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Vol. 12, No. 21



Sunday, 10$

Janurary 8, 1966

Record Season, Banner Year Predicted by Business Men I

Motel, Hotel Bookings Rise

This crossing gate at the Boca Raton Inlet bridge used to signal motorists to stop. Now it is merely a silent sentinel watching over a plugged inlet and a bridge house without a tender. State Highway department o f f i c i a l s relieved the watchman of his duties this week and took advantage of the lull in boat traffic to chip and paint the span.

Pursuit Gets Loot Officer Peter Petracco was on routine patrol Thursday night. He could see no reason why two men jumped into a car and hurriedly drove away when he approached them behind a local restaurant. Were they about read to break into the building? Had they run a red light minutes before? "Perhaps I better find out why these guys are acting suspiciously," he thought to himself. Strangely, the pair didn't try to outrun Officer Petracco when he pulled in behind them on Federal Highway. But maybe they should have. Following questioning and examination of the vehicle, the patrolman uncovered more than $7,000 worth of stolen cameras, binoculars, tape recorders and small tools. The items had been stolen from a photography studio in Palm Beach. Peter A. Levin, 21 year old resident of West Palm Beach, and his juvenile companion were turned over to Palm Beach authorities. For Petracco there will be no medals, no commendationso

Boca Raton and South Palm rate of population growth and is Beach County are in line for heavily oriented toward the conthe biggest season in history sumer and science-based inand a good year-long business, dustries." a News' survey of business William F. Stowe, president leaders showso of the same two financial institutions, was equally optiMotel and hotel bookings are already at a new high for the mistic. upcoming season, and more "Boca Raton is the new frontthan one motel already reports ier of expansion and growth; a sellout for the season's peak and we can look for quality near the end of February. home construction to continue, William D. Ackerman, head for renewed interest in mulof the Retail Merchants Divi- tiple housing and increased insion of the Chamber of Com- terest in the city for sciencemerce, sees a "record year," based industry, and for the and says that the merchants university to continue to be a have the largest inventories vital factor in this growth." ever. Two financial institution exThe strongest forecast came ecutives — C. Harrision Newfrom Milton N. Weir, presi- man at First Federal and Richdent and chairman of the Boca ard E. Simmons at Boca Raton Raton National Bank,, Federal — agreed that the ex"1967 should be a banner tremely tight money situation business year for the Boca was easing up and that interest Raton area," he told the News,, rates would probably stabilize " T h e r e is every indication, at about 6-1/2 per cent. based on the final results of Newman predicted an inretail business sales, advance crease in residential construcreservations for vacationers tion by pointing out that the and continued and steady growth "used house" market is dwindof the banking resources in the ling rapidly, and that there are area, that the actual results relatively few "used homes" for 1966 were better than the for sale. forecasts at the beginning of Simmons, whose f i r m just the year." opened its offices this year, said that the Boca Raton FedWeir said real estate sales picked up immediately after the eral had made more than $1.5 Nov. 8 election and "residential million in home loans in its few and apartment sales are on the months in business, uptrend." Arvida Corp., through a Thomas F. Fleming, Jr., spokesman, said it had "plans chairman of the board of the on the drawing boards for some First Bank and Trust Co. and new projects, ' but declined to the University National Bank specify what they were. sounded a word of warning on On the education scene, the the national growth, but noted presidents of both Florida Atthat " . . .the southeast portion lantic University and Maryof Florida will be better than the nation as a whole. This mount College saw continued area is benefitting from a fast growth. Dro Kenneth R. Williams of FAU said his institution would make progress in additional graduate programs, in the number of students and in additional physical plant. Amusements Page 7A Art 5A Sister de la Croix, who heads 2E Marymount College, said that Ann Landers 3B with the construction of a new Calendar Classifieds 8A-8-9B dormitory, now being built, the 4A enrollment would jump to about Editorials 2A 500 for the 1967 fair semester. Public Notices 6B The News' s survey failed to Real Estate 6A turn up a single person who beSports lieved that the familiar growth 5B Travel Women's News Section E pattern, which has established Boca Raton as one of the ten fastest-growing cities in the state, would taper off.

Several hundred dollars damage was sustained by a car and pickup truck in this accident Friday morning. Howard Johnson, 101 NE 15th Terrace, driver of the truck, and George J! Schmidt, 727

SW 7th Street, driver of the car, both said they had a green light and the right of way. Johnson was traveling west, Schmidt was going south. No witnesses saw the accident, no arrests were made.

For Council Seats

Seven Hats in City Ring With only three days left for filing for posts on the City Council, seven candidates have thrown their hat into the ring. The three incumbents, Sid Brodhead, Edwin Guthrie and Bernard E. Turner, all have

paid their $25 fee and formally listed their names on the Feb. 7 ballot. A former councilman and mayor, Joe DeLong, who lost a bid for comebacks in both 1964 and '65, has also quali-

Ft. Pierce Manager Chosen by Chamber The manager of the Ft. Pierce —St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce has been named to the same post with the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. Edgar C. Register, who has held the post at Ft. Pierce for more than four years, will take over here Feb. 15. "We are proud to announce the employment of the first 'professional3 chamber of commerce executive in our organization's history," James E. Becker, president of the

local organization, said. Register is a native of Ft. Pierce and has attended many of the special courses and seminars sponsored by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and its affiliates. He is also a member of the Florida State Chamber of Commerce. "He brings a wealth of experience, a trained background in chamber work and proven leadership in this field,' Becker said. Register was a businessman in Ft. Pierce before assuming the chamber executiveship.

fied, as has Edward H. Benham, who was unsuccessful in 1965. Two new faces in the city scene have also filed. They are William F. Cassady and George Silvers. Candidates have until 5 p.m. Wednesday to throw their hats into the political ring. Meanwhile, the registration books closed Friday afternoon with a bang. City Clerk Jacob Heidt confirmed that more than 30 people per day had registered during the last four days the books were open. County registration books will remain open, but persons registering from now through Feb. 21 will not be qualified to vote in the regular city election on Feb. 7,

January 4-7, 1967 Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. noon

Hi 82 66 73



71 42 40 60

Rain .25 0 0 0

Reading Program Has Come a Long Way

'Spell Hunt With One Dog ?' It has been many centuries since one cave man, armed with a brush, turned to his friend and said: "Do you spell 'hunt' with one dog or two?" Has reading and writing r e a l l y changed much since

•» SI

••_.:..- ._



Mrs. Betty Comerford shows student how SRA machine lets him graph his own progress.

then? If you haven't been in an elementary or a high school lately, you'd probably be surprised. After years of neglecting the art of reading, the secondary school is finally making strides in teaching people to read, and

she believes that her atinstilling a desire to read, which taught for six years at the P.K. but tendance last summer at FlorYonge Laboratory School at the is equally important. ida Atlantic University's ReadUniversity of Florida. School systems for many The training was valuable, continued on Page 2A) years have recognized t h a t some people learn to read much faster than others; that some simply never learn to read intelligently. In the past decade, the reading specialists and and new teaching techniques have made possible advances in the field that were undreamed of a generation ago. At Boca Raton High School, the reading specialization program is in its first year, but already has more than 100 students in the various phases of instruction. Its leader is Mrs, Betty Comerford, a genuine specialist in the reading art. A native of Connecticut, Mrs,, Comerford Is a graduate of Russell Sage College, and holds a master's degree from Trinity College. After three years in ConnectiPhonic rummy makes learning to read a game and forces faster cut and Michigan schools, Mrs. progress. Comerford came to Florida and

2A Sundoy, Jon. 8, 1967 BOCA RATON NEWS

Reading at High School (Continued from Page 1) ing Institute "was the most valuable in my learning experience." Mrs, Comerford's program is in two parts: remedial reading for those who need it, and speed reading and that type of aids for those who want it0 The remedial program is rather loosely defined as p e r taining to those who are two grades or more behind in their ability to comprehend what they read. Most of the students come from the seventh and eighth grades, and are discovered by testing in both the sixth and seventh grades. Mrs, Comerford then discusses each student with the guidance department and with the home room teacher. "This is strictly an individual effort," she says. "Each student is completely different and must be handled as an individual., There can be little group work, and that only for short periods of time." The remedial program works under guidelines laid down by John Spagnoli, who is in charge of t h e program county-wide. Beginning in the 1966-67 s e s sion, Spagnoli has lowered the testing formula to the first and second grades, and says that some day he hopes to make the remedial program in junior high and high school unnecessary,, In the meantime, though, Mrs. Comerford goes at top pace to do as much as she can to increase the reading ability of her students.

For those at the bottom of the reading scale, she offers the blackboard sandpaper and a tray of sand. Students, by writing with their finger and leaving their arm completely free, as was specified in the old days of the Spencerian script, seem to learn faster. "This is Mr. Spagnoli's idea, and it works for many," says Mrs. Comerford. "It gives the student a feeling of accomplishment, and he's been told of his lack of success in this field all his life." Next step is to gain interest. ''Remember," Mrs. Comerford, "most of the students are in junior high school, and they don't want to read about John and Mary and Rover. They can read little but the basal English, but reading interest must be there, before they can be motivated to want to read." So, the reading content is different. Reader's Digest puts out an excellent series of books, graded for reading abilities, but with story interest m u c h stronger and much more advanced than the ordinary elementary readers. Besides,. these, students can play Phonic Rummy, which uses the phonic symbols and which is played like rummy. This holds their interest and forces them to read if they are to be competitive in the game. One of the basic tools is the projector, which flashes words, phrases and sentences on a screen. It can be used for individual students or for small groups, and is valuable for both

Space Talk By Col. John A. "Shorty" Powers (Ret.)

Q. I have a question that stumps me. How does this world lose its heat in space? A hot liquid will stay hot in a thermos bottle for quite a while, and this world is surrounded by a vacuum like the thermos bottle i s . How does Earth lose the heat it gets from the sun if space is a nearvacuum? — Holmes, Houston, Texas. A. Heat is transferred from one place to another by conduction, convection, or radiation. It is transferred to and from the thermos bottle and the earth in the same three wayso Passage of convective heat is reduced in both the thermos bottle and on earth by their respective vacuums. Some of the sun's heat is radiated back into space before it can contribute much to warming our planet. Heat can travel where matter does not exist, as in the case with both the thermos bottle and earth. A vacuum is not a perfect insulator. Q. Have we conquered the inner ear troubles of astronauts after they have been weightless in space? — Terry L. Sneed, Chattanooga, Tenn. A. We haven't had any such troubles as yet. The Russians reported some of their cosmonauts had problems, but so far no U.S. astronaut has had any bad physical reaction to space flight. John Glenn tripped and fell over a bathroom rug long after his flight. The moral of this is don't put throw rugs in the bathroom. Q. I would like to know why space capsules aren't pointed? — Jim Creger, Bellefontaine, Ohio, age 13. A. Pointing or streaming is only necessary within the atmosphere to reduce air drag. There is essentially no atmosphere in space and no need for streamline shapes. The sender of the two best questions each week — in the judgment of Col. Powers and the editors of World Book Encyclopedia Science Service, Inc. — will receive a $25.00 U.S. Savings Bond. When submitting questions, please include name and age or occupation. Mail them to Col. John Powers, c/o Boca Raton News, P.O. Box 580, Boca Raton, Fla. 33432.

the remedial reading program and for speed reading and other advanced studies. Hundreds of different film strips are available for the projectors, and each can beadjusted for various speeds, both in between flashes and the length of the exposure of the word or phrase itself. The SRA lab is a valuable learning tool, for it lets the student graph his own progress, and "without cooperation, we are lost," says Mrs. Comerford. Is the program making p r o gress? Case in point: A freshman transfer had the ability of a first grade reader in September. As of now, he can read as good as a fifth grader; and he's coming on strong. "You have no idea what this has done for him," Mrs. Comerford says proudly, " h e goes to the rest of his classes proudly now, and his grades a r e improving steadily." The speed reading and other advanced programs are offered seniors who plan to go to college and who have the time to work in the class. With the tremendous explosion in knowledge and the advancement of technology, the person in tomorrow's world who cannot read rapidly and with full comprehension is going to be lost. Mrs. Comerford and her dedication are trying to see that none from Boca Raton will find himself in this predicament.

FAU Library Rates Mention at Oxford U.

Mrs. Betty Comerford uses confrolled reader projector with groups or individual students.

Public Notices

Public Notices

January 5, 1967 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Planning and Zoning Board of the City of Boca Raton, Florida, will hold a Public Hearing at 7:30 P.M. in the City Hall, 201 West Palmetto Park Road on the 19th day of January to consider arguments for and against amendments to Section 25-72B, 25-73B, 2574B, 25-75B to read as follows:

The Fountains Nursing Home and Extended Care Facility, 3800 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida, will not refuse admission to anyone because of his race, creed, or national origin. All facilities of The Nursing Home and Extended Care Facility are open to all patients. Charles B. Ford Administrator

"Outdoor display of items for sale shall be permitted provided said items are within an area effectively screened against direct view from a street or abutting properties by a masonry wall, ornamental fence or dense hedge planting no less than 6 feet high, with the customer entrance to said area from the main building provided the service gateway will be of such construction as to provide 100% obscurity."

Publish: January 8, 1967 Furnish Proof of Publication

More detailed information relative to this proposal may be obtained at the office of the Planning and Zoning Department, City Hall Annex, 71 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida. CITY OF BOCA RATON, FLA. S/John H. Flancher John H. Flancher Chairman, Planning and Zoning Board

PHONE 395-1603 or395-4446

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FAU's library has University's annual r e • Complete Fi- • Licensed) / nancing Dept. • Insured been mentioned three port of its committee Available times in Oxford on university libraries. • Bonded > No cash re• ANYTHING Looking through it quired. week, Edward Data Classes this OLDEST IN BOCA RATON 26 years of So. Florida experience Heiliger, FAU library Publish: Jan. 8 & 15, 1967 Furnish Proof -of Publication director, noted that the report, which is circuScheduled lated world-wide, menSubscribe to : ON,.'F L O R f D A Superintendent Rob- tions the December, ND : SHdWR The Boca Raton News M-; 2650: N : W I R S J i A V;E ., BOCA ert W. Fulton has an- 1965, visit of six lib395-8300 nounced that classes in rarians from Oxford and three from Cambridge data processing techuninology, including key- to outstanding p u n c h - verifier and versity libraries in the sorter operation, a r e , United States, including being organized for FAU's. educational office perLater in t;he report sonnel of the Palm a description is given Beach County school of FAU's work with system. Yale University and the These classes w i l l University of Toronto OPEN DAILY meet twice weekly, on computer printouts. 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Tuesdays and ThursA third nnention is days, beginning Jan. 12 made in a election dethrough Feb. 21. Addi- voted to circulation systional classes will be tems. Comment is made organized after Febru- on the computer-control ary, if a sufficient num- of borrowing; that is in ber of school personnel force at Hairsrard, Unienrolls, it is stated. versity oi: Southern This twelve - week California aic Los Ancourse — designed to geles, and FAU. help employees within Large Display the school system p r e By pare f o r automation MOSLER, within the school sysMEILINK tem, which is currently 601 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton Phone 395-2121 being planned — is being & STAR o f f e r e d through the IN-A-FLOOH County Vocational CHESTS School. _ SECURITY SAFE SALES 5449 N. Federal Hwy. A l a s k a has 5,580 Ft. Louden Jale - 565-2011 miles of seacoast.

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BOCA RATON NEWS Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967 3A

Ray SoreFs Sea Chest


Number of Ways to Fish With Electricity current into a pulsed boat at night. There is che electric circuit. There's a treadle DC voltage that can be a'hand net mounted on a switch built into the long wooden pole, but it varied from about 230 Quite awhile back I platform or deck at the volts down to about 70 is a specially made net. wrote a column about bow that closes the cirvolts. A length of copper tubfishing with electricity. Just forward of the ing bent into a loop a cuit while it is stepped There are a number of of feet in on, but this is a safety fish well are two elec- couple methods of using elecThere's antrodes mounted on the diameter supports the feature. tricity to catch fish. other switch on the hannet. A wire is soldered sides of the boat and Swordfishermen harextending down into the to the copper loop and is dle of the net. poon t h e i r It takes only a couple water. These electrodes plugged into one side of prey with an are merely copper electrified screening wrapped dart and stun around a piece of wood the fish with with a wire soldered to shock. Menthe screen. haden fisherOn the bottom of the men use a boat just behind the bow smaller voldegree in Mrs. Cava D. Cherry, master's and mounted under tage on an at for 15 years a teacher special education water are two 150 watt electrode mounted near University. of special education in Columbia electric light bulbs. the mouth of a big is currently doing These are to illuminate the public schools of She pump to attract the fish Georgia and Alabama, extensive research in the water under the boat caught in the net. And disabilities of and also serves to has joined the faculty learing some experiments have of Florida Atlantic Uni- children. She was the attract fishes around the been conducted in Florversity, as assistant first president of the ida waters on shrimping professor of education Alabama Chapter of the with electricity. In this in the department of Council for Exceptional case a pulse of elecguidance and ex- Children. She is a native of New tricity makes the ceptional child educaOrleans, is married and shrimp contract his tion. stomach muscles which A specialist in the has two children,, involuntarily causes Three Pompano Beach s p i r a c y to commit a problems of the menmen will be arraigned felony. tally retarded, phyClews and Beohl a r e sically handicapped and Wednesday on charges of breaking into a ser- currently free u n d e r brain-damaged childvice station at 51st $2,000 bond each. As of ren, Mrs. Cherry has street and Federal high- yesterday morning, De- been employed by the way, Lto Charles Mc- Palma was still being state and federal Cutcheon of the Boca held in county jailo governments as techniFASHION SHOPS McCutcheon said the cal assistant to all child Raton Police Departtrio broke in the back programs in Alabama ment said yesterday. OPEN Ronald Clews, Mich- door of a service sta- funded by the federal ael DePalma and Ronald tion and allegedly rob- government. Previous SUNDAYS Boehl will face charges bed a cigarette machine to this work she spent seven years teachingthe 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. of break and entry to of $23.45. Clews and DePalma physically handicapped, commit a misdemeanor, Shoppers Haven Store Only petty larceny and con- w e r e caught after a seven years with the chase onto a deadend mentally retarted, and street. Boehl later gave one year as a vocational himself up to local po- coordinator. (Formerly lice. Mrs. Cherry is a Lee Hlgginson Corporation) Clews will also be graduate of Huntingdon charged with violation of College and earned her 105 East Boca Raton Road parole in a former case Boca Raton, Fla. 33432 HAYDEN, STONE Telephone: 395-4500 involving break and entry of a cigarette maM K U H M NEW YORK STOCK SXCHANas WillIam s Knmc M a n a w chine. It was erroneous77 offices throughout the world. ' 8 ly reported previously that Boehl was a parolee. The Palm Beach County City Managers' Association met in Boca Raton last week to hear a talk by JohnMiklos of Florida Atlantic University. Miklos is a For every $3.00 ol DRY CLEANING brought inrepresentative of the office of continuing education at FAU. He discussed the ficilities which were available to When You Pick Up Your city managers at his Garments — office. City manager Alan Alfond hosted the group at a dutch treat lunchShirts Save eon at Chez Joey Restbeautifully money the All Garments aurant. laundered Martinizing him to swim out of his burrow in the sand. The other day 1 read a description of a boat that was designed to collect live specimens of fishes using electricity. The boat is only about 16 feet long and the specimens are for scientific studies. It is driven by an outboard motor. It has a square bow and a platform up forward with a rail around it for a man to stand. There's a live fish well amidships with butterfly hinged covers. Between the fish well and the stern is a 1500 watt, 110 volt AC electric light plant. Then there's a gadget that converts the 110 volt

By Ray Sorel

Education Specialist Joins FAU's Faculty

Trio Arrested Here Will Be Arraigned


of men ro collect specimens. One man stations himself in the bow to handle the net. The other man drives the boat and handles the controls on the generator The boat cruises slowly along until the man with the net sees a fish he wants. He dips the net into the water and when it gets somewhere in the neighborhood of the fish, he presses the switch on the handle and he stuns the fish into unconsciousness Then he scoops the fish up with the net. He may be able to collect several fishes at once if enough of them are in range The fishes are only stunned and soon recover when they are put in the live fish well. If there are no fish in reach and they are wary, the man with the

Griffin Has The Floor"

net can submerge the net and turn on the current. The fish will the be drawn to electrode around the mouth of the net as a moth is attracted to a candle flame. The rig described here is designed for use in fresh water lakes. It probably wouldn't work in salt water. It certainly sounds like a clever way to collect undamaged specimens.


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GOP Women List Speaker "Why Women in Government" will be the topic of Bruce Alger when he speaks to members of Boca Raton Women's Republican Club Tuesday Jan.10, The former U.S. Congressman from Texas will speak at the club's luncheon meeting at 12:30 p.m. in New England Oyster House. Candidates for city council also will be introduced at the meeting. One of the worst fires in the nation's history occurred Octo 9, 1871, when a forest in Peshtigo, Wis., burned, r e sulting in 1,152 deaths.


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Our Image Slips By John Opel

Shaking 'Em Up Nothing in recent Florida history has shaken up the power structure as much as Govo Claude Kirk's call for a special session,, Perhaps the governor could have used a bit more tact by notifying the heads of the Legislature, but if his critics thought the people would react against the pronouncement, they were wrong,, All in all, the press and public approved Kirk's idea to get the Constitution finished and let the people vote. This newspaper, along with many others in Florida, has repeatedly stated that the Constitution session should come before the regular Legislative session. And to those who want more time to spend in revising and rewriting, it is easy to say that more time has been spent on the Florida revision alone than was spent in writing the Constitution of the United States. Some protest that the freshmen legislators won't know what they're doing, and that they need more time for training. Pfui! The simple truth is that the Constitutional session will convene before the cliques, animosities and special interest affinities are formed. This offends those who have been prominent in the power structure for years. The new Constitution is the product of nearly two years intensive study by lawyers, legisla-

tors, judges, public officials and political scholars. They have conducted hearings throughout the state, including Palm Beach County; and last month they debated it word for word for three weeks, day and night, in a public session. If our legislators don't know what it says and at least in general what it does, then we've elected the wrong people. It isn't the governor's Constitution, either. He did sit in attendance through most of the public hearings, and thus has offended some of the legislators who now have to admit that he knows more about the Constitution than they do. It cannot be called a Republican document. Boca Raton's Donald Reed was one of only two Republicans on the 37-man Revision Commission. It may offend some legislators because for once and all it unshackles the local county governments and lets them have the power they need as the state grows more urban. This may well be the most important part of the new document, as the Palm Beach County Governmental Study Commission has recognized. It's a Constitution of today — let's pass it today. Florida is the nation's ninth largest state and is the fastest-growing large state. Let us get with the go-go music, we can't lay on the creek bank and listen to "Way Down Upon the Swanee River" anymore.

Image, Thanks to the Madison avenue crowd, the whole notion of "image" and "projecting an image" and "creating an image" has become a part of every man's vocabulary. There probably are a few other things that one appropriately does with an "image" but they escape us at the moment. It's an interesting word and in the context in which it's used, there are many interesting possibilities if one choses to explore related words — imaginary, for instance. In any event, a couple of events in the past week have brought the whole subject to mind. Like the Orange Bowl

P a r a d e and the Rose Bowl Parade, Images. , Jots of them. Projected, too, all across the country. Trouble is, that for anyone watching both parades, California came off (pardon the pun) smelling like roses. The Miami h o d g e - p o d g e looked like a two-bit version of a television variety show. It's been suggested that the two parades aren't to be compared, because they're different kinds of parades,, No matter. The average teeviewer isn't going to make the distinction and shouldn't be expected to make it. He's left with the impression that the best Florida has to offer is all imported talent (?) anyway: Lome whatshis-name singing on a squeaky

The View from Tallahassee

Like Pork Choppers By Malcolm B. Johnson Governor Kirk, piqued the progressive new leaders of the newly urban Legislature yesterday, and they bled surprisingly like the old Pork Choppers. He called the Legislature into special session for constitution revision without consulting them. They retorted with tart comment and dour looks. If they'd had a floor to blast off from, we would have expected roars of indignation somewhat like those which followed an editor's comment a dozen years ago that Gov. LeRoy Collins might have to exercise the political equivalent of a yard of rubber hose to get Constitution revision through the Senate, The difference between then and now is that those who in 1955 obstructed revision are outnumbered. There is at hand a new Constitution prepared under the powerful influence of the progressives who have lately taken over. It is, in fact, their Constitution — not the new Republican Governor's. So why are they complaining about pushing it toward adoption, beginning Monday. When you boil down all their protestations, you have left mostly hurt legislative dignity, objections to revising their schedules, and interference with their fun — plus perhaps, sudden awareness that this outsider has stolen their ball and is running with it. That is painful, even when he's running toward their goal. The weakest objection of all

is that the 20-day special session conflicts with Sarasota County's annual "legislative day" festivities next weekend. That and all others like it around the state are interludes that should never be allowed to interfere with official business. House Speaker Ralph Turlington complains that this session, at this time, will interfere with the school for new legislators which he and Senate President Verle Pope have planned in conjunction withFSU political scientists later this month. Pope thinks these new legislators, as yet untrained a la Pope and Turlington, aren't ready to "cut their teeth" on the Constitution — although the people they represent set no limitations when they elected them. As a matter of fact, more solid groundwork has been done for the legislators on this new Constitution than on any matter that has been placed before a Florida Legislature in a generation or two. Why shouldn't discussion of the Constitution be the very best training course for legislators? They aren't being asked to rewrite the Constitution themselves. Indeed, most of those who dominate the revision insist on sound principle that Constitution-writing should not be the prerogative of the Legislature. Political realists understand that the less the Legislature has to do with this document, the better it will be. Speaker Turlington also objects that this special session

coincides with preparation of the budget. Now, Speaker Turlington doesn't agree that it should be this way, but budget-writing under our present system is the business of the State Cabinet. The legislative appropriations committees in recent years have been sitting in as silent witnesses. Benefits in legislator understanding have been great; but the budget won't suffer if they're upstairs working on the Constitutiqn. Nor will the Constitution suffer if a few of them stray off to listen to budget presentations. They might even have time to work in some of those FSU Turlington - Pope classes in legislative proficiency at night if the boys really want to work at their jobs. If the legislators will lay aside personal peeves, and come here to work on this Constitution it can be put in final form in 20 days and go to the people for 90 days of public discussion before the April 18 election suggested by Kirk. House and Senate can get the benefit of the expert study by the 37-member drafting commission by resolving themselves into committees of the whole which may hear detailed explanations of the why, what and how from non-members. If, however, they are inclined to sulk about prerogative and to work from taw by regular legislative process to revise the revision, we may never get the kind of Constitution the present leaders of House and Senate have been saying for years that Florida must have.

Worst thing wrong with all of the parades, however, is that the networks seem convinced that it's necessary to wrap up the package with a lot of assinine commentary. Best thing about the Orange Bowl Parade was the Dunedin High School "Highland Band" and we almost got to hear what they were playing. The state of Florida has recently participated in something called the "National Image Study of the South" which probably cost a lot of money. Now, the Florida Development Commission tells us that "Florida emerges. „ .as having the most favorable image of any state in the South." In brief, the survey found that among the "general public" — they say how many people that represents — Florida r a t e s highest on these "image criteria": fast growing, large population, old population, young population, cultural, liberal, clean, progressive, good school system, good working conditions, high standard of living, and agricultural. Some of these items seem mutually contradictory, but just for fun try to make them all fit into your picture of the state as you see it.

Image? It's swell, thanks.

The New Broom The Breadwinner's Journal

A Ghost Town By Donald I. Rogers WASfflNGTON—Leaders- of the Democratic National Committee, worried at President Johnson's steadily diminishing popularity, and plagued by the almost wholesale resignations of party workers, are mapping a special strategy for the opening days of the 90th Congress that is calculated to divert the public's attention from both the Viet war and the faltering domestic Great Society program. Party appointments chief Lawrence O'Brien's office is being deluged with resignations, particularly from the betterpaying jobs as breadwinners seek employment in the private sector with, perhaps, less glamor but more security.' 'Unless LBJ's popularity gets a shot in the arm, Washington

Dull, But a Lot Safer the route up state it connects into city traffic at Dayton. We with 1-4, which has been fin- still have to drive right through ished from Daytona to St, the downtown section of that Petersburg and with I-10 which city — but from there it's clear has been completed east to sailing all the way. Jacksonville. At Cincinnati, 1-75 connects From Macon, 1-75 will con- with 1-71 which has been finished tinue north through Atlanta, all the way through Columbus Lexington, Ky. . . .Cincinnati, to Cleveland. Dayton and Toledo, Ohio. . . Many motorists will go quite Detroit and on up through cen- a distance farther to avoid traftral Michigan to Makinaw City fic by staying on the Interstate and Sault St. Marie. It is open routes. So many will be going practically all the way except . up and down 75 to take the between Macon and Richmond, numerous interstate routes Kentucky. Construction is under east and west. For example: way in numerous sections along Going north, it will connect this stretch — and quite a bit with I-10 to Southern Californmore will.be opened by the time ia . . . at Macon with 1-16 to Samotorists are out for summer vannah. . .at Atlanta with 1-85 vacations. to Richmond, Va. and 1-95 on A surprise as one continues north. . .and also at Atlanta north from Lexington through there is 1-20 to Birmingham. Cincinnati is the plunge back At Knoxville, 1-75 connects

The Rose Bowl parade comes off as sunshine and flowers. . . and we always thought that these were Florida's greatest assets.

On the other hand, Florida ran a poor second to Texas in the survey among "opinion leaders" who were identified as "business leaders, top educators, and similar persons . . . " Florida and Georgia tied, as a matter of fact, in this category. In short, Florida ranked highest in these categories: fast growing population, good business climate, high personal taxes, high bank rates, and tied with Texas on the "good working conditions" criterion.

Around the U.S.A.

By Oliver B. Jaynes When completed within about two years, Interstate 75 — linked with the Florida Turnpike — will be the nation's longest north-south expressway. It will take motorists from the Tropics to the Canadian border. At the northern terminus of the Sunshine Parkway, 1-75 continues southwest to the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. This will be a favorite route for motorists visiting Florida from the big population centers in the north-central section of the nation and Canada. More of this expressway route has already been completed than any of the others running north and south. One can now drive non-stop from Miami to Macon, Georgia. On

float, a rock and roll combo, and a bunch of trumpet players who think "Winchester Cathedral" is Dixieland Jazz.

with two more east-west interstates — 1-81 north to Syracuse, N.Y. and 1-40 west to Nashville and Memphis, At Lexington, Ky., the connection with 1-64 will take us west to St. Louis or east to Charleston, West Va. South of Toledo 1-75 will link with the big streams of east-west traffic over Interstates 80 and 90. . .for the trip to either coast. The Interstate network is now open well over the halfway mark with new stretches being opened every month. So no matter where you plan to drive next summer, you can look forward to much more expressway driving. The scenery may not be as beautiful in many sections but it will get you there faster — and safer if you learn how to drive these speedways properly.

will be nearly a ghost town within another year," commented a harrassed clerk at Democratic headquarters. High on the agenda of diversionary tactics is re-introduction of the bill calling for a constitutional amendment to lengthen the terms of House members from two years to four, and to have House elections coincide with presidential elections. This scheme was proposed last January by President Johnson and recieved scattered Democratic support but rather general Republican opposition. It never got beyond the proposal stage in the 89th Congress. The ploy now is to get the idea out for discussions in the belief that it will serve two purposes: solidify Democratic support behind one major Johnson proposal; and second, distract the public's attention from the other areas of LBJ's administration which are unpopular with the voters. While it is certain there will be strong Republican opposition, GOP party strategists are


fearful that is may not be strong enough. The notion of four-year terms rather than two has strong appeal, particularly in view of the mounting costs of Congressional campaigns. Even in districts where there are no complications, it costs at least $50,000 to run a campaign, and one Congressman has reported spending more than $200,000 in a single campaign(Rep. Oettinger, R, N.Y.) The one redeeming feature of the entire strategy is that even if Congress votes for an amendment, it will have to go to the states for ratification, and it seems unlikely that a thoughtful population would vote to change the length of the terms. Most will surely realize that the doubling of Congressional terms will remove one more bit of freedom from America by cutting in half the opportunity to exercise free choice of elected Federal officials. Surely in a nation as ingenious as ours, ways can be found to solve the problem of high campaign costs without reducing the rights of the voters.


Jan. 8, 1967

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Sunday, Jan. 8,1967

Mike's Meatballs - They Need a Spoonful of Love Most people who know Mike Ruscica think of him in terms of his Paterson Giants, the promotion work he did for the first air conditioning unit to be utilized in homes or the work he's doing now for the Boca Raton Municipal Band. What they probably don't know is Mike can sure make great meat balls. Mike's career includes being organizer of the Continental Football League and the Paterson Giants. He was president of the league, then called the Tri-State Football League, back in 1924 when the National Football League had already been going strong for four years. His Paterson, New Jersey, Giants roll call reads like all-American list. It includes Richard "Red" Smith who later became coach for the Chicago Cubs. He also initiated the first rocket flare which included a parachute which opened up and revealed the U.S. Flag, which was fired ;



Mike's Meatballs . . . ready to serve.

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Crocheting Course Listed A six week course in crocheting, sponsored by the Boca Raton Recreation Department, will begin Wednesday, Jan, 11. The course will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the Community Center.

Boca Raton's Best Valne-'The Judy'

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at half time. Sports was only one of Mike's many interests in the early years of his career. He also was one of a team which promoted the first air conditioning unit to be used in homes. During World War II, he served with the civil defense clearing all sales programs submitted by commodity groups comprising consumer capital, produce goods, aircraft and electronics. Now that Mike's retired, he's doing promotion or selling work again. Only it's volunteer this time. He's promoting Boca Raton Municipal Band Concerts. Even while he was making his famous meatballs he was talking about the band concert scheduled for Jan. 26. "I have to believe in what I'm doing," he said, "and I do believe that with the proper help the band concerts can become an outstanding feature of our community." But then that's not talking about Mike's meatballs, is it? Mike admits he likes to cook, but he also says it's just a hobby. "It helps me get rid of my frustrations." The recipe, he said, is not really a recipe so much as a method of application. The method of application? He smiled. "It's the same as with all cooking." The finest of ingredients and a lot of love while you're making them. You just write that and the women will know what I'm talking about." The recipe for Mike's Italian meatballs is one that has been handed down from generation to generation. "I got itfrom mymother, she got it from her mother.. .you know what I mean... "It took me 20 years to perfect the meatballs. Texture and quality is what I strive for," he said, "and I want to taste the meat." He serves his meatballs with spaghetti, as an hors d'ourve or an antipasto. He also recommends serving American burgundy or American champagne with them. Finally, after being pressed for a recipe for his famous meatballs, he complied. The commercial recipe, he grinned, is just this: Sirloin or prime steak ground to order One well beaten egg for every 1/2 lb0 meat Parmesan cheese grated as it's used. Francesconi Italian oil Finely chopped parsley Fresh basil which has been grown in a pot (Mike grows his own) 1/4 clove of finely chopped garlic Two slices of firm type white bread soaked in milk and mashed to a pulp. Mix the ingredients and form into a ball and brown in a skillet. Mike also has a party type variation which includes the above ingredients plus: Imported Italian Prosciuto and a small square Mozzarella filling for the center or core of the meatball. When the meatball is cooked, the center filling melts. "It's like a cream puff," he said.

Mike Ruscica's recipe requires very few steps, turns out "great" Italian meat balls. Most important ingredient, according to Mike, is the one not pictured here: love. Party variation of the basic recipe includes a square of Mozzarella cheese in the center of patty.




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^ S u n d a y , Jan, 8, 1967 BOCA RATON NEWS


Kill Her With Kindness argument followed. That Dear Ann Landers: out of it. was seven years ago Our son is a sophomore Dear Ann Landers.- and I have not been inin a university 400 their home since. miles away. The girl The letter about the sideLast week my son he dated before he left youngster who bought and said they flies to see him every her mother a card of called buttons at the dime had taken the girl to a few weeks. store for her birthday specialist because she When he come home reminded me of a bit- is "disturbed." The for holidays and special ter experience. suggested This specialist occasions Rita (fic- story has a good moral that the girl should be titious name) meets him and I hope you will print placed elsewhere. My at the airport. This is a son asked me if I would privilege his father and I it. . take her.— Several years ago my would enjoy. HEARTBROKEN Evidently the girl granddaughter, who was GRANDMOTHER never has to check with then five years old, picked a rose from the her parents concerning Dear Grandmother.meals or curfew. She isneighbor's garden. She it for her Children who are emoat our house for lunch wanted and dinner every day and mother. When the neigh- tionally damged because extremely harsh then they go out for the bor saw her he began to of evening. We get to see shout and curse. I im- treatment often carry very little of him when mediately asked the man the scars forever. Genhow much he thought the erousdoses of love and he is home.in a new We want our child- rose was worth. He said understanding environment could help ren's friends to feel "Five dollars." I gave your granddaughter find welcome but don't you him a $5 bill and he her place the world. think it is in poor taste seemed satisfied. Then I hope youinwill give it I looked up the street for this girl to hang a try. There is much to around so much? We and saw my daughter- be gained and little to Mother is going to be collecting money for the Mothers March of Harry Benson. The women are planning the routes they'll use in in-law'hitting the little have talked to our son Dimes beginning January 13, but Jill Risser could really care less. the drive, sponsored by the Junior Woman's Club. Mrs. Benson has about her constant pre- girl with a stick. The lose. Mrs. Larry Risser, (left), Mrs. Thomas Ryan, Mrs. Robert Lewis recruited over 300 mothers who will collect funds January 13 through sence and he defends her child had tried to give go over the map of the city of Boca Raton with chairman, Mrs. January 20, but she could use about 200 more workers. —saying, "She is here her mother the rose and Ann Landers will be her mother was beating at my invitation." glad to help you with her. I have never seen Are we old-fashioned your problems. Send such a sad little face or as the kids say them to her in care Around the Town "square?" What in in my life. of Boca Raton News, your opinion, is the best That night I told my Box 3346, .Chicago, Illway to handle this?— son about the incident inois, 60654, enclosing FOGIES IN OUR 40's and both he and his wife a stamped, . selfDear Fogies: Kill suggested that I mind my addressed envelope. 999 Rita with kindness. Give own business. A terrible her so much hospitality that she chokes on it. If Buy with confidence from defensive lineback for dith/' based in Mayport. bert Carlon hosted a Edwards and their son you knock the girl you By Sandy Wesley Americas largest jewelers Army first Lt. Thomas cocktail party at their have returned to Newwill force your son to Georgia Tech. 5 0 0 stores coast to coast L. Durfee is stationed at home during the holi- Boston, Mich. after defend her. Praise her "The season" in Boca Raton reminds us of a The two lieutenants F o r t Campbell, Ken- days. Guest of honor at spending the holidays to the skies—find someDiamonds to $ 5 0 0 0 football game. . .You Durfee, Dave and Tom, tucky with the 501 Sig- the party were the Carl- with their parents, Mr.- thing to admire—and Watches to $1300 on's son and daughterand Mrs. John Olsson soon your son will be know, the two half bit? also returned to their nal Battalion, Airborne 60 Day money back guarantee if not in-law, Mr. and M r s . knocking her. Division. andMr. and Mrs, MarWell, right now we're in bases after a s h o r t satisfied on any purchase William H. Carlon of ion Edwards. The Ed- Any gal who is as the middle of half time. Christmas leave with Ranch Lakes, Fort ward's daughter who aggressive as this one Expert watch repair their parents, Col. and Mrs. F.E. Shea, is Sea Shoppers We're no expert on Mrs. relaxing these d a y s Lauderdale. Over 15 also visited here has stands a good chance of Donald L. Durfee, Haven football, but according Royal Oak Hills. Open til after a busy season g u e s t s toasted the returned to classes at losing her boy friend— Porapano to our "friends" who which included enter- couple. Eastern Michigan Uni- if his parents, esP.M.Nitely? The Durfees held a 941-5710 _. usually take us to the small cocktail party to taining and being enterpecially his Mom, stay versity. games and whisper welcome the two mentained. Mrs. Harriet Mertz things like "that's a home and to introduce Mrs. Shea entertained has returned to Chicago football he's kicking," their Mrs . Fosteen Fields, after spending the holidaughter-in-law, in our ear, half time is Mrs. Thomas J. Durfee, Mrs. Ruth Fox, Mrs. Jan days with her parents, the break between the Mr. and Mrs. Harry former Miss Linda Featherston, Miss Edna Cravener. first half of the game the Winfield and Miss Helen Lee Andrews, Petersand the second half of burg, Va. Bosehart at a luncheon the game. Mrs. John A. McNavy Lt. J.G. David before New Years. Cormick decided it was We assume the idea is L. Durfee is stationed time to give the gals a Mr. and Mrs. E. H. aboard the USS "Merefor the players and specWyllner entertained Mr. luncheon break, so she tators to relax and reand Mrs. R. E. Shea, entertained members of view the plays of the their son, Tom, daught- her bag, hat and boutique first half and anticipate er, Pattie Ann, and Mrs. booth for the Fiesta de what's coming up in the J.C. MITCHELL Shea's sister, Mrs. In- Boca Raton recently. second half. . .Are we Monday.- Hot dog, grid Klopsch at dinner Incidentally, the women right? baked beans, cabbage during the holidays. working on the comsalad with pineapple mittee designed and Anyway, that's what milk. made all the items to be A luncheon and bridge we're doing right now. pears, Tuesday: Meat loaf Boca Raton is in the and buttered rice, broc- party was next on the sold in the booth. for Mrs. Shea. middle of the season's coli, o t curls, agenda Sorry, we're not in the Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth She attended the lunchhalf time. We're r e - peaches,c a r rcinnamon eon at the home of Mrs. viewing what's happen- rolls, milk. streetcar business, but we Heck along with ed during the holidays Wednesday: Subma- George Benefit Party Mrs. Charles Hupp and as we relax and we're rines, French f r i e s , Mrs. Klopsch. The holdo handle TRANSFERS thinking about what's jello salad, pudding cake, idays were rounded up coming up — like t h e milk. with a New Year's Eve Is Scheduled Fiesta de Boca Raton, Thursday: Roast beef, scheduled for Feb. 2, 3, mashed potatoes and party at the home of A benefit card party Your funds can be the Sheas. 4 and 5. for the Marian School gravy, stewed tomatoes, Fourteen New Year's for Retarted Children Transferred free of charge bread, a p p greeters attended the will be held Tuesday, The -Fiesta people al- wheat crisp, milk. And on NewJan. 10 in the Cummunity ready are tying up loose from anywhere in the Pizza, tossed Year's Day the Shea's Center. ends and getting things s aFriday.l a d , potato chips, Mr. and The party, to begin at in final form for the orange juice bar, milk. entertained United States days to come. Mrs. E.H. Wyllner, their 12:30 p.m., is one of a daughter Joan and son series of benefit parties The group already BOCA RATON for the school scheduled has chosen the official Monday: Hamburger Bill at dinner. for the second Tuesday host and hostess for the gravy The Boca Raton Federal " l o c a l " is currently paying %% on savings Cerover rice, cole Fiesta. They are Mr.slaw, hot rolls and but- Mr. and Mrs. Schu- of each month.. tificates held six months from date of receipt and 4%% compounded quarterly and Mrs. Harry F. Rice, ters, fruit, milk. on regular passbook saving accounts. residents of Boca Raton Tuesday: Steamed for six years. franks, sauerkraut, As a token of our appreciation for your transfer, we are pleased to let you ?§p¥®«riat¥® mashed potatoes, Dr. and Mrs. C. R.bread and butter, icorn choose a gift from the following selection: ce F o l t z , Mr. and Mrs.cream, milk. !"yig?ii"fW®¥i§?Watkins J. Blane and Wedensday: Oven [email protected] will save their sons, Robert, fried Free for opening or adding to your savings account chicken, candied J a m e s and William sweet potato, peas, bisin the amount of $500,00 or more. y®te nt®ns?I have returned home to cuit and butter, jello, Beautiful Silver Serving Tray (Shown at left); 16 Pc. Service for Roanoke, Va., a f t e r milk. Four, Rodgers Stainless Steel Tableware; Detecto Bathroom Scale; spending the holidays Thursday: Pizza with One Qt. Anchor Hocking Temperature-Proof Cookware; Set of 3 "Re'with Mrs. F.H. Worrell meat and cheese sauce, gal Ware" Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls. at her home on Fifth tossed salad, fruit, milk. "UNITED" TAX $ESt¥i€i Avenue, Monday the Friday: Fish square group attended t h e on bun, broccoli, potato Free for Saving $250.00 or more. Orange Bowl Game to chips, apple cobbler, Westclox Electric Alarm Clock; 16 Pc. Ironstone Dinnerware see W.J. Blane Jr., play milk.


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BOCA RATON NEWS Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967 3B


Barbara Wolf Becomes Mrs. Alfred Koehler

Is Announced MONDAY,JAN. 9 Dressmaking, Community Center, 9:30 a,m. f^rsage class, Garden Center, 10 a.m. Beginners Bridge, Community Center, 10 a.m. Woman's Choral Group, First Methodist Church, 10 a.m. DAR, joint meeting, Deerfield Beach Country Club,

noon, Needlecraft, Community Center, 1 p.m. Welfare Council case worker, Garden Apts.'office, 1 p.m. Floral arts class, Garden Club Center, 1 p.m. ealth Clinic, Community Center, 1:30 p.m. rownies, Scout Hut, 2:30 p.m. Girl Scouts, Scout Hut, 7 p.m. Dressmaking, Community Center, 7 p.m. Lion's Club, 399 N.W. 35 St., 7-15 p.m. Inter. Bridge instr., Community Center, 7:30 p.m. Progressive Bridge, Community Center, 7:30p.m. Boca Isles civic meeting, Community Center, 8


p.m. Business and Professional Woman's Club, Boca Raton National Bank, 8 p.m. * TUESDAY, JAN. 10 Palm frond weaving, Scout Hut, 9:30 a.m. Still life composition, Community Center, 9:30 a.m. Dressmaking, Community Center, 9:30 a.m. S heller aft, Community Center, 9:30 a.m. PEG", member's homes, 9:45 a.m. Rug hooking, Scout Hut, 10 a.m. Sketch Group, Art Guild, 10 a.m. Book review, Boca Raton Library, 10:30 a.mo a School card party, Community Center, noon. Kiwanis Club, Chez Joey, noon. Republican Woman's Club of South Palm Beach County, Schraffts, noon. Boca Raton Woman's Republican Club, New England Oyster House, 12:30 p.mo Plastic flowers, Community Center, 1 p.m. Brownies, Scout Hut, 2:30 p.m. Baton Twirling, Scout Hut, 3:30 p.m. Knitting, Community Center, 7 p.m. Boy Scout troop 307, Advent Lutheran Church, 7 #p.m. Royal Oak Hills Bridge, Community Center, 7:30 p.m. American-Italian Social Club, the Lions Club 7:30 p.m. Lady Lions, members homes, 7:30 p.m. Civitans, Chez Joey, 7:30 p.m. Square dancing, Scout Hut, 8 p.m. Municipal band rehearsal, Community Center, 8 p.m. WO Does Drove 173, 140 N.W. 11 St., 8 p.m. Delray chapter 77, Order of Eastern Star, Delray Beach Masonic Temple, 8 p.m. St. Joan of Arc Guild, school hall, 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY,JAN.11 Boca Raton Women's Golf Association, hotel golf course, 9 a.m. Men's Bridge Club, Scout Hut, noon. Boca Buckeye Club, Schraffts, noon. Mitary Club, New England Oyster House, 12:15 p.m. Liquid embroidery, Community Center, 1 p.m. Horticulture class, Garden Club, Center, 1 p.m. Girl Scouts, Community Center, 3 p.m. Tap and ballet instr., Community Center, 3 p.m. Boy Scout troop 327, Scout Hut, 7 p.m. Boy Scout troop 333, First Presbyterian Church, 7 p.m. Judo instr., Community Center, 7 p.m. oast Guard Auxiliary, Community Center, 7:30 *p.m. Elks Lodge 2166, 140 N.W. 11 St., 8 p.m. Epsilon pi, Beta Sigma Phi, member's homes, 8 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, First Methodist Church, 8:30 p.m. Self-defense for Women, Community Center, 9 p.m. THURSDAY, JAN. 12


Mrs. Robert Dewitt Mclntosh

Couple Exchanges Vows In Double Ring Ceremony V i r g i n i a Elizabeth Heine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fran P a u l Heine, Delray Beach, exchanged wedding vows in a double ring ceremony with Robert Dewitt Mclntoch, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Mclntosh, W e s t Palm Beach, Dec. 31. The bride appeared at the arms of her father in an A-line gown of peau de soie accented by Alencon lace and featuring a chapel length watteau train. The bodice was styled with a bateau neckline and long sleeves tapered to petal points. Her illusion veil was caught in a coronet of pearls and lace petals. She held an orchid cascade on a prayerbook. Matron of honor was Mrs. Barbara Berry, bride's sister. Bridesmaids were Miss Nancy Atsma, Miss Linda Parrish and Miss Joan Warren. They wore floor length gowns of willow green velvet with satin panel attached to a bow at the back waist. Their veils were attached to

Women Plan Installation Mrs. Edward Butler, first vice president, Florida Federation of Republican Women's Club will install officers of the new Republican Women's Club of South Palm Beach County at a luncheon meeting Tuesday. Jan. 10.

TKinrise Kiwanis Club, Royal Palm Cafeteria, 7:30 a.m. Tennis lessons, (adults), Tennis Court, 9 a.m. Crushed glass, Community Center, 9:30 a.m. Royal Palm Woman's Golf Association, Royal Palm Golf Course, 9:30 a.m. Rug hooking, Scout Hut, 10 a.m. Exchange Club, Pal's, 12:15 p.m. Soroptimists, Chez Joey, 12:15 p.m. The meeting will beWelfare Council case worker, Garden Apts. ofgin at 12:30 p.m. in fice, 1 p.m. Restaurant. ' Garden Club, Community Center, 2 p.m. Schraffts Members of the new club irl Scouts, Scout Hut, 3 p.m. Marionette class registration, Community Center, also will vote on the by laws. 3:30 p.m. Ballroom dancing, Community Center, 7:30 p.m. Twilighters, Scout Hut, 7:30 p.m. Junior Chamber of Commerce, University Bowl, 7:30 p.m. Masonic Lodge, 399 N.W. 35 St., 8 p.m. FRIDAY,JAN. 13 eg. designing, Community Center, 9 a,m. il painting, Community Center, 9:30 a.m. Liquid embroidery, Community Center, 1 p.m. Adv. designing, Community Center, 1 p.m. Duplicate bridge, Community Center, 1 p.m. Billiard instr., Community Center, 3:30 p.m. Sea Explorer ship 307, Advent Lutheran Church, 7 p.m. Golf instr,, Community Center, 7:30 p.m. SATURDAY, JAN. 14 Stennis instr., (children), Tennis Court, 9 a.m. Drum lessons, Community Center, 9:30 a.m. Junior Chess Club, Community Center, 10 a.m. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 36, Inlet clubhouse, 10 a.m. Sparky Fire Department, Boca Raton Theatre, 10 a.m. Cancer Society meeting, Scout Hut, 10 a.m. Drum corp drill, Community Center, 10:30 a.m. Judo instr., Gommunity Center, 1 p.m. eg. guitar, Community Center, 1 p.m. .oller skating, Scout Hut, 1:30 p.m. Int., guitar instr., Community Center, 2 p.m. Adv. guitar instr., Community Center, 3 p.m. Self-defense f o r Women, Community Center, 3 p.m. Adult guitar instr., Community Center, 4 p.m. Teenage dance, Community Center, 7:30 p.m. Bibletown concerts, Auditorium, 8 p.m. Daily: Shuffleboard courts, 9 a.m.-noon, 1-5 and 7-10 p.m.; municipal beach, 9:30 a.m.to 5p.m.; s municipal tennis courts, sun-up to 10 p.m.


Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Huisking, 110 S. W. Sixth Ave., have announced the engagement of their daughter, Susan Carol, to Dennis C. Crowell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester N. Crowell, 1780 N.E.15 Vista. Miss Huisking, a graduate of Seacrest High School, attended Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala. for two years. She presently is employed at the pro shop in the Boca Raton Hotel and Club. Crowell, also a graduate of Seacrest High School, will graduate from Palm Beach Junior College in April and is training as a commercial pilot. The engagement was formally announced at a party, given by Miss Huisking s parents Monday evening at their home. An early summer wedding is planned.

satin bows. Best man was Andrew Underwood. Ushers were Richard Binley and James Steinhauer. A reception in t h e church hall followed the ceremony. The bride's father is employed in Boca Raton. The bride attended Seacrest High School, Palm Beach Junior College and Florida AtMiss Huisking lantic University. She presently is completing studies for her master's degree in math at University of Florida. The bridegroom atMrs. Paul Cline will tended Palm Beach High School, Palm Beach present a book review at Junior College and a meeting ofiEpsiln Pi Florida Atlantic Uni- Chapter, Beta Sigma versity. He presently Phi Wednesday, Jan. 11. The meeting will be attends University of held at 8 p.m. in the Florida law school. Following a short home of Mrs. Richard wedding trip the couple Rauch. Co-hostess will will reside in Gaines- be Mrs. Thomas McCullough. ville.

Betas to Hear Book Review

Mrs. C l a r e n c e R. the marriage of h e r Wolf, Millville, New daughter, Barbara Ann Jersey has announced to Alfred A. Koehler, III, Marion, Mass, and Hillsboro Beach. Koehler is the son of Alfred A. Koehler, II, Marion, and Pompano Beach. The couple spent their "Fashions Bouquet" honeymoon in St. Thomwill be the theme of St. as, Virgin Islands. Mr. Joan of Arc Guild's an- and Mrs. Koehler will nual luncheon and fash- reside at Holly Brook ion show, slated for noon Academy. Mrs. Koehler Saturday, Jan. 21 in the is the founder and adPatio Roy ale, B o c a ministrator of Holly Raton Hotel and Club. Brook Academy. KoehThe fashion show will ler is headmaster of the include music by Sonny academy. Weldon at the piano and The modern cigarsingers, Kathy Van and Angus Jock McPherson. making machine proFashions will be from duced 620 stogies an Boca Raton shops. Com- hour. mentator for the show will be Kay West; fashion coordinator, Mrs. Barbara Ransdell. General chairman of the luncheon is Mrs. John R. Meyer, assisted by Mrs. Noah O. Linton, co - chairman; Mrs. M. Rougeux, decorations; Mrs. John P. Brown, tickets and r e s ervations; Mrs. D a v i d O'Connell, hostesses; Mrs. Mary E.Steeleand Mrs. Florence E. CaulNewest - Finest In field, gifts, and Mrs. Glenn Smithson, Sr., publicity. ROYAL PALM PLAZA

Guild to Hold Fashion Show

Miss Nestor

Couple Will Marry Soon Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Nestor, 251 Newcastle St., have announced the engagement of their daughter Connie Rae to Jim J. Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Harris, 5525 Nottingham Rd. Miss Nestor, a graduate of Boca Raton High School, presently is employed at Southern Bell Telphone Co. H a r r i s attends Boca Raton High School and is employed at Seman Shell. The couple plans a Feb. 18 wedding at St. Paul Lutheran Church.

New Fashion To Be Topic A demonstration talk illustrated with a wardrobe of new fashion will be open free to the public at the Mounts Agricultural Center, 531 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Tuesday, Jan. 10. The class is open to home economics teachers, adult clothing group leaders, sewing classes and all interested homemakers. The demonstrator from New York City has advanced training and specific experience in the adult education and clothing field. This program is being sponsored by the Extension Home Economics Agent's Office

To Look Uke A PRINCESS Go To

Boca Raton

Great Britain's 90,000 policemen do not carry guns.


Phone 395-8888

Custom Made Draperies and Shades Slipcovers • Upholstery

Free Decorator Service For Consultation Phone 399-7033.


Yes, we have welcomed our first residents at the newly-completed Cloister Beach Towers... condominium apartment residence on the oceanfront atBoca Raton. An excellent choice of two and three bedroom tower apartment homes await your selection. You may move in immediately or at your earliest convenience. These spacious residences, all with sweeping vistas of sea and sky, are further enhanced in value, comfort and security by a unique plan for privacy never before conceived, by any builder. Each tower floor is limited to but two apartments, offering you the rare privacy of only one adjacent residence. Your elegant elevator foyer is shared with but one neighbor . . . a neighbor who values privacy as you do.

OCCUPANCY To Suit Your Preference 2 and 3 bedroom apartment homes and penthouses, from u"5UU v Exhibit apartment homes complete with appointments allow you to inspect every detail of design and luxurious features.


JUST NORTH OF THE BOCA RATON HOTEL CABANA CLUB 1200 South Ocean Boulevard • Boca Raton, Florida Phone: Boca Raton 399-5022

d Conceived, treated, and developed by RADSCE REALTY AND CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION Investroenl Builders Since 1920

4B Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967 BOCA RATON NEWS

Cutting gladiolus in field.


i ~"~ ,

Stems are counted before boxing.

Flowers... Color Them Green

Florida Glads.

Flowers are a pretty business in Palm Beach County and most of the color is green., .about $7 million worth of green each year. Now at the height of its nine-month, October to June season, the county's flower growers are currently shipping out thousands of gladiolus every day. Those not destined for local outlets, florists and grocery stores in t h e county, are air-expressed to New York and other major flower markets throughout the country. Palm Beach County produces its $7 million worth of cut flowers on only 1,750 acres. Of the total, some 1,500 i s devoted to gladiolus, the remaining 250 to chrysanthemums, roses and other flowers. Glads account for only about 40 per cent of the dollar volume, however, with the remaining 60 per cent coming from the 250 a c r e s , according to Raleigh Griffis, t h e county's assistant agricultural agent. All in all, the cut-flower industry employs some 700 persons in the county, who carry home about 40 per cent of the gross income as wages. At Everglades Flower Growers, just past the city limits where these photos were taken, 100 acres are devoted to gladiolus growing. A total of 3.5 million bulbs cover the 100 acres of Everglades Flower Growers, just past the Boca Raton City limits where these photos were taken. The bulbs were planted in midAugust and cutting will continue until just before Mothers' Day. The firm ships about 1,200 glads daily. Statewide, plants and flowers are a $71 million business for Florida. Last year Florida growers shipped 767,000 hampers of gladiolus to northern markets.

From field to sorting bins.

Enroute to sorting shed.

Flowers separated for boxing.




BOCA RATON NEWS Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967 5B

Greek Cross Day Has Become A Major Florida Attraction religious holiday that has become a major Florida attraction is the Festival of Epiphany celebrated by the Greek community at Tarpon Springs. Each January 6 thousands decend on the West Coast resort to witness the colorful ceremonies re-enacted as they have been p e r formed for centuries past. Known more popularly as Greek Cross Day, the observance celebrates the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist in the River JordanoEpiphany, meaning "Festival of Light," has been commemorated in Greece since early times. When Greek sponge divers settled in Tarpon Springs at the turn of thecentruy, they continued the tradition. This year's observance marks the 6lst anniversary of Epiphany in Tarpon Springs. Services begin at 8 a.m. at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Shortly before noon the congregation moves into the church courtyard for blessing of waters in the font of the white marble kiosk. The bishop dips the gold cross and sweet basil leaves three times and prays for divine blessings. A procession then forms for the march to Spring Bayou. In it are church dignitaries, the all-girl Byzantine choir, bands, children in Greek costumes and guests. At the bayou, the bishop reads from the Bible the story of the baptism, A white dove of peace is released, and the bishop throws the golden wooden cross into the bayou. Greek youths dive into

the waters. The diver retrieving the cross r e ceives a special blessing from the bishop. Local superstition has is that the successful diver will have good luck for the next year. The remainder of the day belongs to the people. The crowd adjouns to the Sponge Exchange

for an afternoon of feasting and dancing. Greek dishes and bread are served. A favorite is "Kavourna," beef and lamb as it is prepared in the traditional Greek manner for seafaring trips of the spone fisherman. The food is served from washtubs in which it is cooked

The harbor at Tarpon Springs.

over an open fire. An Epiphany Ball at 9 p.m. at the Philoptohos Hall concludes activities. Focal point of interest to tourists is the city pier across from the Exchange where the sponge fleet can be seen. The picturesque fleet of sponge boats look much like those used during the time of Christ. For as little as $1.00 tourists can board one of the many charter boars and see a first-hand exhibition of diving out in the Gulf. Lining the pier are several Greek restaurants noted for their fine cuisine. Louis Pappas' restaurant, specializing in Greek salads and exotic food, became so well-known that a branch restaurant now operates in St. Petersburg. Other Greek curio shops, coffee houses and bakeries near the pier attract the visitor's notice. While in Tarpon Springs visitors will enjoy driving about and seeing the attractive Mediterraneantype homes bordering the numerous waterways. Because the city fronts on a network of waterways-Lake Tarpon, the Anclote River, Gulf and numerous bayous, it is sometimes called the "City of Enchantment," Another attraction for tourists is an exhibition of 11 paintings of landscapes and animals of the area by the late George Inness, J r . These can be seen daily at the Universalist Church. For visitors who are attracted by the unusual, Tarpon Springs' Festival of Epiphany is worth circling on their calendar.

In Plaza at St. Augustine

Annual Festival Planned Plaza de la Consti- Army Field Band that tween 10 a.m. and 3p.m. each entrant with tucion (Plaza of the Con- evening in the St. AugusA reservation fee of closing date for entries bein stitution), in the heart tine Amphitheatre. DurS March l of the nation's oldest ing Easter Week, the $3.00 has been set for city, will again become Spanish royal family of an exhibition area for 1672, depicted by herilocal, state and nation- tage natives of St. wide artist and crafts- Augustine will be p r e men when the second sented in a formal proannual Arts and Crafts gram sponsored by the Festival is presented Easter Week Festival, Palm Sunday weekend, Inc. A pilgrimage to the March 17-19. Mission of Nombre de Sponsoring the event Dios (Name of God) on will be St. Augustine Low Sunday (April 2), Arts and Crafts Council. the site where ChrisThis year, only 150 ex- tianity began in the hibitors will be per- United States will conmitted to display their. clude the city's earlywork for both prizes spring celebration. and for sale in the park Prizes totaling $1750 which stretches a city will be split equally beblock and has played an tween Don't just go to Europe. Go escorted through artists and Europe on a Cook's Escorted Toifr. interesting part in the craftsmen whose exSend for our new free book. Its 48 big pages city's 401 year history. hibits are judged best in are packed with color photos, helpful This event is one the following categortravel tips and 12 complete itineraries of of the many which p r e - ies: crafts division in'•COOK'S TOURS EUROPE '67." From 15 to 42 cedes, and follows the cludes ceramics, days. Hundreds of departures. And Cook's celebration of Easter enamels, jewelry, moskilled escorts take care of everything. All you do is enjoy yourself. in the oldest city. Other saica, and weaving; arts events planned are the division includes graannual blessing of the phics, both prints and Rush my free copy of Erin Gardner "COOK'S TOURS® EUROPE'67" shrimp and fishing fleet drawings; paintings, oil, on Matanzas Bay on water color and other Palm Sunday; the media; and sculpture. annual Parada de los Judges will be nationaCaballosy Coches lly-known authorities in 700 E. Palmetto Pit, Rd. (Easter parade) Easter the arts and crafts field and will judge exhibits Sunday afternoon and a concert by the U.S. on Friday, March 17 be-


Boca Raton Travel Agency Phone 395-1414

• • • the Most Exciting

New Address in Florida

Jjar Kjtarbour Cfparlments A CoitcbiiiiiiiuEti fay BARR Co. DEVELOPERS of DELRAY SUMMIT & MKRAMAR kBa-F-*-«!V*'}; it


For those who want the Ultimate in modern luxurious, Water-front Condominium living-




Situated directly on the Intracoastat Waterway in the heart of Deiray, just north of Delray Beach Yacht Club, the Bar Harbour is in one of the most beautiful areas of American continent. The spacious living arrangement in each apartment has been planned carefully to meet many requests for a very special type of residence offering all comforts of a home with none of the up-keep problems. A large, heated swimming pool, an oversize putting green, beautiful gardens and delightful club area offer a private world all your own.

Appliances Supplied By

1-2-3 Bedroom Apartments - Occupancy Fall 1967

Those nice things you've always wanted! Open a new $1000 414 % passbook account, or a Savings Certificate account, at Southern Federal, or add $1000 in new funds to your present account, and take your choice of these handsome gifts: (a) Silver Hostess Tray by Oneida Silversmith, (b) 16-piece stainless tableware set from International Silver, (c) beautiful Comingware skillet, (d) 1 Qt. Corningware saucepan, or (e) 1 Qt. Corhingware sauce maker. Or, if you prefer, you may have 1,000 Top Value Stamps. You get 500 Top Value Stamps for opening a $500 passbook account, or 100 Stamps for opening a $100 account, or adding these amounts to your present account. These gifts are given only for new funds. Only one gift per family. ASK OUR SAVINGS OFFICERS FOR DETAILS OF THESE SAVINGS PLANS CURRENT PASSBOOK DIVIDEND Savings Certificates for six months (minimum $1,000} earn annual dividend. (If you withdraw Savings Certificates funds prior to end of qualifying period,

On the Intracoastal, just South of Atlantic Ave. Bar Harbour's location provides delightful detachment from the rush of things, yet is but one block from the center of Delray's activities. Golf, tennis, smart shops, famous restaurants are nearby. Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are a short drive, and Miami is easily accessible via Sunshine Parkway.

Jjcur ^jtarbowr Ofpartmenh 86 MacFsrlsnc Drive, Delray Beach, Florida



you still earn current

4%% annual passbook rate.) Special Hours During Gift Offer: 9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday- Thursday 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. Friday. FUNDS RECEIVED BY TUESDA Y. JANUARY



1, 1SS7.


JJ Your account insured to $15,000 by the s? Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation.


6B Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967 BOCA RATON NEWS

By Boca Raton National Bank k


> V»

Extra Dividend Declared


The Boca Raton Nattional Bank has declared an extra dividend of 50(5, plus its regular 500 dividend at year's end. In a letter to the stockholders, Milton M. Weir, Sr», president and chairman of the board, said: "Deposits increased by 42 per cent and net

earnings were $3 0 32per share in 1966, against $1.71 per share for 1965, or an increase in net profit per share of 94

p e r cent. Total loans increased 39 per cent. Your bank made total loans during 1966 in the amount of $20,903,016."

Total resources for the Boca Raton National Bank at years end amounted to almost $26.5 million.

New. Model In Towers Developers of Cloister Beach Towers oceanfront condominium that has set a new trend in high rise living by its unique deS s»s .SS ^ i [ran ?JBI jtaBj sign, have furnished an exhibit apartment on the ninth floor in the building. Opened to the public ,_-jat*>-•..-, this weekend, the model apartment affords the visitor an opportunity to experience the feeling of living in the building. Instead of seeing only The first building, a three story with one-and the eventual construction of 11 buildings and ' the models on the ground Another eyesore bites the dust, as this small, unused structure on Fed700 apartments on the 40-acre tract. A swimming two-bedroom apartments, is now rising right of floor the apartment eral Highway gets demolished. The job is being done at the instruction of Federal Highway and Royal Palm Way for the pool and complete marina on theHillsboro Canal seeker can now go up Bob Babione, whose Lome-Babione Funeral Home in adjacent. is also in the works. Note Spanish-MeditterranBoca Royal Club. The development erected a in the building and see the actual views he will model near the location last year, and has al- ean styling of the architecture. see, said Lee Vona ready registered several sales. Plans call for March 2, 1909, the SALE SocalZaten LEASE vice president of Radice K aOn n s Legislature Realty and construc- made aits "unlawful for tion Corp., the 46 year any person, company, old developing firm of corporation to sell Designed for Industry, Manufacturing, Research and DevelNew York and Florid3, or or away any cig- opment orWarehousing. Excellent location. Price — $43,500. Now, persons in- aretgive 6% Mortgage Available. No closing costs. cigaret papers." terested in Cloister The or 2730N.W. 1st AVE., BOCA RATON Phone OWNER, 395-1899 law remained in Beach Towers are taken force until its repeal in BROKER PARTICIPATION INVITED into one of four eleva- 1927. tor lobbies on the main floor. The building is composed of four adFlorida, having com- taxpayers MUST have fit the anticipated ex- the answers to these jacent towers each serpleted a record-break- relief from an ad penditures for the com- problems of growth. We ved by a high speed ing year of economic valorem taxation sys- ing year, and the com- will, however, be closer elevator. growth, is headed for a tem which threatens to ing biennium. to them as the CompThere are only two new calendar year which become confiscatory, "This task will be troller' s Office com- apartments on each is certain to be a finan- this office will join made all the more diffi- pletes its projections of tower level; a design cial milestone for t h e legislative committees cult in view of the many anticipated revenue fig- created by award winSunshine State, Fred O. in recommending tax millions of dollars ures prior to the meet- ning architect S. Abra"Bud" Dickinson, State relief measures to the which must be provided ing of the Legislature. ben. Comptroller, says. 1967 Legislature. to educate our children The apartment seek"It is no gross exag"A NEW State Con- and to secure those ser"We do know that tax er then rides up the geration to say that 1967 stitution will be acted on vices which Florida cit- relief must be attained. elevator to the ninth will be a year of fiscal by the Legislature, and izens need, deserve and A new and more pene- floor. Here he can see revolution for Florida. this document can be ex- request. trating look must be tak- the private elevator foyThe following are some pected to strengthen "No one today has all en of land valuations. er on that floor that puts of the major reasons for Florida's financial stathis apartment only a few •SP this prediction: us with sections which steps away from the "WITH our total bank- will shore-up tax artelevator. ing resources at the $8 icles and add clarity and There are no long billion mark, we can ex- stature to the position of corridors in Cloister pect Florida to continue Comptroller of Florida Beach Tower, and only to improve its ranking as the chief fiscal offione neighbor'shares the A six-room residence Designed by archi- private as one of the top 10 fis- cer of the state. elevator foyer. the grounds of tect John Stetson, the cal states in the nation. "From t h e s e and within The model apartment DESIGNERS - BUILDERS - D E V E L O P E R S the Royal Palm Yacht 3-bedroom house has "WITH court-order- other fiscal matters on in the Cloister Beach ed 100 per cent property the horizon, it is certain and Country Club has a huge main living area Towers The Newest of the Famous "HALLMARK" Series is now also gives tax assessment accom- that taxation is the most been sold by the estate that opens through slid- apartment hunters the on display at. 901 S.W. 3rd Street in Boca Raton Square plished in all 67 count- difficult challenge t h e of the late W.K.Wallace, ing glass doors to a opportunity to see the For information and brochures: ies for the first time, Cabinet, the Governor New York City business terrazzo terrace. The actual panoramic views wings of the residence executive. Florida's ad valorem and the Legislature face rear wings of the r e s - from the building that tax base will be on an today. Miss F . Kyle of New idence house the bed- is on the ocean just equitable basis between " T h e most serious York City,' executrix, room suites which over- south of the Boca Raton counties. solution which we in of- acted in behalf of the look a palm-shaded Inlet. "BECAUSE of the ficial government posi- estate. swimming pool and ter- The new model is significant general in- tions face during 1967 Announcement of the race, with four fairways creases in property as- is that of tailoring our sale of the Bermuda- of the golf course within open daily at Cloister Beach Towers, 1200 S. sessments, and because spending pocketbook to style house to Mr. and view. Ocean dr. Mrs. Robert Maselli of Kew Gardens, New York, was made by the REALTORS OF BOCA RATON A sound investment and solid Will show $7500 per year Palm Beach office of proven income for the congen- spendable after all expenses The following MADDOX REALTY, 507 ial individual or couple. 12 including maid service & mortPreviews Inc., internaare members N.E. 20th St., 395-2900 Units including excellent Liv- gagepayment. Requires about tional real estate clearing accommodations. of the Boca $25,000 Cash. Splendid security in the Sun for the Semiing house. Patrick D. Raton Board J.C. M I T C H E L L & Retiree!! THINK FIRST!!! Galvin, Realtor, and of Realtors. SONS, Inc., 22 S. FedDoing busi- eral Hwy., 395;4711. president of Real EsFIRST REALTY CORP. CALL ness w i t h MOTHERWELL REALtate Corner was the ANYTIME 20 S.E. 1st Ave. - 395-8600 them you are TY, 757 S. Federal Hwy. selling broker.



Florida Headed for Record Year, Says Bud Dickinson


Royal Palm Residence Transfer Announced



DeMarco & Sons, lite. PHONE 395-4300

McFarland Apartments




1—i^—2 Bsdr®©!® [email protected] Apf's f r o m —


Monthly Maintenance From $33. This includes Taxes, Insurance $1,960 DOWN $56. MO.

9,800 _



LESS than RENT! 3 MODELS NOW OPEN 44 S.E. 14th St., Boca Raton




(Just west of [/.S. J and 3 blocks south of Howard Johnson's)

m m mm

assured t h e highest type of service that can be administered in the f i e l d of Real Estate Practice. ARVIDA REALTY SALES, Inc., 998 S. Federal Hwy.,395-2000. BATEMAN and CO.. 1299 S. Ocean Blvd., Boca Raton, 395-9355. W.P. BEBOUT, 140 N. Fed. Hwy., 395-8155. CONN C. CURRY, 701 E. Palmetto Park Rd.. 395-3922. BRUCE E. DARRELL Realtor, 425 E. Palmetto Park Kd., 395-1322. WM. DAY Inc., 500 S. Federal Hwy., 395-0220. FIRST REALTY CORP. 20 S.E. 1st Avenue, 395-8600. riiORIDA SITES, Inc., 38 S.E. 4th St. 395-1890. ORYAL E. HADJLEY, 400 E. Palmetto Pk. Road, 395-2244. F. WOODROW KEETON, 2950 N. Ocean Boulevard, 395-5252. MACLAREN & ANDERSON, 135 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton. 395-1333.

395-4044. THOMAS P . NOLAN, 131 N.E. 1st Avenue, 395-3838. F. BYRON PARKS, Via Mizner, Royal Palm Plaza t 395-3700. PETRUZELLIREALTY Inc., 2325 N. Ocean Boulevard, 395-0822. PLASTRIDGE AGENCY Inc., 224 S. Fed. Hwy., 395-1433.

THE REAL ESTATE CORNER, INC. 60 S. Federal Highway, 3954624. RICHARb F. ROSS, 21 S.E. 3rd St., 399-6444. ROYAL PALM REALTY CORP., 307 GoHview Dr., 395-1662. FRED TAYLOR, 2750 N. Fed. Hwy., Delray Beach, Fla. 27ff-7327. TOWN ,& COUNTRY PROPERTIES, 330 E. Palmetto Park Rd., 399-4629. M.N. WEIR ' & SONS, Inc., 855 S. Federal Hwy., 395-4000. JOHN A. WRIGHT, 713 Havana Drive, Boca Raton, Florida, CR 82402.


One and Two Bedroom Apartments Furnished or Unfurnished. Pool-Central Air Conditioning Week - Month - Season or Yearly Leases

mmmmii OCCUPANCY' Overall Features Include: * Soundproof AAA construction * Ample off-street parking * Laundry facilities and extra storage room

* Landscaped Grounds and Terrace * Large Patio and Bor-B-Cue area * Large Heated Pool

Each Apartment Features: * Centra! Air Conditioning and Heot - Hood and Fan - Formica Cabinets * Large Bedrooms, Walk-in Closets Vinyl Floor * Spacious Baths have vanities - » ! l ceramic * Abundant closets and storage - Marble tile . V* . Sills * Central Entrance Foyer for privacy * Lovely Kitchen consists of GE refrigerator

* Beautiful Carpet and Drapes, (Furniture optional)

McFarland Apartments East 70 S.E. Itth St., Boca Raton, Fla. Phone 395-8220



ONLY at . . .


>illa ^el Mir







Palm Aire Country Club APARTMENTS POMPANO'S FINEST APARTMENTS on the 18-hole Palm Aire Championship Golf (. ourse and a quick ride away from a great Itaach Club. • The pleasures of the finest home ownership — none of the problems. Spacious one, two or three bedroom apartments is designed for living and fully equipped from individually controlled summer-winter climate to doubledoor refrigerator. ' Private terraces overlook the championship golf course at the Palm-Aire Lodge a n d Country Club. You're never more than a minute away from a great game. • And when you're through with golf, enjoy all the fun and friendships of the Country Club, or zip over to the Barefoot Mailman Hotel and Beach Club for a swim (Ocean or Pool). Relax on a wide, sandy beach, or sip a few at the patio bar. Enjoy a great dinner with dancing and entertainment. * Home was never like this; you have no maintenance worries whatsoever! IT COSTS NO MORE TO OWNTHE FINEST: $11,500 One Bedroom Apartment ... 515,950 Two Bedroom Apartment ... 520,000 Three Bedroom Apartment .. South Powerline Road and S.W. 3rd St. Pompano Beach, Florida 33061 Furnished Models Open Daily 9 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.



will you find Highly Distinctive architecture, in keeping with the "Old World" tradition of beautiful Boca Raton, South Florida's most desired address. A full 235 feet of private ocean beach shared by only 30 condominium residences. Every one of these s p a c i o u s 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments fronts directly on the ocean, providing unsurpassed and unrestricted panoramic vistas of the ever-changing Atlantic with its constant parade of ships plying the nearby Gulf Stream. All land and common areas owned by residents, with absolutely no ground rent of any kind. Undercover parking, interior painting, recreation room, resident manager's apartment and title insurance policy included in the unbelievably low prices - from $27,900 to $31,900. These delightful ocean front residences are ready for immediate occupancy. Visit the tastefully furnished and decorated Villa del Mar exhibit apartment today. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

! '

FOUR-PLEX APARTMENT with Annual Income $7200. Sale Price $46,500 $11,500 Down- $286. Month Monthly Income $603. ,. i

Phone 395-0220

Enjoy swimming, boating, indoor and outdoor living. Custom-built owner's plan features all rooms incl. baths opening onto huge, partially roofed and fully screened pool & patio with SE exposure. MANY EXTRAS: Carpets, drapes, mature landscaping, outside tool room, dock. Highly desirable area of Boca Harbour at 816 NE 73rd Street. TWO OTHER FINE WATERFRONT HOMES AVAILABLE NOW -

^VillaTlelMar OCEANFRONT CONDOMINIUM APARTMENTS 2500 SOUTH OCEAN BLVD., BOCA RATON PHONE 399-6055 South Florida's Most Desired Address Another Kemart Corporation Residential Condominium

500 S. Federal Hwy. Boca Raton, Fla.

Priced Only $33,500. This home is shown by appoinirnent only. Rep~ resentative for showing at your convenience af MLS BR 508WP.

22 S. FEDERAL BOCA RATON, FLA. PHONE 395-4711 PHONE 399-6711


if" •









Ocean-Front, Iniracoastal Ocean Front - Boca Mar Apts. 301 S. Ocean Blvd. Ocean front - overlooking Boca Lake and Intracoastal — 38 Units...each featuring Covered Underground Parking. PRESTIGIOUS LUXURIOUS GOLD COAST FACILITIES AND AMENITIES.





Iniracoastal - Spanish River Road Apts 075 Spanish River 107i .—In the exclusive Estates Section of Boca Raton, surrounded by the world-renowned Boca Hotel a n d Club, Royal Palm Yacht ana Country Club, Lake Boca Raton, & the Atlantic Ocean.

35,000,559,500 2 Bedrooms - 2 B a t h 1,616 sq. ft. of living area plus 208 sq. ft. of balcony. 1 Bedroom - VA Bath 1,066 sq. ft. of living area plus 207 sq. ft. of balcony. V£ Baths are Powder Rooms

i Bedrooms - ZVi Baths I 911 sq. ft. of living •irca plus 355 sq. ft. of wrap-around b a l c o n y .

A Fine Place to Live ! Wooded, High and Dry Lots available with the right exposure for YOU ! Priced to suit your budget. Shouldn't you be living in BOCA RATON SQUARE?


WHY 300 feet of Private Ocean Beach Large Deluxe Swimming Pool 25 x 45 feet Desk Clerks 24 Hours Daily Grounds Keepers & Handyman on Duty Daily Ample Owners Parking Area All Apartments Face Ocean with All Rooms Except Kitchen having Ocean View



When you can RENT? j







Owner Moving because of business commitments A well kept home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Located in a unique setting of modem homes and Spanish Architecture, if you are tired of block after block of look-alike homes. . .you'll love this one. . .with its large lot and privacy and pool. Drive by 740 Aurelia St. Floresta, then call your Plastridge representative for particulars and appointment. MLS.

Sponsors - Managers

EXCLUSIVE AGENTS LittSef ieid & Wolf orth, Inc., Realtors 1015 E. Atlantic Ave. — Defray Beach, Fla. or-Call: Area Code 305 - 278-3388


RElAL E S T A T E INVESTORS Boca Raton, Florida pnone area code 305 399-7911


Close to the University





42 S.E, 2nd Sfreef Boca Raton, Florida Telephone 395-1515



426 E. Atlantic Phone 278-2811

BOCA RATON 224 S. Fed. Hwy. Phone 395-1433

8B Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967 BOCA RATON NEWS 15A Miscellaneous For Sale

Additional Classified On Page 6A

25 A..Room5 f o r Rent

Z5 B..Apartments For Renf

7 5 C.Houses For Rent

25 C.Houses For Rent

BARGAINS GALORE White toy poodle pup- .On the Ocean, furnished Furnished Home, 3 bedYou Name it we have it pies, A K C Champion Apt. 1 bedroom, 1-1/2 room, 2 bath, nicely from House Furniture to sired, 8 wks. old, shots, Bath, heated Pool, Put- furnished — long seascar accessories. Palm started $95 to $125. - ting Green, Shuffle on. Walking distance all Beach Faith Farm, 1/2 566-9839, Ft. Laud. Board, R e c r e a t i o n stores, W/W carpets, mi. N. of Boynton Rd. Building, Monthly $700. air conditioned, Many on Hwy. #441.. Phone 1 Bedroom Furnished until April 15th. $1,900. extras, appt. only — DRESSMAKING ALTERATIONS 732-6681. Open Monday Apartment Tiara East, Apt. 306, 395-55-29. Dressmaking & Expert Alterations & thru Sat. 9 to 6. Call 395-1580 399-7155. Alterations Custom Dressmaking, BEACH AREA ENJOY Privacy? UnusDictaphone & Copy MaEfficiency Apt. on InCALL MARILYN Reasonable Prices, call D e e r f i e l d 2 bedrm,, ual Efficiency, Patio, chine at half price. tracoastal — Walk to 395-2399 395-5382 n e a r Beach. Couple. 195 Church, Fishing Pier, home, furn. 1 block to Call: DRY CLEANING LOST Weight? For the S.E. Wavecrest Way, Beach & Restaurant — Beach, Pier & Shop395-7192 ping. Season or yearly. best in tailoring, call COMPLETE Dry cleanBoca, 395-4365. 399-4416. 278-2060. 941-0881 for Appoint- ing & Shirt Laundry Come to Vera's Antique ment. A-l workmanship. plant. Matty's 1-Hour & Thrift Shoppe for the Comfortable 1 bedroom (2) Apts. with TV com- Unfurnished 2 bedroom, pletely furnished, r e a R.C. Bennett, 942-5414 Cleaners. 1943 N. Fed, largest selection of old A p t . & Efficiencies, sonable^ 278-0902. 2 bath, large Screened treasures or nearly new Quiet Location. CallBoca. 395-2440, Patio, Sprinkler System Men's & Ladies Alterain furniture & Bric-aFurnished A p a r t m e n t , — Hurricane Awnings — " 395-2596 tions, Dresses, Gowns, EMPLOYMENT Brac, at down to earth Couple only, no Pets 2300 NE 4th Ave., Boca hats, 1821-B N.E. 25th Two bedroom unfurn- No_ChU.dren. 395-4254, prices. 399-7050. 835 S. P o l l y ' s Employment 395-3Q7' 7 St., Pompano Beach. ished. R e v e r s e c y c l e a i r Fed. (1/2 blockN.DeerFttrnisheci Apartment Service, 125 S. Dixie cond. All electric k i t Ladies & Men's AlterFor Classified Service chen...Landscaped patio Couple only, No Pets. ations. Fast Service - Hwy. Pompano. 933-552 2, field Bch.Bank.) BuyPolly McCanless -Own- Sell-Trade. Open daily ...Pool...Adults. Annual No Children Call 395-8300 Phone Polly in Boca, er & Mgr. 10-5, Sundays noon to 5. l e a s e . Reasonable, 371 395-4254 278-3546. Pick up & deBeautifully Furnished 2 2-Golf Cart Bags $15. S.W. 8 St., 395-5779. HOME IMPROVEMENT livery on request. 1 bedroom, completely bedroom home. 44* ea. Portable 19*' T . V . Florida Rooms - Car- with Station selector $50 S p a c i o u s 1 bedroom furnished Apartment — Screened Patio. ConW.H. Wendt or • Season. venient to Everything. Apts. furnished and un- Monthly Expert Alterations. All ports - Patios - Awn- Call 395-3240 TIFFANY APTS. Season $2500. or part furnished. Quiet area. work done on a money ings - Porches - Kit395-6420 Season. 395-7993. Air Cond. & Ht. Call back guaranty.941-0881. chens - Additions Corner Camino RealSW A l t e r a t i o n s , Custom Storm Panels. ANY3Q5-33S7 - USE THE CLASSIFIEDS Unfurnished 8 unit apts. 4th Ave. & 8th St., Boca Pool, 2 bedroom, 2 bath Phone: Fitting, Your Home or THING. Patio, all electric KitSUPER STUFF, sure Air Condition &Heat.No Raton. 395-4884 Mine. Call: 395-5365, chen, beautifully furnnuf! That's Blue Lustre Monday thru Friday, 9 children or pets. $95. 25 C.Houses For Rent JANITORIAL SERVICE ished. Lawn & P o o l for cleaning rugs and to 4. _ _ r HOMES cleaned, win- upholstery. Rent elec- - $105. per month yearcare. Boca Square. BOCA SQUARE ly lease. 520 NE 44th Excellent Tailor. All dows, screens & floors; Season $3000. Owner 2 bedroom, 2 bath, P a tric shampooer $l BelSt. 395-4254. o kinds of Ladies & Men's any type business; also tio & Sprinklers, Air, 395-0349. zers Hardware, 3198 N. Alterations. Barton & construction. Reason- Plate glass Mirror, 36x (2) Apts. with T.V. com- G a r a g e , Lawn care. 2 bedroom Beach House Fed., Boca Raton. Miller's Cleaners & able, Delray Beach — 40, Westinghouse E l e c - pletely furnished r e a - Lease $175. mo. Owner Air Condition. H e a t . Laundry. 2600 N. Dixie 278-2651. t r i c Stove, Chair, Rock- sonable, 278-0902* 395-0349. Private Beach. SeasonHwy. at 5 Points, Wilton PAINTING DECORATING e r , Divan. Blond Tables, al. Rent. $1650. Call: Close to Beach 2 bedManor, 566-4314. Duplex Apartments, 2/2 Lamps, D r e s s e r , P i c Bill DaCamara, Bonnell Painting Interior, Ex- t u r e s . 395-0648. all large rooms, Lawn room, 2 bath enclosed Realty, Inc. 278-3383. Custom Designer terior. Odd j o b s also Maintenance & W a t e r Garage. Season $2500. Dressmaking Roofs cleaned & Brush Bird Cage good condi- included, $116. p e r Owner, 395-1815. & Alteration grill, m o n t h . Painted. No Job too tion, Out-door Unfurni shed. 399-4038 small, free est.278-2566 E l e c t r i c , used once, 1 Call:Otto Yark,395-0865 Boca Woods, Furnished ARTIST 2 bedroom 2 bath, large glass top coffee table, Edward J. Hynes Murals $29.50. Figurexcellent condition. Duplex 2 bedroom's, 2 Florida room & Patio Complete Painting & ines repaired by Lynn Call: E.A. Roberts, 435 N . E . bath, Furnished, Sea- Central Heat. Tests indicate that many Kappell. Exp, Artist. - Decorating Service. - 7th St., Boca Raton. sonal or Monthly. Patio, 395-1738 drivers take three qua-1 -« of Painting in Boca Raton Free E s t . JA 3-6335. Adults. Call 395-3304. a second to get their foot to since '54. Free Est. « SORRY SAL i s now a the brake in an emergency. A. AUTO PARTS AKC POODLES OCEAN FRONT 395-5540 fraction of a m e r r y g a l . She used Car, Truck & Tractor BY serond does 1 bedroom Apt. heated S&M PAINTERS Blue L u s t r e r u g and u p not seem like parts Fast! D&M Auto Inside Outside, Anypool, Cove Beach Club, much time, parts, Dick Heldgerd, thing. Pools, Carports, holstery cleaner, Rent Deerfield, no Children MARMACK OLDSMOiUE but at 40 - 50 220 S. Dixie. 395-2412, Difficult Jobs special- e l e c t r i c shampooer, $ 1 . No Pets. References. MPH y o u B e l z e r s Hardware, 3198 car t r a v e l s CUSTOM GROOMING CAMERA REPAIR 399-4667. ty. 5 y r s . local exper- N. F e d . Hwy., Boca several car 19(5 Color print. Cam- ience. 30 y r s . painting Raton. l e n g t h s in Fet Supplies Large 1 bedroom Apt. that split sece r a repair & cleaning. experience. Licensed & Boarding Florida r o o m , Air ond. A f t e r Free Est. Guaranteed Insured, Bonded, No Job 15 8..Musical Instruments Pet Sitting Cond., Central heat. you reach the work. The Photo Mart, Too Small. Free Esti- We have ITSpinet Piano Seasonal brake pedal or Yearly. 3925 S. F e d . Hwy. & 1 small Organ to be mates & Paint InspecSal < -> X Srrvicr ;t will take 942-6043. 395-1812. Call all day Delray picked up in this vicinity. upwards of another four car tion. Call 278-0535anyCARPENTRY lengths to come to a stop with Small deposit & assume Sunday or after 5 week278-4896 good brakes on a dry, payed Doors, Drawers, Cabi- time. low monthly payments. days. road. Remember, that's with nets, Appliances, WinPIANO SERVICE For information call or the driver, the car, the weathdows, Walls, Leaks, & Tuner Tech'n. 19 Y r s . write: Credit Manager, er, and the road, all under OFFICE RES. ideal conditions. With these Squeeks, make your list. SE Fla. Complete Piano Roderick Pianos & Orfacts in mind, can anyone jusOne call fix all. Lie. & Service.Call: 972-2082. gans, 119 Datura, West tify habitually following too Ins.Call Maurice Oldre. Factory Trained. closely? It's one of the most Palm Beach. 832-3858, After 6 P.M. General Service dangerous practices in driving . . . let's all resolve to PLUMBING 15 D..Pefs For Sale 395-3397 avoid it. Our aim is to AKC Toy SERVE you in every way. Carpenter & Cabinet Need an expert for your Work. Small Jobs a Plumbing. Sales, S e r - puppies, all colors, r e a Specialty. 564-8072 vice & Repairs. Also sonable $60. & up. — Sewer connection, Kohtz 941-1696 942-2900 CARPENTRY, Repairs Plumbing & Heating — "the FRENCH POODLE" Gfdsmobile, inc. 395-0800 Hanging Doors. Deerfield Cove Center 455 N.E. Sixth Avenue POOLS Phone PROFESSIONAL GROOMTelephone 276-5241 395-2672 . University Pools, Inc. ING & PET SUPPLIES SPECIALIZING IN CONCRETE MASONRY Call 399-2295 for ap395-9312 Full Service pointment, 9 AM to 5 PM Cement placing & Keyto 15x30 only $22.50 Y o r k s h i r e Terriers, stone & form work. - aupmonth. A Pool service Best Quality Seawall repair, Mr. worth changing to get,Three — 9 weeks old Call any time for puppies. Best English Kendric, 616 NW 19 St. & Workmanship prices. RE-UPHOLSTERY and American Blood Pompano. 933-9167. No obligation Certified Barre Granite R a t t a n Cushions r e - Line. Appointments afCONSTRUCTION made, Bolsters & MatSINKING FLOORS or t r e s s e s . Foam Rubber ter 5:30 call 395-0102 or 395-7257. Foundations? Pump back Re-upholstering, Slip into original cond. Also Covers, Draperies. 24 RedDachsund , mated to Sea Wall Sealing, Metro y r s . know how - Paul - miniature black. Only 2 left. R e s e r v e now. Construction, 1841 NW 3Q.Q-5151 Marie Chiavario, 5900 22nd St., Pompano — ROOF PAINTING & NE 7th St., Boca Raton, £72-3111 942-5958 _TJ., RAWING 3 9 9 - 7 4 1 0 . ' S&M Painters fASH for your HIGH PRESSURE Responsible lady w h o ROOF CLEANING & loves dogs will care for 0RIEHTAL or PAINTING small dog in her home CHINESE RUGS 399-2356 Mildew Killer Treatment reasonable. -HIGH E5 I P RICE S' P A(D F OR ' >GL;D.OR-NEiV ORIENTALS;/ Lic.& Inc.Call:278-0535. Dachsund puppies AKC reg. Small Red & Black SCREEN REPAIRS 399-20X)0 reserve before Jan. 20. SCREEN Save $10. 399-7410. ENCLOSURES Repaired — Re-Screen- 25 A..Rooms For Rent ed. Free Estimates.Insured. Prompt Service. Lovely Room, Private I shampoo4 Bath, Beautiful Home, Boca Specialties Bible Town, Reasonable my rugs 395-9461 Rental, 395-7193. SPRINKLERS for 1* SPRINKLER systems & Furnished room, Bible a foot!" well drilling. Free e s - Town area, Private Bath timates, no obligation. & Entrance, light cookDo it yourself supplies. ing, 395-0289. National Sprinklers & Large Sunny Room, Wells. 158 NW 13 St., Clean Comfortable — Boca Raton, 395-1828. Close to Town. 395-8945 WATCH REPAIR Room, Private B a t h Registered watch mak- & Entrance, Air, Heat er, John Redding, Bea- Call 395-4332, con Lite Jewelers, BeaRENT shampooer ROOMS con Lite Shopping Cenonly * 1 REASONABLE 395-2450 ter. W«B-to-wa8or

Classified Service Directory 395-8300 399-6719

Your Safety




6099 N. FED. HWY.


Granite § Bronze Markers

2 5 % i ® 5 O % OFF Starts Monday, Jan. 9th

sf»*t mi p*«hs, Blue Lustre brilliantly cleans finest carpets, leaves nap open and fluffy.


Color TV

EASY! Just vacuum, shampoo, let dry, re-vacuun fta messy residue cf powder or soap SAFE as water lor finest fabrics (upholstery.TOO1I Blue Lustre is

America's New Favorite



3198 M. FEDERAL. HWY. BOCA RATON, FLA. PHQHI 3 9 5 - 2 1 3 0

Rectangular, big Screen, Fine Furniture Console on Casters, Early American or Mediterranean. ONLY $595. TERMS $25. Mo. Call:

Cole-McDaniel M a g n a v o x Home Entertainment Center 3333 N. Federal Hwy,, Boca Raton 395-1201 998 N. Fed. Hwy., Pompano Beach


FLOWERS F R U I T S , TREESandBASKETS Imported Gifts - Feather FSowers All Sorts of Decorator Pieces.

At A Savings You Won't Want To Miss 395-3422

Hoyle Cadillac

125 C.'.Houses' For Pent

2 bedroom Cottage on 2 bedroom 1 bath niceOcean,.furnished $2500. ly furnished home lovefor long season. Call ly yard, 4 months $1200. 395-4947 after 6 p.m. Call Eve. 395-8644 or 972-2159 collect. or weekends, Pctol, 2 bedroom, 2 bath Patio, all electric Kitchen, beautifully' furnished. Lawn & Pool c a r e . Boca Square, Season, $2700. O w n e r 3J35-0349, SEASONAL 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Den, Furnished very reasonable. NOLAN REALTY CORP. 130 N. Fed, Hwy. Boca Raton 395-3838 399-1355 — any time " Realtor 130 N. Fed. Hwy. Boca Raton 395-3838 399-1355 - Any Time LIGHTHOUSE Point, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, furnished, close to shopping center. Season $900. or by the month. 942-2300 Eve. 942-3302.

BICYCLES NEW-USED Service and Parts On All Makes CAMPBELL HOME & AUTO 144 S. Federal Hwy. 395-3830 Authorized Schwinn Dealer

25 F.Sfores & Offices' For RenJ

OFFICE SPACE 1st floor Business or Professional Offices on U.S.I. Ample Parking; Central heat & Air. All services included. Nothing to pay except Rent. Space available. 426 sq. ft, 570 sq ft., or 996 sq. ft., Ready for occupancy.


Phone 395-8155 140 N. Federal Hwy.




Aluminum and Steel Chain Link, Aluminum Privacy, Basket Weave, Picket & Rail. Quality wood

3300 N. Federal Hwy. Lighthouse Pt. Ph .942-3300

CEEBEE MARINA, INC. WILL BE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TO SERVE THE PUBLIC * A l l Boat Service * Gas* * Storage * Marine Store CEEBEE MARINA INC. DEERFIELD YACHT BASIN 580 N. Federal Hwy. Deerfield Beach, Fla. 399-1700

CONVERSATION PIECE Antique (1940) Cadillac Convertible Coupe Present Mileage 40,414 * * * Original Owner Insured through November 1967 for $5,000.00 Appearance and Perfect Running Condition Will be Confirmed by Mr. Burian, Schooley* Cadillac, West Palm Beach

Price *3,500 Cash If interested, Write for Appointment to Boca Raton News, Box J - l l , Boca Raton.

IERES ONE THING WANS LOVE ID AND1HEYD0IT0N WHfflS. Speed. They love to speed. Up and down the highways. Forza! And because they have no speed limits on the highways, they have to be skillful drivers. Which they are. And they have to have good tires. Like Pirelli Sempiones that take sharp curves at 60, grasp gravity at 100. High performance like this makes for continuance of life, if nothing else. Another thing that's important with Italians is Sempione's medium price, plus the fact that they're the most road-tested tires in Italy. . . . In the U.S. speed limits do exist, but sports car owners still appreciate tires with an extra margin of safety, and when they know that a whole nation of great drivers rely upon Sempiones, they're , bound to get the message. After all, can 4,675,000 Fangios be wrong?

Pirelli Sales, Inc., 60 E.42nd St v N.Y.

KILLIAN MOTORS 375 N. Federal Hwy., Delray Beach



NEAR FAU 395-11 S3

Telephone 278-4953

BOCA RATON NEWS Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967 9B 35 B.Xo-Ops & Condominiums |

Ground floor business INVESTORS! * or professional office Several good corner lots for lease in Boca Raton i n t h e p a t h o f g r o w t h on News Bldg. on S. E. 2nd N< F e d < i i n B o c a R a t o n . St. Off-street parking, f r o m 5 8t o 65th St. t s air-cond. unit, furn- l o w m a r k e t # call: Mr. m

Sofc'al^kV 1

Sacrifice - 85x100 ~ Boca Verde 2 bedroom 1 Waterfront Lot, 1/2 bath by owner. Comblock off Intracoastal, pletely furnished, i m $5000. Call owner -8 to mediate occupancy, for 5 Mon. thru Fri. — details 395-3980. 395-3432

' n e a r e r JA 2-7491.

25 G.Facfofies & Warehouses

STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE W a r e h o u s e Storage Space at 158 NW 13th St., Boca Raton, Inquirer: National Sprinkler & Wells, R o o m s 12x12-9x12-9x9-

173 Acres East of Sun7 leach, 278-4814.

jjlEgi.'fi^^^^^^^ BUSY beauty Salon for •sale with nice apt. in rear, in Lantana. Call 585-5338.

shine Parkway Grazing Land, fenced, with a house. Excellent Drainage $1,100. per Acre, Good Terms on Bal-

—isrsiSEisR- ""ssjjj „„„.„ 395-992$



Real Estate broker

* 399-1223

SPECIAL REDUCED TO $11,000 Estates Section corner lot — 135x150 located S.W. corner Coconut &

Weir Plaza Building 855 S. Federal Hwy. Call us for information* Boca Raton:Ph.395-4000 A MOTHERWELL 35 F .Real Estate Trade Will Trade 3/2 Delray. IwS REALTY equity $8000. Mortgage 757 S. Federal Hwy. $9500. Consider vacant Colonial Building lot, house, 399-7770.

912 N. Dixie Hwy. Boca Raton Dir8mi,NTIii, RESIDKN I I A L Waterfront Left Bank Estates 5 Lots. Adininine- H a r b o u r Adjoinmg H a r b o u r R n r a * ° R a \ o n ° Hills Boca 5 Lots

APARTMENT LOTS 25fyxl25> $40o p e r f r o n t foot ° NOLAN REALTY CORP.

cellent location Beau-

y VV Vaims." . . . I


B o c a Raton> Fla>

35 6; .Homes For Safe

Phnne 395-4044


130 N. Fed. Hwy. s k y " Ranch"'Estates Boca Raton 395-3838 . . . . . . . . . .1 Lot. 399-1355 - A n y Time BUSINESS l^||^MM^PPMiiM Dixie Hwy. & Boca XHIAIK «4fi inn Raton Road, SW 2nd JUST THINK-$46 500 Ave. & 2nd St. —from Six rental apts. 3 bldgs, $1,000. —$500. down. 102x132 lot 444 East bal. 6%. P h o n e — Palmetto Pk Rd. direct 395-4987. rd. to ocean beach. Boca - -Never worry "about Raton. View - then call the man who sees o w n e r f o r a p P t o t 0 i n " your ad twice in two dif- ^^'*u-^wmw-n. LIHIIIIIH ferent n e w s p a p e r s . MflMtlSfllflflMlfiffilfliqpiM. Worry about the man ALL YOUR wno nas never seen your REAL ESTATE NEEDS! a ^'— TWO DUPLEX LOTS EAST OF FEDERAL ^5*GUna^«.1T „ These lots are togeth«>s.no.H»K**ip^^REAITORS "OCAKATOH rrPh. 395-4424 e r w h i f . h m a k K i rD O S wmcn maices it pos- ^ sible t 0build 2 WANTED 757 S. Federal duplex Hwy. Colonial Building units. Total price for the Approx. 2000 Sq. Ft. or t t 3 ( Boca Fla. ^°j2. £.ARaton, J. !2:!.JI/ --s , more, for light manu35 B,.Co-Ops;& Condominiums Phone 395-4044 kMOTHERWELL facturing. Rent or Purx Lot

35 A. .Lois & Acreage For Boca Sale running foot. In call 395-4957,750 lRaton, Lot 100x160 $2,950 r OCEANFRONT? NEWaterfront 5th Ave. or see your ' " * REALTY chase. WRITE to: K.F. Lots R o757 y a lS. ' Palm LAKE SIDE? broker FederalDevelopHwy. Wetzel, 1234 SW 5th St., !-Lot $5,500 ment, Exceptional cornHIGHRaton, RISE BUILDING? 2-Lots $6,900 each er, Queen Boca & Maya Palm LOW RISE BUILDING?

Intracoastal Lots Dr. Lot 9, Block 9. Call $14,950, Price includes ,276-4616. Brokers commission owner, 395-1260. OCEAN FRONT

TAX RETURNS PREPARED Federal and all State 41 Years Experience

Harry T . P A T R I C K 5249 N.E. 15th Ave. Pompano Beach Highlands

Phone 399-0785 Call Day or Evening


3OO'x8OO' Zoned Apartment $300. per foot. NOLAN REALTY CORP. Realtor 130 N. Fed. Hwy. Boca Raton 395-3838 399-1355 - Any Time


OTTO YARK 395-0865

ONE LOOK Will convince you that. . . I N T R A C O A S T A L TERRACE C O N D O M I N I U M APARTMENTS Is the place for you, Waterfront Apartments On Intracoasfal Waterway. No Land Lease. (Turn in at the Waterfall South of Schraffts on Federal Highway.)

395-2511 and 399-1022 N E W L Y CONSTRUCTED 32 APARTMENT CO-OP ONE-2 Bedroom & FIVE 1 Bedroom LEFT ONE BEDROOM REDUCED TO $7,920 ACT FAST BOCA RATON HEIGHTS CO-OP INC. 444 W. Palmetto Rd. Phone 395-7872 or 395-6022 NOTICE THE CITY OF BOCA RATON Is Accepting Applications for the Following Competitive Tests PATROLMAN Start $4812 Yr. PLANNING TECHNICIAN Start $6012 Yr. MECHANIC I (Experienced in Welding; Auto/Truck Body & Paint Work) Start $4812 Yr. Best working conditions, Civil Service Benefits, Paid Vacations, Sick Leave, Hosp. Ins., Pension Plan, Credit Union. Job Requirements & Test Dates Available at time of Application

APPLY PERSONNEL OFFICE CITY HALL Monday - Friday 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Deadline for Filing Applications Monday — January 23, 1967 Published: Dec. 29 1/5- 1/fi- 1/12- 1/15

New 17 unit motel located on AlA near beach shopping, yacht basin, restaurants — beautifully furnished ~ large h e a t e d pool — ideal owner-manager operation — available immediately for the winter season. MLS.CallJACK ME EH AN for further details.

rss wfSJiv-«

>• Beauty Salon, G o o d L o cation — est. 15 yrs. Terms.reasonable,4137 Boegon Villa Dr. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. — LO 4-2978. — ' FLORIST All Permanent & (Artificial Flowers) E x tiful Appointed Shoppe. » Wifite Boca Raton News, Box J-10, Boca Raton. "SO YOU WANT TO BE THE BOSS" You can be the top man in your own business. You can build rapidly to excellent income, family security, early retirement. You n e e d some sales experience, l Write including qualifications to Box 243, Mt. Clemens, Mich. IILiS^iJft^fT^ffl^^rtMMfMi EXECUTIVE size homesites on Intracoastal waterway. Secludednat1 ] T 9 l opfMno- npnth nprural setting, ueptn perm i t s protected docking for large or small r y a c h t s , price $300 per


LIMITED OFFER Country Club Lot. Will •5 acres at $2250. per Sacrifice. Write B o c a acre or $11,250. Price Raton News Box D-42. good until Dec. 31, in Boca Raton, Fla. Plantation Acres, W1/2 -—~~ . » v Palm Yacht & Of tract 38, section 1. Royal Only 29%down, bal.over GC oo il if n « y C l u b ' 9 £ ° ^ ? 5 y r s . at 6% Discount Course -Lot. Price 10% for Cash. Call Own- reduced f or quick sale erf 581-1525. Ft. Laud. Call owner: Delray


Best location in Boca.

35 D .Business & Investment

Royal Palm YacETTT


If you are looking for one o r more of these features, be sure to ask us about our condominium resales!

OTHERWELL M REALTY 757 S. Federal Hwy. Colonial Building Boca Raton, Fla. Phnne 395-4044

A T R I U M with Pond, Large 3 bedroom 2 bath Beautiful plants. 3/2, Screened Porch, Con- waterfront. 726 Forsyth, venient location, $14,500 Boca Keys, 395-0166. Assume $11,000 Mtg. 3/2 Garage, Air Cond. Owner, 395-7133. Fla. Room, Fireplace, drapes, $19,000. --— 399-5152 395-0655 ~~ DON'T SIGN ~ Until you see this deROYAL PALM DELUXE WATERFRONT lightful 3 bedroom 2 bath Black Tie & Evening home, n e a r Camino Wrap, or Bermudas & G a r d e n s . King size Swim suit are equally in screened Patio, BuiltFruit good taste in this exclu- in Bar-B-Q. sive 3 bedroom 3-1/2 trees, Pump & Sprinkbath Waterfront Home. ler, $19,500, W.H. DaOffered for the first Camara. 278-3383 or time. It. would be super- 395-1950 or see y o u r fluous to mention spec- Broker. ific details. It has TIRED OF EVERYTHING you would APARTM ENT expect in a quality Prop- Living? Then enjoy the erty. If your Home freedom of your own should reflect sophisti- home and yard by incation yet a relaxed wel- specting this attractive come atmosphere. In- 2/bedroom 2 bath home spect this lovely Home — centrally heated and on Alexander Palm Rd. air conditioned — cornnow. Offered at $95,000. e r lot — carpeting and and By appointment only. drapes — inter-com — MLS BR 584 WP. screened patio 16x39 — BATEMAN & CO. excellent value a s it i s REALTORS priced right — retired 1299 S. Ocean Blvd. couples accustomed to 395-9355 Eve. & Sun. gracious living should 942-6693 (J. Dolan) or take a good look at this 395-9486 (H. Drake) v comfortable well built home — MLS BR 541— WOULD YOU BELIEVE! Spacious distinctive 3- Call o r see L L O Y D bedroom 2 - 1 / 2 bath LIVELY, your man at... ROYAL PALM luxury home under $50,000. • A SONS.Inc. with many, many exWeir Plaza Building tras — complete cus855 S. Federal Hwy. tom drapes and carpeting thru-out this luxur- Boca Raton: Ph.395-4000 ious home — huge LEASE-PU RCHASE screened patio — extra large closets — beauti- 3 bedroom, 3 bath, Pool. residential fully landscaped — an Beautiful exceptional choice at a section. most realistic price, . . NOLAN REALTY CORP. Realtor Call o r come in and 130 N. Fed. Hwy. see, JACK MEEHAN, 395-3838 for further details. . . Boca Raton 399-1355 Eve. 395-7655 MLS.

2 bedroom, 2 Bath, Den, new, Carpeting, Beautifully Furnished. 951 N.E. 4th Ave. 3 bedrm., 2 baths," Waterfront, Pool, 2 car garage, air cond. & heat. G.E. Kitchen, 395-1519., ESTATE SECTION COLONIAL FRONT 3 bedroom 2 bath Central Air & heat, 1 block to Ocean & Intracoastal Owner Transferred,Sacrifice $29,000. 5-3/4% Mtg. of $23,000 395-3544 ROYAL PALM YACHT & COUNTRY CLUB WATERFRONT This 3 bedroom, 4 bath home, located on Buccaneer Palm Waterway has a huge living room with wood burning fireplace, formal dining Weir Plaza Building room, exquisite Flor855 S. Federal Hwy. ida room, extra l a r g e screened patio w i t h Boca Raton: Ph.395-4000 heated pool, new carpeting and refrigerator CAS A — offered at $87,500 MAGNIFICO with high mortgage — BR556WP. 3 bedroom, 2bath, $14,OTHERWELL 800. Mtg. 1 bedroom & REALTY bath, _has seperate en757 S. Federal Hwy. trance for friends or ?? Colonial Building Near shopping & good Boca Raton, Fla. rental area. MLS Total Phone 395-4044 P r i c e $19,900. $131. Month pays all. DELRAY Must sell newly repaintFIRST REALTY CORP. ed 3/2 Double Carporte, Call anytime 395-8600 Central Heat. Buy now 20 SE 1st Ave. —Get Homestead. ExWATERFRONT, POOL cellent Financing. UNDER $25,000. 399-7770. 3/bedroom 2/bath home BY OWNER 3 bedrms., — screened patio — 2 bath on water, 2 blocks pool area — all electric from Intracoastal, Pool kitchen — a real buy! & S c r e e n e d patio, Call HARRY GRIFFITHS sprinkler, radiant heat, for all details. „ .MLS. drapes & carpeting, r e 2frig., washer & dryer, I & SONS int. dishwasher, $36,500. 1061 NE 27th Terr., Weir Plaza Building Harbor Village, Pompo, 855 S. Federal Hwy. 942-2948, for appt. Boca Raton: Ph.395-4000


CONVERTIBLE APARTMENT Beautiful co-op — bedroom, *2 bath on 2nd floor — extra large enclosed patio — on AlA with oceanview, maintenance $60 per month including taxes — 15x28 GOT $5000? living room — see this WANT TREES & attractive apartment beBREEZE? fore you buy .— MLS BC36 — Total price, Modernized 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Boca's $21,500.. exotic oldest residential OTHERWELL area — Simply Gorgeous REALTY grounds — Total price 757 S. Federal Hwy. $18,900. MLS. Colonial Building FIRST REALTY CORP. Boca Raton, Fla. 20 SE 1st Ave. Phone 395-4044 Call Anytime 395-8600 3 BEDROOM HOME CORNER LOT IN "ATLANTIC ROYAL OAK HILLS CLOISTERS" Spotless home on overLAST OPPORTUHITY At the finest address in sized corner lot. Patio Boca Raton, there are faces south overlooking only four new apart- Camino Gardens. Large ments left. The real garage for extra storage reason for the success or luxury cars. Central story of the "Atlantic air and many extra conCloisters" can only be veniences. This house is understood by review- P R E T T Y . $34,500. ing the "Atlantic Cloist- MLS BR-586.



e r s " story by a p e r sonal visit. BATEMAN & CO REALTORS 1299 S. Ocean Blvd. Boca Raton 395-9355

356 Houses For Sale

35 G.Homes For Sale

757 S. Federal Hwy. Colonial Building Boca Raton, Fla. Phone 395-4044


$250 DOWN FHA takes 2bp£iroom 1 bath ^ i ^ r ^ O 1 o r c h newly iJ^z-cZ&jTHome. Priced $8000. $60. per month takes all. 355 Lancaster St., Boca Raton. MLS 492. $300 DOWN FHA for.neat as a pjn 2 bedroom 1 bath Florida room, good retirement home. $10,000. — 400 Forsyth St. MLS 518. Call now: ORYAL HADLEY, REALTOR 400 E. Palmetto Pk.Rd. 395-2244




2325 N. Ocean Blvd. AlA | 395-0822 395-7609 Boca Raton MLS Member I

**Commercial property with new 10 year lease. * * * A duplex with added efficiency that pays for itself. We also have wonderful seasonal leases, annual leases, and h o m e s for sale that are not on Multiple Listing Service — no other broker has them. See as for information:

atlan'ric boca realty, inc. REALTOR 101 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, Florida Call 395-8500 Anytime - Day or Night

REALTORS 224 S. Federal Hwy. Phone 395-1433 SEASONAL RENTALS

Bruce E. Darreil Realtor 425 E. Palmetto Pk.Rd. 395-1322


YEARLY OR SEASONAL FURN. OR UNFURN. AM with wall to wall carpeting, draperies, individual airhear.

HOTPOINT All elec. kilchens with frostfree refrig. Beautifully landscaped. Large pool. Close to Coral Ridge snapping center. Finest rental value starting at 5140. mo.

C a l l 395-1661 For j u s t the right Seasonal Rental HAS EVERYTHING 3 bedroom 2 bath - studio $1000 mo. Deerfield waterfront. A HOLIDAY DREAM 2 bedroom 2 bath $1000 mo. Highland Beach oceanfront. FISHING CRUISER available. . .3 bedroom 3 bath with Pool on Water in Boca Raton. VACATION HIDEAWAY 2 bedroom 2 bath only §600 mo. & private beach. OCEAN FRONT BEAUTY 3 bedroom, 2% bath, Walled Garden, Privacy. Long Season. $6000.

ROYAL PALM REALTY 307 Golf View Dr. Boca Raton 395-1661 395-7934 Eve.

COSTA CREST APTS. 2110 NE 39 St. 565-0014 _ _ _ Ft. Lauderdale^__


in Lovely Country Club Village This spacious two bedroom, two bath home is in tip-top condition and has a 34 ft. screen enclosed porch under roof; also, central gas heat, air, very bright and cheerful kitchen, w. to w. carpet, drapes. This charming and well landscaped home is near schools, university, and hospital; carries 5%% mtg. MLS BR 513. WE ALSO HAVE SEASONAL RENTALS AVAILABLE. Phone 395-8155 140 N. Federal Hwy. BOCA RATON

LARGE SCREENED POOL in lush tropical setting. Like new custom built 3 bedroom home with exotic landscaping. Quiet dead-end street near FAU. Very unusual. Now only $29,900. Terms. MLS BR 493 P. ONLY $72.23 MONTHLY PAYS EVERYTHING after low down payment. Like new. Roomy 2 bedrooms with large air-cond. Florida room. See MLS BR 447.

• ( • = -

POOL HOUSE FOR $21,000? Yes! Central air, too. 2 bedroom 3 bath home at 488 N E 36 St. has real cedarlined walk;in closets. Many other extras. Ask to see this while it lasts. MLS BR 516 P.

BY ALL MEANS See Beautiful

VilL 7Y1A

301 SW 8 Street Boca Raton 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 395-2984

o r COLOR T V 1-3 bedroom 2 bath 1-2 bedroom 2 bath Screened in Porches, Centra! Air & Heat, Garage, Full Sodded Lot. F.H.A. -- V.A. or Conventional Financing Available. No Closing Cost.


MANY EXTRAS including carpeting, drapes, fireplace, 6' bar-b-q & tool-shed make this 2 bedroom home at 475 NE 36 Street a good buy at $15(500. Very good financing. Ask for MLS BR 507.


MADDOX REALTY REALTOR A COMPLETE Real Estate Service North Federal Hwy. at 20th Street 395-2900 (Nites & Sun.: 395-3483)


Unfurnished Rental Apartments



Plastridge, inc.

Leslie A. Thompson, Val Laurence, H. Kaplan, Jr. ASSOCIATES' SPECIALS


PRIVATE HOMES SEASON RENTALS OR ANNUAL 2 or 3 bedrooms $1800 ~ $2000 —$2500. Fully furnished, well located.

WATERFRONT 3 BEDROOM 2 BATH HOME including carpeting, $24,500 - MLS 556W. For Privacy see this 3 Bedroom .2 Bath home with . Pool situated in area pf modem and Spanish type homes. $27,500 - MLS 558P. C h o i c e Seasonal & Yearly Rentals still Available.



RELAX & ENJOY LIFE, & YOUR FAMILY in this Owner Builder Custom Built Home, with 3 Bedrooms, 2!4Baths,Central Air Cond. & Heat. 20x33 family room. 15x3i) screened Pool & Patio. 2 Car enclosed garage located in Beautiful Riviera section. A truly exceptional value, plus 5%% Mtg. MLS-BR563-P. For appointment call:

large 5 bedroom 3 b a t h family room — 6% Mtg. 399-6790

POOL HOME BEST BUY! Exceptional offering, Only 2 years old, better than new. Mature landscaping, excellent neighborhood. Large bedrooms, deluxe baths, Family room, porch, ' 'No-Vac" Pool, Automatic door on garage. Carpeting, drapes, washer, dryer, etc. excellent value at$26,750. BR476P MacLaren & Anderson 135 E. Palmetto Pk. Rd. Boca Raton 395-1333


Reg. Real Estate Broker 399-1223 912 N.Dixie Hwy., Boca Raton





• I A IT . ft >

Tracts from 5 to 300,000 acres for sale. 15 acres 660' 441 Hwy. frontage. $1167 per acre, 29% down, 8 yr. terms on balance.

35G Houses For Sale

WATERFRONT $23,600. Going North. 1319 SW 5th Ave. Boca Islands. Beautiful 3/2 fully carpeted all electric, Heat/ air Cond., garage — 395-3359.


ESTATE SECTION BEST BUY On the Intracoastal Waterway at 2963 Spanish River Rd., in the Beautiful Estate section of Boca Raton. We have just listed the finest 3 bedroom, 354 bath, Intracoastal Pool Home, with king size bedrooms, Florida Room, full dining room and ail of the Modern appointments that lend themselves to gracious living. This is our finest value, available only because of Executive's change in plans. The existing $40,000., 5%% mtg. may be assumed as part of the low $59,500 purchase price. You should inspect this best of values in the best of locations. MLS BR 564-WP.

BATEMAN & CO. Realtors 1299 South Ocean Boulevard, Boca Raton 395-9355 Eves. & Sundays - Jack Doian 942-6693

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