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10614 Beardslee Blvd Ste D, Bothell WA 98011 [email protected]

A Recovery Experience Focused on You Having Treated Over 15,000 clients

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Hours of Operation: Mon-Thu 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM Sat-Sun - Closed Friday By Appointment Only We are State Approved / Proudly Serving Clients from Bothell, Woodinville & the Surrounding Areas

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center in Bothell, Washington

Substance Use Disorder Evaluations

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

Affordable Treatment Fees

When you or a loved one is suffering from

More than 90% of our clients state that they would

You shouldn't have to pay high costs for an alcohol

substance use disorder (mild/moderate/severe), turn

refer friends and family to us. In other words, our

and drug treatment program. At our center, we

to the experienced counselors at Alpha Recovery

alcohol and drug recovery programs are effective.

accept most insurance plans and also offer monthly

Choices. We offer professional alcohol and drug

In addition, our counselors are compassionate,

payment programs for those without insurance.

assessments, accepted by courts, and treatment

experienced, and knowledgeable. We also provide

Alpha Recovery Choices is not able to accept

plans that meet your needs.

alcohol and drug relapse programs and individual

Medicaid (Apple) or Medicare insurance.


Services: Outpatient substance use disorder (mild/moderate/severe) services for adults, including:

Deferred Prosecutions


Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Substance use disorder

Relapse Prevention

(mild) education groups

Aftercare (Foundation of Recovery)

Individual counseling

**Our programs meet legal requirements**

Contact us in Bothell, Washington, to schedule an appointment with our caring and highly trained counselors for drug and alcohol treatment.

Certified Alcohol and Drug Treatment Counselors

About Us

Alpha Recovery Choices is an outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center in

Bothell, Washington, that offers hope and healing for those dealing with substance use disorders. Embark on the road to recovery with alcohol and drug treatment therapy. Our caring and professional chemical dependency counselors offer highquality therapeutic services. Alpha has been serving clients with substance use disorders since 1987. We offer a variety of programs to help our clients achieve their goals. Statistical analysis indicates that our clients have a high rate of completing treatment. In 30 years, more than 15,000 clients have been treated by our professional and experienced counselors. Clients come to us through employers, the legal system, family members, or by self-referral. We assess a client's involvement with alcohol and other drugs and make an education or treatment recommendation based upon our findings.

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Drug & Alcohol Treatment, Drug Rehab Center | Bothell, WA

Home Assessments Treatment Fees Location & Contact Find Us On: Free Estimate | Call Us Today 425-483-4664 10614 Be...

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