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Baseline Analysis can provide a remarkably detailed picture of many different mechanical problems, even in their earliest stages.

Carrier’s Baseline Analysis service uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to determine vibration levels, noise levels, and balance conditions in HVAC equipment, enabling customers the ability to address problems before they become serious and costly. Additionally, a ‘mechanical signature’ is created for future comparison and analysis.

Baseline Analysis (/commercial/en/us/service/retrofitand-optimize/baselineCarrier will test, measure and analyze vibration and noise levels. Accurate balancing can also be included. Carrier provides analysis/) reports on what was tested, data and vibration severity charts, analysis and interpretation, and recommendations for corrective actions, if needed.

It can:

Predictive Maintenance (

• Find, identify and correct minor problems inexpensively before they lead to more complex and expensive repairs

• Avoid downtime, inconvenience, or discomfort to occupants


• Cost effective projections of future maintenance and replacement requirements

• Trend analysis for proactive maintenance

• Carrier and non-Carrier HVAC equipment


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Baseline Analysis | Carrier-Building Solutions

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