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L y n d h u rst P u b lic L l b r y y * » 1 1 W B ro o k A v e. L y n d h u rs t* K. J«


S J U tp l. E 070T1

to be private. Surviving is a brother. Cnarles A. Heisterkamp of Wtrt town, Pa., and two nephews

Builder Must Conform

No School Debt In Lyndhurst Lyndhurst was one of five I'.enflen County municipalities to ^iow no school debt in a recent ^irvey of the county. Teterboro and Rockleigh, two •if the smallest communities in the county, also had no school debt. Fahrview and Em erson were 'iie other Bergen towns without school debt. Lyndhurst. which paid off th;* last of its school bond-, two \ ears ago. recently turned down a $7.f million new school pro [>osal by an eight one majori


V ''

been cut off the Board of Comm ;ssioners. who took over a township without debt, have now nearly $ 1 -m illio n of unpaid debts. Lyndhurst has not issued bonds for the debt — but is pay mg off the drfjt by the year in short term notes. Whether Lyndhurst eventual­ ly will turn to bonds is not known. The offical debt at the end of the year was 1929.000 111 increase uf (591 000

Most of the new debt is due to the fire house addition under The survey showed that while construction. The addition will t ie Lyndhurst school debt has co»t up to $500,000


In the county school d e b t it se 15million while municipal debt went up J34-mi)lion. At the end of the year Bergen municipalities had a debt of $113.235.000-mil lion.

rests at $863,000. a decrease ot $100,000 The borough’s munici­ pal debt is $884,000. an increase Of $136,000. In Rutherford the school debt i* $632,000. a decrease of $90.000. r , In South Bet#en C arlstadt has the highest school debt with $4.Rutherford has now snatched 755.000 — an increase of $175. the crown from Lyndhurst on 000 over a year ago. Its munici the m atter of municipal debt. pa. debt is $817,000. a decrease Rutherford is now on a strict­ of $19,000. ly cash basis and has 110 debt this year and none from the East Rutherford’s school debt year before. is $2,844,000. an increase of $?l0.000. Its municipal debt Other communities without is $1.189.000. an increase of municipal debt are: Alpine. Bo^ $207,000. gota, Harrington P ark. Ridge­ North Arlington's school debt field. Teterboro.

Chamber Tells Yule Winners

After a two-Aour caucus, the conies be eliminated and t h » building now should be made to changes now asked in construc Lyndhurst ^oard of A4justmcnC glass doors in front be replaced conform to the initial plans to n . Alvah Blissrd. Kearny Post has agreed corrected va- by picture windows. In addition passed by the board, he con The sonlng board voted t o master, and this y e ar's chairnance request. t the baord stipulated that the tended. send back a request for a n*an of the, Chamber s \ ainual The request was made b y front basem ent windows be eliJohn O’Keefe, board chair - change iinconditions ce granted Commercial Trust ncunced the following winner^ Rutherford to build a f o u r - cianged from the side to t h e on record that in the future it Co.. TM Ridge Road. rflTTioard BEST OVER ALL WINNER fearvily apartm ent at 125 Stuy- frur.t. Also the front basem ent wPl not look favorably on a s e c 'o f Commissioners had'scnt a (Retidential) John Novak. 731 vesant Ave. Lyndhuryt. stipula windows be eliminated end no ond appeal that varies from the latter, mailed to Jamc» Checki Union Ave.Lypdhurst all 5 fn g changes to be made in the m ore than two windows be plac original variance grsnted 9 , J r . attorney fo r^ Commercial ccmmunitiev; % construction ed In the side and rear of Jhc He said the board was "verv Trust T he'boartl asked that a BEST WINDOW DOOR A variance bad been granted basement. The north side of the upset" about this request. h.x-foot high partitkm in a five DOOR in Kearny D . Sion, on preliminary plans Sept 23 front lot must be landscaped. Nisi. Who appeared with hie t»ot buffer wine be eliminated 295 Stewart Ave tait the present plans varied the side entrance h*ve a walk partner. David Esokli. a Has JValter Roman 431 tlte c k said the bank's , 4 . /sum them The length of the along the building four inches broack Heights builder, both « o t neigttbor, were »*aln« 0 5 5 * - . . . karilding wss meresSed by al above the driveway, and b ar said that they, did not feel the In .Harrison both The anning-‘ B I provision* p ro v is io n s ’-m ttr f p Aibi two feet, the hcigM of the r ers 10 feet long be beaide changes were that great Nisi ■board said k stood by its in ^ a l » Washingfon basem eal windows increased by the entrance to the building, the s p d the increased height w ss r u l m * . n d » , r r t u t n l m th * n - ! n N » * '> A r l ln « t u r ^ J « m ^ K r , »n*e» — » *-in ^conntruction « -G*r»/oJ - « -— lid* made John 129 — StuyveMW •r P ast President Mrs. Louis Awarded A G ran t fully. Chiefs in AFL.” can be found. l5viring,cf»mjt- Mf iillo Will hold a “ White Ele______ ._______Jess interviews pliant Sale” . Items will not ex f o r the second successive However, for dainty fingers and meeting* with women across^ N O T IC E th ere a re “McCall’s Needlework the nation, I’ve observed that too ceed one doHar in cost. Mem y ta r Project IMPACT, present r?iid C rafts” and "Making .Con many women seem of the over­ tx rs are requested to bring in(. ‘-'d by the Educational DepartThe 75th Anniversary e library and returned to donto do, %ho, tloew it? The* Queen of Peace Church w i l l thing youngsters—who really look fine ihu idled by IMPACT in Bergen ors a t the end of the year. meet Jan. 11 a t fl.30p.pi. inthe “au nature!' The truth is, beauty belongs to G ram m ar Sdhool Auditorium. ages, and it’s time you claimed The meeting will be proceeded all your right to look lovely. Suiting by the Rosary in the Church at at the top. Proper hair coloring adds to already positive features 8:15 p.m. by Kivi"K hair body and the sheen — >. “ it may lack. It can hide tho*e first Speaker win be Dr. T s u, hints of gray, and even heip you Cnairman of the Department of look more natural by improving A^ian Studies at Seton Hall Uni the tone or shade of hair to com­ plement your complexion. Breck versity. Dr. Tsu taJk will deal Hair Color is particularly kind to with United States policy in the hair. The color formula contains its own conditiopers and it’* the F a r E a st today. , easy-to-use shampoo-in type. This newest idea come* from the Breck It is especially urged that all people ^important because older local residents make a special hair demands reliable quality)— effort to attend. The meeting ia twelve natural-looking, longshades, from pale blondes will be open to both men and lasting to real brunettes. ICE CUBES women th at evening. Beauty is as beauty does, and too many women hesitate to do SOLD HERE ALSO A social hour wiU conclude tv ugh. Experiment little and oring beauty back for all women! the evenings activities.

Emblem Club To A ttend Meeting

New Books At Library Need to repair your car? U iere's a bi*. fat repair man ual a t Lyndhurst Library. "Choi ton's Auto Repair Manual" is th« sam e. It is just one o f m any new books that have been added to the Lyndhurst shelves. Jn science fictwn books b y Kobo Abe. Hal Clement and Keith Latimer are on tap. RjB Dominic and Ruth- Ren c-eijl a re among the m ystery writers v t o have new titles on ’the Aelves. In tile non fiction arm y there are "Fifty Years of the Ameri­ c a n Short Story" and "G reat T lay w rirfits" An interesting title is th e ' Children
Galik Studying At Princeton

Innovative Engineering E rie Lackawanna h a , track s running th ro u g h som e o f th e choicest a re a s o f L yndhurst and R utherford. W ith fr e ig h t being m oved on o th e r lines th e s e tra c k s a re used chiefly in th e peak tr c v e l h o u r^ and th en lie fallow. C ertainly th e situ atio n th at ex ists in L yndh u rst and R u th erfo rd is found in m any o th e r areas. A , congestion g ro w s o u r im aginations ijp p sir to falter.

f IlK SS r - p r ” "1?

T he u tility com pany p ro tects. A t stake are a few m illion dollars. . » . T h e life o f th e p la n t is 3d y e a r s , a t a m in im u m . A fe w m illio n d o lla rs s p re a d o v e r th a t p e rio d is a p a ltr y sum . Y et th e u tility c o m p a n y is w illin g to th r e a te n th e e n v iro n m e n t to m a k e th e sav in g . .• T h e s e a re n o t is o la te d c ase s. T a k e • h e lic o p te r rid e aboVe th e m e a d o w la n d s. W a tc h h o w th e m u lti-c o lo re d w a s te s s tre a m o u t o f p la n ts in to cq eek s a n d th e n c e in to th e H a c k e n s a c k R iver! O n ly re c e n tly it w as fo u n d th a t th e R a h w a y R iv e r, u p o n w h ic h in q p y d e p en d fo r th e ir w a te r , h as tre m e n d o u s a m o u n ts o f m in e ra l p o isp n s su ch a s n » « m r y *» F o r tu n a te ly w e do n o t d e p en d u p o n th e P a s s a ic R iv e r f o r o u r d rin k in g w a te r . B u t re p o rts sh o w th a t th e P a s sa ic R iv e r is p o llu te d b ad ly w ith m e rc u ry a n d o th e r poisons. T h e y a re c a rrie d o u t to th e sea w h e re th e y p o iso n th e fish w hich h o v e r a to u n d th e sea sh elf. It w o u ld be ro s tly , p e rh a p s, >t'».provide th e p la n ts t^iat d u m p in to th e P a s s a ic sysem s th a t W ould re m o v e th e p o iso n s fro m i M f w a s te s . Bcff is th e fu td r'e w o r th th e c o s t? W e m u s t look b e y o n d th e h e ad s o f th e ag ed , th e m i:’d !e-ag ed , ev en of th e c h ild ­ ren . H o w sb o u l th o s e jWho com e a f te r the in fa n ts o f'to c * a y 7 ’ D oes a n in d u s try w hich d oes h a lf o r q u a r te r o r p o e e ig h th o f th e |o b o f re? m oving its w a ste s d e se rv e p ra is e ? N ot a t all. In s te a d , it sh o u ld be c a s ti­ g a te d f o r w a itin g so lo n g t$ d o *190% o f t^ e d isp o sa l job.


T H U R S D A Y , JA N U A R Y 7, 1971 j

M - w i.n im f f ' ■


19-Year Okkfile* lit

o th e r s w e re re jo ic in g th a t th e y c o u ld e n * jo y th e s to r m fr o m th e c o m fo rt o f w a rm h o m e s, th e s tr e e t w o rk e r* w e re o u t in fo rce. T h e y d ro v e th e tr a c k s . T h e y c o l­ le c ted th e sn o w . T h e y p lo w e d th e s tr e e ts . It h a p p en e d th a t th e s to r m s tr u c k o n a h o lid a y w e e k e n d . H a d it h a p p e n e d in m id -w e e k th e w o rk e rs w o u ld h a v e to ile d ju s t as h a rd . O u r m u n ic ip a l w o rk e rs p e rfo rm v ita l serv ice s. T h e y a r e o u r f ir s t lin e o f d e ­ fe n se a g d in s t n a tu r e ’s d is a s te rs . W e th a n k Richard Galik, now in h i s th e m f o r th e ir e ffo r ts an d f o r th e ir e f ­ sophomore year a t Massachu ficien cy . eetis Institute of Technology, i «* spending three weeks a t Prince , leading floor covering d'atrtbntor loonted in K enm y tfl Reek­ ing an accounta receivable clerk. Exp.^rience in th e applic.itIon of ciMh rec*!pts Is Im portant. Good H ilary, full company paid bem flu, including new, modern office*. Call Mlaa M arr a t 997-1800 For An Int/rview

K A N E C A R PE T CO. 590 Belleville T u rn p ik e K earn y , N. J. 07032

Open Friday Till 7 P M

New bonus interest rate


MOVING. Many H am , for u lo indu in g Singer consols sewing machine, US; 2 kitchen tables, $10; antique k irs i s and m ir­ ror. 0SMM7. 11-17 TF

W e will rent your apartment a t no cost to you. W e have a list of qualified tenants who will pay our fee. Lyndhurst - 4 large rms., & bath. New 2 family. North Arlington - 4 large rooms & bath, new 2 family. C ALL RCA AG ENCY

Painting & Paperhanging

ftrrcw Contract ers / 5 IV SLchuvier A ve. K e a rn y , N . J .



Electricians I I i l . L CAf.L F‘/R A FREK I.STIM ATh ON A K\V

2 20 v o lt — 3 w ire SKKVIt K l O D W

L yndhurst, N. J. •33-2244

L y ad h u ru

S '

i o l i

9 9 7 - 1031 Plumbing

“ Do.-It-Yourself” Plumbing Keating Electrical Supplies Sinks, B a th T ubs, T oilets, Basins & E le ctrical Supplies. Bathroom V anities m ade to order. PIPES CUT A THREADED TO ORDER

East Rutherford Supply Company

A.Chasar&si F.TJC I K1CL\NS •J7 Stir, vr-unl

Immediate Service


GE 8-4505

E xclusive B roker 30* R idge R oad



224-236 I’atersjin Ave. Ru&erford 983-1430




Glass C ontractor


^V W W V /W V /V \A /W */S /S A *

511 S ch u y ler Ave. K earn y , N . J .



Now for I Ik * first tim e diatrlbutorshlps for THE LITTLE DELI are available In thta area. Aa a LITTLE DELI Distributor you can earn th a t EXTRA MONEY ,K*r month in your spare time. You do no aelllng, need no experience. We contract all accounts. You merely re­ stock with popular, nationally advertised, individually pack, aged delicatessen meat and cheese products like K raft Cheeoe and Slim Jim Beef. THE LITTLE DELI Ih the moat exciting new idea in' mer. chaadlsing. You muat have a good ear, and he able to spend 4 to 12 hours per week. Cash investment of $2,100. Ur $4,990 required for equipment and inventory. We en courage ymir investigation and will gladly exchange references with you! Fo r more information, Wrfte to Ua today. There la no obliga­ tion. All inquiries anawered the name day they a re received. Pleaae enclose your name, address, phone num ber and refer

A LL T Y P E S G LA SS REPLACED Storm panels an d acreens, wood sash, tab le to p s, m ir­ rors resilvered, a u to glass, store fro n ts. H eav y duty

F o rm erly F ria tik - D egerdon 209-B R idge Rd. N o rth A rlin g to n 991-4369

J O H N 'S T.V. Service & Sales

438-9120 RCA B.

Z enith - H itachi & W . & C olor T.V . D iscount P rices 309 Chase Ave., L y n d h u rst



Corner on Sports


H oly Name Breakfast For Families Son._

This coming Sunday the Sa­ A certain fear m u tt certainly ers....W o suggest they read Len m em ber when Joe Savoldl was cred H eart Hojy Name Society have grown In many American Elliot's report in The Evening bounced out of Notre Dame will hold their Annual Family households the last holiday News of Newark last Saturday when it wes discovered he w et Communion and Breakfast. All week end whlct^ in reality was on the Notre Dame-Texas game m arried? .... Between playing men of the parish are asked t a a football week-end. The heavy for Superbowl performance. ... football and keeping house bring their families to the 7fall el snow New Yea 's Eve Elliot, who despises profession when do these football players am.m Mass. and following Mass w#s certainly reason enough to al football and all of its jimcrac study?..W hat a relief Sat. and end Communion, to be t h e keep families chained to their kery, happens to be the most Sunday, watching f o o t b a l l guests of the Sacred H eart Holy television sets and the b o w l knowledgeable football wfffer in oam es uninterrupted by those Name Society at a ligh break­ „ gam es. the country....And when he is at cigarette commercials .... Who fast in the sohool cafeteria. An while it was aH great fun top form, as he was in his Tex­ said the world doesn't pro­ there must have been something as dispatch, his compositions gress? Entertainm ent will be provid­ ol revulsion es the screens c ar­ flow with crisp, clean lines that ed by “The Kingslanders’’, a ried pictures of youna men be­ de’ight the eye and mind....Too well known siniring group, and "w arm • ing knocked unconscious, of be­ .much journalism It a short but highly entertaining ing dazed by jarring conlect. At body" repo ting these days .... program has been arranged. tim es It* seemed a'm ost a medi­ Elliot m akes you realize this all J»nuary Is the month of t h e cal report instead of a football too deeply. Ho^y Fam ily, and all should story. make an effort to attend this AND MORE DOTTIES There wes a player n»med 'T h ey can have t*»eir Pt-inir*M* meeting, with your family. * Archie Manning playing with a Walshes, Theismanns....The guy broken arm bandaged In cotton who must have made the st in the first half but was wiien they jumped off to a 4 0 utes. more effective at the low. We lead. Cason, who h a ^ to u g h luck ^ had the game all the way ex H arrison ha# the ■gaVne's in many of his shots, espe cept for a four minute stretch high scorers in Joe Burzynski ci*Uy at the sta rt of the third m the second quarter when and Paill Maier wiflW !4 points period when four went m and we lost our composure without each. Bob Konzelman had 11 spun out. had 17.points. It was Les* in there.” * ar.d *M ark Shabunia 12 for his second low of the season. With Hall 'providing the de Qijeen of Peace. But brig Les was there when fense and Cason and Gary The W i l d c a t s needed him Duda furnishing the ofrense. rnort. t the W i l d c a t s scored 15 " It’s not just his scoring staight points Whle the Rovals that m akes him super, it’s his were going 5*2 minutes without In Light Brigade bowling this defense and the way he hits a point at the start of the final week high scorers were Herb the open m an.’Vsaki Vitale, eight minutes. Falkenstem with 262 for t h e Cason completely closed off "We finally put it all topartially-sighted and Harold the middle and while h e was gcther.” commented Vitale, D aiker for the totally blind with in the game, the Royals never “ It definitely was our best, 154 for the ty o games, even thought of driving. game of the season because Ridgefield’s best chance to this is a good Ridgefield team take the lead cam e in the we beat.” final four minutes of the half Joining Cason in double fig A w a rd To Guarino when Cason was on the bench ufes were Kim Becker with 12 Pasquale F. Guarino of 5,0 saddled with three fouls. and Duda with 13 Rich San E ast Rutherford was ahead zari had 11 and sixth man Bob Exton avenue. North Arlington is the receipient of an award by eight when he left t h e Mohr 10 for the losers. for 25 years of service with In­ W i t t 1 4,26 t o > in the Queen of Peace made up a ternational Telephone and Tele and by the time he re- j ,-point deficit to nip Harrigraph Corporation. He is -» tum ed following the mtermis5(M9. in the consolation ^member of the manufacturing SiQn, the lead was dow-n to game. The game wasn’t de departm ent at the Nutley divi two a t 27-25. c i d e d until after the final s:on. The Royals managed to tie buzzer when Al Totforello of it at 27-27 with a follow up flie Blue Tide midfced the first Presentation of the award shot by Chris Pellino at the of a one and^jne situation that was made by HArry M. Raven, start of the third quarter bui woukMiave tied the game, di'-ector of public relation*. ITT it was all East Rutherford the Jim Cox p r o v i d e d the Defense Communications Divi rest of the way.. Queensmen with their winning sicn, Nutley.

Light Brigade

| No. Arlington Girls' Softball f

Som ething to fa ll back on . . .

Wildcats Vs. Bears

Hue back e l|e y t we h e m are re a lly wSM.



CERTIFICATE ACCOUNT 2 to 10 years m aturities . . . at holder** option This aavlng» certificate Is the liigtioNt interest nfU* any commercial batik ra n pny on Having* aueh as thin. I t H main f-ature* atv: Maturities are from 24 to 170 months . the choice in yours.

• Quarterly dividend cheeks ran be maih d direetly to the saver, at his option, if |,h*r(ite of p«>r annum.

e Sold in any amount from $100 up. e Interest paid from day of deposit.

e Deposits insured b y the Insurance Corporation.

F e d e r a l I)ep.>H«‘



Keep Your Faith, Co To Church Every Sunday And Holy Days selt is a proof of progress.’ Services at F irst Church o f Christ Scientist E. Paerepont & I.incoln Aves. Rutherford, begin at 11 a.m . All a re welcome.

nod the Senior CHiapns CKib of He was head of the m athem at Rutherford and Mildred and Congregation B£nai Israel. ics departm ent a t Seton H a l l Ann Keenan, both of Haskell. She leaves three daughters. Preparatory School. South Or- New Jefsey. Mrs. Rose Robmowrtz of Irving: arge. where he taught for 19 ton, Mrs. Freda Macy of Clif* years before his illness. He Alexander Sciilia ton, and Mrs. M artha Rogoff of held a B.S. degree in mathemaA lexander Sciilia. 43. of 329 ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL North Arlington; two sisters. t:< ; from Fordham University * CHURCH Mrs. Mildred k iedler of Laurel- and a m aster’s degree from L’ncoln Avenue, Lyndhurst died Stuyvesant 4 Forest Aves., SACREO HEART R.C. LYNDHURST UNITED ton, N.Y. and Mrs. Laura Ro« Columbia University. ^ 9 a t ^ “ aic n tr Lyndhurst, N J . CNURCH METHODIST CHURCH enberg of Miami Beach, F la.: He leave* his father. Vincent Ml i08JW; a was 3 Rev. Coval T. G rater, Rector ftve grandchildren and f i v e DiStanlo of Hasbrouck Heights; n .T Rldg« Rd. 4 Wow Jersey Ave. Stuyveeant and Tontine Aves. .y . U w a* a QUEEN &F PEACE CHURCH Sunday, January ia — Office Phone: 4315661 R H Jtev. Magr. Henry G. J . Rav. Norman Smith, Pastor greatgrandchildren. three sisters. Mrs. Josephine foreTnan -a t C tr ‘ North Arlington Sermon: The Rev. Jerry D av­ Back, Pastor 307 Tontine Ave. 430-6921 SUNDAY — Thomas J . Touhy, is will conduct both of the m om The funeral w as Thursday M arino of North Arlington Mrs. bide Router. He Is survived by his wife. 0:00 a.m . Hdly Communion MASSES SUNDAY — Pastor from the Suburban Chapel of Lucy Ulisse of Hasbrouck ing worship services according 9:30 a.m . Haly Communion, DAILY 9:15 a.m. Youth Choir Philip Apter and Son. Maple- Heights, and Mrs. Jan ice Car* G race and three children; M ar­ Rav. Jotoph M. Quinlan to a them e appropriate to the Church School 9:45 a.m . Church School 7:11, 1:00, 9 : « , 6:30 p. m. wood. IhteirAent was in K i n g roll of Maplewood; and a b ro io, Roseann and Michele and a Rev. J e m e t J. Brady new year. “Really Alive in *71" M r s . Rav. John Bonner 11:00 a.m . Holy Communion, Solomon Cemetery. Clifton. Sat. - 7:00, 1:00, 0:30, 0:00 11 a.m . Divine Worship ther, P atrick A. of Maplewood. grandson: his mother, win be the topic. It will present 1st 4 3rd Sunday (First Sunday — Holy Com­ FIRST FRIDAY The period of m ourning was The funeral was from t h e Rose SciHia and a sister Paul­ Rev. G erald Caprio scriptural teachings found i n ine Sciilia. * Morning Prayar, 2nd 4 4th observed a t the residence munion) 4:00, 7:00, 7:30, 0:00, 9:00, Rectory — I f Franklin Place, the 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes of Parow Funeral Home. 185 Sunday Mr. Sciilia was a past Com­ 6:30 p.m. 7-f p.m. Senior UMYF 991-7660 Mr. and Mrs. Sol Rogoff, 8 R c g e road. North Arlington. the “F or everything there is a 1st MONDAY —~ HOLY DAYS — MONDAY — Eighth street. North Arlington, w ith a Mass of the Resurrection m ander of the Lyndhurst VFW Convent — 10 Franklin Place, season, and a tim e for every Peat. 1:00 p.m. Vestry 7:15 p.m. Junior High UMYF J 6:00, 7:00, 0:00, 9:00, 10:00, . in Queen of Peace Chufoh, 997-2I4I m atter under heaven," which is Funeral services were con­ Chrittian B rot here Faculty TUESDAY 12 Noon, 6:30^ 0:00 Evening 4th MONDAY — Nogih Arlington. Interm ent was a ’so the subject of the Women’s H erb ert T. Crookall ducted Jan u ary 2 a t Nazar© Houte — 200 Ridge Road, 1:30 P.M. Brownies 0 p.m. Parents of Teenegers SUNDAY — > Association's Bible Study f * r in Holy Cross -Cemetery. WEDNESDAY — Memorial Home. Interm ent was 991-0235 H erbert T. Oocfcall. founder 6:30, 7:30* 0:45, 10:00, 11:15, 1st TUESDAY — tl»e new year. I •n 10:00 a.m . Morning Prayer, in Holy Cross Cemetery, North MASSES 7:30 p.m. Council on Minis­ 12:30, 5 p.m. of Pioneer Boys of America, A special folk-song settling 4 Anthony Liola Arlington. Holy Communion tries 0:45, 11:30 Auditorium died December 22 of * h e a rt a t­ Saturday: 7:30 p.m. (tho«. who s.ngitig of the scripture mU a l Anthony Liola of IB Pershing u , 7:00 p.m. Boy Scouts BAPTISMS 2nd TUESDAY — * tack a t his home on E a st Shore attend fulfill Sunday oblige so be used. » place. North Arlington, d i e d H e rb ert L. Schutter THURSDAY Every Sunday, 2 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Church School Trail. Soart-a. li* 1) -Weekday-Schedule: 6:45 p.m. Family Choir A*'*.*. 4.. Kearny. Mr. vCrookall iu u u u i December 19 a t Wefet Hudson H erbert L. Schutter, 65 a re ­ Sunday: t:3 i. 7;30, », 10;30 Thursday, Jan. 7 Board DEVOTIONS Bom in 7:30 p.m. Senior Choir served in the K earny PoHce De^ K earny, of a long ill- sident of Lyndhurst fnr 51 years Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m. WEDNESDAY — a.m ., 1J noon, and I;W p.m .,- 4:30 p m Wesley Choir 1st FRIDAY 7:30 p.m. Choir rehearsal MiraculBDs Medal Novena partm ent 33 y e m before re- n*‘5S He 57 b e f o r e m o v i n g to Holiday City, in tho Church F-iday. Jan. « — 7:00 p.m. Cub Scouts * tiding 15 yeam awe He lived in Born iIV ' ^ iite W ains, N e w Toms River, in 1908, died New CONFESSIONS 1st THURSDAY — 10:30 a.m . In the Au 9M2 — •v » Robert A . Conklin ya« xiNSk i - We wish to A oommunion service will be rr ^ _____ : *35-0744 Robert A. Conklin. 62. form- take th tt means of thai*Sng all held a t ChrisUan Science 23 to A n :C x , I c .urches this Sunday Hudson Hoepital, K earny. She “ « t r i c k A . D l S t a n l O erly of Lyndhurst. died in his our relatives and friends for Scriptural readings in the Les ^ Patrick A. DiStanio of 90 Col home in Long Beach. C^lfoml* their Wordl of encouragement, RUTHERFORD BAPTIST son Sermon entitled "Sacra1,1 in ™ an’ as a girl and set- HetghU, husband of the of Christ Jesus: "Sanctify them Uh* ln Newark She lived in MarieDiStanlo. died Decembei Mr. Conklin was born in Wee- our beloved .husband, father Phone: 43M7W “Tho Church of tho Royal Wol- through thy tn ith : thy word is ^ e®rn>r 40 years before moving 28 in West Hudson Hospital, h.iwken, and lived m any years and brother, John Stanley Y ab to North Arlington 10 years ago. Kearny, of long illness. He in Lyndhurst. come kmtkf. ttu th ." John L. Burk — Paul Konarski She was a m em ber of the was 55. Surviving a re a son. * BaySpecial thanks to the clergy ■THE LORD'S DAY What genuine communion re West Hudson C hapter of HadasBom in Jersey City, Mr. Di mond. of Anaheim; two grand of Saint Michael s R. C. Ohurch »:45 a.m . Bible School quires will be brought out i n 52 Ridge Road, Lyndhurst, N . J. children, and three sisters; f6t their words of comfort; also 11 a.m . Morning Worship, passages to be read f r o m suh, Congregation B nai Israel Stanlo lived there until moving of K earny and North Arlington, 939-0490 to South Orange 10 years aso. Mrs. Harold De Blayker of E ait the staff of the N aiare Memor Youth Fellowship Science and Health with Key to 7 p.m. Evangelistic Service the Scriptures by Mary B aker Wednesday — Kddx, one of which states: - S p.m. Hour of Bloating "The purification of sense and Dependable Service Since 1929

f t Church Services


lii Church Services

North Arlington





teW (




feast Rutherford

. BURK . : s Funeral Home *. DIRECTORS‘

W aldo J. Ippolito

STEEVER FUNERAL HOME Successor To Collins Memorial ZS3 3 l ii| n — I A n a a s

201 • 939-3000

Funeral Nom 425 Ridge Road

Lyndhurst, Kl. J.

L y n d h u r s t, N . J .


PAROWFuneral Hdme

NAZARE Meqarial I f M


JO S E P H M. NA ZARE, M gr. 403 R idge Road OS-T272



N. J.

H E N R Y S. P A R O W , V DIRECTOR IS5 R idge Rd. -' N orth A itta s to i M 8-7SS5


T a c a a D A Y . j a a t u a b » 1, i n \

----------------- --,n ‘ 1 -



Edw ard Roeschke. 456 Secorffl nw re economically by concenAvenue, Lyndhurst. who has tration of the work in agencies been a critic of municipal af- better suited to do it by pro> fairs for some-years, last week fcssional training, and experttu rn e d iiis attention to county ence. government, out Con- . ..Th^ ^ ^ s ta te necticut has abandoned county (,f ^ e w j ersey ^ e , fifth small/governm ent for a decade, ^ gtate jn ^ Union con9j ^ . A - * _ Sa„V _ ?f mg of 7.532 square miles with a be made for taxpayers if coun population of about 7 ,000,000 a re ^ g o v e rn m e n t were dropped in saddled with an outdated and New Jersey. passe system of 21 county gov. 4 — Family theaapy - An­ L.He said: ernments. •* “Couhty government has out other fw paar newer approach In the early days of our hisconsists of interviews involving Hyed its usefulness. The lim ited two o r m ore family members. functions it now perforins can tory, back in the late 1600’s and If Just th e husband and wife rbe^ done 'm ore^ efficiently and ‘'early 1700's, county government ^rc involved, it is m arital ooiln sc ling or tyierapy; if sem e other To consider for confirmation Municipal Buildin, Lyndhurst, combination of fdftiily m em bers the report of the A s s e s s m e n t N.‘W Jersey. usually parents *fand children. Gommissioir for benefits accni. • WARREN BOGLE, Mten we call it family therapy. in f by reason of the hnprm.| ar t the former tigfit money pe>licy. we should not take their n o t ato p . cau- an in c re p e of akmoat 6.2 p e r course has glveo her new confidence and agility a t Rutherford Adult School. A t 'fa r rifcht Is her friend, Mrs. Florence O rrla , "During the la st quarter of t’ous optimism as a sign that cent during the period from * d o g Pj>un f g a b are so Impressed they may register for a . 1970. the Federal Reserve B oard we have seen the last of our June 30.
Think You

Drive Carefully

Lyndhurst Masons

dent of Jersey City, attended Hudson College (now St. Pefer’s College) and completed Ameri­ can Institute of Banking cour sea. He starte d his banking ca e r in 1929 and was first apI officer of Commer­ cial T k ist in 1971. He resides in Jersey Bity-with his wife, Marie end 2 sons.


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J A u ’^ c d jK e y B a rk



■ i.e .'





N. A . Woman's Club J o Hold Meeting The North Arlington Woman’s Club will hold its regular month ly meeting on Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. the club room of Kearny 1 c-deral Savings & Loan Assoc trion. 80 R'dgo road. North Arlington. A talk and demonstr Mtion on deccunage will be riv­ en by Mrs. Paul Noldden. Mrs. Tachlan C*»meron J r.. club pre­ sident. will preside. A meeting of the craft depart ment will be held tomorrow at 8 p.m. at the home.of Mrs. Ro-' hert Wilson. 2 Lincoln avenue. North Arlington.




ts> V J

ERVELLI Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ervelli of 120 Stover Ave.. North Ariing ton have announced the engage m*nt of Itieir daughter, Eladne to Mr. William Douglas Schmidt son of Mr. and Mrs. WiLliam IX - ■



Schmidt, 55 Melrose Ave. North Arlington. , Both are graduates of North Arlington High School. Miss Frvelli is employed by’ Western E lectric Co. South Kearny. Mr. Schmidt is a dispatcher f o r P 'esto n Truckdng Co., Jersey City.

Due to the handwriting in Will iam Moore's letter asking for uied books the address wrong in last week's issue. For the benefit of those wishing •end books this is the correct ?ddress: William F. Moore, D ear Sir: care of Peace Corps. Box 201 Teachers are supposed to be St. John’s, Antigua. West Indies. dedicated to their profession yet they work p a rt tim e jobs. Fire­ men work regular and varied job® and are only p art time f>wnen, they're s til dedicated K ronen. These policemen who work their S hour shift as po­ licemen and nothing else are just as straight and dedicated working p a rt tim e on their own tim e as anybody else. W h a t they do on their days off is their business lik e'it is any other citizens. Now if there are policemen working their part time job while on uniform, in a police

car, during regular paid twin; of duty those are guys making] it difficult for toe decent guys. Doesn't our police Commission­ er know a plum ber's pipe Httcr or what estim ate pads look like if he sees it in a police car? MISS LORRAINE SWICK Could these conditions exist? Mr. and Mrs.Edward A. What strsnge immunity to rules Swtck of 213 Hackensack Street. do some of our Vlood-R/kige have announced the possess and who engagement oftheir d a i^ h te r, ^ ran^s them it and why. When I/irrainc Carol, to Joseph John “ somebody going to support Sanfilippo. son of Mr. and Mrs. our P°*,ce departm ent and clean Th*mas J- SanfSKppo. Sr.. of out its real P ^ e m s . M. Burnett Eagle Street. North Arlington. Miss Swick. alumna of WoodP/»ige High School and Bergen U NW AN TED H A IR Community College. Param us. P R O B LE M S? ftem o e th e m p e rm a n e n tly is employed with ChesebroughBe fte e a n d e * r« tre e Pond’s. Inc.. New York City. Electrolysis Specialists O 'v iso n of A m trc a n Her fiance, presently station­ Fle

7 - There are a few of

• ' ^ 1 ' . ‘ •••• L y n d h u rst P u b lic L l b r y y * » 1 1 W B ro o k A v e. L y n d h u rs t* K. J« ' S J U tp l. E 070T1 to be privat...

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