Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2016 - Lake George Land Conservancy

Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2016

LGLC Leadership LGLC Board of Directors John J. Macionis, PhD, President Hague Jeffry Brozyna, VP of Development Lake George Charles M. Cumming, VP of Human Resources Northwest Bay Judith K. Larter, VP of Conservation Silver Bay Michael O’Reilly, VP of Finance, Treasurer Huletts Landing Tracey Clothier, Secretary Lake George Ed Becker, DVM Robert Birchenough, MD John Buhac, MD Jennifer Waterhouse Cooper JD DeSantis Elizabeth Guest Tom Hall Jonathan A. Herttua Debbie Hoffman Christopher LaGuardia Elizabeth Meigher George Morris Daniel Ryterband Ike Wolgin James W. Wolitarsky

Sabbath Day Point Cleverdale Gull Bay Bolton Landing Bolton Landing Silver Bay Diamond Point Glenburnie Bolton Landing Kattskill Bay Bolton Landing Pilot Knob Diamond Point Bolton Landing Northwest Bay

Advisory Board William Bixby, III Henry Caldwell Dean L. Cook, DMD David Darrin Arthur Franz John Hubbard, Jr. Mark Johnson, PhD Walter F. Lamb, Jr. Douglas Langdon, MD James Menzies, PhD Peter Menzies Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer, PhD Peg Olsen Rosemary Pusateri Hugh Roberts Robert Singer Rebecca Smith Virginia Rowan Smith

Northwest Bay Bolton Landing Ticonderoga Hague Bolton Landing Northwest Bay Stony Point Bolton Landing Bolton Landing Bolton Landing Bolton Landing Bolton Landing Glenburnie Cleverdale Bolton Landing Ticonderoga Bolton Landing Silver Bay

Staff Jamie Brown, Executive Director Michele DeRossi, Community Engagement & Events Manager Sarah Hoffman, Communications & Outreach Manager Alexander Novick, Land Steward Warren Rosenthal, Conservation Manager Cornelia Wells, Finance & Office Manager Part-time Helen Barton Benedict, Development Manager Megan Clothier, Office Assistant

*Names and positions listed as of 12/31/2016

Cover photo © Carl Heilman, II/WildVisions, Inc.

From the President Best wishes for the New Year! In this Annual Report, I would like to take a personal glance back at the development of the Lake George Land Conservancy and then look forward. The LGLC came into my life in a most uneventful way. It was the summer of 2004, and I was sitting quietly on the deck of my home in Hague looking across the water at Anthony’s Nose, the imposing rock formation just north of Glenburnie. Someone had told me that all this land had been protected forever. I mused: Who did this? A week later, I dropped by an event hosted by the land conservancy where I found the answer to my question. I also learned that the conservancy was engaged in water-protection all around the lake. This work, I concluded, is worthy of my support. Before leaving that event, I made a modest donation and set an intention to do more if I could. No good deed, of course, goes unpunished. Early in 2005, the LGLC invited me to join the board of directors and I enthusiastically accepted. A year later, I was elected board president—for the first of what would become four terms. As I gained an insider’s perspective, I could see that while the LGLC had done some wonderful work, the organization also was struggling to establish itself as a vibrant presence for the long haul. We faced a number of challenges, including the departure of Lynn Schumann, our longtime executive director. In addition, our building was way too small, too hard to find, and not even clearly our own. Legally, members of the staff were employees of another, larger conservation organization. Finally, although we were hopeful that the state would soon acquire several tracts of land we had purchased, the sobering reality was that we faced a daunting level of debt. Clearly, a number of changes were needed. The immediate order of business was to take full control of our operations. One of the first actions by the newly reconstituted Lake George Land Conservancy was hiring Nancy Williams, who brought both high energy and vast experience to the role of executive director. We purchased Bolton’s Tavern on the Pond, and renovated the property to

become a first-rate and highly visible headquarters. We set out to build an exceptional staff and also to recruit an ever-more talented and committed board of directors. Steadily, the LGLC increased its fundraising capacity with the eventual goal of retiring our debt. Hundreds of people, many inspired by the generous support of Forrest Mars, the Darrin family, and the Rowan family, invested in the future of the lake. Then, by 2009, the recession had swept across the country. Like everyone else, we felt the chill. But we managed to hold our own, continuing to identify vital pieces of land where conservation would pay rich dividends in higher water quality. Positive change invites more of the same and the organization was successful in attracting some extraordinary people to our board. We created four new vice-presidential positions, and filled them with people who are well on their way to becoming legendary—Judy Larter (Conservation), Jeff Brozyna (Development), Chuck Cumming (Human Resources), and Mike O’Reilly (Finance). I want to express a heartfelt “thank you” to these amazing colleagues for all they have done and all the ways they have inspired others. Let me extend these thanks to all those who have served and who continue to serve as members of our board of directors and advisory board. Your contributions and commitment have made a difference. Of course, we board members are people who show up at all the scheduled events. Therefore, on behalf of all the volunteer board members, I express sincere thanks to the folks who do the day-to-day heavy lifting—the staff. To Jamie Brown, Sarah Hoffman, Cornelia Wells, Helen Barton Benedict, Warren Rosenthal, Alex Novick, Jordyn Conway (who recently left our organization), and our newest member, Michele DeRossi: You and your work are respected and appreciated even more than you know. What is the current state of the Lake George Land Conservancy? In historical perspective, I am happy to report that the organization has never been so strong, its operations so effective, and its future as bright as it is right now. We have every reason to be confident about the continuing effectiveness of our work to defend the water quality of our beloved lake. Jamie Brown, our executive director since 2015, has been outstanding. Jamie is doing such good work, not only in the remarkable scope of land and lake protection, but also in the ever-broader range of lake-protection strategies that the organization now

applies. We continue to purchase land, of course, but we are working with increasing numbers of willing landowners to secure conservation easements (a lower-cost strategy to protect the water), just as we are doing more conservation partnering. Ike Wolgin has been especially wise and generous in this regard, helping us to take immediate advantage of opportunities. We are also collaborating more with other environmental organizations as well as with local governments around the lake. As we begin this New Year, our organization is operationally strong, focused on its mission, and making effective use of your investment. The staff and the board of the Lake George Land Conservancy are stronger than ever. We have a record of more than a decade of successful summer galas that have raised more than $1 million, funds that we have applied to land and lake protection. We have retired virtually all of our debt. And, thanks to the O’Reilly and Rowan families, an endowment that is approaching $3 million supports our future work. The results tell the story. We have made a hugely positive impact on the lake we love, completing five major projects in each of the last three years. In 2016, the LGLC added the Bain property to the Last Great Shoreline Preserve in Putnam. We purchased the Whalen property as part of our initiative to protect South Mountain (north of Anthony’s Nose). Nearby, we added the Dodge parcel to the Flat Rock area. We purchased sensitive land in Bolton from SUNY Albany. Finally, we are happy to announce that important land in Bolton has become the Isabel La Roche Godwin Preserve. All of these projects reflect our mission of protecting critical land from development, which is the natural path to water protection. As always, when we protect land, that’s forever. Thank you for each and every way you have supported this wonderful organization and this extraordinary lake. Moving forward, let us build on this record and honor this place that has given so much to us. Gratefully,

John J. Macionis President, LGLC Board of Directors


Activities & Accomplishments July 1, 2015


of the 2016 Fiscal Year


June 30, 2016

Outreach & Education

Stewardship & Management

34 public events and presentations with nearly 900 participants, including schools and community and civic groups.

7 miles of trails cut, 4 bridges and 2 kiosks built, and countless invasive plants removed.


Management of 12 properties protected by conservation easements and 30 individual parcels owned by the LGLC.

12,100 people logged in to our parks and preserves in FY2016. This does not account for the many users who did not sign in, nor the properties that we manage but are owned by New York State (Cat and Thomas Mts and Pole Hill Pond). Taking these into account, a more accurate estimate is 20,000.

FY16 Preserve Use Amy’s Park


Anthony’s Nose


Cook Mt.


Gull Bay


Last Great Shoreline 1% The Pinnacle


Newly Protected Land 589 acres, 255 feet of lake shoreline

1 The Pinnacle

Bolton 73 acres

2 Rose’s Cabin

Bolton 67 acres

Pilot Knob Preserve 60%

Terzian 2%

Hike-A-Thon, July 5, 2015 510 registered hikers (25% increase from 2014), 43 volunteers, 27 miles of trail covered on 12 properties. Though free to participate, voluntary donations totalled $2,200. Pilot Knob and Terzian tied for having the most number of participants, at 59 people each.

Volunteers 2,475 hours from 181 people, assisting with field work, events, and office tasks.

Conservation Easement Purchased: July 2015 Donation: August 2015

3 Eagle’s Mare/LGS Addition Donation: August 2015

Putnam 6 acres 255 feet of shoreline

4 Reed/South Mountain Parcel

Putnam 140 acres

5 SUNY Albany

Bolton 130 acres

Purchased: December 2015 Purchased: January 2016

6 Flat Rock Access

Purchased: February 2016

7 South Mt North Access

Purchased: May 2016

8 Isabel La Roche Godwin Preserve

Purchased: June 2016

Putnam 12 acres Ticonderoga 49 acres Bolton 112 acres

Lake George Protected Land


Since 1988, the LGLC has worked

with landowners and other partners to protect 10,548 acres of land, and 34,472 feet of lake shoreline.

6,461 acres and nearly 40 miles of trails are managed by the LGLC for public use, including some lands now owned by New York State.*








Legend Legend FY2016: 2016:Lands LandsProtected Protected FY byby LGLC andand Partners the LGLC Partners 1988-2015: Lands Protected by by 1988-FY2015: Lands Protected LGLC andand Partners the LGLC Partners LandsOwned Owned by by New New York York State Lands State

*as of June 30, 2016

Lake George Watershed Boundary

The Economics of Land Conservation

Ecosystem Services Value:

During the 2016 fiscal year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016), LGLC supporters invested $913,000* into the permanent protection of 589 acres of land that is directly protecting the water quality of Lake George. This land naturally protects the lake and the environment more effectively and efficiently than any man-made alternatives used on impacted lands. Local municipalities, counties, the state and federal government, and other entities are able to avoid costs for projects otherwise needed for stormwater protection, habitat creation or protection, air pollution remediation, carbon sequestration, and other important environmental services. Such services provided by these protected lands are called “ecosystem services.” Thanks to the LGLC’s permanent protection efforts, the 589 acres protected in FY2016 will never be converted to another use and will be able to continue their vital role in the lake’s ecosystem in perpetuity. Our investment will nearly double in the form of more than 1.7 million dollars of ecosystem services that this land will provide.†

Forests 545 acres of land

protected by the LGLC in FY2016 consists of evergreen, deciduous and mixed forests, providing an annual total value of


Ecosystem Services FY2016 Ecosystem Services Value: 93%

Total Protected Acreage




Total Eco-Services Value



Ecosystem Type and Estimated Annual Value of Natural Services: Herbaceous and Woody Wetlands ($1,289/acre) Mixed Forest ($210/acre) *Cost includes purchase price, fees and other expenses related to real estate transactions completed in FY2016. † Estimated annual value of natural goods and services and service explanation source: The Trust for Public Land, New Hampshire Chapter, New Hampshire’s Return on Investment in Land Conservation, June 2014.

Wetlands 44 acres of land

protected by the LGLC in FY2016 consists of wetlands, providing an annual total value of


Forests Protect Water and Air Quality† • Forests purify water by stabilizing soils and filtering contaminants. They regulate water flow by capturing and storing water. • Forests defray the costs of erosion-related damage because their soil stability reduces erosion and stormwater runoff. • Forests improve air quality by absorbing carbon, releasing oxygen, and filtering particulates.

Wetlands Reduce Flooding, Improve Water Quality and Support Biological Diversity† • A one-acre wetland can typically store about 1 million gallons of water, the result of which is lower flood heights and a reduction of the destructive power of floodwaters. • Wetlands are a fundamental part of the water cycle and are essential to providing services such as water purification, erosion control, flood protection, and storm resilience. • Wetlands provide a range of services that depend on water, including fisheries and tourism. Managing and restoring wetlands can lead to cost savings when compared to man-made infrastructure solutions.

Capital Projects and Other Special Designations

Land Capital projects are most commonly recognized as direct land protection, and are often ongoing, beyond a single fiscal year (complete donor lists for specific projects can be found at We thank the following for their contributions during the 2016 fiscal year for: The Pinnacle in Bolton • South Mountain and Anthony’s Nose Access in Putnam • Terzian Woodlot in Hague • West Brook Conservation Initiative in Lake George • general land acquisition • LGLC’s Endowment Funds (permanently restricted accounts for land acquisition) • ongoing stewardship of the Macionis Family Center for Conservation (including through the Harvey W. Schadler Memorial Fund). Anonymous Albert H. Singer Partnership Margaret Huffman, Lauren Waite, and Rob Singer Rolly and Kathe Allen John and Diane Asiel Lionel and Debbie Barthold Douglas Beattie and Family Belden Property Services, LLC Paul and Colleen Bell Ren and Nancy Boericke Paul and Laurie Boyd Jim and Judy Breitenstein John and Laurie Brennan Jamie and Laura Brown John Brown The Buhac Family Sheridan and Elizabeth Burleigh Cecil Caldwell Robert Cella Richard Chase Dean and Terrina Cook Peter and Barbara Cossman Holly and Bob de Buys Lari Dhein Rick and Paula Dhein Ellie Eldredge Ken and Enid Engler Salvatore and Kathleen Ervolina Barry and Ellie Faber Russell and Maureen Ferris David and Jane Floyd John and Andrea Forbes Forest Bay Property Owners Association The Fund for Lake George Timothy and Michele Gautreau Sonja Goodwin Tom Halbach and Claudia Welss

Patty HasBrouck Barbara Heenan Betty Heintzelman Helen V. Froehlich Foundation Ginger Henry-Kuenzel Bill and Kathy Horne John C. & Susan K. Hubbard Foundation John and Ellen Hubbard Keeler Motor Car Charitable Foundation Sandy and Gail Keeler Chris and Jane LaGuardia Doug and Arlene Langdon Judy Larter Donald and Audrey Lehn Alex Levitch and Linda Goodwin Greg MacDonald and Wendy Soliday Gerry and Maddy Malovany Tocher and Brenda Mitchell Robert and Susan Morris Louis and Karen Moskal Dan and Mary Helen O’Keeffe Bill and Jane Olsen Peg Olsen Robert and Adele Potter Daniel and Abigail Reingold Walt and Anne Robb Ken and Jane Robbins Amanda Rottier and Francisco Mira Louise Rourke Estate of Henry M. Rowan Margaret H. Schadler Trust Margaret Schadler George Singer Rob and Jana Singer Ginny and Manning Smith Doug and Phyllis Smith

Rick and Evelyn Spann John and Eileen Stencel Bill and Lisa Stromberg Don and Mary Strycker Lucinda Tetz David Thomas-Train Jack and Linda Toner Trout House Village Resort Scott and Alice Patchett Michael G. Turner and Mary Jo Reale Robert and Karen Warren

The Weatherlow Foundation David and Ellen Wagner Todd R. Wilson Ike Wolgin Robert and Betty Wotton

Gifts of Land Saralib Corporation Nancie M. Senet, Binnie Thom, and Henry S. Vaccaro The Tsu Family, in memory of Kin Tsu

The Pinnacle: Bolton Landing The Pinnacle was truly a community conservation effort. The protection of the Pinnacle would not have been possible without the incredible number of people who stepped forward to help save this special place. One supporter who helped to make this project happen is no stranger to protecting land. Ike Wolgin has been involved with the LGLC for many years and helped the organization to complete a number of important projects throughout the watershed. Ike not only offered financial support for the Pinnacle project, but he also played a key role in working with both the LGLC and the Fund for Lake George to work out details of the partnership that helped to complete the deal. Additionally, based on Ike’s knowledge of real estate and finances, he provided critical advice during various phases of the project. The LGLC is grateful to the important role that Ike Wolgin played in this and many other land protection efforts for which he has been a silent but essential partner.

Please note that these lists reflect donations received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 for capital projects.

Stewardship We thank the following for their gifts directed towards the ongoing stewardship of our public preserves, conservation easements, and other protected lands owned by the LGLC. Stewardship takes many forms, including bridge and kiosk construction, erosion and stormwater control, invasive species management, and recreational trail maintenance. Linda Aiken Karen Atherton Cynthia Babbott Charlie and Donna Bain Barton International Deborah J. Benway and Bob Benway William K. and Stacey Bixby, III Stuart and Sallie Bowling John Brown Glenn and Mary Brownstein Jeff and Patti Brozyna Thomas Burleigh Elizabeth Campagnone Michael and Cheryl Cecchini Ed and Mary Crabbs Joan and John Crosby Carolyn Curren David Darrin Pat Desbiens Bonnie Donnelly Mary Ann Eaton William and Catherine Ehlert Art and Tonie Franz Pamela Lester Golde and Robert Golde Tim and Judy Gow Hugh and Joy Gregg Laurie Grusauski Elizabeth Guest Lake George Mirror Tony and Lisa Hall Herbert and Shirley Halliday Ginger Henry-Kuenzel Thomas Hickey Brian and Gina Jeckering Richard and Felicia Jenks Mark and Mary Johnson Betty King Jordan Bob and Carol Kafin Mark and Dawn Karlson Loretta and Robert Keane

Jeff and Judy Killeen Nancy Kimball Lonnie Lawrence Toby Leith and Martha Corbett Leith McGrath & Company, Inc. Jim and Sheilagh Menzies Jeffrey and Samantha Meyer John and Karen Milvaney Tocher and Brenda Mitchell John and Terri Murnane Chris Navitsky and Beth Barton-Navistsky Peg Olsen Michael and Marie O’Reilly Tom and Eloise Pannell Alphonse and Christine Porcello Robert and Adele Potter Bob and Sandy Powell Michael and Elizabeth Rizza Lisa Ryder Dan and Dianne Ryterband Marge J. Salerno and Angela Salerno Joyce Sammo Ed and Jennifer Scheiber Kurt Schumann South Beach Association Joann Spence Dick and Sally Spitzer Douglas Stefan and Gary Stefan Craig and Lora Treiber Robert and Beth Tully Michael and Patricia Vaughn Carl and Michele Weiner William Bernard Trust

Please note that these lists reflect donations received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Hike-A-Thon The Hike-A-Thon is just one of the LGLC’s outreach programs, and by engaging hundreds of people from the Adirondacks, Capital Region and beyond, it’s also our largest. The financial support from the sponsors and participants listed below helps us to keep the event free for anyone who wishes to participate, and has allowed us to expand our marketing potential. Thank you! Sheri Apple Edward and Sally Becker Karen Beekley Lucinda and Av Bhavsar Nikki Blanchette Ivor Brown Katie Bruening Nancy Burke Eberhard and Wendy Burkowski Jim Burmester Camp David Candlelight Cottages Peggy Carrol Richard and Holly Clift Tracey and Dale Clothier Dean and Terrina Cook Chuck and Carla Cumming Linda Dallas David Decker JD and Leah DeSantis Debbie D’Isabel and John Mariano Bryan Flynn Earle Flynn Mary Flynn Andrew and Sarah Frasier Denise Freihofer Ray and Sally Freud Pete and Stacy Frisoni Tom Halbach and Claudia Welss Dean and Sharon Hambleton Bruce Heap Barbara Hefter Eileen Hickey Adam and Sarah Hoffman Susan Howard Karin Hyman Kathy Johnston Stephen Johnston Kristi Kempf Ruth LaBrie

Chris and Jane LaGuardia Laura Lane Doug and Arlene Langdon Benjamin and Annette Lazarus Michael Letzring Steve and Suzanne Locke Lori McCarron Jean McNulty Carol Newhouse Tom Notar Itala Pelizzoli Peter and Carolyn Pfaffenbach Lucy Pieper Margy Pote Dede Potter Kevin and Carlene Ramsey Daniel and Dianne Ryterband Paul Salerni Thomas and Susan Sargent Steve and Debby Seaboyer Peg Sheehan-Nolan Scott Sopczyk Janis Spilker Dan and Hilary Stec Alyssa Stock Stored Technology Solutions Stacey Strollo Frank and Nancy Tetz Brad Thayer and Jody Tabner Thayer Dave and Anne Thomas Terri Tommell Jack and Linda Toner Kevin and Lisa Truax Eugene and Diane Trybulski Victoria Ragucci CPA, PLLC Jonathan Volks Ed and Judy Walker Brian and Susan Waterhouse Jim and Nini Wolitarsky James and Ellen Woodworth

Photo © Carl Heilman, II/WildVisions, Inc.

Total Contributions to LGLC for Fiscal Year 2016 Giving categories represent total donations received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, including for operations and capital projects. *Participant in Employer’s Matching Gift Program. Apperson Society members are listed in bold.

$400,000 and Above

$1,000 to $4,999

Estate of Henry M. Rowan Manning and Virginia Rowan Smith

Anonymous (2) John and Diane Asiel James B. Ayers and Miriam Trementozzi Tim and Linda Baldwin Lionel and Debbie Barthold Jim M. and Seddon K. Beaty Edward and Sally Becker Lucinda and Av Bhavsar* Bob and Betsy Birchenough William K. and Stacey Bixby, III Bright Funds Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. and Janice Brown Lawrence and Sue Brown Ivor Brown Jeff and Patti Brozyna The Buhac Family Dean and Terrina Cook Perry Cooper and Jennifer Waterhouse Cooper Joan and John Crosby Chuck and Carla Cumming David and Maureen Cumming David Darrin Holly and Bob de Buys JD and Leah DeSantis Lari Dhein David and Jane Floyd John and Andrea Forbes Forest Bay Property Owners Association Art and Tonie Franz Melinda Fuller Globe Foundation George and Dyan Getz Bob and Trini Gilmore* The Glens Falls Foundation Tim and Judy Gow Wally Graham Gramm Family Foundation Christian and Kim Gramm Elizabeth Guest Lake George Mirror Tony and Lisa Hall Thomas and Lydia Hall John and Michelle Haller Harding Educational and Charitable Foundation Bill and Deb Hoffman Bill and Kathy Horne John C. and Susan K. Hubbard Foundation John and Ellen Hubbard

$100,000 to $399,999 Helen V. Froehlich Foundation Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation Henry and Lee Rowan Manning and Virginia Rowan Smith Ike Wolgin $30,000 to $99,999 Land Trust Alliance, Northeast Program Margaret H. Schadler Trust Margaret Schadler* $10,000 to $29,999 Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Fund Margaret A. Darrin Rick and Paula Dhein The FUND for Lake George Tom Halbach and Claudia Welss Alex Levitch and Linda Goodwin Michael and Marie O’Reilly Doug and Phyllis Smith Craig and Lora B. Treiber $5,000 to $9,999 Alpine Associates Management Terry Beaty, Jr. and Anne Mehringer Jeff and Judy Killeen Lake George Gold Cup Festival Paul J. and Sylvia Lawler Dan and Dianne Ryterband Bill and Lisa Stromberg J. William and Helen D. Stuart Foundation Bob and Bobbie Stuart The Nature Conservancy, Eastern New York Chapter Norman and Marian Wolgin

Paul and Jane Ingrey Bob and Carol Kafin David and Tamara Kaiser* Keeler Motor Car Co. Charitable Foundation Sandy and Gail Keeler Nancy Kimball The Knapp Fund and The Knapp Family Chris and Jane LaGuardia Doug and Arlene Langdon Larsen Fund Todd and Kim Larsen Judy Larter John J. Macionis Marjorie and Richard McGahren Foundation Jim and Sheilagh Menzies Sanford W. Morhouse and Patty Hogan John and Terri Murnane Caesar & Napoli Jim and Charlotte Napoli Nuveen Benevolent Trust Thomas and Vicky Reynolds Peg Olsen Mark and Kimberly Pacala Paul and Barbara Penfield Joan Peters Michael T. and Pamela Piotrowicz Marilyn Randall Daniel and Abigail Reingold Don H. and Joyce L. Rice Walt and Anne Robb Hugh Roberts Ian and Sandra Rowlandson* Gary and Eileen Ruppel Lisa Ryder Francis and Maureen Sands Kurt Schumann Richard and Mary Sharp Louise Van Dyck Shipway The Shoff Foundation, Inc. George Singer Rebecca Smith and Michael Coffey Liz Smith Rick and Evelyn Spann Frank and Nancy Tetz Jack and Linda Toner and Toner Family Trout House Village Resort Michael G. Turner and Mary Jo Reale

The Weatherlow Foundation David and Ellen Wagner Phil and Martha White Jim and Nini Wolitarsky Richard Yulman George E. and Virginia Zieger $500 to $999 Anonymous Albert H. Singer Partnership Margaret Huffman, Lauren Waite, and Rob Singer David Ball James Bauer Geo R. & Evelyn W. Brothers Charitable Trust Ted Brothers George and Tina Carruthers Doug and Pam Chase Christopher and Deborah Corbett Rod and Kim Cornelius Jane Craigie Con and Eleanor Darcy Jon and Stormy DeSantis Linda Donaldson Tim and Ellen Dorian Carl and Adriana Elefante Ken and Enid Engler Barry and Ellie Faber Karhi J. and Marty Flynn Patricia Fox Charles C. Freihofer, III Andrew and Marjorie Gorelik Reverend Charlotte Gosselink and Charles Gosselink Fred and Carol Hammerman Patty HasBrouck Ed and Gloria Herder Ellen Hitzrot and Stu Forman David and Nancy Hyman Mark and Mary Johnson John and Polly Koerner Toby Leith and Martha Corbett Leith Levi Strauss & Co Gerry and Maddy Malovany Todd and Mary Ellen Martin Eugenia McCaw Chris and Grace Meigher Jean Miller Robert and Susan Morris Chris Navitsky and Beth Barton-Navistsky

Land & Water Society The LGLC’s Land & Water Society honors a special group of individuals and families who have made provisions for the LGLC in their estate or financial plans. Those options may include bequests, gifts of life insurance or retirement plans, or other gift planning tools. The generous forethought of these Society members is greatly appreciated and recognized as a crucial part of the LGLC’s success. Anonymous American Friends Service Committee Tim and Claire Barnett Helen Barton Benedict Jamie and Laura Brown Virginia A. Clark Jordyn Conway Bonnie Cook John Crist, Jr. Mary Lou Doulin Arthur Fontijn Stuart and Mary Ann Harmon

Frances and Evans Herman Nancy Kimball Doug and Arlene Langdon John J. Macionis Sally L. Marquis Carolyn McCarthy Pete and Gretchen Menzies Rosemary Pusateri Henry M. Rowan Elizabeth J. Ryan John K. Ryder George Singer

Henry M. Rowan Long-time LGLC supporter, and life-long conservationist, Henry Rowan, passed away December 9, 2015. In early 2016, the LGLC was notified of a $500,000 gift directed through Mr. Rowan’s will to the LGLC for purposes of land conservation on Lake George. “Dad always believed in making a difference in this world in everything that he did,” said Mr. Rowan’s daughter, Virginia Rowan Smith, “and that certainly was true in his gifts of funds for land conservation. I think it speaks volumes that his final gift to the Lake George Land Conservancy was a bequest in his will, a bequest which was received by the LGLC shortly after his death. From his initial gift in 1989, which served to protect over a mile of shoreline across from Silver Bay, through subsequent gifts over the years from his personal Foundation, it is clear that Dad believed in the mission of the LGLC to protect the Lake by conserving the lands in and around its basin. His final gift truly underscores his trust that the Land Conservancy will continue to do so in the years to come.” We are certainly grateful for Mr. Rowan’s generosity throughout his lifetime and beyond. His legacy of conservation will be appreciated forever by all who live, work and play in and around this beautiful lake.

$500 to $999 cont. Tom Notar David Oakley and Dianna Masto Jim and Nancy O’Connor Walter and Katherine Perkins Cynthia Rosbrook The Silliman Family Joe Stanek and Betty Spinelli Jay and Amy Steiner John B. Stine, II Bill and Maureen Theisz Stephanie van Rhyn Michele Walters Robert and Karen Warren Robert and Janet Whitaker $100 to $499 Anonymous (9) Richard and Anne Adler Barbara Ahern Linda Aiken Rolly and Kathe Allen Andrew B. and Karen L. Amerling Joseph Anselment Appalachian Mountain Club Arcady Bay Estates Homeowners Association Christine Archer Kenneth and Rosemarie Arnold Karen Atherton Elaine Auerbach and Family Cynthia Babbott Carl and Sandy Baker Rob Ball Andrew and Irene Bania Richard and Carleen Baright Milo and Ida Barlow Roger and Melissa Barry Chuck and Kim Barton John Summerhayes Beale Jr. Stephen and Betsy Beatson Douglas Beattie and Family George and Mary Ann Beaudoin William and Karen Bechtel* Belden Property Services, LLC Paul and Colleen Bell Dennis and Pat Bell Gregory and Laura Bibler Henry M. Bisner and Nancy L. Mackay Mayor Robert Blais Michael Boardman and Kate Tabner Ren and Nancy Boericke* Kenneth and Susan Bonhotal John P. Bova and Pamela J. Welke Stuart and Sallie Bowling Paul and Laurie Boyd Jim and Judy Breitenstein John and Laurie Brennan

Joel and Bernice Breslau Craig and Marilyn Broomer John Brown Jamie and Laura Brown Tyner and Martha Brown Mim Brown Glenn and Mary Brownstein Marcie Lynn Brozyna and Benjamin Farahmand Katie Bruening Doug and Kim Bryant Thomas Burleigh Sheridan and Elizabeth Burleigh Henry Caldwell and Kate Van Dyck Cecil Caldwell David and Lynn Call Camp David Catherine and Dale Campbell Candlelight Cottages Michael and Kim Cantanucci Carillon Garden Club Peggy and Peter Carney Laurie and Jamie Carr Kevin Carroll David and Sally Cartwright Michael and Cheryl Cecchini Glen and Malinda Chapman Dr. and Mrs. Steven Chin William and Lynn Clark Richard and Holly Clift Tracey and Dale Clothier Alan F. Coffey and Janet S. Potts Bill and Wendy Colley Peter and Tina Collins Jerry and Mary Bea Collins Rick and Lindsay Commons Brian and DeDee Connor Ronald and Cathy Conover Robert Cook and Kealy Salomon Bonnie Cook and Peter Skinner James Coone and Ann Howland-Coone Ken and Mary Lou Cooper John and Stephanie Copeland Graham and Judith Cox Ed and Mary Crabbs Bill and Janet Craft John and Lynne Crist* John Crist, Jr. Thomas and Diane Damiani Mike and Holly Dansbury John and Lenore D’Arco* Lisa Davis David and Betty Decker Stephen and Diane Deets Phil and Lenore Defliese Andrew Delli Paoli Robert and Diane Dickson Michael and Katherine Dier Charles and Ann Dolin Bonnie Donnelly Mary Lou Doulin John and Christina Doyle

Dunham’s Bay Association, Inc. Tim and Miriam Dunne Robert and Mary Lou Dunton Mary Earl Ted Ebersole and Judy Hay Mark Edmonds John and Sally Edmonds William J. and Catherine Ehlert Ellie Eldredge Jane and John Engel Bruce and Jane Ergood Salvatore and Kathleen Ervolina Fredric and Nancy Fagelman Robin Faraone Steven Feil Cynthia Ferguson Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finke Leo and Martha Fishel John Flagg Fogelson Cottage LLC John H. Foote and Kristen Rupert Alfred and Suellen Franz Nicky Fraser Richard Fraser Jack and Tillie Freeman Ray and Sally Freud Rich Frischmann James Fuchs and Kathryn O’Keeffe Jane Gabriels Thomas and Maryanne Gibbs Cris Ginn and Sheri DeLarm Michael and Marcia Ginsburg Harvey and Susan Gleeksman Nancy McAleer Golden Rob and Bonnie Gontier Sonja Goodwin Paul Gordon Hugh and Joy Gregg Andy and Judy Hadjandreas Robert and Kathleen Hale Herbert and Shirley Halliday Happy Jack’s Arthur C. Hatfield and Chattie Van Wert Walter and Jean Hayes Kevin and Kim Hedley Ginger Henry-Kuenzel Dave and Carolyn Hoeschele Caren Hoffman-Smith Tim and Paula Holt Peter and Mary Hood Robert and Marilyn Horn Houghton Miffling Harcourt Margaret Howe Adirondack Foundation, Kelly R. Huiatt Fund Paul and Patricia Hummel Scott and Carole Hunt Don and Donna Hunt Michael and Mary Hunter Thomas James William C. Janeway Brian and Gina Jeckering

Anne Jeffrey Richard and Felicia Jenks Russ and Carol Jockel Bob and Becca Johannes Robert and Sue Johnson Guy Johnson and Pamela Altman Jami Jordan and Michael Luke Janice Joyce and Henry Frueh Juniper Design & Goods Donald and Judy Kahl Ferdinand and June Kaiser Stephen Kalajian* John and Carol Kanis Ron and Susan Karlson Loretta and Robert Keane Anna May Kelly Paulette and John Kershko Bob and Penny Klebe Albert and Priscilla Klomparens Ellen Kreitler Norman and Christine Kuchar* Peter and Nancy Kudan Nick and Chris Laiacona Friends of Lakeside Regional Church Lonnie Lawrence Stu and Marty Lazarus Donald and Audrey Lehn Steve and Susan Locke Denis and Pamela Lusignan Greg MacDonald and Wendy Soliday Bruce and Noni Macpherson Linda Mallon and John D. Mueller Jack and Joyce Manchester Peter and Elizabeth Marshall Michael J. Martignetti and Yve Beeman Bernie and Lisa Martinese and Family Mark and Jennifer Matteo Margaret McGown and Mark Zeek McGrath & Company, Inc. Laura McGrew Kevin McKeever Dick Mead Thomas and Rebecca Meath Protel, Inc Pat and Norm Merz Jeffrey and Samantha Meyer Ron and Kathy Miller Ro Millham John and Karen Milvaney Tocher and Brenda Mitchell Joanne Morrison and David Morrison Nancy Morrison Valerie and Joe Murray Jai and Jennifer Narayan Jeff and Andrea Noel* Harvey and Betty Noordsy Russ T. and Karen North

$100 to $499 cont. Tim and Karleen O’Hearn Dan and Mary Helen O’Keeffe Chet and Joan Oliver Bill and Jane Olsen Jim and Madie O’Toole Richard and Ann Parker Charles Parker Ken and Lauren Parlin Anna Parlin Liz Parlin Anthony and Kitty Pell Eileen (Coen) Pena and Family Frank and Linda Perlman Peter and Carolyn Pfaffenbach Perry and Sally Pickert Bill and Susan Picotte Michelle Piechowicz and Paul Dean Pilot Knob Association Michelle Pollock Alphonse and Christine Porcello Robert and Adele Potter Bob and Sandy Powell Charles and Gail Puckette* Frank and Rosemary Pusateri David Quinn and Lindsey Gates Max Ray Andrew Read Nancy Reale Jack and Lenore Reber Red Camp LLC Francis and Ann Redican Reekin’ Lum LLC Deanne Rehm Brenda Rew Chris and Janice Reynen Recluse Island East German Schwim Team Ken and Jane Robbins* Kenneth Robertson Karen Ross and Jeffrey Ross Richard and Helen Rosselli Amanda Rottier and Francisco Mira Steve and Pam Rottier Mark and Lou Ann Rowan David and Joan Saidel Joyce Sammo Laurie Sapakoff John and Amy Savage Paul Savage Ed and Jennifer Scheiber John and Peg Schroeder Rick and Tymm Schumaker Greg and Michele Schwab Florence Scott Joseph and Carol Scrivo Mimi Scully Melissa Shannon and Kerry Dakin Robert Sharp Bonnie and Art Sheeley Thomas and Arlene Simunek Rob and Jana Singer

Anne Sinopoli Barbara C. Smith Victor and Mary Smith Barbara E. Smith Stephen T. Smith Victor P. Sosnowski and Amy Jones Peter and Heidi Spencer Dick and Sally Spitzer Eric and Kimberly Steinfeldt Bonnie Stevens Thomas and Cheri Stevens Kurt and Florrie Stoffel Stone and Quinn Families Stored Technology Solutions Robert and Angela Strong John and Chris Strough Thomas and Jane Struzzieri Don and Mary Strycker Surfside on the Lake Steve and Lucy Swartz Judith Tate Greg and Judy Taylor Lucinda Tetz The Chronicle Dave and Anne Thomas David Thompson Ticonderoga Art, Inc Jerry and Myra Tolchin Terri Tommell Kenneth Tornvall Eugene and Diane Trybulski Chris Tsu* Dick Tucker Cheryl Tucker and Eric Krantz Joseph and Carol Usaj David and Peggy Van Dyck Grant and Martha Van Patten Lewis and Barbara Varney Victoria Ragucci CPA, PLLC Reg and Shirley Vincent Wayne and Nancy Virkler Melissa Vito Andrew and Donna Volkmann Etto and Barbara Von Zastrow Don and Joyce Vrooman Stephanie A. Wagoner and James Kloiber Emile and Ann Walraven* Jason and Heather Ward John and Meg Warner Mary Ellen Weber Carl and Michele Weiner Eric Werner John and Laura Werner Terry and Lynn Wespestad John and Joan Westley Frank Williams Doug and Nancy Willis Todd R. Wilson Ann Winters and John Petrovits Carol Witherell Gert and Charlotte Wolfang Walter Worobey Robert and Betty Wotton

Donna Wotton Stanley and Barbara Yake Howard and Zoe Youmans Mitchell and Donna Zimmer Up to $100 Anonymous (6) Dale Abrahamson Adirondack Mountain Club, Glens Falls/Saratoga Chapter Cheryl Agris Fred and Peggy Alexy Ann Alman Jennifer Amstutz Dr. and Mrs. Michael Angelucci Sheri Apple Mary Ellen Appleman Joseph and Judy Arnold Jane Arnold Assembly Point Association Bob and Dale Badenoch Charlie and Donna Bain Art and Nicole Baker Peter and Peggy Barrett John and Joanne Bartlett Barton International MaryAnn Beals Janet Beaty John and Karen Beekley Nancy Beekman John A. Behrens and Michael Behrens Glenn and Patricia Belkin Russell and Jane Bellico Terry Benedict and Helen Barton-Benedict Deborah J. Benway and Bob Benway Richard and Janet Berls Jeffrey S. Birch Jenny Bixby and Kenneth Rosenfeld Nikki Blanchette Barbara Blum Betsy Booth and Thomas Briggs Ethan and Leslie Bortman Susan Brainard Brian and Susan Brooker Mike and Arlene Bruder David Bulger Nancy Burke Eberhard and Wendy Burkowski Jim Burmester Robert and Carol Butera Susan Cacici Ted and Jane Caldwell Elizabeth Campagnone Carmody Sunshine Club, Middle School Peggy Carrol and Ed Hawkinson Robert Cella Richard Chase Nell Clark

Don S. Coatsworth Francis and Eileen Collins Kenneth and Annette Colloton Jim and Jean Colloton Todd and Tonya Condon Peter and Barbara Cossman Timothy and Karen Costello Robert C. Craighurst and Susan Berres Mrs. Dale M. Crisafulli Catherine Crumb Michael and Amy Csenge Carolyn Curren Linda Dallas Lawrence Daly Bob D. and Wiebke D’Angelo Dick and Pat Daniels Kate Daniels Tony and Robin Dapolito Hannah Darrin Glenn and Barbara Davis AnneMarie Dawson Amanda and Anthony DeFranco Kenneth DeHart, Sr. Pat Desbiens Jeff and Janet Dickey Lorraine Dickinson James Dickinson Peter diPalma Debbie D’Isabel and John Mariano Scott and Helene Dubin Dunleavy Family Trust Betty Dybas Mary Ann Eaton Theodore Geherty* Katie Elling and David Fritzky Wally Elton Steve and Lisa Engler Suzanne Marie Evans Carl W. Ewald and Julie E. Banister William and Sally Faber John Feist Russell and Maureen Ferris Marion Fields Matt and Denise Finley Bryan Flynn Earle Flynn Mary Flynn Timothy Fossum and Susan Haller Buddy and Cate Foy Erich and Winifred Franz Andrew and Sarah Frasier Emily and Paul Frederick Denise Freihofer Pete and Stacy Frisoni Jane Frye John and Claire Fulco Ted Gacek Timothy and Michele Gautreau Theodore Geherty John and Virgina Geils

Cathy Gilchrist Pamela Lester Golde and Robert Golde Paul Gollhofer Laurie Grusauski William and Ruth Haase Rami and Amy Hachem Jules and Gale Halm Dean and Sharon Hambleton Lisa Hart Mike and Michelle Havas Bruce Heap Barbara Heenan Barbara Hefter Beverly Heineman Betty Heintzelman Hal and Sue Heusner Thomas Hickey Eileen Hickey Joe and Nancy Hoell Adam and Sarah Hoffman David and Susie Hoffman Twig Holland Donald and Milly Hopkins Paul and Mary Ann Hospodar Henry J. and Katrina D. Hotchkiss Susan Howard Julie Hyland Karin Hyman Keith and Sandie Jackson Diane James Frederick and Janice Jannett Kathy Johnston Stephen Johnston Stewart and Dianne Jones Jamie Jordan and Michael Luke Mark R. and Dawn Karlson Kevin and Ida Kelenski Thomas and Heather Kelly Kristi Kempf Karl and Jen Kerr Hazel Goodwin Kim William Kimmons Pamela King-Hall Eleanor Kaplan Klein Drs. Kline & Boyd Optometrists, PLLC Wah Kong Herbert and Darlene Koster Ronald and Elizabeth Krebs Lawrence and Joan Krupnick Ruth LaBrie Melissa Lacijan Douglas Lafferty Lake George Land Conservancy Staff John and Kristine Lanchantin Laura Lane Barb Lange Sunny Larson Chris Lawrence Benjamin and Annette Lazarus John and Lorraine Lefeve Emilio Leone

Michael and Tara Letzring Michael and Mary Loughrey Mary MacDonald Richard and Barbara MacDowell Joan Mahieu Debra Malaney Carolyn Malaney Frank D. and Audrey Manley Ken Marcinowski Russell and Donna Lee Marshall David and Pat Martin John and Stephanie Mason Benjamin Mastaitis John and Diane Matthews Alicia Miller George and Trudy Mazin Lori McCarron Bruce and Nancy McClellan Barbara McCloskey Jackie McConnel Bill and Anne McFeely Ann McMillan Jean McNulty Albert and Katherine Mitchell Don and Marjory Moeller Frank and Maureen Montbriand Evelyn and William Morris James and Judith Morris Louis J. and Karen M. Moskal Bob and Brigid Murphy Irwin and Julie Nathanson Linda Neilson Carol Newhouse Dave and Kelli Page Tom and Eloise Pannell Jessica Paradis and Eric Stoddard Itala Pelizzoli Linda Perry Osobel Perry Donna Phillips* Lucy Pieper Lorraine Plauth Deborah Post and Jeff Stern Margy Pote Dede Potter Stanley and Barbara Pratt Andrew G. and Kimberly Procopio Property Owners of Silver Bay Custer and Doris Quick Kevin and Carlene Ramsey Roberta A. Raymond John Rendinaro and Lynn Butterworth Frank and Elva Ring Michael and Elizabeth Rizza Katherine Rizzo Thomas and Beverly Roach Andy and Cindy Rodman Herman and Nadine Rogg Carol Rosen Gloria Rosselli Steve and Cheri Roth John and Louise Rourke

Tribute Gifts It is with great appreciation that we receive tribute gifts, and we are honored to help recognize the following individuals and events during the 2016 Fiscal Year.

Honorariums Tom and Mary Ann Badenoch Luke Beers Tony Bosi’s Birthday Jamie K. Brown Jamie Brown, Keynote Speaker Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Bryant Mark Cerasano Glen Chapman Vicki Colello’s Birthday Bonnie Donnelly Art and Tonie Franz Terry Freihofer’s Birthday The Gleeksman Family Jack James Greiwe The Jones Family Just Add Water Relay Team* Recluse Island East German Schwin Team* John and Elyse Alexander Macionis Elisabeth Mahoney Lake George Marathon Swim 2016* My Favorite Hiking Trail

Penfield Group Christmas Gift: David and Margaret Atwater Tyner and Martha Brown Patricia and Craig Jonas David Penfield and Rebecca Bronson Michael Penfield Guilford Spencer, II Edward and Deirdre Schadler, Thom Feist Karyn Scherer* Paul and Alice Schneible Richard and Mary Sharp Virginia Rowan Smith Tom Stretton Gwynevere Zeccola *These relay teams and individuals participated in the 2016 Lake George Marathon Swim, held September 17.

Memorials Betty Barth Curt and Jane Beusman Shirley Bryant James and Rosamund Butler Rosamund Butler Joe Cacici Alton S. Cartwright Philip and Pauline Defliese Bill Donnelly Stephen S. Evanusa Doug Ferguson and his Parents Jeannette Foster Jean Freas Ann MacHardy Geherty Alice Glading Bob and Florene Harr Tracy Hulick Walter M. Labiak Dr. John Lang Jim Leary Rob and Bob Lorenson Robert Alvin Lorenson Robert Stuart Lorenson James and Katherine Macwithey Michael E. McCarron

Vera McLaughlin Robert L. Millham Mary Chester Moore-Flagg Barbara Penfield Walter L. and Adelaide B. Perkins Blair Beusman Rawson Uncle Steven of Recuse Island The Reynolds Brothers Henry M. Rowan Jack and Joan Ryder Louis Sammo Bernard Samter Harvey Schadler Lynn L. Schumann Gloria Singer Robert Sinkway David A. Tate Barbara and David Taylor Dr. Wm, Jean N., Mary Jean Thompson Paul F. Tommell Kin Tsu Paul Weinman Howard Youmans

Up to $100 continued John and Joan Ruef Debra Runge Colleen Ryan and Eric Hoppel Michael and Christine Rzepka Paul Salerni Marge J. Salerno and Angela Salerno John and Sara Lee Sanborn Thomas and Susan Sargent Bunny Schwartz Steve and Debby Seaboyer Luke and Jane Sears Tongue Rest, LLC Steven and Nancy Shane Mike Shaw Peg Sheehan-Nolan David and Sally Sheldon Ed and Carol Sheridan Peter and Caroline Sime Stephen and Deborah Sloan Nancy King Smith and Kempton Smith Matt and Lisa Smith Henry and Beth Sommer Scott Sopczyk South Beach Association Joann Spence Janis Spilker Cheryl Springer Jeffrey and Vanessa Starr Dan and Hilary Stec Douglas Stefan Robert and Faith Steinfort John and Eileen Stencel Bob and Gayle Stiles

Alyssa Stock Edward and Linda Stringer Stacey Strollo Richard and Judith Sullivan-Dill Glenn and Jennifer Swajger Peter and Melba Tacy David and Bobbi Taylor Joan Taylor Brad Thayer and Jody Tabner Thayer Rob and Nancy Thiel David Thomas-Train Doug Thompson Robert Tobin Kevin and Lisa Truax Robert and Beth Tully Sharon L. Tyrell Joe and Julie Urbanski Kirby and Martha Van Vleet Cornelis Vanderwouden Michael and Patricia Vaughn Peggy Veacock Mary A. Verner John and Mary Viertl* Jonathan Volks Peter and Julia Voll George and Sophie Walczyk Ed and Judy Walker Sara Wander and Amanda Wilke Mark and Ruth Ward Brian and Susan Waterhouse Donald Waters James and Linda Weinman Rose Anne Weissel John and Cornelia Wells

Bill and Judy S. Wetherbee John and Roberta Whiteley William Bernard Trust David P. Wood and Lauren Marr Ellen and James Woodworth Sheila Wyers Jeff Yarmel Steve F. and Alicia Zucatti FY16 In-Kind Contributions The Buhac Family Cedar Graphics Jordyn Conway and Andrea Palmer Doug Wholey’s Excavating & Drainage Hannaford, Queensbury Carl Heilman, II/Wild Visions, Inc. JUST Beverages KIND Healthy Snacks Lake George Mirror Tony and Lisa Hall Love is on Lake George John J. Macionis Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP North Country Heliflite Sagamore Resort Saralib Corporation Nancie M. Senet, Binnie Thom, and Henry S. Vaccaro The Tsu Family

FY16 Employer Matching Gift Programs Deutsche Bank Americas Fdn, U.S. Matching Gifts Program Educational Testing Service, Employee Donation GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program Goldman Sachs Gives Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program Millennium Pharmaceuticals Matching Unitedhealth Group FY16 Donor Advised Funds Ayco Charitable Foundation Central New York Community Foundation, Inc. The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham The Community Foundation for the Capital Region The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Schwab Charitable Fund The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

The Legacy of Forrest E. Mars, Jr. Forrest E. Mars, Jr., whose contributions to Lake George included $2.5 million towards land conservation, passed away on July 26, 2016 at the age of 84. The Mars family made their first donation to the LGLC in 1997, a $1 million gift for the protection of Flat Rock, as part of the Deborah Clarke Mars and Valerie Anne Mars Gift for the Future of Lake George. Two additional $500,000 gifts made in 1999 and 2000 were used to purchase the historic Anthony’s Nose property, and another $400,000 in 2009 was directed towards the protection of the Last Great Shoreline. All together, these properties encompass 834 acres and nearly 2.5 miles of lake shoreline in the Town of Putnam.

“We are delighted that our gift has been used to purchase Anthony’s Nose,” Mr. Mars said in 2000. “We have long enjoyed the wild quality of the shoreline in the north basin, and it is extremely important to us to see it preserved.” Today, the LGLC continues to work on further protection of the northeast basin, building on the early conservation efforts made possible by the Mars family. We are incredibly thankful for the generous support from Forrest Mars, Deborah Clarke Mars, and other family members who chose to help us in our efforts to protect the land that protects the lake. The Mars legacy will forever be seen, felt and enjoyed by all who visit Anthony’s Nose and the other preserves of the northeast basin.

Volunteers The following volunteers gave of their time during the 2016 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016) as presenters, field volunteers, preserve stewards, hike leaders, office assistants, fundraisers, and event organizers. They enabled us to run the Hike-A-Thon; kept trails safe for the thousands of hiking guests; took part in national efforts like the Christmas Bird Count; and contributed knowledge and advice as members of our events and conservation committees. This list also includes our Directors and Advisory Board members, whose time and dedication is invaluable. Volunteers are heroes of our cause, giving their time for the benefit of Lake George. Thank you! Holly Ahern Sheri Apple Karin Badey Edward Becker Jahnavi Bhavsar Lucinda Bhavsar Betsy Birchenough Bob Birchenough Will Bixby Boy Scout Troop 73 Jason Brechko and his 8th Grade Students, Glens Falls CSD Paul Breslin Jeffry Brozyna Jean Buhac John Buhac Max Buhac Henry Caldwell Sam Caldwell Ted Caldwell Jeremy Carr Laurie Carr Gary Chapin Glen Chapman Malinda Chapman Tracey Clothier Tonya Whitford Condon Dean Cook Jennifer Waterhouse Cooper Timothy Costello Elsa Coughlin Jenny Coughlin Graham Cox William Creighton John Crist, Jr. Amy Csenge Carla Cumming Chuck Cumming Brett D’Arco John D’Arco David Darrin Pat Demko JD DeSantis Leah DeSantis Pat Desbiens Mary Lou Doulin Michaela Dunn Tabor Dunn Miriam Dunne Timothy Dunne Ellie Eldridge Valerie Epstein Paul Farhart

Art Franz Tonie Franz John Gaddy Bill Gates Austin Getner Anne Green Elizabeth Guest Tom Hall David Hayes Walter Hayes Bonnie Hazelton Kevin Henderson Jon Herttua Hal Heusner Sue Heusner Mark McNulty Bill Hoffman Debbie Hoffman Andy Houtman John Hubbard Chris Imperial Mark Johnson Stephen Johnston Robert Kafin Jeri Kellerman Mary Beth Kelly Nancy Kimball Eric Krantz Chris LaGuardia Nicholas Laiacona Buzz Lamb Douglas Langdon Judy Larter John Lefeve Lorraine Lefeve Leanna Lenhart Evan Leonard Margaret Litwin John Macionis Lorraine MacKenzie Makena Marler Mary Ellen Martin Todd Martin Andrea Matte Stephen Matte Carol McCarthy Elizabeth Meigher Jim Menzies Pete Menzies Sheilagh Menzies Rosemary Millham Steve Morrisey David Morrison

Joanne Morrison Sam Morrison Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer Timothy Noble Callie Noonan Harvey Noordsy NYS DEC Education Program Peg Olsen Michael O’Reilly Andrea Palmer Barbara Palmer Caroline Pedlow Lucy Pedlow Barbara Pieper Haley Pogonowski Robert Powell Rosemary Pusateri Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Warren and Washington Counties Hugh Roberts Tom Rosecrans Lynne Rosenthal Virginia Rowan Smith Daniel Ryterband Ann Schlosser Carol Sheridan Ed Sheridan Isabel Singer Nina Singer Rob Singer

Fran Sloatman Rebecca Smith Sarah Steiner Frank Tetz Nancy Tetz David Thompson Gerald Tolchin Edna Van Dorsten Neal Van Dorsten Kate Van Dyck Thelma VanDerzee Stephanie Wagoner Warren County Youth Court staff and clients Lorraine Weiss Jared Whalen Jan Whitaker Robert Whitaker Jack Whitney Diane Wisell Kurt Wisell Ike Wolgin YMCA Camp Chingachgook, Leaders-in-Training campers and staff Our apologies if we have missed anyone in this list!

Board of Directors, Advisory Board & Committees 30% FY 2016 Volunteer Hour Distribution

General Land Stewardship




Outreach, Education & Research 12% Hike-A-Thon


Invasive Species Management


Special Events


Community Impact of Land Conservation The LGLC is sensitive to the fiscal needs of towns within the Lake George watershed. We are invested in these communities, so we make sure to analyze the impact that potential projects may have on the fiscal health of towns in which the land that we protect are located. The majority of the properties that the LGLC acquired in FY16 are high in conservation values, with large areas of wetlands, floodplains, steep slopes, or rocky soils. This makes the land good for water quality protection, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and to be viewed from the lake, but not suitable for development. The land’s assessed value, therefore, is low, and any current or potential tax revenue from the land is minimal. Accordingly, the LGLC’s land protection efforts did not result in a major impact to the “bottom lines” for town budgets. Other properties that the LGLC purchased in FY16 we plan to transfer to New York State to ensure that the municipality will continue to see tax revenue. The State pays property taxes on up to 80% of the assessed land value. We also hope to help towns bring in revenue through eco-tourism. With an estimated 20,000 visitors to our preserves last year, an opportunity exists for communities within the watershed to realize economic benefits in the form of tourist dollars that these people spend when they come to use these protected lands for hiking, bird-watching, hunting, and other recreational uses.

FY16 Resource Allocation

Programs 80% General & Administration 14% Fundraising 6%

Fiscal Year 2016 Consolidated Balance Sheet* The LGLC’s Fiscal Year (FY) ran July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. FY 2016

FY 2015

FY 16 Support and Other Revenue

Cash and Cash Equivalents



Contributions 71%

Property and Equipment, Net







High Mountain Endowment Fund



Virginia Rowan Smith Endowment Fund








Land Held for Conservation Stewardship Cash and Investment

Grants Special Events & Program Fees

Endowments (Permanently Restricted):

Other Assets Total Assets

17% 8%

Interest Income 3% Rent & Lease




Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2016 - Lake George Land Conservancy

Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2016 LGLC Leadership LGLC Board of Directors John J. Macionis, PhD, President Hague Jeffry Brozyna, VP of Development La...

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