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Customized Every App we create is customized to capture the look and feel of each the dealership and the manufacturer brand. The content, features and functions are personalized to each dealership to support your goals and strategies. Connect All the connections your customers need to your dealership and manufacturer serviced are located in one convenient location. Included are one touch calling to Roadside Assistance, a salesperson, or a service ice advisor.

View Inventory The inventory display from your mobile site will be seamlessly framed into the App, without the need to monitor or update separate inventory feeds.

Schedule Service Make it easy for customers to make service appointments. Whether your dealership uses an automated CRM based appointment system, email or phone. we've got it covered for your customers.

Sales and Service Specials Tell customers about your best deals and offers using our Specials function. This is one of our most widely visited content sections.

Track Service History Owners can easily keep track of their service history and receive reminders when their next service is due.

Push Notifications Engage your owners with information about dealership events, specials, surveys and happenings in the community. You'll be provided with a web portal where you can create messages with rich images, links and content.

Roadside Assistance One touch dialing to factory roadside assistance with GPS functionality that displays the users location.

My Vehicles Keeps all important vehicle information in one place. VIN, license plate, insurance policy, radio and navigation codes...even a picture.

Fuel Savings Calculator Today's cars and trucks have made significant gains in fuel economy which results in big monthly savings for customers considering a new purchase. Easily calculates that savings with a few simple touches.

Owner's Manuals Owner's can easily and quickly load owner's manuals and store on their device.

Sell My Car Engage with potential trade-in customers. Users snap a picture of their car, enter information and receive a quote from your manager.

More This section provides information about your dealership and access to other tools and functions.

Dealerbug. Connecting Dealers and Owners.

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Dealership Mobile Apps | Features | Dealerbug

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