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Determination of dissociation constants of weak acids by deconvolution of proton binding isotherms derived from potentiometric data Journal of Solution Chemistry September 1996, Volume 25, Issue 9, pp 877–894 | Cite as J. A. Schwarz (1) Cr. Contescu (1) V. T. Popa (1) A. Contescu (1) Y. Lin (1) 1. Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Syracuse University, Syracuse Article Received: 05 July 1995 281 Downloads 4 Citations

Abstract Potentiometric titration of six carboxylic acid analytes were measured in aqueous and semiaqueous solvents to determine the effect of the solvent composition on the dissociation constants of the acids. The analytes studied were monoprotic (formic acid, acetic acid), diprotic (maleic and succinic acid) and triprotic (1, 2, ranging in composition from 0 to 80% by volume dioxane. The methodology used to assess the acidity constants was deconvolution of the proton binding isotherm of each analyte in each of the solvents. The dissociation constants agreed with those reported in the literature for titration in water. In the presence of the organic component, correlations relating the acidity constants with properties of the media were also found. In particular, affinity distributions derived from potentiometric titration data were used to assess the solvent media for resolving dissociation constants of weak acids and bases.

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