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A FAMILY OF WATER SOFTENERS FOR THE DiSCRIMINATING HOMEOWNER The all-new new Fusion² 360 collection of twin tank water softeners embodies the latest in water softening technology, combining high efficiency and rugged reliability. Each system is manufactured from corrosion-free composite materials, ensuring years of reliable, trouble-free service. Quality components include a brine safety valve, NSF-certified Excelclear ion exchange resin and a heavy duty brine tank. The Fusion² 360 electronic meter-initiated control valve features a service flow rate to 27 GPM, to meet any household demand. It has up or down-flow brining and 40 pre-set programs to choose from, to perfectly suit all likely raw water conditions. All Fusion² 360 twin tank softeners feature a Midnight Black brine tank and mineral tank jacket with matching Platinum Ice trim.

Fusion² 360 Tank Size Twin Tank Model (ft² Resin)

F2360/20 F2360/30 F2360/40 F2360/50 F2360/60 F2360/75 F2360/90 F2360/120

0.7 1 1.3 1.7 2 2.5 3 4

Capacity (Grains)

Standard System Features

 Exclusive Fusion² 360 electronic 20,000 metered control valve in platinum ice 30,000  Excelclear NSF-certified premium ion 40,000 exchange resin 50,000  Extra-heavy duty brine tank 60,000  Factory warranty includes 10 years for 75,000 mineral tank 90,000 Easy to operate - 40 factory programs to 120,000  choose from



The Fusion² 360 residential reverse osmosis drinking water system represents the state of the art. The entire unit, including the RO water storage tank, is enclosed in the F360’s cabinet making the installation compact and secure. With a daily capacity of 285 liters (75G) the Fusion² 360 RO system easily meets the needs of a bustling household. Simple to operate and maintain, each system is equipped with a quality polished faucet (custom finishes are available from your dealer) and all the necessary accessories for easy installation. A booster pump model is available for more demanding applications. Both models feature a built in Leak Stop interrupter, to protect you home from unintended leakage. Drinking water TDS may be easily checked by a push-button electronic monitor conveniently located on the front panel. Each of the Fusion² 360 RO cabinets comes in stunning Platinum Ice trimmed in Midnight Black. Fusion² 360 Compact Cabinet RO systems provide easy access for cartridge changes and maintenance Fusion² 360 RO Standard Features

 75GPD BLACK MA X RO membrane  Leak Stop flow interrupter  Push-on connections throughout  Rugged cabinet In Platinum Ice  Push-button electronic TDS monitor  Quality installation components



ELEGANCE AND PERFORMANCE: PREMIUM BRINE CABINETS Brine cabinet softeners provide owners with a compact footprint and a sleek, sculptured appearance, with the premium benefits of the Fusion² 360 advanced electronic valve. Push- button programming convenience and a easy-to-read LED screen make installation a breeze. Moulded in Platinum Ice and trimmed in Midnight Black, the heavy duty cabinet features a sturdy hinged lid for easy salt loading access and a brine safety valve. Fusion² 360 Cabinet Model

F2360/20C F2360/30C

Tank Size Capacity (ft² Resin) (Grains)

0.7 1

20,000 30,000

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Fusion 2 360 Premium residential water conditioners exclusively from Fusion2 360 A FAMILY OF WATER SOFTENERS FOR THE DiSCRIMINATING HOMEOWNER T...

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