Economic Development Potential of Conventional and Potential

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Economic Development Potential of Conventional and Potential Alternative Energy Sources in Appalachian Counties June 2006 Glasmeier, Amy and Tom Bell Pennsylvania State University This report examines the economic development potential of energy resources in Appalachia. Part one explores a set of scenarios that are used by researchers to develop estimates of the job impacts of various energy consumption and production profiles. This data and analysis provides a foundation to discuss the potential economic impacts of these developments. Part two examines the geographic distribution of a range of non-renewable and renewable energy resources within the Appalachian Region. Part three examines in more detail the industrial base of sectors supplying the biomass, wind energy and solar sectors in the Region. Part four identifies industry and supply-chain opportunities and offers recommendations.

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Publications Report Contents Executive Summary and Introduction (PDF: 337 KB) Part One: Job Implications of a 21st Century National Energy Portfolio: Methods of Estimating Job Impacts of the Growth in Non Renewable and Renewable Energy Sources and the Importance of Carbon Sequestration (PDF: 345 KB) Part Two: Energy Supplies and their Probability of Utilization in the ARC Region (PDF: 4.5 MB) Part Three: Job Potential of Alternative Energy Futures (PDF: 382 KB) Part Four: Exploring the Share of Employment in Key Sectors in the Wind and Solar Energy Sectors, States in the Appalachian Region (PDF: 349 KB)

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Economic Development Potential of Conventional and Potential

Search ARC Home: Report Details About ARC Appalachian Region Program Areas Grants and Funding Research, Maps, and Data Research Reports Maps Data Rep...

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