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An air sampling pump is a perfect solution when you need to assess aerosol concentrations of contaminants such as dust, gases or other vapors. Pine offers all Health & Safety Motorized Rentals Non-Destructive

of the leading models from trusted brands such as Sensidyne and SKC. We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of aerosol sampling pump to ensure we will have the analyzer to fit your precise need. To find out more, please click on a product from the list. At Pine, we specialize in delivering total equipment solutions and providing technical advice on what to rent, and how to use it; the availability of our rental fleet is second to none, and all our equipment is always tested and delivered ready to use.

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Casella APEX Personal Sampling Pumps (/products/detail/10023/casella-apexpersonal-sampling-pumps/) Perfect for dust monitoring the Apex personal sampling pump is available to rent from Pine now. Built to comply to EN1232/MDHS14/3 and NIOSH0600 and with a flow range from 5ml* to 5000ml/min the pump is suitable for most sampling applications including solvent, fume, gases, asbestos and general personal sampling regimes. With real time LCD display of flow rate, volume sampled, elapsed sample time, ambient temperature, current operating mode and program details and with an all new method of volumetric flow control based on outlet pressure with fully digital control circuitry, the unit offers extremely stable flow control for long periods between calibrations. (/products/detail/10023/casellaapex-personal-

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DAWSON HI-VOL PUMP (/products/detail/10038/dawson-hi-vol-pump/) This high volume air sampler is designed for area monitoring and clearance sampling, and is an economical tool for environmental testing professionals, abatement contractors, industrial hygienists and safety managers. A breathing zone cassette holder sits on a tripod for testing to AHERA standards. The flow regulator adjusts from three to 20 liters per minute. (/products/detail/10038/dawsonhi-vol-pump/)

Drager Short-term Tubes (/products/detail/10689/drager-short-term-tubes/) For spot measurement more than 500 different gases can be detected. The measurement usually takes between 5 seconds and 15 minutes. Furthermore, the easy-to-use Dräger-Tubes have already been calibrated and form a complementary unit with the Dräger-Tube pumps. (/products/detail/10689/dragerThe Dräger Short-term Tubes are used either manually with the Dräger-Tube pump accuro or automatically with the Dräger X-act short-term-tubes/) 5000. The results can then be read directly at the end of the measurement process. A large number of different gases and vapors can be measured by the Dräger Short-term Tubes. These tubes are used e.g. for the show more determination of concentration peaks, the measurement of exposures in the inhalation area, the determination of possible leakages as well as for the analysis of air in sewers, shafts, tanks or other confined spaces.air examinations at the workplace in the range of legal limit values. Drager Tube Accuro Hand Pump (/products/detail/10690/drager-tube-accuro-

hand-pump/) Mobile spot measurement This manual pump is used for spot measurements such as the detection of concentration peaks, confined space entry, worst-case (/products/detail/10690/dragerscenarios etc. tube-accuro-handpump/)

Sampling During the sampling process the substances to be evaluated are firstly accumulated on a suitable carrier material, e.g. activated charcoal, silica gel and so on. The air to be evaluated is thereby drawn over the respective material - with a predefined flow rate show more and duration. Afterwards, the substances that have accumulated on the carrier material through adsorption or chemisorption are examined qualitatively and quantitatively in the laboratory using instrumental analysis such as gas chromatography. Functional bellows pump The Dräger-Tube pump accuro draws in 100 ml per stroke. When measuring, the pump body (bellows) is pressed together

Drager-X-act 5000 (/products/detail/10934/drager-x-act-5000/) completely. The exhaust valve is closed during the opening phase of the bellows so that the gas sample flows through the connected Dräger-Tube into the pump. After the complete opening of the pump body into its original position the suction process is The automatic tube pump Dräger X-act® 5000 is the first all-in-one solution designed for measurements with Dräger Short-term finished. The end of stroke is visible by a pressure-controlled end of stroke indication, located in the pump head. Tubes and for Sampling Tubes and Systems. Ease of operation and a high degree of reliability compliment the measurement and sampling of gases, vapors and aerosols. One-handed operation Frequently, measurements need to take place under extreme conditions, e.g. on ladders, in shafts or when wearing heavy (/products/detail/10934/dragerbreathing protection. The Dräger-Tube pump accuro can easily be operated with one hand and enables a reliable measurement x-act-5000/) also in difficult-to-access places.

Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps and Detector Tubes for Gas Identification and Measurement (/products/detail/10722/gastec-gas-sampling-pumps-and(/products/detail/10722/gastecdetector-tubes-for-gas-identification-and-measurement/) gas-sampling-pumpsand-detector-tubes-

Nextteq’s complete line of Gastec pumps and detector tubes precisely identify and measure gases and vapors—over 600




Gastec’s patented pumps are lightweight and rugged. The easy-to-pull handle and one-stroke precision piston action provides fieldproven, foolproof operation with no partial samples. The are the only gas sampling pumps with Nextteq’s patented Thermal Ring, providing on-the-spot measurement of ambient temperature.

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Gastec’s detector tubes offer more accurate and reliable analysis with lower standard deviation. Direct-read scales mean faster sampling time without dual scales or concentration charts. With Gastec, you can measure substances other tubes simply can’t – no other detector tube manufacturer can measure more substances.

Gastec Injection Detection Kits for Testing Very High Gas Concentrations (/products/detail/10744/gastec-injection-detection-kits-for-testing-very-highgas-concentrations/)

(/products/detail/10744/gastecNextteq’s complete line of Gastec Injection Detection Kits provide an easy and economical method for measuring very high injection-detectionkits-for-testing-veryhigh-gasconcentrations/)

concentrations of propane or carbon dioxide. Everything needed to conduct testing is included in the kit. To use, simply draw a sample into the provided syringe and insert a pre-calibrated detector tube. Measurement results are ready in moments. Gastec’s detector tubes offer advanced technology, providing more accurate and reliable analysis with lower standard deviation. A direct-read scale printed on each tube means faster sampling time with no confusion, dual scales, or concentration charts. No show more extra equipment, lab analysis, or testing is necessary. Gastec Injection Detection Kits are intrinsically safe and ready to use anytime, anywhere. You can rely on Gastec quality. Gastec systems are designed, manufactured, and calibrated to work together so you know you

Gastec Inline Sampling Tubes for Testing LP-Gas are getting accurate readings. Gastec operates an ISO-9001 certified facility.

(/products/detail/10745/gastec-inline-sampling-tubes-for-testing-lp-gas/) Nextteq’s line of Gastec Inline Sampling Tubes provide an easy and economical method for detecting ethylmercaptan in liquid (/products/detail/10745/gastecpetroleum gas (LP-gas). Simply place a tube into the inline sampling point and allow the gas to flow through the tube. Sampling is inline-sampling-tubescomplete in just 1 minute. for-testing-lp-gas/) Gastec’s detector tubes offer advanced technology, providing more accurate and reliable analysis with lower standard deviation. A direct-read scale printed on each tube means faster sampling time with no confusion, dual scales, or concentration charts. No extra equipment, lab analysis, or testing is necessary. Gastec Inline Sampling Tubes are intrinsically safe and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

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You can rely on Gastec quality. Gastec systems are designed, manufactured, and calibrated to work together so you know you are getting accurate readings. Gastec operates an ISO-9001 certified facility.

Gastec Polytec Tubes for Simultaneously Detecting Gases (/products/detail/10765/gastec-polytec-tubes-for-simultaneously-detectinggases/)


Nextteq’s complete line of Gastec Polytec Tubes expedite analysis by simultaneously measuring a variety gases during a single


test session. Each highly sensitive, semi-quantitative tube can detect from 9 to 15 chemicals, providing cost-effective monitoring and chemical identification. Gastec’s detector tubes offer advanced technology, providing more accurate and reliable analysis with lower standard deviation. A direct-read scale printed on each tube means faster sampling time with no confusion, dual scales, or concentration charts. No extra equipment, lab analysis, or testing is necessary. Polytec Tubes are ideal for HazMat operations, fire site re-entry testing, and confined space entry analysis.

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With no batteries or electric power required, they are intrinsically safe and ready to use anytime, anywhere. You can rely on Gastec quality. Gastec systems are designed, manufactured, and calibrated to work together so you know you

Gilian AirCon-2 High Volume Sampler (/products/detail/10726/gilian-aircon-2are getting accurate readings. Gastec operates an ISO-9001 certified facility. high-volume-sampler/)

The AirCon-2 sampler is a high volume unit with an extended flow range, designed for collecting particulate in a given plant area. It is ideal for asbestos background and clearance sampling, following NIOSH, OSHA, or EPA methodology, and for ambient dust monitoring. The AirCon-2 System is available in a a programmable version that operates off either AC or battery power. It comes with an adjustable tripod mast and connecting hose to hold the filter cassette at the proper height and isolate the filter from the vibration of the unit. The cassette and filter media must be ordered separately. All Samplers are warranted for one full year. show more (/products/detail/10726/gilianThe touchpad and LCD display on the front of this DC powered unit allows the user to program as many as three custom timing aircon-2-high-volumeroutines for unattended sampling up to 99 hours. The program feature can be used to control starts and stops to the sampling run, sampler/) as well as delays, holds, and number of cycles. Programmable units include an instant fault function. When the unit is operated out of its performance envelope, the AirCon-2 sampler will terminate the sampling run and lock in the time. A flashing word

Gilian GilAir Air Sampling Pump (/products/detail/10725/gilian-gilair-airsampling-pump/) A GILIAN Personal Air Sampling System is worn by a worker during the work shift to determine exposure to ambient particulates, gases, or vapors. It draws a carefully controlled volume of air and contaminants through collection media over the period. The media is then sent to a laboratory for analysis, resulting in a calculated level of exposure. (/products/detail/10725/giliangilair-air-samplingpump/) This is the most important feature of any sampling pump, and is standard on all GILIAN® Pump models (except BDX-II). It show more assures pulsation-free flow is maintained within ±5% of the initial set point, even with varying back pressures from flow restrictions or buildup of material on the filter.

These lights tell you when the battery pack is fully charged, assuring a minimum of 8 hours of service over the operating range. Gilian Sensidyne GilAir 3 RC Air Sampling Pump (/products/detail/10067/gilian-

sensidyne-gilair-3-rc-air-sampling-pump/) Available to rent for dust monitoring applications the Gilian air personal sampling pumps provides industrial hygienists and safety Clock pump models have a digital display with elapsed time, including a Run/Hold function to pause and resume sampling. This managers with a tried and true air sampling system for determining worker exposure to particulate, gases or vapors. These option is available for all GILIAN® pump models except BDX-II. comprehensive three-in-one samplers perform filter cassette, single or multiple sorbent tube sampling with constant flow accuracy. Another option available on most models is a programmable timer which can be used to start or stop the pump at preset time intervals or to program a delayed start. (/products/detail/10067/gilian-


A rotameter with graduated LPM scale is standard on all models except LFS-113 and GilAir II, giving you an easy way to visually inspect to make sure the pump is maintaining the required flow rate throughout the sampling period.

Gilian Sensidyne GilAir 5RC Air Sampling Pump (/products/detail/10068/gilianThe fault light indicator is activated when the pump attempts to operate outside ±5% of the required flow rate, such as from low battery, blocked tubing or filter, or other severe flow restriction. If fault condition persists for 30-60 seconds, pump automatically sensidyne-gilair-5rc-air-sampling-pump/)

shuts down and freezes the timer. Units with timer display preserve run time on the display, ensuring a valid sampling result. If The ultra-compact GilAir 5RC is a versatile pump used for sampling airborne particulates, aerosols and toxic vapors/gases. The fault condition is cleared before shutdown, the pump resumes normal sampling and fault light goes out. GILIAN Pumps offer this GilAir 5RC has three operating modes: constant high flow for filter sampling; constant low flow (with optional Constant Flow Low fault feature while in constant low flow mode. Flow Module) for single-tube sampling; and constant pressure, mult-flow (with optional Constant Flow Constant Pressure Module) (/products/detail/10068/gilianfor single or multiple tube sampling. The optional flow modules just attach to the pump. sensidyne-gilair-5rcair-sampling-pump/)

A cover plate is set in place over the control panel with a single screw, protecting flow control settings and off-on switch from inadvertently being changed during sampling period.

These modules can be quickly added to most high flow GILAIR pumps to adapt them to the lower flow rates required for sorbent

JS Holdings High Flow Pump (/products/detail/10125/js-holdings-high-flowtube sampling. Also available is a multiflow low flow module, which maintains constant pressure and allows sampling with multiple sorbent tubes, each with an independently set flow rate. pump/) Available to rent from Pine this high flow product is capable of delivering up to 38 litres per minute in free air and 28.3 litres per (/products/detail/10125/js- minute through the N6 biological sampler. The pump features a 12v DC battery capable of providing up to 1 hour of operation, with This feature makes pump suitable not only for conventional pull-through sampling media but also for bag sampling and other an elapsed timer and a provision to secure the N6 sampler to the top of the case. holdings-high-flowpressure applications. pump/) This feature protects pump from dirt and debris and is externally mounted on the pump, making it easy to visually inspect the filter. Filter replacement requires the removal of just four screws. Built-in moisture trap helps prevent moisture from entering and damaging the pump chamber, such as moisture carryover from impingers.

RAE Systems Piston Hand Pump LP-1200 (/products/detail/10778/rae-systemspiston-hand-pump-lp-1200/) Twelve month warranty is standard, guaranteeing all pumps against any defects in parts and/or workmanship.

(/products/detail/10778/raeSimple operation - all personnel can operate with ease These sealed battery packs provide approximately 8 to 10 hours of reliable operation on a single charge. They may be charged in systems-piston-handOn the spot, quick, direct measurement pump-lp-1200/)

place on the pump or easily detached for separate charging or for quick field change in a safe area. Packs are intrinsically safe, as No calibration - ready for immediate use they are UL listed. They include a current limit circuit for explosion protection. No chemical reagents to prepare or calibration cylinders to purchase and dispose No power requirement Very portable and light weight for difficult measurement situations

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Minimal maintenance Clip is extra wide to provide maximum comfort to wearer and prevent the pump from tilting. Reproducible and accurate Low cost, economical

Sensidyne GilAir Plus (/products/detail/10859/sensidyne-gilair-plus/)

This shielding helps to make sure ambient radio and electromagnetic interference from plant operations don’t affect the pumpâ Innovation Delivered €™s flow control and timer circuit functions, degrading the accuracy of your sampling. The ultimate personal air sampling pump delivering enhanced performance, greater versatility, and superior design and comfort. Precision, hand operated, piston pump. Constant, accurate 100 ml volume achieved with string-less design. Achieves extremely dependable, consistent and accurate results (/products/detail/10859/sensidyneThe Widest Flow Range of Any Personal Air Sampling Pump Locking handle, graduated shaft with red line indicator for 50 ml and 100 ml volumes gilair-plus/) Personal Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling PumpThe GilAir Plus features wide dynamic flow and pressure ranges to address all Stroke counter for simplified multiple stroke applications personal air sampling methods with flow ranges between 20 and 5,000 cc/min. With patent pending QuadModeSM air sampling Robust, corrosive resistant, aluminum construction. Light weight technology, the GilAir Plus can perform both high-flow constant pressure and constant flow (450-5,000 cc/min) and low-flow High purity, finely ground material coated with chemical reagents to provide well defined color change. Clear end point to show more constant pressure and constant flow (20-499 cc/min) with a single pump without external adaptors. It’s like getting two pumps in make reading concentrations simple and accurate one. Outer surface etched with details of detection gas formula, standard sample volume required, arrow indicating gas flow and Unmatched Versatility accurate graduated scale to easily read the gas concentration No special tools needed Simple tube break-off and disposal system

Samples particulates, vapors, gases, and metal fumes Sensidyne Piston Hand Pump (/products/detail/10781/sensidyne-piston-handWorks with all common sampling media

pump/) Multi-language capability: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and German (/products/detail/10781/sensidyne-Outlet port for bag sampling piston-hand-pump/) High Performance PC ApplicationGilAir Plus is a smart air sampling pump that provides ambient or standard temperature and pressure corrected Safety, precision, ease, speed, and durability are the gas detection system essentials required by health and safety professionals. display (STP model) and data-logging for up to 16 sampling events (STP and Datalog model). The pump has high back pressure The streamlined Sensidyne pump provides these essentials and more... capability of up to 40" H2O in high flow and up to 25" H2O in low flow. An automatic self check system ensures sample accuracy. Single-stroke operation brings timesaving ease of use to gas detection. In the event of a fault condition, the pump’s selectable automatic fault recovery feature attempts to restart the pump up to 10 A slender ergonomically designed, sure-grip shape; lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. times every 3 minutes to determine if the fault condition has been cleared. show more Piston-type volumetric pump assures accuracy every time. Ease of Use Fail-safe handle lock in two positions (50 ml or 100 ml) which virtually eliminates incomplete samples that can occur with Easy-to-read, backlit displaysAn intuitive menu, keypad interface and large, easy-to-read back-lit display makes adjusting pump squeeze-type pumps when they are not fully collapsed. settings quick and easy. Once the pump is set up, the keypad can be locked to prevent tampering. Convenient and innovative Flow finish indicator. SmartCalSM feature provides automatic pump calibration. High precision direct reading detector tubes for nearly 300 substances. SKC 1L Vac-U-Chamber (/products/detail/10261/skc-1l-vac-u-chamber/)

Clear indication of concentration level of the substance being measured is shown by the length of the stain on the glass Ergonomic Design The SKC Vac-U-Chamber is a rigid air sample box that allows sample bags to be filled directly by using negative presure provided tube. The measurement is precisely recorded for direct reading on a single calibration scale. One-third smaller than traditional personal air sampling pumps and weighing less than 21 oz. (595 g), the GilAir Plus provides by most personal air sample pumps. Since the air sample does not pass directly through the pump, both pump and sample No laboratory turnaround time, no power requirement, and no user calibration needed. superior operator comfort. An integrated belt clip securely attaches the pump in a horizontal position, allowing workers a full range contamination are eliminated. The Vac-U-chamber's rigid walls will not collapse under vacuum conditions. All surfaces in contact Ease and simplicity of use saves training time (training video available), sampling time, and provides a more accurate of motion to perform a wide variety of tasks without interference or discomfort. with the sample are constructed of stainless steel or teflon for intertness. analysis. A lifetime warranty, thus ensuring years of dependable, trouble-free operation. (/products/detail/10261/skc-Communications Multi-pump DocksThe GilAir Plus dock provides charging and communication functions for the STP and data-logging models. No other system offers the Sensidyne pump's combination of superior features and benefits. 1l-vac-u-chamber/) Once docked, the PC application allows users to review datalogs, generate sampling reports, manage sampling programs, and create pump set-up profiles that expedite deployment of large pump fleets. The SmartCalSM feature uses the dock as a communication link between appropriate calibration devices and the GilAir Plus. SmartCalSM automates calibration and records Each detector tube contains a reagent that is specifically sensitive to a particular vapor or gas. pre and post sample calibrations in the pump’s datalog. SKC 224-PCXR4 (/products/detail/10260/skc-224-pcxr4/) These reagents are on fine-grain silica gel, activated alumina or other absorbing media (depending upon application requirements), Barometric Pressure Compensation inside a constant inner diameter, hermetically sealed glass tube. The result of extensive research and development, the PCXR4 is a constant flow air sampling pump suited for a broad range of When sampling at altitudes of up to 8,000 feet above or 8,000 feet below sea level, GilAir Plus has the capability of automatically applications. With an operating range of 5 to 5000 ml/min (low flow applications of 5 to 500 ml/min require an optional adjustable Most Sensidyne detector tubes are the correcting the flow rate for altitude changes to maintain constant flow accuracy of +/- 5% over this barometric pressure range. This low flow holder), this battery-operated air sampling pump is ideal for industrial hygiene studies as well as environmental testing. feature permits GilAir Plus calibration at ground level and sampling at high elevations or deep mines without loss of flow accuracy or the need to calculate and use manual correction factors. GilAir Plus is the only personal air sampling pump with this capability. (/products/detail/10260/skc224-pcxr4/)

SKC Airchek 52 (/products/detail/10258/skc-airchek-52/) Ideal for “on worker” short-term or full shift sampling, the AirChek 52 personal sampling pump can be used for STEL, TWA or Ceiling sampling using single sorbent tubes. This unit is the workhorse of air sampling pumps for industrial hygiene studies or environmental testing. This battery-operated pump weighs only 20 ounces, and its modular pneumatic system provides constant flow in a range of 750 to 300 ml/min, reducible to 5 to 500 ml/min with the constant pressure controller. Flow is compensated with up to 25 inches water backpressure and moderated with a built-in pulsation dampener. As backpressure increases, the motor voltage corrects automatically for constant flow, so there is no sacrifice in accuracy, even in dusty environments. If flow is restricted for more than 15 seconds, the pump shuts down automatically, but the timer retains the valid run time.

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SKC Leland Legacy Sample Pump (/products/detail/10262/skc-leland-legacysample-pump/) The Leland Legacy High Volume Sample Pump is a portable instrument with a range of 5 to 15 L/min. This pump also features high flows and long run times for low levels and 24 hour high flow.


SKC PCXR8 Sampling Pump (/products/detail/10783/skc-pcxr8-samplingpump/)

Accurate air volumes without the need for frequent sample pump adjustments, smooth air flow for high flow (750 to 5000 ml/min), pulseless for low flow (5 to 500 ml/min). Low flow air sampling applications require the optional Adjustable Low Flow Holder (Cat. (/products/detail/10783/skc-No. 224-26 series) pcxr8-samplingpump/)

show more Ensure integrity of results with shutdown on low battery, restricted flow, and excess back pressure; all with time-retention

Automatically corrects to maintain a constant flow SKC Sidekick Deluxe Personal Sampling Pump (/products/detail/10259/skc-

sidekick-deluxe-personal-sampling-pump/) Perfect for Dust monitoring applications the SKC personal sampling pump (The Sidekick) offers flow compensation, high and low For low flow air sampling at 5 to 500 ml/min (requires the 224-26 series Adjustable Low Flow Holder accessory) flow sampling, reliability and design features to suit everyday demands in the toughest of industries. Simple things such as the controls being under a ‘snap down’ cover, preventing accidental operation and the smooth lines have proven to be a winner with (/products/detail/10259/skc-hygienists and safety managers alike. Intrinsically safe and with a flow range of 5 -3000 millilitres per minute the Sidekick offers Built-in pressure regulator allows up to 4 tubes to be run simultaneously; reduces time in the field; uses fewer pumps sidekick-deluxethe answer in one. The addition of a CPC and low flow adapter provides the option to sample for gases and vapors up to 500 personal-samplingmillilitres per minute. This system also has the advantage of supporting multi-tube sampling at the same time from one pump. The pump/)

ability to sample for different hazards without the need for more than one pump, makes the Sidekick a popular choice. show more Measures only 5.1 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches (13 x 11.9 x 4.8 cm) and weighs 34 oz (964 gm)

Provides a visible check of pump flow rate during air sampling; the filter assembly with see-through housing and trap protects the

Thermo Andersen PUF System (/products/detail/10705/thermo-andersen-pufpump from debris and reduces maintenance requirements system/)

The PUF (Polyurethane Foam) Sampler is a complete air sampling system designed to simultaneously collect suspended airborne Provides a minimum of 8 hours of continuous use per charge; battery charge test ensures pump lasts entire shift particulates as will as trap airborne organic vapors at flow rates up to 280 liters per minute. The PUF Sampler is equipped with a bypass blower motor arranged with an independent cooling fan. This feature permits the motor to operate at low sampling flow rates for extended periods without motor failure from overheating. Displays battery status, total sample time, delayed start, sample period, sample over, program setup, hold, and fault A dual chambered aluminum sampling module contains both filtering systems. The upper chamber supports the airborne particulate filter media in a circular a filter holder. The lower chamber encapsulates a glass cartridge, which contains the (/products/detail/10705/thermoshow more Polyurethane Foam for vapor entrapment. andersen-pufConvenient program setup and display read out; interrupt/hold button permits shutdown for breaks, lunch, or to recheck the air system/) A wide variety of sorbents can be used in a manner that permits their continual use. Polyurethane foam or wet/dry granular solid sample pump; programmable for delayed start time, intermittent sampling, extended sampling up to 7 days, timed shutdown, and media can be used individually or in combination. The dual chambered sampling module designed for easy access to both upper repeatability and low media. The threaded lower canister moved with the cartridge intact for immediate exchange. Filter support screens and module components are equipped with gaskets providing a leak proof seal during the sampling process.

Thermo Andersen TSP Sampler (/products/detail/10706/thermo-andersen-tspAirflow rates are infinitely variable up to 280 liters per minute. The voltage variator adjustment screw alters the blower motor speed Designed for on worker applications; quiet enough for indoor air quality investigations to achieve the desired flow rate. Air flow rate is measured through the flow venturi utilizing a 0-100


Protects from interference from 27 through 1000 MHz impact-resistant All Andersen High Volume Air Samplers feature accurate collection of total suspended particulates exceeding EPA specifications. CE-approved Air flow through a mass flow controlled system is maintained at a constant rate by an electronic probe which automatically adjusts the speed of the sampler to correct for variations in voltage temperature, pressure and filter loading. Adjustable over a range from 20 SCFM to 60 SCFM the air flow is controlled at constant standard conditions of 25 degrees C temperature and 760 mm Hg Class I groups A, B, C, D; pressure within plus or minus 1 SCFM. By maintaining an exact air flow rate through the sampler, the average concentration show more (/products/detail/10706/thermoClass II Groups E, F, G; measured is extremely accurate and reliable. andersen-tspClass III; sampler/) A typical Andersen TSP high volume air sampler incorporates a pressure recorder (G105) or a well-type manometer (G8WT) for Temperature Code T3C. flow verification. An elapsed time indicator (G901) is calibrated in hours, tenths, and hundredths meeting Federal Register

specifications Vol 47 No. 234. Andersen sampling systems simplify all phases of the sampling process. Initial calibration requires no disassembly of the system.

Tisch PM-10 Monitor Models 6070 and 6070V (/products/detail/10299/tisch-pm10-monitor-models-6070-and-6070v/) The Volumetric Flow Controller (VFC) is a dimensional venturi device used to control gas flow. When applied to a high volume air sampler, this flow control principal incorporates a smooth-wall venturi orifice that gradually opens to a recovery section. Vacuum is These PM-10 samplers measure concentrations of suspended particles with a diameter of 10 microns or less, as specified by provided by a motor downstream of the venturi. Over95% of the energy lost in differential pressures across the restricting orifice is EPA PM-10, CFR Appendix J to Part 50. Model 6070 uses a mass flow controller to meet the EPA flow rate requirement of 36 to recovered in this design. 44 cfm. Model 6070V contains a fixed orifice with a flow rate of 40 to 44 cfm. Both models have a seven-day mechanical timer and can be powered with a generator. A calibration kit is required and may be rented. Quartz fiber filters and silicone grease are Flow control is accomplished by occluding or restricting and thus accelerating the air flow through the venturi. At some point in the also available for purchase. flow stream, the air velocity will equal the acoustic velocity or speed of sound, and critical flow will be achieved. As long as downstream changes are small, all conditions at the venturi (including the flow rate) are determined by upstream conditions. This condition is referred to as (/products/detail/10299/tisch-


Tisch TE-1000 PUF Polyurethane Foam Ambient Air Sampler (/products/detail/10913/tisch-te-1000-puf-polyurethane-foam-ambient-airsampler/) 110 Volt 60 Hetz, Brush style motor, PUF Polyurethane Foam Ambient Air Sampler. TE-PUF Poly-Urethane Foam sampler is a complete system designed to simultaneously collect suspended airborne particulates as well as trap airborne pesticide vapors at (/products/detail/10913/tischflow rates up to 280 liters per minute. The TE-PUF features the latest in technological advances fUS EPA Method :or accurately te-1000-pufpolyurethane-foam-

measuring airborne particulates and vapors.


Tisch TSP Air Sampler Models 5170 and 5170V (/products/detail/10298/tischtsp-air-sampler-models-5170-and-5170v/) Both models of the TSP (total suspended particulate) high volume sampler meet EPA requirements for a flow rate between 39 and 60 cfm, as described in CFR, Appendix B to Part 50. The 5170 model operates with a mass flow controller and a flow rate that is user adjustable between 39 and 60 cfm. The 5170V model contains a fixed orifice with a flow rate 42 to 44 cfm. Both models can be powered with a generator. Each sampler has a seven-day mechanical timer and an elapsed time indicator. Each is housed in an anodized aluminum shelter for outdoor environments. A calibration kit is required and may be rented. Glass fibre filters are (/products/detail/10298/tischavailable for purchase. tsp-air-sampler-

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ZEFON BIO-PUMP KIT (/products/detail/10338/zefon-bio-pump-kit/) The Zefon Bio-Pump is a portable, battery-powered pump that provides the simplest and most convenient way to sample with AirO-Cell® and Via-Cell® cassettes at a flow rate of 15LPM. (/products/detail/10338/zefonbio-pump-kit/)

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