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(/media/Bil_6b4lRB5) Cherry blossoms in Kyoto - Japan Picture by @puraten10 (/user/puraten10? hl=en) . #wonderful_places (/tag/wonderful_places?hl=en) 350 44,552 for a feature 3 hours ago (/media/Bil_6b4lRB5)

(/media/BilKSGfgmUJ) Photo by @babaktafreshi (/user/babaktafreshi? hl=en) The World at Night project Some of the world’s major observatories are located within national parks and nature reserves, 491 137,902 which better secures protection of the dark sky 11 hours ago (/media/BilKSGfgmUJ) above them. Through my career of night sky photography I’ve visited many of these sites and La Palma in the Canaries has been my favorite so far, the enchanting beauty of the island with a massive caldera and the stunning sky. Look forward to return to this European stargazing paradise next week for my annual photo workshop. Photographed here is constellations Cassiopeia (center) over the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory at 2400 meters high, on top of the island, with about a dozen major telescopes. Below the clouds is the light from the village of Los Sauces. Follow me @babaktafreshi (/user/babaktafreshi? hl=en) for more stories under stars. #astrophotography (/tag/astrophotography?hl=en) #nightphotography (/tag/nightphotography?hl=en) #astronomy (/tag/astronomy?hl=en) #longexposure (/tag/longexposure?hl=en) #cassiopeia (/tag/cassiopeia?hl=en) #canaryislands (/tag/canaryislands?hl=en) #spaintravel (/media/Biktso5jv67) “Your hair is 90% of your selfie.” writes (/tag/spaintravel?hl=en) #twanight (/tag/twanight? @poochofnyc (/user/poochofnyc?hl=en) #hairgoals hl=en) @natgeo (/user/natgeo?hl=en) (/tag/hairgoals?hl=en) @natgeocreative (/user/natgeocreative?hl=en)

(/media/Bil4LNjn_qi) #Repost (/tag/Repost?hl=en) @suwandicphoto (/user/suwandicphoto?hl=en) Photograph by Suwandi Chandra



4 hours ago (/media/Bil4LNjn_qi)

This is the kind of photo which I always dream of executing whenever given a chance to capture Sakura season in Japan. And luckily I was able to execute it during my unplanned trip this past few weeks. The sakura was blooming at its best moment decorating the sky above the clear view of Magnificent Mount Fuji. If you look closely, you can spot some sakura petals flying as a result of a mild wind at that very moment. Always grateful for this kind of moment! Thanks a lot Japan. Hopefully can come back again for many more moments like this. #Fuji (/tag/Fuji?hl=en) #Sakura (/tag/Sakura?hl=en) #Spring (/tag/Spring?hl=en) #Season (/tag/Season? hl=en) #CherryBlossom (/tag/CherryBlossom? hl=en) #Japan (/tag/Japan?hl=en) #Nature (/media/BilGSvTFXna) Beautifully Broken | Photograph by Joe Keller (/tag/Nature?hl=en) #landscape (/tag/landscape? (@joseph.w.k (/user/joseph.w.k?hl=en)) hl=en) #travel (/tag/travel?hl=en) #panorama .(/tag/panorama?hl=en) #Fujisan (/tag/Fujisan? “Most of my shots don’t require too much planning,” hl=en) #kawaguchi (/tag/kawaguchi?hl=en) #lake writes #YourShotPhotographer (/tag/lake?hl=en) # 96 13,631 (/tag/YourShotPhotographer?hl=en) Joe Keller. (/tag/%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC?hl=en) # 11 hours ago (/media/BilGSvTFXna) “This one however was weeks of planning and (/tag/%E6%B2%B3%E5%8F%A3%E6%B9%96? waiting for cooperative weather, and after pulling it hl=en) # off successfully at 3:15AM in the late summer, I can (/tag/%E5%AF%8C%E5%A3%AB%E5%B1%B1? happily say this is my best shot I have taken this hl=en) #cnntravel (/tag/cnntravel?hl=en) year.” #cnnireport (/tag/cnnireport?hl=en) #bbctravel — (/tag/bbctravel?hl=en) #earthcapture “Good photographs are often dependent on (/tag/earthcapture?hl=en) #lppostcards interesting juxtapositions — and in this image, a (/tag/lppostcards?hl=en) #lppathfinders specific moment in time was required for the Milky (/tag/lppathfinders?hl=en) #lonelyplanet Way to align beautifully with the waterfall. In this (/tag/lonelyplanet?hl=en) #natgeo (/tag/natgeo? fantastic picture, the stars seem to spill out of the hl=en) #vsco (/tag/vsco?hl=en) #tlpicks sky — becoming a celestial waterfall.” — @natgeo (/tag/tlpicks?hl=en) #iamtraveler (/tag/iamtraveler? (/user/natgeo?hl=en) photographers Diane Cook hl=en) #livewelltravelled (/tag/livewelltravelled? and Len Jenshel (@cookjenshel hl=en) (/user/cookjenshel?hl=en))

(/media/BilkOUKDUBb) @hammond_robin (/user/hammond_robin?hl=en) for @onedayinmyworld (/user/onedayinmyworld? hl=en) Benjamin Larsa receives prayers to cast out the 247 94,678 spirits thought to be causing his mental illness. He 7 hours ago (/media/BilkOUKDUBb) was brought to Nazareth Prayer Camp in Ghana seven years ago by relatives hoping he would be cured. Of the 2.4 million Ghanaians living with mental health conditions only 3 percent receive care at medical facilities (according to the World Health Organisation). Filling the void are thousands of prayer camps offering a sanctuary from stigma, and the promise of a cure through prayer. These camps operate without mental health professionals and virtually no government oversight. Patients can be held in chains without access to medical intervention for years. #inmyworld (/tag/inmyworld?hl=en) is designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with #mentalhealth (/tag/mentalhealth?hl=en) issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. @witness_change (/user/witness_change? hl=en) is a nonprofit that aims to improve life for (/media/Bik-zwnjDur) Photo by @iamthepurpleninja excluded groups by amplifying their stories. To see (/user/iamthepurpleninja?hl=en) more or to share your own mental health story Note to self: weekend beach getaway > staying please follow @onedayinmyworld home. #WHPcolorpop (/tag/WHPcolorpop? (/user/onedayinmyworld?hl=en) hl=en) 1,309 239,139 13 hours ago (/media/Bik-zwnjDur)

(/media/Bij1X6OHf-k) (/media/Bij0z2LnsCI) Spring Vibes in Zurich Today’s Yurikamome . . . #dogsofinstagram (/tag/dogsofinstagram?hl=en) @visitzurich (/user/visitzurich?hl=en) #visitzurich 743 54,145 61 7,822 a day ago (/media/Bij1X6OHf-k) 65 9,589 a day ago (/media/Bij0z2LnsCI) (/tag/visitzurich?hl=en) 15 hours ago (/media/Biktso5jv67) @myswitzerland (/user/myswitzerland?hl=en) #amoureuxdelasuisse (/tag/amoureuxdelasuisse? /?template=colorbox&utm_source=inkphy&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=thumbnails-a:Below Article Thumbnails:) hl=en)

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