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'^%jt " * S i V S i ^ y ^ Y ^ ^ ^ V ^ ^ W T ^ ^ f F i ^ f T ^ ^ ^ \ * V ^ T ^ * L fc^Jd^ * ^ » ' ^' '.

. • • _ " •

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. ^

Green T/ium6

Members Received

cember It at the'.hoi**"**..Charts* Dickey,OTBrooksMe **-*- -»

• •

. ' •







*^a^>w>* 'i ™ - — - — *~^Cranford residents atident, welcomed Mrs. Michael CarS. Metals Refining \Compamjr. induded:.Carl A dosed flower show of thelozzi and Mrs. William J. Rafteiry liam Miller, Jr., Victor Forlenza, U spoke^on *"Department •Unrfe---avenu Green Thumb Garden' Club'' was into the" club as active members, Harry Rekemeie.r, William Bloom ance&wduation" at the monthly 100 Heminc avenuerW. ^ held1 last Wednesday evening' at and Mrs. George Cimls as a guest. field and Herbert Ditzel, Sr. meeting of the Northern N e w J e r 19 Chester » i ~ - —»—Raymond N. Eberhardt, assistant the home of Mrs. Chris 'Witting, sey Chapter o t t h e Society for the Plans were formulated to make 215 Orchard .street., Mrs. Frances wreaths, for Ly'bn's Veterans Hos- Onion County agricultural agent, . . - » o* _» - - ' - _• » d Joseph J- Koois. 7«T Walnut Dulicai was co-hostess. . '• pital, the club's annual Christmas spoke to the group on proper proThe theme of the' show was project, on Monday, December 10, cedures in mulching .and pruning. "Thanksgiving" and featured ar- at the home of Mrs. Richard Wen- Warren Lowell, president, conl ^ . rangements 'for a dinner table or rich, -49? • Central avenue, at eight ducted .the meeting. . ' Guests included Andrew. Suppa buffet. Mr. Fred Traut was the o'clock. '.••••'. Ice, Joseph Dittmar, James Mc' . - j u d g e ' '• ; ; . . _ • _ . • ;•'-.' Winners in lherBuffet class were: .Love for God and mart is theCby^&eotae Berry, William Ford and jLawrence Limer. . .. ".• First, Mrs. Bcnjaipin B'rixner.'; true incentive in both healing'and j wil be held De• Second, Mrs. Thomas Roach; Third - Mrs Charles Dickey; honorable teaching. — Mary Baker Eddy. J r .

w^ ' ' ' ' » •


acts In the Dinner Table class were; First, Mrs. Albert Baird; sec- By Men's Garden Club welSix pii• J OOfl flaxB, *i •••t^wi MI iKiflytyitWrjfr i i .1 ^ ^ _ comed as the'^MenVGarden Club Mrs. Nicholas Imperato, 7-honor-




Lj.W«r,*™5Hk t x ^ a a a

nwntkn, Mrs. Ftteda Burke. Wln- New










4 Seclions, 28 P»g»—,10c

Entercd •* lecond cU»« ,m«ll mMtfcr at T*Tpo«t Office at Crinlord. N. J.

^SSSSiStM. Jlfloliday Lights Gfc on Tomorrow;

Ocpoatttea.O w f .

.Q mayor continued, "we must either near approach of ehristmas wiHvbe sjlyenj. As a result of the increasing Interest each year "I should like at this time tori Fred P. Andersen declared ' this • forge (onv'ard, or drift'backward. commend to the-, earnest i o n s i d - | week in commenting on th6 report, We cannot* fight the ravages of . I demonsj^tion as the lights of: the holiday dec-t.|n the residential Christmas decoration? contest eration of every thoughtful citizen l presented by ComrnUriitjrPlarihlng': ^ T n s sponscre* by the Cranfprd Business Asspcia- j sponsored b y W Cranford Rfal Estate Board, there 1 time by reviling them nor meet' one overriding principle1, thjjt Associates of Princeton following , competition by growling at it. . We '-nthe town- center are Jurned i •• . ' '.' " - ; ' -—^ -r—Vwill, be an idtrease in the amount tion there is only one thing Cranford, their recent, survey of the local j must join bands in common purMunicipal .^. *..._i_._^il ' ' > ! p r i z e s again this year and there r on itom6rrow night. • .' cannot afford—further deterioro-1 business area. ,< _.1H in the area also will i_. be six, judges for the entries "We cannot stand still," the pose to. take our.destiny: to our* , tfon of its town center." Mayor I ».ig with lights durselves with courage and vigor/* instead of three, it was announced; e week in preparation Mayor Andersen's statement today \by Mrs. Miriam Neville", ing the holiday display. ' was one of many received by The Not Seeking Reelection chairman of the committee i n of the Citizen and Chronicle in response) charge. to requests to heads of various ' local' organizations for. comments, .Prizes totaling $200 will b e on the recommendations ot tha awarded in" the '.'following three planning experts for Cranford'* ' This SanU Oaus classes: Over-all decoration... of future development as reported A GhVistmas tradition of long house and lawn, door decoration, in full in last week's issue of thil standing in this community wiU and most orlfcinalX Last' year's Cranford has been assured by newspaper. have to be broken this y**'.**~ Public Service that it has no presprizes'amounted to $l!>0. ' ' -. ' "It is perhaps, too early to comcording, to rtews received from ent plans to ccect owcrs for high / ' ment in detail," the mayor's state- , 1^W«ENC*''T.' *6t>W*ELL The judges-will be members, of KAUrH J. KOCBT tension wires in Cranford other ment opened. "In any case thera •« ^ormcr0npo»ce^SgL WUliani J. local ganien clubs^r' •" \ than on either side of thc Lchigh can.be no -universal acceptance of Gassmanh, who despite His re^.Entry blanks Will be available Valley Railroad, tracks to.carry every item*1 in' this or any other tirement returned Irom Metednext week and may be obtained their lines over the railroad. Mayor plan. : I shall have more to say ill econk last year to serve as CranF. P Andersen Stilted at Tuesday from any member; of the Crairford ford"* municipal Santa Claus for this regard when there has been night's meeting of the Township the nth year, suffertd a heart Real Estate Board, Mrs. Neville more time .for study." Committee °* attack last Wednesday and now In conclusion, Mayor Andersen reported- Reproductions of the The -statement was made in r e Is in Point Pleasant Hospital. stated;' ,. ' v • ... ' "v blanks also will be printed in this Township Committee Tuesday night advanced' two sergeants sponse to a letter frorrf the Bor\vhVrc it is expected he will have "The report was. not released to newspaper next Thursday.. : wrence T. and Ralph J. Koury. of lieutenants ough* of Rosellc concerning Pubto remain for several weeks. ' . s e l e c t company for their tem-^ Lawrence T. Bonnell Bonneu ana nai^n o. .yv,u..,, to .„ the „ rank__ Entries must be submitted by lic Service plans to erect several He retired from the local police porary divertissement; It w a i December* 1; appointed'William E. Zirkal 'Us a probationary lowers in that municipality and December 22 to any member of effective force at the close of .1954 after patrolman, also effectrye on.'Debroadcast to all Cranford i s a ralthe Cranford Real Estate'Board. perhaps some adjoining commun• ; r i_. pw/i'-nn^Tiiprt Henry A lyiag-4>oint__Jt-x^UBt.J»oJt..gather_ Claucr 3fl; ti • committee afeT ^ , Mili..., migh^esireti~T6in with RBgette us,-B. c. Flannlng Board Mrs. Gertrude Davis, Mrs.. Anita effective December 16. in protesting the proposed project. association's holiday, lighting corny From E. Duer Reeves, chairman, Public Safety Commissioner SchiUinger, Mrs. Lois Brooks, Mrs. Mayor\Andersen said he 'has mittee, reported that the lights of the Planning Board, came the Alpha de la Motte, Mrs. Hazel Clarence L .Fritz, who recom•.been given assurance that • the will be turned on each^ evening following statement: ' '. Hamilton, Mrs. Evelyn Wade, and mended the promotions, and appower lines\rc to go into a manfrom tomorrow through the Christpointments, said the' two lieuten"Your Planning Board hopes Mrs. Naomi Henehan. 'n, hole and continue underground |i mas season. . " .. that every Cranford resident will ': . . Announcement also was- made ants arc necessary to fill a With donations continuing to here. He^added^howevcr, that this. Merchants a)so have, prepared thoughtfully consider ^the report • - • today that arrangements are being vacancy, caused by. the retirement Anthony . Cluffrcda, baritone, docs not rule out the possibility come Into the . 1956 ' Cranford .'individual seasonal displays and of the Community Planning A § » - \ made by the Women's Association last month of Lt. Harry P. Page, that Publis ServiceSjlans might "^" who was featured in theCranford have been busy In, recent weeks of the Cranford Real Estate Board and to complete the department's United Fund drive, Robert F: sociatcs published' in. last week's ' | dressing their windows in holiday Glee Club's 1954 Christmas con- for the annual Christmas luncheon supervisory staff for 24-hour serv- l«ary, executive ' chairman, an- f hanged and he urged f uti Citizen and Chronicle. In the last members of the comnilttce jto be cert, will appear as guest artist nounced today that. collections mood and completing their stocks' Burton C.. Belden, president of analysis, Cranford's future is not • to be given by the board for mem- ice.. He announced the two apalert to the situation. ' \ , > [with the local group again as its for the busy Christmas shopping ,with tne locai group aKn>>. - a — w ^ B , v v .. „,, pointees finished first and. second now. total $21,166.09. ..-.V Seated in the audience Tuesday thc Board Of Education, announced determined by ordinances -or de- • Edwyn M. Lewisj associa- annual holiday musical event, is bers and their office staffs at thein an examination; given, eligible This figure represents 88 per•''•; -J.V " u • • season, Edwyn M. L night were three new\comntKiii « « » the „•> i..... at ho will not be a creeS of the> various boards and : : presented in Sherlock THall at 8:30 Echo Lake Country Club on Dc- candidates by the' jUnion County cent of the 1956 quota of $24,000 mitteernen who will take office l a s t .n .i g. h.t •l n \ , ., iM^'C'v.' • tion president, reported . A. committees' working for the com- '• „ • l p.m. on December 8, it was an hi S. S. Eisenberg, chairman of the , Wontmued on paoc 2) \ I candidate for reelection-at the. an, which was established upon the — • • — « ••«* •••"« an--ccmbcr 19/ . !f -X ••:- •&. v " • S. S. Eisenbc Police Chiefs'Association/ munity but by the desires and ac- ; hual school meeting In February. retail promotion committee, -an- nounccd today by Walter Gamble, .Guest speaker at this, affair will Mr. Zirkel. 26. is a native of nefeds of the five Cranford chariCoriiplcting' 'his second three- lions of you who live and work , , nounced that on'December 7, l o -president. i>e Richard H. Eggcrs, field exec- Elizabeth arid a graduate of Sac- table agencies that benefit from . year term, Mr. Belden stated nix in our town. cal stores will begin remaining • Calling attention to thc fact that utive of the National Association red Heart High School there. He the United Fund. « [ "A vital force hi determining yea.ru' service is as much as he can open every evening (except Sat- the date of the concert is drawing of Real Estate Boards, Department is an Army veteran aAid has been In discussing the progress of thc nally devote to school affairs, the character ;of a community is urdays and Sundays) until Chrlst- near, Mr. Gamble requested that of Field Ser,vices, Washington, D a resident of Cranford for three drive last night, Mr. Leary. said: TheN rctiririg president has its business area. It has been ap- . • ticket returns be made as soon as C. Representatives of the New Jer- years^: .His. father is a member of "While most of our residential mas.' served \juring, one'of the busiest parent.for many years that Cran- .• collectors have done an excellent, , The merchants will usher in the possible now.> He and Robe:! Vo- sey State Board, ol Realtors also the Elizabeth Police Department. Hthool history, during ford's area left much to be d e holiday season with a special Fri- gel, d u b treasurer, are in charge will be among the guests. The Cranford Diner, 7 North eras in Ideal nchool Mr. Zirkel is married and has s job in meeting' their. individual which tjvtniew clomcn'tary schools sired in the minds of many of its quotas and donations from some day night sales event tomorrow, of tickets. ....- '..*:.'' \\- ''• ;'•,' •' avenue, east, which was heavily son and resides at 17 Algonquin and on December 13 will present a Sunday in a (Ire of undo- wore completed and two additional citizens. This dissatisfaction has Mr. Ciuffreda, has been soloist drive. He fs presently employed at of the civic clubs and. businesses t h l and a six room been documented and reaffirmed display of Christmas bargains of in several' New Jersey churches, Volco Brass jand Copper Company. nave Men.up to expectations, re... were planned .and, started. in the report. The report l sults from sortie areas have been every category in a special shop- including St. , John's, Episcopal a.m. Monday, Nicholas C. Kenilworth. . Mr. Belden served as chairman maps out a' plan of action 7 that, somewhat disappointing. ' ' owner, announced today. pers1 guide supplement in T h e , Church of Elizabeth. He also has Mr. Clauer, 22 years old, also is at thc original building committee over the years, will transform tha • Electrjcal work was finished yesCitizen and Chronicle. sung in many concerts, operas and a native of' Elizabeth. He has "It would seem, that Cranford terday l A mmeeting of*representatives of and new gas units will bo „_... which planned the Walnut, avenue Cranford business -area/into tho chafi.tles may have to curtail some it Mr. Eisenberg reported operettas, incl)ti,ding a tour with _,f^ ^ " J ^ *"• f ' i ' ' ~ V ; T V C J i " "" " " • l«lt. *»»*>w..**.. . ettas, i c d g .Mr. ~. nun... .._IJ of trjeir 1956-57 programs if thc Blllias said, j and Brookside place elementary type of shopping center desired planned as in previous ycai-s t o -- 2....^ -..'...•:•., Elizabeth General^^Hosplta^ Perth 1,^^ resident of Cranford for a Operetta Guild. .„ , [Amboy General Hospital and Urt-j 1 0 y e a r s a n a w a s B « U U « » . V »•«••• I »»«. ».j»..»-,--— .-• •-.. ,—,, . v ' " .of tho planning com~ "*"•-• rand was graduated from ^•4w^«-_Banta-Claus.'- *—~ -*•"•'«« •4ant4»«nM>r.i»juij«ap»ri.i~5'>" r^^rssr f ; new schools now unacr cunrtlrtic*1.^W^*^*^«ii'

• '










Engineer Asks Cooperation When Snow Begins to ¥\y

Red Cross Cantej OnHungar


, . " ' . . - i r


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' ' ; • : ' - Q . - . i . '

)•• • . ' : • ' • ! . . ' - ' ' . . , v . >

' • ' . „ " ' ,





' . - . ' .

' •'



•••' .

"Contributions, also were made by Maiitll and- fireplace arrangegue, the ments the Junior Service League, t i) I de. have been prepared iCointord ..CoJiauriClub, Cranforq ion AUXll- 'bu»»mittce;'-aHd • . . _ „_ m e m j s w - i j v«...—^, - ,. Kenilworth GTrT iary ,and , .nine .. Mrs." N. A". Tomasulo, Mrs. R.'-P. to" by N. Richard Niisbaum, will Scout troops! . • Wismcr and committee members The articles collected were dis- presents a Christmas c'ard scene. be presented ut 8:30 o'clock totributed among the Cranford ,Wel- Decorating' the balcony is a dis- morrow arid Saturday nights Vy fatt' Ass^oclaUoh, the Visiting play of wreaths '" swags" pre•"*"-the Senior Class of Cranford High Nurses Association and the Depart8> School in the school-auditorium. (ConifntMd ment o f Public Health «w*; w .el- | Miss Alice Mathcws will direct fare., A few articles of beddlnf the three-act play. Roy Oan»cls .•wore donated to the, Childrens is thc class .sponsor. Country Home in Westfield. ^ Mcmbcrs.of the cast ate: Robert The' following nje"™***" o f * n e Longaker, S h a r o n McCandless. Build served on the Ingathering Carolyn Thodcn. Joyce Sljiw, i^mmitteer Mrs. C. Culln, Mrs. R. jBcqueMne Prichard. . S a n d r a G Hoyt, Mrs. R. F. Robey. Mrs. E. . With the season of high inci- Downey, Phyllis ClemcnScn.PhyA. Damon, Mrs, William H. Old,dence of infantile paralysis now lU.Aklan, Maicia Haag.;Patrteia Mrs, H. G. Dickens, Mrs. R. I*definitely past, the Health Depart- Hamilton, Carolyn Kolas, ^Sandra ToniHnson. ment yesterday was able to report Kromcr, Julia Cromarty. Richard • thJft Crantord thus, far this year Turner, William Riggs. James Mc9 RooHtera Full Spprte halhad only one case of polio, and Ateer. Samuel Ayeis. Richard 'that one tho arparalytic McAteer. f l 1 ||KU» 1trial OlltJ was W«J» not • • " • of ~ " i Voclkcl y u v i A b l ^nrtd • - • * - Willard " Dinner k Tonight The set was designed and paint 250 Cranford I J ? " • Theset paint-1 Hieh School athletes, coacht'a, ' A^Sc o•compared m p a r e d with llgurcs l i t r e s for or the w ^ b y BBuurto»i Longcnoacn and u - uset , - ,| lctes, coachL'a, r t o , i Longcnbach




Autumatle fabric tclectar, ia»Unt itrady ttcim. COM> plHe Inantrtloii booUat whbeacb •

E A B E TH v ; ^

Briefed eeAid

Lea^ To Organi





luin, >r P h y M l r « d l e « e t * » " H o l l y ~ * l U i " (Continued 011 page 8)



ing also are invited to attend. Mr.

The speakers were Introduced Grail stated. Their application^ by Mis. W. H. Wugstaff. executive be considered at the meet* (Continued o»i pd(/t* S ) \ ing. . . ' • ' . • ,__• ' .., • Junior .league games'arc slated for 6:30 p.m. Saturdays and will be followed by senior league contests. All games will be in the high school, where both boys' and girls' gymnasiums will be utilMembers of the Ladies' -Auxili- ized. . • : • ' • ary of dipt. Newell Rodney Fiske . Mr. Grail .reported ,.-r that — th« , v


To Trim Tree, Wrap Gifts

Post 3.35 of Foreign 335 Veterans oi roranii i c ran ford Rotary Club has appro^ Wars, will will decovate decorate the this year for purchase Wars, e Christmas, p i . i a t c ( | $75 $ 7 5 t h yc r «»•«. .Home 0o f, ^ - , . ij asketballs for the senior tree> at-Veterans', at• Veterans', Memorial Memorial.Hwnc b a s k c t b a l | l i tor «,« ^^1^ at u meetirtu there-on Dccombcr

silver ones for the junior winners.' Th'e_ league was p also also will will wrap wrap liifts and The group liifts jo l j' u m a tc • ! • ! " . • •"'• '•''''•' • ' ' v " ' ' ^ : " : . ' . ' • _ • ; • ' "



29 - There are a few of

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