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Abbreviations to Federal Courts

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Abbreviations to Federal Reporters

Abbreviations to Regional Reporters


Abbreviations to State Court Reporters - Including Washington Courts

Abbreviations for Statutes, Regulations & Selective Secondary Sources U.S. Supreme Court

Map of U.S. District Courts & U.S. Courts of Appeals

U.S. Military Courts





United States


United States Air Force Court of

A.F. Crim.

Criminal Appeals


United States Army Court of

Army Crim.

Criminal Appeals


Supreme Court

U.S. Courts of Appeals

United States Coast Guard Court of Coast Guard Court


Criminal Appeals

First Circuit

1st Cir.

United States Court of Appeals for Armed Forces

Second Circuit

2d Cir.

Third Circuit

3d Cir.

Crim. App.

the Armed Forces


United States Court of Veterans

Vet App.

Appeals Fourth Circuit

4th Cir.

Fifth Circuit

5th Cir.

Sixth Circuit

6th Cir.

Seventh Circuit

7th Cir.

Eighth Circuit

8th Cir.

Ninth Circuit

9th Cir.

Tenth Circuit

10th Cir.

D.C. Cir.

Federal Circuit

Fed. Cir.

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Court of Criminal Appeals

Crim. App.

U.S. District Courts

Eleventh Circuit 11th Cir. D.C. Circuit

United States Navy-Marine Corps





Middle District of Alabama

M.D. Ala. District of Montana

D. Mont.

Northern District of Alabama

N.D. Ala.

District of Nebraska

D. Neb.

Southern District of Alabama

S.D. Ala.

District of Nevada

D. Nev.

District of Alaska

D. Alaska

District of New Hampshire


District of Arizona

D. Ariz.

District of New Jersey


Eastern District of Arkansas

E.D. Ark.

District of New Mexico


Western District of Arkansas

W.D. Ark.

Eastern District of New York


Central District of California

C.D. Cal.

Northern District of New York


Eastern District of California

E.D. Cal.

Southern District of New York


Northern District of California N.D. Cal.

Western District of New York


Southern District of California S.D. Cal.

Eastern District of North Carolina


District of Colorado

D. Colo.

Middle District of North Carolina


District of Connecticut

D. Conn.

Western District of North Carolina


District of Delaware

D. Del.

District of North Dakota


District of D.C.


District of the Northern Mariana Islands D.N. Mar. I.

Middle District of Florida

M.D. Fla.

Northern District of Ohio

N.D. Ohio

Northern District of Florida

N.D. Fla.

Southern District of Ohio

S.D. Ohio

Southern District of Florida

S.D. Fla.

Eastern District of Oklahoma

E.D. Okla.

Middle District of Georgia

M.D. Ga.

Northern District of Oklahoma

N.D. Okla.

Northern District of Georgia

N.D. Ga.

Western District of Oklahoma

W.D. Okla.

Southern District of Georgia

S.D. Ga.

District of Oregon

D. Or.

District of Guam

D. Guam

Eastern District of Pennsylvania

E.D. Pa.

District of Hawaii

D. Haw.

Middle District of Pennsylvania

M.D. Pa.

District of Idaho

D. Idaho

Western District of Pennsylvania

W.D. Pa.

Central District of Illinois

C.D. Ill.

District of Puerto Rico


Northern District of Illinois

N.D. Ill.

District of Rhode Island


Southern District of Illinois

S.D. Ill.

District of South Carolina


Northern District of Indiana

N.D. Ind.

District of South Dakota


Southern District of Indiana

S.D. Ind.

Eastern District of Tennessee

E.D. Tenn.

Northern District of Iowa

N.D. Iowa

Middle District of Tennessee

M.D. Tenn.

Southern District of Iowa

S.D. Iowa

Western District of Tennessee

W.D. Tenn.

District of Kansas

D. Kan.

Eastern District of Texas

E.D. Tex.

Eastern District of Kentucky

E.D. Ky.

Northern District of Texas

N.D. Tex.

Western District of Kentucky

W.E. Ky.

Southern District of Texas

S.D. Tex.

Eastern District of Louisiana

E.D. La.

Western District of Texas

W.D. Tex.

Middle District of Louisiana

M.D. La.

District of Utah

D. Utah

Western District of Louisiana

W.D. La.

District of Vermont

D. Vt.

District of Maine

D. Me.

Eastern District of Virginia

E.D. Va.

District of Maryland

D. Md.

Western District of Virginia

W.D. Va.

District of Massachusetts

D. Mass.

District of the Virgin Islands


Eastern District of Michigan

E.D. Mich.

Eastern District of Washington

E.D. Wash.

Western District of Michigan

W.D. Mich. Western District of Washington

W.D. Wash.

District of Minnesota

D. Minn.

Northern District of West Virginia

N.D.W. Va.

Northern District of MississippiN.D. Miss. Southern District of West Virginia

S.D.W. Va.

Southern District of MississippiS.D. Miss.

Eastern District of Wisconsin

E.D. Wis.

Eastern District of Missouri

E.D. Mo.

Western District of Wisconsin

W.D. Wis.

Western District of Missouri

W.D. Mo.

District of Wyoming

D. Wyo.


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