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Monday, May 3,1982

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Canton, Michigan

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Board to ask voters about road repairs

The *

Canton Connection WILLOW CREEK subdivision residents take note — the annual homeowners association general meeting takes place at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at Miller Elementary School. Snow removal and election of new officers will be discussed at this meeting. All Willow Creek residents are invited to attend.


By Arlene Funks staff writer


Township officials will ask Canton voters if they are willing to increase the tax rate by two mills for better roads. A committee of residents is recommending that the question be placed on the Aug. 3 primary ballot. The Township Board will consider drafting the proposed ballot language during tomorrow's regular meeting. The Wayne County Elections Commission must receive t he proposed language by 4 p.m. June 1 Clerk John Flodin said he doubts whether attorneys for the township can provide language inf )rmation to the board before tomorrow's meeting. "We're under certain time restraints here - the magic date is June 1," said

Special. Check out results of the Special Olympics on page 3A of today s Canton Observer. *

U S E D B O O K S were the toast of the town last week, and the Friends of the Canton Library couldn't have been happier with the response. The annual used-book sale raised $900, according to Glenna Johnson. Proceeds will go to the Canton library.

S P E A K I N G O F the library, officials will hold a special storytime honoring Leo Leonni, author and illustrator of popular children's books, at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the library, on the third floor of Township Hall. Children, grades K-2, may register for the session in person or by calling the library at 397-0999. The program will include stories, a film and a short play based on the author s books.


A F U N D is being set up in the memory of Ed Woo, a popular Canton Township restaurant owner, who died April 24. He owned House of Woo on Ford Road. Donations are being collected by Mr Woo's friends who work in Township Hall. According to Jim Kosteva, township planner, the funds will be sent to a foundation doing research on heart disease, or to purchase research books on heart disease for the Canton public library. Checks should be made payable to Canton Township, and mailed to the Canton planning department, 1150 S. Canton Center Road, Canton 48188. ' | Receipts will be available at the township offices.

S E A N P A W L , of Arlington, was named Mr. Downriver Talent for 1982 when he danced his way to first place in the 8< to-10-year-old division tap solo, sponsored by North American Pageant System. Sean, 10, a fifth grader at Plymouth Christian Academy, has been dancing for five years at the Masters of Dance Arts in Canton. Involved in group competition, as well, this was Seal's first solo competition. The victory earns the right for Sean to enter the state competition at the Fairlane Mall in Dearborn in May.

Anyone interested in submitting information about Canton Township for "The Canton Connection" may send items to Canton editor Dennis O'Connor, 461 S. Main, Plymouth 48170. We ask that you type or print the information and include your name and phone number in case we have any questions. The column runs every Monday.

GARY CASKEY/stafl photographer

Tommy Berry, 31, i t led back into 36th District Court Thursday by Court Officer Randy Hughes. In the background (from left) is Canton Officer


Bob Van Lith, Helen Deshaver and Canton Officer Bruce Roderick. ,

staff writer


Judge James Garber of the 35th District Court says Thursday was one of those days he'd rather jiave stayed in bed. The highlight of Garber's day came about 1:30 p.m. when he had to send officers from Canton, Plymouth and the State Police to retrieve a defendant scheduled for trial. The defendant, 31-year-old Tommy Berry of Detroit, was returned to the court saying he only went out for some lunch. Here's how Garber's day went: Berry, charged with larceny from a building under $100, was scheduled for a 9 a.m. jury trial. With the trial set to Start, Berry's attorney, Milton Means, informed the judge Berry was at Wayne County General "Hospital in Wayne. Berry admitted himself to the hospital Wednesday night saying he had fell and hurt his leg while shopping at a Cadillac dealership. At this point Berry was free on a $215 cash bond. * Garber called the hospital and was informed doctors could find nothing wrong with Berry. The hospital agreed to release Berry to police. Canton Officers John Sherwin and Bob Van Lith were sent to pick up Berry from the hospital. In the meantime Garber dismissed the jury until 1:30 p.m. When Sherwin and Van Lith arrived

Apprehending officer Bruce Roderick writes a citation for Deshavet once back at the court. at the hospital, Berry fell out of bed and said he injured himself. "He was going to get up and get dressed and he fell out of the bed. This brought the nurses and doctors running to see if he was all right," says Van Lith. "They looked him over and said he


staff writers The Plymouth-Canton Community Schools' system of assigning students to high school produces such things as nextdoor neighbors sitting on the opposite sides of a football fiel
was OK — only that he might have some' pain. They went ahead and discharged him." When court was ready to resume, Berry was in the court parking lot and informed Means he was leaving. Means came into the court and told the judge of Berry's decision. Garber went outside, accompanied by the Canton officers, Court Officer Randy Hughes and Plymouth Lt. Henry Berghoff. Berry had left in a car with Helen Deshaver, 31, of Ecorse. "It was at this point I somehow got the idea Berry didn't want to be with us today," says Garber. Garber revoked Berry's bond and issued a bench warrant for his arrest. All of the officers left to find Berry while notifying other departments to help in the search. Less than 15 minutes later, Canton Officer Bruce Roderick apprehended Berry and Deshaver at 1-275 and Ecorse Road. By this time Garber had dismissed the jury and Means had left. "The jurors were in the jury room where they could look out the window and see the officers leaving — running for their cars and tires squealing," says Garber. "I figured they could put two and two together when I told them the defendant wasn't with us yet, so I had to dismiss them because they might have been tainted."

It sounded as if the two state senators from western Wayne County had agreed to disagree. Senate Majority Leader William D. Faust, D-Westland, said the state Senate shoSld have passed the six-month 1 percent state income tax hike and might have, with one more Republican vote last week. Sen. R Robert Geake, R-Northville, maintains the proposed measure was doomed to failure. "I was not surprised at the margin (IS for, 23 against). I could not see any Republicans changing their

CANTON PRINCIPAL Kent Buikema and other .high school administrators suggested a computer-lottery system to arrive at an equitable way of assigning students, Rodwell said. The random assignment system used in conjunction with the CEP concept of two schools on one site has enabled the district to make better use of facilities, according to Superintendent John Hoben For example, students at both Salem and Canton may elect an auto shop class, which is offered only at Canton, or take a broadcast communications class at the radio station, offered at Salem. Raci&l, economic or ethnic segregation in the high schools is prevented by the CEP concept and random assign ment. If a feeder middle school were to become dominated by one group, the high school fed by that middle school also would become unbalanced PREVENTING SUCH segregation was a consideration when the CEP concept was adopted in the 1960s, Hoben said Rodwell, who developed the computer

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RAPID GROWTH IN the mid '70s led

what's inside

Vote leaves senators arguing staff writer


to the development of random assign ment, which began in the 1977-78 school year. At that time, students at Pioneer and West middle schools attended Salem while students at Central and East middle schools went to Canton. (Lowell, the district's fifth middle school, opened last fall, £fter random assignment was adopted.) Middle-school enrollment was determined by boundaries, which frequently changed because of the zooming population growth in Canton Township Heavy enrollments led to overpopula tion at Pioneer, West and eventually at Salem. ' "Salem was beyond capacity, and we were short of kids at Canton." Rodwell said. Because of the feeder-school arrangement, there was an imbalance School officials had to figure out a fair way to shift the overload at Salem to the underutilized Canton. The question. Rodwell said, was: "How do we divide the pie?"

is the system

By Brad Emons and Dennis O'Connor

On state tax proposal By Tim Richard

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used by the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools system to assign students to the tux? high schools in the district's Centennial Educational Park. Staff writers Brad Emons and Dennis O'Connor explore this innovative system in a three-part series. 7his first installment dismsses why and how the system Was developed.

Trial tries judge's nerves, defendant caught fleeing By Gary M. Cates

HOMEOWNERS HAVE complain about potholes, ruts and dust on the unpaved roads that abut many of Canton's subdivisions. A special task force has research options for about three months. The group submitted a report to the Township Board last week. "That's not a bump in the road, that's my tailpipe, was the subtitle of the report. Basic recommendations of the task force call for: • One mill, assessed over a 10-year period, for maintenance. This includes grading, application of gravel, dust

Computer offers students equal toss

LIBRARY, A D D T W O . The library invites baseball fans, age 8 and older, to a baseball extravaganza. The starting line-up includes reading books for home runs, a baseball card trade day, films, and a special appearance by former Canton resident and Detroit Tiger pitcher Milt Wilcox. The program includes four sessions — 10:30 a m May 8,10:30 a.m. May 15, 7 p.m. May 17 and 10:30 p.m. May 22 Register for all four sessions at the library.

Flodin. "I'm in as much'of a hurry as anybody (but) we have time The quicker we get (the language) the quicker we get it to the people (voters)."

votes," said Geake, who voted no. FAUST, WHOSE district includes Garden City and Canton, thought it would be closer. He and Senate Minority Leader Robert VanderLaan, R-Kentwood, had an "arrangement" whereby the GOP would put up seven votes and the Democrats 12. That would create a 19-19 ti^. Lt Gov. James Brickley would break the tie, providing the critical 20th vote for passage The arrangement fell apart "I was told by the Republicans they thought they had their seventh vote," Faust said. "I had not only the 12th but a 13th vote. That's why we ran."

WHEN ROLL CALL votes are taken, senators press a button which turns a light on a big tote board — green for a yes vote, red for a no. The seventh Republican green light "never materialized," said Faust. So several Democrats switched their lights from green to red, apparently figuring they woul-' be wasting their yes votes and opening themselves up to voter criticism in a losing cause. The measure finally received 10 Democratic and five Republican votes while 14 Democrats and nine Republicans voted against

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O&E Monday, May 3,1982

neighbors on cable


CHANNEL 8 Omnicom


al at Parkview Memorial Cemetery, Livonia. Officiating was the Rev. Donald Sopiak with arrangements made by Schrader Funeral Home. Memorial contributions may be made to the cancer treatment and research program of Providence Hospital.

Funeral services for Mrs. Stecker, 75, of North Territorial, Plymouth, were held recently in Schrader Funeral Home in Plymouth with burial at Riverside Cemetery, Albion. Officiating was the Rev. Frederick Vosburg. Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of the donor's choice.

Mr. Wyman,. who died April 27 in Southfield, was born in Muskegon and moved to Can too in 1979 from Livonia. He was a member of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church. Mr. Wyman was a partner in the H & J Machine Tool Company in Detroit for the past 14 years and had been a business associate with Benedict Winkler for 32 years.

Mrs Stecker, who died April 27 in Ann Arbor, was a homemaker and a life-long resident of Plymouth. She was a member of the Plymouth Women's Club, and a member and past president of the Plymouth Garden Club. Active in the Republican Party, she also was instrumental in developing several community groups in Plymouth.

Survivors include his wife, Virginia; mother, Blanche Supernaw of Flint; step-children, Linda, Steven, Timothy, Cynthia and Kathleen; daughters, Linda Wilkie of Livonia, Susan Martin of Livonia, Nancy Saaranen of Redford, and Cindy Lyday of Tuscon; son, Charles, Jr, of Livonia; sisters, Blanche Thompson pf Birmingham, Ruth White of Arnold, Md., and Dorothy Ziemlak of Anchorage, brothers, Robert of Kalamazoo and Arthur of Mt. Morris; and by ten grandchildren and seven stepgrandchildren.

Survivors include her husband, Austin; daughters, Suzanne Scharmen of Canton and Julie Totzke of Plymouth; brother, William Bake of St. Louis, Mo.; and six grandchildren. CHARLES E. WYMAN Funeral services for Mr. Wyman, 62, of Burnham Drive, Canton, were held recently in Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Plymouth with buri-

M O N D A Y (May 3 ) ' Noon . . . Centennial Educational Park (CEP) school news 5:30 p.m;. . . ^>EP school news 6:3ft p.m. ? . .-'Hank Luks vs. Crime No. 19 7 p.m. . i. . SANDY (Sandy Preblich) Guest: Jim Poole, Canton Township Supervisor 7:30 p.m. . . . Inner Visions, Outer Realm& (Positive Attitudes 8 p.m. . . . Plymouth Profiles (Jack Wilcox) Guest: Mayor Bud Martin 9 p.m.. . . Public Access — Laff Riot ! T U E S D A Y (May 4) 9 a.m.. i . Computer Literacy No. 15 5:30 .m. j . . CEP New*. 6:30 p.m. . . . Hank Luks vs. Crime No. 19 7 p.m. . j . . S A N D Y (Sandy Preblich) Guest: Jim Poole Canton Township Supervisor 7:30 p.m- Inner Visions, outer realms (positive attitudes). . . . 8 p.m. Plymouth Profiles (Jack Wilcox) Guest: Mayjar Bod Martin . . . 9 p . m j ^ o a t h View No. 4 — Religious Access

10:30 a.m. . . . SANDY (Sandy Preblich) Guest: Jim Poole, Canton Township Supervisor 11 a.m. . . . Inner Visions, Outer Realms (Positive Attitudes) 11:30 a.m. . . . Plymouth Profiles (Jack Wilcox) Guest: Mayor Bud Martin Noon . . , CEP school news 5:30 p.m.. . . CEP school news 6:30 p.m. . . . Hank Luks vs. Crime No. 19 7 p.m. . . . SANDY (Sandy Preblich) Guest: Jim Poole, Canton Township Supervisor 7:30 p.m. . . . Inner Visions, Outer Realms (Postive Attitudes) 8 p.m. . . . Plymouth Profiles (Jack Wilcox) Guest: Mayor Bud Martin 9 p.m.. . . "Elvis" - at Canton Center Stage

W E D N E S D A Y (May 5) 10 a.m. j . . Hank Luks vs. Crime No. 19

T H U R S D A Y (May 6) 10 a . m . . . . Hank Luks vs. Crime No. 19 10:30 a.m. . . . SANDY (Sandy Preblich) Guest: Jim Poole, Canton Township Supervisor 11 a.m. . . . Inner Visions, Outer Realms (Positive Attitudes) , 11:30 a.m. . . . Plymouth Profiles (Jack Wilcox) Guest: Mayor Bud Martin Noon . . . CEP school News 1 p.m. . . . Religious Access —

Youthview No. 4 4 p.m.. . . "Elvis" - a t Center Stage 5:30 p.m.. . . CEP schiiol News 6 p.m.. . . Computer 1 teracy No. 15 7 p.m.. . . Mayberry State Park F R I D A Y (May 7) 10 a . m . . . . Hank Lukfc vs. Crime No. . 19 10:30 a.m SAND Y (Sandy Preblich) Guest: Jim Poole, Canton Township Supervisor 11 a.m. . . . Inner Visions, Outer Realms (Positive A I titudes) 11:30 a.m. . . . Plyrilouth Profiles (Jack Wilcox) Guejit: Mayor Bud Martin Noon . . . CEP school hews 5:30 p.m.. . . CEP school news C H A N N K:L13 MONDAY- FRIDAY Dawn's Aerobics 9:30 a.m. 10 a.m.. . . The Larry Janes Cooking Show 10:30 a.m. . . . Around Town (Lark Samouelian) Guests: Henry Falker, American Historical Society — Germans from Russia; and Jim Courtney, Century |21-Gold House Realtors — positive motivation 11 a.m. . . . AM-PM (Ann Marie Arendsen) Guests: (Jeffrey Bruce, make-up artist of the stars; Judy

Hepler, Bruce's regional director, and Heidi Hepler, Miss Michigan 1980-81. 6:50 p.m.. . . Newsline-13 7 p.m.. . . Dawn's Aerobics 7:30 p.m.. . . The Larry Janes Cooking Show 8

p.m. . . . Around Town (Lark Samouelian) Guests: Henry Falker, American Historical Society — Germans from Russia; and Jim Courtney, Century 21-Gold House Realtors — positive motivation *

8:30 p.m. . . . AM-PM (Ann Marie Arendsen) Guests: Jeffrey Bruce, make-up artist of the stars; Judy Hepler, Bruce's regional director; and Heidi Hepler, Miss Michigan 1980-81.

Editor's note: Centennial Educational Park (CEP) news, written, produced and directed by high school Students at the park, is a Channel 11 production. (Channel 11 is the station run by PlymouthCanton Community Schools.) The program is aired on Omnicom's Channel 8 however, because Channel 11 doeis not have the engineering or production equipment to air the show.

Board members to decide fantasy-game controversy Gentry of Canton Calvary Assembly of God. The game was used as part of a West Middle School elective course, "Games, Games, Games." Although the course has ended since Gentry filed the original complaint in February, Rev Gentry has continued with his appeal. '

' Objections to the use of the game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)in a middle school will be heard by the PlymouthCanton School Board on May 17. D&D, the role-playing game which involves imaginary characters, voyages and battles, has been charged with having a "negative spiritual influence" on student players by the Rev. Gregory

"Of course the class has ended now, but in Superintendent John Hoben's letter he did indicate the "Games, Games, Games" class could be offered again in the future with the possibility of using D&D again," Gentry says. A review committee was established to look into Gentry's charges after the original complaint was received. The committee found the game "neither advances nor prohibits any suggested religion or religous belief" Following the commitee's decision in March, Gentry appealed to Superintend-

ent Hoben. Hoben reviewed the material and talked with Gentry before ruling in favor of the committee. Hoben said in his decision: . The accusation that the game is spiritual in nature is a judgemental factor that seems to differ between those that have exposure to the activity and your (Gentry's) concern at the other end of the continuum." SUBSEQUENTLY Gentry has appealed to the school board. Board president Carol Davis has scheduled May 17's

workshop to hear from Gentry. Gentry currently is sending out surveys to area clergy asking them to evaluate the game. "I would like to go to the board with some type of view f rom the area clergy," he says. Earlier Gen try had said the persons reviewing the game materials weren't trained in spunitual matters —j causing them to miss the point of his arguement. The board will take action on the apt peal at its next regular meeting (May 24)

following the May 17 workshop The purpose of having Gentry speak at the workshiop is to allow 30 minutes for his presentation. At a regular meeting, he would only receive five minutes to ad dress the board Dr. John Telford and Dr Mike Homes, school administrators, will represent Robert Smith, West Middle School principal, at the workshop. Smith had presented arguments for using D&D at the committee and superintendent's hear ings.

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HUUHb ODen MonOrtv s<>turrt.iv 4 A M

The world's best M o m d e s e r v e s fresh daisies,

ANSWER: H not Mtinfl <* chewing comfortably, tho problem may bo mateceluelon. Thla la tha Improper contact botwoon tooth whon biting Thoro aro othof cauaaa, Including loaa of tooth through dacay or accident Bod mouth habtta can cauaa It, too, auch aa thumbaucklng, tongua throating, or braathlng through tha . . . mouth. Tha aorllar prob* * * loma aro handled, tho bottoc j T . i T d l ^ f h e a th chanc* your dentiet haa to' , r o m , h e otftce corroct them and keep your ° child'* tooth hoaKhy. SHELDON SIMONS,




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Monday, May 3, 1982 0
1 , 0 0 0 Olympians show their By Judy Calmer staff writer

For nearly all of the people at the Special Olympics, the event last Friday represented the better part of a school year's worth of effort and planning for the event. Parents, students and volunteers packed the bleachers at Westland's

John Glern High, while hundreds of Special 01 ^mpians, chaperones and activities d rectors filled the school's track f i e h , involved in swimming, frisbee throws, long jumps, high jumps, foot races and wheelchair races. They c ime from schools in Wayne County oi tside of Detitoit, which holds its own program. Produc ?rs of the 1982 Special Olym-

pics - all Civitans of Wayne County with the Westland Club acting as host — were on hand organizing, instructing and directing the flow of foot traffic. Participants in the games had one idea in mind: "To win and have fun." THAT SENTIMENT, expressed by 14-year-old Susan Rose of Lincoln Park's Huff Junior High School, was

repeated by other participants. About 1,000 participants attending Friday's games ranged in age from six years to adult, and were either emotionally or mentally impaired. Most of the participants, explained Gfames Director Ron Kulas, come from their schools, but a lot are from group homes. In either case, volunteers by the hundreds were needed. Help came from Girl Scout troops, high school students, parents, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors of the participants.

'The games show the community that the mentally retarded are worthy~of recognition.' — Ron Kulas


game director

Like any sporting event, refreshments were sold, and balloons floated throughout the crowds who were everywhere. A special feature of this event was that participants enjoyed it free of charge, Kulas said. Funds needed to produce the Special Olympics were raised throughout the year, with donations also coming from each of the seven Wayne County Civitan clubs, and individuals in the community, added Adeline McCusker, this year's secretary for the Special Olympics.^ "People are really behind us," said McCusker, whose day began at 6:30 when she met other Civitans for breakfast before the start of the Olympics two hours later. The first preparations for the Special Olympics, though, began in September, when the Civitans of Wayne County met to elect chairpersons for the event and plan the year's schedule of fundraisers. Friday's games included track and field events outdoors and swimming indoors. Bowlers and gymnists got their chance to compete at the beginning of the month.

Paul Mueller of L i v o n i a c o m p e t e s i n t h e long j u m p c o m p e t i t i o n d u r i n g t h e S p e c i a l O l y m p i c s h o s t e d by

W e s t l a n d Civitans. T h e S p e c i a l O l y m p i c s is S p o n s o r e d e a c h year by C i v i t a n c l u b s in! Wayne C o u n t y .

VOLUNTEERS, easily spotted wearing yellow T-shirts, milled about the grounds alone, in pairs or in groups. One flock of yellow-shirted young ladies was asked what they thought of the event. "I like it," said Jackie Wion. "I'd do it every time if I could get here," chimed in Jane Morandini, both Girl Scouts from Emerson and St. Michael schools in Livonia. "We were just talking and saying it would be nice to do this every year," said the trOop leader, Anita Alcala. The Civitans have run the special Olympics games in Wayne County for the past nine years, said Games Director Kulas, adding that the only big problem is their lack of celebrities at the games. But Kulas said the goal, "to give the mentally retarded a chance to compete in as near a normal setting as possible," appeared to have been reached.

W i t h a c l e n c h e d fist, T h o m a s Watt of the A s s o c i a t i o n for Retarded C i t i z e n s — N o r t h w e s t C o m m u n i t i e s signals his w i n n i n g efforts d u r i n g Friday's Special O l y m p i c s h e l d at John Glenn High School in Westland.

Another purpose of the games is to show the community that mentally retarded are worthy of recognition, said Kulas, special education teacher at Stevenson Junior High in Westland. "I love it! Special Olympics is one of those things you get into your blood and can't get it out," he said. "But I wouldn't want it out!"

The s t r a i n of g i v i n g his best s h o w s o n the face of C h u c k Parsley ( l e f t ) of R e d f o r d Union schools who won the 400-meter r u n d u r i n g the Friday games. Parsley also was a p a r t i c i p a n t in the p e n tathalon. Meanwhile, volunteer Bridget B a g d o n a s (above) of Livonia pauses t o rest f r o m all t h e activity beneath the torch, which was lighted during opening ceremonies.

Staff photos by Bill Bresler

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C h u c k W e n d t , w h o a t t e n d s Bryant S c h o o l in Livonia, r e c e i v e s a b a l l o o n f r o m v o l u n -

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Canton cop shop

Continued from Page 1A

larceny complaint April 22. A police report indicates a patron paid $5 in advance, then filled his pump with about $2$ worth of gas and drove away. H E L L O ! A resident of Copeland Circle reported someone pulled Michigan Bell telephone wires from behind thes house, disconnecting service. 1 j

GEAKE, WHOSE district includes Northville, Northville Township, Plymouth, Livonia and Redford, said the leadership knew — or should have known — the yes votes simply weren't there. "They realized they were short, but felt nothing (else) would be done until the second vote was taken," he said. And so the leadership took the vote and accepted defeat, he indicated. Geake's office kept a tally of phone calls and letters for the past week-and-ahalf from his 14th District 240 against the tax increase, 33 in favor. "Most of those in favor," he said, "were in one of three groups — state

NEW] S H O E S : A 53-year-old Bellevilleiman was arrested for larceny April 25 at Meijer's Thrifty Acres. According to a security guard, the man took off his own boots and slipped into a new pair of $50 shoes! He was detained as he paid for items in his basket, but not the boots, £aid the police report.

C A T B I T H S : Two Mott Road residents were treated at Beyer Memorial Hospital in Ypsilanti April 22 after a run-in with a black cat. A police report indicates a girl, 4, went up to the cat and was bit on her arm. A neighbor, a 21-year-old woman, tried to pick up the cat. She was scratched on both arms. The cat was taken to the Humane Society shelter in Westland for observation. vice station on Ford Road lodged a

Defendant flees trial Continued from Page 1A Berry was brought back to the court and Deshaver was issued a ticket for not having a license plate on the car. Garber rescheduled the jury trial for May 25 and set bond at $50,000. He told Berry the full $50,000 would have to be posted, instead of the customary 10 percent. "You have done everything within your means not to be here today. The next time we are going to know where you're at," Garber said to Berry When Van Lith and Sherwin were ready to leave the court building with Berry, he decided he wanted to see the judge again. Berry wanted to waive his right to a jury trial and plead guilty to the

charges. Garber said Means would have to be notified before he could hear Berry's guilty plea. Means was called and a hearing without a jury was scheduled for 3:45 p.m. Garber explained Berry's rights to him and then offered to dismiss himself from the case, due to the circumstances of the day. "I think it's only proper," Garber said while turning the case over to Judge Dunbar Davis. Once before Davis, Berry plead guilty and sentencing was set for Friday morning. Davis sentenced Berry to 30 days in the Detroit House of Correction. All in all, it was an unusual day at District Court — at least from judge Garber's point of view.

program that does the assigning, handles the technical aspect of random assignment. The system is unbiased, and Rodwell is evaluated on the program's objectivity, he said. No attempt is made to balance athletic ability or even probable scholastic success between the two high schools, since these factors are not taken into account when assigning students to a high school. "Hiey (students) are randomly assigned in the system by looking at a random sort on a list," Rodwell explained. "I can't, in any way, predict that any person on the list will appear first, second, or last on the list. "If anybody says that we're biased, then come on in."

Voters would have a choice of approving one, both or neither assessment. An assessment of two mills ($2 for

"But those in favor didn't make their feelings known — especially elected officials. During the Easter recess, it didn't come forth," Faust continued. "I know what senators say. They say they got 300 letters and phone calls against rt. There are 250,000 people in each of their districts. But those 300 controlled the vote. "Politically, one could not have found a worse time to present this proposal. It's an election year. We have a lameduck governor. And reapportionment will affect them," Faust concluded.

ONE STUMBLING block - legislative reapportionment — could be removed as early as Monday. Bernard Apol, a retired state elections official, was appointed by the State Supreme Court to draw up a redisricting plan. That would mean legislative action on the budget could start as early as Tuesday. Meanwhile, a Senate-House conference committee has been meeting on how to resolve the state's recessioncaused deficit.

Summary, reports given to Hoben, Mike Homes, assistant superintendent for instruction, and John Telford, executive director for secondary education, Rodwell said.




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663-670 Published every Monday and Thursday by Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft, Livonia. Ml 48150 Address all mail (subscription, change of address Form 3569) to P.O. Box 2428, Livonia. Ml 48151. Telephone 591--0500


every $1,000 of assessed property valuation) would yield about $1 million a year in revenues for the road program, said finance director Mike Gorman. A resident with a house valued at $64,000 wpuld pay about $30 a year for the one-miH plan, or $60 for two mills. THE TASK force ^lso is recommending a voter education program so residents can make an Informed decision. Flodin sa|id knows he spending township funds for such a program may an)ple. ger some

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High school and middle school principals receive a detailed report on the results — including names of students. Computer assignments for all enrolled eighth graders were made late last fall for 1982-83 school.

Road proposal discussed Continued from Page 1A control, snow plowing, road drainage, staff and capital investments. • One mill, assessed over five, years, for roadway improvements. This would include some types of paving, improved drainage, curbs, and street lighting

FAUST FELT there was "solid support" for the tax hike among school, city and township officials who get a cut of state revenues.

SURPRISINGLY, the process takes no more than a half-day to complete, Rodwejl adds. It takes one minute to run the program through the computer, about eight minutes to get the printout, and about 20 minutes to get the paperwork finished. t

Continued from Page 1A

G l a n t o n

Faust was looking for Gov. William G. Milliken to release his "contingency plan" of budget cuts new that the tax bill has been defeated. "I don't feel the folks at home realize how deep the cuts will be," said Faust. "K-12 education can survive. But those on social services have little voice, and in my area their numbers aren't exceedingly large. "The cities should begin to recognize their revenue losses. Heat has to be generated."

Computer makes selection

S W I T C H T H A T TAG: A 15-year-ol
F I L L kKH U P : An Amoco ser-


employees, public school employees and parents of children in special ed programs. "So now it's back to the drawing boards," said Geake, who as a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee will vote on any further state budget cuts.

The bill would have raised the personal income tax to 5.6 from 4.6 percent and erased the remaining $300 million of the state's projected 1982 deficit The Senate's second — and final — roll call came late Wednesday, after a week-anda-half of bargaining, persuading, wheedling and cajoling^ It is dead for this year.;

by ArleneTunke B U R G L A R I E S : A resident of


Senators left arguing

O&E Monday, May 3, 1982

Orhan reported the theft of her purse containing $400 sometime April 16-17. She told police the purse had been left in the living room, and could be seen from the front door, which had been unlocked. The purse — minus the money — was found lying on an adjacent street An Alton resident reported her family room door had been forced open April 17. Twelve silver spoons with names of states were reported stolen. A rack for the spoons was found in the yard.



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A public service to promote better dental health from the office of:

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Monday. May 3,1982 O&E

brevities Announcements for Brevities shouUl be submitted by noon Monday for publication in the Thursday paper and by noon Thursday for. publication in the Monday paper. Bring in or mail to the Observer at 46 bS. Main,'Plymouth 48170>, Forms are available upon request. •

RUMMAGE N E E D E D The Canton Rotary and the Canton Historical Society is looking for donations for their annual rummage sale on May 22. Anyone interested in donating items may call Roy Schultz or Bart Berg at 495-0811. Receipts will be furished Upon request. •

LIBRARY MEETING . May 4 — The Plymouth Community Library Commission will hold its regular meeting at 4:30 p.m. at the Dunning Hough Library, on Main, Plymouth. The public is invited to attend. • JUNIOR FOOTBALL REGISTRATION May 8 and 22 — Th* Plymouth-Canton Junior Football League will hold its registration for the fall season from 9 a.m. to noon at the Plymouth Canton High School cafeteria at the corner of Joy and Canton Center. All persons 915 are eligible to register for football teams or as a cheerleaders. Proof of birth date is required for registration. For more information, call Tammy Brand (459-6347) or Vic Gustafson (4554189).

P O E T R Y IN L I F E May 5 — The Canton Public Library and Plymouth-Canton Community Schools are sponsoring a "Poetry in Life" festival at 7:30 p.m. at the library on the third floor of Canton Township Hall on Canton Center south of Cherry Hill. Awards will be given for exceptional poetry created by students. Two workshops also will take place at the library — poetry writing for adults and a middle-school student poetry session for children in grades two and higher. The public is invited to attend the festival. V

BLOODMOBILES May 5 and May 2 | — Red Cross bloodmobiles will be at the following places: Plymouth Church of the Nazarene, 41550 Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, from 3-9 p.m. May 5. Call 4531525 for an appointment; and S t Peter's Lutheran Church, 1343 Penniman, Plymouth, from 3-9 p.m. May 21. Call 453-0460 for an appointment. •

MADONNA REGISTRATION Registration for Madonna College's spring-summer classes continues through May 4. Late registrants may enroll through May 11. Registration is from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Madonna is at the corner of Schoolcraft and Levan, Livonia. •

DAVID AND GOLIATH May 7 — The First United Church of

Plyjnouth will host "David and Goliath," a puppet play for; children of all ages, at 7 p.m. in the cnurch, 45201 N. Territorial. The play will be presented by Teens for Christ, from Linden, Mich. There will be a free-will donation.

• • NUCLEAR F R E E Z E DISCUSSED May 7 — A public meeting on nuclear weapons takes place at 7:30 p.m. in the Liberal Arts Theater o at Schoolcraft Community College, on Haggery betteen 6 and 7 Mile in Livonia. The film, "The Last Epidemic," will be shown and Dr. Art Vander of Ann Arbor and Doug Lent will discuss the medical and ecomonic aspects of nuclear war. The meeting is sponsored the Northwest Suburban Committee for Nuclear W Weapons Freeze, in cooperation with Schoolcraft College Newman House. ! •

WOMEN'S GOLF LEAGUE A 17-week women's golf league is forming at the Hilltop Golf Course in Plymouth Township. It begins May 11. Golfers will compete weekly on Tuesday mornings. For more information on registering for the league, call Sue Moran at 453-5731. • SENIOR CITIZENS P O W E R DAY May 11 — Senior Power Day 1982

That's quite a handshake! P l y m o u t h Elks, c o m e s t h e new inner guard. T h e o r d High School

Q u i n t u s A. Stultz, past e x a l t e d ruler of b o r r o w s s o m e height f r o m a chair as he ruler, David S t i r l i n g of Canton, t o t h e Ell &-foot-7 S t i r l i n g is a 1967 g r a d u a t e of a n d a f o r m e r p r e p basketball star.

takes place at the Lansing Civic Center. The Out-Wayne County Area Agenfcy on Aging will coordinate efforts ;jwith 34 communities for ticket distribution. For more information, call 4256340.


B A C K Y A R D POOL The Plymouth Community Family YMCA, at 292 S. Main in Plymouth, will offer backyard swim class this summer on weekdays — both in the mornings and afternoons. The YMCA currently is looking for backyard pools for these classes. If you have a pool to offer, call the YMCA at 453-2904 for more information.


IN-HOME SERVICES Federally funded in-home services are now available to citizens age 60 and over residing in Plymouth, Plymouth Township, Canton, Northville and Northville Township. Services offered include lawn mowing, snow removal and light housekeeping. There is no charge for the program Donations, however, are encouraged. For information, call the Plymouth Cultural Center, 455-6620. t •

HANDYMEN AVAILABLE The Plymouth Community Council on Aging has senior handymen available to do small jobs for other senior citizens. Phone 455-4907, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday.



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O&E Monday, May 3, 1982

Fire marshal halts opening of Schoolcraft addition and pricing at that time, but did not issue an addendum to the contract, nor did they issue any change bulletin after the award of the contract."

The Culinary Arts addition — Schoolcraft College's pride and joy — won't be open for another three weeks, by order of the State fire marshal.


The Architect is Hoyem-Bass Associates, Inc. of West Bloomfield.

"It seems that both the makeup and exhaust main air ducts, as presently installed, do not meet code," said Kenneth Lindner, vice president for business.

photos by GARY CASKEY/ataff photographer

Field honors Roszak

"By the same token," Lindner added, "the college project director, Frank Johnson, did not follow up on the item."

Corrections will have to be made at a cost of $35,000 to $40,000, he said. [

Otherwise, Lindner said, work is 92 percent complete.

Asked whose fault was, Lindner told the board of trustees, "I can't lay it on the line because I'm not sure."

THE CULINARY Arts addition adjoins the Waterman Campus Center at the north end of the campus at 18600 Haggerty, Livonia. The $1.48 million project will enable Schoolcraft to double enrollment in the popular program, for which there has been a years-long waiting list.

But he reported ttyat "the architect and the college were officially notified at the time (October 1980) the final plans were reviewed by the state fire marshal that the details shown did not meet existing code.

Sandra Allman, 11, a n d Joel Michaelson, 10, ( r i g h t ) observe a rock s p e c i m a n in the L e o n a r d Roszak Science Memorial in Field Elementary School. S t u d e n t s a n d staff m e m b e r s of Field officially o p e n e d the s c i e n c e area Friday w i t h a d e d i c a t i o n c e r e m o r y in m e m o r y of the late L e o n a r d Roszak,* w h o d i e d last s u m m e r . Roszak was a teacher at b o t h Central a n d Field elementaries for six years in P l y m o u t h - C a n t o n C o m m u n i t y Schools. A section of the Field m e d i a area is d e d i c a t e d as a science resource b e c a u s e of Roszak's love for the subject. The m e m o r i a l is s u p p o r t e d b y c o n t r i b u t i o n s f r o m staff, s t u d e n t s a n d f r i e n d s of Roszak. A n y o n e w i s h i n g to c o n t r i b u t e to the m e m o r i a l may call Field at 397-2151.

The college boasts its culinary arts program has "an international reputation" for producing graduates who hold chef posts at major hotels, country clubs, hospitals and institu tions.

"IT WOULD seem at first examination that the college may have recourse because the architect began work on the necessary corrections


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Monday, May 3, 1982 O&E

Speakers to

A fiery trip home from college

battle at

state m e e t


An apparent electrical problem ignited and des t r o y e d an a u t o m o b i l e as two Southfield residents returned home f r o m the Univ e r s i t y of M i c h i g a n o n t h e M 14 e x p r e s s w a y e a r l y F r i d a y evening. No injuries were reported. Plymouth police and Plymouth Township firefihters arrived on eastbound M-14, near t h e R o b i n w o o d o v e r p a s s by L a k e P o i n t e V i l lage s u b d i v i s i o n , at 6:20 p . m . F r i d a y a n d f o u n d a 1978 P o n t i a c o n t h e s h o u l d e r of t h e road completely c o n s u m e d by f l a m e s , a c c o r d i n g t o t h e p o l i c e r e p o r t . M a r y L o u Healy, of C o d e , S o u t h f i e l d , w a s t r a n s p o r t i r i g her d a u g h t e r ' s belongings from a dormitory at U - M in A n n A r b o r t o h o m e , t h e r e p o r t says. T h e items were partially des t r o y e d a n d v a l u e d at $1,000. T h e car w a s c o m p l e t e l y d e s t r o y e d , v a l u e d at $6,000, t h e r e p o r t says.

Dave Callahan has qualified for state competition in forensics in the radio broadcasting category. Callahan was one of seven students from the Plymouth Centennial Educational Park (CEP) forensics team who recently competed in regional competition at Walled Lake Western High

The CEP competitors were: Anja Vogt, dramatic interpretation; Steve Ragan, impromtu speaking; Mark Davis, storytelling; Callahan, radio broadcasting; Liz Campbell, humorous interpretation; P a m Burton, serious interpretation; and Gordy Cale, informative speaking. Betty Baier is the coach.




Vogt, Ragan, Davis, Callahan and Cale all made it to the final jQunds in the regionals. Vogt, Ragan, Davis and Cale all finished fourth in their events and are alternates for the states competition. Vogt is an exchange student from Germany attending the CEP and living in the Plymouth-Canton community under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Plymouth..

-m v. GARY CASKEY/stafl photographer


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a division of Suburban Communications Corp.

Dennis 0 ' Oohnor editor Nick Shark ey managing editor

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Philip Power chairman of the board Richard Aginian president

John Reddy general manager Fred Wright circulation director

O&E Monday. May 3. 1982

Journalism's controversy: 'write' vs. wrong An editorial, it s e e m s to me, e x p r e s s e s the v i e w of the newspaper. A c o l u m n e x p r e s s e s the v i e w of the writer. A letter to the editor e x p r e s s e s the v i e w of the letter writer. How can a letter, c o l u m n or editorial e x p r e s s an opinion not held by the writer? Y e t s o m e of m y readers s o m e t i m e s get upset if m y opinion pieces do not include their opinions as well a s .mine.

E v e n though I've spent c l o s e to 20 y e a r s in this business w e call journalism, I r e m a i n a m a z e d at how m a n y contradictions w e deal with putting together newspapers. A lot of the contradictions c o m e f r o m our readers. But m a n y also c o m e f r o m within our own ranks. The g r e a t e s t (and probably the funniest) contradiction shared by readers and professionals alike is when the journalist is admonished to "print the truth" while at the s a m e t i m e w e are told to "print both sides." It should be obvious, but is not, that a reporter cannot print both sides and print the truth at the s a m e time. Truth i s one-dimensional and can not entertain the notion of pro and con.

ANOTHER fcoNTRADICTlON w e wrestle with is the s t a n d a n l of objectivity versus the a i m of c o m m u n i t y involvement. Those who stand on the side of c o m m u n i t y involvement would easily have us s a c r i f i c e rules of objectivity; those who stand f i r m for objectivity would argue involvement in c o m m u n i t y must g i v e way. Clearly, it is much e a s i e r to verbalize about striking a balance b e t w e e n the two e x t r e m e s than it is to actually draw the line. Indeed, do w e e v e r bring the two e x t r e m e s of a contradiction together? N e w s p a p e r s also are e x p e c t e d by many to be very careful not to interfere with the rights of persons to privacy. Invasion of privacy is considered by many readers a s an act e n g a g e d in unnecessarily by newspapers.

A N E W S P A P E R S ALSO ia urged to e x e r c i s e leadership in the c o m m u n i t y by taking a strong stand on issues on its editorial pages. As journalists, we long have c l a i m e d the right to e x p r e s s our v i e w s on opinion p a g e s c l e a r l y designated. Yet those readers who d i s a g r e e with our opinions often chastise us for not doing our research and presenting "the other side" in the editorial.

pline usually does t w o things. First, they use s o m e method of trying to reduce the bad behavior. Second, they m a k e an a t t e m p t to teach new behavior s o that the child has a better method of handling the situation "next time." It has been m y e x p e r i e n c e that people o f t e n use the word "discipline" a s a word that can be substituted in place of the word "punishment." But are they identical? I do not b e l i e v e that they discipline and punishment can be used a s substitutes for each other. I would define punishment a s a method of decreasing bad behavior. As you can see, w e still have the responsibility of teaching new a c c e p t a b l e behavior so that the m i s t a k e is not repeated. P a t r i c a A. Collin Plymouth

To the editor: I would like to praise E m o r y Daniels' thoughtful, reasoned column "Angry response isn't discipline." I think he m a k e s a point which is very important. He s t a t e s that when we use the word "discipline," w e are not a l w a y s talking about the s a m e thing. He then is careful to explain what discipline m e a n s to him. I particularly like his approach which s e e s discipline a s being remedial — to m a k e sure a mistake is not repeated. But how do we a c c o m p l i s h this? A person who is good at disci-


daniels' den


Emory Daniels

Yet there's a whole s l e w of readejr s out there who insist the job of a newspaper is to satisfy the publie's curiosity. Public curiosity oft^n conflicts with rights to privacy. The editor who a t t e m p t s to m a i i^tain a balancing act b e t w e e n these two e x t r e m e s is m e r e l y guaranteeing that h e / s h e will be wrong m o r e often than right. A T Y P E of contradiction s e e n >y s o m e readers is that a newspaper should print o n l y "positive" news or should not print a s much (negative" news as it does. This position is r e a l l y difficult •or an editor to deal with b e c a u s e n e w s is neutral i — it is neither

B E S I D E S NEWS, newspapers print publicity, feature stories, and other i t e m s of public interest These non-news items may be labeled as positive or negative, etc., more easily but even then I have heard d i s a g r e e m e n t a m o n g readers about whether certain publicity is d e e m e d to be good or bad A lot of other businesses have their contradictions also, but I think journalism has m o r e than its share. I knew about s o m e of those 20 years ago and have run into a lot more since. That's why you hear m e mumbling s o m e t i m e s

Career rerouted after postal exam

from our readers Punishment is not discipline

t g n

good nor bad, positive nor negative, c o n s t r u c t i v e nor destructive. The o u t c o m e of the n e w s m a y be negative, bad or destructive, but not the news itself. Also, news m a y be p e r c e i v e d by s o m e readers to be negative, bad, destructive while other readers will perceive the identical news report a s being positive, constructive and good. The way news is labeled o f t e n depends upon, which side of a public issue the reader happens to fall. To the editor, news cannot be categorized in qualitative t e r m s in the news c o l u m n s

The s i m p l e s t things s o m e t i m e s can have a profound e f f e c t on people's lives. Take The Stroller, for instance. If it hadn't been for his mistaking a teacher's rich Pennsylvannia Dutch accent, he might today have been a retired mail carrier in his h o m e town instead of a journalist. Then just think of all the things he would have missed. Interviewing the giants of the sporting world. Riding with speedboat r a c e r Gar Wood at world-record speed in his f a m o u s Miss America. Throwing out the first ball when the Detroit T i g e r s open their major league baseball season. AT T H E t i m e he reached that special turning point, the Stroller had been forced to leav^e school to help hi^, widowed mother raise hqr four daughters. Ahd he w a s wondering which type of c a r e e r he would choose. Then c a m e word that our little town w a s due to get general delivery of mail and that an e x a m i n a t i o n for new mail carriers w a s to be held. That w a s it. The Stroller decided to take the examination. He figured that not only would it be a steady job, but also, a f t e r so many years, he could retire and live a life of ease.

the stroller

W.W. Edgar The day of the e x a m i n a t i o n he looked over the applicants and f e l t confident he could win one of the positions. And he b e c a m e even m o r e confident when he s a w that the e x a m i n e r w a s to be Prof. Harold Knauss, one of the t e a c h e r s he had in school. T H E P R O F E S S O R w a s a kind fellow, but possessed a rich Dutch accent. At the m o m e n t , this language barrier did not bother the Stroller. He waded through most of the tests with ease. He had been at the head of his c l a s s in school and felt there w a s no reason he couldn't lead the field in the postal e x a m . Then toward the c l o s e of the morning c a m e the spelling contest. Over the y e a r s The Stroller had never lost a spelling bee, and he had little reason to believe he wouldn't win

this one. Prof. Knauss read off the words that the applicants were supposed to spell. Then, near the end of the contest, he asked that we spell besiege. Now it so happens that the Pennsylvania Dutch never pronounce -'hard" Gs. Instead the Gs c o m e out sounding tike the letter C. SO T H E Stroller, with all the confidence in the world, stood up and spelled "beseech And, much to his surprise, he w a s ruled out of the spelling contest. He not only lost spelling points, but that loss eliminated him from the entire mail-carrier contest. In those few, brief m o m e n t s his dream of beijng a postal e m p l o y e e and eventually retiring-to a life of e a s e w a s shattered. He w a s heartsick when he told his mother thajt he lost. She w a s a bit upset, but fighter that she was, she consoled her son in this dark hour. ''Never mind," she said. "Someday things wi(l change, and you might be better off than if you had won the job," : How right she was. That defeat only spurred T h t Stroller on to better things. And he h a s haq the thrills of his life — thrills that never would have been his in a mail carrier s uniforfn.



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Monday, May 3, 1982 O&E

Ban the bomb move x The nuclear weapons freeze campaign is gaining m o m e n t u m locally as participants are collecting signatures for a Referendum. The aim of the two-month-old Northwest Suburban Committee for the Nuclear Weapons Freeze is to gather at least 1,000 signatures each week between now and May 26. Committee members report that they have provided petitions and information for more than 150 persons, some from as far away as N e w Hudson, Orchard Lake and Dearborn. On May 1 the group had a Canvassathon Contest with the person gathering the most signatures that day winning the grand pripe of a plane ride for two with Channel 4 anchorman Mort Crim in his private plane. On April 19 c o m m i t t e e members Johanne Fechter of Plymouth and Lee Riebling of Northville attended the symposium "Peace in Search of Makers" at Oakland University.

Physicians for | Social Responsibility symposium April'24 at Music Hall in Detroit. "The evidence that the world is on a collision course with an unimaginable nuclear bolocast is simply overwhelming," says Fechter. "The only way to avoid what could easily be universal suicide is for the people to make their voices heard and insist that [the arms race be halted. If we don't solve this problem, the rest won't matter." Other residents attending the symposium in the Music Hall included Dr. Harold Wright of Northville, Mary Lou Kachmarchik of Plymouth, and Drs. J a m e s Galligan, Carole VanHandel and Sarah Dub<> of Livonia. The committee announces that at 7:30 p.m. otti May 7 Dr. Arthur Vander, professor j^t University of Michigan Medical School and a member of the Washtenaw branch of Physicians for Social Resjponsibility, and Doug Lent, co-owner >f a construction business, will speak at Schoolcraft College, on Haggerty between Six and Seven mile.

Among the symposium speakers were: Bishop Thomas Gumbleton; Sidney Lens, author and historian; Paul Warnke, Salt II negotiator, and John Anderson, former presidential candidate. Area residents attending were Clara Vincent and Edna Jackson of Livonia, and Plymouth Canton High students Maia Benson, Kevin Czapla, Kiyoko Edick, Ruth Sample and Dave Julyk. Riebling and Fechter attended the

The meeting will be in the liberal arts theatur of the college. The film "The Lasl Epedemic" also will be shown. Anyone Wishing further information, books, butlon^or "freeze" t-shirts may call Fechter at 455-2149 or Riebling at 349-8234.

Fife & Drum, Kiwar is sell Plymouth-Clanton community selling peanuts Proceed^ from the sale of peanuts * will go to support the numerous functions of bojth non-profit groups throughout the yea r. The peanut sale, historically, has been one of the biggest fundraisers fc r both organizations.

The Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps and the Plymouth Kiwanis will hold their annual peanut sale on Friday and Saturday. Kiwanians and Corp members will be stationed from 4-8 p.m. Friday and all day Saturday at various spots in the

from our readers McClendon has bad conflict ii

To the editor: A candidate for the School Board, E.J. McClendon, in m y opinion, has a conflict of interest. H e did not run for re-election in 1976 in order that his wife by employed. She was hired in September, 1976, presently teaches at the East Middle School and has tenure in this district. My reasons for such a conflict of interest: • Principal may be subjected to undue pressures. Wife may have more influence in building than principal. • If elected, McClendon could be pressured by teachers for favors. • Would information given board reach its source before the board and administration planned? • Would wife (a teacher) have undue influence on administrative and instructional staff? • The board would be unable to exclude information involving negotiations or any confidential information regarding Plymouth-Canton EducationAssociation (PCEA).

save energy

• Would McClendon argue for increased salaries and favor teachers grievances? • If McClendon decides not to vote on teacher issues — vote could be 3 to 3 — tie votes are the s a m e as a no vote. Our district, as all other districts, are entitled to a seven-vote board. Why should w e settle for six votes on teacher issues?

to make a change. Why did she vote "yes," along with the other four members, on all the superintendent's recommendations? Did anyone ever think that maybe the recommendations to the board were out of line or was it that the majority of the board has no courage to vote "no." D.D. Paul

Contact the Taylor School District. They have boards' relatives employed — they have high salary scale in each area due to this conflict, along with many other problems. Another reason to consider is my brother is employed at the University of Michigan. He learned from McClendon (who works at U-M) that the Superintendent (John Hoben) contacted him to run for the vacancy on the board.

Jr. football thanks all

We have five "rubber stamp" board members now. If McClendon and (Elaine) Kirchgatter are elected w e will continue with five "rubber stamp" board members. We need a change — the surveys indicated that the community wants a change — don't be hoodwinked with sweet talk. President (Carol) Davis stated in her interview that she didn't have the votes

in procuring the supplies for the football field; and the entire group of people from the Plymouth-Canton Junior Football (PCJFA) Board of Directors, who worked so many hours last Sunday to accomplish this major goal. An all-out effort such as refurbishing a football field, once again, shows the great team spirit of the PCJFA. The PCJFA stripped and re^seeded the game field at Central Middle School. We ask your help and cooperation in giving the new seed a chance to sprout and the new grass a chance to grow before stepping on the field. We are a community program, and we need the help of the community to accomlish our goals of developing the best game field facility possible. Thank you for your consideration. Again, our heartiest thanks to all who helped out. Vic Gastafson Chairman of the Board Jr. Football Association


To the editor: We just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank the following people for their assistance in the planning and implementing of our gamefield refurbishing last weekend: Dan Mangini, William Clark and Harold Booker from the school system, who helped in the operation; Terry Moore and Frank Forier, for their help

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Donors told for the 4th

O&E Monday, May 3.1982



College is hiking tuition in wake of tax loss By Tim Richard staff writer

stead of $30. Non-Michiganians will pay $51.50 instead of $45.50.

At Schoolcraft College, the fallout came quickly. Meeting only two hours after the state Senate shot down a proposed income tax increase Wednesday night, the community college board of trustees: • Increased tuition 15 percent for the fall semester - "the largest ever," in the words of Trustee Paul Kadish. • Made preparations to borrow up $2.2 million in tax anticipation notes vs. the usual $800,000 loan. The 1-percent income tax increase would have enabled tfce state to restore fourth-quarter aid payments to colleges. In Schoolcraft's case, the aid loss amounts to $1.3 million of its $15-million budget.

On the wall of the board meeting room is a portrait of R. Robert Geake, former Schoolcraft board chairman and now a state senator. Geake, R-Northville, voted against the tax hike. Kadish pointed a finger of blame at the color photo

TRUSTEES took little comfort in the fact that other community colleges are raising tuition as much or more. »\ never thought I'd see the day," said Trustee Rosina Raymond, "but we have no other choice to survive." The increase was supported by Raymond, Kadish. Chairman Harry Greenleaf, Michael Burley and Laura Toy. Absent were Nancie Blatt and Len Wozniak. Next fall, residents of the college district will pay $25.50 per credit hour vs. the current $22. It covers the K-12 districts oi; Clarenceville, Garden City, Livonia, Northville and Plymouth-Canton. Non-residents from Michigan will pay $34.50 in-


"THE STATE is showing a lack of responsibility," said college President Richard McDowell. "In 1976-77 we received 37.6 percent of our revenue from the state. In 1982-83 it will be down to 24 percent." In contrast, tuition provided 23 percent of revenue in 1976-77 and will bring in 28 percent of the cash next fiscal year. | Property taxes produced 36 percent in 1976-77 and will produce nearly 44 percent next fiscal year. In dollar terms, next year's operating budget is projected at $15.7 million, with $4.4 million coming from student tuition and fees. AT HENRY FORD Community College in Dearborn, trustees already have decided to raise in-district tuition next year to $27 from $21. Washtenaw's will go from $18.50 to $24, Macomb's from $23.50 to $27.50, and Oakland's from A $19.50 to (pj-obably) $21.50. With Michigan suffering from what state officials openly call a "depression," the state general fund budget is expected to be out of balance by more than $600 million for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.


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H I G H L A N D RD. Hart land, Michigan


Charter No. 15344

Winners of the 1979 Award for Excellence

National Bank Region No. 7

Consolidating Domestic Subsidiaries > of the

Michigan National Bank -West Metro of Livonia 'in the s t a t e of Michigan, at the c l o s e of business on March 31, 1982, published in response to (tall m a d e by Comptroller of the Currency, under title 12, United States Code, Section 161. Charter number 15344 National Bank Region N u m b e r 7 Dollars


31,769,000 Cash a n d d u e f r o m d e p o s i t o r y i n s t i t u t i o n s . . . J 4,870,000 U.S. T r e a s u r y s e c u r i t i e s • NONE O b l i g a t i o n s of o t h e r U.S. G o v e r n m e n t a g e n c i e s a n d c o r p o r a t i o n s 22,939,000 Obligations! of S t a t e s a n d political s u b d i v i s i o n s in t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s 150,000 O t h e r bonds, notes, a n d d e b e n t u r e s . } 173,000 F e d e r a l R e s e r v e stock and c o r p o r a t e stock * • NONE Trading account securities j -•••••••• 21,000,000 F e d e r a l f u n d s sold a n d s e c u r i t i e s p u r c h a s e d undet" a g r e e m e n t s to r e s e l l . Loans, Total (excluding unearned income) i j 159,894,000 Less: A l l o w a n c e f o r possible loan losses f 4 737,000 159,157,000 Loans, lilet ; NONE Lease financing receivables .............. ...... 5,023,000 Bank premises, furniture and fixtures,and other a s s e t s representing bank premises 992,000 Real e s t a t e owned other than bank premises ••••• NONE I n v e s t m e n t s in u n c o n s o l i d a t e d s u b s i d i a r i e s a n d a s s o c i a t e d c o m p a n i e s NONE C u s t o m e r s ' liability t o this b a n k on a c c e p t a n c e s o u t s t a n d i n g 3,578,000 Other assets * 249,651,000 T O T A L ASSETS -

LIABILITIES D e m a n d deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations T i m e and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United S t a t e s G o v e r n m e n t Deposits of States and political subdivisions in the United States Deposits of foreign g o v e r n m e n t s and official institutions Deposits of c o m m e r c i a l banks •• Certified and o f f i c e r s ' checks -ATotal Deposits S can n«wi Total d e m a n d deposits 1Total t i m e and savings^deposits i/o,ao/,uuu F e d e r a l f u n d s p u r c h a s e d a n d s e c u r i t i e s sold u n d e r a g r e e r f l t n t s to r e p u r c h a s e I n t e r e s t - b e a r i n g / a e m a n d n o t e s (note b a l a n c e s ) issued to tluj U.S. T r e a s u r y Other liabilities for borrowed money M o r t g a g e i n d e b t e d n e s s a n d liability f o r c a p i t a l i z e d l e a s e s B a n k ' s liability on a c c e p t a n c e s e x e c u t e d a n d o u t s t a n d i n g Other liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES (excluding subordinated notes and debentures) Subordinated notes and d e b e n t u r e s

39,212,000 177,166,000 254,000 2,546,000

NONE NONE 1,789,000 220,967,000 224,000 649,000

NONE 1,109,000

NONE 5,492,000 228,441,000 2,335,000


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tor for t h e t r e a t m e n t of A d u l t , A d o l e s c e n t . C h i l d P s y c h i a t r y . I n d i v i d u a l a n d G r o u p T h e r a p y Alcoholic. F a m i l y a n d M a r r i a g e C o u n s e l i n g a n d Hospitalization

A Fine Arts Exhibit

Ceramic Tile


Announces the Opening of their second office

MAY 6-7-8

In other business, the board of trustees set a special meeting for 8 p.m. Wednesday,- May 12, to discuss collective bargaining strategy with college unions.


P . C


Trustees were cheered by the prospect that some jurisdictions-will begin collecting property taxes in July, though they were unsure how much cash would actually flow in.

take pride in for m a n y years t o c o m e

One Hall Free Free Scotchgard - One Room \ ExptfM

SCHOOLCRAFT'S cash-flow problem also is aggravated by the state aid loss. "Since 1962, the college has found it necessary to provide monies to meet cash-flow requirements for payrolls and other operating costs. . in anticipaUon of taxes," controller A.H. Raby. "While expenditures, are spread somewhat evenly through the year, the receipt Of income is not," he said. The college's budget year begins July 1, but property taxes in the past haven't begun flowing in until December. "The problem may be aggravated in 1982-3 in light of the possibility of receiving rio state aid for July, August and September (the state's fourth quarter)," he said.



Living Room

Last summer and fall, the college borrowed only $800,000.


Carpet Cleaning


So he asked for and received board authorization to borrow up to $2.1 million in tax anticipation notes, adding that "only the actual cash needed will be borrowed."

Gov. William G. Milliken ordered a long list of spending cuts, including withholding of fourth-quarter state aid payments to community colleges and four-year colleges. Those cuts would have been restored had the Senate joined the House in approving an income taxjncrease which could produce nearly $300 million.

The following individuals and businesses have made donations to the Plymouth Jaycees to help underwrite expenses for the Fourth of July celebration: Central Distributors (Budweiser), the entire cost for the fireworks; Mayflower Hotel; city of Plymouth; Del's Shoes and Clothing; Daly's Restaurants; Plymouth Office Supply; Richard and Paul Kenzie, O.D.; William and Greg Ferman, optometrists; Armbruster Bootery; and John F Vos III.

Wayne County 591-0900 Oakland County 644-1070 Rochester/Avon 852-3222 * j o place an ad, call before 4 p.m. Tuesday for Thursday's paper and 4 p.m. Friday for Monday's paper. The Service Directory deadline is 24 hours earlier.

P r e f e r r e d stock C o m m o n stock

No. s h a r e s o u t s t a n d i n g No. s h a r e s a u t h o r i z e d No. s h a r e s o u t s t a n d i n g

NONE 288,000 288,000


(par value) ( p a r value)

Surplus Undivided profits R e s e r v e for contingencies'and other capital r e s e r v e s TOTAL EQUITY CAPITAI T O T A L L I A B I L I T I E S AND E Q U I T Y C A P I T A L

2,880,000 2,880,000

12,469,000 646,000 18,875,000 249,651,000

MEMORANDA A m o u n t s o u t s t a n d i n g a s of r e p o r t d a t e : • S t a n d b y l e t t e r s of c r e d i t Standby letters of credit, total -•••• A m o u n t of s t a n d b y l e t t e r s of c r e d i t c o n v e y e d to o t h e r s t h r o u g h p a r t i c i p a t i o n s . T i m e c e r t i f i c a t e s ol d e p o s i t in d e n o m i n a t i o n s of $100,000 or m o r e O t h e r t i m e d e p o s i t s in a m o u n t s of $100,000 or m o r e J A v e r a g e f o r 30 c a l e n d a r d a y s (or c a l e n d a r m o n t h ) e n d i n g with r e p o r t d a t e : Cash and d u e f r o m d e p o s i t o r y institutions..! F e d e r a l f u n d s sold and s e c u r i t i e s p u r c h a s e d u n d e r a g r e e m e n t s to resell Total loans * T i m e c e r t i f i c a t e s of d e p o s i t s in d e n o m i n a t i o n s of $100,000 o r m o r e Total deposits F e d e r a l f u n d s p u r c h a s e d and s e c u r i t i e s sold u n d e r a g r e e m e n t s to r e p u r c h a s e O t h e r liabilities f o r b o r r o w e d m o n e y T O T A L ASSETS 1


NONE 13,594,000

NONE 34,880,000 I4,4i»,uuu 163,220,000 13,999,000 SnS NONE j Z4»,UZ»,U00

I, Patrick R. Crosson, Senior Vice-President and Cashier of the above named bank do hereby declare that this Report of Condition is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Patrick R. Crosson April 27,1982 We, the undersigned d i r e c t o r s attest the c o r r e c t n e s s of this s t a t e m e n t of resources and liabilities. We d e c l a r e that it has been e x a m i n e d by us. and to the best of our knowledge and belief is t r u e and correct. Glenn J. McVeigh T. Paul Terova David L. Griffin






• i

* * • > ! • « . . * ! • .1 • '




STIfe ©bseruer

shopping cart •

Monday, May 3, 1982 0 * E



W :;S




.JRW &

* t m * w

. «r"


F r o m r o m a n t i c , m y s t e r i o u s India coirje s fragrant c u r r y complem e n t e d w i t h piquant chutney. As far back a^ the Stone Age, inhabitants of E u r o p e a n d C e n t r a l Asia enjoyed juicy, sweet pears, c o n s i d e r e d a "gift of the g o d s " S o u t h A m e r i c a n Indian s i n t r o d u c e d Spanish conquistadores to the c o c o a bean - a l s o sacre d. (The legendary e m p e r o r M o n t e z u m a supposedly d r a n k 50 c u p s of i s highly p r i z e d b r e w every day!) A n d in the m i d 1700s, Franciscan fait hers planted walnut trees in their mission gardens — bringing to Califo nia what has since b e c o m e the A m e r i c a n h o m e m a k e r ' s favorite ingrec tent nut. N o w y o u c a n treat fijiends to this special dinner, c o m b i n i n g the best of several traditions. It's|fit for a raja — but s ) easy that even the busiest h o m e m a k e r can pull it together Almost verything can be prepared the day or evening before the party.

CHICKEN CURRY 6 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 clove garlic, minced 2 (about 3 lbs. each) chicken fryers, skinned, boned and cut in bite-size pieces 1 large onion, chopped

1 cup each chopped celery

1 to 2 1 1/2 3

tables toons curryjiowder teasptp on ground ginger cup fib ur cups < hicken stock 1/2 cup eijch white wine and re se qued pear syrup cup lim e juice cup P Kir Chutney Salt

and green pepper Heat b u t t e r a n d garlic in large skillet; saute c h i c k e n until lightly b r o w n e d . A d d vegetables a n d seasoning s; saute until veg etables are crisp tender. Blend in flour. G i adually add remain i n g i n g r e d i e n t s e x c e p t salt; c o o k a n d s tir u n t i l t h i c k e n e d , S i m m e r 10 minutes. Salt to taste. M a k e s servings. S e r v i n g T i p : S e r t e o n rice pilaf w i t h any o r all of the following c o n d i m e n t s : Pear C h u t n e y , c h o p p e d gr e'en o n i o n , c h o p p e d h a r d - c o o k e d eggs, lime wedges, c r u m b l e d c r i s p - c o o k e d bacon.

FEAR CHUTNE Y 1 can (29 oz.) Bartlett pears 1/2 cup each raisins and chopped onion 1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup white vinegar

2 teaspoc ns finely chopped fresh cdinger root 1 clove g irlic, minced 3/4 teaspoc n salt 1/4 teaspoc n each red chilies, grounc cloves and cinnamon


Served over rice, the C h i c k e n C u r r y is e n h a n c e d w i t h a selection of c o n d i m e n t s , including the traditional c h u t n e y . T h i s tasty variation of c h u t n e y is made w i t h c o n v e n i e n t , c a n n e d Bartlet pears. Pears are simply diced, then c o o k e d w i t h p l u m p raisins and onions in a spicy tart sweet syrup. Light a n d refreshing, Sunny Pear Salad is a cool c o m p l e m e n t to the spicy c u r r y . It's as easily prepared as it is pretty and colorful, Just c o m b i n e juicy c a n n e d Bartlett pears w i t h orange slices, rings of red o n i o n a n d green pepper a n d a zesty Coriander Dressing; then Refrigerate until serving time. ; A sophisticated cousin to pudding, Walnut C o c o a C r e a m makes a luscious, refreshing finale to the meal. Since cocoa is the m o s t x o n

c e n t r a t e d kind of chocolate, flavor will be e x t r a rich IT blends readily w i t h o t h e r ingredients, helping to insure a delicate, silken consistency Mellow walnuts temper the sweetness of this elegant dessert and add an appealing, c r u n c h y texture. A n o t h e r dessert o p t i o n is this moist, attractive C o c o a Streuse! Bundt Cake. N o frosting is required because, inside, there's a streusel surprise! Just layer batter w i t h streusel m i x t u r e , pour into pan ^ n d bake. Using c o c o a as a base, y o u eliminate messy pre melting, w h i c h shortens a n d simplifies the preparation process. Walnuts, an excellent flavor mate w i t h c o c o a , are an added enhancement to this moist, at t r a i tive Bundt cake. A n d the versatile recipe doubles as an elegant tea or b r u n c h bread.


SUNNY PEAR SALAD 2 cans (16 oz. each) or 1 can (29 oz.) Bartlett pear halves 1 orange, peeled and sliced


V2 cup each thinly sliced red onion rings and green pepper rings Coriander Dressing (recipe below) 2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander (optional)

D r a i n pears; reserve 1/4 c u p syrup for use in C o r i a n d e r Dressing. Halve each orange slice. G e n t l y toss all ingredients except fresh coriander. Refrigerate at least 1 hour. G a r n i s h w i t h coriander before serving. M a k e s 6 to 8 servings. C o r i a n d e r D r e s s i n g : C o m b i n e 1/4 c u p e a c h oil, white wine vinegar a n d reserved pear s y r u p , 1 tablespoon lime juice, 1 teaspoon salt a n d 1/4 teaspoon e a c h g r o u n d c o r i a n d e r , grated lime peel and b o t t l e d hot pepper sauce; mix well M a k e s about 3/4 c u p .

WALNUT COCOA CREAM 3/4 cup granulated sugar, divided 1/2 cup Cocoa 2 envelopes (1 tablespoon each) unflavored gelatin 11/4 cup milk, divided 4 large eggs, separated

1/2 1/4 1 1

cup creme de cacao teaspoon salt cup whipping c r e a m cup toasted Walnuts* finely chopped Walnuts

for decoration

In t o p of double boiler, m i x together 1/2 c u p of the sugar, c o c o a , gelatin a n d 1 c u p of the milk. Set over boiling water; heat to scalding, stirring occasionally. Beat egg yolks w i t h remaining 1/4 c u p milk; stir into the hot m i x t u r e . C o o k , stirring, just until slightly t h i c k e n e d , 3 or 4 m i n u t e s longer. Remove f r o m heat; stir in c r e m e de cacao. iCool until m i x t u r e begins to thicken. Beat egg whites w i t h salt to soft peaks G r a d u a l l y b e a t . i n remaining 1/4 c u p sugar. W i t h same beater, beat c r e a m to soft peaks. Fold egg whites a n d c r e a m i n t o t h i c k e n e d gelatin. Fold in walnuts. T u r n i n t o .oiled frcup mold; chill firm. At serving time, u n m o l d and decorate top w i t h large walnut pieces or w i t h c h o p p e d walnuts. M a k e s about 10 servings.

3 4 I 2 3 2 1 3 4

Walnut Streusel (recipe below) cup butter or margarine cups sugar eggs teaspoon vanilla cup dairy sour cream

2 teaspoons baking soda 1 cup buttermilk or sour milk * 2 tups unsifted all purpose flour 2 3 cup Cocoa I 2 teaspoon sail

Prepare walnut streusel; set aside C r e a m b u t t e r , sugar, eggs a n d vanilla in large m i x i n g bowl until light and fluffy, blend in sour cream. Stir baking soda into b u t t e r m i l k ot sour milk, C o m b i n e flour, cocoa and salt; a d d alternately w i t h b u t t e r m i l k to c r e a m e d m i x t u r e Beat 2 minutes at m e d i u m speed. S p o o n 1/2 streusel into generously greased,and floured 10- o r 1 2 c u p Bundt pan; pour in one half cake batter Evenly sprinkle remaining streusel o n t o p of batter. T o p w i t h re maining cake batter. Bake at 350 degrees F. in middle of oven for 50 minutes or until cake tester inserted in center comes out clean. C o o l in pan 10 minutes. Remove f r o m pan; cool completely. At serving time, garnish w i t h sweetened w h i p p e d c r e a m or t o p p i n g and large walnut pieces About 10 to 12 servings. W a l n u t S t r e u s e l : C o m b i n e 3 / 4 c u p p a c k e d b r o w n sugar, 1/4 c u p all-purposie flour, 1/4 teaspoon c i n n a m o n a n d 1 4 teaspoon salt in small m i x i n g bowl. W i t h bastry blender cut in 1/4 c u p butter or margarine until m i x t u r e is c r u m b l y Stir 1 in 1 c u p Walnuts, finely c h o p p e d . 1

D r a i n pears, reserving 1/4 c u p s y r u p ; chojj) C o m b i n e reserved pear s y r u p w i t h all ingredients. C o o k over low heat 30 m i n u t e s or until slightly t h i c k e n e d ; stir occasionally M a k e s 2 cups.

* T o a s t e d w a l n u t s : D r o p walnut kernels into rapidly boiling water. Boil for 3 minutes; drain well. Spread kernels evenly in a shallow b a k i n g pan. B a k e at 350 degrees F., stirring often, for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden b r o w n . C o o l .


* T o sour milk: Use 1 tablespoon vinegar plus milk to equal 1 cup.




Monday, May 3, 1982 O&E

AGEMY|C SONS ^ H s u p e


3 3 5 8 1 N . S MILE n . C O M E R OF F J U N I M T O N P M H H . Ztl-MM

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I |

MAY 5, 1982





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1 9 OZ. WTk









32 OZ. WT.






32 OZ. WT.



$ 4 28



0 Z


B A 0


1 "







18 OZ. WT.


2 LBS.


? 8 9

I I s IES 4 * 1 ' ^ 5 9 I M H T P i l " ! I I I I I I AGEMYS & SONS II AGEMYS & SONS I AGEMYS & SONS AGEMYS & SONS I | |



j » « T 4 W t M COUPON AMD f S * 0 PURCHASE • B H H N H f l l SUNDAY, MAY 9 ,



V r






»3 2O OZ. L WWT. T.


i U i D



10 IB. BAG





•. V m


Monday, May 3, 1982 O&E

Don't chicken out; add basil to poultry for added spice £ * i U l y has long had a love affair with jbasil. The sweet-scented herb of the *OMnt family is as celebrated in the ?J8Sfthern part of the country (Basil is heart of the famous pesto satice Hfpwn Genoa.) as it is in robustly sea•fobed tomato dishes of southern Italy afcd Sicily. Here in America, the popularity of Italian foods has been largely responsible for an increase of 722 percent in the consumption of basil over the past decade.

oialties using' economical and popular chicken -* typically seasoned with tomatoes, basil, onion and garlic. In Spezzato di Polio Piccante (chicken with tomatoes, peppers and capers), the basil is added at the beginning of the simmering for mellow cooked-in taste,, and again at the end, for a livelier herb flavor. , Polio Spezzato e Melanzane (chicken with eggplant) is a favorite in Sicily. Boned chicken breasts and sliced eggplant are coated with a bread

Below are two Southern Italian spe-

heat and simmer, covered, until chicken is partially cooked, about 30 minutes, Crush and add remaining 1 VZ teaspoons basil. Sijnmer, covered, until chicken is tender, about 10 minutes. Note: an additional 1 teaspoon crushed basil may be added during the last 10 minutes of cooking for a livelier herb flavor, if desired. Yield: 4 portions.

crumb'mixture seasoned with basil and salt. Then they're sauteeed till golden and layered with a tomato-basil sauce and topped with mozzarella before baking. SPEZZATO DI POLLO PICCANTE (Chicken with Tomatoes, Peppers and 2 . olive oil


3 lbs. cUcen parts 2 cups diced fresh tomatoes 1 cup green pepper strips ** Vs cup sliced pitted green olives VA cup instant minced onion 2 tbsp. capers, drained 3 tsp. basil leaves, divided % tsp. salt Vi tsp. instant minced garlic Pinch of ground red pepper 1 cup dry white wine

POLLO SPEZZATO E MELANZANE (Chicken with Eggplant) 1 medium-sized eggplant (1 lb.), peeled and cuj in '/4«inch thick slices 4 tsp. salt, divided 1 can (28 oz.)whole tomatoes, broken up 1 cup dry white wine 1 tbsp. instant minced onion 3 tsp. basil leaves, divided tsp. instant minced garlic 1 4 cups plain dry bread crumbs 2 chicken breasts, skinned, boned and flattened (1 lb.) 2 eggs, beaten 4 oz. mozzarella cheese, sliced

In a large sauce pot heat oil until hot. Add chicken; brown on all sides; drain off drippings. Add tomatoes, green pepper, olives, onion, capers, lVi- teaspoons of the basil, salt, garlic, red pepper and wine. Bring to a boil. Reduce

Dip eggplant and chicken breasts in eggs and coat with bread crumb mixture, shaking off excess. In a large skillet heat 2 tabiespoons of the oil until


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B e e r

W E D N E S D A Y Wild Wednesday — Special Savings on Cookies

" C r u n c h y o u t s i d e , c o o ! a n d c h e w y inside, t h e crust literally b e g s to be r i p p e d away a n d d e v o u r e d w i t h g u s t o . " P a t r i c i a C h a r g o t D e t r o i t Free Press


+ Deposit





hot. Add a single layer of eggplant; fry until golden, about 1 minute on each side; remove from pan Repeat with remaining eggplant and the chicken (fry chicken until cooked through, about 5 minutes) adding more oil as needed; set aside. In a 2-quart shallow casserole place Vfc cup sauce Top with half of the eggplant and Vi cup' sauce. Repeat layers alternating chicken and eggplant with sauce, ending with sauce. Arrange cheese on top Cover with foil (can be made ahead to this point and refrigerated). Place in a preheated 350 degree oven until hot, about 30 minutes. If desired,brown under a hot broiler for 1 minute. Yield: 4 to 6 portions.

Sprinkle both sides of eggplant slices with 3 teaspoons of the salt. Place in a glass or stainless steel bowl. Set aside for 1 hour. Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan place tomatoes, wine, onion, 2 teaspoons of the basil, garlic and Vz teaspoon of the salt. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes (makes 2 cups sauce); set aside. Crush remaining 1 teaspoon basil; combine with bread crumbs and remaining Vt teaspoon salt. Rinse off reserved eggplant and press out liquid.

Limit $ 1 89 1 Ik* 2 lbs.





S m t • Wine • Liquor

• B*er A Wine • , i

i" i


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Monday, May 3, 1982 O&E

Birds of an apple set a pretty table An apple bird is a good choice for the novice and can make a big hit perched on top of a fresh and crisp vegetable platter or soaring above fresh sliced cantalope,

Pearlman Chef and restaurant owner Ben Pearlman begins today to provide helpful hints and recipes for our Shopping Cart redders. Pearlman has worked in v a r i o u s r e s t a u r a n t s and f o o d services for 10 yecfrs and was also a chef-instructor1 in the Detroit and Hoyal Oak public schools for 15 years. He also served as educational writer for the Michigan Restaurant Association's "Hospitality" magazine. He is a graduate of professional cooking programs at Los Angeles dty College and the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. fJPearlman is the chef and owner of Benjie's Family Restaurant, 2650 - Orchard Lake Road, Sylvan Lake. What does spring mean to you? Blossctns, warm winds, longer days — or Mother's Day dinners, graduation buffets and bridal showers. Much of the worry and work in prering for these special occasions can minimized by serving simple, fresh difches enhanced by food sculpture centerpieces. Eye appeal is so very important in food presentation. Interest and appetites perk up when food is dressed up in its Sunday best. • Most people are familiar with the more elaborate ice carvings, butter sculpture, and salads molded in aspic seen at banquets and best prepared by professionals. Less familiar are food sculptures prepared from common fruits and vegetables and well within the skills of the average person cooking at home for family or firends. An apple bird is a good choice for the novice and can make a big hit perched on top of a fresh and crisp vegetable platter or soaring above fresh sliced cantalope, peach wedges, mounds of cherries, grapes and bananas. A step-by-step method for preparing an apple bird follows. Try to select apples that are longer and cylindrical in shape. The Red Washington Delicious is a good choice. Avoid apples that are bruised, as the bruise will show up in the wings, head or neck. To begin with, choose as large an apple as possible to make carving


peach wedges, mounds of cherries, grapes and bananas.

easier. After you've done a dozen or two birds, try a radish bird. You will need a very sharp, thinbladed paring knife, round toothpick, one tablespoon of lemon juice mixed into once cup of water and two cloves. Be sure to have several apples ojj hand for practice. Slice % of an inch off the bottom and save. The apple will now sit flat on your cutting board. The cut slice will be useq for the bird's head and neck. »xt, cut a wedge V* inch wide by long (at a 45-degree angle) lgthwise on the exact center of ». Remove the wedge. irefully cut a 1/16 irich slice on each side of the cut-out wedge and remove the second wedge. Countinue this procest three more times, a total of 5 wedge • Turn the apple on its side, find the center [between the top wedge and bottom ofl the apple and repeat the above steps qn both sides. ip all the wing pats in the lemon juice water mixture. (The apple won't discolor for a couple of days if wrapped in a plastic wrap and refrigerated.) jow for the head, slice the peelthe side of the apple slice saved head. Score lightly the shape of and head (as shown in the phoi.) Then cut out using a sawing action with the point of the knife at right angle to the apple. Trim remainder of the peeling. Be careful, as apple is fragile at this point, pip in lemon water solution. Cut t a tootlpick in half and using it like a drill, iraert fo the lower part of neck. Cut V* of the stem off 2 cloves and insert as eyes for bird. • Cut out a notch in the apple wide enough to fit the neck. Fit neck into notch 2 nd secure with the toothpick. Assemble wing parts in the same as cut and place in the same


bird is ready for the center of a cheese tray or on top of your favorite it or holiday ham. iake birds soar, cut a cabbage in jrt two wooden shish kabob skewe into bottom of the bird and the cabbage.

Staff photos by Dick Kelley


BLUFFING We p l a y w i t h a s t a c k e d deck. A n Observer & E c c e n t r i c C l a s s i f i e d Ad d e a l s y o u 4 5 0 , 0 0 0 readers i n 1 2 s u b u r b s . Y o u V e b o u n d to g e t a w i n n i n g h a n d w i t h t h a t k i n d of coverage. If y o u h a v e s o m e t h i n g t o sell or t o tell, p h o n e o n e of our C l a s s i f i e d Ad Takers and place a fast acting m e s s a g e . You'll r a k e i n a lot of "7 responses. W h a t a deal! THERE'S A LOT GOING ON IN

To place an ad k call before 4 p.m. Tuesday tor Thursday's paper and 4 p.m. Friday for Monday's paper. The Service Directory deadline is 24 hours earlier.

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O&E Monday. May 3,1982

Schoolcraft women's center gets some new direction for greater outreach to business, industry and the community, and we have to do the things we want to without staff additions because of budget constraints.

By Margaret Miller staff writer The Women's Resource Center at Schoolcraft College changes leadership and picks up a lot of question marks in the reorganizational moves being put into place at the school. The center, organized in 1957 and located in a house on Haggerty just south of th^ U v o n i a campus, becomes part of the domain of Barbara Geil, vice president for student affairs. Jean Christensen, assistant dean of community services and WRC director for seven years, is being moved from the center an assigned to more community service program for the college at large.

"I talked to Jean some months ago, and she indicated interest in more involvement In our community service operation. This move frees her from day-to-day details so she can flo that." "PROMOTION" was the word used by Trustee Laura Toy, also a visitor at the advisory committee meeting. . "There was real concern on the part of the trustees that nothing should happen to the resource center, and I think we are fortunate to have Barbara Geil, who remembers the early work to get it established, where she is now."

Strong concern was expressed immediately by members of the Women's Resource Center Advisory Committee, which received the reorganization news at the end of its regular meeting Thursday, the day after the package of changes was approved by the Schoolcraft Board of Trustees.

two will be in touch; we do have tel-ephoqes." Toy and Geil both pointed to the need to continue and increase the use of volunteers at the resource center and possibly find ways for more volunteer work in other parts of the college Both indicated there would not be funding reductions and Geil, answering a question put by advisory c o m m i t t e e Mary Dumas, said there were no plans to budget to the resource center any part of the salaries of other faculty who might be assigned there temporarily." Christensen noted the WRC budget last year was $55,000. "That includes everything," she said. "We're very cost effective. Lowest-cost operation on campus." "I can see this as a fantastic move," said Toy.

The advisory committee is made up of women picked for leadership in the community served by the college. Committee members and WRC volunteers objected to the loss of day-to-day leadership and voiced fears concerning the college's commitment to continue the center as the special facility it has been. Geil, attending the session, told them "no one will sit regularly at Jean's desk," but that "supplemental statf, counselors and administatration people," would be giving direction to the WRC volunteers who work in the center. She also voiced commitment to keeping the center running as it has been, offering community service and making top use of trained volunteers. "What we've had here since 1957 will continue," she emphasized. "I have no other goals." GEIL DISCUSSED the situation that led to staff reorganiztion. "We've been cut $2 million by the state," she noted. "Our budget is as low as it was in 1978, but we have added many activities and of course our operational costs have increased. "We're looking at the best placement of people, to give them more viability and help us all progress." Geil pointed out that Christensen would continue to do programming for the center and added that "she has done such a great job at the Women's Resource Center that we'd like her to do more of for the rest of the school." Asked about the reorganization as it involved the resource center, Schoolcraft president' Richard W. McDowell reiterated that keeping the facility as it now functigns is a high priority.

Jean Christensen will do programming for the Women's Resource Center and other community services at Schoolcraft. "Some clients never take classes, or they may receive help at the center and go on to another school," she added. "That is what the center is all about." HURLEY E X P R E S S E D concern over continuity at the center. "Our volunteers are dedicated and enthusiastic, but they work one day and then may not come back for a week. Things change so fast, And there is so much going on — there needs to be someone who stays in touch all th^ time."

OTHERS at the advisory committee meeting were not so sure. Christensen said she didn't want to comment on the promotion suggestion "because I haven't yet seen my job description or been informed about salary."

She also expressed the view that needs that are noted through interviews with visitors to the WRC often become translated into helpful programs. "The day-to-day contact Jean has had with people who use the center has been her means of keeping in touch, with what is needed," Hurley added. Christensen said she expected the WRC volunteers to be most helpful in keeping the center operating on even keel. "Volunteers kept it going once before," she said, referring to the period after the first director left and prior to her hiring. "But m y great concern is that this total program doesn't get lost. I think many at Schoolcraft just do not understand what a community service w e have. "It's not just for Schoolcraft. We do many other things here."

Specific reservations were noted by Dumas and Joanne Hurley, who as coordinator of volunteers at the center had earlier made a report to the committee documenting heavy use of the facility and high totals of volunteer hours Dumas, a Wayne County commissioner and former Schoolcraft trustee, recalled the early effort to establish the center and said its presence is needed in the community and in the school. "There is discussion of extending the services," said Dumas, "and it is true that men use some of the programs and also have needs.

"I established a women's resource center in the school I c a m e from," he said, "and I understand the need. But we also s e e a need

"But men do not become displaced homemakers, and far fewer men are widowed. Men do not have the catching up that this center helps women do." She also noted that the WRC is "for the community as well as the school."

Y o u Can B e c o m e A

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MEDICAL ASSISTANT C l a s s e s b e g i n J u n e 1 4 - A u g u s t 19 Brace/Lederle Community Education Center 18575 West Nine Mile Road Southfield, M I 48075 Instructor Maxine Holland, C M A (Certified Medical Assistant) Guest Speakers: D o c t o r s and Other Professionals 2 Classes Are Offered:


Program covers medical office procedures, techniques in assisting the doctor, the laboratory work. Study includes theory and practical work, giving basic preparation for certification and employment in a doctor's office Program. $640.00 (includes books & laboratory fees).

Fall P r o g r a m - S e p t e m b e r 19 Maxine Holland, CMA 152 Kirk Ln. T r o y , MI 4 8 0 8 4 or call e v e n i n g s 5 2 8 - 2 5 7 4




15 B 0

Reg. $50

Staff photos Emanuele

by Art

Now $ 3 r TINTS >15««

H A I R S E T S $8"

comptoto with Mts


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Senior Citizens Sets • Mon., Tues. '6*


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c o n n ' s c &air c Desi

A Family Portrait Service Lb. (2) 5X7's 8 Wallets Lb.


Additional Portraits Available offer good through May 9,1982.

No age limit. F a m i l y g r o u p s w e l c o m e . Full p a c k a g e orders only, our s e l e c t i o n of poses, 95c pier a d d i t i o n a l s u b j e c t in g r o u p . M i n 95C d e p o s i t at t i m e of s i t t i n g

29249 Rayburn - Livonia (5 Mile ft Middlebelt area - around corner from 7-11)

Sat 9-5


Open Every Evening 422-9592

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2.09 Lb *1.9f \ Lb.





PLUS: «Kodak and Fuji f i l m and p r o c e s s i n g • C o p y and r e s t o r a t i o n service • I n s t a n t p a s s p o r t and visa p h o t o s I • S t a n d a r d f r a m e s and c u s t o m f r a m i n g STUDIO HOURS: M o n d a y - S a t u r d a y : 10 a.m. t o 9 p.m. Sunday: 12 to 5 p.m.




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Barbara Geil, as Schoolcraft College vice president for student affairs, takes charge of Women's Resource Center under reorganization announced last week.












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suburban life Ellie Graham e d i t o r / 4 5 9 - 2 7 0 0 (C)7B Monday, May 3,1982 O&E

1 the view Ellie Graham GRADUATION cards with their congratulatory poems were made for people like Mary Eggenberger. Mary's family "viewed with pride" Satuijlay when they attended her graduation ceremonies at the University of Michigan. In the morning, it was the full capand-gown ceremony when Mary received her bachelor of science degree in nursing. At 2 p . m , she joined the class of graduating nurses in white cap and uniform No one was prouder than George Eggenberger, Mary's husband. Next in line were their children, Jamie, 29, Jeffrey, 25, and Trad, 14, and their mothers, Winnif red Gladden of Northville and Lourena Eggenberger of Plymouth.

Benjamin leaves First Step to study law Debbie Benjamin, for 3 ft years executive director of First Step, will leave this month to enter law school. She leaves the Westland agency set up to aid battered women in western Wayne County just as the organization prepares to move into its first shelter in an undisclosed location because of the need for security. T i l miss the move; it's scheduled sometime this summer," said Benjamin. "But m y acceptance at University of Michigan law school required my en-

tering the summer class and I had no other option. It was a very hard decision to make though." Benjamin said her interest in studying law developed from the work she has done / o r First Step. . "I have found it very frustrating to deal with the legal system and its often inadequate responses toward victims of domestic violence," she explained. "What I want to do is study criminal law as it applies to spouse abuse."

IN HER YEARS with the agency, Benjamin has led some substantial progress. "Starting with a literally no-service program, we have built up to being able to respond on c 24-hous basis," she said. "In the time we have been operating we have served more than 2,700 families and done tremendous amounts of community education in the area of domestic violence. "Hopefully, we've made a dent in the

Book lovers will have their day this weekend. The 28th annual used book sale arranged by the Plymouth branch of the American Association of University Women opens Thursday in Westland Shopping Center. Hours for the three-day sale in the central court of the mall are 9 a.m. to 9 p m Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be bargain day with all books, except old and rare, selling for $2 per bag or box. Hours on Saturday will be 9 a.m. to 1 p.m The book sale is noted for its bargains with the majority of the books selling in the 20- to-75-cent range. All have been sorted into more than 40 categories to simplify shopping for people with special interests.

W H E N MARY decided to go back to school, there was a two-year wait at Schoolcraft College for the nursing program For two years, she took electives then went into nursing. Two years later, she received her associate degree in nursing from Schoolcraft. She transferred to U-M, went to school full time and worked as a nurse full time at U-M hospital. "And with all that," said George, "she carried an 3.8 average.' Although he became "very good at laundry, dishes and floors, I'm not very big on cooking," he said. George is supervisor of facilities planning for Ford Motor Co. Another graduation is coming up in the Eggenberger family. Son Jamie, a graduate of Plymouth High School, will receive his doctor of naturopathy degree June 5. Jamie will practice in Portland, Ore. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland.

There will be thousands of books, records and magazines available for the serious collector and avid reader.

AMY LUNDBERG.a freshman at Albion College, was initiated recently into Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Her parents are . George and Joann Lundberg of Clare Boulevard, Plymouth. GARY CASKEY/staff photographer

exhibits chairwoman at the Plymouth Historical Museum She follows Rita Maly, who chaired the committee for the past three years. Pam is sending out a call to residents who have a collection. It may be a small collection or a large collection. Pam is starting a file on local collectors and their specialties. This could be a source for future special exhibits in tne museum It also will be a source for experts in various fielcte. She is planning to display some of these small collections during the summer months at the museum Any type of collection is of interest, said Pam it may be match covers, napkin rings, boxes, cans, spoons — what have you. Collectors are asked to call the museum, 455-8940, if they they would like to share their collections with the museum for an exhibit.

LILLIAN BANTAand Carolyn Niederkorn had high scores at the April 29 party bridge games in the Plymouth Cultural Center.

At First Step she has directed a staff

Used book sale opens Thursday

Saturday's graduation ceremonies were the result of six years of cooperation and hard work By the Eggenberger family who live on Murray Hill in Canton Township.


great need in this area for help for those subjected to domestic abuse. But I'm con viced we have a long way to go in terms of serving people who really need help." Benjamin c a m e to her position at First Step after earning a master's degree in social work from the University of Michigan and doing emergency mental health work in the Washtenaw County Commmunity Mental Health Agency.

Diane Coleman and Judy Shepheard look at some of the old and rare editions at the AAUW used book sale, which opens Thursday, ,

Town Hall accepting requests for funding Northville Town Hall Board of Awards is seeking applications to financially assist projects of charitable organizations in the areas it serves "It has been a good year for town hall, especially in view of the current economy," said Betty Childs, Plymouth member of awards committee. She estimated that there will be an amount close to last year's sum of $3,500 to distribute among service organizations. , Town hall profits annually are divided by the sponoring Our Lady of Victory Church. Half goes to the church and half to area organizations who apply for funding of their projects. The actual amount to be given this year will not be known until town hall's books are closed in June, but the committee points out attendance was good at the four lectures. ORGANIZATIONS in Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Plymouth, Farmington and Livonia — the commities from which town hall draws its audience — are invited to seek funds. Letters of application stating the need and amount of funding being sought are to be sent to Frances Mattison, Board of Awards chairman, Box 93, Northville. May 30 is the deadline date. Organizations that have received help in the past are reminded that it is necessary to renew their requests.



n d



BEST SELLERS, children's books, current paper backs, reference books, mysteries, text books and science fiction are just a few of the categories. The Old and Rare section traditionally features some of the sale's most interesting offerings. This year is no exception with many signed first editions and a volyme of 8-by-10-inch Norman Rockwell prints. Diane Coleman is chairing the sale assisted by Judy Shepheard. Members of the AAUW branch have been collecting, sorting and marking since last year's used book sale. Proceeds from the sale fund scholarships on the local and national level.

of four other full-time workers and some 50 vohmteers. The agency's headquarters is'at 8381 Farmington Road, Westland. She said First Step's board will begin immediately to seek a new director. "We have several good candidates," she added, "and I feel very confident we can find someone who will continue our work at this agency." BENJAMIN CONSIDERS securing a shelter for First Step her own major accomplishment. "The building is in our hands," she said. "The renovation is still be be done." The shelter will provide temporary (up to 30 days in most cases) accommodations for adult victims of domestic violence and their children. While the focus of First Step is on the western part of Wayne County and the downriver area, any resident Michigan will be eligible for the shelter. State funds help support the agency Current renotation work, Benjamin said, includes erecting partitions to create bedrooms and other improvements to give the place a family-like atmosphere. Kitchen facilities were already in good condition, she said. A grant from Wayne County Community Development Block Grant will be used to finance the renovation She estimates that the shelter will be able to accommodate five or six families or about 20-25 people. When it opens, more staff will be needed, Benjamin said, but at first the current staff will divide its time between the two locations. P E O P L E WILL BE admitted if they have no other place to stay. They will receive on-site counseling about alternatives to living with violence Available support services include transportation to agencies in the community, legal advocacy with police and courts, and legal information. They will also be able to obtain employment and career information and financial and housing aid. THE CENTER relies on public support, both for service and funds It plans an art auction fund-raiser begining at 2 p.m. May 16 in Holiday Inn, 30375 Plymouth, west of Middlebelt in Livonia. Admission at $2 includes wine and hors d'oeuvres and the opportunity to bid on art works valued at $5 to $2,000 Tickets will be available at the door. Proceeds will help cover the agency's ongoing need$ like cost of utilities, public liability and fire insurance, hygienic supplies, telephone and postage.

P W N e £


uutiyU!!!! mon*

JIJDY WELLS of Northville won $100 in last week's Big 50-50 fundraiser sponsored by the Blue chapter of the High School Athletic Boosters Club.


S E V E R A L CEP students received a I rating at the district Michigan School Vocal Association solo and ensemble festival in Flint. The students were evaluated in the areas of sight reading and performance. Mary Cleveland, Robin Comer, Jakane Taono, Tad Masteller and the PEC Male Ensemble received a I in sight reading. Tad and Takane received a I in performance. Mary" and Robin received a rating of n for performance.

HEIDI H E P L E R , Miss Michigan of 1980-81, spoke to students at Plymouth Salem High School last week. Heidi's mother, Judy Hepler, is regional director for Jeffrey Bruce, who attracted scads of ladies to the Plymouth Newcomer's shindig at the Hilton last week. All three were interviewed on Ann Marie's AM/PM show for local cablevision and can be seen this week.

iVfcxna" olFanessThe largest figure control system for women in the world. C a l l n o w lor y o u r f r e e s a l o n visit!

GARY CASKEY/slafl photographer

National winner Suzanne M. Kohrs, 10, a fifth-grader at Smith Elementary School, was first place national winner in the Daughters of the American Revolution history essay contest. Her essay, entitled "Susan B. Anthony, Woman of Courage," was sponsored by the Sarah Ann Cochrane chapter DAR. It went on to win the state and national contests. Suzanne is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kohrs of Plymouth.


STERLING HEIGHTS • 40742 Van Dyke 18 Mile Road & Van Dyke • 978-0444 YPSILANTI • Gault Village Shopping Center 1023 Emerick • 485-2900

G R A N D RE-OPENING:SOUTHGATE -13575 Eureka Rd • Southgate Shopping Center "282-6161

Sunm* Plaza 73 E Looa 879-1003~WARRfeNAylAD<80N HEIGHTS: $9200 Dequlndre Road, 12 Mite next to Farmer Jacfc't, 573-9340 • WARREN-SCHOENHERR Harvard Comera Shopflng Center, 14 Mile & Schoenherr, 296-3933 • W. DEARBORN: 22015 Michigan Avenue. 1 mile east ot Telegraph. 277-4000 • WESTLAND: Birch Hill Shopping Center, 106 8. Merriman Road, corner ot Cherry Hill, 326-7500



• mmm

OAE Monday, May 3,1982

clubs in action •

SIGMA K A P P A Sigma Kappa Alumnae chapter Wester Wayne County will meet at 7 p.m. Monday for a salad supper and installation o i officers at the home of Linda Pate. Persons may call Carolyn Newell, 455-4554, for details. •

ALONE/TOGETHER St. Edith Catholic Church widow/ widower social group will meet at 7:S0 p.m. Thursday, May 13 in the church hall, 15089 Newburgh Road (south of Five Mile), Livonia. Guest speaker Jeannette Bickham will discuss handwriting analysis with some "quickee" readings for members. Admission is $3 and meeting is open to all widows and widowers between 35 and 60. For information call Sarah Skatikat, 4643136 •

VFW D I N N E R D A N C E Tickets at $12.50 per person may be reserved before May 15 by calling Veneta, 453-6040, or Eileen, 453-1670, for the dinner dance in the Masonic Temple, Plymouth. Friends are invited to join the celebration which marks the 35th anniversary of the Ladies Auxiliary to Mayflower Post 6695 Veterans of Foreign Wars. Party will be Saturday, June 5 with dancing to the music of the Bill Thomas Orchestra.

• PLYMOUTH NEWCOMERS LUNCHEON Plymouth Newcomers Club is planning a luncheon Thursday, May 13 in the Plymouth Hilton Inn. Menu will feature Turkey Marco Polo followed by a demonstration by Chef Tim Cleary. Admission is $8.50 per person. There will be a cash bar. Luncheon is open to all Newcomers, prospective members and guests. For more information call 459-5953. •

CHRISTIAN WOMEN Christian Women's Club will meet for lunch at noon Thursday, May 13 at Sveden Club, Orchard Lake and Grand River. Call 397-2904 or 477-3825. •

NOW M E E T I N G Northwest Wayne County chapter of the National Organization for Women will meet at 8 p.m. in Hoover Elementary School on Levan between F i v e and Six Mile Roads, Livonia. New officers will be elected. Speaker will be the Rev. Joan Kahn-Schneider, pastor of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington. Her talk, which will begin at 8:30 p.m., will be open to the public. For information or transportation call Jan Evans, 476-3352 or Betty Kelley, 981-6117. •

FISH B A N Q U E T FISH of Plymouth-Canton will celebrate its 10th anniversary of providing service to community. All members, past as well as present, are invited to attend the volunteers' recognition banquet May 17 at the Mayflower Hotel. Reservations are required. For more information call Betty McCully, 4539127, or Michele Howard, 453-8542.

PLYMOUTH LIONS CLUB Club meets at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 6 in the Mayflower Hotel. Speaker will be Patric Cananaugh of Eastern Michigan University. His topic will be "A Cynic Looks at Sports." •

M I L L E R WOODS WALK Sixth annual Miller Woods Spring Walk will be between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Saturday, May 8 at the woods on

Powell Ro*d east of Ridge. There will be guided tours of the beech-maple climax forest with spring wildflowers in full bloom.

hold items, dinners, etc. will be sold.

For information or if transportation is needed, call Marge Pogelnicki, 397-


CANTON NEWCOMERS Canton Newcomers Club will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 5, in Faith Community Church, 46001 Warren Road, one block west of Canton Center Road. A representative from Wayne County Extension Service will discuss annuals and perennials and suggest landscaping tips for yards. There also will be a Mother's Day Boutique with items available especially for mothers. All Canton residents are welcome.

NEW MORNING AUCTION Sixth annual New Morning School auction will be Sunday, May 16 at the Plymouth Hilton Inn. Lunch at $7.50 will be served at 1 p.m. Those who wish to attend the auction only may c o m e at 2 to preview items for auction which will begin at 2:30 p.m. Antiques, services, magazine subscriptions, house-


NETWORKING A networking organization sponsored by the Plymouth YMCA meets the second Thursday of each month in the Jacob Room of the Hillside Inn. Social hour begins at 7 p.m., guest speaker at 7:30 and networking at 7:50. The business and professional network is open to both men and women. Networking is a process of develop-


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421-4530 All Insurances Accepted New Patterns Welcome

AMERICAN LEGION The Passage-Gayde Post of the American Legion meets at 1 p.m. the first Sunday of each month in the Veterans Memorial Building, 173 N. Main Street, Plymouth. New members are welcome. Call Bill Nicholas, 453-1938, for information.




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®l?e © b s e r u f r

sports Brad Emons, C.J. Risak editors/591 -2317 (P,C)1C

Monday, May 3,1982 OdE » •




Rocks close, but CC nabs Observerland title By C.J. Risak

staff writer Detroit Catholic Central picked up a few more points than expected in the field events at the 12th Annual Observerland Relays Saturday, Shamrock coach Kevin Kavanaugh said. 4 And every little bit helps. CC partisans will attest to that, because the Shamrocks built up a big early lead and hung on to win the title by just three points over Redford Bishop Borgess. CC finished with 69 points to 66 for Borgess. But, going into the final event, Plymouth Salem also was within striking distance with 64 points. Salem, the defending Observerland champions, failed to score in the last competition, the mile relay. CC finished fifth and Borgess was sixth, securing the victory for the Shamrocks. "WE WON THE discus (relay), and I didn't figure on that at all," Kavanaugh said. "Going into this, I didn't think w e were strong enough in the sprints." But CC got by with a lot o f depth in the middle distance and distance events. Still, all that stood between a second straight title for Salem was a clean handoff. » But the Rocks had problems with exchanges all night and it cost them. The pivotal event of the meet was the 440yard relay. Salem was favored to win it, but as Scott Bublin, the Rocks' first runner, tried to hatid the baton to teammate Scott Smith, Smith stumbled. Salem was out of the race. The Rocks protested, saying that Smith was interfered with by the Borgess runner. But the protest was disallowed. "They (Salem) claimed their was (interference)," said meet director John MacKenzie. "The official did not see any interference take place. As meet director, I've got to support the official."

BILL BRESLER/staff pbotogratter

Salem's Scott Bublin was the only double winner in individual events at the Observerland Relays Saturday. Bublin won the 120-yard high hurdles (above)

Rocks win 3-1, Chief girls fall Shelly Staszel scored two goals and Jacque Merrifield added another to propel Plymouth Salem to its first victory of the season Wednesday afternoon, 3-1, over Farmington Harrison in a Western Suburban Soccer Association Gold Division match. "We weren't quite as sharp as we were against Stevenson, but w e were in command all the way," said Salem coach Ken Johnson. Stevenson, one of the area powers, tied the Rocks on April 23. Johnson saluted the play of defensemen Colleen O'Connor, i u l i e Caslfcr, Robin Brandt, and Kelly Clarke. He also received fine play at midfield from Kathy Prochazka, Joanne Mishler and sophomore P a m McBride. Merrifield, a junior striker, scored her third goal of the season. She got plenty of help from Staszel, who gave Salem a 2-0 first-half advantage, and Cheryl Truchowski The Rocks m e t North Farmington Friday afternoon. Results will appear in Thursday's Observer.


and broke his own meet record in winning the 100yard dash.

Gridders anxious about pro careers By C.J. Risak and Brad Emona staff writers 'Tis the stuff dreams are made of. The National Football League c^me knocking at the doors of three state college players who starred at local high schools. Jeff Wiska, now at Michigan State and a Detroit Catholic Central graduate, was drafted in the seventh round by the New York Giants. The 6-foot-4, 260-pound offensive tackle is a Farmington Hills native. Steve Michuta, quarterback for Grand Valley State last season, threw touchdowns for Redford Bishop Borgess in his prep days. The Cleveland Browns grabbed the Livonia signal •caller on the 11th round of the pro draft. Tony Vitale was not drafted, but is expected to sign a free agent contract today with the Green Bay Packers. Vitale, 6-3 and 270, played on the offensive line for Central Michigan for the past four years after graduating from Plymouth Salem in 1978. "IT'S A DREAM c o m e true," Michuta said after learning he had been chosen by the Browns. "My coach (Jim Harkema of Grand Valley) sent a lot of films to a lot of teams. As the draft drew near, I was getting more and more positive feedback. _ _ _ _ _ _

The Chiefs took a 2-0 lead in the second half but couldn't hold it against the Hawks. Canton took a 1-0 lead when Susie Pierce scored 10 minutes into the g a m e on a pass from Reggie Ruggiero. Five minutes into the second half, Ruggiero curved in a direct kick to give the Chiefs a 2-0 advantage.




On Friday, Canton lost to Livonia Stevenson, 4-1. "I thought they played a great game," said Canton coach Tony Lonigro. "We had a lot of kicks but just couldn't score. "Our goalie (Amy Knickerbocker) m a d e a lot of saves." Ruggiero scored an unassisted goal for the Chiefs to,the second half after Stevenson led at intermission,


HAD SALEM FINISHED third in the 440 relay, the Rocks would have won the meet. And Balconi knewNit. "With that fall we went from first to - third," Balconi said. "But we have to perform, we can't rely on 'What ifs'. "The way our handoffs were going,

Tony Vitale is getting a chance to play professional football with the Green Bay Packers.

"It's going to be hard work hut I'm willing to do it." Michuta, 6-4 and 190, impressed Cleveland 'quarterback coach Paul Hackett during an informal workout two weeks ago at Livonia Franklin High School. Hackett liked Michuta's fluid movement and raw physical talent. Michuta didn't start at Grand Valley until his senior year, but he made the most of it. He led the Lakers to the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) championship and a 10th place ranking in the final NCAA Division II polls.

12th ANNUAL OBSERVERLAND TRACK RELAYS al RU'« Krafl Field T E A M STANDINGS — 1. Catholic Central, 69 points; 2 Bishop Borgess, 66; 3. P l y m o u t h Salem, 64; 4 Livonia Churchill, 62; 5 Livonia Stevenson, 5 5 ^ ; 6 North F a r m i n g t o n , 51; 7. R e d f o r d Union, 34; 8 Plymouth Canton, 27; 9 F a r m i n g t o n , 25; 10 Livonia Franklin, 12 Vk; 11. Southfield-Lathrup, 12; 12 Howell and Northville. 7 each, 15 Livonia Bentley and R e d f o r d Thurston, 2 each; 17. F a r m ' ington Harrison, 0

RELAY RESULTS Shot pat — 1 Catholic C e n t r a l (Jeff Widmer, B r e t P e t e r s m a r k and P a t Reid), 147-feet-lV* -inches; 2 R e d f o r d Union, 1 3 3 - ^ ; 3 Churchill, 131-2; 4 Borgess, 130-11; 5. N. F a r m i n g t o n , 124-7 1 *, 6 Stevenson, 122-8. Long jump — 1 Borgess (Bob Rodgers, T i m Hanks and J e r r y Van Hook), 58-5 Vi; 2 Salem, 572Vi; 3. Catholic Central, 5 5 - 8 * ; 4. N. F a r m i n g t o n , 55-4; 5. Canton, 5 2 - 8 * , 6 Churchill, 51-9¥«. High /amp — 1. Churchill (Brian Zaheria, M a t t Blais and Steve O'Hara), 18-0; 2. Salem, .17-8; 3 F a r m i n g t o n , 17-2; 4. N. F a r m i n g t o n , 17-0; 5 Stevenson. 16-10; 6 Borgess, 16-10. Pole vaolt — 1. R e d f o r d Union (Tom Babits, Bob Johnson and J i m Babits), 38-0^ 2 Salem, 37-0, 3. Churchill, 35-6; 4 Stevenson, 35-0; 5 Catholic Central, 24-6; 6 F a r m i n g t o n , 23-6 Disco* — 1. Catholic C e n t r a l (Jeff W i d m e r , Bret P e t e r s m a r k and P a t Ried), 402-1; 2. Borgess, 3851; 3 Stevenson, 380-2; 4 F a r m i n g t o n , 368-10; 5 N F a r m i n g t o n , 362-0; 6. Churchill, 360-6 Foor mile — 1 Catholic C e n t r a l (Marty H a g a r ty. G r e g Wiercioch, Steve S h a v e r and P a u l Buchanan), 2 R e d f o r d Union; 3 Churchill; 4 Howell, 5. Southfield-Lathrup; 6 Borgess Distance medley — 1 Borgess (John S z c i e r b a , Chris Snabes, T o m Gavin and R a y Brennan), 10 56 12; 2 Stevenson. 10 56 38; 3. Northville, 10:59 82; 4 Franklin, 11.02.79; 5 Catholic C e n t r a l , 11:06.0; 6. Churchill. 11:18 91

880 yards — 1 Borgess (Chuck G r e g o r y , Ed P a checo, J e r r y Van Hook and John Patten), 1 34 0, 2 Stevenson, 1:34.4; 3 Salem, 1 35 3, 4 N F a r m i n g ton, 1 35.4; 5. Churchill, 1 35 7; 6 F a r m i n g t o n , 1:37.15. Two mile — 1 N F a r m i n g t o n ( E n c Z u c k e r m a n . Ken Weine, Rich F n i i t m a n and John Wmterbot torn), 2 Catholic C e ntr a l . 8 29 01, 3 R e d f o r d Un ion, 1:3165; 4 Stevenson. 8 33 19, 5 Borgess 8 41.12, 6 Churchill, 8 44 47 Sprint medley — I. S a l e m (Scott Smith, Mark Tindall. Mike Adzima and Mike McBride), 2 31 9. 2 Stevenson, 2 32 82; 3 Borgess, 2 33 91, 4 Churchill, 2 34 10;-5 Howell, 2 38 1; 6 N F a r m i n g ton, 2:39 2 Shuttle hurdle — 1 Churchill (Keith Opalach, Dave Anderson, M a t t Blais and Steve O'Hara). 59.8; 2 Catholic Central, 1:00 0, 3 N F a r m i n g t o n , 1:00.5, 4 Salem, 1:02.2, 5. Stevenson, 1:02 4; 6 Canton. 1 0 6 6 * 440 yards — 1 Ganton (Mark Ritchey. T o m Harris, F r a n k Asis and David Simms), 45 29. 2 Borgess 45.39, 3 F a r m i n g t o n , 46 45. 4 N F a r m ington, 46.46. 5 Thurston, 47 0; 6 (tie) Stevenson and Franklin, 47 2 Mile — I N. F a r j n i n g t o n (Bob Loeffler, John Kopko, Mark Bowdijch and John Winterbottom), 3:30.16; 2 Canton, 3 >1 53, 3 Churchill, 3 32 66, 4 Stevenson, 3:33 97; 5? Borgess, 3 36 22. 6 Catholic Central, 3 37 0

INDIVIDUAL W I N N E R S 100 dash — Scott Bublin, Salem, 10 3 (meet record) 120 hurdles — Scott Bublin. Salem, 15.2 Mile ran — Davijl K r a f s u r . Southfield-Lathrup. 4 28.8 ( m e e t record).' Pole vault — Toih Babits, R e d f o r d Union, 14 8 (meet record) Shot put — P a t Reid, Catholic Central, 55 2 Discus — P e t e r Brown, F a r m i n g t o n , 142-1 Loog j u m p — Dan Lingg, Salem. 2 0 - 7 * High j u m p — (tie) Scott R a y m e r Salem, and Matt Blais, Churchill, 6-0


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WISKA WAS in New York two days after the Giants selected him for a meeting with team officials. Sidelined with a knee injury for two g a m e s early last season, Wiska returned to help MSU become the most proficient passing team in the school's history. Wiska was considered the catalyst on the offensive line during the Spartans' late-season resurgence, in which they won four of their last six games. A general business major, he earned the MSU Outstanding Lineman and Iron Man (for weight training) awards.

Now Vitale, like Michuta and Wiska, will get the chance to prove dreams can come true.


Free Merrill Lynch seminar:

The Borgess grad set a Grand Valley record by tossing 17 touchdown passes last year. He completed 114 of 173 passes for 1,702 yards, connecting on nearly 66 percent of his passes. Michuta graduates next week and on Wednesday flies to Cleveland for a mini-camp.

ALTHOUGH he wasn't drafted Vitale is confident he can break in with the Packers. "They need lineman really bad," said Vitale, who was contacted by 13 teams. "They consider me better than some of the lineman they already have." Vitale ran tests for individual teams and BLESTO, an N F L scouting service. He was timed at 4.9 in the 40 yard dash and has bench pressed 455 pounds. Seven teams — Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Oakland, Denver, Miami, Chicago and the Packers — showed an interest in the All-Mid-American tackle after the te^ts. "I just have to show the Packers I can make the team," Vitale said. "This is a dream c o m e true. I've always dreamed about playing pro ball."

outdueled Franklin's Mike White to establish a new mark in the mile run with a time of 4:28.8, eclipsing the former record of 4:31.3 set by Mike Nugent of CC last year. RU's Tom Babits soared 14-8 in the pole vault to best the meet record of 14-6 set in 1978 by Salem's Scott Kappler. CC won three events, with Jeff Widmer, Bret Petersmark and Pat Reid combining to win the discus and shot put relays. Borgess and Salem also won three events apiece.

you never know. We might have botched the second or third exchange." Balconi figured the 440 and 880 relays to be his team's strongest events. They had the best qualifying times in both coming into the meet, but bad exchanges kept the Rocks from winning either. They finished third in the 880. Three meet records were set. Bublin blazed to a 10.3, breaking his own record of 10.5 in the 100 dash set a year ago. The Salem senior also won 120 high hurdles (15.2). Southfield-Lathrup's David Krafsur




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O&E Monday. May 3, 1982


Murphy's pitching gives Rocks a lift "Our pitching is coming around," said Plymouth Salem girls' softball coach Rob Willette,

each had two hits and two RBIs for the winners. Bonnie Southerland, who made two stellar defensive players in center field, also had two hits as did Kelly Strautz. Salem, Which travels Monday to meet Belleville, broke the g a m e open with five runs in the second inning.

Junior Diane Murphy gave Willette reason for optimism as she hurled a four-hitter to lift the Hocks to an 8-2 Suburban Eight League win Friday over Allen Park.


She walked three and struck out one as Salem lifted its season mark to 5-1 Both runs were unearned. Sarah McKenna and Jenny Papa

The Rocks rallied for five runs in

If you go back to the lawsuit filed by the Committee to Ensure Equal Opportunity in High School Athletics at the t i m e basketball w a s arbitrarily changed to fall for the girls, you'll see that the matter of representation is a legitimate question. Voting for the MHSAA is done by the principals of the state (98 percent of whom are men) with input from their athletic directors (98 percent whom are men). When Mr. Norris says that MHSLAA is reflecting the wishes <|f the voting body, he is correct — but is this an equitable system of voting? You bring up the "lack of interest and participation" in the cancellation of golf at Canton High School as a case against expanding the girls sport schedule. Girls need to be taught and educated to become skilled and participate in interscholastic athletics just as the boys were — the only difference is the 45-year lead the boys have had. You say much the s a m e thing when you acknowledge that "as girls' skills develop, more fans will turn out."

(S. of

STEVENSON BOYS 79 CANTON 38 Jeff Zelenick and Ken Dubois captured two events Thursday to lead Livonia Stevenson past Plymouth Canton in a boys' track meet, 79-38. Zelenick was victorious in the shot put (46-7) and discus (142-4) while Dubois took the 1,600-meter run'(4:40.0) and 3,200 run (lOrlO.O). Canton winners include Frank Asis, long jump, 19-4 Vi; David Simms, 100 dash, 11.1; and Jin Kim, 110 hurdles, 16.9. Canton won the 400 relay in 46.5 and the mile relay in 3:33.0. The loss drops Canton to 0-1-1 in dual meets. Stevenson evened its record at 2-2.



WITH SPRING HERE and summer around the corner, players are starting to play more frequently outdoors. Players generally have great difficulty adjusting to outdoor conditions. There two main factors responsible for this: 1) wind, and 2) sun. Always check the sun's position in the sky before playing. Then check the wind's direction and velocity. When hitting against a strong breeze, stroke the ball a lot harder than normal. When hitting with the wind, use topspin to bring the ball down. The most difficult task is serving into the sun. If the sun is shining directly in you eyes, try lifting the ball a little more to your side, or lift the ball a little lower than normal to avoid the intense ravs.

GIVE YOURSELF a large margin for error when hitting your shots over the net. A ball which barely clears the net usually falls short in the enemy's court. It's simply a low-percentage shot. Unless your opponent is at the net, always give yourself a four to six-foot margin of clearance over the net. As I said before, serving outside is difficult. Put plenty of spin on your serve, either slice or topspin, for better control. i ~ Also, use a slightly lower ball lift under windy conditions on your serve. Early in the outdoor season, the weather is often chilly, making muscle pulls commonplace Make sure to dress warmly and do plenty of stretching exercises before starting play Always stretch out befpre playing That enables the muscles tf relax and extends them for competitive play As mentioned before, players-excel best with their mind and muscles at ease JOE TAYLOR is teaching sional at Centaur Racquet West Bloomfield ami the Athletic Club. He is also the of tennis at the Orchard Sunm and Tennis Club Bloomfield during the months.

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PH ONE: _ PH •

Publish May J, 1882


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Written Comments concerning the draft Facility Plan and questions about the Public Hearing are welcomed and may be addressed to Mr Nicholas P Lomako, Public Participation Coordinator, c / o Wade, Trim & Associates. Inc., 25185 Goddard Road, Taylor, Michigan 48180, telephone (313) 2915400.

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If you've been playing indoors all winter, you've been playing under ideal conditions. Dbn't go out and try to put away shots for winners Try to keep the ball deep and in play. Playing outside often leads to more difficult bounces which are due to wind and uneven court surfaces. Therefore, an early jump on the ball is a necessity. Make sure to always bounce on the toes in anticipation of your opponents' return — never get caught waiting flatfooted for the return





Countless students c o m e up to me and plead: "In practice I play great, but when I'm playing a match that counts, I can't hit the ball over the net. What can I do?" Practice is relaxing to most people. Their muscles are loose. Many players tense up as soon as they get into a match situation. I know it is easier said than done, but try to play relaxed tennis with long, smooth strokes in favor of short, abbreviated strokes. Think positive — never think you are going to miss a shot or else you will. If you are having an off day or just missing a few more shots than normal, keep thinking positively. Showing your disgust visibly (example: throwing your racquet) will give your opponent an added incentive. It's a morale booster to see your opponent falling apart. If you miss a shot, don't get angry Go on and play the next point like you expect to win it. You must have a winning attitude.

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%II 4.74 5.92 7.10 8.30



Adjust to outdoor game

4x8 4x10 4x12 4x14







%J1 3.30 4.90 5.90 6.90

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%11 3.25

Colt Mod. AR15 $525.00 A r m a l i t e Carbine Mod. AR180 $550.00 Black Powder 1 lb. Can $5.95 Tower Pistol Kit $49.95 Ruger Stainless Old A r m y $240.00 Ruger Number One $325.00 Redfield 3x9 Scopes $118.00 26249 Grand River, Redford 3 blocks west of Beech Daly

rot, mile run, 6:20.4, and two mile, 13:44.3; Ida Williams, 880 run, 2:45.94; and Wood, 220 dash, 28.44.

BUILDING MATERIALS CO. 12770 Farmington Road

The last point I'd like to make is for the qwareness that high-school athletics are not the NCAA, and that the opportunity to learn and play should be offered to all our students with equity. Cathy Dritsas Athletic Director Academy of the Sacred Heart Birmingham

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Kim Redwood had two for Franklin, now 2-4 overall.

Plymouth Canton's Lisa Bundarin set a school record in the shot put Thursday, but Livonia Stevenson c a m e out the winner in a non-league gifis' track meet, 91-32. The loss dropped Canton to 1-4 overall. Stevenson uppped its record to 3-0. Bundarin's toss of 31 feet, 10 inches established a new standard. She also won the discus with a throw of 96-1. Stevenson's Kathy Finn was a double winneit — long jump (16-4) and 110yard hurdles (17.6). Other Canton individual winners included Lisa Wood, 100 dash, 12.75, and Pat Brennan, 220 hurdles, 34.8. Second-place finishers for the Chiefs were Maureen Brophy in the 440 dash (1:08.6) and Kim Brown in the 220 (28.4). The Chiefs had a host of third-place finishers: Brennan, 110 hurdles, 17.99; Brown, 100 dash, 12.87; Michelle Per-

AD challenges Emons column

You also state that the boys have to play in the winter because it follows a seasonal sport, football. At one time in the state of Michigan, field hockey was also a "seasonal sport" — until basketball was changed to the fall and the number of offerings for girls in the fall exceeded the number of athletes available. The number of field hockey schools in the state has shrunk from well over 35 to the present 12. We hold our own state tournament, and the numerous field hockey scholarships available at colleges in our state and in many other states are out of reach for most Michigan girls. Just in sheer numbers, field hockey offers much greater opportunity to actually play (in high school and in colleges) than does basketball. Besides, playing outside in the fall should not be limited to hoys football or girls tennis.

Southerland, McKenna and Strautz each had two bits for the winners. ~

Canton track teams fall against Spartans

from our readers

To the editor: I wish to respond to your recent article "Women Challenge MHSAA" (April 15), and perhaps clarify some of the questions raised and judgments stated. Of most importance is the issue of the girls basketball season; as you mention, only four states play girls basketball in the fall, Michigan included. You call these the "smart states" and cite the examples of NCAA and high-school tourneys extending into March to show that basketball really is a "year-round sport"

Leslie Etienne started for Salem and hurled the first four innings. She allowed 10 walks. Lesniak, who held Franklin to one run over the final three innings, was the winning pitcher. Carol Matuszewski was the losing pitcher.

the top of the seventh inning to beat the Patriots. . McKenna started the inning with a single *nd Papa followed with a walk. McKenna then scored on Strautz' single *nd Amy Sidorsky added a single to load the the bases. The merry-gdrround began as Terri Lesniak and Mary Kay Mundinger both walked, fojqjng in a run. Pinch runners Debbie ffiomski and Lisa Granger eventually crossed home on wild pitches.



• • •


Monday, May 3,1982 O&E

Middle school mat event set

the week ahead BASEBALL Monday, May 3 Northville at Canton, 4 p.m. Belleville at Salem, 4 p.fli. Wednesday, May 5 Livonia Churchill at Canton, 4 p.m. Friday, May 7 Salem at Trenton (DH), I p.m Saturday, May 8 Plymouth Salem at Canton (DH), noon. SOFTBALL Monday, May 3 Canton at Northville, 4 p.m Salem at Belleville, 4 p.m. Wedaeaday, May 5 Canton at Livonia Churchill, 4 p.m. Salem at Redford Thurston, 4 p.m. Friday, May 7 Trenton at Salem (DH), J p.m. Saturday, May 8 Canton at Belleville (DH), noon. Salem at Novi (DH), 11 a.m. BOYS" TRACK Tin-ttday, May 4 Mangan Relays at Centennial Ed P a r k (5:30 p.m. field events, 6:30 p.m. running). Wednesday, May 5 Salem at Livonta Bentley, 3:30 p.m.

Tharaday, May 6 Northvillei a t Canton, 4 p.m. Friday, May 7 Salem at U v , Stevenson Relays, 5 p.m.

by W.W. Edgar

Wrestlers from Central, Blast, Lowell, | Pioneer and West middle schools will compete Saturday in the sixth annual Plymouth Middle School Invitational at Canton High's Phase III Gym. Separate tournaments will be held for sexmfch, eighth and ninth graders. Sixtligraders are also invited. There is no cost to enter and admission is free. Interested participants can obtain a parent's waiver form from any physical education instructor at the middle schools. Weigh-in is from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Competition starts at 10 a.m. Varsity wrestlers from Canton and Salem high schools will officiate. For more information, call either Dan Chrenko (ext. 398), Dan Riggs (ext. 323) or Ron Krueger (ext. 247) at 453-3100.

GIRLS' TRACK Taeaday, May 4 Mangan Relays at Centennial Ed. P a r k (5:30 p.m. field events, 6:30 p.m. running). Thanday, May 6 Canton at Northville, 4 p.m. Satarday, May 8 Salem at Liv. Stevenson Relays, 10 a.m. Canton at WL Western Relays, 10 a.m. BOYS* TENNIS Monday, May 3 Northville at Canton, 4 p.m. Livonia Franklin at Salem, 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 5 Livonia Churchill at Canton, 4 p.m. Friday, May 7 Salem at Trenton, 7 p.m.

Lubanski abandons unusual grip An era has come to a close. Ed Lubanski, former captain of the champion Stroh team and the first man to roll back-to-back perfect games, has decided to drop the two-finger ball he has used for so many years. From the time he climbed to the top of the bowling ranks, Lubanski has used nothing but the two-finger grip. With it, Lubanski won virtually every titl£ available and for years held the 10-year top average. He has switched to the conventional grip because he says he is not as strong as he used to be and will get more power by changing to the three-finger grip. Lubanski was one of the few remain-

GIRLS* SOCCER Monday, May 3 Livonia Churchill at Canton, 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 4 Canton at Northville, 4 p.m.

ing bowlers still using the two-finger style.

games of 237 and 212 before falling to a 200 for his 655.

A RECORD that could last a long time was set at Wonderland Lanes as the Classic closed its season. On the final night, two more 700 series were registered to bring the season total to 105. George Plagmey rolled a 268 final game to finish with a 728 and Mark Hammel hit a 701 to join the prestigious club. Tom Cyrul and Jim McPhail battled to the last ball before Cyrul emerged with a one-pin victory in the Senior House League at Merri-Bowl. Cyrul finished with a 656 while McPhail had

AT WESTLAND BOWL, Wayne Savage survived a heated struggle before posting high series. Savage had games of 234 and 268 enroute to a 659 series, two pins better than Mike Liczki, who fell to 189 in his final game and had to settle for a 657. Other good performances included Bob Carson's 660 in the Road Commission League at Garden Lanes, Dave Marbowe, a 630 in the Junior House League at Woodland Lanes, and Sue Selde, who linked games of 199, 204 and 218 for a 631 at Merri-Bowl.



Wednesday, May 5 Livonia Franklin at Canton, 4 p.m. Salem at Livonia Bentley, 7 p.m.


Salem golfers split Plymouth Salem opened its 1982 golf season last week with a victory Monday over Saline, 235-245, and a loss Wednesday to Pinckney, 220-228. Both matches were played at Brae Burn Golf Course. Senior Carol Ross, a three-year regular for Salem, was the medalist against Saline with a 48. Other Salem scorers were Beth Mil-

In the pocket

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to State Law 257.252, the following vehicles will be sold at public sale on Friday, May 7, 1982 at 11:30 a.m. at 934 Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth, Michigan:

ler, 55; Yvette Totzke, 60; and Julie Kenny, 72. Ross shot a 46 against Pinckney, followed by Totzke, 54, Debbie Darlington, 67; and Kenny, 72. "We have four seniors," said Salem coach Jim Stevens, "but our experience is lacking, £o some extent." The Rocks return to action Monday against Ahn Arbor Huron at Barton Hills.

(1) 1973 Chevrolet 2 Dr. I.D. Y127H3W237448 (1) 1973 Plymouth 2 Dr. I D. RP23G3A249924 Inquiries regarding these vehicles should be addressed to Officer Robert Henry,

Plymouth Policy Department, at 453-8600



AN ORDINANCE TO PROVIDE PENALTIES FOR THE FAILURE TO RETURN MATERIALS TO THE PLYMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY TO PROVIDE NOTICE PRIOR TO THE IMPOSITION PENALTIES: AND TO IMPUTE RESPONSIBILITY FOR VIOLATIONS BY MINORS. The above Ordinance was passed unanimously for a second reading by the Board of Trustees of the Charter Township of Plymouth at their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 27, 1982. The Ordinance in full is available for inspection at the Township Hall, 42350 Ann Arbor Road; Fire Station No. 1 at the same address; Fire Station No. 2, 41212 Wilcox Road; and the Department of Public Works Building, 1333 Lilley Road. Farrand School, 41400 Greenbriar Lane; First National Bank of Plymouth, 39475 Ann Arbor Road The Ordinance will take affect June 2, 1982 30 days following publication of this notice. 4.

GORDON G. LIMBURG, City Clerk Publish May 3,1982

ESTHER HULSING, Clerk P u b l i s h May 3, 1982

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PRICES G O O D T H R U S U N D A Y , M A Y 9, 1982






' j



O&E Monday, May 3.1982



Canton nets 2 victories in 3 tries

flOlf •


The Fellows Creek Seniors Golf League, sponsored by the Canton Parks and Recreation Department, is looking for prospective players. The cost is $5 to register and $3.50 per round. League play will be held at 8:30 p.m. each Tuesday beginning in May. Registrations can be delivered in person or by mail to: Canton Parks and

Recreation Department, 115(N3. Canton Center Road, Canton 48188. For more information, call 397-1000. • F O X HILLS L E A G U E S A new men's and women's golf leagues are being formed at Fox Hills Country Club (six miles west of Sheldon on N. Territorial in Salem Township). Play will be held on Monday evenings for both leagues. For more Information, call Sandy at 453-7272.

Rocks rip Park 8-1

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Plymouth Salem, coached by Brian Gilles, won its ninth straight prep baseball game Friday with an 8-1 Suburbaki Eight League victory over host Allen Park. The Rocks, off to their fastest start ever, have mowed down Royal Oak Kimball (twice), Redford Thurston, Dearborn Edsel Ford, Dearborn, Livonia Franklin (twice), Livonia Bentley, and Allen Park in succession. Salem is now 4-0 in league play.

GemologistS Goldsmiths Diamond Setters 481 W. Ann Arbor Trail Plymouth 455-3030

BILL'BRESLER/staff photographer

Russ Roberts (shown above) and doubles partner Mark Sawyer were involved in a marathon match




At a regular meeting of the Planning Commission, to be held in the Commission Chamber of the City Hall on Wednesday, May 12, 1982, a public hearing will be held at 7 30 P.M., to consider the rezoning of: Case No. RZ 82-2 Lot Nos. 613, 614, 615a, 615b, 616, 622alb and approximately 112 feet of lot 622a2B,b and Lot 620, Assessor's Plymouth Plat No. 17, from B-2 Central Business to B-5 General Business. These lots a r e also known as 1105, 1125, 1135. 1145. 1165 and 1175 Starkweather. All interested parties will be given ample opportunity to participate in the hearing and at the close of the hearing all comments and suggestions of those citizens participating will be considered by the Planning Commission before making its recommendation to the City Commission. *


Red Cross


GOKDON G. LIMBURG, City Clerk Publish May 3,1982

Iogether, we can change things.


A T K4


with Franklin Thursday. The Canton duo prevailed by winning the third and decisive set, 14-12.

Plymouth Canton won two of three boys' tennis matches last week to raise its season record to 3-1 overall. The latest Chief victory came Thurs day against Livonia Franklin, 5-2 Canton won three of four singles matches: Ron Austen (No. 2) defeated Jim Holmes, 6-2, 6-4; Rubin Rabillas (No. 3) downed Roy Freij, 2-6, 7-6, 6-2 and Ray Lademan (No. 4) turned back Bob Kuezajoa, M , 6-2 In the feature match at No. 1 singles, Franklin's Jason Winters whipped Tom Pasley, 6-1, 6-1. In doubles, Canton took the No 1 flight when Mark Sawyer and Russ Roberts took a page out of Wimbledon as they outlasted Mike Shamo and Jim Kostrena, 6-0, 2-6,14-12. At No. 2 doubles, Todd Garrett and Tim Feldcamp tripped Randy and Rick Lotero, 6-3, 6-2. And at the No. 3 spot. Franklin's John Frost and Jeff Stevens beat Joe Melican and Dave Schendel, 64,6-4. ON WEDNESDAY, Walled Lake Central handed the Chiefs their first loss of the year, 5-2. Canton scored its only points at No. 2 (Austen defeated Jim McLeod, 6-1, 6-2) and No. 4 singles (Lademan defeated Steve Irwin, 6-2,7-6.) In a Western Six League match played Monday, Canton earned a 5-2 victory over Walled Lake Western as Pasley, Austen, Rabillas and Lademan all won singles duels. Austen won a hard-fought 6-1, 5-7, 8-6 match against Chris Smith. The Chiefs alfjo were victorious at No 3 doubles as Melican and Schendel defeated Nicky Foilsom and Chris Rigg, 76, 6-4.

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At a regular meeting of the Planning Commissioij, to be held in the Commission Chamber of the City Hall on Wednesday, May 12, 1^82, a public hearing will be held at 7 30 P.M.. to consider the rezoning of: Case No. RZ-82-1


Lot No. 215 of Assessor's Plymouth Plat No 8, from B-2 Central Business to RM-1 Multiple-Family Residential. This lot ii also known as 870, 884 and 896 Penniman, located between Harvey and Main Street on the north side of the street.


All interested parties will be given ample opportunity to participate in the hearing and. at the close of the hearing, all comments and suggestions of those citizens participating will be considered by the Planning Commission before making its recommendation to the City Commission.





Publish May 3, 1982


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7 new varietals offered by Sebastian vineyards I E v e r the marketing innovator, Sebastian! Vineyards of Sonoma has tost released a series of seven new varietal wines as well as three generics. The former are available in attractive l.S-liter bottles, the latter in 1.5 and 3liter bottles, all u n d e r the new label August Sebastiani Vineyards Early figures suggested most will be in the $6.50-a-double-bottle range, good n e w s indeed in these times. But the better news is the quality of the wines. Five of us participated in a preview tasting in early April. The notes that follow, on these wines, fairly well represent a consensus ofi the five opinions.

'81 GAMAY ROSE: also very dry with good Gamay flavors. Not the usual Sebastiani rotfe style, which usually tends toward the flabby side.

N.V. ZINFANDE&: Excellent fruit, forward flavors, full-bodied and uncomplicated, this is great burger or pasta wine.

'81 CHENIN BLANC: slightly sweet with excellent varietal character. Very full in the mouth. A couple^of tasters reported a harsh after-taste.

N.V. | C A B E R N E T SAUVIGNON: Just a touch of mint, this wine is a very drinkable representation of what clean fquit Cabernet possesses when young. A hint of t a n n i c adds to the complexity. Tl^is, too, is a dollar more.

'80 CHARDONNAY (initially marketed as Country White Wine): unencumbered by large amounts of oak exposure, this is a big, fruity, straight-forward wine, well worth the extra dollar charged fof it. P I N d T NOIR: Very tiot and unattractive when first opened, but 25 minutes of airing brought this wine around to be quite decent. All thought it was the weakest wine of the group, howevr

" '80 FRENCH COLOMBARD: a very clean wine, with lots of fruit overtones This is the way this usually undistinguished wine can taste when handled well.


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enough acid to balance it. Clearly one of the best values in California Chablis. To my palate only the Vin Rose was a disaster. Fat, rich, almost spongy in character. All in all, these wines are another innovation for Sebastiani, long a leader in producing quality wines ai[ fair prices. Thank you, Sam. And a footnote must be reported to the evening of varietal tastings. We also had an opportunity to taste the newly issued 1976 Proprietor's Reserve Barbera, a wine soon to be available in the |9-$10 range, one of an increasing series of reserve wines Sebastiani is offering.

At another time Sebastiani's three new generic wines were also tasted. The Burgundy was a full, pleasant, everyday red while the Chablis was full of nice clean fruit (Chenin?) and had


Richard Watson


This was easily the finest California Barbera I have ever tasted: deep, rich, full, a bit of oak and tannin, with almost overhwhelming fruit. The grapes

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t a r y c a r n a t i o n w i t h o u r best w i s h e s .




15800 Middlebelt (Between 5 & 6) Livonia 522-5600

Served from 1 0 ; 3 0 A M to 2 3 0 P.M $ |1.95 per person • Children under 10 half p r i c e

Or at

J a c q u e ' s ELEGANT DINNER Served f r o m 4 3 0 t o 9 3 0 P M

3 0 T V j p O

Featuring a s p e c i a l Mother's Day Menu By r e s e r v a t i o n o n l y • 642-1373

A d

Mom's Frozen Peach Daiquiri & Flowers Courtesy ot Jacques




welcomes cMom


With their regular PLUSa special Mom's Menu O f f e r e d f r o m 4 O O to 9 O O P M

F<>r the Mom In your life Jacques has a flower and


Allrou are to eat care for o n e l o w p r i c e !

FROM 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

a delicious Frozen Peach Daiquiri Come a n d enjoy!

Reservations not n e c e s s a r y !

FROM 3:30 to 8:00 p.m.



ChWdrtn undtr 8 - % Prk*

Choose from 30 diffeeent selections, including soups, salads entrees, vegetables, desserts and beverages

e£°° 29300 PLYMOUTH ROAD

3 0 1 0 0 Telegraph Road N.of 12 Mile Rd.



(Ptymwith Road at M d d M M t )


^Duffs SMORGASBORD! "WhereThe E i t r u - D o n ' t Coat F*tr«T

OPEN 7 DAYS DAILY 11 a.m. to 8 p.m

O&E Monday. May 3,1982

surprising twist or two. Stars Sylvia Kristel, Howard Hesseman and

CHARIOTS OF F I R E (PG). True and compelling Story of two runners. One runs for the glory of God, the other to battle bigotry. Outstanding and elevating movie.


Eric Brown.

DEATHTRAP (PG). The film versioii siori of Ira Levin's comedy suspense thriller starring Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve and Dyan Cannon.

. QUEST FOR F I R E (R). This science-fiction epic follows three courageous warriors forced to venture beyond their tribal lands when their life-sustaining flame is lost during a battle.

IF YOU COULD S E E WHAT I HEAR (PG). Based on the life of Tom Sullivan. True story of bittersweet love and the fun and games most college students engage in just prior to entering the "real" world.

ROBIN HOOD (G). Disney's animated musical version of Robin Hood featores voices of Peter Ustinov, Phil Harris, Terry-Thomas and Andy, Devine.


MONTENEGRO. Bored wife of diplomat in Switzerland discovers earthy pleasures in c a f e where Yugoslav workers meet.

SOME KIND OF HERO (R). Richard Pryor is Vietnam POW who returns home to find his personal life a shambles.

ON GOLDEN POND (PG). Beautiful, sensitive and humorous film about an older couple's 48th summer at the cottage as they reflect on their lives and relationships. With Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda

THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER (R). F f o m a tiijie before history comes a tale of wizards, warriors, kings and kingdoms. Stars Lee HorSley, Kathleen Beller, Simon MacCorkindale, George Maharis and Richard Lynch, directed by Albert Pyan.

PORKY'S (R). Director Bob Clark's rowdy, raunchy comedy of adolescence derives its title from the name of a notorious redneck dive, to which six lusty teen-agers are hypnotically drawn.

VICTOR/VICTORIA (PG). Julie Andrews iq Blake Edwards' comedy about unemployed singer who becomes smashing success after becoming "Victor," a drag queen.

PRIVATE LESSONS (R). A light-hearted tale of lost innocence with a


PLYMOUTH'S NEWIST PUB * * SERVINGSoups-Sandwiches and Full Bar


Jurgen Prochnow is the U-boat captain who leads the crew of the U-96 on a daring patrol of the North Atlantic in "Das B o o t / '

3 P.M.-7 P.M. Drinka 2 tor 1

6356 Greenfield (Between Ford & Warren) Dearborn 581-2344


Northern Lights" Easy Listening Music




the movies


Banjo, Tuba


Piano Fri. & Sat. Night

Life aboard \J-boat reveals wartime from the other side





Treat M o m T o A Un q u e D i n i n g Experience


Special Mother's Day Menu

N Gals' Mght Out

( N o C o u p o n s Please)


Choice of bowl ot soup, salad or slaw, spaghetti or potato; Includes vegetable and bread basket.

TUESDAY Fried C l a m s & C h i p s

Reservations Only Call 201-4280



i t ' s i mir s p e a j l n i g h t o u i e v e r \ I l u i r s d . i v j r H u r l e y s V^ith > p e v u l p r i a ' v <>n d r i n k s . I i \ e e n t o r l . n n m e n t j n d d . i n a n g , So m;ikc Ihursd.ivs s p e u j l

Choice of bowl of soup, salad or slaw; Includes bread basket

WEDNESDAY S p a g h e t t i Dinner

Cambridge Club


28901 C a m b r i d g e (1 Blockk E of Middlebelt. Between Ford A Warren i Just North of G C East H.S Banquet Rooms Available Reg. Hours: Mon. Fn 10 a m -9 p m

Choice of bowl of soup, salad or siaW; Includes bread basket

THURSDAY Liver & Onions



Sunday, May 9 9 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

S f r e c i a & i

MONDAY Veal Parmigiana Dinner




& cut £

N f Main


ilVengan's J

Many movies have conveyed the horror of ^var — the suffering, the pain, the waste. "Das Boot" (The Boot) (R), a German film about life aboard a submarine during Woi^ld War II, conveys tbe stench of war. If ever a movie made real the awfulness of close confinement, this one does Forty-three men are crowded aboard the U-boat. They share one toilet They share bunks on a rotating shift because there aren't enough to go around They work, sleep and (eat in their 10-foot-wide tube" They joke about how long it has been since they bathed or changed clothes, There is no such thing as privacy. Even the captain has no cabin of his own The crew appears to be an afterthought in submarine design. The long, narrow vessel is nothing more tfyan a sheath for its stock of torpedoes. That there should be life within this metal envelope s e e m s absurd


T f 1 dm WfD. 11AMH AM THUKl. FRL, v i l l i 111111443?

May 3, 4, 5 Mon., Tues., Wed. 11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Louise Snider

H i m u r


Choice of bowl of soup, salad or slaw; Includes potato, vegetable and bread basket

FRIDAY Fish A C h i p s . . -


Choice of dam chowder, salad or slaw; Includes bread basket

IN THIS SURREAL environment, where salamis hang from machinery and stalks of bananas cover the chart table, you can believe in the eccentric humor of the German crew bursting into a chorus of "It's a Long Way to Tipperary." I Life aboard the sub is an unnerving mixture of extremes. For weeks it can be so utterly boring that nose* picking is a recreational activity, then suddenly the crew is caught up in heart-stopping fear from an unremitting depth-charge attack Wolfgang Petersen, who wrote and directed "Das Boot," makes these scenes more vivid and realistic than those foijnd in any other submarine movie. This is what separates "Das Boqt" from other "submarine" movies, a genre which doesn't allow for much originality. Although it uses familiar material — scenes of a ship as both hunter and hunted — it makes the scenes so intense and gives them so much muscle, you don't think of them as cliches. Beyond that, the most interesting aspect of the movie, for an American audience, is seeing the war from a different perspective. One sequence is especially revealing. The U-boat just sank an Allied freighter and is confronted by the pight of survivors in the water4 crying for help.

Honey D i p p e d Fried C h i c k e n


Choice of soup or salad; potato, vegetable roll and butter.

TOWER 14 BUILDING — SOUTHFIELD ( c o m a r of M o r t t m a a t a r n Hwy. A J. L. Hudcon Grlva) MOn-Thurt 7 a m - 1 p m Fri T a m - 9 p m Sat A 8 u n 9 a m - 3 p m 552-8360 Eaay Parking - Q u a r d Alwayt on Duly

34410 FORD RD. - WESTLAND ' (Acroaa from Cotlaaum R a c q u a t Club) I Mon-Sat 7 a m - 11 p m S u n 7 a m • • p m

-too l i n o >i-Q- •


naac I O^g-^OOJj


On May 9, Pamper

"Das Boot" gives us a cynical view of war from the losing side.




On Mother's Day, give Mom the attention she's always given you by dining with us at our Special Mother's Day Brunch, featuring: Traditional Brunch Items, Steamship Round of Beef, Carved Ham, Assorted Pastries, Fresh Fruits, Seafood Newburg, Dessert Island pltis Champagne and Asti Spumonti served after 12:00 upon. $10.25 Children under 12 $4.95 Sepior Citizens $9.25 Brunch Served from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.











WEST 17 J23 Laurel Park Dr. North Ph. 4 6 4 - 1 3 0 0

V';:: •:"

*8 i i i * ? I ' v.--:.





10 MILE and MEADOWBROOK - NOVI ! (A A 9 C a n tar) Mon-Thura a n d Sat 7 a m - • p m i f r l 7 p m • 10 p m S u n 7 a m - > p m

THE SUB'S OFFICERS are upset that some other Allied ship in the convoy did not remove the men from the freighter, which had been burning for some time. In other words, they are angry because their consciences are troubled. While the ship was intact, it was a target, but with the ship sunk and the crew in distress, the Germans are reminded that they are seamen as well as military men. They don't like being reminded. The law of the sea dictates that they help those in the distress. The reality of war argues against such action. This kind of psychological realism adds to the integrity of the movie, which is supported by a roster of fine performances. On the negative side, the movie does run long. Fifteen minutes worth of scenes of the sub cutting through the water could have been pared away without affecting the content. The impact would still be

Cramped quarters and long months at sea take their toll on t(te crew.



N O R T H F I U I ) Mil I O N SS0() ( rooks Rd at I-7S Tro\ MK higdn 4B098 (31


*7C Monday, May 3,1982


REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 302 BirminghamBloomltaW 3 0 3 W a s t Bloomfield 304 Farmington F a r m i n g t o n Hills 305 Brighton-Hartland 306 Soothttatd-Lathrup 307 Miltord-Hartland 3 0 8 R o c h e s t e r Troy 3 0 9 Royal O a k - O a k P a r k Huntington W o o d s 310 Commerce-Onion Lake 311 Orchard Lake Walled L a k e 3 1 2 Livonia 313 Dearborn Dearborn Heights 314 Plymouth-Canton 3 1 5 Northville-Novi 3 1 6 W e s t l a n d - G a r d e n City 317 Q r o s a e Potnte 318 Bedford 3 1 9 H o m e s tor SaleOakland County 3 2 0 H o m e s tor S a l e Wayne County 1321 H o m e s tor S a l e Livingston C o u n t y 3 2 2 H o m e s lor S a l e M a c o m b County 3 2 3 H o m e s tor S a l e Washtenaw County 324 Other S u b u r b a n H o m e s 3 2 5 Real E s t a t e S e r v i c e s 3 2 6 C o n d o s tor S a l e 327 Duplex tor S a t e 3 2 8 T o w n h o u s e s tor S a l e 3 3 0 A p a r t m e n t s tor S a l e 3 3 2 M o b i l e H o m e s tor S a l e

339 Lots » A c r e a g e 3 4 0 L a k e River R e s o r t P r o p e r t y tor S a l e 342 Lake Property 348 Cemetery Lots 351 Business 4 Professional Bids tor S a l e 3 5 2 Commercial/Industrial 354 Income Property tor S a l e 356 Investment Property tor S a l e 358 Mortgages/ Land C o n t r a c t s 360 Business Opportunities 361 Money to Loan 3 6 2 Real E s t a t e W a n t e d 3 6 4 Listings W a n t e d

REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 4 0 0 A p a r t m e n t s to Rent 4 0 1 F u r n i t u r e Rental 402 Furnished Apartments 4 0 3 Rental Agency 4 0 4 H o u s e s t o Rent 406 Furnished Houses 407 Mobile H o m e s 4 0 8 D u p l e x e s t o Rent 4 1 0 Flats t o Rent 412 T o w n h o u s e s / Condominiums 4 1 3 Time S h a r e


5 0 4 Half) W a n t e d Office Clerical 505 Food Beverage 5 0 6 Hel(j W a n t e d S a l e s 507 Help W a n t e d P a r t Time 5 0 8 Hel|) W a n t e d D o m e s t i c 5 1 0 Help W a n t e d C o u p l e s 5 1 1 Entertainment L512 S i t u a t i o n s W a n t e d

Female . L513 S i t u a t i o n s W a n t e d Male . L514 S i t u a t i o n s W a n t e d Male/Female • L 5 1 5 Child C a r e . L516 S u m m e r C a m p s • L518 Education Instructions 519 Computers-Sales Serl/ice. S h a r e

L740 P e l S e r v i c e s 744 H o r s e s , l i v e s t o c k . Equipment


LBus 7 0 0 Auction S a l e s LBus 701 C o l l e c t a b l e s LBus 7 0 2 A n t i q u e s 703 Ciatts 704 R u m m a g e Sales/ Flea M a r k e t s 705 Wearing Apparel 706 Appliances 708 Household GoodsOakland County 709 Household G o o d s Wayne County 7 1 0 Misc tor S a l e Oakland County 7 1 1 Misc for S a l e Wayne County 7 1 2 W a n t e d t o Buy 7 1 3 B i c y c l e s - S a l e & Repair

AUTOMOTIVE/ TRANSPORTATION 8 0 0 R e c r e a t i o n a l Vehicles 802 Snowmobiles 804 Airplanes 806 Boats/Motors i L807 Boat P a r t s 4 Sjervice 808 Vehicle/Boat Slot a g e 8 1 0 I n s u r a n c e , Motor 8 1 2 M o t o r c y c l e s . G^> K a r t s Service 814 C a m p e r s f M o t o r h o m e s . L816 A u t o / T r u c k s , j Parts 4 Service

314 Plymouth-Canton

312 Livonia

ASSUMPTION Tremendous famtiv r o o m with very a t t r a c t i v e t e r m s 4 bed r o o m tri level, 2 4 baths, hugt} f a m i l y room. 2 c a r g a r a g e F l o r i d a ro<>m. deco r a t e d t o p e r f e c t i o n $71,000

MUST B E SOLD 4 b e d r o o m Capd Cod in the city of F a r m i n g t o n F A M I L Y ROOM. 2 baths, 2 c a r g a r a g e LandJ cont r a c t t e r m s $53,500

9 4 I N T E R E S T and a 7 y i a r land c o n t r a c t m a k e this 3 b e d r o o m bridk • r a n c h a s u p e r buy in F a r m i n g t o n AL MOST AN A C R E 159,900 P R I M E LOCATION very flexible t e r m s on this new listing in Burton IJpl low 3 b e d r o o m r a n c h , 2 baths, beatfti ful kitchen b a s e m e n t . 2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e I m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y 169,000 B E A U T I F U L L Y D E C O R A T E D 3 bed r o o m brick r a n c h with m a s t e r bath, l a r g e l a m i l y r o o m with f i r e p l a c e . 1st , floor laundry f o r m a l dining room, cen . t r a l a i r full b a s e m e n t and a t t a c h e d ga . ' - r a g e $109 900 I .and c o n t r a c t t e r m s

BURTON HOLLOWS WOODS truly i m m a c u l a t e is this 4 b e d r o o m Colonial in one of Livonia's p r i m e a r e a s Bdautiful f a m i l y room with f i r e p l a c e , dfhing r o o m . 1st floor laundry, b a s e m e n t , 2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e E x c e l l e n t land c o n t r a c t t e r m s $89,900

S H A R P 4 CLEAN Brick tri level with a l u m i n u m t r i m . 3 nice size bedr»oms, e x t r a large f a m i l y r o o m with d o o t w a l l to sunken patio Attached g i - a g e $62,900

S I M P L E ASSUMPTION on tfus 3 bed ^ • r o o m brick r a n c h that s p a r k l e s with r l e a n l i n e s s This o u t s t a n d i n g Imme has "• a kitchen e v e r y m o t h e r d r e a m s of, un " believable r e c r e a t i o n room. lW baths. car a t t a c h e d g a r a g e and l a n d s c a p e d M o p e r f e c t i o n $66,900

TF.N Y E A R LAND CONTRACT a t 10% interest 4 b e d r o o m wing Colonial n ex eel lent Livonia location F a m i l y room with fireplace, dining room, 1st floor laundry 2 4 baths, b a s e m e n t . 2 c ir att a c h e d g a r a g e $87,900

T t$EGINNER S DELIGHT Unbeliev * able price on this s h a r p 3 b e d r o o m ^ brick r a n c h with b e a u t i f u l kitchen. , basement 2 car attached garage . . . $<8,900 Harry S

N A M E YOUR T E R M S This exceptionally s h a r p 3 b e d r o o m brick ranclj in a p r i m e location is r e a d y for the t a k i n g Beautiful kitchen. 1 4 baths, full b a s e m e n t . 2 c a r g a r a g e , like new c a r p e t i n g Aluminum t r i m $56,900 Harry S

WOLFE 421-5660

BY O W N E R , 10% land c o n t r a c t 4 huge b e d r o o m s , f a m i l y r o o m c o u n t f y kitchen 2 4 b a t h s l a r g e t r e e d lot. exquisite |y d e c o r a t e d $89 900 525-5369 BY O W N E R 3 b e d r o o m bri«k r a n c h . 1 4 baths. 2 4 c a r g a r a g e New kitchen 4 f u r n a c e $58,900 Land C o n t r a c t Call a f t e r 6pm. 427 2641 CHARM 4 O R I G I N A L I T Y s p a r k l e throughout this r a n c h sited on a treed studded a c r e lot F i r e p l a c e d living room, f a n t a s t i c new kitchen, f o r m a l dining room and much, m u c h m o r e Call 261 5080

Thompson-Brown CUSTOM Q l ' A D 4 b e d r o o m d r e a m house E v e r y t h i n g built-in, lovely double wooded lot. c e n t r a l air Leaving S t a t e $118,000 A f t e r 5 P M 427 6927

Cute, Comfy & Clean Move in condition no m a i n t e n a n c e F o r m i c a counter, c e r a m i c bath wood windows, g e n e r o u s lot- $44,500 Call


CENTURY 21 Gold House Realtors 478-4660 G R E A T S T A R T E R HOME 2 b e d r o o m home on 1 06 a c r e s of c o u n t f y setting U r g e g a r a g e and e x t r a out building F r e s h l y p a i n t e d interior Only $41,900 A S I M P L E ASSUMPTION you can af ford Absolute doll house in m i n t condi tion 3 bedroom brick ranch, b a s e m e n t 757, finished 2 4 c a r g a r a g e , r e m o d eled kitchen new c a r p e t i n g $^5,900



JUST REDUCED! Modern 3 b e d r o o m brick with full base m r n t . 2 4 c a r g a r a g e family; r o o m and c a r p e t i n g throughout A t t r a c t i v e kitch en has s o m e builtins P r i v a t e fenced y a r d with patio and gas RBQ L u c r a t i v e iand c o n t r a c t t e r m s T a k e a Ipok at this house now only $59,900'

TEPEE 28200 7 Mile


LAND CONTRACT^ $8oio down, $35 000 1 4 c a r g a r a g e C o m e r lot fenced Stove refrigerator, washer dryer 538-9825 MOVE R I G H T f N T O this 8 y e a r old 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h H i g l l i g h t s in e l u d e large f a m i l y r o o m with f i r e p l a c e , sunny kitchen full b a s e m e n t large lot and 2 c a r g a r a g e Land c o n t r a c t $65,500 IMMACULATE Call now to see this t a s t e f u l l y d e c o r a t e d 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h in Villa C a p r i F e a t u r i n g f a m i l y r o o m with n a t u r a l f i r e p l a c e ; large liv ing room, country kitchen, f«nced y a r d with patio 4 g a s g n U and 2 qar g a r a g e T e r m s $69 900

WOLFE 421-5660

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! P l a c e your classified want ad in S u b u r b a n D e t r o i t ' s finest m a r k e t The O b s e r v e r 4 E c c e n t r i c N e w s p l |p e r s

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or M a s t e r Card

PRICED TO SELL!! Lovely 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h in fcrirma r e a B e a u t i f u l l y finished r e c roorfi. 1 4 bths. 2 car g a r a g e $57,900 Earl



Midwest, Inc.

SHOW PLACER : Builder s Idea Model h o m e f e a t u r e s a stainless steel kitchen, zoned heating, c e n t r a l air, 2 covered t e r r a c e s , w i l k o u t b a s e m e n t M O R E T E R M S $75,900 Call B E T T Y H E L L E N I

CENTURY 21 Gold House Realtors 478-4660 I

Simple Assumptibn Beautiful c o u n t r y setting for this ) bed room brick r a n c h with newly rflmod eled kitchen, screened porch off b a c k a t t a c h e d 2 c a r g a r a g e $55,900 Call MIKE WRIGHT or JIM STEVENS

Century 21 Gold House Realtors 459-6000 T H R E E b e d r o o m brick r a n c h Finished b a s e m e n t F i r e p l a c e 1 4 b a t h s Half a c r e Many e x t r a s $65,000 522 1722 T H R K E BEDROOM brick r a n c h 2 baths, f a m i l y r o o m , c e n t r a l air, [2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e 5 Mile, Henry I Ruff area 42? 2330 3 BEDROOM BRICK RANCH D e s p e r a t e l y n e e d s new ownef 1 S a c r i f i c e at $49,900 Call 261 5080

Thompson-Brown 3 B E D R O O M RANCH on l a r g e wooded lot has e v e r j thing you would exper t in it c u s t o m home Let us tell you about its delightful f e a t u r e s and v e r y a t t r a c t i v e t e r m s Call M l 5080

Thompson-Brown 313 Dearborn Dearborn Heights rk hanch e x t r a large g a r a g e , long t e r m land con t r a c t or a s s u m e 7 4 % . Must sell job t r a n s f e r $43,500 278-6899. 23 9330

ALMOST 1 ACRF. Don't m i s s this b e a u t i f u l l y m o d e r n i z e d 3 bedroom Cape C o d home F e a t u r i n g a m o d e r n kitchen, f o r m a l dining r o o m , 2 4 baths and a 2 CANTON T W P - 3 y e a r old, 3 b e d r o o m c a r g a r a g e T e r m s $72,900 brick ranch, b a s e m e n t , fenced yaijd, ga r a g e 7*4% a s s u m a b l e m o r t g a g e ' Ask FANTASTIC T E R M S o f f e r e d on this ing $50,000 4 5 i 0007 delightful 3 b e d r o o m bricl» r a n c h in Livonia F e a t u r i n g f a m i l y rtoom, mod e r n kitchen e x t r a insulation, c e n t r a l a i r . b a s e m e n t and l a r g e 2 (far g a r a g e or s i m p l e a s s u m p t i o n a v a i l a b l e ()n this spic 4 span 3 bedroom 'with refrfcshinj $62 900 c e n t r a l air, large f a m i l y roorrl will F A M I L Y ROOM WITH F I R E P L A C E , f i r e p l a c e , g r a c i o u s foyer, spacious f a m jrpacious living room, 3 b e d r o o m s , 1 4 ily kitchen and a t t a c h e d gBrage b a t h s a r e t o be found in thus e x t r e m e l y $87,950 Call U r g e i n level p l u s l a r g e lot and 2 c a r ED PRINGLEMEIR a t t a c h e d g a r a g e $59,900

314 Plymouth-Canton

Contract Terms

10% LAND CONTRACT t e r m s o f f e r e d o«i this 3 bedroom, 1 4 bath brick r a n c h with a l u m i n u m t r i m , n e w e r roof and e x t r a insulation Plus large kitchen with doorwall. tiled b a s e m e n t with bar and 2 car g a r a g e $52,900 M O V E IN and e n j o y t h e e a s y living found in this l a r g e 3 b e d r o o m . 2 4 b a t n fcrtck r a n c h F e a t u r i n g newer f u r a n c e , c e n t r a l air, n e w e r roof, w a t e r tank a n d s t o r m doors Plus finished b a s e m e n t a n d 2 c a r g a r a g e And rrjuch m o r e 184,900 •ONLY DOWN on land c o n t r a c t W I S I . I $8,000 » this s h a r p 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h y o u r s F e a t u r i n g 2 full baths, . m o d e r n i kitchen, finished b a s e m e n t , ' f a m i l y r o o m with f i r e p l a c e , patio with M o d and 2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e


Harry S

WOLFE 474-5700 O&F.


Gold House Realtors 420-2100 :

Cute As A Button and a nice 100x216 fenced y a r d c l e a n h o m e with drive thru g a r a g e fdr ea*y b o a t s t o r a g e , e t c ASSUME 1 0 H % ui t e r e s t , 13 month B u y e r s W a r r a n l

Century HOMECENI 476-7000 ONE CALL DOES IT ALU P l a c e your classified want ad in Suburban D e t r o i t ' s finest m a r k e t The Observer t E c c e n t r i c Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or M a s t e r Card

$49,990 With Low I n t e r e s t R a t e s As Low As 5% Down

• Finished family room • Basement • 2 C&r attached garage • Choice of formal dining room or large country kitchen.

$59,990 With Low I n t e r e s t R a t e s As Low As 5% Down All H o m e s Include Brick fronLs Full c a r p e t i n g Quality oak c a b i n e t s by Merillat 6 panel interior doors M a r b l e v a n i t y top Sales t r a i l e r located on I-otz Rd J u s t South of C h e r r y Hill


PULTE HOMES OF MICHIGAN. INC. 397-2828 BROKERS WELCOME CANTON By owner 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h , 2 4 baths, f a m i l y room. 1st floor laundry, c e n t r a l air, 2 c a r a t t a c h e d ga r a g e B u y e r s only. $78,000 459-5785 PLYMOUTH $3000 down, 2 b e d r o o m brick, 1 4 c a r g a r a g e , l a r g e lot, T h e r m o windows $49,900 11% l.and C o n t r a c t 5 yrs $565 m o includes P I T or a s s u m ? exisiting m o r t g a g e a p p r o x i m a t e ly $4500 down at 12% % I m m e d i a t e oc c u p a n c y Call 459-5177 PLYMOUTH $4500 down pur this bi level with 1700 sq.ft., 1 4 baths, f a m i l y room. 4th b e d r o o m a v a i l a b l e P r i c e $63,000 1 1 I .and C o n t r a c t P a y m e n t s $600 month I m m e d i a t e o c cupancy 459-5177

SHADE TREES will cool you this s u m m e r in this 3 bed r o o m brick in P l y m o u t h T w p with hardwood floors, 1 4 baths, r e c r o o m f o r m a l dining, c e r a m i c foyer, and 2 c a r g a r a g e LAND CONTRACT a v a i l a b l e $59,900 Call


CENTURY 21 Gold House Realtors 420-2100

Starter or Retiree Excellent price with this 2 b e d r o o m r a n c h located in quiet a r e a N i c e light b a s e m e n t , 1 4 c a r g a r a g e $45,OO0 Call F R A N K R I L E Y

Century 21 Gold House Realtors 459-6000

SUIT YOURSELF Flexible f i n a n c i n g and i m m e d i a t e occu pancy Lots of r o o m - 4 b e d r o o m s , cen tral air, finished b a s e m e n t , p a r k a c c e s s l a r g e r lot $73,500 Call


Century 21 Gold House Realtors 459-6000

8 % Land Contract (inly 8% on a land c o n t r a c t on this 4 bedroom quad level, 2 c a r g a r a g e , f a m ily r o o m fireplace, all appliances, low down p a y m e n t Only $65,900

CENTURY 21 Gold House Realtors 420-2100 315 Northville-Novi BUILDERS MODEL IN NOVI Minutes f r o m 12 Oaks Mall includes all the e x t r a s P U L T E HOMES uses t o m a k e m o d e l s so a t t r a c t i v e LOW inter est r a t e s C all D E L O R E S UNWIN



NOVI BUILDER'S MODELS 3 4 4 bedroom r a n c h s 4 colonials, 2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e s , on l a r g e lots U ) W I>OWN P A Y M E N T S Flexible m o n t h l y p a y m e n t s , 3 yr L C 1st yr p a y m e n t s all a r e a g a i n s t princi pal 0% Interest 11% for b a l a n c e of c o n t r a c t R e a s o n a b l e o f f e r s will be con sidered S P E C I A L 20% Discount on all lots until 6/1/82 F o r I n f o r m a t i o n Call

348-2770 after 1pm ' Or 685-8280 Models located 2 blocks W of Novi Rd off 10 Mile Rd T r i Mount Construction Co VIEW O F L A K E - f r o m this lovely well-cared for h o m e in nice a r e a t h a t o f f e r s pool, club house & 2 lakes, 4 bed rooms, 2 H baths, dining r o o m , f a m i l r o o m CALL NOW FOR P E R S O N A PREVIEW'

H O M E C E N TER 476-7000

Accounting Advertising Air C o n d i t i o n i n g Aluminum C l e a n i n g Aluminum Siding Appliance Service Aquarium Service Asphalt , Asphalt S e a l c o a t i n g Auto C l e a n u p A u t o 4 Truck Repair Awnings Basement Waterproofing

96 Garages 9 7 Golf C l u b Repair 98 G r e e n h o u s e s

302 Birmingham Bloomfield



Based on Sales P r i c e of $42,900 with Morts of $41,600 at 15"*% Total monthly p a y m e n t of $680 21 less Gov't subsidy of $290.23 Total H o m e Owner p a y m e n t $389 98 Annual p e r c e n t a g e rate 1 6 * % FULL BASEMENT 3 BEDROOMS WALL-TO-WALL C A R P E T I N G SELIGMAN 4 ASSOCIATES 355-2400


728 0680


G A R D E N CITY - new 3 b e d r o o m brick, c a r p e t e d thr*u out, b a s e m e n t , $2000 down, $399 m o Ross R e a l t y 326-8300

Great Assumption Only $9,000 down a s s u m e s c u r r e n t m o r t g a g e , 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h , l a r g e kitchen, full b a s e m e n t , i m m e d i a t e oc c u p a n c y $49,000

$9,000 DOWN A s s u m e s c u r r e n t low interest r a t e m o r t g a g e S l u r p 2 b e d r o o m condo, like new throughout, p a y m e n t only $534 in eluding taxes; $47,900

Real Estate


John Cole Realty 455-8430 255-5330

Immaculate Ranch with a b e a u t i f u l c o u n t r y kitchen, spa cious f a m i l y r o o m with f i r e p l a c e , su perbly finished b a s e m e n t , h a r d w o o d floors, and LAND CONTRACT t e r m s $52,900 Call:


Gold House Realtors 464-8881 LOW. LOW DOWN LC t e r m s F a n t a s t i c ' A l u m i n u m t r i m 3 spacious b e d r o o m s , huge kitchen, c a r peting thruout, r e m o d e l e d bath, beauti fully finished b a s e m e n t , bar, air condi $41,900 tioned, 2W c a r g a r a g e

Castel 525-7900

S U P E R BUY- 3 b e d r o o m house] f a m i l y room. 2 c a r g a r a g e , large kitcheh, l a r g e living r o o m . 8x8 playhouse for [kids on a c r e P r i c e d to sell $41,900 729-5869 O W N E R 3 bedroom brick, U i baths, carpeting, basement, garage, central air $5,000 down 37172 Gilchrist, off N e w b u r g Evenings to 11 PM 7p2-6483 WESTLAND B R A N D NEW HOME m e e t s 3 i m p o r t a n t basics f o r today s m a r k e t A f f o r d a b l e $57,000 Tons of e x t r a s Good f i n a n c i n g T h e bufilder is able t o a r r a n g e financing well below c u r r e n t r a t e 4 not be Land c o n t r a c t Call a n s w e r i n g s e r v i c e 9 a m 6 p m 455 Oil I, a f t e r 6PM 455-4577, 455 4638 WESTLAND J o y 4 Middlebelt a r e a 3 bedroom brick r a n c h a l u m i n u f n t r i m , b a s e m e n t , s c r e e n e d patio, igarage $55,900 4 7 ^ 4 9 6 5 . ' 435-1597 WESTLAND Must see 3 bedroom r a n c h , newly r e d e c o r a t e d (hruout 10 5% s i m p l e a s s u m p t i o n or blelnd Call week nights Mon thru F r i , 728 4993 Open 12 5 P M on Sunday WESTLAND, $9500 a s s u m e s 7*«% at $465 m o n t h l y including t a x e s New 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h with full base m e n t , c o u n t r y kitchen large ) 16x135 lot, e t c Call a f t e r 4 PM 728 6961 WESTLAND, 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h , full b a s e m e n t , fenced yard, oversized 2 4 c a r g a r a g e Simple a s s u m p t i o n 7 4 % , L C possible, $40,000 595-7233 W E S T L A N p . 8 4 % interest, a s s u m p tion or land c o n t r a c t 3 b e d r o o m , central air, 2 4 c a r g a r a g e , large rooms, $39,000 Owner 522-5458

WOW!!! Only $4000 down, 10 y e a r LC. 11% What a s t e a l ' All a l u m i n u m s t a r t e r home Spaqious b e d r o o m s , super kitch en, c a r p e t i h g thruout. first floor laundry, g a r a g e , on huge lot N e g o t i a b l e payments $34,900

Castelli 525-7900

317 GrossePointe GROSSE P O I N T E S H O R E S c e n t e r en t r a n c e colpnial. 5 b e d r o o m s , 3 baths All e x t r a s :2 blocks to lake. pool, tennis 4 y a c h t i n j facilities $230,000 B u y e r s only pleas^ 882-6280

318 Redford D LOCATION place, n a t u r a l ,easy as 532 6854

R E D F O R D T W P , $7.0*0 a s s u m e s . 2 bedroom, f a m i l y r o o m , living room, kitchen appliances. 1 4 c a r g a r a g e at $32,900 Call a f t e r 3 P M 592-8269

302 Birmingham Bloomfield BIRMINGHAM- 5 b e d r o o m full bathsj h e a t e d pool, $112,000 firm Appraised B u y e r s On|y

BINGHAM F A R M S - BY OWNER Very p r i v a t e Deep, fenced, l a r g e 1*« a c r e t r e e d setting 3 b e d r o o m r a n c h , 2 baths, f a m i l y r o o m 4 glassed F l o r i d a r o o m with f i r e p l a c e C e n t r a l a i r Bir m i n g h a m public 4 p r i v a t e schools n e a r by Land C o n t r a c t $105,000 540-4031 BIRMINGHAM A s s u m e $60,000 m o r t g a g e a t 11% for brick 1 W story, 3 bed room, c e n t r a l air, full b a s e m e n t , 2 c a r g a r a g e , fenced landscaped y a r d Pr ic e d at $74,000 By o w n e r B u y e r s only. Days 646 2700

E v e n i n g s 649-6775

B I R M I N G H A M . California Ranch A 4 condition. 3 b e d r o o m s , 2W baths. F l o r i d a room, c a t h e d r a l b e a m e d ceil ings, 2 f ir e pla c e s, wooded lot, E. off I,ahser. S of 14 $159,950 642-9897 B L O O M F I E L D Schools Beat high in t e r e s t I n s t a l l m e n t s down plus $750 rent buys r oomy, quality r a n c h Near bus Edith 646 6200, 644-3959 H a n n e t t Inc B L O O M F I E L D T W P r a n c h , 3 bed room, 2 bath, lake privileges, walk to Bloomfield schools P r o f e s s i o n a l l y dec o r a t e d in n e u t r a l colors, air condi tioned Excellent condition Owner Call a f t e r 5 PM 851-9681 B L O O M F I E L D T W P - English brick t u d o r . 3 or 4 bedrooms, living r o o m with fireplace, dining room, f a m i l y room. 2V» tiled baths, 2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , full b a s e m e n t , horses allowed. l»<4 a c r e s . Bloomfield Hills schools, all solid oak floors, c a r p e t i n g 4 d r a p e s . 11% L C $125,000 332-4810

BLOOMFIELD VILLAGE NEW ON THE MARKET P i c t u r e perfect n e w e r home, designer d e c o r a t e d in soft e a r t h tones A bedr o o m s 2"> baths, family room, 1st floor l a u n d r y . HIGH ASSUMABLE MORT G A G E $144 800



COUNTRY LIVING, Brick rantih, 4 a c r e , fi w o o d w o r k j 40x20 patio, sumption, |48,500 Call


B E V E R L Y HILLS Buckingham, E of P i e r c e . S of 14 Mile, a s s u m e 8*«% mortgage, attractive 3 bedroom ranch, m o r t g a g e b a l a n c e $38,600. p a y m e n t s $480 m o including t a x e s F a m i l y room, f i r e p l a c e . 1W baths, a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , l a r g e fenced y a r d Reliance R e a l t y 538 8562 356 0094

316 Westland Garden City

(rough plumbing for 2 4 baths)

Century 21

Doors Draperies D r e s s i n g 4 Tailoring Drywall Electrical Electrolysis Excavating Fences Fireplaces Firewood Floor S e r v i c e Floodlight F u r n a c e Repair F u r n i t u r e Finishing 4 Repair t 9 5 G a s A p p l i a n c e Repair


NEW 1,900 sq. ft. Colonials • 3-4 bedrooms • V/t baths

• • • • •

62 63 64 65 66 67 69 72 75 78 81 87 90 93

NOVI, $5000 down, $500 month, 5% Land Contract for 1 y e a r , $59,900 3 ALUMINUM RANCH $2,000 DOWN b e d r o o m bric)t r a n c h , 2 ^ c a r a t t a c h e d 13 M I L E 4 G R E E N F I E L D g a r a g e Must Sell 476-8310 3 b e d r o o m s , large living r o o m 4 dining L. f o r m i c a kitchen, l a r g e l a u n d r y room, NOVI 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h , 1 Mi b a t h s 1 ' i c a r g a r a g e Owner super a n x i o u s f a m i l y room. 2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e $39,900 Call DAN ALLEN Basement $68,900. L a n d c o n t r a c t available 349 2649 Canton NEW 1,200 sq. ft. ranches... • 3 Bedrooms • Full basement • Huge Gathering Room • Country Kitchen

99 102 105 108 109 111 112 114 115 116

2 2 3 Recreatlonlal Vehicle Service 224 Retail H a r d w o o d s 2 2 5 Refinishing 2 2 9 Refrigeration 2 3 3 Roofing 234 Scissor, Saw 4 Knife S h a r p e n i n g

Gutters Handyman \ Hauling Heating Solar Energy Home Safety Humidifiers i n c o m e Tax Irtdustrial S e r v i c e Insurance Photography

235 237 241 245 249 253 254 255 257 260

117 Insulation 120 Interior D e c o r a t i n g 121 interior S p a c e Management 123 Janitorial 126 Jewelry R e p a i r s 4 Clocks 129 L a n d s c a p i n g 132 Lawn Mower R e p a i r 135 Lawn M a i n t e n a n c e 138 Lawn Sprinkling 142 Linoleum 146 M a r b l e 147 M e d i c a l / N u r s i n g 148 Maid S e r v i c e . 149 Mobile H o m e S e r v i c e 150 M o v i n g - S t o r a g e 152 Mirrors 155 Music I n s t r u m e n t 157 Music I n s t r u m e n t Repair 158 New H o m e S e r v i c e s 159 Nursing C e n t e r s 165 P a i n t i n g - D e c o r a t i n g 170 P a t i o s 175 P e s t C o n t r o l 178 P h o t o g r a p h y 180 P i a n o Tuning 200 Plastering 215 Plumbing

261 263 265 269

S c r e e n Repair Septic Tanks Sewer Cleaning S e w i n g M a c h i n e Repair Slipcovers Snow Removal Storm Doors Stucco Swimming Pools Telephone/ S e r v i c e Repair Television, R a d i o 4 C B Tennis C o u r t s Terrariums Tile Work

273 274 275 276 277 280 281 282 283 284 285 287 289 293 294 296 297 298 299

220 Pools 2 2 1 P o r c e l a i n Refinishing 2 2 2 Printing

Tree Service Truck W a s h i n g Typing Typewriter Repair Upholstery Vacuums Video Taping S e r v i c e Vinyl Repair Ventilation 4 A t t i o F a n s Wallpapering Wall W a s h i n g W a s h e r / D r y e r Repair Water S o f t e n i n g Welding Well Drilling Window T r e a t m e n t s Windows Woodworking Woodburners


315 Northville-Novi


10 YEAK LAND C O N T R A ( T orj this very s h a r p c u s t o m r a n c h in excellent P l y m o u t h location 3 b e d r o o m s , f a m i l y room with f i r e p l a c e , 2 c a r a t t a c h e d ga rage $79,900

BUSINESS DIRECTORY SERVICES 3 4 5 6 9 12 13 15 16 17 18 21 24

B a t h t u b Reftnlahing Bicycle M a i n t e n a n c e Brick, Block 4 C e m e n t Boat D o c k s Bookkeeping Service Building I n s p e c t i o n Building R e m o d e l i n g Burglar Fire Alarm Business Machine Repair

39 C a r p e n t r y 42 C a r p e f C l e a n i n g 4 Dyeing 44 C a r p e t Laying 4 Repair 52 C a t e r i n g - F l o w e r s 54 Ceijing Work 55 Chimney Cleaning 56 C h i m n e y Building 4 Repair 57 C h r i s t m a s T r e e s 5 8 Clock Repair 59 Commercial Steam Cleaning 60 Construction Equipment 61 Distilled W a t e r



312 Livonia

25 26 27 29 30 32 33 36 37

818 Auto Rentals 714 Business 4 , Leasing < Office E q u i p m e n t 8 1 9 A u t o Financing 7 1 5 C o m m - l n d Equipijient 820 Autos W a n t e d 716 Lawn| Garden & 821 Junk Cars Wanted Farm Equipment 8 2 2 T r u c k s for S a l e 7 1 8 Building Material! 8 2 3 Vans . L720 F a r m P r o d u c e 8 2 4 J e e p s / 4 W h e e l Drive > L721 F l o w e r s 4 P l a n t s 722 H o b b i e s - C o i n s , S l t a m p s 8 2 5 S p o r t s 4 I m p o r t e d 852 Classic C a r s 724 C a m e r a a n d S u p p l i e s 854 American Motors 7 2 6 Musical I n s t r u m e•fits 8 5 6 Buick 727 H o m e Video Garrr e t 8 5 8 Cadillac New/Used 860 Chevrolet 7 2 8 TV. S t e r e o . 8 6 2 Chrysler Hi-fi j T a p e D e c k s 864 Dodge 729 CB Radios 8 6 6 Ford 730 Spotting G o o d s 8 7 2 Lincoln 7 3 4 T r a d e or Sell 8 7 4 Mercury 876 Oldsmoblle 878 Plymouth 880 Pontiac 884 Volkswagen 738 Household Pets j

> L520 S e c r e t a r i a l B u s i n e s s Florida R e n t a l s Services V a c a t iko n R e n t a l s • L522 P r o f e s s i o n a l S e r v i c e s Halls tor Rent • L523 A t t o r n e y s / L e g a l Mobile H o m e S p a c e Counseling Roortis t o Rent Living Q u a r t e r s t o S h a r e W a n t e d t o Rent ANNOUNCEMENTS W a n t e d t o RentResort property 600 P e r s o n a l s 424 H o u s e Sitting S e r v i c e (your d i W e t i o n ) 4 2 5 C o n v a l e s c e n t Nursing 6 0 2 Lost & F o u n d Homes (by t h o w o r d ) 428 Garages/Mini Storage 604 A n n o u n c e m e n t s / 4 3 2 C o n + n e r c i a l Industrial Notices 4 3 6 Ottiae B u s i n e s s S p a c e 6 0 6 Legal N o t i c e s 607 Insurance 608 Transportation 6 0 9 Bingo 6 1 0 C a r d s ot T h a n k s 6 1 2 In M e m o r i a m 500 Help W a n t e d 614 Death Notices 5 0 2 Help W a n t e d Dental Medical

414 415 416 419 420 421 422 423

333 Northern Property 3 3 4 Out ot Town P r o p e r l y 3 3 6 Florida P r o p e r t y tor Sale 3 3 7 F a r m s tor S a l e 330 Country H o m e s

ranch, 3 a c r e lot, |140,000 '647-1559

R E / M A X of B i r m i n g h a m


Res. 626-7733

CUSTOM 4 b e d r o o m colonial One o w n e r P r e s t i g i o u s location in Beverly Hills F o r m a l dining room, family room, first floor laundry 4 study Two baths, well finished b a s m e n t 2 c a r at t a c h e d g a r a g e $158,800 B u y e r s only Owner 646-7097 FRANKLIN C h a r m i n g New England colonial, 2 1 « acres, 4 b e d r o o m s . 2 f i r e places, screened porch, a i r conditioned 8*«% a s s u m a b l e m o r t g a g e . $197,000 I m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y l e a s e with option to buy a v a i l a b l e Owner 851 5438 FRANKLIN 3 bedroom 2 4 bath ranch. 1st floor laundry. 2 l i c a r gar a g e Beautiful lot I-arge simple assumption at U V f t or land c o n t r a c t Open to c r e a t i v e financing, all o f f e r s considered Asking $99,000 Call a f t e r 5 30PM 855 1073

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! P l a c e your classified w a n t ad in Suburban Detroit's finest m a r k e t The Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or M a s t e r Card QUARTON LAKE ESTATES, p r i m e lo c a t i o n , easy walk t o Q u a r t o n g r a d e school Spacious 3800 sq ft 4 b e d r o o m colonial home. 2 4 baths, large f a m i l y r o o m with w e t bar. 3 f ir e pla c e s, 2 stairways, rec room. 1009Suffield 644-3147 Q U A R T q N LAKE E S T A T E S 4 b e d r o o m colonial, den, f a m i l y room, living r o o m , s e p a r a t e dining room, 3 full baths, 2 half baths, 2 f i r e p l a c e s Finished b a s e m e n t , c e n t r a l air, sprin kler By o w n e r $195,000 Call 334 0951 or 642 3654

303 West Bloomfield AVAILABLE I M M E D I A T E L Y F i r s t $118,900 By Owner, buyers only Beautiful 2600 plus sq ft contempor a r y tri level. 4 b e d r o o m s , l a r g e m a s t e r b e d r o o m witb walk-in closet 4 balcony, 2 full, 2 half baths, d r a m a t i c c a t h e d r a l ceiling c e n t e r e n t r a n c e gallery, 20 ft sunken living room, dining room, huge 25 ft f a m i l y r o o m with f i r e p l a c e , wet bar 4 doorwall to patio Newly d e c o r a t ed in 4 out including c a r p e t i n g 2 4 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e with work bench 4 built in c a b i n e t s Mr Bisbee, Days. 643 8000

Eves, 626 7748

Bloomfield Hills Schools C o n t e m p o r a r y Colonial by Wolok Living room, dining r o o m , f a m i l y r o o m with wet bar, s e p a r a t e den guest suite with full bath, white F o r m i c a deluxe kitchen, laundry and 1 2 hath U p s t a i r s 4 bedrooms, 2 b a t h s Full b a s e m e n t , air conditioning, sprinklers, a l a r m s y s t e m $269,900 P r i n c i p a l s only 851 5431 B L O O M F I E L D HILLS SCHOOLS C h a r m i n g Cape Cod, by owner, 4 bed rooms, 2 4 baths, large lot. b u y e r s only $115,000 After 6 P M


B L O O M F I E L D West. 12 month lease with option t o buy. $3625 m o v e s you into this b e a u t i f u l 2 bedroom, 2 bath, c o m p l e t e kitchen, b a s e m e n t , 2 c a r p o r t s , rent $650 Broker Bruce 851 8070 WALNUT F A R M I N G T O N a r e a 4 bed room, 2 4 bath, colonial, f a m i l y r o o m , f i r e p l a c e , dining room, c e n t r a l air, professionally l a n d s c a p e d . 26 X 14 deck, full b a s e m e n t with finished r e c r o o m c a r p e t e d O w n e r $104,900 661-5195 W B L O O M F I E L D , s a l e or trade, 3 bed room, lake p r o p e r t y , $59,000 6625 Ley tonstone, off Walnut Lake Rd., W of Drake Weekends only . 661-5981 W B L O O M F I E L D Colonial F a r m i n g ton Hills schools, 3,000 sq ft of s u p e r s ly d e c o r a t e d rooms. 4 bedrooms, lib r a r y 4 f a m i l y r o o m F o r m i c a kitchen J e n n a i r , c e n t r a l air By Owner By a p p t $139,900


304 Farmington Farmington Hills ASSUME LOW I N T E R E S T M O R T G A G E afid s m a l l paym e n t s including t a x e s a n a ins u r a n c e 3 bedroom ranch, finished b a s e m e n t with f a m i l y room and 4th b e d r o o m H u r r y • Only $47,500. Land cont r a c t t e r m s also; Call 553-8700


KENDALLWOOD RANCH (l-pe) A t t r a c t i v e a s s u m a b l e financing a v a i l a b l e on this quality p r o p e r t y Ap^ p r o x i m a t e l y 1600 sq ft Special features include finished b a s e m e n t , attached g a r a g e , p r e m i u m setting, 2 fireplaces, 3 bedrooms, 1 4 b a t h s Owner transferred Immediate occupancy Area of p r o p e r l y a p p r e c i a t i o n

Century 21






Gold Hous e Realtors 478-4660

(l-ca) A t t r a c t i v e colonial h o m e on a p r e m i u m wooded site, 8 rooms, 4 bed rooms, 2 4 baths Owner t r a n s f e r r e d Quality c a r p e t i n g Well located within the development Neutral decor Movein condition Neighborhood of $100,000 plus h o m e s P r i c e d for fast s a l e $92,900 ML 53580

BY OWNER F a r n i i n g t o n Oaks 4 bed r o o m colonial, 2 4 Ibaths, f a m i l y room with fireplace, 2 c a r g a r a g e , b a s e m e n t Recently decoratejd Land Contract t e r m s a v a i l a b l e $7^,900 474-8884

Century 21

BY OWNER 4 bedroom colonial 2 4 baths, library, air, tfedar closet, finshed b a s e m e n t Assumable m o r t g a g e Mint condition Many e x t r a s $106,000 32626 Olde F r a n k l i n Dr j 626-2237 BY OWNER 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h on heavily wooded lot Approximately 150 x 150 Livin ; r o o m w i t l f y i r e p l a c e , f a m i l y r o o m 4 F l o r i d a rjoom, 12 x 20 with gl^ss sliding doors 4 a wood burning stove, c e n t r a l air, 2 c a r g a r a g e , new wall to wall c a r p e t i n g B e a u t i f u l l y fin ished l a r g e b a s e m e n t , hot 4 cold professional bar 4 n a t u r a l brick f i r e p l a c e Walkin c e d a r closet. $127,000 Land C o n t r a c t available! 477-2062 C A P E CODE, 1 4 story 3 b e d r o o m s , 1 4 baths, f i r e p l a c e , patio deck, 2 4 a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , possible l a n d C o n t r a c t . $65,900 21776 Lundy. 474-6487349-7170


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Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa o r M a s t e r Card P R E S J I G I O U S Colony P a r k West 4 or 5 bedrooms, c o n t e m p o r a r y open quad C e n t r a l air, wood deck, lake privileges 8*4% a s s u m a b l e A f t e r 6pm, 553-0458

311 Orchard Lake Walled Lake



AREA WALI.El) LAKE Hocft 80 ft lot, f i r e p l a c e , 2 4 c a r g a r a g e . $9000 down, lil%, $440 per month Owner Callev«hings 624 7697 E N J O Y T H E B E A U T I F U L LAKE vi<*W f r o m this top quality remodeled r a n c h home with spa ciq«s r o o m s O f f e r e d with super Land Contract t e r m s $44,900 C a l l 261 5080


319 Homes For Sale Oakland County

A CHALET With wood burning f i r e p l a c e , offers, a vacation setting in it's scenic lake a r e a locating F e a t u r e s include 3 l a r g e bed r o o m s j a 20 F t c a r p e t e d living room, galley kitchen, 1 4 baths, a t t a c h e d ga r a g e Full price of $57,000, special fi nancing to qualified buyers with $2,850 down p a y m e n t $5,860 DOWN $517 P E R MO T h a t ' s Right 1 You can own your own brand new split-level h o m e in an excel lent WEST B L O O M F I E L D location and enjoy a f f o r d a b l e m o r t g a g e p a y m e n t s of $517 Mo . principal and interest Open floor plan o f f e r s a huge 24 Ft f a m i l y room studio vaulted ceilings, spacious living and dining a r e a with doorwall and dock Full price of $54,260 includes lake privileges R O C H E S T E R AVON E a r l y A m e r i c a n designed 3 b e d r o o m home On a beautiful 70 x 300 Ft s i t e in an areia of new h o m e s P l e n t y of room for a young f a m i l y , this brand new home f e a t u r e s a c a r p e t e d living r o o m , countrV styled kitchen. 3 spacious bed roomsiand a l a r g e f a m i l y r o o m Afford ably priced at $55,300 c o m p l e t e

M.D. HARWELL 626-3800


851-4100 13% INTEREST $31,900 DOWN (l-ol) 8 r o o m colonial b u i l t j n t l 9 7 3 4 bedrooms. 2 4 baths, first floor laun dry. b a s e m e n t , turned g a r a g e , c e n t r a l air This p r o p e r t y is on a c o r n e r lot. brick c o n s t r u c t i o n , quality w o r k m a n ship and m a t e r i a l s $74,000 existing m o r t g a g e c a n be a s s u m e d at 13% inter est with no r e q u a l i f i c a t i o n of pur c h a s e r Second m o r t g a g e a v a i l a b l e t o assist buyer with a s s u m p t i o n Call for personal tour and exciting d e t a i l s


CALL AL BUTTS EARL KEIM 645-5800 644-7712 R O C H E S T E R / AVON T W P on Orion Rd I m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y 4 bedroom colonial, 8 y e a r s old, m a n y e x t r a s $84,000 Land c o n t r a c t t e r m s By owner 651-3303 or 585-1700 ROCHESTER, 4 bedroom, 3 baths, custom built, 3 acres, country living. 2 f i r e places, a p p r o x 3000 sq.ft., $156,000 11% I .ana C o n t r a c t 651-2951 TROY BY OWNER 4 bedroom colonial, c i r c u l a r s t a i r w a y , 2 4 c a r g a r a g e Air conditioned, sprin kler system, finished b a s e m e n t , c u s t o m d r a p e s Assumable m o r t g a g e . L C acc e p t a b l e $129,500 641-9524 or 978-7222 TROY custom r a n c h , 3 bedroom, 2 baths, a t t a c h e d 2 c a r g a r a g e , c e n t r a l air, a s s u m a b l e 14% m o r t g a g e , $83,000 689 1472

FOUR CAR a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , over a c r e s , absolutely gorgeous, open floor plan, deck 4 doorwalls, overlook r a v i n e 4 woods, SWIMMING P O N D access, seclusion LOW I N T E R E S T R A T E LAND CONTRACT, e n e r g y saving con struction, ALSO ASSUMPTION- CALL ROY OR J U L I E H A C K E R

Century 21 HOME CENTER 476-7000

309 Royal Oak-Oak Park Huntington Woods HUNTINGTON WOODS, English tudor. 4 b e d r o o m . 1 4 baths, dining r o o m , nat u r a l woodwork inground pool, bbq, 2 c a r g a r a g e , fireplace, new stucco 4 in sulation Assume at 9 4 % or land con tract 542 4660 HUNTINGTON WOODS. 1 0 4 % assumption 3 b e d r o o m brick colonial, hardwood floors, F l o r i d a r o o m , 2 4 c a r g a r a g e , $72,500 399-0272 OAK P A R K - By Owner 3 b e d r o o m , all appliances, 1st floor laundry, c a r p o r t , f r w h l y painted New roof R e a s o n a ble gas bills $27,500 541-4620

Century 21 Hartford South


NOV! OLD O r c h a r d ranch 2 b e d r o o m s c e n t r a l air full b a s e m e n t upgraded a p pliances Excellent location Land Con t r a c t t e r m s $54 000 349 8319 NOVI

Private Location Easy a s s u m p t i o n on this p r i m e Country P l a c e condo a really n e a t ehd unit overlooking an open field 2 b e d r o o m s big kitchen 1 4 b a t h s b a s e m e n t and g a r a g e J u s t $57 000 Ask for DIANE RRAYKOVICH

CENTURY 21 Gold House R e a l t o r s 420-2100

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! P l a c e your classified want ad in Suburban D e t r o i t ' s finest m a r k e t The O b s e r v e r 4 E c c e n t r i c Newspapers'

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or Master Card P E B B L E C R E E K Condo b> owner P o p u l a r 3 b e d r o o m 2 4 b a t h s h model a s s u m a b l e m o r t g a g e al 9 J < must sell 626 8498 PLYMOUTH Beautiful spacious 2 b e d r o o m s patio large finished base m e n t . kitchen a p p l i a n c e s 4 all d r a p e s included Nice clubhouse 4 pool Must sell i m m e d i a t e l y 459 7515 POTOMAC T O W N E 111 3 bedroom, liv ing r o o m , f a m i l y room b a s e m e n t f i r e place 4 m o r e $99,500 or be>t o f f e r Call a f t e r 4pm 682 9061 ROYAL OAK 2 bedroom Townhouse F i r e p l a c e , dining room, b a s e m e n t air simple assumption 7", m o r t g a g e by owner $64,900 A f t e r 4pm 280-2962


320 Homes For Sale Wayne County

321 Homes For Sale Livingston County LOVELY F A R M HOUSE on approxi m a t e l j 6 a c r e s with b a r n and c o r r a l Can be p u r c h a s e d on Land Contract with r e a s o n a b l e down p a y m e n t Nice a r e a Good schools This home needs some remodeling and decorating $57,000 Manor Realty 887-6200

322 Homes For Sale Macomb County ST CLAIR SHORES, 3 bedroom ranch, remodeled k i t c h e n , d i s h w a s h e r , living room, gas fireplace, den, 2 c a r a t t a c h e d garag*i c e n t r a l air G r a y brick with black t r i m New roof, a l u m i n u m t r i m and h^t w a t e r h e a t e r Excellent school district Call for a p p o i n t m e n t , 776 8729

323 Homes For Sale Washtenaw County M A N C H E S T E R AREA c u s t o m built 4 bedroom c h a l e t E n e r g y saving 3.000 sq ft 40 a c r e s Spring fed lake G a r a g e , stablqs Secluded b e a u t i f u l setting Hunting, fishing $275,000 1 428 8698

851-4100 3 BEDROOM ranch, 2 4 car a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , f a m i l y room, s h a r p finished b a s e m e n t , close to schools, l a r g e kitch en, 1 full bath. 2 half baths, 10 Y E A R LAND C O N T R A C T S U P E R BUY 1

Northville Condo Land c o n t r a c t $5000 down, under priced colonial condo - 2 huge bed r o o m s 1 4 b a t h s f a m i l y room with n a t u r a l f i r e p l a c e full b a s e m e n t and m o r e Lowest price in a r e a $52,900

S H A R P I bedroom condo ID Royal Oak Main floor unii L>w m a i n t r n a r x ' e f e e includes heat excellent location 4 con dition $36 500 Davs 424 9296 559 9137




SALE OR Spacious d e t a c h e d f a m i l y r o o m with transferred Land $68 500 Century 21,

646-6200 $118,000 S i m p l e Assumption at 8 78% or L C t e r m s 3200 sq ft 4 bedroom 2 4 bath colonial with sunken tub, It b r a r y , island kitchen, 2 decks 4 m o r e , T r o y ' s most prestigious a r e a

Earl Kiem Realty

L A U R E L C L U B condo. overlooking p i n d in * Bloomfield 2 bedroom 2 baths, exposed basement quick sale necessary 626 1393 682.7096



spacious laundry room, c o v e r e d porch and 2 c a r brick t u r n e d g a r a g e Basement under f a m i l y r o o m , r e c room, 3rd bajh in b a s e m e n t O w n e r t r a n s f e r r e d 8 % high m o r t g a g e b a l a n c e s i m p l e a s s u m p t i o n Possible 7% short t e r m sec ond loan a v a i l a b l e if needed B r i n g your check book 4 let's c o n s u m m a t e a sale today Call for d e t a i l s ML 53193

FARMINGTON HILLS condo 12 Mile O r c h a r d l a k e Rd 2 y e a r s old 2 bed rnoni, 2 full baths, utility s w i m m i n g pool, tennis court by owner s i m p l e a s s u m p t i o n 1 0 ^ % $63,900 851 3546

LIVONIA- By Owner, brick ranch, cen t r a l a j r h u m i d i f i e r purifier 3 bed F A R M I N G T O N . SQUARE 1 b e d r o o m room, 2 bath, e x t r a large kitchen with condo. a p p l i a n c e s , c a r p e l cen t al air solariuin. l a r g e screened porch, p a t i o balcony, pool tennnis court c a r p o r t gas grtll, 2 car g a r a g e - o p e n e r , finished $40,000 A f t e r 5pm 478-4657 b a s e m e n t bar 4 f i r e p l a c e , $64,000 G R E A T VALUE Seller will buy down 8 4 7, to-13Viv a v a i l a b l e Call Days 582-7323. E v e s 522-2713 interest r a t e on this gorgeous one bed room condo Below m k r k e t ' F r e s h l y d e c o r a t e d in n e u t r a l tones, luxurious new c a r p e t i n g p r i v a t e utility room, covered balcony, c a r p o r t and all appli a n c e s $45,500




BLOOMFIELD 12 m o n t h lease with option to buy. $3625 m o v e s you i n t o this beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath, c o m p l e t e kitchen, b a s e m e n t 2 c a r p o r t s , rent $650 Broker Bruce 851-8070

306 Southfield-Lathrup

308 Rochester-Troy


B L O O M F I E L D WEST, 3 b e d r o o m F e b ble Creek luxury condo All a p p l i a n c e s included Immediate o c cc uu p a n c y) $125,000 491 7602. 851 2490

852-6411 Lumberjack Builders



326 Condos For Sale

STUNNING all brick, 1979 colonial on rofessionally l a n d s c l p e d wooded lot in I F a r m i n g t o n Hills, 3 b e d r o o m s , 2 4 baths, a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , c i r c u l a r drive, 2 t i e r deck, cozy f a m i l y r o o m with stu dio ceiling, wet bar 4 floor to ceiling English Tudor colonial 4 b e d r o o m s , 3 f i r e p l a c e , m a n y e x t r a s Pr ic e d below baths, f o r m a l living r o o m , dining r o o m m a r k e t at $112,900 by anxious o w n e r den. first floor laundry, f a m i l y r o o m VISIT OUR M O D E L Excellent a s s u m p t i o n possible After with California n a t u r a l stone f i r e p l a c e Located just West 7pm w e e k d a y s 553 3650 c a r p e t i n g , d r a p e s , air, designer d e c o of Crooks Road a t r a t e d with m a n y e x t r a s L a r g e lot, m a WOODCREEK FARMS Assumable 2655 AUBURN ROAD t u r e trees, p r o f e s s i o n a l l y landscaped 9V.% m o r t g a g e ($92,200 ) 3 b e d r o o m . with sprinkler s y s t e m P r i c e has been 3 4 bath c u s t o m r a n c h with finished reduced to $132,500 walk out b a s e m e n t . 1750 sq f t each 14T F I X E D R A T E M O R T G A G E level, 4 acre, e x t e n s i v e l a n d s c a p i n g PARMET HOMES Central air, c e n t r a l e l e c t r o n i c air f i l t e r Mon thru Sun 12-5PM 553-0773 s y s t e m , s p r i n k l e r s y s t e m plus other e x BY O W N E R , 3 bedroom m a i n t e n a n c e t r a s $146,000 By Owner 851 3753 f r e e home in F e r n d a l e All t e r m s avail• E X E C U T I V E F A M I L Y RANCH O P E N SUNDAY 2 P M - 5 P M able

equil opportunity basis

. cremation "

304 Farmington Farmington Hills

100 y e a r old 4 bedroom 2 bath home with 2 f i r e p l a c e s 6n a l m o s t 1 a c r e $135,000 E X C E L L E N T T E R M S Call DAVE COX oil JOHN SABA


326 Condos For Sale BEST BUY $57,900 MORTGAGE $50,500 (l-fo)J Desirable 1 3 4 % R R M m o r t gage a s s u m p t i o n on this t r u l y quality rondcj in Country Glens. West Bloom field $582 per month i n v e s t m e n t Neu t r a l colors throughout Enjoy pool 4 t e n n i i c o u r t s Owner t r a n s f e r r e d 2 bed room, 2 bath end unit Initially sold for $65,000 P r i c e today, $57,900



LEASE Condo. s e p a r a t e f i r e p l a c e Owner contract t e r m s Kingsle) 977 606u

STONEHENGESUB Nicely d e c o r a t e d 2 bedroom condo with attached g a r a g e in Nov! Pri ced well below m a r k e t at $46 500 $37 200 m o r t age may a s s u m e jt 14 lixed r a t e '•341


COUNTRY PLACE SUB A t t r a c t i v e end unit r a n A 2 bedroom condo in Novi with d<-< k facing the sun and a t t a c h e d g a r a g e $29,000 m o r t g a g e an be a s s u m e at 12 ". v a r i a b l e or 14'«. fixed Pri ced at $46,000 P 342

WOODVIEW SUB Lovely 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in Westland Balcony overlooking pond r a n g e with m i c r o w a v e . plenW of closet s p a c e e l e c t r i c f i r e p l a c e and dining a r e a T h e buy of ihe season $39,900 P 335

PLYMOUTH PARK WEST Land c o n t r a c t t e r m s for 5 years, 1 4 b a t h s and lovely F l o r i d a room All ap^ pliances included and i m m e d i a t e occu pancy on this 2 b e d r o o m condo in P l y m outh $59 900 P 343

Schweitzer Real Estate



S LY(i»N Ideal location in Colonial Acres 2 b e d r o o m s , stove and r e f r i g e r a lor. excellent condition, newly d e c o r a t ed. full b a s e m e n t 535 1674 TROY BY OWNER 2 b e d r o o m r a n c h pool tennis saunas, p r i v a t e woods Central air, large b a s e m e n t fenced y a r d 8 ^ m o r t g a g e $62,700 641 8663 TROY N O R T H F I E L D Hills. St M o n U model 3 b e d r o o m . 1 4 baths, finished b a s e m e n t , f i r e p l a c e d living r o o m pa tio, washer d r y e r window t r e a t m e n t s possible L C $72,500 642 1093 WALLED LAKE Sale or Lease Option to buy L a k e Village, 2 b e d r o o m s I bath, g a r a g e all a p p l i a n c e s plus w a s h e r 4 d r v e r c e n t r a l air, e a r t h t o n e s $53 000 Real E s t a t e One. 348 6430

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! P l a c e your classified want ad in S u b u r b a n D e t r o i t ' s finest m a r k e t The Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or M a s t e r C a r d

Monday, May 3 , 1 9 8 2

326 Condos For Salt

334 Out CM Town Property For Sale

BLOOMFIELD, W I bedrooms. 1 baths, den w / w e t bar, cathedral celling, ga rage, f i r e p l a c e , view. | l 19.000. 569 <722, 886-4884

WATKINS L A K E - L A K E F R O N T On b e a u t i f u l South Shore D r i v e 3 bedNEVADA - 60 miles outside of Las rooms, 2Vk baths, 2 c a r g a r a g e , L.C. Ex673-8016 Vegas Over 1 acre In Calvada Vallev. cellent beach. $89,900 Please call after 5pm


WEST BLOOMFIELD LUXURY CONDO (1-pe). P e b b l e C r e e k G a t e h o u s e Comm u n i t y N of 14 Mile, W of O r c h a r d Lake Rd. I y e a r old l u x u r y end unit with 1 m a m m o t h m a a t e r b e d r o o m plus a den could b e r e c o n v e r t e d hack to initial floor plan 29 y e a r s t o go on a high b a l a n c e . Ions t e r m fixed r a t e simple a s s u m p t i o n Ml, 55407

362 Real Estate Wanted

342 Lakefront Property



Century 21 851-4100 WESTLAND B a r k n d g e Clen condo. quiet c o u n t r y s e t t i n g . 2 b a d r o o m . finished basement, fireplace, appliances, carport $51,900 Open Sun l -4pm 595-7503

327 Duplexes For Sale OWNER S E L L I N G 3 unit brick. R o y a l Oak. 182,000, t e r m s I22.000 down. Agent 478-7840 427-7589

328 Townhouses For Sale COLONY F A R M S - P L Y M O U T H Must d e s i r a b l e condo location, p r i v a t e corner unit of f i r s t building 3 b e d r o o m , 2 4 bath T o w n h o u s e 2 Mi c a r g a r a g e , with a u t o m a t i c door o p e n e r , s e p a r a t e driveway, balcony off m a s t e r b e d r o o m , 2 patios, gas log f i r e p l a c e in living room 4 finished b a s e m e n t Q e n t r a l a i r conditioning, m a n y e x t r a s , f | r s t o f f e r ing by original o w n e r I m m e d i a t e occu pancy Must see t o a p p r e c i a t e P r i c e d to sell B u y e r s Only 455-8074 LOOKING FOR Housing 1 B l a c k s t o n e Cooperative is now t a k i n g a p p l i c a t i o n s (or l and 2 b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s E n j o y an a c c r u e d equity home, o w n e r s h i p t a x deductions Monthly r a t e s f r o m J165 to $2 l l M e m b e r s h i p deposit a n d equity f r o m J 1 I 2 0 to $1460 Also m u l t i vision cable W 8 Mile 4 S c h a e f e r a r e a , Detroit F o r i n f o r m a t i o n c a l l P a t r i c i a Smith Mon Fri, 9 a m - 5 p m , 864-9387

CADILLAC M e m o r i a l G a r d e n s West Must sell. Sacrificing. Choice location G a r d e n of Rugged Cross. F o r f u r t h e r i n f o r m a t i o n , call M r s Lopez. 421-0076



Deep ter 5pm 371-5*27

TWO B E D R O O M Tow b a t h s . Seminole, b e t w e e n St P e t e r s b u r g L a k e 4 all a d e v e l o p m e n t $57,000

P A R K V I E W M E M O R I A L - 5 Mile F a r m i n g t o n R d s a r e a 2 ploU. g r a v e s 1 4 2, block or G a r d e n P s a l m s , section 546-0622 643 R e a s o n a b l e

rwater 4 ties in 851 6324

G A R D E N CITY Tax Shelter 6 units for 150.000 down 8 unit $60,000 down 10 unit $75,000 down Owner 422 5487

332 Mobile Homes For Sale ACADEMY, 14 x 65 F t , 2 b e d r o o m s , new c a r p e t i n g Appliances, shed, new porch In Novi's Old DuMh F a r m s T e r m s a v a i l a b l e 349 7235 or 437-2838 ADORABLE I 2 i 6 0 f t C h a m p i o n mobile home with e x p a n d o , in c h a r m i n g C h a r l e s l-ake E s t a t e s n e a r M i l f o r d Washer d r y e r r e f r i g e r a t o r ' , s t o v e 4 new f u r n a c e Asking $12,500, You m u s t see this one By owner Call a f t e r 6 pm 685 0089

BARION 1978. 14 x 70. located Old 1 Hitch F a r m Novi $16,500, 10% down 2 bedrooms Little Valley Mobile Homes 476 4072 BAN'VIEW 1978 14x70, like pew. e x t r a insulation, c e n t r a l air, l a r g e b a r n type shed on p r e f e r r e d lot in Holiday Es595 4235 tates. Canton $16,995 BAYV1KW 1979. 14x65, 2 b e d r o o m s , f i r e p l a c e shed, appliances, Can s t a y on lot. $16 500 negotiable, a s s u m a b l e loan. Canton 397-8170 BEST BUY A R O U N D New 14 x 70 3 b e d r o o m IV. b a t h s $14,900. 10'? down WONDERLAND MOBILE|HOMES 45475 Michigan (US-J2) 2 m i l e s W of 1 275, at Belleville Rd Canton 397 2330

CANTON S H A R E C R 0 P 7 V> a c r e s Good yield soy b e a n s p a s t season Contact J e r r y 277-2082 LIVINGSTON/GENESEE COUNTY Newly listed, 196 a c r e s , s t r e a m , picture s q u e barn, b e a u t i f u l setting, quality restoration of g r a c i o u s f a r m home. L a v e r n e E a d y & Associates, Inc 626-4711. 275-442$

AREA W E S T L A N D Margo Capri 28408 W a r r e n n e a r Middlebelt L a r g e a t t r a c t i v e one and t w o b e d r o o m H e a t , a i r . c a r p e t , a p p l i a n c e s e t c On busline Available now 422 5390 464-6042

352 Commercial & Industrial Property

ATTENTION B a r g a i n Hunters! I m m e d i a t e occilpancy Spacious, a i r condi tioned, plush c a r p e t . 2 b e d r o o m s , $290 per month, Heat & w a t e r included M e r r i m a n ' F o r d Rd "Open " Call today 1 421-2146

CLARKSTON a r e a Approximately 6400 sqft, fully r e n t e d , 3 9 acres, offices, a l a r m s , air conditioned, 3 phase 628-7968 P L Y M O U T H SCHOOLS, 4 b e a u t i f u l e l e c t r i c 628-4777 rolling a c r e s of woods with pond Ideal C O M M E R C I A L BUILDING, 24,000 sq for s o l a r or conventional Nome Easy ft Office, sales rooms, w a r e h o u s e 2 a c c e s s T e r m s A f t e r 6 PM; 397-2084 a c r e s fenced s t o r a g e Wayne. Mich T e r m s A f t e r 4pm, 647-0214

B E A U T I F U L , U N I Q U E c u s t o m building sites in F a r m i n g t o n p i l l s , West INDUSTRIAL BUILDING - 4300 Bloomfield 4 F r a n k l i n . Mi t < * m a c r e s s q u a r e f e e t , 1W m i l e s N of 1-94, ^ mile Call I 855-2010 E of 1-275 Good p r i c e a n d t e r m s How ard 4 H o w a r d R e a l E s t a t e Inc 525-1260 BIRMINGHAM - P r i m e 105 feet 1800 Block, F NOVI - 3 a c r e s with house, G r a n d R i v e r O f f e r e d at $55,000 f r o n t a g e , next t o multi-million new Trust, T r u s t Real E s t a t e 222-3726 Chevrolet d e a l e r . T e r m s 455 2036

FLEXIBLE PRICE T e r m s Owner will discount for a fast sale Brighton, 10-2 b e d r o o m , brick Agent 478-7640 427-7589

Adult M A R L E T T E D O U B L E Wide Royal Holiday P a r k , Canton 3 bed rooms. 2 baths Carpeting, drapes 459'-7012 throughout By o w n e r

356 Investment Property For Sale

M A R L E T T E . 1972, 12x60. 2 b e d r o o m s . Redford area Family park P e t s allowed Excellent condition $10,000 Call a n y t i m e 538 4192 MONARCH 1972 14x60 2 b e d r o o m s with a p p l i a n c e s Can s t a y on lot in F a r m i n g t o n Hills $1,800 down, a s s u m e m o r t g a g e Good condition 471-1677 NEW HOME $140 P e r Month C o m p l e t e l y F u r n i s h e d (>1 a lot of your choice Holiday E s t a t e s 46000 G e d d e s Rd.. Canton Call 495 1166 or 729 9600

F O U R O C C U P I E D well m a i n t a i n e d rental houses, one or all Call a f t e r 6 PM 535 4345

358 Mortgages & Land Contracts

ALTERNATIVE (financing Available Existing L a n d C o n t r a c t s P u r c h a s e d Call for Quotes Selling Your H o m e ' ' Contact us for f i n a n c i n g possibilities D E T R O I T BOND 4 M O R T G A G E I N V E S T M E N T CO Call Oakland Cty 540-6060 Wayne Cty - 259-3319

340 Lake-River-f Property For [Sale

BUYING LAND CONTRACTS Since 1924 L a n p h a r ' s Inc 1-313-255-4000

GAYLORD- 3 b e d r o o m cl filet. 120 f t of Lake, on 2 irivate a c c e s s on O t s e | ots, 10% down, $40,500 1517 732 1563 1-517-732 7811 or

N E E D MONEY? We c a n help h o m e o w n e r s if you need m o n e y for any w o r t h w h i l e business urpose Call for f r e e consultation 25th lentury F i n a n c i a l Intern'l, 965-6093 or call 24 hour n u m b e r 965-3424



HARSONS ISLAND, supet 1 view, G r e a t Lakes 4 f o r e i g n ships, cl oice location, St Clair River, S Chanrw Dr Septic | i 547-1182 ready to build, $32,900

342 Lakefront Property CONTEMPORARY LAKEFRONT. b e d r o o m s . 3 f i r e p l a c e s , 2 full 4 2 half baths, 2 c a r g a r a g e , solid oak kitchen with built ins in O a k l a n d T w p Asking $249,000 with t e r m s O a k l a n d Hills R e a l t y , Inc 651-1137

NEW Y O R K E R . 1973 M a n h a t t a n . 14 x 68 2 b e d r o o m s , b a r , f r « i t kitchen, skirting, awning, a s k i n g $13,500 586 8518 or 646 7549

360 Business Opportunities ARCADE G A M E S FOR S A L E Used Location ready, g u a r a n t e e Video-Snycrases 363-7620 BEAUTIFUL LEELANAU Peninsula Unique gift shop with living q u a r t e r s established o v e r 25 y e a r s Write Box 397, N o r t h p o r t . Mi 49670

DON'T S I M M E R T H I S S U M M E R We h a v e 6 w a t e r f r o n t h o m e s P r i c e d BEER Wine 4 Deli, c o r n e r F o r d f r o m $87,000 t o $300,000 Good t e r m s Sheldon, Canton T w p P l e a s e call be SILVER LAKE FRONT f o r e 5 pm for appt Rustic 4 wooded setting U l t r a m o d e r n Ask for T o m 981-2477 O X F O R D 1974, 14x65. 2 b e d r o o m s , designed home 4 l a r g e b e d r o o m s , spa front dining room, c e n t r a l s»ir. all appli cious g o u r m e t kitchen, 2 f i r e p l a c e s . 1 INDIVIDUAL o r organization sought to a w e s nice porch 4 a w m n g t c a n s t a y on C a l i f o r n i a d r i f t s t o n e , 100'x262' lot af lease 4 o p e r a t e c o f f e s h o p a t Woodland lot 756-6468 f o r d s your p r i v a c y A s s u m a b l e Mort Medical C e n t e r , Novi Contact Mr g a g e 8 H % . O f f e r e d beloW r e p l a c e m e n t Metherall, d u r i n g business hours PATRIOT 1980 64 x 28, 3 b e d r o o m s . 2 cost, $173,900 Call 4 See T o d a y ' 348 8000 full b a t h s $31,500 10% down On locaKitchen 4 Kitchen R e a l E s t a t e tion Little Valley Mobile H o m e s INVESTORS 673-2272 , 476-4072 Needed for Adult F o s t e r C a r e H o m e s IRISH HILLS on Devil's Lake, beauta housing 6 m e n i a l l y retarded p e r s o n s REDFORD ful setting, 2 b e d r o o m s ,recentlyreunder 44 hour s u p e r v i s o r Investor m a y lease own home, p u r c h a s e h o m e for ping New 1982 one b e d r o o m home, just modeled, y e a r around, m a n y e x t r a s L C t e r m s , $47,900 459-1182 548-9396 lease, or invest in newly built, b a r r i e r $11,300 Call now free home Lease arrangements are 397 2330 L A K E F R O N T of p r i v a t e 125 a c r e m a d e with Michigan D e p a r t m e n t of WONDERLAND MOBILE HOMES spring fed lake No public a c c e s s 80 M a n a g m e n t 4 Budget F o r i n f o r m a t i o n 45475 Michigan Ave, C a n t o n Minutes f r o m Western Suburbs 4 bed contact S E V I L L E 1980. 14 X 70. 2 b e d r o o m s , r o o m y e a r round home, 2 lots, p e a c e f u l NORTHVILLE RESIDENTIAL front kitchen $18,500 witlf 10% down s h a d y e n v i r o n m e n t By Owner Do your TRAINING CENTER own f i n a n c i n g $85,000 Not n e a i o t a b l e Little Valley Mobile Home* C o m m u n i t y P l a c e m e n t Unit 476-4072 Send for i l l u s t r a t e d broefcure Box 131, 349-8000. E x t 734 1 S o m e r s e t C e n t e r , Mich 4i|282 Hurry $1500 COULD ASSUME i b e a u t i f u l 2 N E W BUSINESS O P P O R T U N I T Y L A K E O R I O N 10 m i n u t e s f r o m new bedroom home with air Ft-o appoint Ground floor multi-level m a r k e t i n g 624-8241 GM plant on quiet Manito L a k e 157 ft plan, low i n v e s t m e n t , high m o n t h l y rnenl call. lake f r o n t a g e Brick u^nch, 3 b e d r o o m s , e a r n i n g s Call a f t e r 5PM 532-1061 2 baths, boathouse. 2 c a r e a r a g e Over 100 pine t r e e s S e c l u d e d . _ Asking R E S T A U R A N T FOR S A L E - CANTON ge o r L a n d C o n t r a c t $150,000 M S e a t s 35. less than I y e a r old Orion 693-11 $2 Detroit 267-38' for r e a s o n a b l e o f f e r s


333 Northern For Sale


Village G r e e n M a n a g e m e n t Co

Includes Heat, C a r p e t i n g Air Conditioning, P a t i o 4 Pool Sound Conditioned Walls 4 Floors

BROOKVIEW VILLAGE APTS Palmer Rd.-W.of Hannan Plymouth School District


1 4 2 B e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s 4 2 Bed r o o m , m bath townhouses E a c h unit c o m p l e t e l y air conditioned, c a r p e t e d , all a p p l i a n c e s . W E S T I N G H O U S E WASHER, D R Y E R in each individual unit L a r g e walk-in c l o s e t s Lower units and townhouse with p r i v a t e patios 4 doorwalls. A m p l e p a r k i n g Village p a r k with play a r e a No P e t s

From $245 to $295

12382 Risman




From $300 Furnished Apartments available • Pool 4 Clubhouse • Tennis Courts • Dishwasher on Beech Daly, S of C h e r r y Hill

562-3988 O P E N 7 DAYS TO S E R V E


1 & 2 BEDROOMS from $280

Diplomat & Embassy Apartments SOUTHFIELD

Canterbury Woods


P l y m o u t h Rd 4 H a g g e r t y


1 v, m o n t h s s e c u r i t y deposit

32777 G R A N D R I V E H Just a Few Blocks East of F a r m i n g t o n Road

Hillcrest C l u b

Cable TV Available

10 to 6 Weekdays, Sat. by Appt 1715 O r c h a r d D r Canton T w p

{Beautiful 1 b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s at $330 per month Rent includes heat, p r i v a t e balcony p r i v a t e laundry a c c e s s and pool Within walking distance to shopping, dining, e n t e r t a i n m e n t 4 doctors, Ideal place (or Senior Citizens

$100 discount 1 & 2 BEDROOMS from $280

Spacious 1 and 2 b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s f r o m $340 All appliances, c a r p e t i n g l a n d indoor pool Close to shopping and X ways Open 8-5 weekdays. S a t , Sun 12-4

FREE MICROWAVE WITH 1 YEAR LEASE NEW T I M B E R I D G E A P A R T M E N T S Deluxe 2 bedroom units - F r o m $375Wfoded setting including all appli anpes air conditioning, d r a p e s , c a r p e t ini. security e n t r a n c e Centrally Located E of O r c h a r d Lake ROad on Polsom Road (extension of 9 M|le Rd.) c o r n e r of Tuck Road MANAGER, Call a n y t i m e 478 1487 O F F I C E . 9AM 51'M 476 5345 F I R M I N G T O N HILLS Save money Esjoy s u m m e r in style. Muirwood Apt s, 2 bedroom, J u n e ' 1 Sublet with option to stay 842 3393 or 477 3862

559-2680 E V E R G R E E N SCHOOLCRAFT AREA Modern 1 bedroom includes stove, ref r i g e r a t o r and heat One month s e c u r i t y required, $170 per month. C a i r ® t M 3 2 7

FARMINGTON HILLS. 8 Mile E ol I 275. 1 bedroom condo style with washer & jlryer 4 full appliances For i n f o r m a lion 477-9431 or 477 3840

from $258 C e n t r a l Air Conditioning . Shag C a r p e t i n g Pool 4 Sauna Sound Conditioned Masonry Walls Concrete Floors tyODEL O P E N DAILY 12 6 p m

397-0200 F A R M I N G T O N HILI-S S T O N E R I D G E MANOR I 4 2 b e d r o o m luxury a p a r t m e n t s FROM $330 Includes c a r p o r t s c a r p e t i n g d r a p . ^ appliances, s t o r a g e i r e a within a p a r t m e n t , balcony patios, s e c u r i t y e n t r a n c e Close to downtown F a r m i n g t o n F r e e dom Road W of O r c h a r d L a k e Road S of G r a n d River M a n a g e r 31540 F r e e d o m Rd Apt 101A CALL A N Y T I M E 476 3423 O F F I C E 9AM !>PM 476 5345

CANTON GARDENS J o y Rd , 1 blk E of I 275 1 Months F r e e Rent Heat 4 G a s Cooking Included Spacious 2 b e d r o o m Townhouses with p r i v a t e e n t r a n c e F e a t u r i n g all appli ances. c o m p l e t e l y c a r p e t e d , c e n t r a l air 1 W baths. Cable TV a v a i l a b l e $340 per Month '

455-7440 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS- Sublet 1 bed room, $290 month includes heat 4 wa ter Available J u n e 1 B a r b a r a *eek davs. 478 8888. Alter 4 30 471 2033

BIRMINCAM Whethersfield a p a r t m e n u , Ofie b e d r o o m to sub let Wall to wall c a t p e t i n g , heat included $410 month Available J u n e 1 Shown Sunday 2pm 5pm 540 0619 DOWNTOWN B I R M I N G H A M 2 bedroom A p a r t m e n t a v a i l a b l e $640 t$ $675 per Mo , 1 Y e a r lease P l e a s e call 644 6105 BIRMINGHAM Adams Rd I b e d r o o m a p a r t m e b t , c a r p e t e d and a i r condition ing Laundry and s t o r a g e f a c i l i t i e s Close to shopping and t r a n sspo portation Ideal for r e t i r e e s F i r s t , last 4 s e c u r i t y 543 5642 deposit $350 BIRMINGHAM AREA 2 & 3 b e d r o o m luxury Apts B e s t Buy in the e n t i r e Birmingham area $695 - $750 647-1508 646 7500 BIRMINGHAM Downtown M a p l e Quaint 1 b e d r o o m including h e a t s t o v e f r i d g e , lowest p r i c e in town Available immediately. 540 4122 BIRMINGHAM IX)WNTOWN. L a r g e ope bedroom, porch One y e a r lease $385 Victoria P l a c e See M a n a g e r , 540-2745 or 647-7895

BIRMINGHAM DOWNTOWN APTS Luxury appliances, plush carpeting and elevators. Furnished apts available 1&2 bedpoom units Now available from $395 642-2174 B I R M I N G H A M ETON S Q U A R E 2 B e d r o o m s with 1 b a t h s I m m e d i a t e occupancy, $390 month includes heat and w a t e r Weekdays 9 to 8 p m week e n d s noon t o 5 644-1300 BIRMINGHAM, one b e d r o o m a p a r t ment n e a r A d a m s Square Shopping Center Available i m m e d i a t e l y $325 Call a f t e r 4PM, 540-2675 BIRMINGHAM P R O P E R large 2 bed room, ground floor unit Newly d e c o r a t ed Appliances 4 heat included $500 Call Bill 549 2000 BIRMINGHAM P R O P E R L A R G E 2 4 3 b e d r o o m apt C a r p e t e d , c e n t r a l iair. 1 y e a r lease, adults, no pets $375-$450 per month Call for a p p o i n t ment i 643 0750

; CENTURY 21 PIETY HILL. INC. 642-8100 BIRMINGHAM, 1 bedroom, a i r conditioned, c a r p o r t , patio, all utilities exc e p t e l e c t r i c i t y , convenient location, shopping nearby, 1 m o n t h f r e e rent, $360 645 2731 BIRMINGHAM 14 Mile 4 P i e r c e One b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t $350 p e r m o n t h h e a t i n t l u d e d Shopping n e a r b y 7 A f t e r 6 p m , 647-8230 BIRMINGHAM 14 Mile P i e r c e 2 bed r o o m a p a r t m e n t , $380 m o n t h heat included Shopping n e a r b y F r o m 2 to 4 PM. j 569 3224


T E L E V I S I O N R E P A I R shop, establish ed 15 years, o w n e r t i r e d Blunks TV Service, 640 S t a r k w e a t h e r , P l y m o u t h Old Village 453-6300 WORLD CLASS P R E S E N T A T I O N Windee the talking s n o w m a n Is looking for an investor, p r o t o t y p e s o f t ice c r e a m shoppe with f r a n c h i s e a b l e potential will d e v a s t a t e existing c o m p e t e 4ion. $150,000 needed plus location M Wagner noon t o 6 p m 851 -3315

361 Money To Loan AVAILABLE F I R S T M o r t g a g e E q u i t y Loans Op t o $100,600 559-7722 24 Hour Service

362 Real Estate Wanted CASH TODAY OR GUARANTEED SALE Also If In F o r c l a s u r e Or Need Of R e p a i r


On Merriman Rd. by Ann Arbor Trail

W of I.illey

IN CANTON TWP Luxury 1 & 2 Bedrooms RENT ROLL BACK

TROY 643-9109



F a r m i n g t o n West Apartments

Franklin Palmer Off P a l m e r Rd

FOH A P P O I N T M E N T Contact M a n a g e r Bonnie Miller

SMALL I N V E S T O R S needed for reputa b l e v e n t u r e High potential yields Call d u r i n g business hours, 964-4652


Hawthorne Club In Westland



Block Nor North of Close to Shopping. 1 Block Maple, 1 Block E of Coolidge, n e a r S o m e r s e t Mall

N O R T H V I L L E T W P - laj-ge scenic lot. T R A V E R S E BAY; 150 ft fron ideal for walk out b a s e m e n t t o p r i v a t e West Bay on Old Mission O Box 674, G r a n d Blanc. MI lake, will t r a d e for boat, lane or o t h e r 1-694-8730 r e a l e s t a t e Al Langer 355 4550 call.


E of S o m e r s e t Mall, W of 1-75, a c r o s s the s t r e e t f r o m T o p of T r o y " MON T H R U F R I 9-5

G R A N D R I V E R / LAHSER One b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t C a r p e t e d , a i r conditioned Includes gas 4 w a t e r $235 559-5176 or 535-0936

WESTLAND 2 b e d r o o m s $295 Heat included C a r p e t i n g a p p l i a r n c v s w i m m i n g pool, 2 c a r p a r k i n g Clos^ to Westland Shopping Center

One and 2 B e d r o o m A p a r t m e n t s f r o m $350 Balconies, C a r p e t i n g , C a r p o r t s Air Conditioning, S w i m m i n g Pool. Clubhouse Ny Pets, Adults P r e f e r r e d

BIRMINGHAM 2233 E M a p l e 1 b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t C a r p e t i n g , d r a p e s , d i s h w a s h e r Close t o town Adults, no pets 1 y e a r lease $305 643 4428

N O R T H V I L L E T W P - l a r g e scenic l«t HALE - (1 hour N of BayjClty) E x c l u sive Loon Lake, b e a u t i f u l , spring fed, ideal for walkout b a s e m e n t to p r i v a t e f o r m a l l y C a m p Maqua p r o p e r t y Only lake Will t r a d e for boat, p l a n e or o t h e r real e s t a t e Al L a n g e r , [ 355-4590 13 p a r c e l s a v a i l a b l e G d r g e o u s lake f r o n t Land c o n t r a c t t e r m i ON P E A C E F U L U K E Scofield R e a l t y 517-728 2603 W Bloomfield 3-4 b e d r o o m brick bilevel, c e n t r a l air, 3 full baths, + vanity. HARBOR S P R I N G S / P E T 0 8 K E Y 200 feet on south shore of Crooked L a k e 2 fireplaces, 30x27' f a m i l y room, e x i t s <1 inland w a t e r w a y to Cheboygan Super to 16x32' covered patio, second kitchen 1-616-347-3727 on lower level. Owners Leaving S t a t e view, trees, f e r n s $139,800 Evenings or Weekends 6*tHARRISON. MICHIGAN, j#0 acres, two 1575 or 642-1630 thirds wooded, with y e a r - r o u n d cabin P a r t l y f u r n i s h e d with f i r e p l a c e , all utilities. County m a i n t a i n s g r a v e l road Good for hunting, biking, wiowmobiling and hiking $50.00(1 on land c o n t r a c t or on of a 455 7611 F i r s t t i m e offered Quality one $47,000 cash kind h o m e . C o n t e m H1GGINS L A K E leveled. 3 b e d r o o m s , 3 Custom M A G N I F I C E N T n a t u r a l log home, 168' c a b i n e t r y , built-in a of finest Lake f r o n t a g e Ehclusive loca- places $439,000 terms tion, tennis c o u r t s , c a r e t a k e r $246,300 a v a i l a b l e $399,000 c a s h or tniorma L A K E F R O N T - 3,000 sq f t c o n t e m p o - tion or a p p o i n t m e n t c a l l r a r y home, m a n y exceptional f e a t u r e s , b e a u t i f u l view $1«1.500 L A K E F R O N T Choice building sites in excellent area $51,900 and $67 500 Ski 4 Shore McDonald. Inc excellent R » 2 Box 200 SAGE L A K E - 50ft f borne, f u r R o s c o m m o n , MI 48653 view. 2 b e d r o o m 937 3484 (517) 821-620$ nished

538 2497

Luxury a p a r t m e n t s Dishwasher, s e c u r ity, (ntercom, soundproof, pool, clubhousf Sorry, no pets Adult c o m m u n i t y 1 4 2 Bedrooms Available I M M E D I A T E OCCUPANCY COME OUT 4 S E E US M e r r i m a n Rd (Orchard Lake Rd) Just one block S of 8 Mile Rd M E R R I M A N PARK APTS The most beautiful G a r d e n A p a r t m e n t s in Michigan '


522-0725 ROYAL OAK - Active beauty shop, c h a r m i n g decor! Sun belt m o v e d i c t a t e s s a l e One b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t , t e r m s L a v e r n e E a d y 4 Associates Inc., 626-4711 275-4422

house in Moun .500. land 825 4101

642 8686




M I L F O R D G o r g e o u s new w a t e r f r o n t bi-level 4 b e d r o o m s , 2 b « t h s 1 mile f r o m schools, 1 mile f r o f n Alpine Ski Lodge $8,000 down on Land C o n t r a c t or will consider s m a l l h o n k in t r a d e I 1-687-2718

BOYNE FALLS, 4 bedr town, gas and w a t e r See tain slopes f r o m window contract GRAND tage on Write P 48439 or




• B u t c h e r Block C a b i n e t s . Kitchen P a n t r y • Covered P a r k i n g . Walk-in Closets • Pool, Sauna E x e r c i s e R o o m • Heat Included • Excellent Maintenance • C o m m u n i t y Building


B E A V E R L A N D . 7 M I L E AREA One b e d r o o m , appliances, laundry f a c i l i t i e s g a r b a g e disposal M a t u r e adults, $250 531 3378

PLYMOUTH SCHOOLSbeautiful wooded a c r e lot, g a s a v a i l a b l e , perk G O L F COURSE, 40 a c r e s , 18 hole p a r 3 o k $25,000 T e r m s 1 455-2036 - 17 y e a r s e s t a b l i s h e d business, c l u b house, e q u i p m e n t 4 h o m e . $265,000 ROCHESTER $63,000 down, r e m a i n d e r at 7% land 1W a c r e e l e v a t e d site, p r i v a t e lane, c o n t a c t 363 7997 or 363-0733 southerly slope, n e a r town $39,900 652-0587

M A R K L I N E . 1973 1 b e d r o o m , p a r t l y furnished, shed, skirted Ideal to move up north or c a n s l a y on lot $3500 or best o f f e r 397-3718

Be the first person to live in one of the se spacious 1 or 2 b e d r o o m luxury a p a r t m e n t s F e a t u r e s include large balconies, deluxe kitchens, l a r g e b e d r o o m s and living a r e a 2 b e d r o o m has a double bath Walking d i s t a n c e to shopping and c h u r c h e s Easy a c c e s s t o 3 e x p r e s s w a y s I-oca ted on the N W c o r n e r of 10 Mile and M e a d o w b r o o k Open house daily, 10AM to 6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, S u n 12-5PM




For New Tenants F R O M $265 L u x u r i o u s 1 and 2 b e d r o o m s C a r d r a p e s , c e n t r a l air, pool, clubhouse 3f7000 C H E R R Y HILL B e t w e e n Wayne-Newburgh Open Daily 12-5PM 729-6520

354 Income Property For Sale

WEST B L O O M F I E L D , 14] 4 H a l s t e a d , heavily wooded, b a c k s to p r i v a t e wood ed p a r k All utilities 114x(10 Must seH Asking $26,000 I 661-1942


GLEN COVE Desirable one 4 two bedroom a p a r t m e n t s f r o m $260 C a r p e t , d r a p e s , heat a p p l i a n c e s Adults, no pets mile S of S c h o o l c r a f t on T e l e g r a p h

400 Apartments For Rent


WILL S E L L OR TRADE11 Mile T w o C o m m e r c i a l buildings located on a b, s e w e r , busy c o r n e r with With 250 f t Of fron474 6332 t a g e o n G r a n d R i v e r Avenue, a c r o s s F R A N K L I N Village IV* a re, p e r k e d f r o m c a r d e a l e r s h i p , bank (2) fast food chains, and a discount s t o r e F o r ap^ $34,500 13 Mile 4 T e l ^ g r a p a r e a 855-3717 DO!intment, call Mc Kay Real E s t a t e (31 313) 476-2284 or (517) 546-5610 HOME B U I L D I N G Lots f o r ' s a l e , choice of 6, s u e f r o m 2 a c r e s toj 3 75 a c r e s , s o m e wooded, s e w e r and wqter Mr Hood Mr F i s h e r f 455-5120

C A M B R I D G E 1974 with e * p a n d o 7 x 14 70 x 14, location H a m b u r g Hill, $14,900. with 10% down Little Valley Mobile H o m e s 476-4072

LOVELY D O U B L E W I D E mobile h o m e in nice park C l a r k s t o n a r e a M o r t g a g e is a s s u m a b l e Down p a y m e n t c a n be m a d e in cash or e x c h a n g e f o r land or e x c h a n g e for house equity 887 6200

477-8464 27883 Independence Farmington Hills

400 Apartments For Rent


F A R M I N G T O N HI Old H o m e s t e a d Sub - W a D r a k e a r e a C u s t o m built w a t e r , 4 g a s $28,000




400 Apartments For Rent

ATTRACTIVE 1 4 2 bedroom apart n e n t s Rent includes h e a t 4 w a t e r 1-75 Big Beaver a r e a , Troy S u t t e r * Creek A p a r t m e n t Call 362 0997 362-1940

C O M M E R C I A L Z O N E D C-2 2,400 Sc F t Waterfori I area 525-5210 682-7707,

TWO SCENIC LOTS in Frainklin a r e a of Bloomfield Twp B l o o m f i e l d Hills schools F o r s a l e or will build to suit F a i r f i e l d D e v e l o p m e n t Co, 642-1142

1 Bedroom for $319 2 Bedroom for $359 3 Bedroom for $449

AMBASSADOR EAST A P T S 3242 G r e e n f i e l d - Royal Oak Heat 4 w a t e r furnished $292 288 6115


OUTSTANDING H O M E S I T E S Very large, N. R o c h e s t e r S t r e a m s , lakes, woods 4 hills Land c o n t r a c t t e r m s 731-8146

D E S P A R A T E ' Must sell L977 Buddy 14x65 2 b e d r o o m s , s o m e a p p l i a n c e s , shed included e x c e l l e n t condition, $13,500. t e r m s a v a i l a b l e Call a f t e r 4 p m 495 0092

Free Ham or Turkey Furnished

ALL R E N T S R E D U C E D P A R K S I D E A p a r t m e n t s , F e n k e l l at T e l e g r a p h We a r e rolling back our r e n t s one b e d r o o m Security deposit $ 1 0 0 , includes, heat, w a t e r , c a r p e t , laundry facilities Call ^ 532-9234

ROYAL OAK 4000 so f t o f f i c e build ing, 16 offices, ideal for a t t o r n e y , psy chologist or business N e w e r building, mint condition, low down p a y m e n t , excellent price Owner 642-1180

Savannah, landings



338 Country Homes For Sale

SKIDAWAY ISLAND. G e o r g i a Interior lot in P i c t u r e s a v a i l a b l e Call i


One b e d r o o m O r c h a r d Lake Rd near T e l e g r a p h Includes c a r p e t , a i r condit tioner 4 heat Working a d u l t s with references preferred O R C H A R D WOODS A P A R T M E N T S


BUDDY, 1973 12x55 I b e d r p o m , newly decorated Refrigerator 4 stove For sale or lease $7200 or best o f f e r 427 2332 or 421 4858

C H A M P I O N 1977, 14x60 2 b e d r o o m s Unfurnished $4 000 c a s h a s s u m e s m o r t g a g e and p a y m e n t s Of $153 73 ilhlv Belleville A f t e r 4PM 721-8371


PONTIAC ! $235

A M B E R ' S T i m b e r Lodges 14/Crooks F i r e p l a c e , oak floors, l a r g e lofts Pet cfct?Yes 1 549 4049

M I L F O R D , 2 6 wooded a c r e s on p r i v a t e drive, hill for walk-out, pert-ed, $30,000 Call a f t e r 5 p m 478-4657


Behind Botaford Hospital

D U P L E X O F F I C E BLDG 775 sq f t each half Ideal for Attorneys. CPA's, e t c W of Beech on G r a n d River Call SandraLyons,

23 a c r e s 2 | c r e e k s and HOMESITE large barn Canton T w p Low down p a y m e n t , low interest H o w a r d 4 H o w a r d Real E s t a t e Inc 525 1260

19800 Telegraph, next to Bonnie Brook Golf Club Office Hours: 9am-5pm Weekdays 9am-1pm Saturdays


351 Bus. & Professional Bldgs. For Sale

339 Lots and Acreage For Sale

INCLUDES HEAT Carpeting, Air Conditioning, Swimming Pool

ABANDON YOUR H U N T Select R e n t a l s All A r e a s We Help L a n d l o r d s 4 T e n a n t s Share Listings 64 2-1620

TWO C E M E T E R Y LOTS P a r k v i e w M e m o r i a l , G a r d e n of Last Supper, Livonia Call E v e s . 591 6284

337 Farms For Sale

330 Apts. For Sale

400 Apartments For Rent

CADILLAC M E M O R I A L G A R D E N S G a r d e n City, L a w n E 4 g r a v e s $900 plus 2 g r a v e s $450. 537-6923

y report

SOUTHWEST F L O R I D A 3 C r e e k P a r k , r e a d y to build

P R I V A T E P A R T Y w a n t s 15 to 20 a c r e s up to 10 m i l e s West of P l y m o u t h , Mich 453-7530

348 Cemetery Lots

HAMILTON ROW REALTY 642-2760 642-4001 Michigan Residents! T h e f e r i n g consists of proposed T h e d e v e l o p e r has provided that i m p r o v e m e n t s will b e a s s t a t e d in Michigan a v a i l a b l e on request f r o m o r his Michigan r e a l e s t a t e


W O L V E R I N E L A K E F R O N T - 3 bed rooms, 2 baths, L a n d c o n t r a c t Call 669 2322

At T o d a y ' s P r i c e s Using TAX D E F E R R E D DOLLARS

1 BEDROOM, $285 2 BEDROOM, $325







9163 Main S t , W h i t m o r e L a k e

F o r Y o u r IRA I N V E S T M E N T A Qualified P a r t i c p a n t Can Now P u r c h a s e


No Waiting - No Delays

Eve. 449-2915 or 449-4466 OREN F. NELSON REALTOR


ABSOLUTELY TOP R e g a r d l e s s of Condition E v e n if Behind in P a y m e n t s All Suburban Areas

Custom 1393 sq ft., c o n t e m p o r a r y r a n c h with a c c e s s t o good sandy b e a c h F i r e p l a c e , b a s e m e n t , 2 c a r a t t a c h e d ga rage. $14,000-$18,000 down on land cont r a c t $95,000

336 Florida Property For Sale

400 Apartments For Rent 400 Apartments For Rent

That's where your Observer & Eccentric area Realtor can help. Their brokers are knowledgea Die about the many area listings and are prepared to show you all



Includes Heat Furnshed Apts available 1V4 Baths Central Air , p Poof/Clubhouse • Pets conditionally allowed Middlebelt-Orchard Lake • Overlooking Pine Lake Country Club

Whether your housing questions concern finding the right house, selecting a neighborhood, arranging financing or closing, they're ready with the answers. !•


Let them show you how easy piecing together the housing puzzle can be.




available housing in your price range. Once they know what you want, they'll commit themselves to helping you find it.





When it comes to buying a house, one of the questions prospective homebuyers ask is, "How can w be sure of seeing a wide variety of houses w i t n i n our price range, so that we can be c o m f o r t a b l e with our choice?"



classified aas


644-1070 Oakland County 591-0900 Wayne County 852-3222 Rochester-Avon Twp. Use your VISA or MASTERCARD

F A R M I N G T O N , 1 bedroom, clean, coo v e n l e n j downtown Washer, d r y e r , air, poo I $$85 including heat. No pets. Open Thuu r s 4 F r i 6-8 P M 427 9550 471-3130



- - k -

• i > 11 • •



N M l



Monday, May 3, 1982 400 Apartments For Rent

400 Apartments For Rent

400 Apartments For Rent

400 Apartments For Rent

400 Apartments For Rent

IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY ;for on* bedroom iDartmrnt. Air conditioned Heat and hot water included Swimming pool Senigrr c i t i z e n welcome On 7 Mile Rd W of Te Tel^rapd

GARDEN CITY Clean, air, 1 all utilities paid except electric Stove, refrigerator, drapes, carpeting No Pets. Adults preferred. 274-2417

PLYMOUTH - Beautiful 1 bedroom ncea furActa. Heat, ca ble now nished Adults, 459-9507 175 ft $295. 4 and June 1st. $275

PREMIER APARTMENTS 1 bedroom, $227. 2 bedrooms, $265 both include beat, a p p l i a n c e , air. garbage disposal, •arpetlng Lahaer.7 Mile 356-7171

ROYAL OAK-clean spacious 2 bedroom upper, appliancea. backyard, cloae to everything $295 water included. 264-2075

PLYMOUTH HERITAGE APTS 1 bedroom from $ 2S0. . < 455-2143

TWO bedrooms AMBER. Royal Oak Fireplace, oak floors, balconies 549-4049

ROYAL OAK • large 2 bedroom apta. Carpeted, appliancea. pool, ample parking 4 storage, balcony, mature adulta preferred Call before 7 pm 288-1544


REDFORD TWP AREA - Efficiency apartment, heat 4 electricity included, partly furnished $210 per month. Call after 4 255-4464 or 476-M31

GARDEN CITY • 1 ances, carpet and air private parking, much adult, pleaae Call

.* I « « 4 TELEGRAPH 15 Minutes to Downtowfi Studio and 1 bedroom APARTMENTS Prom $200 Include* stove, refrigerator, carpeting, pool, beat much more

r M B


NORTHVILLE 1 bedroom apartment, carport, $225 per month plus security deposit, refer* ences *M»II



T O P O F T H E DRIVE 531-2260 LAHSER-7 Mile area, spacious 1 bedroom. carpeting, appliances, dishwash er. laundry room, air conditioned, no pets Parking 155-4953


LATHRUP. 1 bedroom, livlrtg room, bath, share large kitchen, responsible student or workins person, non smoker, ati utilities included. $225 per month, $100 security »S»-3MS


Modern 1 & 2 Bedroom Air Conditioned Shag Carpeting Dishwasher And Personal Laundry Facilities

From $285 Call 12 Noon to 6 PM


Close to 1-75 expressway and Just blocks from Oakland Mall Shopping Center.

P0INTE APTS 2 Months Free Rent


PLYMOUTH PARK APARTMENTS I it 2 bedrooms Carpeted living room and hall, central air conditioning, kitch en built ins. basement, parking, pool Heady for occupancy From $275 up monthly heat included See Manager 40285 Plymouth Rd PlymoutM59 3137

373-21' droofq apart OAK 'ARK. Modern 2 ment. carpet, appliances, air eopdiiion ing included No pets $34f Lea vei messa ge 6^6-4196

LIVONIA VALLEY WOOD 29446 BOBRICH On Middlebelt, N. of 6 Mile 1 and 2 bedroom units Appliances and carpeting From $410 including heat ALSO Furnished units 427-3320 or 774-1551

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! • Place your classified » a n t ad in \ Suburban Detroit's finqst market The Observer 4 Kccentric Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or Master Ca|-d

$175 Mo. For 90 Days With 1 Yr. Lease 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts. City of Plymouth Central Downtown Area No Pets

453-6050 PLYMOUTH MANOR APTS.' City of Plymouth Central Downtown Area Beautiful 1 & 2. Bedroom Apts. From $305. No Pets 455-3880

This very special one bedroom has a sleeping loft with cathedral ceiling open to the living area Scenic natural setting complete with stream and park area Located in the cozy Village of Northville $365 per month lease EHO 348 9590

Beautiful Park Area with walking distance to downtown Rochester


NINE MILE HOOVER AREA Spacious 2 bedroom townhouse, $285 monthly Decorated, central air 4 full basement. Reduced security deposit MacArthur Manor 755-3671


PLYMOUTH, 1 bedroom, at 302 Maple, stove, refrigerator, carpeting, large room sizes Available May 1 $275 Call after 2 I'M . 453 8194


Newly redecorated 2 bedroom apart ments adjacent to natural wooded area, complete with stream and foot bridge to open park Features include walk in PLYMOUTH, 1 bedroom, at Plymouth closets, security entrance system, new Rd 4 Holbrook Available immediate carpet and management that loves to ly Stove, refrigerator, carpeting, pamper you Easy access to 3 expressways EHO $335 per month including drapes, air. oven oven $270 Call drapes, air. 453 8194 heat after 2 PM PLYMOUTH. 2 bedroom duplex, ideal 348 9590 for working couple $340 month plus utilities Call after 6l'M. 349 8358 PLYMOUTH 877 Starkweather Effi ciencv Separate kitchen 358-0099

642 8686

TROY-SOMERSET FROM $299 1 4 2 BEDROOM DELUXE APTS - SOME WITH WASHER 4 DRYER Includes: 2 bedroom units with 1 Mi baths, private balcony, fully carpeted, all appliances, swimming pool, individual central heal 4 air conaitioning, carports Located at the End of Kirts Rd Just E of Crooks Rd . S of Big Beaver Models Open 12 Noon 6PM

Sunnymede Apts. 362-0290





ROYALOAK 2 bedroom apartment Newly carpeted, nice location. Quiet building $330 per month, IW month's security Heat 4 water included 435-2934

Now easing attractive 142 )ROOM APTS 4 2BED1 )M TOWNHOUSES Well-maintaii i, p r i m e location

SAVE 50% RENT Singles Preferred Share Referrals 642-1620

ROCHESTER) AREA Close to shopping and minutes fri>m freeway 416 TimWrlea Drive, Rochester

HIDDEN OAKS APTS now leasing T & 2 Bedrooms GE appliances, ceramic baths, central air. shag carpeting, carports, inter corns, patios-balconies, more - on a beautiful wooded site

557-4520 SOUTHFIELD, sublet large 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. Tel-12 area, $420 month including heat Available July 1 356 0885, 641-5757


652-3920 Office hours: 9AM 6PM daily. Sat 10-2, Sun 12 3PM TOWERS OF Southfield - Quality living in an exclusive high-rise apartment community Executive Penthouse apts , one bedroom ^pts , two bedroom, 2 bath apts , exceed ng 1,000 sq ft Olympic pool, tennis courts, covered parking and security gate house Perfectly located . . . Rent starts at $365 Prein SoutiInfield sented b the| FourMidAble Group For 356 3650 details Call

Studio & 1 bedroom apartments for mature adults.

C h a t s f o r d Village RENT S L A S H E D

FROM $249



Just E of 1-275

SPACIOUS 1 & 2 BEDROOMS |i from $270 Central Air - Fully Carpeted Sound Conditioned Pool & Sauna Cable TV Available

981-3888 WALNUT CREEKAPTS RENTS FROM $290 For New Tenants Only



WAYNE 33402 Michigan Ave Carpeted, one bed room air conditional, appliances Ideal lor adults $225 595 8010 WAYNE I bedroom apartment Elec trical appliances $22(5 monthly plus utilities $250 security Call 937 8243

I Redroom With Balcony Available Storage Room Located In Unit

Located in Farmington Hills S of 10 Mile on Middlebelt Immediate Occupancy 851-1666- 477-4065

DEARBORN PARK APTS 26170 Michigan Ave Just W of Beech Daly

$100 DISCOUNT 1 & 2 BEDROOMS from $250

DOWNTOWN BIRMINGHAM •>uxury apartments available 3 bedroom. 3 bath, $810 per Mo 2 bedroom. 1 bath. $655 per Mo 1 Yr |lea$s Please call. 642 7400

Air Conditioning Carpeting Pool Sound Proofed Construction

DOWNT(AVN PLYMOUTH I bedroom, stove, refrigerator. $265 month in cludetj heat & water First & last months rent Call 459-6466


400 Apartments For Rent


OPEN DAILY- 278-1550

located in beautiful Canton at 7480 Windsor Woods Drive (between I.illey 4 Sheldon Rds )

COLONY PARK APARTMENTS 12 Mile & Lahser Luxurious adult community Two bed room apartments Clubhouse, pool From $440 355 2047

For Details, call 459-1310 Presented by

400 Apartments For Rent

• Carports • • Central air. water •

1 & 2 Bedrooms f r o m $305 Hampton nity

cluding ging




• Security I n t e r c o m • A m p l e c l o s e t

Kitchen appliances*

Balconies & Patios

•i Dishwasher, garbage disposal • S w i m m i n g P o o l • Carpeting

• Laundrv facilities in each building





C o n v e y


" Exceptional A p a r t m e n t s


1 a n d

2 Bedroom Apartments •• 2 Full, B a t h s • C a r p o r t s Adult C o m m u n i t y - r e s e r v e d for residents over the age of 50

• • • • •

W 9 M I L E A T P R O V I D E N C E DR



Village Green Management Co


MUIRW(KH) APT Farmington Hills. Sublease thru Sept 1982. 2 bedrooms, unfurnished $425 per month! Call dur ing the day 477 7800 e x l 213

P l a n s

260 Dishwasher C e n t r a l airconditioning P r i v a t e b a l c o n y or patio S w i m m i n g Pool

Models o p e n daily & w e e k e n d s H a m 7 p ni led in Wixom Take 1-96 lo Beck Road p r o c e e d north lo jniiac Trail and lurn left lo G o l d e n G a l e E n t r a n c e 06)


NORTHWOOD Extraordinary 1 & 2 B e d r o o m Apartment Residences from '335

' Air-Conditioning • Range • Refrigerator • Carpeting • Garbage Disposal • Laundry & Storage Facilities Swimming Pool • Tennis Courts * Activity Building • Heat & Hot Water • Movies and Entertainment





Townhouses 11 M i l e - W o o d w a r d

w h y s e t t l e t o r less w h e n v o n t a n t a l l

C a r p e t i n g • Air C o n d i Range • Refrigera

t h e l u x u r v of a s t a t e K b r i t k t o w n h o u s e nestled a m o n ^ towering

l o n i n g

s h a d e r r e e s ' All t h e e a s e o t a p a r t m e n t tor

v i n ^ is y o u r s in a n e i g h b o r h o o d

Swimming Poo


setting C o n v e n i e n t h located close n s h o p p i n g . ' t r a n s p o r t a t i o n i\ r e c r e a t i o r

All utilities e x c e p t electric

L o c a t e d o n 12 M i l e Road between Middlebelt & O r c h a r d Lake Roads. O p e n Daily, 9-6; Weekends, N o o n - 5 4 7 6 1 2 4 0



Huntington Gardens homt

1 & 2 Bedrooms

FROM $260


eal l o c a t i o n , o n l y mutes from Twelve Olaks M a l l alk-m storage room within a p a r t m e n t inge & Refrigerator


In F a r m i n g t o n Hills



B e d r o o m

Office Hours 8 am-5 p m 5 3 8 - 2 1 5 8

Northgate Apts.




RENT INCLUDES: Heat & W a t e r Air C o n d i t i o n i n g Carpeting L a u n d r y & S t o r a g e Facilities Pool

2 blocks East of Telegraph on 7 Mile Road





B e a u

N o w a c c e p t i n g applications for arid 2 b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s .


Village G r e e n

( ross skiing


May Special!

CALL TODAY 699-2040


2 B R carpeted Townhouse w/tu b a s e m e n t f r o m S 4 W . Visit o u r


f u r n i s h e d m o d e l a t 1071 i W


()ak Park i o p e n\

10 M i l

o r (.«

W l - 6 0 7 * tor into

STQNEYBROOKE 1 & 2 Bedrooms Pool-Tennis

V/t Baths Plymouth Schools

SPRING SPECIAL From $ 2 7 0 (New tenants only)


Equ«l Opportunity Hon* ing



from ^ 2 7 0



C o o k i n g gas included. I m m e d i a t e O c c u p a n c y



living measures

ELM ST., T A Y L O R (E»*i of T e l e g r a p h . South of G o d d a r d )

6 0 0 + sq. ft. O u r s


measures over $












4 5 5 - 4 3 0 0

M o s t

Southfield Studio's - 1 & 2 Bedrooms

CALL 287-8305 ( S j

t h r e e Cnl


B i s l d a t luxurious apartments. Sraan Mill rssldants en|oy ovar 70 acres ot outdoor living — ponds and streams, bicycle and |og|lng paths, park and open areas (over 3 mlllon siq. feat!) Right now. our scanlo beauty Is at Its p*ak. See tor yoursalf: Come out this wsakend.

p a t i o s or b a l c o n i e s / c e n t r a l a i r and heat / c a r p e t i n g I s e l f - c l e a n i n g ovens I I r b s t - l r e e d o u b l e - d o o r r e f r i g e r a t o r s I d o u b l e Security l o c k s / s w i m m i n g p o o l I tennis courtsj / laundry facilities.

PLYMOUTHSOUARE TVwick 'Pfajn Spacious Apartments

R I N T A L 8

• Heat water • Security Intercom • Central air • Ample closet space • kitchen appliances • Balconies & Patios • Dishwasher ^art^ge disposal. Swimming Pool • Carpeting • Laundry facilities in each building


Heat Air C o n d i t i o n i n g S w i m m i n g Pool

Carpeting Appliancee Tennie Courte


Office o p e n Daily, $at., Sun.




O n 9 - M l l e 1V, m i l e s w a s t o l F a r m i n g t o n R o a d F a r m i n g t o n Hills 4 7 8 - 4 6 6 4

g r e e n hill lxJZ.

You p a y n o t h i n g for two full Months of LIVING at Schooner C o v e Zero Zip1're f f e e to enjoy a summer ot fun in the sun that's the best, for the least. i o n Ford Lake A n d . . . l o o k a t w h a t e l s e is t r e e :

| 3 » l

Models open Monday-Friday S a t u r d a y - S u n d a y 10-6

10 Mile-Hoover 1 & 2 Bed r o o m a


m i l l i o n .


1 & 2 b e d r o o m s available f r o m $ 295


Model Open 9-5 Daily, 12-5 Weekends


W. 9 Mile

Vh Baths Livonia Schools

(new tenants only) • HEAT INCLUDED •



Joy A Warren


4 5 5 - 7 2 0 0



1 & 2 Bedrooms Covered Parking



1st m o n t h I ree t o first It) callers I

! A Great Place to Live!


Cooking gat included Immediate Occupancy MODEL OPEN 9-5 DAILY, 12-5 WEEKENDS


Scolsdah Jlpatitmnfs



J o y R d . a t 1-275


FourMidAble Group


642 8686



400 Apartments For Rent

400 Apartments For hent






INKSTER ROAD - 1 block N of Cherry Hill -

Wayne • 2 bedroom apartment, carpet ing. air conditioning, swimming pool $260 month includes all utilities except electric Adults preferred No pets Noon to 8pmj 728-0699 or 729 7285

Spacious One (11 Bedroom Apts from $315 Per month



An established a p a r t m e n t community with 1 and 2 bed room apartments from $265 Patios, balconies, swimming pool 4 clubhouse Located in Dearborn Heights' finest area

OPEN DAILY - 477-3990

And the Sound of Silence

TELEGRAPH 7 MILE AREA 1 bed room, appliances heat 4 water includ ed No pets $240 -f w c u r l t y 5 ^ f ^



CITY OF PLYMOUTH Furnished effi ciency, ideal for single Newly decorated, carpeted $^65 includes gas, lights, water Quiet 6 month lease Lower rent for retirees $255 After 5PM 455 6899

Grand Rivjer 1 blk E of Halstead


JLEGRAPH GRAND RIVER 4 Country Modern carpeted air ioned one bedroom apartments $260lncl udes heat $100 security depos 255--1829 it CaJI Manager M

A p a r t m e n t s For Rent


JAMESTOWN APTS. Luxurious 1 Bedroom Apart ments from $370 Rent includes heat, attached garage with electronic opener, all app l i a n c e ^ , Sound p r o o f i n g . Clubhouse 4 pool Close to shopping, Freeways 4 the area s finest Golf Courses


400 Apartments For Rent

Dearborn West Apts


WAS $315 NOW $299

PLYMOUTH Large 2 bedrooms, first floor Washer 4 dryer, heat 4 water included Garage, basement No pets $360 455-6878

SPACIOUS Studio 4 I bedroom aptaa vailable for r e n t $205 4 $245 rully carpeted, kitchen appliances, drapes, beat 4 water. TV, monitored security systems Call 531-8100


ROYAL OAK 2 bedrooms, fully carpeted, stove, refrigerator, heat and water included Near Beaumont hospital 280-1476

Prices begin as low as $360

ROMULUS KEY MANOR 2 bedrojoms. by month or by week Carpeted, central air, appliances, pool 9410790 or 389 1000


T H E Gl .ENS A P T S A t Hai illton F a r m s

NORTHVILLE Comfortable 2 bed room apartment on 2nd flory of older home St<>ve, refrigerator, carpeting Spacious 1 bedroom apartments in $295 mo plus electricity $400 security Madison Hts Includes C a r p e t i n g , deposit No pets 1 year lease 349-2319 drapes, appliances 4 and heat Adults, no pets NORTHVJLI.E Enjoy swimming 4 " 352-3800 PLYMOUTH - Studio apartment. $230 tennis? Sublet spacious 2 bedroom 588-1486 plus deposit All utilities included. Adult apartment available June I. Enjoy the Luxury of preferred No pets 459-9118 Evenings. 349 7458 Days. 354 7870

Features carpeting, appliances, central air, security intercom, cafcle TV in process large private locker with laundry tub, carports, swimming pool, walk to shopping, SEMTA bus Call 453 8811 i


51 9 - 3 3 5 5

Next to bbey Theatre


1 & 2 BEDROOMS from $280

400 Apartments For Rent


ROYAL OAK, unfurnished 1 bedroom, $270 per month, $150 security Heat and water included One year lease 576-0840

668 MAIN ST.

No of University Dr

S p e c i a l Offer

Stove, r e f r i g e r a t o r , carpeting, dishwasher, carport, fire alarm Security of Hl-rise building Cable TV



Adult Community

CITY OF PLYMOUTH S Sheldon 4 Ann Arbor Hwjds Spacious 1 and 2 bedrooni apartments

From $275

l and.2 BEDROOMS Appliances 4 Carpeting From $260 including heat CA1I VIRGINIA





TERRIFIC A P A R T M E N T Ideal Location 14 Mile & I-75 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS Includes:

Rochester Rd. - 12 Mile. Beautiful newly carpeted 2 bedroom townhouse. Full basement, cathedral cell-' Ings, $ 3 8 5 month. 5 4 7 - 2 6 7 2 or 275-4364

651-<7772 or 7 7 4 - 1 5 5 1 .

O a k l a n d Valley N o . 2 A P s. Near Oakland University. N on uirrel, past Walton Blvd . L.iof Birria ield to Patrick Henry Dr , R to office Apt 611 Studio/1 and 2 bedroom apartments Sunken living room, doprwall. balconies, self cleaning ovens, ^elf de frosting r e f r i g e r a t o r , dishwashers Starting $270 per month If you Mgn up for a 12 months lease, jou'W get the first month free Call Tues. Wed . Fri B 30-4:30 Thurs 9 30 5 30 Sat 9 3 0 3 30

ROCHESTER Large 2 bedroom, carpeting, air condi honing appliances, all utilitties except 651-7980 electric, $ » 5


PHONE 588-5558 9AM-5PM Mon. thru fri. 10AM-4PM ^at. I

Conveniently located in BELLEVILLE on the 1-94 Service Dr, V« mile W. of Haggerty Rd. exit. Open Weekdays 11-5 (Closed Weds.) 699-3555

"Wed 4 Fri


365 East Edmund St., just East of John R and South of 14 Mile Rd. in Madison Heights.

Luxury units from $2»5 Picturesque ravine and pond Club facility, pool, tennis <}ourt Large private balconies Dishwashers, disposals Just W l-M 4 275 interchange


Mon Tues Thurs Sat 4 Sun (12-5)

RIVERDALE PARK APARTMENTS 1M00 Tele|raph(S Mile area) Carpeted 1 bedroom apartments Appliancea, air conditioning 4 ample parking From $225 A month Rent includes heat. Call Mon, thru jSat, 9am-5pm. 5S2-6008, or Mon Thur )Fri. 9am-1 pm. 288-2040

its For Rent

Racquetball Membership Tennis C l u b M e rnbership Swimming Pool a n d M a r i n a Clubhouse, Sac nas. Tennis Courts Heat, dishwasher too!


Schooner Cove

Set yourself free! Tnis summer. At Schooner C o v e o n the lake. 485-8666. Take 1-94 to exit 183, g o south o n Huron River Drive. i485-8666. Hurry. Limited offer For n e w residents only. ;







: | 5 S J

* y<



• . -.•• •. «>'"


•' :'




RE4L ESTIkTE •a m&Mm*


SPACIOUS I 4 2 C a r p e t . P a t i o . Air, P> Heat Included 1 B E D R O O M $300 2 B E D R O O M $345 I O N E MONTH F R E E R E N T Westland a r e a

402 Furnished Apts. For Rent FURNITURE FOR YOUR 3 ROOM APARTMENT F q R

$55 Month • • • • •

BLUE GARDEN APTS. Cherry Hill near Merrifnan 729-2242

All new f u r n i t u r e L a r g e selection Warehouse s h o w r o o m Short or long t e r m lease Option to p u r c h a s e

Spacious 1 b e d r o o m a p a r i merit, $285 monthly A t t r a c t i v e 2 b e d r o o m a p a r t ment $310 C a r p e t e d , d e c o r a t e d 4 in a lovely a r e a H e a t included Reduced security deposit

L A K E F R O N T ORION $325 m o , utilties. l a u n d r y , p r i v a t e deck 4 e n t r a n c e Deposit Call E v e n ings 693-9*54 MINIMUM r e n t proposition f o r taking c a r e a n d watching p r o p e r t y $200 a m o n t h includes utilities G r e e n f i e l n - 5 Mile a r e a A f t e r 6 P M , 474-5 01

Country Court Apartments 721-0500



729-4020 5689 N C H R I S T I N E F o r d j t d 1 bldt-K E of Wayne WESTLAND. large I b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s $280 $290 Rent included h e a t 4 w a t e r Cable TV, pool and c l u b h o u s e a v a i l a b l e Six month lease Westland E s t a t e s is located at 6843 N Wayne Rd Close to shopping and e n t e r t a i n m e n t Call now or stop in O f f i c e hojurs, 8-5 PM Monday F r i d a y 121 3600 W E S T L A N D o n e b e d r o o m . st
VENOY HOUSE APTS. WESTLAND 2006 Venoy One bedroom, h e a t includ ed, adults. $245 326-2770 WESTLAND T23I Lathers, c o r n e r of Warren 1 bedroom, $295 Clearl newly d e c o r a t e d ! c a r p e t e d air heal, appli ances, parking 427 6486


559-2680 T E M P O R A R Y HOUSING O n e & T w o B e d r o o m furnished a p a r t m e n t s Linens, utensils, e t c 1-696,. $550 month 465 2360 or 469 1075 TWO B E D R O O M m o n t h l y r e n t a l s S q u a r e L a k e Rd and Woodward a r e a M a y include kitchen needs. S t a r t i n g at $415 monthly 334 8900 WAYNE e f f i c i e n c y a p t s utilities included $50 - $60 weekly P r i v a t e ent r a n c e P r i v a t e bath Single g e n t l e m a n AM-7PM p r e f e r r e d No pets 10AM 728-0699 729 7285 or W A Y N E - one b e d r o o m f u r n i s h e d a p a r t m e n t s , $220 $250 month All utilities included Weekly r e n t also available Adults p r e f e r r e d No pets Noon to 8 p m 728 0699, 728-5?27

403 Rental Agencies - Rental Listing Centei nter OAK PARK, 2 bedroom ho»ise, c a r p e1 t s . kids OK $350 WESTLAND, 2 bedroom home, patio, fenced y a r d $350 HAZEL P A R K , 3 b e d r o o m home, r | n t with option, $275 D E A R B O R N HEIGHTS. 2 bedroom home, large lot. $295 D E A R B O R N . 3 b e d r o o m home, ( a s heat. $280 MADISON HEIGHTS, 3 b e d r o o m horpe, bungalow $300 R E D F O R D TWP, 3 b e d r o o m home, f a m i l y room, b a s e m e n t , g a r a g e $385 1 OO's of o t h e r s a v a i l a b l e

19743 VAN D Y K E SECRETARY Manufacturers Rep Firm. Consumer E l e c t r o n i c s , has new S e c r e t a r i a l posi tion open for d e p e n d a b l e , e x p e r i e n c e d person with p l e a s a n t telephone voice Nice salary and b e n e f i t s P l e a s e send brief r e s u m e or letter to North C e n t r a l M a r k e t i n g I n c , 21800 W 10 Mile Rd.. Suite 220, Southfield, Michigan, 48075 or call 358 3470

ABANDON YOUR H U N T Select R e n t a l s All X r e a s We Help L a n d l o r d s 4 T e n a n t s S h a r e Listings 642 1620

Be the first person to live in one of these s p a c i o u s 1 or 2 b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s E a r t h tone colors large balconies deluxe kitchens. 2 b e d r o o m has double bath and very l a r g e r o ^ m s a r e just s o m e of the f e a t u r e s Walk; to grocery shopping d r u g store, bakiiry. res t a u r a n t s 4 e a s y a c c e s s to 3 expressways l.ocaled on the west e d g e of F a r m i n g t o n on t h e NW c o r n e r of 10 Mile 4 Meadow brook Oped daily IOam 6pm, Sal 10-5, Sun 12 noon 5 I b e d r o o m $335 2 bedroom, $385 M 2-8686


IN.FARMINGTON ON OLD GRAND RIVER Bet D r a k e & H a l s t e a d

1 & 2 BEDROOMS from $340 Includes Heal Fabulous Clubhouse with year around swimming, pool, saunas Sound & fireproofed construction & more

OPEN DAILY 12-6pm 476-8080 l.AHSER

Laurel Woods

Luxurious adult community, 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse with o ^ n laundry room & storage Clubhouse & pool 357-3174

8V2 M I L E - L A H S E R Beautiful 1 bedroom apartment in a country setting. Carpet, drapes, appliances, air. Mature adults, no pets. $315. 21230 I.ah*er Rd M a n a g e r s Apt 101

ALL BRICK, 3 b e d r o o m , b a s e m e n t , sin ales, children, p e t s okay A p p l i a n c e s Close to schools and shopping Livi ^nd Royal Oak a r e a s 273 02?3 AVON T W P Christian Hills subdivision 5 bedrooms, 3 4 baths, l a r g e fanpi ly r o o m with f i r e p l a c e Finished ha 1 m e n t . inground pool M i n i m u m 1 y e h r lease, $950 pei m o n t h pltis utilitlj References required 375-91P6 AVON T W P L a r g e 4 b e d r o o m colonial, very d e s i r a b l e sub F a m i l y r o o m w|th f i r e p l a c e 4 wet bar, 2 1 * baths, dt c e n t r a l air, e l e c t r o n i c air filter, g a r ; opener, all appliances, m a n y extijj Convenient to shopping, hospital downtown Roc hester $900 ipo 652 2 BEAUTIFUL furnished, remode l a r g e 3 b e d r o o m with 2 bath, color c o u n t r y h o m e in Richmond. Mi Fie s t o n e f i r e p l a c e with wood burning stdve in large kitchen, ideal s u r r o u n d i n g s lor children 4 p e a c e f u l living 727-2(03 B E L L E V I L L E AREA 3 bedrooms, b a s e m e n l Nicely d e c o r a t e d , all apbli a n c e s l a r g e yard with pool 4 uti|ity shed $500 m o n t h plus s e c u r i t y 4 lei Available J u n e 1 _! 697-5(>49 DOWNTOWN B I R M I N G H A M 3 of 4 b e d r o o m s , 1 4 baths, f i r e p l a c e , appliances. c e n t r a l a i r . c a r p e t e d 555 N f e r rill 368 1200 BIRMINGHAM A t t r a c t i v e brick r a n c h in nice neighborhood 2 #edrooms, den, full b a s e m e n t with finished r e c room, g a r a g e , fenced yard, r e f r i g e r a t o r , stove, d r y e r . $490 645-0624 B I R M I N G H A M , in-town, n e a r shopping c o m m u t e r . 3 bedrooms, dishwasher, a p liances, 2 baths, b a s e m e n t , g a r a g e m m e d o c c u p a n c y $525 m o 646 6543


B I R M I N G H A M 4 OAK P A R K Beautiful 3 b e d r o o m h o m e s Carpeting, a p p l i a n c e s F r o m $375 Short t e r m a v a i l a b l e Call Sue at 855 4400 B I R M I N G H A M - updated 3 b e d r o o m h o m e with g a r a g e within walking dis t a n c e of d o w n t o w n B i r m i n g h a m $475 m o n t h plus utilities 540-2374 358 S400 B I R M I N G H A M N e a t , clean 3 b e d r o o m brick Finished b a s e m e n t , lovely t r e e d s t r e e t n e a r large park Appliances, fenced yard N e a r t r a i n station Avail able May 8 1547 C h e l t e n h a m 1500 M a r r i e d couples p r e f e r r e d Call ' M r O'Brien a f t e r 6 p m 334 p206 BIRMINGHAM - 2 bedroom Base fenced y a r d Appliances, newly decor a t e d P e t s o k $380 plus security 646 7648 892 1453 B I R M I N G H A M 2 Bedroom. 1 yr lease appliances, $390 m o n t h no pets I month f r e e rent Available May 1 '642.1111


VILLAGE OAKS Spacious one & two bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills including carpet, drapes & heat. Adults, no pets

474-1305 402 Furnished Apts. For Rent ABANDON YOUR H U N T Select Rentals All Area* We Help Landlord* and T e n a n t s S h a r e Listings. $42-1620

BIRMINGHAM 3 b e d r o o m ranch,Icen tral air, c a r p e t e d r e f r i g e r a t o r r a n g e $385 month 651-0816 B I R M I N G H A M / 3 b e d r o o m r a n c h , One c a r g a r a g e F e n c e d y a r d $495 Call after 5pm 879-9407 BIRMINGHAM 3 b e d r o o m s , fenced yard, n e a r c o m m u t e r Appliances, newly d e c o r a t e d Available J u n e 1st $450 681 6253 or 322-5367 B L O O M F I E L D HILLS AREA B i n n i n g h a m schools 3 bedroom, 1 Mi bath secluded r a n c h 1 a c r e lot E x e c u t i v e a r e a $650 Option to buy with 50P. of monthly r e n t applied to p u r c h a s e Days, 647-0S73, a f t i ' r 6pm, 540fi214

BEAUTIFUL Executive Apartments Clean C o m p l e t e l y f u r n i s h e d N Woodw a r d a r e a Monthly l e a s e s F r o m $475 435 6281 280-0398

B l X ) O M F I E L D Souare Lake, f r o n t a g e , 3 b e d r o o m s , Florida 4 r e c rooms, [fireplace, kitchen appliances, 2 c a r g a r a g e , r e f e r e n c e s I m m e d i a t e oeupancy \ A f t e r 6 p m 559 0713 334 $238

BIRMINGHAM C o m p l e t e l y f u r n i s h e d 3 b e d r o o m con dos Monthly l e a s e s Execu»v<| T r a n s fer S e r v i c e s 879 2385

CANTON Colonial, N of C h e r r y Hill, b e t w e e n Lilley 4 Sheldon 3 bedrc I Mi baths, wooden deck Available drofms, 1st $500 month. . 981 lie M a y

BIRMINGHAM TROY 2 bedroom unit ( l e a n , c o m f o r t a b l e All utilties, appliance*, m i s c e l l a n e o u s Available May 3 for short or long t e r m Day* or Eve* 524 9574 E v e s 651 5599

81-|858 CANTON NORTH 3 b e d r o o m s , falnily r o o m with H e a t i l a t o r f i r e p l a c e , ceiitral air, 1 full 4 2 half baths, new calrpet throughout, appliances, a t t a c h e d 2 t c a r g a r a g e $495 per m o n t h 397-11266

BRAND NEW Living room suite. Worth $600, furnished for you now and will be yours free and clear at end of 1 year lease. Lovely one bedroom apartment in N. Pontiac. Carpeted, air, heated 338-2734 275-4364 ABSOLUTE L U X U R Y

Monthly Leases COMPLETELY FURNISHED $495 AND UP Birmingham Area Maid Service Available

THE M A N O R S 280-2510

CLAWSON, 3 b e d r o o m tri-level, 1 4 bath, 2 c a r g a r a g e , p a r t l y furnished $550 435-4730

S O U T H F I E L D - 3 b e d r o o m bungalpw, 28022 F a i r f a x , b e t w e e n 12 Mrte 4 Ca talpa. o p t i o n to buy, call for, a p p t 559 7833

DEARBORN HEIGHTS 4 bedrooms, c a r p e t thru-out, finished b a s e m e n t , f i r e p l a c e , appliances, g a r a g e $$75 per Mo Call 459-6132

E X E C U T I V E W Bloomfield home, 3 b e d r o o m s , huge f a m i l y room, f i r p l a c e , c a r p e t i n g , b a s e m e n t , g a r a g e , lake privileges $515 m o L e a s e 968-3595 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS, n e w e r 1100 sqft maintenance free ranch, 3 bedroom, $425 per month plus security deposit After 6pm 478 0067 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS 3 bedrooms, large living room, f a m i l y room, kitchen 4 backyard I m m e d i a t e occupancy. $375 plus s e c u r i t y 522 3166, 478-2616 F A R M I N G T O N HILI.S, 3 b e d r o o m re built r a n c h , b e a u t i f u l condition, all appliances built-ins, $400 m o , 6 m o lease 9 Mile Middlebelt a r e a 855-1265 FARMINGTON - spacious 4 bedroom colonial, c a r p e t 4 d r a p e s , f a m i l y r o o m with f i r e p l a c e , dining room, e a t in kitchen, some a p p l i a n c e s , g a r a g e I yr lease, $800 m o plus 1 4 m o security Residential Mgt S e r v i c e s 626-0686 FARMINGTON. 3 bedroom ranch, 2 baths, f a m i l y room, full b a s e m e n t . $500 month plus s e c u r i t y and utilities New carpeting 981-0891 F I V E M I L E T E L E G R A P H AREA 2 b e d r o o m home, c a r p e t e d , stove, fenced yard $275 a month plus s e c u r i l l 729-8718, 464 6015 G A R D E N CITY, all brick h o m e 4 a r e a , 3 bedroom, full finished b a s e m e n t . 2 4 c a r g a r a g e 6600 F a i r f i e l d $435 m o n t h plus s e c u r i t y 981 3905 or 495 0810 G A R D E N CITY Nice 2 b e d r o o m house n e a r F o r d Rd 4 Middlebelt, full basem e n t , gas heat, f e n c e d y a r d Newly d e c orated June I occupancy Preferably working couple Security deposit 4 ref e r e n c e s required 685-1102


C A W O N / P l y m o u t h . 3 bedroom co|oni al. f i r e p l a c e . 2 c a r g a r a g e Option to buy. 50% of m o n t h l y refit applies to p u r c h a s e price 453 &988 CANTON ranch, 3 b e d r o o m s , fainily « > o m / f i r e p l a c e , l a r g e kitchen, appliances, full b a s e m e n t , l a r g e lot, newly inted, 2 c a r a t t a c h e d g a r a g e $500 1-6743 or 261-14197


CANTON TOWN 2 b e d r o o m s , full b a s e m e n t , h e a t included I-275-Ford R d a r e a $375 per month, plus s e c u r i t y deposit Call Linda or Lori 544-7035 CANTON 3 b e d r o o m s . 1 4 baths. 2 c a r Rent with option to buy $550 month plus utilities Security d e f o s i t 981-1921 Available J u n e 20. CANTON - 3 b e d r o o m colonial, living r o o m , f a m i l y room, f i r e p l a c e , j 1 4 baths, a t t a c h e d 2 c a r g a r a g e , w p l i ances, d r a p e s , $535 m o 397-2876

S O U T H F I E L D . 3 bedroom, a p p l i a n c e s , 2 e a r g a r a g e , c e n t r a l air, swimnfiing pool, $700 month plus s e c u r i t y Ask for J i m or William 569 0633 or 584 7986 S O U T H F I E L D 3 bedroom ranch, ly d e c o r a t e d , c a r p e t , levolors, fireplace, stove; g a r a g e . I yr lease, $425 m o 1 4 m o security Residential Mgt Service 626-0686 S D E A R B O R N H E I G H T S 2 bed. c a r p e t e d thrpughout, b a s e m e n t , g a r a g e No pets, r e f e r e n c e s , $31^ rent, $350 d e posit

TROY, 4 hedroom colonial, fa t r u l y r o o m , f i r e p l a c e , above ground $675 per mopth Call evenings or wfeek ends 569-7348 or 8794877


UNION L A K E F R O N T HOME 2 bedrooms,2 b a t h s f o r s u m m e r se. or by the y e a r 363-' W A Y N E • shjarp 3 b e d r o o m s , 1 4 bs ths. c a r p e t , appliances, finished basem ent. $430 m o plus s e c u r i t y 4 r e f e r e n c e s 261-5950 421 WEST B L O O M F I E L D 3 bedroom^, I bath, living r o o m with f i r e p l a c e and f a m i l y room; L a r g e lot, country setting, lake privileges possible On U p p e r S t r a Its L a k e $450 F o r s a l e or r e n t References ' i 623 914b W E S T L A N D Available May 15 -3 rooms, fenced y a r d Drapes, s t o v e 4 r e f r i g e r a t o r furnished $350. + security deposit 261-}55t WESTLAND Cherryhill/Venoy area 3 bedroom home, f e n c e d y a r d , baserrjent $400 p e r month $200 s e c u r i t y Cal] after 6 P M WESTLAND, M e r r i m a n , J o y Rd a t e a 3 bedroom bfrck ranch, Newly decimated Basem
G A R D E N CITY Clean 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h O a r a g e , kitchen appliances, new c a r p e t i n g 4 paint $425 per month Aft e r 6PM 474-3076

WESTLAND P a l m e r 4 Wildwood Area N e w i r b e d r o o m brick r a n c h $350 per month No pets 455-S|352

G A R D E N CITY 3 bedroom brick, c a r port 4 a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , f i r e p l a c e , basem e n t . half a c r e , pool, b r e e z e w a y . riding lawn m o w e r included $500 m o plus 1st 4 last 525 4606 595-1251

WESTLAND Clean one b e d r o o m home l a r g e utility room, kitchen, fin ished a t t i c P e r f e c t for single p e r s o i or couple $290 a month A f t e r 6, 728 3861

L E A S E -OPTION to buy 3 b e d r o o m colonial, located opposite B i r m i n g h a m Country Club L i b r a r y , pool 4 porch Call for appt x 646-1234 LIVONIA AREA. 3 bedroom, f a m i l y room with f i r e p l a c e . 2 c a r g a r a g e , g a s BBQ c e n t r a l air, $495 a month 356 2366 LIVONIA, Rosedale G a r d e n s Attractive 3 b e d r o o m brick r a n c h , large coun try kitchen, finished b a s e m e n t , l a r g e fenced yard, 2 c a r g a r a g e , c o v e r e d patio. 1 4 baths, c a r p e t , d r a p e s , dishwash e r . s t o v e Available J u n e I. 82 $540 per month 522 5686 LIVONIA, s p a c i o u s 3 b e d r o o m tri-level. beautifully decorated. 2 car attached g a r a g e Call for a p p o i n t m e n t 326-7661 728 5172

LIVONIA- 2 b e d r o o m home, r e f r i g e r a tor, stove, c a r p e t i n g throughout, 1 4 ga rage, f e n c e d yard $325. plus security Call a f t e r 5I'M 474 7691 LIVONIA. 3 b e d r o o m . 2 bath, f a m i l y r o o m , brick & a l u m i n u m split-level, with 2 4 c a r g a r a g e Available to right p a r t y at $475 per m o n t h R e f e r e n c e s Security deposit Option to buy possible Call Dick M u m i n g h a n 261-9610 I.IVONIA - 5 4 N e w b u r g h 3 b e d r o o m brick. 1 4 bath, f a m i l y room, f i r e p l a c e basement, attached garage, central air $550 m o n t h 464 1707 478 3400 METAMORA l a k e f r o n t Quad Deck, f i r e p l a c e 9 Acres Pole barn Secluded $590 month 863-2848 M E T R O A P R P O R T AREA Modern 3 b e d r o o m r a n c h FencetVyard Newly d e c o r a t e d , c a r p e t e d throughout $350 942-0769 N E A R OLD R E D F O R D Full b a s e m e n t , gas hot a i r heat, A f t e r 3pm 837 7547 NORTH ROYAL OAK n e a r B e a u m o n t R e f u r b i s h e d 2 bed r o o m , with g a r a g e $475 Days, Lift 4060 NOVI 3 bedroom r a n c h Attached 2 c a r g a r a g e . 2 baths, f a m i l y r o o m with f i r e place, c e n t r a l a i r . all a p p l i a n c e s Club house 4 s w i m m i n g pool p r i v i l e g e s J u n e 15 occupancy $600 m o n t h A f t e r 6PM 349 8969 NOVI 3 b e d r o o m ranch, 1 4 baths, f a m i l y rbom G a r a g e " b a s e m e n t One year lease $575 m o n t h l y plus s e c u r i t y Option to buy a v a i l a b l e 349-2649 NOVI 3 b e d r o o m ranch, a t t a c h e d ga rage, 1 a c r e , children 4 dogs O K $450 per month, deposit required Ref e r e n c e s Call " 348 0828 N PONTIAC U r g e 2 bedroom townhouse Full bas m e n t , 1 4 baths, new c a r p e t i n g Only, $315 per month 275 4364 or 642-5008 OAKLAND U N I V E R S I T Y a r e a 2 bed r o o m ranch, large yard, f i r e p l a c e , children and pels w e l c o m e 651 6772 or 652 9365

WESTLAND, M e r r i m a n - D o r s e y R e m o d e l e d :2 bedroom duplex, $250 month phis $265 deposit No pets or n o t o r c y c l e s 562-4451 or 584-q279 WESTLAND; $ bedroom brick, b i s e m e n t , Livonia schools No pets Middlebelt 4 Ann A r b o r Tr a r e a $400 m o plus deposit A f t e r 5 30pm. 427 4248 WESTLAND, 3 b e d r o o m brick, d e c c r a t ed, new c a r p e t i n g , first and last month r e n t Deposit 522 1102 W B L O O M F I E L D 1 4 y e a r old T |idor colonial with option to buy 4 bedro< ms. fireplace, 2 4 c a r garage ImrrW ate o e c p u a n c y $1,200 Eves, 661 0183 onW B L O O M F I E L D Miller Rd a r e a t e m p o r a r y quad 4 b e d r o o m s , cert cnth air, g a r a g e , l a r g e lot $600 per m Call Rich 857 4424or 698 W BLOOMRIELD. v a c a n t brick 3 >edroom r a n c h , f a m i l y room, 1 4 bs ths, g a s heat, 2 c # r g a r a g e , a p p l i a n c e s , ' 675 4 s e c u r i t y 851-6060. 569 6066


406 Furnished Houses For Rent ORCHARD LAKE lakefront 2 bed rooms, living room, f i r e p l a c e , cou n t r y kitchen. 681 7466

407 Mobile Homes For Rent FARMINGTON 1 b e d r o o m , furni: hed Mobile H o m e R e f e r e n c e s 4 Security required F o t m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n . calJ 478 2999 i •

408 Duplexes For Rent CANTON T ^ P . Sheldon 4 Ford Rd Clean, colon(al style, 3 b e d r o o m s . 1 4 baths, c a r p e t i n g , appliances, b a s e m e n t , i m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y . $475 427 I 744 G A R D E N C^TY s h a r p I b e d r o o m , like your own home. L a r g e yard, patio, a r peting, a i r conditioning No pets, ac ults p r e f e r r e d $295 Agent 478 : 640 P L Y M O U T H Downtown c l e a n 2 bed room, living room, dining room, c a r p e t ed. new a p p l i a n c e s B a s e m e n t G a r a g e $425 includes utilities 522- 064 , PLYMOUTH 1 b e d r o o m duple* s t o v e r e f r i g e r a t o r , c a r p e t i n g , dtfapes 4 w a l l p a p e r . $255 m o : 455 »39l W E S T L A N D large 2 b e d r o o m r a n c h duplex May 15 Stove, r e f r i g e r a t o r 9 y e a r s old I 4 r g e secluded lot $295 nlus utilities e x c e p t w a t e r 455-6656 W E S T L A N D Studio A p a r t m e n t . F p r d / N e w b u r g h Rd a r e a C a r p e t e d , appli ances, utilities, $220 month >659 WilmerSt 455 8793 W E S T L A N D 1 b e d r o o m furnished, $265 plus 4 ; utilities, g r e a t for one person A f t e r 6pim 427 8^52

410 Flats For Rent

OLD R E D F O R D - 3 b e d r o o m s , g a r a g e , with option to buy R e f e r e n c e s $280 per month plus deposit Call b e f o r e 4PM 534 9815

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! P l a c e your classified want ad in Suburban D e t r o i t ' s finest m a r k e t The Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or Master Card DOW NTOWN P L Y M O U T H 2 bedrooms, b a s e m e n t , 2 b i o t a s f r o m downtown $350 per Month, with garage, $370 Call 455-3030 ihg l a r g e older home in good condition. 2 a c r e s with b a s e m e n t 4 2 c a r g a r a g e , $500 m o plus deposit. 522 4316 P L Y M O U T H Bi-level, lease tion to buy, 1 4 baths, f a m i l y bedroom available, $600 m o ty I m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y

with oproom, 4th * securi459 5177

PLYMOUTH 2 story, 3 b e d r o o m s . 1 4 baths, full b a s e m e n t , finished r e c r o o m . 2 c a r g a r a g e N e a r p a r k and school. Call George Breck 453 0017 PLYMOUTH. 3 b e d r o o m colonial. 1 4 baths, b a s e m e n t , g a r a g e $515 per month AAA Homes 389 1000 R E D F O R D TOWNSHIP, 3 bedroom brick, n a t u r a l f i r e p l a c e , f e n c e d y a r d , 2 c a r g a r a g e . $450 Near parochial 4 public schools 837 4955. 534 8963 R E D F O R D TWP c u t e as-a-button. c l e a n as-a whistle 3 b e d r o o m s , $350 month plus deposit Call now 522 4030 R E D F O R D T W P . 4 b e d r o o m bungalow, 2 baths, newly d e c o r a t e d , fenced y a r d , finished b a s e m e n t , $375 without g a r a g e , $425 with -t s e c u r i t y . 5 MileKinloch a r e a A f t e r 6 p m 464 1977 ROC H E S T E R COLONIAL 3 b e d r o o m s . 1 4 b a t h s built in '81 A " a p p l i a n c e s $550 a month Call a f t e r 6 p m . 652-0980 R O C H E S T E R , H A W T H O R N E SUB G o r g e o u s 4 bedroom e x e c u t i v e colonial All a m e n i t i e s $87$ month A v a i l a b l e Sept 1 Anna P e a r c y , C h a m b e r l a i n 651-8850 652-4618 R O C H E S T E R , 3 b e d r o o m r a n c h , fireplace, full b a s e m e n t , fenced y a r d . 2 4 car attached garage, appliances $575 month 651-0641

BIRMINGHAM LUXURY TOWNHOUSES Immediate Occupancy WOOD B U R N I N G f i r e p l a c e , 2 l a r g e b e d r o o m s , full b a s e m e n t , p r i v a t e patio, c e n t r a l a i r . dishwasher Located in quiet residential setting, $450 month call Mon thru F r i 9 t o 8 pm weekends noon to 5 p m

644-1300 BIRMINGHAM p r i m e residential a r e a T w o b e d r o o m Townehouse Rec' room, air conditioning, c a r p e t i n g 4 d r a p e s $435 m o n t h 64 6 6057 646 1716

BIRMINGHAM 2 bedroom townhouse n e a r M a p l e 4 Eton Convenient to both S o m e r s e t 4 B i r m i n g h a m shops Available May 1 New c a r p e t i n g E H O 642 8686 BIRMINGHAM 2 bedroom, private e n t r a n c e , full baseroent, new kitchen, c a r p e t i n g , gas heat, disposal, dishwasher, a i r conditioned / ' 642-6159 B L O O M F I E L D W j . L S SCHOOLS

MOON LAKE 2 o r 3 b e d r o o m townhouse, Y o c o m m o n walls, a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , full b a s e m e n t , patio, f i r e p l a c e , fishing, golf, tennis, pool, p a r k $660 t o $935 per m o n t h Long Lake Rd one mile west of Middle belt Open daily f r o m 1-6 30 PM (Closed F r i d a y s )

626-4888 B L O O M F I E L D WEST, 3 b e d r o o m P e b ble C r e e k luxury condo All a p p l i a n c e s included I m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y $825 per month 491-7602. 851-2490 C A N T O N - B a r c h e s t e r Rd, 2 bedroom townhouse duplex. 1 4 baths, kitchen appliances, d r a p e s , air, b a s e m e p t No pets $410 plus utilities 458-1712 CANTON- Condo for rent, 2 b e d r o o m s , b a s e m e n t , end unit, c a r p e t i n g , s t o v e / r e f r i g e r a t o r , $375 plus deposit 278-6393 or 522-1768 COUNTRY P L A C E . 3 bedroom condo. 1 4 baths, g a r a g e , fireplace, pool, ten nis e t c W r asher, d r y e r Novi schools, a i r conditioned. $550 month, i m m e d i ate occupancy 348 6010 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS, new luxury condo 2 b e d r o o m s , 2 baths, c o v e r e d parking Pool, tennis, c e n t r a l air, e t c $460 per m o n t h 626-7129 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS '2 b e d r o o m s . 2 baths, l a r g e living room, dining r o o m , utility room Washer 4 dryer, pool, carport I m m e d i a t e $525 553 4325 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS 14 Mile, N o r t h w e s t e r m , 1 b e d r o o m condo, professionally d e c o r a t e d , pool, tennis, club house. $440 mo, call a f t e r 6 p m 476 4886 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS Condo, 2 bed rooms, 2 baths, balcony One c a r ga rage, (Possible two) Pool, s a u n a , clubhouse $650 month 626-38ty> F U L L Y F U R N I S H E D Condos Short or long t e r m lease f r o m $600 to $1,200 per month Ask for Mary Savoie


KINGS COVE New 2 4 3 b e d r o o m l u x u r y c o n d o m i n i u m s for lease in R o c h e s t e r ' s finest location I m m e d i a t e Occupancy Attached G a r a g e Deluxe Appliances Plush C a r p e t i n g P r e m i u m Locations Option to P u r c h a s e Available 30% Rent Credit FROM $500 MONTH

Shown Daily by Appt. Open Sat. - Sun. 12 - 6pm JUNE CONNOR 435-5866-652-1800 LIVONIA N E W B U R G H . 6 Mile, l a r g e luxury 2 bedroom 2 bath condo. c a r p e t ing, d r a p e s , laundry room, all appliances. g a r a g e . $550 m o plus s e c u r i t y 464-3116 N O R T H V I L L E , on l a k e v 3 b e d r o o m s . 2 4 baths, fireplace, f u r n i s h e d or u n f u r n i s h e d $480 m o n t h includes w a t e r 4 h e a t Call 358 0099. 348-2659 NORTHVILLE. 3 bedrooms, 1 4 baths c e n t r a l air, r e c r e a t i o n facilities, manye x t r a s Rent or rent with option $600 per month includes g a s heat 420-0764 NOVI - 3 b e d r o o m condo. finished basem e n t . m a s t e r b e d r o o m with bath. 2 large walk-in closets, 1 c a r g a r a g e , w a s h e r , dryer, stove, r e f r i g e r a t o r , dishwasher. 2 4 baths $600 Call b e f o r e 4 I'M 534 1040 R O C H E S T E R AREA Beautiful 2 bed r o o m condo d e c o r a t e d in e a r t h t o n e s , newly painted, 2 4 baths, indoor outdoor pool $550 month plus utilities Call Monday F r i d a y 8AM 5PM for appointment 652-1400 ROCHESTER I a r g e 2 b e d r o o m townhouse. c a r p e t i n g , air conditioning, appliances, all utilities except electric 651-7980 S O U T H F I E L D New luxury Hi rise condo, 9th floor 2500 sq ft.. P r o v i d e n c e T o w e r 3 b e d r o o m s . 2 baths, s w i m m i n g pool, t e n m s court, u n d e r g r o u n d g a r a g e Very exclusive Monitored p r o t e c t i o n $900 month 644-1232. e v e s . 644 1 318 TROY AREA, townhouse condo, 2 bed room. 1 4 baths, kitchen a p p l i a n c e s , pool 4 clubhouse $475 a month includes heat 652-3025 TROY Choice 2 bedroom r a n c h Pool, tennis, saunas, p r i v a t e woods C e n t r a l air, l a r g e b a s e m e n t , fenced y a r d $520 includes h e a t 641 8663

Studio a p a r t m e n t with l a r g e walk in closet P r i v a t e patio, air conditioning and m o r e $275 heai included Hours Mdn F r i 8 30-5 30. Sat 9 1

642-8686 EVERGREKN Fenkell a r e a Upper flat, large b e d r o o m $190 plus s e c u r i t y Appliances, g a r a g e , fenced Own en t r a n c e I m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y 851 2117

'i 'V

412 Townhouses-Condos 415 Vacation Rentals For Rent A BOB KI-

TROY 3 bedroom brick r a n c h , f a m i l y room, f i r e p l a c e , b a s e m e n t , 2 4 c a r ga P a r k $575 r a g e , n e a r Bfinson I 689 <043 774 1400

G A R D E N CITY, r a n c h style, a t t a c h e d g a r a g e , 3 b e d r o o m , 2 bath, full basem e n t , washer, d r y e r , s t o v e 4 r e f r i g e r a tor. a t t a c h e d 2 4 c a r g a r a g e 422-4428

LIVONIA 5 Mile Middlebelt 4 bed rooms, p a r t i a l l y fenced y a r d , g a r a g e $370 month $555 deposit 459 6548 425 7030

| I


12 M I L E


404 Houses For Rent


348 9590




404 Houses For Rent

D E A R B O R N H E I G H T S , S of Michigan. E of Beech Daly, 5 room u n f u r n i s h e d house L a r g e lot for g a r d e n , $275 plus 1 month s e c u r i t y 533 8606 422 1144

GLOBE RENTALS WESTLAND AREA Spacious 1 a n d 2 b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t s WEST S7437 G r a n d River at Halsle*d 474-3^00 Irom $285 monthly C a r p e t e d d e c o r a t e d F a r m i n g t o n E A S T - U 0 0 E Maple(15Mile) & in a lovely a r e a Heat included ReB e t w e e n R o c h e s t e r Rd & 1-75 duced security deposit 588-1 lOO Country Village A p a r t m e n t s t 2 8 2880 Troy


404 Houses For Rent

T R O Y . 3 b e d r o o m f r e e s t a n d i n g coloni al condo Appliances, c e n t r a l air, firelaCe, b a s e m e n t , g a r a g e Available uoe 1 $535 per month Call 879 6094


WALLED LAKE 2 b e d r o o m . 1 bath Condo, g a r a g e , all a p p l i a n c e s plus w a s h e r 4 d r y e r , c e n t r a l air, e a r t h t o n e s $450 per Mo A f t e r 6 PM, call 624 8230

1TH RENT* L Boyne Mou ntain 464-4260 Off ices

i i i. if


420 Rooms For Rent

464 9684

ABANDON YOUR H U N T Select R e n t a l s All Areas We Help L a n d l o r d s 4 T e n a n t s Share Referrals 642-1620

ABANDON Y O 1R HUNT Vacation Rentals All Areas T e n a n t s 4 I „i idlords S h a r e Listings 642 1620

ATTRACTIVE LIVONIA SUB Very good a r e a by 1-96/1 275 P n v a t e e n t r a n c e , bath, clean home $50 week 464 1690 or 464 0935

BAHAMAS JACK SON H O L E Convert expenses in to equity Own your vacation a c c o m n nidations T r a d e for c o m p a r a b l e a c c o m nodations at 500 r e s o r t s world wide 628-2288

BIRMINGHAM location, finished base ment b e d r o o m . $85 a month plus utili ties Single f e m a l e p r e f e r r e d No pets, children t^all a f t e r 4pm 540-6098

B E A U T I F U L new lake»ront chalet. 160 miles f r o m Detroit, sleeps 8, all conveniences including boat). $245 weekly F r e e photo, call evenings 557 8546 BfcXT NORTH E/ ST AREA OTSEGO LAKE. G A \ LORD. MICH L a r g e l a k e f r o n t lodgtl. 5 m i n u t e s to Hidden Valley Fully furnished, bedding and linens included, eight (8) bedrooms, l a r g e porch, living n o m with stone fireplace, f u r n a c e a id dishwasher Rental two (2) Weeks $950. four (4) weeks $1800. Month o August ONLY a v a i l a b l e A l u m i n u m fi ;hing boat. Sailfish & speedboat a v a i l a b l e H e l p also a v a i l a b l e Call Doreei Monday thru F r i d a y , 8 a m - 5 p m at, 883 L800

F A R M I N G T O N HILLS Room with door lock in 3 Bedroom r a n c h S t r a i g h t m a l e , non-smoker Kitchen 4 laundry privileges $ 2 0 0 / m o n t h 522-6000 F U R N I S H E D ROOMS Also, e f f e c i e n c i e s a v a i l a b l e Winter r a t e s Daily, weekly or monthly $90 per week, no s e c u r i t y deposit required Color TV. phones, m a i d s e r v i c e Royal Motor Inn, 27751 Plymouth Rd , Livonia 422-191 1

miles N of Detroit Openings for Spring. L a t e S u m m e r Fall $225 per week, $40 per night, C II for r e s e r v a tions 334 0231

PLYMOUTH N MILL ST Adults p r e f e r r e d 25 4 older $25 $30 weekly plus deposit Laundry, p a r k i n g 453-6776

ROOM F O R R E N T F e m a l e p r e f e r r e d , Novi a r e a , laundry 4 light kitchen privileges, nice room C e n t r a l air conditioning $40 week 349-5202 SOUTHFIELD P r o v i d e n c e Dr Area l.uxurous Townhouse, e m p l o y e d g e n t l e m a n Light kitchen & laundry privileges $50 week 569-2823

WESTLAND. C h e r r y Hill 4 Hix, pleasant r o o m to rent Full house privileges, all u n i t i e s paid, $50 weekly. G R A N D L A K E Farpily resort Roorny After 5pm. 595-8480 c o t t a g e s , showers, boats, p a c r e s of play s p a c e Good r o a d s $ 4 Hour ride f r o m WESTLAND, large room for rent. 4 Detroit $175-$2I0 | 837-1572 bath kitchen 4 laundry privileges At M e r r i m a n 4 Ann Arbor T r a i l . $140 G R A N D T R A V E R S E BAY month Call a f t e r 4pm 421-6170 S h a r p 5 b e d r o o m E x e c u t i v e home, fully furnished, sundeck |>eacfc patio Avaif a b l e for s u m m e r r e n | a l f
421 Living Quarters To Share


TENANTS and LANDLORDS Use our e x c l u s i v e


HILTON H E A D Fiddler's)Cove, new 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, c e r l o o k s (0th greeri near beach, golf, f r e e terinis, pool, r a c q u e t b a l l , $415 we<|k 682-5i832


HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S C New villa c o m p l e t e l y furnished Sleeps 6 Excellent for golfing, t ennis. s w i m m i n g , biking, e t c $360 Week 661 1150 HILTON H E A D ISLAND Ocean f r o n t condo. 2 bedrooms, 2 b a l l s , fully furnished, sleeps 6 P r i v a t e 20' balcony with beautiful view of oc -an Weekly r a t e f r o m $420 4 day p a c k a g e f r o m $360 3 day p a c k a g e f r o m $ 00 879 1320 HILTON HEAD. Island, be ch 4 tennis resort 1 4 2 bedroom furn shed oceanfronl villas Pool, tennis Ii gotf, $320, $450 week 7714586

SHARE 642-1620

Toll F r e e (313) 1-800-462-6150 884 So Adams. B i r m i n g h a m A H O M E t o s h a r e in N D e a r b o r n Heights Excellent neighborhood Very reasonable rales 278-4191 D E S I R E a c t i v e Sr citizen to s h a r e home with professional w o m a n 4 2 collies, 10 Mile. Southfield, reasonable, call ( A o l d a y s 835-2258 E v e s 356 8456

HILTON H E A D ISLAND toean front luxury 2 b e d r o o m . 2 balli < ondy. s p e c t a c u l a r view. pool, golf 4 t 'nnis speci- F A R M I N G T O N HILLS h o m e Retired als Weekly rental 652-2611 375-1233 professional w o m a n over 40 wishes same M i n i m u m rent References HILTON H E A D ISI.AN ), H a r b o r Days. 474 9100. e v e 553 4221 Town 2 b e d r o o m Villa Junt 1 2 t h to the 19th Tennis c o u r t s & pool h vcnings F E M A L E - non smoking t o s h a r e with 851 3367 s a m e , deluxe 2 bedroom 2 bath apt in S o m e r s e t . $225 includes all utilities, call a f t e r 6 p m 643-4418 O c e a n f r o n t villa 2 b e d r o o n s. 2 baths, fully furnished, lovely pool, •ce tennis. F E M A L E wanted to s h a r e furnished c e n t r a l l y located $ 5 t 5 week 681-9469 a p a r t m e n t with s a m e , F a r m i n g t o n Hills G a t e w a y Apts $210 per month, H O M E S T E A D Condi), on L ke Mwhi- split utilities A f t e r 6 P M 4710723 gan 2 b e d r o o m . 2 both, slei ps 8. pool, clay tennis c o u r t s , ifhildrerc p r o g r a m F E M A L E wishes t o s h a r e 2 b e d r o o m . 2 $500 week Call 996 5936 bath Southfield a p a r t m e m t with s a m e Call Adrian, d a y s 644-6898 INDIAN L A K E MAN1S7 I Q U E Modern c o t t a g e s with boats E x c e l l e n t F E M A L E 20 looking for s a m e t o s h a r e fishing, s w i m m i n g G a s 4 01 , live bait b e d r o o m a p a r t m e n t in Canton Ask 4 motors available 9015 341-5927 or Donna b e t w e e n 8 00am-4 30pm 455-1700 I N T E R L O C H E N ^|RTS AC VOEMY t'.reen Lake e x e c u t i v e horn >• 4 bed LIVE RENT FREE r o o m s . 2 baths, furnished 60C fl of sanEVERY OTHER MONTH dy f r o n t a g e $500 p^r week Available June, J u l y and August ('all B Brick, Stirerrtan 4 As A><•, Real tors, (61 b941 4500


L A K E C H A R L E V O I X - Villa Pjuava Ef ficiency and 1 , 2 4 3 bedroom condos. P r i v a t e sandv beach Weekly r a t e s 537-1 141 L I T T L E G L E N I.AK Near Sleeping Bear Sand Dur ds House keeping cottage. 2 b e d r o o m s $225 per week 626 6075 M Y R T L E BEACH South Carol i na, New luxury oceanside condo. 2 bei Iroom. 2 , $425 bath sleeps 6, pool heated j a c 420 (1469 week N of Oscoda 2 b e d r o o m c o L a k e Huron with sandy beach eluded $175 4 $185 per week ret Hitter 591-1128 or 1-51

t a g e on Boat in Marga '24 5245

PORCH L A K E . 3 b e d r o o m i k e f r o n t cottage, sandv beach, $400 wee 313 27 4375 P O R T A G E L A K E F R O N T hon e, N of Ann Arbyr. 3 b e d r o o m 2 car $275 week furnished, will consider y e a r ro und Af 26 4947 ter 6 p m 591 1784 Weekends


SUGAR LOAF MOUNTAIN L e e l a n a u Penisula New 3 bt-droom, 2 baijh chalet on golf course, n e a r L a k e Michigan s a n d d j i n e s Golf, tennis, s u m m e r a c t i v ities Sleeps up to 8 Fully equipped Re s e r v e for s p r i n g or s u m m e r <64 6209


D E T R O I T S HI P R O F E S S I O N A L HOMEMATE SERVICE' F e a t u r e d on I'M MAGAZINE TV2 4 K E L L Y 4 C O ' TV7 Choose f r o m 100 s The Most C o m p a t i ble P e r s o n All Ages, T a s t e s Back grounds 4 O c c u p a t i o n s

SPECIAL TENANT RATES P e r s o n a l interviews


644-6845 30555 Southfield Rd . Southfield W A Y N E OAKLAND MACOMB MALK or f e m a l e to s h a r e house in Redford Twp W Chicago-Beech Daly $150 plus utilities Call a f t e r 8PM or weekends 937-9175 M A T U R E P E R S O N t o s h a r e h o m e in R e d f o r d T w p . Six Mile Beech Daly a t e a Days 255 4335 A f t e r 7PM 5J4-0010 NON-SMOKING F e m a l e wishes lo s h a r e - h o m e with s a m e Southfield location Call 569 2605 o r 968-5664

WESTLAND. F o r d 4 I 275. 3 bedroonl townhouse located in quiet secluded setting, p r i v a t e e n t r a n c e , appliances, air, F A R M I N G T O N HILLS, unfurnished 2 g a r a g e , c l u b h o u s e & pool. $400 monthb e d r o o m lor»er flat, b a s e m e n t , r e a s o n - ly 517 592 6039 able price 477-7599 WESTLAND REDFORD Beech D a l y / F i v e Mile I 275 4 Ford Rd Rent with option to Nice l bedrOom flat, ground floor, c a r - buy b e a u t i f u l 3 bedroom brick, pool, peted, air conditioned $210 monthly c e n t r a l air $395 422-2650 381 7976 291-6770

SUGAR LOAF Resort, T r a v e r s e City New 1.bedroom h o m e on c h a m p i o n s h i p golf c o u r s e Sleeps 8 Use of 2 pools, in door 4 outdoor tennis, m i n u t e s f r o m Sleeping Bear and L a k e Michigan No pets Call Tom 6PM 11PM 981 2483

ROOMMATE needed f e m a l e , $200 month includes utilities. 16 Mile 4 Rochester, Troy Pool Days, ask for Marilyn 528 2260

ROYAL OAK U P P E R 2 b e d r o o m s , din ing room, tiylng r o o m , c a r p e t e d , kitchen appliances, g a r a g e $345 plus utilities Call a f t e r 4 30. 532 1384

S U P E R CONDO in Harbor Springs on Little T r a v e r s e Bay, includes tennis c o u r t s , pool, beach, and m a n y e x t r a s Call a f t e r 2 p m 540 2433

R O O M M A T E TO s h a r e 2 b e d r o o m Southfield A p t . own b a t h r o o m Call af ter 3 30 Weekdays or a n y t i m e Week ends 355-5218

T H E HOMESTEAD RESORT Glen Arbor luxury condo, 4 b e d r o o m s . 2 baths sleeps 10. "beautiful beach, ten nis. sailing 313 694 6084

STRAIGHT MALE seeking h o u s e m a t e for well kept Berkley home C e n t r a l air. all m o d e r n a p p l i a n c e s g a r a g e $200 Days 538 577(1 E v e s , 399 7157

T H I S IS IT' Beautiful, clean 3 b e d r o o m lakefront c o t t a g e now thru m i d August Decks laundry room, loft, grill, fireplace, fishing boat 2 4 hour dr ive $300 week 681-5294

S T R A I G H T professional f e m a l e , mid 20's lo s h a r e b e a u t i f u l 2 bedroom, 2 bath Apt in Southfield with s a m e $196 per Mo A f t e r 4 PM. call 352-5473

412 Townhouses-Condos For Rent ABANDON YOUR H U N T Select R e n t a l s All Areas We Help l a n d l o r d s and T e n a n t s S h a r e Listings. 642 1620 B E A U T I F U L 2 bedroom with den End Unit R a n c h with c a r p o r t D r a p e s 4 a p pliance* Including w a s h e r 4 d r y e r . Air Conditioning; Novi a r e a $450 / m o f security 349 5554

AVAILABLE 10 Mile - L a h s e r 2 or 3 b e d r o o m s , 2V> baths, living r o o m , dining room, -separate b r e a k f a s t nook, built-in a p p l i a n c e s Finished rec r o o m with s e p a r a t e laundry r o o m Fully c a r peted, d r a p e r y rods, 1,950 Sq Ft Clubhouse 4 pool podl, individual p r i v a t e patio, c a r p o r t included Adult, teen 4 children "15* a r e a Sorry, no p e t s -F r o m $50!


HEAT INCLUDED 356-8844 AAA BARGAIN 12 Mile-Telegraph

ROYAL OAK Beautiful 2 b e d r o o m townhouse, full b a s e m e n t , new c a r p e t i n g , $385 month 547-2672 275-4364

To new r e s i d e n t s $465 net Mo R e g $490 last units

SAVE 50% R E N T Singles P r e f e r r e d Share Referrals 642-1620

O f f e r good t h r u May, 31st, '82 Spacious 3 bedroom r a n c h typ£, Individual p r i v a t e e n t r a n c e . Carpeting, appliance*, clubhouse, pool S m a l l children w e l c o m e

S O U T H F I E L D 28177 F a i r f a x , 3 bed r o o m s , 1 bath, florida room, c e n t r a l air, v e r y clean $350 per m o n t h 645-9688

HEAT INCLUDED 356-3780 356-6261

413 Time Sharing CONDO vacation club m e m b e r s h i p for sale T w o weeks Vacation a n y t i m e throughout the y e a r No time slot restrictions Vacation in Hawaii, F l o r i d a , Wisconsin, Lake T a h o e 4 ' V e g a s Other s t a t e s 4 foreign v a c a t i o n s a v a i l a b l e on an e x c h a n g e basis $6,500 each week, terms available 646 1012

414 Florida Rentals ABANDON YOUR H U N T Florida R e n t a l s All A r e a s Tenant* 4 Landlords S h a r e Listings 642 1620 C L E A R W A T E R . F L A . 2 bedroom, 2 bath luxury condo, Gulf f r o n t , also golf course condo, monthly basis 767-6860 or 694 1780 DE1.RAY BEACH - I-aver s Hacouet Club, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, fully furnished luxury condo a v a i l a b l e w i n t e r season '82 83 Reduced r a t e s for S u m m e r 82 Call Evenings, 661-5614 ISI.A ST P E T E U r g e 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo on w a t e r Pool, tennis, golf, d r i v i n g d i s t a n c e to Disney F.PCOT Available May 15 thru Nov 474 2941 SIESTA K E Y CONDO 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, beach c a b a n a Off-season r a t e , $220 weekly 348-6777, if no a n s w e r . 522 8032

TORCH LAKE Modern 3 b e d r o o m home with fireplace, dock & row boat Between T r a v e r s e City 4 Charlevoix R e n t i n g M a y t h r u Oct Call 879 1444 T R A V E R S E CITY Elk Lake furnished duplex 2 b e d r o o m s each Good sandv beach, boat 459 8822 T R A V E R S E CITY C h a r m i n g beach front c o t t a g e s & a p a r t m e n t s on East Bay $225 $300 weekly E a r l y r e s e r v a tions suggested B r o c h u r e 616 938 1740

R E S P O N S I B L E s t r a i g h t young m a n will s h a r e his 3 b e d r o o m r a n c h h o m e with s a m e 15 Mile R v a n $200 month 979-0239

WORKING F E M A L E to s h a r e 2 bed r o o m a p a r t m e n t in Clawson with s a m e Non s m o k e r , $250 per month plus se curity A f t e r 7 pm 435 7293 WOULD like to s h a r e 4 b e d r o o m colonial in Livonia Minimum r e n t and utilities Call a l t e r 5 PM 591-1652

422 Wanted To Rent ALL A R E A - A I T S HOUSES-FLATS



UNION LAKE AREA F a m i l y resort 1 and 2 tx-droom cottages, sandy beach, boat r e n t a l s Weekly r e n t a l J u n e to Sep tember 363-5780


W O R L D S FAIR New log cabins 2 tw-droom, 2 bath, s h u t t l e to l a j r . close to Smokies Weekly preferred (615J453 8725

ASAP needs 2500 5000sqft o f f i c e c o m m e r c i a l s p a c e to lease B i r m i n g h a m Bloomfield a r e a p r e f e r r e d 642-8833

SIESTA KEY, Excelsior Beach to bay condo Lighted tennis courts, s w i m m i n g pools, jacuzzls. saunas, e x e r c i s e r o o m On Crescent Beach Split plan Beautifully finished 2 b e d r o o m s , 2 b a t h s Off season r a t e a v a i l a b l e 651-6378

416 Halls For Rent

ST A U G U S T I N E ' D a y t o n a a r e a , new condo on ocean, 1 4 hours f r o m Disney Werld, 2 bed r o o m / b a t h s , pool, tennis r a c q u e t b a l l Call a f t e r 5pm 591-0529

LIVONIA Daniel A l / i r d K of 2 halls 100-275 c a p a c i t y Ample p a rr^ing, air conditioning Rental for all o ccasions Al Zinger 464-0500 or 427 3545

STRAITS O F MACKINAC 160 acres, sandy beach, fishing'creek, 3 bedrooms, 1 4 baths, fireplace, w a s h e r 4 d r y e r $325 week 485-7166

ST SARKIS HALL P a c k a g e for 300 p e o p l F o r information c o n t a c t Mr G a r d n e r between 9 a m - 4 p m a t 356 7012

Tisdale & Co. 626-8220

47^-1111 R E T I R R D C O U P L E f r o m Arizona wish fuijmshed home condo or a p a r t ment for s u m m e r Must be reasonable E v e s 37»-0928

I.IVONIA 5 Mile 4 F a r i m j j i o n 360 Sq ft m o d e r n o f f i c e a v a i l a b l e Confer pnee room l,aw library photo m a c h i n e f u r n i t u r e a v a i l a b l e Mo to month lease j i K Call K Hale 525 0920 or nights 261 1211

424 House Sitting Service

p V O N l A 5 Mile F a r m i n g t o n Rd 430 $q ft 3 r o o m s c a r p e t e d , utilties fur lushed. $300 per m o 422 2321

ADVERTISING P R O F E S S I O N A L live in your home, t a k e c a r e of R e f e r e n c e s Mr Wolf Call 9 a m 362-4800|Eves 535

will pets 5pm 7980

R E S P O N S I B L E professional a v a i l a b l e to h o u s e / h o m e sit in northern s u b u r b s R e f e r e n c e s Call Pete, 254 2850 A f t e r 7 30PM call 6 5 2 - 4 2 *

COTTAGES on HSrdv ood Lake in Weekend! or P r e s c o t t Michigan Da Week Sleeps 6 Boats a v iilable 4 20-0r795

HALE E x e c u t i v e duple condn, g o r . sleeps 10 geousl.oon Lake, s p a c sail J u n e , p r i v a t e , new fish, swin $350 week J u l y August $400 D a y s 626 5849 437-8181 E v e n i n g s

Sandy Marshall

HOMES N E E D E D in Western Wayne County with 1500 2200 sq ft for G r o u p Home P r o g r a m for 6 adults, 3 b e d r o o m home r e q u i r e s 140 sq ft per bedroom, 4 bedroom h o m e requires 2 b e d r o o m s with 140 sq ft each Two r e m a i n i n g bedrooms, m i n i m u m 80 sq ft each S e p a r a t e dining and f a m i l y r o o m s required F o r i n f o r m a t i o n cail Northville Residential T r a i n i n g Center Placement Unit at 349 8000, Ext 734

LIVONIA 2 & 3 room deluxe suites completely finished, all services included Immediate occupancy


LIVONIA Clean 4 c o m f o r t a b l e , color TV Off s t r e e t parking G e n t l e m a n over 35, nons m o k e r Call 421 4971

PLYMOUTH T H E MANOR ROOMS Furnished r o o m with r e f r i g e r a t o r $30 and up plus s e c u r i t y 455-2010

G R A N D T R A V E R S E Ba 2 bedroom home on bay with s a n d beach, good les South of fishing 4 boating, 2 851 (1096 Northport Call E v e s

Rental Homes & Condos Needed ip Livonia, F a r m i n g t o n , P l y m outh. Westland and R e d f o r d for e m ployees of large c o r p o r a t i o n s being t r a n s f e r r e d t e m p o r a r i l y t o the Detroit a r e a AI$o needed a r e r e n t a l s with options to buy Contact

M I D D L E A G E D Christian couple f r o m Florida j*ish to housesit J u n e July 4 August Call (313)425 3835

COTTAGE. R E N T 1 ly. large beau tiful 3 bedroom C h a l e t oi l l a k e f r o n t , Londo Lake, Hale. Mi , i tear T a w a s No pets please $300 week 541-7|144

IIGAN b e e c h ' 4 Sleeping ! baths, excela d a p t a h l e for inc 12-July 3 616 334 3338

436 Office & Business Space For Rent

422 Wanted To Rent

G A R D E N CITY $35 weekly Male or f e m a l e over 30 House & laundry privileges Call b e f o r e 3PM 421 0091

BOYNE C O U N T R ' ' C H A L E T I.IVONIA P r i v a t e residence, lady preCompletely furnished 4 bedroom Club f e r r e d $45 week. N e a r Livonia Mall house, pool, s a u n a , golf horseback rid Off-street parking After 41'M 476 1588 ing. e t c Call a f t e r 4 PM 676-2763 MAYFLOWER H O T E L BOYNE COUNTRY ( o m p l e t e l y f u r Da^y maid, service, color TV. p r i v a t e nished all e l e c t r i c 2 tit r chalet, upper hath, telephone s e r v i c e Contact tier 4 bedrooms, 2 bath; kitchen, living Creon Smith 453-1620 r o o m with f i r e p l a c e l.r .wer tier 3 bed Room for rent. $140 rooms, 2 baths, kitch living r o o m N O R T H V I L L E 348 7834 with f i r e p l a c e Tier^ njiaybe i n t f r c o n - per month plus utilities nected if desired 425-8933 PLYMOUTH executive house in city, CABIN f l b e d r o o m s sleeps 6, very room for rent p r i v a t e bath, house privi 459-4973 clean, n e w l y furnish on lake 150 leges Call a f t e r 4 p m

D E L U X E LAKE MIC c o t t a g e n e a r Glen Lai Bear Dunes Sleeps 10, 2 lent s w i m m i n g 4 fisjunf i f a m i l i e s Available J J u l y 10 17 Sept 11 30

MAPLE-ORCHARD 2, 3 & 4 room completely finished office suites All services included New building with many deluxe features Rent now & get your 1st month rent FRpE1 Immediate occupancy

432 Commercial & Industrial For Rent

Tisdale & Co. 626-8220

IXIWNTOWN PLYMOUTH C o m m e r c i a l Retail Space excellent" parking • one 800 sq fl unit Also one 1200 sq ft unit on Ann Arbor Rd 455 7373 N E W B U R G H F O R D RD Retail c o m m e r c i a l J m e d i t a l 1200 sq f t . excellent visibility plenty parking new c o n s t r u e tion R P e r r y R e a l l y 478-7640


Livonia Pavilion East Special r a t e s limited time only Mulii pie services including Suites 300 ,sq It and up ,

Call Sandra Lyons, 353-4400

Real E s t a t e O n e

SOUTH LYON-KING PLAZA 1200 Or 2400 sq, ft. available for immediate occupancy Excellent opportunity to establish your business in a thriving community. " DINSMORE REALTY 356-7300

NORTHWESTERN 4 MIDDLEBELT siAlease. 700 sq ft q f f i c e s p a c e with loft, fireplace p r i v a t e llav (iixid park ing $600 mo plus utilities 626 6300

436 Office & Business Space For Rent

NOVI 3 m o d e r n n e w i p r o f e s s i o n a l of fules p r i m e location 1 Nfc\ 1 Rd & G r a n d Riveri C a r p e t e d air condi tuined all utilities included Only $ 1 SO lo $250 a month each 348 7880

A U N l y l F E WAY to your own B i r m i n g h a m o f f i c e address, business p h o n * 4 s e c r e t a r y for $60 month Call 645 5839

O F F I C E FOR R E N T IN PLYMOUTH 360 Sq fl good location $175 month utilities included Cttll 453 3636

Commercial, Inc N O R T H V I L L E M AIN STREI- T 700 Sq Ft fully c a r p e t e d beautiful Reasonable I m m e d i a t e occupancy 349 1122 j E v e s 349 8987


ATTRA ( T I V E 1ST FLOOR O F F I C E O F F I C E S P A C E T o Sublet S e c r e t a r i a l Approxi ipately 2400 sq fl (will divide Services, c o n f e r e n c e room copv room T r o y Very c o m p e t i t i v e r e n t a l provided Furniture available Prime 528 ltOO Troy location m full-service office • om Call Now 9 30am-4 30pm. 'plex Call 643 8874 AVAILABLE I M M E D I A T E L Y O f f i c e s p a c e ne ir Main St, downtown PlymO F F I C E 4 WARF.HOUSKSPAI i outh Stai ting at $139 per month F r h m Livonia 250 sq ft up to 1000 sq ft 459-4200 | On 8 Mile Rd near Middlebelt BE A P R O F E S S I O N A L Gel your bus. ness out Of your home Rent a desk and phone f o r only $100 a month D e a r b o r n 277 6 | 6 4 Heights » BIRMINGHAM Available now sirigl)' 4 double rooms, n e a r d o w n t o w n 471) No Woodward Paneled walls 4 carpet; K a s s a b i a a Builders 644 llJOO ; BIRMINGHAM Deluxe 2j o f f i c e suite plus a r e a l o c i t e d on Maple at Woodward Includes icarpet. window t r e a t m e n t s janitorial all utilities 644 2911


BIRMINGHAM. DOWNTOWN Plush new 4 roiim suite, a p p r o x i m a t e l y 950 sq ft F i n a floor, p r i v a t e e n t r a n c e Am p l e p a r k u i g Available now 771 8760 BIRMINGHAM O F F I C E A p p r o x i m a t e l y 12x17 Will D e c o r a t e $150 P e r Month Call 646 6680 B I R M I N t HAM - o f f i c e s p a c e 4 desk s p a c e a v liable (lower levell with sec r e t a r i a l & a n s w e r i n g service 645 0740 BIRMINGRAM Plush off c e s p a c e in the c e n t e r Of Birmingharr F i r e p l a c e 4 p i c t u r e window S e c r e t a r i a l " a nnaT phone a n s w e r i n g ser 645 5839 lable on p r e m i s e s BIRMINGHAM tun ing utilities itjcs included, lease 647 7077


ONE CALL DOES IT ALL1 P l a c e your classified want ad in S u b u r b a n Detroit's finest m a r k e t T h t Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070 85(2-3222

BLOOMFIELD HILLS Suhlet 1100 sq ft $1009 per month includes reception a r e a 2 m v a t e offices 4 large open office Ranking facilities P r i m e Wood ward Avr loeation Call William Arthur 334 4900 CHOICE LOCATION 215 sq ft o f f i c e 7 Mile L Middlebelt Livonia P r i v a t e entranc*. 20 car parking $250 m o includes utilities

Earl Kjeim Realty


IX jWNTOWN B I R M I N G H A M P r i m e ffice space. 500 and 1.445 sq fl with g eat view All tenant improvem e n t s fi place 280 N Woodward 647 7171 I One 6 r 7 room lent loc

OWNTOWN PLYMOUTH xim o f f i c e suite 1400 sq fl Ope o f f i c e suite 1400 sq fl Excel it ion a m p l e parking 455 7373

I >W'NTOWN ROCHESTER 200 sq ft Will s u b l e a s e 421 Store 652 8330 Main S reel Rochester E X E •UTIVF. SUITES AVAILABLE Include : spacious parking facilities 1st floor xperienced Executive S e c r c t a r ics. (ie sonalized phone a n s w e r i n g duplicatm g Notary •

HARVARD SUITE 29 J50 SOUTHFIELD RD SUITE 122 557-2757 F A R M NGTON Bright, a t t r a c t i v e off ice suii es. c e n t r a l location. $10 per Sq Ft incl udes utilities and janitorial 649 2848 Call F I R S T FLOOR O F F I C E p r i m e loca lion 4 ( 0 sq fl in Southfield, AAA Homes - 588 4700

O R C H A R D 12 F A R M I N G T O N HILLS S p a r e a s m a l l o f f i c e and s e c r e t a r \ Ideal for 1 m a n 4 crew 851 2419

..ORCHARD-12 New construction, superb office Space available soon with frtee basement storage Great location with many deluxe extras.

Tisdale & Co. 626-8220 PLYMOUTH downtown 600 suitable for o f f i c e or studio

PLYMOUTH EXECUTIVE SERVICE New P R I V A T E O F F I C E S a boy. the Plymouth Landing in P l y m o u t h Cost efficient worry f r e e p a c k a g e provnde> your own p e r m a n e n t s e c r e t a r i a l Malt telephone a n s w e r i n g reception and c o n f e r e n c e room 455 5353 PLYMOUTH F o r rent o f f i c e or s m a l l retail s p a c e Downtown P l y m o u t h App r o x i m a t e l y 700 s q u a r e feet Call Bill al 453 6250 PLYMOUTH OLD V I L L A G E Space for rent Office C o m m e r c i a l - R et ai l Call 453 5240

PRIVATE OFFICES Executive Group. Inc The prestigious yet cost effect i v t o f f i c e s e c r e t a r i a l concept 7 p r i m e lo cations in ihe finest i newest full \ e r vice buildings serving B i r m i n g h a m D e a r b o r n Southfield 4 Troy 16 yrs of successful growth P r u d e n t i a l Town C e n t e r Elsie 271 85:>0

5 ROCHESTER Four 1 and 2 room suites available now with 1 months free rent




hy . S C B O O L C R A F T 4

INKSTER l.ivifhia, 380 sq ft heat 4 air condition ing included, ideal for f a c t o r y repres e n t a t i v e or any general o f f i c e 559 1160 S O U T H F I E L D O F F I C E SPACE Available for Sublease G r e e n f i e l d 4 9 Mile a r e a 1803 sq (t at $ 1164 44 month plus eost i n c r e a s e s 3772 sq ft at $2388 | 3 month plus cost increases Call David 646 ill00

FOR I for off locatio I 75. hi Rd al

EASE or Sale Building Ideal •es or s m a l l business Excellent , excellent parking, close to t o n c a l Troy 54 F. Square Lake ivernots Days 874 5552

SOUTHFIELD p r i v a t e o f f i c e spa< a v a i l a b l e in larer --uite Excellent lo<. tion phone a n s w e r i n g 4 electricity 1 eluded. P e r f e c t for m a n u f a c t u r e r s re or 1 person business R e a s o n a b l e Call Linda 9 6 w e e k d a y s 3f.8*54t

FOR n fl a v a Mayflr Plymo

ENT p r i m e o f f i c e s p a r a y 4 0 0 sq lable I m m e d i a t e occupancy in A-er Hotel complex Downtown th Call Creon Smith 453 1620

Share space with busv podiatrist p r i m e shopping c e n t e r F o r m o r e info malion cail 271-6H

FURN in Fai Reasor cial ar mg

SHED O F F I C E in good location m i n g t o n Busy m e d i c a l a r e a able Would c o m i d e r any finan angement. a l s £ c o n s i d e r shar 476 4198

HC ) L L I D A > 1 P A R K FFICE P L A Z A 86: 3 N Wayne R o a d Westland 272- 00 sq ft P r o f e s s i o n a l O f f i c e s

Call Julie Ritter

Mc Kinley Properties 769-8520 1 or 2 o f f i c e s LATHK UP VILLAGE with fu 1 s e r v i c e including s e c r e t a r y , chine, c o n f e r e n c e room 4 tele copy m 559 1818 phone a a w e r i n g Call LAW O ' F I C E S in SouthfieliJ. E x e c u t i v e suites 1 E x e c u t i v e o f f i c e a v a i l a b l e G r e a t lc cation, good library and c onf e r e n c e ro< m Available i m m e d i a t e l y Mr 335-9100 Zussma 1 DO Medica $6 75 space a

VNTOWN LIVONIA AREA or G e n e r a l usage 1400 sq fl er sq ft Inquiries r e g a r d i n g k for Mr Lockwood. 525 1070

LIVONIA Ann Ar Kir Rd near 1 275 1 to 3 c a r p e t ed offic •s in s m a l l shopping c e n t e r 464 3600 LIVON tive. pr X ways Phone (

A individual o f f i c e s in # t t r a c Sessional building n e a r two (2) Utilities 4 s e r v i c e s included lerry. 348-5103

LIVONIA 2000 st ft of nice office, n e a r Levan 4 Schoelc raft, lots of parking, r e a s o n a b l e 464 3355


Unique Office Space Farmington Hills Middlebelt-Northwestern For information call

626-8842 WEST B L O O M F I E L D new 2 4 3 r o o m suites i m m e d i a t e occupancy Agent 626 8432

WEST BLOOMFIELD MAPLE-ORCHARD Deluxe office space in new building from 300 sq ft up including all services, free space design & all finishing costs. CHECK US OUT NOW! Immediate occupancy.

Tisdale & Co. 626-8220 WESTLAND WARREN-VENOY Deluxe medical & general office space, all utilities & services included Immediate occupancy

Tisdale & Co. 626-8220 /

'»••.a A -^ \



O N E OR two o f f i c e suiie*. a v a i l a b l e m Bloomfield Hills $180 m o per offic. Includes heat & electricity Total of a j p r o x i m a t e l y 350 sq ft 645-555

BLOOMRIELD HILLS Long Lake Telegraph a r e a Approx 1.000 sq feet office space Immediate occupancy $1,000 per month 8 a m 4 30pm.644 461B il.OOMFIELD HILI-S Excellent location close to I 75 and M 59 E x p r e s s w a y s I m m e d i a t e occu pancv 616 u p to 1028 sq f t a v a i l a b l e ('.111 Between 9 a m 5prn. 858 2377

Wayne Oakland

I'm1 your Visa or M a s t e r Card


it aWi P- 11


wM^r .11

400 Apartments For Rent

sigNffijPI, •


Monday, May 3 , 1 9 8 2

12 communities . | | p l can to

•0900 CALL DOES IT ALLI 500 Help Wanted

500 Help Wanted

500 Help Wanted


IIODY-TONING CLINIC needs outgoing n o n Must enjoy public contact 4 ve pleasant telephone manner Expe rienced in health spa. cosmetology, nursing or sales P a r t 4 full time-availa b l e Lathrup Village 552-8665

EXPERIENCED TYPESETTER Must have experience on copy Graphics 7700, or similiar Call between 9am - 5pm 937-3010

The Pool Needs You! Light Industrial Workers (Men & w o m e n


BORING MILL operator experienced capable of set ups P 4 H Boring Inc Novi 478-7757 CASHIER, part time, days 4 evenings, must be 18 or older Apply in person !Um-4pm Arbor Drugs. 8048 Middlel«elt, westland

Call 478-8352

PERSONNEL POOL Temporary Help Since 1W6 ABSOLUTE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Driver delivery sales of a small home appliance in the Livonia area Must be neat in appearance 4 have reliable transportation Will train if qualified $11 75 per hours worked or profit shar ing Applicants accepted Friday only Call Mrs Reid for interview 525-5460

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS Immediate openings for 10 aggressive people to fill full t i m e opening) ranging from STOCK DISPLAY to COMPANY R E P S 4 MANAGER TRAINEES Excellent pay with advancement, Call for appointment


Administrative Assistant TROY LOCATION Diversified position within a growth oriented firm for an experienced individual with the ability to communicate effectively The qualified candidate will be a self s t a r t e r and highly organized Salary to $15 000 Full benefits. For immediate consideration, please forward letter or resume to

BOX 412 OBSERVER & ECCENTRIC NEWSPAPERS 36251 SCHOOLCRAFT LIVONIA, MICHIGAN. 48150 Equal Opportunity Employer M F ADMISSIONS SALES PERSONS Experienced Full time For local vocational school Salary, plus 569 2245 AGGRESSIVE FEMALE for manageri al position at health salon in Southfield Fulltime 354 4774

CASHIER 4 STOCK P E O P L E Full 4 l » r t time Experience preferred Apply n person Jonna's Fine Wines, 24225 .lalstead, Farmington Hills C E R T I F I E D pre school Teacher for Co-Op Nursery • p a r t time Send resume to Family Life Nursery. 26275 Northwestern, Southfield 48075 i CHRISITAN EDUCATION DIRECTOR 20-25 hours per week.. Individual (nust have training and experience in teach ing or Christian education and back ground in a local church Duites will include formulation of christian educa •ion program working with adults, children, youth and Pastor Successful candidate will be enthusiastic, energet ic and full of ideas Reply to Box 366, Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers. 36251 Schoolcraft Rd.. Livonia, Michigan 48150 CLEANING help, for Plymouth C a n t o n area a p a r t m e n t complex full time Ma lure Call 10AM 1PM, 455-17200 COLLECTIONS National finance 4 leasing opera specializing in construction, truckihg 4 machine tool industries has a position open for a collector Candidates slould have a background in installment c edit 4 a working knowledge of c o m m e cial lending Experience required We offer a competitive salary with good eoinpa ny paid benefits including pension prog r a m 4 tuition refund Send resump in eluding salary history to PERSONNEL General Electric Credit Corp P.O. Box 38, Southfield, Michigan 4^037 an equal opportunity m / f a f f i r m a t i v e action employer COLLEGE STUDENTS Full or part time Pass out catilog. Pick up and deliver orders $6-$lj per hour average, for Fuller Brush Coinpa ny Call Branch Office, 689 2374 COLLEGE STUDENTS P a r t time! out door work Guarantee Apply between 10AM 4PM Allstate Alarm. 17534 W 7 Mile Rd . Detroit COSMETIC C A R E E R Merle Norman at the Oakland Mall, Troy, is accepting applications from people needing these requirements! 20 years or older, Fashion Retail sales experience, and adept with m a l e - u p Terrific c a r e e r opportunity Additional Nail Sculptures! position available!

ALARM H E L P E R $3 50 per hour to Start plus benefits Must be neat, anxious to work 4 have own car Construction and electrical experience helpful 838-5182

COST ACCOUNTANT Job cost experience required Must have worked in stamping industry Open salary, full benefits Fee Paid

A LEADING automotive supplier has the following available p o s i t i o n

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR Press repair and machine repair t x p e n e n c e Full benefits, open salary Fee Paid

COMPONENT ENGINEER Candidates should have 5 yrs of proven accomplishment in the design 4 devel opment of automotive components from prototypes to prbduction. Capability in design studies ^natetiafe specifi cation, automated testing 4 engine sys tems is sought

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN Individual should be skilled in auto me chanirs 4 in the operation of shop tools k gages Familiarity with electronic testing 4 an associate degree or equiva lent are helpful Salaries for these positions «re commensurate with experience Benefits a r e those of a Fortune 500 corporation at this Troy based division Please send your resume in confidence to. Box «394 Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft Rd . Livonta. Michigan 48150 N | AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS Needed full time or part time No expe n e n c e or selling required Write to Mr Grenanco P O Box 487, Hazel Park, Michigan 48030

APPLY NOW PACKAGING & LIGHT ASSEMBLY Must be 18 years or over With own transportation Plymouth area Ideal lor women LIVONIA SOI 'TH F I E L D

STAMPING ESTIMATOR 5 years experience in stamping c
BETTY HAMIL PERSONNEL 424-8470 COUPLE MANAGER in Farri inton Hills 116 a p a r t m e n t s Must be iriature adults Will supply 2 bedroom i p a r t ment plus salary Experience] pre ferred 569 5302 CPA FIRM looking for top notchiCPA, a leader who can work with people Must be thoroughly versed in 1120s. 1040s, 941s. compilations 4 smaller type businesses Excellent position Must have a minimum of 5 years expe rience as a CPA Northwestern High way 12 Mile Please ask for Mrs Watson 351-3177 CREDIT UNION Career Opportunity Teller position, full fringe benefits Sal ary commensurate with expedience Excellent hours Livonia area Ca I Mrs Casey or Mr Borders al 52t> 0700

525 0330 ' 569 7500


The Temporary Help People ASSISTANT MANAGER SALES Full time position in furniture retail Excellent income opportunity with a growing specialty company Available for a responsible person with good job references Liberal benefits program Apply in person, No phone c a l b please La Z Boy Showcase Shoppe, 2T754 Novi Rd adjacent to Twelve Oaks Mall

ASSISTANT MANAGER WHOLESALE FLORIST Rapid advancement to Manager Experience in retail florist operation with management responsiblify for this $15 000 plus Hurry for this'



MANAGE R Redford Dearborn Heights $2,0 DO, 000 credit union looking for a manager with ability to maintain portfolio stre i gth 4 the leadership to build assets Call Chris McDonald 42 3840 CREW MEMBERS needed for Hot air baloons pay or trade for ride. Roches ter area 85fc-0666 CUSTOMER DELIVERY PART T I M E / F U L L TIMEj WOMEN MEN Ambitious individual needed for light package delivery to service our existing customers in the Metro area. You should have a good driving record and be at least 18 y e a r s old, to d n + e our company vehicle This is an interesting new career for those who enjoy publiccontact work If interested, call Mr Coleman, a f t e r 10AM at 54$ 4068 CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHIC PR IN' TER wanted for mini lab Excellent op jortu nity in Livonia 47' 9393 DESIGNER O F C O I F F U R E S 38255 W 10 Mile i Farmington 476 8323

Must have GM experience, excellent benefit package and pay plan, Apply to Rich H a r u e l l at

PATRICK OLDS-GMC 852-7200 ASSOCIATE to owner local business expanding Opportunities in Marketing and management for m a t u r e persons Call Monday thru Friday, 10 2. 464 8470

ATTENTION in our Telephone Sales Department Good pay short Hours Call Ms Green between 12 Noon and 5 PM

533-7748 Redford Area

AUTO PAINTER'S HELPERS (2) Potential earnings $300 plus Must have shop experience 4 own tools Please a p ply in person, no others need apply

Northland Collision 23222 Woodward* Ferndale AUTO SERVICE ADVI$OR W SUBURBAN Ford dealer needs a Service Advisor/Dispatcher Recent Ford or Lincoln/Mercury experience required Excellent benefits Semi complete resume to P O Box 710. North ville, Michigan. 481(7 BANK TELLER Detroit Metro Area To 1202 per week Employment Center 334-6910 BEAUTICIAN, also Nail Technician needed Experienced for full time in Troy, Kyles Hair Design BEAUTICIAN LIVONIA Good hours, good pay Full or part-time tlVltlt 427 7783 BEAUTICIAN - Part-time, evenings, •xperienced 5 Mile Middlebelt area < l T w 9 2 or m 2059 BEAUTY OPERATORS Experienced, preferably witlj clientele 12 Mile/Southfield a r e a Call Tues thru Sat.. 557 0403

BE YOUR OWN B06>? Cosmetic Beauty Cortsulum, full or p a r t t i m e F r e e Training to 5 PM, 6611624

DESIGN LEADER Assembly test machine m a n u f a c t u r e r Walled Lake area 624 8494 DIRECT CARE Worker adult foster care, training provided Must be avail able for all shifts Call 10 AM to 2 PM Mon thru Fri only 851 9792 DIRECT CARE WORKER, full time, for group home of retarded men $3 50 per hour to start Medical benefit^ after 90 days Split shift Novi area 348 8091 DISABLED If you a r e physically handicappied or disabled 4 searching for a chance to work with a young, rapidly expanding company, call us at Novah No experience necessary, permanent position Call Mon 9am Ipm 296 1750 or547 6408 DOG GROOMER Must have experience and be capable of doing quality scissor work Apply in person only, Shear Magic Pet Salon, 38083 Ann Ar bor Rd , Livonia DOG GROOMER WANTED All Breeds Part time Canton Twp Call 2pm 6pm 459 8770 DRIVER /Road companion needed for comedian's s u m m e r tour Send infor mation to 26319 Dundee, Huntington Woods, Mich, 48070 ENGINEERING MANAGER $35,000 to $39,000 Experienced Precision stamping supervision, tooling Sagi naw area Ray Greene Personnel, 39»-1426 EVENING T E L E P H O N E WORK $4 an hour. 4 hours a night, plus bonuses Setting appointments for home improvement company 7 Mile/Tele graph area Ask for Cindy 53^-7350

E X P E R I E N C E D TRAVEL AGENT Wanted for outside sales P r e f e r Birmingham or Troy resident Send 'resume including references to Travel, P.O Box 466, Lake Orion, Mi 48035 FOSTER FAMILIES NEEDED For severly/profoundly retarded, physically handicapped teenagers First floor bedrooms necessary Teaching and nursing skills helpful You will receive training, professional support, and over $700 a month If you live in Wayne County, call Plymouth Center, 453-1500. Ext 217. FRAMER-Experienced Part time Hours flexible Apply in person daily between 10am 4 6pm Gallery F r a m e 4 Photo. 4338 N Woodward, Royal Oak FULL OR PART TIME Car wash, Livonia area Must be over 18 477-5344 427 9488

STRUCTURAL or mechanical 4 design NOW AVAILABLE 3 full time openings Positions inc|ude 4 drafting Send written resume to stock display, company reps 4 manager- 12124 Inkster, Redford Twp , Mich trainee Applicates should be high 48239 school grads and c a r e e r minded Call STUDENTS for appointment 534-5380 Need a Summer J o b ' Taking Orders for Fuller Brush Products can give you the NURSERY SCHOOL TEACHERS 4 type of $$ you need Phone 476-2534 Aides for established successful prog r a m in the Rochester area Half day 4 SURFACE GRINDER lull day positions open P r e f e r experienced educators but will train outstand- for high speed and carbide tools 2 years minimum experience ing personality with educated backE 4 K Tool, 427-4850 ground Call (nbrnings, 375-9713, eve 652 4165

OFFICE SUPPLIES Excellent opportunity fpr aggressive person for order filling and warehouse Must have ope y e a r s experience with TRAVEL AGENCY Manager Highly retail office supply company Phone experienced, efficient, all phases of 8 30 am to 1 P m only Mc C a f f r e y ' s Off- travel, Appollo Plus Excellent opportuice Supply 525-8268 nity W Bloomfield Phyllis, 855-4100

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! P l a c e you|r classified want ad iri Suburban Detroit's firjest market The Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070

Wayne Oakland

FUR FINISHER WANTED to work in Birmingham* fur store Pleasant work Rochester/Avon ing conditions We a r e looking for an 852-3222 Use your Visa or Master Card experienced worker who has excellent hand sewing skills Pay based on abili- OPENING fot part time salesperson at ty Send qualifications to Box 398, Ob- Woman's Health Spa Apply in person, server 4 Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Mon thru F r i , between 3pm - 6 30pm Schoolcraft Rd , Livonia, Michigan at Total Health Spa, 45168 Ford Rd , 48150 Canton across f r o m Meijer's Thrifty F U R N I T U R E MOVER 4 Warehouse Acres man with Chauffeur's License, experience and references P a r t or full time Send applications with full details to Box 382, Observer 4 Eccentric News papers, 36251 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, Michigan 48150

OPENINGS FOR AMBITIOUS people Looking for 6 good peopl^ who are willing to work building a perpetual income Can be done part time 6 to 10 hours weekly Personal interviews only Call ! 721-6728

GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR Must be experienced $5 $10 per hour according to experience For weekday evenings and Saturdays

PART TIME WORK Earnings of $50 $100 per week Must be presently employed with desire ta s u p plement income No experience nieces sary to work in my sr^iall appl(ance business 15-JO hours pdr week Also, have profit-sharing program Call Mr Marchio ! 534-5380

GOLF INSTRUCTOR $12 $ 15 per hour Start timmediately. Mon thru Thurs afternoons 4 evenings Apply in person at Farmington YMCA, 28100 Farmington Rd 553-4020 HAIR DRESSER At least 2 years experience for busy Southfield Salon, full time Clientele waiting 355-5377 HAIRDRESSER experienced, some clientele, good with men's c u t s Marc Michaels Salon, Top of Troy Building 362-1670 HAIRDRESSER WANTED With Clientele Full or P a r t time for Northville Salon Call 9AM 6PM 349-3480 HAIR DRESSER WANTED Experienced, with some clientele Denne's Hair Design Livonia 261-5736 HOME ECONOMIST/DIETITIAN P a r t time Meal preparation demon strations Low salt Low fat Portion control Evenings, once or twice a week Send resume to Box 364, Observ er 4 Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft Rd Livonia. Michigan 4B150 HOUSE PAINTERS must have experience 2 weeks of a p prenticeship required Call Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm 528-3530

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER Metal forming, screw machining envi ronment 2 to 5 years experience Sub mit resume to

P.O. BOX 39283 Redford, Michigan 48239 INSURANCE PERSON Needs rating experience, knowledge of coverages, application preparation, company contact Good opportunity Send resume in C O Insurance Agency, P.O Box 291, Birmingham. Mi 48012

JANITORIAL & MACHINE MAINTENANCE Must have chauffeurs license 4 be min imum 30 yrs old

RICHARD TOOL & DIE 28600 Grand River


Between 8 Mile & Middlebelt JOURNEYMAN prototype sheet metal bench hand, experience with kirksite. Tel x Corp 476 6124 LAWN SPRINKLER repair, 18 years or older, good mechanical, prefer experience or will train Live in Farmington area Call before noon 553-2454 LIVE IN STAFF for f e m a l e Group Home MORC experience preferred 557-7650 MALE VOCALIST for established rock 4 r^ll band Experienced Powerful voice Call P S Productions, Brian 525 6683 MANAGEMENT POSITION Experi enced person wanted for gift housewares store located in Troy Please send resume to Box 376, Observer 4 Eccentric Newspaper?, 36251 Schoolc r a f t Rd Livonia Michigan 48150 MANICURIST needed We're going places and we want you on our t e a m Salon Brigitte. 649-1240 MARKETING RESEARCH company looking for m a t u r e phone interviewers to work contingency basis in growing media company Phone interviewing in office No selling Nights and weekend work required Call ' 354 4938 MATERIALS MANAGER Growing manufacturing firm in New Center area Must be experienced in the following shipping 4 receiving, inven tory handling, crating, outgoing freight and loading Hand written resumes acceptable. advise salary requirements Respond to Box 332, Observer 4 Ec centric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft Rd . Livonia, Michigan 48150 MATURE hardworking person for com plete maintenance of store Wright Kay Jewelers 642-2025

P E O P L E needed for light industrial work in plastic factory Afternoon or midnight shift available 7550 W Wal nut Lake Rd, W Bloomfield E of Hag gerty Rd PERSON for Sales and yard work, must be mechanically inclined and farpiliar with calculator Apply Tuesday between 12 and 5 PM Ask. for J e l f . V y Haul. 12768 Ipkster Rd , Redford PERSON WITH BUILDER'S L I C E N S E Needed
POOL ATTENDANT wanted part time weekends Must be 18 years old and good swimmer, $3 50 hour Honeytree Apartments, Canton Call 455-2424 PRODUCE PERSON Experienced Full or part time West Bloomfield Ask for Bernie 851-9666


Auston Models jare seen in Vogue. Cos mopolitan, Seventeen, Glamour. Ebony GQ and Detroit area magazines You must qualify for Agency representa tion Join the best International team MODEL T Y P E S ONLY


968 6446

NEW COLLEGE C.RAD • quadraplegic needs aids Training available if need ed, must be flexible, dependable 4 lit e r a t e Call a f t e r 5pm 477-6478

APPLICATIONS a r e now being accepted for a dietetic technician. Apply with in Dr's Weight Loss Clinic, Earrells Shopping Plaza, 29291 Southfield Rd S o u t h f i e l d Mich 48076 Monday through Fri, 9-12 noon APPLICATIONS now being accepted for nurses aide, minimum 2 years experience Full, part t i m e 4 on call position available for all shifts Apply Wednesday May 5 between 1 4 p m only. Starting salary $3 80 per hour Bloomfield Hills Care Center, 50 W Square Lake Rd. Bloomfield Hills CHEERFUL- P a r t time receptionist Podiatric medical assistant needed in the W Bloomfield/Orchard Lake area Some experience helpful in insurance billing General office skills Send resume to Box 334, Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft Rd.. Livonia, Michigan 48150 CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT for busy Livonia office Good typing skills required P a r t time hours 28404 West Five Mile. Livonia. Mi

•CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT M u s t have t y p i n g a n d Chiropractic background. Good with patients and outApiftg personality. Call for jflffiointment. 557-0860 CO-ORDINATOR J r ) nursing service Must be experiI
DENTAL Assistant Receptionist Must be willing to join my a r m y reserve unit Joy-Evergreen 582-0023

NEW GENERAL PRACTICE in Rochester needs experienced person for all front and back work Must know Full and part r m c PM Shift pegboard, insurance. EKG, basic lab Call between 9 a r r ^ n d 4pm Call 651-4700 NURSE PHYSICIANS ASSISTANT Managerial position - Occupational-Industrial medical clinic Good PR poten tial required 478-5472

NURSES DAY CELEBRATION Professional Medical Personnel 19189 W 10 Mile Roaa. Southfield, MI 357 3650 THURS MAY 6,1982 New highest pay rates Bonuses - New facilities Special gifts for nurses All Nurses Welcome"

Call 354-0555


TEMPORARY SERVICES Word Processing Division See You At Office Expo '821 Booth 654

Telephone Sales


"The Kelly Girl People" Equal Opportunity Employer M / F / H

474-3500, Ext 142 RNS Full or Part Time - Day Srfift

RNs & LPNs


New Wage Scale

Franklin Manor

Join our team for the best in geratric medical long term care Top salary premium, holiday pay, free meals, paid Blue Cross, paiii sick days, life insurance, sickness 4 accident insurance, retirement plan Excellent working environment. Call Mrs Linda Diemert. Asst Nursing Director al 352 2336

Convalescent Center 26900 Franklin Rd . Southfield



Orthodontists Immediate openings, full t i m e / p a r t time Michigan License required P a r t nership alternatives available If qualified, $100,000 to start Full benefits Dearborn Area Call


Full time $16,000 plus fringes Separate program for part time nurses Weekend differential for all

477-7400 RNs/LPNs All Shifts, for a 100 bed skilled nursing facility Flexible scheduling Individu alized orientation EOE Call for appointment, 647-6500

E X P E R I E N C E D cardiology ECHO tech, full time Salary negotiable, full benefit package including profit shar mg * 642-6890 H E L P wanted, part time. Pizza and de livery Dino's. 18 Mile 4 Dequindre Call between 7 8PM 524 9964

H0MEMAKER AIDES NEEDED FOR PATIENT CARE Northville/Novi area homes Personal transportation required Previous experience preferable Flexible scheduling-live-ln available


RN INDUSTRIAL NURSE For contemporary assignment, Julv 6 to July 16 Troy area Days, 7 30 4 PM Industrial experience No charge to you Temporary Medical Personnel


557-7200 RN LPN or Medical Ass't Part time for busy Southfield family practice clinic Experienced in injections, Vena punctures 4 EKG 354 3030

Lf>NS - SMALL NURSING HOME has immediate openings for LPNs full time midnights LPNs part time relief Canton area 459-7060 MEDICAL Mon , Tues enced in EKGs need

ASSISTANT - P a r t time nights 4 Saturday Expert X Kays, Venepuncture 4 only reply Livonia 525-5101

MEDICAL ASSISTANT Part Time Experienced inVenepunc ture & EKG Livonia Area 464-9200 MEDICAL ASSISTANT Experienced, full time for internist's office in Farmington Hills Call from 9am-12 30pm, 626-4545 MEDICAL ASSISTANT for General Practice office Must type, experience necessary Southfield Call 557-8860


MED-SURG $ 10.35-$ 13.50 PER HR

BOOKKEEPER lull time for South field CPA firm full charge thru finan cial statements including payroll lax returns, send resume to Personnel Dt rector 3000 Town Center Suite 3200 Southfield Mi 48075


liOOKKkEPF.R mature experienced thru Trial balance, assistant to control ler a c c u r a t e typing necessary 13 Mile Inkster area Excellent working condi lions Resume with salary requirements to PO Box 3000 Franklin Mi 48025

TEMPORARY MEDICAL PERSONNEL Come inland register with us for temporary assignments No charge to you We neeq help with vacations Medical Secretary. Medical Receptionist, Medi cal Assistant, General Office Tran scrrptioifists Insurance Biller-- Dentals Assistants, and Receptionists T e m p o r a r y Medical Personnel


557-7200 TWO L one for overnig location

•N's, one for morning 9 to 11 weekend evenings and some l weekends Schoolcraft, Beech After 5 pm 531-0167

WANTh D - experienced dental assistant. m u it have knowledge o( 4 handed dentislr i. X-rays, lab work some desk experie ice Excellent fringe benefits, salary > rill commensurate with abilty 4 427 8111 experie ice Please call

Immediate opening for an experienced individual in automobile accounting Good typing skills a r e required Apply in person at JACK CAULEY CHEVROLET 7020 Orchard Lake Rd West Bloomfield. Ml 48033 855-9700


SNELLING & SNELLING 478-3500 ADMINISTRATIVE Assistant with top notch ^kills. typing (70 plus), bookkeeping experience necessary, wanted for fast paf-e office Organisational skills a must 'all Linda 368 3800

RNS & LPNS Immediate openings for caring, innova tive individuals at progressive convalescent center in Westland • Flexible Scheduling • Comparable Benefits • Clean. Pleasant Surroundings • Energetic Activities Department

ADVANCE $12,200 .Fast t, rowing 250 million dollar compa ny ne>ils person with accurate typing 50 pli Accounts payable experience Rapid [advancement Challenging work environment in plush suburban office Top benefits Call Fran


Don't say no' Come tour our facility and talk with our residence and staff We want your skills and services K Fulkerson. Director of Nursing

261-9500 RNS-LPNS Positions available on the afternoon and midnight shifts Good wages Ideal working conditions Avondale Convalescent Home, 1480 Walton, Rochester 651 4422




TYPISTS SECRETARIES WORD PROCESSORS Work a week" or a month and earn top hourly rate

No nights! No Weekends! Our clients need the support that your nursing background 4 genuine concern for physical and emotional health can provide Work in a delightful clinic setting A unique position for highly motivated individuals seeking profes sional reward Salary plus bonus Please call Geri at 589-1808 Weight Loss Clinic RNS. Position open for Director of Nursing in a 150 bed nursing home for the d e v e l o p m e n t a l ^ disabled If you have m a n a g e m e n t ' l e a d e r s h i p experi ence, call today Excellent benefits Contact M I.arsen, Wayne Living Center 729-0857 RN to give inter venous injection twice a week in downtown Birmingham 645-5129

BOOKKEEPER Full Charge Experi ence necessary thru trial balance Full time position Southfield-Birmingham area Call for interview. 424 8404 BOOKKEEPER full charge Diversified position with growth potential for experienced self starter to join our high activity staff Responsibilities include multi corporation ledgers, monthly financial statements, auditing and detail follow-up Computer experience desirable Send resume and salary requirements to Mary Pruss. Murray's Discount Aufo Stores. 33200 Capital. Suite 100, Livonia, Mi 48150

502 Help Wanted Dental-Medical

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST Position open in 116 bed acute care general hospital on our afternoon shift. Candidate should be ASCP registered or equivalent. Experience required. Competitive wage and benefit package including dental and optical, free meali, some housing available.


BOOKKEEPER part time 20 hourgood typing \kills able to do all payroll taxes bank * reconciliations 4 poM ledger Must b^ experienced in CPA off i c o o r do not apply Salary open South field '* 354 0742 BOOKKEEPER SCRETARY Pari time or lull time Bookkeeper Se< retary for design siudio in W Bloom field 851 3203 BOOKKEEPER SECRETARY for 2 girl office Tax reports payroll, trial balance P r e f e r someone with pre vious machine shop experience Steady excellent salary Northwest area Resumes to Box ."406 Observer 4 Ec centric Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft Rd . Livonia Michigan 48150

CLAIM TYPIST with dictaphone expe rience, 65 WPM Livonia office Ask for Lee ZirnkiewiCJ Equal Opportunity Employer 261-8410


• . F E E PAID Responsible person, 55 plus wpm , for secure {position with insurance compa nv B«jhefits include dental. 1 day a m o n t h i a c a t i o n Office experience Call Fren

Apply in person MEDICO'S RECOVERY CARE CENTER 22355 W. 8 Mile Rd. 3 blks W. of Lahser

BOOKKEEPER Needed for professional lirm on a pari time basis Send resume to Frasco Hackett 4 Durkin 505 N Woodward Suite 3800 Bloomfield Hill, Mi 48013

BOOKKEEPING 4 SECRETARIAL Person part time Legal experience desirable but not essential Farmington Hills Law Office Call Kalhv 553-9300

504 Melp Wanted ° ffice-Clerical

1547s Middlebelt. Livonia


K)KK E E P E R EX P E R I ENCED Part Time Bloomfield Hills Area 626 6721 642 4274


Apply in person


BOOKKEEPER Experienced in pay roll taxes general ledger through trial balance «itr One party office Retiree preferred 6 Mile 4 Jariies Couzens Call between 8am-12 Noon 352 9738

BOOKKEEPER Experienced ihru trial balance Pari time permanent Oak Park location 9 am- lpm daily 399-0880


Maryorest Manor




ACCOUNTING CLERK Livonia Office needs Someone with previous bookkeep^ ing experience or good math aptitude, light typing 4 phone work involved Send rCsume to T A S , 14149 F a r m i n g ton Rd, Livonia. MI 48154


MEDICAL PERSONNEL POOL An Equal Opportunity Employer

AFTERNOONS F U L L T I M E position now available on the afternoon shift Skilled nursing facilities for RN or LPN interested in the challenge of Geriatric Nursing Excellent wage 4 benefits including shift differential, paid health 4 pension plan Tuition reimbursement, individualized in service to meet your needs Contact Kay Kermode, RN. Director of Nursing, University Convalescent Home. 28550 Five Mile Rd Livonia 427-8270



Farmington Nursing Home 30405 Folsom, Farmington




19810 Farmington, Livonia

Part Time - Midnight Shift Prentis Manor Jewish Home for the Aged Southfield


STAMPING PLANT MANAGER 20 years minimum jobbing shop experience in medium tonnage and medium volumn s t a n d i n g s Must be able to manage a 3 shift operation Pay according to managerial ability MEG Inc, Farmington Rills 478 3350

Ardmore Acres Hospital

TEMPORARY H E L P SERVICE We need experienced word processors secretaries 4 typists with 60-65 WPM Call for an i m m m e d i a t e appt


Full time, afternoon shift. Nursing home in Farmington area. Call Mrs. Rich.





MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Assistant Good pay. benefits Western Wayne County Experienced and must type Full time. 4 V* to 5 ^ days weekly Send resume to Box 392. Observer 4.Eccen- P a r t time Midnights, in this modern tric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft nursing home Good starting salary Rd.. Livonia, Michigan 48150 Hospital insurance Come in and see Mrs Ferguson at Nightengale West, NEW COLLEGE GRAD quadraplegic 8365 Newburgh Rd., Westland near Joy needs aids Training available if need ed, must be flexible, dependable 4 Ii An Equal Opportunity Employer terate Call a f t e r 5pm 477 6478


MODELS needed Tuesday May 4th, Short wedge, long wedge Tuesday May II, long layered 4 bob Salon Bridgette, 649 1240 Immediate openings for long term asEXCELLENT Opportunity for person MULTI PLANT - nationwide m a n u f a c signments for T E L E P H O N E SALES to assist home improvement depart- turer with national offices io F a r m i n g CENTER Afternoon shift 4 PM to ment in obtaining business Must have ton Hills requires an assistant produe 12:30 AM Mon thru F r i , or weekend own c a r Call between 9 30am 1 l a m or tion scheduler This entry level position shifts available Birmingham area Call 4pm-5pm, ask for Dan 53&-7350 requires a minimum 2 yrs college with 362-1180 between 9 AM A 5 PM Must strong math 4 communication skills be 18 and have own transportation E X P E R I E N C E D BUTCHER Diverse responsibilities with liaison ex Sales experience required Wanted for Canton area Call 10AM posure to sales, production, purchasing 6PM Monday thru Sat Ask for C«rol or 4 accounting Very comfortable 4 m o d John 45)2771 e m facilities Please mail r e s u m e with salary history 4 requirements to, LDI, E X P E R I E N C E D MEAT CUTTER Scheduling Dept 30700 Northwestern Dads Meat Market Hwy Farmington Hills, Mi 48018 284JO Joy Rd , Livonia No telephone call, please Apply in person E X P E R I E N C E D or will train help in catering kitchen must be clean ft neat, must have references Livonia a r e a Call for appointment 591 -4000

MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Insurance biller for General Practitioner's office Minimum 2 years experience 4 days, no evenings. Redford Call between 11 AM and 5 PM, 937-8124


T e m p o r a r y work assignments available for experienafd Word Processing Oper ators Needed for the Following applications 4 equipment MECHANIC I^gal NBI 3000 for heating, air conditioning and refrig I-anierN.P eration Must be experienced Please Sales Marketing Xerox 850 860 call 547 8033 Engineering IBM 056 Finance QYX MICHIGAN HUMAN SERVICES CPT Foster Care P r o g r a m announces new Redactron Foster Parent Orientation & Training | IBM Mag 2 Meetings starting May 10 We a r e look Wang IBM Display IVriter ing for private families lo foster hard Vydec Excellent Benefits to place youth 4 teenagers Call for in formation 834-7700


MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST, Experi enced for Orthopedic Office, Southfield area Good typing skills and knowledge of pegboard 4 insurance 569 2369

RN OR LPN Full time day shift, afternoon part time 4 midnight part t i m e Positions available for a nurse with leadership abilities In a basic nursing home Hospital ization, excellent salary 4 paid vaca tion Apply in person al 28910 I'lym outh Rd, Livonia


502 Help Wanted DentahMedical

DENTAL ASSISTANT, Full Career opportuity for caring, person Experience necessary practice

MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Experi enced, part time, flexible hours OB/ GYN office. Canton Dependable selfs t a r t e r For appointment 474 4590

DENTAL ASSISTANT - Experienced We a r e seeking a m a t u r e responsible only, for general dentist in Farmington person as rental agent for rental office Hills, part time. 4 handed chairside, of large established apt complex in Tues , F r i , half day Sat, No eves Sal Oak Park Must have rental experience, ary commensurate with experience good office skills 4 ability to deal with To head 300-bed Detroit area 476-8330 the public in person 4 on the phone hospital therapy department E X P E R I E N C E 4 R E F E R E N C E S REResponsible for m a n a g e m e n t DENTAL ASSISTANT QUIRED Pjease Call Weekdays 10 Motivated individual for growing oral and development of the ser AM 5 PM vice Must have 3 years expe surgery practice in Novi Must have a rience preferably in a general minimum of 1 year's experience as hospital Competitive salary chairside assistant in oral surgery or and fringe benefits Send let general dental setting Must be able to RESEARCH INTERVIEWERS needed ter or r e s u m e to provide recent references Long hours, for door to door research project in benefits, pleasant working environWayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw. ment Call for interview befween Box #372 Monroe 4 Livingston counties No sales 9AM 12 Noon 476 0800 Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers solicitation required or permitted Must 36251 Schoolcraft have car 4 bf able tp work some even DENTAL HYGENIST Livonia, Mi 48150 ings 4 weekends Send brief resume to Full or part time Market Inter-views, 17320 W 12 Mile, Garden City area Equal Opportunity Employer Southfield, M| 48076 No pfcone calls 421-1181 After 5pm 349-6767 RESIDENT MANAGER COUPLE for small apartn^ent complex Must bf hanDENTAL HYGIENIST dy with tools 4 able to meet the public P a r t time, Saturday from 10-2. possibly Ideal for retired or semi-retired couple more time in the fall 652-10)1 Apartment ptus nominal salary Call af ter 4pm, 354-0423 DENTAL HYGIENIST needed for modern office in Garden City Must be enRETAIL CLOTHING MGR Full or part time position, thusiastic 4 friendly Flexible 2 to $ Sharp experienced person Salary Open days a week Prefer having at least 1 must be licensed or eligible, in Employment Center Michigan 297-bed general year experience Call, 421-5200 hospital offering wide variety 334 6910 DENTAL RECEPTIONIST full time, of cases including orthopedics, R E T I R E E PORTER experience preferred, Rochester area neurologic, chest, a m p u t e e s Ladies dress shop Birmingham Light 652-1100 and pain control Excellent porter work, 3 hours daily, 9am 12 salary and fringe benefits MeaningContact the Personnel office noon, Mon-Sat Call 641-6965 DENTAL RECEPTIONIST full c a r e e r opportunity for caring SALES CORRESPONDENT cheerfulperson Financial r e w a r d s Distributor o)f hydraulic seals reouires Good verbal skills, indepth experience individual to maintain telephone 4 let- Birmingham 646-6363 ter contact with customers, price 4 expedite orders, p r e p a r e quotations DENTAL RECEPTIONIST Should have ability to move p a p e r Thorough dental knowledge of insur26400 Outer Drive ance and ledger accounting procedures Lincoln Park. MI 48146 work, mechanical ability helpful Ex (313)386 2000, ext. 268 cellent benefit program, profit sharing for large dental practice in Waterford 681-8100 Send r e s u m e detailing experience to Township Call Joanne, Equal Opportunity Employer Box 413, Farmington Hills, MI 48024 DENTAL RECEPTIONIST, experiSERVICE STATION Attendent, full 4 enced in reception 4 insurance work, 5W days a week, 9am 6pm 4 Sat 9am- RECEPTIONIST for Livonia medical part time 4 midnights, apply in rierson Mon noon i 5 Tues 10-2 at 4242 l p m Send resume to Box 368, Observ- office, must be able to type, call be 474 0144 er 4 Eccentric Newspapers, 3625) tween 9-5 Baldwin at I-?5 junction, P^ntiac Schoolcraft R d , Livonia, Michigan RECEPTIONIST experienced, full SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT 48150 time, for busy physicians office Excel full or part time Apply in person, Mon, lent typing required Southfield area DENTAL TECHNICIAN (2) noon to 5pmi Tues, 10am-2pm 36420 Plymouth Rd. corner Plymouth 4 For dental specialist, experienced in Send resume to Mrs Kay. Suite 275 4400 denture construction Salary commen- Town Center, Southfield, 48075 Levan, Livonia surate with ability 277-4955 SHIPPING 4 RECEIVING Opening for steady reliable, strong indi vidual in the branch warehouse o f a national rubber-manufacturer Shipping 4 We a r e currently seeking Registered receiving, coupling hose and v»rious TURN IT INTO PERSONAL PROFIT Nurses to fill the following positions other duties Some mechanical (mow Emergency Room, afternoons. AT DENTAL CERAMICS, INC how required,' Opportunity for advance part time (temporary) ment (or the right person Call for a p Do you have artistic talent 9 Turn it into Special Care, midnights, pointment apd subsequent interview personal profit - become a Dental Techpart time 261-4450 nician at Mason Dental Ceramics. No An Equal Opportunity Efriployjer experience necessary on the job train- We offer a highly competitive salary ing Part t i m e positions available to and benefit package Interested appli SOUS C H E F for country club Experi cants please call Personnel work from 9 AM 3 PM., Mon • Fri enced C I A graduate desired Upward 523 6685 Starting wage, $3 75 per hour Apply in mobility potential Good salary, bene Metropolitan West Hospital 4 person at fits, 1 month paid vacation Resumes to Joy Rd Health Center MASON DENTAL CERAMICS box 346 Observer 4 Eccentric Newspa 28303 Joy Rd , Westland 32320 Five Mile Rd pers, 36251 t Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, An Equal Opportunity Employer Livonia, Michigan f r o m 8-5 PM Michigan 48150

MATURE SALESPERSON For part time bakery counter, 4AM 10AM Southfield area 357-1926

MIDDLEAGE or retiree for night grounds work ferooklane Golf Course Northville Call Mr Northrop Mon thru Fri 8 to 11 AMI 348 1010

SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR needed immediately Apply George Ma tick Chevrolet. 14001 Telegraph, Red ford

MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Mature, experienced for busy Southfield office Full time Send resume to Box 310 Observer 4 Eccentric Newspa pers, 36251 Schoolcraft Rd ~ Livonia, Michigan 48150

504 Help Wanted Office-Clerical

502 Help Wanted Dental-Medical

502 Help Wanted Dental-Medical

502 Help Wanted Dental-Medical

500 Help Wanted

500 Help Wanted

CLERICAL POSITION Experienced in machine tool envior onment required Must have good or ganizational skills ability to work well with minimum direction Duties include filing typing posting working with blueprints Attractive Salary excellent benefit program Send resume to P O Box 207 Northiville. Mi 4816T PART TIME CLERK TYPIST Small Birmingham office needs an at curate typist good with figures and a nice personality to (ill in where needed Send resume to Box "408 Observer & Eccentric Newspapers. 36251 School cralt Rd Livonia Michigan 48150 CLERK TYPIST experienred depend Jhle. m a t u r e non smoker Please send resume to box 386 Observer 4 Fx'cen trie Newspapers. 36251 Schoolcraft Rd Livonia Michigan 48150 CLERK TYPIST One girl office good spelling i typing Light bookkepping Send r e s u m e to Box 374 Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft Rd Livonia Michi gan 48150


569 7500 525 0330 565 8060

WITT SERVICES The t e m p o r a r y Help People



BRIGHT FI Tl R E awaits you u ith a prestigious international firm Friendly company needs youi good medical t>p ing and experience Good starting sal ary benefits and your new boss pays our fee CALL TOI)AY company anx IOUS to hire this week

Suburban Office Services

PERMANENT STAFF 477-9840 353-0505 651-1500 SOUTHFIELD


500 Help Wanted

SENIOR PROGRAMMER Life Insurance Company Has a position Available in Its expanding IBM 4331 Installation Or a Senior Programmer vyith 3-5 years experience in an on-line Environment. Experience in COBOL, CICS, DOS/VSE, VSAM, JCL, setting up system standards and communications required. Excellent working conditions and employee benefits package. Please Submit Resume With Salary History & Requirements to:


COLLECTOR Metropolitan Savings has an immediate opening for a Collector with experience preferrably in Installment Loan collections. Applicants must be self-starters, have ability to keep detailed reports and manage own time effectively Must have good driving record and willing to perform outside collections an average of 20% of the time. Salaried position with excellent company paid benefits including BC/BS, health, dental and drugs, life and disability and pension plan. Qualified applicants may obtain applications at any branch office. For nearest location, please call: P«rsonn«l Department 851-5300

Please call, 862-3400, Ext. 124

Metropolitan Savings Association

MEDICAL LAB TECHNICIAN P a r t time position available in p r i v a t e lab Sun , Mon Tues Call Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM. 557-8080

Equal Opportunity Employ*




1 1







V I-A.* v ^



Monday, May 3,1982'


504 Help Wanted Office-Clerical

504 Help Wanted Office-Clerical


DISPATCHER/ TYPIST FULL TIME For M a r k e t i n g Field O f f i c e Applicant m u s t h a v e good c o n u n u n l c a 50 Wf icial for this lis poi customer contact sition F o r w a r d r e s u m e to P O Bo* J603, MI 4IOI4 ual O p p o r t u n i t y E m p l o y e r M / F EXCEPTIONALLY sharp, experienced o f f i c e person with a c c u r a t e typing and ability t o function in busy Office surroundings Between 10AM 1PM. 353-4150 E X E C U T I V E S e c r e t a r y to d e m a n d i n g , high p r e s s u r e . Troy a r e a V I P Short hand 80 plus, excellent skill!, $8 hour plus T e m p o r a r y Specialist 354 3810

Are you e x p e r i e n c i n g Job s a t i s f a c t i o n * Ii your Income keeping p a c e with inflation'' U your c a r e e r p r o g r e s s i n g or a r e you left feeling s t a g n a n t * Are you weary of seeing the s a m e old t i r e d f a c e s ? Are you r e a d y for a c h a n g e In e m p l o y m e n t ? Telephone us We c a n h a v e you discovering new o p p o r t u n i t i e s and s t a r t i n g with a new e m p l o y e r F o r a courteous and professional e v a l u a t i o n of your skills as they r e l a t e to the m a r k e t p l a c e , simply telephone of mail your r e s u m e T h e r e is never a cl you for our results-oriented pla assistance Evening appointmen a v a i l a b l e for your convenience


EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER P a r t t i m e 2 d a y week B i r m i n g h a m church Call b e t w e e n 10-5 P M only 624-0840

Ex-Secretary WANTED C o m e back to work for CDI T e m p o r a r y S e r v i c e s Don't let your typing and s h o r t h a n d skills lie idle I m m e d i a t e openings CALL K A R E N or T E R R Y at




FIRM T h a i s u m s up the o f f e r of this top group E x c h a n g e $$ for s t r o n g Sec y skills on P a r t n e r s Row Challenge yourself and call


3000 TOWN C E N T E R , S U I T E 2580 S O U T H F I E L D , MICH 4807J Southfield 351-0040 Dearborn 522-3140 R e n a i s s a n c e Center 567-0141 Troy 649 2042 LEGAL S E C R E T A R Y r a r e opportunity B i r m i n g h a m l a w y e r will t r a i n s e n * able e d u c a t e d w o m a n in law 4 parale^ gal Si pay her education expense, Nice environment, Immediate 64$-0750 LEGAL S E C R E T A R Y P r o m i n e n t B i r m i n g h a m Law fit Bingham F a r m s Center desire* experienced 1-egal S e c r e t a r y with excellent typing .skills .Salary c o m m e n s u r a t e with e x p e r i e n c e 64* 4433

• FLEXIBLE? $10,400 TO START Full and p a r t t i m e positions a r e now a v a i l a b l e lor e x p e r i e n c e d word proces sons and k e y p u n c h e r s Day a a d avening s h i f t s U r e a l benefits including tuition for right people Call Judy

SNELLING & SNELLING 478-3500 F O R M E R R E V E N U E Agen Desired (or e m p l o y m e n t a s chief a •countant 626-6410 B i r m i n g h a m a r e a Call G E N E R A L O F F I C E help ne«(ded- Typing, shorthand bookkeeping r e q u i r e d 355 0351 12 Mile 4 N o r t h w e s t e r n G E N E R A L OFFICE P a r t T i m e Afternoons m a t u e person, R e d f o r d a r e a Call or Apply at 14824 T e l e g r a p h Rd 531 1256 pleasant G E N E R A L O F F I C E work phone voice Troy o f f i c e . Full time posi 649 4004 tion GENERAL OFFICE S h a r 1 a n d dep e n d a b l e person with good si il Is, s o m e bookkeeping s h o r t h a n d and yping, for m o d e r n well equipped o f f i c K r a m e r Food C o m p a n y , 32021 l>d\i ard Rd , Madisan Heights G E N E R A L O F F I C E FilrfClerk Soulhlield l a w f i r m needs full lime a s distant able to c o n c e n t r a t e o n details, is poised 4 e n t h u s i a s t i c M w p m o f f i c e e x p e r i e n c e required 12 Mil« 4 South field Rd Send r e s u m e to O f f i c e Mana ter 30215 Southfield Rd Suite 115, Southfield Mich 48076 G I R L wanted for I n s u r a n c e o f f i c e Some e x p e r i e n c e d e s i r a b l e Call 652 4100 A f t e r 5pm %51 6488 INSURANCE SECRETARY Musr be e x p e r i e n c e d in c o m m e r c i a l , p r o p e r t y and c a s u a l t y Farmington Hills a r e a 553-2124

Join Our Pool & Use Your Skill

No where to go but up1 M a j o r f i r m needs a V S P , very special person, to work for new a s s o c i a t e Position reeri quires 1 2 y e a r s personal injury < xxperi- 5P " Fanence, tastic ssalary, t r o n g typing top benefits, Si d i c t afee p h opaifl n e Call S h e n Hill for personal interview



LEGAL SECRETARIES $15,000-$16,800 A t t r a c t i v e openings requiring finest of skills 4 e x p e r i e n c e Shorthand, typing, word processing Good benefits E m ployer paid fees Call for an appoint ment this week



NO E X P E R I E N C E NECESSARY People needed to work p a r t time in our Southfield o f f i c e $3 50 per hour plus bonus to s t a r t Hours 5pm 9 p m , Mon F r i Call a f t e r 3pm, • 353 5288 O F F I C E CLERICAL Assoc d e g r e e J u n e Kelly e x p e r i e n c e Word processing and c o m p u t e r e x p e r i e n c e Selfs t a r t e r , dependable, r e f e r e n c e s l,ivonta a r e a After 12 noon 42(2-4073

Office Manager Exceptional person needed with Secretarial skills. Bloomfield Hills location. Call b e t w e e n 8 4 11 AM or 2 to 4 PM w e e k d a y s

313-540-1616 O F F I C E P E R S O N F o r body shop, must h a v e s o m e bookkeeping e x p e r i e n c e SI know body shop t e r m i n o l o g y M e t r o Collision in Livonia 5 j 2 1320



P l a c e your classified want at) in Suburban Detroit's finest m a r k e t The Observer 4 E c c e n t r i c N e w s p a p e r s

591-0900 644-1070



Wayne Oakland Rochester/Avon

Use your Visa or M a s t e r C a f d

On going openings few long and short t e r m a s s i g n m e n t s

OPPORTUNITY knocks for excellent typist at plush T r o y law f i r m , no shorthand required. $12 000 with good bene fits Si fee paid

Call 478-8352



T e m p o r a r y Help Since 1946 LEGAL PART TIME Evenings 4 Weekends E x p e r i e n c e d Le gal S e c r e t a r y desired for Southfield law f i r m Dictaphone 4 word p n x j e s s m g ex p e r i e n c e n e c e w a r v Hours negotiable Call 353 3*90 LEGAL S E C R E T A R Y experienced, Bloomfield Hills law o f f i c e s a l a r y c o m m e n s u r a t e with e x p e r i e n c e , bene fits send r e s u m e t< 1411 Woodward, Suite 200 Bloomfield Hills, Mi 48013


PERSONNEL 1000 S Woodward Birmiftgaharn

646-5600 R e s u m e P r e p a r a t i o n Clasp

LEGAL S E C R E T A R Y Top flight 4 ex perienced for s m a l l busy s u b u r b a n law o f f i c e Shorthand 4 typing skills required Musi be f a m i l i a r with civil liti gallon G e n e r o u s s a l a r y P U a s e reply Box 322 O b s e r v e r 4 E c c e n t r i c N e w s p e r s 36251 S c h o o l c r a f t Rd . Livonia, tf. ichigan 48150 LEGAL S E C R E T A R Y F o r law f i r m in Southfield Must h a v e m i n i m u m of 2-3 yrs e x p e r i e n c e p r e f e r a b l y in personal injury Salary c o m m e n s u r a t e with ex 552 1000 p e r i e n c e Call

SECRETARY S e c r e t a r y needed in tiie C l a i m s |>ep t of a growing m e d i c a l m a l p r a c tice i n s u r a n c e c o m p a n y Knowledge of m e d i c a l legal t e r m i n o l o g y , excellent typing d i c t a p h o n e skills proficient speller and a professional a t t i t u d e a must Excellent c a r e e r o p p o r t u n i t y with c o m p e t i v e c o m p e n s a t i o n p a c k a g e If interested please send r e s « m e to

$5 Mon May 10, 4 pm To h e a r m o r e about our classi call Dial A J o b 646 8780 I O R D E R DESK HAMTRAMCK LOCATION A c c u r a t e typing legible h a n d w r i t i n g and good f i g u r e a p t i t u d e $<00 per month good benefits Fee Paid , LEGAL S E C R E T A R Y DOWNTOWN Dictaphone e x p e r i e n c e , word processing a plus S a l a r y , $13,500 ranjge with good b e n e f i t s F e e Paid

BETTY HAMIL PERSONNEL 424-8470 S E C R E T A R Y to work for sales m a n a er, p a r t time in R e d f o r d T w p a r e a lust be p r o m p t , h a v e ability to do sta tistical work, be personable, good typ^ ing & d i c t a p h o n e skills Call Fril l-4pm only & Mon 1 4 p m only 435-7704 An E q u a l Opportunity E m p l o y e r


Stratton-Cheeseman Management Company 6735 T e l e g r a p h Rd , Suite 205 B i r m i n g h a m , Mich , 49010 Att n P e r s o n n e l M a n a g e r An Equal Opportunity E m p l o y e r


I,egal S e c r e t a r y / R e c e p t i o # i s t Beginning position with s m a l l B l r m i n g h a m f i r m E x p e r i e n c e d e s i r a b l e Typing BOwpm Shorthand 4 word p r o c e s s ing e x p e r i e n c e d e s i r a b l e Call (47 6546

504 Help Wanted Office-Clerical

ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY ADVERTISING AGENCY I m m e d i a t e o p p o r t u n i t y for sharp, energetic c a r e e r - o r i e n t e d individual possessing excellent t y p i n g a n d s h o r t h a n d skills for s u p p o r t activities of Executive M a n a g e r . A d m i n i s t r a t i v e responsibilities a n d client c o n t a c t an integral part of this position. Excellent salary and benefit package. Reply in c o n f i d e n c e to:

967-1313, ext. 143

DESMOND & ASSOCIATES INC. 20700 Greenfield Rd. Oak Park, Mi 48237

PRODUCTION TYPIST Applications are currently being accepted for vacancies i/UDf Southfield area. Applicants must be Oakland County residents, High School graduate or equivalent, able to type 55 w p.m AND have 2 years full time clerical experience OR have completed a course in the operation of electronic automatic typewriting equipment Salary range $11,497 - $15,883 For further information or application package, please contact the Personnel Department:

505 Help Wanted Food-Beverage

e m p l o y m e n t with Troy Law f i r m . Sala r y c o m m e n s u r a t e with e x p e r i e n c e 879 8640 Call A R Baslle,

Vlasic Foods, Inc is seeking an O r d e r Scheduler for the T r a f f i c D e p a r t m e n t This entry-level position p r o v i d e s t h e o p p o r t u n i t y for c o n t a c t with b r o k e r s a n d c u s t o m e r s , p r o b l e m solving and light filing T h e ideal c a n d i d a t e will be detail-oriented and a b l e t o w o r k In a busy e n v i r o n m e n t at a f a s t p a c e Exper i e n c e on a 10-key adding m a c h i n e is r e q u i r e d a n d TWX is b e n e f i c i a l F o r consideration please call

Vlasic Foods Inc 851-9400 33200 W 14 M I L E R D WEST B L O O M F I E L D MI 48033 E q u a l Opportunity E m p l o y e r M / F / H PROFESSIONAL OFFICE Person needed, p e r m a n e n t p a r t t i m e position (20 hours per week) for B i r m i n g h a m o f f i c e Good telephone m a n n e r , accur a t e typist, d i c t a p h o n e helpful S a l a r v c o m m e n s u r a t e with e x p e r i e n c e Call 8 a m 4pm 645 9666

PROOF OPERATORS We need E X P E R I E N C E D Proof Opera tors for Southfield Area R e c e n t experie n c e is required

SECRETARY West Bloomfield property management firm seeks self starter with good communication & office skills. Will train.

626-8220 S O U T H F I E L D LAW F I R M • E x p e r i enced legal s e c r e t a r y d e s i r e d t o handle special a r e a of p r a c t i c e S u p e r v i s o r y skills, excellent typing & d i c t a p h o n e essential Call 353-3890 T H E WORLDlS largest chain of convenience s t o r e s has an i m m e d i a t e opening In their a c c o u n t i n g o f f i c e for an Accounting Clerk Tnis individual m u s t h a v e c a l c u l a t o r d e x t e r i t y , good m a t h skills, and p r e f e r a b l y r e t a i l e x p e r i e n c e We h a v e excellent e m p l o y e e b e n e f i t s Applications m a y b e filled out at t h e 7Eleven Stores, District Office, 14111 F a r m i n g t o n R d . Livonia, Michigan 48154 E q u a l Opportunity E m p l o y e r M / F / H TROY F I R M needs S e c r e t a r y with liability e x p e r i e n c e Will t r a i n person with exceptional skills Must be proficient with d i c t a p h o n e and type at least 70 w p m Good finge b e n e f i t s Call 879 5 1 5 0 e x t 110

1200 N Telegraph • Pontiac. Ml 48053 (313) 858-0530 An £ q u « l Opportunity a n d Affirmative Action Employ or Daniel I


C o u n t y f «»-i u l i v e

BARTENDERS, waiters, w a l t r * » « i Full & p a r t t i m e positions E x p e r i e n c e d only a p p l y Mon thru F r i betwuen 1< 5pm, Tigris Supperclub. " 5845 M e r r i m s n at Vanborn BARTENDER WANTED Apply within I l a m I p m 16825 Middlebelt, Livonia See J e r r y BLOOMFIELD C H A R L E Y R Now a c c e p t i n g applications for a full t i m e , m a t u r e , h o s t / b o s t e s s . evenings Apply In ft person at 5656 W M Maole ap|a, W Bloomfield i field An Equal Opportunity E m p l o y e r

PART TIME BUS BOYS Apply in person

NUGGET RESTAURANT 30685 W. 12 Mile Rd. Farmington BUS PERSONS, Dishwashers, f o r d a y s Good pay, good tips Apply in person Cotsts Food 4 Spirits, 15800 Middlebelt b e t w e e n 5 4 6 Mile Rd C E N T E R S T A G E now hiring e x p e r i enced b a r t e n d e r s 4 w a i t e r s / w a i t r e s s e s in person only 6 p m 7pm T h u r s , Sat 39940 Ford Rd , Canton


TYPISTS Secretaries

Full 4 p a r t t i m e Must be e x p e r i e n c e d with eggs Neat 4 clean Bus person full t i m e , d a y s Apply In person. F l a m e R e s t a u r a n t . 38170 G r a n d River, F a r m i n g t o n Hills

Equal Opportunity Employer M / F / H

General & Legal

Call 354-0557


Temporary Services

R E C E P T I O N I S T for busy c h i r o p r a c t i c clinic in Southfield a r e a P a r t time, af ternoons and e v e n i n g s Call T u e s d a y 623 2288 RECEPTIONIST, Typist, part/full t i m e Good telephone personality, l i f e i n s u r a n c e e x p e r i e n c e helpful South field a r e a Linda 358-2770 RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY With good typing and o r g a n i z a t i o n a l skills Shorthand d e s i r a b l e Duties in e l u d e phone, g e n e r a l o f f i c e and book keeping E x p e r i e n c e n e c e s s a r y Call Mary P r u s s . M u r r a y ' s Discount Auto Stores, 427-2770


Beautiful o f f i c e in p r i m e Southfield location Good typing and telephone talent for this 1 $9,100 t o s t a r t


RECEPTIONIST SECRETARY Friendly s u b u r b a n c o m p a n y has i m m e d i a l e opening for excellent typist with telephone skills This front desk spot offers a c h a l l e n g e and public c o n t a c t Re^ lated e x p e r i e n c e is r e q u i r e d C o m p a n y o f f e r s excellent s t a r t i n g salary, f a n t a s tic f r i n g e s and pays our fee



M A N U F A C T U R E R S R E P in electron ics looking for full t i m e person for ord e r entry, s e c r e t a r i a l position Southfield Call b e t w e e n 8 3 0 a m - 5 p m 352-0110 SECRETARIAL/GENERAL OFFICE M a t u r e person with good typing and s h o r t h a n d skills F o r o f f i c e in F a r m i n g ton Hills Call 855 4343 SECRETARIES, PERMANENT PART T I M E , (2), for job s h a r i n g p r o g r a m E x cellent g e n e r a l o f f i c e skills required Livonia Send r e s u m e to box 380 Obs e r v e r & E c c e n t r i c N e w s p a p e r s , 36251 S c h o o l c r a f t R d , Livonia, Michigan 48150 SECRETARY, BOOKKEEPER Self m o t i v a t e d individual for s m a l l i m p o r t e x p o r t f i r m in Southfield Duties in elude light typing, phone, g e n e r a l book keeping S o m e e x p e r i e n c e n e c e s s a r y Calf b e t w e e n 10am-12 noon 557-3353 SECRBTARY excellent o p p o r t u n i t y for e x p e r i e n c e d S e c r e t a r y Good typing, shorthand and d i c t a p h o n e B i r m i n g h a m c o m p a n y $12,500 plus benefits

LOIS RAY PERSONNEL 559-0560 S E C R E T A R Y - e x p e r i e n c e d , full t i m e lor Livonia e n g i n e e r i n g f i r m , p e r m a nent long t e r m opening for one who is self m o t i v a t e d 4 e a g e r to l e a r n J o b entails working with c o n t r a c t s , typing 7p WPM m i n i m u m reouired, a c c u r a c y is essential Shorthand nelpful, ' 591-2271 ext 6 SECRETARY Insurance agency needs d e p e n d a b l e , pleasant 4 e n t h u s i a s t i c person with good basic s e c r e t a r i a l skills E x c e l l e n t potential for personal 4 financial growth Will involve e x t e n s i v e telephone work F o r a p p l i c a t i o n 4 appoint m e n t please call G e o r g e H u m p h r e y 835 7434 An Equal O p p o r t u n i t y E m p l o y e r


Detroit Southfield

International c o m p a n y has i m m e d i a t e opening in Southfield a u t o m o t i v e sales o f f i c e Tor a S e c r e t a r y Sales Coordina tor The individual must h a v e good typ^ ing, shorthand, and c l e r i c a l skills Be a s e l f - s t a r t e r with a m i n i m u m s u p e r v i sion T a c t f u l and be able to c o m m u n i c a t e both verbally and in writing Good salary and c o m p r e h e n s i v e benefit pack age included Send r e s u m e including s a l a r y r e q u i r e m e n t s to Box 388, Olv server 4 E c c e n t r i c N e w s p a p e r s , 36251 Schoolcraft R d , Livonia. Michigan 48150 SECRETARY Minimum 3 y e a r s e x p e r i e n c e with t y p ing 4 s h o r t h a n d r e q u i r e d Record keep^ ing Si word processing e x p e r i e n c e p r e f e r r e d Call Donna al L a w r e n c e Instit u t e of Technology. %56-0200 ext 138

Secretary/Receptionist Farmington Hills based shoppping center developer is seeking an experienced individual to perform secretarial and receptionist duties with light bookkeeping responsibilities. Good shorthand and typing skills necessary. Excellent working conditions and good benefits. 8:30 to 5 pm. 851-8800 SECRETARY RECEPTIONIST I n t e r e s t e d a p p l i c a n t s m u s t h a v e al least 3-5 y e a r s o f f i c e e x p e r i e n c e Good typing and c o m m u n i c a t i o n skills necess a r y No s h o r t h a n d r e q u i r e d We o f f e r excellent s a l a r y for qualified individual for this full t i m e position in the 10 M i l e / T e l e g r a p h a r e a Your own t r a n s portation is required P l e a s e call E d w a r d Rose 4 Sons, 352-0952 An Equal Opportunity E m p l o y e r LEGAL SECRETARY Corporate with IBM m e m o r y , needed for tempoithfleld, $7 hour Call r a r y job In South 354-3810 T e m p o r a r y Specialists

COOK wanted full or p a r t time, Apply in person M a x i m i l l i a n s 4616 N Wood ward COOK WANTED nights, full t i m e Italian e x p e r i e n c e n e c e s s a r y Apply in ierson. M a m a Mia s R e s t a u r a n t , 27770 'lymouth Rd , Livonia DINING ROOM H E L P , full time, 11 a m 7.30 p m Mon thru F r i must be e x p e r i enced. P l y m o u t h a r e a Call 455-0510 E X P E R I E N C E D banquet waiters, wa tresses. Bus boys 4 dishwashers, night o p e r a t i o n , please a p p l y Southfield l a n o r between 5-8 pm 25626 TeleManor T e l e g r a p h ) N of g r a p h Rd (10 Mile Raleigh House

OLSTEN Temporary Services

Equal Opportunity E m p l o y e r M / F / H T Y P I S T / W o r d processing o p e r a t o r for F e r n d a l e agency, e x p e r i e n c e d E x c e l lent ?enume*-ation B e n e f i t s 4 profit s h a r i n g Send r e s u m e to Box 316, Obs e r v e r Si E c c e n t r i c N e w s p a p e r s . 36251 S c h o o l c r a f t R d , Livonia, Michigan 48150 WORD PROCESSING O P E R A T O R for Southfield law f i r m Legal e x p e r i e n c e with word processing, C R T 4 high speed p r i n t e r p r e f e r a b l e or will t r a i n Hours 6 45AM t o I 3 0 P M Send r e s u m e with e x p e r i e n c e Si s a l a r y r e q u i r e m e n t s to Box 103. 3000 Town Center, South field. Mi 48075

WORD PROCESSING SPECIALIST M a j o r Southlield based f i r m needs an e x p e r i e n c e d professional f a m i l i a r with xerox 850 e q u i p m e n t 9-5 job with paid o v e r t i m e , full benefits, g e n e r o u s s t a r t ing s a l a r y F E E P A I D Call Sheri Hill for personal (nterview HUSH'

HOSTESS/Host 4 C o c k t a i l / F o o d Wai t r e s s e s Waiter E x p e r i e n c e n e c e s s a r y Good w o r k i n g conditions Apply in person, Red T i m b e r s , 40380 G r a n d R i v e r . Novi HOTEL RESTAURANT Management g r a d u a t e s with e x p e r i e n c e Apply in person. Wed - S a t , 2 30-4 PM ONLY M a y f l o w e r Hotel, 827 Ann Arbor Trail, P l y m o u t h . Michigan L I N E COOKS- for d a y s and a f t e r n o o n s P r e f e r older and responsible person Good pay and good working conditions Apply in person between 9AM-3PM Gotsis Fobd 4 Spirits. 15800 Middlebelt bet ween 5 4 6 Mile R d s P A R T T I M E DOORMAN 4 e x p e r i enced dining r o o m help needed Call 855-3860 a f t e r 2PM







Word Processing Operators WANG XEROX (800/860) JACQUARD


K E L L Y S E R V I C E S puts your skills to work at t e m p o r a r y a s s i g n m e n t s Must h a v e at least 6 m o n t h s e x p e r i e n c e If interested, dall the o f f i c e n e a r e s t you for an a p p o i n t m e n t Mon t h r u F r i between 9 AM 4 3 P M

29449 W, 6 Mile. Livonia 522-4020 4000 Town Center (suite 1225)

Southfield 352-7490 999 W. Big Beaver, Troy (suite 100)

362-1180 2239 S. Telegraph Bloomfield Hills 642-9650 3233 Woodward Ave. (S of 12 Mile


COOKS N E E D E D E x p e r i A i e e not required Full time • d a y s 4 nights Apply 44681 W Ann Ar bor Rd . P l y m o u t h and 37123 W 6 Mile, Livonia

Berkley Square)

Berkley 398-7900 100 Renaissance Center (suite 1650)

Detroit 259-1400

KELLY SERVICES "The Kelly Girl P e o p l e " E q u a l Opportunity E m p l o y e r M / F / H WORD PROCESSOR needed for South field a r e a Sales S e c r e t a r y job 1 y e a r experience, any model Call T e m p o r a r y Specialists 3)4-3810 WORD PROCESSORS I year e x p e r i ence, any models, needed for t e m p o r a r y jobs in tri-county a r e a T e m p o r a r y Specialists 354 3810

505 Help Wanted Food-Beverage ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS Opening soOn d e l i c a t e s s e n / s n a c k b a r / a m u s e m e n t c e n l e r Positions a v a i l a b l e Experienced counter help/sandwich p r e p a r a t i o n Apply in person

Captain Cozmo's Video Station O R C H A R D L A K E ROAD & M A P L E IN T H E O R C H A R D MALL

We have requirements for aggressive Individuals who can communicate well and will work from their home. A telephone Is all that Is really required to perform this job There are a minimum amount of performance standards to be met. However, the qualified candidates will manage their own time. You will be paid through commissions. A brief training program will be necessary.

Multiple Technologies Corp. 353-0131

$15,000 P L U S Killer the P eersonnel r s o n n e l field and b e c o m e _ Employ Of the Worlds L a rge»t | rpart men! Her vice We provide contiguous training, benefits, and excellent income potential C a n d i d a t e must be self m o t i v a t e d Degree and Sales experi em e helpful Call Mr Bookstan

3NELLING & SNELLING 649-5900 | IX) YOU R U N OUT O F MONEY b e f o r e you run out of m o n t i ' T u r n the tables with e x t r a Income f r o m interest Ina p a r t time work Local ^ m w a y dist r i b u t o r t r a i n s you for splendid oppor tunlty 689 4080

Experience^ Real Estate Per$ons Tired of the c r o w d e d o f f i c e r We h a v e a coxy, but p r o f e s s i o n a l a t m o s p h e r e to of fer you Talk t o us about
LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESPERSONS B e c o m e a m e m b e r of t h e World's l a r g e s t , R e s o r t T i m e - S h a r i n g Market Co and involve yourself with Ihe f a s t e s t growing industry in today's Real E s t a t e Market T r a i n i n g provided F o r confi dential interview, c o n t a c t M a r l e n e G a s v o d a . P l y m o u t h Office, 453 2210, or Hall Hess, B i r m i n g h a m Office. 644-7456


GALLERY OF H O M E S 453-2210 LINGERIE S a l e s w o m a n 3 d a y s per week, 10 6 p m including Sat E x p e r i e n c e selling ladies a p p a r e l n e c e s s a r y Lu Lu's Lingerie. 12 Mile 4 E v e r g r e e n , 355-5599 Management Trainee program offered by national s e r v i c e o p e r a t i o n 10 15 hours to s t a r l High e a r n i n g s 4 benefits Mr Evans. 1pm - 4pm 478 4492 N A P L E S . FLA Where e v e r yy week has wi 7 d aivs y s of sun ADVERTISING SALES POSITION open for self m o t i v a t e d , ene r g e t i c person desirous of m a k i n g $30,000 $50,000 per y e a r 3 y e a r s expe^ r i e n c e p r e f e r r e d Send r e s u m e lo Dan R e a d e r P O Box 8022. Naples, F l a 33941, or c a l l a f t e r 7pm e x c e p t T h u r s day (813)261 5330 NEED 4 PEOPLE with M a n a g e m e n l . T e a c h e r or Sales Background or who h a v e owned a s m a l l business Must have a good self i m a g e 4 be able t o handle l a r g e i n c o m e Call Richard Dick 941-9415 NEW YORK T I M E S Seeks e x p e r i e n c e d p h o n e solicitors please call 4 ask for Mr S t a r l e r 552 9600

PIZZA M A K E R S E x p e r i e n c e d and d e p e n d a b l e need only apply Top pay F a r m i n g t o n Hills location A f t e r 4 PM. call 626-6333

Full l i m e openings for SALES MANA GER TRAINEES Company trainingplus rapid a d v a n c e m e n t Call for appointment

S E R V E R S - E x p e r i e n c e essential Over 18 and n e a t in a p p e a r a n c e Apply in person between 2 and 4 PM daily to Cyprus G a r d e n s , 5830 Sheldon Rd Canton 455-7220


SOUS C H E F for country club E x p e r i enced C I A g r a d u a t e desired U p w a r d mobility potential Good s a l a r y , benefits. 1 month paid vacation R e s u m e s to box 346 O b s e r v e r 4 E c c e n t r i c Newspapers, 36251 S c h o o l c r a f t Rd , Livonia, Michigan 48150 WAITER WAITRESS P a r t time for e x c l u s i v e p r i v a t e c o u n t r y club in Long Lake, Middlebelt a r e a Minimum 5 y e a r s full s e r v i c e experie n c e required For i n t e r v i e w call Monday thru Friday. 10 4 8514214 An Equal O p p o r t u n i t y E m p l o y e r

Now quor Lazy Lake

WAITPERSONS hiring full 4 p a r t time, p r e f e r li sales e x p e r i e n c e Apply in person. Lion R e s t a u r a n t . 2235 O r c h a r d Rd 858 8840

WAITRESSES Waiters, Barmaids Bartenders For Somebody's 4 Every body's Experience Preferred Must h a v e pleasant personality and be neat in a p p e a r a n c e Apply in person a f t e r 1PM at Somebody's. 13090 Inkster Rd . Redford Twp 532-0505

I \ \ R T T I M E POSITION A rapidly growing window c o m p a n y is looking for a g g r e s s i v e , self m o t i v a t e d , e x p e r i e n c e d individuals to m a k e app o i n t m e n t s for s a l e s p e r s o n s by phone 3 hour shifts, 10 to 1 P M , 1 t o 4 P M No other job $5 hour and bonus Beech Daly 4 6 Mile 535 9611 P H O N E SOLICITORS WANTED E x p e r i e n c e P r e f e r r e d 17 y e a r s or old er Will t r a i n if n e c e s s a r v Call b e f o r e 5PM 537-1616

PLACEMENT COUNSELORS Are your r e a d y for a new s t a r t ' If you have' at least 1 y e a r e x p e r i e n c e in the p l a c e m e n t of o f f i c e c l e r i c a l personnel, c o n t a c t us this week We a r e e x p a n d i n g and adding 2 counselors t o staff We of f e r an excellent c o m p e n s a t i o n plan, benefits and deluxe p r i v a t e o f f i c e s Inv e s t i g a t e these opportunities a n d se c u r e your f u t u r e with o u r established, growth oriented organization


WAITRESS WAITER Experienced, over 18 y e a r s old Aftrnoon work for f a m i l y r e s t a u r a n t Call b e t w e e n 2 6pm daily, ask for Mr P e t e r s o n , 363 3337 WAI TRESS WAITER E x p e r i e n c e d in fine food and c o c k t a i l s 3 4 nights a week Call for i n t e r v i e w , 537-1450

506 Help Wanted Sales ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS I m m e d i a t e openings for full and p a r t lime, sales e x p e r i e n c e required Apply in person F r i d a y only b e t w e e n 10-5 P M Olson E l e c t r o n i c s , 200 N Wayne Rd Westland or call 4 ask for Bill 722 3440 An Equal O p p o r t u n i t y E m p l o y e r

3000 TOWN C E N T E R . S U I T E 2580 S O U T H F I E L D , MI 48075

353-6800 P R O F E S S I O N A L Sales position, nation al c o m p a n y , college d e g r e e and goal oriented $12,000 plus c o m m i s s i o n Lois Ray Personnel. 559 0560

QUEENS WAY TO FASHION o f f e r s the finest in fashion High i n c o m e possibilities, flexible hours Managem e n t opportunities and it's fun'

476-0518 261-3269



$20,000 FIRT YEAR T r a i n i n g and unlimited income, (salary plus commission), o f f e r e d in sales car e e r S u b u r b a n o f f i c e a 1 in our field A d v a n c e m e n t full benefits, economyproof industry Call S t e v e



a n d financially r e w a r d i n g If yoi> a r e d e s i r o u s of m a k i n g b e t w e e n $20,000 4 $100,000 per year - call us We o f f e r c o m p l e t e in house t r a i n i n g and a m a s sive a d v e r t i s i n g p r o g r a m 2 g r e a t localions in P l y m o u t h Contact

ALLEN T E S T P R O D U C T S Worlds leading m a n u f a c t u r e r of automotive test p r o d u c t s Exclusive d i s t r u b i t o r for g r e a t e r Metro Detroit a r e a looking for sales person nel, to join our t e a m We O f f e r P r o t e c t e d T e r r i t o r y Service and t r a i n i n g support Excellent p r o d u c t s including our new c o m p u t e r i z e d ( S m a r t Scope) Excellent e a r n i n g potential Contact Ann at Allen District Sales, Inc Phone 522 7709


ATTENTION We a r e looking for a s h a r p salesperson who has t o m a k e $50,000 a Year 352 4770




Local o f f i c e of a National Organization ALIBI LOUNGE a c c e p t i n g applica needs two full t i m e c a r e e r minded inditions, o p e n i n g s now for c o c k t a i l viduals, willing to work hard We o f f e r waitpersonS. must be e x p e r i e n c e d , ap- training, e a r n while you learn, choice of ply In person 11-4pm daily 6720 Ro^ location, potential, first y e a r e a r n i n g s Chester Rd Troy R o c h e s t e r a r e a in excess of $22,000 Call Roy b e t w e e n 1 0 - 1 l a m at 476 7000 W A I T R E S S / W A I T E R . Bus person, ex ASSISTANT MANAGER w a n t e d for perienced, full t i m e or p a r t t i m e Ask children's wear Must have prior r e t a i l for I s a a c or Maro, 9-11AM or 2 6PM m a n a g e m e n t e x p e r i e n c e Youth Center Tel Ex centler. Southfield 357-3570 Stores Tel-12 Mall location 353-1040

506 Help Wanted Salee

606 Help Wanted 8ale«

NUGGET RESTAURANT 30685 W. 12 Mile Rd. Farmington


PIMM call 8u« from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. at:

Oakland County

ASSISTANT MANAGER ng bu A young but suc c e ssf ul r e s t a u r a n t chain king for an assistant m a r It looking P a y c o m r n a n a u r a t a with ability f i n d r e s u m e to 15101 W 10 Mile, Oak P a r k Michigan, 48237 An E q u a l Opportunity E m p l o y e r

T Y P l S T - f o r m o d e r n Troy office, with proficiency ill English SI spelling Mag c a r d e x p e r i e n c e d e s l r e a b l e but not e s sential Call m o r n i n g s only 649 3600 An E q u a l Opportunity E m p l o y e r

Bonuses - Benefits




504 Help Wanted Office-Clerical

504 Help Wanted Office-Clerical

B E F O R E YOU L E A P into a c a r e e r , talk to us al F a r m e r ' s In s u r a n c e G r o u p You c a n keep the security of your present position while you t r a i n for a new 4 cnallengii allenging c a r e e r , f r e e of c h a r g e In f a c t ,, while you learn, we'll pay you full c o m m i s s i o n on busi ness you sell J u m p to it' Call today for full details, Mike Zubow 681 6005 Bored With E a r l y Retirement" 1 Put your e x p e r i e n c e to work selling t r a n s p o r t a t i o n 4 allied services with an old line m o v i n g c o m p a n y We o f f e r a t r a i n i n g period Send your r e s u m e t o box 390 O b s e r v e r 4 E c c e n t r i c Newspa pers, 36251 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, Michigan 48150 C A R E E R SALES M a n a g e m e n t T r a i n e e s Full t i m e openIngs for Qualified m a n a g e m e n t train>r aual ees A g r d s i v e , ambitious, ethical, 4 pleasing personality 4 h a r d working persons needed for 12 month t r a i n i n g p r o g r a m $15,000 to $20,000 first y e a r Excellent f r i n g e benefits Send r e s u m e to Mr R Eccles. 29551 Greenfield, Suite 207, Southfield, Mi 48076


Century 21 Gold House Realtors ^59-6000 REAL ESTATE SALESPEOPLE Excellent opportunity for new & e x p e n e n c e d Salespeople Congenial living r o o m a t m o s p h e r e Best P l y m o u t h loca tion 9 o f f i c e s in M e t r o S u b u r b a n Detroit Nationwide R e f e r r a l P r o g r a m Excellent t r a i n i n g p r o g r a m Call Mary Lou Guilbault for confidential interview


GALLERY , O F HOMES 453-2210 R E N T A L A G E N T needed for large a p a r t m e n t c o m p l e x in Canton P r w i o u s r e n t a l or r e l a t e d sales e x p e r i e n c e nec e s s a r y a l o n g with e n t h u s i a s t i c a t t i t u d e Commission plus a p a r t m e n t discount Opportunity for a d v a n c e m e n t and sub^ stantial m o n e y to be m a d e Apply in rson b e t w e e n 10 4 5 P M Mon thru *rs< H o n e y t r e e A p a r t m e n t s 8375 ri.. H o n e y t r e e Blvd , Canton, off Joy be tween H a g g e r t y and Newburgh 455 2432


SALESMAN for front line broaching s e r v i c e 4 m a c h i n e p a r t s c o m p a n y Opportunity to p a r t i c i p a t e in c o m p a n y m a n a g e m e n t and assist g e n e r a l m a n a ger Salaried position, must be hard worker 4 willing to travel Submit res u m e to, T P B l a c k , P O Box 1019, Troy, Mi 48099 SALESPERSON N E E D E D A f u t u r e Is waiting for you in m a n u f a c tured housing s a l e s Unlimited m o n e y to be m a d e Inquire at Village of Homes. 35777 F o r d Rd Call for a p polntment 729 9600 SALES P E R S O N S W A N T E D E a r n $300 per week Afternoon florist r oute Must have r e f e r e n c e s and own transportation 569 2228 SALES R e p r e s e n t a t i v e for national p o r t r a i t c o m p a n y P r e v i o u s sales exper i e n c e p r e f e r r e d Must be willing to t r a v e l Average $40l weekly Call Tues 4 Wed. for i n t e r v i e w 569 7745

506 Help Wanted Sales SALES


WILD & CRAZY CAN'T BE LAZY HIGH PAY EVERY DAY Cash paid daily by national c o m p a n y If you ever thought about earning,

$400-$600 PER WEEK then you should call to see if you qualify Must have d e p e n d a b l e c a r Call Roxanne, 552-1022 S A L t S P E H S O N 4 CASHIER for Custom Van 4 Auto P a r t s s t o r e Exp e r i e n c e necessary Must be s h a r p Inquire Van Stuff by B u r m e i s t e r , 1039 E 14 Mile Road. Troy SALES T R A I N E E S E x p a n d i n g National Co looking for a g gressive individual to e n t e r m a n a g e m e n t p r o g r a m $700 month s a l a r y No e x p e r i e n c e necessary Full training For a p p o i n t m e n t call Mon 398 2170

. SELF-STARTERS have an excellent head s t a r t to be successful in Real E s t a t e that - ; our T r a i n i n g P r o g r a m s - c o m e s out to a successful professional c a r e e r in Real E s t a t e F o r details, call John Healy

Century 21 PIETY HILL. INC.

512 Situations Wanted Female

507 Help Wanted Part Time


S E L L ONLY quality s t e r e o c o m p o nents Sales e x p e r i e n c e n e c e s s a r y !• ull time Excellent c o m p e n s a t i o n with full c o m p a n y benefits Almas Stereo, 395 E Maple, B i r m i n g h a m 644-5230 S H A R P AMBITIOUS housewife needed in this a r e a to hire 4 train girls to show toys, gifts 4 home decor p a r t time f r o m J u n e to D e c e m b e r Work f r o m your own h o m e Absolutely no investment, excellent earnings, bonuses E a r n all expense paid trip lo Hawaii For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n call 464 7913 START A BUSINESS of your own With unlimited growth 4 income potential Be Your Own Boss Get the whole story by calling E v e s 5-y PM 522 9059 T E L E P H O N E SALES R e p r e s e n t a t i v e Several part lime openings at our Southfield location Mon thru F r i 9 till I or 1 to 5 pm P r i o r sales e x p e r i e n c e a plus, good s p e a k i n g voice a must Call Brian Cronm a f t e r 12 pm 424 9858 T E L E P H O N E SALES, P A R T T I M E E v e s 5-91'M. Mon F r i also 2 four hr s h i f t s daily Sell low cost long distance phone s e r v i c e To qualify you must be a g g r e s s i v e , a m b i t i o u s , f a s t , self motivated starter Jtecent extensive ex perience in phone sales, cold calls with proven results Only e x p e r i e n c e d need apply E x c e l l e n t c o m m u n i c a t i o n skills We o f f e r s a l a r y plus commission, bonus incentive p r o g r a m , go with a rapidly growing c o m p a n y in Birmingh a m . 1 2 l i Mile 4 T e l e g r a p h Call Ms Westfall 647-7114 T E L E P H O N E SOLICITORS E x p e r i e n c e d , good pay Nice working conditions f a l l between 11am 5pm 862-3431 T E L E P H O N E SOLICTORS F^xcelleni working conditions, g r e a t pay Able to wOrk 4-8PM. Mon Fri, 1 1 4 Sat No e x p e r i e n c e n e c e s s a r y Call Miss Wood, ^ 6 8 4185 T R A D E SHOW SALES G r e a t opportunity for e x p e r i e n c e d phone people to join a fun c o m p a n y in b e a u t i f u l downtown Royal Oak If you a r e e n e r g e t i c we will show you a g r e a t way to e a r n the kind of d o l l a r s you need in a dignified, well established f i r m Call Bill O Neil 548-6055 T R A V E L INDUSTRY OPPORTUNITIES Major tour c o m p a n y is e x p a n d i n g sales staff rapidly Openings for full or p a r t t i m e ambitiO|is and success oriented in dividuals t o $ell group, c o m m e r c i a l , or r e l a t e d iravel fields Positions with un limited potential for those with proven commission sales e x p e r i e n c e E x c e l l e n t sales training and s u p p o r t T r a v e l bene fits Join an expanding, solid t r a v e l organization Reply t o Box 400, O b s e r v e r 4 E c c e n t r i c N e w s p a p e r s , 36251 School c r a f l Rd . Livonia. Michigan 48150 VIDEO S E R V I C E S c o m p a n y needs ded icated people to t r a i n in video taping M a k e well over the a v e r a g e e a r n i n g s with low i n v e s t m e n t for e q u i p m e n t In c o m e potential unlimited Call 358 1414 or w r i t e P O Box 750. B i r m i n g h a m Mich 48012

WANTED SALESMEN E x p e r i e n c e d in sales of industrial forgings, both ho' 4 cold Base s a l a r y , benefits 4 commission Unlimited opportu nities for person with right p r o f i l e Send r e s u m e to Box 402, O b s e r v e r 4 Eccenrt*MJm«' iu i>u* nui,36251 w Schoolcraft in 48150 t r i e N e w s p a p e r s , 3( Rd Livonia, Michigar WINE P E R S O N 4 MANAGER of party s t o r e needed lo work in exclusive wine shop in W Bloomfield Experience 4 knowledge of buying 4 selling wine is a m u s t Re ta il m a n a g e m e n t ex p e r i e n c e p r e f e r r e d Excellent pay Ap ply in person V i n t a g e Wine Shop, 4135 O r c h a r d L a k e Rd YOUR SALES C A R E E R c a n lead you to m a n a g e m e n t If you a r e the one we're looking for your b a c k g r o u n d m a y include sales, e x p e r i e n c e in a health re lated field, or s i m p l y e x p e r i e n c e d in working with people, only c a r e e r oriented people need a p p l y Livonia a r e a Call for a p p o i n t m e n t at 471-3212 $540 P E R WK COMMISSION We will t r a i n you to go door to door and take o r d e r s for subscription TV You must have your own reliable t r a n s p o r tation and be a v a i l a b l e i m m e d i a t e l y This is a full t i m e c a r e e r opportunity with m a n a g e m e n t possiblities within 2 weeks Apply b e t w e e n 1 PM and 4 I'M Wednesday at 726 Brooks, Ann Arbor For directions call. 995-9188

507 Help Wanted Part Time BABY S I T T E R - P a r t t i m e for toddler twins Mon. Tues, Thurs evenings Hours a p p r o x i m a t e l y 7 - l l P M , occasional weekend night 13 and D r a k e a r e a Would p r e f e r r e f e r e n c e s 553 3328 BIRMINGHAM florist needs part t i m e help Looking for s o m e o n e who has ex p e r i e n c e in specialty shops P l e a s e call 644 0811 BOOKKEEPER G e n e r a l office. 20 hrs per week $4 to s t a r t T e l e g r a p h - 6 Mile a r e a Social agency, 592-0311 BUSINESS E X P A N D I N G 3 positions for highly a m b i t i o u s individuals for fast t r a c t sales m a n a g e m e n t training prog r a m Call DMA 9 a m - 2 p m 459 0425 C O L L E G E Student to work p a r t tirtie rt'ow through the s u m m e r lo do door to door canvassing, hourly w a g e plus bonuses For pe r sona l i n t e r v i e w call Ily Mckrouer, 851-2335 CONSTRUCTION CO needs part t i m e office help, s e c r e t a r i a l skills 4 s o m e bookkeeping required Southfield P O Box 35 351, Detroit, Mich 48235 E V E N I N G T E L E P H O N E WORK $4 an hour, 4 hours a night, plus bonuses Setting a p p o i n t m e n t s for home i m p r o v e m e n t c o m p a n y 7 Mile Tele g r a p h a r e a Ask lor Cindy 535 7350 FINANCIAL EXECUTIVE diversifying into m a n a g e m e n t d e v e l o p m e n t field seeking a g g r e s s i v e individual for possible p a r t n e r s h i p (Jualified c a n d i d a t e s should call for a p p o i n t m e n t between 1 p m and 4 pm Contact Mr Zielinski at 525 0937 CANTO'S OAKLAND MALL Discover an exciting 4 r e w a r d i n g ca reer in sales The t . a n t o ' s Way' Our staff is c o m p o s e d of c a r e f u l l y trained, well i n f o r m e d fashion e x p e r t s P a r t t i m e positions a r e now a v a i l a b l e for m a t u r e individuals willing tp work a flexible schedule including e v e s 4 w e e k e n d s Apply in person at Oakland Mall HANDYMAN to do odd jobs in your s p a r e time Only e x p e r i e n c e d person with various skills $7 hour net Davs. 559 6633 Between 6 30-9 30PM 647 8213 H O M E M A K E R S 4 College StudenU We a r e looking for p a r t t i m e cons u m m e r r e s e a r c h telephone interv i e w e r s (no sales) Weekends and evening work No e x p e r i e n c e n e c e s s a r y Will train Call Sue P r i e u r at P A C E M a r k e t i n g R e s e a r c h in Southfield 569 9090 K E N N E L H E L P in s m a l l Scottish T e r rier show kennel B i r m i n g h a m a r e a Must love dogs, h a v e own t r a n s p o r t a tion, be over 21 Send replies to Box 410.Observer 4 E c c e n t r i c N e w s p a p e r s , 36251 Schoolcraft Rd Livonia, Michi gan 48150 M A R K E T R E S E A R C H interviewing F a r m i n g t o n Hills No sales involved, must h a v e pleasant phone voice, p r i o r phone e x p e r i e n c e p r e f e r r e d Must be avallble 3 evenings per week 4 1 week end day Call 3 9pm 851 4408

N E E D WORK During! School H o u r s ' Delivering 4 Selling, lunches to fine o f f i c e buildings Must h a v e c a r 4 be dependable Mon thru F r i , 9 30 AM 1 30 PM V a s s e l s Catering, 25099 T e l e g r a p h Rd South field (fjl of 10 Mile)

ABCARE Specializing in p r i v a t e duty nursing in the H o m e Hospital Nursing F a c i l i t i e s R N ' s LPN s C O M P A N I O N S AIDES NEWBORN CARE RESPIRATORY PHYSICAL .-OCCUPATIONAL SPEECH THERAPISTS H O M E P O D I A T R Y VISITS

506 Help Wanted Domestic M A T U R E BABYSITTEH. for 3 chil dren. ^ p m 12 30am G a r d e n City a r e a in my h o m e Own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n Ref erence^ required 261-4819

T h e r e Is A D i f f e r e n c e We C a r e '


BABYSITTER full time, p r e f e r a b l y college age r e f e r e n c e s a must 3 chil dren, jlight housekeeping s w i m m i n g privileges, r o o m 4 board with s a l a r y or own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n Suburbs 354 1436 BABYSITTER needed h o m e 4r yours Livonia


child my 427 4443

BABY SITTER needed for infant, full time vfeekdays F a r m i n g t o n - N o r t h v i l l e vidlnilv. our home or yours 476 6650 BABY S I T T E R needed Musi have ex p e r i e n f e Mon Wed Fri m o r n i n g s only. R e f e r e n c e s required F a r m i n g t o n Hills area 553 0469 BABYSITTER Wanted for s u m m e r to c a r e fijr 9 vr old girl S o m e light house keeping Rrs 12 noon 5PM 10 Mile Telegraph After 5pm 355 4078 HABYjilTTER 25 30 hours per week I LJ yejir old girl Our home 10 Mile Rd b e t w e e n Southfield 4 G r e e n f i e l d 557-0780 E v e s 569 0257 BIRMINGHAM MOTHER needs p a r t time babysitter for 15 month old mat u r e 4 d e p e n d a b l e my home or yours References 646-9748 E X P E R I E N C E D babysitter needed for 8 month old baby P l y m o u t h Canton Livonija - Ann Arbor a r e a 4 d a y s a week, 7am-4 30pm. s t a r t i n g in J u n e Call a f t e r 6pm weekdays or all day Saf'Stjn 2615051 EXPERIENCED CARE Required, Mon thru F r i 8AM 5PM Own t r a n s r t a t | o n , m e a l p r e p a r a t i o n , house eeping. personal aid R e f e r e n c e s Call alter V'M 864-0853


G R A N D M O T H E R L Y T Y P E to w a t c h 3 active! kids. 2 to 3 d a y s a week Only loving! person need apply Livonia a r e a Own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n 471 1090 s o m e cooking 5 HOUSEKEEPER days. F r a n k l i n Must dr ive Must be able tO work flexible hours Recent ref erencqs. $ I | 0 626 7731 LADY for cooking 4 g e n e r a l cleaning, for July 4 August Harbor Spri irings a r e a R e f e r e n c e s required Call 6PM 644 1347 LIVE IN baby sitter housekeeper for m o t h e r l e s s home 18 month boy non s m o k e r , non d r i n k e r r e f e r e n c e s re quired, W Bloomfield locatin evenings 626-5631 d a y s 4W 6502 I.IVEiIN C O M P A N I O N for handi capped w o m a n in P l y m o u t h Duties in dude light h o u s e w o r k , p r e p a r i n g b r e a k f a s t and lunch daily, shopping er e r v e r 4• *' Ec r o r s Reply to Box 262 Obsei c e n t r a - N e w s p a p, e r s 36251 S c h o o l c r a f t Rd.. Livonia Mi Michigan 48150 L I V E IN H O U S E K E E P E R mature Sterling Heights, c a r p of one child, r o o m board. $300 month, paid Social Security 977-8232, 751 6026 L V E IN Housekeeper M a n a g e r B l o o n f i e l d Hills a r e a for adult family P r i v a t e room, own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n nec essary R e f e r e n c e s Wed and e v e r y o t h e r ' weekend off S a l a r v negotiable Middleaged 855 2399 LIVE IN NANNY W a r m loving non smoking w o m a n to help c a r e for our 6 month and 2 ' i y e a r old Beautiful pri v a t e r o o m plus s a l a r y in o u r O r c h a r d Lake home Call a f t e r 5 pm 681 0044 M A L E COMPANION for elderly handi c a p p e d g e n t l e m a n 2 d a y s per week $5 per hour Livonia a r e a Call a f t e r 4pm 477-5648 M A T U R E PERSON lo babysit in my F a r m i n g t o n Hills home e v e r v other weekend own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n 4 refer ences Call Mon-Sat 553 0543 M A T U R E P l e a s a n t w o m a n to sit for I h a p p ^ 2 y e a r old boy in mv home (Northville) 3 d a v s per week 348 3748 MATURE, r e l i a b l e Housekeeper Nanfly sought by working couple with children aged 4 4 7 y e a r s Person must be responsible 4 love children Hours 7 a m l- 6 p m Mon thru F r i . E x p e r i e n c e d 4 r e f e r e n c e s required Non s m o k e r o n l y | C a l l a f t e r 6pm 425-1563 M A T U R E w o m a n needed to work for h o u s t cleaning s e r v i c e Reliable with r e f e r e n c e s 4 own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n 425-8056 427-9572 M A T U R E w o m a n w a n t e d for child c a r e full time my home own t r a n s p o r taliqn 1 child 3 ' » y e a r s F a r m i n g t o n Hill.1 Call a f t e r 6pm 661 1572 M A T U R E WOMAN W A N T E D P r i v a t e room wiifc color TV in home of 2 aiJulLs In e x c h a n g e for light house keeping 4 p r e p a r i n g evening m e a l s Ma>| h a v e outside interests. 4 f r e e weekends R e p l y ' to P O Box 9022 Livonia Mich 48151 R E L I A B L E BABYSITTER for 2 tod d l e r t in Livonia a r e a Consider live in full t i m e Write to Sitter P O Box 194 Southfield Mi 4803 R E L I A B L E NON SMOKING house keeper l o clean our O r c h a r d I-ake home, 2 to 4 d a y s per week L a u n d r y and ironing Call a f t e r 5 pm 681 0044 SITTER needed lor N Troy a r e a ma turri responsible person for 10 month old girl Mon 4 Wed 8 30 5 30pm 641 9432 SITTER needed, m a t u r e responsible 3 d a y i week, light housekeeping own trarisportation Canton a r e a Call a f t e r 5 PM 981 5527 WOMAN as companion for elderly lady light duties live-in Call b e f o r e II AM oraifter5PM 626 2202 WORKING MOTH EH needs depend able, caring person to habvsit for 6 year old, a p p r o x i m a t e l y 8 hours per day Plymouth a r e a Call a f t e r 6 453 4156

510 Help Wanted Couples C O U P L E N E E D E D To live in over see and assist in m a i n t a i n i n g G r o s s c Poiflte a r e a condominium Must be ex perienced in dealing with e m p l o y e e s c o n t r a c t o r s and minor r e p a i r requests on a daily basis Excellent conpensation for qualified individuals Respond in writing t o Sherwood 4 Associates 330 Hamilton Row B i r m i n g h a m Michigan 4801 1

24 H O U R C O V E R A G E



Screened R e f e r e n c e s Bonded Insured -24 HR Service Low Cost I m m e d i a t e l y Available

PRO CARE ONE, INC Helping Hands Division 569-4400 A I CLEANING Done by the O l d Fashioned p r o f e s sional Maid 4 J a n i t o r i a l s e r v i c e s Gwen s Housekeepers 273 3712

BEST HOME CARE D E P E N D A B L E AIDES C O M P A N I O N S RN S 4 LPN S Are immtxBately a v a i l a b l e for needs in your home h o \ p i t a l or nursing home 24 Hr C O V E R A G E

DEPENDABLE HEALTH CARE 464-6116 559-3888 C E R T I F I E D nurse- aid e x p e r i e n c e I * Sires convalescent invalid hospital nursing home or p r i v a t e duty Hours Ilexible r e f e r e m i ' Jonnie 342 7855 CHILD C A R E in t m licensed South field home W a r m a n d loving environ ment Mon-Fri 7 a m 6pm All a g e s welc o m e d Call I.vnn 557 6485 CHILD C A R E In r m licensed South field home 9 Mile Beech a r e a R e f e r ences Hurry limited space 1 E x p e r i enced 35t> 4892 E X P E R I E N C E D and D E P E N D A B L E adult babysitter with own t r a n s p o r t a tion a v a i l a b l e most hours 6iil 5878 E X P E R I E N C E D EDUCATED m a t u r e ladv will c a r e for your family while VIHJ vacation Medical e x p e r i e n c e r e f e r e m es. own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n 174 9258 E X P E R I E N t E D R E L I A B L E young w o m a n to d e a n your house 4. or d' yard work 861 1844 832 7809 E X P E R I E N C E D reliable O l nursing student desires job c a r i n g for elderly person Days p r e l e r r e d R e f e r e n c e s Rochester B i r m i n g h a m a r e a 652 J375 F I F T H \ e a r p h armacy student desires •in internship position Hospital or coru inunity full or p a n t i m e I m n i e d i a i e J ) vailable 538-5607 227 4383 1'INNISll w o m a n will do general * lousecleaning thorough dependable own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n P l y m o u t h Canton Livonia a r e a 9810958 G E N E R A L O F F I C E E n t r y level ai c e p t a b l e Dependable young lady lege business school background 647 5567

A G R E A T housekeeper wants to clean yodr house or a p a r t m e n t Excellent rel e r e nc es Call Sharon 729 0893 HOME(ARE for elder l» or convalescent Muture i-x perienced $5 per hour Flexible daily hours Excellent r e f e r e n c e s 455 451 H O M E HEALTH ( ARK S c r e e n e d RN supervised insured 24 hours - 7 day.* 357 3650 P r o f e s s i o n a l Medical Personnel H O l ' S E C L E A N l N G 4 l.Al NDHY E f f i cient 4 Dependable Davs R e f e r e n c e s P r e f e r B i r m i n g h a m Vl Bloomfield Own T r a n s p o r t a t i o n 666 3784 I N D E P E N D E N T NURSES IN( Home Health C a r e R N ' s Aides Companions 7 Day 24 Hour Service 698 1491 I W i l l , C L E A N YOUR HOI SF on a regular basis or help do s p r i n g c le a nin g E x p e r i e n c e d h a v e r e f e r e n c e Call before 3 30 673 0346 JENNIES HOl'SECLEANlNG 4 ( aler ing Service residential 4 c o m m e r c i a l cleaning special c a t e r i n g s e r v i f e for dinner p a r t i e s Our crew is q x p e n enced. d e p e n d a b l e 4 does honest w ork R e f e r e n c e s Call J e n n i e 33^.4831 LADY WISHES Housecleaning 2 d a v » per week 9 to 3 $35 daily Own trans, portation References Southfield Bloomfield surrounding a r e a 838 2377 L I C E N S E D M O T H E R wishes [)..> C a r e P a r t or full t i m e a g e s 2 6 y e a r s Your t r a n s p o r t a t i o n 9 Mile 4 F u r gr e e n Southfield 352 5014 LOVING CHILD ( ARE given i n f a n t s to 5 vearj. Your t r a n s p o r t a t i o n Area South of 10 Mile between "viuthfield i Greenfield 569 7966 M A T I ' R E F E M A L E will sit for your child or i hildren. d a y s while you w o r k . Livonia a r e a 522 4430 MOTHER wishes Baby-Sltting in her Licensed h o m e 12 y e a r s e x p e r i e n c e References Reasonable 7 Mile , Middlebelt a r e a 476-0593 , N E E D H E L P SPRING CLEANING We do windows floors walls and m u c h ' m o r e R e f e r e n c e s D e p e n d a b l e Give us a call at 522 3936 [ PROFESSIONAL HoUSECLEANINt, S t a r t i n g at $25 for a p a r t m e n t s and $4" , for houses Call F. 4- A Maid Service • 273 9266 RN seeking part t i m e e m p l o y m e n t in p r i v a t e o f f i c e P r e f e r e n c e surgical spe cialties R e s u m e a v a i l a b l e 548 1072 ,

513 Situations Wanted Male ACCOUNTANT a v a i l a b l e part t i m e thoroughly e x p e r i e n c e d g e n e r a l ledger, corporations partnerships proprietor ships payroll 4 business t a x e s 533 8045 ACCOUNTANT part time 30 y e a r s e* } perience in g e n e r a l ledger, all t a x e s 1 payroll for individuals or c o r p o r a t i o n s I Mr Saputo 647 2749 CHAUFFEUR BODYGUARD Aide c o m p a n i o n a t t e n d a n t R e f e r e n t | es Experienced Compassionate i s t r u n g Ex pro ho« key player 545 2041

E X P E R I E N C E D C O U P L E WANTED I < u L L E G E S T U D E N T for lawn i a r e a to m a n a g e s m a l l 60 unit a p a r t m e n t | .m> other odd jobs e x p e r i e n c e d Tr..\ complex in>F'armington Hills No pool area • 089 485?* Many fringe bebefits Call between HANDYMAN 9AM'5L'M Mon thru Fri 476-5345 wants all types work P l u m b i n g y a r d wurk wall washing e t c All a r e a s 729 2551


Full time for bolh. AduH community Birmingham area, no pets No experience necessary. 2 bedroom apartment and other benefits

626-8841 511 Entertainment PROFESSIONAL Light A Sound En t e r t a i n m e n t ANY OCCASION, Class Reunions, Bowling Banquets Weddings Schools Over 4000 selections We play what you request Call for appt to visit our s h o w r o o m for a d e m o n s t r a t i o n Come Dance With Us We a r e DANCE WITH M E P R O D U C T I O N S

Lie. - Ins.


C A L L I O P E a v a i l a b l e Make your spe cial event delightfully d i f f e r e n t G r a d u atlons, birthdays, school 4 c h u r c h carnivals, kids fairs, e t c 356 5120 CLASSICAL MUSIC F o r weddings, p a r t i e s , dinners 4 spe cial occasions F lute 4 classical guitar 832 2175 or 565-8061 LORI T H E CLOWN T r a i n Ride for Kids for Church Fes tivals Also c a k e d e c o r a t i n g and c e r a m ics 455 1614 RHYTHM Guitarist back-up singer is interested in p r a c t i c i n g with c o u n t r y western musicians in p r e p a r a t i o n for weekend work Canton Ron 455 6928 SIDE S T R E E T Music for your wedding, p a r t y e t c E x p e r i e n c e d 4 versatile 981-0637 559 3407 435 6391

512 Situations Wanted Female N U R S E AID, e x p e r i e n c e with r e f e r ence Looking for full t i m e e m p l o y ment 399 52)9



PAINTING 4 W A L L P A P E R I N G T e x t u r m n g Wall 4 Ceiling R e p a i r s staining Varnishing References Free Estimates' 453 94: ROTt >T ILL ING Anv size up to 1 a c r e Free estimates 478 4216 YARD WORK G r a s s c u t t i n g R a k i n g Tilling G a r d e n s Spring C l e a n u p s Bloomfield F a r m i n g t o n Novi a r e a s p r e f e r r e d Call 349 4912 YOUNG MAN seeks grounds m a l i g nance position P r e f e r r a b l y Roches*, t area Experienced references Even ings 73I 4938

514 Situations Wanted Male-Female HOl'SECLEANlNG WANTED Reliable with refereni-es 2 d a y s ojK-n Call 399 1877

515 Child Care SUMMER DAY C a m p Kindergarten pre school, child 1 a r e 18 m o n t h s 4 old- . er Monday Friday 6am 6pm Little Guys 4 Dolls Near Mile 4 M e r r i m a n . Livonia 525 3730 421 4 9 2 8 ,

518 Education & Instruction

AIRLINE CRUISE LINE TRAVEL AGENTS CAREERS Day 4 night classes s t a r t i n g now » u Michigan's oldest 4 most m o d e r n t r a y el .School Computer t r a i n i n g included For a position in the t r a v e l industry that o f f e r s ! good working conditions travel opportunities 4 advance m«nt call A m e r i c a n T r a v e l School 22932 Wootjw a rd F e r n d a l e Call '• 1 313 39« 557?

I '»'


Monday, May 3, 1982

518 Education A Instruction

522 Professional Services

ATTENTION STUDENTS Interfiled in becoming Mechanics Top luind* on training In dlesel engine 4 heavy truck repair We are now accepting Student Enrollment. Call now


Div of new Chrysler Corporation

931-0850 BARTENDING) Legal Minimum Age 18 ONE OR TWO WEEK C U S S Day or Evening Classes Free Placement Assistance

557-7757 PROFESSIONAL BARTENDERS SCHOOl. 26738 Southfield Rd . Southfield 25 Schools Coast to Coast MATHEMATICS TUTORING All Grades, M.S. • M A Degrees Certified, Experienced Teacher 642-5484 PIANO LESSONS Children or Adultf My home possibly Youi* References, >69 5079


business Accounting Management Data Ptix-essing Word Processing PONTIAC BUSINESS INSTITUTE 34801 Grand River 4763145 Financial Aid 4 Placement Service

Place your classified want ad In Suburban Detroit's finest market The Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers


591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

An evening course of Travel jAgent training taught by active Travel Professionals j Free Placement Assistance




PARA LEGAL SERVICES Processing, Skip Tracer L Ldcate Mail in Service 21711 W 10 Mile Rd . Ste 112, Southfield, Mi, 48075 827-8861

Travel Education Institute, Inc. 26711 Northwestern Hwy Southfield, Mich . 48034 {313)352 4875 Lie d by the Mich Dep't of Education

519 Computers Sales-Service-Share PROGRAMMING SERVICES We are committed to providiag quail (led. experienced support personnel ready lo respond to your immediate needs Our analysts, programmers 4 sirpport personnel all have substantial experience with most minicomputer systems Currently we provide users with services ranging from system de sign custom programming & opera tional studies to training 4 documentation preparation If yuu presently find youself in need of experienced data pro i essing professionals please contact us Call 9AM 5PM 288 4037


The next regiflar meeting of the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority will be held on Tuesday. May 4, 1982. at 1 30 PM in the Authority's Main Conference Room located in the First National Building. 660 Woodward Ave , 13th Floor, Detroit Mi 48226 The meeting Is open to tlx! the public and copies of the agenda are available at the SEMTA offices 48 hours prior to the meeting


RESUME SERVICE Job Search Assistance Career Counseling DLC Associates 334 6202

CARS DRIVEN to - Florida, Arizona, California Law rates, insured Northland Auto 968 2228

• 476-9600 SECURITY SERVICES 609 Bingo WILTED WISHES, need a unique way to express your sentiments? Send wilted flowers tied with a pretty bow to say I Hate You, It's Over, You Forgot Me Special Birthday Ideas Visa or Master Charge 652-7393 731-5938

523 Attorneys Legal Counseling ATTORNEYS AT LAW

602 Lost & Found


APRIL 4TH 1981 a sum of money was found in a field in the Wabeek area of Bloomfield Township The rightful Owner should contact Bloomfield Township Police. 644 6161 ext 274

D'Avanzo & Meconi 42142 FORD R D , SUITE 101


FOUND - black Poodle, Farmington Hills area 6610172

ATTORNEY SERVICES Real Estate. Divorces, Wills, General Law. Initial Consultations No Fee Reasonable Rates Joelson Law Firm 553 8555

FOUND calico male cat, vicinity 12 Mile 4 Greenfield 559-7249 FOUND GRAY PERSIAN Cat, Black burn 4 W Chicago area. Livonia. Wed . April 28 522 5398


FOUND- L o n g h a i f e d g r e y / w h i t e female cat, declawed Northville area, April 25 Please call 464 0944

with an

ATTORNE^AT LAW Robert D. Mouradian 544-7264

LOST All black male kitten, Long Lake 4 Telegraph area 644-3020 or 834 5700

Kathleen J. McCann

LOST CLASS Ring at the Lincoln School, Livonia Reward Please call 464 6333 LOST, male dog. brown 4 white long hair, white chest, vicinity 10"j Mile 4 Southfield Rd Reward 559-5272

Using newest available computers and word processing machines to help save you time and money

LOST Pearl 4 diamond pierced earring Troy or Birmingham area Reward 540-4396

15195 Farmington Rd. 525-6385

l.OST Pure white female cat. at Starkweather 4 W Liberty, reward Return to 273 W Liberty, Plymouth

600 Personals ARE YOU interested in Surrogate Parenthood'' For information, Write Surrogate Parenthood, IX) Box 9201 A Livonia. M: . 48150

LOST - Small "17 lb male Cairn Ter rier, "Bobby'. Coat-reddish blond, mostly short, longer on head 4 under belly, black mixed in tail Needs medi Cation Livonia Redford Twp area Reward 425 1046 o r 525-1818

ATTENTION" Think spring 4 summer Look over our "World Of Summer Fun corner Thursday Classification »732

CAN I HELP Y O U ' New divorcees and widows Need to talk'' Don't know what to do or where to turn'' I've been there 4 back 422-2507

MECHANICAL MARVELS AUCTION SAT. MAY 8 AT 11 AM Michigan State Fair Grounds Detroit, Woodward at 8 Mile

300 PINBALLS SOLID STATE MECHANICAL VIDEO GAMES ARCADE GAMES JUKE BOXES Mechanical James 4 pinball machines for yotir rec room are the hottest items in todays home entertainments market We nave over 300 full size commercial pins 4 vided games for you at public auction W'hqt a super chance to buy a piece or 2 fqr your own rec room or a couple dozeft for locations or resale Everyone is invited so bring your trail ers and don't; miss this-sale. Doors open 10 am with! everything operating for your inspection Terms. Cash MC, Visa. Traveler's checks or certified checks Sorry no personal checks wil be ac cepted


604 Announcements Notices

FLY/SAVE UP TO 70% ROUNDTRIP Toronto $68 Montreal $103. Halifax $158 Calgarv $225 Vancouver $272 ALLIED TRAVEL, LTD 963 3033

WILLIAM M PERRETT Lodge, «524 F 4 A.M. Meets Thurs at 7:30pm Plymouth Masonic .Temple, R-1-3-2 Visitors are welcome

ROYAL Carriage Rides add a Special Touch' to weddings, retirements, par ties promotions Elegant carriage, horse,driver will go anywhere 752-6960

WANTED PARTICIPANTS Witt) head injury 6 months ago or longer who are not currently driving a car for driving research project at U of M Call as soon as possible 763 2022

700 Auction Sales

701 Collectibles

EARN MONEY While vou lose weight Call Pat 360 2918 or Ann 348 3893

ALL RESUMES P R E P A R E D $20 Composed. Printed 4 Delivered Professional Quality 4 Prompt Service 9 AM to 9 PM 7 Days 538-7577

WEST SEVFJN YOUTH CLUB BINGO Every Thursday 6 45 PM 27531 (irand River, Livonia ' Top Prizes

TWO WEEKLY AUCTIONS every LOST Vorkie, male, black 4 gold, an Thurs 4 Fr) at 7 pm 9810 E Grand swers to Paddy Cakes Harrison 4 W River, Brighton 1 4 mile N of old 23. Chicago, Livonia area Children very Consignment Auction Thurs 4 all new upset. Reward 522-5508 merchandise on Fri Egnash Auctioneers 517-546-7496 LOST Medium size black and white cat. scratched nose, vicinity of Merriman and W Chicago, comes to Kimmy. reward TWl 0397 or 278-1913 EVE ROCKWELL I978 Mothers Dav MOTORCYLES Missing Yamaha YZ plate 464-0098 dirt bikes Reward for return or any in formation Redford Twp Area 255 2219 GREAT LA&ES depression glass clubs 8th annual jshow and sale Sat May 15th, 10 till j6. Sun May 16th U till 4 Oakland University, Rochester Over 30 dealers Donation $1 50

BALLOON BOUQUETS Any Occasion Delivered in Costume Singing Messengers Available 574 9444

522 Professional Services

EACH WEDNESDAY 6 45 PM N W Communities Assoc For Retarded Citizens Roma Hall: Schoolcraft, W Inkster

LOST cat. male. Seal Pointe, Siamese,, heutured and dePIawed ' S c a m p 8 years old Vicinity of Plymouth 4 Telegraph 538-2973

Practicing in Wayne, Oakland Livingston Counties 4 surrounding area Criminal • Divorce Personal Injury • Drunk Driving Accident • Zoning Wills • Trusts PLUS ALL GENERAL LAW

SINCERE SINGLES Oakland County Area Only Call for Free introductory offer Call evenings & weekends 649 5288

(CARIH) National Asthma Center Bftigo eVery Tuesday 7PM (Special games at 6 15) Amer Legioij Hall-29500 W 9 Mile Rd

LOST Cat, April 22, yellow tiger, short hair, 13 years old, teeth bad, LivoniaPlymouth area $25 reward 261-9149

SOYER ORIGINAL Oil. hand woven Navaho rug, wide sterling hand made necklace, brjirlet. mink jacket 851-0594

702 Antiques.

606 Legal Notices TllE ANNUAL report of the Pivnick Family Foundation for the year 1981 is now available for inspection for the next 180 days Inspection musl be made during regular office hours, and by appointment only Contact Mr Pivnick. 626-0870

Nation's Largest Inside Markets Has 2 Big Locations

PONTIAC FLEA MARKET 2045 Dixie Hwy End of Telegraph Has both an indoor & outside tnarket Phone 338-7880

608 Transportation

For protection and location of assets, personnel evaulation, loyalty checks For appointment call

CompOter Training Available Call or write today for full details


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Wayne Oakland

704 Rummage Sales

702 Antiques



Professional resumes, 50 copies, from | 2 9 95 Our resumes get results - our clients prove it.

Motech Training School

606 Legal Notices

600 Personals

ESTATE SALE 1 day only May 8th, 9am-5pm All excellent condition Signed Gu.stau Stickly pieces, many golden oak pieces primitives, rareblack walnit pie safe, assorted dove tailed copper pieces, Empire mahogany pieces, and much more Cash only 3240 5 Mile. Soutj) Lyon Inquire 557-0710


USED BOOK SALE Plymouth AAUW. May 6 7, 9AM 9PM May 8.9 AM-1 PM O p t r a ! Court, Westland Center

705 Wearing Apparel MINK STOLE Autumn Haze, excel lent condition Appraised at $1100 $900 or best offer 531-9289 BEAUTIFUL ladies larger size cloth ing Quality items, like new large vari ety I 651-6848 BEAUTIFUL white i e d d i n g gown, tier lace, slip, 8ft train, >earl embroidered veil, size 7, new cond tion. $185 589 2835

20900 Dequindre. 1 block N Of 8 Mile Rd has the famous ANTIQUE VIL- BRIDAL GOWN, Size 10, chapel length LAGE Phone 757-3740 train Also veil Perf pet condition $250 ANTIQUES PRIMITIVES 464 9484 or best offer COLLECTABLES NEW 4 USED MERCHANDISE LOVELY LADIES F ashions, sizes 6 10. Both locations open every weekend reasonable 477 4922 Fri. 4 9 pm Sat Sun 10-6 PROM DRESS, size , Victorian cream Open Daily 9-5 for dealer reservation chiffon, lace trim, eti , Very good condi ANTIQUE brass bed, excellent condi- tion. $40 533-6666 tion, $800 Call evenings or weekends 682 5811 PROM FORMAL, Y -How, size 11 Tall. $25 Plus other long sow gowns After 6 PM 421 1426


2 dealers Bail out prices' Quality Coun try Furniture, Quilts, Folk Art. Sam piers. Oriental Rugs, Iron. Primitives. Baskets, Stoneware Thursday. May 6 4 Friday. May 7, 10AM 8PM 15746 Bradner Rd., Northville Twp (Between 5 & 6 Mile W of 1-275 A Haggerty) Information 420 3237 or 681 9443 ANTIQUE HAVILAND china dinner set. 94 pieces including large turkey platter Make offer Highland 887-5106

706 Applianc es


gold, 8 years ar's. 525-3977 85 GAS STOVE, white, good condition $30 GE electric dryer, White, good condi tion $50 After 4PM. 352 9267 ELECTRIC stove old, good condition

GE REFRIGERATOR 20 8 cubic feet, brown, like new $35$ Canton 397 8044

ANTIQUE oak dining room set. table, chairs, china cabinet, buffet Excellent condition After 5pm, 459-3536 ANTIQUE OAK round pedestal Table, 4 chairs, excellent condition Interested parties only I 664-1225 ANTIQUE pool tables in billiard room for sale 545-7222 EVERYTHING'S OAK Doors, win dows. Wainscot paneling, tongue & groove, banisters & railing, round windows, chairs, cabinets 478-2862 WE BUY ALL ANTIQUES Glass, Postcards, Clocks, Dolls, Art Glass Jewelry. Furniture and Shelly china 348 3154 or 348 7984

703 Crafts DOLLS, beautifully 'hand dressed, stuffed, vinvl or porcelain originals, very reasonable 477 4584 TROY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Spring Craft Bazaar 4 Bake Sale Select from hundreds of hand crafted items 4 deli cions baked goods Sat May 8. 10-8 1349 W Wattles Rd Troy (17 Mile Rd between Crooks 4 Coolidge) 649-0456

704 Rummage Sales CANTON ROTARY and Historical Society Rummage 4 Flower Sale will be held Sat and Sun May 22 and 23, 9 am to 5 pm at the Historical Museum (schoolhouse). corner of Canton Center and Proctor Rd just N of the Canton Municipal Building CHURCH RUMMAGE SALE Thurs May 6, 10 to 4, Fri May 7. 10 to 2 Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Telegraph and Lone Pine Rd Bloomfield Hills

G E Automatic wasfyer good condition, with mini wash, $75 jAfter 4pm 685-7862 G E ELECTRIC kitchen range. A-I condition, $75 Call11after aft 5 pm 626 4248 HOTPOINT ELECTRIC range, brand CTH new never been used, almond, $325 855 6263 HOT POINTE, 5,000 BTU air condition er. $150 Evenings 2614158 KENMORE electru dryer, with electronic censor, giwx! eondition. white. 459-3008 $50 KENMORE microwave with electronic 397 1026 touch, like new $350 KENMORE washer |4 dryer. Signature dryer. $100 each 427-2143 NEW HEAVY duty Montgomery Ward washer 4 dryer 1 rear warranty, al 721*6499 mond REFRIGERATOR Freezer. GE. 15 cu f t . like new. avoca lo. 90 day guaran453-6205 tec, $300 WASHER 4 DRYER white $125 each Sears refrigerator, brown $200 Electric stove, brown, $|50 Clean' Livonia Days 355 9860. Afte^ 5pm 464 7725

Oakland County AMERICAN OF M. rtinsville highboy. excellent condition Sanyo micro wave oven, barely used. 1 150 Steel wrought iron fencing, new, 6 t x 6 ft a value at 851-4916 $150 Call after 6pm ANTIQUE 42 map table with unique base and 2 leaves, 425 Call 646 0095 358-5355 or ATTENTION'' Thinl spring 4 summer Look over our "Wor d Of Summer Fun corner Thursday Cl ssification «732

HOLY CROSS Red Barn Rummage 4 Bake Sale, clothes housewares, books . toys. May 13 4 14 9am 3-30pm 25225 Middlebelt Rd . between 1 0 4 11 Mile

BEDROOM SET. louble bed. triple dresser, chest, 2 i lght stands $150 Sofa. 2 chairs. 2 ei d tables, 2 lamps, $150 646-7768

RUMMAGE 4 BAKE SALE Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. 12 Mile 4 Farmington, behind Crowley's Tfours , May 6, Evening Only, 7 9 F r i . May 7. 9 AM 5 P M , 2-5 PM $1 per bag

BEDROOM SET empire style, mahog any, 4 pieces, incllnies full size bed, $600 | . 652 1086

RUMMAGE SALE St Ives Church, tahser 4 12 Mile May 6 4 7, 9am-3pm May 8, 9am-11am RUMMAGE SALE First Presbyterian Church, Birmingham 1669 W Maple, W. of Southfield Rd Your choice of any thinff 4 everything T h u r s , May 6, 9 AM'5 PM. Fri . May 7. 9 AM 12 Noon

ALUMINUM SWING C L E A N E D 4 WAXED Brick 4 Degreasing 525 0500 ALUMINUM SIDING CLEANING 12 Years Experience Low Rales 534 6747 or 474 4392


Aluminum Siding ALCOA 4 REYNOLDS ALUMINUM SIDING 4 TRIM Free Estimates 421 6280 OR After 5pm 464 1545 Al.UMA E N T ERP RI S E S All siding trim, gutters storms, roofing 4 repairs Work guaranteed Licensed 4 Insured Free Estimates 644 3735 Aluminum siding Trim Gutters Storms-Windows Roofing HUGH E JONES CO Free Estimate 474 8124

15 Asphalt

27 Brick, Block & Cement 27 Brick, Block & Cement

C JONES ASPHALT INC Driveways, Parking Lots Paving. Patching, Sealcoating Free Estimates 254 2420

BLOCK. BRICK & Every Type of CEMENT WORK & REPAIRS Porches t chimneys, footings, AL'S & foundation work & retainASPHALT PAVING ing walls. Free & Fast Est.on SINCE 1944 small & large jobs. Call anyPaving, sealcoating, excavation and time, 534-1570,477-7251

cement work Owners supervision and modern equipment at reasonable rates State licensed and i isured References

281-0626 or 291-3589



Quality work at fair prices Free Est Lie 4 Ins 26 yrs exp 478 0909


CONTRACTING, INC. Cement & Masonary



Domino Construction Co. Asphalt Paving

lutiers. Storm Windows 4 Doors Awn ings Porch 4 Patio enclosures Father 4 Son Operated No Salesman 20 year Written Guarantee on all Materials 4 Workmanship Free Estimates Licensed and Insured MILLS HOME IMPROVEMENT

Call Anytime. 838-2326 ALl MINI M SIDING Trim & Gutters All Custom Work Deal directly with owners No sales commission Call COUNTRYSIDE 478 6666 Aluminum Siding Trim Gutters WORK MYSELF 15 years experience Licensed Insured 464 6745

ALUMINUM SIDING CUSTOM TRIM SPECIALIST Jutters Storm Windows 4 Doors Awn mgr. Porch 4 Patio enclosure* Father 4 Son o p e r a t e d No Salesman 20 year Written Guarantee on all Malerials 4 Workmanship Free Estimates Licensed and Insured, MILLS HOME IMPROVEMENT

Call Anytime. 838-2326 ALI M SIDING TRIM GUTTERS Complete Modernization 4 Repairs SALEM HOME IMPROVEMENT CMI • S S t - M I I op533 0871






LOWEST PRICES Alum tiding 4 gutters, cleaned and installed Roofing 4 related work 476 0011 or 835-8610 SIDING. TRIM 4 GUTTERS itorm Windows 4 Doors, Vinyl Re liacement Windows, Repairs Licensed mured Free Estimates 495 0948

15 Asphalt ALPINE PAVING CO Asphalt specialist Parking lots, repair 4 Sealcoating 531 0104 656 0242

Residential • Commercial State Licensed Free Estimates



• All Repairs • Driveways «Patios • Steps • Footings • Porches • Floors • Waterproofing


30 Bookkeeping Services FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPING done on or off premises Billing, payroll, taxes. financial statements and general ledgers Hourly or monthly rates Ideal for small businesses 589 1024

33 Building & Remodeling ADDITIONS. PATIOS DECKS BATHROOMS, KITCHENS Qyality Cost no More Call MacLeish Custom Bldg Residental Commercial



Asphalt Sealing

ALUMINUM SIDING 4 TRIM SALE Complete building 4 remodeling Free financing available Licensed 4 Insured 537 04S2 532 5797


CARL M KRAUSE MASONARY Trenching 4 Cement Work In Farmington area since 1946 Call 478 9384

WESTLAND CEMENT floors, garages Driveways, Patios. Walks Porches. Foundationp, Brick 4 Block Small 4 Lafge Jobs 427 1535

• Small or large • Residential • Commercial 'Industrial • Fast, efficient sve • Licensed •Insured • Backhoe Work

~ ALL HOME MODERNIZATIONS Carpen|ry. Roofing 4 Aluminum Room Addition Specialist Lie 4 Ins Free Est 588 1620 BASEMENTS KITCHENS BATHS ALUMINUM SIDING 4 TRIM I $10 per hour Experienced References Call Tom, 277-6165



DEAL WITH THE OWNER THAT DOES HIS OWN WORK Will beat any written est by 10'"







or Lamipate your existing Cabinets FORMICA TOPS REC H W M S WORK MYSELF D BoWyer: . 569 7646

Masonary & Cement

531-8016 QUALITY ASPHALT Paving $ave on driveways, parting lots. ne\y construc tion resurfacing, also sea(coating 4 patching For quick service 291 1400 Also servicing B ham Blinfld 646 9166 TITAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Custom concrete work, asphalt repair parking lot striping and excavation Call for free estimate 725 2687


28 YEARS EXPERIENCE I IX) MY OWN WORK All types Brick, Block, Cement work Patios, Driveways, Porches Foundations, Additions, Waterproofing. Basement Leaks 1st CLASS WORK AT A FAIR PRICE RESIDENTIAL 4 COMMERCIAL Guar Workmanship-Free est Licensed

'We turn Old Spaces into Unique Places' ADDITIONS, BASEMENTS AND MORE


1,0vy Honest prices with builder working on jobs himself

Mem Better Business Bureau

18 Auto A Truck Repair


AUTO REFINISHING Get your car lookine sharp for spring 4 summer Reasonable rales Free estl mates Sam 255 4098. Frank 538 5393

CEMENT CONTRACTOR Member of Assoc Cement Contractors Over 40 years experience Quality Work Licensed Insured Free e s t , all size jobs, fair prices



24 Basement Waterproofing ALL BASEMENT W ATERPROOFING Cracked, leaky Walls & Floors Re paired Licensed 4 Insured Free Estimate 464 6926 BASEMENT LEAKS REPAIRED Drains 4 Sump pumps repaired 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Earl H Jensen 474 6224

MARIO 4 BOB CEMENT F R E E EST Firs-drives walks footings-patlos-steps

MARIO - 427-3453 BOB - 422-6444 MATTIOLI CEMENT All types of Vement work Small or large Free estimates Licensed 4 Insured 595-4103

BASEMENT WATERPROOFING 4 Repairs Outside Digging, Brick, Block 4 Concrete work Licensed 422-2404 Free F i t

585-6797 - HOUSE RAISING Sagging Floors 4 Homes Raised 4 Leveled FOUNDATIONS Bserrfbt Walls Repaired Waterproofed EASY FINANCING AVAILABLE Licensed 4 Irwured SERVING METRO DETROIT Since 1950

24 Hr. Service,






STOP BASEMENT LEAKS Low Cost High Quality 20 year guarantee Free Estimates 851-6192

JERRY FITRZYK Licensed Builder

"HUMECKY 4 SONS C E M E N T ' Fast 4 efficient service on your Brick, Block 4 Cement Repair Needs Retaining walls-footings 4 violations 32 yrs exp lie d 474 1980 or 674 3584

M A R S BLDG. CO. Residential,



HAMILTON BUILDERS Call 559-5590...24 hrs.


24 hours


WOOD DECKS Professional, dependable Job photos & references


286-7888 39 Carpentry ALL AROUND CARPENTRY Rec Rooms. Additions, Kitchens Fuel saving windows Roofing Tom Terns 422-5883

A Village Carpenter Home or Business Val. after 6. 476-7658 CARPENTER who teaches Industrial Arts desires weekend jobs Licensed 4 Insured Builder 348 6096 CARPENTRY For Home or Office Custom cabinets 4 counters Basements, bathrooms, elec plumbing Free estimates 476 4078 CUSTOM WOOD DECKS Designed 4 Built Hot Tubs Installed Guaranteed Work 641 8695 GUY WIELAND. LIC BUILDER Carpenter work of all kinds Awnings, sun porch windows, storm doors, alum siding, roofs, gutters, etc 937-2390 INTERIOR remodeling 4 decorating Cabinets and formica work References Free estimates 698-3144 • K 4 B CABINETS Need a New Look^ Think Spring' Kit -Bath Rec Rm • Formica Reface Free Est 439-8726 or 483-7000

KITCHEN SPECIALIST Refaclng or New Cabinets Formica Counters Install Dishwashers 728-7910

Garages, Driveways. Patios, Kitchens, jDormers. Rec Rooms. Baths. Frpe estimates Prompt service 27 Brick, Block & Cement Porches. Brick & Block Work Siding 626 7044 LOW PRICE REPAIRS Licenced, Bonded & Insured 538 2666 Carpentry, roof 4 gut|ers. plumbing 4 REMODELING reasonable, additions, Free Estimates CHIMNEYS painting baths, kiljrhens, roofs, gutters, decks, Repaired or tmtlt new, Screened. 476-0011 or 835-8610 261-0665 or 537-7399 basement; cabinets 4 counter (ops. By Cleaned Roof leaks stopped GUARANTEED


ALL JOBS Brick Block Cement Fireplaces, Foundations. New, Repair Commercial 4 Residential Davs 531 5248 Eves 534-3214


BRICK - BLOCK CEMENT Porch, Steps. Chimney 4 Fireplace re pairs. Patch plaster Comm 4 residen tial repairs of most types 476-4181

ASPHALT PAVING BRICK 4 BLOCK WORK Sealcoat Repair Resurface Porch and Chimney Repairs Last years prices still prevail Small Cement Jobs Residential/Commercial Free Est 422 5686 Evening 4 Weekends 435 2967 F r e e estimates

Commercial & Residential LICENSED & INSURED

425-8200 . 534-3828 after 6PM UNIVERSAL CEMENT CO Garages, Driveways. Walks, Patios Porches, Foundations, Brick 4 Block . Licensed 422-2404 Free Est.

PalazzoloiCarpentry No sales commissions, all work guaranteed Licensed 4 insured F^ione Mat Palaziola 681-1035

REMODELING All phases of Carpentry Work NO JOB TOO SMALL LICENSED 535 8336


42 Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing TAKE THE WINTER out of your car pet Expert carpet cleaning by Lindon's All fabrics 4 colors including white Free est Lindon s Carpet Cleaning 729-3345

MATTRESS SALE NEW DELUXE QUALITY FACTORY SECONDS Values to $ 3 0 0 ' Full size mattress or box spring Queen size mattress or box spring King size rhattress or box spring


353-9174 COLONIAL 4 French Provincial dressers 4 detachable hutches, excel lent condition 851-1958 CONTENTS of house for sale Furni ture and misc Hems 6510512 COUCH 4 Chair, Contemporary, earth tones, $150 both Triple dresser, 2 mir rors 6 drawer chest, queen size head board 4 frame, dark wood, chrome trim, $300 or best All good condition 471 2476 CUSTOM built breakfast booth and table, booth leal green, table formica top with pedestal base $275 553-3799 DINING ROOM Provincial, antique cherry 4 white, table. 6 chairs, buffet 4 server, estate pieces, $2000 355-3322 DINING ROOM SET. Pecan wood, table measures 63. inches long x 37 inches wide plus I leaf. 4 cain back chairs with gold velvet seats Excellent. $400 335-3544 DINING ROOM set, 8 pieces, table. 6 chairs, buffet Lamp table 4 lamp, living room chair 559-0516 DINING ROOM table. «o|id mahogany, oval, 42 x 64. 3 leafs. 2 Yrs old. $450 or best offer After 6 I'M 624 8230 DRAPERIES red white gingham off white cafes rods included, excellent condition Call for detaiLs 642 9805 DRAPES 2 pair custom antique satin, lined, double width with valances gold brass $135 New Minolta 110 zoom SLR camera with case 4 filter, make offer 553 0718 DRESSER CABINET, solid oak. 6 high. 5 wide Asking $2000 Call 4 leave message 669 1630

FORMAL ITALIAN Provincial dining rftom set. Baldwin off white 12 piece, glass top. pedestal table 626 4396

EAST 1100 E Maple (15Mile; Between Rochester Rd 4 I 75 Troy . 588 1800 HOURS Mon Fri 9-6 Sat 9 5

Model Home Furnishings Bed suits, (ofas. chairs, dining 4 kitch en sets en masville. Iprexel. Englander Priced to sell fast' I We must move these out quickly) Hours Sat 4 Sun 12 6pm Mon , Weds Friday 1 7pm. Tuesday .1 8pm Closed Thursday Meadow Hill Estate. Halstead Rd just S of 9 Mile Rd Farmington MOVING SALE- LIKE NEW Table 4 4,cane back chairs $295 Custom sofa ^295 Assorted chairs, tables furniture must clear now 644 8308

Roaster, black 4 white "A' clothing wedding gowns, bikes, misc 356-2618


STOVE gas Refrigerator Washer. Gas Dryer $150 takes all Optional $50 each Chrome room set $150 3 piece Bedroom Set $100 Freezer chest $30 478 408. WATER BED King size 1 year old M.".ttress 4 f r a m e Simple 4 elegant de ,gn $200 645 3348 6815087 W ATER HEATER 80 gallon electric used 8 months $85 646 4042 WINNIE THE POO crib 4 matching chest reasonable 528-2698

ATTENTION" Think spring 4 summer Look over our World Of Summer Fun corner Thursday Classification s732 BAR STOOLS Chromecraft black vi nyl chair with heavy chrome base Five for $60 each 343 0578


BEDROOM sel Queen size bed treple dresser 2 mirrors headboard night stand and f r a m e modern oak excellent




Ask f o r T o m

464 8 4 1 0

NEW painted wood porch rocker bench BEDROOM SET Queen headboard 4 $100 After 6 30PM frame triple dresser with mirror chest 647-8213 4 night stand walnut $200 563 9602

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! Place your classified want ad in Suburban Detroit's finest market The Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers


KARASTAN Carpel .Sarouk design 12x9ft $400 Mahogany china table, 4 chairs. Shield design 652-9722

SOLID MAPLE dining table with 4 chairs white double bed 2 white dressers twin bed family room furni lure652 8057

ZIG ZAG sewing machine Cabinet model Embroiders blind herns but BASSETT crib with mattress white tonholes, etc 1972 model Take on good condition $f>5 Also stroller other monthly payments or $53 cash balance bab\ articles 453 0143

FURNITURE - modern living room pieces, 2 chairs end tables, chrome 4 glass coffee table wall unit, lamps 4 pictures Blue Early American double bedroom set Gold recliner bar stools, need repair Old bicycles Call 3 7 PM 626 8718

HIGH CAPACITY water softner red velvet twin headboards, large dresser, boxes of recent paperback books 553 0586

SOFA, loveseat chair Good condition Comfortable $350 851-3387

709 Household Goods • Wayne County

591-0900 644-1070

GLASS TOP dining table by Henredon. 40x64 (beveled edge) Pecan base in bamboo motif $500 642-2970

SOFA BED Queen size lake new $175 689 7088

MOVING SALE House of Denmark liv ing room | furniture. Henredon dining room set. lamps wall cabinet • 13 piece unit), stereo, TV All APRICOT velvet swivel chairs Rust mint condition 626 3806 contemporary a r m chair octagonal 533 6666 NECCH1 portable sewing machine coffee table, etc $200

FRENCH provincial dining room set. 7 chairs china cabinet under 5 yrs old Original $475(1 now $2000 356 8820

GIBSON chest freezer 2ft x 32 in glpss dining room table, with brass 4 wicker chairs, cost new. $2995 sell half price Misc office desk 4 equipment. 335 5811

$45 $55 $65 SEWING MACHINE Pfaff model 1221 excellent condition all access©^ ries. carrying case. $500 64 7 5 343

WEST 37437 Grand River at Halstead Farmington 474-3400

ENTERTAINMENT Center Storage I'nit custom made formica Humidifier Table and 4 chairs 353 7011 ETHAN ALLEN classic manor dining room Includes pedestal table, 4 chairs, china cabinet 4 buffet Call after 6pm 634 4919

SECTIONAL wall units Low boy t shelves 4 doors Highboy 2 tiers 4 closed door Square end table, floor lamp 4 matching table lamp All white Formica Also white bedroom set four 1 drawer chests 4 2 armoires 2 chrome coffee tables Formica tops Will sacri fice 357 2425

Wayne Oakland

BEDROOM SET Solid oak dresser mirror chest Inning room set Drapes Desk Mis. After 6pm 425 6321 BEDROOM suite whne Provincial canopy iwm t*-
Rochester/Avon with mirrors 4 matching armoire $400

Use your Visa or Master Card

or best offer

525 7455

PATIO WINDOWS. Aluminum Jalousie BROYHILI DINING room lable 42 picture windows 7'9"x5 3 4 other odd round. 12 leaf siurdv some work $40 sizes 540-2768 or best offer 937 0060

PRE-RENTED FURNITURE Returns from Transferred Executives 4 Model Homes SAVINGS UP TO 70 Odd wood dining rm chairs Upholstered living rm chairs Velvet swivel rockers Traditional wing chairs Stratolounger recliner Plaid Herculon sofa 4 chair 3 pc walnut bedroom set Bernhardt china cabinet Thomasville oak wall unit Beige Herculon sofa 4 loveseal Blue velvet pindol sofa 4 loveseat 6 pc natural oak bedroom set

KING SIZE bedroom Solid Cherry Pennsylvania House Excellent condi tion 661-0001

$45 $75 $120 S150 $175 $230 $275 $275 $295 $345 $420 $475


KING SIZED bed 4 acessories.553-3313


CONTEMPORARY 7 ft sofa also, con temporary lounge chair Call after 5pm 474 8934 DINING ROOM SET solid Oak round table 4 chairs 4 server, $400 After 3 30

538 5106

ETHAN ALLEN dining lable cherry 44 round two 18 leaves excellent c o n d i t i o n $500

427 2956

FOUNDERS dining set w ith 4 chairs 4 two leaves like new value $2 000 will accept best offer 427 4500 FHEEZFR upright GE 16 cubic feet like new $200 Fruitwood traditional dining room set buflet china cabinet t a b l e d lea! with padi excellent condi tion $300 Call after 5PM 2611198 HOUSEHOLD SALE Kitchen table $10 4 chairs $45 sola matching chair $35 redwood lence gati 4 posts tire-tools, odds 4 ends 422 3045

WEST-37437 Grand River al Halstead LIVING ROOM furniture tables Farmington 474-3400 lamps stereo console, desk van relrig erator good condition 425 3755 EAST-1100 F Maple i 15Mile') LIVING ROOM set t ouch coffee tabl< Between Rochester Rd 4 1-75 Troy 588 1800 reclining chair $450 Must sell 459 8719 HOURS Mon-Fri 9-6. $at 9-5 939 2582 M I R R O R FT9 x 8 4 $50 SEARS freezer, eompacto} and bed ORIENT*? • : \ M Rl RUG G Tree (II Life new room set. 4 p< Fruitwood t hand knotted 7 ' j x 4'» all 100 ! 661 4063 wool $2,700 Call 923 5092


LIVING OR FAMILY ROOMS As Low As $20 Powerful truck-mounted steam clean ing equipment gets carpets safely cleaner 4 dryer than all other methods We guarantee to Get It Clean 1 Upholstery 4 Velvets Pet Odor Removal Family Operated ACTION CARPET CLEANING

559-0050 amily Insured-Licensed contractor owned 4 operated, serving the a i t a for 10 years Aluminium 4 Vinvl iidtng. Storm windows 4 doors. Aluminium trim 4 seamless gutters Vinyl replace ment windows Aluminum awning glass 4 screen enclosure. Roofing 4 roof vents

Must sacrifice all remaining rolls of custom, commercial 4 designee carpet Antron, IJItron. Wpol Berber Terms 4 installation available Call now

708 Household Goods Oakland County

708 Household Goods Oakland County

Interior Design Firm 'Established Over 25 yrs'

KING SIZE spread quilt combination attached sham toast 4 white Dust ruf fie 2 pair toast drapes 45x90. in origiBEDROOM SET - 6 pieces, adult, mod- nal wrappers Set of iron cook ware, ern. black gray, solid wood (onstruc pots & skillets ideal for camping or 557-6595 tion, excellent condition $45ff;'best of- cottage fer Call after 4pm 352-4032 KNOLL CHAIRS - contemporary clasBRANDT of Cirand Rapids upholstered sics' Saarinen & Bertoia designed chairs 583-9268 chairs. (2). good condition. $85 each 334 3104 LIVING ROOM furniture must sell 646-7218

33 Building & Remodeling 42 Carpet Cleaning &Oyeing IT COSTS NO MORE Aaction get STEAM CLEANING SPECIAL first class workmanship V3 Off Regular Prices FIRST PLACE WINNER of two National Awards. HAMILTON has been satisfying customers for over 20 years You deal directly with the owner All work guaranteed and competitively priced • F R E E Estimates • Designs • Additions • Kitchens • Porch Enclosures, etc.


BEDROOM S E T 5 leces, single bed. 5 sided desk, chair, n te stand 7 drawer dresser, mirror 541-5155


Aluminum Cleaning

708 Household Goods Oakland County



Starlite Cleaning Systems $25 living room 4 Hall (up to 250 sqft)

• 2 rooms $40* •3 rooms $60* Additional rooms $15 each Powerful safe truck mounted Steam Cleaning equipment for cleaner carpets 4 quicker drying OWNER OPERATED WORK GUARANTEED PET ODOR 4 STAIN REMOVAL SOIL RETARDANT ,



SPRING SPECIAL' Carpets Cleaned at 1970 Prices Carpets Dry in 60 Minutes C 4 G CLEANING 255-3253 TRUE VALUE CARPET CLEANERS Living Rm 4 hajl steam cleaned $29 First additional room $1 00 special Also upholstery cleaning Call 535-6514

44 Carpet Laying & Repair B SEOG CARPET SERVICE Carpet Repairs PAD AVAILABLE 421 6550, 522-4227

54 Ceiling Work ACOUSTIC SUSPENDED DROP IN CEILINGS Also Paneling. Floor Tile Remodeling Free Estimates 421-8489

55 Chimney Cleaning CHIMNEYS CLEANED & SCREENED 427 3981

STOVE SERVICE $35 chimney cleanings


56 Chimney Building & Repair CHIMNEYS BRICK RESTORATION Tuck Pointing, Flashings. Cleaned 4 Screened All Work Guaranteed Free Estimate Licensed, Insured 532 5168


Repaired or built new Screened Cleaned Roof leaks stopped GUARANTEED' GA 7-3981

63 Draperies

Custom Draperies F R E E ESTIMATES 348 7352 - 422 9143

64 Dressmaking & Tailoring LADIES & GENTLEMEN Quality Tailoring Birmingham area Ask for Joe 540 9038

65 Drywall

96 Garages

123 Janitorial

DRYWALL WORK New and Old Texture 4 Spray Work REASONABLE PRICES Call John or Joe 422 9098

CUSTOM BUILT GARAGES Garage floor-driveway-foundations etc UNIVERSAL BUILDING 4 CEMENT Free Estimate 422 2404

Suburban COMMERCIAL Cleaning Excellent References Years ol Experience Free Estimates 879 8475

66 Electrical

99 Gutters

129 Landscaping


ALUMINUM GUTTERS Replace your old rusted or peeling gutters with new baked enamel alum gutters & down spouts All Western 4 Northern sub utbs Free est Ray 358-011 •

DEPENDABLE ELECTRIC Free EstimatesJFteasonable Rates Licensed 4 Insured 557-9696

COMPLETE GUTTER SERVICE Aluminum 4 galvanized Installed Re paired. Cleaned Roof repairs Free es umates Call Oskar. 543-9196

ADDITIONS WIRED SERVICES MOVED INCREASED FLOODLIGHTS bucket truck to 35 VIOLATIONS CORRECTED REPAIR Residential Commercial Professional. Qualified Dependable. Reasonable Rates 30 yrs experience

OHMER GUTTER SERVICE Cutters-Cleaned Repaired Screened Roof Repairs New Gutters Slorm Damage 624-5357

BOLLIN ELECTRIC Commercial-lndustrial-Res I


A A A Landscaping Division of Deerfield Maini Inc

•Shrqb & Tree Planting •Bed Work »Stone *Chips •Sodding & Sod Stripping •Weed Control F R E E ESTIMATES Fl I.LY INSURE!


102 Handyman

ABSOLUTELY all home 4 office re-



pairs Carpentry electru plumbing • SANI) 4 GRAVEL Electric Service Driveways graded & tepaired roofs, installations too Call anytime Swimming pools filled Free Estimates 464-1035 HANDY MAN JOE i insured I 355 5168

YARDflocated 30775 Five Mile I.noma


HOME REPAIRS CARPENTRY Painting Roofing Gutters. Electrical and Plumbing All types of repairs 476-2217 459 3230 HOME REPAIRS Licensed 4 Bonded Free Estimates 647 0373 Viron 540-2214

DON T MISS OUR ESTIMATE Qualified Licensed 4 Insured • K 4 M MAINTENANCE WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY Call Novi Elect for Free Est 352-1666 Chimneys cleaned 4 repaired All types of remodelling 4 masonry work Addi tions. garages Interior exterior paintMarket Electrical Services ing Landscaping Keith 453 6543 Residential, commercial, industrial Design & construction ' MH ODD JOB Call for free e s t . low rates 729 2524 Repairs home 4 office Plumbing Electrical Woodwork Painting 24 hours Bill. 649 4036 Residentlal-Comm I Industrial Licensed Insured Free Est 533 0116


105 Hauling

WINCO GENERATORS SALE I500w - $420. 2500w $500 4000w $780 Other available, accessories for any set up Limited time act now' IAN'Enterprises 537-4618

AAA Fast Hauling 4 Moving Garage Basement-Yard-Cleanup CALL F R E D 334 2379 WEE HAH Reusable Items No Charge



69 Excavating A NDERSEN S EXCAVATING Old 4 new repair work, light, water 4 sewer Septic drains 4 basements, driveways 4 parking lots 478 6344 Excavating Trenching Sewer Waterlines Pools Parking Lots Septic Tanks Trucking 838 6731

You c a l l 24 Hours

U' • I'll Haul It' 569 2848

HONEST PRICES kihil Building site Basement cleaning 474

Trash removal any clean up Gaiage 4 Fast Serv ice 2640

Free Estimate



981 536

Blue Grass Lawn Supplies are cutting


7 days a week 1 from 8AM-5PM at 51825 W 8 Mile £lso deliveries made 464-2080 464-2081 X'LDER LANDSt APE CO let usi design 4 maintain vour entire lei us4 grounds We are maintenance special ists li||U licensed 4 insured 6(3-6042 RilULDEH LANDSCAPE CO Let usndestgn 4 maintain \our entirei grounds We are maintenance spec ists Fully licensed 4 insured 683 6042



592 1903

476 0648

72 Fences

108 Heating

CHAIN LINK All wood types split rail Home security devices for doors 4 ~ windows, repair work Free estimates Commercial 4 residential 729 8183 CHAIN LINK STEEL 4 WOOD FENCE Prompt installation quality work Portable dog pens pool enclosures, good price free est 534 5106.356 3017

78 Firewood A I FIREWOOD 1 face cord $40 2 face cords $75. 3 (ace cords $100 (7x6x4) 12 to 18 in length 482 8517

81 Floor Service FLOOR SANDING REFINISHING Old floors our specialty Stain work beautifully done Very reasonable Free estimate 477-7736

93 Furniture Finishing & Repair FURNITURE REPAIR Reupholstering. refinishing recaning Our specialty is repairing, reglueing 4 reupholstering dining room c ha its Visa 4 M C , MarVKay 851 2550




Pete Wood Plbg & jHtg

682 8680

8 8 7 174

Furnaces, boilers 4 humidifiers Installed or repaired ^ c p n s e d 24 Hour Service 525 5246 Bergstrom's Inc Heating , Service-Repairs-Replacements Furnaces, humidifiers air cleaners Vi$a 4 MC • 522 1350



477 6 0 5 5

KRAUSE HOME HEATING Service Repair Cleaning Custom Duct W ork 421-9170


116 Insurance

SECURE A professional photographic recording of virtually every item in your home or business that you desire to be recorded for future identification in the event of loss Contact Secure Div ! Birmingham Camera Shop, 644 0510


123 Janitorial Family Owned 4 Operated SPARKLE JANITORIAL SERVi Full Service inc I carpet cleaning Comm'l res'l Ins Exe ref 464 1602

FURNITURE Upholstery Cleaning Lindon's does it all Crushed velvet 4 RESPONSIBLE HIGH School Graduate antioues our specialty Don't throw it will clean homes, garages windows and out Call Lindon s First cars Ask for Ross , Free Est 729 3345 689 8485 or Eves 855-1823


• _ -u...t^





^ ^

.m ^






—i i ' i i i i i n

-V V A A . V V


i_ V


Monday,"May 3, 1982


709 Household Goods Wayne County

710 Mite. For Sale Oakland County

710 Mite. For Sale , Oakland County

GARAGE SALE Rochwter 3 Families WHEELCHAIR, cherrywood table, 6 U * n mower, dressing Uble, girls bike, chairs. 40 channel am mobile cb radio 471-4505 fire hydrants, books, toys, games, qui SEARS whit*. 19 3 cub ft r e f r f c w a t o r , Wr, Etc Fri , SaJ. 9 AM-4 PM 880 WOODBROOK HILLS Swim Club 4 $125 Black fireplace equipment. $45 Hemlock, University Livemois area Tennis Membership, Farmington Hills. Ping pong table. $35 Misc garden 1400 851-2749 GARAGE SALE Southfteld. big gaequipment. $30 2 wood sawhorses, $15. Redwood lawn chait. $20 453-1252 rage filled with new 4 used v^ndows 4 doors, furniture, misc 354-8457 711 Misc. For Sale SET. couch, chair, love seat. 6 months old. $350 Coffee table. $40 Black & aARAC.E SALES, Rochester, Barnes wood Lane off Tienken between UverWayne County White 19" TV, $20 Plants and misc furniture Call after 5 PM 261 1279 nois & Adams May 5 , 8 4 7 9 to 4 AIR CONDITIONER Carrier. GARAGE SALE Troy Hidden Valley 1 room, $100 or best offer SEVEN PIECE living room set, includ484 2046 Sub 5164 Highmount Adams 4 Long ing tables 4 lamps, good condition, Lake May 5 8-7. 9AM-4PM $400 Call 455 3715 ALUMINUM SIDING SECONDS for the Do-it-yourselfer SOFA 78 in tufted wing back, gold/ GARAGE SALE Troy. 4307 Merriwood, 14544 Telegraph, Flat Rock May 6.7.8 9-5pm N of Wattles, E of cream print, pleated skirt, excellent 1-782 9890 condition, $100. call after 5pm 455-1775 John R Furniture, childrens toys 4 clothes, stereo, misc items ATTENTION!! Think spring & summer T H R E E pc living room outfit, extra Look over our "World Of Summer Fun" chair. $150 349-2191 GARAGE SALE: W Bloomfield. An- corner lliursday Classification #732 tiques, accessories, boys bike, other TWIN BED 3 drawer chest, ottoman household items including sofabed, oak AVACARE ALOEVERA Health, skin w bamboo base, dishes books, pictures table 4 chairs 4110 E Newland, of! and hair care products 100% stablixed, bedding, etc 533-2934 Long Lake Rd between Middlebelt 4 no preseratives or additives Will delivOrchard Lake Rds Thur Fri. 9 to 5 er, Call 836 5345 or 272-5454 TWO sets of twin sized mattresses 4 bo* springs. $30 sel, 525-2616 GARAGE SALE - W Bloomfield, Super BAR STOOLS. 2 captains style swivel Saver. F P toys, baby needs, exercise se^t in Early American maple, sandbox WOODEN DISHES, service for ' bike, 1930s solid oak kitchen table 4 4 great for Lauau. $300 261-/4... cliairs, you name It! 7236 Heather combination pool, Hedstrom trycycle. bamboo bird cage, all like new 421-4023 Heath, N of 11 Mile. E of Orchard Lake Rd May, 10 4 BASEMENT SALE Plymouth Small 4 710 Misc. For Sale large bikes, color TV, old wooden highGIANT GARAGE SALE chair, pool table, toboggan 455-0163 Oakland County Do your spring cleaning now Make some quick money and join the worlds CB Swim club membership for sale, ANNIVERSARY SALE ' 281-8785 Mav 1 thru 9, buy 2 items 1 at half largest garage s i e at the Raleigh Livonia Square Marketplace, 25300 Telegraph price minimum $5 Excludes co-sign Rd • Southfield. May 7,8,9 Space for COFFEE TABLE, barrel back chairs, ments The Garage Sale Flea Market 200 tables Call for reservations now magazine rack, aluminum Thermopane Store Penny Pinchers Mart 824.W 352 6420 doorwall (6 Ft x 6 W F t ) 453-7594 11 Mile. Roval Oak (2 blocks E of Woodward) 546-7744 HEIRLOOM ladies Omega watch, dia COMPLETE Restaurant equipment for sale ATTENTION" Think spring 4 summer mond studded white gold, exquisite, Excellent condition 362-2398 Look over our World Of Summer Fun" needs cleaning! $650 471-1132 522 0725 corner Thursday Classification »732 ' HOSPITAL BED Electric Good condi FOLDING MIRROR Door, fits 4 x6'8 tion $300 Also washing machine and BASEMENT MOVING SALE Mon 153 2708 opening, needs some hardware, very •thru Fri 10 5pm 13330 W 10 Mile. electric range good quality, $50 Sliding door wall ex Huntington Woods, between Coolidge & terior, thermopane with sliding screen Berkley I arts of goodies door, dark brown anadized aluminum, fits 6 x6'8 opening, $125 85 sq ft of COMPLETE Reynolds water softener random slate Kemtile solid vinyl tile, unit purchased from Culhgan in 1979 "Random Casilla", No C-105--34Cost $3900 no reasonable offer refused G018AA Actual value $268 Sacrifice Just lapped into city water 855 1544 INDIVIDUAL $150 Cash only No checks Call Fri COMPLETE set of kitchen cabinets, re SMALL. LARGE GROUPS evening, Sat or Sun 455-5043 frigerator double oven, dishwasher, ex Good at All Hospitals. NiACRAME tables 4 hangers, also cellenl condition Reasonable 661-2445 Low rates. Monthly. handmade adopted dolls, plus Beauty CONTKMPORARY COUCH 4 loveseat, Control Cosmetics 34195 Warren, corUnited Underwriters ner of Warren 4 Wildwood. 1 blk E of wheal color. 1 vr old Also end table After 5PM 879 6548 Wayne Rd 721 3308 RECLINER green tweed chair. »80 937-2296



CRAFTSMAN 18 reel push type lawn mower with grass catcher, excellent condition, $30 Craftsman 6 joiner planer with motor, stand saw dust catcher. 1250 Water softener Reynolds, $50 Playpen $15 Infant rocking horse 110 'Girl's French Provincial double bed with headboard & footboard $100 Matching desk $80 Decorative gold folding screen $20 Alter 5pm 626-3579 FARMINGTON IS Mile Orchard l ake swim & lennis club membership, Woodbrooke Hills, bond $375 After 5pm 851-1688

GARAGE SALE at 14 Mile John R Manufactures Samples of Sheets Tow els Bedspreads Ktc 5 3-82 thru 5 5 82 9 30 AM 4 30 PM 36 E 14 Mile Rd

MOVING SALE. Farmington Hills Wed . 4 Thurs . May 5 4 6 10-5 I'M 34300 Quaker Valley Rd . N of 11 Mile Rd W of Farmington Rd

GARAGE SALE Birmingham, Mon Tues Wed household items, misc 656 N Cranbrook. N of Maple. S of Oak

MOVING SALE Teakwood furniture, iwin bedroom sel. wall unit, bar stools. Oak dining set, Brown Jordan patio furniture. other items Excellent 652-4456

GARAGE SALE Birmingham 3 Farm lies' Some furniture, baby items May 7 NEIGHBORHOOD SALE May 6 & 7, 4 8. 9AM 5PM 1648 Yorkshire, 1 block 9am 4 30pm 1043 Westwood. Birming N Maple uff Adams, turn right ham No off Maple betweeen Oak & Raynale Children s clothes, fine dra GARAGE SALE Bloomfield Hills. Gi- peries glass fireplace door, misc gantic subdivision sale. May 8th. SuntiM- lo Sunset. Colonial Hills, N of ONE COMMERCIAL vacuum cleaner. Sq Lake K of Telegraph, W of Wood Eureka, good condition. $50 1 door with ward detector eye. I solid wood door, 2 glass doors. $30 each 357-399$ GAR \GF. SALE. Farmington Hills Whole Subdivision Independence Hills riNBALL machines 4 video games at i j mile N of Grand River on Drake Rd public auction on May 8 See our ad un Mas 6 7 8 10 5pm Furniture, misc der »700 Auctions Assoc 664 5331 GARAGE SAl.F Rochester 12 individ ual homes May 6-7.8 10 6pm On Paint Valley ofl Hulton & Livernois. Bargains lor every one

PUSH MOWER $15. 30 inch avacado, gas stove $50 Refrigerator $20 356 8630

GARAGE SALE. Rochester, l-ots of Craft1- 941 Hemlock Great Oaks East Sub Mav 6 7 8 10am 6pm

SEARS MOVIE Projector, never been used, $100. Movie light $15 Kodak In slamatic 220 camera. $20 Underwood office Adding machine, $50 474 0092

GARAGE SALE Rochester 196 ("lair Hill Dr W i»f Old Perch. S of Walton May 6 7 8 9 30 3 Furniture air condi tinner household items, clothes misc.

USED MACHINERY, tools, hardware for all trades, antiques & collectible* Buy. Sell. Trade 220 242 S Main, Clawson Open 7 days 435-0944

LANDSCAPE & NURSERY 20 Acres of Qualify Shade Trees For Your Selection


129 Landscaping

RANDAL LANDSCAPE • Planting & Designing • Sodding Seeding • l a w n Repair Finish Grading • Top Soil Delivery 10 yds & under Licensed & Free Estimates Bloomfield Farmington Areas626 7309


MENS 10 speed, new tires, excellent condition. $60 , 652-4798

GARAGE SALE Plymouth Many families so iwe have a variety of items, Come s*e Wed thru "Sat. May 5 thru May 8 9 am to 5 pm 190 Hamilton. 1 blocks N of Ann Arbor Trail 453 8551

PATIO SALE, Garden City Thurs., F r i , Sat . 8 a m 5 p m 28949 Florence, between Ford Rd & Cherry Hill

SCHWINN Typhoon 26 X 1 V«, boys bike, MASSEY FERGUSON 8 HP tractor, 3 leeed, seldom used Owned by older electric start, cutter, sweeper, snow 652-4834 man$80 4*4 2253 blade, chains. $400 eves

GIBSON GUITAR Les Paul Heritage With case Peavey 300 w a t t amp with graphic equalizer, reverb In puts for mixer with 2 column* 3 weeks old with warranty $1,995 523-4336

RIDING MOWER 5 HP. 24 in rotary blade Excellent condition. $408 Evenings 626-3785

HAMMOND LI 12 organ 4 bench WaL nut finish Like new $800 626 3923

AKC. tiny Toy Poodle, puppies. Apricot, lineage has easy disposition Call after 7 PM 66« 4747

HAMMOND ORGAN. VS 300. walnut Brain, rhythm section, double keyboard, 332 8221

BASSETT HOUND 3 ' i year old male Very lovable to children To good home only After 4PM 464-7189

HAMMOND ORGAN 197? Dolphin Se ries, full double regisWr, automatic r h t t h m . auto cord, I finger cording Lite new condition $1000, 525-2^6b

BEAGLE MIXED 4 month old i « n a l e puppies lo homes with children 474-5549

GARAGE SALE- Reserve your space $15. for; Northville's Annual City wide Garage iSale Sat May 15 with a f t e r ' 349 5175 noon auction sale

LEONARD'S TREES DECKS'& GAZEBOS Specializing in large Colorado Blue Bv Spruce many other Evergreens & ANI>S< APE ARTISTRY 6819079 shade trees available Eves 231 1484 GARDEN TILLING POL1DORI LANDSCAPE COMPANY Mon Thru Eri After 3,30 pm Designs Installation Shrubs Trees, Sal Sun & Holidays Anytime Rocji Beds, Top Soil, Peat Eddie Jr 422 0761 l a w n Maintenance Fertiliier 273 1316

• GREEN HORIZON Thai hlng CleanuufTrees & Bushes Lawn Cutting ' 4 hours Bill 649 4036

POWER RAKING '422-6840


Blue Grass Blend DELIVERY & INSTALLATION Or U-Pickup 12 Mile & Milford Rd in New Hudson



POWER RAKING, and • Commercial ('uLs • 357-2867 LANDSCAPING AT AFFORDABLE PHICES Construction, nursery stock, sodding, renovation SI grading Complete grounds maintenance D & B Landscaping 534 5515 565 2561 SPRING CLEAN U P Complete l a w n Maintenance t ^ l 1st week of cutting free 352 9353






H.L. RENAS LANDSCAPE • COMPLETE LANDSCAPING . Construction & I>e*iening • Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs • Sodding Sod Stripping • Patios. Spring Cleanups Parks Mowed & Maintained

425-9777 KARCYN LANDSCAPING Spring Cleanups Power Raking Complete l a w n Care Peat , Dirt Lie Ins Free Estimates 427 9560

SCREENED also GARDEN SOIL Serving • HOMEOWNERS • LANDSCAPERS Prompt delivery In business 30 years

SPRING CLEANUP Lawn mowing, seed, sod, planting 335 0477

474 1040 349 2195


Shredded & Loaded Wholesale & Retail Mon.-Sat. 8AM-5PM Also Delivered S. of Six Mile Rd. Vi Mile E. of 1-275

464-2080 464-2081


AT A REASONABLE PRICE Complete Lawn Maintenance Free Estimates 478 7346


BUIX'.ET LAWN SERVICE l.ow Ixiw Rates' Spring Clean Up Yearly I^iwn Maintenance Call for Free Estimate, Brett Tegman 592 8618

Commercial 4 Residential

C SI C LANDSCAPING Lawn cutting starting at $10 50 weekly Spring clean ups, power raking, fertlizing Free estimates 534-7674 Cl'TTERWORKS 464 8189 Lawn Care Specialists Free Est Weekly, bi weekly rates Special Vaca tion rate Spring clean up, de thatching DE THATCHING - CLEAN UP Complete Lawn ST Landscape Maint Commercial & Residential Fully In sured Free Estimates 522 1776 D i W LAWN MAINTENANCE Power raking Sprin/prlean up Weekly lawn care Commercial/residential 453-8173

Call Greg,


F R E E ESTIMATES Spring Clean Up Lawn Cutting Power raking Fertilizing Landscaping Ask lor Gene. 728 5488 595-6910 flEAVY DUTY GARDEN TILLING Will do gardens, clay, or hard pack sod 422-1718 I WOULD LIKE to maintain your lawn this Spring & Summer. Prompt, expert service Free estimates Ask for Da 453 1307 LaCOURE LANDSCAPING Complete Lawn Care Service. Spring Clean ups. Power Raking Comm.. Res Free Est Lie 4 Ins 354 3213; 397 2160

LAWN MAINTENANCE Spring Clean Up By Ideal Seasons Equipped for large jobs 4 exp for all types Call John lor estimate 391-4969 LAWN MAINTENANCE Cutting Edging - Trimming Reasonable Rates F r e e Est Call John at 261 6880 or 647 -7669 POWER RAKING Average yard $20 Weekly lawn cutting available Call for free estimate 525 7135 RAY'S LAWN SERVICE Residential or small commercial Very reasofi8ble Call alter 5PM 362-0984 RELIABLE LAWN SERVICE Cutting, edging, 4 weed trimming Also Spring Clean up l/>w rates Livonia area 421 3777 ROTOTILLING Free estimates No job too small 591 1077

591 1927

ROTOTILLING 132 Lawn Mower Repair LAWN MOWER SHARPENING $5 95 - Tune ups 4 repairs Livonia area 591 1077 591-11927 TUNE UPS TO OVERHAULS Mowers to tractors Professional rea sonable Pick up & delivery available Free estimates 425-5180

135 Lawn Maintenance

SCHWINN, 17 inch Collegiate, 5 speed, green, good condition $80 Call 3 9pm, 553-2691

TWO Schwinn 3 speed Stingray bikes, (1 SKAR ROTOT1LLER. 6hp. $150 464-3510 boy, 1 girl) Bi Centennial edition, mint condition, $65 cach.firm 553-0159 SEARS 7 HP. 24 inch riding mower, good condition. $325 Also 21 inch Snapper, $70 332 2592

714 Business & Office Equipment


SEARS 8HP electric start 36" riding mower with sweeper. New motor $450 649-1498

AFFECTIONATE neutered declawed male cat, free to good home, 569 3605

666 1770

AK< St'HNAUZERS or DACHSHUNDS Home raised puppies Champion Stud Service Professional Grooming Bob Albrechi 522-9380

BLACK LABRADOR with all shots, male 8 months tree to good home 420-0702

HAMMOND Sounder -Jin Excellent ALMOST NEW • desk, credenza. sofa, 397 1026 chairs, Pitney Bow mail machine 4 SIMPLICITY 7 h p riding mower. 36 in condition. $250 scale, assume 16 mo lease 358 1515 cut, with grass catcher Canton KIMBALL console p ano, bicentennial 453 5561 model, excellent (<>nd tion. $1 100 BEAUTY SALON equipment, dryers, 459 9233 units, hydraulic chairs, shampoo bowls SNAPPER LAWN MOWER Sold complete or seperatelv 512 8311 LIRA Italian-made aicordian, 120 bass, 21 in, commercial, like new 421 6635 652 8057 After 5 30 PM. call 626-2696 mint condition, with case


BOUVJEH AKC pick of the litter 1 black male 8 weeks old Champion bloodline Mornings 678 2611 BOUVIER DES Kl. ANDRES, large healthy puppies AM '.hots tails Alter 6pm 4 weekends 588 0121 CABIN TERRIER AKC color whea (on lemale 7 mos all shots good markings & temper men! 541 8582 CAT II 2 Yr old white male cat ne^is good home ha s been d o la wed and is litter trained $:, Call 453-5829 COt'KAPOO puppies i males 1 female 5 weeks cute & adorable $25 357-1018 COFFEE needs ,i new home Adult male Setter Spaniel Excellent "health I,ovinK companion Fee reasonable Eves 662 1552 DOBEHMAN PI I T I E S purebred, pa per* Udutiful R>HMJ natured inlelli gent Reds blacks $85 693 8115 D o B E R M W '^1 weeks female cars 4 shots papers $125 Please call 10 11pm 356 1809 I X H ' B L E YELLOW Mexican Parrot with cage 2 yrs old talks & trained Prefers women 699 1853 FLUFFY KITTENS various colors male & lemale Utter trained To a good home After 3pm 522 8093 F R E E KITTEJiS lilt female

needs (>ix>d

GERMAN SHEPHERD home good house dog

421 3805

GOLDEN HETIJEIVEH male AKC champion bloodline :i years old house broken shots Alter fcpm 646 9748 GOLDEN RETREI\ ER pups AKC Champion hlm«l line ai' puppy shot> Aftei*5 3d PM c;,jl 891 1625 GOLDEN R E I R El V E R S Meadow porn! .older • liarrlpion sifed available II<>W >47-0814 GOLDEN RETRIEVER Ma old Call alter < 3uPM GOLDEN RETRIEVER pups 3 males 1 female AKC registered champion bloodline> Best offer 721 .723 GOLDEN RETRIEV ER AKC 6 weeks shots hunl ing and show line $150 522-1678 GdHliON SETTER "English Setter Mi» to good home neutered adult male great family dog After 6pm 646 9748 (lot 'SE ( ATs io tfood homes De clawed and neutered Call 455 7457 KEESH0ND PEDIGREED puppies beautiful walkings excellent family pel 522 5987 KITTENS f r ^ T & beige marking

iving homes black 273 2687

weeks KITTENS Need go<^l hoijie


trained 851-2964

L(X )klN<; lor a Rood home for 2 ador able gentle ellectionate i ats 10 monthold lemale black & white spayed ill shots Days 493 2759 Evenings 559-0798 LOVABLE IX x ; needs lovable family I year old Shepherd Retriver mixed spaved Obedience school & doghouse Eves 645-2654 LOVEABLINewfoundland needs home black male. 10 months AK( 1250 540-9105 »

. •—

135 Lawn Maintenance

AlsO Power Raking. Spring Cleanups Shrub Work Free Est 421 6947


SOD picked up at Farm 8 Mile between Farmington & Newburgh Rd. 8-5. 7 days Delivered or Laid ' Old lawns removed & resodded Hydroseeding. Grading Topsoil & Fill

RALEIGH 26 men s 3 speed Horn, JACOBSEN power mower, turbo saddle bag Excellent condition $75 mulcher, excellent condition. $175 652-8057 332 5408

Y F O t f « « R > » Y E » T O N / 4 l » . M ^ f H U R S O ^ r FOR MONDAY EDITION



2288 HAGGERTY Rl> Wolmam/ed Lumber for Decks »6 *8 ties $10 08 ' x8 *8 ties $13 44 ' a d o s brick paver Urn-brick, patio Mocks 3 for $1 50 Boulders different NORTHWEST AREA colors available Flagstone red brown NOVI AREA Wall stone 5 types lor retaining walls Landscape ground cover stone 9 colors Driveway stone Bulk wood chips WEST BLOOMFIELD 624 2219 3 acres ol l a n d s c a p e Material

commercial rotary or 356-7877


Expert Rototilling


Green Valley Farm

BOBCAT, 48 in mower 533 5482


ALL STATE Lawn Spray SI MainteTILLERMEN nance Co Liquid fertiliiation, average ROTOTILLING 5000 sq ft lawn $17 50 per application 476-6991l a w n , cutting & edging, $15, Spring Clean - Ups & power raking Complete 2 F R E E CUTTINGS landscape needs Comm Res Ind V'ree from The Greenery Spring Clean-Ups est Satisfaction guaranteed 247-5896 4 Complete l a w n Service Rototilling Tim 879 7162. Gordon 531 1134

LAWN REPAIR Replace old worn out diseased grass with beautiful new sod Free Estimates Dependable West Wayne. Oakland County - 459 2150

!fi fl garden $19 Free spruce tre« nd garden booklet 7 years good ser Service all areas Steve 538 2191

POOL FILTER & inwall skimmer $100, pool ladder, yr old $20, foot print patio blocks (10) $15 453-7726

POOL HEATER - 1979 Lochinvar, Comfortsone, 150 000 BTU's, 4 settings, 422-3045 GARAGE SALE Redford, May 6,7,8. heats larger pool, $375/best 9-5. 114?6 Mercedes, off Plymouth Rd, POOL • 16x32 ft with accessories. $300 near Inlster Rd Fireplace equipment, 532 7536 glassware, jewelry, much more SIX Ft wet bar 4 sink 3 piece paUo GARAGE SALE Redford 26505 Mar- swine with canopv Both very good conareta 4t Lexington May 8 thru 10. 2-6 ditio* 537 0298 >M Clothing. Misc Baby Items, Dog STAINLESS steel * h p sand pool House, Chain-Link 8' gate. filter with skimmer 4 vacuum, alumiGARACJE SALE Redford. Sears 36" gas num safety ladder, $110 complete Afstove, sblid maple twin bed, Campaign ter 4pm 722-7080 chest, dinette set. other furniture, misc. items Harlequin 4 Silhouette novels. SWIMMING POOL, 18x4 round Liners, May 6 9. 9AM 5PM 14362 Salem, Tele- filters, hose, ladders, cover, pillow Call graph /Schoolcraft area after 4PM 535-9482

LANDSCAPING & NURSERY Landscaping design & installation Free Estimates Stan Lincoln Landscaping & Nursery Call 729-8378


AUORABI.K 8 month kitten needs'good home Male, orange color, good with children Call 68J 3058

OVAL POOL 12x24, F r a m e . 4 complete pool accessories Including filter, skimmer, etc No wall or liner $200 Redwood L-shaped pool deck 24x12, $100 937 0229

135 Lawn Maintenance

LANDSCAPERS WHOLESALE CLOSEOl'T Southern Wayne County Pine, Colorado* Ornamental. Locust. Linden Less than wholesale in quantity. Diggers available 753-4945

Nursery located approx 4 5 miles W. of I-275 A worthwhile drive 50145 FORD RD , CANTON

738 Household Pets

FIVE PIECE Tama drum set, 4 eym bate, high hat. Titan heavy duty hardware, throne, trap box 4 cases $1 650 firm Excellent condition Call even

G A R A G E SALE P l y m o u t h Twp,, Neighborhood sale, 15 house*. May 6, 7, 8 9am Anrf Arbor Trail 4 Southworth. 2 blocks W of Haggerty,

OEA0UH&& mm


726 Musical Instruments

711 Misc. For Sale Wayne County

BUSINESS EQUIPMENT Electric TILLER, rear tine model, $350. PLAYER PIANO, rebuilt Aeolian in GARAQE SALE Super' May 7, 9am • SWIMMING POOL, Kayak with deck, typewriter, $40 Two office copiers, 1-623 0033 excellent condition. Oak rabmet 75 5pm, 7646 Emerson Dr . Canton, off 32 x18' Everything included $500 or $75, $500 Desk, $100. Hermes rolls, $1900 349 7473 355-1806 WANTED FILL dirt Must be deliv Warren! Two Families Children's best offer. You remove 495 1164 calculator. $40 Call days STE1NWAY GRAND L 510 V . wal clothing 4 toys galore, lots of misc ered, Southfield area Call days YARD-BASEMENT sale Garden City, IBM SELECTRIC. must sell, best offer 353-1417 nut Excellent condition $10,000 GE 181b heavy duty washer. Frigidaire Call 9AM-5PM 540-0020 or Eves 1-227 7865 GARAtiE SALE Westland A bit of ev 363 6388 WHEELHORSE 18 HP electric tractor erything! May 6 & 7 9am-4nm 8130 17cuft. refrigerator. Whirlpool 20" elecUSED PIANO, plays good and sounds tric stove, continous cleaning, couch, mower Exceptional bargain Many exRavine, off Joy Rd between Wayne & table 4 chairs, bookcases, electric OFFICE FURNITURE tras $1,495 or offers 645-9184 good. $395 complete Newburjgh * 356 3180 edger 4 lawn equipment, clothing 4 BARGAINS toys, extras. After 6pm 427 0667 GARACJE SALE, Westland 38701 Flor VIOLA. 14 inch, hand made in Germa Rental returns from model offices, ence, corner of Hix between Ford Rd 4 718 Building Materials nv Excellent condlUon with bow & major corporations, 4 short term YARD SALE Garden City May 3-6, 9 Cherryljill May 3 8, 9-5 Something for 455 2734 ALUMINUM Jalousie Windows, 6 with case $350 everyorie. new things added every day, 4 Couch, odd chairs, carseat. high- executive rentals. , $115 screens and storms 32'x48 $10 each chairs. dehumidifier, air conditioner, 4 dr letter files very reasonable prices 474 5229 Walnut executive desks $269 shingles, etc. 32990 Barton. W of Venoy GARAGE SALE Livonia Several fami5 ft work tables $50 728 TV, Stereo, lies participating Household items, Industria I steel bookcases $ 100 ALUMINUM T h a r m o p a n e 6 f t Hi-Fi, Tape Decks toys, games, books, clothes May 712 Wanted To Buy Heavy duty Jolding chairs $6 doorwall Complete wjth f r a m e 4 6,7,8th,'8am-5pm 35810 Dover, off Ann Formica top reference tables $ 120 screen, $100 3 sliding Thermopane win BETA Sanyo video recorder 6 mos old dows, approx 5x5, $35 ea. 313-534-1166 Arbor T r a i l between Newburgh 4 Executive desk chairs $75 excellent condition, musl sacrifice Wayne Rd 2 dr lateral files ' $159 NEW WINDOWS 4 Doors Also used $300 After 5pm 464 2029 SCRAP WANTED 4 dr legal files $139 windows 4 doors Many sizes 4 v a n e Garage Sale-4 Families Mai' 6-7-8. Copper 404-50* per lb Brass 25«-50« Rollabout drafting chair $75 ties Call John before 8PM COLOR TV, 17 in RCA good condition, 354-6457 Holiday Park Sub 8377 Forest Dr Can;r lb Auto radiators 30< 34« per lb 6 ft light oak conference desk $375 $95 Call a f t e r 6pm 851 4916 ton HMpm Household, knick knacks, THERMO PANE 6 ft doorwall com ungsten carbide $4 $5 per lb Alumichildrefis clothes, toys, baby items We offer short or long term plete $150 2 windows incased. 80 in ONKYO RECEIVER OHM speakers num (free of iron). 15«-25« per lb Also 338-1738 office furniture rentals high 38 in., wide, $50 each 531-9150 excellent condition. $650 GE ELECTRIC Dryer Toro snow buying high speed steel, nickle, solder 4 blower 349-6831 all other alloys RECONDITIONED used color T V s ASK ABOUT OUR MANN METALS CO priced from $100 Bliinks TV Service 721 Flowers & Plants HOSPITAL BED. hand cranks, com HKNT-TOOWN TERMS 640 Starkweather PIvTnouth Old Vil 24804 Crestview C t Farmington Hills plete With side rails Excellent condi 478 6500 DAYLILLIES. many varieties and dif laee 453 6300 ion « 2 5 Call between 11-3 421-6259 GLOBE INTERIOR RENTALS ferent colors 326-2506 1100 E Maple, Troy . SYI.VANIA 25' color console T V . e» HOSPITAL BED, $375. wheelchair, CHINA • Coalport Indian Tree (pink 4 betw 1-75 4 Rochester Rd 588-1 BOO SCHEFFLARIA plant 6 ^ ft , perfect cellenl condition $295 green) odd pieces 649 4533 642 4554 $125 Good condition for home or office, $100 or best offer GARAGE & Craft Sale Livonia, 565 2325 COLOR TV'S TEAKWOOD Stereo shell unil like 37437 Grand River, Farmington Hills 851 0091 (Krafts & Krap) May 6.7,8, 9-5 28901 474 3400 new. $125 4 acoustic 412 4-wav speak MIRRORS and Picture Frames, all NEEDING REPAIR, under 8 years old, at Halstead W Chicago, SILVER MAPLE TREES Come out 4 ers 60W, $90 each Call after all makes, pay up to $60 Mon Fri 9 6. Sat 9-5 wood fnouldings. cheap Call Evenings 838-7842 select and dig later These trees retail 851 9312 GARAGE SALE. Canton May 7-8, 565-7283 OPAQUE PLASTIC. 5 ft x 6 ft x Mi for at least $50 each Special price at 10ain 6pm 1361 Aberdeen, S of Ford, NEWSPAPERS inch thick Can use for desk 4 chair VHS Video Recorder, 5 day I week pro $20 each while they last After 4pm W of Lilley N of Saltz Unique items MOVING SALE Household furniture, $1 00 per 100 lb., tied with string, not in mat Like new $50 591-2460 only. 20151 Gill Road between 7 4 8 grammer. I year old. bes! offer Call clothe* 4 garden misc 12053 Columbia. bags, no magazines Batteries Carbide after 7pm 559 5348 GARAGE SALE. Garden City. 3 family Redford (behind McDonald on Plym Mile Rd SAXON COPIER $4 50 and up Highest prices copper, Thurs F r i . S a t . 9-5 I'M 615 Janice outh Hd ) Starts April 30 including stand, toner 4 cassette WARDS AIRLINE am f m stereo re brass, lead 4 aluminum , Court, Cherry Hill & Henry Ruff Like new 645-0844 722 Hobbies ceiver, electronic plug ins 2 speakers 1.4 L Waste 34939 Brush St., Wayne MOVING SALE Living, dining, bed $65 Like new 937 0060 GARAGE SALE Livonia. 14318 Au room furniture Electronic air cleaner 721 7436 TWO swivel armchairs, red fabric $35 Coins & Stamps burndale, between Merriman & Hub- Rolla*ay bed, car tires, misc 476-4573 Pitney Bowes stamp machine. $250. ZENITH 19 In color TV $125 Magna WANTED bard. May 5. 6, 7, 9am-6pm FISH TANK. 55 gallon with wood cabi- vox 21 in black 4 white $35 349-4050 476 3251 Old Decoys MOVING SALE super Everything net W i l t e r Asking $300 or best offer 851-8914 GARAGE SALE Livonia, May 6,7,8. 9 goes jPeninsular Oak pot belly stove, 455 3401 545 6226 4 3 family. Children's clothes, many wicket pieces, walnut dining room set. TYPEWRITER. Adler, self correcting, 730 Sporting Goods misc items 14401 Ellen. N of School hercujon sofas, unusual desk, wall units, WE ARE BUYING L P records, cas scale, legal ratchet, many features, 3 months RADIO CONTROLLED car, c r a f t between Farmington 4 Levan rocket, square oak table, 27 piece childs settes, 45 s. comic books, 4 coins Open ATTENTION" Think spring 4 summer associated RC 100 gas engine. Futuba 2 old, $800 981-1110 dinnef set, books, lots of collectibles 4 7 days Bring to Solo Company, 1329 channel radio. Nicad battery with Look overxiur "World Of Summer Fun GARAGE SALE. Livonia, May 5 4 6 household misc, tools 4 tent. 630 Ran- Woodward near 14 Mile Rd 540-7424 TYPEWRITER IBM electric, large charger, starter, fuel 4 misc spare corner Thursday. Classification a732 9am 5pm 30730 Mason Ct.. Hillcrest & dolph at 8 Mile, Northville. May 6.7,8th, carriage. Elite type, best offer 478-5440 parts 464 1487 Lyndon Glassware, lamps, small appliCOMPLETE golf set with bag & hand 10am»6pm 348-2040 ances. clothing, stove 4 refrigerator 713 BicyclesXEROX 4,000 copier, good condition 2 cart, registered clubs. $85 569-3478 MOVfNG SALE Livonia May 6th thru sided copies, letter-legal size paper au- 726 Musical instruments GARAGE SALE, Livonia Thurs , F r i . Sales & Repair GOLF Clubs. Hogan woods (4), Spauld tomatic transfer, documents assist 8th. 9am-5pm, May 9th, 12 -5pm Baby S a t . 9am 5pm 19904 I'ollyanna Wood ALL PIANOS WANTED' ing Executives irons (9). sand wedge, clothes 4 equipment, household items, ADULT 3 Wheel Bicycle, used only 2 feeder Call 9 5 PM 355 3.830 352 J700 brook Sub Between 7 4 8 Mile, Gill 4 Top Cash Paid at Once1 potter, golf bag, excellent condition tools, sporting equipment 4 much months $145 Farmington Rds. Featuring lots of la 60 USED DESKS Steelcase and others One Dav Pick-up $125 Cash 645 2148 more: 29165 Grove. S of 6 Mile, E off 474 5334 354 6230 A-1 Condition $40 and up Chairs, $15 dies clothes sizes 7 thru 12 Much misc 541-6116 Midd|ebelt GOl,F CLUBS Ram Krovdon set of and up Files, $5 per drawer letter size BOYS 20" SchwinH Typhoon, blue with GARAGE SALE Livonia 12 families BAND INSTRUMENT 4 Violin Repair. i n n * 2 thrO 9 with wedge, like new Ex 14026 14056. 14088, 14138 Sunset NECCl SEWING machine in cabinet; chrome fenders, like new, $85. After 6 Other office Items 3402 Rochester Rd 453-2868 642 0862 near 13 Mile, rear entrance Wednes- Quality Craftmanship. Personal Ser- celtent b»y $75 Schoolcraft Merriman area New cos Lovely round poker table with felt top, I'M vice, Southfield Call Steven 559 0079 days thru Saturdays. 12-5PM tume jewelry at 50% off 4 more, in large Oak conference table, needs refinGUNBLUEING time for Mothers Day New boutique ishing. Lapidary equipment; 3 speed re- FUJI, 10 speed, mens special road BLACK GRINNELL Console Piano. Stock finishing, jewehng repairs 425-7492 racer Excellent condition $200 After stor* items. Thermal doorwall, alumi- ducing belt machine Like new $800 } F F L Licensed 6pm, 532 0945 715 Commercial & n u m s t o r m windows, f u r n i t u r e , 651-6173 C a l l J e r r v 264 4925 Crossbuck door, tires, books, clothing GIRLS BIKES, 2 Huffy standard Like Industrial Equipment (adults 4 children), room humidifier, ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! CABLE NELSON piano, mint condition, LADIES Golf Clubs. Carol Manns new One boys 5 speed Sting Ray bike toys 4 much more 522 5636 Place your classified want ad in t 646 7287 BAND SAW Vertical, commercial size. 5' Grand, with bench, walnut $2400. matched set of 3 woods ' 8 irons $120 355 3322 Suburban Detroit's finest market Call 9am 4pm 352 9150 110V or 220V, $500 .471 2476 GARAGE SALE Mav 6,7,8 948 Van The Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers GIRL'S 16 Inch AMF bicycle, excellent CELLO half size, good condition, ask9 irons, 4 RAM GOLD INVESTORS sulL Westland, Cherry Hill Wildwood 421-1533 591-0900 Wayne condition, $45 ing $200 or best offer r 333-2823 woods $200 937 1184 Household items, collectables, antiques 716 Lawn, Garden & 644-1070 Oakland HUFFY BIKE - 1 0 speed, $80 532 6114 (TUCKERING 5 1 ebony baby grand SWIMMING POOL - Pacific, in ground GARAGE SALE May 6 4 7. Thurs 4 Farm Equipment piano mint condition, musl sfll 16x32 Never installed With extras Fri 26399 W Six Mile. Redford Lawn 852-3222 Rochester/Avon MANS 26 in 10 speed Penney bike, r 652 4456 $3000 $75 00 Girls 26 in 5 speed Penney bike, 437-5555 mowef, Typewriter, shredder, tools, AR1ENS 36 irv snowblower 30 inch Use your Visa or Master Card $65 Both excellent condition 646*4011 Ford snowblower 36 inch riding Ford misc » CLARINETS4 FLUTES SWIMMING POOL 27 ft round Mus TWO FLOWERING shrubs, you dig $7 MARUISHI Mans 10 speed 10 months lawnmower 33 in self-propelled lawn Like New - Guaranteed GARAGE SALE Westland, 5 family, kin All equipment plus chemicals each' Refrigerator, hot water tank, old. excellent condition $135 or-best mower $1000 complete or sell sepaReasonable - Will Deliver Wed thru Sat 9-5 33297 Lancashire. N slide, chaise Needs liner $250 356-9104 rate 643 7110 Rv Hand Director scrap lumber - make offer 459-3655 offer , 843-3427 645-0983 of Ford Rd 41? of Farmmgtdn Rd


129 Landscaping

716 Lawn, Garden & Farm Equipment

713 BicyclesSales A Repair

711 Misc. For Sale Wayne County

REASONABLE 422-7717 ROTOTILLING Reasonable Rates Call Pat 478 58S0

ROTOTILLING 20 X 20 garden $20. Call for Other Estimates 4 Fast Service. 464-9022 SILVER HAMMER Lawn Maintenance • Excellent work at a fair price Spring and Fall Clean-up For information call Mike at 855-6093

SPRING CLEAN UP ALL AMERICAN LAWNS Power rake Tree Trimming 4 RemovCutting Edging Trimming Reasonable Hates Quality Care al Rubbish 4 debris removed Lawn 729-4348 326 6365 Free Estimates 4 1^ 2 4 8 Mnwer Ranalr 941-5509.

Lawn Maintenance & Snowplowing Landscaping Liquid Fertilizer 356-7877

138 Lawn Sprinkling ANY SPRINKLER WORK Pete Wood Plumbing 525-5246 LAWN SPRINKLER SYSTEM Professionally installed 4 serviced or do it yourself Pumps, pipe pulling 4 trenfhing > 739 2770

SAVE $$$$ watering your lawn Sales, service, in stal|ation , D 4 B Irrigation 534-&515 565 2561 _ !

142 Linoleum Armstrong Congoleum Mannington Kentiie - G A F RES 4 COMM INSTALLATION 28 years experience 3 year warranty Reasonable Competitive Prices Dayji 562-1387 Eves 398 8624

150 Moving & Storage

165 Painting & Decorating

165 Painting & Decorating

DYNAMIC DECOR Int Ext Painting 4 Wallpapering Plaster 4 Drywali Repairs You gel the finest quality With the best price Your Satisfaction Guaranteed SPRING SPECIAL • SAVE 25%



Eves 4 Weekends - call.




CHANGING PLACES MOVING Homes Offices - Apartments Senior Citizen Rate Pianos 24 Hour Service 674 3937 DEPENDABLE MOVING After Hours and Weekends Handled carefully-Guranteed est CaH anytime 277-2620 (J M MOVING COMPANY Extra care Houses, Offices, Pianos 7 days 24 Hrs • Friendly Service J G Mooney 453-1212 i JULIUS ROSS MOVING CO CUSTOM work, household moving, of fic^s, packing, pianos, appliances, local 4 State of Mich 357-2674

165 Painting & Decorating

FATHER 4 SON TEAM 30 years experience Reasonable Rates Call 495-0924 or 661 0276 INTERIOR EXTERIOR PAINTING Reasonable rates Experienced LI vonia - PI ymou th- Fa rmi ngton Father/Son 464-8160 INTERIOR 4 EXTERIOR Low overhead Low Coat quality work 4 years experience 649 1848

399-0845 Quality Painting Senior Citizen Discount


MARCO PAINTERS Interior/Exterior Wallpapering, wall washing, textured ceilings Free Estimates 939-7955


PETER FRIEDMAN ALSO HEATING 4 A1B CONDITIONING Highest quality in repairs 4 new instal lation, surpp pumps, disposals, faucets Sewer Cleaning expertly done, 'moder ate prices All work guaranteed 24 hour service in Oakland County


Interior Living rm was $250 now $165 labor Bedroom, was $150 now $95 labor Paperhanging. was $14 now $10 roll Plus Big .Savings on Wallpaper

LOWEST PRICES-BEST WORK ON PAINTING Interior Exterior Finest work l-owcst prices COMPLETELY INSURED All work fullv guaranteed



BOB S PLUMBING SERVICE Residential 4 Repair Very Reasonable 422 6356

I'M NOT THE PLUMBER Nor the plumber's son. but any work vou should have I shall soon have done "Plumbing electrical, ret rooms, formica counter tops, cabinets (vanities a specialty) Dishwashers appliance in stallation p e a s o n a ^ | e

Frank Rashid


PIANO TUNING & REPAIR Quality - Reasonable JlmSelleck Free Est 455 4515

200 Plastering


220 Pools BEAUTIFUL POOL BEAUTIFUL PRICE Installation, removal opening closing Free Estimates Before 5pm 474 4143 RAINBOW POOL SERVICE CO Specialists above ground rectangulai pools Discounts on openings Lie 288 6640 Ins

PLASTER 4 DRYWALI. REPAIRS STUCCO. WATER DAMAGE Reputable Licensed Prompt 937-8374 422 3764

PAINTING FOR HIRE Interior/Exterior Quality Work. Guaranteed 641 8695

PLASTERING 4 DRYWALI. Repairs, additions, new works All work guaranteed State Lie 348 2447. 474 0727

PAINTING IN 4 OUT Very inexpensive, high quality paint 4 workmanship Experienced Free esti mates 397 8458

PLASTERING 4 DRYWALI. New 4 Repair Hand or Spray. 30 yrs exp Texturing Free Est Guaranteed Call anytime 543-0712 or Eves 360 0826


PLASTERING Specializing in small water damage 4 repairs 27 years experience Clean so ber, work myself 538 9445

NEW ROOFS Vents Flashing. Drip Ledge, Valleys Guar R e f . Free Est l.ic 532 5168

P L A S T E R I N G , stucco, t e x t u r i n g drywalling, papering 4 painting 30 vears experience Reasonably priced 476 0011. 835 8610

ALL TOPS ROOFING Repairs and asphalt patching Residen tial & Commercial 1-arry Before 4 PM 522 7867 Alter 4 PM 455 8738

215 Plumbing

ALL WORK GUARANTEED Shingle 4 (hit roofs Residential 4 commercial Maintenance 4 repairs Lie 4 Insured F r e t ' E s t 644 3735




BASELINE PAINTING INC Custom painting - Interior 4 exterior Power cleaning aluminum siding Insufed and free est " 476-8046

PAINTING WALLPAPER TEXTURE Roofing • Siding Licensed Insured Jim, 584 1548, Ken 729-1271 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Interior Exterior Painting Free Est Good Rates - References 453 2191 464 0658 S G PAINTING CO - Spectalixing in all types of painting Int Ext. State Lie Guar 4 Ins For Free Est. Call: Sam. 525-2969 or Tony. 261-0281

O&F ••ji

ABSOLUTELY LOWEST PRICES' All Plumbing. Sewer 4 Drain Cleaning Master Plumber Insured Visa 4 Mastercard


A and F PLUMBING & HEATING INC Installations & Alterations Water Heater & Heating Boiler Repair Residential & Commercial LICENSED & INSURED 421-9043

KILN DRYED HARDWOODS Red & White Oak Cherrv Walnut Maple SALEM HARDWOOD, INC 7820 Chubb Rd . Salem. Mi 348-6123

" T R E E S TRIMMED A REMOVED Stump Removal Brush Clean Up Free Estimates 474 4729

LICENSED 4 G! ARANTEED WORK Home Modernization Roofing Gutters 4 Repairs Ask for Joe 476-2217 of 459 3230

277 Upholstery

NEW & REPAIRS' Gutters, carpentry 4 chirrWv repairs REASONABLE PRKtES " 30 YRS EXP 476-001fr835 8*10 r REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Excellent job al inflation fighter prices Free Estimates References Call Charlie anvtime 595 7222





APEX ROOFING offers quality, guar anteed work completed with pride We'll beat your best price Repairs. References Free Estimates 474-6644 A 1 ROOFER wants work. 18 years ex perience, expert installation 4 quality materials Free estimates Save Money Call Joe Gregory anytime 478 1594 BASELINE ROOFING INC Commercial 4 Residential Spring Spe cials on reroofs Tear offs Specialist Licensed 4 Insured Free Est 476-8046


I- ATHEH «. SON W ,M LPAPEHING Paper removal 4 painting Call Jim 531 2519 Jim 534 8953

ARK SEWER CLEAN I N't i 24 hour service All drains cleaned 207. Senior Citizen Discount No extra chargciSun or Holiday . 478 5083 B 4 J SERVICE Expert Service Reasonable Rates Sr Citizen 10". Discount 474 6224

Quality Work at Reasonable Prices New 4 Re Roofs 459 4212

Wall|3 aper Hanqmg REE ESTIMATES " I Tom 464 1423

FAST EXPERT SERVICE • Commercial or Household No Charge For Estimates | 398 1242



249 Slipcovers


2S5 Wall Washing


Kustom Slipcover . Service

LOW PRICES GOOD,WORK Wallwashing window 4 rug • leaning Painting All ttpes of repairs Handvman 476 0011 835 861 •

476-0776 269 Tile Work ALL ("feRAMIC Tile work expertlv"done New 4 Repairs Licenced 227 7754 or 474-0008

273 Tree Service AAA NATIONAL T R E E 4 LAWN Removals, trims, lawns cut Power raking 4 Spnng cleanup Ins free est 326-0671 or 537 8061 ' AAA T R E E SERVICE Tree 4 Stump Removal • Trimming Shrub Removal • Lie .Ins • Low Rates No Job too Small' 477-7380 ANDREWS T R E E SERVICE Tree removal, trimming 4 topp'ing Land clearing Reasonable price 459-4655 A 1 CONNOLLY T R E E SERVICE Tree Removal Trimming Stump Re moval 4 Land Clearing Ins - F r e e Est 482 8517


I IN s PERFECT PAPERING No .lob to' Small Reasonable Rates Trov Birmingham Area 524 2127 I'ROFESSHIN \1 V, ALLPAPEfflNt, A. PAINTING Reasonable rales Call Sam (or Free Estimates 459 568s

245 Sewing Machine Repair



241 Sewer Cleaning

Removal 4 Cl^an Up Insured

284 Wallpapering

f t sTuM PAPEHHANG-ING Reliable 4 neal Licensed Current paper sold al cost if we hang Commercial Residential 42h 7520


233 Roofing

MAKE your old furniiure look like new Quality work expert craftsmen Fast service low p r m ^ Res I Comm I Free in home estimate 531 7991


Archdale Roofing & Siding. Inc.


ABOVE average upholstering .
D e p r e s s i o n p r i c e $5 per roll



224 Retail Hardwoods

Remove unsightlv stumps 421 4213 <27-82291

WOODSMAN TREE SERVICE Trimming Pruning i Removal Land Clearing 4 Spring Clean up Free Est Fullv Ins Easl 7ff> 0189 West 533 5223

PLUMBING WORK DONE Reasonable rates Fast service No job too small 274-2469



. GUTTERS 4 ROOF REPAIRS Professional - Reasonable Reliable Licensed and Insured JOHN WILLIAMS 885 5813



273 .Tree Service



REPAIRS REMODELING NEW CGNSTRl ICTION Hot Water Tanks 4 Disposals Master Plumber Lie »5103 INSURED

170 Patios


Call 354-4364 Don't wail for disaster, call the Master

PAINTING BY MICHAEL Sttletly highest quality Interior 4 Exte rior Staining, stucco, wallpaper remov al Free Estimates 427-3460 425,9068


EUROPEAN PAINTER, not a laid off au|o worker or a handyman Will give y o i free estimate for interior or exterior iwork Your property value Is in good


180 Piano Tuning

A J JOHNSON Quality painting and papering Interior only 45 years experience Call aft^r 6 pm 531-0086

CUSTOM PAINTING 4 E j t . , Paperhanging. plaster reRelerences R Wichert E E ESTIMATES 52B 2181


•ROLLERWORKS• PAINTING 4 WALLPAPERING Interior 4 Extefior Painting Quality Material Used in All Work Expert Wallpaper Hanging Specializing in Foils, Vinyls 4 Papers Our Work is Guaranteed 4 Insured with many Satisfied Customers - call Rollerworks Painting 4 Wallpapering F R E E ESTIMATE 464-8185 • Small Jobs Welcome! •



! Local. Suburbs 4 Long Distance 255 3974 Pianos Our Specialty

JESSE S TREt- SF-AVIO Tree Trimming 4. Removal 26 sears experience Free estimate 722 3028 or 522 4t>u6


BOS MOVING 4 SERVICE Any size job, reasonable rate& short nfr tice service F r e e Estimates Insured 682 9172

Rite-Wav Moving

ABSOLUTELY All Plumbing Repairs Water heaters, faucets, vanities, toilets, and sump pumps replaced HANDY MAN JOE (insured) 355-5168

B 4 L ROOFING New Repairs'Tear offs A Speciality 1 Gutters, Vents No job too big or small 534-5334 Free Estimate 937 8139

Proper preparation is critical, that's why our estimate will always include EXTERIOR INTERIOR PAINTING scriping, sanding, caulking, glazing & C a l l i n g 4 Scraping loose paint Work priming where needed And we back guaranteed reasonable prices F r e e est that up with a one year unconditional 569-3874 guarantee Family trade for 3 generations For free estimate call FATHER 4 SON PAINTING Over 30 years experience Commer 525-4264 cial/Residential Interior/Exterior No References • Fully Insured job too large or too small Name brand materials used Free estimates 398-1246 544 2495



233 Roofing

Spooner Painting Services

AAA COLLEGE STUDENTS Will move your Home, Office or Apt furnishings Dependable 4 Insured Local or Long Distance Mark, 399 3678


215 Plumbing

287 Washer & Dryer Repair GARDEN CITY Washer Dryer Servi. Servicing All Mak.-^ 4 Sun JI0 Service < a 261 6142

297 Windows DENNIS WINDOWC L E A N I N G PROFESSIONAL Commercial and Residential Also maintenance 642 1 348 Get'your windows CRYSTAL CLEAN We a n ' the finest We are well priced Marvin 522 028t MONEY Going Out Your V, INIXlWS'

Merle Myers Glass, Inc - SINCE 1931 We install Vinyl Reptaceineni W indows 4 Doors Lie 4 Injured Free Est

CALL: BRUCE - 846-4404 WINDOW REPLACEMENTS Lift up, slide or crank Sash 4 hardware kits 491-4900


Monday, May 3, 1982

738 HOUMHOM P t t t

106 Boats ft Motors

OLD ENGLISH sheep dog puppiea. adorable. AKC, champion UM, 477-l90t

SAILBOAT, l i ' Chryiler Mai*0-War, trailer, e i t r a a , like new, $996 421 5005

PEKINGESE male * female, AKC reg SAILBOAT. 1971/Chrysler Buccaneer, iatered.3yraoW,$100each I I ft., with trailer Excellent condition, Call before 3pm 261-6153 12.800 S48-U27

812 Motorcycles Qo-Kirtt, Mini-Bikes

816 Auto A Truck Parte i Service

SUZUKI, 1M0 RM 80, »506 Huaqvatna 390, f1.000 Both like new. all t e a r in eluded 584 7220, SW 7441

FOUR 4-78-13 tires, $75 Two Firestone A -78-13 soow tires. Town k Coun 421 4658 try, $50

SUZUKI, 1980 RM-M. like new. rode 4 FOUR Radial Urea, site G60 s. IS inch, like new, $125 After 4PM 464-2970 U*C IIVW, * times, $550 Call Waahington. Mich , 1-781-3213 M A L I B U 197J. for parts 4 tires 4G78xl4, 8100 Hood, front fenders, SUZUKI 1980 SP400, 4 atroke Enduro. trunk lid, front rear bumpers, glass 2000 miles, like new condition. $975 669 4592 464-2367

REGISTERED MALE,, trteing walker, < SAILBOAT, 21 ft , center board, ma coonhound l months old, M. purple hogany trim, ezcellant condition, plus breed, food home only. liio $250 ' 6! 651-8776 trailer. 12.500 After 8PM. 881 1598 SCARLET MACAW - Young. tame, with n t offer IS* M I S

SAILBOAT 22ft Columbia, 4 sails. &otor, stove, battertea, cushions, anchor, SUZUKI 90. In good condition. $150 BCHNAUZER Miniature Pup. Male. 459-4094 bead k trailer MU810 AKC. 12 weeks, shots, w o h n e d Salt & pepper 1M M74 SEA RAY 1977, 24' Weekender, loaded, TRIUMPH, 1970. 500CC, like new Only 110 hours, 228 Merc, excellent condi- 7300 miles Must see $800 or beat offer SH1H TZU puppies. 2 female. AKC. l i t * tion. 812,500 979-5418 or 879-8130 5494M2 shots 538 9358 YAHAMA. 1973 Enduro 360, low mileSEARAY. 1980, SRV-192, mint condi SH1H TZU puppies, AKC. tiny Golden A lion, 185HP, stereo tape, e a s t loader age. excellent condition, $550 or best black k whites 6 weeks old Shots trailer, 810,900 420-2270 881-2182 offer Call Health guaranteed 335 3122 SEA RAY 1981,460 D A , twin Mercury YAHAMA. 1978 YZ-80, excellent condi SIAMESE KITTENS Blue. Seal. Red, 470, 170 H P . completely loaded, low tion, $400 and Torn. 7 weeks old Adorable and hours, new condition, $25,900 ! After 3 PM. call 464-3887 Playful ' 274-5492 Days: 692-9222, Evenings 5912135 YAMAHA YZ 80. 1979. excellent condi SIBERIAN HUSKY. AKC male. 1W SEA SPRITE 1981. „ l g * ft deep \J. tion. never raced $425 591 3082 years old Black & white, gentle $75 open bow rider, 170 OMC engine, power Livonia 481-kia trim and tilt, full canvas, man* eatraa, YAMAHA 1973, TX500A, 2 cylinder, 4 >78-9851 stroke, 12.000 miles, extras, excellent SUPER Mother's Day Surprise AKC 19.975 condition. $650 464 3519 Golden Retriever puppies, Champion SEA STAR Fiberglass 15', 55 HP. leader dog bloodlines. $i00 815 1667 YAMAHA 1975, 650, rebuilt motor, ex Chrysler engine, includes trailer, tras. excellent condition $900 WINNERS' 7 week old kittens to good 82.200 Days. 283-7055 Eve's . 422-2702 422 9390 homes, gray & black males. Calico SPEEDBOAT 16 with 50HP Evinrude YAMAHA. 1976. YZ250, good running female 474-4875 motor, includes trailer. 11.500 Call 591 6641 condition, one owner, $600 or beat offer 420-0702 740 PetStrvkat SPORT CRAFT 197J. 16', Iljberglass, YAMAHA 1977. 750, 2500 miles, shaft trailer, 80hp Mercury, like new, $2700 MALE SILVER Tipped Persian cat 44-0644 drive, excellent condition, $1500,569 Owners would like to breed with Per- 816 3452 3471 sian female No papers or money involved Eves 335 0269

STARCRAFT 12 ft . Johnson |15 H P , excellent condition. $1095 (626 7376

THE Peppermint Poodle Parlor All breed dog grooming No tranquiluers 453 7711

SYLVAN 1980 16ft bass boat, iarpeted. mooring cover, live well, Mcrcjury 281b thrust, electric f t o t o r . foot control, 2 anchor mates, fuel efficient [electric, start. 25hp Johnson outboard motor Shore lander trailor Like neid, used 1 season. Must see 84400 1 #27 4691

744 Horsss, Livestock Equipment ENGLISH saddle. 16 inch Prestwick. Only 4 months old mint condition 1450, 647-2387 HORSES BOARDED Indoor arena, large stalls, tack k observation rooms Shows monthly Access to state horse trails 2 miles from X way 349-3220 HORSE TRAILERS, brand new, (2> Deluxe aluminum. 2 horso. original price $9800, must sacrifice $5300 4 horse, original price $5800, sacrifice $3900 628 5552, After 5pm 628-3107

YAMAHA 1978 DT175, 1300 miles, im maculate, adult owned. $550. 851-1464

CLASSIC street legal dune buggy Ex cellent condition Must be seen $1500 525 4616

ALCORT SUNFISH. excellent condi tion. cover trailer, complete, $975 After 6 PM or weekends, 645-5825

AMERICAN 26 ft. - 1970. Two sails. Great condition, with many extras, heavy duty trailer, sleeps 5 in spacious cabin. Handles well. 7HP motor. $5900. Call Mr. Baloah 645 5790, or eves . 646-6102 <" T E N T ION" Think spring k summer Look over our World Of Summer Fun' corner Thursday Classification »732

YARCRAFT. 1979. like new. h5 ft fi berglass. open bow. full canvas, twin gas tanks, 55 h p Johnson with trailer. $3500 After 6pm |697 4145

814 Campers & Motorhomes

807 Boat Parts It Service

AIRSTREAM motor coach, 1979 custom 28 ft , 19,000 miles, mint condition, 1 owner 355-4550 AIR STREAM 1980 U a d e d $45,000 Call after 6pm 643 7878 APACHE 1972 camper, sleeps 8, stove, excellent condition, 81500 or trade for van & will pay difference 839-3175

CHRYSLER OUTBOARD REPAIR Young's Marina Gregory, MI 498 2494

APACHE. 1973, pop-up canvass, sleeps 8, refrigerator, stove, neater Excellent condition $1200 After 6pm 474 0171 ATTENTION" Think spring k summer Look over our "World Of Summer Fun'' corner Thursday Classification 0732 «rBANNER 1970 Travel trailer 22'. sleeps 7. $2,000 Call 425 2863

812 Motorcycles Go-Karts, Mini-Bikes t_


BUY NOW from our great selection of RV's We have over 50 new and used motor homes, fold downs, and truck campers in stock including the all new dicsel powered 25 ft Champion Used van conversions, travel trailers, and pick-ups priced to sell Now 2 locations to serve you H W Motor Homes. Inc 981 1728 397-0101

Summer F u n ' corner Thursday Classification #732 BSA, 1969, 250 CC, stock, good condir tion Some body work $450 474-182? DEALER HAS 2 Dirt Bikes Both like new Must sell Make offer Tyme Salea 455 5566 HARLEY DAVIDSON New Dealer All makes & models in stock Complete inventory of parts Demo-FRX forqual ifie
"Drive Before You Buy" At Our In The Water Boat Show

SAT.. SUN.- MAY 8. 9


HONDA 1973. CL 35fl(. street k trail, $450 Call a f t e r 5pm 532 9285

Special Show Prices

CENTURION. 1973 20 Ft. trailer, fully self contained, sleeps 6 Excellent condition $2,100 979 4133

HONDA C70 Passpor( Commuting or weekend fun Excellent condition 300 miles. MPG 130 $625 651-6596 HONDA 1972, 350 cc, $400 Call after 522 6636 5PM,


O'Hara Datsun


CHEVY 1974. 1 ton Stake truck, 12 ft bed Great buy $1,475

LOU LaRICHE CHEVROLET Plymouth Rd - Just West of 1-275

NEW ijlioNT right fender for a 197^79 Volare or Aspen $85 421 9893


CHEVY. 1977. dual wheels, camper PICK-UP CAP, 8' aluminum, good coospecial deluxe Best offer for quick dition. blue with bubble windows. $175 sale Call days only, 491-7600 or offer ! 277 6012 CHEVY, 1978. K-5 Blaser, automatic, POSITRACTION rearer*), fits GM mid air. 4 wheel drive, $5,495 sized cars with coil springs, 3 08 axle Birmingham Chrysler-Plymouth ratio Perfect condition $100 476 0236 643 0079 SUN R o b F , brand new. fits all Fiestas. CHEVY. 1980, SCOTTDALE Mustangs, Capris k many compact cars Was $367, asking $175 or offer '/»DIESEL PICKUP 261 7099 Call Val* Air, AM FM, auxiliary tanx. factory ofT-BIRD, 1970, transmission & engine ficial ONly $7,485 Good condition 50,000 miles y | 261 4394

Gregory. Mi 31S-4W-2494 HONDA 1975 CB750. excellent conditin. Drive Before You Buy" $1250 459-7944 CADETTE 12' Sailboat, slpop rig, with HONDA, 1975, 560. good condition trailer, g o o | condition 2*8-2017 Must tell $585 or best offer < CENTURY 2000, 1971, 18FT. 198HP in565-0064 board outboard. 60 hours, tandem trailer. $10 900 459 2241 HONDA. 1979, CB Hawk, excellent ccmdition. 3300 miles. $1100. After 6pm FIBERGLASS Sailboat. 16 f t . with $22-8378 trailer, sleeps 2. ekcellent condition, equipped, ready lo sail $2,900 641-8656 HONDA 1979, CM400T, excellent condi Hon. low mileage, first $900 takes AfFORCE FIVE Sailboat, winner of '81 ter 7pm 682 6857 Or Days 354-3039 national, will share winning technique, new sail. $1100 681 1156 HONDA, 1980, Express, like new $300 525-2*38 HOBIE CAT. 18 f t , trailer, paddles k a cooler, manv extras Very good condi HONDA, 1980, Twin Star, 200 cc, election. $2900 . 478-7614 tric start, many extras. $850 Call 474-7463 HOBIE CAT 1978 14 Ft with trailer, HONDA 1980. 750Fmint condition, white, 81650 669 1561 4000 miles Asking $2100 261-6287 HYDROSTREAM 17 ft 150 Merc, pow er trim, gauges, custom trailer, extras, HONDA 550 Super Sport, 1977, low excellent, fast, sleek $4700 420 0997 miles, excellent condition, $1150 or best offer After 5pm , 531-1960 J E T BOAT 1978. 20 ft 454 Chevy, 400 HP. 50 HONDA 70, 1972 Trail bike, like new, hours. $8300 H 40 2687 1.600 miles. $250 Call 525-2673 JOHNSON 9 9 HP 1978. like new $500 KAWASAKI 1976, 750cc. low mileage, Golf equipment on trade Eves k week mds 879 0703 $800 18704 Wakenden. Redford Please call after 8 PM 534 0919 L A N C E l 28' Sailboat super family cruiser, sleeps 6. motor It trailer KAWASAKI 1980- LTD 250, new, 2000 562 1215 Terms Call Lee 357 3700 or 824-7524 miles, $975




STARCRAFT, 1972, Starmaster 6. heat er, stove, ice box, awning, excellent condition $1,475 464 9415

MICHIGAN'S LARGEST DATSUN 1976 long bed pick up truck, $850 591-3414 DATSUN 1980 King cab pick up. 5 speed, stereo, very clean $4795 4*9-7944 DODGE, 1979. Ramcharger SE. 8 automtic, air, AM FM stereo, CB. chrome wheels 2 tone, 35,000 miles $5,995 Bill Brown Ford, 35000 Plymouth Rd at Wayne Rd 421-7000

CORVETTES. 1978 s k 1981s, all show room condition $AVE North Bros 421-1376

FORD 1978. F100. sl)2 V-8. power steering, brakes, automatic undercoat ed. low miles Clean 591-1337

CORVETTE 1963 Convertible, professional, body off. restoration, original mint condition, must see. $10,500 Call for details 522-9498



35655 Plymouth Rd . Livonia





GMC 1974 Camper Special with 10 ft camper $2400 261-5719

SPECIAL! GRANADA 1976 6 Automatic Sharp


TYME SALES 455-5566 TOYOTA 1973 pick Up 4 cylinder, i speed Snow tires New exhaust, bat tery. paint, clutch, tunemp 349 3276

823 Vans CHEVY 1973, Step Van. 10 Series, low mileage. 6 cylinder, 3 speed After 6pm 464-1487

CHEVY. 1979, C-20 Sport Edition, full conversion Immaculate, $AVE CRESTWOOD DODGE 421 5700

CORVETTES Z28's TRANS AMS WANTED1 All Makes k All Models Top Cash Paid

Air, automatic, power steering, like new Only $7,485




855-9700 MARK CHEVROLET PAYS TOP $$$ For Sharp Used Cars k Trucks Vans & Van Conversions ! MARK CHEVROLET ! 33200 Michigan Ave , Wayne CALL J E F F BLESSING



Between 14 & 15 Mile Rds

j .


Contact Pat McAllister






DATSUN 1976 B210. blue Hatchback, must sell $1200 Call after 6PM 474-4719 DATSUN 1977, 280Z. green 5 speed, rear shade, am fm. n*** equipment, good shape $5,500 485 3950.482 7944 DATSUN 1977 280Z, 4 speed, extras Mint Stored Aluminum wheels Loevers Best offer After 6pm 553 2166 DATSUN 1978 280Z 2 * 2, 41.000 miles. AM-FM stereo, 5 speed air, good condi tion 86300 ' 624 3924 5 speed 646-5196



Jeannotte Pontiac

We'll Buy Your Used Car or Truck ALL MAKES k MODELS

Bill Brown j ,


35000 Plymouth Rd , Livonia






DODGE. 1978. B 200 full conversion, air & more, likenew1' CRESTWOOD IX)D

DODGE, 1981. B35 Royal Sportsman §E Maxi 15 passen •j, factory official, loaded. $12 000 CRESTWOOD DODGE 421 5700 FORD 1974 VAN No windows Automatic Sunroof $ 1 , 0 0 Tyme Sales 455 5566 FORD. 1978. E-250 Cargo Van, small V8. automatic, porfe^ steering, power brakes, clean Must sacrifice' 358-4434 FORD, 1979. E-150i full conversion Stereo, air. k more Sharp 1 CRESTWOOD DODC3E 421 -5700



Telegraph at 12 Mile 354 3100


FORD. 1980, 12 . air. privacy glass. clean

iger Window Van. lany more extras.

FORD, 1981, E 190 Converted Van. like new North Bros 421-1376 GMC VANDURA 198$. charcoal gray, power steering, brakes air. am-fm cassette, customized, 29.900 miles $6500 357 2626 TWO black vinyl van seats, stands included. $125 Please call a f t e r 6pm 981-2725

VW VAN 1971, transporter, good gas. pop top camper,$650 363-1633

4-Wheel Drives BRONCO. 1978 Ranger XLT, 4 wheel -Ipbn' drive, air, extra clejan 421-1376 North Bros CHEVROLET 197^ Half ton 4x4 with cap Silver $4195 or best offer 421 0500 or 478-4324 CHEVY. 1980, 4x4 Blazer, Silverado trim, tilt, cruise, air, stereo tape, rallv wheels, super clean REQ HOLMAN PONTIAC, 35300 Ford R d . Westland 721 1144 FORD 1977 F 250 4x4 Plow, automat ic, V-8, AM FM. powtr brakes, 43,000 miles $2,000 After 5P^1 525-0005 J E E P . 1976, CJ 5, hard 4 soft tops, Very clean $3800 or best offer 482-6813





48 M O N T H SAVINGS A T 12.8%

$5,000 $7,000 $9,000

$1,801.67 $2,522.33 $3,243.00

$386.87 $541.61 $696.36

Woodward at 10 Mile

398-8800 821 Junk Cart Wanted






825 Sports & Imported Cart DATSUN, 1981, 2jl0's, automatic. AM FM, low miles, 6 to choose from, $AVE O'Hara Datsun, $5655 Plymouth Rd. 425 3311

10 OTHERS AVAILABLE AT SIMILAR SAVINGS •Excluding Michigan tax, Hcenae A destination charge*.

CORVETTE 1978. navy blue, automat ic, leather interior, 28,300 miles $9500 Days 363 7108 Evenings 698-4453,

Michigan's Leading Discount Dealer

CORVETTE, 1978, automatic, air, stereo, white with red leather $9,995


ALL DRIVEABLE CARS 4> TRUCKS $50 to $200 and up for driveable Junk Cart 1 Trucks We pay a better twice 7 days a week Quidt pickup. 914-16565

toll free JUNK CABS WANTED Dead Or Alive High Dollar Paid B1U Wild Auto Salvage $26-2080




Matthews Hargreave Chevrolet


J E E P 1979, CJ_7, Golden Eagle power steering & brak'es, automatic V-8. am fm stereo ! tape, Qujadritrac, 35,000 miles, private owner 644-1774 J E E P . 1979, 6 cyl. 4 speed, convcrtibli top $4,495


Stock #811


VOYAGER, 1980.'Van, 12 passenger, loaded, only 10,000 miles, $9,875 Birmingham Chrysler-Plymoflth 643-007» '

For Your Late Model GM Carl Highest Trade-Ins In Townl



AT THE T K L - 1 2 M A L L

Between 14 & 1& Mile Rds

ipiO Maplelawn (Troy Motor Mall)




SUBURBAN OLDS 824 Je«pt & Other 643-0070

DATSUN, 1980. 280ZX Grand Luxury, loaded, stereo cassette only 20 000 miles blue L silver Superior' O'Hara Datsun. 35655 Plymouth Rd 425 3311



355*1600 CORVETTE 1979, dark blue, loaded, very good condition Low mileage $9700 After 5pm 313-878 5242 CORV


1981. white, t-roof, r^d Inmiles. loaded, $15,000 626 3659


' 268-1090 S44-W7S Oakland County l Wayne County ! Roohaatar-Avon Twp.






CHEVY, 1981, VAN



DATSUN, 1980 210 SI. Hatchback, cruise. AM FM. air 32.000 miles clean, 84 750 After 4 PM call 349 5704


DODGE 1971 van. riina good, best offer 478 0335

Jack Cauley Chevrolet



DATSUN. 1980, 280ZX. 2 ± 2. fully loaded black, gold stripes, tan leather, sharpest in town' Don t believe it' See it' O Hara Datsun. 35655 Plymouth Rd 425 3311

DATSUN 1979 280ZX, 2 + 2 air, stereo, $7800


CHEVY 1978 Beauville van 8 passen ger Very clean New tires, air, cruise control. 8 track $6,200. 464-2080



Junk Cars - Trucks Late Model Wrecks WE TOW '


BMW 1979, 528i. power windows, door locks and steering, leather seats, excel lent service record 646 7268

FORD 1977 F150 pic^ up, 351 V 8, stick, power steering, brakes, air, amfm, extras $2100 Alter 6.30 pm 455-5448



BMW 1976 2002. 4 speed, sunroof 24 MPG Regular gas $5500 After 6 PM or weekends 474-0171

CORVA1R 1964 convertible, excellent condition, $2500 or best offer 333-2823


You attract hundreds of prospective buyers when you a d v e r t i s e your unneeded goods in the Observer & Eccentric classified columns. Your ad will reach more than 450,000 readers in Michigan's finest suburban market. O&E Classified — it's a great way to do a little business on your own.

AUDI 1977 FOX 49,000 actual miles $2 485 Tyme Sales 455-5566

FORD 1970 pick up $500 Many new parts Needs work, musi sell 459-8719

S|ieldon Rd at M 14, Plymouth. Mi


AUDI 100LS 1973. automatic, 87,000 miles, body good condition, transmis sion needs repair $550 535-1815

199 Plymouth Rd., Plymouth

VIKING 1977, Little Gasser Pop^up. sleeps 6, good condition, $1,950 522-8503

KAWASK1, 1978. KZ650. like new Ex- VIKING, 1979 "Li'l Gasser" potmp, tras $1250 W2 8462 stove, water, icebox, good condition, $1,500 Call 557-7568 MOPED, 1981, Garelli Super Sport, top LARSON 1979 5500 18' 200 OMC Trail- of the line model, only 200 miles, excel WILDERNESS 1976, 20 ft tandem er k canvas, low hours, excellent condi- lent condition 8595 855-1993 855 1494 travel trailer, 16x8 carefree awning lion . 681 7893 SPORTSTER. 1980, candy apple red, with screen room, excellent condition, $3,800 ' v 477-5029 like new, must sell 437-2619 LUND 1981 Pike Deluxe 18 . 115 Mer cury. power trim, EZ Loader $6500 SUZUKI. Dirt bikes. 1980 RM60, 1979 Call after 7PM 699 5294 RM50 excellent condition. $350 k $250 816 Auto A Truck Troy 879 8349 LUND 1981 14>ft aluminum, with Parts It Service extras and 14 ft Ward Trailer, Best SUZUKI 1974. 400 Enduro. looks and CHEVY Caprice 1975 350 trans and offer Call evenings 652 7945 runs great, like new. 1100 original converter Excellent condition $75 348-0638 MARINETTE CRUISER. 1965. 32ft, miles. $475 531-7406 twin 210. well equipped, excellent, SUZUKI 1978, DS185, in excellent run CHEVY IMPALA 1970. 359 engine, docked a t D Y C Best offer 54^9550 mng condition, looks like new $550 driveable but damaged rear, $I(K) 474 4064 O'DAY DAYSAILER. 17'. with E-Z load 422-2726 trailer, like new. $3500 644-1584 SUZUKI 1978, 185, $550 Suiuki 1979CHRYSLER 318 engine, automatic 459-7496 transmission, 3 speed manual transmisR E B E L sailboat. 16 f t , trailer, motor, 80. $325 All Enduros new sails, accessories, slip included SUZUKI 1978 -185 very good condition. sion. 3 speed manual Ford Mach II $1600 547-4449 $22-0373 $450 535-1062 Mustang, SAILBOAT Chrysler Man-OWar, 15 SUZUKI 1979 GS-550E Like new. low DUAL TIRE rearend. front a

32570 Plymouth Rd Livonia 425-6500

TOURAHOME, 1960, sleeps 4 Self con tained Heater Reese draw lite hitch Atking $850. 281 8234

LARSON 1973. Bow Rider, 65HP, traller fully equipped, great family boat, excellent condition $2500 645-0265


Key Olds-Datsun

4 speed

DATSUN 1980 210 5 speed, a m - f m stereo cassette, rustproofed, low mileage excellent condition $4250 478 9799

ru&jed construction. Considering your intense interest in all This statement, we those cars, there's at realize, undoubtedly least one way for you s o u n d s like a fanciful to get everything dream and a great you want. overpromise. A test drive will convince Buy a Saab. With the Saab, you you its not will not find yourself forgoing room, p e r , The most intelligent car ever built. formance, efficiency, utility, luxury o r

V/t miles, W. of I-275

Option to Purchase $1,500 Pre-payment

Glass tops, $12,985

DATSUN 1980 200 SX Coupe, aoto^ matic this week s special Only $4 695 O Kara DatsUn 35655 Plymouth Rd 425 3311

Are you torn between a BMW, Volvo, Audi or Mercedes-Benz? Permit us to propose a solution

1205 Ann Arbor Rd. Plymouth



STARCRAFT ppop-up o ^ u p . bought new 1980, ebox, used 1 season, sleeps 6, stove, icebox, >k-up. water system and electric hook-up. 649-5974 $2,250 STARCRAFT, 1979 pop-up camper, sleeps 6, fully loaded, $3,300 or best of 628 1134 fer After 5 30 PM,

CORVETTE, 1977. 4 speed, air, silver blue. 88,495




MEDALLION 1977. 21 ft s l e e p 6, selfcontained, awning Asking $3400 455-7129

STARCRAFT CAMPER 8 sleeper, stove, furnace, gas-electric refrigera tor, excellent condition $2100 522-0328


Exclusively Honda


Ken Stevens

FOR RENT 1981 Champion Class A 25 ft motorhome Loaded, sleeps 6-8, clean k well maintained, private, rea sonable Call today, $57-1690

SKAMPER 1969 Stove. Icebox, heater, good condition Extras, a w n i n p . porta pottie. etc $950 476-4999

CORVETTE, 1977 Loaded, eicellent condition, low mileage Original owner $8,900 681-7843

Immediate Delivery

Between 14 4 15 Mile Rds



PROWLER. '73. 23 f t . roof air. self contained, 2 way refrig, tandem Wheels. $2,800 Call 478-7912

CORVETTE, 1979. Yes it has leather and it is loaded' Showroom new' $11,795 CRESTWOOD DODGE 421 5700

Largest Selection


30 inches high, $75 397 0604

820 Autos Wanted

FOR RENT Fold down camper, s l e e p 6 Must have own hitch k electric hook up $110 per week. 422-1838

HONDA 1973, 750. 4 into 1 exhaust clean. $850 427-MM

CORVETTE 1976, original 25,000 miles, immaculate, full power, best offer 855 2349 674 0919



up trailer, sleeps 8, 522-2671

FOR RENT Motorhome $325 per week After 7 30 PM 887 9555

825 Sports 6 Imported Cars


CHEVY 1971, concession tnick, good condition, 261-7662

825 Sports & Imported Cars

825 Sports A Imported Cars


822 Trucks For Sale '


And A Ride Home Waiting

E M P I R E 1976 heater k stove $1


E & M AUTO PARTS 474-4425 397-2200 565-1365

35655 Plymouth Rd., Livonia

CrfONOOK 1972. motor home, power steering, brakes, air, CB, 60,000 miles, newly decorated. $5900 422-8492

Featuring Renken Speed Boats. Sand HONDA >973, X1-250, trail. $450 Also 478-03J5 Piper Fishing Boats Crest Pontoons. Honda 1972. CB100, $200 FOR RENT Motorhome, clean and Paddle Boat*. Chrysler Outboard Motors, Mercury Stem Drive Units. Docks, HONDA 1973 4 5 ^ C B Low mile*, good comfortable, sleeps 6. $350 per week condition, black Extras included $550 Call now and reserve early 6 to 9 pm Summer Dockage 1 971-1218 477-6493 DOOR PRISES REFRESHMENTS



CAMPER FOR RENT Popup camper, sleeps 6 Stove, f r i g j o t s weekends Good of room Week 525 2899 rates Call

BASS boat, 14 ft fiberglass, electric trolling motor Live well Trailer, ex HARLEY SPORTSTER 1981, Electric 981 6766 start, extras. 1800 miles, like new, must cellenl condition $1100 sell 1st $3000 takes Call between BOAT DOCKAGE on chain of 7 Beauti 10-5pm 476-8495 ful Lakes Camping, Fishing, Swimming k Boating All with in 1 hours drive HONDA CT70 3 speed automatic, new 476-0236 from Western Suburbs Call 1 498-2494 condition $250






TRI HULL. 1971. 16 ft bow rider, 55 h p Evinrude, trailer, extras Excellent condition $2500 After 6pm 522 9083

SAILBOAT Mooring cover, tent style, fits 18 F t Chrysler Buccaneer or eouivalent, very goodcooditiqn, $50 532 8751

806 Boats & Motors

I .

825 Sports & Imported Cars


TWO CAPTAINS Chairs with pedastals. YAMAHA 1978, DT175, good condition, recline, swivel, a r m rests, brand new, $700 Call between 2-7pm. 421-4361 never been used Red with black trim $600 pr; 459-3330. 591 9328 YAMAHA 1978, XS750 special, shaft drive, king queen seat, pull back bars, TWO 1978 Camaro 305 heads and rockless than 8500 miles, new battery, black ers Excellent condition $60 Call sld metal flake $1300 Call between 531-7406 lam 5pm 453-6098 VEGA, 1974, runs. $150 or best offer YAMAHA 1978 XS650 8.500 miles, 355-4742 very good condition Call between 5pm 8pm. 313-459-6344 VW, 1973,engine $200 or best offer Also, transmission and various body YAMAHA 1978 250 Enduro, 3000 miles, parts Mornings 421-8468 mint condition $850 ' 261-6435 2 UNIROYAL FR78 15 on rims, $95, 535-0924 or 525-7683

BOAT WELLS FOR R E p T WANTED Sound English Gelding, over Skits Landing. Lakeville Lake 10 Miles 15 2. 7 years or older 464 1129 North of Rochester 628 7418

800 Recreational Vehicles


821 Junk Cars Wanted

Ave. Wa

all options, last of the 4 Must see u> appreciate. IOLET, ~ $3200 0 Michigan 721-9100

DATSUN 971, 51$, 4 door, red, 4 speed, mi lei but dependable, $500 Davs 464-7725 9860 i ifter 5pm

2 0 8 1 1 W e s t 8 Mile Rd. B t w n . T e l e g r a p h & S o u t h f i e l d Exy,

534-1400 OUR 50th

S R i l l l S








w •»

M o n d a y , M a y 3, 1982

6D* 825


Sports &

8portt A


Imported Cart

Imported Cart


Sports* Imported Cars

Auto Village

H O N D A , 1980, A C C O R D 4 door. autortuUc. air. $AV£


FIAT 1981 Spyder, low. miles, metallic brown, stereo, cassette radio, luggage, electric windows, alloy wheels. $8750 Days •44-4826, Evenings. 115-1881


HONDA,<1980, A C C O R D LX Aif, power tteering. 5 speed, bronze IAVE

HONDA 1977, Civic, new front fenders, great mileage, regular gas. 69,000 miles, $1,900 After 5 PM 548-4164

Sunshine H o n d a 1205 Ann Arbor Rd (1W Miles W of 1-275)

HONDA 1978 Civic, a m - f m radio, 45.000 miles. New tires L exhuast Very good condition Asking $1000 851-8224

4 5 3 - 3 6 0 0

HONDA 1979, Accord, 4 door, automatic, air, AmFm stereo tape deck, well kept. $5,400 After 5 626 1517

HONDA 1979. Civic, hatchback. 27,000 miles, good condition. $1,150 476-2644 H O N D A , 1979, CIVIC 2 door, silver, 4 speed

1981 Bonneville U


$7940 t

M l 1979 Firebird

1981 Concord \ DL Wagon i

J A G U A R XJ6, 1974 Automatic, full power, beautiful


f| $ 5 7 4 0

LIVONIA V W 14501 Plymouth Rd Between Wayne & Farmington Rds 425-5400

USED CAR SPECIALS! '78 PLYMOUTH SAPPORO 2 door, 20,000 miles, extra c l e a n .

Automatic, power steering Bright Red

7 8 MONZA 2 + 2 Automatic


J $6980





, ,



2 d o o r , air

I 1980 Cutlass LS [ 4 door full power, air. stereo cruise Extended Warranty available

>d7n •


$ (Of




.V \


1978 Jeep Renegade

Completely equipped..

'73 FORD TORINO 2 door, automatic.



JEANNOTTE 14949 Sheldon Rd., Plymouth

LIVONIA VW 34501 Plymouth Rd Between Wayne & Farmington Rds

L a r g e

Jeep Renault

453-2500! | [ ^



TOYOTA 1980, Supra, black super sound-super shape, make offer 626 4444

4 2 5 - 5 4 0 0

MAZDA 1981 RX7 GS, 5 speed, sunroof, low mileage & more Mint Stored winters $10,500 firm 522 6949 MERCEDES BENZ 1981- 300D. silver blue, sunroof, automatic, stereo cas sette, excellent condition $21,800 559 2758 MERCEDES BENZ 1975, 300D, green. $7000 559-4074 MERCEDES. CORVETTE 4 IMPORTS Bumping & Painting Top, Quality Work At Half Price - Troy Area Call Barry - 879-0975

TOYOTA. 1980. Tercel SR5. black package, air. aluminum wheels, sunroof, stereo, rear defroster best buy today $4 995 RED HOI.MAN PONTIAC. 35300 Ford Rd . Westland 721 1144

TOYOTA. 1982. Starlet, 5 speed, air, stereo, 355 miles, new $6,380 Broker I.IVONIA Auto Consignment 427-5970

CSlass T - t o p s , a u t o m a t i c , a i r , power





Also available in automatic with high performance package from $11,998 includes Graphic cassette. Freight & free delivery Cressldas from $10,598. Star liefs, Tercels Call for our best deal Ask for Len or Larry Dealer

seat, stereo. S U P E R N I C E .

1981 C O R V E T T E

Grand River. 6 blks W ol Telegraph


brakes, locks


PAT MILLIKEN FORD IRISHMAN" 9600 Telegraph Betwn Plymouth it W Chicago


Joe Dwyer Imports 852

537-2292 TRIUMPH TR7 1979. air, rear defrost. 21,000 miles, service record maintained, excellent. $4975 268-6951 TRIUMPH, 1972, Spitfire. 4 speed, lots extra. $2,200 or best offer 477-9320 TRIUMPH 1979. Spitfire condition, low miles, stereo '"gggp rack. Tonneau Roof. fer After 7pm 649 3724. or 9am 5pm

Excellent cassette, $4800/of Mon Fri. 647-6477

Classic C a r t

CHEVELLE, 1970. S/S. low miles, ex cellent condition >i,700 After 7pm 557-4777 CHEVROLET 1948 Stylemaster, 2 door. 6 cylinder, new interior trim & tires, very clean No rust $2900 591 0522 CONVERTIBLE 1964 Olds Starfire $1 450 Call after 5PM 553 2093 CORVETTE. 1970. Convertible. 350 4 speed, low mileage, many extras May be seen by appt After 4pm 364-6172

I n v e n t o r y


7 0 °

RIVIERA 1981 Diesel Landau roof low mileage stereo power seat, air. w ire wheel covers $ 11.200 666-1900

MODEL A. 1929 Roads r, professional RIVIERA I9S1 loaded concert sound grftund-up restoration, arophy winner tour suspension, recliner wires diesel rumble seat, trunk & rack, dual side mini low miles GM exec 542 5387 mount* Mr Wells, 527 8212 or 575 7577 SKYLARK 1980 Ltd 2 door 4 speed 6 MUSTANG 1968 California Special, 289 cylinder air stereo power steering V8. autofhatic, power steering & brakes 30 000 miles $4700 669 1561 brake*, stereo. GT wheeLv vented Rood, deluxe interior overhead console SKYLARK l ® 0 4 or limited V 6. 100?. factory original, absolutely rust blu*. 600O mi|'s loaded with options 652-4798 free Southern California car Never excellent condi!ion seen salt Outstanding condition. $3750 SKYLARK I9il blue 4 door, limited 642 6929 5800 miles mrtlt condition loaded, rusl proofed 375 0971 TORONADO 1966 family pet with pach excellent engine restorable body SKYLARK 1981 loaded excellent con $750 or best offer Also good 1969 Pon dition $690» After 4 30 397 3021 tiac station wagon, hitch $325 557 6511 SKYLARK \w8l Limited 4 door V-6 1939 P'ORD Coupe needs major resto- automatic £6 MI*G designer trim air ration. original and new parts included AM FM siefeo, power brakes, steering Between 3 and 6 pm 371 0975 door locks dindows $780(1 852 2656 SKYLARK 1981 Loaded excellent condition r j s t proofed 12 700 miles 291 9174 AMC 1980 Spirit good condition $3500 $7,100 After 6prn 535 0604 SKYLARK J981 4 door Limited dark CONCORD 1980 4 cylinder automatic blue Loaded with extras Great 651 3721 air excellent condition low miles mileage $7<011 Call $4500 360 0935 SKYLARK 1981 4 door loaded like GREMLIN X 1972 good condition 1 new 12 000 null's $7425 or !>est offer owner $450 338 3058 8791352 GREMLIN 1971 blue runs good. $125 SKYLARK 1981 4 door I j n u t e d V 6 power steering power 425 3434 automatir brakes air s t e n i ) delogger cruise GREMLIN 1974 low mileage $65(1 or doorlocks wire wheels brown beige best offer 643 8271 custurn interior 14 000 miles Best of (<-r 455 2564 GREMLIN 1978 good condition, air conditioning am fm 8 track power steering & brakes, ne^ lire* $1800 Af ter 5pm 477-4669 CADILLAC 1976 Coupe DeVille Inple HORNET 1974 Wagon body fair white Sharp' $3 475 mechanically excellent $500 Birmingham Chrysler PK mouth 360-0935 643 0079 MATADOR 1975. automatic V8 power CADILLAI I960 Eldorado leather steering-brakes, air. low mileage $1195 5318264 trim wires full power super buv Call todav RED HOI.MAN IH)NTIA< 35300 721 1144 9^^wagon air luggage rack Ford Rd Westland 4" ACER 19' woodgrain, n, T way stereo bucket seats COI PK deYILLK 1978 21 000 miles automatic floor shift. 35.000 miles E* perfect condition fullv equipfied $650# cellent condition $2800 After 6.30pm h44 5607 weekdays - j 652 7347 After 6 I'M

ELDORADO. 1979 SPIRIT DL. 1981 power steering power brakes, moon roof, automatic, AM Dark green low rnileagi g,is enginjFM cassette. 16,000 miles $5900 or priced to sell' best offer 726* 3254 or 972-7506 Birmingham BlonmUeld Trades Fron SPORTABOUT. 1974, runs good 58.000 miles $700 1 ' 421 5003

C n s s m a n Cadillac

Woodward Near l» Mile Rd Birmingham 644-193D

856 Buick

ELDORADO 1980 light yellow II power steering power except sun roof exceptional «74 09l9 air. stereo, low dition eves 855 2349 Davs 626-4357 EI.DORAM i 1981 BiarriI/ Diesel Daiik LESABRE 1980, extra clean fully load ! Blue Fullv equipped alarm Mint 335 547« ed Must see to appreciate 585 3610 dition $15,500 CENTURY I97H brakes automatic mileage. $3,450

REGAL. 1979. Sport Coupe limited trim air, T roof cassette, loaded ex cellent condition' $6,595 2K8 HOIK



Woodward Near 1 •> Mile ltd



REGAL 1980 19.000 miles beautiful SKDANdeVILLE 1981 I.M Kxei . 4 white with hiirnjnd\ diest 1 loadefl $5,995 642 29^1 CRESTWOOD DODGE 421-5700 10 000 miles

Your LAST CHANCE for REBATES on Units Ordered From Production

REGAL 1981 Limited, many accesso- SEDAN DEVILLE 1981 Diesel l..ade»l ries, low mileage, mint condition Must leather 9500 miles must sell this w e i i 879 2378 see 459 8277 REGAL 1981- LTD Landau. V6 GM SEDAN DeVille 1977 46000 milus exec car, rustprooled loaded $7500 dark brown lealher interior loadrtl 652-2517 | 477-7598 $3900

UP TO $430 ON


C r i s s m a n Cadillac

SAVILLE 1979 diesel •.(lotles.- leather REGAL 1979 2 tone blue many interior 39 700 miles $9700 extras, excellent condition. Ii9tt-95'j5 $5,000 981 1110 Days 666-4466 Eves


C o m f o r t

l " f

LINCOLN. 1959. Mark [V. 37.000 mil€» original excellent condition $6,000 Days 937-2620 Evening* 525-5564

Triple blue nuin\ factor) options on|y REGAL. 1978 air AMFM 8 track ster- 22 000-miles Priced to sell' eo. rear defogger black tan interior Rirntingham Bloomfield Trades Fron $4350 Anytime 524 9873

CO-fl 7 1 H H

14001 T e l e g r a p h at Jeffries (I-96)

FORD 1932, roadster, candy apple red, featured car in Autorarna al Cobo Hall $9500 ' 681-3872

REGAL 1981 Sport Coupe V6 Turbo air am fm cassette sunraof power windows locks tilt cruise ruslproofed Paint protection Loaded 15.000 mi $8750 After 5 30PM 288 5480

LE SABRE 1981 4 door limited, V6 air, power sheeting, cruise tilt stripe power locks, excellent $7500 420-2589



856 Buick

858 Cadillac



MG 1952 repro A London Roadster 2 seat convertible Tan, 2,000 miles $10,900 Days 886 4040 Eves 647-8177

PORSCHE. 1972. 91 IT. excellent condition, loaded, must see $8,500 Days 933-7030 After 6pm 525 0516

F a l v e y ' s of T r o y TROY MOTOR MALL 643-6900

TRIUMPH TR7 CONVERTIBLES 80 Models, fully equipped, from $7,695

OPEL 1972 2 door. 44,000 original miles, good condition $1,075 Call Evenings & Weekends 838-2896

Classic Cars

COUGAR 1967, car of the year' Good condition $1000 firm 525-7819

854 American Motors

643-6900 1 9 7 9 T O Y O T A S U P R A S (2) Both black 1 automatic, I 5 speed, your choice $7,995 12/12 Warranty included

TOYOTA 1981 Turcel Liftback. AMFM, rear defog, reclining seats $52»0 421 4394

MGB 1977 dark blue, luggage rack re^ built engine, 42,000 miles Good condi tion, $3400 or best offer 474 1827

Michigan's Largest Indoor Showroom!


Falvey's of T r o y TROY M O T O R MALL


2 d o o r . 12, OOO m i l e s

P r i c e d $ 3 9 8 5 !

1976 V W RABBIT 4 speed, 4 door, 12 month/12 000 mile warranty AM KM stereo, immaculate 12.995


Automatic, triple black.






2 door, automatic, power Burgundy 23,000 miles

Auto Village


4 d o o r , a u t o m a t i c , air, l o w m i l e s 7 3 F O R D L T D 4 door, automatic

1979 C h e v y M a l i b u

1980 Cartiaro 6 cylinder, automatic, power steering air, stereo, 25,000 miles Extra Sharp!

$ 5 0 0


VOLVO, 1979, 242, power steering & brakes, 4 speed, like new $6,995

1979 H O N D A P R E L U D E TOYOTA. 1980 Corolla air, stereo, au- ^ door. 5 speed, sunroof, sporty $5,995 tomatic, rear defroster $5200 or best F a l v e y ' s of T r o y offer Call after 6pm 474 7363

GS, 5 speed, alloy wheels Beautiful'

SUBARU 1977 WAGON 24,000 actual miles Red black interior $2,285 Tyme Sales 455 5566

C H E V E T T E S 16 in stock to c h o o s e from


1980 S u n b i r d 2 door automatic ait Conditioning 23 000 miles


T-topa. loaded I

Bright Red, automatic, 16,000 miles



7 9 CAMARO Z-28

1980 AMC Spirit

VOLVO, 1979, 242 OT. alV, very special $AVE. 17,480 Broker LIVONIA Auto Consignment 427 5970

TOYOTA 1980 Celica GT Hatch, air. power brakes, rear defroster/wiper. AM FM stereo, low miles 535 2826

MAZDA 1980, RX7

MGB 1976 Roadster l.ow mileage Ex cellent 1 No rust New top AMFM stereo New exhaust & clutcn $4200 Morn ings. 559-3100 eves , 583-1246

1977 Muatang Fastback

1(4 1979 Trans Am

TOYOTA, 1979 Corolla SR 5 Liftback. stereo, new tirei. rear defrost/wiper low miles, excellent condition 582 9428

4 2 5 - 5 4 0 0

MERCEDES 1980 240D, mint condition, 14,000 Ask for Darryl. 652-8200 6518677


lli Air,,stereo, Rally wheels J T tops, 34,000 miles J Bnqht blue

| $4,890

Woodgrain, automat- 1 ic. power, air, stereo, 1 cruise, luggage rack I

1 Power, an. stireo, 31.


34501 Plymouth Rd Between Wayne & Farmington Rds

453-3600 4HONDA 198? Accord, 4 door, brown metallic, all options. 4000 miles, best offer 112 2878


TOYOTA 1979 Celica GT Liftbauk air, a m - f m cassette, alloy wheels, rustproofed, excellent condition $4950 or best offer 474-7667

4 9 5

VOLVO, 1974, 442. I owner Never in accident Air, am-fm. stick 12500 Call Pat, 477-2988 W8S7-I572

VOLVO 1979 264 (il. loaded |7495 Days §27-7192 Kve* 274 4882

4 2 5 - 5 4 0 0

GS, automatic, air. silver. IAVE

Sunshine H o n d a 1205 Ann Arbor Rd (lV,!MilesW of 1-275)

Sunshine H o n d a 1205 Ann Arbor Rd (1W Miles W of 1-275)

4 door, loaded Silver I f and burgundy Bur- L , . gundy velour Interior, i j * like new throughout l(*



HONDA, 1942 Accord Hatchback, 5 speed, rustpfoo
Sunshine Honda 1205 Ann Arbor Rd (IV. Milw W of 1-275)

SUBARU, 1979

MAZDA, 1979, RX7


Importad Cart

DATSUN, 1972, 240 Z, « cylinder. 2400 VOLVO 1971- 442 Series, excellent concc. low mile*, good MPG, new sunroof, dition 12300 864 8044 new struti, mags. Clean Inside and out One owner Garage h winter stored $2600 Call Deb Days, «4« SS90 Kve* I. weekends. 646 8309 GL. 5 speed air, $AVE LANCIA 1976 Scorpion, stored, sunroof. S speed, low miles, stereo, air, rustproofed HOOO/best offer 372-7J52 34501 Plymouth Rd Between Wayne L Farmington Rd»

H O N D A , 1981, A C C O R D 4 door, automatic, air, power steering, mag wheels, cassette player radio, 10,000 miles, Joaded $AVE

HONDA 1979 Accord, 5 speed, Silver, air, am-fm. $4500. Days!568 4164, 689-7912 After 6PM

H O N D A , 1979, P R E L U D E 5 speed. 21,000 miles Dark blue $ave

I] 1 / 3 door power, air ani l / 'ViotrMK, 29.000 miles

4 5 3 - 3 6 0 0

HONDA. 1977, Accord, 5 speed, very good condition, 1 owner, AM-FM Itereo cassette, regular gas, $1,500 455-5518


MJJ 1979 Capri

Sunshine H o n d a 1205 Ann Arbor Rd (IV. Miles W of 1-275)

Sports &

Imported Cars

Imported Cars

Imported Cars

i, Spyder JO e r windows, sharp! $5,995.

DATSUN. 1981. 280 ZX. excellent coo FIAT 1979 Spyder convertible. 5 speed. m*ny extras Excellent condition. Low dition low mileage, $11,800 75&-S106 mileage Winter stored. f&,900. Days 869-2814. Evenings 628-19M DATSUN 280ZX 1881 110,100 >52 4499 F U T 1979, Strada. 5 speed, air. $4900 FIAT TAG SALE continues l a v e 81,019 or best offer Please call evenings on '82 Fiat Spiders 10 to choose. Imme$54 1452 diate delivery FIAT, 1979, X-19, 5 speed, AM FM, Joe Dwyer Imports stereo cassette, clean $4,288. Grand River. S blks W ofTelegraph A u t o Village 541-7277 537-2292 FIAT 1980 Spider, blue & tan, 11,000 FIAT 1974. runs needs work, 8400 or miles, am f m stereo, excellent condl645-1852 offer 525-9721 ton, $7950 or best offer.


Sports A


5 % O F F Baaa Sticker Price U p T o $ 4 1 0 T h r u M a u 17






Bring Us Your Appraisal From Any Other Dealer & We'll Pay Y o u

T o p



NEW 1982 DELTA 88








All Models

# 7 5 1 0


T o



3 2 0 0 0 F O R D RD


• •••















Stock # 7 4 6 7

j r v m m

• I 0 0 0 | ^ g ® | | CASH BONUS ON BRONCOS

to $





^ W



F r o m







24 M O N T H /

CASH BONUS O N P I C K U P S - 35 T r u c k s In Stock For I m m a d i a t a Dalivary

Stock # 7 0 6 5



2 door M d a n . ctoth trim. wtWte « d e M M , eiectrtc r w window (Mroetar. end more. Stock #M2-477. PLU8 24 month/24, 000 m»e C e r e F r e e Melnten e n c e Warranty. D a m m a r Prlca <6606

2 door, aiactrtc r t v defogoer. 4 s p e e d ovardrlva, styled wtiaal cover* and more Yellow. Stock #E2-1187 D a m m s r Price $5872


D a m m a r Dtocount


Caah Bonus


$ £RICE 5341 WICE 6285 $

ptua tax A plata®





'OO C . 1 5 0


EXPLORER PICKUP H a m p and oM geugee power •leering. low mount mirror*, 6 cyllndar g a s saver Stock «T2-10M. D a m m a r Price $7309 Caah Bonus



pkie tax & Plata*

plus tax & plataa

A, X, Z P L A N S W E L C O M E . L O C A T O R S E R V I C E A V A I L A B L E . T O P








V I 7

1 6 8 0 0 F O R T ST

S0UTHGATE 285-8800




MOTORS o o a p o e a n e *


* T U U U


Caah Bonus



— OR Y O U C A N —

A v a i l a b l e


1 — V


25400 WEST 8 MILE



i% M700

# 7 2 8 7


A, X a n d Z P L A N S WELCOME



Juna 6th

Front Wheel Drive

Reduced Now!'.


It seems everyone has a gimmick these days. Rebates, 12% off, you name it. We at Tom Sullivan think you're entitled to whatever you want in a good deal. So bring it any advertised VW deal you like and we'll better it here.


SALE I $ 1 5 0 0 1 2










GMAC Financing Avail, on New '82*8


You Name It

* 1,240






33850 PLYMOUTH RD., LIVONIA 261-6900



721-2600 M i c h i g s n A v a . at Newburgh ( j u s t a. of 1-275)



H M H M i


SPECIAL DEPARTMENT FOR A, Z, X and B PLANNERS AT AVIS FORD 29200 Telegraph Rd.K (at 12 Mlla)

354-3000 AVIS F O R D

0 $ F





M t






• 7D

Monday, May 3, 1982 ;

864 Dodge

866 Ford

866 Ford

SEDAN DE VILLE 1911 GM exec Sil CHEVETTE, 1881, 4 speed. 4 door, very ver. most options. 7,100 miles, excellent low mileage. Excellent condition 682-3364 condition $12 600 826-0806 $4.5*0 Call a f t e r 4pm,

NOVA 1973, Automatic Sharp 1 Cheap! Tyme Sales 455 5566

OMNI 1978. 4 speed, 4 doo» power stee ing, air, excellent condition, best offer 422 8275

FAIRMONT 1979, 4 door, 4 cylinder, 4 speed, white with light blue interior, 1 owner, very clean After 5 525-0796

GRANADA, 1977 Ghia. power, cruise, air, rustproof, excellent condition $2500 Call Days, 685-9751 Or After 6 PM it Weekends 685-3825

CHEVETTE 1M1. 2 door, automatic Loaded Excellent condition $5,250 Call M2-2822 or 885 8209

NOVA 1976, 2 door, automatic 6 cylinder, power steering, am-fm, good condi itioo $1800 722-0677

OMNI. 1978. 4 speed, air. power steerng/brakes, iAM-FM stereo, rear defrost, $2975. j 651-3703

FAIRMONT, 1978. Villager Wagon, 6 1, air, stereo Only $3,895 Autosense omputer Checked Hines Park Un coin-Mercury 425-3036

FAIRMONT, 1979, 4 door, 4 speed, air, stereo, bucket seats. 26,000 miles 13,895 Autosense Computer Checked Hines Park Lincoln-Mercury 425-3036

GRANADA 1978, 2 door, 302 automatic, power frteering/brakes, air, AmFm 8 track, new tires, $2.9*0 349-9465

CHEVETTE 1981, 4 speed, 4 door, amfm, cloth seats, rear defogger, n u t proofed, 14600 or best o f f e r B e l l e v l i l e area After 4pm 699-6615

am-fm NOVA, 1977, « cylinder, 3 »| Call after cassette Needs work $8 357 29)4 6pm,

OMNI. 1979, 024, automatic, factory air, am-fm itereo, new radial tires, 1 owner Extra sharp' 358-4434

CHEVETTE, 1981, automatic, air, st*reo, loaded, $5,488 Broker LIVONIA Auto Consignment 427-5970


OMNI 1979, 4 door, automatic, power steering, defogger. stereo, 36,000 miles, medium blue, nice $3,675 348-0624


TnpJe brown. 18,wo miles, loaded with eqipment Priced to sell Birmingham/Bloomfield Trade* From

Crissman Cadillac Woodward Near 16 Mile Rd



860 Chevrolet CAMARO, 1975. automatic, radio, heater, fully equipped Like new Inside and out, Collectors item $129 down. $1)9 per Mo One Year Limited Warranty OPEN DAILY, SAT, 10 TO 2 SO 35545 Michigan Ave., West, Wayne


CHEVETTE 1981 (T1000). executive owned, 4 door, automatic, air, rear defog, am-fm. rust proofed, excellent condition $5200 After 6pm. 397-1299 CITATION, 1980, 2 door Hatchback, 4 cylinder, automatic, air, power steering/brakes, rear defog, 25,000 miles, clean, $4,700 557-6476 CITATION 1980. 2 door coupe, 4 cylin, automatic, power steering 4 brlkes. rustproofed, sunroof, am-fm, low miles, excellent After 6pm



CITATION. 1980, 4 door, air, AM-FM. medium blue metallic. $4,788

CAMARO 1976, LT. rally sport, low miles, automatic, tape, power, good on gas, $2200 cash 5)8 8813


CAMARO. 1976, V8. automatic, power steering, air beautiful cherry flow finish. low miles $2,995 Bill Brewn Ford, 35000 Plymouth Rd at Wayne Rd 4217000 CAMARO, 1977, air, automatic, $3,445 LIVONIA C P 525 5000

Plymouth Rd - Just West of 1-275

453-4600 CITATION. 1980 2 door, 4 c y l . air, power steering A brakes. 4 speed, rear defogger, only $4,485


CAMARO 1978, Z28, automatic, loaded, excellent condition, must sell, best offer 455 9585


Place your classified want ad in Suburban Detroit's finest market , The Observer St Eccentric Newspapers

591-0900 644-1070 852-3222

Wayne Oakland

OMNI 1981. 024, low profile, radials. sunroof, am-ifm cassette, 4 speed stick, air, cruise Call during business hours, ask for Julie, 851 0200

Use your Visa or Master Card

OMNI, 1981, 024, white/black interior, loaded, low miles, excellent condition, $6,000 546-1161

VEGA, 1976 Hatchback, good condition, good gas mileage^ $950 or best offer After 5 PM. call 354-1456 Low miles, new tires, 582-2249

VEGA, 1977 Hatchback, automatic, radio, good condition. Clean, rebuilt engine Good MPG $950 291-4587 Z28,1079. Hatchroofs, alloy wheels, and yes it's loaded' Extra sharp! $7,495 CRESTWOOD DODGE 421 -5700

862 Chrysler CORDOBA, 1977, sunroof, power windows, power locks, stereo and more 1 You must see to appreciate' Showroom new! CRESTWOOD DODGE 421-5700

ELITE 1976 Triple red Air $1,687 Tyme Sales


MONTE CARLO 1974, power steering, brakes, automatic, swival buckets, Vinyl interior, newly painted, excellent running condition After 2pm 879-5847 MONTE CARLO, 1974, cream, landau roof, power steering, brakes, air. 8 track stereo Excellent $1100 644-6968

Between 14 A 15 Mile Rds


MONTE CARLO 1981, Landau, 10,000 CHEVETTE. 1977, 4 speed new brakes, miles. V6, air, stereo, custom interior, radial tires. 53.000 miles, well cared locks, defog. cruise, $7500 649-0245 foe. excellent condition $2575 576-0403 MONTE CARLO 1972, 2 door hardtop CHEVETTE 1978 4 door rustproofed. Classic Like new $1,250 Tyme Sales a

CHEVETTE. 1978, air, stereo, automatic. great MPG. clean $2,850 522-3606 CHEVETTE. 1979, 4 cyl


Loaded. $AVE

4 speed, only

Sunshine Honda


1205 Ann Arbor Rd ( 1 4 Miles W of I 275)

MONZA 1979 Coupe, low mileage, am fm cassette stereo, gas saver, inside like new, $3200 Before 5pm 729 4213

CHEVETTE 1980 4 door, automatic, MONZA 1980, 4 cylinder, 4 ^ e e d , pow er steering, am fm stereo 8 track, super air. $3 280 clean. $4200 247-1886 LIVONIA C P 525 5000

Bob Ford of Dearborn says:


1982 EXP Loaded. $7,195

1978 L T D - 4 DOOR

1978 MERCURY Z-7 Air. stereo, rear defroster Automatic, red 4 white, $3,682



CORDOBA. 1979, T roof, all power, air, AM-FM 8 track, leather seats, $4500 Call after 4pm 349-7286

Loaded, a black beauty Must see $4,882

ESCORT. I?81, automatic, stereo, only $4,795 AutOsense Computer Checked Hines Park Lincoln Mercury 425 3036 ESCORT 1981 GLX, air. aluminum wheels, 4 Speed excellent condition $6500 595-4335


ESCORT 1981 GL. 4 speed, FM stereo. 2 tone blue, r e a r de froster, rustproofed, $5,200 459-0883

2 door, like new, only 37,000 one owner miles, $&682

ESCORT 1981, low mileage, $5800 728 7859

4 speed overdrive, cap wire wheels, sharp' $5,995

EXP, 1982, under warranty, 7,000 miles, automatic, power steering 4 brakes, AMFM stereo, $6500 728 6532


EXP 1982. $6800, loaded, extened war ranty coverage, excellent mileage & condition, must sell 669 9495


E X P 1982' 4 speed, power steering brakes, rustproofed. sunroof, List $8100 Selling $6858 459-0557 EXP 1982, 4 speed, air. am radio, rear defogger, blue on blue, 9000 miles, $6300 425 1144, 532 3084 FAIRMONT. matic. power FM cassette, lent condition

1978 wagon,, V-8, autosteering/brakes, air, AM rustproofed, rack, excel $3,075 464 41 19

1980 F-100

Air, stereo cassette extra clean, $3,982 Priced to sell, $3,682

1979 MERCURY MARQUIS Loaded' The right car at the right price $4,982

50 Additional Cars & Trucks To Choose Ffom

We Buy Cars & Trucks


FAIRMONT 1978. 4 door. 6 cylinder, standard transmission, sharp, 25mpg $3200 or best 474 0687 FAIRMONT 1978 Futura Air, AM-FM power steering, brakes, undercoated low mileage, excellent condition $3,200. After 6 PM 425-9776

3480 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor 5 Mm West of Briarwood

261-6470 996-2300

"SELL YOUR CAR ...THE NEW W A Y " D o n ' t S e t t l e For W h o l e s a l e Get Your Fair Price!! • We Will Handle • We Will Display The Deal Cars • You Get Your »We Will Advertise Fair Price! Cars Tho real estate concept for telling your car. List It With: Excellent Results


Plymouth Rd - Just West of I 275

453-4600 GRAN TORINO 1974, 80,000 miles, mags $650 or best offer Days 421 2083 or nightj call Jim at 453-9671

FIESTA. 1979. 2 door, air, 39,000 miles, mileage maker, $3,595 Bill Brown Ford. 35000 Plymouth Rd at Wayne Rd 421-7000

GRAN fORINO 1975, 351 engine, power steertng, power brakes, air, in very good condition, $1000 477-6858

LTD. 1979 4 door, air, $AVE

FIESTA 1980. perfect condition, poly coat, sunroof, vent windows, stereo ra dio, recliner seats, wired for tow. e t c . $4650 522-6634 FIESTA. 1980 Sport, flip roof. AM-FM, extras Under warranty Mint Best of fer. After 6pm 553-2166

MUSTANG 1979. Hatchback, excellent condition, air. automatic. $3800 or best offer After 4pm 4 weekends 591-3197 MUSTANG. 1979 3 door V-6, automat ic. air. power, rear defrost, stereo, TRX, 1 owner. $4,150 After 6 626-4471 MUSTANG 1979 4 cylinder. 4 speed 8 track am-fm stereo, sunroof, 24,000 miles, undercoated, best offer 689 9054


FIESTA 1979 S Green Excellent condition One owner Only 13,000 miles Stereo radio $4,000 477-6815

Sunshine Honda 1205 Ann Arbor Rd ( m Miles W of 1 275)

MUSTANG, 1980 HATCHBACK excellent condition, silver with custom cloth interior $4,495 MARK CHEVROLET, 33200 Michigan Ave , Wayne 722 9100 MUSTANG 1980, 3 door Hatchback. 4 cylinder, sharp. 25.000 miles $4400 352 4199 MUSTANG. 1980, 3 door. 6 cyl, autfr matic, air, power steering 4 brakes Only $5,195 Autosense Compute! Checked Hines Park Lincoln Mercury 425 3036

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FORD. 1976. 10 passenger Squire Wagon, all the extras and clean

MAVERICK 1973 Good condition 6 cylinder', automatic, low mileage Original owner $750 476-6088

591-0900 644-1070


MAVErtlCK. 1974. automatic, power steering, some rust, $700 647-5567


MAVERICK 1976, power steering, ra dio, white walls, excellent condition. $2100 After 6pm 455 5963

PINTO, 1972, automatic, disc brakes new tires, 65,000 miles, $650 or best offer 562 0511

MAVERICK 1977 6 automatic Like new Air $1,450 Tyme Sales 455 5566

PINTO 1974, automatic, good condition, $500 4213857

Telegraph at 12 Mile 354-3100 FORD, 1978, Fiesta, 4 c y l , 4 speed, low nnles $2,995 JACK DEMMER FORD 721-6560 FORD, 1979, 10 passenger Squire Wag on. custom interior, automatic, power steering, air. cruise control, power windows. luggage rack, low miles


1981 TRANS AM T-roof. air. power door locks automatic, aluminum wheels cassette, tilt, cruise $9,782

GRANADA, 1980, 4 door, vinyl top. sale price $4,588

FAIHMONT 1982. 4 door, fully loaded, low miles 585-3680

Conversions Vacation Ready 2 to choose from

MUSTANG. 1972,- 351 engine, power steering, brakes, air Must sell $1600 or best offer 477-6886 rANG $1,1955 Tyme T v n Sales

Telegraph at 12 Mile 354 3100 FQRD. 1980, Futura. automatic, stereo, $ave, $4,295 Broker LIVONIA Auto Consignment 427-5970 GALAXIE 1974, 4 door, power steering 4 brakes, air, cassette tape, runs great $400 or best offer 397-2204

Wayne * Oakland Rochester/Avon

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PINTO 1974. good shape. $850 or best offer After 4PM 464 2046

PINTO 1974, 43.000 miles, red. excel lent condition $1900 42fr0798 PINTO 1975 HatMiback. excellent coo dition New battery, muffler 4 tires Very clean $1506 646-5651 PINTO. 1977 wagon, power brakes, steering, 4 many extras good condition, $1.650 34»2feis PINTO. 1978 automatic, stereo, new brakes 4 exhaust $1 800 or best pff«r 261-0255 PINTO. 1978 sale price $1.835 LIVONIA C P 525-5000 PINTO 1978 3 door $2650 Call any 728-4272 time before 9PM PINTO, 1979 Runabout ing extra clean

AVIS FORD Telegraph at 12 Mile 354 3100 PINTO 1979. triple black, sunroof, am fm stereo, excellent condition^ $300C firm Call mornings 477-5378 PINTO 1979. 4.speed excellent condi tion, low mileage, must sell 397-2325 T BIRD 1975. luxury edition, full pow er many extras Triple copper, good 59V1562 condition $1100 T BIRD 1978, white wire wheels, d e a n excellent condition $2950 After 6PM 4551-5955 T BIRD 1981 Town l a n d a u loaded immaculate Beige exterior. Mushroom interior 25 000 easy miles Well main tamed $7300 Days 577 2275 Evenings' 261-5586 THUNDERBIHD 1979 $2500 Needs bodv work A-

MUSTANG 1975 Ghia, automatic, pow er steering. brakes, V-6 engine, 37,000 miles, good condition 626-8470 MUSTANG 1978. 3 door, 4 speed. 4 cylinder. 26 MPti, $3,500 261-5179





£ £

82 5 P a s s e n g e r XLT Club W a g o n List Price $9866 Less Discount 5 Rebate $3111

U S E E TOM KARAY 1 •£/>


% % % £

Your Price $675500



| £

4 7 (j-5868



% £ £> j !

power steer

Ford Rd. Btwn. Merriman-Venoy

with purchase of any new car or truck! _







V, 32850 FORD RD. % % GARDEN CITY, MICH. % ;$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


355-1600 DODGE, 1980, Omni, 2 to choose from $3,565 LIVONIA C P 525 5000



12.8% FINANCINGI 1981 T-1000




Air conditioning, automatic, rear defroster, tinted glass, power steering, stereo, reclining cloth bucket seats, pin stripe, body moldings. Demo. Stock # 8 2 1 .

Air conditioning, fuel Injected, automatic, padded top, cruise, rear defroster, power steering and brakes, tilt, stere o and much more. Stock #82-0349.


355-1600 CHEVETTE 1980 2 door, automatic, air, AM FM, deluxe interior, rear de logger $3700 477-9061

All our used Cars & Trucks Reduced

455 5566


MONTE CARLO 1973 Excellent run mng condition, interior like new, new tires, some rust Owner 474-2839


FAIRMONT 1980 Blue. 6 cylinder, automatic, power steering ii brakes, AM FM-Stereo-Cassette, cloth/vinyl interior. 39,000 miles 14,350/negotiable Call Richard 568 7982


ELITE, 1974. deluxe model, a m f m ster eo, air. goldfoff white, 2 door, good con dition. $1200 After 5pm 642 7053



Low Prices & Large Selection

Sharp car at budget price $3,282

CREDIT PROBLEM NO PROBLEM' Ask for Chris or Gary 261-1283


4 door, air, power steering & brakes, door locks, tilt, wheel. 3,300 miles, factory ftfficial 12 87. APR financing available


COUGAR 1976 with 1978 351 Windsor, 1500 miles On engine, body good condi tio, $1200 Call Chris al 474-4563

864 Dodge


High Prices & Small Selection

866 Ford

Between 14 it 15 Mile Rds CAMARO 1979, air, tilt wheel, power 855-9700 steering brakes, V-8 S05, S3.000 origiCORDOBA 1980, loaded, 15.000 miles, nal like new one owner, best offer over CITATION 1981.2 door Hatchback. $5800 Call 333 3303 $5 500 Work. 338 6116 4 cylinder, power steering, brakes, au tomatic, air, locks, $6200 553-4135 IMPERIAL 1981, loaded, power sun CAMARO. 1979. BerlinetU. power roof. 11,000 miles One year on steering L brakes, windows, locks, CITATION 1981, Executive car, 4 door, warranty $13,500 435-7722 or 288-0038 trunk opener, rear defogger. air. cruise, 4 cylinder, power, air, locks, cruise, tilt, tint, intermittent wipers 34,000 13,000 miles $6700 682-9285 LE BARON, 1978, Medallian Coupe, miles Craig 527 0106 775-6090 31,000 miles Like new' Only $4,395 CITATION, 1981, 2 door, automatic, CRESTWOOD DODGE 421 -5700 CAMARO. 1980. Rally Sport, air, ster- air, power steering, brakes, windows, eo, loaded Like new. $6200 locks Defoger. AMFM $6600 646 7118 261 6887 or 421-8777 CITATION. 1981. L4. 4 door, power CAMARO 1980. V 6. 3 spe Onlv $3 485 silver & gray Clean $3,200 642-3072 low miles, very clean, $1200 685-9752 IMPALA 1979, 4 door, 305, cruise, air, - CHEVROLETpower, am-fm stereo, clean Evenings CORONET 1969, tuned up, good trans 557 2954 portation, $300 455 6566 ORCHARD LAKE RD. Between 14 it 15 Mile Rds MALIBU, 1980. 2 door, 6 cylinder, auto- DART Sport 1975, automatic, power 855-9700 matic, air, power steering, brakes One steering-brakes, sunroof, runs good owqpr $4,900 642-0044 New parts & tires 535-3735 C A P R I C E 1977 gold lan. loaded Ex cellent condition $3350 MALIBU. 1981 Classic, 4 door, 16,000 DIPLOMAT, 1979 Medallion Power 474 0237 477 9400 miles, dark blue, loaded, good condi steering, brakes, many extras Excel tion. nice looking $5,700 Eves,642-0564 lent condition Asking $4,000 After CAPRICE 1981. classic loaded, execu6pm, 525 0341 tive owned, very clean, well main MONTE CARLOS. 1977. 2 to choose tamed $7500 646 8494 Just $2,695 DODGE. 1978, Challenger, automatic North Bros 421-1376 air, stereo, $3,295 CAPRI 1972. 2 door automatic, runs good very good transportation Call af- MONTE CARLO 1978, power steering, ter 5pm 421-2199 brakes, am-fm stereo, nice, $3600 Colleen , a f t * 5PM 649 4566 CAVALIER 1982 CL 4 door sedan, charcoal gray All options Call after 4 MONTE CARLO 1977 l a n d a u Air, 1-M 485 1879 537 5316 695 Call after 5 PR


OMNI, 1979 4 door hatchback. 4 speed, am-fm. air l$3000 or best offer After 6pm, 729 3954


VEGA 1976 clean $900


866 Ford

866 Ford

856 Buick

880 Chevrolet

860 Chevrolet

858 Cadillac

1982 J-2000 LE 4 door, air conditioning, automatic, rear defroster, lamp group, power steering and brakes, power windows and locks, stereo, tilt, pulse wipers and much more. Stock #82-0270.

'5999 <8965 INTRODUCING:

1982 J-2000

1982 6000 Air c o n d i t i o n i n g , c l o t h seals, a u t o m a t i c , power steering, power brakes, reaf defogger. tinted glass, sport mirrors, AM/FM stereo, custom wheel covers Stock #820255

4 cylinder, r e c l i n i n g b u c k e t seats, r a d i o , c l o c k , b o d y m o l d i n g s , pin s t r i p e s . S t o c k #00040.

1982 Grand Prix rear d e f o g g e r , t i n t e d lamp group, sport mirrors, stereo, wheel covers, b o d y m o l d i n g s , pin stripe. S t o c k A C 0 0 8 1 Air.


6797 <9389*

Last Chance To Place An Order and Get A



• T a x e s , freight and title extra.


Largest Selection of Luxury Cars In The Metro Area M A R K S - TOWN CARS - CONTINENTALS


Area Shuttle Customers

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14585 M i c h i q a n A v e n u e - D e a r b o r n ( ' ? mile east ol S o u t h f i e l d X - w a y ) O p e n M o n d a y 8. T h u r s d a y til 9 p.m.

PRICE ROLLBACK 1982 Spirit DL Liftback 4 cylinder, automatic, cloth bucket seats, power steering and brake®, electric defogger. stereo Stock # 3 3 0 0 .

High back bucket seats, power steering, tilt wheel, denim soft top. stabilizer front bar, free wheeling hubs, m u d and snow tires. Stock # 3 0 0 7 .

5 ' 965'

Air conditioning. 2 door, 6 cylinder, automatic, vinyl roof, power steering and brakes, r e a r d e f r o s t e r , tilt, c r u i s e . Stock # 3 2 4 9 .

Air conditioning, automatic. 6 cylinder, sport package, power locks, tilt, stereo, cast aluminum wheels. Stock #3240.

WAS $9181


*6272 NEW '81 Jeep CJ-5


1982 Concord DL

1982 Eagle Wagon

1982 Renault LeCar f r o n t wheel drive, rear defoster, reclining bucket seats, tinte d glass, floor mats. Ordered.


NOW 1' 0,949* ALL NEW 1982 Fuego Turbo 5 speed, air conditioning, stereo, aluminum wheels, plus more. A loaded car. Stock #3292.

5% Cash Back On Luxury Car Lirfes Plus 36 Month/36,000 Mile Ford Care Maintenance & Warranty Plan 5% Cash Back Plus 2 Year/24,000 Mile Ford Care Maintenance & Warranty Plan On All Other Car Lines Except Marquis and XR7

•Top $$ Paid For Luxury Cars... Call Scott 274-8812



'Price Includes rollback Taxes,

AMC Jeep Renault


846-5000 O&E

WAS $12,739




1 M V . I I I W M C N M }




Monday, May 3, 1982


866 Ford

876 Oldtmobile

874 Mercury

872 Lincoln

THUNDERBIRD 1179. landau, g n u l LINCOLN, 1BI0, 4 door, low mileage, a LVNX 1981 RS, air, powar steering, brakes, stereo, $5700 Call after 5pm condition kva
CUTLASS, 1879, Broufham, air, tilt, defog. landau roof, tuff-kote, eicellent condition. After 5pm 356-0551

LINCOLN. 1981, Towne Car Sedan Ful LVNX 1981. Silver, Automatic Loaded ly equipped and extra clan. This Week'i Air, a m f m stereo, special luxury packAir, cassette, T-top, power seat, wire Special, only | U . » 0 0 Stock OB185S age, rear de-fro«ter. Low mileage Best wheels, loaded Maroon Sale priced offer over $8,000 353-7550 155-3392 $4,995 { MARQUIS 1975 4 door, full power & equipment. Original owner $850 Call 1206 Ann Arbor Rd Telegraph at 12 Mile 353-5397 ( m Miles W of 1-175) S54-J100 MARQUIS, 1978, Brougham, 2 door, all TOWN CAR 1978, Landau, loaded, ex- th< power assists, extra clean $3,695 Bill Brown Ford, 35000 Plymouth Rd TORINO 1874, great g | s mileage, good cellent condition, 84950/best. 545-0351, ext 8 only at Wayne Rd 421-7000 body. 1750 Call 464 0408

CUTLASS 1179, Supreme •Brougham, wanted. Loaded, must be one owner, low mileage, extra clean, cash 682-7711


Sunshine Honda


CUTLASS, 1979, Supreme, air. wire covers, super clean. $5,656


874 Mtorcury

6 cyl., automatic, power steering & brakes, air, Tglass, AM-FM stereo, SUNROOF, Sharp!

ARROW 1978, red & black, low mlle^ age, excellent condition, am fm, rear defog, 13500 After 6pm 541 )281

MERCURY, 1980, Grand Marquis, 4 door, loaded $7,295 Autosense Computer Checked Hines Park Lincoln Mercury ^ 425-3036 MERCURY, 1982, Colony Park, 10 pas senger, loaded Including factory trailer towing package. 9,000 miles Autosense Computer Checked Hines Park Lincoln-Mercury 425-3036

TORONADO 1977 White/red Landau, loaded One owner $2700 After 4PM weekdays 427-5914

CUTLASS 1980 Supreme, V-6, automatic, air, a n v f m stereo. 17 options, 27mpg, $6195 After 5pm 652-4339 CUTLASS 1980, Supreme, power steering, brakes, rear defrost, air, am-fm stereo, $6,000 After 4PM, 464 8956

MONTEGO, 1974, 2 door automatic, power steering, power brakes, air, runs CAPRI 1981, silver, automatic, A cylin- good 255 3353 9600 Telegraph der, loaded Air, a m f m stereo, special Betwn Plymouth L W Chicago luxury feature Low mileage Best offer ZEPHER 1978 Power brakes, power over $6 000 353 7550 855 3392 steering, 6 cylinder, air, am-fm stereo, rust proofed, excellent condition, origi COLONY PARK 1972, Wagon, good nal owner, $3600 427-1003 running condition. J300 356-8817 ZEPHYR, 1978 Station Wagon, excelCOMET, 1972, runs great Power steer- lent condition, air, roof rack, wood CONTINENTAL 1981, 4 door, loaded, ing, new brakes & radiator J450 Call grain, rear defrost, undercoated. $2950 low miles white burgandy leather inte after 2pm, 427-2376 477-2987 nor $11,500 477-1950 COUGAR, 1978, XR7, loaded, low ZEPHYR 1978, Z-7. 6 cylinder, autfr CONTINENTAL. 1980. Town Coupe, miles, excellent condition $3900 matic, power steering, amfm, rear debrown, low mileage, moon roof, full 455-0014 frost, vinyl top, 478-5718 522-9587 power $9800 COUGAR 1978, X R7. midnight blue, ZEPHYR, 1978. 60,000 miles, very good LINCOLN, 1977, Town Coupe, moon chamois, loaded $3,850 39,000 miles, condition Must sell. $2600 or best offer roof silver with leather. $5,395 Auto- a m f m , air,651 3579 or 424-3585 477 6886 sense Computer Checked Hines Park Lincoln-Mercury 425-3036 LN7, 1982, Navy Blue, 9,000 miles, war ranty, 40 mpg , $6850 1-750-0300 LINCOLN, 1980, Signature Mark VI, 4 door every option, showroom condition LYNX, 1981. G t , manual, air, warranty CLOSEO-^ND LEASE 478-2418 North Bros 421-1376 A more $5,750

DELTA ROYALE, 1971, 4 door, air, power brakes, doors, steering Tilt wheel, radio 79,000 miles Excellent condition $3100 644 3337


872 Lincoln

876 Oldsmobile



$197/mo. Option to Purchase $4,000 Pre-payment

Key-Olds Datsun 751-6100 CUSTLASS 1981 Calais sport 5,700 miles, warranty, options $8,100 585-3170 CUTLASS, 1975. Supreme, red with white buckets, extra sharp 1 $2,275 Birmingham Chrysler-Plymouth 643-0079

front wheel drive

CUTLASS 1976, Salon Loaded, new b r a k e s & tires, good condition, $2500 After 2pm 422-6725


CUTLASS, 1977, Brougham, 350. loaded. mint condition, stored every winter, low miles, extras $4,500 583-9366


CUTLASS, 1977 S coupe Automatic, air, stereo, excellent condition. $2,900 682-9589


DELTA, 197$ Roy ale 4 door, mint, new tires, battery, velour interior, no rust $2,200 Livonia After 4pm, 464-6567 DELTA, 1977 88 Royale, 2 door, power steering/brakes, air, radio, Radials, no rust, mint condition, $3,500 464 4286

In Stock Units Only 2 8 to soloct from

loaded, near mint, low miles $1250/ 543-0351, ext 8 only best OLDS 1981 Custom cruiser, 9 passenger wagon. dieMl. loaded Excellent condi tion $8,950 478-^350 OLDS, 1981: Delta Royale 4 door, tilt, cruise, power windows, power locks. iwer seat, Bir. stereo, wires, vinyl to| Call today RED HOLM/ 721-1144 35300 Ford Rd., Westland OMEGA 1980. Brougham. 4 door, 6 cylinder, automatic, air, power steering & brakes, many extras, $5200 626-6548

'80 CITATION Automatic, air, double blue, low miles. Sale Price


* ' i i 8 %

Automatic, power steering, power brakes, air, low miles, like new. Sale Price

Small 8 automatic, power steering, power brakes, air, white with blue Interior. Sale Price


HURRY!Sale Ends May 5, 1982






40675 Plymouth Rd. Plymouth




m | k i


o f



°""X*m "°"453-4600

TORONADO, 1981, • Brougham XSC, leather, full options, Firemist gray. GM exec', 6500 miles $11,500 540 2828

VOLARE, 1977 Air, power steering, brakes & more $1,500 Call after 5pm, 362-2768

TORO 1980 diesel. loaded, 16,000 miles, wires show room condition $9200 435 0877 644-4058

VOLARE 1980, tan. V6. air, poiwer steering, brakes Call 277-11239

SUNBIRD 1978, 4 cylinder. 4 speed stick, air, power steering, 45.000 miles $2950 Farmington Hills 626-3097

880 Pontiac

TEMPEST 1968 Reconditioned engine, new tires, AM-FM cassette Reliable transportation Asking $600 478-9343

878 Plymouth


1205 Ann Arbor Rd (1M, Miles W of I 275)


CHAMP 1979, good condition, good mileage $3200 626 5733

BONNEVILLE 1979 Brougham, 4 door, loaded, excellent condition, $5300 644-7297

CHAMP, 1980, Front wheel drive, ster eo. 28,000 miles Asking $4,295 Autosense Computer Checked Hines Park Lincoln-Mercury 425 3036

CATALINA 1971 4 door, all power, air, radio, heater, good running order, $550 534 1254 CATALINA 1973, mechanically sound, body rusty, dependable transportation. »350 722-3218 CATALINA, 1973, new battery, FM ra dio, good transportation $300 357 3278 FIREBIRD 1974, V8 - 350, automatic, power steering, brakes, new exhaust 4 tires, $1100 or best offer 643-8493 GRAND LEMANS, 1980, air. cruise, rear defog, am-fm Excellent condition $4500 or best After 5PM. 425-3583 GRAND PRIX 1978 U Fully loaded Power windows, air. FM-Slereo $4,500 669-2188

453-3600 PHOENIX 1981. 4 door, 4 cylinder, cloth seats, luxury, air, stereo, more, mint. $6,950 Rochester 652-4897

TRANS AM, 1976, automatic, power steering/brakes, air, rustproofed, 1 owner, excellent condition 455-7036 or 326 4648 TRANS AM 1977, air, excellent condition, 6 6 engine, 48,000 miles, $3550 585-6117 THANS AM. 1977, loaded, pay a balance of $3,600 427-2143 TRANS AM 1977, T-tops. every option, $AVE North Bros 421-1376 TRANS AM. 1978, automatic, air, AM FM tape Super sharp. $5,454

Plymouth Rd - Just West of 1-275

453-4600 TRANS AM. 1978, black, automatic, power windows, extras. 26,000 miles,

GRAND PRIX, 1976, LJ 1


BEETLE 1976, 31.000 miles, sun roof steffio. clean, great shape. 4 speed $34(5 477-4951 DA$HER 1979, automatic, air, am-fm stereo, rear defog, sun roof Ask for Jim Gilion. 9am-5pm 588-2200 DASHER. 1980 wagon. 5 passenger, 4 speed, air, stereo, 32 MPG, excellent condition Call 363-6289

JETTA. 1980. 2 door, automatic, 26MPG, excellent condition. 30,000 miles, a m f m cassette, $6500 791 5155 JETTA 1980. 5 speed, air. am-fm ras sette, sunroof, excellent condition, 28,000 miles 477 9558 JETTA, 1981, 5 speed, sunroof, cruise control, extra clean $7,495

Joe Dwyer Imports) Grand River, 6blks W ofTelegraph

537-2292 RABBIT 1977, automatic, AM-FM. rear window defogger, very good condition $3000 478-0604 RABBIT 1980 Deluxe, sunroof, stereo, low miles, good condition, $4600 After 6pm. 356-4608 RABBIT. 1980 Diesel, 4 door 4 speed air. sound insulation, rustproof, excel lent condition $4850 Call 474 4851 RABBIT. 1980, 4 door, air, 4 speed, low mileage $5200 Days, 528-0760, ext 436, nights & weekends, 681 6909

RABBIT 1981 LS. 4 door 4 speed sil ver, air, AM-FM stereo. 8500 miles $6995 362 6637 or 335 6557

34501 Plymouth Rd Between Wayne 4 Farmington Rds


V W JETTA 1981 5 speed 16 000 miles young, loaded, air and sun roof. Blau punkt cassette, fm-am, silver 355-0393 VW RAbbit 1979 custom 4 door, automatic. factory air. a m f m casette, rust roofed, many extras Low;mifcage Excellent condition $4860 Weekday? after 6pm, or weekends anytime 354 1386


VW, 1974, 412 dark green air, fuel in jected. 35MPG regular gas Excellent condition $2000 firm 421 7977 VW 1980. Dasher Wagon diesel, air sunroof, luggage rack 50mpg Perfect must see'$7 000 391 3141 VW 1980, -Scirocco. white 5 speed 33 37 MPG Sharp $6,750 or best offer 453 6436 VW 1981 Rabbit Qeisel. 4 door sun roof, mint condition Less than 3.000 miles $6,900 399 3112 VW 411, 1971 4 door sedan, good for parts and tires $200 Call 427-7107

1976 VW R A B B I T $2,195


1978 R A B B I T DIESEL 1 Year Warranty


SUPER BEETLE 1974 excellent condi OPEN SATURDAY tion, new tires, exhaust, brake*, master 353-6900 rvliiwtor »>lr 8*5-1 «7.t 25400 W 8 Mile

Air, Ttops, beauty


LIVONIA VW 34501 Plymouth Rd Between Wayne 4 Farmington Rds

425-5400 •

HORIZON, 1980, TC3, automatic, AM FM, clean, 30,000 miles, ladies car, $4 395 O'Hara Datsun, 35655 Plymouth Rd 425 3311

GRAND PRIX, 1981V Black/Burgan dy interior, 4 3 L engine, rust proofed $7,800 or best offer Eves, 420-0179

HORIZON, 1980, TC3, Sport package 4 speed, air, flip roof, black, sha^p, $4,995 JACK DEMMER FORD 721 6560

V6 engine, air, AM-FM stereo, loaded 14,000 miles $ave

HORIZON. 1980, 4 door, $3,380 LIVONIA C P 525-5000


HORIZON 1981 Miser. 4 door, cloth in terior, AM-FM stereo cassette, rust proofed $4600 495-0048

Between 14 4 15 Mile Rds


' 8 2 XLT CLUB WAOOW Equipped The Way You Want It





Automatic, 138" wheel base, dual captains chairs, 5 passenger, power steering, power brakes, air, tinted glass, luxury Interior, AM/FM stereo, 5-P235 X 75R15 tires, equipped the way you want It. Why drive a stripped down vehicle.




'81 FIREBIRD V6, «lr. stereo, tilt, cruise, power locks, power windows, wires, s G o l d Boeuty!

^ O / D U



Air, automatic. Rally wheels, low miles and sharp





w r t «thp. «xtf« c t o n




Loaded with options, triple Burgundy, real nlcel

# »

FRONT WHEEL D f ^ E , disc brakes, slsei belted radials. electronic Ignition, cjoth seat trim, maintenance free battery. 4 speed transaxle.




V6, automatic, air, AM/FM. white side walls

9 '



Automatic, air, AM/FM, vinyl root and more, cleenl





4 door, air, automatic, power steering, power brakes, low miles. Sale Price

2 door, automatic, air, power locks, stereo, a real b a r g a i n . . # D O O U



>® U



•pnee includes rebate but does not include taxes, title, or destination charges.

9600 T e l e g r a p h

'Home of the Smilin Irishman"

near Plymouth Rd.)

255-3100 Open Mon. A Thurs til 9 pm

•80 MONZA FASTBACK Ve, automatic, power steering, AM/FM stereo,

• P A T M I M i l l

rear defrost, sport wheels, sharpl


1 Mite Rd Jeffries (1-96) a Plymouth^ Rd Pat 4 _ Mtlliken £.j fx




ARMSTRONG Buick-Opel • 525-0900 30550 PLYMOUTH RD., LIVONIA (between Middlebelt & Mornman)





OPEN MONDAY TIL 9 P.M. AND THIS TUESDAY TIL 8 P.M.! Your Last Chance To Factory Order With Rebates TRUCK DEPT. Rebates up to

NEW CAR DEPT. Rebates up to


$870 on new Ford cars Example #2

on new Ford trucks Example # 1


(ordered vehicle) Include* rebate. Add taxes, title, license fees and destination charge®.

$5987 (Stock #8002)

Includes rebate. Add taxes, title, license fees and destination


Mark VI Town Car Continental


1982 EXP




REGISTER TO WIN A TRIP FOR 2 TO TORONTO-DRAWING MAY 4th, 8 P.M A, X, 4 hourly employees eligible for rebates & prizes. We've got big inventory, great prices and super service.


• 3 years/36,000 mile FREE Warranty & FREE Scheduled Maintenance •Rebates up to

In Dearborn A—J We have to be better. Two block® east of Telegraph on Michigan Avenue 000-0:



A -ti **-A


- *.

5% OFF base sticker price (up to $1240.00)

• Lincoln commitment warranty program •






Jim Seavitt's


Chicago T«f»K

Ask about the works - 12 months or 20,000 miies mechanical repair protection for used car buyers

Service Dept. open til 9 pm Thursdays


mpg hwy



Runs Great'

884 Volkswagen

RABBIT 1981 Diesel 4 door, deluxe, air, FM-Stereo, 4,800 miles 644 6331



JKTTA, 1980 coupe, 5-speed, AM-FM stereo cassette, radials, very low miles extra sharp Sacrifice 358-4434

VOLARE 1977 wagon 6 cylinder, automatic, extras, low mileage, excellent condition, $3,200 or best offer 464 8368


Automatic, air, snow white. Sale Price

Sunshine Honda

Just West of 1-275

Automatic, air, plenty sharp! Sale Price



Plymouth Rd

Automatic, air, power windows, power locks,

Low miles, air. Sale Price

FORMULA 1979, 305, air, full power, Am Fin stereo cassette, rear defog, low miles. $5,500 After 5 649 0062

Front wheel drive, 4 speed, sale priced



FIREBIRD 1979 Esprit, 4 speed, 30.000 VENTURA 1973 Low mileage, good miles Excellent condition Many op- condition, power steering, brakes. 6 cyl tions $4,900 Days 588 3831, Evenings ind«r, automatic. $1195 425 2332 362 3243

TORONADO, 1980, air, power steering & brakes, tilt, cruise, wire wheels, air, power seats. $7,595 BOB DUSSEAIJ Lincoln-Mercury Grand River in Farmington 474-3342

Automatic, air. p o w «


•NOTlC€ TO BUYER Tha Factory prtos is H f w than tha price m a c t u a l pod tor tha wHdaa. A rabala to tha malanhlp » Indudad It may atao inetuda MMitMng aaaaaaminti. Mura rtbtlN. afcwanoaa. dfceounta and i n o M M awards from tha manufacturer to tha


_ _ U r C j C Q D

FIREBIRD 1975 Espirt. low mileage, excellent condition, needs brakes, $1800 348 1675 348-0370

T-1000 1981, 4 door, 4 speed, 38 MPG. SUP8R BEETLE 1972, automatic, sticlt shift, runs excellent $775. Call afroof rack, trim rings Make offer 562 4086 588 3396 ter ^ ' M


Automatic, power steering, sunroof, low miles


880 Pontiac

great $888

TORONADO, 1980, executive package, $9,370 Broker LIVONIA Auto Consignment 427-5970

884 Volkswagen

880 Pontiac

SATELITE 1974 V-8 automatic power J-2000 1982. 4 door. 4 speed, air, stereo. 547-5287 brakes, steering, radio, air conditioned, $7,500 or best offer $800 KE 1-2908 LE MANS 1972, good condition, needs 422-6896 VOLARE, 1976, Premiere, air, runs engine, $200 or for parts

Air, stereo, power 60/40, cruise, rust •HORIZON 1980- TC3. 4 speed, front proofed, $6700 661-2032 wheel drive, am-fm stereo, clock, rear defog, 31 MPG, 557-1658 DELTA 88 1981, Brougham. Diesel, stereo, air, ftill power, wire wheels, ex- HORIZON 1980 TC3 Air, AM-FM ster ecutive owned, $8150 641-7272 eo, cruise, rust proofed, low miles Ask OLDS 1965. 98 Coupe. Black Beauty, ing $5,200 Excellent condition 399 3259

CUTLASS 1978, wagon. 36,000 miles, OMEGA, 1981 Luxury model, 4 door air, am-fm stereo, small v-8, power sedan, V-6, ^ruise, 27 MPG on highway, 477-4100 steering A brakes, $4300 476 8863 $6,495 or be$t offer


SAPPORO. 1978. automatic, 40,000 miles, beautiful, $AVE' Broker LIVONIA Auto Consignment 427-5970

DELTA 88., 1973. power steering & DUSTER 1975, 51,000 miles, 6 cylinder, automatic. 4 new tires, good condition brakes, air, new tires, battery, needs $1200 569 1432 muffler, some rust, runs well $400 or best offer After 6 PM 651 0334 FURY 1969, sport convertible. 383 engine. interior needs work, runs good, DELTA 88, 1978 Royale 4 door.power body good, cheap restoration, $1200 or steering/brakes/locks, automatic, AM offer 689 9672 FM, air, tinted glass, power seat-drivers side, 60/40 seat, white vinyl uphol GRAN FURY. 1976 wagon, power, air, stery, good condition, $3,800 626-4630 9 passenger. $1100 or best offei er Call af455 6816 DELTA 88, |979 Royale. excellent con- ter 4pm persistently dition, high mileage, loaded, cruise, air. HORIZON 1978, excellent condition asking $3.60<) Call 485-3256 Power steering 4 brakes, am-fm radio, custom chrome, 48,000 miles After DELTA 88, 1979 Royale, 4 door, full 5pm 644-7849 power, windows, seats, locks, tilt, cruise, rear defroster, a m f m stereo, vi- HORIZON. 1979, 4 door, automatic, air, nyl top, wire wheels, low miles, must power steering, power brakes Compa sell $5,650 After 6pm 661-1943 ny maintained 79,000 miles $2750 Call 478-0024 DELTA 88, 1980 Royale, Diesel, loaded weekdays 9am-5 30pm

CUTLASS 1978 cruiser wagoa, loaded, 32,000 miles, V6, sharp, $4050 or best OMEGA, 1981 Brougham, stereo, door offer 455 2717 locks, & wife wheels, excellent condition, $6895 0 M employee 781-3083 CUTLASS 1978, Supreme, stereo, rear window defog, power windows, mostly OMEGA 1981 ES2500 - European Style freeway miles, perfect condition $3,695 Sedan, low mileage, excellent condition, 646-0888 After 4PM Mon-Fri 437 6155. 5)3-3154 loaded, must sell Best offer



CUTLASS, 1980. Calais, impeccable one owner, $8,79$ CRESTWOOD DODGE 421 5700

CUTLAS. 1»81 diesel 4 door, 2500 miles, Air, a m f m , power antennae, cruise, wire wheels. $8,000 644-4734


RELIANT. 1982. 4 door. air. automatic. $7,695 Birmingham Chrysler Plymouth 643-0079

Wayne Oakland

REGENCY 98 1977, 4 dpor, excellent condition, loaded, leather seats, $4350 After 4pm & weekends 591-3197

MONTEGO 1974 MX, air, new brakes, alternator, battery, radiator $1250 Call 3 5PM or a f t e r 9PM 477-4059

CAPRI 1974. 4 cylinder. 4 speed, good condition, good MPG 1900 or b a t offer - 353-0374

591-0900 644-1070


Plymouth Rd - Just W o t of I- 275

CUTLASS, 1981, 4 door, Brougham, 9,000 miles, loaded $7895 264 6638


Place ypur classified want ad ui Suburban Detroit's finest market The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers

Use your Visa or Master Card

MONARCH 1976 Ghia, power steering, brakes, am-fm, 4 door, automatic, air, $1100 or best offer 661-4737

BOBCAT. 1978, Runabout. 4 cylinder, automatic, power staeritqj. 39,000 miles, 12,995 Bill Brown F
HORIZON, 1981, Miser, 4 door, 50 MPG, $4,495 Birmingham Chrysler4'lymouth 643-0079





TRANSPORTATION SPECIALS I I to TOWN COUPE 1980 2 door, loaded Executive's car 1 driver Excellent condiChoose from Priced from $395 North Bros 411-1376 tion 27,000 miles, |9250 Weekdays, 9-5 453 4044

878 Plymouth

876 Oldtmobito

CALL 453-2424

Free s c h e d u l e d maintenance over 36 months/36,000 miles

Til May 17th


Board to ask voters about road repairs - Canton Public Library

• Canton (Dbserticr ' * Volume 7 Number Monday, May 3,1982 Twenty-Five Cents Canton, Michigan 902 Suburban ( ommuntntioo Cnrporalioo All Right*...

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