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PUBLIC WORLDS Dilip Gaonkar and Benjamin Lee, Series Editors C L A U D 1 O L, O M N I T Z VOLUME 9 Claudio Lomnitz, Deep Mexico, Silent Mexico: An Anthropology of Nationalism VOLUME 8 Greg Urban, Category: Metaadture.- How Culture Moves tbrough the World VOLUME 7* Patricia Seed , American Pentimento , Tbe Documents Invention of Indians and the Pursuit of Riches VOLUME 6 De ep Me xico Si len t Mexi co Radhika Mohanram , ( Black Body : Women, Colonialism , and Space VOLUME 5 May Joseph , Nomadic Identities Tbe Performance of Citizenship VOLUME 4 Mayfair Mei - hui Yang, Spaces of Their Own. Womens Public Sphere in TransnationalChina VOLUME 3 An Anthropolog)r of Nati onal isni Naoki Sakai, Translation and Subjectivity On 'zapan"and Download Cultural Nationalism VOLUME 2 Ackbar Abbas, Hong Kong: Culture and the Politics of Disappearance VOLUME 1 ( Appadurai, Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization M IN PUBLIC WORLDS VOLUME 9 mexico-silent-mexico-an-anthropology-ofUNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS MINNEAPOLIS LONDON so TA NE ttibí:oteca S^axaleí a csio ra/R cur nationalism) Copyright 2001 by the Regents oí the Llniveisny of A1lnnesota Every effort was made ro obtain permission lo reproduce rhe illustations in this book. If any proper acknowledgment has not buen nade, we encourage copyright holders to notify us. The University of Minnesota Press gra te fulh aeknusrledges permission to reprint the following Report copyright An earlier version of chapter 1 appeared as Nationalism as a practica] System: A Critique of Benedict Andersons 1 ( of Natiu nolism from a Spanish American Perspeetive," in The Odre Minor Gmnd Theory tbrou96 Ele Lens of Latin America, edited by .Miguel Angel Centeno and Fernando Lúpez-Alves (Princeton, N. 1= Princeton Universiny copyright/deep-mexico-silent-mexico-anPresa, 2000), 329-59; copyright 2000 Princeton University Presa, reprinted by permission of Princeton University anthropology-of-nationalism) Press An earlier version of chapter 3 appeared as "Mudes oí Cltizenship in Mexico.° Pab1i1 )apure 1 1no 1 (1999. 209-93; copyright 1999 Duke University Press. An earlier version of () 31 adherente to and identification with such a Share: community Although the emphasis on the "imaginar)'" qualiry oí narional communities is redundant-all communities are imaginary constructs--Anderson's emphasis on nationalism's imaginary qualiry is mcant ro signal that nations ( ( ( ( ( ( (mailto:?&subject=Deep%20Mexico%20Silent%20Mexico%20an%20Anthropology%20of%20Nationalism&body=https%3A%2F%2Fvdocumen are not face-to-face communities, and therefore involve a charactetistic form of abstraction-' The imaginary quality of thc national community is also underlined for a political purpose, for Anderson is critica) of nationalism and so is Copy intent on showing its historical conti ngency and its "invented" natureUnderstanding the "community' hall of Anderson's dehnition is, perhaps, not as simple a matter, because community has a specific and limited Description connotation for the author "[the nation] is imagined as community because, regardless of the actual inequality and PUBLIC WORLDS Dilip Gaonkar and Benjamin exploitation that may prevail in each, the nation is always conceived as a deep comradeship. Ultimately it is this Lee, Series Editors C L A U D 1 O L, O M N I T Z fraternity that makes ir possible, over the past two centuries, for so many millions of people, not so much to kill, as VOLUME 9 Claudio Lomnitz, Deep Mexico, Silent willingly to die for such limited meanings" (7; my emphasis). This association between nationalism and sacrifice is Mexico: An Anthropology of Nationalism… consonant with Anderson's guiding preoccupation at the time he wrote this book, which was the troubling fact that socialist countries were fighting nationalist wars, showing that nationalism could provide a kind of comradery that ran deeper than the solidarities of shared class interese This led Anderson to investigate nationalism's secret Related documents


Deep Mexico Silent Mexico an Anthropology of Nationalism - Documents

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