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Container and Pooling Solutions Specialised containers and container management solutions for use in a wide range of industries:

Automotive Containers (/containers/automotive/)

Aerospace Containers (/containers/ulds/) Outsourcing of ULD management allows airline companies to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Avoid double handling of parts as automotive components move directly from suppliers to manufacturer’s assembly lines.

Packaging systems, on-site management and logistics support for the storage and shipment of catalysts.

Non-Hazardous Liquid Chemical Containers (/containers/nonhazardous_liquid_chemical_containers/) Ensure your non-hazardous liquid chemicals are transported and stored safely & efficiently through all stages of the supply chain.

Catalyst & Chemical Containers (/containers/chemical/)

Food & Beverage Ingredients Containers (/containers/food_and_beverage_ingredients_containers/) Ensure food and beverage quality is always a top priority and regulations are adhered to with fully-managed container rental solutions.

Dry Non-Food Product Containers (/containers/dry_nonfood_product_containers/) Cut cost, eliminate waste and mitigate risk while storing & transporting your dry non-food products.

In addition Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) (/Containers/IBCs/) | Pallecons (/Containers/Pallecons/) are the standard for semi-bulk packaging; liquid containers (/Containers/IBCs/Liquid/), dry containers (/Containers/IBCs/Dry/), hazardous containers (/Containers/IBCs/Hazardous/) and horticultural containers (/Containers/IBCs/Horticultural/) are used widely in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and transport industries. Designed specifically to transport raw materials, they provide cost and quality benefits for a range of industries. In addition to the wide range of industries services, CHEP offers Container Management Services (/Containers/Container_Management/) and Container Tracking Services (/Containers/Container_tracking/). Contact CHEP the leader in Container and Pooling Solutions (/Contact_Us/)


CHEP Containers

Home (/) Services & Products (/services/supply_chain_help/) Containers Container and Pooling Solutions Specialised containers and container managem...

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