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By SNielsen .NET, Dynamics NAV, Tips&Tricks


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Back in January 2011 i wrote about the NAV Launcher, a

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project based on the Navision Starter v1.2 orignally created

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by Sergey Gazizyanov back in 2006. Well, i realized that i never put a download link on the site. Attached in this post is the installer for the .NET project. It

Recent Comments Send Dynamics NAV RTC reports and

requires, as far as i remember .NET framework version 2. Continue reading »

documents as PDF (3) Bayu Septian: what Data type of variabel FileVar? thx before Saving filters in Dynamics NAV – Filter

Tagged with: .NET • automation • Dynamics NAV • external • how-to • programming • tools

Selections: Practical usage of Rec.GETVIEW and Rec.SETVIEW. (5) ERO: Hahaha, I had a good laugh about “Great Pains” … it might be a competitor

Contributions for the Directions Innovation Award



By SNielsen Dynamics NAV, NAV Directions

of Horracle ERP

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User Menu Level, Object BLOB – Generator code (9)

If you are not at the NAV Directions 2011 in Orlando, you

krish: Hi, it’s really old post but just

might not be aware of this new initiative for the NAV

wondering if you have tried to fix the

Directions Innovation Award. Entrants were to submit a 3-5

overflow issue [Is`t Size DIV... Replacing CRONUS logo with

minute video to showcase their “innovation” for the board

CompanyInformation Picture in

that will select the finalists. Voting will be done in the true

Stylesheets (8)

spirit of popular TV shows like “X Factor”, “American Idol”

SIPA: Thank you very much for this

etc., where the attendees at the conference will be doing the

clever tutorial! I’ve extended my Excel

actual voting.

Buffer to store picture etc, but the... Evaluate Formulas in Dynamics NAV (6)

I got this list of entries for the innovation award, so check

sachin chaudhari: sorry the actual error

them out:

is unknown variable mscript control sachin chaudhari: i have following error

Continue reading »

unknown variable evaluate formula plz define in cal global what can i do Cloning – Extending Data Templates in Dynamics NAV using TableFilter (5)

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navuser1: When we store any informtion in TablFilter field using NAV UI that can be read easily from NAV UI, but how... Advanced String Replace Function (1)

Dynamics NAV RTC Reports, BLOB fields, printing 09 Notifications May

By SNielsen .NET, Dynamics NAV, RTC, Tips&Tricks


In Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC you have the new functionality with Notifications. It allows you to create notifications and

Dave K: This would not work if replacing ” with \” for instance as it would create an infinite loop... Archives October 2011 (2) May 2011 (2)

send them to other users, so it shows up in their “My

April 2011 (1)

Notification” on the Role Center. The notifications are actually

January 2011 (3)

stored in the “Record Link” table as a BLOB field.

December 2010 (3) November 2010 (4)

This is a great functionality, but as it is now, you can only see

October 2010 (10)

the notes from the My Notifications and the notification fact

September 2010 (4) August 2010 (2)

boxes. In this blog post i will take a look at how you can print

July 2010 (7)

these notes in a RTC/RDLC report.

June 2010 (5) May 2010 (3)

Lets take closer look at what is stored:

Categories .NET

Continue reading »

Basic C/AL Dynamics NAV NAV Directions

Tagged with: .NET • programming • report • rtc

Repost RTC

Cookie cutters for Visual Studio Dynamics NAV 09 2009 RTC add-ins

Site news Tips&Tricks


By SNielsen .NET, Dynamics NAV, RTC, Tips&Tricks

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Toolbelt Tags

.NET ado app-v application

automation blog cronus directions

You know the hoops you have to jump before you got

Dynamics NAV

Visual Studio setup for creating a RTC add-in. Well look


no further Christian Abeln published a couple of great

external filter formula guide


how-to license math MenuSuite

templates to use in Visual Studio, that will help you create your add-ins much faster and easier.

object objects onenote POC

programming record link report

Actually he already published tempates back in 2009,

rtc SaaS script smtp splash sql statistics stylesheet summer sun system table

as you can find on this link:

tools upgrade vacation

TAPI toolbelt

video virtualization wordpress Links Dynamics User Group

His new updated templates that VS extensions can be downloaded here:

Continue reading »

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog Navigate into Success E-Ship Guy Next Equal Zero

Tagged with: .NET • Dynamics NAV • how-to • programming • rtc • tools

Teach me NAV Van Vugt's dynamiXs Waldo's Blog

Dynamics NAV, first on the Azure platform?



By SNielsen Dynamics NAV, RTC

NAV Extreme Engineers Byllemos Techblog

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Gunnar's Blog Small Square Services Blog

Looking forward to reading some of the Convergence

Peter Wibeck's blog

gossip from Atlanta, i got this link from a friend today.

Liberty Grove Software Blog

Definitely sounding interesting that Dynamics NAV will

Claus L's blog – Dynamics NAV Reporting NAV Blogs on Dynamics Community

be the first Microsoft ERP product supported on the

Microsoft Azure platform.

Blogs on MSDW Podcast: B2B E-Commerce trends

The next major releases of Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and SL will be developed to run on

in the Microsoft Dynamics channel

Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud development platform that’s been available for a year,

December 25, 2017 Jason Gumpert, Editor MSDW Podcast: B2B E-Commerce trends

Tatarinov said, beginning with the next version of Dynamics NAV that’s due in 2012. The

in the Microsoft Dynamics channel

applications will support multi-tenancy, he said.

December 25, 2017 Jason Gumpert, Editor MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ! December 23, 2017 Roberto

Continue reading »

Stefanetti ALL About NAV 2018 Web Client Personalization December 23, 2017 Roberto Stefanetti

Tagged with: app-v • application • Azure • Dynamics NAV • external • SaaS • virtualization

Solution Export Error – A Known Issue December 22, 2017 Joe D365 From the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Blogs:

Web Based Dynamics NAV Object model from 25

Entry transactions; Image analysis;


By SNielsen Dynamics NAV, Tips&Tricks

Accounting entries, Russian style; GDPR resources December 22, 2017 MSDW Editorial Team


Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup:

In my search for some information about getting

D365 retail replenishment; Donor

Item Tracking via ADCS to work with MRP/MPS in

management; EDI for GP 2018; Inspections for government December 22, 2017 MSDW

Dynamics NAV i noticed, that when i searched for

Editorial Team

specific terms of functions in NAV objects a website

Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup:

kept popping up in the Google search results.

D365 retail replenishment; Donor management; EDI for GP 2018; Inspections

For some reason i had not really seen it before,

for government December 22, 2017 MSDW

must have missed a blog post about it :). It is

Editorial Team

basically a web based object model of Dynamics

NAV. I know you can use other tools like Developers Toolkit to provide the same functionality, but having it online and available without any setups is pretty cool. Continue reading »

Tagged with: external • objects • statistics • toolbelt • tools

NAV Launcher – Open NAV with the right client 20 version Jan

By SNielsen .NET, Dynamics NAV, Tips&Tricks, Toolbelt


This morning i was reading the blog post from Arend-Jan Kaufmann regarding opening Classic databases with the correct executable version. You can see his blog post here: Suggestion for Available Databases Form in Dynamics NAV It reminded me of a tool i basically use on a daily basis, as well as many other people in my company. It is an extended version of the Navision Starter v1.2 orignally created by Sergey Gazizyanov back in 2006. I have added support for the latest version, as well as shell integration for native databases (*.fdb), so you just double click on the FDB file. The launcher will determine the database version from both SQL and native databases, and choose the right client executable to open the database with. It also can do automated login with database login, by using a default password like sa/sa. See here for a quick overview… Continue reading »

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Welcome to the Digital Age… and 2011!



By SNielsen Dynamics NAV, Tips&Tricks


18 days into the new year of 2011, and still wondering where 2010 went? Since the last postings things have been busy with end of year tasks for customers, holiday with the family and here early 2011 a NAV 3.60 to NAV 2009 upgrade. With christmas time just a few weeks past, i think i know what one of our customers got for christmas :). Well, here is the story… you know for troubleshooting issues remotely screenshots of the process and error messages are always a big help, so our support department requested that from a customer. Here is what they send us: Continue reading »

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Copy/paste from Dynamics NAV to Excel 09 Headache! Dec

By SNielsen Dynamics NAV, Tips&Tricks

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Every time you copy/paste data from NAV to Excel, you always run into the “intelligent” way Excel handles data. Excel’s default number format is “General”. Unfortunately this has some drawbacks, especially when you paste in data from another application. Lets do this example, enter in a new cell with Number Format General, the value “001010”, and you will see Excel stores this as 1010, since it determined your value to be a Number. Of course we wanted it to be the equivalent of a NAV Code field, and expected Excel to keep it like “001010”. In order to do this you can for the field tell it is text by adding a ‘ in front. So far so good…. But when doing a copy/paste you dont have that option, so what to do? Continue reading »

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Hot Topic Videos released for upcoming Dynamics 03 NAV R2 Dec

By SNielsen Dynamics NAV, RTC

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While most children are watching the days to christmas, most NAV people are looking forward to December 15th, when the R2 release of Dynamics NAV 2009 is going to be released. A quick blog scan will give you loads of information about the new features, the hype and what not. But Microsoft also released these hot topic videos covering some of the new features. For some reason i had not seen them until today where they caught my eye on the frontpage of MIBUSO. Thought i would share them with you as a little advent calendar present. The topics covered are: .NET Interop, Online Payments Service, What’s new for developers and a general overview. Continue reading »

Tagged with: external • how-to • R2 • video

Beginners Tip: Creating and Handling Headers in 02 Dataports Dec

By SNielsen Basic C/AL, Dynamics NAV


As “Dinosaur”-tech as it might seem these days with most blogs posting about RTC, dataports is still one of the easiest ways to import data into NAVision. Having to search my old databases for a quick way to handle headers in datafiles, i thought i would share this with you. Hopefully Google will answer you with this post next time you have to do it :). If you appreciate these beginners tips, let me know and i will dig into my archives before everyone leaves on the Dynamics Ark…. This small piece of code will handle writing headers when exporting, and also skip the first datarow when importing. Continue reading »

Tagged with: dataport • Dynamics NAV • how-to • programming

Send Dynamics NAV RTC reports and documents 30 as PDF Nov

By SNielsen Basic C/AL, Dynamics NAV, RTC


Thanks to Microsoft Reporting Services PDF Rendering Extension, all RTC reports can be exported to PDF. At least that is benefit coming back to us, while struggling with the report creations (read post from Alex Chow: How to define Set/GetData). In order to get the PDF, that gets generated on the service tier, available on the client tier, we need to copy the file from the server to the client tier. The Dynamics NAV team blog have posted a couple interesting articles about how to move files between the tiers. In this article we will put it all together in an easy to understand example that will give you emailing capabilities with PDF attachments. Continue reading »

Tagged with: guide • how-to • pdf • programming • rtc

What is in your Dynamics NAV toolbelt? Barcode 21 Creator by Stijn Bossuyt Nov

By SNielsen Basic C/AL, Dynamics NAV, Toolbelt


Stijn Bossuyt has made a great function/codeunit for generating barcodes within Dynamics NAV without the need for any third party add-ons. You can find more information about it on this MIBUSO blog. Barcode as defined on Wikipedia: “A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products. Originally, barcodes represented data in the widths (lines) and the spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or 1D (1 dimensional) barcodes or symbologies. They also come in patterns of squares, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns within images termed 2D (2 dimensional) matrix codes or symbologies. Although 2D systems use symbols other than bars, they are generally referred to as barcodes as well. Barcodes can be read by optical scanners called barcode readers, or scanned from an image by special software.” Lets go over a quick guide on how to use it. Continue reading »

Tagged with: barcode • Dynamics NAV • how-to • objects • toolbelt

Replacing CRONUS logo with CompanyInformation 17 Picture in Stylesheets Nov

By SNielsen Dynamics NAV, RTC


This post is a follow up to some of my previous posts about the Send to Word/Excel features of Dynamics NAV. As you know, it uses a stylesheet (xslt file), that is being read into memory and the codeunit 403 inserts values into the document. This is definitely one of the cool demo features, when presenting NAV. At this point you dont realize that the Cronus logo is hardcoded into the stylesheets, but think it is just using the logo in the Company Information setup. My previous post gave you some steps on how to change this. But this can be pretty cumbersome to say it at least. So when having to do it for the I dont know what time again, i decided to create a function that could automatically insert the picture from the Company Information. Continue reading »

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