​ 5th​  Year Booklist 2017/2018 


Macbeth​ by Shakespeare (Mentor Edition) Poetry Focus 2019​ by Martin Kiernan and Frances Rocks (Gill and Macmillan) Foster​ ​by Claire Keegan (Faber and Faber) All My Sons​ by Arthur Miller (Penguin Classics) Leaving Certificate Past Papers​, ​including 2017​ (Edco)


Higher Level​

​Fiúntas Nua​ (Edco) ​2016 Edition ​ r Aghaidh Libh​-​ Ardleibheal-Edco A ​An Triail​ ​- Máiréad Ní Ghráda (An Gum)

​Ordinary Level ​ ​ ​Fuinneamh Nua​ (Edco) ​2016 Edition ​Ar Aghaidh Libh​- Gnáthleibhéal-Edco


​Higher Level​

​Active Maths 4 Book 1 & Activity Book (O. Murphy & C. Townsend)- Folens ​2nd​ ​ Edition

Ordinary Level A ​ ctive Maths 3 Book 1 & Activity Book​ ​(O. Murphy & C. Townsend) Folens ​Active Maths 3 Book 2​ (O. Murphy & C. Townsend) - Folens ​Higher & Ordinary Level Mathematical Tables​ - State Examinations Commission. Scientific Calculator A4 Project Maths Squared Paper Copy Book



Mosaïque​ ​(3rd edition)​ Edco 2015 Bonne Chance, 2014​, Elizabeth Hayes-Lynn (Gill & Macmillan) Yuri's Study Cards French​ (Michael Doherty School Supplies) A4 Copy Book​ (on top of the A4 copy book from TY that must be kept - Questions for the LC Oral) Install the ​‘WordReference’ and Duolingo Applications

Dictatorship and Democracy 1920-1945​, 2nd Edition, Stephen Tonge, Edco Politics and Society in Northern Ireland 1949-1993​, M E Collins, Edco. USA & The World 1945-89​, Máire De Buitléir & Stephen Tonge, Edco Government, Economy & Society in the Republic of Ireland 1949-1989, ME Collins, Case Study, Edco (Make Sure to Get Case Study Book) A4 ​Soft Cover​ Manuscript Copy Book and A4 Four Ring Binder with Plastic Sleeves


5th​ ​ Year Booklist 2016/2017 Continued  Physics​

​Investigating Physics​ (Andrew Kenny; Gill Education) Hard Back A4 Copy Book with Graph Paper Hard Folder​ (for holding notes)


​ orizons Textbook Book 1​ (Tara Fitzharris) (​Second Edition​) FOLENS. H ​Large Ring Binder Folder with Dividers and Plastic Sleeves. EDCO Examination Papers 2017 A4 Refill Pad (Detachable Sheets)


​Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture​ ​Tchaikovsky (score) ​Jesu, der du meine Seele​ ​Cantata J.S. Bach (score) ​Piano Quartet No. 1​ Gerald Barry (score) ​Notes – Textbook for Leaving Cert Music​ – Higgins and Higgins ​Notes - Harmony & Melody workbooks ​- Higgins and Higgins Manuscript Copy Book

Latin ​

(​ Optional Extra-Curricular Class)​ ​ (Books serve for ​Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year​) Wheelock’s Latin​ by Richard A. La Fleur ​7th​ ​ Edition​ (Paperback or Hardback) ISBN: 9780061997228 (available through Amazon.co.UK) The Roman Empire​ by Colin Wells ​2nd​ ​ Edition​ (Harvard UP) ISBN: 0674777700 (available through Amazon.co.UK) Roman Art and Architecture​ by Mortimer Wheeler (Thames and Hudson) ISBN: 0500200211(available through Amazon.co.UK)


LCVP Link Modules Making It Happen​ Caroline McHale (​2nd Edition 2014​) (Folens) Ring Binder​, ​Dividers and Poly Pockets


​Chemistry Live!​ ​(​2nd​ ​ edition 2014​)​ ​Textbook & Workbook Set ​by Declan Kennedy​ ​(Folens) ​Chemistry Student Lab Notebook​ (Folens)


​Positive Economics​ Hayes, Murray, O’Connor – Edco ISBN 978-1-84536-471-7


​Business Express​ ​(2​ nd​ ​ Edition​),​ Enda Connolly, Mentor Books Large Ring Binder Folder with Dividers and Plastic Sleeves. A4 Refill Pad (Detachable sheets)


Bio​ (by John Loughlin) Educate.ie Hard Back A4 Copy Book Folder (for holding notes)


Español en Acción​ (Folens) Vamos a Escuchar 2​ ​(New Edition)​ (Folens) ​El Español Bien Hablado​ (Folens) ​2 x A4 Copy Books and 2 x A5 Copy Books


Classical Studies​ ​ ​(​Books serve for Fifth and Sixth Year​)

NB those marked with an * are also available as free photocopies from the teacher.) ​ he Odyssey – Homer​ (Trans. by E.V. Rieu; Revised by D.C.H. Rieu) T ISBN 9780140449112 Penguin Classics ​The Aeneid – Virgil ​ (Trans. by West) ISBN 9780140449327 Penguin Classics The Campaigns of Alexander​ by Arrian (Trans. by De Selincourt; Revised by J.R. Hamilton) ISBN

9780140442533 Penguin Classics *​The Age of Alexander: Nine Greek Lives by Plutarch​ (Intro. by G. T. Griffith; Trans. by Ian Scott-Kilvert ) ISBN 9780141920368 Penguin Classics *The Three Theban Plays by Sophocles​ (Trans. by Fagles; Intro. by Knox) ISBN 9780140444254 Penguin Classics *Medea and Other Plays by Euripides (​Trans. by Vellacott) ISBN 9780140441291 Penguin Classics *​Prometheus Bound and Other Plays​ by Aeschylus (Trans. by Vellacott) ISBN 9780140441123 Penguin Classics *A Handbook of Greek Art & Architecture​ by G.M. Richter ISBN-0714824968 (Phaidon) ​(if available)

ART ●Pencils, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B & Conte pencils, black, white and sepia ● Poly Pockets (pack of 50) ●White Rubber & Sharpener, Scissors & Pritt Stick ● Pack of 12/24 oil pastels ●A2 Card Portfolio & A4 ​Ring Bound​ Sketch Pad ● J-Cloth ● Ruler, 12 inches (steel is best) & Roll 1 inch masking tape ●Water Colour Pencils, Derwent or Faber Castell (24) ●Selection of coloured A2 paper for poster design. To be purchased when needed. ●Acrylic paint, (optional, but recommended if students like painting) Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Cadium Yellow, Cadium Red, Ultramarine, Black. Daler-Rowney or Winsor and Newton ●Paint Brushes, a selection of soft brushes, small, medium and large sizes


Appreciating Art​ Áine Ni Charthaigh & Aidan O’Sullivan (Gill Publications) ISBN: 978-0-7171-7438-6 A4 Ring Binder A4 Hardback Ring-Bound Lined Notebook (for notes and essays)

** Notes will not be given to students who come to class without an Art History Folder.




​ 5th​  Year Booklist 2017/2018  English Macbeth​ by Shakespeare (Mentor Edition) Poetry Focus 2019​ by Martin Kiernan and Frances Rocks (Gill and M...

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