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10 Part Story (/user/stereoTypewriter) stereoTypewriter (/user/stereoTy… Ongoing - Updated Oct 24, 2014

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What will Noah do when she can't Copy, Paste, and Cut her life? © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved copy








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But that's not all... him for being a 'pervert'. the days 'till graduation had 17.8M 702K to be called Theo, is a hot shot football have to give him credit, No, he's the leader of the What would you do if become her crutch. player quickly climbing the charts and though. I didn't think he 397K second strongest gang in you were Maya? Her plans come to a earning many of the NFL scout's could discern so much. Most the country while Anastasia's || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction and Move to Mexico and screeching halt one watchful eyes. boys won't notice how dad is the first. #5 in Romance || change your name to Rico afternoon when she ends up He could care less about morals, or they're being seduced, all Anastasia's life isn't Melody Carson has been in the

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