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AWESOME CONFERENCES March 13, 2018: The Male Ally Summit, NYC March 27-29, 2018: Usenix SRECon_Americas, Santa Clara, CA June 11-14, 2018: Velocity, San Jose, CA

March 25-27, 2019: SREcon19 Americas, Brooklyn, NY

Accelerate NYC Launch Party, Saturday, April 21


Apr. 11

Assessing Progress with "DevOps Look-for's"


So your management fails at IT, huh?

The NYC launch event for Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations by Nicole Forsgren, PhD, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim will be held this Saturday from 11am-2pm.

4 unix commands I abuse every day

All are invited. Space is limited. Please RSVP at EventBrite.

a list of dumb things to check

I'm super excited by this book for two reasons: (1) It explains the business case for devops in a way that speaks to executives. (2) It is based on real data with statistical correlation that show real cause and effect.

April showers bring May Flowers... but May brings...

I'll be at this event. I hope to see you there too!

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ZFS Users Conference, April 19-20, Norwalk, CT Apr. 09



Datto will be hosting the 2nd annual ZFS User Conference featuring ZFS co-creator, Matt Ahrens! The date is April 19-20 at Datto HQ in Norwalk, CT.


This conference will focus on the deployment, administration, features, and tuning of the ZFS filesystem. Learn about OpenZFS and network with folks running businesses and interesting projects on ZFS.

Ordering Information Articles by the authors

For more information and registration see http://zfs.datto.com

Time Management Wiki

(I won't be attending as I'm not longer using ZFS, but I'm still a ZFS fanboy so I felt like promoting this.)

TPOSANA Wiki Contact Us Privacy Policy

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DevOpsDays New York City 2019: Join the planning committee!

Accelerate NYC Launch Party, Saturday, April 21

Feb. 28


ZFS Users Conference, April 19-20, Norwalk, CT

2019 feels like a long way off, but since the conference is in January, we need to start planning soon. The sooner we start, the less rushed the planning can be.

DevOpsDays New York City 2019: Join the planning committee!

I have to confess that working with the 2018 committee was one of the best and most professional conference planning experiences I've ever had. I've been involved with many conferences over the years and this experience was one of the best!

Male Ally Summit 2018 (NYC) DevOpsDays New York City 2018: Register now!

I invite new people to join the committee for 2019. The best way to learn about organizing is to join a committee and help out. You will be mentored and learn a lot in the process. Nothing involved in creating a conference is difficult, it just takes time and commitment.

Save 40-60% on the 3rd edition of TPOSANA

Interested in being on the next planning committee? An informational meeting will be held via WedEx on Tuesday, March 6 at 2pm (NYC timezone, of course!).

DevOpsDays New York City 2018 Speakers Announced!

During this kick-off meeting, the 2018 committee will review what roles they took on, what went well, what could be improved and the timeframe for the 2019 event. Please note, attendance to this meeting doesn't commit you to help organize this event, however, it is hoped by the end that we will be able to firm up who will comprise the 2019 event committee.

Quick! Install that Mac printer now! Productivity When You Just Can't Even

Hope you all can make it! If you are interested in attending, email [email protected] for connection info.

November NYC DevOps Meetup: Building a hybrid cloud

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Search blog entries:

Male Ally Summit 2018 (NYC)


Feb. 27


ARCHIVES (quoted from the website) The Male Ally Summit comes after a successful event on March 13, 2017 in NYC called, "The Role Male Allies, Advocates, and Mentors have in Retaining Women in Tech", we had over 180 in attendance. We know this year will be just as impactful.

April 2018

This year we bring back some of the same amazing speakers such as David Smith and Brad Johnson who are co-authors of, "Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women"; Evin Robinson (Co-founder, New York on Tech); Matt Wallaert (Chief Behavioral Officer, Clover Health). We add to the agenda, Heather Cabot (Co-author, Geek Girl Rising); Bryan Liles (Software Engineer, Heptio); Avis Yates Rivers (CEO and Author, Technology Concepts Groups International), Dennis Kozak (SVP of Next Generation Portfolio Strategy, CA Technologies) and others!

January 2018

At this event, we bring Advocates, Mentors, Sponsors and many others under the umbrella, "Ally" with the vision of enlightening ourselves to be the change agents who will transform the companies and environment we interact with, and in, on a daily basis. You will leave the Summit with the following knowledge:

August 2017

February 2018

December 2017 November 2017 October 2017 September 2017

July 2017 June 2017

A guide to mentor women in the workplace Best practices to sponsoring female employees Steps you can take to become an ally for women in your workplace

May 2017 April 2017 More Archives

For more information visit http://www.cvent.com/d/stqb0z/6X

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This weblog is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

DevOpsDays New York City 2018: Register now! Jan. 02


DevOpsDays NYC is only a few weeks away: Jan 18-19, 2018! Please register asap. We could sell out this year. With this awesome line-up of speakers, tickets are going fast. https://www.devopsdays.org/events/2018-new-york-city/ Or... this handy shortcut: http://dod.nyc

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Save 40-60% on the 3rd edition of TPOSANA Dec. 21


The 3rd edition of "Vol 1: The Practice of System and Network Administration" was nominated as a "2017 Community Favorite". To celebrate, you can get it 4060% off between now and Jan 8, 2018. Click this link and use code "FAVE" See all the favorites here: http://informit.com/favorites By the way... there haven't been many reviews of this book on Amazon, and none that have mentioned the new content in Section I, II and III. I've you've read the new edition and would like to post a review, we'd love to know your opinion (good or bad).

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DevOpsDays New York City 2018 Speakers Announced! Dec. 12


Exciting news from the D-O-D-NYC committee! Speakers announced. Wow! I've never seen such an amazing lineup of speakers! The best of the best. The committee this year was flooded with so many amazing proposals but sadly it is a 2-day conference so they had to be very selective. Who benefits? You! Early bird discount ends on Friday. Register soon and save! DevOpsDays-NYC 2018 is Thu/Fri January 18-19, 2018 in midtown Manhattan. Easy to get to via all forms of public transportation. For more information: http://dod.nyc

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Quick! Install that Mac printer now! Nov. 29


Does your friend or significant other have a Mac from work that is locked down so that changes can't be made? Any attempt to make a chance in System Preferences asks for the admin password, which you don't have. Maybe they are a teacher at a school with overly-zealous sysadmins? Maybe they work at an insurance company that... just kidding, no insurance company supports Macs. Someone Who Isn't Me knows someone that has a Mac laptop and can't print to the home printers for exactly this reason. To print at home, they generate a PDF, copy the file to a USB stick, and walk it over to another computer that can print. That is ludicrous. Now is your chance to fix this. In macOS High Sierra, anyone can login as "root" with empty password. When asked for the admin username and password enter "root" as the user, then leave the password blank. Two this a second time and you'll unlock admin access. Now is your chance to install that printer, change the screen saver settings, enable Time Machine, or whatever you have been wanting to do. Apple will surely fix this soon. You probably only have hours or days to install all the printers and VPNs and other things you've been meaning to fix. Oh, but don't break any laws or company policies. Certainly don't create an account with admin privs, or give the primary user admin privs. That is probably against policy and could lead to productivity. More info here: https://twitter.com/lemiorhan/status/935578694541770752 Sorry... not sorry.

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Productivity When You Just Can't Even Nov. 15


Ryn Daniels has written an excellent piece about time management and productivity when you are burned out. The advice is spot on. I also do these things when I'm not feeling my best too. "It's one thing to talk about productivity when you're already feeling motivated and productive, but how do you get things done when it's hard to even make it through the day?" https://superyesmore.com/productivity-when-you-just-cant-even0c73d6a1f086209af420c2ced442a2e8

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November NYC DevOps Meetup: Building a hybrid cloud Nov. 09


Taras Lipatov, Principal Engineer at Sailthru, will describe his experience building a hybrid cloud using docker/mesos/consul at the Tuesday, November 14, 2017 nycdevops meetup. More info and to RSVP on https://www.meetup.com/nycdevops/events/241852995/. RSVP soon! See you there!

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