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DJitributlon Today 21.825 r, ftfe nWrtf. Fit. day,! fair, contlnietf cold. . See wither, ptfe 2. VOL. 36, N O . 155

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Marks Britain's Market Rejection

PrcsHent be Oanlle

LONDON (AP) - Shock waves One effect could be a scaling his five Common Market part- cide what should be done." "We shall not turn our backs I of disappointment and anxie- down of British military commit- ners. ty surged through free world cap- ments to the defense of Europe. The five—West Germany, Italy, on Europe or the countries of the ! itals today at the rejection of Bri- Trade experts said Britain has the Netherlands, Belgium and European Community," he told a [ tain'i Common Market bid. one path now: a fierce fight to Luxembourg—promptly called off British television audience. The Atlantic alliance groped' for wi win bigger markets overseas and a meeting of Common Market fi- De Gaulle was pictured as cool L steady footing amid the far-rang- to spur industrial growth at home nance ministers. The session was in the tempest that raged about j Ing uncertainites of President through more efficiency in indus- to have discussed the flow of him. He was said to be confident I Charles de Gaulle's blackball. try and harder work all around. American investments into the that the storm will die, quickly, Common Market.area, something leaving the Common Market unThe collapse of the Brussels neGrouping O( Countries which arouses concern in France. scathed., Some sources m Paris j jotlations to link the Island kingOne suggestion was that the Representatives of the five said maintained that France has not dom with continental Europe government propose a grouping they canceled the meeting rath- bolted the door forever on British threatened the biggest immediate of countries based on the Com-er than give the French an open- entry; that in months or perhaps I explosion In Britain. monwealth, Britain's partners In ing to launch a criticism of years Britain will be admitted to Prime Minister Harold Macmilthe European Free Trade Associ- American business practices. I the trade community. | Ian, who had staked his reputaation and any Latin American British Deputy Foreign Secre- The' United States exerted t i o n on the success of the talks, countries that want to join. tary Edward Heath, who led his strong diplomatic pressure behind , was certain to face a .full-scale attack from the opposition Labor While De Gaulle's lofty snub country's fight in Brussels, said the British drive tor membership, ,/as directed at Britain, one im-his government will be "in the and the outcome, while expected, , party against a background of was ! 800,000 unemployed and a stagnat- mediate result was to Isolate the closest contact" with the five for caused bitter disappointment in ing economy. ••'-.. • -. austere. French statesman from the next few days "and then de- Washington.

chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, that "the temporary aberration of one member of the Western community, though deeply disappointing, Is not fatal." While French Illusions "run their course," Futbright said in a statement, "the United Stales and its partners in Western Europe WASHINGTON (AP) - Some are not without resources to press Democratic members of the Sen-ahead with the development of a ate Foreign Relations Committee strong Atlantic partnership." expressed belief today that a "Anybody can reconsider a mis. strong Atlantic partnership can take," said Sen. Wayne Morse, Dbe formed without France. Ore. "I hope De Gaulle will. If They called UM French veto ot he does not, the alternative may Great Britain's admission to the be just to let the general go It European Common Market a Jolt alone in his defenses. to Western Europe's - economic "We don't heed to stay In EuitablUty. rope to protect the United States. Most, however, agreed with Sen. They need us more than we need J. William Fulbright, D-Ark., them." High-ranking U.S. officials said the United States Is determined to help build a unified Europe despite De Gaulle's visions of deing to launch a criticism ot Amer lean as well as British influence and erecting it as a buffer between East and West.

Prime Minister Macmulaii

TRENTON (AP)-If the Repub- Issue In April, adding, "I'm not in the excitement of a presiden- half the turnpike users are from propriation committees just at lican-controlled state senate blocks giving anyone an ultimatum." tial election year," he added. out of state. other state money does. the proposed $750 million bond'is- The governor said the bond is- On a question of whether the Some Republicans have charged He also took issue, with sugsue, Gov. Richard J. Hughes says sue could not be put off for a turnpike should someday be toll that the legislature would have gestions that the state finance id year. He also said he didn't think free, Hughes replied: "Who wants no control over the spending of needs on a pay-as-you-go basis. he will take it to the people. Hughes' said if the legislature a broad-based tax would pass this it? Nothing would be more, un- the $750 million, but Hughes said "My way is cheaper, Hughes or the people failed to approve year. "Some say it might go over just and silly." He said more than It would go through legislative ap(See HUGHES, Page 2) the full bond issue the only alternatives would be a broad-based tax or slow state suicide. Hughes proposed the bond issue to a joint session of the state legislature on Monday to finance TRENTON (AP)-Automobile in- viding insurance against fire, A quick check of some ot the Trenton — increases ranging additional state aid for highway, surance rates in New, Jersey go theft, glass breakage, windstorm, state's cities showed mat at least from $4 to $12 annually on standeducation, and institutions con- up today an average of 7 per cent flood and additional perils Is be- one area, Long Branch, gets a ard $10,000420,000 p r o t e c t i o n But the increases dp aa\ afincreased an average of 7.7 rate decrease. struction programs without 'a against bodily injury, depending fect existing policies until they percent. broad-based tax. Figures from the state banking on the type of policy and the age NEW 9UARTERS—Holmdel'j Acting Postmaster Harold Braun sorts mail in the new are renewed, according to the In- The lowest increase is for a commissioner showed mat Long of, the driver. Five Year Period passenger car used for pleasure Branch would drop rates $1 to Suburban Trenton—increases of temporary pott office in Holmdel Village. Postal authorities have leased approxi-' The $750 million would be spent surance Information Institute.' 'The National Bureau of Casual- only .and not driven to and from $4 a year. $4 to$15. merely 2,500 square feet of space from the Helmdel Village Fire Company for 4 over a five year period and the Other figures showed: bond issue would be financed by ty Underwriters and th« National work or by a male under 25. Perth Ambunham, N. C. He is the son preterrcd. Monroe Ave. They were taken t for state highway construc- LITTLE SILVER—Dog licenses 1958. technical training as a United ury, Mr. Bartle told of the CARP OF THANKS Mrs. Carolyn E. Miller of Brito the hospital by the Red Bank n, grade crossing elimination, must be obtained by tomorrow, The estate was appraised at States Air Force communications We would Ike to take this o[ mlty >ard efforts, over the past e . ' . . •• .. ' - •• . . . .• First Aid Squad. Shrewsbury Po- istitutions, or community col- Police Chief James W. Fix reto thank everyone for their $1,707,263, gross value and $1,246,- operations specialist. He is a nonths, to get federal aid for an our recent bereavement, espeHe Is married to the former during lice Chief Raymond Mass inves- eges. All of these are provided minded borough dog owners this ciallyy Rev.. Hodgdon, Hodcdon, tthe btarari and) 675, net, Securities were valued 1962 graduate of ,Manatquan ddition to this school. These Jetty D. Desha of 2152 Herscher our wonderful neighbor ors. tigated. for in his bond issue. morning. (N. J.) High School. at $1,663,224 of the gross. llfss Grace Mill! orts are continuing, he said, ., Jacksonville, Fla. Mr. Wnllor Mini

National, World News in Brief

Specialist To Address R.E/Group

Peacetime Plan Asked Of CD Unit

2 Accidents Raritan Send Pair To Hospital



Dog Alerts Family To House Fire

Shrewsbury School Tax Set at $1.76

Will Outline Defense Plans

Waterfowl Population Is 256,000

Jobless Rate Increased Last Month

Frank Gilson Is President Of Center

Union Officials Found Guilty

59-Foot Tow Boat Sinks

$1.2 Million Estate Left

Air Force Decorates Zol. Miller



Education Plan Brings Division In Congress

Successful Investing By ROGER E. SPEAR Wait for Correction to Buy Morel

Wednesday, 7«% 3 0 , 1 9 6 3 - 9


Nason on Education

IQ Tests and Real Potentials

By JOHN BECKLER stance, Is increasing about nine be trained in the skills ol study By LESLIE J. NASON WASHINGTON (AP)-President , r tl ff« » young couple Fairbanks Whitney, but It seems times as fast as the total num- and learning. This training carProfessor of Education Kennedy's attempt to unite supries over Into all phases ot 3 Children under 6 years about to be faced with a proxy porters of aid to education has al- Education is failing to meet ber of Jobs. «*«ge. I own small amounts of fight, which frequently enhances ready touched off a bitter division the needs of America at both In every field there Is a grow- school and work. More trained MM, Eastman Kodak, General the price of the shares involved. ends of the technological scale. ing demand for more highly mlndi Is the crying need of our among them in Congress. Electric, RCA, Merck, Phillips I would suggest no changes in Kennedy wrapped 24 separate Thousands are unemployed while trained personnel. At the same present society. P e t r o l e u m , your list at present, nor would proposals dealing with everything thousands of jobs go unfilled day time, machines are eliminating THE FALLACY: The number F a i r b a n k s I at this time disturb my cash after day. the strong-back Jpbs. from elementary to graduate of individuals with highly trainWhitney, and reserves. .}' school into one big bill and sent it One has only Some educators despair. They able minds is indicated by th« American Cy- In the event of a correction to Congress Tuesday, urging to check the conclude that our very progress results of their I.Q. testa. anamid. I have of the recent strong, sharp mar"Wghpriority action." want ad sec- will'defeat us because there will THE TRUTH: Tests measure $9,000 In the ket rise-which Is a possibility tion of a met- not be enough people of high IQ'i Do some extent the present day The package carries an estibank. Should I within the next few months — I ropolitan news- to meet the needs of our grow- learning potential of individuals. uted price tag of $4.6 billion for change any .. p a p e r . The ing technology. withdraw HMO and add However, these same individuals, three years but cuts back sharply my stock hold- equal dollar amounts to my pres' Old I. Q. Argument same ads aptrained In the skills of learning previous administration proposals i n g s , a n d ent holdings, with the exception pear week after They argue that only about Oneand the skills of test taking, take for aid to public elementary and should I invest of Phillips Pete and Fairbanks week for secrethird of our population have IQ's on new potentials i secondary schools. taries, cost acabove average—from 90-110. Only Whitney. The idea of lumping everything countants, en- part of these reach me educa- In one city where a search for ^ r E . S p e a r c P a a s B ° ' r 7 Q—"I.own a cattle ranch and together was apparently to entice Dr. Nason •erves?" E. J. gineers, design- tional levels soon to be demanded highly superior individuals has have a two-thirds Interest'In sevfriends of different proposals into been conducted for years, twice MOTHERS' MARCH —Mrs. George Webb, Monmouth ers, advance communication spe- by our society. A—With one exception, you •«ve a splendid collection of eral hundred Black Angus cat- county chairman of tha Mother*' March for Polio fund, making common cause for the cialists, etc. There are fallacies In the argu- as many persons have been distle. I've retired now, the ranch whole package, but the first effect covered In the extremely high IQ blue chips. ments of these prophets of doom. cattle are leased out, and I discusses the drive with Meyor Edward C. Wilton of has been to alienate influential And it's not getting any better! THE FALLACY: There U no range as the test makers preThe exception, ot course, is and A US. Department of Labor get a pretty, good income for my Oceanport on eve of the houia-to-house effort. Mothers House Republicans who support survey shows that the number of such thing as transfer of training. dictedl share. There is money in a savsome items but oppose others. openings for engineers, for in- THE TRUTH: The mind can Programs conducted over a wilt ring doorbells tonight in the annual "march" to culings account as well as $4,000 In period of years in each communRep. Peter Frelinghuysen Jr., E Bonds. My house in town is minate the campaign. ity in which students with high R-N.J., ranking GOP member of modern and free of mortgage. potential are sought out and the House Education and Labor I am able to invest; $2,000 this trained in me skills of learning Committee,' called the catchall year and don't need current inwould Increase our supply of bill "the height of political cynl come. Have always been conserhighly trained people. dsm," and said Republicans will vative and would welcome any Scores that students make on offer bills aimed at specific tarsuggestions as to stock purchasintelligence tests depend upon gets. . NEW YORK (AP)-To no one's es." E. J. their attitude toward the tests, Rep. Charles E. Goodell, R-N.Y. surprise in WaH Street, ths stock called Kennedy's program "In- HIGHLANDS — "Ths Henry ing that the regional and local the background of their homes market encountered some profit A—You sound like a man who By CHARLES K. SERGIS here, and Mayor Hugh J. Addo- credible in its proportions" and Hudson Regional Board of Edu- boards should set high education- and previous schooling as well ai has put in lots of hard work to tsktag yesterday « d moved ., build said it robbed individual meas- cation should be lauded for what al goals, but Institute enriched their innate ability. op something pretty fine NEWARK (AP)-The Interstate nizio of Newark. *egularly after, six straight days and is now in a position to en- Commerce Commission is tak- Addonizio, appearing In person ures of bipartisan support. it has done and what it is at- p r o g r a m s in art music, Training Is The Key tempting to do, but we feel it Is athletics, and other areas grad- Once they have learned how to ei advance. Trading was fairly foy the fruits of it. I sincerely ing its marathon hearing on the as the first witness, was given trying to go too far, too fast" ually, to coincide with antici- study and how to take tests— hope you will live long enough proposed Pennsylvania-New York a thorough workout in cross-ex•tctive. . .•'.;, /• Those were the words of Timo- pated state and federal aid. 1 do so. when they recognize their own Central Railroad merger back to amination by top-rank PennsylAs in other sessions this year, thy Lynch, Sr., temporary chair- In regard to an $11,331 tax ap- ability to attain a higher status in vania and New York Central athowever, the market gave ground For investment of your $2,000 Washington after giving New Jer- torneys. man of the newly-formed Citi- portionment error in the 196243 life—their motivation for achievonly partially and, in fact, some currently available, I suggest sey a chance to have its say durzens' Committee, in reference to budget, which If debited to High- ing on the test will be higher, The mayor drew &R railroads' of the popular market averages Montana-Dakota utilities com- ing two days here. the proposed 196344 regional lands this year would result la these students then will set highinched higher. Standard ft mon, which has a good record With 57 days of hearings in 13 fire by stating that the merger rehool budget. this borough having to make up, er goals for themselves. Poor's WO-stock index yielded a of growth in an expanding area. cities already compiled, the merg- "means very simply that there The new group met Monday in effect, $25,000 in one year, The potential of our youth Is will be a reduction In both pasI believe that the dividend could er case resumes In Washington minimal .01 at 66.23. LONG BRANCH - Officers of night to discuss the proposed re- Mrs. William Black had this to far greater than it would appear senger and freight service." on Feb. 11. The extent and duration of the be raised this year. the Long Branch Trust Co. were gicmal and local school budgets, say: previous advance were enough, (Mr. Spear cannot answer all The official record was en- The railroad attorneys bored elected at the Institution's annual and after a four-hour discussion "It Is the moral obligation ot from present test results. brokers said, to account for mail personally but will an- larged considerably during the away at each hostile witness, de- organization meeting yesterday. voted to oppose both spending the Atlantic Highlands as well We can come closer to reaching this potential through proper examples of how William L. Juska was elected schedules. some spotUness. In addition, the swer all questions possible in Newark sessions, mostly by oppo- manding specific regional board to cut back the recognition. Training not only sition to the merger plan. The service would1 bo impaired. In assistant vice president. Previlist was still in a broad band of his column.) Relief Expected as the Highlands members of the will meet the needs of our socomplainants were led by Gov. most cases die witnesses, many ously he was assistant secretary supply represented by unloading Opposition Do the local school budget so that Highlands can ab- ciety for the foreseeable future, Richard J. Hughes, who was busy of them mayors of their munici- and assistant treasurer. of stocks held by owners all budget is because people believed sorb the loss this year. The error but will help many individuals in Trenton but sent a statement palities, were not able to say exthrough the worst of last spring's Myron Briggs was elected as- that when the regional school was not the responsibility of the achieve happier lives. actly how they believed •harp plunge. sistant secretary and assistant opened, local school expenses board, but it should act as a modi, (Dr. Nason will welcome your would be curtailed. The detailed Gains of selected blue chips NEW YORK (APMUSDA) would decrease and some tax fled district to help either bor- question addressed to him in care sendee plans of they railroads aft- treasurer. helped keep the market on an Wholesale egg offerings burdenHarold G. Sterling, who was relief could be expected, Mr. ough In distress." er merges were presented at the of The Register. Those of most re-elected executive vice presieven keel., Group action, how- some on large; Increased on meLynch said. Washington hearings last year. general Interest will be answered diums and ample on balance. Dedent and trust officer, was named "We had expected the local ever, was mostly lower for the In his column.) But the witnesses mentioned a member of the board of di- budget to decrease or at least •teels, aufos, aerospace issues, mand light on large and mediums and quiet on balance yesterday. gradual decrease In railroad serv- rectors. The board will now have hold the line," Mr. Lynch noted, tobaccos aid rubbers. / ice over the years and said they 11 members. Whites: extras (47 lbs. min.) Sober Backdrop "since three classes of seventh felt a merger of the two giant The decline in steel production 37-38%; extras medium (40 lbs. RUMSON — Three youths, lines was bound to eliminate even Re-elected at the meeting were and eighth graders and the speSamuel C. Morris, president; cial class moved to the regional —the first In four weeks—and average) 34%-KM; top quality charged with being disorderly more trains. Samuel J. Von Dyke, vice presi- school." some mixed earnings reports by (47 lbs. min.) 37-40; mediums (41 persons here Jan. 7, were fined steel companies set a rather l b s . average) 34^-3(%: smalls $25 each by Magistrate William Many also expressed concern dent; John T. Valdes, vice presi- A cut of $18,000 was expected sober baddrop for the market. (36 lbs. average) 33-34; peewees Riker in municipal court Mon- over the ability of the Erie-Lacks- dent; Frank C. Woolley, secre- In teachers' salaries in the local EATONTOWN - Leaders workwanna Railroad, which provides tary; Laurus A. Follansbee, school's proposed budget the ing together to prepare for the The drop In steel output, how- 26-27. day night. big show boys will stage in Con- WASHINGTON (AP)-6ett. Ollfever, was ascribed chiefly to Browns: extras (47 lbs. min.) One of the trio, Peter Cahlll, New Jersey's largest commuter treasurer, and Mis Edith I. How- chairman said. At the local school budget hear- vention Hail, Asbury Park, in ford P. Case, R-N.J., laid today ft-3% top quality (47 lbs. min) 20, of 664 Cameron RA, South service, tp survive in over-all com-lam) assistant trust officer. severe weather conditions. petition including freight, against Re-elected directors were W. ing, Joseph R. Bolger, adminis- April will meet tomorrow night he will Introduce next week a bill The Wall Street mood was not - • & * % mediums (41 tbs. aver- Orange, abo was fined $25 on the merged railroads. Stanley Bouse; Leopold Hector, trative principal, explained that in the auditorium ot Monmouth to promote orderly community and ' enhanged by France's crushing of age) 3^37; smalls (36 B». aver- a careless driving charge. Police said he drove across the front Cm. Hughes stressed that pout Mr. Juska, Daniel J. Maher, the board plans to hire a part- Shopping Center, M o n m o u t h regional growth In urban and subBritain's Md to enter the Com- age) 33-34; peewees 26-27. lawns of homes owned by John taking a stand against the merg- Mr. Morris, Charles C. Schock, time remedial reading teacher, Council ot Boy Scouts reports. urban areas. mon Market,^despite a lastJr., Mr. Valdes, Howard H; Wool- and part-time art and music In- Tomorrow's session will be led It would require local planning minute intervention by President Johns-Manville 1% Goodyear I Archibald, 101 Einghara Ave., er proposal.: i, and Radio Corp. %-. and William Brisley,. 113 Biag- Officials of several large corpo- ley, J. Russell Woolley, Jr., and structors, "to make sure High- by Scout Commissioner William on a long-range basis before the Kennedy's Administration. lands s t u d e n t s are as well Mattlson. and Invited guests in- federal government could contribrations and a shippers association Dr. Charles L. Zukaukas. The Dow Jones Industrial Prices worked irregularly ham Ave. equipped to eater the regional clude cubmasters, scoutmasters, ute any funds for a specific land lower on the American Stock testified they felt they would get Cahill also stole a street sign, Average moved up a moderate school as are students from other explorer advisers and skippers. of, improvement better service from the combined Exchange. Volume was 1.03 milor public works pro]. police said. .84 to 883.73. grammar schools in the area." sea scout ships. ect. • Of 1,304 Issues traded, gainers lion shares compared with 1.07 The other two youths, both 20 railroad. Salary Hikes Mr. Mattison said yesterday the Legislation at this type, he addBut no elected official from outnumbered losers by the nar- million Monday. Macke Vending years old, are James Mitchell of He also noted that although 1963 Boy Scout Show will be even ed, would eliminate conflicts such row margin of 829 to 52J. New lost VA while fractional declines 2124 South Philadelphia Ave., New Jersey came out for the there are fewer teachers in the bigger than the one which last as that now going on among three Ugh* for I962--83 totaled 60. The were posted by National Bellas Philadelphia, Fa. and Gilbert merger. system this year, the remaining year attracted more than 20,000 federal agencies over use of the single new, low was Sealright- Hess, Canadian Javelin, BVD, Gahun of 61 Croquis Ave., Floral ones had received salary invisitors. ' Great Swamp area in Morris Arkansas Louisiana Gas, and Park, L. I. Oswego Falls. crease} in accordance with the Mead, Johnson. Reinsurance In- Police said the three are stuSome show events already have County, N.J. salary guide. ' Volume was 4.36 million shares vestment was active and up % dents at Villanova University, WEST LONG BRANCH - Or! been decided and are in the In a letter to constituents, Case compared with 4.72 million dur- Electronic Communications rose Villanova, Pa. entatlon began this morning at In a discussion of the local planning stages. Toese include: noted there has been almost conboard's proposal to limit the avering Monday's rising market. Monmouth College for the spring 1%, Dialight 1, Hydrometals % Other fines levied by Magistinuous debate over the Great Attractions listed class. The new term begins to- age classroom size to 27 pupils, The Vst moved from a state and Pyle National %. trate RUter were: Henry Wolff, Swamp area since the Port ot committee members termed it "Oub Land of Fun," which will morrow. of irregularity In the morning to Corporate bonds were fairly Tennis Court La,, this place, careNew York Authority first suggestan attempt to Institute "pdvate take in a so-called "Pinewood At 9 a.m., the incoming stua slightly lower tendency In steady. U. S. government bonds less driving, $25, failure to show ed It as an Ideal spot for a jetschool education practices in a Derby Speedway" staged under dents were welcomed by Dr. (he afternoon, then showed were mostly lower. driver's license, $6; Richard Ste- RED BANK -Projects Echo port. public school system." the direction of Earl Bennett, William Von Note, president. selective late' strength which Yesterday's closing stocks: fer, 26 Eighth Ave., Atlantic High- and Telstar, space programs InSince September, I960, he said, 1 Registrar Irving J. Shapiro out- In regard to this, and to some Belmar, the council's southern the Interior Department, howbolstered the averages. A numIVT-B C B Brk IS lands, careless driving, (20; Da- volving "passive ' and "active" AGP In Has Election

Egg Market

Disorderly» Boys Fined $25 Each

Leaders Set To Plan For Orderly Growth Scout Show Is Coal of Bill To Be Introduced

Orientation At College Echo-Telstar Tomorrow Talk For Church Oub

Rurnson Man Fined $40

Hydroelectric Plant Plans Are Outlined

Nominees By Case To Academies

Yacht dub Plans Parties

4-Wedawty, Jan. 30,1963

Court OR For Dog Pond


OK School Uge A» Pollingg Place

SHREWSBURY Tb BM , SHREWSBURY - Tb« , nc, JHed.tu of Education Monday approved Court -here on Monday asking the the use of Hie borough'school u court (o direct jioweU Township a palling place for district 2 votd j to permit use '§ their-property rs. . ' " for a3ogpoun«!•

*• j-^f-



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16 -'7 7 •


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32 BrowJ St. jShady»Jd« 1-750O

Rtd Bank

GIRLS SUSPENDED NEWARK — Four girls have been suspended from the 7th Avenue Junior High School and charged with setting eight fires at the school between Jan. 14 and Jan 21. School officials said seven other girls are under invest!' gation in connection with the fires. The fires were set in garbage disposal baskets in a locker room, in an electric hand dryer in a bathroom and other places. PROMOTED-Joieph T. CarAll were put out before they got out of hand. In another incident roll, Jr., 57 Bray Ave., Port involving teen-agers, three boys Monmouth, has been appoint were arrested Saturday night aft- ed shift foreman' at Jarse; er they admitted having set five Central Power & Light Comfires in the basement of a pany's Warner Generating family apartment house at South 10th St. In the last two Station at South Amboy. Mr. months. Carroll was a shift oparatoi at the generating station be RATE HIKE ASKED CAMDEN - The New Jersey fora his promotion. He is

Water Company has asked the. married to the former Miss state Board of Public Utility; ' Dolores Sullivan of Keani Commissioners' for permission to' 1 burg. They have a son, Jamas, raise rates. A. J. Greco, com-. pany president, estimated the 6, and four daughters, Nan proposed increase would cost the cy, I I ; Elaine, 9; Virginia average residential consumer two 7, and Joyca, 5. cents a day,








Stt, Mb. i U M '• •E B B

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, ' - ^OQpQfi $OO it w u siles are obsolete and American shut Britain out of the Common on. Polsris missile submarines do Market tai rejected Kennedy's ly «MMJJ>d« this Cowntrys utfer- There U* reports that the better. idea of a NATO nuclear force, (X pouwi W#*\JBot »ny IUI* agree- Russians, having yanked their States He apparently envisions a Europe meat' eoujdooly make Red China missiles out of Cuba, a n now American air cover had been Since the war the United By JAMES MARLOW i in in which France alone has mi. even mWder i t Russia. The Chi-breaking their aeckf building up ; planned a n e d or promised pro for the has spent close to $100 billion in AiHcUltd Press News Analyst p an- clear weapons and dominates Its are trying to build their , m n Cuba as a military base second foreign aid, in one form or WASHINGTON (AP), - Things American-backed Some neighbors. nuclear force and want to test. in this hemisphere only to the got twisted in tills .first month of f This is French President de fore but backed off—to let foreign It could not have happened If L

Fleet 1* heading the road company o* "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You In the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad." Her replacement in the.New York troupe Is Hennione Gingold. The long-run success o( Arthur Kopit's comedy has made It necessary to rent a second playhouse so that several other plays can be staged this season.

Watch for this striking new FINAST (First NAtional STores) sign... smart as the stores it identifies and soon to be seen throughout the area.

first National

MEMORIAL GIFT to the Home for the Chronic Sick, Long Branch, it received by Dr. Joseph Fox, administrator. The wheelchair, gift of the Jacob Abraham Link of the Order of the Golden Chain, waj presented Sunday by Mr*. Moe Robert Bail of Red Bank in memory of her husband, who served as worthy patron of the link from May, 1962, until his death in September, 1962. Mrs. Bail continues to serve as worthy matron.


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50 S&H Green Stamps with purehast of »ix 1 pin) 12 fluid oz. botlUi



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Seeks Funds For Austin

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30 - There are a few of

DJitributlon Today 21.825 r, ftfe nWrtf. Fit. day,! fair, contlnietf cold. . See wither, ptfe 2. VOL. 36, N O . 155 Dial SH I-0010 limil itta. Hindu...

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Jul 30, 1986 - HTSC refused to pay the fee. Both the township and HTSC have since decided to rely on their attorneys to

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