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Talent pays off in Deming contest

.Brunell ' s getting extensive face 'lift

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3_5...;.¢_P_E_R_C_O ....p-yRUIDOSO, NM 88345 ~.

Business picks up at regional airport by FRANKIE JARRELL Ruidoso News Staff Writer

Business has taken off at the Sierra Blanca Regional Airport (SBRA).

Traffic figures are on a seesaw, swinging from 1,460 operations in July to 1,625 in August and down to 970 in September. Those figures are up from 1987 in July and August, but fell slightly in September. Jet fuel sales continue to out:strip the lower octane fuel sales, indicating the regional air facility is being used by larger aircraft than

A rope of colorful balloons forms an arch over the Warriors as they race on the field to meet the Deming Wildcats in the game of the season. The Warriors


Tests useflll to teachers and parents



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Enjoy the crisp, golden air, delicious German foods, exciting floor shows by costumed dancers, continuous entertainment for the children and dance to the oom pa and eff da bands: welcome to Wurstfest '88. . Festivities begin at 11 a.m. and end at 11 p.m. Saturday, October 15 and begin again at noon and end at 5 p.m. Sunday, October 16, at the vacant former hardware store in the Sierra Shopping Center at 721 Mechem Drive. Dancing groups from El Paso and Albuquerque will perfonn. International Rudy Ulibarri's Dance Ensemble has performed dances in Gennany and throughout the United States for 16 years. The Poloma Folk Dancers, from El Paso, are led by Cristina Rohbins. This group has danced for 11 years and wear costumes from Poland. Also appearing from El Paso is the Soljeim Leikkering group. Art Solem is the director of this 12year-old organization which perfonns authentic Norwegian dancef3.

by DORIS CHERRY Ruidoso News Staff Writer

The New Merico School Reform Act, or SB 106, passed hy the New Mexico State Legislature in 1986, expanded teRting programs to assess public school studenL~' degrees of achievement in diflerent areas. The expanded testing programs required schools to test for skills in reading; writing, overall achievement and overall compet ency and proficiency for graduating seniors. Ruidoso Public Schools are no exception, and have scheduled these required teAts According to Karen Tillman, Ruidoso Public Schools test coordinator and director of special programming, the tes~CJ are lLCJed as indicators for educators. A.CJ 8tuden~CJ differ in their abilities daily, the tests become a way to detennine where the curriculum may be lacking. If students' overall rate low in Please see TESTS, page 2A

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Sunday's low Sunday's high Monday's low

34 65 42



Mondayts predicted high Tuesday's predicted low Tuesday's predicted high

middle 60s lower 309 upper 60s

Ruidoso meteorologist Bill Hostetter predicts todaYt October lOt to be mostly clourly and mild with a chance of showers. Winds wiU be easterly 5 to 15 miles per hour. Tonight will have decreasing cloudi-

ness and showers with lig'ht winds. Tuesday will be partly cloudy and a little warmer. Winds will be southerly 5 to 15 miles per hour. Precipitation probabilities are fOT today; 30 percent, tonight; 20 percent and tomorrow; 10 percent. The extended forecast for Wednesday through Friday shows partly cloudy skies and a little warmer. Winds will be southerly at 5-15 miles per hour. On October 15 and 16, 1984, a record early blizzard dumped up to 40 inches of snow on Colorado and brought the first snow of the seaBon to Sierra Blanca.




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Horst KIa user and the Polka Dots of El Paso again will delight festival visitors with polka music. The nine-piece orchestra includes clarinets, tenor and baritone horns, tenor saxophone, flugelhorn, guitar and drums. The Polka Dots are the only authentic German polka band within 500 miles of the area. They have performed at the Texas State Fair and many clubs and festivals in New Mexico and Texas. Bruce Muggenberg of Albuquerque will be an exciting addition to Wurntfest music this year, organizers said. His "eff da band" will be a crowd pleaser with beautiful waltzes. The group plays string instruments. Local service organizations will serve German specialty dishes at Wurstfest. Lowenbrau will be served with the cooperation of New Mexico Beverage of Roswell. There also will be a large variety of nonalcoholic beverages. Children of all ages will be delighted by games, movies, music, hats t homs t balloons, pony rides t

SUNLAND PARK -- The 30th racing season at Sunland Park is fast approaching the starting gate as the October 15 opening day draws near. Nuevo Sol Turf Club, Inc. enters its third year of operation of the facility and is coming off a recordsetting meeting last year which saw the total handle of $31,742,777 rise 30 percent above the previous year's total. Sunland is putting the final touches on another $688,000 in capital improvements that. includes landscaping, a new ladies jock's room, new parking lot lighting, new admissions and parking booths, and new asphalt and drainage in j the barn area. Fans in the Turf Club will be impressed by the new Italian marf ble floor which will add considerably to the area's beauty. Since it's takeover of the facility in December of 1986, Nuevo Sol's KONRAD SCHUBERT paret company United Tote has put over $2,000,000 in top-to-bottom Wurstfest emcee improvements in an effort to make balloon "moon walk" and prizes Sunland a showplace for Southgalore-all included in the price of western racing. admission. The 1988/89 season will be the So come one, come all to the longest ever held with 114 days of Wursthalle, October 15 and 16. racin~ scheduled. The track will



present quarter horse .and thoroughbred racing on Wednesday's, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Wednesday racing made a successful debut at Sunland last year and the tmck.-wijLhold ID.h!..week performance9 on a regular basis beginning October 26th. "Making 8 success of four-day-a-week racing: was one of the big achievements of last season," according to Nuevo Sol President Lloyd Shelhamer. ''In_ creased racing and earning opportunities for the horsemen will help bring in better stables for our fans," he said. Officials have also announced that Criterion Productions of Dallas will produee a one half hour weekly television Beries for the track entitled "Sunland Park Today". Criterion has won numerous awards in the video and film industry, including the American Film Institute Award for excellence in television programming, and currently produces the highly acThe Right Track" teleclaimed "On . . . VISIon senes. Sunland Park Today premiered on Sunday, October 9. This season Please see RACING, page 2A

Several rulings h~lnded down in district court by FRANKIE JARRELL Ruidoso News Staff Writer



Please see BUSINESS, page 2A


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Buslness_ " ... ,_ .

tram pied the Wildcats. 25-7. (Photo by Charles Stallings).

Weekend w_ill see fun in Wurstfest '88 style

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Racing season is fast approaching at Sunland


Opening extravaganza

the ones that used the old Ruidoso Municipal Airport. 'We re seeing bigger planea and they're taking on more fuel," said Tim Morris, Aviation and Transportation Division director. ItOur business is good, Morris added, noting that fewer people are flying the smaller planes. He said the total fuel sales continue to be up over past years: _ Following are traffic and sales comparisions provided by Morris:





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District Judge Richard A. Parsons handed down an assortment of rulings last week in District Court. Gregory Jefferson, 37, of Ruidoso Downs, entered a plea of not guilty on residential burglary charges. After hearing District Attorney Scot Key Bay the defendant is a flight risk, Judge Parsons said he increased Jetrersonts bail from $5,000 to $10,000 with no 10 percent allowed. Jefferson was bound over for trial after his arrest on August 28 in Ruidoso Downs. He is accused of entering the Garrett Loretto residence without authorization and with the. intent to commit a 'burglary. Jefferson, who is unemployed, is represented by public defender,





The Humane Society of Lincoln County had a pleasant surprise, Friday. Representatives of Spectacular Air Show of Roswell flew into Ruidoso to present a check for $1,666.66 to society representatives.The money is part of the profits of the air show staged each year in Roswell. Six communities benefitted this year. "We want Ruidoso's support," .

Please see COURT, page 2A

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Bonanza for society

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Ron Miller, president of the air show., said here. Miller, third from' Isft.'.•s shown presenting the cheek. to 13$rnle Farwick. Humane society 'director Randy Basch (With beard) IO()ksOfill From left, Ken Drew. air show directOr: Beverly Johnston, ;admi"ni"stralot.· a~tt. far right. George 'Mitchell.. vi(:b ''s.i7 dent of marketing for the !.,afi: ,slieW..·

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'" '~', .' with the SBRA. : '. ""!fhe:vrriJ~!el\se4," Slil~~S,. " . "Evetybody really loves oW adc1irilJ.he v.ltiiady.hlis II wall,mg bst . .fallility-"-th~y. justdoD.'t ~,o~: IInth,e ~tt'~l"~.S.aRl\!Jl" j

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~ ~ -~ AUGUST: . Alto, is being re-aligt!edand bUilt '. ~v~n~s ~m. thll.llll!oSesmll .... ora minor,cafourth degree felony. Jet;.Afuel-10,856.0 14,442.7 with fund!! provided by the •Sta~p~the Ail'$PllCe mil' , 'Jea'iJllAskew represented Baca on the 100lLfuel-l0,202.8· 9,735.1 Jlighway De~ent'~~P!lfl:hltliea~tnent~:·. • ... vn..!rot... . .tQ..•createa.. lIttle .' original charges, when. his 24- , 0 peratiODS, 1 527 . 1,625 CoQ'nl'o'1S oversee,na the. P..I;IlJ..""... ec •. t •.•., . .'. .'W..oe"....,.. ... .~:J...... dM month sentence was suspended and JULy . Construction also IS tq:O;P...QUl.g revenue, SlU.· oms. . .'. he was placed on a year's probation. Jet.A iuel_l0,924.3. 12;916.1 at the airport, witIt work undepRllY; .3.'he CFR)>>':oject isa.~l;to~ a ArettosernnL~~. BacaHoanuth'Ye prof~~~~ . 100LL fuel~ 9,986.9 10,586.4 on the nested T-hangar SyiJtem and Fedl.li81·A:vm.tlon Adtn!lustta~on rep violationclm.r~, and Judge, Par- ?f:;,~:·.ons 1,409. '1,460 . the crash, fire and rescue (CJffl) :$500,OO:O$l'ant~ to be. paId for W,lth. facility he manages, said the people large hangars will be completed; in . ~on" 0llIU;'grant IS th,«: s~eu;n¥ " the Lincoln County Jail' for con- using .the facilitv are impr'esse.d about twoweeks.· .,; ." .... 'fencmg arldlighting.·..··.: .' . , " tempt of court. He said Sowell d i s - ' " . . . , . . , - " . " ." ' " , . , i 7 " . ,. obeyed his order not to write, call or have with his wife. ts~~'~",~'~,...:--~--:-~--'-'-----...,;...-..,......-;----;-~;;-:-'7:7--........;,....,.· .. "My orders will be obeyed," said evaluators. . . ' grades 4, 6, 7 and.ll, . '. .: ...., :';' the Judge, noting that Sowell alThe next testing period is Febm:' . Student!! fo:nn~rly wok the COtn: . legedly called his wife 30 times.. ' ContinuEld from page 1A ary 7~16,' .1989. High. scho.ol - P1'!1~ensive Tlls.ts ~f.aas~cSki~ls ~r. Parsons ordered psychological certain specific areas, such as read~ sophomores m New MeJrlco Wln CTBS, but begIillUlill ·!;hill ¥ear stutesting for Sowell who remains in ing for example, the district will take the New Mexico High. Scb;ool denta wi:ll take tlu; ~Tbe ~ew . jail.' concentrate on developing a Competency ExamInation test, whieh also WIllproVlde nation- . stronger curriculum in that area. (NMHSCE). This eXam is used to ally norm-referenced information., "" Sowen also faces charges of ag"I don't want kids punished or 'qualiiY students for receiving a will replace the CTBS.. SB1()6 ,~ec gravated assault and false im- berated," Snow said concerning low high school diploma. The exam, quired .theStllte Board of Educa: prlsonment, according to recor,ds in scores on the tests. "The tests can which began 18st yelU', tl!st~ 1~ tion "ident:ify measw~leepl!ential . the district attorney's office. Those be benchmarks for parents," Snow grade students annually. Beguunngco!Jl~tenCleB .and. diltemImet!le charges are pending in Magistrate added. this year, 1988-89, 11th and 12th ctiteria for masl;el'y oftheessep,tial Judge Gerald Dean's court. Snow said she is pleased with grade students . who have not 'competencies. . .:.. the testing program and its P!JI- passed the test will also be tested,.. ; The N~ ·will test in: twl? se!l" .. ...... "1'!.!_'." . . • ,.\i '~ ' .., , j , ";,,'" l.' .".: ,'\., '," ,.'\",' .,' ' . ,,',r, pose..Tl1e !,lj~lP¢t'c~n be'!'esP!'p,sive ., ... NMHSCE.W#l$ lllIln~atedby,. llions: firSt IS the CTBS/4,whieh I S , with the c~cuI~ as they can lilee SB106, with·speci!iCllti0t\il tha.t no a short fomI ?f the.cotnplete CT;BS, '. the needs Identified by the tests. student shall receIve a high school It testsbamc skills m reading,. _ . DISMISSED: 'Chris Lopez identified, the schools can be- diploma who has ~ot passed ~ state slJ!lUing, !anguage,·tllatp, refere!lce October 3-ADMITI'ED: Thomas Onee gin to correct the problems. . competency exam In the subjects of skills, SCIence an!l SOCIal studies. . 2~ADMITTED: DISMISSED: Annie L. Morris, Herrera, Ruidoso Downs SeptembeT Likewise, Snow said the tests reading, English, math, science and . The second section will tes~ skil1~ in Doris Flores Ruidoso Downs Doris Flores, :Baby Girl DISMISSED: Sandra Mancha, are a key. If studenta ''bomb'' in a social science. . language arts, m;lthematics; DISMISSED' Caroline Kasl, October l-ADMIT'I'ED: Arthm Lucy Allison 1:ertain area, Snow said the area The exam measures· students' s'cience and .social studies, t\{astery Baby B o y ' . Holmes, Capitan, Alberto Nevarez, October 4,ADMITTED: Tina will be evaluated. And'some areas· basic skills with 150 multiple scores are repjlrted for each · September 3O-ADMITTED: Ruidoso Downs Sanchez, Ruidoso DowniJ, Tammy in the testing may be found to 'not ' choice questions and .one wri!'tential compete!lCY assessed.. esseo." . Sandia Mancha, Fort Stanton, DISMISSED: Arthur Holmes . .' ~ Vdlado, Ruidoso, VeroniCll apply to students who have not response. The exam 1S orgamzed. Costs for ilie NMAA vaneS Wlth Chris Lopez, Ruidoso Downs October 2-ADMI~D: Lucy Al- Gmlell'·,·Tularosa. studied those specific subjecta. into five subjectsl reading, lan- each ~de, from $l'l.85 for grade. The first test, the New Mexico guage arts, math, science and social three to $3 for grade 8. . . Writing Assessment, fo~ grades studies. . . ' Students hi grades one and two . four and six, is ·seheduled al; dif,. Scores will be reported for each will take the NeW' Mexico Realling. look-out post on the mast he ferent times until October 21. The ofthe subtests and student tnastery Assessment (NMRA)· . between shouted over and over "Tierra! State Department of Education will be determined within each sub- March 29 and April 6, 1989. '. Tierral Tierral" (SDE), Wlth the input of public test. The pur}iOse of the t:est IS to They landed on an island in the school teachers, devel~ped ~he as- . NMHSCE is estima~d to cost. . measure . stude~t ,readmg, perWest Indies whieh Columbus sessment program to IdentifY stu- $3.68 per student. .Again the fees 'fornllUlcl!to.prOVl~e infcn:mationto named San Salvador. dent writing strenKths and charged by test evaluators adds to sehool districts WIth which to a~­ The morning of the twelfth they weaknesses in the fourth and sixth the cost which must be paid by the sess student problem area•.Local by Dan Storm all stepped ashore, and "kneeling grades. ·district.· . school districts .are mandated by T!te test will be ~ven to all New Th~ New M~co .Iligh .School the f!t&te Iegi~lat!JI1! to develop and upon the shore' gave thanks to God . for the great mercy received, and MexJco fourth and sixth grade stu- ProfiCIency Exammation for grade proYJde ... n;mediat!0n prgrau1&. October Grows lullaby harmonizing with the light kissed the ground with great tears dents, and requires fourth graders 12 also is sche~uled for ~ebruary 7- which will gIve ~pemal ass18tance to' More Beautiful d.rum:.minR of the rain drops. Could ofJoy. to write a· narrative piece at lea~t 16, 1989. "This e~~ 18 used to stud!,nt wliC] fail' 'j;o master the es~ This is being sent to you a little this· be the beginning of an early Let us on the twelfth send up a 'one paragraph long.· Students m award a . gold-seal endorsement. sential readmg ~kills. before midday on a bright and Ortober wet spell and maybe snow? prayer of thanks to Christopher grade six will write a descriptive placed in diplomas..This test will beT!te test Will. meas~ o'VeraIl sparkling day on October eight.. lust before daybreak, out in the Columbus and his gallant men. paragraph. . replaced by the Competency Exam reading con;'-prehel1l!lOn '. .an~, All day yes1;erday the wind was eastern sky here was the moon, two A little MoreBot~grades. will chooseo';lC of next year. Sl!niors this year, who mastery of spllC1ficreadm~slrills,' . straight out of the North carrying a nights away from the dark, but still On The Parade three given toPICS. Students ~. be h~ve not preV1ously.passed t!le test, T~sts a~e. used. to detenmne cliol breath t1tllt made me wonder if golden bri/dlt, and two morning I keep hearing good things about provided with a .~ckIist of wnting will be the last class to ~e It.. • speCIfic areas w~ere .students. need' Jack Frost was sending us a touch stars close 6y, golden companions of the parade of October first. You all skills to which t1iey may Tefer. OutThe exain measures life skills m extra help. All testuig dates are of early winter, as he does some- .the early morn. saw the little dog riding on the lines and first drafts will be re- commtJnity resources, conswner given to students and parenta as' times. The sun rose in a clear rain- horse that pulled the wa~on. This quired. Two class periods will be re- economiC!!, government and law, well as infomlation about prepar- '. TowlU'd evening clouds began to Washed sky of deepest blue, and all was little "l'hirteen' , riding quired for testing.' . mental and. physical hellith and oc- ing iltud~nts mr the test. .'. gather all around the horizon, and the world was resplendent in rain "Roany". ~ the wagon was driver Scoring is ,rated one ~ough four eupat!0nal knowledge, In addition ..... ..' . , . '" . there was a bright cloud pageant of drops on leaf; grass and herbs, and Juan Baca, his wife Josephine and with one failing and fo~ excelle~t. to this exa!,!, lItuden~s also must . Although man~te~by,; rose and purple and light green bushes turned by the sun and the a few family members 'and melids. Scores less than two will be CODiJld- pass the wntmg appralsalf1llll:.· the .testshelp .,di~tri!jl:s h'e'!.tliJJlish with cloud borders of silver and . early Autumn colors into hosts of Juan, Josephine and 'l'hirt;een and ered failirw. '. . There is no charge forthis test.. CU1'1'1culuxns which. Wlll ; elp st'!1-' gold. . jewels-diamonds. rubies, amethyst. Roany have been in our parades for. The estimated cost for the writ;. A mlljor test for youngerc'1Ul. dents who are .needing lncen,a,UJ The s!tY then was lighted with So we are still in early fall in many years. , ., . ing assessment is $3..38 per stu- dren is the NeW Mexico Achievll:' ~u~tionalll;l'ea~,aswiillas .anm-1 ... the blendfug colors ofthe gloaming, gloriou's October. Let us thank God for all our dent which the district must· abo ment Assesstnent. (NMAA). fo~ dieatiol). to mstri¢ts ~ow. t'l}.elr IItu- . that little enehant!ng interlw:te lJe,:. ". Columbus Day Blessings. sorb: Snow said the cost is due to grades 3, 5 and 8. Ruidoso .sCltool~delits,(~hus theit ¢tttrl~ultlnls)cotn~~ " tween sWilletmul the tw~~~when It; was a big day for all of us , t } J e added' expenses' of test' mso plan to give' the NMAA. topll1'e:\··· ·1' the8uo, lllt$dy down ·be.·· d the whep,' on October twelve, 1492 ' . . . ' , homoti llenits the sunset Cdlor alI Christopher. Columbllll and his t~1F.h tlie sky, in a, cheetfW, "good eighty (!i~ht ~ail~ in three small .' llIght ·to the Ji:iOuntam world. boats mnved m '1ihe New World". .' . , ~1.._ $500 . • ~en C8n'Je:lli aceful lull all At' al1,nost 'Ving up in despair urd.ay May 6th when the Kentucky •promotional daYlI this ylli\r UllIn over '. _' '. . thtough tbe:VaJe, ~ y01l' noticed of realiZing his fang-helll dream of Continued from page 1 A . Derbi will be on ~he menu. ~ver before in its hiBtQi:',f,•• "Fo,r ,;~ 2;5~tu1'~y. ~~ 22. fiv:e of ," thh]iy WllS ci~ (If the gJel11D- reaching the Orient by sailing west S11DllUld Park pJll1Ill to sitnulcaBt in Opening day, Saturday, October mg weekend th\!. faeili~ w.t th l! d tit 2'~111:: ::al infco~s·ovethead. All tM1itJl,t be- overuilknown water,' ColUinbus races from o~taide of the. sta~ even 15 will have ra~ng beginniIig at.l d~ratedtoU'Ul'I1ne~ b o~~~i dfu:.:dll ~tlo oJt to so~eluckj' galt to give way til dusk, you heard . was ovettaken by a tnessengel' from mOre extIlliSlvely than It dId last p,tn. The daY's lIve feature race Will co Ing J" aul tllaT t~ 1iuttl . .. '. • ... · a faint ~~UJ I;1WMIil;, 9J1d as Queen llIabella 0( SplliJ?, that she yMr. Th.e track pioneered th~ daily be the. $7,600 Mr. Vale HandiCl\p ~fiiJt.tafiJmi~ fa 1:' •. Other prpmotions' this fall you foobd; dllWi1 Ulat way a snow hila 8J101I!lor his 'V01l11Je. !lSe /If mmuleast ~ces by bnnging for thl'ee-year-olds and..:fJ Il~ Sullll: hi'ds e .' tal dll g!lte: . have fans sh()(lP*'Jgmr a JX!1f of s /,,' '. white cloud ldtQwlld its roundlld bU· On A~t three 1942 the): set m almost three Imports per day and one half flll'longtl•.me sun n ome rll~~ btl " $100 000 it! a &: (l Pi 11) 'ger ;;"It Iowtfonnovefthemountain. Then out in the N~, The Pinta, ana the . a!id the success of it prompted o~~ cast co-features on .llhat 'day will P!:e:ve~onet1W1 Me fl~; and trilck.attd b:lll;gi:eaw: .' t· . as .tld$ wbite iJQil!Jllengel' of the sky Santa Maria, £rOtn Palos. Sp!JW,l ClSls to request even milre this both be Grade I llV®tB. as the .~ ,s .I!r Olll' thate e e~ . A ThanbBivihg Wllilk u:' ilCO : .. allvan~ed. thtlre. aPPlllU:i!d two large little dreaminga~t they woula year. . $500,000 Ohalllpagne; fnlm 9fil un.J1B far~ ticlsiMJ¥ t6 hi tta1aganza will. 'nave 10 brand new . : ..'. A douds on eithel'llide. One of make a great ein the world's . Wednesday, Friday and Satlll'- Belniont Park and the $200,000 'l'l?th a totl.\l 0 . .' televtsiCin sets . ''Ven away on Wed.. ; W:[email protected] 1W'by,v,t1aiJh hill~. day cards willha'Ve live rt1cin~,to be Norfolk from the Oak Tree meeut gJvenllway, 0 18th 6th' da N 23 20 -til Biven c/; o~ AliJ,vet ;ligh~" ',and eroser and. Ori thl1mghteenth of septem~r follow(!d by all mliny as ~ sW:t' Santil AnJ:ta will btl ~IUde~ on llhe e'1' ~~~~~nkto:::tel'll :IINo~en£: 2IJ;rlllld25 ~~ts each rnl t":' ItrW1l!ttb~th~r.hooiftlld, .• lItrtinge bitd$ Wete lIelln, which eall~t frj)M tJioSth Edltst ~'I'M pro~mda" O "b "6 thdiIJ 000 lmntic:ld out The folroWing weebttd on November 26 and 27. . . I: .:' ·'.'Tful Illfge drl:lj!$ ~8:an PlltI;{lring tilised llhe ltoP6s olan tlie voyagel'lJ. 0011...... os un !!Ill w~ vel ",WI. y, ~ ilt.;I, e.;p, .....1 t.' it't..:"~ Di . it We tend . Del::@'loot 3td it! the Grea$ f:: :' t(!li:V.ell of·the Jitl:111 ll:jlticQt Oil; ·Oct

Business picks up at regional airport - Lincoln County Archives

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