29 - There are a few of

State officials move to capture bats for testing By DAN BRKEN

HOLMDEL^utfSFk)cal HOLMDEL — State and local heal* health ofof-

ficals inspecting a Stillwell Road home yesterday sprayed bat repellant and placed netting in an effort to capture several bats for rabies toting The officials were called In after two rabid bats were discovered on the property in the past month. Prank Verange. a township inspector, and Waller Guaciora of the state's Consumer Health Services bureau, inspected the home of

Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mrs David Kegley, Kegley. 7S 75 Stilwell Road, .fisnuw*. afternoon. Verange said he and Gusciora sprayed tobacco dust in the eaves of the house where the bats are nesting. Tobacco dust "encourages the bats to leave their habitat," ha said. Verange also Hid netting was placed around several holes in the eaves and Mr. Kegley was instructed to place more netting there before nightfall. Mr Kegley will retrieve the bats when

..i.r/i.u uyesterday

lb they come out." out," Verange said. said. "They'll They'll be put put *y ""n* sent hark back b< to T Trenton in coffee cans and ami m l n for far testing." Terry Kegley, daughter of the homeowner who discovered the first rabid bat, expressed frustration that her father had to place the animals in containers after they were caught in the net. Mr. Kegley was instructed to cover his hands, head, and neck before going up to the eaves. According to Kegley, her family pediatrician and several neighbors have called the

state agency toto local Board of Health and the state utthe therabid rabidhaU bats. complain aabo bo ut Kegley also said several neighbors told her that they have found bats on their property and expressed interest in "getting together to talk over the problem and get something done." On the recommendation of the family physician, Kegley took her children for blood tests and a tuberculosis test. No problems have been found related to the bats, Kegley said. State official! have said that studies show that the existence of rabies in two bats does

not mean that an entire colony is ininfected They also noted noted that the average color colony nestThev ing in an occupied structure numbers between 25 and SO bats. Rabies can be spread by infected animals biting humans and animals. In addition, feces and urine from rabid bats can grow fungus that is known to cause respiratory disease. Officials have said that the possibility was minimal that diseases other than rabies itself could be spread by a small colony of bats in one household

The Daily Register VOL. 102

NO. 282

>lonIIIOIIill County's Great Home Newspaper SHREWSBURY, N.J.


THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1980

Jordan condition critical

Urban League head gunned down today

Rap. John Andenon make* a point at newt conference

Anderson vows Jersey to be his in November By MARK MAGYAR StateboMte Corrtipoadcnt TRENTON - Rep John Anderson, R-Ill , yesterday brought his presidential campaign to the State Assembly chamber where Abraham Lincoln spoke 119 years before, and vowed to do something Lincoln failed to do — carry the state of New Jersey in November. And, If the election were held today, a recent Louis Harris-ABC poll indicated that Anderson might do just that. "President Carter's spokesman, Jody Powell, said anyone who thinks an Independent can win the presidency is dwelling In Fantasyland," Anderson told supporter! at a cocktail party fundraiser in Princeton. "Let me begin tonight by saying, 'Welcome to Fantasyland'." The Anderson campaign had more than a touch of Fantasyland about it yesterday, from the Assembly chamber press conference where teenage girls shrieked and "good government" types cheered, to the enclosed courtyard of a sprawling Princeton estate where suggested admission for the country club set was f 1,000 per person. But it is the real numbers that pollsters are recording that has national Democratic and Republican Party leaders concerned: — A recent Louis Harris-ABC poll showed Anderson leading Carter and Republican frontiunner Ronald Reagan in a three-way race in eight states. Including New Jersey, with a total of 216 electoral votes. — The latest Gannett News Service poll •bowed Anderson with 27 percent of the vote in a tight three-way race in New Jersey, and

23 percent of the vote nationwide. — And a recent national survey cited by Anderson showed 55 percent of the American people would not be satisfied with having to choose between Carter and Reagan In November, and 64 percent are happy that Anderson is In the race. "I believe I can win a majority," Anderson said. "That's why I'm in the race." Anderson denounced former President Gerald Ford's statement that his candidacy was frivolous and would simply throw the election into the House of Representatives at "a tactic being used by those who want to perpetuate the monopolistic grip of the major parties-on the country.'' "In 1100 and 1124, elections mere thrown into the House of Representatives and the system worked well — John Adams and Andrew Jackson were not our worst presidents," Anderson said. "Those people attacking my candidacy show a lack of confidence in the American people. "If I'm not a viable candidate In November, people will not throw away their Votes on a spoiler — they'll vote for Carter or Reagan, " he laid. "I decided to run to give the American people not a dilemma, but a choice, when they go to the polls In November." To be a viable candidate in November, Anderson says he needs to make the ballot In a minimum of 40 states and raise a warchest from private contributions alone to offset the $29 4 million Carter and Reagan will receive in federal matching funds. See Anderson vows, page 8

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) - Vernon E. Jordan Jr., president of the National Urban League, was shot twice early today as he stood outside a Marriott Inn after addressing the Fort Wayne Urban League, its president said. Jordan, 44, was reported in critical but stable condition undergoing surgery at Parkview Memorial Hospital in Fort Wayne, hospital officials said. They declined to describe the extent of his injuries He was shot twice In the lower abdomen, according to Bob Williams, president of the Fort Wayne Urban League, one of the 117 affiliates of the organisawan. In New York, Daniel S. Davis, special assistant to Jordan, said there had been no threats to Urban League leaders. He said Jordan, who has been president since Jan. 1, 1(72, was due in Houston on Friday for a speaking engagement. Davis did not know what Jordan's plans for today had been. The National Urban League was organized in 1911 to fight segregation and discrimination and work for better political, social and economic opportunities for blacks. Uniquely effectively in helping blacks make the transition from rural to urban life, it came into being as the result of the merger of three organizations, the League for the Protection of Colored Women, the Committtee on Urban Conditions Among Negroes and the Committee for Improving the Industrial Conditions of Negroes in New York. Jordan was shot about 2 a.m., two hours after he had been dropped off after the speech, Williams said.

Williams, who was not with Jordan, said he received information on the shooting from the police. Police said they were investigating the shooting but had no suspect or motive. In New York City, Vernon's wife, Shirley, said she learned of the shooting about 5:30 a.m. from John Jacobs, an executive vice president of the Urban League. Mrs. Jordan said she was too stunned and upset by the news to talk. A family friend was coming to stay with her at the Jordan's Fifth Avenue home. The Jordans have one daughter. At the annual dinner of Fort Wayne Urban League Wednesday, Jordan criticized the "blind enthusiasm of the country's apparent move to the right, especially the move toward a balanced budget at the expense of social programs. "The balanced budget is just a fig leaf to cover an all out attack on poor people and working people The policy of cutting social programs reinforces inequality." He also said the independent presidential candidacy of John Anderson will mean a close election this year, In which black Americans are likely to cast the decisive vote. "I suspect the candidacy of Anderson will be more significant than the Teddy Roosevelt candidacy, the Strom Thurmond candidacy or the George Wallace candidacy," Jordan told some400 persons. . . The National Urban League, a non-partisan, non-profit organization, does not endorse candidates. But Jordan said at a news conference before the dinner that Americans, especially blacks, feel "a sense of disappointment" in the

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urday and Sunday morning at the Red Bank station for the trip to Sandy Hook. The $3 adult train fare, also subsidized as part of a federal plan to improve acqess to national parks from urban areas would include the 45minute bus trip. Local residents could also ride the bus for 50 cents. During a meeting . here yesterday with Gateway National Recreation Area and N.J. Department of Trans portation officials, Rumson Councilman andhistorian George Moss said the fee for local p e o p l e w a s discriminatory in itself. Park officials said it was only part of

a normal rail-bus transfer. But far more important, according to a dozen county representatives, was what they collectively considered a poor bus route, which would run the buses from the Red Bank station down Monmouth Street and Maple Avenue to Front Street and River Road. From there, buses would continue down Ridge Road, the Avenue of Two Rivers and Rumson Road, and across the Sea Bright Rumson Bridge. Despite the horror stories of summer traffic jams related by Moss, Rumson Police Chief James Shea, Fair Haven Counctlwoman Nancy

The Back Door Behind Olde Union Happy Hour 3-7.

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Bus, rail fare hike OK'd By DAVID SCHWAB NEWARK — Monmouth County rail and bus commuters will face fare increases of up to 20 percent effective July 1 under a plan approved by the board of directors of the New Jersey Transit Corporation at a special board meeting yesterday. Meanwhile leaders of the Irate Shore Commuters (ISC), who appeared with a representative from the state Department of the Public Advocate to urge that the increases be postponed, say they will take their objections to Govenor Byme in an attempt to have him veto the proposal, i The board unanimously approved the plan to raise rail and bus fares an average of 11 percent statewide after a brief public discussion. As a result of the corporation's attempt to equalize fares on the basis of costs per mile, rail commuters along the North Jersey Coast Line face monthly ticket increases of 17 to 20 percent to New York City and Newark. Bus commuters along Route 9 can expect to pay 20 percent more for trips to New York City, 16 percent more to Jersey City and an additional 10 percent to New- ark. According to Catherine Arnone, assistant to Commissioner of Transportation Louis J. Gambaccini who is also chaisman of the board, the

new fares will take effect unless they are vetoed by the Govenor within 10 days. David Paul, a deputy public advocate in the rate counsel division speaking in behalf of the ISC and other commuters, said that the rail fare increases should not be approved until after the completion of an audit of Conrail, which receives state subsidy payments under a contract to operate the trains. The commuter activists have argued that the audit of Conrail operations since 1976, which state officials say is expected to be completed by the end of this year, must be reviewed before New Jersey Transit Corp. can demonstrate the need for the increase or prove that it is not being overcharged by Conrail. "The reason we considered being involved is due to the confusion in the public mind of the relationship 'between Conrail and New Jersey Transit and whether costs are being adequately accounted for," said Paul. He added that if the audit shows that Conrail has been paid the proper amounts the commuters would consider the fare increases "wholly justified." Paul also noted that federal regulations require an adjustment of th*. final subsidy payments to Conrail for each conflict year based on its actual revenues and costs and Conrail must refund any overpayments plus interest at 1 percent over the prime rate.

Sandy Hook shuttle bus service starts July 4 By SHERRY FIGDORE SANDY HOOK - A new subsidized shuttle bus service between the Red Bank railroad station and Sandy Hook will begin as'scheduled on July 4, despite vehement ob' jectiom from local municipal officials and legislators that the planned bus route will only aggravate already badly congested local streets. The new 10-week bus service, funded by a special |«.600 federal grant, is part of an extended rail-bus link to bring New York and North Jersey residents to shore points, Boro Buses would meet three special trains each Sat-

1980 presidential candidates. "We've already experienced an administration of promises made and promises unkept," Jordan said.

Kern, Sen. S. Thomas rather than local roads like Gagliano, R-Monmouth and Rumson Road and the Aveothers at the meeting, nue of Two Rivers. Herbert Cables, superGagliano declared that the intendent of the Gateway Na- entire plan should be retional Recreation Area, said vised,, with the buses meet"It la the opinion of our plan- ing trains at the Matawan ners that this would be Uw station instead of Red Bank. best route." The senator contended "There's going to be traf- that running buses down fic congestion no matter Route 36 would more than which way we go," said offset the slight additional opKevin Tremble, transporta- erating costs of the longer tion planner for the National bus trip by shortening the . commuting time for the Park Service. But Republican As- beacbgoen. In addition, said Gagliano. semblymen Marie Muhler and John O. Bennett said It "There will be 1,900 parking would be far preferable to spaces available at Matawan move the congestion to Route by next year," paving the 36, a nonresidential area. All Yea Caa Eat-S2.lt Fair Havea's Sidewalk Sale Mon.-Fri, U:IO-t:M. Merry Rain or shine. Fri., May SO, Makings. 17* Broad, Red Sat, May 31st. Bank, sidewalk cafe.

way for a major park-andride collection point for area residents. He urged the park and Department of Transportation planners to contact the Garden States Arts Center and the Middletown railroad station to work out other park-and-ride arrangements. William Wallace, project manager fo the-New Jersey Transit's Development Task Force, predicted the trains would be carrying between 200 and 300 persons when they arrived in Red Bank, but said there was no way of predicting how many would get off See Saady Hook, pagad (4 lor the minutes; Long Branch, de- cooling season to date. Last season's total to sate was 15. duct 15 minutes. Highlands bridge, add 40 minutes. mum n «

mm cir




« •>««




JI M U M r» H I r>



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KMtCltV LliVW Lima Hack






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n n n u

ck ck c*> m ck « n .•ret* I M ra


SSa " II

«• « M n

n m

M II ck M II •I » JIMN Mctf



Northern Jersey Partly sunny today with highs in the 70s. Variable cloudiness tonight and tomorrow. Chance of a shower or Ihundershower tomorrow. Lows tonight mid 50s to around 60. Highs tomorrow low to mid 80s except cooler along shore. .•

Southern Jersey Partly sunny today. Highs from 70 to 75. Variable cloudiness tonight and tomorrow. Chance of a shower or thundershower tomorrow. Low tonight around to. Highs tomorrow in the low to mid 70s. Chance of showers 10 percent today and 40 percent tonight. Winds southerly at five to 15 mph today.

Southern Jersey Extended Partly cloudy warm and humid Saturday through Monday. Chance of afternoon or evening thundersbowers each day. Morning lows In low to mid 60s. Highs in low to mid 80s except cooler along the coast.

•£ Jersey Shore Kill

U ' l by John H Cook and Henry C It v David Lempka. both at

part of the small Intestine to decrease the amount of food digested. "We believe that bypass surgery overwhelms the digestive system," Utsinger said "It seems that In a desperate attempt to do the Job of absorbing digested food, the blood also absorbs or-

called link in hepatitis spread


States, a study contends. County health officials tracked down nearly all the reported cases of a common form of the disease, called hepatitis A, in the Phoenix, Arii., area over a 10-month period. They found that at least 30 percent of the cases were spread by children under age 2 who had been in day-care centers. "If the county studied here is typical of other counties in the United States, daycare centers may represent the major source of hepatitis A cases of uncertain origin in this country," the researchers concluded. The study, conducted by doctors from the Maricopa County Health Department in Phoenix, was published in today's New England Journal of Medicine.

Utsinger Mid in an in- causing the problems." ganisms which normally Organisms — called bacwould remain In the bowel. t e r v i e w yesterday that These organisms circulate "dead organisms leaking out terial antigens — may cause throughout the body and then o> th. hvnassed portion... are arthritis, be said. settle Into Joints and other organs and tissues, leading to damage." Patients who suffer from AUCTIONEERS APPRAISERS "bypass disease" can relieve the problem by having Discover How Your Problems Can sutures removed and the InBe Solved By Our Experience. testine returned to full size. "The Friendship of Those We Serve 1 "Thank God for these paIt tht foundation ol out proflr.M." tients," UUInger said. "If you release the valve, everything goat away." At least 5 percent of the 45 WEST RIVER ROAD, RUMSON. NEW JERSEY bypass patients have had to have the operation reversed.


Plenty Of Oldies But Goodies At 10 Red Bonk Antique Stores There ore over 10 ploces to shop tor ond sell antiques right here in Red Donk Surprised? Don t be! Just be impressed impressed with the omount of history and charm you II find in every little shop here. Even if you re nor buying, the browsing is beautiful in Red Donk




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The Daily Register

The Sunday Register . RtQitltr

•Kenneth B. Gruber r OCEAN TOWNSHIP •-Kenneth B Gruber. 29. of 602 ". Lakeview Ave.. died yesterday at Mt. Sinai Hospital. - New York I- He was born in Long ; Branch and was a lifelong •iounty resident, • f Gruber was a 1969 gradu: ate of Ocean Township High School and a 1973 graduate of Montclair State College. He had been employed as .i physical education teacher • and had tried out with the San • ;Francisco Giants, a professional baseball team He ; liail been a member of the • :l%8 state Babe Ruth Cham:-(H(inship baseball team of '()(r.ni Township. In 1968. he • y/ai a member of the Ocean I-Township High School Foot; 5>all team which captured the ;fchore Conference " B " -XHvlsion trophy, and in 1969. » J e was recognized for his A c h i e v e m e n t s I as a third

2 , In the 1959 Monmouth Col• J e g e Invitational Tourn a m e n t . Mr Gruber held the '. iighest batting average and :Jn 1972. he won the -Sportsmen's Award while flaying baseball for the Red '. Jiank Tire Co. team in the ZVersey Shore Playoff Chamt«ionships . Surviving are his parents. - M r and Mrs. Sol Gruber. ly\th whom he lived; and a ; * r o t h e r . Alex Gruber, a t y

; The Richard C. Hoidal Fu' jkt/al Home is in charge of arrangements

i Shrewiburv N j o'Mt

Branch OMtccv rUfcWl )J MxirjlHuwn N J 07/41 Monmouth Count* Courihoutf. FrMhold. N J 0/721 2t1 Bro*d*.v Long B'Anch. N J QJJtQ » Slalehous* Trenton N J 0M1S Mtrntwrtoi th, AiuxiJiKJ Pretl Th* Atuxialed Pr»is it tntillt-d »«ciu».v* v loihe uw of dii mi- local rw*s pr mied m the nfwwiptr * t well ts alt A P n i w i

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Highlands acts to curb police overtime costs BvLAMYHAAS HIGHLANDS - In a new 'spirit of cooperation" between the Borough Council and the police department, Police Chief Howard Brey n implementing (our directives from the police committee* to eliminate overeipenditures In the department! overtime budget Police Comminioner Alfred Cohen, who aervei with Councilman Robert Wilion on the police committee, said yesterday that the directives were sent to Brey last week and "all in all, I Brey s) been cooperative in the matter." The directives, among other things, created guidelines to help the police committee oversee overtime eipenditures by policemen The overtime problem arose when council discovered that the police department had spent 17,600 in overtime pay in the first four months of this year. The municipal budget allocates 13,000 in overtime eipenses for the entire year. The 1979 municipal budget allowed police 111.000 In overtime pay Two weeks ago. Cohen ordered Borough Administrator Herbert W Hartsgrove to send 45-day notices of intent to three junior officers indicating it is possible they will be dismissed Although the dismissals, if carried out, would save the borough enough money toresolvethe

budgetary problem, n e a t statements by council members indicate that borough of ficials are seeking another way out of the crisis. The overtime issue is further complicated by contract talks between borough off icials and police representatives which have stalled over police requests for timeand-a-half pay for overtime hours The police committee's four directives are: • Change the police department's scheduling officer. Mayor Cornelius J. Guiney, Jr. has charged that the scheduling officer, Sgt David Bermes, earned the most money in overtime pay last year and did not allocate the overtime hours equally to the policemen • Submit the overtime schedule each month to the police committee and the borough administrator for review before posting it for the policemen. • Report all policemen taking "sick time" to Cohen Council members have charged that policemen have often called in sick to allow fellow patrolmen and officers to" earn overtime pay • Disregard actions suggested by Brey that would be necessary to counter the dismissal notices In a letter to the council, according to Cohen, Brey outlined several changes in current patrols to offset the expected manpower shortages




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Keyport police angry over lack of signed pact


By JOKI, SIKC.KI, termed the arbitrator sjdeKEYPORT - Police De- cision a victory for thr I'HA Borough Attorney Gordon partment personnel are planning to meet tonight to dis- Litwin said the contract has not been signed because It is cuss a plan of action followin; the borough's failure to still being reviewed by the sign a new contract nego- borough tiated with the Police There are a few things Benevlolent Associationthat have to be looked over." "All the members of the Litwin. who was not involved in negotiations, said PBA are very much agThe attorney said the congravated," PBA president Harry Kownacki said last ' tract may be signed next Tuesday night. "We feel this is nothing more than a stalling tac"I don't see any reason tic — a reprisal against the why we can't resolve things I'BA because of the award of soon, he said an arbitrator " Kownacki said the At the meeting, the police borough is reviewing a clause will "discuss the course of in the contract making the action to lake to get the scheduling of borough police borough to sign the con- a negotiable item He said tract.' Kuwnacki said. discussion of the item "has Kownacki said police feel never been brought up in the there should be no delay by 10 or II months" it has taken the borough in signing the to negotiate the contract contract because all the Because the contract has points of dispute between not been signed by the both parties were settled borough, the PBA is considerthrough arbitration earlier ing filing an unfair labor this month practice charge with the PubThe arbitrator granted polic Employment Relations lice increases in salary and Council in Trenton against benefits of about eight the borough. Kownacki said percent. Kownacki said He


"I sympathize with the homeowners/but their health is more-Important than the price they will have to pay for the water lines." Mayor Vasile said The other students participating in Student Government Day were: Pauline Lipps. Paul Kacsmar, Johnnie Beth Fiscus. Kathy Lavene. Amy Forgach and Jennifer Allen.

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role before excusing herself to re-assume her leadership position This is a very educational experience learning how government runs on a local level. I think I would like to be involved in some way in politics.' she said, refusing to commit herself to the possibility of one day running for public office. Although a large portion of the council meeting was run by the true councilmen. at the end of a public hearing on the installation of public water lines, some of the students braved the wrath of the public and offered their positions on the resolution Elizabeth Vasi.lenko. filling in for councilman Theodore Lewis said she thought it would be in everyone's benefit." to install water lines in areas where private wells are contaminated


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High school students take to 'politicking' KATONTOWN-"Look up at the end of each sentence — don't focus on any one person, just direct yourself to the * public — and pronounce your words slowly and clearly," the Borough Councilman whispered to the Monmouth Regional High School junior last night * > These words of advice were perhaps the student's first lesson in the art of politicking, and they were well taken Ronald Bradley, one of the nine high-school students who ran the Borough Council meeting last night, delivered his committee report with the ease and assurance of one bom to politics The students, all members of the Monmouth Regional Student Council, were chosen by the group s supervisor to participate in the borough's annual Student Government Day affairs Sporting yellow carnations on their lapels and dress collars, the councilmen-for-aday. opened the public meeting, hesitantly, looking for guid ance from the pros. But by the end of the tint motion, second and approval of minutes, they snowed their true colors "Madame Mayor" Carol Vasile. the senior student council president took a few to comment on her


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manufacturing and other InWASHINGTON (AP) April'i sharp drop in oil im- dustrial sectors has cut the ports helped cut the nation's demand for fuel. foreign trade deficit U> its Meanwhile, other reports lowest monthly total in three have shown that American! years, the Commerce De- have responded to the higher partment says price of imported oil and Imports totaling $20 34 President Carter's 1979 plea for conservation by reducing billion were almost offset by gasoline use. exports of 918.47 billion last month, leaving a deficit of The nation's bill for April about ti.t billion oil imports was SC 15 billion, That waa a considerable down 15 percent from the 17 3 improvement from March's billion total for March be13.2 billion deficit and the cause of the drop in volume. best performance since im- Still, the. hill was 14 percent ports exceeded exports by ahead of the »4 3 billion paid in April 1979. reflecting the 11.4 billion in May 1977. data higher prices charged by oilshowed Most nations aim at a bal- producing nations ance or a surplus in their forImports overall in April eign trade because a deficit were down 6.2 percent from indicates money is leaving March, when they had fallen the country that would other- 4 9 percent from the previous wise be usable for domestic month economic development Exports, meanwhile, fell a Most of the improvement modest 04 percent from last month was credited to a March to April after growing sharp drop in crude oil and oil 7 6 percent in the preceding product imports, which fell 18 period percent from 233 million barThe figures produce an in rels in March to 190.5 million flated deficit because the im . barrels in April port total includes the cost ol That meant the nation last shipping and insurance, while month imported oil at a rate the export data does not of 6 4 million barrels per day. If the approximate cost ol the lowest rate since May shipping and insurance is sub1978. according to Commerce tracted from the import data, Department economist David the adjusted value of imports Lund would exceed exports by Oil imports had averaged about $648 million. This 7 5 million barrels per day in would be a considerable imMarch and 8 9 million barrels provement over the $2.1 in February, he said V billion adjusted deficit reLund credited the drop to ported for March conservation and the fact The nation s trade deficit that domestic growth is slow- lor the first four months of ing down this year was $154 billion, Most analysts believe the compared with $11 1 billion nation's economy began fall- for the same period last year, ing into recession in March or the report said April The fallofl In home and The deficit for all of 1979 auto Construction, general was $37 3 billion

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Police get their raises despite legal problem

DETROIT (AP) - The United Presbyterian Church should not pull back from iU requirement that women be included among local leaders, even if more congregations quit the church, says the new head of the largest PresbyMIDDLBTOWN - Township police of- contract between the Patrolmen's terian denomination in the Benevolent Association and the township, ficers received pay raises in their checks country. yesterday, despite the lack of an or- he felt the payment could be made. The Rev. Charles A. Hamdinance formally authorizing .the in"As far as I'm concerned, we haven't mond says the year-old rule is creases, i done anything wrong," Bradshaw said, mostly of symbolic value, but "because we nave a contract, signed by Township Attorney William E. Wilson should be maintained despite both parties, that provides for these said state statutes require adoption of defections over it. salaries. It has been done this way for such an ordinance prior to actual payment "The threat of schism is of salary increases. But Wilson said be years and years in Middletown. and I believe'every municipality in the state is a l w a y s imminent when anticipated no major problem because of the same way. you're committed," he said distribution of the checks, which had been prepared with the raises included, and at a news conference after "I agree that we must have a salary also of lump-sum payments making the ordinance adopted, but a binding contract his election yesterday a s raises retroactive to Jan. 1. moderator of the conflictbetween two parties is still a binding beset denomination of 2.5 "Technically, there has been a vio- contract to provide this rate of pay." million members lation of the sUtute," Wilson laid. "But The new pay schedule provides for "Conflict c o m e s from the money is in the budget and the police salary increases of 8 percent this year and caring." be added. "It also contract was agreed to by both parties 9 percent next year. Signing of the con(produces energy in the weeks ago. Whether there will be serious tract had been held up for a month when church. We care a lot, fight a repercussions or not is up to the sUte Township Administrator James T. O'Neill Division of Local Government Services." lot. and hang tough." took Issue with certain items and refused to sign. The PBA Bled an unfair labor Church representatives Payment of the increases without the begin their third day today in enabling ordinance was approved by practice charge against the township, but O'Neil subsequently signed the document the MMay general assembly. Township Treasurer Herbert Bradsnaw, who said that based on the strength of the and the charge was then withdrawn. Hammond, 46, of West Lafayette, Ind . said he hoped to handle resistance to the women') rule in a "pastoral manner," and that he fait most of the congregations HOLLYWOOD (AP) - "The Empire far more theaters and at higher ticket prices. leaving over the issue already Strikes Back" is pulling in huge audiences have done so. Myers said that after making allowances and Is seriously challenging the box office for these differences, "The Empire" is runBut many representatives championship of IU parent, "SUr Wars," ning ahead of the box office figures for "SUr warned that schisms would 20th Century-Fox said yesterday. spread if mollifying efforts Wars." During IU first week, the swashbuckling were not made. Already at "The remarkable thing Is that the aver•pace epic grossed $9,801,374 at 116 theaters, least 26 of the church's B.8M age Is $7».102 per theater," said Myers said Peter Myers, senior Fox vice president congregations have decided "That's like an all-time record." for domestic distribution. At iU opening a to sever ties to the denominaFox financed "SUr Wan" and received week ago yesterday the film broke US bouse tion the lion's share of iU profits It wiU receive records for box office receipts. i f this assembly is not "SUr Wan" has grossed more than $100 only a distribution fee for "The Empire." very sensitive toward hurting Creator George Lucas used money from million since IU release three years ago, and people who feel excluded, is the all-time biggest movie moneymaker. his share of "SUr Wan." estimated at $S0 we've only seen the beginIt Is difficult to make direct comparisons million, to pay for "The Empire." If the ning," said the outgoing modbetween "The Empire Strikes Back" and movie continues at IU present rate, Lucas' erator, the Rev. Howard L. "SUr Wan" because the sequel opened in profiU could exceed $100 million Rice of San Anselmo, Calif

THURSDAY, MAY29,1980 T h e DOaity R e g a n e r

House panel review* critical evaluation

WASHINGTON - The two senators from New Jersey said yesterday that they have filed a formal request for reallocatlon of the television license for Channel 9 in New York to New Jersey. New Jersey is one of only two states in the country without a commercial VHF television station The other state without a station on channels 2 through 13 is Delaware

Bond release sought in Twin Lights case By LARRY HAAS HIGHLANDS - The Borough Council is waiting for a response to requests that a bonding company release a $50,000 bond because landscaping work at the Twin Lights Terrace Condominiums was not completed according to specifications. . Robert Jordan, president of the Twin Lights Terrace Condominium Association, a tenants-owners group seeking correction of soil erosion problems af the complex, said a borough attorney "has agreed that the work had not been done according to specifications" and sent a letter to the bonding company "asking for the full value of the bond Jordan also said the attorney relied on a recent report by TliM Associates, commissioned by the Borough Council, stating that there were "significant differences" between original plans for the complex and what was built by the former owner, J.R. KnyderInc. Attorney Edward Christopher, representing the borough, confirmed that "we have contacted the bonding company and we're waiting for a reply." Christopher said the bonding company is an insurance firm based in Piscalaway. He said the firm had been contacted about two weeks ago. The bond was filed by Snyder in 1974. Jordan has charged that the landscaping work was supposed to have been completed


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'The Empire9 strikes paydirt


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•AZLIT • 787-4W7



THURSDAY. MAY 29, 1980

Monmouth College professor to receive teaching award :

WEST LONG BRANCH J Emmett Collini of Red Bank, a professor of marketing at Monmouth College, ; will receive the institution's 1980 Distinguished Teaching • Award at commencement : Saturday Established in 1975 (by Arthur Z. Kamin. president .' and editor of The Daily and ; Sunday Register) the award honors classroom per' iormance. dedication to students and their interests, and participation in professional activities Collins, who joined the college in 1962 following a career as operations manager (or Steinbach's, Asbury Park, and for Hahne & Co.. Newark, has had a major part in developing the marketing curriculum in the business administration department, and is held in high esteem both for his professional expertise and for his unstinting ellorts in behalf of students and the college At commencement also. Mrs Ann Nowick of Deal, a i.i-n.'i.M-iiii and longtime Inend ol Monmouth. will receive the first Donald J. Warnoke College Community \w.ml which recognizes outlanding contribution to the spirit of community and com-

mon purpose among mem bers ol the college The award has been established by the Faculty Association of Monmouth College as a memorial to the late Donald J Warncke. a professor of mathematics who was FAMCO's first president. W a r n c k e s son, Spencer Warncke, a graduate at Yale University, will make the presentation. Nowick helped found the College Library Association, and has been a loyal supporter of the college swimming and diving teams over the years. An Ann Nowick Award is given annually to the graduating member of the teams who has performed outstanding humanitarian service while at Monmoul Nowick is a member of College President's Councl For her long record benevolent service to the shore area community, as well as to the college, Moninouth at commencement in 1977 conferred upon her an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree The two awards were announced at a dinner held on campus by college trustees, faculty members and administrators to honor three professors and an administrator

who will retire at the end of the academic year, and alto to cite five other members of the college for long and loyal service. The retiring faculty, all of whom will be accorded emeritus status at commencement, are Dr. C. Norton Coe of Tinton Falls, professor of English; Prof. Helen T M a c A l l i s t e r of Bradley Beach, associate professor of biology; and colllege swim coach Dick (Richard E.) Steadman, a professor in the department of phyaical education. An English scholar who has published two books on Shakespeare and one on Wordsworth, Coe has served as provost, vice president for nic affairs, dean of ! studies and — since — in his favorite role of Engpih professor during bis \ty»r career at Monmouth. MacAllister's association with the college dates from 1M1 when she began a fiveyear assignment as an in slructor. Leaving for family responsibilities, she rejoined the college in 1964. Among her many contributions, she helped establish ties with area hospitals which led to development of a program of pre-clinical training for itudent nurses.

New rent code adopted By BOB BRAMLEY KKI i BANK - Adopted last night after a lengthy public hearing was an amendment to the rent leveling ordinance representing an uneasy compromise between the desires of local tenants and landlords. Voting 5-0 with Councilman Walter M. in.irk,ir,i absent, the Borough Council adopted a measure that permits rent increases equal to 85 percent of the increase in the consumer price index for tenants whose healing costs are paid by the landlords and68 percent ol the index increase for those who pay lor their own heat The landlords wanted a pass-through of 100 percent of the CPI, as first recommended by the rough's Rent Levelling Board The tenants think the 85 percent is too high and urged the board to preserve existing ordinance, the which provided a 70 percent pass-through for tenants when the heat is paid lor by the landlords and a 60 percent increase when tenants pay for their heat. The tenants' viewpoint was summarized by Ann Mane Makarewicz of the Greater Red Bank Tenants Association, who insisted thai the landlords have not submitted compelling evidence of financial hardship and urged the council to retain the current ordinance for one year or until an amendment acceptable to the tenants is devised. "The amendment will cost the average tenant at least 133 a month," Makarewicz declared Paul Coyne, tenants association presi-

dent, said the increase from 70 to 85 percent is excessive "Eighty percent might be acceptable," he suggested. Bernard B Finan, local lawyer and landlord, urged the council to scrap the ordinance entirely so as not to discourage investors Capital investment is the borough's hope for the future, he declared John Bowers of Philip J. Bowers Inc.. a landlord, blamed the landlords' financial bind on spiraling fuel costs and said the amendment would cost tenants an average of only 167 a year. Peter J Carton of Middletown, attorney for the Responsible Red Bank Landlords Association, said anything less than 100 percent pass-through guarantees tax appeals by the landlords, fewer amenities and poorer maintenance in their properties and a narrower profit margin with concomitant impetus toward deterioration " I t also guarantees I'll have, a client for another year — but that's not the kind of business 1 want. " Carton said He urged that 100 percent pass-through be seriously considered In other business the council introduced an ordinance amending the building code to set fire zone limits, a second measure bonding some 1140,000 for general improvements and purchase of equipment and a third measure amending the borough's planning and development regulations to conform to the Land Use Law adopted by the state

J Emmett Colluu

Mrs. A a w Newtek

Dr.C. NertaaCee

HeleaT. McAllister

Steadman, whose career in coaching and teaching spans C y e a n , has been a member of the faculty at Monmouth since 1063. Under his leadership, the swimming and diving teams have achieved top rank among leading contenders in intercollegiate competition, consistently achieving championship status.

many years, and has represented this country and the college at Olympic games in Mexico City, Munich and Montreal, and i t the World Games at Berlin in 1978. Tribute also was paid to Mrs. Betty Cook, director of the college's Academic Computer Center since its establishment in 1968, who will take an early retirement to train for a new career in technical writing. A IMS graduate of Monmouth, Cook worked in radio and for newspapers, and bad a brief career as a social worker and, later, as an office manager before Joining the administrative staff of the college In J967 to help

coordinate plans for the Computer Center. During her tenure, the facility has grown from a small laboratory housing two terminals linked to a commercial computer center, to three large laboratories filled with sophisticated gear connected to the state educa ttonal computer system.

evening classes at Long Branch High School to its present status as a comprehensive institution offer ing undergraduate and graduate degreet from its own 115acre campus. Cited with Wardell were Dr. Kenneth C. Streibig of Oakhurst, dean of undergraduate studies and director of summer school, and whose association with the college dates to IKS when be was appointed dean of the thenjunior college; Prof. Quentin Keith of Red Bank, a member of the English faculty, and former director of development, who served as a parttime lecturer at the junior college in the early 1950s, and

For his outstanding record, Steadman in 1974 was named Coach of the Year in the Metropolitan Conference. At the national level, he served as 1979-80 president of the College Coaches Association of America. He has been a member of the U.S. Olympic Diving Committee for

Miss Helen L. Wardell of Long Branch, executive secretary to the president and Board of Trustees, was among the five members cited for their service to the college. Joining (he college in 1M0, she has served under three presidents, and has been Monmouth grow from a two-year Institution holding

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3 Herbert Street. Red Bank

who rejoined Monmouth on a full time basis in 1956, where with the exception of a fouryear leave for Army service — has he has remained since; Dr. Kenneth E. Knapp, of Oakhurst, a former professional singer and actor, who joined the college in 1952 as chairman of the Fine Arts Department, and who played a leading role In development of the area to its present status as the department of speech, communication and theatre; and Dr. Robert J. Tompa of Spring Lake, a professor of economics, and former chairman of the department of business administration, who came to MOTH mouth in 1954. •

Red Bank

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THURSDAY, MAY28, i960 T h e D a f y Itegtoler

Teachers set conditions Allentown prom-goers to renew negotiations will ignore gay couple

FREEHOLD — The teachers' u tocutiun of the Freehold Regional High School District yeiterday established conditions that it says mutt be met by the district's board of education before it will resume contract negotiations. The association also authorised its negotiating committee to call a strike if necessary. A deadline of June 16 was set for the strike unless the conditions are met by the board and "meaningful progress 1 has been made in negotiations. • According to Robert Ugrovics, chairman of the negotiating committee, the conditions set by the association read Jhat • A mediator from the Public Em;

ployment Relations Commission be In the district and talking to both slats by June 6, and; • That all Items on the board's "scope of negotiations petition" be subject to bargaining. The petition, which is s list of items the board has requested be removed from negotiations based on state law and legal precedents, is being held "in abeyance by the board. Board President John Horrisberger has said the petition is simply a request that a PERC hearing officer rule on the legality of negotiating the listed items. Ugrovics said yesterday he could not resume negotiations unless be could bargain over all of the petitions Items,

particularly one that mandate! the implementation of a sixth classroom period for most of the district's teachers. Under Ugrovics' interpretation, the eitra period would mean the dismissal of between 80 and 100 teachers during the next contract period. The teachers' current contract expires June 30. Negotiations for a new contract began eight months ago, but neither side has moved from its original position. The board is offering a 3 percent wage increase and a three-year contract. The association has responded by asking for a cost-of-living Increase plus 3 percent for a one-year contract.

Manalapan seems unlikely to change WMUA contract , By KEN JAUTZ MANALAPAN - Regardless of the outcome of the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority's battle over its professional consultants, Manalapan appears unlikely to negotiate with Marlboro over changes in the authority's service contract. Some Marlboro officials have said recently that when the dispute over the authority's consultants is settled — a dispute which has divided the WMUA's Manalapan and Marlboro c o m missioners for months — Manalapan may be willing to consider changes in the service contract. Changes in the contract drawn up in 1877 among Marlboro, Manalapan and the WMUA, are necessary before the authority could extend its public sewer lines into Marlboro's Marlin Estates, where county officials have said health hazards exist because of faulty private

septic tanks The contract lists a number of sewer projects, some in Manalapan, that must be completed before a Marlin Estates project is initiated. Manalapan had declined to discuss any changes because of a number of differences with Marlboro over previous WMUA issues, including questions concerning the authority's consultants. The authority's two Marlboro commissioners have gone to court in an effort to unseat the authority's consultants, which are being supported by the two Manalapan commissioners. At least one part of the case — a show cause order being sought by Marlboro — will be settled in Superior Court in Freehold tomorrow. But indications are that a settlement in the legal case will not mean immi-'*nent negotiation over the service contract.

Tire center plan OK'd FREEHOLD - The Freehold Tire Center on 28 East Main St. will move into larger quarters at 10 Center St. under the final site plan approval granted by the Planning Board last night Joseph Gilpin, owner of the B F. Goodrich tire retail shop, will expand his business into a repair shop this August at a new location The board last night granted Gilpin permission to relocate into the William Lewis Auto Repair Shop on Center St. Gilpin presented the . >ard with plans of renovation to the Center St. address, which include cleaning out the

structure and painting the front facade. Gilpin will also expand the back parking lot and the garage area for automobile repair. Gilpin said the new business would specialize in repairs related to tires such as brake and axle repair. The old location at zt East Main will revert to the American Hotel, from whom Gilpin has rented the site for several years. The grand opening in August will feature an appearance by the'cars and drivers in the Goodrich racing team, Gilpin said.

When questioned at last night's committee meeting, officials here mentioned past concessions made to Marlboro over WMUA issues, and spoke of broken promises. "We've been burned by them (Marlboro) before with the Morganville project, and we're not going to be willingly burned again," said Mayor John Walsh, referring to a previous change in the service contract that gave priority to sewer projects in a Marlboro development. "There's still 78 homes not hooked up from their Morganville project," added Committeeman George Spodak. "That represents a loss of about 1125,000 to the authority, and, ultimately, to some Manalapan residents. There's no way we can negotiate changes with them." Richard Previte, one of the WMUA's two Marlboro commissioners, said last week that after Marlboro's legal suit was settled, he hoped differences would have diminished enough to allow new discussions over the service contract and Marlin Estates. At the time, Previte acknowledged he had not yet approached any Manalapan officials on the matter.

By ANDREWSHEEHAN ALLENTOWN - Student! planning to attend tomorrow's Allentown High School prom will apparently ignore the presence of a gay couple at the ballroom, according to the senior class president. Richard Nathan said that students have gotten used to the idea of a 17year-old student attending tomorrow's prom with a 30-year-old man. Although Nathan said the students are not happy about the couple's attendance, he added that (he students will probably ignore them. The news that the couple would attend, which was announced last week, has lost its impact at the school, he said. "The newness of the situation has worn off, and most are looking torward to the prom as In any year," he said. "I think that most kids will just ignore the couple if they show up." School Superintendent Stephen Sokolow reiterated the high school's stand allowing the couple to attend. The decision was based on the advise of legal counsel, he said. "We have decided not to disallow them to go," he said. "Exclusion from the prom would violate personal freedoms that we cannot challenge." Although Nathan said he has

heard of no threats of violence to toe couple, Sokolow also reiterated his intent to increase security for the event three-fold. Nathan said the extra protection would not be needed. "The kids are handling everything very well," he said. "They are more determined Just to have a good time."

Nathan said the students do not agree with the attendance of the couple on the grounds of personal freedom. "It is just an embarrassing situation for the student body to be put in," he said. "It'i hard to take the issue of personal freedom seriously when they are using a high school prom to make their point."

Judge allows gay date PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) Homosexual Aaron Fricke should be allowed to take a male date to his high school senior prom, a federal judge ruled yesterday. U.S. District 3udge Raymond J. Pettine overruled the objections of school officials at Cumberland High School, saying the 18-year-old's right to make a statement about his sexuality supersedes their fears of disruption or violence. "To rule otherwise would completely subvert free speech in the schools by granting other students a heckler's veto, allowing them to decide through prohibited and violent methods, what speech will be heard," Pettine wrote. "The First

Amendment does not tolerate mob rule by unruly school children." V. James Santaniello, lawyer for the Cumberland School Committee, said he will seek a stay of the order pending an appeal to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston. After the ruling, Fricke said: "I think a majority of the students understand this is a human rights issue, and support me." He said he thinks the dance tomorrow night will be "the best prom that the school will ever have " John Gaffney, state director of the National Gay Task Force, said the decision "will benefit all gay men and lesbians." The task force supported Fricke's legal fisht

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TRENTON - Wallace Johnson of Holmdel has been elected chairman of the newly formed New Jersey Soybean Industry Advisory Council. The 11-member council was formed following the adoption of a statewide soybean research, promotion and education program. A number of New Jersey soybean farmers approved the program in a referendum earlier Uu> year.

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M A P C O 1.60 9 667 40 3 0 ' * 3 9 * 4 OrarkA _ SI 4 * t loovnght bv Tfw AiMciatod Pr»s 19t0 'Oil 2 1 0 631 6 0 ' * 36*4. P G E p f * J 5 7 _ 116 22 2I'1 22 + ' * M a r M . d 90 4 75 1514 IS 15—44 PECp 73153 IS 2 * . . 1*4 . 2 0 1 0 323 2 1 ' . 3 0 ' * PrenHsl4S 6 24 1114 31*4 2 1 4 4 — 4 4 M a r t M 2 33 6 134 45*4 4 4 * . 45*4— ' * R c t h C o l 33 10 147 14*4 14'. MaiCP 60 4 111 75*. 14*4 »**.+ s.s.i A 3 313 3 3 ' ; 32*4 Bank stock quotation* c o u r t t t v OutjassavF _ w I'/. • ' * •'.+ _ SS 6 1> Robntd water 4 W » i l * . Aittory P a r k . Indtntrlai M a v O S 1 34 6 1001 11'4 W 1 27'~i— 10 22 !••> '-. ouotatlont c o u r i n v Fahntrttock A Co . M a v l g l M a 7 30 2 5 ' . 7 5 * . 23*4+ "4 11 45 S'« 5 MMM Me Or m l 40 47 1317 21 2 6 * . 17 I 30 10 1139 4 0 • ANKS BM A M M McDnld SO 10 499 47'.-, 4 7 ' * 47 10 47 15*. IS IS McDonD.90 4 979 30'4 19'* 3 0 ' . + ' * Allalr* » a t * Mv+ TerraC 11 1*3) 9 B r u n i w k k Bftnk (. Tru«t »"i 11 McGEO I SO 7 234 » ' • 14*4 3 4 * 4 OSF.Itr 34 4 40 14 13*4 14 Cvntrai J t r u v •d. c—LlouW»tlng NCR 2 T 1164 17V. 5 4 ' . __ C R & Corporation "• dividend t — D t c l a r t d or paid In pct IS g 7 290 uJJ 2 3 » Monmouth Raal E . I . I . 3vi I v—Elx _ t K - d l v l d e n d or * • rights Neiwml I 40a 4 228 3 8 * . 18 H ' * — *4 N J Natural Gas 1144 14V4 dividend and M l * * (n lull i—Sales In N u M P , 52 7 412 I J ' i 1 2 *13'*— ' * Ocaan Airways IVi 1\4 fu NorfWn2 2O 5 532 3 1 ' i 3 0 S 31« + Parkin Elmar 41*4 43 " e W - C » ( » e d « r t - W h t n ddtrlbuted NoAPhl I 70 4 21 J7V, 27'a Precision Optics *6 w l - W t w o l i w e d . Krw-Wlth warrenti NoeflUI i 16* 8 2 1 5 *'•» Radloonona Corp 1*6 97*4 warrants. «dl*— Ea-dlftMW_wllhowt NSP 2 28 I 625 2 3 ' i «ay Comm Ind Inc 144 IV, Norlrp 1 80 7 N I Spiral Motal 144 3JV. **" v i ^ l n banhruptcv or r e t t l v t r i M e w NwslAirl.8010 584 H ' l 25 Trlantjle Industries 1*4 a n N o 1 48 5 16) 23H 23 U S Homas l a H 14*6 7 78 6 170 ] 1 * l United Telecontrol IVi 1U ColPan oil ind DIG*)* mbEn mwE

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Local Securities

Footnotes Fo


ton, N.J. t*mL Bo»rtJ-*3»f*»**U Acadamlc Awards of tht 8 U U ofTosMactlctjl, MO Capitol Avc . Hart

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Ask about savings options


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thcdraaumofnvurasWU.wrlUlo Rataato EiUrnal Dtgrm Proajram •tion GUIDE: In Nam Jeney, • IT-ywi>old maa retired • • a iu|*rv.«>i7 Inventory •lement tpeculist for the U.S. fovernment, paued B CLEP Ittft within wven month! and in one year, received a degree In Metal adencei from Thoma»!A Ediaon CoHege In Tren^ ton, an accredited sternal degree eelleg*. He wanted to avoid belig Ued up with a cUaeroom Khedule and did "ateaty of readinf " As an adult, you nuy find indirect toured of financial aid watth more to you than direct e»sh grants in help ifl you to returntocollet* or enter for the first time. Don't overlook them! The keys to tba i farms of aid are (1) your knowledge and can MUty, and ( I ) exam*. Like many adult*, you probably already know a lot about on i er more college subjects, do not want to pay of and sit through rliisin on something you a takdy know. And today, the vast majority of col leaes will let you prove the extent of your knowledge through exams or other means. Exams enable you to skip claaaas in subjects you know, earn college credit and proceed to learning new material. The benefits are of great value. Among the moat popular programs Is tht CLEP program of the College Board of New York, outlined above. Roughly 1,800 colleges and universities will give you college credit for scores on these exams. In 1971, about M.O00 individuals took CLEP teats. A second popular college-by-exam program is the College Proficiency Examination Program (CPEP) offered by the American Col-


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known In advance. However, lave them isaiaceeT O. A. there is no opportunity for the Fierlda capital appreciation and In- A—Since Savings Bonds creasing dividends which are registered securities, no common stocks can provide. one but the actual owner may Also, s guaranteed interest cash them. This also means fund doesn't offer any way of they can be replaced if lost or participating Inrisingredestroyed. To replace bonds, turns when interest rates are write the Bureau of the Pubclimbing. lic Debt, 200 Third Street, I think you should invest Parkersburg, West Virginia equally in American Tel. k 16101. Tel. shares, the diversified It is alto importanttoproequity portfolio, and governvide at much information as first three choices Is not fix- ment obligations This will possible about the missing ed; It can fluctuate with give your funds a distinct changing business conditions slant toward long-term bonds — their registration and the rise and fall of In- growth, while also providing numbers, date and place of terest rates. However, as a some protection against purchase, names and adpractical matter, changes in downswings in the stock mar- dresses of owners, and the American Tel. L Tel.'s ket and Interest rate esca- like. (Column readers should dividend have always been lation. upwards. send their investment inQ—A aamber of my Series quiriestoDavid R. Sargent, A guaranteed interest fund gives you the comfortable re- E Beads have beta either leal Successful Investing, c alization that your return is or stolen What skeald 14s U o this newspaper.)


Trade deficit cut boosts market

NEW YORK (AP) - first three months of the fell %toI8V4 amid news that Blue Bell had announced the trades in those stocks on reStock prices climbed higher year. But it rebounded follow- it will idle a blast furnace and previous day that its jeans gional exchanges and in the yesterday, buoyed by news ing the afternoon release of other facilities in Pittsburgh business in western Europe over-the-counter market, that the U.S. trade deficit the trade figures. because of lagging steel de- had sagged and that its Eu- cameto44.01 million shares. narrowed in April to its lowThe Dow Jones average mand. Standard It Poor's index of ropean operations were unest level in three years has now risen 29 26 points in Scurry-Rainbow Oil Ltd., likely to register a profit in 400 industrial stocks rose 0.7S More reductions in thethe last four sessions in a whose directors received a the third quarter ending June to 126.03 and S&P's composite prime lending rates charged rally that started last week stock-purchase offer from 30. index of 500 stocks was up by banks aided the rally, as when the Federal Reserve Home Oil Co., was among the The NYSE's composite in- 0.66 to 112.06. the Dow Jones average of 30 Board partly dismantled its biggest gainers on the Ameri- dex of common stocks rose At the American Stock Exindustrials rose 2 56 to 860 32 credit-restraint program. can Stock Exchange, rising 0 38 to 63.88 as Big Board change, the market value In- its highest level since Feb. After the 4 p.m. EDT close volume sankto38.58 million dex rose 2.17to273.96. 29. of the stock market, the Fed In the over-the-counter Blue Bell Inc., maker of shares from 40.1 million Advancing stocks outnum- gave further signs of easing Wrangler jeans, led theshares on Tuesday. market, the NASDAQ combered losers by a 5-4 margin its restrictions on borrowing losers on the New York Stock Nationwide turnover in posite index climbed 0.60 to in moderate New York Stock by cutting the discount rate to Exchange, off 3'4to27VNYSE-listed issues, including 150 70. Exchange trading. 12 percent from 13 percent. The Commerce Depart- The discount rate is the fee the Fed charges on loans to ment said the nation's trade deficit narrowed in April to a banks. seasonally adjusted 11.(7 In the bond market, shortbillion, down sharply from term rates moved up after $3.16 billion in March and a declining sharply last week. record $5 57 billion in Febru- The dollar firmed in foreign ary currency trading, gaining Chemical Bank, the coun- against the Japanese yen and try's sixth largest, joined the the British pound The price move begun by other banks of gold fell in New York but * * > ! the previous day and cut its gained in Europe. prime rate to 14 percent. One Oil stocks performed \ * small St. Louis bank dropped strongly after a sluggish its rate for preferred corpo- start Mobil Corp. gained 2 to ra te borrowers to 13 percent. 73H; Texaco Inc. was up H to The market opened lower 36' 4. and Standard Oil of Caliafter the Labor Department fornia rose 2 '/i to 75 '^ reported that productivity in Steel stocks were generalOR MORE UP TO private business fell at an an- ly lower. U.S. Steel, the nanual rate of 0.7 percent in the tion's largest steel producer, Now honwmvners can borrow up to $60,000 or more and take years to rapay. If you own your own home and need cash.. you can quictdy convert the equity in ycHjrhcsrne into COUNTY OF MONMOUTH a cash loan. Just the thing you rvojajd (or Debt COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Coneoikiation, Horn* lmprovij«>a>nta, Student Turtton, BusinessfciveettTtenU— whatever. PROGRAM Its easy with a Home Equity Loan at City (kinsurner Puuuanl io Section 570.303 (1) (3) o( Da Housing and Communllv Oeveiopmeni A d ol 1977 as amandad. Ihe Counly of Monmouti hattby ServioM. And there la never a pwpaiyinsirit psjiTsity. notiliei me Public rhal n a Applicant tm prapand arsdsubniiaBdoriMay2S. What's more, the Interest is simple interest, which means 1980 io Ihe Depanmeni d> Housing and Urban 0dyrtooma.nl r x FY 1S60 you pay only on the amount outstandlnQ. and — the interest Monmouih County Commuwty Davelopmenl Piogram AppllcMion. Tha Applicalion may fte aiarrwiatt by I * Public at t w lionrnoolh County is tax deductible each year, reducing the actual coat ol your Community Devtlopm.nl O N O M . Hall ol Hacwds Annan. Room 307. Mam loan NO CLOSING FEES' NO ATTORNEY Street, freehold. New J n t y 0772D, betmen t i e hoon o l 0 a m and 4:30 p m . Monday rhcough Fnday FEES ON LOANS UP TO S5O.0OO' •



Persons nrrahing Io ooieci Io approval ol t u Applicalion by HUD may make such > objection



l i e HO0 Newark

A I M Office. One Gateway

Building. Raymond Plaza. Newark. New Jersey HW) will cormdef c*«jctioM made only on the following grounds: Tna Applicant's dajjcripmn ol naada and obiectivet n plainly numsrsleni wrtti available tads am) data; or tht acliviiies k) be undertaken are plainly Irtappropriatt to rnaatng t i e needs and obieclives

ideniilied by the applicant or Ina applicalion d o n not

comply wilh the requirements of ims Part or osier applicable law; or t i e applicalion proposes acMvWas which are otherwise Ineligible Such obiections should include both an identficatton ol «M racjiramami not met and. in ihe cast of objectlom made on Iht grounds tm ma

Freehold: Rie 8 al Barhatow Av*. South of FrMhoM Circle (201) 462-2511

description of needs and ob|ecUvei H plainly inconsistent ariSi Hgnllcant, generally available tacts and data, t i e data upon wfuch Die panona refy. Although

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obieclKKH should be lubmrltid wttun 30 days of Oa pijtjsicason of *» nonce that Ha application he* Dean l u b m l M t o H U T j .


objeclions submitled will be considered during d a rrvtwprocsMS. HUD will not approve an application until at least k application. Hobart». Clark. P.P. r t a ^ .

dayi arux receipt of an

KHddMown: Vlllag. Mall Shopploo C*ntST 1060 Rtt. 35 (201) •71-2021

City Consumer Services.


A Subsidiary ol City Federal Savings Cat. Toil Free 800-492-4064. One ol America s Largest • Secondary Mortgae* Loans!

Voting fraud 2in arrested attempt charges seen at break-in Halyburton flags to fly again as 'malicious9 SHREWSBURY. N.J.

By JOEL HEGEL thinking of taking legal acKEANSBURG - Mem tion," said Julia Flaming, a ben and supporten of the candidate on the For Real For Real Leadership" slate Leadership slate. in the recent Borough Council The charge of fraud was election are lashing out at lodged in Superior Court in allegations by the opposing Freehold Tuesday by the slate - "A New Keansburg' Committee for a New - that there was vote fraud. Keansburg. The committee 1 think the charges are charged that members of the malicious; they must have a For Real Leadership slate terrible desire for power," and a local nursing home opKileen Lloyd, a council mem- erator, In an attempt to Inber and supporter of the For fluence voting, threatened, Real Leadership slate, said coerced and Intimidated resilast night "They have two dents of a local nursing home seats, and now they want a who cast absentee ballots. third. " A bearing before Judge •These are very slan- Louis R. Aliens Is scheduled derous charges — and, June* Buster, they better be able to Six candidates seeking back them up because I am three seats ran in the election. Two members of A New Keansburg's slate won council seats, but the election of William C. Lloyd, a member FREEHOLD - Thomas of the For Real Leadership Moultrie, 24, of Unity Court, ticket, spoiled the hopes of A Middletown. has been sen- New Keansburg for a sweep tenced to a total of 20 years in of all three seats and control state prison for a series of bf the five-seat council offenses, including the bur- Eileen Lloyd, wife of William Lloyd, predicted last glarizing of a Red Bank bar. Moultrie admitted the bur- night that the charges will glary, at the Toad Hall Bar. make it difficult for the counand the other charges: theft cil majority to work with the (if a revolver Dec. 11 in Red two newly elected members Bank, robbery, aggravated of A New Keansburg's slate, assault, possessing a weapon George Kauffman and Thom[or an unlawful purpose and as Keelen. The third member of A receiving stolen property beNew Keansburg's slate, tween Dec. 9 and Dec. 13. Superior Court Judge Patsy J. Acconso Jr., finished Thomas F. Shebell Jr. im- fourth in the voting with 1,574 votes - W behind Lloyd, who posed the sentence. Myron Ruffin, It, of Gar- finished third. A recount was held Tuesfield Court, Long Branch, who admitted theft of a car in day — but while it produced Lakewood belonging to K. slight changes in the final Thompson. Lakewood, Dec. vote total for each candidate, 7. was sentenced to three it did not bring about any change In the outcome. years in state prison.

MIDDLETOWN - George Lamberson, Is, of :i Middletown Ave., has been charged with attempted breaking and entering of a Cooper Road residence, police said. A IS-year old township youth also was arrested, but his name is being withheld because of bis age, police said. According to police, Lamberson and the Juvenile attempted to enter the Cooper Road residence at about 11:» a.m. Tuesday. A neighbor called police, and the suspects were apprehended shortly thereafter, police said. Lamberson was released in his own recognizance

Judge imposes 20-year term

No cause found for indictments FREEHOLD - Mon- Monica Wilson, Fay St., mouth County grand juries Long Branch, aggravated ashave found no cause for in- sault in Long Branch. dictments against 26 persons. - Fiore Barille, Center Those cleared, and the St., East Keansburg, possesscharges they had faced: ing a controlled dangerous - Donald Jackson, Union substance in Middletown. Ave Long Branch, breaking - Earl D. Jones, Charles and entering and larceny in St., Long Branch, aggravated Ocean Township. assault and possessing a - Ronald Mesar, Aber- weapon for unlawful purpose deen Square. Aberdeen, atro- in Neptune. - Juan Gene, Willow cious assault and battery in Ave., Long Branch, assault Aberdeen Township. - James P. Blake, Co- with ah offensive weapon and Ionia, two counts of possess- possessing a dangerous knife in Long Branch. ing weapons in Hazlel. - Coleen Parsick, W - Linda W i l l i a m s , Front St.. Keyport, two Navesink Ave., Highlands, counts of forgery in Hazlet. contributing to the delinquen- Timothy McNally, cy of a minor in Highlands. Bronx. N Y . aggravated as- Charles N. Herbert, sault. Shore Concourse, Aberdeen, - Robert Bermingham. robbery, aggravated assault Asbury Ave.. Asbury Park, and terroristic threat In breaking and entering and Aberdeen larceny in Ocean Township. - Joseph DiUiovani, Env - Richard H. Gun- poria, Kan., aggravated aszenhauser Jr., River St., sault and unlawful possession West Keansburg, burglary in of a weapon. Middletown. - Ronald E. Buck, Chapel - Robert L. Duncan, E. Road. Middletown, atHighland Ave.. and. Michael Hill tempted rape and aggravated Malone. W. Highland Ave., assault. both Atlantic Highlands, - Donald M. Thiikn, threat to kill, assault with a dangerous weapon, attempt Fort Lauderdale, Fla., agto use a weapon unlawfully gravated assault and robbery against another and possess- in Long Branch. ing a handgun without a per- Bernard Pye, Joline mit. Ave., and John H. Barnes, - Keri Murray and Potter Ave., both Long Michael S. Arcbuleta, both Andover St., Red Bank, con- Branch, possessing a weapon spiracy to distribute a con- without a permit, armed robtrolled dangerous substance. bery, unlawful possession of a Archuleta also had been weapon, two counts of atrocharged with distributing a cious assault and battery, ascontrolled dangerous sub- sault with an offensive weapon and assault with intent to stance. - James J Ryan, Cherry rob. Tree Farm Road, Mid- William H. Woods. Ovdletown, possessing a controlled dangerous substance erlook Ave., Long Branch, possessing a weapon while a in Wall. - Richard Fennen and convicted felon, possessing a Robert Fennen, both Center firearm without a permit and Ave., Keansburg. burglary possessing a firearm without proper identification. and theft In Middletown.

New projects listed

Correction It was incorrectly reported in yesterday's Register that Alexander Her, a Shrewsbury lawyer, is representing both the Middletown Township Committee and the Middletown Zoning Board of Adjustment in a suit arising from a zoning board appeal. Her is representing only the zoning board. The Register regrets the error.

By BOB BIUMLEY SANDY HOOK - The Stars and Stripes will fly high, with the British Union Jack on its right and the New Jersey state flag on its left at the fifth annual Halyburton Memorial ceremony at 1:10 p.m. Sunday. The ceremony will take place at the Halyburton Mem o r i a l monument on HarUhome Drive, the only road leading into historic Fort Hancock. As in past years, a colorful and moving ceremony will feature band music, color guards of participating groups, drill teams, bagpipers and fife and drum corps. Master of ceremonies will be John J. Krisco 2d, chief of the Interpretive Division of the Sandy Hook Unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area. The program will open at 1:30 p.m. with a medley of British martial tunes by the 3Wth Army Band under Chief Warrant Officer Leon R. MARTIAL MUSIC — Veteran bagpiper Stanley Macintosh of Little Silver Wyatt, bandmaster. Scottish leads a contingent of Coast Guardsmen and veterans from the Halyburton marching music will follow Memorial ceremony on Sandy Hook to the skirl of Scottish marching music. from the bagpipes of soloist Stanley Macintosh. This scene, from last year's Halyburton event, will be repeated Sunday.



Morgan will present the National Park emblem.

Mttorool onlT$500

Hamilton Beach 3 »p«d Hand Mixer

and Dry lion



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Bat free gifts are not alii When TOM open yoor Lincoln 5% Checking Account. T oa fet a list of services that's hard to beat



Rate available week of May 29 - June 4 $10,000 minimum • 26-week maturity


FEDERAL REGULATIONS PROHIBIT COMPOUNDING OF INTEREST ON SIXMONTH CERTIFICATE ACCOUNTS This is an annual effective yield assuming reinvestment of principal and interest at maturity is made at the same interest rate At the time of renewal. your interest rate might be higher or lower than it is now

2»/j-Y«ar "Treasury Security" Certificate


1 1 5 2 K 10.75-


Rate announced at the beginning of every month and guaranteed for the 2'/2-year term Rate available for the month of May 30-month maturity • Minimum $ 1,000 Compounded Continuously

Qualifying deposit must remain in the account for 12 months or a charge for the gift will be made, except for 6-month certificates where S 10.000 must remain on deposit for only 6 months Gift offer good at all offices and limited to one per customer while supply lasts Federal regulations do not permit a gift for the transfer of funds already within the institution Gifts illustrated are based upon availablility If exact Items shown become unavailable, comparable gifts will be substituted

for fireworks fund RED BANK - Fund-rais- gather donations for the fireing efforts are continuing, as works fund and about 100 volunteers seek to raise the youngsters from the Little several thousand dollars nec- League and Cap baseball essary to sUge the borough's teams and the Red Bank ReStudent Council will annual Fourth of July fire- gional works display on the drum up contributions The next committee meetNavesink River off Marine ing will be at ( p m ThursPark. day, June 5, in the Municipal The next fund-raising ac- Court room in the police tivity will be a "Save the building, SI Monmputh St. Later in June, a benefit Fireworks" lag day Saturday. Canisters have been band concert is planned to placed in area store* to rail* additional funds.

Kenneth O. Morgan, assistant superintendent of the Sandy Hook Unit, will welcome the gathering, and U.8. Army Capt. John Been will deliver the invocation. Wreaths will be placed by the Daughters of the British Empire and the Daughters of the American Revolution in honor of the Hon. Hamilton Douglass Halyburton, first lieutenant of HMS Assistance, who died with 13 shipmates in a freak blizzard on Sandy Hook the night of Dec 30-31, 1783, as they pursued deserters from the British Navy. "Then as Now,'' an introduction to the Halyburton story, will be presented by Rosemary Francis of the Merne England Chapter of the Daughters of the British Empire Maj WE A Edmonds of the British Army's Royal Corps of Signals, will tell the story of the 14 English mariners who froze to death on Sandy Hook nearly 200 years ago.

fOti Open a Lincoln 5%

of tight gnat gift* whin you deposit $5,000 or mon account or certificate or open or rantw a 6-month wttfc $10,000 or mon.

Westfield • Scotch Plains • Piainfield • Hillsborough Stirling • Drick • Eatontown • Toms River • Chester • Murray Hill • Ocean i «• $i«t*?oo Bv * •




THURSDAY, MAY 29. i960

Long Branch man indicted in string of break-ins FREEHOLD - Forrest (ovin. 25, of Rockwell Ave . Long Branch, was indicted by a Munmouth County grand jury yesterday on charges ol committing 10 break-ins and nine larcenies in Long Branch between March 25 and April 27 of last year. Covin is charged with break-ins at the homes of Albert Ades. Steve Subowiu, Bernard Sachs. Robert Bier. Elliot B e l e s h . Kenneth Hallet. Bernard Cohen. Theodore Genola and Arthur Cowen In each case except those oi Hallet and Cohen, he also is charged with stealing articles valued at more than 1500. and in the Sachs case he also is charged with stealing cars belonging to the victim Covin also is charged with breaking into the Elberon Grocery and Delicatessen April 27. 1979. and stealing c a s h , f o o d s t u f f s and cigarettes valued at more than $500

Sentence imposed in break-in, theft FREEHOLD - Curtis Make. 20. of Crawford St., Shrewsbury Township, who .1 •!iii• r ton Barnes,, Avenue side. Pox; agreed that the municlHarry B. Tumen, attorney pal ordinance In quuestion for the applicants, Edward was "poorly drawn." He said and Natalie Segall. contended the question was not a legal that front yard parking was one, but one of interpretation permitted under current zon- on tbe part of tbe board. ing codes and said that in any event a variance had been 1 Tbe board voted, with granted in lMe permitting only Donald Vaughan dissentparking of cars, but no boats, Ing, that a variance would be in front of the property. needed, and told Tumen be Joseph P. Grabler, an at- would proceed with his extorney representing Mr. and pert witnesses at his own risk Mrs. Re Van Holt, owners until be could prove his conof a home two doors away tention that the needed varifrom the marina who oppose ance had indeed been apits conversion into a bar and proved 14 years ago. restaurant, claimed that all Before the board called It front yard parking was pro- quits at 11:30. it heard testihibited. mony on room dimensions _ Grabler charged it was and exterior reflnishing from "ingenuous" for a business Leonard V. Martelll. the

Shore bus service probe is requested WASHINGTON - Rep. vestigation of service of the James J. Howard. D-N.J.. New York-Keansburg-Long has asked the chairman of the Branch Bus Co. to begin at Interstate Commerce Com- the earliest possible time. mission (ICC) for a full in- With summer approaching, vestigation into service pro- you can be certain conditions vided by the New York will Intensify unless the comKeansburg-Long Branch Bus pany is required by the ICC to Co. Howard's intervention make substantial improvewas prompted by a petition of ments" complaint from commuters The bus company provides protesting conditions on the services to approximately line. 2,000 shore area residents. "As you can see from tbe r AT HOME attached petition, I have re- SHO ceived hundreds of comUNO IMCIAU plaints from regular riders on CHAIN LINK the line," Howard said in a letter to ICC Chairman Darius W. Gaskins Jr. "Problems include malfunctioning heating and air condltlonlng. broken s e a t s , V T O » RAIL crowded conditions, had odors, lateness and cancellation of buses. During the New York transit strike, it was reported that many of the commuter buses were chartered to Merrill Lynch, leaving primarily inadequate, 671-9125 sightseeing buses to trans- |[CALL t Twaiaalt ieta PrteW port the commuters — the e«t,

'Fields' suffers from reality By MARY CAMPBELL

who build a wall between them with more industry than : . NEW YORK I API - "Of they work at what they both the Fields. Lately. ' which really want — tearing the opened Tuesday at the Cen- wall down tury Theater, is a naturalistic One of the problems with play about a father and son the play, which had some

splendid speeches and good argued a lot, the father usualacting, is that it's too re- ly starting it, neither able to alistic — the first scene say they'd like to be friends. The son has come home to moves very slowly. Also, the people are very Toronto, after two years in ordinary. This helps for au- western Canada, for his Aunt dience identification. One Dot's funeral. The father Is viewer said. "We've all been well played by William Cain, there." But, again, these peo- though he looks too old and ple lack heightened dramatic too healthy to be 52 and convalescing from a heart atinterest The son. played by Christ- tack. Newly widowed Uncle opher W. Cooper, explains Wiff is John1 Leighton, who directly to the audience that has the best lines, both the he had been embarrassed as a touching and the funny, and boy that his carpenter father does best with them. He and was a laborer and let his the mother, Mary Fogarty. father see it. Since, they'd want the convalescent not to been uncomfortable together. go back to work too soon.




POLK SINGER AT LIBRARY — Gary Struncius, folksinger, will present an evening of contemporary and traditional songs at the Oceanport Public Library from. 7:30 to 6:30 p.m. today. His program is designed for people of all ages. The folksinger accompanies himself on guitar, mouthbow, dulcimer and spoons, and has performed at numerous folk festivals, colleges, coffeehouses, libraries and schools. Free tickets are available from the library.

Pmy bUm the «o*y, money •mvtmq way PLUS 5S* interemt per annum. •Hun M


• IHWi»W • >— 1 1 1

MAYttthnMAYU Middletown Athletic Club will hold registration for 1N0 Pop Warner Football/Cheerleading Season at Croydon Hall, May 26 to May 90, from 7-* p.m. and May SI, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Boys between age* of 9-14, girls between ages t-14, but not freshmen In high school are eligible. Registration fee is 17.00 which includes a free Eagles T-Shlrt" MAY If Second Hand Rose Preview Party T-0 p.m. at Sea Bright Recreation Center, Ocean Ave., Sea Bright. $8 DO per person for champagne, hor d'oeuvres and first pick of the treasures Call 747-1883 for reservations. Red Bank Chapter OES Dessert Card Party at Masonic Temple, 157 Maple Ave., Red Bank. 7:10P.M. Tickets at door. Donation: C 00 QUEST-Weekly forum for single, divorced and widowed adults. Discussion, refreshments, dancing. Unitarian Church, 1475 W. Front St., Lincroft, I p.m. Donation $3 00 MAY M, M, 31 Rummage Sale, f a.m. to 3 p.m., at Elks Lodge BPOE 2179. Main St., Port Monmouth, sponsored by Ladies Auxiliary. MAYN Red Bank Historical Society presents slide show ft group discussion "The Great Depression Red Bank & Monshouth County In the 1930's". with Richard Sorrell,« P M 32 Monmouth St., Red Bank, N.J. MAVM-11 SECOND HAND ROSE, a flea market, benefit Monmouth Day Care Center, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. al Sea Bright Recreation Center, Ocean Ave., Sea Bright. MAY II Ladies Fashion Show and Luncheon, sponsored by Atlantic Highlands Highlands Pop Warner Football, Bahrs Restaurant, Highlands. Reservations: Call Mrs. Maureen Kappenman, 281-4516 Mrs. Barbara Stefanski, 291-1070 * The Shrewsbury Borough PTO will sponsor a Flea Market at the Shrewsbury Plaxa Shopping Center, 9 A.M. to S P.M. Space IS. Refreshments will be sold. Reservations. 8411018 after* p.m. Rain date June Tth. Olde Fashioned Picnic, McCarter Park, Fair Haven, from u a.m.to3 p.m. Meet and speak with elected officials and candidates of 12 Red Bank area municipalities, Monmouth County officials, Senator Williams and Congressman Howard. Exhibits, pony rides, delicious food, entertainment for children. Everyone welcome. Given by League of Women Voters of Greater Red Bank area. Allaire Village is sponsoring the annual Spring Antique Show ft Sale, on the Church Green, from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. $2.00 per car admission. Allaire State Park, Rt S24, Wall Townahop. 9M-2253 Garage Sale 6 Bake Sale, benefit of the Green Lake Fund of the First Baptist Church of Red Bank, (0 Laurel Dr., Little Silver, (A.M. to4P.M. •Walk Through History ", Home Flower Snow ft Garden Tour, presented by Village Garden Club, 1-4:90 P.M. Tickets available at start of tour, IS Kings Highway, Middletown. Donation: $2 00 senior cltlsens, 11.00.

JUNE I Liberty Hose Ladies Auxiliary sponsoring Flea Market at Liberty Hose Fire House, Hwy. 36, Keyport, on June 1, rain date, June I. Tables 17.00, spaces 16.00 For reservations call 264-8984 ESP Psychic Fair With astrologers, psychics ft card readers. Exhibits and demonstrations. $1 SO admittance. 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.. Sheraton Inn, Rt. IS, Hazlet, sponsored by Mental Horizons Society. Yankee-Toronto Baseball Bat Day, f 19.00 Includes bus, ticket to game. food. Sponsored by Hazlet Sport Club. Call 717-6403.

IT WASN'T JUST LUCK... ..The View was already there. Enjoy the casual atmosphere and beautiful view of the Navesink River from our Veranda. Lunch, Cocktails and Dinner are now being served,

[oily Pitcherfm Route 35. Red Bank, N. J 07701 Phone: (201) 747-2500

New Jersey State Orchestra, Murray Glass, music director, presents Anne-Marie, piano, Kerry Viola and Maureen McDermott. piano, performing Beethoven's "Triple Concerto." Music by Sibelius ft Rossini, also. Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, 3 P.M. Tickets: S5, half-price students ft seniors, also at Monmouth Arts Center. Red Bank, LaPlume, Cookman Ave., Asbury Park. The Turntable, West EndftThe Theatre day of concert. VFW Post 2179 Flea Market. Sun., June 1,9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hwy 36 (east), Port Monmouth (next to AftP). 15.00 per table Call 741-3925 or 787-0999 Huge Deal PTA Flea Market, at Deal School. 9 4 p.m. Spaces: IIS, we supply tables. For further Information call 531-3261 Committee For A New Keaasburg is having a Victory Cocktail Party for Kauffmann-Accomo-Keelen, June 1. 2-5 P.M. to be held at Buck Smith's, Palmer Ave., East Keansburg. Donation: 110.00 per person. JUNE I A Blofeedback Instrument Is the "Mirror Of Your Mind". DsmytanU Aurora. MA Psychologist, will pres- • ent relaxation ft stress copimg techniques for improvement of anxiety ft phobia reactions. Biofeedback Society For Public Awareness Inc., 7:90 P.M. June 3. « SO per person Call 671-4619 MS Senior ClUxens bus trip to resorts Atlantic City. Hot lunch, show, taffy, f l in quarters, $14 complete. All welcome. 774-1411, 98S-54-5433, or 842-3001 Auditions for The RoyaleTheatre Guild production of "Oliver" will be held on Tues. night, June 3, at • P.M. al Westminister Presbyterian Church, across from Middletown High School North. No music or prepared materials are required for toe audition. It la open to anyone in high school and those who have graduated. All leads are needed except for Oliver ft Fagin's Boys. For more Information and directions, call 671-2938. JUNE I Outdoor Painting Workshop with Jackie Cbesley Paint in any medium, locations convenient to Guild, June S. 1,7,10 A.M.to4 P.M. »45 Call Guild of Creative Art, 741-1441.

M.D.," C M ; Mo»»«-"ne and Hovle-"M«rd«r Can Golden Moment." Part I, Hurt Yo»" and 1 0 - » . both NBC; "Uw Grant," CBS, ABC.

The Monmouth Association of Ufa Underwriters is sponsoring a "Day At The Races" at Monmouth Racetrack J n e 5 Tickets on sale - proceeds going to National Runaways Program. Information 9845M or Stephen Agrista, 7414900 JUNE* North Central Division of the MM-Atlantic District - Barbershop Quartet Contest - SPEBSQSA - Fri. evening. I P.M. Paramount Theatre on the Boardwalk. Asbury Park Tickets: $2 00 JUNE 7 4th Annual Flea Market, Morganville Independent Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary, Hwy 79. Morganville. Rain date June 14. Spaces: 16.00,10 A.M.to4 P.M. No reservations needed. Arts and Craf ts Show sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System, 10 a.m.4 p.m. at Monmouth County Holmdel Park, Long St. Road, Holmdel. IS 00 per space. 6424000 Flea Market, at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Carr Ave. ft Kennedy Way. Keantburg, 10-3 p.m. Spaces available IS 00. bring your own table Rain date June 21. For more Information call 787-0207 or 7874052. Fantastic Flea Market held by Middletown Historical Scoiety. Sat., June 7 at Croydon Hall, LeonardvilleRd., Middletown, 10 A.M.to4P.M. Space: 15.00, Reservations: 671-0250 or write Society at P.O. Box 392, Navesink. N.J. 07752. Flea Market-Craft Show-Strawberry Festival, Sat.. June 7, 104 at the Reformed Church, Kings Highway. Middletown. Rain or shine! Limited space available. 15.00. Reservations Call Laurie, 842 9283 Shrewsbury Chorale will present the Bach Maas in B Minor with orchestra, at the Monmouth Arts Center, 99 Monmouth St., Red Bank. Paul Crammer, Conductor. Tickets $4 4 IS. can be purchased at Box Office or by mail. (42-9000. V North Central Division of the Mid Atlantic District Barbershop Annual "Festival of HarmonV" • SPEBSQSA Quartet ft Chorus Champions, plus aMed featured attractions. Sat., evening, 8 P.M., Paramount Theatre on the Boardwalk, Asbury Park. Tickets $4 80 StudentsftSenior Citizens, 13.00. North Central Division of the Mid-Atlantic District Barbershop Chorus Contest • SPEBSQSA • Sat. afternoon, 1 P.M., Paramount Theatre on the Boardwalk, Asbury Park. Tickets: $3.00. JUNE I VFW Post 2171,1 Veterans Lane, Port Monmouth Bus trip, Atlantic City Park Casino, includes scrumptious lunch plus other extras, 111 50 per person. Limited reservations Call 7874721 JUNE 1* Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International of Monmouth County Monthly Dinner Meeting at Buck Smith's Restaurant, storting at 6:30 P.M. Featuring Derek daCambra, Actor, Operatic Stager. Performer at the MetftStage Director of "I AM THE WAY". Sharing his talent and testimony for Jesus. For reservation call 671-0115, 5911195 or 291-5500, before June!. JUNE 11-14 13TH MIDDLETOWN FOLK FESTIVAL at Bodman Park, Middletown. Fri. Night concert at 7:30 P.M., Sat., June 14, 11 A.M.to4 P.M. Music, workshop and concert. Continuous children's concert and crafts from '.1:30 A.M. Square and Clog Dancing at 0:15 P.M. Many craft displays and exhibits Sat. evening concert at 7:30 .P.M. Admission: Adults 13.50 evening concerts, *20o /daytime events 50t children under 12. Rain site Middletown Township High School South, Nutawamp Rd. Further Information call 291-9200. JUNE 14 Bus triptoWyeth Museum and Longwood Gardens sponsored by Guild of Creative Art Leave Red Bank at 9 A.M. return 6 P.M. 115.00 Includes box lunch Bring friends. Reserve space immediately. 741-1441. / Little Sliver Republican Club First Flag Day Dinner Dance, Sat., June 14, Squires Pub, 7 P.M. Cocktails, Hors d'oeuvres, Dinner, Dancing. 125.00 per JUNE M Atlantic City But Trip to Resorts International, 119.00 per person, Includes transportation, midnight buffet $2 in quarters, and more. Benefit Easter Seal Society ^Leaves Brookdale College, 6 p.m. Call 542 1900,

Ext. s i r JUNE 21 / The Atlantic Highlands Historical Society Invites youtoa Walking Tour of six historic homes, Sat., June 21, 11 a.m.to4 p.m. Refreshments served at first and last homes. Tickets: 15.00 advance sale, 16.00 day of tour at Borough Hall. For advance sale tickets mail check by Fri., June IItoMrs. David Palamara, 33 Fourth Ave.. Atlantic Highlands, N.J. 07711. (With name and address). JUNE tt-RAIN DATE JUNE I* A Flea Market will be held by the Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Shalom, 186 Maple Ave., Red Bank, June 22, 9-5 p.m. on grounds of the Synagogue RAIN DATE, June 29. Limited space, so please call early for reservations. 291-2123. JUNE It THRU II Center Drama Workshop presents IU 69th production "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying". Directed by Angela Flynn Knox, Jewish Community Center. 100 Grant Ave., Deal Park, on June 19 21,23.24,25. 26ft21. Curtain weekdays at I P.M., Sats. 9:30 P.M. All seaU reserved, 16.00. * .50, $5 00ftM M Call 531-9100. JUNE 19ftII Broadway Show "Beat Little Whorehouse In Texas". Bus, show ft food, HO. June 19, bus leaving Middletown. I p.m. ft Hazlet, 6:15 P.M. June nth Hershey Park, Pa. Busftpark, $n Bus Waves MMdletown I A.M.. Hatlet 8:15 A.M., sponsored by MidAtlantic Association 7174021 or 566-3812 JULY 26 Giant Flea Market, Arts and Crafts Show. Sun July 20, 10 a.m.4 p.m. Synagogue grounds, nest to Elberon School, Park Ave., Long Branch. Space: (1000 Rain or shine! Reserve now. 222-6666. Heavy advertising planned. Sponsored by Congregation Brothers of Israel, Elberon, NJ.

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(VHF) WNET II: (UHFl » , SO, U, H(til lilted « Mi (VHF) WCBS 2, WNBC 4 WNEWS.WABC7, WOR •.wnXU;(UHK)U. PHILADELPHIA :»,«:»

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" COMMUNITY I— Sane lunar Ma«la IRI 7 : » t : H COMMUNITY II— Tarn Harn(RI7:M. t i l l • •TONTOWN DRiva-iN— O«te t h w Movl. IRI 0 1). m w w * v PVAIA cmiMA in FrMavIa* IWi ( * ) 1. Mo. I 4) II H; AMmalHoMOlRlia raaaMCRD MIDOLIHX COUNT* • DIIOM aaiMXB MINLO MARK CINBMA I— Tamaararllv CMaad T N arAMra drum Back (MO) PMIIHOLO II— IMSI4ll>M 0*na IIW» Ma»M OI kUllIII. »U >OM Mrlaa («)«, 4. I I II CI< Dlo LaueMM IPO) L 7. t i l l CINIMA I I — Houraead KnleM> IRI 1 1 0 . ' 10. a u i a i a t r>LAIa C U U M i HMinmaa KMatiM l i l t a MOX0LL aUTSIRI P U O * CINIMA I I TamHern(RI):ie.«:a> TO«m— MMAUTINOS CfiaaUr Two IPOI 7:11. • « O0» . COUNTRY*" P0-AIII . IP


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"See of Oraaa" tea? eer Traoy, KMkvlM Maa. Aunwnuiw IH
• Kracnar Jim Verderosa accounted for almost all the runs for the winners. He belted three-run homers in the first aid seventh innings. Chris Schiavo went six innings for BEATS BRICK —Middletown South hurler Dave Lynch for the Eagles yesterday in the Shore Conference Toms River East (7-15) He left in the fired a six-hitter and struck out nine Brick Township playoffs. seventh after Russ MaUett hit a two- batters In his first starting appearance on the mound run homer. Rob Petty came In to get the final three puts Bill Carduccl look the loss for Ike Hornets (12-7) Rmnton-F.H. (, Wall 3 LeteHe I I »*0 TOTALS U- H I HUMSON - Humson Fair Haven Jactaaa Twa. i Reynold! I t JO-1. ?»embe Ib - 4«0, Dgrcev p Tamo «lyer laM. Ceanev t t 4-14, Carl Can 3b 1 * 4 . Event c 2-04. Regional scored three runs in both toe 444. Markll p 0*0. A n n Ml J . l l « « » » I H . inaaai i ZeOelll r l 1 * 1 . Roller dh 1 * 0 . Neuyokl I t 1 * 1 . Rultir rl 4 11. McCarthy H U H . Dernackar Ct 4 11. HN - Run Meltell. Jim Vardarata ( I I ; IB • . . . Cimino cl I I I , Carney H M l , Wltniawt»i p 1 1 1 . first and third innings and that was Denning U> 110. Dougherty i » o-l. TOTALS 2V J ft BeMterl. Mart RoOMns TOTALS: lt-t-1. enough to defeat Wall. . WP - Chrlt SclUave (IS) J LP - Bill Carduccl (1-41 Mawall 100001 o 1 m m - . . Urt « jactaaa Taex ooooii » i Giveni II M l . Kunkel I I 1 1 1 . Lynch p 4 * 1 . RBI singles by John Blank and Jotinioo Lenich I b 4-1-1. Palmer t t 14-1. Quftly 2b 14-0. IB Nauhokt, Carney. Zedallt c 3 11. IPPOUto dh a o i . Slmoni Ib 044. Rlnecko cl 144. Zenll pr 0 »0. Heroer I I 1 0 0, Ertle WP • Warren Wltnlewtkl (s-4), Randy Raehcfct Brian Rue highlighted the first inning Diodalo rl l i t . Kolackl tb H I , OeMarco cl 144. c 344, Dougtoi r l 14-1, Renoe/io tb 1-04, Streuch TOTALS17-4* 19.41 ph 144. Regan p 144. Torret oh I 10, Slranberg oh for Humson while Dave Cuje and Rue SattolblOO •rick tMtHO-l 144. TOTALS 1714 Hmwii MmillHllU. lltt»>-4 had RBI hits in the third. ReetenkRee a Dietrich dh 1*0. Cummlnt cl 0 * 0 . Turewalil t l IB - Kunkel; I t - Gtvent. Lynch. Dlooelo MacNelllbl 1-1, Terlaoliaph I 00. Romendelllc 3*0. Otler vie h Ib 3 I I. Bayce II 1 * 1 , Mac George rl Winning pitcher Tony Altavilla won WP O«v« Lynch 110) I I P - Andy Merkll 1*0. Hetirlck If 1*0. Brown 3b 1*0. Sventon Ib 34 I, Bruno t l 1 1 1 . UiKter»ood. cl 1-44, Ouket, cf Pi n k m Tiaaiklo » 100. G Dietrich pn 1 * 1 , Anderion c 1 * 1 , Ruttoc 444. Harviou I t 1 4 4 . Brmentule rl 1-14. Peleri II his fourth game without a setback. He Kelly 2b 4-1-1. j K k l M If 4-1-1. Monty* f t 3 3 3, 10 0. Diamond p 1-04. Avala Tt 1*0. TOTALS J I • McCabe p i l l . Merotla I t 11 1. Mara ph 100. was in trouble only in the sixth Inning Harrldtlerf Ib t i l . Sternl.lb rf 1 1 ! , AletM P 444. 14-14 TOTALS 1144 Petti cf 4-0-1, Gibson 3b 100. Havden dh 1-0-0. TO Central Dei. 0 mmtari aaaaeia i when Wall got all of its runs. TALI 11-4-10 Muitelmen cl 1-14, Llvero l> *-l-t, Durmighl i t Rod tea* aMOtti-4 111, Kachman p i l l . Alret . 4 11. Snaeran I t Pair ulle CM I I, Redeker cl 1*4). AIMr Ml 4-11. Southern Reg. (, Mlddlelowa North I IB — Bat Bruno. Joe Douelai 4 * 1 . Auguillna rl 111. Lighter a* 1*4. Smith dt Ab.d.bo p 0 * 0 . Mclnernov rl 4-14 4-1-4. Wolnl Wtln WP — Tom McCebe 1141 LP — Tom Raton ( i n 10 1. McKenty c 0 * 0 . Helton Ib 1 1 1 TOTALS: MIDDLETOWN - Southern Re- miller II 1*0. Knoph tb 4 * 0 . Hevet 2b J 00. iuUtimn CBA I HHI3 1*0. LaSela I t M l , L.Cont. Jb 1*0. TOTALS Oalllnaro I t l-l-l. Gervollne I t 144. Setllbert c gional (10-13-1) scored four runs in the IMl Keyperl : BMMIO-I 1-0-1. Kuril Ib 3 0 1 . Raymond I I 1-44, Allegro dh Central KJUta-f T— IMMII-i third inning on five infield hits and an Pi 144, Stemoutlol P 14-1. G DeRota lt> 3-0-0, Zeoclc IB Kachman. Ausutllne. G Dletrkh; HP. . IwkMI—MI S*l 1M t - 4 cf 1-04, A. OoReta rf 14-1. DeBonedolle ph 144 Ottervlch error and that was all It needed to HR • Kelly, LoSete; 3B - Herrntateff, Jackie*); IB TOTALS 11-14 WP - Steve Kechmen (1 41. LP - Jehn Diamond HerrldileH. M i l n f r m , St-HatM (1-1). defeat Middletown North (8-12). WP • SIM Aleilo (S 4J, LP Gary A*HJCIrato Oott I t 4 0-1. Klaraapa i t 4 4 4 . Whlu c 14-1, Paint tore t Winning pitcher Mark Wetmore Melearoal Abbot rl 14 I, Spegnoll cf 1 OO, Cordet D 1-4-1. Gar Perroto Ib 4 * 4 . Voael I t 4 * 4 . Starr Ib 111. Rtnnor cl 10 0. Moonev Ib ) 00, Pontei I t S-l-1. ruilo II 144. Llylngiton I t 14-1, Arpa rf 1 4 4 TO Keller rf 3 0-0. Yeomant cf 3 * I. Zar a o 3 O-O. Cannon held the Lions to four hits Gorman p 411 Oarmann p 4-1-1, Lorn r l 1 1 1 1 , TALIU4-S I t 1 * 1 . Puciul c 1*0. Seeley II 100 TOTALS Saro.l4 dh 1 H , GoMtgrg II 44-1, I M M c M - 1 . CBA aea eta i i IM-4 Blue Division Bengleel Bongloveno Ib 1*1 TOTALS JO S to I I , itaae BMOBOO-O Red Baat cethellc 14 OceeaTajt. 1 Asbary Park 4, Point Beach 3 IB Bat Galllnero. Ptlll Saltltart Athkenli I t 4-1-0, Bauer t t 4-4-1, Rake Jb 1*0. Rockorieller rl 1*4), Laoltr rl 1 * 1 , McPtierten WP - Ale* Stemoullai ( I I ) . LP - Rat Cordet McMenon cf 3 31. Mlnear cl 1 1 1 . Gormen rt 3 11, ASBURY PARK - Winning pitcher cl 1-1*. Lea cl 1*0, Wllderotter P-lb JO I. O'Oorman IHimiire.Roa.4 Fortmen if 4 11. Flaherty c 4 13. w Ryan Ib 40 1. 1*0, Mar una Ik l i t . McCarthy c 1*0. Ouana Hubel II 444, Weltert cl 4-1-1, Babin rl 4-1-1. M. Ryan I t 2 * 0 . Cola© t t 1*4. Perraro p l-l-l Conrad Greer hit a sacrifice fly in the 1anIb1*0. Slr.no ltt-lb 0 * 0 . D w n II 1 * 0 . Schutli II CoKle 2b 4 10. OtaroM I t 44-1. Sklmmoni dh 3 10. TOTALS: 3S-14-IS last of the seventh inning to drive in 1*1. J o r a a n t M i l i l * ! , wnarlnabyp 1*0, Mima p Laurence t l 004. Doien c 144, Trtatanbacker Ib PaMBeea oottooo- I 1*0, TOTALSl* I ! l-l-l. Whllmore p i I I TOTALSI2 4-7 •adBtttCalt. t»4».-i4 Chuck Reaves with the winning run as •WUwaa StttMi—| IBMcMehon. Gormen. Pleherty; a**. a Cheh.lt If 1-04. Dlredo I t 1-14. Klrmatl 3b 144. Stave F . r i . r o . L P ajkh Zara toil o M a i i i Asbury Park edged out Point Beach. IB serolle F l i l b l - l l , Hunter D1-04. Holinde c 14-1. Beckerl rl WP Mark Germenn I ) I I . LP Larry wilder 144. AH.no Ib 1-4-1. Clccone cl 14-1. Steekln t t 1-04. Cruetcldene Ib 1 * 1 . M. Lewlt I t 3-1*. Knaul i t Greer gave up four hits, fanned five olttr Chnen 30 144 1 * 1 . Ivankkl If 1 * 4 , Handel p 1 * 1 . Schleoetef ib * 0 TOTALS 21-2-4 and walked three for the Bishops who wall > 3 * 0 . Gauthier rl l-l-l. G Cotm c 1 * 4 . Kkaty cf 1*4, Hat. Ib 1-1-0. Shlmko t t 4 * 0 . SMcum n l i i. TOTALS: 15 2 4 Her* play Red Bank Catholic in the semi- HallO'Hopve 111*1, Tranbeo Ib 1 * 0 , Plckellc 1 * 1 . Kaetpr Start Real I t • Shown h O OtwaM 0 * 0 . Cooper c 1 * 0 . Mortlnl I t 1 * 0 . Oonely I b l M . finals tomorrow. WP - Mark Wetmore ( H I , LP Jim Hunter 111) Pingitore » 114, Dannwyer I t 1*4. Yeneiel If Whine cf 3 0 1, Luodv p 1-1-1. TOTALS 11-1-* POM teeca I 1*1. Slmpton rf 1*0. Kelly tt 1*4. Cucclnalle c Monmouih Reg. I, Hrnry Hadsoa I •amaaa-PH a Mercoluro If H I , Voito I t 4VI-1. Andreach I b 1*0. Farrell p 1 * 1 , Brand I t 1*0. McEvoy I t 1*0. p l-l-l. Scarrone t i 1-1*. Rlchier i t 444, ReM p 44-1, BoeMner cf 44-t, Feoedo rf 114. Glronde cf 1*0. TOTALS: n i l TINTON FALLS - Monmouth Re- 0 * 0Allavtlla , Colt dh 4 1 1 . Hue Ib 3 0 ! . Hillary c 1 * 0 . McNemara u 1 oo v . l e t Ib 1 * 0 , Lett c 1 4 4 . Martaara Ml rat0-2 Allegra rl 1 * 1 . Tearmen pr 0 * 0 . Connor ct 1*0. TOTALS If u gional scored four runs in the first Sltveni Start * a t > tooooto- t ph 1*0 TOTALS 14ft' Alkary P a r k l I t Cr.icidene (Ml PRINCETON It was a great inning and winning pitcher Bob San Mike Kessler. 6-4,6-2. w.u eoatiei j WP Hank Handel ( H I . LP JohnFarrall Coalman i t 44-1. Rtavei a t 1 1 1 , Gomolha c Miaaai ft 44-1. Graer p 44-1. Zagat H I I I , Kantian cf M - 1 . thrill for me and a very emotional win guinetti tossed one-hitter as Monmouth Raemaa Cherry Hill's unbeaten first doubles IB Pkketl. Ciile Herlan rl 1 * 1 . Rutv Ruttjartkv t l 1 * 1 . L a m Thomoton Ib 144. Welding rl 1 * 4 . Darling dh n I, lor the whole team." CBA tennis coach topped Henry Hudson. WP - Alteyllle (4-ot; LP • Kurt Ltitfv (1-41 rende I t 1 4 4 , Spinner cl 1 * 4 , Bollon dh 30 1. Korne I b 0 4 4 . TOTALS 14 4 1 Pole! teech team (51 in a row) of Jeff Presant and Norton I b 0-0*. Jecklen II 1 * 0 . RendeH Ib 144). IWMBI — I Dan Keane said after his team won the Bob Clarahan knocked in two runt Wayne Streibach topped CBA's Mike Cerbin Ib i l l , Hti4tn Ib 4 0 I, Ktigher Ib 1 * 1 , AhdepSO I. P e r k t c l * * . TOTALS24Of Altery Part t i l Ma 1 - 4 p 5 1 1. wight II 4 11, Burnt II 1*0, Temi River Nerth i N.ISIAA overall slate tennis chamIB Greer. Reid; I B - Reevei in the first with a double and Steve ZHerowikl Chai and Eric Galcher, 6-3,6-4. Btanty rl 12 1. Wllih c 4 11. Campanile ct l-l-l. Cemaat I t 4-1-1, PeMualet cl 4 1 I. McCarthy I t WP - Conrad Greer 14 4); LP- Den Raid pionship' with a heart-stopping 3-2 vicSternik added an RBI double for the Veenev cl 1*0. Oiltoian Ib 1 * 1 . Arnone Ib 111. l-l-l, Goarltv I t 4-1-1, Veraerate I t 4-1-1, Campball l l a t u HeeHee 1 " Cherry Hill East's first doubles Ketiev dn4-1-1, TOTALS 17-it-l? a* 4 11. Klrty II 1 * 4 . O'Amtrec 4 14, Grill r l I I I McCall Ib 14-0. Miller If 14-4, Vellto If 144, tory over Cherry Hill East yesterday at Falcons (7-15-1). MaactaUarTaal team is comprised of quality athletes. 32 IS I I Lukechvk I I 144. Porler M> 1 1 1 , Devil cf 1 4 4 , Kallv II 4*4. Gonjelei I t 1-1-1, Matreale rl 1-1*, Princeton University PraataM. .. . tntMO—0 Gerber rl 1 4 4 , Krelttler rf 14-4, Plfcula dh 144, Sangunetti, who fanned 12 and Murln I'm pleased that we got seven points," dh 1-1-0. Mull c 1 * 1 , Meuder Ib 1 * 1 . Haaton TUN O'Brien p 0 4 4 , Dwlghl I b 144, Olllon ph 144. 1*0. Kooiln » 1*0, Hayet 3 * 0 . Bernardo I t The unbeaten Colts, defending 051IO « - I I Nevfaeuer I t 144. TOTALS 21 I 1 Keanne said. I think that we sur- walked three, had a no-hitler until one Ib 3 * 0 TOTALS 14-1-4 HR • O'Amtra 111; I t - McCarthy. D'Amtra. N.ISIAA state champions, appeared in out in the seventh when Henry m n a a i prised them with our second doubles an I M I to Grill. Rutbartkv. Ahde Alton II H-0. Freemen ph 0 4 4 , Key ct H I . F I > Tap waul 1 WP BooMulllg.n IS SI. I P BobAnde ct 1-44, Sontunett! p 1-01. Jonea ph 1-44, Levlnt Ib serious trouble after Cherry Hill's John Hudson's Tom Porter tripled and MMCkauer " Even when Wally lost, the team IB - Lorrtn Keltey; IB - Jim Kelaher. Ed 1 1 1 . Wlklton Wilton rt 110. Kunert rl 144, Slernlk Newnmib defeated Wally O'Connor. Zekeromal. Jim Wight, vinnie Campanile. Lorren scored on a wild relay. Arnetta If 1 * 1 . Lltn Ib 1 * 1 , Camao c 2 * 1 . I t 3-1-2. Clerehan 2b 3 4 1. Vltlceroc 1-04. Gordon ph stuck together and cheered on the secKeltey ruhai a 1 * 1 . McNemere Oh 1 * 4 . O.Rourka I t 244. Brovlet I t 2 4 4 , Roppola t t 1-44. TOTALS ti I. t;:t in the third.singles ' Neptune 10, Manchester Twp. 3 ond doubles team," said Keane who WP - Ed Zakerowiki (4-4). L P Al Bernard) 1 * 0 . Schlner rf 1 * 0 . RetenUI cl 1 * 0 . Grltfon I t KM T M I River Call I 1 * 0 . TOTALS 1 4 * 1 That left it up to CBA s number two MANCHESTER • Ed Zakerowski won his first state title after taking Noam HeeMaa oaa aee i — t Mclntvre cl 4-1-1, Oerrltv If 1 * 1 . Robbim tb Term River t M t t Mee.ne.lt, e«noa-4 doubles team of senior Dave Smith and struck out nine, issued three walks, and 4-1-3, Santot Ib 4-1-1. Verderote dh 4-1-1, Chiartlla I t aver for John O Shea this year. Grundhauter I t 4-1-t, D.loiale r l 3 10. IB - Porter. 2B Sternlk, Claranan 0 * 0 , Rover i t 4 * 1 , Schlevo p 1 * 1 , H i m , mi 1*0. Brueckner I t 4 1 2 . Kaullman ct 1-11, Jediinen Jt WP Sot Senoulntl Saneulneltl l l l l ; LP Ron Ireshman Myles Gilson and they came The Colts have won 19 in a row as gave up just four hits for the Fliers. Al DeCarlo n 40 1, Pally c 1*4, tchrebore ph 3 * 0 O'Brien 13 SI J 1 J, Durney u 1 1 4 Rulh p 1 1 1 . Crewley Ha 1 * 1 , TOTALS M-I-14 Doneto c 1-1-1. TOTALS IT T in rfUnttlran through deleating Ross Engieman and Bernard! suffered the loss. they prepare for the Monmomth ColApoelle cl 314. Radeckl a 1*4. Paotella c 1 * 0 . . aaeaaao —o Kred Pollak, 7-6. 6-4 for the winning Llccierdello It 4 * 4 . Benkert I t 4-1-1, Mellett cl Neptune scored twice in the second, lege tournament. Cherry Hill East is WMI II 1 * 0 . Potaikv Ib 1-14, Barrow I t 1 * 1 , Lin T« ."..."....... BSS « ! « • - » 4 11, R o w c 4 * 1 , Scorei ib 4-1-1. Me Loon, dh 4 * 1. HR Grundnauter. 2B Brueckner denurlh rl 1 * 1 , Porteletln » 1 4 * . Hamon u 144, point . once in the third and fourth, and three Megelo tb 0 * 4 . Smith rf 1 * 1 . Carauccl a 1 * 1 . Lundvek) ph h*0 TOTALS 24 13 29-2 with the only other setback being a WP - Bruce Ruth, LP - Tony Vuhat "That was the key match, " Keane times in the fifth inning to take a 7-0 decision to prep school power Lawlead >» _^• said Smith and Gilson were down 4-1 renceville In the second, Jim Wight, Tim I the hrst set and came back to tie it at The match was a rerun of last Blaney and Jude Welsh all singled to 4-4 and then they won with a 5-4 year's state1 final with the Colts also 1 load the bases. Vinnie Campanile then tiebreaker winning by a 3-2 score. doubled two runs home. Mike Dilloian ! That gave them the confidence UNIONDALE, N.Y. (AP) - A Nine bands representing local high fenseman Ken Morrow shaved off their singled home two runs in the filth ] and they were able to win the second CBA 1. Cherry Hill I « l l SIMM schools and organizations marched in beards. before Paul Corbin's single scored the crowd estimated at 60,000 lined the 1 Me set," Keane added "We had some Scott Bletsing IC> d Lon Mill.r. 4 0,ftI mile parade route last night as the New the parade that began near Nassau Marc PohcattrolCId Mifci K « l l * r . 4.4.4 J third run. ' excellent net play from Gilson." During the ceremony, the team reJohn Nrwcombt ICMEJ d Wall»O Connor. 4 l.ft J York Islanders celebrated the first NaCommunity College and ended at the CBA won the first two singles as R.B. Catholic 14, Point Bora 1 ceived citations from Nassau County tional Hockey League title of their team's Nassau Coliseum borne arena. Jr-M Preteni-Wevne Slraiboch d Mike Chei-Erlc expected with Scott Blessing defeating RED BANK Steve Ferraro. a Gale her. 13. 6 4 Executive Francis Purcell and Suffolk "I still haven't realised what we've Dave Smith-Mvlei Gilion (C) d. Row Engelmen Lori Miler, 6-1, 6-0 and unbeaten junior who had hurt his arm last year, eight-year history. County Executive Peter Cohalan ' Fred Pollak. ; ft, « The players rode in antique and accomplished.," said Potvin during the pitched his first complete game of the ! Ireshman Marc Policastro stopping M The club also was presented with a ceremony at one of three band shells season for the Caseys and limited Point open cars, with team Captain Denis trophy named "the Suffolk Cup" that Boro to four hits, thus making the 36- Potvin escorting the historic Cup, as constructed for the event. "It's still will be placed on permanent display at sinking in. But I'm really happy." mile round trip for the Panthers com- the fans — waving balloons and banthe Coliseum ners — showered their heroes with Every player attended, though two pletely unnecessary. cheers. looked different than they did Saturday Team owner John Pickett, along The Panthers had come into the Center Bryan Trottier, who won toe when the Islanders defeated the Philawith General Manager Bill Torrey and Emery her first setback in eight pla/offs with a 2-16 record and went WEST LONG BRANCH - Sue delphia Flyers 5-t in overtime to take Coach Al Arbour, also participated in games. home with a 2-17. Red Bank Catholic is Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded the liallo knocked in six runs with a homer playoffs' Most Valuable Player, also the best-of-seven series four games to the festivities that l u t e d nearly two Southern lifted its record to 12-6 8-10-1 and alive. and four singles to lead Shore Regional two: left wing Clark GiUies and dehours. while Ocean is 21-4. to a 21-2 rout of Red Bank Regional Tom Gorman's sacrifice fly and an was accompanied by his prise. Holmdel 13, Manchester Twp. II yesterday in scholastic Softball. error gave Ferraro two runs in the first MANCHESTER Jennifer inning, and be went on to fan 10 Rose Primavera added a three-run Gromann and Patti Vavrick slammed Panthers while walking only two. The homer for the Blue Devils who closed solo homers to highlight Holmdel's Caseys added three in the second on an out their season at 21-4. Winning Shore Conference 'C" Division win error and doubles by John McMahon pitcher Chris Ward scattered three (RBC (R1CI 1»S, 1 Slecl IRBCI 2Mtt2tS 400 IH I Tarn Baler IRBC) * M . 1. K M M (R»C) LITTLE SILVER - Jim McMeffey Javelin - I. Brian Laroev (RBCI 411. 2. M. over Manchester. H.I. 1. Harmon (RBC) WM and and Gorman, and four more in the hits McNemere I R I C I UI4.JCIermelie IRBC) 151-1 and Tom Baier were double winners Mile Reley - RBC lOeMonle. Regan, Tlmnev. P i fourth as the game became a laugher PV - 1 . Robbie Paul (RBCI » 4 . 1 . Ferewell (RBI McNemere) 1:41 Keansbarg 15. Freehold 14 for Red Bank Catholic High School's t-4. l Slmono IRB) 04 Shot • 1. Jim McHerfy IRBC) 44-7, 1. Cardeae Six hits in the fifth gave the Caseys KEANSBURG - Don DeLucia's LJ • I. Mark Clarmelle (RBCI 10-1. 1 TrOXa (RB)434,3. Mertln IRBC} 41-1 boys track team as they closed out the I RBI 17 a. 1. Herrlton I RBCI 114 another five runs. Dltcut - 1. MCHettev IRBC) 311. I . Kardotkl RBI single in the last of the seventh regular season with a 95-27 rout of Red inning capped a six-run Keansburg ralOther Games Bank Regional. ly that enabled it to edge Freehold in CBA 1 SI. Rose* McHeffey won the shot and discus DENVER (AP) - Righthander BUI "C" Division Softball. BELMAR - Phil Saltzbart Guilickson has been called up from the grounded a single up the middle to while Baier won both hurdles as the Freehold had gone in front. 14-9, Denver Bears of the American Asscore Bob Gallinaro in the top of the Caseys finished at C-2. SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (AP) with 11 runs in the top of the seventh Proctor's performance, however, sociation for duty with the Montreal seventh inning for the only run of the Coaches spend lifetimes trying to in- was not lost on i t least one of bis fellow inning, but it wasn't enough. Matt Brown won toe sprints for the Expos, a spokesman for the National/ game. The tally came with two outs. spire the best from their athletes, but coaches. Debbie Peterson batted in four runs Bucs r League club said yesterday. Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo women's Alex Stamoustas pitched the with a homer and double while teamAs the shaking subsided, women's Red eaek Ceaaelk M, Red BOM V Guilickson won his sixth 'game in a gymnastics Coach Andy Proctor really shutout, striking out six, walking four mate Lori Winter added two doubles 100 - t. Men Brown IRB) 11.1, 1. Slroftonno basketball Coach^eMarilyn McNeil, obshook them up last night. *" row on Tuesday night when the Bears and allowing five hits. Rob Conies suf- (RBC) 11 1,1 Trim |RB) 110 and a pair of singles. ISO-1. Brawn (RBI 21 I, I . Slroltollne IRBCI 21 a, defeated Indianapolis. He has a 6-2 fered the loss. Proctor was recapping his team's viously Impressed, stood up nest to 1 TlmneylRBCIta.l Southern Reg. 5. Ocean Twp. 3 400 • 1. Mike DeMenlt IRBCI SIS, 1. TrltHe IRB) record this season. season at the Women's Athletic De- Proctor avenged a regular season tled back and finally tied the game in setback to the Green Dragons the sixth Pete Mclnemey's double along with an error. Mtddletown South will play Toms I Following Kelly's home run, the Kiver South in the semifinals tomorPatriots 112-11) got an insurance run in row at Middletown the seventh when Joe Montoya walked Matawan Reg. i, Ocean Two. 1 and Phil Harndsleff tripled UAKHURST - Matawan Regional brought an end to Ocean Township's 12Mark LaSala had a solo home run game win streak yesterday as winning tor Manasquan (13-9-1). pitcher Mark Hermann held "B" Bill Alesio was the winning pitcher. South champion Spartans 118-41 to only Marlboro 2, Shore Reg. 1 live bits WEST LONG BRANCH - Hank Matawan (16-6) scored two runs in Handel pitched a two-hitter and both the first and third innings and was knocked in one of Marlboro's runs as in trouble only in the sixth when Ocean the Mustangs upset the Blue Devils. stored its only run Shore took the lead in the first as Jim Long's RBI single along with Joe Pingitore walked and scored on an error gave the Huskies their two Hon Yenesel's single. The Mustangs runs in the first while Steve Goldberg tied the game in the third on a walk to knocked in both runs in the third with a Mark Lewis and Handel's single. bases-loaded single. Marlboro scored the winning run in Ucean threatened in the sixth as the fourth when Paul Gauthier was John Schultz singled with the bases safe on an error and scored on Dow loaded lor the Spartans' only run Crescidene's double. (.(•mi.urn got out of this jam by Handel (6-3) fanned four and striking uut Chris Jorgenson for the walked two Loser John Farrell struck out 10 Mustangs but walked six. Farrell llll.il OUt held Marlboro to four hits and had the (.criii.inn struck out nine batters second hit off Handel and walked three. Matawan will play Central in the T.R. North 15. Freehold t semifinal! tomorrow at Central. TOMS RIVER - Catcher Joe Toms River South 9, IVJanalapan 0 I) Ambrn had a banner day for the TUMS HIVEH - Toms River South Manners knocking in seven runs with a (In! all its scoring in the fourth, fifth pair of homers, a double and a single and sixth innings to zip "B " North I) Ambru had a three-run homer in champion Manalapan 112-101. the second and added a two-run shot in Three hits, a walk and two errors the sixth. gave the Indians four runs in the fourth Winning pitcher Bob Mulligan scatand Tony lirundhauser added a solo tered five hits for the Mariners. home run in the fifth Jackson Twp I, Howell 2 Winning pitcher Bruce Rush scatJACKSON TWP - The Jaguars tered live hits, fanned four and didn't overcame a one-run Howell lead with a

CBA captures state net title

High school box scores

B^^altA'jjSreBnfJj MaeeT^BB jf

Islander celebration


Gallo powers Shore

RBC trackmen defeat Red Bank

Expos call up Guilickson

And the earth moved...


THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1980 T h f flUtf) R r f l i l f c l


MCIT tennis: New format OCEAN TOWNSHIP - Team and individual tennis are the theme of the 13th annual Monmouth College Invitational Tennis Tournament which begin Monday and winds up next Sunday. Neil Johnson manager of The Racquet Club, here, has designed a new format for the tournament which gives all of the top individual players a cltahce to earn the title as the Shore area's top high school tennis player. Meanwhile, 16 of Monmouth and Ocean Counties' beat* teams will competein an effort to capture Monmouth College's traditional team championship. , Opens Monday The tournament opens on Monday with eight of the 16 teams In action beginning at 3 p.m. on five of the nine

Racquet Club Har-Tru (clay) courts. Team action resumes on Tuesday with the other eight teams vying. Then on Wednesday, the top 18 high school players in the area enter the f r a y w i t h C h r i s t i a n Brothers Academy's Scott Blessing the topranked player Seeded second is MaUwan Regional! Jonas Bergstrom. Elliot Braha, Asbury Park's ace, is third and Point Pleasant Bore's Karl Muench is fourth. Action among the individual continues on Friday and Saturday and then concludes with the finals (4 p.m.) on Sunday. The team tournament picks up again with the quarterfinals at 3 p.m. on Thursday. The semifinals are Satur-

day with matches being played at I and 2 p.m. and the finals are scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m. Strict Rales Rules governing the event will be strictly enforced. Players may be defaulted for poor conduct. Improper language will not be acepted and a laminute default ruling will be invoked if any player is late for a match. Players are expected to play two matches a day if so scheduled. Coaching will be permitted only during rest periods. There will be three-minute rest periods between the firs.t and second set and a 10minute rest period between the second and third set. However, players may not leave the court area until the match is complete.

m\ mm BISHOP DARK HORSE —Elliot Braha. who hat lifted Asbury Park Into tennis prominence this year, will be trying to unseat two other stars in the MCIT individual tournament starting Monday at The Racquet Club. Braha is seeded third.

Giants Lloyd has cancer EAST R U T H E R F O R D (AP) - Linebacker Dan Lloyd of the New York Giants is facing a battle tougher than any National Football League opponent ever has posed. The 26-year-old Lloyd has cancer. The battle is for his life •| will never be able to sit here and express how badly I leel about it," Lloyd told Newsday reporter Jim Smith in a telephone interview published yesterday. "1 feel I've been shortchanged. You don't know what it was like coining out of the doctor's office ... When this thing hits you, it's

indiscriminate. II doesn't care whether you're an athlete or you have kids." The chemotherapy treatment for malignant lynv phocytic lymphoma has weakened the 6-foot-2, OSpound Lloyd to the point that mowing a lawn or riding a bicycle with his 2-year old daughter Jennifer tires him quickly. "What they're trying to do is kill all the cells in me that are multiplying," Lloyd explained. There is evidence, he says, the affliction had spread into his bone marrow, skin and spinal fluid.

A BLESSING FOR CBA —Scott Blessing gives CBA a top seed in both the team and individual tennis tournament next Monday at The Racquet Club when the Monmouth College Invitational Tennis Tournament begins.

Eagle golfers win golf title kv D»* HHllii

R A N K E D E I G H T H —Steve Bernstein, Ocean Township High Schoi's singles leader, grabbed an eighth seed in the Individual draw of the Monmouth College Invita-

tional Tennis Tournament which begins on Monday at The Racquet Club In Ocean Township.

Colts Neck man enters

LLS. joins trans-Atlantic race COLTS NECK - Alone at sea - a very romantic notion. People write books about solo voyages. Although romantic novelty does not usually enjoy a crowd, 109 singlehanders. from 16 nations will tackle the Atlantic next week, departing together from Royal Western Yacht Club. Plymouth, England on June 7. Alone, these competition in the Observer Singlehanded trans-Atlantic Race (OSTAR) will sail over 3000 watery miles from the English Channel to Newport, Rhode Island. ' While the American shore is the finish line for this race, Americans have never been the prime competitors until this year. In the five OSTAR events held since the original in I960, only 16 ameircan skippers have competed and none of those offered noteworthy performances. This year, 27 Americans have registered, the largest group from any one nation. Most American entrants sailed their boat to England. The trip saves the trouble of shipping the boats over and provides some pre-race practice. Each competitor must log 600 solo miles in order to qualify for the event. But not all those who sail from the states arrive at their destination in good shape for the return trip. Warren Luhrs of Colts Neck is among the American contigent in OSTAR. For him, the twenty three day, seven hour trans-Atlantic voyage was eventful. He departed from Fort Lauderdale in his specially designed cutter


rig ultra light displacement monohull Tuesday's Child (from "Tuesday's child is full of grace"). 3600 miles later, be arrived at the hosting Royal Western Yacht Club in Plymouth, England. Luhrs has a nautical heritage going back to his great-grandfather, a merchant who ran clipper ships out of New York. His father, Henry Luhrs, is known for the Luhrs boats mass-produced in Morgan, N.J. until 1M0. In 1969, Henry bought Silverton Marine which Warren and his brother, John, now run. In 1973. Silver ton's new Hunter Marine Division, personally managed by Warren Luhrs, began building sailboats. Warren used the facilities of Hunter Marine to build a series of boats, gradually developing toe concepts which went int the ULDB (ultra light displacement boat) Tues-

day's Child. Warren Luhrs is unique among the OSTAR racers in that he has entered the event mostly to test the design innovations used aboard the boat. He spent two years supervising the construction of this boat and may more planning it. Warren's brother, John Luhrs, commented that the singlehanded race would provide an opportunity for warren to "work odt the kinks." John explained that the design features aboard Tuesday's Child include a solar collecting device which saves energy in storage batteries. Most boats use the engine's power to generate electricity for autopilot, lights, radios, refrigeration, etc. The ULDB, propelled solely by sail, does not have an engine aboard so electricity must be created by some alternate source like the sun. The light weigh construction is another test feature. John Luhrs said, "The light weight concept is a trend Is the boat building industry just as in the auto industry." Less ' energy (wind in this instance) is required to propel a lighter craft. Tuesday's Child is a monohull sailing in the largest size division. This year there will be three OSTAR winners. The fleet is divided into three divisions by size. Each division is named after boats which have played a part in the history of OSTAR. The largest boats, Tuesday's Child among them, are Pen Duick. the smaller fleets are Gipsy Moth and Jester.

There are no handicaps other than this division by size and no distinction is made between monohulls and multihulls. Luhrs is not ID this race only to experiment with yacht design. John said that his brother has "always dreamed of sailing the ocean." „ One advantage Warren has over the international comptetition is the amount of time he has spent sailing alone with this boat. One feature new to the OSTAR will be satellite tracking of the fleet. Each competing boat will carry a transmitter that will allow an orbiting weather satellite to pinpoint each boat's position throughout the crossing. the The most widely recognized benefit of the satellite tracking will be publicity. The- system is by the French Argos, operated by the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales. Information from the boats will be transmitted through the Argos Center in Toulouse, France, where progress reports will be released twice a day. In the aftermath of Fastnet, such a system gains a new appreciation. Not only will the sponsoring Royal Western Yacht Club know where each boat is at all times but also any competitor who needs help will be able to signal distress with the transmitter. John Luhrs saild of the tracking system, " I know our mother is happy about it."

Quiet colors are key for bird watch By WILLIAM F. SANDFORD Went fishing with OI' Army Buddy and be - took umbrage at something I said about his new hat. That wasn't all he took. Later — to get even, he said — be took my birding glasses. That's when I offered him permanent umbrage — life other kind — under yonder pine. I don't know why be had such a bee in his bonnet about that bonnet. All I did was suggest that he go ahead and wear it and pay no attention to what people said. He gruffly informed me that no one had said anything until I opened my fat trap. I refrained from pointing out that no one else had seen it yet. And it didn't placate him when I allowed as how a red and white checked cap probably would be very smart for trout fishing during the deer hunting season. That brings us to our subject of the moment, which Is proper garb for such sneaky pursuits of wildlife harassment as bird watching and stream fishing. In this, the difference between a well-dressed aficionado and an unkempt tramp may be hardly noticeable. There are, however, some rales of raiment, though they have nothing to do with haute couture.

OUTDOOR WORLD Apparel can make a difference In the bird stalker's daily bag, and quiet color is the ornithological fashion key. Quiet particularly, means no white. Tans, olives and dull forest greens are the least obvious in the field and seem to permit us our closest approach without alarming our quarry. Dark reds, greens and blues, when mixed as in plaids and not in large, solid blocks as in all-red shirts, seem acceptable. But white, for birding. Is a no-no. OI' Buddy's hat would have been less objectionable if the white blocks were black. The flashing redmwhite combination could be expected to put birds Into terrified flight at 1.000 paces and spook any trout that saw it move.

Anglers plying shallow, clear-water streams should be just as apparel-conscious as birders, though many seem never to give it a thought. Staying out of sight of wary trout is difficult enough without shouting our presence in garb that stands out in sharp contrast to the background. The stealthy stream fisher wears dull clothing and stays between his quarry and the dark bank or vegetation. One exception to the no-white rule is the flat, open country stream where the fish sees his stalker always against a bright sky. Here white blends best with the background and is in order. The binocular-snatch hassle came when \my friend hove into view with my glasses strapped on his neck. "Great timing." I bellowed. "They're all gone now." I showed him the scratches and bruises I'd acquired trying to get a naked-eye look at scores of migrant warblers that had showned up suddenly. "Wanna borrow my toothbrush?" I fumed. "Okay. But don't leave me defenseless against a bird invasion. There musj been a hundred of em and I didn' decent look at more than one or two."' He mumbled something about it serving me right, then suggested that the stiff breeze might have contributed to my stalking fail-

"Or do you find it helpful when sneaking up on birds," he continued, "to wave a white flag at them?" "What?" I wondered. k He pointed to my belt. Hanging from it was the big towel I'd hastily stuffed there when I interrupted my shave to dash out and investigate the warbler songs. In the excitement of the chase I'd forgotten it was there. It was white, it was flapping in the breeze, and it no doubt hastened the departure of the flock I was trying to study. So we'd add one more item to our outdoor fashion notes: After choosing a basic outfit in quiet tones, make sure that all your accessories match It. CAMPING FAMILIES may want to look in on a new facility opened this spring just south of our area, on Route 528 in Jackson, just a short distance from the Great Adventure theme park. a unit of the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort chain that combines luxury camping with facilities for a wide variety of family recreation, including an Olympicsize pool, wading pool, fish-stocked pond with rental boats, a teen center, provisions for various sports, and a 10-foot high Yogi.

Sieve Krvnicki (MSI. 40. d. Bigllo. 42, 3 1 2. Tim Dlckenl (MS). 39, d. bar(lav. 43. 2 up Dan Noble (MS). 3T d Arty U l f I. 49. I E | Mike Pavacik IMS). 44. d Stem. 4«. 51, 3.

MIDDLETOWN - Middletown South won its 16th straight golf match of the season at Navesink Country Club yesterday by whipping Neptune, 4-1.

Km Tad PanBeth

Detroit hurler on disabled list

The win gave the undefeated Eagles the championship of the "A" North Division of the Shore ConDETROIT (AP) — Detroit ference. has placed sore-armed left-

Mike Pollack was the lone winner for Neptune, but Steve Krynicki (40), Tim Dickens (39), Dan Noble Gal Char INaBavl Mon'i HaMn IMacBatnl M Mr L B W INOBOV) 7. 10-1 r*>: U l n a . I n t a a , AHw. »P«r Gallop Pole (Teielral Ut Am IncradlkM (TarryT 1H Hard Enough tlednlar, lit Min info iRoftcn) lo-i One Man Show (NomaiM HI Cofruol M W I iTractnol 4-i GoOeflntj iBracclat*) M J-1 Slim Lutv (Jewell) . ",7W Bill wnaalar IMcCaulavl. . . . Mrt I I UnMav INkOI «J Time tor Fitiv (Klldila) •....•VI . in n mght OrausUrh (AthcroM) 3 1 ParliPraulNotavl tnai: U,8M. 4 * • A u», Cime.. * Per. u Salnl (Nladl 0-1 Outer Voyage (Ptrret) Hi Poa Kllrav (Ha (avl... M Steel Rock iSantagata) »I BaM Tola IMoraM) J.J . Brilliant* (Fartn) '. IS 1 A (Merry Rid* (MlCVli) 10-1 Billiard of Love (ftoeart) it M i l l Gun (Ptrrtt) VI insh Rhythm (Tarry) 1-1 Bold Prospect (Ladnier) II JW: iiJ,a»», ) n i « , AH*., iPer. Solo Pott (Bailey) 4 1 Dam Bachelor IMcCautey) H Luitrous Data (Fann) 4-1 Straight Strike IBraccia-e) J>1 Lt B«rt (Perret) i 4-1 Cr-eamtma Ctly (Mac Bath) M

Monmouth selections by Reggie Ster 1. Knif hi Graaslark, Salat Ucy, Jalopy I. BUiurdofUve.BoldProtpccl. IrisaKaythm 1 CrwusraMe City, Straifkt Strike. U . Bert 4. Tim Tlmmlay, Pick a' Pocket, Klag Baker I. Miss Wlagale, Rebecca's Reof, May Osaal «. Plak Pet, Maay's Helea. Tar a1 Ketlbcred 7. Bill Wheeler. Pop Kilroy. Corrupt M M I. Jaases W. Marpky ealry, TMcwiter Beete. Urry JeaaiBfjeatry I. Prlacess. Budle, Melrose Quern, Ugklia' Usa BEST BET: Creamette City (3rd) Yeslertlay's Wlaaer: Ne Beat) (Best Bel) (I.M), Exacta HIM)

HOOP PRINTS - Apprentices David Ashcroft and Craig Ladnler are among the new riders at Monmouth Park for the current season.

Ashcroft, whose older brother Curtis was a leading apprentice at Monmouth In the mid-1970s, led the bug boys a t Hialeah and Gulfstream this year. Ladnier, a 10-year-old native of Pascagoula, Mississippi, has scored U career victories. He won his first start at Keystone Park six weeks ago and also won his first start at Monmouth Park Monday aboard Sprung, placed first by a disqualification.


support boycotting the Olympics as a tool of international politics, as the federal government in Australia has seen fittodo.

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1)-1 S-]

Tarn'Feathered (Bracciala) F i l l * Writer (Terry) TrambMine (Roaari) Eait Coast Shopoar (Thornburgl

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Monmouth Park Results 1*1; U.SM, 4 f 4 it*. Cime,, 4 Per. Ado* Gin (MacBsth) 1) JO 7 403 40 T.H (Athcroft) 4 » 1.00 L*dv Huuymor (Parrel) 3.40 la* 17,aw, 4 v* A M», Cime.. * Per. Bella Us* (Athcroft) IMlMiao Better Than Poor (Nunei) S 401 00 Gav Dw Nord (Brace.ale Jr ) I.M Deity Diefcll 44 VIM 4 f e 4 m. Ctma - 4 Per. EiamlnefRoears) 10M9.0Q3.4O j.mmyt Around (Edwards) s X 3.40 Sool to SwH (Mucctolo) I.M «». t«.taa. l va A m. Mem , Tundra Ouavn iOlnko.a) 1 00 4 . K I M wetauga (MMBeth) 4». GM4MMU. MiBr.M. U N OliOO HOUSTON MadloO. M . r r M HR—Schmloi (141, 4* f > M akrtki LK>!I1I » lOU IIMKKI S - L l r l > OSmlHl I I 40 10 Puhlcl 10 0 0 IP H • • • M 10 " " W i n cl 4 0 0 0 Rtvnldi I I 10 0 0 •.icnrdl dl II 1 0 1 0 Morgan Ib 4 0 0 0 ELYRIA, Ohio (AP) - Former heavy- while he did not admit guilt, he offered no 3 110 0 3 Shlrlov Shl ORotxntn L.l-l ' p 0 0 0 0 " i in I I Sturrv > I winlKid rl I a 0 0 Waning Ib 3 0 1 0 weight champion Leon Spinks was convicted defense. 30 1 1 Hattlar 0 Montni ib 4 0 0 0 Cab.ll Ib The judge suspended Spinks' Ohio driving Tinsca c i a a o Laonard rl 3 0 a 0 yesterday of driving under the influence of 0 0 3 Aiftbv c - l a t a Turnar ph 10 privileges for six months and placed Spinks BEvoniIb 1 0 0 0 alcohol and falling to drive in marked lane*. i>ftvun P ) a a a Rodrigt 3b 1 0 0 0 on probation for one year. Elyria Municipal Judge James P. Horn Joihua ph 1 1 0 0 •ALTIMOM CLEVELAND 0 00 0 Oada Ib Spinks ha* a California driver's license, at r I I I ilrlK 10 1 0 fined the 27-year-old former Marine H50 and Fanay ph Mannng cl H I I Oumbry cl 1 1 1 0 10 1 0 WIMP and the judge said if he seeks an Ohio license Or la rl i 1 1 I Oautr 30 I I M ftayacou II 10 0 0 suspended a 30-day Jail sentence. Mar»r» IB 4 1 1 1 Slneltln rl i I 10 Tout Spinks had pleaded innocent to the he will tint have to take a course for people Haattv c » •I0 I > 1 0 Murray Ib Harran Jb 1 1 0 0 LMa> dn charges following his arrest by the Ohio convicted of driving while intoxicated. Cnarbnt il 4 1 1 1 Roomck II 3 0 1 0 ' Spinks, nursing a cold, appeared with Highway Patrol early in the morning of April Otlon* II 00 0 0 I , ph CJhnin dh 4 1 1 1 P K . I_,rc 19 near this Lorain County city. But yester- trainer Jerry Sawyer and Cleveland attorney Ovbiki » I I I ] Sakala i t no on MI— 1 —Walling LOB—San Di.go I , Howl day, he pleaded no contest, meaning that Roosevelt Cox. He has a training camp In Varytar » 3 0 I I Krnchk t t 3 0 0 0 I IB-Wlta 3B—Walllno SB-OS I * I3 i. JCrui. Cab.ll. S— Rayncrtdt. 0 00 0 DoCnct ph 1 0 0 0 " " • • • • * SO Total H i t It It I . H I t t t i l 0 * • » °,»"» . . . • ClavalaiNI OH oaa w o - i t " ' * ' L.l-3 r t I 1 1 1 Bonmort Oil 0M 0J0- t 5 h '"»» ' 0 0 0 0 0 E-Palmar DP—Baltlmora I. LOB— ""Ml"* Cl.vtl.nd I. Baltlmora II IB-LMay. » • • " " • » : « . • 1 0 0 1 7 Oomtnoy. MooniCkO IB Murray H«— T—1:30. A—HM1. Charban.au I I I . Av«la 111. * ! — „ . . _ „ PARIS (AP) — Tennis lesBOSTON DyBlintki.Orla S—Oanwtav. Varviar. TOB.OOITO otrtBi IP H lillin oBrkM sons for Pope John Paul II? Gnllin i t } 0 I 1 Burltin i t 1 0 1 0 Yes, says fellow Pole and 1 00 0 Want w 4 s Mill • t 1 1 Bailor cl 4 I 0 0 Dwyar II 1 0 0 1 profeisional tennis player Sianlon | | | 0 1 1 Motofty dh 1 0 0 0 Lynn cl Mono* S.I 13 0 0 0 0 1 Ho*.ll Ml 4 1 1 0 Ytlrim I t 4 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 Wojtek Kibak. Bonn.ll rl 1 1 0 1 • M l Rieadh 4 010 Palmar L.4 I 4 11 Kibak confirmed yester1 1 1 0 Brohmr I t 1 0 0 0 btawarl 0 I ] larg I t 4 I t I Mooionlb 4 0 0 0 day that he has a standing Marital) 4 II 4 PaKallv c 40 10 Eytnt ,1 1 1 0 * Total Total mil invitation from the Pope to mil MONTMAL CHICAGO TOTOatt viiit Vatican City a* a tennis •Brttl o k r t M Battoo L . F I , , . II 1 0 0 1 R a t t l . I t 4 1 1 1 DP-T.ro.to I, BoilonY LOS-Tiron. instructor. But he admitted Aimonn 0 0 0 0 Oajtlui I I 4 0 I Oloo. Ballon y IB— P.lca SB—loro. Grlllln Riioiilb 4 0 0 0 (ucknr I t I 0 0 1SF—Lynn that Papal duties and a hectic Whiltph 0 00 Vail rl I 0I 0 IP H * IP. • • M> international tennis schedule Bahntan p 0 0 0 0 •Illlnar II 3 1 1 0 Torotta Dawvon cl i 1 4 0 Kn«mnp« 1 0 0 OSI..C w w I 1 I I i I have made the meeting difvalanlin rl I • I 0 Kallanr Ib 1 0 0 0 JMcLohln S.J 1 I I 0 1 1 Parnthlt 10 0 10 T n p u c l ficult to arrange. Cartar c 4 0 11 Onlivri I b i o i ntjtabtv L.i i Cromrt I t 4 110 Dlllard3b- 0 I 00 H i t * -BylliatlFiul pa Pakally T "But you can be sure it's Spoiar i t 1 0 I 0 •I •IKk 4 1 1 0 I 0 Loci H 4I I I speaker was a hospital administrator from : ; . Garnar Ib 4 0 0 0 Colorado who had started a Wellness Clinic Nicoua c 100 0 Oil Ph I 0.0 0 Tnlio » l o at his hospital. ORotmtn o I 0 1 0 Ltrcll p 110 1 .Scurry p 0 0 0 0 Rtod p The company physician's report on his Sangln M 1 0 10 health promotion clinic and seminars was .Haitlar p 0 0 0 0 I Eatlar ptl 0 0 0 0 I Pat alia locotl OHO bolUr In Iho tovonlh. cautiously optimistic He had Instituted a M I N I Total

r.ys !^

Tr» Porrini c

THURSDAY. MAY 29. 1960 T h e D M I y l f e g W l e r

Rassas Pontiac, Inc. 395 Broad Street Red Bank 741-5180 Joseph F. Stein, Inc. 1715 Asbury Avenue AsburyPark 755-2800


(Wlla 111. loom. AllaMa INMkro M l M LM IWMclK-ll. W:H*.m. Only PojtnxlnrioilalSan t L A

i F0mtf0:(201) 942 0770 TCXmWI (201) 143-Miw

If you haven't talked to your Pontiac Dealer,

you haven't shopped for a car.

THURSDAY. MAY 29. 1980

Autos For Salt 1H4 condition

•Ull, low m.H, WOO S44 «0» alter » P m

(ForfiMfty Waal SMa Ford)



USED VOLKlWAOtM f ENOINES VOLKSWAOEM I E E T L E HFI ANO TRANSMISSION*!. GUARAN ExotMnt cmowien. maw to M O % TEED OTHE« USED PARTS Alamo 1IOH Call 71I-0M1 ALSO AVAILABLE CALL KENNY VOLKSWA0BH I M »EETLE * . THEODORE, MI-MET Faur iaea«. now wen), ram aroot. Only H I M rM-IIIO VOLKSWAGEN i O U A « E » A C K t i n — Hum aood, needi aama M v VOLKSWAGEN EUO lHo - • • a r t . M M i>\4m Altar 1 p m . call tit tut ""calMrn JMt artor l a em


, 741 nm.

MGB 19/1 — AM/FM llano, low PONTIAC H71 - LaMant Waoon. mileage mint condition. M'OO air, Dotvtr tta*ring'brah*i, tr*ilrr 74I-M/3 OT 71M4W hiuti. t » B l4»-a*4*




i T i



| V T F

« . , Price


'80 T-BIRD

• N . C*M«. • t*« «u*o wana 4 *v w / w u C M * aov* vwe »>« t»/B. r

•S27S M





•71 rono I « » . , . I




'6500 ^.7*6878





«•>• -*m eMM «a( ai >••• aw a « we*.

T» LMCOLN C n i n — a U M

!¥**,•[• , ' . * „ " " - • ' * i?n-






. B H H ^ a W AS i l l

I .IE • K





CORDOBA Stk 4C5O32 Sid equip.; auto trans , p/s. p/b, Options; 318 V8. rear defroster, left remote control mirror, air cond . digital clock. Landau vinyl roof, conventional spare.radio


CHAMP (ttk.SOW) CUSTOM 2-DOOH HATCHIACK with atandard: 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine, manual steering & brakes, radial tires Options: automatic transmission, vinyl side moldings, AM radio, wheel mm rims Appearance decor package LIST - $6036

LIST —$8423


REBATE — «500


YOU PAY $6669



6 others In stock, various options a prices

1 hi Mum A I M ' M F-350 Cab i p*B g «D» P S P. B waltrri mirror AM riow aui ruol tar* hoavy Duty ohockt W/W mm. (1 In Mock)

77 e«.« MJII 77 CHIVY LUV PICK l«>. I

Lwrt IMeo

S - S T - ^


•77 INTIRNATIONAl •COUT. . — 4— I « _


1980 DEMO







Stk. #CSO78, 2-dr std. equip; aulo. transmission, power steering & brakes, 8 cylinder, glassbetled whKwall radiale, bodyslda tap* stripes. Options; conv. spare. LIST — $ 6 3 5 8

LE BARON Stk. #C50l i 20dr. ltd. equip: aulo. trans . 6 cyl., p/s, p/b, Options: electric rear defroster, t/glaaa, ktft remott com. mirror, air cond.. padded Landau vinyl root, conv. spare, deluxe whl cvrs. glassbelMd whrtewall rsdiad. am/tm stereo fssaswa radio. LIST — $7665






YOU PAY M869 30 other Volares Ml stock to choose horn priced according lo opt. equip.

REBATE — «300

YOU PAY '6169 10 others In stock prfcvd ecc«r 55f»l»»_5fl- Call IH-oe.1, t:t»l DODGE CANS ft TRUCKS automatic. U4.12I m i i e m i . 1291 Miei ratyttt iwilm. earv oaao can CAMARO Z » 1»7I - U0, tour REM&EN DODGE 4Hlior. law e"o« m m . i)m weed. M.140 mites uooo or ben Twin ioro Maiori Inc. 144 4)00 PLYMOUTH 1*9 — Two door. '•*• * • * • " * ' candrttan- • n - H l i OLDUAOCILE ROY ALE 1*71 - All I l l Newman Sprlno RO Rao Bank otter Call Se* 7TO» ti«M-cvlind*r. automatic, power DODGE CHARGER SE 1974 !*!** power, air. many new perti. aood AMC/JEEP t M R V M E R NEW YORKEfi Il/J - steering brakes radio and healer Small V-A. air conditioning. AM/FM GHANDVUTLT condman SW> Altar S. I47S4H. VEGA WAGON m i — Mull Mil. Four door rierdlop, full power, 115.123 mi lev i391 radio EHcellenl condition Ashing Ortffcwl AM FM radio Good condition, I B Auiomaik. a l r . o a M u 11900 Call 471-4073 DODGE 197) — Station Wagon tenor «nd initnor |e*S U7-011I GREMLIN * t«H t x i t w r OLOtAMWILE M l — Wooer, air. or oaat Ottor Ifl-OHS eioM-cylinder, automatic, power DODGE TRADESMAN 300 VAN CHRYSLER STATION WAGON I1FI Meermg brakes radio and heater, 1977 — 37.000 mile*. 13100 or M i l •ulomalic. m i MM. 4J.0M iMMt radian, rack. Ihree laatl AUlno inn IIHEH or MtlaH. CltW I H H ' I M M I . Very good condition Fullv U J f f millet, 1394 n 2 Autos For Sala equipped AM power %TV> '47 *)*•> GTO I«M - • E«oll»nt tondllion. O L O i M O I I L E C U T L A M I U RAMBLER 1970 — Eight cylinder. OUSTER 1972 — SlaM tlK. auto PftEME I I ' I - All powar, air. •unCHEVROLET IMPALA i t l j — automatic. M w r steenng oraket, mat« power steering, rut I tree and root, too thapo. N mat. Oltra lirei. mechanically robuilt. 10.000 milev mint condition, new radio and heater, two-door. 97,154 (ompletely tloK 141 f«5|. H3M 4714MI, .mit*. U41 r«di*ls>. muffler, power steer PARK CHEVROLET mg brtke*. air, AM FM. (3100 F I R E B I R D — Power steer- HONDA I t f l HATCH • « » — Salei-Laaiino Saryico »aru FORO TORINO 197} - Twodoor. irtebrakei, I974 764 s*6i after 4 p.m A M / F M . air candi Rl oo—>7B t j r eight cylinder, automatic, power 1 toned fc • i. client condition Ntw Foui ipttri. 41000 mll«» Ont CHE VROLE T STAT IOM WAGON steenna brakei. radio and heater, NW. v*rv cit«n litso r4Mlts PEUGEOT n/4 — Autornatk with 1973 - Good condition, two an. 44 900 miles clean car. H.49S. lire*. \2\O0 Call 741 (MU aMer 1 p m lunroo* sltM Call l»> JH0 FiREBlRO 1947 - 4O0 engine •4I-UM. Attar 4. 741-1041 MUSTANG I I 1974— Two-door, tour » U I I iSnoO ^ATONTOVKN Loaded with eRtrat. Newly sainted CHEVROLET IMPALA 1971 — 'imder, four speed, manual steer PINE BELT CHEVROLET • Power kteenng. power br«kt,, aulo ing braket, radio and healer I3.IS2 HONDA ItMCIVIC HATCH — Fa> I0M SUM Hart or main air, Ml.000 miles Asking 1700 miles, runs unm*. t » 9 i FORD SUPERVAN 1970 - Good lallaB Call 291 SMI condition Atklrtf t W Call W-1414 PLYMOUTH SCAMP HM — i.« FORD TORINO 19M - Twodroo. IMPALA 1 « t - Four4oor. 1U auU c»iino«r, auiomaUc. u.000 mllti, smai 307 t. automatic power steer CHEVROLET WAGON 1971. four brakes, radio and heater. 79.310 FORD GALAKIE 19*9 — Twodoor malic. «.ln an i n n U » Call WO. Call Mi-Hlf. door new tiret. «.r conditioning, hardtop good runner. 129} }91 4943 711 1M< itrteo radto and tape Excellent rid PLYWOU1H 5PORT FURY M M — KITtON CHEVROLET CO FORD GRAN TORINO 1972 — Runs mu car Regular gat 1«MJ Kevport. Oood condition S)0O Many more to choose from Hwv. M Ealonlown good, best offer 739 1321 or 9449/19 Call »••» _^ KlNG,5LEV AUTO Ml ItW 71 CORVETTE 14 J 4400 CHEVROLET 1970 SS - 394 tour PLYMOUTH OUSTER 1t?4 — FORD 1974 — Torino, four-Ooor. air, LAKEWOOP T O V O T A - T M > I l l l P#mr ttaartna/braiits. air candispeed nurtl. I ] bolt Poti, Craigtrt. CHEVY rtf tteinng/brahei A M / F M CORVAIRS m i — ( I I One co Power steerln«/brakes. eaceilent Mid for UMd Carl 100*b flnahdno lioninq. rear (Klroiter. AM/FM condilion. high mileagt. m i l verfible. needt work, best oHer IQ a u i i i m »u»»n w m o ca««ette.ti300orbeitoMtr 717 293S M»rt«. low milt*«t Good condition Aulo nim.. L 741 1U3 I 7414111 MALIBU CLASSIC If74 — 4S.0OO map. Mi-tm. V-8. an cono. p/s. mlf*l. AM. tlOOD Air conditioned. IH>MT|AC L#MAN» 1I7S — U* 2 Autos For Salt p/b whiir, Illlli powor il«»rin«/braktl. 4U IStl 2 Aulo* For Sal* 2 Autos For Salt cvtlnovr, fawr-daar, 44.100 miiti. HIM alum wherfll Mrora 1 ».rw. pawtr itaarlnt/feratiak, air, ttaw 6 8 1 2 miles MERCURY CAPRI — 1»M. ora»n. lirtt and wtawt t w o W CQU, * « •91095 p m r ^ _ lour cylinder, totirjpeod. AM/FM caiMtla. raajular M l . n cltv. I I FIREBIRD 1«U - CanRABBITS nwy Naw crutch, ntw brakoi t « PONTIAC vtrtioisj, runt goad, naadt body colltnt cendit'on Avkirm IIJ0O Call worh, At* 1 no M » Call bat wean 4-4 DASHERS any-time. Ut-om.

Chrysler Plymouth Ma/da International \>*nowi Currant with ability For interview call (201) desirable Excellent benefits, salary LIGHT COOKING — And cleaning, maintain inventorv records, per n*ootiabie Send resume lo Business or weekend* Call lIKkir. loll ol If). M l i n Call wanted Top dollar, frpa llhour N i w m i n Springs Rd , Rod Bank. EXPERIENCED - •ounds cooks, V4-2UO Equal Opportunity E m Of Pickup. Call HI 1411 or I t M i t l LOWEST G I RATES form inventory cycle counts tic a. Henry Hudson ~ 7*14113 full time Apply In •arson at the plover, 7tMSee F E D E R A L L Y F U N D E D LOANS AUTO SERVICE M A N A G E R - E M p r e p a r e i n v e n t o r y reports o Highlands, N.J. O77W Channel Club. Monriaui in Beach. New anti inflation programs now parienct only AMlltv to M l f u r v l c * purchased materials, parts and MANAGER T R A I N E E S CHEW I I I ! PICKUP — With i » . n««ds. Banafltt. untformi, Mlarv processed good. SECRETARY — Experienced only, YOUNG IRISH WOMAN —To act as available lo Monmouth County FOR YOUR CAR EXPERIENCED - Counter help E xtellent opportunity for career o n with " * " K.HO mllo». m M I V I | » . _ pamon to elderly ladv In Fair Homeowners Consolidate All bills plut commlttlon. Good Vtar Sorvlca some bookkeeping knowledge OR LIGHT TRUCK anted individuals Full and part wanlad. Batty Brtu -leaner* I UOOtf. mo.ih AM-FM/C* »IIH (even Hours I 30 a m. t o t P I D into one much lower payment Save Stori, I0W HWV. IS, Ml Tha ideal candidate will be an * u lima positions also available Call Full-lime, weekends off &ood com Mon through Fri , and occasional siOO's Call »42 H i . t-12 clack. Mint conation. Aifclna monthly pany benefits Musi apply at 200 curate record keeper, well o r NEPTUNE MOTOR) HUBBARD'S CUPBOARD, 442-aUf ,'enings. S I M per week Musi have G E T E X T R A CASH 'Renter St.. Cliflwood Baach, N a can ui mi tfutitu and a high school graduate FRAMERS —Minii three years between • » i p.m.. Men. through NMM • X C E L L E N T R E F E R E N C E S and AUTO MECHANIC — EKftarMnca OMiratf PAV O F F ALL BILLS Our company offers an opportunit experience. Plscata av area. Must Pri. ' FORD RANGER XLT F1MSUPCNMO Hwv 35. Noplunt a good sense of humor Own Iran. HOWE R E M O D E L OR PURCHASE SECRETARY —Many openings lor anlv, musf hava awn tool* Salary of a challenging) position and en have own tools, train portatlon. and CAI l«;i — EacHKM Ignaillan vi m i l l So. of Alburv Clrclt portation preferred Please write office, medical, legal secretaries Plut commiulon, txnaliti, unl- cellent BUSINESS USE MOTHERS HELER - • ! daily, Call Mary. 471.1100 Century Par fringe benefits. must ba reliable- U 250* aftar a II.MO mlln. I l l t ] » after 4 p.m. QUALITY CARS a TRUCKS Bon E 311. The Daily Register. lornn. liva-dav waak Good Vaar RESTORE LOST C R E D I T ighi housekeeping, drivers license sonnet Agency. 171 Hwv. » , Mid Shrewsbury, ALWAYS I N STOCK N J 07701 Sarvict Slort, I0M Hwy. 3S, Mid To arr,inga for an interview, A N Y T H I N G AT ALL FULL-TIME AND RT-TIME KAWASAnTitX l i l — Dirt blka, eguired. exielleni opportunity tor dletown, N.J 07740 dlatown. «71 H ' i Even three, tour, er more months Accepting, aptflk ni with in c o i l * * * 9 i r l l r > t > r v l » w » »42-3274. HIGHEST PRICES PAID OMClHaAl con«llon. mm tirt» B«il behind U u ona of our plans now lo larview for nursing assistants. M •Her. Call m o m Far lunk cart i n d scrap TYPIfife — Needed, • J 54 AVON even A V O I D FORECLOSURE. 566-4000 and I W sMH t (Iliad nursing NURSES AIDES M/F — Part-time, SKILLED &ELLINO PAYt M-nu N.J. H O T L I N E , M O - m - e M * all shifts Call »44-4fil, between • p.m. weekdays, J i will train you to letlllty . Cast i Bt Call 'far (m> view work on sophistjhied word process Ext. 216, 217 Money programs also lor non vets a.m.-z a.m. 9-4, 4J1-UI7. JUNK CARS - D a n UII 111 n i l •acoma a Avan RaarMam*rtlva and no. systems W a r e an International you can aarn taad manav sailing tna nlo.hu and wagkindi Johnny. world's marketing cfljnijltino. firm with an PART-TIME — Experienced helper matt popular coamattct. CAS STATION AT 'NDANl — b COLLEGE SOPHOMORE - Look Call Mrs. Hammond. 471-ftJft, Mrs CLERK - 12 a m i a.m.fthlft,noa m -2 a.m., week ¥i Weekends wanted to work In Israeli giltihoo nterestlng variety of assignments HONOAMATIC l«ll — F» mll for summer child care, own ME (tC MflNlii',1 Kontliu., Mt-SMJ or M r t . Klto. experience necessary Must ba re and ftelMevs. 7 a t p.m. Shim Knowledge ot Hebrew and Jewlsn lor you. Please call '41 U90 to ar- ng oilrat. rarolv »*ae\ 11301 Itrm. ransportation Ask for Robin, S44-1W9. liable, honest and strong. C * holidays nelDtul. For full detail., range tor an interview. GRAYDON '41-0511 Call MMnM MM7M an 741-1B40, 10 a m . 12 noon or app- ASSOCIATES INC. Rod Bank lit.ton BARTENDING M/F — Apply, altar GARDENER— Full me plus bane HONDA - tfll. dirt Milt. m v In parson at. The Gate West. */4 EXPERIENCED HOUSE JUNK CARS 13 p.m.. Palmar Lounoa, St* Palmar COACHING POSITIONS - Asiltan fits Long Branch th. area. Pieate Broad St., Shrewsbury. No Satur S W I T C H B O A R D O P E R A T O R S - C L E A N E R — Bv the day or week raMir. tioo mm football coachet, assistant fieM write to Box E 200, he Daily Reg Openings. 11 p.m.-7 a.m., [three Transportation. Frank, 74)1471, M a.m., I t p.m. Av*., W Kaaniburg. ays I hockey coach, assistant toCCt days). Also i M shift, (tour day.) liter. Shrewsbury, I 07701. S30-H93 BARTENDER M/F — Fullllma, a * coach, head girl's gymnastic coach HONDA K M - 7S0CC Mini loll. Call 741-4343. PART-TIME SECRE TOP DOLLAR G A R D E N E R — T O M r* on grounds TARY/RECEPTIONIST — 1 S dal pononcod. Call toalwaan 3 5, Must hava N . j . ' s taacMn H I M or D I M alttr. Call alter 3 p.m.. H I G H SCHOOL GRADUATE — FOR USED CARS TEACHERS — Part-lime Advisors " a r t time o r f u l l - t i m e work. i ertuitata and knowledge of sports in Colts Neck, few c !413»t* musl live in or near Hailel area LIPPIN MOTOR CAR CO, INC wanted for local synagogue youth Clerical, light typing, phones and Apply io Oeorg* Fallon. Athletl 2MHU0X program. Salary dependent ueon in : ashiar 1423474 KDI1J - KAWASAKI, t i l l . Mrv Illlu » Sayravlllg. N.J. ^ HM300 BEAUTICIANS W A N T E D - One Director. Rod Bank Regional Hi p a n lima and one fun time for busy 101 Ridge Rd, Little Silver, N.J HOUSEKEEPING UPERVISOR P A T I E N T ACTIVITY AIDE - dividual and ax penance For in clean, good condition t l i i Call • TOP DOLLAR PAID shop in West Long Branch Mutt ba •42-BM0, Ext. 213- E04MI Opoortun — For nursing nome Weekends otf, Strong arts and crafts background terview contact Mr Mitchell M A T U R E WOMAN — Experienced, i l l *M*. atlar S p.m. For junk cart. Immodlata pickup experienced Call 227 4505 d*v» or Iv Employer M/F. L Apply at 200 and experience in working with the Sthwarli, m-2300, ooking for full or part-time mediCall 122 IMO or evenings. " ch. MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE — Canter St.. Cliff* di receptionist, light typing, elderly Monmouth' Convalescent ReaMAaoH ratal. Croillnaor a, wilcnboard. hotel or motel reserveCenter, 27* Bath Ave , Long Branch TEACHER - Gifted and talented he Register F A M I L Y AO5 (InflaWE NEED USED CARS BEAUTICIAN — Eiparlancad. Call COOK — And panlry positions open HOUSEKE PER for the 1900-11 Khool years. Three ions. 7471144. Hollar AMnct. I I Wlkarl PI . R « Top dollar Eaoerlanced people apply, with re 27*4300 ion Fighters) can sell vour un paid. MULLER CHEVKallv'v Baautv Salon, BaHord 'or Housekeeping work «Mlic wanted days per week, minimum threeBank I I I 1100 lurni, lo Chaf Stave. Molly Pllche ided Hems for you quickly. ROLET. Hwv I I , Matawan. for txir.mel* busv f< lly.Weareln PAINTER - Experienced. Steady veers successful teaching ex RESPONSIBLE WOMAN - lo do Inn, Red Bank. Merchandise for sale ONLY i u / u « l PHIS 111! Good condi desired need of aI rTmanent. re- work, good Pay Call aftar 4 p.m. parlance. Must be creative and in housecieamng and office cleaning Originating from household, not ex* keeper, who l.on uvouahggl Will malntalnM we BUY - Mod Ciri and Trucki ovated in the areas of science, math tponsible, reliable h 717 0W» COOK — Pull time nights, apply I rir-itH. reding a sale price of 1200 par BOVS/GIHL5 - Work aftar Khool end language arts Only properly W« to appreciate, in-ttlf. has enough lima to •id i n in oil persan, aatwaan j s The Pou Schwarli Chrvilir-Plvmouth and Sal. Earn U9 to t » par wook FART-TIME — NtwSMPar home certified applicants need apply to M E WILL BABVSIT — Vour chil- article keeping wr home or Maid*. Rid Bank. 1474707. Por furthar information call Mr. House, 440 Shrewsbury Ave . Tinton aspects ofclean delivery. Mon Fri., 10 a.m. toHighlands Elemeniery School. dren in our home during day PRICE MUST BE M E N T I O N E D . »n Patars. 547 4000. Mm. thru pVl. from F a l l s . N O P H O N E C A L L S gentied. 'evening hours Hailel area. Each additional line. »1 00 No d car. 747-2143. calt /4M7/4 B O O K K E E P E R — ExParlancad, W O M A N DESIRES — Employment RENT A VAN - Lax, low rate! Call Opportunity Affirmative Action Em Have something to sell? Phoae • DELIVERY PERSON - Wanlad ona Wright t v i l i m , typlna, ona-paras housekeeper for one or Iwo peoMariv, TOM'S FORO. Hwv M. Kly. part-time, nights, must have ow IDEAL - For colleg Sudanis, full PART TIME - Doctor's Office. plover ton offic* Call batwaan 9 a.m. • 11 car. Aaplv In parson at Lulfll'i F ple. References S42 77H. Holmdel area, experience but will po't. J»4 1MB. and part-time posltio i ^variable In Neon, Mon through F r l . 47I-SM4. mows Pltia, Hailet. laroa amusement read*, must train right person. Write to Box SI Help Wanted Register, T E A C H E R ADMINIS work Ihrough Labor Day. Call for E 301, The Daily B O O K K E E P E R — Or O t l k a Man- DENTAL BUSINESS ASSISTAN Shrewsbury, N.J. 07701 TRATOR/SUPPLEMENTAL — In 55 aoar Automoilva tHperltm a nacat- — For modern busy Rod Bank g*r, interview, beiwei t 12-5 Male/Female c tot tor grades 4 through slh tary far loading import. All frlnga eral practice Mon., Tues., Thurs And administrative Assistant, com banatlls E«callanl pay Plan. Apply Fri., •Jft-530 Sat., l:3t-l. Looking POSITION — Te work with public binatlon position, full time beginlng AUTOTP.UCK CYCLE INSURANCE fcMp. inP A C A R E E R O P P O R T U N I T Y — A In mrmn. Rad Bank Volvo. II? E»«t for a caradf oriented, experience INSURANCE tonal Unas, auto and P rating. Will afternnons, 15-20 hours par week, July 1, 1«e0 through M 1M1 Min-A L L - A R O U N D Y A R D WORK — parson with aicaptlonal ability plus some nights and Sat. Red Bank rrta ouaui and klndan by phono nationally known company teekine; Nawman Sorlngt Rd . Had Bank. imum three-years successful Gardens rototilled. gutters cleaned. handle all claims all •or week and to train In marketing, train relate well ta patients and other sta Call 1*1 Froo loo i n U K benefits Send resun i to P.O. Box area- Write lo Box E 310. The Daily leaching experience Only appli *ees cut. General clean-up. Free BOOKEEPEP. — Our clients saak members. Light secretarial ai cants with both on elementary estimates 741 430S. good bookkttp«n Both fuil-tima bookkeeping skills required ai we 20*. Eelontown, N J »724 COMPUTERIZED AUTO OUOTES leaching and administrative and amstanl positions. Call Mary. irlunllv possible Call Tonv as a thorough knowledge of Insu ANY CAR DRIVER-AGE INSURANCE SECR ARY — EM PART T I M t RESTAURANT H t L P certificate need apply to Highlands DO H A N D Y M A N JOBS — Gutters i n 1100 CanlufvP«rsonna< Agancv, WANTED — Apply in parson Thurs., •nee forms and procedures. Tea QaporaM, M1-4M0. t J O to 3 o> CALL 747-HBO t / i Hwv Ji, Wtddiaiown, N J 0??4l salary and full benefit. Please sand penenced in Persona Lines, Full or -113 Longo's Restaurant, 29 Carr Elementary School, Navesinh Ave. cleaned and repaired, lunk re- 51 Help Wanted Highlands. N.J. 07712, (2011 07] 147* moved Broken windows, ihsn sash Anderson resume to: Bon BW7, Daily Rtjg part-time. Call Deadline application is June 13 1900 Aye.. Keansburg chains, sills replaced Repairs on 2 Auto* For Sal* 2 Autos For Sal* CLAIM MANAGER Istar, Shrewsbury, N.J. 07701. Agency. 741 4477 Equal Opportunity Affirmative Ac oofs, chimneys and ceramic tiles PART-TIME — Bus driver, private lion Employer. Croup Haalth. Olsabllltv, Dental In TOR - Ex Windows washed 747 294S. K E Y P U N C H OPER Permananl school, will train. Good pay. Call Mircnca. between * 4 p.m. 542-4777. penence necassai Flva vaart aioaflanci requlrad. D E N T A L ASSISTANT - £ retirement LAWNS CUT - And trim work. TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVERS Dullas includa Uta hiring, super- parlance la tour handed dentlsii position Medical QOD D I S P A l t e l * M E - Medical recep- WANTED — Musi have tank ex lowest rales. vising and training ol claim ap- preferred 7U2% W . bcnelils NOR Broadway, tionist. Butv physician's office, perieme and (lean license Benefits Call 17J 0374 provars and day to day operation of TRIBUTONS I N C , 1 S.M or a p.m., Mon through Fri year round work Call aftar 2 p m M A N W I T H R A C K B O D Y T R U C K I ha claim department. Contact DIRECTOR OF NURSING - P< Long Branch 222> Some typing. Reply to Box A m iu-eiis, Francis J . Moynnlhan. 143-7122, or nursing home. Good salary, txx K I T C H E N H E L P — ull time po« — For hire, odd lots hauling, mov This position is as r e u M Tha Daily Register, Shrewsbury^ EHParlenca send rasuma lo Benaftt Plan Admin- company benefit* lion available. E i p e enca desired ing Free estimates 142 0920 WANTED — Sewer cleaner, N.J, 07701 istrators. (40 N i w m i n Sprlnfll Rd., only Weekends off Send rasuma b s p e c u l i s l tot Hovnanian't Hilltop Nuriing Horn sM-0177 parlance only Red Bank, N.J. 07701 June 1 lo P.O Boa 20*7, Rod Bank PIANOS M O V E D - Light hauling, Covered Bridge adult comPART-TIME BARTENDER — Ser Call 042 » M or 2s4 VM LANDSCAPE — G a r . N.J. delivery, pickup, no 10b loo small munity in Manaiapan. N.J. ReWented Exparlencec wily. Driver's vice bar, S a.m. f p.m., five nights WANTED SCHOOL NURSE M/W — John, 747 1121. Las, 747 S499 C L E A N I N G A N D SANITATION SU including weekends Apply in per license a must. Call PERVISOR — Permanant position quires salesperson's or broFull time, beginning Scot, 1900 son, Howard Johnsons Restaurant, DIRECTOR OF RECREATION avaiiabla for parson exparienced in Must have appropriate N.J. School 57 ker's license and will Stan fit. 33, Middletown. Part lime salaried position ava c leaning and tamtalion mathodi. for Nurse Haalth Education certifice immediately There will te' Oow ratail stara. Raaulrat tupar- able Sept. t to qualified Parson tion Call 747-0002. An Eaual OpP A R T T I M E POSITION AVAIL vising and working along with a Related college degree and tupe only one salesperson in the A B L E — Jawalrv store in the Mon POriunilv employer small staff In manlntalnlng high vlsorv aHtMrlanca raqulrad. Fu department and thousands ol lima posslSrllltv for right person LAWN TECHNICIAN - I f you enjoy mouth Mall Apply Senseappeal. up- WOMAN — L I V E I N HOUSE A T T E N T I O N W O R K I N G MOTH standards of c laanllnau. OoaJ work per level. M I 2444. outdoor work, can re Me to people Sand rasuma and background I units ol Iraflic per year Heavy WORK SALARV » 1 » PER WEEK E f t * — Happy Hours Nursery. Full ing condition,, M V and banafiU have some mechanic n ability P A R T - T I M E — Ladies/Men, work PLUS FREE ROOM AND BOARD day sessions, 1:00 a m.S:00 P listing eipenence will ba ttf Sand lettar Uahna «uallfkatlen« ta formation U Colts Neck Recreation can accept respont> Ilitle., « P 0 SOM 1M, Colts Neck, N.J. 0772 from home on telephone program WILL BOARD COMPANION FREE Hourly rales. Rt. 34, Matawan Can B o i B l O t , Trw Daily Register, advancement l i POJ- ale for QI key importance Income opEarn U P lo « S to tioo par week OF CHARGE MUST HAVE OWN M4 0934 Shrewsatirv, N.J. O'TOV fled people who want lo learn. L DICTAPHONE OPERATOR - E portunity J40M plus F o r depending on lima available. Calf T R A N S P O R T A T I O N C A L Doctor, AAerlboro *>.« M r . celleni opportunity. Call Mar 2447U0. «••!•) i i i y m i and •m»n. S*t 1K». t'MlOO Century ParS4¥mol Attfic COUNTER HELP BAR R E S T A U R A N T — Income •71 Hwy » , MlaMlatowfl, N J. 077*1 •alary history 10 Hwy. PART T I M E SECURITY M i d property, Hwv. 34, wllh access to WORK AT HOME ( M M ?MW LEGAL SECRETARY shore resort Seats 7), with C June to mid Sept . three days a 35, Had Bank, N.J. thousand of envelopes that you mai parlencad, salary opet Full or license Mint condition with seven week. Call Lais. 7RM2TOor fae-JOIt postage paid, age or experience r 07701 No phont callal barrier. Sand name and address to large furnished apartments Excellent terms. NGF-TRI2, P.O. BOX M I Bloon LEGAL SERVICES - Tha Union PHOTOGRAPHERS — Weddings professional only, must have W G A G REALTORS5H2O00S31S947 deld. N.J, 07003. Beach Board of Edt . is soiic camera and flash plus back-up •tine open prapasals kr tha provld ino of legal services o tha school equipment Good Day plus bonuses Call M ; swo district lor the setae year tw-oi Interei* iwviftar er legal firms P L U M B E R — Minimum tour years should '( ta M Ackerman, experience, steady work Secret >on B-th Board of U14*«4 Educe nistr ion Building, Aves., Union POLICE PERSON M / F — Off duly Flereni or retired preferred For crowd con Prc lesal require Baach, N . J mants win be forw -dad at that trol a n d s e c u r i t y . P a r t timi m 1400 time. By (xesanting this coupon LIQUOR STORE C L When placing youi classried ad PRESSER WANTED time some eves and w attends Over 544 3231 tSorrf, net good kmrardi Funilf Ad I I , Experienced only ai«piy.2a4-





Inventory Control




Situations Wanted Female



Merchandise For Salt

3 LINES 5 DAYS $3.00

• . AvtoRwrt/LMM


542-1700 REGISTER

Situations Wanted Male

Auto Insurance

CLASSIFIED ADS More C.ossified on Next P o y


Day Care/Nursery School

Week's Used



50 CENTS OFF or Contract M—mun)



Call 542-1700

Acd HAMMOND CONSOLE ORGAN — Model A. with Jen ten concert tpeak Beautiful fruitwood finnh. ivory s. UHU 142 2S94 HUGE RUMMAGE SALE — All items W cents Corner of Third and Gerfield Ave, . Atlantic Htghtands ~n oni* from 10-2 N p m

jtiTCHEN SINK - Complete, two bathroom ttnks. four office chairs, very strong TV Ml. t9" Folding bed Si» complete storm windows, other odds and ends VERYCHEAP 7473 B bhadv Nook Keansburg LIVING ROOM FURNITURE — fO" renc h Provincial sola and atching chair Two end tabtei. two lamps and stereo Call after 4 p m 946I9S9

DEARBORN FARMS - 1)70 Hwv MOVING MUST SELL — Iwo chan IS Holmdel H J 264 02U Fresh delierj, three room silt arc* rugs iruils and vegetables, flowers and with padding, one torpedo type vegetable plants Garden supines. pace heater approRiamttlv three hdos*1 plants Opened *even days a ords of firewood Can after S p . m . 671 2365

71 Merchandise For Sale

7 Day* (Cortsecuttvf) 5 S i 8 Day* (Conaaculiva., 55« 10 Days (Cona*cuhve| 5 0 *

71 Merchandise For Salt

71 Merchandise For Sale


Cash and carry 717 7117 or MB J31J SOFA BED — Queen m e , two hassocks with storage. ISOO (or sofa. or J700 for three B41 01SJ SPANISH LIVING ROOM - Set Love seal and matching chair red and gold velvet twaaoidcheirt. and lebie Reasonable Call before noon H after • p m . 7S7 7770 STEREO RECEIVER - Healhkit. AR U14. eicellent condition Can be seen and heard, «100 Laf eyette turn ible with tofnears. MO 25-watt leathkil amplifier and pre amp. 110 741 40U STORE FIXTURES FOR SALE 671 214t «r_7»7 7776 SWIM POOLS - Musi sell Uis butor* need eitra lloor space Forced lo reduced stock of new I t ' long pools, complete with huoe sundecks, lencme, H>-rate IHtert, etc Full priced. 1444 Financing available Call Victor, collet t. (301)


The Good Evening Tire Store"



U o f f all ATLAS BIAS-PLY SAVE! 13111 14 oil all ATLAS Fibcrgias 1Betted SAVE R f t l * t t oft ATLAS Giats Belted 1Rediels SAVE GAS »5 130 i i oft ail EXXON 40,000-mile STEEL RADIALS SAVE GAS! S&.70 t o o n Mailer Charge visa EXXON ATLAS ROAD HAZARD WARRANTY p r o - r a t e d on treadwear mileage basis The following maior ttrt manwlac

O t n r r i l No1 Goodrich No! Michel in-No! Sears No' Shell No! Mobile No- Amoco-No! • A M * P.M 741 H42 MAY . JUNE THE USED FURNITURE CENTER 197 Shrewsbury Ave , Red Bank Beens Has beens and Why Nots TIRE RIMS - Four. si> lugs. IS rims fits Chevrolet truck* Also. tour hubcap* Dinette set with i n chair*, formica top. light pink Liwn roller with tractor hitch, 32" wtde 74^0021

TOP SOIL-FARM LAND Small medium-large, loads in 7127 or *3S3J12


Wholesale, loaded on vour truck 717 7127 or «3S 3313 U | BERKEL COMMERCIAL SLlCER — Eacellenl condition WOO rt1 : W». i

72 Garage Sales Yard Salts. to F A M I L I E S Antique*, furniture, lot* of everything First time sale No early callers, t a m . . May 31*1 Rain-date. June 1st 14 Vermont Drive. Hailet Follow signs from Middle Rd. Y A GREAT GARAGE sl*LE — May 31. 10 families Redwood furniture. lamp*, furniture, books, tov* No early callers 43 Hubtwrd Ave, RIVER PLAZA «-4 p.m A SIX-FAMILY GARAGE SALE Good Qualttv children's and ladies clothes Furniture air conditioner, stove Everything from A to I Sal . May 31st. I 30-3 30 Grand A v e . Navesink A BIG MOVE — Lincroft 21 Coronet Ave . off $20 Bebv Items, clothing. toys. English cooch carnage, antique trunk, washer, etc. Fn., Sat , Sun., t i,m • S p.m May 30-June t ANTIQUES — Depression glass, jewelry, home decor Sat.. Sun . May I t . June 1. 10-4 154 Cooper Rd , Middletown (Off Rt. 35 at Ground




REDOAK DINER 10- D Discount lo All Senior Citnem. Rt 35 Mallet, 764 S35*

SHREWSBURY PHARMACY We Participate in PAA Program 570 Broad St . Shrewsbury 741-4174

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — 107111 Bay Ave.. off Avenue D. Many intmue*. babv, furniture, wicker, lawn equipment Set , Sun May 31 June 1, 10-3

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — Sat., 10-4, 09 Third Ave., corner of Lincoln Oak furniture, rugs, household term, bikes, clothes, photo darkLINCROFT PHARMACY — 442 oom equipment. Brownie uniforms, PALACE DINER Newman Springs Rd., Lint rod. N J two. sue • All muM so1 iff'? Discount to Senior Citifent ai MonmoulhSI , Red Bank 741 | U I Free Oel'very Senior Ciliiens Dit count honored We participate ir BIG N E I G H B O R H O O D VARD SALE — Sal . Mav 31. 10-S Kelvin PAA programs Call 741-7616 Ave , Leonardo Rain dale June 7 ULDE UNION HOUSE lo^a Discount to Senior Ctli/em COLTS Neck — Gara«e tale Fri • RADIATOR WORK" ON OUR EARL V BIRD SPECIALS Sat.. 10-1 24 Fairway Wefti Whale 4 6 P M ONLY RED BANK RADIATOR WORKS knots books, clothing, bake table It Wharf Ave Red Bank U7 >•>!•>AulO Air Conditioning ft CootlrtQ ate. Systems All Minor Auto Repair. IDS Discount to All SenlorXitteWfM FAIR HAVEN — Fireplace equipment, 75 so ft unused carpel, Oabv Huff, electric broom, broiler oven, TIRES movie camera and protector, much CROWN TIRE MART The Daily re. 42 Brierwood Rd Frl , 12-4, Discount to ALL Senior Ciliiens. . O> ID I pw(Wtt*On t H l eKH Hatl

B ^ F i c i r i M H 19 SO M».KTwm ?4 l.r toot ol column



210 211 212 213

Low And Found Special Notice* Travel- Transportation Instruction



nom to iDOpi'nc mm « H M otw> M MM copy contc end luM to MonMf i otp* CM

13* Mobile Homes 13» Cemetery Lot* 1 ' j Real Eslete Wanted

130 OptnHouaa* 131 HouMa For .tola 132 Apartmantt/Town Mouad* 133 tnoorrw Property 134 Farm Property 135. Commarcial Property 136 Induatriaj Proptxty 137 Lots And Acrae*a

FtLet* M a y Wdre—day lot FixMy and SunttavMbkafcon


only on d

cane***** °< id • r «tw> can * «n n n * * IVQUMIM AttverMet hx Mmi ieenca Ptoaa* ch*Kh you* ad tna day fl The Dewy « • * * • " cannot be ret toofio'tHvnaivtiday C*



4 X p m Monday ttwouari TfturftdaV tot "••1 day 4 3 0 p m Friday lo> Sunday 12 30pm Saturday hvMonday



1*1 AMrtmtnU

• I D BANK - Flrtt flee*. »ree reem aMiimertl. heal lurnimee. U U Mli» tlllHw. U M W FIVC ROOM — fMlMMe no*. |4W RED BANK — One remetnJna two bedraom lurnirv e»artmenl in eawn lawn location. Hotpoint appliances. carpet, eel in kitchen, t*4Kt*w HIGHLANDS — Tnree reom aaart- •tocM.. M M otM tftlilltas Call 74IM44 or H I i m

I t i Aparim-nts


RED BANK — Beautiful four-room apartment en tht river, close to HOLMDIL — IVi room a*artmenl. shopping and hospital Only MM M r tounlrr Mttlna. cle*e lo Irantporte- month Please call 741 » * . between llon. two ear month U» « 0

PIANO — WOO Black lacQue net, good lone, recently '47IfK

WEBER - Babv Grand, mahogany, excellent condition 13200 Call eve* . 441 1202


Houses For Rent Rentals To Share Winter Rental* Summer Rentals Furnished Room* Nursing HomM Commercial Rantd* Buitdirmt/Oavagw WanttdToRent

OR&AN - Fsrfita compact SMO DanieteclroAMP H1001 PluftMIKE IMS) and BOOMSTAND ( l » ) All In fair condition Good tor beginner Call 747-40*] after 7 30 p.m.

WE B u r AND SELL ANYTHING Contents o* hones, slor**, estate*. cellar*, attics, china, glassware, antiques, art objects and an b n c i brae Ruwiis. 2S E Front St 1693


3 UNES-S D A Y I - M 0 0 $100 Each line Avaiiabtt 10 *fc victual! placing i d i unitr •Merchandise For Satd" tor ftma not exceeding S200 tach, «ms must ba pread Monxommawal adionly Contract Rales on RaouaH ..

OFFICE FURNITURE — Desks. thairs. file cabnt with option to buy %n 0JJ7 RlS PEONIES POPPIES - Come »IMI our gardens * M Prospecl Aye Liltle Silver


6 Dtyt (Conwcufc-ffi 611

Ttl 1417 DOORS - All wood, vanoui sues PIANOS ORGANS raised panels, hardware included larehoute pricet on moil major 110 per door 111 Hudson Ave , Red brand. Yamaha. Kimball, Thome*. Bank. N J 14 p m Baldwin, Gulbranien. etc. Un DROP LEAF TABLE —Oak curved limited rentals from |7 5O,per china cabinet, lions paw Emptr* dresst-f Ihrte oval curved frames FREEHOLD MUSIC CENTER wtckcr rocker, old trunk, four old Pond Rd and Rt « Cane chairs, two floor lamps, wicker BOO M l 6*27 desk -mi.! chair tots of books, and more Call 946-4f4* . PIANOS — ORGANS Supplies and Service* ENTIRE CONTENTS - m family AH Musical TUSTINO PIANO CO room includes dining table stereo Our *Mh Year and bar All Colonial *7l 9427. after Atourv Park 775-OU4 Open f l o t FLEA MARKET Middlttown H i . P I A N O — KimMll coniole. nine torn oil Society June 1 train dale June 14). Crovdon Hail around* veers old S71 13U. if no aniwtr. • Leonardo, from io a m to 4 p m 671 31B3 Space St Retervalioni, call POL V TRASH BAGS 6M 02M. or write the Society at P O Vanout w » s BOM W I Naye.mfc, N.J O77U S4Mei6. s-t P m PRINTING PRESS 1O.1S C * P FLEA MARKET VARD SALE - Oood condition Sal Mav 31,t . 9 2 P m . Holmde After 6 V**t*34 Community Church perking lot RATTAN FURNITURE — Five Main St Hoimdei Space available IS For information, call 94» 24IJ or pieces, in good condition, «7S 747 170J 946l2«r* in caie o* rain, will beheld •ndoort ROUNO K I T C H i N TABLE — Four FOR SALE - Branch Brook pool. 4 < hairs small bed with m«tireti. filtt figure eight shape EKcellenl condt lank motor and stand, Moor lamp hon. one veer old Filter, deck, vecu and large Ian 1 Will)* Plate, urn, buill intkimmer. U l i 4»i 0 M Keansourg. afier S u m FURNISHING ON A LOW BUDGET? - Check the USED FURNITURE CENTER OF RED BANK Fine furniture for lest 197 Shrewsbury Ave

102 103 104 105 106 107 07 106 109 110


I-M 81* 1 Day 2 Days iConsecutivt) 3 Days IConseculive) 4 Days IConseculive! 6?c 5 Days (Consecutive)

79 Swap »r Exchange 80 BicycM/Min.aiIsM 81 Spom Equipment 82 Swimrwig pool* 83 CBsJtectronics 64 Merchandise Wanted 85 lnfla»in Fighters 100 H E * . EITATE HCNTALI 101 Aptjments

U Garage/Yard Salts

/2G«ir.ue/ Yard Salts


Pats And Livestock

HOUSE ANO DRIVEWAY SALE GARAGE SALE - H Laurel Or Little Silver Sat . M«v 31, « a.m.-4 June 111. Jiee 2nd Furniture, china, P m Btcvcle*. electric charcoal kmck knack- entire contents 42 East Rd , crner of Park Ave., Mid dietown

» I DOC TRAINING - B M I m x r l Adv«rK*4 Owner H»nd»r Aisoclt lion. O«hhurH, N J . i* offering obe dMnct clatttft llartlns June 4

GARAGE SALE - it iwhill Dr HOUSE ANJ DRIVEWAY SALE ~ Strathmore. Aberc Wen F / i , Sal May 30 31 Marble lamp table. skis. June 1st. Ju*e 2nd. Furniture, china, knick knack, entire conteMi. U card table, tiles, ot Ktding, etc East Rd . t.rner of Perk Ave . M M GARAGE SALE - M l . 31 Sat dietown 9 30-4 (7 Lennox Ave Rumior 1 A n ligue trunk rocking chair, pint lOVt LITTLE St.VER — Mulli lamilv. seal frame, veiour couch,lov* . etc bargains store! Something for everyone, Sat Wv 31. 9 4 O Maple GARAGE SALE - 47 Irvtng Place, Ave . (off BerKh) No early caller*, beiwem Maple and Broad in Red Please _ Bank Jewels and lunk Mahogany twin beds and dresser, Martin 12 MOVING OARAGE SALE — s**i. gauge shotgun, butcher block, brass and Sun. A l v 31 June 1. f - i t . U herns, antique wooden shutters, din- Annapolis Jr . Hsilet. Furniture ing room table and chairs, kitchen i n J teyt «wJ ciatntnt. sink with hardware and laundry sink circa 19J0. books, lamps and many MOVING U L E —Furniture, houseother item* in ell stage* of dtsrepair hold ilrmi camera equipment. 10 a m 3 p m One da v only. Msv 31 tools, muct more Fn . Sat., Sun.. All lemonade will be sold bv Justin Mav 30. loJjne1.9S HShedybroofc Or . MtddNtown, oft Holland Rd , GARAGE SALE - Three families between Rid Hill and Middletown Fr< . Sat . Mav 30-31. tO-2 Sun . M I. Rd* 20S Sear* Ave . Navesmk, off Hwy 34 west M O V I N G SALE Antiques. GARAGE SALE - Large selection Clothing, el S«t , Mav 31, 14 104 of babv end toddler clothing, toy* Bridge A»», Red Bank 741-37SJ and babv care equipment, maternity clothing, three speed bicycle, MOVING 10 SMALL QUARTERS Diothermy machine, air condi- — Antique! V> year* accumulation tioner, candle crafting item*, of china, S K a brae. book*, tools. games, and miscellaneous Hem* garden pott, all manner of thing* tor Also gift f n item* Sat and . Mav a country estate F n Sat., »o 4 30 31, 10 4 6 Tenth Ave Leonardo Dinsmore Clover Hill Lane. Holmdel * (formal ion. 741-4149. GARAGE SALE — 41 Tulip Lane Middletown Fn . Set . Msv 30-31.10 RED BANl — 103 Maple Ave ConFurniture, clothing, tents of hone Electric type hospital beds, eierlse bike, desk and etc garden tools, miscellaneous Sat . Sun , May 31, June l . f i m.-S GARAGE SALE — Mav }f. M. l i f t , p m 10 i 31 Hiahview Circle. Middletown toll East Rd ) Anything, every SALE - f (Vide and oui, Thurs, f-ri.. Ihinq . Sat . i"*ih. Uth, list 10a m to 1p.m. GARAGE SALE - Mav 30. 31. 10-4 China rabbet, glassware, toys, mis Children s clothing, neat end clean, teiianeou* 20 Carmen S I , West

ADORABLE PUPPIE. FREE -• mnt « H k i , male Moving Oil xi nil ADORABLE KITTENS To good nomt Call W-40U

M Merc handle Wanttd ALL LIONEL TRAINS Or


Top cftM. appraisal

ANTIQUES - GATEWAY AN TIOOES, Kt. 34 and Homestead Ave . Leonardo H l l l M ,

KEANIBURO — Mewlv decorated three room apartment Heal anal hot RED BANK — Furnished •ffklefKy > i U f Ntco mlahouihaaa U ' i ear apartment Good trmt. close la l » Call »4 un evenlmi. ar rylhlng All utltltlei IncludJOSt. Suit able for one occupant onlv No peti Middle aoed gentleman orefarroa*. References and security reoulred KEAHSIUIO l OARDtNl — efficiency, heat, hot i4>mi. M o m . water, cooking eat Included SHADOW LAKE VILLAGE —On Hie W«l lake, two oedroom. two-bath, oe LAUKENCe HARBOR - One reoe. central air, HeKlMe teaw. MM. bedroom. eat-In kitchen, dining Principals onlv Mi-fitf reom, living room, enclosed front end beck porch. Garaue Wi ear 102 Hous«ForR«nt month sai4»M after a p.m.

MATAWAN — Three-roam apartment, available July IS. Aahitta preBACKROOM ANTIQUES— Located ferred:. One month* lecurltv. In al U S No l Flea Market, Rl. t, New w i r e at Ralph! Shoe Repair. I N Brunswick. N.J. MA-OMO. Buv, tell •Win i t , Malew.n tingle ilimt and total estate wanted

L i T T t . l llLVaVM Tliraa batfreoma. 4 baltii, fumlihed ranch, available July I One rear Hate Oulel ilreel • level* eraa. POO a elui ullllllel Call CENTURY Advanced And Beginners CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN - MATAWAN — •urnlthed. flrlt floor. month II COZENS AGENCY. 141 laoa. a u J i D buyerto< precious melals Deal J'^-room afflclancv. Private en for Annetlen. DOG TRAINING L 1 directCash for vour gold .ilver Claswt tv«l and S«l •flernoonl tranca. off Itreet parking write to coins and sterling Hwv 35 and Am Box A-H7, The Deilv Realater, RUMSON — Threa_-. Bavthore Companion Dos Club bov Rd.. ClUiwwd. WeTMl. UI0 a moMh piui ullllllei Ihrawtbdir», N.J. a m i . M14M oevt call 04]-4taj. Eve* HI If** AKC LABRADOR P U P - ataullful DON'T HAVE THAT SALE — I Will Ml DDLETOWN — Modern aneblack l#malt. latt M the Illltr. 10 buv all vour small servo* sele badroom , lovely yard, larae roomi. itarrtt, ptut contents of basements, THRU-BEDROOM HOUSE - Best ill 113 l » HI5 Mi r month piui aiactrk. attics, etc Call 2*4 MI5 alter 3 p.m lhtMThood immodlata otcuPOfl cv Fully Insulated attic, has fir* mutt GUY JOHNSON place end gare«« IMS ptut utllltiet Red Bank Rlverstde Ave BUYS AND BUYS References and leaie No poti FINEST IN LUXURY HI RISE From an entire household to a single Mt*|1 the Navetlnk River item. Antique fun,lure. Jewelrv, sil- Walk On to railroad, bus. Modern one ver. Immediate cam, Top dollar and two bedrooms, w » UP Air ton WEST LONG (RANCH — THroa •41-43M. TROPICAL dltlonlng. heat, hot water, balcony, v.ar old. four-five benroom home Oulel reildenllal aree LuailO with FISH TURN YOUR DIAMONDS INTO doorman, security and more Ga eilrat Cenlrel air. AveiieMe im DOLLARS - Convert Old Jewelrv to res*, pool, marina available Bob, mediately. M M PJeferoncee reI havt M0 Rad TIB*' Babv Otcarl Cash. DON PON'S JEWELERS Wilt 741-17SI. ouirea call m a i l for sala. Baautiful colors. Eaiv 10 Buv from private owners and es- RED B A N K - Four rooms, Wf* Per tates ANTIQUE CLOCKS RE art lor.' month plui electric. Wanting dls PAINED AND JEWELRY DE lance to dowwlown Rad Bank. Call 7870105 SIGN60 7t* River Rd., Fair after I : M , 741-4IU. Haven, N.J. WI-olU. DOBERMAN AND SHEPHERD WANT — Tender lowing catn for RED BANK — Magnificent two MIXED - Pups 17S vowr old china, silver, coins, toots bedraomt with den and well to-wan c a r M l i f l t . eat In kitchen, dlih Good condition or.lv. 7t1S371 m4m washer, wathor and dryer hook up, FREE KITTENS WANTED — Beteball cards IVM'S two beth» Landlord pev* heat IM0 To a flood nome and iHO's Pitcher Sleeves. Beattet, per month 74M1H 7IH»n RUMSON - ResponsWe female ts 45't. W1-W77- A t * *Cf M l t f . R I D BANK — Beautiful large one share furnished house with same GOING OUT OF BUSINESS - Frat kittens, sia weeks old 741-1M« WANTED — Dolls, teddv bears and bedroom. Carpeting throughout, eat- Own bedroom, bath, tarege anatoys Before 19J0 TOP dollar will be In kitchen. Landlord M V I heat end share livine awarteri | « M + per i KH »m month Call H i l i l " or 741 7171 water %3H per month. 741 I t H paid Mi 40r] COAT - Nubian KM, Irt monllu old. femalt, black and balsa, beau •Itul \ » Sle-tlll. GOLDEN R I l R l t v t R PUFPIfcS AKC. snots and wormed Call l ? l l « TAG SALl - 9 Knollwood Rd . GARAGE SALE - Fr... Sal , May Holmdel &*n . June 1.12 noon Van PURE BRED SAMOYED - Mal>. SO. 31 60 MeMtewoed Dr . New Mon must nava fenced v«rd, ttOO Indoor mouth Off Wilson A v e . to Svlv » . leperate trranlan . eel M a n M i Metal file Church St Fn . May 30, through YARD SA.E — Two families. Jew- 80 Bicycles/ w oaot culhlon and tllpcaver. (1> 747-IMv cabinet, three drawer i. us 111 m i , elry • lothts household Something Sun , June 1 10 # m to 4 o m for everytne 4 Ivv Place, Hailet Mini Bikes ALUMINUM AWNINGS - Aiierted DININO ROOM TABLE — A M CM- after a p.m. GARAGE MOVING SALE — Mem* tint. t » end up Mot water heater, no cloiet. ornate. UO0 Old wooden MAPLE BfOROOM SET - Two aaiore CB. antiques, garden equip electric. SO M l . never died. ( I M . kitchen table, drop leaf. St). Claw d r a w n , mirror, double add, (100 PEUGEOUT — 10-tpeed. Wue, 3*" U M B I , after I p.m. men| clothes, dinette set. much, foot tub. SW Call Iron Dad, tingle. Call >4t-S4aO oftgr s p.m. . frame, racing saddle, and stlrrupt, much more F n , Sat . 9 3 Q m 37 M0 Oak wathilahd. %n Pine taate. BABY FURNITURE Redfern Rd . Ealontown (By Old YARD SA.E -- F n Sat . 104 p m encellenl condltton Ul lldJ tnt inlaid tile. S7S. Wicker rocker. (7S. MICHELIN STCIL BELTED TIRE carrleee. US. Baueft oak crtk. (IS. Garage o>ors, couch, picnic table Ore hardt - JR»IS Inewl. US. ScdMmen au white wicker drenlno table. I I I . and bencles S McLean S t , River tomallc ke machine, I1S0. wait Swimming Pools GARAGE SALE — Household items, Plaia. wniie wtCKar Dasiinei, siv nitjTn DIVING BOARD — IP FIDorglai minuter caiietu laaa recorder. (M niture, including bedroom*, den chair. I I infant teet. ( 1 Car aaet. Never utad. half.price. SIN. and kitchen set. appliances, freeier YARD SA.E - 17 Maple Ave., Red 741-tin and second hand refrigerator, tools. Bank F n . Sal . Mav » JUt 10-4 POOL - linn with U i X deck and u. iMnta OVAL POOL ISHt - Compleii DOO HOUSE — Cuilom built, cedar filler liner, aacellent condition etc Sat . May 31. D P m Sun . June p m Man* miscellaneous items Of- filter and equipment. Best oftar. Call s/i *»n, after 4 p.m. BEDROOM SET — «our-»tece, an| k » 1. 1 J p m S10 Springdale Ave . off fice fumibre three vean oM. SMS. 7l7-aii7. ttoue white. 1171 Call I I I W I after Hath Ave . Long Branch. YARD SA.E - Sat only, four (ami CBs/Electronics GARAGE SALE — 116 Monmouth ly clean-«jt. something for every- •3 DOUBLE-HUNG — Triple window. RECORD CHANGER - Garrerd BICYCLE — 10-ieeed Uled onlv one with white elumlnum ttorma, ax- dtluaa modal. GTU. varlaMa taaad Avf Port Monmoulh Mav 29 30-31 one 214 Third S I , Fair Haven. leaion. IBS. Marwa. AM/FM. turn callant condition. 1100 7t7-SHI. with iiroboicotie LCD. Piut aag)aClothes, electric .Quitar, and much rate Garrerd Mund recovery unit CHANNEL - CBs. 1100 tor UMa. aHht track, one unit, like hew. more 73 Machinery For Sale 140 OREUERS - Three, one metal which mekei oM record! tound naw. Ha Carl M14M1 home base. ISO for mobile. GARAGE SALE — S*)t . M«v 31, •rerdroM cabinet. (40 each. Both unlit, taclorv cartont. never M4-OII BOYS BICYCLE — Par e-l( veert 10-6 210 Villa Nova Pi , Matawan »1 I4J7 uted, (IIS, lltlt for over SIM BRIDGE CRANE - IS I I ton 14 Eiceltent CwMIUan. MO SM474*. Hrdiftg idwn mower, lawn furniture 741-UOS RECORD CHANGER DRUMS Stewart, complete tat. Packer A-e . Rumson Merchandise Gerrard deluae model. OTIS, varl GARAGE SALE — This and that i H : 1517 SIM. Call aata ueed with •iroaeicew L I D cent* to "olO 379 Church SI . BUMPER POOL TABLE — M l Dog Wanted Piui leparale Gerrard sound reBeltord Set , Mav 31. 10-4 hovte. cusaam built cater thaMt, 74 Aiction Sales («). Twochetlof drawen. »40eech ELECTRIC FIREPLACE - (01. covery unit which mahti old recordi GARAGE SALE - Sat . Msv 31. AAAAAA - L I Q U I D A T E UN- mttel wardrobe CMM. MO Call Small piano. SIM. Call after 4. wund new. Both unit*, lector* cartant. never uted. I I H . II1I1 lor I 30-1 Oen furniture. Panasonic WANTED ANTIQUES, JEWELRY. r > i i 4 » over ( I M . 741 IJM stereo tioth.no. odd* and ends t RUGS. FOR CASH FIREWOOD Blanche Court. New Monmouth, COL JIA MOORE ASSOCIATES BUNK BEOS — Twin i l l . . Murdv INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES Aeklna. SM across from Harmony School park and unuMd. Compleu with met Auctoneers Appraiser* Ija E Ntwman Springs Rd. 747-MU, altar S p m SAMSONITI BAG - SIS; Gartaar Grav> Markers - Bronies ing lot mitt Shrewsbury W 4200 treuot. (lei. pump, (4S; hand tarden Mall. t » ; 201 93S744S GAS DRYER — Two-yeerl 04d. SIM tpreeder, 110. Hold and carving GARAGE SALE — 41 Reillv St . Middletown Harmony, left on Mam. TIOUES — All kinds, bouahl for CAP — For pickup truck, elv bad, board, ( I . l e i - n j i right Antique and collectible New Bruttwick, N.J. lop cash Mary Jane Rootevtrt An- good condition. (71. 717-tBII or 4W-II11. SNOW TIRES — IS" Kelly Spring . stereo, household good*, mini dealers utder one roof Open Fri. tiques, lot East River Rd . Rumton G E M * CU. FT. — Upright food field Redleli. P115/71P.15. SM far bike, go-cart, etc F r i . S a l . 9 S P m Sat and !un New outdoor section •41-313* Member Appraisers As- CANOE - It', flberglai. conwaMMv freeier. white Eicellent condition. pair. Can after s. 7474MS. sociation of Amenta NO early birds now open. Low dally rates. rtfurblUied I W firm. S>00. G.E. refrlgarator/treeier. Call 747-im. while, Modal TAI4IVF. good condl SOFA — Laraa alack leather tlon. t l M Call after a p.m., 747-0001 pleated, original SMB. new Stl), good condition Kllchen aat. one vaar-old. CAR STEREO - Pioneer model — Slut 7 to », Slo eech. formica top and four chain, wttlle KPU0. FM caiaelta. (M. Call CMIl GOWNS perfect condition. with yellow gingham lean. 1100 •Ittr 1 cm. »7I *4OJ 7i7« Fun i n . bed, with aiinlakti Marty, CAST IRON TUB — MM"»*. rHW •rood frame, Colonial, SM. Flregeace USH B BAR — Far with eccauorlaa. OB. 717 1117 hand, mllei. link wtui two-doer ven- ORILL GUARD PUSH ag lllfMt, l M (7> C n ll> and fl«turet; IHM areen lljefor Mck up. with tag ahmr * a.m., 471410 1-4107. ll MI4MB SUN TOP FOR BOAT - f wide. ( 1 ! CHAMBERS GAS RANOE — S U h KITCHEN SINK — S10. Bathroom >'•" ° a n , pair. 110 Pair ol water leu tteel well oven %Nt Naal Btlliaji •Ink. StO Storm door. Stl Storm UIU. ) T ' length, t x SM-tl7l ta>. good condition. ( 7 1 . Yaro wlndwot, ( I each Two fluorweent llgf.1 Iliturei. be. (10 each » I H | . TWO S L I O H T L V USED — baiketball Hand. OS. 471-Olt. Goodyear tires. GRTt-IS. mounted CIRCULAR S L A T ! — I ' III KITOHEN SINK - Andceblnel with on wneeii end balanced. S40 Two diameter. I " thick 10 MM all*. I half flanWf, SM. Smell aMnmenl-Hi. "vlng fl.turea. In aaafl g room oo llgjM fl aaafl aat Move, SM. Ml-teSa. condition SM Fou kith il>. ( W t o u t all. Mo-lllt condition. S Four our m i n ii kitc kitchen We have a f jit-time opening available in our Circulation chi ( i s each. hC chain, Call H H > COLOR CONSOLE TV — O . I . . IS", KITCHIN SET — 40" round with Departmentfor a District Sales Manager. good cendltlen. t m . Fadderi, M e t i l " lea*, (oar chain, (M. TWO SLIDINO PRIMED WIN I T U . HO. I l l atamlnulnieljeriT. wmBO-TIM. oows _ one rut. r& B h. Teen bedarvefn sei# e s . W each. n % bedv L A M P S — Swae. pair. MooMtrApplicants should have some sales experience and d(IIS. h l H I 74MI7J P e W l wheel, ranaga, tulip ihaoe. aoaa with red UNUSUAL K l Y C H I N SET leaded e l m ( U eech Mauhlng enjoy working with youngsters. OLONIAL HtRCULON — l.lllflBO Wrought iron, aruuvad llone top. t l . hair, with matching allaman. ( I M . chain. (MO. wrooahi Iran aoaa •cellent condition Call m - a m . llohl. SIS. M4-BM1.


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LOOKING AHEAD? We It Give You A Chance To Plan An Exciting Career In Newspapers.

We olter outstanding company paid benefits including two weeks paid vacation after one year, paid hospitalization and life lnsuran.ee, and weekly car allowance, bonus plan etc Apply In writing, Include work history • n d (alary requirements:

Attn: Mr. Robert McKnight.

The Register DAILY and SUNDAY One Register Plaza

Shrewsbury, N.J. 07701. An Equal Opportunity Emptoyw



Register Family Acts can sell vour unneeded items quickly Use ouf^MERCWANDISE FOR SALE columns now under a separate distinctive haadina Hems onqinatinfl Irom your household may be sold lor up to $ 2 0 0 0 0 (formerly $ 1 0 0 0 0 ) per article. Price lor each item must be mentioned.

Call 542-1700 No discount il cancelled before expiration. No changes in copy.


1M St.mm.-r R t n U l t

ISiaotUAnd Accessories

• liHaWleM Pax Sate


I l i a ] — Three bedroom, i n bathe, aa Sanav Has* Bat Ceil » 1 I I I !

A M U M I - W% V « R u r U M , , . a » ptfttiiaai 33% tfawn ( • Titattfrrt bMVtrft. FUa kttrmtn tmm*. Aaktnt


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or. at the Diy.won at Ceattei Re Donald DeRou. 7 BrMal Drive, rv B*.Id I West Lena Branch. Hew Jersey sources. Lafcar and Industry •M 'P S * * , BTT44 r>a. Haam 711, John Fitch at f_l 00 Barbara DaRosa. ' Bridal Trenton. Haw Jarwv OMtS., al tttf M* w *\ mm H-mn UKUad garage, patla. tencea- vara N«w Jersey's only Drive, West Lang Branch, Htm Jar A.M.. prevailing lima. Matttav. Walt Se taops. beach and Bus. IEACON MILL KTATCS Junei. i«M sev Of7*4 H U N T E R Dealer -• mm Principals atslv. B43-77S. O A R O t N PARK - Hailet. Im M D BANK — n . PflPrm. HMnl ( P V P H P I POBjell Plant and toexittcaliatw ma*/ be Denis CogHeno. 441 Ocean AveCall 3»t-|ii3 Sailboat Specialists meculese Heat mobile home New nue, Long Branch, Hew Jersey 07740 •xamirved at above MMreu or al She RUMSON A R I A WPH H aiall careotlna E . H V J O livFLORIDA - west Palm Seech can- - — , — _ — , . * „ . Entire Iras Siena 75 ore-owned, new John fraiwla 4 WoodMta Ava luretti ot Coastal tnalrveerlnej Of In* bullaine Suitable Ser aavy eraMFM GROUP REALTORS ing room, central air. sklrtlna and (ica. 1431 Hoapar Avafiua. Toms nue. Long Branch. Hew Jersey 07740 boets on display lesslanal/amce w e a t * m « » Patrice Slmanettl. 124 East River. New JerMv. however, call » RKw Reoa. Dumeen 802 Mantoloklno Rd. lite parking Competitive rental lied a m r . OaJ't wart. Call la aaa (30D M i - m e before visiting U as Washington Street. Atlantic Htgn 747-WeJJ Walter Zlmmerer sure •vana6.ll,* Pfe-Oualltled Ca*> ends. N.J 077U •4IIMW- P»UL P. SOVA. INC Brick Town GARDEN PARK MOBILE HOMES UltSM. Objections. H any. should be ration can obtain KM OocumenU A "Meat Per Yaur Maney" Aewncy - Bethany Rd Heilat Adult park. made immedleteU in writing to Jan rom the Toms River Address Bid — I v owner. Ranch, three Walk to •nopoine and N Y bus MOUNT WCOHO - F W M K I D BANK - Luwrlava new erne. tars me C. DaFailo. Clerk of tha Cltv of ders most ba ore-ouaimed with thii i n aw bearea laster ream. ap. 15 acres s m j e i Call !«••»«» CMtel F k M K I . Private buiwina ottering receptionist, can, BRAND Plaster Long Branch, Cltv Hall. M4 Broad Division urtder N J SA 3 | : U and Fawr beareami. 17'e.ream, |Ve aatM. M . dlnlne. am, tt r MM c a m * , I M M I I caurti. teach an •ral swiichooard, shared walllna tUnaiiL wav, Lang Branch, Hew Jersey are reouired to comptv with tha Af tU |V ana conference roams. Remaining eat-In kitchen, m* utility tilit ream m*. 0TT40 lirmative Action Provision, at out 140 •pace avallaua: m aa. It l w » I E A BRIGHT — MHier. 11 reams DONALD DC ROSA lined in PL 1«7S. c W. and Ihe room w i n ; M M it,., twaream THE SKIPPER'S SHOP on ocean front ana four BaaVgem ALL CASH BARBARA DEROSA reoulaUens ettabil»nad bv the De NORTH LONO BP.ANCH — catlaBO an Shrewsbury River. Call Investors seek houses up lo HOO.000 7 Bridal Drive pertment et Environmental Protac•reset gag. COUNTRY COTTACC — _ Oukk closing MELMEO REALTY. Teleflea steering systems West Long Branch, H.J. 07744 Ha. Oulet teyr acrea la preelraMue araa a l IHil mm no » JOHN GAZZOLA P»r. 471SM0 Outboard motor repair. Chrysler Mav I t No propoul will be considered R I D BANK - Prime tacatton. W an • i m aanari.._ British Seaaull. W a r i a . r o Town.Mr, Or.al e i - SHADOW LAKE VILLAGE — New 7 Woodgale Avenue unless accompanied bv a Certified Bread Si off street earklne. cantral lha ocean OKmaat e a a u . Villa 100, two bedroomi. two ftaths. WISHES TO BUY — Two Sailboat rlaslng; swaaalng, life- 121 Coll* Najck Long Branch. H J. 07740 Chech or Bid Bond in lha amount o* air. ;se sa f t , decorated affka. ppnilen aaaalWIIttai. C A M I R O N . •wo earegei. flreplece, we,tag COUPLE laser TV, air canMUaKMaj ana femlly house In goad residential lines, halyards, stays, o k . MURPHY 1 H O W L I T T I N C . Real DENIS COGLIAHO HOTIC1 T O B I D D I f t ! (10%) percentum of total tervlct Just two miles rram Men largo storeee araa. adlolnlna olfke. Eilata, S » t « H . ijnasa nalgtvaerheod In R«S Bank araa Summer and winter storage 44t Ocaan Avenue at least ten bid Notlca is hereby given that CSPbnd a certtfled mouth react Track Dally, weekly i m Caii num Principals only WrlleloM Kemerl Long Branch. H J 07740 amount lionad waled bids bearing bidder's ana monthly rates T M I ALL N I W KEANSIUPK. — 41 Day Ave. SHREWSBURY RANCH — Buy er Ing. Generel Oellverv. Mam Post PATRICE SIMOHETTI statement from bonding company VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION P.ED BANK - New onMwe erlka tEAST name and address will be received rent lows, mortgage available By stating that It will furntth neceuarv 3 M manthlv rent. Buy price, Office, 171 Broad, St , Red Bank 124 East Washington Street SS First Ave space, lie Broad It., ten la four S44.000 m 1441 Option available. owner. Three bedrooms, t"> baths. by lha Colts Heck Township Board of performance bond in the amount ot ' Atlantic Highlands, N.J 07711 Atlantic Highlands reams per wile, includes fireplace. large kitchen and den. Near scneal. Education on or before 1 00 P M on Dated Mav 1*. l « 0 the contract in accordance with SecSMALL - Starter house wltn garage 0734347 beamed celllnt. perklna Call tor M O »»NK - TaoMwula an T, Thurttfav, Juna 12, tfsD, at which Mav 22 and Mav n In Belmar. Wall Townshla or sur U» » tion RS. 3A.44-14J and V .44-147 m EIGHT YEARS YOUNG MM HIM. Swimming and tennis al Iran specifics H l - l l l l or H i m lima they will be publicly opened. clutive. with luretiets tatlttactorv to rounding areas. Principals only oomr Llvtnf room with flreetace Ml RESTAURANT FOR LEASE — Full Stunning, four bedroom, l'/t-belh WAYSIDE — Lavalv ranch, with gas Cash deal. No mortgage Write to 1S4 Recreational read, and recorded for the rotlow trte Stale of New Jartav. PUBLIC NOTICE heat system, excellent terms to dining room, library, two bedroom equipped, The Department ot Environ CITV OF LONG BRANCH malor highway In Colonial, over an acre. Beamed call- Qualified buyer. Oetlrabl. home lor Boa B i n , The Daily Resistor. Vehicles laundry, tlcctronk kitchen, ivt Hatlel. Callon Shrewsbury, N.J., 07701 I. Custodial Supplies menial Protection reterves Ihe right ins and ralaad hearth fireplace In NOTICf TO V O T I H I 14] 44/7 betM. CMawlaitalv turnlsned Now 1 Bread to waive any informalities In or to lamlly ream. Cat heat, central air WARDS DISTRICT I O I G REALTORS UI-MBB l » - t M 7 S M A L L H O U S E — L e r g e CAMPER FOR SALE — Starcratt. 1, Milk P.UMSON — Office space Prime Prime Pair Haven location. until Sap* IS 74M74S. reiectanvor ellbid* C H A N O I IN POL LI MO PLACE In Monmouth County Sleeps six, good condition Fitted 4. ice Cream JERRY FITZGERALD ENGLISH Please take notice that the poi(Whan consklarlne Buying tr Selling lol/gereoa. ftUMSON - cerneae hasjse. Three location Up te MO ee ft Call Principals only. Cash-no mortgage. refrigerator, stove end heeler. Elec LITTLE SILVER i. Gasoline Committtoner ing mace for voters in Ward 4 Dis Call a momaar of The Irlcltv and water hltch-ups. lose. beaVeeme. two bam, living roam H I n«0 or M m a a avenlnes. Write Box B I I ] , The Dally Regular. * Fuel Oil tav n. June S i » 40 tricl 3 has been changed from REALTY Monmouth County 110-0740. dlnlna room, itudlo and kitchen STORE FOR RENT - In Saa Shrewsbury. N J 07711 7 Transportation Lenna Con row School Multiple Listing Servke July aiu». i n o c Call I H W t Bright l « g so ft Heat furnltMd Realtor 741-0990 2M Other Public Notices Specifications and Terms, GenAvenel Boulevard LUXURY MOTOR HOME — 3 f . Window shades on front window, eral Conditions, and Bid Forms mav Kings H a . . side bath, vacuum lo SEA B B I O M T - Fvrnlanerl mate burglar alarm system, will com FOULKS PRESTON AGENCY HOTICE 132 Condominiums cleaner, blander, slorege pod Under be obtained from the Office of lha Long Branch Community Club rooms and tludio aoertmenu Dally Plata renovations te sull REALTORS TO ABSENT DEFENDANTS 1000 mllei. like new Owner, UO.000 Secretary, 7] Cedar Drive, Colls Long Branch Avenue waaklv and manthlv ralai Maid Call 4414041 SUPERIOR COURT 1 Woodland Dr.-Mlddletawn- Town Mouses Neck, Haw Jersey 07723 between Call 414 S45 Mis The above change will take efservice, air tandltlanlna, T V , OF NEW JERSEY 10 00 A M and 4 00 P M weekdays fect for the prtmary election to be I M Boats 4 arlvala beech and pool TMADI S Y C A M O R E Docket Ha. F « n n PROFESSIONAL MOTOR HOMES FOR RENT held on June 3. l*M (Phone; 201 441 11 i t ) WIHOt MOTEL, M I U I t'Vl HIGHLANDS — . _ STATE OF NEW JERSEV, to: BUILDING — Tlntan Falls. 1.100 + HALF ACRE Check our unboeloble Tha Board reserves the right to Accessories JENNIE C. Of-FAZIO Jesse W Levble and Rubl Lavble, H . I I , modern office bulMln*. am- Four bedreemi. IV, batni, 14' m a i law rates and compere. I M 0411 reject any and all btds. or award S I A BRIGHT - F u m l a l M one. ple perking . will finish le suit Call lar bedroom. 14' dining room, eat-In de wltn smart ocean view. Pool anal Cltv Clerk hli wife, Mr. Levble. husband ot tennis available. Law maintenance badraam apertment On ocaan SO-44X1. CMv of Long Branch Agnes R Levble kitchen. I f den. baiement. petla. »7).0OO ELLEN S. HAIELTON, RE 13' STAR CRAFT —Aluminum boot, WHEEL POPUP - Camper. tHe, bids In whole or in part which In Its Available, juna. July, Aua and Judgment may be deemed In the best Mav 27, 2«, 29 June 1.3 $30.00 I I h p , Johnson motor, three year ileept eight, healer, stove. Ice box, YOU ARE HEREBY SUM ALTOR. M I U M . SeptLeeve mettege. i n 4 W Interest of the school district, and to THREE AND FOUR ROOMS — M E L M E D REALTY B»r U t - l a M MOWED and required to serve upon old Dllly trailer with remote controls 14*0 Call 7074730 waive immaterial formalities. tulles, modern office building, RATES DOWN — On end extras. All In goad condition, 237 Monmouth Beach Alvln D. Miller, Etauire. whose ad SEA M I G H T - Furnlihad tow Malawan araa, air conditioning. HAVE BUYEKSNEED LISTINOS INTEREST Bidders are required to comply Riverfront townhauM. Spectacular dress is 113 Barclay Pavilion East, 1450 or best offer I41-3S3O Mdroom lotMga on Shrewsbury carpeting, all utilities Included Rae Call the Kerr Aaencv, Inc. NOTICE with lha requirements of P.L. 1*73, SPt CIAL view of the Navesink. Two or threeRoute 70, Cherry Hill, New Jersey River M a v l t a t S a M l i l t call I N I sonebfa Call Me-lMt. Ot River Rd.. Fair Haven, w-4471 bedroom units with 3vi bams, den, 14' MCKEE KRAFT — 10 h p . The Zoning Board of Adjustment OS034, an Answer to the Complaint NOTICEi n*ai*l By order of tha Board of Educa- of the Borough of Monmouth Baach (as Amended) filed In a civil action Mercury engine. Excellent condi•arage. Last chance a l sn.MO. H O L M O I L — L I I T WITH tion. Colts Hack Township, Maw Jar- met on Wednesday Mav 21, i t M at in which Federal National Morteage tion. S3SO0 or best offer 33«-34tl or Prke Increase aioected. 741-OSIs. Century I I Ven'l Aaencv I M Bulldlngs/G»r»gt» 1:00 p.m. at Borough Hall, 22 Baach Association it plaintiff and Jesse w say. 333 40M after I. 210 Lost A Pound See-IIBI 104 Furnish** Rooms SHADOW LAKE — Ranch. Living SHIRLEY ZEISEL Road, Monmouth Baach and took Levble et alt are defendentt. pendroom, dining, two-bedroom, two- 14' ALUMINUM STARCRAFT — FOUND — Small black mats dog, ing in the Superior Court of New Board Secretary action at follows: H O L M D I L OFFICE A N D WAREHOUSE bath, tennis, golf. pool, garage, le With trailer, S44t. Approved Application of Ken- Jertev. within thlrtv-flve days after 111,70 very gentla. Wevv, long, shiny heir, SPACE - Available In the Bare al COWARD W. COLLINS AGENCY curltv. 104,000. Owner 741-1717. KEANttUKO Ml 1437 neth B Shaw, lo permit tha addition May n. l«M exclusive of such date chain collar Found In Long Branch ABILITY DEPENDABILITY ADVHTIIIMINT FOB BID* Shrewsbury. Far Informatlan, call Room lor rant If you tall to do so. Judgment bv ot a one story room In raar yard of Cell 170-1374. RELIABILITY 17' SLOOP — Flberglaa. three sells, ltX SHADOW LAKE RESALES after S p.m. Call rim, his family residence within four and default mav bo rendered against you t r a i l e r , outboard. I10SO. Call FOUND - Smell Meek puppy with efCem Heck Tn aiki ALL MODELS SS4.O0O-S100.OO0 one halt feet of the north itdellne tor tha relief demanded In the Com KEANStURft 747-7370. ntesattli CewHy, New Jae^sev ALSO RENTALS plaint (as Amended) You shall tile where tha Zoning Ordinance rebelea collar. In Shop Rile perking LEONARDO — By owner, two pnvala kltchan. prlvata , Notice Is hereby given that quires a minimum setback of Ian your Answer and Proof of Service In bedroom brick ranch STI.000 firm IHO 37' SPORTS CRAFT — S7S00 lot. R l . 34. Hailet. Cell 747 1440 KERR AGENCY sealed bids will be received by the feel from the tide property Una on duplicate with the Clerk ot the SUP* "alurt parson < all H I ! »Ul 1174, » ' Maco. S7000. Some older 741-4417 Days nor Court, State House Annex, Tren Board of Education of Colts Hack Block I I , Lots 4*7 RED BANK — L _ boets el low prices Inquire at Sandv 211 Special Notice* CANADIAN OFFICER — Na Chil- L I T T L E SILVER SHREWSBURY fvss. 741-4140, 747-4034 New Jersev. In accordance with Township, Monmouth County, N.J. parson. All utlllllas 1 Tha Board made a motion that Ion, dren, requires twolhre* bedroom A R I A : — Call or land far ourSHADOW LAKE IS SOLD OUT — Hook Bay Marina, Willow St., HighRules of Civil Practice and Pro for the work to be done In connection the June M U M I after t am. 1*M mealing would be can the house with fenced yard. Close to "Shore A Country Living" brochure, But Van Horn has both new and lends. cedure with root repairs at Cedar Drive " -d School, Colts Heck, N.J. RED BANK — Ona unit, lint flour, Fort Monmouth Thraa years, starl- plci. descrlptloni. p r k e i on e i resale units! SS4,3O0 to 1133,100. i r O'DAY MARINER SAILBOAT — Shirley A. Barry ABORTIONS Clutlve Ilitlngi APPLEBROOK We have rentals, teal action-has been instituted Btds will be received In tha Ofluliewe tor malura business man. ing July 1st Call U04717 IHO, 3 h.p. Volvo, trailer, new point. One to 34 week lermlnellons Appts Secretary Zoning Board for The Realtor, u Church St.. the purpose of foreclosing the fice* of the Board of Education Cedar Mav I f Asking S1300 041 0454. IM waaklv Mi i m VAN HORN AGENCY, 747-4100 ^__ 14,40 mortgage made 7 devs. LAWVE R - Wants rental near Red AGENCY, dated November 29, 1947 Drive School, 73 Cedar Drive, Colts Eves: Marilyn Leahy, S41OT11 Bank. Rumson. Monmouth Baach Little Silver. Ul Seea CALL F R E E , I-400-13I-I443 made bv Jesse W Levble and Agnei 10' H7I SEACRAFT SAFARI — Neck, N.J. until 1:00 P M prevailing 245 union Baach or Larry Schilling, 143 JS7e for me. with docking facilities lor V L I T T L I SILVER - Distinctive ConR Levblo, hit wife to South Jersev With cuddy cabin. H71140 h.p. JohnI N Commercial time on Juna 12, IHO, and then pubAnticipation Dating Service boel Call w i n ; days; M l «oo, Mortgage Co. and ultimately astemporary. Unloua, tecludedwtilhB STG CONDO MART INC. son, with tilt and trim VFS, F MP.O: Box 304, Island HIS , N J 00731 licly opened and read bv the SecreNOTICE loom 10S, evai signed to Ihe plaintiff and concerns In country ambiance, blocki away Shore Homes, Condo Speclellll 170-Otll right track stereo, full canves plus tary of the Board of Education No RtnUlt Take notice, thai a Public hear n shops, ttatlon, schools. Three Sea Bright, N J 143-0004 more Ready for water ssOOO bids mav be delivered before this ing will be held on June IS, 19B0 al real estate located at 534 Woodland WANTED TO RENT — For sum Avenue, Brieile, New Jersey and, "COME BLOW YOUR HORN" — bedrooms, tvt baths, den. musk 6:00 p.m. before the Union Beach 3I1-JH4 attar t p.m lime except bv mall. . Furnished, luxury apartment A B E R D E E N MATAWAN - E . Sexaphonss urgently needed. The room, vaulted celllnas, fireplace, 133 Income) Property All bids should be addressed or Zoning Board of Adjustment at tha also for possession ot said premises ecullvs or profestlonel ottlcs space. or home No children Cell m l i l t s'x4O' FLOAT — Pontoons with Happy Days String Band of Mon- delivered to tha Colts Hack Town- Munic ipal Court Room, Florence many duality features. !4i » i n You. Jetse W. Levble are made I4M so It consltllng ol main otlln WANTED - Retired couple desires tlvrafoa, heavy construction, moor- mouth County l i seeking new mem- ship Board of Education, In tart of Avenue. Umen Beach, N J to hear party defendant because you are one end reception aree with three addl- one-bedraom apartment. Red Bank MIDDLETOWN AREA — CaH or ing or work barge, is Pecker Ave., bers. Especially needed et present Beverly Barton, President, 73 Cedar the application ot Karl R. Berber for of the original mortgagors of the tend for "HOMES FOR ALL SEA INCOME PRODUCER — Red Bank. iRumson. 143-1317. tlenal prlvata etflcet ana rest araa 14147)3 — alto, tenor, barl and bass tax; Drive, Colts Hack, H.J. 07712, and be property located at 114 Victoria premises under foreclosure. T w o f a m i l y d u p l e x T h r e e banjos and glockenspiel. 14 vrs. or SONS" Plctura Brochure Monmouth rooms Located on heevllv traveled Place. Union Beach', N.J known as Rubl Levble. are made a bedrooms. Hying room, dining room. older. Call 77S-HOSB tor more in- plain marked on the outside of the Block 102. Lot 6. Union Beach, N J oartvYou, County. Lloyd MO (t. f,om parkwav endefendant because as the wife envelope "Bid for Roof Repairs at Application is for variance to build kitchen, bath each unit. All utilities lor motion Irence. lerga on site- prlvata parking FOUR SEASONS REALTY REAL ESTATE of Jesse W. Levble. you mav have a Cedar Drive School". motored separately. Convenient logarage closer to property line. area Under IS per so. II Attractive st E. River Rd. Rumsan s w t u o dower interest in the subject pre,„ F O R SALE Contractors submitting bids Mav w cation for everything. Owner will M-20 mises. COUNSELING — Pertonel erooCall U ] M M MIDOLETOWN — Oak Hill Ranch. hold morteege tor qualified buyer. lams. relationships, sexuelltv. de- mutt be preouallflad bv the State You. Mr Levble. husband of Large living room, elegant dining Cell lor details Asking SSS.SOO AGENTS — f i e c u M v e i . pro. pretilon Arlone Mehlmen. MS, Board of Education In accordance Agnes R. Levble. are made a party with tha H.J. Law of m i as sat forth 247 Regional Notices MSW. B41J44) CENTURY I I COZENS. Raaltor room, country kitchen/dinette, slidlonals otlicsi avellobto In two 131 HOUS.M For S a l * defendant because If Agnes R •ve instruction* to Bidden. CATAMARAN 13' - With Ireller. "Independently Owned" ing door to redwood deck, family or three rooms or lerejer Air, HENRY HUDSON REGIONAL Lavble Is married, you may nave a Tha instructions to Bidders, Felr Hevan 17SO. I l l Front S t , Union Beach RETIRED? - Widowed, divorced? room with fireplace, three large I I ] River Rd. carpet, decoration. On long-term SCHOOL OI STRICT curtesv interest In the subject preA L L E N H U R S T ~ C o l o n i a l lorm of bid, form of contract. Plant Love children? Domestic? Room bedroomsT 2vk baths. Tvro-iono cenlaeses t e d Bank area. Full ser7i7t ninn BOARD OF EDUCATIOH mises. irvcomt property. Main I W U M haa tral air /gas heat, full basement. Ov end board, personal allowance. and Specification! mav be examined vices. Low rent! 741 • • » . OHE GRAND TOUR CHRIS CRAFT LANCER IT 1473 — b#(Jfoomi. i'^ tMtihi, llv.»groo«T, erslied two-car garage Extras. W. LEWIS BAMBRICK in the Office of the Secretary and In 7I7IMO. HIGHLANDS, NEW JERSEY 07731 300 h p Inboard/outboard, cutty 135 Commercial Clerk ot tha Superior Court /flrtPlaci, ctntral air Raar houu Principal! only M l « " 4OU HBOAD ST , RED BANK - M o d e r n the offlca of tha architects, ANNUAL NOTICE cabin, sleeps two, with head. In waDATED May 22, IHO tilllce. 1JO so I I Private oerklng hai I tMdrttomt. ntw kitchen. Ltv Rodetsky-Slegel, 4S Eatl Main Property OF MEETING DATES ter Best offer 441 0944 or 441 I l l l 211 T ravelMat 2* $11 60 yearly lease, t i l l e month I t l - l l t l «t*d rv»«r ocean. itor«», Iranipor Street, Freehold, N.J MIDDLETOWN — Call Or send for Pursuant to P L 1975. c 231, alton I3i MS* alttK j , a i i day W M . - our "Snore and Country Living" rs I » P.M. Copies of tha contract docuCHRIS CRAFT 14' - See Skiff. IS73 is hereby given that the Henry PAPPA, MANNA I, KREI2MAN Transportation ments together with plant and spe- notice brochure, pics, descriptions, prices RED BANK — Excellent potential. 330 Chevrolet engine. In water, todi No broktrs Hudson Regional School District A Professional Corporation LONG BRANCH Beautllullv ra e v c l u s l v e l i s t i n g s . A P - Two street-level stores, one rented ready 10 go. 73V-334S or 730-0374. LIMOUSINE SERVICE — For all cifications mav be obtained bv pre- Board of Education will hold Regu U2l Memorial Drive modeled olllces E.cellant location ANKIOUS tics on bidders from the office of tar Monthly Meetings at 7 30 P.M. in Asburv Park. N.J. 07711 PLEBROOK AGENCY. Realtor!. to Post Office on long-term lease, S1SO0 or reasonable offer. occasions To airports from $13. auallfied rrtunt occuoanti. CPA and dentltt . dining room, icl upon deposit of ( M 00 the School Library on Ihe following (Mil 77.1 3000 one vacant. Two apartments upWeddings ere our specialty Low the architects once kitchen, den. patio, 100* lot. » » Rl IS. Mlddlelown, 471-1300 one complete set. Tha full dates ATTORNEYS FOR Plaintiff FLAGSHIP MARINE rates, free quotes. 34 hour, seven- for lELMEP REALTY Bkr 4>11410 MIOOLETOWN - IBelfordl, four stairs rented. Unique opportunity amount ot the depoilt will be re Asking ISS.000 Call today MATAWAN — On Ml M Modern CITY OF LONG BRANCH June 25.1980 day service. Coll toll free, funded to each POWER bedroom Cape Cod. Dead-end straelbone fide bidder upon CENTURY 11 COZENS, Realtor otllca. 140 to It. Air conditioned, July 16. 1980 COUNTY OF MONMOUTH ouo-ui J003 CARROLL AGENCY INC. Bevllner. Boston Whaler lots ol trees and shrubs. U'.vOO. Call return of the Plans and specif "Independently Owned" arpetad. ample perking Call otter Real Estate Marketing and Seles August 20. 1980 STATCOFNEW J I R I f Y Ray Passaro, Realtor, n i t n 4 . icatlons in good order within one t i l River Rd. Fair Haven 4 p m tea M M REALTOR 47HIO0 September 17,1990 CIVIL ACTION SAIL week after the opening of bids. Un. 741-74M October 15. .980 COMPLAINT BY OAK HILL —Mlddlelown. May list. Phantom. Laser, Hoble. Harpoon 213 Instruction less tha aforementioned conditioned November 1«. 1980 PUBLIC OFFICIR « 1 p . m . 14 Blue Jay Court. O'Dov, Buccaneer are mat. the entire amount ot tha A REAL ESTATE Agents licensDecember 17. 1980 Furniture, wicker* antiques. TV, 137 Lots tV Acreage A NOTICE OF HEARING Erlcian, Slllletto ing course. Mornings. Juno 14-27 deposit will ba forfeited Deposit January 71, 1961 mltcelleneeus. Plaintiff H FRED SCHUSTER JR . check shall be made payable to Monmouih Institute. S42-I3OO. February IM 1981 PUBLIC OFFICER. DIRECTOR OF Johnson AAA service Rodettkv-Siegel, Architects. OCEAN TOWNSHIP — Wayside COLTS NECK — Over two acres. Summer end winter storage The Henry Hudson Regional HEALTH. Pursuant lo Chapter 14 3 ACCORDION LESSONS Private Bidders will Include the follow Woods and Long view village. Maw Comolele Canvss Shop Leeve message for Joe, c/o Hot- ing documents with their proposals School District Board of Education of the revtsad general ordinances of homes from 1110.000. Liberal llnanc Clover Hill. Building permit avail breuhaus, 3*1-0334 or write J. Si... at specified In tha instructions to will hold Agenda Meelings at 7 30 the Cltv of Long Branch in relating able. Lovely area U1-4BH. Ing 111 OJM or 4*14477 P M. in the Faculty Room of the to repair, closing and demolition of P O Box 301, New Monmouth, N J bidders: First Ave., Atlantic Highlands school on the following dates buildings unfit for human habitation 07741. 1. Bid Bond ^ PORT MONMOUTH — Cute two- OCEAN TOWNSHIP - lOO'IleO' lot. 291-5600 June I I , 1*M vs. ROBERT COHEN, JOSEPH %. Contractor's QuallflCBTion bedroom haute, needs, some work Backs le Organ Acres. Walk lo TUTORING — Reading, English All July 9,19M COLELLA. JOSEPHINE COL schools. Close to shopping Curb. tJs.oao call 707 r u s grades. Experienced teacher Rea- Statement August 13. 1980 ELLA, MARIE FARINA, ANNE fl ildewalx. sewer connection In. Nice INFINITY 3. Surety Company Certification sonable rates. 4H-14S3 September 10, 1900 COLELLA ANO SYMBIONT SYS ROOM FOR MOM, DAD TOO —section of Oakhurst I30.0W. Call covering the furnishing of the conOctober B, 1980 WINDSURFING TEMS. INC . Defendants 741-3337 after 4 p.m. Recant 400-foot addition Weal for tract bond November 12,1980 New, used, factory sec ends In stock RE Premises known as Lot (, parents In four-bedroom, four-bath All Udders bidding the work or December 10. 1980 Rentels. lessons, accessories. Block 3*2. on lha tan map of tha Cltv OCEANPORT LOT ranch. Flrepfece, recreation room. any portion thereof or suppliers ot January 14. 1981 447X53 of Long Branch commonly known at 1 MM 100, SJ1.000 two-car garage. Ona mile from materials or other goods necessary February 11, 1981 35 Chelsea Avenue. Long, Branch. beach In Wast Lang Branch PRINCall 7I7-S1I1 and related lo the completion of the LENTZE MARINA — For Rerltan PriscillaM Marrah New Jertev CIPALS ONLY. m-MOs evenings. proposal shall Comply with pro BoardSecretary OCEAN TOWNSHIP OAKHURST Bay boating In out berthing tervlc 211 Asburv Park H. FRED SCHUSTER JR . Pub islons of all public laws partalnthg May » lor oower end tall boats, IS to 34 . ; 1U00 tic Officer, Director of Health, as 100x100 building lot Corner of Auth RUMSON FAIR HAVEN AREA: It May be 1 He hat heretofore caused a PUBLIC NOTICE p r i v a t e parking A t . neat, NORTH AMERICAN S l l — 1 * hartbv Otilgn*te at official nawt< day, Juftf 11, IHO and Publicly subdivided, end tingle of f let. 300 "The following action was taken opened and read aloud No bids will preliminary investigation of the o't paptrt to racaivt notice ot maatlnQl u n n k l e r e d Public transoorla Chevrolet, fast, with, trailer. Ca M . ft. Central air. heat, privets mltas In Block W Loi t on the tai tha folfowlne: Tha Atburv Park at the Mav 19, 1«W meeting of the be received after 10 00 A M prevail Iron $ 1 7 5 loi each pallern Add SOt 717-1171. parking elevator, full janitorial map of the Citv of Long Branch Prasi artd Tha Oallv Raoltlar. and Colts Neck Planning Board ing lime on said day. All bids must service Included. Prime locaeach pattern lor lust class air moniv known as 35 Chelsea AveMinor Subdivision for Agricul- be tolated and all required informaSAILBOAT — I t ' MScew, trailer their Sunday tdltlont; and tion. Just completely renovated. nue. Long Branch, New Jersey and tural Purposes granted to George two sets of tails, mint condition mail and handling Sand I K BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED ion thereon submitted in sealed en 747-1100 must sell. t i n s . 144-SS*7 THAT all required notices Of tha Diltmar and Harry and Stephen 747-1100 'elopes as to category of bid Upon assessed to Robert Cohen 3 Said preliminary Investiga Board of Education (hall be potted Marhos, pucks Mill Road, A P P tceipl and reading of the bids, they #263. Colts Neck Township. • • on the bulletin board In tha City Hall will be held for Board action at the tion. disclosed the basis for tha l i u r i Wheeler 13 00 office ot the Board Secretary, 2 charge that tha building thereon Is of tha City of Atburv Park, 710 Mav 29 131 Houses For Sale 131 Houses For Salt 31 Housei For S»lt


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Sails Aweigh

(201) 477-3252

number 1XM U-ttH-QU heretofore issued to Dorothy Mites trading as Joav Miles for the Premise* lac Wad at » First Avenue, Atlantic Htfhlands. Haw Jersey Tha faHawliw are tha names and raslajmcas of otfkars. directors and stoct.ha.dart notding more than tan par cant of stock of applicant Suianna Parker, a First Avenue. Atlantic Hiahiands. HJ 0771* President, director, and holder of »0O% of outstanding stack Obtactlant, H any, should be •e immadiaealv in writing to J Leonard Clark, Clark-Administrator, Earawph Hall, too First Avenue. Atlantic Highland!, New Jersey OH 14. JODOT LIQUORS. I H C , Applicant 11 First Avenue Atlantic Highlands. N J 07714

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Bar>et Avenue and filed with the Cllv Clark; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT perionft requiring nolle to* all maallngi tor 1M041 prepay for them in the amount of flOO and that the a t art mentioned news media not be eaulred lo pay tha M I fee and that parsons wishing such notices shall communicate In writing with the Secretary of the Asburv Park Board of Education. tSOa Park Avenue. Asburv Park; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT uuon the affirmative vote of a majority ot the member* present tha Board ot Education of the Cltv of Asburv Park miv hold a meeting without compliance with the notice requirements If: (1) such meeting Is raoulrad In order to deal with mat tors of tuch ureancv and Importance that a delay for the Purpose of providing adequate notice would be likely to result In substantial harm to the public Interest. (2) tha meet ino Is limited to discussion of and acting with respect to such matters of ur&enty and Importance; and (1) notice of such meeting Is provided at won as possible after tha call of such meeting; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT this annual notice be pub ejd within Revert (7) days following this meeting ALLEN B. WEISSBERGER BOARD SECRETARY Adooted Mav M. l f M

Bucks Lane. Marlboro. New Jersey 07744 Specifications may be obtained ipon application at the office of Ihe loard ot Education of the Vocational Schools in the County of Monith, 2 Bucks Lane. Marlboro, New Jersev 07744, between Ihe hours o i l . 3 0 A M, and 4 00 P M , following advertisement ot bids In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 33. P L 1977. any orooration or partnership submitting a bid shall, either prior to the submission of the bid or accompany mg the bid. submit a statement selling forth Ihe names and addresses of all persons in that corporation or NOTICE OF partnership who own 10% or more of CONTRACT AWARDED The Township of Holmdel (the ts stock or interest therein, as the "Township") has awarded a Con- :asemev be Bidders are reouired to comply tract without competitive bidding for professional services pursuant to with the requirements ot P L 1975 C N.J SA. 40* l i i (1} (a) (O. The 27 By Order of the Board Of Educe Township retained the law firm of ion. Kraft I . Hughes, Newark. New JerBETTY A PERRO sey, lo provide specialtted legal sar Secretary. Board of vices necessary to the author nation, Education of the issuance and sale ot bonds or notes vocational schools in >t tha Township The amount the County of Monmouth charged for these iervicts will ba 1 Bucks Lane determined m accordance with the Marlboro, New Jersey 07744 Agreement dated as ot April IS, 1«W 117.40on tile with lha Township Clerk This May 29

227 Highlands

Notice it hereby given that I, William Shea, 13 Prospect SI.. High lands, propose lo construct a onelemllv home on Block 54, Lot 14, Miller SI This notice l i given this 23rd day ol Mav, IMO. pursuant to ordinance #0etVi ot the Borough of Highlands W.J. Shea 12 Prospect Street Miahlands. New Jerte' Mav » . w. 30, June 1, 2 S1I.00

221 Holmdtl

unfit for human habitation or oc cupancv or u&e The condition, which relate to these findings are on file at tha Public Health Office. Citv Hall, Long Branch, N.J. and art made a part hereof bv reference hereto 4. Search of the tax assessors record! of (he Cltv of Lorn. Branch ndlcates that the record owner of this property is Robert Cohen A search of tha County Clerk's Officr ndlcates that Robert Cohen loo* title of this property bv deed dated March 31, 1*78, recorded April I I . 971 In Book 4093. page 314 JoMPh Cotelie. el al are named defendants as thev hold mortgage recorded 11 •took M7*. page 171 Svmblont Svs ems, Inc Is named as holder of tax sale certificate recorded In Book 3U*. page 7U. • !. Please take notice thai pursuant to the above, hearing will held before the undersigned of ir on the ivth day of June. iwo. at 2 0 0 p m at the City Hall. U* Broad wav. Long Branch New Jersey with respect to the above charoas You mav flit an answer to the Complaint and mav appear in person or other ise give testimony in said time and place 4 Please take further notice that f. following such hearing, or In the event ot your failure to apoaar. the undersigned determines that taid wilding is unfit for human habltaion or occupancy or use. vou mav be ordered to repair, alter or Improve said building, vacate or have vacated and dote tald building or amove or demolish said building. In he event that your failure lo comply with said order or orders, the undersigned Public Officer mav cause tald building to be repaired, altered,, iproved. vacated, closed, removed or demolished and the cost of tald il become a municipal lien against vOur property H. FRED SCHUSTER JR PUBLIC OFFICER Mav 34 Junes W7.30

:onlract will be in effect until the eorgemiaiion Of the governing 24* State of New Jarsav body ot the Township or until such STATE OF NEW JERSEY lima as either party gives written DEPARTMENT OP notice lo the other of termination ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION May If HIM This Contract and the ResoluDIVISION OF tion authorizing it are available for Builder. COASTAL RESOURCES 220 Atlantic Highlands public Inspection m Itte offices of the BUREAU OF A unique private community ol NEW HOMES Township Clerk, during regular COASTAL ENGINEERING PUBLIC NOTICE working hours. on heavily WOODED LOTS PROJECT No 120 01;400-tOO-SOC In accordance with tha Open John P. Wadington May2T 19tO starting at Public Meetings Law, P L . 1*73, Township Clerk ADVERTISEMENT FOR BID Chapter 231, NOTICE IS HEREBY Mav 29 tf.00 Saaled propotalt for main G I V E N that the Atlantic Highlands enance dredging of a Navigational Board of Education, at its Organize 229 Ktansburg :hannei In Waeckaack Creek and tion Meeting held on Mav 21st, 1M0, Thorns Creek at the Junction of authorised the following schedule of BOROUGH OF KEANSBURO meetings for the 1M0-4I SclVjl PLANNING BOARD Year, and that publication of the TAKE NOTICE that on the Itth Borough. Monmouth County. Haw schedule appear In The Daily Reg- day of June, l f M , a hearing will be Jersey will ba received bv the Dlrec ister, the Asbury Park Press and the held before the Borough of Middietown' Courier, in addition lo Keansburg Planning Board on the222 Eaton town 222 Eaton town the posting of the schedule at tha application of the undersigned as to NOTICE Borough Clerk's Office and the out- permit a subdivision ot the premises PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on Monday. June 9, 1980. at 8 P M at the door bulletin board of the Atlantic located at 77 Highway • 3*. Highlands Elementary School. 1*0 Keansburg. and designated as Block Municipal Building. 47 Broad Street. Eatontown. New Jertev. Anthony First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, 122. Lots 113-114 Pts. on the Borough Sicilieno. residing al 202 Broad Street. Ealontown, New Jersey, will apply to he Planning Board of Eatontown tor the following Mew Jersey, 07714: Tan Map. located in a B-1 lone. 1 Approval for the minor subdivision ot the existing two residentla1 JunelJth.lW) Tha maps and papers are on file Jutv 23rd. IM0 in tha office ot the Municipal Clerk tructures located at 200 and 202 Broad Street. Eatontown, New Jertev Block 37. Lot 19 on the Tax Map) into two lots, as shown on the Subdivision August 27th, t * M and are available for inspection. September Hth, 1W0 BY AMPERSAND Map on file with the Secretary ot the Eatontown Planning Board. Available lor 2 Models Under Construction 2 For an interpretation bv the Planning Board as to whether variances October JInd, 1*0 CONST RUCTION CORPORATION re necessary for non-cpnformities which are set forth on the rider attached November Ifth, i * M ALSO David Keelan, President December 17th, 1H0 77 Highway # » o the subdivision application or, in the alternative, for the following TIMBER RIDGE WILL ARRANGE MORTGAGE January Mth, 1*11 Keantburg, New Jersey enencet Minimum Required Bv Proposed FINANCING* FOR THE SALE OF YOUR HOME February 35th, m i Publication dale May » , 1*00 Lot 19 Lot 19A March 2Slh, tWI Mav 79 14 60 oning Ordinance Discover the rustic elegance ol Timber Ridge otarea. 10.000 sg ft 9.874 sq ft 3.SO0sq ft April ?2nd.l«>1 ot width: 75 ft. minimi 30 ft 233 Lout Branch lor yourself May 17th, 1M1 40 ft ront yard » I t 37ft.. EMiabothA Collins, ' RRM Mortgage Plan to Qualified Buyer One tide 7 ft NOTICE 7 1 ft * . •. ii , Board Secretary. TAKE NOTICE that application Both sides. 20 ft. 12.1ft, Atlantic Highlands Board of Education has been made to tha governing Maximum Lot Cltv ef Long Branch to 'ereee. 3 1 % 2571% 140 First Avenue body ot the to DSCG CORP., • Haw Accessory Atlantic Highlands. N.J.OrJU transfer Jersey Corporation, for premises lo- Building Mav 2* ' 111.40 catad at 22a Hew Ocean Avenue, tde yard 7ft. 1 ft.* Long Branch, Haw Jarsav, the NOTICE Existing Otrocttono: From Resile B Planarv Ratall Consumption ALCOHOLIC B I V I R A O I You may appear al the hearing and .let* vour views with respect to the License C 40 heretofore issued to alvlnDacn Man. fja LIClHIi •Plication Oeorge Papageorge anal Frafllshaa faet on Ryan ~ Take,notice that application has The original application and minor subdivision map *r* on file with jhe wejiei laoeiini pft , . seen made to tha Mayor and Council Voios for the premises locatad at I t t Secretary of the Planning Board. Borough Hall. 47 Broad Street. Eaton Road to Eaat F m s i i M ># the ftorouoh of Atlantic Highlands New Ocean Avenue. Long Branch, own, New Jersev. and may be inspected during regular buimesshourv Jersey bv tha Cltv of Long Road, lafl U T I I M U o transfer to JODOT LIQUORS. New LABRECQUE. PARSONS ft BASSLER MME. N O , trader* at JOEY MILES, for Branch. Attorney! tor Applicant 4090 Route 9 Freehold nlMS tecated at M First Avenue. Tha names ana] .iddresees ef all Bv Theodore D Parsons Jr 201-462-2222 Atlantic Higtilendt. Haw Jerser, the stockholders, directors and officers For the Firm rtVAarv retail consumption Itcenta of DSCG CORF- are as IWIewt; May 79 U 1 90



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THURSDAY, MAY 29. i980

Cap reforms coming


Lordi tells mayors to restrict casinos PRINCETON i AP i - The state may have to limit the number of casinos il luo many gaming halls want to operate in Atlantic City warns Casino Control 1 1 urn 1 n-.MIHI Chairman Joseph Lordi Casinos are a unique approach to urban redevelopment, but the state should stop issuing licenses when competition starts affecting their profit ahilitv Lordi said duirng the New JerM'\ ('onlerencc of. Mayors annual meeting yesterday at Princeton University State Attorney General John Uegnan .•No was a featured speaker with another M'I ill concerns — juvenile justice You have to realize Atlantic City is . \ ery small area and I have no doubt there II be a point when no more

licenses can be issued, " Lordi said. But we're a long way off from the saturation point and we need guidelines to decide when to cut it off " Lordi said he wouldn l recommend allowing casinos in other cities, "but you might ask the same question to a casino commissioner in the future and get a diflerent answer "First, though, we have to see whether casinos accomplish the goals set lor Atlantic City We are holding hearings on that and you can expect the results in three to four months " Lordi told the mayors there "is a housing problem in the seaside resort, but 'progress is being made." Uegnan, the main speaker at the luncheon, asked the mayors for help in

stemming juvenile crime. "In 1975, the cost to municipalities was (17 million to repair damage to vandalized schools . and SO percent of all street crime in New Jersey is committed by juveniles." Degnan said. "We have not stemmed the rise of juvenile crime ... and there's growing sentiment to shift the juvenile justice system to a due process, adult system. "But not all should be locked up under the guise of rehabilitation," Degnan said He called for support in programs that identify which juvjrules should be locked up and which should be counseled while remaining free. "Distinguish the sick from asocial, the misguided from the amoral," he urged The university session also featured reports on departmental concerns from Community Affairs Commissioner Joseph LeFante. Transportation Commissioner Louis Gambaccini and Deputy Environmental Commissioner Betty Wilson The meeting was marred slightly when Mrs Wilson walked out during a presentation by Joseph Kennedy, who boosted the presidential run of his uncle, Sen Edward Kennedy. Wilson, who was scheduled to remain, left hurriedly when the eldest sun of the late Robert Kennedy attacked Gov. Brendan T. Byrne for using "strong-arm tactics" to make mayors support President Carter instead of his uncle.

PRINCETON (AP) - A legislative package to revise the state's municipal budget cap law wiU be ready by December, Community Affairs Commissioner Joseph LeFante predicted yesterday. "We're shooting to have it in effect for the 1981 budet," LeFante told the New Jersey Conference of Mayors annual meeting. *"•> The commissioner said a budget caps study panel of state and local officials will submit recommendations to Gov Brendan T. Byrne after Labor Day. "The major complaint with 5percent budget growth caps is binding arbitration awards." LeFante said. He declined to list specific changes sought, but offered areas of municipal concern during a later interview. "For instance. West New York was ordered to give police and firemen a 17 percent raise, how do you fit that in?" he said. "Another major complaint is there are no provisions for hikes in medical ' plan payments or pension benefits. "At the municipal level, federal funds are included under the cap. Those funds are targeted for specifics — nutrition, recreation, training. The local people want them outside the cap. "The attorney general's reviewing the matter and if it doesn't work out there, it could wind up in court," LeFante said. LORDI DESCRIBES CASINOS —State Casino Control Commission Chairman Joseph Lordi addresses the assembly of New Jersey mayors vesterdav. telling them that the casino business must be limited in Atlantic City for it to be effective.

Military poison dumps endanger Love Canal LEOERER I N D I C T E D — Rep. Raymond F. Lederer, D Pa., talks to reporters yesterday about his being indicted in the Abscam bribery probe. Lederer said he welcomes his day in court to prove his innocence.

Lederer says he's relieved to be indicted 1

WASHINGTON 1 APi - Calm and composed. Hep Raymond Lederer, DI'a sitid yesterday he is somewhat relicwrf thai a. lederal grand jury has 'miltctcd him in the Abscam political corruption probe I in relieved in thai if it had to happen, at least it's out in the open." the three-term Philadelphia congressman said after he was reached in his Capitol Hill nflire At least now we II have our. day in t'luil and I'm confident we'll be vin• In j'ted there.' Lederer added lederer 42,is the second Democratic congressman charged in the Abscam probe Rep Michael 0 "Ozzie" Myers, alwi ol Philadelphia was charged in a -iiiiil.ir indictment Tuesday Both indirlments were handed up by a federal Krand jury in Brooklyn. NY I.ederer is charged with taxing $50 from FBI undercover agents after. a-.surm& them he would introduce private immigration bills • Lederer has maintained his innocence since the scandal broke in February I can 1 say that I was surprised by the grand jury action Ive been saying that it it had to. come. I wanted it to me yesterday." he said The congressman said he learned of his indictment through his attorney, James Binns who told Lederex the news

at about 2 30 p.m. yesterday Within minutes, a mob of reporters converged on his office and began peppering the congressman with questions "My reaction is that I think that it is unfortunate that the government certainly knows a lot more about this case than Ray Lederer knows." he said, adding that "now it's all up to my attorney ."• Lederer said he has not seen a videotape of the alleged payoff he said he understood the FBI made of him in its investigation "I think it will show that I was there la New York hoteli to bring investments into the state." the congressman said I was led to believe they would be investments for the Port of Philadelphia and that's why I went there. I don't think that's going to change." he said Lederer said the indictment does not change his re-election plans He managed to defeat seven challengers in Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional Dis trict in the Democratic primary on April 22 He faces Republican William Phillips in the November general election "I don't have any strategy different than the one I had in the primary I'm just going to be as accessible as humanly possible." Lederer said

ALBANY, N Y (AP) - Toxic chemical contamination at Love Canal may threaten more homes and more families than previously thought, and dumping by the U.S. military may have contributed to the pollution, a new investigation reveals A state Assembly investigation his uncovered evidence that military units dumped poisonous chemicals in the Love Canal area starting shortly before the United Slates entered World War II in 1941. sources said early today. , The state report was expected to be publicly released today One investigator said the dumping occurred "in a somewhat larger area than the narrow few blocks everybody thinks of by the name Love Canal." But exactly how large an area — aitd how many more families — might be endangered was something "nobody knows. " the investigator said "That is what has us worried ' Previous reports said the dumping covered a 16-acre. three-block area of southeast Niagara Falls, near the Niagara River Hazardous chemicals there began seeping to the surface, and two years ago residents reported a variety of health problems, including respiratory ailments and a higher incidence of miscarriages and birth defects. Some 339

families were permanently evacuated by the sute and another 700 are eligible for temporary relocation under an emergency order approved by President Carter last week. Both the state and federal governments have filed lawsuits seeking to pin the blame for the contamination on the Hooker Chemical * Plastics Corp.. which operated a chemical dump at Love Canal for about 10 yean In the early '50s But the Assembly investigation reportedly indicates the federal government's dumping otgan before Hooker's first use of the lite. Some longtime residents have recalled seeing military units dump chemicals there during the war. Their statements, however, have not been proven and have been denied by Washington. But an aide who worked on the Assembly report said investigators had uncovered testimony and written evidence that military contractors working under Army supervision had dumped wastes. The evidence includes deeds for land used by the military warning that hazardous chemicals might be underground. Another investigator with the Assembly task force said "we are putting together a crossword puzzle that shows

PHINCETON (AP) - Only unusually wet weather is keeping New Jersey from a water supply crisis, Deputy Environmental Commissioner Betty Wilson said yesterday. New Jersey needs more reservoirs to - store water for use during droughts or protions ol the state, particularly the Delaware River basin, will be in trouble, she told a New Jersey Conference of Mayors meeting. "We're going to have to build some reservoirs in New Jersey and we'll have to pick sites and determine who will have to give up land," Mrs Wilson claimed as she touted environmental bond issues targeted for the November ballot. The money would include $145 million for sewers, |50 million for resource recovery centers and 115 million for water work that includes storage, harbor cleaning and dam repairs. "There's a water supply deficit in the Delaware River basin," she said. "But we've been blessed with overabundant rainfall, but if it turns dry we'll be using water we don't have ' Drawing too much drinking water from the river could spread well-spoiling to the Camden area as more salt enters subterranean supplies, she said.

Highway Arms supporters seek help work slow

PRINCETON (AP) - Highway construction in New Jersey is slowing to a crawl because of inadequate maintenance funds, Transportation Commissioner Louis Gamabaceini said yesterday. The compromise would allot 1153.7 ^^hjlwo^eTBnTRnVthe slate has gone billion to defense, 13 2 billion more than an" ffofrToiWof the leaders in spending for Carter requested. new roads to last place, Gambaccini told a New Jersey Conference of Mayors The budget also faced House opposimeeting. tion from opponents of the additional "We've dropped in a few years from defense money and from fiscal conservatives who say the entire spending a state with spanking facilities to one of complete deterioration because of plan is too high starving maintenance accounts," he The bill would balance the federal said. budget for the first time in 12 years, as "We can't afford to expand our Carter and congressional leader* proposed earlier this year to fight inflation, physical plant as we did in the 1960s and '70s — we can't even afford to maintain but that is no longer the issue. It." the commissioner explained. Congressional leaders criticized "But I continue to experience politiCarter for trying to defeat the bill. cal pressure to expand highways, while "He doesn't want a balanced at the same time there's federal presbudget; he wants a campaign budget," sure to cut pollution and vehicle miles.'' said Sen. Ernest F. Hollings, D S C , Gambaccini said uncompleted highchairman of the Senate Budget Commit- ways will be finished but "highways on tee. / new alignments will be demapped ' as the trade calls it." Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd, D-WJ*-, aald. "I support it the budget resolution. I hope the House it it. I'm sorry the administration is opposing it." House Democratic Leader Jim Wright of Texas said he was "mildly surprised" at Carter's opposition since the president had announced Monday that he favors the military pay raise contained in the bill. Sen. Pete V. Domenici, R-N.M, who ROSELAND (AP) - Sen. Rdward supports the compromise, described Kennedy's motorcade raced ahead Carter's endorsement of higher military suddenly yesterday after alarmed pay and attack on the budget as the Secret Service agents spotted a man "most cynical sequence of actions in carrying a rifle. But the scare turned his four-year term." out to be unfounded. Sen. Henry Bellmon, R-Okla.. rankThe gun-toting man was'a local plainclothes police officer assigned ing Republican on the Senate Budget to protect the Massachusetts DemoCommittee, denounced the president's crat, authorities said. stand as "an attempt... to gain political advantage."

to boost defense spending WASHINGTON (AP) - Backers of an arms-oriented $613.3 billion budget are turning to the Joint Chiefs of Stall in hopes of overcoming President Carter's opposition to the extra defense spending Rep Samuel S. Stratton, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Armed Services investigations subcommittee, said he purposely called in the military chiefs to testify today just hours before the House was to take up the budget. Stratton said he expected the Joint Chiefs to disagree with Carter's stand

that Congress should defeat the bill and force a new compromise because jobs and city programs should get more money and defense less. Stratton said the Pentagon agreed to let the Joint Chiefs testify only after he threatened to subpoena them. Carter said Tuesday he opposes the budget compromise worked out by a House-Senate conference committee because it would spend too much for defense at the expense of programs to create jobs, provide job training and help cities

Errichetti expects more indictments CAMDEN i APi — Twice-indicted Errichetti. informed by reporters Mayor Angelo Errichetti expects more yesterday afternoon of his second i n d i c t m e n t s on A b s c a m r e l a t e d Abscamrelated indictment in as many charges but he need not fear any imdays, said he doesn't know when it will mediate problems with his seal in the end State Senate "I categorically deny these charges Sen Charles Yates. D-Burlington, as I have in the past with the allegachairman of the Legislature's ethics tions. Errichetti said from his City committee, says the committee proba- Hall office And it appears they will be bly will wait until federal prosecutors using the old Chinese water torture." finish their case against Errichetti Ernchetli was referring to a pattern before taking any action emerging from the Abscam indictAny of the information we re seek ing naturally will be used first by the ments Indictments are being released on ditlerent days, each one dealing with lederal prosecutor, and any testimony a separate alleged conspiracy. we may want from Sen Errichetti may F.rnchetti s first indictment, on have to wait for adjudication oh the Tuesday, centered on a 150.000 bribe indictment." Yates said The committee had asked Errichetti lhat he allegedly arranged between the in February to answer questions about agents and Rep. Michael 0. Myers. Dpublished allegations that he

29 - There are a few of

State officials move to capture bats for testing By DAN BRKEN HOLMDEL^utfSFk)cal HOLMDEL — State and local heal* health ofof- ficals inspecting a St...

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