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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Every brand dreams of ranking on the first page of Google. With our search engine optimization approach and techniques, this goal can become a reality. We want you to reach and maintain an organic Page 1 position without paying a cent for clicks. Our ongoing SEO solutions will allow you to see your site moving its way up the Google and other search engine rankings. We use only the best, up-to-date ‘white-hat’ strategies to make sure that when you reach Page 1, you stay there – making your website a long-standing authority in your space.

Email Marketing & Automation To avoid the shuddering spam folder, our email marketing strategies utilize only best practices in terms of design, responsiveness, distribution and function. Every email crafted is fully responsive and optimized for mobile and everything in between. We handle the strategy, content, graphics, everything. If you have social media accounts, we connect directly to every campaign. Our campaigns consist of A/B testing, tracking data, and comprehensive analytics reporting so that we can review together and determine next steps. We can also implement email automation, saving you or your marketing team time from manually sending every email. Date-specific promos, drip campaigns, workflow triggered emails – we can do it all. Ever wish you could automatically send your newest blog content to everyone on your email list? How about automatically add your latest email campaigns to an archive on your website, creating even more indexable content? We can do it all. Email automation is all about getting more for less.

Digital Ads & Real-Time Bidding Through the use of audience and contextual targeting, we create ads that are native ads that are relevant to the users demographic, as well as the website they are on. We refer to digital advertising as ‘marketing gold’ because of how accurate your segmentation and targeting can be. Why market to millions of people when you can fine tune your marketing spend on the few people that are the exact target market you are looking for? That’s what digital ads and RTB provides for us. No matter your space or arena, we research the optimal target for a specific campaign, learn the audiences purchasing behavior, design the ad creative, budget the campaign, optimize bids, manage the ad spend, and of course make contact through our software that reaches 98% of all websites. Geographic location, job title, household income, age – nearly everything is targetable. Once a visitor hits your site, we can then target that specific user or shopper, and track them indefinitely for pennies using our retargeting ads. We can just as easily remove the tracking as soon as they convert after submitting a form or making a purchase.

Search Engine Marketing SEM and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising can give you the extra boost whether you are looking to climb the organic ranks quicker, or just continue to make impressions and ensure your Page 1 position. When crafting a PPC campaign we look at everything: competitors (what is there ad spend? What do there ads look like?), negative keywords we want to avoid, the copy, and of course the creative. We can help craft the perfect SEM and PPC campaign based on your budget, then afterwards, provide detailed reporting that assesses the performance of the campaign as a whole as well as your return-on-investment.

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Digital Marketing: Email Marketing, PPC Management & Digital

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