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2015 08 03

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Why we do what we do

(https://twitter.com/home? At District H our goal is to provide a complete strength and conditioning program while utilizing status=District constantly varied movements at a high intensity. With that being said there is a method to the “madness” and we diligently develop our program to get the best out of our community. So lets H talk CrossFit and training. Crossfit Blog: THE METHOD “Why What is CrossFit? It is the use of multiple modalities to improve fitness across a broad spectrum we throughout your lifetime, think “Jack of all trades”. Within that lifetime we strive to excel in the 10 general physical skills; cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, do coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. The way we validate our program is through the what use of workouts that are measurable, observable, and repeatable. That means logging our we WODs, visually seeing physical changes in our body composition, and repeating these workouts to see how we’ve improved. Finally we use high intensity “metcons” to get as much work done do” in the shortest amount of time possible, making CrossFit an efficient method of physical training. by Coach ENERGY SYSTEMS Rayhttps://districthcrossfit.com/districtI am about to drop some science stuff on you but don’t worry this Grunt doesn’t use too many big hwords. Our body has 3 energy systems; immediate (ATP-PC) 5-10 seconds, anaerobic (glycolytic) 30 seconds – 2 minutes, aerobic (oxidative) 2 minutes to infinity, yeah I wish. All crossfitthree systems are constantly at work but one may be contributing more to energy production at a blog/) given time. Training the immediate would be something like a snatch or clean, anaerobic would be a 400m run, and aerobic would be a mile run.

(http://tumblr.com/share? s=&v=3&t=District H Crossfit Blog: “Why we do what (http://districthcrossfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/chart2.jpg) we CrossFit hits all of these within a grueling metcon, however we can refine the demand on do” individual systems and their efficiency by playing around with time intervals, rest periods, and loads. It’s freaking awesome when you get though an entire work out without stopping! What that by means is we have succeeded in developing a great engine or “cardiovascular endurance”, Coach internally what our bodies learned to do is use oxygen more effectively by increasing capillary density around the muscles and increasing the amount of myoglobin present in the those Ray&u=https://districthcrossfit.com/districtmuscles. Then again how efficiently were you moving, how fast did you get in and out of that hmovement? Now we can add rest periods between the rounds, just enough to let your heart rate crossfitslow, and just enough to let muscles recover so you can attack it at near 100% repeatedly. This is how we develop anaerobic endurance, which allows us to have the staying power in blog/) movements such as Oly lifts, box jumps, and gymnastics. Enter the EMOM, a protocol that allows us to rest just enough to move the same weight with the same speed continually. As we develop our staying power we put it to the test in workouts like Fran or Diane. That is why choosing a weight that you can move effectively each round in an EMOM is so important. Think (https://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/? url=District of it like this if I clean 300 lbs and the metcon asks for 95lbs, then I’m only working at 30% of my 1RM! Not only that but I’m confident in my ability to move the weight correctly and efficiently H throughout the work out. SO LETS TALK STRENGTH Crossfit

Blog: When we train muscles there are different goals we are trying to hit. Power (explosiveness), “Why absolute strength, hypertrophy (muscular growth), and muscular endurance are manipulated through reps, sets, and percentages. We utilize A.S. Pelipin’s chart to help guide our schemes, we in addition we also utilize the “INOL” method to optimize the lift but have some gas left for the do metcon. If we want to get strong with little muscle growth we lift above 85%, this forces muscle to activate the maximum amount of motor neurons. If we want to add some size we lower the what weight and increase the reps, the goal is to keep our muscles under tension and force them to we adapt. Ok so this may be geeky, but if you’ve seen Conan the Barbarian you can recall him do” being captured as a youngster and forced to push a giant wheel throughout his adolescence. by Coach Ray&media=https://districthcrossfit.com/wpcontent/uploads/2015/07/DHBLOG.jpg&description=Why we do what we do At (http://districthcrossfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/conan-1.png) District Cut scene and what you have after years of “wheel pushing” is Conan ready for battle. This of H course is ridiculous but what I am getting at is the body will be forced to adapt to the load place our upon it. goal is to provide a complete strength and conditioning program while utilizing (http://districthcrossfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/conan2.png) constantly At the end of the day we need to be strong, strength increases our quality of life and extends are varied functionality in our latter years. By age 45 we begin to lose muscle mass yearly, which means movements…) we need to lift weights to create a “bank” or “rainy day fund” of muscle tissue and continue to train as we get older.

(mailto:? CARDIO… OR “REST DAY” FOR SOME OF US &subject=District H Crossfit Blog: “Why we do (http://districthcrossfit.com/wpwhat we do” by Coach Ray&body=District content/uploads/2015/07/cardio_.png) H So yes, the metcons absolutely train our aerobic system in conjunction with the other 2 systems. However, if you want to be good across all training methods we need to run, row, swim, and/or Crossfit jump rope. As mentioned above aerobic training helps us utilize oxygen efficiently and create Blog: ATP, that’s what the body uses as energy. The more we train the more Mitochondria we produce “Why in our muscle cells. These little guys are the powerhouses of the cell that create the most ATP of the 3 energy systems. Running or rowing over 2 minutes shifts the energy generation effort to we the aerobic system putting the mitochondria to work. After repeated training the body says, “Hey, do I could use some more of these mito-thingys cause we are working way to hard to meet energy demand.” Viola! we have become fitter. what we PUTTING IT TOGETHER do” What we aim to do is provide you with simple, challenging, and effective workouts day in and by day out. The majority of these WODs will be couplets and triplets lasting about 8-12 minutes. Coach This is a sort of sweet spot for metcons, that isn’t to say we won’t program long chippers and Rayhttps://districthcrossfit.com/districthigher reps, as you may very well know. No, not every workout will be fun and we don’t expect you to crush all of them. What we want is for you to learn how to maintain intensity, scale happropriately, and erase all doubts of your physical ability. If we say the work out should take “x” crossfitamount of time or you should get “x” amount of rounds that is because we want to optimize work. If a WOD is taking an average of 5 min RX and you take 20, well you lost the point of the work blog/) out. Conversely if you scale and you come in at 2 min we again lose the training effect. I know, I know, this is not easy and with practice it will get better. If you are unsure as ask a coach and he/she will determine what you should do. Remember that “intensity” is relative only to you; we want you to go 100% and learn to push yourself to new limits. (https://www.linkedin.com/shareArticle?

mini=true&url=https://districthcrossfit.com/districtLastly, we train for the unknown and unknowable. That means we stand strong and tackle any hworkout because it will better prepare us for the worse case scenario. That could mean being stranded in the hill country during a hike when your buddy breaks his or her leg, being swept crossfitaway by a flash flood, or taking on 16.1 next year. Change happens over time and with your blog/&title=District continued commitment. Early on you’ll experience large gains because your nervous system H adapts quickly to the stressors, but we will all hit the dreaded “plateau”. How do we get over that, by continuing to push ourselves, by sticking to the plan, and not program hopping seeking to find Crossfit a quick fix. 1-hour per day is what we have with you; the other 23 hours are up to you. So spend Blog: them making yourself better not sabotaging your hard work. “Why Remember, if it were easy everyone would do it. we do by Coach Ray Cossio what REFERENCES we do” by Bergeron, B. (2015). CompetitorsWOD: Programming Philosophy. [online] Coach Competitorswod.blogspot.com. Available at: http://competitorswod.blogspot.com/p/programming-philosophy.html [Accessed 30 Jul. 2015]. Ray&summary=https://districthcrossfit.com/districth crossfitFox, E., Bowers, R., Foss, M. and Fox, E. (1993). The physiological basis for exercise and sport. blog/&source=source) Madison, Wis.: Brown & Benchmark Publishers. Glassman, G. (2002). Level 1 Training Guide. CrossFit Journal. Glassman, G. (2006). A Theoretical Template for CrossFit’s Programming. CrossFit Journal, (6). Hristov, H. (2005). Ho w to Design Strength Training Programs using Prilepin’s Table. [online] Available at: http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/files/prelipins.pdf [Accessed 30 Jul. 2015]. Kenney, W., Wilmore, J., Costill, D. and Wilmore, J. (2012). Physiology of sport and exercise. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Raj, I., Bird, S. and Shield, A. (2010). Aging and the force–velocity relationship of muscles. Experimental Gerontology, 45(2), pp.81-90. Tsypkin, J. (2013). Programming for Crossfit. [online] Jtsstrength.com. Available at: http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2013/04/01/programming-for-crossfit/ [Accessed 30 Jul. 2015].

//D A

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District H Crossfit Blog: "Why we do what we do" by Coach Ray

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