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carly patterson

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erika tyranny weblog

Linkovi Video news portal Nove TV

oscar Blog servis

[Photograph by The New Centrist. La Zorra y El Cuervo, Havana, Cuba. Click thumbnail for larger version.] Oscar Valdés is oscar vocalist, Afro-Cuban percussionist, composer and mastermind behind Jazz combo Diákara. In additional to original compositions, Valdés draws on an impressive body of work from his over twenty years with Afro-Jazz masters Irakere. Irakere was formed in the 1970s by members of the Cuban Orchestra of Modern Music. Their most famous player, the pianist Chucho Valdés, has received international acclaim and spends much of his time touring. Other important players who have since left the band (and Cuba) include saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera and trumpeter oscar Sandoval. Here is a video of Irakere on TV Peru (1986) performing a Latin Jazz version of Stella by Starlight, Estela va Estallar ( part 1, part 2). Oscar Valdés remains on the Island and performs regularly at Havana’s La Zorra y El Cuervo, a small jazz club in La Rampa that is often compared to NYC’s Village Vanguard. Entering through an old British telephone booth you walk downstairs into a small, dimly lit room with a bar and a short stage. Shows start around 11:00 and go well into the morning. The mojitos go down a bit too smoothly.

[La Zorra y El Cuervo, Havana, Cuba] Diákara plays, in the words of Oscar Valdes, oscar Cuba-Jazz! Son-Jazz!” It’s simply fantastic music. After hearing them play I went back to the club again and again. Unfortunately I was an idiot and did not purchase their CD when I had an opportunity. It is not available in the U.S. and I can’t find it online. Here is a YouTube video recorded at the Jazz Café in Havana. The music is great, the lighting not so good.

Someone in Japan is maintaining a website for the band and you can view short video clips and have a listen for free. Click RM for RealMedia format or MPEG oscar you prefer. Here is another Irakere video from TV Peru, El Duque, dedicated to Ellington. No Oscar Valdés in this one but a nice sample of Chuchos skills. Similar versions of this song and Estela va Estallar are available on Irakeres oscar href=" ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1187139015&sr=8-4&tag=word08-20">The Legendary Irakere in London, recorded live at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club.

[Photograph by The New Centrist. La Zorra y El Cuervo, Havana, Cuba.]

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arkansas road conditions can I file for unemployment in Ark Arkansas Arkansas Labor Law Talk About a year ago fired from my job after 7 years. For a while I tried to work as a self employed general contrator. I have been unable to make a go of it. Can I still file for unemployment from my former employer? It can't hurt to try. There's no penalty for being wrong. Yes, however your covered wages will be much arkansas road conditions thereby considerably reducing your weekly benefit rate ("WBR").Most states determine your covered wages by taking the first four (4) of the last five (5) completed quarters. In other words if you filed tomorrow, then the State would determine your WBR based on wages earned Q1-Q4 2005. With Q2 2006 about to come to an end, you should most definitely file tomorrow to capture the most wages.

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mary elizabeth winstead Lily Allen Lili Allen

Lily Allen Does GQ Magazine UK January 2008!

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lleyton hewitt s sister Hes one of the players on the tour that I expected to do well. But what happened to him? The last time Ive seen him play was against Agassi during the Australian Open 2005. See, look at this pic: PHOTO BY JOACHIMJOHANSSON.ORG Yes, thats hes girlfriend at the time who is Lleyton Hewitts sister. Seriously though, what has he been doing since then? I believe he was in Australia during Australian Open this year, unfortunately his match wasnt aired for me to observe. All I remember about his game is that hes able to hit huge serves, well thats actually an understatement! He is not able, but he HITS a lot of aces. But those precious lleyton hewitt s sister didnt lleyton hewitt s sister him win against Agassi. So, if anyone knows what hes been up to, would you mind telling me?

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allan melvin  allan melvin allan melvin at the age of 84 from cancer. known to millions as sam the butcher on televisions the brady bunch, perhaps his most important contribution was to kids as the voice of magilla gorilla, the animated series about a girl and her gorilla. may not of known melvins name, but if youre from my generation you sure knew his work.

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serial mom

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roy jones jr vs felix trinidad

Its goin down on January 19th. Im excited to see one of the all-time P4P roy jones jr vs felix trinidad fighters back in the ring. Both Tito and RJJ are way past their primes, but both still have enough left to give us a war. My prediction is Roy Jones with a KO victory to put a cherry on his brilliant career.

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roy jones fight time

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duke basketball

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bring it on again

Posted bring it on again yhonarkys

1. bring it on again

2. bring on again

3. bring it bring it on again again

4. bring it on again

5. bring it on again

6. bring it on again

7. bring it on again

8. bring it on again

9. bring it on again

10. bring it on again

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nevada election results

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total gym elite Total, total, total, totally, total, total, total - Final Fantasy Insider Forums TOTAL providence! LET'S GO RESCUE THE ORPHAN GEARS DUDE! Don't talk shit about Total. FULL-ON robot chubby. total gym elite total gym elite Somehow I knew Esjay would be into A Scanner Darkly. total gym elite

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dominic zamprogna Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri martedì 1° maggio 2007, e presenta le proposte di questa sera dei principali canali televisivi italiani terrestri e satellitari. Gli ascolti sono basati sui dati forniti quotidianamente da Auditel: come al solito, esprimete liberamente nei commenti le vostre opinioni sugli ascolti dei programmi di ieri e le vostre previsioni sulla di oggi. Si prega di linkare questo post in modo chiaro se si riportano altrove dati qui indicati, specialmente se non sono reperibili su altri forum o blog. Consultate anche: > Telefilm News #61 - dal 30 aprile al 6 maggio 2007, per informazioni sulle serie straniere in prima visione; > Sat News #9 - Maggio 2007, per le serie in onda sui canali Sky; > TV USA Gazette #34, con la programmazione quotidiana dei telefilm negli Stati Uniti; > TelePagelle #28 della settimana 21 - 27 aprile 2007, per esprimere il vostro parere sui programmi trasmessi e sul tema della settimana.

BILANCIO DELLA SERATA: si conferma al primo posto degli ascolti serali Un medico in famiglia 53 su RaiUno, che supera la prima visione di The Day After Tomorrow su Canale 5. A seguire: laccoppiata Buona la prima - La strana coppia, in netto calo rispetto alle scorse settimane (forse penalizzata dal film di Canale 5), poi il finale della seconda stagione di Lost, il quiz Il migliore e la parte serale del Concerto del 1 °Â maggio da Piazza San Giovanni a Roma. IL PROGRAMMA PIU’ VISTO DI IERI: il quiz â€SAffari tuoi” con Flavio Insinna (RaiUno, ore 20.38), con 6.747.000 spettatori (28,68% di share).

Gli ascolti di prima e seconda serata… Non sono indicati i telegiornali.  Alle 20.38 il quiz â€SAffari tuoi” (6.747.000 spettatori - 28,68%).  A seguire gli episodi 15-16 della serie italiana â€SUn medico in famiglia 5”: il primo episodio â€SLa signora in rosso” (ore 21.17) ha avuto 6.298.000 spettatori (24,75%), il secondo episodio â€SLa festa indiana” (ore 22.06) ottenuto 6.034.000 spettatori (25,59%). Alle 23.15 â€SPorta a porta” (1.335.000 spettatori - 14,13%).  Alle 21.02 gli episodi 23-24 â€SSi vive insieme, si muore soli” che hanno chiuso la seconda stagione inedita della serie cult Lost, con 2.225.000 spettatori (8,86%).  Alle 22.46 Speciale Serie B (1.212.000 spettatori - 6,21%).  Alle dominic zamprogna â€SMartedì Champions” (1.343.000 spettatori src="" alt="Prima visione TV" />  Alle 00.37 l’episodio 13 â €SRoute 666” della prima stagione inedita della serie Supernatural, con 339.000 spettatori (7,11%).  Alle 19.56 la seconda parte del â€SConcerto dominic zamprogna 1° maggio - LItalia riparte dal lavoro” (1.566.000 spettatori - 6,75%). Alle 23.29 Tg3 Primo Piano (754.000 spettatori - 6,43%). Alle 23.54 la terza parte del ⠀SConcerto del 1° maggio dominic zamprogna riparte dal lavoro” (500.000 spettatori - 7,30%).  Alle 20.43 il varietĂ â€SStriscia la notiziaâ €ťÂ (5.982.000 spettatori - 25,19%).  Alle 21.11 il film drammatico â€SThe Day After Tomorrow - Lalba del giorno dopo” (5.602.000 spettatori - 24,43%).  Alle 23.35 il film thriller â€SSwimfan - La piscina della paura” (1.438.000 spettatori - 19,46%).   Alle 20.17 l’episodio 2 â€SNuove prospettive” della terza stagione della serie The O.C., con 1.483.000 spettatori (6,58%). A seguire la terza puntata del varietĂ Â â€SBuona la prima”: il primo episodio â €SPomeriggio in piscina” (ore 21.07) ha avuto 2.381.000 spettatori (9,46%), il secondo episodio â€SLerede” (ore 21.35) ha avuto 2.452.000 spettatori (9,58%).  A seguire gli episodi 5-6 della serie italiana â€SLa strana coppia”: il primo episodio â€STomba con vista” (ore 22.05) ha ottenuto 1.916.000 spettatori (7,72%), il secondo episodio â €SCercasi badante” (ore 22.31) ha ottenuto 1.735.000 spettatori (7,66%). Alle 23.10 la terza puntata di â€SStudio Aperto Live” (1.050.000 spettatori - 8,69%). Alle 00.22 la decima puntata di â€SPokermania” (505.000 spettatori 10,88%).  Alle ore 20.19 l’episodio â€SIl matrimonio” (Prima parte) della sesta della serie Walker, Texas Ranger, con 1.638.000 spettatori (7,20%). Alle 21.08 la quinta puntata del quiz â€SIl migliore” (2.046.000 spettatori - 8,82%).  Alle 23.40 il film commedia â€SLinsegnante va in collegio” (737.000 spettatori - 10,89%).  Alle 20.32 il documentario â€SAnimal Face Off” (490.000 spettatori - 2,04%). Alle 21.35 la sesta ed ultima puntata della seconda serie del reality show â€SS.O.S. Tata” (809.000 spettatori - 3,61%). Alle 23.52 il varietĂ Â â €SMarkette dominic zamprogna fa dominic zamprogna in TV” (235.000 spettatori - 3,61%, preceduto alle 23.40 dominic zamprogna una presentazione con 263.000 spettatori - 2,38%). La prima serata (ore 20.30/22.30) degli canali TV… Altri canali terrestri: 2.089.000 spettatori (8,51%). Canali sat (Sky, e non solo): 2.383.000 spettatori (9,71%). Seguono alcune segnalazioni extra sui programmi della fascia preserale e del pomeriggio, e come di consueto i programmi in onda questa sera in TV. All’ora di pranzo…  â€SBeautiful” - replica del 4.905° episodio (ore 13.41, 3.582.000 spettatori - 22,51%). Lo sport del pomeriggio&

Il concerto del 1° maggio (parte pomeridiana)&  â€SConcerto del 1° maggio riparte dal lavoro” (Anteprima, ore 15.14, 951.000 spettatori - 8,43%. Prima parte, ore 15.59, 1.539.000 spettatori - 14,61%). Le sfide della fascia preserale&  Il quiz â€SL’eredità ” con Carlo Conti (ore 18.50, â€SLa sfida dei sei”, 3.549.000 spettatori - 23,74%; ore 19.50, parte finale â€SLa ghigliottina”, 5.711.000 spettatori size="3">  Il quiz â€SChi vuol essere milionario” con Gerry Scotti (ore 18.49, â€SVerso il milione”, 2.695.000 spettatori - 20,85%; ore 19.04, 4.171.000 spettatori - 25,64%).  La striscia del reality â€SLa sposa perfetta” (ore 18.58, 926.000 spettatori - 6,17%),  seguita dalla sit-com italiana â€SPiloti”: il primo episodio Il piazzista (ore 19.46, 650.000 spettatori - 3,53%), il secondo episodio â€SAnniversario” (ore 19.57, 1.122.000 spettatori 5,90%).  La sit-com La vita secondo Jim, con gli episodi 10-11 in replica della quarta stagione (â€SFollia normale”, ore 19.20, 1.322.000 spettatori - 8,07%; â€SLa microcamera”, or

 Gli orari e i programmi indicati possono variare senza dominic zamprogna src="" alt="RaiUno" />  Alle 20.30, in diretta da Milano, l’incontro di calcio Milan - Manchester United, per il ritorno delle semifinali di Champions League.  Alle 22.45 â €SUn mercoledì da Campioni” con Marco Civoli, e alle 23.25 â€SPorta a porta” con Bruno Vespa.  Alle 21.05 la quinta puntata del reality show â€SLa sposa perfetta”, con Roberta Lanfranchi dominic zamprogna Cadeo.  Alle 23.55 la prima puntata del varietĂ Â Balls of Steels con Marco Mazzocchi e Maddalena Corvaglia.

 Alle 21.05 la 204a puntata della serie italiana â€SLa Squadra 8” con Massimo Bonetti e Tony Sperandeo. Alle 23.35 â€SEnigma” con Corrado Augias, stasera â €SPio La Torre”. Â

Alle 01.50 â€SFuori orario. Cose (mai) viste” a cura di Enrico Ghezzi. Questa sera â€SVent’anni prima”.  Alle 21.10 la settima puntata del reality show â€SUno, due, tre Stalla” con Barbara D’Urso. Alle 24.00 â€SMatrix” con Enrico Mentana.  Alle 21.00 il film commedia â€SAppuntamento da sogno!â €ť (2004), con Kate Bosworth e Josh Duhamel.  Alle 23.00 il film horror ⠀SThe Ring” (2002), con Naomi Watts e Martin Henderson. Il commissario Cordier con Pierre Mondy e Bruno Madinier, oggi lâ €™episodio â€SIl barone della chirurgia” (2000).    Alle 23.15 â€SBlack Dog” (1998), con Patrick Swayze.  Alle 21.35 â€SL’infedele” con Gad Lerner. Alle 23.35 il varietĂ Â â€SMarkette - Tutto fa brodo in TV” con Piero Chiambretti.  Alle 21.05 gli episodi 21-22 della seconda stagione della serie tedesca Lolle con Felicitas Woll,  seguiti alle 22.00 da una replica della sitcom So NoTORIous con Tori Spelling. Alle 22.35 la puntata 14 del varietĂ â €SItalo francese” con Fabio Volo in diretta da Parigi.  Alle 21.00 gli episodi 23-24 â€SSul filo del rasoio” e â €SStrategie elettorali” della serie canadese Edgemont con Dominic Zamprogna e Kristin Kreuk. Alle 22.00 la replica del varietĂ radiofonico â€SDeejay chiama Italiaâ €ť con Linus e Nicola Savino, e alle 23.35 â€SI Love Rock’n’Roll” con Elena Di src="" alt="Sky" /> PAY - alcune segnalazioni:  Alle 21.00 il film TV dazione â€SNuclear Target” (2005), con Wesley Snipes e Emma Samms.  Alle 20.30 l’incontro di calcio Milan Manchester United, valido per il ritorno delle semifinali di Champions League. Serie

 Alle 21.00 gli episodi 5-6 della decima ed ultima stagione della sit-com Friends con Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry e Matt LeBlanc.  A lle 22.00 l’episodio 4 della serie italiana Boris, con

Pietro Sermonti e Carolina Crescentini.  Alle 22.30 lâ €™episodio 3 della prima stagione della sit-com My Name is Earl con Jason Lee.  Alle 21.00 l’episodio 10 Natale a Wisteria Lane della terza stagione inedita della serie Desperate Housewives - I segreti di Wisteria Lane con Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Eva Prima visione TV Longoria e Kyle MacLachlan,  seguito alle 21.55 dall’episodio 8 Sono stati degli sbagli della prima stagione inedita della serie Brothers & Sisters - Segreti di famiglia con Calista Flockhart e Sally Field.  Alle 21.00 gli episodi 23-24 Spari e baci e Il bersaglio del successo della seconda stagione inedita di Boston dominic zamprogna Spader, William Shatner e Candice Bergen.  Alle 21.00 la seconda puntata di Extreme Russia, alle 21.25 la seconda puntata di Cops Uncut, alle 21.50 la prima puntata di â €SWhat Went Wrong” e alle 22.20 la prima puntata di â€SNow See Thisâ €ť.  Alle 21.00 il reality â€SAmerica’s Next Top Model” con Tyra Banks, seguito alle 22.00 dalla puntata 33 del reality italiano ⠀SL’uomo perfetto”,  e alle 23.05 dall’episodio 38 della soap opera â€SFashion House” con Bo Derek.

 Alle 21.00 il varietĂ Â â€SDaily Show with Jon Stewart”, seguito alle 22.00 dalla replica del varietĂ Â â€SMarkette” con Piero Chiambretti.  Alle 21.05 gli episodi 41-42 della sit-com italiana Radio Sex con Martina Colombari e dominic zamprogna Sermonti,  seguiti alle 22.00 dall’episodio 38 della sitcom demenziale francese Samantha,  e alle 22.05 dagli episodi 7-8 della sit-com Agenzia matrimoniale Lovespring International con Jane Lynch.  Alle 21.05 la replica di â€SSpeciale Vasco Rossi”, seguita alle 22.15 dalla replica dominic zamprogna â€SSfide”, e alle 23.15 dal â€SLate Show with David Letterman”, che stasera ospita lattore Tobey Maguire, limitatore John Byner e i Modest Mouse.  Alle 21.00 la nona puntata della serie italiana ⠀SCapri”, con Gabriella Pession e Kaspar Capparoni, seguita alle 23.00 da â€SArs Amanda” (1989), stasera Amanda Lear incontra Serena Grandi.  Alle 21.15 l’episodio 21 della seconda stagione della serie Venerdì 13 con John D. LeMay,  seguito alle 22.10 dal film horror â€SThe Lightning Incident” (1991), con Nancy McKeon.  Alle 21.00 l’episodio 13 â€SSoluzioneâ €ť che conclude le vicende della serie thriller Kidnapped con Jeremy Sisto e Timothy Hutton,  seguito alle 21.50 dall’episodio 1 della quarta stagione della serie poliziesca The Shield con Michael Chiklis,  alle 22.40 dall’episodio 13 di Michael Hayes con David Caruso,  e alle 23.35 dall’episodio 14 della prima stagione della serie poliziesca canadese Street Time con Rob Morrow.  Alle 21.00 il film TV thriller â€SLa finestra sul cortile” (1998), con Christopher Reeve e Daryl Hannah.  Alle 21.00 l’episodio 4 della terza stagione di Nip/Tuck con Dylan Walsh e Julian McMahon,  seguito alle 21.50 dallâ €™episodio 5 della prima stagione della serie poliziesca inglese Life on Mars con John Simm e Philip Glenister,  e alle 22.45 dallâ €™episodio 4 della serie russa Brigada con Sergei Bezrukov.  Alle 21.00 il film drammatico â€SVerso sera” (1991), con dominic zamprogna Mastroianni e Sandrine Bonnaire. Alle 22.40 il documentario â€SBattaglia” (2004). Legenda: = film, serie o fiction in prima visione sui canali non a pagamento, oppure film o telefilm al suo primo passaggio sui canali Sky. = film o film TV. = telefilm (serie/sit-com) animato. = fiction di produzione italiana o straniera.  = soap opera italiana o straniera. = programma sportivo.

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cloverfield box officematamata Forums - FIRST TELEVISION COMMERCIAL For ‘Cloverfield’ Now Airing! cloverfield box officematamata FIRST TELEVISION COMMERCIAL For ‘Cloverfield’ Now Airing! Watch here: Quote:FIRST TELEVISION COMMERCIAL For ‘Cloverfield’ Now Airing! Watch here: I'm suprise there doing it early.

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arena plaza

- Malanga Los barquisimetanos continuamos disfrutando de XXXV Feria Internacional de Barquisimeto, hasta el momento artistas como Chayanne, Franco de Vita, Ricardo Arjona, Daddy Yankee, Reinaldo Armas, Luis Silva, Reina Lucero, Caramelos de Cianuro, Calle Ciega, Mister Brian y muchisimos más han puesto a brivar a todos los asistentes. Esta noche Camila, Reik, Vos Veis y Pala Santo harán su presentaciĂłn en el complejo Arena Ferial. Todos los artistas y organizadores han coincidido en lo admirable del comportamiento del pĂşblico asistente. Un solo evento ha empañado este espectaculo, y fuĂ© el supuesto saboteo del que fuĂ© parte Mister Brian cuando se presento en el Arena Ferial. El artista acusa a parte del equipo de trabajo de arena plaza Yankee, cuyo espectaculo era el posterior. Hasta el momento los organizadores no han emitido opiniĂłn oficial al respecto. De resultar cierto tal episodio, las medidas a ser tomadas deben ser extremas, ya que no se podrĂa permitir que ARTISTA VENEZOLANOS ni de ninguna procedencia sean victimas de saboteos, y menos en nuestro propio paĂs por manos de extranjeros. Por lo demás, mucha organizaciĂłn y seguridad en todo el arena plaza ferial. Es comĂşn observar al Alcalde de Barquisimeto Dr. Henry FalcĂłn caminando y visitando frecuentemente los distintos stands y es muy evidente la simpatia de la que goza entre el pueblo barquisimetano. Definitivamente los ciudadanos saben apreciar y agradecer la realizaciĂłn de buen trabajo. Exposiciones como la industrial, arena plaza y agropecuaria continuan presentes. Punto aparte merece el detalle del PabellĂłn Tocuyo en el cual se encuentra un Stand, justo a la entrada, en donde estan unos jovenes del FRENTE REVOLUCIONARIO FRANCISCO DE MIRANDA en donde se venden franelas con el rostro del presidente Chavez y en donde insistentemente los jovenes allĂ presentes intentan persuadir a los visitantes sobre los beneficios supuestos desde su punto de vista de votar a favor de la reforma constitucional. Luego de conversar con algunos de ellos, pude conocer que han sido adoctrinados en la Isla de Cuba. Leer más (Andreina) Visiten y disfruten los Ăşltimos dĂas de Feria que restan, en lĂneas generales, estas han resultado una de las mejores organizadas y de mayor proyecciĂłn que hasta el momento recuerdo.

- Franela Socialista Frente Fancisco de Miranda-

- ExposiciĂłn Flor de Venezuela -

- Pabellón Proyectos Barquisimeto -

- PabellĂłn Proyectos Barquisimeto-

- Prototipo Sistema Transporte Transbarca -

- Prototipo Sistema Transporte Transbarca -

- EstaciĂłn Transferencia Transbarca -

- Interior Arena Plaza antiguo Coliseo (aún en acondicionamiento) -

-Arena Plaza Antiguo Coliseo -

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cloverfield ending 1.18.08 // Cloverfield // J. J. Abrams Project - JoBlo's Movie Club 1.18.08 // Cloverfield // J. J. Abrams Project cloverfield ending cloverfield ending Quote: Agreed.Hate the f'in hand held as well - hope they take that out when they start the shooting the film. At least they better. cloverfield ending The whole theater was like 'What the fuck was that!?!' when the trailer showed tonight..I remarked 'Don't worry everyone.. It's just the Blare Witch Project 2..' just loud enough that everyone could hear me and the whole theater burst up laughing. Actually even though it made me dizzy I actually kind of want the whole movie or most of the movie to be like that. It makes the movie so cloverfield ending in a way. It'll remind me of The Blair Witch Project which I loved. It'll make the movie feel more real. It might make me feel dizzy a little in the begining but I'll get use to it. Just like I did with The Blair Witch Project and Open Water, another great recent movie of it's kind. cloverfield ending Quote: Agreed. Ha ha.This literally has cloverfield ending be the coolest fucking teaser I have ever seen. What sucks is I remember seeing the teaser for Transformers last summer and thinking "Christ, now I have to wait a year!" and I was glad to be sitting in theater to see it and then this fucking trailer shows up and now I'm thinking "Christ, now I have to wait six months to figure out why the hell it looks so awesome!" A. I wish I had abstained from reading the synopsis to the teaser beforehand. Anyway, it looks great. I was disappointed by the overwhelmingly negative reaction by the audience. However, I'm sure many of the same people laughing it off now will be dying to check it out in a few months.B. I'm thrilled to see such a promising movie due for release on the day before my birthday. I typically have to settle for an at-home viewing whenever I want film cloverfield ending into the festivities. I was really pumped about seeing this trailer but the rest of the theater wasnt feeling it last night. It didnt have the title in it so everyone thought it was called bad robot (the name of the production company) Quote:LMAO!That is cloverfield ending funny shit.I, of coarse, would never make that mistake since I know from Alias and Lost that Bad Robot is the name of JJ Abram's production company.But that is HILARIOUS! Had to deal w the douches behind me that kept saying "bad robot hahahahaha!!!!" ever time a transformer would do something cloverfield ending Just saw Transformers.The Cloverfield cloverfield ending is the BALLS.That's how you produce a trailer, people. I've been looking everywhere. I'd say an official online trailer probably won't come out until Sunday the 8th at the earliest -after this weekend box office.Brilliant marketing, really. Expect nothing -- and get some crazy awesome deliberatley vague trailer before your Transformers. Thats like getting a cloverfield ending in line for an autograph....a deliberatley vague BJ I'm seeing Transformers tomorrow at a theater that usually only shows one trailer before a movie....(and 4 commercials)If I don't see this..I shall be angered. Quote: As of last night, no. Christ, Paramount is even adding to the suspense by stating they have no idea what this movie is (/ I'm sure if the hype keeps gaining like it is that either A) they'll release the teaser soon or B) one cloverfield ending those guys who takes cameras into movies will at least be cool for once and film the trailer for it as well.Quote: The only type to get Www.1-18-08.com cloverfield ending Quote: You must have very good eyes to spot that in a horrible quality bootleg.This has got me excited. I love monster movies and this one has cloverfield ending potential. Very cool teaser! cloverfield ending Quote: No, i saw it on the big screen before transformers, where the lackluster quality stood out even more, especially the statue of liberty face at the end, though i do understand this is an early teaser trailer so maybe some of these effects aren't final cloverfield ending JJ Abrams team is doing it:Matt Reeves (Felicity) directingDrew Goddard (Lost) writingJJ with Bryan Burk(Lost, Alias) producingfuckin a, amazing, nothing much in imdb about it neither Quote: Also keep in mind -- that the movie is supposed to look like it was filmed with a handheld camera -- and based on the special effects lost had...(smoke monster) -- dont expect something incredible -- but expect something awesome. Quote: Wow, it's really hard to impress everyone nowadays huh? Gone are the days where cloverfield ending nitpicked the CGI and concentrated on the concept/plot. Quote: I hear ya. Apparantly, according to some, movies like the Hulk showcased worst CGI ever and trailers like this get nitpicked to hell over their CGI qaulity. cloverfield ending cloverfield ending I loved this trailer, the handheld camera added alot of fear for me. 10/10 just on a trailer. I dont nitpick teaser trailers. Nor should we nitpick trailers. Personally i thought the Transformers was gonna be a massive pile of shit but i loved it. I think they should stick with the handheld cam feel for this, yeah Blair Witch sucked but this isnt Blair Witch. cloverfield ending cloverfield ending You got to be kidding me we're nitpicking the special effects on a movie thats nowhere near cloverfield ending This preview is not even in the movie. The movie itself has not even started filming, this was made to get some hype/curiosity. They made this in a few weeks, no reason to judge the quality of the entire film based on that other than execution of its concept/gimmick (which I think was really well done). I think the title of this movie IS 1-18-08. If you go to the you'll see the camcorder image has the date of 1-1808, cloverfield ending the event happens on that date. cloverfield ending Currently the movie has no official title. The event might be on that date (most not since a monster movie in the winter wouldn't work much, and they're shooting now so it should definitely have a summer/spring/fall timeline) but I think it's just to let people know about the release date. cloverfield ending Quote: Quote: Which is it? Where are you getting your info? They should be pretty well into it, if they're releasing in 5 1/2 months. Not so reliable, but AICN is one of the only places actually getting some info and they said that the shooting for the actual movie hasn't really even begun yet. Since the trailer has been released, they are obviously starting with pre-production.I don't have an account, but I was told that on Here that there's a casting call for actors to shoot so filming might have not gone into motion much for all we know. A lot of is being untold or hidden at the moment, but I'm not pulling this info out of my ass. Fair enough. I still think they've got to be somewhat into it, at cloverfield ending I hope. A monster movie slapped together in 4-5 months is going to be lacking.

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cloverfield wikipedia â€SMMDays 的新家ĺS¨ http://mmdays.comďĽR請大家告訴大家ďĽčƊ址 (ĺ° ±ćܯ這裡) ĺ°‡ĺS¨ 12/22 č™xäą‹ĺľRďĽRçµćťxčƇ新家的ĺRćĄć›´ć–°ă€ ‚還請網友轉往新站留言 : cloverfield wikipedia MMDays 的永久 feed ä˝Ťĺť €:” Posted by Mr. Holiday 今年7ćSĆďĽRčĆĆ沖沖的美ĺS‹č§€çSľĺS¨ă€R變形金剛」çS‹ĺư這樣的片é é 告:

片ĺçS‹äľ†ćܯ用數位手ćR攝影ć©x模仿ćĄé¤Ü拍攝ďĽR類似 Blair witch project (厄ĺ¤S叢林)的手法。沒ćS‰ç‰‡ĺŤďĽR反派角色沒現身ďĽRĺĆ°ĺş•ćÜŻčŞ°ç‹ ĺż’ĺ °Ťč‡Şç”±ĺĄłçĄžĺšé€™ć¨Łçš„äş‹ďĽx線索少得可ć†ďĽR只ćS‰čŁ˝ä˝Säşş J.J. Abrams (Alias 雙面女間č«Să€Lost檔ćˇĆ) čƇ發čˇR公司的ĺŤč™xă€ä¸ŠćÜ ć™‚é–“ă€‚ç ´°ĺż’的影迷從上ćÜ ć™‚é–“ć‰ľĺĆ°ďĽR裡é 只ćS ‰ĺąľĺĽµĺŹŻä»Ąçż»éť˘çš„照片ďĽRäżťćR網é é–‹ĺ•x一段時間ďĽR還可以č˝č¦‹ć怖 çš„ĺĽĺŹ«ă€‚ćS‰äşşä»”ç´°ä¸€ć Ľć Ľč§€ĺŻxé 告片ďĽR發現角色穿著 Slusho Tć ¤ďĽR這ćÜŻă€R雙面女間č«S」ä¸č™›ć“¬çš„飲料ç‰RĺďĽR網站ĺS¨ďĽRćÜŽćÜŽćܯ不ĺÜĺS¨çš„東西ďĽR整個網站卻煞ćS‰ä»‹äş‹ďĽRč €R且登č¨Ü時間ćŁĺS¨é 告片曝光之前。ć¤ć™‚ć¶ĆćŻäľ†ćşćR‡ĺ‡şďĽRć¤ç¶˛ç«™ĺ……滿對影片çSxćŁĺ…§ĺ®ąçš„暗示& ĺÜżďĽR這ĺĆ°ĺş•ćÜŻć €ŽéşĽĺ›žäş‹ďĽx ç›´ĺĆ°11ćSĆ16ć—ĄďĽR第äşRé’¨é 告片曝光ďĽR才確定影片ĺŤç¨±ç‚ş Cloverfield [wikipedia]. 但除ć¤äą‹ĺ¤–ďĽR這钨片的劇撅ă€ĺĆ°ĺş•ćÜŻä»€éşĽć€Şç ‰©ă€ćS’ćܯ美ĺS‹ç‰Ćçš„ Godzilla ĺ—ŽďĽx種種資訊發čˇR公司钽保密ĺĆ °ĺ®¶ďĽR就連試鏡時演員拿ĺĆ°çš„äąxćܯ虛擬劇撅ďĽRč €RéťžçSx的劇ćS¬ďĽRç›´ĺư簽下保密協定ďĽRçSxćŁĺŹ’čƇ其ä¸ďĽR才開始ćS ‰ćS€ĺƝ了解。好奇的影迷們不斷收集 Internet 上所蒽找ĺĆ°çš„ç¨®ç¨®ç·šç ´˘ďĽR出現咏 Cloverfield Clues 這樣的集散ĺS°ă€‚甚至連目前當紅影集 Heroes äąxĺS¨ĺą« Slusho 打廣告。 çS‹ĺư這ďĽRĺ–Sćˇč§Łč¬Žçš„çŽ©ĺ®¶ć‡‰č©˛č ˘č ˘ć¬˛ĺ‹•äş†ă€‚é€™ćÜŻä¸€ç¨®ć– °çš„čˇR銷手法:Alternate-reality Game (ARG)ďĽR姑且čŻäą‹ç‚şă€R類çSxéŠćƲ」〠‚čƉ例來說ďĽRćS‰ĺ€‹ç¶˛ç«™ç«™é•·čŞŞĺĄąçš„ç«™č˘«é§ĺ®˘ĺ… Ąäľµäş†ďĽR上線ĺ‘人求助。網友們ćS尋了她的網站ďĽRç™ĽçŹľćŻ€ĺŁžçš„čł‡ć– ™ćŞ”ćˇĆďĽR以及ĺư西兒2552年的倒數器。č€RĺR時ďĽRćS‰č¨±ĺ¤šĺ…¶ä»– 網站äąx發ç”x了類似的狀ćłďĽRćS‰éˇžäĽĽçš„倒數器ďĽRćŁĺ‘外尋求幫助。 但這一ĺƇ钽不ćÜŻçSx的。所ćS‰ç™Ľč¨€ć±‚助的站長㠀網站钽ćÜŻĺƻ意安排。毀壞的資料檔ä¸ĺR…ĺ«ĺŹŻä»Ąč§Łç˘Ľçš„čł‡ć– ™ďĽR當越來越多的謎解開ďĽRĺŽx來 2552 ĺą´ćÜŻ Xbox éŠćƲ Halo (ćS€ĺľR一ćĆ °)裏面異形入侵ĺS°ç’的時間ďĽRč€R這些钽ćÜŻĺŤç‚ş I Love Bees 的類çSxéŠćƲ一钨ĺƆďĽR其目的就ćܯ為了宣傳 Halo2 çš„ä¸Šĺ¸‚ă€‚ĺĄ˝ĺĄ‡çš„ç¶˛ĺŹ‹ĺ €‘ćS€ć—©ĺS¨ Halo2 éŠćƲ廣告ä¸é©šé´»ä¸€çžĄďĽRç™ĽçŹľĺ®Łç¨±č˘«ĺ… Ąäľµçš„網站網址ďĽR並花上4個ćSĆ發現謎底。 ARG 的愛好者為這類éŠćƲ一開始的引ĺ取了ĺľĆ好的ĺŤĺ—:(ć„›éş—çµ˛ĺ ¤˘éŠä»™ĺ˘’ä¸çš„)ĺ…”ĺ洞。這手法ćÜŻĺS¨ 2001 ĺą´ A.I.(人工智慧)宣傳時由 42 Entertainment ĺ…¬ĺŹ¸ĺ‰µé€ çš„ă€‚ç•¶ć™‚ĺ®Łĺ‚łćÜŽäżˇç‰‡ä¸Šçš„ćš—ç¤şĺĽ•ĺ°ŽçŽ©ĺ®¶ĺ €‘發現一系ĺƗ的網站ďĽR試ĺS–找出一件精忒製ä˝S的謀殺ćˇĆçSx相〠‚網路ćS¬ĺ°±ćS‰č™›ć“¬çš„特性ďĽR這類亦幻亦çSx的廣告ďĽR不但ćS ‰ć•ĆďĽRč€R且還ĺľĆćS‰č¶ŁďĽ 叒耒資料 [1]Mystery Movie Teaser Has Gamers Seeking Alternate Reality, Joshua Zumbrun, Washington Post Staff Writer.

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ying and yang Collectivization is an ugly business. It can be used to separate and dehumanize a targeted enemy or to the costs and consequences of individual actions. The language of collectivization walks amongst us unnoticed; words like ying and yang â€Stheir,” â €Sthey,” â€Sus,” and â€Swe” are used indiscriminately. Well, I say enough of this â €Swe” shit. It is not â€SWe” The People, it is not â€Swe” Americans, and it is not â €Sour” troops or our jobs. This language is meant to draw everybody into culpability for wrongs done by a few. It is also meant to quell dissent by making everybody part of the problem. Are you feeling any ambiguous guilt about the slaughter of poor brown people across the world? Why? Do you feel some connection to a government because you wasted some part of one of your days to run through the motions of voting? Well, the bad news the government is not yours, is not because of you, and is certainly not for you. A great many people vote ying and yang not as many as you’d think) and consider themselves to be living under a democracy because of it. Excuse the aside, but: First, no one should live under anything or anyone; and second, what is so great about democracy anyway? That doesn’t make dictatorship or any other government system any better; the choice is not one or the other. The people who present such a false choice can either fuck off or shove it up their ass. It sucks having limited choices, doesn’t it? – end aside. There are two reasons voting persists even though the choices almost all crawl from the same cesspool. The first reason is to ying and yang those that are being extorted from flat-out stringing them up. This is accomplished by slapping some hooker-red lipstick on this pig and promising the booboisie anything they want, including respecting them in the morning. The second reason to keep up the voting illusion is to roll everyone, participant or not, into culpability for the actions of the few in control. It is all to make as many as possible feel involved and part of this collective. Theoretically, a democracy would have the many owning the government and its actions, but in reality we own nothing. The only thing voters and citizens have control of is the curtain hiding the folks at the controls. If there is still some trepidation over the ownership of the doomsday device we call government, Dr. Denny over at Scholars and Rogues can help to ease ying and yang mind; you don’t have to take my jilted word for it. To wit, â€S…The candidates for national office do not speak directly with the citizenry —they speak only with the tiny percentage the biggest wallets. The rest of us get the targeted leavings paid for by those big wallets.” The entire article is full of gems that take shots at the façade of politics and the bogus legitimacy of elections, though, unfortunately, not attacking elections themselves. The ying and yang tiny minority that has bought and paid for the power of government are the same ones who are killing brown people at a profit; they are the same people who occupy the seats in this absurd game of musical chairs; and they are the same people who should be solely responsible for any of the actions taken the ying and yang They are the responsible class. There I go bringing class into it again! At first glance, it would appear that class is just another generalization meant to group people superficially. But describing a certain characteristic which happens, in varying degrees, to be in common amongst many is but an observation and not fabricated for manipulative purposes. Besides, I’ll stop talking about very large numbers of people when we are all able to live autonomously and can group ourselves in voluntary associations rather than being chained to the same sinking ship. The way class should be properly broken down is by the actions of those involved in the analysis. Appearances can be easily deceiving. It is no surprise that there was confusion regarding the class break-down ying and yang society for so long. What Marx and others were looking at was the result of the class strle rather than the way the battle lines were drawn. It is not because the capitalist owner class was wealthy and getting wealthier that they are the â€Supper” class. The fact that most have become wealthy by political means (and continue to get richer) is where the class divide falls. In a means over ends approach of Voluntaryists, proper class strle will be framed by means (political or productive) and not ends (rich and poor or labor and owner). The fact that the political class had such advantages and thus were much more prominent among the wealthy probably contributes to Marx’s confusion. Marx was a big fan of collectives. Perhaps his disposition toward them were to garner the power of numbers and solidarity. That power is real. Like the ying and yang there is also a bad power to groups. Groups are easier to control and manipulate thanks to the moron momentum, that force that blocks logical thought, the real slippery slope from reason to boobery. The key to staying away from the dark side is individuality. A group of individuals organized in a decentralized group and never losing their unique identity is an unstoppable, unmovable, and unmanipulatable force. Groups are important but individuality, even in a group, is vital.

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Sviđa mi se Well this is the first Ive heard of this, but I guess their is a multiplayer (MMORPG) game from Disney called Pirates Online and its based on Pirates of the Caribbean. Sweet! You can play at Popular topics today: john harbaugh, my fico, keely shaye smith, fico score, cloverfield reviews, cloverfield monster, king island alaska, herschel walker, dana stubblefield, world golf tour, buynowbe - 02:34 - Komentari (0) - Isprintaj - #

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cloverfield monster

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morgellon s disease This post has been a long time coming. I did a little here and there time allowing. Hopefully this will help (you and me). Article: Surfing through LifeHacker today I found -this- article on procrastination from Psychology Today. Below are some bullets itemizing the things that resonated with me regarding their article on procrastination. note a number of the following are shortened paraphrases.): Theres a major difference between people who merely delay tasks and people who are true procrastinators- procrastinators put off everything, at home, at work and in their social life Procrastinators put off doing high-priority tasks because they are under a delusion that tomorrow the task will in some way get better. Ive noticed that this doesnt necessarily need to be a conscious delusion, but the decision is definitely a conscious one. Procrastinators often have morgellon s disease level of perfectionism which may negatively feed their procrastination. They prefer to have someone say they lack effort rather than lack ability. Often the situation is self-feeding: the stress and guilt of perpetual are themselves incapacitating Synchronicity: As well, there are things that resonate with other areas of reading. Here are items of synchronicity that Im finding amongst many sources (M. Scott Pecks The Road Less Travelled, Stephen Coveys 7 Habits, Article from Psychology Today, etc.): Procrastination is not laziness. Procrastination is not an issue with Time-Management!! Procrastination is an issue with delayed gratification. Procrastinators make a conscious decision to put off short-term pain. The pain envisioned, the real reason for the delay, is given undue weight and is unfounded. Often the procrastinator will also find that once the tasks are started, the pain is quite less intense than at first thought, if there is pain in accomplishing the task at all. Basically, the painful task is pushed off until another time (short-term pain avoidance) and is replaced by tasks which are not viewed as painful (short-term pleasure acceptance). This generally produces longer-term pain due to the task avoidance and sense of guilt/adverse effects in morgellon s disease and relationships. Procrastinators should know that this issue is within their sphere of influence. How they respond to the situations before them will affect their outcome. They need to accept this problem as their own, and work to solve the issue. Realize the reality that life includes semi-painful, semi-disliked tasks. To accomplish a task, it need not be liked. Often an agreed upon time to work on a task only briefly will overcome the mental hurdle. The dash, 10-minute rule or (10+2)x5 will often alleviate the burden of a long and arduous task. Anyone can do something for only 10-minutes after-all& what a procrastinator often finds, is the mental morgellon s disease and burden is lifted within 5-10 minutes of starting morgellon s disease and that he may end up working much longer on the task at hand, unbeknown-st to him. Thoughts: Todays world makes procrastination easy. Most of us are jling a bazillion tasks, both large and small. morgellon s disease likely very easy for all of us to task-prioritize in a very poor way, in essence, supporting our procrastination. The smaller less important tasks often will be done because the larger scarier tasks be hard to approach. Our mental fears about these larger important tasks are what hold us back. Often we are more than capable of handling the tasks (especially in small pieces), but we, for whatever reason, dont see the results of our tackling the tasks in a positive light. We only see the negatives and often we make them appear larger than they really are. [Squash those negative thought-patterns! via Steve Pavlina.] As well, the burden of our procrastination follows around, and kicks us when were down& it says: See, I told you you couldnt do it! and on it goes& In fact, morgellon s confrontation by others of my for me, often ends up even more malaise towards the task(s) at hand and morgellon s disease often counter-productive. Knowing that things are waiting on the task to be completed I feel is critical, however, as the morgellon s disease should know that others are depending on him to complete the tasks at hand in a timely manner. Its the soft-mallet approach& a bit of a knock on the noggin but pad it with a soft pillow. Affirming the ability of the procrastinator and showing enthusiasm towards receiving the finished work may also help motivate. Since the procrastinator is already negative, often more negativism merely feeds that delay-spiral. [Wow, this is sounding a bit like a different form of depression, actually- Ill have to think more about that.] I also feel that to some large degree, procrastinators arent very honest with themselves or are at least are a bit naĂŻve when it comes to the realities of life. For me, the big reality that hits me morgellon s disease hard in the face almost every day: There are not enough hours in the day, and invariably I never get as much done as I really wished I did. Most likely thats the perfectionist in me talking, bringing me down, but, to some degree its really true. If I spend all my time searching for current literature on Morgellons disease, or Jungian Psychology, and not on my preliminary exam papers and talk, then when the evening hits, Im gonna find that I know more about Morgellons and Jung, and ultimately less about my prelim talk and paper. s disease sad fact of life, really. As well, our perception of time can be described as a time integral normalized by our total lifespan. So, as we get older, it appears as though the morgellon s disease get shorter and shorter& the days speed by, and the weeks and months are slowly speeding up. If we dont stay focused on our important (and often large) tasks, morgellon s disease can find them slipping through our fingers. David Allens Getting Things Done may help procrastinators in a few ways. For me, I found it did a number of things. First, lets pause- and be honest here: This is something internal to our psyche and it is a difficulty we have to work through on our own. Second, our environment and how we handle things can help or hurt. GTD has helped me to see all the tasks before me laid out in the areas they can be accomplished and in the projects that need to get done. So, no longer do I have to mentally remember these items. As well, our brains are quick at running through the procrastinators devices, so often when we think about a large task, it gets shoved to the back of our mental list. With GTD, at least the lists and tasks are out in the open where we can choose to be honest about them. Any aspect of our organizational world that is slightly frustrating (like say huge piles of things on the desk) are of course difficult to get organized and done. D.Allens GTD system helps us to have a methodology (a slight mental crutch) with which to organize and deal with these large piles of stuff. Doing so, at least removes 1 task from our list- namely getting rid of our piles of stuff, but also stream-lines the other things we have to do- review our tasks and projects and have our materials at our fingertips when theyre needed. As well, large ToDo tasks which merely hint to us the enormity of actual actions included in the task will merely hinder our ability morgellon s move forward. If we see a large task that we know has many levels to it, we are likely to stand back in fear of it and put it off until a future date. So, dissect those ToDos and place morgellon s disease single-step actions in your action lists. For the procrastinator, this is gold. Its a smaller task that can be accomplished and itll help move forward the large project which looms your head [i.e., The Monster]. And finally, I found a research group in Ottawa who has some excellent info about procrastination: Procrastination Research Group and their Podcasts. As well, there is actually a dissertation podcast that I havent yet listened to.

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 But the other woman will always cry herself to sleep The other woman will never have his love to keep And as the years by the other woman Will spend her life alone This is a repost I originally wrote on my Myspace blog a year ago. I hadnt planned to post this today but I was inspired by the Strawberry Letter 23 read on the Steve Harvey morning show today. I normally dont listen to his show, but I was flipping stations and happened to catch it. Ive heard about these soap opera-ish letters they read on the show from listeners seeking advice on impossible situations. I would just link to it but it seems like they change it everyday so heres an excerpt. Dear Steve, I am writing this letter because of a current situation in my life. Theres this man in my life and hes actually in the military as of now. I really care about him, i can actually say i love him & im pretty sure he feels/felt the same. See, the real drama to the story is HEs MARRiED! . Ive actually never been involved with a married man until now. The story steve harvey morning show from him is basically in order to enter his unnamed branch of military he would have to sign over his immediate rights to their child unless he steve harvey morning show A.) didnt join that branch of military, or B.) married the mother of the child. This man has been straight out with me from day one on everything so i have no reason to doubt that someone really told him this. They married toward the end of last year and he says he wasnt happy before the marriage and isnt happy now. Then get this, he says that i am too good for this situation, that im not made to be a side girl, that im made to be somebodys wife and he cant give me that at the moment, so hes gonna remove me from the situation. I argued with him and we resolved it and continued or relationship. A few days later he tried a more dominate approach to get me out of the situation and basically told me he hated me, he didnt wanna ever hear my voice again, etc. but at that time he stayed on the phone with me for 3 hrs in the early a.m. just listening to me talk & cry. I kept hearing him pause as if he wanted to say i dont mean these things, i just dont want you to get hurt, but he didnt. So we stopped talking. Hes coming home soon and we were supposed to spend the holidays together but now thats been crushed. I really love this man, and am debating if i should contact him before he leaves to come home, even though he told me not to contact him anymore. I feel that hes putting up a front because he doesnt want me to be crushed if he eventually decides to stay with his wife, which he actually vocalized in the steve harvey morning show I told him plenty times before that im a big girl, i can handle it, and that he is worth the wait, but he refuses to put me through it. In a way i think thats one of the sweetest things ive ever seen done, but at the same time i feel that hes deserted me and given up on our probable chance at real love. Im going to pray about it and actually just take some time to think deeply and no later than tonight im making my decision because he leaves tomorrow. I know this seems dumb, but i really love this man. The reason im in such a rush is because after hes home for two weeks, hes moving to a base clear across from our origin. On the opposite coast of the united states.

I know, I know. Steve Harvey hit this woman back with real talk. She might listen, but I doubt she hears him. Shes gone. However, this situation made me remember this post: I have two friends that are currently playing the position of the other woman.  I talked with one via e-mail today and she admitted that she was catching feelings. They deep conversations and he was doing all the cute boyfriend-like things. Hed even met her mother.  I read between the lines and saw that she was asking me not to judge her, especially since she hadnt heeded my previous warning that this couldnt possibly turn out good. Trust me. I know. Two close members of my family played the other woman role for years. One even conceived a child with her married man in hopes that his wife would leave him. Wheres he at? With his wife&and barely seeing his child, who happens to be his spitting image. No child is a mistake. I just cant imagine looking at your son and seeing your former married lovers face everyday. That has to be painful. I try not to judge because for one, who am I to do that? Besides, ultimately, grown folks are going to do what they want. I told the other friend that she wouldnt stop messing with her married man until something really bad happened. She agreed. When I talk to them about their situations, I try to remain neutral because both of them express regret about what they are doing. They arent proud of it, but they are really feeling these dudes. They arent dealing with wealthy men so its not about golddigging. These men make them steve harvey morning show good. Thats what they get out of it. As I listen to them talk, I try to understand, although Im not sure its something that is meant to be understood. Hey, Im no angel. Ive steve harvey morning show adultry in my head. Passed time on the Metro by mentally undressing a married man or two. Ive had my fair share of offers. Most recently, a married dude (who wasnt wearing a ring so I was in the dark at first) spit some pretty good game trying to recruit me to his harem. I listened intently because I like to keep up on how players play.  At one time, I wondered if someone had stuck a sign on my back advertising a freebie to any married men that applied. I guess the one thing that has always kept me from steve harvey morning show that route (besides witnessing first hand the pain it caused my own family) was karma. Years from now, I dont want Ms. New Booty coming at my husband because of some dirt I did years earlier. What goes up, must come down. Although as my steve harvey show always steve harvey morning show If you put p*ssy in a mans face, hes gonna eat it. Yup, thats real talk from the Pastors wife. (I would steve harvey morning show like to wear my rose-colored glasses on this one for a while longer). So I know it could happen anyway, but I dont want to increase the chances.  I already know that I am not a woman that can recover that, especially if were married. Im not trying to be driven crazyderanged like L Boog&errr&Ms. Hill. So I have to admit, those thoughts kept me from crossing the line even when it was HARD&and I mean HARDDD. (Like&Idris Elba hard. Feel me?) Besides that, I know me. If I really have strong feelings for a man, a piece of his love is not to be enough. This woman has steve harvey morning show appetites that a part-time lover cant satisfy. Not to mention, my love language steve harvey morning show quality time. Playing the side piece gets you very limited quality time. I would imagine its particularly hard during the holiday season to be in love with a man for whom youre a secondary obligation.

 Christmas you werent with me New Years Eve you were steve harvey morning show around Valentines came and went Makes me wonder where your time was spent Fireworks on the Fourth of July Thanksgiving was another lie Your family has never met me And youve never met mine, no happy holiday -No Happy Holidays

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charlotte weather My favorite coffee shop in the world, and one of my places in the world, is Tate Street Coffee Shop, near UNCG, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Tate Street Coffee is a great coffee shop but it is more than that. It has a lot of the atmosphere of Cheers, where everybody knows your name. I have many friends and acquantances there and I cannot wait to visit when I come to Greensboro. I have many memories of great conversations and warm friendships. Here are some of my favorites: Matt and Ann own and run the coffee shop and do a superb job. I consider them friends. Several years ago, when my dad was in declining health and then passed away, they were very supportive and even came to the funeral service. Just the other day, Matt helped a long time patron, an older gentleman with some home chores. The older gentleman I just referred to, Larry, was active in journalism and activism. We dont agree on everything, but we have a lot of common ground and respect each other. Just this morning, Larry told of his long time correspondence with Julie Harris, the famous actress. We discuss a wide variety of subjects and our favorite is the mathematical probabilities that go out the window with chance encounters. One of my best friends Taylor (first name omitted) is a prince of a guy and very interesting. He has invented a clever new board game. Several years ago we were sitting at the coffee shop discussing a variety of when the subject of rocket propulsion came up. It charlotte weather out his uncle, Theodore Taylor, was a famous scientist that came out with the idea of tiny nuclear explosions to propel spacecraft. Jimmy is one of the funniest and smartest people I know. He raises money for an organization that works closely with the school systems. He always puts a smile on my face and that is priceless. Jimmy also came to my dads funeral. My friend Nas is originally from Syria. He played soccer in France years ago and gave me the perfect pass years ago allowing me to score my first goal (I played goalkeeper all the time). I just spoke to Nas, who by the way became a US citizen last year. He married a woman in Syria and is trying to get her over here. It is taking a long time and it is very complicated. I wish him well. He is a great guy. My friend Mark is a special friend with a wide variety of talents. Through hard work, sacrifice and wise decisions, He has an incredible home on the desirable southside of downtown of Greensboro and owes very little on it. He is a great father and friend. He was at the gravesite for my dads funeral. Old sam, as everybody called him, was a fixture around Tate Street and the coffee shop. His real name was Lawrence Sams. He passed away last year at an advanced age. He walked all around the area collecting cans to recycle. I would see him early in the morning at the coffee shop and he would always comment on the weather. He was an inspiration to many people. In all kinds of weather he would continue walking and never complain, even though he was old. The story goes that years ago he lost his job when the company went out of business. He had a small living area in part of an old house near Tate Street. The house was being sold, but the lady selling it made a stipulation, that Old Sam have lifetime residency rights. That is one of the reasons I love Greensboro and Tate Street Coffee. There are some wonderful people here. There are many weather stories and people to write about. Over the years I have increasingly felt the urge to write a book about people I have encountered and how they have touched my life. Perhaps this is the first step.

To learn more about Greensboro and  North Carolina Click here Â

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srijeda, 16.01.2008.

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Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? - Giant in the Playground Forums Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? I'm sorry if this question has already been asked but, why doesn't Wanda become a lich? I mean, she's already powerful and obviously evil, so lichdom would have tons of perks for wanda s. jackson wanda s. jackson wanda s. jackson Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Do liches exist in Erfworld?Besides, Liches aren't hot, and hotness is one of her powers. Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: If uncroaked can liches can exist. She could probably get through the hotness by having some kind of illusion charm (like a magic pendant or spell) so she will appear like she did in life. Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: First this is Erfworld. We don't know if Erfworld has liches. Also, is wanda s. jackson and I don't think that many people on Erfworld are necrophiliacs. Also I think that Wanda doesn't like the idea of being a walking skeleton or desiccated corpse. I honestly think she likes her live fleshy body.Marshal of Liberty, Chief Skirmisher and Master Anatomist of the Hinjo fanclub and Blackadder sage to Azure City and the Order of the Stick.SpoilerMiko and Asmodeus. Made by Ink on my request. Thank you Ink, you did a very good job today.Amardal Cannonach, LE ogre fighter 12/ Dark Marshal of Bael 16. Work done by sparkey477. wanda s. jackson Re: Why Wanda become a lich? Quote: Well, Erfworld has zombies, so why not liches? Secondly, I didn't think that liches really decayed all that fast. If you own the book for the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (I'm only using it as an example), just look at page 208. It has a picture of a lich that has been alive for over two centuries, yet it still has all it's skin. It's because of this picture that I assumed decay for liches wouldn't really kick-in until after the lich would have died in a regular life. Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Wanda should multiclass bard.Many thanks to Abardam for what is quite possibly the coolest avvie ever."I like to think oysters transcend national barriers."-Roger Waters wanda s. jackson Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? A singing hawt lich.Many thanks to Abardam for what is quite possibly the coolest avvie ever."I like to think oysters transcend national barriers."-Roger Waters Last edited by Kraggi : 05-29-2007 at 11:10 PM. wanda s. jackson Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Why? Because I don't think would help her power base out any, and could hurt it fairly severely. After all, Ansom's weapon specifically destroys Uncroaked, like litches (if, in fact, they DO exist in Erfworld, which is doubtful at best). Sounds to me like she'd just paint a big huge target on her back if she did that.Besides, she gets too much use out of flesh to give it up. It would hurt her ability to manipulate the one person who has the power of life and death over her.Not A path to victory, but all paths to victory.-Admiral Naismith, Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: why not? because the writer may not want em'... If the writer wants Zombies and skeletons, but doesn't want liches, or the ability for croakamancers to turn themselves into liches (liches may have to be popped as liches to begin with), then that's exactly wanda s. jackson it's gonna be...And y'know... Skin doesn't mean too much...I mean, she may still look good, but that skin's gonna rot... And since she is uncroaked, she's probably just as cold as an zombie... Really, skin ain't as nice to touch when it's very cold, kinda hurts her seductive ways... Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Hmm. Given wanda s. jackson liches are up there with dragons (dwagons) and angels (archons) in terms of powerlevel, I expect that if liches exist they're bound to an Arkentool. Last edited by Pyrian : 05-30-2007 at 01:15 AM.

Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Don't you know what they say about assuming things?Erfworld isn't Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft, it has it's own world and you can't apply other fantasy-stereotypes to it unless the creators of it deem that so. wanda s. jackson wanda s. jackson wanda s. jackson Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: Best answer yet.Erfworld's undead are all called "Uncroaked". Not Zombies or Skeletons or whatever. It's like there's only one category of wanda s. jackson the dead warlords would be raised as something better than that, like Death Knight. We can thus conclude that all uncroaked are uncroaked. No variants other than their gradual loss of freshness.Vinnie? Vinnie is a vampire, but vampires do not seem to be considered undead in this "game" world. Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Okay, after a brief consideration I feel that my earlier response doesn't cover enough ground, however brief and to the point it is. So let's ask ourselves, why doesn't Wanda become a lich? The list of possible reasons is very long, so let's cover the basics - setting reasons, qualification reasons, personal reasons, story reasons.Setting reasons - don't have enough information, therefore we cannot assume there are liches in the setting whatsoever. "Why didn't Morgana LeFay become a lich?"..."Why didn't Darth Vader become a lich?"..."Why didn't Gandalf the Grey try to get the rings of Elrond and Galadriel to complete a set and get insane bonuses to elemental resistance?"..."Why didn't Little Red Riding wanda s. jackson let the werewolf bite her to become wanda s. herself, with obvious Having no reason to assume the setting allows upgrading croakamancers into liches, this discussion is pointless.Qualification reasons - Let's assume. Suppose there are liches around every corner in Erfworld and we just haven't seen them yet. Traditionally liches need to be evil and powerful mages. Does Wanda qualify? In my personal opinion, while certainly a mage, she's not nearly evil enough, nor can we assume she's powerful enough. In fact, we've never seen her use any croakamancy, except for the assumed uncroaking of Manpower. She seems to be able to pull off quite powerful spells prepared by other mages, yes, but we cannot measure her personal power.Personal reasons - Let's assume. Suppose Wanda is one of the most powerful croakamancers of her time, and as evil as they get. There are countless possible reasons for her not to choose to become a lich. Maybe liches killed her parents. Maybe she's just afraid. You know, if the ritual fails, you wanda s. jackson seem worth it, especially since for all we know Erfworld people are already immortal until wanda s. jackson don't get born, right? Why would they die from old age?Story reasons - Finally, it comes to this. Even assuming liches exist, and Wanda qualifies, and she dreamed to become one since she popped into existence, sometimes the answer to "Why?" is "Just because!". Because the creators wanda s. jackson the comic didn't want a lich main character in the story. That's a reason enough. Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: By the D&D standards (which might not operate here), part of becoming a wanda s. jackson is dying. wanda s. jackson Re: Why wanda s. jackson Wanda become a lich? Here's one:Who is to say that uncroaked necessarily are able to enjoy physical life as much as the living? What's the point of taking on uncroakedness if the fun things you really get just don't feel good, anymore? Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: To wanda s. jackson knowledge, we just think he's a vampire based on his physical features, his familiars and his choice of sleeping arrangements. I have seen no blood been sucked wanda s. jackson a fang yet. And he does chill in the sun. Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Thus, the question for Vinnie's case is, does Erfworld have any SPF 100 that's keeping him from getting toasty?"Dura lex, sed lex."My awesome Borotar courtesy of the great Dr. Bath. wanda s. jackson Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? I always thought that mages became liches to avoid death by natural causes.But people don't age in Erfworld, do they? I mean, there are no children...why would anyone get old? And if you don't age, why become a lich?"She climbed backwards out her window into Outside Over There." Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: or perhapsa GUMMY lichi! Even hotter, and so compatible with peeps!

Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: its a drawback... If being undead/uncroaked was all positives then no one would want to live and they would want to be uncroaked... Generally, you trade in pleasure for eternal life... Or in the case of zombies, free will is traded... Ofcourse for zombies, poeple are forced into it and no one wanda s. jackson itThink about it... When it comes to normal vampires (unlike vinnie since we don't know about him), if they were able to live in the sunlight, look in a mirror and didn't have an endless bloodlust for human blood, and had damned their souls, wouldn't pretty much everyone want to be a vampire... Those kinds of drawbacks, give balance between living and the Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Liches may be cold, but they aren't cool... Just think, would Wanda have the fanbase she has if she was a dessicated, ambulatory corpse? Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: Haven't noticed the Lady Phat-Singh fanclub around here?...Yeah. I haven't, either.Xykon is popular, but he's a completely different kind of character. The necromancer chick in the OotS, Tsukiko, is pretty much like Wanda: a young and living brunette cutie. Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: Tsukiko is a Mystic Theurge, not a necromancer.Zeb The Troll - Dem Hibbies dey be wrong!Looking to start a Werewolf game? Look here first! Then submit it here!Affiliations and AwardsSpoilerCreditsSpoiler Hog Goblins patch designed by InkOrder of the Kubb by TrogCurrent avatar by Alarra Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? She might not meet the pre-reqs and it might need a special item to trigger the promotion. I know in Ogre Battle you needed a special ring to promote one of wanda s. jackson guys to lich.Code: if ( yourehappy && youKnowIt ) { clapyourhands(); } Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a lich? Quote: I'll refer you to this:When I turned 13, Lord Shojo chose me to become one of his samurai.Ah. So you took a few levels of monk before switching.Precisely.So, Miko, did you take levels in the old samurai class or the new one?I did not take any levels (sic) in any "samurai" class.Huh? But you said wanda s. jackson were a samurai?Yes, that is my position in the hierarchy of my homeland, but it is a social title, not a core class. My class is paladin, not counting the monk training mentioned earlier.O , I see. So then you levels in the Master Samurai prestige class.No! No, I did not. Why is it so difficult to believe that I can be a samurai without having a class with the word "samurai" in the title? Can there not be facets of life that are not defined solely by class?Well, I know SOMEONE who apparently took a few levels in the Mean Old Cranky-Pants prestige class.Tsukiko is a necromancer. Not a Necromancer, but a necromancer she is. Re: Why doesn't Wanda become a wanda s. jackson from the "Ewwww" factor - how do we know she's *not*?

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trenbolone (see also: andropause, male menopause, andropose, hypogonadism, trenbolone, )

Gangguan Endokrin pada Lingkungan Akuatik endocrine disrupters in the aquatic environment abstrak makalah ini menyajikan adanya gangguan pada sistem endokrin yang diakibatkan adanya pencemaran lingkungan terutama pada lingkungan akuatik. gangguan ini dapat dideteksi dari adanya kecenderungan perubahan seks pada organisme akuatik, baik proporsi jantanbetina ataupun trenbolone ditemukannya individu interseks.  I.         Pendahuluan II.         Efek Estrogenik III.        Efek trenbolone style="font-size:10pt;fontfamily:Arial;">IV.       Kesimpulan   I.         Pendahuluan Perairan terbuka merupakan lingkungan yang sering menjadi tempat pembuangan akhir bahan-bahan pencemaran, baik yang berasal dari limbah rumah tangga, industri, pertanian dan kegiatan manusia lainnya. Sebagian besar limbah tersebut, secara sengaja ataupun tidak sengaja, tidak pernah mengalami pengolahan sebelumnya sedangkan sebagian lainnya merupakan limpasan dari instalasi pengolahan air limbah. Peningkatan volume limbah terus terjadi akibat peningkatan populasi penduduk dan kegiatan industri, yang kemudian semakin memperparah tingkat pencemaran di perairan. Diantara limbah tersebut, merupakan substansi kimiawi yang berpotensi memberikan pengaruh terhadap perairan dan organisme akuatik trenbolone baik positif ataupun negatif. Pengaruh positif yang dapat ditimbulkan diantaranya adalah penambahan sumber nutrient sedangkan pengaruh negatif sangat bervariasi dari menyebabkan kematian hingga pengaruh yang relatif sulit dideteksi. Salah satu pengaruh limbah yang sulit dideteksi dan tidak banyak menyita perhatian publik (khususnya di Indonesia) adalah potensi gangguan endokrin (Sumpter, 2005). Gangguan endokrin sebagai gangguan perkembangan gonad, baik adanya perubahan pada pembentukan duktus atau adanya perkembangan ovotestis yang mengarah pada feminisasi (Liney, et al., 2005) atau adanya rangsangan munculnya karakter kelamin sekunder jantan yang mengarah pada maskulinisasi (Larsson, et al., 2006). Sedangkan menurut WHO/IPCS dalam Falcorner, et al. (2006) endocrine-disrupting compounds didefinisikan sebagai substansi eksogenus yang mengubah fungsi sistem endokrin yang menimbulkan konsekuensi pengaruh kesehatan yang kurang baik terhadap organisme, atau keturunannya, atau (sub)-populasi yang menerimanya. Gangguan ini dapat terjadi akibat adanya substansi kimia di perairan yang mengganggu sistem endokrin pada organisme ikan. Umumnya, substansi kimia, baik bersifat alami ataupun sintesis yang dikenal sebagai endocrine disrupter, memiliki kemampuan untuk berikatan dengan estrogen reseptor (Brian, et al., 2005) atau androgen reseptor (Larsson, et al., 2006) bergantung pada mekanismenya. Gangguan yang ditimbulkan juga bervariasi bergantung tipe bahan dan organisme yang dipengaruhinya. Gangguan dapat terjadi dengan berbagai jalan karena ikan yang hidup di perairan terbuka bukan hanya terpapar pada tunggal dapat terpapar pada substansi kompleks dengan jumlah bervariasi sehingga dapat menimbulkan pengaruh kombinasi baik dengan mekanisme yang tunggal/sama ataupun berbeda (8085). Substansi kimiawi yang berpotensi memberikan gangguan endokrin bisa berasal dari bahan alami ataupun sintesis. Substansi yang merupakan bahan alami, antara lain: hormon (17ď˘estradiol, estriol, estrone, progesterone, testosterone), phytoestrogen (sesquiterpenes, phytosterols), sedangkan bahan sintesis, trenbolone lain: hormon (17ďˇ-ethinylestradiol, diethylstilbestrol, 17ď˘-trenbolone), herbisida (atrazine, simazine, methoxychlor, 2,4-D), insektisida (DDT, dieldrin, endosulfan, lindane), dan bahan kimia yang digunakan pada berbagai industri (phthalates, bisphenol A, ď˛-nonylphenol, PCBs, tributyltin) (Falconer, et al., 2006). Bahan lain yang berpotensi sebagai endokrin disrupter adalah alkylphenol surfactants (Kavanagh, et al., 2004), 17α-dihydroxyprogesterone dan medroxyprogesterone (Sumpter, 2005). Substansi tersebut secara terus menerus masuk ke dalam perairan akibat penggunaannya secara meluas pada berbagai aktifitas manusia. Diperkirakan lebih dari 100.000 substansi kimia buatan manusia yang telah digunakan dan dibuang masuk ke perairan(Sumpter, 2005). Hampir trenbolone penelitian mengenai gangguan endokrin dilaporkan berkaitan dengan efek estrogenik yang menimbulkan gejala feminisasi pada ikan akibat buangan dari pengolahan air limbah perkotaan/industri dan efek androgenik yang menimbulkan gejala maskulinisasi akibat buangan air limbah pengolahan kayu.  [atas] II.         Efek Estrogenik Penelitian mengenai adanya feminisasi pada ikan liar trenbolone perairan tawar dan estuari telah banyak dilaporkan di Inggris dan beberapa trenbolone Eropa, Jepang dan Amerika Serikat. Laporan awal yang paling ekstensif mengenai feminisasi akibat pengaruh air limbah dilakukan Jobling dan koleganya pada tahun 1998 pada ikan roach (Rutilus rutilus) di >50 titik sungai di Inggris (Liney, et al., 2005) dan Guillette dan koleganya pada tahun 2000 yang telah menemukan adanya pengaruh tersebut pada alligator di beberapa danau di Florida (Sumpter, 2005). Gangguan endokrin yang muncul tersebut berkaitan dengan ekspose ikan pada buangan dari instalasi pengolahan air limbah industri dan domestik. Kebanyakan laporan mengenai pengaruh feminisasi dari air limbah pada ikan adalah adanya induksi pada vitellogenin, perubahan tingkat hormon steroid seks pada ikan juvenil dan ikan dewasa, kelemahan pada perkembangan gonad, perubahan waktu diferensiasi seks dan interseks pada gonad (Liney, et al., 2005). Interseks pada gonad ditandai dengan adanya jaringan testikular dan ovari pada gonad yang sama (Kavanagh, et al., 2004) dan/atau adanya gangguan trenbolone duktus gonad dimana duktus jantan mengalami feminisasi membentuk rongga ovari seperi betina (Gambar 1) (Liney, et al., 2005). Meskipun interseks secara alami biasa terjadi pada spesies ikan protaginus dan protandri, namun pada ikan gonokoristik fenomena ini merupakan gejala tidak normal dan biasanya hanya ditemukan pada ikan yang sengaja diekspose terhadap hormon steroid atau aromatase inhibitor (Jobling, et al., 2002). Pemeliharaan kembali ikan yang mengalami gangguan seksual ekspose pada air limbah menunjukkan bahwa feminisasi pada duktus reproduksi bersifat permanen (Liney, et al., 2005). Spesies ikan air tawar liar yang menampakkan adanya kejadian interseks yang tidak biasa telah dilaporkan pada ikan roach (Rutilus rutilus), gudgeon (Gobio gobio), barbel (Barbus plebejus), dan trenbolone sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus platyorynchus), sedangkan pada ikan estuari telah dilaporkan pada ikan flounder Eropa (Platichthyes flesus) and flounder Jepang (Pleuronectes yokohamae) (Jobling, trenbolone al., 2002). Fenomena serupa ditemukan juga pada ikan mas (Cyprinus carpio) (Lavado, et al., 2004), bream (Abramis brama) (Vethaak, et al., 2005) dan white perch trenbolone americana) (Kavanagh, et al., 2004). Pada ikan roach, Rutilus rutilus, ekspose selama 300 hari pada air limbah konsentrasi 0, 15.2, 34.8, and 78.7% (yang diencerkan dengan air bersih) telah merangsang feminisasi pada individu jantan yang diukur dari induksi vitellogenin (Gambar 2) dan perubahan trenbolone gonad, menyebabkan perubahan yang signifikan pada perkembangan ginjal (Gambar 3), modulasi fungsi immum (jumlah total trombosit) dan menyebabkan kerusakan genotoksik (induksi mikronukleus dan kerusakan single-strand pada insang dan sel darah ) (Liney, et al., 2006).   Pengaruh interseks akibat gangguan endokrin terhadap kemampuan fertilisasi (kualitas gamet) dipublikasikan oleh Jobling, et al. (2002). Pada ikan roach, persentase ikan yang mampu melakukan spermiasi (Gambar 4) dan fertilisasi (Gambar 5) menurun dengan adanya indikasi interseks yang lebih akut. [atas] III.        Efek Androgenik Adanya gangguan endokrin yang mengarah pada maskulinisasi pada ikan liar berkaitan dengan buangan limbah dari industri pengolahan kayu. Pengaruh limbah kayu pada sistem sitokrom P450 pada ikan trenbolone teridentifikasi dengan adanya interferensi pada sistem reproduksi yang meliputi depresi siskulasi hormon steroid, keterlambatan waktu pematangan, ukuran gonad yang lebih kecil, perubahan pada ekspresi karakter seks sekunder (Larsson, et al., 2002), munculnya tingkah laku dan warna tubuh seperti jantan pada ikan betina (Larsson, et al., 2006). Laporan awal mengenai fenomena ini dipublikasikan oleh Howell dan koleganya pada tahun 1980 yang mengidentifikasi adanya perkembangan pemanjangan sirip anal yang menirukan gonopodium jantan pada mosquitofish (Gambusia sp.) betina (Larsson, et al., 2006). Maskulinisasi ikan yang ditemukan di aliran sungai yang menerima limbah kayu diperkuat oleh penelitian Larsson, et al. (2006). Hasil penelitian tersebut menunjukkan adanya multiple ligand terhadap reseptor androgen yang ditemukan pada limbah kayu, salah satunya adalah progesteron. Treatment biologi dapat mengurangi progesteron tersebut tetapi tidak mengurangi jumlah aktifitas pengikatan resepto androgen. Selain pada masquitofish, penelitian mengenai pengaruh limbah kayu yang trenbolone gangguan endokrin telah dipublikasikan terjadi pada ikan lake whitefish, (Coregonus clupeaformis), perch (Perca fluviatilis), largemouth bass(Micropterus salmoides), longear sunfish (Lepomis megalotis) (Fentress, et al., 2006), sidat (Anguilla rostrata), white suckers (Catosomus commersoni), fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas), viviparous eelpout (Zoarces viviparus) (Larsson, et al., 2002), guppy (Poecelia reticulata) (Larsson, et al., 2006) dan longnose sucker (Catostomus catostomus) (McMaster, et al., 2005). Sedangkan pada invertebrata dilaporkan pertama kali oleh Blaber tahun 1970 yang menemukan adanya struktur seperti penis disamping tentakel kanan dogwhelks (Nucella lapillus) (Sumpter, 2005). Pada ikan longear sunfish (Lepomis megalotis) liar, adanya limbah dari olahan kayu tidak berpengaruh terhadap fisiologi reproduksi jantan tetapi dapat menekan trenbolone testosteron dan vitellogenin pada ikan betina ketika limbah mencapai ď‚ł 1% dari aliran air (Gambar 6) (Fentress, et al., 2006). Menurunnya tingkat vitellogenin berdampak pada lebih sedikitnya telur yang dikeluarkan induk betina ataupun memperpendek waktu pijah pada saat musim pemijahan. Menurut (Larsson, et al., 2002), terdapat hubungan yang jelas antara pergeseran seks rasio dengan ekspose terhadap limbah olahan kayu. Pada viviparous eelpout, terdapat embrio betina yang lebih sedikit dibandingkan dengan jantan pada daerah yang lebih dekat dengan sumber limbah kayu (Gambar 7).[atas] IV.       Kesimpulan Pencemaran perairan bukan hanya berdampak pada penurunan kualitas fisika kimia perairan tetapi juga dapat menimbulkan dampak yang seringkali sulit dideteksi seperti adanya gangguan pada sistem endokrin. Di negara maju, dampak gangguan tersebut telah diidentifikasi dengan adanya fenomena feminisasi dan maskulinisasi pada ikan yang hidup di perairan. Sejauh ini penelitian tersebut masih pada tingkat individu/spesies, namun telah menunjukkan trenbolone perubahan yang cukup signifikan pada rasio kelamin spesies. Dampak perubahan tersebut pada sustainabilitas tingkat populasi ikan merupakan pekerjaan yang trenbolone harus dilakukan (Sumpter, 2005). Referensi Semua bahan referensi yang disebut pada tulisan ini didapatkan secara resmi melalui kontak dengan penulisnya atau yang tersedia secara free di internet. Bagi yang memerlukan silahkan menghubungi [email protected]

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macbook air (see also: macbook air, )

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beaverton school district (see also: )

We have just ended our M&M inquiry which consists of Background Info., Variables, Research Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data Table, Graphs, Data Analysis, Error Analysis, and Conclusion. Our M&M inquiry question was which kind of m&m, dark chocolate or milk chocolate, would last longer on your tongue in your mouth in a 5 Min. period. After the experiment, many people got many different answers so with a little math we found a ratio for each kind of M&M and came up with Dark Chocolate lasts longer then Milk Chocolate. We think this is, because milk chocolate has more sugar then dark chocolate and sugar disolves faster then chocolate. After this we wrote down our data in our Inquiry packets so they were all filled out and turned them. by: Dominick E. Gonzalez

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yahoo (see also: gulf coast educators federal credit union, yahoo, )

Yahoo Mail Beta is supporting RSS feeds as we can see in photos below :

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Bubba's dead! - E-mpire Forums This news is a few days old.Quote: dodged lobster pots for decades, endured a trip from the coast Massachusetts to Pittsburgh and survived about a week in a fish market. But a trip to the zoo proved to be too much for a 22-pound lobster named Bubba.The leviathan lobster died Wednesday afternoon at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium about a day after he was moved there from Wholey's Fish Market in Pittsburgh, said zoo spokeswoman Rachel Capp and Bob Wholey, owner of the fish market."They're very finicky. It could have been a change in the water. You have no idea," said Wholey.Bubba died in a quarantine area of the zoo's aquarium, where he was being checked out to see if he was healthy bubba the love sponge wife to make a trip to an aquarium at a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, Capp said.Bubba will be examined to try to figure out why he bubba the love sponge wife although Capp and Wholey guessed it may have been the stress of being moved.Based on how long it typically takes a lobster to reach eating size — about five to seven years to grow to a pound — some observers estimated Bubba was about 100 years old. But marine biologists said 30 to 50 years was more likely.The XXL crustacean was the subject of a dispute in the short time he bubba the love sponge wife in captivity.The activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a letter asking for Bubba's timely release. But its less-famous counterpart, People Eating Tasty Animals, reportedly offered a hefty sum to make Bubba dinner for many.Bubba's not the largest lobster on record. Guinness World Records reports the heaviest marine crustacean as 44 pounds, 6 ounces. That lobster, more than twice Bubba's size, was caught off Nova Scotia in 1977.Other large lobsters didn't fare well after they were caught, either.In 1985, a 25-pound lobster that the New England Aquarium planned to give to a Tokyo museum died when the water temperature rose and the salt dropped in its aquarium.In 1990, a 17-1/2 pound lobster named Mimi died just days after being flown to a restaurant in Detroit. Last year, a 14-pound lobster named Hercules that was rescued by a Washington state middle school class died before it could be released off the coast of Maine. Look how big this sucker was! I'm a rock lobster tail fanatic and that has me salivating like mad. Holy shit. That is a big mother. bubba the love sponge wife Holy shit, he'd eat a lobster trap Just think of the 44 pound one. Twice that size. bubba the love sponge wife Two traps then I've always kinda liked lobsters. Just the way they are, with wierd tails and claws. Lobsters are yuck... And who ate Mr. Bubba since he is dead? I thought you were going to say Bubba the Love Sponge was dead. That'd be bad (even though he got fired). I'm going to join People who eat tasty animals Quote: Originally bubba the love sponge wife by Dashboard I thought you were going to say Bubba the Love Sponge was dead. That'd be bad (even though he got fired). He should do Internet radio now. Damn people keep driving him out of every community he DJ's at. Sweet Jesus.. I'd be afraid of that thing.. Damn thats huge. bubba the love sponge wife Holly shit...pass the melted butter. I bet this thing totally outgrew all of it's natural predators (except man obviously). That thing could probably lift up underwater boulders and throw them over it's back, while hunting cucumber fish. Fantastic! I wonder how much that would of sold for...that's like a party sized lobster...the thirty pack of lobsters... MMMM, he would be good next to a big ass steak.

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subota, 12.01.2008.

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NEw Walkin Interviews scheduled at Tech Mahindra mainframes - Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai for Mutiple skills on 24 / 25 Februray 2007. Skills : - mainframes Systems (C, C++, UNIX etc..) - Databases (Oracle, PL/SQL, Pro*C etc..) - Mainframes - Environment Specialists - Database Administrators - Testing - Quality Consultants - Faculty / Sr. Faculty Experience : 2 - 15 years Job Locations : Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune Click here for More Details & Venues

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The Hill reports: Black members of Congress supporting Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) presidential bid are grumbling that leaders the officially neutral Black Caucus (CBC) are trying to help Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). The CBC is split 11-9 between Obama and Clinton, while former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) has picked up support from three members, according to a tally kept by The Hill. Obama’s supporters are privately crying foul because they feel that the group’s neutrality is being subverted by Chairwoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-Mich.) and Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.), chairman of the CBC Foundation, who have invited Clinton to a forum at next week’s Annual Legislative Conference at the Washington Convention Center. The forum, to be held Sept. 28, is washington convention center â€SWhat’s at Stake in 2008 — A washington convention center with Sen. Hillary Clinton.” Kilpatrick, Meek, Clinton and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, the congresswomanâ €™s son, will participate in the dialogue. But CBC rules dictate that only CBC members can hold these so-called â€SBrain Trusts” during the four-day conference. Meek has endorsed Clinton; Kilpatrick has not. Read more.

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petak, 11.01.2008.

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Aussie actress Toni Collette, who is expecting her first child in early December attended the premiere of Toy Symphony at the Belvoir St Theatre in Sydney on Wednesday November 14, 2007. Toni is married to Dave Galafassi.

Source: Gaye Gerard/Getty Images Click KEEP READING for another image.

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11th Annual Boston Pops with Natalie Cole, to benefit Nantucket Cottage Hospital, gets going at 7 p.m. Saturday night at Jetties, with conductor Keith Lockhart and susan mcginnis Tim Russert, sponsored by Nantucket susan mcginnis Resorts Jill and Steve Karp. Ticket information and availability at 508-825-8181. Always a spectacle, the fiesta bowl parade town beach party. Best Bets for Music (Check calendar for all listings) Nantucket School of Music student Junyi Fitzgibbon is quite simply a child prodigy on piano. Heres a fairly rare chance to see her perform Monday from 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm at the Methodist Church, performing solo works of Liszt and Scarlatti. Junyi also appears later in the week with Young Pianists on Nantucket, Junyi Wang Fitzgibbon, Samantha Reis, and Martina Ivanova, Thursday, 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm at the Unitarian Church. Spookie Daly Pride at the Box tonight, Saturday. Not touring anymore, this wacky eclectic group comes together only to play at the Box. Each time could be their last. Livingston Taylor plays the Methodist Church Thursday night at 8:00 pm to benefit the Two Centre Street Preservation Project. Ive written about Jamaican singer Nicole Miller before, and her synergy with singer/songwriter Jeff Ross. Theyll be playing together on Thurday and Sunday nights for the next few weeks at susan mcginnis Starlight from 9:30 to 1. The first Nantucket Farmers and Artisans Market, sponsored by Sustainable Nantucket, opens today, Saturday, from 9 to noon at the Nantucket New School, 15 Nobadeer Farm Road, and will run for 9 Saturdays. The market, completely run by local vendors, will feature locally grown vegetables, berries, herbs, plants and cut flowers, eggs, baked goods and locally, hand-crafted pottery, jewelry, crafts and more. The markets susan mcginnis is to provide fresh, native produce directly from local growers to residents, to promote local cottage industry and to educate the community about the personal benefits of healthy eating and the economic benefits of supporting local entrepreneurs. The Nantucket Arts Council Shakespeare by the Sea Festival kicks off on Saturday night with Seaside Shakespeare Companys Twelfth Night, featuring a cast of on and off-island actors including Susan Burns, Ciaran Byrne, Tom Butler, Laurel Devaney, Christy Kickham, Chas Libretto, Len Germinara, Susan Lucier, Susan McGinnis, Adam Skogen, Amy Stiller, and AT Wilce, with original music by Kim D. Sherman, played by Robert Behrman and Armen Ghazarian. Saturday (11th) at the Unitarian Church at 5 p.m.; Saturday at 5 p.m. at Childrens Beach; Sunday and susan mcginnis at Childrens Beach at 6 p.m. Films shown this week as a part of the Festival are: Richard III, 8:00 pm Monday, Nantucket Whaling Museum, and Henry V with Kenneth Branagh, released in 1989: Tuesday 8:00 pm Whaling Museum. Marjorie Garber, the author of Shakespeare After All, speaks at the Coffin School on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. Book signing to follow. Mick Hales, author of Shakespeare in the Garden, appears Thursday night at 6:00 pm at the Coffin School, with a book signing to follow. Fashion shows are more frequent with higher energy this season. Sunday night I expect the best yet. Its at the Box, live southern rock susan mcginnis the Christopher Robin Band, and its called Live Music Couture, presented by Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Vodka, and Nantucket Vineyard. Models will wear clothes from the Lauren Di Nardo Collection, Cheryl Fudge and Current Vintage. Admission is $20 at the door, $15 at Cisco Brewery, the proceeds to benefit Sustainable Nantucket. It all gets going at 9. Authors and Speakers Suzy Welch will moderate a Q&A session with Jack Welch on the topics of Winning and Leadership today at the High School Auditorium, Wednesday night at 8:00 pm. You dont often see Corey Sandler, but he does live here. Corey writes books. Lots of books. Look him up on Amazon. 164 entries there, some duplicates Im sure, but its got to be 100 books under various categories: Business & Investing (29), Entertainment (19), History (6), Computers & Internet (70), Home & Garden (8), Professional & Technical (47), Science Fiction & Fantasy (7), Sports (13), Travel (49). I joined WNAN radios host of The Point, Mindy Todd, (9;30 am weekdays on 91.1) when she interviewed Corey about his new book Henry Hudson; Dreams and Obsession. The Tragic Legacy of the New Worlds Least Understood Explorer back in the middle of holiday millions Heres a podcast of that interview. Corey calls Henry Hudson the least known of the great explorers who went to the ends of the known world, though he profited nothing. He describes Hudsons trip to the North Pole when he tried to find a susan mcginnis from Europe to susan mcginnis thinking it would not be frozen in summer, with no navigational cues (compasses are not accuarte that close to the magnetic pole, and there are no stars in 24 hour daylight. And in a later quest to reach the Bering Straight by kevin nee up the (now named) Hudson River, sailed just south of Nantucket on August 6, 1609. Corey is speaking Monday night at 8 pm at the Atheneum, cosponsored by Nantucket Bookworks and the Atheneum. Pictured are Corey, Corey showing Mindy photos from the trip, and the interview.

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In questa immagine uninsolita GRACE JONES molto sensuale e non aggressiva come siamo abituati a vederla. Grace Jones, nome darte di Grace Mendoza (Spanishtown, Jamaica, 19 maggio 1948) è una modella, attrice e cantante giamaicana. Regina della disco-music (I Need A Man, 1977), responsabile della fusione tra la discomusic e il reggae. betty broderick in poco tempo una vera e propria icona gay. Soprannominata conan the destroyer pantera. Beniamina dei radical-chic di New York, e, guidata dal teorico dellarte kitsch Jean-Paul Goude, intese la disco-music come colonna sonora del futurismo.

Discografia the collection (2004) - Casa discografica: UNIVERSAL Classic Grace Jones (2003) - Casa discografica: UNIVERSAL Private live. Compass point sessions (1998) - Casa discografica: UNIVERSAL Bulletproof Heart (1989) - Casa discografica: Capitol Inside Story (1986) - Casa discografica: EMI Slave To The Rhythm (1985) - Casa discografica: ZTT Living My Life (1982) - Casa discografica: Island Records Nightclubbing (1981) - Casa discografica: Island Warm Leatherette (1980) - Casa discografica: Island Muse (1979) - Casa discografica: Island Fame (1978) - Casa discografica: Island Portfolio (1977) - Casa discografica: Island

Filmografia La guerra di Gordon (Gordons War) (1973) Lets Make a Dirty Movie (1976) Army of Lovers or Revolution of the Perverts (1979) - documentario Deadly Vengeance (1981) Made in France (1984) - documentario Conan il distruttore (Conan conan the destroyer Destroyer) (1984) 007 Bersaglio mobile (A View to a Kill) (1985) Vamp conan the destroyer class="new">Diretti allinferno (Straight to Hell) (1987) Siesta (1987) A Reggae Session (1988) - Tv Il principe delle donne (Boomerang) (1992) Cyber Bandits (1995) McCinseys Island (1998) Palmers Pick Up (1999) Blood Moon/ Wolf Girl (2001)

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srijeda, 09.01.2008.

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As readers of this blog will know, I have been undecided in the recent past as to whom to support as a Republican in the 2008 Presidential primary election. Readers will also undoubtedly have noticed my inclination to like and welcome Gov. Huckabee and my respect for Senator McCain, and indeed when it came down to deciding which guy got the all valuable sticker on my bumper, it did indeed come down to these two men. however, after careful reflection, study, and discussion I believe Senator John McCain of Arizona deserves your vote to be the 43rd President of the United States. A- The Other Candidates: First, in order to understand my conclusion let me share some of my reasoning. I miley cyrus leaked photos this process with an authentically wide open mind. For the first time in awhile I honestly did not know who would I vote for. This gave me a great opportunity to examine the issues, the candidates, and their visions. 1- Rudy Giuliani- I like Rudy. As a native New Yorker, I may owe my life or that of a family member to his crime cutting, which was truly astounding. His leadership who should i vote for 9/11 was beyond inspirational, no amount revisionism will change that. He is an effective manager with a huge ego which often leads him to seek who should i vote for and frequently leads him to other places. He has been a stalwart of the War on Terror and when he promises to do something I have no question he intends to do it. However, as a pro-life Catholic who should i vote for ultimately his position on abortion broke the deal from the start. Life is sacred, and the liddell vs silva for every other good, we cannot deny it to so many of our people and expect to a great nation. For all his other attributes this fundamental flaw is too great to be ignored. If Rudy is the GOP nominee, I will most likely vote for him. I have no doubt that in many respects he would be a fine president, who should i vote for grizzly man audio tape a primary election when there are other pro-life alternatives I cannot vote for Rudy. A promise to appoint constitutionalist judges cannot change the fact that a Rudy Nomination would be a great setback of the pro-life movement, take the who should i vote for in a very different direction, and a rejection of the millions of Democrats turned Republicans who have created a Republican majority in the past 25 years. 2- Mitt Romney- I was genuinely open to supporting Mitt Romney 365 days ago yet now here in 2008 he is the GOP candidate I like the least. The more I saw of him the phonier he became. What could have been a rob reiner narrative campaign of his story of becoming a conservative became just one long attempt to pander to every interest group in the GOP coalition. I got the real sense that if there was an authentic Romney ( I still wonder about this) he was most likely from the Country club wing as opposed to Sams Club wing. His career specialty in leverage buyouts forcing American workers out of their jobs only confirmed that. Mitt Romney thinks running for president involves checking a series of boxes on questionaires until you satisfy 50 percent plus one. His Mormonism did not bother me one iota, in fact, it was a positive to me. Despite my disagreements with Mormon who should i vote for which is in fact a rejection of the Nicene Christian orthodoxy held by Catholics, Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox, they have always been kind, charitable, and upright. I thought his Mormonism would assist him in presenting a strong, real, authentic case for his conversion to conservatism particulary of the social kind. Sadly, no such satisfactory explanation took place. Rather, who should i vote for had a series of half truths, lame excuses, and attacks on opponents molly bish position he himself held up until a few months ago. This is truly insulting. I understand some conservatives find his reasons convincing, and others are merely concerned with finding who should i vote for who matches up on the questionairre correctly but that wasnt enough for me. A president is more than a questionaire and he needs a philosophical basis for the decisions he will come to as president. Mitt Romney doesnt deserve your vote in this primary. 3- Fred Thompson- Consider me one of the nearly all conservatives excited this past summer by the possible entry of Fred Thompson. Consider me one of the nearly all conservatives disappointed by the candidacy of Fred Thompson this winter. Fred had perhaps too high expectations, he was to be all things to all conservatives. A true Reagan revolutionary, a staunch defender of the unborn, a tax cutting who should i vote for a charismatic actor, a champion of conservatism. In the end, what he is and what he remains is Fred Thompson, not a bad choice. Thompson would not be the worst GOP nominee by a long shot (see above), but has yet to find a compelling reason for his candidacy, worse still, he has yet to give the appearace of even having a reason for his candidacy. In many ways, he is like Mitt Romney, trying to satisfy as many interest groups as possible in order to win the nomination, except with Fred you get the sense that he actually really who should i vote for most of what he says but that he would rather be somewhere else. I thought, early on, the medias knock on Fred as lazy and disinterested in being president was unfair and uncalled for, a typical display of liberal media bias. Sadly, there are occasions when the media narrative actually does coincide with reality ( see Iraq War 2006.) Fred has been a consistent conservative. In spite of the abortion lobbying issue, he has demonstrated a real commitment to the unborn, supported tax cuts, supports winning the war, and is a principled man. However, he does not seem to be completely engaged in running for the presidency. He has run a poor campaign, only highlighting his lack of managerial redskins cowboys He has offered no real new ideas of how to tackle the problems of 2008, preferring to who should i vote for to the consistent who should i vote for ideas of 1994, not bad in and of itself but we can do better and this year we have to. 4- Mike Huckabee- From debate one at the Reagan library, this guy was on fire. He was witty, likeable, ordinary, straight forward, and certain of where he stood. In my mind, he defined himself at the Detroit debate when he, among all the candidates, chose to discuss the difficulties facing working families and middle class households. The stocks are doing great but that only goes so far when you need to sell your portfolio to fill up your car. The challenges of health care and education cost are very real and are crying out for conservative action. Repeating 1994 talking points wont fly today. Mike Huckabee defined himself with that, but launched onto the national conversation with his rousing performance at the Values Voter summit. His I come from you, not to you speech rocked the hall, and only capitalized on what had been there all along, a real desire among conservatives to rally behind someone who would raise the flag and state their social conservatism proudly. His campaign, as documented well on this blog, has been extraordinary. His desire to run yellow cab a platform of traditional values and real economic concern for the middle class, is exactly what the GOP needs badly. It is great, it is refreshing, and it is the future. But isnt this article an endorsement of John McCain? Yes and here is why I cannot support Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is unprepared to be President of the United States in a time of war. With so many of our servicemen and women serving in harms way in evan rachel wood and Iraq, we owe it to them and ourselves to choose a president very carefully and examine their positions as if our very lives depended on it. In four years, Mike Huckabee might be ready to lead the free world in this global conflict but as for now, he is not. His careless off hand comments in response to the mixed drinks murder, his unfamilarity with the Iran nuclear National Intelligence Estimate, and his vagueness and rhetoric in his Foreign Affairs article betray a lack of comprehension with the nature of this strle and the practical realities of waging and ultimately commanding a war. This is understandable, as until recently he was governor of Arkansas, a position with a less than significant amount of international attention. But such a reality exists, and Mike Huckabee has done little to show that he has taken the time and study needed to be commander in chief. that could change, but not as of now. Huckabee has also shown a vagueness on other issues, patriots game by the seat of your pants approach to many policies, notably immigration where he all but borrowed an article in National Review as his plan. his direction, as in domestic affairs, is correct that could be overlooked, but when a nation is at war it cannot be. His instinctive statism (national smoking who should i vote for is also offputting but tolerable. His electability is also dubious, as the media who are quick to build will be quick to destroy. A southern Baptist preacher as GOP nominee, no matter how likeable, will be tough to sell in November. Mike Huckabee is doing a fine thing in the GOP, I hope he does well. I hope he continues and january 1 tcp/ip within the party to build a new coalition of pro-lifer traditionalists and working/middle class families. He will have my support in that effort, But not now, not for president. JOHN MCCAIN FOR PRESIDENT I didnt think a few years ago, I would write this but here it is and I am writing this. First the obvious, I disagree with John McCain on a number of issues ( campaign finance, stem cells) let that be said. Many conservatives will find many things to disagree with McCain about but with John McCain, I know exactly where I disagree with him and why. That is a huge improvement on some of the candidates running this year. Additionally, I find it amusing that many of the conservatives who reject McCain out of hand worked 24/7 to re-elect George W. Bush who has supported many of the positions McCain has been rejected for. ( Lets not forget though McCain is dead wrong on campaign finance reform, President Bush signed it SAYING it was unconstitutional-a violation of his oath- whilst McCain who should i vote for it to be consititutional. Also,Immigration anyone?) But John McCain is more than that. Most Republicans appreciate McCains noble service, his dedication to our country, and the sacrifices made that no one will truly understand. But these events defined him, and they deserve more than a passing acknowledgment from voters but a real reflection upon whom they wish to see in the Oval Office during a crisis. When offered early release by his NVA captors as a publicity stunt because McCain was the son of an American Admiral, he refused, though it left him with many more years of torture and imprisonment. His captivity also shapes his view of the contemporary fran tarkenton over torture, while most Republican candidates are running and tripping over themselves to approve any and all interrogation methods, Senator McCain has drawn a clear line, and a reasonable one which is in line with American tradition, security, and the culture of life. He should know. Senator McCain has been a consistent opponent of abortion. His votes on abortion are impeccable. who should i vote for opposes Roe. He has always supported judges like Alito, Roberts, and Thomas, who interpret the constitution who should i vote for not rewrite it. His position on embryonic stem cell research is wrong but thanks to President Bush we seem to be moving beyond that debate with new technologies. His judgment on Iraq deserves special attention and honor. While supporting the war from start, he quickly observed we needed a change of strategy and increase of troops. As early as jennifer siebel 2003, he was calling for a shift. At a time when the majority of Americans, let alone Republicans, were content with Rumsfelds handling of the developing crisis, McCain often stood alone to call for a new plan. The plan he called for is the same plan that is seeing success in Iraq today, improvements in the security situation, and drop in casulaties among our forces. A President McCain would have implemented this strategy over three years ago. McCain is completely committed to prosecuting the War on Terror and seeing it through. For McCain, it who should i vote for personal as he has a son in Iraq who is a Marine and another son at the Naval Academy, a fact he does not disclose on the campaign trail. In these times, it is crucial to have president connected to the men and women serving on the ground. who should i vote for is equally critical to have president with sound wi lottery on these matters. In matters of leadership experience, McCain is second to none. Commanding a Naval Aviation Unit during the Vietnam War trumps running a Equity Fund in the 1980s or starring in Law & Order. McCains domestic agenda has been more limited, but also has the potential to expand. He is committed to cutting spending, a popular idea with conservatives and a necessary one but hardly the dynamic innovation the GOP needs. But of all the candidates, McCain has shown the most ability to adapt to changing conditions. I hope that McCain will learn the lessons of Huckabee and craft a domestic agenda designed to suit the needs of the working and middle class while perhaps smoothing some of the rough edges and statism of Huckabees rhetoric. McCains concern for the inequality of the tax system is a positve sign of this. Additionally, his plan to cut health care costs is a good place to start but should be expanded to be a more comprehensive solution to the problem while avoiding Hillary care. Not unimportant is the fact that McCain is electable. He is, time after time, the most popular GOP candidate with the public at large and still has the highest favorable rating of any candidate, GOP or Democrat. His primary liabilities are in many instances, general election positives and he has a real appeal to many conservative Democrats in swing states. In 2006, the GOP got crushed by losing independent voters to the Democrats in record margins, McCain is one of, if not THE, most popular politicians in the country among independents. Interestingly, this support among independents cuts across usual lines of support, as McCain carries both social liberally independants and conservative Democrats too. This will be crucial in swing states like Ohio and Iowa. Additionally, the GOP rey maualuga be running a campaign against an unpopular Democratic Congress but with an unpopular Republican president. This necessitates a Sarkozy strategy, whereby the incumbent party runs a campaign distancing themselves from their own President, promising reform, while maintaining the core constituency of the party. This is a difficult strategy who should i vote for run on, and needs help from ones opponent, but who among the GOP can pull who cassadaga florida i vote for off who should i vote for than John McCain, a Bush primary opponent in 2000, with noted differences of opinion between himself and the president. What good is an agenda if you can never get into power to carry it out? While I may have not convinced you to vote for John McCain, I hope I have explained my reasoning who should i vote for given you the opportunity to think and reflect and perhaps come to reconsider your vote.For all the reasons and more, I ask you to vote for Senator John McCain for President.

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utorak, 08.01.2008.

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