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Marks Britain's Market Rejection

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LONDON (AP) - Shock waves One effect could be a scaling his five Common Market part- cide what should be done." "We shall not turn our backs I of disappointment and anxie- down of British military commit- ners. ty surged through free world cap- ments to the defense of Europe. The five—West Germany, Italy, on Europe or the countries of the ! itals today at the rejection of Bri- Trade experts said Britain has the Netherlands, Belgium and European Community," he told a [ tain'i Common Market bid. one path now: a fierce fight to Luxembourg—promptly called off British television audience. The Atlantic alliance groped' for wi win bigger markets overseas and a meeting of Common Market fi- De Gaulle was pictured as cool L steady footing amid the far-rang- to spur industrial growth at home nance ministers. The session was in the tempest that raged about j Ing uncertainites of President through more efficiency in indus- to have discussed the flow of him. He was said to be confident I Charles de Gaulle's blackball. try and harder work all around. American investments into the that the storm will die, quickly, Common Market.area, something leaving the Common Market unThe collapse of the Brussels neGrouping O( Countries which arouses concern in France. scathed., Some sources m Paris j jotlations to link the Island kingOne suggestion was that the Representatives of the five said maintained that France has not dom with continental Europe government propose a grouping they canceled the meeting rath- bolted the door forever on British threatened the biggest immediate of countries based on the Com-er than give the French an open- entry; that in months or perhaps I explosion In Britain. monwealth, Britain's partners In ing to launch a criticism of years Britain will be admitted to Prime Minister Harold Macmilthe European Free Trade Associ- American business practices. I the trade community. | Ian, who had staked his reputaation and any Latin American British Deputy Foreign Secre- The' United States exerted t i o n on the success of the talks, countries that want to join. tary Edward Heath, who led his strong diplomatic pressure behind , was certain to face a .full-scale attack from the opposition Labor While De Gaulle's lofty snub country's fight in Brussels, said the British drive tor membership, ,/as directed at Britain, one im-his government will be "in the and the outcome, while expected, , party against a background of was ! 800,000 unemployed and a stagnat- mediate result was to Isolate the closest contact" with the five for caused bitter disappointment in ing economy. ••'-.. • -. austere. French statesman from the next few days "and then de- Washington.

chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, that "the temporary aberration of one member of the Western community, though deeply disappointing, Is not fatal." While French Illusions "run their course," Futbright said in a statement, "the United Stales and its partners in Western Europe WASHINGTON (AP) - Some are not without resources to press Democratic members of the Sen-ahead with the development of a ate Foreign Relations Committee strong Atlantic partnership." expressed belief today that a "Anybody can reconsider a mis. strong Atlantic partnership can take," said Sen. Wayne Morse, Dbe formed without France. Ore. "I hope De Gaulle will. If They called UM French veto ot he does not, the alternative may Great Britain's admission to the be just to let the general go It European Common Market a Jolt alone in his defenses. to Western Europe's - economic "We don't heed to stay In EuitablUty. rope to protect the United States. Most, however, agreed with Sen. They need us more than we need J. William Fulbright, D-Ark., them." High-ranking U.S. officials said the United States Is determined to help build a unified Europe despite De Gaulle's visions of deing to launch a criticism ot Amer lean as well as British influence and erecting it as a buffer between East and West.

Prime Minister Macmulaii

TRENTON (AP)-If the Repub- Issue In April, adding, "I'm not in the excitement of a presiden- half the turnpike users are from propriation committees just at lican-controlled state senate blocks giving anyone an ultimatum." tial election year," he added. out of state. other state money does. the proposed $750 million bond'is- The governor said the bond is- On a question of whether the Some Republicans have charged He also took issue, with sugsue, Gov. Richard J. Hughes says sue could not be put off for a turnpike should someday be toll that the legislature would have gestions that the state finance id year. He also said he didn't think free, Hughes replied: "Who wants no control over the spending of needs on a pay-as-you-go basis. he will take it to the people. Hughes' said if the legislature a broad-based tax would pass this it? Nothing would be more, un- the $750 million, but Hughes said "My way is cheaper, Hughes or the people failed to approve year. "Some say it might go over just and silly." He said more than It would go through legislative ap(See HUGHES, Page 2) the full bond issue the only alternatives would be a broad-based tax or slow state suicide. Hughes proposed the bond issue to a joint session of the state legislature on Monday to finance TRENTON (AP)-Automobile in- viding insurance against fire, A quick check of some ot the Trenton — increases ranging additional state aid for highway, surance rates in New, Jersey go theft, glass breakage, windstorm, state's cities showed mat at least from $4 to $12 annually on standeducation, and institutions con- up today an average of 7 per cent flood and additional perils Is be- one area, Long Branch, gets a ard $10,000420,000 p r o t e c t i o n But the increases dp aa\ afincreased an average of 7.7 rate decrease. struction programs without 'a against bodily injury, depending fect existing policies until they percent. broad-based tax. Figures from the state banking on the type of policy and the age NEW 9UARTERS—Holmdel'j Acting Postmaster Harold Braun sorts mail in the new are renewed, according to the In- The lowest increase is for a commissioner showed mat Long of, the driver. Five Year Period passenger car used for pleasure Branch would drop rates $1 to Suburban Trenton—increases of temporary pott office in Holmdel Village. Postal authorities have leased approxi-' The $750 million would be spent surance Information Institute.' 'The National Bureau of Casual- only .and not driven to and from $4 a year. $4 to$15. merely 2,500 square feet of space from the Helmdel Village Fire Company for 4 over a five year period and the Other figures showed: bond issue would be financed by ty Underwriters and th« National work or by a male under 25. Perth Amb<5y-$8 to $25. two-year period at a coit of $3,300 annually. The Post Office Department evenrevenue from the New' Jersey Automobile Underwriters Association said Tuesday that the rate tually plans to build new facilities there. Turnpike. Hughes said Tuesday he would increases were necessary to covintroduce the necessary legislation er more than $14 million m losses Feb. 11. He said he expected tin on liability Insurance on New JerDemocratic-controlled assembly to sey automobiles between W tai NEW,SHREWSBURY - More required into- tat number of rooihs 18 to 19 la U rooms,'It to than* SO residents of the Mon- rooms available without toilng 14 In, four1 rooms, tike to nine in pass it March 11 or March IS. 1981. nwuth Regional High School dis- double sessions. two rooms, no student* in one Collision Insurance Asked if there any rush to get trict spent three hours last night A John Erlacher of New small room, SO in choruj pracit through, Hughes said yes, ex- The major increase is In collearning some of the basic details Shrewsbury said that he had vis-tice, SO in the library, and 49 in plaining that If the bond issue lision insurance for male drivers Of how. to run a high school from HOLMDEL — Port office per- The Post Office;.Department didn't get through the senate he under 25 years ot age which if sjdmiMstrators and school board ited the school one mornlitg list the gymnasium.' $10 week, with a group of citizens,!, * • • « Locker* •NEW SHREWSBURY - The sonnel have moved into their has leased 2,500 smiar« feet of would need time to submit, a increased 20 per cent. members. to observe operations. He said Tie added that there were 910 Board-of Education of the Mon-new quarters In the Holmdel floor space from the fire com- broad-based tax to the legislature. The Insurance Information InChallenged at recent budget a that during one period that morn- lockers, for. the SI7 enrolled is mouth Regional High School Village Fire Company building, pany for a two-year period. Hughes said he would have.to stitute said that the changes In hearing to justify the need for ing the actual occupancy of the the school. . last night decided to retain Kel- Main St. have broad-based tax legislation premiums for liability Insurance Lease Space double session or risk defeat of various rooms had been as fol- John' Kline o( New Shrewsbury ly & Gruzen, New York City, in this spring If Ms bond issue vary according to the type of polithe budget, the board scheduled The new post office is located lows: 25 to 30 pupils in seven said that these figures would • s architects and to enter Into a were defeated in the legislature. cy and the amount of losses the this meeting and invited all Interin a room, on the west side rooms, 20 to 24 pupils In If class(See SCHOOL/ Page 2) contract with that company to "As soon as the public sees insurance companies have experi- ested citizens. of (he new fire company builddraw up preliminary plans for that a vote against this would enced In different parts of the People with many different aping. • ' . . . ' • an addition to the school buildforce the state into a broad-based state. N The fire company is leasing tax," Hughes said, the public The National Automobile Under- proaches to educational philing. •• •'' ' osophy arrived at a general con. the space to the Post Office Dewould approve it. writers Association, which repre- sensus towards the end of the Frederick J. Weidersum & Aspartment at a cost of $3,300 ansents companies writing collision long session: sociates, New York City, was Review Action nually. Postal authorities have the company that drew up the "An opponent of putting it to insurance, said that $50 deducti- If students were all required an option to renew the lease for •chooliactdition-plans presented the public for a vote will be a ble insurance rates for private to follow a standard curriculum MARLBORO — A group of another year if needed. to the public before the recent supporter of a broad-based tax," cars are being increased an aver- without deviation, and if there age of 6.6 per cent.. referendum which failed to pass. more, than 40 people, represent- A staff of three persons, in- Hughes said. were ho attempt to group classes RARITAN TOWNSHIP - By a that the proper person to ask ing large landowners in this towncluding Acting Postmaster HarAccording to the contract with bt surplus l was the h board b d audl< di Asked if he thought the senate Premiums for $100 deductible by ability, then a high school 5-4 split vote, the Board of Ed- about ship, after a meeting here last old Braun, man the new office. this firm, which has been terRepublican majority would fight it insurance are being increased 8.9 could accommodate many more ucation last night Increased Its tor, Jasper Johnson, night, issued a statement calling minated, the board may be billed because it was a Democratic idea per cent to cover losses which pupils in a given number of surplus appropriation from $32,- Mr. Johnson said his recomNew Building 000 to $50,000 to decrease the mendation was that 10 per cent for work done up to the amount for smaller lot sizes and larger Hughes replied, "If the senate ma- have increased more than 17 perclassrooms. home sizes for the township. Last fall postal authorities in amount to be raised by local of the total budget (approximateOf R500. jority wants it that way we'll cent in the last year, a spokesWelnheimer Speaks ' The group met at the home of Newark said the department taxation for its 196344 school ly $89,000)' was a reasonable balman said. Vincent Festa, chairman of the take it to the people." , Mr. and Mrs. George T. A. Saateventually hopes to build a buildbudget. The administrators, teachers, ance figure but suggested that committee w h i c h interviewed Lowest Increase Hughes said he would review various* architects, reported that hoff, Topanemus Farm, to dis- ing in the township. the legislative action on the bond Comprehensive coverage, pro- board members and a, number of The over-all effect ot the $18,-$50,000 was not an exorbitant cuss the zoning problem in the parents explained why they beA survey already is in progress ; the investigation snowed that 000 surplus increase will mean amount to carry as surplus. lilve this would be an undesir- 1 decrease of three cents per to determine where the new buildCautions Board Kelly BVGruien is "a-very able township. able way to run a high school. 100 assessed valuation in the He cautioned, that the board ing should be located. 'Other Side' firm mat has been able to plan For one thing, Superintendent tax rate for school purposes, ac- could find itself in an embareconomicaly and follow through Mr. Saathoff released a' state- Officials said the survey should Frank Welnheimer said, college cording to secretary Donald A. rassing position if funds were ment which he described as "tell- be completed by late spring. efficiently." entrance from such a school Hill, board secretary. ing the other side of the story." Mr. Braun reported that the not forthcoming on time from Synagogue Design would be just about Impossible. To use or not to use additional the Township Committee and. If These architects designed the The Marlboro Township Citi- local office will have a first Others said that, without some class rating starting July 1. He zens* Committee opposed the rethe board had made underestisurplus funds was the question Congregation Bnal Israel synaibllity grouping, discipline prob- heatedly debated during a public mates In the budget. gogue in Rumson and several cently defeated ordinance that said this rating is based on the buildings at Fort Monmouth, but would have downgraded lot sizes dollar volume of business trans- MATAWAN — Councilman Ed' a 2 to 1 basis. With Strathmore lems would multiply, and teach- hearing last night on the budget. The auditor pointed out It Was ward E. Hyrne chairman of a it will go up to 4 or 5 to 1, ing efficiency would be seriously The action was sparked by possible to make underestimates have built no local schools, Mr. from one-half acre to one-fifth of acted at the office, He said postal authorities are special commitee for new school Mr. Hyme said the 1963-64 cut. W acre.' . • James Birmingham, a candidate because the board was forecastFesta said. ; The board's vote to engage the The statement, released last trying to determine when and legislation said yesterday he is school budget tax apportionment The point of whether or not the for the Board ot Education, who ing its needs for a year and a school is making economical use asked why more surplus than the half in advance. architects was unanimous, • ex-night described the present farm- if home delivery service will be preparing proposals to present will be predicated on enrollment of its classroom space was dis-$32,000 originally proposed could- Mr. Walling chided the board instituted from the new tempo- to Assemblyman Clifton T. Bark- as of June 30, 1962. cept for. Adm. Andrew Shepard, ers' plight as "hopeless." ' n't be used to reduce the tax members favoring increased surOne proposal he will carry to cussed at length. who was absent because of ill- : The statement said that at pres- rary office. Residents are now alow. plus appropriation for not makness. A .letter from Adm. Shep- ent the fanners pay annually $20 serviced via boxes in the post Borough Council earlier this Mr. Barkalow, in the attempt to Thomas Bradshaw, principal, rate. 5 In Favor ing their recommendations earmonth went on record in favor get new legislation, will be to explained the complexities of •rd was ifead'stating for the rec- a year in taxes per acre. They office. of state legislation which would make the effective enrollment scheduling classes, and showed Board members Mrs. Earl Hu- lier. He said it should have been erd that if he "had been present wMt long hours and receive very give the borough tax relief in its date, for tax purposes, Dec. 31. that this year offices and the ber, Stanley Schultz, Stanley Hy- discussed before the budget was for the vote he would have dis- little* " " ' - return on their •-'- 'investment, —' support of the regional school dis- "This would give us a truer library have been used to ac- er, Joseph Ferrente and Frank T. tentatively adopted. qualified himself and abstained. it said. trict. The district is comprised picture on division of enrollment commodate .otherwise unhoused Leonardls favored the suggestion "We had plenty of meetings • '$250 In faxes He did not, however, state the classes. Next year, he said, and were the majority to gain ot Matawan Borough and Mata- by six months," he noted. before and the ideas expressed "Under the present zoning, It reason for this stand: with a larger enrollment ex- approval for the $18,000 Increase, wan Township. here were never discussed beHe said from preliminary inThe school board's action was is impossible to sell property." pected, it will be impossible to leaving a balance of $36,603 in fore tonight," he added. The division of school opera- vestigation, . it appears that the • signal that the body Intends The statement continued that the put the number of class sections the surplus account. tional costs Is based on the num-state will not consider using an On several occasions Mr. Birmto submit school addition plain only development now taking ber of pupils from each town. estimated enrollment figure, Board president Frederick J. ingham attempted to draw comto referendum again in the munic- place is on property which has A Year Behind which would be a year ahead Walling was joined by Mrs. John ments from Mr. Walling, Mrs. ipalities which are a member been sold because it is unfit to WASHINGTON (AP) - The However, the statistics are of budget preparation time. A. Pote, Mrs. Willis Lewis and Pote and Mrs. Lewis, board memof this school district, Eaton- farm. Have Until April 'rank L. Laughlln in opposing bers seeking re-election, on statetown, New Shrewsbury and At present, the average home- appointment of Mrs. Katharine based on enrollments a year prements allegedly made at various School budgets usually are prehe owner, the statement said, pays Elkus White, Red Bank, N. J., vious to each school budget. Shrewsbury Township. HOLMDEL — The Board of an average of $250 in taxes. The as chairman of the Advisory Council is taking the position pared in December. But in re- Education has rescheduled a pub- Mr Walling called it "an un- PTA meetings, but was ruled out homeowner wishes to have the Council of the President's Con* that because of this, fact, the gional districts the county Ttx lic hearing on its $716,215 school wise decision" to use too much of order by Mr. Walling. of the surplus funds and cause At one point Mr. Walling told present tax rate retained but It mlttee for Traffic Safety has borough will be subsidizing Board does not decide on tax budget to Friday night. been announced by Committee Strathmore development educa- apportionment until April. a drain on the reserves. He ton- Mr. Birmingham, "You're not CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) is Impossible for the farmer to The hearing will be held at 8 tional costs in the township. Mr. Hyrne said if the DecemC h a i r m a n William Randolph ceded "the majority rules, and running this meeting; I ami" —The sign p.m. In the Holmdel Elementary hat's the way it should be." g on the safe read: be able to supplement the situ- Hearst Jr. In the 1963-64 school budget, ber cutoff time is not acceptable Several board members at"Th' no money ini this ation with his taxes, it contends. "There's operational , funds are included he will try for September which School. Harrison R. Boggs, a former tempted to maintain thB proper1 The statement called for an Mrs.' White,, chairman of the The hearing originally was safe.".: for an anticipated 1,000 or more would give a truer enrollment member of the board, Injected (See RARITAN, Page 2) . . . amendment to the ordinance rec- New Jersey Highway. Authority, g py scheduled for tonight but had to Burglars picture by three months, was named to the committee by Sjtrathmore children. apparently believed the h sign and made no effort ommending lower lot sizes and in-President Kennedy in August But the division of taxes be- Actually, since the tax amount be changed because of a delay in d d ff to open the safe, a Chattanooga creasing house sizes. tween the two towns is based on is not apportioned until April it the legal publishing of the budg. 1961. contractor told police, but they may be possible to have an en- et. The Advisory Council recom- current enrollment figures. made off with $8,500 worth of ofmends traffic safety programs Mayor John W. Applegate es- rollment figure utilized in the fi- The new budget will require a Pige Page fice machines and left this note: to the committee and carries out timates that because of this, the nal calendar year of each school tax of $635,390—an increase of 11 Editorials "Leave a few dollars next NEWARK - Construction of programs adopted by the com- borough will be paying, in 1963-64, budget, it was noted. $188,531 over the current spend Adam and Eve Allen-Scott 6 Herblock time." downtown Newark's first motel mittee. . an estimated 30 per cent more In my event, because "the leg-ing schedule. — «. —.14 Movie Timetable , tfian Its fair share of school islative wheels grind slowly!' it Despite the increase in the tax Amusements has been approved by the cenChildren's Theater , Notice 2 Obituaries costs—and he and council want is not, likely the borough will get total, the tax rate for school pur- Births The Rockefeller Playhouse pre- tral planning board. The board _. _ • Sylvia Porter . any tax relief, based on new law,pose will drop an estimated 24 llm Bishop sents "The Secret Treasure: voted in favor of a subdivision I will not be responsible for this changed. IS Television • H Room", a mystery adapted from allowing the Essex Motel Corp. any debts other than those con- It will require an amendment this year, the councilman re- cents from $1.43 per $100 of as- Bridge „ -18-19 Chamberlain ~ I Snorts sessed valuation to $1.19. ported. Washington Irving. Saturday Feb- to build the $2.5 million motel tracted by me. to the atate law. .1 Classified .....2M1 Stock Market....... 2 To I Division ruary 2, H a.m. and 2 p.m.; at on the site o' the Broad St. Anthony Bucci He-said he hopes his commit- The drop Is due to the large In: ..._„.„„. ._ 21 Successful Investing * Rumson-Falr Haven High School freight yard of the Erie-Lacka- 19 Hopkins Terr. W. Keaniburg At present; enrollment in the tee will meet with Mr. Barkalow crease in . industrial ratable) in Comics Crossword Puzzle It Women's News the township. auditorium.—Adv. —Adv. wanna Railroad. -it-n school system is divided on about sometime next month.

Car Insurance Rate Up in N. J.

Architect Is New Post Office Is Selected By Opened in Holmdel Regional Unit

School Use Explained

Smaller Lot Sizes Asked In Marlboro

Surplus Used to Cut Raritan School Tax

Hyrne to Propose New School Law

Mrs. White Is Named Chairman

Change School Bydget Hearing

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Miller Heads New Jersey Association News Brief Of Clerks

Rollo Sets Strathmore Bus Service

New Jersey—Ctowly with aome I light mow or rain and poipibly I sleet in some area* this njoroing, tapering off early in the EJVERWEW afternoon with gradual clearing NEWARK — Reports that forRed Bank ; into today and mer Vice President Richard M. " Mr.- and Mrs. Irwin Fetter, II t h i s evening MATAWAN T 0 W N S H 1 P FREEHOLD - John R. Miller, Nixon will take a high executive tAKEWOOb (AP) - Leonard Park Avs., Keanaburg, daughti i oof Atlantic presti City, y, p and becoming Strathmore-at-Matawan residents yesterday. township clerk at Howell, was I job with the Warner-Lambert Kyenstein ll P K t l l ' fair and colder will literally be several miles and Mr. and Mrs, Frederick Lull sworn as 1963 president of t Corp. were denied by the head of ident W the N: JJ. PKarmaceutlcal' From the Wires oj The Associated Prest tonight. N o t minutes closer to New York City dis, 69 Virginia Ave., Hazlet, soi Municipal Clerks' Association the company after he and Nixon Association, said yesterdaynhat • so cold today. next week when buses will link yesterdayi Monmouth County at a meeting dined together, according to a .tighter drug control' laffs are KANSAS CITY — A sleek prop-jet airliner, coining In for High from the the new community to the metroin the American riotei iast week. published report. Elmer H. Boost, needed in the state. Mr. and Mrs. Hinry Soden, a landing at Kansas City Municipal Airport, crashed into a mid 30s along polis. '^Present laws" offer only miniboard chairman of Warner-LamAlso installed were John West Front St., Red Bank, soi dike at the end ot a runway last night, killing all eight perh coast to The As*ury Park-New York Fairbanks, borough clerk bert, dined with Nixon at the mum .protection to consumdrs," yesterday. sons aboard. near 30 inland. Transit Corp, (Rollo) has anDr. and Mrs. Alfred Casa- Brielle, vice president; . John Colony Restaurant in New York he-saM at the opening of the The four-engine Continental Airlines Viscount had seats for Low tonight nounced that three buses in the Bryan, borough clerk at Red Monday night. Bobst was quoted association's 93d midwinter meetgrande, 29-Edgemerc Dr., Ma 59 passengers but carried only five. All-that was left was a near 20 along morning and three returning in Bank, secretary, and Mrs. Jean as denying that Nixon "Vould join ing. wan, daughter, yesterday. mass of tangled wreckage that burned fiercely for 20 minutes. the coast' and the evening will begin commuter the New Jersey pharmaceutical "The public welfare i**ot adeMr. and Mrs. Howard Bowki W. Fabry.' borough clerk in Die south to about 10 in the service Feb. 4. The service will firm and saying that the'dinner quately protected when«, medj47 Chapel Hill Rd., Middletow Shrewsbury, treasurer. NEWSPAPER STRIKE northwest. Partly cloudy andlrun Mondays through Fridays, daughter, yesterday. Oscar Klaus, Edison Townshi engagement was "purely social." rinet containing dangertwfclagTeNEW YORK — Publishers' and printers' representatives cold tomorrow, high in the mid dient* kre sold at checkotit.oounwith stops along Church St. and Mr. and Mrs. John Barnhart clerk and vice president of left city hall shortly before dawn today after more than 14 20s to about 30. Lloyd Rd. TRENTON - The New Jer- t e n where no profewkmtf toper128 Mffnmouth St., Red Bank, New Jersey Municipal Clerks' hours of negotiations seeking to end the 54-day-old shutdown Block island to Cape May In the morning, buses are daughter, yesterday. Association, presided at the in- sey Banker* Association today vi«ton Is available." .• / ., of New York's nine major newspapers. Southwest to south winds, picking scheduled to leave the intersecHe said that la 19*4 there stallation ceremony and was thi honored the state's four deleThe fourth itraight day of Mayor Robert F. Wagner's ef- up to 10 to 20 knots today, gates to the National WI Club were «8 fatal cases of accidental fort to settle the printers' strike brought no report of progress. shifting to northwest late this tion of Church St. and Line Rd. PATTERSON ARMY HOSPTTA guest speaker. He discuss at 6:10, 6:50 and 7:20. The 7:20 pending legislation which woul Conference. The four, who were poisoning reported to'tbe:.*tate Fort Monmouth afternoon or evening, becoming a.m. bus will be an express. Ter- SP5 and Mrs. Gerald E. Wi affect election laws and tr to be cited at the annual New health department. FROST FUNERAL more northerly tonight and drop- minal points for all buses will be liams, B Battery, Fourth Missil duties of municipal clerks. "Non-fttat cases are not', reJersey Farmers and Bankers BOSTON — Private funeral services with only members of ping off to about 10 knots. MostPlatform 45 at the Port Authority Bn., Fort Hancock, daughte; Mr. Miller appointed Dona! luncheon today, Include: Irene quired to be reported," he said. his family in attendance will be held tomorrow for poet Robert ly northeast winds 10 to IS knots building at 41st St. and 8th Ave., Monday. Matthews of Belmar to study Ui Morowsky, 18, SotnervUe; El- "But some specialists'in poison Frost as persons is many parts of the world shared in the Thursday. Partly cloudy ThursManhattan. pending election laws. SP5 and Mrs. Lawrence len Am Winters, 17, .Scotch control estimate "there are upmourning. day. Visibility lowering to one Buses will leave the Port AuStengel, C Battery, Fourth MisPlains; Warren M. Grover, 24, wards of 700 non-ftUl caies for The four-tine Pulitzer Prize winner poet died yesterday at to three miles in precipitation thority Terminal at 5:15, 5.30 and sile Ba., Fort Hancock, daughNew Egypt; and Glenn Ger- each fatal case. If ttfese .estiPeter Bent Brlgham Hospital at the age of 88. Death was and some fog today, improving 5:50 p.m. on return trips. ter, Monday. " ken, 17, Jerseyvllle. The Bank- mates are correct, New Jersey caused by what doctors described as a probable blood clot to five miles by this evening. Normal travel time for the PFC and Mrs. Johnnie ers Association presented them may have as many as 50,OQO*ccIin the lungs. Visibility five miles or better tobuses is less than one hour Most Jumper, Jr., 36 Atlantic St., K«' a check to cover their expenses dental poisonings per year and at night and Thursday. buses seat 53 passengers. port, daughter, Monday. to the National 4-H Conference least 50 per cent of these can be HITS INFORMATION POLICIES to be held In Washington, D. C , ittrtbuted to drugs . , , ' ', ALBANY, N. Y. — Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller attacked CHICAGO (AP) — Subzero cold FITKIN HOSPITAL in April. "In the light of such a drag the public information policies of the Kennedy administration clung to some northern sections Neptune safety problem, there Is a critical last night, demanding to know when the American people will from the Rockies to the Midwest FAIR HAVEN - Nancy Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Baskei NEW YORK - New estimates necessity for tighter drug safety be told what he called the "true situation" in Cuba. today but there was welcome reville, 5 Factory St, Freehol Reynolds, Westfield, vice presi- of farm prices for milk to be laws in New Jersey.". . lief from the Irigid weather ot dent of the New Jersey Real produced in the New York-New daughter, yesterday. the past two weeks in most of Estate Broken Institute, will ad- Jersey mllkshed in the first half the nation. dress the January meeting MONMOUTH MEDICAL of 1963 were Issued yesterday. Snow, rain and sleet covered Multiple listing Associates in tt Anson J. Pollard, assistant markCENTER (Continued) broad areas of the country. Willowbrook tomorrow night. OCEAN TOWNSHIP — MemLong Branch et administrator, said it now aporder of business by stressing Rain splashed over most of the bers of t i e • township Civil De- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Majrchettl, Miss Reynolds, one of West- pears prices will average about "We are here to discuss the California coastal areas, from fense Council last night decided it 89 Siatesir PI., Middletown, field's leading brokers, has dis- 13 cents per hundred weight (46.5 school budget; let's leave politics Los Angeles to Oregon and parts is more •important that they pre- daughter, yesterday. tinguished herself nationally quarts) below those for the same of Nevada. and personalities out of it." pare themselves to meet peace- Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Cottei lecturer on real estate. Here, period in 1962. His office earlier The board's long talked About Some early morning tempera- time emergencies than any threat MTODLETOWN—Two person she will speak on advertising had estimated the decline would MRS. ANNA A. FINNECAN Monmouth St., Hazlet, are in fairly good condition Coda; proposed building program also tures and conditions: New York of nuclear war. publicity methods. average 20. cents per hundred- UNCROFT - Mrs. Anna. A. yesterday. In Riverview Hospital as the re was brought into the discussion 24 partly cloudy, Chicago 11 David Carlisle," the new civil weight The revised forecast In- Rnnegan, 83, of 965 71st, St., Mr. and Mrs. George W. Millei suit of injuries suffered in twi and it was admitted by members cloudy, Boston 24 cloudy, Wash defense director, said he and Siddicated prices would range from Brooklyn, N. Y., died yesterday 124 Lelghton Ave., Red Bank, separate accidents here yester that "There is no building pro- Ington 30 cloudy, Philadelphia 22 ney Sandier, a member of the 6 cents per hundred weight be- at the home ot her daughter, >n, yesterday. day. cloudy, Atlanta 28 rain, Miami 70 council and also deputy director gram in sight." low the 1982 period in May to 23 Mrs; Julia D, BUce, 16 Majestic Mr. and Mrs. Luther Gallowa' (Continued) Two other persons were treate Mr. Walling said "If we had rain, Louisville 36 cloudy, Detroit of radiological and chemical war- i High St., Eatontown, Ave., where she had been vis-. cents below in February. give people "an unfair picture" at the hospital for minor in a building program under way, 14 clear, St. Louis 23 cloudy, Min- fare for Monmouth County, will iting the past six-weeks, * , yesterday. Juries and released. I would oppose the use of sur- neapolis -13 clear, Kansas City make a survey of the township Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Strui unless further analyzed. Mrs!, Finnegan was born In NEWARK — Factory Supply He pointed out that there 14 cloudy, Denver 3 partly cloudy, within a few days. • Mrs. Sheila R. Stringfellow, 22, plus for the budget." Brooklyn, daughter of the,late Co. aad four associated mall ski, 118 Apple Blossom La., MU only 18 unspeciaUzed classrooms of 18 George St., River Plaza, The $892,469 budget unanimous Dallas 39 rain, Phoenix 48 clear, Patrick and Catherine Scully which have a capacity of 30 pu- order firms, all of Lodl, asked was hospitalized with a possible ly adopted by the board is an Seattle 25 partly cloudy, San Purpose of the study will be dletown, son, Monday. CampbeU. She had lived there all Federal Bankruptcy Court yesto find logical points for emerpils. Allowing for the seven pei Francisco 56 rain, Los Angeles 56 concussion and multiple bruise increase of $44,230 over the 1962 her life. She was a member of cent absenteeism that day and terday to approve • plan by after her auto was struck by an 63 schedule, and breaks down to cloudy, Anchorage 13 fog, Hon* gency stockpiling of foods, St Ephrem Catholic Church. medical supplies, clothing, blana five per cent adjustment fac- which thtywouWpaywaffrjed. bther car at East Kd. am $811,840 for current expenses, lulu 73 partly cloudy. Her husband, Joseph A. Finnekets and necessities. These places tor, he said that the 18 larges- Itors. The first listed combined Swartzel Dr. $20,981 for buildings and equipassets of $4*5,1* and llabOltiei gan, died 20 years ago. also would be equipped with classes observed represented The other car was operated b; ment, and $59,648 for bonds and TIDES •f $8tt,«M. Bankruptcy referee Also surviving are another electric generators. pacity use of th'ese rooms. Gerald Holmes, 19, of Conovei interest. Today — High 11:59 p.m. and William H. Talryn, assigned to daughter, Miss Catherine E. FinAt present, it was brought out, That 80 per cent factor prtjves La., this place. By applying the additional $18- low 5:50 p.m. the case, set no date tor a negah of Brooklyn; three sisters, a stumbling block in the minds Holmes was treated for cu 000 from surplus, the amount to Tomorrow - High 12:28 p.m. the only place in Uie township hearing on the petition. Supe- Miss Helen R. Campbell, Mrs. certified as a shelter In the event of economy-minded voters, and bruises and released. be raised by taxation has de- and. low 6:23 a.m. and 6:48 p.m. of enemy attack is the Ocean UNION BEACH-Thanks' to thi rior Court Judge Donald Cot Margaret Gibson, and Mrs, Josaid. Miss Karen Leckburg, 19, creased from $476,671 to $458,- For, Bed Bank and Rumson Township School, Dow Ave., Oak- alertness of dog, a mother am tester had appointed a autodial sephine Berg, all Of Brooklyn, a Various explanations offered 98 Swarteel Dr., a passenger bridge, add two hours; Sea 871. receiver for Factory Supply and four grandchildren. hurst. However, Mr. Carlisle her daughter escaped Injur; boiled down to the fact that the Stringfellow car, was hosBright, deduct 10 minutes; Long said he believed there must be $1.61 Rate Seen The funeral will be Friday early today when a fire broke ou high school it just doesn't work Dec IS after Attorney General pitalized with multiple cuts aboul Mr. Hill estimated the Branch, deduct 15 minutes; High- o t h e r buildings available for Arthur J. SiDs signed a com- morning from McLaughlin and in their home at 831 Fourth St to put extra algebra students the face. lands bridge, add 40 minutes, tax rate for school purposes emergency use. Police said Mrs. Mary Stifei to vacant desks in home eco- plaint against the company. He Son Funeral Home, Brooklyn, to Police reported that Mri would be $1,61 per $100 assessed said the state had received St Ephrem Church where there The council agreed that from and her 11-year-old daughte nomics or French classes. Sitingfellows' car was traveling valuation as compared to $1.66 some JO0 protests from custom- will be a High Requiem Mais. were awakened by the dog when now on the Oakhurst Fire DepartOne member of the audience ers who claimed they did not south on East Rd., when it was last year. Burial will be In Holy Cross ment and First Aid Squad and a fire broke out in the kitchen hit out at what he called the (truck by the Holmes car which The board anticipates receiving receive articles ordered. The of the home. the Wajiamassa Fire Department "slide rule approach" to clas four firms associated with Cemetery, Brooklyn. was making a left turn off Swart$116,798 in state aid as compared and First Aid Squad would an- Police said the fire was cot sizes. The Worden Funeral Home, zel Dr. onto East Rd. Factory Supply Co. are Amerito $137,202 under the present swer calls for assistance in other lined to the kitchen and bath Red Bank, is in charge of local "If you divide the number According to police, Holmes schedule. Tuition will'bring in an can Wholesaler* Service, Henmunicipalities only at the direc- room. There was no estimate students by the number of classarrangements. *-. • * said he did not see the other car co. Inc., Standard Dtatriboton estimated $267,000 as compared tion of the civil defense leader. of damage to the single storj rooms, and get a figure like 28, when he started to rrtaka his turn. Inc., and By-Rite Buyer* Club, home. ." :.. ... to $233,500 during 1962-63, ELWOOD E. deHART it sounds pretty good, "and ypu the petition said. Frank E. He was Issued a summons by Representatives of the groups The highest single item in the SHREWSBURY — ..Board of Police reported, however, thai & SILVER-^hvood ErPatrolman Arthur Stover for Verga, bead of the state's Education Auditor Joseph X. Sea- who belong to the council say smoke and water damage forced wonder why the board wan budget is $572,9fa. for teachers' more classrooms. But then when Consumer Fraud Bureau, said nest deHart, 78,-dJed suddenly careless driving. . that in the past they have resalaries, up $21,202. No comment man yesterday estimated a the pair to move in with friends, you don't get 28 people who need Robert Cook, 22, of 66 Chapia Isadora Press of 38 Mario Rd., yesterday afternoon at ils home, school tax of $1.76 per $100 as- ceived requests and orders for to take senior physics, what d< Wayne, Is president of Factory 101 Rumson PI. • • Ave., Red Bank, was treated for was made by the dozen persons sessed valuation to pay for the emergency assistance out of town in the audience on this item. you do with the number that' Supply. He was born in Ocean Grove, cuts and bruises last night after 1963-64 school budget adopted by from several different sources left over?" son of the late Otto and Carrie at the same time and upon reachhis car struck a utility pole on John O. Harteler, superintend- the board Monday. :nt of schools, explained that the Ely deHart. He had. been a resiing the scene also received conFrank McLaughlin, chairman Tindall Rd. increase in the capital outlay The new rate reflects an in- flicting orders. dent of Little Silver 23 years. of the English Department, said Police said his car hit the pole crease of 6 cents. section from $8,463 to $20,981 WASHINGTON (AP)-Secretai that with students varying from Mr. deHart. was projectionist after Cook tried to avoid a col„, Taxpayers would have been r m would provide funds for necesof Defense Robert S. McNamars those who can barely read to at Loew'j. Theater in Jersey City. lision with a car pulling out faced witn a goes before .the House Annec ~ equipment™ "the "five 10-cent increase had sary equipment for the five those who can profitably use He was a member of .the'JerMelrose Ter. onto Tindall Rd. n o t tte scho l Services Committee today to out more than 50 texts in an eight ° to^d to^d revised i d th the sey City Lodge of Elks and the The other car was operated by schools, additionall bleachers and budget at Monday's public hearline a defense program coverini parking facilities at the athletic weeks period, "I can see no wa; Holland Society of New. York Mrs. Agnes H. McGee, 38, the next five years. field, parking facilities at the ing. to teach- English without som' city. • . ;• •••."'• Middletown Rd., this place. Following recommendations of high school, a tie-in fire alarm ability grouping." He will explain the administraSurviving is hi3 wife, Mrs. According to police, Cook said TRENTON (AP)-New Jersey's citizens, the board decreased the system from the schools to the tion's bid for defense programs Marilyn deHart. Mrj. Edna Pratt cited a group ' he rounded a curve on Tindall totaling $56 billion in the fiscal f 37 senior math students who unemployment rate was higher The funeral will be tomorrow Rd., when he saw the McGee fire department, additional parti- amount of the budget to be raised through taxes from $417,923.50 to tions and a hot water circulatyear starting next July 1 at than expected last month, with had been divided into two groups at 7:30 p.m. in the Adams Memocar pull out' of Melrose Ter. He TRENTON (AP) - The State told police he applied his brakes ing pump for the high school $407,923.50, thereby reducing the Conservation Department has closed-door committee session by ability. The faster group is 30,000 more persons out of work rial Home, Red Bank, with Rev. Much of what he has to say proposed tax rate from $1.80 to than in November 1961, the gover- W. Gordon Lowden of the' Red now about serven weeks ahead of to avoid a crash and that his shower facilities. pegged New Jersey's wintering classified. $1.76. the other one, she said. Some nor's economic committee report- Bank First MethodlsJ Church, ofcar skidded into the pole. waterfowl population at 256,000. The budget total, $495,548,50, His statement has been in thi in the faster group have discov- ed Tuesday. ficiating. Burial will be Friday He was issued a careless drivThe figure was based on a remains the same as the one orighands of Chairman Carl Vinson ered calculus for themselves as The committee said the weather at 11:30 a.m. in Greenwood Cemeing summons by Patrolman Harrough census of the state's waterinally introduced by the board. D-Ga., since last Friday. Commil he logical extension of thei: accounted for much of the unem- tery, Brooklyn. old T. Reilly. The $10,000 tax reduction will be bird population taken three weeks tee members got an advance class work and are beginning t( ployment increase. Police said Cook signed a comago. The survey, utilizing aerial briefing Tuesday from the com- explore it on iheir own. If the "During the cold spell, construc- BESSIE APPLEGATE MARTIN offset by the anticipation of $10,plaint against Mrs. McGee chargand ground observations, was con- mittee staff on the secret aspects two groups had been kept to000 in federal aid. tion came to a virtual standstill,' ing that she failed to yield the RAHWAY-Mrs. Bessie Appleducted by the N.J. Bureau of of McNamara's testimony. gether, she stated, neither group said Harry F. Stark, economic right of way at the intersection The change is expected to stem Wildlife Management and the U.S. gate Martin, 85, of 248 W e s t would liave learned as well as advisor to the governor. Mrs. McGee was not hurt. a steady Increase in the board's Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Hazlewood A«re, died Friday, at both groups have now learned. HIGHLANDS — The Commun- surplus account since federal aid Total unemployment' rose to her. home after a short illness. 'Freedom Festival' ity Center, meeting at the home has not been anticipated in re- Wildlife and announced Tuesday. Board president Gordon Barrle 178,000 last month while the unem She was the twin sister of. Mrs. Presented by Cubs Despite severe weather and icy of Mrs. Theodore Mierzwa, High- cent years, but has been added to sajd that he believes the board ployment rate returned to last E . Gertrude Baker of Littla Silland Ave., last week elected the surplus account in the conditions, the wintering popula- HOLMDEL — A "Freedom lias "underestimated the interest (rear's level of.8.8 per cent. ver. Festival" was heldat the regular tion was slightly higher than the Frank Gilson, former vice presi- amounts of approximately $20,000 rf the people in the details of "However," the committee re- The funeral service was held meeting of Cub Pack 131 Friday 1962 total of 248,000 birds. dent, president. He succeeds Mi- per year upon receipt. iigh school operation." ported, "the only major labor yesterday at the Lehrer Funeral NEW YORK (AP)-Three new chael Kovic. Brant showed the biggest gain, night at the Holmdel Elementary "We are going to try to get in market areas classified at year's Home, here, with Rev. ChristoJersey Teamster Undon officials Other officers are Mrs, MierzSchool. 109,000 staying in the state for the better touch with our constitu- end as areas of labor surplus were pher Nichols of St. Paul Espiscowere found guilty in State1 Su- wa, vice president; Mrs, C. W. winter compared with 88,750 last Skits were presented by mem- ents," he said. Camden and Atlantic City. A year pai Church, this Place, officiatpreme Court Tuesday night ol Wiles, recording secretary; Mrs. bers of the dens as follows: Den year. He started the proceedings last igo, there were four areas in this ing. Burial was in Hazlewood first degree attempted grand lar- James White, corresponding sec3, Paul Revere; Den 4 Libert; The census also showed 44,600 light by defining basic educa- sategory—Camden, Atlantic City, Cemetery, this place. ceny. etary, and Mrs. Loretta Larsen, black ducks, 4,611 mergansers, Bell; Den 5, Iwo Jima; Den ' ional terms: comprehensive high Newark and Jersey City." Also surviving are a son, ManThe charges stemmed from easurer. 3,120 Canadian geese, 763 pin- Valley Forge; Den 8, Abraham school, homogeneous grouping or The Atlantic City and Camden ton Camp Martin of Scarsdale, Lincoln; Den 2 Boston Tea ibility grouping, individualized GLOUCESTER, Mass. ( A P ) - tails, 7,680 canvasbacks, their attempt to get $10,000 from Luke Penta and Richard Perez areas were classified "labor stir- N.Y., and two grandchildren. a New York firm in exchange ten named trustees for three A 59-foot tow boat sank early to- goldeneyes, 9,337 bufflehead, 5,695 Party. >rograms, guidance, and func- plus" areas because more than Mrs. Martin's husband Manton for a "sweetheart" labor con- ears, with Allen Turner con- day three miles south of Glouces- mallards, 1,487 baldpates, 53,090 Michael Braun and Gary Cu- ional capacity. per cent of the work force in Drake Martin, who died in 1950, ter, barely five minutes after her scaup and 89,174 diving ducks. chural were Inducted Into the tract. inuing as trustee. School's Objective pack by Arthur Judd cubmaster. He said that the student body both areas was unemployed last was president of Martin Brothers The verdict was returned in the A meeting has been planned two crewmen were rescued by the Tobacco Co., New York City. Coast Guard. Kenneth Klaivuun was wel- : this high school is made up month. criminal term of Supreme Court comed into the pack as a trans: if 37 per cent of above average Atlantic City, a shore resort, is after the Jury had deliberated leaning the building in prepara- Rescued while the boat's decks SIDNEY HAMBERGER traditionally faced with a sharp fer from, Elizabeth. about nine hours. itudents, 34 per cent average stuion for the next meeting, Mr. were deep in water were John Awards were presented by Mr. lents, and 29 per cent so-called decline in winter employment MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP^ — Facing possible five-year terms illson has asked parents and Jacobsen, 34, ol Pawtucket, R.I., when resort business declines. Sidney Hamberger, 79, died.sudand Donald Soule, 31, of PortJudd to Glen Hussmann Kenneth 'slow learners." are Eustace Roper, 37, president iterested persons to attend. denly early yesterday at Ml Addij, Ricki Duncan, Timothy He stated that this school's obof Jersey City Local 522; Nunzie It was announced that the next land, Maine. Neither was injured NEW YORK - The late Mrs. Johanson, Dennis Robinson, John home. Beacon Hill Rd. Prbvenzano, 39, vice president of monthly meeting will be Wednes or suffered ill effects. jective is to give a general edu Emily N. Offerman of 204 NorMr. Hamberger was born in Newark Local 522; and Salvatore lay, Feb. 27. Jacobsen said a Coast Guard wood Ave., Allenhurst, left a $1,- Scoras, Brian Walko, Patrick Mc- cation to all future citizens, Baltimore. Until' his retirement Briguglio, 32, business agent of Members of the nominating lifeboat pulled up along the tow 200,000 estate here at her death,' Carthy, Allen Robinson, Pau whether they are to go to work about 10 years ago he was a landOrmsbee, Nicholas Germanerlo, rom high school or to go'on to Union City Local 560. mmittee included Mrs. Mierz- boat North Star and transferred according to an Inventory filed scape gardener. Justice John A. Mullen set a, chairman, Mrs. Victor Ross- them to safety while they were by the New York State Transfer Gregory Clement, Craig Sutphin, urther education. He said that John Lucanla and Geoffrey Wai he policy here is not to enforce Surviving are his wife, Mrs. March 5 for sentencing. tti, Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Frank standing deep in water on the Tax Department. ters. . Sadie R. Hamberger, and a deck. Two men were acquitted of a ilson. rigid curriculum on each stuUnder provisions of a will a daughter, Mrs. Belford Truitt of Jacobsen said the North Star nephew, William S. Slegele of Al- Awards last month were pre- dent. second count charging conspiracy EGLIN AFB. Fla. - Lt Col. Red Bank. had beerl in Portland, Maine, on a lentown, Pa., receives personal sented to Dennis Robinson, Paul "The boy who will not go to to bribe a labor representative. dredging project since last Octo- property, $50,000 outright and the LaMontagne, Paul Ormsbee, and allege, but who is a whiz at irthur G. Miller of Brielle, N.J., The funeral will be tomorrow The three men had been free at 10 a.m. at the Adams Memoriber and was returning to New income for life from a trust fund Allen Robinson. nath, gets the chance here to ex- lias been awarded the first .oak m $5,000 bail each since their ar (Continued) York City. The North Star Is comprised of 90 per cent of the Charles Pfelffer, committee rcise his God-given gift in our leaf cluster to the United States al Home, Red Bank, with Rev. rest in December 1961. W. Gordon Lowden of the Red . chairman, announced that the idvanced math classes," he said. Mt Force Commendation Medal Bank First Methodist Church, ofaid. He cited highway acquisi- owned by the Jersey Boat Serv- estate remaining following disBlue and Gold dinner will be held "The fact that he is not taking tribution of about $400,000 In adon costs which he said increases ice of Sea Bright, N. J, Children Overcome lere. , . . ficafing. Burial will b e in ShoreFeb. 23 at the Holmdel Elemen- he 'college preparatory course' ditional bequests. ach year. tary School at 6 p.m. Mary Han- lould not bar him from that." Col. Miller received the medal land Memorial Gardens, Hazlet. By Gas in Home BUDGET MEETING The remaining property is The governor said his bond isrecognition of his meritorious SHREWSBURY - Two chil- lie was better than the State Tux MONMOUTH BEACH - Mayor placed in trust for the benefit of cik played the piano for group The term "functional capacity" DEATH NOTICE a source of much difficulty, irvice as chief of the- malnte- IIARRA — On January 28. 1883, WIN dren were treated at Riverview olicy Commission's recommen- Sidney B. Johnson announced last a friend Roland Rasch of Hunt- singing. lam Senior or Ml Baldwin Ave., Jerley :r. Bartle said. The functional Hospital and released after they ation of a 3 per cent retail sales night that the Borough Commis- Ington, L. I. Beloved hiilband of Mary ' Dl nce-engineering division of the City. Martin?, loving lather o f Chrktlna GOES TO KEESLER ipaoity of a school amounts to were overcome by gas from a ix which might raise $163 to $180 sion will meet Feb. II to intro- A stepdaughter, Margaret O. Loulie Messina, Dr. William leputy chief of staff for materiel Schanei, LACKLAND AFB, Tex. Airper cent of the number of A. Ilarra and Anthony Mtrra. Also faulty heater in their home about lillion in additional revenue an- duce a municipal budget for 1963. Bruns of Corlles Ave. and Wlckesurvived by nine granctchUdr«n. Kriaman Basic Gary D. Glendinning, Eglln. upils who could sit down at 1.10 this morning, police said. jally. . lvei and frlendi are Invited to attend The date has been advanced one pecko Dr., West Allenhurst, reson of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. esks if all the desks were oc- A member of Sigma Phi Epsl- funeral from McDonald Bros, funeral Hospital authorities identified Assuming a sales tax raised day due to the holiday, Feb. 12. ceives $10,000. Home, S8O Baldwin Ave., Itmey City, Glendinning, 734 19th Ave., South upled. on, the colonel received an A.B. on Friday at 8:111 a.m- Solemn Masa them as Leon Boeckel, 17; and 55 million the first year, Hughes Mrs. Offerman, widow of Car- Beltnar, N. J., Is being reasof Requiem St. JosepH. Church at In response to a question from legree from University, Irene Boeckel, 16, of 123 North lid, there would be no money 0:15 a.m. Pleaie omit flowers. Mais" LICENSE DEADLINE sten H. Offerman, died Oct. 25, signed to Keesler AFB, Miss., for ' • . . • : . ussell Palumbo of New Shrews- >unham, N. C. He is the son preterrcd. Monroe Ave. They were taken t for state highway construc- LITTLE SILVER—Dog licenses 1958. technical training as a United ury, Mr. Bartle told of the CARP OF THANKS Mrs. Carolyn E. Miller of Brito the hospital by the Red Bank n, grade crossing elimination, must be obtained by tomorrow, The estate was appraised at States Air Force communications We would Ike to take this o[ mlty >ard efforts, over the past e . ' . . •• .. ' - •• . . . .• First Aid Squad. Shrewsbury Po- istitutions, or community col- Police Chief James W. Fix reto thank everyone for their $1,707,263, gross value and $1,246,- operations specialist. He is a nonths, to get federal aid for an our recent bereavement, espeHe Is married to the former during lice Chief Raymond Mass inves- eges. All of these are provided minded borough dog owners this ciallyy Rev.. Hodgdon, Hodcdon, tthe btarari and) 675, net, Securities were valued 1962 graduate of ,Manatquan ddition to this school. These Jetty D. Desha of 2152 Herscher our wonderful neighbor ors. tigated. for in his bond issue. morning. (N. J.) High School. at $1,663,224 of the gross. llfss Grace Mill! orts are continuing, he said, ., Jacksonville, Fla. Mr. Wnllor Mini

National, World News in Brief

Specialist To Address R.E/Group

Peacetime Plan Asked Of CD Unit

2 Accidents Raritan Send Pair To Hospital



Dog Alerts Family To House Fire

Shrewsbury School Tax Set at $1.76

Will Outline Defense Plans

Waterfowl Population Is 256,000

Jobless Rate Increased Last Month

Frank Gilson Is President Of Center

Union Officials Found Guilty

59-Foot Tow Boat Sinks

$1.2 Million Estate Left

Air Force Decorates Zol. Miller



Education Plan Brings Division In Congress

Successful Investing By ROGER E. SPEAR Wait for Correction to Buy Morel

Wednesday, 7«% 3 0 , 1 9 6 3 - 9


Nason on Education

IQ Tests and Real Potentials

By JOHN BECKLER stance, Is increasing about nine be trained in the skills ol study By LESLIE J. NASON WASHINGTON (AP)-President , r tl ff« » young couple Fairbanks Whitney, but It seems times as fast as the total num- and learning. This training carProfessor of Education Kennedy's attempt to unite supries over Into all phases ot 3 Children under 6 years about to be faced with a proxy porters of aid to education has al- Education is failing to meet ber of Jobs. «*«ge. I own small amounts of fight, which frequently enhances ready touched off a bitter division the needs of America at both In every field there Is a grow- school and work. More trained MM, Eastman Kodak, General the price of the shares involved. ends of the technological scale. ing demand for more highly mlndi Is the crying need of our among them in Congress. Electric, RCA, Merck, Phillips I would suggest no changes in Kennedy wrapped 24 separate Thousands are unemployed while trained personnel. At the same present society. P e t r o l e u m , your list at present, nor would proposals dealing with everything thousands of jobs go unfilled day time, machines are eliminating THE FALLACY: The number F a i r b a n k s I at this time disturb my cash after day. the strong-back Jpbs. from elementary to graduate of individuals with highly trainWhitney, and reserves. .}' school into one big bill and sent it One has only Some educators despair. They able minds is indicated by th« American Cy- In the event of a correction to Congress Tuesday, urging to check the conclude that our very progress results of their I.Q. testa. anamid. I have of the recent strong, sharp mar"Wghpriority action." want ad sec- will'defeat us because there will THE TRUTH: Tests measure $9,000 In the ket rise-which Is a possibility tion of a met- not be enough people of high IQ'i Do some extent the present day The package carries an estibank. Should I within the next few months — I ropolitan news- to meet the needs of our grow- learning potential of individuals. uted price tag of $4.6 billion for change any .. p a p e r . The ing technology. withdraw HMO and add However, these same individuals, three years but cuts back sharply my stock hold- equal dollar amounts to my pres' Old I. Q. Argument same ads aptrained In the skills of learning previous administration proposals i n g s , a n d ent holdings, with the exception pear week after They argue that only about Oneand the skills of test taking, take for aid to public elementary and should I invest of Phillips Pete and Fairbanks week for secrethird of our population have IQ's on new potentials i secondary schools. taries, cost acabove average—from 90-110. Only Whitney. The idea of lumping everything countants, en- part of these reach me educa- In one city where a search for ^ r E . S p e a r c P a a s B ° ' r 7 Q—"I.own a cattle ranch and together was apparently to entice Dr. Nason •erves?" E. J. gineers, design- tional levels soon to be demanded highly superior individuals has have a two-thirds Interest'In sevfriends of different proposals into been conducted for years, twice MOTHERS' MARCH —Mrs. George Webb, Monmouth ers, advance communication spe- by our society. A—With one exception, you •«ve a splendid collection of eral hundred Black Angus cat- county chairman of tha Mother*' March for Polio fund, making common cause for the cialists, etc. There are fallacies In the argu- as many persons have been distle. I've retired now, the ranch whole package, but the first effect covered In the extremely high IQ blue chips. ments of these prophets of doom. cattle are leased out, and I discusses the drive with Meyor Edward C. Wilton of has been to alienate influential And it's not getting any better! THE FALLACY: There U no range as the test makers preThe exception, ot course, is and A US. Department of Labor get a pretty, good income for my Oceanport on eve of the houia-to-house effort. Mothers House Republicans who support survey shows that the number of such thing as transfer of training. dictedl share. There is money in a savsome items but oppose others. openings for engineers, for in- THE TRUTH: The mind can Programs conducted over a wilt ring doorbells tonight in the annual "march" to culings account as well as $4,000 In period of years in each communRep. Peter Frelinghuysen Jr., E Bonds. My house in town is minate the campaign. ity in which students with high R-N.J., ranking GOP member of modern and free of mortgage. potential are sought out and the House Education and Labor I am able to invest; $2,000 this trained in me skills of learning Committee,' called the catchall year and don't need current inwould Increase our supply of bill "the height of political cynl come. Have always been conserhighly trained people. dsm," and said Republicans will vative and would welcome any Scores that students make on offer bills aimed at specific tarsuggestions as to stock purchasintelligence tests depend upon gets. . NEW YORK (AP)-To no one's es." E. J. their attitude toward the tests, Rep. Charles E. Goodell, R-N.Y. surprise in WaH Street, ths stock called Kennedy's program "In- HIGHLANDS — "Ths Henry ing that the regional and local the background of their homes market encountered some profit A—You sound like a man who By CHARLES K. SERGIS here, and Mayor Hugh J. Addo- credible in its proportions" and Hudson Regional Board of Edu- boards should set high education- and previous schooling as well ai has put in lots of hard work to tsktag yesterday « d moved ., build said it robbed individual meas- cation should be lauded for what al goals, but Institute enriched their innate ability. op something pretty fine NEWARK (AP)-The Interstate nizio of Newark. *egularly after, six straight days and is now in a position to en- Commerce Commission is tak- Addonizio, appearing In person ures of bipartisan support. it has done and what it is at- p r o g r a m s in art music, Training Is The Key tempting to do, but we feel it Is athletics, and other areas grad- Once they have learned how to ei advance. Trading was fairly foy the fruits of it. I sincerely ing its marathon hearing on the as the first witness, was given trying to go too far, too fast" ually, to coincide with antici- study and how to take tests— hope you will live long enough proposed Pennsylvania-New York a thorough workout in cross-ex•tctive. . .•'.;, /• Those were the words of Timo- pated state and federal aid. 1 do so. when they recognize their own Central Railroad merger back to amination by top-rank PennsylAs in other sessions this year, thy Lynch, Sr., temporary chair- In regard to an $11,331 tax ap- ability to attain a higher status in vania and New York Central athowever, the market gave ground For investment of your $2,000 Washington after giving New Jer- torneys. man of the newly-formed Citi- portionment error in the 196243 life—their motivation for achievonly partially and, in fact, some currently available, I suggest sey a chance to have its say durzens' Committee, in reference to budget, which If debited to High- ing on the test will be higher, The mayor drew &R railroads' of the popular market averages Montana-Dakota utilities com- ing two days here. the proposed 196344 regional lands this year would result la these students then will set highinched higher. Standard ft mon, which has a good record With 57 days of hearings in 13 fire by stating that the merger rehool budget. this borough having to make up, er goals for themselves. Poor's WO-stock index yielded a of growth in an expanding area. cities already compiled, the merg- "means very simply that there The new group met Monday in effect, $25,000 in one year, The potential of our youth Is will be a reduction In both pasI believe that the dividend could er case resumes In Washington minimal .01 at 66.23. LONG BRANCH - Officers of night to discuss the proposed re- Mrs. William Black had this to far greater than it would appear senger and freight service." on Feb. 11. The extent and duration of the be raised this year. the Long Branch Trust Co. were gicmal and local school budgets, say: previous advance were enough, (Mr. Spear cannot answer all The official record was en- The railroad attorneys bored elected at the Institution's annual and after a four-hour discussion "It Is the moral obligation ot from present test results. brokers said, to account for mail personally but will an- larged considerably during the away at each hostile witness, de- organization meeting yesterday. voted to oppose both spending the Atlantic Highlands as well We can come closer to reaching this potential through proper examples of how William L. Juska was elected schedules. some spotUness. In addition, the swer all questions possible in Newark sessions, mostly by oppo- manding specific regional board to cut back the recognition. Training not only sition to the merger plan. The service would1 bo impaired. In assistant vice president. Previlist was still in a broad band of his column.) Relief Expected as the Highlands members of the will meet the needs of our socomplainants were led by Gov. most cases die witnesses, many ously he was assistant secretary supply represented by unloading Opposition Do the local school budget so that Highlands can ab- ciety for the foreseeable future, Richard J. Hughes, who was busy of them mayors of their munici- and assistant treasurer. of stocks held by owners all budget is because people believed sorb the loss this year. The error but will help many individuals in Trenton but sent a statement palities, were not able to say exthrough the worst of last spring's Myron Briggs was elected as- that when the regional school was not the responsibility of the achieve happier lives. actly how they believed •harp plunge. sistant secretary and assistant opened, local school expenses board, but it should act as a modi, (Dr. Nason will welcome your would be curtailed. The detailed Gains of selected blue chips NEW YORK (APMUSDA) would decrease and some tax fled district to help either bor- question addressed to him in care sendee plans of they railroads aft- treasurer. helped keep the market on an Wholesale egg offerings burdenHarold G. Sterling, who was relief could be expected, Mr. ough In distress." er merges were presented at the of The Register. Those of most re-elected executive vice presieven keel., Group action, how- some on large; Increased on meLynch said. Washington hearings last year. general Interest will be answered diums and ample on balance. Dedent and trust officer, was named "We had expected the local ever, was mostly lower for the In his column.) But the witnesses mentioned a member of the board of di- budget to decrease or at least •teels, aufos, aerospace issues, mand light on large and mediums and quiet on balance yesterday. gradual decrease In railroad serv- rectors. The board will now have hold the line," Mr. Lynch noted, tobaccos aid rubbers. / ice over the years and said they 11 members. Whites: extras (47 lbs. min.) Sober Backdrop "since three classes of seventh felt a merger of the two giant The decline in steel production 37-38%; extras medium (40 lbs. RUMSON — Three youths, lines was bound to eliminate even Re-elected at the meeting were and eighth graders and the speSamuel C. Morris, president; cial class moved to the regional —the first In four weeks—and average) 34%-KM; top quality charged with being disorderly more trains. Samuel J. Von Dyke, vice presi- school." some mixed earnings reports by (47 lbs. min.) 37-40; mediums (41 persons here Jan. 7, were fined steel companies set a rather l b s . average) 34^-3(%: smalls $25 each by Magistrate William Many also expressed concern dent; John T. Valdes, vice presi- A cut of $18,000 was expected sober baddrop for the market. (36 lbs. average) 33-34; peewees Riker in municipal court Mon- over the ability of the Erie-Lacks- dent; Frank C. Woolley, secre- In teachers' salaries in the local EATONTOWN - Leaders workwanna Railroad, which provides tary; Laurus A. Follansbee, school's proposed budget the ing together to prepare for the The drop In steel output, how- 26-27. day night. big show boys will stage in Con- WASHINGTON (AP)-6ett. Ollfever, was ascribed chiefly to Browns: extras (47 lbs. min.) One of the trio, Peter Cahlll, New Jersey's largest commuter treasurer, and Mis Edith I. How- chairman said. At the local school budget hear- vention Hail, Asbury Park, in ford P. Case, R-N.J., laid today ft-3% top quality (47 lbs. min) 20, of 664 Cameron RA, South service, tp survive in over-all com-lam) assistant trust officer. severe weather conditions. petition including freight, against Re-elected directors were W. ing, Joseph R. Bolger, adminis- April will meet tomorrow night he will Introduce next week a bill The Wall Street mood was not - • & * % mediums (41 tbs. aver- Orange, abo was fined $25 on the merged railroads. Stanley Bouse; Leopold Hector, trative principal, explained that in the auditorium ot Monmouth to promote orderly community and ' enhanged by France's crushing of age) 3^37; smalls (36 B». aver- a careless driving charge. Police said he drove across the front Cm. Hughes stressed that pout Mr. Juska, Daniel J. Maher, the board plans to hire a part- Shopping Center, M o n m o u t h regional growth In urban and subBritain's Md to enter the Com- age) 33-34; peewees 26-27. lawns of homes owned by John taking a stand against the merg- Mr. Morris, Charles C. Schock, time remedial reading teacher, Council ot Boy Scouts reports. urban areas. mon Market,^despite a lastJr., Mr. Valdes, Howard H; Wool- and part-time art and music In- Tomorrow's session will be led It would require local planning minute intervention by President Johns-Manville 1% Goodyear I Archibald, 101 Einghara Ave., er proposal.: i, and Radio Corp. %-. and William Brisley,. 113 Biag- Officials of several large corpo- ley, J. Russell Woolley, Jr., and structors, "to make sure High- by Scout Commissioner William on a long-range basis before the Kennedy's Administration. lands s t u d e n t s are as well Mattlson. and Invited guests in- federal government could contribrations and a shippers association Dr. Charles L. Zukaukas. The Dow Jones Industrial Prices worked irregularly ham Ave. equipped to eater the regional clude cubmasters, scoutmasters, ute any funds for a specific land lower on the American Stock testified they felt they would get Cahill also stole a street sign, Average moved up a moderate school as are students from other explorer advisers and skippers. of, improvement better service from the combined Exchange. Volume was 1.03 milor public works pro]. police said. .84 to 883.73. grammar schools in the area." sea scout ships. ect. • Of 1,304 Issues traded, gainers lion shares compared with 1.07 The other two youths, both 20 railroad. Salary Hikes Mr. Mattison said yesterday the Legislation at this type, he addBut no elected official from outnumbered losers by the nar- million Monday. Macke Vending years old, are James Mitchell of He also noted that although 1963 Boy Scout Show will be even ed, would eliminate conflicts such row margin of 829 to 52J. New lost VA while fractional declines 2124 South Philadelphia Ave., New Jersey came out for the there are fewer teachers in the bigger than the one which last as that now going on among three Ugh* for I962--83 totaled 60. The were posted by National Bellas Philadelphia, Fa. and Gilbert merger. system this year, the remaining year attracted more than 20,000 federal agencies over use of the single new, low was Sealright- Hess, Canadian Javelin, BVD, Gahun of 61 Croquis Ave., Floral ones had received salary invisitors. ' Great Swamp area in Morris Arkansas Louisiana Gas, and Park, L. I. Oswego Falls. crease} in accordance with the Mead, Johnson. Reinsurance In- Police said the three are stuSome show events already have County, N.J. salary guide. ' Volume was 4.36 million shares vestment was active and up % dents at Villanova University, WEST LONG BRANCH - Or! been decided and are in the In a letter to constituents, Case compared with 4.72 million dur- Electronic Communications rose Villanova, Pa. entatlon began this morning at In a discussion of the local planning stages. Toese include: noted there has been almost conboard's proposal to limit the avering Monday's rising market. Monmouth College for the spring 1%, Dialight 1, Hydrometals % Other fines levied by Magistinuous debate over the Great Attractions listed class. The new term begins to- age classroom size to 27 pupils, The Vst moved from a state and Pyle National %. trate RUter were: Henry Wolff, Swamp area since the Port ot committee members termed it "Oub Land of Fun," which will morrow. of irregularity In the morning to Corporate bonds were fairly Tennis Court La,, this place, careNew York Authority first suggestan attempt to Institute "pdvate take in a so-called "Pinewood At 9 a.m., the incoming stua slightly lower tendency In steady. U. S. government bonds less driving, $25, failure to show ed It as an Ideal spot for a jetschool education practices in a Derby Speedway" staged under dents were welcomed by Dr. (he afternoon, then showed were mostly lower. driver's license, $6; Richard Ste- RED BANK -Projects Echo port. public school system." the direction of Earl Bennett, William Von Note, president. selective late' strength which Yesterday's closing stocks: fer, 26 Eighth Ave., Atlantic High- and Telstar, space programs InSince September, I960, he said, 1 Registrar Irving J. Shapiro out- In regard to this, and to some Belmar, the council's southern the Interior Department, howbolstered the averages. A numIVT-B C B Brk IS lands, careless driving, (20; Da- volving "passive ' and "active" AGP InF O-lus and satellite models. lette. . " ' Am Tel Tel 121 Ub McNUt 1SH from dean of students Robert leen Mendes attended the meet- and mountain climbing. Jack a fourth major airport in the Am Tob »' Mr. Bosiak described t h Hogg, director of student activi- Ing with Harold C. Schaible, re- Kirby, Hazlet, is in charge. Ford steadied from the selling Am T3H Greater New York area. VUcoie 63' U s S f t H y events leading up to the Project ties M. Rita Coolon, and head gional school superintendent. Amp Ino . 28 Litton md <3H pressure of, the previous day Anaconda. On stage In Asbury Park's ParSHREWSBURY — Karl Winters Echo launch of August, 1960, 46 Lukenl Btl 44H and once again emerged as the Armco SU 65' coach Bill Boylan. In addition, Mr. Schaible, in outlining the amount Theater across ths board 4014 46! Mack Trlt most active stock, this time Armour members of the Student Govern- board's accomplishments, and Its walk will be presentations by Aftnit Ck 72!1 Uarath Oil 46* launching of Telstar July 10, M gaining ft at 43£ on 85,01)0 Add Oil ment Association were to intro- present and future plans, stressed bands, drill teams, Indian dance Martin M 22U improper licenseplates and $10 56' shares. Second was Certain- Atenton U«rck 67% for driving an unregistered vehi- 1962. In Telstar, Bell Telephone duce the newcomers to the extra- that the board had presented a teams, specialty performers end All Jtef In 61 Laboratories scientists and en- curricular programs of the col- lower budget than he had recom- other groups. Carp 25' JKSH 3014 cle. Teed, up 1% at 19 on 69,900 Aveo W 4S1 gineers beamed broadband micro- lege. Minn M i M 61 mended. shares, an example of heavy Bibcock Bald U n i U Magistrate Whitney qrowell ft Oh 27' SSnfwA U% wave radio signals capable of "I feel that anything less would "Camping is Fun" an exhlbli baying In a lower-priced issue. Bait Nat Blsc 49 found six motorists guilty This afternoon, David A. KoBayuk CH 46 carrying TV programs, telephone affect ths school's efficiency,'1 featuring open pit cooking, will Third was Brunswick, up M at Bell ft How 22< N Caah Stg 79« speeding. Ronald Duezick penhaver, psychology instructor, be directed by Alfred Westerfield, Nat Dairy 6SU Bendlx 56 calls and data transmission behe declared. 19% on 53,800 shares. Nat DUtlll 26U Providence R. I. was fined ^19, Beth Steel tween business machines via th will give a "How to Study" talk. Mr. Lahey explained the Jr,, Middletown, and Richard TRENTON (AP)-Plans for three 43H 38% Nat QyplBoelni Next came American Machine Borden Nat Steel 39U and $15 fines were imposed on satellite to ground stations In Attendance is required of those $34,679 in reduction] proposed Farley, Little Silver. As an at- hydroelectric plants which would IS* Want 4314 NY Central * Foundry, up % at 22%, as it Bore 47% Herman Baumler of Waverly PL, this country and in Europe. He who have not had previous col- last Friday night by Board Mem- traction to adults, it will be dem- produce more than 1,000,000 kiloBrunnrk 1»S Nla M Pw •bared prominence with Bruns- Buckeye PI CO No Am Av 60% Red Bank, Louise Reynolds of pointed out that Telstar relays lege experience. onstrated what can be done when watts of electricity were outlined ber William A. Feste. 40K Brie MS Nor Pae wick, its opposite number in the Buey "The Family Goes Camping.1 Tuesday by W. E. Llepe of the Physical examinations and pho40Ji Middletown, Helen Benson of Lin- to earth 115 different measureBulora 11% N m t Alrlln Tax Situation Burl Inr KELLEY GIVES TALK Drnun a candidate for' appointment to At Monday's meeting, the may- 8 p.m. to plan activities for the Holy Family Catholic Church by alysts. Armco Steel, which re- Oen MC PROMOTES HOLT Otn Xleo FAIR HAVEN - Luther Oen F d i West Point; John L. Sidway, 277 Rev. Joseph G. Fox. ported a sharp drop In earnings, i:Motori WEST LONG BRANCH — ActKelley, chief of the Engineering Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Highlands, or stated that Highlands had al- year. Godparents were Miss Joyce Division of the U. S. Army Signal ready spent about $40,000 in pro- A St. Valentine party and dance ing Dean of Faculty Everett W. was off %• Wayde and Peter Walker, Jr., Radio Propagation Agency, Fort the Naval Academy at Anna- viding roads, sewers and water Is planned for Feb. 16. Mrs. Gar-Holt of Monmouth College has • Kennecott's profits were up aSenTeUMl TIM polis. both of Union Beach. A dinner OIU«tt« to the new regional school. In ad- ret Post and Mrs. William Mor- been appointed dean of faculty, and the stock gained % Ana- Olen Aid Monmouth, addressed the enfollowed In the home of the ma- listed personnel of USASRPA at The senator nominated 12 dition to Its share of the taxes decai will serve on the commit- according to Dr. William Van conda rose 1. Goodrich Ooodycajr ternal grandparents, Mr. and the radio propagation station last young men for each of the two to build and operate It. tee. , Note, college president. Mr. Holt, Union Carbide's rise of 1>/J fol- oraea Co Mrs; Peter Walker, Sr., Donnelly week. Mr. Kelley resides at 39 academies. Two will be selected "We're not against education Mrs. Charles Bea and Mrs. Ber- who was appointed acting dean 42} lowed news of a substantial gain Ot A * P 1 - 34V St. Attending were the paternal to attend Annapolis, three West or the < two school boards, but nard Delaney will be hostesses In profits, Merck rose 2% areyhound last fall, continues to hold the Jackson St. here. Cull Oil 4ij| grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. RobPap Point. they have to be more realistic at a cocktail party Sunday Feb. academic rank of associate proOwens-Illinois Glass 1% Louis- Hamm Hero Pdr ert Maag and son Ronald, Union; Hobeau Farm, paced by Beau In addition, 12 candidates were about taxes," Mr. Gulney said. 17. ville & Nashville (ex dividend) HI Cent fessor of mathematics. Bui itch the godparents, and Mr. and Mrs. Purple's $342,205, earned $515,- selected for the Air Force AcadAnticipated Aid The Board ot Governors and 114, Martin-Marietta I, and Du Int Int Harv Int Nick Pont 1, Walker, Sr. and daughters, Shar- 455 in 1962, tenth best figure for emy and 10 for the U. S. Mer- Committee members added sup- the Ladles' Auxiliary will meet It pays to advertise in the Red . t SH ft T m on and Cheryl. port to the mayor's views, stit- Feb. 20. the year In thoroughbred racing chant Marine Academy, Polaroid loet % IBM, 2& Bank R«ister.—Advertisement ill R MH i.

Profit Taking Stalls Stock Price Gains

School Budgets Hit By Highlands Group

Rail Merger Case To Resume Feb. 11

Long Branch Trust Co> Has Election

Egg Market

Disorderly» Boys Fined $25 Each

Leaders Set To Plan For Orderly Growth Scout Show Is Coal of Bill To Be Introduced

Orientation At College Echo-Telstar Tomorrow Talk For Church Oub

Rurnson Man Fined $40

Hydroelectric Plant Plans Are Outlined

Nominees By Case To Academies

Yacht dub Plans Parties

4-Wedawty, Jan. 30,1963

Court OR For Dog Pond


OK School Uge A» Pollingg Place

SHREWSBURY Tb BM , SHREWSBURY - Tb« , nc, JHed.tu of Education Monday approved Court -here on Monday asking the the use of Hie borough'school u court (o direct jioweU Township a palling place for district 2 votd j to permit use '§ their-property rs. . ' " for a3ogpoun<|. Lester C. Scott, secretary, told The T corporation'in its tuit filed the board that the facility legalby Burton L. Fundler, Asbury ly conforms .with regulations in Park; ask* the court to direct the that it lies within 1.000 feet of Board of adjustment to issue a the district it would serve. Dispermit «o they can use -flj*ir 6.7> trict 2 borders Obre PI., opposite acre tract on Megill Rd. the school. The corporation, which serviqei Councilwomao Anne K. Jack35 to 40 municipalities in Mon-son made the request (or the mouth and Ocean counties, says facility on behalf of Borough the building inspector refused Council. She had been directed theiri a permit on July 12 (or to find a polling place to replace their properly, which Is in an in-a Broad St. service station when dustrial zone. On Jan. 10, die will terminate its contract with Board of Adjustment denied the the borough. request. $30,000 FOR GIRL The suit contends such use is ELIZABETH — An award o permitted. The corporation plan- $30,000 in damages was granted ned to renovate an existing build- In Union County Court Moning oh the site into soundproof, day to a six-year-old girl who, air-conditioned dog kennels. the court found, waa blinded by G O O D S H O W — Julius Snedcof of 53 Manor Dr., Red an overdose of oxygen Shortly Bank, receivai the Army's Outstanding Performance after birth. The settlement was for Elaine Pushker, daughter of Award from Lt. Col. Charles E. McArdle, post comMr. and Mrs. John Pushker ol 885 Douglas Ter., Union. Defenmander at Fort Hancock. Mr. Snedcof was cited for dants were Dr t Alexander KeysTRENTON (AP) The As-1 resourcefulness and efficiency he has demonstrated in sembly on Monday passed and aar and Dr. William Nevius, both the performance of his duties as budget analyst in the sent to the Senate a bill that of East Orange. Testimony was comptroller's office at Fort Hancock where he has would authorize the city of presented to the court that Elaine Perth Amboy to subsidize a ferry was born two months premature worked for five yean. and was given a contlnous oyxservice. The measure, sponsored by . gen mixture for nine days. The :r parents parents said said they they did did. not not know know Middlesex County's, four-member delegation,. was approved by a the girl was blind until she had been home for. five months. The 52-0 vote. , Assemblyman Norman Tanz- court ruled that $10,1)00 of the man, D-Middlesex, said the bill damages was to go to the father would allow Perth Amboy to [or expenses. contribute $4,500 toward the Sunrise Ferry Service. Tanzman said the volume of traffic befag handled by the ferry is diminishing. He said if the ferry, were forced to go out of business some 190 students who' attend SC. Mary's High School would have to look for new transportation to school.



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32 BrowJ St. jShady»Jd« 1-750O

Rtd Bank

GIRLS SUSPENDED NEWARK — Four girls have been suspended from the 7th Avenue Junior High School and charged with setting eight fires at the school between Jan. 14 and Jan 21. School officials said seven other girls are under invest!' gation in connection with the fires. The fires were set in garbage disposal baskets in a locker room, in an electric hand dryer in a bathroom and other places. PROMOTED-Joieph T. CarAll were put out before they got out of hand. In another incident roll, Jr., 57 Bray Ave., Port involving teen-agers, three boys Monmouth, has been appoint were arrested Saturday night aft- ed shift foreman' at Jarse; er they admitted having set five Central Power & Light Comfires in the basement of a pany's Warner Generating family apartment house at South 10th St. In the last two Station at South Amboy. Mr. months. Carroll was a shift oparatoi at the generating station be RATE HIKE ASKED CAMDEN - The New Jersey fora his promotion. He is

Water Company has asked the. married to the former Miss state Board of Public Utility; ' Dolores Sullivan of Keani Commissioners' for permission to' 1 burg. They have a son, Jamas, raise rates. A. J. Greco, com-. pany president, estimated the 6, and four daughters, Nan proposed increase would cost the cy, I I ; Elaine, 9; Virginia average residential consumer two 7, and Joyca, 5. cents a day,








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about ui'getting wether for dinnerr ' ' .'• v~,:rr\: He and Mr. Home Town lent' Inisced about old times on the campus as they gulped and chewed their way through two highballs. Steaks, after dinner brandy—Mr. Home Town really seemed to want to live it up, and Mr. Metropolis felt rather sorry for him—and coffee.


A Success Story With a Puzzle

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1963-5




"How have things been going with you?" asked Mr. Home NEW YORK ( A P ) - The menu When the two young ,. fellow! Town. Fingering the bills in his pocket fof today, dear reader, is a true- graduated, one said: life success story with a puzzle "There's nothing in the way ol and wondering whether they' at the end. opportunity out here. I'm going to cover the tab, Mr. Metropolis said The puzzle is whether you can seek fame and fortune In the blfhe had one child, lived In a small guess which-fcut first, read on: city. I hear there's a dollar to bebut comfortable apartment in an area where there hadn't been a Once upon a time—about 3 made there for every light on knife stabbing in six months. He years ago—two young fellows Broadway." said he didn't drive a car, rode roomed in the same boarding The other fellow said: house 'at a Midwest university. "I think I'll go back and lettlel*' America was still in the stubborn down in my home town where Job and hoped if he could hold it grip of the greatest depression of people know me. Somethirg'l] to 65 to be able to save enough to the 20th century. retire and move back to his own turn up sooner or later." times were really rough. You Well, both these young men— old home town. could eat on 35 cents a day if you let's call one Mr. Home Town and "And what about you?" he then had to. You never bought a new the other Mr. Metropolis—carried asked. pair of shoelaces until the ones out their decisions. Thirty years "Oh, I've got seven kids, said you were wearing had been brofc later Mr. Home Town phoned Mr. Mr. Home Town. "I invested in a RUMSON ESTATE SOLD —The residence of th» late Louis R. Buclcbee on the north ;n and knotted together in at least Metropolis and said, "I'll be in transportation company that did side of Rumion Rd., Rumion, above, has been sold through Joseph G. McCu*, realfour places. Manhattan next Friday. How $29 million last year. But, of course, that's not my main inter- tor,' td S. Gage Uwis of South Orange, general manager of ths Fire Insuranes Ratest." ' ing Organization of New Jersey. Ths property compriies 1.90 acrei and ii part of 'What is your main interest?" the former J. Horace Harding estate. The houis hat ten roomi and four bathsasked Mr. Metropolis. v "Oh, I'd say it probably was Mr. Buclcbe* was. president of First National Bank of Harrison. banking." "How big is your bank?" LAW-BREAKING FANS "Which one? I've got four." THHOUGHOUX 2VEW JBHSEY BALTIMORE (AP)-There's a As he reached for the restaunew status symbol among Narant check and opened a wallet tional Football League, fans of stuffed with $50 bills, Mr. Home the Baltimore Colts: Parking in Town remarked: a forbidden zone near Memorial "You knOw, I envy you.the culStadium. , •.,'•• By JAMES MARLOW called "enlightened self-interest' tural advantages you've gained by living In a place like New York Associated Press News, Analyst by John Foster Dulles when he The fine for the illegal parking is $5.50. But five fans riding in all these years. I'm still a country WASHINGTON (AP)-Isplation- was secretary of state. one car can pay only (1.10 each bumpkin. My wife and I get to ism, long thought deadt may be But the West European's, who and get away about half.an hour take in the shows and concerts resurrected if 6nly as a rallying ^ earlier than patrons who pay 50 military and economic help, have only when we pass through here point for discontent. cents to park on the parking not carried their share of the bureach summer on our way to Eulots. It was U.S. policy for most, o den. , , rope to pick up a few modem American history but disappeared The NATO alliance, supposed to paintings." The two men arose, shook hands after the war when this country be the main bulwark for the Wes began its overseas alliances and against any Russian ground at. and parted. /




Is Isolationism Due For Return in U.S.?

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' ' • ' . - ' . tack, has never been at ,M that is the story, dear reader. a i d . , • • Neither was unselfish. While the strength. Now comes the puzzle: Can you guess which of these United States, wanted to • stop The West Europeans, particutwo young men was the one whocommunism it also didn't want, to larly France, never' put enough TRENTON • HACKENSACK came to the big city 30 years ago be left alone in a Communisl men into.it. Europe made'an amazing economic recovery.1 • to make his fortune and enjoy the world. NEW BRUNSWICK • FREEHOLD But the United States has done finer life—me or the other fellow? The 'alliances,and the aid wer< far more than its European allies in giving aid to .backward countries. , Yet, all of them had as much of a stake as' the United; States in wanting to keep those backward places out of communism. Europe felt increasingly safe behind American nuclear power, particularly its European-based missiles which, although intermediate range, could hit Russia. These bases weren't examples of American unselfishness, either. Tfiey were outposts of American defense and; deterrent not only against a Russian attack on Europe but a Russian attack on this country. But now this country is becoming, increasingly confident against Russia because of its intercontinental missiles based at home. That, and one other reason: the development of the American Polaris missile submarine. This deadly weapon, an elusive target under the sea, can hit Russia just as well from offshore as intermediate range missiles on known land bases. Therefore, they give the United States less, need, for missiles in Europe. One example: This country is pulling its missiles out of Now, baaed on research into today's changing needs, Blue Cross Comprehensive, provide up to 365 days Turkey and Italy. New Jersey Blue Cross and Blue Shield offer the of hospitalization coverage per year and when compurchaser of group health care protection a broader bined with basic Blue Shield and any of several This country's' diminishing deselection of programs. "riders" afford even greater flexibility to fit the pendence on European bases for Two new Blue Cross programs, companions to specific needs of any group. . , . its own safety would be enough to start some Isolationist talk here again. . . • It. will probably feed on the growing awareness in this country that, the European allies are not doing their share in their own military defense or sufficiently sharing with this country, the burden of aid to other areas. And the French, who talk big • Up to 120 full benefit days of hospital care per contract year, for members and their but were unable to win two world wars alone and more recently eligible dependents under the age of 65 couldn't even hold Indochina or • Up to 60 days of hospital care, age 65 through 69 . Algeria, are adding to the calls now being made for a re-examin• Up to 30 days of hospital care, age 70 and over ation of American commitments overseas. Discontent with one-sidedness of the allied efforts, militarily and economically, got a stiff send' off over the weekend. At'President Kennedy's request (Expanded) (Expanded Dtductlbla) a group of senators, headed by • Offers, at lower rate, the same ex• Up to 365 days of hospital care, to Mike Mansfield, majority leader • panded coverage ,as "365" except and Montana Democrat, examined age 65 Europe and made a report. for the following deduct! bles payable • Up to 120 days of hospital care, age The warning of an American reto the hospital by the member: 65 and over v turn to isolationism—unless this . $20 per day for the first five days country's European partners are : in hospital . . willing to take on more of the American burden—was sounded in ' $10 per day for the next five days the very last paragraph of the re port. Unless there are corrections, it warned, there may be a "sudden, popular disaffection and dangerous retreat to the Western Hemisphere." Basic Blue Shield, offering benefits for surgical and medical services by physicians, can be-. supplemented by purchase of "riders!' for broadened coverage. Rider B provides up to 365 days per year of medical care visits In the h o s p i t a l . . . Rider C provides for surgery outside by .Michael A. Petti, M.D. the hospital. .and Rider.J Includes the features of the other "riders" plus a wide variety of HOW CAN fOU PREVENT A diagnostic and therapeutic services available in the doctor's office or the hospital out-patient FUNGUS INFECTION BETWEEN YOUR TOES (ATHLETE'S department. . , '



JUNIORS' FAVOR COTTON KNIT 14.98 the trio Cotton knit, in a 3-part assembly for now right into Spring. Appliqued jacket, con trusting b louson and skirt. White with red or royal, 7-15 sizes. Mail and phone orders filUd.

"TRIPLE CHOICE" from New Jersey Blue Cross-Blue Shield

Check these highlights: Blue Cross for Hospital Bills Group Comprehensive

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Blue Shield for Doctor Bills



SPECIAL 6.99 comp. value 14.98 A streak of wool and nylon that stretches, with a lean and flattering look, to the contours of your figure. Stretch pants in all the fashion shades, junior sizes 7 to 15. Sorry, no mail or phone orders.


Phone or write today. A Blue Cross-Blue Shield representative will gladly assist you in working out the program that's best for your group.

BLUE CROSS for Hospital Bills



• for Doctor Bill: Merflcil-SurjIcilPlinofNJWliriiy

Hospital Service Plan of Hew Jirtey ' CAMDEN 130 North Broadway WOodlawn 4-2925


NEWARK 500 Broad Street MArKet 4-2600

TRENTON 28 West State. Street LYric 9-4596




T&mk Kqister Mad Stntt, $ai Ink, N. 1. EmMUM U7I by John & Cttk aad PablldMd by H M Red Bank Register


What is true greatness? Ask me. II ber of examples come to mind, but There is a little house at 32 Shirley St^L r. Mass. It isn't much of a place, no better, no Worse ttian fhomas J. My WuHam F. Stadtord and Arthur Z. Kamla Frank W. Harbour ' axKotl» Editor AMOtllti Ballon HUduuws.KuMtt Kir. other houses in the neighborhood. Behind-the front Member of the Associated Press door, to the left, is a living room. It r u tuotutii Pmi i> utuiu «IOM1T«IJ to tl» m tor r.poeucitioo « ui tai Ueu w m watt \M O i l has furniture and a desk. The desk is , unpip


People—Not Cattle

WASHINGTON - The long anC eoatly struggle against Communist aggression In South Vietnam to verging on a new tad potentially far-reaching phase. President Kennedy is deliber atlng a series of proposals thi would institute drastic changea In combating the steadily creasing number and violence Communist attacks. Under these revised operational methods, U. S. officers would directly command South Vietnamese troops, and the war would be carried actively to the Reds. This would be done mainly trip-hammer raids against vital Communist supply lines in adjoining Laos and North Vietnam. These slashing attacks, deep behind enemy lines, would be commanded by U.S. officers, and carried out by means of numerous V. S. helicopters.

These Bays;

What's Consumer Getting?

Unitarian Film Series

lour Money'* Worth;

How Can We Make Our Economy Grow?

that an economy grows in two basic ways: back to full capacity when it h "underweight" and to new heights of capacity to produce when th e aim is long-run expansion. Today's column coneludes this primer on the key Konomic story of 1963.

tive] to work harder is a way to do this. They will become more efficient if (3) new products processes and work ideas are developed. On this, business' ingenuity is vital and the federal government can help by spurring research. They will become more efficient if (4) they can use improved machinery.

tive and to hit the enemy often

Even in the case of the new toys, however, the and hard where he is most vulingenuity of the manufacturer has been pitched toward nerable — his supply lines. This view is forcefully presentbanishing certain existing forms of expense by means id in a report the brilliant U. S. of bringingthe "do-it-yourself" movement into the play- lommander, who was deputy room. The* kid who can make his own fleet of trucks Aief of staff under tht late amed General George'Patton, and cars out of bits of wood, plastic or metal will not 3U sent the Joint Chiefs of Staff. be in the market for toy replicas of the Buick or the this study, Harkins bluntly Higher business investment in Falcon. Why should a father buy his child a toy steam warns that intensified Comfflumodem planti and equipment is t attacks can be expected. Pubtht key to point 4. Businessmen shovel when he can help the kid make one in 15 min- Ishable highlights of this rewill hike these essential invest utes of enjoyable experiment at what used to be the o n are. ments if they expect to make cocktail hour? "This upward trend of activity

How Can An Underweight Economy Gain Weight? A fundamental way It can gain might ii by Increasing the demand for what its workers produce. Higher government spendprofits on the investments, if they ing can boost demand, for govhave confidence in the economy's irnmenti buy a considerable porstability and "climatt," if they tion of the nation'j output. Higher given incentive! via tax business spending can hike deBand on this High- 6—Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1963 ( S M PORTER, Page 12) d (more ( thi below.) bl

y the Viet Cong and supporting

Maybe Fay Henle had something when she atked fort Vietnamese forces Is due me that question. If businessmen really have some new a combination of several reasons: The relative lull and settlethings for the consumer, let's hear about It Sw AliEN-SCOTT, Page U) I







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Entry Blanks Available in All Mayfair Markets-Winners At Every Store-Clows Sat., Feb. 23,1963


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Axelrod Cottage Cheese . S S ' ' • * . 33« Tulip Fair Franks



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56 Newman Springs Rd. Red Bank, N. J . OPEN SUN.9a. to 6 P «



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8-Wednod«r, Jin. 30, 1963 RED BANK REGISTER

Net earnings for [962 were Carpenter u t i u d termites kznerican C u t Go. 7:20 a.m. li M express. The resr tbvtt of a u y «1M tppetr around your, turn trip, b u m will le»v* the acome, Volume U p - common Hack, compel *> turn, firewood. Termite* a i w t mainFort of Authority $.19 p.m., 8:30 tain a contact with the ground NEW YORK - Net income " t o g i T o f W.JB.«» ot taxi per p.m. (an express) and 3:50 p.m. le American Can Company in to obtain moisture. As more residents move into share In 1961, Strathmore, bus schedule will FREEHOLD-Severa! different Unless the wood is stored on 962 increased 5.1 per cent over The 'Glass Division of Amerim as sales volume rose to a a dirt floor in a.basement the change to accommodate as many types of insects may enter your scord high In the company's 62- can Can Co. plans to build a mancommuters as possible, home in fireplace wood through- termites will soon die, is VasMATAWAN TOWNSHIP — An car history, It was announced ufacturing plant in Matawan out the winter season, says Coun- vary's reassuring word. announcement has been made by To prevent the appearance' of xHay on the basis of preliminary Township, N. J., with constructy Agent M. A. Clark. PTA Units To Hear Rollo Transit Corp., 275 Broadthese uninvited guests in your gures by William C. Stolk, chair, way, Keyport, that, starting Mon- Board Candidates These insects can be a nuisance home it is best not to bring the tan, and Roy J. Sund, presi- tion due to start sometime next month. day, a new bus line will be esbut they are not likely to become firewood'Into the heated room ent. MARLBORO — The Marlboro tablished in the Strathmore Deestablished as damaging pests more than a few days before It and Central School Parent-Teachvelopment. in your home, as a result of is to be used. er Assxiations will sponsor a The bus, starting at Line Rd., candidates session tonight at 8 bringing in fireplace wood, acWho Said You're corner of Bethany Rd. and o'clock in the Marlboro Fire cording to Louis M. Vasvary, extension .entomologist at Rutgers Taxpayers Set School Church St., will run directly to House. ard to to F i r ? . ^ Hard University. the New York Port of Authority Taxes Discussion UAESON OF ROCHESTER Candidates for the local and Bark beetles may emerge from OCEANPORT - The Oceanport Bus Terminal. • 8p.rlCo.ti •• »Slacks «»Sll"rti It will contywe down Line Rd., Freehold Regional Boards ol Ed-smaller pieces of logs. If infested Taxpayers' Association will meet • Robes lk • BJacket! Sises 44 I.:* 46 ucation will be speakers. • NwMters • rajun» turning right on Lloyd Rd. until wood has been in the room for for tomorrow at 8 p.m. in the Portau• lodentew • Coats it reaches Rollo's where it will Mrs. Alfrieda' Loichle, Free- several weeks beetles may ap- peck Community Center. The" • Klnl-Blie Shoei • Sport Shirts •• Bull. continue its usual route to New hold, will be moderator for thepear in rather large numbers subject of the meeting will be BaiBcotts * Work Clothes ueostiTHE SIZE TO FIT XOV WB11AV™ York. Passengers will be picked discussion. and fly about the home. school taxes. up anywhere along this route. Various long-homed/ beetles The session is a postponement FRANK'S BIG & TALL There is no designated bus stops. The International and Canada might appear jn the home and of the regularly scheduled meetMEN'S SHOP. H1J Hwr. 39 The bus schedule is as follows: Cup golf matches in 1963 will be will probably be noticed around ing, of last Thursday which was ; .No. o! 6 T ie d'11' commencing at Line and Bethany held at Saint-Nom-La-Breleche windows, to which they are at'canceled because of. cold weathRds. at 6:10 a.m., 6: SO a.m. and near Paris, France Oct. 24-27. tracted.

Insects Enter In Fire Wood

Strathmore Bus Route Established


O'OONNELL HONORED — Terence H. O'Donnell, extreme right, proprietor of the O'Donnell Travel Agency on Broad St., accepts plaque from George P. Brander, New Jersey district sales manager of Northwest Orient Airlines, citing the agency for "oltstanding sales performance and contribution to the development of U. S. civil aviation." Looking on is Frederick E. Schlosser, manager Steinbach's Department store and president of the Red Bank Community Chamber of Commerce.

Elephant Hunters Need Desire, $63, Skill and Effort By RICHARD F. LONG lions roam the great plains. T< FORT PORTAL, Uganda (AP) the west, across the snow-cappec —Take out a $63 license, add aRuwenzori Mountains, are th< measure of effort and skill, and Congo forests, teeming with bi| you too can be an elephant hunt- game of all sorts. Also nearby er—if you come to the middle Park Albert, the major wild li preserve of the Congo. of Africa. This is the starting point for The animals are protected i many hunters seeking some of the the parks, but much of the fore world's biggest elephants. A fa-and bush country outside of th miliar sight in the streets of Fort parks is set aside as game pre Portal is a Jeep-like Land Rover serves and controlled huntin back from the hunt and carrying areas that give the hunter a wid huge ivory tusks as trophies. „,, choice of game. To the north is Murchison Falls Bill Young of Chicago, an ei Park where elephants, hippos and gineer who helps build school giraffes are seen. To the south and churches for Africans at Un is Queen Elizabeth Park where Holy Cross Fathers Mission more herds of elephants, leopards Fort Portal, also is an avid nun and the fearsome tree-climbing er. He has shot water buck: Uganda kob and topi on variou safaris. Recently he spent part vacation on his first attempt elephants. ' Young took along, a friend whi is an experienced hunter, pli three Africans used as tracker: In a hunting area to the south the Kazinga Channel and in th general area of Lakes Edward and George, they went into a sec tion that has shoulder high brus a typical feeding ground for el phants. The hunters had .375 Magmii rifles, the smallest big garni weapon that can be used in el phant hunting. They spatted more than 50 el phants and several hippos by pond. • "But what we didn't know was that there was an elephant thai was isolated from the herd, an near us, who apparently pickei ENDS TRAINING — Marine up our scent. He started runnin Pvt. John B. Gallagher, son which warned the herd and the; of Mrs. A . J . Gallagher of stampeded away from us," Youni said. • Sycamore La., Rumson, N. J., Later Young and his frienc completed recruit training came to a clearing and spottet Jan. 10 at the Marine Corps their prize—a big bull elepha with big tusks at the other edgi Recruit Depot, Parris Island, of the clearing. S. C. The indoctrination to When Young got the elephar Marine Corps life includes broadside to him, he fired hi first shot, hitting the beast instruction in basic military above a leg, near the heart. law, discipline, physical con The elephant ran off, snorting ditioning and other military Tlie hunters and trackers chasec it about three-quarters of a mi subjects. before it collapsed. During thi time Young fired another sho into the heart and one into thi brain. One tusk weighed 44 pounds, (hi other 42.,This is average in Ea Africa. Some tusks go to 100 pounds each, but these elephan are now rare. Young took the tusks to a di trict commissioner's office when they were registered and stampet with his license number. The ordinary hunting licens costs $21. For elephant you need No. 3 21 another costing $42. Only ma elephants may be shot.

12 tube* %" x 4" »iie, larHtlt1 brushes, bottle* of turpentine and linseed oil, palett*, intfraction booklet, in a colorful cardboard box. HUNTINGDON, Pa. — Karen Suitable for students or at J. Scherer, 21 Sickles,PI., Shrews-

Miss Scherer Student Teaching



Charge Accounts Available


17 Broad St.,

Red Bank

bury, N. J. is one of 24 element tary education seniors af Juni ata College who have been as signed to "student teaching" area grade schools this term. Miss Scherer, daughter of Mi and Mrs. William Scherer, is a: signed to the Smithfield schoo near Huntingdon. . Students have been assigned tc grade schools in Huntingdon, Smithfield Township, Mount Ui ion and Tyrone. No problem finding tenant: when you advertise The Reglste: ,way—Advertisement.





Watch for this striking new FINAST (First NAtional STores) sign... smart as the stores it identifies and soon to be seen throughout the area.

First National Stores




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RINSO BLUE *°»"'« ******.&• MARCAL HANKIES ""*-<«• 3 ^ 2 3 ' KELLOGG'S SPECIAL T H A N * ™ ,o,. Pk ,35c J U ' M I Y POWDER ! « * « • : 52c CREST TOOTHPASTE «° •* «• 66c





Italy and Turkey/The reason Gaulle's dotog. He'd, have prob- Inspectors Inside Russia to do Khrushchev had art approved begiven is n « concession but fan- ably done the opposite If h* felt Uaia proyemeat; that the fc&*<4 'mis- danger from communist* He ha* . t i . t f to tootbt H« suytd my «bO> it w u siles are obsolete and American shut Britain out of the Common on. Polsris missile submarines do Market tai rejected Kennedy's ly «MMJJ>d« this Cowntrys utfer- There U* reports that the better. idea of a NATO nuclear force, (X pouwi W#*\JBot »ny IUI* agree- Russians, having yanked their States He apparently envisions a Europe meat' eoujdooly make Red China missiles out of Cuba, a n now American air cover had been Since the war the United By JAMES MARLOW i in in which France alone has mi. even mWder i t Russia. The Chi-breaking their aeckf building up ; planned a n e d or promised pro for the has spent close to $100 billion in AiHcUltd Press News Analyst p an- clear weapons and dominates Its are trying to build their , m n Cuba as a military base second foreign aid, in one form or WASHINGTON (AP), - Things American-backed Some neighbors. nuclear force and want to test. in this hemisphere only to the got twisted in tills .first month of <* the rebel leaders have dis- other, to help other countries im1963. What looked dead got res: agreed on whether U.S. air cover prove economically, which means Biggest twist of all was seeing An . American-Russian agree- United States. Kennedy minimises less unemployment for them. But photographs of those ancient ene- ment can't bind the Chinese. Andthiiis. But Congress li Investigaturrected, what teemed safe be- was promised. Republicans dethis country still has high unem- mies, France and West Germany, If the Chinese—and the French- ing. M1 dangerous, vtMigc*uua, and turn what wnttl could cumu *mand **«* an •*" investigation. uivwugpuww Now," at ployment, 5.5 per cent of the don't agree, the American Con- It's been an upside down month st embracing in the persons of De been a concession became ^ » ^ere * W be one. labor force. . gress can hardly accept a simple 1 *&t a policy decision. Gaulle and West German Chan- agreement with Russia. Adlai Stevenson took part in To reduce that and boost the That' whole-unpleasant epfsode President -Kennedy's Security cellor Adenauer. This won't last 'POOR DAD' ON ROAD And Khrushchev did tome very —the disastrous invasion o{ Cuba Council session on how to get economy Kennedy,now proposes Iong , and business more Adenauer might be willing to unpleasant twisting within the NEW YORK (AP) - Jo Van by' rebels in 1961—was swept Russian ^missiles out of Cuba. A 8l vl "8 people ~

Upside Down Month

Wednesday, Itn. 3 0 , 1 9 6 3 - 9

National, World Issues in Turmoil


under Hie rug' when President subsequent Saturday Evening money to spend by cutting taxes play second fiddle to France. The world of communism. Kennedy took full blame. It faded Post article, quoted an unnamed at a time when ,ae says the cut other Europeans are not. And it's The Chinese had been on his w e n more when he forced the official ,as calling • Stevenson a will put the country deeper In theunimaginable that the other West back for years. At a giant Com' • • ..'.,. Russians to pull their missiles out Mimicher for suggesting a swap: red. Germans around Adenauer will munist meeting in East Berlin he -j /*•>!»«. l _ i n A n Lt^^t. i L ! _ —.^ .j ._ __'.___ *_ _. _ of (Cuba in 1962, that this country agree to r«nove ,For „ . years the Western worlds be content to let France be king. seemed to be saying: let's settle rlow. in what looks (ike a politi- its missile bases from Turkey'and while building its own unity and The United States and Russia this In a nice way. -'"-cal boner, Atty, Gen. Robert F. Italy; if Russia; removed its mis- alliances—hoped for a split in the are still in their slow waltz on But when the. Chinese represenKennedy has: brought to life what siles from Cuba; Communist world. Now, just as efforts to reach an agreement to tative got up to talk, the other might have stayed dead for years. Russia took its: missiles home the split begins, the Western alli- end nuclear tests. Russia, says delegates drowned him .in a huIn two interviews he volun- Now, •; three months later, this ance begins to split. it's willing—It said the same be- mlliatlng flood of boos. teeVed: the; Information that no country pulls its bases out i>f This is French President de fore but backed off—to let foreign It could not have happened If L

Fleet 1* heading the road company o* "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You In the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad." Her replacement in the.New York troupe Is Hennione Gingold. The long-run success o( Arthur Kopit's comedy has made It necessary to rent a second playhouse so that several other plays can be staged this season.

Watch for this striking new FINAST (First NAtional STores) sign... smart as the stores it identifies and soon to be seen throughout the area.

first National

MEMORIAL GIFT to the Home for the Chronic Sick, Long Branch, it received by Dr. Joseph Fox, administrator. The wheelchair, gift of the Jacob Abraham Link of the Order of the Golden Chain, waj presented Sunday by Mr*. Moe Robert Bail of Red Bank in memory of her husband, who served as worthy patron of the link from May, 1962, until his death in September, 1962. Mrs. Bail continues to serve as worthy matron.


Very Best Value* in Vkry 00tt

TODAY THRU SAT., KB. 2nd prlcn •ffetlvt «t oil N«w J.nty, r«orl th*r ( MlddUMwn and Haw City itorw. W« m m A t right t» llmll till Non« lold for malt. .




USDA , „ . Choice Beef

50 S&H Green Stamps with purehast of »ix 1 pin) 12 fluid oz. botlUi



Porterhouse C USDA ,b. Choice Beef


Seeks Funds For Austin

50 S&H Green Stamps with purcUia of lib. COFFEE

Kybo, Richmond or Copley . LIMIT 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER









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When you buy a steak, it's to enjoy. Sizzling, fragrant, promising tender. Juicy, fine flavored meat. We promise you that's what you always get when you choose a First National Steak!







Colgate Dental Cream .IUAIT 1 (XH

25 S&H GreenStamps with purchii* of 1 Ib. Hoi or S W M I

Eatwell Italian Sausage



illMlllllt GOOD THRU SATURDAY, FEI. EXTRA 4.V/. GREEN STAMPS with purchait of hoH gcllon






with purchoii of o 12 or.

"> 29< * 35c


Approve Tumulty ForPost

TRENTON (AP) - City Clerk James A. Tumulty Jr. of Jersey City was confirmed as Hudson County prosecutor by (he New, Jersey Senate Monday. Tumulty succeeds Lawrence A. Whlpple, who became a Superior Court.judge Jan. 2. Both Tumulty and Whipple ere Democrats. Tumulty's, new post carries a $17,000-a-year salary. Senate confirmation, of other nominations sent In previously included: Former assemblyman Thomas C. Swick of Fhillipsburg to a new term on the state Parole Board. Joel R. Jacobson, executive Rupert B. Low* vice president of the.state AFLSHERMAN, Tex. - Rupert B. CIO, to a hew term on the RutLow e of Locust, N. J., former gers University: board of govern* vice president ot Union Carbide o r s . ,' . : . . . - • „ • ; : • „ • • • • . • \ f . ; Corp., has been appointed one of New nominations to the Senate V£ 10 regional vice' chairman In the included:'alumni portion of the Austin Col' D. Lane Powers of Trenton to a new term on the state Public lege Twelfth Decade Fund pro- Utility Commission, a $17,000-agram. year post. James E. Teel of Dallas, Tex., Board of Examiners of Elecpresident of the Austin College trical Contractors (a new agenAJunuil Association, announced cy)—William Ackerman of PaterLowe's appointment Friday as a son, Edward Hasse Sr. of Engleresult of a recent meeting In wood, Edward R. MacDowell of Sherman when plans were made Camden, Francis Morgan of Arfor the alumni participation In lington, Joseph J. Tomasulo of the fund program. National Cranford. chairman ot toe alumni fund pro- John Apel of Haddon Township gram is McKee D. Yant, also and the Rev. D.C. Price ot West of Dallas. Paterson to new terms on the The Twelfth Decade Fund is Home I m p r o v e m e n t Advisa part of the projected program ory Board. Judge Kenneth R. Smith of of the Institution's next 10 years, unveiled by the college's board Freehold to a new term as magisof trustees In December.lt is a trate of the Allentown and Upper financial plan designed to meet Freehold Municipal Court. the needs of the college through George B. Bruni of Ventno'r to 1970 including a $7.5 million succeed Max Malamut of Atlantic building and academic program City on the Mosquito Control Comscheduled for completion by MM. mission.

wllhpurdKiit»<1 lb.ltof



lima Beans BIRDS EYE—F0RDH00K

Cut Corn


4 6

Fresh Carrots

10 oz5- 1 Pkgs. I 10 oz


Meat Pies Finast


Horn& Musket Tavern



Apple Pie 39c FINAST 11b. 4 oz. size







12oz.fluid Q ] C

1 Ib., 8 o*. pkg.

3 Ibi., 1 oz. plcg.


te OFF U I E l i




25 foot roll




SILVERDUST1lb 'p£35c 2lb ^








For convivial Quaffery as well as epienrean Cookery, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen are frequenting the new H O R N A N D MUSKET TAVERN at the Molly Pitcher Inn. Here Victuals are preparM to empassion even the most, jaded Palate. And for ye who wish your Portions as Potions, choice •Wines, Brews, Liquors and Concoctions are plentifully and pridefully poured from 10 A . M . 'till 2 A . M . W e are open to serve you food from 7 A.M."'till 1 A . M . l e t vi Welcome YOU to our jocund Circle of Friends and Pttroni.

10-mdnesaay, Jan, 30,1963


Everything in Doubles

**«**<&* 4*uWpl« sclerosis victim-who one between 20 and 30 «nd onelin a irteeJ chair Ugn • • Working, together, the Uv« servicei. ' - - • I't been out of the bouse in • « 4 t t r - - « . ' V : • . - . • . '•••'• four-month report. "One nun "It On The Road Ijnoafh* is piannlng to attend JERSE5T CITY (AP)-Wien receptionist at Colgate-Palmrefer patient* when Hie dablUty "Many ot the patients have actually suffered from having an is Brstdtagnosed, that referrals , dance. does four equal eight? When olive Co. "getting everyone to 1 1 oveMOllcltDui wife, who watted woman who was bedridden Ptyoic* capabilities of which It involve* two brides and two decide what to wear and in on him hand h n d ..and . i n foot after .he from hospitals can be m»d» begrooms who will double a t for fittings was quite a prob|br yean' after a stroke now | they are not aware," Mtti.Wln-lon had a ttroke. few - fore the patient is dbefaarged o n a E . DaiwIS,ewcutiw direc"^" • * * •A •— • ' simple —"• « —: maids of honor and best men. lem." milks, out on the porchanc tor ••"> red letter day, when he w u able, how to go up aid down toe stata.'[the pwgram," Nicholas and Roy Lamendola minor compromise settled that to spend his final years in a a practice the had abandomfed The physical therapy services by himself, to brush his hair." brothers Saturday—respective- problem-different skirt styles. wheel chair wasn't even aware have been provided for patients explained that the months ago. She may not do the ••We wanted to look Similar ly. that he could walk until he tried ., Miss Darrah twbt at the neighborhood dance, living in Allenhurit, Belmir, l ; P ^ 4 c a J . : | ^ * ! t • jnstrwts/.the BrleUe, Eatontown, Engllftown, "We have been able to split but not identical," said Carol patient and the nurses jn restora- but she'll soon be out'of the some of the chores" said Carol who will serve as her sister's These are.but'a few .of the tive jiroce*irei.' He works nader bouj« — a novel experience for FarmlBgdale, Freehold. lfclOMfel, maid of honor aad vice vena. a 20-year-old stenographer at and enjoying a sociable Howell TowB»ap, moOmg, "success" itQriti resultiog from t&,dlfti&orot*^m&caTdbctpr: liter-'— BeH Telephone "and weThe fiances will serve as the U n i t , - ' '"••" ;-:- V " .'••''' ; '' ' Uttle Silver, MaoMquan, Mjd4|ethA new physical therapy, proAfter a regime i s estabBihed, other's best man. thought we would save money, gram conducted by Moamouth town, Neptune Cl^, Keptunt the nurse visits the patient to Aa amputee had the mUWrtune1 Another crisis faced the but we haven't." County Organization for Socla give encouragement, chick on e l gtctlng crntcbea that were too TwmsMp, Sisk Gttt, Shrewsbury couples when they selected Service during the past foui "We each have separate par- furniture (or their new homes. progress, as' well as to render long. A saw and some tetaobstn Townihip, Spring' Lake Heights, months under a grant from thi ties-there will be 20 altogether other nursing service needed. crutch walking and he's mobile Upper Freehold Twrohip.' '. "We went to different stores Community Health Services Act. counting the bridal couples," Members of the family are also again, looking forward to the d«y Forty-nine patients from added. sister Marilyn, 24, a on different days" Marilyn instructed, so that the therapy, when he can get an^artlHclal explained "and when we communicipalities have been visited can be a daily routine. •'., ' I e g j ' : . - . ; • • - , • ' . . • • . ' • • • • : • • • • . , • pared notes we found we'd and evaluated by the physical Most-dramatic of the experi- "The program," Miss Darrth Dieted the same couch, coffee therapy consultant, Daniel Crisci ences in the program was the believes, "has added an extra table and chairs—so I changed of Long Branch, who joined the reaction of a wheel chair victim. dimension to our public health the color of my couch." MCOSS staff on a part-time basi Mr. Crisci, having checked medi- trartlng service. Our nurses have The quartet w e n selected last September. Working with cal reports and knowing the po-always encouraged disabled; psUNION BEACH-Mr. and Mrs. similar vacation spots for their physicians and hospital clinics, tential of the paUent, simply tienti and » e cornerstoBe of our Roy Parker, S56 Ocean Ave., an- honeymoons which will follow Mr. Crisci and the MCOSS publii said, "Get Up-and walk." That'i program is helping people help I ^ D B A N K - T h e Maryniount nounce the engagement of their afternoon ceremonies in Mt. health nurses have evaluated exactly what the man did. ' themselves. WHh the addition of College Alumnae AstodaSon will daughter. Miss Cheryl Ann Park- Carmel church and an eve physical capabilities, mental at- The multiple sclerosis .victim, p h y j ^ l therapy conwltato), we er, to Richard John Kelly, son of ning reception at TTiomm's titude and the actual physical a woman in,'h*r W*, settled back cM'taY»"mi»Yst»p;fnrther and ani steak supper &ndty, Feb. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kelly, 33 Tavern. setup of each home in an effort 17,at5p.m.inOMtrnkmHou»«. Thome PL, West Keaosburg. Roy 25 an insurance underto detennins ways in which each Wbarf Aye. •. -'..-.'uX "<" Miss Parker attended Keyport writer for John Hancock! patient might overcome the de-, :|Jri.rRi*ert E . Gorja&TRnmHigh School and is employed by take Marilyn to Miami' while WUtating effects of physical son, chapter presioent, and Mrs. Lily-Tulip Corporation, Holmdel. his brother, 22, and Carol handicaps. I Thomu A. Lee, Jr., Fair Haven, Mr. Kelly also attended Key- fly on to Nassau. ; will serve ai chairmen. According to a report compiled port High School, and is em- "We'll be' close," Marilyn Cbrnmittee , chairmen include recently, the largest number of ployed by G. W. Lumber Com- said, "but we'll be Just far NEW MONMOOTH— The mar- bouffant veils, and •they carried patients served were stroke Sfi*. Herbert'S. Thornton, Rumpany, Rt. 36, West Keansburg. enough away." riage of Miss Diane Barbara bouquets of yellow r o s e s and victims,, 17 in all. Nine injured soo, special projects; Mrs. X Railton, daughter of Mr. and [O'Neill Puffy, Rurnwc, refreihpersons are included in the prostephanotls. Mrs. Richard F. Noll;.22 West Kenneth Fry, Long Island, was gram, which also serves six with fflenb; Mrs. Frank J. Clifford Wilson Cir., Middletown, and the best man. Ushers were; George multiple sclerosis, six arthritics, ano Mrs. William tfleary, inDONT JUST FURNISH late Robert J. Railton, to Robert Mancusi and Michael Russo, both t h r e e Parkinson's disease vit«Uons,and M r s . Andrew J . YOUR H O M E . . . Nicholas Renta, was solemnized Broder, publicity, aH of Runuon. of New Rochelle, and R o b e r t patients, two with cancer anc two amputees. Other disabilities Proceeds will, go the the boil* at a Nuptial Mass here in StJRaHton, Middletown, brother of DECORATE IT! include artherioscleric heart disM W - Catholic n.«-ii~ m....v 'the bride. ib^t ftuid of Marymount Ctdtogeg Mary's Church. ease, paraplegia, muscular dysStop in for a free consultParents of the bridegroom are ation. You'll find it win Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Renta of The bride attended MiddJetotvn trophy aad polio) Although molt Township High; School and' islof the patients were more than make a wonderful world of New Rochelle, N. Y. {• years of age, difference in your decorg , there were two Rev. Robert T. Bulman offid; employed as a secretary with the 50 y Broadcasting-Pa r a- a, ttheir h i 40 t l their t h i 30s 30 and d . atfagl 40s, two la ated at the double ring cere- American mount Theatres, Inc., New York FURNirat* mony Jan. 12 and was celebrant City, Ml Broad S t , Red Bank, N. J. SH 7 4 * t of the Mass. Organist was Mrs. 1 111 Patrick McCall. A reception for The' bridegroom is a graduate 100 guests was held in Buck of New Rochelle High School. He electrician with Smith's Restaurant, East Keans- is an apprentice pp SHREWSBURY - The Sisterburg. the A.C.' Electric Company, hood of Mbnmouth R e f o r m Yonkers, N Y. The bride was given hi mar-| Temple will present the third and riageby her uncle, Harry A. The couple now reside in larch-, final fflnrrf this season'* &aday Walsh of Newark. ~ She wore a moat, N. Y; Kite Him Festival Feb. 3. long-sleeved gown of peau de Tfce film will b e "Julius sole fashioned with a bateau I Caesar" by William Shikeipeare. neckline on the fitted bodice apIt will be.shown at J p.m. ia pliqued with re-embroidered Men? Oia auditorium of Ute Shrewscon lace. The lace motif was' rebury Presbyterian Church house peated on the bell-shaped skirt on sycamore Ave. Coffee will be which terminated in a chapel served. " • ' . ' . : . ' . Nor DisconqrTMttd Br NmM aa TataMlni Abo Bdims sweep from a flat bow back. Her1, Ia addition to the evening perftraUiBftP»M« Pwtrnu*, DUsy Spelk, Pain lai Us MMIUBMS, bouffant veil was held in place] Mrs. Frauds S. Donahue formance, there wilT be a special by a crown of orange blossoms, K T A K U l N l I student filming a t 1:30 p.m. TODAY and she carried a crescent boil' Mnr Y«k H. Y. (*»«M-Doctor, SMORGASBORD AND ANA ihort "How to Take a Vaquet of white roses, and stephana t o va stMdaMato*oo»n'i «B- ful B M irate an! m promptlj TIQUE SHOW, Ayeiet Chapter cation" with Robert Benchley, otis. . ' •HrainaU. th» bliwtinf wdffat It will be shown as aa accompanyof Bnai Brith Women, 7:30 p.m., wbVrti hadicb*, crunj* u d u Miss Linda Tolea of Hackee-] compuiym«wrTooit«Mion.irtt»Ing feature. Pbet's Inn, Freneau. sack was maid of honor. Mltjr; dawMrioo, u d dtay • m b atemncdttloa f Servmg on the committee with bom t to 7 lbt. TH* euavtndr both Wore u d dutef psiodjLarry Grieger, Wanamatsa; John' Other attendants were M i s s WED BANK - St. Anthony's Mrs. Jack Futerfis, general TOMORROW to mil u d mute tn • in a- way so ptia relief* a i m Pace, UtH« Stiver, and Cranston] Ann Marie Vento and Mrs.' Michairman, are Mrs. Raymond FOOD AND RUMMAGE'.8M& M ? - 9 s "for * ;the ? "rnarriage trf|van Bloem, Orange. aitlrouL chael Russo, both of New Ro-4 here" Sunday PfclDhW, in charge of the stooent lpirffnm Tr«nd.r t»bl«U i u m b**n Circles A, B and C of the Red chelle N.Y., and Miss Carol Parthoroughly titttd by lwtdndv of It tin MUM bmit Bank Methofliit Church, 10 a.m.M i s s Mildred Virginia Pace, The bride is a graduate of Redperformtnce; iMrs. Robert Sholsells' tif Long Island, N.Y. they Rtsbtcnd Niine* on tkmtetim. ' SMMMCM^ OBptVHUCl, 'WTTOQI tCOto 4 p.m., hi the church, Broad daughter of Mr. and Mrs. _Jo-|Bank: Cttholic High School and] man, publicity; Mrs. Seymour were identically gowned in gold Proven mlt and effective when •fan tnd diny tpeUi. seph F. Pace, 407 Rumson Rd., U attending Red Bank Business Groiber, ticket chairman; Mrs. St. '•rocade designed with three-quar' Bat now idaooe b u dmloped taken «J dfracted. Nowobtaimbk Frank Smith, cashier, and Mrs. SMORGASBORD LUNCHEON, Little Silver, to Francis Stephen Institute. f medical telp-a n*w without prescription at any drof ter sleeves and belt-shaped floor " Tnodn*. Itondu i oenntar. Buy Tnnlir tt oocel Guild of St. Clements Episcopal Donahue, son of Mrs. Grace Don- The bridegroom, a graduate of Richard Pinsley, hostess. length skirts. Their1 headpieces ahue,' 124 Belshaw Ave., Shrews- Rumson-Fair H a v e n Regional Church, Belford, 11 a.m, to I were clusters of gold beads with High School, Is attending Ratgers1 bury Township. p.m., in tbe church. University. He is employed by Msgr. Salvatore DiLorenzo ofDESSERT-BRIDGE Rosary-Altar Society of St. Leo the Great ficiated. Mrs. John Famulary waslpadfic Finance Company, As-! organist A reception followed in|bury Park. / Catholic Church, 8 p.m., Our Lady of Fatuna Hall, Uncroft The Cobblestones, Middletown. The couple will make their] "BLITHE 'SPIRIT," Neptune Music for dancing was furnished! home at 4*8 Broadway, Long Miss Uman M. Webstela Brand), on their return from a Com-iunlty Theater, 8:40 p.m. by Three Tunes and A Vibe. WIDDLETOWN- Mr. and Mrs.Snn Mote! Auditorium, R t 33, Mr. Pace gave his daughterlNew York wedding trip, RED BANK—Installation cerein marriage. She wore a gown Henry Welnstein, 15 Stateslr Pi., Neptune. moniM of the Executive Council' of hnported peau de sole. The announce the engagement of of Ladles' Auxiliaries of the Red fitted bodice was designed with their daughter, Miss L i 11 I a n Bank Fire Department took place at the coondl'i annual dinner Margaret Weinstein, to Seaman| IRVENGTON - Miss Carol long sleeves and scoop neckline Monday hi the Relief Engine Bruce Layne Bennett, U.S.r Navy, Fleck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.with a design of re-embroidered Company Fire House. son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Arthur Fleck, Arlington Ave.,Alencon .lace. A garland of lace Bennett, 818 Sycamore Ave., Union Beach, was guest of honor was repeated on the bell-shaped MIDDLETOWN — A program Past presidents Mrs. Charles at a 16th birthday party given skirt fashioned, with a detach- entitled "People" w»s, presented Knoll and' Mrs. Charles Julian New Shrewsbury. able chapel train from a French by Mrs. Frank Friscia at.a aeet- installed'Mrs, Jack Loversidge, The - bride-elect, a .graduate - of here by her parents in Henry's, pleated back. Ing Monday night' Of Beta Chi president; Mrs.' Chester Beaman, Middletown T o w n s h i p ; High Guests were Mrs. Elizabeth Butterfly Veil vice-president; Mrs. William.Carid Mr. and Mrs. George chapter of. Beta Siena PW. School,, is a Burns,. Newark; Miss Madalinel Her butterfly veil was held in The meeting took place in thelone, treasurer, and Mrs. Vinlands,. Inc., -Oakhu'rst. Fleck, John Fleck and Miss place by a coronet of pearls and home of Mrs. Rex Shanley.. < cent Sacco, secretary. Ssaman Bennett-attended-Red Marie Heck, Bloomfield; Mrs, sequins and she carried a mother- Acker Dr. v . ,.'' '. :•. 1 •• Mrs.' Sacco • i s , retiring presU Bank High-School. He is stationed Joseph Fleck and children, Ken< of-pearl missal with a cascade dent.' • aboard the U.5.S. Steinater at Mrs. Charles Joyce, 121 White neth and Judy, Roselle, aad Mav,bouquet of gardenias and chrysCommittees appointed by Mrs. Norfolk, Va. St, Shrewsbury, and Mrs. John anthemums. Doris and Tommy Fleck. Loversidge are Mi* Frank Calandrielk), welfare; Mrs, W. AI< Miss Lucy M. Pace, at home, Hockman, S Reed's R d , New Shrewsbury, were welcomed as The world's first blood, bank j Greeting cards came from Eng- was maid pi honor for her sister. bert Doremus, publicity; Mr*. transfer members.' Martinez abd Mrs. was established in Chicago, in land. The first were designed in Bridesmaids were Missses Aruie -Porter, Uncroft, and Alexandra Members of a new committee Thomas Hemschoof, auditing, «hd 1937 by Dr. Bernard Fantus. , the IMOs. Damen,, tittle Silver. The honor|to to make m k e plans p for a newJjuniorl Mrs. Joseph Maaa and Mrs. 1 attendant's floor-length gown was chsptM are Mrs. Milton Brown, Dorninkk Oemente, telephone; of peacock blue silk brocade and Mrs. Emmett Cherme, Mrs. Fris- Mrs. Richard Newell, Mrs. Rita the bridesmaids, in.gold brocade. da, Mrs. Walter Cuje and Mrs.Haley Douglas and Mrs. Julian, nominating. .. ' Their crown headpieces matched Peyton Wheeler. their gowns. The honor attendant Mrs. Albert Pallago, Wans- The First Aid Ajmiliary ancarried a colonial bouquet of blue massa, is in charge of forming nounced a social will be held and white chrysanthemums and a. new chapter tor the Asbttry March 18 In the First Aid building. the bridesmaids' bouquets were Park area. of gold and white chrysanthe- Mrs. Robert Mclaughlin, and Members of the Relief AuxilMrs. William Graff' were' ap- iary werehostesses at the social which ; followed f l l d h . meeting, i the Flower Girl pointed to the bylaws committee. FINE HOME FURNISHINGS and BROADLOOM Those attendingFlower girl Ellen Cumiskey, g included new Trie group will meet again Feb. niece of the bridegroom, wore a past presidents 11 at 8:15 pjn. in the home of members,' Rt. 35 Circle, Eatontown—Liberty 2-1010 members welcomed during [rock to match that of the maid b l d d i Mrs. E W of honor. ' son Ave., Red Bank. Ringbearer was Joseph; Pace, brother of the bride. . Richard Young, Fair Haven, blend of Christian, pagai was best man. Ushers were war seasonal and national tradition)

Marymount Alumnae Plan P^ty

Cheryl Parker, Richard Kelly


Diane Railton Married

Sisterhood Tf;;;::|resi^nt':;

Rnit Rim

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How Women Can Lose 2 to7 Lbs. of Bloating "Water-Weighf That Causes Pre-Henstraal Miseries



jWeds Francis Donahue

Mildred Pace Is Bride

Auxiliaries Hold Annual Ceremony

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Concert toilnitiate School Music Fund

Sounds of Music

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-' 4 thrte ballets and aa over tlmt at this benefit performance, bert and Sullivan operetta "Piura written with a "Motart fla- Mr. Drummond, who works in rates of Peniance" to be preIrtt step toward, * • chemical research for Jnternation sented May 3 and 4 jn the Asvor." raant of a Music Advance; BY M O U HRUSKA Reed do "Yellow Bird," — Ken Fund here In the school is being Mr. Grant lives; in Atlantic al Flavors and Fragrances, Union bury Park Methodise Church. did that arrangement especially The moat exciting music I have taken by. tb* Parent-Teacher As- Highland* with his brother Wil- Beach, studied voice with Anni They also will sing in the "St. < ever heard originated on a farm for them. liam who was his manager in Blenckitone in East Orange. His Matthew Passion" by Bach to sociation. right h e n in Monmouth C A concert to benefit the fund concert days, and spends much wife was a voice student of May be presented by tht same church ty. K has been recorded and The still honeymooning D.Winand Jnitlata a series of cultural of hit time composing and giving Stone in New York where she al- during Lent, under the direction of Mrs. Thelma Mount Ralneir . released by Verve-Esquire it) i throp Mays of Avenue of Two progttmi will be held March I piano lessons to local children. so attended the High School of organist and choir director. series of' four records titled Rivers, Rumson, (she is the format 8 p.M. In the school. Featured Mr. and Mrs. Drummond, both Music and Art, She is the former "Eowds ol Spain" "Sounds of er Muriel Howlahd) leave next will, be Allan Grant, composer soloists for the First Methodllt Chanda Hytander of East Orange. Parents of five children, with 11 Paris; "Sounds of Hawaii," and Thursday for an 11-week tour of They are currently in rehears- two In the school hem (fourth and pianist who once played with Church Of Atbury Park, will be the Orient. "Sounds o( Italy." al for a presentation ot the Gil- grade and kindergarten), Mr. and Fritt KrtUler and WaRer Dun- appearing as a duo for the tint Mrs. Drummond find their singKepyon Hopkins of Blackbone rotch. ing engagements keep them eat Hill farm Clarksburg, composed; Paul Smith el Atlantic HighVocalists also appearing on the tremely busy. compiled and arranged "the lands and his daughter, Kathy, program will be Mr. and Mrs. music. JCen is principally in- and the Samuel SteUe Smith* of "I'm- over my head," Mrs. Ifatthew Drummond, 33 Third volved in. composing and ar- MopmouU) Stqfb attended a Drummond said, "making eveAve. ranging' music for, the sound special private performance of ning gowns and parasols." Mr< Grant, a child prodigy and tracks of films. Among the more a segment of the Victor Bqrge C O N G I U T U & T I O N S ara in order for Mrs. W i l t a r In fact, Mrs. Drummond does notable were "Baby Doll," The TV spectacular at the Brtofa Smale of Holmdel, cantor, nawly-alacted lacond vie* former itud«at of Paderewtkl, all her own sewing, including Strange One," — "12 Angry Atkinson Theatre In New York president of the Woman's Democratic Club of Mon- fcu composed more, than 100 tongs and hat appeared in con- Mrs. Robert Rota was elected Other donations included $3 draperies, slipcovers and chilMen,"— "The Fugitive Kind," Saturday./ otrto from coast to ooatt for the president of the Hook and Udder to Deborah Hospital in Brown, dren's clothes. —"W«d Wver/' — "Wild in Sid Smith, another of the mouth County. Mrs. George Ruch, Sr., left, re-elected the dnratry" — and "Ths Hus- celebrated Smith brotben, Is financial secretary, looks on as Mrs. Rocco Bonforte, past SO year* In 1M1 he wrote Fire Auxiliary, Keyport, at a Mills the department president's Mrs. Milton J. Clark, IS North Ave., is chairman of the concert recent meeting in the. fire house. Special project. tler." ; producer and director of the club president, extends a Welcoming hand. The group 'Pint Piano Concerto" and premiered two years later at th» Other new officers are Mrs, The auxiliary initiated five new committee tor the PTA. There show starring Victor Borge And if you've heard Pair InMrlaken Music Festival In Harry Aumack, first vice presi member*, Mrs. Andrew Bllar- will be a reserved section for met Saturday in the Red Bank Woman's Club. Haven1! Grace Lang add Jean and Marcel Marceau, the Michigan with the accompani- dent; Mrs. Charles Kitzmen, ' explained party Uiere Sunday night cele- school and occasionally out, if March here In Nativity Catholic rate. According to the Gas Apthe federation's creative projects brating their 20th wedding an- given permission — and let Church. Other Catholic alumnae pliance Manufacturers Associatb be exhibited at the spring con- niversary. time determine how permanent will serve Ralph' groups nave been Invited to par- tion, a gas heater with a oneference. All department members They your relationship will be. No hour recovery rate can supply ticipate in the Lenten event. will exhibit oils and water colors. famous Boston Fish House 13-year-olds should go steady! Stroganoff. Mrs. Robert Boyle and MM two tanksful of hot water in one . Mrs. Chase gave the group in- Punch and Beef Adam John R. Qulnn, both of Rumson hour — one available at the bestruction on two- point perspec- That punch is a potent concoction of Napoleon brandy, chamSPRING LAKE — The New have been named chairmen of ginning of the draw-off, the other tive as an art media. DEAR ADAM: pagne, rum and fresh limes. Jersey Shore Chapter of the the annual spring dinner-dance heated during the hour. Thus, V H ear. convinl.nt LAY-A-WAY . Mrs.. Edson' Conger and Mrs. My brother burps at the table Trinity College Alumnae Associa- and fund-raising activity to bene- a 30-gallon tank with a one-hour (Don't say I didn't warn you! Merton Morse were introduced as 23 W . Front St. . Red Bank for no reason at all. He is very tion will receive corporate Com- fit the College Chapel Fund. recovery rate will actually supply new department members. Roucti 9:80 U> S:S0. W«d and ftl. till 8:00—-EnyCtnrg» Seen at Hialeah Racing Park naughty when mama is away and munion during the noon Mass Mrs. Herman Heide, Tulip Tree 60 gallons of hot water in one in Florida this past week were " have to watch him. He Is 10 March-3 here In St. Catharine's La., Rumson, recently was host- hour. Edward Brennan, Oceanport ears old.and doesn't act right. Catholic Church. A breakfast will ess to the club. Joseph Ruffalo and Henry We always say a blessing but follow. (Moose) VerteUi, Colts Neck when mama isn't here he acts Mrs. Richard Ehret, Se a Girt, SCHEDULE TO FIT Inn; John Fieramosca, Walter like a nut. What can I do? I and Mrs. Thomas P. Burrus, hope you can help me. Have you ever timed yourself Tramodean and the Tom Geolys Spring Lake, were named chair MlBbLETOWN — Mrs. RayHelpless men of arrangements at last on' the various cleaning jobs mond J. O'Neill, Jr., was re- Colts Neck Township; the Nor, • . > week's luncheon in the L a m p - around the house? Home econom elected for a second term as man Bates, Holmdel; Kenneth Dear Helpless: ists suggest that you find out Your brother acts just like lighter Restaurant president of the Middletown Lennox, Elberon; Amory L. which jobs can be done in five, Township5; Women's Democratic Hnskell, Middletown; and Pug a 10-year-oldl Since you're his The group will join with the 10, IS and 20 minutes. ~ While Moore of Wolf Hill, New York. big sister, perhaps you can be t Club' at-a meeting of the club Manhattanville College Alumnae you wait for something to cook last week in the Paradise Grill. Palm Beach and Paris With real "big" and learn to put up in sponsoring a Day of Recollecwith him and even play with tion In March In Nativity Catho- or a washing cyole to finish in Also re-elected were Mrs. John Elizabeth Arden Graham. the laundry, you could tackle a him when you have time. Flanagan; vice president; Mrs. lic Churchy Fair Haven. five or 10-minute job. Plan to TO HEAD COMMITTEE Adam 'Frederick : -Koenig, secretary; A cocktail-clambake is slated clean the bathroom when you Many little brothers do 'Mrs. John E, Grodeska, treasur- UNION. BEACH-Mrs. Robert for July 3 to include all Trinity have 20 minutes to spare. Save er; Mrs. James Loftus, sergeant- Klne has been named chairman naughty thing to annoy their alumnae and guests. Arrangesewing or Ironing jobs for a time of the Founder's Day committee sisters and thus get attention. • at^arms.. Mrs. Earl Moody ments are under committee when you can listen to a favorite of the Union Beach PTA. She If you give him attention volstalled, the officers,. : . study. radio program. ' Gomrnittee chairmen appointed will be assisted by Mrs. Joseph untarily, you may soon have a , were }Mrs. Willfam Bafcach, ways Kolodzle] and Mm. Raymond very good little brother. , and ineans; Mrs. Joseph Toma- Hahn. Eve t o , welfare; Mrs. Raymond J. A film on New Jersey was C N o l l l , St., sunshine; Mrs.'Vin- shown at a recent meeting In DEAR ADAM AND EVE:.' cent J. Jennings, program; and Memorial School. An appeal was I never miss reading your col Save $6.99 or $9.99 on every sale pair of French Room Originals. Mrs. John J. Smith/publicity. made for volunteers to serve on uran and think your; advice won the PTA library committee and derful. I feel so sorry for women Plans were discussed for a to assist In a proposed hot lunch who have children whose hasCasual shoes formerly $5.99 to $8.99 a j « M |S«ard party to be held In March. program for pupils. rnnds go around with other r ; Mrs. Balbach |s In'charge of • a-Chinese auction to be held at a meeting 6f the club Feb. 18 at Spatial cmtom froup $12.98 ft $14.98 dress shoes $ 3 . 9 9 ,8:30 p.m. In the Paradise Grill.

Auxiliary 'News

Bayshore Activities

Membership Su|pef At Bnai Israel

Democratic Club Installs At Red Bank Meeting


• linens • Bath • Boudoir •Closet

25th 'Anniversary

Association For Deaf Elects Slate

Adam and Eve

•Puppy Love

Classes End With Party

To Display Art Work

Alumni Plan Lenten Event

Trinity Unit To Receive Communion

Club Re-elects ,Mifs. O'Neill


Dress shoes formerly $9.98'and $12.98 J


and look loVelltr too!

$2.99 $1.99*$2.99ll


MORGANVnlE PTA ' MORGANVILLE-The Parent, Te&rh^r r, Association will meet '• Monday, at 8 p.m, In the Morgan-. viile '^Jiooi; Rt.; 79. Candidates for the Mtrlhoco Township Board 'of Education have been Invited to participate in a .pane) discussion. Lawrence Youngman will be moderator. Founders' Day will be observe^,' , •-„ . ..' ;

.CHANDLER'SJ J. Kridel stays home but sportswear from the Corner files happily south.

SuxellU h I w mm* Or te On nut WHITI ST. SH 74M» RID IANK

MONM0UTH CENTER, EATONTOWN, N. J. Garden State Plata ft Bergen Mall, Paramut, N. J. •

496 Fifth Ave., Manhattan

l&—Wectaes&jr, Jan. SO, 1963 RED BANK REGISTER eva H A H W T O YOU?


Allen-Scott (Continued)

Rev. Cram Has Meeting With Parish

ment in Laos, plus the fact thai the overland routei to South Vie nam via Laos are now for a practical purposes firmly i KEANSBURG - Rev. Johi Pathet-Lao, North Vietnamesi control, have made it possible foi Cram, rector of St. Mark's Epis the Communists to again concen copal Church, opened the annual parish meeting last week with e trate on South Vietnam. "Also the Viet Cong have re- prayer. The Laymen's Litanj stored their strength (11,000 to read by Charles Hiclcman, fol 22,000 during 1962) to a level to lowed. permit increased operations; and The rector's report was givei a final factor, the recent military and the church treasurer, James reorganization of Viet Cong C. Gardiner, Sr., read the budgforces to include North Vietnam' et for 1963. Mr. Gardiner spoke ese forces, i.e., anti-aircrail on the state of the diocesar units, has given these forces a d stewardship education program, and distributed copies of the redidonal fire power. "The Communist bloc may be ports of each parochial organ emboldened by their success in zation. The nanual nominations an Laos, to- engage in a gradual build-up of their covert support election of wardens was held to the Viet Cong insurgents. This William Saggau and Mr. Hickis Indicated.by the Infiltration of man were nominated for the twoheavy weapons and armed North year t^rm, and John Cram, Vietnamese detachments via Frederick Best and. Mr. Hickman were nominated for the oneL a o s . 1 •'•"' ' ' . " ' • ; ' " ' . year term. Mr. Saggau was electAriny Gives S Reasons n In conclusion, it is felt that ed to serve the two:year term and the Viet Cong will make every Mr. Best was elected to the oneeffort to increase their effective year term. ness: in insurgent operations with Vestrymen nominated were Jocontinued and possibly open Viet- seph Yankowski, George Mac Kenzie, Robert Weston, William namese assistance.". . Another Army report cites five Peterson, Jr., and Mr. Hickman, reasons for the'urgent need to for a two-year term, and Mr. give V'. S, officers direct com- Weston, Mr. MacKemie, Mr. mand' over South Vietnamese Cramer and Mr. Yankowski fo: a one-year term. Mr. Hickman fighting unite, as follows: and Mr. Peterson, Jr., were "One — South' Vietnamese ofelected to the two-year term and ficers will issue an order but Mr. MacKenzie and Mr. Yankowdon't supervise Its being carried ski to the one-year term. out; two — Intelligence and reconnaissance are very weak, par- Elected to serve as deputies to ticularly at combat unit levels; the diocesan convention were Mr. three — planning is inadequate; MacKenzie, Mr. Best and Mr. four — the Vietnamese are de- Hickman. Alternates elected wer fensive-minded. The French for Daniel B. Ustynik, Mr. Cramer over SO years rammed into these and Joseph Calclena. people defensive concepts, and Mr. and Mrs. Saggau, Mr. and U.S. military advisers have had Urs. Hickman and Mr. and Mrs great difficulty in changing this MacKenzie were elected deputies deeply-ingrained attitude; five — } the Monmouth Convocation. the Vietnamese sometimes take Appointments announced by advice and sometimes they don't. father Crum were Mrs. Louis U. S. officers must command 'icciano, school superintendent; to attain three key objectives, im- dr. Saggau, sexton; Mrs. Sidney proving die motivation of South i Herzog, Sr., organist; Mrs. Vietnamese soldiers, training and Jrum choir directress, and Mrs. istynik, altar guild directress. leadership." South Vietnam military forces Mrs. Norman Dailey, Mrs. total around 285,000 of which larry Albert, Jr., and Mrs. 170,000 are regular troops (16,000 Ubert, 3d all members of the army, 5,000 air force); 68,000 in juild, served refreshments, folthe Civil Guard; 48,000 in the owing the business session. Self Defense Corps. The strife-torn country is divided into three military areas; 1 Corps covers the north; II (Continued) Corps the central section; III Corps the south. Although small redits, tax cuts and liberalized in size. South Vietnam has long lepreciation rules. They'll also and exposed borders— more than boost this spending .if consumer 1,000 miles along the sea, and spending rises, and so, as the Re850 miles adjoining Cambodia and serve Bank of Philadelphia points Laos. out, "Actions taken to increase consumer demand may indirectly Old Village Volunteers increase business investment and longrun growth as well." Slate Annual Dinner A farmer by himself cannot MffiDLETOWN - The Old Vil-make a plant grow and governlage Fire Company will hold its ment action by itself cannot annual dinner on Feb. 23 at make our economy grow. In each 7:30 p.m. in The Cobblestones, case the growth must come from Rt. 35. "some inner spark." But just as Outgoing president William he fertilizer the farmer uses can Price and outgoing Capt. Ralph stimulate the plant's growth, so Van Blarcom will be honored. he actions government takes can Chairman of the affair is stimulate the economy's growth. James Costello, new president. This is the story behind the story He will be assisted by Gilbert of the tax cuts and budget deficits. White.



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the settlement w h i c h w a s V/arrea Wltatz, Perth Afflbey, hiring of « caretaker of the fir« to give aid in neighboring mu-< Suit Over Injury approved by County Juige .Ed- HQA Wtlss was represented by J. alum system here tt in uinuaj Mtitt, and answered one Victor Carton, Asbury Park, ward J- Ascher. fct, of « M . '(jfium taring the year, he Settled for $8,000 The mtsMtre m adopted m stid. FREEHOLD — A Howell Town- Cistro received multiple injuthe recommendation of Councilship nuta received an $8,000 set- ries Dec. 27, 1960, whe he wts Actually, aa embroidery, «r.d man Jesse J, Mdlray, who li to The U.S. Internal Revenue tlement here Monday for injur- struck by a c*r -driven by .Emil not a lapwtry, t i e famous review applicants for the job. Service, which received 100 mil-ies wffered when he was struck Weiss, of Lakewood Castro had Bayeux Tapestry oocUmeoti the Mr. Mcllray reported that In lion returns In 1962,anticipates by (t car near Ms home in I960. been standing by the side of Rt. story of the Norman Conquest FAIR HAVEN-Borough Coun- 1962 tliere were 22 fires here. The 113 million returns by 1970 — " Sajvatore A. Castro, Rt. « and9 when the accident occurred, of England, and is believed to and Taylor's Mill Rd. r was swarded Castro was represented by date from the Uth Century. cil. Monday night approved the department was called' out twice MS million, by, 19*0.

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New Jersey New$ Briefs By The:Associated Press



— The state's s e c as a program management .speond highest 'court yesterday up- cialist in the Office of Manned held an 18-months suspension of Space Flight. Miss Sutphen, a the bingo license of the Passaic 1961 graduate of, Douglass ColAuxiliary of the Daughters of lege, received her masters degree Miriam on charges of filing false in political science in 1962 under reports. The Appellate Division the fellowship program of the of Superior Court upheld a sus- Eagleton Institute of Practical pension imposed by the state Politics at Rutgers'. Bingo-Raffles Commission. It was one of nine similar suspensions UNION- Cynthia Nash, t, was by the commission. The Daugh- critically burned yesterday when ters of Miriam conducted bingo her clothes caught fire as she games „ , - at Fassaic Auditorium in tried to reach a cookie jar stored 1961 under a license issued to it above the gas range in her home, as a charitable organization. By Police said Cynthia's mother, law, it is required to file reports Mrs. Margaret Nash, found her on the games. The bingo com-daughter aflame and rolled her in WORLD OF TALK—Drawing, released irr Washington by the National Aeronautics mission said It noticed that those snow outside their home atconducting bingo games at Pas- Mulr PI. The child suffered burn and Space- Administration, shows how fhree stationary farellires can provide global BOTTOM UP — M r s . Patricia M. Beailey, 66 Ward Ave., Rumson, was hospitalized saic Auditorium were reporting of the face, chest and abdomen communications network for.24-hour telephone and television service. Each "Synyesferday after her car, above, collided with another at Bingham Ave. on Rumion lower net proceeds ,,than, other and was admitted to Overlook organizations conducting games Hospital. The hospital said her com" satellite, at 22,300-mile altitude, can scan one third of earth. The satellites Rd., and overturned. Mrs. Eleanor Romenko, Locust, :driv«r of the other car, wat at other places In Passaic. It or- condition was critical. Police said wduld "hover" above the earth, their speed synchronized with earth's rotation. treated at Rival-view and released. : Police uid Mr«. Romonlco'i car skidded on jce dered special audits of the games Cynthia's knee apparently struck ' ( N A S A photo from conducted by the Daughters of a knob of the range, starting w(iif|i she attempted to stop at the-.in^ersection. Miriam. one of the burners. The burner ignited her clothes as sir reached for the cookie jar in a MANAHAWKIN — : Gottfried cabinet above. Ulrich, 86, died yesterday when fire from a faulty oil heater destroyed the one-story frame CAMDEN - The Camden RUMSON — A-patch of ice was house where he'lived with-bis! Board has approved an $8,140.bjamedlfor .an accident last night daughterand soq-inViaw, Mr. and MO ill-year building-program on Riunson Rd. which overturned Mrs. Edward Gatzefl. The Gat- which will provide five new LITTLE SILVER— Rev. Stuart a car driven by Mrs. Patricia M. Jens were away when the fire schools and major Improve- Franklin Gast, rector of St. PetBeasley, 66 Ward Ave. started, firemen said. Stafford ments to 17 others. The build- er's Church, Cazenovia, N. Y., Mrs, Beasley's- ear collided Township fire chief Filmore tags will be financed by school will become rector of St. John's with one driven by, Mrs. Eelanor Shirut < * was,asleep on bond Issues. The first, a $S,- Episcopal Church here. said Ulrich Romenko,: 813 Navesink River a couch in the:-living room, 510,000 issue, wlU be submitted The announcement was made PERTH AMBOY (AP) — A general alarm; fire continued ; Rd.,. Locust. Police said Mrs! burning stubbornly this morning more than eight hours after Somenko was unable to halt her next to the heater, when the to the voters for approval at yesterday by Richaid Wilson, started. Shinn said Ulrich a special election to May. The senior warden. He said Rev. Mr. It be'gan In the busy Five Corners area of this city's business car as she approached Rumson blaze apparently was overcome by projected timetable calls for Gast would replace Rev. Albert district. , Rd. on Blngham Ave.The women smoke, since he made no-effort construction «f two 28-room Allen Attenborough, who has been t h e fire centered on ttoo back-to-back buildings—the S&R were taken to Riverview Hospi- to escape through a nearby door. elementary schools la 1H4. appointed, effective March 15, a Auto Store at 148 New Brunswick Ave. and Max Cast's Tav- tal, Red Bank, by the Rumson The chief said the heater apparchaplain of the New York ern ;at 311? State St. , ' , , ' ••First Aid Squad., ently overflowed and caught fire, PASSAIC - Some 300 workers in ProtestantEpiscopal Mission So"It's still burning pretty good," a fire department spokesMrs. Beasley was hospitalized the hose division of the U. S. ciety. man; laid at i a.- m. today. He said then that although the with a possible concussion and fire was being contained, it might be several hours more back injury, and Mrs.- Romenko TRENTON — Gov. Richard J. Rubber Co. plant here voted yes Rev. Mr. Gast, 59 years old, before the flames were quelled completely. The first alarm was treated for bruises and re- Hughes .signed a bill yesterday terday to end a 24-hour wildcat has spent a number of summer requiring a study of a possible walkout and were immediately vacations in Monmouth County, was turned In at 8:26 p. m. last night," : ;.'•'• leased. spur from the future Atlantic slapped with a three-day suspen- Mr. Wilson said, and has served ' NO SERIOUS INJURIES , Patrolmen Gerald Kelly and City Expressway to the Delaware sion for what the company called as supply priest in several area No serious Injuries were reported at the scene. John Shea investigated. Memorial Bridge' at Deepwater. an Illegal walkout.'The workers churches. , .The blare brokelout in the.ibasementvof^the auto (store Hughes also' signed these As- ihad walked off 'the job at noon He has been rector of the Cazpart of a tow of three-story buildings on New Brunswick' Ave. sembly bills, llsted J by sponsor: Monday in protest over the trans- enovia church since 1960. PreviIts cause was not Immediately, determined, the fire departMatthews, D-Essex—Appropriates fer of 16 hydrostatic test work- ously he" was rector of St. ment said. •',.'" '•••"•;'•''''•'•<' $20,000 from the general treasury ers (rom the hose department 114 Stephen's and the Incarnation ., . F r o m there the flames spread upward to the two floors to the quality control department. to pay for special services by Church, Washington, D.C.; Christ of apartments above and rearward to Cast's Tavern and the employees of the state Assembly. The employees, members of Lo- Church, TOIiamsport. Pa.; St. apartment floor above the bar on State St. cal 217, United Rubber Workers Sarcone,- R-Essex, Brandy, ,DPaul's Church BioomsDurg, Pa.: AH premises in the.two buildings were destroyed, the fire Hudson — Allows banks to put were afraid the transferred workdepartment reported. \ , 1 . ©antt l»av« registrar's officf. Rev.; Mr. Gast graduated from Residents o( the buljdisgj were,evacuated with little difthe G«n*ra( TJwo'ogical' Semin- after enrolling as a student in the previously all-whit*' rights.. The walkout w uitnlorijy not a«et».into would,lose their ventional, tbalr instead of F H * coders ficulty startty after'tha fire begian^', ; ., -r, unldn.'A inteaFot F H * T & rthorlzed i g h t sby ^ tie Walkout w »company , * * % ary, New York City, In 1927. He Clemson College at Clemson, S.C. Gantr, a 20-yearVeterans" Administration'fmorlg•"•••-. .'" '}: ' HEAVY SMOKE :;-''•••'• V > - er he will return to the University spokesman said, however, the was ordained and advanced to oans old transfer student from Iowa State University, plans" The fire department-said varying degrees of firefcand", of Missfesippt for the, spring* se- *& ' transfer would have no effect on the priesthood the same year. ' . ' water damage hit about half a dozen buildings on either side mester. (AP Wirephbto) the employees' salary or seniori- A native of Lancaster, P a , he to study architecture. . .Negro, . . „ , . . whose TRENTON — Webster B, Todd, ty rights. The 39. Jyear-old T of the destroyed premises.-These included the;Pep Boys Auto was graduated from Franklin and enrollment at" the previ- state Republican chairman,'has Store the Belmont Lunch and .the Spot Luncheonette. •, Marshall College, there, in 1924, IVaUrwhite school lasti fall announced the appointment of New Bfunsflck'Ave.. and State: S t form two sides of a trireceiving a BA degree. He attenda night « rioting, has two new members to the GOP ELIZABETH — Employees In ed Millersvllle Normal School and angle that comes to a point at the Five Corners'Intersection. Elizabeth General Hospital's state committee staff. James Heavy smoke hampered the firefighters' efforts, as did given,no hint of his plans. Lancaster High! School. Meredith refused comment Stimpson of Raritan will become laundry extinguished a fire In Rev, Mr, Gast is reported to temperatures to-Jhe^low 2Qs, TivMchjJroaS water on their jequipthe motor of a flatbed iron yesthe new research director, reTuesday night on a copyright ment and ctoUilnfcU;.•".' ..••.' ' terday before much damage be'a collector of early American Fireman William Parthelmess required treatment at Perth Nashville Tennessean story that placing Joseph Gonzales of Plato' could be caused. Fifteen em- religious prints and Currier & Amboy General Hospital for smoke inhalation and later was said he had decided to remain field, and Miss Sandra Sutphen of ployees were in the one-story Ives prints. FREEHOLD - The Planning tion of the garden apartment oa New Brunswick will serve as reat the university. released. '"'•" '; '-•* • '.'•' Board at last night's meeting the site. The project to be known The Tennessean said In a dis- search-public relations assistant. laundry building, which Is atadopted a resolution recommend- as Monmouth Village will need patch from Jackson that Meredith Stimpson, a 1955 graduate of tached to the hospital pn Reid ing that the minimum for lot approval of Borough Council,, toTd'Yriends""and"associates the Rutgers University, was a legis- St., when smoke was seen comsizes be increased from 40 to 75- Mrs. Eleanor Estenes was recguse he has been fighting for lative analyst in the congressional ing out of the machine at 11:45 foot frontage. elected chairman at the organizawould be better served by stay- liaison office of the .Atomic; En- a.m.'There were no Injuries. ergy Commission until 1962 when Authorities said the smoky fire The board sent the recommen- tion meeting with Donald F. ing at the university. Was started by overheated he joined the National Aerodation to Borough Council stating Wood re-elected vice chairman Meredith said three weeks ago that such an ordinance should be and Tunis Smith, secretary. The that he would not return for the nautics and Space Administration 'grease and oil In the motor. Following a iproblem consumed most of the adopted until the planning consulboard again named Mrs. Vivian spring semester unless 'Ivery defUNION BEACH MONMOUTH BEACH - Mayor tant has completed the master Taylor as its clerk. three andone-half hour public time at the hearing. Pros and inite and positive changes are Sidney B. Johnson reported last plan. cons on ^placing the subject for a The chairman appointed Mr. tearing, the Board of Education referendum, were presented at made" in his situation, an apparnight that at least three parties ent reference, to sporadic outare • interested in the construc- The resolution calls for the Smith, Mr. Wood and Mr.' Irelast jright adopted a $695,363 budg- length'. The board voted'to con- bursts of harassment on the tion of high rise structures here. frontage at the building setback land as members of the subdiviet for the 1963-64 school year, It tinue its policy of providing campus. line of 75 feet with a minimum sion committee with Borough EnAH projects are still In the area of 7,500 square feet. This is gineer Lawrence Adams to serve is an Increase . of $79,757 over the transportation'for all students, at- Other students* also were taradvanced planning stage, he said, tending Keyport. High School. a change from the present mini- as alternate. gets of threatening segregationist eurrent budget. and all are dependent upon the mum requirement of a 40-front students. One was William Jor- WASHINGTON (AP)-Two New Thompson, however, s a I construction of sewers or Special Class Need Of the total budget, *407,?16 frontage. Is to be raised by 'local taxa- In response to several queries, dan Temple, 18-year-old freshman Jersey members of the House E4 chances for passage of the entin means of sewage disposal. tion - $398,245 for current ex- Paul J. Evans, administrates who announced at his home in ucation and labor Committee ex- Kennedy proposal appear slim. Hi . Mayor Johnson commented The board recommended that penses and $9,471 for debt serv- principal, explained the need of Washington, D.C.; Tuesday he pressed opposing opinions today said plans for higher education that the Morrissey apartment council consider smaller frontage a special class in the system, a would not return for the second on President Kennedy's education could wm congressional approval project had been cleared by the requirements in areas now deice. class which is subsidized by the semester.. . ' .. message to Congress.' if "the National Education Asso- local Zoning Board and now de- veloped with smaller frontage re- TRENTON (AP) - American Anticipated state aid for state. Temple said students in his dor- Rep. Peter Frellnghuysen Jr., ciation lays off it." quirements, Dredging Co. of Philadelphia was 1963-64 of $272,656.50 reflects an The budget is based on an an- mitory nightly pelted his room senior Republican member of the He said opposition voiced bj pends only on the signing of a awarded a $292,526 contract yesIncrease of $19,431.50, Over the ticipated enrollment of 1,790 stu- with soft drink bottles and, on two committee, called it the "height NEA to higher education leglsla contract with thS Long Branch Board member Job Ireland de- terday for an emergency beach Sewer Authority. scribed the recommendation as 1 current $253,281 dents, an increase of approxi- occasions; the transom was brok- of political cynicism.' tion last year was well intentionec Morrissey Associates of Engle- "preventing a fly-by:night devel- fill project in Bay Head. Board kPresidentx Donald Os- mately 100 over the current year. en. Temple once ate with Bnt Rep. Frank Thompson Jr., but misguided. Cliffs plans a $300,000 com- oper from coming in and putting The state Department of Contrander estimated the new tax The budget will be presented to Meredith; along with three other a Democrat, said he favors a The third New Jersey membei wood plex of 40 luxury apartments on up a development before our servation and Economic Develrate for school purposes will be the public for approval at the students who have withdrawn large percentage of the proposals of the committee, Rep. Domlnick the beach. Long Branch sewer- master plan Is completed." opment said the contract calls $2.27 per $100 of assessed valu- Feb. 13 school elections. from school. contained in the message. V. Daniels, a Democrat, withheld age service has been offered to The board gave preliminary ap- for an estimated 538,000 cubic ation as compared to $1.92 at comment pending a further study the firm in exchange for a con- proval for an 82-unit garden yards of sand to be placed along present. ' of the message. tribution to capital improve- apartment on a 4.5-acre site on the entire Bay Head oceanfront. High School tuition charges, Meanwhile, Sen. Clifford P. ments to the system and the ex- Jerseyvllle Ave. The project is designed.to remteachers' salaries and transporCase, R-N.J., a former membei tension of a main to Long Council recently passed an or- edy damage caused by the of the Senate Labor and Publii Branch. tation account for most of the indinance permitting the construc- March 1962 storm. Welfare Committee,- which hancrease in the budget. dles education legislation, said he Slight Decrease welcomes the administration's iniAn increase from $237,000 to tiative in the education field. $272,000 for high school tuition He said Kennedy's proposal for represents almost 50 per cent off a three-year $150 million program the total increase. of aid to junior college "comIt was pointed out that while mands the widest support, In Conthere was a slight decrease in the gress." per pupil tuition charge, approximately 70 additional Union Beach students will attend Keyport High School next year. .o While the teachers' salary account shows an increase of W WASHINGTON (AP)-The Wel800, teachers will receive norm^r fare' Department announced Tues$200 increments,•tit was brought day approval of grants totaling out. However, provisions have $952,472 for nursing home and been made for the hiring of an hospital construction^at Paramu additional regular teacher, and a and Point Pleasant, N.T. special teacher. The grants, announced through Discussion of the transportation Sen. Harrison A. Williams Jr., D-N.J.:. ; Paramus—5750,000 to the Bergen Cuba Medical Supply Pines Hospital nursing home unit Movement Completed for construction of a $5,429,513 building to house 400 nursing beds. PROVIDENCE, R.L (AP) - A ' Point Pleasant HpsplttM202,Red Cross official said Tuesday 472 toward construction of a $7J5,night that movement of the $53,. 760 addition to house 64 general .000,000 worth of medical supplies WORKING O N RIVER ICE — U . S . Army engineers equipped a Work barge with curA POEM ENDS — Robert Frost, Jeff, nortd American post who died in « Boston hothospital beds. and other commodities to Cuba pledged in exchange for the Bay pita! at th» ag« of 88, is ihown at he attended a 1954 dinner in Naw York with Williams also reported award of ting edges and started gnawing random patterns in the ice on the Ohio Rivtt ar of Pigs invasion prisoners will {•How poet Carl Sandburg. Both war* being Honored (or contributions to th« world a $1,205,000 Air Force contract to Louisville, Ky. The solid ice covering it preventing o\\ barges from moving On the the Bendix Corp., Teterboro, N.J., have been completed by March of books. , (AP-Wir.phoro)' for electronic equipment. river. , IAP W l K f c ) 31.

Fight Stubborn

New Rector Named At St. John's

Two Women Hurt in Crash


Decision Is Due

Freehold Planners Ask Zone Upgrading

Say Projects All Hinge On Sewers

Union Beach School Budget Is

Opinions Vary On Education Message

Beach Fill Job Pact Awarded

Hospital Grants Are Announced

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The 4-News 5—Mickey Mouse Club 90 min. cops arrive and they're softened l0 7-lNews 12:40 3-Our Miss Brooks-Comedy 9—Zoorama SOMETHING NEW ADDED—Moray AmsHrdam (Uff) up by Granny's elder,and blink- 2—Women's Page 11-News ing Elly May, and secretary Jane 4-Leave It To The Girls 4~Dr. Joyce Brother* 11—Brave Stallion—Adventure and Rota Maria *re awad by tha changed tppearanc* Hathaway has some laush lines 5—Cartoons 12:50 ' 5—Topper—Comedy 13—Profile: New Jersey of Richard Daaeoii who dtcidet to waar a hairpiaca on too. For fans. 9 p.m. CBS 5~News 7—lAnswering Service—Panel 7—Gale Storm—Comedy 1:40 ' 1:00 PERRY COMO. Highlights In- 11-Abbott and Costello 9-Film-Captain Kidd and the "Tha Dick Van Dyke Show" tonight 19:30-10:00 p.m., 4—Weather 4-News clude Errol Gamer at the piano 13—Fun at One—Children Slave Girl. 1954. Eva Gabor. MS EST) on t b . CBS Talavision Natwork. 1:15 5—Film-^Strange Affair. playing "Mack the Knife"; Don 90 min. 2—News—R. Trout 7—News ' Adams' routine briefing astro- 5-News 11—Comedy Party—Cartoons 4—News—Huntley,, Brinklfcy 1:05 nauts before a moon shot tane13—Parians Francais II 7—Focus On The News 4-Headliite off; Charlton Heston reading the 2—As The World Turns 7:00 7 - F i l m - A Time To' Kill. 90 4-News story of "The Creation" from the 5—Filni^-Sierra Passage 1959 •—Death Valley Days min. Wayne Morris. 85 min. Bible; and Peter Gennaro's danc5—Bourbon Street Beat 13—Science Corner—Education 9—News and Weather es Also, there's an interesting 9—Star And Story—Drama 7—Rebel—Western 18:00 1:25 Broadway show sequence that 11—Global Zobel 9—Merrytoon Circus 2—Calendar—Reisoner 2—News features among other things 13—Spotlight on Art r -News—K. Kennedy 4—Say When-Art James By HARVEY PACK viewed and reports are that it'i 1:35 1:45 amusing bits on critics and box 13—Russian For Beginners 5-Film-Fall Guy. 1947. 85 min. Very few acts can get away quite funny. Phyllis plays a buy. 2—Film-Sudden Money; 1939. Office manners with Charlton 4-News 7:10 7-Susie . .. with appearing on Ed Sullivan's er who's wooed by salesman Charlie Ruggles. 75 min. 1:51 Heston cast in comedy roles; plus 2-Weather 11—Ed Allen—Exercise show one week, and Perry Como Frank, which is a courageous act 4—Sermonette a solo by Phyllis McGuire (no 13—Issues and the Challenge II—Local News hour ten days later. The trick on Sinatra's part because the sisters this time; and a Como- STARTS F R I D A Y 2:50 2:00 7:15 13—Highlights of World History to break up the act, and that buyer's husband is portrayed by 2-News McGuire duet. (Color) 9 p.m. 2—Password—A. Ludden •TARABULBA" 2—News—W. Cronkite 16:20 what Phyllis McGuire has done, big Dan Blocker of "Bonanza" 3:00 NBC 4-Merv Griffin—Variety qlso "SOMETHING WILD" 7:2$ 7-News The McGuire Sisters belted oul fame. 2-Give Us This Day rJUCB SV-A-CAX HSATEBg DICK VAN DYKE. Pretty good 7—Day In Court—Drama U—Weather 10:25 a few for Ed on January 20th, "I saw the picture last night," episode. Morey Amsterdam and 9—Shakespeare — Romeo ant 7:S0 THURSDAY MORNING 4-News and Phyllis pops with Perry to< said Phyllis, "and I found my Rose Marie get more footage Juliet. 2-CBS Self Portrait 13-New York Metropolis 5:45 * night doing, among others, hei 4-Virginian—Western ST. JAMES 2—Previews Janed up version of "One Kiss." self sinking into the seat u my than usual, and Dick Van Dyke 11—Divorce Court—Drama ' 10:30 first scene started. I was petri- is delightful imitating a new car 1:11 7—Wagon Train 5:50 2—1 Love Lucy—Comedy ' It's almost Impossible to inter- fied. But once I came on the as an idea for a sketch. The plot 13—Science Corner—Education S-Film-Shady Lady. 1945. 2 2—Give Us This Day—Religion 4—Play Your Hunch view three girls at once, so I took screen I forgot all about It and 7:15 has head.writer Petrie refusing hrs. 5:55 7-Girl Talk-Virginia Graham advantage of Phyllis' new career enjoyed the movie." 7-News to rewrite a sketch and quitting 11—Honeymooners—Comedy 2-News 11—Film—The Devil and Miss TO MOW * m n w to go up to her Park Ave. apart13—Alaska New Frontier The character In the movie Is a When his pals Sally and Buddy 4-Sermonette Jones. (1941) 80 min. ment for a few drinks and some irtt'i Bou* ol ttnltw 2—House Party—Art Unkletter 8:00 6:00^ .SblliMt w * . «•!., an. t-M 10:45 conversation about her future. southern belle, type and Phyllis don't follow suit, Petrie gets 7—Seven Keys t a k a Si* * Sou. S * P 2-College Of The Air—Amer- 13—Parlons Francais II The place looked familiar to me fits right into the mold because sore at their doublecross, and re- 9—Escapade—Captain Kidd and 2—Expense Accounts I.B.R. 5—Danger Man—Adventure ican Economy and, as my wife is not loo co-everybody has noticed her de- »ves his first day at work as a IliOO the Slave Girl. 1954. Eva G* 11—Bold Journey—Travel 4—Continental Classroom — operative about letting me call on llehtful southern Ohio speech. writer. 9:30 p.m. CBS 2-McCoys—Comedy bor. 85 min. 13—Casals Master Class THEATRE. "The The Electron girls in Park Ave. apartments "I come from Miamlsburg which CIRCLE 4-Prlce Is Right is near the Kentucky border, Counterfeit League." A particu- 13—Tell Me a Story 8:30 «:» without a press agent escort, 7—Jane Wyman—Drama 2:50 DAY 2-Doble Gillis—Comedy 2—Sunrise Semester asked Phyllis whether I had been sub.," she explained. Her folks larly vicious racket is exposed In 13-Music Interlude 9—Playhouse 80—Drama still live there and a visit from this dramatized documentary, 5-Call Mr. D-Mystery 4—Continental Classroom — there before. aMM s o b >l * n OMW 13—Scienceland '• ' . I:5S and it's worth your while Just on one or all of the girls Is a 7—Going My Way—Drama American Gov't. fanw am mm «u immim "You and 30 million others," moment fn (own. the basis of its existence. It deals 4-News 11—Silents Please—Film—Three .7:00 explained Phyllis as she added with counterfeiting U. S. Govern- 5-News Musketeers. Douglas Fair2—News and Weather the ice. "This place has been oc- The "One Kiss" number she's ment checks which is enough to J:00 banks, Sr. 4—Today—Hugh Downs cupied over the last few y e a n doing for Perry tonight is an ex-make anyone's blood boil. The 2—To Tell Hie Truth ,3—Court Of Reason—Debate 7—Early Bird Cartoons by Milton Berle, Gene Kelly, Deb- ample of the type of off-beat ar- format of the show follows the 4—Lqretta Young—Drama Dwta Dm» %ti SUvkea 8:00 7:05 NOW-EVES 7 - 0 : » bie t Eddie, Mitii Gaynor and rangements she's putting into her usual pattern of the series, but 5—Doorway to Destiny 5—Call To Prayer "JUMIO 2-Beverly Hillbillies V now me. 'Person to Person' made new act. There'll be no trouble the facts wM hold your attention, 7—Queen For A Day 4—Perry Oomo—Variety three tries to this address to visit getting bookings in the better 10 p.m. CBS U-How To Marry A Millionaire 5—Film—The Spiral Staircase. Berle,, Gene Kelly and me. Weclubs because the McGuire Sis13-News 1946. Dorothy McGuire. 2 hrs. an decorated It tb our own taste, ters have always been a top at- NAKED CITY. "Beyond This 3:15 1—M Squad—Police but for some; reason nobody traction and Phyllis knows that Place There Be Dragons." Simon 13-Muslc Interlude JIOTS 8:30 changed the wall paper In the the name will Rive her the mo-Wincelberg has written an enJ:JS "A KIND OF LOVING" Also 2—Dick Van Dyke—Comedy " dining room. There were no com-mentum. After that it's np to her,grossing script about an Inform- 2-News ' ' ; M U 7—Our Man Higgins "GARRY ON CONSTABLE" "ty « « ' , P» to the police plaints from the TV audience, but but she s not worried. She has 9—Surfside 6—Mystery by the time they got around to two critical sisters, over 16 years and places his personal safety In 2—Millionaire—Drama ll-Wanted: Dead Or Alive me . . the show's crew made a of show business know-how, a jeopardy. Guest star Frank Gor- 4—Young Dr, Malone—Serial 13—Art and Artists few cracks about leaving up that likable personality, and, if you've shih etches a vivid portrait of 5—Mr. District Attorney the desperate man who has come 10:00 heard her sing, more than enough 7-Who Do You Trust? mm" - • to the end of his rope. Worth2—Armstrong circle Theater ability. l l - B e s t Of Groucho-Quiz Led Trie while, 10 p.m. ABC 4—Eleventh Hour—Drama K>UB Wood — 13—Television for Teachers Phyllis has ' always been the 7-Naked City—Police "GYPSY" Fans, w t » owned. TV sets back STEVE ALLEN. Comic Buddy 4:00 lead member of the trio, but she Hackert, musician Jerry Adler, 11—You Asked For It «fco "WAR HUM" Is; the youngest sister. "Every- in the 10-inch days, now have an singer Jennie Smith, and Joyce 2—Secret Storm—Serial 13-World at Thirteen opportunity to see a show that body assumes when they see 4—Match Game S (^ ^ ^ S ^ J S 5—Deputy Dawg—Cartoons sister act that the leader has tolaunch* many of TV's garrulous fy Ste gals on their way in the business y* ,11:19 , ^ p.m. be the oldest," she explained, 7—American Bandstand tonight. guess they picture the mother bid- return once again to the screen. TONIGHT. Johnny Carson's 9—Kingdom of the Sea ding the girls goodbye and telling "Leave it to The Girls" is bick guests include the talented Pierre 11—Bozo The Clown as a daily syndicated gabttsl them to follow the oldest." Olaf, the Ritu Puppets, Ca- 13—Television for Teachers 'Now that Dot and Chris have with a new crop of lovelies whonadian actress Jacqueline Ber4:8 decided not to give showbusiness can talk any man under the ta-trand and Zachary Scott. (Color) 4—News ble at ten paces. all their time and are concentrat11—Mr. Pealody—Cartoon 11:15 p.m. NBC ing on the family bit, baby Phyl- One of their regulars Is a beau4:J0 lis is braching out on her owntiful sal from a little mining town 2-Edge Of Night-Serial under the watchful eyes of her in Pennsylvania (sounds like 4—Make Room For Daddy critical sisters. "When I perform "Our Gal Sunday") who, Instead 5—Felix And The Wizard alone I know I'll get two long, of boasting about her physical 7-Di»covery '63-Children distance calls the next morning measurements, advertises her 9-Chubby Jackson—Cartoons . . . from Florida and Canada 172 IQ. Her name is Rita Hayes 11—Cartoon Zoo HOLMDEL John Griffo waB and I spoke to her for 15 min. . . telling me what was wrong," 13—American Economy ShW. •he said. "It sounds corny, but utes to find out if that IQ . The commission's first project OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! be quite comfortable In my act they let her do an off-camera this year will be a KPweek course m Seamanship and Safe Boat NEW YORK (AP) — The popuwhen it's completed." mice. Then they put the whole Handllrig which will be given by larity of bouffant hairdos and Film Debut irl on screen, and she's been a the Coast Guard Auxiliary. fancy wigs among fashionable She makes her acting debut in successful pitch lady ever since. ladies is causing trouble In "Come Blow Your Horn" a Rrank Now, on "Leave it to the Girls," Classes will be held each Broadway theaters. Sinatra film which Paramount is he face, figure and 172 IQ areThursday night at 8 p.m. In tfie House managers, the trade releasing later in the year. The mleashed at unsuspecting males Holmdel Elementary School. magazine Variety reports, are, picture .has already teen pre-who think tiiey know everything. The first class Is scheduled getting more and more comfor Feb. 7. plaints from people whose seats Defective equipment Is a major are In back of elaborate coifT-BONE accident cause on highways. fures. There were 75 vehicles on the "In the old days you could Porterhoute N»w Jersey Turnpike in 19S2 with ask the ladies to remove their defective tires. 28 with defective hats," said one puzzled manbrakes, and 32 vehicles had other ager, "but what can you do about trick hair styles?" By JAMES BACON MGM admits that it is disappoint- mechanical defects. ing at the boxoffice. AP Movle-Televlslon Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-A1I chem In her next picture, "The Thrill Istry doesn't happen in laborato- of It AnV'Doris. the virtuous, will RED BANK ries. There's an important intan- be chased -by another attractive gible in the movies which the wolf-James (Maverick) Garner. CARLTONBlttbbu 1:00, 7:0O. J:30. trade calls boxoffice chemistry. Boxoffice chemistry is a formuLONG BRANCH Urn LEAN For instance: The boxoffice hit la that has to be mixed Just right BARONET— of the year is the teaming of twoelse the public won't buy the Ojrpijr J:W, 1:30; Wu Hunt 1:30, Freth STEWING T;10, 11:00. oldtimers—Bette Davis and Joan product. ASBURYPARK Crawford in "Whatever Happened Marilyn Monroe was a sexpot MAYFAIRD. Hlnes JONES with a natural boxoffice flair for to Baby Jane?" I Yellow, White /untbo 1;i\ 1:\t. »:<«. LITTLE Fans came out in droves to seeComedy. Devil Food ST. JAMESthese famed scene steaiers claw She hated those roles although Tht Lonseit E i r !:30: S:SO no' one could do them better. In Old Dutch each other. Upton's NEPTUNE CITV There's another form of boxof- "The Misfits." the plaved an NEPTUNE CITY--, All Grinds Ho Thru overly dramatic loser. The picfice chemistry — the successM Sodom «nd amnorrth 7:00; >:tt formula that always works—John ture flopped. 1 North of R«d Bank Few stars nowadays can carry Wayne on a horse or Cary Gran a movie alone. Those who do ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS In a Rolls-Royce. Once a successful formula is know what they do best and con-ATLANTICOypiy 7:0Oi «|3O found, it doesn't pay to change it. sistently do it. HAZLET Doris Day was recently named Among the few: LOEWS DRIVE-INthe screen's top boxoffice draw. Jerry Lewis, always the nut Culoon 7:00; Jumbo 7:01; 10:M; No one can quite play the ail' who louses up everything, espe- Itvaf* Ouni 1:JO PERTH AMBOY American maiden as well as Miss dally dignity. Wayne and Greg MAJESTIC-' DO2. FOR Day. And no wolves are more at- Peck, the taciturn commanders Sodom and Oorr.orrth 2:00; 1:40; >:U; Th. Bll.nt O i l 4:15; «:20 tractive than Rock Hudson who who get the job done no matter & Appliance Co. EDISON chased her in "Lover Come Back" what the odds or foe. 707 BROADWAY MENLO PARK CINEMAand Cary Grant in "That Touch Betty Grable, long a boxoffice Sodom and Oomorrlh 1:30; 4:15; WEST LONG BRANCH Df Mink." queen, knew what she did best. T:OB; »:W MONTCLAIR Then Doris changed the format She once, floored Darryl F. ZanCA 9-0200 Md leading man In "Jumbo." It's udc by turning down a dramatic CLAIRIDGEWonderful WorM o' the - Bnthera delightful picture but even role In a big budget movie. Qrlmm 2:m: R:no

14—Wednesday, J M . 30,1963


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Griffo To Head Recreation Unit'



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Want Pay Hikes For Jury Commusioners

Sailor Hurt In Collision

TRENTON (AP) — Jury commissioners in Monmouth and Ocean Counties would be given HOWEU TOWNSHIP - One a pay raise under a bill passed m m was critically injured and by the Assembly Monday. live others required hospital The measure, sponsored by Altreatment Monday after a two-bert N. Beadleston,, Clifton T. car, head-on collision on Rt. 33, Barkalow, and Irving E. Keith Jr., all Monmouth County Renear Colts Neck Rd., State Trooppublicans, authorizes a pay iner^ George Wright and William crease from $500 to $750 a year. ToVnsend of Howell Barracks Beadleston said the increase is reported. ; . ^ warranted because the commissioners are faced with heavier Admitted to Fitkln Hpspital was case loads. The measure cleared one Ot the drivers, Orlando Falthe Assembly by a 51-0 vote and ance, 28, a sailor assigned to the was sent to the Senate. N.A.D. Earle. He is in critical condition with head injuries. Treated at-the hospital and re- Bond Issue Would , leased were five passengers °' the cars driven by Mr. Falance Set Record in IS. J. and Allen B. Black, 27, of Grand TRENTON (AP)-The $750 milI Ave., Asbury Park. Mr. Black lion bond issue proposed by Gov. was not hurt. The other^ five Richard J. Hughes would be the ; were Bart' Cecero, 2 Polbqx largest ever floated by New JerPlcwy., Oakhurst; Michael Tesaii' sey. • ro,.;26, of Wlckapecko Dr,,-Inter- The largest previous bond issue of ; laken; William Hausler, 27, of raised $285 million in 1952 to pay . Hawthorne St., Neptune; Evelyn for construction of the Garden Mahoney, 25, of 211 Ship Ave., State Parkway. Beachwood, and George Osborne, ' The largest issue evef submitted •Van Trailer Court, JEatontown. to New Jersey's voters proposed borrowing $430 million for pur; •. George P. Widener, owner ofchase of the New Jersey turnpike, Jaipur and Crewman, had his in order to use the turnpike surmost successful turf year in 19(2. plus for transportation spending, His stable earned $973,051, second That proposal was defeated 877,196 to 646,664. ' . bestfigure for the year.

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CHURCH DEDICATION —The new Evrangel^al Lutheran Church of the Reformation, Broadway at Locust Ave., West Long Branch, was dedicated Sunday. The edifice, of contemporary architecture, hat a leafing capacity of 210. It adjoins the former church building which has been remodeled for use at a Fellowship hall. Shown here, left to right, are Rev. Dr. Edwin H. Knudten, president of the N»w Jersey Synod of the Lutheran Church in America, speaker at the dedication service; Rev. W. Robert Oswald, pastor, and Fred L. Martinson, chairman of the building committee. ing Feb. 8, will not provide television channels as did Relay and Telstar last year. The Delta capability on this difficult launching task restricts weight of the package to 55 pounds, and the satellite will have only a single t w w a y voice channel.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fia. (AP) —America's most reliable space racket, the sleek, three-stage Delta, faces a' challenging assignment next week when it attempts to boost the Sjmcom communications satellite into orbit 22,300 miles above the earth. Success would be No. 15 in a row for the trusty booster and would give the United States the world's first synchronous satellite—one which travels at the same speed as the earth rotates on its axis and thus appears to hover motionless in the sky.

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The 56-ton Delta is built by Douglas Aircraft Co. for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Project officials hopes Syncom takes a place on the list of other Delta success. The honor roll reads like a who's who of space; Echo, Tiros, Explorer, • orbiting solar observatory, Ariel, T l and Relay. The first Delta failed. That was nearly three years ago..

Scout Communion Breakfast Feb. 10

Syncom will not attain a perfect synchronous orbit. This can be accomplished only by launching from a spot on the equator or by dogleggirtg the rocket after a Cape Canaveral launching so that its upper stages fire at a proper angle over the equator.




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KEYPORT - Final plans have Re-Opens Spring 1963 been set for the second annual Boy Scout Communion breakfast to be held here Feb. 10 in Knights of Columbus Hall following 8 1113 Third Avenue o'clock Mass, which scouts will SPRING LAKE, N. J. attend in their home parishes. Delta does not have the power for the dog-leg maneuver, so Syn- The breakfast is planned for com is scheduled to describe a den mothers, Cubs, Scouts, Ex"figure 8" pattern as it shifts ploreres, and their fathers of ChinSPRING LAKE back and forth over one point on garora District. The district inthe equator between latitudes 33 cludes Keansburg, Hazlet, Holmdegrees north and south o( the del, Matawan, Keyport and Cliffline. wood areas. On this path, Syncom will tell scientists whether a synchronous orbit communications satellite is feasible. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is convinced it will work and has started development of a much larger advanced Syncom which will be hoisted into a perfect synchronous orbit by a booster more powerful than Delta. Spend fifteen minutes at your Fiord Dealer's—see how much difference the right idea Three communications satelAmerica* liveliest, lites in synchronous orbit at makes! These cars are more lun than ars have ever been before. The Super Torque most care-tree carsi evenly spaced points 22,300 miles Ford (foreground) has V-8's up to 405 horsepower, a $10 million ride, rich interiors and above the equator would provide luxury features like an optional Swing-Away steering wheel. The sleek new Fairiane complete, continuous worldwide middleweight (center) is quick, nimble, solid as a bank—and offers America's newest coverage. Lower orbit communl' V-81 Don't miss Falcon (top)—now with a new dash of fun, Including the first Falcon cation satellite systems like Telstar and Relay would require convertible. The '63 can from Ford are designed to be less imuble than cars have ever 40 to 50 vehicles for thorough been before. They're tight, quiet, solid as they come—and all* have Ford's Twice-a-Year coverage. (or 6,000-mile) Maintenance I 'Emptr-iicon station Buiitdciubwiina A major problem the first Syn-

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Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1963—15


cam will probe is what happens when signals are sent out to such a great distance and return. The six-tenths of a second required foor the transfer of words might prove inconvenient for telephone] conversation. Syncom, scheduled for launch-

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Jan. 30, 1963

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What Is your reaction when the dummy comes down with unex_ • n||,;,j * , p pectedly good distribution? Do TWXm INotanr South dealer you mope and moan—or do you —of 3. Intern*Both ddes v (If George's daily answers don't git up and git? ATLANTIC, HIGHLANDS China" Twenty members attended the North warned everybody at the U Reddish. 4 Sintah conservation workshop meeting brown table that he had unusual disV Nono mmUtio flan which is chaos In book form, with tribution when' he bid one notaonca 4.SWy aoup* of the Garden Club recently at O Q 10 I 6 3 12. Perfect 8. Pear M. Chop the home of the president, Mrs. trump at his second turn. A play15. Square 2&MMalllc WJHflT «•*«„ . „ GynVs Elbert J. Mason, 27 Mount Ave. er, who has passed originally cancolumns 4 19 7 2 \ A I M t mother nek not have the 18 to 18 points usu- 9AJ10843 Colored slides on "Trees," obVK9S2 14. Strike hard 6. Kind of 27. To escape ally needed for the overall of one 6 72 tained through fhe Trenton MuOK lS.Shup thread (2 wds.) notrump. Clearly, North was bid seum, were shown by Mrs. John 16. Adjusted M-Thort 7. Regards thunder ding, the "unusual notrump." to lino highly Irwin, club conservation chairstepson 37. Moved, 17. Final entry 8.Chow—— 30. High: nus. ' as man, assisted by Mrs. Stanley Many experts use the unusuways prided myself on running a <7§7 6 33.GWS Chin. to: bo* Journeay. '• ' ' * al notrump to show a two-suiter 0 A J»54 dinner name: naut.19. Sub; Jap, in diamonds and clubs. A takeout • 97 6 The next meeting of the club nor favor. But now a distasteful C. Crown POW. 39. Genus of SL Hawaiian double shows interest in the miW«t NMh Eat will be Thursday, Feb. 7, at 1:30 my ask faces roe. 3*. Made of bird Pus F«u 1 + jor suits; the unusual notrump 10. Boy's 40. Landlord's p.m. at Mrs. Mason's home. 82. Reveroats Five weeks, ago' my employer Pus J 9 , 1 HT 2 V shows interest In the minors. return Members are to bring in Valenberate Christmas 35. State ired his niece as a file clerk. . . 4 9 5 0 Vm *O SB. Roam gift 42. Japanese tine arrangements which will be militia: Mot only has she disrupted my If a player has already passed, Pus Double AS Pm. about 16. Part meaaur* he may bid die unusual notrump judged for point scoring. Mrs. Owning kid — * K •btar. wearing provocatively 38. Theater Charles Johnson, flower arrange1 i a b 7 8 tight clothing and "loud" perfume without making a jump bid. If attendant the player has not yet passed, he ment chairman, will be in charge but she has the annoying habit o{ 29. Hudson Bay rx II ol the meeting. talking baby talk to the men onjumps to two .notrump to show heart. You hold: S - A K 5, H Indian SO. Man's my staff. She has ignored me that he has the two-suiter rath- None, D - Q 10 8 8 3, 0 - J 10 8 5 1* nickname completely when I attempted to er than the balanced 16-point 2. What do. you bid? • "_, , DECORATED — Brig. Gen. Walter E. Lorz, deputy comhand. 81. To bo In chide her. • 19 Answer: You might bid 2" NT debt manding general of the U. S. Army Electronics Command Came as Shock Do you think I am within my if your partner understands the » . Fat for Despite the warning, the Norm 17 i» «t Fort Monmouth, recently received the second oak rights to discharge her for this "unusual notramp" overcall. Othcandles hand xante as a shock to East % 86. Secretary leaf cluster to the Legion of Merit from Mrs. Loti while baby-talk habit which - Miss Clearly the defenders were going erwise, use the ordinary takeout 31 1 1 35 34- I S 1* w General quit reading over my double. Maj. Gen. Stuart S. Hoff, commanding general of ECOM, Winston, oCVN. shoulder Miss Winston, quit nib- to get no heart tricks; almost For SheinwoW's 369 Miss Winston, I—no, Miss W send 50c to Bridge Book, Red 41. Displayed diamonds and clubs? ston, Bossy Wossy not mad at 42. Pillar of ta n Strangely enough East didn't Bank Register, Box 3318, Grand 3* 'oo. No, Bossy not mad at Boo- rise to the occasion even though V«»tral Sta., N. Y. 17, N. Y. stone % 43. Temporary fu'ms. Boofums dest sit wight IS Sfc >» stars down in Bossy's lappy-wappy and the hand was played in a match TRAGIC HONEYMOON 44. Wading •a —as for you, George, forget it! for the European championship. 41 ITHACA, N. Y, — A young bird Bossy Wossy You expect internationalists to 45-Zane , come up with the right answer. bride of aloe days lay In Tamp•• 45 Dear Bossy Wossy: American (President Kennedy said re:i The government, however, ac- Hm. Many more readers work You've seen it by now, haven't Una County Hospital yesterday writer: 44 With Injuries from • traffic ac4* cently that one million Americans counts for the overwhelming per- their own problems out 'hat quick- you? poss. are serving outside the United centage of Americans overseas. ly and the whole advice racket East must overtake the first cident near here Saturday in 48. Beginning club trick with the ace of clubs. which her husband was killed. States. This AP Special Report Twenty-eight federal agencies em will be shot. Then he leads the queen of dubs. Mrs. John B. Lofts, 20, the fortells who they are and where they ploy Americans in 127 foreign Mrs. Marion Walling, Division When West shows out, East leads mer June Xolenskl of Pompjon countries and colonies. are. St., who has been a medical pa a third dub for West to ruff. Plains, N. J., suffered bead and These overseas Americans help County Fire Police By STANLEY ME1SLER tient in Monmouth Medical CenDown one. WASHINGTON (AP) - In the create - the images that foreign Worked 1,006 Hours Internal Injuries, a hospital Miss Jane Walker and Mrs: Ed- ter three weeks, has returned to peoples have o! the United States. FREEHOLD—The Monmouth When the hand was actually spokesman said. Her condition 19th century, the American abroad ward Florian entertained at three her home. played, East played a low club was so rare a sight he seemed For better or worse, they become County Fire Police Association was described gs poor. Her tables of cards in the home o: like a country .bumpkin lost in symbols of America to local popu- today reported that its men at the first trick. South had time 23-year-old husband, John B. Miss Jane Walker, Elizabeth St to get rid of a club on the third Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Conklin, lations throughout the world. the big city. , > worked a total of 1,006 hours durLofts of 169 Forest Ave. LtndFriday afternoon. The proceeds Main St., will leave this week to In the past few years, the ing 1962 in assisting municipal spade. He could men draw hurst, N. J., was killed whea An American novelist built' will be donated to the Mownouth spend February in Florida. trumps and give up a second club career on exploring the conflict State Department's representa- police, units. This, the report Medical Center Auxiliary. ' Us automobile and an oil truck between the innocent American tives overseas have been the butt noted, was in addition to other trick at leisure. collided near Richford In Tlogi The correct play isn't hard local situations such as fires and of much criticism. abroad and old, sophisticated EuThomas Ferrante, Church St., Miss Nicola Ferrante, daugh when you reflect that West must County. The car went underrope. A European cartoonist drew In 1960, for example, the Brook- ambulance calls. student at the University of ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tampa, Fla., will leave this Miss Margareta Christofferson American diplomats as lanky, Lin- ings Institution reported that some J. Grover Carter, chief, said have the singleton king or double- neath the truck at the intersection of Rts. 18 *nd 71. Tbe Ferrante, Church SC, was the week on a cruise to Nassau. This U.S. embassy staffs seem large the fire police units served at ton king of clubs for his opening colnesque, and blindfolded. dinner guest of her parents Sun- is an in-between semester vaca- LONG BRANCH — I lies Mar- Today the images have changed. enough to cause irritation. The in the Tinton Falls Fire Co. min-lead. If he had three clubs, he truck driver, Clayton G. Nlver, day at Peterson's Sunset Cabin, tion. gareta Christofferson has been Americans abroad are such as stitution also noted problems strel show, traffic duty at the would lead low rather than a , oi Syracuse, was not InLakewood. Miss Ferrante celenamed director of Monmouth these: caused by the ostentatious living If Shades Fire Co. fair at Mat-high. East can hardly lose by jured. A newspaper clipping found i n ' the automobile inbrated her 17th birthday Jan. 29. Medical Center's department of of some U.S. embassy people awan, the Fair Haven Jubilee overtaking. The Air Force pilot flying his 1 Other guests were Miss Barbara Robert Lockwood, Fair Haven rehabilitation therapies and has dicated the couple had beta DAILY QUESTION helicopter over brush hiding Com- abroad and the lack of contact parade , Deal celebration and Mazurosk] and Timmie Ferrante. and Mrs. Charles Miller, Atlan assumed her duties there. . munists in South Viet Nam; the with the people by some Foreign parade, Civil Defense meetings, Dealer, at your right, bids one married Jan. II. tic St., have returned from Savannah, Ga., where they visited A native of Norrkoping, Swe- pretty Peace Corps girl teaching Service officers who prefertohob- Morganville fair, Navesink fair, Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fried- den, Miss Christofferson is a chemistry and biology in the heat nob with the privileged classes of Red Bank wet down for new aerial truck, Hamilton fire company lander, Bethany Rd., Hazlet, who graduate of the Royal Gyirinastic of Ghana; the debonair diplomat the foreign country. are patients in the Savannah Hos- Central Institute of Stockholm, sipping a cocktail with a minister On the other hand, the circus and the Manasquan DiaState Department's representa- mond Jubilee. pital with injuries suffered in the'graduate school for physical in Paris. Current an automobile accident. Mrs. Mil- therapy training. She was em- The American abroad no longer tives overseas often win praiss A total of 64 uniformed men DMdMd for their work. responded to one o r more calls ler and Mrs. Lockwood were din- ployed as a physical therapist at is a rare sight. P«r Annan ner guests of Mrs. Henry Kautz- Salem Hospital in Berne, Swit- "We have one million Ameri- In a recent report, the Commit during the year. man, a former resident of Di- zerland, then returned to Sweden cans today serving outside the tee on Foreign Affairs Personnel for additional experience at a United States," President Kenne- headed by former Secretary of About 65 million Americans priceless vision St. physical therapy clinic there. She dy said in his Dec. 17 radio-televi- State Christian Herter, said the rely on oil heat for comfort,.the protection was then appointed chief physical vast majority of government of- National Oil Fuel Institute reMr. and Mrs. Frank Natale, therapist at the Physical Therapy sion interview. "TSiere is no other ficials abroad "are extremely de- ports. country in history that has carried for your First St., spent last week in Mi-Institute of Berne in Switzerland voted and able public servants; Radio Free Europe, broadcastthis kind of burden." ami, Fla. where she served two years. they should be a source of pride ing from Munich, Germany, has valuables, Kennedy's rough estimate of a 28 i Miss • Christofferson cam* to minion Americans abroad- in- to the:AmeriC|n people." at only pennies The Ladies Aid Far & Near this country two years ago andcludes only U.S. government perSociety will sponsor a turkey became a member of the reha- sonnel and their dependents. Perper week... dinner March 7 in the Reformed bilitation therapies staff at Newhaps 200,000 other Americans Church house. ark Beth Israel Hospital. During wbrk or study abroad, employed her tenure there she passed the bry American firms, sent by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geraldi examinations required for regis- churches and relief agencies, or Shipsbottom, were weekend tration by the American Physical financed by American educationa guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Therapy Association. foundations, i Sagurton, Third St. Miss Christofferson has had specialized (raining in geriatric PFC Raymond G. Brown, 62 rehabilitation and in pre-natal West Concourse, Cliffwood Beach, physical therapy, and plans in corecently was assigned to the 48th operation with existing departInfantry in Germany; A medi- ments at Monmouth Medical Cencal aid/nan in the infantry's Head- ter, to expand the hospital's quarters Co., in Worms, he wasservices in these areas. She also RUMSON - Donald F. Trotter, last stationed at Fort Carson, is assisting in the planning of assistant superintendent at the Colo. He arrived overseas in equipment, personnel and policy Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, has announced that December, 1362. for the hospital's greatly ex- Carol Louise Squires, a senior at panded and completely new de-Regional, has been notified by It adds up! More and more partment of rehabilitation thera- National Honor Society headquarKMUMIUI Ctnljr'i Bettnul Balk M Ie»n at Cuttanu Strtioa people use The Register ads each pies which will be housed on theters in Washington that she is 1 Kraibtr Ttitrol Depoitt issue because results come fast- ground floor of the new East eligible to compete for a society Imnroao Corp. er.—Advertisement. Wajg. scholarship on a nationwide basis —an opportunity afforded annually to only a few selected seniors throughout the United States.

Heads New Rehabilitation Department





Overseas Personnel 1 Million Americans Abroad







Scholarship Competitor






U 2-9747






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Carol, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Squires, Jr., Heathcliff Rd., .Rumson, established her eligibility by attaining high scores on preliminary scholastic aptitude tests last October. A member of the Regional chapter of the National Honor Society since her sophomore year, she is also one of three Regional semi-finalists in the National Merit Scholarship competition. She ranks sixth in her class of 165 seniors. ' Throughout her years at Regional, Carol has been active in all of the school's musical organizations, and has gained acceptance, based on college board scores in the 700's, at the Westminster Choir School at Princeton, where she will pursue her musical education beginning next fall.

Kenney Joins llAll-State Band RUMSON — David M. Kenney, I! a senior at the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, was selected in recent competition as first snare drummer in the All\ State Band, Region I(. Dave, the son of Mr; and Mrs. iFrank Kenney, 117 Princeton Rd., I Fair Haven, successfully audiI tioned with a large group of high school musicians from central New Jersey and will now appear I with the All-State Band in con| certs and recordings. He has performed with Region! al's school band since his freshman year and was a member of the 1961-62 Shore Conference Band. He is currently composing a musical number which, when completed, will be performed by the Regional band at its annual I spring concert. Following graduation, he plans I to major in musical composition, and has been accepted at Heidel-

I berg College in Tiffin, Ohio.

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The 125-HP Rambler American 440 Two-Door Sedan with overdrive again got most miles per gallon in the Pure Oil Economy Test to take first place in Class 6 (economy compacts, 131 to 200 cu. in. engines). It circled the tough 3.7-mile, stop-and-go sports-car course, which includes a 65 mile-per-hour minimum speed zone, and averaged over 40 miles per hour. This is the fourth consecutive year in which the Rambler American has delivered the best gasoline mileage of any car in any c l a s s . . . again proves itself America's unchallenged Economy King. If you want record economy, top quality, top resale value —and low, prices . . .see the "Car of the Year" at your Rambler dealer today.

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WEST LONG BRANCH-Rt. 36 and Broadway

Neptune Beats Wave, 71-67 LONG BRANCH - Neptune Chubby N e l s o n started the High continued to roll along un- Brancier binge with a hook shot before Tom Olivadotti followed beaten In Shore Conference with a Jump that A] Jordan then Division play, but received scare in defeating Long Branch, hit from the corner for th« third Green Wave bucket 71-67, here last night. Neptune, which had one ot its Bob Davis brake tht Ice for poorest shooting evenings of the Neptune with a two-pointer on season, fell behind 10-1 in the drive and Lee Davis added t free opening quarter before putting throw to make it 71-65 and pull up a rally, and led by only three the Fliers out ot reach. Neptun points, 68-65, with less than two then went into stalling tactics to minutes left before clinching the control the ball. Nelson tapped in a basket with 23 nooodi remainIctory. When Long Branch pulled oul ing to add Long Branch's final to Its 10-1 lead in the first quar points. ter, Neptune exploded with 1 Lee Davis and Bob Davis paced straight points to barge In front. the Fliers with 23 and 22 points, Bob Davis started and ended the respectively. Jim B«H added 10. streak with buckets. The quarte The Green Wave had four playended with the Fliers In com-era in doable figures. Nelson and Jordan each had nine field goals mand, 18-13. In the second stanza, the scor- for 18 points, Greenwood finished ing went back and forth with with 12 and Olivadotti chipped Long Branch taking command, In with 11. Neptuw Ol> Loot Bnuch 34-33, late in the period. A foul o PP art RUMSON-FAlR HAVEN REBOUNDER — Jay Benedict, Rumson,Fair Haven Regional eager who domin«ttd the Davis 1O I S ! NalMn HI shot by Lee Davis tied it up for_.Divlt « I B Jordan » ft 1 backboards for tht Btttldogs in yesterday's tilt against Shore Regional, Is shown grabbing one with Shore's Fred Neptune at halftime, 34-34. Lee Carroll 3 2 S Calami OO 4 3 10 OUmdottl S 11 Davis dumped in 10 points in the Kampf. 43, near by. Afio in on the action are, left to right, Shore's Pete Berger, Rumson's Jim Larrabee and Jeff 2 0 4orainn»d 5 1 1 1 O >JU»1 0 0 second quarter for- the Fliers. Meflll Reardon of Rumson. The Bulldogs won thtir 10th in I I itarti, 52-45. 0 0 0 BtlUllfU 3 1 Archie Greenwood paced Long 1 o j sohMni o o O O OJOHM O 0 Branch with eight markers in the 31 »«T stanza. 3O11II M 13 It—1 Neptune moved out to the lead NtPtU Iianr it n — OlhclUa—Zubtr « FttmT. In the third quarter with the first ofhi five points ot the stanza. Neptune went on to take a 23-17 scoring margin In the period forft57-81 lead entering the final quarter of play. The Filers continued to hold a WAVE BUCKET—Archie Greenwood, Long Branch High wide edge until three minutes reRumson > Fair It was the second victory fo Senior sharpshooter Jim Rob-triumph for ths Bulldogs with a RUMSON -eager, goes up for a bucket in last night's A Division mained in the final quarter. The Haven Regional waltzed out to a coach Don Trotter's Bulldogs inson pumped in three one-hand- Uuee-point play to make it 5013-2 lead in the first quarter, over "Jake" Jeffrey's Blue Dev- ers and 5-9 junior guard Vernon 41 with a minute and a half retilt against Neptune on the Branchers' court. Other cag- Long Branch live then put up A DIVISION , Paulson added a three-point play maining. but had to hold off a hustling .. n ± i i u i i i i _ . j rally which producer] tnree oasLast Night's Results Shore Regional quintet before ils. Rumson won its opening game as the Bulldogs marched off to Berger scored again, Paul Cos-1 ers in on action are Neptune s Larry Holmes, left, and ^ fa j ^ 1 ^ a ^^xe to Neptune 71 Long Branch 17 Long Branch1! Dan Bellinger. Neptune won, 71-67, cut the gap to three points. 68-05. Maoftsqnan M Brick.Twp. J8 ringing up its ninth triumph In over the Shore Regional easily their 13-2 lead in yesterday's entino followed with a free throw 10 games, 52-45. in a non-Shore 71-39, on the Devils' Vest Long tilt. That was all the scoring for to dose it to six points before MUdfetawn «8 Red Bank M Conference game here yesterday. Branch court. the Bulldogs in the quarter, bow- Pete Woglom completed the Lakewood «8 Freehold U ver, and Shore added three points scoring for Rumson on a feed Standings for an eight-point deficit at the from Robinson. Ken Adams W L Pet end of the stanza, 13-8. added Shore's final marker with . Neptuw ( I K ) -19 t 1.000 a free throw. Shore Rallies Manasquan (11-1). After a 14-13 edge in the sec- Paulson, with nine points In Long Branch (8-5) .709 ond quarter for Rumson and a the final quarter, was high scorMiddletown (7-5) _ .MO 27-18 Bulldog halftime bulge. er for Rumson, totaling 19 points, Lakewood (4-8) .490 town frosh won, 43-30. Middleadvantage in the quarter for it; RED BANK — Lynn Davenport Shore went to work in the third seven from the free throw line. JS1 town's junior vartity it now 10-2 Toms River (44) _ and Bob Girardin scored 23 and37-22 halftime margin. quarter as Rumson couldn't find Reardon was the only other Bull.soo 20 points, respectively to pace Red Bank came back in th< while the freshmen haven't test Brick Twp. ( M ) _ the range or come up with an of-dog in double figures, finishing Red Buk ( » 0 ) _ _ 2 8 jog MATAWAN — The taste of vie- py MacCutcheon. Middletown Township to a 68-54 third quarter with guard Russ in 10 outings. with 13, five from the charity fensive rebound. 1 t .IN tory most be appealing to Bruce Raritan saw its seasonal rec victory over Red Bank High in Munson pacing the way. The Both the Bucs and lions meet Freehold (1-8) MacCuteheon's Matawan Region- ord dip to 6-5. They are 4-5 fa After the clubs traded points U»e. B DIVISION a Shore Conference A Division Bucs trailed by 19 points, 45-26, A Division foes Friday night. Conference play. The huskies are unti Rumson held a 10-polnt mar- Eastwick topped the Blue Deval eager* • Last Night's Results encounter here last night. before scoring seven straight Red Bank plays at Toms River. 2-11 over-all and 2-6 in the Con-gin, 33-23, late in the stanza, ils with 15 points. Berger was After losing 11 straight contests, Middletown has a tough one, Henry Hudson 80 Keyport Davenport, a 6-1 sophomore markers to make the score 45 Shore reeled oft seven straight next with 11, eight in the final the Huskies broke the long string fereoce. playing at Manasquan. 5» (Overtime) pivot man, had his highest point 33, Middletown upped the couni MUdttm («> B*4 Bu ; (M> George Siebert sparked the points, four by Merv Eastwick, eight minutes of play. with a victory over Keyport lasi Matawaa Reg. IS Raritaa Twp. rr production of the season, scoring to 13 markers, 48-35, with threi Qlurdla o Friday. Last night on their home Huskies with 27 points and 18 in-to dose the gap to three mark- Ruittson took the verdict In a S 4 SO Koem f«ii on jumps and tap-ins. His. pre- points as the Bucs got two, btfNovtmbrt 3 0 4 Muncon court they posted victory number portant rebounds. Siebert had hisers, 33-30. A free throw by Paul- low-scoring but thrilling junior Central Reg. 61 Southern Reg. Davenport ft S 23 CaeartJlo vious high was 11 points. Coach Red Bank roared back with th< Snover 1 0 2 Horltcbtf two-a surprising 65-57 success 12 baskets and three foul shots son ended the third stanza scor- varsity game. John Heermans Dave Wirth's, sophomore ace final five points of the quartei Bulllvut « 418K*M« tossed in a basket from almost over Coach Don Czok's Raritan evenly distributed throughout thi ing. OHffin 0 1 lFrxt'cknn NORTH pumped in 17 of his markers in to make it 48-40 entering the fi Foulki After Jim Larrabee opened the half court with two seconds left 0 O OCwlotn Township squad in a Shore Concontest. George Morrell McDowell 1 0 2 the opening half as Middletown nal stanza. Frank D'Apolito each tallied II final quarter scoring for Rumson in regulation time to tie the W L Pet. Ference B Division contest. moved into a 15-point halftime Munson, a senior, scored sis with a free throw for a 35-30 game and the Bulldogs went on The Huskies broke open a nippoints. 2»ei Mldaietown n u j f « Rumson-F.H. (10-1) _7 1 .879 lead, 37-22. When Davenport points in the quarter. Senior Bol Ron O'Neill, Raritan's high- Rumson lead, Shore pulled with- to capture their 10th victory in nip-and-tuck s t r u g g l e midHenry Hudson (7-4) „ • 3 J M Offlclaltr—TrusueUo, WOtltflu. slowed down somewhat' in the Kocen and sophomore Bill Hor in one point, 35-34, the closest 11 games, 27-24 in an overtime Raritan Twp. (64) _ 4 5 .444 way throught the final period to scoring forward, topped his club second half, Girardin took over lacher added four markers each with 20 points. O'Neill, B Division since the opening seconds of the session. Heermans led all scorers pull out the dramatic victory. • ISO Matawan ( M l ) the scoring Job. Girardin Scored in the quarter. The two teams had battled even- scoring leader, had 15 of his total game, as Pete Berger dunked in the tilt with 11 points. Joe SOUTH nine points in the final quarter, Red Bank cut the gap to sii in two free throw and a bucket. Centannl and Ron Reisner paced ly up to this point, but Coach in the final half. Standings including a key three-pointer points once In'the final quartei Frank Baumann added 12 The Bulldogs came back with Shore's JVs with eight and seven MacCutcheon Inserted G e o r g e when Coach Bill Sweel's Bucca- and seven points twice. The final W L Pet Lahmatm and Eldie Flynn into markers for the Rockets, but four free throws, two each by points, respectively. neers closed the gap to five seven-point Middletown advan- WICKATUNK - Two classy PL Pleasant («-2) -I .857 the line-up to give the club the BiU Jannarone was held to sevei Paulson and Jeff Rearson, for Shore Regional now has a 3-7 tage, 55-48, came with 3J£ minpoints midway through the final -4 .571 spark they needed. basketball games are scheduled WaU ( W ) by a rugged Huskle zone defense. a 39-34 advantage, before the utes remaining In the encounter. .429 The pair turned in some ex- Raritan Township salvaged the clubs traded baskets to make it record. The Blue Devils are host here Friday for the benefit of Monmouth Reg. ( « ) _J session. Point Pleasant Friday night Girardin then scored on a tap the Teachers Association SdiolarCentral Reg. (S-9) .US cellent floor play and chipped jayvee clash, winning a close 44- 41-36. At tiie 4:30 mark Paulson to Middletown now has a 7-5 Rumson will seek its second vicSouthern Reg. Last Nlght'f Results The Rockets held a ltt-9 lead paced the Rockets with 18, while three-point, play to close the Bull- court. Ken Bullivant was also in douof mothers meeting a club com- Toms River 78 R. B. Catholic after one period, but Matawan Ron Guerlison led Matawan with dog lead to four points. 43-39. half game behind third place Shorn Her. W) a rr Bmnioa (5!) Long Branch (7-3). Red Bank is ble figures for the winners with posed of women faculty mema rr left the court at half-time with a 13 points. From that point, Rumson's aerger 4 3 11 Reardon 16 markers. Munson topped the 4 S 13 bers. 2-10 over-all and 2-8 in the A Kji.twlctt 6 3 15 Paulion Rumson 52 Shore Reg. 45 pressing defense paid off with Rampf im 24-23 lead. Each club scored *""" { f r r - mtnma 6 111 2 0 4 Benedict o ir Buccos with 14, all on field Division. 3 1 7 Climaxing the evening will be Hoffman 69 Monmouth Reg. 23 points in the torrid third ,ses- g w » 1 r1 3 Robinson 6- SSOEIsbtrt -4 MorrcU 12 3 27 two quick baskets, a "chippie" 4 O S 1 2 goals. Horlacher finished with 12 0 o 0 Lara&ei Except for a short-lived lead 4 2 1 by Jay Benedict and a jayup contest between the fathers 50 0 2 1 on that wound up with the win- j 2 3 7 Flynn 3 2 8 Vllatdl 2 O O iO l 0 In the first quarter, 6-3, Red and Kocen added 11. Kurzeje'sk! 3 0 4 Dalit? 6 0 12 Lahmann and a team composed of men O Records 2 2 6 by Paulson following a steal. lers still ahead by 47-46. O O 0 Zambor 10 2 Woglom 2 0 4 It was a clean sweep as the Bank never held command in the teachers. hristlan Brothers (9-2) 0 O 0 Hamilton The play continued c l o s e wei.h 0 2 2 Shore got its last breath of 4 O SD'Apollto Middletown junior varsity and contest. The Lions reeled off Red Bank Catholic (14) trough the first half of the final cijSSffii 3 0 6 Gaxafano 51 00 102 life when Berger hit another Shore Rsgr. 5 13 U 15—« nine straight points in the open- freshman teams also won. Three Kentucky has won four NCAA Shore Reg. (S-7) Haven._U 14 7 1S-11 period, but the Huskies applied jump shot, but Paulson iced the Runuon-Fair ~ nclau — Palais A Dahroux*. ing stanza and went on to players scored in double figure: basketball titles. The Wildcats S t Rose (11-2) the pressure in the closing ~ mo-n*Mun T ^ _ t l - 10 u g 2 8 } ! ^ post a 16-12 margin in the firstas the Lions captured the JV tilt, won in 1948, 1949, 1951 and 1958. Asbury Park ( M ) merits to wrap it up for the hapeight minutes of play. > 63-28. Denny Osborne paced the The Lions kept on rolling it up trio with 19 markers. Jim Rooney In the second quarter, scoring and Dixie Abdella added 17 and the first eight points of the quar- 16, respectively. Steve Rell paced ter before going on to a 21-10Red Bank with five. The Middle-

Shore inference Standings

Davenport, Girardin Pace Middletown Over Bucs, 68-54



Rumson Pushed by Shore Reg, Before Getting 5245 Triumph

Matawan Gets 2d Victory, 65-57

Faculty, Parents In Benefit Tilts

Mike Lane is Hero as Hudson NipsKeyport in Overtime,60-59

IT'S MINE — Bob Girardin, with ball, of Middletown Township High, keeps ball away from Red Bank's Bob Kocan, second from left, and Russ Munson in lait night's A Division tilt. Girardin went up to" icore two of his 20 points that helped Middletown to a 68-65 win. 18—Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1963


HIGHLANDS - Mike Lane, 6-2 possibly tying up the encounter. Keyport came roaring out In eight minutes of play with its unior, scored a basket to tie Keyport had one chance at the third quarter and took com- five-point lead. Tom Gevas the game in regulation time and pasting the winning basket in themand early before going on to an then added the winning bucket final 30 seconds of regulation 18-11 bulge to enter the final bombed hi 10 points to pace Keyport into the lead in the third In an overtime session as Henry time. The Raiders, worked the stanza. Hudson Regional took over soli ball down court and BiU Geiger Lane lopped all scorers in the possession of second place in thewent up for the shot, but Hudtilt with 23 points, five coming Shore Conference B Northern Di- son's 6-4 senior standout, Alex from the free throw line. Ashuck ision with a 60-59 verdict In anAthuck, blocked the shot and the added 15, seven on free throws, overtime thriller against Key- buzzer sounded. and paced the Hudson reboundport here last night. Keyport scored first in the ers with 25. Smith was next for Lane scored on a jump shot overtime session on a bucket by Hudson with 10 and freshman Torn the corner with 32 seconds Dan Hourahan. but Mickey JackCharles Canty tallied eight. Lane [eft in regulation time to tie theson came back with a basket on hauled In 23 rebounds for Hudgame at 52-52 and then tallied a drive to tie It up. son. :he winning bucket In the exira Artie Smith, Hudson sophoGevas led the Keyport point period with five seconds left as more, gave the Admirals the producers with 19 m a r k e r s . the Admirals boosted their rec- lead for good in the overtime Hourahaa was next with 15 and rd to 7-4 over-all and 8-3 In period with a bucket at the 1:30 Frase added nine, five in tte :he B Northern Division. The set-mark. Smith added another buckfinal quarter. jack was the third straight for et with approximately one minKeyport won the junior varslly Keyport since it ended Rumson ute left on a steal to give the game, 51-45. John Medolla and 'air Haven's unbeaten streak Admirals one of the biggest leads Bill Bishop paced the winners wo weeks ago. The Red Raiders of the entire game, 58-54. Hourwith 24 and 12 points, respectivere now 7-7 over-all and 4-4 In ahan came back with a pair of ly. Walt Green led me losers he B Northern Division for third foul shots and Brian Jackson addwith 11. dace. ed a third charity toss for the Keyport tries to get back on Keyport had two chances to Raiders to make it 58-57 and the winning trail Friday night ull out last night's tilt after Lane set the stage for Lane's winning when it plays at Wai) Township scored the important buckets for shot. to a B Division game. Hudson ^ h Dick Fosko's Admirals. A last quarter rally by Hudson travels to South Amboy to tackle \fter Lane tallied his winning had sent the game Into overtime. a classy Hoffman High quintet in NEW SHREWSBURY ROOKIE SIGNS YANKEE CONbucket with five seconds left in Keyport went Into the final quara non-Shore Conference encoun- TRACT—Curt Blefary, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Blefary. vertime, Keyport called time ter with a 42-37 advantage before ter. ut in an effort for one last shot. the Admirals posted a 15-10 scor- BIG TEN LEADER — Gary Keyporl («•)_ _ Heurr Hudson 180) 25 Clover dale Cir., New Shrewsbury, was one of four o rp Die Admirals, ahead by three ing margin. 0 rp rookies who .signed contracts yesterday with the New Bradds, the 6'8" junior who a awflmith 3 4 10 awfl xiints, 60-57, stood at half court The first half belonged to Hen4 7 15J«ck.on 1 0 2 has replaced Jerry Lucas at 2 3 SLane 0 5J3 York Yankees. - Blefary, a first year man, is a 19-year-old hile the Raiders' Dennis Frase ry Hudson. The Admirals got off 2 1 6 Ashuck 4 7 IS cored on a layup. The half court to a 15-12 lead in the opening Ohio Stale, is leading {he Praia 3 3 I) Canty 4 0 8 first baseman-catcher, who batted .240 at Greensboro. 0 0 0 Byint 1 0 2 aition for the Henry Hudson quarter and held on In the sec-Big Ten scoring as the Buck- Buma 3 1 5 Curt played with the state champions Red Bank Union Otlgar :agers on Frase's shot kept the ond quarter ai Keyport took a 17 SBB JJ 19 60 House team before leaving for the Yanks' farm club eyes ones again present anKeyport eager from being fouled 12-11 edge to make It 28-24, HudKeypott 1 13 18 JO 7—59 12 H H u i Henry Hud ion 19 11 11 15 other formidable team. last summer. nd getting a free throw and son, at the half. OBIclall-Woir, Solftr.

Newark college 38-30 in the final RED BANK REGISTER half to clinch the hard-fought tri- Wednesday, Jan. 30, ld(S3—19 umph. Jerry Blttwbinder was the top each tallied 11 points, while Kevin scorer for the Hawks, baggtag points. Tom Farrell had 14, while Lynchr Middletovm, had 10. Ncwsuk (HI Moumouth Jack Neary and Paul Herr, each err OFF Caaale 4 2 10 Blttenblndcr 9 2 20 had nine. 3 2 8 Nsary 3 3 0 Rich Wilkens paced the High- Stjilerre Guide S U l Drown 3 17 lander attack with 14 points. Bill Dreyer 1 4 6 Poland 12 4 Schroeder 1 3 5 Andrews 10 2 Guide picked up 13. 11 Monmouth held a slim 47-45 10 18 56 28 0 05 ASBURY PARK - Monmouth lead with six minutes to play, Newark ...M JO—S6 ~ ~.~7 33—65 College broke loose late in the but big Larry Poland, former Monmouth Officials—Jensen & OCIIH. final half to down Newark Col- Keyport High School star, came lege of Engineering, 65-56, in a through with a three-point play to LINCBOFT RKCRK.VriO.V WOMEN'S MSAQVE basketball game played at Con- give the Hawks the margin they W L Holmdel Es3O .12 vention Hall last night. needed. Llncrolt Inn _... 30 28 It was the seventh win in 13 The Monmouth College jayvees Fninlt Barber Shop Wasserman's -.._ ......28 starts for the West Long Branch won their ninth straight by a Mncrott Gull 27 Nut'l Hmilt ....2(j Hawks. The visitors have a 4-5 59-47 score. The Hawk reserves KeanBbg-Mtdd. Brink's Fine Meata _...'-'") Llncrolt Esso 22 log. have a fine 10-1 seasonal mark Llncroft Pharmacy 21 The Hawks held a 27-26 half- John Deegan, of Long Branch 500 Serifs — Dot Penny 149, W2, 171-502; 15«, 192. 181-527; Peg Buil 1 time lead, but out-distanced the and Pete Andrews, of Matawan, long 188, 151, 17B-S17.

Hawks Defeat Newark

Unemployment - Welfare - Payroll


100% NYLON,

GAILY-COLORED — Hialesh'i popular race track'Is all decked out this season for Itt meat, which it in progress.- Thii icene shows umbrellas over sidewalk sip 'n snack tables catting bright reflection* over Hialeah'i paddock garden lily pond.

Hialeah Decked Out This Season

CBA Trackmen Place In All But 1 Event;

MIAMI, Ha. — For the first cockatoos, big multi-hued crested JERSEY CITY — The Christime, a major race course lias parrots, a rare pheasant, and an tian Brothers Academy track opened the season with all-alumi- imposing snowy peacock, his full- squad placed in all but one of num rails. As handsome Hialeah spread tail a great fan of delicate the four events in the New Jer> bowed in recently for 40 days of lace. Unique is a group ot tousey Catholic Conference relay tha sport of kings, these safer, cans. plus brilliant emerald, splinterless metal rails beneath Small green talking parrots, championships at the Jersey City familiar light paint bound the we're told, soon learned to say Armory yesterday. track. "Polly wants a win!" CBA was on its way to score in Thanks to young bachelor-ex- The famous, flamingos favor the final «vent when the Colts' ecutive Gene Mori, Jr., the world their own private pool—some Johnny Hayes fell while leading famous horse racing pageant is drowsing stork-like, with one leg on the third leg of this relay race. enchanced by a variety of addi- hidden; some stalking leisurely Coach Ernie Muir spread ou about, and others drinking with his squad in" a vain effort to tional attractions. There is the piquant terraced heads almost upside down be- catch Essex Catholic, the eventP a r i s i a n cafe, entirely of cause of their awkward hooked ual winner with IS points, and Jalousied glass, overlooking the bills. Contrary to popular belief, runner-up Seton Hall. traditional walking ring and tote the flamingo is riot a bright coral Most of the coaches conceded color, but an indescribably beau board. to the North Jersey powerhouse Inside the cafe, a full-view tiful soft r o s y gold, or pink- and concentrated their strength bricked barbecue kitchen dis- shaded apricot. The live birds in one event. CBA had the plays food in various stages of are near the celebrated flamingo strongest representation in the completion. Outside, some 60 in- fountain that bears their repli- distance medley and took fourth timate cafe tables, typically Gal- cas in metal. It is at this fountain place behind Seton Hall, St. Pelic, are arranged in a broad that water flows pink on the day rer's of New Brunswick, and Es"sidewalk" patio, floored in tile of the great Flamingo Race. sex Catholic Another eye-catcher at Hialeah patterned red brick. Sophomore Tim Sheehan turned A low Mediterranean-style race course in a graceful lily in a good 4:40 anchor mile only (tone wall blends with the decor pool, each of its serene blossoms to have it surpassed by Seton of the clubhouse opposite, the a color of one of the racing silks Hall's Vadim Schladenko (4:32) great pillars of which blaze with worn by competing jockeys. Cir- and Essex's Jack O'Leary (4:37). royal purple bougainvillaea, and cular concrete tables offer an in- Johnny Eager, with an equally massive architecture contrasts vitation to sit and take in the impressive 4:43, anchored the pleasantly with the cozy little colorful scene. Colts' B team into seventh place A final—finny—attraction i s a by winning the unseeded heat by eating spot. The cafe—or coffee house—has twinkling aquarium well stocked 100 yards. played a vibrant part'in social with rare, brillantly-liued tropical Art DeFazio's game effort on custom, particularly abroad. The fish. the 880 relay when he pressed first European capital to boast To their loved friend, the two men on his leg, went for a colfee house was Constanti- late little Jimmy Bright, pioneer nought as the Colts took fifth onnople, now Istanbul, in 1934. Fore- Florida thoroughbred breeder ly, one second behind the winner, runner of today's newspaper, in and horseman, whose gift acres Marist, who surprised with a victhe early cafe kept people in- (160 acres for $10) msfte up the tory in 1:42.2. Steve Ganz, Joe famed race course, the Seminole formed and in touch. Pignataro and John Maimone For a short leg-stretching Indians called the land Hialeah, were the other members on the "high plain of beauty." How , stroll, patrons visit the eight sparelay. cious aviaries containing exotic well they named it only the affic- The other Lincroft point winner ionado who sees for himself can tropical birds from a half a dozen was the team of Paul Stach, Terlands; golden-coroneted w h i t e f u l l y understand. ry Broderlck, Ed Kelsey and Denny Germano, which placed fifth to the winning Essex Catholic quartet. The winning time was 8:25.

Indians Slam Caseys, 78-58

— SUMMARIES — --- — 1. Marlat (Bayonne); 2. Seton Hall: 3.- Essex Catholic; 4. St. Ben edict's. Time 1:12.2 • 1-Mlle — 1. Oar Lady of the Valley 2. Bergen Catholic; 3. St. Aloytlus: t St. Lukes: 5.' Bergen Catholic. Time 3:09. 2-Mlle — 1. Essex Catholic; 2. aeton ..-. Hall; 3. Bergen Catholic; 4. Essex B. B. Catholic <58> Toms River. <"») O F P Catholic; 5 OBA. Tlmo 8:!5. a rr ~ ~ 10 • 24 Distance Mcdlty — I. Seton Hall; 2, Stirnweiss 6 O 12 Kearney 0 0 0 St. Peter's N. B.; 3. Essex Catholic; Fitzgerald 3 0 HYenchlk 0 2 2 4. OBA; 5. Bergen Catholic. Time 8:05, Buchalew O 1 *Combl "" Points — Essex Catholic 15; Seton 1 7 9 Yeager 5 retrains Hill 9;. Marlst 6; 6 4 16 Morley 11 __ 13; Bergen . . Catholic . Fezzutl O O 0 Sonnrnlield O i l Valley 6; CBA i; St. Peters, N. B. 4; Sasson St. Aloyalus 3; St. Benedict's 2; St. Armstrong O 0 0 Rlcketts Lukes 2; St. Rose. Delbartlon, Oratory, O'Kccte O 0 0 Clmailla 0 0 Horn O 0 0 Gralche-n 2 1 5 St. Michael's 0. 4 6 II Crawford 0 2 DomJ

TOMS RIVER — Toms River High School roared out to a 307 lead over a, "cold-shooting" Red Bank Catholic squad here last night to pave the way for a 78-58 victory. The Caseys applied a full court press to advantage and chippet) 50 18 58 ' 3 2 M 7B in with better shooting in the Red Bank Catholic _ 7 10 18 23—58 22 H 19 23—78 final half to stay with the Indians, Toms Hlver but it was far too late to close Official*-Bcchtloff, Lockenmayer. the gap. It was the Casey's ninth loss in TODAY 10 starts. The Indians have a 5B DIVISION 8 seasonal record. Wall Twp. vs Pt. Pleasant at Tonis River set the pattern Brick Twp. for what was to follow breaking WEST ORANGE - Carteret FRIDAY a 2-2 tie in the opening minutes School was no match for CroyA DIVISION with an eight-point string. Early don Hall here yesterday as the Red Bank at Toms River in the second period the winners Cardinals from Leonardo blasted Mlddletown at Manasquan held a commanding 30-7 lead as the home club, 71-38. Long Branch at Brick Twp. the Casey shooters recorded a dismal six for 21 from the floor. With Rich Dooley and Bruce Lakewood at Neptune B DIVISION The Caseys improved their Heath bossing the rebounds off play with the insertion of Pete both boards, and Danny Wall do- Central Reg. at Matawan Reg. Stirnweiss and jajrvee star Richie ing plenty of pass stealing, Croy- Keyport at Wall Twp. pezzuti in the second' period. don rolled off to a 26-6 first Monmouth Reg. at Southern Pezzutl, who tallied IS points in quarter lead and then edged Reg. the joyvee game, added 16 more Carteret, 14-13, In the second OTHERS In the varsity tilt to take high quarter for a 40-19 half advant- Rumson at R. B. Catholic age. • scoring honors. Stirnweiss, whtj CBA at Holy Trinity (Westfleld) : Joined the team a week, ago, It was a fine day for Croy- Pt. Pleasant at Shore Reg. don's substitutes as varsity playctiioped in with 12 points and Henry Hudson at Hoffman could become a big help to the ers received only 12 minutes of Princeton at Freehold action and the Cardinal reserves club In future games. SATURDAY finished up. Charlie Dowd, sparkling sophoSt. Rose at Asbury Park Wall also turned out to be more shooter, had 14 markers for Monmouth College at Setnn the losers. Tom Petraltas added high scorer fur Croydon with Hall (Paterson) 13 points, seven coming at the nine to the total. foul .line. Bill Luftig posted 12 Toms River had a 36-17 fmlfand Dooley and Steve Feehan t'me lead. The Casey all-court stored 10 markers each. p'ess held the Indians to a 13-18 filrd pRrlorl. Midway in the Jack McManus was high for Carteret with 13 tallies. fonrfi, the Caseys cut the margin to 63-54 but several missed shots The Cardinal jayvees a l s o LAKEWOOD—A spirited Freenullified a chance to reduce the scored a triumph, taking a 36- hold Regional High School rally 26 decision over Carteret. lead even more. fell short here last night as the <38> Ciojilon Hull (71) Colonial cagers dropped a 68-61 Jim Kearney, who paced Toms Dooley 4 0 0 • 5 o w verdict to Lakewood in a Shore River with 24 points, hit four Pctrosk! 2 1 S Torborg Reich Conference A Division clash. baskets in a row to give the MRzzana 1 0 2 FeeJwn 2 0 Sullivan Mtonlto winners a solid lead once again. McManufl 4 5 11 Heath Freehold continued in the A 0 0 Wall K«arriey and Bill Morley, who McQiilllIn Division cellar with a 1-9 mark. 3 0 8 Lultlr Belzer scored 23 Mints, excelled in reThe Piners have a 4-6 ConferGrazeola Brennan ence record and are 4-8 over-all bounding for the Toms River The teams wound up in a 15-15 club. Yeager and Larry Rickets 18 6 38 15—38 Cartefct ~ . 6 13 each scored 10 points. Croydon Hall -M 14 IS 16—71 tie after the first period, but the winners spurted in the second ' The fted Bank Catholic Jawees Officials—Lorenw. Bchmldt. frame to take an 11 point halftriumphed 53-43 with Pezzuti HIDDEN HILLS WOMEN'S I.EAOUE time advantage. l°adlnn the way with 16 point*. ' W L .._ ...» 34 20 L a k e w o o d maintained it3 The Casey reserves have a '7-3 Fllntstone« Untouchables 30 U M. Bnuacl 211 25 spread until the early portion of seasonal record. Defenders 27 57 the final period when the ColoRed Bank Catholic hosts P'im- Mavericks ..._ 20 28 Cats ...20 !S nials came alive and charged inson-Fair Haven Regional Fri- Top Bonanzas „ 23 31 day night. Reftl McCoy. . 21 33 to a one-point lead.

Croydon Blasts Carteret, 71-38


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Lakewood Tops Freehold, 68-61






Recaps- A l l



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CORNELL : « F V £ J Y PIP BOYS TIBE HAS Kv ' A WRITTEN GUASANIEE ;.•:•:• AGAINST AIL KOAD HAZ- •»:• .... ARDS IN PASSENGER CAR yS; :•/ USE. Damage will either b« v/.; X; repaired without charge/ *>X .:>f or replaced wllh adjust- •>>: :-X; menl charge* probated ,vX : : » mdnlhly based on regular -v-x :-:•:• selling price, ___^^£*'''-





• Low Profile Design for greater stability, maximum mileage!

• Extra Deeper, Wider Tread for tip lo 3 1 % MORE MILEAGE!

NO EXTRAS! :•:WEIGHTS INCLUDED! 'ER WHEEl "All prkM plus tax and old ."> lira off your car raoardles* >X of condition. *X

; .(*

• Tread hat more than 10.000 biting edges for safer driving with surer starts and safer stops!


• Deeper, Wider Tread for longer life than original equipment tiresl




0) l o w Profifa Design gives faster response lo Itw steering wheel—brake—accelerator « . . especially at high speedil

• New, Improved Tread Design gives faster, safer controlled stops!

% ::

• Rugged Du Pont Nylon Cord Design stronger than original equipment liresl ,

• New Slim Whitehall Styling to give a dynamic action look lo any cat!



Rugged 3-Arm

Powtrful icrew-QCtlon rwrnovftt wheels EASILY, QUICKLY for EASIER Ci ACCESS lo * BRAKESI





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W I L L PERFORM LIKE NEWI tuick 41-56 most mod.; Ford V - d i i Mere. <(?-S9; Olds. 49-58 most mod.; Fora1 6, 52- , SB; Pont. 41 -SB most mod.) Rambler 6.5S-S9 ' Perfect Replacement fuel Pumps for other » Can also LOW PRICED! •

olloble kCOSTI,

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FIH all Electric drill,!







e Eslra Cords of Impact Re* liilont Da Font Nylon, the) toughest tire cold made!



• 3 big shelvet

e Adjuilobie Shades e Exlendi from 7'-8" to 6'-2" > Ptoilic nonmorlcing «nd cap]! • IDEAL FOR ANY BOOMI

• 2 towel holders • Oloaming chrome finish e Extends from 7'-4!" to 8'-2"



wool bonnet J


Sanding \ diics • Aetor



Price Wilh Old Original In Trodel







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FLUID J Also use ' ' I" power •leerlna units!

42 W. Front St. Red Bank PHONE SH 1-3440 Open Friday Evening 'HI 9.

. Up to 2-1ON NOW ONtY


f IT MOST CARS! 1J» IONO I 14" 1°



Other stores In Penh Amboy, New Brunswick and Trenton. ' MUFFtIR INSTALLATION

BED BANK BEGISTER 20—Wednesday, Jan. 30, 19





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•em _NCOLM VOKUHKB roim nfDUSTRI—L _AQn_MAHCB RaV HAMMOND DOOR hardtop, local oat owner ear, PAOtS o r A l t TTOOa - CarpMtnr. RETIRED? that li In excellent condition. It li electrical, cement, a i d mac—nee In ORGAN STUDIO sparkling white with a caramel Interior, shootlnl » hoc fluppterae-nt Ineom* with paft-tlm* eutANNOUNCEMENTS atop In and drive this car today. One tod two bedrooms, situated lidt work. Car tucaaurjr. CONTACT Maurice Schwartz & Sons JLOST AND FOUND USED OROAN» In the best residential area. Closing up our Thrift W«rotiou«« and mutt di Mataran, N. J. KBNTAAMD INSTRUCTION AUTOMOTIVE • J-piece Modern Bedroom " 1955 CUSTOM LINE FORD — Two bit or too imall. 872.1533 Open DaUy Till a — Baturdsy Till B:JO door hardtop, radio, heater, standard. INCOME TAX RETURNS - Builnei • 2-pleca Convertible L-R suite RED BANK NEEDED AT ONCE AUTOS & TRUCKS COO—HAN AVI. AND MAIN 8T. $200. 42 John Et., Red Bank. or individual. Established twelve ye: • S-pIece Dinette In this area. Margery Trovato, trading PS 5-S300 BEAUTIFUL RIVERFRONT CHRYSLER — » 5 8 Windsor, four dooi as Reliable Tax Service Call "71-1289 Opportunity to earn SBfi or more jrour THUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS plus tables, lamps, pillows, etc. first week, no experience necessary. PIANOS - Save flM or more oil II Six rooms, two balha. Best residential 1961 Chevrolet Fleetstdft Pick-up. Ow sedan, full power, radio, heater, ex- for appointment Balance $376. Pay *3 weekly. Must be between 20-3S. Available Imprice. Brand oew Wnote eonsoto - ana. River privllenw. U ~ ft -onlh. «r driven, •* ton la perfect. It hi cellent coiiditfon. $595. KB 1-2077, INCOME TAX RBTUBNB—lndlvldu mediately, all Interviews confidential. uoa. 10-year marantes. . Come _^ Call Rumson, M l . _ _ . 14,193 miles on i t It Is equipped w IS years experience. Pick up am FIVE-YEAR 50,000 MILE WARRANTY Call SH 1-4321, 11-1, or SO p.m. radio- and heater, and a body cove sars. Kent, option to buy, T e n n f i • Outfit No. 77833 Regular (58$ 1958 CMC Garbage Track 16 y see MAURICE SCHWARTZ * SONS deliver. Reasonable. SH 1-1<«. Uaslc Store. 3M Main g t . Laliewood NEPTUMB — New four rooms and Customer "Johnson" (or Plymouth. Valiant. Cnryslers. 1m- INCOME TAX RETURNS prepared. Packer body. bath, garage, basement porch, teat EXPERIENCED MECHANIC — On perlal. 141 W. Fronl St., Red Bank. your horns or business. 1953 Chevrolet Pick-up. PROMTS! HSRAMTTHlNtJ but bmrand not water supplied. Unfurnished, • 4-plece Sectional jofa ' ' Chrysler Products. Call in peraon at 1951 Chevrolet Dump. Her stereo at ACS. ACS TV, Hwy _ , adults! «— Green Prove Ed. Mu 1-00! PRANK VAN 8YCKLE, INC., 14> W. • • 3-plece Modern Bedroom Jumbo size 1958 FORD — Automatic, radio, heater, SH 7-2662 1861 Chevrolet Stake boily. Neptune City. PR MOM. Front Bt., Red Bank, hltewalls. Good condition X320 firm. LIQHT TRUCKING and Inside cleai LONO BRANCH - !H room, apart• S-plece Dinette Maurice Schwartz & Sons Ing. Reasonable prices. Alio c Call 787-0264. TKADB IN you e l l mmitors tnta ment * < Vt room apartment All SALES TRAINEES - METALS cleaned. 291-1091. plus tables, lampi, pillows, cabinet, etc. down payment and l e t a new parlor utilities. U 2-011ft H I W. Front St. SH 7-0787 Red Ba STATION WAQ0N — 1956 Chevrolet, or dtaliii room set af sale prlcss. W Balance $379. Pay U weekly. 1660 AUSTIN HE ALE t SPRITE Exc. four-door, automatic. Condition good. SNOW PLOWINa. driveways and sld, Whltehead Metals has several opporHam U O Purnlturt Inc., Hwy a , THREE-ROOM unflirnllhed apartments. tunities for sales trainees. Starting lent condition. Price J950. Call SH Ulddletown. I B 14H1. opes svenlnis Excellent location. Atlantic HlgMud*. Call after 7 p.m. 842-1229 saUry J8.2O0 plus benefits. Call HU 9726 after 6 p.m. HI lo IK, all utilities. 291-14H • Outfit No. 74J22 ReaHar $68S uu » p. m. 5-5600 (Harrison, N. J.) on Monday, DOMENICO PMMERANO - Carpet February 4, for Interview appointment. 1959 CHEVROLET IMP ALA — Hardtot 1954 CHEVROLET CuJtomer "RadcliF TWO APARTMENT — Furnished, two ter, contractor. All kinds of carpenl Excellent condition. Six new tires ii Asking 1100 and three rooms, 110 and ISO a month. Venetian Blinds Repaired SH 7-9222 • Lovdy 3-plece L-R suite OPPORTUNITY for retired business work, alterations. SH 1-&7A3. eluding mow treadj, |1000. Call SH All utilities, 2SM4®. ^ ^ _ _ _ mas who Is still active and anxious to 9726 after 6 p.m. New tapes and cords. Also wasolni • Modern Bed Room suite with formica top ALTERATIONS STATION CARS STATION CARS keep busy: position open as manager of ATTRACTTVB «t«-room apartment on, service. PlssUe or cloth tapes. Dresses, at home AUTOMOBILE INBUUAKCtt — Uabl • • 7-piece Dinette business opportunities department, listI960 H1LLMAN HUSKY wagon farm with lovely view, newly decorated, 1 BH 7-4632 lly and physical damase. 17-80 COD b ing and selling various kinds of busiJIM per month Includes heat, water. 1960 SIMCA two-door hardtop P R O W N ' S • Reconditioned Refrigerator Insured. ROLSTON WATEKBURY U nesses, acreage, apartment bouses, etc.; 1958 RENAULT sedan . W Front F R 33 Broad St. Red Bank SB 1-7SC Call evenings only LI 8-4385., S t , Red , plus large array of quality accessories should have keen business sense. Csll Just the right size to park in those Kealtor-lnsuror, 16 W SEA BRlOHT—ElUcleiclts. Fumlslled. EMPLOYMENT tor appointment RAY BT1LLMAN, tiny spots at the station. Balance $466. Pay $5 weekly. Bank. SH 7.5300. 1M> DOUOBBOT 8WI-MIKO PCtOI^ - services. MO month. _Sb«wsbury Realtor, State Hwy, 35, Shrewsbury. 185$ COUHTOX S W I R E BTAT10: r deep. !»' wide, complete with Alter MotsI, _ W Ocean Ave, 8«M)ML Maurice Schwartz fc Sons HELP WANTED-FEMALE BH 1-8600. WAGON — Fully equipped, in oul and ladder. B30. 787-jm t Outfit No. 71388 Regular *698 Front St., Red Bank BH 7-0787 RIVER P——A — 3!4 rooms, fire•tending condition. Power equipmenl 141 W, PART TIME REFINISHER—On woodFORD — Exceptionally clean. Cujtomer "Bryer" place,- tmrtrBWied._ja& «11 utlUUes. new t t r n . Radio, heater, back-up light! CREDIT MANAGER BOOKS — Dick's cneyoioptdla work Call MC-1814 between 1-> P.m.. Thunilerblrd engine, Hurst floor Shiny red. 811 7-4062 alter 3 p.r ' rtceiu and procesiei., $8; other phut JH 1 « 8 » • 6-plece Colonial Diniae Room . . shift. Many extras.,-MUBt be seen lo be Experienced specialty or departmer If no answer, 671-1160. muatlc formulary: B.tain unoennred, THRBB-ROOM* furnished apartment, 1959 FORD RANCH WAGON — Greei appreciated. Must sell this week. Call store. Excellent working; condition] BARTENDER — Slate qualifications, • 3-piece ColonW Bed Room ft; other war books. Modern phjrilci utilities Included, m o . Clean,.see to Good opportunity for advancemen' last lob, and age. Must be married. automatic transmission, heater. Goo< SH 1-4525 nights. jphutomenon | 3 ; aisa Colutnhlic line appreciate. BH 1-8378 Sifter » p.m. • 3-plece Colonial Living Room suite Apply l a ' person, Lerner Shops, & Write Box "A.N." 611. Red Bank. condition. 5950., SH t-6324 or SH doped!* f30 Grimms Fair Tales, two 1959 FORD — *i ton pickup, aide boxes, Broad St., Red Bank. 4586. plus lamps, utftei, pillows, rugs, etc, LONO BRANCH — 3)4 room Injury volume,, tum. CHI SK T-1I50, MALE — For dry cleaning route. v tires. $500. SH 1-9375 or building. Fully carpeted, all utilities. 1B35 FORD—Four-door. Rebuilt DOMESTIC WANTED two mornings Balance $481.; Pay $5 weekly. P u t and/or full time. Oood opBH 7-1111 SAUW. SERVICE. SIZZUNd PRICES: Full bus service, at door. See model Flatheacf. New front end with thre, week, Mondays and Fridays. J&ust poriunlty. Call CO 4-1000. Aee TV7S are sjwaye xtlcest AC1! TV, 11 a.—, to t p.—. 322-4349. Inch drop. Hydraulic brakes. Goc 1W0 MOA — WOO, rellab.e Apply Singer Sewing Center • Outfit No. 73+66 Regular $709 Hwy J5. Neptune City. PR 5-8062. A T T E N T I O N — To those young men body. Itadlo, Runs well. SH 1-1325. 69 Broad Street, Red Bank. TWO APARTMENTS — Partly furnCall after 5 p.m. who are Interested In the rewards ol Customer "Evans" , • . ished. Weal lor couples, all utilities 1961 DODOB nlne-paasengar wagoi REGISTERED NURSES—3 p.m.— hlsh Income as a result of hard work. • 3-piece Danish living Room You have three big seals with root 'urnlBlied, '.4 block from bus. Rent p.m. and 11 p.m. to 7 a m . year rouni Call Mr. Love at LOVE REALTY MERCHANDISE WANTED 1961 OLDSMOBILE — F-88 four-door. lor the whole family. Tills local, oni (70 and. g85. Phone) 842-O66t loaltlon. Excellent wages. Write "AH' CO. 7475050. II not licensed we will • 3-piec« Danish Bed Room owner car 13 equipped with powe 13,900 miles, excellent condition, stick Box i l l . Bed Bank. train. THREE BOOMS — Private entrance. WANT—O • 7-piece ContemtoraryDinlne Room steering and automatic transmission shift, 11600 SH 7-1900 during day. Heat and utilities Included. Also five _ - IT—SS _ Experienced. Apply MECHANIC — On marine engines. Stop In and drive It today. a s s u ORIENTAL Rum plus hand selected accessories rooms. Available February t . BH 7MM FOURJ3OOR PLYMOUTH — MOO.perion. SHORE POINT INN, Hwy. Experienced only. Write details to GBIN—Ut AMD PER—AN Maurice Schwartz & Sons oood transportation. Call after 5, SH 1- lazlet. 127». Balance $482. Pay t5 weekly. •AX", Box 511, Red Bink. FROSDUAN OAi—IluSi Wl W. Front St.. Red Bank SH 7-07 6473. 4-8143 Evenmirs CA J-74S3 2%-ROOM — Furnished apartment newWON 81(1X1 lTSHll.P-ruli or I SALES TRAINEE — For young, pro1962 WHITE CHEVROLET Carrya FORD Econollne with windows, ilme. Several terrltortts open lo gressive, dignified organization. Uust INDIVIDUAL ROOMS O F FURNITURE SOLD AT E P U A U > LOCAL CHURCH wants used Piano foi ly decorated. Private entrance. Availheater, defroster, undercoatlng, ne standard choir, rehearsals. Dooatlon, or reason, able February 4. Adults. 100 Wallace transmission, radio, outside women Interested In havlna a good it dependable, willing to work, own rubber. Perfect condition, one owne mirrors, snow able price. Call SH 7-0599. Street Red Bank. tires, 20,000 original true iteady income. Bxperlenca unnecea* automobile, free to travel. Excellent LOW PRICES! Not Field Furniture. Call SH 1-7673. miles, excellent condition, J1400. Can sary. SH lists or write; lin, Uarea- salary, plus expenses. Liberal beneOLD FURNITURE - Anllguea chl-^ THREE-ROOM furnished apartment. tet Qulotts, P. O, Box 180, Red Bank. fits. PromUlnjc futilre. Bend resume to U62 RAMBLER — Four-door, classl arrange financing. No trade, Can be Illssware. art objects and brlc-a-brae, Private entrance >nd bath. Adults. No custom station wagon. Fully equippe seen Phil Waldman'a Service Station, HOUSEWIVES — Fart-tlme work wit P.O. Box 832, Red Bahll immediate cash lor anything and every, pets. 741-84J1 or U 88277. Six months old. Price S2075 firm. Call Maple Ave. and West Front St., Bedfulltlme pay. Three evenings a wee MILK ROUTE AVAILABLE — Casl —U) BOOKKEEPBR-Subtnlt resume of cabinet. ELECTRONIC PARTS COUNTER MAN FURNISHED or unCumlahed apartment. A-l. Bent otter. 787-4894. 952 BU1CK »49 perltnce lo "B.W.", Box 511, SH 1-7671 —Must be experienced, phone 747-3794 3tt rooma. 180 month. All stnitlea sup1953 BUICK station wagon (99 For appointment o r Information call CO 4*3021 Red Bank for interview. COAST MJBCTO0NIC8, OUHS — ahotpm, lilies, putojs. piled. Inquln Apt. 13, Huddy Ave., J62 PONTIAC **» AUTOS & TRUCKS 50 Birch Ave., Little Silver. din's Jewelers, U Broad St Ulghluidi. ' 1950 CHBVROLBT »» DEPARTMENT MANAGER TAILOR — Capable, top notch tnnbel Open Daily 9 A.M. to 6 P. M. Thun. & Frf. avaningi 'til KETPORT — Clbaon'B oarden ApartMaurice Schwartz _ Sons JSxparlerjctd specialty or department man, tot wages. Steady position, write menta. SM modem rooms, electric HI W. Front St., Red Bank 8H 7-0787 store. Excellent working conditions. riving complete background to "A.Z.", kitchen, tne bath, refrigerator, heat Oood opportunity for advancement Ap- B « BU, Red B a n t Included. $90 a month. LO 6-3218. ply In person, Lerner Shops, 81 Bra MOBILE HOMES BOOKKEEPER — Experienced. Ex- BUSINESS OPPORTDMTTES FOB SALE Et_, Red Bant, SKTIR— DA1RT IT—RD WANTSD — RED BANK—Six room apartment 37 cellent opportunity In established orBlcbest cash piica paid. 1 am atartlot Shrewsbury Ave., for more detailed InATTRACTIVE WOMAN over 25. Cap; ganization. Pleasant working* conditions MOBILE HOMES op roona; farmers la th« dairy busi- formation call SH 7-4298. bl« of meeting public. Top pay. Five n bright, cheerful office. Apply Harry INVESTMENT SALE Used • 10% down ness, out of stats where they have ATTRACTIVE — One-two rooms, new day week. Full or part-tlml. Call 787 (loldbem 4 Sons, Second St., corner zm, 9 a.m.-12 noon, iwls, Perlh jAmow HI 2-WOO. COMBINATION DOORS plenty of hay and feed. Any dairyman modern kitchens, furnishings, one first New • T-year financing Ideal retirement income oppor- ALUMINUM jlsss inserts, ine screen, wutk- *oo wls&ea to sell —• entlra dairy floor, private entrance, utilities, carTtOBBINBVILLE BABY,. BITTER — Occasional, oxper MAN TO SERVICE established terri- tunity. Three apartments, comer Two •rstrlpped,- eoraplett. Reid to tmo nerd please call me Immediately. space, settled woman preferred. After TRAILER SALES, INC. enced middle-aged l>dy. References n tory with Fuller Brush Co. Full trainPhwie collect 298-1021 or 2SS-156 NotlilDg sxtrt to buy. Call today. :e 130 Robblnsvllle. N. 3. quired. SH 1-0481. LOWEST PRICES ing plus salary If chosen. Benefits. building. Middletown — Near AtReuo«o qreenberg Inc.. Columbus, m,i. 5 p.m. 8H 1-8384. SEA BRIGHT — New. modern threeTO 1-1320 BOOKKEEPER CLERK — Part llrrl! CO 4-0439 Wednesday, Thursday, Fri- lantic Highlands. Net income, (1,ANYWHERE! _ POODLEIS — Beautiful mlnlaturei rdom furnished apartment, 1100 monthphone 747-8794 tor Interview. COAS' day, 9 to 2 onlyj 600 plus depreciation. Price 515,AKC, elint weekj old black, brown, ly until June 1. 8421868. ONE YEM? WARRANTY* iDjtsJlsiloo Options! EL1SCTR0NICS, 50 Birch Ave, Llttl ACCOUNTANTS — Junior — degree. 000. Financing arranged, i Tenapricot, reasonable. LO S-347S. >'«3 Chevy 4-dr. Silver. Two years experience for Inventory ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — Immediate WANTED-AUTOMOTIVE >'82 Monea, like new SILVER FODDLES — AKC. Deautlrul control or accounU payable. Start ants pay heat, fully Rented, "No" ipancy. 6tf room apartment, all HOUSEKEEPER — Reliable, live "62 Chevy II Nova Conv. tlea JI 15.00 per month. THE Me32 Brosul St. Red Sank SH I-T500 small miniatures. Beasonsble. 0 3 1or out, five day week, care for on' »,6O0. ACE EMPLOYMENT "51 Olds Holiday Coupe TOM'S FORD I N C . OOWAN AGENCY. SK 7-3O00. child. Houra 1-9:30 or full day. Own12 Broad St., Red Bank BH 7-3484. ''SI Corvalr Wagon (No Brokers at his Price) HEAR . WRLB LOMO BRANCH In AKO RKQIBTERED OERMAN SHEProom and bath. Call after 3 p.m. 563WE PAX CASH FOR USED CARS "SI lnipala.Convertlble stereo at fifetronlx Complete system HERD PUPS - Born December. 29. FOUR-ROOM unfurnished apartment: DO Main St. LO 6-1500 Matawan 7045. "DO Impala Convertible only. J0S.75. to Birch Ave.. UtUe Silver, excellent blood lines. OQULD FARM. SO. Three rooms furniihed. J60; 5(4 HELP WANTED—Male • Female (ISO yds. from Matawan RR Station) "SO Valiant t-dr. rooms furnished. sSO, also corner store, NUR3KMAIX> — Experienced, one yeai " 1B62 OB DRYER — Fluffs, dewrlnkles. SH T-434S. "80 Chevy Btl Air 2-dr. reasonable. 7B7-S628. /ANTED TO B u y , trucK, half ton old child, permanent. Sleep In, Oth< 115 no vent needed, fldo. AKC RED IRISH BETTER — Puppies, "«O Chevy Btl Air 4 dr. Real Estate pickup, or one ton rack. Must be late help kept. References. KK 1-3010. HWY. 35. EATONTOWN — Hotel rooms SH CASHIERS "60 Corvair 700 Coupe model, private buyer. 787-6474. and efficiency apartments. Reasonable. champion blood lines. EXPERIENCED SALES QIRLS-Ladlei "60 Dodge Di/rt 4-dr. 291-2100 TWO KELVINATOR refrigerators. No Call LI 2-0928 after i p.m. rel Ihoppe, good pay, full-time, Shop Rite-Middletown, Rt. 35 apparel "60 Chevy Impala Hdtp, freezer, about 10 y e a n old. Good con- OERMAH SHEPHERD — Female, "60 I w d Convertible BE YOUR O W N BOSS FOUR KOOHS — Unfurnished. 1S9 BOATS AND ACCESSORIES Adams Shoppe, 14 Broad St., Red Banl Eiperience preferred, will train alert dition. $35 each. LI 2-1081. •'59 Chevy Bel Air GENERAL FACTORY WORK — Nasi applicants. Apply In person 9-5 dally. t%e Atlantic lUfmtrif Co. has a sood, JEKPERB, CRIEPERS. WHERE'O ys. champion background, seven months Hudson Ave., Red Bank. "59 Chevy Impala 4-dr. SH 7-4787 old. CsJl 787-55f4. Red Bank. State experience and wagei modern tfflee-DolQestle kitchen. SH 1-5672. Available February IB. dallonaft leue. years experience. Call today. ROL8TON APARTMENTS ' » Cadillac 62 Coupe BlnceritT and ability witn b!«n ethici Contact W. s. Kimber, Jr., tST-<2S2. REGISTERED NUHSE-8 a.m. t o HATERBURY, Realtor-Insurer. 16 w , LONG BRANCH — Unfurnished three 54 Olds 98 Sedan »H 7-OfOT RtA Bspk p.m. or 9 »,m. to 2 p.m., five day week. 10 Broad HI •ont BL, Red Bank, BH 7-6300. • rooma and hath. First floor. In twoWrite "A.O.", Box 811, Red Bank. BANK TELLER - Experienced. Write QUICK BALE ' ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS family O F FOUR MODEL HOMES house. Heat and hot water. • "81" BROADWATER, 70 tip. Her. BOOKKESPER-Xxpertenced. Excellen MORTGAGES '59 Step-in Vaa 1595 17 electric, built-in tank, all canraa, ormortunlly In established organization. B.P.", Box 511, Red Bank. Like an. Sacrifice prices. See at Your newly decor—ed rooms and bath. S80 monthly. SH 1-tOta 59 Ponllac Ca—Una _W95 :ttry, BOOKKEEPER — Full charge, exn tghts, fire extinguisher and extras. PR Convenient to sboppins, railroad, bus. eel MODEL HOUES every day, 1-5 p.m. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS—Unlurnlsh'il. HOMEOWNERS NEED HONEY.? 55 Plymouth Wagon .H90 Pleasant working conditions In trlghi l«nt salary, plus company benefits. A. •2385. Thunder. • Ulddletown Greens. Idulta only. Immediate occupancy. coxy three rooms,, first floor, all utiliTour credit Is food. First and second eicept •5S Ford V/ason .... """ • ehierful office. Apply Harry Qoldber ply Mrs. H. Morgan, Bell Finance Co., mortgaps, Mlddletown-Llncroft Hd. near Dwlfbt Call any evening after 7:30, all day ties? One or two persons. g8o. S91-2S2S. BH 1-4344 or FO 3-2801. Rd. 5S Chevy Wason .. BARQAIN MSB - Any Any ooalTOUyou « a _ to a sons. Second St., corner Lewis, Red Bulk. BH 1-800& Saturday and Sunday. 291-1356. .__.. rates. Financing -, -. 5S Chevy Sedan A m D o y . HI S-650O. ««m. Lev bank 58 Bambler Wa rangements completed; a on; call «t OCEAN GROVE — Beautiful, modern, MUSIC TEACHERS COMMERCIAL RENTALS any of our ofnoea TBS! UONUOUTH NEW SHKEWSBURV SCHOOL TEACH57 Chevy 2-ar. Music Town. 800 sunny three' rooms,' furnished or unInstruments. MERCHANDISE ER — Needa reliable housekeeper HlUway 38, Mlddletowp. 671-1160. 57 Plymouth 2-dr. COUNTT NATIONAL BANK. SB 1- Monday ANTIQUES — BELLING OUT BELOW furnished. Near gate. PR 6-4780. through Friday. Start ImmediSTORE FOR RENT — On White S t . '57 Plymouth 4.dr. FOR SALE 10W. COST. M O V I N G FROM AREA MARLBORO — Duplex apartment, ately. References. Call SH 1-2M4. CT1VE EEAL ESTATE PBBSON •55 Hudson ar Bk Car Cr BKOOKHDB ANTIQUES. Brookslde Lloyd Rd.. near Matawan-Freelnld Kd. RM Bank. :CK BOATS — New ana used, $200 Jfferlnj you a 100 aqtiara mile multiple '55 Rambler ACCOUNTING CLERK TYPIST — Ac-listing ana Monmouth Rd.. 0AKBTJR8T. BOAT. SKI * SCOOTER s a T-iioo area, to become a realtor, to '94 Mercury Conv, a y , statistical typing. T maks si future In real estate. Insurance. LODGE ROOM lot tenl Center ul ENTER. 79 While St., Red Bank, counts PPayable, FIREPLACE WOOD end KINDUNO— KKYPOHT — Four rooms, batti, heat town. ACE AOBNCr S80 ACE EMPLOYMENT AOBNC Could be mid also lor ottlce 741-1124. PAUL P. BOVA. ING Hwy. 35. Middleurnlahad, rent 185 per month. U Broad MeOuIre'a Uarket, Rte.. 31, Colts Neck. Broad St., Red Bank. SH 7-3194, Bavlnn up to «0% space. Approximately 2.4QO so. It Write 138 Isl Ave., Ail. Highlands town. OS - 1-2544. C BOATB — Now and used, 12O0 >n our "New wall Coverings" collec Phone 9W-43O. D4IM333 evening. • l o n a w Bra fill. Red Bank. rout- lsl.»,-i. ,v,,rlti or HI. :ft;> Ezra W. Karkus. CO 4-1215. lo (800. Skate aalla. BOAT, SKI A EXPERIENCED NVR8&S AIDES—Fo THE GOLDEN VEARS ARE AHBAD- tfon. All 1963-84 patterns. ' OFFICES FOR RBKT — Center of SCOOTER CENTER, 7B White SL, Redalternating shifts. Por Interview " 1( you plan, now to enter the field RUMSON — Estate area, carriage ALTEN8URG PIANO HOUSE ZSl-HOi • Open 'lil 9 p.m. 291-0440. town.. Heat furnished. Call of real estate, insurance, or property house. Two bedrooms, kitchen, large Bank. 741-1124. ftant A Piano $12 per Month living room, large storage area. Ca.II RESPONSIBLE BABYSITTER — Ow nanagement. We are Increasing our car, Rumson are. references. Call be- sites staff and Invite you to loin us. Over AUTOS ft TRUCKS ver 150 50 p4ter o e r , Tradttlwial, iNABE slAaUN-HAUUN. aOHMCR UU 1-1398 or 8(2-3184. CONNELLY- TWO-BOOM OFFICE — First floor, p«4terns. Modern, Inquiries held conlldential. Colonial. Other ppattern! front on Maple Ave., Red Bank. For C l i l Oth ttn i l b l e at GABUE-NELSON STVBRBTT STOCK BEROttN, Inc., Realtors. available 25 R423^ CROWELL AGENCY. Realtors t l l m a n Are. t Main a t . jtabnry Pk LUNa SAAffCB up to 60% off. SECRETARIES — Many — To «85 E. ua — Fruroianea apartpart further Information call SH 1-7335. Front St., Red Bank. BH 1-4030 Ooen duly tin » sat. UU 1:90 menta. BRANH BTENO-TYPIBTS To « « Four roomi and bath. Heat 6.000 BQ. FT. FACTORY SPACE lor KLARIN'S PR 6P30) od water supplied. CA S-1553. IBM KEYPUNCH — Experienced J60 COUPLE — Cook, houseworker, butler rent. Red Bank. Call PILE CLERK - New York City " ' louseman. chauffeur. Ftmlly of two Monmouth Et. SH 7-SS38 Red Bark BABT GRAND PIANO — Qood condi- LONO BRANCH — Two room aparts n 7-noo IBM PROOF OPERATOR — idults. three children. Top salary. S x tion, phlleo combination phonograph* ment furnished. All utilities Included. 1200 Bq. F t suitable for light InBoanovaas BOOKKEEPERS J55 rienced with recent references. SH 7- IXCilikViil'i'liUta ADUlNti ' miiVUIUUS LO 4-3B78- ' 75, Private entrance, for coupie. Call lustry or storage. Near Little Silver Alt maJies asw or used. Ouarsuileed Partial Listing M5. LOT u I2&. Berpleo's. mi Uonrnouti WE BUi AND BEU, anytninj and CA MBit. tation. SH 7-2«90. ACE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY OPEN - Nationally si Neil to neater SH I (XSa everyuusg. Give Jtw Highest prices. EATONTOWN — sunnybrook apart- INDUSTRIAl. BUIXDINO - Highlands. IS Broad St., SH 7-3494 Red Bank 3KALER8HIPS araous "Fresh Silks" guaranteed line Call William Ml Furn^ure. In)., Hwy.ments, 124 Wyckoff Road has « three- 4000 sq. f t formerly auto shop or DESKS — 115 up. Piles, chairs, ol women's, children's and men's fashas, indinetown BH l - U l l Open ere- room furnished apartment for rent storage, boats, lift, IS' doors two AUTOS & TRUCKS ion Items. No Investment, deliveries auuins mucnlnvs, typewriters manual lncs tin « urn. Beautifully decorated, alt utilities sup- entrances. Opposite Highlands Marina. or collections. For Interview call CO 4-and ei«ctric office equiprnenv etc. bargain prices New or used. AAO Ueat LJlNlIirUZUlU cqUlPMBNT ITacanl. 1150. BOWTELL AOJ5NCT, foi llej. BH 7-0100, U 2-388. Outlet Co. R t St. Oakhurst. KB 14M».rent or ssus; treet delivery goutb Jar THREE ROOMS UNFURNISHED - V, Inc., 291-2100. mile north of Red Bank. Recently re8' STANDARD OVERHEAD garage >v 8UKOICAL SH 7-2914. ilTUATIONS WANTED, F e m a l e doors, (4), ntth glass panels, com- TRIED ANY NBW TONGUE TWIST- decorated. Call SH 1-8331. 1:30 - I. HOUSES FOR RENT plete with all hardware. Can be seen ERS LATKLYT Try this three times (SPENDABLE LADY—Urgently needs 8-9, al Sonny'* Drive In Restaurant, fast: I've f o ! a buy at ACE TV. HOLHDEL — ST1LLWKLL RD. duplex, new aeparate g>9 10 I12S Per Itmm 'ork, Tuesday, Saturdays, any kind, 171 Route B.lford- 84.-299S. SERVICE AND PARTS they have a TV there for me! Okay Tliree-hedroom oil burner, (US. Heat by tenant THE BIRO AOENCT. .fter 5:30 8H 1-0131 ' now stop talking about It and do It. > Ulddletown ACB TV, Hwy W, Neplune Cfly. PR 5VENETIAN BLINDS rwo-bedroom apartment, first floor, n8H TO BABYSIT FOR TEACHER— OS MOM KKB. Ail Sizes IT' to 36" wide. It" I FOR lomlngs. Recent rererences, Call inverted house, separate oil burner, 542-2508 til decorate, 199. Heat by tenant. USD BANK — Six-room house, good fall collect days HU 2-1321. Evening: location, immediate occupancy, S130 OIRL •58 CHEV.. ' per month. SH 7-3000. '59 CHEV. •61 CORVAIR O 3-6388. Wishes days work PROWN"S Alcoa Aluminum Gutters Lakewood n)UR-R00M modem apartment, bath, IDli SELaVriOK UP I—NTJU.8 SH 1-3437 Impala two-door Bel Air two-door. . sta. wgn. SI Broad gt. fled Bank SH 1-7500 Instilled bf expert*. Fre# «s«timt(ei. PNiralslied *nd uftfurnlehed. Ininied' ilford, Call after 6. OUNO LADY desires' work by the GRAY METAL olflce desk with swivel hard-top. Itadlo, Had la, heater, Radio, heater, six ite occupancy Samuel Telcber Agency . a n 1-1158 iy. Call front 2-4 p.m. powor-gilde^ Sceanport Ave., Ocesnport Call or dial beater, V-8 powercylinder, powerchair. Very good condition. Call 291THREE ROODS, heal and hot water. 741-5828 • Basy-Eye glaBi, .1 2-350O or U 2-3501. W68. Slide. glide. Very clean. 31 Braid BL 8H 1-7500 Red Bank Modern bath and .kitchen. New house, Rt. 9, Sayrevillo TRAN81BTOR ELECTRONIC ION1TION A I U P U K E — swift 85. Very clean. IS Hudson Ave., West Eeansburg. |90. UANV FURNISH— r> ano unfurnished rentals In all sizes and prices. Ella irrUATIONS WANTED, Male KITS — Make your car start "like 450 tl UcenstJ July S3. Good paint, HE D-S22X Wiltshire Agency Realtors, 148f Jcean Qasy, man." run like a heart throb,tires suid panel. J1.80O. SH 7-5727. garage apartment with (.ve.. Sea Bright N. J, (42-0004, Open Authorized Dealers for UGH SCHOOL BO1 - Reliable, ex1 zoom like a rocket, eat gas like a SACRIFICE RALE — Private, Queen THRBS-ROOM garage, heat, hot water leven days. >erlenced. deslies work after scnoo hummingbird. Anyone can install. See Anne lolld rothogany desk, three aindone-car 62 CORVAIR cooking gas. Furnished, good nd week-snds Call evanlma SH • Coast Electronics, 50 Birch Ave., —Ittl* l-mp», kitchen a f t MU ,-1487. lelghborhood, Long Branch. ¥85. per HOUSE — Four rooms, fully furnished, Sliver. . Monza, Radio, heater, whitewal) tires. nontb. Can bs seen any time Satur- pay own utilities, ISO per month. MATTRESSES 787-3242 lay, February 2. Phone Capital 2-2023. Powerglide, very clean. Foam Rubber SHOP BY PHONE KBANSBURO, three large rooms, neat, INE ROOM HOUSE — Wall St., FINANCIAL Twln-Full-Queen-Klnr sizes. Foa • Renault • Peugeot, satontown. Near Monmouth Shopping Prea gulcn dally delivery In Red Bant Hwy. 39,'Ettsntown. IJ 2-Mn. unfurnished. Heat, hot water, electric BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES area. Outlying districts Wednesdays PRKFimSMED ASH PLYWOOD—B1M ncluded. flOO. Business couple. Chateau •enter. Available next week, l/nfurand Saturdays. Discount p r i c e s . lealty. Real Estate, 21S Carr Avenue, Hhed. Call U 2-0926 alter 5. W W , apeclal: 10 pieces »75 (that'a feansbury. 787-5881. [OHLANDS — Four-family apartment PROWK'S, 3." Brosul St., SH 1-7800. use OnM condition. Call Herb 872- METRONIX - STORES ARE BRINO- only 17.60 each.) 325 Maple Ave. SH 1-3130 Red Bank USD BANK — Two rooms and bath, (More Classified Ada 03 *18,O0O . . m a to l i e snort spsclsJ b u ( i l u In jlder home, freshly painted, automatic RED. BANK LUMBER On the Next Pag;) HI-FI unatsur, experlmstnlor. service heat, private entrance, 170 Includes * Wall St., Red Bank SH 1-5500 AUTOS & TRUCKS dealer electronic Items. Too numerous tllltles. 3M-1BS3. la list. Bend name and address on lost card to P.O. Box 1 « , Ltttls lilver to receive descriptive mailing. SPINET PIANO, f»0i Bundy elsrlnet J65. Complete stt Barbtlls and dumbbells, (35. Coolerator electric stove HO. All Items In excellent condition. Call U iJSm •i CARAT diamond rU(, private sale. A HANDY 6AJIDE OF BUSINESS SERVICES T O SUIT YOUR MANY NEEDS! Can be ssen at Seldln's Jewelry Store, Broad S t , Rsd Bank. Or phone SH 1' iSM. '.. . ••












WALLPAPER SALE! 89c Single Roll


Circle Chevrolet has the best


see the new look



2 for $5

Renault - Peugeot

; Sayreville Motors



Plymouth -Valiant ;


PA 1-0600




100 NEWMAN SPRINGS RD. 741-0910



'62 coupe. Dark green with beige interior. Fully power equipped including electric windows. E-Z eye glass, new tires, low mileage. $3595





NOW IS THE TIME to make the buy of your We while winter prices prevail at CARLAND No. 2. Choose from a superb selection of late model quality cars, all thoroughly reconditioned and guaranteed.


88 Holiday two-door sedan.

'62 Chevrolet

White with blue

4-dr. Bel Air Beil&n. Silver finish and matching Blue rior, This car IB equipped radio, heater and ww tlrei, ready to give you th* best,



top and Full

power, low mileage. Sharp.


'ol Chevrolet I960 DODGE Phoenix two-door hardtop. Blue with white top and matching interior. Full power.

1962 STUDEBAKER G r a n d Turlsmo Hawk. Black with red interior, i Fully equipped, including i 4-speed transmission and ' power steering. 9,000 miles



$1895 Blue Intewith Ju*t


Impila Convertible, automatic transmission, fully equipped, Blue Interior finltth with 2-tone Blue evterlor and Blue Top — Yei, tbli li the ultimate In good lasts.

"61 Corvette


a sports car alive witli color, red with a gorgeous black leather Interior. 4-speed tram miss ion. links sure you ace thfi beauty which li the kins of iporti c a n

'61 Pontiac


Catailna, 4-dr. hardtop. A itiarp car for a sharp buyer who real* ly appreciates a weli-cared for car, Outstanding red rinlah with matching interior. Full power, automatic tnnamiislon.

'60 Oldsmobile


Super "83" 4-dr. Hardtop, Pull Powered and ready to roll, A beautiful white In color with a r«d Interior. You really ihould lxk« time to look thli ona over.

'57 Pontiac


4-dr. Stsr Chief Hardtop, Fully Equipped with all the extras. Tu Tone Red «nd Qray In color. Tills car reilly shows sicsllent cars.

Many Other Top Qualify Cars fo Choose From ^«».»«i -tiu.

Largest Oldsmobile-Cadillac Dealer in Central New Jersey



263 Maple Ave., Red Bank

SH 1-5255

Adding Machines — Typewriter*

Electrical Contracting

Fainting and Decorating

ADDtna MACHINES - Typewriter* COMMERCIAL and residential wijy sold, rented, repaired. Serplco'a 101 Ing. New construction, remodellrig, CARL S. JONES — Painting and Full Insurance" coverage. IIor—urath Bt, Bed Bank. SH 7-04S5. alterations; adequate service Installa- decorating. tions and heating. Oaydlck Klectrlc. For free estimate call 747-3041. , TOM 8LATD - Painting and Decor, AnUqufj Wanted ating. General Contracting, fully InBroad Bt, Red Bink SH 1-7600 Old Dollt guns, Jewelry, cut glass, sured, Twenty year's experience. Free Fuel Ol) - Heating SCRAPS ffornlture. Civil War books. Appraisals estimates. SH 1-8481 after • p.m. roam Rubbsr urn Potyioam. ttOO baa. FUBL .OIL * HEATING—Call SH 1mads. Ollman. SH 7-U41. Foumart, Hwy. 35. gatontown. u 3.fl4?7 0S10. Oil Delivery, Inc., Seme* * PAINTING; AND PAPER HANOINOFor a good clean lob, reasonable. Biles. 3 Herbert S t , Red Bank. Appliance Repair* CHAIBB Call SH 7-3491, Ed Zlnser. Two fireside. Oood condition. 120. APPLIAKCB REPAIR and inslslla Home Improvement! SK 1-1138 tlon. ResIdentlal and commercial wlr Piano—Organ Tuning DO YOU NEED X-RAY VISION TO Ing. Allen Electric SH 7-0613. FINISHED BASEMENTS, remodelSSIB3 The goo* Ur *d picture on your ln£, plumbing, electrlo wiring, maPIANOS—ORGANS sonry and painting. For trss estimate TV? Ace nas tb.e answer you csn Tuned — Repaired — Regulated Auctioneer call SH 7-1072. beat, trade for a nsw one, lowest Raymond Bosworth • ;ll 178S3 price yel. ACB TV, Hwy 38, Neptune B a. COATS — An essential Anctloi WORKING MAN'S conlraclor—AlterClly. PR t-tml Appraltal Service "anywhere." 388 ations additions, painting, masonry, Plumbing and Heating Norwood Ave.. Deal Phone KBIIogg and all those little toba. Bvxnlnga LO 1-3I8L VESTIBULES 8-1714. KBEOAN'S 21 Hour ssrvloe. All. heating units Cull hettlnt bills, eliminates drafts, II Auto Body Repair serviced. SH 7-1827, 8H 1-787B. kseps home fnag. Extra value to your]] j_urance. home at vsry small cost Free estl- EXPERT PAINTINO and body re• SERVICE - Dependability matss. pair. Moderate prices. McCarthy ABIUTX when you Insure your HOMfil. AUTO, Roofing, Siding and Insolation Chevrolet, Atlantic Highlands. 291-0305 other HUM of Insurance through ARMSTRONO AOENCV. SH 1-4S00. Insulation 1 siding Corp. Certified Auto and Track Rental Johns-Manville contractor. PR fi-8401 31 Broad SL SH 1-1100 Red Bankll or Adam Unzmayer 2D1-0302. E, DAD-It's a Momrch Stereo FUl AVIS—Rent a new car or truck. Um Lawn Mower Repairs Tonst for only fse.fis and you bought • rstea Maple Ave., Red Bank. SB ?• OLSON CO. INC.-Roofing, Siding * O3»8. PR (izii. Dally 7 a.ra-10 p.m. ALL KINDS OF LAWN MOWBRS- Insulation. Installed and guaranteed It al Httronlx. They have ampllllers, Hand and circular saws, sharpened, for 10 years. PR J-OTO5--20I WHO. speakers mni antannas, too. Lei's buy repaired. Tree pick up, 291-2437. ' BulMlnj Contractor Die rest of the system at MMronlx at CO Birch Ave., — Ul« Bllvsr. Tel. Answering Service BUILDXn — Nsw Iwmss, room adPainting IIF1REPLACB WOOD — Split and eat t> li ditions, basement and attlo rooma, sits. TIM dMverx " kltchtna, garage, repairs and alter- PAtNTINO at its finest. Interior tnd 1—T US BS your secretary. No need to miss calls. 24 hour answsrtng allooa Ksrbsri Slgeonuch, SH l-KtOL eilertor. Lowest rates. 0x12 room, CA t-0Ut> service. DM 1-4700. IIUFBTIMB OUARANTEB on Portuoftl A. J. PICONB - Ceraralo tUe con- one coat, flO. W. Evans. SH 1-8517. tractor (or quality, price, and prompt I water sollners. Completely automatic. Painting and Decorating Vacuum Cleaner Repair I No tank chanrlnt. Buy your own with •srvlcs. frsje •stlmste. Call —l-JtM lino down piyment or apply rental 1 rwan? UOUIS CA—IAN - Painter, decorator, I fjalnst pi/rcliaas pries. Call Portasolti paperhanger, lo years expsrlenco. 43 Sales ' tDI—CTROLUX Service Supplies Sewpool Cleaning )[LI a-1777. Chapin Ave. SH 1-1708 after 1 p.r— 90S Prospect Ave., Little silver. Tor II MANGLE — Two window tans, electric II SEPTIC TANKS, dry wslls serviced. L. H. -BILL - Fainter .Interior and prompt home service or tree checkup I floor polisher, TV antenna, barbsem, Leschlng field added, Baokhoe work.1 exterior. No Job too l a r » or too on your Elsctrolux. call PR 0-0W1 or I'lawn swtepir, po#«r mower, elsctrloll C K Wilson. «B 1-1M6. small. Very reasonable. Call 717-MSO. SH 1-2011 I washer and dryer. BH T-0M7.



Architects and binders attention. Home buyers want quality. Weather Hint, with a vsrranty. l o w PRICED.



HOUSES FOR OEM RUMaOH M t M X0I7 c n u « Q M S S wits access to river, mm QMWS«'S mm tunr llvtof JOOUI tunr, J O O I wttti ttt JJi ri« i t « , Alula t

room, Kwaer room mi Sumdri', 4 M or slope bedroom, kitditn, emtoMi! pvrch [(but aad tear. Second floor, two douliU bedrooms and modern bath, hot wtter h u t (oil),, wit-ear faraae. (130 * montft.

Joseph G. McCu* Realtor 30 Ridge Rd. Rumson 842-0444



BUNOMOW - Furnished, thr«« moms suid b;tb. Adults, 00 pet.. J80 a montft. U00 Hwy. 3S lalAUMora B H W m W I Mechanic 8t. WEST KEAN8BUR0 Three-room rar MunJ rental. 787-3882. Dally to I p.m. Saturday, Sunday to licensed Kesi Estate Broker UNFURNISHED — immediate occupancy, fire-room home, completely r«decorltod lnilde Including floor. Tbre« bsdrooms, basement. S13S month, y w l » » j e . BLWOOD A. AHMSTBONO FINE FOR,CHILDREN AOEHCY, Realtor. BH 1-4500. FOUR-BEDROOM two-storjr house on ••tale. Available March 1. ' I*M« re- Three bedrooms, spilt'level, 114 bath. quired. H85 monthly. QLA2HBR00K cams room, 1(4 years old, fence A O 1 S C Y Realtor, \ Ave. of Two yard, quiet low traiftc street, nei HMdletown sosoou. Asklnj »17,ooo. Riverf. Rumson. 642-110Q. HIGHLANDS — H1U lection, nicely PHILIP J. BOWERS & CO. furnished four room • baogalow. Two bedroom*, lar*e Hvlnff room, tlla batb. WALTER B. OVIRTOH automatle heat. Adulu pretersed. Bhone

OS 1-2727

DIAL 741-72M

' m-ma.



youii HOME W&OTXD ei LOOK WHAT WE FOUND with utr W« iivtnit* tlu b t p u t t r i ; rwlo fcn« publi Is tl*se S*j« ot t Ugh Ugh JtflCM J C Mw t h«. a t l o r lor borne, ttettti, W% t r * Lraljr fotitfd a barKiiti bt this ele elei ben ol th« TWR, a oaUoott f*tJ % iwo-DMroom Cape. Cod, eoovantoo itlttitl service. Wi t i e "Home Ti« located near school, scirool shopping sboplni . «rt" — two omeen, i t full Urns s&h t U t l ou'utu. uumln people. Can WAULER * WAUCEJ stornu and acneni plus more. Realtors, Mtmb«rs Red Bank An Multiple LliUnj Bervic*, Bhrewsbur • Full price only 18,700 qualified Vsfi ifo Sonar Sown • B W M S citd Wdilttown. OB. t-212 All others only «0O Bown BUILDING J/W WANTED — In Re Approximately »«8 per month pays i Bank Art*., Write "A.O." Box tv. Subject to mortgage approval Red. Bank. . PRIVATE PARTY — Desires tmlldrai (n Red Bank1 area. For custom hojna Writa ' ^ . l , . '


Helps Biuld Up Farms In Korea

MiMJ /

Box 611, Red Bank.

SNYDER ItBALTORS Five Corners MWdletown, OS Members Multiple U U



Docket No. th-n










JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL U F E INSURANCE COMPANY, a Massachu, setts corporation, Pialnuti vs MAX WELL H. KLARJK (also known al Max Klarln) et a!». Defendants By virtue at• % writ o: execution the above atated action to me u reded, I shall expoae for sal* at pub lie vendue, at the Court House In tin Borough oE Freehold, County ot Mon mouth, Hew Jersey, on Monday th< 18th day ol February, 1963. at o'clock. P. M. Prevailing Time. All the following tract or parcel land and premises hereinafter parties larly described, situate, lying; and be Inn In the Borough.of New Shrews bury in the County of Monmouth am State of New Jersey: BEING KNOWN and DESIGNATE] as Lot, No. 07 on "Subdivaiion Map o Mew Shrewsbury Park, section I, Hop< Road, New Shrewsbury. N. J.", datec October 14, 199*, revived December 30, ISM, and • filed with the Monmouth County Clerk on Marcn 17, 1955, Case So. S3. Sheet No. 24. BEING THE SAMS] premises con'«y«d to aald Karl Baron and Bernlce Baron, W« wHe, by Antioch Rea.lt; Co.. Inc., a New Jeriey corporate by deed dated November 29, 1950, and recorded on December 3, 1&55, IK the Monmouth County Clerk's Oftici In Book 2631 of Deeds for said Count •; page 126. The' property \% located on Hope f e w Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Road. Ne< The approximate ai amount of tl udgment to be satisfied by said aal( s the sum or U7.600.00 together wit) be costs of this sate. Dated January 9, 1063 . JOSEPH A. BHAFTO, Sheriff. iDyd/Dodd, Keer & Sooth, Attys. Ian. 23, 30, Feb. 9, 13 H&'

Real Estate Mnce 1KH UNFURNISHED — Ltaorott. Immediate occupancy. six-room ranch, three 80 White Bt Red Bai bftrtwoms, s tile bath, full oaseraent (135 » month, year's lease. ELWOOD A. ARMSTRONG A0BNCY. Realtor, S3J Prospect Ave., Llllle Silver. SH 1-LOVILT CUSTOM-SUILT THREE 4500. BEDROOM home with basement, MIDDUTTOWN — Five-room ranch. screened porch, garage. Frlce Itt.TOC Available Immediately. 1125 a month. CASEY'S AGENCY. INC. Call BH 7-4508. • .• , . Broker Open Seven Dai OCEAN OHOVE — Spacious seven- Independent Hwy. 35 Basil room house, two Uttoi, hot water 0 0 1-1IU, OO 4-M43 heat, unfurnished. PR 5-4T80. Rev. E. Patrick Patterson ATLANTIC HIOHLANDS — TJireebed room house.' Full dining room, two WANTED TO RENT car garage. Seven. Quiet neighbor KANCWHA, Korea - The 300 ' d. 118.000. CaH a w - t o . (JETTING MORE AND MORE PROSrefugee families ol the Maryknoll PECTS - For three-bedroom rental NEPTUNE — Three bedroom ranch, somes. List any rental for fast action. 115,500. Hi baths, carport, buemast, Mission here have received the MATTHEW J. GILL AGENCY. 714 R tOI morttate. KB 1-481% U 5-1828, farming rights to a large parcel 35. Hlddletown. OS 1-3200. of land that they successfully reSIX ROOMS — OWer typo house. Will RED BANK COLONIAL — Three bei! rooms, Ilvlni room, with flrenhv fix ourselves. To rent with option to claimed from the Yellow Sea. room, modern eat-In kltcht boy- Mutt have aorfle Kproperty In dining i% D>ths, heated sunroom, basemen! around Mlddletown. Write A.B.", Box «9,9O0. Rev. Elmer Patrick Patterson, Call owner, SB 14373: 8U. Red Bank. son of Mrs. Mary Patterson oi DEBWNED FOR LIVINO - Pre-ci homes can be built by you or by 1 Fair Haven, N. J., and the late FURNISHED ROOMS on your lot. Tour plans or ours. N( Aloysius J. Patterson, is pastor down payment Call U 2-17T7 for InFURNISHED room for gentleman, | 7 formation. of the parish located on this windper week. 319 Branchport Ave., Lout ONE BLOCK FROM FAIR HAVEJi swept island off North Korean Branch. CA 2-9793. 8CB00L — Seven-room square colonla' shores. FURNISHED ROOM nawly decorated, In excellent condition. Fireplace, ful; private entrance a n d sitting room. basement. Oarage, blacktop drive. Ask For the past nine years, the Kitchen privileges. Inquire at 43 Peter's ing Ki.no. n o i i r o N WATKRBURY. Realtor. 1« W. Front « . . Bed Bant. Place Red Bank. refugees have been building mud ATTRACTIVE — Single, douU* rooms, SH 7-3300. dikes, 12 to 40 feet high, to reKitchen primefM. Hot and cold run- RUSTIC BARN RED RANCH trlmmi nlm water. Free TV. Hudson Bouse. In white. Charming UxM living room claim a three-mile square cove. 131 Hudson Ave. BH 1-S881 • NOTICE with colonial fireplace and beamed cellEach family will receive five U dining room, 34x18 famil] MONMOUTH COUNTY ATTRAcnvl heated rooms, TV. maid ing; Separate three twin slxe bedrooms. We six acres of rice land, considered DISTRICT COURT . aerrlce. from CO weekly. Holly Hill kitchen, bath, full basement, two-ear attached DOCKET NO. 330-17 Motel RL 39. West Keanscurg, a large parcel by Korean standgarage. I t you like charm, this ranch CIVIL ACTION •ingle las It for rM,soo and natural tree- • ; NOTICE OP ATTACHMENT ATTRACTIVE ROOM tor ards. gentleman, near bus line. UtUle fill- shaded plot. ELWOOD A. AKMSTOONO VINCENT J. RENZQ, puintur, • AOENCY, Realtor, OS Prospect Ave., ver. Call SB 1-1743: ROB&RT PARROTT1N0, Defendant. Little silver. SH 1-4500. TORNISHBD ROOM — Elderly wornTO: ROBERT PARROTTINO. DERKMODKLED R U M 8 O N WATER FENDANT FRONT — Charming cottage. 25' llvlnj You are hereby notified that a Wrl room with fireplace, dining room, ultra* 1 Attachment was litued In the above FURNISHED ROOM modem kitchen, paneled den, three entitled cause at the suit of Vincent CALL Wall . to - wall carpeting J. Renso, on November 2B, 1962, agalnsi BH 1-O0S7 bedroms. throughout, attached one-car garage. iu, directing the Constable of th< LARGE housekeeping room, newly dee- Bulkhead with ramp. Excellent buy, [onmouth County District Court to at- MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - The B3,«0ft ROLSTON WATERBBRr, Real- tach the> goods and chattels, monies organization meeting of Strathiraled, hot, cold water In room. H or. U W. Front S t . S a l Bank. BH * »nd jffecta, rights and credits belongPeters PI, Red Bank. ig'to you, Robertt Parrottlno, P t t l . . . . for f. . thi th more at Matawan Civic Associa3B00: , • • • ; . . taUilSHSD ROOM — Woman pre__ $700,00, the Bald amount of $700.00. and that the (erred. U Locust Ave., Red Bank, call mstabla off th the M Monmouth onatable o m t h County C t Dis- tion wiil be held Friday at 8 p.m. Ict Court, pursuant thereto, Jevle< in the Matawan grade school, liter A EH 1-8192. ipon all of your Interest Into the Ki ITUDIO ROOM with kitchenette, reaBIG FAMILY ate of Domenlco Parrottlno on th Broad St, at Church St. unable. One short block Irom bustnesa ird day of December, 1962. The said Itatrlct, all bus lines. After S p.m. BH T. Nevin Boate, organizatior Constable returned the Writ, with see this five-bedroom, six-year «* t-9328- BT Peters PI., Red Bank. spilt level, game room,. garage, goo the levy endorsed thereon, to the Clerk chairman, has announced thai 8IHOLI1 ROOMS - Clean and com-quality construction with Anderson of the Monmouth County District Court, temporary officers will be elects fortable. Reasonable rates. Gentlemen windows, quiet location. Asking 123,800. ong Branch, New Jersey, on the 3rd preferred. W Wallace Bt 8H 1-5311 of. December, 1962. and volunteers to serve on com' Y< are further that to mittees will be considered, if forPHILIP J. BOWERS & CO. PLEASANT ROOM — Business womre required to servenotlfed your Answer an. Kitchen prlvuejes. Walking disWALTER 8. OVERTON he plaintiff's Complaint upon Parsons, mation of the association is given tance to town. 8H HOT. Cansoha, Blair A Warren, attorneys DIAL 741-7200 EOr the plaintiff, whois address la II formal approval. Wallace Street, Red Bank, New JerREAL SSTATI SINCE 1834REAL ESTATE FOR SALE >y, or to move agatmt the Cornplatnt, e)0 White St. Red Bank le Writ- of attachment or the Con• LEGAL NOnCEHOUSES FOR SALE table'* Levy thereunder, wttbia 2! days after the date of the last publication. If you fall so to do, judgment THREE BEDROOM BPLIT NOTICB Three-bedroom borne, lovely lot with by default may be takea against you RIVER OAKS wooded area In back. Attached garage, for the relief demanded In the Con* TAKE NOTICE that-the underlined recreation room, makes It a buy at plaint Your Answer and Proof of Serv- will ipply to UIB Monmouin County 00. WALKER * WALKER, REAL- ee thereof shall b« filed with to* Court. Court Houst, Freehold, New FAIR HAVEN TORS, 1000 feet south of Uly-Tullp Clerk of the Monmoulh County Dis- Jersey, at 9;30 A.M. an tlio Zlst day Co., Mlddlttown. Phone «H-33U. Mu trict Court,t City Hall, Lone Branch, of February, 1063, for Judgment auOwner leaving area New Jeney, ih accordance with the horizing'-them t o Mtumo tb» nftmei tlple Listings and Trade-ins. Opsn Rules of Civil Procedure and Prac- of STANLEY JOSEPH KOLL, ELBAdays. Bend for catalog: NOIt MArtQAIlKT KOLT-, BAHBARA Ice. • •• Three-bsdroom ranch In Ideal neighbor- NICELY LOCATED COLONIAL-Very N KOLL. JANICE -LYNN. KOLL. ; - January 14, JP63 - • hood' for children: - TIeir excellent attractive setting on one 6f FSif 2>aled: JWTH ZhLTSU * KOLL and ANNA • PARSONS/ CANZONA, Haven's nicest streets, dose to excel school Large family room «r otflce KIZABETH KOLL, respectively. BLAIR & WARREN lent school. Family dining room. Thre STAMLKY JOSEPH HOWALCZYK, Inwith separata entrance, screened porch, Attorneys for Plaintiff many trees. May assume 4%% mort- large bedrooms. Heated sun room. L01 By: ROCCO RAVABCHISRS burning fireplace lauhMry room. Every E L E A V O R iASIoXftET KOWALCZYK gall. A. member of.the firm thing you., could desire tor »1T,»OO. . S58.SS STANLEY JoaEPH KOWALCZYK, RUSSELL M. BORUS .Realtors,. 800 an, 16, 23, 30; Feb. a ' father and•* natural guardian _ Occupancy July River Rd., Fair He,veo. SH 14533. BARBARA ANN KOWALCZYK, Member Multiple listing Service, JANICE LYNN, KOWALCZYK, JU. CaJl owner SH 7-3672 DITH ELLBC* 'KQWALCETK, . inREDUCED 11000 —' auburoan a i e Notice la" hereby given to the legi fanti Middletown. aorgeoua apu home 11 voters of the School District of th dudes three large bedrooms, den 0 Borough of Red Bant, the. County ol JWA ELKABETH KOWALCZYK, Dated: January 7, 1063 fourth bedroom, XVk baths, recreatloi Monmouth, New Jeraey. that the a Maurice J. Frager, Attorney room, formal dining.room, center ha cual meeUftf of the • legal voters PHILIP J. BOWERS & CO. entrance. 35' living room with, cath* aald District for the election of three- •28 Journal Sauars, Jersey City,, N. X dral celling, storm windows and soreeni member! of the Bo&rd of Educatioi $27.60 OUR 6MB XJSAR finished basement bar, 4ffj«eml cir id for other purposes will be held an. 9, W, 23. 30 cular patio. Lot S0U85. $23,500. Call t 4:00 o'clock P.M. on Wednesday, owner, OS I-27M after «. Principals 'ebruary 13, 1963. The soils win reoilers complete well rounded NOTICE TO BIDDERS only. aln open until 8:00. o'clock P.M. and Real Estate service. Sealed bids will be received by the i much longer as may be necessary Selling; leasing, homes, apartments, FAIR HAVEN — Large River Oafc land and commercial properties. all legal voters then pres- Jorough of Union Beach, New JecCod In a letting of magnlflcenl it permit iey, at Council Meeting Room, Cottage Red fiank and Monmouth County areas Cape cant their ballots. old trees. Living room with fireplace, Theto meeting Park School, Jlornlngslde Avenue, will be held and al PHILIP J. BOWERS & CO. formal dining room, illchen with din voters ot the School District [Jnlon Beach, New Jersey, on Februette. four bedrooms^ Uvo tUed baths, ... legal .ry 11, 1963, at 8:30 P.M.. for aupWALTER B. OVERTOH vote at the respective polling enclosed porch. tS5,«O0. SH 7-24113. •lylng approximately B.OOO gallons of places stated below. DIAL 741-7200 gasoline and approximateLITTLE SILVER EXCELLENT LOOA- . Three' members will be elected ft. 'Regular" ' Real Eitate Since 18M years; no members will be elect- y 3,000 gallons ot "High Test" gaso« Wilts St R«l B i n l t TION. Four-bedroom, M4 bath Colonial. iree I for two years; no memberi win ne, together with associated pump or "


Wednesday, Jan. 30,1963—21




Strathmore Civic Unit to Organize



w W / exes' vr, i


Ell-shapcd living room 18x22, flreptace. dining room, convenience kitchen wiw s elected for l year. At the said meeting will be submitted dUhwasher and breakfast bar. Panelec (portions for Voting taxes lor tb< den 10x21 wits fireplace, «creener> FOUR BEDROOMS porch full basement wltfl unflnlriiei allowing respective purposes: tame room. Patio, oversljed For Current Expenses o, two-car twocar overslj RUUSON — Four bedrooms, (810,364.00 tame ro d t c h e d garage carpeting and oUier rage, and oUie baths. Colonial In top-notch neighbor- detached garag The Total Amount Thought TDO St James Parlin. To be Necessary in hood. Living room with fireplace d n- t : tXTTDO. - . _ $010,364.00 ™ALT lng room, large screened porch. Walk- LAWRBNCliTsCHILUNp, ™ALTOR At the laid 1 meeting the following EMBER roposals will be submitted: Ing distance to all schools and bus. M Spring S t , Red Bank. MEMBER MULTIPLE LI6TWO SERVICE, CAPITAL OUTLAY RESOLUTION THE DOWSTRA AGENCY Proposition No. 1 ' JUST REDUCED -A.8turdy 1brick and Red Bank frame 1% story. Three bedrt [rooms, two Resolved that the aum of $34,260.00 E. Front-B.. H ie rained for expansion, of playgrounds, baths, fireplace, den, basement, twoemodellng High School auditorium, lmIMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY - Two bed car garage. Distinctively modem In irovement of School Grounds and New rS.m Cape Cod with expansion »Mc, every way. Only $25,900 8NYDER Equipment for all sdtools. REALTORS, Five Corners, Mlddletown. dining room, fireplace, tile bath. ExProposition No. 2 cellent condition. For appointment call OB 1-2590. Resolved, that the Board of Bduca<1K> SHREWSBURY BOROUOH — Cape Ion of the Borough of Red Bank, In Cod, living room with fireplace tw tie County ot Monmouth, Is hereby 8PUT USVEL_anamaasa. Three twin-slKd,' »nd jwid din din; .iithorlzed to purchase the premlser -* di bedfoo*ms"~or"Vne twinsteed Btrch kitchen, enclose bedi Tower Hill Avenue, Red Bank, 1 uvlng_ room,W m* «"range. a •*••£« bedroom aecom tersey, to expand the school property •room, full basement. loor, finished playroom, full basement. ind to expend for such purchases not fialJbj Awning*, aluminum combination win- ixceedinc; the sum of 115,000.00. aald Asking dows, attached garage, oil heat, l u e i Lmount to come from Capital Surplus Realtors, State Hwy. 35, Eatontown. 1372. Shore Multiple Listing service, u * 372. Askingg $18,800" Call SH 1-0230 rundir. The premises are. described as Jolafter 5 p.m. 1153. wi; . IMMACULATE lon al, , TWO BEDROOM CAPE COD — IMMACULTE Fair Haven Colon panslon attic, full dormer, lull base- Beginning In the northerly line ol near nchool h l andd bus. bus ' ' « ! * » • m ' ' X ment with recreation room, near owftr Hill Avenue, distant one ftunith lnj room, room with l m large dintas di red and forty-eight (148') feet two ' ) inches easterly from the easterly corner cupboards, sunporch, three bed- schools. 787-6337. ne of Branch Avenue; then northerly rooms, »alh, ta»"»«L.ff»5«' ° ' 2 SIX ROOMS, 1(4 baths, eight roomi IV, baths. Plum St., New Shrewsbury. long the easterly line of lots of War:n S. Conklin and others, one hunBH 1-5329. ' thirty-one (1311) feet, seven (7") REDUCED? Bead It From J41.O0O 10 red idles to land ot Henry C. Talmage; Ken PI., Hed Bat 31,700 and we know why. This excel- •ence along eald Talmage land north Luting, 741-9100. ent constructed five years old Colonial ,xty-elght (68"V degrees, tnirty (30') >a> tour bedrooms, !K, """HM ""• ilnutea east, forty (40*) feet to & tlace In living room with large bay :akc in the line of land of Edith P. iilndow, complete modern kitchen. An IB; thence southerly along said •11 purpose room for all ase» with Valllng's lend, aouth twenty-three I r e p l a x r A prime location walklnl (23d) degrees, twenty-five (25* t mlnNice pro[ balance to school and buses. Read It ites eaat one hundred thirty (130') feet again. From »41,000 to an "King price " BH 1-6262! the northerly line of Tower Hill of $31700. OLAZEBROOK AOENCY, renue; thence westerly along the ONE OF THE FINEST Pour-bedroom, lealtor, Avenue of Two Rivers, Rum;me forty (40') feet to the place of 1 t'/, bslh homci eglnnlng. r e ar. D "w.' bS,:,VTn'd.c.p C |. fig son. 8T2-1700. S 3 . living and.dln.ng^oms.janel.d VAIL HOMES The polling places for aald meeting Four room co-operative apartment. Call id their respective polling districts iescrlbed by reference to the election U 2-1788. itrlcta used at the last General ElecIX)UR-ItOOM co-operative apatti oil heat, down payment and J09.BU ion) nave been designated below, and person shall vote at said mec" monthly Includen utilities except heat lewhere than the poHlnK place df> carpuio. Miuut »•«"*• •>« ahp*«i- LI J.2487. Vail Homes. lated -for the voters of the polling WALKEn, Realtors. Hwy 35, Bnrew* NEAR RED BANK - Four Bedroom* Istrict in which, he or she resides. SH 1-5212. 24tHour Service. ull basement, baseboard h e a t , atDated: January 29, 1963 BAT0NTOWN RANCH - TOre. Bed- ached KaraKe, cozy, clean. Bt. .Tnm^i WILLIAM E. FIRTH "artsh Reduced to 118.800, SNYDE11 • Secretary tEALTORB, Five Corners, Mlddletown, Note: The term "current expenses" nuludes pfrhclpaia', teacher*', Janitors' OS 1-2500. nrt medical Inspectors' salaries, tltei, FAIR HAVEN BAROAIN — Four bed- ixtbookfl, school supplies, flags, transroom Dutch Colonial, 1% baths, formal jrtntton ol pupils, tuition of pupils atHOUSES FOR SALE 'dining room, 25' living room wlltl tndfng schools In other districts with nreplace, healed sunroom, eat-In kitch- ie consent of the Board of Educaen, full basement with outside en- on, school llhrarlei, compensation of trance, new heating n'utem. wnlk-ui ie Secretary, ot t)is custodian of jchoo] attic, two-car garage. Close to ichooli ioncyi and of attendance officers, truand transportation. Offerc* nt 51R.90O. nt schools, insurance, maintenance of Won't last long. HALL BROS., Real- lant and incidental expenses, itom. 813 River Rit., Rumsorf. BK I A. member ol the Board of Eriucn |768«. Member Multiple Listing. on must be at least 21 years of ag«. citizen and resident of the school strict, and have been a citizen and LOTS AMD ACREAGE ; si dent for at teaat two yrura I -• icdlately preceding tils or her beBUIU)INO JJOT — 75x125, Beautiful hill te a member of such Board, and section near ichoola, AnU'ng 92,000. THE iUBt,be able to read and write. He BROOK AQS1NCY, 89 First Av«., At- - she shall not be'Interested directly I l l n Highland*. 201-171T. Indirectly In any contract with or dm against the Board. •Every citizen of the United States REAL ESTATE WANTED the ace of 21 years who shall have en a. resident of the State Six Monlha LIST YOUR HOME with a member ol id of the county In which he claims • FOUR BEDROOMS the Red Bank Area Multiple ZJitltr i vote Sixty Days next before the Servlce He will circulate a photograpl iltctlon and who haa been permanently • THREE BATHS and complete deicrlpllon of your home 'egUtered in UIQ municipal election disto 37 member office*, otter you W» rlct at least, forty days prior to the qualified opinion as to fair market e of the election, shall be1 entitled value; bold an open house tor salesvote Rt the school election. Anniimen to inspect the property; and jive [fon tor military or. civilian abscnyour horn* preferred advertlitng. There ballots may be made to the Becrebuy thru &tjy member of the [• no extra eoft Involved. S3 very mem •y of the Board or Education." ber it a HeaJtor, You can put your RED BANK AREA confidence In a Realtor. Consult page POLLING PliACESJ ~ ol the Yellow Pages In your tale Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 12-Hte.h School, ne directory ',. Kl P,M. to 0:00 P.M. " rlcti fl, 0, 7, S—Oakland Street WE • HAVE ready buyers for duplex, chooi. 4:oo-P.M. to *:00 P.M. newer houses. Call OS 1-3200. MAT- Dlitricts 9, 10, 11—River Street THEW J. O ILL AGENCY, Hwy 39, cnool, 4;oo P.If, to 9:00 P.M. 30 , , , 132.68 Iddletown.




tumpB, storage tank or tanks and nushrooni light The pump, storage ante and light shall be installed by he successful bidder at the Borough Waterworks Building at & location to
All that certain tract or parcel nf nd lying, and being In the Boroui. ' Fair Haven, County of Monmouth id State of New Jersey, being more irtlcularly tlescrlhod as follows: BEQINNINQ at a stake In the North of the public road leading from :ed Bank to oceanic adlng from Red Bank to Oceanic 47 •et to a atake; thence (3) Southerly parallel with the first course 200 :et to a stake In the North aide of lid public road; thence (4) Westerly the northerly side of said public leading Irom Red Bank to OceQ 47 feet to the point or place of EniNNlNQ. BEINQ the easterly 47 feet of Lot on a map entitled "Map or land longing to R. S. Merrill and











Church Set to Present a 4 Award-Winning Films

Keyport Firemen 22—Wednesday, Jan. 30,1963 Elect Huber DENM5 THE MENACE

KEYPORT-At the last meetIng of .Lincoln Hose Fire Co,, the Season tickets are available by following were elected: Earl HuRED BANK — The first l/ tarian Church of Monmout subscription for a nominal price. ber, president; Allyn Lee, vice County has announced plans It is also planned to have in- president; David Britton, treasurer; Jerry Hill, secretary; Jopresent a series of four awar dividual tickets for sale at the winning films, not to raise funds, door on,the evenings of perform- seph Collins, assistant secretary: Eugene Regan, captain; Richard but to provoke throught on matances. Nebus, first lieutenant; Robert ters of social concern. Polfng, second lieutenant; Mr The four films the church hi Lee, chief engineer; Leo Brown chosen are "The Quiet One,' first assistant engineer; Mr. Colstory of a juvenile delinquent b Weekend guests at the home o lins, second assistant engineer, hind a wall of silence; "We Ai Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pordy, 58 and LeRoy Huylar, Robert Walsh AJJ Murderers," c e l e b r a t e Andover La., were Mr. and Mrs.and Mr. Lee trustees. French film indicting capit Moe Brage, Pairlawn, Mr. and punishment; "The Last Bridge, a war film with Maria Sche Mrs. Victor Smith and son Mark, Set Registration made in Yugoslavia, and "Th Bayside, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack For Kindergarten Great Adventure," a Swedisl Stollman, Bayside, parents of UNION BEACH — The public film depicting the cycle of natu Mrs. Prody. school kindergarten registration in that country's northern farm Mrs. Fred Mankowitz, 8 Andov-for the 1963-84 school year will be area. er La., entertained recently for held Tuesday, Feb. 5, in the al All four films have been re her former neighbors, Mrs. Ray-purpose r o o m of Memorial ceived with great acclaim b; mond Smith, Mrs. Jerome Leen School, from 9 a.m. to noon. critics. The first three are wi Mrs. Arnold Ornstein and Mrs. To be eligible, a child must be ners of international awards, Bert Schneider, all of Union. five years of age before Oct. 1, They deal with difficult and co must be accompanied by a partroyersial subjects. These will b Patricia Mayer, daughter of ent or guardian and present a shown at night. The fourth, co birth certificate, proof of vaccisidered suitable for the who'Mr. and Mrs. James Mayer, 454 nation and immunization. family, will have en afternoo: Lloyd Rd.', spent the weekend Paul J. Evans, administrative showing to allow parents to brin with Mary and Margaret Mayer, principal, has announced that i n Weehawken. their children. oculations may be obtained at The series will be shown at th the Union Beach Well Baby Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weln- on the second Friday of each Civic Auditorium at Monmou Shopping Center, Eatontowr stein, 149 Idlewild La., Saturday month. Appointments can be Feb. 24, March 17. April 21 annight had a card and mah jong made with Mrs. Dorothy Garvin, party. Guests were Mr- and Mrs.public health nurse, between 8 May 12.. Donald Parker, Mr. and Mrs.and 9 a.m. or 1 and 1:30 p.m. Lawrence Lerner, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Krusch, Dr. and Mrs. were Mr. and Mrs. F. Earl Ellis George Wexler and Mr. and Mrs. and family of Metuchen. Martin Cooper.

Kiwanis Unit By Hank Ketehum Installs Officers


", , , then Daddy took us to eat at the

WNCROFT - ' A , 0 i r l s Petfegrinelll Was installed as the ljew president of the. Lincrcrft-Holmdel Kiwanls Club it ceremonies held recently,in the tincroft Inn;here. Henry .Nussbattm,' a past gov» emor of state Kiwanis,: was the installing officers Eating out can be such-a treat to the youngsters.., bther new officers 'installed and it can be inexpensive, were John Kay, vice president; too, when you take them Harry Seylaz. treasurer; Fran* hero. cis X.. Moore, secretary, arid Wesley F. Besse. John Brockwell, Edwin Martin, Gabriel A. Molnar, Leon Rosen, John Zoller and Mr. Moore, directors. Mr. Nussbaum addressed the membership and a film1 ''ResponTHURSDAY: MEAT LOAF MAISON, mashed sibility, Our Key to Freedom" - potatoes, vegetable, coffee and was shown, , dessert - >, John Kay was master of cereFRIDAY: monies for the affair. BAKED H A L I B U T STEAK, mashed potatoes, vegetable, coffee LOAFERS HAVE ALLY and dessert FRANKFORT, Ky.' (AP) SATURDAY: to Loafers around the old State ROAST FRESH HAM, mashed 7 P.M. Capitol have a powerful ally — potatoes, vegetable, coffee and 1 Gov. Bert Combs, dessert He has ordered removal of a Try our-home made pies and apple cobbler with lemon sauce spiked strip of; iron from the top of a new stone fence encircling the Historic building in downtown Frankfort.. And he also has directed construction of a flag29 BROAD ST. « D BANK stone patio and installation of benches.






Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Shore, Michael Reid, son of Mr. and97 Andover La., celebrated their Mrj. Fred Reid, 37 Ivanhoe La. 10th wedding anniversary FriIs spending the week at home day, having as guests Mrs. after final exams at the Univer- Shore's mother, Mrs. Bessie Goldstein, and a friend Miss sity of Delaware. Anne Klein, both of New York City. Saturday night Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Denne Goldstein • Finest quality teavy duty Mrs. Shore dined at Ye Cottage and daughters, Stacey and Ranchrome Inn, Keyport,' with their neighdi, 113 Idlewild La., spent the bors, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pordy • Bow design inlaid top weekend at the home of Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Rosen• Table A A j k « p Goldstein's parents, Mr. and Mrs.zweig. Joseph Ziswasser, Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paris, 39 Imbrook La., entertained their • 12" leaf nil Tana Sneider, daughter of Mr.former neighbors from Ridge• (chain W U f i nd Mrs. James R. Sneider, 31 field. Present were Mr, and Mrs. Indover- La., celebrated her fifth Sidney Sossin, Mr, and Mrs. Melilrthday with a party Friday, in Weinber, Mr. and Mrs. Rayiuests were Barbie and Mary mond Lubin, Mr. and Mrs. Irv\nn Marks, Mary Ellen and Ju-ing Widner, Mr. and Mrs. Norie Anne Duda, Melissa and Car-man Rosen, Mr. and Mrs. Danol Fry, Elizabeth and Kim Lev-iel Preston. Also present were 241 Highway SS, Eatontown J « t SoDlh or Zttonhnra circle ey and Amy Graft, all of Strath-Mr. and Mrs. Leo Speiser, Teamore, and Betzy and Nancy neck, and Mr. and Mrs, Bernard Open daily 10 to 9 S»t. l : » t o « CalI5ti-20a> iDonn, Pariin. Sunday guests at Greertber and Mr. and Mrs. Sam the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sneider Schaefer, Strathmore.


"ONE OF AMERICA'S GREATEST MEAT MARKETS" ROUTE 3 3 (Corifes Ave.) ROUTE 36 NEPTUNE CITY EAST KEANSBURG Mon. & Tues. 9 c m . to 7 p.m. W M , & Thurs. 9 o.m. to 9 p.m. H . 9 "f» 10; Sat. 9 to 7; Sun. 9 to 6


WHY PAY MORE? Boneltvs Clwck A A . I Extra Leon Jersey nnC

I Swift's Boneless


STEW BEEF D S L ! PORK BUTTS 0%.!Sirloin Roasl/Sj HICKORY SMOKED These sizes also sale-priced— tubeless only Blockwoll Si»


600 659 750 B00 850


I Meaty Chicken

9.99 11.99

in 00

^ 12.99 14.99

Size 640 x 15_ 670 x 15_


Blockwoll 8.99 10.99

Blcckwoll 12.99 14.99


710 x 15_ 760 x 15._

All prices plus tax and any old tire in trade

ALL TIRES WILL BE INSTALLED FREE AND CARRr A 24-MONTH GUARANTEE' •All tires guaranteed against mat hazard* snch an glass cuts, curb bniisrs «nd impart breaks encountered under normal driving condition!—traveling an iivirago of 1000 mita per month. Tires will be rrphrn] or repaired al the discretion of Bamberger's. Replacements pro-rated, agaiiut these sale prices, [or time used.

PORK CHOPS Rib Rib or or Shoulder Shouldar r f |

x1 3 x 13_ x14x 14_ x 14_


5 lbs. I Leon Royal




LAMB CHOPS 33ib. |Backs & Necks 25c | Sliced Bacon o i ) l b EXTRA BONUS OFFER-LEAN ROYAL





Veal Chops

3-|b. Purchase

Ground Chuck or Ground Round

far the llfo of your carf lVar Modfl Price '<7.'5t_ Champion „ . tM '41-'53 _... 6 n.Pfl '5<-'ao 6 and 8 »M '53-'5l 8 and S 8.99 '51-'5G 8 H.99 '53-'56_ 8 ....... n.m : tS-'i2 s H.n

Cadillac (front) '5J-'55 8 II.M Cadillac (rear) ..'52-'55 8 fl.Hil Poril _...'5^-'53..._ 6 .-„._... H.JIS Ford .,....'M-'5!) 6 and H ».!I9 Dodjjo '4»-'85__ 6 11.(19 Dodse _...'66-'tO 6 nnd 8....:...1O.II9

Pork Cutlets


Rust-Resistant Mufflers Fully guaranteed far SluilebaHer Chevrolet Chevrolet Pontlao -OUls . BuICk Bulck

Plymouth '42-'5B :.e and 8 Oil fp*ully gvar&Rteefl against manufacturer's '[lufccta for the Ufellm« of your car—free replacement. Duala and convertibles sllfihtly lilgncr. Tali pipes for most cars also available at low prices. Installation avail* ' able at nominal charge.



6.95 Regularly 8.99 • Correct camber and caster • Correct toe-in and toe-out. • Inspect and adjust steering • Adjust brakes • Inspect hydraulic lines • Inspect wheel cylinders This service available from 10 A.M. la 5:45 P.M. only

BRAKES RELINED ON ALL 4 WHEELS with 15,000-mile guarantee*



For most American e o n • Only,new, bonded brake linings arc used • We bleed and' adjust for full contact ' • Check lines and master cylinder for leaks •Free reUnlrje II br»k« fid within l M t t mile* ol Joo.



Oiler Good Thru Hal., Frb. J

Otter flood torn Sal-. JFcb. J JUTO M a c s JUTeetive thru Balu-diy, Feb. 1. We Reserve tint Itllhl l« limit Quantities. Not Knpodilble for Typographical Errors.-

c M)B $

CALL KEllogg him, OSborne 1-2500 OB WRITE on llres. Free delivery within our delivery area. (Except C.O.D.'s add 50c). Bamberger's Drive-In Auto Center (Depts. 143, 144), adjacent to Baniberger's at the Eatontown traffic circle, Monmouth. And at Paramus, Menlo Park, Newark, Plalnfleld and Route 22 In Springfield.


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30 - There are a few of
Jul 30, 1986 - HTSC refused to pay the fee. Both the township and HTSC have since decided to rely on their attorneys to

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Nov 11, 1979 - oil and food increases, this could cause double- digit inflation to last well into the 1980s. The average

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May 30, 1974 - her baby, Paul, 4 months old child was conveyed to Clara Maass Hospital and pronounced D O A. Owner- of .

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Mar 17, 1999 - Chinese School in the Satz School library. Staff Writer ..... The Best IRA! 18-month CD. 5.502: 15.00%„

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Jan 18, 1991 - consuming process that willtio! ifford Innncdlate solutions and. \ ould cost some SI-fThillllon for the m

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Mar 27, 2014 - Store,. Frank Brown's. Insurance.' :be held*rhursdny-March 16. Tonulit projects. 'jKnlibas umeri Board me

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I C. O. T. H. A. L. F. S L I P S. REGULARLY *1 .00. (mi prick. Cool, dainty tor hot weath er wear, Idviih nylon em. broi

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Sep 17, 1981 - N.J Land Use Law." The future of die township, is too im- portant to be decided "by one judge who is laum

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Sep 1, 1988 - 2. Please make sure that all news worthy items to IK published in the Thuis- day, Sept. 8 issue of the. Ne

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and Mrs. K. Eschle of 151 Spruce. Ave., in charge of Brownies.. Each of .... iax AV*nue> in «re Borc^ehs o^Keni! worth