., "Reliable," B o , t i l . B e l Bank! reasonable, pedigreed, Fenian kittens. SCREEN—Six-foot gists beaded. hulls with motor. Reasonable. Call Call now, RE (-9721. Pat and Lou tery, good rubber. RE 6-14.11-M. dltlon. RE 6-0472-R between 10 MOVIE "AN—To work In lumber yard, Huit RU 1-1081. Strauss Stores. 15 White St. RE 6-5340. * Less tripod. $10, EA 3-0641.* RU 1-1161. A. M. and 12 INSULATION, brick siding! variety of <«• * •I* , sastu * # noom* IIUUJII Tomalno props,, 1E4 Monmouth St., STATION WXGO"N=TBT0 Ol'da—ST. RABBITS—Blscks and whites. ReasonWASHING MACHINE—1952 Bindix, 5~'T colors; $7.50 per squa square.. Also roonng GTffff5~BTCYC_ES-26.|nch and 2852-FOOT DIESEL YACHT—Good con(Wood body,), Hydromatlc, radio, Red Bank. rg enr able. Daniel Chval, Brallly la., Haslst. paper at .bargain price. Call Al. KE 6- Inch, $15 each. Call after $ P. M. heavy duty floor model. Used only dition; 194*, 25-foot Richardson cabin henter, etc., etc. Excellent condition, BABY SlTTER-To lit Tuiidayv Thurs- KE 7-0880. seven months. Machine not permitted in 153 Hudson ave., Red Bank.* 0579-VV. day, Saturday, Sunday afternoons from SPRINGER SPANIEL*)—Healthy, refll- afuller; 1950, 32-foot twin screw cabin Priced right for quick sale. Uncek trailCESSPOOLS cleaned and built! isptle ir P AT?TrauE~SHOP~Oval marble top corf, new apartment. Purchase price M19, tanks cleaned and Installed, drains In- er hitch nnd Florida plntes If desired. noon to 6 every week. Also every Wed.!'.*2 u r t B t y "*»rl"«' Long Branch, tered pupa. Bred for hunting and !",! ; '3798. fee tables $20, Early Victorian finger- Will sacrifice for $150. RE 6-4520-J. ita'led. Phone any time day or night, Carl Beckmann, Highway 35, near traf- nosday and Saturday and some Sunday disposition. USED TIRE BARGAINS;-Wi have HO S-S584, Lucttgchs, R, D. evenings Write, "Bsby Sitter," Box 611, carved love seat $30, "Gone With tha CEMENT MIXER—i,i,-bag capacity, with IU 1-0740. Harvey O. Tllton, 37 Hlgh- fla circle. EA 3-0776.J. a large selection of. 'guaranteed 1, F r e e h o l d . ' 18-FOOT RUNABOUT SKIFF—24 h p. Wind" oil lamp $15, oval cane table $9, • r ^ Y M m C X U B C O U T E R T Red Bank motor. Four months old, Excellent and ave. Rumsom Gray. Practically nsw condition. Viilly BoXHR" PP U P P I E S — F O « months o n . used tires from $3 up. Most sites. washltands $6, Victorian side chairs $1, condition, $«0, Call KE 6-1975. dlo, heater, seat covers, directional WATCH MAkfiH-lmrmdlstety. Must b . Males. Fawn with blsck masks. AKC squlpped^ Rissonably priced for quick IPEC1AL1ZING In mason work and plasFully gairanteed. Custom remanutc, Reasonable. Near Are house, Main experienced. Good workln* conditions signals, new tires. Perfect Inilrt d new Inside »nd experienced, Uood working tering, patchwork, No Job too large OIL BURNER UNIT—Good working conregistered. Show possibilities, Pst prieel I., Port Monmouth, Daily, evenings, A * at only $596. WIN «nd excellent sslary to right pirson, Mall f o r «ml'W »alt, Call MI t-Oltl-J. factured tires from $9.30 up. "Beit A good buy dition, 120; china closet 110, ward- or too small, John Donato. Jr., phom out,t Sun day a.* •. 18-KOOT SPEEDBOAT—»5 h. p. ChryHam J, Lcvlnn Auto Sales, 46-50 Ocean- I " ' " « to "Watch Maker," Box 511, Red place in town to buy tires." Red trunk $7,50, library or office table AT 1-1172-W bACHSHUND PUPPIES — Reglitend, slsr motor. Perfect condition. In GAS STOVE—Tappan. cabinet style. Full robe port ave. LO 6-2468. Established 1919. IBank, $5. Call RU 1-1374.' VACUUM clianira npaired an* make. pedigreed, Males and females. Seven water, ready t o go. RE 4-4781-jr Bank Custom Tire, Shrewsbury ave. oven and broiler. New condition, RE yR^XRairiorh-.a.Viri IPOSITION WITH a Wt MOtulluU (.'All KADlOS^Sii«6lar(o"r Must be In good condition. Ksrber less Inside »nd out, William J. Levlne week to family Incvme. Out af tovn KA'BBITS— Young and breeders. vision with table, link, tea wagon, anihlle they last. Mlddletown RtfrlgerAuto Snles, .46-50 Oceanport ave, LO "I'l'ortunltles also open. Car Car necusary, 1953 Chevrolet, cutlom dash installa'allor Shop, 209 Shrewsbury ave,, Red tiques, kaee-hole desk. Shore FurnlMERCURY OUTBOARD—IV, h. p, Good. H, Snyder, Harmony avi.. East Kianitlon. Highway 35, MI 6-0289. - third of a century In 'bus- ge ge 85 85 to to 48. 48 Flulblo Flulbl working worki h hours, H-2468,' One tion and antenna only $44.95 complete. Hank. RE a-0908-M, tliht, llghtwiiiht motor. In l u t l l i n i Inesj •errnanint position with national organ- burg, KB t-0172, ' Other model radios from $37.75 up. Time 'ffOZEN"FOODS-These times of huille ture, Route, 35, Lnurence Harbor. ^TIr(G7AlffCTNDITI0NING, leadondltion, 148, EA 1-0441.* TEXAS RlblKfl PdNY — Rsaionsble, latlon. Opportunity for promotion, and bustle of travel on dangerous AQUARIUM—With light. Thlberg pump, payments Strauss Stores, 15 White St., ers, gutters, pre-fabrlcatid duct work. 1947 OLDS CONVERTIBLE coupe, Ma$176. Call RE 1-SiH-J, illlhways. Why do It? Pick up your m t e now for "Get Aequalntid" appllBed Bank. 11-roOT SAIIiBOAT—Capi Cod Rhodes. niter, heater and aerator, 80 fish, 8 Mueller furnaces, roon. Excellent condition, Ono owner. J, V, Bogsrt, 73 ihone, call us, Your freeier la filled. atlon, L. O Carroll. JCmplre Crafts varieties. Complete $30, A, F. Cnurter, Pouter St.. River Plata. RE 6-5337. SOD—»'9 per 100 in. ft. Cut, ready to Nylon lalls and riggings In excelUnt BOXJSFl PUWY—ATJO r u Radio, heater, hydrnmatlc, 47,000 mites, male, Inoculated, Three months old, condition, Corporation, Newark. Kew York State. Hull needs repair. Quick load, Delivery extra. Joseph Gullck, Then relax and live pleasantly and Crawford pi,, Port Monmouth. KE «• 'A1NTING—Exterior and interior I paper New rubber, $6.00. Call RE 6-I3C4,' $80. Call RE 4-4H4-R. lale. tiOO, RE t-nn. Holland rd., Mlddletown. Ml B-0592-J. onKer, Old Vlllane Foods. MI 6-0094. 1975, CONVERTinlE ITUDSON—Radio and •EAHIWO V opi6RTTrainBgi opi*6RTTrai'nBi n P ,i. hanging i expert workmanship, ReasonT 30% discount on gloss TUACTdR^^Gooil for gang mowers. Call heater, Good lop, enxlnn and tires. vate school In short aria, First grade NEW Hii-FOOT SKIFF. Easy rowing, ble rates, For free estimates, call RU BOXER-LABRADOR crossed pupplil exterior and Satone semi-gloss PatFOR QUICK SALE—To settle an RU 1-1128 after 6|4!,. fireeii color: $70. Cnll AT 1-0080-M,* penlng for trained teacher. Also open. Excellent for uae as dinghy In ex-U41.J. for p wr ind othiri from | ] up. Cedar (iXBTEr'tlfGEHAfOIi—8 cu, ft. Ready lerson-Sargeant paint. Atlantic Supply " E ? . »!•**«• Engllih tiaohsr eitstet Walnut twin bedroom poaed location, Ml 8-om-M. 8_ OSEl'll MANNS, Mason and plasterer. to use, $25. Call at 1184 Ocean ave, Co., 25. West Highlands ave., Atlantic Ith special training In reidsng Initruc tionally clean, Phone tipped Kaico meal, Ciromeito, monNo job too small or large, U 9 Linsuite $69, old Pictures 25c each, 18-FOOT OPEN CABIN Wliconsln air. l g dl j ^h l^ d _ ' Sea Wright, or phone SB 2-0281. on, Wrlti, giving full Parllculari to after 7 P . M . coln it., R. F, D, Mlddletown, Phom c B eonlid 7 ( i h, p, J'alr condition, $!«0. keyi, Hamitsrs, white mlc«, tropJardnler and itsnd, Chlmse v a n , HTSCELXSRBOUS ITEMS for home, Runs—BxTol 5-TT fi s i Ee3s ITT. '!'" °? » ** » ) tB »-fi744-W, RK 6*1788, FOR SALE CHEAP—1948 Austin I 1098 ical and goldfish. All pit and aquarnnlnn palter, and Havllaml llmote or woman for ll.kl chisels, trowels, switch box, Mi" bolts shop, business. One-man saw, rotary i _XPEKT DRIVINO Instructions, Lsarn Ford 1^-ton truclt, LO 6-470Q, chlm, old elocki, etc, Rusclli, 25 power muwir, electric heaters, hand and nuts, circular » w blades, 8, 10, 12ium supplies at lowait prices, H i l m ohlM In surety, to drlva iattl>, Look for 1948 STUDEtlAKKU Commanricr, two' i " tools, small oil heater, gum tape ma- Inch I carpentry tools, plumbing nttlngi, hi oar wltn two iturlng trhieli, Plon* E, Front st, Mllllr's Pit Shop, on Highway I t , door, radio and overdrive, Excellent, WANTED chine, electrlo Iron, electric grill, elec- liorch columns $6, 82-Inch door screen ieri In auto driving Instructions slnci $760. Phnne RU 1-0944-R after « P. nnwrgni—wiiiii., t. . . ,. .,.i al* mllii north of Rid Bank, » • • B tric hot Plate, unusual pictures, china, II, Florence healer, punch bowl ricord 1033 Easy Mtthod Auto DrWn Train- M, wtek. ilnyi, Any time Snlurilay or tween Laurel and Palmir I V I I . Open work Von of private eitaie, flasswarr, lllvfr, lamps, etc, «le, Carl onblntt 110, ehlns. c l o u t U S , «itl«. ANTiauBS-Biat piltu paid) ehlns, n« School. 51 East Front it, RE 4 . Sunday,* i 1 grounds 1 HVni i t !"" ."«MW>rt«Uon, Call AT D anil VAN LOAD of One quality used llleckmann, mk n , llllgliway ll g wla y 3 3 alnWyckoff lW k board $10, pot stovt $8, bronie candleD llaiiwsri, ploturn. statutii, (swtlry, i»> dally and Sundays until » P, M. 0798-J aftir 8.* 1949 PLYMOUTH business coups, IfTsticks $3, sofa' bed almost new, $461 d riatontown, i E AEA 8.O776.J. 8O776J lampi, old nvolviri, illvir, fin* furnlrd,, (utnttun, Gov, Wlnthrop link OENl/HAL CONTRACTOR and cisipools built mnlnr, $676, Al, Dwyur, R. II, 'OUNO MAN—Expirlencs not m e n . Cloud Tueadsy, • Ml $-0$4l, tKVflltn mirror, mshngany frame, $501 tun, Monmouth oounty books, mspi. • « f y . . Mint b . willing, Michanlcil TWO fiEKSTTand one gander, Robert window shutters, poker table, (.foot oliantdi oartlng and trading, top I, Ilox 38.A, Old HrldKe,' 139,10, mahogany drop.ltaf table bility helpful, but not neciiiiry, R«(. L. Cook, Sr., 102 Hance nve,, New iltchen ciblnet $31, bpok binding press, manure, fill dirt, olndiri gravel and $33,10, flvt-placi solid maple rlU soil, COGKER SPANUL pupplli, Two monthst IIIUHIBT PRICH for rour ohiaawsra, aM'JLriiulrid KB $-9i»4. Shrewsbury. I'hnnt RK <.l7*a-J,' aand, - i t l m i t i s glvin, Phona R_ • • liotiki, noveli, science, c a n v n collarold, Black and tin. R» $-0$P4-J, nitti s i t $9t, washing machine glsisware, antlqun, flit llmni, fsral1464. Oiear Diokir, 47 Sioond it., Fair and boat npalr l man, llbln cot, raior sharpening miehlni $3, WANTED TO RENT 1 itityii, illvirwan, brlca* 'tsvm good condition, Reasonably priced. U South i t HE I.IJ19.W. IJI "! $10.10, lame selection of books I, ,b.« ..•* 0 ! t ! t n «"'... B » " * ? •ork, VTOX-TTTDTPltS^XXc riiliUrid. Four tuis, lamps, monttii old. BuollUnt blood line. Top ollUnt lnl(n«i, jiwtlff, for on* » S Hhriwahury ave,, Ke.il Mink.' nyi i n I'AINTINa—Inside and outside. Paperpalnlli 10, JUci carpet runnir $1, $1 and m r ; P I E C E LIVlKa BOOMsull. $50, OUT-OF-TOWN FAMILY of five wanti condition, Muat b bi bi in i n n lo b i apnri. ^ A l l e e Band, !>• 4.61$$ in. hanging contraeled b y ' roll, John • six or sevrn-room houif to rent, In trn.|i|cci dining loom l i t ISO, HE $• IS strlpi, iluiclli, 35 K, Front II, y Ship flulldi J i n n l n n ) mar clitidJlkO Ml l a-t ltdJlkO up M M ttiaM (l0 m nice. nelglilKirhnoil, Convenient to school HoTfllTT'lJl'l'fEII o T f l T T l J l l E I I AKC rtilslirid, bfltl {, " ''' ur, 10$ 1 ain SXw'si'xKirrrAWNM0WKIl3, .old, ihar: h -AWrXKtTUWKMUW_ll9, aolJ, d t l T l h N Y ll l KXTHTJX'lNHI—»• lron» our ihowrnnmi nnw. Pols, inns, Wrllf, J'Koom, m," llnx n i l . llril llnnk,* mouth, KB 6.30HII, —'•-•-, cuh lor «n»tWnt and • • • r i . Coolrrntiiri (llenwoiid coal and xasyellow pins kitchen work table uniialntdlilm, oegs.iloni.1 |il«c«i n( •vtrji ftrAtnUB^'iiiTFiHJil iiell'i II t u t front $1,, phom ranur, rlccltlc brallrr ami Hrill. MI, lop B4xae ln«h*i. 111 oni or twop5^0rRn)r,|[imTn7ramllliir uuiLmjjcrON'fHA iLmjjcrONfHAXTOirKi Thrru-lirdrnnm IIIMIMP. Itumaon prrilfierlptlon, homiliolil uooils, rhlna, work, Call EA list, liravy duly lint water bolkr. music mnn cross cut l«w 13, 40-fnnt ixlen. jliolronlo Isyoiu Her•triirtloni, filtirnllona, rupnlrs, UTPII, Alinnt $111111, Jmriih (I, MoCill M00 rabliiel, rlilnn flora, radio or television •Ion laddrr, flni rornlltlon, $111 tO-utl00 nf nf writs Klttlronln M Mrasurt s is anil Jim pa, TlUUijH, slOpKe glsnwars mil Me.«.brae, Art oti> YOUNO llAV. DO—Junior sxtoutlvs lypi, nminli ANTIUU lirrt KlKmrmnh. HH d-nioa.J, HI; I - H I M , o., Inc., Liwli it, and Mipli Ion hoi water link with b i n , unit tn tni iludion lablts, KB sj.iMH.lt,' lilt prleia paid, dfilria noslllon filth a futuri In Red MAKH OLU t'LOURS look l!k( n*w. Hint {ittnntriwii, about six monlhi, S181 flnt U h, p, Jteli, palnllniri, ernUli, me, KIIK Bank. RB <• Flank irta, Prannlly tommullnv to ..But P, 117 Oiold It OTEITBTOVER,1 tltxlrlc nmliira, our nlgh-ir'nil floor under and i d n r . till, ii K, J'ronl i l , iloUucUvi', uriiciilly iicril y « v l y ten. BMTfpB— Kxpsrlineid siciimry, pru New York In l a i n •dmlnlitratlon and flhoi$. fana, andiron . c""l grslea, braia and tltolrlc motor on pnrulilt litic with •nw rates. Unilir LursSir Co,, phons lal, Two nr tnrre.lii'ilronnt luiuin nr bun* PBMTfp MBIIIIIIIK, liulDng and landing scneiprior In nut- ATTINTIOrfl—Wi Kipper ware, I'nnvirlril In in in, Ulhrr firably abls lo lake liohnlral dicta. with flvi yiara akpirlinia. buy iswlni nil* loo; [K "•nno«. 1 UrsnL KM l M I H l ! miliiw, Wllhln Jiirlaillcllon, Iliiinion IIIKII Jon Hems tun nillnrrmii tn mention, 11$ sorlis, III) Call KA I-0.0O or wtlti Blse. aldi i i l l l m , Wclli, ".0,' Bon t i l , Hid cnlnti, lyinwrlUn, adilira, rulilirii 0BB8P0OL AND HKI'TIU link onntrso. ichiml, tlmiil ri'Ii'VPiirim, Wrllc, A. w Ironlii MsmuriminU Co,, ln«,, Liwli it, Flank a n , . llr.T Hank,' WK IUIINIHI! HOMMH, mm run, vsiuum clfumri, iilinoi, All* tor, Umiiiuoli dug and olinned, 8«t>- liiindln, H NnriimiiiMk al,, lluminii,' mul Mania avi,, lislontown, _.. CoTiraTIIWT^ boa'ry "child aloud itora mimhanillii, Almoit inV. Call IK) 8-1H4I and homes. Trrmmiloin tin tanks and drains Installidl 31 jrisri 1 UVPIOHTl'IfTAM I CYTfrTvThnri vlcln' WAITU SB8—A|i|i|y in ninon, 13a for wotklns; othir W th§ Say or Ihlnir, -pal oaih, Call us tint, Will uvrr li in. fl, I'ra'llciilly new, ptrftrl (in offles f'.iniltun, n c , Quick i t r . lll/,Klt-< (o 4-quatt, lly mi H Aiiidin, ilralrca ,1 to 4.|iod •xpirlsnos, Howard Tllton. 10 Cmtir AHT Dwiitt Bhoppf, Oroid at,, I WII)(, H M i h . Osll KB $.'fil$.M,' rnndlilnn $1(0, O i l rv«liinn> aflrr t , mywlnre, anytlmi, llriliirli, $10 room, uiifiinilili'il liouin for Immtillali Hit nk, id. llum-nn fhiiiit RU l-l)»7», , vies (fid delivery, l;or your lurnlUK «-l717.U, lain rd,, iprlm Ukt, Bering U k t !• (iill IIP ».»4I. ncmnunry, i.rofernlily Hour Krnila srlinnl, LAW8ON ' LOVR"HKAT,""m«"|i|«"r|oubi MKTAIi rOUIMjnAW-R flllnit cihlml, COL-BOH ORADUATK, Id, Junior lurt neidi, Mi us now, HiuMIl, 'it mi nulM alrriil, Yvni'ly linan, Wrllf, COMI'I.KTH LANDKOAPR HRIIVIOK,S lint, niallrfia and iiirlni, rh'aii, 481.A IMI-SVK uookciia with Ihrir Nina* doori, _nXHlJ"T;rA'NO-Any*~ilirfor**iliidl)i1. •Kittillvt If pi, diilrii poilllon X, Front il, l'lion. J1K B-UiU, f In pi. Overlnn, M0 Klliiin Allan nvi, Kvemrisiii, ihrubi, roiea, its, aup, 'Inkmnit I'jtrk, I I , Murylniul, nrmlifi mani'l, furni.es blowir, two. A IO Bnnit, I'hnnt I'urki, Olrole 1> <&&'J..MnL.'.*!iJkJ£iJ}iL-. with « lutun In rtiit Dink « » • , ulli (luornnnt Amufr, mlmeeirsuli ItllO IN; V ) or m 1UJ, 1474 Uriiid. •nil nuna/cir, Muu havi n IIIIPII mid lilnnl'il, Lawna madn nr MtlVKIi' tnnifll KI IIrT'liilikB r l t i l MiH no no tDiirn, mirh r I'rtunlly lonimullnif Is Niw York rhl h m, flinir limii, minis "rth, four, OAK TAIHTB,"~n"M' r _u7uiiii~f In • " ' oulilimllnir itml, r'lvf.|,lrr» rlvf|,lrr» ' l l kllrhm kllh nfl, l A AA - ll ,l, clita|>l clia| iHiiivntfil, MIBIIIIHIBIII'S liy wefk nr mililli! irliuol, ni'Fila n aniitll linino o ihvlf In lain ailmlnlilmllon anil with lf whsl'iiol, riiiinil revirilM. vama "OATurtiiuNir; ..In ioon j o n . r raillns, ll ttfflri ffl •wlvil wlvl rlmlr, l l Iwo I of f nHli'f, $I3n, Gull aflir 9 I1,M,, AT !• lift KMn rhalrl IMI'I rlialri Nriil Ilirsv, Hull mini Im rriiiiiiinlilr, IIM V liiiunil "MrMniin ami I'mier* nt '1'lu 4"*, Kajniilnwr' )• c u t ranking aliiiiiliiuin. curtain itrHoh •lit* iillliMf, Wrllt, "10." Box 111, MM,' I'riildml," M, 111 II.I31H, >r, ilsi'tili) mitt* lirrriililiir, llvlnii miiin WALNUT CIIK8T, (nur.draweri Chili, BINOKH HKWINd MAUTii'NK. »lUtlM( IN IIWI HANK - - Milan rrali HIUIIIM, Ilitl Mink. olil, Petun lr«mei, Iron buiki, ell liendili chili, vsiilly Isbli wlih chair, lido lslil», ili> D u o liirlim odd lfli.il lilclurn fiainlnid oil lialnllimi, uli'liIIHIIIIIIM, iinfiiriilaliPil luiuin friim lillVrlf Illllllll. Illk I'lllllllf*, Illillllll Ittnni, Klatiwarr, rnalbli ton tanllli |,ilia*er oik rlml, (I, K, waihlm ma, w i n , llvlnv miiin isllslilp, HKIII up lyiir mKKHiWieR^rtiri»iVrr5p«r^ IIIKI •nil rimravlnRi n i i n r u l i lullnlic K»|il, fur iilim muiitlu, within wnlkl linlililn, | « n i sdillnv miI'lilnc, Unlit lihif 1 wuhiliiidi, l,nnk In your Mllca, liirni, nthir rnliifllintniif. All on riliiilar rhllifv rUKI, and tithvi' mll"sllsin>6u» ftroMCHI)ini(llin| iiefiti v, T H M I I K I , oinrt limii'lfM inaiilel nilrrtira, wlmliiw »«|. illalmii'e nf mfliln ai'honl nml irnii . lima or full IIMH, "liiula Niultm Linn. .(id m i l , Cult ii'iv, THIMVI'IKI, oinr lumi of iitMiitholH fujnlthlnm, JtA I , Mini n i l I I I H K Cmni, main sisliiant wlihiivimilllnh In mplul (•all KB I . I I U . J or wrlti Bos a i l , r o d ]A, »JI »JII AlU AlUlii til,, nnrn, |«wii algns, framail mlrrnia, 11 .line., Will*, M«j, II, A, Biyir, Hot t dry, llroad and Flrit i l l , , K»J|)orl, XS mnHal, MCfllil |]A ellir, r«n>'» Tialltr Cum I, «r Pfiviti »ffl»i, Call ItC l . l l iu, tj|* M)9|, l JCsil from i l , rhent nil M t t l t -- ' it,, Alikindtlt, Vti 7o1T Killing U k s



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REAL ESTATE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE | REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FAIR HAVEN—Spacious six-room ranch FORCED TO SELLI — Three-bedroom, type bungalow. Tiled bath, icrcened 21,£-bnth, River rd., Rumion home porch, hot water oil hent; three-car ga- with two utility bedroomi in attic. Your rage: corner plot; $ $14,500. Mlnugh 14,50. g lost if you don't Inspect this drenm age: p ; A B d Ph RU 1 0 7 1 6 * g Agency, Burnton rd. Phong RU 1-0716.* home. Experts acclaim most beautiful RUMSOrf— Vi.ac're, corner pToT with and functional pnterior they havo seen. four-room, bath bungalow. In poor Features include large kitchen with condition, Cnn be divided into at least Indirect lighting, picture window nlning four builillni; lots; SS.OOO. MinuKh room, floor-to-ceiling peanut stone fireAgency, Rvimsoii rd. Phone RU 1-0716.* place, mahogany panel built-in bookshelves, walk-in vestihulo, twin sink vanity bathroom, 12-foot mahogany slidTOP RUMSON LOCATION—Gleaming door cloiet; Maytag automatic waghIn? -n-hitn ranch house. Living er, Hotpoint electrio range, two-door room with fireplace and bay window. refrigerator, A steal at asking price $21,000. Will accept all nrTcri, PropDinette, two large bedrooms and erty will he sold to best ofTcr as of lovely tiled bath. Breeieway, AtAug. 30, 1953. Low, down payment. tached garage, Private patio. Hot Financing arranged. RU 1-(I184. -water oil heat. Plot 100x110, Many nice extra features; SI3,500. Borus $600 D O W N W I L L B U Y tnli t w o Aiency, Fair Haven, RE C-4E32, bedroom Cape Cod f o r eligible G. I, Located o n large corner l o t EXCELLENT OLDER HOMF—Best Fair near Rerl Bank. Full cellar, e x Hnven location, Six Inrgc rooms. Finpansion a t t i c , tile bath, cedar lined ished basement, huge expansion attic. Two-car garage. Oil heat: new range; closets, screens, v e n e t l s n bllndl. All screened porch. Unusual value at $14,s t a reasonable price, Come and 500. Borus Agency,' Fair Haven. RE l e t It, R E 6-S357-R. 6-4532, MUST BE SOCb NOW!—Make offers. Owner transferred. Immediate occupancy on this lovely three-bedroom, 1>« V A N H O R N — Compact modern bnth ranch home. Custom built with house w i t h f o u r bedrooms, Good many unusual cxtrns. Pinp den, piaster neighborhood. T w o baths, fireplace, walls, cellar, huge garazc. Top neighborhood. List at $21,000, 'Borus Agency, fine closets, a u t o m a t i c heat. Only Fair Haven. RE 0-4532, $13,500: cash $3,500. Mortgage 4 % . TALL TREES—Rumson Cape Cod. Only Ray V a n H o r n Realtors, Fair H aa few yean old. Three blocks from the Shrewsbury river, Excellent conven, HE 6 - 4 1 0 0 . " dition, HHS living room with fireplace, dining room SYz bedrooms, full cellar. Hobby room; attached garage. Low V A N H O R N — Spacious six-room tuxes. Priced at $16,500. Borus Agency, Fair Haven. RE 6.4532. bungalow. All rooms o n one floor, FAIR HAVEN VILLAGE — Excellent Fine neighborhood. Modern b a t h , older home. Living room, dining olt heat, fireplace, basemnnt: triple room, kitchen, three bedrooms and bath, garage, A s k i n g $14,500, Ray V a n full basement, automatic oil heat. Onecar garage. Near school and shopping Horn Agency, 8 0 4 Ulver rd., l-'nlr center. Asking $10,500. Borus Agency, Haven. R E 6-4100." Fair Haven. RE 6-4532 •

FOUR-BEDROOM HOUSE—On Lewis la.. doll clothes and accei- SECOND FLOOR—Furnished apartnunt Fair Haven. Living room, dining on river. Sea Bright, U n of dock. Pridoll furniture. All types room, kitchen, two tile baths, full cellar, The Opportunity- Shop. vate entrance. Pine»x>ane!ed throughout. hot water circulating h o t : large porch; Large studio room, good cloiet, sundeek, Keyport. KB 7-U46. tile bath, kitchen, carpeted floors, oil lot 160x181, Occupancy Jun« 1, Select own decorations, W. P. Scott, 74 heat furnished i fl.00 monthly. Adults your GENTLEMEN — Ai permanent Monmouth it.. R*d Bank. RE 6-21S9. only. Call RU 1-0776. 1 gueits, "Men's club" atmosphere. THREE-ROOM FURNISHED apartment. CONSTANCE SMITH Agency. 14 Television lounge. References, Very Adults only. AT M691-W. 84 ProsMaple art.. Fair Haven, RE • • pect ave., Atlantic Highlands. rtasonablt rent. Union House, RE FURNISHED—Three-room > apartment. 2808. Wt have attractive houses In •-150O. All utilities Included. Thr«e blocks Red Bank, Fair Haven, Rumson, from shopping1 district. Phone AT 1OLD COINS—U. S. and foreign. Large 007S. Shrewsbury, Mlddletown, Eatontown cents, Indian head cents, etc. . Old FOUR-ROOM UNFURNISHED and vicinity. Fhon* us for belt apartgold rings, chains, watchei, dental gold, ment. All utilities. In town; 190 buys, Terms arranged, ullrer. Hlll'i, 524 Cookmtn ave, t Asbury monthly. C«ll RE 6-1848. Park:. TW0-RO6M APARTMENT Private NEW MONMOUTH HOUSE—Three bedIsvatory, utilities and utensils suprsomB and bath; living room, dining plied ; running1 hot water, Thrc* min- room, kitchen, pantry; largs sunroom REAL ESTATE WANTED utes wait from bus line. Inquire 147 with screem; oil heat, city water; screens Bridge aye.. Red Bank, and storm sash. Lot 75x175; large treei HAWKINS BROTHERS—77 Bro.d it. WILL SHARE I'/i-ro'om apartment with and shrubbery; two-car garage. Full atRS 1-0151, Rial sitit., lnsur.nc. and business woman. Very good residen- tic and cellar. Near bus, churches, mortgage loani. Lilt your property for tial secti*n on river. References ex- schools snd stores. Immediate occupanchenged. EA 3-1060, ext. 2405. cy. Ml 5-0460-M, •si* with us. CON8TANUE SMITH AGENCY—14 Ha- TWO REDECORATED furnlshsd apirt- ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — Attractive, pin II... Fair Harm, RE 6-2801, reil ments. Overlooking Sandy Hook bsy. reasonable, six-room house, in * good iltat*, lniuranc, oortiagu loam. Bur- Garden -type apartment!, All utilities condition. Full dry baiement. Lot Jersey Cen- to move ill Aug. 1st. Call HO 9-7353. tral railroad. Phone SB 2-0280.M. and ocean. Lovely, ranch house, TWO FURNISHED bungalows In EatonBEAUTIFUL CHOICE riverfront ROOM AND BOARD—For elderly perVAN H O R N — V4-acre. Almost n e w town, and jnodern^ apitrtmentl, fur less than one year old. H a n d s o m e property, Mtdd'letown township. sons. BE 6-6687. • niihed and unfurnished. Chamn A g e n c y , artistic ranch house, Three double living room 22 feet long with fireN e a r Red Bank. Owner. Write, fljRrJlSHEb BEDROOM, with kitchen EA 3-1153. bedrooms, large paneled den,- h s s e place; deluxe kitchen, t w o nice b e d privileges. Inquire 276 Mechanic it,, BUNGALOW—On an eltate In Middle"Cove," Box i n , B e d Bank, ment, screened porch. Double g a . rooms, tiled bath, huge porch. D e Red Bank. RE 6-1274.' town. Two bedrooms living room with LARGE, NICELY furnished room. Houie- fireplace, kitchen with dining alcove, signed for t w o additional rooms and rage. W e s t l n g h o u i e washer, dryer, kaeplng facilities. Suitable for one one bathroom, large basement, semi LOT—North side Center s t . , 200 feet bath, Asking $19,000. Borus A g e n c y , Bartaln a t $ 2 1 , 9 0 0 . Ray Van Horn, west of Glenmary a v e . , In Conover or two girls, or business couple. Also attic. Large flagston* terrace, oil-fired Fair Haven. K E 6-4532. Realtors, Fair H a v e n . R E 6-4100." room for single person. Conveniently steam heat, bottle gas range, electric la, lection, L o t N o . Bl. Size 50x150. Phone R E 6-1965, W . T. J o n e s , 281 located. RE 6-2993-M after 5 P. M. refrigerator; 260 feet from nearest high- Maple aye.. Red Bank. way, 800 feet from nearest house. Lots FURNISHED—Single room, 810 LOCATION—Six PRACTICALLY N E W — Ranch-ityle down RUMSON VILLAGE of shade trees. Available Sept, l i t : 186 ATLANTIC H I G H L A N D S — L o w week. Gentleman- preferred. lovely rooms ( 3 bedrooms) in excelhome. Six r o o m i and bath, with payment b u y s this n e w 115,500 ranch mornings or after I P. M., because I per month. MI 6-0141. Includes spacious living room lent condition. Delightful kitchen. House, garage and b r e c z e w a y . Full basement, go swimming. Mrs. Hadley, 76 Mon- A T L A N T I C H I G H L A N D S — T h r i e - b e d - home. with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, il decorated t h r o u g h o u t In excellent Call EA 3-0113-M. mouth it.. Red Bank, Second floor, RE room, y e a r - around, bungalow, Fur* two bedrooms bath a n d full basement, taste. H o i a i r heat, con!. An older niihed or unfurnished. Immediate oc* with attached garage, a. 04 8 8. Others from home with c h a r m ; $9,500, Borus A g e n c y , FAIR H A V E N — M o d e m bungalow. SINGLE ROOM—For young man, 18 a cupancy. Call A T 1-0263-M. 11,000 t o 125,000. F . A. Gehlhaui, Jr., f a i r l l a v e n . R E 6-4532. Living r o o m , fireplace, kitchen, week. Also garage, IS a month. Half RENTALS—Have still a number of rae- State Highway 3 6 , Leonardo, A T 1- LINCROFT— Lots 100x200. Six minutes t w o bedrooms, bnth, ixpanBlon a t block to itatlon and bus terminal. 31 Ing lesion or lummer pllcei for rent (1488 o r K E 6 - 0 0 6 6 . t o Red Bank s t a t i o n : $1,200. Five West st., Red Dink, rhone RE 6- In varloui prices. Ella Wlltlhlr* Agency, acres, near Sycamore a v e . , N e w Shrewstic, circulating h o t air heat,, screens, Realtors, RE 6-3306 or SE 2-0004, HTSMl B E A C H — E x c h a n g e f o r N e w J e r - bury, 0940-M.* $4,000.- Five acres, 600-foot sey property o r seil. 20 u n i t garden storm sash, w a s h l n f f ' m a c h l n c ; ' plot • ROOM—38 West Bargen- ppen week-ends. ' URN apartments. Corner, near A l t o n rd. Air frontage on h i g h w a y 3 4 , Holmdel, $ C 68x140. A s k i n g $11,600. Chas, If. LEONARDO—Modern, four rooms: ga- conditioned. Pi.* Pi. Jones A g e n c y , Llncroft R E 6> Yearly tenants, 175,000 000, rage, for August, Near b.ach and equity. Give o r tak* difference. Write, 2220 Tlndall A g e n c y , 19 E . Front s t . LARGE ROOM—Privite home. Kitchen . . . . _ . . ' privileges. Near stores, park, Ten mln. transportation. AT 1-0285-M, Q.MSON RIDGE—Six plots left. Newly RB 6-S030. "Miami Beach," B o x 5 1 1 , Red Bnnk. utel from Red Bank, Bui at corner, WILL BE AVAILABLE Aug. 9th. Uu- LAURENCE H A R B O R — N e a r developed section in Rumsan. l^£sMorgan. fiirnished house, Four • rooms and HU_1-1143-R.* . • Four-room b u n g a l o w . E v e r y Improve- ncre plots, 2 0 0 - f o o t frontage, c o m p l e t e PLEASANT ROOM—Suitable for busl- hath, central heating. Garage, Yearly ment. Dormer a t t i c for e x p n m l o n ; ly improved with curbing, paved rond, MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP—Near Centrally located in Atlantic 50x100 l o t : 1 0 , 0 0 0 : about 12,000 cash city water, electricity. Located near n«ls woman or young lady. Call for banie. Highlands. Phone after 6. AT 1-1650-M. and take over present m o r t g a g e : $52 schools nnd buses. Priced from $4,000. further Information, KE 6-1458-W. Itcd Bank, Living room, kitchen, RIVERFRONT APARTMENT or bungaROOM AND BOARD for working mothmonthly for civilian, less f o r G. 1. Uercs, 7 0 % construction loan c n n be arranged. dinette, three bedrooms, bttth, attic, low, Three* bedroomi, All comfort. 700 W. Grand a v e . , Railway 7-3311, SchwnrU-Mncklin, 8 White St. R E 6*r Ind child. Nice home and good H o t water heat, o i l ; screens, atorm 3121. eare,' by experienced mother. Call KE Permanent adulti only. Write, "River* evenings Woodbridge 8-1225. front," Box 511, Red Bank.* lash, All newly decorated, Lnrge 1-0881.W. RUMSON—Charming t w o - b e d r o o m bun- RIVER P L A Z A — W e think this Is o n e of t h e best b u y s in this price range. MICK LARGE F U R N I S H E D ROOM. Very O K F C H N I S H E D HOUSE — Nine rooms. plot. A l k l n g $12,000. Chag. If. galow, t w o years old. Oil h e a t ; g a Three bedrooms, two lunporchel. oil rage. n . a r rae* track and F o r t Monmouth. Immediate o c c u p a n c y ; $12,800, Six room, two-story colonial. Three bedTlndall A g e n c y , 10 £ , Front at. R E On b u t line. 2 1 9 Branchport a v e . ; Long burner heat, In qutet residential psrk. Comtance Smith, 14 Mapl* a v e . , Fair rooms and bnth u p s t a i r s ; extra large living room, dining room, kitchen and 6-9030. Two blocks from Red Bank itatlon. Branch, LO j - 4 8 9 8 . H a v t n . RE 6-2308. _ F U R N I S H E D ROOM—Kitchen privilege!. Yearly basli; $100 pir month. No pets. RED BANK—Spring I t . S e v e n rooms. breakfast nook on the first floor. Full basement, oil h e a t and two-car g a r a g e ; Garage. Couple. 155 Shrewsbury ave., Call RE 6-2B87 Extra lavatory a n d l a u n d r y ; g a r a g e ; $12,000. Schwarti-Macklln, 8 White COTTAGE ON ESTATE—Sycamore ave., large lot. Excellent condition. RUMSON—Remodeled home. Living Red B a n t Asking Shrewsbury. Five roomi, two baths, 812,000, Exclusive A g e n t , Constance st. RE 6-8121. F A I R H A V E N — F u r n l i h e d . D o u b l e bedroom, dining room, kitchen, b e d L l T T L B SlCTER—Barn rod. Opposite sunpbrch, $125, Phone R E S 6-1229 or Smith. 14 Maple a v e . , Fair H a v e n . RE r o e m - i i t t t n r room. P r i v a t e . On ' bus room, Second floor, t w o large b e d school. Four rooms, tile, bath, large 4-2308. line. G a r i g e If wanted. 8 4 8 River rd.* RE 6-157S. living room, modern kitchon, two-room roomi, bath. A l l newly decorated. FIVE-BOOM HOUSE—With yard, Oil NICELY F U R N I S H E D — L a r g * front FAIR H A V E N — B u n g a l o w , Five rooms. expansion attic, full cellar, d r y : 16'x26' Large, lot, nice trees, Price $9,500, heat. Three minutei to itatlon, school room f o r o n * person, W i t h privilege!. Full cellar, attic, oil h e a t ! garage. g a r a g e ; lot nO'x200.' $13,000. S c h w a r t s P r i v a t e home. N e a r b u s , 2 0 7 East and stores. Available Sept, 1, Inquire Nicely l i n d s c a p e d ; J 13,5 00. Terms. Con- Macklln,_ 8 •VVhUc «t. RE 6 - 3 1 2 1 . Chai, H . Tlndall A g e n c y , 19 E . Bergen pi., between Mapl* a n d Brosd, Dolan, 128 Main it.. Keansburg, s t a n t * Smith, 14 Mapl* a r e . , Fair H a Front i t . R E 6-9030, tf AG"ENtJTf=ea of propertlia throughout Mon* bay window and fireplace, dining LONlALSeven rooms, Fireplace, i S t T b N t O ' W N ^ L ' o n i n Tlnton"ave."A"U location,, Dennis K,1 Uyrne, Renltori, mouth county i farms, town aed. country room, icreensd porch, pine den, three bedroomi, I U baths, bftiemont R u m i o n , R U 1-1I60, utilities Ideal for small home, 1450. houses, waterfront cr*psrtlnl bmlneis modern kitchen, powder room, SecF U R N I S H E D o r unfurnlihcd. Five-room opportunities. Call, writ* your require playroom, attractive enclosed porch, hot Tcrmi, HP! 6-1.110.W, water htati two-car garage I U-ncro plot, ond floor, three bedroomi and two monts Laris and eompstint iteff to Xwner moving; T l o i 1 5 T apartment, $70 a month, A T 1 -0061. River rights, Asking $21,000. (Iroisquare, Beautiful shade trfr-il iV tiled bathi, Full bniemont, pine f W O B E b R S U W S , living room, dinette, serve you I1E s - M l l , singir k Heller, Drond and Mechanic itttulo tyiie living room, fireplace; i l x bath, A l i o l a m e front porch, EveryKami room and bar, Two-car ga" i l HBJ.2100, rooms, modern halh, oil henti g a r a g e ! MARIE C6X AGENCY, realtors aal thing private, Furnlihril, with garage, rage, Paved drlvewiy, Exctllent LTrfEB fllCVlR — Well construoted $10,500, Sweeney Agency, l ' h o m IIU 1• 1321 unfurnished with g a r a g e 2 1 1 6 , Imurori, Salia y*arl» and turnCap* Cod, on three loti u Large liv- 1408, ihruhbtry and treel, Including dog* Call RB «-0S0(l, met rintnli. Comanok* dr. Fort* ing room, nreplacrl till kitchen, living nrrrtfi aii.VEn-ftLioni.icoitag.TpTc: wood, mapl* and pine, Thti propFREEHOLD—Four roomi ami iTaiJT. porch, two largs bed roomi, Iniulatlnni eupeclc. Phone LO (.1102, turn window, largo living rnnm, fireNewly decorated, HtMgcratnr, itovc, • rty In perfect condition throughout Karate, Immtdlntr ponienlnn: $17,000. place i tiled kitchen, tllnl bnth, t w o bed2I.& Hr»»j at. Fit H-4624.' and beautifully decorated, AiUng Clroiiln«r A llellrr, Broad anil Me..(ftjNCY—BA 1-116,1, Wl rnomi, cximnilon n t t i c : gnriito with finTHREE ROOMS «nd~Hiun" Heat anil chanic ill, RB 6-8100, need lilting! of bullniim In all fliltli, Mice |J5,000, Allaire* A Son Ishril room, h o t water h u t , oil, Nice hot water supplied, Call KE 7- local office of th* national business lTO"BT^NTrTJIi planting, A l k l n g $111,000, Swtsney Agency, Inc. HE 8-8<50, naaJjW-a, llolmdel rd, broker clearing home, Journal over 100 Beautiful scenic location, Two-bed A y n i t y . ' r h n n t HU 1.14112. SeioTd ofllcii from cout to ooait, world's larg- room rsneh houie, Full baiomenti oil flUMSON--—Four-mom anil modern bath floor, All good condition, Heat, balh. eit buslnen broken. litati Vk aorsn Urge liarn and small O N T I I Y S i x beautiful acres In o ilwelllng, Central hent, nilenilld c o n all utilities. K B 6.02411. hotiifi that o n be rented for Inoomt, illtloll, Lot, with excellent planting. Near flneit country location, An olde rOVK-ROOM FUHNI8HEI) apartment, Peach orohiril, Olhir trien 117,000, Call bin, WEART.NEMETH AOMfOY—Pliai* Spnoloim two-ear smrniri>. A l k l n g home cnmpletely renovated. Cinter en MI 11*0192, All u t l l l l l i i Included, In Ooianporl, $11,000, Uwreney Agency, 1 ' h o n . IIU trance, living room, dining room, mod refer to our ad on fallowing pan, 176 Pir month, A v a l l i b l e A u g . I. Call «rn kltohiin, bedroom and bath, fiicon Bw~mii.... i-umi. DA 8.D0.T.M, floor, twn tiedroomi and tiled bath wit H o u i i (without I m p r o v i m t n t a ) anil KUMSON—Owner moving, Nice r e i l . IIDWIT, llnivment with modern oil hen UNFURNISHED—Desirable apartment, outbullitlngi in poor condition, / ill*ilintlnl aren, I.«iK" linilicnli.il lot, fROPIRTISS Or ALL KIMDI for lniiiHKi 115,1100, Allnlr* A Him A«enr Four roomi and balh I d i a l location, ttnot o n a l l i n f t t o a y o u n g c n u p l . with Flvt-ruum Cillif (.'ml cnliililnl, m o i l l t n t ni^ HH 6.11460. F t w minutes from licucli, All utllltlm, •ale. Ultima wsntid. Insurant! e n e r i y am) I m a g i n a t i o n , Pflr-n $8,«00, CUIIIIIIIIIM, lliii'iii'il h u t wider lirat, oil I RfMOnablc Business ominlo tirtferrid all kind!, Moitgaie loans, Avplr (lain r t q u r i d 11,710 I ; right in Illii linthi gnrn«i>i $1.1,1100, HwKniy y j a r irouml, Call HB 6.BOX4-I.* ALMOflT N K W — l l a n t h homi In Mlniilh A m n t y , I'hnna flU 1-0711, AJP n_», t h j i n i J j y j i M y , R, V. R. H, Stout, T M t •road it,, m r c i i n f T i — T W - R r ^= mrciinfuTiMATAWMRrrr I,'lilt Hllvnr, Mvlng rnum, dlnlntr Rid Bin., Phone IU M i l l , rooOTTfl^TinFitow~^niin'5viit«ii i'A'ill IIAVKN—KnnllwoodTrrlTiin. llfau. riinin, nlshid, All utlllllsi, Utter.ni'i'l ! « . modern kltclirn with fleetrlo tlFul iilniilliiK, K#vrn*rtinm ilwrllliiK, oliler home, Foyer, HvInK room, illnquired, D i u l n e i s couplf, 8H Luouit i mi if n mnl illihwmhi'r, plni den, room, kltohrn, icrMnril porch, Ihrr" Twn bmlii, •uliimallii lint walii' hi'iil, LITTLK HlLVKIl-Lsrg, colonial horns, In* I V I \ , Rail Hank, III-I«I'IHI'I, inrillunt MTTI.R m i i V l l l l — T i n o - i l o r f , In »»• Plata m l iitilt itrvlot, Ai niar • n n e i i rniulrnl, AvallnliU fliil, h i . IlilM'illnM Invllr-il, AikhiK . Illdgi rd, horn., IIMII- lonillll'iii, (elltiit l o c i t l u n , l.«r«f living it your shorn to nrve you, II Inn, n s a r traitiliurUllniii • 117,1)0(1, K w i d i s y AKCioy, 1'hnni IIU I I n i rinovatlnn, mom, dining rnnm, l l t o h i n iiiirit Win front'it, n» .•5111. i'uuf betlrctjuna, Vintfi, I I v H I ' U L . . . hiKh lohnol.l, I'uu " IIIK room, illnlnv two uirioni. Oomlilniillort btilroninnlj^rnoni, jtllohrn, n, P IIIIICIMI (if Forth, Htoonil (limr, J ( , btilrooms iK H'IDCCO hununlow with llvlnl room, Iliautlful n«w kllohm and J J JJIY*'II jfaYiiifi eonThiii'l plot plaV"S• HfltVee l l l O . mil until, Twu-car v a r m e i $ l » i K«r«i», nn >linly rurn*r ioi, In flm mn;c=-ff:.crrKr.Ti nrimBr bain, All njntly fupnlih*il, 1811 monthly, nli MlnllilV inif, Iliimioit ril.i ltutnion, ntlliliufirhiiiid, H i n n i lifn.li o l l - r l M d i n i i t n 1011, Allalrt * Hun AiMncYi Ino, MaFa ulil. T i m floor, ,[lvlng room, ill ilii IIICIIKIXI HU | ! l » » ( i l l HU I'Oilli* nrriilni'r., liardwuiiil fliiurs, crrHinln l l l r d 1_S"*J iiUni illnlnif room, olilns tiblnit, IIU | . « H 0 . iffliinnoM uTni In iHiiiii'i, iliiiiiiiliiif mnl Iraiiiiuii'i ttwo w o uidroomii u i d r o o m i i balh, b a l h , (lifim, ( l i f i m , rliyrccim r l y r c c m wlmltiw wlmltiw, inii.ll iniill inn inn room, r o m, two tw l r two llinlroom", linlro itury with rnli'Alit'f fu>i r, I,IVIIIK run iiiiir u Vtn I nl I nn. IMrii i.f l l l l . i i i i l Ini'liiilii w n i l i In IpaiHiittil, A l u m i n u m i g r n n i , n o r m Illtd bs|h, llformtlnn room In Huhli dry oom In Huhl Ini l lIaiHiitl Aluinum ni in ii no will) flillllHI'l', llllllllir IIKIIII, I M l l l r roomi, living, miiilcrii Imlli mill hlieliM , I l i i e k w n e l w a l l s , u i l l l n v l l In* niHi'liliir, fitilnmntli' i In!h«-« dryrTi omi, heli intllin liKi>mnil, nulomilla niali two-ear ««• 4 Mlrlten, e l t imri'h, rlpeuutl D'uir, thr< In l l l l l sri'iliiii. ril N 'lillnn riK«l U->fri pint, t'oimnlmt luenlliy, r l f f i l l i *tirtv*-, m r l s ' i n t n i , illnlnif innfit IIIIII l i fmihimnit m, In fln flni rnlilMillnl N«nr tilt nit KI K i t f u l f i l l l i e h i l l h i m n i t ami a m i tiled Im.h, I n hl>llr •••rylhlnr, » Thlril KVI,, Ailmiilt Jtih O. H I llnlilnil In 1(11,1101), Mlllutrl A«tllt7. l i l l l f anil A l i r l a r a i » l , } l l II » « f l l l l l l l mimHii anill (Uiirhiil !",'.*"'.7 ' Aihln. U h il l j u r i i ' i tt l '.fi 'f lidl AT l'OIM-Ji* f h u m llU l - i i l i l , " llli 1'heni XII Moll-Ji C«tllO'Mi iitifi A len Amur

OLD COLLS, •orlci, Alls of antiques. 115 Bm»dw»r,


, fm. K8

EAL ESTATE FOR SALE l£AL ESTATE FOR SALfc [UAL \IIt H A V E N — E n e r a n c e foyer, large living room with fireplace, dining am, Kitchen, t w o bedrooms a n d tiled ith. I-'ull basement with oil steam w t : atorHRi! a t t i c ; KfirnHR. Excellent •ik-hnorhm.d; Sl'J.aOO. Allaire & Son KCncy, Inr. RK fi-'H*iO. MIIIIILETOWN—Two largo livinsf rooms, dininjr room, spacious Kitchen. Second floor, three u n usually larKe. bedrooms and bath. Full b a s e m e n t ; garAge; $11,500, Allaire & S o n Agency, I n c . R £ 6-3450, W'NfiRS S. Haven. Yard fpncptl in. Living room, •eplnce: modern kitchen, t w o bedrooms, 10m for t w o more. Close to school, r e s entlnl nren. Small pnyinent nnd nsimo CJ. 1. ninrtKnge. Monthly cnrrylnn inrges approximately Iri.S monthly. ilams A g e n c y . KB 6.509H. IS East TKen pi. Open seven (Inys anil e v e j!8». ; OViWQ t'6 TEXAS"!—Only $1,400 cash. A s s u m e G, I, morlKnjre anil ove right In within ten dnya in Lhin >ve!y three-bedroom ranch house with illar. "Nuff said" on this bargain. nil Ailams Aiicncy. RE 6-5098, Open teven days and cVftiinKs. DTTEAM H O U S B l — Y e s I fHree lovely bedrooms, spncioils kitchen, dlnltiK .lorn, full cnlliir, plaster walls, selcot nk floors, rock wool Insulation, River lew; Quality materials and workmnnhlp; $17,9011, Its frrn In Innk, so rail darns A g e n c y , ItK 6-6008. 16 East ergen pi. Open seven days and e v e IG1IEST OPKB1IS GETS beautiful Little Silver ranch house. One yenr old. 'hree bedrooma, pine piincled d e n , 1 Vi Hths, Hvlng-dinlnK cumbimition, disliraiher, two-dnor refriiterritor, electric tove, nutamntic washer, storm snnb, crcenR, venetiitn lilindx. Solid c tructinn, pliistcr wnlU, center hall, Tutl, ry basement. Attached ftnruKt\ Sluiilc , N e m schiiul. Kxbullent uclKhborood. Must sell by end of month. Cnll wncr nfter 6, RE 6-5.168. KUMSON — Excellent two-story home. 2 4'.\l,V livlnir room, fireplnce, lmwiler room, three bedrooms, tilo bath (shower.) Hot water oil hent (recessed rndintian.) Attnchi-il Kitrage. ASKIIIH- $25,500, Dcnnin K. Hyrne, Realtors, Rumson, HU 1-

•UMSON—Near pniochinl , school. Itc-1 cently reilecoriitnl. Sturdy, three cdroom homo. Hath, llvlni? room, din HIT room, kitcht-n. dun, p i * liiiiu, Open orclies. GHrnBe, Property 50'xl.1.r».' AHk$10,1100. Dennis IC, Uyrne, Realtors, Itiimsnn. IIU J - U o O . " UMSON—Itivcr view. llciiutlful six rnom, brick veneer ranch liomi.1. Three edrooms, t w o tilo buths, lireiilncc. Plot .'.MS0.' l i n t nil- nil hent. A t t u d i n l KHiiKo. AskliiK $2,1,500. Dennis K. Ilyrnr, Monitors. KiimKon. HU l - l l o ( J . * _ LITTLE""Sit.VrSR—Hranil new'! Dellitfiu ful two-heilroom hunxalow. Tile bath, [•roperty 7li'xl0U.' H o t air oil h e a t : full >nst>nicht: hardwood lloorK, plaster WILIIH Residential locatlnn. AikiiiK f I r,,,",0fI Dennis K, llyrne. Realtors, Itumson, KU

X-ROOM H O U S E — Alt improvementi. GaraKo, chicken house, t w o acrei of nd. Priced reasonable. Sears and aihtnfcton aven., Atlantic Highland!. jJLAT 1-1782-W.* • :>NMOUTH BEACH—RuiidentlBl nreR. Six-rflom cottajfe. Kireiilnce, hot water t, oil; two-car trnraffe. Fine condition; .H 00. Inspection invited, Sweenty i'pcy. Phone RU 1-1432. REDDEN AGENCY — A finn fiveroom bu riff a low on ,%-ICTH plot, Kxceptionnl Inndicarlnji*, nice p-retnhouse, Living room, dinlnsc room, IviLchfn, two bedrooms ; «ara«c ; full, dry haflfment. Wher« can you Rnd a nice country home 'within five minute* of Red Bank nUtion for $10,800? Redden Affeney. RE 85660.

REDDEN' AGENCY offer* Ltttla Silver horn* on plot 126x148, Early occupancy becaiiAo of owner transfer. Thrcft bedrooms with one more pnrtly flniihed. Room for lecond bath, Many ext rat make this a worthwhile ofTerinir at 115,9 00, Seein tr is believinar, Kedrien Agency, RB 6-56G0,

REDDEN AGENCY has ft fine lot, 8,1x155 In Shrewsbury, at asking price of $2,000. RE 6-5660, REDDEN AGENCY otter* nic* horn* on tha weit aide. Living room, dining room, modern kitchen, two bed room I, tiled bnth. full basement; KnrnRp. Hot water heat, oil-fired; Venetian blinds, screens, storm muh nnd awniiiKi, A good, well-built home with nn restriction!. Offered nt $13,000. Redden Agency. RE 65660.

LITTLE SILVER—On bua line, near school nnd stores, Twn-atory house with three bedrooms and bath, living room with fireplace, dlnin« room, kitchen and nunnorch. Hot water oil heat; large tOOxlnQ-font Int. Two-car garage, Askinif Jlfi,KOO. Walker A Walker, Realtors. Shrewsbury. RE (1-3212. Open tuvcn dnyi.

SIIKKW3DURY — Older bungalow witli living room, dlnlnK room, kitchen, twr> bedrooma and bnth, PMULiiHion nttic, full cellar; one-car Knrngt; Inl 80x100, Screens and atorm atuh, rnnge and refrlgeratnr Incluiicd. Oil heat. Asking 110,.'.00. Wnlker & Wnlkrr, Realtor!. Shrewi' bury. RE 6-5212. Open seven dnya.

RUMSON—Attractive, thren-hetkoom cottage. Bath, cedar clnKetg, lirct)liicr, til all* nil tirnt. Attached icariiKc, 1'roprty 75'xl;l5,' Larjto oak trees. Abkin 16,500. Laundromat, gns ilrler in Imied. Dennis K. Byrne, Iteaitorl Rumion. KU 1-1150,• >_ •'AIR HAVEN—Attractive Tour-room residence. Expansion second floor, .''{replace: appliances, nutnmntii: heat, Convenient location; (11,000. CiruHsin,rer & Heller, Drond and Mechanic, sts tK 6-21 Oil. INGS HIGHWAY. SfTddTctown. Srvcn room homn. Heateil sittiroom. Meet: UK Porch, three hedrnomH, tiled bath lowder room, tmtin: lareo landttcapci ilot. Gnrngc: $15.600. Hf C-O2S0. • MUST SE'LL!—Kivu-ronm hnusr! Three bedrooms, bath, larKo livintr rnnm kitchen, laundry nnd full, dry cellar, Twu-car KiiritKc. On lot 50x125, N pnlntlnic needed, Heasonablu, A T ' 1 16S3-.M. COOL i)I!EK/.ES from the river. Nca Conover la. area In Mlddletown, Walk ng distance to Hod Bnnk. Four room nd hath. Automatic nil heat, Plenxan location: S1I.300. Willis Cnnnvor, Real .or, 75 W. Front st. RE 6-5141. N A SMALL COMMllNlT"Y off homis, l iconvenient to Coles and Hed Bank railroad station, Fnur bedrooms, K kitchen, fully equipped. Deep cellar, Two-car garnge; $12,800. Willis Con over, Realtor 75 W. Front st. RE 6 r> 141. THREE-HEDROOM HOME in Llttle^SIT ver, Extra larRu kitclii'ii Owner m u s move to the West. Sacrifice a t $ 1 5 , 900, Near buses nnd schools. Twi minutes drive to Llttlo Silver railroai itatlon. Willis Conover, 75 W . From _t, R E _ 6 - 5 M 1 , _ _ _ _ „ HOME AMIDST ccnturj old trees nnd beautiful flowering shrubs. The" hnri to get type o f country home that ng has mclluwcd. In the very best of con dition. Eluht -nttrnctlve rooms. Thli home has been carefully modernized Large barn and 5% acres (if fertil fields and woodland. N o t far from Hei. Hank; $35,1100 Willis Conover, 75 W Kront_jt_. HE 6 - 5 M l . IN LITTLrJ~S"iCVE"K—If y o u like rambler type of home with threu KO_-. s h e bedrooms, large living room with fireplace, a deep lot with plenty o trees, this Is Itl This property Is an e x ccllent buy n t $22,000, Owner trnns. fcrred. Willis Conover, Realtor, 75 W Front st. R E 6-5141. LITTLE SILVER—Substantial reildence, In excellent, community of fine homes. 24-foot living room, fireplace; dining room, kitchen, four bedroomi, three baths: two-car garage; oil heat. Unuaunl vnlue; 323,000, Stanley K, Downs, Realtor, Shrewsbury, RB 6-1017.• HALF-ACRE—Mnrlern ranch home. 22 foot living mom, fireplace; dlnin:. room, deluxe kitchen, three bedrooms knotty pine den, screened porch: twn KaraKc: basemrnt. Owner trims furred: $22,750. Stanley K. Uowns, Realtor, .Hhrpwabliry. HE B-1017.* MIIIDLETOiVS VrlXAnrT^— llalf-ncrp, shade trees, Kftrden, Older homo nice): ileenrntcd. S i x largn rooms, A t t r a c t l v . kitchen, new refrl«orutnr, electric rnnge Automiitlc h e a t ; screened porch; unrngc $12,900, Strtnlry K. Downs. Dealtoi Shrrwibury, RE 6-1017.*

frEnLVfrrPO'SSBSglliN—«ed Bank

Finn rfHldentlal neighborhood, Seve. rooms, Four bedrnumi, tiled bath, fire, place, modern kltchrn, nil h e a t ; Karaite Jit,.'.'III. Stanley K. Diiwni, llcalto Shri'V
m;?AMEnrcxKnRpCTQAfirin7e ram;?-A-MEnrxK"n

ly soltlntr nf trees nnd perennial flowc gardens, Four beilroomi, twn tile bath llreplxce, icrnened pnrcn, g a m e rnom '•Si-ncro. Kxreptlnnnll $2.1,500. S t a n l e j k, llnwna, Iteiillor, Shmwibury, UK 6 1017."

KATONTOWN—Not new. hut (rood. Here U your of (lorlunlly to [tick u|i an nlder two-hedroom home. Living room, dining room and kitchen. One-car garage; lot 80x130. Stove nnd refrigerator Included in Hale; 18,500. Walker A Walker, Realtors, Shrewabu*. RB 6-5212. Open given dftyi.

RIVER PLAZA—DcllRhtfuI cottage with wood burning fireplace; large livinM room, kitchen, tile balh, exlinnsion tnttic: one-car jcnriitfe: low taxes. Full cellar. Asking SU.600, Wnlker ft Walker, Resltors, Shrewsbury,. RE «-S212. Open i«vaa

LOKG BRANCH!—Must ael! Immediately, Delightful two-bedroom home with living room, kitchen and bnth; .two-car garage, Lot 95xt65. , On quiet street; J5..200. Wnlker A Wnlker. Rea'tors, Shrewsbury, RE 6-5212. Open seven dayf.


ilTTLB SILVER—Attractive brick and frame bungalow. Living room, dintttc, itchen, two bedrooms and bath; auto* ma tic heat; Dne-car garage. Excelltnt leishborhood, Pric* 112,900, Joieph L. Jarlone, Realtor. 86 Bridge av«., corier Oakland^ RZi-UZQ. „ _ _ jfTlTITLBTb WlT~BUNGALOW — U r i n r room, dlninff room, modern kitchen. :wo bedrooms and bathi expamlon attic, h'ull baiement, coal-fired; one-car a t raft and greenhouse. Low taxes; large lot. rict 110,500, Joseph L. Carlont, Reml* .or, 86 )lrids« five,, corner Oakland. RE 6-1420. OlD T6 FLORIDA—Uuit sell. Six room., cinder block houte. Lot 75x100. GHB heat, air conditioning unit. Screen* nnd atorm sash. Exctlltnt location. In Belford, N*«r traniportation. ch.urcheii, tchools. Recently redacorattd* KBS05HR" SEA BRIGHT—Modern two-fimily Eouii. firound floor, contains living room* wo bedroomi, bath, kitchen with •Itctrie it ove, BII n rnom : living room, bedroom. kitchen, bnth, sunporch on lecond floor, iiot water coal heat. Two-car garage: M 6,500, Mlnugh Ag«ncy, Ituinion rd. Ry_i-07ie.* —Substantial ijx.rooin. two^ itory houie. Bath, icreened porch, hot air coal heat. Excellent garden spnee. Garatfc. Taxes f 80; 110,000. Minuifh Aicency, Humion rd. RU 116VLM DXI^New ranch horn*. 28x44. Livinir roam, dinln; room, kltchtn, thrf* bedrooms, tile bath, automatic heat; one-car garage. Lob 200x200; 113,7O0» Jones Agency. Llncroft, B2J 8-2229. Wi BRANCH—Looking for hom« with small down p a y m e n t ? W « h a v * four rooms and bath, Full baiement a n d Automatic heat, that can be bought f o r }S30 down. Monthly p a y m e n t i f o r principal And interest, 149.30, S e h w a r t i Mnckjin. 8 White at RE 8-8121. LARGE.CONNER P L O T — 160'xlOO*. N e w . Three bedroornx. tile bath, large U r if room and dintnjf area, Modern kitchen: two-car Rrirnuf*. Will decorate lo buyers t n s t e ; JIo.SOO. SchwartlMaeklln, Jt White st. RE 6-3121. KEfi'lfA"KK"OUTSKIRTS—Almost n e w , five-room Cape Cod, Large living room dining area, kitchen, one bedroom a n d lavatory downstairs, T w o bedrooms a n d tile bath titntairs. Full cellar; g a r a g e ; autumn tic h f a t . A t sacrifice price o f M 4,000. Schwartz-Mncklln, S W h i t e

KF- (.-am.

LOCATION pwldo unique nettintr for this recently remodeled, four-b«droom home, two ttltd baths, together with Ut floor powder room. Mnny extras, including lome fur* niturf, rmjur appliances, stair carpet, Hluminum combination windows: two-car ifarsife; permanent drive. Larfts fronfc [torch overtooklnK the water, Gentrouily sized rotims throughout. Reaionablr priced. Tlowera & Harris, 12 Broad i t . ItB 6-10 00 RE 6-0781-J. G R A C BrU L f A S f l L Y HOME — Four bedrooms, together with living", dinInK. TV and newin^ rooms provld* HdaptaMe facilities for nil activities Full, dry biiflement. 90-foot corner lot nenr ichonl in most desirable neighborhood. Hnwor< & HnrriH, 12 Broad i t . ItB S-19O0, RE 8ZO_7_8J..J. RUMSON WATERFRONT—Unuiual ilxroom homo Is easily convertible ta year around occupancy. Bulkhead, dock, Lovely front porch overlooking th« water. Mnny inherent possibilltUi, Aik* ink' H'i.GOO. Howors t Harris, IS Brondjt. RB fi-1900, RE 8.Q781-J. TAYK o V E i n C l . LOAN—13,000 down, I BO monthly pays for • very thing. One year old, six-room ranch home on 90-foot lot. Three bedrooms, Ilvlna oom, liinlntf room, kitchen, utility room and bnth. ttowera & Harris, 12 Broad t. RE 6-1900, RE 6-0781-J.



LOTS—Orn block from Little S i l v e r school, on black t o p street with c u r b na; 1200 down and balance with i m a l l monthly payments. RB fl-5214. LANTRTTnGHLANDS—Famoui miliionnlrc'i home a t a small fraction o f It'K oriKinnl c o f t : 116,750 full price. O n e m y terms. N o w used a s furnished npartmentu without destroying a n y o f ItH original beauty. T w o complete apart* m e n u on third floor with private batna* now renter, for 9 1 4 0 month. T w o a p a r t ments o n lecontl floor rented for $ 1 0 0 month and owner haa two-room a p a r t meift on lecond floor, plus i l x r o o m i and 1 ^ baths on firat floor which b u y er iretii Immediate possession of. L a r g e lot. Steam oil h e n t : taxes under $ 3 0 0 . Wm. P. EtchUon, 746 Grant AV«., P l a i n field. Plalnfleld 5-929IK' MINIATURE E S T A T E in U i d d U t o w n . Six ronm.i nnd bath, Historical b a r n a t tnd of s p a c l o u i corner property. A i k * Inir $12,000. Ella Wiltshire A g e n c y , fEtfitltorH. RE 6-3306 or S £ 3 - 0 0 0 4 . O_peri week-en d i .

SELECT LITTLE SILVER location. A l most new, five.room ranch h o m e . SIX-ROOM H0U3F/—Hiat and hot water. Finest o f b u i e m e n t i . Asking $ 1 4 , 0 0 0 . Near Hltchland Boat BnMn, IilRhlnn.li. Ellti Wiltshire Air'ncy. Renltors, RE 8Price SCOOP. Ill a»l3H4-J. 3306 or S E 2 - 0 0 0 4 . Open w « t k - t n d t . U T T X E SILVER—Lcavintc for Californin. Must sell by end of this month. ONfi OK T H E F E W 2>A.famiIy h o m e s on nice s h a d y Red B a rile street. T w o Highest offer B P U thin boniitifiit ranch three* home, Thrpo bedrooma, pine paneled five*room a p a r t m e n t s and one 1 den, t >,2 buths: gnraKo, This is a buy. room. Close to school. Asking $ 1 8 , 0 0 0 . Asking price 121.000. Massar Agency, Ella Wiltshire A g e n c y , Realtors. R E • 0 Canal st. RE 6-21 21, 24-hour •ervlcc. 3301. or SE 2 - 0 0 0 4 . Open w e e k . e n J s . DEST BUY—In Mlddletown. Thl« ipa- SEA f m i G H T RANCH HOME—'Most cious seven-room, nil year, oil heat. tastefully furnished. &\jt rooms a n d Large lot: one-car gnrnge, Owners aac- bath. Maid'a room and shower. Outstds) rllice. Quick sale, Sll,r>00. Mnaaar screened large patio with barbecue. T e l e Agency, 0 Canal st. RE 6-2121, 2-1-hour vision, piano, U r g e freeier and m a n y other extras included. River rights. A s k Elln Wiltshire A g e n c y . OLDER HOM£:—In a beautiful section ing $28,500. of West Long Branch. Lot 120x160. Realtors. ItE 6*3306 or S E 2-0001. Open This is,incoming property. Living room, Week-ends, sunporch, bedroom, kitchen and bath on first. Living room, two bedroomi, kltch- B U N G A L O W — N e w m a n Springs rd, f1vs> rooms, bath and garage. Oil h a a t . n and bath on second. Oil heat. Threecar garage, Aakinsr 115,500. Masaar electric hut water. Fenced yard. S t o r m Also Venetian Agency, !» Canal at. RE 6.2121, 24- window* nnd screens, Minds; {9,700. Inquire Frank B, L a w e i , hour service. 15 N'nwmnn Springs rd., Red Bank. R E AKOTHER W O N D E R F U L buy In Port- S-2J7:., aupeck. Lot 70x120', Living ruom with fireplacr, t w o bedroom i, sun [torch, 5 0-ACRE FARM In Mlddletown t o w n * ship. Fin« old home. Good o u t - b u i l d full basement; t w o - c a r garage. This c o m pact home plus a 2 2 H h. p, Evinrude in gl, orchards, pastures, woodland a n d L i n e n . MI 6*0284 o r A T 1 .Sea Sled over 16 feet long and crumble brook. of 30 miles per hour. All for the price 0 1 3 3 - R . ' f only $11,0 0 0 . Mnssnr Agency, 9 SMALL. W E L L remodeled old h o m e . CHHIII st. RE fi-2121. 24-hour service. Delightful l e t t i n g , 1 ^ - a c r * . on brook. LARGE F A M I L Y ? — W o have just tfie Low taxei, Holmdel. near Mlddletown home for y o u In Little Silver. Four township. Lftraen, MI 6-02S4 o r A T bedrooms on second floor, living room, U0.33.B.* dining room, television room : .(fHr»Ko: low taxes. A s k i n g only 111,500, Masaar MIDDLETOWN VILLAGE — Attractive, aubstantlnl 7-room home. Convenient Agency, 9 Canal s t . RE 6-2121, 21* for commuters. Larsen, MI 5-0284 or hour sprvlce. AT_I-0l3.t.R.* tllTS~!S~A"sMAtXKR IfOM^, but It tin it thrro bedrooma nnd room fur BELKOKU—Nicely situated. Very attractive, almost new, small home. L*ranother, Living room And large kitchen. Ml 5.O2SI or AT U0133.R.* Two-car garage with aluminum doori, ien. also nluminum storm do»rn And win* down, Venetian b l i n d s ; SfiOO anchnr fence - MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP—Finist protect* tho children, t n d nil for f l l . Highway 35 builnest proptrtlti* 50(). Mminr A g e n c y , 9 Cnnal i t , RE Suitable for fhopplntf center. Lar6.2121, 24-hour service^ sen. MI 5-0234 or AT 1-0133.R.# C5UIsrtTiy~T[O"M*E^Ct)nilstlng ot* Ave rooms and npproxlmntely two acres. Usual outbuildings, L o w taxes, Aikintc m,*00, JoR«?ph L. Cnrlonc, Ueaitor. ON THIS HISTOIUC and beautiful North Shrewsbury river. An older home. MS Mrldge nVQ., corner Oakland, RK Renovated with charm, Sweiplng view ao Hao. nf river, Handy to station and btachtil I I U M S U N — N e w rnncli" home. Living $32,000. Ray Stlllmnn, Highwsy $5, rnum, f)rci>lHce: dining rnnm, kitchen, Shrewsbury, ItK 6.MI1. three bedroom* nnd bnth. Full bnscniotit, copper plumblnic. p U i t t r w i l l i , IIMJ Eatatw tor 8 i l « nutotnntlc h e n t : one-car garag«, Large Int. Prlcn $22,000, Joseph L, Carlone, OonHnued on If«it Itraitor, Hi Ilrldgs ave,, corner OakI find, ItK (1.1120,

itirftvtiiiu(YnAN(;iriioMrig Inr«<- runmi, altrartlvely i l e c m a l c d , li perfect ctinillllon, Klreiillicr-, three bed roomi. tiled bath, l'lnitcr wnlli, coppei plumlilng, Attnnhed Karage, Early p o i i M i l n n i $ 19,0 00, Stanley K, Down. Henltnr Hhrnvubury, . MB 1 . 1 0 1 7 . ' FAIH IIAVKN COLONIAI.—r'our tifilrnnms, tllrd b n l h , Hpncloul tlvlnif r o o m , fln
M, ('OUNTHV CT nmm IniiiKiiliMV, 'I'llii khrlun. lilnrrI I I IIITI'4, '1'i'H Ililniilix llil llnl llnnk I I H I I I I I I : «J:,.nun. 1'intik I l,a«e>, l.'i Ni'wmnii r>|irlnd< rd, UK I llANfll


Mill.. X l U n ,


ly IIIIIIIIIIMI, Laiiii' llvlnu iniuii, di, i n i u l i i r n k I ( o h e*n, I n v H l n r y , t h i ' i i . l . n riinini. l l h Imlli, nll.llreih |jn,nn Hi'linni'li A u n i i ' y , n I . I I H I M . i d , III') i t . n n i i t,llT l l nllmniiiny'ill,,'Mini H.iin.li.ii Ini,>JI.-,. IMt'n l l . l o i l , I'litinv K M l a i n n f n i- I) I ' , M , __ v

isi ruM'K v ifo i'Wi r*TrrAi nr«t i«i MMI littnl), lli'*t Inrailnn, Thr*o mntr mi.l" ICMim, ('nil AT l-iiim,", I'llltTAIM'Hi'K- l u . u i n . i l wniii''frnn I'rlvnli' diifa, Nn rtmiinitlili' u l f i r r fnai'il, I'm.'iil lii mil, All y . i t ' niniiii aiolnnni Iliiuao nil Inl MU^t.1), I'l ;.i
NOTICE TO NEIP WANTED APPLICANTS The lied llnnk Hcghlcr dnt'< tint knowingly ncirpl Help W'niilcil ttilvi'i'llgfitu'iil* from firing luM'inl liv the fi'doinl WIIRP ami lluur Law if they oiler lens than Ihu legal minimum wngo. Kiniis iMigugcd in inlcriliite IOIIHIK'I'I'I; or In I lie |iiuiliiclion ot good* fur cumini'i'iT must now nn/ nt Icntt 75 cent* tin hour nml time AIKI una> liiilf (or ovcrlimu under tlie federal Wu^o und llutir l.ilW.

Job-ncckem oUrred Irw by covered firmi nlmultl notify iho Wngc mnl Hour IMvltlon, U. Si Donnrlmrnt of l.dhor, nl Ml Ollnlon Slrci'l, iN'cwnrk, N. J. Tclc'|ilumo Mllclii'll WWl

RED BANK REGISTER, JULY 23,1953 NOTICE AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE REGISTRATION, LICENSING AND REGULATION OF DOGS IN THE BOROUGH OF BSD BANK. FOUR-BEDROOM farmhouie in good '•ralture • U»kolstery . Mst Cevere condition. Surrounded by stately tr«c>, BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and three fertile a c m . Good barn ind «ev Council of the Borough ot Red Bank: eril outbuildings Low taxci; $16,500, Section 1. No dog shall run at large Ray StnimHn. RE 6-5111. STATE HIGHWAY 35 at any time In this municipality. E A ^ E T ^ A H B R I C A N home toned for Section 2. Any dog off the premises '43 Ford 4-dr. Sedan 495. business, in the heart of thriving comof the person owning, keeping or harEA 3-1153 • at • jnunity Spot for barber, doctor, ot boring It shall be accompanied by a perother business with three-bedroom home 0 Studebaker Champ. 775. son who is capable of controlling It and REALTORS included; $15,000. Kay StUlman. RE who has the dog securely confined and Club Coupe WHO WOULD BELIEVE IT?— i controlled by an adequate leash not more Yei, who would belUvc it—that you six feet long, ,LY American,, with plenty p y A*N OU> KARLY could buy a home In Little Silver like, '49 Ford Custom Fordor 800. eupholstering - Slip Coven than of room. Needs some redecorating, Section 3. No person owning or havOFFERS thli for only $15,000, containing living ing th< care, custody or control of any Large plot with trees. Three bedrooms; room, reception hall, dining: room, den, j dog shall permit such dog to soil or $11,000. Ray Stillman. RE 6-5111, '50 Ford 6-cyl, Tudor 875. two kitchen*, 4 bedrooms and bath, Drapes St Cornices defile or to commit 'any nuisance upon RAMBLING RANCHER with recreation any sidewalk, street or thoroughfare, room, on a large plot of jrround, high '49 Olds "76"'2-dr. Sedan 975. No one—but no one—can compare In or upon any public property, or in ONLY BECAUSE and dry. Three dimdy bedrooms, two Of a personal situation !• this ho mi for j or upon the property of persons other tile baths, large living room and dining with Alan when It cornea to duality Hjdrametle • ale. Four bedroom* and bath; two than, the owner or person having the room; two-car garage. Handy beaches workmanship at budget prices! H living rooms with fireplace, dining room care, cuitody or control of such dog. your furniture le ehabby and needa itnd commuting. Excellent neighborhood; 1125. reuDholserlng . . . or If they need with corner cabineti, beamed ceilings and 51 Ford Deluxe Tudor , Section 4, No person owning or hav»23,900. Ray Stillman. RE 8-5111, pint paneled. All modern pin* pantled ing the care, custody or control of any new alip covers, call Alan . • • BOOKING *X)R LARUE rooms in modern kichen, with beamed celling. Ona beddog shall suffer or permit It to soil or you'll gat the flneat for less. Our home 7 This ranch type home hai FAIR HAVEN — Unusually attractive room with fireplace; front and. rear 51 Ford Custom 4-dr. O.D. 1295. defile or to. do any injury or damage Out of this world: Thtte four future space traveller*' 38 yeara experlenca In manufacturhome; most delightful setting. Nettled porch*!,; hot water oil heat. Large barn* •them, ^ Three bedrooms, glass shower, to, any lawn, shrubbery, flowers, grounds, ing Rne furniture le at your service fireplace, and dining room. A]] for $16,. beneath giant old trees, turrounded by One acre of land With brook, and thou- '51 Ford Conv. Coupe 140O. alolg with one of the largest . . . trees or any property of persons other made' their' own space helmett from odds and ends around S , flowers and flowering shruba. Four bed- sand* of dollars' worth of nhruba and 000 In Little Silver. Rayy St.).man, than tha owner or person having the most complete selection of 'slip RE 6-5111, •Highway 35, Shrewsbury. R 111 rooms, two bathn, den, enclosed porch; flowers. And only taking $26,500. care, custody or control of such dog. the houit. They just followed the simple, explicit directions materials, Call for our rep50 Olds "98" 4-dr. Sedan 1450. cover HOlTSK OR DATKY FARM 215 acres, barbecue area. River rights 137,600, resentative . . . no obligation to Section 6. No person shall keep, harAll fenced. Many y outbuildingg . Tenin the new Augutt issue of Women's Day magaiine, which you. He'll give you a free estimate, Hydramatlc bor, or maintain, any dog which habitFOUR-STAR NEIGHBORHOOD— lli B h oil il heat. h t Located MONMOUTH BEACH—Excellent neigh- Fa IT Haven, corner property, 90x150; room d dwelling. Bath, and show you a eompleta line of* barks or cries so as to disturb 1695. fabrlea from which you may choose. ually in the best soil production in Monmouth gives complete "how-to" instructions. borhood; two blocks to ocean. Four lovely home, with four btdroomn and '52 Ford Conv. Coupe the- public peace, ' county. Asking J55.O00. R. F. Collins, bedrooms, two baths, two servants' and til* bath: living room with flrtplaee; F-O-M Section I. The owner or custodian of 3J East Main st., Freehold. 1'R S-1056. bath. Attached garagt* Furnished. dining room, modern kitchen; two sun any dog shall be responsible for any Ask any kid who hla newest in .Woman's Day were developed COUNTRY ESTATE—20 acres, "Three $20,000, porches; full cellar. Vapor heat. $18,000, '51 Mercury Conv. Coupe 1750. 'or Quality, Ptict * Selcctlona Call damage done by such dog. miles from Freehold. Outbuild.nKB. Section 7. Each and every dog shall >iero is and he'll most likely men- for these popular radio and • TV Mereotnktie Eight-room dwelling, two fireplaces, RUMSON—Ranch houe-t: stylish and be duly licensed and shall bear evidence ion a space man! Cowboys may space programs. The helmets will large Hvinjr room, cedar paneled, Mod* Rturdy. Short walk to yacht basin, COMMUTER'S DREAM— of such license at all times, in accord- lot be riding their last range yet be featured in action on the Space ALAN UPHOLSTERY 1975. prn conveniences, Lavntory. oil, ceramic stores, buses, churches, schools, etc. Bungalow, two blocks from Red Bank '51 Lincoln 4-dr. Sedan ance, with tha laws of the State of New tile bath. Moderately priced. R. F. Lrirffe rooms; thr*« bedrooms, two tile ntation; «tucco bungalow with two bed* Jersey. Tha annual fee for such license 3ut they're finding'the wide open Patrol shows, Aug. 1, over ABC Hjtlramatio rnllin*. 34 Bust Main at., Freehold. FR bath i». Garage. Full basemen I. IUvcr rooms and bath, living room, dining ihall be two dollars for each dog, plus .paces have a new dimension now radio and TV networks; and on SHOPS, INC. room; modern kitchen with gas range. S-1056. , _ view. $23,600. twenty-five cents for the registration —and the airborne heroes are defi- the Captain Video TV shows over : Cellar, hot water oil heat, On#-car 51 Packard Conv. Coupe 200O. LITTLE SILVER—One of the fintbt and " __ " _ "" cemei, reg70 South Seventh Avtnut garage. $ 12,500. moat convenient locations in the area. LITTLE SILVER—UnusuaJ vtl.it, Atistration taps and renewals thereof shall nitely king-pins there! There's am- the DuMont network in late July 310O. Not far from buses, shoppinu and '52 Lincoln 4-dr. Sedan expire on the last day of January in ple evidence of this avid interest and early August. This is the first tractive Cape Cod; double plot, well LOng Branch 6-0390 THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT schools. Center ball, large living room •haded and flowered. Handy location, each year. n space activity almost anywhere time that such programs have feaHjdramatic—very pretty FELL DOWN— with fireplace, full sire dining room. Four bedrooms, two baths; full basement, Section 8. The Mayor and Council tured equipment that can easily But here's one that Mike built In a v t u four bedrooms and three baths. Two- attached tar&RC. $22,500. shall have power to appoint a Pound* you look or listen! tow tax community; truly exceptional; car ft a rage, and cellar. This home h ter or other designated authority Radio and TV have their Cap- be duplicated at home from simple SUITABLE TERMS in a beautiful setting of shrubs and SHREWSBURY—Owner transferred. Plot six large rooms. This bungalow la 1 whose duty it shall be to enforce the household materials. DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION cated on Ms-acre plot; living room with trees. Asking (23.000. "Willis Cono'ver, provisions of this ordinance. The Mayor ain Video and Space Patrol shows AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 83x135. Living room (fireplace), din* Tcnnerisea stone fireplace; modern kitchAnd women's service magazines realtor, 75 West Front »t.. Red Bank. and Council shall also have power to with audiences almost as astroir area, kitchen; three bedrooms, tile en, all pine paneW; dining room; three Other cars taken in trade. DIVISION OF PLANNING AND RE 6-5141. enter Into a contract with-one or more nomical as their subjects! Scores extend their practical view of space bath; oil* hot air. Garage, Triced to lovely bedroomi* with tile bath. Full DEVELOPMENTEXCLUSIVE!—New ranch home. Con- sell. persons for the exercise of the duty of a step farther! They recognize that banement; hot water oil heat. Two-car Huriiu ol Navigation, venient location. Three bedroomi. Dog Catcher, Doff Warden or Pound- of comic books devoted to space garage. Asking $18,500. master and to enforce the provisions are rocketing off the presses and parents of space-minded youngsters 1060 Broad Strtot, Heatalator type, Tennessee stone fireShowrooms open Friday evenings LITTLE SILVBR—Excrllent value. Modof thla ordinance. Newark 2, New Jer»«y place, tiled bathroom. Plaster walls, hot on to the newsstands. Cartoonists, are besieged with questions that ern house, near school; three bedwitter heat, large dinette, And attractive Section 9. The Poundmaster or any pcod them into defining the difjuij 14, m * . kitchen with pine cabinets. Attached rooms, tiled bath and powder room; other person appointed for the purpose comedians and gag-writers have ference between the comics and the full baMment, breer.ewi.jr and garage. . NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE sraragc. Not another one to equal it for shall take into custody and Impound, added "space" sections to their gag In accordance with the provltlom- of or causa to be taken Into custody and flics. Besides the ever-Increasing cosmos . . . and they supply them the low price of $15,500. Call Lawlcy Owner moving California. $21,BOO. Chapter 199, Lawi of 1953, tht Deuart* Impounded, and thereafter destroyed or Agency. RE 6-. Kcpwel Park, Wayside. scaped, Charming 5-room cottage. cepted for the land •• ten thousand period not exceeding thirty days. tiled baths. Open terrace, V\\\l baaeIII. EVELYN MAR GODWIN and RICHDennis Lenchan of Jersey City ($10,000.00) Dollars. ment. and two-car garage. Small dock Modern kitchen,'automatic heat; Section 12. All ordinances and parti ARD JOHN GODWIN, Defendants. Civil spending the summer with his The premises above described were of ordinances inconsistent herewith arc Action Notice. -with float. Ankintr 135,000, Lawley attached garage. (18,500. conveyed to the' State of New Jersey by hereby repealed, and thla ordinance ahall And Par Only grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Agency Exclusive. Call for details and TO: Richard Dnvid Nnclc. c/o.Flag Lenehan. a bargain and naU deed from the City take effect immediately upon Its passage, appointment. RE 6*0410. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 12.89 of Long Branch on the 10th day of approval and publication as provided Alliance Staff, CINC Pacific Fleet, Fleet NEW, FJVK-ROOM HOUSE, on water- RIVER VIEW. 3-bedroom ranch enehan of Jersey City, who rePostofFtce, Snn Francisco, Cal. June, 1947, This deed Is recorded at by law, , WEEKLY front. Can be used all y « r . Maple< type. Fins locale. Close in. ModMonmouth County Clerk's office, Book Helen Nagle Godwin, Route No. 2, Box urned this week from a vacation wood and Ave. of Two Riven, Rumson, ern and attractive. Dining area, PUBLIC NOTICE 2129 of Deeds, page 185, etc. and may 819, Fort Myers. Florida. "COLONIAL COTTAGE Price 16,500, Terms. n Maine, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. 1948 Chevrolet Aero Sedan 695. The foregoing ordinance was Introbe examined at the offices of the BurFrederick Gladstone Godwin, Jr., Route breezeway; attached garage. Dry *ohn Lenehan. -' eau of Navigation, . Room «81, 1060 duced and passed first reading at a reg< No. 2, Box 319, Fort Myers. Florida. GROUPING" $20,500. cellar. Street, Newark 2, New Jersey or ular meeting of the Mayor and Council 1950 PLYMOUTH . Conv. 1225. 8 Piece, ot Appealing Quality Furnltun Broad Evelyn Mae Godwin, c/o Frederick Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Mallc.v, Mr. NOTICE Bridge Avenue and Bay Head-Manas- of the Borough of Hed Bank held on Gladstone Godwin, Jr., Route No. 2, Made to LAST and LASTt qtian Canal, Point Pleasant. New Jersey, Monday, July 20, 1953, and will coma Box 319, Fort Myers, Florida. and Mrs. Raymond Hawkins, Mr. AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING THAT COUNTRY SETTING. Near bus. Mapn of property will also be available up for final, consideration and passagi 1310. * Complete) II pc. Bedroom Outfit THE HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT OF Substantial older home in good con- 1951 Ford Custom Sedan Frederick Gladstone Godwin, III, c/o and Mrs. Harry White and Mr. and at a regular meeting of said governlm Frederick at those offices. UNIFORMED MEMBERS OP THE Gladstone Godwin, Jr., Route * Comptett 9 pe. Living Room. Grouplnj Mrs. Howard McGlnley, members body to be held on Monday, August .1 POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE dition. Entrance hall, living room 1952 Ford Ranch Wagon 1850. AH bids shall be net to the State. No 1953, at 8:30 P. M., at the Councl. No. 2, Box 319, Fort Myers, Florida. Complete) 58 pe, Utility Outfit I BOROUGH OF RED BANK SHALL with fireplace, dining room, sunny Richard John Godwin, c/o Frederick if the Monday night club, attend* brokerage or commission fees of any Chambers In the Borough Hall, MonNOT EXCEED EIGHT CONSECUTIVE modern kitchen, 3 bedroomi, aun All For Only kind will be paid under this offering, mouth Street, Red Bank, New, Jersey, at Gladstone Godwin, Jr., Route No. 2, Box d a show and had dinner at ToffHOURS IN ANY ONE DAY NOR 675. 1947 Buick Spec. Sedan 19, Fort Myera, Florida. At the time of the sate, cash or a which time and pine* all persont desiranettl's Saturday as the closing ot FORTY HOURS IN ANY ONE WEEK, deck, 2-car attached garage. PriYou are hereby summoned In t civil certified check payable to tht order ol ing to be heard thereon will be given BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and vacy. $15,000. iction in the Superior Court of New meetings for the summer. the State of New Jersey, Bureau of Navfull opportunity. 1100. 1949 . Sedan Buick Rdmst Council of the Borough of Red Bank: lertey, Instituted by Ella Callahan, also Karen McCarthy, daughter of Mr. igation, for at least ten percentum And Par Only I Section 1, That the hours of emDated: July 20, 19o.1. :nown as Ellie Cailahan, single, Ellza(10%) of the purchase price shall be nd Mrs. John McCarthy, West ployment of ths uniformed members of COOI, SPOT ON THE RIVER. 1951 Buick Spec. 2-door $4.90 AMY E. SHINN, ieth E, Callahan, single, individually and deposited with the Chief of the Bureau 1495. the Police Department of the Borough Large older home, colonial Interior, I32.5S • Borough Clerk. a Executrlcet under the Last Will and £eansburg, celebrated her icventh of Navigation or his duly authorized WEEKLY of Red Bank ihall not exceed eight 'estament of Michael Callahan, deceased, ilrthday Monday at a family party. conducting the sale. The consecutive haurt in any on* day nor Up-to-date kitchen. Heatllator fire- 1951 Buick Super Sedan 1975. A T T E N T I O N K O R E A N V E T S ! representative SPECIAL ELECTION NOTICE nd Monmouth County Welfare Board. balance of the purchase price shall be Mr. and Mrs. John Horbelt, Jr., forty houra in* any one week, provided, place, picture window; porches; paid within sixty (SO) days after the Notice l.< hereby given to the Legal 'laintiffs. seeking the construction of ' that in case of an emerfcency tike of- tile bathj. Gigantic master bednd Mr. and Mrs. John Horbelt, ' Under the State of Mew Jeraty 'aragrapha Sixth. Seventh and Ninth of sale. Time shall be considered of tht Vottrs of the School District of the Borficer having charge of the Police Dehe Last Will and Testament of Michael essence unless for good cause extension r., of Jersey City visited Sunday ough of Little Silver, In the County of HOUSEHOLD VETERANS PLAN room and 3 others. 2-car garage, Demonstrators partment shall have full authority to tn'wrlttng U granted by the Chief-of the Monmouth, that a Special Meeting of th» 3auahan, deceased, to determine what t the home of Mr. and Mrs. EdYou May Purchase Up to II.000.CO f32,0O0. aummon and keep on duty any and alt Sandy beach. interest the! aforesaid Ella Callahan and Bureau of Narigatlon, and upon failure Legal Voters of laid District Worth of Furniture and Appliances Elisabeth E. Callahan have In the pro- ward Elchwald. of the purchaser to take .title within 1952 Buick Spec, Sedan 2400, - auch members during the period oi WILL BE HELD AT THE eeds of sale of premlsea owned by the the time required, the Chief/of the BurFay No Money Down emergency. MARKHAM PLACE SCHOOL Mr. and Mrs. Kronenberger spent leccdent and located on the south side eau of Navigation may declare the daSection 2, Thla ordinance ahal] be FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1953 . AND 1952 Buick Super Sedan 2600. f White Street. Red Bank, New Jersey, several days last week at Lake Hopoilt forfeited at liquidated damages and become effective the first day of FROM 7 P. M, to > P. M. Takt> Two Long Yetrt to Pay n the sum of• 111,900.00; and you are and may readvertlsa the property or - January, 1954, upon Its passage and Daylight Savin* TlmfV 'equired to serve upon Klatsky, Gray * patcong. pursue such further remedies as re- ftnd Eastern 11,000 Sg. Ft. of Lovely Furnltun publication according to law, sa much longer' as may be necei- Klatsky, attorneys for the Plaintiffs, an Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Saundcre quired to protect the States Interest, REALTOR 1NSUROR All i t Bargain Prices and •ary, to enable all the Legal Voterl answtr to the complaint, t copy of PUBLIC NOTICE ire vacationing *t the home of Mr. ON LOW E-Z TERMS I which Is herewith served upon you, withThe consummation of any such sale present to cast their baliotl, The foregoing ordinance Yea Intro* Saunders' mother, Mrs. Estellt PROPOSALS APPRAISALS ' i S3 dajs alter August IS, 1HS3, exshall be by delivery of a bargain and ' duced and pasted first reading at a MORTGAGES. No. 1. RESOLVED, That tha Board AT THE lusive of the day of service. If you launders of Yucalpa, Cal. ' sale deed. The purchaser shall be reregular meeting of the Mayor nnd Coun. 163 MONMOUTH STREET of Education of the Borough of Little 'ail to do so, judgment by default may quired to purchase and, affix the re'. cil of the Borough of Red Bank held on Mrs. Kate Constantino was given io rendered agalntt you for the reiitf quired documentary it am pi on the deed. Silver, In the County of Monmouth 16 West Front Street Monday, July 20, 19 53. and will come surprise party Tuesday afternoon lemanded in the complaint. You shall It Is undarstoond and agreed that the i and State of New Jersey, is hereby ' up for final consideration and passage RED BANK, N. J. ile your answer, and proof of servtce ly her daughters, Joan and Qloria. successful, bidder must perform all the | authorized: - fit a regular meeting of said governing 7-lf E. Front 3t. Kcyport, N, (a) To construct * new two-story, n duplicate with the Clerk of the Su- Attending were Mrs. Frank DeSa!conditions of sale as incorporated here- | RE 6-3500 ' body to be held on Monday, August 3, and the Chief of the Bureau of Nav- thtrteen>Toom school building on its perior Court, State House Annex, Trena 053, at 8:30 P. M., at the Council TREE STORAGE FREE DEUVEU' In RE 6-2089 on, New Jersey, In accordance with the via and daughter Diane of Rahway, igation shall not be required to recog- school property and to purchase school Chambers in the Borough Mali, Mon'Ules of civil practice and procedure; and Mrs, Louis Leonard is and Miss niss any assignment of Interest by (hi furnlihingi and fixtures and other Teltnhont 7-1020 mouth Street, Red Bank, Ntw Jersey, said* purchaser prior to delivery of deed, equipment necessary for the aald at which time and place all persona de> Minnie Leonardis of Atlantic HighThe Chief of the Bureau of Navtga- building and to * maVe miscellaneous Opp. Red Bank Railroad Station Store Hours: Dally I t. m, to I p. airing to be heard thereon will be given TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that If tton shall have the right to withhold repairs l o the existing (Hant and to Wtdnesdtr and Friday till » p. m > full opportunity. :o you; EVELYN MAE GODWIN, you; lands, Mrs. James Gravany, Mrs. pay architect, counsel and financing delivery of.said d*ed until satisfactory Delia Murphy, Mrs. Etta Dowling, FREDERICK GLADSTONE GODWIN, Open Frldaya to • P. U. Keyport It located Just oft Highway Dated: July 20, 1053. feca and to expend therefor an adproofs Is submitted to him that all of Jit. and yout RICHARD JOHN GOD AMY E. SH1NN, between Had Bank tnd Perth Amber, thi terms and conditions of the sale have ditional smount not to exceed IS0,- WIN, proper application for tha ap>. Mrs. Josephine Cahill and Mri. ; 16.00 Borough Clerk, 000.00. Saturday! to « P. J t bctn fulfilled. polntment ot t guardian ad lltem Is not Benjamin Andreach. OFFERS (b) To Issue bonds of the School made pursuant to the rules of civil pracJohn Hauck celebrated hit birthThe sale shall h$ subject to eonflrmt- District CHANCERY 3-305 tice and procedure, such application will for tha salt! purpose In the Jon by th« Commissioner of the De* HELP WANTED amount of and not to exceed • be made by the Plaintiffs In accordance day Sunday at a dinner at Carl's SHERIFF'S SALEi—Br virtue of a writ THESE OUTSTANDING BUYS partment of Conservation and Economic principal vtth laid rules of civil practice and pro- restaurant, Beachway. Gueats weft) the sum of 190,000,00, thua exceedof execution to me directed, lis'ucd out Development who reserves the right to ing ledure. 1210,072.38 borrowing marof the Superior Court of Htm Jersey reject any or all bids, and the State gin the Mm. William Butler, Mrs. Irent Dated: July 21, 1»5S. of the Board of Education and MALE OR FEMALE (Chancery Division) there will be ex- EXCELLENT VALUE — In Rtvtr Plaia, House Commission of the State of New the Dlxon, Mrs. Catherine Sheehan, Borough of Little Silver by Ml,posed to sale at public vendue, on Well built and well kept older houae, Jersey, Tht talc will be made lubject U0.5S, I, GRANT SCOTT, Monday, the 27th day of July, 1(59, Mrs, Benjamin Andreach and Ben Three alee bedrooms, 24x12 living to such statt of facts as an examinaClerk of Superior Cour Andreach, Jr, between the houri of 12 o'clock and 4)30 NOTICE TO VOTERS room, ulnlng room, kitchen with Newman Springs Rd., Red Bank tion of the premises may disclose, and o'clock, (at 2 o'clock Daylight Saving Must hava aome experience. breakfast nook, Cellar finished off, of New Jersey, also subject to municipal xonlng ordi1, Unused borrowing power of munlc. The Democratic club will hold a Time) In the afternoon of said day, at Oil htat, Iwo-cir faraia. Price 112,000, nances and regulations, Excellent Salary — Ipallty, 18,5511,42, % of unused borrow- KLATSKY, GRAY • KLATSKY, the Court House In the Borough of 350 Broadway, Long' Branch card party Sunday on the lawn of Attorneys for Plaintiffs, The gates to the property will bt open ing powsr of the municipality, 2,9^. Air Conditioned Office Freehold, County of Monmouth, New Jer- LITTLE SILVEli — 'Five room buma. Walter Gatcly's home. There will 1, Umiteil borrowing power ot Ihe for Inspection of Iht prem.tti on July 9 E,-Frant Street, sey, to satisfy a judgment of laid court low, steam heat, tile bath, attached I\E 6.4500 28, 29-anrt 80. between the hours of sohool district, nonsl % of unused borRed Bank.'M, J, ' — LO 63112 PHILIF A. SINGER, INC. be bean bag games and prises will amounting to approximately 113,764,00. lirage. Lot 70x110. Convenient to rowing power of school district, none 15 Second Ave. LO 6-1943 10:00 A, M. to 3100 P, M, be given. achooli md transportation, Specially ALL those tracts or parcfli of land, NOTICE 9, Tht amount of bonds to be au* Tht dud from ths State to tht s u e triced IU.900, situate, lying anil being In the Borough Mrs, John Cahill, Braden pi., was NOTICE 13 HERDRY GIVEN THAT $60.000,001 'U nf avi>rag» val« jetiful hlridar will not Include an sue* thorlscd, ' of Pair Haven, In the County of Mon* uatlon such bonds represent, !,««%. an offer has bten received (or the Pur< guost of honor for hor birthday DOMESTIC ment between th« City ot Long Branch mouth, In the State- of Nrw Jrrseyi FAIR HAVEN — Three bedrooms with chase of a certain properly In tht _._. Hor l, The amount of bonds that will b< and the State of New Jersey rteerdtd Monda*y evening at the Buttonwoed one and one-halt baths, walk-in clot. Southerly hall uf Lot # » « , LOT In nook 1844 of Deeds, page 31, etc. chargeable to the municipality's borrow ough of Fair Haven of tht following Manor, Matawan. ets, Large living room with fireplace. '51 Willys Sla. Wagon, grey 1275 # 4 2 7 and Lot #428 on man entitled Quests wert description and for the following of the Monmouth County Clerk'g omei, In* capacity, 110,000,00, Separata dining room, Hot water heat, •^Section "B", Knollwood, The New Sub. amount I 8, Tht per ctnt to be charged against Mri, Louis D'Anna and MM. Benfld Pi ll Walking oilil flrtd, walla , urn of Iterl Bank, N. J,, oWnttl by Ueorgt id, Pinter walla. Walking disdlaCHARLES H, ERDMAN, JR., tha municipality's) borrowing capacity, EXPANSION PROGRAM "ALL thost tracts or ptrcelt of land tance to t acaool, • ' chopping ' ' 8. Ingraham, Win, II. II, and F.nsley M, center and '51 Studebaker V-8 Sedan 1295 151,71 Commlulonir M tnd promises, hereinafter particularly jamin Andreach, . White, Scale lOO'-l" Sept, 22, 1924" but, Mlany extras, Trice ——111,1100, Tho Parish Houae club of Bt, N o . t. RESOLVED, That tht Board nf described, situate, lying and being In Real opportunities for an excellent Mtnmaulk Ctiiitly Surrtfata'a CaUrl Education . mailt by Entley M. White, Surveyor, '50 Willy* Sla. Wagon, grey 975 the Rorouih of Fair Haven, In the Coun Mark's Episcopal church met Monof tht Borough of Little Sil; filed In the olllce of the County Clerk of EATONTOWN-SU room houit, lot ver, Monmouth County, New Jersey, is tr of Monmouth and State of New Jer day to dlscusn plans for •> barn Nallct I* CrrilUr* la PrtHRl future with a growing firm devoted 60x161, lull cellar, low taxt», plenty Monmouth County, lebruary j , 103S In ssy, known and designated as Lots Nos hereby authorised, Claims Asalnil EalaU ot living epsce at only 18,SOU, '50 Hudson 2-dr. Pacemaker 1150, to the electronics music field* Caie #41, tSTATK OV HARY J, VAWQER, (a) To transfer tha sum of lit,00ft,00 III snd 07 on a map entitled "Mati a' dance In October and the annual Toother with Wtlbllt 4 burner fas Property nf The Land tnd Loan Com Christmas baznr, Mrs. Iren* Wtnti DCOEASRD, from Current TSupenit Account to Cap. BATONTOWN-SIx room home on acre ranse, Uenernl Klectrlo • foot refrlternany at Valr Haven, N, J," (leorire I) ' 775 ENGINEER —• electronic organ Furauant la Ihi ordtr of DORMAN l t d Outlay Account, plot, oil Drill hot wattf heal, full '47 Buick Conv. ator, Drndlx Keonomat Washing Machine Cooiitr, C.B., April 39, 10(1* which loti was hostess, The next mooting will McKADIm, KADIim S Surruintn t off IIhi h C Count; t off rellar, Barn and g a m e . Asking SARAH M, LIPPINCOCT, anil Guragt, taken together »r« rltacrlberl as follows be Monday, Aug. 3. Ther* w»r« Mnnmoulh, this day made, on tha apdevelopment. IIJ.OOO. District Clirk ifrlitd as the. vrop'rly of Ucnjamln M7 Buick Coupe 550, "UEdlNNINd at t point In the south' eight members present, plication of tha underilcmd, 0, Harold iaili July 11, ltft.1, II. Dsltilnu tt IU. taUn In execution «tly stilt nf Locust Avenue at Its Intel' GflK, Sols Exicutor of In* fatal* of In* TECHNICIANS—production testNKAIt MAIII.UOIIO—Country entats anil Pei'toiM whn may vote at thn eleiitlnn at Ihe tult of The Prudential Insurance Mr, and Mrs, Osma Bi»kefl«ld salil Marr J, Yawr«r, dtcMitd, notlnt are those who «rt permanently re«li< stctlnn w|lh Iht taaltrly ildf nf Mapl •mall taim ot S l.J K I I > . r'iv« ''IB JtH'| > , aluminum lop 650, ConiMatur uf Anutlfn ami to lit toll) by Avenue, thinot (I) southerly alon It hereby silvan lit ths cradltori of salil Ured, ing And repair. havti recently roturned from • va« room, Lno btdmom houie with space 115,81 Iht ttsterlir side of Maplt Avenue, 10 ilenaand to prtimt to 'the •• Id Snlt IRA X, WOLCOTT, Sheriff. for too iddltlonsl bedruomi, Neuly cation in Vormont. They •Uo vis•mentor thilr clalmi undir oath,within Mtnmtuth Ceunty gurrtfeti'i Cturl rttt to a stake In tht nnrlhwsiterl ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER. decorated and painted, Fruit tree*, Dattill Juris II, USD, enrmr ot lot no, 111 thinet (HI cast ited Mr, and MM. Ohtrloi C»rnart six months from thli dal«, grain Vims and, beautiful avertreena, FOREIGN Ntllie tt Credltere It Present •My tinner tht northerly tlijt of lot m of Balnbrldge, N, Y, Olenn K. Cirvir, Att'y, FACTORY HELP. Two large dog kennels, rrice 111,100, II, 101 feet I Inohit lo lilt ctnlsr a Claims Aialnst Estate (I) Hnei) 111,(1, tht block | thence (I) northerly alon; 995, WINERS. K8TATB OF JOHN WARRKN, Da tht oinlir ot tilt block and tht weittrl. NOTICE OF ORDER FOR PUBLICATION HQl.MDr.1/—Riven-room houie, oil fired '52 Hillman Sedan 501 Kir it Artnutv hut air heail one.car garaati lot tndi of,lots nos, Js and 00, 100 1st PORTER. Me-nmoulh Coiinly Surrofele's Court 8TATK OK NBW JERSCY Anbury Park, N, J, IMirs'iitnt In the order of nORMAN 100x111). Price) 111,100, tht totlthtfly stilt of Locust Avtmit '52 M C 1550, Nolle* It) Creditors to I'reaenl Claims Vlneint P, K»iin«r. Mot'AUlJIN, Surronate of the County of In 1 0 westerly along tht toulhsrlj Albury Park, «, J, ItUSH 0KCKL1A Vl'jUDY DATO Aialnet Estate Monmouth, Dili day mmlt, on tht appll thence DKIiKOIll)—glvrocim bungalow, corner sldt ot Locust Avenue, ISA (ret I Incht APPLY IN PERSON Attoriuy, 110,01 nation of Inn unilerilined, MaHi Id W«r You art hcnliy summontil tnd re. 475 KHTATK Of WILLIAM Mcl'MlMND, loll one-tar garagt, For quluk tile, Mi) Austin lo lh« point or p tot of hmlnnlnn," l)H(a«»i|, ran, John Warren, Jr, and John W fnr the sum of Knur Hundred Dollar mil nil to ssrvt unon Parsons, Lshricqut, PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE 11,100, ( t r i m . II, Kxieiilori of tht eslalt ol (HOD,00), Iht isms to hi imlil In M Uantont A Comhi, nlalnlin'i iittnrnsys, 10 Itiver St., Red U«nk, N. J. Is hereby I'uriuant to Hie orilsr (if IIO11MAN given that Iht Planning Hoard Iht salit John Warrfn, dtomiid, nolle whon aililrsu li II Wsllscs Stteet, Ilsii Mrl'AIHilN, rJurnigalt of the County of MIDDMJTOWN TOWNSIIIP-One mile of the llnfotiaii of LIIIU Silver, will hnlil Is htrebv given to tht rrnllton nf mli upnn flnnlin nl title. Dank, New Jersey, an answer to tht comMoiiminitli, thli tiny mult, on till •(•• from lied lUnk Uipot. Moilein, co< Its. publlo htarlnr Thursday, July in, (IsctHMil |o prratnt lo Ihe lalil Kaien plaint nieil In a civil totlon. In which t lent Inn o( In* iiiid«r>l)n«il, Arthur W, Anil further Isle "ollce thai a mrr. lonlal home on w n r r plot, Mlirtinl NOTICE Ilim, i t Ihi flimiuch Mill al »il»- P, Inrs lliflr clalmi unri»r ualh within il Irl'mlnii.l anil 1, Unn Silislli'V, KK* Irisr HI Ihe Msvnr anil Cniincll of Ih I'hsrlfi ,lon|ili Uniu It lilnlntln" and Host iwo'fur gtiait, Mt««m hlal, flniilace, Sipirala Maleil bills, will l>« rtiitlvtit M,, for luih mtlKn t i rimy be brouiht month from I til* ilatr, trulon of thi eilals ..f Ilia l»li| WIN llniniiwh nf r'alr Miven will lit lieli C'eodls Vumly llalu Is ileliuiUM, |itiid< Kniflilly prlciil, 111,000, hy (hi Hlildltlunn Towmhlii lloaril of before If, limn Mcl'arlauil, i l i c u m l , notlfi Is Until I July », IDi.1. nn Iht Ullli ilav nl Julr. 10AS, at Ih Inn In Iha Superior Court of New J i n t y , Etlucallon al ih« Uomnlo HIM lie achoul LMWM n, MlwnV, Cliilnmii, on nr tiidirt tht Ind day nf, R«|it«m\>«r hereliy irivrn tu Die m i l l i o n nl ««lu llnrouHii llsll, In r'flr lfavtu, al HHi MAIIIH It, WAIIUKN, nn Widniiday. AllIIml 111, ItJil, Hi HlOO II,80, l,llll« Hllvif Pltnnlni llosul. il.res.ej to prrsant tu Ilie <«M !}*• o'clock In tin svenlnif, tt wlilfh dm nmt, If you fall so to ilo, thi rillit IS O. H(i« o i l , II, V, 1),, F, M,, K,l),»,i,, tor » iitw bin routi, •rulurl their elolrna uiuler utllt within Iht Mayor tnil Council ilmll hulil , iliniandiil In tin oomi>lalnt will bt tikin PUBI'IC MKEtrNfJ I m lUnV. N, J 1. floul. an, llh|liir«y * l « ana six intmthi rrixn Ihli ualt, ul hearln* upnn Iht salil oftir anil Shu! tgnlnst you by iliftull, eonilrltr whither they shsll reject n will 1)1 lull] at Tlnlon 1'alls school, llor* Tilt onjiot of said suit Is lo obtain a June t l l h , ltd, tildilliii nuih nf New HIiriwiMiry, wsilimdsy, npMlAeatloni •nil 'orin lor til confirm anil ratify Iht unlit salt unilti Juilltinint of divoroi bslwtin laid plain103 WKHT rilONT hVUKKV I iitiund Ih ollloa lll off IIh mi/ m i / IK t i u n dd at Ihe h i lili> July 39, 1019 11 m i s P, M. for Ihi »«li1 ttrmt tni) cnnOltlmii. vrovlillnt tha till anil you, ili U iflci UUrk U k anyy day d y llittwun tw tha th nnautt liuriimt nl distuning |iro|in«ii) tnanfii po h,l«htf prffts or btlltr Urms shj' Duttill Jill, U Nnrlfi Mmirne glritl, lit inMi imdl fnr ilie salrl prainrly h n / d n o A, M, MiMiOt) I 1 , M. Ih Ihrouth In Ihi Zoiilni (Irillnaiirs for iirouirly (Corner M»|>lo Avo.) l'AlloONH, 'mljj ''Al'lliV't'SUH, w OANZONA nidtiwoml, N, J, mi* ouicr innon or ytrtfim, north uf I' ntoii ivfiiuii. A (JUM ID. il» I'laci, Pirioni, L " Vanllill* Tlu' Tlu'lluird reicrvn Ihi rl«ht to >>• MAIHtAllBTTA [., IIKKI), By firileH of lh«„»!••»/ and irWdll.et.. lleil Uslik, N, J , « W«Tla(t ktricl, k. l'horia III! 6-3910 N. I, 4 (Jomlis, Jut any or til lilili mil to wilvi lm< 11,10 lloraijtli tllirlii of Ilit UoroiiKli nf K*lr llav#n. MUirnsyt for IMalmlR. Hid Hank, N, / , mMirlil InrnrniillllM, UxuWlllIim It, lllnlr, Jr,, Jr,, Em,) „.._ (AIM John Warrsn, w . . JAUlii W, DAVIMIKIHHn, J* ki pnekit none* (AjTl"j'oh'n' 111,11 |T,!I ' Jlorrjuili (Jlirk, A Mimbsr of iht Him, Hint Allorniyi, • M» Ulilrlii Clark, if iilllni Thi lUililir—Asttrliitmint, I "1 U 1'










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tor Carol of Belvldere are spendThe first thing most people who Oceanport ing a week with Mr. and Mrs, rst reach America at New York Arthur Neiman, Jr., son of Mr. Walter Dangler of Elliott pi, lee from a ship's administraM«mbam N. V. Stoek Exchange hill rd. on for the lighthouse for mainWATER PUMP Miss Helen Gutllaudeu of Maple enance as a historic monument. ave. Is on a six-week tour of the SYSTEMS southern and mid-western states. George Fcenan and Albert WilFor Information Consult She will visit friends in Kansas lon of the New Ttork office of the J. S. A. showed a photostat of a before returning home. eed executed May 21, 1845, by Miss Joy Africano of South PernRichard Carlson and Barbara Rush star in the film, 'It berton ave. Is spending a vacation Peter W. Schenck. He sold three friends In Connecticut. illtop acres to the government for Cam* from Outer Space,' which starts Sunday at the Carlton with 59 MAPLE AVE. 1 1100 for the site of the light. The Mrs. Thomas N. Ross and Mrs. RED IANK 6-1041 ifficials said buildings, outbuildings theater. Milton E. Lamb recently visited md other improvement cost •»*,Mrs. Louis West of Sea Girt. Mrs. West, who Is recuperating from a XK». ical and physical. Bach fabric Home Economics Lieut. Klang, leading the group recent operation, was a former hrough the boarded building by There Are finishes For Hardwood treated will carry a label stating resident of this place, and Is active the tacts. The type of garment and in county Parent-Teacher associalashlight, showed three apartments Floors RADIO & the kind or wear it is to get will or lighthouse keepers, and their affairs. If your hardwood floors need to determine whether or not you need tion lamilies. Visits also were paid to Douglas Forbes of Oceanport ave. APPLIANCE he north and south towers up be done over or if you ire so lucky or want a washable fabric. You Is spending the summer at Camp SALES - SERVICE rusted, winding staircases. Light- as to have a brand new floor, will also want to decide whether Ockanickon as a councilor. Ing apparatus has been removed there are some basic facts about you will use a washing machine or Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoyt and All Repaid done on from the towers. One lens is In finishing you ought to know, wash the garment by hand. LADIES' SUMMER son Ronald of Dwyane st. hnve Premiiei a Boston museum. Visitors mar- whether you are golnj to have the Most of the new man-made fab-returned home after visiting Mr. DRESSES veled at the spectacle of the aerial job done or do It yourself, says rics are washable with little or no Hoyt's parents in Brockport, N. Y. icw of Sandy Hook, New York Mrs. Lorna K. White, home agent shrinkage. But before putting the SPORTSWEAR The picnic of the Woman's Sofor Monmouth county. city and Long Island. garment into water, make sure that ciety for Christian Service which 26 Broad St. Red Bank One of three treatments can beit is so styled u to be washable. Chapters of the D.A.R. reprewas scheduled for yesterday at the RADIO & ELECTRIC SHOP ented Tuesday were: Tennent, As- used on hardwood floors—ehellac, Open Friday Nights.'til 9 home of Mrs. E. H. Carey, SagaII Front St, Red Bank ft-HM bury Park; Monmouth, Red Bank; varnish or penetrating seal, Mrs. Sea Bright more ave., Portaupeck, has been in Shrewsbury Towne, Shrewsbury; White says. Each'method requires Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cupp left definitely postponed. Richard Stockton, Ocean Grove, that the floor be smooth and free Saturday for their home in NorMr. and Mrs. Charles P. Vanand Governor Livingston, Spring from any previous finish, including Cal., after a two weeks' visit Brackle and daughter Carol of 100 Lake. wax. Open grain woods; such as walk, here with relatives and friends. Main at., have returned from a oak, require a filler before the sur- They stayed at the home of Mri.month's visit with their son-in-law finish. Shellac dries quickly Cupp's sister, Miss Slgrld Nelson, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. EdMagistrate Kleinberg * i face and gives a soft sheen. Three of Beach st. Also visiting: Miss ward C. Wilson, Jr., in Hialeah, coats of ehellac thinned with de- Nelson were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fla. Miss Merle Riddle Fines 10 Violators of WolfKEYPORT—Five motor vehicle natured alcohol are recommended. Graham and children of Camp Hill, hill rd., who made the trip clown violators were fined last night for Sand between each coat. Pa. Mrs. Graham Is a niece of by plane and who also was a guest Floor varnish is a hard finish. Mrs. Cupp and Mias Nelson and a careless driving by Magistrate Seythe Wilsons for a week, returnF T h e f.lie ma>k of It will stand a lot of traffic but the daughter of Mrs. William Zerr of of mour R. Kleinberg. ed in the VanBrackle car. evilS boasted power is torn oil Assessed were Stanley Kulsls, entire floor will need reflnishing Rumson. MM. George C. D. Hurley was by Christian Science. Canada, (6; Joan Detro, Elizabeth- when the most used areas wear off, Charles Dillione, Sr., of Ocean among the members of the T.A.E. town, fg; Migual Soliman, $10; Two or three coats give longer sat- ave, returned home Saturday d from club who spent a day's outing last SCIENCE and HEALTH Cornelius Carmen, Cllffwood, $10, isfaction than one, but the time Riverview hospital, where he hadweek In Asbury Park where they | with Key to the Scripture* and Talm Austin, Matawan, $18. necessary for drying each coat be- been a medical patient a week. had dinner and saw a show. '. by Marr Baker Eddy Others lined were Joseph Roz- fore sanding lengthens the time Miss Betty Howeil of Red Bank Approximately 60 persons atnowski, Westfleld, and Jerry Cor- the floor is out of use. owning a shows to any sincere seeker was a house guest of Mr, and Mrs. tended the clambake Sunday on A peneterating floor sealer Is a Walter Covert Wednesday and the grounds at the • residence of rente, New York, f* each, charged the way of liberation. with excessive speed; Frank Evans, resin type finish that penetrates Thursday of last week. Miss Ho- Mayor and Mrs. Edward C. Wilson, This book that conquers feir New York, $6, passing on the right, into the floor itself, and toughens well left, for her home In Detroit, Sr., on Oceanport ave. held by the custom built, reinforced concrete ii studied together with the and Jerome Kuezek, Newark, $6, the wood fibers. It will wear off Mich., Friday night for a week's men's group of St. James church, Fully Guaranteed Bible. These are the Christian for following • too close, William only as the wood itself wears away. vacation from her nuraing duties Long Branch, Mayor Wilson was Science textbooks, which may Miller of Rutherford, waa lined It can be patched without reflnish- at Rlvcrvlew hospital, ' general chairman. Mayor F. Bliss 25x50 $10 for not complying with his con-, ing the entire floor, Mrs. White Mrs. George Doyle, Jr., spent Price of Eatontown and his son be read or obtained st ditional license. He was charged urges you to follow the manufac- Thursday and Friday here visiting Thomas were bakemasters. Others with driving without his eyeglasses. turer's directions carefully for ap-friends and relatives. Mrs, Doyle on the committee included Rev. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE plying the finish you select. A polthe lister of Mrs. David JohnL. Llnley, Norton A. Other altes and shapes ishing wax, either liquid or paste, son of Weat park. She' flew In from Herbert READING ROOM Little Silver Barnes, Voorhles Brower, Kenneth for information • Call Susan Edelmann, daughter of Mr. adds beauty and protects all wood Miami Beach, Fla., Sunday of last Lawson,. Frank Masco, Ernest U BROAD STREET and Mrs. Charles Edelmann, Point floor finishes. Build up a wax cov- week to attend the funeral of herHambaeher. Wilbur Nelson. Harry RED BANK ering with two or three thin coats. mother, Mrs. Harry Krum of Olive's rd., celebrated her 11th birthday Bowie,- Arthur Glass and Clem OPEN WEEKDAYS Monday at Camp Matollionequay, Polish each application to a hard Bridge, N. Y. .' Conover. NEW BRUNSWICK R.D. 3 I dry finish. From 12:00to4:SO. Medford. Mrs. Fannie Renshaw of New i t Mrs. .Joseph' Herrmann was FrL Evening, 7:80 to I:**. EAST MILLSTONE 8-2565 Mary Beth and Jean Nevim of WIU It Shrink? Maybe Not—Look has returned to her position as tele- chairman of the dessert bridge at phone operator at the Rumaon ex- the clubhouse of Uie Shrewsbury Montclalr are visiting their uncle at the change after having been a recent sailing club Tuesday afternoon. A and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. William With the current Interest tn patient at Riverview hospital. Gordon Pagdln, Point rd. < committee comprising- Mrs. Byron The W.S.C.S. of the Methodist BrlffB, Mrs. E. N. Hardy, Mrs. Ed Mrs. J. B. Drew and daughters washable clothing,. It Is heartening Jessie and Virginia, Point rd., vis-to note the many new processes churoh held its annual fair at the win Mclntlre, Mrs. Harry Koch last week. Proceeds and Mrs. Herbert Shea assisted. ited last week with Mr. and Mrs.being developed to prevent shrink- church — Elderly Couples Welcome — amounted to more than $500, with Table prises consisted of butter Philip MacKay, former residents ing or stretching! of fabrics. Prs-shrlnkage oX cotton fabrics more expected, Mrs. Beatrice Rose melters. Those playing wers Mrs. here, at their home at Ship BotPRIVATE WING tom. Mr. Drew and sons Robert is not new, but more and more cot- was chairman. Morris Sherwood, Mrs. Beatrice and Jerome, Jri, joined them tons are being treated with a comFrolde, Mrs. W. C. Ohlasen, Mra. 24 hour nursing service MOTHER VISITS COUBTEB mercial process which guarantees Thursday for the week-end. Charles Winterdorf, Mra. Marcel for aged and chronically ill. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Butl.r of that the fabric will not shrink PORT MONMOUTH—Mn. Edith Golay, Mrs. Dorman McFaddin, Mrs. Robert Higginson, Mrs. Dor more than one per cent. There are Gilman of Maiden, Mass., Is spendBrooklyn spent the week-end with Registered mti Llcemed Nums In Attendance Mr. Butler's brother and sister-in- other shrinkage processes used on ing a month's vacation with her man McFaddin, Jr., Mrs. John J. law, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Butler, cottons . which reduce shrinkage, son and daughter-in-law, Mr. andQulnn, Mrs. Dalrd Gardemler, Mrs. Mary E. Beck with, Prop. ,l but not to such a great .extent. Mrs. A. F. Courter, Jr., this place. William Wirth, Mrs. Leon Con t Roslyn ct. row, Mrs. Albert J. Starner, Mrs, CHAPIN AVE. RIO IANK Rl M i l 4 Check the label before you buy. of y daughter g R. Kmmett Mulholland, Mrs. Juanita Llbovsky, What will a three or five per cent NEWS ITEMS AS FILLERS Llbk Mr. and Mrs. Samuell Llbovsky, J. Brehm, Mrs. Howard Monroe ave., was hostess at an out- shrinkage do to the lit of your rUERTO RICO ESTABLISHES Thomas F. Green, Mrs. Olaf Ravndal, Mrs. door barbecue Saturday evening dress? NEW LABOR OFFICE Henry F. Clark. Jr., Mrs. Hollls Mrs. White reports that permafor 40 friends. Gruthwoht, Mrs. Roy Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lauber, Jr., nently washable rayon fabrics are N E W TORK-(AP)-JWith an W. Charles T. MacLatn, Mrs. Point rd., visited Tuesday with now available with claims that they eye to easing the expected labor Mrs. FOB Stanley Joline, Mra. Doris AngleDr. and Mrs. F. G. Carlestead, 8r., can be washed in a machine or by ashortage oh the mainland, as well beek, Mrs. Alnsley M. Peterson, of Palmyra, Md., who were visiting commercial laundry with no more aa on the Island, Puerto Rico has Mrs. J. World Wide Airline Steemihip Hotel Resorts Phillips Cosgrove, Mrs with their son and daughter-in- than two per cent shrinkage. Mrs. established a' territorial EmployR. Vogel, Mra. Clifford A law, Mr. and Mri. 7. G. Carlestead, White suggeils checking the label ment Service affiliated with the Harry Spoerl, Mrs. Ralph L. Shearer Rail Tours Bus Tours Cruises — is the Jr., of Toms River. Both families for Information concerning shrink- United States Employment Service. Miss Elizabeth Wlrth, Mrs. Leijrhwill visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lauber' age and recommended methods of This move is intended to make the ton K. Waters, Miss Gall Amelia ttomorrow. laundering. There are several new Islands pool of 75,000 to 100,000 Green, Mrs. David Kingston, MarMr. and Mrs. Rov Cntt»n »nd finishing processes and each re- surplus worker* more easily avail- lon Flaccus, Marion Masson, Jessie able to mainland agrlcutulral and Ehrllch, Blllio Bailey, Mra. Walter children Lois, David and Jim,quires iti own type of care. 12 Broad St. 314 Ceekmm Avt. Wool fabrics are coining in forIndustrial employers. Prospect ave., have returned from Ingram, Mrs. Chester Woolley, Mra. Tal. RS 4-5010 Tel. AS 2-7415 a motor trip to the west. They took their share of experimentation, too With headquarters in San Juan Jean Baulln and Mre. William G, RID BANK ASIURY PARK the aouthtrn rout* to Estes Park ao far as shrinkage Is concerned and field offices In seven major Pagdin. T.M.C.A. conference center in Col-aaya the agent. It Is important Puerto Rican cities the new organBUDGET FLAN AVAILABLE orado, visiting en route with Mrs. that wool,fabrics not only retain ization will be regarded, for ad- Mrs, Charles Gulllaudeu of MaCotten's brother-in-law and sister, their approximate original sire, but ministrative purposes, as part of ple ave. la on vacation from her There Ii NEVEB a charge (or oar serrle*. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Worstell. and also that they do not mat or felt the New York region of the United nursing duties at Hataril hospital. her mother, Mrs. Harry Shephard, during laundering. States Employment Service of the Mr, and Mrs. John V. Hauser o In Pittsburgh, Pa. They alto visited The new shrinkage processes are Bureau of Employment Security, V. Dwyane st, had as their gueats re Mr. and Mrs, Richard W. Brounlty of many 'different types, both.chcm- B. Department of Labor. cently Mr. and Mrs. Joieph SoroIn Cincinnati, O,, former, resident! kollt and children. Bobby and hart. At Estes Park they spent 13 Sandy of Nowark. days horseback riding- and hiking Mra. Winifred Slaven and daugh through the Rocky mountain!. They toured Yellowstone National park and Penny Lake, returning nome via the northern route through Cook Oity, Red Lodge and Sault ate, Marie to Toronto, Canada. From there they sipent several days with Mr. Cotten's parents, Mr. «nd Mrs, Burdell Cotten In Buffalo, N. T. On their trip they covered «,000 miles. Mra. Albert Perley of JO WinHeld dr. la a medical patient at RIvarvlew hospital.

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Mr. and Mrs., William R. Blair, Jr., and children, Terry, Ricky and Penny, of Fair Haven rd., are spending two weeks' vacation at Fenwlck Island, Del. Mr. Blair Is an attorney with the firm of Parsons, Labrecque, Canzona and Combs of Red Bank and is attorney for this borough. Richard M. Moraller, interior communications electrician lireman, United States Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Moraller, of 95 Harvard rd. is serving aboard the icebreaker U.S.S. Staten Island' at the Naval shipyard, Boston, Mass. Mrs. Frank Hcndrickaon of Fair Haven I'd. is a surgical patient at

Riverview hoafltal where the was taken Monday. • The Friendship dub of the Methodist church will hold a picnic at Willow Street park after the 11 a.m. service Sunday. Members and friends have been invited. —' Special Officer and Mrs. Harry Veroneau of Parker ave. are on a two weeks' motor trip through New York. State. Patrolman William Robbins of Dartmouth ave. Is on a two weeks' vacation from his duties with the police department He and Mrs. Robbins are the parents of a daughter born Monday 'at Fitkin hospital. Mrs. Adelaide Jones - of Clay St. is confined home by illness. Cpl. Robert F. Hawkins, 23, son

of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hawkins, 869 River rd., recently was promoted to his present rank at the Signal Corps training center, Camp' Gordon, Ga., the Army's largest Signal Installation. Souvenior cards are being received from Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Noll of 479 River rd., who have been sojourning at Wildwood. They report having had a most enjoyable time and state that the weather there has been nice and cool. Mrs. Donald B. Read of Kemp ave. and her sister, Mrs. George Smith of Eatontown, have returned from a pleasant visit among friends and relatives at Tuscon, Ariz, The trip was made by plane. While in the Southwest they also visited at Nogales and Senora, Mexico,

FOR SALE-BEAUTIFUL ESTATE Mayor Charles Hatzenbuehler of Highlands, second from left, and Albert Wilson of the General Services administration, third from left, hold a photostat of the original deed dated May 21, 1845, to three hilltop acres sold by Peter W. Schenek to the federal government for $100 for the site of the Twinlights (background). Borough and service club officials, and members of six Monmouth county chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution toured the historic landmark Tuesday afternoon to become acquainted with steps necessary for its maintenance. Highlands will see k the light as a historic monument. Also shown above, left to right, are George Feenan, another G. S. A. representative; Councilman Frank J. Hall, a member of the planning board; Clifford Schenek, chairman of the housing authority; Lieut. John E. Kleng of the Coast Guard, Sandy Hook group commander who conducted the tour, and G. V. Kadenbach of the Lions club, which is preparing a history of the light.

Merrily We_Roll Along By Harold Jaeobsen Dtar Skaters: Here Is another of my letters to you which will concern many of you. It will deal strictly with the dress rules you may expect in September. I shall dwell a little on the matter of appearance because so few ever really think about theirs. Where one person ia capable of reading your character In your face, a hundred read it In your get-up. I have had the pleasure of visits from' many notable persons, drovei of business men, doctors, lawyers and preachers and the tkateri never noticed them unleiB they skated into them because they were in their way. But one Sunday evening, many years ago, Herbert Daisley and Barbara Killlp, both national champions, stopped in and I persuaded them to give my skaters an exhibition. They put on their skating costumes and came down stairs and stood around for only a few minutes when the

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Phent RI 6-4247

skaters came around just to look at the costumes. You see, they looked their job, and I did not have to explain to the skaters that this was the real thing in skaters Of course, when a fellow gets to the point where he la something in particular, he doesn't have to care because he doesn't look like anything, special; but while a young fellow isn't anything in particular, it is a mighty valuable asset if he looks like something special. We have been a bit careless late' ly due to the unusual weather, but beginning September the rules wil be back and a wee bit more severe than usual. The F.T.I. Bureau • Bob and Nancy Graham, we see you are still in the groove after not skating for six and a half years. Come again soon. Jo-Ann Stalker and Bob Graham, we liked that fancy ending to the ten-fourteen atep. Please do it again soon, Harold—It la not Joan B. and B. H., It is Mary Miller and Bobby Hodgkiss. Why doesn't Lenny come skating anymore? I miss you, (Joan.) Mr. and Hri, Benjamin Blom of Rumion gave a party at the rink Saturday for their children Klki and Larry. The guests were Jere Rutberg, Jim Lu, George Rigney, Don Kerr, Jim Ward, Mrs. Charles Rice, Bill Kerchner, Billy Boyce, Frank Walters, Bob Hubbard, Col. by Dill, John Kordorflr, Clippe Wise, Mr*. Betty Relnhart, Karey and Lynn Roessler, Mary Thalvls, Diane Collii, Linda Zerr, Barbara Kraust, Karen Kiley, Cathy Granit, Carolyn Blom, Pat Rusl, Laney Rush, Carol Rcinhart, Joanne Alessandron, Olga Wise, Irene Thompson, Joan Halleran and Isabelle Rice. The rink was decorated in blue, and yellow, games on skates were played and refreshments were served, Nancy MaoCloud, where have you been keeping yourself? Barbara H., do you still have crush on M. C? Arnold F., you are getting better •very time you sltate. Andy and Dick, where have you been keeping yourself? It has been nice seeing Theresa back skating after being away for two years. Tou still have time to submit a name for the new club. Remember there is a valuable prize for the one whose name is submitted. We are sorry to see you go Carol but it will not be long before you are back with us again. God bless you. We miss seeing Tommy Hcndrlcks around. He's in camp for two weeks. We're,glad to see Bobby H. and Mary Miller together again. Glad to see you back skating Norrls and Evelyn, come often. Harold, why don't you let the

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kids hang around the parking lot anymore? (I don't want anyone hanging around—either . come to skate or stay away.—H.) Edwlna T. leaves for the Roller Skating Vanities next month.





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RED BANK REGISTER VOLUME L^XVI, NO. 4 Two Road-Widening Surveys Given Approval by Local Council RED BANK, N. J., THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1953 10c PER CO...

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