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3 Mayıs 2012 Perşembe

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Alien Alert In Seattle

t Mayıs (1) Alien Alert In Seattle

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Karen Nielson is fifteen years old.She is tall and she has short red hair and green eyes.She lives in Seattle.One day she watched TV and she saw news about aliens.A mounth later she went to back to high school.This is her second year at Washington High School and she likes it a lot.When she she finishes school and universty she wants to become a chemist.On the way to school she met her best friend and classmate, Barbara Reynolds.She is tall, pretty girl.She lives near her house and they always walk to school together.She is AfroAmerican and one of the best students at their school..She wants to become a doctor.Basketball is her sport and she plays on the girls basketball team.And she also likes listening to music.They had some new tachers in that year.Barbara and Karen likes talking about boys and clothes.And Karen asked UFO news to Barbara.They got to school at half past eight and went to our first class, science.There was a man of about thirty in the classroom.His name is Mr.Kent.He was tall and quite slim.He had blond hair and brown eyes.Barbara thought good ideas about him.At that moment an airplane passed over their school and made a lot of noise.Everyone in class looked out of the window but sun was hurt their eyes.They turned away from the window, but Mr.Kent didn't.

SUMMARY ALIEN ALERT IN SEATTLE Everyone at school had lunch at 12.30 in the cafeteria.She always had lunch with Barbara and Walter Andrews, a sixteen years old boy.He was tall and had dark brown hair and dark eyes and Karen liked him.He was a quiet boy and didn't have many friends.His favorite subjects were math and science.Barbara thought Mr.Kent is really cute.Walter had a lots of questions in his mind.Because the sun didin't hurt Mr.Kent's eyes.They were sitting at cafeteria.And they saw Mr.Wilkonson.There was a glass of green juice in front of him, and on the table there were some black pillo.He put two of them into the glass and the green juice startedto make bubless.Then suddenly it changed color and became red Mr.Wilkonson took the glass and slowly drank the mysterious red juice."Walter was surprised because teachers didn't usually ask questions."(p.26.)"I have a small telescope and I like looking at the stars, I have a pet called Tootsie, she's a black and white cat."(p.28.)That afternoon she decided to go to Walter's house.He was so interested in aliens sitting in front of his computer.There were posters of the solar system and the constellations on the wall of his room. start=153&um=1&hl=tr&biw=1440&bih=796&addh=36&tbm=isch&tbnid=loCAWUDmQOoX 1M:&imgrefurl= ff57422371_pr.jpg&w=445&h=445&ei=a8SoT7iAGK364QSJj73GDA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vp x=391&vpy=168&dur=2014&hovh=225&hovw=225&tx=145&ty=123&sig=1099296256744 63496125&page=5&tbnh=145&tbnw=151&ndsp=35&ved=1t:429,r:8,s:153,i:186 I chose this picture because there is an alien and my book is about alens.And when you look this picture you can understand easily my book's topic.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST I am reading Alien Alert In Seattle about alien before this book I have read Missing In Sydney about friendly.This two books have so different topic.I like Missing In Sydney more than this book because I am not interested in aliens so much.But one thing is same between the these books.These books are adventure books and I like adventure books like Alien Alert In Seattle.When I read Alien Alert In Seattle or Missing In Sydney I am interested in end of the book's because adventure books are so excited for me. Missing In Sydney has limited characters but Alien Alert In Seattle has a lot of characters.If you read these two books you can easily understand the books topic.But you can't find easily Alien Alert In Seattle's end.You can understand Missing In Sydney's end because Missing In Sydney has a lot of cues in the story and if you look the story's pictures you can see easily story's end.But Alien Alert In Seattle has less cues but this story tells a lot of information about the characters.Missing In Sydney only says two or three sentence about the one character.Missing In Sydney has many place but Alien Alert In Seattle only has two place.There is a similarities between two books.These two books are mysterious story.There are differences and similarities between the two books I didn't get bored in reading both of them. um=1&hl=tr&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbnid=QkJ27FBqI1GKM:&imgrefurl= There is photo from Bondi Beach about Missing In Sydney book. start=296&um=1&hl=tr&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbnid=diqXx4vJMOhbzM:&i mgrefurl= There is a photo about Alien Alert In Seattle.

PREZİ If you want you can look to my prezi Alıen Alert In Seattle by bengu erkaya on Prezi

VOKI This is my voki.

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2 yorum: Melisa Yılmaz 5 Mayıs 2012 13:18 Hi Bengü, I looked your blog. I have read your summary and watched your video. Your blog looks like fine. When I read your summary, I was interested your book "Alien Alert in Seattle." Because I always curious about aliens because nobody knows there are aliens or not. I liked your book and maybe, after I finish my book, I will read it. Your video is amazing. There is a song and it is so beautiful and it can be about your book. So, your video is funny and your book can be funny too.Thank you for your sharing Bengü. Have a good read. Melisa Yanıtla

AliPrepA 24 Mayıs 2012 11:12 Hi Bengü I have read your compare and contrast and I like that.I also like your picture it looks beautiful.We are reading same book and this book is amazing.I have a question to you.I wonder will Mr.Wilkon become an alien? Have a good read Ali Fuat And this comment for the fourth post Yanıtla

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Bengü Erkaya: Alien Alert In Seattle

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