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DIGITAL MARKETING Building deeper consumer relationships through experience contextualization and personalization, analytics for insights-driven action, and digital program execution for superior ROI.

Introduction Today’s digital consumer is articulate and demanding, driving global conversations on your company’s products and services, influencing brand image and bottom line like never before. It’s no wonder then that enterprises are looking for ways to build long-term productive relationships with their consumers to succeed in the digital marketplace. A comprehensive digital marketing solution – that helps engage with the consumer, influence their opinions, provide relevant feedback, reach various demographics, and glean actionable insights – thus becomes critical to a successful corporate strategy. The Infosys Digital Marketing strategy provides end-to-end solutions to enterprises seeking to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness in their digital marketing efforts. We work with CMOs to help leverage multiple channels to engage the consumer, build long-term relationships, and harness the explosion of data while measuring and enhancing the ROI of digital marketing. Our Digital Marketing offerings leverage cross-channel integration to engage the consumer, harness consumer data, generate insights, and measure business value. Seamless to integrate and easy to adopt, our solutions offer robust technology-based platforms to fulfill your end-to-end digital marketing requirements.

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CMO Challenges Today: How Are They Reacting? Infosys believes that the top three challenges being faced by CMOs are: 1. Growing revenues and profits 2. Contending with stronger and new competition in the market 3. Connecting better with customers As a result, CMOs have realized that in

order to maintain competitive advantage they need to:

• Invest in the customer experience to

drive business advantage and profitable revenue growth

Harness the unprecedented possibilities promised by the social and consumer experience analytics

• Leverage multiple channels to engage

with consumers and create high-quality content that attracts and retains customer interest across all these channels

• Master the correct metrics and measure

the ROI of digital marketing

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Top 5 Imperatives of Digital Marketing: 1. CONTENT IS KING: Create relevant,

and convert transactions into lasting customer journeys.

dashboards to drive effective campaigns

across channels.

3. SIMPLIFY: Make marketing operations cheaper, faster, better!




the corporate and social landscape) to

engaging conversations across channels

smarter analytics delivered on

drive customer centricity.

powerful, and interactive content to deliver superior experiences seamlessly

and create new revenue opportunities. 360-degree view of the customer (across

Digital Marketing Experience by Infosys

Customer Engagement

Customer Experience

Customer Touchpoints

Brand Management Infrastructure

Chief Marketing Officer

Campaign Planning

Campaign Creation

Campaign Design

Offer Fulfillment

Performance Measurement

Targeting & Arbitration

Campaign Delivery Cross-sell

Campaign Management Infrastructure

Inquisitive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Financial Analytics



Data Visualization

Business Intelligence

Analytics Infrastructure

Digital Asset Management

Web Content Management

Customer Data Management

Marketing Data Management

Data and Content Management Infrastructure

Enterprise Content Management Strategic Planning | Goal Setting | Performance Measures


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Data Layer


Other Stakeholders



Campaign Management

Insight Layer

Marketing Managers

Interface Layer

Brand Management

Offering Layer


Operation Teams (All BU)

Promotion Layer

Process Improvement



Our Digital Marketing Offerings Infosys offers end to end Digital Marketing services covering customer experience management, analytics, campaign management, marketing operations, CRM, and loyalty management. Our services are backed by extensive domain experience and intelligence gathered around hundreds of successful interventions in these spaces across multiple industry verticals.

Customer Experience

Campaign Management

In line with these market needs, Infosys Digital Marketing offerings include:

• Marketing Operations:

Developing, supporting, and enhancing Digital Marketing platforms, run Digital Marketing operations across the life cycle including Release Management, Migration Management, and Application Change Management, and providing technical services for Digital Marketing Operations across digital content management, digital assets management, and digital production.

Conceptualizing, creating, and managing inspirational and compelling content including contextual and buzzworthy content in line with clients’ business requirements that engages and

• Customer Experience:

Marketing Operations

influences end customers. Transforming customer touchpoints to engaging journeys by providing personalized content across multiple channels.

• Campaign Management:

Improving campaign efficiency and effectiveness by providing a unified view of the customer; designing, executing, and monitoring multi-channel campaigns and providing insights on customer buying behavior that impacts business outcomes.

Marketing Analytics: Deriving real-time actionable insights leveraged through understanding customer behavior by:

Marketing Analytics

CRM & Loyalty

Identifying KPIs that map to business goals including CTR, click to conversion, etc.

Implementing analytics by collating from multiple enterprise systems (CRM, web and mobile channel, ERP and other transactional systems) and providing full customer profiling, visitor behavior, trends and their impact on business metrics in real-time.

• CRM and Loyalty-Driven Marketing:

To help identify, segment, monitor, and reward desirable customer behavior and enabling social media services to help develop engaging social content and leverage social analytics to understand customer preferences.

Conducting Analytics Audit

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Why Infosys Digital Our capability in Digital Marketing spans

inputs to create a smart and intelligent

Commerce, Web Content, & Digital Asset

all domains, with a talent pool of 2200+


Management, Search & Web Analytics,

Digital Marketing experts working across

• MAGNET (Solution for MAnagement,

Social/Mobility/Analytics/Cloud (SMAC),

Governance, and Nurturing of Enterprise

Cloud Apps, IoT, and Integration services

over 500 Adobe professionals offering

Taxonomies): An Infosys solution for

in addition to Digital Marketing, services

services across a host of products working

management of enterprise taxonomy

over 300 client organizations across 50

with various marquee clients.

consisting of policies, procedures, and

countries. We help clients across four key

We have leveraged our rich experience to

documentation required for

areas: Experience, Digitization, Connected

develop IP tools and platforms:


Devices, and New Business Models. Our

best-in-class technologies. These include

• Infosys BrandEdge Platform for Digital

services span Strategy & Consulting,

• Consumer Genome solution for

Support. Infosys also supplements these

• WCM Website Rollout Tool

multiple local agencies across the world,

Campaign Tool): A solution that assists Digital Marketers to gather end

Our strong Digital practice, with service

digital services to our clients.

customer information and provide

offerings that span B2B and B2C

• Infosys Brand Builder: Built on Adobe

Experience Manager to accelerate digital property redesign and rollouts

INTACT (INTelligent Automated

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Creative, Implementation, and Operations skills by partnering strategically with enabling us to provide a full basket of

Strategic Alliances and Digital Marketing Partnerships

Success Stories Centralized Digital Marketing Platform for a Global Life Sciences Client

Future-proof & Scalable Digital Customer Experience Platform for a Telco Client

Accelerated brand launch cycle time by 30%

Increased User Subscription by 30% , Enhanced Customer Satisfaction score by 25%

• Reduced cost by 40% for 1200+ brands • Better CSAT and reduction in valuable

and scarce bandwidth of brand managers

• •

On-demand Cloud bursts, high performance pageloads for extreme scale (10M+ users)

Adjudged as Best Authenticated Site in the Industry

N-Screen Experience (Mobile First) with Unified Customer View

• 3-week Agile sprints

Global Online Transformation Program for Large UK-based Telco

Unified consumer experience with self- care and e-commerce for consumers across 14 countries

Client onboarding of 19.5 Million consumers in a single week in Aug 2014

• Customer advocacy up 20%

Digital Platform for Major US Restaurant Chain

“Guest First” Approach, Multi-Brand/ Tenant Solution, Multi-Lingual, Multi- Market, Multi-Channel, Multi-Catalog

E-Commerce Platform offering Truly Omni-Channel Experience

2 Brands already live on the site, Another 5 Brands in the Road Map

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