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Many organizations have begun planning their editorial calendars and content strategies for the year.... ANNA JOHANSSON

If you're like 72% of businesses, you already have a content marketing plan in place—and that number...

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Consider, for a moment, the latest staggering stats. Worldwide, people watch an average of 5 hours and 45 minutes of online video weekly—a 34% increase from 2016, based on the results of Limelight Network's "The State of Online Video 2017" consumer survey. By 2021, a million minutes of video content will cross global IP networks every second, according to Cisco; at that rate, it would take you more than 5 million years to watch all the video crossing the network each month. And within 3 years, IP video traffic will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic, per Cisco. Read More >> ERIK J. MARTIN


Every marketer reading this wishes he or she had fans who are this engaged and evangelical. But it isn't... KATHERINE ALLEN

Few things seem more quintessentially English than the Wimbledon tennis championship. Run since 1877...

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Technology, a growing demand for content across global geographies, and a trend toward voice and video are all having an impact on the translation and globalization space. Demand for translation services is growing and shifting, says Michael Stevens, growth director at Moravia. "One of the biggest trends that has surprised me … is how fast demand has snowballed for localization services over the phone, as well as for video interpretation," he says. That demand has likely been driven by the growth in webinars, online events, and other two-way digital communication methods. Read More >>



February 28, 2018 | 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

JILL FINGER GIBSON More Sponsored Web Events

I have to confess that I don't geek out over technology. When a new piece of tech comes onto the scene,...

You've probably heard the news by now: Unilever is threatening to pull its significant spending power out of the digital advertising marketplace if ad platforms don't clean up their acts. But the problem is more complicated than Unilever is making it sound. Can we really put the genie back in the bottle when it comes offensive content on the web? Read More >>

EContent Sourcebook 2018: A Guide to Content and the Digital Experience The fifth annual EContent Sourcebook: A Guide to Content and the Digital Experience brings together everything digital content professionals need to know in 2018.



Download Now We all want to believe in happy endings. True love conquers all in the movies, just as every book comes... AMY AFFELT

The familiar adage "Everything old is new again" was on my mind as I enjoyed one of my beach reads this...

Despite the significant uptick in consumer use of mobile technology, there's still a big gap between those marketers who have effectively embraced mobile to provide an engaging user experience and those who have a long way to go. While experts have been predicting a big bump in the use of more sophisticated technology to deliver better mobile experiences through augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, and virtual reality (VR), for instance, those predictions have yet to be fully borne out. Instead, what we saw in 2017 was continued growth in the app marketplaces, the rapid advent of chatbots, and a growing focus on video (specifically live video), to engage audiences. Read More >> MON 12 FEBRUARY 2018 | LIN POPHAL


Limelight Networks Introduces New Digital Rights Management WoodWing Software Strengthens Partnership with SPRYLAB Evergage Expands Operations to Europe with Launch of Evergage GmbH VIX Acquires Chrome's Native Ad Blocker Due Out Tomorrow Mixing Native Ads Generate Higher Engagement Metrics for Marketers Ingenta Partners with RedLink to Offer Remarq

Can you believe we're at the end of 2017 already? I feel like just last week, I was talking to someone... SEAN GELLES

Wouldn't it be nice if technology development proceeded in an orderly, logical, and predictable manner? Once you finish laughing—or crying—at that sentence, recognize that especially when it comes to content and marketing analytics and the Big Data that underpins their viability, it was entirely unrealistic in 2017. "Technology didn't wait for us to get our data act together," observes Allison Snow, a senior analyst at Forrester. Read More >>

PacketZoom Partners with Amazon CloudFront to Offer Mobile CDN Solution Fluid AI Plans to Launch World’s First AI Based Equity Fund Mobile App Localization Solution from Smartling YouTube’s Top Kids’ Influencers Announce Participation in SafeFam Program censhare AG


"Despacito," Luis Fonsi's and Daddy Yankee's smash single, served as an important reminder of the booming... RON MILLER

A free press is a cornerstone of any free society. Lately, it's been under attack, becoming the whipping...

In an increasingly high-tech world in which artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are rapidly accelerating our understanding of customers and paving innovative pathways to reaching them more intuitively, digital marketers have to ask themselves a logical question: Are the robots coming for my job too? No, not yet. Those tasked with reaching more eyeballs and raising brand awareness online can likely bolster their job security by staying ahead of important trends and carefully watching industry developments. Read More >>



In this issue... The 2017-2018 EContent 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry Companies to Watch 2017-2018


Meet the EContent 100 Judging Team

As I contemplate my annual look ahead to the promising revenue streams that media companies will chase... TIM BOURGEOIS

EContent 100 Category Descriptions 2017-2018

There may be no tool more important to the daily life of web users, but more overlooked, than the WCM system. Ask the average web surfer what powers the content he or she consumes, and he or she would likely just look at you dumbfounded. But businesses and publishers know how important WCM systems are to getting their messages out to the masses. While WCM systems may be the foundation much of the web is built on, the industry is changing shape all the time. Read More >>

Get Your AI Strategy Ready for 2018 Applying Agility to Content Globalization The Year of Going Global With Your App The Revenue Streams of 2018 U.S. Latinos Play Increasingly Significant Economic Role Combating Fake News With a Human Touch


When Will VR Be Capable of Handling Real Commerce? AI Brings Next-Gen Engagement to Wimbledon Five Ways to Make Martech Work for You in 2018

For years, marketers have been inundated with calls, emails, and advertising from marketing technology...

The Job of the Free Press Is to Tell the Truth, Whether We Like It or Not Three Significant Video Trends for Perfecting Your 2018 Content Marketing Strategy


From social media sharing to personalized push notification, 2017 saw a flurry of activity as media companies...

The Myth of Enterprise Content Strategy

With YouTubers uploading videos at the rate of 60 hrs of video content per minute, being noticed on YouTube is easy task. Social media managers who work hard to get views for brand videos, sometimes fall short because of the sheer competition on the platform. This post describes five marketing tools and how you can use them to get your brand to shine on YouTube. Read More >>

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence: 10 Commandments for 2018


Leveraging Monitoring Tools to Deliver Applications and Data


Like most buzzwords, "agility" has taken over during discussions regarding time, cost, and process effectiveness.... KASHYAP KOMPELLA

If there is one technology topic that drew a great amount of media attention this year, it is artificial...

How Switzerland's Largest Retailer Reduced Costs on Producing Advertising Material Customer Service Playbook Trolls. If you spend any time at all on the internet, you've encountered one. If you're a journalist on the web--especially a female journalist--trolls are part of your daily life. If you're a publisher or brand, battling the trolls who make the comments section on your site an unbearable minefield of vitriol and personal attacks, is a nearly full-time job. Meanwhile, battling trolls while trying to develop audience engagement is a tough balancing act. EContent talked to Allison Munro, Head of Sales & Marketing at Viafoura, an audience development platform, about how to walk the fine line between encouraging engagement and discussion and letting trolls run rampant on your site. Read More >> WED 31 JANUARY 2018 | THERESA CRAMER


I never was any good at Name That Tune. However, I have become quite good at the "Will You Succeed at... CARLA JOHNSON

2016 has had its share of customer experience challenges—airline system outages, tainted burrito ingredients,...

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Here, There and Everywhere. A New Security Paradigm: The days are long gone when lone hackers working in bedrooms and ga... Guide: Mastering Payment Management in the Digital Economy: With today’s customers demanding fast and seamless experiences, i... The enterprise marketer’s playbook: Building an integrated data strategy: xxx

If "Content is King" then your digital infrastructure represents the dozens of advisors and servants that keep a kingdom running— making the King look good. Without a web of digital systems in place that can enable your employees to do their best work, and deliver the cutting-edge experiences your audiences crave, your company simply can't grow to its full potential. Read More >>

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Gasp. Your new columnist comes out of the gate writing as frisky as all get-out. Bear with me. We'll...

Large organizations are in the best and worst positions to deliver the great customer experiences which are a foundational element of business success today. These companies have access to the enormous amount of market and contact information required to create and deliver individualized experiences to customers, yet disconnected departments, processes, and technologies prevent them from tapping into this vast wealth of data. Read More >> MON 29 JANUARY 2018 | MICHAEL GERARD

David Gang, CEO & Co-founder of Perfect Sense Digital on Delivering the Experiences You Want and Your Customers Expect Matthew Gonnering, CEO of Widen, Wants to Ignite the Chain of Human Potential John Fennelly, CEO of Lionbridge, Discusses How Companies Can Succeed in Today’s Global Landscape Sameer Shariff, Founder & CEO of Impelsys on Unlocking the True Potential of Technology Karl Wirth, CEO and Co-Founder of Evergage Discusses Real Time Personalization Platform Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO of Empolis Discusses Content Deliver and Knowledge Models

Piksel Announces Digital Production Partnership Accreditation CrossInstall Launches Opportunity Forecast Tool for Mobile Marketers Kudos Launching New Dissemination Management and Impact Acceleration Services Evergage Expands Operations to Europe with Launch of Evergage GmbH Tate Etc. Launches New Digital Edition PacketZoom Partners with Amazon CloudFront to Offer Mobile CDN Solution YouTube’s Top Kids’ Influencers Announce Participation in SafeFam Program Can Unilever Fix What's Wrong with the Web? I Doubt It Chrome's Native Ad Blocker Due Out Tomorrow Kenshoo and Oath Announce Yahoo Gemini Integration

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Digital Content, Content Marketing, Content Management, Digital

Subscribe to Magazine ANDREW MARTIN Many organizations have begun planning their editorial calendars and content strategies for the year.... ANNA J...

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