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Welcome to my website I wish you a lot of fun with my audio lessons for beginners and advanced students. My lessons have all you need to improve your German: 1. The English translation (for understanding) 2. The recorded speaker (for pronunciation) 3. The written words (for spelling) 4. The question and answer parts for active participation (to save the information in your brain). This is the best way to learn German. You don’t have to learn new words by heart. You will learn them automatically. All you have to do is a lot of repetitions. Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition. This is the best way to learn German

Learning German should be fun and motivating. Don’t you agree? What is the best way to learn German? Check out my online lessons and sign up to my free email course.


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There is more to discover: >>> Same Words in German and English If you are a beginner you should check out: >>> How to count in German

Zungenbrecher: Impress your teacher, your friends and family with this German tongue twister (Zungenbrecher).

Schnecken erschrecken Wenn Schnecken an Schnecken lecken Weil zum Schrecken vieler Schnecken Schnecken nicht schmecken Listen to me and to some fans: >>> Tongue Twister – Zugenbrecher Try it yourself – it is fun. You will find much more on my website – just have a look around By the way, my name is Lucas Kern (from Germany) and I help people to study the German language. I started this project some years ago and I’ve received such positive feedback from around the world that I decided to carry on and create more lessons and funny audio short stories.

I wish you a lot of fun! Lucas Kern

DaF means: Deutsch als Fremdsprache => German as a second or third language

Mein Motto ist: Lerne Deutsch als Fremdsprache mit Spaß! – Bildung ist wichtig im Leben! Get to know a total different way to study German as a second language. A little crazy, but it’s a lot of fun and it works. And fun is the most important thing. Without fun you will learn just a fraction. I’m going to teach you to speak German effortlessly and with fun step by step. My motto is: Learning German should be fun! This is the best way to learn German. We (my team) have made a survey recently… … and we have to admit the result is very interesting: It turned out that more than 75 percent of those questioned stated that they had started and stopped studying German more than one time before they knew about my websites. Most of them said the reason was that German is so difficult and that most learning methods are so boring. And then we asked of course about the experience with TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) the method I use in my stories. The response was overwhelming. Over 90 percent told us that there is nothing similar in the web elsewhere. Now they have fun like never before and they are very excited. So, I think you are going to love all the lessons as well. And here is a little but important tip: To study with TPRS very effectively (even as a beginner) you have to repeat each TPRS lesson many times. Not just one, two or three times. That would be not enough. With every repetition you will memorize more vocabularies, expressions, word order and grammar automatically. You don’t need to learn the words by heart. Just listen to the recorded speaker many times and try to answer the questions. Please check the schedule for my email lessons at the bottom of this site. Vallentino from Indonesia wrote: So far I’ve received all your lessons. I could not stop to play it and take a look at it over and over again. I don’t spend the whole day but every time I have 5 minutes left, I start to repeat and repeat again. Guess what, I can remember all the words from the first lesson and also their meaning! I couldn’t imagine this before. I would like to thank you so much for your extraordinary effort to educate people through your website. It’s already reached global effect – I believe so, simply because it’s reached me here. German is a great nation and culture, and what you did is the way to open doors for everyone who is willing to know more about it.

Ionel from Romania wrote: It is really a great pleasure to learn German from your lessons. Now, that I have all the emails with lessons as scheduled for the first round plus some lessons that I bought from your webshop I think I have enough good stuff to go on learning day by day as I have been doing for the last months. I hope that soon I shall be able to pass on to the second level. When I am in Austria or Germany, people around me are surprised to see my progress. May I underline that I started with your lessons from the ground zero (the only channel to understand written words in German had been the similarities with some English words). Your lessons boost my confidence in my 59-year-old brain, choked with financial, laws, economics, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian and my mother language. Thank you and greetings from Romania! Ionel Learn how to speak German – Learn „Deutsch“ online free …

Study With Fun and Motivation Without Studying Boring Vocabulary Lists Without Studying Boring Grammar Rules

Is it possible to learn German this way? Yes, it is! And I’m going to teach you to speak German effortlessly. You will learn to speak it like a child learns its native language. No native speaker learns in the beginning with vocabulary lists or grammar books. So you don’t have to do this either. Just try my method, you won’t be disappointed. What is TPRS? Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling is a great method for learning languages. If you want to know more about TPRS I recommend this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaching_Proficiency_through_Reading_and_Storytelling

If you want to know more about Total Physical Response (TPR) read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_physical_response

How to learn German as a second language easily? With “easy” I don’t mean how to learn grammar rules by heart easily, but how to speak a second language fluently without thinking. Most of you have the problem. You have been studying German for years, but you are still not able to speak it fluently. Isn’t that crazy? What are you going to learn here? You are going to learn to speak German. You will have a lot of fun with my lessons and you are going to study effortlessly and automatically. – Your pronunciation will improve. – You will learn a lot of new words without memorizing vocabulary lists. – Your grammar and word order will improve without working with grammar books. – Just listen to the stories or little sentences and answer the questions. When can I start with the lessons? You can start right now. Do my online lessons or/and sign up to my email lessons. Why should you study German in the first place? Here are some reasons why you should study German as a second language: – German is the most frequently spoken language in the Europäischen Union – It is no tougher to learn than any other language – Speaking and understanding it will improve your employment opportunities – Germany is the world’s leading exporter Over time, more and more content will be found on this site. Lessons, great tips and more. So add this site to your favorites or subscribe to my free German course/newsletter. If you practice with all my audio lessons you will be fluent soon! Start with vocabulary unit No 1. Most of my students speak German fluently once they have finished my audio lessons and the best students need only 6-8 months. Have a look around and check out all my lessons on all my websites. Remember I have not only this website with advanced lessons. Bildung ist wichtig, deshalb vergesse nie: Deutsch lernen ist nicht so schwer. Jeder kann lernen Deutsch zu sprechen. Es ist alles nur eine Frage der Übung und der Wiederholung. Versuche immer wieder die einfachen Dinge zu wiederholen und mache dir über unwichtige Sachen keine Sorgen. Es ist z.B. nicht so wichtig, ob du Deutsch lernen oder Deutschlernen schreibst. Viel wichtiger ist es, dass du die Bedeutung kennst, du andere verstehst und sie dich verstehen.

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If you want to speak German fluently, two things are very important and essential. If you neglect them, you will never be able to speak German fluently - that is a fact: 1. You need to listen a lot to easy and clearly spoken German 2. You need to speak German yourself The 2nd point is the difficult part! With my lessons you will listen a lot to easy and clearly spoken German and you will speak it as well. The question and answer part is the secret. So if you also want to speak German fluently, I recommend ID 10050 (the package offer). You will have a lot of fun - I promise!

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