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BREEZE University Section Club, Inc. Berkeley, CA Website: Spring, 2016 Dear members, My year as President is nearly over. Since this will be my last message, I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to serve as president of Section Club. During these months I feel as though we have had a larger group of members than usual who have passed on. Many were intrepid ladies I knew well and was very fond of. They will be missed by me, as well as by those who also knew them. By the same token, we have welcomed quite a few new members to the club. We hope they have found much to interest them. It has been a successful year with a delightful Fall Reception followed by the Children’s Christmas Party and the Winter Dinner, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Now we are in the process of getting ready for the Intercampus Open House in April. I hope many of you will attend. The SOS Committee will shortly be reviewing the requests for funding sent to them from various student groups. They will be meeting on Friday, April 15th at Tang Center to discuss these proposals. This is a good opportunity to learn about Section Club philanthropy. Our financial help to students and student groups is the reason we are a registered non-profit organization. As we are winding down from the year’s activities, I want to remind the various section chairs that it is also time to find a successor for your job. If you have a co-chair who would like to take over, then it is an easy transition. Members, I hope you will be willing to step into these roles to keep our organization vibrant and healthy. I want to thank my Board and committee chairs for all the work and help they have done this year. Pulling all of the pieces together to enable the various programs and events is not an easy task, and I really appreciate the willingness of everyone who pitched in and helped to make the year run smoothly. I know I leave everything in good hands for incoming President, Gerry Morrison, and she, too, will be grateful for all the help you can give her. Thank you for making my job an easy one!

Sally Stevens, President

Beehive Photos: From the left: Paula Phillips and Melinda Buchanan; Jacqueline Eberhard and Nicole Welmond; TreasurerElect Jan Tsuchiya and Treasurer Lucia Falcone

Student Grants Cal Berkeley has one of the highest percentages of low income students in the nation for a research university. As noted in a 2013-14 report, our campus has nearly as many Pell Grant recipients (9,176 for that academic year) as the total of the eight Ivy League schools (10,245). The numbers have not changed much and presently 34% of our undergrads receive a Pell Grant. (The Federal Pell Grant Program provides need-based financial aid for low-income undergraduates through some 5,400 participating colleges and universities. This aid is not a loan and does not need to be repaid, giving students additional encouragement to obtain a college education.) In this spirit the University Section Club also reaches out to students in need, helping them financially in the event of an unforeseen emergency. We have liaisons to Tang Center, disabled students, veterans, student parents, transfer students and University Village. In this way our club is in close contact with Cal’s many counselors and social workers who help this unique population of students. These counselors and social workers have access to student records and can recommend students attending Cal needing grants for unexpected financial emergencies. Since the last Breeze, Student Grants has given out two more $1,000 grants, our 4 th and 5th for this academic year. The fourth grant was to a student recommended by Paula Flamm, a social worker at Tang Center. The recipient is a graduate student who was facing expenses of almost $2,000 following a bicycle accident which required surgery. The fifth was brought to our attention by Ginelle Perez, Director of TRSP (Transfer, Re-entry and Student Parent Center). This recipient is a single parent who had issues with safety for his child and needed help with medical and moving expenses. The bicycle accident recipient writes: Thank you so much for your incredible contribution, enabling me to pay my medical bills. The Section Club grant has transformed my semester, meaning I am able to pay for my hand surgery – I hope to return to physio soon to regain motion. Warmest regards…… Janice Lieu, Student Grants Chair

SOS SOS, one of the philanthropic arms of the University Section Club, is preparing for our Spring Business Meeting on Friday, April 15, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way, in the Class of ’42 Room. We have asked our campus liaisons to submit a one page request for a special project or equipment for students, which could be funded from our SOS general fund. It is hoped that in most instances these funds will act as seed money to further stimulate permanent support from the university or government, and any equipment will be put to good use. For instance, in the past we have funded food cards and anatomical models for the University Health Services. We have also given money to the Student Parent Program for summer day care, allowing parents to attend summer session. You are invited to attend this meeting where we will discuss the new proposals received from the campus liaisons. At the meeting we will decide how to honor the requests. Your input is welcome. The Elberg Emergency Grant Fund is also a part of SOS. This grant of up to $750 is given through one of our liaisons to a student, who is facing an immediate financial crisis. Since mid-July, 2015, we have awarded 25 grants totaling $13,166. Most of the requests have been to help a student cover medical expenses, but other emergencies this year have included theft and even unexpected car repairs! Our funding is always welcome.

Sonja Marken Vélez and Dorothy Kaplan, SOS Co-Chairs

ISSC - Centre Thursday mornings (9:30–12 noon) at the YWCA on 2600 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Apr. 14: CAL DAY – Cal’s open house is Saturday, April 16th. We will talk about places to see and things to do. Apr. 21: SPRING CONCERT – The chorus of the Section Club will sing for us. Apr. 28: EARTH DAY – This celebration, held on April 22, is dedicated to learning about ways to protect our planet. May 5: MOTHER”S DAY is on May 8th. We will make cards to honor mothers. May 12: POTLUCK LUNCHEON – Please bring a special dish from your country. May 19: This will be our last meeting of the Spring Semester. 2

Beehive Luncheon Report Huge thanks go to all who helped make the luncheon happen! Purchasers: Trudi Frei, Dorothy Kaplan, Melinda Buchanan, Julia Wenk. Pasta Salad from Italian Section: Terry Schooler, Elisabetta Baldini, Barbara Denton, Naomi Friedman, Katherine Kaye, and Joan Finnie. Cheese Plate: French Section. Cucumber Salad: Nicole Lepoutre Baldocchi, Dorothy Kaplan, Susan Hopkin. Salmon Sauces: Sally Stevens, Kathy Graburn. Salmon Poachers: Melinda Buchanan, Brigitte McKenzie, Sarah Diamond, Joanne Harano, Joan Glassey, Gayle DeKellis, Donna Oliver, Mary Lee Noonan, Traudel Prussin, Margarita Balazs, Susan Austin, Sara Knight. Beverage Table: Bruce & Brigitte McKenzie, Keith & Laura Fisher. Cookie bakers: Grace Kobayashi, Miwako Tomizuka, Jutta Frankie, Paula Phillips, Heidi Hartman, Jan Halbach, Judy Thomson, Linda Malm, Margie Sauer, Joan Glassey, Karin Kanafani. Decorations: Joan Finnie, Norman and Janet Pease and family. Dining Room Set-up: Jackie Desoer, Joanne Harano, Charlotte Ball, Laurie Wu McLain, Lois Hoagland, Linda Jones, Eva Hecht. Kitchen help and servers: Eva Hecht, Emily Ladner, Danielle de Fontaine, Dorothy Rubin, Paula Phillips. Leftovers - packaging: Lynda Puri, Jerri Mariott, Lucia Longhi Fillipou. Leftovers-sales: Ruth Tobey, Misty McCready, Sheila Kahan. Dining room clean-up: Linda Deaktor, Jerri Mariott, Barbara Peterson, Karin Kanafani, Maria Ritter, Martha Smith. Thanks to all! Mary-Ellis Adams, Luncheon Coordinator

Beehive Fiscal Report Income Lunch (213 paid) Silent Auction Raffle Jewelry Collectibles Table Bargain Table Crafts Table Take Home Food Sales Flowers Wine Toffee Tea and Stylus Pens Total lunch and sales: Donations Total income

$ 5,145 $ 9,066 $ 2,612 $ 1,559 $ 1,000 $ 861 $ 718 $ 151 $ 261 $ 285 $ 110 $ 260 $22,028 $ 274 $22,302

Expenses Church Rental Salmon Kitchen Help Food and Supplies Misc. Bank fee for Visa Cards Total Expenses

$ 2,272 $ 481 $ 370 $ 362 $ 156 $ 231 $ 3,872

Net Proceeds:


Happy Beehive Faces Clockwise from top left: Pauli Muir; Ruth Tobey, Sally Stevens and Lola Harris; Trish Prior and Ellie Hahn; Susan Carter and Danielle de Fontaine


From the Silent Auction Committee

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Section Club is grateful to the following for their generous contributions to the Beehive Silent Auction. Restaurants: Babette, China Village, Berkeley City Club, Delhi Diner, Geppetto's Café Orinda, Inn Kensington, Kensington Fine Foods, King Yen, Kirala, La Mediterranee, La Siciliana, Le Bateau Ivre, Poulet, Royal Café Albany, Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen, Thai Delight, Walnut Creek Yacht Club, Royal Rangoon Burmese Cuisine, KatanaYa Ramen Japanese Restaurant, Ele Thai. Merchants and Services: Amphora Nueva, Cheese Cake Factory, Diablo Foods, La Fournée, Acme Bread, Junket, Semifreddis, Natural Grocery El Cerrito, Tokyo Fish Market, Trader Joes, Books Inc, Chez Panisse, Timothy Kaplan, The Club at the Claremont, Topaz Salon, Circle Salon, East Bay Nursery, Mudpuppy's Dog Wash, Kid Dynamo, Paper Plus, Virginia Cleaners, Sanvitalia Home and Garden, Andronico’s, Piedmont Grocery, Young's Market, St Supery Vineyards, Sue&Marty Tierney of Taft Street, Minassian Vineyards, Berkeley Bowl, Monterey Foods. Our UC Supporters: Bancroft Library, Cal Athletics, Women's Faculty Club, The Berkeley Faculty Club, Lauri Twitchell of Blake Estate Garden, Botanical Garden, Cal Performances, The Chancellor’s Office, Lawrence Hall of Science. Our Section Club Members for handmade treasures and classes: Jutta Frankie, Lucia Falcone, Danielle de Fontaine, Gloria Blum, Traudel Prussin, Barbara Denton, Anne Buchanan, Brigitte McKenzie, Delia and John Taylor. For tickets to Music and Theatre: Aurora Theatre, Berkeley Symphony, Freight and Salvage, San Francisco Ballet. Unique items: Holly Hartley, Sally Stevens, Lucia Falcone, Carolyn Moreland, Elisabetta Baldini, Gayle DeKellis and David Clayton, Monica Rohrer. Please thank these merchants and friends when you see them.

The Jewelry Table

BUDGET FOR 2016-2017

The Jewelry Table is always a hub of activity at the Beehive. As women eye the many items carefully collected and tastefully displayed by Nancy Oldham and her crew of helpers, you can sense their inner appreciation for the decorative (and other) value of jewelry. At one end of the long Jewelry Table, was a special category of necklaces made by members themselves for the Beehive. Lucia Falcone, a native of Murano, Italy, donated several necklaces made of Murano glass. Chrys Peters designed many beautiful necklaces of different styles. Heidi Coffin, Heidi Hartman and Julia Wenk each rolled paper bead necklaces, a craft learned in the Basketry Section under the guidance of Jutta Frankie. The organizer of this end of the table, Sonja Veléz, who also created many necklaces for the Beehive, stood behind the display and sold the lovingly made jewelry.

Income: Dues Thrift Shop Beehive CD interest TOTAL INCOME:

made by Heidi Hartman


10,700 250 19,000 50 30,000

Expenses: Bulletin 1,500 Fall Reception 1,500 Breeze 1,250 Bulk Mailing Fee 230 Post Office Acct. 315 Tax Filing Fees 55 Insurance 2,300 Operating Exp. 1,500 Intercampus 250 Newcomers Gathering 100 Total 9,000 Allocation to Philanthropy Accts. SOS 7,000 Student Grants 6,500 Elberg Fund 6,500 ISSC 1,000 Total 21,000 TOTAL EXPENSES:


Nominating Committee: Proposed Slate of Officers for 2016-2017 The Nominating Committee is happy to present an excellent slate of officers for the coming year. President: Geraldine (Gerry) Morrison is a graduate of UC Berkeley and a retiree from the UC Office of the President, where she was a Senior Legal Analyst. She is married to Gary Morrison. After her retirement, Gerry spent three years in Guatemala working as a volunteer in a health and education project called Common Hope. She and Gary now live in Orinda. A fiddle player, Gerry loves to jam with her triplet grandchildren who are all fiddlers as well. President Elect: Dorian Bikle retired from UC Berkeley after 30 years specializing in Academic Affairs, including three years as Alumni Director for the College of Engineering and three years with the Budget Committee. She plays the cello and is active in several musical groups. She and her husband, George, enjoy music, gardening and keeping in touch with three daughters and six grandchildren. Past President: Sally Stevens, as our Past-President, will be in charge of the Policy and Planning Committee this coming year. A long time member of the Section Club, she has served on the Foreign Student Committee and has been actively involved with the Beehive Luncheon. Quilting, sewing and pursuing the family genealogy are some of her favorite pastimes. Secretary: Susan Storm, a native Iowan, went to Boston after college to have a career in Clinical Laboratory Medicine. After completing 50 years in the field she moved to California in 2010 to be near her family. Retirement has given her time to re-start playing the violin and to learn French, this time to speak to friends. She adds that the view of her lovely garden gives her much encouragement to pursue these desires. Secretary-Elect: Mary Sharman, previously a music therapist in private practice, also worked in education, and directed a senior center program in Oakland. Now in retirement, she remains active as a pianist, playing both solo and chamber music. She is a member of Music Section, where she is a frequent performer and sings with the chorus. Mary says, “In addition to my pleasure in joining the Section Club Board as Secretary-Elect, I am happy tending my garden, taking birding walks with friends and remaining addictively active in musical groups.” Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Denton, a graduate of Cal with a degree from the College of Environmental Design, recently retired as Director of Design Innovation for Kaiser Permanente's National Facilities Services, based in Oakland, California. Since retirement Barbara has focused on her interests and passions, which include travel with her husband Ed, especially to visit her family in Italy; studying the Italian language, cooking and traditions; collecting vintage linens; gardening; "edible" art, including chocolates; and spending time with family and friends. Treasurer: Jan Tsuchiya is a UC Berkeley grad. She raised two daughters in Castro Valley before downsizing to Jack London Square. She and her husband, Gordy, both retired engineers, keep busy with church, friends, family (a first grandchild!), A's baseball, and travel. She sings in the Music Section Chorus and, though a Section Club member for only a few years, has been actively serving as chair of various sections. Treasurer-Elect: Catherine (Cathy) Kaye grew up in South Africa. She also lived in Canada and England before moving in 1980 to California with her husband Bill. She works part-time as an insurance broker, but loves to spend her free time gardening, reading and travelling. As a member of Italian Section, she is actively trying to improve her Italian language skills. 5

SECTION NEWS Busy Hands are Happy Hands – Sew and So Section From the back: Ellie Hahn, Delia Taylor, Brigitte McKenzie

Sew and So Section meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday from 1:30-3:30 p.m. in a member’s home. There is no program except to keep your hands busy and catch up with each other in an informal way. Knitting needles click briskly and other needle types are applied to various projects, from needlepoint to mending. No hand is idle and yet a sense of leisure lingers, for there is no hurry. If interest in your own project starts to fade, or you need to stretch your legs, you can visit with others across the room to see how they are getting on. Perhaps another’s project will inspire you to branch out in a new direction. A steady undercurrent of conversation accompanies the work and adds liveliness to what might otherwise be a tiresome task, especially if you are mending tears in your husband’s sweater or pulling up a dropped stitch. Travel is a popular topic of conversation, but pretty much anything will do, except politics. Light refreshments are served half way through the meeting. The idea is for everyone to have a pleasant and relaxing social afternoon while catching up on various hand-work projects. If you are interested in joining, contact Sew and So Co-Chairs, Ellie Hahn or Brigitte McKenzie. Sara Knight and Marti Zedeck

Music Section In early February Music Section regaled its members with an extraordinary concert at the home of Betsy Minkler. The audience was treated first to Scaramouche, a piece for two pianists – and two pianos by Darius Milhaud. The pianists, Mary Kay Duggan and Greti Sequín, played with vigor and expertise. One could feel the clown character of Scaramouche coming through the music. Next, a visiting scholar, Sooyeon Lyuh, played a selection of traditional pieces on a Korean twostringed instrument called a haegeum. Before performing she explained how the haegeum is constructed and played. Last on the program were Judy and Pate Thomson, Gerry Morrison and Gerry’s triplet grandchildren, Aiden, Hazel and Iris Keeney, aged 10 years. All were decorated or dressed in Scottish plaids. They entertained us in different groupings with Irish and Scottish airs for violin and piano. The triplets played several pieces by themselves and also danced on a wooden board laid over the carpet, which really brought the rhythm of their foot work to life. Hazel played cello in addition to violin – but not at the same time! The audience was entranced by the afternoon’s performances. 6

Writers’ Workshop -had a celebration of Frances Townes’ 100th birthday. The following poem was composed in her honor.

Heartwood For Frances Townes In Reverent Celebration of Her First Century In a New England dawn the pony's breath a crystal cloud among hickory, chestnut, alder, your heart wood forms itself -- of verdant pasture, glade and wave -first paces on your journey of sacredness, joy, of giving. Lodgepole pine, birch mesquite. Your heart blooms sweet, your fibre straight, taproot bedrock-anchored in the center of the Earth. Live oak and mahogany emblazon your cathedrals, mirror their blessed light, igniting the embers of your heart -nutrients to your faith.

The heart wood glows still straight and strong in old growth stature, heartbeat harmonious with Redwood. Cedar. Fir. Patiently, elegantly, it imparts its golden nurture, stalwart to those so much less firm.

Red cedar. Sequoia. Madrone. Westward your footsteps roam following heart's glow to the majestic mountains, the children's plight a sacred fight, the cosmic calling no Nobel's height could fain to foil or cause to falter.

Hickory. Chestnut. Oak. Mahogany. Cedar. Maple. Madrone. There should be a nobler Nobel for a life so splendidly lived, so skillfully drawn. February 2016

by Kaye Sharon

From the Section Club: Happy Birthday, Frances! French Section Our members get together to speak French. Most of them are fluent. A few are getting there little by little, but they are all welcome. We encourage everybody to participate in the programming of our meetings by sharing their interests. It could be trips, books, photographs, music, movies, or inviting a speaker. Last year, one member gave us a slideshow of her tour in the American western canyons. Another presented her favorite movie with her comments. We also like reading an excerpt of a book together and discussing it. Before we part, we enjoy delicious refreshments with a cup of coffee or tea, in a very friendly atmosphere, while speaking French, of course! Jacqueline Eberhard, French Section Co-chair 7


breeze - University Section Club

BREEZE University Section Club, Inc. Berkeley, CA Website: Spring, 2016 Dear members, My year as President is nearly ...

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