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Condoowners left in a lurch after developer pulls out BY TIFFANY L PARKS STAFF WRITER

When LII Path glances around her

subdIVisIon, she doesn t see the rusted paInt can near the edge of the road, the toppled pile ofbncks or homemade street Sign She sees the future 'If yon can VisualIze It, Its gOIng to be beautIful' SaId Path, loolung beyond the dead shrubbery outSIde her home 'ThIS IS not a rotten place to lIve, but we Will be happy when

It s fimshed ' Path and her husband, near the northeast corner and Geddes m The Villas Creek WIth only a handful of


Ed, lIve of Beck at Maple the spa-

bUIlt, the

OhlO-based developer ClasSIC TraditlOn Homes has stopped constructlOn on the project and ISlookmg for a new buyer to take over the subdlVlslOn, WhIChwas set to mclude 52 umts The condos start at $230,000

Rusted pamt cans Walt for a painter outSide of The VJ!las at Maple Creek, an unfinished condominium community at Beck an~ Geddes

'They were all ready to sod (the grass) and then boom, they were gone, saId Ed Path, while Lil chimed m, It's the story of MIchigan We have to be patlent ' At the subdiVIslOn, two bmldmgs With four condos each have been completed while a third, unfimshed buIldmg Sits empty With debns tucked mSIde the open garages The subdlVlSlOll s mam street, Shepherd Lane, Winds around the PLEASE SEE CONDOS, A6 BILL BRESLER I STAfF PHOTOGRAPHER

Teacher union head decries trustee's call for salary cut BY TONY BRUSCATO STAFF WRITER


Jeanlne Lowe was among many who offered Todd Caccamo a big hug and warm Wishes dUring hiS welcome home party Wednesday night

Welcome home, patriot Well wishers turn out to greet Caccamo on return from Iraq BY KURTKUBAN STAFF WRITER

As he looked around the room at all the famIly members, fnends and other well Wishers, It was pretty clear to Todd Caccamo that he was a world away from the war torn streets of Baghdad where he had been less than two weeks earlIer The Canton TownshIp trustee was at a welcome home party Wednesday mght at

BaIley's Pub and Gnlle m Canton Caccamo left the Board of Trustees and hIS home lIfe a lIttle over a year ago after re-enlIstmg In the U S Mannes, so he could help Amenca m Its fight agaInst terrOrIsm Caccamo's Wife, Kay, and Canton Computers owner Jason Lewkut organIzed the party The usually outspoken Caccamo seemed overwhelmed by the gathermg All mght long people took turns greetmg hIm Some brought hIm gifts, other, offered hugs

It almost feels lIke I never left,' SaId Caccamo, who was amazed by how many people showed up "You get used to bemg m a war zone It was almost normal to see burned out bmldmgs and rubble everywhere So when I got home and sawall the green grass and nlCe homes, It was almost surreal 1m defimtely IlVlng m the present" Caccamos enlIstlnent ends June 1, at PLEASE SEE IRAQ, A3

Lecture to debunk myths about Muslim women ay TIFFANYL

woman MCWS member Sayeed MallIck saId SOCIetyIS rIddled With falsehoods about the treatment of women m Islam 'We respect our women," he 'aId We put them m hIgh esteem and we don't explOlt them" The lecture, WhICh IS scheduled from 2 30 P m to 4 30 pm, IS open to everyone The



The MuslIm Commumty of Western Suburbs Will present ItS thIrd semmar to the Canton commumty on May 19 at the Canton PublIc LIbrary The lecture Are Women m Islam Oppressed or LIberated?' Will feature Dr Mumra CurtIS, who IS an AmerIcan Mushm

© The Observer

For Home Dehvery call (866) 887-2737

& Eccentnc Newspapers Volume 32 Number 91


(e) G»NEn'

Canton Pubhc LIbrary IS located at 1200 S Canton Center Road MallIck saId the MCWS hIghly encourages attendance from non-MuslIms "ThIS IS mamly for them, he SaId "We want to hIghlIght what the creator of woman says about women and our roam objectIVe IS to welcome people of all faIths and belIefs The free event ISbemg

promoted as a talk that Will dIScuss the real status ofIslam women MallIck SaId CurtIS IS a great speaker With a lot of knowledge For more InformatIOn on the program call (734) 467-7704 or send an e-maIl to [email protected] org [email protected] (734) 459 2700

Home Equity Solutions

\\Then nt-ar1v d Qozen Pi me lth J J h '1cf )( 1 coaches told the Plymouth Canton Boaid oi EducatlOn Tuesday they would gIve up theIr salarIes to keep athletIC dIrector Terry Sawchuk from bemg laId off, Trustee Richard HamKucharslu used the moment to challenge teachers to do the same Ham -Kucharslu, who has drawn the wrath of the PIVlllouth-Canton EducatlOn As,ocIatlOn for callmg on teachers to take a one-tIme 6percent pay cut to help balance a defiCIt budget, dldn t do much to bUIld BilL BRESLER 1 STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER relatlOns With the umon Union preSident Chuck Portelli for upcommg contract accused a school board trustee talks of bargaining m public "I have recommended we do that dIStnctWlde, not only to save Terry S.twchuh but the other 73 peo pie who receIved pmk slIp, a couple of weeks ago; Ham-KucharskI SaId And With that Simple correction, we would be able to save support programs .md connnue to bave the athletIC program For US, the largest expense m our budget IS,alarles across the board' At that,pomt, board PresIdent Barry Simescu cut off Ham-KucharskI by tellIng hIm 'That s mappropnate at thIS tIme' P-CEA PreSident Chuck Portelh was ViSIblyupset durmg Ham-Kucharslu's speech, and was fummg afterward Hell, yes, It'S bargaInmg m publIc," PortellI saId Bargammg should not be done m a publIc settmg It should be done at a bargammg table and not between a board member and the pubhc He should be domg It at the bargammg table, and hes not even on their bargaImng team Contract bargammg between the diStnct and the 1,100 teachers has yet to begin Supermtendent ,T1In Ryan saId Ham-Kucharslu's comments dldi\t make hIS Job eaSIer "I thmk It hurts, because the umon gets Into a bargammg pOSition where they aren t gomg to take that; Ryan SaId I don t thmk It s helped our mterestbased bargammg where we all SIt at the same table and try to solve problems' tbruscato®hometownllfe











trcmaNawLlbel.tyBlll1kaceamlAddtl2&%lol'll\l'lwhiln~pt8n $nQl~ ot~fI/lI:OVI)(;I MIr1lmtlI'n/Q5JJO%tlIg!IeIlhanllle'$la\illlfll\e TIlIept'lldy-arol~8aIj'n&ybll~8I\Cl_1Il'~bllilYfJfl>QlrC'.W( ~ llllIllorr



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Observer & EccentrIC I Sunday May 13 2007


Correction ~photo In Thursday's Observer Incorrectly Identlfied Madonna Umverslty board chaIrman RIchard Wlllawender The Observer regrets the error

Firefighter awards



MarchIng Band, named Bands of AmerIca RegIOnal ChampIOns for 2006 and a BOA FInalIst at Grand NatIOnals In IndIanapolIs, IS hostIng a senes of InformatIOnal meetIngs for students and parents who are Interested m JOlmng the 2007 MarchIng Band program The meetIng IS deSIgned for IncomIng 8th graders, but ISopen to any hIgh school student Interested students WIllspend tlme WIth the eXIstIng marchers, whIle parents lIsten to a presentatIOn by the Plymouth Canton MusIC Boosters on how 8th graders can become a member of the award-Wlnmng marchIng band for the 2007 summer/fall season Parents and students are asked to attend an Open House meetIng at 7 15 pm, May 16 In the Plymouth HIgh School Small Band Room

mentOrIOUS servIce per-

formed In 2006, when he partICIpated In 637 fire and EMS IncIdents -- more than any

The Canton FIre Departlnent held Its 8th Annual Awards Ceremony Wednesday mght, honorIng firefighters and CIVIlIans WIth a varIety of awards IncludIng a CIVIlIan CommenBarrett datIOn, LIfe SaVIng and FIrefighter of the Year Tlusyear's FIrefighter of the Year award went to FIre Marshal Frank Barrett,who has responSI-


twos, fire InvestigatIOns, publIc educatIOn programs and plan reVIews ThIs department s tra dltIOnal Ironman award went to FIrefighter MIchael Thoms

bIlIty over all fire preventIOn actlVItles WIthIn the department, IncludIng fire Inspec-

other firefighter More than 200 employees, famIly members and frIends attended the award ceremony

Board study session The Canton Board of Trustees wdl hold a study sessIon Thesday at 7 p m at the Canton AdmlmstratIon BUIldIng, 1150 S Canton Center Road Agenda Items Include a Growth Wor!>s update, Youth AdVIsory CouncIl, a publIc hearIng for the 2007 SIdewalk RepaIr Program,
bands, at (734) 582 5666, or

P-C Marching Band seeks members



International festival The Mushm CommunIty of Western Suburbs and Crescent

The Plymouth-Canton


('Price teUs, !JYff:litJ!. sells"












Holmes •



"::~I &






rides, shoppIng, a pettIng zoo, clothes, Jewelry, art work, books, househQld Items, and a varIety of dehcIOus foods RecreatIOn for chIldren and art actIVItIes (henna and face

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Academy (40440 Palmer Road) WIllhost ItS 2007 Summer InternatIOnal FestIval from 1-5 pm, May 19 The festIval WIllfeature an mternatlOnal food selectwn,


1 Comer of Holmes Ridge Rd __ .Ilblk ~;:;9,,;~r,:nAveJ ~

11 If!:Jf",C'

Learning to be safe drivers

Scott and PatrickMillerof Cantonattended Toyota'sDriVing ExpectationsProgramon April29 at DTEEnergyMUSIC TheatreIn Clarkston Theevent was Intendedto teach teen dnvers safe driVingskillsInan effort to lowerthe fatalityrate amongteen drivers 'ToyotaDriVingExpectallonsprOVidesteens WithImportant skilldevelopmentopportunitieswhileprOViding parents Withthe knowledgeand tools to keep their teens safe" said John Ulczyckl, director ofthe TransportationSafetyGroupofthe NationalSafety CounCil

The Van Buren Board of EducatIOn wdl have a regut!,r meetIng at 7 30 P m" May 14; at the BelleVIlle HIgh School Food ServIce Center, 555 W ColumbIa Avenue In BelleVIlle Among the agenda Items Include attendance boundary recommendatIon, blQ dIesel fuel presentatIOn, Wayne RESA budget recommendation, alternative educatlOnn school pQrtable cla~rQQm recommendatIOn, Ch;mese ImmerSIOn program recommendatIOn, and textboQk adoptIOns fQr the 2007-08 school year For more InformatIOn, call (734) 697-9123

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Van Buren board meeting

For more InformatIOn, contsct Marc WhItlock, dIrector of VISIt


paIntIng) WIll be avaIlllbll! AddItIOnally, tours oj~;tlJe,ll~w center and masJld will be offered For more Informa'tlQnJ contact Sumreen JIIam via e-mlUl at [email protected]> com or by phone at (734) 398-5582, or Muzammll Ahmed vIa emaIl at [email protected] com.


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when you enroll by 05/15/07


265 N. Main Street • Plymouth, MI


(734) 414-9200


7365 N. Lilley Rd., Canton, MI NW Corner of Lilley and Warren 'Based on a fullservice weight IQSSprogram whichIncludesredUCingstabilization and maintenance Registrationfee and reqUiredproducts Ifany at DietCenter· regularlowpnces tResults may vary ~007 0 at CenterWorldw

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Observer & [ccent IC I Sunda{ May 13 007



Historical group honors Boyer for efforts to save Cady Barn BY TIFFANYL PARKS STAFF WRITER

Bob Boyer, the saVIOrof the former Cady Barn, has been honored by the MIchIgan Hlstonc PreservatIOn Network for hIS phJianthroplC effort to save the histonc structure from demolItIOn The Lansmg-based network awarded Boyer one of ItS two CItIzen of the Year awards for paYIng to have the barn relocated to Cherry HJiI VJilage from the PI)'lllouth-Canton EducatIOnal Park The barn's name has SInce been changed to the Cady-Boyer Barn Durmg the ceremony, whlCh took place May 5 on Maclunac Island, Boyer receIved a standmg ovatIOn for haVIng paId more than $75,000 of hIS own money to have the barn moved ShYIng away from any personal attentIOn, the longtIme Canton reSIdent and owner of Boyer's Meat Processmg sImply saId, Somebody

had to step m or It was gomg to be torn down Boyer, who used to haul lIvestock out of the barn m ItS heyday, saId he dIdn't finance the project m order to get glory but apprecIates the recogmtion •I don t regret It (at all), he saId "CItIzens m the general publIc have got to get mvolved WIth commumty projects Anythmg hlstonc ISworth saVing TownshIP Clerk Terry Bennett nommated Boyer for the MHPN award Canton IS a member of the orgamzatIOn Founded m 1979, the non profit network IS desIgned to foster the protectIOn of MlChlgan's hlstonc buJidmgs, structures, SItes, objects and open spaces MHPN Board PresIdent Pam O'Connor saId they are thnlled to honor people lIke Boyer 'You can t save hlstoncal bUIldmgs WIthout people, she saId It takes a major effort

Boyer was accompamed to the ceremony by hIS three SIsters and two brothers-m-Iaw In keepmg WIth what some would descnbe as hIS "humble spmt, Boyer SaId he would lIke to dIsplay hIS commemoratIve MHPN plaque m the townShIP'S admmlstratIOn bUIldmg rather than hIS home The Cady-Boyer barn dates back to the ClVllWar Boyer felt compelled to save the structure after learnmg that PI)'lllouth-Canton Schools had plans to destroy It to make room for tenms courts on the hIgh school campus ImtIally, the Canton Hlstoncal SOCIetytrIed, WIthout luck, to raIse enough money to relocate the barn, Bennett saId 'Here ISa person that has been so active In the communIty," she saId of Boyer He s spent a lot of years glVlng back and, boy, we would hke to clone hIm

j, ",







I >










~~ 4




f f ' "~,'i"

tl ,




, :i

,, 1-.






LongtimeCantonreSident BobBoyerreceived hiSCitizenof the Yearaward from Michigan HlstoncPreservation NetworkPresident Pam 0 Connorat a May5 ceremonyon Mackinac _, Island

[email protected] (734) 459 2700

Canton Leisure Services happenings TRUNK SHOW May IS NatIOnal AquatIcs Month I Don t mISS out on spe CIaI actlVltIes that promote fun, fitness and safety m and around the water Plus other opportunItIes to spend qUalIty tIme WIth the faInlly - put away the WInter coats and come on over • Canton s LeIsure SerVices IS offenng an opportumty for homeowners to learn how to protect the enVIronment WIthout COnjprOmlsmg the beauty of theIr lawns On Thursday May 17, LeIsure ServIces WIll host an envlfonmentallandscape semmar from 6-7 p m at the Pheasant Run Golf c1ubhouse At the semmar presentatIOns WIll be gIven by Canton s Golf Course and Parks staff on fertIlIzatIOn, IrrIgatIOn, mow-

IRAG FROM PAGEAl "hlch tIme he & I)' he "Ill csume hIS dutle1'l on the Board of Trustees where he often made a name for hImself by bemg a thorn m the SIdes of the other board members None of that mattered after Caccamo left for h" war duty, accordmg to fellow Canton To" nshlp Trustee Todd LaJoy who was among several local

and mIscellaneous prac tIces A well-kept property makes the home more mVIt mg, enhances the nelghborhood and mcreases property values The semmar IS free of charge and open to all Canton homeowners, hght refreshments WIll also be sened For more mformatIOn, please call Abe VmltskI at (734) 3945312 109

For Spouses only Carmg for an III, older spouse can be very challengmg Come meet others who are domg the same ThIS program WIll address the specIal emotIons that you may be experIencmg and learn ways to handle the stress

pubhc offiCIals to attend the gathenng and welcome Caccamo horne LaJoy,ald once (' dcramo left tl-,e board for tht. \1arme" 11(, <; t\\ hIm In a differ< nt hght I was really concerned about hIm and hIS famIly I dldn t see hIm as Todd the trustee I looked at hIm as Todd the Manne Its great to see hIm home and safe, LaJoy saId Canton reSIdent JIm Donahue ",as one ofrnany who came to the party even

ThIS prograIn IS held by Adult Well-Bemg SerVIces and takes place at SummIt on the Park In the Pmes room on Wednesday, May 18, as well as July 18 and August 15 WhJie thIS IS a free prograIn, donatIOns are gratefully accepted Pre-registratlOn IS reqUIred, by calhng the Semor Desk at (734) 394-5485 For more speclfic mformatIOn, please feel free to contact Adult WellBemg SerVIces at (313) 9247860

May Highlights • May 19 Karate tournament at SummIt on the Park • May 24 Tmy Tot OI)'lllpICS at SummIt on the Park

though he saId he had never met Caccamo before He saId Caccamos commItment to hIS countrv and hIS commumty Impre"sed hIm I m proud ofhI-n I tI1!Uk hes done a hell ofaJob and I wanted hIm to know It Donahue saId Perhaps nobody was as happy to have CacCaInO home as hIS WIte, who gave bIrth to couple s first chIld, Carter, a couple months ago Its Just so good to have hIm back, Kay Caccamo SaId

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Free golf lessons Pheasant Run Golf Club IS celebratmg PGA Free lesson month PIck up a reglstratIOu form at the pro shop or at wwwplaygolfamenca com For InformatIOn on more LeIsure Semces offermgs mcludmg SummIt on the Park Pheasant Run Golf club, The VIllage Theater at Cherry HIll and the Canton Sports Center please VISItthe department s Web Site, wwwlelsure canton com or call (734) 394-5460

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Our entlre lme

• May 27 Matmee MOVIe March of the Pengums at The VJilage Theater • May 30 NatIOnal Semor Health and FItness Day at SummIt on the Park


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ToddCaccamoenjoyeda celebratory cigar and some Scotch at hiS welcome home party


:HERSHEY'S SHOESI 29522 Ford Rd. • Garden CIty, MI 48135


112Block W. of Middlebelt




M Th F 9 30 am 8 pm, Tues. Wed 9 30 am - 6 pm "'" ,,,,,,wS,,,,~t9 am ",6"pm "" """ &1:'"""" "'" "'


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Observer& EccenlncI Sunday May132007

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Luncheon lets district showcase programs 8Y SUEMASON STAFF WRITER

Once a year, Tony RosatI comes ''back home" and each VISItremforces the Information he proVIdes people lookIng for homes "The schools have done very well I say that regularly; saId RosatI, a Realtor WIth Century 21 Prenller m Canton 'I always recommend the WayneWestland Schools, If It'S an area where people want to be" RosatI was among Realtors who were mVIted to WayneWestland's annual luncheon, held at Wayne Memonal HIgh School's new Alumm Arena addItIOn The luncheon IS a longstandmg tradItIon m the dlstnct It gives school offiCIals tl,e opportumty to update mformatlOn about the dlstnct and the achIevements of the staff and students ThIs year, guests heard about the deSIgnatIon of WalkerWmter Elementary School m Canton as a MIchIgan

that the dlstnct's test scores are at or above state averages and above county averages WhIle the mstnct stlil has money m the bank, Baraey saId Its revenue has mcreased at about 0 5 percent a year smce 2001-02, whlie payroll IS mcreasmg at less than 1 5 percent at year That's extremely reasonable, he SaId 'However, retIrement rates have gone from $77 mlihon to $12 mllhon m that tIme for a 53-percent mcrease Health care has gone from $8 mlihon to $14 mlihon for a 60-percent Increase" Speakmg to Gov Jenmfer Granholm's call for more shared semces, Baracy saId the dlstnct has consortIUms m every area It can, mcludmg such thmgs as energy purchases He also questIOned the governor's mtent, saymg that If the Idea ISto consohdate, why IS there deconsohdatlOn There's 759 school dlstncts m MIChIgan because the state prOVIdes the vehICle through charter schools, and those are I

Noel Derr of Century 21 DynamiC Realty In Westland looks over information prOVided during the Wayne Westland Commumty Schools' Realtors Luncheon Exemplary Blue RIbbon School, the second dIstrICt ele mentary to receIve the state honor In three years The other IS EdIson Elementary m Westland They also heard about the dlstnct's hIghly successful allday pliot kIndergarten progrdm, whICh wlil be expanded to SIX elementarles m the 2007-08 school year And there also was mentIOn of the dlstnct s schools of

chOIce program that allows students from outsIde the dlstnct to fill a hmlted number of slots aVlUlable m the elementary schools Pomtmg out that he contInues to be asked about the dlstncts test scores, Supt Greg Baraey told the Realtors that the achIevement scores gIve a really good Idea of where we are and who we are" 'We always stnve to do a good Job, he SaId, pomtIng out


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Wayne-Westland School Supenntendent Greg Baracy talks With Damel Bnst 11 who was at the luncheon With hiS mother Lon Bnst, Westland Chamber of Commerce preSident a drlUn on the state School AId Fund," he slUd Baracy stressed that the dlstnct ISworkIng hard to contaIn costs and do whatever It can to pay down costs WIthout borrOWIng money and paymg mterest "Fmancmlly, we have a challenge, but we re workIng hard to pay costs WIthout borrOWIng money and paymg mterest on that money; he added "We're better off th"", most dIstricts that touch us We're m the best shape we can be under the condItIOns that have been shed onus' Baracy told the Realtors he beheves lawmakers can come to gnps WIth the state's finanCIal problems, but as It now stands, It could be "very challenging" for the dlstnct

The luncheon was held at the new addItIOn to the Alumm Arena at Wayne MemorIal HIgh School In addItIOn dmmg on lunch pre pared and served by students m the cuhnary arts program at the Wliham D Ford Career Techmcal Center, the Realtors were mVIted to tour the faclhty "How they keep domg It, I don't know," RosatI saId after hstemng to the presentatIOn I'm always lookIng for content to Impress clIents and people are always amazed when I pdSS out thIS mformatlon I do It five or SIX times a month That's the kInd of answer Baracy hkes to hear "We always strIve to do a good Job, he SaId smason®homelownllfecom I (134)9532112

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Hong KongStyle aim Sum Mongolian& BBQGrill Lobsteron Buffel All Weekend

large Party Room· Carry Out Children s Price Available

Lunch Buffet $6.99

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Monday ~ Saturday 11.00 am - 3.30 pm

Monday ~ Thursday 400 pm - 10 00 pm

Lobster Bar Available

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For Sale or Lease light Industrial OfflcelWarehouse Condos. 1,200 to 2,400 sq. ft. 20 ft ceiling, 12'x14' motOrized OH door. Radiant heat. New BUildings, Park-like setting.

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atholic arishes Federal Credit Union ·APR=Annual Percentage Rate Rate s current as of May 13 2007 Rates can change Stated rate represents the lowest rate avo lab e for this term Rate Is based on cred I score and term of loan Vis t our website for a I sl of cur ent rates ··Ifyou pay back or c1asethe loan with n 12 months you will re mburse fhese fees to the cred t un on "·Consult your tox odv sor





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Observer & Eccentr c I Sunday May 13 2007


Canton's Eric Hughes, one of three managers at the Texas Roadhouse believes the restaurant will find Its niche with a location In Westland's CIVIC center area they took full advantage of Crazy Hat Day donnmg everythmg from an allIgator head to big pmk bows ThiS Fnday, employees Will test what they ve learned durmg an InVItatIOn-only rehearsal dmner All tips will go to the non profit Westland Commumty FoundatiOn whiCh provides student scholarships and

helps such organizatiOns as The SalvatiOn Army Texas Roadhouse will open at 4 p m weekdays, but it Will serve lunch on weekends For more mformatiOn about the restaurant, VISItthe company Web Site at wwwtexasroadhouse com dclem®hometown!lfe




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FIT FOR THE CURE® Join us for a complimentary fitting A Fit Clinic will be held from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at the following locations: Village of Rochester Hills Thursday, May 17 ~ (248) 276-6705 Laurel Park Place Friday, May 18 ~ (734) 953-7500 Call the Parisian location nearest you to make an appointment with a Wacoal Fit Specialist Join Wacoal and renew lhe promise 10supportlhe Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundallon ReceIVe a complimentary fltlmg In a Wacoal or DKNY Underwear bra from a Waeoal Fit SpeCialist For every woman who participates Wacoal Will donate $2 to the Susan G Kamen Breast Cancer Foundation for breast cancer research and outreach programs Waeoal Will also donate an additional $2 for every Waeoal or DKNY Underwear bra purchased at thiS event Let Waeoal help you keep a promise to yourself Sign up at any Wacoal Fit for the Cure event fOr a complimentary emall reminder to do your monthly self exam No purchaseneoesearyFor2007 Wacoalwllt make. minimum guaranleeddonation of $250 000 Fit far 1M Cur, Isa registeredtrademarkof !he SusanG KomenBreaslCancer Foundallon Forbl1laslhealthmfonnaflon pleasevisit wmI komen org [13838BI



Texas Roadhouse , restauranttraln~r Ashley Pruslk (left) " works With new ~' waitresses Holly Franslsco (center) ot Plymouth and Maggie Mills (nght) of NorthVille as they go through placmg orders Employees donned crazy hats on Monday as part of their trammg m preparation for Monday s grand opening

Texas Roadhouse looks for niche Westland s newest steakhouse draws Its mspiratIOn from deep m the heart of Texas So what if it s based out of Lomsville, Ky Employees bustled this week mSide the new Texas Roadhouse, dartmg past a cactus and ignormg a Wilhe Nelson poster as they prepared for the big day The ISO-employee 239-seat restaurant will open at 4 p m Monday on Ford Road east of Newburgh, In a pnme spot on one of Westland's busiest stnps Never mmd that many Michigan residents are saddlmg up and movmg to places lIke Texas to find Jobs Canton resIdent Ene Hughes, one of three managers, beheves the new restaurant wIll thrIve nght here m the wild, wild West-land We re not an overpneed steakhouse, he said Popular items mclude the Killer Ribs from the appetizer menu, Hughes said Our nbs are very popular he said We have fall-off-the-bone tender nbs Even though Texas Roadhouse Will be up agamst SImIlar competItIOn from estabhshed eatenes hke LongHorn Steakhouse and Famous Dave s - to name Just two - Hughes predicts it will find itS mche 'We chose Ford Road because of the traffic count and the great centrallocatlOn, he said As worker" traIned thIS week they found time to enJoy themselves On Monday,



FANTASTIC SAVINGS Sale Starts Monday May 14th • May 20th



Observer & EccentrIC I Sunday May 13 2001


SEMCOGdata shows big decline in housing AccordIng to a recent Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) report, southeast MiChlgans hOUSIngmarket took a slgmficant dip m 2006 New hOUSIng constructIOn was down 45 percent from 2005 With only 10 311 new resldennal umts nus IS on top of new hOUSIng failIng 26 percent ill the regiOn

from 2004 to 2005 In Canton where new con structiOn topped the 1,000 not that long ago, there were only 223 new umts There were 805 new hOUSIngpermits ill 2005 SEMCOG" a regiOnal planmng partnership spanIng seven countIes For more data, log onto ww ~ semcog org


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Mallory responded to a tele phone InqUiry by Ed Path, who was lookIng for a status update on the development We currently are workIng With the bank to find a buyer for the commumty, Mallory wro+e It IS our desIre and the bank s that the commumty be completed, so we both are seekIng a buyer who has the ablhty to bUild and sell the remammg umts There are some prospectIve purchasers, but none are very serIOUSat the moment ClasSICTraditiOn has other developments In Westland, YpsIlanti and Taylor At the end of hIs letter, Mallory apologized for not beIng more specific and said he would pass along more InformatIon as It became aVaIlable He also wrote that he assumed the bank would contInue to seek a buyer With us for another 60-90 days If there are no serIOUSprospects by then, I beheve the bank Will take con trol ofthe proJect" The Paths who hved In a condo off of Palmer and Lotz before mOVIngto Maple Creek In late 2005 were so taken by the plans for the SIte that they traveled to OhiO to see a model of their condomInIUm They say they aren t womed about the rest of the subdlVlsiOn beIng developed, they are more concerned about the Immed,-

CONDOS FROM PAGE Al largely-vacant parcel, but tapers off east of the completed bUildIngs Unhke other developments near the IntersectIOn, there s no splashy sIgnage annOunCIng the subdlVlsiOn s presence It s an eyesore really, said Helen McNamara, who bought a Maple Creek condo about a year ago There s nothmg happemng' LIke the Paths, McNamara would hke the development to be completed but has no complaInts about her specIfic property and IS snllimpressed by ItS cathedral cellmgs, French doors walk In closets, fireplace and arched Windows McNamara moved to Canton from ClInton TownshIp to be closer to her adult grandchll dren She says she toured a lot of places before makIng a final deCISiOnon Maple Creek We had an expectatiOn that (the subdlVlslOn) would gradually go on and on," she said The workmanshIp IS good but It seems lIke whoever was domg It ran out of money' Buck Mallory of the ClasSIC Tradltlon Homes development team did not return calls for thl< story In a letter dated Apn130,


I ,I I


'" !if




The entrance to the subdivISion IS marked by a peelmg, handmade street sign ate area outsIde theIr condo, such as the partlally-fimshed roadways The rest of (the development) WIll eventually work out,' Ed Path saId "It s a good site In a good locatIOn Some of the homeowners recently met With Canton Township BUIldIng OffiCial John Weyer to diSCUSStheIr optIOns It S not very often we have the Initial bUilder pull out,' Weyer said 'Not SInce the early '80s (have we had thiS problem) Weyer noted that the township has more than $100,000

In bond money to use for the two completed bUIldIngs The money would go toward landscapIng the areas around the occupied umts, replacIng trees that were cut dunng construction and addIng topcoat to the roads Township offiCials have plans to meet With representatives from the development's finanCIer, FranklIn Bank, to dISCUSS the projects future The bank has been responSive,"Weyer SaId They want to get out there and help the resIdents tlparks®hometownllfe com (134) 459 2100


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AROUND TOWN Forum on Islamic women The Muslim Community of Western Suburbs (MCWS)will host a lecture titled Are Women In Islam Oppressed or Liberated? at the Canton Public library (1200 S Canton Center Road) at 2 30 pm Saturday May 19 The speaker Or Mumra Curbl who is an Amencan Muslim woman Will deliver a speech about the real status of women In Islaln The group ebldlally inVites non MUS1\inlnends and neighbors to the event AdmiSSIonIS free and refreshments Will be served for more information call (734) 467 7704 or e malllnfo®mcws org Gnef supporl group The Shanng & Canng Coffee Hour IS an ongoing gnef support group for Widows and Widowers hosted by Heartland Hospice The group IS held from 10 11a 01 at Heartland Healthcare Center located at 4701 N Lilley Road In Canton The focus of the group IS on the later stages of gnef With an emphaSiS on learning to live With the loss ThIS group IS held the first and third Wednesday of the month and IS open to anyone gnevlng the loss of a spouse There IS no charge to attend for addilional Informallon contact Ann Chnstensen Heartland Hospice bereavement coordinator toll free at (888) 973 1145 Michigan Dance camp Michigan Dance Express Summer Camp IScurrently accepting appllca tlons for their 15th Annual Summer Dance Camp scheduled for July 15 19at Camp Copneconlc In fenton Michigan Dancers ages 8 16 are eligible to attend the dance camp where they Will study all forms of dance In addition to dally dance classes students Will also partici pate In traditional camp activities such as boating sWimming hiking arts and crafts games and more for more Information about the dance camp please conteet Michigan Dance Express at 7570 Wadding Onsted MI 49265 or call (313)5621203 or (517)592 5326 The Dance Camp director IS Jan Sickle Witte owner of Jan s Dance ConnectIOn In Dearborn Heights and 8rooklyn MI BelleVille High reunion 8elleville High School Class of 1982 Will hold ItS 25 year class reunion Aug 3 5 at the Eagle Crest Marnott In YpSilanti for more information contact Bndget at brotary®com cast net or call Rlchelle fales at (734) 844 8704 While elephant sale The Canton Place Seniors are host ng a Wh te Elephant and Bake sale 00 Saturday May 19from 9 am 2 p 01 n the Commun ty Room at 44505 ford Road (corner of ford and Sheldon) The public IS invited to attend Homemade baked goods and l...nch arc a a lable for DLrchase Proceeds benefit the Canton Place ReSident AssocratlOn Historical soclely banquel The Llvonra HlStor cal Society cele brates ItS annual banquet at the Amencan LegIOn Hall on Newburgh 6 p 01 Wednesday May 23 Tickets are $20 Call PreSident Gene Kramer (248) 349 5999 or AI Oevlc (734) 427 8722 or Bob Legel (734) 591 6845 IrISh Genealogical Society The IrISh Genealogical Society of Michigan Will present a free pro gram titled Genealogy and ONA The New Tool featuring Roberta Estes a profesSIonal In the Informa tlOn technology arena at 130 p 01 Saturday May 19 at the Gaelic League/lnsh Amencan Club at 2068 Michigan Avenue In Oetrolt Michael Braullgan (734) 454 3495 Western Wayne GenealogIcal Society The Western Wayne County Genealogical Society will meet at 7 30 p 01 Monday May 21 at the CIVICPark Senior Center 15218 farmington Road rn Lwonla Speaker Carl KatafJasl of Monroe Will dIScuss french Canadian Polish and Name Changes At 6 30 P 01 Will be a DVD presentatIOn Ancestors Dlscoverrng Your Hentage epISode 2 Family Records Meetings are

open to the pubhc guests welcome VISIt http //www rootsweb com/-mlww cgs/ or call Margie ast 734 522 4050 Waste to Watls The Ann Arbor Hands on Museum has extended the Waste to Watts exhibition through S1!mmerof 2007 due to popular demand Waste to Watts shows how new envrronmen tally friendly technology can turn our trash Into electnclty Developed by Landfill Energy Systems of Wixom Michigan thiS one of a kind eXhibit demonstrates how methane gas recovery from landfJlls can be used as an alternative energy source ultimately reducrng our dependency on other fuels Hours are 10 a m to 5 p 01 Monday-Saturday noon to 5 pm Sunday For information VISIt wwwaahom org or call (734) 995 5439 Card party/luncheon Vlctona Chapter #290 OES Livonia MasoniC Temple hosts a card party/luncheon noon 3 pm the sec ond Tuesday of each month AdmISSion IS $6 event features table pmes and door pmes The temple IS located at 27705 W Seven Mile In liVOnia for more Inform a tlon call (734) 459 6063 HospIce Ira,","g Heartland Hospice IS lookrng for canng and dedicated people With an Interest rn servrng terminally .11 patients and therr familieS rn Washtenaw western Wayne Monroe and LIVingston counties Volunteers prOVide a vanety of services rnclud 109companronshlp light house keeping errand runnrng gnef sup port and clencal servIces for more InformatIOn contact volunteer coordrnator Candice Jones (888) 9731145 L1leracy Council tutors The Community Literacy CounCil (CLC) IS looking for volunteer tutors rn Western Wayne County to help adults Improve therr reading wnt rng and communication skills The CLCWill prOVide training to Interest ed volunteers PrevIOus expenence or a bachelors degree IS not requrred The counCil Will prOVide free training and matenals and then match you With an adult stu dent In your area Call (734) 416 4906 for more Information Toastmasters meet Do you have a fear of public speak rng? Do you need to do presenta tlons at work and don t know where to start? Or are you ternfJed of the thought of standrng In front of a group of people to present that report? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Toastmasters ISfor you Canton Communrcators Club meets every Wednesday at 630 p 01 at the Canton Coney Island on Lilley just south of Joy In the Golden Gate Plaza I:'or add t onalmforfl1atton contact Bonnie at (734) 646 2237 Grief supporl New Hope Center for Gnef Support IS a Chnstlan based bereavement outreach and resource center locat ed rn NorthVille Age appropnate groups for Widows and Widowers are prOVided In vanous locations rn southeastern Michigan Including groups for young Widows and Wid owers and therr children between the ages of 4 through the teen years Groups for parents who have lost a child adults who have lost a parent pet loss and other speCial !Zed groups are offered at vanous times of the year All services for adults and children are offered at no cost to the participants If you are gnevrng or know someone who IS please call the office at (248) 348 0115for further Information about servIces prOVided by New Hope Center for Gnef Support or VISit wwwnewhopecenternet Post Polro Clrnrc EaSily fatigued? New rnexphcable phYSical complaints? History of par alytlC or non paralytiC poho? Contact the Post Polio Chnlc 13B50 E 12 Mile Warren or call (586) 77B 4505 Tire chnrc sponsors support group meetings the fourth Saturday of evey month (March through October) at 4328 LivernoIS In Troy

for more information you can also call (734) 765 B3B4

CLUBS Rotary AM The Plymouth Rotary Club of Plymouth A M meets at 7 a 01 every Tuesday at the Plymouth Cultural Center 525 farmer New members are always welcome Contact Mark Hammar preSident Rotary Club of Plymouth A M by calhng (734) 455 6620 Canton Newcomers The Canton Newcomers meet the frrst Wednesday of each month (September May) for an adult evenrng of socral!Zrng a speaker or an activity Additionally the group hosts more than 20 events dunng the month InclUding Book Club Bunko Playgroups Creative Kids LadieS Day and Night Out Scrapbooklng Walking and many more Request a complimentary newsletter at cantonnewcomers org or call Jennrfer at (734) 9811715 You don t have to be new to be a Newcomer ' K,wanrs Club The Plymouth Canton KiwaniS Club meets every Tuesday at 715 a 01 at the Plymouth Cultural Center on farmer Street The Club inVites you to their morning meetings to dlS cuss community projects and act,vl tieS Be part of the solution and not

Observer& Eee"tne I SundayMay132007

motherrng It presents speakers on child and family ISsues has small group dISCUSSIontime crafts and brunch Child care IS prOVided It meets at Plymouth BaptISt Church 42021 Ann Arbor Trail on the frrst and thrrd Tuesday mornings of each month September to May Contact Resha at (734) 207 0658 or resha®Juno com Moms Club Moms Club of livonia S!Plymouth Canton and Westland offers a van ety of actlvllies for stay at home moms and their children for more details call Brrthe at (734) 458 8143 or Kimberly at (248) 2316120 DAR The Sarah Ann Cochrane Chapter Daughters of the Amencan Revolution meets the thrrd Monday of each month except January July and August A group With ancesters who fought In Amencan Revolution Members partiCipate In community work InvolVing veterans hospitals schools and communrty sery,ce Call (734) 420 2775 for further Informa tlon German/Ameflcan Club of Plymouth Meets on the third Thursday of the month at the Knrghtsof Cojumbus Hall located at 39100Schoolcraft Road Plymouth Call Mary Ann at (734) 420 0857 for further rnformatlon American Legion • Beasley Zalesny Post 112meets at the 100 f Hall on the thrrd Monday

just a spectator for more rnforma tlon call (734) 981 0460 or see the Web Site (www pcklwanlS org) Plymouth Newcomers Plymouth Newcomers & Neighbors playgroups for children ages 0 5 meet several times dunng the week at member homes and occaSIOnal speCial events Come meet new par ents while your kids meet therr own new fnendsl for details contact Janet Keller at (734) 4511B40 or robertplusjanet®aol com Flbromyalgla/Chronrc Fatigue The Great Lakes flbromyalgla and Chronrc fatigue Syndrome ASSOCIationWill meet 1 3 pm on the first Thursday of each month at Mernman Road Baptist Church on Mernman south of ford There Will be a guest speaker at each meeting and a vanety of tOPiCSWill be cov ered There IS no membership fee but a small donation Will be accept ed for Information call Lucy Rowley 7344621768 MOPS meet MOPS(Mothers of Preschoolers) meets tWice monthly from September May for moms and their children newborn kindergarten at Lakepolnte Bible Church In Plymouth For more rnformatlon call Crystal Johnson (734) 459 1861 Mosaic MOSAICISa group where Moms come together to be refreshed and equipped for the Important task of


A7 ;;

of each month at 7 30 P m All veter ans that served dunng any of the wars are eligible Contact (734) 459 7324 for further information • The Plymouth Amencan legion Passage Gayde Post #391 conducts ItS monthly meeting the second Thursday of every month at 7 30 pm at the Plymouth Knrghts of Columbus Hall on Mill (next to the railroad tracks) In Plymouth Township All rnterested mlhtary veterans should contact Commander Mike 0 Malley (734) 459 7890 for more Information Women's Farm and Garden ClubPlymouth Meets every second Monday of each month from September through June Persons Interested rn JOlnrng may contact club preSident linda Coughhn at (734) 459 7478 Plymouth-Canton Clv,lan Club Lookrng for energetic new members to participate rn communrty servICe projects ThIS club meets the frrst Thursday of each month at 7 p 01 at the Plymouth Salvation Army Burldlllg on Main Street The thrrd Thursday IS a dillner meetlllg With a speaker Call (734) 981 7259 for further information Mothers & More The Wayne County chapter of Mothers & More meets tw.ce a month III Plymouth Call (866) 841 9140 Ext 4329 or VISit Web site , mothersandmore63®onebox com





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Expires June 311,2007.


Fully licensed and insured • Financing available In-house manufactured countertops • Our own craftsmen and crews Guaranteed costs & project schedules Complete showroom to visualiIe",our,,project

Call for a FREEIN-HOME ESnUATE! (734) 542·1900 or1-888-7DESIGN FetlfI.lrIJIg:

H~ C UU'tAl 'f£R.

13245NewbuTgh (JustSouth oft-N). Uvonitl OEOe524:l37




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Observer & Eccentnc I Sunday May 13 2007

Library to host local authors

Winter Guard, Drumline shine in world championship competition The Plymouth-Canton WInter Open Guard and WInter PerCUSSIOn Ensemble traveled to Dayton, OhIO, recently to compete In the 30th WInter Guard InternatIOnal (WGI) World ChampIOnship Both teams comprised of over 60 high school performers from Canton, Plymouth and Salem high schools competed at Wright State Umverslty The Plymouth-Canton Open Guard ended the season with an Impressive fourth-place fimsh at the World ChampIOnship m the ScholastIC Open dlVls10n The final score for the group led by Jenmfer LeSeth was 94 30 The 19-person Color Guard team performed a lO-mmute show titled Lyra Angehca the musICof Wilham Alwyn The group has been rehearsmg for the World ChampIOnship smce December The Plymouth-Canton WInter Drumhne made ItSfirst appearance at the World Champ10nshlp The 41person percussIOn ensemble was promoted mid-season from ScholastIC Open to ScholastIc World dlVls10n


due to Its ImpreSSIVe showmg at

some of the earlIer competitIOns In March, PCDL placed second at the WGI Reg10nals held m Oh1O Only the second year of eXistence for the PCDL, the team dId an outstandmg Job of representmg PlymouthCanton In the finals WIth a score of 92 05, the percussIOn team came m sixth place at the World ChampIOnshIp on Saturday Led by vIsual expert Andrew Ebert, the percussIOn ensemble performed a 6-mmute routme tItled LocomotIf The Plymouth-Canton Wmter Guard and WInter Drumllne teams are part of the Plymouth-Canton Band Programs at the three-school EducatIOnal Park The band programs are led by director of bands, Marc Whitlock For more InformatIOn, contact Color Guard Instructor Jenmfer LeSeth at [email protected] com MusIcians who want to Jom the 2007 Plymouth-Canton Marchmg Band should contact Marc Whitlock at (734) 582-5666 or VIae-maIl at [email protected] com

What does It take to WrIteand publIsh a book? Ask your neIghbor when the Canton PublIc LIbrary hosts the Celebrate Canton's Authors event at 7 p m on May 16 EIght Canton authors Willshare theIr personal experiences as wrIters and publIshers Learn how they get their InspIratIOn,when they find time to WrIte and how they got theIr work publIshed Books Willbe aVallablefor purchase and sIgnIng Among the local authors who Will partICipate m the event Include • Cheryl A MartIn, M A , poetry, Woman Reclmmg and other titles

Van Dusen





• KIm Crouch, nonfictIOn,

Mother to Son Words of Wisdom, InspIratlon and Hope for Todays Young AfrIcan-Amencan Male • Gerald Van Dusen, hIStory, Canton TownshIp from Arcadlas Images of AmerIca senes • VlrgmIa BaIley Parker, hlstorI cal fictIOn, The Water's Edge, Ghost Stones from Canton and others • Robert Guttersohn, mIlItary fantasy, The Bartholemoo


Chromcles • Tawny Taylor, erotic romance, Behmd Closed Doors and Master of Secret DeSIres • Sabrma Adams, WrIter and founder of Zoe LIfe PublIshmg • Cathenne Marek, chIldren s fic bon, Sara ~ 1st HaIrcut

The event ISsponsored by the FrIends of the Canton PublIc LIbrary and ISfree to the publIc, space ISlImIted Call the lIbrary at (734) 397-0999 begmmng May 9 to regIster The lIbrary ISlocated at 1200 S Canton Center Road In Canton

Subscribe today, call1-866-88-PAPER

An exceptional home-like setting for Active/Alert, Memory Impaired, Frail/Recovermg and Alzheimer's residents.


PW -24 Hour Professional Staffing -Private/Semi Private/Barrier Free -3 Home Cooked Meals A Day -On Call Nurse Practitioner -Planned Activities




50145 Ford Rd.


(W. ofBeck Rd.)


(734) 495-' 700

8121 Lilley, Located between Joy & Warren Roads


Choose from 25 master's degree programs In bUSiness, nursing, education, psychology, hospice, ESL, pastoral ministry, health services, information systems For information contact the Graduate School at:

734·432·5667 [email protected]



-Wander Secured/Enclosed Courtyard -Medication Management -Daily Housekeeping & Laundry -incontinence Management -Beauty & Barber Shop




MADONNA UNIVERSITY 36600 Schoolcraft Road' LIVOnia Michigan 48150 Your Success Our Greatest Achievement

Certrfled hortrcultunst/orbonst


MO~~~~S630 SUN 105

stoff to answer any questIOns plus DennIS Crrmboh AS LA



Observer&EccentriC I Sunday May13 2007

Plan designed to put region on jroad to renaissance' Airport InAmsterdamand attended the AirportCities ConferenceInFrankfurt What did youcomeawayWithfrom seeing an airport City functioningandfromthe conference? Schlphol has 60,000


Southeast MJclugan 'aerotropohs" may begm to take flIght as part of an amhInous program to kIckstart the areas troubled economy On May 3, Detroit ReIlllJssance released Its Road to Reruussance Fmal Busmess Plan The plan focuses on SIXpnonnes for developmgthe metro DetroIt area Theyare1 Becomethe Center for Global Mobulty, 2 Grow an Aerotropohs, 3 Grow Greater DetroIt's Creatlve Commum1y, 4 Grow Greater DetroIt'S Eutrepreuennai Cap8C11y,5 Relam our Futore ThIent Hugh Base, 6 Promote Globally, Gallagher Commumcate Locally




workers m variOUS


busmess leaders have come together to set 11 specmc strategies, nmehnes and fundmg sources to meet these goals The report was produced by a 125-member task force Doug Rothwell, preSIdent of DetrOIt Remussance, wluch coordinated the mlt1anve, discussed the WIde-ranging report m an emad questlon and answer WIth the Observer e!

Doug Rothwell busmesses adjacent to the arrport Frankfurt has a SUTIlIarnumber In the US, ChIcago, MemphiS and Dallas have used then hub auports to attract busmess mvest1nents There ISa tremendous opportumly to develop the 20,000 acres of developable land between Metro and Willow Run AIrports But we need to do It thoughtfully We sholJid look at tins hke North Carolma looked at developmg the Research Tnangle Park back m the 1950s It ISa transfonnatlomll project that needs to be given time to work.

Whatkind Qf businesses do yousee formingaround the airports; what kindof ltmellnedo yousee for that development? Research Tnangle Park took 20 years to take E=nJ:ru; off We don t tlunk It needs to take that long for the Detroit Aerotropohs because we aren t Whythese SIXprrorit,es and howdidthe task force starting from scratch We already have one of decide on these prror,t,es? the best hub "'rports m the US But we have We based these pnontles on benchmarkIng SIX four studies that need to be completed m the next year before we can senously start regions InsIde and outsIde the U S and gettmg attracting mvestors These mclude the mput from over 650 mdlVlduais benchmarkIng, master development, busmess representing over 500 orgamzatlons m metro attraction and marketing plans Wayne Detroit Counly ISleadmg the effort and Counly Eachprrorrtyhas a ltmellne,cost estimates, Executive (Robert) Flcano really gets what potential fundingsources Whatkindof needs to be done He IScommitted to domg commitments haveyou receivedfrom government tins nght. We need to support hIS efforts and prrvate sources? HowdifficultISthiS gIVenour DetroIt Reruussance will be partnenng WIth current economicconditions? the counly by funding some ofthesejJlans and staffing the effort. We are 1'31Smgfunds from the corporate commumly and workIng closely WIth the foundation commumly Whue there are one or Whatdo you see as the principaladvantagesof the 1-94 corridor, Metroand WillowRunmcompetition two Imt1atlves that need goverrnnent suPPort, Withother cities, particularly Chicagofor dominance the overwhehrnng maJonly will be dnven by as the Midwesttransportation hub? the commumly We have cap8C1lyand are ready to grow These Ideas buildon Ideas that have been as least Unhke most hub =ports we aren t landconceptuallyadvancedover the last decade or more locked We have 20 000 acres we can develop such as the emphaSISon mobilityand 10g'lStICS, the We have four parallel runways and can add creative COrridoralongWoodward,the aerotropolls more No one else can boast such potential Whydo youbelieveIt'Snecessary to pullthese Ideas together InthiSone plan" Andspeakmg of transportation, Whyno mass transit Because a plan proVIdes the abUIly to focus component In thiS plan? lumted resources, time and energy We have Mass transit takes years to put m place and we never had a strategy for growmg our region's stili aren t sure how to do It m DetroIt where economy before We have planned projects we are so spread out m terms of where we lIve and tacl1cs but never put together a ,trategy 'lnd v\ork Row to Rellat'3"anCe1'3 focused on that pnontlzes what needs to be done what we t.e.ln get done III three to five yCaIt> Mass tranSIt doesn t fit that tlmetrame Youwere In the groupthat recently toured Schlphol

Howdo you see the busmess accelerators as working? Accelerators p1'OVldehelp to new and groWIng companIes to help them grow faster Most busmess people are experts at the product or serVIce they produce They aren't always tr",ned m man3g1Ug and leading busmess enterpnses Accelerators give them the busmess planmng, financmg, sales, exporting and research asslstlmce they need to grow their enterpnses We have four accelerators m metro DetrOIt domg great work, but they are at cap8C1lyand need more resources We need two new ones to fill some geographIC gaps This ISan area where government help ISneeded and expected We thmk a $30 mJihon mvestment from our Congress and $15 millIOn from the state Isn t too much to ask for a reglou that IShurting hke ours IS nghtnow Arecent survey of graduatingstudents from the Big 3 UniVersitiesshowedthat two-thirds willbe looking for workoutSideof MichiganRetainingtalent Is one of the priorities. Hasthe sltuatron reached a point where MichiganWillhavea hard time fillingthe needs of the bUSinessesyou're hopingto attract? I m not one that beheves If we Just graduate more college grads we will fix our economy Its all about creatlngJobs and career opportumtles that our kIds want to take advantage of There are plenly of these m the region today, but generally WIth compames that are smaller and less well known Through mtem and apprenticeshIps we can connect kIds to these opportumtles before they graduate That ISone of the Road to RenaIssance actIOn steps

Hugh Gallagher ISthe managmg editor of the Observer

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Ith all the fuss over the Bloomfield Hdls school bond vote and school board electIOn, an Important event was passed over SIr Graves Ghastly has died Adnuttedly, I thought he had died years ago, but I have smce learned that he passed on recently at age 94 OffiCIally he was Lawson Demmg, but to all of us Saturday afternoon fans from the late 1960s to early 1980s he WIll always be SIr Graves - or as m~ then-young nephew used to say, Sir Grapes SIr Graves delJghted hIS fans WIth some of the cormest TV ever seen on TV Interspersel:! WIth ancient horror films, hke The Mummy and The WolfMan, Sir Graves wolJid entertllIn us WIth songs and Jokes WIth the aId of an Greg assortment of helpers hke Cool GholJi, TillIe Trollhouse, The Glob and Barnba. Kowalski -All of them looked suspICIously i1ke SIr Graves The Jokes were awful The songs dreadful And the set - a cardboard coffin m a httle graveyard - was about as cheesy as you could get No matter SIr Graves was fun He was a gentle vampIre He had good manners and never spoke 111 of anyone He was campy m hIS own way, but he never attempted to be hip or sly He even preferred to show the clasSICold horror mOVIes,where nary a drop of blood was shown and there was no such thmg a senal kIller They had class So dId he And look what we've got now Sir Graves used to be on Saturday afternoons m a TV land that eXisted long before cable Now we have dozens of channels that essentially show nothmg These Saturday afternoons, I mJght fhp over to Fox news, or MSNBC or CNN, as I am a news JunkIe But for the most part the shows featore people yelilng at each other or otherwise engaging m verbal mudfests There doesn t seem to be any room anymore for honest debate oflegltlmate dIsagreement Now, many shows are JUst


What a waste of tlme At least WIth SIr Graves you got entert",ned No one could Croon a tune hke TIllIe Trollhouse who warbled hke a mghtmgale, or perhaps a SICkmoose Some horror film aficIOnados prefer the much hIpper GholJi as theIr favonte horror mOVIehost We must also give due respect to the WItty Count Scary And does anybody still remember Morgus? They have made theIr own mark on the local TV scene and are - or were - great m their own way But none of them can generate the affectIOn that SIr Graves There hardly ISany local TV anymore Celebntles ilke George Plerrot, Bul Kennedy and a host of others are long gone and replaced by well, by nobody As a rule, I try to aVOIdnostalgia It colors realIstic VIews of hIstory as we tend to remember the great thmgs about the good 01 days, ilke plaYIng baseball m the street when you were a kId, whl1e forgettmg the reason you were out there - school had closed because of a poilo outbreak. I WIll,however, look back on SIr Graves WIth fondness and nostalgia Good mght sweet vampIre

~uu.c<.,sfullLg10n h&. done


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Whatelse wouldyou liketo say about Roadto Renaissance? ThIs ISa strategy that focuses on a lumdful of pnontles It doesn t address everythmg we need to do to get our economy m fifth gear But It ISa start. What we need to do now IS FOCUS TIns region has a tendency to Zlg and zag' on the project dUJour Our success will largely be detenmned by our abUlly to stick WIth a strategy long enough to see It throt1~h 11,at, \\ hat Vlrtuallv every other

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exerCISesm character assassmatIOn

Arethere specificjob growthand economicgrowth goals?Whatkindof overalltlmellne are we looking at? Yes and we will be pubhshlng report cards on a quarterly basIS to let people know how we are domg We expect and want to be held accountable If we are rumnng mto roadblocks the report card will show what the problem ISand bnng pressure to fix It

G t

Now you can use the eqtIlty m your coUege tuition, dream vacations, deb

(WReGc-A 7)(CPL)

Kowalski s editor of the Birmingham Eccentnc He can be reached at '~Greg (248) 901 2570 or by e mall at [email protected]




Observer & Eecentne I Sunday May 13 1007

wwwhometownllfe com

Cost basis important for calculating your taxes Dear Rick: Can you tell me what cost basIs means? Cost basIs IS what you pald for en Investment For example, If you purchased 100 shares of stock at $10 a share, your cost basIS would be $1,000 Cost baSIS IS an Important number, partICularly when It comes to taxes If your cost basiS m an mvestment was $1,000 and you sold that mvestment for $1,500, you would have a $500 gam to report on your

tax return Cost basiS IS a httle dIfferent for mutual funds In thiS case, It s what you paid for the fund plus all the dlVldends and capItal gam distributIOns you remvested For example, If you paid $1,000 for a mutual fund and over the years you had $100 of dIVIdends remvested and $ 200 of capital gam distributIOns reInvested, your cost basIS would be $1,300 If you sold that mvestment for $1,100

you would be able to take a $200 loss on your tax return If you mherlted an Investment, then your cost Money basiS IS the fau market value Matters of the Investment on Rick the date of Bloom death of the decedent On the other hand, If you have an mvestment that was gIfted to

you can contact the company and they can assist m determInmg your baSIS On the other hand, for mdlVlduai stocks It IS often dIfficult or nearly Impossible When you conSider some of the corporate mergers that have occurred over the last number of years, determmmg baSIS IS sometimes difficult In those cases, I generally recommend contactmg the mvestor serVIce department at the mdlVlduai company for assIstance In cases where you can not get assIstance the only alternative IS to take a fair guesstimate and to document how the calculatIOn was done

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SundayMay'V~07 TheObserver& EccentricNewspapers

EdWright,editor (734)9532108 eWrlght®hometownlife com


= en CD


Calille excels


Plymouth's EvanBropheyISupended by Sudburys Justin Donatiduring the second period of Fridaynight s Game5 of the OHLChampionshipSeries The Whalerswon 4-3, In overtime to take a 3-2 lead heading Into tOnight'sGame6 In Sudbury

Whalers on brink of OHLchampionship Collins' OT game-winner nets 3-2 lead in series BY ED WRIGHT STAFF WRITER

FolloWIng 73 mmutes of high-mteusity hockey, a frandfue-rreord 8: shok Ull goal and a countless number of near UllSses,the Plymouth Whalers saw the hght Fnday mght The red hght And they couldn't have been happIer - or more reheved Dan Collms' goal WIth 6 26 left m overbme earned Plymouth a 4-3 VIctory over Sudbury m Game 5 of the Ontario Hockey Leagoe's

ChamplOushlp Senes POSSIbly the most exCltmg contest ever played at the Compuware Sports Arena - espeCla1lyconSldenng the !ugh stakes mvoh ed - wa.:. WItnessed by 3,359 sure-to be-hoarse-bySaturday-monung fans The VVha.lers,who are now JUst 60 sohd mmutes of hockey away from claumng possessIOn of the J Ross Robertson trophy fur the first nme smce 1995, will pack themselves and a 3-2 senes lead mto a bus and travel to Sudbury for Game 6 on Sunday mght A Wolves' VIctory

will force a Game 7 on Tuesday mghtat7 05p m atthe Compuware Sports Arena. A Whalers wm will earn Plymouth a coveted OHL tItle and a trIp to Vancouver for the MemonalCup After what transpIred Fnday mght anythmg ISpOSSIble The Whalers outshot the Wolves, 81-35, but still had to sweat out the wm after blowmg a 3-1 tlurd penod lead "You always get a httle nerv OllS



High VelOCitySports In Canton IScurrently accept lng reglstratlois for Its

outshoot a tedJTI.

Plymouths DanCollinS(right) tallied the ~ame winninggoal Fridaynight WithJust over SIXminutes left Inovertime

.Pairings set for District tournaments

What a relief Canton's, Milus calms Rocks' bats

Altogether, the lanky southpaw gave up eIght Ints and struck out five while ISSwngJUStone free pass Both pItchers may owe a couple After two mmngs ofThurSl!ay's of their teammates steak dIuners cross-eampus showdown between Canton and Salem, It appeared as IT - or at least Happy Meals - after they snuffed out rallies WIth stera fuse may be blown m the Rocks' hng defeUSlvc effurts Inthe see scoreboard one!, Salem nght fielder Jusnn Over the final five mmngs, the Horger threw out Canton's Will scoreboard was barely needed. TIdwell at the plate to help squelch In a game that qmcklyevolved from a slngfest mto a pItchers duel, a Cluef upnsmg In the slXlh, Canton returned the the ChIefs prevailed, 6-5, to favor when left fielder Kyle Gnng nnprove their record to 8-9-1 overfielded Kyle Powell's SlUgleand all 'The Rocks dropped to 7-11 gunned down Rock shortstop Ten ofl:/Ie game's 11nms crossed Heath Parhng - the potentlal the plate m the first two frames, tymg run - at the plate. winch ended WIth the two nvals Canton Jumped to a 2-0 lead m knotted at 5-all Canton pushed the first when Blame Paden and across th!>game-WlUUer m the BarathledoffWIthsmgles No 3 fourth wJ1en Brad Baraths fielder's Intter Kyle Gnng then l81d down a chOIce grt;lunder scored Cody BakIta,-wfio hitd reacliedon an sacrdiCe bunt befure MIlus brought Paden and Barath home WIth a error Semor nght-hander Dan sharply Int smgle MIlus earned the wm m rehef for Salem answered WIth three m Its the Cluefs after coohng off the half of the first when the first two Rocks' hats over the final 5 2 batters - Parhng and Powellmmngs MIlus reTIred 16 of the 21 walked, settmg the table fur sophobatters he faced, striklng out three more center fielder Sam Ott's while yteldIngJust three Ints three-run, oppoSlte-field home run After a shaky start that was hampered by a couple of ill-tuned The Cluefs talhed three unearned nms m the second on an =rs, Salem semor left-hander Brad Way settled down and temRBI smgle from Barath and a coupered the ChIefs' bats After glVlng ple of Salem errors The Rocks knotted the game at 5-all when up five ruus (oulytwo earned) m Powell npped a two-run smgle the first two mmngs, Way held That set the stage for Baraths Canton m check WIth the excepUon game-WInmng fielder's chOIce of an unearned run m the fourth.

Hole-in-one Canton reSident Rocco Varalallirecorded hiSfirst career hole-In-on on ApFlI 30 on the 137-yard17th hole at Ea~le Crest Golf Course In YpSilanti Varalalliused a pltchln~ wed~e for hiSace and finIshed with a nIne-hole round of 37

High Velocity sports camps

that bad and the score lS still tlee!,"SlUdPlymouth head coach Mlke VelluCCl "Overall, though, I thought we played really well We stayed focused, played bard and dId all the thmgs you need to do to wm a game hke thlS 'Probably the best way to put PLEASE SEEWHALERS, 83

Former Canton track-' and-field standout Dave CalilleISburnln~ up the track at Lansing CommunIty College On May9 at the AqulAas TwilightOpen Track Meet In Grand Rapids, the college sophomore established la new LCCrecord In the 200-meter dash With a lime of 2147 seconds The effort qualified Calillefelr the National JUnior College Track Meet In Coffeyville, KanCall1lewas also a member of the LCC400relay conlln~ent that set a new school record With~ time of 42,71 The former Chief capped his memorable day by Winnln~ the 400-meter da~h In 48 66 The meet inclUded top-notch athletes from Michiganand Ohio.







, J

,. >,




Phenomenal focus Plymouthsecond baseman Beth Heldmeyer pictured above In a game earlier thiS season, went 2-Ior-2 Withtwo RBIIn the Wildcats'15-0victory over WalledLakeWestern Friday afternoon Fordetails on the game, see page B2

The DIstnct 27 baseball and softball brackets have been released for the twoday tournament that WIll mclude Plymouth, Canton and Salem on May 29 and June 2 In the baseball competItIOn, Plymonth WIll square off agamst host L1voma Stevenson on Tuesday, May 29, at 4 30 P m The WInner WIll take on Salem, whlCh drew a first-round bye, m a semIfinal matchup set for Saturday, June 2, atl230pm On the other SIde of the brackets, LlVoma ChurchIll and L1voma Franklm WIll playa pre-dIstnct contest on May 29 at 2 30 P m The wmner WIll take on Canton, WhICh drew a first-round bye, m a semIfinal game set for June 2 at 10 am The champlOnshlp game WIll be played June 2 at 3 p m In the softball tonrney, Plymouth WIll take on host Stevenson on May 29 at 2 30 P m The VIctor WIll battle Salem, whlCh drew a first-round bye, m a sermfinal clash set for June 2 at 10 a m On the other SIde of the brackets, Churchill and Franklm WIll square off m a pre-dIstnct showdown on May 29 at 4 30 P m The WInner WIn tangle WIth Canton, whIch drew a first-round bye, m a semIfinal game set for June 2 at noon The champlOnshlp tIlt WIll commence at2pm

spring/summer basketb)lll and volleyball leagues Youth and adult basketballlea~ues Willbegin June 4 and last 10 weeks plus playoffs The re~lstratioh deadline ISMay 29 The youth team fee IS$850 and Includes one-practice per week Youth indiViduals may sign up to play on a house team The adult l team fee IS$750 and a4ult Individuals may also sl~n up to play on a house t$m for $85 80th adult and indiVidualfees Include ~ Jersey , Adult cooedvolleyball, lea~ues also start June'4 and run for 10 weeks plqs playoffs The re~lstratlon deadline ISMay29 Thej volleyball leagues play on Mondays or Wednesda~ and the cost Is $510 pe~ te~~~th volleyballcllnlc~ are also available for bolts and girls between the abes of 9 and 14. The beginner class Is set for Wednesdays from 5'30-6 30 p m an~ the Intermedlate/advanFed class ISon Wednesdays from 6 30-7 30 p m The fee IS$80 for eight wee'ks and classes start June ~

MU softball falls 8ethel College (Ind.) ended Madonna's softball season Wednesday wltl1a 7-2 win In the NAIAReQlon VIIIchampionship rounilm 8attle Creek The Pilots> (43-8), ranked 21st nallonai, also beat the Crusadhrs 3-0 earlier In the day a~d moved on to the NAIA national tournament, beglnnIn~ May18 In Decatur, Ala Between the two MU-Bethel~ames,.lhe Crusaders earned a 4-3 victory over Marian The Crusaders finIsh the season Witha 34-16 overall mark and for the second straight year were defeated In the championship round of the re~lonal. l



Observer & Eccentnc I Sunday May 13 1001





Salem S Zack Gaskell IS pictured Farmington High School


5 3 In the

high jump during the Observerland


Relays held May

5 at

BOYS TRACK RESULTS Whitaker) 3 39 2 W L Western 3 45 B3 DUAL-MEETRECOROS Plymouth 3 2 Western 0 5 SALEM 72 JOHN GLENN65 Thursday et salem Shot put 1 Henley (JG) 49 3 2 BOZlg"n (JG) 42 5 3 Jim Crabill IS) 41 9 Discus 1 Henley (JG) 136 5 2 BOZigian (JG) 134 0 3 Courtney FraZier (5) 11811 High jump 1 Jace Bearden (5) 6 2 2 Ian Thornton IJG) 6 2 Ross DavIS (5) 6 2 LonQJump 1 Jace Bearden (5) 19 1 2 C Jackson (JG) 18 115 3 Bm Efremov (5) 18 115 Pole vautt 1 J P Truesdell (5) 12 0 2 Lawrence IJG) 110 3 Lockhart IJG) 10

PLYMOUTH96.67 W L. WESTERN41.33 Thursday at Plymouth Shot put I Sam RIChards (P) 44 leet 115 Inches 2 5axson (WLW) 41 615 3 Corey Gomall (P) 40 1 Olscus. 1 Gerald Lou (P) 136 10 2 Derek Bradford (P) 1211 3 Calo (WLW) 113 0 Long lump 1 Kassell (WLW) 12 1 50 2 Mack (WLW) 19 1150 3 Nate Gholston IP) 197 High Jump 1 MarVin Whitaker IP) 5 10 2 Ohngren (WLW) 5 B 3 (tie) Kassell (WLW) Pawan Dahlwal (P) Mike Hanchett

IP) 53 Pole vault 1 Ben Ambrose (P) 111 2 Andrew Sheperd (PliO 6 3 Jake 2awaskl (P) 10 0 3 2DD-meter relar 1 Plymouth (Anthony


3 200-mete"elar 1 Salem B 43 B6 2 John Glenn 9 05 B4 110high hurdles 1 Baze Elremov IS) 15 24 2 Aletunmobl (JG) 15 31 3 Anthony (JG) 16 26 100 dash 1 Ian Thornton (JG) 1116 2 DawkinS (JG) 1129 3 Adam Kashoro (5) 1155 800 relay 1 John Glenn 1 34 02 2 Salem 13B 55 1,600 run 1 Craig Cowing IS) 45409 2 E Volstromer 4 54 77 3 A Volstromer 45511 400 relay 1 John Glenn 4451 2 Salem 4512 400 dash 1 Curllss (JG) 5136 2 KeVin Cope IS) 5276 3 Grant Stone (5) 53 69 300 hurdles 1 Bm Efremov IS) 41 67 2 Anthony IJG) 42 B6 3 Scott 0 Connor (5) 4351 800 run 1 Rob CurtIS (5) 2 1146 2 Wood IJG) 211 50 3 DeVin deBear (5) 21565 200 dash 1 DawkinS (JG) 2319 2 Adam Kashoro IS) 2310 3 Marks (JG) 2409 3,200 ru .. 1 Mike Charara (JS) 1106 20 A Volsromer IS) 1106 31 3 Jason Smith (5) 1106 39 1,600 relay 1 Salem 3 32 86 2 John Glenn 3 3727 Salem s dual meet record 3 2 CANTON815 WAYNE MEMORIAL55 5

Scaparo Justin Huey Matt Lewandowski

Kyle Wallath) B 33 1 W L Western B 35 110high hurdles 1 NICk PleSCia (PI 165 2 Stoloff IWLW) 1B5B 3 Ross (WLW) 1814 100 dash 1 Jenanan Caldwell (P) 112 2 Morelli (WLW) 1139 3 Connor McKmney (P) 114 SDOrelay 1 W L Western 1 31 Plymouth was dIsqualified 1600 run 1 Justin Huey (P) 441 1 Matt Lewandowski (P) 4 44 3 Mahakran (WLW) 44615 400 relar 1 W L Western 45 25 (Plymouth dISqualified) 400 dash 1 Mike Hanchett IP) 524 2 Schnalble (WLW) 52 93 3 MarVin Whitaker (P) 5319 300 hurdles 1 Nate Gholston (P) 41 69 1 Mack (WLW) 4455 3 NICk Plese" (P) 4496 BOOrun 1 Kyle Wallath (P) 2 09 1 Justin Huey (PI 210 3 Andrade (WLW) 111 200 dash 1 Jenanan Caldwell (P) 23 59 1 Malik RICh (P) 2415 3 Probst (WLW) 1416 3,200 run 1 Derek Lax (P) 1015 2 Anthony Scaparo (P) 10 17 3 Patnck Slavens (P) 10 31 1600 relay 1 Plymouth (M ke Hanchett Nate Gholston Kenneth Lomske Marv n

Thursday at Wayne Shot put 1 NICk Moores (C) 4611 25 2 Bryanl(WM) 454 3 Gorrlng (WM) 44 325 Discus 1 NICk Moores (C) 146 10 2 Steve Paye (C) 142 10 3 Hassen (WM) 1191 Hlghjump 1 Ene Thornton (C) 65 2 Bryanl(WM) 5 6 3 (lie) Kerth 2ech (C) and Mills (WM) 5 3 Long jump 1 Okemd, Oparaeke (C) 19 10 5 2 Freeman IWM) 19 9 5 3 Powell (WM) 1905 Pole vauR 1 Chns McGlnms (C) 12 10 2 Joe Massel (C) 12 0 3 Bnan Rakovlbs IC) 110 3 ZOD-meter run 1 Canton (Marcus Sylvester Keith Zech Josh Hurst Scott 2ech) B 35 3 2 Wayne B 360 110high hurdles 1 Powell (WM) 15 4 2 Tim Belcher IC) 154 3 Rykalsky (C) 169 100 dash 1 Crowe IWMI 113 2 NICk Moores IC) 111 3 Freeman IWM) 11B BOOrelar 1 Wayne 1 341 2 Canton (Ryan Randall Shenf Hassamen Tim Belcher Andrew Manuel) 1 35 6 1,600 run 1 Ene 2ech (C) 4 49 6 2 Duncan SPitz (C) 4 51 5 3 Scholfield IWM) 4540 400 relay 1 Wayne 459 2 Canton (Ryan Randall Rohn Gaudl OCle LeWIS Tosln Adedell) 415 400 dash 1 Andrew Manuel (C) 51 0 2 Crowe (WM) 51 2 3 Josh Elim (C) 54 3 300 hurdles 1 Tim Belcher (C) 415 2 Powell (WM) 42 2 3 Shenf Hassamen (C) 453 800 run 1 LewIS (WM) 2 03 5 2 Scott 2ech (C) 2 07 6 3 Josh GodWin (C) 20B 200 dash 1 Andrew Manuel (C) 23 5 2 Baskin (WM) 23 6 3 Freeman (WM) 245 3,200 run 1 Greg Reed (C) 10 45 2 2 Kyle Clifton (C) 10 50 6 3 Scholfield IWM) 10 53 2 1 600 relar 1 Wayne 3 35 B 2 Canton (Sher f Hassalnen Tim Belcher Josh [tlm Scott 2echl 3 361 Camon 5 dual meet record 5 1

08SERVERLAND 80VS TRACK BESTS SHOT PUT NICk Moores (Canton) 52 3 50 Bryan Henley (John Glenn) 50 4 Adam Gorrlng (Wayne) 50 2 Jon Robinson (Churchill) 48 1075 Steve Paye (Canton) 46 1 KeVin Wengert (Franklin) 45 11 Mike Wood (Franklin) 45 7 Alex Edwards (Lutheran Westland) 45 4 25 Matt Broome (Stevenson) 44 115 Wardell Fuqua (Canton) 44 915 DISCUS Steve Paye (Canton) 150-9 Bryan Henley (John Glenn) 150 6 NICk Moores (Canton) 14710 Matt 8roome (Stevenson) 1413 Robert Pennywltt (RU) 13B 11 Mike Wood (franklin) 138 B Thomas Myers (Churchill) 138 6 Gerald Lou (Plymouth) 136 10 2ach BOZlg"n (John Glenn) 134 0 Brad Doak (Stevenson) 133 0 HIGH JUMP Enc Thornton (Canton) 6 8 Mitchell White (Stevenson) 6 4 Jacob McDonald (Churchill) 6 3 Jace Beardon (Salem) 6 2 Israel Woolfork (Franklin) 6 2 Ian Thornton (John Glenn) 6 2 Ross DavIS (Salem) 6 0 Patnck York (Stevenson) 6 0 MarVin Whitaker (Plymouth) 5 10 Phillip Grasshof (Clarencevllle) 5 10 Wyatt Stahl (Stevenson) 5 10 Justin Floyd (RU) 510 LONGJUMP Myles White (Stevenson) 22-3 Marcus Bennett (lhurston) 22 2 5 Billy GutOWSki(Churchill) 211 5 Dave Simor (Stevenson) 21 5 5 Alan Freeman (Wayne) 20 6 5 Renaldo Powell (Wayne) 20 3 Mike Sylvester (Franklin) 20 2 25 Nate Serglson (Stevenson) 20 0 5 Israel Woolfork (Franklin) 19 B Enc Thornton (Canton) 19 7 Nate Gholston (Plymouth) 19 7 Jace Beardon (Salem) 191 POLEVAULT Denk Peterman (Churchill) 14 0 Mike Sylvester (Franklin) 13 9 Joe Tessner (Churchill) 13 9 Ben Ambrose (Plymouth) 13 0 Ryan Langdon (Canton) 13 0 Chns McGmms (Canton) 12 6 Joe Massel (Canton) 12 0 Bnan Rakovltls (Canton) 12 0 J P Truesdell (Salem) 12 0

John Gudeman (Stevenson) 116 110-METERHURDLES Myles White (Stevenson) 141 Baze Efremov (Salem) 141 RICOWalker IRU) 150 Nate Gholston (Plymouth) 15 3 Hammed Aletunmobl (John Glenn) 15 3 Marcus Bennett (Thurston) 15 5 Renaldo Powell (Wayne) 15 5 Andrew LaBerge (Churchill) 15 6 Jacob McDonald (Churchill) 15 B Mark 2ehner (Churchill) 15 9 300 HURDLES Andrew laBerge (Churchill) 39 2 Myles White (Stevenson) 39 4 Tim Belcher (Canton) 40 5 Jacob McDonald (Churchill) 412 Bm Efremov (Salem) 416 Nate Gholston (flymouth) 411 Renaldo Powell (Wayne) 42 2 Shenf Hassamen (Canton) 42 5 RICOWalker (RU) 42 5 Kyle Ramthun ILuth Westland) 42 5 100 DASH Ian Thornton (John Glenn) 10 6 Larry Dawkms (John Glenn) 106 Steve Eldeh (Stevenson) 108 JaJuan Marks (John Glenn) 11 0 Janer"n Caldwell (Plymouth) 111 Daran Carey (Churchill) 111 Casey Wolfe IWayne) 111 Connor McKinney (Plymouth) 112 John Stewart (Clarencevllle) 112 Mike Schatz (Luth Westland) 112 Josh Palka (Luth Westland) 112 200 John Stewart (Clarencevllle) 22 6 DaVid St Amant (Churchill) 22 6 Andrew Manual (Canton) 22 7 Larry DawkinS (John Glenn) 221 Dan Cragel (Stevenson) 22 8 Steve Eldeh (Stevenson) 229 Josh Palka (Luth Westland) 22 9 Billy Gutowski (Churchill) 23 0 Nate 5erglson (Stevenson) 23 0 Casey Wolfe (Wayne) 23 0 Darell Myree (Franklin) 23 0


John Stewart (Clarencevllie 49 5 DaVid St Amant (Churchill) 50 2 Dan Cragel (Stevenson) 50 5 Andrew Manual (Canton) 51 0 Jacob McDonald (Churchill) 514 Curtis Jackson (John Glenn) 514 Andrew LaBerge (Churchill) 515 Derek Buskey (Stevenson) 516 Billy GutOWSki(Churchill) 518 KeVin Cope (Salem) 52 3 Kyle Wallath (Plymouth) 52 3

Josh Palka (Luth Westland) 52 J Kyle Osborne (Stevenson) 52 3 800 Matt Rzpeka (Stevenson) 157 6 KelVin LewIS (Wayne) 2 00 9 Scott 2ech (canton) 2 013 Kyle Wallath (Plymouth) 2 02 0 Mike Gibbons (Stevenson) 2 03 4 Bnan Robertson (thurchlll) 2 05 0 Justin Huey (Plymouth) 2 06 4 Mark Waterbury (Churchill) 2 06 4 DaVid St Amant (Churchill) 2 06 0 Spencer Lyle (Luth Westland) 2 06 4

1,600 Matt Rzepka (Stevenson) 4 29 B Patnck Slavens (Plymouth) 4 312 Rob Curlls (Salem) 4 379 Enc 2ech (Canton) 4 38 2 Justin Huey (Plymouth) 4 41 0 Spencer Lyle (Lutheran Westland) 4 40 1 Brandon Grysko (Churchill) 4 42 3 Br"n Robertson (Churchill) 4 43 7 Anthony Scaparo (Plymouth) 4 43 9 Matt Lewandowski (Plymouth) 4 44 0 3,200 Patnck Slavens (Plymouth) 10 01 0 Anthony Scapa,. (Plymouth) 10 10 8 Rob Curtis (Salem) 10 113 Derek La*(Plymouth) 10 13 9 Duncan Spllz (Canton) 10 16 3 Joe Vanlone (Churchill) 10 21 B Brandon Grysko (Churchill) 10 294 KeVin deBear (Salem) 10 321 Mike Green (Stevenson) 10 32 3 Evan SIrena (Franklin) 10 33 6 400 RELAY Livonia Stevenson 44 0 Plymouth 441 Westland John Glenn 44 4 LIVOnia Frankhn 44 7 Plymouth 44 9 BOO RELAY Llvoma Stevenson 130 5 Llvoma Churchill 1 309 Westland John Glenn 1321 Lutheran Westland 132,7 L1voma Franklm 1 32 8 1,600 RELAY Livonia Churchill 3 24 5 LIVOnia Stevenson 3 271 Canton 3 315 Salem 3 327 Wayne Memonal3 33 B 3,200 RELAY lIvoma Churchill 8 14 6 Llvoma Stevenson 8150 Plymouth B 2B 0 Canton B 315 Lutheran Westland 8 33 3

=""'=~--"'==~""'---------------------GIRLS TRACK RESULTS PLYMOUTH 94 W L. WESTERN 43 Thursday at PIymoulh Shot put: 1 Johnson (WLW) 3lfeet B 50 Inches 2 Chrystlen Guyton (P) 30-4 3 Loney (WLW) DIscus: 1 Johnson (WLW) 95 2 2 Nicole Ambrose (P) 79-4 3 Juhe Hersey (P) 716 Longjwnp.1 StephameOkolo(P) 16-375 2 Meftah (WLW) 15-675 3 Jill Morton (P) 15 2 25 Hlqhjump. 1 Bnttany Petty (P) 411 2 Marguc<1 (WLW) 4 9 3 Shaak"a Haywood IP) 4 9 Pole vault 1 Tobel (WLW) B 6 2 Beah Kmsely IP) 8 0 3 Sink IWLW) 1-0 3,2DO-meter relar 1 Plymouth (Etleva Mema Lauren Ahearn Sarah Brown Kelly Hahn) 10 33 2 WL Western 1109 100 high hurdles 1 Ray (WLW) 1794 2 Mandy McManus (P) 1B46 3 LewIS(WLW) 1952 100 dish: 1 2eltlln (WLWl 1299 2 Jill Morton (P) 1305 3 Stephanie Okolo (P) 1309 800 retar 1 Plymouth (Stephanie Okolo Jalesa MOISeWhitney Askew Jill Morton) 151 2 Western DQ ed 400 dash 1 Nour Bacha IP) 106 2 Konfara (WLW) 101 3 Gabnelle 2uzo IPI 1OB 300 hurdles. 1 Mandy McManus (P) 52 BB 2

Angela Calcaterra (PI 5406 3 Shaak"a Haywood (P) 5156 800 run. 1 Etlev. Merna (P) 242 2 Karen Okolo IP) 243 3 Bllckner (WLW) 2 41 200 dash 1 Whitney Askew (P) 28 59 2 Jalesa MOISe(P) 2904 3 Klisten Yates IP) 2956 3,200 run: 1 Kelly Hahn (P) 121B 2 Molly Slavens (P) 122B 3 Doherty (WLW) 1241 1,6DOrelay" 1 Plymouth (Etleva Mema Angela Calcaterra Mandy McManus Karen Okolo) 4 2B 27 2 WL Western 42B15 DUAL-MEETRECORDS.Plymouth 3 2 CANTON81 WAYNEMEMORIAL41 Thursday at Wayne Memonal Shot put: 1 Kathy Hansen (WM) 29 feet 1 Inches 2 Ashley McClellan (C) 2B 4 3 Nicole Douglas (C) 2610 DIscus 1 Kathy Hansen (WM) 917 2 Ashley McClellan IC) 90 5 3 JesSica Colton (C) 88 0 Hlqhlump: 1 Megan Metheny (C) 410 Inoone else cleared startmg height) LongJump 1 Bree Edge(CI 13 4 2 Maggie Tihanyi (C) 124 3 Kathryn Wells IC) 111 Pole vaulL 1 Nichols (WM) 7 0 2 Kathryn Wells (CI 6 6 3 Hila Naqvl IC) 5 6

3,200-meter relay" 1 canton (Paula SChubatls ChrISty 0 Keefe Maggie carlson Seth Swanberg) 1212 2 Wayne 100 high hurdles. 1 Ashley Hoener (C) 18 02 2 Wayne lB 46 3 Megan Howard (c) 194 100 dash: 1 WIII"ms (WM) 133 2 Ashley Banks (C) 13 5 3 Sims (WM) 138 800 relay" (both teams were dISqualified) 1,6DOrun: 1 Paula Schubatls (C) 5 54 2 Maggie Carlson (C) 5 57' 3 Smith (WM) 606 400 relay" 1 Wayne 53 66 2 Canton 55 96 400 dash. 1 Beth Swanberg (C) 104 2 Woods (WM) 101 3 Macey FlalShans (C) 112 300 hurdles. 1 Megan Howard (C) 52 8 2 Ashley Hoener (C) 518 3 Goines (WM) 100 800 run: 1 Smith (WM) 246 2 Maggie carlson (C) 2 52 3 Laura Kushner (C) 2 54 200 dash' 1 Gomes (WM) 281B 2 Fleming (WM) 28 3B 3 Ashley Hoener (C) 2946 3,200 run: 1 Paula SchubatlS (C) 13 02 2 Dempsey (WM) 142P 3 SChlampp(WM) 14 21 1,600 relaY' 1 Canton (Megan Howard Megan Metheny Maggie Tihanyi Beth Swanberg) 442 2 Wayne DUAL MEETRECORDSCanton 2 3

Salem enjoys 'sweeps' 'It!~11 gIU!!J!,!!r~!J!, against Walled Lakes!·1













* *'*


TDP 40s





'* '* '*







Walled Lakes three softball teams Wlll be glad to see Salem m theIr rear-VIew mIrrors The Rocks completed a week long, three-game sweep of the Walled Lakes on Fnday when they mpped Central, 2-1, thanks to tIght defense and strong pltchmg from semor Mehssa Leach Salem ousted Northern on Monday and Western on Thursday I couldn't be more proud of my gIrls for gomg out and domg somethmg not many teams do - we beat the teams we lost to early on (Northern and Central), so commg back and gettmg those Wlns thIS week really shows progress," saId Salem coach Bonme Southerland "We contmue to llnprove m all aspects of our game A week ago, most teams would have thrown m the towel but not us Leach allowed SIXhIts, walked one and struck out three to outduel Central's Bnttany Burkhardt It wasn t a pretty Wln and It

wasn't an ImpreSSIve wm m the

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1-t'gher Standards



meIJ~p[s THE

sense that we had great hIts to Wln, but we had patience at the plate today when we needed It most: SaId Southerland Salem accounted for all of Its offense m the second mmng when EmIly Pltcole smgled and scored on Mary Cox's double

PREP SOFTBALL Three straIght walks - the last of whICh by EmIly Behr forced m the second run "We only had four hIts, but we played great defense today;' SaId Southerland Myoutfielders were on theIr games today Parsons, Behr and Thomas all tracked down some deep shots to save us And Leach keeps getting stronger every mmng" Central (13-5) scored ItS lone run m the second mmng FolloWlng the game, both Salem and Central were 5-3 m WLAAs Lakes DIVISIon, two games behmd LIvoma Stevenson CANTON 16, WAYNE 0: Wmnmg pItcher Amy Dunleavy slmck out SIXand went 3-for-3 at the plate whIle scormg three runs to gIve the ChIefs (15-3, 7-1) a

WLAA~WesternDIVISIOn tnumph Fnday at Wayne Memonal (1-17, 0-8) PLYMOUTH 4, STEVENSON 2: In a WLAA makeup game Thursday, the host WIldcats (12-2) earned the VIctOrylIS Kim KlonowskI had a solo homer and Amy Bondy went 2for-3 Wlth an RBI smgle m a WIn over Livoma Stevenson (12-6) Wmnmg pItcher Megan Patterson went all seven

Inmngs, scattermg seven hlts and two walks She struck out three Freshman EmIly Hollandsworth was the losmg pItcher m rehef She gave up two earned runs on one hIt over four mmngs Starter JamIe Johnson went the first three, alloWlng two Ints and a walk Laura Deacon went 2-for-3 for the Spartans, mcludmg a two-run homer m the fourth mnmg to tie the game at 2-all E1ll1lyHollandsworth also had two hIts, mcludlng a double SALEM 6 W.L. WESTERN 0: On Thursday at Western, MelIssa Leach the shutout Wln as she allowed Just three hIts and one walk whIle stnkIng out 10 "We were sWlngIng the bat very well today,' SaId Salem coach Bonme Southerland Salem scored three m the second mmng when Mary Cox doubled m two before LIz Thomas npped a smgle that plated Cox In the fifth, KaIt McKinley smgled Wlth one ant, EmIly Pltcole reached on an error and KrIsten Warmck smgled to score McKinley LIz Thomas added an RBI smgle m the sIXlh for the wm-

ners Thomas,Abby Pamtz, PItcole and Cox paced the Rocks' offense Wlth two hIts a pIece

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May 13 2007



Whalers and Red Wings: j Simultaneous supremacY1

WHALERS FROM PAGE Bl It IS that we toughed out a wm TIns was a tough, tough hockey game and we played as tough as we could The catalyst for Collms' game-wmner was Ryan McGmms, who fired shot No 80 at Sudbury goahe Sebastlan Dahm Colhns gobbled up the rebound on the doorstep and wnsted It home 'Ryan McGmms put a qmck shot on net and the rebound Just came nght out to me, saId Collms, recalhng hIS aT ender Iwas gettmg a httle frustrated early on m the overtIme because 1had some obVlous chances that 1couldn t bury But Its extremely gratIfYIngto be able to score the game wmner and gIVe us a chance to go to &udbury on Sunday and close It out " Pnor to Fnday's gaIne, the Wolves had been the Kmgs of Overtnne especIally dunngthe 2006-07 post-season when they've regIstered SIXextra-seSSIOnVlcto nes But they got trumped by Collms' ace m what may turn out to be the PIVOtal game m what's been an entertammg senes 'We seemed to SItback a httle bIt m the overtIme for whatever reason, saId Sudbury coach MIke Fohgoo, refemng to Plymouths 19-1 edge m shots on goal m the aT "1 don t know If It was nervous ness or what VV'h.ateverIt was It wasn t a good tIme to SItback I thmk we had one chance m overtIme on a power play but we fanned on the shot While Fohgno couldn t have been more dlsappomted WIth Fnday mghts results, he couldn t have been more proud of the way h,S teaIn erased Its two goal, thIrd penod defiCIt All season, rve kept askmg so much of them and they've always found a way to gIve It to me," SaId Fohgno NIck Fohgno put the Wolves ahead 1-0 1 51 mto the game when he one tImed the puck past Plymouth goalIe MIchal NeuVlrth from the lower nght CIrcle59 seconds mto a power play Plymouth's Jared Boll knotted thmgs at I-all WIth 7 45 left m the first penod when he scooped m a one-tImer top shelf from Andrew Fourmer Chns Terry also assIsted on the goal The Whalers outshot the Wolves, 2813, m the penod, but had Just a I 1 tIe to show for It Plymouth seIzed a 2 1 advantage 6 04 mto the second penod when Evan Brophey one-tImed a pass from DanIel Ryder past Dahm Terry mcreased the hosts lead to 3 1Just 49 seconds later when he backhanded a low ICehugger pastDahm The Whalers appeared to have thmgs

I Sunday


hat to do when Hockeytown gets too expenSIve? There s a parallel hockey 'dynasty of sorts over at Compuware Sports Arena m Plymouth TownshIp, where rafters are adorned WIth numerous banners for the extended Ontano Hockey League supremacy of the Plymouth Whalers How about banners for the 2000 ~~~ --, or 2001 Western Conference champIOns? They're on dIsplay as well as pennants for dlVlsmn ChaInpIOnshlps m those years Other Western DIVISIOnbanners hang for 1999, Tim 2002, 2003 and Smith --""''''' """""'"" 2006 and don't forget more WIll be raIsed next fall - after the Whalers outstandmg 2006 07 regular sea son and playoffs As of thIS week, Plymouth was mIred m a battle WIth Sudbury for the OHL ChampIOnshIp It could be JLA West, WIth so much tangIble proof of conSIstent excellence Want more? Strollmg through corndors at Compuware are framed photographs offormer players who tOlled for the Plymouth Whalers or theIr predecessors, the DetrOIt Jr Red Wmgs and DetrOIt Whalers - and have laLed them up m the NatIOnal Hockey League Some of those names and respec tlve bIg-league pIt stops mclude DaVld Legwand (NashVIlle), Stephen WeISS (Flonda), Bryan Berard (Columbus), James WlsmewskI (ChIcago), Todd Harvey (Edmonton), Jason York (Boston), Justm WIllIams (CarolIna) and Jason Bacashlhua (St Lams) Another photo IS offormer Jr Wmg and Washmgton CapItal for ward Pat Peake, whose potentlal star career m the NHL was lIterally shattered when he slammed mto the end boards beatlllg an oppo nent to the puck for an 10mg Peake also has hIS number 14 retlred by the Peter Karmanosowned Jumor franchIse It hangs





Plymouth s James Neal advances the puck durlOg Fnday mght s 4-3 overtime victory over Sudbury

Plymouth s Jared Boll celebrates hiS goal Fnday night finnly under control untIl Sudbury's JustIn DonatI ht the laInp WIth 16 40 left m regulatIon on a power play to cut Its defiCItto 3-2 Ten mmutes later, the resilIent Wolves temporanly silenced the CompuWaIe Arena masses when Patnk Lusnak beat NeuVlrth from close range I thought we sat back a httle early m the thIrd penod and when they scored early m the thIrd It put us back on our heels a httle SaIdVellUCCIEven when they tIed the game we kept our composure and dldn t pamc The guys stayed pOSItIveon the bench and kept playmg


the Whalers 4 3 victory over Sudbury

hard The Whalers had several qUalIty chances dunng the first 10 llllnutes of overtIme but were eIther turned away by Dahm or mIssed the net by a foot or two That ISuntil Collms fimshed thmgs off WIth the bIgge~ goal hes scored thIS season Everybody seemed confident and focused III the lockerroom before the overtIme Collllls SaId 'We knew what we had to do then we went out and dId It eWrlght®hometownllfe

com I (734) )531108

near the many other banners abov;':; the Compuware 10e ~ It's not The Captam, but It's a start Unfortunately, the year-afteryear excellence m Plymouth IS often overlooked by the major medIa m metropohtan DetrOIt, where the Red Wmgs are heavy leaders m the pubhclty department : • That means hockey levers mIght • not be aware of the product they are mlssmg, espeCIally those llVlng • m Oakland County or other farflung pomts m Red Wmgs NatIOn They mIght not get to enJoy future NHLers In theIr formative years, when they play for the sheer excltemeut of It and before hearmg theIr uames called m the NHL Entry Draft But It'S a place reSIdents of Hockeytown mIght want to take a look at, espeCIally WIth the pnce of admISSIOn at JLA gomg through 1 that stadIUm's banner-laden roof, ""'\ so to speak "J SO agam, what to do when fj Hockeytown gets too expensIve? " Fnday mght (when the Wmgs opened theIr Western Conference qJ finals agamst AnaheIm) proVlded ,~ an optIOn for hockey fans who are 0 finanCIally strapped to shell out ,; anywhere from $90 for nosebleed 9 seats to $250 ,A There was Game 5 m the <, Plymouth -Sudbury senes gomg on ' ~ at the same tIme, for a fractIOn of 'J the cost 'I OK, Its not the NHL But ItS ' another sports venue In town wheri~l ;Vlnmng hockey ISVlrtually a gIven,~, where fans always know they'll be ,) entertamed by one of the best 'S teams m that partIcular league I Certamly, the dommance WIll come to a halt at some pomt But for now, and for the last 10 years or more Compuware and Joe LoUIS Arena have almost been synonymous WIth ChaInpIOnshlp-callber hockey For pure hockey fans, It IS the best of both worlds


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Observer & EccentrIC I Sunday May 13 2007


Wildcat baseball team prevails in 10 Innings Plymouth's baseball team edged closer to the 500 mark FrIday afternoon by edgmg VlSltmg Walled Lake Western, 9-8, m a lO-mmng thnller The Wl1dcats Improved theIr record to 9-10 overall and 4-4 m the WLAAs Western DIVISIon Semor nght-hander Tyler Loeldear earned the mound wm

PREP BASEBALL for Plymouth to even hIS record at22 Plymouth turned a 2-0 defiCIt mto a 6-2 lead Wlth three runs m the second and fuurth mmngs 'The Warnors grabbed a 7-6 lead Wlth five runs m the top of sev-

enth, however, the Wl1dcats countered Wlth a run m the bottom of the mnmg to send the game mto extra frames Both teams pushed smgle runs across m the eIghth ummg before Plymouth won It m the

games for the Wlnners Brett Lubanslu (three), and Max Webberman were the ouly Warnors to record more than one hIt Among Plymouths nme hIts were Brad LIneberry's tnple and Matt Pnebes double Among Western nme safenes were round-tnppers from zack


Matt Barrera and Ben KosmalskI regIStered multi-hIt

Gatten and Ryan WarWIck. STEVENSON 5, PLYMOUTH 4·

PItcher Matt Thttle struck out 14 and ran hIS record to 6-0-1 'Thursday as host LIvoma Stevenson (11-9) edged the Wl1dcats (8-10) m a WLAA crossover Luke Knochel, who went 2for-2, scored a prof of runs,

mcludmg the game-Wlnner on a passed ball m the bottom of the seventh mnmg Tuttle went all seven mnmgs, aIIoWlngJust four hIts Larry K1emczak also had an RBI, whl1e Matt Loney and Jeff Sorenson alsc scored runs Garrett Rebam went 1-for-3 andscoredarunfur~ymouth

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Plymouth Chnstlan Academy strengthened Its hold on first place m the MIchIgan Independent AthletIC Conference last week Wlth a palr of key Vlctones On Thesday, the Eagles downed Blrmmgham Roeper, 3-1, before ousting Southfield Chnstlan, 8-0 on 'Thursday All of FrIday, PCA held a two-game lead over second place Roeper 'Wlth Just two conference games

PREP SOCCER DebmSl scored the wmners second goal before Lonon added an msurance marker late m the game 'Roeper played a flat-five defense agalnst us and m the first half we tned to go up the mIddle agaInst them, whlOh IS hard to do agaInst that kInd of defense, saId PCA coach Bob Lonon 'In the second half, we

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Semor forward Abby Lonon shmed m the both of the Wlns, sconng three agalnst Southfield and m the trmmph over Roeper 'The Roeper contest was scoreless at the half before Lonon found the net early m the second stanza. Jalese

Sunday May 20 Canton and Plymouth at Madonna Varsity Tourney TBA

Monday May 14

A A Greenhills at peA 430 P m Canton at Llvonra Frankhn (DH) 4 P m Plymouth at Wayne Memonal (DH) 4 P m Westland John Glenn at Salem 4 p m

GIRLS SOCCER Monday, May 14 PCAat Macomb ChrIStian 430 p m Canton at lIvoma Franklm .,. p m Plymouth at Wayne Memonal 1p m John Glenn at Salem 1p m

Tuesday May 15 Oakland Chnstran at PCA 430 P m

Wednesday, May 16

Tuesday, May 15

W l Northern at Canton 4 p m liVOnia Churchill at Plymouth 4 p m Salem at Wayne Memonal 4 p m

Parkway at PCA 4 30 P 111

Wadnasday May 16

Fnday MaylB

Northville at Canton 7 P m Plymouth at livonia Franklin 1p m Salem at llvoma Churchill 7 p m

NorthVille at Canton 4 p m Plymouth at LIVOnia Franklin 4 p m Salem at liVOnia Churchill 4 p m

Thursday May 17 Flint Powers at Salem 7 p m

saturday May 19 PCAat Parkway 11 a m Canton at Redford Umon Baseball ClaSSIC noon Plymouth at GIbraltar Carlson Invitational 9 a m Salem at Novllnvlte 4 p m

Saturday May 19 lake Onon at Plymouth noon

BOYS TENNIS Friday May 18 Plymouth Canton and Salem at DIVISion 1 Regional at A A Huron

Sam BOYS LACROSSE Tuasday, May 15

SOFTBALL Monday May14 A A Greenhills at PCA 4 30 p m liVOnia Franklm at Canton 4 p m Wayne Memonal at Plymouth 4 p m Salem at John Glenn ~ p m Tllesday May 15 Canton Agape at PCA 4 30 p m Wednesday May 16 Canton at W L Northern 4 p m Plymouth at livonia Churchill 4 p m Wayne Memonal at Salem 4 p m

Grosse lie at PCS 8 P m

BOYS & GIRLS TRACK & FIELD Tuesday May 15 Plymouth at Wl Northern 345 P m

Friday May 18 Plymollth Canton and Salem at Dlv sian 1 Regional at P CEP track noon

GIRLS GOLF Tbursday May 17

friday, May lB w

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an ImpressIve tie agaInst the

WLAA Lakes DIVlslOnfrontrunnmg VIkIngs, espeCIally conwent outsIde more and we were sldenng they were playmg 'Vlthmore successful Sarah Ross earned the VICtory out the serVIces of theIr two leadmg scorers - semors Kelly m goal for the Eagles AdSIt and KatIe Shull Leadmg the offenSIve charge 'The draw left Salem Wlth a 3m the lopSIded Wln over SC were Lonon (three goals), 7-1 mark "I was ve~ proud of the way Meghan Polera (two goals,


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asSISt), Deblasl (goal, asSISt), Lauren Beckett (goal) and Sarah Roth (goal) "I was afraId of a letdown after our bIg Wln agaInst Roeper, but the gIrls came to play, SaId Bob Lonon PCA ISnow 10-0 overall and 7-0 m the leagoe 'The Eagles have regIStered five shutouts SALEM I, W L. CENTRAL 1 On Wednesday, the Rocks notched

Plymouth Canton and Salem at DIVISIon 1 Regional Tourney TBA

Canton at NorthVille 4 p m LIVOnia Franklin at Plymouth 4 p m Ll\lftf'la Cht.rch II at Salem 4 p fr]

friday May 18 D \1510"


oral fo~rnAI f8-'

saturday, May 19

Saturday. May 19

Canton Salem and Plymouth at Madonna Varsity Tourney TBA

DIVISion 1 RegIonal Tourney TBA

the gIrls played WlthOUtour two leadmg scorers

In there>


Salem coach Joe Nora. We lost to Central 4-1 earher m the year, so It shows how much Improvement we've made smce then"

Salem led 1-0 thanks to a goal from Lmdsay Newton The Vlkmgs kIl0tted the contest at 1all Wlth 10 mmutes to play Jlll Slabey dId a great Job m goal for us; added Nora 'She made seven saves' PLYMOUTH 2, W L WESTERN 1·

On Wednesday, the Wlldcats won thanl", to goals from Chelsey Q:umlan (unassIsted) and Kelly Dobbs, who was asSIsted by Val Klemmer Bnttany Warner earned the VICtory between the pIpes for Plymouth

River Rats edge Warriors, 7-5 'The Plymouth-Canton-Salem boys lacrosse team dropped a 75 deCISIonto Vlsltmg Ann Arbor Huron Thesday mght m a game played at the Plymouth HIgh School Jumor varsIty stadlUm 'The RIver Rats led 3-2 after one quarter, 4 2 at the half and 6-5 Wlth 15 mmutes to play 'The setback dropped PCS to 6-7 The hlghhght of the game for

pes came

when semor Jared

Ruark tallIed career goal No 101 to tie John Moylan for the PCS career goal-sconng record Ruark timshed Wlth two netfinders as dId DeVIn Murphy NlOk Cote had one goal for the Wamors Ruark and Connor

dommated Bedford to even theIr record CaItlyn Adams netted the shutout m goal for the Wlnners CaItlyn played outstandmg; SaId PCS coach Dave Medley "I knew from past expenences

playmg Bedford that If we focused 011 defenSIve strategy> the offenSIve opportumbes would present themselves

'I dIdn't want our players runmng the field, but more to keep the Bedford players from runnmg an offenSIve set agamst

us Our defenSIve players settled m and let them run to us» Medley praIsed the defenSIve work of JesslOa Murray Anelle

Martm regIstered as<.,lsts for


PCS Huron 30 28 'The RIver Rats won 12 of 14 face-offs and netted 22 ground balls to the Warnors 19 PCS goal-tender Justin Scott recorded 10 saves

NICOlRotell OffenSIvely the Lady Warnors were paced by Lauryn Ebersole, Allbl1eForchome and StephanIe MatUSIak, all of whom tallIed two goals Eml1y Cox scored a smgle goal tor PCS



On May 5, the Lady Warnors

Amy Coleman and

FLORIST & GREENH<'!USE m """ ':>C-"( [ 19';;0"'''''' "" -m








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Observer & EccentrIC I Sunday May 13 2007





HIgh school cross country run ners and theIr parents are mVlted to attend an mJury preventIon presentatIon entItled "Common Overuse InJunes With Runners' from 7-8 p m on Thursday, June 7,m Canton HIgh School's DuboISe LIttle Theater The program will he presented by Glenn Edgerton, the head athletIc tramer at Canton HIgh School

The annupl Plymouth HIgh School Volleyball Tham Camps will he held July 23-25 (Monday through Wednesday) m the Plymouth gymnasIUm A camp for current WIldcat volleyball players will be held 8 30 am. to noon whIle a separate one for fifth- through mnth-graders IS set for 1-4 p m each day The cost of the mornmg camp IS$95, the afternoon camp's $65 Contact Plymouth coach Kelly McCausland at (734) 223-1737 or at [email protected] k12 m, us

For more mformatlon, contact

Cmdy Hoerman at (734) 4545746 or [email protected] com



FOOTBALLEVENTS • The annual Canton Football Skills Camp for Iuds m sJXth through mnth grades will be held 5-7 30pm June 11-14at Canton HIgh School All mcommg freshmen players should plan to attend the camp, wh,ch will unprove football fundamentals and skills Th regtster, contact freshman coach RJ.chard Mm at (248) 229-2738 or [email protected] The fee,s $50 hefore May 26 and $60 after that date All campers will rece've a Clnefs football T-shIrt and shorts RegtStratIon fonns and more mformatIon on the camps can be found at wwwcantonch'efsfuotball com • The annual Canton Football Team Golf OutIng will be held June 23 at Fox Hills near Plymouth The shotgon start IS setfor130pm For the $100 entry fee, partICIpants will get 18 holes of golt; a cart, lunch, dInner, heverages and an opportumtyto Win pnzes There

IS a

nongolf/dIuner-only package for $40 For more mformatlon on the golf outIng, VlS,twwwcantonclnefsfootball com

PLYMOUTHFOOTBALL GOLF OUTING The seventh annual Plymouth WIldcat Football Golf Outmg will he held 2 P m Sunday, June 3, at H'ckory Creek Golf Course, 3605 NapIer m Canton Included m the $100 entry fee fur the best-ball scramble (shotgon start) are 18holes of golf and a d,nner afterward IndIVlduals are mVlted to attend the dInner only for $40 There will be pnzes for the




The annual Canton/Salem gtrls basketball camps will be held m June m the Canton and Salem !ugh school gymnasIUms A camp for gtrls who will be starlIng seventh, eIghth and mnth grades m the fall of 2007 will be held June 18-22 from 1-3 p m The seventh graders will he at Salem whIle the e,ghth and mnth graders will UtllIZethe Canton gym The cost of the camp IS$70 A camp for gtrls who will be startmg fourth, fifth and slXth


grades m the fiill of2007 will be held June 25-29 from 1-3 p ill The fourth graders will be at Salem whlle the fifth and sJXth graders will utllIZethe Canton gym Campers will rece've mstructIon from members of the coachmg staffs of Canton and Salem h,gh schools as well as from hIgh school players Players can regtster through Plymouth-Canton Commumty EducatIon, winch ISlocated at 40260 FIve MIle Rd. m Plymouth Call (734) 416-2940



Step' and the 'Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer InstItute" The cost of the academy IS$50 per adult and $40 for gtrls under the age of13 Only the first 200 regtSlrants will be accepted PartICIpants are encouraged to wear comfurtable c10thmg and tennIS shoes RegtStratIon fonns can he found at salerofootball net. Fonns should he mailed to Salem H,gh School, AttentIon Parker SalOW1chII, 46181 Joy Rd., Canton, MI 48170 Send an e-rruul to [email protected] com.


FOOTBALLACADEMY The Salem HIgh School football staff, players and LInebackers Club will he hostIng a Women Only Football Academy" on Saturday, June 2, at Salem HIgh School RegtslratIon will begm at 7 59 am m the Salem gym The academy, wh,ch willnmfrom 859 am to 2 59 P m., will mclude onthe-field mstructIon, classroom mstructIon, lunch and an mtraacademy scnmmage all m an effort to teach women the finer teclnnques, rules and strategIes of Amencan tackle football All of the proceeds from the event will he donated to "FIrSt

BASEBALL CAMP The 2007 Canton C1nefs Baseball Camp ISClJrrently acceptIng apphcatIons The camp will he held June 18-23 at the Canton vars,ty baseball facility The camp will hegtn each dlo/ at 9 30 am and nm untlll p m. The camp's $100 fee mcludes a T-shIrt and lunch each dayfor the campers RegIStratIon fonns can be obtIuned by contactIng Debb,e Neu at (734) 454-9144, or by VlSltlrIgthe team's Web s,te wwwcantonch'efsbaseball com Space 's Inmted, so mterested campers are encouraged to regtsterearly

State champ Nme-year old Canton gymnast Rachel Dickson who trams at Splitz Gymnastics m Canton was crowned state champion on the balance beam, floor and all around at the Level 6 state championships April 21 m Midland

first-place team, longest dnve for men and women, and closest to the pm There will also be a sIlent auctIon and 50/50 ra:flle To regtster, mad a check to and the names of the mdIVldual m your foursome to LIsa Goble, 5160 Gotfredson, Plymouth, MI 48170 For more mfonnatlon, call (734) 207-8889 or send an erruul to [email protected] com The regtstratIon deadbne 's Thesday, May 22


partIcIpant will mtroduce future hIgh school players to the sport of field hockey as well as promote enthusla8m for the game An emphasIS will be placed on learnmg the basICfuudamentals of the game and teachmg proper techmques of the skUlsets used to play, mcludIng dnbblmg, dnVlng, shootIng, passmg and stoppmg The first half of the day will focus on skUlsWith the second half set for team play and smallSIdedscnmmages All campers will need to bnng shm guards, a mouthpIece, a

The annual LIvoma Ladywood Blazer FIeld Hockey Day Camp will be held Saturday, June 23, at Ladywood HIgh School, whIch IS located on Newburgh between Schoolcraft and FIve Ml1em LIvoma. The camp whIch runs from 9 a m to 2 p m and costs $50 pel

water bottle, a field hockey stIck (some will be avaIlable to SIgn out at the camp) and a sack lunch Rubber cleats are also rec ommended RegtslratIon fonns can be pIcked up at Ladywood HIgh School For more mformatIOn

wll (734) 751 9790

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Observer & Eccentric I Sunday May 13 2007

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Bucks to make stop in Canton

Sweep success Several local gymnasts played pivotal roles m the Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Level 10 boys success at the Michigan State Meet earher thiS year The MAG Level 10 boys swept the top three places and took the top team honors at the event, which was held m Cadillac IndiVidual awards mcluded first place finishes on floor vault and parallel bars as well as a first-place m the all around by Dan Khmkowskl Andrew Vance (Plymouth) fmlshed second m all-around and first on the stili rings and parallel bars Teammate John Furcean took third place Pictured above (from lell) are Andrew Vance, coach D,an Kolev Dan Khmkowskl and John Furcean

Season's over for MU baseball team Madonna UUIverslty'sbaseball 'ieason IS over The Crusaders advanced to the NAIA Region VIII champIOUShlpgame for the second straIght season after ehmmatmg IndIana Tech, 7-2, on Thursday and edgiug No Heed SprlUg Arbor, 7-6 on Fnday as Thny Luttman had a pan: of RBI on Fnday afternoon m Battle Creek But m Fnday rughts Region VIII finale, Spnng Arhor Jumped out to a 6-1 lead and held on for a 6-4 tnumph m a gaIne that was delayed nearly two and-half hOllrS because of raIn MU, whIch had won three m a row after lOSIngWednesday's tournament opener III a mercy, ends Its season at 34-20 overall

On Thursday the Crusaders got a strong pltclung performance from Westland John Glenn High product Will Kennedy (51),who went seven strong mUlllgs fanmng seven and allowmgJust one earned run The game was scoreless headmg to the bottom of the fifth when MU scored four tImes off Tech starter Pete P1gnatellIO Kyle Fedorka prOVIdedthe first two runs on a smgle to left, sCOrlUg Manny Alvarado (Southfield) and RJkco Rhoades After Gary VanAllen reached on a hlt-by-pltch, Tony Luttman (Farnungton) drew a bases,oaded walk to make It 3 0 Tech closer Garrett WICJak came on and walked Zach FlaVIn

to score the fourth MU run before gett:mg John McCracken to smke out to end the mnmg Kennedy cnnsed mto the sev enth before surrendenng the first lOch run of the day on a sacrlfice flyby Shane TIrey, makmg It 4-1 The Crusaders scored three more m the seventh, WIth Garrett IgnasIak doublmg home Fedorka andLuttman ~latersmgled, SCOrlngpmch runner Drew Fry giVIngMU a 7-1lead IndIana Tech (41-15-1)added another run before rehever MIke Hand (North Farnnngton) came on to record the final SIXouts Earher Thursday, MU defeated fuurth-seeded Bethel College (Iud) 8-3

The 2006 North Amerlcan PremIer Development League champIOn MlChlgan Bucks home schedule thIS season covers more ground than most team's away schedules The Bucks have decIded to brmg theIr top notch product to all parts of metro DetrOIt and beyond ThIS year's home schedule mcludes the Celebrate a Champlbnshlp opener at 8 p m FrIday, May 18 at Troy Athens HIgh School agamst the Cleveland InternatIOnals TIckets for the opener are $10 for adults and $5 for youths (under-16) Last years champs then Jump rIght mto the fire WIth a US Open Cup match agamst theIr annual powerhouse rlval ChlCago FIre PremIer at 6 30 P m Saturday, May 26 at Independence Park as part of the annual Canton Cup celebratIOn And the Major League Soccer s Columbus Crew come back to DetrOIt to take on the Bucks, 7 30 P m Wednesday, May 30 at Berkleys Hurley FIeld TIckets for the Crew s match agamst thf'lr minor league affilIate Bucks are $15 at the gate (all ages-5 under always free), but WIll go on presale Monday, May 14 for Just $10 each The $5 savmgs per tIcket WIll apply to all tIckets purchased at one of the Bucks local outlets or on theIr Web SIte The Bucks WIll contmue to travel theIr home schedule thIS

year WIth VISIts to Salme, Rochester, Bloomfield HIlls, Lake Orlan and back home to where It all began 12 years ago mSagmaw Accordmg to first-year Bucks general manager Dave Morgan, "the only complamt I have ever heard about the Bucks thIS past year was that all the games were way out m a dIfficult area to get to (mamly traffic and road constructIon) 'We decIded to gIve up the comfort of haVIng one home for the season as we had at Stoney Creek HIgh School, to VISIt our loyal fans,' Morgan saId There WIll be no Bucks fan m the state that does not have a great opportumty to see the North Amerlcan ChampIOns m actIOn Lookmg over a very dIfficult Bucks schedule thIS year, Bucks owner and Livoma natIve Dan Duggan pomts out a couple of very specIal dates on the calendar "There IS no doubt that Bucks fans WIll not want to mISSthe ChampIOnshIp ceremony on May 18 at the opener or the epIc battle of (arguably) the top two PDL franchIses m hIStOry when we take on ChIcago for that precIous Open Cup berth; he saId If one team would lose that game, theIr 2007 US Open Cup hopes would surely be done And most Bucks fans look at thIS schedule and the Crew game on May 30 Jumps outand It WIll be another huge

crowd at Hurley FIeld, but the two games that WIll really j leave a specIal mark on our players WIll be our return to Sagmaw on June 23 so weWll celebrate last year s chaml'l~ onshlp where thIS whole at tradItIOn hegan m 1996 a1). , our final' home game" wh we WIll play the Fort Wayn,e< Fever at Columbus Crew StadIUm at 1 p m Sunday 22 (prlor to the MLS Cre Toronto FC match) I have no Idea how thIS team WIll fare thIS year, b can promIse you that all ' players and fans WIll get tn opportumty to see what w d class soecer IS lIke from ~ MlChlgan all the way to " Columbus, OhIO" The Bucks flex sched ; was the creatIOn offorme Bucks co-owner and genera manager JIm Duggan, who used the Idea over a decad,e, ago to help bUIld the legenl!,~f Bucks soccer In every part It the state 4i\ ThIS WIll probably be th~ last year the Bucks wIll us~~ such a schedule, as they contmue to work on findmg a permanent home In a central locatIOn of metro DetrOIt The Bucks have also receIved enormous support from varIOUS youth soccer groups throughout the regIOn, who have helped to make the flex schedule work for everyone The Bucks opened trammg camp thIS past week and have the last half of theIr players reportmg from out of state by thIS" eekend


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occer mOJlllS

Slow and steady wins diet race



\I I




Lmda Aubuchon



They want their kids to have fun

Michele Sgambati and daughters Emilia 8 (top) and Gabnela 7, enJoy spendmg bme together on the soccer field Sgambati coaches Gabnela's Farmmgton Hills Special Services recreation team


ome soccer moms keep calendars


to remmd them of game related actlVltIes, some don t but they all devote as many as seven days a week to theIr Iuds whether coachmg or standmg on the sldelmes Some soccer moms :ea"e a full-

tIme Job to rush theIr Iuds to the fields Rachel Valentme, a stay at home mom spends nearly the entIre day at a computer workmg on busIness for the nonprofit Wayne/Westland Soccer League (wwweteamz com/wwsl) Valentme registered 490 Iuds and placed them on the league s 44 teams thiS PLEASE SEESOCCER, C8

Soccer gives Sheryl Smith and her children AlexIs 12 and Hunter 13 plenty of time to bond while travelmg to practices and games with the livonia Soccer Club Sheryl manages AlexIs s Premier learn Husband Todd IS an assistant coach for Premier and Select teams

Event to raise funds for Leah's Happy Hearts




Linda AUbuchon owns Diet Centenn Canton a provider of personalized one on one weight loss solutions You can e mall her at Lmda®DletCenterofCanton com or call her at (734) 414 9200


Shortly after Leah James died m Angust 2005, her mother, Karen, knew she had to do somethmg for other chlldren batthng the dIsease whlw took her daughter's hie On Fnday, May 18, the first fund-raISer for Leah's Happy Hearts takes place at Gemtl1$ m Northville Proceeds will go to host a Chnstmas party for patIents at the Umverslty of MlchJg1lllsC S Mott Chlldrens Hospital m Ann Arbor and finanClal1yhelp fannlles of those patIents Withhfe-threatenmg illnesses The money will also help the Children's PedlatnC BraIn Thmor Assoclatlon fund research to find a cure Leah dIed at age 5y,from a dIffused pontIne braIUStem ghoma. She fought the tumor for one year befure shppmg mto a coma. "She was too SpecIal not to do somethmg, Karen o.oma-James SaId "I had to channel my gnef mto somethmg 'We're worlung through Mott HOSPltdlto host




events fur children to give them some lund of normalcy For the Chnstmas party, we re gomg to fill up a cart With all lunds of gifts so they can shop for their fannly and mends ''When Leah was battlmg hel tumor, an orgamzatIon (wwwalllesangelscommB=gham) allowed her to pIck from a lllll1l-Wishgrlt hst and mVlted her to a party 'Vlth other "ck children, so I thought thIS would be a great way to do somethmg m her name My mends formed a board of dIrectors With me I couldn t have done It Without theIr help and .upport We hope tlus ISJust the start of many events»

James estahhshed Leahs Happy Hearts, a 501(c)3, to keep her daughter's upbeat spmt ahve Leah would always say, 'Mommy, my heart IS happy even up to the end," at least once a day, James SaId The logo for the nonprofit ISa heart Leah drew Guests will reCeIvea bracelet desIg1led With purple hearts and the nonprofit s logo

PHOTOBYBlllBliis,,' ,,

PLEASE SEELEAH, C8 ThiS photograph of Leah James was taken


March of 2005



Adults. Pediatrrcs • Injuries • Illnesses • On-site Lab & X-rays




2050 Haggerty Road • Suite 140 • Canton Located In the Haggerty Professional Plaza South of Ford Road • Next to Lifetime Fitness for more earborn UrgentCare GrosseIsle UrgentCare 5728 Scha~fer, Dearborn



8944 Macomb St, Grosse Isle


""'~ _ '_'''''




37595 Seven Mile, LIVOnia

15000 Gratiot Ave ,Suite 100, DetrOit






info go to:

SouthgateUrgentCare 15777 Northllne Rd ,Southgate




31700 Van Dyke Ave ,Warren "

22341 W Eight Mile, Detroit

586-276-8200 "MV-",«



313-387-8700 .,.."












Observer& EccentncI Sunday May 132007



Donations sought for animals displaced by Greensburg tornado


Every week the Plymouth Dlstnct Library staff proVides the hbrary's hst of best-sellers based on the number of requests for titles by hbrary patrons The books are available by placmg a request With the hbrary at (734) 453-0750 or on-hne at plymouthhbrary org

1 'Elnstem, Walter Isaacson 2 "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?' Lee Iacocca 3 'Paula Deen It Am't All About the Cookln' Panla Deen With Sherry 5mb Cohen 4 'A Long Way Gone,' Ishmael Beah 5 'The Black Swan; Nasslm NICholas Thleb



1 'SImple Gemus;' DaVId BaldacCi 2 The Children of Hurm," JRR Tolkleu 3 The Woods," Harlan Coben 4 'The Good Husband of Zebra Drive," Alexander McCall Smith 5 "I Heard That Song Before;' Mary Hlggms Clark



1 "Lightship; Bnan Floca 2 Deep m the Swamp," Donna Bateman 3 "Don't Touch My Hat; James Rumford 4 "A Good Pay; K!:Vln Henkes 5 Big Sister Now," Annette Sheldon

Visit us online daily at

wwwhomelowplj'e com


Donna Law belIeves no anImal should be forgotten no matter what the cnSlS so she's collectmg supphes agam, thiS time for the ammals displaced by the tornado that leveled the town of Greensburg, Kan on Fnday, May 4, killmg 12 people For the next three weeks Laws Mutts & Mutts Rescue League IS working With Pet Supphes 'Plus m Canton to gather donatIOns of dog and cat food, collars, bowls, treats, toys, shampoos, pet earners and kennels, fans, coolers, garbage bags, bandages, plastIC gloves, blankets, sheets, old rugs, towels, flashhghts, batterIes, hand-sanltlzers, cotton balls, alcohol, hydrogen peroxIde, and vetermary supphes to help the animals Checks should be made out to Mutts & Mutts Rescue and

Finding your next home just got easier.



Hundreds of listings from area Realt


Natural & Cultured Stone Installation

The 'MUSICIn the Air concert senes, hosted by the Downtown Development Authonty Fnday nrghts In Kellogg Park FesumesJune 1 The schedule (concerts start at7 pm) • June 1- MassTranSit a perennral faVOrite feel-good band kicks off the 2007 season • JUlle 8 - The Bel Airs play the greatest hits of the 1950s and 1960s • June 15- Michael King Band one of metro DetrOit's most celebrated artists • June 22 - Doug Deming and the Jeweltones help listeners chase away the blues • June 29 - Harper, ongmally from Australia bnngs hiS international flavor of bluesFockto the park In Plymouth • July 6 - Redhlll, DetrOit's onglnal DetrOit Country band • July 20 ...,IRandyBFock Group With the blues the blues and nothing but the blues • July 27 - Sarah Lenore Band featunng Plymouth s hometown star • Aug 3 - Trilogy, where 30 years of great songs plus SIX great guys equals a great nrght • Aug 10 - Delta Rhythm Kings • Aug 17- Steve King and the Dlttlies • Aug 24 - Lady Sunshine and the X Band brings their own brand of blues and soul • Aug 31- King Sweat closes the season With soul



working hand and hand With Homeward Bound to do what they can to help the ammals m Kansas Homeward Bound IS a rescue group run by CarrIe Marsh of Canton and Kathy Brown of Farmmgton Hills The two women have found homes for 150 dogs smce September by offermg homeless ammals for adoption every Saturday at Pet Supphes Plus" on Ford Road, between Morton Taylor and Sheldon I'm domg whatever I can to make phone calls and collect donatIOns;' SaId CarrIe Marsh "I'm gomg to be up at the store taking m donations, organlzmg them and takmg them to the township hall In addition to Homeward Bound, Law ISworking With Heaven Can Walt Rescue and MIChigan Coonhound Rescue She IS also m the process of looking for property to care for the anImals ofmlhtary personnel while they re on duty far away from home Currently Law IS caring for Chesmud, a Chesapeake mIX, and Sam, a black Lab mIX for Sgt Thomas W Wmters who IS serVIng With the US Armed Forces m Iraq For mformatlOn on ammals available through Mutts & Mutts, VISIt wwwmuttsandmutts petfinder org

maIled to POBox 403S6, Redford, MI 4S240 'Somebody has to help,' said Donna Law "We're colle<;tJng paper towels, bleach, extensIOn cords to run fans for the aUlmals, canned and dry food, ace bandages, anythmgyou thmk they may need to asSIst the )"escue groups," saId Donna Law "Canton Township IS donatmg a conference room for sortmg andboxmg , If we get animal feed we'll ship that out too You can't forget about the cows, Pigs, hzards, and birds» Accordmg to Mike Hill, a board member of the Pratt Humane SOCIetyIn Pratt, Kansas, ammals are still being pulled out of the rubble alive Whl1e some owners have churned theIr pets, others hke a mInIature schnauzer are still waltmg at the no-kill shelter 30-mlles outside of Greensburg Hills says the shelter espeCially needs money Because of the chaos It'S too soon to tell exactly what the shelter Will need to care for the animals HilliS hopmg they can all be returned to theIr owners, mcludmg the mlmature schnauzer , She Just breaks my heart because no ODe s claimed her, sald Mike Hill I ve named her

lchomm®oe homecomm net


(734)953 2145

Law's Mutts & Mutts IS


Look for this super section def with your hometp newspaper every "Thursday!


In9lesufentla( fr (jommerout(9leswmtwn fr eJustom qJrw£ Ofl1orli

Dan's Custom BricRworR 882 York St. • Plymouth, MI 48170 Chimneys & Porches Repaired and Rebuilt


Tuc~ Pointing & All Other Bric~ Wor~


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734·421·5959 Greenhouses


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Annuals, Perennials, Vegetable Plants, Hanging Baskets, Topsoils & Peat.



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~ Pumps, Liners, Filters, Fish, : ehemicals & Pond Plants.


reg $1 79


\Ve can CUsbom design a waler !galure to fit your space preformed p,pnds & fleXIble hners

I CllfIIl5OtIS" \.. G:h:






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Our in-house design 'onsultant will help ,reate the perfe't floor plan for your home


Flat 18



With quality workmanship and competltlve pri,es, we are sure Horton's Willbe your choice of contractor OE08519827



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7 Ann Arbor Antiques Ma 39th Season

Sunday, May 20 • 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. $6 00 AdmISSIOn

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ADVANCED VEIN THERAPIES Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. - Board Certified 46325 W 12 Mlle Rd SUite 150 • NOVI

248-344-9110 www AVtheraples com



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and Remodeling : ~~:=;~:::1

Over 2000 Hangmg Baskets!

Portulaca, FuchSia, Geraniums & Mixed Baskels· Vegetable Flats - 12" Potted New GUinea Impatiens, Supertunlas & - •• M. ~ Combination Annuals With Proven Wlnners ...which are ~, ~•• 1PV known to be easy keepers /IIIX

tndaY'sSPOR~~Ss.clion '

1382 S. Mam Street - Plymouth

6414 N. Merriman - Westland Between Ford & Warren Roads



Why Advanced Vein Therahies? '.J:'

• Covered by most msurances • State-of-the-art treatments • QUick, office-based procedures • Virtually pam-free • Mmuual downtIme • No general anestheSia • No scars • No Stnppmg' OE0852t321

Special May Exhibit:

"Antiques in the Garden" Made pOSSIbleby

Lodl Farms Nursery, 2880 S Wagner Road,AnnArbor

2007 Season Schedule: - Sun., June 17 - Sat.· Sun., July 14 -15 - Sun., Aug. 19 - Sat.- Sun., Sept. 15 -16 - Sun., Oct. 21 - Sun., Nov. 4

VISIt our Web Site at wwwannarborantlquesmarket


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eMf ~~

3 miles)

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Over 250 Dealers m QualIty AntIques & Select CollectIbles' For more mfonnattoh

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Observer & Eccentric I Sunday May13 1007


titled Genealogy and DNA The New Tool featUring ROberta Estes a profes HistOrical society banquet slana I In the information technology The LIVOniaHistorical SOCietycele arena at 130 p m Saturday May 19 at brates ItS annual banquet at the the GaelICLeague/Irish American Club American Legion Hall on Newburgh 6 at 2068 MIChigan Avenue In Detroit pm Wednesday May 23 TICketsare MIChael Brautlgan (734) 454 3495 $20 Call President Gene Kramer (248) Western Wayne Genealogical Society 349 5999 or AI DevlC (734) 417 8721 or The Western Wayne County Bob Legel (734) 5916845 GenealogICal SOCietywill meet at 7 30 Gallery exhibit P m Monday May 21 at the CIVICPark The Lawrence Street Gallery will be Senior Center 15218Farmington Road In exhibiting the works of Donna J livonia Speaker Carl Kataflasz of Engstrom and Mary Macey from May Monroe will diSCUSS French Canadian 29 June 30 The public ISinvited to the Polish and Name Changes At 630 opening artists' recephon 6 9 P m pm will be a DVDpresentation Friday June 1 Intimate Views ISa Ancestors Discovering Your Heritage JOint mother cdughter exhibit featUring episode 2 Family Records Meetings mIXed media pieces by Donna J are open to the public guests welcome Engstrom and photography by her VISit http//www rootsweb com/-mlww daughter Mary Macey Lawrence Street cgs/ or call Margie at 734 522 4050 Gallery ISlocated at 22620 Woodward In Ferndale In the second block south of 9 Golf league The livonia Women s Golf League IS Mile on Woodward s east SIde Gallery hoping to expand with 18 hole women hours are noon to 5 p m Tuesday golfers The league plays at WhISpering Saturday For more information VISit Willows Golf Course on Newburgh Just the gallery s Web site at south of 8 Mile Thursday mornings tee wwwlawrencestreetgallerycom 109 off at 8 a m beginning May 3 Cost Suburban GOPWomen meet IS$25 per week whICh Includes golf The Suburban Republican Women's and a cart Non residents are encour Club will host a presentation of Lla aged to JOin For more information call Sophia Jewelry avarlable for purchase Kathy (248) 476 3991 dUring ItS meeting at 11 a m Thursday Register for St Genevieve School May 24 at the PICA Bone Restaurant St Genevieve CatholIC School ISaccept 39325 SIXMile In livonia Cost IS$12 For Ing applICations for the 2007 08 school reservations and menu selection call year The school preschool through (248) 320 5473 VISitorSand guests wel eighth grade ISaccredited by the come MIChigan ASSOCiationof NonpubllC Pet Adoption Day Schools It s at 18933 Jamison In The fourth annual Pet Adoption Day Livonia east of Mlddlebelt south of takes place 11a m to 4 p m Sunday Five Mile and offers full academIC cur May 20 at Gone to the Dogs 22497 rlculum full and half day preschool Heslip In Novi For more information and kindergarten extended day pro VISitwwwgonetothedogsnovi com on gram before and after school CYOpro the Webor call (248) 347 9081 gram and more (734) 425 4420 VNA Volunteers Waste to Watts For a unique and truly rewarding life The Ann Arbor Hands on Museum has experience we invite you to become a extended the Waste to Watts exhibition VIsIting Nurse ASSOCIationof Southeast through summer of 2007 due to popu MIChigan hospICevolunteer Weare In lar demand Waste to Watts shows how search of kind compasSIonate IOd,vldu new environmentally friendly technolo als to help support our patients and gy can turn our trash Into electriCity families In Wayne 1Jakland and Macomb Developed by Landfill Energy Systems counties The next \rarnlng session IS of WIXom MIChigan thIS one of a kind June916and23from9am t03pm exhibit demonstrates how methane gas In as little as 2 4 hours per week volun recovery from landfills can be used as teers can provide companionship write an alternative energy source ultimate a memoir provide respite for family Iy reduCing our dependency on other members or provide office support A fuels Hours are 10 a m to 5 p m free 18 hour comprehenSive trarnIOg Monday Saturday noon to 5 p m program over a three day period ISpro Sunday For information VISit vlded All tralOIOg takes place at the wwwaahomorg or call (734) 995 5439 VIsiting Nurse ASSOCIationof Southeast card party/luncheon Michigan headquarters at 25900 VICtoria Chapter #290 OES Livonia Greenfield Road SUite 600 Registration ISreqUired Call toll free (800) 882 5720 ext 8361/dlrect (248) 967 83610r VISitwwwvnaorg MADONNA MUSICTogether classes UNIVERSITY Harmony and Me Will offer free MusIC lunch Together sample classes d 9 5 a m or Tuesday May 12 and at 10 30 a m and 1130a m May 14 MusICTogether san early ch Idhood musICand movement program for children and their par ents/careglvers Siblings are welcomed and encouraged to attend classes With OIUe sluhngs Mo\panced eg stratlo1 S reqUired and spaces are limited Please call (248) 489 9330 or go to wwwHarmonyAndMeKldscomto reserve your space Summer classes begin June 20 Aug 2 Irish Genealogical Society The Irish GenealogICal SOCietyof MIChigan Will present a free program



know someone who IS please call the office at (248) 348 0115for further information about services provided by New Hope Center for Grief Support or VISit wwwnewhopecenternet Post Polio Clinic Easily fatigued? New inexplicable phys lCal complarnts? History of paralytic or non paralytic polio? Contact the Post Polio Climc 13850 E 12 Mile Warren or call (586) 7784505 The cliniC sponsors support group meetings the fourth Saturday of every month (March through October) at 4328 lIvernols In Troy Call (734) 765 8384

CLUBS Rotary A.M The Plymouth Rotary Club of Plymouth A M meets at7 a m every Tuesday at the Plymouth Cultural Center 525 Farmer New members are always wel come Contact Mark Hammar president Rotary Club of Plymouth A M by calling (734) 455 6620 canton Newcomers The Canton Newcomers meet the fllst Wednesday of each month (September May) for an adult evening of SOCialIZing a speaker or an activity Additionally the group hosts more than 20 events dUring the month including Book Club 8unko Playgroups Creative Kids Ladles Day and Night Out Scrapbooklng Walkrng and many more Request a complimentary newsletter at cantonnewcomers org or call Jennifer at (734) 9811715 You don t have to be new to be a Newcomerl Kiwanis Club The Plymouth Canton KiwanIS Club meets every Tuesday at 715 a m at the Plymouth Cultural Center on Farmer Street The Club rnvltes you to thell morning meetings to diSCUSScommunJ ty projects and actrvltres Be part of the solution and not Just a spectator For more informatIOn call (734) 981 0460 or see the Web site (wwwpcklwa nlSorg) Plymouth Newcomers Plymouth Newcomers & Neighbors playgroups for children ages 0 5 meet several times dUring the week at ffi1lm ber homes and occasional speCial events Come meet new parents while your kids meet the II own new fnendsl For detarls contact Janet Keller at\734} 4511840 or [email protected]


Asthma battle

Grant Harmer 6 of Plymouth meets puppeteer Maureen Schiffman of NOV1and her puppet pal Coco m the family actiVIties tent at the recent Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk conducted by the Amencan Lung ASSOCIation of Michigan at the DetrOit Zoo More than 600 walkers helped raise money for asthma research and treatments WDIV Local 4 meteorologist Paul Gross was the mornmg's walk leader In Michigan, Wayne County has the highest asthma rate m the state Asthma IS responSible for more school absences than any other chromc disease More than 20 million Americans suffer from asthma which affects nme million children under the age of 18

MaSOniCTemple hosts a card party/luncheon noon 3 p m the second Tuesday of each month AdmiSSion IS $6 event features table pnzes and door pnzes The temple ISlocated at 27705 W Seven Mile In livonia For more information call (734) 459 6063 Hospice training Heartland HospICeISlookrng for canng and dedICated people wltn an IOterest 10 serving terminally III patients and their families 10 Washtenaw western Wayne Monroe and lIvrngston coun ties Volunteers prOVide a vanety of servICes rncludrng companionship light housekeeprng errand runnrng grief support and c1encal servICes For more rnformatlon contact volunteer coordl nator CandICeJones (888) 9731145 Literacy Council tutors The Communrty Literacy CounCil(CLC) ISlooking for volunteer tutors 10 Western Wayne County to help adults Improve their readrng wrltrng and com

the Golden Gate Plaza For additional information contact Bonnie at (734) 6462237 Grief support New Hope Center for Grief Support ISa Christian based bereavement outreach and resource center located 10 NorthVille Age appropriate groups for Widows and Widowers are prOVided In various lo"tlons In southeastern MIChigan rncludIOg groups for young Widows and Widowers and their chll dren between the ages of 4 through the teen years Groups for parents who have lost a child adults who have lost a parent pet loss and other speCialized groups are offered at various times of the year All servICes for adults and children are offered at no cost to the partiCipants If you are gnevrng or

munlCat,on skills The CLCWill prOVide training to rnterested volunteers PrevIOus experience or a bachelor s degree ISnot requlled The counCil Will prOVide free tralnrng and matenals and then match you With an adult student 10 your area Call (734) 4164906 for more information Toastmasters meet Do you have a fear of public speaking? Do you need to do presentations at work and don t know where to start? Or are you terrified of the thought of standrng 10 front of a group of people to present that report? If you answered yes to any o!these questrons then Toastmasters ISfor youl Canton CommunICators Club meets every Wednesday at 630 P m at the Canton Coney Island on Lilley just south of Joy


~b.J llI!!l


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':4// Day Every Day/" Up to 5 quarts Standard Motor Oil & Filter ALL MAKES ALL MOOELS

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Your Local Senior Care Expert • We get to know you and your needs and personally mtroduce each caregIVer to enhance a posItive relationshIp • We prOVIdeongomg commumcatlon and documentatIon • We proVlde a responsIVe staff accessIble 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • We conduct quahty assurance VISItsto ensure !he chentlcareglver relatlOnslup meets your ex~ctatlOns

Non-medical Home Care Companionship Personal Care Alzh . C • euner's are • • •

r--------, I f~a~ :~:I::.~' ; ,' ; I:~:::n I 16013 Mlddlebelt R.oad'!.,lvonta I I aomenlstead~\;'Om •

plus tax title doc dest


consultation and receive

a~:r~~:s~:~:~a~t~~~r I 734.525-530Q,,: ~ "~-.,.









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Observer & EccentrIC I Sunday May 132007



CLASS REUNIONS [email protected] Class of 1962 A45 year reunionISplannedfor 7 pm ClarencevllleHighSchool Allclasses to 2 a m SaturdayAug182007at SundayJuly29at Kens,"gtonMetro CampTIConderoga RestaurantTroy park shelter T For,"foflnalionwwwseaholm620rg opento allClarencevillealumni ContactGregFronlierat gradsand non grads [email protected] Charlotte Notopento currentstudents unless (Bosworth)FollISat [email protected] they are the childrenof attending lightcom alumniLunchISpotluck(emallfor BishopBorgess diVISion of stuffto bnng) Formore Classof 1977 REUNIONS ,"fa contact A30 year reunionSaturdaySept 8 [email protected] 2007 at GeorgeMurphys liVOniaFor AvondaleHighSchool am more,"formationcall(248)6858747 Class of 1957 ClawsonHighSchool or byemallhan,"[email protected] A50 year reunionISplannedfor Sept Class of 1962 15 2007at GreatOaksCountryClubIn Class of 1987 A45 year reunion 6 p m Saturday A20 year reunion Sept 152007at RochesterLookingfor alumni Call Sept 22 at the HiltonDetroltTroyon the liVOnia M arnottContact MaryLouNorklewlCz (Ehrmann)at CrooksRoad,"TroyDinnerdanCing [email protected] formore (248)3755406 Jim Greenlessat (248) andcashbar other weekendevents ,"formalion 6420290or Janice Turnbull(Lane)at Willbeginon FndaySept 21and Will BloomfIeldHIllsLahser (248)6272447 continuethroughSundaySept 23 For Class of 1976 BerkleyHighSchool ,"formatione mall GolfScrambleand/orcasualdinnerat Class of 19B7 [email protected] comor callMaryat CampTIConderogaFndaydune29 A20 year reunionISplannedfor Nov (24B)5936182 2007 ReunIOn7 p m SaturdayJune 24 2007Lookingfor allcurrent can 30 2007at PineLakeCountryClubFor Dearborn HighSchool tact Infofor alumnifromclass of1987 ,"formationgoto wwwLahserl976com Classof 1952 ContactKim(DeWilde)Evennghamat A55year reunionon SundayAug5 or contactJackie(McLernon) Beanat (734)4220087or e mallInfoto k,m at the 0 KellyBanquetHall23663Park (24B)3999054 OeanShipmanat [email protected] com ReUnionweb St DearbornReUnionbegInsat 2 p m (313)701 8544 John Wallbllhch at site ISwww8HSreunlOnl987com for Withbuffetdinnerat 4 p m Call (800)7077170 o r JefferyGivenat further ,"formationand details MananneHoak(313)2749064or (24B)5942401 BirminghamGroves Carolyn Haselt,"eChambon(734)420 Burt Elementary and JUniorHigh Class of 1977 2591 (Detroit) A30 year reunion7 30 Pm Saturday DearbornFordson Class of 1967 July28 at CampTIConderogaTroy Classof 1977 For,"formalioncontact Contacts $35," advance $45at the door A30 year reunion FndayAug3 to SandyRhodesLuomaat andysgar ContactDanNelsonat (248)4333742 SundayAug5 2007ContactVal [email protected] or e mall Schulte(WrenbeckJat Nykampat [email protected] or [email protected] [email protected] MargaretHadcockGallagherat edgal BirminghamSeaholm Asspacepermits the Observer& EccentncNewspaperspnnt without charge announcementsof class reunionsSendthe informationto ReUnionsObserver& Eccentnc Newspapers36251Schoolcraft LIVOnia Ml48170PleaseIncludethe date ofthe reunion one contact per son anda telephonenumber


~:£S :£Sz:t::g.e:£S

Rock-Hammer Robert and Debb1 Rock of Farmmgton announce the engagement of theIr daughter, NatalIe Rock, to DaVId Hammer Natalie IS a busmess student at Eastern MIchIgan Umverslty DaVId ISthe son of Don and SUSIe Hammer of Plymouth He IS a graduate of IndIana U mverslty He ISworkmg as a cost accountant A July 15,2007, weddmg 1S

planned for Bnghtmoor ChristIan Church m NoVI

Humphrey-Snyder Bnan and Joyce Humphrey of Canton announce the engagement of theIr daughter, KatIe Lynn Humphrey of Walker, Mlch , to Ohver Henry Snyder of Beaufort, S C The bnde-to-be IS a 2003 graduate of Grand Valley Stale Umverslty and works as executIve secretaxy to the preSIdent of Grand Valley State The prospectIve groom ISthe son of TImothy Snyder of VersaIlles, Ky, and Barbara ZVIrzdlms of Comstock Park, Mlch HIS attendmg Amencan Mlhtaxy UmversIty on actIve duty WIth the Umted Stales Navy statIOned m Pams Island, SC A weddmg IS planned for Sept 8, 2007, at the Grand Valley State Unnerslty Alumm House and VISItor Center III

Allendale, Mlch

MemorlAI-q.>rrlhr:::'lnf'pQ, 579 735") .. fax 734 953-2232 [email protected] com

()t"HtuA(IP-q. 1-800




KAREN S. HOOT WILLIAM LAWSON (BURNETT) BENNETT Age 77, of Royal Oak, MI Age 48 passed away May 10 2007 __ chedMay 5, 2007 m Eureka Beloved Wife of Donald P dear moth Sprmgs, AR after a short III er of Gary (Becky) Flaleau of ness He was born June 14

1929to Vema L and Frank A Bennett In Miami Beach, FL He IS survived by hiS daughters Gwen Bermett and

Holly Burks, both of Eureka Sprmgs, AR and hIS sister Ethel Weldon of Washmgton, MI He was preceded In by hiS son, Wtlham Kirk Bennett He served In the U S Army receIved a Masters In history from Wayne State Umverslty and was a real estate devel

Westland Russell (Maureen Corbm) Flateau of Westland and MISS Krystme Flateau of Dearborn Heights SIster of John Burnett of Oregon Mark Scott and Sean Burnett all of Prescott Ml Valene Chnstenson of Dearborn HeIghts Anita (RIchard) Baldwm of Romulus and MIchelle Anderson of Prescott MI grandmoth er of three VISitatIOnISMon 12 noon 9 pm at Crane FWleral Home, 36885

oper He taughl m the Royal Oak Goddard Rd school system and believed develop ment of the mmd through education to be a teacher s duty, a chtld s nght and essential for betterment of society He was the founder and edItor of the Social Critic newspaper m the 1960s He was a keen student of the law and successfully represented himself 10 several court cases He was a aVid reader and collector of books Never one to miss an opportumty to do a favor, last year he With the aId of the VFW "eit tl-ousards of books +0 +lJ.e troops 10 Iraq HIS book glvmg extended beyond the troops to chIl dren s hOSPitals, local churches and mdlvlduals HIS Wit, Wisdom and love Will be greatly mIssed A pnvate memonal IS planned Brashears Funeral Home, Huntsvtlle, AR

BERNICE "BERNIE" WALKER BIRD Age 84, of Kettermg OhIOdIed 5 00 PM, Thursday May 10 2007 al MI

Romulus 734 941

9200 Service Tues 1030 a m at Fmr Haven Baptist Church Westland MI Interment Mt Hope Memonal Gardens LIVOnia Memonals to orgamntlOll of donor s chOice

For more tnformatlon or to SIgn the registry of condolences. VIsit wwwsmlthandsonfuneralhomes com

May You Find Comfort In Family Friends

of John A


Debra Dzenko of LIvoma announces the engagement of her daughter, Kathryn Antomette Lamberson, to Matthew Enc Anderson, son of Fred and Karen Anderson of Washmgton, N C Kathryn IS a 1998 graduate of Franklm HIgh School and earned a bachelor of SClence m culmaxy nutntlOn m 2002 from Johnson & Wales Umverslty

ment of Ihelr daughter, Momca Malr of NashVIlle, Tenn , to C J J /Ionsen of



mother of JIm (Sherry) Jay (Bel), Jerry (Kathy), Jeff (Knstt) and lane Peterson (Bruce) Lovmg grandmother of Kyle JeSSIca Ben Lucas Cassie Mlraml Molly Brendan and "lchuyler Great grandmother of Audrey Buckman Step grandmother of Mark and Tracey Chedlster Amy Buckman Andrea and Amanda Tmsley Sister of Barbara Wezerek In heu of flowers memonals to CongregatIOnal Church of Bmnmgham MUSIC Department A J Desmond & Sons 248·549 0500 v ew Obltl!~rv and share memOrIes at wwwDesmondFuneralHome com

Mair-Jansen WIlham and Rose Malr of

FranklIn, Teno

The bnde-elect IS 2000 graduate of Salem HIgh School and a 2005 graduate of Western MIchIgan Umverslty Together m Brentwood, Tenn The prospectIve groom IS the son of Gary and Debra Jansen of FrankIn, Tenn He IS also a 2000 graduate of Salem HIgh School and a 2005 grad-

uate of Western MIChIgan U mvers1ty He IS currently MARY JO MULARONI employed by C H Robmson May 10 2007 Age 72 In lOVIng Co as a lOgIstIcal analyst m memory we WIll mISSyou everyday NashvIlle Beloved Wife of Humbert for 49 A June 9 weddmg IS years Lovmg mother of Humbert Jr (Karen), Edward (Seraphma) Dear planned for the Embassy (Dana) Marc (Diane) and Peter (Martbel) Dear grandmother of mne FamIly Will receive fnends at Desmond & Sons (Vasu, Rodgers &


In LIVOnia

tIOn ImmedIately





the ceremony

The couple WIll honeymoon Connell Chapel) 32515 Woodward Ave (btwn 13 14 MIle) Sunday 3· m Samt LUCIa m the 8pm Funeral Mass Monday 1pm at Carnbean Church of St Owen, 6869 FranklIn Bloomfield HIlls Vlsltatton begms at church 12 30pm Rite of CommIttal Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Memorial tributes to the chanty of donor s chOIce VIew ObltUaryand share memorles at wwwDesmondFuneralHome com

Ehzabeth Rose Tappan of Llvoma and Stephen Joseph Mann of LIvoma WIll be marned May 25 at the Cathohc Central Chapel Ehzabeth ISthe daughter of Rosemary of Donald Tappan She graduated m Apnl from the Umverslty ofMICh1gan WIth a bachelor of SCIence m engmeermg m mechanIcal engmeenng She WIll be worlung for Shell ExploratIOn and Productlon Stephen IShe son ofT1mothy and DIane Mann He graduated m May from Lawrence TechnolOgical Umverslty WIth a bachelor of SClence m computer sCIence He WIll be a mIddle school sCIence teacher for Teach for Amenca Presldmg at the weddmg WIll be Deacon RJchard MlStak and the Rev John Wheeler Honor attendants are Adam Colton (best man), Cathenne

phone mdustry A September 2007 weddmg IS planned at Shelby BaptIst Church m NashVIlle, WIth a receptIon at a pnvate


m the hlslorlc Belle Meade are of NashVIlle rhe lOuple WIll make Ihu home m Mt Juhel Tenn


Tappan (MaId of Honor), Donald Tappan III, KatIe Mann, Chnl Km, ChnstIne Thppan, Dan Kramer Carolyn Tappan The couple WIll be makmg the1r home m New Orleans Ia.



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Canton announce the engage

JEAN W McAULIFFE Age 87 May 6, 2007 Beloved WIfe

KATHLEEN CLARA ISRAEL May 6 2007 age 63 of Plymouth

Fnends may call from 5 00 PM - 8 00 PM, Tuesday, May 15,2007 al the L ~ Eugene Smith & Son FWleral Home 64 S South Streel, New Vienna, OhIO

Ernest Atkms of DetroIt, MIChIgan and Margaret Fredenck of Westland, MIchIgan announce the engagement of theIr daughter, Bteana Celene Fredenck, to MIchael Sean Kyle, son of Edward and ClaudIa Kyle of Carltsle, Pennsylvama MIchael and Breana are both graduates of Easlern MIChIgan Umverslty and reSIde m Canton, MIchIgan A sprmg weddmg ISp1anned for Apnl 2008 m Commerce TownshIp, MIChIgan

and master of SCIence In nutrI-

1030 AM, Wednesday, May 16, 2007

at St Charles Borromeo CatholIc Church, 4500 Ackerman Blvd, Keuenng, OhIO With Rev Gerald R Haemmerle officlatmg Bunal Will be lI\ New Vienna I 0 0 F Cemetery


tIOn m 2005 from the UmversltyofBndgeport She IS a chef/nutntIOmsl and culmaxy mstructor at the Art InstItute of NashVIlle Matthew IS a 2003 graduate of Campbell Umversltym North Carolma WIth a bachelor's degree and major m church musIc He IS a member of the renowned NashVIlle ChOIr MUSICMm1stry of Shelby Avenue Baptlsl Church and also employed m Ihe satelhte

She IS an aSSIstant manage and traIner at FItness

Lovmg Wife of Stewart Beloved mother of Peter (Mehssa) Israel, Mary Israel and Sara (Tim) Guys Proud Carmel West, Columbus OhIO Her grandmother of Grant and Kennedy husband, George W Bmi, whom she Israel Dear SIsterof Mary (Ron) Kies mamed May 14, 1949 survives Mrs Larry (Paula) Kersten and John Bmi was born October 8, 1922 In Kersten Kathleen graduated from FaIrfax, HIghland County OhIO, McKenzie HIgh School In 1963 She daughter of the late Jerome Garfield obtamed a BS degree from Wayne "Gar' Walker and Nell Ross Walker State Umverslty and a MA m PhYSical She was a graduate of Spring Valley Education Master Gardner and High School She was a member of Advanced Master Gardner She was a member and fonner board member of St Charles Bottomeo Cathohc Church In Kettering. OhiO In addrtlOn U of M Matthael Botarucal Gardens, to her husband, Mrs Bud 15 SurviVed Master Gardner AssociatIOn of Wayne by two and sons and a daughter In County and co founder of the Canton law, Jeffrey MIchael Bml & Eulalia Garden Club past PresIdent of the Ferrer of Royal Oak Mlclugan and Vlvlans AUXiliary of the Plymouth Jerald Matthew BIrd of Troy Elks She was also a member ofPr1Oce of Peace Lutheran Church 10 MiChigan. a daughter and son tn-law, Mary Dons BIrd-Parks & LeWISParks Westland She also taught In the Allen of Bamngton, Illmols, two Sisters, Park and Llvoma School dIstncts A Elizabeth "Lib" Walker of Leesburg, gathenng of FamIly and Fnends Will OhiO and VIrgmla Walker of be at Pnnce of Feace Lutheran Church Hillsboro, Oh1O, three grandchIldren, 37775 Palmer Rd (W of Newburgh) Jenmfer Nell (Robert) Llebreich of Westland, from 9 00 - Il 00 a m on Saturday WIth a memorIal servIce at Washmgton DC, Mary Stephame Burpee of Washmgton DC, and Clara 11 00 a m Crematl,On servIces were Nicole BIrd of Royal Oak Michigan handled by Venneulen Funeral Home and a great grandson, Joseph 46401 W Ann Arbor Road Plymouth BenJamm Llebrelch She was also a ContnbutlOns may be made to the lovmg relative and kmdred SpIrIt to MIchigan Humane SOCIety 26711 SUIte 175, many, many more In additIOn to her North western Hwy parents, four brothers, Clarke Walker, Southfield Ml48033 2169 or the Elks Jerome Walker, Harry Walker and Major Projects Fund c/o the Plymouth Wendell Jack' Walker and two SIS- Elks, 41700 Ann Arbor Rd Plymouth ters, Mary Dons Walker and Anellen MI 48170 To leave a message of con Walker Anderson, are preceded m dolence for the famtly please VISIt venneulenfuneralhome com death Mass of Christian Bunal Will be


[email protected]etownilfe com or lax to

AUn Obitsc/o CharoleUeWilson 734 953·2232 For more mformafton call

CharoleUeWilson 734·953 2070

or LizKeiser 734·953·2067 or toll free




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ment, call (734) 953-2149

Josephine Michelle Carignan Natalie Elizabeth Francis MIChael and Laura FranClS of Westland announce the bIrth of theIr daughter, Natahe Ehzabeth FranCIS, on Apnl 8, 2007, at St Maxy Mercy HospItal m Llvoma Natal1e weIghed 6 pounds, 1 ounce and was 20 mches long at bIrth Grandparents are CasImIr and Stasla Goreclu of Westland and Carl and Judy FrancIs of Owosso

Kelly and Aaron Cangnan ," announce the engagement of " theIr daughter, Josephme MIChelle Cangnan on Feb 26_ Josephme was 7 pounds, 3 ounces and 19 mches long al bIrth ~ Grandparents are MIke and Lee Ramsden of Westland and " Dan and DaIS) Cangnan of Redford Great grandparents are Catherme and Bob Cangnan of Redford

866·818 7653 ~

ask for Char or Liz ~ )



Observer & Eccentrrc

! Sunday



May 13 2007


To placo your ad here contact us at

caf'[email protected] com or can 784 953 2079

1.0 opportunities: see

H,lp W,nl,d·G'n,,,1 CLOSING OFFICER Exp d For Canton branch of title company Duties mclude sales processing & closmg purchas es & refinances Fax resume to 734 454 0108 or emall to [email protected] com CONCRETE WORKERS A1 Cement Fmlsher & Laborer needed Exp & driver s !lcense req d 248 553 7834

ACCOUNTANT Energetic analytical & ambl tlous Accountlng/Fmance gra duate for SouthfIeld based famIly owned chain of retail stores Skilled In uSing Excal Access & Crystal Reports Some work exp desirable CompetitIVe compensatIOn & benefits

CDUNTERHELP fDr Meal & Bakery Depl Experience preferred Full & Part Time Come In & fill out appUcation Holiday Market Canton (734) 844 2200




Walton wood a Luxury Semor HOUSing Comm Unity !S looking for an expe rlenced Activities Director for the Dementia Care Residents & AssIsted Liv 109 residents In Canton Prefer havrng prevIous expenence m activities with Senior HOUSingor other rei evant areas Must be carmg and compassionate must have a CDL exceptional computer skIlls & experr ence creating newsletters/ calendars Send resume Waltonwood 7125 Orchard Lake 11200 W Bloomfield MI48325 Fax 248155 1530 Aftn Vie ACTIVITY COORDINATOR/ LEASING AGENT Needed for a senror apartment community in Westland Full t me benefits 2 bdrm apt Exp necessary Please send resume to [email protected] com ( code 1544 ) Equal OpportunIty Employer

College Students GREAT PAY Immediate summer openings fleXible schedules conditions apply must be 17+ we tram CALL NOW (248)426 4405 OELIVERY DRIVER For local parts Part time weekdays Retirees welcome (734)238 0556

DIRECTOR The Goddard School a leader In the franchIsed pre school mdustry IS growmg and \Contlnues to set the standard for excellence We are lookmg for a Full Time DIrector for our new school openrng soon n Canton QualIfIed candidate must have a BA or as Degree and CertificatIon In Education Strong verbal and wntten commumcatlon skills and prior supervisory experl ence In a preschool settmg are reqUired Send resume and salary history to [email protected] goddard systems com 1016 West Nmth Ave Kmg of Prussia PA 19408 Fax 610 265 8867 Attn Lmda Labs

ORIVER/BINDERY Person needed for busy Southf eld pnnt shop Fax resume 248 350 1553

$1425 base/appt customer sales/service no exp needed condit ons ex st Must be 17+ APPLY NOW Pos tons f I ng FAST I (248) 425 4405



2 days per week even ngs Retirees welcome I Send resume to Century Sun 50168 Pontiac Trail Umt 8 Wixom MI 48393

For complete Information ViSIt our website at

www ci livonia ml us or apply In person at livonia City Hall 3rd floor 33000 CIVICCenter Dr llvoma Ml 48154 EOE MIF/H AUTO DETAIL Rub out & wax Interior ,shampoo & detailing $400 $650/wk $40 $50/car Call after 4pm 734 459 8088

-PrlnclpallLeadershlp Coaches -EngllshlLanguage Art Coaches -Mathematics Coaches -SpeCial Education Coacbes

We offer - Guaranteed Wage + up to 50% servIce comm - Top Retail Commission - PaId Vacation - Health Dental Vision - Employee Stock Purchase Plan - Advanced Tralnrng - Monthly Contests and Pnzes! - Merchandise Discounts - Opportumty for Advancement • 401 K & 529 College Savings Plan

RESA has the IMMEOIATE need of mdlvlduals In all positions We are In partlc ular need of IndiViduals who have successful expe nence raising student achievement If you are an experrenced certified English/Language Arts MathematICs or SpeCial EducatIOn Teacher or SpeCial EducatIon Teacher or School Prrnclpal commItted to makmg a difference please vIs t

You supply your license & shears we supply the restl For a confidentIal mtervlew

Call1-BBB-BBB- 777B Ext 42958 Ask for Lon'

HOUSEKEEPER Waltonwood a luxury sen lor housmg community s seekmg to flU Full/Part Time housekeeper pOSItions Candidates must be compe tent reliable friendly and team players E 0 E Please send resumes to Waltonwood 7125 Orchard lake #200 W Bloomlleld MI 48322 Fax 248 865 1636 Aftn Vie

Click on High Pnorlty Schools for detalled can tract requlrements/speclfl cations and appl catIOn Informat on These are contracted serv Ice POSit ons Contract terms range from 50 to 150 days per year Education

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER Lookmg for an ASSIstant to prOVIde clencal & admlnrs tratlve support on a full time baSIS Must be an mdependent thmker welt organized able to multi task & work In a fast paced environment ThIS pOSitIon minimally requires 2 or more yrs of college coursework preferably m an HR or other busmess dlsclphne 3 yrs exp 10 an office settmg preferably In a confidential settmg pro flclent In PC operations for word processmg spread sheet applications dat abase mgmt & presenta tlon software& possess a valid drrvers license

SCHDDLCRAFT CDLLEGE LIVOniaMI48152 www schoolcraft odu

Ful t me position Interested appl cants please refer to our webSite http//wwwschoolcraftedu /Iobs for the job descnp tlon and qualIfications Apply onl ne - applicatIons along w th photocopies of college transcr pt from eg onally aeered ted nsll tut on(s) must be received -n Human Resources by no later than 430 on Monday May 25 2007 An Equal Opportunity Employer

Forklift-Hllo Orlvers Large automotive parts com pany In Novi Is seekmg expe rJenred forkllft drivers WIth shipp ng & receiving Must have current or recently expired H!lo I cense Call Now 248477 0512 ARCAOIA General

ORIVERS Exp d Gravel Tram drrvers Apply Man Frr 1~50 Farmington Rd Livonia

SUMMER WORK $14 25 base/appt -Full/Part TIme "Customer Sales/Service -Condit ons apply Must be 17+ -No exp needed we traln -VISit workforstudents com Call Monday (248) 426 4405

GDII Courses Job Openings Munrclpal Golf Course that has a beautIful banquet faclh ty IS eXCited to brrng on sav eral Individuals that would optImize thiS faCIlity If you are energetic highly motlvat ed customer oriented and have knowledge of the game of Golf Warren Valley Golf & Banquet Center and Inkster Valley Golf Course Is the place for you lmme(hate openmgs available for Banquet Servers Dishwashers & Golf Staff Pro Shop



Please call (313) 730 0100 Mon Fn 11 am 1pm Acceptmg calls untll May 30th

Startmg pay $15 59 per f119hthour Mesa AlrllOes Thursday May 17th Four Points by Sheraton 8800 WIckham Rd Romulus MI 6pm Sharpl Complete online appllcatlon at

HAIR STYLISTS Busy Great Clips salon In Westland needs full or part tIme stylists Medical Ins Guaranteed pay bonuses etc Gary 734 276 4701

www mesa air com where you Will receive Invitation required for Interview "Must be willing to relocate"


CLEANING OFFICES Part Time Eves Offices n Wixom or Novi For appt 248 615 3664

Wayne RESA IS working In elementary and secondary schools across the county that have been Identified as High Priority Schools RESA High Pnonty Schools InrtlatIVe teams composed of contractors serving as

U of 0 Jesuit High School an aU boys CatholiC college preparatory high school has an openIng for a head varsity football coach for the 2007 08 school year Please forward resume by Wednesday May 23rd to Attention U of 0 Jesuits Athlebcs Fax 3138623299 or mall to 8400 South Cambridge DetrOit MI 48221

Management company seek 109 motivated IndiVidual to perform mamtenance duties at a S Oakland County property Forward resumes py May 18th to RPS Management 9514 Aspenvlew Dr Grand Blanc MI48439

CHILOCARE EDUCATOR NEEOED For tran preschool program m Blrmmgham Strong back ground In chUd development Call (246) 986 6448

We are currently lookmg for talented licensed haIr stylists who are Interested In having fun while earning great money workmg 10 our beaubful high potential locations in the Westland Canton and Plymouth areas We need hard working stylIsts Who want to make a lot of money to Join our team so tnat we can handle the growth that our salon IS experiencing

Make a Difference

ThiS Is an excellent oppor tumty to get IOta a stable prosperous company Our WIxom branch ISseekmg an energetic and enthUSiastiC local truck dnver Must have a class B hcense With an air brake endorsement Must have experience loadmg and unload1Og trucks Full time Competitive pay and benefits Please apply at 29949 Beck Road WIxom Please bring resume No phone calls please


Expenenced Plum Hollow Market Corner of 9 Mite & Lahser



AUTO PAINTER Busy shop Benefits Wayne Call (734) 641 0750

City 01 LIVOnia, Community Rasources 33000 CIVICCenter Dr , Livonia MI 40154 by May 30, 2G07




With at least 3 YEARS EXP Please calt 734 525 9733

City of L1vonra needs feSI dent caretaker for hlstorrcat property Must have gener al bUlldrng operatIons knowledge & be m good physical condItion City will conduct background mves tlgatlon Caretaker Will receIve free lodging on property m lieu of monetary compensation ResponSible for all utilit as + repair & upkeep of rntenor of resl dence C ty Will undertake an evaluation process to determine SUitable candl date Mall resume & other Information you would like to be considered to


Emall resume & salary requirements AUn HRA Code 1546 [email protected] hometown life com

~- - - HVAC-INSTALLER - - -:

FLOWER! PLANT MERCHANDISER Seeking part t me employees to service our retalt cus tomers In the Royal Oak Southfield and Commerce areas Dependable transporta tlon needed Send resume or letter to PO Box 321 Byron Center MI 49315 Fax 616 870 3640 Ema!! [email protected] m:lc:.t~rn~r..-Fln or rnm

EXPERIE8CED I Only cln..g free IrCIVIC.JsIs : : With good drMng record : I need apply I : Call (734) 4251415 :

MAINTENANCE HVAC preferred Full time Free apartment Benefits available ' Send resume tp Mary 34848 freedom Rd Farmington Hills MI 48335 Or emall [email protected] net

MAINTENANCE PERSON For Redford area apartment complex Light plumbing light electrical & general skills Tools transportation & references reqUIred Fax resume to (313) 532 0060

MAINTENANCE TECH Wynd chase Townhomes In Canton IS seeking a full time expenenced mamte nance tech Candidates must have prevIous apart ment mamtenance expen ence and possess own tools We offer competitIVe salary apartment discount opportunities medical and dental benefits Fax resumes to 734 844 3963 Ann EM

MANUFACTURING Company In Livonia Is seekmg an expenenced TlG MIG WeIder/Fitter speCialize In Ole Weldmg Pay commensurate with exp excellent benefits Send resume to Altn Richard Blomberg 12550 Tech Center Dr Livonia, MI 48150

MEATCUTTER Expenence full time Call Dan or John Honday Market Canton 734 844 2200 MECHANIC CONTAINERICHAS61SITIRES To $14/per.tlr Pay based on exp May train but must weld & own tools Drug Screen Romulus (734) 891 26S0

MIG WELDER Needed Full TIme Call Jay 3132157364

NURSERY NEEDS Fun or part tIme expenenced Person(s) to work with annu als & perennrals Must have cash regIster expenence Apply n person CRIM60Ll NURSERY INC 50145 Ford Rd Canton PAINT LA80RERS For CommercIal Pa nt Co Must have valid drivers lIcense & vehIcle References checked (734)2661500 PAINTER NEEDED Experience necessary Residential/commercial Call KeVin 3138157726 PAINTERS NEEOEO Reliable Responsible Good Transportat on Calt after 7pm 248 933 8954



AUTO REPOSSESSOR No experrence excellent drrv 109 record no felonies self motivated Able to work< changing shifts & overtime commission pay Interestmg & eXCltmg JOb (734) 595 0220



ACTIVITY OIRECTOR Experienced full time for ret rement communIty Apply at 39201 Joy Rd Westland



www resa net


Help Want,d·Gener,1 •

WIt! be workrng m those High Priority Schools to raise student achievement

Emall resume Include work blstory & desired compensation range to [email protected] com

Controller/Bookkeeper Experienced MBA or CPA Trades & Contracting Hartland & NW DetrOit Fax 10 (313) 535 4403 or Emall [email protected] com


~----------------~ Instructors

The Frankel Jewish Academy We are now accepting applications for certified • FT Chemistry • FT College Guidance - FT BIble • FT English/History Masters Degree (or It s eqUivalent) IS reqUIred or emall [email protected] org The Frankel Jewish Academy IS an Equal Opportumty Employer

LABORERS Seekmg mdlvlduals able to perform effiCIently In a demanding fast paced production oriented busl ness envrr.onment Start at $870 per hour reach over $10 Within 3 months Those that excel can earn upwards of $35 000 annually plus benefits Within a year Reply to PO Box 2775 Farmington Hills M148333 LANDSCAPE HELP Must be exp d Full & Part time Chauffeurs Ucense needed 248 521 8618 248 489 5955 LAWN MAINTENANCE Llvoma area $10/hr to start Some exp req d Leave Messaoeat (734) 576 3054 LAWN SPRINKLER'S Summer Hell> ServIce Techmclan ASSIstant $8 $11/Hr (248) SS81480

LEASING AGENT Northridge Apartment community Is seeking to fill a FULL TIME leasing POSition Must be able to work weekends We offer competitive wages com missions health and den tal Insurances E E 0 Fax resumes to 248-651·0610 Aftn LL

Leasing Representative Independence Village luxury retIrement liVing for seOlors 10 Plymouth has an opening for a Leasing Representative Seeking an energetic mdlvld ual who has excellent skills In communrcatlOn outreach and other aspects of market 109 Competitive wages ben eflts and commiSSIOns Fax resume to 734 453 1150 or [email protected] net

LEASING West Bloomfield apts seeks IndiVidual PT/ weekends to show apts & answer phones Must enjoy people Call 248 661 8440 or fax resume 248 661 2170

Police Officer REDFORD TOWNSHIP For more mformatlon call 313 387 2761 or VISIt our webSite at redfonltwp com/dept/hr PRINTING PRESS OPERATDR Neded for busy Southfield shop Fax resume 2483501553

PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Needed for growmg tlta nlum processmg faCIlity Must be able to work sec ond or third shift Melt shop or foundry expen ence a plus Competitive wages and benefits Please mall or FAX resume to

GIGbal Titanium Inc 19300 Flier DetrOit MI 48234 Fnx (313) 366 5305 EEoc

PRODUCTION TECHNICIANS Our exceptIOnal growth and stability continues and has areated a need for Production Tecbs m our Plymouth manufac turlng faCility Qualified candidates Will have a relat ed assoCIate degree and/or at least two years of hands on experience operatrng malntalmng and adlustrng manufactUring equipment to maXImize production output while maintainIng quality and safety This Is a 24f7 operatIon With van ous shrftslschedules paten tlally available We offer a competitive benefIts pack age InclUding Medical With Health Savmgs Accounts Dental Other Insurances 401 K WIth company match and more' Team oriented mdlvlduals only Send resume to Ann PT 114 emall [email protected] com

RESIOENTIAL WORKER Needed at a shelter Part T me POSItion Mldmghts Frr Sat & Man 3 1130PM Mati resume to WCFC Attn J Monroe 30600 Michigan Ave Westland MI48186 Retail Sales Associate For high end custom furniture store Experrence preferred Fax resume 248 644 5120

H,lp Want,I·G,neral


SERVICEMAN (MJF) INSTALLER For heatmg contractor Mm 5 yrs exp Fax 248 443 2792

Summer Help Innovative manufacturrng company seeks conscientious dependable students for sum mer work 10 our state of the art faCIlity POSItions avaIlable Monday through Fnday 6 30am 4 OOpm No exper ence necessary Will tram Send resume to HR 43850 Plymouth Oaks Blvd Plymouth MI 48170 or e mati to [email protected] net EOE

SUMMER WORK $1425 base/appt Immediate openings thiS wk Customer Service/Sales conditions apply Must be 17+ (248) 426 4405

SWift TransportatIOn Now Hiring

DIESELTECHNICIAN 3 years Heavy Tractor Exp Req d Must have Own Tools SWift Offers Medical Dental 401 k Excellent Tralnmg & Tool Purchase Program (drug screen! background check req d) (eoe mlf) For Info Contact Pete Mueller at 734 753 2361 Apply On Lme @ www swlfttrans com

TEACHERS Private early ch ldhood center needs full/part time & SUb stltutes ECE Degree or relat ed field NAEYC Accredited Emall resume to [email protected] com

TEACHERS Small prrvate school rn SE Oakland County s lookIng for part time Instructors for Fal 2007 Positions mclude SCience Busmess Account mg P E Woodshop Art & MUSIC Secondary level of experience preferred Please fax a resume and letter of mterest to 248541 5750


award winning

H'I, W'nt,d·OItIC' Cler",1


Confident dedicated artlcu late salespeople & drrvers for directly advertIsing booklet to promote local bUSinesses No exp necessary WIll traln $8 $10/ start 248 648 9300

Tille CIGser 5 yrs exper ence In Title Escrow Closrng Processrng and f nal polley Procedures Fax resume 1 877 430 4533 or Emalt [email protected] preferredagency com TITLE/ESCROW DFFICER Needed 10 Nov Tltle Co Must have expe ence Fax resume to 248 735 8078

TRAVEL/ TOURS Auburn Hills travel company part tIme customer service/ accounting POSitons Ideal for student or homemaker Fax resume 248 370 8687 or

Chlsslffed t.eeUunl



BOOKKEEPER Full T me for Northv lie CPA firm Computer general ledger & payroll reqUired Fax resume (248) 380 9153 or emall [email protected] com

Customer Servl'8 Full T!me multi task munlcatlon cations at Plymouth

Electromcs components dlstnbutor seeking an IndIVidual to perform Genera! warehosue duties to mclude shlpprng and receIVmg ThiS IS a seasonal pOSitIOn that would end In October 2007 Please e malt fax or mall resume to RS ElectrOniCS 34443 Schoolcraft Rd livonia MI4815D Alln Warehouse Mgr Fax 734 525 4093 E·mali [email protected] rselectronlcs com WINOOW CLEANER COMMERCIAL Exp Must have clean record Retlable transportat on Pay based on exp Career opportu mty for the rrght person Call ~13 399 2296

H'I, Wanl,d·O!iI"




ACCOUNTSPAYABLE eDOKKEEPER Mature organrzed and detail oriented rndlvldual to jom the Southfield based Accounts Payable team of a family owned cham of retall stores ASSOCiates Degree 10 Acco untmg preferred along WIth exp usmg computerized accounting software Excel & Word CompetItive com pen satlon & benefits

Emall resume mclude work history & desired compensation range to [email protected] com

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Robertson Brothers IS seekmg an Administrative ASSistant to the PreSident & Chairman ResponSIbilities Incl project development approvals track 109 sales & marketmg budg ets & general admlmstratlve support Candidate must have strong computer knowledge profICiency In M!crosoft Office SUite & 5 yrs exp w/ a devel opment or real estate co Good communication skltls wi profeSSionals & peers a must Emall cover letter & resume [email protected] robertson brothers com 8DDKKEEPER/ ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Needed part time 16 24 hrs per wk for small account1Og firm 10 Farmmgton Hills Payroll exp and knowledge of QUlckbooks necessary Fax or emall resume and salary requirement 248 477 5692 , ... "



~ ...

Expandmg Medical Industry Leader seeking expenenced team onented profeSSional for the followmg

StrategIC Oevelopment Coordinator Ideal candidate Will pos sess database AS400 SQL and Access experience Experrence n the health care mdustry ts also reqUIred We offer a com petltlve Wage and Benefit Package nc udrng Paid Vacation Medical Dental 401 (k) and morel For Immediate conSideration Fax or Emall Resume TOday Fax 734 762 4965 Emall [email protected] cms-email com


LEGAL SECRETARY Approx 15 hrs wkly Superror computer & typ ng skills a must Fax 734 542 0057

LITIGATION LEGAL SECRETARY Needed for Southfield based law f rm Lit gaMn experrence reqUired Fax resume (248) 354 6300 OFFICE/CLERICAL Data entry posItion full tIme please Fax resume 734 354 0310 RECEPTIONIST $7 75 $10+ bonus Pleasant phone manner w II trarn Leave Message (248) 426 0733 RECEPTIONIST /BOOKKEEPER Permanent part tIme POSI tlon Exp preferred $7 $12/hr Fax resume & salary reqUIrements 734 404 2367 RECEPTIONIST/SALES ASSISTANT RETAIL Full Time Weekdays (734) 786 3757 SECRETARY/RECEPTIONIST FarmIngton Hflls law firm seeking full & or part time person Must have excellent phone and organrzatlonal skltls Great work ng environ ment Salary commensurate With exper enee Fax or ema I resume to 248 855 9523 [email protected]

SECRETARY/ RECEPTIONIST Fullt me secretary/recep ton st needed for Southf e d aw off ee Must be personable present we I on phone type 60 wpm and be dependable Salary commensurate w th exp Fax resume to Cheryl at 248 559 2180 or emall to [email protected] com

MEOICAL ASSISTANT Full time for busy Internal medicine office In Troy Must be expenenced n EKG nJec tlon and phlebotomy Fax resume to Kim 248 267 6791

MEDICAL ASSISTANT Mult phYSICian Walk In Clm c operatIOn 10 Western Wayne County seeks a CertIfied Medical Ass!stant with experr ence In Front Desk and Cllnrcal MA work The cand date wltl have excellent coop eratlve and verbal skills and pass drug & crrmrnal checks Part time Full time posslblll tIes CompetitIVe salary/ bene fits available to the right can dldate Cover letter resumes & references ( n Word format attachment only) can be emalled to [email protected] I vomawalkmcllnrc com or faxed to (248) 671 0493 Attn Mouhamad No Phone Calls MEOICAL ASSISTANT or LPN For full/part time for allergy practice In Bingham Farms Fax resume 248 723 5346 MEOICAL ASSISTANT or RN OB/GYN offIce 10 Bloomfield Hills Part Time Exp required Fax resume 248 642 1443 MEOICAL ASSISTANT Wanted for Prrmary Care office In Livonia Fax resume 734 522 7686 MEDICAL ASSISTANTS Medical Weight Loss Clln c seeking energetic self $tarter Wn puncture helpful For fast paced environment Fax resume 248 353 7624

MEDICALOILLER For out pat ent mental hea th clncrnCanton 3yrs earn follow up exper ence reqUired Full time With benefits EmSl1 resume to [email protected] com

MEDICAL BILLER von a home nfuslon compa ny oak ng for a full time experrenced Bitler Should have nfus on DME experr ence or be a pharmacy tech nlClan Compet tlve wages & benefits Flex ble schedule Very pleasant office Fax resume to Teresa at 734 425 2620 or emall to [email protected] completemfuslon corn L

[email protected] corn



FILE CLERK Needed In bUSy lIvonra prac tlCe 20 hrslwk Good oppor tunrty for student or home maker Send resume to Box 1547 OE Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft Rd Livonia MI48f50

Blrmmgham area CPA frrrn seek motivated rei able Indl Vidual Candidate should have adequate tyPing skills and be familiar With finanCial state ments and vanous federal and state tax filings Working knowledge of WordPerfect IS essential Salary commensu rate w th ability Please emall resumes to [email protected] com

CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT Permanent part time pos t on Mon Wed & Fr 2 45 7 30pm & Sat 8 45 1 30PM Clencal sk!lts & computer knowledge reqUired Willing to tram qual Ifled person 27527 Joy Rd blk W of Inkster Westland 734 522 5501

Must be able to & have good com skills TakIng apph 9200 General Dr 734453 1219

e"1a TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED CDL Class A license needed Local & overmght routes Immediate hlr ng Fax resume to (734)354 0310

H,lp Wanl,d·Medi,,1

H,lp W,nl,I·Oent,1

DENTAL ASSISTANT 2 days NW suburb Customer service skIlls requ red Reply to [email protected] com or POBox 2246 Farmmgton Hilts Ml 48333 DENTAL ASSISTANT Contemporary Farmington Hilts dental office IS looking for a friendly take charge dental assistant to jom our team Exp preferred 20 30 hrs /week Fax resumes to 248 522 8214 DENTAL ASSISTANT Downtown Plymouth dental office seeks an energetic friendly team player Full time Experrence needed Fax resume (734) 453 4513 DENTAL ASSISTANT Friendly busy non smokrng pedlatrrc dental office m Novi seekmg full time assistant 1 yr exp preferred Wilt train Must be deta I orrented calm self starter & adaptable to change No even ngs BenefIts (248)478 3232 OENTAL ASSISTANT Full T!me Great benefits Frle ndly modern dental practIce Ema I resume [email protected] com DENTAL ASSiSTANT Novi offIce Full or Part Time Exper enced Mon Thurs Fax resume (248) 477 8501 DENTAL HYGIENIST Part Time Man & Tues Evemngs Fax Resume 734 427 1233 OENTAL RECEPTIONIST For family/cosmetic practice In Novi 3 dayslwk motIvation enthusIasm & exp necessary Fax resume 248347 3847 FRONT DESK/ASSISTANT For progressive modern den tal offIce Exp preferred Fax 248 557 0721 or emall [email protected] com

H'I, Want,I·M,dlC,1 •

CAREGIVERS FULL-TIME Luxury Sen or Housrng Community Is seekmg mature reUable dedicated personnel to provide serv Ices to older adults for dlf ferent work shifts n our Independent AsSisted Llv 109 & Memory Care Umts Candidate must be enthusl astlc & a team player E 0 E Please send resumes to

WallOnwood 7125 Orchard Lake #200 W Bloomfield MI 48325 3005 or Fax resume 248865 1636 AUn Vie

Call 10 place your ao at


Medical Office Prachce Manager IHA IS accepting resumes for the position of Practice Manager at our Canton OB office We are a well estab hshed care group who desires a skflted manager who w II be Influent al m the evolut on of POSitIve offlce culture and the financial securrty of the practlce The position requ res prevIous experrence m Medical Practice Management to Include handling patient and employee Issues WIth profeSSional sm proactive Iy managing office fmances effectIvely facilitating POSI tlve outcomes to human resources and admlnlstra tlve Issues A chnrcal back ground Is strongly pre ferred With a Bachelors degree reqUIred Master s preferred We prOVide a work envIron ment compnsed of an exemplary team of profes slonals to support growth along With a competitive salary and benefits pack age Qualified applIcants may submit a resume and salary r.equlrements to HR Manager at [email protected] or Via fax to 866 282 8067 MEOICAL RECEPTIONIST Full time for Cardiology prac tlce n Farmmgton HIlls at least 1 yr experience required Fax resume 248 737 3661 ATTN Laura MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST OBI GYN Expenenced onlyl for busy Southfield practice FT Benefits 248 948 1990 ext 11 MEOICAL RECEPTIONIST Part timE! Reliable experl enced for specialist offIce m West Bloomfield Call (246) 855 5620 OPTICIAN/TECHNICIAN Part Time Exp In optical for private practice In Troy Fax resume (248) 879 3857

ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT PIT Established orthodontiC practice look ng for expen enced enthUSiastiC outgoing team player Top pay for the TIght person Please cat! (734) 261 8860

RN JOIN OUR TEAM PT RN for ped,iatrlc office n Farmington Hilts Mon rlJeS Wed 24 hrs With occas onal Sat and vacat on fill In Cal Sandy 2488554144 or fax resume 248 855 9158

~ BANQUET SERVERS Expenenced only Needed at Banquet Hall m Southf ~ltI Apply In perso 1 btwn 11 AM 3PM Man Thurs Palace of Southf aid 25228 W 12 Mile Rd W of Telegrclph across the street from the Star Theater No Phone Calls Please 8ANQUET SERVICES Apply w thin Mon Frr from 12 3pm Italian Amer can Banquet Center of L von a 39200 Five Mile CATERING COOK CIIEF S ASSISTANT Thur Sat Wedding Halt Plymouth (134) 416 5100


Exp preferred Apply n person Amencan House Sen or ReSidence L vmg 35700 Hunter Ave Westland

LINE COOK Exper enced very prafes> on al busy kitchen ImpecLclble work ethiC a must Novi 10ca t on Catt for an interview apt

(248) 345 D962 SERVERS & BAR6ACKS Apply m person Tues Fn 0 TOOLES 24555 Novi Rd Novi WAITRESS/ 8AR Full & Part Time Apply at Jon s GoOd time Bar & Grrll 27553 Cherry HII just W of Inkster 8.d

DIRECT MARKETING SALES Bus ness to busrness full to part t me fleXible W II tra n Tr county area Call (248) 355 040~,,:

Sales/ Marketing



Waltanwood a LUXijfj(, Semor Llvrng Communrty IS seeking Exper enced Sall!s & Marketing Consultants Full Time/Part Time to mar-ket the commun ty and work w th prospect ve res~ dents Candidates mu st have a m n mum of 2 yrs of Sales experrence ~ ltll a proven track record n cOIn munlty census manage ment Must be personabla mot vated car ng excellent customp se v ce sk lis goa 0 ented and excep tonal co nrrun cat on sk lis Must have exc computer! sk Its and ab e to work even ngs and weekends We offer com pet tlve base wages & very generQus commiSSions Please send resumes to


It t

Waltonwood 7125 Orenard lake W Bloomfield 48325 3005 Aftn or Fax to 248 865


MI SLC 1636

Salas Service Sp8clallst· Trainees (Route Sales) Full service Beverage/Rafr eshment Company In Ply mouth s looking for talent ed od vlduals to sell ana service established routes ReqUirements for thiS obs ItlOn Include excellent CllS'tomer serv ce skills a good dnv ng- record an-<.! the des re to grow Within our company Th s POSit 911 wi requ re you to dr ve a company owned brverage" truck CDL B a p usl This s an entry leve pos t!O'f.! With advancement oppor tumtles available Please mall your resume to AUn Sales Service Specialist Trainee Emall [email protected] com

~_c.. EOE

! t



The Observer & Eccentrtc Newspapers

Sunday May 13 1001

Hugh Gallagher, editor

(134) 953 2149 hgallagher®hometownllfe

Silent killer Heart walk to raise funds to battle disease affecting all ages BY LINDA ANN CHOMIN STAFF WRITER

Jason Schwartz was only 25 when he dIed of severe coronary artery dIsease In August of 2002 HIS mother, JackIe Schwartz, IS determmed to do everythmg she can to spread the word about the dangers of thIS sIlent kIller mcludmg takIng part m the Amencan Heart A&SOCIatIOn'S Start' Heart Walk Saturday, May 19, at the Southfield Mumclpal Complex There were no SIgns, no symptoms, no WdIn mgs at all I would have known, sald JackIe Schwartz, who lIved WIth Jason m Farmmgton HIlls untIl he moved mto an apartment Just before hIS death 'I thought maybe It was aneurysm, an allergiC reactIOn Heart msease was the last thmg I thought of, but there was a genetIC component to the dIsease that we dId not know about due to a dIvorce We dIdn't know Jason's bIOlOgical father had stents put m mhls30s' Although the knowledge of Jason's heredItary heart dIsease came too late to save hIm, S¢hwartz IS makIng sure her younger son Jeffrey, 26, IS regnlarly momtored by a cardIOlogist WhIle Jeffrey does have a problem WIth


cholesterol, a 64-slIce CT scan showed hIS arterIes as clear

KNOW FAMILY HISTORY Just knOWIng your famIly hIStOry ISso cntICal and not thmkmg heart dIsease ISthe dIsease of a 60-year old man, sald Schwartz 'Heart dIsease kIlls young people, and women more than all cancers combmed That s why I became mvolved WIth the AmerIcan Heart AsSOCIatIOn' As an AHA volunteer, Schwartz takes tIme from runmng her Home Accessory Warehouse m Walled Lake to speak about heart dIsease ThIS year, she s takmg her support a step further Together WIth AHA volunteer SUSIeDubm, the two women have formed the Heart LIghts, a team of 60 famIly members and fnends The women used theIr e-maIl address books to gather the walkers so they could ralse awareness and funds for AHA research and educaTIon programs m the metro DetrOIt area So far, the Heart LIghts have raIsed more than $37,000 of theIr $50,000 goal

'POWER IN NUMBERS' 'We feel really good about It because thIS IS money the AHA wouldn t have had Somebody's $10 makes a dIfference It s the power m numbers, sald Schwartz There s been so much research and hfe saVing procedures and drugs that WIthout them we Just wouldn't have Dubm s benefited from the latest technology firsthand A number of medIcal complIcatIOns have ansen SInce the West Bloomfield woman had a maSSIve heart attack whIle dnVIng home from the office m December 1999 Seventy percent of Dubm s heart was damaged causmg her to tire easIly That Isn t stoppmg Dubm from partIcipatmg m the walk For the last five years, her husband, Howard, has pushed her to the fimsh lme m a wheelchalr

Erika Laszlo her husband Bryan, and children Sophie and Ethan play Dubm IS especIally excIted about thIS year s walk because of ItS educational elements We have broken the grounds mto Villages, Sald SUSIeDubm 'They can go mto a tent and talk to someone about cholesterol or to learn about proper eatmg There WIll be Eat Street WIth healthy snacks Everythmg has been geared to phySIcal actlVlty and good eatmg habIts We re tryIng to get the message out that the Start' Heart Walk IS not Just a walk'

In their

Garden City yard

campalgn to promote phYSICalactIVity, especIally walkmg, all year round to prevent heart dISease and stroke (wwwamencanheart org/Start) 'Heart dIsease shoul,d not be the No 1 kIller m thIS country;' sald Dubm 'When you talk about the I'lsks for heart dIsease they are all controllable If the person chooses to want to be an advocate for their own health SmokIng you can stop Cholesterol you can control, the same for diabetes Eatmg habits you can change GenetIcs ISthe punch Ime You cannot change your genes, but you can have It momtored cal e-

LET'S GET GOING The walk IS a key element of Start', the American Heart AsSOCIatIOn's new natIOnal


, Now through Saturday,


'buy2 get 1 y,



Bras from: Ambrielle™ [email protected] BaW Vanity [email protected] Lily of Fra Maidenf Unders Barely Lilyett

Every step you take In the Susan G Komen DetrOit Race for the Cure® helps raise Vital funds for the fight against breast cancel But don't let your Journey stop there Take a step toward Improving your own health by educating yourself about the disease and getting regula" screenings Step by step thiS Race Will be won

wf!!!ve for expand AA-J cups through JC

16th Annual Komen Detroit Race for the Cure® SK Run'

SK Walk'

1 Mile Walk

SATURDAY,JUNE 16, 2007 8 A M COMERICA PARK, DETROIT Locally presented by the Barbara Ann Karmanos Caneer InstItute 1.800-KARM.i,"'OS (1-800-527-6266)

Register and donatll onhn'e

atYlww.karl'lll\nos,or~dJidir9Itl'a~~f~r~~yr'il ",1









I~Charter One


Not your typical bank~




Shopping for a CD? Youjust found it. To open a CD, visit your nearest branch or call1-877-TOP-RATE.

M~l/lb8r FDIC All accounts and services subject 10 nd v dual approval Annual Percentage Ya d {APYl s accurate as of th s publ cal on date L m tad I me offer may be wthdrawn at any t me This offer cannot be combined With any other CD offer Circle Checking Account with $100 minimum opening deposit Is reqUired Other rates and terms ava lable ~ MInimum opening term deposit $1 000 Penalty 10 early Withdrawal See a banker tor details and deposit nsurance coverage I mitat ons Oller valid only In Michigan



www hometownllfe com

Observer & EccentrIC I Sunday May 13 2007

Weight training myths


WIsh' EnkI1 Laszlo ISgrateful for each day she has WIth her children The 37-) ear-old Garden CIty woman was born WIth a hole between the chambers of her heart WhIChwas corrected when she was 5 Smce then "hes been dmguosed WIth a number of heart condItIOns but because of research and advances m technology she IS alIve to raise her chIldren Ethan, 6, and SOphIe, 2 Laszlo ISwalkmg on May 19, WIth her falnIly and co-workers at Garden City HospItal For many reasons It's Impor-

tant," sald Laszlo, dIrector of home medIcal eqmpment at Garden CIty HOSpItal "More people need to be aware and take care of theIr heart whether you have a heart condItIOn or not We need to walk for awareness for people WIth congemtal heart defects I was fine all through grade and hIgh school It wasn't unhl I was 20 I was dIaguosed WIth ventncular tachycardIa where the heart goes mto such a fast pace I had an AICD deVIce Implanted to shock the heart back mto rhythm When I was 32, I had a pulmonary valve replaced 'My kIds are mIracles Doctors told me I'd never have them Now I'm on the treadmIll one-half to one hour every mght I thmk ItS Important If you have symptoms or thmk you are haVIng a heart attack to call your doctor or go to the ER You have to be achve You have to be your own advocate" The Southfield MUnICIpal Complex IS on Evergreen, south of 11 Mlle RegistratIOn begins at 8 a m for the 1 mlle, 5K or 10K walk For more mformatIOn, call (248) 8274214 or VISItwwwdetrOltheartwalk kmtera org

Mike from Oak Park wants the lowdown on what a good strength trammg program really means. MIke It IShme to separate fact from fictlOn' One strength trammg myth It 18 only for the young, senIOrs WIll mJure themselves The fact IS, older people need strength tralnmg even more than the young It counteracts the Peter's debllItatmg Principles effects of agmg Peter MythNo 2 Strength Nielsen ,,"'- trammg IS only for men The fact ISwomen benefit even more than men because workIng out helps prevent osteoporosIs' Myth No 3 Strength trammg IS tIme consummg Not true' You can perform the exerCIses WIth 3 twenty mmute workouts per week' Just thmk, an hour a week to get an hourglass figure That IS a pretty good deal I


MEDICAL DATEBOOK sign In beginning at 7 p m at Way Elementary School on W longlake road east ofTelegraph Bloomfield Hills Meetmg ends at 9 p m Parent group features Janet Mc~eek Ph D and Phil McPeek MSWspeakmg on Social Skills Tramlng for Children with AD/HD The Adult group presents Gregg Siubowski BA Psych Grad Student giving a Testimonial on Substance Abuse Self Sabotaging BehavIOrs until a proper Diagnosis of AD/HD which Empowered him to get his life In order with treatment for It No charge for CHADDmembers $5 donalion per non member family For Information call (248) 988 6116and phone line Will indicate If meeling has to be canceled due to unforeseen reason Teach-In A Journey to eliminating health care disparities 2 4 P m Tuesday May 15 at Prince of Peace lutheran Church 37775 Palmer west of Newburgh Westland Do you ever wonder what your doctor Said after you return from an office VISit? Need to know what your pre sCriptIOn does? Have trouble hearing or understanding your medical directions? JOin us for thiS Teach In For more Infor matlon call (734) 7221735 or send e mall to [email protected]


FROM PAGE C6 fully so that If somethmg is approachmg you can hopefully get It m hme but you have to truly hsten to your heart, pay attenhon to your body" Dubm has always been thm and doesn't smoke or dnnk, but heart dIsease runs m her famIly Her father dIed at 46 when she was 4 Her mother had two masSIVe strokes when she was 9 and 19 and dled of heart dISease I was 60 last July and had my seventh re-bIrthday last December," sald Dubm "I conSIder myself' to:> be very blessed to not only SUrvIVebut to have lIstened, to have changed my eatmg habits Instead of a death WIsh I have a IlVlng


Sherry from Troy noticed her local dell,s seiling hamburger loaded with cherries She wants to know If It Is really healthier than plain ground meat. Sherry, cherry burgers not only taste dehcIOus, but MIchigan State UnIVerSIty researchers dIscovered It makes It safer for gnllIng! Researchers found that addmg tart chemes mcreased the antI-oxidants m meat It not only makes It taste better but suppresses the amount of cancer formmg gases produced when grlllIng by as much as 90 percent If you have a health or fitness ques tlon you would like answered In the Observer & Eccentflc Newspapers e mall Peter through hiS WebSite wwwpeternlelsen com Contact him at Peter Nielsen s Personal Training Club In West 8100mfleld or Nielsen s Town Center Health Club In Southfield

Cancer survivor camps Offered by the Amencan Cancer Society Young Campers Day and Camp Catch A Rainbow applications due by Fnday May 18 Young Adult Retreat applications due Fnday June 8 Young Campers Day (June 17) ISfor children ages 4 6 Catch A Rainbow runs June 1722 at the YMCA Storer Camps near Jackson Retreat (July 1215) ISfor cancer surVivors ages 1620 at St Mary s College In Indiana VISit wwwcancerorg!campralnbow or wwwcancerorg/retreat To volunteer your services (medIcal and non med Ical) call (800) ACS2345 Childb,rth class let s Get Ready to Have a Baby 7 9 P m Mondays May 14to June 18 at St Mary Mercy Hospital 36475 FIVeMile lIVOnia Use south entrance off of levan Road Classesare based on lamaze Method and Include information on anestheSia options medication nutntlon family adjustment and the Importance of the support person s role There ISa fee reg Istratlon required To register call (734) 6S51162 CHADD meeting ChIldren and Adults With Attention DefiCit Disorder meets May 14 With

OJ ::0


z Gl


[email protected] I (734)953 2145

» s::: ::::l




-I CD .."

.... fJ)




Putt ng you on the nght macrost on for your condition s a goat of madleal care However Just as mportant to your doctor IStaking you off a medIcation when you no longer need it Phys clans do not cons der It appropriate to leave you on a mad cine Just because you are doing a nght on t and. have no side effects from its use In the case of hypertens on medication the drug you take s lowenng your blood pressure whether lower ng further s necessary or not MediCines are crude nstruments compared to the f ne tun ng and qu ck reaction to Change that characterizes the body s response If your body suff cas to make tha adjustment then lat the body do so Mad cat on carnes r sks Almost every drug you take needs follow up penod cally to test for liver kidney or bone marrow Side effects The Interact on of a new medication for a subsequent cond tlon may cause an unintended result For Instance you may be takIng allopur noi a med c ne to prevent gout for years with no side effects However f you develop pneumon a or bronchlt s and treat It With pen clilin the nteraet on of that ant b otiC and allopur nol can lead to a devastat ng rash The best way to stop a medlcatlon Is to decrease Its dosage gradually At the same t me you mOnitor If any untoward change occurs In the case of blood pressure drugs you take your blood pressure dally when the problem s arthntls you keep a d ary of the pattern of your 0 nt pain

www drjJwelss




BBAC s festival booth CELEBRATING



MAY12110amto6pm MAY13110amto5pm


BBAC 248 644 08661


aacc 248 644


I bbcc



powered by





TUESDAY,MAY 22, 2007 9 a.m. • 1 p.m. Schoolcraft College Livonia Campus in the VisTaTech Center Haggerty Road between 6 and 7 Mile Roads Just a short ferry ride from Mackinaw City lies Michigan'S crown jewel, historic Mackinac Island, and its most romantic and distinctive bed and breakfast, Bay View at Mackinac. Register to win at the Grand Vistas Travelexhibit.

'" ~l

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Call your friends, parents and relatives. Make a morning of It. EnJOydemonstrations and live entertainment. Gather for breakfast, lunch or both In Henry's Cafeteria, located right in

,oin RICKBLOOMat 10 a.m. on May 22nd



Official Expo Sponsor Broadcasting Live!

RIck Bloom of Bloom Asset Management

every Thursday and Sunday In The Observer & Eccentnc Newspapers

Visit their exhibit!

He can be heard Sundays on WTDK1400 radiO

, ,


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,~0" '\


Visit these booths for valuable information: AM Farmington Hills Branch AARP/RSVP Age At Home Alterra Clare Bndge AM 580 RadiO Amenpnse Flnanaclal Angela Hospice Home Care, Inc Arbonne International Ashford Court Semor Residence BaptiSt Manor Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Blue Care Network Advantage Botsford Commons Semor Commumty


Rick IS a licensed attorney and Certified Public Accountant and magazine Here's an opportunity to get some valuable financial



In Farmington Hills is

a fee-only financial adVisor HIS column Money Matters appears

VlsTaTech Center where prices are moderate and the food is I~~~~~~p'!~ excellent. I . MOTOR CITY FAVORITES ThiS Expo JUst keeps getbng better and better every year. Stop in and discover why,


Plymouth Chiropractic Presbytenan Villages of MIchigan ProfeSSional Outreach Counseling Rellv Interatlonal Spectrum FinanCial Services St Mary Mercy Hospital State Farm Insurance Suburban Eye Care Sunnse Semor LIVing The Salvation Army Tn-County Pain Consultants VIsiting Angels Volunteers of Amenca


Waltonwood Wellsbrooke Premium Home Care Solutions Westhaven Manor Westland Convalescent & Rehab Center

and Schoolcraft





The Leadership Canton Alumni would like to thank our Sponsors for making the 2nd Annual RALLY a success!

We raised $15,000 for Senior Prescriptions, the Cady-Boyer Barn restoration and the Leadership Canton Alumni Fund.




Canton Waste Recycling



Rachel Valentine and her son Austin take a break from a Wayne/Westland soccer practice on Thursday mght at Corrado Park





D Nationwide· StarliN

On YourSide

The LIsa Kennedy Agency

Investment AdVIsers, Inc




Canton Creative Marketing Curves Full House Mini Storage Jean P. Stenger, CPA National City Bank Samuel P. Lanza, Jr. World of Floors Xuereb Snow PC Yazaki Finance Department

PIT CREW T-SHIRT SPONSORS Arctic Edge Ice Arena Azeez & AssocIates Canton Asthma & Allergy Canton Village Grill Crow's Nest Ecorse Market Fisherman's Marketmg Services GIOger Restaurant

season That total mcluded sons Austm, 13, a member of the Wolves Select team and a referee for the Wayne/Westland league and Adam 10, a TItans Select play er coached by dad DaVId Son Alex, 16/; IS a league referee who plays soccer for John Glenn HIgh School

Golden Leaf Graphics Horton PlumblOg MariachI Mexican Restaurant 'ames McClinchey, DDS Kevin McNamara

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ThSJ1kyou to #Ie !Ratty Day went Gerda Baetens Cari DIGiovanni

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Stlil when Rachel Valentme was told she was chosen Volunteer ofthe Year by the MIchIgan State Youth Soccer AssocIatIOn (MSYSA), she 'was stunned MSYSA (VoIWW msysa net) represents more thau 90 000 players m 70 plus leagues who regIster boys and gIrls ages 4 19, at varIOUScompetItIOn levels MSYSA IS a member of U S Youth Soccer and ISthe largest state assoc'at or nUS Youth Soccer RegIOn II(MIdwest RegIon) I really don t have typICal days between bemg a stay at home mom and workIng as a bookkeeper (for the Bargams 4-U store m Plymouth), SaId Valentme, who also IStreasurer for the Great Lakes Soccer League 'Today I've been typ mg up bylaws for Wayne{Westland We re at a field seven days a week and watch games besIdes our Iuds The first weekend of soccer we watched mne games I lIke watchmg the kIds have fun My chlidren are out playmg and they're not bored I encourage kIds to playa sport to keep them out of trouble' Soccer gIves Sheryl SmIth and her chIldren AlexIs, 12, and Hunter, 13, plenty of tIme to bond whIle travelmg to practIces and games WIth the L,voma Soccer Club (wwwlIvomasoccer org) SmIth works full lIme m the Umverslty of MlChlgan admISsIOns office of the Ross busIness school She IS m her fourth year of managIng AleXIS Livoma Umted PremIer team She also helps out WIth the Select team Husband Todd IS an asSIstant coach for PremIer and Select




, She would always draw smll mg hearts on her papers, James SaId Today, the LIvoma home James shares WIth her husband Plul and lO-year old daughter Kyhe IS 'too qUIet: 'Kyhe helps us both keep gomg, James SaId 'We have to stay strong for her Whenever I saId, I love you to Leah, she would say, Do you love KylIe? It was her way of telhng; me to take care of KylIe KylIe s!Ill doesn t hke to talk about It much, but I can see shes very lonely and It hurts her so much when we go on vacatIon

'I rush home to take the kids to practice or a game. It gives us that much more time to spend together. We have a lot of family conversations going to and from games..: Sheryl Smith

""""== ="'"-~,,~~ ~.,,-

teams On Mother s Day, they II go as a famIly to a soccer tour nament III whIch AleXISISplay mg I rush home to take the kIds to practIce or a game' SaId Sheryl SmIth who keeps a cal endar on the refngerator to keep theIr ac.tIvitles straIght It gl\ es uo', that much more tIme to spend together We have a lot of famIly conversa lIons gomg to and from games There s a lot of good parent bondmg gomg on at that tIme

TIME WITH MOM GabrIela SgambatI, 7, lIkes haVIng mom MIChele coach her Farmmgton Hlils SpecIal ServIces recreatIOn team, the Pacers It s fun because I get to stay WIth her a lot," SaId GabrIela, whose bIg sIster EmIlIa feels the same way At one time my mom was my assIstant coach, added EmIlIa 8, who now plays for the Farmmgton Soccer Clubs fuSIOn (www farmmgtonsoccer net) It was fun haVIng her around and helpmg" "Coachmg IS a good way for GabrIela and I to do somethmg together, a way for us to be mvolved WIth the neIghborhood kIds; SaId MIchele SgambatI, who chauffeurs Gabnela to practIce once a week and a game on Saturday EmIlIa practices twlce a week and plays games once or !WIce a week GabrIela also plays baseball The hardest part IS haVIng her remember I m the coach and not her mom at that lIme, but I find thIS really fun Kmdergarten was my first game team I lIke seemg how excIted they are about SCOrIng a goal, eXCIted about learmng a sklil

and see other famihes I can see a sadness m her ThIs was her best frIend The slience m the James house ISone of the reasons James IS keepmg busy by plannmg the fund-raIser She recently sent emaUs about the event to her old classmates at BIshop Borgess School, formerly m Redford In addllIon to hors d oeuvres such as gourmet shrImp and beef tenderloms, the $35lIcket pnce mcludes two dnnks, a DJ, slient auclIon and the shOWIngof a VIdeo about Leahs struggle WIth the dIsease SIlent auctIon Items range from Red Wmgs lIckets WIth a meet and greet WIth coach MIke Babcock to dmner at 1hbute

WhIle more fathers coach Farmmgton Hlils SpecIal SerVIces teams, recreation supemsor Cathy 0 Rourke SaId moms are more Inclmed to volunteer for the pOSItIOnIf they played "Ours IS pure recreatIOnal We don t keep stats or scores, SaId 0 Rourke Its all Just for fun for sportsmanshIp, fitness, to get them out and mOVIng

DAD'S VIEW LIke Farmmgton specIal serVIces the Canton Soccer Club (wwwcantonsoccerclub com) has more dads who coach than moms, but Pete Alexander would lIke to see that change We have about 50-50 boys and gIrls so I lIke to have a female perspectrve saId Alexander Canton Soccer Club dIrector GIrlS can learn a lot from haVIng a woman as a mentor, haVIng someone to talk to even If It'S not about the game Getting more women 'nl ohed u. ould be great for our game' DebbIe Locke not only coaches the KIcks, her 10-year old son ErIC's team, but plays the game at the HIgh VeloCIty mdoor soccer facIlIty m Canton and WIth another team through the Canton Soccer Club She also serves on the clubs board of dIrectors and works full tIme as an engIneer at an automotive supplIer Locke's older son Alex, now 13, has been playmg smce age 5 Alex IS on the club's CeltIC WhIte team Both of her sons play hockey as well We're usually at soccer four days a week, SaId DebbIe Locke, who's played the game smce Jumor hIgh 'It can be dIfficult to coach them because you expect a hIgher standard from them Thankfully I don't coach the older one He got too good for me My older son helps out WIth my younger son s team and as long as he wants me to coach I wlil Playmg soccer myself gIves me a better apprecIatIOn for what I'm askmg them to do I thmk every parent should attempt the sport theIr kIds play Ichoffiln®hometownllfe com (734) 953 2145

worth $1,000 for 8-10 people, front roW seals to a TIgers game, an autographed Peyton Mannmg Jersey, Jewelry and a chef who WIllcook a meal at your home for SIXpeople "The VIdeo ISbeau!Iful, sad and powerful all at the same trme," James sro.d lIts an awareness VIdeoto show the stages Leah went through and a statement after every pIcture The VIdeotells about how many children are dymg each year" TIckets for the May 18 fundraIser will be avaIlable at GemtlI's, 108 E Mam, Northville For more mformalIon VISItleahshappyhearts org [email protected]

I aJ4)

953 2145



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Obse er & Eccentr c I Sunday May 13 2007




Cen ,~~~t1nlnJrancesACCePted. I



41637 ford Road (acros

734 98

'Y V ,'~":::::t:d of MIchigan






'" ~

[:tlAlJ www_ger


place to go to

GE RESU -dent £\.uto~cC\


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Observer & Eccentnc I Sunday May 13 2007



Automatic Transmission, Air ConditIoning, Speed Control, Power Windows & Locks, Heated Seats, Safety Package, Side Impact Air Bags 20 AT THIS PRICE, 217 AVAILABLE!

Automatic TransmIssion, Air Conditioning, Power Windows & Locks, Speed Control, Safety Package including SIde Impact Atr Bags, CDIMP3 • 20 AT THIS PRICE, 312 AVAILABLE! /!"I~I I ()J '.J \ ~J>




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Sun & Satellite Package, Automatic TransmiSSIon, Atr ConditiOning, Convenience Package, Cargo Package, Power Windows & Locks, 9ATTHISPRICE,116AVAILABLEI


, 32222 PlYmouth Road.,Livonia

Call 1-800-854-3481 ?+ All payments

and buypric .. for qualifylngAiZ p1allners, an addlllonal $1200 down is reqwred for qua1lfymgnon AlZ p1allners All payments are for 36 months,lnclude acqUlSlllon fee, exclude taxandhcense fees 16,500 md .. per year. lluyfor pnce add tax, ride and desllnallon. Subject to avadabl11ty. All rebares assJgIled to dealer PIctures may not represent ae:tnal velucle Payments and Pnces per progmm m eIfee:t at pubhcallon and are subject to change Explorer payment may mere .. e shgbdy 5/23/07 all other offen exptte 6/1/07 "Ford Red Carpet lesse .. mth ongmal tennlnallon dates of June 1.2007 throughJuly2, 2008 are ehgIble to bave up to three paymentsmuved


Mise Real Estate ,3580-3880 Commercial/Industrial 3900'. Real Estatl; For Rent ,4000-4440

Real r~ta'e felt sale tllf Saf~SVCltv , .. , fl;lr 4il~iV~Ql\\:v '



tall Toll free: 1·8Oll·5:79-Sfll (7355:) Fax: (734)953-2Z32


Walk-In J!ou!1ii' I Mnitday frWay t1Uam flit},.


Al\eIflllll$l tall ~~

(') Sunday May 13 100,

TheObserver& EeeenineNewspapers


Joe Bauman,editor (248) 9012563 [email protected]

Today's housing market rewards 'curb appeal' (NAPSI) - Real estate agents say that typICally 40 percent or more of a home's "curb appeal" - that certam somethmg that grabs the attentIon of potentlal buyers comes from the roof And WIth Realty TImes reportmg that addmg a new roof ranks among the best home Improvements for helpmg sellers realIZe theIr house's full market value, eVell those pIau nmg on staYIug put for several more years would do well to consIder the ImphcatlOns for theIr ulhmate bottom lme 'Most homeowners don't realIZe how valuable a good-lookmg roof lSto the whole appearance of the house, says L1z' Pollock ofEdehnan ProductIOns, whICh produces the HGTV show' Curb Appeal" The whole Idea of our show lSto transform a homes extenor, and often that mcludes the roof"

CHOOSING A ROOF At one hme, roofing shmgles were pretty much the same Flat stnps of asphalt whose mam Job was to protect your home from the elements Today, homeowners can choose asphalt shmgles that SImulate the look of natural matenals such as slate or cedar shake, and can transform the look of theIr home - and at a fractlOn of the cost of the real matenals Plus, the shmgles are aval1able m dozens of colors, mcludmg terracotta hIe aud emeraldgreen slate

If you're havmg trouble choosmg a style you can check a Web SIte such as GAP s wwwgafcom to see how asphalt shmgles mIght look on your home before you make a buymg declSlon Just chck on the' Roof Selector program After you choose a style, ask your coutractor for full-SIze shmgles of the colors you re mterested m Look at them m dIfferent hght and next to any sldmg or wood tnm that WIllmfluence the final declSlon

FINDING A CONTRACTOR Be sure to choose a good contractor who msWls qUalIty matenals GAP Matenals CorpOlatlOn has a speclal pro gram to help you find reputable roofing contractors who are factory certlfied These profeSSIOnals can present you WIth a plan m wntmg covenng everythmg from ple-mstallatlOn to the fimshed Job They use quahty GAF materIals backed by hmlted warrantIes that range from 20 years to a hfetIme, as well as warrantles that cover workmanshIp dunng the crIhcal early years after mstallatlOn The warranty even prOVIdes for an mspectlOn of your fimshed roof by factory mspectors You can also VISItgaf com to learn about roofing problems and solutIOns or to VIew a VIdeo on aVOIdmg roofing dlsasters VlSlt the slte or call (888) LEAK-SOS for mformatIon

The fight rool can help boost a homes curb appeal and resale value

Three C's design is deceptive from the outside BED, 136X








HREE C s (4Q6..03) VERALL DIMENSIONS 68..()" X 41 -6 lVING 2223 square feet ARAGE 638 square feet



rv'AS'lER SUITE 36X 63

F RST FlOOR ptAN 1202 <:Q FT

From the front, the Three C s looks hke a smgle-story home Step around to the back and you WIll find yourself standmg outsIde a lower level, lookmg up at the mam floor Deslgned for constructIOn on a slope that falls off to the back, the Three C s mam floor mcludes a garage, master sUlte and faml1y llVlng areas '!\va more bedrooms, a bathroom, utlhty room faml1y room and huge storage area are below The large fam lly room has a bmlt-m entertamment center A faml1y who needs more bed rooms could easl1y convert the storage space mto one addltlOnallarge bed room or two small ones A WIde wmdow bay bnghtens and addq e tour h of eleg mce to the form ,I dInInE," dl Cd. of the combIned lnmgjdmmg roOlD. Iht.-I;,unn\ eadng nook at the far end of the kltcheu

Imltes mformal dmmg Both eatmg areas are deslgned to take full advantage of a VIsta to the rear of the home Other features m the kltchen mclude a large walk m pantry bmlt m;her 1.nd 1 ngt m{'l1 A \\11dov\ In f onl of thc ~ll1k OVLIlOOh::.the open .:-.t,tll \\ ell Amemtles In the luxurIOus master

smte mclude a walk-m closet and a vamty m the dressmg area A small half-bath IS located Just mSlde the entry, allOWIng Iuds qmck access when they are plaYIng outsIde The garage mcludes extra space for storage or a small shop For a study plan of the Three C's (406-03), send $15, to Landmark DeSigns 33127 SagInaw Rd E, Cottage Grove, OR 97424 or call (800) 562-1151 Be sure to speCIfy plan name and number Compact dIsks, WIth search functlOns are free of charge, to help you search our portfoho for your dream home ($5 shlppmg and handlmg wlll apply) Or you may order or sean ...h onlme at v.\.\"¥ khplans com Save 1t) percent on lon~trU(tlOn plan::. usmg the code (LOh4S) onlme mallmg or callmg (SOO)562 1151



Observer & Eccentnc I Sunday May 13 2007






IIiM'IETOWN lila com a

Apartmentsl UnfurnIshed

Rent Starling


a. V



Heat Inc (734) 564 8402

Call MIChelle(248)645 1191

S545 $599

1 brm apt furOished/unfur ntshed wood floor new bath very clean Call 313 806 2727

1 MDNTH From

313 386 6720 THAT WORK

• Berber carpet

FREE HEATI 1 bedroom $505 9 Mlle/ Mlddlebelt

248-478-7489 FARMtNGTONHtLLS

from $799 EHO

BIRMINGHAM OUiet bedroom 1 bath







heat &


(248) 446 8835

CANTONAREA GREYBERRYAPTS Now offering rent specials $500 n rent ered ts & $0 sec deposit for qual f ad tenants 2 bdrm 920 sq ft Washer dryer & w ndow treatments n every unit N of Michigan E off Hannan

Rd 734 326 1530 CANTON BRANO NEW Un que Terrace Carnage House Townhome and Theatre Fat f oar plans Garages and f replaces available Includes fu I size washer and dryer and 9ft cel lOgs 1 2 & 3 bdrms In the superb Cherry HIli V!IIage locat on

Call 888 658 7757 or VISit online uptownapts com

2484744400 EH 0 1-~:::::'~~=:7-FARMtNGTONHILLS FREEDOMVILLAGEAPTS 1 BDRM1 MONTHFREEl Luxury 1 & 2 bdrm laundry n unit Water & carport ncl

$570 $670 (586) 254 9511 Semor/Student Discounts



THETREETOPS Novl Road at 8 Mile

Farmington HlIIs

248473 5180 FARMINGTONHILLS SpacIous 1 and 2 bdrms updated kitchens and new carpet carport ncl Start ng at $600/mo (248) 763 4729

FARMINGTONMANORAPTS Deluxe studiO & 1 bedroom carport starting at $475

248 888 0868 FARMINGTONPLAZAAPTS StudIO Apls $500 InclUdes heal and water





CALL NOWI B66) 534 3356 n Pontiac Trail Just East of Beck Rd


qu e " Meld '"lea



248 767 4207 Agent SOUTHFIELD TWO GREATLOCATlQNSI EnjOy qUiet easy IIvmgl SpacIous 1 bdrm apts Relax ng green space Close to freeways & shoPPlllg Fully eqUipped k tchens Ample closets & storage ba comes/pat os laundry on each f oar Pool carports cab e ready Call for Prices lie Specials! Chatsford 248 354 3295 28873 Lahse Rd KeswIck 248 557 1582

PLYMOUTH 1 bdrm on qUiet Side street $525 IIlcludes everything but electr c PLYMOUTH 2 bdrm avail able Near downtown $680/mo ncl heat + secur ty No dogs 734 455 2635




West and


Fitness Center Central Air Pool

From $565 Free Heat & Water

(866) 413 1672 On Ann Arbor Tra I Between M ddlebelt & Inkster Rds

Adverltse your product or service to 13 m limn house holds 1'1 North Amer ca s

best suburbsby plsclng your claSSified ad In 800 subur ban newspapers Just like

thISone On~$895 for a 25 word ad One phone call one n~o ce one he SLbLrban Advert S I g Netll0 demand service at

PLYMOUTH Old V lage sma 1 bd m ha dwood floo s ce II1g fan ceram c bath laundry faci t es and storage Very clean & un que $160 wkly Incl ut I ties 1 yr lease

-Ranch Stye ·Prlvate Entrance/Pat os -Large AttiC Storage ·Washer/Orye hook ups/laul1dry room -Large Pets We corned

Waterbury Aparlments (734) 722 5558

x4731 to speak w th coomlnator

low move In costs

ayments as low as $82

******************** www hQrnetnwnamllrlcR ~"


Cherry HIli at I 275

'\ir Check us out at apartments com b. For a VU1:ualtour wwwwesthavenmanorcom


LIVONIA Fully furmshed lower flat 1 bdrm all utll IOcludEl~ All new appliances $985/nw

MUST SEE!313 538 2819 PLYMOUTH(2) 1 bdrln Flats

Both lIlel appliances & Utl~ t es aundry c/a No pets $550 & up 248 345 2552

ROYALOAKDOWNTOWN Fully remodeled 1100 sq ft 2 bdrm front porch Washer

dryer $895 248 921 9898 WAYNE 1 bdrm upper flat updated qUiet nelghborhoOQ garage $500/mo

Call 734 456 2849 WESTLANOICANTON2 bdrm upper flat Washer dryer m Unit CIA All updated Nice area $725/mo 734 341 6203


LIVONIA Luxury Laurel Park condo spacIous 2 bdrm 2 5 bath 2 car gar greal loca tlOO No pets Water Included $1650 mo 313 657 8730

Affordable Lease Options S Lyon 10920 Four lakss 3 bdrm 3 bath 2900 sq ft Llvoma 29757 Richland 3bdrm 1/2 bath 1100sqft Dearborn Heights 24717 Hanover 3bdrm 1/2 bath 1014sqft Plymouth 41863 Russen


3bdrm 2 bath 1179sqft (734) 915 1016

NOVI 10 M & Haggerty Updated 2 bdrm Townhouse 1 car garage Reduced $15 000 for fast Sa e RE/MAX Dave 734 462 3600 or 734 664 1884

redkey HOMES BERKLEY 2 bdrm hardwood floors cia 2 car garage fenced corner lot $900/mo + security 248 353 2027


3 bdrm 2

bath grallite/staliliess kitchen huge garage walk to town No

pets $1400

248 909 4935

"no .p~ y 0


I exp e.6




Frpklin Square Apartments

@ CQrn

1 & 2 Bedrooms F- $615 celve up to 00 IR $9 RENT!' FRE E



'$99 Secunty Deposit'

-livoma Schools

'Convenlent to 1::;- ",6~_ 'OPEN 7 DAYSI i

734-427 -6970 H'~""'---,

Find the pest garage sales In your O&E ClaSSlfiedsl

GallToday ForAnAp/Hlln_

Your Community ...Online


~ o1

1tdta- 'ri'.-


Gelf RdgeV lIa Homes. L1VONA SMIlIl

From the $400'5 First floor master su tes With luxury baths InnovatIVefloorplans w th great rooms and gourmet kitchens Optional sunropms and three car garages ava lable • Mamtenance of lawn landscap ng & snow removal • Paved walk ng trails • Surrounded by 500 acres of parks and golf courses


I 8 MUll







LocatedotiS M e jUst of Newbu ghlHalsled



Starting m!DIthe Low from


• Grand DpeniDg Phase m 80 1.015 to chose from • ColomaJ., 1st Floor Master and Ranch Plans Available " Subdh1s1on Park WIth PlaygrQund Structure 80ceer Field anaWalldng Trails

• Select from an Extensive List of ArchitechturaJ. Floor 1'Ians IU\d Exterior ElevatIons

WWW healyhomes

Moriel Located off J J Mae Ed. b8tween




Phone 248 486-2985 s,,!% ,

l t

Custom Floor Plans 2500 3200 Square Feet 4 Bedrooms /2 5 Baths Award Wmnmg South Lyon Schools


Model OPEN Datly 12-5 or by appOIntment.

Features • • • •

Martmda18 & MilfOrd Rd.


Starting price







Homes For Renl

wwwyorkcommuntes com

Westland, Ml48185


GARDEN CITY 1 bdrm upper private entrance appliances garage remodeled $5251mo $800 move III 3135251871

• 1 & 2 bed oom apts some With flrep ace • Clubhouse

@ 34601 Elmwood.

248 867 2001



!e~c~~~ ~~a..n*cl~g* er~»~a..~


734 427 7545

At $599

Walled Lake Schools Pet friendly

SAVE Over $600 a 'year When You Sign Your Lease 'tOWI



******************* All appliances Includmg washer dryer & dishwasher Central air condltlomng Storage umt

~'1 +;;, #4!

Duplex 4 Bdrms bath Central air pool $950

Renl Starling

New 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes for Rent or Purchaset


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a sales



734459 1711 EHD

2061 or 3126446610

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PLYMOUTH Schoolcraft & Haggerty 2 bdrm 1 bath 2 car Ilvmg rm No pets $775 +

dryer $1300 248 901 0425

RIdge 1500sq ft 2 br attached garage no stairs $1050/mo 2483201699

WESTLAND Up to 3 mos free rent' 1 & 2 bdrm 2 baths Washe IDrye Private Entrance & Ba cony

On Cher y H I b!wn Venoy and Me r man Rd epmapartments com

payment Ca~s fer ~ ax on 800 356

81RMINGHAM TOWNHOUSE Downtown 2 bdrm 1 1/2 bath end Unit bay w ndow hard wood full bsmt alc washer

LIVONIA (6 & Newburgh area) 1450 sq ft upper condo 2 bdrm 2 bath remodeled CIA all app lances no pets $995/mo 248 719 5680

$399 MOVES YOU IN 1 Bdrm $510 2 bdrm $595 (734) 729-6520

May 1st 7344531735

Two bdrm bsmt dining room CIA stove & refngera lor completely remodeled $720mo $1010 secunty No pets Lawn mamtenance mill

(734) 728 6969


313475 8309

(248) 932 4315



From $569

Plymouth Attractive lower 2 bdrm a/c carpeted dish washer $695 + sec Avail

734 620 1240

Downtown 2 bdrm 2 bath ful bsmt 2 car garage lease w/oplon $1200/mo

Westland THE

NORWAYNE 2 & 3 bdrm Custom kItchen laundry car petmg a c deck fenced yard

2 bdrm 2 bath lots of lights granite kitchen Jetted tub balcony garage $2000/mo

Ranch slye private entrance/pat os large attic sto age washer & dryer hookups/ aund y room Large pets e corned epmapartments com located on the corner of Ya e & Hunter On Se ect Units




FARMINGTONHILLS 1 bdrm cia neutral decor carport Pool 12 M Ie & Orchard Lake $675/mo 248 476 0546

• 2 bdrm $749





wwv yorkcommunlt es com

wwwcm p opert es net


& 'iottflllrit


Birmingham sunny 2 bdrm 1 bath Townhouse all apph ances fmlshed bsmt pr vate entrance $895 248 538 1398

CANTON New 2 bdrm 1 bath bsmt garage 2 story w/h gh cellmgs huge yard wfdeck $1100- + sec 7347166215


• StudIOS $399* • 1bdrm $499

(734)326 7800

PLYMOUTH Lakef ant Apt 2 bdrm 1st floor of house Pr vate entrance K lchen I v ng oom bath f replace G eat oc~! on Ca 248 467 4844

1 SOO579 SELL(7355)

• Washer/Dryer Hook-Up • Furnished Apts Available • FleXible Lease Terms • SpacIous Floor Plans • Fitness Center • Walk-In Closets • Pets Welcome • Low Move In Costl '24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Service



CANTON Great locat ani 2 bdrm/master 2 bath all appll ances garage alc f replace balcony clubhouse & pool $1000/mo 734 546 7757

• 1 & 2 Bedroom Apt s • Excellence n Service • Pool & Clubhouse • Carport Included

LIMITED AVAILABILITY CALL NOWt (866) 262-3607 Mernman Rd Btwn Ann Arbor Tr & Warren Rd

Great Sprmg Specials 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments

PLYMOUTH Lakefront Apt 1 bdrm 2nd floor of house Pr vats entrance K tchen IIv !ng room bath Great oca tlon Call 248 467 4844


At $569


CANTON A Country setting fu nlshed 1 bdrm Non smok 109 lOcI utilities heat & cable TV $650/mo 1st mo & sec dep No pets Avail Apnl 30

CANTON 3 level 4 bdrm 2 1/2 bath 2 car garage appll ances paM balcony Water lOci $1575/mo 734 560 2647




(734) 455 1215


(734) 721 0500

2 & 3 bdrm startmg at $695 laundry Pet friendly

neutral & updated tlo new stove & fridge doorwall to balcony large bedroom Just steps from downtown $525/rno Heat & water Inc Call Tina 734 416 8736


2 non! secu y

Great Speclalsl Call Today'


248348 9590

First Month Freel With 1 yr lease Heat & water Included Walk In closets



10 Mile West of Meadowbrook


To Qua fled StudlO 1 & 2 Bdrm Applicants Gorgeous new kitchens and baths Ava lab e n town B rm ngham 555 S Old Woodward Cal M chelle (248) 645 1191 &


CANTON 2 bdrm 1 bath full f nlshed bsmt pat 0 pool priVileges carport cIa $950 + secur ty 734 223 6523




SOUTH LYON Downtown 2 BR heat & water Incl updated $550/mo Move n

(734) 459 6640 EHO

FIVE Five Five


(313) 937 3319 EHO ·some restnct ons apply

·Some restnctlons apply

• Central AIr


W"tland EHO Hawthorne Club Apartments

Centra air pr vate storage laundry on s te

1 & 2 bedroom apts starting from $699 Un que decor Novl schools In apartment full size washer/dryers and much morel EHO

• 1 & 2 bedrooms • Ranch style/private entry • Washer/dryer

• Sound Cond tloned • HUGE Floor Plans • FREE City Water

Mon Fn 96 Sat 12 4 (734)

• 1 bdrm FIRST MO FREE • $99 SEe DEPOSIT


A Great Place '$250 DepOSit

at $540

Call lor Details' 734-729-2242



$200 OFF 1st Month's Rent On Select Aptsl Starllno

1 & 2 bdrm $570 $705 734 455 6570




PLUS 2 MONTHS FREE Spec $200 Sec Oep New resident only With credtt Inclues heat air & dishwasher No Pets

Cherry HIli near Memma 1

With approved credit



1·Bdrm $495 2·Bdrm. $565



248 348 0626 EHO

New Reduced Rate

Spacious 1 and 2 bdrm apartments With Balcony

$399 security depOSit


MAPLERIDGE $200 Sec depOSit w150% off 1st 3 mos rent wi approved credit 23078 Mlddlebell SpacIous 1 & 2 bdrm CIA Carport avail


PLYMOUTH1 8drm 1 bath

Country Living Settmgl Several ullique & beautifully updated 1 bedroom apts starting as low as $695 Call for details and specials' EHQ

• • • •

$475 $625 248 446 2021 PLYMOUTHSOUAREAPTS

Up to 3 mos free renl! 1 & 2 Bdrm Apts Washer/ Dryer PrIvate Entrance &

248347 16BO

(24B) 478 8722 Country Court lie Village Westland Woods Apts SpacIous 1 & 2 bdrms Lots of Amen t es ncl alc pool courtyds walk In closets & free storage cathedral ce I!ngs FREE HEAT & WATER Walk to parks schoo s shopp ng Nea f eeways bus I nas Cab e nternet ready


kcommun t es com

Plymouth. S Lyon. Howell FREE MO No Security AV811f 1 & 2 bdrm start ng at


*CondltlOns apply

Apartments from $849 fur nlshed available for month to month lease very reasonable Creekside Apts

Maple btwn Adams & Eton

734 455 3880 wwwyo



Manor House

M nutes From Downtown Plymouth'


APTS FROM $499 Plus April FREEl $99 DEPOSIT' FREE HEAT OPEN 7 DAYS 248471 6538 E lot Mlddlebelt S 17 M


• Cherry Floormg • Updated kitchens • Cedar wardrobes Walk to downtown & shoppmg! 1 bdrm apts from $699 1 2 bdrm town homes

(248) 7361635


• Central air • Designer paint

Plymouth Plymouth

.,. ..

Westland Park Apls

Apts from $520'

1 & 2 Bedroom Apt s


Aparlmenls! Unfurlllshed

Blue Garden Apartments

Newly Upgraded

CALL NOWI (866) 23B 1153 On West Park Dr Just S of Pontiac Tr




.,. ..


Reduced Rates Starting At $569 FREE HEAT



A,arlments! Unfurmshed


* FREE C ty Water * Carports Included * Motorcycles Allowed W th RestrictIOns









Deluxe 1 & 2 bedrooms Startmg at $399 a month QUlet pnvate balcony s storage laundry cellmg fans w/llghts & blinds

Water & Ig portion of heat Small pets ok 248615 8920




248 681 8309

Farmmgton Hills

.. ..


Large studiO 1 & 2 bedroom apts In small qUiet complex next to park West Bloomfield schools Rents from $550 Includes water Furnished apts also available

community 55+ 1 bdrm QUiet Country settmg $620/mo

1 8drm 2 Bdrms

"'p~rlments! Unfurnished


wwwyo kcommunties com


To Qualified Studio 1 & 2 Bedroom Appl cants Gorgeous new kitchens and baths AvaIlable 10 town Birmingham at the 555 BUilding


GRANDBLANC Perry Place & Grand Bend Club Apts FREE1ST MONTH $2B5 MOVEIN SPECIAL • 1 bdrm $425 • 2 Bdrm $505 (B88) 765 8425

Dearborn He ghts



Apartments! Unfurnished


=. '"

1 Mile from I 96/ Milford "f Sales Center Open Dally 12 f




www hometown life com

Observer & Eccentnc

I Sunday


May 13 2007



IIIMETOWN/ilaCDIl1 Homes for "enl


$699/mo. $0 Secunty Deposit $0 ApplJcatlOn fee 3 bdrm 2 bath homes All appliances & NC Pets Nelcome

Call Lmda at

SUN HOMES 1·888·394·0078 Exclusive Skyline/Clayton Retaler Offer ends 5 31 2007 CANTON Ma ntenance free and ready to move Inl 2 bdrm 1 bath 1300 sq ft balcony attached gar 313 729 6663 CANTON Nice 4 bdrm colo n al 2 1/2 bath attached garage bsmt $1400/mo + security dep 734 455 9269 CANTONI WAYNE NeWly updated 3 bdrm 25 car M ch gan Ave/Hannan $275/ wk + sec 734 776 5346

COMMERCE 2 3 bdrm wa koul garage Large lot $775/mo & up 248 867 2001

Sell it all with Observer & EccentrIC

I 800 579-SELL COMMERCE TWP Wixom 8.d & G angary Lg 3 bdrm 2 bath c ty water appl b;,mt Pets okay $1100/mo 248 669 3012 DEARBORN HEIGHTS 2 bdrm Immediate occupan cy $675/mo plus security 734 525 0201 DETROIT 2 Bedroom base ment 6 mile & Telegraph 16580 Woodbme $600/mo 248476 6478

Homes For Ren1

DETROIT 7 & Telegraph area 2 bdrm furnished 25+ garage w/heat $620/mo + dap sac & ref 313 657 8125 DETROIT 8075 WESTWOOD Sharp 3 bdrm s ngle family 2 blocks S of Joy Section 8 OK + secun ty $775/mo 248 56B 1400 DETROIT (Norlhwest) 2 Bdrms large fenced In yard Immediate Occupancy $5251 mo $750 Security 734 7B2 3930 FARMINGTON HILLS 2 bdrm 2 bath updated kItchen bsmt storage 2 carports pool/clubhouse $1200/mo D&HPropertles 248 888 9133 FARMINGTON HILLS 2 bdrm ranch newer Windows/carpet stove & refngerator lOci $675/month 248 931 0128

Homes For Renl

Homes For Rent

GARDEN CITY Sharp 3 bdrm ranch finished bsmt 2 car garage all appliances CIA optIOn $950 248 788 1823 GREEN OAK! SOUTH LYON 1400sq ft 3 br ranch com pletely redecorated new car pet laundry $89S/mo + dep References tenants pay utili ties Call 248 437 6373 HARBOR SPRINGS Harbor Cove luxury condo 4 bdrm Indoor/outdoor pool private beach tennis court Avail JUly & Aug Call 248 755 2432


FOR RENT Located In Canton Starting at $749/mo

FARMINGTON HILLS 3 bdrm 1 bath 1088 sq It Many updates basement Appl ances Included $1000/mo Agent Call Jim @ Keller Williams 734 765 1081

$0I ADDlication Fee

FARMINGTON HILLS 3 bdrm ranch 2 1/2 attached car secluded home 4 1/2 acres $1500/mo 248 361 7703

Ask about our speclalsl

FARMINGTON HILLS 4 bdrm 3 1/2 bath ranch 2 acres Like new 2500 sq ft wlsUite fam Iy room Lease 10 July 2008 $1650/mo Z4B 767 5932 FARMINGTON HILLS NEW LOW PRICE Small clean and cozy 2 bdrm appliances & huge shed I Only $695/mo I 1 year lease Ca I Sherry Re/Max 100 248 34B 3000 or cell 248 982 2888 GARDEN CITY & LIVONIA 3 bedroom bnck ranch bsmt fenced yard garage no pets $8501mo 248 661 9062 GARDEN CITY New paint car pet 3 bdrm 2 bath All appl ances F n shed bsmt Fenced yd $11001mo 734 B44 8620 A word to the wise I I when looking for a great deal check the

ObsBrver & Eccentric ClassUleds'

Sharp 3 Bdrm 2 Bath homes from 924 sq It Appliances Included Pets welcome

Call Sandy at Sun Homes (888) 372-9017 Offer expires4/30/07 ExclUSIVe SkyllnelClayton Retailer INKSTER 3 bdr01 br ck ranch 2 car garage d nlng room CIA $750 2 bdrm ranch garage $500 opt on 24B 78B 1823 LIVONIA 3 & 4 bdrm homes w/ great rooms fireplaces 2 car garages Many updates and features 17002100 sq ft $1400 2000/mo Audrey 248345 1268 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY LIVONIA 3 bdrm brick ranch 2 bath 1900 sq ft fm bsmt appl ances 2 car $1700 O&H Property 248 888 9133 LIVONIA 3 Bdrm bsmt garage New updates $1500 + sac Aval! May No pets SectIOn 8 ok (734) 788 1643 or 734 425 0000

Call taillace


ad at


LIVONIA 3 bdrm on wooded acre $950/mo + dep No pets Sect 8 ok 734 453 2923 734 564 5440

I ,-,=;:--c;;-c-,--;;LIVONIA Country liVing In the city 3 bdrm 1 1/2 bath 2 car on 1 1/2 acres 5/Memman Rent w/optlon 734 838 0861 LIVONIA Nice 3 bed ranch WIth garage and bsmt Huge yard with pool $1000/mo could be zero down or rent to own (734) 521 0235 N OAK PARK Cl,en 3 bdrm 1 batM new appl/wood blmds ceiling fans/sky lights fenced yard $990/mo 248 752 63B6 OAK PARK Berkley schools 3 bdrm 2 bath bungalow Lg lot cia all appllanl,es garage $1200/mo 248 371 3754 PLYMOUTH 2 bdrm bsmt garage huge yard walk to downtown Pets okay $1700 Imo + see 734 354 6605 PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP 3 bdrm 1 5 bath fireplace large fenced yd AvaIl lmmed $1095/mo (248) 735 5464 PLYMOUTH Walk to K 8 schools 1850 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath 2 car garage CIA cats OK $1500/mo 734 788 2922 REDFORD 3 bdrm 2 car garage WIth bsmt partially fmlshed Call (248) 894 1364 When <;eekmg


~~~ ~~~~~~ut ' the Observer & Eccentnc Classlfleds

1 800 579 7355 REDFORD 3 bdrm brick ranch 2 bath finished bsmt 2 dmlng rm CIA all appliances optIOn $950 248 788 1823

Homes For Relit

Homes For Rent

Centon BROOKSIDE VILLAGE ANNUAL SUB SALE Che ry HII & Lotz fhurs Sun May 1720 Baby house hold yard Items b kes cloth ng much to choose from I

BEVERLY HILLS Fr & Sat May 18 19 9 5 Subdlv slon Garage Sale In West Beverly Hils bar dered by 14 Mile (Saxon) & BeverlY Evergreen & Southfle d Roads BIRMINGHAM Large Sale 925 Westchester Thurs 5/17 & Fr 5/18 95pm


2 COMMUNITY· WIOE YARD SALES WESTPOINT MANOR 41021 a d Michigan Ave ACADEMY POINT 5201 South Haggerty Road Sat Sun May 19 20 9 5

CANTON Brldgemont Park Subdivision Thurs Sat May 17 19th 9am 4pm Canton Center Road & Warren 6824 Bndgemont Dr 734 453 1496


CAN70N COMMUNITY YARD SALE MAY 18 19 and 20th 900 am 5 00 pm Furniture f sh ng equ p ment appliances toys clothmg & so much more COLLEGE PARK ESTATES 51074 Matt Road Canton M 48188 Cfl R dye SelV'"'''' 1 Geddes and US 12

VacallOn Resorl/Rentals


FARMINGTON HILLS Krtchen and Washer/dryer NO PETS $295+utllltles Call 248 835 9895

OSCODA On Van Etlan Lk sleeps 6 row & paddle boat fire Pit completely furnIshed $550/wk (734) 425 0785

SOUTHFIELD Sharp 3 bdrm brick ranch bsmt central air option to bUy available $1050 Call 248 788 1823

PRESQUE ISLE HARBOR Lakefront sleeps 6 boats mcluded June thru Sept $675/week 828 712 9225

SYLVAN LAKE 2 bdrm 1 bath park/lake privllages West Bloomfield schools $750/mo 248745 06b5


WATERFORD 1994 bUilt 4 bdrm 2 bath lake pnv leges Waterford schools $1250/ mo + sec 2486231261

CANTON MAY 18 & 19 LINKS WEST CONDO COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE Fn 9 4 Sat & 9 1 Enter on Newton Rd off Beck N of Geddes S of Cherry HIli MANY HOMES' CANTON MAYFAIR VILLAGE SUB WIDE SALE! Th s St.. rv a i 20 gam 5p r C; <) Joj. £ 0 S P d01 Too much to '\t

CANTON MEADOW VILLAGES SUB SALE Beck & Geddes Rds May 17 18 19 95

Call to place your ad at

BRIGHTON LAKEFRONT 4 acres w/pond 2300 sq ft 3 Br 2 bath appliances flrep ace $1500/mo (845) 23B 3018 WALLED LAKE Two story br ck 2000 sq ft 3 bdrm 25 bath garage full bsmt 12200/mo 248 787 2244

CANTON Echo Forest Sub W de Garage Sa e SOl th Side of Palmer between Liley and Haggerty (May 17 19) 9 4 r~earby subs also part c pat ng CANTON PINEWOOD SUB SALE Maj 171819 94pm t of Beck S of Cherry H II Come fOf great stuff I

CANTON FAIRWAYS AT PHEASANT RUN SubdlVIS on Garage Sale May 18 19 lOam 5pm


Garage S4Iles

Garage Sales

CANTON Near j 275 Non smoking & non dr nk ng male Qu et $295/mo New No lease 734 394 1557


Garag, Sales

CANTON Wllsh re Estates SW subdiVISIOn Morten Taylor & Warren May 17 19 9am?

FARMINGTON HILLS Quaker Valley Sub Sale Fn Sat May 18 &19 9am 4pm N of11 Mle& W off Farmmgton FARMINGTON HILLS S..b Sals Colony Da"~Wss' N of 12 E of Drake May 17 20 8 4pm Artwork Baby/ kid s terns toys cloth ng computer eqUip drum set furniture househo d etc

LIVONIA SUB WIDE SALE Thurs Sat May 17 19 9am 4pm N W corner of 5 Mile & Farmington

Sell It all with Observer & Eccentnc

LIVONIA 2 Fam y Garage Sale 29874 M nton 2 blocks S of W Ch cago off Mlddlebelt May 1719th 96pm Household novels religiOUS books & mlsc

LIVONIA Golden R dge Sub 3rd Annual Garage Salel May 1719th 9am 5pm N of Joy btwn Newburgh & H x

NORTHVILLE WOODSIDE VILLAGE ASSOCIATION Thurs Fr Sat May 171819 btwn lOam 4pm Off Haggerty btwn 5 & 6 mile on west Side of Haggerty

DEARBORN HTS 6560 Cambndge Warren/Inkster May 17 19 a 4pm Ladders Chma g assware tools household mIse

LIVONIA 14619 Park St Levan and 5 Mile In 5MB Sub May 17 19 9 4pm Household Items/furnlture baby todd er clothes toys and much morel

Observer & Eccentric 1·800·579·SELL

Selllt all WIth


REOFORO TWP Office SUites 400 sq ft 1670 sq ft BeautIfully redecorated Great Rates ncludmg utilities CERTIFIED REALTY INC (248) 471 7100 ROCHESTER Downtown 2 offices avaIl Approx 450 sq ft each Kitchenette bath ample stor age Sized for 1 2 person office Immediate Occupancy Rainbow Connection Oays 248 601 9474 TROY GREAT LOCATION Reasonable Rates 24 room sUite avaIl Mapl~ & Crooks Call (248) 821 2200 Commerclal/lnduslnal For Renl/t"se



FARMINGTON HILLS 6 500 sq ft For Lease Located near I 96/1 696/1 275/and M 5 con nector Over 35 car par·!

PLYMOUTH Garage for star age SpacIous w/overhead door 248 467 4844 When 'ieekmg ~ out the best deal check out ... the Observer & Eccentnc Classlfieds

1 800 579 7355

NOVI Garage Sale Orchard Hills Sub May 1819 94 Meadowbrook & 10 M Ie

Garag, Sales

PLYMOUTH l1B47 & 11865 Tra Iwood W of Sheldon E of Ann Arbor Tr Thur & Fr May17&18 93 Househod Longaberger Items & more

TROY MEADOWS SUB SALE 9am 4pm May 18 20 (some sales Sat Sun only) S W corner of Wattles & LIvernOiS

PLYMOUTH Lake Po nte Sub Wide May 181920 8am 5 co ne 01 f"agge ty & 5 EVERYTH NG FROM A

TROY Oak River East Sub E ofCoolidge S of Long Lake Rd May 17 19th 93pm Ent re Sub Sa e Too much to 1st

Sale SW M e 0 Z


NORTHVILLE TWP Mapleh 11Sub N of 6 mIle fN of Haggerty Sat May 199 am 4pm For more nfo (248) 3741670 or 248 3471563

LIVONIA Huge Salel Some brand name clothmg (some new) books games/toys/ remotes beddmg household May 1720 830 4pm 30B89 MaYVille 6/Memman

Call 10place your ad at

Homes Garage between Thurs 5pm

LATHRUP VILLAGE Huge Sale 27717 California Dr off SouthfIeld btwn 11 & 12 Mile May 14 19 Antiques lawn equip /furmture household


On The Internet!


LIVONIA MaSSive May 12 & 13 86 29129 Oroe N of Sc~oo C::Ift E Of tv' dd ebe t Artq es 0 s toos colhe~ urn lure household

DAVISBURG Commumty Wfde Sale! May 1B 19 930 330pm Mill Pond Park (In Downtown DavIsburg)



LIVONIA 16076 Alp ne D En e off 6 IT' \!1i of Fa n ngle May 16 8 9 5pm Supc S
GARDEN CITY HUGE SALEI Thurs Fr May 17 18 9? 32177 Chester Warren & Merr man Kid s clothes ant ques wedding dresses mlsc

Space For



FARMINGTON HILLS K mbe ey Subd v s on Ga age Sale 11 M e i=ld & M dd ebe t May 17 19 Q,:I'11 4pm

LIVONIA Huge multi family salel Ant ques toys fUr'llture clolhes May 16 &17 830 4pm 17379 McNamara 1 blk N/6 Mile W/Farm ngton


DIfIC,IR,lall Rent/Lease

look for These


Garage S,les


FARMINGTON HILLS Hamilton Business Center Executive sUites startmg at $350/mo T 1 Internet avallal ble FleXible lease terms 248 324 3600

call away I-BOO 579-SELL

CANTON Treasures A Z & tools Wed & Thurs May 16 & 17 9arn 4p r 2862 Woodmont D S/Pa mer

COMMERCE TWP SALE May 17 18 and 19 9a 4p - 900 Drakeshlre (subd off Ben ste n N of Maple) BeautIful women s cloth ng & acces sarles household appliances & Items furniture Everyth ng must go Cash Only

OIlicelRel,,1 Space For Rent/Lease

8bl'." l Eccenlllc CI."IU,ds Jusl a quick •

LIVONIA HUGE SALE' Thurs Fn May 1718 9am? 18777 Gary Lane S of 7 Mile DepreSSIon glass household sports eqUipment m sc

FARMINGTON May 17 & 18 94pm May 19 912noon 23650 Oakland S of Grand River N of 9 M Ie E off Drake Somethmg for everyonei

TRIPLE A DELUXE MOTEL AlC JacuZZI n rooms maId service HBO Low dally/wkly rates Sunrise Inn 734427 1300 Tel 96 Inn 3135354100 Royal Inn 248544 1575 Falrlane 2483479999 Relax Inn 734595 9990

NORTHVILLE Female to share 2 bdrm 2 full bath apartment facmg lake 2 blks 10 downtown 248 348 3897

LIVONIA 15177 Yale Farmmgton & Levan Rd May 1718th 95pm Track Ilghl Ing Lenox accessory pieces collectible lighthouses 33 rpm records & much more

LIVONIA Country Estates Sub Wide Sa e N of 5 Mile Levan & Newburgh Sat May 17 19 9am

SUNRISE STUDIOS $25 OFF With Tlus Ad Brand NEW AlC Rooms TV/Phone / HBO/CABLE LOW RATES 734427 1300 liVOnia

LIVONIA Female to share w th same Full house prv leges $500 (mo to mol + security Incl utilitIes 734 425 9592

Rooms For Renl

~ ~

Observer & Eccentric 1·800·579·SELL

INKSTER Entire 1st floor Shared kitchen & bath Appliances $400 mo or Rent w/optlon 313 586 8876

FARMINGTON HILLS Estate Sale Thurs Sat 9 5pm Furniture tools household Orchard Lk 5/10 Mile enter Lamar to 23465 N Stockton

CLARKSTON FARMS SUB SALE May 17 19 95pm C arkston Rd & Flemmgs Lk Rd Furniture name brand clothes toys home decor etc


May 17 18 & 19th 4pm Off Warren Haggerty & Liley

FARMINGTON HILLS Avail nowl Clean furnished convenient $395/010 mcl utll cable mtemet & clean lnQ service 813 205 9926

It s All About Results

CANTON SUNFLOWER SUB Thurs May 17 Sat May 19 9am ? W of Canton Center and N & S of Warren Look for signs and yel ow ba loons

I 800 579 SELL

CANTON EMBA~SY SOUARE SUB May 17 1B 19 9am 4pm S of Ford Rd btwn Canton Center aM ')~eldon Whatever t Is we have It I

WESTLAND NORWAYNE 2 bdrm ranch w/attached 2 car garage Appliances $800 Rent w/optlOn 8105996241

WHITE LAKE 2 bdrm all sports lake front Ig lot to acco modale boat storage UIII ties mc $750/mo 248 637 3139

WEST BLOOMFIELD Birmingham Schools 3 bdrm 2 full baths Walnut Lk access $1490 addedvaluerealty com Agenl (248) 7B7 7325

NORTHVILLE or PLYMOUTH Downtown 1st week With full depOSIt Furnished sleep ng rooms Newly decorated $85 weekly Security depOSit 734 355 6453 248 305 9944


CANTON Female to share Private bdrmlbath share kit chen garage bsmt $395/mo + 1/2 utilities 734 392 6005


WAYNE & WESTLAND 2 & 3 bdrms Pets ok $800 $1150 Some garages (734) 612 7708 or (734) 722 8943

GARDEN CITY Sleepmg room furn shed Drug free Work 109 male $85/wk secunty 734 731 2657 734 427 2778

REDFORD AREA ResponSible working male preferred Clean qUiet home $120/wk $185 to move In 3135340109

WESTLAND Norwayne 2 bdrm garage fenced yd $750/mo Pets okay Call 734 96B 2636

WESTLAND RENT TO OWN Beautiful 3 bdrm 1 bath fm bsmt Ig fenced yard 25 garage Ig deck hot tub & gnll $mOlmo 734455 7400

WAYNE 3 bdrm ful bsmt fenced yd fl esh y painted hardwood floors Clean $900/mo 734 844 2159

WESTLAND 2 bdrm condo bsmt cia no pets no smokmg $750/mo Contact Gall @ 734 S64 8280

FEMALE room for rent at lUXUriOUs condominIUm In West BloomfIeld Pool & club house Call 248 497 3197


Quarters To


WARRENDALE 3 bdrm lull bsmt $795/mo + sec Sec 8 welcome 734 216 1840

REDFORD 3 bed 1100 sq ft with garage + finished bsmt $900/010 Could be 0 down or rent to own (734) 521 0198

I ;,==-=::"::-'7=,.::.:.:.,

CHARLEVOIX Lakefront Con dos sleeps 2 8 Pool beach nearby air walk to town 24885533002483102022

REDFORD TWP 2 bdrm fIreplace appl $B50 3 or 4 bdrm Cape Co; $950 Dave 313 255 5678

WEST BLOOMFIELD Lak' front fam Iy home 3 Ig bdrm Walled Lake Schools dock fenced yard updatesl $1200/mo Long term (Agent) Tem Bloom 248 320 0701


BURT LAKE lakefront Sleeps 16 Fully furmshed Ava I June Sept 248 437 5339

REDFORD (North) 3 bdrm 1 bath family rm oak floors new kitchen w/appllances deck bsmt No pets $850/mo 248 87243706 btwn 8am 8pm

REDFORD 3 Bdrms 1 l\ bath home WIth 2 car garage finished basement a I appliances Immediate occupancy $1000 3136737126

Garage S,les

REDFORD Nicely finished 2 bdrm 1 bath fenced yard 10 active neighborhood $6951mo 24B 497 9951

es Gar,g, S,les

Rooms For Renl

FARMINGTON HILLS $35D per month Utll Incl 1/2 cable FT worker 8 Mile/Grand River Robm 248-474 6494

1-800-579-'1355 •

FARMINGTON HILLS 1 bdrm $75/wk & up Appliances Seniors welcome No pets DepOSit req 248 473 5535



Mobile Horn, Renl,ls

REDFORD 7 Mila/Beech area 2 bdrm fenced yard No pets $700/mo + sec Sec 8 Ok 2486150528

®bsenrer (JJj¢rir


PLYMOUTH RIdgewood Hills Redecorat ng & remodel ng Corner hutch computer desk lawn furn ture & morel Great uuysl May 17 19 9 5PT 49070 Pille HIll Drive PLYMOUTH Thurs May 17 104 First Ever Salel Just want It gone Cheap' Furniture kid s stuff thanks mom I 1042 Starkweather ROCH HILLS May 18 9 4 707 Stanford CI N of Avon btwn Crooks/Adams NEW ITEMS Disney store crocks Home decor baby gear etc ROCHESTER HILLS ANNUAL BROOKEOALE WOODS SUb Sale S W corner Adams & T enken Rds May171819 93pm

WESTLAND 36133 Oregon St Wayne Rd & Palmer Rd May 17th 20th 9 5pm LARGE GARAGE SAlE'

hmnet(}wnli!e.rom WESTLAND Fndge snow & rid ng mowers toys more May 1719 9am 4pm 1715 N Crown Off Ford ElCentral City Pkwy Movmg Sales


FARMINGTON HILLS 32362 Craftsbury Ct N/12 Mile ElFarmmgton Wed May 16th 10 4pm Sofa kitchen table set Ch na & cuno cabinets bdrm set sleeper sofa & mlsc Exc cond No appliances 248 545 57B1 248 553 9841

NOVI Orchard Ridge Estates Annual Sub Garage Salel10 Mile Rd 1/2 Mile W of Novi Rd May 17 18 19 94pm

ROCHESTER HILLS Brg SUb Salel AvoQ Meadows Sub SfTlenken E/Brewster May 171g94pm

REDFORD 20456 Negaunee Grand River & Inkster Rd May 1719th 105pm ENTIRE CONTENTS OF HOME TOO MUCH TO LlST'

NOVI SUB GARAGE SALE Off 10 & 11 MIle between Novi & Taft Fr & Sat 8am 4pm

SOUTHFIELD WIlberforce Umverslty Alumm Assoc Fund raiser Multi family sale I 23491 No,1 Dr 1 blk N/9 Mil' E/Evergreen Sat May 19 9 5

REDFORD May 19 830 830 May 20 97 May 21 24 4 9pm 8903 RiVerdale JoyfTelegraph Everything must go 3132182971


IIIMETOWN/ilaCDIl1 l,gall !Ids




L,g,ll lids





PRAYER Pray 9 hall Marys for 9 days On the 9th day make 3 Wishes & publish thIS prayer Your Wishes Will be granted M

Notlf catIOn IS hereby given that TeF National Bank 200 lake Street East Wayzata M nnesota 55391 has filed an application w th the Comptroller of the Currency' on May 17 2007 as spec fled In 12 CFR 5 for permiSSion to establish a full servIce staffed branch at the followmg locatIon

Am:hon S,des

Every Sunday and Thursday we bring buyers and sellers employers and employees landlords and tenants together You can rely on us to deliver results "It's All About Results!"


A word to the wise I ..... hen lookIng £or"3-

great deal check the

Observer & Eccentric ClasslflBdsl

HUGE AUCTION Hit and MISS Engines· Steam Engmes • Cletrac Gas Bulldozer • 1948 Leader Tractor • Generators • CJ3 Jeep • CJ7 Jeep • Vehicles· EqUipment· Tools· Antiques • Much Morel Sat May [email protected] 221 Mrll St Brooklyn M! ThiS IS a lifetime collection of Lee Koepke Complete Details With Pies @ braunandhelmercom Braun & Helmer Auction Svc Dav d Helmer 734 368 1733

13401 Mlddlebell Roed Uvonla Michigan 48150 Any person deSirIng to comment on thIS appllca tlon may file comments in wntlng with the LicenSing Manager Central District Office of the Comptroller of the currency One Fmanclal Place SUite 2700 440 South LaSalle Street Chicago IL 60605 Within 30 days of the date of thiS pubhcatlOn The application s on file wrth the licenSing Manager as part of the publ c f Ie The public file IS available for inspectIOn In that off ce dUring regular bus ness no rs May 17 2007

tN MY ATTIC ANTI DUES • Going out of Business. Items must go by May 31st 157 West L berty Plymouth Tues Sat 105 7344558970 RECORD SHOW May 20 10 4 $Cash Prlzes$ LPs 45s CDs VFW 25671 GratIOt (N ot 10) RoseVille 586 759 5133







INDY 500 2007 Tower Terrace Seating 2. tickets for 5/27/07 $180 for pa r/face value Cash onl\ Call 24B 348 0216

(\Vhen seekmg


~~;I~~~:~tout the Observer & EccentrIC ClassIfieds

1 800 579 7355


Your seltl'c:hends here In the tlasslfledl 800·579·SELl


Auction Sales

IN ACCORDANCE With the proVISions of State law there being due & unpaid charges for which the underSigned IS entItled to satisfy an owner s lien of the goods hereinafter deSCribed & stored at U S Storage Depot located at 47887 Michigan Avenue Canton Ml 48188 And due notice haVing been gIVen to the owner of said property & all part es known to claim an Interest therein & the bOle speCified m such not ce for payment of such haVing expired the goods Will be sold at pubhc auction at the above stated address to the highest bidder or otherWise dlspoc;ed of on May 30 2007 at 1200 noon or thereafter Lon Dean Unit D19 Tony MaSSie Unit 1A02 Jeanne Fugate Unit 3C38 Lendell McEwen Un I 1C19 Darnell Williams Umt C18 Harold BeVier Unit 3F13 Brandon M 8ell Unit 1A22 Chansse A Wilson Unit 1G18 Dana Taylor Unit C01 Richard Pressely Un t 3J25 All above are Household/Personal Goods

Auction Sales




ABC STORAGE 5535 MIOOLEBELT RO ROMULUS M14B174 DATE TIME 5/31/07 1200 pm TENANT UNIH Nicole Barley 4041 Keith Dee Bowers R0080215 D & R Development R812 Gregory Floyd 0325 Lyndon Ha1man 0265 Anthony Hawk ns 0243 Heather M Johnson 0103 David Ju~ge 0123 Ebony Kroma 0219 Madco Truck Tire Sales RB10 11 Sophra Sharpley 0434 Helen ShIPP 0126 Ramona Tarrant 0602 WIlham Thomas 0455 Steven Tye 0318 Heather Warfen 0610 Lynette Zeno R037 INVENTORY 14 locked Units 1 car 1 trailer 1 camper 1 boat 3 semI trallers

Rummag, S,I,I Flea Markel



Household Goods


REDFORD ESTATE SALE FrilSat 10 5pm 13488 Crosley E of Beech Daly S of Jefferies Tools yard toys records linens holiday home beanie babies appl ances furn ture It s lilt

About Results Observer & Eccentric 1-800-579 SELL


WEDDING GOWNS Gorgeousll Size 23 $200/ best Size 7 8 $100 Both worn once (734) 367 05,B

FRANKLIN COMMUNITY CHURCH RUMMAGE SALE Fn May 18 9am 4pm Sat May 19 9am noon (Bag Day) 26425 WeUlngton Rd Franklin between 13 & 14 off Franklin one mile W of Telegraph 248 626 6606

7190 Eslal' Sales


ANTIOUE CHERRY CARVED BOOKCASE 8 1 tal! 2 pieces can be separated was $1 000 now $750 Antique bench/table Brand new CRATE BARREL Brown Sofa was $750 now $500 Bar sIze stoat table & chair Omaitly carved antique VIctorian day bed Electflc fIreplace onglnal price $1000 now $500 General moving sale all Items negotlable Call (248) 851 2715 BED $180 KING PILLOW TOP Mattress Set NEW Full $70 Queen $75 734 328 0030

Household Goods


BED $65 1 ABSOLUTE ALL BRAND NEW PILLOW Tnp Queen Mattress In plastIC Can deliver 734 231 6622 BED $75 Plush queen size pIllow top mattress set New In plastIc can deliver Warranty 734 325 2744 BED $75 QUEEN PILLOW TOP Mattress Set NEW 10 PlastiC Can Deliver 734 891 8481 BED All New CHERRY SLEIGH BED & OUEEN PILLOwrOP SET $295 734 891 8481 BED KING SIZE NEWI Paid over $1000 asking $2751best (734) 3B7 0556


lam The Ad ofBelt1 Danc.-e th Amlfa, World Renowned



REAL ESTATE & PERSONAL PROPERTY AUCTIO~ See our ad In SectIon 7060 In today s paper Braun & Helmer Auction Serv ce Inc Jerry Helmer 734 368 1734

8ecrell:tiluals Da~ 81,a

Sellll all with

31211 Plymouth Rd .• LIVOnia

Observer & Eccentric I 800 579 SELL




Observer & Eccentre

I Sunday

wwwhometownllfe com

May 13 2007

®bsenrert: lttentrit

HGMETOWN/ilacBm Household Goods


BEDRDDM 8 PC Solid Wood Bedroom w/Plliowtop Mattress set NEW In box $65D 734 891 8481 BUY or SELL Used furniture www nelghborhoodfufOiture


CDUCH $100 Oak tablo $100 bed $100 1920$ mahogany bdrm set $1000 734 459 1068 Farmington Hills

REFRIGERATOR May tag Side by s de almond with Ice maker $250 248 719 1189 WASHER & DRYER Wh,,1 pool Stackable $500/best Small refrigerator run good $40 Window air cond boners $30 ea pool filter $350 or bost offer (313) 543 0155 after 5pm


$200 500


MR CDNDITIDNER/HEATER AMANA portable only used 1 summer Ilke new $300/best 7345957812

When <;eekmg


out the best deal check out


the Observer & Eccentnc Classified"

HOT TUB 2007 Brant! New Still In packag ng W th war ranty Must sell Can deliver 734 231 6622

OVEN Fndgldare oven with black cooktop Excellent conditIOn $200 734 748 9206 RANGE TOP Vlkmg bUilt In new mever used 4 burner & gr II stamless steel $1350 248 670 3376

STUMP GRINDER Husqvarna Irke new 13 hp $15001best Call Mike 246 777 9393


Miscellaneous For



HDTTUB 2007 NEW 6 person lounger warranty can deliver $2950 3135860008

FUR COAT Natural Lynx Excellent condition Small sIze from our trade In dept $850 2488559545

largaln IllyS

KERDSENE HEATER Portable Duraheat convec ton 1000 sq ft 1 9 gal tank $1001best 7345957812

PLAY STRUCTURE (CEDAR) Three sWings slide forI monkey bars Excellent condl tlOn $200 248 647 7113 WDDD PLAY STRUCTURE Two sWings glider alf pogo monkey bars sl de and fort Excellent condit on $150 734 455 4891


1 800 579 7355

GRAND PIANO· PETRDF Model #3 6 4 glossy black wth matching duet bench like new $18 000 248 240 2645

MULCH Aged double ground 100% Hardwood 3 yards del vered $95 or Pick up In Westland 7345160648


GLASS TDP KITCHEN TABLE 72X42 Inches cream colored metal frame 6 cushIOned chairs 4 yrs old like new askmg $475 7343986610

IH LAWN TRACTDR 1974 very good cond Modet 154 10 boy 4 cyl 60 cut $35001best 5175464167

~ools, Spas, Hol Tubs •

Lamps 2 TV s 248 340 9340 DINING RDDM TABLEILIGHT ED CHINA CABINET 4 chairs 2 leafs oak wI pecan f nlsh $550 1 yr old 248 427 0433


Lawn, Garden Matenal

DINING ROOM SET walnut 8 9 pieces $500 800 3

Lawn, Garden It Snow EqUIpment ..

GARDEN TRACTOR 12 hp Cub Cadet 42 cut w th attachable trailer $700 248 651 3625 Call 10 place you, ad al HOO·579·SELL(7355)


Lawn, Garden It Snow _ EqUipment ..

KITCHEN CABINETS Merillat White Bay 2 roll out pantries 7 base drawers 8 wall Exc "nd $2600 248 348 2929 MiSe Kirby vacuum Exer cycle Proform treadmIll cross country skiS (packaged) lamps framed pictures gar den tools compresser lawn mower & mIse 734 658 8378 PATIO SET Homecrest 4 sling back chaIrs (green/beige str pel green table (glass 60 x 42) $600 7346671114 TEMP HEAT FURNACES 3 approved $150 5175464167

French Bulldog Pup.s AKC 10 wks brindle white vet checked wormed shots fam Iy raIsed $1500 Can deliver 5176477747/5175263875

Its AU About Results Observer & Eccentric

GERMAN Short hair AKC pups Iowa bread Natural bird dogs pomt honor Must Seel $400 313 530 0285

1·800-579·SELL PIANO Kohler & Campbell Plano Excellent condition $800 or best offer 248477 5918

MlNATURE DACHSUNOS AKC Longhair Blkltan & sableltan 3 female/2male also adultS $550 5179025400



Alarm&: Security


D & A CEMENT CD Dr veways patios porches etc Free est lIc & Insured 734 466 9005 313 585 3398

CARPENTRY BUILD ANY THING YOU WANTl BUild It your way or custom deSign 33 yrs licensed 313 535 2735

ADT BURGLAR ALARMS Only $99 Mention ad For Free 2nd keypad 248 559 3300

Appliances Service

l' •


WO$her Oryer

• Repatrs since

Servke 1 980

No serv ce charge 1 repa red Serv clng most makes & models 2487630212



C & S ASPHALT AND SEAL COATING Dr veways & parking lots Over 30 yrs oxp (248) 335 5350 OJ S BLACKTDP DRIVEWAYS -Paving: -Patch -Seal Coating Free est - wwwdJpavlng com 800 724 8920 734 397 0811


J A FERGUSON CONST Addlt ons basement bu d outs 001 ng s d ng baths w ndows kitchens pamMg new homes 248 363 5975 Kitchen Baths Rec Room Specialist All Remodeling V"alMC AM EX

248·476·0011 MXB CDNSTRUCTION Add tons Handyman Kitchen Bath Bsmts Decks L c Iins Free est 734 968 5483 !ulldozmg

Irick, lIock 'Cemenl



AM BRICK CD All masonry repa red or new Chimneys porches pavers 34 yrs exp Senior & Active M IItary Discounts Call 1 888 MR BRICK AFFDRDABLE ~ Concrete Leveling New patios decks & drves lic 3132771974 CLiPPERT BRICK CO est 1870

CARPENTRY Fin 8smts Remodeling RepairS Decks 30 yrs exp Llcllns Call John-734 522 5401 FINISH CARPENTER Crowns Doors Oak Railings NO JOB TOO SMALL I licensed - 734 927 4479

BARRY'S CARPENTRY -Basements -Bathrooms -Add tIOns -K tchens 25 yrs exp Start to Fm sh L cllns (24B) 47B B559 barryscarpentry com

BULLDDZING EXCAVATING Grading Demos Pools can crete driveways emoval L c IIns 734 459 8268




male house cat white wI blue eyes MOVing must go to good home Call Joe 248381 5414


PDMERANIAN PUPPIES AKC 2 Females 14 weeks 1st Shots & Papers $500 [email protected] com (734) 453 201B

BICHDN FRISE Ready to gal Have papers 10 weeks old $600 734444 8873




Sunrooms MICHIGAN DECK SYSTEM3 The best name n deckmg Free est Llcllns Since 1985 248 361 7638

Deck Cleaning

• THE DECK CLEANERS' Stnpp ng Seal Decks Pavers Stamped concrete Free Est Call M ke 313 529 0642 Dry"'11

& lEttenlnt



All puppies come with 3 year limited Health warranty 3 free vet office viSits Complimentary spaylnglneutering Micro chiPPing


Petland Across from Westland Mall (734) 367 9906 www pBlland com

LOST BIRD April 30th Cockatiel grey With yellow cheeks 10 ml/Mlddlebelt area Leave message 248 442 2474

HNf- \-Rl 4..prRAf\!R6. & AL,CHO",Lffib ~n,«T 4()<:J l',R~()l'.AV{ OP1.ROrr TLI 01319616155 f\)" 01J}961 8199

1 800·579-SELL

CARPET WAVY" Re Stretches Small Installs Ove 30 yrs exp Steve 734 4258458 cell 734 718 9748

Your Community ...Online

All Roofing Chimney Repair Siding Seamless Gutters Porch Repair llc & Ins ChOICe 734 422 0600

Computer Sales It Service

BEST CHIMNEY & ROOFING CO New & repairs Sr Citizen Discount Llc & Ins 2485575595 31S 292 7722

• Adware


Sunrooms Absolutely Awesome Decks Bu Id Repair Stam Power Wash 23 Years Exp L c & Ins 734 778 0008 248 225 9222 Affordable Custom Decks lIc & Ins 23 yrs exp Free Estimates 7342611614/2484422744 DECKS BUILD PDWERWASH & REPAIR Stained treated or paInted 33 yrs exp licensed 313 535 2735

Honey Do s Affordable Husband & Wife Team Carpentry Addltmns Electnc Plumbing Etc 734276.. 6157

ACE s Handyman Services Your the boss Pressure wash paint ng labor repa rs Sr diSC Tom 734 502 8737

MASTER HANDYMAN Any Job any place Plumb ng electr c drywall pa nt carpentry sma I Job specalty 2482311125

-- ......-

ALL Roofmg Chimney Repair Sldmg Seamless Gutters Porch Repair L1c & Ins ChOice 734 422 0600



I off I I Aoy computer rep,,, I


or any new or used



computer system purchase




Jus East of Telegraph on the South s de of 9 M Ie Rd P'OlIdl;ser

ngMel(lDelrotsnu1985 OEoas 1003


'Ulldmg Remodelmg



Haulmg/Clean Up

A 1 HAULING Move scrap metal clean base ments garages stores atc Lowest prices In town QUick service Free est Waynel Oakland Central location 248 547 2764 248 559 8138

,~ '. '"~ " h', r:...r 1.....& c·", 1,- <>b Fe<- n 1 800




j Ld" 7";<;:5







Must ha coonpOD




I M n mum £75 00 pu chMlJ I

Call Today 23953 W 9 Mile Rd • Southfield



All types of work

SMALL DR MEDIUM JDBS Drywall Painting Bathroom Remodelmg CeramIc Tile licensed 734 765 4194



L 2x~ ~




r:$- - - -...,


Amenca s #1 Handyman LlC & Ins. 734 451 9888

AFFDROABLE HANDYMAN Exp plumb ng pa ntmg elec tr Gal carpentry n/outdoor ma f1 enance 734 658 6973

HAVE YDUR GUTTERS CLEANEO REGULARLY & P event Costly Roof & Bsm! Repa rs Ace ana s Gutte C ean ng Srv 734 377 2546

RETIRED HANDYMAN Appliances smks tOilets Carpentry work Eves OK 734 658 10771 734 673 5984

1 800 579 7355

We take trade-ins'



Call 10 ,lace your ad at 1·000·579·SELL(7355)

Discount New and Used Computers Starting at $99 eo

Handyman M/F

A6SDLUTELY DEPENDABLE -Carpentry -Ceramic -Drywall -ElectriC -Plumbing -Pa ntll19 Small to large remodeling L c & Ins 21 years exp 734 778 0008 248 225 9222

Removal • Upgrades and System Cleanup • Both Laptops and Desktops • Horne and Office Networkmg - On SIte Service Avatlable




We Fix Computers Spyware


FAMILY ELECTRICAL City cert Violations corrected Service changes or any small lob Free est 734 422 8080



ABSOLUTE BEST Handyman & RemodellOg Reasonable rates rei able serv ce No lob too small L c IlOs 20 yrs exp 8105996019

GARDENER 30 yrs exp Annuals perenn als flowers herbs vegetables containers ca I 734261 9182

All About Rc<;ult'l Obscrv .. r 8' I cccntr c



Wmdow Washing Power Raking & TllImg Days Eve OK Min cost same as rolotilier rantal (734) 673 5984


I 800579



AFFDRDABLE ELECTRICIAN Sparky ElectriC free Est Res /Comm WlrlnglRepalfs 3135333800 248521 2550

Garden Care

- DRYWALL FINISHING • TEXTURES. PATCHWORK. Free Est Reasonable Prices John 7347404072 It


ww .....DUMO<\RfLom

LOST DDG PLYMOUTH aroa Wed May 9th btwn McKinley & Harvey Small black dog answers to Joe Green collar REWARO 734 740 0760

Sell It aU WIth Observer & Eccentric

Garden Care

WEGMANN ELECTRIC INC Home Wiring SpeCialist New & Old Work Free Est lic & Ins Jeff 7345641931


ALL TYPES / STYLES / SIZES '""Dormers .. AddItions I'> Vinyl Sldmg I'> Roofing" Doors 1!0 Windows" Enclosed PorcheslPatlos 1!0 Remade! Garages ALL CEMENT WORK & HOME IMPROVEMENTS


A Qualltv Rough Framing "Company • • • •

Houses Garages Basements Additions

Licensed & Insured call for Estimate

2D~~~;.~~r~,:~~n~~~r. 28726 PLYMOUTH ROAD·


!rlck, lIock , Cemenl



• • • • •

Sldmg Roofing DecK. Kitchens Baths

• • • • •


Addltron. FIOl$hed B•• emenl$ FI.t.h/R.ugh Carp •• 1 Commenllal FIRlsh Malntenapce

1mIJif Construction, Licensed & Insured






PAINTING "'Ii Guaranteed Satisfaction .hlm!



~-------------, ~._------------

25% OFF All Sod PickUp Only OE\l8m1ll1~

877.748.ROOF k'



* licensed

:;md Insured ~ k ,


Ii 'I


MR. SHOVEL • Grading· Sodding - Seeding' Drainage P oblem SolVing • Trenching· Down Spout & Sump Bunal • Shrubs' Trees • Mulchmg • Brick Pavers. Retaining Walls. Concrete • Stone Masonry • lot Clearing. Driveway Stone. Grading • Pool Removal & Filling· Demollbon Work & Trucking



- Dr veways - Garage Floors - Stamped Concrete • Ratwalls Foot ngs • PatiOS. Porches • Steps. Sr ck & Block Work _...\"'""'"~ - Basement Waterproof ng F nanc ng Available. Free EstImates

serVIces In

Nobody Beats Our Qualityl Nobody Beats Our Pricel




• Exterior Painting • Deck Power Washing/Staining • Patio Power Washmg/Seallng


1512 S."gl'l Rd. Westland, MI48186

..... 'sM.e. c..~tr1Icl' •• c.~ We qlso offer QUtstqndmg

Ref"""" .. A~a,lq~l. (No

248-348-3150 •


Since 1946

• Custom landscaping • Re-SDddtngOld Lawns • Bnck PaverWalks, PatIOsand Walls • Drainage and LDwArea Repairs • Swlmmmg Pool RemDvaland FIII-ms • Concrete and 0111RemDval 1ll!ll'a9' Ye;m Ikpenen ..







l'am,ly <:JtinIetff!t Op~,..,ited

Sod a Landscape Supply Depot



Custom Interior &< Exterior

The Original Bushel Stop

1'_ .

(248) 854-5934

HOO·579·SEll(7355) landmping


Sammut, Owner


fl. I((UU$;al {tllal 4'u.tap. ~amtlng/Oer:oraling


Look in your

*Petland CredIt Card & Purshases over $99

***PET ADOPTION DAY*** Sunday May 20th 11 to 4pm www GoneToTheDogsNovl com 246 347 9081




NEWFDUNDLAND PUPPIES AKC OFA certified Vet checked 7347489526 7347550411

Australian SHEPHERD PUPS Adorable AKC avail able Black Tn & Blue Merie Male & Female READY NOWI 248321 7600

CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS PATIDS & GARAGE FLDDRS New & replacement Res & Comm IIcllns 30 yrs exp Free est George M VlduSIO Ino 1734) 981 2401

10% OFF All


'tf',' "',iIf~ all t here! :1:'


Many popular breeds including Brussels Gnffon Bull Mastiff Calm Chlhua huas Corgi (Pembrook) Caton de Tulear Dachsund DeSigner M xes Golden Retnever King Charles Cavallers Maltese Malt Poo MIn Pin Pomeranian Shih Tzus Yorkles etc

MINATURE SCHNAUZERS AKC pups beautiful male DNA tested non sheddmg 989 738 6734 989 738 5006

CAT Declawed 1 yr old fixed

CANTDN CEMENT CDMPANY Dr ves garage floors etc Free removal on replacements L cllns free est 734 261 2818


1'litJiIrn:i Pets Make Life BeUer1




ALL CONCRETE Drives porches patios walks Brick block foundation work lIc & Ins Free Est Call anytime Todd Humocky 248 478 2602

Call to pl.ce


ice u de

Irick, ~lock Ie cement.


LOST 2 DOGS Australian Shepherd mix >& black Lab mix Area of Ford & Memman REWARD 734 237 4485


Mother s Day Specials'

Ho IlIlldmg ftemotlelm~

FOUND CAT Multi color Near Marnor al Elementary Garden City Call 810 938 4484


DbservBr & Eccenlric





Hand Raised Parrots A word to the wise I when looklOg for a great deal check the

POOL TABLE 8 ft slate plus accessones good cond $400 Call (734) 644 0129




CDCKER SPANIEL PUPS AKC 3 males/1 female look mg for good loving home Shots $400 313-478 4773

PIANO Baldwin Acrosomc sp nnet wlbench Light wal nut Recently tuned Exc "nd $895 248 288 3044


Household Pels

CHIHUAHUA S Teacup Pocketbook 3 males 2 females Home raised Beautiful markmgs CKC regis tered Carole (248) 593 9346

ORGAN HAMMDND Spmnet w/bench Dark wood excel lent condition $300 734 464 9677

Sporllng Goods







28726 Pymouth Road- l vO.D.J.--__ • L censed & Insured ~ FamlyOwned








866 266-4700

~ ~

II' IntetlotlExterlor II' Faux Finishes II' Stucco

II' Kitchens II' Bathtooms II' Bas.ments




Epoxy Floor

ANY PAINTiNG JOB ' .... $2110 Off

For Jobs OVll$2000


"pius .... -. AIry REMODElING



joi •

$fiIIII Off

For Jobs Over $3500

Observer & EccentrIC I Sunday Mav 13 2007

www hometownllfe com


eandSe ice uid Hilliing/Clean Up


Home Improvement

Absolutely GT s Haul It All Hauling & clean up of res den tlal construct on & mlsc debr s Owned by local FIrefighter 734 748 4774

BRUSH ABOVE THE REST DRYWALL LLC SpeCialiZing In hotel & motel restoration & home Improve ments 734 464 2081 abrushabovetherestdrywall

AFFOROABLE Personal Haullno Servl.e We clean out homes attIcs basements garages offices warehouses & anything else Handyman services avaIlable Complete demolitIOn from start to finish Free est 248 489 5955 248 521 8818


RON DUGAS Small Job SpeCIalist Baths-Slnks-Faucets- Tmlets Trouble Shootmg & consult Quality work done by Owner Est 1969 L censed



In Home Ciue/Asslstance



EXP CAREGIVER SERVICES I provIde personal care & light housekeeping 3 hr mln mum Call Cheryl at 3134122755


-Affordable Housecleaning10 years exp Reliable dependable great rates Call for free est 7343554164 Home & Comm Cleanmg We get all the corners Bonded & msured Reasonable rates Call Deb al 248 S90 3800

Sell It all wuh Observer & Eccentric

1-800 579 SELL



TAMMY S HOUSECLEANING Expenenced Exc References Free Est & Reasonable Rates 734 266 0294 734 38B 0496 Landscaping

• ACE LANDSCAPING. Cleanup shrub removal weedmg/trlm mlOg/sod/plants Complete landscaplOg ~ 313 533 3967 ~ BROOKS LANDSCAPING - Cert Bnck Paver Installer -Retaining Wans -Sod -Morel Free consult (734) 752 9720 COMPLETE LANDSCAPING BY LACOURE SERVICES Spring clean ups landscap mg grading sodding hydro seeding all types retaining: walls brick walks & patms Drainage & lawn lrngatlOfJ systems low foundations bUilt up Weekly lawn mamte nance Haul away of unwanted Items Comm/Res 34 years exp Lie & Ins Free Estimates 248 489 5955 248 521 8818




SHOVEL Landscaping Resodding Pool Removal and morel See our 2x2 Display adl 7343266114 lawn, Gardemng Mamlenance ServICe



ALWAYS GREEN ENVY LAWN SERVICE Mowing -TrImm ng -Edgmg - Dethatchmg - AeratIOn -Clean ups Free estimates LIC & Ins (734) 522 7055 DABER S LAWN CARE -Mowrng -Edging -Tnmmmg -Mulch -Bush Trlmmmg -Top Soil -Com IRes -Sen or dls count 'lie Iins - Free est Call DaVid 734-421 5842 OAG POWER WASHING & LAWN SERVICE Power washing weekly lawn cutting edgmg 313 570 3430

Sell I! all With Observer & Eccentric

I 800 579-SELL

Lawn, Gardenmg Mamtenilnce Service

a. W

SPRING CLEAN UPI Shrub tr mmmg decorative mulch & deSign Now accepting all credit cards 734 664 6508 Lawn, Garden RolollilllIg



Pallllmg/Decoraling Pilperhangers


Complete Painting lot /Ex!: IAII Phases of Palntmg All Work Guar 734 239 2315


Sell II all with Observer & Eccentric

AI ROTOTILLING New & prevIous ,gardens $35 & up Troy BUilt eqwp 27 yrs exp Call Ray 248 477 2168


S7EVE S GARDEN & LAWN 25 x 25 garden tilled for $29 Free treel Excellent servICe since 1976 734 658 5904 l'i1mllng/Decoratlng l'i1perhangers




248·476·0011 Painting Papenng Plastenng RepaIrs Wailwashlng


Herman Pall1tmg Plaster/ dry wall repair Low Spring ratesl Small Jobs OK 51 yrs exp Ins Free Est Larry 734 425 1372 Interlor/Exterlor Painting Alum Siding Refllllshlng 20 yrs exp Ins Prof Ref Shot Palnlln9 734 765 6728 • PAINTING BY MICHAEL' HIGHEST QUALITY Interior / Exterior - Staining -Textured CeilingsFaux Finish - Plasterl Drywall Repair - Wallpaper Removal - Deck Stamlng - Alumrnum S!dlng Reflnlshmg - Free Est 2483497499 7344648147


... AI!\ ..

QUAlITY PAINTING Work Myself since 1967 FRANK C FARRUGIA 2482257165

ETOWN/ltacom A W'

I'ressl!re Power Washing

*LEE S WALL REPAIR* Dust free I Plaster & Drywall Water damage holes cracks etc Free est 734 591 0005



LEAKS & LITES Plumbmg speCialist Camm IRes If we can t fIX It It s not broken 248 796 2777

LEAK SPECIALIST Flash"gs Valleys Chimneys etc Warr Member BBB 30 yrs exp L,c Iins 248 827 3233


Tile Work Ceramic! Marble/Ouarry

ALL Roolll1g Chimney Repair Siding Seamless Gutters Porch RepaIr Lie & Ins Choice 734 422 0800 APEX ROOFING Quality work completed with pnde Family owned lic Ins For honesty & Integnty 24847669B4 24B 855 7223 8EST CHIMNEY


Free Est Uc & Ins ( 313) 292 7722



-Power Washing - Lawn Care Great work great pnces We do It aliI Call for free estimate 7346426364 Rooflllg





Baths kitchens shower pan repairs mud set floor grout restoratIOn 30 yrs exp LIC Ins (248) 705 9387


CERAMIC' RENEW I REBUILD -Baths -KItchens -Floors -Showerstalls Regroutlllg & Recaulk L!c Ins 248 477 1266


Tree Service


~~~{~~:~tout .. the Observer & Eccentnc Classlfieds' I 800 579 7355


PAINTING N MOREl Paint small bedrm $95 Paper removal New floats 20 yrs exp Many ref 734 664 6206


PamtmglDecoratmg Paperhangers

When seekmg


SAVE MONEYI Economical Plumbing Complete Service


When seekmg ~ out the best deal check out .. the Observer & Eccentnc Classlfleds1 I 800 579 7355

Affordable Res Removals & Trim We beat written est 1 000 000 ms Top quality 2489397420 2489397416 Fully Ins Ramo & Servello romoandservellotree com

FRABUTT BROS ROOFING Uvoma Resident 35+ yrs Llc/lns bestprleerool com 734536 1945 Family owned

- KODIAK TREE - Tree tnm removal fertiliZing stump grmd Free est Ins All major credll cards (734) 340 6155


IMIVIETOWN/llacom Trucks for Sale

4 Wheel Drive

FORD F150 FX4 2003 Supercab Flareslde 33K showroom new $18 999 JACK DEMMER ford 734 721 2600




Rr-rea oMI J '1 ";~s


vd llj:e--s.'Mr or HJrr s

rral"f~ 1130 M40

ilOO !16l1 1111 1181 81911 000II il10 IWI 8240 82,,1 8210 0200 !300

CHEVY EXPRESS CARGO VAN 2006 low miles ready for work 2 '

to choose from

Lou LaRlche Chevrolel 888 372 9836


~GlC"t.) e~Pam & StJf;'OC{j ~~ R(i~j \ish as S'lWiINlt



\.10 KarlS

8080 80911 1100 1110 !12il

FORD RANGER EOGE 2001 Supercab 4 OL 4x4 V6 ef! air power opt ons crUise tilt 6 CD player 107 000 mIles $68001besl 734 542 9907

lQ~e"K>C "(} worGa'S IIM6 finra 8350 8360 &J
!OOII !MO etSl(;s~ 8020 B 'Mo '" 8025 ...a oeNa ~i(;,a1€~Re! a 800II 8Q~lraflSt tQ prvll'8l \lice 832il ilootCo ~iM~'1!l;."$ 800II 8oa~VemcJe St071G. 800II !pS!. aiM ~~llOc 8070 Mijjf\Cj esfA1B'(I!~

RJ!k t}l f<&'t Par" oas!11...... (j(' flea -qu i'llrrot ~rofl\~ AlofT c~ iIl!s&Sev;,

/lAo RentM.~{t
When seekmg out the best FORO RANGER EDGE 2002 Exlended cab yel low $9995 Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 888372 9836

iwlrs V 01" Jllk CarsW~1la: UtllitjTra ler~ T ~dISFo 'Jala

GMC SONOMA SLS 2001 Extended 3 dr 2WD 6 Cyl nder one owner only 43K like new $10500 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7890


'iasf \ans

I <'mils I ~'lCl1s& l'~ortet



1~800~5'79~SEL.L. A .,

SAFETY PARTITION for Ford Van $125 5175464167 Auto FinanCing



At 'b $2l3< 'IJ1 JNk ;'CJJ

AulolTruck-Pills , Servl~e _ _


CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 2005 Tou ng leather slow & go 30K power doors x3 $18 790 Saturn of Plymoutb (734) 453 7890

CHEVY VENTURE 2001 Warner Brothers EdItion Ext 7 buckets LOADED! Very good cond 87000 miles $6500 734 464 2687 FORD E 150 1999 universal converSion Tnton V8 85k ml es dual heat/air TV 7 pass 2 tone Red/gray run n1ng boards Gray Int super sharp $5800 248 661 4230 FORD E150 CLUB WAGON 2002 low ml es c ean good transporter $8295

Bill Brown Ford (734) 522·0030

AQUA SPORT 1981 222ft cruiser 470 Merc 7 1/2 Merc troll ng motor morn ng cover trailer extras $7500/best 24B 931 1065 248 766 4432 DECK BOAT 1985 20 ft 350 Mere 260 hp 2 morning cov ers extras trailer $3900/best 24B 931 1065 248 766 4432

Autos Wanted

QUICKSILVER RAFT 2000 With 25 hp outboard motor and trailer Mint $3500 24B 931 1065 24B 766 4432

WE WANT YOUR CARl ANY CONDITION TOP S$$$ (Free TOWing) (248) 335 7480 or (248) 939 6123

SEA DOO JET SKI 2004 215 hp double traIler cover warranty mint $7500/best 248 931 1065 248 766 4432

Junk CilS Winled

SEA SWIRL 2800SC 2004 57 GXI Alasklan cabin custom trailer loaded S58000 (810) 220 4855

ALL AUTOS TOP Junked. Wrecked.Runmng E & M 24B 474 4425 Evenings 734 717 0428


<1:1A. 99l:i P?()1?n

NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

Motorcvles/Mmlblkesl Go Karts

SPORTSTER 1999 Under 10000 miles Black & Chrome Lots of extras $5 150 734 377 3751

Trucks for Sale

SU2UKI GSXR 600 2006 Like brand new only 25 miles Red and black Must Sell $8500/besl (7344149759) Campers/Motor HomeslTrallers


TERRY LITE 1999 Travel Trailer 25 extras hitch assembly Must sell Just reduced $7800 734427 6743 AutoMISC


SCRAP BATIERIES We Buy Scrap Battenes $2 00 Automotive $300 1I Com $6 00 Heavy com Michigan Battery EqUIp 23660 Industral Park Drive Fa!l1}tngtQn_H_Ills



CHEVY COLORADO 2004 crew cab low miles 2WD sport pkg leather loaded $17 500lbesl 248 363 2084


Camper pop up sleeps 5 $400 or best offer Tom (734) 422 3170

WRECKED & JUNK CARS WANTED! (734) 282-1700



CHEVY SID 2003 Exlended cab 35K hard tonneau alloy wheels 1 owner $11 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900 _ DODGE DAKOTA 2002 Sport ext cab sIver $7995 Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 DOOGE RAM 2004 1500 4 door Silver V 8 57 liter Heml 4X4 auto power everything Extended mirrors aIr brakes storage cover $19500/best (248) 347 4350 FORO F 150 2007 4X4 SUPERCAB AMERICA S BEST SELLING TRUCK FOR 30 YEARS RUNNINGI SIGN & DRIVE $298 PER MONTH SEE OUR FULL PAGE AD IN TODAY S PAPER




GMC SIERRA 2004 4x4 Reg Cab short bed one owner red auto aIr Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

Sporls UlIIIIV


BMW X3 2004 black AWD S23995 Bob Jeannolte Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 8UICK RENOEZVOUS 2004 3 to choose starting at $10 690 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453-7890 8U1CK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Burgundy moon roof certified $13995 Bob Jeannolle Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 BUICK RENDEZVOUS CXL 2002 AWD s Ive leather 40K $13495 Bob Jeannotte Pontla.

For the best auto claSSifICations check out the Observer & Eccentric Newspaper II s all abo~"" RESULTSI~

CHEVY TRAILBLAZER LT 2005 4x4 storm gray 41K leather navigatIOn DVD one owner $19590 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7890 DODGE DURANGO 2006 leather moon DVD R air $2088B Pox EE'i"s

Chrysler-Jeep (734) 455 8740 DODGE DURANGO SLT 2003 4x4 full power 3r{\ seat low m les $13788

~ (734) 7211144 DODGE DURANGO SXT 2002 4X4 gold 68K $11 395 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 789'0 FORO ESCAPE 2004 4x4 what a va ue $11 990 P20133 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 FORD ESCAPE XLS 2002 4x4 49K full power $9 995

Bill Brown Ford (734) 522 0030

FORD EXFEDI" Grt iC" 1998 4x4 5 4L ABS leather tow pkg 3rd row seat ongl nai owner very well malO tamed all docs $6995 SOLD FORD EXPLORER 2000 2 dr full power $4 995 P20053 NORTH 8ROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 FORD EXPLORER 2005 Ilger blue low m les 4 Tiger tickets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan Nell North Bras Lme Merc (248) 283 6377


CHEVY AVALANCHE 2003 4WD 38K loaded $21 900 Slk#7T1351 A NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2001 patnot blue $8995 Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 888372 9836 FORD FREESTAR 2004 7 passenger rear air P0114 $11 B70 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1284 FORD FREESTAR LTD 2004 low miles leather loaded $16995

(734) 522-0030

CHEVY SILVERAOG 2000 2WD red $8 995 Bob Jeannolte Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 CHEVY SILVERAOO 2004 Extended cab 4x4 br ght red liner tonneau $20 595

~ (734)7211144





buSinesses YELLOW • PAGES


MERCURY VILLAGER SPORT 1999 super clean loaded 7 passenger CD $8 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734525 0900

FORD F 150 XTO 2005 4x4 red boards liner tonneau only $19 862

(734) 453-2500 CHEVY TAHOE 2001 loaded 3rd seat pewter $12 995 Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

(734) 453-2500

(734) 453-2500

Chrysler-Jeep PT CRUISER 2005 ConvertIble Summers com Ing $14900 Slk#P20132 NORTH BROTHERS FORO (734) 5241264


G i1 ~ COMMUNITY~, NEWS ~ JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2001 4x4 one owner black leather $7995 Bob Jeannolle Ponllac

(734) 453-2500 LAND ROVER H S G 2004 all factory options only $39 995 Fox IE'ills

Chrysler Jeep (734) 455 8740 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2005 AWD oaded clean 4 Tiger tickets w/every purchase Ask lor Bryan a Nell North Bras Lmc Merc (248) 283 6377 TOYOTA RAV4 2001 41 K sll '"

DEVILLE 2005 white gray interior 37K $18995 Bob Jeannotte Ponllac

black moon auto 23K one owner very sharp $12290 Saturn of Plymoutb (734) 453-7800

(734) 453-2500


...." ... #

",d vrly $~6 2'15

SEVILLE 1991 $2495 Bob Jeannolle

on IV 62K Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 Chevrolet


AVEO 2006 auto air great mpg $11 980 Stk #P20163 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 CAMARO SS 1997 brght red 6 speed T tops 11 872 actll al ml es custom sound MUST SEE

~ (734) 7211144 COBALT 2006 2 dr Silver air auto CD p/locks 29% GM cert fled $11 898


Serra Toyota ScIon 248 699 7100

(734) 721 1144

7RACKER LT 2004 Blue 4x4 SUV 4 spd auto w/OD 6 cyl 365K miles $13995 RALPH THAYER AUTO LIVOnia (734) 425 5400

COBALT LS 2008 Coupe 18K one owner $11 995 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7800

VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2005 Black 4 door 4x4 auto 6 cyl 45K $26 995 RALPH THAYER AUTO lIvoma (734) 425 5400

IMPALA 2003 4 Dr air Auto pi cruise CD ant! lock brakes pw ps am fm stereo sunroof Navy blue gray cloth Intenor CD and tape player very clean only 40 000 miles $10 000 734 595 0187



blue 21 K loaded $12 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900

SEBRING 1998 ConvertIble Summer ready Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 888372 9836 SEBRING 2000 Convertible tUlly loaded $5999 TYME /734\ 466 5666 SEBRING 2006 Convertible white air power options fac tory warranty $14 995

~ (734) 7211144 SEBRING LXI 2002 2 dr sun roof chromes leather fully loaded only $12 950 JOHN RaGIN BUICK 734 525 0900 SEBRING TOURING 2006 Convertible 27K one owner extra sharp & clean $16890 Saturn of Plymoutb (734) 453 189Q



NEON SRT4 2005 black 34K $16995 RALPH THAYER AUTO liVOnia (734) 425 5400 red

(734) 455 8740 MALIBU 2002 black beauty 11 K $9 995 Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 8883729836

Antique/ClassIc Collector Cars

FORD EXPLORER XLT 2005 4x4 certifIed $15995 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 5241264 FORD FREESTYLE 2005 Limited AWD go for the goldl $18995

Bill Brown Ford

GMC ENVOY LX SLT 2003 4X4 leather monroof #708297 A $16 940 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 5241264 Local Events

~ 01'

... ,..,

CORVETTE 1977 Looks good runs good Olce car! $15 000 Call after 4pm 313 522 0768

MALIBU 2005 great car budget priced $109S0 Stk P20162 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

No matter what It 16. I know I will flnd It In my O&E Clas.lfied.!

VW BEETLE 1974 ClasSiC beauty profeSSIOnally re stored yellow exterior white Interior $4950 248 474 7721 Acura


RSX 2005 Black 2 door FWD hatchback auto 4 cyl 35K miles $16995 RALPH THAYER AUTO LIVOnia (734) 425 5400 Alldl

A 6 WAGON 1996 Cashmere Gray leather seats great con dlMn servIce history avail able 141000 miles $4250 248 722 1379

MALIBU 2007 2 to choose LT power options 49% fillancing o A C chOICe $15 998

AedHotwm... (734) 7211144 MALIBU MAXX 2005 black beauty 25K dual sunroofs every optJon $12995

Bill Brown Ford (734) 522-0030 COMMUNITY. CALENDAR " GMC ENVOY XL 2003 Ilghl green 63K sharpl $16995 Bob Jeannolle Pontiac

734421 7000 FORD F150 2004 4x2 28K clean must see $12 995

PONTIAC MONTANA 2002 leather loaded 47K $10995

Bill Brown Ford

Bill Brown Ford

FORD F350 KING RANCH 2008 Supererew 4WD dual rear wheels d esel $39 900 JACK DEMMER Ford 734 721 2600

CHEVY TRAILBLAZER 2094 Ext must see $12222 Ask lor Bryan a Nell North Bras LlI1c Merc (248) 283 6377

GMC ENVOY XL 2004 SLT Leather 4x4 $16995 Bob Jeannolle Pontiac

(734) 453-2500

(734) 453-2500


LESABARE 2004 dark blue one owner $10695 Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

(734) 453·2500 LESABRE 199B Tan $5995 Bob Jeannotte

only 73K Pontiac

(734) 453·2500


BILL BROWN FORD 734-421-7000 ESCORT 2002 Aulo air $3500 TYME (734) 4B5 5566 FOCUS 2000 2006 Chevy Cavalier s Sunflre Cobalt Grand Ams 12 to choose I Call for detaHsl Saturn of Plymoutb (734) 453-7800

"It's All About

Results" 1·800·579·SELL (7355) FOCUS 2003 Fully loaded all optIOns $4899 TYME (7S4) 455 5566

Fox EE-I". Chrysler-Jeep

LACROSSE 2006 210 choose CX CXL Slarting al $15 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734525 0900


FOCUS 2006 16K auto only $10995


CHEVY TRAILBLAZER 2002 4x4 SLT what value $10900 7C7036A NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

(734) 522-0030

(734) 522-0030

CHRYSLER 300M 2002 leather moon 56K $10888 Fox ~I-'ls (734) 455 8740

REGAL LS 2000 3 8 85K very clean $5 975 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7800


(734) 522-0030

CHEVY TRAILBLAZER 2002 4x4 low miles $10995 Stk# 7C7036A NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

Bill Brown Ford


Bill Brown Ford

CHEVY TRACKER LT 2001 4 dr ready to gol $8900 Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 8883729836

CHRYSLER 300 LTD 2005 leather moon chromes 33K $18995

Fox Chrysler-Jeep

(734) 522-0030

Bill Brown Ford

STRATUS SXT 2006 must see $10 995

FORD SPOR7 7RAC 2095 black beauty $13 995

FORD F150 FX4 2004 Supercab 4x4 leather black only 25K $21 995

PONTIAC MONTANA 2002 AWD 2 lone $9895 Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

LESABRE LIMITED 2000 loaded nice car $7 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900

Chrysler Plymouth



(734) 7211144

FORD F150 SUPER CREW 2005 4WD loaded $23 900 JACK DEMMER Ford 734 721 2600


(734) 453-2500

CHEVY EQUINOX LS 2005 Sliver 23K CO alloys GM Certified $15 999


(734) 522-0030

LESABRE 1999 must see perfect 2nd or 3rd car only $5 995 4 Tiger tIckets w/every purchase Ask lor Bryan Nell North Bras Llnc Merc (248) 283 6377

CHEVY BLAZER 2001 forest green 4x4 pnd ed to sell $8 995 Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 888372 9836

CHEVY SUBURBAN LT 1997 4x4 leather only $9495 Bob Jeannolte Pontiac DOOGE RAM 1988 4x4 V 8 ghost gray $1 995 Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 888372 9836


(734) 7211144

FORD F250 CREW CAB 2005 4x4 diesel spotless $33 900 Slk #P20159 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

(734) 522 0030

GMC YUKON XL 2001 4x4 one owner black leather $10795 Bob Jeannotte Pontiac


(734) 453-2500


GMC YUKON SLT 2004 3rd row one owner 42K loaded like new $25 900 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453-7890



CHEVY SUBURBAN LS 1999 4X4 loaded 8 passenger sharp $8 950 Call todayl JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900

GMC SAFARI 2000 AWD loaded w/eqUlpl Only $6 995 Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

MERCURY MONTEREY 2004 CD air 4 Tiger tickets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros Lme Mere (248) 283 6377

GMC YUKON SLE 2003 4x4 thIrd seat $18460 Stk 7T5997A NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 5241264

CHEVY SiLVERADO 1500 LT 2007 4x4 black 19K Extended cab almost new $24440 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453-7890

FORD WINDSTAR LX 1999 17K ml remote start $4750 Beats blue book Must sell 73467315807345136074

HANDICAP VANS BOUGHT & SOLD Call Dale anyday I come to you 517 230 8865


Sporls UtIIiIV

IMPALA LS 2005 burgundy sunroof full power alloys GM Certified $15 295

PONTIAC MON7ANA 2002 Extended 4 dr loaded cap tams leather $10 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900





(734) 7211144

(734) 7211144

(734) 453-2500

( Wheel Drive



BUICK RENDEZVOUS CXL 2004 leather loaded $15995 Bob Jeannolle Pontiac

DODGE CARAVAN SE 2006 7 passenger factory warranty $13888 Fox EE"Zls

Bill Brown Ford

SEARAY 1995 Inboard/out board 30 liter showroom cond Runs great $6500 734 323 8B47

CHEVY TRAILBLAZER LT 2003 4x4 full powei'" red metallic extra clean $15 595

BUICK RENDE2VOUS CXL 2003 AWD capta n chairs DVO loaded only $14 950 JOH~ ROGIN Bo CK 734 525 0900

DODGE CARAVAN 2008 7 passenger rear aIr vacatIon

ABSOLUTE GUARANTEED AUTO FINANCING Good cred t or bad we can help All makes & models Call John at SATURN OF PLYMOUTH (734) 582 0039


GMC SIERRA 2002 Exlended cab 4x4 SLT burgundy loaded leather glass tonneau heated $18 595

(734) 453-2500

(734) 455 8740 8oilts/Mofors

CHEVY 7RAILBLA2ER EXT LS 2004 full power 3rd seat air CD alloys $14995


deal check out .... the Observer & Eccentric ClassIfied!> 1 800 579 7355


Sporls UtIIIIV

GMC SiERRA 1500 LT 2002 4x4 leather 62K loaded bnght red a peach $18 940 Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7890

(734) 453-2500


1IJJ10 F~a'ltl g


(734) 455 B740

MONTE CARLO 2001 Sports car red see the moon $8995 Lou LaRlche Chevrolet 888372 9836 MON7E CARLO SS 2004 black 29K loaded one owner bucket seats $15950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900

FOCUS 2007 (2) payments as low as $270 0 Ac Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros Line Merc (248) 263 6377 FOCUS 2007 ZX5 SES BRAND NEW' SIGN & DRIVE $195 PER MONTH SEE OUR FULL PAGE AD IN TODAY S PAPER

BILL BROWN FORD 734-421-7000


Observer & Eccentr c I Sunday May 13 2007


www hometownllfe com



FOCUS Sf 2004 4 dr auto a r pw $9 580 Stk P20020 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 FOCUS SE 2006 4 dr CD auto full power 4 Tiger t ckets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bras Line Merc (248) 283 6377 FOCUS SES 2005 Certl! ed 25K Stk# 7Cl145A $10 830 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 FOCUS SVT 2003 low miles sha p must seel $11 995

Bill Brown Ford (734) 522-0030 FOCUS ZTS 2005 low miles full power $10995

Bill Brown Ford (734) 522-0030 FOCUS ZX3 SES 2005 3 door hatch 18K m Silver moon roof loaded $12 000 248 437 4848 FORD 500 2005 11K leather cert fled 49% $15870 P20095 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264


FUSION SE 2006 aaded $15 495





MUSTANG GT 2004 5 speed leather like new only 12K $17995


Bill Brown Ford

734421 7000

(734) 522-0030

FUSION SEL 2006 5 speed great mpg loaded cert fled 7T1191A $15200 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 MUSTANG 2003 2 door coupe VB auto chrome wheels $24K $11 999 JACK DEMMER Ford 734 721 2600

MUSTANG 2003 VB auto air 31K $10991 JACK DEMMER Ford 734 721 2600 MUSTANG OT 2003 auto certified great car $14995 Stk P20142 NORTH 8ROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264




'/CHAPTER 7 & 13 OK!


TAURUS S 2006 SE SEL S 20 to choose from as ow as $10901 JACK OEMMER Ford 734 721 2600

Bill Brown Ford



TAURUS SE 2003 full power $7 995 Slk# P20087 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

I ==~~::::'=-'-,

TAURUS SE 2005 cert !"d 6 yr 75K warranty APR as low as 5 9% $10 995 Stk #P20004 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 5241264 TAURUS SE 2007 18K chrome whee s black $11995 Fox ~46"s

Chryslel'jeep MUSTANG GT 2008 V 8 auto leather 9K Ready & ready to gal $24900 JACK OEMMER Ford 734 721 2600 MUSTANG GT CONVERTI8LE 2003 Transferable warranty true Blue fUlly loaded 31 000 miles $142007345254219 TAURUS 1999 great value runs great $3695

Bill Brown Ford (734) 522-0030 TAURUS 2004 Wagon fully loaded 1 owner low m les third row seat $10 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900 TAURUS 2005 cert fled white ow m les 4 Tlge tickets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros Lme Mere (248) 283 6377

(734) 455 8740 TAURUS SEL 2006 Certl! ed APR as low as 49% Great mp9 St #20109 $13700 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 TAURUS SES 2001 power moon 49K $7995 7T13751 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 TAURUS SES 2003 New b akes/tlres 93 000 m les exc cond Asking $S500/best ofte 313600160


ACCORD 2001 54K loaded $13605 Serra Toyota Sc on 248 699 7100 ACCORD EX 1998 Exce ent cond wel ma nta ned 1 owner $5600 (734) 462 3889

Two wheels or four, I could help you save. Converllent payment plan~ Round-tha-dock dan'll sef\/'l{:e Coverage av~!lable by phonE: Auto and motOferl", msural1«l





ACCORD EX 2003 20K V 6 loaded $17700 Serra Toyota Sc on 2486997100

(734) 455 8740


Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 CIVIC 2003 Hybrid 4 dr auto air low m les gas saver oaded $13 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900

CIVIC2006 Blue coupe auto

JAGUAR X TYPE 2004 heat ed seats moon roof spotless white onyx $18960 (734) 915 6640

CIVIC LX 2004 back beauty CD $10888 Fox EI£'


Chrysler Jeep (734) 455 8740

ELANTRA 2002 Red FWD hatchback al1tomat c 4 cyl 78K miles $6995 RALPH THAYER AUTO lIvon a (734) 425 5400

AVIS Does What Others

CAN'T! You're Approved For The Auto

YOUWant GUARANTEED! Call For Details

MR. SCOTT (248) 355·7515 FORD



TOWN CAR 1999 low m las loaded $7 JOO 769147A 4 T ger t ckets w/eve y purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros line Mere (248) 283 6377

LIBERTY 2005 4x4 51 ver V 6 CD alloys low ml eage $16495



44K m les $16 995

RALPH THAYER AUTO Livon a (734) 425 5400

MAZDA 3 2004 Gold 4 door sedan automat c stock #373081 37K m les $12995 RALPH THAYER AUTO L voma {734} 425 5400

Aet.l/IofMruL When " out the <;eekmg be'>t

(734) 721 1144

deal check out .. the Observer & Eccentnt Clas"'lflcds

LIBERTY SPORT 2002 Blue 4x4 SUV 6 ctl 71 K miles $11495 RALPH THAYER AUTO L von a (734) 425 5400 L18ERTY SPORT 2007 dark blue 19K a loy wheels almost new $17 490

Saturn of Plymouth (734)

453 7890

WRANGLER 2006 auto a r soft top 3K $18960 Stk P20042 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 WRANGLER Hr 1997 extra clean $7488 Fox ~'ills




SIGNATURE L 2005 nexl best th ng to a mo $29900 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

GRANO CHEROKEE 2004 5, Vef 4x4 SUV 4 spd auto 6 cyl



LS 2003 V 8 siver moon leather 30K 4 T ger tickets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros Line Merc (248) 283 6377

JAGUAR S TYPE 2004 what a carl Loaded $23900 Stk#P20088 NORTH BROTHERS FORO (734) 5241264

matlc 17K miles Stock# 1499 $15995 RALPH THAYER AUTO L,von a (734) 425 5400

CIVIC LX 2005 Black FWD coupe 5 spd manual 4 cyl 46K m les $14 995 RALPH THAYER AUTO L vOnla (734) 425 5400




LEXUS SL400 1992 Dark blue clean car garage kept 83300 miles All records $8600 cash 248 626 0989

AMANT! 2006 leather power moonroof spotless $18 900 Stk P20131 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264

CIVIC 2003 very clean moonroof 4 Ilger t ckets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan a Nell North Bros line Mere (248) 283 6377


WRANGLER X 2004 4x4 auto 9K $16991 JACK DEMMER Ford 734 721 2600

TIBURON 2005 White coupe 11K m les Stock #573751 $16995 RALPH THAYER AUTO Llvon a (734) 425 5400

red air

WRANOLER X 2003 4x4 auto soft top 15K 2 to choose from $15900 JACK DEMMER Ford 734 721 2600

ELANTRA GT 2005 loaded 3BK $8888 Fox :EEI-Zls

ACCORO EX 2003 2 dr black eather moon $16 950 JOHN ROGIN BUICK 734 525 0900

CIVIC 2000 coupe 77k $6495



(734) 455 8740 WRANGLEfl SPORT 2002 4X4 hardlop/softtop $15900 JACK OEMMER Ford 734 721 2500

1 800 579 7)55 MAZDA 6 2004 Siver sedan manua 40K m les Stock# 14621 $12990 RALPH THAYER AUTO LIVOnia(734) 425 5400 MAZDA 6 what fun to dr ve stili under warranty $16970 Stk P20136 NORTH BROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 MAZDA 626 2002 loaded low m les must see $10700 or best offer 4 T ger t ckets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros Lme Merc (248) 283 6377 MAZDA MIATA 2002 MK 5 B ue convert b e 52K m es Stock# 369111 $12495 RALPH THAYER AUTO LIVOnia(734) 425 5400




GRANO MARQUIS 2000 leather loaded $5995 P1988BA NORTH 8ROTHERS FORD (734) 524 1264 GRAND MAROUIS 2004 certlf ed low miles 4 Tiger tickets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros Line Mere (248) 283 6377 GRAND MARQUIS 2005 8615 m les snowb rd spec al nust ')ee 4 T ger t ckets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros Lmi: Mere (248) 283 6377 GRANO MAROUIS LS 2002 white w/gray leather loaded extra clean 1 owner 77 000 m I" $7500 248 330 7108 MONTEGO 2005 4 dr fUlly loaded black $12 999 4 T ger t ckets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Neil North Bros Line Merc (248) 283 6377 MYSTJQUE 1999 4 dr auto leather Int ps/pb 101 000 miles $2800/best 248 596 0690 SABLE 2005 leather all the bells 4 Tiger tickets w/every purchase Ask for Bryan 0 Nell North Bros line Mere (248) 283 6377

FIREBIRO FORMULA 2001 V 8 artlc white $14995

Lou LaRlche 888372

Chevrolet 9836

G6 2006 4 dr loaded 18K certified $12995 #60581A

Bob JeBnnolle Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 GRAND AM 2004 auto air whte certfed $10695

Bob JeBnnolle Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 GRAND AM 2004 V6 auto moon black $11 995

Bob Jeannolle Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 GRANO AM GT2004 4 dr Sli ver sunroof GM certified 12490 mllesl Spotless I $14995

A~ (734) 7211144

SABLE 2005 low m les loaded 4 Tiger tickets w/every purchase Ask lor Bryan D Nell North Bros Line Mere (248) 283 6377

GRAND AM GT 2004 Black 18K miles SCT pkg leather GM certlf ed Save

SABLE 6S1999 4 dr auto air remote starter new tires Exc cond 84 000 ml es $4200/best 248667 10S8

GRAND AM SEl 2004 4 dr bnght Red power options 21 200 m les $11 993

Aet.l/IofMruL (734) 7211144

AfHllIatwm.. (734) 7211144


CUTLASS 1993 Convert ble Needs eng ne $999 248 894 8596 CUTLASS SUPREME 1992 Convert ble Exc cond 54000 actual m les loaded garaged no wmters hand washed only $6400 SOLD-


P'ontiac 80NNEVILLE SE 2001 sharp $7495


Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

(734) 453-2500

GRANO PRIX 2004 wh te moon $13 995

Bob Jeannotte Pontiac

(734) 453-2500 GRANO PRIK GTP 2000 Rare Daytona pkg Silver loaded like new won t last long $9500

Saturn of Plymoulh (734) 453 7890 GRAND PRIX GTP 2002 40th Anniversary EditIOn Rare f nd I Perfect condition loaded ow m les $11490

Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7890


®bsenJer & l£ttentrit NEWSPAPERS




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May 13 2007

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SOLSTICE 2006 black a r auto -chromes 4928 miles loadedl $24595

~ (734) 7211144 SOLTICE GXP 20D7 iOe "T1 les :)<.! 'd'd ...



The 2007 Hummer H3 has all the same ICOnICHummer style and unparalleled off road capablhty of the bIgger H2 But Its mIdSIZe deSIgn 18mtended to extend the brand s fan base by makmg It accessIble to a broader range of owners The 2007 Hummer H3 combmes the Tonka Truck Image ofa Hummer WIthout the bulk and lmpractlCahty of the HI or the H2 The Hummer H3 18actually the splttmg Image of the H2 as It IS a three .quarters scale verSIOn Compared to H2 the H3 18 17 mches shorter, 6 5 mches narrower and 1 700 pounds hghter The H3 seats five and shares Its deSIgn and powerlram WIth the compact Chevrolet Colorado pIckup truck The H3 18due a crew cab versIOn m 2008 Slmllar to the H2 SUT The 2007 Hummer H3 18aVailable m two tnm levels the base model and the H3X The standard $29 405 pnced H3 comes WIth au condltIonmg cruIse control OnStar keyless entry, full power accessones J SIX speaker CD stereo 16 mch alloy wheels and skId plates There IS also a pair of packages aVailable for the base H3 The Adventure package adds an off road suspensIOn aud 33 mch off road tlres The Luxury Package adds leather upholstery powerlheated front seats and an MP3 compatIble Monsoon stereo Stand alone optIons mclude an III dash SIX dISC CD changer a navlgatton system and satellite radIO For 2007, a MIdnIght Blue extenor finIsh replaces Supenor Blue and Shadow Green has been dropped The Ebony/Green cloth mtenor has also been dlscontmued New chrome wheels are aVailable for the 33 mch tires The H3X model whICh has a base pnce of $37 545 comes WIth chrome tube steps chrome gnlle chrome door handles chrome roof rack, chrome wheels, a Monsoon audIO system WIth CD changer, leather seatlng, power and heated front seats The H3X can also be ordered WIth any of the eIght standard colors as well as two new metalltc colors Sonoma Red and Desert Orange Hummer says the smaller more fuel effiCient H3 ISabout the same length as a typICal mldSlze sedan So It should be able to maneuver through City traffic WIth ease unlike any other Hummer If you want to take It off road however the H3 can slill perfonn Hummer s famous crawlmg and chmbmg abilities Just hke the H2 The H3 can traverse 16 mches of water at 20


CAMRY 2000 4 d back only $7 800 Serra Toyota Sc on 248 699 7100 CAMRY 2005 22K gold cer tlfled only $17 400 Serra Toyota SCion 248 699 11JO

COROLLA 2005 4 d 29 000 miles blue cerl fled only $15995 Serra Toyota Sc on 248 699 7100 COROLLA


Bob Jeannotte Pontiac (734) 453-2500 VISE 2003 Only $7 995

VISE 2004 4 dr red auto air sunroof $10495

Bob Jeannotte Pontiac (734) 453-2500 VIBE 2004 AWD auto 40K like new one owner loaded $13590

Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7890

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CAMRY LE 2000 black/tan $3595 Serra Toyota SCIOn 248 699 7100 CAMRY LE 2001 auto cloth Interior white $8200 Serra Toyota SCion 2486997100

(734) 7211144



AURA XR 2007 14K on, owner PanoramiC roof leather loaded $23 457

Saturn of Plymouth (734) 453 7890 ObsaNer• EcoanlJtcCIHll1leds Jusl a quick •

call awa, 1·800·579·SELL

SATURN 2003 18 000 miles auto aIr $7999 TYME (734) 455 5566

pressure engme power and adjusts front to rear dnve power dlstnbutlOn to achieve optimal control Somewhat better than Its big brothers fuel economy Iatmgs for the automatic are 16 miles per gallon In the CIty and 19 mpg on the hIghway The H3 s safety 18provIded by antI lock d18Cbrakes a lire pressure momtor and a frontal dual stage alr bag system whIch are all stlmdard OptIOnal roof raIl mounted SIde curtaIn au bags provIde head and rollover protectIon for the dnver and front passenger A rollover protectIOn sensmg system also helps protect occupants agamst lmpenchng rollovers by tnggenng SIde curtam atf bags to Increase the lIkelIhood of occupant contamment m a rollover event In NatlOual HIghway Traffic Safety AdmInIstratIOn crash tests the 2007 Hummer H3 scored five stars for the dnver and four stars for the front passenger m frontal Impacts SIde Impact testmg was five stars Standard m all H3 models GM s Passenger Sensmg System turns off the front passenger alrbag If It detects an unoccupIed seat or a smaller passenger A remforced passenger compartment safety cage and all-steel body panels help protect occupants In a collISIon For people lookmg for a vehIcle WIth unsurpassed off road capabIlity and the lcomc Image of a Hummer the H3 18a great chOIce 2007 Hummer H3 Vehicle class Sport utlhty vehIcle Power V5 engme \llieage 16 CIty1 19 hIghway Where bUllt Shreveport La Base pnce $29 405 KeVin Kolown covers the auto beat for Avantl NewsFeaturer; Write hzm at [email protected] com @2007 Fracassa CommunicatIOns DIstributed by the Fracassa News Group



auto "Ii f




~ (734) 721 1144



BEETlE GLS 1B99 Siver FWD hatchback 5 spd auto 4 cy 67K miles $9995 RALPH THAYER AUTO LIVOnia (734) 425 5400 GOLF GL 2003 Siver FWD hatchback 5 spd auto 4 cyl $11 498 RALPH THAYER AUTO L,voma (734) 425 5400


Bob Jeannotte Pontiac (734) 453-2500


PRIUS HYBRID 2004 Navigat on stab I trac MPG $16S95

1 800-579 SELL

VIBE 2006 4 000 miles sun roof Side cur bags 5 speed Rare flOdl SAVEl XM radiO

VISE 2006 auto air 18K miles dark blue certified $13 995


mph or up to 2 feet If It slows to 5 mph It can also climb 16 mch vertIcal steps and rocks With 56 cubiC feet capacity With the rear seats folded flat and 29 5 cubIC feet WIth the seat, up the H3 ISa great luggage hauler There are half dozen tie down hooks to keep cargo III place To make room for thIS cargo capacIty the full SIze spare tire and wheel dre mounted on the outsIde of the rear gate FIve occ,upants fit comfOliably III sporty bucket seats up front and on a 60/40 split foldmg rear bench m back The drIver 1St1eatt.d to a large leather wlapped steermg wheel and bngh1 lll<;trument gauges The mtenar trIm has a brushed, machme fimshed appearance and the door release handles are chrome OnStar eqmpped H3s Will feature as an opliont,.l new semce called OnStar Tum by rum NaVIgatIOn It 18the first factory mstalled fully mtegrated GPS navIgatIOn system from OnStar Turn by Turn allows consumers to talk to a bve adVISor who sends complete step by step dIrectlOns to cmtomers vehicles through theIr OnStar system These audiO directIOns automatIcally play through the vehicle s stereo Both H3s power comes from a 3 7 lIter mime 5 cylmder engme that ISgood for 242 horsepower It sends Its power to all four wheels VIa a standard 5 speed manual transmISSIOn or optIOnal 4 speed automatIc ThiS IS the first Hummer offered WIth the optlOn of elthel a manual or an automatic transmiSSion Its four wheel dnve Sy 'Item utIl1.les tractIOn control and General Motors StabJ1ITrak clectromc stablhty system whIch ISnow standard m all H3 models StabllITrak ISautomatlcally enabled and always on The system mten cnes \\ hen It senses one or more of the wheels slIppmg or when the vehIcle IS not followmg the drIver s mtended path When It detects slIppage durmg brakmg or acceleratIOn t automatically adjusts mdlv dual wheel brake

Serra Toyota SCion 248 699 7100

red a r sharp

Bob Jeannotte Pontiac (734) 453-2500

LE 200S


The 2007 Hummer H3 is the smallest Hummer yet. Don't let its smaller size fool you, though. It has the same unsurpassed off-road capability that all Hummers are known for.

CAMRY LE 2003 V-6 suto blue certIfIed $14 065 Serra Toyota SCion 248 699 7100

JETTA GLS TOI 2002 Black 4 door FWD sedan auto 4 cyl 59K $17 995 RALPH THAYER AUTO L"oms (734) 425 5400


JETTA GLS TOI 2002 GalactIC blue 4 door FWD sedan auto 4 cyl 69K $17 995 RALPH THAYER AUTO livoma (734) 425 5400

CAMRY Sf 2005 V 6 36K certified $21 995 Serra Toyota SCion 248699 7100

JETTA GLS VR6 2002 GalactIC blue 4 door FWD 5 spd manual 49K m les $13995 RALPH THAYER AUTO lIvoma (734) 425 5400

CAMRY XLf 2004 black 33K certlt"d $16200 Serra Toyota SCion 248 699 7100


COROLLA 2003 4 dr gray certified $11 959 Serra Toyota SCion 248 699 7100

S60 2002 AWD Turbo Silver Excellent condition 67 000 miles $11 500 Call 248 762 5758

CAMRY LE 2006 auto black certllt'd $15 500 Serra Toyota SCIon 248 699 7100



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Award Winning Hyundal Quality Backed By America


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Yearl100 000 Mile


Powertra n Protect on

5 Yearl50 000 Mde Bumper to Bumper Coverage


5 YearlUnflmltedMtles 24 hour Roads de Ass stance SeeckJ138 fo L M TED WARRANTY deta s Am(>nC8 s Bes W"rr"n '" he HyundaJ Advantage'"







... -800-579-7355

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Observer & Eccentnc I Sunday May 13 1007

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ZIP! NA A! NOTHING! That's what it takes to drive a new BMW from BMW of Ann Arbor 2007 BMW 328i

$3999,9-36~~, $0 Due at Signing Just Sign and Drive Stock#B7099 MSRP' $33,595 Paymentbasedon36Month,3O,OOOm Ieleasewith$Odueatsl9n Plustax, tItle, hc20~ permlleover Subjectto"TIer lAcnadltapplOVaLSee dea erfordetalls.Olferends

ng 531 07

Plus get BMW of Ann Arbor's Ultimate Service and pay nothing for scheduled maintenance and normal wear and tear for the first fouryears or 50,000 miles.

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The All-New BMW of ANN ARBOR You'll be glad you did! 1.800.NEW.BMWS • 501 Auto Mall Drive • e



Employment General Medltal

5000·5770 5000·5035

Food/Beverage Sales Childcare/Eldercllre


500O-5'llS5 5040.5060


Sunday May 13 2007

The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers Joe Bauman, editor


(248) 9012563 [email protected]

....,l' ~ ",1'

2007 college graduates face challenging job market BY JULIE BROWN STAFF WRITER

New college graduates are entermg the Job market, and placement experts agree they'll face challenges m MIchIgan 'They re graduatmg m a dIfficult market nght now, a dIfficult Job market, t sald Bob Thomas, dIrector of career serVIces at Oakland Umverslty In Rochester The auto mdustry s ups and downs have had an Impact on employment, "not the least of WhIChIS the techmcal and engIneerIng area Some of them are lookmg out of the ,tate The auto mdustry IS stIll very IflYat the moment" Recent graduates can look at small or mId-sIzed compames, Thomas saId If you want to stay III MIchIgan, It s recommended you use the career servIce department at school Also, look at other resources that could IdentIfy those not so ObVIOUS employers," Thomas saId These mclude chambers of commerce, along WIth pro-

fessIOnal organIzatIOns such as AutomatIOn Alley that have Job postmg/ resume postmg ablhtIes Network WIth professIOnal orgamzatIOns III your career field, Thomas recommends Interact WIth as many people as they possIbly can m theIr field" Talk to professors and people In your career center, your school's alumm office may have a database on alumm to contact, to get at what I call the hIdden Job market Many Jobs are filled by word of mouth" Some graduates WIll move away, Thomas noted, but schools such as Oakland, Wayne State and the Umverslty of DetrOIt Mercy have a large number of commuters They tend to want to be here Graduates can try other CItIes ilke Cleveland, ChICago and Cmcmnatl or more dIstant ones, he Said Over 90 percent of our students stay m MIchIgan and have done so for some time, Thomas saId Its a competItIve Job market nght now,

although that vanes accordlUg to 3;Cademlc area BUSIness, nursmg, phYSICal therapy and alhed health fields m general are domg well But your teachmg candIdates are haVIng a dIfficult tIme' They stIll get hIred but

not In the same numbers, Thomas saId LIberal arts IS a broad area, and Job placement depends on the mdiVIdual's career goals 'It WIll change from degree to degree CommumcatIons/marketmg grads who have good wfltmg

skIlls can look to busmess and mdustry for employment Some 'more esoterIc' fields hke phIlosophy are less related to the busmess world 'It's not an easy group to put one label on Some WIll go on to graduate school, he sald, "those type. of areas that typIcally reqUIre a master's degree,' hke sOCIal work Some go to law school or even medIcme I thmk there IS SOme apprehensIOn' Graduates aren t gettmgJobs as qUIckly, or as hIgh a level as m the past 'Some of them get underemployed" m posts not related to theIr major A career-related mternshlp or co-op work whIle m school IS a boon 'They re less apprehenSIve because they've already been out there," Thomas said, addmg students can even get hIred by the mternshlp employer Thomas sees more attentIOn to career areas, such as In bUSIness, engIneermg educatIOn, those that are most dIrectly related to career areas Even ilberal arts faculty and admmIstrators know students are

mterested m Jobs more so than 20 years ago They do look at It more from a Job-onented aspect than they dId m the past" Schools are aware employers need college graduates to partICIpate m the workforce, and engage them m that process , I thmk schools could always do a better Job of tryIng to get the students eariler" Students aren't always ready to thmk about that, but It'S good to be " exposed to career dIscussIOns ': and what reqUIrements are for~ dIfferent career paths, ThomaS sald • A lot of tImes, students aren t even aware of what the reqmrements are: Thomas sald The challenge ISto find tIme In curnculum for that, career counselors and programmmg come mto play there "I thmk that could be expanded, he sald of career efforts at the secondary level , He would ilke to see students • develop a career portfoilo for , themselves, to help them start: theIr thmkmg :

• • •

Promotion Manager


The award-winning Observer & Eccentnc Newspaper seeks an outgoing. resultsoriented professional to represent the company as our Promotion Manager The Ideal candidate Will have experience I •• developing and Implementing creative promotional activities and strategic bUSiness partnerships You must also possess demonstrated relationship .. g=...............~~-~""-''''''''''...",..-'''''' bUilding rapport With advertising agencies, commumty leaders, and project managers Bachelor's degree In communications w__ marketing, advertiSing or related field, With Amenc~~centers one to three years of experience In this Hglf Ramoval & Skin ~~tm field la requIred We offer e great work CAlL (,E~ fER environment with excellent benefits

Strength. Commitment.





The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers is committed to diversity and Is proUd to be an equal opportunity employer Intereated applicants may .ubmt theU' real/me (referenCIng Job COde ~07Q7) and salary requirements to

Join the Heartland Health Cara Center Oakland toam a loadar In





Amencan Laser Center IS lookmg for Call Center! Inside Sales Reps W1thexcellent commUnicatIOn and computer sktlls You Will be reqUired to answer mboWld calls promote products book patient consultatIons and make out bound calls Bllmguails a plus I Amazmg pay bonuses and benefits FTIPT evenmg and weekend hours aVaIlable

Our custome;s won t choose from the same 0 d off the shelf products and sel'Vlces Instead our serv ces are custom zed to meet each customer's mdlv dual n~ds So nstead of gett ng to know our products and services we want you to get to know our customers One by one

Please emaH resume to: [email protected]/ or fax to Attn: HR at:

Our goal s to bUild Sank of Birmingham nto the best community based bank In M chlgan by helping Indlvlduals families and business owners reach their un que finanCIal goals Offices now open m 8 on ngham and Bloomffeld H lis. 'N] are lopkmgfor

E-mail (preferred) [email protected] com

You have heard of thmkmg outside the boxAt Bank of Birmingham there are NO BOXES


Mall The Obaetver & Eccentnc Newspapers Human Resources Department 3625f Schoolcraft Road L,voma, MIChIgan4B150

Our company can be exammed WHIHI amencan/aser com



~ I


..E2~=~~~:,.:m~r 7"'-""'_"'~

Fax 734 953 2057



rehab1Htatlon and sub acute carel

1'~-"""'I.' i!llm-·_--_RIII_---"-_.1



EXPERIENCED TEWR$ You may qualify d you have at least two yeal10f banking ~ence as well as the communlcatton and ItlterpersOl'la1 st1I~ to deliveran excepbonailMlofservlce

RNs&LPNs AftE'rt1oon Supervlso ....RN Admissions Nurse-RN • $2,000 Sign-on Bonus • Afternoon ShIft Differential • S & 1Z" hour shifts available

• Brand New State oHhe Arl r",,~rty • (,omprehoos!ve Benefit Package • Studeflt loon Payment Program HeR Malic' Cara was s_ as the most admired company in the "Health Care, Madloa! Faoil_ IndustrY by FOHrUNE magazlM March 19 2007

Please apply ln person or senctltax resumes to Heartland Health Care Ceotel'w{)akland Attantlon Human Resoul'CPS9~ W bouth

Blvd Troy M148085 Ph (248) 721l 4400 foax (248) 879 8362 Or apply online at www her manorcare corn

\ I




Observer & Eccentric I Sunday May 13 2007



rbuilde[comHelp Wanted-General

ij)bsewer (; 1£ccentric

AUTO TECHNICIAN We offer a clean and profes Slonal work environment Busy 6 bay store 401 (k) plan and medical also available 734 454 4300

4 easy ways to place your ad: PHONE. ...........•........•...•. 1-800-579-SELL (7355) FAX , 734-953-2232 ONLINE EMAIL •. [email protected]

Deadlines: Sunday edition .• .. 5 P m Fnday Thursday (Clarkston Lake Onon OXford) 5 30 P m Tuesday Thursday (All other papers) 2 30 p m Wednesday

Offices and Hours: : Eccentric office 805 E. Maple, Birmingham ~Observer office • . 36251 Schoolcraft, LIvonia Hours ..8:30 - 5:00 Monday - Friday OE082710

Help Wanled·General

ActiVities Director

Help Wanled·General

Wa tanwood a Luxury Sen or HOUSing Comm un ty IS looking for an expe nenced ActiVit es 0 rector for the Dementia Care Residents & Ass sted Llv Ing residents 10 Canton Prefer havmg previous experience n actiVit as With Sen or Haus og or other rei evant areas Must be canng and compassionate must have a CDL exceptional computer sk Is & experl ence creating newsletters/ calendars Send resume Waltonwood 7125 Orchard Lake #200 W Bloomfield MI 48325 Fax 248 865 1636 AUn Vie

ABLE TO START IMMEDIATELY SET UP/OISPLAY 56 Needed Start the summer w th a new QPportunlty Company tra n ng No experience [email protected] Fast promotions Must be neat al1d w IIl1g to learn $400 a week CallASAP 734641 4700 ACCOUNTANT Energetic analytical & amb tlOUS Account ng/FlDance gra duate for Southfield based family owned chain of reta I stores Skilled In uSll1g Excel Access & Crystal Reports Som~ work exp desirable Competitive compensatIOn & benef ts

• --

ACTIVITY COORDINATOR/ LEASING AGENT Needed for a sen or apartment commun ty In Westland Fu I time benefits 2 bdrm apt Exp necessary Please send resume to [email protected] com (code 1544) Equal OpportUDity Employer

ACCOUNTING, I Controller/Bookkeeper 'Experienced MBA or CPA I Trades & Contract ng I Hartland & NW Detroit 10 (313) 535 4403 or Etnall [email protected] com


ALL STUDENTS/OTHERS $1425 base/appt customer sales/serv ce no exp needed cond tIOns ex st Must be 17+ APPLY NOW Pas tons fling FAST' , (248) 426 4405


(734) 421-5700 AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT INSTALLER Career OpportuOity Will tram nght person Permanent FT w th benefits & 401 k Resumes to Advantage Mobility Outfitters 3990 Second St Wayne MI48184 No phone calls Automotive RALPH THAYER Is now hmng for the followmg pOSitIOns -State Certified Mazda Tech -Body Shop Porter/ Painters Helper -Cashier Recepllonlst POSitons are fulltlme and mclude benefits Applicants must be exp d Apply m person or fax resume to 734 513 1041 34501 Plymouth Road Livonia MI 48150

CALL CENTER Appliance parts company m Canton Will tram for full or part time afternoon shifts Fax resume to 734 495 3842 Or Emall to employment @repaln:hmc com CARETAKER (GREENMEAO) City of LIVoma needs resl dent caretaker for histOrical property Must have gener al bu Idlng operations knowledge & be 10 good phYSical condition C ly Will conduct background lOves tlgatlOn Caretaker Will receive free lodgmg on property m heu of monetary compensatJOn Respons ble for all utilities + repair & upkeep of mterlor of resl dence City wlll undertake an evaluation process to determine SUitable candl date Ma!1 resume & other mformatJOn you would ilke to be conSidered to

City of Llvonl. Community Resources 33000 CiVICCenler Dr L1vonl., MI 48154 by May 30, 2007

CASHIER Experienced Plum Hollow Market Corner of 9 Mile & Lahser CDL A ORIVERS NEEOEO For Mov ng Co In L voma $1418 based on experience Call Pat 800677 4410

CDL Tramee $35,000 to Slart'

Sell It .11 with Observer & Eccentric

Delivery of roofmg and tram for your CDlI $40 45k upon promotion to Driver Benefit package worth $10k Learn more at wlmsattdlrect com

I 800 579 SELL

CHILOCARE EDUCATOR NEEDEO For tran preschool program In BJrmmgham Strong back ground In child development Call (248) 988 8448


For complete Information v s t our webSite at WWW CI hvoma ml us or apply In person at lIvon a C ty Hall 3rd floor 33000 C vlc Center Dr LivonIa MI 48154 EO E M/F/H AUTO OOOY TECHNICIAN CRESTWOOD OOOGE (734) 421 5700 Auto Dealership Needs


PAYROll Exper el1ced on y [email protected] (code 1549)

73& 4i;Q j:lOj:l8

AUTO DETAILER W th at least 3 YEARS EXP Please cal 734 525 9733 AUTO PAINTER Busy shop Benef ts Wayne C.II (734) 641 0750

BUILDING MAINTENANCE Management company seek ng motivated II1dlvldual to perform mamtenance duties at a S Oakland County property Forward resumes by May 18th to RPS Management 9514 Aspenvlew Dr Grand Blanc MI 48439

DELIVERY DRIVER For local parts Part time weekdays Retirees welcome (734) 238 0556 DELIVERY & INSTALLATION Growing audiO company IS seekmg highly motIVated men and women to deliver & Install small electrOnics to cus tomers Rockstar attitude & VALID DL a mustl On the Jab paid trammg company vehicle and free travel Call between 830 & 1pm 8a8 313 1012

DIESEL MECHANIC ASE Certified Westland Car Care Towing 6375 Hlx Road Westland MI 48185Direct Cart Make a differ encel Support people With disabilities hvmg their life the way they want to! ASSist With personal care meals takmg care of their homes gettmg places etc Many locations many shifts I If you are at least 18 years old have a valid Michigan s DrIver s License & are CLA Inc traIned call our Job Line 734 728 4201 0#

Help Wanted-General

DRIVER for auto body shop Good driVing record some light cleanmg 20 30 hrs per week Call 734 721 4030 DRIVER/ FORMAN (M/F) CDL class B license needed Dnver needed for rear load garbage truck house clean outs/landscaping Need med Ical card clean Ilcense Able to do labor work read map Salary $600/ weekly Taylor area Call 973 417 7463

DRIVER, PART· TIME 2 days per week evemngs RetIrees welcome! Send resume to Century Sun 50168 Pontiac Trall Unit 8 W xom MI 48393

Ir:==::::::=:=::=::===::; I DRIVER. ThiS IS an excellent oppor tumty to get mto a stable prosperous company Our Wixom branch IS seeking an energetic and enthusiastic local truck dnver Must have a class B license with an air brake endorsement Must have expenence loadmg and unloading trucks Full time CompetitIVe pay and benefits Please apply at 29949 Beck Road Wixom Please bring resume No phone calls please

DIRECT CARE STAFF Part time for our 8 quality Group Homes Drivers license reC d Call 2488146714 OIRECT CARE WORKER Tra ned workers Need current CPR and first aid Romulus & Westland 734 788 7854

DIRECTOR The Goddard Schoo a leader n the franchIsed pre school mdustry Is groWing and cont nues to set the standard for excellence We are looking for a Full T me Director for our new school open ng soon In Canton Qual fled candidate must have a BA or as Degree and Cert f catIOn in EducatIOn Strong verbal and wntten communication sk lis and pnor superv sory experl ence In a preschool sett ng are requ red Send resume and salary history to [email protected] goddard systems com 1016 West Ninth Ave King of Pruss a PA 19406 Fax 610 265 8867 Attn L nda Labs

COUNTER HELP for Meat & Bakery Dept Experience preferred Full & Part Time Come 111 & fill out applicatIOn Holiday Market Canton (734) 844 2200

DRIVERS CDL A with Hazmat for local deliveries No week ends Paid med cal & dental Call 7am 5pm 734 722 9586 DRIVERS Exp d Gravel Tram dnvers Apply Mon Fn 12550 Farmmgton Rd Livoma ORIVERS FUEL TRUCK SE MI Company In need of hard working exp Class A Hazmat & Tanker Endorsement Driver Variable work schedule competItive pay & benefits Fax resume & salary requIre ments to (734) 458 4066 ROLL


Accept ng app IcatlOns for Roll Off Dr vers MUST have Roll Off experience to apply Apply In person TLC WASTE 10100 Hamson RomUlus M148174 DRIVERS Truck ng company look ng for Sem & Tra n Dr vers W dump expe ence on y Cal Man Fr 9am 430pm (734) 455 4036

Help Wanted-General

DRYWAll HANGERS FINISHERS & SANDERS Experienced only (734) 421 3338





Livonia MI 48152 schooicraft ed.


Make a Dlfference Wayne RESA IS workmg m elementary and secondary schools across the county that have been Ident!fled as HIgh Priority Schools RESA High Priority Schools Imtlatlve teams composed of contractors servmg as

LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Full time position Interested applicants please refer to our website http//wwwschoolcraftedu /jobs for the Job descrlp tlon and qualifIcations Apply onlme - applications along With photocopies of college transcript from reglOnally accredited lnstl tutlon(s) mlfSt be received In Human Resources by no later than 4 30 on Monday May 25 2007

-PrinCipal/Leadership Coaches -Engllsh/Language Art Coaches -MathematiCs Coaches -SpeCial Education Coaches WIll be workmg 10 those High Pnonty Schools to raise student achievement RESA has Ihe IMMEOIATE need of mdlvlduals m all pOSItions We are In partlc ular need of indiViduals who have successful expe rlence ralsmg student achievement




An Equal Opportumty Employer EMBROIDERY SHOP Westland/Canton area Is look Ing for flexible part tIme com puterlzed embrOidery machme operator No exp necessary We will tram a motivated Indl Vidual able to work In a fast paced environment Call D.v. (734) 595 7612 FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES

NOW HIRING All pOSItIOns avaIlable Apply at LaQUInta 7680 Memman Ad Romulus MI 48174 Fax 734 641 9055


Click on HIgh Pnonty Schools for detaIled con tract reqwrements/speclfl cations and application Informat!on





it iJ ~

These are contracted serv Ice pOSItIOns Contract terms range from 50 to 150 days per year



Promotion Manager The award-Winning Observer & EccentriC Newspaper seeks an outgOing, re$ults~ Oriented profeSSional to represent the company as our Promotion Manager The Ideal candidate will have experience developing and Implementing creative promotional actiVities and strategic bUSiness partnershIps You must also possess demonstrated telationshlp bUilding rapport with advertising agencies, community leaders~ :and project managers Bachelor's degl"$& 10 communications, marketing, advertiSing or nllated field With one to three years of experience In thiS fIeld IS reqUired We offer a great work environment With excellent benefits The Observer & Eccentrtc Newspapers IS committed to dlveljilty and IS proud to be anequalopportunl~amployer Interested iJppltcants may submit 1€!1:il.1Il1e (teferenctnS Joa ~ and salary reqUirements to{

DRIVER/BINDERY Person needed for bUSy Southfield print shop Fax resume 248 350 1553

E-mail (preferred) [email protected] com

ORIVER/ EOUIPMENT OPERATOR Local $10 $12/hr entry call 313 937 8913 Redford

Mall The Observer & Eccentnc Newspapers Human Resourcesoepartmel 36251 Schoolcraft Road LIVOnia,Michigan 48150

It s All About Results Observer & EccentriC'


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Tht gn!) phu,..e l-O do your h mkin,t?1


Mortgage Department Manager

Make a Dinerenee

MIchIgan FIrst CredIt UnIon has an ImmedIate openIng for an expenenced Mortgage Department Manager ThIS posIlIon reports dIrectly to the VIce PreSIdent of LendIng and IS located at our mam office In Lathrup VIllage, MI ThIS pOSItIOnWIll be responSIble for actIng as lIaIson to our thIrd party mortgage prOVIderand have the abIlIty to bUIld an Internal mortgage department The Mortgage Department Manager WIll have oversIght of all mortgage operatIOns, sales, complIance, secondary market, Investor relatIOns, servICIng, and qualIty Issues relatIng to mortgage loans The Mortgage Department Manager WIll also be responSIble for product pnCIng, promotIOns, and rate analySIS QualIfied candIdates wIll have a bachelor's degree and a mInImUm of 5 years of expenence workIng WIth mortgage loans WIthIn a finanCIal InstItutIon PreVIOUSmanagement, underwntIng expenence, and excellent commUnICatIOnSkIlls are reqUIred Knowledge of FICS software and branch operatIOns ISa plus MIChIgan FIrst CredIt UnIon OpportunIty Employer

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If you are an expenenced certlf ed English/Language Arts MathematIcs or SpeCial Education Teacher or SpeCial Education Teacher or School PrinCipal committed to makmg a d fference please VISit

DIRECT CARE STAFF $8 20 wages & benefits Must be tramedlvalld flcense 3132556295


CABINET MAKER & LAMINATOR Experienced (313) 533 6134


CUSTOMER SALES/SERVICE College Students GREAT PAY Immed ate summer opemngs fleXible schedules conditions apply must be 17+ we train CALL NOW (24B) 426 4405


DOG DAY CARE Part Time 2530 hrs per wk 127pm Farmington Hills & Troy Please fax resume to 248 615 5021

AUTO DETAIL Rub out & wax Inteflor shampoo & detallmg $400 $650/wk $40 $50/car AIR DUCT CLEANING TECH Exp In HVAC preferred Part t me/full time pos tIOn Call 734 449 1900 ALARM INSTALLERS (2) SIGNING BONUS Exp only Full benefitS 401 K $40 000+ per yr Call Scott (248)4771212

OISPATCHER For Ch ef s Trucking Company n Romu us MI Exp 111 over sea conla ne s & M crosoft Exce a p us Day sh It Mon Fr B ue Care Netwo k Hea lh Benef Is P ease fax 0 emal resumes to 313 295 2126 J IIch [email protected]

Exper enced With Reynolds & Reyno ds

Cllil aftPr&nm

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Wimsatt Bldg MaterIals 36340 Van 80rn Wayne



Emall resume Include work I history & desired l compensation range to [email protected] com


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AUTO REPOSSESSOR No experience excellent dnv ng record no feloOies self motivated Able to work changmg shifts & overtime commiSSion pay Interesting & exc tlng job (734) 595 0220

I ili IlitMETOWNlilacem

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IS an Equal

Wayne RESA15 working In elementary and secondary schools across the county that have been identified as High PriOrity Schools RESAHigh Pnorrty SclIools InitiatIVe teams composed of contractors serving as Team Members

._811J.eaders111li CDmes

- Dt;;1'Ie fast f.lfl and fdOIid!y SGf\Ilca}( farget guaSls • Help keep the farget brand experienCe COf!.Sls~ent POSiUve and welcomlng • Mal
• EIIllhSMtIDIU8l18 Arts CDDCh8S

nember l1eed'% • Areas m~y InClJde ('at! AttooJ:ant ('A
• .. 1II8IiCS CDDCh8S • _i81fdUCIlkIn_1IeS

fA.,.s:k ana Stwbt oks

Team Leaders (Hourly Department Managers) will be working a<:h,evement

In those

" Leoo

High Pnonty S
RESAhas the I.need of indIViduals In all posl!IOns We are In partICular need of indIViduals who have successful expenence ra~lng student achievement Ifyou are an experienced certified English/language Arts. MathematlCl or SpeCial EducatIOn Tea<:heror School Prtnopal commrtted to making a difference please viSit

ClICkon High Pnoflty Schools'for detailed contract reqUiremenisJ specificatiOns and applICation mformatlon

Targm glJe$tS both

• Atoos may or.rla CanSt mabie $ales floo FOOd &:o'VifB G.IMden Cente! "':iuos ')(>lVlOO H
Specialists • Help keep he Target brand -e~ COf'\ll!St$l"'ltPO$lM and welcormr.g fer 9l~~$ " Make a d1ffel'el"'ce supcornng yOur fellow teaxn memberS by focusing your ~t Affort~ '1 a spe<'lflc store area • Aroos may (no Ud0 A..~t'" ProtP{'flOn., BLII&nq Servloos ('Alsh OffiCQ ~ood ServlCe POi.)('Soluf OliS &. &! 1)!Jllng Pha~ Tooht1lclM PI 010 Lao Heve 00 L 19l<;!W4:00eMng ':.aloo I-lrxr ... ~ng and rargot ProtectIon Apply In person - \fJhefe .at the ew Uvonk1. Target &tcre 'ocated at 29461 P yn10uth Ad It F.n p!oyrnl.1n1 klm-k" ":IrQ lQ('atE'o towards the fron of the tJCr(l' • -'dPer app4<'-cltKJrlt.< \JIll alw be on :6 te

These are contracted servICe positions. Contract terms range from 50 to 150days peryear

You'll fmd what you re lookmg for m your Observer & EccentrIc ClassJiJ.edsl


presertat on qoa,s


Michigan First Credit Union IS an Equal Opportumty Employer

thjlt prov 00 "ast fun ana ffJW1diy $f:lN ce

• I ielp to keeP the Target brar'..d exper arlOO consJstoot pes t~ and welcCM ng tor gues~$ - Hit¥> superl/!:SAru"!d 1tan te>ammemw~ tC' arhlAVe Target sales %MCft and

Salary range $50,000 $70,000

Please apply online at our website or fax cover letter, resume and salary requirements to: 248·395·4064


tac$-to-face and by st!PPorung sales ffw tea(l1~



Observer & Eccentr c I Sunday May 13 2007

wwwhometownhfe com


rbuild Help Wanled-General

FLIGHT ATTENDANT INTERVIEWS Starting pay $1559 per flight hour Mesa Airlines Thursday May 17th Four Po nts by Sheraton 8800 Wickham Rd Romulus MI 6pm Sharp Complete onl ne application at

www mesa air com where you will receive InV tatlon required for interview *Must be willing to relocate* FLOWER/ PLANT MERCHANDISER Seeking part time employees to serv ce our retail cus tomers In the Royal Oak Southfield and Commerce areas Dependable transporta tIOn needed Send resume or letter to PO Box 321 Byron Center MI 49315 Fax 616 878 3640 Emall [email protected] masterpleceflower com FOOTBALL COACH U of 0 Jesuit HIgh School an all boys Catholic college preparatory high school has an open ng for a head varsity football coach for the 2007 08 school year Please forward resume by Wednesday May 23rd to AUent on U of D Jesuits Athletics Fax 313 862 3299 or mall to 8400 South Cambndge Detroit MI 48221 Forkllft-Hllo Drivers Large automot ve parts com pany In Novi IS seeking expe nenced forklift dnvers With shlppmg & receiving Must have current or recently expired H 10 license Call Now 248 477 0512 ARCADIA FRONT OESK Part time front desk POSit on In NorthVIlle evemngs & 1 weekend day Phones & computer work Real Estate expen ence a plus P ease send resumes to [email protected] General SUMMER WORK $14 25 base/appt -Full/Part Time 'Customer Sales/Serv ce 'Condlt ons apply Must be 17+ -No exp needed we tram 'v s t workforstudents com Ca I Monday (248) 426 4405 GIRL SCOUTS OF METRO DETROIT H~s seve a pos liOns ava able fo qua fed nct v duals who are energetic assert ve and possess an mterest 10 the positive development of girls Compet tlve salary generous benefIts package PTO and parking Fund Development Manager Fund Development ASSIstant Accountant Payroll Please viSit our web s te for details www gsofmd org (employment link) Only resumes With cover letters w II be reviewed Emall to [email protected] org or fax (313) p70 2600 Deadline for submiSSion 5/18/2007 EOE - UW Agency Golf Courses Job Openings Municipal Golf Course that has a beautiful banquet fac IIty s excited to bring on sever al indiViduals that would Optl mlze thiS facility If you are energetIc highly motivated customer onented and have knowledge of the game of Golf Warren Valley Golf & Banquet Center and Inkster Valley Golf Course IS the place for you Immediate openings available for Banquet Servers Dishwashers & Golf Staff Pro Shop

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STYLISTS NEEDED FOR SALONS IN THE WESTLAND CANTON AND PLYMOUTH AREASI We are currently lookmg for talented licensed halrstyl IStS who are nterested n hav ng fun while earn ng great money working In our beaut fur high potential locations In the Westland Canton and Plymouth areas We need hard work Ing styl sts who want to make a lot of money to JOn our team so that we can handle the growth that our salon IS expenencmg

LANDSCAPE LA80RER EXP 0 In retaining walls br ck pavers maintenance Call 734 320 2529

You supp y your license & shears we supply the rest For a confldentlalmtervlew Call1-BBB BBB 7778 Ext 42958 Ask for Lor

Part t me assistant needed Call George at Lake State Landscaping 734 748 7209 LAWN & GROUND CREW Highland Lakes Condos are now accept ng applicatIOns for 2 full time seasonal POSitions lawn crew exp prefreered DrIver license Required Apply In person Clubhouse 20301 Silver Spnng Dr Northvllle MI 48167 LAWN MAINTENANCE Livonia area $10/hr to start Some exp req d Leave Messageat (734)5763054 LAWN SPRINKLER S Summer Help Service TechmClan Ass stant $8 $11/H[ (248) 3381480 LeaSing Representative Independence V Ilage luxury etlrement I v ng for seniors 10 Plymouth has an opening fo a Leas ng Representative Seek ng an energetic Indlv d ual who has excellent sk lis In communlcat on outreach and other aspects of market 109 Compett ve wages ben efts and commlss ons Fax resume to 734 4531150 or emall [email protected] net LOCATORS WANTEO $20 p/hl No seiling Find locat ons to p ace candy mach nes Stores etc Candy for Cancer Call 248 396 0395 LOCKSMITH TECHNICIAN Fu I t me se vice POSit on aval Exp reqUired Fax resume With salary req to 3133427580

Housmg Director City of Northv lie Manage AI en Terrace 100 City owned Independent senior apts & CDBG program Requ red 5 years publlc/govt aSSisted hOUSing expenence PHM cer t f cat on (or w th n one year) $45K $55K 000 Send resume sala y history ref to City Manager 215 W Ma n Northvlle M 48167 by 5/22/07 For more nfo v Sit WWWCI northVille ml usl Serv ces/EmploymentOppor tumtles

Sell It all WIth Observer & Eccentru.: I 800 579 SELL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER Looking jor an ASSistant to Dovdec'" ca &adllns 1 alve SUfJpOt on a fL. t me bas s Must be an Independent th nker well orgamzed able to multi task & work 10 a fast paced enVIronment Th s POSiton mm mal y requ res 2 a more yrs of college coursework preferably n "," up ur 0"" .. IOlr"Ols diSC pllne 3 yrs exp 10 an office setting preferably 10 a confldent al sett ng profl clent 10 PC operatIOns for word process ng spread sheet app Icatlons dat abase mgmt & presenta ton software& possess a valid dr ver s license Emall resume & salary requIrements AUn HRA Code 1546 [email protected] hometownhfe com


MAINTENANCE HVAC preferred Full time Free apartment Benefits ava lable Send resume to Mary 34848 Freedom Rd Farmington H lis M 48335 Or ema I [email protected] net MAINTENANCE Needed fo Westland apartment community Must have bas c skills n plumbmg carpentry & HVAC Pos tlOn requ res on call respons bit es A drug screen cnm nal and dr vlng check WI I be run pr or to employment 8eneflts after 90 days Apply at Hawthorne Club 7560 Merr man Westland MI48185 Phone 734 522 3364 MAINTENANCE PERSON Fo Redia a a ea apa tment comp ex L gh p umb ng gh e ect ca & gene al skll s Too s t anspo tat on & references eqUired Fax resume to (313) 532 0060 MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR For la ge resIdential commun ty n Northv lie App cant must "'a S gvod eadersl' qua t SOl and be honest dependable and trustworthy Exper ence With small plumb ng and electrical epa rs a plus Pease ma I esume to PO Box 531201 Lvona MI481531201 MAINTENANCE TECH Expenenced For large apart ment camp ex Tools a trans portatlon Call 734 721 0500 MAINTENANCE TECH Fu I time for Inkster apt community Exp preferred P ease fax resume to (313) 274 1927 or apply 10 person Mon Fn 10 am 5 pm at Canterbury Woods Apts 572 TobIn Dr Inkster MAINTENANCE TECH Wyndchase Townhomes In Canton s seeking a full time exp.erlenced malnte nance tech CandIdates must have prevIous apart ment maintenance expen ence and possess own tools We offer competitive salary apartment dlscotmt opportUnit es medical and dental benef ts Fax resumes to 734 844 3963 Ann EM MANUFACTURING Company 10 Llvon a IS seek ng an expenenced TIG MIG Weider/Fitter speCialize In Ole Welding Pay commensurate With exp excellent benefits

Instructors The Frankel Jewish Academy We are now accepting applications for cert fled • FT Chem,lstry • FT College GUidance • FT BIble • FT English/History Masters Degree (or It s eqUivalent) IS reqwred or emall [email protected] org The Frankel JeWish Academy IS an Equal Opportunity Employer

NAIL TECHNICIAN EXPERIENCED P ease call Amy or Sam at 734 464 8070 NURSERY NEEDS Ful or part time experienced Pe son(s) to work With annu as & perenn als Must have cash register expenence App y In person CRIMBOLI NURSERY NC 50145 Fo d Rd Canton OFFICE CLEANING Even ngs Mon F W xom area $850/hr Exper ence prefe red (517) 546 4104 OFFICE CLEANING Plymouth Mon FIE the 3pm 7pm or 5 30pm 830pm $10/hr & benefits Exp only (734)4249247 ORDINANCE INSPECTOR

~~~:i:,P ~PPI;;;'::: form must be completed In ts ent rety and on fl e 10 the Human Resources o v s on pno to 4 pm Tuesday May 22 2007 Faxed or e mailed appl cat ons w II not be accept ed The CharterTownsh p of Canton does not dls cnmlnate on the bas s of race color nat onal on gin sex rei g on age or dlsab IIty In employment or the proVISion of servlc es An Equal OpportUnity Employer

PAINTER NEEDED Exper ence necessary Res dentlal/commerclal Call KeVin 3138157726 PAINTERS HELPER EXPERIENCED A & J CollISion 24680 Telegraph Southfield PAtNTERS NEEDEO Must be 18 years or older $8 $12/hr Call Mike Byrne (248) 941 3620


& ltccentm


1-aOO-579-SELL (7355) FAX YOUR AD 734 953 2232 INTERNET ADDRESS


************ PRINTING PRESS OPERATOR Neded for busy Southfield shop Fax resume 248 350 1553


Tltamum Inc 19300 FIler Dehe t flIII68234 Fax (313) 366 5306 EEOC A word to the wise ~ when lookmg for a great deal check the Observer & Eccentric CI8ssIIIedsi

PROOUCTION TECHNICIANS Our exceptional growth and stab I ty cont nues and has created a need fo Producllon Techs 10 our Plymouth manufac tur ng faCIlity Qualified candidates WI I have a relat ed assoc ate degree and/or at least two years of hands on experience operating ma ntamlng and adjust ng manufacturing equipment to maXimize productIOn output while maintaining quality and safety Th s IS a 24/7 operat on With various shifts/schedules potentially ava lable We offer a com pet live benefits package ncludlng Medical With Health Savings Accounts Dental Other Insurances 401 K With company match and morel Team or ented ndlvlduals only Send resume to AUn PT *14 emall [email protected] com


RECRUITER Forge Industr al Staffmg In liVOnia s h nng a PM recru ter Duties nclude recrultmg for IOdustr a positions hlr ng or enta tIOns test ng communlcat 109 w/cllents the requIre ments Include no felony background ability to pass a drug screen val!d drl ver s license Emall resume to [email protected] or fax to 248 474 5799 Job code 4444 RESIOENTIAL WORKER Needed at a shelter Part Time pos t on Midnights Ffl Sat & Mon 3 11 30PM Mall resume to WCFC Attn J Monroe 30600 M chlgan Ave Westland M148186 HOOFERS Exp roofers needed cammer clal exp a plus No sub con tractors Call 248 437 2900

ItsallabO~~ RESULTSI~

MIG WELDER Needed Full Time Call Jay 3132157364

Police Officer REO FORD TOWNSHIP For more information call 3133872761 or VISit our webSIte at redfordtwp com/deptlhr

SHOP ASSISTANT To supervisor Small mfg co Must have good organ zat on al ski I s & knowledge of Microsoft programs Emall h(@Jlbeckercom SITE COORDINATOR Dlstmct va Ma ntenance Inc has an Immediate need for a Site Coordinator In Dearborn Knowledge of Janitor a ndus try & mmlmum of 2 yrs supe vlsory exp reqUired Also Part t me JaOltors wanted for work 10 Wayne & Oakland Counties Apply n person M F at 34400 Capitol St In Livon a No phone calls please STAFF POSITION Livon-a M Established firm seeking h ghly mot vated nd vldua Must be able to wo k Independently Exp req d n M crosoft Off ce B II ng & accounting exp a plus Strong commun cat on sk lis proles Slonal demeanor Abl ty to work n a fast paced environ ment Must be a team playe Full benefit package InC udlng 401 K health & dental Send resume to Observer & Eccentr c Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft LIVOnia MI 48150 Ref Box #1545 Summer Help nnovatlve manufactur ng company seeks consclent ous dependable students for sum mer work In our state of the art faCIlity Positions avallab e Monday through Fr day 6 30am 400pm No exper ence necessary w I train Send resume to HR 43850 Plymouth Oaks Blvd Plymouth M 48170 or e mall to [email protected] net EOE SUMMER WORK $1425 base/appt Immediate open ngs th s wk Customer Serv celSales cond tons apply Must be 17+ (248) 426 4405 SWift

TransportatIOn Now Hiring OIESEL TECHNICIAN 3 years Heavy Tractor Exp A.eq d Must have Own Tools Sw ft Offers Medical Denta 401 k Excel ent Tra n ng & Tool Purchase P og am (d ug sc een backg r"Jurldcheck eq ct) eoe m f For lnlo Contact Pete Mueller at 734 753 2361 Apply On Line @ www swlfttrans com

Small pnvate school In SE Oakland Countv s look no for part t me nstfllctors fo Fa I 2007 Postons Include Sc ence BUSiness Account Ing P E Woodshop Art & Mus c Secondary level of exper ence preferred Please fax a resume and letter of nterest to 248 541 5750

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Web Masler/Help Desk Wixom based General RV Center seeks a motivated Indl Vidual who Will take on more respons bility and make slg mflcant contr butlons Responslb IItles Include tech support funct ons baSIc. sys tern/network administration Web deSign as well as CSS and HTML skills reqUired Send resume & salary reqUire ments to [email protected] WINDOW CLEANER COMMERCIAL Exp Must have clean record Reliable transportatlOn Pay based on exp Career opportu n ty for the r ght person Call 313 399 2296 YARD PERSON Trucking company look ng for Yard Person Call Mon Fr 9am 4 30pm (734) 455 4036


COMPUTER PRINTER TECHNICIAN Southfield Co mbscorp com 2 yrs exp Must have own transportat on Benefits ncl Fax resume 248 356 0004 Help Wanled-OlllCe





FT Excellent Pay/Benefits Mal resume to 6689 Orchard lk Ste 266 W Bloomfield MI 48322 ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT S Needed for Great PainS AP/GL Accounting and Ultlpro Payroll processing Exper ence and Degree pre ferred Fax to HR at 313 871 6390 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE BOOKKEEPER Mature organized and detail or ented ndlv dua to JOIOthe Southfield based AccountS Payab e team of a fam Iy owned cha n of retal stores Assoc ates Degree n Acco unt ng preferred a ong With exp uSing computerized accounting software Exce & Word Compet tlve campen saMn & benef ts

Emall resume Include work history & deSIred compensatIOn range to [email protected] com 800KKEEPER! ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Needed part time 1624 hrs per wk for small accounting f rm n Farmington H lis Pay a I exp and know edge of QUickbooks necessa y Fax 0 ema "SUMe al1d sala v equ arert 24847 5692 f nl1 scpaGYhotIT'
We ,Iw,y. nnd Ihe .Iuff 1MIhe


Ob.erver &


III :~==========~I

MEAT CUTTER Experience full time Call Dan or John Hol day Market Canton 734 844 2200

EccentriC Newspaper

SERVICEMAN 1M/F) INSTALLER For heatlOg c..ontractor Mm 5 yrs exp Fax 248 443 2792


RECEPTIONIST/REGISTRAR For model ng agency 1pm 9pm off ce exp eqUired Canton Bernie 734 455 0700

For the best auto claSSifIcations check out the Observer &

SCREW MACHINE SETUP OPERATORS With 3 5 years exp Exc pay 734 464 6856 Leave message

Please mal or FAX resume to

Send resume to Ann Richard Blomberg 12550 Tech Center Dr llvoma MI 48150

MECHANIC CONTAINER/CHASSIS/fIRES To $14/per hr Pay based on exp May train but must weld & own tools Drug screen Romulus (734)891 2680


SALESPERSON/ DEMONSTRATOR FIT Pff position for energet c IndiVidual n a Wholesale club Store Exp In food IOdustry asset car requ red Subm t resume w/salary expectatIOns Fax 1 888 277 9733 [email protected] us




Reply to PO Box 2775 Farmmgton Hills MI 48333

All advertls ng published In the Observer and Eccentr c Newspapers IS subject to the conditions stated In the Appli cable rate card (Copies are avaIlable from the advert sing department Observer and Eccentnc News papers 36251 Schoolcraft L voma Ml 48150 (734) 591 0900) The Observer and Eccentnc Newspapers reser ves the fight not to aaeept an advertls er s order Observer and Eccentnc Newspapers sales representatives have no authonty to blOd thiS news paper and only publ cation of an advert sement shall constl tute final acceptance of the advertiser s order When more than one insertion of the same advertisement IS ordered no credit Will be given unless notice of typograph calor other errors IS given 10 time for correct on before the second Insert on Not responsible for omissions Publ sher s Not ce All real estate advertlslOg In thiS newspaper s SUbject to the Federal Fair HOUSingAct of 1968 wh ch states that t IS Illegal to advert se any prefer ence I mltatlon or dlscr mlna t on ThiS news paper w I not knOWingly accept any advert s 109 for real estate which IS In Violation of the law Our read ers are hereby Informed that all dwellings advert sed n thiS newspape are aval able on an equal housmg opportumty baSIS (FR Doc 724983 3 31 72) Class fled ads may be placed according to the dead I nes Advert sers a e respon sible for readmg the r ad(s) the first time It appears and reporting any errors Immedl ately The Observer and Eccentnc Newspapers will not Issue credit for errors In ads after THE FIRST INCORRECT NSERTION Equal HOUSing Opportunity Statement We are pledged to the etter and sp r t of U S pol cy for the ach eve ment of equal houslOg oppor tun ty throughout the nat on We encourage and support an aff rmatlve ad vertlslng and market ng pro gram In which there are no barriers to obta n hous ng because of race color rei g on 0 nat ona on gm Equal Hous ng Opportun ty s ogan Equal HOUSing Opportunity Tab e I I I ustrat on of Pub Isher s Notice


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Needed fo grow ng tlta n urn p ocess ng facil ty Must be able to work sec and 0 th d srfl Met shop 0 joundryexpc- ence a pus Compe t ve wages and benel ts

PAINT LAOORERS For CommerCial Pamt Co Must have val d drivers license & vehicle References checked (734)266 1500

MECHANIC Needed Exp With construction equipment and air brakes Call 2486692510 emall [email protected] undergroundcontractors com Seeking IndiViduals able to perform efflc ently n a demand ng fast paced productIOn or ented busl ness environment Start at $870 per hour reach over $10 w thin 3 months Those that excel can earn upwards of $35 000 annually plus benefits Within a year


Please apply online at our webs te wwwmlchganflrstcom or send cover etter resume and salary reqUirements to fax 248 395 4064

Accept 1'11) app cat on~ fa the pos t on oj 0 d arce nspecto Rate 0 Pay $2420 PE' Job descr pt on w th complete qua flcatlons and h nng process Will be ava lable on the Canton Townsh p webSite at www canton m org or may be vewed at the Canton Townsh p HUIT'an KeSuurces DVlslon 1150S Canton Center Rd Canton M 48188 Appl catIOns may also be p cked up at the Canton Adm n stratlon Bu Idlng Human Resources D VISon or on the Canton Township


M ch gan F rst Cred t Union has an mmed ate openmg for an expenenced Mortgage Department Manager ThiS position reports directly to the Vice PreSident of Lending and IS located at our ma n office In Lathrup Village MI ThIS pO"Stlon Will be responsible for actmg as liaison to our third party mortgage proVider and have the ability to bu Id an Inter nal mortgage department The Mortgage Department Manager Will have overs ght of aU mortgage operations sales compliance second ary market Investor rela tlOns servIcing and qual ty Issues relating to mortgage loans The Mortgage Department Manager Will also be responsible for product PriC ng promo tons and rate analys s Quallf ed cand dates Will have a bachelors degree and a m n mum of 5 years of exper ence working w th mortgage loans With n a finanCial institution PrevIous management underwr tlng exper ence and excellent commumca tIOn sk lis are requ red Knowedge of FICS soft ware and branch operat ons IS a plus Michigan First Credit Union IS an Equal Opportunity Emp oyer Salary range $50 000 $70 000

MECHANIC For golf course eqUipment & golf carts Apply In person Links of Novi 50395 W Ten Mile Novi

•••and it's all here!

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Mortgage Department Manager

II '""~~~;;::;.:.::;,=I LAWN CARE MAINTENANCE

We offer • Guaranteed Wage + up to 50% service comm • Top Retail Commission • Paid Vacation • Health Dental VISion • Employee Stock Purchase Plan • Advanced Tra nmg • Monthly Contests and Pr zes • Merchandise Discounts • Opportunity for Advancement • 401 K & 529 Co lege Savings Plan

HAIR STYLISTS Busy Great CUps salon In Westland needs full or part time stylists Medical rns Guaranteed pay bonuses etc Gary 734 276 4701

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LANOSCAPE HELP Must be exp d Full & Part time Chauffeurs license needed 248 521 8818 248 489 5955


Please call (313)7300100 MonFn 11am1pm Accepting calls until May 30th

It's all about results!

Help Wanted General

ROOFERS & LABORERS Exp great pay steady work Call Rob for more Info 248 579 3393

03 ,

TELEMARKETERS & DRIVERS Confident ded cated artlcu ate sa espeople & drive s fo d rectly advert s ng book et to promote loca bus nesses No exp necessary Will train $8 $10/ start 248 848 9300

CLERICAL ASSISTANT To assIst real estate team ful time You should be an organ Ized and pos t va- person a good communicator both wntten and verbal and have excellent computer sk lis You II work 10 a fast paced real estate off ce In NorthVille Fax resume to 248 347 6791 Attn Jim Wolfe

Help Wanled-OIlICe




LEGAL SECRETARY Needed for sma I downtown firm speCializing In debtor/creditor law A workmg knowledge and experience 10 ElectroniC F ling together With a minimum of 2 years of experience w th Microsoft Word & WordPerfect s reqUIred Health and other benefits are available Send resume With education work references salary reqUirement & contact to dtw [email protected] com LITIGATION LEGAL SECRETARY Needed for Southfield based law fIrm Litigation experience reqUIred Fax resume (248) 354 6308 MANAGEMENT Large franchise co needs energetic & mot vated person to jom our team Respon s bll1tles Incl help ng manage 30 employees from the h f1ng process to the superVision of our tram 109 program devel opmg dally schedules per formmg other administrative dutIes & work ng With cus tomers & employees to ensure high ql:lallty Ema I resume & salary requ rements to [email protected] net OFFICE ASStSTANT For large reSidential commu n ty 10 Northvil e Excellent oral & wntten communication skills exp w th M crosoft Office reqUired Please ma I resume to PO Box 531201 L voma MI 48153 1201 OFFICE/CLERICAL Data entry position full time please Fax resume 7343540310 OFFICE HELP Diamond Tool Co 10 lIvon a seekmg quahf ed IndiVidual for Office Help M F Call 734591 1041 M F 812 PAYROLL & HR Part time only fleXible hours Exp req d 10 safety & all ben efltS Plymouth area Emall resumes to [email protected] hometownl fe com Ref Box # 1548 REC£PTIONIST $775 $10+ bonus Pleasant phone manner Will tram Leave Message (248) 426 0733 RECEPTIONIST/BOOKKEEPER Permanent part time POSI tlOn Exp preferred $7 $12/hr Fax resume & salary requ rements 734 404 2367 RECEPTIONIST Mull gan W ndows & S dlOg s seeklOg a reception st Must have great IOterpersonal and multi task ng ski Is Must be able to hand e a mu tl lOe phone system & be familiar w/Mlcrosoft Word & Exce Ful time POSition ava I Contact K m at 248 477 5900 RECEPTIONIST/SALES ASSISTANT RETAIL Fu T MP Wfe d
For the best auto claSSifications check out the Observer & Eccentnc Newspaper Itsallabo~~ RESULTSI~

1 B00-579


®bscnIer & 1tt,entrlt SECRETARY/ RECEPTIONIST Fulltlme secretary/recep tlOniSt needed for SouthfIeld law office Must be personable present well on phone type 60 wpm and be dependable Salary commensurate With exp Fax resume to Cheryl at 248 559 2180 or ema I to [email protected] com

Title Closer 5 yrs expenence In TItle Escrow ClOSing Processing and fmal pol cy Procedures Fax resume 1 877 430 4533 or Emall Mph II [email protected] preferredagency com TITLE/ESCROW OFFICER Needed for Nov Title Co Must have expenence Fax resume to 248 735 8078 TOOL REPAIR MAN NEEOEO Experienced full t me Ca I 734 261 9333 TRUCK ORIVER NEEDEO BPI Informat on Sys1ems s a local computer repair compa ny We are look ng for a respons ble dependable dnv er Full or part time POSiton avail Call 248 357 3980 ext 119 or Fax 248 357 2528 TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED COL Class A license needed Local & overnight routes Immed ate h r ng Fax resume to (734)354 0310 WAREHOUSE HELP JUice related processing Must be able to 11ft 55 Ibs $10 $12/hr to start Fax~ resume to 734 467 7382 WAREHOUSE PERSON E ectro01Cs components d stflbutor seek ng an nd Vidual to perform General warehosue duties to Include sh pplng and receiVing This IS a season;) pos tlon that would end In October 2007 Pease e ma I fax or mail resume to RS Electromcs 34443 Schoolcraft Rd lIvonIa MI48150 AUn Warehouse Mgr Fax 734 525 4093 E mall [email protected] rselectronlcs com

GENERAL OFFICE Search ng for a skll ed pro fesslonal to work In a fast paced enVIronment Must be detail onented orOan Ized With profeSSional commun cat on skll s PC experience Excel & MICrosoft Word a plus Please fax or send resume & salary requ rements to [email protected] hometownllfe com Ref Box #1543

II::::::::=:==~",,:=:::::::==::! LEASING AGENT Apartment commumty 10 Inkster look ng for full time leaSing person Must be famll ar With computers and enJoy people Cherry H U Manor Fax resume 3135637251 LEGAL SECRETARY Approx 15 hrs wkly Supenor computer & typmg skills a must Fax 734 542 0057 Legal Secretary Birmingham The Ideal candidate possesses 5 years mm exp proven orgaOlzat anal skills scorn puter savvy profeSSional phone demeanor and able to exce n high paced env ron ment Resume and references to 8arone Defense Defense clo Bnan Corby Phone 248 921 4678 Fax 248 594 4549 Ema [email protected] com

Help Wanled-Oenlal

Dental Staff Full & Part pos tIOns available for expenenced Dental DUice Managers HygieniSts ReceptlOmsts & AsSistants Excellent compensat on and benefits Fax resumes to 2482031112 Dr emall Amanda [email protected] Greatexpresslons com FRONT DESK/ASSISTANT For progressIVe modern defl tal office Exp preferred Fax 248 557 0721 or emall [email protected] com Help Wanlej-MedlC,1

CAREGIVERS FULL-TIME Luxury Senior Housmg Community IS seekmg mature reliable dedicated personnel to proVIde serv Ices to older adults for dlf ferent work shifts In our Independent ASSIsted L!v 109 & Memory Care Units Candidate must be enthusl astlc & a team player E 0 E Please send resumes to Waltonwood 7125 Orchard lake #200 W Bloomfield MI 4832e 3005 or Fax resume 248 865 1636 AUn Vlc CASE MANAGERS Grow ng company looking for an RN CM one position n Ann Arbor and two others for DetrOit Must have Mf RN. license & certification as CMExper ence With WC and M ch gan Auto/P P Compet tlve wage and benefits Send resume to [email protected] CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT Permanent part time poslt!on Man Wed & Frl 245 730pm & Sat 845 1 30PM Clencal ')k s & compute know edge eql.. fd ~JI ng to t an qua ed pe so 27521 Joy Rd 2 b k W of rKster West and 734 522 5501 Expand ng Medical Industry Leader seeking exper enced' team or ented profess onal for thE' follOWing ~ StrategIc • Development « Coordmator Idea candidate Will pos sess database AS400 SOL and Access experience Exper ence 10 the health care Industry IS also requ red We offer a com petit ve Wage and Benefit Package IOclud ng Pa d Vacation Medical Dental '1 401 (k) and more For
DENTAL ASSISTANT 2 days NW suburb Customer service skills reqUired Reply to [email protected] or POBox 2246 FarmlOgton Hills MI 48333 DENTAL ASSISTANT Contemporary Farmington Hills dental office s looking for a fnendly take charge dental assistant to JOIOour team Exp preferred 20 30 hrs /week Fax resumes to 248 522 8214 DENTAL ASSISTANT Downtown Plymouth dental office seeks an energetic fflendly team player Full time Expenence needed Fax resume (734)4534513 DENTAL ASStSTANT Exp friendly mot vated per son needed to Jom our pen odontal team Part Time Some Sats Farmington H Us Call Karen (248) 851 1034 DENTAL ASSISTANT Fnendly bUSy non smokmg pedlatr c dental off ce In Nov seek ng ulllille assistan 1 yr exp preferred Will tra n Must be detail Oriented calm self ')tarter & adaptable to change No even ngs Ben"flts (248) 478 3232 DENTAL ASSISTANT Full Time Great benefits Ffle ndly modern dental practice Emall resume teaml von [email protected]! com


MEDICAL BILLER' At least 5 years expenen reqUired Must have kno edge of multiple phYSICI~ office billing nursing home hasp tal speCialty bllhng Y~ must also be profIcIent ffifj working AR report workl~ reject ons and knowledge the responSibIlity and Imp~orci'iii tance of your Job Referen are req and wll be check ~ Please send your r~sume l~ Theresa at 248 538 4449 ~ >/p



MEDICAL BILLER For out patient mental healtflr clmlc In Canton 3 yrs claim follow up expenence required Full time with benefits Emall resume to [email protected] com



I Sunday

Observer & Eccentnc

www hometownhfe com

May 13 2007

rbuilde[com~ I>

Help Wanted-MedIC'1

Medical Office Practice Manager IHA IS acceptmg resumes for the position of Practice Manager at our Canton OB office We are a well estab Iished care group who deSires a skilled manager who Will be Influent al n the evolution of positive office culture and the fmanc al security of the practice The posltlon reqwes previous experience m Medical Practice Management to mclude handlmg patient and employee ssues With profess onahsm proactive Iy managmg office f nances effectively fac IItatmg POSI tiVe outcomes to human resources and admlmstra t ve Issues A cUnical back ground is strongly pre ferred w th a Bachelors degree reqUIred Master s preferred We provide a work enVIron ment comprised of an exemplary team of profes slonals to support growth along With a competitive salary and benefits pack age Qualified applicants may submit a resume and salary requ rements to HR Manager at [email protected] or v a fax to 866 282 8067 MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Full t me for Cardiology prac tlce n Farmington Hills at least 1 yr experience reqUired Fax resume 248 737 3661 ATTN laura

RN JOIN OUR TEAM PT RN for pediatric offIce In Farmington HIlls Man Tues Wed 24 hrs with occaslona! Sat and vacation flU In Call Sandy 248 855 4144 or fax resume 248 855 9158

RN • LPN Danto Family Health Care Center a 165 bed skilled rehab faclUty IS Jooklng for a few good nurses to Jam our nursmg team We have full/part time and contingent openings available on all stutts We offer excellent startmg pay rate and benefits for full time which Include • low cost med cal dental vIsion • Free I~fe Insurance and AD&D Insurance 401 (k) and much more Interested Ind v duals should fax or mall their resume n confidence or apply In person Man Fn 9am 3pm Danto Family Health Care Center 6800 W Maple Rd West BloomfIeld MI 48322 Ph 248 788 5300 Fax 248 788 7460 EEOI Drug Free Employer People Strength CommItment



OBI GYN Experienced only for busy Southf eld pract ce FT 8enef~ 248 948 1990 ext 11 MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Part time Reliable experl enced for speCial st off co In West Bloomfield Call (248) 855 5620

With Experience needed for GROWING dermatology practice In Ann Arbori Plymouth area full TIme excellent pay & benefits Emall or Fax Resume to [email protected] com (734) 996 B767

NURSES NURSES NURSES The Manor of Wayne SNF & The Manor of Wayne Contmulng Care Center both bUlldmgs hiring NURSES NURSES NURSES Ful T me & Parl T me Shifts 7AM 3PM & 3PM 11PM Fax resume to (734) 729 3566 Attention Dawn Swanger R NOON EO E

Your SBlrth 'nd,H,,,1

pract ce lookmg for exper enced enthUSiastic outgoing team player Top pay for the fight person Please cal (734) 261 8860

Part time for Orlhoped c office n Southf eld We a e seek ng a ca ng el able pe son to ass st our the apists wi modal t es and other cl nlc dut es Experience helpful out not reqUired Man Thurs 7 30am 2pm Fax resume to 248 557 4544 or cell ~48 557 7136

Tfl County Pam Consul tants a well establ shed

COOKS PART TIME Exp preferred Apply In person Amencan House Sen or Res dence Living 35700 Hunter Ave Westland

InterventlOnal palO man agement practice wIth an outstanding reputation IS expanding and currently recrUIting for the follOWing posltwns In our Novl Farmington Hills Livonia and Royal Oak locations • Physician Assistant! Nurse PraetlliOner (FT) Strong clIO eal and mter personal skills with a deSIre to work mdepend ently and coflaboratlvely as a cntlcal member of our health cafe team

Pam related expenence

helpful but not required • RN .!LPN. (FTlPT) Outstanding team attitude and a mmlmum of 2 years clmlcal experience preferably In an out patient procedure settmg • Medical ASSistants (FT/PT) MInimum of 1 year cllmcal experrence and a demonstrated ab!lIty to work well In a highly motIvated team environment • RadlograpblclX Ray Teclmlclans (FT/PT) Excltmg opportumty to be a part of a quality Inter disciplinary team Expenence operating a C arm s helpfu but not required • Administrative ASSistants (FTlPT) Experience With front desk receptlon tele phone medical records filing and chart process Ing Exceptional customer service organizatIOn and time management SKIIs are a must If You • EnJOYno weekends or holidays • Thnve m a team enVIronment • DeSire leadership oppor tumtles and professional growth • Strive for outstanding patient care and customer serVice • Want a competitive salary and benef ts package Apply on lme at http//Www trlcountypaln com or send fax or emall a cur rent resume to D Gogo In 844 South Washington Suite 100 Holland MI 49423 lax 616 546 2678 or emall [email protected] procaresystems com

otmaybe a contractor on that

PIT Establ shed orthodont c

to work new

home search ends here!ll Your CI.sslftedst your



/I~All About Resultsl'


Help WantedFood/~everage


BANQUET SERVERS Exper enced onlyl Needed at Banquet Hall m Southfield App y n pe son btwn 11AM 3PM Mon Thurs Pa ace of South! e d 25228 W 12 M e Rd W of Te eg aph across the st eet from the Sta Theater No Phone Calls Please BANOUET SERVICES Apply Within Man Fn from 123pm Italian Amencan Banquet Center of LIVOnia ':19200 i= e ~J1Pe

Retail Sale. Repre5eatltive

lffi..."l'eslfil all!!l canb MY submit :ltel, rasmno (referenelngJob Code RSR0704j by

E ma I (preferred) [email protected]!lfecom

IS lookmg for 3 Managers to work n the Plymouth/Canton area We are lookmg for mdlvldu als With prevIous manage ment experience and prefer prevIous restaurant exper ence They should possess good commumcatlon skills be a good tramer enloy work ng With people enJoy a fast pace be a team play er and also be a OIce per son We offer 5 day work week $26 $30K to start based on experience bonus plan medical nsurance paid vacations and hol days Sick pay 401 K and other benefits If you feel you fit thiS lob please respond by May 31st n one of these ways Emall resume [email protected] com or mall resume to Stanton & Associates Attn Mike McGinniS 714 W M!chlgan Ave Jackson Ml 49201 KITCHEN STAFF WAtT STAFF & DRIVERS For Busy grow ng restaurant Call 248 960 3460 or apply In person Rosslnls 6283 Haggerty Rd W BloomfIeld

~~~ NOW HIRING SERVERS GREETERS AND LINE COOKSI PleaSe Apply In Person 2 4pm Man Fr Bahama Breeze 19600 Haggerty Road Livonia Ml 48152 Or send resume to [email protected] com 6 mos full serv ce exp req d M n mum age 18 years Must have had less than 2 jobs In past yr Benef ts ncl Paid VacatIOns Weekly Pay Day One Health Benef ts 401 k Mea 0 scoun! w 'JW BahamaBreeeze com EGE RESTAURANT MANAGERS National H Volume Full Srvc Concept seeks exp d Mgrs In the Rochester H Us & surrounding Detro t Suburbs Xlnl $$ Red Hot Bntts Bonus & More Fax Res 888 597 7387 [email protected]

WAITRESS/ 8AR Full & Part Time Apply at Jon s Good time Bar & Gnll 27553 Cherry Hili Just W of Inkster Rd


Human Resources Department 36251 Schoolcraft Road LIVOnia MIchigan 48150

Sell ft all With

& EccentrIC




(734) 421-5700

1-800-579-SELL WAITSTAFF FT/PT Days nights weekends at an Insh sports pub Sheehan s On The Green 5 Mile E of Haggerty 734 420 0646

Help Wanled-Sales


SALES REPS PerImeter Home Secur ty AuthOrized ADT dealer In lIvon a seeks Sales Reps wi exp Base +comm 734 402 6320


Sales SpeCialist· (Route

GET A CAREER I (No Layotfs) Free Seminar' May176pm At Real Estate One 217 W Ann Arbor Rd Plymouth RSVP or drop Inl 734 455 7000 ext 105 DETROIT BRANCH FAST TRACK MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE


SERVERS & BARRACKS Apply In person Tues Fr a TOOlES 24555 Nov Rd Novi

offer a great work enVironment and excellent benefIts


Help Wanted-Sales


Waltstaff or restaurant exp a plusl $450 $650/wk Sam 2pm Man Fn (afte noon shift ava lab Ie) Apply In person Gary s Cater ng 50770 Pont ac Trail Wixom

Do you have a knack for presentmg creatIVe sales presentations and know how to close a deal? If you are a highly motlvated self starter who ISalso orgamzed and persIstent you are the talented sales professional we re looking for We

The Observer & Eccentnc

FOOOSERVICE Sodexho at Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Road Novi Mil s seekmg applicatIOns for next school year Part Time 10 15am 1215am Wed Thur Fri POSitIOn and Substitute PosItIOns that are available Monday Fnday Appllcat ons may be picked up at the school bUSiness office & should be returned by May 31st


The award Wlnrlltlg Observer & EccentriC Newspaper ISlooking for an enthuslastiCt results onented sales profeSSIOnalto sel! advertiSing to community retaIl bUSinesses POSItIOnISbased out of our Birmingham office The Ideal candIdate wlU have a bachelor s degree or eqUivalent work expenence wIth at least 2 years of outside ~ales expenence (media experience preferred) Must have own transportation f



Tn·County Pain Consultants, PC

No malter what you re lookmg for a new horn1l, a new jQb, ~ n1lW cat,



Help W,"tedFood/!evmge

CATERING COOK CHEF S ASSISTANT Thur Sat Wedding Hall Plymoulh (734) 416 5100

REGISTERED PHARMACIST Busy IV InfuSion practice seeking a part time Registered PharmaCist You can fax your

resume to 248 888 7719


Help Wanted-MedICal

weekly++ National company restructur 109 ts Detroit branch fast track management opening available Must be hIghly mati vated & coachable Company car & benefits prOVided Ambition IS more mportant than a resume For further details & persona) mtervlew Call office btwn 8 30 3p (734) 464 0115 (office) or (24B) 921 S566 (cell) Ask for AI DIRECT MARKETING SALES BUSiness to busmess full to part time f eXlble Will tram T I county area Call (248) 355 0400 Real Estate Career Information Sessions Full Time & Dual Career Earn While You Learn Free Pre License Trammg For Those Who Qualify • Wed May 2nd @ 6 30p m to Sterling HeIghts • Tues May 15 @ 6 30p m In Livoma (@ Michigan Institute of Real Estate 17177 North Laurel Park Dr Ste 101 on SIX Mile off I 275) • Wed May 23rd @630pm InTroy 'Wed May 30 @630 pm In Sterling Heights Call 888 414 8330 or s gn up on me wwwacareerwthus com 10 suburban office locatIOns Industry s Best Trammg





Sales! Marketmg Waltonwood a Luxury Sen or L vlng Commun ty s seeking Expenenced Sales & Market ng Consu tants Full Tlme/Part T me to mar ket the community and work w th prospect ve res dents Cand dates mu st have a m nlmum of 2 yrs of

8;ole<: exoer





proven track record 10 com mumty census manage ment Must be personable motivated cann9 excellent customer servIce sk lis goal Oriented and excep tonal commUnication skins Must have exc computer sk lis and able to work even ngs and weekends We offer competlt ve base wages & very generous commissions Please send resumes to WaltoRwODd 7125 Orchard Lake #200 W Bloomfield MI 4B326 3005 Attn SLC or Fax to 248 865 1636

SelVlce Tra Inees Sales)

Full service Beverage/Refr eshment Company In Ply mouth s looking for talent ed indiViduals to sell and service establ shed routes Requ rements for thiS pas ItlOn nclude excellent cus tomer serv ce sk lis a good dr vlng record and the desire to grow With n our company ThiS pas t on Will reqUire you to dr ve a com pany owned beverage truck CDL B a plusl ThiS IS an entry level posit on wIth advancement opportunltles ava lable Please mall your resume to AUn Sales SefVIc& Speclalisf Trainee Emall [email protected] com

Help WantedPart-TIme



DFFICE CLEANING Blrmmgham 6 830pm Mon Fn $9 OO/hr (248) 449 4880

Looking for a Summer Job?

I AM LOOKING TO TAKE CARE OF ELOERLY IN YOUR HOME I am a woman With 10 yrs exp Days nights & some weekends or Itve 10 CNA trained In CPR & first aid cart Reasonable rates Good ref s Call 248 242 0126

LOOKING FOR MOTIVATED SELF STARTERS who want to start the!r horne based busmess In the eXCitIng $1 7 b limn dollar travel In dustry Please VISit wwwsandcastlestravel com 7346745211 (EdI1h)

You can place an ad In the Observer and Eccentric Newspapers descnblng what type of lob you re lookmg for and what your speCial talents are for

KIND LADY SEEKING I am seekmg a IT posltton as a chauffeur companion care giver With chauffeur license Call Jeanette 313 366 4121



Childcare Serviceslicensed

All '(au have to do Is e mal fax or ma I your ad (No Phone calls please) to the Observer and Eccentr c Newspapers and we Will publish It for 3 runs (max 5 hnes) FREEl (Thru June 22 2007 only) Be ready for that summer lob by placmg your ad today!

& 1&tonttl,

e mall [email protected] hometownllfe com Fax 734 953 2232 Marl Observer & EccentriC ClaSSified Oept 36251 Schoolcratt LIVOnia M I 48150

College student 20 yrs old available weekdays & evenings for babysitting If Interested please emall to [email protected]



Accountant sophomore col lege student Experience 10 account ng seeking a pOSitIOn In accountant/administrative (313) 461 9852

Chlldcarel baby Sltt ng serv Ices Nanny Dependable w/experlence & referenCes FT or PT for summer Alexandra (248) 394 5650

College student at U of M seeking summer job fuli/part time Majors accountmgl Japanese (248) 642 6342 College student available part time looking for work around the Clarkston area Exp m doctors office retail restaurant (248) 909 8400 College student look ng for $10 & up summer job Exp babYSitter receptIOnist lawn mamtenance (248) 798 3177 or [email protected] Engineering college student JUnior at Purdue University seeking a summer job (248) 224 76BO Flowers? We weed plant f owers lay mulch H gh school sen or g Is superv sed by mom 5 yrs exp (248) 207 4973



Graphic Design 18 yrs old 3 years of Graph c Arts courses at Plymouth HS Exp In pro grams like Adobe Photostop II ustrator (734) 397 5638 HUMAN RESOURCES I m a CMU Master In HR Grad seek Ing a entry level HR aSSistant HR Coordmator or HR General st opportUnity Strong w Ilingness to learn 248763 4440

MSU student looking for full t me work Expenence In sales constructIon restaurant & day camp. (248) 891 2762 Video editing In FCPHD OVD author ng I can edit raw wed ding Videos ndependent proJecl6. (734) 729 4541 l"osltlOn Wanted


HOUSECLEANING I Will clean your house Honest dependable thorough Exc Ref Sharon734 788 7860

& Eccentric

I 800-579 SELL


Search il !Ill YELLOW" PAGES 2'

LIVONIA DAYCARE Openings 10 Sept 18 mo & over Open schoo! schedule PaU 734 776 7905


High Profit Low Overhead ReceSSion Proof Franchise Unlimited Growth Potential Fmanclng Available Call Don



NANNY LDVE TO TRAVEL7 Full time (year round) 3 school age kids Bloomfield H lis Work afternoons evenmgs & dayt me Saturday Tuesday Sat Resume to Cmdy at Harper ASSOCiates Phone 248·932·3662 [email protected] com




em t

Elderly Asslslilnce



HAIR CUTS FOR THE HOME BOUND BY STEVE Salon owner for 20 yrs Color & Perms too 586 823 7270 EdUCilllon/lns{ructlon

., •


COMPUTER CAREER Boost your earning potentlall Compute career programs (MCSAlMCSE) begin In May & June at New Honzons 1 866 307 1436 FinanCing & job placement assIstance to those who qualify A member of the MI Worksl Assoclatlon* HEALTHCARE CAREER Secure a future 10 Healthcare! Enroll now In May & June career programs for MedIcal BIlling & Pharmacy Tech at New Hor zons Job placement assistance & finanCing available to those who qual fy 1 866 865 6379 A member of the M Wo ks AssoclBt on

>. ,

OIVORCE $75 00 ml dIvorce com


CS&q 734425


IIIBI!I3 PROOFREADING By an Enghsh nstructor 2485391143

~usmess O,portumlles


A DIET CENTER Franch se Now Ava!lable 10 S E Michigan Call 734 414 9200 TODAY I AMERICAN GREETING CARDS / HALLMARK Be part of an 8 billion dollar ndustry Call 24/7 888 238 1635 HAIR SALON FOR SALE 20 years In busmess on busy road 7 stat ons PedIcure massage room 3 hair dressers Owner Willing to stay Price neg 3137901184 Ice Cream Trucks for Leass Be your own boss Unllrn ted Income potential Call (313) 838 7277 ext 27

Whether you re lookmg to buy or sell that speCIal somethmg look to the classlfieds first

"It'sAll About Results'"

®bsenrrr & ittentrit 1-800·579·SELL



H8IVIETOWNlllacom Open HOl/ses

III O"ner


GARDEN CITY Open House May 13 1 4 1032 W Rose ave S of Ford W of Mlddlebelt Beaut fully decorated 3 bdrm 1999 bUilt hardwood floors 25 bath CIA deck near park For sale or lease Agent owned $235 000 Sandra at 7347481490



Bloomfield Twp Sunday 1 4pm 26B5 Middlebury Ranch situated In a qUiet peaceful golf course setting Birmingham Schools 5 bdrm 3 bath 2 fireplaces This home has been totally renovated Open and spa clous floor plan w/neutral decor and vaulted ceilings w/skyllghts thru out Gar geous kItChen wi fireplace Mam floor bath wi marble and JacuZZI master ste wlbath Beautiful lower level w/lg entertainment room daylight Windows and bath wi JacuzzI A MUST SEEI $449000 Call 248 705 7753 CANTON OPEN SUNDAY 12 3 215 Nassau Ct N Cherry Hili N Lilley Cavalier Village SPECTACULAR' 3 bdrm 1/2 bath Updates Include roof Windows Siding furnaco bathrooms & k tchen A Must See! CHERYL DOZIER 734-367 2032 71643216B5 REM ERICA HOMETDWN III 6231 N Canton Center Rd Sell It all with

Open Houses

FARMINGTON HILLS OPEN SUN 1 4 21034 COLWELL ST Close to Botsford Hospital 2 bdrm ranch fenced patIO detached garage All appll ances & garden tools stay Nancy Slel,1/ 248 6461800 CB SchweItzer Bloomfield WESTLAND DPEN HOUSE Sat & Sun 1 4pm 2103 Wilmer Completely Remodeledl 3 bdrms 2 baths I Owner FinanCing low Down $149900 Call Joy @ 734 231 62S2 Karnak Realty 734692 3623

Don't take a chance....


Ob ... place


In The







Observer & Eccentric






Ii} Owner BLODMFIELD TWP 3 or 4 bdrm ranch on cor ner lot 05 acre West chester Village SUb Birmingham schools beau tiful refinished whIte Oak floors newly pamted and carpeted bUilt inS fireplace all appliances updated kitchen and bath great home or mvestment $299000 Agents welcome 248 884 4863 248 553 8213



FOR SALE 8Y OWNER Completely updated 3 br ranch 11aD SQft wlfln shed bsmt fIreplace deck Newer 25 car garage qUiet neigh borhood on dead end street Brighton Schools Close to all x ways $179900 Call for appt 248 921 9965 Must see For the b8St auto clasSlflcalions check out the Observer & Eccentnc Newspap8r It s all abO~" RESULTSI~


SPECTACULAR' Completely remodeled hamel 3 bdrm 1/2 bath almost 1600 sq ft Updates Include roof Windows siding fur nace bathrooms & kltchenl Don t miss this one I CHERYL 0021ER 7343672032 7164321665 REMERICA HOMETOWN III 6231 N Canton Center Rd Farmington HIlls

Garden CltV

GORGEOUS Close to Farmmgton Elemen tary great location 3 bdrm 2 bath finished bsmt garage All updated top to bottom lust move 101 DENISE McGUIGAN 734-5644310 7343572012 REMERICA HOMETOWN III 6231 N Canton Center Rd

Garden City'


PERFECT STARTER HOME Completely updated InSide & out new carpet 3 bdrm 1 bath large fenced yard Great family neighborhood $109000 All offers consld ered 734 306 4311

Grosse POinte



By O"ner

PERFECT STARTER HOMEI Over 1 000 sq ff 21505 Jefferson Gorgeous SlOgIe family 3 bdrm 1 bath ranch Move n cond $140 900 24S 346 6049


GROSSE PDINTE FARMS br ck colon al 3 bdrm 1 1/2 baths fireplace hardwood floors 2 car garage $197000 furnished" Move in cond 313 433 5997

1Jy O"ner LIVONIA 2 5 bath 2600 sq tt wooded ravme lot 35034 Munger $334 990 734 464 6395 5 bdrm

It s All About Results Obsenrer & EccentriC







LICENSEO HOME DAYCARE IN LIVONIA HAS DPENINGS for children Playt me crafts star es & more' Open at 530 AM Claudia 243 476 2728

DIvorce Services ,

It s All About Results Obsenrer & Eccentric

lawn need cutting' We are the boys for you Three high school seniors 3 yrs exp Rei able w/references (24S) 442 0698

Sell it all with


NANNY/HOUSE MANAGER Experienced Needed long term year round n Nov! M F 730630 for 2 girls (12 & 10) Errands housekeepmg laundry IT salary & paid hall days Must have dependable ca non smok ng Call Kim 248 7S8 5716

ELDERLY CARE Seeking expenenced female for PIT live In NorthVille George 248 625 6396

UNITEO VENDING TRAILER 2003 Hunter g een base 85ftX16ft he ght 10ft A I alu mlOum outSide counter e ec tncal & plumbing extras ncl $15 OaO/best 2483474350

A !

Chlldcare Needed Please submit name address and telephone number to

Certified teacher available to tutor students grade K 8 ChrlS1y (734) 502 9864

SALES REPS BUSiness to business sales for fast growing offIce products company n Novi MI High earnings potential & great benefits package Send resume to [email protected] com


Ilismess Opporlumlles

CARETAKER/HOUSECLEANER Part t me to start Immediately Duties to Include but not limit ed to Dally chores carIng for elderly couple $812/hr Own transportation clean drivers Ilc & clean background For more Info call 734 377 2688



POSition Wanted

Offer onty Good Though June 22 2007

HOUSEKEEPER/ HDUSE MANAGER FT We are a large fam Iy w/a large home In need of a multi talented person to JOin our team The nght person for thiS lob w II be very organized ener getu: environmentally can SCIOUS dependable & flexi ble The lob offers 40 hrs per week Mon Fri w th occa s ana Sat hrs f you have a serIOus m,terest &/or have questIOns about the pas t on cal! 734 660 4696 btwn 8am 6pm or 248366 0118 btwn 6pm 8pm leave your name # & a good tlme to reach you & we Will call back to set up an Interview time Wage IS negotiable & Will be discussed dUring ntervlew


HtlMETOWN/ifacom (I) e



I '---------'



Best Buys Hotlist reveals 10 best bUyS 10 your specific prce range V sit 'PrlceslnYourArea Net or Free recorded mesage 1 SOO449 321B ID #2126 REtMAX Cass c 248 737 6800


44727 Enk Pass 5 bdrms 3 5 baths updated 2200 sq ft $250K Remenca Crossroads 734 453 8700 734 216 4398

wwwhometownllfe com


POLICY cable rate card (Copies are avaIlable from the advertising

Observer and

EccentriC News papers 36251 Schoolcraft liVOnia MI48150 (734) 591 0900) The

By Uwner

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NORTH ROYAL OAK Beautiful Updated Ranch Open Sun 1 4pm 1 100 sq ft 3 bdrm 1 bath ranch Close to BIrmingham 4702 Elmwood $215 400 248310 9905

DENISE McGUIGAN 7345644310 7343572012 REM ERICA HOMETOWN III 6231 N Canton Center Rd


LAKEFRDNT LIVING I ROYAL OAK Br ck 5 bdrm 2 bath fm shed bsmt cherry floors new kitchen/bath & stam tess appl fenced garage fireplace near to downtown Bommanto Group LLC 245601 1737

Walled lake


FARMINGTON HILLS Umque 19 colOnial loaded w/character & pnvate set trng 1st floor master su te Huge dlOlOg oom w hard wood floors over 3200 sq ft Garage has loft for stu dlo playroom or workshop Great kitchen w/skyl ghts 19 center Island $399 900 (248) 539 8700 Thompson Brown Realtors Wesf lloomfreld

Bv U'IIlt'1' 3 Bdrm 2 5 bath Large master bedroom w/ln closet laundry rm off kitchen beautifully land scaped w/ rnground pool newer cement Circular dr ve Move 10cond $259 000 248 561 3333

All sports Sugden Lake 2002 bUilt beauty 2400 sq ft 3+ car garage fantastic master su te summer s comlng!1 $499000

DENISE McGUIGAN 7345644310 734357 2012 REMERICA HOMETOWN III 6231 N Canton Center Rd




LAKESHORE LOFT CONOOS 2000 2800 sq ft 3 Single f ODr un ts n 3 story restored 1920s brick bUild Ing 10 histone downtown Marquette Michigan mcred Ibis Lake Super or views walk to beach manna restaurants grocery store bank shopp ng movie the atre museums library post office bike walkIng paths just out the door 5 mrnutes to golf downh II and x country skIIng NMU earn pus RegIOnal Medlcal/ Dental fac lilies 12 14 ft cell ngs n f oar heat 2 3 bedrooms 2 baths top grade fixtures finishes AC 400 sq ft storage In basement $560 000 $799 000 Available July 1 2007 9068695110

Bv U'IIlt'r NORTHVILLE Woodlands of NorthVille Luxury ranch In desirable locat on 2 bdrm 2 bath den/library great room first floor laundry 3 season porch 2 car bUIlt n 2002 1910 sq ft $410000248 596 9644 Agents Welcome PLYMOUTH 1 bdrm walk to downtown completely remo deled new stove fridge microwave Balcony & garage QUIetcomplex $92 500 Call (734) 207 7795 WALLED LAKE End unrt Immediate occupancy 1500+ sq ft Fin shed bsmt Huge loft bdrm w/ walk In closet plus 1 5 baths Wallslde Windows Asking $105900 Seller pays clos ng cost plus first month s mortgage Frnancrng avail Call Icrappt (248) 3213115 Manufactured Homes

R'~Jnodd ..d Repos


SpacIOus \q 980 sq ft

~ ~

UPOATEO RANCH Great 3 borm full fm sneo bsmt & garage In past 10 yrs new wmdows furnace sldmg gutters emode ad bath Dig oak kitchen & mo e



:e~~;~~e~a~:t ~


$19.500 ~ BeautIful \:

'/I I

980 sq ft \ 2 bed, 2 batb ~

BEAUTIFUL COLONIAL 3 bdrm 2 1/2 bath 2270 sq it livon a schools $287 500 734 658 2205 Virtual tour wwwhomesby n\J.Ifle f'omn <1~n7

DENISE McGUIGAN 7345644310 734357 2012 REMERICA HOMETOWN III 6231 N Canton Center Rd

:: Ii Uwner ROCHESTER IN TOWN Very nice 3 bdrm 1 bath arc attached 'garage fenced yd all appliances 343 Terry St $219 000 248 882 9534

for The Most Complete Rental l Listing In the Detroit "It's All About Area ... Look Results!" homewwnl(fe com NOfurther!

NICE 3 bdrm Brrck ranch full bsmt 2 car garge $124 000 6RICK RANCH Large Kitchen frnlshed bsmt as fireplace 2 car garage 145900 Century 21 Castelli 7345257900

Has for Sale Beautiful refur blshed like new mobile homes Use your tax refund for your down payment We Will finance the balance Call 734 721 7215 2555 Henry Ruft Rd Inkster MI48141


46 Break

1 Rolltightly 5 Fastens a parka 9 Used to own 12 Water In TIJuana 13 lIvy s bear 14 Wallach or Lilly 15 Those people

47 Victorian

WALLEO LAKE OPEN SAT 1 4 Bu Iders own home 300 ft Hawk lake front 3 bdrm 3 ceram c baths 2250 sq ft 4 Ig stalnl!d glass Win dows/Pella w ndows 6 acres $499 000 248 669 5264

Northern Properly

17 18 20 22 25 27 28 29 33 34 35 36

40 Wacky

Real Estate ""cllon







~ Won" Lnst Long ~

l:all Now! \ Lyon Woods


~ MobIle Homes ABSOLUTE AUCTION WED MAY 23 @1 PM Preview & Registration

55 -


(Claval! novel) 56 Poet s black 57 Very Informally 58 Every

59 Wealthy In Madnd

60 Dry plains shrub

DOWN 1 Not skinny 2 Yecchl 3 Street In Pans

4 Weakest as an 9 10 11 19

Lend a hand Klrghlz range DVD Insert Numero uno 21 - vous plait 22 Miles away

excuse 5 Language With clicks 6 Nest egg letters 7 Air pump mess 8 Anwar of Egypt


23 Farm Item


25 Cranbrook lane Adlacent

to the

Cranbrook Educat on Cornmun ty B oornflelds Hills M A prem e ust completed quality constructed 3 bed room 3 1/2 bath ove 3000 sq ft luxury estate home Will be sold to the h ghast b dder don t miss th s uOlque opportun ty Please call for f yer and detailed Information Midwest Real Estate & Auctions Dan e P KapudJlja Auct oneer Broke 1 800 459 1278 REAL ESTATE & PERSONAL PROPERTY AUCTION 4 Bedroom Home With 2 1/2 Bath • 2 1/2 Car Garage • Beaut ful Lot • Brick • Fireplace • Large family Room • Separate OlOmg • 1st F oar Laundry • Ale • Lawn Irrrgat on • Th s Home IS n clean Move 10 Condition Open House Tues May 15 & Tues May 22 5 6 PM Auction Sat June 2 11 AM 35498 Bristol St livonra MI Complete Details With pies @ Braunandhelmereom BRAUN & HELMER AUCTION SERVICE Jerry Helmer 734 3681734

FarmslHorse Farms

CHRISTMAS TREE FARM HOME & LIFESTYLE 10 acres energy effiCient home barn tractor and thou sands of perfect Chnstmas Trees $495 000 Mark 810 694 6080




Receive $5000 on a sin gle section or $7000 on a mult section towards your mov ng costs Plus pay only $279 per month for rent for 2 years 1 888721 8515 JOIN THE NEIGHBORHOOD


24 Tart 25 Broadcast portion 26 Ladder type 28 Bath powder 30 Wednesday 5

31 32 37 39

PIer cartoon shneks Vmtage Windshield deVIces 41 Web toed mammal 42 Puget Sound

By Uwner Sault SI Marie Area home Ig garage w/150 ft blacktop driveway 1 acre of beautiful land off snow mob Ie trail Quarter mile for many acres of govt land $55 000 f rm Days 906 440 4305 Eves 9066477403 Resort l VacatIOn



st 43 - carotene 44 45 46 49 50 52

River In ASia Hardware Item Vegas flval Kyoto sash Fabled bird Londoners brew 53 Remind too often 54 Pub pint

51074 Matt Rd (Between Geddes and Mlch Ave off of R dge Road) Skyl ne/Clayton Retal er (exp 5/31/07)

Selllt all with Observer &' EccentriC 1 800 579 SELL

HALE PRIVATE Lakafront 3 bdrm ranch 1100 sq ft club house 30 x 40 polelJarn near canoeing trails Wildlife $105000 989 257 5071 7347764152

Lots ~ AcreagejVacanl




Low move ayments



Secured by real estate 313 377 9547

GLEN EOEN MEMORIAL PARK L vania 3 pots for $2500 total 248 348 7495

0 e up


OAKLANO HILLS MEMORIAL GAROENS NOVI 1 lot & vault $850/best 352 873 3014









~ I ~:::::::::::::::"':::::::~:::::~ I

W B E A N R T Y U T M A T R N c R C A B B R L E T A L D F J C I WW C W Q u A Z E T y P

When seekmg ~ out the best deal check out "the Observer & Eccentnc Classlfleds


1 800 579 7355



a s

You don't have to fish for it, It's right here, from the front to the back of your

®bsenrer & l£ccentnt





mind bending puzzle Will have you hooked from the moment you square off so sharpen your penCil and put yoursudoku savvy to the testl

Here s How It Works Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 gnd broken down Into nine 3x3 boxes To solve a sudoku the numbers 1 through g must fill each row column and box Each number can appear only once In each row column and box You can figure out the order In which the numbers WI appear by uSing the numenc clues already prOVidedIn the boxes The more numbers you name the easier It gets to solve the puzzlel

!e~t,!!~ f!~a"n;in*g*e~»ra,,~ , no.~py

sudoku Th 5

2 8 8 6 2 4 6 1 2 8 1 3 4 6 5 9 4 8 5 9

as low as $82

******************** www bometnwnamertca

Like puzzles? Then you II love

4 7

Money To Loanjlorrow •

******************* All appliances mcludmg washer dryer & dishwasher Central an conditiOning Storage unit Walled Lake Schools Pet fnendly

Fun By The Numbers



4 2


ffteen (15) 1/2 acre res den I a ols H ghest e eval on n No t'1" e overlooks Stone Nate Paved a I ut t as 734 422 2577

New 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes for Rent or Purchase I

5 4


PARKVIEW CEMETERY Four lots Blk B Sect 306 $925 each Call 734 730 2362


CANTON 7013 Ccppar Crk 2 bdrm 2 bath 1314 sq ft Like new Remer ca Crossroads 734 453 8700 734 216 4398

Bv UWller

Cemetery lots




CANTON Owner financed 3 & 2 bdrm mobile homes as low as $100/mo plus lot rent Call J m (313) 277 1907


51 Long active volcano

42 Secret signs 43 Type of cake

Local news.


to PrevIous

48 Spht

38 Bottleedge 39 Candle



Sixth notes Grounded bird Tomato Jelly Cheapen Italian wine city Sure thing Egypban boy-krng Minerai deposit BOXing great Lemon cooler Mother rabbit Change decor





16 Placed

By U'luer

.... r



L.kefronl Properly



May 13 1007

!!$19.900 ~


Sacflflceto Settle Estatel 5436 Old Pond Way 4 Bdrm 4 Bath Br ck Colon al on 130 x 165 corner lot n W Bloomfield Lake Estates Sub 3158 sq ft plus 1000+ sq ft In walkout lower level 1 blk from private beach Prrced $80 000 under state equal zed value $259900 (248) 310 1993

BEAUTIFULLY REMOOELEO 3 bdrm home Downtown Plymouth Must see to appre clate $214900 Ca I Broker/Owner 734 634 5300


CASH FOR M061LE HOMES Pr vate party pays cash for Mobile Homes same day clos ng 248766 4702/248 961 3178


WALK DOWNTOWN from your new home Crown mo d ngs hardwood thru oul f n shed bsmt 'I aund y remod eled baths landscaped yard w Ig deck $229900 By appt 734 454 9354 OpenMay19&20 14

Mobile Homes

I Sunday


BX U'Iller


WESTLANO WONOERFULI Bnck ranch wi finished bsmt & 2 car garage 3 bdrm 1/2 baths updated & beaut fUI Front deck & back patIO!

White Lake





WESTLANO WONOERI 3 bdrm almost 1100 sq ft wi garage Updates Include roof kItchen bathroom wI JacuzzI tub Walking distance to parks & School CHERYL OOZIER 7343572032 7164321665 REMERICA HOMETOWN III 6231 N Canton Center Rd

All advertising pubhshed In the Observer and Eccentr c Newspapers IS subject to the condItIOns stated n the appll






Observer & EccentrIC

S A S P E A a E s T Q E A G E T U C a K L E L E S H A



6 S ~v 9 8 6 S E: 9 E: ~ L 8 G ~ 8 9 v E: L V L G 9 6 S 6 S E: 8 G ~ 9 ~ 6 E: L v E: 9 L G ~ 8 8 G v S 9 6 G





§ (J)



8 L 9 S v 6 6 S G 8 ~ E: 9 L v G 9 8 \7 6 S L E: ~



P a S I K T A R L A




...Z ~




~A 0 d A V H S vn a 'I a JMM )J 0 f d J n ~ ~ 11 a D VIIIIV 0 ~ N 1I ~ )J S a O~VW nA~ I S v a OdS V S N v

a 1I II !I. A 1I NW'l S 11 V 'I 1I va

~ a z SM I J a I v 'I 0 1I J 1I 0 J 0 0 ~ 1I S a aM



Observer & Eccentric I Sunday May 3 2007


www hometownlffe com

1~ 'I "

J 1 ,l


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f :llIi.\,i!' !I,~eI !n,~~ ,r1l!1: ~

rfE1rrHftJ:Z~ It





2.3L 14 engine, 5-speed auto transmission, P205/60R16 all season tires, air cond., speed/tilt wheel, power wlndows/ locks, pen meter anti-theft system, air bags dnver & passenger, 1st & 2nd row air curtains, fog lamps, 6-way power seat. Stock #72133 Was $19,705

NOW 818,113 * 80


,~1~r :.-,

\ t


~ Powerside windows conveniencegroup, Integratedfog lamps air 16 '"' Pref equippkg 507A 4L FF J8 elect or (, 4 spd auto 010 P255170RX17 OWL all terra n 3 55 rat ( I IT P axle 7150# CVWR pkg chrome step bar elec alloy wheels power locks 2 OL DOHC engme auto trans P205/50R16 shift on fly s d ng rea 'I ndo v t a er tON keyless entry 17 mach alum w/palnt SSW tires safety pkg anti lock brakes side Impact air bags weather accents pralT C oth cap a ns C.hd rs Stock #70357 Was $33 950 pkg heatedseats power heatedmirrors Stock #72337 Was $18,755

~®®7!J IlUIrM~





ALotumat cAr Ant lock Brakes Dual Air Bags Shaker 500 Audio Power Seat Power W ndow5 Power Locks Ent Upgrade Pro Speed



_rll dl"r-"i

~ capabllty


Stock f72424 Was $23,200


[email protected] ®~8,5!)@@@~



l' If



1, ~"

\ n








Power 6~waydnver seat 16 aluminum wheels floor mats privacy glass duratec 2 3L 14engine 4 speed auto 010 trans P235flOR16AlS SSW tires power moonroof with shade mlm~OH console w/sunglass bin sun and -sound rear cargo convemence group audphV6 CD In

dash/sat cap stock #80087 Was $22,830



4 wheel anti loc,k braking system (ASS) 3 5 LV G Duratec engme WIG speed auto trans power Windows/locks remote entry, air cond privacy glass speed control & tilt wheat advance trac wIRSC front & s de Impact aIr bags Stock #72714 Was $26,355

I~I', I

30L4VV6~~~!ne~~~ P215/65R17 ~ ssw tIres 5 19 rat 0 regular axle 50/50 3rd row spilt seat 60/40 spilt I R 3 passenger 2nd row 4 wheel anti lock braking ~ystem (ASS) power w:

wmdows/locks remote keylebs entry speed control/tllt & secunty package Stock #72218 Was $26,730



@@iJ)O [email protected][email protected]%11 ~10'&h ~. J ~~ ~ i~~ ~tIR\\l\\f.¥I





r 1 f



, ~


@!1 [[email protected]

i J I


'PIlIJ lax, \IlIe, U.......


+ PI1ces are f9r .. tumJng ........

AllappJlc\Ible rebole$lncluiled In pI1Ce *'24 Month Lease (36 Month Escape) lD,$OOmUos per Y8lI~Tax and plates exlra With approved oradll. ""Plan purchases and lease •• Security _ .... waived lQi'.1IIIIId buYen,'OlferasulljeCtlO cIlange due 10early print deadlines SUbject to availability, llolaU buYen will qualify lor lowest payments or APlllllllla _"'17-117 III•••••••••••• 4~v"'":!.ij~Qt~I~.1 ~:~~~z:~li QfI:;,~ om7




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