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An Intervention Letter Helps Maintain Focus on What’s Important Interventions are bound to get emotional. The intervention letter helps you stay focused. You are reminded about what is important at this very moment. This is why an intervention letter is so integral. You stay on topic as opposed to falling into an argument with the addict. Rest assured, the addict already feels ashamed. They have also felt alone in their sickness for a long time. If you can’t think of intervention things to say, speak through your heart. You just need to let them know that you love them and you’re there for them. Even though they behaved in ways that weren’t healthy or right, you love them. You have seen everything they’ve done. An intervention can be a very intense experience. The addict is going to feel like they’re under attack and emotions could become heightened. This is why addiction specialists will recommend you write an intervention letter that speaks from you heart.


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When You Script the Intervention Letter, Keep This in Mind

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Whether it’s a letter to dad, an intervention letter to a friend, or to your spouse, there are things to keep in mind. A set standard of intervention things to say will help the addict feel cared about as opposed to judged.

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Writing an intervention letter properly allows you to express yourself. You have the time to process what you feel and how you want to let this person know that you love them. The letter you’re writing to the alcoholic or drug addict in your life should be loving and supportive.

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Any attempts to blame or cause shame to the person will only drive them further from you. Don’t always expect a positive response to an intervention letter. It’s likely that the addict you love is going to feel betrayed and upset. Being exposed as an addict is extremely painful but a necessary part of making it through recovery.

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As you see with this sample of a parent writing an intervention letter to a son, the structure is similar. It’s about mediating the problem of addiction someone you love is facing. Here is the breakdown of what to consider as you write your intervention letter.

1. Be Mindful of What Loving Intervention Things You Should Say

2. Start With Love and Gratitude In An Open Letter to Alcoholic or Drug Addict

Giving words of inspiration for drug addicts or alcoholics in your life helps motivate them for change. Communicate the love and compassion you feel for them.


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The first paragraph of an intervention letter to a friend, spouse, or parent should remind them you love them. You want them to know you’re concerned and that’s why you’re here today.

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The words are up to you. Be genuine and you’ll likely experience a positive response to the intervention letter you wrote.

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August 2017 If you’re not sure how to write a letter to an alcoholic husband, parent, or child, just consider reminding them of who they are. If you look back to the example intervention letter, the daughter reminds her dad of a situation where he helped her. This will hit the addict’s heart, reminding them of who they can be and what they’ve become. It gives them a sense of worth the drugs or alcohol may have taken away from them. Letting the addict know how they’ve helped you in your life and what it meant to you may just be their lifeline. Being grateful to the addict will catch them off guard. They are prepared to derail this intervention in any way they can. When you give them heartfelt thanks, it lowers their defenses. They may start to cry at this point as you’ve disarmed their ability to fight the truth.

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3. Express Your Understanding of Addiction as Part of Your Intervention Script

As you write a letter to dad to stop drinking, you may want to let them know your understanding of the problem. You help the addict feel less isolated when you make part of your intervention script about knowledge you have on alcoholism.

4. State the Facts in Your intervention letter

While it’s important to offer an encouraging letter to drug addict and alcoholics in your life, you have to get real too. This may feel really difficult because you have to open up about your own feelings. When you do this, you cut holes in the fantasy of denial addicts often have.

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During an intervention, the addict will argue that their life and they body is their own. This section of the intervention letter lets them know that they have affected you with their addiction.


List out specific examples of hurtful things that occurred because of their substance abuse problem. It’s important to make them understand that events hurt you and other people. This is the bottom line letter intervention that is necessary to make them understand their responsibilities.

Outpatient Programs

The bottom line in an intervention letter is to improve the addict’s life. This is the intervention definition. Part of the dear addiction letter should include asking your loved one to get help. Ask them to accept the treatment help that you’re offering them.

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5. Ask Your Loved One to Get Help

You can let them know you looked it up and you know it’s a disease. You realize the magnitude of the problem. Conclude your proposal such as getting them help through a professional treatment program.

Intervention definition is action taken to improve a situation. It might not be pretty but if it gets your loved one into treatment, it’s worth the effort. This may feel a bit unnatural but it’s a necessary part of how to write a compelling intervention letter to alcoholics or drug addicts. Executing tough love within your intervention script is sometimes necessary. Your reason for having this intervention is to get your loved one into treatment. Love and compassion is necessary but you can’t let the addict think they aren’t being held accountable. Treatment may be refused. You have to let them know there are consequences to not accepting the treatment offered. Be really clear on what the consequences are in the intervention letter. Backing up the facts on why the intervention is necessary circumvents denial. Have incontestable facts to illustrate how serious the situation is. With all this said, try not to label the person as an addict in your intervention letter.

7. Things You Should Not Say In an Intervention Letter

As important as it is to know how to write a letter to an alcoholic spouse or friend, you also have to know what to avoid. You don’t want to push the person further into their addiction. You shouldn’t attack them in any way. It may be hard to express your anger but if you don’t repress it during the intervention, it can be fatal. There are no statistics on intervention deaths but it’s possible that if the person is already depressed, they are suicidal. Don’t place blame on the person for the way your own life has gone. This intervention is not about you, it’s about saving them.

Importance of Sending Letters to Addicts in Recovery If you’ve ever watched the Intervention TV show, you’re probably familiar with some of the addicts on the show. You saw them suffering and feeling all sorts of scary emotions. You saw some of them overcome those challenges and make great strides in recovery. Not all the stories were happy endings, there were Intervention deaths that occurred after the people left the show. Every little bit counts and that includes sending letters to addicts in recovery. If a person is in outpatient treatment, you can visit them. This isn’t always the case during inpatient treatment programs. Writing a letter can do a lot for an addict overcoming their demons during recovery.

You Can Stage an Intervention, the Rest is Up to the Addict Intervention deaths due to overdose show that even if you try to help someone overcome addiction, it may not be possible. Addicts that were on the Intervention T.V. show had all the opportunity in the world to recover. They tried but relapsed. When it comes down to it, recovery will be successful if the addicts wants it. You only have so many tools at your disposal. One of the most powerful of those is the intervention letter. Getting your loved one to become aware of their problem is a courageous step. This is what you have control over so make it count.

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Part of how to write an intervention letter that will open the addict up to change is offering them a solution. Everyone involved in the intervention should include the suggestion of the addict getting help and where they should get it. Make sure your message is in alignment. The repetition of the request and solution can be very powerful.

6. Execute Some Tough Love

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