Loading... Dejan Lucic: Serbian Conspiracies By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on July 3, 2016 Subtitled video, 2 hours of accusations against America We have two hours of video with closed caption translation covering everything from GMO poisoning to organ theft rings. We do not comment on what is or is not true other than what is obvious to us, that the US has been playing games with Serbia for some time. VT has a long and close relationship with Serbia although Mr. Lucic is NOT a VT Serbia staffer but we are told that he is widely admired in Serbia and "good people."

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SUBTITLES WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 00:00:26.140 --> 00:00:36.200 Good afternoon dear viewers. You are watching ‘’Infowarriors versus The New World Order’’. This is a highly pertinent broadcast. Our guest is Dejan Lučić. Dejan, good afternoon. 00:00:36.300 --> 00:00:37.500 Good afternoon. My pleasure. 00:00:37.600 --> 00:00:49.500 We have an exceptional cause for the today’s interview – the National Library of Russia (Saint Petersburg) has proclaimed you the most widely read non-Russian language author. 00:00:49.700 --> 00:00:57.100 The prize will be solemnly handed to you on the premises of ‘’The Russian House’’ — Russian Centre of Science and Culture, on June 28 (on Svetovid’s Day) at 6 p.m. 00:00:57.200 --> 00:01:08.100 That's right. ‘’The Russian House’’ on June 28 (on Svetovid’s Day) at 6 p.m. All of you are invited, the ceremony will take place in the Large Hall, there is enough room, I expect about 500 people. 00:01:08.200 --> 00:01:13.600 ‘’The Russian House’’ director will hand me the award plaque for being the most widely read nonRussian language author. 00:01:13.700 --> 00:01:32.100 For the novel ‘’The Chinese Revenge’’ I have received an award plaque and a charter award from the Chinese military attaché. 00:01:32.200 --> 00:01:50.100 I am the only spy novelist who has written a book on the Chinese Military Intelligence Service, which the Chinese liked. 00:01:50.200 --> 00:02:00.100 In accordance with that, Colonel Lee, at the time the Military attaché of the Chinese Diplomatic Mission in Serbia, handed me this charter. They were thrilled. 00:02:00.100 --> 00:02:10.500 I disclose there how they infiltrate their secret agents into New York, where the first generation doesn’t act at all. Not until the second one are they activated. 00:02:10.600 --> 00:02:27.100 In the book ‘’The Chinese Revenge’’, as far back as 2010, I unmasked the pharmaceutical mafia which is a criminal organization inventing both diseases and medications, thus earning enormous sums of money by exterminating us. 00:02:27.200 --> 00:02:35.300

My books include full names of the evil ones, which makes them conspicuous. 00:02:35.400 --> 00:02:45.300 Of course, nothing happened to me after the publication of the book since I have protection, which is known to you. 00:02:45.400 --> 00:02:51.100 You also know who protects me, preventing the rulers from the shadows and the pharmaceutical mafia from endangering me. 00:02:51.200 --> 00:02:57.000 Readers knowing azbuka (the Serbian script, wrongly referred to as Cyrillic) can find out secrets on time. 00:02:57.100 --> 00:03:07.500 Thanks to azbuka, Serbs are informed much earlier than all those not knowing our script. Azbuka has become our secret code system. 00:03:07.700 --> 00:03:26.500 In this program we try to unveil the truth, the genuine history and the essence of events we are exposed to. Now, thanks to you, these happenings are brought to light. 00:03:26.700 --> 00:03:36.500 Talking about China and Russia, many things are not that plain. I would say that they develop in the shadows. 00:03:36.700 --> 00:03:46.100 The newest meeting of the Bilderberg Group was held in Dresden, Germany, from June 9 to June 12. 00:03:46.200 --> 00:03:56.400 By the way, Dresden is a Slavic, i.e. a Serbian city inhabited by Upper Sorbs whom our kings used to bring here to work in mines. 00:03:56.500 --> 00:04:03.400 They are Slavs, Serbs who were declared Germans with fire and sword, the method later employed in the constitution of the Croatian nation. 00:04:03.500 --> 00:04:12.400 Queen of the United Kingdom and the House of Windsor are not German descendants, but Slavic, i.e. Upper Sorbian ones. 00:04:12.500 --> 00:04:15.100 That’s not a compliment, I would say. 00:04:15.100 --> 00:04:17.100 We are present everywhere. 00:04:17.500 --> 00:04:24.500 Henry Kissinger’s furtive arrival to the Bilderberg Group meeting in Dresden was taped. 00:04:24.700 --> 00:04:31.100

With the exception of the agenda item ‘’Current events’’, China was the major topic. 00:04:31.200 --> 00:04:48.200 Russia was placed fourth on the list. It is vital to comprehend the ongoing happenings, the elections in the USA, Hillary Clinton’s role. 00:04:48.300 --> 00:05:02.000 Email messages, having leaked out, completely divulged her involvement in numerous operations, particularly in Libya. 00:05:02.100 --> 00:05:15.000 Bill Clinton’s pathological sexual scandals have been meticulously elaborated. 00:05:15.100 --> 00:05:25.400 A well-known fact is that Hillary Clinton used to blackmail those women, victims of sexual maniac Bill Clinton. 00:05:25.500 --> 00:05:38.000 It is a criminal family. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton has been appointed a presidential candidate by the Bilderberg Group. 00:05:38.100 --> 00:05:43.200 Though, we discern numerous irregularities in the USA elections. 00:05:43.300 --> 00:05:58.500 You’ve already amazed the Chinese with the novel ‘’The Chinese Revenge’’. Your opinion on the previously mentioned is momentous. 00:05:58.700 --> 00:06:09.200 Well, we have to recall that the present China has been made by American Khazars and bankers. 00:06:09.300 --> 00:06:23.700 Once, during their visit to China, Henry Kissinger and Nixon offered it unlimited bank credits and its industrialization, as well as deindustrialization of the USA. 00:06:23.800 --> 00:06:34.000 During the last stage of American capitalism, imperialism, they had inferred that the USA wouldn’t be able to keep up anymore maintaining the same level of American workers’ salaries. 00:06:34.100 --> 00:06:44.500 They decided to transfer all the industry they could from the USA into China and the Chinese government gave a guarantee for those credits. 00:06:44.700 --> 00:06:55.500 National guarantees are always a challenge for bankers, so that the USA commenced transferring all old and new technologies into China, industrializing it. 00:06:55.700 --> 00:07:09.000 Now, of one billion and 300 million Chinese, only 300 million are engaged in the Chinese economic miracle, meaning that a billion Chinese are at disposal for various operations, even for some migration, if needed.

00:07:09.100 --> 00:07:16.100 Although powerful, China is weak enough to be attacked by the USA. 00:07:16.200 --> 00:07:28.500 If Americans wait a few more years, they will face military Great Wall of China, the future sovereign of the seas. 00:07:28.700 --> 00:07:39.500 Americans, currently being the lords of the seas, alongside the British, don’t allow anybody to shear them of power. 00:07:39.700 --> 00:07:45.300 The Chinese don’t aspire to govern all the seas, only the surrounding ones. 00:07:45.400 --> 00:07:56.800 Accordingly, Chinese ships trouble the Japanese in the north on the border with Russia and in the south on the border with Vietnam. 00:07:56.900 --> 00:08:03.500 They just implement what is logical and what they have come up with. 00:08:03.700 --> 00:08:26.300 By the way, Peter the Great was also building artificial islands, defending the city from Swedish ships; he built a kind of unsinkable fortresses, artificial islands, fortifications preventing Swedes from reaching Saint Petersburg. 00:08:26.400 --> 00:08:34.300 The Chinese apply the same technique - they build islands with airports, thus widening their borders, which can be the cause of a war, 00:08:34.400 --> 00:08:43.800 but Americans always find an excuse to attack – whether it would be in this case Chinese islands or a terrorist action for which they will accuse someone, it’s completely inconsequential. 00:08:43.900 --> 00:09:04.000 We witnessed that the September 11 attacks in New York, which were not Muslim operations, were used as the cause of the war against Islam adherents, having presented them as devils, now led by Erdoğan – indisputably, a puppet of the power behind the throne. 00:09:04.100 --> 00:09:13.000 They make him a kind of new Hitler designated to be the ultimate Russian and Chinese destabilizing factor. 00:09:13.100 --> 00:09:22.100 ‘’The National Intelligence Oragnization’’ (‘’Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı’’, ‘’MİT’’) is involved into terrorist actions in China, carried out by Chinese Uyghurs. 00:09:22.300 --> 00:09:37.100 Officially, there are 9-10 million Uyghurs, turkophone (they speak a variation of the Turkish language) Sunni Muslims who are linked to the Turkish National Intelligence Organization which is under British and American control.

00:09:37.200 --> 00:09:46.000 All terrorist actions that have happened in China have been conducted by Uyghurs with the Turkish intelligence service in the background. 00:09:46.100 --> 00:09:54.000 Terrorist actions being expected on Crimea are going to be executed by Crimean Tatars, also trained by the ‘’MİT’’. 00:09:54.100 --> 00:10:03.100 The Turkish intelligence service is exceptionally quality and capable and has unlimited sums of money at its disposal. 00:10:03.300 --> 00:10:10.700 It operates towards Bosnia, Kosovo and Metohija, as well as Raška region, these days called ‘’Sanjak’’. 00:10:10.800 --> 00:10:29.700 Thus, ‘’The Green Transversal’’ moves along the channels and rails of the Turkish intelligence service, the Turkish state and exorbitant sums of money received from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, protectorates of Great Britain, i.e. the British Crown. 00:10:29.900 --> 00:10:58.500 So many things are at stake and the majority of people witness and discern (even those whom the media mind control has turned into ‘’zombies’’) not even slightly naïve occurrences. 00:10:58.700 --> 00:11:25.500 It’s a fact that we are deprived of all rights. Organ Donation Presumed Consent Bill underestimates us. Its enactment is being prepared. 00:11:25.700 --> 00:11:33.500 Ongoing manipulation is making people be comfortable with this unbelievable, inhuman and dangerous concept. 00:11:33.700 --> 00:11:58.000 It started with the first appearance of large billboards imparting the bad news: ‘’This man (a photo provided) aged [a certain number] is waiting for his chance.’’. Those billboards, predominantly black and red which are the principal Satanic colors, immediately seemed sinister. 00:11:58.100 --> 00:12:11.300 It resembled someone’s gravestone. Two weeks later, other messages arose: ‘’This man is waiting for a heart transplantation.’’ 00:12:11.400 --> 00:12:33.200 So, there are: Organ Donation Presumed Consent Bill and a centralized bank of data. By January 1, 2017, electronic health ID cards will have replaced the old ones. 00:12:33.400 --> 00:12:59.200 We can assume what lies in store for us - we are being turned into spare parts for the ‘’Globalistan’’ and organ dealers. 00:12:59.300 --> 00:13:16.500 Also, our right of self-defense has been legally abolished, vaccination is mandatory and the Law of

Public Information and Media is inconsistent with democratic rights. 00:13:16.700 --> 00:13:24.000 Local media are being closed, which is again utterly incompatible with democratic principles. 00:13:24.100 --> 00:13:29.200 Mind control and mass media dumbing down are transparent. 00:13:29.300 --> 00:13:46.100 Concerning the Savamala (an urban neighborhood in Belgrade) case, the top state leaders are now justifying the seizure of the city area by mafia. 00:13:46.200 --> 00:13:57.200 All that cannot be a coincidence; previously, lex specialis had been adopted to authorize the forfeiture of people’s property. 00:13:57.400 --> 00:14:11.500 Expropriation is inexcusable. Many professionals, architects contested it, expounding on the hazards of the project. 00:14:11.700 --> 00:14:17.300 Islamic Jamahiriya is being created by destroying the historic nucleus of the city. 00:14:17.500 --> 00:14:49.500 Our lives and our property are in peril. How to thwart this lawful lawlessness? 00:14:50.000 --> 00:14:52.900 Serbia has been an occupied country from 2000 onward. 00:14:53.100 --> 00:15:05.800 There is an ongoing theater performance in which we can choose between political party A and political party B, but both of them carry out the same politics devised in the same center, i.e. London and Washington. 00:15:05.900 --> 00:15:08.800 They are converting us into complete slaves. 00:15:08.900 --> 00:15:22.100 For the sake of democracy we sacrificed our freedom. The elite around Milošević (a former President of Serbia) was betrayed. Those traitors betrayed Serbia and our freedom, as well. 00:15:22.300 --> 00:15:34.100 Some of them were enticed by pecuniary benefits, some of them wound up in the Hague, but the fact that we have been occupied from 2000 onward clarifies all happenings. 00:15:34.200 --> 00:15:54.900 The whole East is being transformed into a giant concentration camp for our extermination with the means of: planes releasing chemical elements, genetically modified food, imported without our knowledge, 00:15:55.000 --> 00:16:12.000 radioactively contaminated mineral water from the south of Serbia that is given to babies. I think

that ‘’Coca Cola’’ is made of that water, too; that’s ‘’Rosa’’. 00:16:12.500 --> 00:16:27.000 Baby food is also made of genetically modified ingredients; soya bean is GMO, prosciutto and meat imported from from Argentina is GMO. They kill us. 00:16:27.200 --> 00:16:35.500 And I, as a man of action, have realized that political parties are useless, all being under control. 00:16:35.700 --> 00:16:47.700 With friends of mine Slobodan Komazec and Jovan Deretić, I tried to establish Party ‘’Srpski preporod’’ (‘’Serbian Rebirth [Revival]’’). However, without money, it is tough. 00:16:47.900 --> 00:16:49.700 It’s impossible. 00:16:49.800 --> 00:16:55.900 It’s a Don Quixote’s mission, but we made an appearance in a certain way with the message: ‘’We exist, an alternative exists’’. 00:16:56.000 --> 00:17:03.800 Out of despair, I am addressing you who are watching this program, I am addressing you, yes, yes, you! 00:17:03.900 --> 00:17:16.100 Next year I will be a Presidential candidate, which seems foolish at the moment, but realize: either you will vote for Dejan Lučić who will spearhead the battle against globalism or all of us will be killed. 00:17:16.200 --> 00:17:20.800 What does Organ Donation Presumed Consent Bill bring about? 00:17:20.900 --> 00:17:36.200 It authorizes making young people of exceptional organ characteristics traffic accident victims who will be taken to a hospital for organ procurement. Their families will be told that they've died. 00:17:36.400 --> 00:17:43.900 They will hunt us the same way they hunted Negroids in the past. ‘’Safari’’, chasing body parts will be organized in Belgrade, in Serbia. 00:17:44.100 --> 00:17:49.800 It is an international business that I depicted in ‘’The Chinese Revenge’’. 00:17:50.000 --> 00:18:00.700 In all regions engulfed by a war vultures arrive, kidnap and transport people to secluded places where a surgical procedure is performed. 00:18:00.800 --> 00:18:14.100 Operations were conducted in ‘’Bondsteel’’ (the main base of the United States Army under KFOR command in Kosovo), not in the ‘’Yellow House’’. Organs of abducted people were taken out, one by one.

00:18:14.200 --> 00:18:18.300 In the meantime, they were well fed so as to maintain proper body functions. 00:18:18.400 --> 00:18:29.700 They were treated the same way as swine or sheep. This bill will legalize the hunt for Serbs. 00:18:29.800 --> 00:18:50.000 Digital IDs with a chip will be replaced at one point. The old chip will be superseded by a new one, enabling them to switch off a 19-year-old lady whose liver is someone's perfect match. 00:18:50.100 --> 00:19:04.300 She slumps to the floor, already prepared ambulance instantaneously arrives, they procure her organs, her parents are not permitted to see her, they sow up the body, provide the funeral at no cost. They will make some excuse. 00:19:04.500 --> 00:19:18.500 Hell is being prepared. What we are talking about is not a horror movie, it is dreadful reality, Serbia is a horror country of people gone numb. Everyone expects Putin to arrive and rescue them. 00:19:18.700 --> 00:19:26.500 Serbs have a proverb: "God helps those who help themselves". Putin won’t come unless invited. 00:19:26.700 --> 00:19:32.300 Do you think that these pro-American and pro-British political authorities are going to invite Putin? No. 00:19:32.400 --> 00:19:41.700 They visit Moscow only to anesthetize Serbs, so that we believe they are Russian men submitting reports to Putin. 00:19:41.800 --> 00:19:54.500 No, that’s deceit, they are British-American men and everyone our Prime Minister chooses is a foreign intelligence service collaborator, as the previous team of Boris Tadić was. 00:19:54.700 --> 00:20:00.100 Do you notice that nobody has been prosecuted for having been ripping off Serbia from 2000 onward? 00:20:00.200 --> 00:20:05.800 It doesn’t mean that this wasn’t happening under the presidency of Milosević – it was, but to date, almost everything has been sold. 00:20:05.900 --> 00:20:12.700 All that has remained are public utilities: water, electricity, telecommunication. 00:20:12.800 --> 00:20:16.100 People are compelled to submit the bill. 00:20:16.200 --> 00:20:25.100 Bus companies will be closed and sold. Now, they are about to sell bus company ‘’Severtrans’’ from Subotica.

00:20:25.200 --> 00:20:37.100 An order for the closure of the perfectly functioning company is alleged to have been given. Who has ordered the business dissolution? 00:20:37.200 --> 00:20:49.100 Someone having great incentive to purchase it, thus making Vojvodina inhabitants aggrieved at the situation. 00:20:49.200 --> 00:21:00.100 Hence, all of us have to assemble, to make a brotherly chain, to connect with one another and realize that we have to organize ourselves on our own. 00:21:00.200 --> 00:21:08.500 A sum of 5-6 million euros is needed in order to win the presidential election. Serbs are not able to yield it. 00:21:08.700 --> 00:21:15.700 Albanians are ready to collect money by raising loans and involving in drug and human organ trade. 00:21:15.800 --> 00:21:26.500 Albania is a supervised puppet state. Its artificial nation has been created by the West. 00:21:26.700 --> 00:21:39.200 Great Albania is going to be made. That country should be a segment of the Turkish Empire aiming at returning to the Balkans. Erdoğan, as I’ve already said, is the project representing a new version of Hitler. 00:21:39.300 --> 00:21:54.700 Certainly, Turks will get the short end of the stick, while Erdoğan will get away, just as Hitler did. He didn’t commit suicide in some cellar. Being a Rothschild, he fled to Argentina. 00:21:54.800 --> 00:22:05.100 Erdoğan is a Sephari Jew. Society ‘’Dönmeh’’ pulls the strings in Turkey. The society coordinates Islamic terrorism. 00:22:05.200 --> 00:22:17.500 Its opponents are Kemalists. Kemal Atatürk, another ‘’Dönmeh’’ member, was also a Jew from Thessaloniki who finished his education in Veles (FYROM) and, according to some sources, knew Serbian. 00:22:17.700 --> 00:22:25.800 He created modern Turkey. The English converted the Turkish Empire into the Republic of Turkey, a secular and much smaller country. 00:22:25.900 --> 00:22:38.500 The British aim of ruining Turkey was executed by: Lawrence of Arabia, Arabic rebels and ‘’Young Turks’’ movement which they had devised. The sultan was overthrown. 00:22:38.700 --> 00:22:44.500 Consequently, a series of Arabic countries was created so that oil could be more easily exploited, it being easier to govern smaller territories.

00:22:44.700 --> 00:22:52.700 Saudi Arabia was founded by English spy Kim Philby, thanks to whom the present-day royal house, a Jewish one, ascended the throne. 00:22:52.800 --> 00:23:00.800 Also, as the official religion, Philby imposed Wahhabism/Salafism, invented by Hempher in the 18th century. 00:23:00.900 --> 00:23:04.300 To conclude, everything is a nice scenario that is not learnt at school. 00:23:04.500 --> 00:23:19.000 Not even historians are able to unveil the truth since history is learnt on the basis of documents. And one wanting to commit a crime doesn’t leave traces of the act. 00:23:19.100 --> 00:23:29.000 The Armenian Genocide in which around 1.5 million Orthodox Armenians were exterminated hasn’t been studied in history. 00:23:29.100 --> 00:23:41.700 Alongside Armenians, 150,000-300,000 Greek, Syrian and other Eastern Orthodox Church adherents were killed and nobody has ever been prosecuted for that. 00:23:41.800 --> 00:23:49.100 Likewise, nobody has ever been nor will anyone ever be charged for the extermination of 1,300,000-1,500,000 Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia. 00:23:49.200 --> 00:24:02.900 A kind of torment is listening to ‘’Radio Free Europe’’ (or something like that) satanizing Serbs, which is broadcast on ‘’Studio B’’. 00:24:03.100 --> 00:24:14.700 Sputnik’s reports are impartial, while Western media fiercely attack Serbs. We are put the blame on for all the wars. 00:24:14.800 --> 00:24:24.500 Pay attention to the manipulative technique – while Russian media reports are dispassionate and accurate, Western media ones are downright mendacious. 00:24:24.700 --> 00:24:33.500 Being deprived of ‘’Sputnik’’ and consequently, the opportunity to distinguish between the fact and fiction, you are incessantly exposed to false information, that you retain. 00:24:33.700 --> 00:24:43.800 Now that it is engraved on your mind, you start accusing yourself. We blame ourselves for being genocidal. 00:24:43.900 --> 00:24:49.700 We, genocide victims, are labeled a genocide nation. 00:24:49.800 --> 00:25:00.700 The number of people killed in Srebrenica (400 of them) skyrocketed to over 8,000. Hundreds and

hundreds of Serbs were killed by Naser Orić. 00:25:00.800 --> 00:25:27.500 Needless to say, one having killed someone else’s daughter or wife can expect a revenge - that slaughter was not committed by an Iranian mujahid, but by a neighbor led by Naser Orić, a CIA agent, the reason for which he is not subject to the law. 00:25:27.700 --> 00:25:39.300 The Hague Tribunal found him not guilty. Nobody has been held liable for killing Serbs. On the other hand, Serbs, having avenged themselves, became a siniser nation. 00:25:39.400 --> 00:26:00.200 Media war waged against Serbs is conspicuous. The so-called Srebrenica massacre doesn’t match any definition of a genocide, as stated by many experts. 00:26:00.300 --> 00:26:11.500 We are deliberately glued this epithet for the sake of Serbia’s conversion into Islamic Jamahiriya without any resistance. 00:26:11.700 --> 00:26:21.300 There is one more reason for that: the thesis is that Serbs are genocidal, the antithesis is: Serbs should be punished. 00:26:21.400 --> 00:26:33.700 Recall that the whole Muslim world came to kill Serbs. So did today’s Russian allies Iranians who had a military unit which was beheading our compatriots. 00:26:33.800 --> 00:26:45.100 Nowadays, Iranian intelligence agency ‘’VEVAK’’ is extremely influential in Sarajevo. Its agents and American ones are in conflict. 00:26:45.200 --> 00:26:51.800 As expected, the USA fears VEVAK’s impact on events in Bosnia ad Herzegovina. But, both parties used to slay us. 00:26:51.900 --> 00:27:01.900 Why was VEVAK slaughtering us? Khomeini is an English project. The official version of the story is that he was brought from Paris. 00:27:02.000 --> 00:27:10.100 The Khomeini taken abroad didn’t have one finger and by the time he returned, it had regenerated, the trick having already been conjured by Tito. 00:27:10.200 --> 00:27:24.300 I was in Qom, a city considered holy, and visited Khomeini’s house, where I spoke to his elder brother, the brother of the genuine Khomeini. 00:27:24.400 --> 00:27:33.000 The Khomeinis are an old, honorable, educated family, but the Khomeini brought to Iran has nothing to do with the one having been taken abroad. 00:27:33.100 --> 00:27:42.000

Formerly, Shah Pahlavi had been enthroned by CIA. Before that, Iran had been governed by ‘’The Tudeh Party of Iran’’, a communist party led by Mossadegh, 00:27:42.100 --> 00:27:55.700 later overthrown by Americans and the British, after which they brought the Shah who launched ‘’The White Revolution’’, educated the Iranian people, prohibited drug trade, but permitted alcohol. 00:27:55.800 --> 00:28:08.500 Then came Khomeini who forbade alcohol, but allowed drug trade on request of ‘’The Committee of 300’’ who has been conducting drug trade all around the world. 00:28:08.700 --> 00:28:26.100 It’s of paramount significance to comprehend the current occurrences and we will try to discuss some of them in the interview. 00:28:26.200 --> 00:28:53.000 Our viewers strike me as being of the opinion that the human being is not a cloth, a coward, someone accepting everything, one who can be bought, one who easily forsakes the road of righteousness. 00:28:53.100 --> 00:28:56.200 But, the number of such people is small. 00:28:56.300 --> 00:29:07.300 Generally, they comprise only 5% of the world population. The so-called five-percent theory implies that only 5% of people are capable of devising a plan and putting it into action. 00:29:07.400 --> 00:29:18.300 Ninety-five percent of people can either implement someone else’s ideas or only come up with one of their own, unable to put it into practice. 00:29:18.400 --> 00:29:21.400 So, compute how many Serbs there are in this percentage. 00:29:21.500 --> 00:29:33.700 We’ve reached a ticklish subject. Only recently have I heard this term: ‘’corruption by commodity’’. 00:29:33.800 --> 00:29:42.700 There are 250 academics in Serbia who receive 1,000 euros monthly to be silent. 00:29:42.800 --> 00:29:51.800 Likewise, there are 250 directors and their assistants in various institutes who also have 1,000 euros a month to keep their mouth shut and connive at all the wrongs of the authorities. 00:29:51.900 --> 00:30:04.700 Do you notice that intellectuals have ceased to criticize anyone? Under Milosević, every intellectual considered saying something against the government, that was undemocratic, a matter of honor. 00:30:04.800 --> 00:30:12.700 But, their being able to express their point of view proves the regime libertarian.

00:30:12.800 --> 00:30:21.100 During his rule we had freedom, maybe not democracy. Later, we got counterfeit democracy and lost freedom. 00:30:21.200 --> 00:30:36.100 At the end, we will be deprived of our lives, our children will be taken away. Fifty percent of the young are infertile. 00:30:36.200 --> 00:31:02.500 When speaking of intellectuals, Noam Chomsky emphasizes that intellectuals are inconceivably deceitful people of financial-oriented conscience. 00:31:02.700 --> 00:31:23.500 No change can be made without students and the support of peasants. It’s inconvenient to attack the young, compromising the repressive government apparatus. 00:31:23.700 --> 00:31:31.200 When enough peasants with tractors join them, every regime in Serbia falls. 00:31:31.300 --> 00:31:47.100 So, hungry peasants and their children, students should unite and come to an agreement to change the regime on their own. 00:31:47.200 --> 00:31:56.100 Yes, yes, you students who are watching this, tell your parents and grandparents that it’s their turn to support you. 00:31:56.200 --> 00:32:09.000 Students can demonstrate as long as they wish; if the regime is clever, they won’t use force against them. But, when peasants, arriving in tractors, back them up, our victory is ensured. 00:32:09.100 --> 00:32:15.000 Never has the regime in Serbia been changed in a democratic manner, always by an overthrow, 00:32:15.100 --> 00:32:22.500 starting with ‘’The May coup d'état’’, orchestrated by the ones having great incentive to do it (they were not Serbs), 00:32:22.700 --> 00:32:33.100 then Tito ascended to Presidency with the arrival of Soviet tanks, Milosević assumed office after ‘’The Yogurt Revolution’’ 00:32:33.200 --> 00:32:46.800 and on October 5, 2000, the previous occupying regime came on the wings of ‘’CIA’’ and ‘’MI-6’’. Tomislav Nikolić appeared when the American ambassador ordered Boris Tadić to depart. 00:32:46.900 --> 00:33:02.100 Accordingly, if you want to die, don’t complain. If you want to live, if you oppose seizure of body parts, child abduction, simulated traffic accidents for the purpose of organ procurement, Serbs, wake up! 00:33:02.200 --> 00:33:10.500

I am the one to spearhead our fight, leading all clever and courageous Serbs! Dejan Lučić! 00:33:10.700 --> 00:33:13.300 Dejan Lučić – our guest in the today’s ‘’Infowarriors’’ broadcast 00:33:13.400 --> 00:33:22.700 We are announcing a lecture of paramount significance that is about to be delivered in ‘’Sedmorečje’’, Serbian school of prehistoric archeology. 00:33:22.800 --> 00:33:29.500 The lecturer is Goran Šarić, Ph.D. who is going to talk about metaphysics of Vinča and the contemporary religion. 00:33:29.700 --> 00:33:38.900 Most of the present events in this region seem to stem from the absence of the knowledge on the genuine history. 00:33:39.000 --> 00:33:41.100 Just to say: after that, we are continuing our interview. 00:33:41.200 --> 00:34:01.100 Yes, we are. I think Tamara Komazec, an Oriental philologist and the founder of the school of the prehistoric archeology, is on the line. 00:34:01.200 --> 00:34:07.900 It’s Simonida speaking. 00:34:08.000 --> 00:34:27.100 We are currently in ‘’Sedmorečje’’, its address is: 31,Terazije. A fascinating brilliant young person is going to deliver a presentation, the first in a row. He is a real gift to our city and country. This is Goran Šarić. 00:34:27.200 --> 00:34:51.800 Although from Istra, he spends a lot of time in Serbia, which is no wonder, since we have archeological sites: Lepenski Vir (Lepen Whirl), Vinča, Troja – the ‘’layers’’ of the genuine or, as a friend of ours Vesna Pešić says, the initial Europe. 00:34:51.900 --> 00:35:07.100 This lecture is named ‘’Metaphysics of Vinča and the Contemporary Religion’’. What is peculiar is that Goran Šarić has graduated from the Catholic theology and Philosophy, 00:35:07.200 --> 00:35:44.500 so that he can deal with the old cults even from these aspects, but not in the way employed by most Christian dogmatists (whether being Orthodox or Catholic). 00:35:44.700 --> 00:36:05.800 The next presentation dedicated to the spiritual heritage of Vinča is named ‘’Vinča and the Newest Genetic Researches’’. 00:36:05.900 --> 00:36:07.300 Goran Šarić on the line

00:36:07.400 --> 00:36:26.500 Can ‘’The New World Order’’ be defeated without a broad knowledge on the genuine history and everything that has been kept secret for a long time? Even now, it is concealed in the metaphysical plan. 00:36:26.700 --> 00:36:37.700 Of course, it cannot. Vinča is the key of the victory over ‘’The New World Order’’ because the Vinča community was comprised of awakened individuals united into the collective field. 00:36:37.800 --> 00:36:49.100 Opposed to what ‘’The New World Order’’ offers the humanity today – atomization, small families, isolated individuals depending on the system, 00:36:49.200 --> 00:37:04.900 Vinča offered the opposite – an individual who was awakened, conscious, at the same time a community member, not for a coercive mechanism, but for the sake of being united in the collective field. 00:37:05.000 --> 00:37:13.000 How much does this concern some energies, inaccessible to the humankind, because they are strictly controlled? 00:37:13.100 --> 00:37:27.900 Can we speak of the doors that open on certain areas of the planet, leading directly to the higher spheres of existence? 00:37:28.000 --> 00:37:35.500 How do you see this problem from the point of ‘’The New World Order’’ and current happenings? 00:37:35.700 --> 00:37:49.400 Well, the facts that Serbia makes 2% of the European mainland and that 70% of all bird species inhabit the country speak enough of the energy of this area. 00:37:49.500 --> 00:38:06.500 Second, Lepenski Vir (Lepen Whirl), Starčevo, Vinča, in the continuity, live among us even nowadays, through their spirit, cult, mindset. 00:38:06.700 --> 00:38:15.000 There is a continuity of another approach to life, an alternative to ‘’The New World Order’’. 00:38:15.100 --> 00:38:27.900 I would say that it is a cosmic battle that has been lasting for millennia due to attempts coming from the West – attempts to create uniformity, a totalitarian state. 00:38:28.000 --> 00:38:41.000 On the other hand, there is the spirit of freedom, the school of improvisation, ‘’Let it be what cannot be’’, which was offered by Vinča, by Illyrians, our ancestors. 00:38:42.100 --> 00:39:09.200 You are in a regular correspondence with geneticists, first of all, with Klyosov who, on the basis of genetic analyses, proved what had been attempted to remain hidden – the fact that Slavs have

always been here. 00:39:09.300 --> 00:39:24.500 ‘’The New World Order’’ disciples have been trying to condescend to the truth about the origin of the people from this region. 00:39:24.700 --> 00:39:38.500 The newest data of genetic researches are fascinating, stranger than fantasies for all the people accustomed to the history the Vienna-Berlin school, imposed on us at the end of the 19th century. 00:39:38.700 --> 00:39:59.700 Genetic researches show that we are autochthonous here, from the beginning of time and that there is a continuity in genetics and spirituality, I would add in the language, too. 00:39:59.900 --> 00:40:23.100 A scientific conference combining mystics, esotericism and New Age is going to be held in Zagreb. Who will be the participants? 00:40:23.200 --> 00:40:40.000 Has Krešimir Mišak, the author of one of the most watched and the most important programs on the Balkans (i.e. Helm), the program ‘’Na rubu znanosti’’ (‘’On the Edge of Science’’), arrived to Belgrade? 00:40:40.100 --> 00:41:01.700 We have arrived together. The subject of the fair will be ‘’Illyrians’ awakening’’. Our autochthony and continuity will be presented for the first time in Croatia since this subject is completely obscure there. 00:41:01.800 --> 00:41:42.500 I assume that you are running out of time now. I am inviting all our viewers to head towards ‘’Sedmorečje’’, 31, Terazije, Belgrade. Thank you! 00:41:44.000 --> 00:41:53.100 I would like to add something – ‘’Sedmorečje’’ is located in the building called ‘’Igumanova palata’’ (‘’The Igumanov’s Palace’’), 00:41:53.200 --> 00:41:58.900 the term only indigenous Belgradians are acquainted with (it’s not ‘’Komercijalna banka’’, as the vast majority believe). 00:41:59.000 --> 00:42:10.900 There are a few locations in Belgrade that only indigenous citizens know what they truly are, two of them being - the already mentioned ‘’Igumanov’s Palace’’ right across the other one, 00:42:11.000 --> 00:42:46.100 ‘’Protokol’’, where the Agreement on the Creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was signed. Those old names have been forgotten. 00:42:46.200 --> 00:43:06.500 A great number of questions for you have been arriving and since the program is being broadcast live, we find them highly valuable.

00:43:06.700 --> 00:43:21.500 We witness the decimation of kafanas (a distinct type of local bistro). Kafana ‘’London’’, an institution, has turned into a Croatian ‘’Idea’’ (a store of Croatia’s largest supermarket brand). 00:43:21.700 --> 00:43:53.500 ‘’Aman’’ stores sprout at every corner in all those beautiful buildings made by patriots with such love and ardor – our architects between the 2 wars. 00:43:53.700 --> 00:44:00.500 Recently, they have been turned into ‘’Aman’’ and ‘’Idea’’ chain stores. Please comment on this. 00:44:00.700 --> 00:44:07.800 The method is always the same – destroy the place of the rebellion. Kafana is a place where people gather up to talk about politics. 00:44:07.900 --> 00:44:18.800 All Serbian revolutions were created in kafanas. Recall that Apis’ ‘’Crna ruka’’ (‘’Black hand’’, a secret military society led by Apis) was formed in a kafana. 00:44:18.900 --> 00:44:28.700 Apart from the attack on the kafana as the place of assembling political dissenters, libraries have also been deteriorating all around the world. 00:44:28.800 --> 00:44:51.500 As if they were old, unimportant, books representing the previously accumulated knowledge, have been disposed of and replaced by insignificant ones. 00:44:51.700 --> 00:44:59.900 If you wish to borrow Henryk Sienkiewicz’s ‘’In Desert and Wilderness’’ from a library, the librarian will answer that they don't have this title. 00:45:00.000 --> 00:45:07.100 Or if you wish to read ‘’The Islamic Republic of Germany’’ by Dejan Lučić, you will be told it has been borrowed, 00:45:07.200 --> 00:45:15.300 which is not surprising, considering that libraries have only few copies of my books, for they are subversive, but they can be bought in ‘’Laguna’’ (a publishing house). 00:45:15.400 --> 00:45:34.200 And when someone tells me that she/he cannot afford it, I reply that every reader of mine is exceptionally intelligent and such person always comes up with a solution – he piques curiosity of someone who buys it and lends it to him. 00:45:34.300 --> 00:45:49.700 That is the basic weapon of the ‘’infowar’’. In this program we wage a war at the knowledge level. Your books are a must-have. 00:45:49.900 --> 00:46:04.700 I find financial support to our efforts a matter of the utmost importance, without which our work and its enhancement would be impossible.

00:46:04.800 --> 00:46:17.100 If we improve our performance, we will shortly become rivals to mind-controllers. 00:46:17.200 --> 00:46:43.100 An ever-increasing number of people have been telling me that they cannot stand any more newsstands. They wage a Satanic war through newspapers – the worst things are written with enormous letters. 00:46:43.200 --> 00:47:04.500 Every day you see there that a woman has hanged her child in the attic, which, naturally, nobody checks. All of that is served on purpose. 00:47:04.700 --> 00:47:15.700 I will reveal you a secret – I don’t read newspapers, nor do I watch TV. I get informed on Facebook – write to me on the profile with the picture of me wearing sunglasses. 00:47:15.800 --> 00:47:21.100 I get informed this way. And I am considered very well informed. 00:47:21.200 --> 00:47:27.300 So, I don’t need the official ‘’Dnevnik’’ (‘’The evening news’’), nor do I need TV with its repugnant program. 00:47:27.400 --> 00:47:36.300 nor do I need their newspapers where the story of a woman’s murder has been lingering for months as if there were nothing nice happening in this country. 00:47:36.400 --> 00:47:42.800 Pay attention to manipulative techniques – except from newspapers not showing any positive event in Serbia, have you ever seen on ‘’Dnevnik’’ 00:47:42.900 --> 00:47:54.000 that an exhibition has opened in Banja Luka (the largest city of the Republika Srpska entity), or that a literary evening has taken place in Bijeljina (the Republika Srpska entity)? 00:47:54.100 --> 00:48:01.700 As if the Drina River were the Great Wall of China. Should we forget our compatriots? 00:48:01.800 --> 00:48:13.000 When Bosnian Muslims, supported by Turks, head the Republika Srpska, we are expected to say: ‘’Serbs over the Drina River are not our concern. They are Bosnians’’. 00:48:13.100 --> 00:48:21.900 The same tactics were employed during the Brussels Agreement on Kosovo and Metohija. At the time, I heard many people saying: ‘’We lost Kosovo a long time ago.’’ 00:48:22.000 --> 00:48:30.200 ‘’And sold it’’. How can anyone sell something belonging to someone else? Even Tito couldn’t accomplish that. 00:48:30.300 --> 00:48:38.200 We will return to the Savamala event, but the viewers have been asking questions.

00:48:38.300 --> 00:48:53.000 ‘’If Kandić, Biserko, Milo, Bakir, already proven friends of the Prime Minister Vučić, are characterized as the enemies of Serbianhood/Serbianism, how could the Prime Minister be considered ours, Serbian?’’ 00:48:53.100 --> 00:49:02.500 Dostoyevsky gave the best answer to that; it’s something like: ‘’A bad company is like a tobacco smoke, you cannot be in it, not smelling of it.’’ 00:49:02.700 --> 00:49:10.500 And who does Vučić work for? How long did he spend in training centers? 00:49:10.700 --> 00:49:17.100 It’s evident that he wages a special war against Serbs, which is not his idea, no matter how much they represent him as an intelligent man. 00:49:17.200 --> 00:49:25.700 He is manipulative, but this concept has come directly from Langley, ‘’The Tavistock Institute’’ and the like. 00:49:25.800 --> 00:49:34.300 He requested ‘’BIA’’ (‘’The Security Information Agency’’) to issue him a confirmation of not being a foreign agent, but he forgot to mention that it had been under British and American control since 2000. 00:49:34.400 --> 00:49:53.700 They could’ve issued him a death certificate or whatever he pleased. They are slowly letting him go down the drain, preparing to impose on us a more engaging person, better labeled among Serbs. 00:49:53.800 --> 00:50:01.900 To my knowledge, it’s Vuk Jeremić. Having grown up in London, he became an English agent of influence. 00:50:02.000 --> 00:50:07.500 He has been built an image of a handsome, intelligent patriot, one having liaisons in the world. 00:50:07.700 --> 00:50:16.700 If he is not appointed Secretary-General of the United Nations, he will be my opponent in the next year’s presidential election. 00:50:16.800 --> 00:50:26.400 Upon hearing that presidents are void of power, recall Milošević. Likewise, regardless of his official function, Putin has always been pulling the strings. 00:50:26.500 --> 00:50:36.700 Milošević ruled from whichever office he assumed, too. Therefore, the explanation that the Constitution doesn’t give enough authority to president Tomislav Nikolić is misleading. 00:50:36.800 --> 00:50:46.700 He executes what has been agreed upon, he is the custodian of the office chair for his successor, more capable and ambitious than he is.

00:50:46.800 --> 00:51:05.800 I am now inviting Tomislav Nikolić, by the way, my opponent on the next presidential election, to attend the award ceremony in ‘’The Russian House’’ on June 28, at 6 p.m. 00:51:05.900 --> 00:51:18.700 Tomislav Nikolić was a winsome man while being a student of Šešelj’s. When Vučić was given the role of Šešelj’s disciple, he shared his political views. 00:51:18.800 --> 00:51:40.500 However, such people are ‘’moles’’ who spin a yarn, convincing us into their sincerity, after which they implement wishes of the rulers from the shadow. Why are they so obedient? 00:51:40.700 --> 00:51:54.200 They've been appointed political figures thanks to this quality. They were educated and programmed that way with the ‘’brain building’’ technique, formerly called brain washing or indoctrination, training. 00:51:54.300 --> 00:52:04.500 The second cause is, as I’ve ascertained, a huge amount of money held in escrow for every politician executing their ideas. 00:52:04.700 --> 00:52:23.100 Usually, those sums of around 25 million euros are kept in a ‘’Berkley bank’’ branch office, which you can discover by hacking. 00:52:23.200 --> 00:52:39.100 Everything can be disclosed, Serbs can hack, I think it is a new kind of guerilla warfare. In times gone by, the means of revolutions were kalashnikovs, now superseded by Youtube. 00:52:39.200 --> 00:52:53.000 If you share this interview a thousand times, you will open someone’s eyes so that he will start watching this program. Our power lies in our connection. 00:52:53.100 --> 00:53:02.200 If we don’t support one another, if we apply what we’ve always been taught – Serbs in hell don’t need any controller - they, by themselves, pull one another to the bottom. 00:53:02.300 --> 00:53:12.500 We mustn’t be like this anymore, we must look up to the Jewish people, we have to help one another and see our good side, by ceasing looking for flaws. 00:53:12.700 --> 00:53:24.300 A famous anecdote of mine is my trip to Santa Monica, Los Angeles in 1989. By the time, I had written only ‘’The Secrets of the Albanian Mafia’’ (‘’Tajne albanske mafije’’) and ‘’Barbarity in the Name of Christ’’ (‘’Varvarstvo u ime Hristovo’’). 00:53:24.400 --> 00:53:36.100 With Dragoljub Živojinović, a recently deceased academic, a brilliant Serb, I wrote ‘’Barbarity in the Name of Christ’’ on the Serbia-Vatican relations 1900-1946. 00:53:36.200 --> 00:53:47.700

Fifteen-twenty Serbs having gathered in Dragoljub’s villa, one of them told me: ‘’Lučić, I’ve found one mistake in your book’’. ‘’I don’t care’’, I thought. (The book has 900 pages.) 00:53:47.800 --> 00:53:59.700 But, what I am emphasizing – he read the book in order to find some flaw. Of course, it wasn’t a mistake, it was his conviction that I shouldn’t have mentioned that Stepinac had helped a few hundred Serbs to survive. 00:53:59.800 --> 00:54:10.500 If I hadn’t done that, I would have compromised the rest of the book describing Stepinac’s direct and indirect involvement in crimes of Ante Pavelić, an English agent. 00:54:10.700 --> 00:54:23.100 Stepinac is about to be declared a saint by Vatican. So will be Pavelić in a hundred years. Vatican is both Russian and our enemy. 00:54:23.200 --> 00:54:49.900 I have to teach you to peruse matters by means of intelligence glasses. Putin is an intelligence service agent, he doesn’t act the way common people believe he should, but in the manner of an agent rescuing his country. 00:54:50.000 --> 00:55:20.100 If the world’s greatest force - the USA ,with its NATO troops encircling Russia, is going towards it, what does Putin’s secret society ‘’Stavka’’ propose him? ‘’Talking with friend is pleasant, talking with enemies is useful’’. 00:55:20.200 --> 00:55:42.100 Therefore, he sent Russian Patriarch Kirill to talk to Pope Francis, thus giving Vatican an opportunity to approach Russia, which Vatican craves for. But, there is the factor of time. 00:55:42.200 --> 00:55:54.900 In order for the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church to achieve that, a lapse of 15/20/30 years is needed, while the war is on the threshold (if another one with the Chinese doesn’t flare up first). 00:55:55.000 --> 00:56:15.500 By offering cooperation to Vatican, Putin prevents it from fighting on the enemy’s side, just what Aleksandar intended with ‘’The Concordat’’ – to neutralize Vatican, being aware of its aspiration to destroy Yugoslavia using Croatians and the upcoming war. 00:56:15.700 --> 00:56:27.200 Playing with Vatican is not even slightly naïve, especially with the Black Pope taken into consideration. 00:56:27.300 --> 00:56:49.900 Everything is a brain game. Having a good intelligence service and a good team of pundits, you can outplay Jesuits. Weak links in Putin’s milieu are Khazars who are the 5th and 6th column. 00:56:50.000 --> 00:56:59.500 To which extent do Khazars hold the reins of economic power? 00:56:59.700 --> 00:57:14.000 Khazars have enormous power in Russia. Nevertheless, not all Khazars are its enemies. Half of

them are Russia’s greatest friends, e.g. Aleksandr Dugin is a Khazar and greater Russian that many Russians. 00:57:14.100 --> 00:57:27.200 Khazars have always been divided into those who support Russia and those who destroy it. What did shrewd Putin do? I repeat – always wear intelligence glasses to observe events. 00:57:27.300 --> 00:57:56.500 With an experienced agent General Viktor Filatov having suggested cooperation with the Jewish people, i.e. Khazars, Putin addressed them: ‘’Gentlemen, Americans are preparing to destroy Israel in order to settle you in Khazaria. 00:57:56.700 --> 00:58:12.100 If you intend to swoop on Russia, you’ll remain unprotected. At one point in the future you will be circumvented by enemies, Iran and the Arab world, that will squash you before you manage to escape’’. 00:58:12.200 --> 00:58:25.200 Putin offered them to settle in Russia on time, before the outbreak of a civil war in Europe, commencing in France and continuing in Germany. 00:58:25.300 --> 00:58:39.700 Having published ‘’The Islamic Republic of Germany’’, I was proclaimed insane. No, Dejan is informed. Craftiness is the feature of a good agent. 00:58:39.900 --> 00:59:01.500 We are trying to inform our viewers what to do, how to prepare for the incoming period. 00:59:01.700 --> 00:59:06.300 First, we have to restore our army immediately. 00:59:06.400 --> 00:59:15.200 How to do that, having the country in this state and politicians being the Trilateral Commission’s pendants? 00:59:15.300 --> 00:59:23.500 Through hunting associations, as it has always been done, through camp training of the young. 00:59:23.700 --> 00:59:25.200 Who will organize that? 00:59:25.300 --> 00:59:47.000 We, by ourselves. In my book ‘’A Manual for the Seizure of Power’’ (‘’Conspiracy Theory’’, volume 1) I expound the whole process, but one cannot learn everything on ‘’Youtube’’. 00:59:47.100 --> 01:00:00.000 I elaborate there that a secret society ‘’Kosovo Oath Keepers’’ should be established with its members infiltrated in all political parties, especially the treacherous ones, where they make career progress by working hard and flattering the boss. 01:00:00.100 --> 01:00:09.200 As soon as you reach the municipality or city committee, connect with one another.

How do Kosovo oath keepers recognize one another? 01:00:09.300 --> 01:00:20.500 Masons have a distinctive way of handshaking and secret passwords, and Kosovo oath keepers’ identification sign are tears in the eyes upon mentioning Kosovo, which cannot be feigned. 01:00:20.700 --> 01:00:40.700 Mr. Vojvodić gave an excellent definition pertaining to Montenegro: ‘’A Montenegrin not being a Serb must be a bastard’’. 01:00:40.800 --> 01:00:54.500 A similar definition of Serbs can be given: A Serb not having Serbia, Kosovo and the wholeness of Serbia at heart, must be someone’s bastard. 01:00:54.700 --> 01:01:04.300 Greetings from a viewer: ‘’I support Mr. Lučić’ presidential candidacy.’’ 01:01:04.400 --> 01:01:21.300 With the support of all of you and God’s blessing I will be elected and all together we are going to re-establish the country from the beginning, including judiciary, our police force, etc. 01:01:21.400 --> 01:01:26.300 Do you know how I would discover all thieves among police officers? 01:01:26.400 --> 01:01:50.100 We will answer viewers’ questions, after which you will present us the basics of your presidential program and your solutions for our problems. 01:01:50.200 --> 01:02:02.300 A viewer’s question: ‘’Would you ask the Chinese to send 10,000 ‘’steel’’ greetings to the power behind the throne?’’ 01:02:02.400 --> 01:02:18.900 Obviously, the viewer has read ‘’The Revenge of the Chinese’’, the core of which is a warning of the Chinese and the Chinese secret society, addressed to the rulers from the shadow, where they stated: 01:02:19.000 --> 01:02:27.300 ‘’If you intend to wage war against China, we are unwilling to fight the American Army, comprised of those who are unaware of what they do. 01:02:27.400 --> 01:02:41.000 We are going to kill you at home. To be taken seriously, we are sending you the corpse of William Bennett, a CIA agent who marked the Chinese embassy in Belgrade a target in 1999. 01:02:41.100 --> 01:02:56.500 On the 10th anniversary of the attack of the Chinese embassy, i. e. the Chinese territory, William Bennett was thrashed with hammers. The Chinese are a serious nation. Reproaching them is dangerous. 01:02:56.700 --> 01:03:26.700 China’s role throughout history, especially within the New World Order is complicated. Those

criticizing Hillary and Bill Clinton point to their numerous deliveries of the state-of-the-art weapon to China. 01:03:26.800 --> 01:04:05.200 Besides, China possesses American bonds and buy a substantial amount of gold from Rockefeller’s Treasury. China develops its infrastructure around the world. The Chinese nation doesn’t benefit from that. 01:04:05.300 --> 01:04:32.200 Actually, a big experiment of the New World Order and its need for depopulation is carried out in China by the one-child policy, generating the monstrous outcome. Gunther von Hagens promotes his ‘’spectacular’’ work. 01:04:32.300 --> 01:05:07.300 He applies his plastination technique on convicts executed in China, turning them into joyful sculptures, running like Olympic Games participants or death theater actors. 01:05:07.400 --> 01:05:09.300 Satanism 01:05:09.400 --> 01:05:35.000 Most of these corpses are from China. Also, the Chinese build robotic companies and enormous cities, urbanize villages, implement ‘’Agenda 21’’. 01:05:35.100 --> 01:05:59.500 I’ll give you an example with Stalin, an agent of ‘’The Okhrana’’, a secret police force of the Russian Empire, a branch of which was ‘’Sveta družina’’, comprised of 26,000 members – military and police officers, intellectuals, judges, etc. 01:05:59.700 --> 01:06:15.100 Stalin contributed to Lenin’s death, after which he eliminated Trotsky, another pretender to the presidential position. He couldn’t change the plans of the rulers from the shadow, but he was able to modify their details. 01:06:15.200 --> 01:06:36.200 Those ruling from the shadows wanted Stalin to destroy the USSR. He preserved it, made it a serious country that even produced an atomic bomb and won the war, by losing 26 million inhabitants, which has never been reimbursed. 01:06:36.400 --> 01:06:45.200 However, he preserved the ‘’ship’’. To my mind, the Chinese situation is similar. 01:06:45.300 --> 01:07:02.200 The power behind the throne appeared in China at the time of Xiaoping, a Chinese reformist who modernized the country, but we shouldn’t forget how communism had entered China in the first place. 01:07:02.300 --> 01:07:10.900 It was introduced into China via 10,000 (as I remember the figure) Jews arriving in Shanghai from Brooklyn who established a branch office of ‘’Yale University’’. 01:07:11.000 --> 01:07:22.000

Pay attention: a branch office of ‘’Yale University’’ – as it were a night school, where they educated two groups of the Chinese. One group was taught communism, the other one nationalism. 01:07:22.100 --> 01:07:33.100 Their best exponent of the communism doctrine was Mao Zedong and the best nationalism school disciple was Chiang Kai-shek. The two of them fought the Japanese. 01:07:33.200 --> 01:07:46.100 The Japanese military wonder had been made by Wall Street bankers, Khazars. The USA had given Japan military technology and built Japanese weapon companies at the end of the 19th century. 01:07:46.200 --> 01:07:59.000 In 1905 Japanese officers, trained in West Point, alongside Japanese soldiers defeated the Russian emperor in the Battle of Port Arthur and Kuril Islands. 01:07:59.100 --> 01:08:06.200 While I was writing a new book titled ‘’Death Professors’’ (it will be a sequel, the first volume will be published probably in autumn), 01:08:06.300 --> 01:08:22.000 I discovered that the Russian emperor hadn’t lost the battle in 1905. A diversion having already been created in Russia, he didn't even start it, didn't transport troops to the Far East. 01:08:22.100 --> 01:08:44.200 Shadow rulers started administering the project, a ‘’Russian Spring’’ which hindered the war waged in Manchuria. All in all, the Japanese military wonder was created by the Wall Street bankers. 01:08:44.300 --> 01:09:01.200 The American lobby through Hillary and Bill Clinton, who are just its promoters, sells weapons for exorbitant amounts of money and makes biggest profits when a war breaks out. 01:09:01.400 --> 01:09:10.300 American ships approaching China as much as they can compel the Chinese to buy enormously expensive state-of-the-art technology. 01:09:10.500 --> 01:09:25.300 Hillary and Bill are like fashion models, sale promoters, not the organizers. At one point, they were given a historical role. 01:09:25.300 --> 01:09:45.200 Many crimes should be ascribed to them. They, alongside Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, should be held liable for those crimes. 01:09:45.300 --> 01:09:57.700 Soros, actually Schwartz, is a Khazar. As long as the Rothschilds exist, all the wars have been financed by them, which doesn’t mean that they reign. 01:09:57.800 --> 01:10:12.300 They are shadow rulers’ bankers, but the ones most apparent. With Soros being his main aide, Rothschild has financed both Hillary and Barack Obama. 01:10:12.500 --> 01:10:29.200

Thus, everything is a game and what is intriguing is that Russians and Russian Khazars are always involved because, as I’ve already said: one has to approach his enemy as much as possible in order to be informed. 01:10:29.300 --> 01:11:01.200 Whose agent is Oleg Deripaska? Putin’s or Rothschild’s? He attended the celebration of Milo Đukanović in Montenegro. Whom is he more afraid of? 01:11:33.100 --> 01:11:45.200 It is crucial to say that the power behind the throne fears us, folks. I repeat all the time: they are petrified of mobs and firebrands. 01:11:45.300 --> 01:11:51.000 It is an entirely alienated group of people living in a totally different world. 01:11:51.100 --> 01:12:02.300 They move, they have to go to the sea somewhere. Do you know what impeccable technique does the Turkish intelligence service use? 01:12:02.500 --> 01:12:20.100 If a significant person, one ought to be eliminated, is swimming in the sea, two divers are assigned to pull him down. ‘’The man has drowned’’. Natural death, isn’t it? 01:12:20.200 --> 01:12:35.900 How were eliminated those who had been raising the Srebrenica issue: Zoran Petrović, Zoran Jovanović, the pathologist who died of a cardiac arrest in the Hague? 01:12:36.100 --> 01:13:02.100 Natural deaths are chemically induced. If a greater dose of heart disease medicine is taken, death occurs in two hours. Causing cancer is an old story which I elaborated in ‘’The Rulers from the Shadows’’ in 1994. 01:13:02.300 --> 01:13:19.500 I explained how Turgut Özal died. He had a pacemaker and technical emission caused its arrest. That’s the reason why people having pacemakers mustn’t go through airport X-ray scanners. 01:13:19.700 --> 01:13:49.100 One more way of killing people: someone intending to kill person A at the airport will press a button under the table and the radiation intense is multiplied to the atomic one; the victim is affected by cancer. So, just keep on flying. 01:13:49.200 --> 01:14:03.100 How was Zoran Petrović killed? All the mentioned people were of immense significance, irreplaceable. 01:14:03.300 --> 01:14:13.500 Yes, but the issue is not brought up by journalists. How was Borka Vučić killed? The same way as Princess Diana, isn’t she? Who has benefited from that? 01:14:13.700 --> 01:14:32.200 The one who went to Cyprus, following the trace of money. And who is that? Dinkić. Where did the money from Cyprus go? Into Russia, in ‘’Sberbank’’. Is he its regional director with a great salary?

Yes, he is. 01:14:32.400 --> 01:14:51.000 Are you acquainted with the ‘’Sberbank’’ ownership? Half of it belongs to Russia, the other half to the Rothschilds who are only the bankers of the Black Nobility, whose representative is known to you. 01:14:51.200 --> 01:15:03.500 It’s Agnelli, the ‘’Fiat’’ owner, a friend of Henry Kissinger’s. Dinkić, during his visits to New York, used to meet Kissinger, one of Putin’s counselors. 01:15:03.700 --> 01:15:10.200 He should have come to Serbia. Health issues are said to have prevented him. 01:15:10.400 --> 01:15:14.100 Kissinger is an honest agent. 01:15:14.300 --> 01:15:16.100 A monster. 01:15:16.400 --> 01:15:20.100 The terminology ought to change, he is a mastermind. 01:15:20.200 --> 01:15:39.100 They advocate depopulation through food and vaccines. 01:15:39.300 --> 01:15:47.100 Vaccines are mandatory in Slavic countries of Eastern Europe, while being optional in Western Europe. 01:15:47.100 --> 01:15:54.300 There are pecuniary fines for disobeying the law. 01:15:54.500 --> 01:16:29.200 Mandatory vaccination has been introduced without any resistance. ’’Torlak Institute’’, in which we had confidence, was sold so that our children would be injected anything. 01:16:29.400 --> 01:16:44.700 I don’t know whether you noticed exceptionally vile justification of autism in a cultural appendix published at the end of April. 01:16:44.900 --> 01:17:05.500 Not analyzing the nature of this disorder, its growth curve etc., it talked of stem cells as a potential solution. 01:17:05.700 --> 01:17:25.100 Adjacent to this text, there was a column on an American philosopher who, having been pondering over the accumulated problems, offered a solution, the biggest sponsors of which are pharmaceutical corporations. 01:17:25.300 --> 01:17:37.200 Autistic children are supposed to be new ‘’laboratory rats’’ for those ‘’solutions’’ and organ donors.

01:17:37.400 --> 01:17:49.200 They pursue the genocidal policy with the aim of reducing humankind to 500 million people and there is no complaint. 01:17:49.400 --> 01:18:00.000 The French who has always been rebels throughout history don’t object. Neither do the British, they all remain silent. Absolute control is exerted over intelligence services. 01:18:00.200 --> 01:18:15.300 Wouldn’t be normal that one executes those preparing genocide over the planet: Biil Gates, the Rothschilds, pharmaceutical mafia that systematically destroys humankind? Everyone is just a spectator. 01:18:15.500 --> 01:18:25.500 Germany is about to replace paper money, which they justify: ‘’It has proved a good idea in Sweden, therefore must be implemented in Germany, too’’. Who says so? It doesn’t have to. 01:18:25.700 --> 01:18:34.500 Their explanations are more and more senseless, people are being more and more stupid. 01:18:34.700 --> 01:18:46.900 In Serbia only on Youtube and small televisions channels do we have a chance to say something. I find Youtube a means of combating the New World Order. 01:18:47.000 --> 01:18:56.400 The latest meeting of the Bilderberg Group was about the Internet control. 01:18:56.700 --> 01:19:11.800 They misled themselves with Youtube, Facebook. Not using Facebook strikes me as funny. I find out everything there. I am connected to over 8,000 people on 2 accounts; also, I have, as kids use to say, a fan page. 01:19:11.800 --> 01:19:24.300 I keep on saying: ring me up on +381 (0)64 33 05 375. Those of you who would like to invest in me, reach me on this number. 01:19:24.700 --> 01:19:35.500 Via Facebook I receive information from Canada before any intelligence service. Since my readers and Youtube viewers trust me, they keep on informing me. 01:19:35.700 --> 01:19:57.500 Strange and miserable is the country where a spy novel author is trusted more than intelligence and counterintelligence services, which implies nonexistence of the state. The absence of fear among people implies the absence of the state. Instead of being the protector of its citizens, it is their tyrant. 01:19:57.700 --> 01:20:19.200 Did it happen in communism or capitalism or everything is the same story? The state seems to terrorize the nation, while politicians are just puppets of a greater power, on behalf of which they convert us into numb robots. 01:20:19.400 --> 01:20:32.200

by means of ideologies, political theories, lies, promises: ‘’We are forwarding communism’’. ‘’No, we are heading socialism/Non-Aligned policy/We are doing this/We are doing that’’. They always pull tricks on us. 01:20:32.500 --> 01:20:48.500 Our factories, built thanks to American credits, employing cheap Yugoslav labor, were selling intermediate goods to Germany which was reselling them to the USA. Everything is a virtual reality. 01:20:48.700 --> 01:20:55.000 Genuine economy is political economy, not a market economy which dwindled away in the same manner it ascended. 01:20:55.300 --> 01:21:09.500 They somehow ‘’ascertained’’ that we were incapable for this or that, even for being engaged in agriculture. A dual education system, the dumbing-down of the school system, was introduced. 01:21:09.700 --> 01:21:20.100 I’ll give you a formula for discovering whether your doctor cares about you or finds you an object. Simply – trace the money. 01:21:20.300 --> 01:21:31.900 If your doctor attends various seminars in Spain, Portugal, France, be aware that he has sold his soul. 01:21:32.100 --> 01:21:38.100 He doesn’t attend conferences for his professional development, but for great daily wages and for having fun in an upscale hotel, 01:21:38.300 --> 01:21:59.100 after which, being a pharmaceutical mafia agent, he is obliged to sell enormous amounts of new medications with ever increasing price, which have to be imported. 01:21:59.300 --> 01:22:16.100 Slađana Velkov is blamed for explaining that sungazing reduces the need for food. If they had been able to crucify her, they would have done it. The hunt for Slađana Velkov is of tremendous proportions. 01:22:16.300 --> 01:22:19.100 I know her and highly respect her. 01:22:19.400 --> 01:22:41.100 We will answer one question: ‘’Mass media are the most immense force. Would Dejan Lučić as the president urge that internet radio ‘’The People’s Power’’ receive a national frequency?’’ 01:22:41.300 --> 01:22:57.100 Of course, all who has supported my fight for the people’s freedom will get what they’ve deserved. What they have been doing voluntarily up to now, they will continue, this time backed up by the state. The same applies to peasants. 01:22:57.300 --> 01:23:13.800 If I get appointed President, I will designate Slobodan Komazec, an exceptional economist, as the

head of the government and all peasants will get a credit as big as needed to organize production. 01:23:14.000 --> 01:23:22.000 They won’t be compelled to repay it in a few years, they will be returning it kind: raspberries, strawberries, cherries. 01:23:22.300 --> 01:23:41.000 Also, the state will purchase products at guaranteed prices and I will ensure the foundation of a new kind of ‘’Generalexport’’ (‘’Genex’’) with its cold storage that will purchase agricultural goods and export them to Russia and the BRICS members. 01:23:41.200 --> 01:23:48.000 I have no intention to sell Serbian goods, the best in the world, to those hating us. No, I will be selling them to those liking us. 01:23:48.200 --> 01:23:50.000 To Native Americans, Aboriginal tribes, ... 01:23:50.200 --> 01:23:53.500 They were all victims of the New World Order. 01:23:53.700 --> 01:24:19.400 Savamala – an expropriation project for the sake of Islamic Jamahiriya, a ‘’Rockefellerian’’ city for which there is no architectural, historical, aesthetic nor economic ground. 01:24:19.700 --> 01:24:34.200 Everything was aimed at transferring money and providing another elite smart technology city. 01:24:34.400 --> 01:25:19.000 Lex specialis, contrary to law, was adopted, property was forfeited and the state swoops on people remaining on these sites. This mafia strategy and tactics cannot be applied if they weren’t a part of a peculiar kind of war against humankind. 01:25:19.200 --> 01:25:41.000 Our Prime Minister Vučić has stated that everyone involved is going to be prosecuted, which he refuted in another statement: ‘’I would also crush the objects with an excavator.’’ 01:25:41.200 --> 01:25:57.000 This implies he is a dictator who is allowed to do whatever he wishes without repercussions. The aim was a test of people’s patience. 01:25:57.200 --> 01:26:14.200 The American method of conquering the West by killing Native Americans, having proclaimed them scalp-taking savages, thus justifying their extermination, was applied in Savamala. Its victims are our ‘’Native Americans’’. 01:26:14.500 --> 01:26:28.700 The same tragedy can strike anyone, thanks to the dictatorship of Vučić, his oligarchy and his controllers, rulers from the shadows and no one will oppose it. 01:26:28.900 --> 01:26:43.100 It’s like a Catholic priest’s story: ‘’When Hitler chased communists, not being one of them, I didn’t

rebel. When he hunted Protestants, I didn’t oppose. Now, when he swoops on Catholics, there is no one to fight it’’. 01:26:43.200 --> 01:26:57.700 Therefore, Serbs, this is the point when Dahije (the renegade Janissary officers) are ruling. I remind you that Milenko Stojković is an ancestor of mine 01:26:57.800 --> 01:27:10.500 and my aunt grandma Ilka Marković shot at King Milan Obrenović in a church for having executed his husband Jevrem Marković, Svetozar’s brother. 01:27:10.800 --> 01:27:27.100 Gentlemen, dahije are governing, whether you notice it or not. You will soon when they knock at your door. Whether there will be another Slaughter of the Knezes by the Dahije, we’ll see. 01:27:27.300 --> 01:27:34.500 There are always new knezes in Serbia, the rebellious, at least among my readers. 01:27:34.700 --> 01:27:51.000 Tens of thousands of those reading my books use their head and know how to fight, but the crucial thing is to connect with one another through secret societies within the system 01:27:51.200 --> 01:28:12.000 the police, the gendarmerie, the remnants of: our army, our intelligence and counterintelligence service, ‘’The Military Security Agency’’, ‘’The Security Information Agency’’, to connect with those who shed tears over Kosovo. 01:28:12.500 --> 01:29:09.000 What happened at the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony? The tunnel connecting Erstfeld, Switzerland with Bodio, Italy broke all Guinness records with its 57-kilometer line passing through the Alps and its 2300-meter depth under the mountain. 01:29:09.100 --> 01:29:23.200 The construction lasted 17 years, ending a year before the deadline, which is proudly emphasized. 01:29:23.400 --> 01:29:33.200 Like the cost of Đilas Bridge construction. 01:29:33.400 --> 01:30:01.200 3200 kilometers of copper cables were used. The tunnel construction was enabled by technological progress. They employed four-football-pitch long drills that drill the mountain, simultaneously concreting to prevent erosion. 01:30:01.500 --> 01:30:38.000 Though, nine workers died. The overall cost was 12 billion Swiss francs, 20% more than planned. The New World Order presents it as a fight for environmental preservation, since traffic roads will be unballasted. 01:30:38.200 --> 01:31:02.500 Nevertheless, everyone could celebrate technology, human mind, progress, if there were not the opening ceremony, attended by the leading European trust, with a Satanic performance, as in the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

01:31:02.700 --> 01:31:34.200 The Satanic symbolism is transparent: Lucifer’s appearance, his adoration, robotized workers etc. Having reached the end of the tunnel, at the moment when the Eye of Providence showed up on a large screen, they started an orgy. 01:31:34.500 --> 01:32:04.500 On one hand, there are numb workers, on the other hand a mob prone to lascivious behavior, all displayed in two scenes – the former one in the tunnel with baby Lucifer. Everything is so transparent. 01:32:04.700 --> 01:33:00.000 Participants of the opening ceremony, estimated at 8 million euros, comprised 600 dancers, lots of acrobats, technical effects stuff. They even received ovations of Angela Merkel and other leaders. What meaning does this event convey? 01:33:00.200 --> 01:33:17.200 The message is clear – Satan has defeated God. They clearly say they practise Satanism blatantly, treat us a common mob incapable of organizing themselves into a rebellion force. 01:33:17.500 --> 01:33:37.500 They are convinced we are going to be just observers, bleating and believing in divine salvation. They state that God will not rescue us, that we are going to be minced, squashed, slaughtered like sheep. 01:33:37.700 --> 01:33:45.500 Serbs are not sheep, Serbs are going to fight, saying historical ‘’No!’’! 01:33:45.700 --> 01:34:05.200 Conceive this kind of human stupidity: four soldiers with twenty bullets lead a hundred untied people (or tied ones, but able to escape) who don’t run away – s h e e p ! 01:34:05.500 --> 01:34:23.000 WE have to wake up! WE are the force! WE are invincible, WE, people, WE have to move the world, WE can liberate Serbia, we ARE ABLE TO DO THIS, we WANT THIS, we DESIRE THIS and we have to organize this. 01:34:23.100 --> 01:34:38.500 If you trust me, Dejan Lučić, we will break free! If you trust the leading politicians whose work you are acquainted with, you will be slain as sheep while rulers from the shadows will be arrogantly laughing at us! 01:34:38.700 --> 01:34:59.100 One by one will die, oblivious of the chance he could’ve grabbed – Dejan Lučić, your man, your chance, the chance for Serbia – if you trust me. And if you do, we will succeed, I promise! 01:34:59.300 --> 01:35:12.800 A question for you: ‘’Does Mr. Lučić believe that he can win the presidential election in the system conducted by Brussels and Washington?’’ 01:35:12.900 --> 01:35:27.200 If you support me, not only tapping me on the shoulder, but financially, too, I can succeed. If you

just watch and share my interviews, our lives are about to be over soon. 01:35:27.400 --> 01:35:30.900 How to organize financial support? 01:35:31.100 --> 01:35:50.800 I don’t know, I am asking for it. I have graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, not the Faculty of Law. Politics has a very clear formula: a man, an idea plus money equals the result. 01:35:50.900 --> 01:35:54.900 We have people, we have the idea, the missing factor is money. 01:35:55.100 --> 01:36:09.400 Our capitalists don’t realize that if they don’t invest in me, they will be unable to spend their profit, first of all, paper money will be abolished, making all the fortune squirreled away worthless. 01:36:09.500 --> 01:36:22.300 The other reason is that they will be killed in the generic slaughter of Serbs, they will be new Savamala victims. Let’s name this movement ‘’The Movement for the Liberation of Savamala’’. 01:36:22.500 --> 01:36:33.100 I concur on that. Liberating Savamala stands for the elimination of every violation of our rights. 01:36:33.400 --> 01:36:54.200 Savamala is an ongoing issue, but the same is going to be applied to: Dorćol, Stari Grad , Vračar (urban neighborhoods in Belgrade), city surrounding area, expensive land all over Serbia, where your house will be proclaimed redundant and crushed. 01:36:54.200 --> 01:37:04.500 Like it happened to Native Americans. I am expecting the New World Order to distribute us blankets contaminated with a strain of virus. 01:37:04.700 --> 01:37:21.300 New strains of bacteria and viruses, not affected by any antibiotic, appear. 01:37:21.500 --> 01:37:32.300 Bill Gates states blatantly that they will reduce the number of people on the planet with vaccines and diseases. They create diseases and fake vaccines that cause other diseases. 01:37:32.500 --> 01:38:01.300 I am observing the presidential campaign in the USA. A kind of politician we haven’t had in politics for a long time – Trump, a billionaire possessing TV companies, has shown up. 01:38:01.500 --> 01:38:05.300 He is married to a beautiful Serbian-speaking Slovene. 01:38:05.500 --> 01:38:17.300 He has a conspicuous method of thinking and functioning, he is not prone to control, a trait common to both of you. 01:38:17.500 --> 01:38:34.800 Roger Stone, I would say, the most brilliant mind for political campaigns, is among Trump’s

consultants. 01:38:34.900 --> 01:38:52.900 Versed in the New World Order, he wrote books on the Clintons, their war against women, on the Bushes. He is a brilliant man of great intelligence, he has social liaisons, and even takes care of his style. 01:38:53.100 --> 01:38:58.500 Provide me with his phone number, I’ll contact him. 01:38:58.700 --> 01:39:29.200 We have to connect – Trump-Lučić-Putin. Why are you laughing? This is logical. ‘’The New World Order’’ opponents should get united and help one another. Trump has money, I have the idea, Putin has power, therefore: Putin-Lučić-Trump. That’s not funny. Get me his number, we will negotiate and start implementing our ideas. 01:39:29.500 --> 01:39:50.500 Committees should be established in every country fighting slavery and planned genocide – I’ve already founded ‘’The Serbian Committee of 300’’. The same should be done in Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria. 01:39:50.700 --> 01:40:08.500 Three hundred intelligent and influential people should gather up in order to solve the problem. Three hundred intelligent and influential Serbs will solve our problems. Do you think that the current political leaders could ask me for a favor? No. 01:40:08.700 --> 01:40:20.300 How to judge a politician? Ask yourself which one of them you would invite to your slava? (‘’slava’’, meaning ‘’celebration" is a Serbian tradition of the glorification of one's family's patron saint.) Nobody. 01:40:20.500 --> 01:40:35.300 Do you want anyone among them for your son-in-law? No. Does anyone have a career, has anyone done something that has qualified him for leading the state? No. 01:40:35.500 --> 01:40:50.300 All of them are tricksters without career, liars, more or less intelligent. At every election they mislead the nation with lies and deceits. 01:40:50.500 --> 01:41:00.500 Recall Boris Tadić, recall his last convention when he announced that he would feed Serbia with excellent, cheap GMO food. 01:41:00.700 --> 01:41:07.500 He assumed office with the story on 500,000 new vacant positions, but it turned out that he thought of 500,000 dismissals. 01:41:07.700 --> 01:41:26.300 If Albanians/Turks/migrants head toward Serbia, Tadić should be prosecuted for having destroyed our army. All the Ministers of Defense since 2000 are war criminals for having abused their mandates to destroy ‘’The Serbian Armed Forces’’.

01:41:26.500 --> 01:41:38.300 We don’t have the Army, Albanians can squash us, we have 12,000-15,000 soldiers that have never taken part in a war. 01:41:38.500 --> 01:41:52.200 Establishing the Army is not complicated. There are officers par excellence that defeated NATO who should be activated. Weapon is not an obstacle, it can be transported in planes if needed. 01:41:52.400 --> 01:42:04.500 ‘’Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I, the President of Serbia, am asking you to deliver weapons to us’’. Dejan Lučić should be the head of the state in order to invite Russians, like the President of Syria Assad did. 01:42:04.700 --> 01:42:19.800 Russians won’t come if not invited by the Presidency. Until I am appointed President, I am unknown to Russia, except for its intelligence service. 01:42:20.000 --> 01:42:37.500 ‘’Russia beyond the Headlines’’ has recently published its appendix in ‘’Geopolitics’’. 01:42:37.700 --> 01:42:43.300 There has been an attempt to assassinate the editor-in-chief of ‘’Geopolitics’’ by loosening a wheel bolt on his car. 01:42:43.500 --> 01:42:52.300 ‘’Russia beyond the Headlines’’ withdrew its participation in ‘’Geopolitics’’, since when it has been published within ‘’Nedeljnik’’ (‘’Weekly’’). 01:42:52.500 --> 01:43:02.500 Besides, mass media, in a manipulative way, were announcing the establishment of a Russian TV, its CEO being Emir Kusturica, but it was a deceit. 01:43:02.700 --> 01:43:33.800 We have ‘’Sputnik’’ that informs dispassionately, but not critically enough. I know a few people who have applied there, who would have performed specific tasks impeccably, but haven’t given an opportunity to work. 01:43:34.000 --> 01:44:14.100 Russian scientists have progressed furthest in human sciences, in mind control examination, in scrutinizing modern war methods. 01:44:14.300 --> 01:44:58.100 Andrej Koribko, a man of great potential, has thoroughly examined psychotronic weapons and their effects on both brain hemispheres, IQ, etc. 01:44:58.300 --> 01:45:23.300 Putin strives to postpone the war, applying Kutuzov’s tactics – as time elapses, he grows stronger. Russia is estimated to become invincible in 2018, meaning that they have to declare war on Russia in 2017. 01:45:23.500 --> 01:45:29.300 In another interview, I’ve already described the scenario of the attack on Russia.

01:45:29.500 --> 01:45:42.300 Through the Turkish intelligence service and Islamic fundamentalists, enormous terroristic actions, i.e. explosions, are planned to be performed in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. 01:45:42.500 --> 01:46:03.800 The Moscow Kremlin could be a target, since Behgjet Pacolli renovated it under Yeltsin. Through Albanians, tons of explosives could have been placed there. The attack on Russia would go via Estonia, Lithuania and other northern countries. 01:46:04.000 --> 01:46:23.000 There is a 600-kilometer distance to Saint Petersburg. Seventy percent of the warplanes and missiles are estimated to be shot down by the Russian missile defense, but 30% of them will reach their targets, which will be followed by a counterattack. 01:46:23.200 --> 01:46:31.200 The war doesn’t need to be waged with atomic missiles, conventional weapons could be used, too. 01:46:31.400 --> 01:46:49.200 So could be mini atomic bombs, now declared conventional weapons, which has been elaborated by Michel Chossudovsky, whose book on hazards of nuclear war everyone should read. 01:46:49.500 --> 01:47:04.300 Those mini atomic bombs are actually suitcase nuclear devices spread throughout Europe. I wrote on them in ‘’The Islamic Republic of Germany’’. 01:47:04.500 --> 01:47:29.300 They are placed in all bases of the United States Army so that they can be activated by Russian sleeper agents. At historical moments people are ready to perform what you could never say they would do. 01:47:29.500 --> 01:47:57.200 In 1990, before the war outbreak, I asked an uncle of mine who was a doctor: ‘’If Germans intend to bomb Serbia, would you involve in the sabotage of a German nuclear power plant which would kill many Germans, prevent the war against Serbia and kill you, too?’’ 01:47:57.500 --> 01:48:24.500 That calm doctor just nodded in agreement. Self-sacrifice for the general good is not a suicidal action of a brainwashed terrorist, but a conscious act of a soldier. How many times has a soldier pounced on a bomb to prevent everyone else’s death? 01:48:24.700 --> 01:48:38.500 Soldiers often sacrifice themselves in order to save their friends. That’s peculiar to Russians and Serbs. Therefore, the war should be evaded. 01:48:38.700 --> 01:49:01.200 Putin’s inertia in some situations is his method of not giving a reason to the West to attack. Recall the Ukrainian issue several years ago when pro-Russian system (corrupt, by the way) was overthrown. 01:49:01.500 --> 01:49:18.500 If Putin had reacted severely and entered Ukraine, it would have been the beginning of the war

Russians wouldn’t have won. Russia will wage a war if it is compelled to, it would rather avoid it. 01:49:18.700 --> 01:49:37.200 Every year of peace means less dead Russians, less dead good God’s people. All NATO members have signed a pact with the devil and will be burnt. 01:49:37.400 --> 01:49:59.200 The Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony message is another proof of the Satanic reign. 01:49:59.500 --> 01:50:17.500 As I've already mentioned, the Rothschild family is backed up by the Black Nobility or the Phoenician Black Aristocracy, i.e. Canaanites who are not Semitic people, but Aryans, Babylonians. 01:50:17.700 --> 01:50:40.500 The best genetic material is Aryan, i.e. ours (the Saxony people, Prussians, (P)Russians who were the best soldiers in Germany). However, people of the same descent have turned into Satanic people. 01:50:40.700 --> 01:51:11.300 Who are the worst Serbs in the world? Croatians. What is the Vatican’s religion? Brainwashing. 01:51:11.700 --> 01:51:20.500 If it weren’t for the hatred for Serbs, Croatians would disappear and their Serbian descent would be proved. 01:51:20.700 --> 01:51:34.700 There is no home in Dalmatia that dared to dispose of the slava (the patron saint) icon, especially not St. Nicholas' that everyone hides in the attic, which I’ve heard from the horse’s mouth. 01:51:34.900 --> 01:51:48.500 Dalmatians declare themselves Catholic Serbs, like Dundo Maroje and many other intellectuals were. 01:51:48.700 --> 01:52:08.300 The last Dubrovnik (the Republic of Ragusa) Rector was Jovan Lučić, born in Trogir, the Croatian history author who wrote in the 17th century ‘’The History of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia’’, another proof that Croatia didn’t exist as a state. 01:52:08.500 --> 01:52:16.100 They deceive themselves by making movies on their being autochthonous, which is a fairy tale. 01:52:16.300 --> 01:52:24.500 Two centuries ago, everyone with last name Lučić was Orthodox Christian. In the meantime, some of them has become Muslims, some Croatians, which are just computer programs. 01:52:24.700 --> 01:52:57.700 Everything is programmed in Islam, even with which hand to wipe your bottom – the left one. Short-sleeve shirts are not allowed. There are even good suggestions. Nevertheless, it is a computer program that Muslims abide by. 01:52:57.900 --> 01:53:13.500 Imagine the population having been taught from the 8th century what to do, how to behave, to

dress, what make-up to apply. The Iranian woman is not allowed to paint her nails with a nail polish, but with henna. 01:53:13.700 --> 01:53:28.300 The same method is applied in Catholicism: ‘’If you sin with the name of God on your lips, if you pray Virgin Mary, you will be absolved.’’, 01:53:28.500 --> 01:53:45.100 i.e. if you slaughter Serbs – 100-200 of them daily with a ‘’Serb-saw’’ and make a confession, you'll be forgiven; if you donate money, you may even become a saint. Everything is about indoctrination. 01:53:45.300 --> 01:53:53.500 This policy is older that we think. Television hasn’t just begun ‘’educating’’ people, this is only the end of the devil’s reign story. 01:53:53.700 --> 01:54:10.000 Satan resides in Vatican, in all malicious people and what unmasks them is: their look, behavior, discrepancy between their words and acts. 01:54:10.300 --> 01:54:29.500 Treading on the path of righteousness and giving a hand to other people, fighting for the common good, not only for yourself, etc. is strenuous. I will give you an example: do you pray to God in the evening? The majority of you do. 01:54:29.700 --> 01:54:50.000 Does anyone of you pray for the common good of all Serbs in the world? When all of us start doing that, we’ll make the egregore, collective group mind of the Serbianhood, of unity and stamina and then God will help us. 01:54:50.200 --> 01:54:58.500 If we keep on being selfish, praying only for ourselves, we will all sink. 01:54:58.800 --> 01:55:39.300 ‘’Gloomy predictions of a British analyst: 'A complete disaster lies in store for the Balkans’, says Timothy Less, the former head of the British diplomatic mission in Banja Luka (the Republika Srpska entity) and the director of ‘’Nova Europa’’ that estimates the political risk in Eastern Europe’’. 01:55:39.500 --> 01:55:46.300 ‘’The chaos will start with the secession of Republika Srpska that will affiliate with Serbia after the referendum. 01:55:46.500 --> 01:56:02.100 Russia will wholeheartedly receive the news on the decline of the Western power on the Balkans which will start a domino effect: Croatians from Bosnia will secede its part and affiliate it with Croatia, 01:56:02.300 --> 01:56:15.300 Macedonian Albanians will rebel, trying to seize a big portion of the territory which will be affiliated with Kosovo and Albania, thus accomplishing the aim of Great Albania creation.’’

01:56:15.700 --> 01:56:27.300 The British professor and diplomat continues: ‘’Pro-Serbian population in Montenegro, comprising half the Montenegrin population, will aspire affiliation with Serbia, by that time, already extended. 01:56:27.500 --> 01:56:56.300 Greece and Bulgaria will be lurking their chance for a piece of land and swooping on the rest of Macedonia. Russia will take the advantage of this situation and fortify its position on the Balkans.’’ 01:56:56.500 --> 01:57:09.000 According to Dževad Galijašević, Sarajevo is the European ISIS center. Jihadists from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries are firebrands of ever-increasing Muslim extremism. 01:57:09.200 --> 01:57:25.200 ‘’Bearing in mind monstrous crimes committed by Jihadists in the ‘90s, conflict escalation on the Balkans would be inevitable and the scenario would only pep up the ascending Islamization of Europe’’. 01:57:25.500 --> 01:57:52.200 Beware of the British giving brilliant analyses. The first thesis is: Republika Srpska is going to secede, which will cause the antithesis: the Third World War. Obviously, it is a fairy tale. It is sufficient to obey the Dayton Agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 01:57:52.500 --> 01:58:01.100 With the help of the English, they are working on the dissolution of Republika Srpska on the basis of the Srebrenica issue and our proclamation of a genocidal nation. 01:58:01.300 --> 01:58:15.700 The English intend to gradually rescind the sovereignty of Republika Srpska and overthrow Dodik (its President), financing the Opposition that is in the hope of ascending to presidency. 01:58:15.900 --> 01:58:26.300 Dissolution of the Republika Srpska entity is within this operation. All that Serbs in Republika Srpska were fighting for is a piece of land where no one would be slaughtering them. 01:58:26.500 --> 01:58:47.100 Let’s define their aims and create the genuine picture of the same puzzle pieces: with Bosnia being swarmed with Islamists, the Republika Srpska is on the brink of being attacked by Wahhabists, armed with sniper rifles and machine guns, whose plan is to engulf it, arriving from the nearby villages. 01:58:47.300 --> 01:59:06.100 If they do this in 20 places, the police, not big enough, cannot organize their defense unless they form a secret military force from the former ‘’Territorial Defense’’, i.e. experienced warriors who should be delivered weapons. 01:59:06.300 --> 01:59:31.100 Mujahideen, Wahhabists, are the ‘’extension lead’’ of Saudi Arabia which, alongside Qatar, finances Turkey whose intelligence service closely collaborates with the head of the intelligence service of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with its Interior Minister, a fake Serb and genuine Croatian. 01:59:31.300 --> 01:59:45.500 The USA has formed the Kosovo armed forces, having trained 50,000-60,000 young, experienced,

eager soldiers armed to the teeth. The USA is about to give them choppers. 01:59:45.700 --> 01:59:56.100 Also, Albania can mobilize 150,000 young and healthy soldiers and launch the attack on Serbia and Montenegro. Who is going to defend us? 01:59:56.300 --> 02:00:08.700 Bulgarian and Albanian aspiration is Macedonia. The only option Macedonians have is to swim to Australia. Why is Macedonia important? 02:00:08.900 --> 02:00:25.100 The Chinese intend to buy the Port of Piraeus. If they do that, they’ll invest into the express rail sprawling from Piraeus, i.e. Athens to Budapest to speed up transportation and custom clearance of goods. 02:00:25.300 --> 02:00:34.000 Hence, the European market will be overflowing with cheap and more and more quality Chinese goods. Their goods are not of poor quality anymore. 02:00:34.200 --> 02:00:46.000 What must Europe do? It has to prevent the rail construction. The First World War broke out for a similar reason - the Berlin-Baghdad rail construction. 02:00:46.300 --> 02:00:58.500 When Turkey and Germany devised a plan to construct a rail which would supply Germany with oil, the British intelligence service contributed to the overthrow of the Obrenović and the coronation of Petar Karađorđević, their agent of influence. 02:00:58.700 --> 02:01:10.100 They organized the Balkan Wars so that they took control over a territory through which the rail should have passed. After that, they organized the First World War, splintered Turkey through ‘’Young Turks’’ and Lawrence of Arabia. 02:01:10.300 --> 02:01:27.500 Civil war between Arabs and Turks reduced Turkey to a smaller territory, where they inaugurated their man Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a member of the Dönmeh, founded in 1666. It’s a 5-century long operation of the British intelligence service. 02:01:27.700 --> 02:01:51.100 Kemal was also a ‘’Young Turks’’ member, a Jew pretending to be a Turk. So is Erdoğan. Actions of ‘’The National Intelligence Organization of Turkey’’ are directed toward Kosovo. 02:01:51.300 --> 02:02:05.100 Turks have entirely taken over its economy, banks, etc. Even Albanians oppose it, already being occupied by Turks. The USA promises ‘’Bondsteel’’ to Turkey, should they retreat. 02:02:05.300 --> 02:02:15.500 The USA has trained the Kosovo Military which can connect with ‘’The Albanian Armed Forces’’ at a certain point in the future, when Americans will withdraw and let the two parties confront each other. 02:02:15.700 --> 02:02:32.500

Kosovar Albanians won’t use armed formations, military units, no. They can use old Turkish tactics - bashi-bazouk, i.e. a terrorist group can take an action in Niš. 02:02:32.700 --> 02:02:45.300 A house in the countryside to the south of Niš costs 5,000 euros. Think of a mobster intending to spend a million euros for buying Serbian villages. 02:02:45.500 --> 02:02:53.700 For decades, Kosovo Albanians have been giving births in Serbia; they are Serbian citizens; Serbia asserts that Kosovo is Serbian. 02:02:53.900 --> 02:03:08.100 Albanians have bought tens of thousands apartments in Niš, without transferring the ownership to themselves. They are waiting for the suitable moment to expel Serbs from Niš. 02:03:08.300 --> 02:03:17.700 Once they aspired to the territory up to Niš, now including Niš. And Serbs in Niš doze off believing in those they've voted for – ''The Serbian Progressive Party'', led by Vučić. 02:03:17.900 --> 02:03:24.100 Who is the Serbian Minister of Defense, a ceramist, a carpenter? No, this time they've appointed someone looking nice who is not a craftsperson. 02:03:24.300 --> 02:03:44.300 I don’t know how he’ll prove himself, he has to urgently organize training in military bases and wherever there are facilities for the young and older ones to lose weight and prepare themselves for a war. 02:03:44.500 --> 02:04:05.100 It’s better to be ready for a war, that may bypass us, than to go fishing and watch reality program and TV shows and when Albanians start slaying us to be stunned. Don’t be stunned, Lučić has been warning you for years. 02:04:05.300 --> 02:04:22.700 Do you know who is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of ‘’The Armed Forces of Serbia’’? Tomislav Nikolić. Tomislav Nikolić, ask the Military Security Agency and the Security Information Agency about the situation. 02:04:22.900 --> 02:04:35.100 New ‘’Ustaša – Croatian Revolutionary Movement’’ is rampaging. Croatia is in NATO, so, when the conflict in Republika Srpska escalates, Croatians will join the rebels, aspiring to Banja Luka. 02:04:35.300 --> 02:04:44.100 Croatian bishops say that Banja Luka is the same as Bleiburg – the place where communists killed ‘’ustaše’’, having caught them up on the border. 02:04:44.300 --> 02:04:54.500 We are labeled a genocidal nation, they mention 8,000 victims, in 10 years there will be 180,000 slaughtered ones in Srebrenica. Whoever dies is brought to Srebrenica. 02:04:54.700 --> 02:05:14.300 Serbs, this is a historical interview. The fact that it is not a TV program broadcast on ‘’Radio

Television of Serbia’’ and the fact that I am not a political figure doesn’t mean that I don’t tell the truth. I do tell you the truth. 02:05:14.500 --> 02:05:30.300 I am not sure whether all those lying you will manage to escape abroad when the bad times come. Why have secret services and armed forces been destroyed? 02:05:30.500 --> 02:05:53.100 Why have they destroyed, dissolved M93 Black Arrow rifles, tanks, everything by order of the West, assuring us: ‘’There will never be a war’’. ‘’Yugoimport–SDPR’’ is now selling weapons that end up among Kosovar Albanians and in the Congo. 02:05:53.300 --> 02:06:03.100 They have already brought in mandatory vaccination of the New World Order. They are also proclaiming us organ donors. 02:06:03.300 --> 02:06:24.500 They consider us fish in a pond – ‘’I need this kind of kidney’’. ‘’Catch it!’’ and the easiest technique is to hit the suitable donor by a car and butcher him. 02:06:24.900 --> 02:06:26.500 The interview is nearly over. 02:06:26.700 --> 02:06:29.500 I’ll come again, it’s not a problem. 02:06:29.700 --> 02:06:38.100 ‘’Does Mr. Lučić still think that Jesus and Maria Magdalena had children?’’ This is not a current topic. 02:06:38.300 --> 02:06:52.100 It is a known fact. All European dynasties , including the House of Nemanjić, are descendants of the Venjamit (Venyamit/Veniamit) Tribe, thus being Jesus’ relatives. 02:06:52.300 --> 02:07:05.100 They were blue-eyed redheads - features of one of the two Serbian tribes that the Jews falsely claim to be theirs. Those are the Venjamit Tribe and the Tribe of Dan. All royal houses have lilies on their coat of arms. 02:07:05.300 --> 02:07:20.100 The lily is the heraldic symbol of Jesus’ lineage, proving he had children. At the time, thirty-yearolds were expected to be married and have children. Otherwise, he would have been unworthy of socializing with adult men. 02:07:20.300 --> 02:07:42.500 Jesus was not a Jew. If he had been, he would have had black hair, black eyes and a crooked nose, peculiar to the Semitic Jews, but he was a redhead, blue-eyed, Aramaic-speaking and if you ponder this, you’ll discover that Aramaic speakers perfectly understand today’s Serbs. 02:07:42.700 --> 02:07:49.500 ‘’What can you tell us about NATO plan ‘The Three Birds’?’’

02:07:49.500 --> 02:08:05.500 I am not familiar with this one, they make plans all the time. The main NATO plan is the destruction of Russia and its butchering. 02:08:05.700 --> 02:08:23.800 NATO is a weapon of the rulers from the shadows. Its attempts to invade Russia have always started from Serbia, where it has ‘’built muscles’’ for the upcoming attack on Russia, with the purpose of exerting control over it. 02:08:24.000 --> 02:08:37.300 Dejan Lučić – the future President of Serbia. I have to read the last part of a novel by Ian Fleming. James Bond may be a Serb. 02:08:38.000 --> 02:08:51.100 Ian Fleming, inspired by a Serb, created James Bond. The Serb was Duško Popov who lived at the corner of Braće Jugovića Street and Francuska Street, straight across ''The Central Military Club of Yugoslavia''. 02:08:51.300 --> 02:09:04.100 Ian Fleming, working with him, got inspired, he even nicknamed him Tricycle, since Duško Popov was a charmer and liked doing those nasty things with two women at the same time. 02:09:04.300 --> 02:09:27.100 Thus, James Bond became a great lover and a symbol of the British soft power. Kids all over the world wish to become British agents and new James Bond. Secret agents subconsciously pick up SIM cards ending in ‘’007’’. 02:09:27.300 --> 02:09:52.100 Rajko Lučić, an ancestor of yours, was a participant in the Yugoslav coup d'état on March 27, 1941. 02:09:52.300 --> 02:10:05.300 Probably he was a British agent since, upon the end of the war, he went to Belgium, then to the Congo and had a dozen children. 02:10:05.500 --> 02:10:13.800 You are the reviewer of Aleksandr Dugin's book ‘’Geopolitics’’. Do you socialize with him? 02:10:13.900 --> 02:10:22.500 I don’t socialize with him, we live far away from each other, plus we are not wealthy in order to travel whenever we please, but our views are very alike. 02:10:22.700 --> 02:10:43.000 Aleksandr Dugin is exceptionally intelligent. Though a Khazard, he is a great Russian patriot. So was Stalin, also a Khazard. Jughashvili means ‘’a little Jew’’. 02:10:43.100 --> 02:11:03.500 He was one of 40,000 Karaites at the time. Karaite Judaism is characterized by the recognition of ‘’The Tanakh’’ alone, without ‘’Talmud’’. Their adherents publicly practise that religion to the age of 18. 02:11:03.700 --> 02:11:12.000 Stalin enrolled in a theological college, after which he was recruited by the Russian

counterintelligence service. 02:11:12.200 --> 02:11:21.100 You are said to have been admitted in the Knights Templar by American Admiral Carey. 02:11:21.300 --> 02:11:38.100 In 2004 Admiral Carey and I were devising a plan to liberate Kosovo from Albanians to the benefit of both Serbia and the USA, after which I was accused of being an American spy. 02:11:38.300 --> 02:12:04.100 I told Admiral Carey, an Irish, naturally liking Serbs, that the USA, in their conquest of the East, identifies itself with the Roman Empire and that the only nation that is capable of supporting them are the Polish, while other countries have no ambition to wage a war there. 02:12:04.300 --> 02:12:11.500 Therefore, their reliable players are the Polish and Israelis in the south. A bridge on two columns only is unstable. 02:12:11.700 --> 02:12:30.100 Be aware that we are now talking of the period when Putin wasn’t an alternative to the USA. So, I offer Serbia as the 3rd column of their imperialism, on condition that, for their own sake, Kosovo liberates from Albanians since, when Americans start heading towards Iran, 02:12:30.300 --> 02:12:43.100 Iranian intelligence service ‘’VEVAK’’ will hire Albanians to bomb Camp ‘’Bondsteel’’ with missiles, bombs, whatever method. (In Serbia Lazanski has been designated for the weapons). 02:12:43.300 --> 02:12:51.500 Admiral Carey accepts my proposal and asks me how many knights I can offer him. I reply that he can expect 10,000 ones, trained by NATO standards by a friend of mine Franko Simatović and ‘’Special Operations Unit’’ (‘’JSO’’). 02:12:51.700 --> 02:13:04.100 They are soldiers who don’t desert, who win, help one another, who everyone is afraid of. ‘’Ok, Lučić’’. ‘’Stop, there are certain requirements’’. 02:13:04.300 --> 02:13:16.300 Those 10,000 knights who would free Kosovo wouldn’t fight against Russians and other Eastern Orthodox Church nations. ‘’Give me five. There are enough opponents to fight against’’. 02:13:16.500 --> 02:13:30.100 I return here, offer it to our representatives. At the time I was the director of the Board ‘’Svetozar Miletić’’, an organization led by some Dragan Nedeljković, estimated a great intellectual. 02:13:30.300 --> 02:13:51.100 Since I always wear Intelligence glasses when evaluating people, I said: ‘’You’ve brought a very old man, a good orator, but the fact is that after his depressive speeches Serbs give up drinking water waiting for death’’. He ruined the Board. 02:13:51.300 --> 02:13:56.500 Likewise, Svetozar Miletić, instead of fighting against the autonomous province policy, did nothing.

02:13:56.700 --> 02:14:14.100 When he died, everything fell apart and 10 years of re-educating and Serbianizing those deluded by Yugoslavism, autonomous province adherents, foreign intelligence service agents, etc. went down the drain. 02:14:14.300 --> 02:14:18.700 That Dragan Nedeljković labeled me an American spy. 02:14:18.900 --> 02:14:44.100 He was a Yugoslav agent, since, at the time when he went to Liège, I think, to be a French lector, only those working for ‘’The State Security Service’’ or the ‘’Military Security Agency’’ could get that kind of job. The methodology is apparent. 02:14:44.300 --> 02:14:52.100 He was presented as an academic, which he indisputably was, but not a ‘’SANU’’ (‘’The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts’’) academic that stopped being Serbian. 02:14:52.300 --> 02:15:09.100 He was a member of ‘’The European Academy of Sciences and Arts’’ founded by Otto von Habsburg whose wish was the revival of Austria-Hungary, thus the annexation of Vojvodina. 02:15:09.300 --> 02:15:29.100 Wherever I am admitted – into Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, I work for Serbia, the same way Putin does. Talk to everyone – with Jesuits, Masons, Rosicrucianists, Templars, but always for the sake of your nation. 02:15:29.300 --> 02:15:43.500 Because one, thinking only about himself and his salvation, not wanting to deal with malefactors, will never be able to deceive them, not knowing the way they think. 02:15:43.700 --> 02:15:51.000 We have to dance with a malefactor in order to make him stumble and fall at a certain point. You cannot tackle people with your thoughts. 02:15:51.200 --> 02:16:07.100 At least, we cannot, maybe we were able once, maybe some aliens do that, but what we have to do is to bring down our malefactors and appoint a new government that will make a stable state and take care of its citizens. 02:16:07.300 --> 02:16:26.100 Do you think that we have food in warehouses for the time when the war breaks out? No. Earlier, there was food there. Water has already been sold, foreigners will buy everything and set such a price that even public water will be unaffordable. 02:16:26.300 --> 02:16:30.100 We have to investigate who possesses it. 02:16:30.300 --> 02:16:41.900 Water springs from the south are radioactively contaminated. Who has bought them? Croatians and Americans who sell it to us.

02:16:42.100 --> 02:16:57.500 It is also used in carbonated drinks our youth drink. And you are startled when the youth are infertile. Everything is a conspiracy, espionage. 02:16:57.700 --> 02:17:07.500 You are in touch with Mossad agents, also with the Chinese. 02:17:07.700 --> 02:17:21.500 I’ve been socializing with all the Chinese attachés for the last 15-20 years because the Chinese intelligence service is serious. 02:17:21.700 --> 02:17:48.500 As to the Jews and Isrelis, I’ve written so many book on them and I repeat again: we have to cooperate with Mossad. We have to reach agreement with them, they intend to bring 400,000 Arabic Muslims, Negroids and Jewish criminals and demolish Serbia. 02:17:48.700 --> 02:18:22.100 Studying the methodology of Putin’s work, I put a proposition to Israelis. There are great Israeli Serbophiles, one of them being Yair Lapid, the Israeli Minister of Finance, the son of Tommy Lapid, a schoolmate of my father’s in a Novi Sad Grammar School. 02:18:22.300 --> 02:18:34.100 There is a big concentration of scientists of sound mind in Serbia. 50,000 PhD and master’s degree holders fled to the whole world due to Dinkić and the occupying government. 02:18:34.300 --> 02:18:45.700 All these people have accomplished something, have become bosses having learnt a lot. Silicon Valley is reigned by Serbs, Indian people and Pakistanis. 02:18:45.900 --> 02:19:00.000 Let Serbia call these scientists, invest in the intellect of the youth instead of giving tens of thousands dollars to ‘’Yura’’, ‘’Fiat’’, whichever company. 02:19:00.200 --> 02:19:11.700 If I were the President of Serbia, I would call all of them and give them money to start a business. Selling Serbian brains is more lucrative than selling cars or shoes. 02:19:11.900 --> 02:19:24.500 I suggest Isrelis to make Serbia a place where brains generate brains – to make Serbia a treasure trove of intellect, what is Switzerland for money (which is about to be abolished). 02:19:24.700 --> 02:19:33.100 We should invite young Israeli scientists from all over the world: ‘’Come to Serbia, Serbs like you, there is no anti-Semitism’’. 02:19:33.200 --> 02:19:46.100 Let’s invest into institutes and make Serbia the scientific center selling brains to everyone. Let’s cease sell intellect to one another in kafanas, let’s offer it to the world. 02:19:46.300 --> 02:20:03.100 Since you are a presidential candidate, tell us what number the combat against foreign companies reaping profit in Serbia would rank on your list.

02:20:03.300 --> 02:20:15.500 Do you know what percentage has the one in charge of that deal taken? How big is his share incorporated in the price? 02:20:15.700 --> 02:20:22.100 How are the legislations concerning this matter adopted? Someone in the state receives exorbitant amount of money to make it happen? 02:20:22.300 --> 02:20:38.100 It comes from the political top, not from someone in the state administration, but from the power center. 02:20:38.300 --> 02:20:46.800 When Boris Tadić was the power center, he was the intermediary in all deals. Now this role is taken by Vučić, Tomislav is just a coat rack. 02:20:47.000 --> 02:20:48.500 Who receives money? 02:20:48.700 --> 02:21:00.000 All of them. Does an honest politician exist? Except for Don Quixote – me and you who will get involved in politics. 02:21:00.200 --> 02:21:16.100 How much money has been donated by organ transplantation centers and vaccine producers to push through this bill? 02:21:16.300 --> 02:21:30.100 How is it possible that the country having so many poor citizens, whose salaries and pensions (if they have any income in the first place) are being taxed, organizes a gratuitous snap election? 02:21:30.300 --> 02:21:58.100 Apparently, these elections were rigged. The same situation happened in Austria. How has the presidential race winner become the one not voted for? And Austrians are silent. 02:21:58.300 --> 02:22:20.100 Imagine how a German translation of this interview would affect an Austrian? Or an English version? Some of you can subtitle this interview or another one on Youtube, share on Facebook, thus spreading the message. 02:22:20.300 --> 02:22:38.100 You can post all the titled interviews on the ‘’Veterans Today’’ site or send them to the site’s owner Gordon Duff, a friend of mine. He is a brilliant, ingenious Briton who severely attacks the New World Order. 02:22:38.300 --> 02:22:51.100 There are libertarians everywhere, the New World Order cannot abolish freedom that easily, there are always rebels. 02:22:51.300 --> 02:23:16.100 ‘’Just to remind you of NATO plan ‘The Three Birds’. They have worked out conflict between

Bulgaria and Great Albania. No one mentions the existence or the role of Serbia’’. 02:23:16.300 --> 02:23:33.500 I am not acquainted with this particular plan. But, Bulgarians are aghast at the European Union and their poverty. They are hungry and miserable, they barely make ends meet. 02:23:33.700 --> 02:23:47.100 The EU treats them and Romanians as a burden and they intend to destroy them. By causing conflicts between Bulgarians and Albanians, both populations will be reduced. 02:23:47.300 --> 02:24:10.100 There are not 1,800,000 Albanians in Kosovo, there are 800,000 citizens, which I discovered due to their slip of the tongue, when they stated that Kosovar telecommunication companies had sold 800,000 SIM cards, users of which were also children, the elderly and, on vacation, those coming from abroad. 02:24:36.100 --> 02:25:08.500 The conclusion is that they move from one territory to another one. The ongoing migration into Europe is also organized. Upon reaching Greece, they receive 5,000 euros and 2,500 euros more in Belgrade. 02:25:08.700 --> 02:25:27.100 What steps should our viewers take? 02:25:27.300 --> 02:25:46.900 I suggest them to find honest officers in their surroundings. All those demobilized after the war against NATO are honest people, in general. 02:25:47.100 --> 02:26:04.500 Connect with them and their colleagues, make a 100/200/300-member group, organize military training with base commanders, prepare yourself for the worst, at least you will lose a few pounds. 02:26:04.700 --> 02:26:14.100 As you notice, the world is heading towards the war, let’s be ready, intelligence services don’t exist, but Dejan Lučić, the man who knows, does. 02:26:14.300 --> 02:26:23.100 You’ve been listening ‘’Infowarriors versus the New World Order’’, our guest is Dejan Lučić. 02:26:23.300 --> 02:26:37.100 Saša Ilić and Aleksandra Arsović – Production Directory I am Biljana Đorović. 02:26:37.300 --> 02:27:05.100 Vasilije Krestić: A group of honorable people have decided to lay foundations of the idea to erect the memorial center of Serbian victims of the 20th century – from the Balkan Wars till the presence. Reminiscences of a series of calamities of the 19th century are immortalized in austere but horrifying ‘’Ćele Kula’’ and reminiscences of a series of calamities of the following 100 years should be immortalized in a modern structure of the memorial center of Serbian victims of the 20th century. ‘’Who doesn’t have a grave hasn’t died. Who hasn’t died hasn’t lived.’’


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