AREA 3 Blue Ridge Festival - Area III

Ringing IN the MOUNTAINS! Grab your bells!

and Laura Blauch Genesis Guest Conductor

AREA 3 Blue Ridge Festival


Edmund Tompkins Guest Conductor

Friday and Saturday April 11 - 12, 2014 Bonclarken Conference Center 500 Pine Dr. Flat Rock, NC 28731

Handbell Musicians of America Area 3 2014 Blue Ridge Festival Repertoire Handbell Musicians of America supports the copyright laws, and NO photocopies of music will be allowed at Area 3 festivals without written permission from the copyright holders. Thank you for your cooperation.

Massed Ringing Selections An American Tapestry III: Spiritual AGEHR AG37007 (handbell part) AGEHR 30/2364AG (full score/optional instrumental parts)

arr. Arnold B.Sherman 3-7 octaves, L3 optional 4 hand piano, voices, woodwinds, guitar, band

Keep Your Lamps Agape 2586

arr. Michael J. Glasgow 3-6 octaves, L3, optional handchimes

Osse Shalom AGEHR AG35165 AGEHR 30/1437AG

arr. Susan T. Nelson 3-5 octaves, L3, optional handchimes optional clarinet or violin

Prelude on Thaxted AGEHR AG36045

arr. Michael Helman 3-6 octaves, L3, optional handchimes

Bronze Division Selection Festival Sanctus Choristers Guild CGB570

Cathy Moklebust 4-6 octaves, L4

Genesis Division Selections As A Deer Ringing Word RW8159

arr. R. Lyndel Littleton 3 octaves, L1+

A Grand Celebration AGEHR AG35271

Derek K. Hakes 3-5 octaves, L2, optional handchimes

How Firm A Foundation Choristers Guild CGB305 Choristers Guild CGB743

arr. Sandra Eithun 2-3 octaves, L1+ 3-5 octaves, L1+

I Will Arise and Go To Jesus Choristers Guild CGB747

arr. Cathy Moklebust 2-3 octaves, L2, optional percussion 2

Meet our Guest Conductors Edmund F. Tompkins has served as Minister of Music and Organist at Morning Star Lutheran Church (ELCA), in Matthews, North Carolina, since February 2004. Prior to this, Ed had served as Director of Music/Organist since 1981 in churches in Durham, NC; Nashville, TN; and Richmond, VA. Ed directs two adult vocal choirs, two intergenerational handbell choirs, and two instrumental ensembles as well as vocal and instrumental opportunities for children and youth. He is President and Assistant Director of Charlotte Bronze Handbell Ensemble, a new community bell group led by Artistic Director Tim Waugh. Ed is a graduate of Duke University and Scarritt Graduate School. Ed has served on the Handbell Musicians of America Area 3 Board of Directors and as president of the Charlotte Chapter Choristers Guild. He has conducted handbell festivals in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Virginia and Maryland and served on the handbell faculties at Montreat Conferences on Worship and Music, Massanetta Church Music Conference, and Lutheridge Music Week. He and his wife Judy live in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Laura Blauch started playing handbells in 1978, in her hometown of Emmaus, PA. After moving to Maryland, Laura continued to ring, and after accepting a challenge to form and direct a new handbell choir at her church, discovered a love of conducting. Laura currently lives in NC, where she directs the Chancel Bells, an intermediate/advanced handbell choir, at her church in Davidson, NC. She is a charter member of Charlotte Bronze Handbell Ensemble, and is serving as the Membership Chair for Area 3. Laura has a B.A. in Sacred Music (voice) from Lebanon Valley College and more recently has studied conducting with William Payn. In addition, she has a Masters of General Administration from University of Maryland University College, and is a Senior Financial Analyst for HP. Laura lives in Mooresville, NC with her husband, Dave, children, Tim & Katie, and 4 cats. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis.

Area 3 Photography Policy (for minors attending this event) By registering for an Area 3 event, you give permission to use pictures from the event on the Area 3 website, in the Area 3 Historian's Photo Album and in publicity materials in the future. Individuals will NOT be identified or pictured in potentially embarrassing situations.

Parents who do NOT wish to have their minor child(ren) included in pictures must complete the following form and return it with their registration. DENIAL OF CONSENT FOR MINOR(S)\I do NOT give permission for pictures of my child(ren) to be used on the Area 3 website, in the Area 3 Historian's Photo Album and in publicity materials in the future.

Name(s) of Child(ren): ________________________________________________________ Signed: ______________________________________________________ (Parent or Guardian) Name of Child(ren) Director: ____________________________________ Name of Organization/Church: __________________________________


BONCLARKEN LODGING INFORMATION Please go to to see lodging layouts Full Payment is due when you register.

Faith Apartments $110 per apartment Total of 3 apartments available

* 3 separate apartments each with living room with queen sofa bed, kitchen, 1.5 baths, 2 bedrooms (1 queen and 2 twins) and screened back porch.

Founders Hall $87 per room Total of 16 rooms available

Ministers’ Apartments $92 per apartment Total of 4 apartments available

* Each room has a private bath. * 4 rooms have a queen bed. * 24 rooms have 2 queen beds.

* 4 separate apartments each having 2 bedrooms, with 1 double and 2 twins, 1 bath and kitchen. * The living room is shared by all 4 apartments.

Motel $78 per room Total of 16 rooms available

* Each room has a private bath. * 14 rooms have two queen-sized beds. * 2 rooms have one queen sized bed. Tentative Festival Schedule

Friday, April 11, 2014 3:00 PM - 5:45 PM Registration & Set-up 5:00 PM - 5:50 PM Classes For All 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Dinner in Bonclarken Dining Hall (Pre-ordered Only) 7:00 PM - 7:15 PM Announcements & Opening Bell 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM Massed Rehearsal /Genesis Rehearsal 8:00 PM - 8:10 PM Break 8:10 PM - 8:50 PM Massed Rehearsal/Genesis Rehearsal 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM Bronze Festival Choir Rehearsal Saturday, April 12, 2014 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM Breakfast in Bonclarken Dining Hall (Pre-ordered Only) 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM Massed Rehearsal/Genesis Rehearsal/Area 3 Forum 9:50 AM - 10:00 AM Break 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Massed Rehearsal/Genesis Rehearsal 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Classes For All 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Lunch in Bonclarken Dining Hall (Pre-ordered Only) 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM Genesis Rehearsal/Classes 2:00 PM - 2:20 PM Genesis Concert/Bronze Festival Choir Rehearsal 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Massed Dress Rehearsal 3:15 PM - 3:30 PM Break 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM Festival Concert 4

2014 Bronze Festival Choir Application Blue Ridge Festival Choirs Must Learn Music Prior to the Festival Festival Sanctus Choristers Guild CGB570

Cathy Moklebust 4-6 octaves, L4

If your choir would like to participate in the BRONZE FESTIVAL CHOIR (for entire choirs not individuals or partial choirs), you must prepare an anonymous audio recording (CD or electronically as a .WAV or .MP3 file - NO DVDs or identification on the recording). Pay careful attention to notes, rhythm, dynamics, tempo and style. A committee will evaluate your ringing, and you will be notified of your audition results one month prior to the festival.

Please send the recording along with the form below to:

Mark Gourley, Minister of Music/Organist West Main Baptist Church 450 W. Main St., Danville, VA 24541 [email protected] You will receive an email confirmation when your recording is received for evaluation.

YOUR CD/WAV/MP3 MUST BE RECEIVED BY February 7, 2014 Please do NOT put your name or your choir’s name on the recording. Complete and include this form with your recording. Name of Choir: ____________________________________________________ Number of octaves you are ringing: _________ Name of Church/Organization: _____________________________________ Church/Organization Address: ______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Name of Director: _________________________________________________ Director’s Address: ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________ Email: _______________________________ (Your email address is very helpful in sending your confirmation and other information. It will not be shared with anyone.) 5

OFFICE USE ONLY: Date: __________ Reg #: __________ Check #: __________ Amount: ___________

REGISTRATION FORM 2014 BLUE RIDGE FESTIVAL Please fill out one form for each choir/ensemble attending the Festival. You may make as many copies of this form as you need. Enter the director’s, organization’s and choir’s names as they should appear in the program booklet.

Contact Person: __________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: _______ Zip Code: _____________ Home Phone: ______________________

Other Phone: ______________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________ (You will receive important information through your email address. Your email will not be shared with anyone.)

Director’s Name __________________________________________________________ Organization: _______________________________________________________________ Choir’s Name: ______________________________________________________________ Membership #: _________________ Information I am registering for (check all that apply):

Member’s Name: _________________________ Would like to Perform a Solo during the concert

Choir/Ensemble (# in group ____ )

Genesis Track (# in group ____ )

Bronze Festival Choir

Individual Ringer

How many octaves of bells will you bring to the festival? ________ Is your choir attending for the first time? Yes _____ No _____ Would you like to have a mentor for the festival? Yes _____ Are you willing to be a mentor for the festival? Yes _____

No _____ No _____

Table Requirements (organizations are responsible for bringing their own pads for equipment) NEED tables? _____ BRING tables? _____ Linear footage required _____ (see page 8)

If you are registering for the Bronze Festival Choir, fill out the additional registration form. Position Available If you have any vacant positions available for INDIVIDUAL RINGERS, please list: __________________ If special accommodations are required for any ringers, please include that information below. Be specific, so we can meet those needs appropriately: _________________________________________________________

By participating in this event, every registrant/participant hereby certifies and acknowledges that photographs, recordings and/or video may be taken of them during this event and that these images, interviews, or recordings may be used by Handbell Musicians of America Area 3 or its assignees in publications, promotional materials, and/or website as approved by the Area 3 Board of Directors. The Area 3 Photography Policy Form (for minors) is included in this brochure. 6

OFFICE USE ONLY: Date: __________ Reg #: __________ Check #: __________ Amount: ___________

BLUE RIDGE FESTIVAL Registration Form (continued) REGISTRATION FEES ARE LISTED PER PERSON: NO LODGING AT BONCLARKEN: Number of ringing registrants/directors postmarked by October 31, 2013

_____ x $57 = $______

Number of ringing registrants/directors postmarked by February 14, 2014

_____ x $67 = $______

Number of ringing registrants/directors postmarked after February 14, 2014

_____ x $92 = $______

WITH LODGING AT BONCLARKEN: Number of ringing registrants/directors postmarked by October 31, 2013

_____ x $45 = $______

Number of ringing registrants/directors postmarked by February 14, 2014

_____ x $55 = $______

Number of ringing registrants/directors postmarked after February 14, 2014

_____ x $80 = $______

MEALS AT BONCLARKEN: # of Friday Dinner _____ x $11 = _______

Total Meals $________

# of Saturday Breakfast _____ x $8 = _______ # of Saturday Lunch _____ x $9.75 = _______ LODGING AT BONCLARKEN (PER ROOM): # of Faith Apartments _____ x $110 = _______

Total Lodging $_________

# of Founders Rooms _____ x $87 = _______ # of Ministers Apartments _____ x $92 = _______ # of Motel Rooms _____ x $78 = _______ Number of free ringing registrants

_____ x $0 =

$ 0.00

Persons registering for an Area 3 Festival who have served as Chair of Area 3, are serving on the current Area 3 Board and/or are serving as faculty/staff for this festival, do not have to pay the festival registration. Please list the name(s) below of any person(s) in your group who are in this category:____________________________________________

Handbell Musicians of America Membership (NEW membership only) $85 = $ _______ If you already have a membership, but need to renew, please send your renewal to the National Office. TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED

$ ___________


Handbell Musicians of America Area 3 Mail the original, completed form(s) with full payment to: (partial payments are NOT accepted) Kathy Woods, Registrar, 11 Azalea Rd., Arden, NC 28704 [email protected] 828-777-8617 7

GENERAL INFORMATION The following information pertains to the Blue Ridge Festival. Who May Attend  These festivals are designed for full or partial handbell choirs and/or individual ringers from Middle School age through adults.  Choirs must learn the festival music prior to coming. Registration  Registration is now open and your registration will be processed according to the postmark.  Application forms will be accepted until the maximum per site are reached. Applicants will then be placed on a waiting list and will be notified if and when space becomes available.  Individual ringers may register to ring with registered choirs on a space available basis.  The Registrar will acknowledge registration within two weeks of receipt. Email Information  Event Class Registration and Information Packets will be sent to provided email addresses and also available online at So that information does not go to your junk mail, please add the following email addresses to your contact list: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Fees  Significant discounts are offered for early registrations.  Festival Fee with NO housing at Bonclarken: $57 if postmarked by October 31, 2013; $67 if postmarked by February 14, 2014; $92 if postmarked after February 14, 2014.  Festival Fee WITH housing at Bonclarken: $45 if postmarked by October 31, 2013; $55 if postmarked by February 14, 2014; $80 if postmarked after February 14, 2014.  Cancellation: $ 25 per registrant is nonrefundable when requested prior to February 14, 2014. After that no refunds, regardless of reason (including medical issues and family emergencies) will be granted.  Handbell Musicians of America membership is required. If not a member, add $85 for Guild membership. If you are needing to renew your membership, please send your membership payment to the National office.  The registration fee is transferable only between bona fide members of the same organization.  When sending in your registration form, please include only one (1) check from your organization with full payment - partial payments will not be accepted.  Make your check payable to Handbell Musicians of America Area 3 and mail to Kathy Woods, Registrar - 11 Azalea Rd., Arden, NC 28704. Tables  Indicate on the registration form if you are bringing your own tables or using those provided.  Table footage will be based on the number registered and the number of octaves that you are bringing - 2 octave - 21’, 3 octave - 24’, 4 octave - 30’, 5 octave - 36’, 6 octave - 42’. Meals  NO MEALS are included in the registration fee.  Bonclarken Dining Hall will be providing ordered meals only. Deadline for ordering meals is March 14, 2014. The fees are breakfast $8.00, lunch $9.75 and dinner $11.00. No extra meal tickets will be available at the event. Classes  Registrants will have the opportunity of taking several classes during the event - Friday late afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon.


Class registration information will be emailed to you after you register for this festival.

Vendors (application form required)  Members of the Handbell Industry Council or non-profit organizations will be invited to display and sell handbell music, supplies, equipment, and boutique items.  Music from the classes can be purchased until 30 minutes prior to the event concert.  If you are an HIC member or a non-profit organization and would like to be a vendor at the Blue Ridge Festival, contact Debbie Henning at [email protected] or 410-848-5482 to obtain a form. Lodging (see page 4 for lodging options)  Bonclarken Conference Center offers four lodging accommodations. If you would like to stay at Bonclarken, please mark your choice on the registration form. Individuals without a choir (Massed Ringing only - NOT for Genesis Track)  An opportunity will be provided for directors and individuals who wish to ring in the event, by filling vacancies offered by other choirs, on an available basis, or by bringing bells and pads.  Individuals must purchase & prepare the repertoire in advance and will participate in the event concert.  If you are a choir director with vacant positions, please indicate the positions available on the Registration Form. Bronze Festival Choir (additional form required see page 5)  Choirs (not for individuals or partial choirs) who wish to be considered for the Bronze Festival Choir must submit an application and recording (CD or electronically as a .WAV or .MP3 file - NO DVDs or identification on the recording) of the designated selection. Careful attention must be given to notes, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, and style.  These recordings must be received by February 7, 2014. No recordings received after the deadline will be accepted.  A committee will review all recordings and select groups for the Bronze Festival Choir.  You will be notified of acceptance or rejection, including comments on your recording from committee members, one month prior to the event. Genesis Track – an “event within an event” - NEW THIS YEAR  This track is for advanced-beginning choirs ringing primarily Level 1-2 music.  Enjoy fellowship with other ringers, ringing en masse with a smaller group, class opportunities and shopping at the vendor booths.  Register early – space is limited!  The required repertoire is to be rehearsed and well-prepared prior to the event. Silent Auction  In order to reach Area 3’s goal of starting new handchime programs in schools, we are holding Silent Auctions at Area 3 events in order to raise monies for purchasing a 3 octave set of chimes and beginning resource materials for selected schools.  We plan to continue this endeavor every year. So, we ask you to bring something to place in the Silent Auction - CDs, gift certificates, basket from your choir, treasures from your attic, etc. Help us get handchimes into the schools.


If you have questions regarding the Area 3 Blue Ridge Festival, please contact:

Debbie Henning, Coordinator of Events 410-848-5482 [email protected]

Information can be found online on our website (



AREA 3 Blue Ridge Festival - Area III

Ringing IN the MOUNTAINS! Grab your bells! and Laura Blauch Genesis Guest Conductor AREA 3 Blue Ridge Festival HANDBELL MUSICIANS OF AMERICA Edmun...

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