AMSI and ASME Standards -

AMSI and ASME Standards Location: Circulation Desk Reserves Collection No.

Specification Number


ANSI B4.2-1978 (R2004)

Description (Click on a Title for Real Time Holdings Information) Preferred Metric Limits and Fits

Library Call Number TS172.A45 1999

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

ANSI Y14.6-2001 (R2007) ANSI Y14.6aM-1981 (R1998) ANSI B92.2M-1980(R1989) ASME B46.1-2002 ASME Y14.36M-1996 (R2008) ASME Y14.41-2003 (R2008) ASME Y14.43-2003 (R2008)

Screw Thread Representation Screw Thread Representation - Metric Supplement Metric Module Involute Splines Surface Texture, Surface Roughness, Waviness and Lay Surface Texture Symbols Digital Product Definition Data Practices Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles of Gages and Fixtures

T357.S37 2002 T351.A4 TJ1185.M48x 1989 TA418.7.S93 2003 T353.S87x 1996 TS183.A44 2003 TJ1166.D56 2003

Missing Missing Available Missing Missing Available Missing

9 10

ANSI B92.1-1996,1 ASME Y14.1M-2005

Involute Splines inspection- Inch Version Metric Sheet Size and Format

TJ1185.A44 1996

Available Missing

11 12

IEEE / ASTM SI 10-2002 ERRATA 2005 ASME Y14.2-2008

Standard for Use of International System of Units (SI) Line conventions and Lettering


ANSI / ASME B89.6.2-1973 (R2003)

14 15 16 17 18 19

T357.M48 2005

Status Missing

T371.A36 2008


TJ151.A85 1974


ANSI / ASME B94.6-1984 (R2003) ANSI B89.3.1-1972 (R2003) ASME Y14.1-2005

Temperature and Humidity environment for dimensional measurement Knurling Measurement of out of roundedness Decimal inch Drawing Sheet Size and Format

TA368.A5 1984 TA418.7.M43 1972 T357.D43 2005

Missing Missing Missing

ASME B5.10-1994 ASME B94.11M-1993 ASME Y14.8-2009

Machine tapers – self holding and steep taper series Twist Drills Castings and Forgings

TJ1185.S62 1994 TJ1263.A64x 1994 T357.A44 2009

Missing Missing Missing

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AMSI and ASME Standards -

AMSI and ASME Standards Location: Circulation Desk Reserves Collection No. Specification Number 1 ANSI B4.2-1978 (R2004) Description (Click on a T...

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