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Canton eyes added recycling effort Darrell Clem Staff Writer

Canton residents soon are expected to have a w a y to re­ cycle u n w a n t e d clothing, household goods a n d small appliances b y bagging it all up a n d placing it at the curb. Officials say the plan would reduce the a m o u n t of trash going to the local landfill and generate $20 per ton in reve­ n u e for Canton Township.

T h e township board could vote as early as S e p t e m b e r to approve a contract with Simple Recycling, w h i c h w o u l d pick u p the items on the s a m e day Canton trash hauler Rizzo Environmental Services col­ lects garbage. T ownship TYustee Pat Wil­ liams called it a "brilliant” business enterprise. It would cost taxpayers nothing a n d be separate f r o m Canton’s exist­ ing recycling program.

curb, B r a d y said. T h e effort isn’t intended to take a w a y goods donated to charities, he said. " W e ’re not competing with charities. W e ’re competing with landfills,” B r a d y said. " W h a t w e ’re after is that seg­ m e n t (of items) that is thrown away.” B r a d y said the c o m p a n y uses a 20-foot b o x truck to pick u p items. T h e c o m p a n y ’s southeast Michigan operations

Scott Brady, a representa­ tive for Simple Recycling, said the c o m p a n y w o u l d send in­ formational packets a n d green recycling bags a n d tags to Canton households before the p r o g r a m starts, possibly as early as this fall. Residents could request additional bags. Simple Recycling, a forprofit company, w o u l d accept clothing, pots a n d pans, small appliances — m o s t things that one person can carry to the

are based in Westland. Simple Recycling already serves over 1 million residenc­ es in m o r e than 60 c o m m u n i ­ ties in southeast Michigan and northeast Ohio. Westland, W a y n e , G a r d e n City, Milford, Farmington, South Lyon and Ypsilanti are a m o n g the Michi­ gan towns w h e r e the p r o g r a m is in place. Canton Public W o r k s M a n See RECYCLING, Page A2

Assault at mosque in Canton leads to charges Darrell Clem Staff Writer


O l y m p i c medalist Allison Schmitt will g e t a w a r m w e l c o m e h o m e f r o m Rio.

Canton ready to welcome h o m e its Olympic star: Allison Schmitt Darrell Clem Staff Writer

O l y m p i c gold medalist Alli­ son Schmitt will get a rousing w e l c o m e h o m e as Canton cele­ brates her accomplishments in Rio de Janeiro during a rally in Heritage Park. "It’s an extremely huge

m e n t as they represent the United States.” Schmitt’s fans will have a chance to see her as she a p ­ pears at the rally set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25, at the Heri­ tage P a r k amphitheater. If inclement weather douses the celebration, it will be m o v e d inside the nearby S u m m i t on

accomplishment to m a k e it to the Olympics — a n d then to be able to m e d a l takes a huge c o m m i t m e n t a n d dedication,” Canton Leisure Services Direc­ tor D e b r a Bilbrey-Honsowetz said. “It’s rare that a c o m m u n i ­ ty has a n O l y m p i c athlete, so w e should be able to honor their hard w o r k a n d c o m m i t ­

the P ark recreation center’s g y m n a s i u m , but only the first 400 people would be admitted. A c o m m u n i t y celebration in 2012 d r e w an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 fans to Heri­ tage P a r k after Schmitt w o n See SCHMITT, Page A 2

Schoolcraft chef cooks up a national honor Brad Kadrich Staff Writer

Competitors c a m e f r o m big cities a n d big markets like Las Vegas, f r o m N e w York City and f r o m Orlando, Fla. But it w a s a m a n f r o m tiny Posen, Mich., w h o walked a w a y a winner. Chris Misiak, w h o hails from Posen (population 234 in the 2010 census) and is n o w a Certified Executive Chef at

seeking a career in the culi­ nary profession. Misiak is the first Michigan chef to win it. "I w a s overwhelmed,” M i s ­ iak said. "Tb be able to c o m ­ pete against N e w York, Las Vegas a n d Orlando ... w a s real­ ly special to me. I believe that as educators, w e are not in the business of simply teaching; w e are in the business of changing lives. It has b een a very satisfying experience,

Schoolcraft College in Livonia, w a s n a m e d National C h e f E d u ­ cator of the Y ear during the A m e r i c a n Culinary Federation national convention. T h e A C F National C hef Educator of the Y ear Award, established in 1998, pays trib­ ute to a n active culinary educa­ tor w h o s e knowledge, skills a n d expertise has enhanced the i m a g e of the professional chef, a n d who, b y example, has provided guidance to students

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S e e CHEF, P a g e A 3

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a n d I will continue to do m y best to change lives.” In addition to his duties as the Culinary Arts depart­ m e n t p r o g r a m coordinator, Misiak teaches storeroom operations a n d culinary chemistry a n d oversees the department’s c o mputer lab, as well as the teaching of software used to m a n a g e both front- a n d back-of-the-


53174 '98001

C a n t o n police say a n as­ sault that allegedly occurred at a m o s q u e o n C a n t o n ’s west side w a s not a hate crime. “It is not a hate c r i m e — nothing close to that,” Public Safety Director Joshua M e i e r said. “It’s an isolated incident. T h e r e are no racial issues involved in it.” A 65-year-old H a m t r a m c k m a n w h o police believe at­ tended the m o s q u e is c h a r g e d with assaulting a juvenile m a l e o n Aug. 10, Detective Sgt. D a n Traylor said. T h e juvenile w a s not hospi­ talized, Traylor said. Police disclosed the as­ sault W e d n e s d a y night but h a v e n ’t revealed a possible motive. T h e incident oc­ curred at the Masjid Bilal m o s q u e o n R i d g e Road, north of C h e r r y Hill. T h e defendant, H o b i b u r R a h m a n , turned himself over to police a n d w a s arraigned this w e e k in 35th District Court o n charges of assault with a d a n g e r o u s w e a p o n and aggravated assault. If c o n ­ victed, h e could face u p to four years in prison. Police h a v e n ’t said w hat kind of w e a p o n w a s used. Magistrate F r a n k W r e n released R a h m a n on a $10,000 personal b o n d a n d ordered h i m b a c k in court A ug. 26 for a probable cause hearing that could determine w h e t h e r he should stand trial in W a y n e C o u n t y Circuit Court. Police said n o other charges are expected against a n y o n e other than R a h m a n . [email protected] Twitter: @CantonObsen/er 734-972-0919

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Pagan announces Canton coffee hour State Rep. Kristy P a ­ gan, D-Canton, has an­ noun c e d a coffee hour with con­ stituents for 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 22, at Panera Bread, 41950 Ford Road. Pagan The regularly scheduled coffee hour for Aug. 27 has been canceled. P a g a n invites resi­

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dents to join her to discuss their thoughts, ideas a n d concerns about w hat they want to see addressed in Lansing. Residents unable to attend m a y contact P a g a n at [email protected] or at her Lansing office b y calling 517-3732575. To sign up for email updates f rom Pagan, go to http://pagan.




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ager B o b Belair said his department has surveyed several communities that already have it. “W e ’ve heard nothing but good things about it,” he said Ibesday, during a township board session. Started in 2013, Simple Recycling also has launched p r o g r a m s in places such as Indianapo­ lis, Dallas a n d Houston a n d has initiatives p e n d ­ ing in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis and N e w York, a m o n g other cities. Canton Township has no involvement in run­ ning the p r o g r a m other than approving a fouryear contract that could be terminated with 45 days notice. “T h e r e is nothing for the township to m a n a g e or p a y for,’’ B r a d y said. Canton would receive monthly reports on the a m o u n t of goods col­ lected along with a check amounting to $20 per ton. H e didn’t have an esti­ m a t e of w hat Canton might receive. H e explained what Simple Recycling does with w h a t it collects: » In all, 10-20 percent typically is resold to partner thrift stores. » T h e bulk of the rest is exported to poorer, developing countries. » A smaller a m o u n t is ground up a n d recycled for purposes such as insulation. » Less than 5 percent


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C h e c k us o u t o n the W e b every d a y at

C o n t i n u e d f r o m P a g e A1

three gold medals, one silver a n d one bronze in the L o n d o n Olympics. In Rio, she w a s one of the U.S. Olym p i c s w i m captains and with the w o m e n ’s t e a m brought h o m e gold in the 4 x 2 0 0 m freestyle relay a n d silver in the 4x100 freestyle relay. After one win, she e m b r a c e d her parents, Gail a n d Ralph Schmitt

J O H N H E I D E R | S T AF F P H O T O G R A P H E R

C a n t o n h o u s e h o l d s w o u l d receive recycling b a g s like this o n e s h o w n in the Village of Milford b y Clerk D e b b y Frazer.

ends up in a landfill. Canton Treasurer Melissa McLaughlin said Simple Recycling m a y find it has competition f r o m people w h o sift through curbside gar­ bage for anything they might want. “T h e garbage-pickers are going to get there

first,’’ she said. Legally, B r a d y said, goods that are b a g g e d or tagged for Simple R e c y ­ cling cannot b e taken. H e said the c o m p a n y will m o u n t an education­ al c a m p a i g n before the p r o g r a m begins. Belair said he expects a s m o o t h start-up if the

board approves it. “W e d o n ’t really see a n y snags going forward with that,’’Belair said.

of Canton, in a n emotion­ al m o m e n t . “T h e y ’ve seen it all,’’ Schmitt said. "It’s been a long journey the last four years. T h e y ’ve been there every step of the way. To see them, to be able to give t h e m a hug, it w a s very emotional.” W h e n she addressed her fans four years ago in Canton, she h a d said then that she hoped to repeat after she w o n medals in London. T h e celebration Aug. 25 will be hosted by

W D I V - T V (Channel 4) n e w s anchor and report­ er K imberly Gill and W J R - A M 760’s Paul W. Smith. T h e rally will include a special presen­ tation to Schmitt b y C a n ­ ton’s top elected official, Supervisor Phil LaJoy. Rally attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets for outdoor seating. C o m ­ memo r a t i v e miniature flags will be h a n d e d out. Schmitt, a Canton H i g h School graduate, c o m p e t e d in Rio in her

third Olym p i c G a m e s that featured m o r e than 10,500 world-class ath­ letes f r o m around the globe participating in m o r e than 300 events. H e r first m e d a l w a s a bronze in the 2008 Beij­ ing Olympics.


[email protected] Twitter: QCantonObserver 734-972-0919

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JeffSeidelof the Detroit Free Press contributed to thisstory. [email protected] Twitter: @CantonObsen/er 734-972-0919

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B e y o n d Borders brings Latin street food to Plymouth Colombia a n d others. There are nachos, authentic tacos (no cheese or lettuce, just meat, slaw, cilantro chipotle c r e a m sauce and pickled red onions), burritos, rice bowls a n d C u ­ b a n sandwiches, plus sides like guacamole and chips a n d salsa. “Nothing is processed. Nothing is canned,” Pniewski said. Pniewski is mostly self-taught, aside f rom a f e w classes taught by chefs f r o m the School­ craft College culinary program, a n d began cooking while growing up, because as the oldest he w a s expected to help cook dinner for the f a m ­ ily, as both parents worked, tie’s learned b y doing, he says, a n d b y trial and error. “Y o u can m a k e it as hot as y o u want, you can m a k e it as mild as you want,” Pniewski said. “I go for flavors. I’m out to m a k e good food.”

tral a n d South America. It’s the kind of authentic food, Pniewski said, that can be found on food trucks in M i a m i a n d Los Angeles. “T h e r e ’s a need here,” Pniewski said recently w h e n asked w h y he opened in Plymouth. “People are looking for healthy, fresh a n d tasty food.” Pniewski most recent­ ly ran the grill at a local bowling alley, w h e r e the m e n u w a s centered around fried bowlingalley food, a n d says he w a s able to take it u p a level. “E v e r y b o d y w a s say­ ing I didn’t belong there, because m y food w a s that good,” he said.

Matt Jachman Staff Writer

B o b Pniewski has gone beyond bowling with his n e w venture, B e y o n d Borders. T h e Canton Ibwnship resident has spent a ca­ reer in bowling, from working in a n d m a n a g i n g bowling alleys to direct­ ing tours for the National Senior Bowling Associa­ tion. N o w in his early 60s, he started working on the d a y he turned 16. “T h e r e ’s nothing in a bowling alley that needs to be d one that I haven’t done,” Pniewski said. But this year, he’s branched off with a n e w restaurant in Plymouth, B e y o n d Borders, that c ombines a passion for cooking with the satis­ faction of “putting a smile on s o m e b o d y ’s face” with good, healthy food. B e y o n d Borders of­ fers Latin street food — portable (read: eat with your hands) dishes d r a w n f r o m the cuisines of C e n ­

'Nothing is processed' Pniewski m a d e the leap in April, opening B e y o n d Borders on South Main, in a spot formerly occupied b y U.P. Pasties (which had m o v e d to Forest A v e n u e d o w n ­ town). H e h a d considered


S t e a m escapes f r o m a p a n of slow-roasted chicken. B o b Pniewski will s hred t h e chicken for use in Latin-American recipes.

a food truck, but d u e to insurance costs, unpre­ dictable fuel prices and the need for a base opera­

CHEF C o n t i n u e d f r o m P a g e A1

house operations. A Certified Executive Chef a n d Certified Culi­ nary Educator, Misiak, a graduate of Schoolcraft College, has been at the school 31 years. H e cred­ its the success of the school’s culinary pro­ gram, which he has helped build, to the sup­ port f r o m the school. “It’s just proof that me, starting at School­ craft, getting m y educa­ tion here, staying o n staff ... It says a lot about Schoolcraft’s c o m m i t ­ m e n t to the culinary program,” Misiak said. “T h e p r o g r a m is re­ n o w n e d because of the college’s c o m m i t m e n t to this p r o g r a m a n d the people in it.” Certified Executive


C h e f Chris Misiak holds concord g r a p e s f r o m t h e culinary p r o g r a m garden.

Chef S h a w n Loving, chair of Schoolcraft’s culinary program, said Misiak’s success is a testament to the college’s “c o m m i t m e n t to stu­ dents,” and the strength of the curriculum and

faculty. “W e are very proud of h o w C hef Misiak repre­ sents Schoolcraft College a n d the quality of teach­ ing he provides,” said Loving, w h o is currently also serving as the per­

tions, “the brick a n d m o r ­ tar has w o n out,” he said. B e y o n d Borders has a manag e a b l e m e n u of

takeout dishes that pay h o m a g e to several Latin A m e r i c a n countries: Mexico, Argentina, Peru,

sonal chef to the U.S. m e n ’s basketball t e a m at the Rio Olympics. “This type of a w a r d allows m e to feel confident that our tradition a n d consistency remains relevant and important with the m a n y changes in the culinary arts profession a n d hos­ pitality field. W e proudly continue to be one of the m o s t prominent culinary schools in the country." In his career, Misiak has cached the national c h a m p i o n Schoolcraft College Culinary Arts K n o w l e d g e B o w l team a n d n o w serves on two National A C F c o m m i t ­ tees including College Course Assessment and C C E Certification. H e parlayed that c o m ­ m i t m e n t to ACF, "his 31 years of experience at Schoolcraft and the les­ son plan he submitted into this national honor, the first for a Michigan

educator in the a w a r d ’s 19-year history. H e even built a curri­ c u l u m of his o w n — the first-of-its-kind culinary chemistry class — from the ground up. “I did all the research, I did the labs a n d I b a ­ sically wrote the book,” Misiak said. H e ’s not the only suc­ cessful chef at School­ craft; Misiak has w o r k e d with five certified m a s ­ ter chefs (Leopold Schaeli, D a n Hugelier, Jeff Gabriel, Kevin Gawr o n ski a n d Brian Beland)


[email protected]

a n d a certified master pastry chef (Joe Decker). Misiak said that level of staff — “It’s no differ­ ent than a n y other res­ taurant,” he said — cre­ ates pressure to perform “at such a high level” at Schoolcraft. “That’s w hat keeps m e going,” Misiak said. “T h o s e guys ... keep this place vibrant.” [email protected] Twitter: @bkadrich Download our free apps for iPhone, iPad orAndroid!

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JOANNE MALISZEWSKI, EDITOR [email protected] 248-396-6620 TWITTER: @ J M A L I S Z E W S

Plymouth Christian welcomes new principal Maria Taylor Correspondent

Students at P lymouth Chris­ tian A c a d e m y can look for­ w a r d to a n e w principal as the 2016-2107 school year prepares to kick off next month. R y a n Batson, the incoming elementary principal, official­ ly started June 1. H e replaces C a r y n H u n t s m a n , w h o served in that position for 21 years at P C A a n d m o v e d on to b e c o m e school superintendent. Batson lives in Canton with his wife Sarah a n d their three y o u n g children, t w o of w h o m attend PCA. H e m e t H u n t s m a n three years ago, during an initial interview w h e n his family first joined the school. T h e t w o kept in contact, a n d re­ cently, H u n t s m a n asked h i m to consider a n administrative position at the private K-12 Christian academy.


R y a n B a t s o n is t h e n e w principal at P l y m o u t h Christian A c a d e m y .

F o r Batson, it w a s a natural fit. “M y kids go here, I go to church here, and I really value a Christian education,” he said. Batson joins the P C A a d ­ ministrative t e a m with 10 years of experience in public education. " W e are overjoyed that he has m a d e the decision to join the P C A staff. H e brings a wealth of experience, is a highly qualified master teacher, a n d is state-certified in professional development,” H u n t s m a n said. Prior this position, Batson w o r k e d as a classroom teacher at D e a r b o r n Public Schools a n d a school administrator in Warren. H e has a bachelor’s in business administration from Central Michigan University a n d a master’s degree in e d u ­ cation f r o m W a y n e State U n i ­ versity, with a focus on early childhood development. Batson w a s introduced to

PLYMOUTH-CANTON ACADEMIC ACHIEVERS Local grad starts medical school Kylie Miller, a 2010 Canton H i g h School graduate, began in the third class of the W e s t ­ ern Michigan University H o m ­ er Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, Class of 2020, this month. H e r goal is to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. Miller holds a bachelor of science degree in cell molecular biology with a Miller m i n o r in w o m e n studies, f rom the University of Michigan in 2014. While at the university, she w a s a m e m b e r of the ball­ r o o m dance t e a m a n d c o m p e t ­ e d for four years. S h e also served as a resident assistant a n d resident coordinator. S h e w a s a w a r d a four-year U.S. N a v y scholarship to fully cover all medical school costs, including a monthly living stipend through the Health Professions Scholarship Pro­ gram. T h e U.S. N a v y a w a r d s only 192 H P S P scholarships annually.

Played lacrosse a n d volley­ ball for Canton H i g h School. Miller is an inactive reserve officer in the United States N a v y (ensigns in the United States N a v y Reserve) until she completes her four-year m e d ­ ical degree. After she gradu­ ates f r o m medical school, she will be placed in active duty and p r o m o t e d to lieutenant. S h e will complete a four-year N a v y residency p r o g r a m and then a four-year N a v y tour to fulfill her scholarship require­ ments. “Kylie told her m o m a n d I — after w e asked w h y she thought of going into the N a v y — a n d she said ‘G r a n d p a Mil­ ler flew in the N a v y in World W a r II a n d I can't think of any higher purpose than helping those that help protect us ev­ eryday. Oh, a n d I love being on a n d near the water!”’ said her father, Kevin Miller.

case recently. T h e s howcase featured students w h o engineered products in collaboration with companies such as Duperon Corp., Duro-Last, E u ­ clid Industries a n d M e a n s Industries. Mechanical engineering majors collaborate with out­ side agencies as part of a senior project required be­ fore graduation. Bern a b e Salinas of Canton, w a s a m o n g the students fea­ tured in the showcase. Sali­ nas is a mechanical engineer­ ing major. Salinas is working on a project for a local e n ­ trepreneur n a m e d Jay Allen. T h e project involves build­ ing a pump-action handle that controls the speed a n d brakes on wheelchairs.. Anth o n y B r o w n of Canton, is w a s also featured. B r o w n is a mechanical engineering major. B r o w n is working on a project for Duro-Last Roofing in Sagi­ naw. T h e project involves de­ signing technology that helps contractors fasten largescale roofing material to clients' roofs.

Canton students participate Thirty-two Saginaw Valley State University students d e m ­ onstrated a practical approach to mechanical engineering design during the S V S U S u m ­ m e r 20J6 Engineering S h o w ­


the P C A school c o m m u n i t y at a meet-and-greet at last year’s sixth-grade graduation. His first d a y of school will be Sept. 6. A s principal, Batson plans to focus on incorporating 21st century skills into the school’s curriculum, with a strong focus o n literacy: for example, combining technology and collaboration, “so they can c o m m u n i c a t e overseas or across Canton, whichever is required” as their careers take shape. Batson is excited for the opportunity to transition from the public schools to private Christian education. “I’m look­ ing forward to the biblical worldview that w e can teach the kids, and the kids can learn f r o m us,” he said. In addition to his role as principal, Batson will also serve as the P C A ’s profession­ al development coordinator.

Fox Hills announces scholarship recipients F o x Hills Golf a n d B a n ­ quet Center in P lymouth has announced its five recipients of the 2016 Dul Foundation Scholarship Awards. T h e scholarships are part of D u l Foundation’s mission to use its resources to i m ­ prove the lives of people through education a n d other charitable endeavors. T h e scholarships are a w a r d e d to employees and family m e m ­ bers of F o x Hills a n d their other family-owned m a n u ­ facturing business, Clips & C l a m p s Industries. “Since the Foundation's resources c o m e f rom the ongoing operations of our family businesses, it m a k e s sense that the beneficiaries of the foundation should be the employees a n d families of those companies,” said K a t h ­ leen D u l Aznavorian, presi­ dent of D u l Foundation. This year’s Dul Foundation Scholarship A w a r d recipients include: » Rachael Alholinna of

Westland. Alholinna is a J ohn Glenn H i g h School graduate. S h e is currently attending Schoolcraft College, studying Cosmetology M a n a g e m e n t ; Small Business for Entrepre­ neurs. » Garret Goyette of Livonia. Goyette graduated f r o m Livo­ nia Stevenson H i g h School, and is currently attending School­ craft College, studying M e ­ chanical Engineering. » Emily S e y m o u r of Ply­ mouth; S e y m o u r is a Salem H i g h School graduate w h o is currently attending G r a n d Valley State University, study­ ing Advertising/PR. » Z o e M a k i of South Lyon. M a k i graduated f r o m South Lyon East H i g h School and is currently studying Elementary Education at Schoolcraft Col­ lege. » Kallie Krue g e r of South Lyon. K r u g e r graduated from South L y o n H i g h School. S h e is currently studying Nutrition/ Dentistry at W a y n e State Uni­ versity.

mtimt C h e c k out these exciting career opportunities! For even more opportunities see our “a w a rd winning” classified section!

E m p l o y m e n t

[email protected]:e .com or I To place your ad here ^ ^ F c o n t a c t us at [email protected] c call 1-800-579-7355 ■ ■ ■ ■


m7Engineering & IT


m Transportation Secretary/Clerical

n e w beginnings...

Engineering & IT


mW m~ I E T Y Y

D I eE sS °,


D e s i g n E n g i n e e r for m a n u f a c t u r e r of m e f a l s t a m p i n g s 8. assemblies. M u s t b e e x p e r i e n c e d in d e sign of progressive dies a n d fixtures. S o l i d W o r k s or oth e r 3 d C ^ D e x p e r i e n c e required. Full t i m e position. C o m p a n y paid benefits include heallh insurance, dental, prescription drugs, life insurance. P a i d holidays. Profit s h a r i n g a n d 40tk. A p p l y in person, b y a p p o i n t m e n t at: V a r i e t y D i e & S t a m p i n g Co. 2221 B i s h o p Circle E a s t D exter, M l 48130 O r s e n d r e s u m e to:

QUALITY SYSTEM ENGINEER N e w Boston, M l . B r o s e N o r t h A m e r i c a , Inc. P e r f o r m testing on m e c h a t r o n l c d o o r m o d u l e s incldg functional obiective m e a s u r e m e n t s s u c h a s safety & acoustics/ vibration, p r o p o s e design c h a n g e r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s . & i m p r o v e sou n d qltv of d o o r m o d u l e s , w i n d o w regulators, tailgate spindle drives, latch m o d u l e s , & seal structures. E n g r , p e r f o r m test releases, 8. i m p r o v e current products, e n g r g changes, &prototype high v o l u m e vehicle closures svs & s a m p l e s on iust-in-tlme basis for current & f u t u r c a u t o m o t i v e apps. Supervise 2 Qltv Inspectors. E v a l u a t e & validate full functionality &q l t v of m f g eqpt s u c h a s a s s y &flnal test stations w i t h multiple error proofing devices, to m e e t Internal & c u s t o m e r qlty & reliability standards, in a high v o l u m e production environ. A s s u r e T S 16949/ISO 14001 activities. Bachelor, Industrial Ennlneering. 1 y r e x p as Quality E n g i n e e r p e r f o r m i n g testing o n m e c h a t r o n l c or electronic c o m p o n e n t s incldg functional obiective m e a s u r e m e n t s s u c h a s safety & acoustics/vibration, proposing d e sign c h a n g e recommendations; improving s o u n d qlty in products p r o d u c e d In the plant; & p e r f o r m i n g lest releases & i m p r o v i n g current/ prototype vehicle c o m p o n e n t s ^ s a m p l e s for future a u t o m o t i v e applications.

Send resume to [email protected] Ref. #2483.

m General Established Co. in Brighton is seeking quick learners. SlO/hr. N o e x p needed. M w O hni/p o w n uchlrlo

pplv online at: O r call M o n - F r i . 9 - 3pm. 810-229 6053


F a r m i n g t o n Hills l a w f i r m looking tor port a n d full-time clerical stotf. Duties Include scheduling, reception, filing a n d typing. Proficiency with W o r d , Exc e l o n d Outlook preferred. F a x : 248-406-8001 or E m a i l :

Healthcare-Dental DENTAL ASSISTANT Fult/Part-Time, surgical dental assistant for periodontal/ Implant practice. Benefits. S o m e Saturday's required. F a r m i n g t o n Hills/Mllford area. R e s u m e s m a y b e e m a i l e d to: or contact K a r o n at: 248*851*1034


LANDSCAPE & LAWN MAINTENANCE C o m p a n y hiring full-Time Laborers. _ _ _ _ _ _ P l ease coll: 248-669-13S0

Lo c a l m o v ling c o m p a n y Is looking to d d to o u r t e a m ! Full t i m e & part t i m e openings C a n d i d a t e s m u s t h o v e drivers license a n d b e able to w o r k m o r n i n g s & evenings. N o expe r i e n c e needed. M u s t b e 18 or older great for College students, m u s t b e a b l e to lift 100 lbs. D r u g free c o m p a n y - will b e d r u g tested. E m a i l for p h o n e interview

DRIVER Part-Time for a dedicated delivery route. M u s t b e reliable, responsible o n d dedicated. $15-$20/hr. Email: Fax: 734-953-9648

M A / L P N / R N F U L L T I M E for busy outpatient f a mily practice In Novi. P h l c b o l o m y , highly moti v a t e d , t willing to w o r k h a r d o n e o n o n e with physician. Interested in holistic m e d i c i n e a plus. P l ease s e n d email:

P E R S O N A L ASSISTANT/ DIRECT CARE W O R K E R R e w a r d i n g positions serving persons with special n e e d s in their h o m e s or In g r o u p h o m e s . M u s t be 18. P a i d training. Hiring In: A n n Arbor/Ypsilantl, Brighton, Milford, Novi. So u t h Lyo n , W l x o m , Northvllle/Canton areas.

m j u E S T me R e s u m e : Ypsilanti/Ann A r b o r 734-239-9015 Sou t h L y o n : 248-573*5023 248-946-4425 Novi/Wixom 248-437-7535 N e w Hudson:

R N , L P N or M A D e r m a t o l o g y practice In A n n A r b o r / P l y m o u t h a r e a is seeking motivated: R N , L P N or M A D e r m a t o l o g y exp'd. preferred. S a lary c o m m e n s u r a t e with experience. Excellent benetlt p a c k a g e including 401K. N o W e e k e n d s / N o Evenings. a 2d o r m e a o l . c o m

W i t h at least 10 y e a r s experience. M u s t h a v e o w n tools

CASHIER POSITION with exp. S m o k e r ’s C l u b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 248-924-3S99_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


. 1

m .

Employers inthe palm ofyour hand.

Surgical Dental Assistant D ental assistant with surgical exper i e n c e w a n t e d for a high qualify specially practice R e q u i r e d experience: E x p e r i e n c e d candidates a r c preferred: 3 years Excellent salary o n d great w o r k i n g conditions. Blrmlnahom/ S o u t h f i e l d area. C A L L S O N L Y . Full or part time.

Seal t h loi jobs anytime, anyvvhei e a n d apply vvilhin

sei on, is. Fast, convenient and ridiculously easy.

Please call 248-357-3100. MAINTENANCE TECH F o r Milford A p t C o m m u n i t y . M u s t h o v e e x c c u s t o m e r service, H V A C , plumbing/electrical e x p preferred but will train. Full-Time with excellent benefits E O E . F o x o r E m a i l R e s u m e : (248) 68S-3522

PAINTERS W A N T E D F o r Residential a n d C o m m e r c i a l . 10+ yea r s experience. M u s t h o v e o w n tools _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 844-366.9966_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PLASTER PROFESSIONAL W i t h at least 10 yea r s exper i e n c e in R e a l Plosler. M u s t h a v e o w n fools _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 844-366.9966_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Transportation C D W h Aoi??alieE R Building Materials Distributor located in W o l l e d L a k e M i c h i g a n looking for a full-time C D L - A D river to deliver to M i c h i g a n o n d Ohio. O n e overnight r u n p e r w e e k required Health/Dental Benefits included. P l ease contact At Schulia ot 248-669-2323. O r fax r e s u m e to 055-259-9073

Check out the new

C S S U S0W2M he.


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Plymouth Rotary welcomes Finnish student T h e Rotary Club of P lymouth is hosting a Rotary Youth E x c h a n g e Scholarship Student from Finland. Olivia Paasi is from the t own of Kotka, Fin­ land, and is being hosted in the United States b y the Rotary Club of Ply­ mouth. She will attend S a l e m H i g h School as a senior and will b e in the country for one year. Paasi, w a s w e l c o m e d at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Thursday, Aug. 11, b y m e m b e r s of the P lymouth Rotary and her n e w host family. Paasi wants to learn a n d experience n e w cul­ tures a n d she will partici­ pate in a n u m b e r of R o ­ tary Club Activities a n d school activities. Each Rotary Youth E x c h a n g e Student is "adopted" b y a local Rotary Club and stays with local host families. T h e Rotary Club ar­ ranges host families, provides a monthly sti­ pend to the student and plans activities with Rotarians a n d other ex­ change students within Rotary District 6400, which covers southeast Michigan and WindsorE s s e x in Canada.


C a n t o n native S h a s h a n k K e s h a v Rao, a University of M i c h i g a n s o p h o m o r e , w a s h o n o r e d for his essay. SUBMITTED

F r o m left, host m o m L y n n Zeleck, P l y m o u t h Rotary Y o u t h E x c h a n g e Officer M i k e M u m a , f o r m e r O u t b o u n d E x c h a n g e S t u d e n t Eryn Zeleck, E x c h a n g e S t u d e n t Olivia Paasi, Rotary Cl u b m e m b e r s T i m a n d P e n n y Joy.

T h e Rotary O utbound Scholarship E x c h a n g e P r o g r a m provides stu­ dents ages 16-18 the op­ portunity of a lifetime. It’s a chance to spend 11 m o n t h s in another c oun­ try learning the language a n d culture. Student administrative costs are approximately $3,000 plus the cost of a roundtrip airfare. Expenses for

housing, school and monthly activities are covered b y the local Rotary Club. Students will also receive a monthly sti­ pend f r o m the Rotary Club for expenses while on exchange. Rotary Youth E x c h a n g e out­ b o u n d students need to be above average stu­ dents w h o are eager for

the chance to try n e w things a n d m e e t n e w people. Applications a n d in­ formation for students thinking about going on e x change in August of 2017 can find out m o r e information b y going to or by contacting a local Rotary Club.

Friendship walk benefits special-needs centers Brad Kadrich Staff Writer

Bassie S h e m t o v and her husband, Levi, k n e w they w a n t e d to get in­ volved in s o m e sort of outreach that would help people. O n c e they decided the people they w e r e going to help included speciineeds kids, they estab­ lished the Friendship Circle, a nonprofit or­ ganization that provides assistance a n d support to 3,000 individuals with special needs a n d their families b y providing recreational, social, e d u ­ cational a n d vocational programming. T h e w o r k started at the Farber Center in W e s t Bloomfield, and focused o n kids under 18 years old. T h e n the cou­ ple w o n d e r e d w h a t h a p ­ pens to the kids once they turn 18? To m a k e sure those kids had a helping h and as they m o v e d into adulthood, the S h e m t o v s opened the

Soul Center, also under the Friendship Circle umbrella, in April. All of those facilities will benefit w h e n the Friendship Center spon­ sors the 11th annual W a l k 4 Friendship Sunday, Sept. 4. T h e event will start at the Friendship Circle’s M e e r Family Friendship Center, 6892 W. M a p l e in W e s t B l o o m ­ field. “W e w ant this to b e a community-wide event w h e r e everyone is wel­ come,” Bassie S h e m t o v said. “T h e energy at the w alk is amazing. It’s a very powerful w a y to get the c o m m u n i t y together.” Friendship Circle also provides support to indi­ viduals a n d families struggling with isolation, addiction a n d other f a m ­ ily-related crises. It cre­ ates friendship in the lives of individuals with special needs a n d those facing isolation while providing a n opportunity to b e c o m e a contributing m e m b e r of the c o m m u n i -


Abigail R e b e n f t o c k a n d Aislinn W e n d r o w w o r k i n g o n a rug in t h e Soul Center's fiber studio.

ty. T h r o u g h its p r o g r a m ­ ming, S h e m t o v said, Friendship Circle a ims to prom o t e an inclusive c o m m u n i t y that values all individuals regardless of the challenges they face. “T hat’s w h o Friend­ ship Circle is,” she said. “T h e bottom line of w h o w e are is w e believe every single person is all the s a m e on the inside.” T h e S h e m t o v s are giving special-needs adults the chance to prove that with the n e w Soul Center. T h e center, located at 5586 D r a k e in W e s t Bloomfield, draws people f r o m all over the Oakland a n d W a y n e county areas. T h e Soul Center in­ cludes the Soul Cafe, an eclectic restaurant in w h i c h s o m e 40 percent of the staff has special needs of varying de­ grees. T h e idea, S h e m t o v said, is to allow those staffers the chance to succeed. “It’s a safe environ­ m e n t w h e r e w e allow t h e m to fall occasionally, a n d help t h e m succeed,” S h e m t o v said. “W e ex­ pect t h e m to do a good job.” T h e Soul Center also has centers w h e r e artists can d r a w a n d painters can paint. T h e r e ’s a weav i n g r o o m a n d an art gallery. In short, it’s a place, S h e m t o v said, w h e r e special needs adults can create. Akiva Pollack, a 21year-old, self-described nerd, w a s working on a poster about, predictably, nerds. “I like everything about c o m i n g here, real­ ly,” Pollack said. “It’s really friendly, really open. T h e staff is super friendly, and everyone is really patient. I’ve learned that I can do things I never thought I could do.” Barry R oth of H u n ­ tington W o o d s is a volun­ teer at the Soul Center. H e said working at the

center gives h i m a chance to give back. “T h e center is a m a z ­ ing,” R oth said. “T h e y ’re helping people, a n d I love being a part of that. It m a k e s for a stronger c o m m u n i t y in a very real way.” T h e Sept. 4 W a l k 4 Friendship is the Friend­ ship Circle’s largest fundraiser. S h e m t o v said she hopes the w alk will d r a w s o m e 5,000 walkers a n d raise m o r e than $600,000. Register for the walk at www.friendship, or call 248788-7878.

Student’s social media essay wins national contest A y o u n g Canton m a n w h o wrote an essay about h o w social media tools serve the greater public good w a s chosen f r o m a m o n g m o r e than 300 peers for a schol­ arship. S hashank K e s h a v Rao, a University of Michigan sophomore, has b e c o m e the sixth winner of the Spokeo Connections Scholar­ ship for his essay, called “brilliant” in a Spokeo blog. “T h e winning schol­ ar’s essay provided an insightful look at the incredible impact that social m e d i a platforms have on people b y rais­ ing awareness, p r o m p t ­ ing important discus­ sions a n d forming c o m ­ munities,” the blog said. His essay w a s chosen for a fall scholarship. R a o is double-major­ ing in English a n d cre­ ative writing with a m i n o r in Japanese stud­

ies. R a o told Spokea that his loves to read and write, take bike rides a n d long nature walks. T h e blog said he is the g r a m m a r editor for a c a m p u s literary m a g a ­ zine called “R C R e ­ view.” Spokeo reported that R a o hopes to b e c o m e a novelist, teach English abroad a n d get involved with organizations relat­ ed to social justice and politics. Applicants for the scholarship had to be either a recently gradu­ ated high school senior enrolling as a freshmen at a four-year or twoyear college or univer­ sity for fall 2016 or cur­ rently enrolled full-time basis at an accredited university. Applicants also must haves a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher a n d be a U.S. citizen or a p e r m a n e n t resident.


W o m e n ’s Health Presentations Dr. Paul Makela, urogynecologist, provides insight a n d educ; about a variety of female conditions including bladder dysfunc overactive bladder a n d pelvic prolapse. G r a b a friend, ’ learn 7 9 9 a m o n t h !


Adorable 3 bed. 2 bath h o m e with a great op en door plan' N o Application F e e R e q u i r e d |3 r d Party Financing Available

Call Sun H o m e s today, 8 8 8 - 6 8 5 - 0 2 6 5 j\- Visit us online at w w w . 4 n o r t h v i l l e . c o m South Lyon Schools! S U N H O M'■ Es O F F I C E H O U R S M - F 8a-5p • Sat9a-lp Offer expires 8/31/2016 " S o m e restrictions apply E H O

Best Lake Michigan building site 100 feet of sandy beach overlooking rolling dunes and miles of water, islands, ships and sunsets Northport area -- $449,500

Adorable cottage with a sandy, sandy beach a wall of windows overlooking West Bay and Gull Island 3 BR - great summer rental or year round home Northport - Omena — $498,500

Adult C o m m u n i t y -Rent F o r m l n g t o n A r e o Adult C o m m . 5 S + ,

Iyea/ Sle refllrstimslotiilirartelrate r 2rd ifiewfinarx^ tarns aekirsuircfepiip^cri/jftJ are an Oder totrlerttrail Hone piceshwi abe* foe-,mi ncixJe$799 Iwr* pco tee.apc*QW tax OFFICE H O URS: M i l •u

Offerexprr« 8/31/2016 2

••Scrr.« restrictionsapply. E H O

You don’thave tofishforit.

Such a sweet place - 3 BR/2 bath wood floors, old time charm, renovated 10th street -- $329,500

Downtown Victorian as graceful as itgets - 4 BR/3 bath sweeping veranda, gardens 3 blocks from center of town -- $849,500

10 acres, elegant house - East side cook's kitchen, wood floors, pole building beautiful, private setting, 4 miles from Acme great buy -- $428,500

There's still t i m e to buy, u p here, b e f o r e t h e entire w o r l d arrives!

Local News. It’s right here, from the front to the back of your Observer & Eccentric Media newspapers.

Traverse City Native and Market Leader! A n d , yes, there are still g o o d deals to b e h a d -- IF y o u h a v e s o m e o n e o n the l o o k o u t for yo u! A s a T C native w h o ’s b e e n d o i n g this for 2 8 years, y o u w o n ' t find better c o n n e c t i o n s or expertise. G e t a h o l d of m e a n d p u t y o u r d r e a m in m y ear. That's h o w it w o rk s ! , . .

Jack Lane Real Estate One 231 995 0000

lo«)oo»3M9 Tune into Ask the Real Estate Guy with Jack Lane! Saturday mornings on W T C M AM-580 northern Michigan's #1 rated show

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Canton eyes added recycling effort

ALL-AREA BASEBALL TEAM SPORTS, B3 CANTON O bserver S U N D A Y 08.21.16 II H O M E T O W N L I F E . C O M II ffifartodl Sfnrb, 3nr. PART O F ...

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